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The Coffee House Wall – January 2019

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  1. Is this premature?

  2. Marshal Roberts – 07:53

    Yes, given that the heathen Scotchmen generally make more of a fuss about New Year than Christmas, then the publishing of the new wall a day early could be considered a case of premature eJockulation.

  3. Immigrants ‘stormed cargo ship and smeared faeces on windows’
    Immigrants ‘stormed cargo ship and smeared faeces on windows’
    Odd behaviour from doctors surgeons and teachers

  4. Nobody anywhere in the mainstream media ever covers the key aspect of these Islamist atrocities. And that is the ‘why’.

    These terrorists are only copying the ‘model for all mankind’ Mohammad.

    That’s right, the Mohammad who came up with the koran and founded Islam.

    The Mohammad who is the ‘model for all mankind’ to Muslims.

    The Mohammad that more than a third of British Muslims name their sons after. That one:

  5. Howdy folks and a good new year.

  6. Howdy folks. A good New Year to you all.

  7. To all Wallsters and anyone else that happens to click accidentally – may 2019 last until 2020. Hang in there, it’s gonna be Rough ride to the year of clear vision.

  8. EC (10:09)

    Brilliant. Obviously you had an abstemious cross over. Never short of a punny riposte.
    All the best old friend. Thanks for your encouragement and continued fillip in the face of the news from the GHOH and the continued onslaught of the SBBOFF assisted by the relentless ticking of OFT.

    Had a great gathering with the Saucepans and remaining siblings. Best Christmas ever, notwithstanding! Completely reconciled with whatever 2019 may perpetrate.

  9. Ostrich (occasionally)

    You are, as always, concisely correct); but my aim was personal and poisonous. Perhaps I should just have exclaimed, as a riposte,

  10. … Jean Charles de Menesez!!!

  11. The Truth About France’s Yellow Vests > Erik Svane

  12. Let’s see whether a Boot up the backside will resuscitate it:

    Happy New Year my arse, ia what Alex seems to be saying in his lugubrious way. I tend to agree with him.

  13. Possibly the most awkward New Year’s greeting ever…

    From America’s favourite Injun and 2020 Presidential hopeful…

    Surpasses anything Hillary put out…

  14. Frank P – 10:53

    … or to put it into computerspeak, reBooted?

    Mr B. dealt us, en passant, the “is the glass half full, glass half empty” card today. Not that he was asking but I’ve always responded to people asking this question by saying, “the level of liquid in the container is at 50% of its capacity.”

    On this occasion I’d have to say that 2019 is best viewed through the bottom of a glass, preferably a very large glass of a quality Cognac!
    Unfortunately I can’t “do” spirits anymore.

    If Mrs May has to go, and the sooner the better, who should replace her?

    Mogg says he won’t. Bojo, Gove, Fox would like to but might find it difficult. Leadsom, although an enthusiastic breeder, is about as much use as a chocolate teapot. Will it be the “I must be seen to be doing something” Sajid Javid OR will it be a candidate that has made fewer enemies that comes through the middle of the pack to get to the top of the greasy pole? (thinking of my former MP, the mildly autistic imo, Jeremy Hunt here)

    If there’s a GE then I can’t see Corbyn getting a majority. Both parties are split.
    If there’s a “NoDeal” Brexit (my preferred option) then there’s a good case for a BRexiteer lead coalition to clear up Mr. Cameron’s & Mrs May’s mess.

  15. Can you have a sausage with no meat in it ? This crucial topic is addressed.

  16. @11:39

    The link to PJW’s video that actually plays from the start!

  17. YouTube is playing silly buggers today.

  18. Well, there’s never anything on the telly…

    “There were among 455 online divorce applications submitted to HM Courts & Tribunals Service between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day. Twenty-six people submitted applications on Christmas Eve, 13 on Christmas Day, 23 on Boxing Day and 77 on New Year’s Day.”

  19. EC (13:24)

    Whadda prospect! Hunt has beeb pitching hard with the Singapore shtick. He certainly held the got potato of the NHS for longer than most. He could provide CRS with its best coup ever.

  20. Asylum support : what they can claim if they touch Home ( the English coast ).

  21. “Brexit: PM says critics of her deal are risking democracy”

    HA! Turning the truth on its head. If she seriously believes that then she obviously needs sectioning under mental health legislation ASAP. Would that guarantee her removal as PM though? Probably not.


