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  1. Thank the Lord, and Peter. Even if the few remaining posters feel that they are talking into a void, please remember that there are some of us who check in every day to learn from the feet of our elders.

  2. Frank.
    It is our and not US troops defending Estonia for NATO. Should Putin go too far, he should reflect that firstly we still have a nuclear deterrent and secondly Theresa May would dearly love a diversion from her current domestic problems.

  3. The omni-all one’s gone totally loopy. no point in arguing with someone whose place should be life-long asylum residency.

  4. The barbarian’s travelling, absorbing the mood of the mid-Europe recusants, enjoying it because the mood has clearly morphed, and not in favour of the EU loving crowd.

    Are you getting any news about Chemnitz? That’s the place of about quarter million, of which near ten pre cent are immigrants, most of them law abiding, but a sizeable chunk more than boisterous, a trait more than matched by the locals. It’s Prussia, you know.

  5. Thank you, Peter, for pulling the switch, it seems to have woken up one of the resident gurus. His modesty prevented him from posting a posting he placed for the link he furnished also here. Why? It was a good response. Are we going to see the omni-all one responding to it? Hmmm

  6. If you like moving pictures you may look at the link below, it doesn’t last long. Not that it should keep the smile on your face for long though:

  7. Omni-all one?

  8. Interesting times:

    “This past weekend, Thuringia’s AfD chief Björn Höcke took part in a march organized by the far-right, anti-Islam group, PEGIDA – an incident that shows “how the AfD and the neo-Nazis cooperate,” according to Thomas Oppermann, vice president of the German Bundestag.
    Oppermann is just one of the senior politicians echoing calls for the AfD to be subject to surveillance by the country’s domestic security agency, the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, or BfV.
    The BfV’s tasks and powers
    The BfV is charged with collecting and analyzing information on:
    1. Efforts directed against the free democratic basic order or against the existence and the security of the federation or one of its states
    2. Intelligence activities carried out on behalf of a foreign power
    3. Efforts jeopardizing foreign interests of the Federal Republic of Germany by the use of violence or the preparation thereof
    4. Efforts directed against the idea of international understanding, especially against the peaceful coexistence of peoples”


    By a country mile, the best long read on the ‘tubes. Ol’ Remus, like many of us who once populated this patch recovering from serious health setbacks, is in intense survivalist mode. Heed his words and the links he so assiduously garners to consolidate his message. It’s too late for us, but for the sake of those who will have to cope with the future he prognosticates, let us concentrate our fading faculties and at least ‘do no harm’ – as the first rule of wise medical prescription suggests.

    As always, a nice picture to kick off the musing. So set aside a chunk of your day and enjoy.

  10. I really am not convinced by all this Russia did it stuff, I tend to believe Putin when he said if we did it they would be dead.

  11. John birch, September 6th, 2018 – 15:05

    It beggars belief that anyone with brains would be convinced, John, have a look here or the two other sited furnished in the narrative (Moon of Alabama and Craig Murray).

    The story will do for the masses, the MSM scribblers vacuous of a moral compass, but what worries is the sloppiness and quite amateurish construction of the false flag op, one would hope that our spook agencies are staffed with more capable people.

  12. September 11th – WTO – Who dunnit?
    September 17th – Operation Market Garden – Who dunnit?
    September 17th – Constitution Day – Who will do it?

  13. Baron, September 3rd, 2018 – 19:50

    Response? Surely a silent nod of approval, and maybe a sardonic smile of acceptance as the endgame of western civilisation plays out was all that was required?

    The “Brucie Bonus” (*) for me was Frank P quoting from Voltaire’s “Poème sur le désastre de Lisbonne.”

    Oh, the unintended irony of that title in consideration of the mess that we are in today! If there is a Hell, then I hope that the Bliar, the “One eyed Scottish idiot”, Dave, Doris, Sniffy, PH1 and the rest of the remainers all rot in it.

    * “Bruce” as in Forsyth, you understand, and not as in Bruce the bounder and reprobate also known as Andy Carpark, Dmitri the Imposter et al.

    Should I have added “clapped out bon vivant” to that list, Andy?

    Love to JJB etc.

  14. Colonel Mustard, Noa, John Birch, anybody

    Who the hell is “Wilhelmina Bancroft” or, for that matter, “Pickled Beetroot?”

  15. The financial dimension of the Cabal takedown involves “a gold-backed dollar and arrests next week,” says former CIA agent and Marine Intelligence officer Robert David Steele.

  16. EC
    Dont know but the delightful Anne Bancroft made us all jealous of Dustin Hoffman in the Graduate.

  17. EC 13-37
    Wilhelmina is yet another of teles disguises . Pickled beetroot….probably him.

  18. This is from the Telegraph about a MAN pretending he’s really a woman being put into a woman’s prison.
    And then assaults them.
    Just read this nonsense and it’s from a national newspaper.
    But at a previous hearing, prosecutor, Charlotte Dangerfield told Leeds Magistrates’ Court that she had carried out the first offence within days of arriving at the prison.
    The prosecutor said White had struck up a relationship with a fellow inmate which had quickly become inappropriate.
    She explained: “The defendant would stand very close to her, touch her arm and wink at her. Her penis was erect and sticking out of the top of her trousers.”
    His penis not hers.
    Jesus Christ this is utter madnessI am absolutely sick of this nonsense, for it to be happening under an allegedly conservative government makes it even worse.
    HE is not a woman, HE has a penis, it sticks out the top of HIS trousers.
    He is taking the p1$$ or has mental problems the one thing that is certain is HE is not a woman.

  19. Watch the You Tube interview of Steve Bannon by Sarah Fergusson (Australian) ABC TV.

  20. Further report from the front-on-line:

    A. Alex Jones appears to have been compromised by Mossad.

    B. September 20th:
    1. Confirmation vote likely on the nomination of Judge Kavanaugh as a Justice of the Supreme Court.
    2. Test scheduled in the USA for the National Emergency Alert System.

