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The Coffee House Wall – November 2018

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  1. Baron (10:11)

    Agreed. But will it emerge through the morass of the opposite ethos which is represented by the mass media, now almost entirely in the thrall of a generation steeped in apparently indelible leftist dye. Nothing so evil has occurred to Western Civilisation in my lifetime; not even WW2, when there was always, even in the darkest hours, a conviction that “we” would prevail. Now I can no longer delineate who “we are.

  2. All we can do, I suppose, is promulgate evidence of the evil and hope that it will awaken the good that still abounds among us:

  3. More absurdity –

    Now I’m in a dilemma – should I declare that because (at 88) I feel in my second childhood, I’m entitled to be 7 years old? Or because I feel very old indeed, I’m entitled to actually be 200 years old?

  4. A draft of a deal with Brussels has been thrashed out, if it smells even faintly of our remaining in the single market and the custom union it should be rejected, hopefully will be either by the Cabinet, failing that the House.

  5. Herbert Thornton @ November 13th, 2018 – 18:41

    Do neither, Herbert, stay sane, someone has to.

  6. Frank P @ November 13th, 2018 – 12:30

    The great Mark hits the nail that gives us headache nicely again, Frank.

    The Australian case is a perfect summing up what many of us have been saying for years, cultures matter, people from some add to life, from others they do the opposite.

    “On the one hand, you get a hardworking gregarious immigrant who creates an iconic coffee bar that becomes part of the fabric of city life – and, on the other, you get a different type of immigrant who kills the first guy”.

    Will the case change anything? Hmmm

  7. Alexei Navalny, the refurbished darling of the West, was barred from flying to attend a session of the European Court of Human Rights because of debt he says he didn’t know existed (even though he himself talked about the punishing cost of his operation for which he had to borrow money, Baron listens to his TV channel). After an intervention (by Kremlin?), the settling of the bill, he was allowed to leave Russia.

    The guy’s smart, this was a ploy by him to attract as big an attention as he could, certainly bigger than his leaving Russia without any controversy would have produced. He does the same with demonstrations, he asks for a permission to hold them in a certain place and time, gets it, then asks the crowds to turn in a different place and time. The police act, the foreign journalists blow the story up without saying why the police acted. That’s clever stuff, but it angers many other opponents of Putin, they cannot get the same coverage of their protests in the foreign MSM.

  8. This arrived from one of Baron’s friends, an American, who’s vehemently opposed to the current US trend to liberalise drugs, he fears the usage will get even more widespread than it’s now, has grandchildren, isn’t certain they can resist.

    “From 2002 through September 2018, the United States has committed an average of more than $1.5 million a day to help the Afghan government combat narcotics. Despite this, 2017 poppy cultivation is more than four times that reported by the UN Office on Drugs and Crime for 2002” says the report by the US Special Inspector General for Afghan Reconstruction (SIGAR)”.

    Who buys the stuff, where is it shipped to, who benefits from it mostly (certainly not the growers)?

  9. You may like to skip this narrative, and the attachment below, it’s rather boring, but it tells a story that, if and when it unfolds, will hit us all, more than hard.

    It links, even though you may not think so, to the US cum Saudi marriage of economic interests against the background of the Khaggoshi gruesome murder (if the Turkish tinpot Sultan tells the truth).

    You may recall Baron arguing the dollar owes its reserve status in part to the Saudis (and the other OPEC and non-OPEC countries) pricing the black gold in dollars, which allows the US Treasury to issue as much paper as it feels like, flog it, not all but a sizeable chunk if it, to the dollar hungry oil buying countries. The paper, the Treasury Bills, are known in economics as ‘near cash’ and they are because when the time comes the holders of the paper can easily convert it into dollars printed by the ever obliging FED.

    This cosy arrangement that dates from the early 70s has been coming under stress, as you’re well aware, the time’s getting nearer for the world to adopt a different means of exchange for international trade (rather than the greenback) to reflect the changing economic might of the world countries, in particular China.

    The American governing elites will resist it for obvious reasons. If that switchover were to happened in an uncontrollable way, the world is likely to get hit by a recession, compared to which the collapse in the 30s last century will look like a light touch of cold. It may even precipitate warring on a larger than regional scale.

    Still, we shall see.

  10. Still on the Acosta story, you may be bored with it, but persevere because the reaction to it by the MSM poodles takes the false news accusation levied against them by the Donald to a higher level.

    The clip demonstrates clearly that even if there’s no doubt an event happened, the evidence is irrefutable, it’s visible to the naked eye, the poodles of the MSM still deny it.

    Whatever may have happened to the gif video, the clip doesn’t lie, the man puts his left hand on the girl’s forearm quite forcibly, prevents her from removing the mike from him.

    The intern should take him to court not for lying, which he and the other backing him obviously are (that’s natural for delusional wankers like him), but because it’s physical assault, perhaps a minor one, but still an assault. When he was asked to surrender the mike he refused, used force on the girl to prevent it.

    Had it to happen the other way round, she were asked to hand the mike to him, he were to extend his arm, she pushed him away, there would have been an outcry the end of which would never come, the WH would have been pilloried over and over again, the Congress may have even started yapping about impeachment some more.

    What we are faced with is a powerful beast that will deploy naked lies to hold on to power regardless any apodictic evidence to the contrary, Deep State indeed.

  11. That’s it, no more ranting from the barbarian, and apologies for the mistakes and the convoluted English.

    Still this, but keep it to yourselves:

    For the last three months or so, Baron has been driving without a valid insurance, yup, no insurance at all, and he hasn’t;t been caught. Not his fault, the insurance company backdated the policy today. It shows you one has to be vigilant not only at the level of politics.

  12. That’s the video that was supposed to go with @ 00:01 (more interesting than Baron’s rant):

  13. Is anyone still around, or have you all left the country after you scanned the draft of the Brexit deal?

    The resignation of Avigor Lieberman, the Israeli Defence Minister may turn out a bigger game changer in the ME than the Istanbul murder of K, the man who was born in the USSR, worked there for a while as a night club bouncer, is no friend of Islam, believes Jihadists should be hanged, and says Putin’s the only world leader that has the right take on the followers of Allah.

    If Baron remembers correctly he lived (may still live) not within the recognised territory of Israel, but on lands ‘reclaimed’ from The Palestinians, and some years ago there was an attempt on his life. A Jewish friend of Baron says ‘there are hawks in Israeli politics, and there’s Lieberman’. You don’t have to told the friend of Baron is no friend of the man.

    Not much on the resignation in the MSM, the poodles must be waiting for instructions which way to jump.

  14. Baron, November 13th, 2018 – 23:10

    “The great Mark hits the nail that gives us headache nicely again…”

    At the bottom of that page either he or his web editor says…

    “If you disagree with any of the above and you’re a member of The Mark Steyn Club, feel free to have at it in the comments. But please don’t simply post links. A link is not a comment. […] I regard things like links as the host’s prerogative. ”

    OK, then Mark baby, then howdya reckon most people initially come by your weblog and your appearances on “Tucker CarlsonTonight” if not by sharing links?

    I can perhaps understand his concerns about copyright infringement as he is already mired in more than enough legal battles. Now, feeling inhibited from reposting the link to his work

    I have faithfully retyped (no cut and paste jobs here!) the full text of what “Mark” wrote below. (under fair use clause!) The portion I have highlighted in Bold made me smile as it reminded me of someone who used to do exactly the same on the CHW awhile back. His name escapes me now…. Ferg…something. Oh well, he’s gone and Fergotten (sic) I suppose. 🙂

    “If you disagree with any of the above and you’re a member of The Mark Steyn Club, feel free to have at it in the comments. But please don’t simply post links. A link is not a comment: we’re interested in your views of the passing scene, not some other fellow’s. We try to police comments with a light touch here, but every so often we have to remind you of our policy – and we’re strict about links for a multiplicity of reasons: For example, some are simply copyright theft – as when someone sticks an entire Rush Limbaugh show on YouTube (a company which has parlayed industrial-scale copyright theft into a planet-wide kleptocracy). Likewise, please don’t post huge blocks of text by persons other than yourself: in recent days, a couple of commenters have cut-and-pasted complete poems by living or recently deceased authors: however well-intentioned, that too is theft of another man’s work, for which we as the publishers would be liable. I appreciate that members are not always aware of such complicating factors, or of my intense loathing of the Internet’s wholesale assault on intellectual property rights, but that’s why I~If you disagree with any of the above and you’re a member of The Mark Steyn Club, feel free to have at it in the comments. But please don’t simply post links. A link is not a comment We’re very proud of the high standard of our comments section, which I regard as one of the very best anywhere in the world. And what keeps it at that high standard is your opinions, your insights and your arguments, not URLs or copyright infringement of third parties.”

  15. EC 10.03

    As Mr Steyn is indirectly pointing out, the great internet silence is starting to descend, fuelled by the stock market valuation of Facebook, Twitter and Amazon, powered Intellectual property, Defamation and Freedom of Speech legal restrictions, our choices will shortly restricted to silence or imprisonm,ent for Hate Speech.
    See you in HMP Olney-And don’t forget the soap!

  16. Melanie on the latest attempt by our PM to sabotage the Brexit vote:

    Cool, calm and calculated, as ever.

    And I agree, EC. Our hero Mark Steyn seems to be falling foul of his own ego. Copyright my arse, dissemination is what is important. Linking does just that. WTF?!

  17. EC @ November 15th, 2018 – 10:03

    The great Mark keeps on penning enjoyable stuff as ever, EC, but the boost to his fame, what with his appearing on the Tucker Carlson show, seems to have corrupted the way he thinks about what dissemination of information is all about.

    If one were to simply use whatever someone else have produced, it’s clear plagiarism, nobody should do it, or argue in favour of it, but if one acknowledges the source, the author, the producer of the piece what harm is there? In anything, such an undertaking widens the reach for the original producer’s output as well aiding his fame.

    Baron (and he isn’t the only one) links to the output of others often because his ability to articulate the issue isn’t up to it, just as Michel de Montaigne, who was attacked for using other people’s witticism quipped: “I quote others only in order the better to express myself.” Sometimes to simply make others aware what others are thinking.

    Mark isn’t the only one who seems to have bent towards the other side that’s hell bent to restrict the flow of information. Amongst other sites, the barbarian also visits is Craig Murray’s blog, a man of courage in Baron’s view, but he, too, has recently penned a piece defending Soros, the man that funds NGOs that argue for restricted internet freedom (fake news is what worries them, arghhh), the piece isn’t convincing at all, he seems to be contradicting himself, one wonders why he’s done it.

  18. Baron

    Shysters insisting on CYA stipulations. The rot is permeating expontially by the minute.

    Ignore the bastarfs and ‘keep buggering on!’

  19. Frank P @ November 15th, 2018 – 10:25

    Melanie has been on the right track from the start, Frank, as you know because you seem to have been homing on her often.

    It looks though as if we are to leave without a deal, the best possible outcome for the long term, even though for the few years ahead it may be tough, but then this country faced up to Adolf with little more than beer bottles, scythes and a stomach filled with patriotic determination (yes, yes Frank may say the British of the 40s ain’t the same as those of today, but still, the healthy core of Britishness hasn’t yet fully sunk).

    The mistake (if it was a mistake) the childless One made was to think the EU won’t be hurt if we part company no deal. That’s rubbish, they have more to lose than us, they know it, but it was and is her that always blinks first.

    Some 80% of EU capital markets are in the City, the German carmakers are flogging us 750,000 cars each year, if the already wobbly stock markets of Europe were to get hit some more (very likely) the whole construct may fall apart before one could say Jean-Claude Juncker is a wanker.

  20. Noa @ November 15th, 2018 – 10:19

    Why hasn’t someone else created a site to encroach on the biggies, Noa, someone should tell the Chinese or the Russians or anyone else to get involved, it cannot be that hard if one has the right amount of money. If the new platform were to say ‘we guarantee complete freedom’ may would abandon the likes of Facebook, Twitter, join the newcomer.

    Often Baron’s offered a link to a Twitter feed, he doesn’t understand the system, it looks messy, it’s hard to find the point, in particular if a tweet contains a referral to another tweet …. it feels it’s good for the twits of the world, and there seems to be millions of them.

  21. Baron
    November 15th, 2018 – 17:25

    “Often Baron’s offered a link to a Twitter feed, he doesn’t understand the system, it looks messy, it’s hard to find the point, in particular if a tweet contains a referral to another tweet …. it feels it’s good for the twits of the world, and there seems to be millions of them.”

    I’ve recently attempted to use Twitter, but have now more or less abandoned it. I’m in the same boat as you and I agree with you 99%.

    The missing 1% is my admiration for Donald Trump’s skill and mastery of tweeting. Think of a lion’s roar among a flock of twittering sparrows.

  22. Herbert Thornton,
    Herbert you are spot on with your assessment on twitter. Never been tempted to investigate the medium, nor would I ever do so, there is enough tripe swirling around the World without chasing after it only to confirm my opinion of the generality of mankind. And if that is elitist, sexist and God knows what else, frankly my dears I do not give a damn.

  23. A man of Winstonian qualities, and the only one to be supported:

  24. stephen maybery and Baron

    I’m suddenly reminded of the book called Secret Classrooms –

    Has either of you or any other CHWaller ever read it or even heard of it – or better still – ever had any experience of the JSSL?

    It would be very interesting indeed to know if there are any survivors still extant who might perhaps add more details.

  25. This is Rod Liddle in today’s Spectator (the narrative in inverted commas), he sounds rather defeatist, echoes Frank on our little patch, he and Frank may be right, but in politics, it’s the unknown and unpredictable events that shape the countries’ trajectory as much as those events made by men (and women as is the case here).

    “Peasants’ Revolts tend not to work out too well in this country, for the peasants. I suppose that is why we have so comparatively few of them. There is a flurry for a while and then normal service is resumed. It is often said that Wesleyan Methodism helped to quell any uppity tendencies among the working classes during the Industrial Revolution, but I suspect it was more a case of the proles understanding that whatever they did, they would not win. Too much ranged against them, marshalled by people who naturally knew much better about what was good for them.

    And so it is with our latest Peasants’ Revolt on 23 June 2016 — a mass outpouring of anger at the ruling elite in Britain and Brussels, a passion for the nation state and sovereignty, a long weariness over immigration and a great disdain for the well-heeled liberal establishment that believes Leave voters are all ill-educated racist scum who should shut up and get back in their boxes, to their call centres or wherever it is they work these days. If they work.

    What we voted for does not matter, because they will not let it happen. We have endured two years of hysteria, bed-wetting and tantrums from our masters, our defeated masters. There have been threats, dire predictions, spiteful calumnies flung at those who dared to vote in a way with which they did not agree; columnists suggesting that democracy has maybe gone too far; shrieks of fury and temper strops; continued attempts to use unelected bodies to overturn the vote; demands for a new vote which would be a ‘People’s Vote’ (different from the original vote because that allowed feral animals into the polling booth); allegations from ninnies that Poles and other foreigners were being set on fire or spat at in the street, that racism is rising; lectures every evening from pencil-necked berks on the BBC about how Brexit is ruining us or will ruin us.

    We’ve been told that we will starve and won’t be able to fly anywhere and industrial production will cease. We’ve had big companies screaming they’ll go out of business because they can’t employ some benighted Romanian for 40p an hour. The IMF and, of course, the EU have been insistent that we’re headed for suicide — despite the fact that their statistics suggest the opposite.

    Hell, you think that stuff about £350 million a week to the NHS was a lie? It has nothing on what we’ve been told since by the people who lost the vote: the multitudes of the well-heeled mobilised on their marches, waving their EU flags, packing out the Albert Hall for Last Night of the Proms, all of them insisting that the morons who voted Leave have now changed their minds and citing polls which show precisely that — much, in fact, as polls, showed a desire to stay in the EU on the evening before the actual referendum, when Remain had up to an eight-point lead.

    And we ought to face it: these voices of the establishment, the liberal establishment, have won. It’s as brutal a victory in a way as that which saw Wat Tyler stabbed to death in Smithfield in June 1381: a continual fugue of outrage, disinformation, lies and chicanery, broadcast by those with vested interests. And, of course, a grotesque betrayal, intended all along.

    Because there are no palatable options on the table now for those who voted Leave. It is either back a deal which ties us to the European Union, except without even a vote in return for our continued subjugation, or back no deal which stands no chance whatsoever of getting through Parliament. Or maybe accept another referendum, because they didn’t like the result of the first one — and which will be gerrymandered so that the Leave vote is split.

    None of this is the consequence of the rights or wrongs of Brexit. All of it is a consequence of a failed government and a majority in the House of Commons that does not actually want the UK to leave the EU.

    Sure, for a year or so the politicians of the two major parties paid lip-service to the notion that the people’s voice ‘must be respected’. But the passage of time is a wonderful thing and nobody seems to think that any more. Not the Labour party, which has apparently resiled from its original stance and will vote against whatever hopeless arrangement is presented before it by the Prime Minister. Not the Remainers within the Conservative party either — perhaps the primary villains of the piece, capable of trotting out with bovine sincerity the injunction that the People’s Vote must be honoured, while doing everything they possibly can to weaken the government’s hand in negotiating with the EU.

    Time and again, the hapless May would trot off to meet Michel Barnier or Jean-Claude Juncker while at home cabinet ministers would brief about the calamity of a no deal, and how it must be avoided at all costs. Thus she would stand at the crease and even before the first ball was bowled would find that her bat had been broken, to borrow an analogy from that dead sheep Geoffrey Howe.

    And yet May was also a Remainer. And so too was her Chancellor. Their hearts are not with leaving the EU, their hearts are for staying within it as far as is possible. May’s sole purpose at the moment is to stay in power — although, frankly, why she should want to eludes me entirely. But imagine what a government with confidence and imagination might have done, secure at home and therefore immune to blackmailing. Leaving a trade organisation is not, in reality, a terribly troublesome business. Nevertheless, we have made it so.

    I am told quite frequently that a failure to leave will lead to riots on the streets. No it won’t. It will lead only to a sullen acceptance that once again, you can’t beat the establishment. It will always win in the end”.

    It’s a pity you cannot access the postings, already well above 100 in number, a mixture of views, some agreeing with Rod, others calling for a revolt. For what it’s worth, here’s the barbarian’s halfpenny stab at it:

    If the plebeians are betrayed, as seems likely, there indeed won’t be much of any rioting, those segments of the society prone to burning cars, throwing bricks, causing mayhem probably didn’t vote in the referendum, or voted remain.

    The big betrayal will not be forgotten though, but stored with the other past injustices e.g the Iraq War, and only when the economy turns south, the plebs feeling the pain in their pockets, will all the grievances re-surface acting as an enzyme in the catatonic convulsion that will engulf us all. Hard to say when will this happen, but happen it will.

  26. Herbert Thornton @ November 15th, 2018 – 20:04

    No, Herbert, the barbarian has never heard of it, but it shouldn’t surprise given it was during the early years of the Cold War, it wouldn’t shock either if the Russians were doing something similar. In fact they did when the Cuban crisis erupted, they crash trained a number of language students in Spanish, many for shipped to Cuba, trust Baron on this, he knew one of them.

  27. Apologies for the errors, there are many not just today, before today, too.

  28. Daily Mail full of fake news on Ms.May and Brexit now Paul Dacre has left and been replaced by the pro-EU editor of the Mail on Sunday.

  29. Radford NG

    The puppeteers who control the unelected bureacrats of the EU racket and the politicians who front the whole scam will continue to leech on taxpayers of Europe and the UK – and will continue to do as they please. There is no countermanding force, either from political opposition or from “The People” – the latter having been steeped in the leftist propaganda pumped out by the “educational” community of the welfare state which includes most of the national media.

    Rod Liddle’s piece is spot on. I warm to him more and more each time I read his output. But like the rest of us, he’s pissin’ agin a heavy wind. It’s too late. The damage is irretrievable, despite m’Lud and old friend’s Panglossian optimisim about some event arising from the ‘essential Englishness’ that has in the past intervened. Any upsurge of patriotism, such as the pointless Brexit vote of 2016 (itself a failed ploy by Cunt Cameron) will be met with the dead hands of the likes of our current puppet PM – a bloodless, childless apparatchik who as Home Sec., struck the death blow to sane policing in the UK, appointed a wacky relacement to that vital role in order to complete the policiticisation of the police function and disable it as a stanchion against crime and public disorder.
    When the crimes of our so called elected leaders transcend any violent, venal or organised crimes emerging from the daily doings of the citizens, neutering the police is essential politics for the political class. We’re fucked! Sorry Baron. Life is now too short for deluded optimism.


  30. This comes from Brendan O’Neil in the Spectator, it’s not the rag itself, but the blog, you may be able to see the postings:

    “I always shudder when I hear people say, ‘Let’s stop Brexit’. They say it so casually, so cavalierly. It rolls off the tongue as if it were no big deal. They seem utterly unmoved by what ‘stopping Brexit’ would entail and the consequences it would have. It would mean blocking the largest act of democracy in the history of this nation. And its consequences would be to sow mass doubt in Britain’s democratic institutions and bring about an exodus of ordinary people from public life. ‘What’s the point in voting’, they would ask, ‘when they just ignore us?’. We have to get real. Stopping Brexit means stopping democracy. If we kill Brexit, we kill democracy itself.

    At the end of this tumultuous week, it is clear that virtually every wing of the political establishment — save a few brave voices, like Jacob Rees-Mogg, Priti Patel and Kate Hoey — wants to stop Brexit. Some are honest about it. Like those Remainers who agitate daily for a second referendum and who often take to the streets waving placards saying, ‘CUT THE BREXSHIT’. I am implacably opposed to Remainerism but I have developed a begrudging respect for these people of late, because they are at least open about their desire to frustrate the people’s will. They’re entirely unbashful. ‘Yes, we have to stop Brexit’, they say, knowing full well this means telling the masses of Stoke, Wales, Essex and elsewhere that they do not matter, and there is something admirable in this honesty, even if the political aim is horrendous.

    And some are dishonest about it. Like Theresa May and those sections of the Cabinet that capitulated to her deal that will strangle British sovereignty and reduce us to a craven vassal state that not only has to abide by EU rules but will also lack any mechanism for unilaterally withdrawing from them. A ‘Brexit deal’, they call it. Do not insult our intelligence. Voters are not as dim as you think. We know this deal represents the thwarting of Brexit, not the realisation of it. We voted to take back control from Brussels and you have ceded greater control to Brussels. We voted to wriggle free of unaccountable EU decision-making and you have tied us even tighter into unaccountable EU decision-making. Anyone who calls this a ‘Brexit deal’ is a liar or a fool. May and the rest are stopping Brexit too, but they lack the honesty of the more upfront Remainer agitators.

    Everywhere one turns now there is talk of ‘stopping Brexit’. ‘Brexit can still be stopped’, says one headline this week. Tony Blair still believes Brexit can be stopped, news reports tell us. ‘How to Stop Brexit’ was the title of Nick Clegg’s book, probably because that is shorter and more morally palatable than ‘How to Prevent Stupid People Who Didn’t Go To Oxford From Having Any Kind of Meaningful Say in Political Life’. When Jeremy Corbyn said last week that Brexit cannot be stopped, he was rounded on furiously and denounced by Remainer activists and commentators, when it is actually their cry to ‘Stop Brexit’ that is genuinely chilling and horrific, not Corbyn’s plea to keep Brexit alive.

    Brexit is in a perilous position. And if you find that to be good, or even funny, then you haven’t reckoned with the historically dire consequences that would spring from the elite’s slaying of this most populous vote in the history of this nation. The death of Brexit would devastate democracy. It would call into question the value of that precious, hard-won thing that every British adult was finally granted in 1928: the franchise. It would empty the franchise of meaning, by making it clear that on the really big, constitutional issues — such as Britain’s relationship with the EU — ordinary people shouldn’t actually have a say. They aren’t smart enough, educated enough, good enough.

    It would lay to waste the belief that propelled every British struggle for the expansion of the franchise, first to men, then to certain women and working-class men, and finally to women under the age of 30: the belief that everyday people have the moral and mental capacity, and ought therefore to have the right, to play a role in determining the fate of the nation. ‘You don’t actually have that capacity, we were wrong about that’, the Stop Brexit lobby says, implicitly and sometimes explicitly, and the consequence of that will be to demoralise the demos and convince vast swathes of the British populace that politics isn’t for them. Brexit was for many their one big chance to make a grand statement to the political class — kill this and you kill their hopes for having any kind of impact on the nation and the future.

    Here is Britain in 2018: our chattering classes traipse to the cinema to weep over Mike Leigh’s new movie Peterloo, which tells the story of the heroic working-class struggle for the right to vote, and then they go home and get back on Twitter and carry on agitating for the overthrow of stupid working-class people’s vote for Brexit. They fantasise that they are on the side of the marchers of Peterloo, when in truth they are on the side of the cavalry, only they want to cut down our democracy with bad deals and shady sellouts rather than with bayonets”

    Brendan says somewhere in the piece that ‘the death of Brexit would devastate democracy’. He’s wrong there, the death of Brexit would confirm for those who haven’t yet wised up to it that there is already no democracy, that’s why Brexit is being killed.

    If there still are enough people believing in democracy, as the poorly educated Slav believes there are, than it’s resurrection must be at the top of the their list of things to do. Other more tyrannical constructs got defeated, it should also be possible to smash our autocracy of the progressives.

    There will be another election, which those who feel betrayed by the ruling elites should use for this purpose, vote for a party that can not only deliver on the people’s wish vis-a-vis Europe, but on the refurbishment of genuine democracy, too.

  31. Baron
    November 16th, 2018 – 00:42

    Thanks for responding. The teachers were such a mixed bag – they included people from the old Russian aristocracy, plus more recent defectors and some were not Russian but from eastern Europe. Two of the more widely known were the Actors Grech and Pavlov who, after the revolution, lived mostly in Paris.

    I thought there might be a chance that you had heard of one or two of them.

    The book is largely accurate, but it mistakenly asserts that Professor (later Dame) Elizabeth Hill was always referred to by the Kursanty as “Lisa”. That wasn’t the case with “D” course. Most of them referred to her as “Fanny”.

  32. Frank P @ November 16th, 2018 – 11:59

    It’s not over yet, Frank, Francis Fukuyama got it wrong, history’s being made each day the mankind, amongst which you also find the tribe inhabiting this piddly island, are at it, and as the poorly educated Slav keeps pointing out ‘man can predict everything but the future.

    Let’s give more time, no?