  22. EC (10:34)


  23. Radford NG @ January 6th, 2019 – 05:16

    What pi$$es mightily, Radford, is the free dental care (and free prescriptions), since the pamphlet doesn’t say whether that applies to both successful as well as failed asylum seekers, it must pay off for anyone in the world with bad teeth to risk it, arrive her,e claim an asylum, have one’s decaying choppers MOTed.

    Why should a tax paying local fork out £256-50 for a bridge (Baron’s case), and not someone who hasn’t contributed a penny to the Treasury coffers.

  24. EC @ January 6th, 2019 – 10:34

    No need to shout, EC, but go she should, the sooner the better.

  25. The louder the better and two inches from her ear if possible. This fucking bloodless bitch is quite blatantly trying to connive what she clearly wanted all along – BINO. She is a dyed-in-the-wool Remainer with her hooked nose deep in the trough. She has the power to reverse the referendum unless she is ousted – pronto! We all need to SHOUT, metaphorically and literally. We are in dire danger of a Trotskyite No. 10. And that fat little fuck Tom Watson was just given ten minutes of free self serving, cloying Labour Party propaganda on Sky News to preen about having lost five stone on a diet. WGAF? Obnoxious little cunt!


  26. Why all the weeping ans a wailing over the May. The Minuit she stood up at the Tory conference and labelled it as the nasty party, was the minute she nailed her colours to the mast, nothing that the stupid woman has done in the interim has changed my opinion. So the question that has to be asked is do the Toy Establishment have a death wish? and why the hell should we pay the price for their idiocy?

  27. Neither weeping nor wailing, Stephen – just angrily yelling in impotent frustration. And castigating Baron for condescendingly bollocking EC for capitalising his imperatives.

    Got a better idea? Let’s have it? Can you see a single sack of shit (or soot)sitting on the seats of power who can reverse this ugly betrayal of a democratic vote? There is none. Too late to start a new party with common sense and balls – the whole generation is pussified – feminised to fuck. Or queer as nine bob notes. I agree with you: Nonmother nMay is the symptom, not the cause. We deserve Corbyn at the wheel, perhaps it will wake up the plebs and demonstrate just what ‘socialism entails’. Fucking morons!

  28. Frank P @ January 6th, 2019 – 14:20 & :25

    Language, Frank, language (says the poorly edu Slav in a condescending voice, you sadly cannot hear, heh, heh).

    It may happen, th ecumryd could get in easily if he plays his cards right.

    In the forthcoming vote on the deal he will instruct his motley crew to vote against it, vote down it will be properly, the childless woman will run to the Brussels gnomes again, they’ll give he FA in concessions, she’ll claim though the newest deal’s much better, put it to the vote again.

    This time, the cumryd must tell his MPs to abstain, the treachery will pass, the next couple of years before the next election will be disastrous, people will be genuinely pi$$ed off, we’ll pay the hefty £39bn, will have to obey orders, but be excluded from formulating them, the anger will vote the cumryd in at the next count in numbers not too massive but sufficient for Labour to get the keys to no10.

    A lot to enjoy when that happens.

  29. Says mother to her son: ‘Am I a bad mother, Peter?’ He answers ‘my name’s Jim, mother’.

  30. Few tips you may already know, if not, keep them in mind:

    The Emergency Number worldwide for all Mobile Phones is 112. If you find yourself out of the coverage area of your mobile network and there is an emergency, dial 112 and your mobile will search any existing network in your area to establish the emergency number for you, and interestingly this number 112 can be dialled even if the keypad is locked. This works on all phones worldwide and is free.

    Have you locked your keys in the car, have a spare at home?

    If you lock your keys in the car and the spare keys are at home, call someone at home on their mobile phone from your cell phone. Hold your cell phone about a foot from your car door and have the person at your home press the unlock button on the spare key, holding it near the mobile phone on their end. Your car will unlock. It’s of no use if you lose your keys though, then you’re really fugged.

    Is your mobile phone battery flat? All mobiles have Hidden Battery Power, to activate, press the keys *3370# (remember the asterisk). Do this when the phone is almost dead. Your mobile will restart in a special way with this new reserve and the instrument will show a 50% increase in battery life. This reserve will get re-charged when you charge your mobile next time.

    How to disable a STOLEN mobile phone? To check your Mobile phone’s serial number, key in the following digits on your phone: * # 0 6 # (Ensure you put an asterisk BEFORE the #06# sequence).