  21. Frank P, September 7th, 2018 – 23:40

    Good spot, an absorbing interview.
    Here’s the link for anybody else who’s interested:

  22. John birch, September 7th, 2018 – 17:51

    Thanks for confirming that, I thought as much.
    I dunno what is is with that guy and his many female aliases…

    No of them are crafted with the care, guile and wit that Andy Carpark used for his one-off honey trap, “Hildegard Hinxey.” (CH/CHWs passim)

  23. Such a pity that there’s nobody here…
    because this is really quite funny.

    “Owen Jones vs Alex Jones”

  24. In case you thought the BBC was the only Remain propaganda station:

  25. US Senate SCOTUS Hearing Points to Military Trials of Deep State Officials

  26. We have the great one down here. And our loopy left are trying to blame Nigel for the abuse of the Abo’s.

    The fact he is facing extreme left nuts here proves the argument that the response to the populist growth is an organised global matter. Soros et al are spending their money anywhere the populist head pops up. They must be frightened shitless at the thought of a few million Crocodile Dundees throwing their dummies out of the pram. Just have a look what at how many Ockers turned up for the last two shindigs as a % of population.

    It’s nice here and they don’t seem to appreciate having to come and sort other peoples shit out.

  27. Sunday is not Sunday without Rod Liddle:

    “They are finally making the act of upskirting illegal, punishable by up to two years in prison. So, that’s my retractable selfie stick going on eBay, then. It cost £34.99 and I doubt I’ll get more than a fiver for it. And hours of what I thought harmless pleasure denied — the strange and yet fascinating stuff I’ve seen up there. My only recourse is to move to Newcastle, where you don’t need to upskirt because the skirts are all pretty much up anyway, even in mid-January, the private parts blue with cold. Maybe they’ll make Newcastle illegal next.

    Or perhaps I should persist with the selfie stick in the hope that my court appearance will become a test case. Because the government is also pretty gung-ho for supporting Labour MP Stella Creasy’s demand that misogyny be made a “hate crime”.

    Campaigners insist no new offences are envisaged under this new law, merely that evidence of misogyny would be considered an aggravating factor in a crime already on the statute book. Such as upskirting.

    You did this, Mr Liddle, because you harbour a hatred for women, I would suggest.” And my reply: “No, I did it because I am a sad, voyeuristic pervert. I actually like women very much, as you should know if you’ve checked through the many images in my computer files, especially the Ukrainian ones.” But they will redefine hatred as well, almost as its opposite. Increasingly, these days, words are stripped of their real meanings and are marshalled to support the progressive agenda.

    I can see why the campaigners think misogyny should be a hate crime. In the past 15 years women have slipped so far down the Top Trumps Table of Imagined Victimhood that they have almost disappeared from view. Outflanked by the transgender lobby, the gay lobby, the race lobby and even those who think being in possession of a quiet misgiving about Islam counts as a hate crime. No wonder they’re narked: they want their share of the lavishly iced victimhood cake. And all the more so because in many cases their claims of victimhood are not, like most of the others, imagined. There is still discrimination against women — less than was once the case, but still there nonetheless. In the abuse of power by foul men, in domestic violence, in rape, in the workplace. So you can appreciate the chagrin.

    But it is surely wrong, for three reasons. First, as the campaigners accept, no new offences are envisaged. In other words, there’s no need for the law: everything is covered, unless we plan to prosecute people for writing stuff about women to which the progressives take exception. Such as my contention that the minuscule number of women studying physics at degree level is not because of conditioning or sexism, but because a much smaller proportion of women are adept at the subject, despite 30 years of expensive programmes to redress the balance. Is that misogyny on my part? What if it’s true?

    Second, does this proposed law not place women back in that berth from which they have struggled to escape for decades — that of the perennial victim, the weaker sex, dependent on legislation to protect them from horrible men? I thought we’d got past that stage.

    And the final point (for me, the clincher): all anti-hate legislation is absurd and fascistic. You should not try to police people’s minds. If I punch someone for being black, it is no worse than if I punched someone for being an estate agent, a supporter of Leeds United or a bearded hipster running a pop-up bistro that serves avocado on toast for £8.99. The outcome is the same and my supposed hatred matters not one jot. All laws that try to police the mind are necessarily subjective, virtually unprovable and an intrusion of the state into our souls. And now — hey, I’ve just had an offer on that selfie stick. A tenner. What’s he going to use it for? Shall I ask?“

  28. Or Speccie

    “I remember the moon landing very well. I was nine years old. I can remember too my sense of outrage and disillusion. ‘This is a blatant violation of the moon’s dignity and sovereignty,’ I told my parents, as the astronauts Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong attempted to secure the US flag to the lunar surface. ‘An act of imperialistic, Zionist barbarism and a statement of intent from the American government that it intends to export its white supremacy throughout the known galaxy. You will note that no people of colour were chosen as astronauts, nor women, nor people with fibromyalgia.’

    A day or two later, when I had been let out of my bedroom, I informed them that the whole thing had not actually taken place, but was a sham filmed on a Hollywood lot for the benefit of Nasa, the industrial–military complex and Mossad. ‘Did you see the angles of the shadows cast by the astronauts? Klieg lights, you credulous fools.’ So young, and yet so woke.

    Hollywood has just made another film about that moon landing and it seems to have been scripted by someone with a very similar mindset to the one I had then. It could not be otherwise, I suppose, these days. First Man purports to be a biopic of the aforementioned Armstrong, but omits entirely the second most important thing he ever did. There is footage of him landing on the moon, with Aldrin, but the film makers quite deliberately omitted to show the flag being planted on the dusty surface. This was because, according to one of the cretinous stars of the film, Ryan Gosling, the moon landings were not about American triumphalism, but something that was good for the whole of humanity. And so they excised the bit about the flag, including showing the astronauts saluting the flag, because it did not fit in with their political agenda and, being liberals, they think that what actually happened, i.e. history, isn’t important and if it offends them it can be rewritten or simply expunged.