    To take your mind from Brexit, have you relaxed, give you a chance to ponder the world outside our shores, here are two versions of the same event, the first furnished courtesy of the NYT, the other from the man who dances with bears. Intriguing, to say the least:

  33. Herbert Thornton @ November 16th, 2018 – 19:27

    No chance, Herbert, the barbarian hasn’t heard of any of the people involved, in the scale of things that were happening during the Cold War years, it doesn’t;t strike as that significant except for the commendable careers of some of the recruits.

    Btw, you may think the poorly educated Slav was bred in the Russian tribe, he wasn’t.

  34. You may recall (or may not but true it is) that on the 14th of this month, the barbarian told you he had no car insurance for almost four month, he had no idea he hadn’t, the annual renewal has always happened automatically.

    He wouldn’t have known he drove sans insurance until a car driver left a note on his windscreen alleging that Baron’s car bumped into hers when he tried to park, the barbarian thought it would be wise to tell the insurance company, he did, and it was only then that Baron learnt he had no valid cover for the car. It was the company’s fault though, they issued a backdated cover, all’s OK, now. (The ‘bumping into’ got sorted with one single telephone call by Baron to the other driver, no damage to either vehicle).

    This morning, Baron received through the post a warning letter from the DVLA telling him to get insurance pronto or else, the letter’s dated November 14th.

    What do you make of it then, anyone? (If you’re still around, breathing, visiting this blog).

  35. Baron

    How’re your mince pies? After this kerfuffle you may well get a pull and a request to read a number plate from 25 metres! The Bill are waging war on old farts at the moment.

  36. Baron – 12:46

    Which insurance company was that?

    Frank P – 14:57

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Baron pulled out his air rifle and took out a squirrel at 50 metres! 🙂

  37. Does anybody else remember Mrs May on live TV during the last GE repeating the soundbite, “No deal is better than a bad deal.”

    SO, it’s gotta be NO DEAL then, Doris!

  38. JRM should be careful what he does given the opinion from James Forsyth:

    “Interestingly, one Cabinet Minister tells me that May is now an impediment to this deal passing. Her announcing her departure would make it easier for MPs to vote for it”

  39. EC @ November 17th, 2018 – 17:22

    Two despatched today, EC, one needed another pellet. So far this year, the total reached 27 with the two included. What a shot, heh.

  40. On the EHCR ruling in favour of Navalny:

    “Russia has for years faced a barrage of criticism over hard-line domestic politics under President Vladimir V. Putin, who has squelched independent news outlets and routinely jailed opponents.

    But the ruling came at a delicate time in relations between the European Court of Human Rights and the Russian government, raising fears that in response to a decision vindicating an opponent of Mr. Putin’s, Russia could drop out of the treaty that formed the court.”

    So UK and Russia.

  41. Quote of the week from dear Alexander:

    “Mrs May should paraphrase Louis XIV’s famous pronouncement and declare “le cabinet, c’est moi”.”

  42. EC @ November 17th, 2018 – 17:22

    Th e reason you need to know the insurance company is what, EC?

    If you intend to avoid it, bother not, it was their fault but not a serious one. They way they operate is OK for the automatic renewal to go through except when one calls the company (from what Baron understood for whatever reason, not just to talk abut the renewal), it’s this that cancels the automatic renewal, the company sends one a message telling him to call again and ask for the renewal to go through. No message was sent to Baron because he told the individual he talked t o he wanted it to go ahead.

    It’s not a bad insurance company, LV.

  43. Frank P @ November 17th, 2018 – 14:57

    To get ‘a pull’, Frank, in the deep wilderness of Suffolk would be a miracle, there’s no policeman, not even a police car around to accomplish such task. Even if they did, Baron’s vision wouldn’t let him down, he’s OK in that department, sadly has to use glasses to read.

  44. Radford NG
    November 16th, 2018 – 04:10

    “Daily Mail full of fake news on Ms.May and Brexit now Paul Dacre has left and been replaced by the pro-EU editor of the Mail on Sunday.”

    Something funny happening.
    Is HMRC chasing Jonathan Harmsworth, 4th Viscount Rothermere, or trying to confiscate Ferne House?

  45. Marshal Roberts @ November 17th, 2018 – 18:42

    Navalny and his supporters are jubilant, he got altogether Euro 52,500, should have a jolly good Christmas, and rightfully, too, the judiciary in Russia is the one institution that needs looking into.

    This should be a hint to Tommy Robinson, he may get some financial help if he were to follow Navalny’s example.

  46. To give you flavour what the infighting for Russia’s natural resources in the 90s was all about, have a look here (you have to click on Stefan L above probably):!topic/soc.culture.ukrainian/RxBODvhVEXk

  47. Talking of Tommy:
    “Writing on Facebook, Mr Robinson added: “This just underlines how our education system has been infiltrated by far-left fascists. Surely pupils are allowed to have free thought and opinion?”

  48. It’s an aspect of the Istanbul atrocity mentioned here before, not one of the MSM scribblers seems to be interested in. Why?

    “We know what happened in the consulate from the day Jamal stepped inside on Friday 28 September (the first visit), to three days after the murder on 2 October,” the (Turkish) source told MEE”.

    If the Turkish secret services knew what was going on between K’s first visit to the Consulate on Friday, 28 September and his murder three days later, shouldn’t they have warned the eventual victim? Doesn’t the failure to communicate to K the danger of entering the Consulate again on October 2 make the Turkish authorities complicit in the murder?

    Puzzling that.

  49. “All floridly unequivocal praise is due to Allah, Lord of the Universes, and to his faithful Servant and Prophet, Mohammed, and may Israel, that abomination, smudge and curse upon mankind, be neatly erased with no trace left behind, so the rest of us can peacefully go on with our tedious and humbling labor, all while being soothed and titilated by the certain knowledge that, just around the blind curve, there’s our just reward of 72 pristine babes well stacked with full-grown, swollen and pear-shaped breasts, though some may prefer the less-developed, but to each his own. As for the ladies, just replace “babes” with “hunks,” and “breasts” with “members.”

    This isn’t from Baron, this charming rant in a rather florid language, it’s from the pen of Linh Dinh, whose book ‘Postcards From the End of America’ the barbarian has juste ordered.

    Why this posting, you may well ask, Baron will obligingly answer, it’s to keep the blog going, but also to furnish you with writing that inspires for the guy certainly knows how to use English, no?

  50. The link below doesn’t have to be watched, it’s an RT interview with Linh Dinh, it’s more than 18 months old, has been watched by only 400 people. A pity because what this chap describes, the forgotten, unwanted, written off bottom layer of the American society was the electorate that elevated the Donald to the Presidency.

    Not all the poor participated in the presidential election, but many must have done so in addition to those who must be close to that layer, or fear they may sink to that level unless things change.

  51. Could the ordinary Americans be stripped of their weapons? Here’s Styx saying ‘no way’, and one cannot but side with him, millions would be killed if the authorities were to attempt it, the Republic would probably fall apart.

  52. The omni-al one as a military strategist arguing that the US would win a war against Russia or China or both, using a flashback to WW2, exalting the military quality of the Wehrmacht against the demoralised muzhiks of the USSR bla, bla .. contradicting a report that argues the Republic might come second if it came to blows between the opposing sides.

    One can argue either way, the report may be a part of the campaign to refurbish the armed services of the Republic, you may recall the barbarian has made the argument before, the American gear was designed in the 70s and 80;s, it’s fine to kill the AK-47 equipped cave dwellers, it’s not a match to subdue the Russians who got rid of the Soviet crap, re-armed using the latest advances technology offers, as did the Chinese, who are accelerating the re-equipment of their military, their budget is now 2nd largest after the US.

    One can only hope the world can avoid another world war, it doesn’t; take much imagination to figure that there won’t be a winner, we will all be losers when the nuking ends.

  53. As PC as it gets:

    Man steals a car, gets caught, faces a judge: ‘Why did you steal the car?’ To get to work, your honour’. ‘Why didn’t you take the bus?’. ‘I don’t have a driving licence for the bus’.

    Another man gets stopped for erratic driving at 1AM, the police officer discovers he’s drunk, interrogates ‘where are you going sir, you’re seriously inebriated, you shouldn’t be driving ‘I’m going to attend a seminar on the harmful effects of alcohol’, says the driver. ‘Who on earth is holding the seminar at this hour in the morning?’ ‘My wife’, says the man.

  54. Mistakes again, apologies.

  55. Damien Hirst in Doha, watch for the reaction of the followers of Allah:

    Real art should not be contrived, his is.

  56. Baron, November 17th, 2018 – 18:52

    Up Noa-aarth the heirs of Sir Robert police are in the habit of breathalysing motorists between 7am – 9am. Easy pickings, no need for late nights, and they only get to nick people who likely have jobs and can afford to pay big fines!
    Cynical, Moi?

    Baron, November 18th, 2018 – 18:33

    Very good!

    The majority of RTAs, fatal or otherwise are caused by people who are stone cold sober. Let that sink in…

    NB. The opposite is true of unplanned pregnancies!

  57. Baron,

    Since you are missing Malfluer and his lengthy links, then I give you…

    “Steve Bannon | Full Address and Q&A | Oxford Union | Published Nov 16, 2018

    Only 1hr 12mins, but worth every minute of everyone’s time… if only to listen the supporters of free speech chanting from without the chamber.

  58. EC (10:21)


    I sat through Bannon’s slaughter of the innocents/idiots yesterday. A magnificent exposure of the waste of time and resources that Oxford now represents. Wonder if any of it got through their thick skulls to their brains, damaged by the accumulated abuse inflicted by three generations of ‘education’?

  59. Frank P.
    Nice comment Frank, and as usual spot on. Rod Liddle could not have put tit better.

  60. EC @ November 19th, 2018 – 10:19

    How nice of you, EC, to invite the poorly educated Slav to the Bannon’s lecture, the full 72 minutes of it. He confesses he could only listen to the first 15 minutes, then life intervened, the chimney caught fire, the fire brigade was summoned, by the time they’ve arrived, the pyrotechnics died out almost fully, that didn’t stop the brave men, a team of six, to extinguish the still smouldering open fire with a bucket of water (what a mess), check everything, chimney and all, making sure that there was no longer a risk of the house burning down.

    But, as the barbarian said, he has managed to listen the first 15 minutes, here’s his take on it (as if anyone cared anyway).

    First, a minor point, Mr. Bannon said Lehmans went bankrupt, not true, they didn’t, the company was insolvent. This may seem a semantic point, it isn’t. The company had enough assets to pull through, they didn’t have liquidity, no bank would lend them money, they had to call it a day. After the liquidation of their assets years after the business closed down, all creditors got their money back. Until today, nobody has sufficiently explained why the company was left without cash, hopefully one day someone will discover the reason for it.

    On de-industrialisation of America:

    The shifting of American manufacture (and hence the jobs that went with it) to offshore locations in the East had and still has little to do with any maligned design by the shifty bankers, greedy industrialists, nasty politicians, it was the response to a technological progress, the introduction of containers as the medium for shipping stuff over long distances over the sea cheaply, mainly that.

    It isn’t any different on its impact on employment from the introduction of power looms by the start of the 19th century, the Luddite inspired social unrest, the breaking of machinery, attacks on people operating the new looms, all because jobs for thousands of individual weavers had gone.

    We’ve been though this before, Baron repeats himself, Bannon deludes himself if he thinks the jobs will return fully. Over two thirds of Chinese imports into the US come from plants funded by US capital, the plants are in China, other Far Eastern countries because of low cost labour, and the cheapness of container shipping.

    It’s everyone’s guess how much of the manufacture (and jobs) will be repatriated to the Republic, Baron’s guess is very little, what those running the plants will do is shift them somewhere else where labour costs are next to nothing (plenty of places like that), or leave them in China, re-shipped the stuff to the US via another country eg Canada.

    The offshoring didn’t effect military manufacture, virtually all design, assembly and servicing of the military gear have remained in the Republic, one of the reasons the US military budget has gone up to one trillion bucks, and the results are already showing on jobs, there are more of them. The rest of the trinkets manufacture is unlikely to be brought back, if it were, the prices of the stuff will skyrocket for those manufacturers who follow what the Donald wants them to do, those who stay put, move to other low labour cost regions will gain market share.

    To put it simply, would you manufacture shoes, shirts, toys and whatever in the US if you had to pay your workers twenty bucks an hour when the same articles can be made (are already made) in a low labour cost country where a worker is paid ten dollars for an eight hour day?

    The same doesn’t apply for tanks, planes and submarines, these are paid for by the US Treasury, not the man on the street (think about it, it makes all the difference).

    In the days when shipping the stuff from China was expensive what with many loadings and un-loadings, small vessels, strong labour unions, high import tariffs and whatever it paid to make the trinkets in the US. That’s no longer the case, hence the move to offshore manufacture.

    Apologies for the lecture, please do be critical of it, Baron has to gonow, cleaning is to be done, the boss won’t have any excuses like it’s after midnight …arghhh

    I hadn’t read this for a few years , what’s changed.
    Well, now we have to build new towns to cope with the white flight and the police can’t cope. And everything has got much worse.

  62. Baron, November 20th, 2018 – 01:01

    “Apologies for the lecture, please do be critical of it, Baron has to go now…”

    Where do I start? It is I that has to go now, so I’ll Fisk it later.

  63. Frank P,
    Colonel Mustard.

    Last, night, at about the same time that Baron was attempting to burn his Elizabethan pile down, I was perusing our local rag when I read the news of the appointment of a “new” inspector to our local c*nstabulary. My curiosity was aroused when I read that he had no previous police experience.

    It didn’t take long to come up with these links:

    It sure looks like Common Purpose in action to me.

    Q. Who the fuck is going to be competent enough or experienced enough solve any real crimes when the Common Purpose takeover of the UK police is complete?

    File under: 1930s Berlin, Kripo, Arthur Nebe, Bernie Gunther etc.

  64. Common Purpose was clearly set up
    For the post democratic world they were planning for.
    What gets me is the fucking arrogance of the bastards proclaiming openly LEADING BEYOND AUTHORITY.
    if that’s not post democratic I don’t know what is.

  65. This morning I was astonished to see a male(?) actual police person (not a PCSO) out in public on the main drag of our one horse town. A short arsed, scruffy bugger in need of a good haircut.

    “‘Officers will have to let violent thugs go free’: Police chief warns PCs need more help from the public after officer was kung fu kicked into the path of an oncoming bus as witnesses simply stood by and filmed”

    The police might occasionally get more back up from members of the public if they themselves occasionally gave the some back up to members of the public instead scrambling their Vapid Response Unit.

    IF a “member of the public” had stepped in, say for example an off duty commando, busted these thugs arses and sent them on stretchers to A&E in an ambulance then police would have probably arrested him for assault / using disproportionate force.

    All the police spokesmen interviewed just don’t get it. They will never regain the trust or respect of the general public until they stop siding with wrongdoers, vandals and burglars instead of householders, and stop breaking people’s front door down at 4am in the morning for something they might have said on Facebook/Twitter etc.

  66. Spooky coincidence – Mr Boot also mentioned the name of the former Berlin Kripo boss, Arthur Nebe, in his superb post today…

    “Mafia don to lead FBI?”

  67. By Alison Pearson

    Traitors, lemmings, rebels. Those are all insults hurled in the past week at certain Tory MPs for the heinous crime of standing by promises made in their party’s own manifesto during the 2017 general election.
    Quick recap. “As we leave the European Union, we will no longer be members of the single market or customs union.” Yet, weirdly, Michel Barnier, the EU’s chief negotiator, claimed yesterday that it was the Prime Minister, during the Brext negotiations, who was the one to set out the request for a deal based on a customs union. So, who exactly is the traitor?
    I don’t generally set much store by talk of Establishment conspiracies. History teaches us that more things arise from cock-up than collusion. Still, over the past week, it has been hard to suppress a gnawing feeling that we are approaching the climax of a powerful and well coordinated plot to thwart the democratic will of the British people as expressed in the referendum on June 23 2016.
    Those of us who voted for Brexit on that day did not want “a deal”. We wanted to leave the European Union and return to a situation where Parliament made the laws for our own people. Pretty clear, you might think. Since then, what we all thought of as “Brexit” has been tactically renamed “no deal” by the BBC and prominent Remainers, in order to make it sound scary and disastrous, when, in fact, it restores the perfectly normal state of affairs which applies in almost every other country on earth.
    The oft-mentioned “cliff-edge” conjures up images of Roadrunner pedalling into the void, but it actually means switching to World Trade Organisation rules. The EU trades with 24 countries on WTO rules alone; have you noticed any of them falling off a cliff, Marjorie?
    Rarely discussed, because it’s not convenient to the doomsters’ cause, is the fact that 92 per cent of British businesses do no trade at all with the EU (accounting for 87 per cent of our economy). The alleged apocalypse will affect just eight per cent of companies and you’d think they might be big enough and clever enough to adapt to the new conditions. Is the soul of our nation really to be held in bondage because of “manufacturing supply chains”?
    Leave voters, I’m guessing, did not realise that we needed a Withdrawal Agreement to wrestle our country back from the giant squid. Nor could we foresee that Theresa May’s deal would mean staying in the EU for an indefinite period and only being allowed to leave should some arbitration panel in Brussels grant permission. As they’re bound to, readily and eagerly, judging by the spirit of warmth and neighbourliness they’ve exhibited over the past 28 months, eh?
    Signs of the Conspiracy against Brexit are everywhere. They’re there in the relentless briefings against anyone who dares to openly challenge Theresa May’s dreadful deal. Overnight, Dominic Raab went from principled, highly respected Brexit Secretary to ambitious traitor.
    Raab’s name has to be blackened lest the plebs – that’s you and me – start believing the things he says about Brussels bullying UK negotiators and share his shock and dismay when he discovered civil servants had sneaked clauses into the Withdrawal Agreement overnight without telling him. What right had those unelected officials to deceive and undermine a government minister? It’s not Jacob Rees-Mogg who’s guilty of staging a coup; the coup is being staged by civil service against the British people.
    Meanwhile, rumours are put about that former work and pensions secretary Esther McVey, who resigned in protest at Mrs May’s deal, is said to have had a “meltdown so bad, Cabinet thought they would have to call Security”.
    Good for you, Esther. Give me a hot-blooded Scouser boiling over and calling for a show of hands when she realises the UK is being sold down the Rhone rather than mimsy mouse of Maidenhead who squeaks, “Pardon, Monsieur, how little will you give me for my country?” I’d have been overturning the Cabinet table myself if I was asked to support the PM’s deal when, as McVey says, “it’s obvious to everyone that it does not respect the result of the referendum”.
    If you don’t trust the “traitors” and “lemmings”, how about heeding the inside dope from Tony Blair? The former PM and passionate Europhile says Brussels officials believe the UK “caved” into their demands. “Capitulation” is what a disgusted Blair calls it, and he wants us to stay in! The EU is like the first wife who got the house in the divorce settlement and plans to come back for the kids and the dog in Round Two.
    Grassroots Tories shake their heads in disbelief as MPs like James Cleverly tweet about how their constituents are bubbling over with enthusiasm for the deal. Really, James? Quite sure you haven’t be talking to your mirror?
    Seven out of 10 Conservative members oppose Mrs May’s agreement and we feel betrayed by our own party. Yet a sense of powerlessness weakens our resolve. We loathe the deal, but increasingly we fear the whole referendum has been like some mad conjuring trick to get us back to where we started. Either that, or they have managed to bore us to death so we simply don’t care what happens any more.
    Brexit was supposed to mean the people taking back power from a faceless, controlling elite which was happy to see Britain subsumed into a European supserstate. And now the faceless, controlling elite, through its overwhelming influence in the media, its multi-million-pound strategems, is exerting that power to kill Brexit. You know, if I were Boris, at this point I would write: “Quod erat demonstrandum.” What Brexiteers feared in their hearts has been shown to be true.
    And still the barrage of pro-Remain propaganda continues. Yesterday, William Hague wrote in these very pages that Tory MPs who try to depose Mrs May will bring Jeremy Corbyn to power. See how the threat of the coming of the beardie Marxist to destroy our economy and confiscate our firstborn is used to keep waivering Tory MPs in line?
    Well, I’m not buying it. If anything brings the chilling prospect of Corbyn hanging up his cycling clips in Number 10 nearer, it’s Theresa May. The Prime Minister is an electoral liability. She would do her party – and country – a great service if she accepted just how unpopular she is and stood aside for a better leader.
    No chance of that, as the endgame in the Conspiracy against Brexit begins. According to one source, Downing Street officials have discussed an even darker strategy to twist arms. “Number 10’s plan is to encourage a crash in financial markets after losing a first vote [in Parliament] in the hope this stampedes MPs into voting for it second-time,” says a source who has discussed the issue with Mrs May’s advisers.
    It should beggar belief that our own Prime Minister’s aides are discussing tanking the economy so they can get her wretched deal through. These days, it barely raises an eyebrow. We live in strange times when they call patriots traitors and politicians acting on the people’s behalf are rebels. There will be a heavy price to be paid for the Conspiracy against Brexit. But not yet.

  68. Please take a little time to watch this and share it as widely as possible.

  69. If we ever meet, EC, the barbarian’s going to shoot you, he’s just spent over an hour listening to a man who loves to hear himself, has nothing much of substance to say, talks a lot (even though here and there he throws up cliches of the bleeding obvious), as close to a demagogue as it gets, someone who rabbits alot, thinks little.

    Most of what he says lacks a backbone, no logical evolution of any of the propositions he’s advancing, a disjointed stream of half thought crumbs ejaculated by an unzipped but rather shallow mind (he would have done well at Goldmans).

    If he were to sum up what his message was he would very likely talk for another hour or more, gabbing the same again, if one were to sum up what it is he was saying one could say ‘things are bad, need to change’. Big deal.

    His answer to the deluded antifa youngsters and the KKK would be to remove the two from life, that’s not what a democrat should ever attempt, not only it’s not doable, one cannot rid any society of ideas however repulsive they may be, also because unless one were to fail to find a response that limits the spread of such creeds, one would lose.

    The only truly beneficial economic policies the Donald has come up with so far is that of drilling for oil and gas, and the boost to the military budget. His tax cuts must have also contributed to the boost in consumer spending, but on borrowed money, the US indebtedness got hiked by another trillion of bucks.

    His saying the US spend on the mid-term of $5.2bn was an endorsement of democracy is wide off the mark, it was an indictment of the state of current democratic discourse for it shows that unless one has money one can do FA.

    At the start of his lecture (for a hectoring lecture it was) he dwells a lot on the new Donald’s America trying not to impose its societal model on others, yet everything he said about Afghanistan, the Far East and elsewhere smelt of craftily disguised attempts to do just that. What’s business is it of the American elites to tell the Chinese how to run their country?

    Are Orban and Salvini trying to save their countries? What does it mean anyway. What these two leaders have succeeded so far is to resist the instalment of the full Project of the progressives in their respective countries. The $55 dollar question is, will they also win the war, or will the powers behind the Project defeat them eventually.

    He got it wrong on the anger of the deplorable, too, they revolted en mass voted for the Donald because they didn’t have a rise in real income for 30 years, this and nothing else was it that has fuelled their uprising because this is what ordinary people care about most, and rightly so.

    In the ME (and elsewhere in the Islamic world) the plan is to wipe out the Islamic jihad, he said. If that’s the intention the results so far don’t seem to be at all encouraging, in Afghanistan where the Americans have been at it for over 18 years at a massive cost in human lives and money the Taliban are coming back, are in control of over half of the country, kill people with impunity viz the last atrocity yesterday at the religious gathering.

    We have to de-construct the institutionalised state, he said at least twice in different wording (eg get more power to the bottom line, or unleashing the dogs). Quite. Could you point to one measure, one single policy of the Donald designed to do that?

    Not a word about the drug epidemic, high US sovereign debt, the divisions of the society, along race, income, education, job opportunities, family creation …

    The students shouting outside the hall have been indoctrinated by his (and the Donald’s) protagonists fully, the ones inside the hall, who didn’t seem to buy his slicing of the world’s shortcomings either, were more balanced, challenged him not because they are necessarily blind to the boils and warts we have to attend to, but because his rhetoric didn’t really offer any solution on how to cure them except for broad generalisations.

    There’s a small silver lining in the verbiage of his confusion of thoughts, the barbarian is off him. There are others on the same side of the fence as him who’re by far superior in both the critique of the status quo, and the possible way out (even if they talk less).

    Btw, one of the posting under the video by someone called Sony Kroket says: “Steve is a great man just stating the obvious………look at the crowd, it’s like they never heard logic.”

    It seems it’s Kroket who has no idea what logic is.

  70. Clear Memories @ November 20th, 2018 – 21:51

    Convincing, CM, if rather long, the barbarian has watched this some time ago, it may have been posted here, too. You’re right, it’s worth sharing widely.

  71. John birch. @ November 20th, 2018 – 19:43

    The Brexit charade is a clear and unambiguous manifestation of the massive divide between us the plebeians and those who govern us, John.

    The 585 pages long document is deliberately designed to confuse, obfuscate, compel people to give up trying to understand it.

    On one of the Spectator’s blogs Baron suggested the deal should have a preamble stating that after the date of the de-coupling Britain should be in full control of the three prerogatives of a sovereign state – the borders, the law making and the judiciary. If the current Chequers proposal gets through, no such preamble can ever be a part of it. Traitors indeed.

  72. EC @ November 20th, 2018 – 18:14

    How spot on, EC, but fear not the evil Russian won’t get in, the post is reserved as a part time job for MbS.

  73. Baron – 00:37

    It was the South Korean Kim Jong-yang-ying-tong-iddle-i-po wot got it.
    Who he?

    Personally I cannot see what was wrong with Mr. Prokopchuk, even though his name sounds unnervingly like a substance allegedly used to poison the Skripals.

    I mean, look at him. Lovely fella, wouldn’t harm a flea.

  74. Baron – 00:20, November 20th, 2018 – 01:01

    You ungrateful bastard! You’ve spent the last two weeks pining for Malfluer, and I supply you a link to occupy some of your waking wee small hours and that’s all the thanks I get!

    I enjoyed both your rants, which I did read carefully.

    You seem to be equally as triggered by Mr. Bannon in much the same way as you are by Mr. Boot. This rendered you, imo, susceptible to misquoting, misinterpreting (Cathy Newman style) and lambasting him for not fully covering all topics to your satisfaction in the 30mins (excluding Q&A) that he had available.

    When you wrote…

    “The students shouting outside the hall have been indoctrinated by his (and the Donald’s) protagonists fully,…”

    Errm, It was late, but I take it you meant “antagonists”, nicht wahr?

