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  1. Noa (10:09)

    Apologies, I thought all seasoned Wallsters were familiar with the acronym NSY – New Scotland Yard – Headquarters the Met. once internationally regarded as tlhe very apogee of policing, an examplar of good practice and successful prevention and investigation of anti-social behaviour and criminal enterprise. Now … ” Head” and “quarters” combined is more likely to indicate the meeting of mouths and nether regions of tbose entrusted with the continuity of its function as a Force for good.

    S’funny ol’ world. Ennit?

  2. Frank P .

    See mine 21 April 13-02 last wall.

    And see Channel 20 tonight : ” Is There Life On Mars “.

  3. Also see RobertRetyred ; last CHW.

  4. Thanks!

  5. Fred gets the hump with Trump:

    Sadly, much of what he avers seems about right. Let’s pray that there are now enough level heads in his administration to steer him through the morass of internecine wrangling and venal chicanery. More crocodiles than nets in that swamp at the moment.

  6. Newt is on outnumbered just now; perhaps he can act as an antidote to Fred’s pessimism.

  7. Robert Retyred 13.24

    Many good thoughts there in your post.

    It looks like May has discarded the opportunity to cut foreign aid. No surprise there, It will cost her her credibility, not that she had much on CHW anyway… The long march continues, just as long as the tory party can hold the reins of power they will no worry about the damage the wheels inflict as they fall off the careering charabanc..

    My wish list continues with a wholesale reform of the Policing and Justice system… including the return of beat policing and capital punishment.

  8. Frank P

    Apologies, I just failed to see NSY, of course neither of us mentioned the creeping buggery and such taking place within the remaining privates of HM’s armed forces… I wonder how much Putin’s boys will worry about a good bitch slapping from the Queen’s Own?

  9. Noa (18:28)

    🙂 🙂 🙂

    I’ve even got me doubts about Vlad himself. All that bare chested posturing is a little sussy. Narcissism and sodomy seen to ride hand-in-hand.

  10. Noa (“beat policing and capital punishment”).

    You mean summary justice on the street at the discretion of the cuntstabule? Hmmm!

    Put it on the manifesto – you never know your luck. 😉 .

  11. One for Baron:

    Perhaps you can translate the dialogue for us, m’Lord?

    That one takes the biscuit.

  12. Trump analysed by Pat Buchanan.

    “America First” thus takes a back seat to big-power diplomacy with Beijing. One wonders: How much will Xi end up bilking us for his squeezing of Kim Jong Un?

    Trump once seemed to understand how America had been taken to the cleaners during and after the Cold War. While allies supported us diplomatically, they piled up huge trade surpluses at our expense and became virtual free-riders off the U.S. defense effort.”

  13. Frank P

    Summary justice?!

    My son in law to be has just joined the Lancs Constabulary, the black SS uniform and feldwebel’s slouch cap with accompanying jackboots that he has been issued includes many things, but a neck tie for parties isn’t one of them.

  14. Noa @ 19:16

    Excellent take on the U-turn by the Donald, Noa, thanks for posting it.

    There’s one aspect of the hot issue Pat fails to mention, it’s relevant. The breaking of the North and its unification with the South is estimated to cost around a trillion bucks (a study was done allegedly by one of the Wall Street banks, Baron forgets which one, it’s based on the cost of the German unification), who’s to pick up the bill?

  15. Frank P @ 19:10

    You should ask the omni-all one, guru, he’ll be much better telling you what you want to hear, he, he, he.

    Whilst you’re at it, ask him to watch and translate this (you can watch it, too, provided you pay the min subscription of around eight quid for just one month of viewing, earn bit of Russian, he, he, he once more):

  16. Noa @ 18:28

    That’s the common language of those either side of the divide, the Republic peados (ours thrown in for good measure), suppressed gays of Putin’s Russia, no? What better common grounds could one hope for?

  17. Frank P @ 17:16

    Fred’s getting better and better, Frank, his Third Law of International Relations: ‘Never butt heads with a country that has a missile named the No Dong’, cannot be bettered, he misses two points though in this superb expose of the man he calls ‘the lunatic’.

    Why did he turn? He didn’t have to, he skilfully managed to defend his policies, ideas, the ‘make America great again’ plan before the election when the whole of the Clinton woman’s crowd, the Dem’s political machine, the MSM were against him, why did he surrender after the count when it’s mostly the MSM kicking him (the Deep State chipping in clandestinely)? Only a deal, a mother of all deals can explain it, no?

    The other aspect of America’s interference everywhere, which amounts to just messing things up, not having any plan B is what the barbarian has been telling you all along, there seems to have been no buyer of it.

    To prolong her hegemonic control of things global the bigger the turmoil everywhere in the world the better for the Republic. In this his saying ‘if the Mandarin speakers don’t sort the North Korean fruitcake, I will’ fits like a glove. The fighting, if it happens, will not touch the Republic directly, it will hit Japan, China and Russia (and of course the whole of the Korean peninsula), demand or ammo, missiles and stuff will rocket, good money to be made on it, employment in the Republic’s plants making the gear will shoot up … That’s on the plus side.

    On the other side of the balance sheet one gets the uncertainty of the North deploying nukes, the consequences of which are anyone’s guess.

  18. Robert & Noa

    Whatever the manifesto has in it matters, of course, but not as much as the key message the saintly One should push in the seven weeks before the count:

    She and her crew have to keep on saying to the electorate ‘give us a strong mandate to squeeze from the Brussels apparatchiks the best deal possible (1) to get the country reaching into the world, (and not just Europe), (2) to keep the Union together, and (3) to put an oomph into the great of Great Britain.

    She does that, she gets in with a majority bigger than anything the Tories have ever got, Baorn reckons.

  19. Apologies galore for the errors, few solid days of gardening and watering (where the heck are the rains?) combined with natural haste in typing are to blame (in addition to the usual suspects e.g. poor education …).

  20. Noa – 18:19
    ‘foreign aid’

    Yes: surprising. It is the stupidity of having that law. They don’t even have to reduce foreign aid, just stop the rubbish aid.

    Conservatives and anyone with good business sense would take expenses from income and see how much of what is left can be spared. To borrow in order to donate, and know that your grandchildren will be paying it back, is delusional. The aspiring working class understand that even more than we do.

  21. Baron – 22:29

    Yes, BUT she needs to convince the country that she is on message. I think cancelling HS2 would go a long way to doing that. It is bogged down with the umbrella group and suppliers swapping people, causing accusations of collusion and other misdemeanors. It is a waste of money and will spoil the countryside for naught. A big move on Climate Change Science and its projects would be another!

  22. Today.
    91st birthday of H.M. The Queen .

    Band of the Irish Guards play `Happy Birthday ` at the Changing of the Guard .

  23. “…Only two places in the world suspend the opposition during elections: Banana republics and Unite the Union.”