    Aside from anything else, this is cheating the moviegoers. My guess is that people who want to watch something about one of the US’s greatest triumphs probably possess a scintilla or two of patriotism. They may be the kind of people who would have enjoyed the film made of Tom Wolfe’s fabulous book The Right Stuff, which covered similar territory (and with a rather better cast, not least Ed Harris and Sam Shepard). Gosling and co clearly want the large audience which would be attracted by such a project, but wish to gloss over the inconvenient politics of the time and the political feelings of the audience.

    In truth, the moonshot was quintessentially about American triumphalism and almost nothing else — the good of humanity was not a consideration, except insofar as more successful rocket technology at last put the US ahead of the Soviet Union, behind which repulsive country it had lagged alarmingly, well into the 1960s. It was two fingers to the Russkies and a reminder to the rest of the world that the US was the greatest country on earth. In short, as President Kennedy knew, it was the only thing which could trump Sputnik, Laika and Yuri Gagarin. It won the space race.

    And forgive me, because now I’ve just used that word: Trump. That’s also somewhere in the mix, somewhere lurking in the muddled, murky potage these asinine liberals call a world view. It’s bad enough to be patriotic at the best of times, but to do so when that fascist is waving the Stars and Stripes around would be unconscionable. Meanwhile, the actual benefit to ‘humankind’ as a consequence of the moon landings was ephemeral, fleeting and slight. Nonstick frying pans, anyone?

    We are in the Tyranny of Now. A time when the liberals in Hollywood or at the BBC or on our university campuses will rewrite or eradicate history according to their own manifestos, and where everything that happened in the past is subject to a Manichaean divide. In a film about slavery, the black people will be uniquely good, the whites uniquely bad, conveniently avoiding the issue that black Africans instigated the slave trade and continued it long after we’d been pricked by our honky consciences. Attempt to suggest that not everything that came from colonialism was uniformly bad, as one Oxford professor did recently, and you will be subjected to a moronic inferno of howled abuse — even though, palpably, nothing is quite so black and white as the liberals see it.

    The Tyranny of Now, with its weird non-sequiturs: it is perfectly OK for a man to identify as a woman, but once his breasts have been stapled on don’t — for God’s sake — allow him to wear a kimono, because that would be cultural appropriation. It is cultural appropriation for supermarkets to sell curries, but not cultural appropriation for your local Chinese restaurant to offer pie and chips. Perhaps we in the West should cavil if the rest of the world embraces democracy, sanitation, an independent judicial system, tolerance, gender equality, decent table manners and an appreciation of fine literature, art and music — cultural appropriation! Fortunately, or otherwise, most of the rest of the world seems to have resisted these temptations so far.

    More of these non-sequiturs, drawn from the Tyranny of Now. It is fine — no, more than fine, absolutely marvellous — for the new version of the BBC’s Daily Politics to kick off with six women on the panel and not a solitary man. The reverse would be unthinkable, wouldn’t it? Why is one form of gender imbalance worse than another? Why do we not worry about the scarcity of male speech therapists, but agonise over the lack of women heart surgeons?

    Buzz Aldrin responded to the film I mention above by tweeting a photograph of himself saluting the American flag on the moon. ‘Proud to be an American,’ he said. Oh, you dinosaur. Die quickly, be gone.“

  29. And having finished that go on to Mr Boot:

    “What price principles? Honour? More appropriate, what price sovereignty?

    These questions naturally come up whenever the word ‘Brexit’ is mentioned in my presence.

    Now I seldom feel I’m enunciating majority opinion, but in this case I’m sure just about everybody in Britain will agree with me: we’ve had it up to here with all the incessant bickering, wrangling and squabbling about Brexit.

    And we’re sick of all that talk about a whole raft of ‘deals’ covering every possible permutation, each propped up by sky-high columns of figures proving that either we’ll end up eating house pets post-Brexit or become rich beyond our wettest dreams.

    Such disciplines as history, political science, philosophy, constitutional law have all fallen by the wayside. Accountancy reigns supreme: the whole issue has been reduced to a balance sheet, with the bottom line pointing one way or the other.

    Enter the greatest adman who has ever lived, Bill Bernbach, who came up with the maxim in the title above. It’s fully applicable to the situation at hand.

    Brexit may make us richer or poorer, no one knows for sure. Actually, now we’re on the subject, I suspect we’ll suffer a bit, for the first few years at any rate.

    The EU is bloody-minded enough to cut off its economic nose to please its political face. That vile setup is guaranteed to try to punish Britain even at a huge cost to itself, pour encourager les autres, as Napoleon I said and Napoleon IV, aka Manny Macron, doubtless keeps repeating.

    If Britain leaves the EU painlessly and profitably, those dominoes will start falling one after another. And they’ll continue to do so until that awful contrivance is reduced to a single Franco-German state, with Angie as its Queen and Manny as her consort (he fancies older women).

    The readjustment of our trading patterns will take a few years, and we may be worse off in the interim. Then again we may not – if I could predict economic trends, I’d be living in the house currently occupied by Roman Abramovich (not that he acquired it thanks to his economic prescience – Google ‘organised crime’ for details).

    My point, oft-repeated, is that the decision to regain our sovereignty and to have all our laws passed by our own Parliament should have nothing to do with money. Nothing. Nil. Zilch.

    Sovereignty is neither an incremental nor a relative concept. A great nation can’t be almost sovereign or partially sovereign. It can be either sovereign or subjugated.

    If the choice between the two is made on the basis of pounds and pence, we might as well not bother.

    For, if that’s all it boils down to, we’re already subjugated in perpetuity, Brexit or no Brexit. We’re for ever enslaved morally and intellectually – we’ve already done an Esau and sold our political soul for the mess of rancid EU potage.

