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The Coffee House Wall – January 2019

This is the Coffee House Wall for this week. I won't say that it is your chance to communicate with us, as we are all in this together. It is, nevertheless, the Conservative Blog post that has no particular theme, and where everything is on topic. Let's just remember that we want to avoid ad hominem attacks on others. We don't want to engage with trolls. We want to moderate our language ourselves as responsible and mature adults, choosing to use fruity language only where it is necessary. This is our opportunity to show what the Spectator Coffee House Wall could have been like.

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  1. Is this premature?

  2. Marshal Roberts – 07:53

    Yes, given that the heathen Scotchmen generally make more of a fuss about New Year than Christmas, then the publishing of the new wall a day early could be considered a case of premature eJockulation.

  3. Immigrants ‘stormed cargo ship and smeared faeces on windows’
    Immigrants ‘stormed cargo ship and smeared faeces on windows’
    Odd behaviour from doctors surgeons and teachers

  4. Nobody anywhere in the mainstream media ever covers the key aspect of these Islamist atrocities. And that is the ‘why’.

    These terrorists are only copying the ‘model for all mankind’ Mohammad.

    That’s right, the Mohammad who came up with the koran and founded Islam.

    The Mohammad who is the ‘model for all mankind’ to Muslims.

    The Mohammad that more than a third of British Muslims name their sons after. That one:

  5. Howdy folks and a good new year.

  6. Howdy folks. A good New Year to you all.

  7. To all Wallsters and anyone else that happens to click accidentally – may 2019 last until 2020. Hang in there, it’s gonna be Rough ride to the year of clear vision.

  8. EC (10:09)

    Brilliant. Obviously you had an abstemious cross over. Never short of a punny riposte.
    All the best old friend. Thanks for your encouragement and continued fillip in the face of the news from the GHOH and the continued onslaught of the SBBOFF assisted by the relentless ticking of OFT.

    Had a great gathering with the Saucepans and remaining siblings. Best Christmas ever, notwithstanding! Completely reconciled with whatever 2019 may perpetrate.

  9. Ostrich (occasionally)

    You are, as always, concisely correct); but my aim was personal and poisonous. Perhaps I should just have exclaimed, as a riposte,

  10. … Jean Charles de Menesez!!!

  11. The Truth About France’s Yellow Vests > Erik Svane

  12. Let’s see whether a Boot up the backside will resuscitate it:

    Happy New Year my arse, ia what Alex seems to be saying in his lugubrious way. I tend to agree with him.

  13. Possibly the most awkward New Year’s greeting ever…

    From America’s favourite Injun and 2020 Presidential hopeful…

    Surpasses anything Hillary put out…

  14. Frank P – 10:53

    … or to put it into computerspeak, reBooted?

    Mr B. dealt us, en passant, the “is the glass half full, glass half empty” card today. Not that he was asking but I’ve always responded to people asking this question by saying, “the level of liquid in the container is at 50% of its capacity.”

    On this occasion I’d have to say that 2019 is best viewed through the bottom of a glass, preferably a very large glass of a quality Cognac!
    Unfortunately I can’t “do” spirits anymore.

    If Mrs May has to go, and the sooner the better, who should replace her?

    Mogg says he won’t. Bojo, Gove, Fox would like to but might find it difficult. Leadsom, although an enthusiastic breeder, is about as much use as a chocolate teapot. Will it be the “I must be seen to be doing something” Sajid Javid OR will it be a candidate that has made fewer enemies that comes through the middle of the pack to get to the top of the greasy pole? (thinking of my former MP, the mildly autistic imo, Jeremy Hunt here)

    If there’s a GE then I can’t see Corbyn getting a majority. Both parties are split.
    If there’s a “NoDeal” Brexit (my preferred option) then there’s a good case for a BRexiteer lead coalition to clear up Mr. Cameron’s & Mrs May’s mess.

  15. Can you have a sausage with no meat in it ? This crucial topic is addressed.

  16. @11:39

    The link to PJW’s video that actually plays from the start!

  17. YouTube is playing silly buggers today.

  18. Well, there’s never anything on the telly…

    “There were among 455 online divorce applications submitted to HM Courts & Tribunals Service between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day. Twenty-six people submitted applications on Christmas Eve, 13 on Christmas Day, 23 on Boxing Day and 77 on New Year’s Day.”

  19. EC (13:24)

    Whadda prospect! Hunt has beeb pitching hard with the Singapore shtick. He certainly held the got potato of the NHS for longer than most. He could provide CRS with its best coup ever.

  20. Asylum support : what they can claim if they touch Home ( the English coast ).

  21. “Brexit: PM says critics of her deal are risking democracy”

    HA! Turning the truth on its head. If she seriously believes that then she obviously needs sectioning under mental health legislation ASAP. Would that guarantee her removal as PM though? Probably not.


  22. EC (10:34)


  23. Radford NG @ January 6th, 2019 – 05:16

    What pi$$es mightily, Radford, is the free dental care (and free prescriptions), since the pamphlet doesn’t say whether that applies to both successful as well as failed asylum seekers, it must pay off for anyone in the world with bad teeth to risk it, arrive her,e claim an asylum, have one’s decaying choppers MOTed.

    Why should a tax paying local fork out £256-50 for a bridge (Baron’s case), and not someone who hasn’t contributed a penny to the Treasury coffers.

  24. EC @ January 6th, 2019 – 10:34

    No need to shout, EC, but go she should, the sooner the better.

  25. The louder the better and two inches from her ear if possible. This fucking bloodless bitch is quite blatantly trying to connive what she clearly wanted all along – BINO. She is a dyed-in-the-wool Remainer with her hooked nose deep in the trough. She has the power to reverse the referendum unless she is ousted – pronto! We all need to SHOUT, metaphorically and literally. We are in dire danger of a Trotskyite No. 10. And that fat little fuck Tom Watson was just given ten minutes of free self serving, cloying Labour Party propaganda on Sky News to preen about having lost five stone on a diet. WGAF? Obnoxious little cunt!


  26. Why all the weeping ans a wailing over the May. The Minuit she stood up at the Tory conference and labelled it as the nasty party, was the minute she nailed her colours to the mast, nothing that the stupid woman has done in the interim has changed my opinion. So the question that has to be asked is do the Toy Establishment have a death wish? and why the hell should we pay the price for their idiocy?

  27. Neither weeping nor wailing, Stephen – just angrily yelling in impotent frustration. And castigating Baron for condescendingly bollocking EC for capitalising his imperatives.

    Got a better idea? Let’s have it? Can you see a single sack of shit (or soot)sitting on the seats of power who can reverse this ugly betrayal of a democratic vote? There is none. Too late to start a new party with common sense and balls – the whole generation is pussified – feminised to fuck. Or queer as nine bob notes. I agree with you: Nonmother nMay is the symptom, not the cause. We deserve Corbyn at the wheel, perhaps it will wake up the plebs and demonstrate just what ‘socialism entails’. Fucking morons!

  28. Frank P @ January 6th, 2019 – 14:20 & :25

    Language, Frank, language (says the poorly edu Slav in a condescending voice, you sadly cannot hear, heh, heh).

    It may happen, th ecumryd could get in easily if he plays his cards right.

    In the forthcoming vote on the deal he will instruct his motley crew to vote against it, vote down it will be properly, the childless woman will run to the Brussels gnomes again, they’ll give he FA in concessions, she’ll claim though the newest deal’s much better, put it to the vote again.

    This time, the cumryd must tell his MPs to abstain, the treachery will pass, the next couple of years before the next election will be disastrous, people will be genuinely pi$$ed off, we’ll pay the hefty £39bn, will have to obey orders, but be excluded from formulating them, the anger will vote the cumryd in at the next count in numbers not too massive but sufficient for Labour to get the keys to no10.

    A lot to enjoy when that happens.

  29. Says mother to her son: ‘Am I a bad mother, Peter?’ He answers ‘my name’s Jim, mother’.

  30. Few tips you may already know, if not, keep them in mind:

    The Emergency Number worldwide for all Mobile Phones is 112. If you find yourself out of the coverage area of your mobile network and there is an emergency, dial 112 and your mobile will search any existing network in your area to establish the emergency number for you, and interestingly this number 112 can be dialled even if the keypad is locked. This works on all phones worldwide and is free.

    Have you locked your keys in the car, have a spare at home?

    If you lock your keys in the car and the spare keys are at home, call someone at home on their mobile phone from your cell phone. Hold your cell phone about a foot from your car door and have the person at your home press the unlock button on the spare key, holding it near the mobile phone on their end. Your car will unlock. It’s of no use if you lose your keys though, then you’re really fugged.

    Is your mobile phone battery flat? All mobiles have Hidden Battery Power, to activate, press the keys *3370# (remember the asterisk). Do this when the phone is almost dead. Your mobile will restart in a special way with this new reserve and the instrument will show a 50% increase in battery life. This reserve will get re-charged when you charge your mobile next time.

    How to disable a STOLEN mobile phone? To check your Mobile phone’s serial number, key in the following digits on your phone: * # 0 6 # (Ensure you put an asterisk BEFORE the #06# sequence).

    A 15 digit code will appear on the screen. This number is unique to your handset. Write it down and keep it somewhere safe. If your phone ever gets stolen, you can phone your service provider and give them this code. They will then be able to block your handset so even if the thief changes the SIM card, your phone will be totally useless.
    You probably won’t get your phone back, but at least you know that whoever stole it can’t use/sell it either. If everybody did this, there would be no point in people stealing mobile phones. (It may well be Baron has already told you about this feature of the mobile phone).

    ATM PIN Number Reversal – Good to Know – nothing to do with mobiles.

    If you should ever be forced by a robber to withdraw money from an ATM machine, you can notify the police by entering your PIN # in reverse. For example, if your pin number is 1234, then you would put in 4321. The ATM system recognizes that your PIN number is backwards from the ATM card you placed in the machine. The machine will still give you the money you requested, but unknown to the robber, the police will be alerted. all ATM’s have this emergency sequencer facility by law. The Crime Stoppers adverse it, but it’s seldom used, probably because such cases are rare, no?

  31. Teaching in the politically correct environment (keep watching to the end, it’s instructive):

  32. Still no photos. And there never was a description.
    Darren Shane Pencille, 35 from Farnham, was charged on Sunday night with the murder of Lee Pomeroy and possession of an offensive weapon in connection to the attack on board a train from Guildford to London on Friday.

  33. Oh well, as expected they obviously knew who it was from the start.

  34. John birch. – 06:13

    I’ve just been inspecting the sketch of “Darren Shane Pencille”, 35 from Farnham” as executed by the official court artist. The answer to Hamlet’s famous existential question would have to be in the negative in his case. More of a 6B, imo.

  35. stephen maybery, January 6th, 2019 – 15:28

    We all here, I’m sure, got the MayBot banged to rights years ago.

    All my SHOUTING in CAPS is borne of sheer frustration that there appears to be nobody in the HoC or the military is prepared to bang Drake’s Drum!

    Re: “the Toy Establishment”

    A most delicious ironical typo? Yea or Nay, it works!

    A dispassionate observer would be forced to conclude that the “Establishment” of the day is definitely Mickey Mouse!

  36. The minds boggles. The weaponisation of the NHS had now been further exacerbated by promises of cyber-appointments with doctors by Skpe and “smartphones’. By importing another 40,000 immigrants to man the already gargantuan bureaucracy with all the concomitant requirements of infrastructure to cater for them. And promises of a non-pharmaceutical injection (Oh Yeah!) of £20b into its coffers. Just another cynical charade to distract the punters from the fact that our so-called Prime Minister is flailing around in a Sargasso Sea of her own shit and impotence in the Brexit fiasco. Never in the history of human conflict has so much damage been done to so many by so few – and wankers all! Somebody stop this travesty of governmental posturing and utter incompetence, before a thousand years of heritage is reduced to meaningless rubble that will make current Syria look like the Gardens of Babylon by comparison. Out you stupid woman. In the name of God – GO! Now! Forthwith!

    Brexit! No deal with ingrates and criminal conspirators (including half our government, who are either sexually bent or steeped in deep venality, in many cases both.

  37. From the woodpile report
    Stuff you may want to think about
    Synopsis with links

    Tucker, Gold Goats ‘n Guns – This is the next stage of the attack on rural America. First it was destroy their ability to live a stable life, raise children and pass wealth down through the generations. Then it was import the worst people from the rest of the world, zip code targeting immigrants to flip certain states to destroy potential revolt through the ballot box. And now we’re into the vilification stage, the dehumanization stage. This is the foundation our leaders always lay before going to war with someone. Make no mistake, this was policy. This was the point of the long march through the institutions. If we want to avoid this outcome, we need to stop reacting to the words people say and look for the reasons why they are saying them.

  38. Mark Steyn is hard to beat when to comes to wordsmithing of the written, in this kingdom he rules there supreme, it’s always a pleasure to read him. Does he always get it right, now, that’s the question.

    Well before the last century before the West adopted the doctrine of spreading democracy to the darker corners of the globe, Mark backed it, argued that we should hit the religious fruitcakes in their own lands, ‘unless we destabilise them over there, they’ll come to us, destabilise us here’ was how he framed it, or perhaps the wording was even more eye catching what with Baron’s substandard use of the language.

    We did try, had a number of goes, are still at it, but the outcome seems to be not what was intended, the West feels like being destabilised more, the lands of the nutters may be often be in ruins, but did it lower the appetite of those wishing do us harm?

    After 18 years in the mountains of Afghanistan, the country’s resembling today one of pre-medieval infernos of Dante’s imagination, our expanding over trillion bucks, the loss of tens of thousands of young lives on our side, immeasurably more on theirs did FA to bring democracy to that country, the societal construct so desired by the neocons (if only in words, the deeds talk differently) is arguably further away than it has ever been.

    On his population argument Mark runs the risk of arguing two contradictory things simultaneously. He believes the West is dying out, it’s not just Japan, the other countries, too, but he also believes that the Mandarin speakers will get older quicker that the West dies out.

    The median is a funny measure, it’s the middle of a distribution of, in this case age of people. The fact that it shifts so noticeably towards the higher end of longevity could also mean the Chinese live longer, their ‘care for the elderly’ is better that ours.

    The key point on China though is the size of the population to start with. Even if the country’s short of 2.5mn new pair of hands this year, it has over 1.5bn of them already. One should be thankful China’s policy isn’t to encourage its citizens to bonk 24/7, if it did, soon we would all have to leave the earth, find another planet to live on, one not yet claimed by the Chinese (only joking, but just in case).

  39. Frank P @ January 8th, 2019 – 00:03

    Here’s a measure of what the plebs think of the home grown bureaucracy, Frank. When Baron began blogging (he was amongst the first of the Spectator together with long gone names e.g. Lungfish), the subject of the NHS came up, the barbarian put in his halfpenny worth, always the same linking the foundation tenets of the NHS, its mode of operation, staffing, leadership etc. to that of the communist model of a society, there was little support for his slicing of the boil, in fact, there were always more who disagreed with him.

    Today, it seems the other way round, more people have joined to argue that the never satisfied monster will consume cash of any amount, and eventually break us.

  40. EC @ January 7th, 2019 – 20:15

    Good one, EC, but Baron’s shorter, heh, heh.

    Btw, the barbarian’s finger wagging in a couple of his postings (if that was what it felt like) was meant in jest, you understand.

  41. Sorry for the errors, and also, the barbarian lost a posting in response’s to John at 06:13. Where did it go?

  42. Baron (11:23)

    Yeah, but take it away and then hear us all squeal. We are all slaves to the Welfare State and that was how it was planned. Statism epitomised – ungreat britain!

    As for China, you make some very good points and I was thinking similar thoughts as I read it.
    But Mark is the best polemicist in the universe where paradoxes abound. Demographics alone will
    screw us all if our Western gals an guys don’t screw each other to procreate for the right reasons – family and the future. If there is no element of patriotism in that endeavour, then our civilisation is fucked! Depravity in its multi-various forms that now proliferates exponentially is sickening. That was planned too. Read Saul Alinsky.

  43. Btw Anna Soubry is a marfy carr who deserves any abuse she gets, which is probably staged,anyway. Please tell me she’s not vying for No 10! when the Empress is shown to be bollock nekkid by an innocent child pointing it out. Ugh – What a prospect!

  44. It takes an Aussie!

    “Sky News Reporter NAILS IT on Brexit”

    Five minutes of pure clarity.
    Fat chance of hearing this on SkyNews UK.

  45. Re: Soubry

    This morning the thought occurred to me that, pigmentation notwithstanding, she is the UK’s Maxine Waters. No that we need another one. Not with Corbyn’s former squeeze and fucking idiot being the prospective, if not imminent, Home Secretary.

  46. China:

    The property bubble hasn’t burst yet but 2018 saw it take a prolonged deflationary fart. They are in big trouble with this

    Breaching the Great Firewall of China to access the “free” internet via VPNs is becoming much harder as they clamp down on them, foreigners, and almost everything else. More and more words are going on the forbidden words and phrases. eg. “President For Life,” “ascend the throne,” “vegetarian for life,” “disagree,” “personality cult,” “change the law,” “Brave New World, “emigrate,” “incapable ruler,” “1984,” “against the tide,” “drive backwards,” “I oppose” AND last but not least (**) “Winnie The Pooh” FFS!
    [It’s getting nearly as bad as The Spectator 🙂 ]

    Utter any of the above on the internet or in the street (*) and you’ll fall foul of the dystopian nightmare of the “Social Credit” Scoring system that the government is rolling out.

    * the old communist party “eavesdroppers” never went away, there’s a whole army of “aunties” and “uncles” on the lookout for people to report for bonus points.

    ** “President for Life” Xi has a reportedly fragile ego and is very unhappy with all the memes comparing his body image to that of the portly furry critter.

    Communist Party displays of public “art” and soviet style banners and slogans which had largely disappeared over the last decade started to make a comeback in 2018.

    God help us all, and if not him then “Almighty Bob.”

  47. Re Anne Soubry.

    ” If you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen.” Harry S Truman.

  48. Some teenage tit is hitting the airwaves demanding free sanitary products for school girls, asserting that their lives will be devastated by a denial of this proposed state subsidy. Why are these self obsessed clowns given this publicity, surely someone has the nous to tell the silly little cow to put a sock in it.

  49. Not to miss:

    Easily adapted to the current travesty of British “politics”.

  50. Frank P – 04:47

    Love the caption on that screenshot, “They’re gonna need more flags…”

    Also, I loved this bit,

    “when your whole pitch rests (as Miss Ocasio-Cortez said) not on humdrum facts but on moral superiority – that we’re better than the other guys, nicer than the other guys – it doesn’t help to have Chuck Schumer up there with his fin glistening as it slices through the surf. Chuck and Nancy are the unlovely thuggish operators required to run a corrupt pseudo-legislature, but they’re not the people to put up in public. “


  51. Frank P, January 8th, 2019 – 23:03

    “Btw Anna Soubry is a marfy carr who deserves any abuse she gets, which is probably staged, anyway.”

    Indeed, MI5 have a long history of using agents provocateurs.
    Also… Madam Gobshite is a hypocrite who also indulges in playground name calling. She has a walk on part in the video below:

    “What They’re Not Telling You About the Yellow Vests”

  52. 🙂 Here’s progress for you…

    “Meet Aisha: Amazon’s New Sharia-Compliant Version of Alexa!”

  53. @12:17

    Sorry, once again, you may have to restart that video from from the beginning. YouTube is playing silly buggers again. I’m surprised that the video hasn’t already been taken down.

  54. According to today’s Mail, John Bercow is “a preening popinjay with an anti-Brexit bias”.
    That’s good, coming from the NEW editor of the Mail, who repeatedly refers to Brexiteer MPs as “lemmings” and makes NO attempt to hide his bias since taking over.

  55. LC,
    Spot on with your analysis of the new editor of the mail. What was the proprietor thinking when he was appointed? the slush he is peddling is bound to impact heavily on circulation, no paper can survive by alienating it’s core readership, and on that issue he can claim to be a roaring success. If this continues I might well shift to the Guardian, at least I will if they give Polly Toynbee the push.

  56. The mail was one of the papers I bought each day. No more.

  57. Not many MSM hacks, if any, cried foul when a bunch of left leaning thugs pestered Jacob’s kids, but when that ghastly woman Soubry got interrupted talking to the BBC, the whole of the establishment were up in arms.

    The man Bercow looks as if he lived in a skip, someone peed on his hair just as he was leaving the abode to get to the House. Why this trend towards slovenly looks, the unshaven faces of men, the stubble, the crumpled jackets, the poorly tied ties? What are these people trying to prove?

  58. stephen maybery @ January 10th, 2019 – 20:04

    Not that long ago, stephen, the barbarian used to scan few of the MSM internet editions like the Mail, the Guardian, the Mirror, he has gradually given up when the rags either stopped the comment sections, or began moderating the postings. The published narratives are of no interest, one can easily guess what the hacks say on virtually any issue that goes.

  59. EC @ January 10th, 2019 – 12:21

    There should be one Aisha for men, EC, another one for women, no?

  60. It was by default that the barbarian was watching Chuck and Nancy with the sound turned off, quite an experience, it was only their facial expressions that got registered, and what a revelation, you should try it, they were like Tweedledum and Tweedledee, not in appearance of course, but in the way their mouths moved, quite enjoyable actually.

  61. I’ll leave you all to make your comments.


  62. CM (02.25)

    The link doesn’t work, m’friend. Not even on a truncated cut ‘n’ paste.

    Btw. Don’t be a stranger. I’m sure I’m not the only one who enjoys your mordant wit and acerbic analysis of the geopolitical travesty that is destroying our culture and anglophone heritage. Suicidal/genocidal eejits! !

  63. Wasted an hour of my ‘precious few’ last evening watching QT under its new token woman, the unsexy Fiona Bruce. Bring back the egregious Dumblebore, FFS! Never thought I would say that. Better still, shut the fucking slot down and have funereal music playing with a blank screen.

    Bruce was awful. She cannot enunciate and her subtitles indicated that she was not only left leaning ( what else can we expect from the Beeb) but also shite talking, interrupting and failing to let each of the panellists have a fair ration. So it quickly became the Emily Thornbury show. That ugly, marfy cah should be shut in a flowery with Diane Abbot for a full stretch. They would rabbit each other to death.

  64. Frank P – 06:55

    I have no idea of the contents of that file in the downloads folder on Tony’s C: hard drive, but when I did a web search for a file name of…


    this 2014 Spectator Australia article was top of the results list:

    “Who will be held to account for the horror in Rotherham?”

    Was that ever published on Frasier’s watch in the UK? I think not, but please correct me if I’m wrong.

    File under: #neverNeathergate, #halfNelson etc.

  65. Frank P – 07:19

    After your review I couldn’t resist taking a peek on BBC iPlayer. You deserve a medal for watching that live. A different presenter but the same old habit of placing lefty activists in the audience masquerading as ordinary members of the public. eg. That woman who spoke immediately prior to the incredibly smug, condescending, porcine Thornberry woman. She was far too well rehearsed to be anything but an audience member plant.

    Whenever I see that AR & new QT presenter I detect the whiff of TCP. [I also detect the aroma of burnt toast upon waking in the morning. Maybe it’s a sign that I’m about to have a stroke anyday now. ]

    I dunno about you but I’ve always found the scent of eau de TCP rather off-putting in a woman.

  66. Baron – 00:07

    How could you even think let alone suggest such thing.

  67. EC (10:08)

    Thanks for digging that out: wonderful piece and as you say would never see the light of day in the Uk sister publication. Must keep an eye on on the Aussie version. Seems feisty and more like the original Speccie that once we loved. Perhaps we should contrive to get aboard Frasier’s ship and rock it again. Don’t think we would last long. 🙂

  68. EC (10:30)

    J’accord. In every detail.

  69. Four single mothers win a High Court ….. The BBC’s award of the Sound of 2019 goes to Octavian, a black rapper …. The British Foreign Secretary says Brexit may not happen if the MPs fail to back the childless woman’s deal.

    That’s about sums up the democratic, rainbow touched, but very much child caring Britain in 2019.

  70. Sorry, ‘that about sums up…’.

  71. EC @ January 12th, 2019 – 12:38

    One cannot but applaud it, EC, loudly, yet one also cannot help wondering whether the timing of the move’s right.

    The Donald is making enemies left, right up and down, he kicks Russia, China, Turkey as well as France, the EU and a large chunk of South America. All that when the Dems are getting ready to strike what with their majority in the House. Is it wise? Would it not have been smarter to take up the adversaries one after another, beginning with the Left leaving fuggwits at home?

  72. This is longish, it took Baron some time to go through (mostly because he was also clicking on the links), as a summary of the impossibility of the official version it’s top mark.

    You don’t have to read through it (some of the postings are also revealing), it’s only to show you that there still are people of the ‘healthy core of Britishness’ here, it’s a pity that nothing at all will be done by the officialdom to get to the truth, as the great Mark says the damage has been done by the process, every hack writing anything that allows him to touch on Russia now says ‘they did it’, that of course was the intention, in this respect the instigators of the charade were successful.

    Could anything of this sort happen in Britain (say) forty 100, 300 years ago? Not under Harold or before last century, Baron reckons. It all began with Ted lying about the then EEC, the ghastly Blair and his successors only accelerated th espeed of the rot.

  73. Anna Soubry: she is called by readers of her local newspaper a drunken ex-TV presenter;and she wasn’t much good at that.

  74. file:///C:/Users/Tony/Downloads/Easy-Meat-Multiculturalism-Islam-and-Child-Sex-Slavery-05-03-2014.pdf

    Perhaps this will work – the original had a meme attached which may have caused the problem. By the way, thank you for your kind comments EC, but I fear the longer I am distanced from the land of my birth as it plummets down to full membership of the third world, the less I care about my old homeland, cossetted as I am in what remains a largely Caucasian paradise, those non-whites allowed being skilled and committed to integration. The current African troubles we are experiencing in Melbourne are only serving to reinforce the error of permitting entry to low IQ criminals. Many are quietly having their visas cancelled and being repatriated and politicians are well aware the populace are unlikely to allow them to make the same mistake again.

    Sovereign Borders, introduced unusually (and as a panic measure) by Labour, has stopped the boats by the allegedly unlawful act of towing the boats back to where the started from. If that is not possible, the boats’ contents are offloaded to nearby shitholes to be processed. Genuine asylum-seekers are identified, non-genuines returned. Refugees are then peddled around the planet. What remains sacrosanct is the absolute rule that they will NEVER be allowed on to Australian soil (even if they technically become a citizen of another country in the future).

    Coupled with this, reporting of the activities to the north of the country is somehow forbidden. Nothing so crass as laws – I really don’t understand how they achieve it. I have an acquaintance who is a Police Officer on one of the Torres Strait Islands. He spends every other week on a border patrol vessel controlling the flow of peoples (what is not widely known are the strong familial links between PNG and the Torres Strait Islanders and the very short sea distances involved – visits for weddings, births etc are common) and tells me now the numbers are very low. Strangely, these activities are never reported.

    Other steps greatly limit the ‘pull’ factor. It is difficult to obtain any form of ID, without which it is difficult even to get a beer, let alone benefits. Rock up sick at Hospital and you will be treated. And then locked up and deported!

    With so many Brits here, largely from the hard-working, skilled and tax-contributing classes of the UK, we continuously and annoyingly point out Europe and our old homeland as good examples of the wrong way to go. I think we’re winning the argument, greatly assisted by the activities of the Africans I mentioned above and the relatively few sand-niggers we have.

  75. Clear Memories / Frank P / EC :

    Here is an introduction to Easy Meat by the Dewsbury journalist Peter McLouglin written by Anne Marie Waters.;pdf

  76. You will not have heard this.
    In the early hours of New Years Day in Batley (just outside the Islamic Republic of Dewsbury a young British soldier was mown-down in a jihad motor attack and caused serious injuries outside a night club.Reports (thanks to Tommy Robinson) are that he was overheard talking to a mate about service in Afganistan and was then confronted in the street by 15 muslims. Seeking to get away he crossed the street and was hit by a car.

    In the local press the West Yorks Police declare they have no evidence it was a racial attack; or because he was a soldier.( West Yorks. Police biggest laugh since the Keystone cops.)

    A certain Hamza Ali Hussain of Dewsbury has been arrested over this incident.

  77. Radford NG, January 13th, 2019 – 21:12

    “You will not have heard this.”

    Indeed not!

    Danny Lockwood’s “The Islamic Republic of Dewsbury – ‘Requiem’ ” is still available on Amazon – at a price!

  78. BRexit vote:

    Last week I fired a shot across the bows of my MP(Lab) regarding her thoughts and intentions. This morning I received a reply which was really quite encouraging for the first part right up until the point when she invoked the nasty closet totalitarian minded (personal opinion) Keir Starmer. She then went on to compound this with a lot of spurious arguments as to what a NO DEAL would mean.

    To summarise:
    1. She said she would definitely vote against Mrs May’s BRino deal on Tuesday.
    2. She would obviously prefer another BRino deal to the one on offer.

    There will be plenty of Machiavellian skullduggery afoot in and around the Westminster swamp for the next 30 hours or so.

    Meanwhile, the unclothed Mrs May has launched “Operation Figleaf.”

  79. West Yorks Police arrest 55 men from Dewsbury.Batley and Bradford for historic child sex abuse.

  80. Interesting selection from the latest woodpile report.
    The decrepit European ruling class is losing its grip and getting dangerously unstable

    Voice of Europe – Democracy? France announces new measures to curb yellow vest protests … protesting open borders, Global Warming taxes and other excesses of ruling progressives

    Daily Mail – French police should be allowed to use live bullets and ‘shoot-to-kill’ tactics on Yellow Vest protesters, the country’s former education minister says … protests have been ongoing since 17 November

    Bitcoinist – Yellow Vests in France Planning a Bank Run to Collapse the Euro … has the potential to paralyze the country

    Voice of Europe – Sweden invests big in sentencing people who criticise migration: Convictions increase tenfold … Online Hate Speech Monitor results in almost 150 convictions

    Voice of Europe – Alternative for Germany leader blames media smear campaign for ‘assassination attempt’ on state chairman … beaten near to death by three masked thugs, Green left-wing MP tweeted the AfD were in fact “Nazis”

    Neon Nettle – British Yellow Vest Shut Down By Facebook, PayPal after Challenging EU Official … “we will not tolerate hate speech on Facebook which creates an environment of intimidation”

    US News – Yellow Vest Protesters Destroy 60 Percent of France’s Speed Cameras … speed cameras are only a way for the country to take money from poor

    Voice of Europe – Protesters attempted to storm City Hall as Yellow Vest protests entered 9th week in France … protests in Paris, Marseille, Bordeaux, Lyon, Strasbourg, and other French cities

  81. 5G or not 5G? That is indeed the question.

    In recent weeks the traffic in our village has been clogged up by “temporary” traffic lights whilst perfectly serviceable street lights are replaced by shiny new ones with LEDs fitted. As noted by others this has happened, and is happening, elsewhere.

    What else lurks behind the LED clusters?

    Is this really all being done in the sole cause of reducing carbon emissions, given that a properly conducted green audit of the entire scheme would put the “carbon payback” period at least a decade, or maybe more, into the future?

    OR… it just another crony capitalist scheme to transfer public money into the right corporate pockets? (q.v. “Sir Dickie” et al CHWs passim)

    OR… is it something else?

    “Why Are GATESHEAD COUNCIL Trying To JAIL Mark Steele?”

    Don’t judge by appearances, hear them out. Whatever you think of Mr. Steel’s views should he be locked up (*) for campaigning against 5G. Since neither of this pair look like archetypal terrorists or Tories then is this a case of the “Labour Left” eating its own?

    More like a case of “Leading Beyond Authority” if you ask me… which you didn’t.

    (*) Reportedly on trumped up charges of “harassment of councillors”… by lobbying them with information on the safety concerns of 5G.

    As with all other things that are supposed to be good for us (eg. migrants, wind turdbines etc.) I’m willing to bet that there will no 5G deployed near where any of the current ruling elite live.

  82. Happy Brexit Vote everybody.

    New PM by Friday? Jeremy Hunt?

    A GE in February? Leon Corbyn?

    An EU Gauleiter appointed by March? George Osborne?
    (it happened in Italy in 2011 with Mario Monti)

  83. An absolutely stunning piece from Mr. Boot today.

    “Britain’s first coup d’état since Major, defended by Major”

  84. The Ides of may have come upon us, and not before time. Our glorious leader, that Asda fashioned Boadicea is about to meet her Ekaterinberg. It had to happen of course, but why oh why did it have to take so long? We have to pray there is no Anastasia waiting in the wings, or perhaps our Parliamentary oligarchs will settle for a false Dimitry. That is all folks, the optics are playing silly buggers again.

  85. The Sunderland Echo ( front page ) reports that in their poll 70% want no deal Brexit.

    Looking further I find the three Labour MPs for the area are wanting a new referendum on whether to accept the May deal or remain in the EU.

  86. May defeated :

    Noes 432

  87. Corbyn wakes up and places a motion of no confidence.

  88. That lying devious bastard Mandleson is on tv as a commentator .
    Who would invite a scumbag like that to talk about ethics apart from the BBC

  89. Mandy should be serving a life sentence with no parole.

  90. Do you reckon the word referendum is banned in Cameron’s house.

  91. Another stunner from Mr. Boot.
    He’s on a roll this week!

    Well worth reading, we know most if not all of it but it’s put together well.

  93. The Tories are either brainless or have a masochistic gene for self-destruction flowing in their blood. The best way forward is to dethrone the woman, ask the EU for a delay in the exit date, agree quickly on a caretaker leader who believes in Brexit.

    He will tell the unelected gnomes of Brussels we want to negotiate on the basis that we get full control of lawmaking, borders and judiciary. If the EU says ‘we cannot have it’, the leader says ‘fine, we leave without a deal’, instructs the Government agencies, the companies and the people to get ready for it.

    It’s that simple.

  94. Spot on Baron , We should’ve had businessmen doing this negotiating not some bloody woman who wants to remain anyway.

  95. John birch.January 16th, 2019 – 17:53

    Depends upon which businessmen. Unfortunately they are not all patriots.

  96. Baron, January 16th, 2019 – 16:31

    “If the EU says ‘we cannot have it’, the leader says ‘fine, we leave without a deal’, instructs the Government agencies, the companies and the people to get ready for it.”

    The government should’ve issued that order immediately after the referendum result in 2016!

    However, you’ll remember that May delayed triggering Article 50 until 29th March, 2017. It was fairly obvious what her game was. David Davis was BRexit Secretary from July 2016 until he resigned in July 2018. Why didn’t he challenge May, early doors, over her prevarication? Why did he turn out to be such a “surrender monkey?” Draw your own conclusions.

    One didn’t need the powers of Nostradamus to foretell the result of the sham EU negotiations. Many CHwallsters did.

  97. Barely a day goes past when the “Google Doodle” on the Google homepage celebrates the historic birthday of some non male and/or non white NPC (non player character).

    Surprise! Today Google informs me that it is the 156th birthday of Konstantin Stanislavski. A white male that I’d actually vaguely heard of.

    No Surprise, though, that the “right on”, “woke”, “artists” at Google have coloured him in Brown!

  98. May refuses to delay Article 50, refuses to consider joining a customs union, refuses to consider a 2nd referendum, and appears to be totally fixated with her own “deal” which has been thrown out. Presumably she wants to go down in history with her moment of glory as the PM who got us out of the EU. I think she needs to see a psychiatrist.

    The “men in suits” need to pay her a visit. Thatcher was an infinitely better PM and still got the chop.

    Either Michael Gove or Jeremy Hunt ought to be PM.

  99. The cumryd won’t join the talks with the others unless the saintly One removes the ‘no deal’ exit from the list of options.

    How divorced from reality could one get, exiting without a deal is what must happen if no deal is agreed. Right? How can one remove this possibility, or rather a certainty if we and the Brussels gnomes cannot agree on a negotiated exit.

    Insisting on such a condition is genuinely a certifiable symptom of advanced senility, one that should lead to the cumryd getting removed from the leadership. Just imagine this man governing us whilst he should be in an institution with bars on the windows and doors locked 24/7.

    More to the point, removing the option of ‘no deal’ would noticeably weaken our negotiating position, if anyone were still hoping that talking to the sprouts of Brussels could yield anything useful.

    How TF did we get here?

    PS: You cannot be more right, EC, we should have been making preparations for a no-deal exit almost from the date of the 2016 result. The French have wised up, today, they said they’re preparing for a no-deal divorce. We should do the same, pronto.

    PPS: The man google celebrates today, EC, may have spent a lot of time in Crimea in the summer, got tanned, heh, heh.

  100. LC @ January 17th, 2019 – 16:22

    Good point on the saintly One, LC, but ffs why Gove? Explain, please.

    Btw, what has happened to the Blonde Inseminator? He’s nowhere to be seen or heard. Is he inseminating or what?

  101. LC & Baron

    I think that Jeremy Hunt will be the next PM for reasons touched upon here…
    (@EC January 4th, 2019 – 13:24)

    I reckon that quite a few of “The men in suits” are also fixated upon remaining in the EU. As you suggested, she would however benefit from a visit, asap, from “some men in white coats” bearing a large syringe of tranquilliser. Ketamine?