    “There’s a small silver lining in the verbiage of his confusion of thoughts, the barbarian is off him. There are others on the same side of the fence as him who’re by far superior in both the critique of the status quo, and the possible way out (even if they talk less)”

    This may be true… BUT when and where do they ever get airtime, and who would listen even if they did?

  75. Baron – 00:32

    Re: Us and Them

    “the massive divide between us the plebeians and those who govern us”

    Best sardonic smile of the week thus far.

  76. Baron, Glad to hear you and yours are all safe and well. Your experience reminds me of an incident which happened here in the east end many years ago. The aunt of a friend of mine used to live next door to the Krays on Vallence Road. In the cold weather she used to use a lump of lard to get the fire started. The inevitable happened and eventually the chimney caught fire, she sent her son up onto the roof with a bucket of water. So far so good, only the daft sod tipped the water down the wrong chimney flooding the Kray’s living room. He survived the experience, that’s East End life for you.

  77. stephen maybery @ November 21st, 2018 – 18:18

    Intriguing yarn, stephen, and not just at the level of chimney fires, good for a short story with an open ending what with the Krays in it.

  78. EC @ November 21st, 2018 – 10:17

    It’s amazing, it tells one also something about how the Donald values loyalty, that Bannon lasted as long as he did as an advisor to the Donald (or whatever his official position was), the barbarian also suspects he got hired only because of the close association with Breitbart, who was a totally different animal, pity it was him who succumbed.

    Yes, apologies, it was ‘antagonists’, the barbarian often makes mistakes of this sort, either because of his poor education, on occasions because of the construction of sentences.

    It was impossible really to quote him, just listen to his answering some of the more awkward question, transcribe what he says, then figure what he really meant.

    The stockbroking or what is grandly called investment banking is full of people like Bannon, they talk like wound-up mechanical clocks, one wakes them up at three in the morning, they are as self-confidently verbose as if they were pre-programmed only a minute ago. Baron should know, he’s met more than handful of them.

    He sits in the same boat as we do, some people like you like him, that’s fine, the only risk one’s running associating with mesomorphs of his ilk is that the unhinged rhetoric may put some, who haven’t decided which side to bat for, may be put off, that’s all.

  79. EC @ November 21st, 2018 – 09:18

    To even imagine the Russian former KGB man were to get it beggars belief.

    If only the Russian were like another former KGB man of a satellite of the USSR, a general called Peter Paul (that’s an English version of his name, the actual name is Petr Pavel), who served as 2nd in command of NATO, he would be in in no time. You knew it? Google for him, he’s out now, got himself a trinket from the grateful American governing elite, is batting for them back in his mother country, getting shirty because not everyone is as obsequious as him.

    The omni-all one (and you) must be pleased as punch, well done.

    Btw, Lithuania and Ukraine threatened to quit the outfit of the Russian got the job, that would really be too close for the world to end, arghhh

  80. What pleases the barbarian is that there still are people in this country who seek the truth, fear not anyone or anything, that’s what the ‘healthy core of Britishness’ is all about. This chap Slane and his followers keep banging on about the Skripal affair even though they must know the case’s finished, closed, filed. The damage has been done by the process (just like the great Mark Steyn said). The b log also covers other topics, its a pity that the posting system is rather clumsy, one has to read the lot each time one visits.

  81. Talking about Ukraine, as one must, a country that has almost entirely disappeared from the MSM coverage since it turned away from the evil Russians, embraced democracy, the mores of the Western elites.

    Sadly, one cannot avoid noticing the country has had a lot of unrest recently, of no interest to the MSM poodles though, the temperatures have dipped below zero, the people have to gas for heating (often no water either), demonstrations are happening everywhere, the British Government has decided to offer help, is sending troops to this latest success of Western liberal intervention …..

    Happy Christmas to the folks of Ukraine then.

    The postings under the short piece are revealing, but if you boycott RT, the DT has apparently covered the story, too, from the correct angle, no doubt.

    What kind of democracy is the West backing could be gleaned from the video below. Unfortunately, the guy fronting it rabbits in Russian (he’s not Russian, but an Ukrainian living in the West, doesn’t back Putin, objects to Crimean takeover…), you’ll have to turn the sound down, have to watch it not more than 2 minutes – see after the glimpses.

    The talk’s about camps for the young early teenage boys and girls organised by the private sector and by the Ministry of Youth and Sport.

    Glimpses of the activities from the one run allegedly by private money can be seen if you push the cursor to 6.20 and leave it going for about a minute and a half, then push it to 10.20 and let it run for just ten seconds. The former shows what the young boys and girls are taught, the latter is the justification for the name of one of the outfits involved – the Kolovrat sign (google ‘kolovrat symbol’ if you want to).

    (To tell you the whole story would take time, may bore you anyway, and unless the barbarian gets any response, he will not post anything of this sort again, promise).

    Why cannot the Western powers lean on Poroshenko, command him to stop this dangerous activity of implanting hate in the minds of the young? The West channels money to him, without our support he wouldn’t last for long, the presidential election’s coming next March. Whatever the intentions of the Americans are in Ukraine, it can hardly be anything that benefits the people of that benighted country.

  82. Not a bad Christmas present for the saintly One:

  83. Baron, November 21st, 2018 – 20:02

    “The omni-all one (and you) must be pleased as punch, well done”

    You have a fertile imagination.

  84. Baron, November 21st, 2018 – 20:10

    “What pleases the barbarian is that there still are people in this country who seek the truth, fear not anyone or anything, that’s what the ‘healthy core of Britishness’ is all about.”

    Ah, formerly “Englishness” now “Britishness”, tomorrow?

  85. Wallsters who like lectures outside a safe space may enjoy the following site.

  86. Noa – 08:03

    Excellent, although I was dismayed to find that Gina Miller giving a talk about the detrimental effects of referendums on democracy did not feature. She’s long overdue to be a Dame or Baroness, imo.

  87. The arrest of the British academic Hedges in the UAE puzzles, he was supposedly involved in research down there yet doesn’t speak a word of Arabic, nobody has said what the research was all about. On the other hand, the UAE are more than close friends of the Saudis, it may well be that he was jailed in a game of diplomatic blackmail, we cool down on the criticism of MbS, Mr. Hedges gets home to celebrate Christmas with his good looking wife, whose pictures adorn many MSM rags’ front pages today. Funny world.

    (You may like to know the imbedded software kept changing ‘Arabic’ to ‘rabbit’, three times it happened as if there were many rabbits in the lands of sand).

  88. Frank P @ November 21st, 2018 – 23:34

    This chap Hannah presents a conundrum, Frank, unquestionably erudite, clever, articulate so unique compared to many others in politics, yet he hasn’t been very prominent defending Brexit, in fact, Baron hasn’t;t spotted him at all in the last year for so, not that different from the behaviour of the Blonde Inseminator in the last couple of months or so, the darling of the Spectator has been mute, in one of the shots of the Commons PQT he’s seen sitting down, his face expressionless as if Brexit was something he doesn’t give a shite about.

  89. EC,
    Geena Millar long overdue a dame hood or peerage? bollocks, what she is long overdue is a ticket back to where she came from. What really gets my goat is the way people come waltzing into our country and telling us how we should conduct our affairs, I can think of no other nation which permits such behaviour. If one is a guest one does not tell the hosts that the wallpaper is lousy, you either keep your trap shut or say it is lovely.

  90. stephen maybery – 13:59

    It was a pisstake, Stephen.
    These days the talking heads in/on the News are so whacky, it is difficult to tell whether someone else is echoing them or satirising them.

  91. Baron – 13:54

    “This chap Hannah(sic) presents a conundrum, Frank, unquestionably erudite, clever, articulate so unique compared to many others in politics, yet he hasn’t been very prominent defending Brexit…”

    Wet lettuce/dead sheep syndrome?

    So much for your, “others on the same side of the fence who’re by far superior in both the critique of the status quo, and the possible way out.”

    So who does cut your mustard, Baron? Who are these men/women all brilliant orators, hintellectchewalls, political colossi standing the Westminster political divide?

    You won’t find one in HoC, HoL, MSM, Academe, top brass of police, army etc.
    as they’ve all been bought.

    Surely if even one existed they’d would have already thrown their hat in the ring by now?

  92. Here is a good one I just heard :

    Nought times nought equals a cube . Explain.

  93. Steerpike. Today’s spectator.
    The legal horrors lurking in Theresa May’s political declaration
    Granted, it’s not another 40 horrors list but Mr Steerpike was struck by Paragraph 79 of the EU/UK Political Declaration:
    ‘The future relationship must ensure open and fair competition. Provisions to ensure this should cover state aid, competition, social and employment standards, environmental standards, climate change, and relevant tax matters, building on the level playing field arrangements provided for in the Withdrawal Agreement and commensurate with the overall economic relationship.’
    That would suggest that the starting point for the supposedly final UK-EU trade deal relationship is… wait for it…. the backstop. The one that we’re never supposed to use. That is why Article 132 of Withdrawal Agreement both takes extension of Transition out of our hands (it has to be a joint decision) and makes it time limited to 1st July 2020 with the option of a two year extension. They want us in this trap.

    The magic of the backstop is simple. The EU know that that no UK government could allow a border in the Irish Sea, so mainland UK will not diverge from NI. So by having us agree that Norther Ireland will follow EU laws, they make us do the same.

    On Thursday, Theresa May said that the EU don’t want us in backstop because we won’t be paying. Really? So how do we explain the legal small print: Article 140 sets out the complex mechanism for us paying beyond 2022 . Articles 143, 144 and 147 all allow for ongoing payments for specific commitments. Art. 148 admits these payments will happen. And yes, ultimately, the EU also win because Art 132(3) means we have to pay them to extend transition. Given that the backstop is constitutionally unthinkable, the UK could end up paying whatever they ask. So that £39 billion will just be the start.
    All told, the Political Declaration confirms that UK will be locked into the tractor beam of the EU Death Star. It has us locked in to regulatory alignment for the forseeable. The UK can only extend transition if it suits the EU – if not, into the backstop we go. And we are only allowed to escape on whatever terms the EU wanted – most likely ongoing Customs Union and Single Market, plus regular payments.
    And then: the end-state. The EU retains almost all of its control of the UK. All that money. No pesky UK influence in hindering the ever-greater union. And most importantly, an example to everyone else of what happens if any other Member State even thinks of making a bid for independence. That’s what you call taking back control.

  94. Diane Abbott has a stark warning for those clamouring for a second referendum: be careful what you wish for. The Labour MP’s warning won’t go down well with those from the ‘People’s Vote’ campaign, who desperately need the support of the Labour party if their wish is to come true. On Nick Robinson’s podcast, Abbott was asked what would happen if another vote took place. Here’s what she said:

    ‘My view is that if we had a second referendum tomorrow, Leave would win again. And not only would Leave win again, but Leave voters would say: what didn’t you understand about Leave the first time?’
    Fuck me she’s said something sensible at last.

  95. Fergus wishes but wishes yes wishes in vain,
    That he can he can get back into Europe again.
    Prosperity and dynamism at the drop of a hat.
    He’d soak it up gladly, if his life could be like that.

  96. Or in contrdistinction:

    Lets not exit Brexit

    Twenty third June twenty sixteen
    The biggest vote we’d ever seen
    Results are in and Brexit win
    and many say it’s such a sin
    Those who voted not to leave
    This news they just could not believe

    Sore losers showed their bitter anguish
    soon from Europe we would vanish
    Let’s vote again remainers say
    ‘No vote again’ says Theresa May

    Our country voted in or out
    and voted out without a doubt
    The apple cart tipped on its head
    Britain in Europe would soon be dead
    Now Brexit was born the following morn.
    This beautiful kingdom from Europe be torn

    Remainers are mad while leavers are glad
    Great Britain is out there is no doubt
    So shut up remainers, accept what is done
    We voted together and Brexit won

  97. And to shout from the rooftops:





  98. Ah Furgas you’re back.

    Well it is a full moon tonight…

    File under: Lycanthropy, hairy palms etc.


    Glad to see there is at least one other sane person opining on the intertubes. Please convince me there are others here on CHW who are in accord. We are powerless of course against the overwhelming venality of the inept politicos and business troughers: but the worst impediment is the breathtaking stupidity of the electoral punters who are admiring the obdurate treachery of Mad Maggie May, seeing it as a brave and isolated battle for Britain, rather than the polar opposite. Ye Gods! Why are we mewling and ‘dealing’ with the unelected scamsters of countries we conquered and rescued who will never forgive us for those humiliations. No deal has always been the best option. Out! Now!

  100. Most importantly, the Brexiteers in Parliament must oust May, before does any more damage. If that trigers an election and the electorate decides to implant a commie government ‘led’ by Corbinski, then at least we know where we stand and what we have to do.

    Emigrate! Leave this shit hole to those who have invaded and destroyed it. They deserve the dysfunctioal morass that would ensue.

  101. Morning everyone, this is my first contribution to this site although I have been reading it since its inception. I have much enjoyed many of the contributions from Baron, Frank et al. Sometimes one comes across a piece that it both entertaining but at the same time encapsulates most of what we wallsters rail against and try to comprehend. Tucker Carlson will probably be known to you all but this is a clip I came across earlier this week. The comments he makes can be applied to Brexit. I would be interested to hear any comments.

  102. Apol for o & oe. It’s the minces.

  103. Frank P
    On the day when Preston NE beat local rivals Blackburn istan I can only concur.
    Vote Corbyn, let’s have unlimited immigration and 95% income and inheitance tax rates to pay for it all. But not on the Windsors, Hammonds, Grieves, Heseltines Gummers and Hoggs who should retain their tax ex exempt status.
    By the way the son in law, having pounded the beach at Morecombe has just transferred to CID after just 22 months service. My advice to him is the same as yours, emigrate ASAP. The prospect of detecting hate crime for Comrade Abbott appeals as much as appointing Alistair Campbell as editor of the Daily Mail.

  104. I never thought that the vote for Brexit would result in the total transfer of Parliamentary sovereignty and the consequent destruction of the UK, to the Triple Alliance of Brussels, Berlin and Paris-sur-Rabat by the greatest traitor and worst leader since Prince John.

  105. Noa

    And then I read this:

    Which underlines what I opined when the news of the successful infiltration of the current generation of the “UK” Monarchy melee, by the Soho Hose internationalist cultural mafia, was successfully contrived. Easily done, considering that her latest father-in-law is already a champion of the ‘soft’ jihad. I doubt that either young Harry, who at his age thinks through his cojonies rather than his synapses, or Meghan who continues her ascent via the lure of gelt, have a clue as to what they are facilitating. The Old Girl, of course is already steeped in the multi-culti Commonwealth – her major concern – supposing she gives a fuck about anything now, other than her gee-gees. Can’t blame her if she doesn’t, given the succession of wankers who have led HMG since she as crowned.

    The only dilemma is: emigate to where? I passed on a chance to domicile in the US, thirty odd years ago, still deluded enough then to believe Blighty the best option.

    With hindsight, warts and all, the magnificent landscape, variety, size, space and comparative freedom of Uncle Sam’s patch should have been a no-brainer, organized crime and politics (the latter merely a component of the former) notwithstanding. Weird as it is, it is a big enough patch to find a haven and flourish. Too late now for me, but I urge others to Go West! Trump is not the end, he is a necessary beginning. See Victor Davis Hanson’s latest You Tube dissertation.

    Worried about you SiL. Bit young to have succumbed to the lure of the filth. But then again, the whole shebang is now unrecognisable as an entity envisaged by Peel and Mayne, so he will make of it what he can and I wish him luck.

  106. Soho House – apols. (A Feudian slip perhaps! Or a inadvertant prognostication, even).

  107. A brilliant essay on Europe its Christian legacy and uncertain future with a side di ersion to the Christianity of Tolkien in the Ring stripped out of the Peter Jackson films.


    Steynism in full flow, albeit peppered with Black Friday/Weekend commercial inducements (no doubt his lawyers need the money).

    Nails the Kashoggi spook. Journalism my arse! His uncle Adnan had most of the Wilson Labour government in his thrall (not to mention a few of the Thatcher grandees). His wife, an erstwhile tom from Churchill’s/The Twenty-one Clubs was a very busy girl. Someone had to inherit the business of pillow talk and subsequent political pressures, skilfully applied, I suppose.

    Scumbaggery runs through UK politics like the Thames, from Oxon to Big Ben, then joins the rest of the rancid political detritus to disgorge into Barking creek. Along with, for the past six decades or so, the vital infrastructure of our nation, not to mention Western Civilisation.

  109. Frank P
    A thoughtful post and again I agree with your assessment.
    What a benighted state we now find ourselves in, with the demos such as it is, a poor shrivelled thing, treated with contempt by the patrician class.
    Will the plebs revolt? Will they succeed?
    Not whilst Strictly cum Bake off is providing populist Soma.
    Oh well, we did hope for a while, how audacious of us!
    I had numerous opportunities to move to variously, South Africa, Australia and the US, as well as the ME on a long term basis.
    Unfortunately a wife and young family stymied my various overtures and so here we are. In retrospect the RSA would have been a very bad choice. Whilst I liked Oz the idea of living there seemed to offer limited opportunities and it suffered from a pernicious socialist tendancy.
    On balance and despite the challenges it faces, the States did seemed and still seems to offer the best opportunities for people of spirit and enterprise.
    That’s my advice too, to the SiL, we’ll see what opportunities he is able to make for himself.

  110. Anthony Winter, 32, from Pentwyn, Cardiff, was found near Brookfield Drive, St Mellons, in the Welsh city on Thursday at around 7.15am.
    South Wales Police said five people – a 16-year-old boy, two men aged 19 and 27, a 17-year-old girl and a 19-year-old woman – have been arrested on suspicion of his murder. They are all in police custody.
    His devastated family have now urged the public to come forward with information after they say he was ‘violently assaulted’.
    In a statement his family said they are devastated by his death, and that his two-year-old daughter, who he adored, has lost her father.
    They said: ‘Anthony may not have been perfect but he was our kind of perfect.
    ‘He was violently assaulted and left to die alone. He did not deserve to die that way.

    He may not have been perfect, but he was our kind of perfect. What a strange comment

  111. Usual utter bollocks from the Gruniad:

    How do they ping on to my page with their fuckin’ begging letters. I wouldn’t piss on any of them if they spontaneously combusted.

    Mueller a straight arrow?? He’d make a donkey’s hind leg look a billiard cue by comparison. I’ve just one thing to say to Murky Mueller. Bill and Hillary Clinton.

  112. Noa

    “Not whilst Strictly cum Bake Off is providing populist soma …”

    Wonderful!! cleared my clogged lungs with my chuckle gland over that little gem. Now to bed before the sleeping pill kicks in.

    Btw, if ever your SiL decides to go west, drop me a line. I’ll pass on some of my old contacts. Was sorting out my archives recently for a tidier post mortem., Among those not already departed, some have prospered, some have given up the ghost in disgust at the state of play in police politics. All have good advice.

  113. Brilliant sub article fro the great Rod today:

    “Drop the LGBT, Miss: try some ABC
    From the web page of an infant school in south London. A lovely little girl aged six or seven is holding up a card. They’ve been learning about Martin Luther King and the girl has written on her card: “I have a dreem if bois cood go to the saim toilet as gerls.” Nope, not kidding. That’s the poor mite’s dream, hammered into her young head by the Stalinist liberals who run the place.

    This is Heavers Farm School — and it has form. Parents were outraged over the summer when the head, Susan Papas, organised a gay pride event, where these kids were supposed to march around in rainbow colours. Later the school prevaricated about whether it was a “gay pride parade”. But it was.

    One woman removed her son from the school, insisting that the LGBT propaganda conflicted with her faith. When she went in for a meeting to discuss her grievances she was allegedly met by the head’s daughter, who also works at the school, who was wearing a T-shirt that read: “Why be homophobic, racist, sexist or transphobic when you could just be QUIET.” It is the sheer arrogance of these appalling people that grates, their dumb implacability.

    Here’s a suggestion. In infant schools, don’t mention the letters LGBT at all, ever, or anything to do with them. Don’t worry about whether the loos are suitable for transitioning five-year-olds. Drop the odious propaganda. And that might leave you enough time to teach the kids how to spell.”

  114. Frank P, November 24th, 2018 – 20:44 et seq.

    Excellent stuff!

    Glad someone(Steyn) finally nailed the “journalist” myth! As Mark points out these days real journalists are very thin on the ground!

  115. Not that in former times that being “a journalist” was ever considered to be be a respectable profession.

  116. Hope Baron (and Peter) watched this week’s episode of ” A History of Christianity” on BBC Four tonight which included a primer on Slavic Orthodoxy. A critique would be appreciated from either or both. What it seemed to be saying is that all tyrants have tried to repress and destroy it, then finally embrace it in order to consolidate political power, including the current thug. Do the faithful know this? If they do, why do they tolerate it?

  117. Perhaps Mr Boot will address it.

  118. Salisbury review

    For those of us who participated in the modern-day Peasant’s Revolt (as Rod Liddle so aptly described the Brexit vote in this week’s Spectator), we must have known in our hearts that it was all doomed, that the establishment would never permit us to leave the EU. For a day or two last week, Mrs Day’s grotesque deal having provoked condemnation from all sides of the House, it seemed that a new leader might emerge and that something of Brexit might be salvaged. Even at this late stage, Article 50 could be revoked, and our March withdrawal delayed, to allow time for a new deal, or at least a managed no deal, to be brokered. But the political establishment has moved quickly to shore up Mrs May’s position.

    On Thursday, it seemed that Remainers and Brexiteers alike were agreed that the deal was worse than staying it. Its defects were succinctly summarised by Dominc Raab, the Brexit Secretary, in his resignation letter: The arrangements for Northern Ireland represented ‘a very real threat to the integrity of the United Kingdom’, the terms of the indefinite backstop arrangement amounted to ‘a hybrid of the EU Customs Union and Single Market obligations’ without ‘any democratic control over the laws to be applied, nor the ability to decide to exit the arrangement’, and as a consequence, the phase two trade negotiations would be ‘severely prejudiced’ against the UK. Raab should know: he negotiated the deal. Even Nick Timothy, May’s former advisor, declared the deal ‘a capitulation’. Writing in the Telegraph, he noted that it comprehensively failed the tests, the key principles, that May herself set out in her Lancaster House speech of January 2017 – the speech that raised so many of our hopes. Timothy should know: he drafted the Lancaster House speech.

    May’s spiel about ‘delivering’ Brexit, restoring control over this and that, was at last being exposed for what it really was. All that has been agreed is that we will continue to pay billions to remain in the Customs Union pending a yet-to-be agreed trading arrangement over which the EU will have the final say. What will be left of ‘control’ over our fisheries and our borders, or of possible free trade deals, once the negotiations have been concluded to the EU’s satisfaction is anyone’s guess since the EU will regard the backstop as forming the basis of our ‘Future Economic Partnership’. As Michel Barnier has made clear, Britain’s future trading relationship will now be based on Britain’s remaining in a single customs territory with the EU.

    What a difference a couple of days makes. One can only admire the speed and skill of the Number Ten spin operation. Yes, the deal may not be perfect, but it is the best we could negotiate. There are inevitably compromises in any negotiations. Mrs May is a determined and resilient leader who has fought tirelessly to secure ‘the best deal’ in ‘the national interest’. Besides – and this is the clincher – since this is the only deal on offer, the alternative is either ‘no deal’ (which the government has spent months depicting as ‘catastrophic’ as part of a carefully orchestrated campaign, and for which it has deliberately made minimal preparations) or ‘remain’. So, if you want Brexit, any sort of Brexit, you had better back her. If you don’t, you’ll get a general election and Corbyn.

    Will this blackmail succeed? At present, the House of Commons arithmetic is stacked against the deal getting through in December. But a month is a long time and Mrs May’s supporters must be banking on scaring enough Brexiteers and DUP members with the threat of Corbyn, and on attracting enough Labour MPs from Leave voting constituencies who support a soft Brexit, to tip the balance.

    Will Corbyn stand firm? He gave a fine speech in response to Mrs May on Friday, made all the salient points about us surrendering our sovereignty (a future Labour government would also thereby be hamstrung), and announced that Labour would be opposing the deal. Whatever one thinks of Corbyn, he at least understands, like Michael Foot before him, that the EU is a bureaucratic antidemocratic monstrosity.

    For Conservatives, the prospect of a Corbyn government is not a pleasant one. But at least we shall be able to vote it out of office after five years. If Mrs May’s shabby deal is implemented, there will be no comeback. It might even come about that, out of the ashes of defeat, the Conservative party will rediscover some true conservative principles.

    All therefore depends on Corbyn standing firm.

  119. Who wrote that piece?

  120. Frank.

    Mrs May: Brussel’s Colonial Governor
    18th November 2018 Alistair Miller Articles 7

  121. Frank P, November 25th, 2018 – 20:19

    See the works of one Niccolò di Bernardo dei Machiavelli.
    Particularly “The Discourses” (1531) and its shorter companion “The Prince.” (1532)
    When the catholic church bans something you know it has got to be good. These works have studied by many, including one Antonio Gramsci.

    Of course, the most notable tyrants are born that way and have no need of further study or advice. Their ancient predecessors almost wrote Machiavelli’s books for him!

  122. I’ve just discovered that we’re are going to have to wait until December 12th until the HoC gets vote on Mrs May’s Brexit “Deal” aka surrender document. That’s two more weeks of Brexit related hysteria, fake news, horse trading by MPs that can be bought and blackmailing of those MPs who cannot.

    Deal, what Deal? I suppose, though, that abasement and abject surrender can be thought of by some as some sort of deal. If ultimately the HoC RATifies the “deal” then after two previous attempt the Germany will have conquered the whole of Europe without firing a single bullet!

    Any MP who votes for anything other than a Hard Brexit and trade on WTO rules is a Quisling, imo. Mrs May should consider changing her name to Vidkun.

    “It’s a German racket!”
    RIP Nicolas Ridley

  123. EC

    Yes!! Nick Ridley’s defiance still burns brightly in the dying embers of my ashes of reminiscence. But like all sensible patriots he was targeted by the Federation of Fudgers and Fuckers. In his case, betrayed by Lawson the Younger, who should have known better. The start of the rot of the Spectator. Drunken lunches have been the downfall of many good men.