  24. Baron 22.29

    I don’t believe it!

    You, of all people, buying the “jam tomorrow” spiel. 😉

  25. The good burghers of Paris ran for safety again, so close to the first Sunday round, the French heir to Blair says we have to get used to such atrocities for many years to come, that’s a sure winner in a country of sharia, but not in a presidential campaign in France, he should know that, only one candidate proposes measures that could, if not stop altogether than at least limit noticeably the thugs’ freedom to kill at will, she’s going to be the next President of France, Baron reckons. The Brexit prospects look brighter for that.

  26. Article 50, should we ever have invoked it? Did we even need to?

  27. Noa @ 23:51

    First things first, Noa, for the barbarian Brexit is even above the first, we get that sorted, then we talk about the jam & butter stuff.

  28. Radford NG @ 23:31

    May she reign over us for another 91 years, Radford, (or at least as long as the barbarian is breathing, he, he, he).

  29. Baron 00.05

    It’s a General Election, my dear fellow!
    Not a free home run on the basis of a promise from a politician and party who aren’t to be trusted. Whoever forms a government after 8th June will be there for 5 long and weary years.
    Why don’t you want to argue for a government with a conservative ethos, even just a backbone?

  30. Noa @ 00:04

    Not many feel about the EU as the barbarian does, Noa, he did experience another undemocratic construct, knows what it’s like to carry the yoke of impotence, to be unable to have even a smidgen of influence on the way a society is run, to suffer without redress, but this piece talks nonsense.

    Our leaving has been compared to a divorce, and divorce it is, as such it has to be done properly, one party may have decided it doesn’t want to carry on with the relationship, it has to however go through the rituals of the break up in a civilised, legally satisfactory manner, reaching a compromise that doesn’t punish either party to the former tie-up. This is particularly important if both of the parties to the break up still want to remain on friendly terms, and we do, the EU must want that, too.

    When we joined the club, we’ve signed up to the clause 50, it’s our obligation to use it, no?

  31. Noa @ 00:24

    Who else would you suggest then will furnish the conservative ethos, who’s closest to it, who can put the conservative meat on the bones of governance given the FPTP electoral system, the existence of the parties to the fight?

    Give Baron a clue?

    Labour, the coalition, the LibDems? Hmmm

  32. Baron 00.33

    The agenda Mrs May is currently proffering, piece by piece, shows her to be, even more than Cameron, the heir to Blair.
    No change to the disastrous course in direction set by New Labour, no root and branch reform. Merely a continuing shift to one world socialism.
    In answer to your question. Clearly, if we want a change to conservative politics we will have to demand it of the candidates, and vote accordingly if it is not offered.

    Ask yourself. If you are content to accept a socialist agenda now from the CP, why should they offer you a conservative agenda in five years time?

  33. Baron 00.29

    Much of what the article says is already proving correct Baron. There is a distinct possibility the EU and its constituent states will not agree to the terms of UK departure. In which case, what then? A nightmare without end?
    A Gucci shoe, stamping in the face on Britain forever?
    Or the simple alternative of unilateral termination?
    Which? What will it be?

  34. Two recent, unlinked, stories about crime and punishment in Manchester.

    Are the issues raised by either, or both stories worth raising with your prospective Parliamentary candidates, or should you concentrate on Brexit?
    Answers, on a postal vote, please to the Electoral Sorting Office, Karachi.

  35. Noa @ 00:47

    Lets demand it of the candidates, Noa, no problema for the barbarian there, in fact, he would have expected this to happen anyway, the electorate demanding the new Tory MPs to break from the policies of the recent past Brexit or no Brexit (it will happen not because of the centre’s interference in choosing the candidates, the FPTP system that ‘creates’ safe seats, the fact it’s easer even for the Tories to sail close to the winds of the progressives, who needs the never ending harping from the MSM controlled by them, i.e. the progressives.

    We’re probably arguing at cross purposes except that Baron’s priority is getting out of the EU, fully, as cleanly as possible, irrevocably. This trumps it all because unless we cut the politically engineered, forced-down-our-throats umbilical cord with the Brussels apparatchiks’ construct we’ll get not only what you fear, the continuation of the ghastly Blair’s direction of travel, but a double portion of it (more likely treble if the Germans take over the EU fully).

    Btw, have you noticed the Donald has apparently decided to put Germany before the UK for a trade deal, or so the sources in Washington say. Would it be May’s U-turn on his immigration policy that is the reason for it?, the guy’s is beginning to lose it, unless he recovers they should consider getting rid of him on the basis he lied to get in.

    If the news about the trade deal’s priorities is correct, we need the deal, and need it badly if only to show other countries we have the backing of the rEpublic, then Baron will probably drop him (not that it will give him any sleepless nights, mind).

    (Apologies for both the errors, the lateness of the response, the barbarian couldn’t overcome the tiredness last night, he was half asleep before posting the last rant).

  36. Noa @ 01:41

    This comes more under the ‘jurisdiction’ of one of our resident gurus, Noa, the one who once wore the police uniform. Also, the barbarian is causing enough ripples with his views on Brexit, but could it be that they screen the cases for investigation because there isn’t enough of them, the budget’s getting cut, hate crimes have to be looked into as a priority?

  37. Two greats talking for several minutes, the subject is of interest, enjoy (the most interesting point comes right at the end, it’s the ‘tops’ that stink, and not only in the policing department at Berkeley):


    What’s the point of that, then? The Conservatives will go for him on that anyway!. 🙂

  39. In UK GE2017 are we getting a real choice? Sure, you get to vote for your favourite team colour. Which shade of socialism do you want? Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, or Purple? The same destination whichever you choose. More immigration, more taxes, and yet more draconian legislation deployed against the indigenous population.

  40. Noa (01:41)
    Baron. (08:17)

    Those stories me my stomach literally heave and a red mist of anger decend over what’s left of my soul.

    But what do you expect to say that I haven’t said a thousand times before?

    It can be summarised thus:

    1. The abandonment of the one-page tenets of the Peel/Mayne doctrine and its replacement by reams of prolix bollocks devised by brainwashed and politicised Police ‘managers’ who have been granted accelerated promotion as a result of college degrees rather than those obtained via the University of Life and Hard Knocks – after a suitable period of daily confrontation on the streets of our towns and cities and attendance at stipendiary magistrates courts and Crown Courts

    2. The removal of discretionary powers of prosecution by the police at the sharp end and the inuauguration instead of the deeply political Crown Prosecution Service.

    3. The insidious practices of the Marxist-based Common Purpose movement and the inculcation of politically correct policies via their courses and inter agency ‘leading beyond auhority’ partnerships involving police officers and local authority apparatchiks.

    4. The activist feministas and alphabet soup ‘sexual’ associations and racial associations, which have been granted excessive and egregiously disruptive powers within HM Constabularies.