    Where’s BoJo? One way on another he’ll be out on manoeuvres, Baron.

    Gove? Perhaps not. Over to one of Ireland’s most successful pop combos, The O’ Jays

    Aaah, I just love those long orchestral intros to 1970s pop songs, not to the mention 60s/70s TV theme toons

  102. E C. 10-33
    Neither are our politicians.

  103. The Final Referendum – The Salisbury Review

  104. It’s time for the Archbishop of York to lead us all in eprayer on Twitter for our Prime Minister and also the honourable leader of the Opposition, that they may lead us through the thorny thickets of no deal Brexit temptation to the bright, sunlight uplands and pastures where sheep may safely graze as they vote in a new Sheeples referendum and Mars bars are free for pensioners at all Chemists.

  105. Best wishes to HRH DoE (aka PtG) for a speedy recovery from the shock of the RTA he was involved in yesterday.

    However it does beg the question, was he doing a runner? If so, then from what?
    What on earth was the frail 97 year old royal personage doing ‘out and about’ on his own on public roads without being accompanied by a member of the Royal Protection Squad?

    So much for the stability of this “Land Rover” (sic) and 4x4s in general. Plain to see from the photo that it’s actually a Range Rover (Vogue?) If RT can get the details right then why can’t the BBC?

    I note that Norfolk C*unty Council is now going to “be seen to be doing something about it” by reducing the speed limit to 50mph and install average speed cameras. Sigh. I would expect there to be many security cameras around the Sandringham area, including one covering that particular junction. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the whole incident was captured on CCTV.

    How times change! Back in the 70s I used to traverse this particular stretch of road twice daily, and back then it was difficult enough to get the buggers (“Norfies!”) to get up to more than 40mph without them passing out from the G force.

    From the BBC article:

    One woman, who did not want to be named, said younger drivers often used the road as “a rat run”.

    Laughable! “Rat run?” It’s the main road from Hunstanton to King’s Lynn, FFS.

    Once again the BBC fails my 45 seconds test.

  106. HRH, the one that got away.

  107. Noa, January 18th, 2019 – 09:28

    The bishop’s gotta pray. He did one for the DoE earlier. He’s one of the few in the CofE that takes his job seriously. I actually quite like John Tucker Mugabi Sentamu, to give him his full moniker, as he is very direct, outspoken and very un PC.

    On commenting upon the traditional Christian moral teaching concerning cohabitation before marriage he once said, “We are living at a time where some people … want to test whether the milk is good before they buy the cow.”

    There’s nothing more satisfying than lobbing a grenade in the Feminazi trenches.

  108. John birch. @ January 18th, 2019 – 08:48

    Excellent, John, except for one thing, if we win again, as we must, the BBC fuggwits won’t say ‘Save the Queen …” after each programme, the BBC will be disbanded, the lot, those formulating its policy, which is virtually everyone, will be dispatched to the salt mines of Kongo, permanently.

    Having been marinated for the rest of their pitiful lives, their hardened bodies, well preserved, will be brought back to England, put on display forever as a warning to future progressives to respect the will of the people or else.

  109. EC @ January 18th, 2019 – 09:50

    You know what amazes the barbarian most on this rather unfortunate accident, EC? That the guy can still drive, he looks like a mummified manikin of himself.

  110. The leader of France, the brain challenged Micron has allegedly quipped when told about May’s defeat in the House ‘the British will suffer first if they leave without a deal’.

    It really matters not who suffers first and who last, what matters is who suffers most, and on this Baron is unrepentant, the EU club will get hit more than us, no question about it.

    News reaches the barbarian the German carmakers are panicking, they would lose handsomely, suffer damage that may be hard to repair what with the pressure from the Americans on imports, the court case for cheating on emission limits, the need to develop the electrified contraption, and above all falling demand everywhere.

    Any noticeable drop in German employment will quickly hit other countries of the EU, the unrest will be good news for the likes of AfD, other populist movements, the EU May election (that’s the month not the childless woman) may well put in more anti-EU MEPs in the talking house that the EU Parliament is, and eventually the festering blob of dissent could end up in a full collapse of the monster.

    One can hope, no?

  111. Noa @ January 18th, 2019 – 09:28

    One cannot help noticing, Noa, that you are rather keen on the matters of the church, comment on them often. You’ve turned more religious or what?

    One could comprehend it better perhaps even endorse if you were a member ofof the Roman Catholic wing of the Abrahamic family, but should one put much faith in, ask for help the leadership of a church founded on the scrotum of a sex hungry monarch? Hmmm

  112. EC
    I have no particular issue with the AoY, merely remarking that the modish eprayer for HRH preceded his after thought for the two women and baby in the car that he collided with by some 20 minutes. Are not all equal in the sight of God?

    I have no information on whether or not HRH is at 97, fit to drive his armoured truck around the future Royal county sheep pen that is now Norfolk, or the substantial chunk of it that Sandringham constitutes. Perhaps he considers that something of the divine right of Kings still persists to their spouses, at least in relation to driving?

    You’ve sussed me out mi’lud. I was Sisters of Mercy and Jesuit flogged for the formative years of my education. Being of RC stock from Northern Ireland heightened the sense of separation and from the protestant majority that celebrated the persecution of catholics. The CofE was, as you identify, in part Royal theft and part the fleabitten scratching of a dynastic testicular itch. IMHO of course. And I hasten to add that some of my best friends are musl… er protestant.

  113. EC 10.18

    Your story about the AofY reminded me of a first year debate at Law School many years ago. As part of the preparation for public speaking and legal argument we had been invited to discuss the arguments for and against the effectiveness of the law concerning Rape.
    As you might imagine the arguments were mainly for a loosening of the burden of proof.. Until the final speaker, a Nigerian gentleman whose English was somewhat raw, stood up to make the final argument against contraception.
    “The best contraception” he said, “is to say no!” Then, placing an empty Coca Cola bottle on the table in front of him he removed a stick from his briefcase and jabbed it several times at the neck of the bottle and missing.
    “See how easy it is when you say no and mean it!” He said as the other speakers and fellow students collapsed in hysterics of laughter and the debate concluded in favour of the existing position.
    Sadly, though our Nigerian friend survived the first year he failed the second year examinations. A charge of racism failed to see him reinstated then, though it would almost certainly succeed nowadays. Subsequently we learned that he had been convicted of fraud, having been in attendance at five different Law courses at various Polytechnics in Northern England and claiming 15 education grants from different local education authorities to do so.
    On balance and as often happens, I always believed that the English Bar was deprived of a cogent and incisive legal advocate, to the benefit of the Criminal fraternity.

  114. This clip is 15 minutes of Tucker, lifted from the Conservative Woman, it’s about many things, mostly about the family.

    One cannot but agree with him, it has been Baron’s contention that the only job we as human should do well is to propagate successfully. It helps if our cars don’t break, the food doesn’t poison us, or we built enough housing to live in. To have all this and fail to raise the future generation would be a disaster. though and it’s becoming a disaster, the heterosexual family as the foundation of a stable, content and comfortable society is no longer, and not just over in the Republic. It’s everyone’s guess how is this going to end, the probability of the end being disastrous is the best bet unless things change.

  115. @Baron 17th, 16:23

    “How divorced from reality could one get, exiting without a deal is what must happen if no deal is agreed. Right?”

    Indeed. As someone elegantly put it on a local page that I often read, “You can’t remove ‘No Deal’ from the table; ‘No Deal’ IS the table!”

  116. Noa, January 18th, 2019 – 13:55

    Rumpolian! A wonderful anecdote, thanks.

    Given that guy’s acumen in grant troughing it also sounds like he would also have made an ideal Climate “Scientist” or MP. Had he took the precaution of joining the Labour party “they” wouldn’t have been able to touch him!

  117. I dunno why but this popped up on my YouTube home screen this morning. The title made me chuckle so I fearlessly “went in.”

    The lady was a little under rehearsed which was actually quite reassuring in some way. Her argument is not in all aspects unassailable, but her conclusion definitely is!


    In this next one the presentation is better and the content more disturbing. A tale of defenestrated otherwise deaded Banksters and “Property Developers.” This one would have definitely got Malfleur (late of this parish, PBUH) salivating.

    Q. What have Amber Rudd, Tony Blair and Silvio Berlusconi got in common?

    A. “788-790 Finchley Road” reportedly…

    If all that is contained in the above report is true, then I fear she or Gordon Bowden may not live much longer.

  118. Noa @ January 18th, 2019 – 13:55

    It must the advancing age, Noa, but your Nigerian chap’s demonstration of the uselessness of contraception baffles the poorly educated Slav, (1) who is the one saying ‘no’? the one in possession of the stick, or the one with the hole?. If only he were to move the bottle as he poked the stick at it the barbarian would get it, (2) the contraception that unquestionably never fails is the distance of (say) half a meter between a man and a woman, works every time.

  119. EC @ January 19th, 2019 – 13:45

    Having watched the first video, EC, the barbarian was to say that the best about it wasn’t what she said, this chap Jones isn’t the only one living the life of a rich man, batting for the oppressed, or rather radiating virtues of support for the common man, but that she was able to say it. Before the event of the internet, there was no chance any publication whatever, a newspaper, a magazine, or a TV channel would have given this slow talking young girl a look in (from where Baron sits she’s very much a young girl, trust Baron on this). The new platform did, and good on her.

    Having watched the other clip (after lunching on corn fed chicken, close to finger licking good) he very much agrees with you, the girl should watch out, take great care, avoid walking the streets of the town she lives in at night.

    Her talking about the Finchley address may start the ball rolling though, not immediately, the operation must be liquidated first, a convenient story that will explain the operation put together, tested, agreed upon.

    Amazing story though.

  120. Ostrich, Occasionally @ January 18th, 2019 – 19:52

    Thanks for the quote, O(o), it will be deployed when an opportunity comes.

  121. Baron
    You are quite right!
    For some reason, probably linked to my fast approaching insanity, I had written ‘contraception’ when I meant ‘consent’.
    I trust you are now thoroughly de-baffled.

  122. Noa @ January 19th, 2019 – 16:05

    Yes, young sir, the be-baffling has been successfully accomplished.

    On the issue of Brexit:

    Pity you cannot access the Spectator, Brenda Neil has a piece on the last week’s BBC TV QT, Baron doesn’t wanting the BBC cannot say what it was like (only Frank seems to have the courage to watch this PR exercise in PC crap, a fat lot of good can it do for his health).

    A short clip of it of a blonde Isabel Oakeshott saying ‘no deal is what we must do’ has engendered massive cheering amongst the participants of the well controlled indoctrination. More to the point, the postings below Brenda’s narrative are encouraging even more.

    Do register, please, it will cheer you up.

  123. He ‘doesn’t watch’ rather than ‘doesn’t wanting’, that’s the bugging software again.

  124. Had the 2016 vote been the other way round, those voting for Brexit would have grumbled, felt disappointed, few may have shouted loudly, even taken to the streets, but calmed down soon after. The country’s plebs would have accepted the verdict.

    The top layers of the numerous ‘pyramids of power’, those of the CBI, the MSM, the Unions, the Church … most importantly that one of the Governing class would have been happy with the result, they all wanted to remain, and got what they wanted.

    As the vote went against the top layers, they, the opinion formers sitting at the top of the pyramids, having access to the communication platforms with the farthest and deepest reach have mounted a campaign of scaremongering never witnessed in the history of this country. It aided the efforts of the woman in no10 to scupper the plebs’ vote, to come up with a deal that’s worse than staying in, a deal that cannot but ensured that both those favouring ‘leave’ as well as ‘remain’ must be against it.

    Whatever happens next, unless the wish of the first people’s vote is fulfilled, we leave without a deal, democracy will be dead, very likely forever unless the plebs revolt, unlikely that for (as Baron keeps telling you) as the darling of the Left, Karl Marx once quipped ‘if the British were to have a revolution, it will be in gardening’.

  125. BBC QT :17 Jan 2019 ; Derby.

  126. Yvette Cooper & Dominic Grieve: Strange bedfellows? No, not really. The cross party “remainers” coup d’ etat now in progress just highlights that “democracy” in the UK is a even hollower sham than many hithertofore had considered it to be.

  127. Thought for today:

    Mice die in mousetraps because they do not understand why the cheese is free.

    That obliquely tells those who yap about nothing but jobs, money, the lowering of the GDP growth (if we leave no deal) …that however important the piece of cheese may be to one’s survival, it depends very much whether one gets it from a trap or in some other way.

  128. If red and green colour s are your cup of PGtips, this rather confusing picture’s for you. You may like to boost the size, find the country you want.

    Overall the world’s debt stands allegedly at $244 trillions, roughly three times the world annual income (i.e. the world’s GWP).

  129. EC @ January 20th, 2019 – 11:55

    Rather shortsighted of the remainers to try scupper the result. Then what? Do they really think the 17.4mn people who voted to leave would take it sitting down? Hmmm

  130. Radford NG @ January 19th, 2019 – 18:52

    Thanks, Radford, the barbarian will force himself to watch the Full Monty, come back tell you if he’s hooked.

  131. You must have seen it before, it’s a reminder.

    Of course, the Left leaning figgwits would say ‘but Talylor says nothing about the poverty, hunger, low life expectancy …’ which is true, but then there isn’t much of any relationship between what Taylor says and wealth distribution, is there? Couldn’t one have a society he describes, but also one without poverty, hunger and with high life expectancy?

  132. Mice die in mousetraps because they do not understand why the cheese is free.
    That’s brilliant Baron, never heard that one before.

  133. Baron 21st January 11.11

    Sadly Baron, yes.
    It’s most likely that that is exactly what people will do. They will shrug their shoulders, roll over, carry on and accept the thwarting of their wishes by the political Traitor class, as Paul Weston describes them, because that is what happens in the ossified compromise between the wealthy and privileged and the socialist nomenlatura often indistinguishable, that is British politics.
    Don’t expect any significantchange anytime soon.

  134. Noa
    January 22nd, 2019 – 09:30

    “……They will shrug their shoulders, roll over, carry on and accept the thwarting of their wishes…….”

    Well IMHO that is infinitely to be preferred to rioting in the streets, calling for revolution, terrorising the masses etc. Just keep calm and carry on, in the good old British way.
    I started out as a Brexiteer, but have become so damn sick of the dragged-out c**p perpetrated by May etc that I now feel I don’t care which way it goes, and if we remain in, so be it.
    And it seems to me that a “Norway” style deal is inferior to remaining in, so we may as well forget the whole thing. Just let the dead hand of May be removed, that is all I want. A robot leading us would be an improvement.

  135. LC

    Perhaps May is a symptom of the systemic failure of our politics, a manifestation rather than a cause.
    The British way of political control since Wat Tyler, has been for the elite to sieze control of the revolution: “Thou shalt have no King but me.”
    But we are running out of options, the tolerant, passive homogeneous citizenery of Britain and Europe, suffering from ennui and guilt, are passing into the mists of history. Our successors are less inhibited.

  136. From the woodpile report

    Comment by reader “Lost My Shorts” at Zero Hedge about article “New US Intelligence Study: China “Already Leads The World” In Key Weapons Technologies”

    When the Chinese design and build weapons, they design and build weapons. The Americans, meanwhile, are too busy reducing the number of white men on the design team, and monitoring everyone to make sure they use the right pronouns, and me-tooing the men who weren’t pushed out for some other reason, and making sure enough women and racial, aboriginal, marginalized, cultural and sexual minorities are present in every phase of the project, and retrofitting the restrooms to be gender neutral, and making sure the project plan is culturally sensitive and not heteronormative. It’s amazing anything flies anymore. Diversity is our strength.

    Hear hear and pass the beer.

  137. A timely reminder from Bill Warner PhD…

    “The Left and Islam” [14/01/2019]

  138. Noa, January 22nd, 2019 – 09:30

    Are you willing to don the Gilet jaune and climb aboard a Virgin train bound for London and the next protest? Then maybe we could both get our heads split open by some of Cressida Dick’s goons in uniform? Like LC I’ve also had enough, but I don’t see why ‘they” show get away with it.

    It seems that in France, where Macron delivers gas canisters from the sky, even peaceful protests are ruled out. Last week the French banks scuppered the mass withdrawal of their cash by the populace by closing the ATM machines. [Easy for me, but I realise that this wouldn’t this be practical in your case as you’d need a squadron of very large wheelbarrows]

    The recent French ATM denial of service reminded me of this…

    … and to a certain extent of this:

    The moral of the engineered Greek Tragedy is, NEVER take a loan from the ECB or IMF!

  139. John birch. – 09:50

    The Chinese very rarely design anything, they steal and build the designs of others.
    However, in general, I sympathise with the quoted commenter’s remarks.

    Mine’s a pint of Abbot Ale Special Reserve,

  140. EC
    The answer is Yes, I went to the recent Leave protest in London and will go again.
    And no doubt the government and banks will take any action necessary to defeat their citizenery. I suspect that wheelbarrows will be needed by us all to transport our deliberately devalued Weimar-style currency in order to buy our £1000 Warburtons sliced loaf.

  141. I came across this mordant view of our future financial fate and thought it was worth sharing. Baron and EC in particular will appreciate its armaggetting outahere message.
    Apparantly we’ll all be Laffering on the other side of our faces when the politicians start applying modern monetary theory.
    Modern Monetary Theory or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the National Debt

  142. Noa, January 23rd, 2019 – 21:35

    Excellent. I expect there to be the “mother of all protests” post March 29th when it transpires that we’ve been robbed and shackled to the deck of the SS EU… forever!
    I will join you.
    I expect that Cressida Dick’s paramilitary stormtroopers will be out in force too.

    Noa – 09:09

    Great stuff.
    The Dr Strangelove (*) intro hooked me in for a most thought provoking read. The Lysenko analogy was most illustrative.

    In an attempt to unknot my eyebrows I also read the Laffer sub-link:

    I’m afraid that like the word “culture”, Voodoo economists and their theories have me, once again, reaching for my Browning.

    * IMO, Stanley Kubrick’s “Dr Strangelove” is/was a masterpiece.
    Reading the dialogue I can hear Peter Sellers’ cherman accent as clear as a bell!

  143. Paul Joseph Watson with some light hearted gallows humour on the “Descent of Man”

    “Modern Art Is STILL Sh*t ”

    I am grateful to learn that according to the New Statesman et al that voicing any criticism of modern art or architecture is now considered “Hate Speech” and makes one a “Far right, Alt.Right, InfoWars/NRA loving, Nazi, White Supremacist… yada yada yada”


  144. Maybe the time has come to change my CHW name to that of “Major Errol Phipps.”

  145. Our cut price Boadicea still. insists on telling us that that no deal is better than a bad deal while actually meaning that any deal is better than no deal. Public honesty is now the new heresy.

  146. For reasons unknown to man, the mother of all influenzas ever has attacked the frail body of the ageing barbarian from the East, not that he’s completely incapacitated physically, it’s just he lost interest in world outside. When one feels the pain of the virus the bothers of political nature seem laughable. You may of course take an issue with Baron on this, he doesn’t;t care.

  147. Brexit seems to be the biggest current topic of interest in Britain & Europe – and of course among CHW contributors – but I’m a bit surprised that matter of the U.S. extradition request to Canada for Meng Wanzhou to be sent to the U.S. seems to be getting little attention.

    Meng Wanzhou is a top Huawei executive. She moves in the very highest circles in China. She was arrested in Vancouver several weeks ago while in transit by air from China to some other destination and is still under house arrest in Vancouver. The U.S. request for her extradition is apparently based on an accusation that she has been involved in circumventing sanctions against Iran.

    It has caused outrage in China. The Chinese President is reported to be infuriated by Canada’s action.

    Whether Meng Wanzhou really will be handed over to the U.S. in the next little while rermains to be seen.

    In Canada there is a lot of high sounding talk by the government and in the media about importance of the Rule of Law. Prime Minister Trudeau has even fired his Ambassador to China because the Ambassador has said that there are strong legal arguments for saying that she is innocent and should not have been arrested. Trudeau’s firing his Ambassador has angered the Chinese even more.

    In the U.S. on the other hand, not much has been said (so far as I’ve seen) other than a somewhat enigmatic comment by President Trump. I think it amounted to his saying that he was aware of the matter of Meng Wanzhou and that he puts a very high value on having good trade relations with China.

    So what’s really going on? I can’t believe that it’s really about sanctions. I believe it’s more likely unscrupulous Democratic Party politics at a new, virtually treasonous, all-time low.

    I suspect that the extradition request was made by one of the many legal functionaries in the U.S. Government who are strong supporters of the Democratic Party. I very much incline to think that the fact that an extradition request was being prepared was deliberately concealed from President Trump. More importantly, I believe that it must have been done with the motive of both undermining the President and of entrapping him into a contrived situation to be used as an excuse for trying to impeach him.

    Does this sound plausible to C.H.Wallers?

  148. Baron,
    Keep your spirits up, as I have often said on the wall, nil desperandum, which in Plain English means, illness is something to kick the crap out of, in the meanwhile you have something to moan about. As they say, every flu has a silver lining. Best wishes from me, and doubtless the other wallsters.

  149. Herbert Thornton,
    I agree with you absolutely Herbert. From the outset I thought there was something fishy about this affair and that the boy wonder was playing with fire in his eagerness to do America’s dirty work.

  150. Anybody here noticed the dogs breakfast that the new editor has made of the daily Mail? First it was the relentless propaganda churned out for the remainers and now it is the tripe that has taken the place of news and well written articles. The paper is heading for the rocks, another victory for the metropolitan elite, everything those bastards touch turns to dust.

  151. Stephen Maybury 19.49

    Like many, myself included, I see that you are not one of Lady Rothermere’s fans.

  152. Piles of daily mail left over in all the newsagent in my area.
    Used to be the first to sell out.

  153. This story started the day on mail on line as comments moderated.
    But there were no comments.
    Now the ability to comment has been removed completely.
    More than HALF of boys in young offender jails from BAME backgrounds

  154. 5G OR NOT 5G?
    That is indeed the question…

    Sir Julian Rose talks to a weapons boffin.


    If the flu hasn’t finished you off then this 1h 36min probably will! That’s if the hidden tech lurking in Sir Dickie’s newly installed LED street lights doesn’t get you first.

    NB. I must admit I’d never heard “growler’ mentioned in the context of a military weapon before, even though some women have been weaponising them since Eve!

  155. Noa, January 28th, 2019 – 22:28

    Indeed. Not that the DM was ever any better than the rest of Fleet Street or the MSM. We are now in the same situation as a 60s Soviet citizen trying to read between the lines of what was written in Izvestia and Pravda. [ You’ll no doubt remember the joke about there being no truth in the former and no news in the latter of those publications.]

  156. And now it’s 9-30am and the story has gone completely.

  157. Politics? Here today, gone tomorrow politicians?
    It’s all just a giant piece of misdirection…

    5G: Watch this one [only 40mins Baron] and tell me that we’re not all about to be fucked…

    “The Truth About 5G – Dr Graham Downing”

    Well researched and documented!

  158. stephen maybery @ January 28th, 2019 – 15:13

    It’s more not being able to pour the spirits in that pi$$es the barbarian off, stephen, he’s be OK, thanks.

    It used to be the sport pages of the DM Baron used to read on the internet, then the guy who was quite witty left (his name escapes Baron, it was years ago), the DM was off the reading list.

  159. Herbert Thornton @ January 28th, 2019 – 05:30

    It looks as if the MSM poodles get instructions from somewhere, Herbert, it’s puzzling they all select the same stories.

    This Huawei business will backfire, the markets of rest of the world are immeasurably bigger that that of the US, the gadget is a must even fr people who cannot afford to eat well, it was not a smart move to go for the Chinese girl. But then, in the high game of international politics everything goes.

  160. John birch. @ January 29th, 2019 – 08:04

    It’s not just the DM, John, the ST must be paining, too.

    The Sunday before the flu made up its mind to visit Baron’s crumbling shell of a body, the barbarian was despatched to buy a copy of the ST, as he’s every week, the boss reads the Culture section, claims it’s the best.

    In the local Waitrose one gets the rag free with a ten quid spend, that’s not excessive considering what £10 buys today, and the £2.70 cost of the rag. It’s almost a 30% discount if one trims the purchase smartly to just £7.50 (the cost of the paper is part of the ten quid deal).

    To Baron’s surprise, there were no copies of the ST on the shelves, the copies were still tied up in a couple of shopping trollies. It was twenty past four in the afternoon. Joy, truly a moment of joy for the barbarian, and it serves the wankers right, too.

  161. EC @ January 29th, 2019 – 09:23

    Having watched just about five minutes of the expert talking, EC, here’s a wild guess. The 5G technology will be pronounced safe when the American hi-tech companies catch up with Huawei. You want to bet?

  162. John birch. @ January 29th, 2019 – 09:45

    And you’re surprised, John? Hmmm

    This is what the MSM do, no comment is allowed, they keep pumping what they want hoping that, as the cliche goes, one tells a lie 100 times the people buy it when one says it the 101st time. It works.

    Nobody’s interested in the Skripals saga anymore even though the roof of his house is being replaced, it’s contaminated. The Novichok the two clowns used must be of the jumping kind, from the door handle to the roof. Clever Russians, no?

  163. If you were to click on the link, the Salisbury Journal says in the piece “it (the game) comes a month after RT sent out chocolate models of Salisbury Cathedral as its corporate Christmas gift, in what appeared to be another publicity stunt in which the Russian government mocked the UK and Salisbury”.

    The game and the chocolate don’t mock the UK or the town, they mock the Skripals charade.

    Btw, has anyone read the Mark Urban’s book on the old spy? Apparently, Sergei backed the Crimean takeover, the fighting in Donbas, other Putin’s policies. This is a surprise for the barbarian, also gives credence to the rumour that the double agent wanted to return to Russia. Would that not be a motive to remove him?

  164. Few days back, the TV channel France24 ran a big story, the first item of news, of the demonstrations in Venezuela, a panel of pundits all agreed the crowds wish for Maduro to resign should be answered. The next item was about the yellow vests unrest in France, it was shorter in time, and not one of the pundits suggested Micron should resign.

    Why the difference?

  165. Pity Malfleur is no longer with us, Roger Stone got indicted, as you know, hard to tell why.

    What’s so striking about the indictments and jailing of individuals that have come out as a result the Mueller’s investigation is that not one bit of the ‘criminality’ occurred before the election i.e. the time span Mueller is supposed to look into, each misdemeanour or whatever one may call the lying to the FBI, withholding of information etc. happened after the Donald’s history.

    Curious that.

  166. Tucker has a point, but not the solution to the mighty boils of America in any practical sense.

  167. Sorry, many errors such as the Donald’s victory (not history), blame not Baron, please.

  168. baron.. 15-05.
    Surprised, me. Not in the slightest.
    Just pointing it out .
    I really couldn’t be bothered to read the article Word for Word but the general theme of it was as usual that they were being picked on, no indication whatsoever that perhaps they might be more criminal and needed to be locked up obviously that doesn’t fit the agenda.

  169. Baron – 15:27

    What ever happened to Malfleur? (PBUH)

    I would have expected him to have picked up on 5G before now. It’s the necessary precursor to the enslavement of mankind. AI is coming and it will not give a damn about humans.

  170. US Debt to China, How Much It Is, Reasons Why, and What If China Sells

  171. The other day I received a phone call. I could not make out what it was about as the caller had no idea of how to speak English. The few words I could understand led me to believe it concerned my appointment at Moorfields eye hospital. About a week earlier I had a letter from the hospital re-arranging my visit, no problem, the ambulance service always ring me the day before to check that all is OK, but has this call changed anything? how the hell am I to know?

    There is nothing here that I can not solve with a few choice words, and only I am affected, but what if there was more serious issue affecting a person less articulate than yours truly? Communication is of vital imortance in situations such as this,so what in hell are the managers of the NHS doing by employing people who are unable to speak the bloody language. But do not worry folks, I am spoiling for a damn good scrap and will let you now the outcome. Now I am going to take a leaf out of Barons book and get rat arsed whilst listening to Mozart.

  172. Tonight’s votes in the House of Commons?
    Reminds me of one of Brian Rix’s Whitehall Theatre farces.
    Brian (Jeremy Corbyn) loses his trousers
    Elspeth (Mrs May) gives him the slip.
    The run is extended for a further week.

    In the meantime Mrs May goes back to Brussels in an attempt retrieve the white drawers she waved last time. The EU demand that she drops her nickers again, this time all £39billion of them, bends over and grabs her ankles. “Oh, and zee lube will be extra, Madame.”

    May, the farce, be with you!

  173. Re: BRexit votes in the House of Commons last night…

    Nigel Farage nailed it in the EU Parliament today.

  174. Oh dear, Max Boot has been getting himself into a bit of a pickle again.

  175. It’s very good of you, Peter, to provide me with my own personal blog space. Cheers!

  176. Keeping us in the EU at all costs

    “There will be a hunt for a new idea.”

    No chance of finding one of those in Westminster of Brussels!

  177. Noa,

    No Deal preparations:

    With several severe recent then today might be a good day to send Mrs Noa(Nelly?) out in the ute, across the frozen mud flats of Lancasterstan, to stock up on essentials at Booths.

    “SHTF Food Preps 101”

    PS. Not envying your nocturnal visits to the Ark’s frozen outside bog. Having said that you’re probably in Barbados….

  178. @9:14

    “recent ground frosts”


  179. Only 14 hours to go, TF.

  180. Don’t worry EC – you are being read. Great narrative. Keep it up. No good news from Norfolk. Morphine + TLC keeping me extant. Quacks are done with me. File in “let nature take its course” tray. Looks like the SBBOFF have won this time. QSS!

  181. Please read from top to bottom Yer Ol’ Woodpile Report No 564.
    Refresh you grey matter with the common sense, wisdom, wit and sagacity that Remus produces at amazingly regular intervals: compendiums that are unequalled in space and time throughout the cybersphere. Oh – and btw – lock and load!

  182. Frank P – 15:56

    Thanks for that. Ol’ Remus excelled himself with that edition.

    Apropos: “WWII was won with “good enough and plenty of it”, not with eleventh hour gizmos”

    By coincidence I stumbled upon this quote earlier today…

    “A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week.” George S. Patton

    …although that may or may not have been an original thought on his part.

  183. stephen maybery @ January 29th, 2019 – 21:50

    You are not alone, stephen, having difficulty communicating with some of the the NHS staff. Often, at least in Baron’s case, it’s the unusual accent, the difficult vernacular, the strange patois that’s hard for him to decipher.

    It has FA to do with any racial distinction, it may be OK for someone used to it, or capable of understanding it, a category of people Baron doesn’t;t seem to belong to, (say) the names of some drugs, these are not easy to pronounce even if one follows the standard English pronunciation, often the words are close, it’s only few letters that differ. If someone whose command of English isn’t of the standard the barbarian is used to it’s a nightmare.

    What worries the barbarian even more is that he’s scared to raise any complaints for fear of getting punished with an inferior help, but how and to whom would one talk about it anyway?

  184. EC @ January 30th, 2019 – 18:16

    He is here the usual himself, EC, but the MSM poodles don’t give him much exposure.

    It seems it all hinges on the Irish backstop now, but there are the parts of the deal that do not fit the vote of the referendum for a clean break.

  185. It looks that soon it won’t be just sweet and sour pork China’s famous for:

  186. The views of the born-here young generation to rule future Britain. The fast talking man will do well, the BBC will give him plenty of airtime. Where do they breed people like that?

  187. EC @ January 31st, 2019 – 07:32

    Max Boot: where and how, EC?

  188. Re useless phone calls from the NHS; my husband and I, whenever we have had a hospital procedure, which is very often, get the dreaded NHS call, enquiring if we have had good service etc, but the call is ALWAYS in broad Scots, Geordie or some other accent, gabbled out as if in a hurry to catch a train, and is totally incomprehensible. We usually get a call ahead of the procedure as well, to check one of us is coming. Adding insult to injury, we are always warned “this call is being recorded and may be used for training purposes”.
    As soon as we hear the name of our local hospital trust we put the phone down, as it just gives us both high blood pressure, which we really do not need. Until it dawns on whoever is responsible for communications, that the caller should speak standard English, not dialect, and should speak SLOWLY AND CLEARLY, for old f***s like us who can’t take it in too quickly.

  189. I have just re-considered George Orwell’s novel ‘1984’.

    It seems (to me) to have so much in common with our own personal lives – and with the general international situation – that I feel amazed by Orwell’s prescience.

    It has made me feel very uncomfortably pessimistic.

    Anybody else feel the same way?

  190. Herbert. Every day.

  191. Herbert Thornton – 17:29

    Absolutely. Orwell’s dystopian future is being delivered, albeit 34 years late, courtesy of rapid advances in surveillance technology, a politicised increasingly paramilitary police force, and an elite political class (cross party) that is disconnected from their electorate.

    5G is going to make the situation much, much worse!

    See also” Terry Gilliam’s film “Brazil” (1985)

  192. Baron, January 31st, 2019 – 23:45

    Not just China! 5G is being rolled out worldwide.


    “The Truth About 5G – Dr Graham Downing”

    Well researched and documented!

  193. There are many audio-books to be listened to suiting all tastes to be found on You Tube.There are comedies (such as Wodehouse) and detective / crime fiction and plays.

    There are a trio of light comedies by Alexander McCall Smith about philologists at an Institute of Romance Languages in Regensburg; with German academic titles such as `Dr.,Dr.,Dr.,Professor `.

    The book titles are : “Portuguese Irregular Verbs” ; “The Finer Points of Sausage Dogs” ; “At the Villa of Reduced Circumstances”.

  194. I’ve just watched this –

    Does it put anybody in mind of Shakespeare? –

    I pray you….Stand not upon the order of your going,
    But go……

  195. Carnforth was last year the stage for one of the little Orwellian vignettes that toll the jackbooted march of time, or in this case its total cessation.
    Mr Walker, a 72 year old pensioner, voluntarily wound-up the clock at Carnforth Railway station and was, it may be remembered by those of us who collect and treasure such social justice ephemera, sacked for being overheard to make ‘racist’ comments. There was no trial, no hearing, no review of the evidence and no direct accuser.
    As he took the key to wind it with him following his dismissal the clock stopped and apparently, remains so to the present.
    Any present remake of ‘Brief Encounter’ would therefore literally be timeless, the clock stopped at 7.45. At least until such time as the key is returned or perhaps the clock returned to its owners by the Trustees, no doubt after due conferral in their own Court of Star Chamber.
    It seems an even more appropriate requiem for traditional English values and their inversion, than the screening of a rather passé vintage dirty movie in Derby Cathedral (and no doubt its future Grand Mosque), which it was reported banned the preaching of Christianity.

  196. EC January 31st, 2019 – 09:14

    I can confirm we are hardy folk up north EC, enjoying our breakfast kipper even on the terrace of the Holiday Inn in Bridgetown.

  197. Noa – 08:42

    I remember the Carnforth affair. It was shameful.

    Christmas spirit: It appears that Derby University’s Christian Union’s first choice of preacher their Christmas Carol Concert was blackballed by the cathedral’s Dean. What the CU should have done was to accept the kind offer of Dean Hance but to have substituted the Reverend Peter Mullen at the very last moment No disrespect to the Reverend Melvin Tinker but I think that my suggestion [i.e.” The Bishop of Bath and Wells”] would have proved the more muscular Christian on the day. He would have prevailed, sweeping the incumbent Dean aside like matchwood.

    Lookee ‘ere…

    Not just Derby, Noa. The list of ‘events’ at other cathedrals given at the end of the article reveals what a den of iniquity, a decaying swamp, the rest of the CofE has become. It would seem that the takeover by the Long Marchers/Mincers is now complete!

  198. Noa – 08:42

    Re: Remakes of old films…

    God forbid they let Glenda Jackson reprise her role of Antonina Milyukova if “they” ever do a remake of “The Music Lovers” [1971 Ken Russell, Melvin Bragg et al]
    The sight of the then 35 year old Glenda in the railway carriage scene sporting that monster merkin(*) was the stuff of nightmares for an innocent young country boy back then, but I shudder to think of the remake. Aaaargh!

    [* I’m assuming that it wasn’t a home grown]

    Enjoy your lunch! 😉

  199. If you missed this one then unmiss it forthwith:

    A primer on the scourge. Riveting!

  200. Baron – this needs your appraisal.

  201. Wonderful! Thanks.

    That was indeed a concise, forensic analysis of the old scourge that has morphed into the modern vice of “virtue signalling” and made exponentially worse by the media and the ironically named “social” media, With the recent orchestrated banning and shadow banning of conservative opinion holders and content creators “Social Media” has proved to be anything but “social.” It has shown itself to have been designed to enforce the prevailing cultural marxist groupthink.

    Not just the West. After a brief flirtation with some sort of freedom China appears to be reverting to its old ways with the introduction of their new, technology, based Social Credit Scoring system. Once again pictures of Mao, and also Xi, have started to appear everywhere.

  202. … meanwhile my personal battle with carelessly misplaced commas continues!

  203. Stephen Maybery,

    Abjol Miah who?

