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DT – What does every European leader think about Britain’s demands?

From the Daily Telegraph

Full text at the Daily Telegraph

Following David Cameron's election victory, an in-out referendum on UK membership of the EU will be held by the end of 2017, following renegotiation of Britain's position in Europe.

Mr Cameron believes his election victory has given him a democratic mandate that Brussels cannot ignore and that the threat of a British vote to leave the EU - Brexit - will force his partners to give him what he wants....

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  1. I trust David Cameron on little, but he is sincere on this
    He truly does want to limit migrants and benefits
    He truly does want to keep us out of an “ever closer union”
    But he understands on which side our bread is buttered
    He will not let us eat dry bread

  2. What’s the point in asking for Muslims to apologise for people doing what Mohammad told them to do?

    There’s a Muslim Labour MP saying she’s sick of apologising for Islamist terror. I agree with her! Let’s have an apology and compensation for sergeant Blackman who’s now spent 18 months in prison for killing the enemy. In his case he was betrayed by those in power who sent him to war in the first place.

    His latest appeal has been turned down. There’s a good review of the case at:

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