  124. I feel as if I’ve slipped into some sort of parallel universe where nothing makes sense anymore.
    Sky News
    less than a minute ago
    Theresa May’s spokesman says the cabinet has congratulated the Prime Minister on securing a Brexit deal with the EU

  125. EC

    “…When the catholic church bans something you know it has got to be good. These works have studied by many, including one Antonio Gramsci.”
    I read it myself when I was 12, and re-visited it regularly during a long and scurrilous career; especially when I was momentarily overcome by the false emotions and feelings of generosity created during negotiations.
    Similar emotions obviously occurred with Oily Robbins and Mama Tessa, whilst Barnier’s experienced fingers were deftly inserted in and manipulated our significant orifices of state.
    Indeed they habitually overcome our more susceptible politicians whenever they sniff the opportunity to buy a hostile voter with an existing tax revenue or a new voter familia with a promissory bond.
    Conversely, one concludes, at least nowadays, that when the Catholic Church embraces something it has got to be bad. Hence the tolerance of il Papa towards young fit fighting migrants from South America, Africa and the ME.

    Mi Casa es su Casa, mi spliff es su spliff, mi mujer es su mujer…

  126. But me no rebuttals…

    Martin Howe QC re-rebutts the equivocations, deceptions and lies in No 10’s “rebuttal” of his legal analysis in this weeks Spectator, of the May ‘Munich 2’ agreement.

  127. Noa, November 26th, 2018 – 17:06

    “Conversely, one concludes, at least nowadays, that when the Catholic Church embraces something it has got to be bad.”

    That works even, and maybe especially, without the “nowadays.”

  128. Noa, November 26th, 2018 – 17:18

    Quality link, ta.

    The Spectatesman have got a “special offer” on at present, £8.99 a month for the digital version with “a searchable archive dating right back to 1828.”

    Sounds too good to be true, all for the cost of a bottle of barely palatable plonk. Why not? It’s the thought of even 1p of me £8.99 a month going to wrong headed tossers like Massie (also twats like Hardman) that puts me off, Are the Frasier’s gimps at OQS still censoring comments?

  129. @10:30

    The Spectatesman’s have bannered their special offer as a “Free Trial.”

    We’ll all be getting one of those ‘ere long. That’s if Corbyn, McDonnell & Abbott et al don’t dispense with jury trials altogether. Maybe being harangued before being sent down (by one of the heirs of Roland Freisler) is the best we will get.

  130. EC (10:30)

    I guess that’s in addition to the annual subscription?
    I just bit the bullet and dumped my own Speccie hard copy at the local dump as part of my pre mortem clear out. So access to its digital archive for that amount does seem like an enticing fee. Just dip into the old days for some good scribbling to fill the space between here and eternity? Hmmn. There’s a catch there somewere. Must pop up to HM Stud to get an expert to look that gift gee-gee in the norf & sarf!

  131. “Maybe being harangued before being sent down (by one of the heirs of Roland Freisler) is the best we will get.”

    The way the farce is proceeding at present, more likely the heirs of Ronald Fraser, goaded by the heirs of Peter Sellars and Spike Milligan.

  132. EC

    Well. Does that mean you get the full Monty for £11 and coins: more importantly, will our crew be removed from their petty blacklist?

    What’s Pete Hoskin up to these days?

    I’ll nose around and report back.

  133. Where is Colonel Mustard based currently?

  134. Tell that to May. For her when our sovereignty is gone, its gone.

  135. Frank P
    The Colonel was spotted here earler today, commenting on Peter Lilley’s de-ringing of the odious Evan Davis.

  136. EC, November 27th, 2018 – 10:08

    “Conversely, one concludes, at least nowadays, that when the Catholic Church embraces something it has got to be bad.”
    That works even, and maybe especially, without the “nowadays.”
    Well, no. There is no non sequitur as far as I, Jesuit flogged through my pre-pubertal years, am concerned.

    Until the South American idiot took to foot washing every illegal that crossed a border without consent from the natives the Roman Catholic Church provided the most robust bulwark for the defence of Christian Europe. And one behind which protestantism was able to breed, like streptococci in a petrie dish, to the consequent destruction of Europe.
    The present Catholic abdication of its role as a counter-balancing religious anti-biotic to the cultural infection of Welby and Protestantism is almost certainly fatal for Western civilisation in the face of the Islamic challenge.

  137. Where is Baron at the moment?
    It’s ominously quiet without his viewpoints.
    Chimney repaired and the Baronial Hall now happily restored to its former glory, is he peacefully potting moles on misty mornings?
    Or yacht commandeered by one side or the other, is he now a prisoner in some Ukrainian or Russian gulag? A hostage to powerful geo-global ambitions?

  138. If you are a Lancastrian, and even if you are not, then I wish you a Happy Lancashire Day!
    Proudly display your red rose.
    Eat hot pot by the bucketful.
    Have a butter pie for your tea.
    Drink a pint or two of Thwaites to wash it down and in celebration.
    And of course extend your sympathies at every opportunity to simple Yorkshire folk for their loss in not being Lancastrians!

  139. Now, now, Noa. You trying to provoke another belated Roar of the Woosies?

  140. Talking of the hairs of Roland Freisler who remembers the hair raising and hair-splitting activities of Master Gardner earlier this year with his Zombie knife?
    Unsurprisingly he received a slap on the wrist for his activities in the ‘brown on black’ all migrant bout at the Court House today.
    The key question though, remains unanswered, who got dat knife, the bro or da judge?

  141. Is anyone watching “Long Shadow”, Historian David Reynolds take on the consequences of the Great War?
    It’s on BBC 4 iplayer, mercifully free from cant and cliché sharp and mordantly observed.
    Well worth a visit.
    Sadly, we must watch nowadays such programmes without the perceptive observations of Colonel Mustard.

  142. No Noa. (20:37) I seem to be suffering from PTSD by osmosis after all the poignant overage of 1914 -1918 running up to Armistice Day 100. Or rather perhaps from the squandering, by the current generation of paltry politicians, of the sacrifice of the Lions led by Donkeys. Not only has Britain forgotten, it is trashing their legacy and wallowing in a faux remembrance that in my book amounts to hypocrisy on stilts. Unless we wrest our sovereignty back from the bastards they conquered – and the ingrates they liberated – we have betrayed those who rest beneath the tidy stones of the European killing fields, not to mention the 1939 – 45 show, the Soviet slaughter and what’s coming down now. And somebody should corral that stupid old traitorous bitch and her cabal, scuttling around the UK, like a chickens with its heads cut off, trying to get others to join them in the greatest act of treason ever perpetrated against our once brave and powerful nation.

    Who are the people really pulling the strings behind the scenes? How can this bloodless old crone have acquired so much clout. Does her spouse hold the secret in his investment dealings? FFS you “Tory” wet wimps. Send those fucking letters. Oust her! Get a fucking grip!

  143. Chickens with THEIR heads cut off – apol. (More like Tories with their balls cut off should be the correction).

  144. Come on Colonel, lets be having yer. And Austin .. and Irishboy and Furriskey … and AWK and if
    Verity is really still extant, she must be worth a rant of rants!

  145. Frank P 08.12 a d 08.21

    The head of the hammer was accurately and succinctly applied to the nail in both posts, Frank.
    As Tony Hancock once said:
    “Whatever happened to Magna Carta? Did she die in vain?”
    As to the traitorous bitch not the least but one of the less commented acts of her treachery has been to deny asylum to the persecuted Christian Asia Bibi, at the risk of offending the millions of zealots already here, together with the 350,000 known annual arrivals from the world’s most backward khazis.

  146. Still 13 days to go until THE VOTE in the HoC. The nation’s future is going to be decided by 650 of the most venal self serving people in the country.

    We now have Project Fear on anabolic steroids. The DM today publishing, to my reading of it, a fake news poll, and also Mark Carney gifting us a fake recession. He should be given his P45 and then deported on the next plane to Canada, imo. It’s all very depressing. Aaargh… another 13 days of it!

  147. The only bit of light relief today has been provided by young Mr Styxhexenhammer666 with his amusing and most pertinent observations on Monsewer Macron.

    Macron Calls Most of His Population “Thugs”

  148. Frank P – what a fucking state we’re in. I am beyond rage and I perfectly understand what compelled people to drag their leaders out and lynch them there and then Though even that seems too merciful.

    What many “decent” people seem unable to get their heads around is the fact that a government would act against its own people’s interests, but being N. Irish this has been a fact of my entire life. I mean those psychopathic shits of the IRA could have been stopped in their tracks before the Xmas of 1969 by the twin strategy of a few well placed bullets delivered by the B Specials and the British Government closing the ports and airports, and stopping all financial transactions from the Irish Republic, repealing that part of the 1948 Nationalities Act which gave Irish citizens full rights of welfare housing etc which meant that poor Brits, my maternal grandparents included, were consigned to Manchester slums whilst the bog Irish got all those nice new house Macmillan built.

    And so to Brexit, well no surprises that the Government are committing treason and removing every last freedom on an epic scale. The sell out to the Khunts of Brussels, the Globalists or the Continuity NWO is no surprise, and actually it’s no surprise that the Brexiteers haven’t a fucking clue. JR-bloody-M with his ” and my right honourable friend is indeed honourable” is hardly presenting himself as someone behind whom one could rally. He’s worth millions, Boris is ex Mayor of London and ex Foreign Secretary, can they not jointly go through their address books and have public meetings with BMW, Mercedes, with government officials or all the countless trade organisations in the USA, Canada, India, Australia, Brazil etc etc etc? Write an open letter to Trump, speak to his staff, in short do what they should have been doing themselves for the last two years. We dumb plebs knew that May and the shits of the Civil Service would do this, so the Brexiteers should have known too. And run a counter-establishment campaign.

    And at the same time, the same bloody day as it not surprisingly turns out, we’re going to sign that UN Migrant thing, which will fully open the sluice gates of barbarian effluent into our once beautiful country. And then that other sewer of especially malignant MPs are going to make it a criminal offence to even mention it. And there’s not one in the country, not Batten, not Robinson and nobody at Westminster or in the media who can or will speak the bleeding’ obvious. And that my dear Frank is why President Trump is our only hope.

    Well, my only hope for sure. If even a small part of what I have absorbed from hours of flitting around the intertubes is true, then it seems that his winning the Presidency was the thing that stopped the US military taking over the government. And if he does indeed have the backing of the military then that would explain his virtually indefatigable confidence in the face of the daily onslaught from media, Democrats and most of the Republicans too. What convinced me that this is indeed the situation was that the Democrats didn’t go for the jugular in the Kavanaugh hearings until after Lindsay Graham questioned the judge about his knowledge of the body of military law. (Senator Graham is in fact qualified to preside in a military court.) As the Big Man himself often says, let’s see what happens. But for the UK, Europe, what needs to be done is so monumental that I can’t see it happening in any way except by a military takeover for a time. Since old Manny Shitwell wrote the 1948 Nationalities Act, and Malcolm Rifkind signed the Barcelona Declaration, our immigration policy has been decided by those from another tribe, a tribe that although suffered hideously in Germany, were themselves as Bolsheviks responsible for the murder of tens of millions in the Gulags and through policies of “equality” which meant than millions starved. This has to stop. No foreigner, that is nobody without twenty generations of good English blood should be allowed to hold any public office. And the same criteria should apply to the franchise, and no person in receipt of a public salary should have the vote either. Everyone who has had any connection with Common Purpose should be summarily sacked without any compensation – they have effectively been working for a foreign and supra-national power. Socialism should be proscribed – and that wouldn’t stop those who want to share their wealth from forming things like the old friendly societies or mutual societies, but state compulsion and theft of the fruits of ones labour needs to stop. The darling peace-lovers recently imported by the unknown millions need to be told that they were conned as much as we, but they simply have to go – that big aircraft carrier Dave built which doesn’t actually have any aircraft to actually carry could be useful in this regard. European whites need to get a grip. 33% of the world’s population 80 years ago, now less than 8%. In every European country, foreigners hold the balance of power, and will in two election’s time be the majority, and until we take back aggressive majority control of our own nations, we are exterminating ourselves. Because of our brains, the spirit that remains in at least some of our population, and of course our weaponry, we can win any such conflict, but I fear too many cannot and will not see reality, and things will sink further before there is hope of that happening.

    The Pro-Brexit rally on 9th December will I hope get a big turn-out, but the government paramilitaries, that’s the old Met, will already have their orders and there will be hundreds going home with the same split skulls as those who went on the Countryside Alliance march early in the Blair Terror. People should stop off at Halfords on the way and buy a body cam.

    There is one thing that might just pull the rug from under that shit of a Prime Minister, something that might just be such a big story they can’t brush it away, and that is if Trump declassifies those famous FISA documents which show that the British Government and MI6 colluded with the Obummer administration to undermine Trump’s campaign and his Presidency. Donald has said he’s had phone calls from people implicated begging him not to do it. Well, that may happen next week. Fingers crossed, because there’s damn all else we can do.

  149. Irishboy – 18:47

    Thanks for that.
    All true, and I wish I was as optimistic.
    Just how badly we’ve been betrayed by the 650 will become apparent on Dec 11th.
    And if Labour “do the right thing” and vote against May’s surrender document then it’s only as a prelude to something far worse! But… let’s defeat one evil at a time!

    Re: CP: Certainly, but let’s not forget that the BBC section of the UK’s “Augean” stables needs a good clear out too.

  150. EC – well done on being able to glean any optimism from all that!
    As for the BBC, my memory of some years ago of looking at a website called, I think, CP exposed, was that almost every local BBC station was stuffed with CP “graduates”!
    The only thing the State should be doing is defending its territory and the freedoms of its people. It doesn’t need to touch education, health, arts, fund hundreds of quangos. MPs salaries should be paid by their constituents, foreigners could be leaseholders for short terms but own no land. Blah blah! I’m saying nothing that nobody else hasn’t already said here a million times, though like Frank, I would love to see the reappearance of AWK and Verity (almost as prolific as our dear Baron!).

    And another thing! Farage’s recent description of the core of the Brexit vote as thugs is as useful and as stupid as May describing the Tories as the nasty party. She has been nothing but a tool to destroy her own party, and I level the same criticism of Farage and his monstrous ego.

  151. When I said that whitey needs to get a grip, there are brave people making this argument (how awfully non-inclusive of them!).

    Here’s the gorgeous Lana for one, though she makes the argument most beautifully before she even utters a single word.

  152. Message from Gerard Batten characterising The Bank of England’s Project Fear 2 . 0.

  153. Keep it up fellas: great days work between y’all. Seems there’s still some spit and spunk out there. Cheered me up no end.


  154. I don’t see were there is a problem with the future border between the 26 Irish counties of the German empire and the 6 counties of the Northern Irish Free State (or Dalriada as I prefer to call it).

    There are already border restrictions. Nobody is allowed to import large amounts of nitrate fertiliser into Northern Ireland ,for instance.

    As for anything else there have always been free traders operating along the border depending on which side has the biggest subsidies and/or lowest taxes.

    Why not just leave it to the PSNI,Guardia,inteligence services,Provos, and other free traders to sort out as they do now?

    Elsewhere there is vast shipments of containerised goods arriving every day.Very few of them are thoroughly inspected.

    Recently terrorists rocked a ship passing through the Suez Canal. They blew open a container that was revealed to be a shipment of illegal cigarettes bound for southern
    Ireland. Down my way there is a high street notorious for selling illegal cigarettes from Kurdish shops.Obviously these have been smuggled in ; and obviously the Irish border question is just a con.

  155. Frank P – 00.14

    Mission accomplished then!

  156. Irishboy ( 01:04)

    Sadly Ol’ Remus staunched any upsurge of optimism that may have been engendered by yesterday’s sterling efforts of the CHW crew, with his Woodpile Report Number Triple Five. Don’t miss it! So far I’ve only read his summations of the cornucopian links, I’m about to spend the rest of the night digging deeper. Essential reading, but not good for my peace of mind as I wait with bated breath (literally) for the result of my latest CT scan, triggered by a recent xray exposing a “shadow” on the lung they collapsed and relocated when they rearranged my offal in March. So far the Amoxicillin hasn’t impacted – and the Zopiclone, as you can see by he time-line, isn’t working either. Anyway, it’s time for the handful of other junk designed to quell the myriad co-morbities listed on my NHS rap sheet, so I mustn’t creep into the arm of Morpheus.

    After the Woodpile Report, one hopes that oblivion kicks in, before the prognostications he cites materialise. But I would like to see that lugubrious, lying, Canuck Cunt deposed from the B of E and charged with conspiracy, along with the bloodless bitch to thwart our electorate, before I secede from the band. As President of The Grand Order of Coffin Dodgers, I feel obliged to at least hang on to see that come to pass.

    Fred’s view of China sums up my time In China spread over 20 years.
    They won’t commit cultural suicide by diversity, inclusion and all the rest of the nonsense we are forced to accept.
    Here’s a taster, but read the whole article and if you haven’t also his two recent posts from Chengdu.

    The dictatorship in China is somewhat onerous, but has little in common with the sadistic lunacy of Pol Pot’s Cambodia. In China you do not buck the government, propaganda is heavy, and communications monitored. If people accept this, as most do, they are free to start businesses, bar hop, smoke dope (which a friend there tells me is common though illegal) engage in such consumerism as they increasingly can afford and lead what an American would call normal lives. A hellhole it is not.
    Socially China has a great advantage over America in that, except for the Muslims of Xinjiang, it is pretty much a Han monoculture. Lacking America’s racial diversity, its cities do not burn, no pressure exists to infantilize the schools for the benefit of incompetent minorities, racial mobs do not loot stores, and there is very little street crime.
    America’s huge urban pockets of illiteracy do not exist. There is not the virulent political division that has gangs of uncontrolled Antifa  hoodlums stalking public officials. China takes education seriously, as America does not. Students study, behave as maturely as their age would suggest, and do not engage in middle-school politics.
    In short, China does not appear to be in irremediable decadence. America does.
    An intelligent dictatorship has crucial advantages over a chaotic pseudo-democracy. One is stability of policy. In America, we look to the next election in two, four, or six years. Businesses focus on the next quarter’s bottom line. Consequently policy flipflops. One administration has no interest in national health care, the next administration institutes it, and the third wants to eliminate it. Because policies are pulled and hauled in different directions by  special interests–in this case Big Pharma, insurance companies, the American Medical Associatiion, and so on–the result is an automobile with five wheels, an electric motor but no batteries, and a catalytic converter that doesn’t work. After twenty-four years, from Bush II until  Trump leaves, we will neither have nor not have national health care.

  158. “The dictatorship in China is somewhat onerous, but has little in common with the sadistic lunacy of Pol Pot’s Cambodia.”

    Give it time!
    Mao amassed the highest mountain or corpses, surpassing all others, didn’t he?

    The cultural revolution might yet make a comeback slipped under the cloak of their new “Social Credit” system. This story has been covered by a few people in the last week be here’s Paul Joseph Watson’s take on it.

    “China’s TERRIFYING Social Credit System – And how it’s already operating in the west”

    A foretaste of life in the brave new world of Corbyn, McDonnell & Abbott et al?

    Couldn’t happen here? Well, the UK is already “One Nation Under CCTV.” Those of you with Gas & Electric “Smart” meters,, also those of you who are casually using “Tap ‘n Go” Debit cards (i.e. electronic instead of real cash) think on! Your access to all of those things can already be remotely shut down, or restricted, at the touch of a button.

    Motorway sclerosis: Ever wondered what “Smart Motorways” are really all about?

  159. Irishboy,
    Your posting has made my day. I get more than agitated at the way immigrants are ascribed a status far above that enjoyed by the aboriginals of these islands of ours, where to describe oneself as English is condemned as racist. Although I have to confess that I am not of that race, I come of an old Welsh line. so old we regard anyone from the Romans on wards as a bloody migrant. And no cracks about sheep, from you lot.

  160. stephen maybery, thank you very much.
    The immigrants have a choice, and their homelands remain monocultural and hostile to any immigration. And the only whites going to their s***holes are the suckers from whom the natives suck our tax / aid money. We don’t have a choice. Reagan said in 1972 that if America didn’t remain free, there was nowhere else for Americans to go. Establishment Conservatives here and Establishment Republicans there have been spineless, blind, delusional and suicidally naive. Blind to all the realities staring us in the face.

    Here’s another link to Red Ice tv – I’m amazed it’s still up, but they’re a newish bunch by the looks of it.

  161. “The Moral Narcissism of Immigration “Compassion”

    An interesting recording of MS’s last Clubland Q&A Session

  162. Newsletter – An Army of the Europeans

    (Own report) – The program of the Berlin Security Conference, which ended yesterday, included discussions on new steps toward creating an “army of the Europeans,” concerns over the possible erosion of the West’s “margin in defense capabilities” vis à vis Russia and China, as well as the role of artificial intelligence in future wars. Unlike the Munich Security Conference, this conference is not oriented on foreign policy but specifically on military policy and the arms industry, with more than a thousand military and business representatives, state officials, and politicians participating. Germany’s Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen used the platform to launch a debate on steps toward limiting parliamentary reservations concerning an “army of the Europeans.” In the future, “Europe may have to provide for its own security, perhaps even completely independently” from US support, according to experts. This calls for rapidly enhancement of the use of artificial intelligence in warfare and a “European narrative” to legitimize EU wars.


  163. Stephen Maybury 13.03

    Not a baaa-d post.! -)

  164. Sex in church is fine – just keep the Christians out
    Rod Liddle

    A little leap into the future, for Rod Liddle’s Spectator article on 1 December 2018 9:00 AM

    “Nic Roeg’s art-house thriller from 1973 Don’t Look Now was most famous, or infamous, for its lengthy and explicit sex scene. I think it’s fair to say that the lugubrious (and in 1973 near ubiquitous) Donald Sutherland gave Julie Christie a very thorough seeing-to, involving the first act of cunnilingus in a mainstream movie.

    Even after being trimmed a little it still received an X rating, but did well enough at the box office. It was shown again quite recently — in Derby Cathedral, for reasons which quite elude me. In its unedited form. The dean of the cathedral, Stephen Hance, observed that the film would not be showing God ‘anything that He had not seen before’, thus perhaps implying that He had caught the film first time around, on its double-bill release with The Wicker Man — which was also shown in the cathedral.

    Hance did not comment on the possibility that God may have seen more than enough of Donald Sutherland in the 1970s, regardless of what the actor might have been munching at the time. He did, however, add that the cathedral was for everyone and it needed to serve a wide range of people — including those who aren’t religious. Well indeed, how very true that is, Rev.

    You might be wondering, then, if there is anything at all Dean Hance would shirk from displaying in his cathedral, and luckily I have the answer for you. This week he has banned the University of Derby Christian Union from having a preacher at its carol concert for students. The union had hoped to hear the Reverend Melvin Tinker, from the evangelical Anglican parish of St John Newland, Hull, address the throng.

    Not a chance, said the cathedral bosses. Neither would they accept any other preacher from St John Newland because, according to the sub-dean: ‘What is preached in the cathedral will be taken as being preached by the cathedral.’ Hmm. You mean stuff like the Holy Bible?

    There is nothing more the likes of Hance (and Justin Welby) loathe than evangelical Christians. An imam reading from the Koran in the cathedral — no problem, that’s inclusivity. So, of course, are LGBTQI services (although probably not when the imam’s around). There’s no objection to having Sutherland doggedly trying to gnaw his way into Julie Christie’s thorax, either. But whatever you do, keep the Christians out — the ones who really believe all that stuff.

    Perhaps Dean ‘Beelzebub’ Hance and his team of infernal imps were worried that Tinker, or some other evangelist, might cast doubt on Welby’s recent assertion that God is effectively transgender. That would never do, despite there being no evidence in the Bible for this strange assertion, which seems to be yet another case of a church desperately trying to prove its right-on and woke credentials in an attempt to stem the haemorrhage of worshippers. In 2016 attendance figures for the Church of England slipped to below one million for the first time and stands at about 1.4 per cent of the population. Not all churches are struggling, though. The evangelicals are thriving, which suggests to me that Christians can smell cant from a mile distant and much prefer the traditional values of the church, even when they are politically inexpedient.

    Don’t Look Now is a fine film, often considered Roeg’s best work, although I prefer the berserk chutzpah of Insignificance, in which Albert Einstein explains the theory of relativity to Marilyn Monroe while Joe DiMaggio seethes in a nearby hotel bedroom. Not least because there is no Donald Sutherland in it.

    Somewhat less explicit, sexually, than any film Roeg has made is David Lean’s magnificent Brief Encounter, which I watched again the other evening, slightly yearning for a Britain which was convulsed with smoke and grime and hurtling steam trains and station buffets in which working-class oiks capered harmlessly and middle-class women were not frowned upon for drinking brandy in the middle of the day.

    It is a moving film — even without Rachmaninov emoting away in the background — largely because its premise is that of a letter, a love letter, written by Celia Johnson not to the man by whom she has recently been smitten (Trevor Howard), but to her staid and boring husband, Fred (Cyril Raymond) sitting at home with his perpetual crossword. The most moving moment of all comes at the very end when the supposedly oblivious Fred puts down his crossword and says to his wife: ‘You’ve been a long way away.’


    ‘Thank you for coming back.’

    The message is that such infidelity, tempting though it might be, hurts and hurts terribly all those involved. The divorce rate in 1945, when the film was released, had just begun to rise — although it was still only a fraction of what it is today. Then, the church and society would have looked upon infidelity and marital break-up with grave opprobrium: both of the characters of Howard and Johnson would have suffered social stigma.

    But we don’t do stigma any more. It is not considered inclusive. The church, in particular, doesn’t do stigma and it much prefers fashionable political grandstanding to enjoining its congregants to abide by a moral code for the good of their children and society as a whole. Perhaps that is why nobody takes the slightest notice of it.

    They could remake Brief Encounter, keeping the same title. In the 2018 production, Eddie Redmayne sees Felicity Jones at the railway buffet and after a perfunctory conversation, they exchange phone numbers. Later that day he is kind enough to send her a photograph of his genitals. The affair would be consummated in the gents toilet on Carn-forth station, as their respective trains are cancelled due to a points failure at Carlisle and they await the arrival of the bus replacement services.”

    As Wallsters may remember Carnforth was recently the stage for one of the little Orwellian vignettes that mark the jackbooted march of time, or in this case its total cessation. Mr Walker, the 72 year old pensioner who voluntarily wound-up the clock at Carnforth Railway station and was, it may be remembered by those of us who collect and treasure such socialist and social justice ephemera, sacked for being overheard to make ‘racist’ comments. No trial, no hearing, no direct accuser.

    As he took the key to wind it with him the clock stopped and apparently remains so to the present.

    Any present remake of ‘Brief Encounter’ would therefore literally be timeless, the clock stopped at 7.45 until such time as the key is returned or perhaps the clock returned to its owners by the Trustees, after due conferral in their own Court of Star Chamber.

    It seems an even more appropriate requiem for traditional English values and their total inversion, or perversion, than the screening of a rather passé vintage pornographic movie in Derby Cathedral (and no doubt it’s future Grand Mosque), whilst banning the preaching of Christianity.