    “plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose!”

  204. Another seminal essay on Europe’ s increasing yielding of power through suicidal energy policies.

  205. EC,
    thanks for the alert, I had no idea there was an impending by election in this patch of London blessed by the prophet, and frankly my dears I am not in the least interested. Politics in this neck of the woods ia decided half way around the world, they only announce the result in Tower Hamlets, which is why a white anglosaxon protestant would not get a look in. This situation is distressingly prevalent in large parts of the country. What will be the outcome? well, Enoch said it did he not

  206. Apropos my last post,
    It put me in mind of the case of Asia Bibi, the woman fearing for her life in Pakistan for being a Christian. Our Government will do nothing to help, claiming the do not have the influence, but we give Pakistan £0.5bn a year in aide, now call me simple if you would, but in my book £0.5bn buys one hell of a lot of influence. The real reason for our rulers supine reaction to this situation is that they are terrified of the reactions of the large Pakistani segment of the population if we were to extend the hand of friendship to this lady. It is time our rulers told those who have settled in this county that they obey our laws and respect our customs and if that is distasteful to them, then to clear out.

  207. Stephen, that time was when they first arrived off the boat ,out of the plane , or out of the womb.

  208. The eighth day of the four-week inquest heard from PC Nicola Roe, who was one of the first officers to respond to the missing persons call from Kelly.
    She went to the family home with a colleague and was told by the 37-year-old that Amber had stormed out of the house after being asked to clean out a cool box.
    Asked by coroner Laurinda Bower for her observations about Kelly, PC Roe replied: ‘She was quite matter-of-fact about how she was describing the situation.’

    Tragic as this case is how can you plan a four week inquest, this is going on all over the country, how on Earth much does all this cost.

  209. stephen maybery @ February 5th, 2019 – 12:57

    This afternoon, stephen, the barbarian was listening to a BBC Radio4 programme about organ transfer, the Islam take on it (you can probably get in on the i-player). There are some 14 fatwas issued, most banning organ transfer, a Muslim woman whose son has had a multiple kidney transplants since very young age wasn’t aware of any of it, has she sinned?

    The Muftis and ‘learned clerics’ of the Islamic faith are still debating whether organ transplant is approved by Allah, one of the clerics expressed the view that if one’s organ fails it’s faith, that’s the end of it, nobody should interfere with Allah’s wisdom ….

    Unbelievable. Since when are the issues of the nation’s health dependent on the musings of the followers of a cult, learned or not, set up by a loony centuries ago?

  210. Frank P @ February 5th, 2019 – 00:26

    The son of a Muslim woman mentioned by Baron @ 19:10 doesn’t give two hoots, Baron reckons, who furnishes his kidney provided it fits him, prolongs his life. Europe is quite safe doing the same with Russian oil and gas, it’s cheap, plentiful and the supply is reliable.

    The Germans (and that includes both Western and Eastern Germany before unification) have been buying Russian hydrocarbons of the liquid and gaseous type since the mid-60s last century after the discovery of the Yamal fields in Russia, in fact the supplies of Russian oil and gas were higher when the Cold War was peaking than today, not that many people know about it, the hatred filled omni-all must know, fails to mention it because it doesn’t;t fit his vomit.

    The evidence shows neither the Soviet Russia nor the one under Putin has ever failed to honour their contractual obligations, business is business for both parties to a deal, if the Russians were to use the oil and gas as a political tool they would find the tool to get unusable pretty quickly.

    One cannot blame the Donald for pushing their fuels, he wants America to be great again, but the Germans would be mad to go for the American LPG. It would aid their biggest competitor i.e the Republic itself, which is of course what the Donald desires.

    We shall see how it pans out.

    You m

  211. EC @ February 4th, 2019 – 19:24

    As one of the postings says, EC, he will be so popular that 120% of the electorate will vote for him, heh, heh, heh.

  212. One of the Spectator’s blogs was about a female pensioner who was visited by the Suffolk police, warned to cool it about trans, she has allegedly said gender matters not it’s sex that rules, one can identify whether someone was male of female even if a corpse dissolves, only the bones remain.

    One of the postings from Murti Bing was a limerick, the barbarian liked it, wants to share it with you:

    There once was a cop from the sticks
    Who thought she could easily fix
    A naughty tweet-sender
    With facts about gender
    And prove that some women are dïcks

    Murti forgot that at least one woman is a Dick, she runs the Met, no?

  213. I’m watching a program on television called when demolition goes wrong and even on the ones they show where they didn’t go wrong I haven’t seen anything go down as neatly as building seven

  214. Baron – 19:36

    As usual the Spectatesman is behind the times, and possibly without attribution!
    The full story here…

    “Britain’s Political Police”
    Sargon of Akkad (aka Carl Benjamin)

  215. EC @ February 6th, 2019 – 21:25

    Clever guy, EC, and yes he’s nailed it better than the one in the Spectator’s feature, even though Baron had to listen very attentively, the labelling jargon of the gender cum sex protagonists is a double Dutch for him.

  216. John birch. @ February 6th, 2019 – 20:54

    Whatever happened to the class action against the Saudis’ involvement in the Twin Towers tragedy, John, the case has gone quiet after the initial uproar, someone must have worked hard behind the scenes, no?

  217. You really couldn’t make it up.

    Homeless man, 50, denies £86,000 Grenfell Tower fraud

    Robert Simpson, prosecuting, said: ‘This case arises from the tragedy of the Grenfell Tower disaster.
    ‘The defendant claimed he had been a homeless person who had been residing there for quite some time.
    ‘He turned up and said that he had been residing there and survived the fire.
    ‘And he was thus entitled as he had been living there, albeit as a homeless person, to accommodation which amounted to 50 days in one hotel, 125 days in another hotel and 32 days in a third hotel.

  218. John Birch,
    The Grenfell squatter gets 86 grand, now you must not criticise the poor individual, after all, it’s his culcher innit. All part of our capitals rich diversity. Of course I could call it something else but I am far to sensitive and politically correct to use a more graphic terminology.

  219. Horses are dropping like fly’s, no mystery there, the Governor of the Bank Of England assures us it is all down to Brexit.

  220. Every day brings fresh reports if stabbings, particularly in London. As always these incidents are followed by politicos spewing the standardised tripe onto our screens, offering mediation and counselling to the perpetrators. Only one thing will halt this carnage, and that is effective retribution For carrying a knife, and that is a fixed sentence with no remission and no appeals by shyster lawyers, and to top things off
    we should take a leaf out of Singapore’s legal code, a minimum of 12 strokes of the cane. Our liberal elite would scream in pain, but these lethal attacks would wither away. A raw arse and five tears banged up would concentrate minds. Can’t do any more folks, them bleeding optics are playing up again.

  221. Here’s something that you should ponder about, or at least be aware of.

    February this year will have each day of the week four times, four Mondays, four Tuesdays …. That happens every 823 years, so savour the unique month of this running prime number year because when ti happens next time you won’t be here, guaranteed.

  222. Stephen Maybery,


    Tower Hamlets 2022: Is there still “Rahman At The Top?” (*)

    “Both candidates still went on to fight yesterday’s by-election, with Labour’s Asik Rahman ultimately losing by 98 votes to the candidate for the new ‘Aspire’ Party, Mohammed Harun Miah. It won’t surprise anyone to learn who is behind Aspire – none other than rotten former Tower Hamlets Mayor Lutfur Rahman. Rahman is gearing up for another mayoral run in 2022 after his personal ban for a litany of electoral offences expires in 2021…”

    * With apologies to John Braine

  223. EC,
    Be in no doubt that Rahman’s people are still in control in Tower Hamlets. The man himself was turfed out but all his apparatchiks were left in place, where they remain to this day.Will he come back? will he win? you can bet the farm on it. Corruption in these parts is endemic, unfortunately the ruling metropolitan elite lack the guts to do anything about it. They came, they saw, they conquered.

  224. If you’re still unconvinced by those arguing that Brexit is a self-inflicted catastrophe, that after March 29 the rivers in the country will dry up, the air become too thin to breathe, and there will be not a glimpse of sunshine, just the backness of a permanent night forever, this Cambridge academic sums up the coming nightmare it in just one single picture.

    Perhaps Frank’s right, we’re finished.

  225. As the postings have dried up, you must have plenty of time to ponder about things. Here’s a longish spiel by Navalny, the guy who doesn’t feature often on the MSM here, pity that because he’s still hard at it, fighting corruption, kicking Vlad, battling for the underprivileged.

    You don’t have to view the video in full if you don’t want to (it’s subtitled in English), few minutes will do, he’s setting up a mechanism by which people employed by the State can get the earnings they’re entitled to according to a decree signed by Putin. The initiative has just started, Baron will keep you informed how it pans out.

    Two points on the project:

    It covers only State employees, people who get paid by the State, from the State budget, just like here. And just like here, it’s the never ending haggling about the salaries in the productive i.e. private sectors and those in the public sector.

    Also, if you want to upvote whatever people say in response, you can, if you click on the downvote, nothing happens. This is rather unfair because a number of people disagree with Navalny, or try to make a point that doesn’t back fully his slicing of the problematic infighting between public and private.

    If only the omni-all one were to home on it, he would explain it better.

  226. stephen maybery @ February 8th, 2019 – 16:35

    Be smart, stephen, learn Bengali, it will come useful, sooner than you think.

  227. This set of pictures isn’t to make any particular point, it’s just the barbarian is keen to compare the recent past (say) the turn of the last but one century with today. Here are some postcards from Ukraine taken only a fraction over 100 years ago, it’s amazing the conditions then compared to today’s, the countryside though looks rather bucolic. Ukrainian villages 20th century

  228. If this were to come true (Baron reckons it won’t) the barbarian wouldn’t regret he is no longer young, more to the point, he wouldn’t want to be young.

  229. Maduro hasn’t delivered, he’s a Left loony, if he continues to govern the country cannot but end up as a basket case even though it sits on the largest reserves of oil, but getting rid of him should be left to the Venezuelan people alone, the Americans should stay out of it, their record on regime change is abysmal viz Ukraine:

  230. Have a good night sleep, boys, (and apologies for the errors).

  231. Alex with his usual immaculate perception:

  232. Baron (‘America’ and ‘should” are not in the same lexicon).

  233. baron 21-40.
    Baron, I’m a reasonable guy but was that link really necessary.
    Put me off my food.

  234. Baron Feb.9 at 21-40

    What the Humphrys saw ; on the Today programme.

  235. WARNING : if you have set-up the CHW link to go straight to the bottom of the page : my posting above (at 22-42) may not be suitable for people of a nervous disposition.

    If you are living somewhere around N.W. Norfolk : it’s safe to go out on the roads again : Phil The Greek has given up his driving licence .

  236. Private Pike has opened his mouth again, he wants to send one of our bigger military dingies, ill equipped though it is, to the Far East to contain the Chinese, stupid boy.

    Read also the postings, some are first class:

  237. One can be generous, John, put it all to her eccentricity, in the past the country was full of them, many of a clerical bent, who knows, she may be reviving this time honoured British tradition, no?

    Be it also a less on for you, never partake any sustenance when you watch or listen to an academic, it’s certain to make you sick.

  238. You cannot miss this one, a new brilliant idea from Private Pike, the likely response from Captain Mainwaring: ‘You stupid boy’.

  239. Baron, February 11th, 2019 – 21:30

    Never heard of him. What did this idiot do before or since he was anointed as an MP? “Rose without trace” comes to mind!

  240. Baron, John birch.

    Re: The Cambridge growler:

    Was that luxuriant growth really all her own? There’s enough there to knit her a sweater or both Baron and Andy Carpark a new hat!

    Now you know…
    Bon Appétit!

    PS. Mr. Humphrys , NOA and the rest of us should all be grateful that the Cambridge Bag Lady herself didn’t decide to strip off and give us a full frontal. That really would have been a tale of woad!

  241. However much Baron dislikes Maduro and characters like him, this guy has nailed the ‘bigger picture’ well when he says “Unfortunately, there is no America. There is nothing to make great again. “America” is a fiction, a fantasy, a nostalgia that hucksters like Donald Trump (and other, marginally less buffoonish hucksters) use to sell whatever they are selling … themselves, wars, cars, whatever.”

    What there is, in reality, instead of America, is a supranational global capitalist empire, a decentralised, interdependent network of global corporations, financial institutions, national governments, intelligence agencies, supranational governmental entities, military forces, media, and so on”.


    “What about those American oil corporations? They want that Venezuelan oil, don’t they? Well, sure they do, but here’s the thing … there are no “American” oil corporations. Corporations, especially multi-billion dollar transnational corporations (e.g., Chevron, ExxonMobil, et al.) have no nationalities, nor any real allegiances, other than to their major shareholders.

    Chevron, for example, whose major shareholders are asset management and mutual fund companies like Black Rock, The Vanguard Group, SSgA Funds Management, Geode Capital Management, Wellington Management, and other transnational, multi-trillion dollar outfits. Do you really believe that being nominally headquartered in Boston or New York makes these companies “American,” or that Deutsche Bank is a “German” bank, or that BP is a “British” company?”


    “Ask yourself, honestly, what have the “American” regime change ops throughout the Greater Middle East done for any actual Americans, other than get a lot of them killed? Oh, and how about those bailouts for all those transnational “American” investment banks? Or the billions “America” provides to Israel? Someone please explain how enriching the shareholders of transnational corporations like Raytheon, Boeing, and Lockheed Martin by selling billions in weapons to Saudi Arabian Islamists is benefiting “the American people.”

  242. I suppose we’ve got to get ready for another massive gypsy funeral for the couple who were killed going the wrong way and hit a coach .
    They were the most wonderful people in the world so in love and the baby was on the way to complete the happy family .
    But unfortunately they were also thieving gypsies and interesting to note the big screwdriver was back in use again .

  243. Amber Rudd MP (Pensions Minister) goes forward as a contestant for the Alf Garnett Award for Stating the Bleeding Obvious.

    She links Universal Credit to rise in food bank use.

    Our host,here,writes elsewhere : “Helping the right people get the right support is part of the history of the UK….But when the right support is given to the right people 5 weeks later then they need it,it is often as disastrous as providing nothing at all….” He gives the link below.

  244. Radford NG @ February 12th, 2019 – 21:04

    To be frank, Radford, the barbarian’s of two minds, the way he lives he hasn’t seen anyone seriously undernourished, not anyone even mildly suffering from the shortage of sustenance, it may of course be these starving people are so week they stay at home, but this would almost certainly attract the attention of the BBC, the Tristrams would be on the story before one could say ‘hungry’, so where are all these armies of people not having enough to eat?

    On the other hand, there may be some hard up families, mostly single parent ones with few kids if the mother has a low paid job, the kids are at school.

    What’s needed is a thorough investigation of anyone claiming to be that short, looking into what income they have, how they spend it, but then it’s more than likely the targeted people will not tell the truth, or change behaviour when the surveying was on.

    Baron suspects that if there’re people who are hard up it will be those of the war generation, too proud to complain, the authorities too lazy to find them.

    Some years ago the barbarian was watching a programme covering the celebration of some WW2 event over in France, it may have been Dunkirk, an old couple was returning back to the UK, he was a veteran of the campaign, said it was his last trip over the Channel.

    What stays in Baron’s memory was the couple’s answer to the reporter’s question what they were talking about when he approached them. He must have expected the man to tell him it was about his experience of the event, instead the old man said they were mulling over whether to buy a couple of sandwiches on the boat or back in the UK. He didn’t say it to show how tied the money was for them, just as a matter of fact.

  245. John birch. @ February 12th, 2019 – 17:53

    This story you are referring to, John, (of which Baron knows nothing) reminds the barbarian of an anecdote.

    A woman calls her husband on his mobile, tells him to be careful because a madman is driving on the wrong side of the motorway he’s on. The man says: ‘I’m careful, darling, because it’s not just one madman, there are tens of them”.

  246. EC @ February 12th, 2019 – 11:28

    A confession from the barbarian, EC, he has used your knitting jibe on the Spectator’s blog, hopes you don’t mind, it was too good to ignore.

  247. EC @ February 12th, 2019 – 10:52

    How dare you, EC, what an ignorance (only joking), the man aspires to be the next Tory leader.

  248. From yesterday (fifth attempt), you must get rid of the gap between ‘the’ and ‘man’.

    You’re lumbered with it only because the barbarian cannot sleep, but it would be foolish if you were to skip it. It’s about free will (or not), more than a though provoking piece, one has to, or rather Baron has, to read it slowly, his brain cell receptors cannot register and process the minutiae of the narrative easily. Old age, he thinks.

    Btw, the Zman’s blog’s is worth looking at, the guy’s smart.


  249. Watch the 3-minute clip, it’ll make you chuckle, also read or at least scan the postings.

    It’s Baron hope the idiocy of the Russiagate ends, but he fears it will carry on, these ‘the-begining-of-the-end baboons will keep it going until they die in beds or the plebs of the Republic make them to adore street lamp posts.

  250. One couldn’t but admire people like Stephen Cohen (and one doesn’t have to be in love with Russia), the same mechanisms that ruled the USSR have been transplanted into the Republic, the plebs are mostly unaware of it, they don’t care about foreign policy, never did except for few spasms e.g Vietnam.

    How is it going to end?

  251. A new book by Charles Murray (you know of him undoubtedly) that draws on the Hertler & co r & K dichotomy may be worth acquiring except that the barbarian has little time as it is.

    The review of it is worth reading, the call for white America to wake up is unlikely to be heeded, Baron reckons, for as the piece posted by Baron @ 13:04 argues it’s no longer up to any population segment of a country however powerful it may be. It’s the phylum of the Deep State that knows no borders, has no affinity with any national state, and is largely immoral in its pursuance of wealth. Armageddon anyone?


    His knightly politeness is known round the counties
    Through dewy green pastures of infinite bounties
    More courteousness than a passel of mounties
    Who is he? Why, Jacob Rees-Mogg

    A moment of national peril’s upon us
    We need some refinement, a cultured Adonis
    A tad less ‘free Tommy’, more ‘liberate Thomas’
    That’s better, that’s Jacob Rees-Mogg

    So what if he met with that fascist, Steve Bannon
    Or nationalist fervour’s the oeuvre he ran on?
    It’s softened with nods to the literary canon
    Should refugee children be met with compassion?
    Nevermore! quoth the Jacob Rees-Mogg

    His suits sharp as long knives, his sentiments blunt
    His views to the right of both Johnson and Hunt
    Cometh the shitshow, cometh the count-
    ry gent with grit and national front
    Scourge of the foreign! Prince of the pale!
    Extracting the fly from our country’s warm ale
    It’s the Eurocrats fault if his policies fail
    You’re infallible, Jacob Rees-Mogg

    And yet you’re attacked – like it’s all just an act
    Like your seemly demeanour’s a smoke screen, in fact
    Who needs marriage for gays? Or a liveable flat?
    Or control of their womb? Here’s some moderate tact
    They can’t see you just want the best for your party
    Ensconced in your mansion in bluest West Harptree
    With just enough sense not to dress like a Nazi
    (Just borrow their ethics and zest for autarchy)

    As white as a plate of potatoes au gratin
    Which – if it were yours – the chef probably spat in
    You pepper each lecture with clichés in Latin
    ‘Yes, I luncheoned with racists who fear Muslim culture
    And chant “send them back”. My mistake. Mea culpa.’
    ‘Did I really say Scots should be put to the sword?
    Errare humanum est. Safely ignored.’
    ‘Would I dissolve parliament? Crown myself king?
    Well, look at it this way:
    Obligato regatta meccano excelsior quorum etcetera…
    That sort of thing.’

    A Mail reader’s portrait of class and refinement
    Your squeamish obsession with sexual alignment
    Leads ignorant critics to label you snooty.
    Sex isn’t for pleasure. It’s more of… a duty
    Conceiving your scions from Peter to Sixtus
    Your countenance locked in a gravedigger’s rictus
    While thinking of regional cricketing fixtures
    And boys singing carols in churches at Christmas
    And queues at the pictures, and pink dolly mixtures
    Lawnchairs in wicker. Topiary clippers.
    Cycling vicars… Men sipping bitter…
    Multiple Hitlers… Britannia Invictus!

    When you start each reply ‘Well, it’s quite clear to me,’
    I picture you hogtied and dropped in the sea
    While envious Frenchmen all pelt you with brie
    They wish they were English, that’s all it can be

    I hope that you suffer, a martyr for Blighty
    A Christlike piñata for downtrodden whitey
    Who bears his stigmata oh-so-politely
    Like when Nursey would fasten your jodhpurs too tightly

    I hope you get debagged while leaving your Bentley
    I hope you get teabagged – I hope it’s not gently
    I hope you get kneecapped by three lads from Tenby
    And left in a bear cage – I hope it’s not empty
    You studied at Eton
    I hope you were beaten
    With bell ropes, I hope that they got the whole street in
    And folks stood competing to see who could flog
    The spots off that bounder called Jacob Rees-Mogg

    O Jacob Rees-Mogg, o Jacob Rees-Mogg
    I hope you get eggbound and die on the bog
    I hope you get found with your pants round your calves
    And your socks stained with faeces, and everyone laughs
    I hope someone brown gets their face on a coin
    And you weep, and spill scalding Earl Grey in your groin
    And your penis gets gangrene and burns when you piss
    And falls off and gets lost in a layby, near Diss

    O Jacob Rees-Mogg! O Britannia’s last hope!
    To gammon-faced racists you’re almost the Pope
    I’m afraid that a soul’s something money can’t buy
    You’re not King Arthur, Jake
    You’re a twat in a tie
    You think you’re distinguished
    You’re just rich and pinkish
    This bullshit we sniff’s just the stink of your privilege
    Which zings like a vintage to dim-witted English
    Who’d burn down the country to heat up their village
    You think you’re St George
    I think you’re engorged
    At the thought of more wars and the poor staying poor
    You take your eggs boiled and your women indoors
    And your orders from Tories who sit in the Lords

    You look like a maribou stork shitting gorse
    Or a headmaster crossed with a mortician’s horse
    A skeleton’s butler, a cricket bat’s ghost
    An English Von Ribbentrop scraped into toast
    You look like a paedophile off to the morgue
    A whiff of Gestapo, a touch of the Borg
    A vampire enshrouded in mothball-tinged fog
    But the truth is more dreadful – you’re Jacob Rees-Mogg

    O Jacob Rees-Mogg! O unconscionable cur!
    Most punchable fizzog from here to Jaipur
    They say you’re a bigot, I have to aver
    I’d call you a turd, but to turds that’s a slur
    A cheaper grim reaper in overpriced clothes
    Who feeds from the colon of Cecil B Rhodes
    The pinnacle prick of the parasite class
    A soulless and cynical Thatcherite arse

    The greed of a grass snake, a frog’s empty stare
    With morals so bankrupt, you make us miss Blair
    I’m sure you can list when our kings came to power
    But not one name of someone who burned in that tower
    Or the staff of just one local library shut
    Or a suicide who’d had their benefits cut
    Or the gay fathers you think aren’t fit to raise kids
    Did God tell you they weren’t? I don’t think that He did
    I don’t think you know Him – He’s just an excuse
    For your capital creamed off systemic abuse
    May your conscience constrict round your throat like a noose
    Please: pull on your tie till your jowls turn puce.

  253. Baron, February 12th, 2019 – 21:42

    In attempting to make an exhibition of herself she only succeeded in making herself look udderly ridiculous. The worst case, by far, of BRexit Derangement Syndrome that I’ve seen to date… and there’s plenty of competition!

  254. Ah, I see that Fregas has made a massive withdrawal from the Doggerel Bank.

  255. Baron

    This one popped up on the interorcitor the other day.
    I thought that you might fight it amusing.
    “J.C. Druncker doesn’t like it up ‘im” to paraphrase Cpl. Jones!

    “You’re what is wrong with the EU” – Flemish MEP speaks truth to Juncker.

  256. EC @ February 13th, 2019 – 09:45

    Not the same gravitas or the delivery style of our Nigel, but a brave man, EC, he won’t have a brilliant career in politics, that’s certain.

  257. Fergus Pickering @ February 13th, 2019 – 09:31

    Now we know why you’ve been absent for so long, Fergus, but was it worth it just to tell the world you don’t really like Jacob?

    It’s a purely subjective slicing of your endeavour, what else could the barbarian furnish, and it is rather positive, if it’s any comfort to you, Baron enjoyed reading it, he likes it.

    Some bits you may like to re-write, those where your anger shows too much, it never helps to display it, the linking to fascism is overdoing it more than abit, even though most people nowadays have no idea what a totalitarian regime smells like, the label of fascism and its derivatives got worn off, sound so yesterday, carry no meaning anymore, virtually everyone who doesn’t toe to line’s a fascist, or Hitler, or Mussolini (seldom hte Georgian thug though).

    Some parts are truly exceptional in any sense including rhyming (Baron loves when it rhymes) like the one that starts with the debagging, teabagging and kneecapping, here you’re at your best, poisonously hurtful in a gentle way, it’s the best stanza for Baron of the lot, he may even learn it by heart.

    For your next move, stay away less, do shorter ones, post them more often.

  258. Baron. Coming apart..
    It’s fascinating isn’t it that every single thing in the article says we are not the same and yet people insist we are .
    The article says to me that the Somalian who has crossed the channel is still a Somalian and is no more British than Somalians living in Somalia .
    Which is of course no more than what you would expect just the same as a fighting man from North Africa cannot suddenly turn into a peaceful man living in England .
    Papering over the cracks doesn’t stop the crack from existing .

  259. More newsletters
    A heroin addict killed a 100-year-old widow in a street robbery and hid under a bed at his mother’s house to avoid arrest, a court has heard.
    Artur Waszkiewicz is alleged to have knocked Zofija Kaczan to the floor, taken her handbag and left her to bleed in the middle of the road as she made her way to church in Normanton, Derby, on May 28 last year.

    Following his arrest, the defendant told officers he was too unwell to interview because he was “withdrawing from drugs”.
    Addressing the jury on Friday, the defendant said he had been a drug user since the age of 18 and had been to visit his dealer at the time of the incident to purchase £20 worth of heroin.
    Polish-born widow Ms Kaczan suffered multiple injuries, including a fractured neck and cheekbone, before her condition deteriorated.
    She died from pneumonia in hospital on June 6 – a condition which would only have been brought on by the injuries sustained in the attack, the court was told.

    Waszkiewicz denied ever seeing the pensioner and told the court he was not responsible for her death.

    He said he had seen the handbag on the floor and had picked it up to find cash, but Ms Kaczan was nowhere to be seen.
    Derby Crown Court heard he had bought a Seat Leon car, which was captured on CCTV at the scene at the time of the incident, for £300 from his father – and admitted driving it despite not having a licence.
    The jury was told that shortly afterwards, the 40-year-old shaved his head to significantly alter his appearance – something the defendant claimed was due to his mother telling him he “looked rough”.
    What are they doing here . Its madness.
    And as the pub landlord would’ve said lovely English names

  260. John birch. @ February 13th, 2019 – 15:29 & 15:53

    The barbarian feels closed to embarrassed, John, he must be one of the few arguing that punishment for crimes of the sort you’ve pointed to fit the crimes about as much as they fit a truly law abiding and well policed society.

    It totally baffles why we, as a society, are so reluctant to punish enough so that the miscreants feel the pain, let the thugs inflict pain, often death, often on the most helpless in the society. Not perhaps a Christian thought on part of Baron, the old girl was apparently praying for the monster before she died.

  261. The Senate says no collusion, but the MSM has largely ignored the outcome. Here are two clips you may like to watch, one is by Tucker, the other by the often bare chested Styxhexenhammer666, a quick brain, too.

  262. Sorry about the ‘closed’, it should read ‘close’, other errors.

    A good piece over at the Spectator by Melanie McDonagh whether Ms Begum should come back from Syria, give birth in one of the NHS hospitals. As you may expect the vast majority, if not all of the postings, take the view she should rot where she is, or derivatives of it.

    The barbarian has a different take on it, obnoxious in itself, but one that can awaken the delusional electorate, stop them voting for the two parties who have enacted the laws allowing her to return. Not that Baron’s take will ever be followed, it didn’t;t get even one single up-tick.

    “The first reaction of anyone who still holds on to some common sense must be ‘it’s nothing to do with us, lets wash our hands of her as she did of us’. That will not satisfy the ones who have deprived this country of the common sense (and more), those who govern us. It will neither prevent the many plebs from their insane habit of voting for the vacuous-of common-sense progressives over and over expecting them to enact statutes that reflect life as it is, are workable, satisfy the majority of those paying taxes.

    What should happen is this. The woman should be allowed back, a personal carer should be appointed to look after her every daily needs, she should be given a fully furnished flat at her choosing, sufficient funds to live in comfort, a regular column in all MSM, a slot on the BBC to enlighten us more, if not daily than at least weekly, about the heads in the dustbins.

    You may find this a rather distasteful solution, but it may do more to get a large number of the electorate out of their delusional voting, compel them to stop electing the progressives who are the key culprits here, it was they who have enacted the laws that got us into this mess. It would be a small price to pay to eventually get rid of both the people like her, and those who ‘created’ her.”

  263. Baron Feb13 1140

    My friend Pete Balkus penned this gem.


    They call him racist,


    monster, not a man.

    They call him bad guy
    he is better than them

    But is he

  264. University gave its £350k-per-year vice-chancellor a £64k pay rise
    Pig, snout, trough.

  265. Wonder if Frank enjoyed hearing his favourite copper on Desert Island Discs yesterday?

  266. Ostrich (occasionally) @ February 16th, 2019 – 10:14

    Exactly the same thought but in reverse has occurred to the barbarian, O(o), when he heard the opening of the Desert Island slot, ‘God, please keep Frank away from this, it may finish him off’.

    Not that the barbarian listened to the Full Monty of her enlightening us about the load on her, he had to leave the car well before it ended. His fading capacity to remember recent stuff brings up two things only, her choosing a piece by Pyotr Ilyich, it may have been from the Swan Lake (?), perhaps not that amazing he appeals to the same sex mutation (Baron finds his music too sugary), and also the point she must have made quite deliberately, there was an aforethought behind it when she said ‘most of the Met officers are committed …’ or words to that affect. Why most? Why isn’t she either re-educating the non-committed ones, or getting rid of them. Who are they anyway?

  267. John birch. @ February 16th, 2019 – 07:52

    He must deserve it, John, he’s a man of the people for the people, as you can see in the piece he is one of the people except perhaps for the remuneration.

    If Baron were younger, just beginning the daily slog of earning a crust, he would go for a slot in either higher education or the charity field, both offer unlimited scope for personal enrichment at little, often not any work at all, one would have to master the jargon of the progressives well, few basic words like people, justice, equality, rights, but plenty of smart sentences combining them, and voila, one would be set to success.

  268. Fergus Pickering @ February 15th, 2019 – 18:54

    Tell your friend, Fergus, he doesn’t know what a gem looks like.

  269. Baron – 11:06

    She probably meant “committed” to Common Purpose.

    Did the Scotch waman presenter ask her about her part in the Stockwell Tube murder?

  270. Sir James Ratcliffe is moving his businesses to Monaco.
    Among other comments, the Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell, says;

    ‘……Don’t they realise that every penny they hide away in their tax havens is a penny not spent on our NHS treating the sick, or social care looking after our lonely, isolated elderly, or the education of our children?’

    All very praiseworthy, John, but you unfortunately forgot to mention that every penny hidden away is a penny not thrown away on rubbish like foreign “aid” or HS2, or similar.

    All the best to Sir James.

  271. @Baron 17th, 11:06

    Oh, I enjoy Pyotr Ilyich when he turns up on the ‘other station’ but, as with all serious composers (and, indeed, less serious) I recognise that their output aims to please their particular audience. It puzzles me, though, that none of the stations seems to try to broaden our knowledge of P I. I wouldn’t recognise anything from his first three symphonies, very little from his second PC, or a lot of his other work, and I’m sure there is plenty of it. I guess, like composers, radio stations have to please their audiences, and can only push things slowly-slowly, even if they have the will to educate at all.

  272. Chuka Umunna, Chris Leslie, & 5 others leave the Labour party.

  273. While you were all looking the other way….

    Bill Warner, PhD: “Making Islamophobia a Crime” (in the UK)

    Dr. Warner reporting on the recently published report of the APPG on British Muslims and their “working definition of Islamophobia.”

    The document in question is here:

    I noted some familiar snouts heading this uo.
    Please do read their “Conclusion” starting on P56.

    YCMIU …but they did!

  274. EC @ February 18th, 2019 – 16:45

    The paper focuses entirely on Muslims even though it may also use the word ‘Muslimness’ (and another derivative, new to the barbarian). It has nothing to say about Islam, the creed. Many, including Baron, have nothing against Muslims (except for those who do us harm), their quarrel is with the ideology.

    In the Conclusions it says that the authors consulted experts, lawyers, Muslim leaders, Parliamentarians, Muslim groups, but not people who do not worship Allah like Christians, Jews, Hindus etc. the vast majority of British people. Rather strange that.

    Amongst the examples of Islamophobia the one Baron was totally unaware of is that the insurance companies levy much higher premiums on Muslims. There’s no explanation why this should be so. It would be surprising if it were because of the industry Islamophobic attitudes, it’s business, would any firm drive consciously business away?

    The most amazing thing is that there has never been a group looking into the ridiculing of the Christian religion by the unbelievers, which many of the examples of Islamophobia quoted in the paper really are e.g. the bacon, pig head cases.

  275. This is far from Brexit, our Allah worshipping friends, or the cunning Putin. You may like to move the cursor along if you decide to have a look, no need to spend the half an hour watching it. Baron’s posting it because it tells you why China is poised to conquer the word.

    The clip is about a Chinese plant making PCBs (printed circuit boards), that’s what houses integrated circuits and whatever else one needs to put on them to run everything from mobile phones to cars, fridges, washing machines, drones and whatever.

    The PCB market worldwide is around $80bn, the Chinese supply 47% of it (2017), and their share is still growing.

  276. Ostrich (occasionally) @ February 17th, 2019 – 23:16

    The station Baron listens to mostly when driving is Classic FM, O(o), and there the output is 80% of roughly 20% of the well known composers, some of the stuff gets close to annoying not because the music’s poor, but because they keep playing it so often.

    One of Baron’s favourite pieces is Dvorak violin concerto (the finale speaks for itself, the best interpretation for the barbarian comes from Perlman, the man’s most natural violin player, he must have some gypsy blood in his veins). It’s almost never played on Classic FM, but the New World is, when it’s on Baron switches off, goes to BBC Radio4 to also get annoyed but often less if it’s Paul Lewis and his Money Box or similar.

  277. Few days before the anniversary of the Skripals charade, on the day the papers are telling us the old man’s health has deteriorated someone has the audacity to hoist a Russian flag on the Salisbury Cathedral scaffolding.

    The Wiltshire police should be more vigilant, there must be more Russian spooks running around the county, isn’t it time they were apprehended, brought to justice before they poison all of us with Novichok?

  278. If you thought that only we are capable of a deep felt lament coming from the heart, think again. Here’s an American doing a great job, too.

  279. Radford NG @ February 18th, 2019 – 10:23

    Baron’s first reaction to the news, Radford – ‘who they?’

    Still, not a smart move by the seven dwarfs, the Blairites are about as popular in the country as the Corbynistas.

  280. EC @ February 17th, 2019 – 11:52

    Did the presenter ask her about anything of any significance, EC?

    Would she have dared?

  281. Chris Leslie MP reported AWOL from Nottm. East for the past year.

    He lost the Labour majority seat of Shipley (York.) in 2005 to Philip Davis,the first Conservative candidate to come right out and say we should leave the EU.

    In 2005 Davis got a majority of 422 ; in 2010 he increased it to 10,000 : which just shows what can be done.

  282. Labour `independent group`show no sign of having a Peoples Vote by way of standing in by-elections.

  283. Re: Yesterday’s Labour Independent Group’s public political suicide event.

    “BBC apologises for hot mic swearing during Labour split broadcast”

    Commentator overheard lamenting MPs’ resignations during press conference…

    “Between this and Brexit we are actually fucked,” said the man in a live broadcast.

    Was Sir Richard Mottram sat in the audience, or was this just a homage to the great man?

  284. Baron,

    Have you got this one in your lexicon of things?


    In the olden days we used to refer to this as gold digging / gold diggers but in the modern parlance I think that they refer to it as “trading up.”

    All this has had cultural and economic consequences, reportedly…

    “Many Stores are closing due to greedy hypergamous women in 2019”

    An impressive list! Mind you, how many of these store closures are due to eShopping?

  285. “The EU Copyright Directive is Actually Getting Worse”

    It’s back to printing leaflets and fly posting, chaps!

  286. Anna Soubry and two others leave the Conservative Party.

  287. Good Riddance to Anna Soubry!

  288. EC
    February 20th, 2019 – 13:39
    “Good Riddance to Anna Soubry!”

    My thoughts exactly. Can imagine T. May heaving a sigh of relief at getting rid of Motormouth Soubry.