    5. The comparatively recent practice of elevating clapped-out Comissioners and other Police Chiefs to peerages and thus ensuring even deeper politicisation of a once necessarily independent and essential backbone of the social structure of the nation.

    6. Demeaning that essential independence even more profoundly, under a false flag of ‘democracy’ , by appointing ‘elected’* Police and Crime Commissioners at great cost, in order to further politicise the function of policing.

    The cunning of successive governments and the cowardice of overweeningly ambitious senior police officers in facilitating and ceding to this state of affairs is the conspiracy of this age.

    * elected by whom? In almost all cases, less than 20% of the potential electorate.

    Noa – FFS tell your prospective son-in-law to get respectable employment if he wants to marry your daughter. She has no prospect of a happy life if he persists in such foolishness.

  41. apologies for o & oe in above rant. It was composed by stylus rather than keyboard and the minces are in bad shape today.

  42. The red mist has now cleared so please indulge me while I proffer an edited version of 10:14. Perhaps if Peter is not busy he’ll be kind enough to delete the typo laden version above. If so tks in advance.

    Those stories make my stomach literally heave and a red mist of anger descend over what’s left of my soul.

    But what do you expect me to say that I haven’t said a thousand times before?

    It can be summarised thus:

    1. The abandonment of the one-page tenets of the Peel/Mayne doctrine and its replacement by reams of prolix bollocks devised by brainwashed and politicised Police ‘managers’ who have been granted accelerated promotion as a result of college degrees rather than those obtained via the University of Life and Hard Knocks – after a suitable period of daily confrontation on the streets of our towns and cities and attendance at stipendiary magistrates courts and Crown Courts

    2. The removal of discretionary powers of prosecution by the police at the sharp end, replaced by the deeply political Crown Prosecution Service.

    3. The insidious practices of the Marxist-based Common Purpose movement and the inculcation of politically correct policies via their courses and inter agency ‘leading beyond auhority’ partnerships involving police officers and local authority apparatchiks.

    4. The activist feministas and alphabet soup of ‘sexual orientation’ associations and racial associations, all granted excessive and egregiously disruptive powers within HM Constabularies.

    5. The comparatively recent practice of elevating clapped-out Comissioners and other Police Chiefs to peerages and thus ensuring even deeper politicisation of a once necessarily independent and essential backbone of the social structure of the nation.

    6. Demeaning that essential independence even more profoundly, under a false flag of ‘democracy’ , by appointing ‘elected’* Police and Crime Commissioners at great cost, in order to further politicise the function of policing.

    The cunning of successive governments – and the cowardice of overweeningly ambitious senior police officers – in facilitating and ceding to this state of affairs is the conspiracy of this age.

    * elected by whom? In almost all cases, less than 20% of the potential electorate.

    Noa – FFS tell your prospective son-in-law to get respectable employment if he wants to marry your daughter. She has no prospect of a happy life if he persists in such foolishness.

  43. An advanced and serious warning, please, avoid watching this very short clip if you’re even lightly touched by PC, spend the time instead learning German, it could come handy one day.

  44. Frank P @ 10:41

    Either version does it for the barbarian, Frank, you should let it make available when the next enquiry on policing sits again, as it will, it cannot do nay harm to you, will be of a public record.

    If only the first two of the points were to get accomplished, we were to go back to the original principles and the way of policing that had done us no harm and plenty of good, things would be immeasurably better.

  45. @Frank P 22nd – 10:14

    I’m still puzzled as to how someone who stands 5ft 01in in her stockinged soles can
    even get to first base in the police, let alone start any ballistic rise through the ranks. (meteoric is the wrong adjective, i believe… my experience, meteors come down!)

  46. Frank P @ 10:41

    As Baron says either version is succinct and apposite. An excellent analysis, with the end consequence of some minor justice for the unfortunate victim in this case, resulting in the departure of his father from a police force that needs people like him within it, not suing it for constructive dismissal!

    Baron, your points are valid too, I did start looking through the GMP annual records for 2000-2010 but they simply describe a growing record of the abdication of responsibility and chasing the chimera of political correctness at the expense of the unprotected public.
    Still, look on the bright side, the drunken antics of their unsackable senior female officers provide titillation for their Sun reading client base in Strangeways.

  47. I am surprised the opinion pollsters have the sheer effrontery to poke their heads above the parapet, busily forecasting the Tory lead over Labour etc., plus the possible results of the election. After the shambles they made of the last two “events” in 2015 and 2016, where they weren’t just hopelessly wrong, they made an ocean-going b******s of the whole thing. About time they kept a low profile for a change.

    Regarding typing errors when posting, back in the early 1960s I worked in the offices of a big company, using an enormous office “typewriter”, where the keys were circular, with a little metal rim round each one, and the individual keys were well separated with plenty of space between them. The result was that one’s fingers stayed exactly where they were supposed to be, and didn’t slither off on to the next key, unlike today, where computer keys are flat, and almost touching each other, so it is almost impossible to keep fingers in the right place. In the old days I could type pretty fast, and accurately, but now….. Of course in those days you had to be accurate, because correcting mistakes involved copious use of white chalk (this being before correction ribbons or Tippex had been invented). Nowadays it is so easy to alter a word that mistakes are of no importance. But I do miss the ability to type quickly, without errors, and without so-called predictive text making a nuisance of itself.

  48. Fergus is not sure which of you questioned his doggerel.

    In a musical form like a ballad, or in a piece of comic verse, strong, regular rhymes will Add flow. In more serious poems, heavy rhymes often sound forced and ridiculous. A good poet does not feel that a poem has to rhyme and that what I am creating is not poetry if it does not.

  49. For Marine Le Pen

    Things are changing fast, just as they should,
    They’ve changed for the worse, now let’s change for the good.

    The national pride has dwindled and died,
    Call us whatever you want, we have God on our side.

    Please do not fear what tomorrow might bring,
    This extends further than a political wing.

    I’d like to give The EU a personal thanks,
    You’ve shown what a cancer man can create.

    Were turning our backs and we’re done with your games,
    If the countries collapse, we know you are to blame.

    So thank you La Pen, You care for your land.
    We’ll show those bastards where to stick their grand plan.

  50. contagion – election 2017

    facing the faces of the forsaken
    taking in the weight of our damnation
    a wasted case of the disgracefully shaken
    taking the hatred into a debated deflation

    this place is a place of frustration
    hating the way of this path we’ve taken
    a state of vacant is the state of this nation
    waiting around for our dreams to awaken

    taking the hatred into a debated deflation
    a wasted case of the disgracefully shaken
    taking in the weight of our damnation
    facing the faces of the forsaken

    this place is a place of frustration
    hating the way of this path we’ve taken
    a state of vacant is the state of this nation
    waiting around for our dreams to awaken

  51. Ode to Jezza

    The life of a poor politician,
    Puts us under suspicion,
    With the rules we comply, you we’d never decry,
    Though we don’t believe in contrition.