  165. “…The church, in particular, doesn’t do stigma and it much prefers fashionable political grandstanding to enjoining its congregants to abide by a moral code…”

    The Church of England is surely the continuation of politics by other means. The Devines in unspeakable pursuit of the deprived.

  166. I never thought I had anything in common with a slum landlord but I have to admit I have.
    Today’s mail.
    Notorious slum landlord Nicholas van Hoogstraten – who is a personal friend of ex-Zimbabwean despot Robert Mugabe – has been building the £40 million palace, replete with golden-domed mausoleum, near Uckfield in East Sussex, since 1985.
    Locals have continually vented their anger at the incomplete and rotting property, despite the works starting more than 30 years ago.

    Hoogstraten also previously ruled out letting the building be used to house the local homeless community.
    He said: ‘The ‘homeless’ – the majority of whom are so by their own volition or sheer laziness – are one of the filthiest burdens on the public purse today.
    ‘The chance of my offering an opportunity for them to occupy Hamilton Palace is just ludicrous.
    ‘Likewise, my offering accommodation to these Muslim ‘migrants’ and to encourage their besiegement of our country and the unwarranted plundering of its resources is ridiculous. We should remove them all.’

  167. John Birch – 12.42

    It is indeed something when we feel a commonality with the likes of van Hoogstraten, Mugabe and our old friend Idi Amin who deported all those “asians” in the 70s – was that the first time muslim’s identity was thus obfuscated? If they were all like one of that number, the ubiquitous Jasmin Alibi Brown, he couldn’t be regarded as all bad then!

  168. ‘It was me fugged up ticker’, as Monsieur Alfonse, the undertaker from ‘All, Allo’ would probably say, what kept the barbarian from annoying you, keeping you away from this blog, fuming over the Brexit panto. Fear now, his bodily organ’s got better, you may suffer again, you will pain again.

    The world seems to continue running much as before Baron vanished from here, the Russians true to form are punishing the democracy lover, the corruption fighter, the darling of the West Poroshenko, they apprehended a couple of his dinghies (he’s got three of similar size left), in the Turkish Caliphate the tinpot dictator is still putting pressure on MbS over the alleged Istanbul murder, he needs over trillion bucks this year to repay some of Turkey’s loans, and most excitingly, the childless woman governing over us keeps on spewing lies about what her deal will do to the country. Fugg it up, is the short answer, no?

    An existing start to the 2018 Christmas season indeed.

  169. On the chap Hoogstraten with the name stranger than Baron’s (that is Baron real name):

    Yes, but could anyone of you say how you’re to end your life?

    We are either individuals, each one of us, and should be treated as such, or we are each an insignificant blob in a large organic matter that can be used, manipulated and discarded when things go wrong. Not that long ago, Baron came across a homeless guy, a surveyor when he was normal, his wife left him, he tried to commit suicide, got better, went on drugs, the courts barred him from seeing his kids (it wasn’t clear they wanted to see him), all he wanted to to was to die.

    The barbarian doesn’t make a habit of talking to every homeless person, he talked to him because his hands were covered in blood, his face didn’t look as the face of someone whose IQ’s close to the zero kelvin. He was more articulate than many burghers one meets every day.

    What happened to the man who refused money, but after a half an hour talk, both of us drinking a cup coffee, he promised Baron to go talk to social security. Whether he was genuine or not is hard to say, what seems to have cheered him up was the barbarian telling him about his prison experience in the Soviet Union.

    Hoogstraten would probably shoot the man dead, the best solution for the society and, weird as to may sound, for the blood soaked guy, too. Not something the barbarian would approve for mostly an self-altruistic reason, he doesn’t know what the future holds for him.

  170. Noa @ November 29th, 2018 – 20:08

    Lets get armed to the teeth and more, Noa, hit the Russian muzhiks and the Chinese coolies, the world would unquestionably be a better place when either they or we vanish from it, heh, heh, heh.

  171. Frank P @ November 29th, 2018 – 05:36

    The drugs and the maladies they’re intended for seem to have done little to harm your acerbic wit, Frank, keep taking them for the world needs people like you.

  172. Apologies if it seems to hurt, but the immigrants are the wrong people to kick (even though many of them should be kicked out with some urgency), it’s those who let them come in who deserves kicking.

    It’s not because the barbarian is an import himself that he says it, he keeps saying the same to the burghers of the country of his birth, who also blame the incomers from Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Albania …), often more than blame, whilst glancing over the political gnomes who facilitated the tsunamis of immigrants.

    The Japanese have just passed a law that will allow a sizeable import of immigrant workers, but being the Japanese they made sure the visas the incomers get are temporary, have to be reviewed regularly, the re-granting will depend on the behaviour of the individual, and they will not be permitted to ask for naturalisation in Japan.

  173. If you are short of ideas what to get your loved ones for Christmas:

  174. Baron 18.04

    Re: Shreddies, I was expecting something to do with a breakfast cereal and when I clicked on the link, I just roared with laughter! Marvellous!

  175. I did ask before : how does nought times nought equal a cube?

  176. The answer is : that’s 0x0;
    or oxo.

  177. Noa,
    I do not normally sign petitions but I certainly put my moniker to this one, although I doubt the sods who rule will take any notice any more than they did over the referendum.

  178. stephen maybery @ November 30th, 2018 – 19:30

    Seconded, stephen, even though the barbarian has also signed.

    Ignoring fully what the signatories say is what exposes the real state of the democracy of today. Even if the petition gathers over 100,000 signatures, a debate follows, what’s the bloody point, as you say, nobody will listen, do anything, a governmental gnome will put his or her signature on the parchment, it’s they, the anointed, who know better.

    How long will the people put up being treated as pawns to be manoeuvred on the board game of the progressives?

  179. The police in some London districts will be armed, a piece of news that’s bound to please Frank (only joking).

    An alternative measure may be more effective, and certainly less lethal or controversial, and in full compliance with Sir Robert Peel’s. Principles of Law Enforcement.

    The police must know who the potential villains are (if they don’t they should be given a couple of months to find out, failing that the management of the force should be replaced).

    The action to to be taken is simple. The police should apprehend the malefactors, give them few hours to pack up their bags, take their fingerprints of whatever else may identify them if the ever tried to sneak into the country again, ship them without delay to the countries they or their parents came from. If the villain is a local he should be despatched to a labour camp for an assessment of (mostly) his or her dexterity to live amongst the law-abiding in a civil society. If it takes years or even a lifetime so be it.

    Truly simple, isn’t it?

  180. If you’re still even marginally interested in the Skripals charade, know abit about chemistry, or at least have the ability to follow a straightforward logic read it.

    For a sixties drop-out it’s unbeatable, and neatly confirms Baron’s believe that no Novichok or nerve agent of similar potency have ever been anywhere in the public domain:

  181. If you’re still willing to hear another man slicing of the Russiagate in the Republic, read the following, it just arrived from over there:

  182. A yardstick to measure the fathomage of the shit the West is in:

    Make sure you plough through the comments after this very revealing piece. Very entertaining, but I doubt that the insurrection suggested by some of the clued up rebel manques will materialise. In a way, the intertubes are a safety valve and I sometimes suspect that’s why they were invented. “Let them eat brioche” as she cunningly expostulated.

    Welcome back Baron. Which one of us do you think will last the course? Surprised Ladbrokes hasn’t published the odds. 🙂 Hope you’ve briefed an emissary to post here, post mortem. I have! Don’t do a Verity on us and just fade away without due process.

    Btw, wrap up and keep warm, we are due for another freeze up, the likes of which has not been seen for 70 years, according to the Daily Express. Who did the pornographer sell the rag to – the IPCC?

    Can someone tell the Colonel that Telly has given up on CHW and that things have livened up again hereabouts? We need him back to tidy up the archival accuracy.

  183. And talking of disappeared Wallsters, I just googled Anna Wotona Kaye to discover whether she is still active on the intertubes. No trace of current activity, but I did find this reprise, which though I says it meself who shouldn’t, five years on, does seem to contain some content prescient to our current political predicament. The Tories can’t say I didn’t warn ’em about the dastardly bads of May. 🙂

  184. I’m still bemused as to why they let her usurp the party.

  185. Baron.
    With reference to your post of Nov. 30 23-58. As usual my old son you are once again bang on target, try this one for size. Recently a teenager attacked a driver with what was described as a knife. Knife be damned, it was more like a Roman Gladius. What did the little thug get? a suspended sentence, after all its his culture innit. As you say and as all of wall would, kick the bastard out. In all of the countries in
    hich I have lived, break their laws and you are on your way and you do not get a gaggle of publicly funded legal shysters to reverse the decision.
    Sorry for the mess, but so is my friggin eyesight.

  186. stephen maybery: zombie-knife (that’s what they call them) man clearly out of his head on drugs ; maybe super strength cannabis or `black mamber`.

  187. You can have a cuppa, cut your nails, or poke your nose if that’s what excites you, still listen to the Steyn’s hour that would furnish more excitement than anything else:

  188. Five years of Corbyn f-cking the country up is bettter than Mays capitulation to Europe indefinitely.

  189. Baron,
    Welcome back!
    I hope that the HOTGH have fixed your “Dicky ticker.” According to my former GP it’s the only thing in the human body that they can guarantee to fix 100%, by a transplant if necessary. He continued, “Anything else and your fucked!” He actually said that. Hence my ongoing battle with beta blockers.

    Re: @16:35
    Some of us already did that on November 29th, 2018 – 16:16
    But, agreed, it’s well worth a reprise.

  190. Here’s Godders with his latest (3min38sec) on Doris Lacking

    “The Prime Minister!”

  191. Radford NG, November 22nd, 2018 – 16:17
    Radford NG, November 30th, 2018 – 18:59
    Radford NG, November 30th, 2018 – 19:01

    To paraphrase Michael Caine, “Not many people Knorr that….”

  192. EC @ December 1st, 2018 – 17:10

    The guy isn’t much of a speaker, but the name he chose for her the barbarian rather likes.

    She, the ghastly Blair and an army of other politicians can get away with outright lies because their being in the position of telling lies i.e. in governance doesn’t depend at all on what they say, it depends on a corrupted election system.

    It’s the HQ of every party that decides who stands in safe seat constituencies, constituencies where one or the other party has a guarantee d win. The electoral constituency of Baron is one of them, if a monkey was the candidate for the Tories here, the monkey would get in, this isn’t overdoing it, it’s a cert, it would happen.

    If we ever are to get out of this nightmare, the electoral system has to deliver a House that reflects the views of the people regardless of their abode.

    In the 2015, just over 30mn people took part (66% turnout), the Tories pulled in around 11mn of the votes i.e roughly a third.

    If you consider that a third didn’t bother, and of those who made the effort and cast their votes only a third voted for the boy Cameron not only was his government a minority one, but some 4.0mn people who voted for UKIP had no representation at all because of the convoluted FPTP voting system.

    If w e had a PR system in 2015 (only parties gaining more than 10% were to get seats) the Tories would have around 45% of the seats, Labour 35% and UKIP 20% – very rough figures these but Nigel would have been in.

    If that were the case, would Brexit be the same fiasco as it turned out to be with only the treacherous Tories in charge?

  193. Mail on Sunday calls on readers to tell their MPs to back May’s deal
    By the comments it looks like this is the mails ratner moment.

  194. Noa – 01:38

    Tis the season…

    My preferred solution to also dealing with yer “traditional” Christmas Turkey.

    My chum Paul Harrell’s “Thanksgiving Catharsis Target”

    Amazing to see what damage just one round of “Federal 45/70, 300 grain jacket soft point, which is really a hollow point…”

    Amazing to see what damage just one round of “Federal 45/70, 300 grain jacket soft point, which is really a hollow point…

    I feel much the same way about yer “traditional” Christmas pudding, too.
    Although having said that, when I were a nipper the pud was always preceded by an amusing parody of “It was Christmas Day in The Workhouse…” culminating, crescendoing, in “you can take your Christmas pudding, and stick it up your…..”
    Oh what fun for a 5 year old, eh. But I was actually deadly serious about those awful puddings!

    File under: Bah Humbug! etc.

    PS. For those interested, the full Turkey shoot video is here…

    “Paul’s Top 5 Rifles for Elk Turkey Hunting (Thanksgiving Special)”

    He has a very dry soh. I couldn’t stop laughing.

  195. John birch – 06:27

    The Daily Mail is, and always was, a Judas Goat publication. Conspicuously more so under its new editor!

  196. EC

    Now why did I think that you and the good Baron in particular would enjoy the Jaahnn Waaayne video…

  197. EC

    And Mr Harrell’s festive turkey shoot is oddly redolent of Portnoy’s Complaint, wherein the libidinous main character claimed to have fucked the family dinner.
    A thought that haunts me still…

    File. Master Bation esq, Christmas dinner ideas for Delia etc…

  198. Noa @ December 2nd, 2018 – 01:38

    It has been around, Noa, but it’s still relevant and massively enjoyable. One should watch it whilst it’s available, soon someone will point out the ‘hidden message’ in the clip, the u-tube will get chicken out, remove it.

  199. The u-tube will only chicken out, sorry.

  200. A little bit of common sense creeping in.
    Denmark is set to send convicted foreign criminals to remote island

  201. At last ,A little bit of common sense creeping in.
    Denmark is set to send convicted foreign criminals to remote island

  202. Noa – 11:55

    Re: Porknoy’s complaint

    There’s someone on the internet somewhere, maybe on Guido’s site, purporting to be the Rt.Hon. Dave Cameron, Member for Pigsmouth.

    Pigs are definitely haram, but here’s some clarification on the Ovine question…

    “The tale of the shagged sheep”
    Mark Steyn (2008)

    File under: Ewe-too, Ewe couldn’t make it up etc.

  203. NOW I understand the significance of Ram-a-Dan. One of the Five Pillocks of Islam, too. Thanks EC, you’re an Oracle of Wisdom.

  204. Hope Mark doesn’t sue Peter for copyright. 🙂

  205. Migration without Borders – The Salisbury Review

  206. Collapse of civilisations on the horizon without climate action
    What a load of boll0cks.

  207. Since I was old enough to understand the words bloody Palestine and Ireland have always been a problem what is the point of keeping ireland and Palestine is a bloody nightmare .

  208. More lunacy !!

    A man turns up at the gates of the secret base of the 77th (psychological warfare)brigade of the British army and says : ” I’m a Russian journalist . Can I talk to you?” And they all go cracker-dog. The MoD sends messages to all military units showing images of this man and his car ; ordering personal not to talk to him and to call the police.

    The Daily Mail produces an hysterical account,with Col. Kemp inveighing against the Russian Spies ; but helpfully gives an account of the 77th Brigade including aerial photos of the secret camp: and someone points to the 77th’s own web-site !

  209. Daily Mail on the above Russian spy case .

    ” Russian spies….top-secret army base…..tried to infiltrate British psychological warfare unit “.

  210. Radford NG

    MoD’s hysterical reaction reminds me of their reaction to the recent photo of young squaddies with the recently appointed UKIP SPAD on Prisons and Islam.
    Expect plagues of Frogs and Roosian special forces assassins to presage the massacre of the first born…

    File. Fake news, Cardigan to lead British expedition to Crimea, Brexit plague expected, ascension of May to RH of God, compulsory buggery for all members of HM Forces, Gay protests at cultural appropriation etc

  211. The test of Farages’ probity will be whether he renounces his MEP seat to UKIP.

  212. Soros in perspective:


    Good blog. Cerebral and optimistic.

  213. Some lighthearted punography from my nephew; I’ll drip feed it over the next few days:

    Jokes about German sausage are the wurst.

    I know a bloke who is addicted to brake fluid, but he insists he can stop anytime.

    Did that Brighton your day? If so it was a Sussex-ful exercise.

  214. Noa 22.14

    Here’s a few more minutes of sublime perfection. Victoria in his own lifetime was known as “God’s Composer”. What an accolade! And in common with Palestrina, Tallis, Byrd, Josquin and Cardoso lived into his eighties! They were doing something right that’s for sure. Two other truly great Portuguese composers of the Siglo d’Oro and worth seeking out are Manuel Cardoso – there’s a most beautiful new CD called Pater Peccavi by The Marian Consort which includes his gorgeous Lamentations for Maundy Thursday – with music by another genius, Duarte Lobo.

    And something absolutely seasonal. Great words from St. Ambrose, especially verse 4.

    1 Come, thou Redeemer of the earth,
    and manifest thy virgin-birth:
    let every age adoring fall;
    such birth befits the God of all.

    2 Begotten of no human will,
    but of the Spirit, thou art still
    the Word of God, in flesh arrayed,
    the Saviour, now to us displayed.

    3 From God the Father he proceeds,
    to God the Father back he speeds,
    runs out his course to death and hell,
    returns on God’s high throne to dwell.

    4 O equal to thy Father, thou!
    Gird on thy fleshly mantle now,
    the weakness of our mortal state
    with deathless might invigorate.

    5 Thy cradle here shall glitter bright,
    and darkness glow with new-born light,
    no more shall night extinguish day,
    where love’s bright beams their power display.

    6 O Jesu, virgin-born, to thee
    eternal praise and glory be,
    whom with the Father we adore
    and Holy Spirit, evermore. Amen.

  215. CNN
    5 minutes ago
    The UN has requested direct access to “re-education camps” in China’s Xinjiang province, where more than one million Muslim majority Uyghurs have reportedly been imprisoned.
    If I were China I’d tell them to F off.

  216. England’s Green, currently waterlogged, and formerly pleasant land in perspective.

    #Warning# 100% factual content.
    Do not watch if you an expat with fond memories of the mother country

    “The Absolute State of Britbongland”
    Paul Joseph Watson

  217. Which segments of our society suffer from chronic maladies, and what do they have in common? Both the segments, and the maladies. Think, please, Baron has been at it on and off regularly.

    Education, policing and the delivery of health, represented by and large by the smaller replica of a communist society, the NHS. All three are run by the Government, or its agencies. And the chronic malady infecting the trio, you’ve guessed it, money or rather the lack of it.

    Few weeks ago the ghastly DM rag began a campaign for volunteers to help the as usual cash strapped NHS, and many eager to assist answered. They won’t be paid, the ‘assistance’ will come free. What will they do wasn’t much explained, nor what happens if any of the volunteers falls ill and, God forbid, dies?

    Not to be left behind, a female deputy police commissioner, a softly spoken woman, has asked to public to come to a rescue of those, whose traditional role was to ensure law and order on our streets, the policemen and policewomen, if they get pummelled by the boisterous class of our citizenry.

    The high and growing violence on our streets is due to the cuts in policing budgets, fewer boys in the blue on our streets (not that Baron recalls any different in the past decade or so), the argument runs.

    What if the publicly spirited man or woman gets hurt, or God forbid again, even kill?

    What will need to happen for the wanking ruling classes to figure that the only way to return our city streets to the law abiding is to punish the wrongdoers, punish in a way they, the punished, feel the pain. It must sound truly barbaric in our days to talk about punishment that hurts, unfortunately, that’s the only punishment that works.

    First offence – the usual ‘uman rites’ inspired punishment, second offence – a treble dose of the usual ‘uman rites’ restorative sentence, third offence – fifteen years minimum in a harsh labour camp.

    If the above scale were to be put into practice, the barbarian guarantees not only that our street would be safe to walk again, pensioners wouldn’t get hacked to death, their meagre abodes thrashed, we would also see a massive reduction in prison numbers, instead of building more prisons we could probably convert some of the existing buildings for accommodation of the homeless.

    Listening to the Woman’s Hour this morning with that dreadful woman in the chair (a kind of verbal puking) education in this country’s going through a major crisis, children needing special help are particularly hard hit, educational budgets are being cut ….

    It may or may not be the true picture, the debating was conducted at an ‘aggregate level’, not one of the invited guests (all women of course) said nothing that would describe what the problem actually is except that it’s all happening because of lower educational budgets. How TF have we managed in the 50s and 60s when the budgets were minicsule compared to the largesse now, the schooling system delivered around 15% illiterates as it does today.

    Still, the barbarian reckons that whoever it is who’s responsible for education will soon make a plea for parents not to bother sending their kids to school, teach them at home instead.

  218. Apologies for the errors, the poorly educated Slav just returned home, is still fuming from the Woman’s Hour bleating.

  219. John birch. @ December 6th, 2018 – 06:13

    The Mandarin speakers will tell the UN just that, John, it’s either the self-preservation of the country, or an UN inspired turmoil, Xi cannot but go for the former.

  220. Neither the Salisbury Review video, Noa, nor the Soros piece, Frank works for the barbarian.

  221. Radford NG @ December 3rd, 2018 – 21:29

    If one were pushed for a choice to either suffer from leprosy, wet leprosy that is, or being a Russian, Radford, the former would be the option to go for.

    Almost every politician or a high ranking official yapping about the threat from Russia never fails to mention ‘the defence of our democracy’ as the reason for kicking the Ruskies. This at a time when Brexit is being openly sabotaged, the will of the people expressed clearly in the 2016 referendum trampled on, a new count called ‘people’s vote’ offered to ensure we keep in the undemocratic Brussels monstrosity. Treacherous that.

  222. Irishboy @ December 5th, 2018 – 23:40

    Enchanting selection, Irishboy, the Domine non sum dignus in particular, it’s new to the barbarian (and to the boss, who goes for that stuff in a big way).

    We should treasure the ability to listen to it for soon it may be replaced with calls to prayers.

  223. This cartoon is quite clever, both annexations were the results of referenda. The only difference is in that Anschluss was but one of the steps to a further expansion of Nazi Germany eastwards. One cannot predict whether Putin will push westwards, but the likelihood of such move seems low, almost non-existent.

    Putin had a chance for such a move after the Kiev February 2014 putsch, didn’t take it. It would be madness if he tried now what with NATO forces in virtually all the countries neighbouring Russia.

  224. Baron 13.28

    I’m so glad you liked it, and the bass too! It is sublime, healing, comforting and well worth taking a trawl on YouTube to find so much more.

    Here’s Palestrina’s famous Stabat Mater recorded in the beauty and glowing acoustic of the Chapter House in Ely Cathedral.

  225. Sorry Baron, that should be the boss (not bass – that’s what I am!)

  226. If you’re still interested in the Skripals charade, this may be of interest if you have the time to even scan the postings.

    The one picture is of interest, the link is also below. It shows the scene of the alleged poisoning with the ambulance in place 30 minutes after the Skripals have gone, the policeman wears no protective clothing, the red bag’s still visible (it has disappeared since).

    The suggestion in the postings (Baron hasn’t read all of them) is that the recent destruction of the cars, property, stuff is to prevent some local busybodies taking swamps, proving the ‘poison’ was a BZ and not Novitchok.

  227. Melanie’s incisive polemic on our Donkeys and the bodkin before them.

  228. Irishboy
    Many thanks for your thoughtful andenjoyable posts. Tallis and Palestrina have become regular friends in recent times.

  229. Noa (18:55)

    All that effort, concentration and clarity, as ever with Melanie. But to what avail? The travesty is, like The Mousetrap, fully sold out for decades to come.

  230. Sajid Javid will import more Muslim Voters
    Jane Kelly. From Salisbury review.


    Breakfast was enlivened today (03/12/18) by the Home Secretary Sajid Javid on BBC Radio 4, saying he’s ‘determined to implement the will of the British people,’ followed by his declaration that he loves immigration, believing it has brought ‘immense benefits’ and made the UK, ‘culturally richer’ than it was before.
    Javid doesn’t need to do this carrot and stick routine; he must know that net migration rose to 300,000 in the year after the referendum. An estimated 273,000, arrived in the year ending June 2017. The ONS estimates that 248,000 have followed this year, more than double the government’s target. However many carrots about implementing our will, he waves at us, Javid’s big stick tells us that we must have mass migration. It’s ‘enriching,’ a moral imperative and only heartless fascists disagree.
    Where he sees ‘richness’ others see a cauldron of resentment, with his kind of fantastical attitude adding to the brew. The effect of silencing the white British voice for so long has given us Brexit.
    A particularly distressing aspect of Javid’s faith in migration and multiculturalism, has been the double standard it imposes, often forcing the indigenous population to accept what has previously been unacceptable behaviour.
    He threw out a few crumbs to those who might disagree, restating his loathing for grooming gangs. In October when he first mentioned, ‘Asian paedophiles,’ he was slammed for, ‘sewing division.’ The Runnymede Trust called his words, ‘dangerous and irresponsible, while David Lammy MP accused him of, ‘Bringing a great office of state into disrepute.’
    His words, which he termed, ‘unsayable,’ disconcerted his interviewer again this week. Evan Davis immediately tried to make a link between them and the climate in which a Syrian boy was recently filmed being pushed over at school. Bullying is now an epidemic in our unhappy land, but bullies are really only white. No one uses the term for black knife wielding teenage gangs although that is what they are. The saddest case of black on black bullying was perhaps Nigerian school boy Damilola Taylor.
    He’d led a happy life until 2000 when his parents moved he and his sister to south London, to get NHS treatment for the girl’s epilepsy. Three months later, Damilola was stabbed on his way home from Peckham Library, and bled to death thirty minutes later, just short of his eleventh birthday. There was public concern but no headlines screaming, ‘horrific’ as for the Syrian lad, or money collected for his parents.
    The Syrian refugee crisis had not accreted to our ‘cultural richness’ at the time, and most people saw juvenile murder in south London as part of our modern, multiracial culture.
    Viewed objectively that acceptance is astonishing and tragic. At the age of sixty I look back on this strange evolution in British thinking, to the time when this consensus, that black and Asian culture cannot be criticised and must be privileged above indigenous attitudes, came to be set in stone.
    The Secondary Modern I attended in Wolverhampton from 1968- 73 was known for its well behaved girls, who mostly got jobs in the local department store. It became a scary sink school within two years of the mass arrival of Afro-Caribbean girls. From a culture of respect, even fear, of the teachers we moved rapidly to girls physically attacking teachers and each other. The lives of children and staff were profoundly changed by their arrival, but no one said a word about it.
    At that time huge numbers of people from the developing world were introduced to English towns, and accepted, in the belief that it would somehow be OK in the end. Those who were not sure about migration fell silent after the death of Martin Luther King 4th April, 1968, and Enoch Powell’s Rivers of Blood speech, on April 20th 1968.
    Those events came against a background of the civil rights movement in the US. Aged twelve I attended a memorial service for Dr. King with my mother. My father didn’t like foreigners and stayed at home. I was with those who saw a glorious struggle ahead, for civil rights and social justice in Britain. Only bad people, recalcitrant white men like my Dad, didn’t go along with it all. Working class men were left to mutter ‘Enoch was right,’ quietly into their pints.
    Ten years later, living near Brixton I found a climate of violence and fear I had never experienced. As a nursing auxiliary in Lambeth, I found old white women on the Stockwell Park Estate afraid to go outside. Mugging was rife; after being attacked and losing my bag three times to groups of young black men, I was accused of ‘racist body language.’ When I wrote about this I was reported to the, ‘Race Today Collective’ which combined Marxism with radical anti-racism.
    By then the white population had fallen silent under continual accusations of racism, which have continued unabated. In 1981 following the Scarman Report blacks were the first community in the UK to be rewarded for rioting and hyper sensitised to the idea of ‘institutional racism.’
    After this keenly orchestrated animosity it’s not surprising that all the bowing and cringing by white liberal elites has not created the ‘togetherness’ once envisaged and still fantasised about by Sajid Javid. We are unhappily divided. Immigration will continue unabated, but perhaps we should rejoice that white British people did have their say, a once in a lifetime opportunity and they took it – even if their views will be totally ignored in the end.