  289. I wish the Independent Group all the luck in the world. But I can’t help remembering the SDP, how they started off really well, and then gradually faded till they were swallowed up by the Liberals, and now are only a distant memory. Let’s hope history doesn’t repeat itself, but I think the I.G. will only be popular while Corbyn’s thugs are in. If Labour ever see sense and move back to the centre-Left, the I.G will most likely “do a UKIP” and fade away.

    As for the 3 Tory women who joined the I.G. today, I think they will have the door slammed behind them whatever may happen post-May.

  290. The new party will sort out Brexit, sure as eggs or eggs.

  291. “Independent Group” A wonderful misnomer

    Independent of WHAT, exactly? Not independent of the EU, that’s for sure, as they are ALL remainers.

    By resigning from their parties they no longer have the mandate or moral authority to represent their constituencies, many of which actually voted “Leave” in the EU referendum. It seems that none of them are going to resign their seat and stand as an independent. They are far too grand to subject themselves themselves to a “people’s vote” of their constituency electorate. I wonder why….

    I believe that moves were already afoot to deselect to the Soubry woman.

  292. The Begum creature is in essence an Islamic shell case, whose primary role and purpose is to breed jihadists intent on creating a world Islamic state.
    For that purpose it is irrelevant whether she performs this task in Britain or the Islamic world, although for preference she would no doubt prefer the welfare costs and benefits of her programme to fall with her ideological enemies.
    However it does add insult to the very real injury we already suffer that her siblings would seek, as British citizens, to destroy the very civilisation that befriended them.

  293. The faux’David Lindsay’ likes his eggs hard boiled.
    A no deal Brexit becomes more likely with every self serving, egotistical defection from the Lab-Con block.

  294. A survey of surveys by the University of East Anglia has revealed that nearly half of lesbians are fat or obese, and homosexual men more likely to be ‘underweight ‘.
    In general 50% of male and female homosexuals are also likely to have health problems, as opposed to 25% of the normal, hetrosexual population.

    So the cliched stereotype and perception held by many, that homosexual men are weedy effeminates that fat lesbians are ugly and both sexes are unhealthy, seems to be supported by the latest evidence.

  295. Now.
    Stereotypes are there for a very good reason

  296. Noa.
    Stereotypes are there for a very good reason

  297. John Birch

    Now then! Now then! As General Melchett used to say! 😉

  298. When, during and after the second world war of 1941-5 the British Empire, was the subject of a US takeover with msssive store closures and administrative redundancies the nation was presented with a massive problem resulting from its traditional policy of primo-geniture: what to do with the second and successive offspring who could no longer be shipped out to the colonies, the reduced army or the redundant Church of England?
    One of the most successful answers was the BBC.

  299. As the Home Secretary seeks to prevent the return of  Ms Begum, her family, Corbyn and supporters seek to import her child because it is “British”.

    This is lke the Campaign Against the Arms Trade successfully banning the import of artillery, whilst facilitating the supply of artillery shells for future use as IEDs, or Islamic Exploding Devices.

  300. Noa – 11:24

    This was doing the rounds a day or two ago:

    ##Breaking News ##
    Plans are underway to bring ISIS bride Sharmia Kebab back to the UK.
    Cardiff City FC are sorting out the flights, Prince Philip will pick them up from the airport, Kate and Gerry McCann are to adopt the baby, and Diane Abbot is to sort out the timetable for all this to happen.

  301. EC
    Nice one!
    Though I’m a little behind in my populism these days, wasn’t the agent responsible for the rendition flight that resulted in Cardiff FC’s pending legal case? Perhaps they could employ the consultancy services of Cressida Dick, who knows a thing or too about getting rid of South Americans without incurring any liability.

  302. Here’s a story much closer to home.
    Noa knows the University and the UKIP people involved, directly or indirectly.
    Once a threat by the authorities to a student exercising the right to freedom of speech would have resulted in the occupation of the University building, the singing of kumbiaa and a massive non use of soap in protest.
    Now the authoritarian solution is a gagging agreement and political re-education to ensure Stalinist conformance to the hadiths of a 7th century child molester and anti semitic mass murderer.

  303. “The Truth About the ‘ISIS Bride'”

    Paul Joseph Watson at his most pithy and sarcastic best…

    If you don’t want listen to all it then skip to/DO NOT MISS his coup de gras @8min41sec

  304. Noa -16:52

    “‘The student has been temporarily suspended for the remainder of the academic year and is aware that on the successful completion of a diversity training course, he will be able to resume his studies.’

    He should refuse the brainwashing, at all costs! He wasn’t destined to get that plum graduate job as the Carnforth Station Clock Winder anyway.

    In 2019 not only is a university degree not worth the paper it is printed upon, the £55K debt incurred, it is an impediment to actually getting any job, even flipping burgers.

  305. Radio 4 Extra.
    Book of the Week.
    A Spy Amongst Friends.

    James Jesus Angleton loses his fishing buddy and Nicholas Elliott (MI6) his best friend (giving a lie to a misappropriation of a remark made by E.M.Forster to defend Anthony Blunt).Kim Philby goes to his homeland.

  306. EC 18.09

    Simply an everyday humdrum example of Gleichschaltung in modern, multicultural, socialist Britain.

  307. Bradford NG

    Thank you for that. I’ll sample the tale and see if it’s to my taste.

    For those Wallsters seeking an escape from the present day Gleichschaltung may I recommend trying the real one portrayed in Phillip Kerr’s Bernie Gunther novels. The every day story of a hard bitten Berlin detective picking a difficult path through the ideological challenges provided in Weimar and Nazi Germany.

  308. EC
    February 22nd, 2019 – 17:46

    Thanks for posting the Paul Joseph Watson classic (

    If ever somebody personified the existential danger posed by the movement of fanatics from the several Satanistans into the civilised world, that woman must be embody it.

    If you don’t want listen to all it then skip to/DO NOT MISS his coup de gras @8min41sec


    Imam Maisonet had also posted a statement by Sheikh Salih al Fawzan urging Muslims to take on government positions in non-Muslim countries in order to Islamize them. “If there is a country that needs change (correction/fixing), and a chance to guide the people (to Islam, to that which is correct etc) enter into working with the country’s government.”

    The Sheikh is best known for endorsing the enslavement of non-Muslims. “Slavery is a part of Islam. Slavery is part of jihad, and jihad will remain as long there is Islam.”

    And any Muslim who disagrees, “is an infidel.”
    And our diversity and inclusion policies assist them to get those government jobs !!!!

  310. europe is dead

    verhofstadt und juncker
    escaped the bunker
    unleashing blitzkrieg
    with frau merkel
    their 21st century jackboots
    marching marching
    over democracy
    but it did not work
    europe is dead
    bereft of its head
    the multicultural nightmare
    the utopian dystopia proven
    and so
    like children
    der strasbourg kindergarten
    Brussels babies scream and cry
    and hope we die
    but we are just being born
    we have seen the lie.

    the dictatorship is coming to an end

  311. I looked back today, today in vain
    To see what comments would come back to my brain
    But not even Baron has undertaken that
    The redoubtable Wall could carry his chat

  312. Sweden leading the way again.

    Swedish pensioner fined for stating that Somalis are lazy
    By EMMA R. 21 February 2019

    A 70-year-old man who recently was prosecuted for writing that Somalis are lazy and don’t work, has now been convicted of the crime in Sweden.
    It is “derogatory to the group of Somalis’ reputation” according to the District Court.
    The man, who lives in western Sweden, wrote in connection with a Facebook post that linked to an SVT article, which stated that only one out of five Somalis have a job, that “no Somali can work they are the laziest people in this world”.
    The verdict came last week. The man was convicted of hate speech by a unanimous District Court, and ordered to pay 60 daily fines of SEK 120, totaling SEK 7200 (700 euro’s).
    For a remark to be classed as hate speech, it must express misconduct of a group of people, and regarding this the District Court writes: “For a message to fall under the term ‘misconduct’, it is sufficient that a statement about, for example, a certain ethnic group is derogatory to the group’s reputation. Even statements that are ridiculing towards a particular group of people are almost always included in the provision.”
    The District Court believes that the remark on laziness cannot be perceived in any other way than as “derogatory to the group of Somalis’ reputation. It does not express any factual criticism and the purpose of it does not seem to have been to contribute to a constructive debate.”
    The article that the man commented on states that only one in five Somalis have a job in Sweden.
    Other studies show that only one in ten Somali women work.
    Which means that no matter what the District Court thinks about the matter, it is a fact that Somalis residing in Sweden are significantly not the hard workers native Swedes are.

  313. John birch. – 09:10

    It was a terrible slur cast upon such a noble and industrious race of seafaring folk, and FGM practitioners….

  314. It ain’t over yet…

    “800-year-old ‘Crusader’ at Dublin church decapitated”

    For the eagle eyed amongst you the archdeacon only has one “r” in his name.

  315. Yesterday Tommy Robinson issues an expose of BBC Panorama and its associate Hope not Hate ;with a call to abolish the Licence fee.
    Today he is banned from Facebook and Instergramme for hate speech .

    His hour long documentary can be found here.( You may have to adjust sub-titles. )

  316. UKIP : UK entering ” dark place in our national life” as Tommy Robinson and UKIP activists are BANNED from Facebook.

  317. In the above matter see also see the independent voices of The Guardian,The Independent ,and the BBC web-site.
    I will not trouble to give the references for these.

  318. John birch @ February 26th, 2019 – 09:10

    Bit by bit, they seem to be gaining ground everywhere, John, here’s NY and Islamic car patrols. It’s unlikely they will be stopped, it’s more likely they will take over policing us, will probably do it more visibly than the boys in blue who seem to be watching the internet to spot hate crime.

  319. Radford NG @ February 26th, 2019 – 16:50

    Tommy wasn’t banned because in the West censorship doesn’t exist, Radford, it’s only in Russia that dissidents get banned, their means of communications shut down, the authorities jumped on them, here we can say everything we want except, of course, anything that upsets the ruling caste. Unbelievable.

    If only you could listen to what Navalny and his crew say on their TV channel about Putin and the others in governance, the names they called them, the actions they advocate to dislodge the lot from the Kremlin.

  320. Had the barbarian been as gifted as Fred, he would have said the same, from the first to the last word.

  321. Fergus Pickering @ February 25th, 2019 – 18:49

    In vain you’ve looked, Fergus, because the barbarian was off his permanent base, he never takes the gadget he uses to connect with the Wall and other media when he leaves home, he could have relied on his mobile, connect through it, but it’s a fiddly tool of communication, moreover he had other things to do than getting his blood pressure up.

    And your muse’s spot on at 08:19, it is the rainbow nightmare, amongst few other boils, that messes things up.

    In fact, the case of the nineteen year old ISIL supporter now with child backs you up. Virtually everyone wants her barred from entering Britain, but a fat loot of good will that do, over 400 are already here, more are to come soon. She herself will appeal, the uman rites vehicle will ensure she would reside here again, you will see.

    Stripping her of the passport also creates a dangerous precedence, today it’s her, tomorrow it may be any one of us.

    The root of the problem lies in the rainbow delusion, one cannot have a rainbow nation state if one of the colours doesn’t line up with the rest of them, it ain;t doable, that’s what must change, and change quickly before the rainbow disappears altogether and darkness sets in.

  322. What happened to Frank? Still with us?

  323. It’s catching up time for the barbarian, one good piece by the great Douglas is on the Spectator blog, it’s about the the case of Shamima Begum, the ISIS girl Baron has mentioned above. Somewhere in the narrative Douglas says:

    “I understand very well why the leadership at East London Mosque, the families, lawyers and friends of the schoolgirls who went to join ISIS should wish to spread the blame around to every household in Britain and to the internet. What baffles me is why the government’s extremism commissioner – a person appointed to speak truth – should start playing the same game ….”

    The name of the commissioner is Khan.

  324. Avoid Russia, in particular if your intention is to grow Cannabis sativa.

  325. The great Mark on the latest Chicago hate crime committed allegedly by two MAGA guys, very enjoyable from the first reactions of the progressives to the final act of the fake drama, in which the ‘victim’ gets arrested.

  326. Tucker also on Smollett and more, so relevant, not just for the Republic:

  327. Baron at 26 Feb 22-35

    Home town gay activist hero (USA) thwarted by lack of bigotry burns down own home (killing pets).
    I have to look out reference for this one.

  328. Radford NG @ February 27th, 2019 – 21:41

    The political elites and the scented phylum that backs them have gone completely loopy, Radford, the barbarian has been doing a lot of reading for the last two days, feels like giving up on the world, nothing makes any sense anymore.

  329. Baron – 23:38

    Everywhere in the anglosphere, [i.e. In all the former, largely homogenous, “classical liberal” western democracies based on Judeo-Christian values] the lunatics are now running the asylum, Baron.

  330. Stacey Dooley criticised by Labour MP David Lammy

    The Labour MP for Tottenham said today that Stacey’s comments showed she had failed ‘to educate herself’, adding on BBC News’ Victoria Derbyshire show: ‘Her Instagram conveys the age-old trope that is her as the heroine and the black child as the victim and we have to stop it’.
    When asked if the row is because she is white, he added: ‘That suggests that she [Stacey] doesn’t understand the issues. That’s part of the problem. Despite the fact she has power and agency she’s not sought to educate herself about the issues’. 
    He also said that Comic Relief, which has raised more than £1billion for poor communities in Britain and abroad in the past 30 years, is ‘tired and outdated’ and needs to ‘change the record and grow up’.
    I think he’s right, it’s racist to suggest they need help.
    Look at their industry, Infrastructure ,hospitals, good government, care for the elderly.
    They don’t want us pretending it’s still a colony when they’re quite capable of doing everything on their own so good luck to them I say withdraw all our help and leave them to it.

  331. John Birch.
    John, lammy is a self advertising self satisfied prick. I have only met him once, he will not have forgotten me as I threw him out of my office, to great hilarity from his entourage.

  332. stephen maybery – 15:38

    … and he’s an ignoramus to boot… out of one’s office as you did.
    Well done that man!

  333. BARON!

    Re: Mitigating the dangers of mobile phone usage on the move …

    In the words of late Max Bygraves, “All you need is hands,” guiding hands, that is!

    Apologies to the provenance of this video, but you’ll note from the upload date of Apr 5, 2016 that it is before Trump Derangement Syndrome irrevocably set in.

  334. “To Honour The Dissidents”
    Carl Benjamim
    (aka Sargon of Akkad)

    Any comments on this one, Baron?

  335. EC @ March 2nd, 2019 – 18:08

    Why Baron, EC? You should be asking the lot of wallsters to debate it, no?

    No quarrel with the video at all, it echoes the barbarian’s slicing of a free society and the freedom o speech except perhaps he has missed an important element of the curtailment of free speech – self-censorship. The guiding, state appointed, watchful censors are there to set the limits of free speech, the boundaries beyond which one shouldn’t move, the individuals obey knowing that disobedience could mean the end of their careers, livelihood, or even freedom.

  336. EC @ February 28th, 2019 – 22:15

    Good one, EC.

    How do you come to dig this stuff up so regularly? Are you purposefully searching for it?

  337. No need to watch the shows, they last, but you may like to bookmark the site, they’ve come up with some interesting stuff in the past:

  338. Baron – 22:00

    “Why Baron, EC? ”

    Because you’re the only one here that has experienced living under a communist totalitarian state. Having made a new life in the “west” it must be a nightmare for you to see it [the west] in the death grip of cultural Marxixt PC madness and sleepwalking back into your dystopian past. Or is that being too dramatic?

    File under: “Quos Deus vult perdere prius dementat”

  339. Baron – 22:00

    To what extent is the accelerating diminution of individual liberty in anglosphere the last 60 years associated with the decline in birthrates as opposed to the burgeoning global population growth in the rest of the world?

  340. @22:41

    No, I haven’t got a clue what I meant either.

  341. EC
    It’s an excellent question though.

  342. The knifing goes one, the teenager Jodie killed in in Harold Hill was a random stabbing, ‘totally unprovoked’ say the police, she was at the wrong place at the wrong time, more accurately she was in a country governed by the wrong clique.

    The BBC reports that “a small group of people cried and hugged each other after laying a bunch of flowers at the cordon with the message “we love you forever in our hearts”, as if that could bring the young girl back to life or stop the killings, the perpetrator hasn’t yet been caught.

    Another man from the police was saying on the radio this morning what were the reasons for the atrocity, one of them was ‘many young people are carrying knives’ hoping to imply that knives kill.

    What do you reckon will happen when they apprehend the killer thug?

    Nothing much, Baron reckons, the case will be sub judice, the debate will run along the all familiar lines, in the end, the real culprit identified will be the society, yup, we have failed the monster, he couldn’t help it, if only we would have ….

    One has to be careful what one says, the barbarian in particular, since he’s said it so often in the past. Unless we hit the thugs, and hit painfully, the killings will not stop, not even abate. We take the knives from their pockets, they’ll procure screwdrivers or whatever.

    The long term solution lies in re-building what the great Burke identified as the installers of “the power upon will and appetite” from within i.e. the family, the school, the Church. In the ‘barbarous’ past it was these institutions that taught the young how to restrain their passions, today the family as a unit of two heterosexual sexes’s largely disappeared, the schools care more about fads, the Church hierarchy’s a joke, can hardly furnish a guidance how to get to a church.

    Short term, we have to radically change the delivery of justice, switch back from restorative to retributive justice, ensure that sentences pain, truly pain whatever the pseudo-liberal wankers say.

    It seems unlikely under the current political leadership of either one or the other party will do anything though. Pity, because doing nothing will lead eventually to a social convulsion never seen in this country before.

  343. Baron,
    Thanks for your last post, to which I will add, and so say all of us. Unfortunately, us are not listen to these days.

  344. “Pity, because doing nothing will lead eventually to a social convulsion never seen in this country before.”

    Aye, agreed.
    In addition, the quislings in the HoC fudging BRexit and giving us BRino will have a similar effect.

  345. EC @ March 4th, 2019 – 16:14

    But, helpfully, EC, as the day of the Brexit reckoning approaches, the Russian season is again upon us once again helped by the Skripals charade’s 1st anniversary.

    The MSM papers are at it again, it’s not two but seven assassins now dispatched from the Kremlin who poisoned the old man, the British aristocracy attends a dinner or whatever the gathering was billed as, in support of Russia’s efforts to de-democratise the free West, every member of the Russian Embassy here turns out to be a spy, the top man himself is allegedly a Soviet spy posted to and kicked out of the Republic wayback last century.

    Hugely enjoyable this, an excellent material for those who want to kick the Ruskies in order to hide the boils that pain us. What is a couple of knifing tragedies compared to the loss of our freedoms in an onslaught orchestrated by the evil Putin, heh?

    You may have missed it, Rob Slane penned an open letter to the Met asking them to come clean, tell us more of what they know about the poisoning, Victoria Skripal has held a press conference in Moscow today complaining about the family not being able to contact the old man, Julia, not being overtly complimentary about the help from the Russian authorities (it’s in Russian, the barbarian won’t bother you with the content, nothing much new in it), a Moscow based research outfit digging into the charade, coming up with accusations about the KGB spooks going back years, backing the British official version of Salisbury. There’s no end to it, it feels the baiting of Vlad to leash out has yet to reach a peak, one can only hope he doesn’t, it may all end in missiles flying over our heads.

  346. stephen maybery @ March 4th, 2019 – 15:07

    Thanks, my blogging partner, the barbarian has a stake in the future, he has grandchildren, doesn’t want them to put on uniforms, go fight, possibly perish.

    How’s Frank, he must be enjoying the display of investigative know-how of his former colleagues, must be wishing he’s still a part of it, no?

  347. A piece of good news though, the saintly One has spoken, the Government will do more to put a stop the the culture of the young carrying knives, the pockets of their jeans, trousers and anything else they may be attired in will be sewn up, veery tightly, there will be nowhere to hide the sharp implements in. Absolutely brilliant this. (only joking about the sewing up).

  348. Baron :
    First person to approach the Skripals in the park was a 14 year old girl,along with her mother who is the senior nurse in the British Army.Neither of these suffered poisoning:( according to the Mail on Line).

  349. The real fake news.

    A drama about Radio Soldaten Calais and Radio Atlantic (broadcasting to the U-boats);all coming from Britain.

    `Operation Aspidistra` by James Follett (1975)

    [Note: any small brake in the sound maybe due to copyright problems over the music.]

  350. Bloody Hell ! ( If you will excuse me ) I post an item to Mail on Line and in seconds I get 7 up ticks & 4 down.Who knew there were so many intellectuals reading the MoL?
    The substance of my item was that only an American like Henry James could write a novel called The Europeans implying there were such a people ~~~~And most modern English people would identify with the New Englander’s against the (Continental )Europeans of the title.

  351. Petition to Parliament ;

    `The PM should advise HM to prorogue parliament……until 2nd. April to prevent………(thwaiting ) of Brexit on 29 March.`

  352. Correction:


  353. From the conservative woman site.
    A comment on the army recruiting problems
    Partisan wrote:

    Join the Army, fight for your country then (A) spend the rest of your lives waiting to be arrested for war crimes, then when you leave the forces (often disabled), find yourself homeless and reliant on charity; (B) meanwhile those who you recent fought and called Terrorists, Jihadias, Mujahadin, Taliban, Mao Mao, Boco Harem, Isil have arrived in the UK and are housed, fed, financed, educated and cared for by your government, the same government that either wants to lock you up or hopes you will just go away.

  354. A Scouser is driving through Liverpool with his dog in the passenger seat. A police panda car follows him for about half a mile and then puts its siren and stop sign on indicating to him to pull over. As the copper approaches the car he sees the Scouser is slapping the dog`s head. He tells the driver to wind down his window and asks “Why are you hitting the dog?” The Scouser replies, “He just ate my tax disc.”

  355. I have become … a ‘Southern Baptist’.

    Praise the Lord.

  356. Never trust an international panjandrum, is my advice to the Wallsters. When I saw Fat Pang bawling his head off as they lowered the flag, I knew he was a wrong ‘un.

  357. HURRAH! Macron has a plan to fix the EU overreach.

    Er… It involves even MORE EU, reportedly

  358. MERDE!

    From the above article…

    Why now?
    By Hugh Schofield, BBC News, Paris
    For months President Macron has been forced to concentrate on home affairs, thanks to the “gilets jaunes” (yellow-vest) movement. But that crisis is waning.

    Oh yeah, Manny, Hugh? It looks like the “gilets jaunes” have just discovered an inexhaustible source of ammo. 🙂

    Apologies for the provenance of this article but the BBC doesn’t want to spoil Hugh’s fake news.

  359. Andy Car Park – 11:30

    “I have become … a ‘Southern Baptist’.”


  360. I went to the Library and asked the Librarian,

    ‘Have you still not got that book on Scouse culture I ordered six weeks ago?’

    She said, ‘It’s not my fault.’

    I said, ‘That’s the one!’

  361. Once upon a time, there was an inflatable boy who went to an inflatable school to attend inflatable lessons with his inflatable friends.

    But one day, he found a pin in his mum’s sewing kit and thought, ‘Hmmm, I could have some fun with this!’

    So the following day off he goes to school and in the main corridor, he takes out the pin and punctures the wall. And the wall goes, wsssssh! (deflation noise)

    And he gets to his class and sitting in front of him are two classmates. So he gets out his pin and goes stab! Stab! And his friends go: wsssssh!

    But the teacher spots him and says, ‘Jenkins!! I saw what you did there. Come out to the front!’

    So he goes out to the front of the class, but before the teacher can mete out summary justice, he gets his pin out and punctures the teacher. And the teacher goes: wsssssh!

    Just then, a voice comes over the PA system,

    ‘ Would Jenkins – that’s Jenkins – report to the Headmaster’s office immediately.’

    So off he goes. And in the headmaster’s study is the inflatable headmaster, wearing an inflatable mortar board and flexing an inflatable cane. And he says …

    ‘Jenkins!! You’re an absolute disgrace! You’ve let the school down, you’ve let your friends down …’

  362. Andy Car Park @ March 5th, 2019 – 14:21

    A ‘Southern Baptist’, is it, ACP? From the five postings so far it sounds more like a stand-up comic.

    Has the Baptist any more of the same up his sleeve?

    (The barbarian has just arrived from one of his rare expeditions to what purports to be the capital of the country, is till fuming, may tell you more after a cup to tea, or two, or three… )

  363. Keith flint splits up with a Japanese girl who had no input to his wealth and he has to put his house up for sale.
    Instead of hanging himself he should have shot her.
    I toned down what I wanted to say because I didn’t want to be controversial.

  364. You want to be told about the barbarian’s visit to London today, or not? Tough titty, you’re going to be.

    To get to London from the deep wilderness of Suffolk Baron inhabits, one has to drive to a local station, park the car, board a little diesel contraption, travel for some 20 minutes, then change to a mainline train to Liverpool Street.

    The problem people who travel after the morning rush have is that there aren’t enough parking spaces, the cost isn’t prohibitive, it’s three quid for 24 hours. Surrounding car parks are administered by the parish council, parking’s free for up to three hours, but one has to get a ticket.

    Anyone coming after the station’s car park’s full can go whistle, no chance of parking, one can risk it though, leave the car in the council car park, hope the warden doesn’t come to check. That’s exactly what Baron did, the warden came not.

    Coming back for London the train moved rather sluggishly, picking up delay until the driver had enough, told us he had to “re-set the system, it will take a minute or so”. He did, it took well over ten minutes, four coaches were left with no lights, the one with Baron in it had only four strip lights on, but the contraption moved more quickly.

    Unbelievable as it may sound, out of the nine trips to London in the last six months or so only one full journey (that’s going there and back) was trouble free. The barbarian knows because he records it on the ticketing receipt. That should put the east Anglian franchise roughly on par with that in Uganda, if that.

    On the way back, whilst everyone sitting, standing or just hanging there (the coaches were packed to bursting) was looking intensely at a mobile phone, Baron was perusing the free London newspaper, few items were of interest.

    The from page told the readers in bold letters that Dick’s heart was broken because of the stabbings, that’s her own words ‘my heart is broken’, the top cop said.

    If anyone needed a confirmation that our society is driven by emotions rather that rational thinking, here it was in black and white. Who gives AF that the one in charge of policing has a broken heart? Aren’t policemen required to be feelings free, should emotions ever enter the police work? Aren’t police officers trained to be calm, composed, logical, void of any feelings about either the victim or the perpetrator of a crime?

    More still, she said the ‘the police are not failing to protect the Londoners, they are working very hard ….’ Since when has a success or failure on a job been measured by one’s application to it? Quite frankly, the Met officers could play cards, pick their noses or bugger themselves senseless provided the streets of the capital are safe, but clearly they are not. The hard work either isn’t hard enough, or there’s something else that needs doing to deliver a London that’s safe to live in.

    Over 300,000 people have already signed a petition demanding the Government raises the punishment for carrying a knife from five to fifteen years, and 25 years for anyone who knives someone. That’s what the family of one of the victims suggested. It cannot be right, of course, it smells of populism, we need more enlightened approach. In the meantime those who’s duty it is to wipe out those responsible for the carnage will carry on telling us about their broken hearts, and the suffering plebs will hug each other, bring flowers and little teddy bears to the spots where one of them got butchered, be scared to venture out.

    The thug who killed Jodie over the weekend didn’t apparently say anything, didn’t look into her eyes, just stabbed her until she dropped dead. The speculation is it was a ritual killing, he had to prove he’s worthy a fully fledged membership of the band of killers, in the 21st century Britain.

    How TF did we get here?

  365. John birch. @ March 5th, 2019 – 21:24

    It must have been a couple of days ago he was running here in East Anglia, John, he was perfectly OK. Are you sure money was the trigger? His royalties would have been enough to keep him going, it may be he was still in love with her, couldn’t face up to the separation.

    Your idea of punishment may be a teeny weeny too drastic, these things happen, people fall in and out of love, he had problems with drugs for a long time (but Baron admits he doesn’t;t know that much, it’s only what he remembers from the local press).

  366. Radford NG @ March 5th, 2019 – 02:38

    Before signing the petition, Radford, the barbarian had to check the meaning of ‘prorogue’. (Bloody foreigners).

    To be frank, it would be better to dismiss the House than to ‘prorogue’ it, no?

  367. EC @ March 5th, 2019 – 12:32

    The Evening Standard supports the BBC, EC, saying the yellow vests are on the way out, the approval of Micron is surging, his movement is expected to get most of the seats in the EU elections.

    But then, would one believe either the BBC or the Evening Standard? Both have dogs in the fight.

  368. EC @ March 5th, 2019 – 12:15

    What a wanker, EC.

    That’s exactly what’s going to rouse the masses to the EU flag, the guy must be loopy, even Mutti has changed her views, believes the EU should take it easy for a while, focus on economic growth, jobs, lowering immigration to assuage the excited plebs.

    Why do we need another armed force? Each country has it’s own Army, we have NATO, the Americans have bases all around Europe. What’s the other armed contingent for? Aren’t the existing military units enough to keep the Ruskies off, or the Chinese?

    It’s not only the British indigenous population that’s raging, it’s the same throughout the EU. Wouldn’t the money be better spent on looking after the old (like Baron, other wallsters, heh, heh, heh)?

    The agency to protect democracy sounds rather sinister, its aim cannot but be the freedom of the internet, they have to take control of it, or the internet opinion formers will take control of them. We shall see.

  369. The population may be ‘raging’, too, but the barbarian meant ‘ageing’, fugging software.

  370. Baron, regarding Keith I don’t think it was money as such it was very likely the thought of loosing his house which she insisted be put up for sale.
    I wonder how much money she had put into the house.
    No partner (equality) should have access on divorce to anything owned before marriage.
    You’re trip to London report was very interesting. Particularly the car parking problem at the station.
    It’s the same at all the stations in our area, nowhere to park and carriages packed full.
    And apparently we need thousands more houses in our area to house the refugees from London many of whom will need the train to get back to London to work .
    I take my wife to the station every day and collect her in the evening even with a huge carpark it’s a nightmare and the price is outrageous.
    And Manningtree is having a huge carpark extension to cope with all the new building . I had to pick my wife up from there a few weeks ago and was staggered at the size of the car park that exists there already .

  371. “The price quoted for a year’s parking for 12 months from December 31 is £1,359.38.
    And that price was over a year ago it’s gone up quite a bit since then.

  372. ‘A Florida parent who calls her one-year-old baby ‘Theyby’ in order to raise the infant as gender neutral so the child can decide its sex at an older age today accused Piers Morgan of ‘childism’ for questioning the decision.

    Ari Dennis, 30, and her partner said the family was inspired to raise Sparrow without a known gender after their older child, Hazel, decided to identify as non-binary aged four after being raised as a girl.

    She told Good Morning Britain: ‘We do not know what Sparrow’s gender is yet and, as regards to her anatomy, we choose to keep that secret except for a small list of caregivers.’

  373. Andy Car Park, March 5th, 2019 – 11:26

    We’re all Liverpudlians now – since 2014

  374. Baron March 5th, 2019 – 21:58. Your gripping account of your trip to the crapital has the ring of truth. I still live there and can confirm that hardly a day goes by without being buggered about on the trains on the flimsiest pretext. I don’t recall which relatively civilized country you hail from originally, but you might enjoy this article which appeared on ‘The Internet’ last week (*blushes*).

  375. Baron, March 5th, 2019 – 20:44

    Andy Car Park @ March 5th, 2019 – 14:21
    A ‘Southern Baptist’, is it, ACP? From the five postings so far it sounds more like a stand-up comic.
    Has the Baptist any more of the same up his sleeve?

    I do hope so. However I fear that after his spiritual ah-ha moment somewhere on the road from Damascus(MD) to the Souther states his pilgrimage to Nashville might have turned a bit awkward after a stopover at Dollywood. Even as we speak he might have his hands full, so to speak ,dealing with the fallout from Dolly and her sister Stella!

    John Jefferson Burns to the rescue?

  376. Andy Car Park, March 5th, 2019 – 11:30

    I have become … a ‘Southern Baptist’.
    Praise the Lord.

    What about Dmitri the Imposter? Did he defect from he Russian Orthodox to the Ukrainian breakaway? More to the point did his furry friend go with him?

    Hildegard Hinxey: Which side did she choose in the gender identity INTERSEX/TERF wars?

  377. I was concerned that someone – possibly John Jefferson Burns had – hacked my computer.

    So I asked EC how to ‘beef up’ my security.

    He said, ‘Well, whatever you do, don’t use “beef stew” as your password.’

    I said, ‘Why not?’

    He said, ‘It’s not Stroganoff.’

    Not STROG-anoff !!! (Gets coat)

  378. Alexander Boot (The Crisis Behind Our Crisis, 2011) claimed that all the evils of the world flowed from the Eastern –vs- Romish dispute about ‘filioque’ (‘proceeding from the Father AND the Son …’).

    The Old Time Religion is suitable for anyone for whom, like me, ‘filioque’ sounds about five storeys above their cognitive pay grade.

  379. Gordon Brown made a wholesale bollocks of everything he touched but he called it right when he said there were too many Chinese.

  380. Curious happenings around the barbarian’s MacBook, he can access the Spectator, the BBC i-player, other sites compliant with the orthodoxy of the progressives (only four sites were tried though, all successfully), but not this site, Slane’s blogmire, Moon of Alabama. Baron had to re-boot the modem to correct this anomaly.

    It may be a coincidence, of course, stranger things have happened, like the top nurse of the British Armed services, knowledgable about nerve agents, being on the spot when the bench poisoning of the Skripals happened, but why doesn’t it happen the other way round?

    Still, Andy, are you by any chance a resurrected Bob Monkhouse, who was the proud owner of 17 volumes of jokes? We should be told.

    Talking about the hate filled, deeply religious, overeducated village idiot, the omni-all Boot, he published a piece on “the singing of hymns in Russian churches’ (the link’s below). As you may expect he’s bashing Vlad again, well, a chap called Kisilev of whom you know nothing, he’s a TV presenter, not on an official channel, but one connected with the Right of Russian political spectrum. The song is a joke, it was written in the 80s, meant to be a parody on the then Soviet propaganda. It was sung as a parody again, which Mr. Boot fails to mention.

    The reason for Baron telling you about it is that for the first time, Mr. Boot allowed a gentle criticism of his slicing of Russia, there are three postings under the piece that you don’t have to read, it’s the same vomit he keeps furnishing over and over.

    Two of the postings are by his laptop Chihuahua Bertie, who must have brain the size of a poppy seed, but one is by ‘adams’ pointing out that perhaps the Russians are right being frightened surrounded by NATO and American bases. The omni-all one should be more watchful, how could anyone disagree with his take on Russia, sacrilegious this.

  381. EC @ March 6th, 2019 – 09:24

    Is she still around, EC? The girl must be indestructible.

  382. Andy Car Park @ March 6th, 2019 – 09:14

    An excellent and non-partizan piece, Andy, thanks.

    What the narrative misses is that the man was partly exonerated, exonerated as much as the Day Forces would allow in given political environment. He no butcher, he was actually trying to prevent the slaughter, failed, got lumbered with it. What a world we live in, heh?

  383. John birch. @ March 6th, 2019 – 07:23

    You may be right, John, the house, actually it is a farm, may have been coupled with the marriage emotionally so much, he couldn’t stomach selling it.

    The group and he himself have a massive following in Russia, they were supposed to have a concert in the Summer in Moscow in the Gorky’s Park this year. The place was called ‘the Gorky’s Park of Culture and Relaxation’ when the commies governed Russia, it staged a number of events, amongst them the exhibition of the remnants of the U-2 spy plane.

    It was Baron’s time in Russia, he went to see the exhibition, remembers the incident well, he heard about it on Radio Free Europe, the station claimed ‘research plane was lost near Greece’, it wasn’t true of course, Eisenhower looked rather foolish, the Americans didn’t expect the pilot Powers to survive. Baron was firmly on the side of the Americans arguing the rescued pilot was a fake, arghhhh.

    In one respect, the world has changed alot, instead of exhibiting the debris of a spy plane, the Moscow Park’s to host a British pop group (the concert may be cancelled though), in another respect, it remains the same, the two powers still at each other’s throat. Go figure.

  384. Apologies for the mistakes, it’s too late for Baron to read the rabbiting of his after it’s posted, it should be ‘the Dark Forces’ and no ‘Day’, plus for the other stuff that reds badly.

  385. This story from the Spectator must amuse you (if you can follow it), pity you cannot read the postings, too, more than 100 of them, as you might expect not one in favour of the trans mania.

    “A collapsed case shows the perils of policing ‘transphobia’
    by Debbie Hayton

    The bizarre stories of censorship and bullying by trans activists frequently made baffling reading. But the spectacle of Miranda Yardley, a self-identified transsexual, ending up in the dock for apparent ‘transphobia’ (all at the behest of a non-trans person) really takes the biscuit. An author would struggle to pitch such an incredible scenario at a publisher but, to quote Mark Twain, truth is stranger than fiction. Our post-truth world is off the scale.

    The story started with a social media spat between Yardley and a campaigner called Helen Islan. Yardley is a transsexual with a strong view on gender politics: namely that male people cannot become female people just because they want to. Most people would probably agree with that but in the looking glass world of Twitter such views are verboten (hence why Miranda was booted from the platform in 2018).