    A rich slave who fears becoming a poor free man, remains a slave in either case.

    This reminds me of the story of a bear born and raised captive in a cage 10 feet square. For years he moved back and forth within that space, 10 feet this way, 10 feet that.

    Then he was set free, and what do you know? He continued to pace the same 10 feet back and forth. The cage wasn’t around his body; it was in his mind.

    How could any Englishman attach his signature to the Maastricht Treaty? A document that in one fell swoop prostituted Britain’s constitution and debased the memory of the millions who gave their lives defending their country’s independence over two millennia? I don’t know; I’ve only lived here for 30 years.

    But I do know that Brexit is an attempt to undo the constitutional catastrophe created by one flourish of John Major’s pen. It’s the only honest thing to do and – for those who understand the vital significance of the British constitution for the British nation – the only intelligent thing.

    Yet what do we do? We argue whether acting on sound moral and intellectual principles will make us a few pounds richer or poorer.

    Call me an incurable optimist (one charge that’s seldom levelled at me), but I don’t believe the British have become completely corrupt. Partially corrupt, for sure. But not completely.

    I don’t believe my countrymen have calculators for brains and spreadsheets for hearts.

    The thought that our politicians have neither hearts nor brains comes more easily. But I still believe the nation has enough spunk left to force our spivocrats into acting with a modicum of decency.

    And the upshot of it all? Simple. The only good deal is summary exit with no deal – and damn the torpedoes.”

  30. And Alexander on the Maybot:

    “It has been proved beyond any doubt that the Novichok attack on British soil was perpetrated by two GRU agents, whose identity, if not real names, has been established.

    Britain now holds the distinction of being the only Western power targeted for both nuclear (2006 polonium murder of Litvinenko) and chemical attacks on its citizens.

    Yesterday Theresa May delivered a scathing attack on Putin’s junta, hinting at retaliation, probably involving cyber warfare, further sanctions and travel bans. However, her attack wasn’t scathing enough.

    While saying that the authorisation for the crime had to come from the highest tiers of the GRU, Mrs May stopped short of naming Putin himself as the culprit.

    Security Minister Ben Wallace tried to fill that blank, or rather pretended to. Asked if Putin himself bears responsibility for the murders, he replied: “Ultimately he does, insofar as he is president of the Russian Federation and it is his government that controls, funds and directs the military intelligence…”

    This sounds as if he actually said something, whereas in fact he said nothing at all. Nicely done, Ben. That’s the stuff political success is made of.

    Yes, in some oblique way a dictator is responsible for all crimes committed on his watch. This much goes without saying, meaning it didn’t have to be said.

    In fact, Mr Wallace fudged the issue as much as Mrs May did. Putin is responsible for the nuclear and chemical attacks on British subjects on British soil not in some oblique way, but in a most direct one. He was the one who issued the orders.

    Anyone even remotely familiar with the chain of command in Russia will know that no GRU officer, no matter how high up, has the authority to initiate an action with far-reaching geopolitical ramifications.

    Such an order in today’s Russia can only come from the Botox Boy, who sits at the top of what he calls ‘the vertical of power’. Russia’s power structure has eschewed horizontality from time immemorial, so Putin continues a fine tradition there.

    I realise that diplomatic protocol doesn’t encourage referring to the leader of a foreign state as a murderer. Yet this protocol isn’t always followed, and at times it’s more honoured in the breach than the observance.

    Assorted US presidents and British prime ministers haven’t shied away from describing in such an uncomplimentary way Messrs Saddam, Gaddafi, Assad – and even Erdoğan, president of a country that happens to be a NATO member.

    What has Putin done to deserve a special dispensation? He, after all, combines in his person a KGB thug and a global gangster, and he leads a state blended out of the same ingredients, one that’s demonstrably hostile and threatening to the West.

    Of course the aforementioned gentlemen didn’t possess nuclear weapons, and Putin does. But refusing to point an accusing finger at him for that reason would brand our leaders as cowards and flat track bullies. Surely they can’t be such awful things?

    Even articles calling for stiff measures against Russian gangsters who live, or keep their loot, in Britain have to dilute the message with the kind of disclaimers that bespeak ignorance.

    A piece in yesterday’s Times, for example, says that not all Russian money sitting in London banks is ill-gotten gains, though much of it is. Fair enough, a Russian computer programmer who works in London and keeps a few thousand in a NatWest current account is no mobster.

    But if we’re talking about millions, never mind billions, such amounts can’t be made in Russia without at least passive collaboration with the ruling mafia. And typically the collaboration is far from passive – those Russian billionaires are to a man Mafiosi themselves.

    Choosing targets for financial sanctions, such as the impounding, freezing or – my personal preference – confiscating of Russian assets is thus a no-brainer. It’s like firing a sawn-off shotgun point blank at a flock of pigeons pecking breadcrumbs in Trafalgar Square: you can’t miss.

    Some pundits do say all the right things, but one questions their moral right to say them. Dr Mark Almond of Oxford is one such man.

    In today’s Mail he bemoans that Putin’s strategy seems to be working in that he has already succeeded in recruiting allies among EU members:

    “Last month, he was a guest at the Austrian foreign minister’s wedding, and Vienna’s Right-wing government is one of the loudest voices in the EU clamouring for improving relations with Moscow.

    “In Italy, the new government is led by a critic of sanctions against Russia, so imposing new ones is unlikely to win Rome’s support.”

    All true. But Dr Almond forgot to mention that his is another loud voice “clamouring for improving relations with Moscow”. The difference between him and those European countries is that he does so not in the national media but on RT, Putin’s propaganda channel, where he’s a frequent guest.

    That’s like a British academic c. 1938 writing articles in Julius Streicher’s Der Stürmer. No honest man, especially one who seems to know what’s what in Putin’s Russia, would ever agree to take RT’s rouble. If such an offer were made, he’d reject it indignantly and then wash his hands afterwards.