    The wages paid are so rotten,
    Our expenses you claim are ill gotten,
    You may say it’s uncouth, that we don’t tell the truth,
    But we know it will soon be forgotten.

    After every election,
    When you have made your selection,
    Manifestos are binned so what, we have sinned,
    They just need a little correction.

    Each and every promise that’s made,
    To action them that is forbade,
    The politician that rules, think the electorate are fools,
    None of you would make the grade.

    Subsidised food and drink,
    To poverty there is a link,
    What you cannot afford we take that on board,
    Our arguments are just so succinct.

    At PMQs we put on a show,
    Now this may come as a blow,
    In the politics game we are all much the same,
    The truth is we don’t want you to know.

    The next time you go out to vote,
    You won’t hear any of us gloat,
    We the high flyers are all bloody liars,
    They should hang a rope round our throat.

    At times you do leave us distraught,
    Making complaints about what we have bought,
    Like our defences it’s claimed on expenses,

    ‘’ That Way We Never Get Caught ‘’

  52. Ostrich (occasionally) April 22nd, 2017 – 15:10
    @Frank P 22nd – 10:14
    “ my experience, meteors come down!)”

    I thought that, like tights, it was stalactites that came down…

  53. Le Pen ‘pledges to ban organisations and deport all foreigners linked to Islamist fundamentalists, close extremist mosques and stop their financing from abroad, ban the public financing of cults, and fight jihadist networks by stripping bi-nationals of their French citizenship and via deportations and preventative detention’, exciting stuff for some, deeply worrying for the Brussels apparatchiks, why should it be labelled as Right wing, it sounds quite sensible.

    On things economics she’s noticeably of the Left persuasion in one respect, quite sensible in another, she wants ‘to lower the retirement age to 60, reduce energy prices and taxes, and introduce trade barriers along with measures designed to help small rather than big business. Globalism’s out, measured nationalism laced with protectionism is in. The 35-hour week is sacrosanct, civil servants are to be protected’, all in all it’s unlikely to get the economy going, long term, it’s a recipe for a disaster.

    The other candidates’ policies are mostly a replica of what Hollande’s been up to, nothing that would excite anyone, a menu for the plodders.

    It’s not easy to get a hang on the mood of the sans-culottes what with over two thirds of them having jobs in the public sector, but it feels that they may finally take a stand on the rainbow project, go for le Pen, it wouldn’t shock if she squeezed through this coming Sunday.

    Would it be good for us brexiting though? It may not be, she promised a referendum, a mistake in her policies, Baron reckons, it’s very unlikely the French would want to get out, they’ve been the major beneficiary of the EU budget, the CAP has been a bonanza for them, still is, why cut it off, the fear of another referendum though may harden the Brussels apparatchiks’ negotiating stance with us, they may want to warn any other member state from leaving, will treat us as an whipping boy.

  54. Fergus Pickering @ 17:09

    Very good, Fergus, top marks and a bonus point for you, not only that they rhyme, they also contain some obvious truths, e.g. ‘You may say it’s uncouth/that we don’t tell the truth/But we know it will soon be forgotten’.

    You should tempt the Spectator bloggers, too, some may be more of the poetic inclination than the rough clientele of this blog, no?

  55. L.C. @ 15:26

    An error proof dictation software will help, L.C., just hang on there, it will come.

  56. Ostrich (occasionally) @ 15:10

    Be careful, O(o), one’s height is not necessarily a good predictor of what one can do, the Corsican was only 5.6 feet, managed to mess up Europe, not only once, nearly fugged up Russia, too, if it were not for the country’s natural ally, the winter, not that he was alone in the category of people short in the height department, Winston was only an inch taller, others of the same predisposition include Picasso, Chaplin, Gagarin, probably many others the barbarian doesn’t know about.

    God forbid if she were to replicate Bonaparte in the field of policing, there’s nobody who could engineer her Waterloo, Frank has already retired, he, he, he.

  57. If there’s anyone still visiting the blog, the barbarian needs help, he’s declared a war on rabbits, the little bastards’s proclivity for breeding is second to none, (thanks God our new friends cannot match it), so far the kills have been left for the resident fox to devour, yesterday cull, a good size rabbit, got skinned, marinated in oil, garlic, pepper and salt, rests in the fridge, is ready for the oven tomorrow, and that’s the problema, the internet offers more than enough suggestions, hard to say what to go for, the barbarian needs something simple, the carcass looks pretty unappetising, the appearance of a rubber sole, the boss says she won’t touch it, can anyone advise how to roast the thing, please.

  58. Ostrich (occasionally) April 22nd, 2017 – 15:10

    I think the secret may lie in the pronunciation of “ballistic”.

  59. Baron
    April 22nd, 2017 – 22:33

    I suspect your plan to roast the rabbit tomorrow may be a mistake.

    Many years ago I shot a hare and cooked it the following day. The result was flesh with the texture of a car tire – and nothing I did could make it any better. I complained about it to an uncle (a farmer with a lifetime’s experience shooting anything edible that ventured onto his land – not to mention a hearty contempt for game laws restricting the time of year when shooting various sorts of game was allowed).

    He asked how long I’d left it to hang? When I said “overnight” he rolled on the floor laughing. What else could I expect?

    He said I should have left it to hang for several days before preparing it for roasting.

  60. Baron on Rabbits – Think Laterally

    ‘Marinate them in tobasco for 3 days then make a bear batter stuff them with
    cream chease and deep fry them like french frys.
    Tasty little suckers.’

  61. And for all the poor buggers getting ready to tramp the streets of London:


    I’m a step c l o s e r to the finish line
    I ran exhaustingly just to be fine
    But before I knew it, he was there
    He was the winner, and it’s so unfair

  62. And for the lupine

    I wish the rabbit was tender again
    The heart in Guinness but just plain brain
    The offal you should just give the cat
    Or should we call rabbit eaters simply prat

  63. A rabbit walks into a pub and says to the barman “Can I have a pint of beer and a Ham and Cheese Toastie”
    The barman is amazed but gives the rabbit a pint of beer and a ham and cheese toastie.
    The rabbit drinks the beer and eats the toastie, he then leaves.

    The following night the rabbit returns and again asks for a Pint of Beer and a Ham and Cheese Toastie.
    The barman, now intrigued by the rabbit and the extra drinkers in the pub (because word gets round) gives the rabbit the pint and the toastie.
    The rabbit consumes them and leaves.

    The next night, the pub is packed, in walks the rabbit and says “A pint of beer and a Ham and Cheese Toastie, please barman”
    The crowd is hushed as the barman gives the rabbit his pint and toastie and then burst into applause as the rabbit wolfs them down then walks out.