    Islan is a self-proclaimed trans ally who seeks to defend the rights of trans people. While that might sound a noble aim (trans people continue to face disproportionate abuse just for wanting to live their lives in peace), the term has become increasingly politicised: in fact most allies spend their time focusing on attacking anyone (women’s groups in particular) who suggests that the issue of transgenderism might more complicated than allowing anyone who feels female to be legally treated as such. Islan has also been closely connected with Mermaids UK, a charity that recently secured half a million pounds of lottery money to expand its services for children and teenagers who feel at odds with their birth gender.

    In April last year, Islan complained about Yardley to West Yorkshire Police. This constabulary has a record of investigating potential transphobic hate crime with enthusiasm. While trans people like me really do appreciate efforts to stamp out the intimidation and abuse we face on the street, West Yorkshire Police take an enthusiastic interest in political disputes between campaigners. Even worse, their reach extends far beyond their county: they previously spoke to Graham Linehan (creator of Father Ted) and sent officers to interview Posie Parker (creator of the Woman = Adult Human Female campaign). In Yardley’s case they managed to convince the CPS that a social media squabble between consenting adults constituted harassment. In April last year, Yardley was interviewed under caution, then in August fingerprinted and charged with harassment with the aggravating circumstances that the crime was motivated by transphobia.

    Last Friday I was at Balisdon Magistrates Court to act as a witness for the defence. Fortunately, as the case didn’t get far, I wasn’t required to speak. In fact, the case was thrown out shortly after Islan testified – in response District Judge John Woollard told the prosecution they had failed to make any case and awarded costs to the defence.

    After ten months this bizarre case where a trans person had been accused of a transphobic hate crime by someone who was not trans, was dismissed by a district judge as groundless. How did we get here?

    Are we really in a post-truth world where opinions take precedence over facts, and feelings are able to negate reasoned argument? Certainly in Islan’s opinion Yardley was a transphobe, and she was certainly upset. But why did West Yorkshire Police investigate a political dispute, and the CPS then prosecute it? The deleterious effect of post-modern identity politics is certainly a factor, but there are some rather more specific alarm bells ringing in this case: who has been training public bodies including the police and the CPS? Training and education on transgender inclusion is firmly in the grip of advocacy groups including Mermaids UK, the group that Islan herself has been closely involved with. Mermaids proudly cite their training of the police on their own website. Meanwhile the CPS took advice from a Mermaids representative when formulating their own guidance. The potential for conflicts of interest are staring us in the face.

    Policy has clearly failed once again. Last year the prison service hurriedly reviewed policy when a rapist was placed in a female prison on account of their feelings. Now a trans person has been hauled before a court on a clearly ridiculous charge. What will be next? Perhaps we need to review policy across society before further problems emerge. While feelings are important, policy needs to be grounded in facts. It is not only the police service and CPS that should be reviewing policy before further injustices arise”.

    What will people (say) in 2050 says about us? That is if Britain still exists.

  386. Sweet baby Jesus, if you’re there, please forgive them, they know not what they are doing:

  387. Baron (March 6th, 2019 – 20:13)

    It wonder whether the West Yorkshire Police will try to recruit them?

  388. Baron (March 6th, 2019 – 20:13)

    P.S. I also wonder whether their son will call his parents Mum and Dad. Will he perhaps become tempted, as he grows up, to instead call them Dum and Mad?

    Save your children – take them out of school

    A good decade or so ago I wrote a fairly vituperative article in response to a piece by the writer James Bartholomew in this magazine, who had announced that he intended to home-school his daughter Alex, aged nine. James had explained in great detail how he would inculcate his charge in the liberal arts: ‘I don’t want to give the impression that I will be a Gradgrind. We will have some fun, too. Alex loves to paint. We will go to the major Cézanne exhibition in Aix and see his paintings of Mont Sainte-Victoire. Then we will see the mountain itself from the same viewpoint that he used. I hope we will settle down to paint it ourselves — perhaps copying Cézanne’s technique.’
    Ever the class warrior, I was annoyed by this paragraph in particular. I could visualise the two of them at that exhibition and I had an immediate acid reflux. I think the gist of my rebuttal was that no matter how bloody clever and well-read middle-class people might think they are, the job of educating children should be left to the teachers, the professionals.
    So this piece is a fervent apology to Mr Bartholomew and indeed the now adult Alex. He was absolutely right, I was absolutely wrong. If you possibly can, get your kid out of its state school right now. You don’t have to go to Aix. You could just leave them alone, playing on their phones all day. It couldn’t be worse than the crap being shoved down their throats on a daily basis.
    Here’s what happened in one week at a well-regarded state school in my area for the second-year pupils (as I still call them — year eight if you’re up to date). The geography homework invited the child to explain why a 14-year-old Eritrean boy, Emir, and his family must be granted citizenship in this country. The kids were given some background information. For example, they were told that immigrants — all immigrants — give more to the country than they take out. Yes indeed. And they were told that the boy’s father was a brain surgeon — as is so very often the case — and the mother an official in a bank. They were also told that Eritrea is a foul country and that the family felt persecuted and there was an Eritrean community ready for them in London.
    Geography used to be about oxbow lakes and the cultivation of cassava, but now it’s just Marxist sociology

    In other words, they were given no choice whatsoever in the matter, and when one student said ‘Why do they have to come to England?’ he was told that wasn’t the point of the exercise. My suggestion to him would have been to complete the task allotted and allow the Eritrean lad in. And then to add a couple of others, in the hope of getting extra marks. So Mohammed, aged 14, from Somalia, whose father is a foot soldier for the Al-Shabaab militia and has the IQ of pre-set concrete, and whose mother recently narrowly failed to blow up a hotel in Nairobi. There is a Somalian community waiting for them in London too, with an unemployment rate of more than 50 per cent. Or Dimitru, a 14-year-old Romanian Roma boy whose father last worked when Ceausescu was looking youthful but who is able to play the accordion badly on the Tube with a note hanging round his neck saying ‘Money Give Now’. Come on teacher, let ’em think outside your narrow, partisan box.
    That was geography, which was once about oxbow lakes, convection and the cultivation of cassava, but which is now the provisional wing of Marxist sociology. In English, in the same week, the kids were learning about ‘identity’. This involved reading a series of poems from black and minority ethnic writers who had come to the UK and discovered it to be ghastly because their own identities were denied freedom of expression, somehow, by the hideous white majority. Sheesh, someone tell Emir.
    In history, the kids are studying the evil impact of UK colonialism and slavery upon the other-wise vibrant and over–achieving continent of Africa. In religious education, the children were told to write an essay explaining why Islam is a peaceable religion — not to query the thesis, simply to write it down. It is, and that’s that.
    And then there’s PSHE. I’ve forgotten what that stands for, but it is always unmitigated drivel about resilience and inclusivity and other meaningless but fashionable shibboleths. Last week the children watched an Australian video. As it was reported to me, this consisted of couples hugging and kissing as seen through an X-ray machine, so all you could see were successive pairs of skeletons canoodling. Then they came out from behind the machine and were revealed to be, one after the other: two gay black men with an adopted baby, two women, two disabled people, a Down’s syndrome woman with a non-Down’s syndrome man. ‘Love has no labels’ was the message of this
    I haven’t heard what they were up to in maths or chemistry. ‘The commonest isotope of hydrogen is an atom with one proton and no neutron. But it’s perfectly OK for an atom with several protons and a whole bunch of neutrons to identify as hydrogen, if it really feels that it is.’
    The propaganda, then, is utterly relentless across pretty much every subject. And it seems to be in direct contradiction of modern liberal educational methods, in that the children are not remotely allowed to think for themselves. There are no open-ended questions; the propaganda is spewed out and the students are there to lap it up and then regurgitate it, and any deviation from correct opinion will bring censure. There is no notion that there are two sides to the debate, no acceptance that these are opinions at all. They are facts, and that’s that.
    So my apologies to James Bartholomew — he was well ahead of the game on this one.

  390. Baron, March 6th, 2019 – 19:15

    Re: Spectator article on collapsed trial:

    At the root of all this procedural legal insanity is Harriet Harman’s “Equalities Act 2010” which was hastily waived thru parliament by Dave’s Cameroons just before the May GE of that year. This legislation was the Trojan horse whereby the EU “Hate Speech” laws were injected into the UK. Of course the Brits had to go one better with the provision that an individual can take offence about almost anything on behalf of a third party and report it to the police.. The police now have no discretion on these matters, are obliged to investigate and report to the CPS. The CPS, as we all know, is a repository for low grade lawyers and political activists.

    Have I mentioned this before? I promise I won’t mention it again…

  391. Baron, March 6th, 2019 – 20:13

    The insanity continues apace.

    File under: “Quos Deus vult perdere prius dementat”

  392. This transgender hysteria really perplexes me. I could write reams outling my opinions on this most recent metropolitan obsession, however one word will suffice, bollocks, WHICH IS PERHAPS NOT ENTIRELY PERTINENT AS THERe ARE SOME MALES WHO WANT TO LOSE THEIRS AND SOME WOMEN RESENT THE FACT that they do not have a pair. Sorry folks, the above is a friggin mess and I can not be bothered to retype it. Those who the gods wish to destroy they first dump in Whitechapel, I am living proof of that.

  393. EC, March 7th, 2019 – 10:01

    ‘Harriet Harman’s “Equalities Act 2010” which was hastily waived thru parliament by Dave’s Cameroons’

    The steerer through of the Equalities Act 2010 was the then Home Secretary, one Theresa May. Her subsequent triumphs included gay marriage, a European monstrosity co-piloted with hair-flicking bimbo, Lynne Featherstone, the European Arrest Warrant – by stealth – in 2014 and (again with minimum publicity) the Snoopers’ Charter, aka the Investigatory Powers Act 2016.

    Themes that emerge. She was the originator of none of this legislation but someone else’s cat’s paw. Secondly, all her innovations seem to have to do with intersectionality or surveillance. Third, she never seems to have formed an intelligent view on any problem affecting the generality of British taxpayers, such as education, energy, welfare or defence. And then there was her management of border control. Or rather there wasn’t.

  394. I think poor old Verity was losing it by the end (2014?). Her cat had a firework jammed up its arse and on one occasion she was talking to a chav called Sharon ‘who wasn’t even here’ (i.e. was not even in this forum).

  395. Cheryl, not Sharon. Mea culpa.

  396. EC March 7th, 2019 – 10:01

    Duly noted. And reported for basic caddishness and its lawyerphobic content.

  397. The Spectator now costs £4.75 and is so flimsy that if you hold it up to the light, you can practically see through it. My advice would be to pick it up, read Rod Liddle and put it back. Plus I suspect that Fraser Nelson is probably a quare.


  398. What exactly should Diane Abbott have been called then.
    My attempt not to offend her would be , fat black stupid cow.
    If any words there offend I offer my sincere apology now.

  399. Q. What goes clip-clop, clip-clop, bang; clip-clop, clip-clop, bang?

    A. An Amish drive-by shooting.

  400. Noa, March 7th, 2019 – 15:03

    Somewhere in a dusty corner of “the vaults” I have a file with scores of lawyer jokes. However my favourite lawyer joke, and I’m sure that you’ve heard it before, is a German one which loosely translated goes something like…

    “Brrr-r-r, it’s so cold this morning that the lawyers have got their hands in their own pockets….”

  401. Another lawyer joke, an old one, I last heard on the Aussie TV series Rake.

    When somebody asked Cleaver Greene how many of his clients he managed to get acquitted he replied, “About fifty two percent.” When his seemingly poor record was challenged he replied, “Well 52% isn’t bad considering that 98% of them are guilty.”

    Ever wonder why so many MPs are lawyers?

  402. An Irishman walks into a bar in Dublin and says to the barman, ‘I’ll have three pints of Guinness, please.’

    So the barman pulls them, the man collects them into a triangle and expertly carries them over to a table. He then lines them up and takes a sip from the first glass, a sip from the second glass and a sip from the third. Then rinses and repeats.

    ‘Excuse me,’ says the barman. ‘You know those will go flat after an hour? Why not do like a normal person, buy one drink and then come up for a refill when you’ve finished?’

    ‘Well, I’ll tell you,’ says the Irishman. ‘One of my brothers emigrated to America and the other one emigrated to Australia. And I stayed here, in the City of Spite and Shite. But the last night we were together, we promised always to drink in triples, to remember the good times we shared.’

    ‘Right,’ said the barman. ‘I get ya [under breath: nutter].’

    In due course, the man becomes a regular with his three pints and no one bats an eye.

    But one day, he comes in and says, ,’I’ll have two pints of Guinness, please.’

    Deathly hush.

    The barman pulls him two pints, which he takes over to his table and sips alternately. After a few minutes, the barman says,

    ‘Scuse me. I don’t want to intrude, but has anything happened?’

    For a few seconds, the Irishman looks utterly bewildered. But then he breaks out into a smile and says,

    ‘Ah Bejaysus no, everyone’s fine. I’ve just given up drinking!’

  403. Vaults? Did someone mention vaults?

    David Blackburn: Nick Clegg is a closet Tory (nice homophobic overtone there)

    Frank P: <=====

    David B

    It is revealing that when 'closet' is mentioned then you associate it with homosexuality – nay homophobia. Is that perhaps an indication of your own proclivities?

    I always understood that if someone is described as a closet anything, then it is implied that that they are pretending to be something else. What's buggery got to do with it?

  404. ACP

    What goes in the closet stays in the closet, as my old choirmaster used to trill…

  405. Boot is still on my shit list but he once posted well in the past on international anything but women day.
    And so a Russian communist holiday is adopted by Western democracies and a cuntslavative government and the Left marches happily ever onwards.

  406. Could anyone rival the man? Could anyone even try to?

    A man from the country of the backstop has a strong desire to cross the Atlantic on a plank, gives up eventually because he cannot find one long enough.

    Two men from the same country are looking at job ads, one says to the other ‘look Jimmy, it says “tree fellers wanted”, if only Seamus was here we could have applied’.

    In a country that’s so democratic the burghers feel the pain of it, the churches organise tombolas each year, at one of such events the first prize is choosing three hymns, a woman wins it, stands up, looks around says ‘I’ll have him, him and him’

    In a country of the evil people who today have nothing to do but poison not just their own on foreign soil, but also foreigners, but who obediently slaved when thugs of the Red Menace ruled, the Top Thug has just delivered a five hour speech convincing the massive audience that the country is by far more prosperous in the world than any other, a man’s allowed to ask a question (a huge applause for the gesture): “Meat has appeared in Moscow, will it be also seen in other towns and villages”, the man asks as the audience holds its breath. The Top Thugs answers: “Yes, comrade, definitely, it’s a travelling exhibition, the next stop is Vladivostok”.

    Apologies (for the errors in advance) and for the impunity of telling jokes that the Romans laughed at, it was only to bring up a subject of yesterday’s Channel5 documentary on the rather sticky end of the Malaysian flight MH370.

    Five years after the fatal day, nobody is any closer to knowing what happened, the flight just stopped communicating with the control towers anywhere, only the engine kept answering a satellite signal that asked ‘you still there’ for about 4-7 hours, then nothing.

    The documentary was a brilliant piece of journalistic endeavour, the hour splits roughly as follows: some 40% are scenes of the relatives wallowing, crying, saying things like ‘nobody tells us anything’, the same percentage is allocated to a bunch of experts explaining convincingly why we know nothing of any substance, perhaps never will know anything, around fifteen per cent are charming pictures of planes parking, moving around, taking off, or for those with weak hearts, just flying safely over romantic clouds.

    The last five per cent of it is dedicated to an American expert who has a theory that gets very close to explaining what happened. ‘The Russians did it’, he says ‘no equation about it. They did it to divert the world attention from their takeover of Crimea. They took over the controls of the plane electronically, flew it to Kazakhstan, landed safely, took all passengers off, butchered them, turned them into sausages’.

    (Of course, you will spot Baron’s making the sausage story up, but the rest of the expert theory is as true as you or this blog or the obligatory piece on Russophobia one finds today anywhere one looks).

    That’s it, no more time to annoy you for now with anything else, more e pressing things have to be attended to (the barbarian though wonders if the tasks he’s asked to carry out can also be explained by the Russian meddling …..)

  407. Baron,

    Something a little closer to home, if you have the time…
    (Up North of Noa we’ve been confined to barracks all week due to snow, gales and rain!)

    Both of the below by Richard D. Hall

    “PART 1 OF 4 – Exit From Brexit, The Jo Cox Departure”

    See also:

    “PART 1 OF 2 – Jo Cox Detectives, Statement Analysis”

  408. ODE to BARNIER

    For some there’s an exit
    fed up of the Brexit
    May goes to Brussels
    no backstop she begs it.

    Westminster talks make
    no sense so they vex it
    If Guy Fawkes had a vote
    he’d no doubt go for kegs it.

  409. ODE to BARNIER’s FOE

    Theresa May look ghastly
    And she might give you a scare
    Theresa May have racist views
    And someone else’s hair

    She May not like the common folk
    Theresa May have rabies
    And who can say, Theresa May
    Eat other people’s babies

    Theresa May tell porkies
    May keep her cash abroad
    Theresa and her colleagues
    May be put away for fraud

    Theresa May look lonely
    Like she May run out of friends
    And soon she might be signing on
    For June is where May ends

  410. Baron, you might enjoy this one…

    “South African handshake…” [only 16 seconds]

  411. EC @ March 9th, 2019 – 21:37

    He did, a lot, EC, merci.

  412. Fergus Pickering @ March 9th, 2019 – 18:21

    Well, OK, but (1) you are wasting your time on the top gnome, Fergus, it’s Mutti who still runs the show, the saintly Tereza consulted her in Berlin few days before she revealed the deal to the Cabinet at Chequers. Tells you.

    (2) The childless one isn’t really his foe, they’re a duo, it’s only pretending they side against each other. If one reads the ‘deal’ one gets the impression it’s designed to chain us even more tightly to the Brussels den of the gnomes .

  413. EC @ March 9th, 2019 – 11:57

    It’s been a long time Baron has enjoyed something that much, EC, gripping, massively informative, and hard to avoid watching to the end of part IV. How did you get it? You, young sir, are a supernova.

    It’s a pity we no longer have Malfleur with us (does anyone have his e-mail address?), the same goes for Frank, he’s or rather was one of the top dogs in the service that’s supposed to protect us, not plot against us.

    The guy’s totally convincing even though he leaves open the question whether it was for real or a fake, the barbarian reckons the latter, there’re a number of strong hints in the evidence for it, the behaviour of the Muslim secretary, the absence of the body at the trial (or the pictures of it), the behaviour of the close relatives …

    The linking of it to the Panama Papers shocked, but then it shouldn’t;t have because it has always been money, here the protection of a lot of it, that engendered the most heinous deeds.

    How ironic that we’ve had a fake murder, a fake poisoning, and soon a fake Brexit. It seem that Britatin or rather its governing elite excels in manufacturing fakes of some magnitude, we must have corned the market for it, we should do well after Brexit since the world elites aren’t any better that ours, our advice how to fake things will be invaluable, no?

  414. Andy Car Park @ March 8th, 2019 – 11:38

    Who’s David B, ACP? David Blackburn?

    The musing on the theme of the closet or closets baffles the barbarian, it’s way out of his grade in intelligence, suits more EC or Frank, these two often talk in a way that totally confuses Baron (who’s confused enough if the talk’s straight).

  415. Andy Car Park @ March 8th, 2019 – 10:13

    You reckon, ACP, this one wasn’t amongst the jokes making the Romans laugh, do you?

  416. Andy Car Park @ March 8th, 2019 – 08:59

    EC’s clip of the shot in the foot beats you, ACP, it’s more painful to start with.

  417. John birch. @ March 7th, 2019 – 22:25

    Having her, John, makes the remaining 60mn plus of us more intelligent, which isn’t bad.

  418. Andy Car Park @ March 7th, 2019 – 13:42

    The childless woman has no capacity for shame, Andy, the 200 plus defeat of her ‘deal’ would have compelled any politician of the past to resign immediately, she carried on as if nothing had happened, a rare quality that, but then all our political class bar few rare exceptions aren’t any better, most of them a lawyers anyway.

    Where does one find a good lawyer? At the cemetery.

    How does one prevent a lawyer from drowning? Only if one succeeds shooting him before he hits the water.

    What’s the definition of mixed emotions? Watching one’s attorney drive over a cliff in one’s new Porsche.

  419. Whatever you think about Nelson’s Spectator, you should be there, it’s the final stage of the Brexit charade, the three votes next week will determine whether we meekly submit to the Reich’s enslavement for generations, or will have a chance to err on our own.

    How could anyone born in this country, knowing about Britain’s past, claiming to be a patriot vote to remove no-deal Brexit from the option list? It’s the only threat that has the power to compel the Brussels sprouts to make a deal that doesn’t;t sink us. Treacherous that.

  420. If you’re still awake here’s a clip from the land of the free that will make you glad you live in a country that’s still retains some semblance of civilised behaviour.

  421. What else but apologies for the bad English, sorry.

  422. I have observed that once again we have two peregrine falcons arrived at the nest site near the centre of town . ( Last year they failed to lay a viable egg).

  423. An image of Carrie Nation and an essay on her visit to New York in 1901.After being rebuffed by the Commissioner of Police and the Mayor she descended upon a bar owned by John L. Sullivan on Broadway.

  424. Stabbings: Silence of the White Lambs
    7th March 2019 Jane Kelly.


    Home Secretary Sajid Javid has called for a summit on knife crime, involving the leaders of all London’s thirty-two boroughs, senior police officers from seven of the forces most affected by violent crime, members of the criminal justice system and the NHS, to tackle knife crime.
    Last weekend in Manchester, Yousef Makki, 17, died after being stabbed, while in London, Jodie Chesney, 17, suffered the same fate. Last month, in Birmingham three teenagers died within twelve days. Two hundred and fifty died by stabbing last year, five of those in London within nine days of each other. This is a ninety-three per cent rise in teenagers being stabbed to death over the past five years.
    Worthy heads are now desperately trying to fathom out how we came to this; Dame Louise Casey, DBE, CB, former director of the charity Shelter and the ‘national Anti-Social Behaviour Unit’ opines that knife crime is caused by the government’s austerity programme. Sarah Thornton, Chair of the National Police Chiefs’ Council blames, ‘education in schools,’ (meaning lack of it). She wants ‘More funding’ for education.
    Sadiq Khan, London’s Mayor, points to exclusions from school. He’s written a letter to the PM about it, which according to newspaper reports, she hasn’t read. Jeremy Corbyn blames the carnage on vicious government cuts. Others like to claim that knife crime is a new form of disease caused by reduction of mental health services. Rappers such as Akala, blame it all on poverty.
    This view holds that if you don’t have youth clubs and extra money from the state you will  invest in a kitchen knife, not to become an apprentice chef, but to go for an afternoon stroll and use it to stab someone straight through the chest.
    There is a call for more policing but £138m has been invested in the past two years and there will be a £970m increase in funding for 2019-20. 
    As they ponder and talk, knifings continue, another one since I began this piece, a boy stabbed to death in broad daylight, (06/03/19) the twenty first this year. School children are now being given classes on how to treat life-threatening knife wounds.
    It’s as if London had been mysteriously turned into Verona in the fifteenth century, where gangs rule and boys die in the dust on a whim while the elites rage about it. Some have been murdered for putting the ‘wrong music’ on snap chat, for their mobile phones, for casual mistaken identity, out of jealousy over better trainers or a football scholarship, also for racism, but if that is black on white it isn’t mentioned. The unmentionableness of the subject is the main problem. 
    Lord Hogan-Howe, the former Metropolitan Police commissioner, is calling for a knife crime ‘Czar’ to coordinate nationwide action. Why not a Kaiser, Poohbah, Nabob or Akond?  He or more likely she, will fail because they will not be able to name the problem.
    The issue of knife crime splits the nation as evenly as Brexit. The day the ‘summit conference’ was announced the Guardian didn’t even mention it on the front page, while The Sun called for a call out of the army.
    A left wing ‘expert’ on BBC Today, on Thursday, (07/03/19) explained how exclusion from schools cannot be responsible for the killing because, ‘the worst areas for exclusions are Gloucestershire and Norfolk which have very little knife crime.’ Similar spurious comparisons are often made with Glasgow, in a deliberate refusal to acknowledge the difference in ethnicity in those populations.
    On the Today programme on Wednesday, John Humphries interviewed the mother of Jason Isaacs, 18, an apprentice carpenter, who was murdered on his way to the pictures with friends in Northolt, by two moped riders. In hospital Jason had a lung and his spleen removed, but died, the eighteenth teenager stabbed to death last year. Humphries did not ask who the attackers were.
    This deliberate absence of information immediately creates suspicion: was it Rumanians who used mopeds in a recent spate of phone thefts and acid attacks. Were the assailants part of a black gang, we are not encouraged to know. He did not ask about motive: was its robbery, yet another case of mistaken identity, or racial, along the lines of the Stephen Lawrence case but black on white? That suggestion amounts almost to blasphemy.  
    The programme was followed by Dub poet Benjamin Zephania, in his home town, Birmingham, which he happily calls, The Jamaican capital of Europe,’ talking about ‘black anger,’ and why black people in the UK, ‘should be angry.’
    What the anger should be about, Zephania, who was offered an OBE and hold seven honorary doctorates, did not say. Yet he is beloved of the BBC, a darling of the white liberal establishment, a walking Bunbury, a living embodiment of their refusal to look realistically at black culture.
    He speaks affectionately of Jamaica which has the highest murder rate in the world according to UN estimates. Most of that crime is connected to the illegal drugs trade. Nearly a million Jamaicans now live in the UK, some have brought that culture of chaos and violence with them.
    There is a tradition there of young men making war on the police which has continued in the UK. Rather than bolstering the boys in blue, the liberal intelligentsia, including Mrs May as Home Secretary, have consistently undermined them in favour of ‘community sensitivities.’
    This began after serious civil disorder in the 1980s, when there was an attempt to make Brixton a ‘no-go’ area, after which the perpetrators became the first rioters in history to be rewarded for their actions. The Scarman Report, at least the way it was interpreted, forced the police to ignore their local knowledge in favour of the ‘Support and consent of the community.’ Ten years later black culture was given further huge victim status after the death of Stephen Lawrence.
    It seems extraordinary how a small section of the 1.2 million black people in London, have been allowed to transform our society; the police turned into anxious social workers, schools disrupted, prisons full. Thanks to the abandonment of British cultural norms in favour of cultural relativism and cringing before a weaker culture, we now live within a drug culture where murder is little more than a teenage game.
    It is surely significant that in all the desperate hand wringing, no one ever mentions personal responsibility. The aspect of West Indian culture with its chaotic, fatherless families cannot be challenged.   
     In November 2018, in the Mail on Sunday, Sir Trevor Phillips, former head of the Equality Commission, was scathing about ‘white liberals’ with their ‘hand-wringing’ and called on them to admit the truth that the wave of knife crime is often black children killing black children. He called for Police dealing with gangs to be given powers akin to anti-terror laws which would allow them to detain the leaders who give the orders rather than wielding the knife. 
    Being black he was able to say the unsayable, that, ‘The victims and perpetrators are mainly from a narrow range of backgrounds, and we should not be afraid to say so. They are usually from black, Afro-Caribbean backgrounds.’
    Describing the dead as ‘sacrifices in an unwinnable war,’ he said that the political response had been ‘pathetic.’ As long as it remains the case that no white person in the UK dares to say anything similar, a minority of a minority have gained an absurd and terrible victory

  425. Baron – 00:08

    David Blackburn, yes. ACP was referring to DB’s Spectator blog post of 30th October, 2010. Here…

    This was where in the comments section that Frank P enquire of DB whether his use of the word “closet” (not to mention “Ginger!”) was Freudian. I was on that day internet history was made when after Frank P’s final question ACP coined the acronym “WBGTDWI.” Quite frankly they should both have got the 2011 Nobel Prize… for something or other.

    I bow down to ACP’s internet ferreting prowess for his ability to retrieve the comments on Spectator articles that have been long since wiped.

    Re: “these two often talk in a way that totally confuses Baron”

    It’s quite simple really, Baron. It’s all a “riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma” as WSC once put it. (about the Russians!) Or in another example, expressed in the patois of S. Croydon today, one might say that ACP is “the dude, playing the dude, disguised as another dude.”

    I hope that helps!
    🙂 🙂 🙂

  426. ACP 1013 March 8

    Ode to next Sunday

    There once was a mid March day
    When people would gather and say
    St Patrick’s day here
    Let’s wear green and give cheer
    And party the night away

  427. Bud Nelson, from New York; flew to Knock Airport in the west of Ireland on business. As he walked down the stairs from the plane onto the runway he noticed a small Irishman standing beside a long table with an assortment of Human Skulls.

    “What are you doing?” asked the American.

    “I’m selling skulls”, replied the Irishman.

    “And what skulls do you have?” said Bud.

    “Well, I have the skulls of the most famous Irishmen that ever lived!” said the Irishman.

    “That’s great!” said Bud. “Give me some names!”

    “Well!” said the Irishman, pointing to various skulls. “That one there is James Joyce, the famous author and playwright, that one there is St. Brendan, the Navigator, that’s Michael Collins the leader of the 1916 rising, and that one there is St. Patrick, the Patron Saint of Ireland…god bless his soul.”

    “Sorry” said Bud, “But did you say St. Patrick?”

    “That’s correct!” said the Irishman.

    “I have to have that!” said Bud and paid him £50.00 in cash.

    Bud flew back to New York and mounted his Skull on the wall in his Pub. People came from all over America to view this famous Skull. He made a fortune over a five-year period and retired a very rich man. During his retirement, he decided to go back to visit Ireland, the land that made him a fortune.

    Bud flew back into Knock airport, and while walking down the stairs saw the same Irishman at the bottom of the stairs.

    “God”, said Bud, “What are you doing?”

    “I’m selling skulls”, replied the Irishman.

    “And what skulls do you have today?” said Bud.

    “Well, I have the skulls of the most famous Irishmen that ever lived!” said the Irishman.

    “That’s great!” said Bud. “Give me some names!”

    “Well!” said the Irishman, pointing to various skulls. “That one there is James Joyce, the famous author and playwright, that one there is St. Brendan, the Navigator, that’s Michael Collins the leader of the 1916 rising, and that one there is St. Patrick, the Patron Saint of Ireland…god bless his soul.”

    “Sorry” said Bud, “But did you say St. Patrick?”

    “That’s correct!” said the Irishman. “Well!” said Bud, I was here almost 7 years ago and you sold me a Skull a little bit bigger than that one there, and you told me then that the skull was St. Patrick.”

    “Oh yes!” said the Irishman, “I remember you now! You see… This is St. Patrick when he was a boy!”

  428. David Blackburn, Pete Hosking.
    Those were the days.
    Where is Frank P?

  429. Yes. As Verity used to say, ‘Where is Frank P?’

  430. It’s very odd, there seems to be lots of wreckage and passengers plus suitcases etc from this brand new jet which crashed.
    Unlike the neat hole in the ground from the 9-11 crash which seemed to have nothing at all.

  431. Andy my old fruit, my honoured mucker, how are you.
    I logged on to see how yall were and I saw your re-emergence from the grave.
    I am planning my spring visit and, as usual, when I deplane from Heathrow I will be going to the Charlotte Street Hotel. I could think of no greater honour than to stand you lunch.
    At present it looks like 27 March (Wednesday) at noontime. Can you make that?

  432. JJB – At this stage, I have to say that it is looking ominously possible. We could celebrate my recent conversion to Southern Baptism by singing a medley of redneck dirges in the hotel bar.

  433. “The Real Elephant In The Brexit Living Room”


  434. EC @ March 12th, 2019 – 11:46

    Could someone, EC not born in this country, not being inculcated with the neme the guy’s talking about, but an import, disagree with him on one point?

    He’s getting it wrong, it isn’t the royal family, it’s the institution of the Monarchy that matters, they are there to just give it life, one couldn’t have, as the guy says, just an urn with the crown on the top, that wouldn’t do as well the Queen (or the King) who suits the institution of the Monarchy better, if only because of the precedence.

    The monarchy is of importance, it’s a vehicle for the historical continuance of the people within it, it’s not unlike a family sharing the same history, albeit at a personal level, of the past that binds them together.

    Every tribe of people of a certain if hard to define sameness has something similar, mostly something like an object e.g the American have the flag, as do other countries. We could of course rid ourselves of the monarchy, get an elected Head of State, whether that would be an improvement is arguable, but then we would still have to find something that would do the coupling both with the past, and also with the future, e.g swear on the flag or something.

    The young man sounds like the soft interpretation of globalism, a world with no borders, no nationalities, no allegiance to a tribe that has shared a past. That may come, but since we still pay taxes to the London Exchequer, we would be well advised to keep the Monarchy going. Looking at the recent events, it’s not the institution that seems to be failing us, no?

  435. Could there be some other explanation for the two buddies getting together? One calling the other ‘a fruit’? Hmmm

  436. Fergus Pickering @ March 10th, 2019 – 16:31

    That’s pre-Roman, Fergus, found as a notation in the Dead Sea Scrolls with the reference to Ramses II.

  437. EC @ March 10th, 2019 – 10:01

    Yes, it does help, EC, thanks.

  438. A massive picture covering half of the front page of the ST rag last Sunday showing four men and one female pouring buckets of fake blood in Westminster. (Rather misogynistic that, it could be that one or two of the males are transitioning, but it doesn’t say). That is supposed to tell the political gnomes they are not doing enough to stop global warming.

    One can argue what blood has to do with the warming of the planet, one can but Baron won’t because a linkage there must be. This is not what the barbarian from the East intends to do, his intention here is to tell you about a brilliant idea of his of combating global warming, an idea that shrieks for the Nobel Prize.

    Why don’t we push the earth abit more from the sun? You know, get the orbit marginally bigger than it is, that should do the trick of lowering the intensity of the sun’s rays, cool the place down, safe us from getting burnt (or from our blood boiling, that’s may be the link).

    If you think it cannot be done, think again. We can all, the seven billion of us, get a couple of baked beans cans each, consume it, then few hours later line up in a certain direction the scientists can figure out, and at a given signal, fart.

    Someone who the people of the world trust, like Obama, would then light a match, and voila, the burst cannot but push the planet further from the sun, if not sufficiently at first, the experiment could be repeated, there’s plenty of bake beans cans around. The bang could be quite loud so we will have to cover our ears, but that’s nothing if it saves the world from burning, no?

    Brilliant, don’t you think?

  439. Apologies for the errors, and yes, Baron’ s leaving right now.

  440. baron,
    What the devil are you putting in your tea these days? let me know as I certainly could do with a dose.As for the monarchy, it will endure, it is the tribal totem of the British people despite the ravings of Harry and his Mrs Simpson. As for Brexit, forget it. Democracy is the one thing the establishment will not tolerate, as Parliament has tonight so blindingly illustrated.

  441. stephen maybery @ March 12th, 2019 – 20:44

    Nothing’s in Baron’s tea, stephen, it’s the tea itself, Waitrose’s own brand, you should try it, strong, tasty, and noticeably cheaper than the branded stuff.

    As for Brexit, there’s a glimmer of hope, Jacob’s and his crew should put in an amendment to the tomorrow’s motion on the ‘no-deal’, link to it no confidence in the Government.

    If the motion passes the Government will fall, the ‘no-deal’ will pass, but it won’t be binding on the new Government. If the motion is defeated, the Government will continue limping on, but the motion of no-deal Brexit will be safe.

    Genius or what?

  442. Rod Liddle reckons Brexit’s dead, the whole exercise was for nothing, we’re chained to the Brussels monstrosity well into eternity (but not a day longer, heh, heh).

    If the MPs vote to revoke art.50 it would be akin to signing their own death warrants, Baron reckons, people will be truly pi$$ed off, even those who were on the margin voting to remain, it would essentially confirm democracy as it was known in ‘barbaric’ Britain’s dead.

    On the ‘You and Yours’ BBC Radio4 a caller said he’s been stocking up on essentials not because he fears the supply of foodstuff will be disrupted due to our leaving without a deal, but because he reckons the House will scupper Brexit, revoke art. 50, and the streets will erupt.

    We shall se if John Bull has the balls to go boisterous flexing his muscles, or meekly accept the betrayal.

    Here’s Rod’s short take on it:

    “And that, my lovely friends, is it for Brexit. You kippers and ERGers who think we’ll leave with no deal, are deluded. They will not let it happen. They were never going to let it happen.

    Brexit has been killed by a Parliament which by a two-to-one majority never wanted it, despite what lip service they paid to respecting the will of the people. The liberal elite has won. I suspect it will be its last victory before it is expunged”.

    He may of course be just teasing.

  443. Is anyone except stephen still alive, or have you all decided to end it all, join the one with the capital H?

  444. On the Boeing 737 MAX read the Moon of Alabama piece, if you have the time, and you should, watch also the Al Jazeera clip, it’s not on the same plane, but on the marvel of future technology the Dreamliner.

    Would you trust them?

  445. Herbert Thornton @ March 12th, 2019 – 23:33

    If only we had the PR system for electing the House rather than the FPTP, Herbert.