    I happen to know Dr Almond: in 1995 we met in Minsk, where we and a few others were observers at the Byelorussian election.

    Over what the Russians call “a shot of tea”, I said that all those glasnosts and perestroikas hadn’t changed anything in Russia. They were nothing but window-dressing on a transfer of power from the Party to the KGB.

    Dr Almond was horrified. “We aren’t allowed to say that,” he said with a quiver. “The most we can get away with is regret that the march of democracy in Russia is slightly slower than expected.”

    That was opportunism, nowadays a necessary job qualification for academic success in Britain and elsewhere in the West. But being a willing tool of what in effect is enemy propaganda is much worse, as William Joyce, ‘Lord Haw-Haw’, could have testified.

    One can only ask how many more crimes Putin has to commit before his ‘useful idiots’ in the West stop being useful. Would an airborne Spetsnaz landing in Kent do the trick?”

  31. And at last the Sunday Times decides to stick it to the one described by Baron as the blond inseminator:

    “At 4,000 words, a “war book” prepared by Downing Street aides on Boris Johnson was not short on material that could scupper his chances of becoming Tory leader:

    Circa 2001-05
    Alleged by Andrew Gimson in his biography of Johnson: “It was said that Boris took the Spectator’s bridge columnist out to lunch in order to sack her, but slept with her instead.”

    August 29, 2004
    Mail on Sunday diary publishes piece on Johnson and Ruzwana Bashir, the then 20-year-old president of the Oxford Union: “I am informed that a special friendship is blossoming between the magazine’s [The Spectator’s] editor, Boris Johnson, and Ruzwana Bashir, the stunning president of the Oxford Union.”

    November 7, 2004
    Sunday Mirror breaks story about the socialite Petronella Wyatt aborting Johnson’s child; the story contained claims that Johnson had said he would not support the child, and was refusing to pay medical bills from the termination [which he denied]. In a series of articles following the story, Johnson is accused of lying over the affair to journalists and has to resign post.

    April 2, 2006
    News of the World runs a story of Johnson having an affair with journalist/policy specialist Anna Fazackerley, once visiting her and Wyatt on the same night.

    July 2010
    Story comes out in the Daily Mirror alleging that Johnson is father of love child with “wealthy socialite and art consultant Helen Macintyre”.

    “I tried it at university and I remember it vividly. And it achieved no pharmacological, psychotropic or any other effect on me whatsoever.”

    “I think I was once given cocaine but I sneezed and so it did not go up my nose. In fact, I may have been doing icing sugar.”

    EUROPE — SPRING 1989
    Boris Johnson becomes Brussels correspondent at The Daily Telegraph, where he gains a reputation for playing fast and loose with the facts.

    “When they discovered asbestos in The Berlaymont [the European Commission HQ] Boris wrote a colourful story that teams of sappers were going to mine the building and blow it up,” recalls a long-suffering EU official. “The story really took off. Another paper made its poor correspondent ring up to see whether they could press the trigger for the dynamite, but it just wasn’t true.”

    Former Tory leader Lord Howard on Johnson’s time as party vice-chairman 2003-4
    “The fact is that he didn’t put much time in. With Boris, there is this issue with effort . . . Here was a Conservative who was much more popular than anyone else in the party and much better known. If he had contributed those attributes to campaigning for the Conservative Party, you might assume that it would be successful. But he didn’t.”

    Eric Anderson, his former headmaster at Eton
    “They [the students] were doing some scenes from Richard III with Boris as the king. He hadn’t had time to learn the lines, so had pasted them up behind various pillars. The whole performance consisted of him running from one side of the stage to the other and failing to read it properly.”

    A ‘former colleague, a very senior man’ in journalism
    “If you just see him cracking jokes on Have I Got News For You, you think he’s a great bloke. If you’ve worked with him or relied on him, it’s a different matter.”

    Tory backbencher
    “I was staggered at his economic ignorance . . . There’s a laziness there.”

    Andrew Gimson, Johnson’s biographer
    Referring to Johnson’s inability to manage his finances properly: “His financial affairs were in total confusion. Unpaid parking tickets would increase in cost to £800 and bailiffs were about to break in.”

    Sarah Helm, a journalist colleague of Johnson in Brussels
    “I remember developing an instinctive feel that Boris was a complete charlatan.”

    On China
    “China is becoming in our imaginations the fashionable new dread, the incubator of strange diseases, a vast polluted landscape of Victorian factories where coolies sit in expectorating rows, nourished on nothing but rice and the spleens of pangolins.”

    On former colonial countries
    “The Queen has come to love the Commonwealth, partly because it supplies her with regular cheering crowds of flag-waving piccaninnies.”

    “News reaches us, perhaps brought into a cleft stick by some piccaninny from the steaming Mato Grosso.”

    On Africa
    “The continent may be a blot, but it is not a blot upon our conscience. The problem is not that we were once in charge, but that we are not in charge any more.”

    On Portsmouth
    “Full of drugs, obesity, underachievement and Labour MPs.”

    On Papua New Guinea
    “For 10 years, we in the Tory party have became used to Papua New Guinea-style orgies of cannibalism and chief-killing; and so it is with a happy amazement that we watch as the madness engulfs the Labour Party.”

    On watching television
    “They [the public] could be learning the piano. They could be knocking out a play. Instead, they sit like the prisoners in Plato’s cave, watching the flickering images before them and mistaking them for reality. That is the shocker: not that people are so foolish as to appear on TV, but that people are so idle as to watch it.”

  32. Now for Sunday Lunch.

  33. Any interest in establishing a GoFundMe site to send Tony Blair on a holiday to Kota Kinabaloo – passing through Kuala Lumpur of course?

  34. “Sept 7
    Goodbye Mr. Rosenstein.