    The next night there is standing room only in the pub, coaches have been laid on for the crowds of patrons attending, the barman is making more money in one week than he did all last year.
    In walks the rabbit and says, “A Pint of Beer and a Ham and Cheese Toastie, please barman”, smiling and accepting the tributes of the masses.

    The barman says, “I’m sorry rabbit, old mate, old mucker but we are right out of them Ham and Cheese Toasties”
    The rabbit looks aghast, the crowd has quietened to almost a whisper, when the barman clears his throat nervously and says, “We do have a very nice Cheese and Onion Toastie”

    The rabbit looks him in the eye and says, “Are you sure I will like it”?
    The masses bated breath is ear shatteringly silent.
    The barman, with a roguish smile says, “Do you think that I would let down one of my best friends, I know you’ll love it”

    “Ok” says the rabbit,” I’ll have a Pint of Beer and a Cheese and Onion Toastie”

    The pub erupts with glee as the rabbit quaffs the beer and guzzles the toastie, he then waves to the crowd and leaves.

    One year later in the now impoverished public house, the barman (who has only served 4 drinks tonight, 3 of which were his) calls time.
    When he is cleaning down the now empty bar, he sees a small white form, floating above the bar.

    The barman says, “Who are you”

    To which he is answered, “I am the ghost of the rabbit that used to frequent your public house”
    The barman says,”I remember you, you made me famous, you would come in every night and have a Pint of Beer and a Ham and Cheese Toastie, masses came to see you and this place was famous”

    The rabbit says, “Yes I know”
    The barman said, “I remember, on your last night we didn’t have any Ham and Cheese Toasties, you had a Cheese and Onion one instead”
    The rabbit said “Yes, you promised me that I would love it”
    The barman said “You never came back, after that fateful night, what happened”

    “I DIED”, said the Rabbit.
    “Blimey ” said the barman,”what from”.

    The rabbit said… “Mixing me toasties….”

  64. Baron, April 22nd, 2017 – 22:33

    Flopsy, Mopsy, Cottontail and Peter et al can be really slimy if you dunt cook ’em right.

  65. Michael Heaver of Westmonster interviewed by Paul Joseph Watson: (1) on the French presidential election and (2) on the British general election –

  66. Herbert Thornton @ 04:36

    Good tip, Herbert, many thanks, too late though, the rabbit in the fridge has to be in the oven today, will be in the baking tray soon, the barbarian will report after he consumed the rubber sole lookalike, btw, to cheer himself up, Baron has a bottle of a premium Merlot lined up, should the half cremated body of Flopsy (for it was Flopsy, EC) taste bad, he’ll drown his sorrow s in the plonk. (Baron likes meat very very well done, pls ask not why, he doesn’t know, just does like meat burnt close to a cinder, well, not that far, but near),

  67. @Malfleur 23rd – 01:12

    “the secret may lie in the pronunciation of “ballistic”.”

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  68. Wot the Fox is going on!?

    Agree entirely with Tyler’s take on this. In one fell swoop they have destroyed Fox’s role as – warts ‘n’ all – the only channel of news throughout the Western TV media to kick against the pricks of relentless agitprop; O’Reilly led the charge. The second generation of Muckdoch’s have obviously switched sides. Tucker Carlson was okay as a stroppy, facetious interviewer of leftist useful eejits, but a bit shrill and silly at times. He lacks the gravitas and authority clearly inherent in O’Reilly, who is irreplaceable.

    The manner in which the lesser players in Fox’s team have jostled their way up the ladder to try to benefit from Bill’s shafting has been disgusting and the lack of due tribute to the debt that they all owe the O’Reilly persona at Fox is egregious. The anaemic Dana Perino’s hypocricy-laden, prepared statement to mark O’Reilly’s departure and Greg Gutfield’s fading one-liner to close the final Factor were a cop-out and clearly delivered under orders from the wimpish wankers who couldn’t see off the vociferous vaginas who ganged up on O’Reilly. Sad to see old man Murdoch pussy-whipped by his current squeeze, Mick Jagger’s cast off – Pisspot Hall.

    As for the allegations against O’Reilly? WGAS? During my stint with the meeja I saw far more instances of predatory females trying to fuck their way to top positions than t’other way round. Most of the ugly males in positions of power didn’t have to coerce ambitious bimbos to drop their draws: they had a queue of volunteers outside their office doors, knickers in hand – or already knickerless, in anticipation.

    O’Reilly had his faults; but was, regardless, head ‘n’ shoulders above the rest. I hope, notwithstanding any severance clauses, that he contrives to set up a competing channel to further the culture war. But at 67 he will probably rest on his record rather than the laurels he should have been awarded and spend the Murdoch shekels with gay abandon (in the old-fashioned sense of that much defiled three-letter-word).

    Phuck Phox! Or to put it another way: a pox on Fox and all who sail in the feminista-captured hulk.

  69. EC @ 09:07

    Quite an appropriate story on the day of the bard’s birthday (or his death as one may prefer), EC, celebrating the near bottomless inventiveness of the English tongue’s pliancy, in this instance though one has to be good on pronouncing words inventively to get the cause of the rabbit’s death right (the barbarian isn’t).

  70. Fergus Pickering @ 07:06

    You in love with the fluffy creatures, Fergus, in hate with those who roast and eat them, right?

  71. Fergus Pickering @ 07:02

    A more apt (not PC) version plagiarising your creation, Fergus, will it pass?

    I’m a step c l o s e r to the finish line
    I was running sweating wheezing to overtake the swine
    But before I knew it, he was there
    He was the winner, so fucking unfair

  72. Talking about language, in his posting at 22:33 the barbarian said: “ he declared a war ….’, to indicate it was a reluctant, vacuous of conviction, half baked war on his part (did it come out like that, or was it a misuse of the language too far?), he feels rather sorry for the little creatures, it’s the boss who’s unceasingly on the warpath, wants to annihilate them as quickly as they leave the den, they keep nibbling at the tops of leaves and flowers of plants, she blames the barbarian for any damage, there really isn’t justice in this world.

    About a month ago, one of the Flopsies must have been a cross with a domestic rabbit, the area surrounding his nose and eyes, and the whole of the short tail, the bottom, lower behinds were pure white, everything symmetrical that added to the attraction, Baron could’t force himself to cull the creature, he was cute in a magical way, met his end caught gnawing at a seedling of some rear Japanese peony, Baron wanted to give him a proper burial, for the looks that furnished somuch enjoyment he deserved it, it didn’t come to that, whilst the barbarian was getting the spade, a stoat snatched the kill, ran away with it awkwardly but fast even though its body mass must have been roughly a fifth of that of the rabbit.