  446. Ode to stalemate:

    Remoaners to the left, Brextremists to the right,
    Theresa “Maggie” May has an uphill fight.
    I can’t see her lasting many more days,
    Unless she changes her stubborn ways.

    Theresa is an immovable object.
    Her hubby must be totally henpecked.
    Trying to please just everyone,
    Annoying all is what she’s done.

    Right now she is UK Prime Minister,
    But her own back benchers are getting sinister.
    Some say she’s sold us down the river,
    A thing for which they can’t forgive her.

    Others claim she’s gone too far,
    As we should stay just where we are.
    Some see Europe as our friend,
    But others say the UK we must defend.

    Ireland is a sticking point
    A thing that’s gonna rock the joint.
    They don’t know where to put the border,
    Without causing grief and disorder.

    What an impasse, feels like stalemate,
    Are we heading to be a ***** state?
    Who knows what’s going to happen next?
    No wonder we are all perplexed.

  447. Baron, March 13th, 2019 – 03:15

    Both of those links, absolutely staggering!
    No, I wouldn’t trust either of them, or Boeing!

    CHWallsters will no doubt remember, I do, that during the 1990s Boeing had problems with their 737s crashing into the ground after takeoff due to a different design problem.

  448. Feargas Pickering – 08:21

    Not perplexed, Fergus, just fucking angry!

  449. Herbert Thornton March 12th, 2019 – 23:33

    Farage took the money and ran after the referendum. Though he’s happy to take his UKIP MEP salary after leaving the party in a mess.
    His neo-cameroonian, soft, conservatism will fatally split the future conservative vote.
    He should have remained with UKIP, not betray it for the half promise of a peerage from the ERG if he converts to toryism when May goes.

    He’s lmi and his soft

  450. Baron March 12th, 2019 – 18:15

    Finely ranted M’Lud,

    However I suspect that, as the 7 billion of us synchronise our gaseous emissions, preparatory to our final journey either towards, or away from the Sun, dependent upon the final and infallible conclusions of our AGW scientific community, some uber-priviledged first year PPE student will light up his first spliff of the day, thereby immolating the entire plant and cooking all the remaining cod in one vast oceanic cauldron.

  451. EC 09.08.

    Yup, ±me too

  452. “The Assyrian came down like the wolf on the fold”. Otherwise known as whose “sarin” now.

    With apologies to EC, who probably has copyright on the such puns….

  453. Spotted this week on Jihad Watch.

    “Dutch author and sociologist Ruud Koopmans said this week that Muslims are more difficult to integrate into Western society than other migrant groups because of a literal interpretation of the Quran prevalent among Muslims.”
    Koopmans called this a “threat to world peace.” Most Muslims agree that “Muslims should return to the roots of Islam,” while a whopping “75 percent think there is only one interpretation of the Qur’an possible to which every Muslim should stick.” That interpretation is normative Islam, and the one that resulted in over 11 million Muslims being murdered for not being Muslim enough since 1948, along with innumerable non-Muslims. It’s also the same interpretation that for a millennium and more has divided the world into two camps: the House of War (Infidel countries) and the House of Islam (Islamic countries), with the mandate that the latter must conquer the former.
    Jihad Watch and other organizations that support the principles of free society in the West have been warning about these truths for a long time, while Leftists and Islamic supremacists work to obscure them and continue to erode the foundations of societies that are built on human rights and freedom. It is key to understanding the global jihad to accept the fact that the jihad imperative is rooted in Islamic doctrine. Understanding this will enable the West to stand firmly for freedom and establish sensible policies, including an end to the open-door immigration that advances the hijrah (jihad by immigration).
    Dutch author and sociologist Ruud Koopmans said this week that Muslims are more difficult to integrate into Western society than other migrant groups because of a literal interpretation of the Quran prevalent among Muslims.
    Ruud Koopmans, professor at the Berlin Social Science Center and author of several books including Contested Citizenship: Immigration and Cultural Diversity in Europe, told the Danish newspaper Berlingske that whereas most groups of migrants integrate relatively quickly, especially from one generation to the next, Islam stands out as an exception.
    “Although it’s not completely absent in Muslims, the change is much slower,” he said, noting that a literal interpretation of the Quran prevents them from integrating into Western countries.
    In an earlier published study titled “Fundamentalism and out-group hostility,” Koopmans compared Muslim radicalism with Christian radicalism to better understand why Islam stands out for its isolationism.
    “Almost 60 percent agree that Muslims should return to the roots of Islam,” he wrote, while “75 percent think there is only one interpretation of the Qur’an possible to which every Muslim should stick.”
    Koopmans, who has been studying Islam for over twenty years, also found that “65 percent say that religious rules are more important to them than the laws of the country in which they live.”
    Regarding Christian citizens on the other hand, Koopmans found that fewer than 4 percent “can be characterized as consistent fundamentalists.”
    “I conclude that the Islamic world is lagging behind rest of the world when it comes to democracy, human rights, and political and economic development,” Koopmans told Berlingske in his interview this week.
    “The main problem is how many Muslims and, globally, how many Muslim countries interpret Islam. Namely, in a way that basically claims that the Qur’an and the Sunna must be taken literally, and that the way the Prophet lived in the 7th century must be the yardstick for how Muslims should live in the 21st century,” he said.
    “Such a brand of Islam is, firstly, a threat to world peace. Secondly, it prevents integration,” Koopmans concluded.
    Although it is politically taboo to draw distinctions between ethnic groups when it comes to immigration, some scholars, including Pope Benedict XVI, have urged the West not to assume that all cultures share its basic suppositions about the human person and society.
    Prior to his election as pope, Joseph Ratzinger wrote that “the interplay of society, politics, and religion has a completely different structure in Islam” than it does in the West.
    Unfortunately, he added, much of today’s discussion in the West regarding Islam “presupposes that all religions have basically the same structure, that they all fit into a democratic system with its regulations and the possibilities provided by these regulations.”
    “The Koran is a total religious law….”

  454. Exactly as I we and so many say.
    They shouldn’t be here they don’t belong here and they are no use to us whatsoever …

  455. There are some colours that just don’t fit the rainbow range, it seems, the question remains ‘how long will it take for those who govern us to figure it out?’

  456. The winds of change are here, someone should tell the woman that pi$$ing against them is only good for someone who doesn’t mind wearing wet trousers.

    (Agreed, also of a pre-Roman origins, but what the heck).

  457. Noa @ March 13th, 2019 – 16:14

    Peter’s right, but a fat lot of good can it do, the Guardian is running a podcast “Syria, Skripal and MH17: how Bellingcat broke the news”, peddling the original stuff, totally ignoring the latest.

    As Baron keeps saying the great Mark Steyn hit the nail right on the head, it’s the process that does the harm, the outcome seldom if ever matters. It was enough for May and the others to accuse Assad, no further findings could alter the initial response, not in an environment where truth no longer matters.

  458. Baron,
    Respectfully, as a sitter, not a pointer, what would she know about pissing in the wind?
    However She is an experience practitioner of the Scouse tradition on Spion Kop of a “Hot leg”.

  459. The charade in the House continues, the woman’s quip ‘I have lost my voice, but I can hear the voice of the country’ is on par if not more cringing that the ghastly Blair’s ‘hands of history’, hopefully she will be remembered as the one hearing voices.

    Has it ever happened that a PM would have lost on key policies, and by a massive margin, too, yet continued to cling to power?

    She has no capacity for shame, lacks dignity completely, is beyond joke.

    Not that Baron has ever though highly of the Cameron boy, but when he lost on Brexit he went. That was what one would expect of any PM of this country, obviously, she has decided to set a different precedence.

    When we leave, and it seems we are to leave without a deal, we should seriously revamp the way we elect those who govern us, this House is full of mediocrity, people whose obsequiousness pains, not one of the clowns of a caliber of a statesmen. Tragic this.

  460. Noa @ March 13th, 2019 – 23:16

    Point taken, young sir, but who knows she could be transitioning soon, the medical profession could equip her with a tubular piece that facilitates pi$$ing whilst standing, weirder things are happening, one scans the papers, is shocked, the trans madness is catching on mightily.

    Btw, you get the above only because the barbarian has no idea what “Spion Kop of a “Hot leg” is all about, he can guess, but would he be right (as googling it did FA to enlighten him).

  461. Still on the Douma chemical attack, this piece is from the offGuardian, it’s a strongly left leaning outfit, pro-Palestinian, against Israel, but the piece sums up the incident relatively objectively, and not dissimilarly from Peter H’s slicing of it.

  462. If you have the time this may be of interest, the overwhelming conviction of the people of China that their country’s moving in the right direction compared with the opposite for the leading Western nations (except Canada where the doubters are also fewer, but only marginally).

    If one adds to it the numbers behind the countries (China’s population outstrips the sum of the others) one cannot but conclude that unless something truly big happens stopping the Chinese juggernaut we’re doomed.

  463. What is to be made of this? –

  464. Baron
    Spoon Kop was the standing only end of the ground at Anfield, the home of Liverpool FC. Like several other grounds the name originated from the disastrous battle in the Boer War, when heavy casualties were inflicted on the Northern county regiments that fought in them.
    A ‘hot leg’ refers to the warming experience as, having placed his appendage in another’s pocket on the overcrowded stand, the supporter relieves himself of his pre-match beer.
    Prawn sandwiches were not an accompaniment.

  465. Apologies ‘Spion Kop’ not ‘Spoon Kop’.

  466. Noa, March 13th, 2019 – 16:14

    Yes, Byron large, it’s always good to have a few puns set Assad for a rainy day.

  467. Noa @ March 14th, 2019 – 08:29

    Get in, tank you, Noa, the leg warming part is what Baron thought it was, but the sex (or is it gender?) of the warming initiator’s different.

  468. A telephone call to a council of a town near the M25, a recorded message, altogether 10 options, of which one’s running for full 26 seconds. Before the options, the caller is warned that the information he supplies will be used for training but also to deal with the matter in question, it can also be shared wit other council departments, stored, all in accordance with legal requirements.

    You may not believe Baron, but he was so taken by surprise that by the end of the recorded message he forgot what it was he was going to ask (well, nearly forgot).

  469. Herbert Thornton @ March 14th, 2019 – 00:35

    Standard performances by Nigel & the Brussels sprouts, Herbert.

    Nobody really knows how we’re going to leave, Baron reckons it’s 50-50 we leave without a deal or will get one imposed upon us.

    Here’s another atk more balanced than the rambling of one of the Brussels apparatchiks:

  470. Sweet baby Jesus, how can you stand the grammatically skewed, full of errors postings by the barbarian. Truly well meaning apologies, it’s not intended, the mistakes aren’t intended, it’s mostly the tugging software, but often he changes his mind whilst typing e.g ‘a pre-Roman origins’, others like that. Sorry.

  471. Noa, March 13th, 2019 – 16:14

    Apropos Wolves, an infamous hun, and a wannabe lion of Judah

    Here is one of the most excruciating puns ever to be perpetrated upon an unsuspecting and ill prepared British TV audience:

    The coup de grâce is delivered toward the end of the sketch by Peter Sellers. Along the way sit back and enjoy three of the finest in the business with some outrageous ad-libbing, trying to make one another “corpse” of live TV. Script, what script?

  472. Baron – 10:50

    It’s deliberate policy that most modern organisations employ to distance themselves from their customers. As long as they have your money they really don’t DGAS. The only thing that your local council wants from you is your council tax monthly direct debit payments.

  473. Baron – 10:53,
    Herbert Thornton – 00:35

    I hope that ultimately, after the civil war has ended, any MP who voted last night to take a “no deal BRexit” off the table will suffer the same fate as Vidkun Quisling.

    50-50 BRexit? That depends upon whether Nigel et al can persuade any of the currently disillusioned “awkward squad” of EU member states to veto any extension to Article 50. The trouble is the EU will buy their votes… with OUR money!

    If Article 50 is extended, at a price, then the UK will have to be included in the upcoming EU elections… in May? It’s a pity that Nigel Farage effectively FCUKed UKIP as they would have won by a landslide.

  474. EC March 14th, 2019 – 10:58

    Thank you very much for that EC. I’m still chuckling. Baron too, may be inspired by and take comfort from the mystery food, commonly known as “Moles Mariniere”.

  475. On soldier F:

    It’s an unforgivable disgrace for the Armed Forces, a glaring contempt of natural justice, a decision close to infamy of the agencies of the State involved, to drag the soldier, now an old man, through the courts four decades after the tragedy.

    This is what the Irish Chief PP prosecutor said: ” … that those killed or injured were not posing a threat to any of the soldiers.”

    You may feel differently, but the barbarian’s blood pressure always rises massively when he hears, usually the prosecuting side saying whoever the injured party was “he or she or they was/were not posing a threat …”

    Today, we know it, we may have known it hours after the tragedy, possibly minutes, but how TF could the soldier know it the second he was facing the angry mob?

    A similar argument by the CPS was used in the Tony Martin’s case, the jury was told the two burglars were not armed, didn’t want to harm the farmer, just relieve him of few possessions, bla, bla, bla.

    And it may have been, probably was true, but how could Tony have known the second he confronted the two?

    Imagine yourself facing two grown up men, in the darkness of the night, woken from a sleep, nobody but you in the dwelling, the farm miles away from the cops. Wouldn’t you assume they were there to do you harm, wouldn’t you do everything possible neutralising them? Human self-preservation instinct cum instantaneous logic would kick in, it’s by far more acceptable to spend time at HM pleasure than rot in the cemetery, no?

    It’s the fault of the individuals doing the burgling that they end up in a coffin, had they not burgled they would have lived.

    Back to the soldier F: If anyone should be punished it’s the political masters who ordered the soldiers to NI, it was the wrong force, it’s the police that should be responsible for law and order on our streets, not the Army. Soldiers are the last resort in defending a nation’s from an existential threat, they are, or should be told, to kill the enemy, avoid being killed by the enemy, that’s the only job for which they train. That wasn’t the case during the troubles, the IRA thugs were a menace, but the outfit didn’t;t present an existential threat to the country, never.

    To be frank, the barbarian has no dog in the race, the case exercises him because we seem to have irrevocably altered the terms of reference for a number of institutions, we’ve left the old labels on, replaced the content – schools no longer teach the three Rs, soldiers no longer destroy our enemies, the Government no longer govern,s but interferes in our private lives. Fugging lunacy.

  476. …Of which, when they are in season, he has a copious supply.

  477. EC @ March 14th, 2019 – 11:50

    Look at Brexit through the eyes of the appointed, undemocratic apparatchiks, EC.

    They cannot allow Brexit to succeed, they have to keep us in chained in if only partly, have some control over our destiny to ensure we fail in doing better outside the monstrosity than in to prevent others mimicking us, also leaving. The dream project is their top and only priority, the cost’s immaterial.

    It may be only by default they lose control over our future, but they will do everything to avoid it, hence Tusk’s idea of pushing the date two years up. That will give them time to cobble up together a document so baffling that not even the lawyers drafting it will understand, but one that will not let go of some form of control over our future.

    We should just leave, cut off the umbilical cord, be done with it. There would be problems, but so what? The country’s recovered from the consequences of WW2, leaving the EU ‘just like that’ would a child’s play to recover from.

  478. EC @ March 14th, 2019 – 10:58

    If it isn’t scripted, EC, the three were genuinely touched any a comic genius (the barbarian suspects that striped it must have been, at least partly, no?).

  479. Baron March 14th, 2019 – 16:45

    On an episode of ‘The World at War’ which addresses, I think the Burma campaign some contemporary newsreel footage is played.
    It shows British soldiers walking, post-combat between the bodies of Japanese soldiers, occasionally shooting one as it presumably moves.
    No doubt, were they, indeed if they are, still alive those soldiers could be identified, arrested, tried and imprisoned for their heinous war crimes.
    And what if they are dead?
    Well, so what? Being merely passed on, having shuffled off the mortal coil is no excuse to today’s Social Justiciers.
    Lets have ’em up! Saville style! What’s good enough for Ted Heath is certainly good enough for the British Army, as the ever luvvable Piers Morgan, now rehabilitated by the Daily Mail, will testify.

  480. Here’s a story connected to moules, the barbarian wasn’t sure whether he should tell it, but has now decided it’s OK.

    Moules mariniere and moules à l’escargot were always the barbarian’s order when he visited Brussels (oysters were even then too pricey), the place was the Arms of Brussels (it must still be there), a medium size eatery, always full, excellent service, the barbarian has forgotten the name of the waiter with whom he performed the same joke on each visit (even if Baron came for lunch and dinner the same day).

    Baron would call ‘garçon, garçon’ when the guy was in close vicinity, attract his attention, then point to a little nothing in the large bowl of steaming moules mariniere ‘what’s this?’. The waiter would answer ‘that, sir, is a fly, but we’re not going to charge you for it’. Baron would then eat the allegedly offending piece of flying protein as if it was OK to consume, paying no attention to other diners.

    (It’s true, the barbarian didn’t make it up, he must have paid a large chunk of the place’s rates).

    Only once, a couple of Americans, he and she, asked Baron whether it was truly a fly, and Baron ate it.

  481. Noa @ March 14th, 2019 – 16:51

    One laughs watching it, Noa, but it’s true, one should cry, better still get out out of it, as the people instructed the political gnomes at Westminster to do, they’re resisting because many would like trend up there.

  482. EC @ March 14th, 2019 – 11:17

    Absolutely spot on on the tax issue, EC, and you know what?

    In the last 20 years, Baron’s Council tax increased massively, it’s now almost treble what it was by the end of last century, but the roads are no better (probably worse), to see a policeman in the village would be a miracle, and as for the rest of the services the Council provides, these Baron doesn’t use.

    Where does the money go?

  483. “Where does the money go?”

    Mostly salaries and ever-increasing pensions, both these items of expenditure pay out our good money for nothing.

    The remainder is wasted. As the TaxPayers Alliance, (essential stress-free reading on the Ark), demonstrates weekly.

    So the cost of probate is sneakily increased and the cost of a Death Certificate copy goes up from £4 to £11. All to feed the fiscal haemorrhage of Moehne dam proportions that is prudent Government vote buying.
    Never mind the soap box, pass me the pork barrel comrades.

  484. Council pension funds baron, same place as extra money made available to the police .

  485. “Now I will tell you the answer to my question. It is this. The Party seeks power entirely for its own sake. We are not interested in the good of others; we are interested solely in power, pure power. What pure power means you will understand presently. We are different from the oligarchies of the past in that we know what we are doing. All the others, even those who resembled ourselves, were cowards and hypocrites. The German Nazis and the Russian Communists came very close to us in their methods, but they never had the courage to recognize their own motives. They pretended, perhaps they even believed, that they had seized power unwillingly and for a limited time, and that just around the corner there lay a paradise where human beings would be free and equal. We are not like that. We know that no one ever seizes power with the intention of relinquishing it. Power is not a means; it is an end. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship. The object of persecution is persecution. The object of torture is torture. The object of power is power. Now you begin to understand me.”
    ― George Orwell, 1984

    Hat tip – The Salisbury Review

  486. Up close. Entertaining too? –

  487. Rod Liddle’s latest Speccie piece.

    Really? The SDP? Come on Mr L…

    Let’s split the Right’s, erm the Left’s vote even further…

    “I was down the pub with my wife last week, out in the tiny smoking section, when a woman with a glass of beer sat down beside us and opened a conversation. She was from Delhi, she told us, before announcing somewhat grandly that she was an ‘academic’. I suppose I should have got the hell out there and then, but I was enjoying my cigarette. Anyway, we chatted briefly about the university at which she worked and shortly after this she said that at the moment she was ‘preparing for 29 March’ and was aghast at the whole Brexit business.

    Oh, I said, I voted Leave. She responded somewhat acidly: ‘And this is where the conversation ends. I cannot talk to irrational people.’ I demurred a little… um, you know, I don’t think I’m actually irrational and it’s a little bit rude to suggest that I am.

    At which point she told me to ‘check your privilege — I have brown skin and you are old and white’. I suggested to her that when it came to privilege, holding a university post wasn’t too bad, was it, which was when she called me a ‘jackass’ and the conversation sadly ended.

    It seemed to me a bit rich that a woman who came to the UK on a nice scholarship and had landed a good job in a university could be so blithely dismissive of the views of the majority of people in this country, even if it is a small majority. She struck me as being smug and stupid, a fairly lethal combination. So I looked her up on her university website. Remember that comment of hers about not wanting to talk to irrational people, a comment made solely because I had told her I voted Leave? Well, she teaches a course about Brexit at her university. I bet the kids get a really rounded view of the whole business, then — and this at a college which promises students they will be given ‘the ability to formulate and sustain a complex argument which is supported with appropriate evidence’. Remember, too, the speed with which this idiot clambered into victimhood as soon as anyone even mildly challenged her asinine worldview.

    But I suspect she is not quite alone within higher education in being a bit dim and very absolutist and inculcating those qualities into her poor benighted bloody students, along with the usual checklist of fraudulent idioms about privilege and power and how old people are vile.

    The irony was I had just come from giving a speech to a bunch of sixth-form students about the nature of truth and how to distinguish between false news and reality. The kids were great — well informed, sparky and full of clever questions. I hate to think of them a year or so down the line, studying one or other social science under the guidance of a halfwit who thinks all opinions other than her own are irrational.

    Meanwhile, as Brexit limps like a dog with a broken back towards a grotesquely unsatisfactory denouement imposed upon it by a government, civil service, broadcast media and House of Commons that did not want it in the first place, I’ve done what, as a 25-year-old, I would have considered treacherous — I’ve joined the SDP. I have scoured its various mission statements and cannot find anything in it with which I would dis-agree. It’s staunchly pro-Brexit, supports the traditional family and the nation state and, in lieu of the endless hierarchy of competing intersectional victimhoods so beloved of Labour (and the Lib Dems, and most of the Tories), it stresses the commonality shared between citizens, rather than the differences.

    It’s also pro-armed forces. In other words, it most definitely ain’t liberal. But by the same token, it’s pro-social market and a bit of government spending here and there, so it’s fiscally centre-ish or perhaps centre-left. The party leader, William Clouston, is a former Conservative. The London regional organiser was once a Labour candidate. The SDP’s serving MEP is Patrick O’Flynn, who was previously a member of Ukip.

    What they — and I — have in common is a deep disaffection for the parties of which they were once members and a determination to allow the electorate the whiff of a new agenda which is utterly unrepresented in the House of Commons at present, except in sadly ineffectual tendrils: Blue Labour, Red Tory and so on.

    As I’ve mentioned here before, all but one of the parties in the House of Commons is by a majority of MPs pro-Remain. Further-more all of the sitting members, with the exception of the DUP and a handful of Labour and Conservative recusants, are basically liberal on social issues. The divide which exists in society, then, is not remotely reflected in the Commons, and the creation of the new ‘Independent’ bloc of MPs merely emphasises this lack of representation: they too are all pro-Remain, they too are all social liberals.

    The SDP is a small party at the moment, but growing quite rapidly from an admittedly low base, and at least Shirley Williams is no longer part of it: this time the party is strongly represented among the working class, which it never really was before. I’m telling you, when I read their policies in detail and spoke to a few members, it was like that moment when you lock eyes with a woman on the other side of the bar and you suddenly know that you will be together for life, rather than just back to her place for a cheapening night of desultory sexual intercourse from which you depart at dawn. If I can put it like that. Which I suppose I just have.

    Anyway, we need new members for this exciting project. Join me in — what was that phrase again? — oh yeah, breaking the mould.”

  488. From last week’s Spectator ;a letter from Nigel Lawson:The point of Article 50.

    “The author of article 50 was John Kerr……He explained to me……the purpose of Article 50 was to make it as difficult as possible for a country leave the EU…A clever man,he did a good job.”
    Lord Nigel Lawson.

  489. re Christchurch. My Facebook post 5 minutes ago. I don’t expect it to last. Aussie media already ringing its hands and managing to shit it’s pants at the same time!!

    “Remind me again, how many Aussie shooters are there compared to deeply committed M*s*im killers since 9/11? Whilst in doesn’t make it ‘right’ and it’s not a game of numbers, but 30 on one side today, 3600 on the other in one day back in 2001.

    Just saying.”

  490. Re NZ.

    Them damn White Christians, they’re learning the lesson.

  491. I suppose that for those passengers on the gravy train, particularly those in the first class compartment, it’s never a good idea to express one’s thoughts on “events” before the global leaders [eg. Macron] have had the opportunity to gush the customary platitudes that are required on such occasions

    Two people that are on the naughty chair today for speaking “their truth” too soon are….

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ✔
    At 1st I thought of saying, “Imagine being told your house of faith isn’t safe anymore.”
    But I couldn’t say “imagine.”
    Because of Charleston.
    Sutherland Springs.
    What good are your thoughts & prayers when they don’t even keep the pews safe?

    This is probably the 1st time that this looney er… AOC has said anything remotely er… true?

    Aussie Senator Fraser Anning…
    …said the attacks highlighted the “growing fear over an increasing Muslim presence” in Australian and New Zealand communities. He went on to claim the real cause of the bloodshed that’s left at least 49 people dead is New Zealand’s immigration policy.

  492. I don’t expect any “Je suis Christchurch” #tags or banners as they might be deemed a trifle insensitive, of not haram… Hopefully, also, we might be spared the endless replays of the spectre-ly clad John Lennon knocking out “Imagine… [there’s no heaven]” which would also be offensive to the devout.

    I do expect some knee jerk legislation to be introduced in NZ for a S.Island or even nationwide gun grab. The Aussies used the Port Arthur incident in April 1996 for a similar purpose. As did the UK in March 1996 following Dunblane.
    In all three incidents it took one single nutter….

  493. How did this guy slip through the BBCQT audience screening…

    “Audience Demolishes ‘Arrogant’ Second Referendum Politicians on Question Time”

  494. Baron,

    An example of your TECOE ?

    “17 Million F*ck Offs – A Song About Brexit”

  495. The car crash in Birmingham where two children were killed.
    – – –
    Pictures from the scene, where Birmingham New Road meets Lawnswood Avenue, show the Audi and BMW severely smashed up with one vehicle’s air bags deployed.
    The area was cordoned off by police after the crash at around 8.45pm on Thursday and remained shut until 3.40am.
    It is a hot spot for dangerous driving, with police and other local authorities previously appealing to the High Court to get by-laws in place to ban people from taking part in illegal races.
    A known hot spot.
    I assume it would be racist to arrest the people involved.

  496. An item on the Conservative woman website.
    Any religion can be criticised – except Islam
    By Dr Campbell Campbell-Jack –
    A quick read of the story which if you follow these things you are probably aware of and then to the comments.
    – – !

    Interestingly there are none.
    All it says is, this discussion has been closed.
    So to make a comment you had to have it on a different thread.
    And as somebody put it how ironic to have comments closed on an item about free speech.

  497. Not exactly what I would call the ravings of a madman I would actually say there is a lot of truth in what he says .

  498. passed by the east London mosque today, pavements littered with armed police. I cannot remember when I last saw a cop on the streets of Whitechapel. One wonders why? and what are they doing when not guarding the Mosque?certainly not clearing druggies from the neighbourhood.

  499. You can’t have anyone attacking the Muslims they are nice friendly folk who Just want to be left alone while shagging your daughters

  500. I know that this runs the risk of being brushed aside, but I still lean towards believing that Farage is preferable to most members of the current Parliament. At the very least, he does not, it seems to me, epitomise fatalistic or despairing apathy –

  501. John Birch,15 March at 17-19.

    The ref. you give is not open to general use.
    The shooters words are being hunted-down and removed from the http://www.;but they can be found with a search.Iwill not give refs which will help the enemy.

  502. The NZ shooter has written :

    `When I was young I was a communist,then an anarchist and finally a libertarian before coming to be an eco-fascist`.

    The nation with the closest political and social values to my own is the Peoples Republic of China.`

    `(Am I) a supporter of Trump? Dear God No.`

    `(Am I) a conservative?No,conservatism is corporatism in disguise. I want no part of it`.

    The main stream conservatives are :”milky-toast civic nationalist baby-boomers”.
    [That would sum-up Farage,Boris,Gove etc.]

  503. Redford NG.
    I downloaded it onto my device but now I get 403 forbidden when I go to it .
    I had read over half of it yesterday and it was absolutely not the ramblings of a madman I took a screenshot of page 33 (I think it was )about diversity and I could find absolutely nothing to disagree with .

  504. Got it again and I agree with this justification for posting it.
    – – –
    [Here is the “Manifesto” of the alleged shooter in the killing of, so far, 49 persons at Christchurch mosques in New Zealand today, May 15, 2019. It’s entitled “The Great Replacement” in reference to the mass invasion of White societies by non-Whites that is set to racially and culturally replace our societies if continued at present rates.

    Posting this manifesto is not an endorsement of what has occurred, but rather to present his thinking, for better or worse, of why he carried it out.

  505. Diversity is weak
    Why is diversity said to be our greatest strength? Does anyone even ask why? It is spoken like a mantra and repeated ad infinitum “diversity is our greatest strength, diversity is our greatest strength, diversity is our greatest strength…”. Said throughout the media, spoken by politicians, educators and celebrities. But no one ever seems to give a reason why.
    What gives a nation strength? And how does diversity increase that strength? What part of diversity causes this increase in strength? No one can give an answer.
    Meanwhile the “diverse” nations across the world are scenes of endless social, political, religious and ethnic conflict. The United states is one of the most diverse nations on Earth, and they are about an inch away from tearing each other to pieces. Brazil with all its racial diversity is completely fractured as a nation, where people cannot get along and separate and self segregate whenever possible. South Africa with all its “diversity” is turning into a bloody backwater as its diversity increases, black on other black, black on white, white on black, black on Indian, doesn’t not matter, its ethnicity vs ethnicity. They all turn on each other in the end.
    Why is it that what gives Western nations strength(diversity)is not what gives Eastern nations(China, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea)their strength?
    How are they so strong, China set to be the worlds most dominant nation in this century, whilst lacking diversity? Why is that their non diverse nations do so much better than our own, and on so many different metrics?
    Diversity is not a strength. Unity, purpose, trust, traditions, nationalism and racial nationalism is what provides strength. Everything else is just a catchphrase.

  506. Roger Daltrey of The Who speaks on Brexit.

  507. John Birch 10.38

    Very perceptive and well said.
    Even during the period of Britain’s turbulent internal conflicts an underlying unity based on a common religious belief, language government and legal system enabled us to unite in the face of external threats.
    That mortar no longer holds together a country that has replaced Poland as Merkel’s new General Government, it has become the new racial dumping ground and self funding cost collection centre for the EUs unemployable and criminal classes, in addition to permitting the inward migration of a hostile and resentful caucus from former Empire territories.

  508. If his motive was to have the manifesto debated in a hope people will back his take on (say) ‘diversity versus unity’, the deed he perpetrated will do the opposite. Not only that we will hear ‘diversity is strength’ ‘more loudly and often, those expressing the opposite view will be banned from social media or worse.

    For what it’s worth, the barbarian reckons it was the wrong country, the wrong target, the wrong tool, and as everyone with just a smitten of common sense would have told the killer, it will deliver the wrong outcome, just the opposite of what he thought he was aiming for.

    Unbelievably sickening, an overused cliché it may sound, but words truly fail to describe it, only a deeply diseased mind would be capable of an act of such evil, there can be no excuse for it whatever. To gun down people, Muslims or non-Muslims, who’ve done nobody any harm is just inexcusable.

    As the barbarian keeps saying, the prime culprits are not the immigrants, but the politicians who, often against the wishes of the indigenous tribe, enacted the current immigration policies.

    In addition to the utterly perverse morality of the deed, strategically, it stands alongside the most imbecilic acts in favour of an idea one wants to promote.

    It’s exactly what those arguing for the borderless world, a free movement of people, supervising the creation of rainbow societies wanted, one’s almost tempted to see it as of the progressives’ own making, or at least that they may have been suspecting it were to happen, did not enough to stop it.

    If ever the progressive phylum needed the reasons to stop someone like us here on this blog and others elsewhere criticising the creed of Allah, the crime the man’s committed has supplied them in spades. From now on, it will be that much easier for the scented elites to impose internet censorship, to curtail the freedom of everyone to express oneself, to ban sites.

    “The first social media terror attack” screams the huge headline on the first page of the DT today, and that’s just the first salvo, the talk is already about the social media platforms being held responsible for content, a new agency to be set up to curb the Internet, the police to be given more powers to go after the ‘hate speech offenders’.

    The DT headline will carry weight with many who are not as involved as we’re here – the apolitical man of the street whose prime concern is having a job, looking after the family, surviving. He may not necessarily back the Internet controls, but he will not oppose them either.

  509. It’s hard to post via a mobile, not difficult to watch stuff on it. Here’s the great Joseph with a lament that will not cheer you up:

  510. A smallish demonstration in London, hard to say what in favour of or against, some against racism, some in support of the Grenfell Tower victims, some for Labour … It’s a pity Baron cannot post the pictures of the few hundreds who ignored the winds, the cold, braved the police presence (the police were friendlier than the demonstrators, btw).

    It must have been Baron’s attire that compelled some to ignore him, or it was his question. As a joke, Baron said to some holding placards ‘does one have to shoot her to stop her talking”? (It was the females doing the talking, it was impossible to hear what they were saying, but they kept droning on and on before the crowds moved somewhere near Westminster). Most didn’t answer Baron’s question just looked away, some took it what it was supposed to be, a joke, only one bloke shouted at Baron, not in a friendly voice, ‘you should be shot, pig’.

    (The barbarian was waiting for someone, had the time to mingle with the protestors).

    This piece by the good doctor Dalrymple has nothing to do with the demonstration, but it’s worth reading:

  511. EC @ March 15th, 2019 – 10:52

    The man certainly doesn’t lack talent, EC, the link is going to get circulated.

  512. Does anyone know the route of the 270-miles walk Nigel has organised? The papers are full of his not walking the distance, the fifty quid fee to join the march, the shambolic start of it, but nobody gives even an indication of how it will move in 13 days down to London.

  513. This to cheer you up (if you like this sort of humour):

  514. John birch.
    March 16th, 2019 – 09:02

    I’ve experienced the same thing. The Thought Police are doing everything they can, including using the 403 device, try to prevent us re-reading the whole thing.

    I have managed, today, to find a way round the 403 barrier, but the most reliable way to preserve it seems (to me) to be to print a hard copy of it. With my antiquated equipment I (so far) have got only about a third of it on paper.

  515. John Birch et al. –

    I’ve at last got the entire N.Z. Mosque shooter’s Manifesto printed. I haven’t read all of it, but I read enough of the content while I was printing and collating the pages to say confidently that if all you’ve read of it is a few of the various summaries and quotations from it, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

  516. Try this site at a Serbian internet domain (other pdf may be found on a search engine):

  517. NZ shooter admires Dylann Roof who killed 9 American Christians for being the wrong type of American Christians.

  518. NZ shooters favourite Englishman is Sir Oswald Mosley (!). He would have probably got on with Nick Griffin (who wanted to nationalise the RNLB).

  519. Radford NG
    March 17th, 2019 – 06:09

    It worked! Interesting to learn that some corners of the Internet seem (at least for now) to be beyond the reach of our Thought Police. I’ve bookmarked “encyclopediadramatica” too.

  520. Baron, March 16th, 2019 – 20:48

    If his motive was to have the manifesto debated in a hope people will back his take on (say) ‘diversity versus unity’, the deed he perpetrated will do the opposite. Not only that we will hear ‘diversity is strength’ ‘more loudly and often, those expressing the opposite view will be banned from social media or worse.

    Absolutely spot on, M’lud.
    It matters not what is in his “manifesto. ”
    Ultimately, all this cerebrally challenged murderous arsehole will have achieved is the confiscation of firearms from the law abiding majority. Chalk up one more country where only the criminals and the agents of government (often very difficult to differentiate between the governing elite and criminals) have weapons, and the citizens are rendered defenceless.

  521. Baron
    It matters not whether 1 or 50 muslims are killed. The ratchet of oppression is turned with every criticism made of migration and every incident which occurs no matter how minor or untrue.
    There is of course no ‘far right’ boogeyman or men. This is a creation of the Government and politicians to pretend there is an equivalence between the British population and the hordes of third world savages they have encourage to invade us. The vast majority of the native population are law abiding, not being trained by their religious beliefs to ignore inferior man-made laws, unlike the followers of another belief system, which claims the literal and unchangeable word of God has been given through an illiterate peodophile and therefore ignores them.

    A vast range of measures are already in place for the control and silencing of the populace in the UK.

    If ennui doesn’t prevent, try AC Grayling’s essay “Liberty in the Age of Terror” and Dominic Raab’s “The Assault on Liberty” for views of the legal entanglements already in place for the scrupulous. And these were enacted before May’s tyrannical, nonsensical Equality and Hate laws were implemented when the tories got back into power.
    For a synopsis of the former try:

  522. Baron, March 16th, 2019 – 23:24

    A lot of hard work went into that!