  231. Sometimes when you think the world is gone mad you find an article like this confirms it .
    Polish blogger, defends herself after receiving blackfishing threats

    Sorry for posting a load of boll0cks like this.

  232. Why has not one single policeman, social worker or politician been held to account for the Muslim rape gangs they enabled for so long?

    Because it was policy to enable the Muslim rape gangs:

  233. UKIP National news – Former North West Chief Prosecutor alleges that Home Office ordered police to ignore grooming gang claims in 2008

  234. Oh dear those lovable travelers doing their best to live up to their Stereotyping.
    From the latest court case.
    Don’t worry, there’s plenty more to come if you miss this one.

    The criminals, all from the traveller community, would smash or force open doors and windows of businesses and homes in broad daylight to commit their robberies.
    They would steal high-powered BMWs and Audis, firearms, cash and jewellery, all of which they could dispose of through contacts.
    In one attempted robbery at a Co-op in Burwell, Cambridgeshire, last year, a gang member drove a stolen red Audi TTRS through a railway crossing at Lakenheath, Suffolk in a bid to get away from police.
    When the car was later recovered at a nearby travellers’ site, officers found items from eight separate burglaries, a firearm and seven stolen puppies.
    The gang put false plates on stolen vehicles and left them in residential parking areas before using them to commit further crimes.

  235. I like the comment, All of which they could dispose of through contacts. Heaven forbid, not more travellers I hope.

  236. This attempt to sanitise low life scum (these are bad travellers Letting down the good honest hard working travellers shit) had an amusing story in my town.
    Months ago we had a local rag happy crappy load of shit story about how all the homeless people In our town centre were all the best of friends And looked out for each other in their community .
    But unfortunately a group of them have just been found guilty of a horrific murder of one of their little community.
    Oh dear.

  237. Above :

    As somebody remarked he actually glances to his left before `crossing`.

  238. Le Rematch. Tomorrow afternoon in Paris?
    Is it 1968 all over again?

    “The Truth About the ‘Yellow Vest’ Protests”
    Paul Joseph Watson

  239. John birch.@ December 7th, 2018 – 15:18

    A step in the right direction, John, the Italians should be applauded, instead the Brussels gnomes will try find a way of punishing them. One hopes there still flows at least few drops of the blood of Gaius Julius Caesar in the veins of Conte, Salvini &co.

  240. John birch. @ December 7th, 2018 – 15:42

    The man making the allegations may the same one who re-opened the cases few years back, got the first prosecution going, John. Sadly, the story, if it ever gets any traction, tells you that the domestically bred Quislings are as bad if not worse than the hateful jihadists.

  241. The German CDU has a new leader, the poodles of the BBC other MSM are rejoicing, Frau Kremp got to the finish line first, she is a younger replica of the Mutti, one would be hard to guess though looking at her.

    That’s not a smart move by the CDU elders, the voting was close in the 2nd round (48% – 52%, the repeat of our referendum count, will the losing candidate demand ‘people’s vote?), they seem to have learnt FA from the disastrous election results, they should have turned either Left picking the gay man, better still Right choosing Merz, who’s been more than critical of the outgoing CDU leader Merkel. More negative shocks to come then.

  242. The TV channel France24 news bulletin has the moderator and four pundits, one is a regular, a balding acing man from the Daily Beast (?), the man who was commenting on the Brexit turmoil tonight ‘it was a stupid idea of Cameron to offer referendum of our EU membership, stupid of the House to vote the legislation for it through, stupid of the people of Britain to vote for Brexit …”

    It never crossed the tosser’s mind that it is he and the other panelists (amongst the many others elsewhere), the members of the club of the anointed, that have engendered both Brexit as well as the resurgent populist movement. Bunch of wankers really.

  243. Big news everywhere except in Britain about the arrest of the Huawei’s CFO in Canada on charges relating to the Iranian sanctions, the Canadian PM, the man with the penchant for colourful socks says ‘it’s not political’, which confirms for anyone who had any doubts that the arrest is for anything but the reasons of politics.

    The Chinese company leads the 5G technology upgrade, the Americans have banned the sale of H’s phones, kits and servers, Australia and New Zealand followed, Japan’s considering banning the company’s servers, nothing yet from Britain.

    We have a little problem, if we ban the company from accessing our market, China may scrap funding the construction of nuclear power plants, we need the nuke fired facilities if we’re to avoid suffering outages in the next few years.

    Our only hope must be the Greens, they cannot fail to come up with ideas based on sources of natural energy (say) we all fart into plastic bags (made from renewables, of course), the bags get collected, the gas used to power the generators. A shrewd investor would put his money heavily into Heinz beans shares, heh, heh, heh.

  244. EC @ December 7th, 2018 – 21:51

    The great Joseph ‘s getting better and better, EC.

    The one thing he hasn’t mentioned is that the latest approval rating of French politicians gives Micron still his 18%, but Le Pen gets 19% and Mélenchon 15%. It was briefly mentioned on the same France24 news bulletin Baron referred to above, mentioned, but quickly removed form the screen, not commented on.

    If the police give up tomorrow, join the demonstrators, arrest only the international troublemakers who got attracted by the unrest, the Micron Napoleonic days may be over.

    When the man got elected, the MSM poodles hoisted him up as the antidote to the Donald, Baron said the man’s downfall would be swifter than his ascendancy (sorry, if the barbarian has to say it himself, it’s true though). In all honesty, Baron didn’t think that the atrophy of his reign will be that rapid.

    Micron’s fleeting trajectory in things political should be a lesson to the progressives – unless the leader has the genuine support of the unwashed, he or she could only survive behind the wall the bayonets. Hopefully, the Western democracies haven’t yet sunk so low as to deploy such tools of governance.

  245. Errors aplenty, hence the apology, the barbarian isn’t really fit enough to chew gum and walk, or type and clear up the dishes, a job he was tasked with hours ago.

    How true a quip of a friend of his: What a life without a wife, even worse with one (you try say it quickly).

  246. Talking Down to the Blacks – Taki’s Magazine – Taki’s Magazine

  247. Baron
    December 8th, 2018 – 00:12
    “How true a quip of a friend of his: What a life without a wife, even worse with one”

    This reminds me of a shop window I saw not long ago, in Kusadasi, Turkey. The shop was an expensive jeweller. On one window was printed in large letters, “YES, MY DEAR!” On the other window, “HAPPY WIFE, HAPPY LIFE”.

    It’s probably true that most women, including myself, love jewellery, but some of us, again including myself, buy it ourselves, not expecting our husbands to fork out. But these 2 signs really amused me.

  248. LC @ December 8th, 2018 – 16:44

    A shrewd, but frank businessman, the Turk running the shop, LC.

  249. What’s hard to fathom, although there still is plenty of time to correct it, that nobody has blamed Putin for the Paris boisterousness, not one MSM poodle has penned a ‘well researched’ piece how the Western democracy destroying Russians corrupted the French masses, brainwashed them, turned them against the saviour of the free world.

    No politicians even hinted at the possibility, yet it would have not been difficult to couple the rioters and Putin, both le Pen and Jean-Luc Mélenchon are fond of the inhabitant of Kremlin, both visited Russia, the latter is the flag bearer for what the Russians were trying to accomplish for almost three generations.

    They, the poodles of the MSM, should do better, they’ll get another chance, next week there will be a repeat of the last four, the demonstrators seem determined to save the French people from waisting their money on trinkets for the Christmas season what with virtually all retailing outfits boarded uo.

    More seriously, the barbarian has every sympathy with the French unwashed, not unlike their counterparts in the Republic they got hit badly and not just because of a lacklustre economic performance, the hollowing of manufacture. They also have to put up with many refugees living in parks, under bridges, in church yards. A friend of Baron’s got back from visiting his sister, totally fed up, someone snatched one of his cases, not anything of great value, a Christmas present for his mother. He suspects a refugee although cannot be sure, in happened at the station, anyone could have done it.

    Sympathising with the plebeians means not that Baron endorses the violence, the destruction of property, the harm to individuals. This should be condemned, it should not be allowed, it solves nothing.

    It comforts one that we live in a country that doesn’t indulge in such despicable acts of vandalism.

    If blame were to apportioned then Micron is the one to get pilloried first. His haughtiness, the rather cavalier response to the riots driven by anger when the yellow vests took to the street in the first week didn’t help. Someone should tell him emotion in politics is a no go, he’s the President of all France, that includes also the people dressed like council workers who have grievances.

  250. It’s with reluctance the barbarian posts this link, he got it from his American friend, who insisted it had tot be watched, the gist of it is OK, the name calling baffles unless one is an American. Still, you may like to scan it, the guy’s a fast talker anyway.

  251. John birch @ December 8th, 2018 – 08:51

    The progressives, or liberals are pretentious fakes, that’s nothing new, John.

    What would also be of interest is to discover the debating language of the two phylums, the conservative and the liberal. The latter are by far more aggressive, avoid answering questions or insist to answer with a question, always trying to deflect to some clichéd truisms. The barbarian has a friend of that leaning who never fails to slide to condescension, gets annoyed when it’s pointed out to him.


    Facts unreported in the Western MSM. Disseminate… Disseminate.

  253. If you want to ‘pleasure’ yourselves being politically incorrect yet having an excuse for it, the stuff below is for you:

  254. Fred has a go at the feminists, and for good reasons, too, the bra-less creatures would shout about misogyny, but only if the target is male and white, mutilations performs by the members of the protected species are of no interest to them.

    A male friend of Baron, unmarried (one suspects he didn’t marry because his looks must have attracted scores of women, this in his youth, today, ridden with maladies aplenty he regrets failing tying the knot, alas the queues of admiring members of the club of Venus have vanished), still, he says that the rot set in when women were allowed to have a vote.

    In a sense, he has a point, the inclusion of the gentle sex phylum did start the shift from the rational to the emotional, a key malady of the society everywhere, we seem to make decision not by the brain, but by the heart, hence we seldom avoid fugging up on any major issue that goes.

    Not that it made warring more benign, merciful or even human. In the barbaric past women’s place in a military conflict was mostly in looking after the wounded, today, they get recruited to do the killing as well. Not just in our or other Western armed forces.

    Few days back, the NHK channels said the Japanese government decided to recruit women to join men on submarines (not enough male volunteers), just the place to facilitate bonking galore, a confined place, young boys and girls with overflowing sex inducing hormones, what can go wrong?

  255. Anyone can still remember the downing of MH17? The relatives and friends of the 298 people on board do, that’s certain, how must the feel what with no guilty party found yet?

    Here’s John Helmer summarising the compendium of evidence in a book form by a Dutch professor lecturing here, a disturbing saga from more than one point of view:

  256. Has any of you bothered to read the Essay on Hate? Probably not (and who should have the impunity to blame you?). Nobody has responded to it anyway.

    If you did read it, you may have noticed the end of it fits the feelings of many of us today, in particulate those who’ve reached the end of their earthly journey (if that doesn’t; sound too cliched), the disillusionment with life after the blows one couldn’t avoid to receive. The reference to the Spanish revolution (the twenties in the 19th century were revolutionary, many countries, Spain included, hankered for what Britain already had, a constitutional monarchy), but the reference apart, the rest of it is as valid now as it was then, no?

    Here it is to remind you (but do skip it, go boil a cuppa if you prefer).

    “As to my old opinions, I am heartily sick of them. I have reason, for they have deceived me sadly. I was taught to think, and I was willing to believe, that genius was not a bawd, that virtue was not a mask, that liberty was not a name, that love had its seat in the human heart.

    Now I would care little if these words were struck out of the dictionary, or if I had never heard them. They are become to my ears a mockery and a dream. Instead of patriots and friends of freedom, I see nothing but the tyrant and the slave, the people linked with kings to rivet on the chains of despotism and superstition. I see folly join with knavery, and together make up public spirit and public opinions. I see the insolent Tory, the blind Reformer, the coward Whig!

    If mankind had wished for what is right, they might have had it long ago. The theory is plain enough; but they are prone to mischief, “to every good work reprobate.” I have seen all that had been done by the mighty yearnings of the spirit and intellect of men, “of whom the world was not worthy,” and that promised a proud opening to truth and good through the vista of future years, undone by one man, with just glimmering of understanding enough to feel that he was a king, but not to comprehend how he could be king of a free people!

    I have seen this triumph celebrated by poets, the friends of my youth and the friends of men, but who were carried away by the infuriate tide that, setting in from a throne, bore down every distinction of right reason before it; and I have seen all those who did not join in applauding this insult and outrage on humanity proscribed, hunted down (they and their friends made a byword of), so that it has become an understood thing that no one can live by his talents or knowledge who is not ready to prostitute those talents and that knowledge to betray his species, and prey upon his fellow- man.

    “This was some time a mystery: but the time gives evidence of it.” The echoes of liberty had awakened once more in Spain, and the mornings of human hope dawned again: but that dawn has been overcast by the foul breath of bigotry, and those reviving sounds stifled by fresh cries from the time-rent towers of the Inquisition – man yielding (as it is fit he should) first to brute force, but more to the innate perversity and dastard spirit of his own nature which leaves no room for farther hope or disappointment.
    And England, that arch-reformer, that heroic deliverer, that mouther about liberty, and tool of power, stands gaping by, not feeling the blight and mildew coming over it, nor its very bones crack and turn to a paste under the grasp and circling folds of this new monster, Legitimacy!

    In private life do we not see hypocrisy, servility, selfishness, folly, and impudence succeed, while modesty shrinks from the encounter, and merit is trodden under foot? How often is “the rose plucked from the forehead of a virtuous love to plant a blister there!” What chance is there of the success of real passion? What certainty of its continuance? Seeing all this as I do, and unravelling the web of human life into its various threads of meanness, spite, cowardice, want of feeling, and want of understanding, of indifference towards others, and ignorance of ourselves, – seeing custom prevail over all excellence, itself giving way to infamy – mistaken as I have been in my public and private hopes, calculating others from myself, and calculating wrong; always disappointed where I placed most reliance; the dupe of friendship, and the fool of love; – have I not reason to hate and to despise myself? Indeed I do; and chiefly for not having hated and despised the world enough”.

  257. How nice for Baron to indulge in pestering the blog with postings whilst you’re asleep, thank you.

    The Russian Duma is mulling a new Firearms Act, the main point is raising the age at which one can acquire a firearm for personal protection, sport or hunting from 18 to 21, not for everyone, apparently some inhabitants of the land of the Russians need access to arms at very early age to support themselves hunting.

    Still, the 5-minute video below is in Russian with sub-titles, no need to spend the time watching it in full, just keep pushing the cursor along, note the sort of guns the Russians can buy, ponder why isn’t the ruling class, the arch evil Putin afraid that the unwashed will use the weaponry to get rid of him. It says somewhere in the clip that only in some 0.5% of committed crime in Russia is with guns (Baron has no means to check whether it’s true or not). The postings are more interesting though.

  258. When Salvini is elected in Italy he is demonized in the media as a populist and a danger to the EU.
    When Macron is elected in France he is hailed in the media as the future of Europe.

    Today heavy armoured troop carriers with the EU flag on them are on the streets of Paris.

    [ ” Is Paris burning ? ” A. Hitler;August 1944 ]

  259. Today in London some 10,000 peaceful people marched to Whitehall in a `Brexit Betrayal` demonstration organized by UKIP with Tommy Robinson.

    With no drunken tattooed skin-heads as predicted by Nigel Farage.

    This isn’t reported in the media;except negatively; so you have to search it out:mainly under hostile items about Tommy Robinson.

    Here is an entry point to the march :

  260. Small riot in London (Sunday):antifa attack police ; three persons arrested.Same as the fabled Battle of Cable Street where communists attacked the Met Police ; not the BUF as they claim.

  261. For more information go to Youtube and type in *Tommy Robinson latest* for more information on `Brexit Betrayal` march by UKIP.

  262. The dog’s breakfast that is Brexit nears it’s climax, let no one be in any doubt that we have been well and truly screwed, the bastards did not even bother to disguise what they were doing to us. The one remaining mystery is why Mother Teresa, who would be better described as Old Mother Riley ever joined the Tory Party in the first place as she would have been more at home making the tea over at the Guardian.

  263. From Brother Anthony over at Breitbart:

    “This Parliament is the most wretched collection of self-serving traitors, liars, unconvicted criminals, free loaders, sexual deviants and morally destitute posers assembled in the Palace of Westminster since 1653 and it is immaterial which way or how they vote, abstain, waffle, equivocate, delay and butt-cover.

    For four days they stood and pontificated, wallowing righteously in a sea of vacuous platitudes and imagined threats whilst dragging this issue deeper into a slough of despond than even Bunyan could have imagined. Most of them cannot even deliver a coherent speech without the use of copious notes and even then their verbal incontinence is painful to the eye and ear of those of the morbidly fascinated who, like me, steeled themselves to watch the ‘debate’ via ‘Parliament live’.

    History will record this collection of political dwarves as unfit for any purpose other than their own enrichment and the survival of they and their comrades in the Globalist International; they are totally without virtue and ridden with vice – my dog has more integrity and sense of patriotism than they; he would not refuse to address the grievances of his pack nor their will as expressed through a Referendum and would not sell them to the Euro-Globalists for thirty pieces of Euros (or tins of dog food) and a seat at High Table in a canine Brussels or Socialist International.

    Barely any of this two legged “All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others” parliamentary rabble could lie straight on the Rack never mind present as anything resembling pillars of rectitude. Betrayal is their watchword and the adulation of their acolytes and paymasters their bread of life. However, bear in mind that if May & Co sign us up to the UN Immigration Pact, as is looking more and more likely, then the Brexit debacle however it turns out will be of no long-term importance as Muslim psychopaths from all over the world together with sub-Saharan primitives will soon flood in to finish us off once and for all.

    In the final analysis it is now glaringly obvious that we the people are of no consequence to those we have elected to govern us, simply irritants to be ignored after each election day, and thus they that govern are no longer of consequence to us either so let us be done with the lot of them and start again no matter how difficult and painful that will be, and it will be because there is no solution left to us via the ballot box and the final resolution will have to be found in the fog and turmoil of violent insurrection”.

    Hard to disagree with the Brother.

  264. I think we should start a new party called none of the above and then we will have someone
    to vote for on the ballot sheet

  265. If none of the above was a legitimate party it would be a genuine vote.
    Just imagine none of the above winning a general election.

  266. Max Boot, What Katy Said, and maybe his new signature tune.

    All together now: “Overground, Underground, CockWombling free…”

  267. Caption Contest…


    #1 “If this doesn’t trigger Alex or Max then nothing will”

    #2 Q “What’s the difference between a {Russian} Bot and a Boot?”
    A. “O…”

    #3 “Komm herein, Frau Merkel, ich habe gerade nachgeladen.”

  268. Baron Re: @22:32

    Looks like a Makarov, I think?
    Not fancy, but gets the job done.

  269. It truly amazes the French authorities reckon they can subdue the protesters beating them, treating them as ‘they’ as opposed to the gendarmerie as ‘us’, if anything this will only inflame the future crowds, seeing people with hands tied up facing the wall must remind everyone of the treatment meted out against the population of the country by the occupying Germans, not a comparison Micron should aim for. The police and those in control seem to have forgotten people have mobile phones, can video the violence, the clips go viral. The guy’s stupider that Baron thought.

  270. EC @ December 11th, 2018 – 22:34

    You are the expert, EC, the barbarian wouldn’t recognise a Makarov if he were shot with one.

  271. EC @ December 11th, 2018 – 22:32

    AMazingly, EC, our omni-all Sacha hasn’t yet produced the high quality vomit he’s so keen furnishing us with on the French rioting blaming Vlad for it, instead he’s come up with some bat comparison, a story that also includes his buying a baseball bat in New York because the burghers of that city didn’t like his car with Texas registration plate, even spat at it. This surprises Baron.

    If it were the other way round, he were to drive a car with the plate of a liberal eastern State like Massachusetts somewhere in the deep south then yes, the locals would not be keen on it, but a Texas car in New York? Hmmm

    It’s not for the first time the barbarian noticed the professional hate peddler has a permanent sidekick, someone calling himself BertE, who never fails to comment, often making a point totally unrelated to the piece.

    No 3 is the one, it fits well with the timing of Mutti’s departure.

  272. John birch. @ December 10th, 2018 – 21:20

    Not just a party called ‘None of the Above’, John, but some of us should change our names by deed poll to ‘None of the Above’. Provided the voting paper did have a slot for ‘none of the above’ these burghers would get in.

    This may seem crazy, but still crazier things happen such as the suggestion of a Cambridge academic, the head of politics or something, that voting age should be lowered to 6 provided the kid can read. One puzzles why reading should be the qualification filter, it should be enough if the child could put a cross on a piece of paper, after all it’s his or her uman rite, no?

  273. stephen maybery @ December 10th, 2018 – 11:45

    One wonders how will it all end, stephen, and how will history judge the childless One.

  274. William Bloom has dies, RIP, a common sense guy who wrote also for Counterpunch:

  275. And lastly, a thought for the hour:

    Wisdom and old age not always come together, often old age comes alone.

  276. Before switching the gadget off the barbarian clicked on the latest news, found there’s been some excitement in Strasbourg, and why not, it’s the season of goodwill and all that:

  277. You were probably put off because of the horrible errors like ‘he has dies’, haven’t responded, but it’s the software, not the blue veined barbarian, he may have been educated poorly, but not that poorly, to check he should have, didn’t, deserves criticism, one more must promise to do better. Apologies.

    Btw, the police are still searching for the gunman, one shouldn’t be surprised, Strasbourg is a big place.

  278. Baron,
    How will it all end? just look across the Chanel. We Brits are a tolerant lot, not easy to provoke, but we can only be pushed so far. Once that point is reached, we turn and then God help any standing in the way. The poll tax riots were nothing in comparison to what is likely to happen. The political elite, out of touch and contemptuous of those not of their ilk, will receive a shock that will shake the foundations of the nation. They will not understand what has happened, but then neither did Louis XVI.

  279. Last week, the barbarian was part listening on BBC4 Radio to a programme designed to explain essentially how to make people do things, to get them brainwashed, under control. The only part Baron caught was when one of the participants (perhaps the moderator, it really matters not) brought up the subject of an experiment conducted in the US.

    A team of researchers bought totally useless items for next to nothing, sent them to people who know how to write, asked them to pen stories coupling each item with its own story. Having started with 100 pieces of trash, that was the total number of the acquired rubbish, they put them on e-bay enhanced with made up stories, hundred items that were scrap before, but now had convincing (but fictitious) stories written about them boosting their appeal.

    One of the items, some kind of a crumpled plastic box if Baron remember correctly, catches over $72.00, to which the male BBC presenter says “the stories created value”, and this explanation is accepted by everyone, in fact, in one form or another it gets repeated many times over very likely until the end of the 30 minute programme the barbarian missed (it was a shopping trip with a number of stops).

    This explanation of value is utter bollocks, the stories created as much value as would a gentle fart of one of the story writers. What created the value of the box, the other items, was the market place, i.e. here the e-bay, where a buyer competing with others decided the box and the story was worth over $72.00. The box or the story itself were worthless individually (or together) until the value of the two parts got established in the market by someone willing to pay what he (she) reckoned the value of the package to him (or her) was.

    In case you are not convinced, retrieve a useless item from your recycling bin, create a story about it. Will that make you keep the item because your story boosted its value?

    Anyway, the BBC wankers must know it, they must be aware of the place called the market, they just cannot bear even mentioning it, it smells of capitalism, a model of the economy they dislike, almost hate even though it is what keeps them in comfort, allows them to pump into air stories such as the one being described her that aim at brainwashing us at every opportunity.

    Which brings Baron to the original idea of the programme, how to control people through stories, get them moving in the desired direction eg deeper into the EU (heh, heh, heh) or whatever. Here the same mechanism of the “plastic box wrapped in a story” also applies, people have to buy the story in the marketplace of ideas to give it its ‘value’ before the story gets a traction, a following e.g. Keynesian economics, Marxism or any other yarn or creed (sorry about this abrupt ending, bloody shopping again).

  280. stephen maybery- 10:58

    If things continue are they are, then that of which you foretell is inevitable.

  281. Baron – 11:50

    “Anyway, the BBC wankers must know it, they must be aware of the place called the market, they just cannot bear even mentioning it, it smells of capitalism, a model of the economy they dislike, almost hate even though it is what keeps them in comfort, allows them to pump into air stories such as the one being described her that aim at brainwashing us at every opportunity.”

    It is the complete absence of a free market that keeps “the BBC wankers” in their nice, cosy, overpaid jobs. What used to be a subtle drip feed of agitprop has in recent times become a full throated chunder of cultural marxism.

    The BBC is funded by the compulsory licence fee extorted from the unwilling, and ultimately enforced by the threat of armed force by the state. A very similar business model to that operated by the Krays.

    “BBC Delenda Est!” (© Verity)

  282. I’m lookin’ for the man that shot mah paw. Low down coyote, name of John Jefferson Burns.

  283. EC @ December 12th, 2018 – 12:25

    Excellent points, EC, the sooner the licence fee goes the better, let the BBC wanking tossers earn their bread in the market of competing ideas, not furnished paid for by a compulsory tax on the burghers.

  284. stephen maybery @ December 12th, 2018 – 10:58

    That’s what also worries the barbarian, stephen, it may get nastier than over the Channel, hopefully things will get sorted the democratic way, Baron hears the DUP will withdraw their support if May wins the vote tonight, which would mean a general election in which no party gets an outright majority, Baron reckons, a coalition gets formed, Tories under new leadership together with UKIP, not a bad outcome then.