  35. Herbert Thornton and I have been missing out as we have been still plugged-in to the previous web page.
    I think it ought to be made clearer when a new page has been activated.

  36. L`Shana Tovah !

    Rosh Hashanah ( Jewish New Year ) 5779 .

    Begins at sunset,Sunday 9th September.

  37. Good Old Boy, Johnny Kingdom (79) , died last week in a tractor accident.

    A Countryman’s Diary : ( inc. a Clovelly Shrove-Tuesday custom ).

  38. Despatches from the Front On-Line


    9-11.jpg ⬇


  39. John Birch September 6th

    How much egg can you you get to fit on the face of a British government?:

    “Britain Should Be In The Dock Over Skripal Saga, Not Russia:

    “…No verifiable evidence is ever presented, just more lurid innuendo and more refusal by the British authorities to abide by any due process and international norms of diplomacy. It is all scurrilous sound and fury aimed at smearing Russia….”

    Furthermore, there are strong suggestions that the British government , or at least its “security agencies” have been (still are?) collaborating with its counterparts in the USA to bring down the United States government. This is more than egg on the face, this is shit on the face of our worthies at GCHQ, though they are of course all honourable men –
    O judgment! thou art fled to brutish beasts,
    And men have lost their reason.

  40. Radford NG
    September 10th – 23:18

    Wassail Radford!

    A lovely clip from England’s heart and sad news that Johnny Kingdom is dead! I hope that we cannot say “We shall not see his like again”.

  41. Frank P
    September 7th

    and with thanks to ECm, September 8th.

    An excellent interview despite the Interrupter.

    Here’s Bannon with Laura Ingraham (starts about 0.55 in) on his new film, Trump at War (not on at a cinema near me by the way…).

  42. Trump At War – the trailer

  43. The Minor Drag – or possibly Harlem Fuss

    Btw the second version, with perhaps the world’s smallest adult trumpeter, is also well worth it.

  44. Noa, September 11th, 2018 – 18:20

    Aye, Lad, I think that Tracey Ullman nailed it in that sketch.

    Listen to this and weep…

    Mind you, I doubt very much whether the PCC in Lancastrianland is much better.

    Before the first PCCs were elected in 2012 a few us CHWallsters warned that they were a bad very idea. Within a very short timespan these structures that accommodate the political placemen of today, arguably benign ineffectual clueless tossers, could easily be become the command structures of tomorrow’s regional gestapo, run by some very, very unpleasant people indeed.

  45. EC
    Long serving Labour apparatchik Clive Grunshaw is the PCC here in Lancashireistan since Comrade Cameron’s Pink Tories created their new range of Leibstandartenfuhreren.
    Shrugging off an expenses fraud investigation finding him guilty of double claiming he has stormed on relentlessly, creating a 21 strong ‘diverse’ personal burocracy at a cost of £1Million per year whilst proudly presiding over an increase in ‘hate’ crime creation in conjunction with the local matching of the national collapse in real crime detection and prevention.
    All Hail our glorious comrade Grunshaw!

  46. For those interested in Crime and its popularisation as a career option in the UK the Civitas website has an excellent range of free to download briefing notes and publications.

  47. A final thought, in so far as they haven’t been hidden and distorted the child sex offenders rate is higher in Lancashireistan than in South Yorkshire, the spiritual home of the Muslim sex pimp gangs.
    On the plus side there was a recent arrest in the Charlene Downes kebab murder. After the original arrestee received half a million Pounds compensation for false arrest. Read the case and weep.

  48. Marshal Roberts 3rd September 11.15
    I’ve always appreciated a good sense of humour and the idea of getting into a nuclear war with Russia over Estonia provided a deep and prolonged bout of laughter.
    Boot, the ex Russian and self proclaimed British patriot, is very happy to fight Putin with British blood and treasure.
    Sadly there are enough idiots in Parliament who have if the ever knew, have forgotten the disastrous consequences arising in 1939 from giving unconditional support and credence to his venomous Beckian style inanites.

  49. Max Butt, the American deep state soviet-style apparatchik, whom CNN is now calling its ‘Global Analyst’, was on Consigliere Cuomo’s show blaming the devastation of Puerto Rico by a hurricane last year on President Trump’s supposed character flaws.

    CNN appears to have persuaded him to get a decent tailor if he’s going to take their shilling, and the fact that he is as bald and angry as the Mekon of the Treens is not of course a factor that us Wallies take into consideration when judging CIA lackeys of the New World Order.

  50. I feel sure that the mainstream media will completely ignore this, so the more we can draw public attention to it the better –

  51. Herbert 1045

    “They actually want to convict him again, maybe to throw him back in prison again.”

    He forgot “throw away the key”.

  52. Britain is being dragged into becoming a brothel in perpetuity for barbarians from the Third World.

    Must that be your own daughters’ futures?

    Tommy Robinson bravely tells the truth about it, & for this the Government is trying to get him killed.

    Support & protect Tommy!

  53. Herbert Thornton @ o1:13


    Once President Trump and his allies have destroyed the last globalist base of mercenary “rebels” in Idlib, many Syrian refugees, illegal and legalised islamic immigrants and terrorist sleeper cells will want to return to Syria which they were bribed to leave when the globalist pipers called the tune in that devastated part of the moslem world.

    Numbers of economic opportunists from other islamic countries in the Middle East will also be ready to return home once their globalist subsidies are eliminated and/or the devastation of their countries caused by nihilist globalist policies and reckless intervention by American and other governments pre-2017.

    As a minimum, and as part of ridding England of Deep State operatives, one would like to see an initiative somewhere within the political class to encourage this Great Homecoming once the Iranian question has been settled following the clearance of Idlib. Truth and Reconciliation Committees can be established to ease the pain for entrenched globalists in the political class who would otherwise be opposed to this and for those sent here from Syria and other largely moslem countries with a terrorist or colonial agenda, once governments across North Africa have been stabilised, their economies restored to a sound footing, and fear of further deliberately destabilising , anarchic interventions by foreign military forces is assuaged.