  73. Frank P @ 15:06

    The guy’s excellent, Frank, you try keep someone’s attention for full seven minutes, and do it as engagingly as he does. Also right, he.

  74. Frank P @ 14:41

    Whether the chap O’Reilly was (still is) what you say he was, Frank, the barbarian cannot say, he’s never watched him, as as far as he knows nobody of this parish has ever pointed him out (if someone did, the barbarian’s missed it), if his excellence ranks so high he can join one of the new upcoming channels, Infowars for instance, set up his own channel, he can afford it, make it a subscription viewing, get richer still.

    To get a feel for the guy, Baron surfed, found a clip where he talks to Bruce Willis, a man with an IQ roughy the same as that of the transgender endomorph interviewed by Tucker i.e. around room temperature. Nothing special, if anything Bill keeps interrupting unnecessarily, where’s the special in it?

    Tucker’s fine, excellent in fact, brainy, courageous, and his take on things happens to coincide with Baron’s (not perhaps yours), but not always, yet he’s always watchable, the show runs fast, the subjects vary. He may not have been the one who plucked for the transgender creature, who knows, it may be that Fox’s editors fielded him hoping to attract viewers, right or wrong, who knows, but Tucker has built up a sizeable audience, too, he’ll do fine.

    The question of O’Reilly’s sacking is a different matter, Baron totally agrees with you, it’s despicable a grown up man can lose a job because of sexual advances to a grown up female, that’s PC gone mad, but then the whole world has gone nuts, next time he should be more careful he tries to seduce.

    Here’s the Bruce Willis clip:

  75. New speeding fines from tomorrow, be careful when you drive (if you’re in the UK), it may set you back £1,000 for a minor offence, up to £2,500 for a big one:

    The Tories should have kept the promise not to raise income tax, the new speeding fines would have plugged the gap. It’s insane to have the fines so high, higher than the permitted speed doesn’t actually harm anyone, they should have punished severely those who break the speed limit, cause death, lead to death, that would be the commons sense law, punishing millions for doing 34miles per hour in a 30 mile zone without any accident is just a daylight robbery.

  76. Baron – 16:30,

    The fines are going to be income based – on one’s weekly income. Justice? Don’t make me larf! Thus, speeding will cost yourself and Noa £1000s whereas, by comparison, for myself it becomes a far more economical activity 😉

    If in doubt when caught out consult Nick Freeman aka Mr. Loophole:

  77. France : first reports ; Macron 26% / Le Penn 23%.

  78. Latest France estimates : Macron 23-7% Le Penn 22%. Way to go! ( As they say ; at least the Duke of Cambridge probable does ; in his tweets. )

  79. Latest France estimates : Macron 23-7% Le Penn 22%. Way to go! ( As they say ; at least the Duke of Cambridge probable does ; in his tweets. )

  80. It just got better .

    About 30 minutes ago the French Interior Minister stated that out of 9 million votes Le Penn has 25.06% and Macron 21.28%.

  81. Radford NG @ 19:58

    No more BBC vomit on the French election, Radford, please, (only joking, you can post whatever you like, it was a rhetoric ‘no more’), the barbarian has read it, not one mention of what the guy wants to do, at the end it says, ‘no more ideas, France doesn’t need more ideas, it’s the method’ Arghhh

    The guy is indeed a French replica of the hon Muslim, it’s as near certain he will get the Presidency, both the Left and the Right hate le Pen more than him, and serves the French right, he’s going to fugg the country up even more than the Hon Muslim did the Republic, he may indeed want a new breed of politics, he cannot do without policies though even if it’s in response to events, without a backbone philosophy of the direction the country should take it will be rudderless, chaotic, unpredictable, but perhaps the sans culottes will like it, they’re certainly made of different stock to the slow moving but plucky English.

    The latest news from Bretibart is le Pen has overtaken the puppet.

  82. EC @ 18:04

    A useful site, EC, thanks, it may come handy, Baron has had few speeding tickets in the past.

    What makes you think he’ll qualify for the top whack, Frank will probably, top police officers are amongst the best paid in the country, they should be, it’s responsibility cum risk, it has to rewarded, but poorly educated Slavs are paid peanuts, their pensions barely allow for shooting rabbits with an airgun, roasting the carcasses without success ….

  83. You’ve right, Herbert, bloody awful it was, tasteless, stringy, non-chewable, most of it anyway, the bits that one could digest were few, what does the fox see in it when it’s raw?

  84. Today was also Saint George’s Day . Amongst other places see :

  85. Baron,
    Serves you bloodywell right, you should have stuck to faggots, peas and chips.
    PS, Marine le Pen is through to the second round. Who said life’s a bitch? apart from Jeremy Corbin.

  86. EC 18.04

    On permanent retention old chum. Now excuse me whilst I hose Baron’s dinner off the grill.

  87. Pepys’ Diary

    Friday 22 April 1664

    “Having directed it last night, I was called up this morning before four o’clock. It was full light enough to dress myself, and so by water against tide, it being a little coole, to Greenwich; and thence, only that it was somewhat foggy till the sun got to some height, walked with great pleasure to Woolwich, in my way staying several times to listen to the nightingales…..”

  88. Baron on Rabbits

    I think you should have gone for a stew.

  89. Malfleur @ 23:44

    Now you’re telling him, Malfleur?

  90. stephen maybery @ 22:21

    He will do, Stephen, will leave the bloody rabbits to the fox.

  91. Noa @ 23:16

    Let the hosing be the last of Baron’s rabbiting, Noa, there’re things more important than long-eared mammals that are hard to digest.

  92. Sorry Baron, I had been focused on my mole recommendation.

  93. The youngest French President since Napoleon.

    But Theresa May is no Lord Liverpool.

  94. Malfleur,

    S.I.D.S. strikes again! Sounds familiar?

    There will be no autopsy on the body, which will be cremated before sunset in accordance with his religion. It has happened just days after being summoned to appear before Trey Gowdy’s congressional committee to testify about Hillary Clinton’s email server. McGill is the single son of deceased parents and has no family. No services are planned.”

    DEATH – the constant companion of the Clintons! The silence from the MSM is deafening, but imagine the clamour if it was one of Trump’s team!

  95. Baron,

    First, they came for the Squirrels, then they came for the Wabbits…. then it was the Hares!

    Does the Baroness have a copy of “Mrs Beeton’s Cookery and Household Management” (1st ed 1861) or the modern makeover “Mrs Beeton’s Everyday Cookery? ” (Ward Lock 1963, 69,70, 71 etc. ISBN 0 7063 1403 4)


    Rabbits: 268 – 271
    Hares: p265 – 268

  96. 30 reasons to hate the French:

    1. Because they’re losers
    Rugby matches played by England against France since 1906: 89. We’ve won 47; they’ve won 35. Draws: 7.
    2. Because they’re aggressive
    Wars fought against France since 1066: 35. We’ve won 23; they’ve won 11. Mutual defeats: 1 (American War of Independence).
    3. Because of Napoleon
    200 French streets, monuments and institutions commemorate the era of Napoleon, the inventor of totalitarian dictatorship.
    4. And because of the Napoleon Complex
    While Napoleon was actually 5ft 6.5in tall, his aggression may have stemmed from “strikingly small, infantile and undersized genitals”, as revealed in his autopsy. The organ in question measured 1.25in.