    A 15 digit code will appear on the screen. This number is unique to your handset. Write it down and keep it somewhere safe. If your phone ever gets stolen, you can phone your service provider and give them this code. They will then be able to block your handset so even if the thief changes the SIM card, your phone will be totally useless.
    You probably won’t get your phone back, but at least you know that whoever stole it can’t use/sell it either. If everybody did this, there would be no point in people stealing mobile phones. (It may well be Baron has already told you about this feature of the mobile phone).

    ATM PIN Number Reversal – Good to Know – nothing to do with mobiles.

    If you should ever be forced by a robber to withdraw money from an ATM machine, you can notify the police by entering your PIN # in reverse. For example, if your pin number is 1234, then you would put in 4321. The ATM system recognizes that your PIN number is backwards from the ATM card you placed in the machine. The machine will still give you the money you requested, but unknown to the robber, the police will be alerted. all ATM’s have this emergency sequencer facility by law. The Crime Stoppers adverse it, but it’s seldom used, probably because such cases are rare, no?

  31. Teaching in the politically correct environment (keep watching to the end, it’s instructive):

  32. Still no photos. And there never was a description.
    Darren Shane Pencille, 35 from Farnham, was charged on Sunday night with the murder of Lee Pomeroy and possession of an offensive weapon in connection to the attack on board a train from Guildford to London on Friday.

  33. Oh well, as expected they obviously knew who it was from the start.

  34. John birch. – 06:13

    I’ve just been inspecting the sketch of “Darren Shane Pencille”, 35 from Farnham” as executed by the official court artist. The answer to Hamlet’s famous existential question would have to be in the negative in his case. More of a 6B, imo.

  35. stephen maybery, January 6th, 2019 – 15:28

    We all here, I’m sure, got the MayBot banged to rights years ago.

    All my SHOUTING in CAPS is borne of sheer frustration that there appears to be nobody in the HoC or the military is prepared to bang Drake’s Drum!

    Re: “the Toy Establishment”

    A most delicious ironical typo? Yea or Nay, it works!

    A dispassionate observer would be forced to conclude that the “Establishment” of the day is definitely Mickey Mouse!

  36. The minds boggles. The weaponisation of the NHS had now been further exacerbated by promises of cyber-appointments with doctors by Skpe and “smartphones’. By importing another 40,000 immigrants to man the already gargantuan bureaucracy with all the concomitant requirements of infrastructure to cater for them. And promises of a non-pharmaceutical injection (Oh Yeah!) of £20b into its coffers. Just another cynical charade to distract the punters from the fact that our so-called Prime Minister is flailing around in a Sargasso Sea of her own shit and impotence in the Brexit fiasco. Never in the history of human conflict has so much damage been done to so many by so few – and wankers all! Somebody stop this travesty of governmental posturing and utter incompetence, before a thousand years of heritage is reduced to meaningless rubble that will make current Syria look like the Gardens of Babylon by comparison. Out you stupid woman. In the name of God – GO! Now! Forthwith!

    Brexit! No deal with ingrates and criminal conspirators (including half our government, who are either sexually bent or steeped in deep venality, in many cases both.

  37. From the woodpile report
    Stuff you may want to think about
    Synopsis with links

    Tucker, Gold Goats ‘n Guns – This is the next stage of the attack on rural America. First it was destroy their ability to live a stable life, raise children and pass wealth down through the generations. Then it was import the worst people from the rest of the world, zip code targeting immigrants to flip certain states to destroy potential revolt through the ballot box. And now we’re into the vilification stage, the dehumanization stage. This is the foundation our leaders always lay before going to war with someone. Make no mistake, this was policy. This was the point of the long march through the institutions. If we want to avoid this outcome, we need to stop reacting to the words people say and look for the reasons why they are saying them.

  38. Mark Steyn is hard to beat when to comes to wordsmithing of the written, in this kingdom he rules there supreme, it’s always a pleasure to read him. Does he always get it right, now, that’s the question.

    Well before the last century before the West adopted the doctrine of spreading democracy to the darker corners of the globe, Mark backed it, argued that we should hit the religious fruitcakes in their own lands, ‘unless we destabilise them over there, they’ll come to us, destabilise us here’ was how he framed it, or perhaps the wording was even more eye catching what with Baron’s substandard use of the language.

    We did try, had a number of goes, are still at it, but the outcome seems to be not what was intended, the West feels like being destabilised more, the lands of the nutters may be often be in ruins, but did it lower the appetite of those wishing do us harm?

    After 18 years in the mountains of Afghanistan, the country’s resembling today one of pre-medieval infernos of Dante’s imagination, our expanding over trillion bucks, the loss of tens of thousands of young lives on our side, immeasurably more on theirs did FA to bring democracy to that country, the societal construct so desired by the neocons (if only in words, the deeds talk differently) is arguably further away than it has ever been.