  523. EC
    March 17th, 2019 – 18:12 and

    March 17th, 2019 – 22:11 –

    Agreed. The Great Replacement Manifesto looks – to me – like an insane trinity – a combination of the Koran, Mein Kampf and our very own Establishments – on steroids. It would have excited Pol Pot no end.

  524. EC & Noa:


    The debate is indeed now raging over whether the killer was on the extreme Right or Left. As if that mattered for those in governance, whichever it is, they’re going to clobber us, will go after every opposition to their delusional view that immigration, alot of it in a short space of time, has but a positive impact on the settled society.

    The Australian Senator’s point that it’s immigration, or rather the deep unhappiness of the indigenous population about immigration, which is at the root of the tragedy is attacked viciously in every MSM rag. Why, when before the tsunamis of immigrants from cultures different from ours neither Left no Right atrocities were a part of our daily lives.

    Consider for how long have the two tribes that inhabit this island, that of the English and that of the Scots, lived together under one roof of the Crown. Culturally not identical, but quite close together, inter-marriages have also helped to mix the two, as did the shared history void of any conflict since the Act of Settlement. And yet, in recent years, the Scottish tribe has been getting restless, hopes to establish its own state.

    How long will it take for a culture by far more distant than the Scottish one to settle down? A century, two? When they reach population numbers enabling them to control the House, will they also go for a different system of governance?

    It beggars belief the ruling classes cannot see it. The easy solution would be to curtail overall immigration to a minimum, figure how to gel what we already have in a pragmatic way (say) allowing those already here to re-unite with families, stuff like that, but no new immigration at all. It may not be to everyone’s liking, but it would ease the societal tensions considerably.

    As things are, it’s tricky, but still doable to keep the society at peace with itself, but what if the economic situation worsens after Brexit, which it may (say) growth slows down, unemployment rises, house prices stall or even decline? People will begin to feel poorer, a state of affairs for the unwashed to take to the streets, the angry mob taking over, scenes similar to France’s current unrest happening here, what then?

  525. Herbert Thornton @ March 17th, 2019 – 22:59

    It may have been his intention to emulate Adolf, Herbert, who, as you know, penned his MK whilst in prison, the NZ killer did it before he gets sent down, may be hoping the unwashed will elevate him to power as they did the Austrian corporal. This is very unlikely, but who knows what the future brings if those in power fail to address the genuine concerns of the unwashed about immigration.

    To read his Manifesto may be a waste of time, Baron has no intention to read it, but to suppress it isn’t smart, it would be more effective to dissect it, even to say that if any of the complaints he advances resonate with the unwashed, those in power will try to address them. The creeping censorship is counterproductive, it suggests the ruling classes have things to hide.

    It may have changed, but years ago the Danes didn’t ban the equivalent of the Nazi party in Denmark, they argued, rightly, that it’s better to have the nutters on view than underground. As it happened, the membership of the outfit was numbered in the hundreds, ordinary people wanted nothing to do with them, it was a sensible policy, but not directly transferable here, certainly not in current environment.

  526. Baron
    March 18th, 2019 – 00:54

    I think Mr Manifesto is hanging his hopes on those you call the unwashed, though these days compared with the early 1920s that adjective no longer fits them.

    Apropos that era – around 1933 when I was 3 or 4 years old. My parents were visiting Preston. I was sitting with my Mum in our old Ford that was parked on a street and I saw some other children, not much older than me. They were barefoot and dressed in rags.

    If Brexit comes to pass, and is followed by an economic downturn, I don’t believe it can possibly cause poverty on that level. Less imported champagne yes: rags and semi-starvation, no way.

    If anything will worry the now washed and well clothed lower orders it will be the probable and very dangerous antagonism between them and a large segment of the rapidly breeding elephant in the room – i.e. the Muslim community.


    New Zealand Mosque Shooting
    Speaking following reports of multiple shootings at two Mosques in New Zealand earlier today, Senator Fraser Anning has responded with strong condemnation.
    ‘I am utterly opposed to any form of violence within our community, and I totally condemn the actions of the gunman,’ he said.
    ‘However, whilst this kind of violent vigilantism can never be justified, what it highlights is the growing fear within our community, both in Australia and New Zealand, of the increasing Muslim presence.
    ‘As always, left-wing politicians and the media will rush to claim that the causes of today’s shootings lie with gun laws or those who hold nationalist views but this is all cliched nonsense.
    ‘The real cause of bloodshed on New Zealand streets today is the immigration program which allowed Muslim fanatics to migrate to New Zealand in the first place.
    ‘Let us be clear, while Muslims may have been the victims today, usually they are the perpetrators. World-wide, Muslims are killing people in the name of their faith on an industrial scale.
    ‘The entire religion of Islam is simply the violent ideology of a sixth century despot masquerading as a religious leader, which justifies endless war against anyone who opposes it and calls for the murder of unbelievers and apostates.
    ‘The truth is that Islam is not like any other faith. It is the religious equivalent of fascism. And just because the followers of this savage belief were not the killers in this instance, does not make them blameless.
    ‘As we read in Matthew 26:52, ‘all they that take the sword, shall perish by the sword’ and those who follow a violent religion that calls on them to murder us, cannot be too surprised when someone takes them at their word and responds in kind,’ Senator Anning concluded.

  528. Noa, March 17th, 2019 – 22:11

    Until today I didn’t realise that Mrs May was a “FreeMan” of the City of London and a member of “The Worshipful Company of Marketers.” She doesn’t advertise that on her Wiki CV!

    From the 2016 vaults, upon her anointment,,,

    “Is Big Mother Worse Than Big Brother?”

    What with a these “Worshipful” Livery Companies, Common Purpose and their interaction with politicians and their intersections with the Police, Army, Crony Capitalism and the “Third Sector” ….then it is no wonder that the country is fucked!

    There’s even a “Worshipful Company of Information Technologists” FFS!

    Terry Pratchett didn’t have to make much up, did he…

  529. Here we go again…

    “Christchurch shootings: NZ cabinet backs tighter gun laws”

  530. EC @ March 18th, 2019 – 11:23

    Here’s the BBC own words from the link furnished by you, EC:

    “Until the mosque attacks, New Zealand’s worst mass shooting was in 1990 in the small seaside town of Aramoana on the South Island, in which 13 people were killed.
    That shooting prompted an amendment to the the Arms Act (1983), the main law governing gun use and ownership, restricting the ownership of military-style semi-automatic weapons”.

    One presumes before the 1990 shooting in Araamoana, gun ownership was not restricted, yet no mass shooting had taken place in NZ, it was after the law got tightened up the new mass murder shooting happened few days ago.

    Someone who hasn’t;t yet lost common sense would conclude that neither unrestricted nor restricted gun laws can do little to prevent someone determined to obtain lethal weapons, do harm to many.

    It’s close to virtue signalling to ban guns or restrict them, it may well be that more widespread gun ownership could be the answer, one of the New Zealanders interviewed said he picked his shotgun, confronted the gunman who was re-loading, the gunman dropped the weapon (it’s not mentioned on the tragedy how did they disarm the gunman, the guy with the shotgun may have been instrumental to it, the interview is not widely disseminated because it would point to the backing of a wider ownership of guns).

    Btw, in Russia, one can legally own guns (even for personal protection) from the age of 16, the law is being changed, the age goes up to 18, but there will be exceptions for people living in areas of hunting as a job, it will remain at 16. Amazingly, one would never find any mention of Russian gun laws in our MSM. Why?

  531. I write to advise the House that I have held an initial discussion with John Jefferson Burns, over an exploratory beefburger and standard sized ‘soft drink’.

    Somewhat to my surprise, he turned out to be a Yorkshireman. After a few taciturn minutes of mutual suspicion, we agreed that you don’t get owt for nowt and there’s none so blind as ‘em as won’t see.

    And you can’t say fairer than that.

  532. As usual Steyn applies the hammer to the nail.

    Massacre of muslims. All whites guilty.
    Massacre of Whites. Local nutcase to blame.

  533. Another hammer: Paul Joseph Watson’s video on the NZ “incident”…

  534. Andy Car Park – 17:01

    Ecky thump!
    He “stood” you half his burger and soft drink, ‘appen?
    Barnsley-ite or Doncaster-stan?

    Eeh bah gum etc.

  535. This is from the American Veteran blog, it talks about bullets disappearing in mid-air, then asks the question ‘are you getting it, now’?

    Getting what? And what is CGI? Anyone knows?

  536. EC @ March 18th, 2019 – 22:04

    Impossible to disagree with the great Joseph, EC, unfortunately the Left leaning fruitcakes won’t stop, they don’t listen to people like him.

  537. Noa @ March 18th, 2019 – 17:03

    That’s the great Mark at his best, Noa, writing must be his preferred medium, he absolutely excels at it (Baron has got it early afternoon, he’s on his e-mail list).

  538. John birch. @ March 18th, 2019 – 06:14

    The points made in the statement are supported by the evidence, John, the evidence furnishes the truth, that’s the reason truth no longer matters, we’re indeed in a post-truth world. Can it last?

  539. CGI stands for computer generated images, the barbarian googled SGI (don’t ask why, he cannot explain).

    This cannot be true, the victims are real, the arrested man confessed, the hospitals treated those who survived. There must be an explanation, the authorities should clear this quickly, if they want to prevent conspiracy theories flooding the Net.

  540. If the Speaker keeps to his word, prevents the Government to table the same deal for the third time, his place in history will be assured.

    Democracy should be messy, that what’s differentiates it from autocracy, but this isn’t a mess, it’s anarchy, nobody’s in charge, it’s ad-hoc events and individuals that drive the process.

  541. Herbert Thornton @ March 18th, 2019 – 03:45

    Everything’s relative in this world, Herbert, one had to be hungry, anxious where the next piece of bread will come from, or starving to be classed as poor or destitute before WW2. Today, the poor are people who cannot buy a pair of trainers by Nike, don’t own mobiles, are unable to drink Costa.

    This isn’t overdoing it, on our local TV recently, a mother from a single parent family was pleading poverty when in the background her son was fiddling with a mobile phone. Go figure.

  542. Apologies for, you know what. Baron has few screens open, types and searches the net, too (the speed here is abysmal). Obviously he is just like the former US honcho Ford, he can’t walk and chew gum at the same time.

  543. Baron
    March 18th, 2019 – 23:41

    Yes, the importance of things to people can be relative – as this memory reminds me. When our son was around 4 years old I wondered if he understood what ‘important’ meant. So I described two circumstances of some sort and asked him which he thought was the more important.

    “Well Daddy, that depends on whether you mean important to you or important to me.” I never ventured to test his comprehension of his language ever again.

    I guess Nikes and Mobiles and Costa are the modern equivalents of the Romans’ bread and circuses – supply the hoi polloi amply with them and their minds stay virtually unconscious of important things like the perilous state of civilisation.

  544. No one here will be surprised by this.
    – – –
    Should MPs vote again on Theresa May’s Brexit deal, it would be anything but delivering on the Brexit vote from two years ago. How would I know? Because I work within the heart of government.
    As a civil servant I can tell you large parts of the Whitehall machine are systematically working against leaving the EU.
    I have met thousands of civil servants in the past few years: I can only recall five who voted for Brexit.
    At first, I thought they were perhaps just staying quiet given the political climate, but my worst fear was confirmed during the high-profile remainer Gina Miller’s successful court case to make sure Parliament has a say on the Brexit outcome.
    When it was announced she had won her case, I witnessed large teams within the Foreign Office break out into cheers and applause. Seriously.
    A quick scroll though the social media accounts of my colleagues and you will find images of them proudly waving ‘Remain’ placards, campaigning for a ‘People’s Vote’, boasting ‘Jez we can’ and of course the usual apocalyptic messages of doom since the Brexit vote. The double-standards are astonishing. If I so much as followed the activities of Nigel Farage, I have no doubt that I would be called in for questioning. I re-call one conversation with a senior member of staff at the Foreign Office who told me she was ashamed when Boris Johnson was appointed Foreign Secretary as he is so “typically British”.
    This department is particularly notorious for its anti-Brexit bias. My experience tells me that there is a genuine hatred of those who voted for Brexit. I recall my first day in the Civil Service as a graduate, being invited to a meeting of senior members of staff who spent the good part of two hours in agreement that the public made a “stupid” decision in the EU referendum.
    On June 24 2016 the mood within the civil service was like someone had died.
    Unfortunately, this bias doesn’t end with snide insults and childish quips. It goes to the root of their day-to-day work and has truly negative impacts on the way we conduct the important tasks ahead of us. I have in fact come across senior staff working on our post-Brexit relationships who openly talk down the prospect of a UK-US FTA and encourage anti-Trump hysteria. Many of them even joined the protests against the President’s visit last year. During his visit it was common to hear jokes about Trump’s assassination from the very people meant to be working with our closest ally. The only thing worse than being pro-Brexit in the Civil Service is being pro-Trump.
    This attitude isn’t confined to their own circles, these views are even being expressed in the presence of foreign ambassadors. In one case during a meeting with a High Commissioner of a close ally, one Civil Servant branded the High Commissioner a “Tory Wanker” in the presence of several foreign diplomats.
    Fortunately the High Commissioner didn’t hear this highly inappropriate comment, but the remark still remained unchallenged from civil service bosses.
    But it doesn’t stop there. There is a strong presence of Anglophobia, combined with cultural Marxism that runs through the civil service. It has meant that many Civil Servants, including myself, have been actively discouraged from co-operating with Think Tanks which are seen as being “too right wing” despite sharing our goal of promoting free trade. This attitude also prevails in our work with our closest allies, particularly in the Commonwealth, where we are afraid to be seen as overly keen to work with countries that are run by “rich white men”.
    Contrary to popular belief, Civil Servants often shape the views of Ministers. This makes the prevalent leftist culture within the Civil Service all the more concerning. These ardent remainer and left wing civil servants are the ones who provide the briefings, select the invites and choose the priorities for Ministers. How did we get to this point? The Civil Service is one of the biggest graduate employers, whilst universities have allowed a leftist culture of political correctness to flourish in recent decades.
    Brexit is the greatest opportunity this country has faced in years, yet our Government machine is currently working from within to frustrate it. This must not go on. In the next phase of the Brexit negotiations it is vital our civil service ceases to allow the massive remain voting bias that has so far helped scupper our post-Brexit future. 

  545. that was from today’s Telegraph there was a similar article in the Sunday times.

  546. Baron March 18th, 2019 – 23:41

    On the subject of the poor, it was the great Rhoda Klapp, the Queen of the Sarf, who once observed in a pre-post conservative Spectator, that if you pay people to be poor, you will get more poor.

  547. Noa – 10:27

    It’s a universal principle.
    eg. Allocation of grants for “research” projects where the next grant is dependant upon finding whatever is being financed. The results are a forgone conclusion.

  548. Here’s an interesting little video…

    “Carl Jung compared Hitler to Muhammad. Here’s why.”
    [ 7min 32sec ]

    Contains some interesting references to actual books… books which obviously need to be burned, buried, dug up and then burned again!

  549. Over the past few decades we seem all to have been dragged into a world where make-believe is compulsory, and denial of it is virtually a crime. That trend is obviously continuing. –

  550. Baron,23-41.
    Same as food banks, supply free food and you will have lots of customers.
    My leftie handwringing local newspaper is aghast at the demand of our local food bank which apparently proves the existence of huge numbers of people in poverty.
    That’s the same newspaper who did an article about how wonderful all the homeless people were in our town and they were one big happy family who all look after each other. Unfortunately a group of them murdered another one of their happy family in a rather vicious manner and the court case is just ended .
    And today apparently we’ve got an opinion piece and an article about how worried Muslims are and we’ve all got to look after them.

  551. Noa, March 19th, 2019 – 14:19

    A good summation from TBOBAW, and here’s the Godfather with his two Kopeks worth on the predictable reaction to the murders perpetrated by the Utrecht shooter

  552. Gerald Pauschmann on “post modernist” chess. I love the concept of creating “a safe space” on the board.

    “Mis-Gendering a chess piece is now a CRIME”

    He goes on a bit [13min] but pieces of it are very funny.

  553. ““Jews don’t give out candy…”
    Jack Engelhard

  554. EC 10.41

    Sir Les Patterson lives!

  555. The tragicomedy continues:

    The NZ’s PM wears a headscarf, says she will not mention the name of the killer ever, sends one her underlings to get a clarification from the Turkish tinpot dictator who wants to get into the world market for filled-up coffins as if we didn’t have enough deaths already, in or out of coffins.

    Apparently, they’re thinking in NZ to rename Christchurch, the name’s rather offensive to you know who, here, the EU says they will extend the period of anxiety, but not for too long, just so we cannot participate in the EU election in May, the man with no brain Tusk says the time extension should be a good reason for the May’s deal to be tabled for the 3rd time as if the extension was a substantive change in the conditions outlined in the deal, a prerequisite set up by the narcissistic garden gnome, the speaker …

    Is it a bad dream, boys?

  556. NZ PM Jocasta Cumquat to introduce new rules governing end of term school Proms?

    ” ‘Un-Islamic’: Pakistani student stabs professor to death for planning co-ed party with WOMEN DANCING”

  557. Baron – 21:06

    Cue John Lennon and (Sir) Dickie Mottram GCB

  558. Noa – 19:58, Baron – 21:06

    I think our beloved PM is running on a faulty autopilot. It surely cannot be long before she’s Boeing, Boeing… GONE!

    Here’s Sargon of Akkad fisking her latest speech…

  559. Here’s something that’s bothering the barbarian:

    Few days ago, Baron received a telephone call, a private number, untraceable, the guy was rather threatening, knew about Baron’s eating habits, after a while the barbarian switched the nutter off.

    Tonight, Baron’s mobile’s locked, it cannot be opened either with fingerprint (that works fine, usually), nor with the pin (always works, or rather worked in the past).

    You reckon these two incidents could be related?

    What to do anyway? Asking the shop where Baron bought the phone to unlock the device is impossible, it’s shut, Baron cannot be sure they have the facility to do it. Get the police involved? Rather premature, what would be the complaint, more to the point, the police will not be interested.

    Have you ever experienced anything like that?

  560. EC @ March 20th, 2019 – 22:34

    If the guy’s right, only seven per cent of the public back her, don’t the MPs get the message, defenestrate, defenestrate, defenestrate.

  561. EC @ March 20th, 2019 – 22:12


    Aslo, you have any news about Frank? It’s quite worrying he hasn’t said a word for some time, failed to react to Andy’s chat with John even, very unlike him. Is he OK? Do you know?

  562. Noa 19:58 & EC 10:41

    Highly enjoyable, how the hell do you get hold stuff like that?

  563. John birch @ March 19th, 2019 – 17:54

    The donation box at our local Waitrose is always full, John, the barbarian contributed few items the other day, asked the girl who was around, thanked Baron, where does the stuff go, who decides who gets what. She didn’t;t know, but wasn’t keen talking to Baron, disappeared, the barbarian didn’t pursue it any further.

    There may have been something about how the system works in the local paper that Baron missed, but he scans the publication, didn’t;t come across any mention of it.

    The doubt about the whole campaign may not be justified, the food may indeed be helpful to somebody, but why there isn’t more about the criteria of its distribution? The boss says Baron should stop interfering, those in charge know what they are doing, which may be true, but then why not say it?

  564. Herbert Thornton @ March 19th, 2019 – 16:02

    Clicking on your link, Herbert, gets ‘error 404’ message, the barbarian tried yesterday and today (twice in the afternoon, once now before typing the reply). Was the piece a ‘hate speech’ sort of narrative?

  565. John birch @ March 19th, 2019 – 17:54

    Well done over at the Conservative Woman, John, the barbarian did his fair share of upticks, too.

    Why has the Colonel disappeared from there? Is he around?

  566. Baron
    March 20th, 2019 – 23:29

    No I would not have thought so.. Maybe this shorter version of it can be found here –

  567. Baron –

    This link was still working a few moments ago –

  568. Baron –
    Now even that one doesn’t work. I suggest – Google “Vancouver Rape Centre transgender”. The absurdity seems to be showing up in various places.

  569. Baron, March 20th, 2019 – 23:08

    To receive a phone call like that with the level of detail that you described would be most disturbing.

    Didn’t Apple get into hot water for switching off phones it detected as having had third party repairs?

    Has your phone been HACKED? You should contact your mobile service provider ASAP.

    In dodgy areas …. eg. London etc.

    Switch WiFi and Bluetooth OFF if you are out in in public… unless you really need to, and then only briefly. (If you need Google Maps then download what is required on to your device before you go out.)

    Also set Airplane mode ON if you do not want to receive calls or texts.

    Good luck.

  570. The one permanent feature of the woman’s premiership has been her utterly poor judgement, it began with her criticising the Donald’s immigration policy is now ending (hopefully) with her blaming the House for not delivering Brexit.

    She could have blamed in her TV address yesterday the complexity of the issue, the shortness of time (hard to disentangle a relationship that has taken decades to build), even Putin, but not one of the phylums that she needs to get the deal through, the MPs.

    How could she ever get elevated to the PM position beggars belief, it suggests that the most pressing issue after Brexit would be the full MOT of our voting system, we have to design it in such a way as to attract the able, not the anencephalous.

  571. EC @ March 21st, 2019 – 13:22

    Thanks, EC, will do as you’re suggesting (have already talked to some who might help, for obvious reasons Baron doesn’t;t want to tell you who).

  572. Herbert Thornton @ March 21st, 2019 – 02:33

    It was the shorter version the barbarian succeeded opening now, Herbert, thanks, you’re quite right, it’s crazy OK, one can understand the need for a shelter for women who get beaten up, but to allow a man who happens to feel he’s a women into that shelter is asking for trouble.

  573. Leaving Tesco the barbarian got bumped into by two police officers running into the shop, they both apologised, Baron said ‘so you’ve finally caught up with me’, to which the male officer said ‘you have to wait, mate, next time’, and kept running.

    You will not be told what happened in the shop, the barbarian wasn’t inquisitive enough to return, but one thing surprised, the weigh of the two officers couldn’t;t have been more that 12 stones including the gear that had strapped on. How could they handle muscular thugs?

  574. Baron

    @14:00 ” anencephalous” Ausgezeichnet!
    So much for your “pooly educated slav/barbarian” schtick though…

    @14:14 Tazers?

  575. Westminster chaos ;Spectator cartoon:

  576. How about the entire Cabinet resigns, and Parliament is dissolved and a new election is called for April 1st next year? In the meantime let things operate without a government?

  577. It’s easier to dissolve the electorate than the political elite.

  578. Noa
    March 22nd, 2019 – 01:27

    How true. And the most effective way to dissolve the electorate – in more than one sense of the word ‘dissolve’ – is to encourage the growth of Islam.

  579. Fake News?

    “Special UK armed soldiers in ‘NUCLEAR-PROOF BUNKER’ have been ‘activated’ to prepare for Brexit”

    Well that, and the fact that Diesel has shot up 3p a litre this morning has prompted me to stock up on a few essential supplies. One thing that is certain is that BRexit uncertainty, manufactured or not, will be used as an excuse to put prices UP!

    So get your favourite goodies while they are still comparatively cheap, and there’s still some left on the shelves!

    The EU and our own quisling politicians are going to make sure that we are punished. I suspect that the elite will have already moved their money out of £ sterling.

    Make no mistake, it’s WAR!

  580. Noa, March 22nd, 2019 – 01:27

    “It’s easier to dissolve the electorate than the political elite.”

    Why would the elites dissolve the electorate while they can continue to milk to dumb fuckers?

  581. aargh!
    one too many “to”s above.

  582. A bear walks into a bar. He carefully looks up and down the bottles and says,

    ‘I’ll have a gin ……………………………. and tonic.’

    The barman says,

    ‘Why the big pause?’

  583. Rod Liddle interview. BBC Brexit bias yada yada yada…

  584. A beaten up horse limps into a bar with a bandage round his head. He orders a bottle of champagne, a large brandy and four pints of Guinness.
    He downs the lot and says to the barman: “I really shouldn’t be drinking this with what I’ve got?”
    “Why, what have you got?”
    “About £2 and a carrot.”

  585. Heisenberg and Schrödinger get pulled over for speeding.
    The cop asks Heisenberg “Do you know how fast you were going?”
    Heisenberg replies, “No, but we know exactly where we are!”
    The officer looks at him confused and says “you were going 108 miles per hour!”
    Heisenberg throws his arms up and cries, “Great! Now we’re lost!”

    The officer looks over the car and asks Schrödinger if the two men have anything in the trunk.
    “A cat,” Schrödinger replies.
    The cop opens the trunk and yells “Hey! This cat is dead.”
    Schrödinger angrily replies, “Well he is now.”

  586. EC
    March 22nd, 2019 – 18:45

    Best one I’ve heard for a LONG time.

  587. EC
    March 22nd, 2019 – 18:45

    Your Heisenberg and Schrödinger story has made quite a suitable preliminary, I think, to this –

    “Understanding the new Brexit deadlines in one easy flowchart”

  588. Re that Liddle interview, obviously, like Heisenburg’s uncertainty principle, and Schrodinger’s cat, May he hasn”t yet reached “peak wank”.

    Nice work ACW and EC, nice work indeed.

  589. I have decided that the ritual sacrifice and eating of my own young is the only solution, both to a precipitate crash out of the EU and the current inability of England (RU not FC) to play a match lasting more than 40 minutes.
    If that fails to resolve the matter before the World Cup I shall have no choice but to resort to Suttee. subject to my wife’s permission, of course.

  590. Hate to spoil the party, but what H says is bleeding obvious, to measure speed one needs two places regardless the direction the moving thing is heading to, not really that hard tø figure that two places cannot be one place.

    As for the other genius, he’s conflating two things, the state of the cat and our take on it, he should go for one or the other, the cat is either breathing or not, the poor creature cannot be both, our speculating about it is neither here or there.

    Our guessing of his state of being or not is a different matter and applies to not just the cat but everything else we cannot sense by any of the five sensors He or Nature endowed us with (say) vision, smell or whatever. What this really boils down to is who or what runs our mind.

    Now, sorted, no? (only joking).

  591. Mi’lud
    I rather think that you can’t hear the tree falling for the wood.
    And be aware of the bear out there too. 😉

  592. I’m delighted to read that Conrad Black has put forward a similar but much more persuasive forecast for the Brexit outcome than what I’ve been been vaguely hoping for –

  593. Despite the barbarity of the New Zealand massacre, has anybody felt that New Zealand has been over-reacting? I have in mind the report the a proposal to re-name Christchurch “because the name sounds offensive to Muslims”. It gives me an unpleasant feeling of grovelling. The photograph of a policewoman carrying a machine gun and wearing an Islamic style head covering seems, to me, to have the same character. Why not just rename the entire country “New South Lebanon”?

  594. Herbert. Mustn’t upset the Muslims, they have victim status.

  595. Muller says no collusion, not enough evidence to charge the Donald with obstruction of justice.

    What do you reckon the Guardian says? That the report doesn’t exonerate the Donald from obstruction of justice.

    That’s journalism in the 21st century, British version of it.

    Here’s a point that goes beyond the squabble that we’re going to be treated to about the report.

    Muller’s a seasoned political operator, he could have skewed the report to please the anti-Donald mob, didn’t. He did leave a small window for the Dems to try and open, that of obstruction justice. That’s it. The window’s likely to stay as shut as he left it, no other investigation can ever reveal more than the massive team of Muller.

    This would suggest Muller may not be certain which of the two parties to the fight will turn up victorious, a rather encouraging sign that the Donald may actually prevail, cleanse the swamp. It wouldn’t surprise if Muller joined the Donald’s team later in a position of power. What a player, one cannot but admire his skills at politicking.

  596. Herbert Thornton @ March 23rd, 2019 – 15:46

    A man who believes Britain would vote to remain in the EU if the Cameron boy were to bring from his chat with the Brussels gnomes deal identical to May’s, and that the Skripals were poisoned by the Russians with Novichok has lost the plot for Baron, Herbert.

    Read some of the postings, not those reminding of Black’s past, the ones addressing his present stance on things, illuminating.

  597. An excellent summary of the Mueller’s investigation, but Tucker still doesn’t get the key motive behind the whole charade. It was the process that did the damage, it prevented the Donald presiding over the country, it turned the people’s attention to something that everyone must have known was utter trash, it also made the Republic look rather silly, how could the 17 security agencies missed something so big that it elevated someone like the Donald to the top spot, it made Putin to be more omnipotent than God.

    And these are the people running the Western world.

  598. Apologies about the mistakes, the name of the guy in particular, the bloody software kept changing it, Baron had to type the name in two parts then combine the parts, he didn’t;t bother in the first posting, sorry.

  599. This is more a reference piece on the Russiagate charade, it’s long, well sourced, and unimpeachably correct. If you have a spare weekend, have a go:

  600. Baron – 00:12

    The process was Trump’s punishment for beating the establishment candidate.

    Having had Sandray, to Mull it over I Canna be confident that this Rum saga has reached its conclusion. After a two year no holds Barra campaign to take the President’s Scalpay the Democrats and the Media have been left with Eigg on their faces. Even though it would be Eriskay 2020 election strategy to continue the collusion delusion I think it is Vatersay that they will persist in throwing Muck in the hope that some of it sticks. Tiree as they may I don’t think it will work anymore. Unless the Democrats develop some actual policies to win in 2020 they will have to get Uist to being in opposition.

    Och aye, the news,
    Ben Becula

  601. This aircrew not exactly Dambusters material…

  602. Baron at 25 March at 12:10.

    Skimming through this I come upon the name Victoria Nuland ; US Ass.Sec. of State for European and Eurasian Affairs.

    She it was who was accused in the coup against the pro-Russian (and anti-EU) government of the Ukraine.

    See *kiev maidan nuland* references on line : especially from the Guardian and BBC.

    Also a lengthy academic report at :

  603. Radford NG @ March 25th, 2019 – 15:49

    You’re a star, Radford, thanks. The barbarian is pushed on time, will devour the report fully, there was never any doubt it was a well planned coup. The investigation who shot the people got going twice, was suspended twice, which is a strong hint who was behind it.

  604. EC @ March 25th, 2019 – 13:22

    You’ve missed your profession, EC, it’s rather enjoyable even though it took some time for the poorly educated Slav to decipher it.

    Here’s a piece of logic that should tell the Dems they’re barking at no tree.

    The US taxpayers is funding seventeen security agencies at a cost of billions. Not one of the agencies raised any serious alarm that the Ruskies were manipulating the electorate, colluding with the Donald’s crew, interfering in the election over and above what any interested foreign government always does when the electioneering was on.

    There can only be two reasons for this inactivity of the combined community of spooks – either they’re not fit for purpose, should be dismantled or at least fundamentally refurbished, or there never was any manipulating of the electorate …

    Baron’s money on the latter.

  605. A balanced take on the Mueller’s report:

  606. Another angle on the Russiagate, well argued, even better articulated:

  607. This is a most enjoyable rant…

    “Brexit: What’s the f**k is going on?
    Johnathan Pie

  608. Baron
    March 26th, 2019 – 14:10

    The off-guardian angle may be skillfully argued, but to my mind the first sentence in this part of it carries no weight at all –

    “Thirdly, and most importantly, they can’t take down one of their own. Trump might be crude, unpredictable, politically incorrect and lacking class…but at the end of the day he’s a billionaire son of a millionaire. He has been mixing with the elites all his life. He’s one of them, and sending down a member of the in crowd for corruption (or anything else) sets too dangerous a precedent. Trump has to be exonerated, it’s simply a matter of the system’s immune response protecting itself. (Not to mention he’s been President of the United States for over two years now, you take him to trial and who knows what he might start saying).”

    I say that because it’s utterly inconsistent with the the example of U.S. justice system’s completely unconscionable treatment of the Conrad, Lord Black.

  609. With the general Chaos and mayhem going on in this country , the violence ,the cybercrime ,the violent thugs whose names are nothing like an English name ,it’s good to see A bit of old-fashioned nostalgic crime taking place.
    A small part of old England still exists in our capital city.
    If they are caught let’s hope their names will be something like Harry, Bert ,Graham , Dave the driller, and Fred the fence.
    It’s enough to make a pint of Watneys red barrel almost drinkable.
    Burglars break into upmarket jewellers in Hatton Garden-style raid

  610. Journalist Robin Aitken talks with Peter Whittle on his new book: “The Noble Liar: How and Why the BBC Distorts the News to Promote a Liberal Agenda”.

  611. Quite gripping, eh? It can certainly be called oratory.

  612. Jacob Rees Mogg…

    Looks like he’s sold out. A man of principal (sic) indeed…

  613. John birch, March 27th, 2019 – 06:05

    “It’s enough to make a pint of Watneys red barrel almost drinkable.”

    I was going to attempt a humorous quip about that, but that swill was no laughing matter.

    A fillum that you might enjoy…

    Not a wonderful effort overall, but containing some most excellent cathartic scenes where the “old boys” dismantle (quite literally) the London sink estate street gang that murdered a retired gangster’s brother.

    A special mention must go to Bosch 18V Hammer Drill/Driver.

  614. Noa, March 27th, 2019 – 13:41

    Thank you, I enjoyed that. I subscribed to Peter Whittle’s YouTube channel after watching his interview with Rod “peak wank” Liddle the other week.

    The title of Robin Aitken’s book led me to wonder if there existed such a thing as a “Noble Lawyer.” Google revealed 100s of them, in a titular sense at any rate.

    File under: Doolittle & Dally; Messrs Sue, Grabbit & Runne etc.

  615. Q. What did the Lone Ranger say when he crossed the 49th parallel?

    A. Toronto pronto, Tonto.

  616. “Hitler finds out the Mueller Investigation is Over”

    An epic Downfall mashup.

  617. Just a coincidence, I’m sure…

    “Thousands of EU Troops Arrive in UK for ‘Major Exercise’ Day After Brexit”

  618. Being saying this for some time now (CHWs passim)

    We’ve got Zombies at the heart of government!

  619. EC,
    Zombies at the heart of government? no, we’ve got the entire bloody circus, no acrobats and all clowns, and not very funny ones at that. This country now resembles France during the final days of the Ancient Regime and we all know how that ended. I nominate daisy May for the part of Marie Antoinette.

  620. A Wallster went for his annual medical. “Your hearing is getting worse,” said the doc, “and you must cut out drinking, smoking and sex.”

    “What!” the Wallster cried, “just so I can hear better?”

  621. Now that the dreaded vote has been thrown out today, 29th March, for the THIRD time, idiot May wants to bring it back AGAIN next week, for a FOURTH attempt. Is there no limit to this woman’s arrogance? Sod off, you stupid creature, and take your sodding deal with you. I have had quite enough of you, your stupid coat with no sleeves, your stupid deal, your never-ending whining about “supporting your deal” and your idiotic advisors.

    So glad that the DUP stuck to their principles and helped to throw it out.

  622. LC 16:14

    Yup. Seconded.

    The wretched woman would stretch piano wire to breaking point.

  623. Apropos Conrad Black’s forecast about Brexit I’m gratified that (so far) his forecast has been accurate…..

  624. “PM Theresa May: An Obituary”
    Jonathan Pie

  625. Noa – 09:18

    Bwahahaha! Good spot!

    When I saw “Comments are disabled for this video” I thought “Now that’s what I call equality, one can’t get any more inclusive or diverse than that.”

    However, I was left wondering what gender 3-CPO identifies as and what form of address/personal pronoun goes with it. I suppose that referring to C-3PO as a “mandroid” would be enough to get one “sent down” at UCLAN.

  626. From the woodpile
    Today’s “elite” has little in common with the elite of a century past. A good working definition of the new “elite” would be “those who matter to those who think they matter.” In particular, the ethic of genuine public service, understood as a responsibility to provide others with something of real value to them, is largely absent. But they wave their credentials at every opportunity. This is particularly noteworthy in the American political class.

    Consider in this connection the members of “Conservatism, Inc.:” the bastion of “NeverTrump” pseudo-conservatives such as Bill Kristol and Max Boot. To such persons, the all-important priority is to maintain their status in the “elite.” Regardless of the height of their perches or the bluster with which they orate from them, the majority of them have little of value to offer anyone. But they can brandish all the best credentials: all the right associations and associates. “They matter to those who think they matter.”

    Merit is not a term I would associate with such persons. Certified “elitists,” yes; persons with important knowledge and insights they will share with others, no. The time has come for this recognition to emerge from our national subconscious and be made explicit.

  627. A short message from Speaker Doreen..

    (NB. No FaceBook account required)

  628. Gangsters with links to 7/7 London bombings stole £8bn from taxpayer
    That’s what you get when you embrace diversity.

  629. Baron,

    If you are still out there, then you might find this interesting…

    Diana West discussing her new book “The Red Thread” – in conversation with Stefan Molyneaux

    The book: “The Red Thread: A Search for Ideological Drivers Inside the Anti-Trump Conspiracy”

  630. John Birch,
    John, this is not what we get when we embrace diversity, this is what we get when it is rammed down our throats by a metropolitan elite who will never have to live with the consequences of their arrogant re-ordering of society. However I think the hour of their comeuppance is fast approaching and 17.4 million people will make their feelings abundantly clear.