    5. Because they make love more than anyone else
    On average, that’s 137 times a year; we only manage 119 times.
    6. Because everyone believes they’re great lovers
    But when asked about Napoleon’s love-making, French good-time girl Marguerite Josephine Weimer remarked that the Duke of Wellington was “beaucoup le plus fort”. Today, just 23 per cent of French people are happy with their sex lives compared to 25 per cent of Brits.
    7. Because they love yappy dogs
    More than nine per cent of French dog owners have a poodle.
    8. But they won’t clean up after them
    French dog owners refuse to pick up the 5,840 tonnes of dog-doo dropped on their streets each year.
    9. Because they’re allergic to customer service
    In London eateries, it takes an average 3.4 minutes to get a glass of water once a waiter has been alerted; in Paris it takes 17.9 minutes.
    10. Because they’re rude
    The “Paris Syndrome” is a medically recognised type of depression which afflicts foreign visitors, caused by the sustained rudeness of French people to outsiders.
    11. Because they can’t wait
    Many French men still prefer the convenience of a trottoir to the public WC.
    12. Because they lack humour
    Before the Revolution, the French spoke of l’esprit (wit), or la farce (joke) but the word “humour” had no equivalent. Not until 1932 did the French Academy allow l’humour into the language.
    13. Because we’ve been allowed to believe that French women don’t get fat
    Current diet books claim that French women are thin because they eat only fresh produce, and slowly. However, French obesity rates are exploding and one in four French women is on some kind of mood-altering medication. Of course they’re not hungry – they’re stoned.
    14. Because they do things the wrong way
    The French take more suppositories than the rest of Europe combined. In 2006, they shoved 235 tonnes of pharmaceuticals up themselves. That’s equivalent to 1,850 Gérard Depardieus (approx.).
    15. That goes for their wildlife, too
    In 1998 alone, 25 million geese and ducks were force-fed in battery farms to make foie gras: the €20 hors d’oeuvre.
    16. Because they love Jerry
    In 1963, Jerry Lewis’s The Nutty Professor was voted “Best Film” in France. Le Roi du Crazy, as Lewis is known over there, holds the Legion of Honour, traditionally awarded only to victorious French generals: pretty rare.
    17. And they hate Gerry
    In 2005, national treasure Gérard Depardieu announced he was leaving France because: “Only the British understand me… They have a great sense of humour. It is the French who are cretins”.
    18. Because they think their cooking is the best in the world
    They boasted 26 three-starred restaurants in the 2005 Michelin Guide. However, the guide is a French institution. Could that be why the UK had only three? Coincidence, non?
    19. Because of their incessant wining
    Does France still make the best wine? Not if you go by the infamous Paris Wine Tasting of 1976, when an English wine merchant organised a “blind” tasting before a jury of French experts. To their horror, they rated Californian wines as winners in both the red and white wine categories. The French press first denied any tasting had happened, then claimed the results were fixed.
    20. You can’t trust their wine labels either
    In one 2002 case, a Burgundian vintner got jailed for rebottling 4,000 hectolitres of Algerian plonk as a much more expensive Bordeaux.
    21. Because they took the cow pat… and turned it into a hat
    Well, that’s what the beret is, isn’t it?
    22. Because their legendary “Va Va Voom” is a lie
    They only spend an average 19.2 minutes on foreplay. The British take 22.5 minutes.
    23. Because 50 per cent of them don’t even associate sex with pleasure
    And 23 per cent say they would be “relieved” not to have sex for several months.
    24. Because they patented the kiss
    In fact, there is no actual word for “French Kiss” in French. It is simply embrasser avec la langue (literally, to kiss with the tongue). Colloquially it is referred to as rouler une pelle (to roll the spade). Only in Quebec is it “frencher”.
    25. Because they’re big bullies
    The French shoot, poison, trap, crush, stuff and then eat almost anything smaller than themselves. Box-nets are laid down across the Aquitaine countryside to trap skylarks, while Languedoc hunters blast turtledoves out of the sky.
    26. Because the French health service is the best in the world
    However, during a 2003 heat wave, the French health services, rated as a “world best” by the WHO, failed to prevent the deaths of 16,300 elderly people.
    27. Because their country doesn’t work
    Employers have to pay social security taxes equal to 48 per cent of each employee’s salary, so they take on fewer people, and France’s unemployment rate has hovered around 10 per cent for a decade.
    28. Because they get up our noses
    Forty per cent of French men, and 25 per cent of women, do not change their underwear daily – and only 47 per cent bathe every day (compared to 70 per cent of the British).
    29. Because they invented Sadism
    France is not only the birthplace of the Marquis de Sade but also of Renault’s flirty series of Ben and Sophie “Eiffel Tower v Blackpool Tower” TV ads. Talk about torture…
    30. Because it’s taken them a thousand years to admit we’re better than them
    “The standard of life of the British is higher than that of the French,” said M. le President Nicolas Sarkozy, in his 2006 autobiography.

  97. Now 31

    Emmanuel Macron

    A Blair clone.

  98. Marshal Roberts April 24th, 2017 – 11:12

    The French ceased to be a problem for the UK after 1870, when Germany became the dominant political European power, numerically and economically. Two wars in the 20th century, in which we were allies, have failed to prevent the inevitable assertion of Germany hegemony and its conquest of Europe and France.

    I look forward to your list of 30 reasons to hate the Germans.

  99. EC – 09:53

    As Frank P might say, “no credible evidence” of an unlawful act.

  100. Malfleur – 12:31

    Yeah, but over the years the pile of corpses surrounding the Clinton staffers and contacts, statistically, kinda speak for themselves.

    There were two attempts on Roger Stone’s life recently when is was expected to be called to give evidence before the Congressional “It wos the Ruskies wot won it for Trump” enquiry.” Now that he’s apparently no longer due to be called, will the attempted whackings cease, I wonder?

  101. @13:03

    “surrounding the Clintons, staffers and contacts, etc.”
    “when he was expected… etc.”

  102. Baron,

    If these escape, you’re gonna need a proper rifle!