    On his population argument Mark runs the risk of arguing two contradictory things simultaneously. He believes the West is dying out, it’s not just Japan, the other countries, too, but he also believes that the Mandarin speakers will get older quicker that the West dies out.

    The median is a funny measure, it’s the middle of a distribution of, in this case age of people. The fact that it shifts so noticeably towards the higher end of longevity could also mean the Chinese live longer, their ‘care for the elderly’ is better that ours.

    The key point on China though is the size of the population to start with. Even if the country’s short of 2.5mn new pair of hands this year, it has over 1.5bn of them already. One should be thankful China’s policy isn’t to encourage its citizens to bonk 24/7, if it did, soon we would all have to leave the earth, find another planet to live on, one not yet claimed by the Chinese (only joking, but just in case).

  39. Frank P @ January 8th, 2019 – 00:03

    Here’s a measure of what the plebs think of the home grown bureaucracy, Frank. When Baron began blogging (he was amongst the first of the Spectator together with long gone names e.g. Lungfish), the subject of the NHS came up, the barbarian put in his halfpenny worth, always the same linking the foundation tenets of the NHS, its mode of operation, staffing, leadership etc. to that of the communist model of a society, there was little support for his slicing of the boil, in fact, there were always more who disagreed with him.

    Today, it seems the other way round, more people have joined to argue that the never satisfied monster will consume cash of any amount, and eventually break us.

  40. EC @ January 7th, 2019 – 20:15

    Good one, EC, but Baron’s shorter, heh, heh.

    Btw, the barbarian’s finger wagging in a couple of his postings (if that was what it felt like) was meant in jest, you understand.

  41. Sorry for the errors, and also, the barbarian lost a posting in response’s to John at 06:13. Where did it go?

  42. Baron (11:23)

    Yeah, but take it away and then hear us all squeal. We are all slaves to the Welfare State and that was how it was planned. Statism epitomised – ungreat britain!

    As for China, you make some very good points and I was thinking similar thoughts as I read it.
    But Mark is the best polemicist in the universe where paradoxes abound. Demographics alone will
    screw us all if our Western gals an guys don’t screw each other to procreate for the right reasons – family and the future. If there is no element of patriotism in that endeavour, then our civilisation is fucked! Depravity in its multi-various forms that now proliferates exponentially is sickening. That was planned too. Read Saul Alinsky.

  43. Btw Anna Soubry is a marfy carr who deserves any abuse she gets, which is probably staged,anyway. Please tell me she’s not vying for No 10! when the Empress is shown to be bollock nekkid by an innocent child pointing it out. Ugh – What a prospect!

  44. It takes an Aussie!

    “Sky News Reporter NAILS IT on Brexit”

    Five minutes of pure clarity.
    Fat chance of hearing this on SkyNews UK.

  45. Re: Soubry

    This morning the thought occurred to me that, pigmentation notwithstanding, she is the UK’s Maxine Waters. No that we need another one. Not with Corbyn’s former squeeze and fucking idiot being the prospective, if not imminent, Home Secretary.

  46. China:

    The property bubble hasn’t burst yet but 2018 saw it take a prolonged deflationary fart. They are in big trouble with this

    Breaching the Great Firewall of China to access the “free” internet via VPNs is becoming much harder as they clamp down on them, foreigners, and almost everything else. More and more words are going on the forbidden words and phrases. eg. “President For Life,” “ascend the throne,” “vegetarian for life,” “disagree,” “personality cult,” “change the law,” “Brave New World, “emigrate,” “incapable ruler,” “1984,” “against the tide,” “drive backwards,” “I oppose” AND last but not least (**) “Winnie The Pooh” FFS!
    [It’s getting nearly as bad as The Spectator 🙂 ]

    Utter any of the above on the internet or in the street (*) and you’ll fall foul of the dystopian nightmare of the “Social Credit” Scoring system that the government is rolling out.

    * the old communist party “eavesdroppers” never went away, there’s a whole army of “aunties” and “uncles” on the lookout for people to report for bonus points.

    ** “President for Life” Xi has a reportedly fragile ego and is very unhappy with all the memes comparing his body image to that of the portly furry critter.

    Communist Party displays of public “art” and soviet style banners and slogans which had largely disappeared over the last decade started to make a comeback in 2018.

    God help us all, and if not him then “Almighty Bob.”