  631. Christchurch Murders: The Real Accomplices.

  632. Baron
    March 6th, 2019 – 20:13

    That was pretty bizarre. It made me wonder – “Whatever next?” Well, “next” has just emerged –

  633. Chancellor wants EU referendum because Tories can’t afford an election

  634. John birch
    April 2nd, 2019 – 14:04

    Thanks for drawing attention to that. The material that Gatestone publishes generally deserves respect and the article you cite (“Christchurch-murders-accomplices”) certainly does.

    However, I find it impossible to feel similar respect for Gatestone’s criticism of the Chinese Government for it’s rational and praiseworthy determination to deal with the grave menace of Islam.

  635. No Brexit, No Peace. Do these idiots think we’re going anywhere? After years of lies the poll numbers remained unchanged. Even if May gets her surrender agreement through parliament they will achieve nothing. We will fight until we win independence:

  636. Thursday 4 April 2019

    Newport West Bi-election . Betting :-

    Labour 1/10
    Ukip * 8/1
    Cons. 10/1
    Others 100/1

    * UKIP candidate: Neil Hamilton ;member of Welsh Assembly.

  637. Info : Fraser Anning’s ( Australian ) Conservative National Party.

    (ALSO : look-up on Youtube `Australian Parliament Fraser Anning`)

  638. Herbert Thornton. 17-14.
    I totally agree with you Herbert.

  639. Paul Joseph Watson crunching some more numbers in his latest vide.

    Islam vs LGBT

  640. A whole new meaning given to fact the the House of Commons is full of Wets –

  641. Newport West bi-election.

    Turn Out 37.1%

    Labour 9,308 40% (-13%)
    Cons….7,357 31% (-8%)
    UKIP….2,023 9% ..(+6%)

  642. Radford NG 4.11

    We’re doomed, without doubt the results of this ‘election’ prove it.
    Betrayed by the blue donkey over 7300 whipped curs still voted to have their noses rammed in the fundamental product of May’s most regularly productive orifice.
    In the meantime 9308 hideously deranged cretins voted for their continued residence on Animal farm expanding Europe wide.

  643. As Jeremy pursues his love fest with Theresa.

    Labour Pains
    Brexit has broken water
    but despite reaching the
    gestation period, it appears to
    be in breach of contradictions
    and most likely the solution
    will be a Caesarian Section,
    which, at this late stage is a
    high risk gamble that could
    see the defoetus in a Corbyn.

  644. As the wall drones on.

    Jan 28
    January Neverending.
    As brutal as a desert drought!
    Baren lands, hungry crops and starving mouths.
    31 days seems like 62.
    Or 93 or 124
    A neverending nightmare.
    It is a marauding scavenger.
    Devouring all that cross its path.

    It starts off good with a lot of hope.
    Before reality dawns and the struggle begins.
    Each new day we limp forward

  645. EC‭
    ‬March‭ ‬29th,‭ ‬2019‭ ‬-‭ ‬10:20

    “Thousands of EU Troops Arrive in UK for‭ ‘‬Major Exercise‭’ ‬Day After Brexit‭”

    That URL certainly sounds sinister, but has there been any more news of this military exercise? Could there possibly be there some connection between it, May and Corbyn? Is it part of a plot to both intimidate the population and actually intervene should there be outbreaks of violence should Brexit be thwarted?

    My impression of May and Corbyn – not to mention the E.U.’s fascist government – is that they will stop at nothing to shove a fake Brexit down the U.K. population’s throats.

  646. Herebert Thornton

    I think that this cartoon sums it up nicely…

  647. “Deputy Speaker Lindsay Hoyle has written to all MPs to urge them to seek help from Westminster’s mental health services, including a confidential 24 hour counselling phone line, while Education Committee chair and former Tory minister Rob Halfon observes that, “People are behaving in ways that were unimaginable even just a year ago, whether they be remainers, leavers or in-betweens. The Brexit madness has affected us all”.

    The lack of sympathy from the real world is almost palpable, especially as the collective has variously tried to vote a no-deal out of existence and to instruct the prime minister to secure an Article 50 extension that doesn’t lie within her gift.

    Yet, even the Financial Times is getting in on this act, reporting that MPs have said the Brexit gridlock in parliament has left UK politicians “visibly struggling” as concern grows they are too “mentally exhausted” to make vital decisions affecting the nation’s future.
    Arguably, it is not the exhaustion, mental or otherwise, that has affected their decision-making capabilities, but their incompetence compounded by ignorance. People who have not taken the time out to acquaint themselves with the basics were always going to struggle when they were confronted with real-life issues.
    Nevertheless, Phillip Lee, a Conservative MP and practising GP who last year resigned as minister to campaign against Brexit, said he has concerns for those “visibly struggling” – in some cases with anxiety and depression. “There are MPs who have snapped in what has become a pressure cooker environment”, he says. “You’ve seen tears, anger and arguments between colleagues, most of whom are simply exhausted”.
    Never mind, of course, those thousands of businesses which are struggling to make plans for the future, and the hundreds of thousands of individuals who have had their lives blighted by uncertainty and indecision. We must extend our sympathies to the bleeding heart MPs, to whom we all owe so much.
    But, if they think they have it tough now, wait until they go out canvassing during the next general election campaign. If Ruth Jones’s experience is anything to go by, it won’t be mental health counselling they need, but police protection.”

  648. Herbert Thornton,

    It is a great pity that the votes in the EU referendum were not counted at the 650 Westminster parliamentary constituencies level, and that the results were not legally binding on their MPs. According to the latest published findings by Prof. Christopher Henretty (Royal Holloway, London) the result would have been 401/650 in favour of LEAVE.

    This would have allowed MPs significantly less wiggle room and we might have been spared some of their weasel words about “parliament must be sovereign” etc. Cutting through that crap, it is the electorate that is sovereign and they only lend elected MPs. that sovereignty in between general elections. I wish someone would ask one of these ‘tards to describe in what way parliament has remained sovereign under the EU, particularly since Gordon Brown signed the Lisbon treaty without any vote in the HoC. The Lisbon treaty was the final nail in the UK’s coffin as far as the UK’s national sovereignty was concerned.

    It’s funny how the Con/Lab/Libdem cabal favour FPTP voting in order to lock other parties out of obtaining seats in the HoC, isn’t it…

  649. EC, April 8th, 2019 – 10:53

    “Herebert Thornton”

    Apologies for the typo, Herbert. Although I do think that “Herebert” has a nice ring to it. A fusion of Hereward and Albert, perhaps?

    As ever, e&oe 🙂

  650. Noa, April 8th, 2019 – 11:31

    Wonderful! That cheered me up no end.
    However, I am informed by somebody who used to take a professional interest in such matters, that the HoC contains a greater percentage of psychopaths than the population as a whole. These people will be showing no emotion at all.

    Should we “Pity The Poor Strugglers” drinking on Pierrepoint’s “Last Drop Ale?” The Heirs of Vidkun Quisling in the HoC will get no pity from me. If it comes to that, then maybe a round of applause as the trapdoor opens.

  651. “Comedian John Bishop has sold his mansion to HS2 for £6.8m”

    He’s just trousered a £4.5 million profit, reportedly. Yup, this man of the people, Scouser Scourge of the Tory Scum” etc. is a Remainer too.

    Who’da thunk it, eh….

    File under: How much does the BBC pay these people in the first place?

  652. Sat 6th of April was the anniversary of the capture of Badajoz in 1812 from the forces of the then european union. The 45th Foot (The Old Stubborns) played a leading role.

    [ What did the current CinC do that day.Stick around and I will tell you]

    But first :

  653. On Badajoz Day the present CinC chose to publically issue a ludicrous video in which he carpeted the whole of the British Army . It was made worse as nobody knew what he was talking about.It doesn’t appear to be about the Corbyn item but about an incident in which five drunken soldiers entered the femail quarters at night and ran away when one of the women screamed.

    While some have praised him there has been a great deal of mockery.

    I’m not going to trouble to give references but look it up on `youtube` and `twitter` at *army CGS* & *Chief of the General Staff*&*General Sir Mark Carleton-Smith*.

  654. Any bets on whether Conrad Black is going to be proved right?

  655. 9th of April (1865) : Lee surrendered the Army of Northern Virginia.

    Pity poor Wilmer McLean. The American Civil War began in his front garden at Manassas and ended in his front parlour at Appomattox.

    See below.

  656. From the woodpile.
    From Paul Roberts at Institute for Political Economy

    Why does a government unwilling to defend its borders spend $1,000 billion annually on defense?

  657. John birch – 06:16

    Yes, that budget makes the rinky dink $5 billion that the POTUS wants for the southern border wall look like Trump Change!

    It seems, though, that the crafty Donald is transferring money from other departmental budgets to cover a shortfall in another one. i.e. the DHS.
    A standard accounting practice, particularly near the end of a financial year?

  658. Andy Car Park

    Do you know who you are today?

    Vocals: Robert Downey Jnr.
    Keyboards: Penelope B.

  659. Spectator blows the gaff on David Attenborough’s TV Documentary `One Planet`on Netflicks (which is part owned by George Soros).To think there are those abandoning the BBC Licence to give their money to Soros.

    The story is that because of global warming walruses have been driven in land and,being shortsighted have fallen of cliffs and died.

    It turns out this is nature red in fang and claw. Polar Bears have rounded up these walruses ,driven them of cliffs and feasted on the remains.

    The Spectator Points out this series is co produced by the World Wildlife Fund so is an eight part fund raiser.

    Here is an original article from the Siberian Times. hundreds-of-terrorised-walruses-fall-38-metres=to=their-deaths/

  660. Spectator blows the gaff on David Attenborough’s TV Documentary `One Planet`on Netflicks (which is part owned by George Soros).To think there are those abandoning the BBC Licence to give their money to Soros.

    The story is that because of global warming walruses have been driven in land and,being shortsighted have fallen of cliffs and died.

    It turns out this is nature red in fang and claw. Polar Bears have rounded up these walruses ,driven them of cliffs and feasted on the remains.

    The Spectator Points out this series is co produced by the World Wildlife Fund so is an eight part fund raiser.

    Here is an original article from the Siberian Times. hundreds-of-terrorised-walruses-fall-38-metres=to=their-deaths/

  661. Spectator blows the gaff on David Attenborough’s TV Documentary `One Planet`on Netflicks (which is part owned by George Soros).To think there are those abandoning the BBC Licence to give their money to Soros.

    The story is that because of global warming walruses have been driven in land and,being shortsighted have fallen of cliffs and died.

    It turns out this is nature red in fang and claw. Polar Bears have rounded up these walruses ,driven them of cliffs and feasted on the remains.

    The Spectator Points out this series is co produced by the World Wildlife Fund so is an eight part fund raiser.

    Here is an original article from the Siberian Times. hundreds-of-terrorised-walruses-fall-38-metres-to-their-deaths/

  662. Hunting down Tommy Robinson on the internet, he’s on Telegram at the moment….

  663. “Steve Bannon’s Keynote Address at the Western Petroleum Marketers Association in Las Vegas”

    Worth 58 mins of anybody’s time.

  664. This cowardly government has sacked Sir Roger Scruton as a housing adviser for saying there is no such thing as islamophobia ; for critizising the Hungarian kapo Soros and saying the Chinese government is creating a nation of robots.

  665. Roger Scruton wrote on his dismissal in the Spectator.

    “I recently gave an interview to the New Statesman, on the assumption that, as the magazine’s former wine critic I would be treated with respect, and that the journalist, George Eaton, was sincere in wanting to talk to me about my intellectual life. Not for the first time I am forced to acknowledge what a mistake it is to address young leftists as though they were responsible human beings. Here is my brief response to an unscrupulous collection of out of context remarks, some of them merely words designed to accuse me of thought-crimes, and to persuade the government that I am not fit to be chairman of the commission recently entrusted to me.

    Eaton repeats the libel, uttered under Parliamentary privilege originally, that I believe in some kind of Jewish conspiracy theory. Here is what I said in the speech (discussing the idea of the Nation State, and delivered to the Hungarian Academy) in which the relevant words occurred:

    ‘The Jewish minority (here in Hungary) that survived the Nazi occupation suffered further persecution under the communists, but nevertheless is active in making its presence known. Many of the Budapest intelligentsia are Jewish, and form part of the extensive networks around the Soros Empire. People in these networks include many who are rightly suspicious of nationalism, regard nationalism as the major cause of the tragedy of Central Europe in the 20th century, and do not distinguish nationalism from the kind of national loyalty that I have defended in this talk. Moreover, as the world knows, indigenous anti-Semitism still plays a part in Hungarian society and politics, and presents an obstacle to the emergence of a shared national loyalty among ethnic Hungarians and Jews.’
    In retrospect I could have chosen the words more carefully. But my purpose was to point out that anti-Semitism has become an issue in Hungary, and an obstacle to a shared national identity. As for the Soros Empire, I am the only person I know who has actually tried to persuade Viktor Orbán to accept its presence, and that of the Central European University in particular, in Hungary. I did not succeed, but that is another matter. I should add that I am neither a friend nor an enemy of Orbán, but know him from the days when I helped him and his colleagues to set up a free university under the communists. What Orbán did then was the first step towards the liberation of his country, and George Soros was one of those who helped him too. It is sad for Hungary that the two have fallen out, and that the old spectre of anti-Semitism has been reborn from their clash. Given their two aggressive personalities, however, it is hardly surprising.

    Then there is Islamophobia. It seems that by questioning this word and pointing to its origin in the Muslim Brotherhood’s propaganda campaigns I am somehow showing myself to be guilty of the offence that it describes. I deplore the current use of this word, since it implies that there is some peculiar and irrational state of mind from which all objections to Islam proceed. I myself distinguish Islam, as a faith and a way of life, from the radicals who commit crimes in its name. I have a respect and tenderness towards the first of those, and a hatred of the second. But it is increasingly difficult, with the current abuse of language, to make this point, or to encourage Muslims to make it too.

    I think of ‘homophobia’ as a similar word, designed to close all debate about a matter in which only one view is now deemed permissible. Apparently I once wrote that homosexuality is ‘not normal’, but nobody has told me where, or why that is a particularly offensive thing to say. Red hair too is not normal, nor is decency among left-wing journalists. In Sexual Desire (1986), I argued that homosexuality is different from heterosexuality, but not in itself a perversion. And I tried to explain the negative response that many people have towards homosexual relations in other terms.

    Finally, my comments on China: I was describing the attempt of the Chinese Communist Party to achieve conformity of behaviour in everything that might threaten its comprehensive political control, and I think it is fair to describe this as an attempt to robotise the Chinese people. The Communist Party expects each person to replicate the behavioural code, not questioning its authority and finding safety in imitation. Many people see the threat of this in the attitude of Beijing towards Hong Kong. Far more important, to my mind, is the internment of a million or more Uighur Muslims, in order to clean their minds of the dangerous God idea and re-programme them with the Party idea instead. If we are not allowed to criticise this as the robotising of the victims, then what are we allowed to criticise and how?

    We in Britain are entering a dangerous social condition in which the direct expression of opinions that conflict – or merely seem to conflict – with a narrow set of orthodoxies is instantly punished by a band of self-appointed vigilantes. We are being cowed into abject conformity around a dubious set of official doctrines and told to adopt a world view that we cannot examine for fear of being publicly humiliated by the censors. This world view might lead to a new and liberated social order; or it might lead to the social and spiritual destruction of our country. How shall we know, if we are too afraid to discuss it?”

  666. Noa – 17:10

    Roger Scruton nails it there!

  667. Mrs May informs us that “Nobody is above the law.”

    To which I reply, “HA!”

  668. EC
    An earlier Spectator article by Douglas Murray, excellently defending Scruton, has a telling photo of the comrade Gobshite Eaton celebrating the sacking he achieved by swigging from a bottle of champers, truly a shampaign socialist.

  669. “Stephen K. Bannon Hammers China in Hokkaido Japan”

    SKB starts at : 11min 30 sec

    Where is Malfleur? (PBUH?)
    Where is Baron?
    Colonel Mustard? He’s still available on Guido etc. but doesn’t give us the the time of day here. “Why hast thou forsaken us?”

    Aaargh, I feel Penn Jilette style Tourette’s attack coming on….

  670. You may have heard the recent ant-British agitprop about the Amritsar massacre.
    Here is a more moderate view from History Today.

  671. Gerald Batten : UKIP has 28,000 members.

  672. Salisbury’s the best town to live in (according to the ST the barbarian got free of charge as he stepped into the arrival hall of an airport on Sunday evening).

    Of course it is provided one isn’t a Russian double agent (or his daughter), one avoids the community of spooks living in the town or nearby, and one doesn’t mind the occasional charade of public poisoning with a nerve agent of Russian origin that kills millions instantly (or not).

  673. Radford NG @ April 14th, 2019 – 18:32

    Is it supposed to impress, Radford? A membership of 28,000 in an electorate of what? 30mn plus?

    The barbarian isn’t up to speed with current events (may never get into the top gear anyway), but the fragmentation of the oppositional vote must be good news for the two stale, monochromatic, hard-to-tell-the-difference monstrosities of Labour and the Tories. If only they were to combine.

  674. EC @ April 11th, 2019 – 18:12

    Our ranks have been thinning since Verity gave up, EC, soon it will be just you.

  675. Noa @ April 11th, 2019 – 17:10

    Well put by the man who got kicked way back when feminism began to bite, Noa, who seems to be at the receiving end of more kicks now. The barbarian doesn’t endorse all of Scruton’s ideas (he was a friend with the Czech President Havel, that counts against him a lot), but he’s right on each of the points he covers except for saying that ‘this world view (the progressives’ view that silences every dissent, demands a full submission) might lead to a new and liberated social order’. It will not, it will end up either in a societal convulsion, or a tyranny not that dissimilar to what the Red Menace installed in the East.

  676. EC @ April 10th, 2019 – 22:51

    His mentioning the state of the US Government balance sheet when the Donald took office is the scaring thing, EC, at some point this is going to furnish something much bigger than the financial collapse avoided in 2008, it will bury us all.

    What they did eleven years ago wasn’t;t a solution, it was a patching up of a festering boil that’s got bigger since, it’s incurable, it can only be for rid of if the system of more than finances implodes.

    It’s just that the debt everyone talks about is owned by someone, it’s someone’s money, savings, a nest egg for the future, a deferred consumption that will have be be cancelled, written off, missed. One cannot but pity the generations to come.

  677. Another moderation, why?

  678. @Baron 15th – 09:47

    Still watching from afar …

  679. UKIPs leader robustly defends himself and sanity from liberal bien pensant Edward Mair.

  680. Major fire at Notre-Dame de Paris . Spire and roof of South Transept blazing.
    in spite of every thing this has all the hallmarks of a construction workers mistake/accident.

  681. Boot and Macron will be relieved that the might of Germany is ready a d able to resist the forces of Putin a d Iran.

  682. The Muslims are friends of Christianity and its churches. It would be impossible for them to burn down a Cathedral like Notre Dame, for example.

  683. Fire at Notre-Dame appears to have started in the roof at the end of the South Transept ; spread to the Spire (which has collapsed) and the roof of the Chancel.

  684. Notre-Dame.Fire has spread through the Nave and all the interior appears to have been destroyed .

  685. Radford NG @ April 15th, 2019 – 23:52

    Nobody can enter the cathedral until Friday, that was the latest on the news this afternoon, but the authorities already know it was an accident.

    And then they’re surprised people come up with conspiracy theories.

  686. “The Notre Dame Fire”
    Paul Joseph Watson

    Watch it before YouTube takes it down!

  687. EC @ April 16th, 2019 – 22:29

    An excellent expose of the fake news peddlers, EC, the barbarian has seen it before, the question is why they can get away with it, even more to the point, why many believe them if they accuse the likes of the great Joseph of disseminating fake news?

    Is there a tool one can use to expose them?

  688. The Assange saga intrigues because of the timing of the arrest. What has prompted the Deep State to go for him now?

    Here’s Tucker on the case:

  689. Andy Car Park

    Are you or are you not a member of the Order Of The Peacock Angel?

    I’m sure that, if you could manage it, we would almost all appreciate a YouTube video of the brothers and sisters busting a few moves at your next gathering.

    File under: London Livery etc.

  690. Haspel, the top honcho at the CIA, showed fake pictures of sick children and dead ducks to convince the Donald to sanction Russia for the poisoning of the Skripals.

    Leaving aside the fact of a female running a nasty outfit that can and does kill, what should one make of a policy based on lies? What if the Russians were to lob few missiles here and there, the Americans were to reply in kind, all because of the expulsion of diplomats based on fake evidence?

    They are playing with fire when they shouldn’t;t be allowed anywhere near a box of matches.

  691. Europe, slding into dictatorship.

    Newsletter – Foreign and Domestic Enemies

    (Own report) – Nebulous warnings from anonymous intelligence officials are sustaining Brussels and Berlin’s campaign against alleged Russian interference in the European election campaign. German flagship media are quoting intelligence officials saying that “efforts” are being made “to support Russia-friendly or EU-critical parties.” Presenting no evidence, they claim instead that, in this case, Russian activities are “less visible” than in other cases. The EU has increased its staff and means for its “EU East Stratcom Taskforce,” claiming to reveal “pro-Kremlin” propaganda, while openly making propaganda for the European Union. With an annual budget of five million euros, the Taskforce is propagating fake news. To such allegations about Russia’s “hybrid war, ” advanced, for example, by a US specialist on Russia in an article on the so-called “Gerasimov doctrine,” German military officials respond “they are not doing anything different from us.” Playing on anti-Russian sentiment, Berlin is increasingly attacking not only the foreign enemy, but also the domestic opposition – as alleged puppets of Moscow.

  692. This dis-united kingdom:the home of a festering, political rat class which busily reforming the legal status of its lumpenproletariat from voter to cretin class, in order to ensure the silencingof all debate and opposition to it.
    Surely even the EU should be grateful that this spineless, thought policed state wants to leave and no longer corrupt the ideological purity of the greater Franc0-German sphere.

  693. Re EC @ 10.54

    I’d be very careful about how you answer that question, Mr Car Park.

    If you are indeed a fully paid up Yazidi you may soon find a newly released Shemima Chewingum frog marching you by the jezebels to the slave markets in Tower Hamlets.

  694. @Noa 15th – 12:20

    Surely “liberal bien-pensant” is yet another of those unconscious oxymorons?

  695. “…ideological purity of the greater Franc0-German sphere.”


    “…ideological purity of the greater German empire.”

    There, fixed!

  696. “What is civilization?” . Kenneth Clark’s `Civilization`

  697. EC 16.53

    Monnet and Schuman, as coolaborateurs in La Grande Submission, as well as Pierre Laval, might take exception to your writing of histoire as all German conquest and no surrender.

  698. Kenneth Clark’s `Civilisation`:BBC; (part 1) `The Skin of Our Teeth`.

  699. Noa, April 17th, 2019 – 20:52

    Yerrrs, but this time out the Krauts appear to have, for the time being at any rate, conquered the whole of Europe without firing a single bullet.

    I don’t think that the Ruskies are forgiving or forgetting quite so easily judging by this 70th anniversary bumper sticker…

    I defer to Baron for the correct translation of the accompanying text.

  700. EC
    April 18th, 2019 – 13:23

    I too defer to Baron, but for the time being I suggest “Russia’s quite capable of doing it again.”

  701. EC April 18th, 2019 – 13:23

    It’s not so much the Germans or the Russians that engage in congress, but the various nations in between them who get screwed.
    From Britain’s perspective the more useful ally has always been Russia, but our foreign policy is, as Nancy Pelosi tells us, what suits Uncle Samuel.

  702. You get it right, Herbert, the picture says it, too, a freer translation would be ‘we could oblige once more’, abit too macho and smelling of overconfidence for Baron’s taste, if it came to blows the blows grew to include nukes, the obliging would mean the end of life as we know it for both sides, Baron reckons.

  703. The one thing puzzles on the M’s report, the barbarian has said it before, nobody noticed.

    M is a skilful operator, a Washington old timer, also shrewd, he could have skewed the report towards what the Dem’s wished he would deliver, the basis for an impeachment, he didn’t. He couldn’t exonerate the Donald fully, that would be a a sin beyond comprehension. Nothing much was made of the meetings with the Russians, but then every party in the presidential fight must have talked to foreigner representatives, agents, lobbyists, there was nothing unusual about it, the Clinton woman’s team had meetings with the Russians, too.

    In the report he leaves a small bone for the Dems to chew on, that of obstruction of justice, but since there’s little to obstruct ie there was no collusion, this doesn’t furnish enough to impeach. This will not stop the MSM poodles from barking, but dogs bark because they are scared, not because they feel strong.

    The point is Mueller may feel the Donald could come up tops, and since he doesn’t want to retire yet, he felt it would be wise to find ‘not enough evidence for a collusion’.
    It wouldn’t surprise if he, Mueller, didn’t join the Donald’s team in one capacity or other in the future.

  704. Hey Baron,

    Here’s a heartwarming story that reveals the underlying attitude EU’s elite have toward the untermenschen in its outlying vassal states like the Czech Republic.
    eg. The fish fingers in Berlin are fishier than those in Prague etc.

    “Czech fury as EU fails to ban ‘dual quality’ products across Europe”

  705. Radford NG @ April 17th, 2019 – 21:55

    Rather serendipitous of you, Radford, to find the link, the man standing in front of the Cathedral, when the place of worship caught fire.

    They haven’t yet blamed the Russians for it, but give them time ….

  706. EC @ April 18th, 2019 – 21:59

    Thanks for the link, EC, the issue has been debated for years, the companies (mostly German) claim it’s because of taste they alter the content, the Czechs complain that the change is always for ingredients that are cheaper. It’s hard to figure who’s right, people in the little Republic don’t have to shop in places owned by the Germans, they do because it’s chains, their pricing’s lower than what a round-the-corner shopkeeper charges.

    If one drinks Costa, the difference in the coffee grade is very noticeable, the Czech cup tastes more bitter than what one gets here, the prices are the same at the current exchange rate. Amazingly, British and US expats like the Czech served Costa beans more than what they get at home.

    One middle age woman from the Republic (staying in the same building as Baron) believes the bitter taste is the right taste. She has relocated to the small Republic forever because she couldn’t afford a health insurance at home, she, a single mother, has a disabled child, the cost of insuring him was too prohibitive for her after Obamacare got cancelled, she blames the Donald, who else, thinks the madhouse inhabitants have taken over the Republic, fears worse to come.

  707. Noa, April 17th, 2019 – 12:27

    I’m beginning to wonder if Andy Car Park’s chum, Dmitri, has fallen into the vice like clutches of “The Castrators of Russia.” i.e. The Skoptsy sect. Dmitri’s avatar, he of the hat with the furry flaps, always did look a bit suspect.

    It never ceases to amaze me just what lengths, or rather lack of them, some humans will go to in the name of religion…

    This mania can surely only come upon them after they’ve reproduced, otherwise they would have died out? The dreaded Vulcan “Pong farr” ain’t got nuttin on this!

  708. This is long, some 40 minutes, but it presents the Assange rape accusations quite differently from what is being said in the MSM.

    The barbarian has never been a fan of the blonde or the transdanger person who fed him the stolen files, the publication of the evidence changed little, virtually everyone with brains knew it already, the Americans can get away with murder, no laws apply to them, they are the law.

    It will be interesting to see whether the British judges are as willing to bend to US demands as have been the authorities in Sweden, Assange has broken no laws here, he should be free.

  709. Nancy Pelosi (speaker US Federal `House` [Dem.-California]) comes here stirring up trouble over Ireland and Brexit.Visits Donegal border with other Americans.Riots start tonight in Creggan (Londonderry);young woman shot dead ;apparently innocent bystander.

    Continuing talk about the Good Friday Agreement. There was no Good Friday Agreement. It was the Belfast Agreement . The Provos invented the name Good Friday Agreement as agitprop;and it was promoted by Allester Campbell.

  710. Radford NG – 02:04

    Yes, Pelosi, aka Skeletor, has blood on her hands this morning.

    Happy Easter uprising weekend? I’m afraid that warmish, long spring/summer evenings combined with the absence of torrential rain is usually a recipe for disaster during the various NI sectarian “marching” weekends.

  711. Notre Dame:

    Electrical short circuit?

    “Investigators believe that an electrical short-circuit likely caused the fire that partially destroyed Paris’ iconic Notre Dame Cathedral, a French official has said. An earlier investigation too found no evidence of foul play.”

    This above statement is pure BS. (Alarums: “think”, “believe”, “likely” etc.)

    I’d be more interested if “they” could point to ANY actual EVIDENCE that there was an electrical short circuit.

    Will the real Herostratus please stand up!

  712. EC
    The ideological cringe of self harm, as popularised by the Cameroons, if not self mutilation, is a national, indeed an international practice these days.
    Thank the Lord I is black and can enjoy the unexpected delight of watching whitey wipe hi’self out by embracing buggery and emasculation.
    If you live in Neasdon, as the song might have gone, if da neighbour doesn’t get you with the kitchen knife, your mama probably will!

  713. EC April 19th, 2019 – 09:39

    There’s no way of finding what you don’t want to discover.

    Equally, as Josef showed down at the Reichstag, you can always find what you do want.

    Now, can you me pass down those “Protocols of the Elders…” when you’ve finished with them please, Mustafa…?”

  714. In the fight for western civilisation it is noticable that on Europe only Spain and the UK fail to have Parliamentary representation of what can be termed Civilisational parties.

  715. The rapid development of Vox and the islamist threat to freedom of speech in Spain.

  716. Peter Whittle interview s Julia Hartley – Brewer

  717. Noa – 01:38

    After being at the forefront of the “struggle for civilisation” debate, along with Mark Steyn, in the 90’s and 00’s Mr. Pipes then rather disappointingly ducked under the parapet, left the building so to speak. He went missing. Thats my impression, and if i’m mistaken then I’m certain that you will correct me.

  718. “Where is the outrage as 2 dead black men are found at the home of Ed Buck, prominent donor to the Democrats”

  719. EC
    Like the Rev Peter Mullen your knowledge of the author is greater than mine.
    I merely drew attention to an article that Wallsters might find interesting rather than a deplorable who had fallen by the wayside.
    As its Easter he may redeemed….

  720. Gay transgender man tells his story of giving birth

    And it gets worse.

    * Freddy McConnell, 30, is a gay transgender man who gave birth to a baby boy
    * A film of his experience of pregnancy will premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival
    * His mother described her fears for her son as he embarked on the

  721. Only for those interested in events east of Germany, Ukraine is having a second round of Presidential elections, the challenger, a young Jewish comedian, is leading the race with well over 70% of the vote.

    Nobody’s quite certain what the new man stands for, he won mostly because the incumbent is more corrupt that not just any of the Presidents the country has had since its independence, but more than all of them combined. He could and did get away with it because the Americans chose him, funded his election, backed him in any corrupt venture he’s indulged in.

    The latest scandal involved a number of companies, in which he or his family, friends had a stake, headed by one he owns himself. The companies were buying spare parts for military gear like tanks, howitzers, the heavy stuff from Russia, then selling the parts through a chain of sister companies, each boosting the price. Some of the parts got sold to the Ukrainian Army for prices six times those they paid the Russian suppliers. Truly unbelievable. You can imagine how well did that go with the families of young boys serving in the east of the country fighting the insurgency there, and not just the military families, but everyone.

    Commenting on the today’s results (they are embargoed until 20.00 hours local Ukrainian time) one blogger said: Well done, Poroshenko, you’ve managed to unite the country, unfortunately against yourself’.

    Still, it will take time too the new man to settle in (he won’t be sworn in immediately, will take office in a month time) provided Poroshenko, that’s the man on the way out, doesn’t engineer something that would prevent Zelensky, the new man, from taking over (there’s one legal action already in the pipeline).

    The case of Ukraine shows the Americans cannot have it all, when the plebs have had enough not even the abundance of dollars helps.

  722. John birch @ April 20th, 2019 – 22:17

    The most tragic aspect of this is the child, John. Where are the agencies charged with looking after children’s welfare? What sort of life could the child have? The loony may be happy, but surely there should be someone taking the case on behalf of the child, no?

  723. EC @ April 20th, 2019 – 20:53

    In every society one finds perverts of one sort or another, EC, it must have been thus in the past, too, but the incidents of bizarre, tragically grotesque, near unbelievable perversity one finds in contemporary Republic beats it all hands down. The society must be fatally and irrevocably sick, nothing the Donald can do, Baron reckons.

  724. Noa @ April 20th, 2019 – 01:38

    Could be that Nigel’s Brexit will add the UK to the list, Noa?

    Also, well done coming to the S’s site, commenting, hitting the wankers hard. Other Wallsters should do the same.

  725. Baron

    If Macron can form a successful political party then so perhaps, can Farage.
    I suspect that the Brexit party will splinter the conservative vote in the event of an EU election and due to its single purpose of leaving the EU, serve to preserve the tories in Parliament.

  726. Happy 93rd Birthday to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II .

  727. Vera Lynn was 102 years old on 20th March.

  728. Re above.
    Carrick being in south Ayrshire : the third Earl being Robert the Bruce.

  729. Radford NG @ April 21st, 2019 – 21:42

    Seconded, Radford.

    Could she beat Vera? One hopes she does. The fear the barbarian harbours is that when she passes away the country will morph into an even bigger parody of her glorious past – all talk, no walk. More so if we don’t fully decouple from the Brussels sprouts.

  730. Radford NG @ April 21st, 2019 – 22:18

    The desire to kill each other must be in the Irish gene, Radford, will they ever stop?

  731. What happened to the Fergus’s muse team, not one of the nine has addressed the Notre Dame fire, what a missed opportunity.

  732. Not that a gifted child is a rare occurrence these days, but the barbarian enjoyed the balalaika play of this cute creature because of her innocence:

  733. London life is so exciting these days. Just a hundred yards fro my front door someone was murdered yesterday, the road all roped off. I do not know what happened yet but when I do I’ll let you all into the secret. What struck me was the fact that I was not surprised or shocked, there was I time, not so long ago that a murder hit the headlines, now we merely shrug and carry on, a damning indictment of the standards which have been imported into our country.

  734. Mayor of London ,Sadiq Khan , causes anger and resentment with his tweeted Easter Message.He declared :”London’s Christian community make an important contribution to our city “.

    Typical of the response is : ” We do not make a contribution . WE are this country “.

  735. Radford NG
    Too damned right we are, a fact that should be repeated loudly and frequently despite the discomfort this might cause Diane Abbot and co.

  736. Easter protests:

    Our man on the ground in Central London showing us all the sights, and suffering the smells… so you don’t have to! An interesting perspective on how those born yesterday are being cynically manipulated by Greenpeace and, to use the modern parlance, other “bad actors.”

    “London Blackmailed By New Age Death Cult”

  737. Re: “Bad actors.”

    No reference to jet setting eco luvvie Emma Thompson intended. I thought that was quite good in “Tutti Frutti” although I haven’t seen her in anything else since then.

  738. Today: St Georges Day (although the C of E is being penickety because of Easter and claiming it should be on the 29th April).

    Also : Shakespear’s birth day (1564) :also day he died in 1616.

  739. You may wish to point out to the idiot brigade who say St George wasn’t English that Andrew wasn’t Scots; David wasn’t Welsh:& Patrick wasn’t Irish.

    In the Lord Jesus there is no English,Scots,Welsh,Irish: nor slave nor free.

  740. Rather odd.Late last even saw on the premises a large stone.Looking closer it turned round and moved along : a hedgehog.

    Odd because this is an urban site,500 ft above sea level,although there are lots of green spaces ;but it doesn’t seem easy of access for hedgehogs.

    Have from time to time seen a fox going down the driveway; and grey squirrels nearby.

  741. In respect of St George : all these images of Knights with a Red Cross surcoat on crusade are products of Victorian Romantic artists.

    Crusaders wore black on white or white on black surcoats if they were members of military Orders.

    It was during the time of Henry V that the English army took up with St George in a big way.

    The Red Cross image had long been associated by artists with the Virgin Mary; and in those times she was especially venerated in England; which was known as `Sweet Mary’s Dower`.

  742. Radford NG @ April 23rd, 2019 – 23:54

    You, Radford, are the only one to mention the bard’s birthday (and the day of his death under a new calendar), not one MSM wanker has remembered. Amazing that.

    Quite a rarity to see a hedgehog these days, we had one years i fnot decades ago, lovely creatures.

  743. EC @ April 23rd, 2019 – 09:17

    The day before the AGW fruitcakes boosted their presence and enhanced the annoyance to humans who happen to be near them Baron was in London, wisely didn’t disembark the tube anywhere central, his aim was Gifto, the Bangladeshi eatery he keeps talking about, the bad news is the place is under a new leadership, the food isn’t what it used to be, the new people speak no English, the menu remains, the prices are noticeably higher. The barbarian can no longer recommend it.

  744. You may of course disagree, Baron finds this story fascinating, it matters little she is Persian, very likely Muslim, her life having no bearing on anything we’ve been talking about, it’s the human element that touches most, she appears content, at ease with the world except for the two bureaucrats kicking her cows from the hills, happy, certainly happier than the majority of people Baron either knows, reads about or observes in the media, genuinely happy.

  745. @Baron 24th – 09:07

    Thanks for the warning, Baron 😉