    It will require some vigorous swamp drainage projects, but a start should be made if we want to restore the country. Perhaps funding the Great Homecoming could become a popular National Lottery project.

    Can we find an apt Arabic name for this? It does not appear to come trippingly off the tongue, at least for an English chap,but Google suggests: العودة إلى الوطن في الصوتيات
    aleawdat ‘iilaa alwatan fi alsawtiat….

  54. Jesus H Christ. The One eyed gargoylian zombie Gordon Brown has risen again from his catacomb today to warn us that another financial crisis is about to descend on the world. Yeah, we know, Gordie, we know. In fact for some of us it already has. Mainly due to you and you’re oppos antics in office. BTW where’s our fuckin’ gold??

  55. The comintern continues apace! No longer semi-covert, now full-on and in yer face…

  56. Malfleur
    September 15th, 2018 – 09:30

    ?….Show me the way to go home,
    ‘Cause I’m really really tired of being misled;
    I took part in a gang rape about an hour ago,
    And it’s gone right to my head….?

  57. Keep at it, boys, Baron will be back soon

  58. Baron

    I hope you will be bringing us dispatches on the state of Europe.

  59. From the Front onLine

    Q !!mG7VJxZNCI No.239
    Sep 15 2018 19:55:33 (EST)
    Executive Order 13526
    Sec 1.7
    “Classification Prohibitions and Limitations. (a) In no case shall information be classified, continue to be maintained as classified, or fail to be declassified in order to:
    (1) conceal violations of law, inefficiency, or administrative error;
    (2) prevent embarrassment to a person, organization, or agency;
    (3) restrain competition; or
    (4) prevent or delay the release of information that does not require protection in the interest of the national security.”

  60. Herbert Thornton

    I there I was worried that I might be called a waycyst….

  61. Frank P

    Where’s our gold…? Where indeed? I imagine the Chicoms now have it safely tucked away.. What was the price he gave it away at? Two hundred and something US dollars an ounce. That was in the day when the one-eyed man was king….

  62. Policing in Britain has an interesting history because before the time of Sir Robert Peel it scarcely existed, and the very idea of having an organised Police Force was viewed with suspicion –

    Here are a few lines from the foregoing –

    “The first professional police force in the UK, funded by local taxation, was set up in Glasgow in 1800……
    It was the start of a campaign to improve public law. Reform, however, was slow as there was distrust of the police at all levels………. Many people were concerned about the idea of a uniformed force and feared that the police would be used to arrest opponents of the government, stop protests and destroy free speech.”

    Were their fears justified? They certainly were – in fact things are now far worse than they can ever have imagined –

  63. Asked if the Chequers plan was permanent, Mr Gove, who was a leading figure in the Leave campaign, said: “Yes, but there’s one critical thing, a future prime minister could always choose to alter the relationship between Britain and the European Union.
    “But the Chequers approach is the right one for now because we have got to make sure that we respect that vote and take advantage of the opportunities of being outside the European Union.”

    Gove is a canny man who rarely gets things wrong.

  64. Asked if the Chequers plan was permanent, Mr Gove, who was a leading figure in the Leave campaign, said: “Yes, but there’s one critical thing, a future prime minister could always choose to alter the relationship between Britain and the European Union.
    “But the Chequers approach is the right one for now because we have got to make sure that we respect that vote and take advantage of the opportunities of being outside the European Union.”

  65. Asked if the Chequers plan was permanent, Mr Gove, who was a leading figure in the Leave campaign, said: “Yes, but there’s one critical thing, a future prime minister could always choose to alter the relationship between Britain and the European Union.
    “But the Chequers approach is the right one for now because we have got to make sure that we respect that vote and take advantage of the opportunities of being outside the European Union.”

    Bravo Gove.

  66. Asked if the Chequers plan was permanent, Mr Gove, who was a leading figure in the Leave campaign, said: “Yes, but there’s one critical thing, a future prime minister could always choose to alter the relationship between Britain and the European Union.
    “But the Chequers approach is the right one for now because we have got to make sure that we respect that vote and take advantage of the opportunities of being outside the European Union.”

    Bravo Gove

  67. Asked if the Chequers plan was permanent, Mr Gove, who was a leading figure in the Leave campaign said: “Yes, but there’s one critical thing, a future prime minister could always choose to alter the relationship between Britain and the European Union.
    “But the Chequers approach is the right one for now because we have got to make sure that we respect that vote and take advantage of the opportunities of being outside the European Union.”

  68. Another illustration of our descent into the Valley of Death of Our Own Making –


    The Soho Islamic Centre – by Politico


    ” …The …synthetic marketplace has seen gold and silver prices in dollar terms collapse. But into this US dollar price discount, China has been sucking 400oz. bars from London by swapping US dollars for cheap bullion. …”
    Andrew Magguire

  71. Herbert Thornton
    September 16th

    Frank P, comments please.

  72. Senior anti-corruption officer at the Met suspended for using the term ” whiter than
    white “.


    As ever, Melanie nails it. Bit will the idiots and traitors heed her wise words? Will… They… Fuck!!

    By the way I’m pleased she os no longer defending Michael Gove. His dalliance with Gramsci’s scribblings really pissed me off.

  74. The real John Cleese asks : Why is it if a single country takes a protectionists stance it’s always held to be bad , whereas if a group of 27 countries does the same it’s good?

  75. Malfleur
    September 17th, 2018 – 07:00

    I suspect Frank would rather avoid commenting because he has a very strong sense of loyalty to the Police.

    I don’t know about the Police in general, but the top brass in the South Yorkshire Police certainly don’t deserve his loyalty.