  47. Re Anne Soubry.

    ” If you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen.” Harry S Truman.

  48. Some teenage tit is hitting the airwaves demanding free sanitary products for school girls, asserting that their lives will be devastated by a denial of this proposed state subsidy. Why are these self obsessed clowns given this publicity, surely someone has the nous to tell the silly little cow to put a sock in it.

  49. Not to miss:

    Easily adapted to the current travesty of British “politics”.

  50. Frank P – 04:47

    Love the caption on that screenshot, “They’re gonna need more flags…”

    Also, I loved this bit,

    “when your whole pitch rests (as Miss Ocasio-Cortez said) not on humdrum facts but on moral superiority – that we’re better than the other guys, nicer than the other guys – it doesn’t help to have Chuck Schumer up there with his fin glistening as it slices through the surf. Chuck and Nancy are the unlovely thuggish operators required to run a corrupt pseudo-legislature, but they’re not the people to put up in public. “


  51. Frank P, January 8th, 2019 – 23:03

    “Btw Anna Soubry is a marfy carr who deserves any abuse she gets, which is probably staged, anyway.”

    Indeed, MI5 have a long history of using agents provocateurs.
    Also… Madam Gobshite is a hypocrite who also indulges in playground name calling. She has a walk on part in the video below:

    “What They’re Not Telling You About the Yellow Vests”

  52. 🙂 Here’s progress for you…

    “Meet Aisha: Amazon’s New Sharia-Compliant Version of Alexa!”

  53. @12:17

    Sorry, once again, you may have to restart that video from from the beginning. YouTube is playing silly buggers again. I’m surprised that the video hasn’t already been taken down.

  54. According to today’s Mail, John Bercow is “a preening popinjay with an anti-Brexit bias”.
    That’s good, coming from the NEW editor of the Mail, who repeatedly refers to Brexiteer MPs as “lemmings” and makes NO attempt to hide his bias since taking over.

  55. LC,
    Spot on with your analysis of the new editor of the mail. What was the proprietor thinking when he was appointed? the slush he is peddling is bound to impact heavily on circulation, no paper can survive by alienating it’s core readership, and on that issue he can claim to be a roaring success. If this continues I might well shift to the Guardian, at least I will if they give Polly Toynbee the push.

  56. The mail was one of the papers I bought each day. No more.

  57. Not many MSM hacks, if any, cried foul when a bunch of left leaning thugs pestered Jacob’s kids, but when that ghastly woman Soubry got interrupted talking to the BBC, the whole of the establishment were up in arms.

    The man Bercow looks as if he lived in a skip, someone peed on his hair just as he was leaving the abode to get to the House. Why this trend towards slovenly looks, the unshaven faces of men, the stubble, the crumpled jackets, the poorly tied ties? What are these people trying to prove?

  58. stephen maybery @ January 10th, 2019 – 20:04

    Not that long ago, stephen, the barbarian used to scan few of the MSM internet editions like the Mail, the Guardian, the Mirror, he has gradually given up when the rags either stopped the comment sections, or began moderating the postings. The published narratives are of no interest, one can easily guess what the hacks say on virtually any issue that goes.

  59. EC @ January 10th, 2019 – 12:21

    There should be one Aisha for men, EC, another one for women, no?

  60. It was by default that the barbarian was watching Chuck and Nancy with the sound turned off, quite an experience, it was only their facial expressions that got registered, and what a revelation, you should try it, they were like Tweedledum and Tweedledee, not in appearance of course, but in the way their mouths moved, quite enjoyable actually.

  61. I’ll leave you all to make your comments.


  62. CM (02.25)

    The link doesn’t work, m’friend. Not even on a truncated cut ‘n’ paste.

    Btw. Don’t be a stranger. I’m sure I’m not the only one who enjoys your mordant wit and acerbic analysis of the geopolitical travesty that is destroying our culture and anglophone heritage. Suicidal/genocidal eejits! !

  63. Wasted an hour of my ‘precious few’ last evening watching QT under its new token woman, the unsexy Fiona Bruce. Bring back the egregious Dumblebore, FFS! Never thought I would say that. Better still, shut the fucking slot down and have funereal music playing with a blank screen.

    Bruce was awful. She cannot enunciate and her subtitles indicated that she was not only left leaning ( what else can we expect from the Beeb) but also shite talking, interrupting and failing to let each of the panellists have a fair ration. So it quickly became the Emily Thornbury show. That ugly, marfy cah should be shut in a flowery with Diane Abbot for a full stretch. They would rabbit each other to death.