  285. Brendan has a piece in the S’s coffee house, to the point, excellent argued, have a look.

  286. This isn’t about Brexit, is almost two decades old, longish, but may be worth your reading it:

  287. It seems Baron’s doing little else these days than reading stuff people keep sending him, the piece below arrived this afternoon, the member of the gentle sex is anything but gentle when she says “what’s coming up in a mere generation or so is one of three possibilities: total freedom, total slavery, or total annihilation. Sorry centrists, there is no incremental option”.

  288. A lame duck “Prime Minister” kicking an empty can down the road which leads only to her own political demise is a pathetic end to once proud Empire. More power for women? My arse! Fuck off you bloodless, barren bitch. And take your spousal financial fixer with you. As for the team of ononists you gathered around you? Nauseating nonces!

  289. Baron (16:11)

    Enough of the titillation – you know most of us here are blackballed from trolltopia. Cut ‘n’ paste please! In other words – thwart the intentions of the blackballers. 🙂

  290. The obituary for Common Sense.

    Charmingly simple, spot on, and rather old English in its gentleness, wit, and quiet resignation, but then as a friend of Baron, now deceased, used to say ‘man can get used to and survive everything but his own death’. Will he survive the death of common sense, too, or will he do something about it?

    “Today, we mourn the passing of a beloved old friend, Common Sense, who has been with us for many years.

    No one knows for sure how old he was, since his birth records were long ago lost in bureaucratic red tape. He will be remembered as having cultivated such valuable lessons as

    – Knowing when to come in out of the rain;
    – Why the early bird gets the worm;
    – Life isn’t always fair;
    – And maybe it was my fault.

    Common Sense lived by simple, sound financial policies (don’t spend more than you can earn) and reliable strategies (adults, not children, are in charge).

    His health began to deteriorate rapidly when well-intentioned but overbearing regulations were set in place. Reports of a 6-year-old boy charged with sexual harassment for kissing a classmate; teens suspended from school for using mouthwash after lunch; and a teacher fired for reprimanding an unruly student, only worsened his condition.

    Common Sense lost ground when parents attacked teachers for doing the job that they themselves had failed to do in disciplining their unruly children.

    It declined even further when schools were required to get parental consent to administer sun lotion or an aspirin to a student; but could not inform parents when a student became pregnant and wanted to have an abortion.

    Common Sense lost the will to live as the churches became businesses; and criminals received better treatment than their victims.

    Common Sense took a beating when you couldn’t defend yourself from a burglar in your own home, the burglar could sue you for assault.

    Common Sense finally gave up the will to live, after a woman failed to realize that a steaming cup of coffee was hot. She spilled a little in her lap, and was promptly awarded a huge settlement.

    Common Sense was preceded in death,

    -by his parents, Truth and Trust,
    -by his wife, Discretion,
    -by his daughter, Responsibility,
    -and by his son, Reason.

    He is survived by his 5 stepbrothers;

    – I Know My Rights
    – I Want It Now
    – Someone Else Is To Blame
    – I’m A Victim
    – Pay me for Doing Nothing.

    Not many attended his funeral because so few realized he was gone. If you still remember him, pass this on. If not, join the majority and do nothing”.

  291. Frank P @ December 12th, 2018 – 21:59

    Here it is, guru. Over 150 postings, probably some half a dozen of which are not so much in her support, but for Remain, end even that rather meekly. Others saying what Brendan says – go.

    “Why Theresa May must go, by Brenda O’Neill

    Theresa May has got to go. She has got to go because she has failed British democracy, failed the British people, and reneged on the Conservative Party’s own manifesto promise to leave both the Customs Union and the Single Market. She has got to go because 17.4m Britons, the largest democratic bloc in British history, voted to ‘Take back control’ and she responded by ceding even more control to Brussels. She has got to go because the British people clearly want someone to stand up to Brussels, yet she bows and scrapes before Brussels, capitulating to its every undemocratic demand and conspiring in its stitch-up of Brexit.

    Yet the expectation is that she will survive this evening’s confidence vote. If she does it will be a searing indictment of the Conservative Party. It will expose the Tories as so lacking in political dynamism, so bereft of courage, so unwilling to do anything that might stir up uncertainty, that they cannot even muster up the courage to rid themselves of a leader who is actively undermining the referendum vote of 2016 and the promises made by the Tories themselves in the General Election of 2017. If Conservative MPs opt for stasis over change, for May and her awful withdrawal agreement over a new leader with a potentially fresher approach to Brexit, the public will not soon forgive them. Is there any daring whatsoever left in British politics?

    To see why May must go, look no further than the speech she made in Downing Street today in response to the news of a confidence vote. It summed her up. It captured why, of all of Britain’s prominent politicians, she is probably the least well-suited to leading the emergent nation of Brexit Britain. The Conservatives are ‘moderate, pragmatic, mainstream’, she boasted, blissfully unaware that, right now, faced with Brussels negotiators who are skilfully manipulative and ruthless, these are not the values that should be guiding Britain. Pragmatism? It is because of May’s ‘pragmatism’ that we are in the mess we are in, where Brussels constantly chips away at the ideal we voted for in the EU referendum — that Britain should take back control — and May accepts it in the spirit of compromise. Brexit Britain doesn’t need pragmatism — it needs its opposite: idealism.

    Also evident in May’s speech was her growing reliance on the politics of fear. She mentioned the word ‘risk’ twice. And of course to her, as to all bureaucratic types, risk is a very bad thing. A change of leader would put Britain’s future ‘at risk’, she said. A leadership election ‘risks handing control’ of Brexit to Opposition MPs, she continued. There might even — horror of horrors — be some uncertainty. If I am ousted it will ‘create uncertainty’, May warned.

    This is the language of the Third Way technocrat, of the aloof bureaucrat who treats politics as a businesslike affair in which searching for practical solutions must override fighting for political ideals. For May to play the pragmatism-and-fear card in the era of Brexit suggests she is utterly out of touch with the political mood. The public wants change — radical change — and yet she warns that change is dangerous. The public takes the risk of overturning politics as it has been done since the signing of the Maastricht Treaty and she rails against risk-taking. The public invites politicians to stand up to Brussels, and to wrest back the sovereignty we foolishly outsourced to it over the past 30 years, and yet May emphasises compromise, concessions, moderation. The public thirsts for greater democracy, May offers us more technocracy.

    May is a bad PM, a bad leader of the Conservative Party, and bad news indeed for the millions of us who voted for Brexit. Sure, her ousting will not solve the current crisis in British politics or ensure the true, meaningful enactment of Brexit. But it might at least signal that PMs who wilfully undermine the democratic will do not last for very long. If the Conservative Party has a shred of self-respect left, it will send that signal this evening”.

  292. Here are three of the postings below Brendan’s piece Baron likes.

    “By toneekay

    That May is likely to cling on (‘to power’ would be an exaggeration) says so much about the current state of parliamentary representation.

    Most MPs today have emerged from a political culture that priortises skills in manouevering for tactical advantage and lobbying for inclusion of addenda in the small print of legislation on routine matters. Legislative energies are spent on law making that is little more than tipping the cap towards some of-the-moment trendy concern of tiny but connected numbers. The main result is state expenditure on forming law enforcement bureaucracies drawn, in the main, from the same tiny layer of the connected.

    These people are schooled to believe that politics is a profession with a skill-set rooted in law degrees, MBAs, focus groups, self-declared ‘community leaders’ and a hotch-potch of busy-body attracting bodies around education and health.

    Now, we’re witnessing a reassertion of politics as something the people do, where principles and ideology matter. Parliamentarians seem stunned by this. The Tory version is so stunned that it’s set to declare it has confidence in May. Hilarious”.

    “By A-M

    She stated in the run up to Monday’s statement that her deal was as good as we were going to get.

    She then pulled her vote, after letting Cabinet members go public earnestly assuring us it was going ahead (whilst Brussels already knew she was pulling it), because suddenly it wasn’t the best and set in stone and she was going to renegotiate.

    She spent a day humiliating herself around Europe, achieved nothing, and had it confirmed from Brussels to Berlin that the EU were not going to change so much as a comma in the Withdrawal Agreement.

    Then in her speech this morning, she claims that she’s still the best person to lead these negotiations and that change is still possible – despite the fact that, by her own admission, change wasn’t possible as late as midday on Monday.

    In all seriousness, how can anyone believe anything that comes out of this woman’s mouth? She is utterly delusional, and I am beginning to think whoever is propping her up and advising her is not only a dishonest charlatan, but actively cruel (and certainly dangerous).

    Surely even if the Conservative party don’t have a duty of care to us, they do to her?

    On a slightly different note, the number of ultra-remainers crawling out of the woodwork to back her is interesting, isn’t it? One might almost say it’s instructive”.

    “By justinae

    In declaring that she intends stepping down before the next election Mrs. May has actually triggered a leadership contest. From now on that is the only issue that will focus the minds of the ambitious MPs and I for one will thoroughly enjoy watching them projecting their credentials every time they come into the media.
    From now on they have an agonisingly long time not to put a foot wrong, and to keep the focus on their rivals. It will be stomach ache for them all the way.
    I thought Mr. Corbyn was feeble at the despatch box today and Mrs. May wallowed in yet another chance to diminish him. These exchanges will get worse and it is time for Labour to put someone up against the Prime Minister who is skilled at the withering put down. She has been handed a hugely false sense of her own supremacy by the shortcomings of Labour representation.
    The Media will begin their pestering for an actual leaving date from Mrs May just as they did with Mr. Blair and we all know what happened to Labour when they were saddled with the chaos that caused. I wonder when the penny will drop with the Conservatives that Mrs. May has well and truly done for them”.

    A thought struck Baron after he heard she won the vote of no confidence.

    Are the Tory MPs so overcome by their self-interest not to realise that the longer she is PM the better the cumryd’s chances of being the next PM?

  293. Thanks for undertaking that task, my noble friend. Well chosen comments, too. I am obliged.

  294. Here’s a man one could back except that he may not be able to do much anyway, not only on Brexit, but on the other boils that we’re banging about here, it’s the statutes that rule, not the top man or woman, and the accumulation of progressive statutes has been such that neither Jacob nor Nigel would be able to get out of their straightjacket.

    Take immigration: We’ve just signed under the UN immigration accord, not binding, but that’s a just a ploy, the loonies of the anointed phylum will insist sooner or later, very likely sooner, the charter should be binding. Even if one argued that it’s our or rather the EU laws that should govern immigration the two, Jacob and Nigel, would also get stuck, they couldn’t;t possible go against what’s on the current statute books ie free movement of people.

    To unravel the mountains of the progressive legislation passed by past Governments would take generations, and that’s assuming there was a will to scrap it in the first place.

  295. Thanks for undertaking that task, my noble friend. Well chosen comments, too. I am obliged.
    In return I offer the following link, which though singing to the choir, is music to the ears.

  296. Frank P @ December 13th, 2018 – 00:26

    You’re too generous, Frank, but where is the music to the ears?

    Here’s a piece on France, it arrived minutes ago, Baron hasn’t read properly, just scanned it. It seems to miss an important point. If Micron does what he promised to quieten the rebellious masses, French fiscal limits will be breached, the budget deficit to GDP ration will spill over 3%, the level the EU apparatchiks (and the ever watchful Germans) insist on (never mind the debt to GDP ration of 60%).

    The Brussels gnomes are working on the punishment for Italy for exactly the same sin readying the “Excessive Deficit Procedure” (what a jargon, heh). Will they also get tough with Micron, the darling of federalisation, a future of the EU the Brussels gnomes are dreaming baout?

    The EU may shatter before we finally say bye-bye. Lunacy.

  297. indeed a man to Baron’s liking, Frank, he only watched his energy point.

    You may recall the barbarian saying that two key ingredients that propelled the boost to living standards after WW2 never experienced before in the history of mankind – cheap and plentiful energy, and the availability of credit.

    By the turn of the century, the supply of energy got hit by the insanity of the AGW crowds, and the credit availability got undermined by excessive, some may say idiotic issuance of it (the years of our two Labour leaders B&B).

    The result is a stale, lukewarm, virtually unnoticeable economic growth everywhere (even China’s slowing down), the rise in social unrest, the push to military power by the major global protagonists.

    How will it all end up is everyone’s guess.

  298. From member of (ex-)Cameron fan club , Isabel Hardman : (Evening Blend;Spectator).

    “The P.M. naturally didn’t receive a rapturous reception as she entered a packed and stuffy Committee Room.
    The sound of desks and walls being banged emerged from the meeting,although it is most likly that the banging emanated from whips and fervent loyalists keen to give those outside the impression of noisy support.”

    This seemed to have worked for the BBC reporter.

  299. Vote for Ms.May;198 + two sex abusers previously suspended from the Party and given back the whip for the occasion.

  300. Rees Mogg : votes against equal 117 out of 165 odd back benchers ( ie those not on the Government pay-role).

  301. For Ms.May 200 / against 117 : another 42 needed to defeat her.

    My foolproof recipe for a better world

    It is always a pleasure to watch Paris burning. On the surface a civilised country, but scrape a little deeper and France is revealed as a nation of kind of faux-Arabs (aside from that rapidly growing proportion who are actual Arabs): easily incensed into an incandescent toddler fury at real or imagined iniquities, things not working out quite the way that they had hoped. An inchoate existential rage, hilariously — in this case — exhibited by people wearing those absurd yellow fluorescent jackets.
    They have latterly realised that their leader, Emmanuel Macron, is a smarmy, loquacious, incompetent idiot with strange sexual tendencies. We knew that all along. We told you to vote for Marine — but you wouldn’t listen, and instead, as ever, made your own histrionic descent into the abyss, following a mock-populist metrosexual snake-oil salesman. You can burn down the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower and the Moulin Rouge if you want — I’ve no sympathy. Protest at the ballot box and next time get it right.
    This has been a year of protests, of shrieking and contumely and a disavowal of democracy. If you want a different government, or a different outcome — you leftie Americans, you incoherent Poujadist frogs, you arrogant Remainer bores — then when the chance comes, marshall your forces and vote. Otherwise shut up, because your demos mean nothing. And remember, your political opponents have skin in the game too, and may disagree with you. You can’t always get what you want: the signal lesson from this confused and fractious year, 2018.
    In a democracy, People Power is what happens in the polling booth. The rest is just chronic flatulence. It would be cheering if, in 2019, this notion was taken on board a little by the furious, the psychotic, the terminally needy, the supposedly dispossessed. The notion that you cannot always have what you want because a greater number of other people may disagree with you. That’s my hope for 2019, that this lesson is learned. Here are a few others:
    In future, you can wear a yellow fluorescent jacket only if you are tarmacking the fast lane of the M1
    • A small issue, I know. But those yellow fluorescent jackets. Now worn by every stunted public-purse Napoleon as a means of getting you to do as he says. In future, you can wear a yellow fluorescent jacket only if you are tarmacking the fast lane of the M1. At midnight.
    • Queer daleks. Transitioning cybermen. Marvellous and yet put-upon black people battling fascist white aliens. It is bad enough that adults are subjected to the BBC’s flaccid, hand-wringing and dated propaganda, but now they’re smothering the kids with it. Stop it. Better still, when David Attenborough pops his clogs, let the corporation follow him to wherever he goes. Led by its idiotic ‘fact checkers’ and the over–promoted, whining #MeToo presenters.
    • Cyclists to be prosecuted if they don’t use cycle lanes when available, if they surge through red lights, if they undercut cars. Terms of imprisonment to be doubled if they commit any of these atrocities while wearing Lycra and goggles.
    • Men dressed up as ladies to be afforded a life of equality, free from discrimination. And to be regularly reminded they are men dressed as ladies.

    ‘We can get them all online.’
    • The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, to be mugged at knife-point by a gang of refugees so that a soupçon of reality intrudes upon his inane, virtue-signalling world view. And during his convalescence, a chance to flick through the Bible to see what it says about marriage, fidelity, hard work, discipline — and, indeed, other religions.
    • The number of university places for British kids to be cut by 75 per cent, so that we no longer dupe legions of acned thickoes into thinking that their degree in Post-Marxian Gender Absurdities is worth the £40,000 they paid and will get them a job anywhere other than in Poundland. If that.
    • Coppers to drag themselves away from their laptops and start pursuing real criminals instead of people who say something unkind on social media. All police chiefs who force their officers to wave rainbow flags to have those very flags inserted up their bottoms, so they might come to a closer understanding of what it is they are promoting.
    • The only organisation in the world that proudly proclaims every day that it is ‘in crisis’, the NHS, to be replaced by a system that works. Politicians to grasp the reality that the NHS is knackered, instead of hunkering down behind it and pouring ever greater amounts of money into its ravenous maw.
    • The Queen to announce she intends to retire in five years’ time and her successor will be Princess Anne. The younger royals to stop whining and emoting and hugging commoners. Have some bloody dignity, will you?
    • Statues of elderly white male imperialists to be erected in a prominent place in every one of our universities. Chamberlain, Kitchener, Curzon, Rhodes, Rosebery, Kipling and Victoria herself. Defacement of these resulting in immediate rustication.
    • The Tavistock to cease performing medical experiments on confused children and its resources directed to combating stuff like cancer.
    • Vegans to realise that existing on a diet of goji berries and kale does not make them modern-day Che Guevaras. It just leaves them short of protein and with bad breath.
    • Schools to abolish the legions of teachers engaged in ‘pastoral care’ and divert the resources to making sure the little morons can spell and add up.
    • American luvvies to continue howling at the moon about their President. Every time Robert Junkie Junior or Meryl Streep or Taylor Swift open their gobs, Trump goes up a few points in the polls.
    How’s that? If we can accomplish all of the above by, say, 5 January 2019, I’ll be a happier man. The argument continues online.

  303. Here’s a story as far removed from politics as politicians are from truth.

    The currently fashionable stubble isn’t something Baron indulges in, he shaves each day, has done so for well over six decades, safety razors are the preferred tool, Gillette’s the maker, Fusion’s the model, not the one that twists and turns with the contours of one’s face, it’s the fixed type, buzzing smoothly as it cuts, it has a battery in.

    Still, and unbelievable as it may seem to you, since August 13, Baron’s been using the same blade interrupted only with two phases of new razor blades, one lasting eight days, the other ten, after which both lost their sharpness, had to be discarded, the August 13th blade was sharper, it truly was.

    Truly unbelievable, don;t you think?

    Why is the barbarian telling you this today? Because he’s just installed another new razor blade and whilst waiting for the foam do soften the stubble, he’s been typing this posting for you. Aren’t you glad to know it?

  304. From the woodpile.

    Joe Schaeffer at Liberty Nation cites evidence immigrants are a burden on US workers. An excerpt:

    Another day, another revelation as the great fleecing of the U.S. taxpayer continues unabated. A Center for Immigration Studies review of U.S. Census Bureau data reveals a stunning 63% of households in the U.S. headed by non-citizens are on some form of welfare. That’s just shy of two out of every three proving to be a burden to the American people. So much for the lie that massive immigration enriches our nation… welfare use rises among non-citizens the longer they are in our country.

    Welfare for illegal aliens has “insane” written all over it. Welfare is the real “better life” they’re looking for. A lot of ’em have two fake IDs, one for their job, the other for the welfare office, free health care, &c. Some working citizens who pay for this make less than the illegals, and without all the freebies. The “invasion” is over. Welcome to the occupation.

    No comment can amplify its content. Just disseminate it. To everyone you know. Every little helps.

  306. Frank P.
    And as the teacher used to say, We knew that would happen didn’t we children.


    2017 Statistics On Airport Full Body Screening From TSA :

    Terrorists Discovered 0

    Transvestites 133

    Hernias 1,485

    Hemorrhoid Cases 3,172

    Enlarged Prostates 8,249

    Breast Implants 59,350

    Natural Blondes 3

    It was also discovered that, with the exception of The Donald, Salvini, Orban and the rest of the Visegrad group, no politicians had balls (with the possible exception of Michelle Obama who, like hubby, doesn’t count as a politician).

    Thought you’d like to know.

  308. With my daughter being a Doctor, she finally cleared up the medical distinction between Guts and Balls for me. I’m pleased to share. We’ve all heard
    colleagues referring to people with Guts, or with Balls. Do they,
    however, know the difference between them?

    Here is the official distinction; straight from the British Medical Journal:
    Volume 323; page 295.

    GUTS – Is arriving home late, after a night out with the lads, being
    met by your wife with a broom, and having the Guts to ask: “Are you
    still cleaning, or are you flying off somewhere?”

    BALLS – Is coming home late after a night out with the lads, smelling
    of perfume and beer, lipstick on your collar, slapping your wife on
    the butt and having the Balls to say: “You’re next, Chubby”

    I trust this clears up any confusion.

    Medically speaking, there is no difference in the outcome; both are FATAL.

  309. Theodore Dalrymple
    There was once a medical student of my acquaintance who consistently scored lower marks on multiple-choice examination papers than could have been expected by chance, which I suppose implied knowledge of a kind, albeit of a mirror-image kind. He was infallibly capable of grasping the wrong end of any stick, and though I do not know his subsequent path in life, I should imagine that, as a result of his singular ability to be wrong, he had a brilliant career, especially if he went into politics or public administration.
    Someone once summarized the career of Mrs. May, the British prime minister, by saying that she had never made a correct decision in her life. Such a judgment depends, of course, on what you think is the purpose of a political career. If it is to reach the top of the greasy pole, even for the briefest of periods, then Mrs. May’s career has been a brilliant success, her incompetence as judged by every other criterion notwithstanding. She was, indeed, made for the modern world: colorless, humorless, talentless. One could have predicted that she would go far.
    Among the reasons that the world seems nowadays so full of mediocre people who achieve power at all levels without display of apparent ability (other than apparatchik careerist ruthlessness) is that we insist upon disinterested selection by supposed merit rather than by nepotism or personal connection, which is a far superior method of selecting outstanding or even merely competent people
    If you try to be fair, you have to institute methods of being so; moreover, you have not only to be fair, but to be seen to be fair, for fairness, at least in the selection of people for employment, is a quality that cannot be a light that is hidden under a bushel.
    Now, in order to be fair, the method must be formalized and not open to the influence of personal prejudice or connection. In practice, this means forms and questions whose answers have an agreed weight ascribed to them in advance. And this in turn means that the person selected will be the person who knows best how to fill forms and answer questions according to the most desired answers. This is not the way to find people of great ability. It is the way to find people of petty personal ambition

    By contrast, personal acquaintance gives him who is to choose a real knowledge of the potential employee. He already knows the person’s character and abilities. This is real knowledge, not knowledge at second hand, removed by formality from relevance to the choice in hand. If the person making the choice has any probity, he will use his knowledge to the advantage of the organization on behalf of whom he is making the choice.
    There are, of course, drawbacks to this method. The person making the choice may have no probity; he may be deeply corrupt or invincibly prejudiced. His range of acquaintance may be too small to be able to make such a choice. But no method is without its drawbacks, and the best way to destroy probity in any population is to assume that it does not exist or that it is so rare that it cannot be relied upon. If one’s default attitude, so to speak, is that everyone is a scoundrel, before long everyone will be a scoundrel, or at least a liar, for being such a person will be the only way to get on.Take that ghastly soul-destroying document, the curriculum vitae. It is as inherently inflationary as clipping the coinage or fiat money. A friend of mine, whom I knew to be competent and conscientious, consistently failed to be appointed to positions for which he was eminently qualified. My wife, who knew the ways of modern appointment committees, asked to see the curriculum vitae he was supplying with his applications for the jobs.
    She was horrified: He would never get a job with such a curriculum, it was far too old-fashioned. It gave merely his formal qualifications and the positions he had previously held, with references. No, no, said my wife to him, what you need is to boast. You have to make out that your piddling research might be chosen very soon for a Nobel Prize, that your occasional good deeds were as at great a personal sacrifice as those of Mother Teresa, and that you are a person whose outside interests are carried out at levels equal to the professional; in other words that you are multitalented, multivalent, and quite out of the ordinary. Moreover, your ambition must be to save the world, to be a pioneer and a path-breaker, not merely to do your best in the circumstances. You must be grandiose, not modest.

    Of course, every other applicant would be similarly boastful, and so, like star architects trying to outdo each other in the outlandish nature of their buildings, my friend’s boasts had to be preposterous, quite out of keeping with his admirable character. But once he had swallowed the bitter pill of realism, he was appointed at once. We all have to be Barons Munchausen now.
    Thank God I have reached an age where I shall never have to apply for anything again, except perhaps for a plot in a cemetery (that too is becoming more difficult, and certainly more expensive). I don’t want to boast, but I have a fixed aversion to boasting. I prefer things, for good or ill, to speak for themselves.
    Nowadays, you cannot even provide a truthful reference, because everyone has the right to see what you have written: We live in an increasingly open, and therefore increasingly untruthful, world. References might be unfair or hurtful and therefore actionable at law, so must be bland and noncommittal at the least. Not that closed or private references were without their problems. It was not unknown for them to be glowing so that the referee disembarrassed himself of someone he detested and wanted to be rid of. On the whole, it is best to play safe by means of ambiguity and avoid fixed meaning. As one referee famously put it, “You will be lucky to get this man to work for you.”

  310. Clear Memories – 07:55


  311. John birch – 08:09

    ““You will be lucky to get this man to work for you.”

    🙂 A great punchline, especially from a medic. Sadly though the heirs of the great Hippocrates (GPs) in modern times having become the third most venal profession, behind dentists with politicians taking first place.

  312. Christmas can be a time of real hardship especially for those who do not know how they are going to pay for next term’s school fees and the family holiday in the W.Indies. Some of these unfortunates have to scrape by on <= £255,000 per anum(sic) So spare a thought for the charity CEOs in your Neckar de woods this Christmas and give generously!

    Here's some out of date information. I expect the "salaries" have got bigger in the interim.

    “2017: Overall, the average (mean) pay across the top 100 charities was £255,000, compared with £212,500 in 2015. The median pay level rose to £185,000 a year, compared with £165,000 a year two years ago”

    “The consumer association’s magazine Which? is extremely useful. It is produced by a charity which receives annual tax breaks worth £2 million. So it is very surprising to learn that its chief executive is to receive a bumper pay package of £819,000 in the year to June.

    The staggering remuneration of Peter Vicary-Smith, who has been running Which? since 2004, has been pumped up by bonuses and incentives. It probably makes him the highest paid boss in the charitable sector.

    Mr Vicary-Smith is in many ways a typical modern charity chief executive. He is a former employee of McKinsey, a management consultant company. He worked in the private sector for several years before doing stints at Oxfam and Cancer Relief UK, and then joining Which?”

    “Trebles all ’round!”