  76. A certain Sara Thornton is now head of the National Police Chiefs Council. This appears to have replaced NACPO (National Association of Chief Police Officers)after the government found it wanting.
    She is,like Cressada Dick, a female (of sorts).She was Chief Constable of Thames Valley when that force missed /ignored the White-Slave Trade going on there.
    She is also has a CBE and a QPM ; although what she did to earn them I do not know.I doubt it was for facing down armed criminals.
    The Police Chiefs these days go around in dress uniforms like South American generals.

  77. A book to get? The guy seems to be making an argument close to Baron’s, which doesn’t mean he’s right.

  78. Frank P, September 15th, 2018 – 12:33

    “Jesus H Christ. The One eyed gargoylian zombie Gordon Brown has risen again from his catacomb today to warn us that another financial crisis is about to descend on the world. Yeah, we know, Gordie, we know. In fact for some of us it already has. Mainly due to you and you’re oppos antics in office. BTW where’s our fuckin’ gold??”

    Yes, that was by far the most disturbing thing to hit the TV screens in ages.
    I, too, thought that the Zombie Apocalypse had finally started. Mind you the ‘Daughter of the Vicarage’ has a similar demeanour and must have been reanimated in much the same way as the ‘Son of the Manse.’

    File under: “plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose” etc.

  79. This is something completely different from the usual menu of this site, but you may find it useful (unless you’re aware of it, which Baron wasn’t).

    It may happen you lose your mobile. To prevent anyone using it again this is what you do before the loss happens.

    Dial (as if you were dialling a normal number) *#06# and a 15 digit number will appear (it’s the IMEI or International Mobile Equipment Identity number). Right it down somewhere safe. If you lose your mobile tell your service operator, your number will be blocked, the thief will not be able to either use it or sell it. Make sure that you do not pass the number to anyone else. If someone were to offer you a mobile at a bargain price ask for the IMEI number of the gadget. If the seller won;t furnish it, stay away from the deal, the mobile is likely stolen.

    If you want more on (say) the NSA ability to track you using the IMEI number, google for it.

  80. Radford NG @ September 17th, 2018 – 08:50

    He’s lucky not to say, Radford, (if it fitted the briefing) ‘black as the ace of spades’, that would have been definitely the end of his career, good-bey to his pension.

  81. Baron
    September 19th, 2018 – 22:19;

    Radford NG @ September 17th, 2018 – 08:50

    I wonder how future governments are going to overcome the deep offence caused by the ancient practice of issuing “White” Papers?

  82. Herbert Thornton @ September 20th, 2018 – 00:13

    Good one, Herbert. It’s not beyond the realms of probability that some fruitcake may object to that label, nothing surprises anymore, we are going to suffocate from this PC idiocy.

  83. Herbert Thornton, September 20th, 2018 – 00:13

    Indeed, it is a tad ironic that their harbingers, the Green Papers, are called “Green” when they are printed, for the most part, on dead trees.

    I’m surprised that the BAME & LGBTIQWERTY communities have thus far remained silent and unoffended regarding the lack of diversity in paper colours chosen for government documents, when there is a whole rainbow to choose from.

    NB. It was only last year when UK Acts of Parliament ceased to be printed on calf skin (vellum) That’s progress for you! Imagine the outcry from the animal rights mob if they’d switched to printing on cat skins! It is a far cheaper, and more widely available alternative, with the added benefit that the national archives would be much easier to browse if they were printed in Tabbyloid format.

  84. Brett Kavanaugh eleventh hour smear begins to fall apart

  85. EC @ September 20th, 2018 – 10:56

    How could the barbarian miss seconding your brilliant idea to print acts of Parliament on cats’ skins, EC, the never ending abundance of supply of the stuff what with the love the British show for the nasty animal, many willing suppliers e.g. Baron, the permanency of the skins, they would last for ages, can withstand radiation.

    We should start a petition, no?

  86. Malfleur @ September 20th, 2018 – 12:12

    Spot on, the slicing of the ‘affair’, and as Duran says ‘what’s to investigate?’ The whole charade smells of pure politicking, the great Tucker sums it up even better.

    The point Baron made on another blog was different. The hysterical coverage of the case tells you how much has the American democracy decomposed, it’s turned into a farce, a parody of what the Founding Fathers intended, a never ending clowning show that serves nobody except the interest of the partizan divisions of the governing elites, it certainly does nothing to for the millions of the plebs who, if they retain their sanity, must wonder who are the people governing them.

  87. Papageno and Papagena went to Saltzberg and the Queen of the Night and saliostro crapped all over them. Is it not time that time was called on this comedy and the men in suits sat Mother T down and told her in no uncertain terms to stop prating about and started seriously planning for a clean departure from the toxic EU, and having achieved that get shot of the bitch. I do not know why in hell she ever joined the Tories or why the dumb sods voted for her as the leader.

  88. This is Greg Hunter and Dave Janda (Americans) talking together for 1 hour and 21 minutes – a ‘tour d’horizon’ of their major political and economic concerns. I think it is well worth watching.

    “Greg Hunter of gives his take on the week’s top stories with special guest Dr. Dave Janda from the popular radio show “Operation Freedom” in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.”

  89. stephen maybery @ September 20 – `8:57

    Surely the men in suits, if they sit her down, will say “Job well done!”.

  90. Malfleur,
    Sadly Malfleur, I think your assessment is bang on the mark, the men in suits would congratulate her on a job well done, they chose well when putting her in place. Mother T has now served her purpose and she can now be safely disposed of, leaving we, the deplorables where we belong, in the crap. Democracy, ain’t it grand?

  91. A site you may have missed has the definitive proof the two Russians who were prancing around Salisbury on March 3-4 are the culprits.

    You may find few postings by Baron there, two of which didn;t make it. Amazing that.
    One was a joke, the other said in this charade, Novichok had never been anywhere in the public domain backed by an argument why not. Obviously, whoever runs the site couldn’t stand rational refutation of their slicing of the case.

    Has anyone ever visited the site?

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