  64. Frank P – 06:55

    I have no idea of the contents of that file in the downloads folder on Tony’s C: hard drive, but when I did a web search for a file name of…


    this 2014 Spectator Australia article was top of the results list:

    “Who will be held to account for the horror in Rotherham?”

    Was that ever published on Frasier’s watch in the UK? I think not, but please correct me if I’m wrong.

    File under: #neverNeathergate, #halfNelson etc.

  65. Frank P – 07:19

    After your review I couldn’t resist taking a peek on BBC iPlayer. You deserve a medal for watching that live. A different presenter but the same old habit of placing lefty activists in the audience masquerading as ordinary members of the public. eg. That woman who spoke immediately prior to the incredibly smug, condescending, porcine Thornberry woman. She was far too well rehearsed to be anything but an audience member plant.

    Whenever I see that AR & new QT presenter I detect the whiff of TCP. [I also detect the aroma of burnt toast upon waking in the morning. Maybe it’s a sign that I’m about to have a stroke anyday now. ]

    I dunno about you but I’ve always found the scent of eau de TCP rather off-putting in a woman.

  66. Baron – 00:07

    How could you even think let alone suggest such thing.

  67. EC (10:08)

    Thanks for digging that out: wonderful piece and as you say would never see the light of day in the Uk sister publication. Must keep an eye on on the Aussie version. Seems feisty and more like the original Speccie that once we loved. Perhaps we should contrive to get aboard Frasier’s ship and rock it again. Don’t think we would last long. 🙂

  68. EC (10:30)

    J’accord. In every detail.

  69. Four single mothers win a High Court ….. The BBC’s award of the Sound of 2019 goes to Octavian, a black rapper …. The British Foreign Secretary says Brexit may not happen if the MPs fail to back the childless woman’s deal.

    That’s about sums up the democratic, rainbow touched, but very much child caring Britain in 2019.

  70. Sorry, ‘that about sums up…’.

  71. EC @ January 12th, 2019 – 12:38

    One cannot but applaud it, EC, loudly, yet one also cannot help wondering whether the timing of the move’s right.

    The Donald is making enemies left, right up and down, he kicks Russia, China, Turkey as well as France, the EU and a large chunk of South America. All that when the Dems are getting ready to strike what with their majority in the House. Is it wise? Would it not have been smarter to take up the adversaries one after another, beginning with the Left leaving fuggwits at home?

  72. This is longish, it took Baron some time to go through (mostly because he was also clicking on the links), as a summary of the impossibility of the official version it’s top mark.

    You don’t have to read through it (some of the postings are also revealing), it’s only to show you that there still are people of the ‘healthy core of Britishness’ here, it’s a pity that nothing at all will be done by the officialdom to get to the truth, as the great Mark says the damage has been done by the process, every hack writing anything that allows him to touch on Russia now says ‘they did it’, that of course was the intention, in this respect the instigators of the charade were successful.

    Could anything of this sort happen in Britain (say) forty 100, 300 years ago? Not under Harold or before last century, Baron reckons. It all began with Ted lying about the then EEC, the ghastly Blair and his successors only accelerated th espeed of the rot.

  73. Anna Soubry: she is called by readers of her local newspaper a drunken ex-TV presenter;and she wasn’t much good at that.

  74. file:///C:/Users/Tony/Downloads/Easy-Meat-Multiculturalism-Islam-and-Child-Sex-Slavery-05-03-2014.pdf

    Perhaps this will work – the original had a meme attached which may have caused the problem. By the way, thank you for your kind comments EC, but I fear the longer I am distanced from the land of my birth as it plummets down to full membership of the third world, the less I care about my old homeland, cossetted as I am in what remains a largely Caucasian paradise, those non-whites allowed being skilled and committed to integration. The current African troubles we are experiencing in Melbourne are only serving to reinforce the error of permitting entry to low IQ criminals. Many are quietly having their visas cancelled and being repatriated and politicians are well aware the populace are unlikely to allow them to make the same mistake again.

    Sovereign Borders, introduced unusually (and as a panic measure) by Labour, has stopped the boats by the allegedly unlawful act of towing the boats back to where the started from. If that is not possible, the boats’ contents are offloaded to nearby shitholes to be processed. Genuine asylum-seekers are identified, non-genuines returned. Refugees are then peddled around the planet. What remains sacrosanct is the absolute rule that they will NEVER be allowed on to Australian soil (even if they technically become a citizen of another country in the future).