    …and my favourite

    “Kim Jong-il ate my giant rabbits”

  103. Just like in the recent US presidential election, in the French presidential election I am expecting all Feminists to be supporting the female candidate 🙂

  104. Noa
    You only need one.
    They are German.

  105. These are the next 15:

    1. Germany is a VERY repressive country. there is “free speech”, but it is only a front. You can get in trouble for speaking out about almost anything that the government does.
    2. Not all, but most Germans that I have had the misfortune of meeting, are very cold people. They will avoid friendliness at all costs.
    3. Prices are high, and Germans will charge for everything. I can not call customer service for my internet connection or even my cell phone contract without paying at least a 1 Euro connection fee, and 19 Euro cents per minute.
    4. The weather sucks except for three weeks out of the year. Period…
    5. The autobahn is extremely difficult to navigate without a GPS system.
    6. The autobahn is constantly under repair, and the road crews are so lazy that it will take almost two years to repair a 10K stretch of road.
    7. Germans “know” better than you about any subject. Period…
    8. Germans do not understand the concept of privacy. The stereotypical nosy old woman, is an every day occurrence here.
    9. You have to pay to use the restroom in many public places, and it isn’t cheap. I have even been refused the chance to use the restroom because I was two cents short.
    10. Germans will call the police on you for almost anything.
    11. When they do call the police, the police are allowed to take up to a 40 Euro bribe on the spot. Be prepared to pay off the police for anything. They will even drive you to the ATM to withdraw the money.
    12. There are miles of paperwork to go through to do anything in this country.
    13. Germans are paranoid of violence. Don’t buy any violent movies or video games in this country or you will be sadly disappointed by all of the censorship.
    14. BMW’s aren’t as nice as you would think.
    15. Neither are Mercedes’.

  106. Dellers is spot on, I’m afraid…

    Delingpole: “Manchurian Candidate Macron Is France’s Obama”

  107. A pox on both their Maisons from Mel. J’demur Mel better the devil you don’t know than the Macron, an homie who looks and sounds like a water biscuit weevil.

  108. A new Washington Post-ABC News poll shows that since President Donald Trump took office on January 20 the number of people who believe the economy is improving is at the highest level in 15 years, The Post reported on Sunday

  109. I note that the sneaky buggers at the BBC were doing their bit for Jezza tonight whilst the rest of us were watching the Snooker courtesy of the red button…

    BBC FOUR HD 22:00 -23:00
    “Marx: Genius of the Modern World”


  110. EC (23:07)

    Moreover, it followed a repeat of last year’s documentary on the iniquities of the Romanov family served up by the Worsley wench, softening up the potential BBC Four viewers for Bettany Hughes’ hagiography of Marx and thereby implying justification his doctrine. The Marx documentary was also a repeat of the Jan 2016 series – so I assume they were similarly coupled then).

    Luckily Hughes called upon upon that egregious little Lancastrian leftist shitbag Paul Mason, now clearly barking bonkers, to justify the ‘genius’ status of the subject, which luckily severely undermined the purport of the programme.

    She really does take herself seriously, that Hughes woman, doesn’t she? She does love the camera, but sadly for her, the camera doesn’t reciprocate. 🙂


    3RD HOUR of Monday’s Alex Jones Show on

    NB. That hour is introduced for some reason by a clip from ROBIN HOOD UKIP of a statement in English to the Dutch people by Geert Wilders.

  112. As the news unfolds today about how Kier Stamer KBE plans to ruin Brexit it is well to remember the comment of the House of Commons Justice Committee on his past life:

    “fear that the Crown Prosecution Service is sometimes defined by what it is not or by its relationship to other organisations, rather than its own aims and purposes, or by clarity about its role within the criminal justice system.”

    The man plays to the crowd and does not believe a word he vomits.

  113. “Open Britain, the zombie Remain campaign formerly known as BSE”

    BSE, Ha Ha, YCMIU !

    Although, I suppose that Mad Cow Disease (aka staggers) could be a more charitable explanation for the symptoms exhibited by Ms. Soubry.

  114. @Frank P 25th – 02:02

    She does love the camera, but sadly for her, the camera doesn’t reciprocate.

    My wife refers to her as, “that lumpy woman”.

  115. Ostrich (occasionally) – 10:14

    My compliments to Mrs O(o). Perfick!

  116. EC (09:35)

    It seems even that excellent source of quirky court news is phishing for info on those interested in exposure of information about Islamic creep.

    The link is overlaid by the following caveat on a red background:

    We’re currently working on our online archives – please email Sales @ for access or if you have any questions.

    Or am I becoming a tad paranoid?’

  117. The door opens a little.
    Australia: Muslim Misogyny And Its Sources in Islamic Scripture Begin To Be Discussed Critically, In Public > New English Review

  118. How can people like Richard Littlejohn make a living when the reality of today is beyond satire.
    Police investigate ‘modern day slavery’ at former Bristol care home
    Police investigate ‘modern day slavery’ at former Bristol care home

  119. Royally emotional incontinence and job creation in the lunatic asylum of Great Britain.

  120. RobertRetyred – 14:32, yesterday
    “Just like in the recent US presidential election, in the French presidential election I am expecting all Feminists to be supporting the female candidate :)”

    I was hoping, and it sort of worked!

    According to the survey, Le Pen outperformed the other candidates with younger voters as well

  121. Noa – 17:09

    “Mrs. May’s compassion by proxy, at taxpayers’ expense, is typical of the behavior of modern politicians, who need to show their electorates that they are not the heartless or ruthless ambitious nonentities that they might otherwise appear to be, but are ordinary kind people with generous feelings. An uncritically sentimental population is therefore a perfect flock to be fleeced in this way, sheep for the shearing. The prince unwittingly played assistant to the shearer by his tasteless and unnecessary confessions.”

    Priceless, and absolutely spot on!

    The best take yet that I’ve read on the royal incontinence. One might have hoped that “he” had bottled it up and then, when realising the truth, done the nation a favour by doing a “Crown Prince Dipendra” on his father and stepmother.

    When will these privileged and overpaid conceited twats in the Westmonster bubble realise that the rest of us don’t need their cue or permission to feel or speak as we like! As for Mrs May & foreign aid, don’t get me started…

  122. Noa – 17:09

    As for Mrs May & foreign “aid”? Godfrey Bloom (@goddersbloom) summed it up nicely, for me at any rate, the other day!

    Westminster? Traitors, the lot of ’em!

  123. Hannity on the warpath:

    And O’Reilly resurrected: a little late for Easter, but it looks as though the Murdoch boys have left him some wiggle room in the settlement:


  125. More on the well-connected muslim yoghourt maker’s dossier from David Knight in HOUR 2.

  126. Yall still there?

    Well Donald is hitting 100 days and Kim Jong-Un is quaking.

    “I’m not so sure he’s so strong like he says he is; I’m not so sure at all,”

    Donald is acting and conscious that his predecessors could have done.

    “This should have been done by Obama and it should have been done by every president since, really, Clinton,” he said, referring to the former president’s memoirs.

    Love to Andy.

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