    Coupled with this, reporting of the activities to the north of the country is somehow forbidden. Nothing so crass as laws – I really don’t understand how they achieve it. I have an acquaintance who is a Police Officer on one of the Torres Strait Islands. He spends every other week on a border patrol vessel controlling the flow of peoples (what is not widely known are the strong familial links between PNG and the Torres Strait Islanders and the very short sea distances involved – visits for weddings, births etc are common) and tells me now the numbers are very low. Strangely, these activities are never reported.

    Other steps greatly limit the ‘pull’ factor. It is difficult to obtain any form of ID, without which it is difficult even to get a beer, let alone benefits. Rock up sick at Hospital and you will be treated. And then locked up and deported!

    With so many Brits here, largely from the hard-working, skilled and tax-contributing classes of the UK, we continuously and annoyingly point out Europe and our old homeland as good examples of the wrong way to go. I think we’re winning the argument, greatly assisted by the activities of the Africans I mentioned above and the relatively few sand-niggers we have.

  75. Clear Memories / Frank P / EC :

    Here is an introduction to Easy Meat by the Dewsbury journalist Peter McLouglin written by Anne Marie Waters.;pdf

  76. You will not have heard this.
    In the early hours of New Years Day in Batley (just outside the Islamic Republic of Dewsbury a young British soldier was mown-down in a jihad motor attack and caused serious injuries outside a night club.Reports (thanks to Tommy Robinson) are that he was overheard talking to a mate about service in Afganistan and was then confronted in the street by 15 muslims. Seeking to get away he crossed the street and was hit by a car.

    In the local press the West Yorks Police declare they have no evidence it was a racial attack; or because he was a soldier.( West Yorks. Police biggest laugh since the Keystone cops.)

    A certain Hamza Ali Hussain of Dewsbury has been arrested over this incident.

  77. Radford NG, January 13th, 2019 – 21:12

    “You will not have heard this.”

    Indeed not!

    Danny Lockwood’s “The Islamic Republic of Dewsbury – ‘Requiem’ ” is still available on Amazon – at a price!

  78. BRexit vote:

    Last week I fired a shot across the bows of my MP(Lab) regarding her thoughts and intentions. This morning I received a reply which was really quite encouraging for the first part right up until the point when she invoked the nasty closet totalitarian minded (personal opinion) Keir Starmer. She then went on to compound this with a lot of spurious arguments as to what a NO DEAL would mean.

    To summarise:
    1. She said she would definitely vote against Mrs May’s BRino deal on Tuesday.
    2. She would obviously prefer another BRino deal to the one on offer.

    There will be plenty of Machiavellian skullduggery afoot in and around the Westminster swamp for the next 30 hours or so.

    Meanwhile, the unclothed Mrs May has launched “Operation Figleaf.”

  79. West Yorks Police arrest 55 men from Dewsbury.Batley and Bradford for historic child sex abuse.

  80. Interesting selection from the latest woodpile report.
    The decrepit European ruling class is losing its grip and getting dangerously unstable

    Voice of Europe – Democracy? France announces new measures to curb yellow vest protests … protesting open borders, Global Warming taxes and other excesses of ruling progressives

    Daily Mail – French police should be allowed to use live bullets and ‘shoot-to-kill’ tactics on Yellow Vest protesters, the country’s former education minister says … protests have been ongoing since 17 November

    Bitcoinist – Yellow Vests in France Planning a Bank Run to Collapse the Euro … has the potential to paralyze the country

    Voice of Europe – Sweden invests big in sentencing people who criticise migration: Convictions increase tenfold … Online Hate Speech Monitor results in almost 150 convictions

    Voice of Europe – Alternative for Germany leader blames media smear campaign for ‘assassination attempt’ on state chairman … beaten near to death by three masked thugs, Green left-wing MP tweeted the AfD were in fact “Nazis”

    Neon Nettle – British Yellow Vest Shut Down By Facebook, PayPal after Challenging EU Official … “we will not tolerate hate speech on Facebook which creates an environment of intimidation”

    US News – Yellow Vest Protesters Destroy 60 Percent of France’s Speed Cameras … speed cameras are only a way for the country to take money from poor

    Voice of Europe – Protesters attempted to storm City Hall as Yellow Vest protests entered 9th week in France … protests in Paris, Marseille, Bordeaux, Lyon, Strasbourg, and other French cities

  81. 5G or not 5G? That is indeed the question.

    In recent weeks the traffic in our village has been clogged up by “temporary” traffic lights whilst perfectly serviceable street lights are replaced by shiny new ones with LEDs fitted. As noted by others this has happened, and is happening, elsewhere.

    What else lurks behind the LED clusters?

    Is this really all being done in the sole cause of reducing carbon emissions, given that a properly conducted green audit of the entire scheme would put the “carbon payback” period at least a decade, or maybe more, into the future?

    OR… it just another crony capitalist scheme to transfer public money into the right corporate pockets? (q.v. “Sir Dickie” et al CHWs passim)

    OR… is it something else?

    “Why Are GATESHEAD COUNCIL Trying To JAIL Mark Steele?”

    Don’t judge by appearances, hear them out. Whatever you think of Mr. Steel’s views should he be locked up (*) for campaigning against 5G. Since neither of this pair look like archetypal terrorists or Tories then is this a case of the “Labour Left” eating its own?

    More like a case of “Leading Beyond Authority” if you ask me… which you didn’t.

    (*) Reportedly on trumped up charges of “harassment of councillors”… by lobbying them with information on the safety concerns of 5G.

    As with all other things that are supposed to be good for us (eg. migrants, wind turdbines etc.) I’m willing to bet that there will no 5G deployed near where any of the current ruling elite live.

  82. Happy Brexit Vote everybody.

    New PM by Friday? Jeremy Hunt?

    A GE in February? Leon Corbyn?

    An EU Gauleiter appointed by March? George Osborne?
    (it happened in Italy in 2011 with Mario Monti)

  83. An absolutely stunning piece from Mr. Boot today.

    “Britain’s first coup d’état since Major, defended by Major”

  84. The Ides of may have come upon us, and not before time. Our glorious leader, that Asda fashioned Boadicea is about to meet her Ekaterinberg. It had to happen of course, but why oh why did it have to take so long? We have to pray there is no Anastasia waiting in the wings, or perhaps our Parliamentary oligarchs will settle for a false Dimitry. That is all folks, the optics are playing silly buggers again.

  85. The Sunderland Echo ( front page ) reports that in their poll 70% want no deal Brexit.

    Looking further I find the three Labour MPs for the area are wanting a new referendum on whether to accept the May deal or remain in the EU.

  86. May defeated :

    Noes 432

  87. Corbyn wakes up and places a motion of no confidence.

  88. That lying devious bastard Mandleson is on tv as a commentator .
    Who would invite a scumbag like that to talk about ethics apart from the BBC

  89. Mandy should be serving a life sentence with no parole.

  90. Do you reckon the word referendum is banned in Cameron’s house.

  91. Another stunner from Mr. Boot.
    He’s on a roll this week!

    Well worth reading, we know most if not all of it but it’s put together well.

  93. The Tories are either brainless or have a masochistic gene for self-destruction flowing in their blood. The best way forward is to dethrone the woman, ask the EU for a delay in the exit date, agree quickly on a caretaker leader who believes in Brexit.

    He will tell the unelected gnomes of Brussels we want to negotiate on the basis that we get full control of lawmaking, borders and judiciary. If the EU says ‘we cannot have it’, the leader says ‘fine, we leave without a deal’, instructs the Government agencies, the companies and the people to get ready for it.

    It’s that simple.

  94. Spot on Baron , We should’ve had businessmen doing this negotiating not some bloody woman who wants to remain anyway.

  95. John birch.January 16th, 2019 – 17:53

    Depends upon which businessmen. Unfortunately they are not all patriots.

  96. Baron, January 16th, 2019 – 16:31

    “If the EU says ‘we cannot have it’, the leader says ‘fine, we leave without a deal’, instructs the Government agencies, the companies and the people to get ready for it.”

    The government should’ve issued that order immediately after the referendum result in 2016!

    However, you’ll remember that May delayed triggering Article 50 until 29th March, 2017. It was fairly obvious what her game was. David Davis was BRexit Secretary from July 2016 until he resigned in July 2018. Why didn’t he challenge May, early doors, over her prevarication? Why did he turn out to be such a “surrender monkey?” Draw your own conclusions.

    One didn’t need the powers of Nostradamus to foretell the result of the sham EU negotiations. Many CHwallsters did.

  97. Barely a day goes past when the “Google Doodle” on the Google homepage celebrates the historic birthday of some non male and/or non white NPC (non player character).

    Surprise! Today Google informs me that it is the 156th birthday of Konstantin Stanislavski. A white male that I’d actually vaguely heard of.

    No Surprise, though, that the “right on”, “woke”, “artists” at Google have coloured him in Brown!

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