  313. DA Rachel Rollins, the “first woman of color to hold the position in the state” will decline to prosecute:

    resisting arrest, shoplifting, trespass, threats, larceny under $250, breaking and entering, receiving stolen property, underage drinking, wanton or malicious destruction of property, drug possession even in cases where the suspect is a drug dealer.

    In effect, Ms Rollins argues Affirmative Action must include “crime without consequence” for People Of Color. Logic is on her side.

  314. That was from The Woodpile.

  315. Whatever you do next Monday avoid Soho, Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square in London for eight hours, the police will test run a face recognition system there, it’s all for our good, the intention is to protect us from criminal nutters seldom of any but the Allah creed. We may not be that far for each and every one of us having a tattooed number on our forearms, it will be argued this will speed up the identification, prevent people from concealing their real name, this has been tried before, one Adolf adopted such ID arrangements, it worked fine.

    All and probably more of the same of the above, then one hears the ‘God’s Great shouting’ thug of the recent Strasburg’s infamy has committed crime in a number of countries, faced the judge 27 times, was on the watch list of a number of security services. Why TF are we spending millions on face recognition and other gear, pestering the law abiding left and right, suppressing centuries of freedom but letting the evil harbouring ones walking amongst us until they decide to start killing us?

    This country needs more than yellow vests.

  316. Have we missed celebrating the centenary of the Bolsheviks Revolution?

  317. EC @ December 15th, 2018 – 08:51

    The reason why the charities’ income is still edging up, EC, the bosses of the outfits that are so ‘successfully eliminating’ the world’s poverty are paid so handsomely is that we no longer think but feel about events, people, and everything else. It’s emoting that runs the world, rational slicing of it is out.

  318. Frank P @ December 15th, 2018 – 01:51

    One cannot fault the shooter in one respect, Frank, he’s chosen the right town, the “progressive mindset” Freiburg, to administer a lesson on how migrants from cultures other than the one that’s built Europe are enriching the Old Continent.

  319. The awful photos published in the mail yesterday and today of Lockerbie after the plane crash makes the photos of the hole in the pentagon and a large dent in a field highly unlikely to be crashed planes.
    But we already knew that didn’t we.

  320. Unseen Lockerbie photos taken by a man haunted by a young woman’s body

  321. An interview with a man who worked for IMF, some other international body, then NATO, is now a leading light in an outfit called Oxford Analytica. Baron knows the name, it’s not really necessary to put it into the narrative.

    He reckons Brexit was stupid, as are the demonstrators in Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, and the populist movements in the countries of the European East, the unwashed will regret in turning ‘extreme right’, even though he recognises that the bottom of the socio-economic layer has suffered, the pain has to be remedied, but the solutions can only come from the non-populist thinkers like him.

    It may well be that the unwashed turning against the ruling elites today will come to nothing or little, we will switch back to the anointed making the rules, telling us what to do, leading us into a future ‘nirvana’. If that happens the implosion of the tyranny of the liberal elites will be that much more painful when it arrives, and arrive it must, the masses may swallow a lot for a long time, but not the whole lot all the time.

  322. Baron – 23:27

    “liberal elites”

    The only thing “liberal” about the “ruling elites” is they way they help themselves to other people’s money. Still, I’d like to wish them all a “Merry Christmas”. They should make the most of it because, like you say, their time is running out, in much the same way that the Ceaucescus in 1989.

  323. I’ve changed my attitude on immigration. It needs to be focussed, and brought to bear good and hard, on the upper echelons of the BBC. Management costs must be reduced. I’ve no doubt that there would be plenty of suitably qualified migrants queuing up for well paid jobs at the BBC, willing to undercut the current nobheads by up to 75% if need be.

    Give the “elites” a dose of their own medicine, I say. I do hope that doesn’t sound too populist…

  324. EC 11:10 & 11:21

    OK, the usage of ‘liberal’ was too mild and liberal if one considers what these creatures are up to, EC, but the BBC idea of scrapping the non-payment of the licence fee for the old sounds exciting, why should anyone past the reproductive age be helped in any way or form, the retired should be glad the BBC doesn’t call for their physical annihilation (say) through starving some to death (many probably already are close to it), or drowning them in the sea far from the shores, having them as shooting targets for the boisterous imports, heh, heh, heh.

    Your own idea of importing a chunk of someone’s else middle class could work, but knowing how cunning that class of people can be it wouldn’t surprise if the newcomers established a clone of the BBC, double the licence fee, turn us even angrier.

    Here’s something to get your blood hotted up, if you don’t like, find him playing Bach, also excellent:

  325. Baron,

    Intrigued, but that link above displays a homage to Microsoft’s BSOD with the text “Video unavailable” displayed in white.

  326. Baron,

    Thanks, obviously very talented.
    Is he sponsored by L’Oréal?

  327. Well worth reading.
    The British Empire Is Dead, Long Live the Empire! – American Greatness

  328. John Birch.

    Thanks for your (08:47) link. Very interesting take which has both facts and logical analysis in its salient message. Pity the Colonel has abandoned CHW. His critique of this book would be welcome. How’s about yours Noa? You have moved in these heady circles.

    One wonders whether there is a single politician left, among our own infantile, corrupt bunch, capable of grasping the implications and reversing the exponential decline of Britain’s role in history.

  329. Don’t miss the current issue of Taki”s Magazine: full of pertinent and punchy pieces, all on message and a great antidote to the MSMs garbage.

  330. Paul Joseph Watson

    “The Cultural Significance of TikTok”

  331. Re: Mr Corbyn’s “nothing burger” no confidence vote…
    – in Mrs May, and not the government.

    It appears that the pantomime season has started early at HM’s Westminster Gasworks.

  332. Frank P @ December 18th, 2018 – 07:16

    The Colonel did take part in one of the postings below the piece, Frank. The posting of the humble Baron’s there as well from today.

  333. Forget crossword puzzles, sudoku, or anything you’re familiar with, join GenZ and TikTok in revolt against the snowflaky millennials …

    You follow any of it (in the video)?

  334. Fred on intelligence, IQ, and what makes the tribes differ. Should he go into hiding? A question one can only guess at.

  335. It seems that the incident at Kerch, that’s the place in the Azov se where the Russians apprehended few Ukrainian military boats trying to sneak in into the territorial waters, didn’t produce the results Poroshenko desired, allegedly Ukrainian forces are gathering in the East of the country to re-take Donbas, the zero hour is set before Christmas.

    Perhaps too much light, bangs and noise for the season of goodwill for the poor (and predominantly old) burghers inhabiting that piece of Europe. The man should reconsider, as should his backers, the whole exercise may backfire even though both the American and British ‘advisors’ are helping him

  336. Spectator cartoon on Brexit.

  337. The Donald has decided to ban the sale of bump stocks, or guns equipped with them. This seems a sensible decision, there’s no need for a fully automatic guns amongst the public (the sale of machine guns is already banned), there is no way though he could ban someone manufacturing the part illegally, the gangs that may find such guns useful are unlikely to follow the law. This is the $64K drawback off any statute, the law abiding stick to it, the criminals ignore it.

    If you are not familiar with bump stocks, here’s a video that explains it.

  338. Radford NG @ December 18th, 2018 – 19:01

    Not that funny, Radford, and the only posting (is it called a posting on twitter?) sums up what the scaremongering fuckwits keep repeating over and over again. How do they know?

  339. Baron, December 18th, 2018 – 17:35

    Well worth relisting, M’Lud, even after just 9 hours.

    01:57 – I agree. Anyways, no need to purchase an expensive modified stock when all you need to do is practice!

  340. EC @ December 19th, 2018 – 09:24

    You would not believe it, EC, the barbarian’s short term memory’s gone, totally, you ask him what he had for dinner yesterday, were was he, or anything relating to only several hours back, he’s lost. More to the point, even if he’s reminded of something, he can barely recall it.

    That’s not an excuse, merely an explanation, he has no reason to forget what you or anyone else has posted. To remedy this failing engendered by an advancing age, he may hire a memory refresh secretary, a young blonde of the body measurements that are supposed to be sexually desirable, and spend the rest of his life being reminded of what he misses, and for which he needs no memory refreshment.

  341. To the political elite, a Christmas greeting from the bottom of my heart, an old fashioned injunction. Bugger off and grow up.

  342. Baron,
    Thanks so much for the card, and to the boss for writing it for you. If she thinks your hand writing is bad then she should see mine, Viking Runes do not come into it. On the health front all is well, but that is consequence of all the drugs, all of which have side effects, for example, a short time ago I went over to Tesco for some strawberries, when I got back I discovered I had purchase a box of tomatoes. The moral here is that whatever happens there is always a funny side, you just have to look for it. I am now resuming work on my next tome. It is not ill health that has held me up, but the fact that I am a lazy sod, and by God I enjoy being one..

    A very merry Christmas to you and yours. By the way, I would not go fantasising about dishy secretaries if I were you as the boss will wallop you, and you will not have any difficulty in remembering that

  343. At Last Jeremy Corbyn tells the truth about something.

  344. December 19th 1998 : President Bill Clinton impeached by the US House of Representatives for perjury and obstruction of justice.

  345. John birch. @ December 19th, 2018 – 13:47

    And then apologises for it, John.

    Isn’t it symptomatic of the contemporary society that a leading politician apologises for the truth, never for the lies he spreads? Arghhh

  346. stephen maybery @ December 19th, 2018 – 11:03

    The fantasising is only in the mind of the barbarian, stephen, he isn’t yet gone enough to remember that.

    If the next tome is only half as good as the first, it should be an enjoyable read, good luck with it.

    The same to you, and everyone on the blog: Merry Christmas, the best New Year ever (and the 365 days that follow).

  347. Here are two videos featuring as the hero Tucker Carlson, both quite long, you may watch them intermittently, but worth the time because it’s a sane person talking. The barbarian has ordered the book, will tell you if his writing is as enjoyable as his talking.

  348. Delingpole at Breitbart accuses eco-terrorists of attacking Gatwick with `drones`

  349. Radford NG @ December 20th, 2018 – 17:59

    He cannot prove it, Radford, but Baron’s first thought after he heard of the drone affair was the same, it must be someone who wants to stop people flying, the saviours of the planets are the obvious group breeding such nutters, hopefully, it will turn out to be a prankster, because it is it is the green loonies, flying will become even more worrisome that it already is.

  350. The barbarian has listened to a part of Putin’s conference, 1,700 journalists attended, nothing that new, the BBC Radio4 put in one item from it in its afternoon news bulletins, it was his answering a question on Brexit, he said May should honour the result.

    The BBC is no friend of the man in the Kremlin, the inclusion of the item must have been to show Putin cannot stop meddling in our affairs, this may not be how the majority of people sees it, they don’t see much of any interference, the news item may backfire (the item was dropped in the next hour bulletin), if Brexit turns out a fiasco, people may think Putin would have accomplished it, the Tories didn’t.

    OFCOM has found the RT guilty of being one sided on the Skripals affair, not giving enough time to ‘other views’, the broadcaster may be fined or have its licence withdrawn. That’s more than rich considering the BBC adopted the official version hook, line, and sinker with rod included, too. Weird times we live in.

  351. Baron @ 17:29 —
    Could only listen to the beginning, so I don’t know if/when Carson mentioned the origin of his title/concept. It’s not new, though, and worth remembering that Plato was first to record the trope in Bk. 6 of his “Republic” (360 BC). Thereafter a German (Brant) took to it in 1494, and an English version emerged in 1509. More details and pictures available at:
    That version’s also on Gutenberg.

  352. Baron (1729)
    Could only listen to the beginning, so I don’t know if/when Carson mentioned the origin of his title/concept. It’s not new, though, and worth remembering that Plato was first to record the trope in Bk. 6 of his “Republic” (360 BC). Thereafter a German (Brant) took to it in 1494, and an English version emerged in 1509. More details and pictures available at:
    That version’s also on Gutenberg.

  353. Apols for duplicate. — Perhaps the ‘moderator’ will remove it?

    PS: Kudos to Carlson for updating the shipload, of course. The Human Race never learns!

  354. A seminal interview, which must be disseminated as widely as possible:

    A seminal interview which must be disseminated widely. It exposes the lies of so called hate crime.


  355. This is pretty aged, but has it changed since? In addition, the barbarian is told some of our supermarkets (ASDA?) are importing from dough from the US. Any wonder the bread one buys at next to nothing tastes revolting?

    Best to buy sourdough rye, spelt or a mixture of both, thankfully, Sainsburys, Waitrose have stared to make such loaves, but they cost.

  356. Good interview, Frank, but in addition to our talking to the elected members of the EU hierarchy (that’s what the Council is as opposed to the appointed apparatchiks in the Commission) the Government should also prompt, encourage, even facilitate our industry associations and individual companies, the big ones in particulate to talk to their counterparts in Europe.

    The barbarian knows several, high ranking company officers, who to a man would prefer very much things as they are, they have enough uncertainties to deal with, e.g. the German carmakers face (as do other car manufacturers) a technology change to hybrids, fully electrical cars, also investigation into emission mis-reporting or even deliberate cheating, and the pressure from the Donald who’s unhappy with high imports of vehicles, and are also preparing to combat Chinese car makers ready to enter the European market at some force.

    The problem though is, as the good Lord says, our political class has found the relationship with the Brussels apparatchiks quite cosy, their acting as messenger boys and girls for the Commission suits them, they have little responsibility for the majority of the laws imposed upon us, which must be something they welcome, hence the charade of pretending to negotiate Brexit whilst they really aim for keeping us coupled with the EU.

    Madness, treacherous madness.

  357. This piece, if true, may explain a lot, certainly why May is doing everything she can to keep us in (even though we are kind of out) of the Brussels monstrosity.

  358. can I be the only one who despairs at the determination of the elites of the Anglosphere to destroy what has taken centuries to evolve and been of immense benefit to mankind without any thought as to what will replace our culture. Greece gave us art, Rome laws, and England took those traditions and spread them across the entire globe. What has America contributed to the human condition? Political Correctness. If I can take any comfort from this situation it is that they who have engineered this state of affairs will be the fist to suffer when the chickens finally come home to roost.

  359. Skripal affair:

    I must admit that I’ve not been paying much attention to it since the RT interview with the two consenting adults purporting to be Red Army Special Forces guys on a pilgrimage to Salisbury Cathedral.

    However I’ve just stumbled across this man with an interesting theory.

    This is the first attempt at a plausible explanation that I’ve heard by anyone to date. Of course one has to bear in mind the provenance of this piece, and the lack any hard evidence presented to support it. Some hard copy evidence of Skripal’s supposed travel itinerary would have been nice.

    The Czechs and the Spaniards get a mention. Presumably Skripal got paid for his services, and being a loyal British subject of HMQ he would have undoubtedly declared these payments on his tax return? [Yeah, yeah!]

    File under: Bouncing Czechs

  360. EC @ December 21st, 2018 – 14:28

    If you want to up-date yourself not so much who did it, but who didn’t;t do it google ‘rob slane blog’, read some of his stuff, it has many chapters, but not that long, (you don’t have to bother with the postings they run into hundreds, often very detailed). Also look at what the man did, it explains a lot.

    Rob Slane is here:

    This BBC chap had a couple of nice trips abroad to spread a piece of fake news, the Czechs obliged, they are known for their submissive behaviour, the Spaniards refused, referred only to what Litvinenko’s take on the mafia, the Russian Government was.

    Perhaps not surprisingly, the guy doesn’t mention the Steele dossier, the role of the UK Security Services making the case for their American counterparts, the risk that the old Skripal may have been called to testify in the Senate, could have spilled the beans, furnishing the Donald with enough evidence to do what he said he would do i.e. put the Clinton woman and some of the other conspirators behind bars.

    The tightest security ever that surrounds the case – where are the Skriplas, why hasn’t any journalist talked to the people involved in directly helping him, why the destruction of property, cars, trinkets months after the incident …- would suggest that the man’s slicing of the case, as well as the official version are but badly cobbled up fake news.

  361. This isn’t new, but you may enjoy it, bit. It was put together to help the remainers before the 2016 referendum:

  362. The MSM are spot on, the Ruskies are meddling in US democracy, here they are shown to interfere in the Alabama election, no doubt more sanctions will follow, and rightly so:

  363. Friday 21st December : sunset about 3:50 pm……the latest it will be this season.

    Winter solstice 10:22 pm.

  364. An ode to PORK sausage rolls wins no.1 place in national pop charts !

  365. Radford NG @ December 21st, 2018 – 16:04

    That, Radford, is the most pleasing occurrence of the year, from now on it’s all upwards for the sun, hopefully for us Brexiters, too.

  366. Radford NG @ December 21st, 2018 – 19:48

    The idea’s good, Radford, the performance’s OK, the song, hmmm, but what matters is the spirit.

    If anyone says this country cannot go it alone when the plebs with no help from anyone, and that includes the Brussels and the government, have the imagination to come up with the city built on a sausage roll, that anyone doesn’t belong here.

  367. The Right Honourable The Lord Ashdown of Norton-sub-Hamdon has actually BRexited before the rest of us.

  368. EC 23:09

    Didn’t hang about did he? Hmmn….. a lesson there somewhere?

  369. Navratilova, the tennis player now retired, who came out as lesbian way back last century, married recently the love of her life (if memory serves the barbarian) said that a gender assigned at birth was the gender one should stick with, this didn’t please the warriors of the gender self-identifying phylum, the aging lesbian has apparently took the grossly offending tweet or whatever it was down.

    This is rather rich, nay hypocritical coming from her, the woman who herself looks half a man, she’s must be on the borderline on the gender re-identifying scale, many lesbians are that way in their same sex relationships, why then to deny a man to chop off his balls tell everyone ‘look, I’m a woman?

  370. It had to happen.

    In the DT letters section yesterday one Chris Gutch from Maidenhead in Berkshire writes “It appears from recent events that British civil aviation could be totally disabled by half a dozen Russian schoolboys equipped with drones ….”.

    That people with wild imagination engendered by hatred exist in every society is a sad fact, one may have to accept it, but should a national rag give such people a platform for their views? Hmmm

    More to the point, the recent events around Gatwick will without any doubt lead to strict Government regulations of the droning community, the country will welcome such moves even though the makers have already agreed on a sensible code governing the use of these contraptions and, not unlike with guns, no statues will ever stop someone harbouring evil from breaking them, flying where it shouldn’t fly. How likely is it that a new law banning drones around prisons will prevent the criminal community from doing exactly that?

    The Israelis took a different approach, one favoured by Baron, in addition to sensible regulatory guidance they shoot down the things if they breach warnings on restricted areas. This seems the most effective way of dealing with those who, for whatever reason, disobey rules intended to protect the lives of many or, as is the case of drones delivering drugs or mobiles to prisons breaking other laws or, as may be the case with protecting other sensitive buildings or areas e.g power generating plants, military installations, transponders and such like.

  371. The ST reports today that Private Pike who runs our defence was overheard plotting to oust May, he thinks he’s the best to take over running the country, can beat Javis and Hunt hands dow in any contest, has the DUP eating out of his hand’. The country resembles a lunatic asylum more and more, when will this stop, and what or who will make it stop?

  372. This piece by Craig totally baffles the barbarian, has anyone ever heard of II, Integrity Initiative?

  373. This is only for those who are interested in Ukraine, the country that was in the news daily before the February putsch in Kiev, has disappeared completely from the MSM rags since then. The narrative appeared in a staunchly anti Russian, anti-Putin blog (as you can see from the other pieces).

  374. Eminently watchable:

    The great Joseph on the feminisation of young men, and how it’s not what young females desire:

  375. Christmas wishes to Coffee House readers.

    Please accept without obligation, express or implied, these best wishes for an environmentally safe, drone free, socially responsible, low stress, non addictive, and gender neutral celebration of the winter solstice holiday as practiced within the most enjoyable traditions of the religious persuasion of your choice (but with respect for the religious or secular persuasions and/or traditions of others, or for their choice not to practice religious or secular traditions at all) and further for a fiscally successful, personally fulfilling, and medically uncomplicated onset of the generally accepted calendar year (including, but not limited to, the Christian calendar, but not without due respect for the calendars of choice of other cultures). The preceding wishes are extended without regard to the race, creed, colour, age, physical ability, religious faith, choice of computer platform, or sexual preference of the wishee(s).

  376. To all walsters, a very happy Christmas, and a happy new year, at least until Old Mother Rilley sells us down the river in exchange for a turn around the dance floor with the Brussels soak.

  377. Hobbie-ist and wife released in respect of Gatwick drones after names and addresses publishised all over…….think re. Cliff Richard and the landlord of the young woman who disappeared the other Xmas ( the only person who had a genuine grievance to put to the Levenson/Common Purpose enquiry into the press).Compare with how `asian`white-slavery gangs (as General William Booth called them)are covered up.

  378. Noa @ December 23rd, 2018 – 16:03

    That won’t do, Noa, not a single mention of those transitioning?, how could you?

    Merry to you, too, also the Happiest New Year, and the 365 days that will unroll as time passes by.

  379. Radford NG @ December 23rd, 2018 – 16:50

    Apparently, Radford, the man that works for or with the hobbyist says it couldn’t have been him, he was at work.

    The whole incident is beginning to smell.

  380. stephen maybery @ December 23rd, 2018 – 16:43

    The same to you, young sir, inshallah.

  381. Merry Christmas to one and all, especially Baron, who has entertained us all non-stop all year, and to Stephen Maybery, who is so witty and amusing.

  382. Listening to the continuity voice on BBC Radio4 this afternoon …..later today a programme on twitter as ‘the platform for political debate’.

    That explains nicely the hole of shite politics have become.

  383. Someone called Brooky94 has this to say on one of the Spectator’s blogs (one by Nick Cohen lambasting the Hungarian ‘dictator’ commanding massive support by the electorate):

    “Spectator click bait articles to look forward to in 2019

    Why it should be socially acceptable to kill Brexiteers? – Nick Cohen.

    After Brexit will it be illegal to be gay? – Stephen Daisley

    In 2019 our forecasts will be accurate, honestly! – Mark Carney

    Democracy has failed, time to embrace benign dictatorship. – Alex Massie

    Yes worry about Brexit, but the Earth will burn to a crisp in 2015 – George Monbiot

    Why the European Union is better than Christianity. – Justin Welby

    Mussolini would have been a Brexiteer – Owen Jones

    Why doesn’t anyone believe that nice Mrs May? – Fraser Nelson

    My sources tell me a hard/ultra Brexit will make the Black Death look like a picnic. – Robert Peston

    Yes I’m a tranny but at least I voted Remain – James Kirkup

    Genetically speaking Brexiteers are a different species. – Richard Dawkins

    I have a virulent form of knobrot and guess who I blame? – George Osborne

    Theresa May’s Brexit deal isn’t dead yet, it’s only sleeping! – James Forsyth

    If we leave the EU the country should be renamed Gammon Britain – Matthew Parris.

    Why black people can’t get ahead in 21st-century Britain – John Sentamu, Diane Abbott and David Lammy

    Britain would collapse in 45 minutes if it left the EU – Tony Blair

    Why if there is a 2nd referendum the BBC can’t be impartial – Tony Hall director-general BBC

    Nelson Mandela told me that Brexit was a disaster – Alistair Campbell”


  384. Fake fake news.

    Disgraced journalist ‘collected donations meant for Syrian children’

  385. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you all, enjoy it, drink sensibly, relax, pray the next year to be if not better than at least on par with the one we’re leaving behind, and look after your health, you only have one:

  386. ” It’s A Wonderful Life ”

    Declared to be the most popular Christmas film : Directed (1946) by Frank Capra ; Starring James Stewart .

    Here is an ingress to a good quality copy of the movie ; and an introduction essay.

  387. Sussex Police backtrack on claims there may never have been a drone

    Whatever happened to assisting the police with their enquires.

  388. Here’s hoping that all CH Wallsters enjoy a convivial Christmas with their families and friends and that 2019
    turns out to be a less insane period than the current one. Thanks to all for keeping up the pressure on the parliamentary pricks, albeit to little avail. Casting pearls before swine, I fear.


    A little something to take your minds off our domestic problems…

    2018 motoring year: Christmas BS highlights | Auto Expert John Cadogan

    Such a refreshing change from the toadying shits in the ‘Strayan & UK’s media. (personal opinion)

  390. @10:46

    A better link to JC that actually plays from the start…
    There’s a novelty!

  391. Wake UP! We are at War!
    Plus French Military General’s Letter to Macron. Treason!

    The Amazing Polly

  392. The Tragedy of Cultural Relativism
    Paul Joseph Watson

    Tragedy. Young people have been so effectively brainwashed, and for many it results in an early death!

  393. “DRONE GATE’ … Never Let a CRISIS Go To WASTE!”

  394. This is only for the tasters of music extraordinaire, the Irishboy, if he’s around, should enjoy it, waves of goose pimples invade the upper torso of the poorly educated Slav every time he listens to it, whether it’s the simple, bewildering melody, the size of the chorus, or just the age of the listener, so advanced that emotions have taken over, who knows.

  395. Sky news just showed a clip of the dyke dwarf allegedly in charge of ‘London’s Finest’ stating that the Metropolitan Police will collapse if Brexit is allowed to come to pass.

    Fuck off then, you despicable little pervert and make way for an apolitical Commissioner, who not only knows how to apply the tenets of Robert Peel and Richard Mayne, but who is capable of protecting London as each one did before the EU was invented.
    Meddling little cow! I suppose this is to ensure her elevation to the red benches: the ultimate reward these days for ex-commissioners who have played the political game. The entire British establishment is now riddled with roadies, fudge packers and muff divers who stick together like shit to a blanket. Despicable!

  396. “toadies” not “roadies” – apologies.

  397. The Christmas cover up…


    Whatever one thinks of Mr/ Ian R. Crane or his analysis of the Gatwick Airport debacle, a reasonable person would have to ask…

    1. Is there anybody in the higher ranks of the police with any experience of running
    an investigation or for that matter any knowledge of basic police work?

    2. Whatever happened investigative journalism? Are there only hActivists now?

    3. Who in the police got the bung for giving the MoS the couple, and how much was
    it? Hopefully the couple’s compensation will be drawn from the pension pot
    whoever it was, topped up from the pot of the CC if needs be.

    I smell “Leading Beyond Authority” here. Tell me it ain’t so.

  398. On passing the east London Mosque the other day I noticed a poster advertising burial plots for the bargain price of £750, plus your quota of 72 virgins. Naturally they will not be planting any Christians in that particular Elysian field. I thought of giving it a try, just to be provocative you understand, but then I realised I did not have the 750 quid. But never say die as is my motto, so I thought I might try a bit of celestial rug trading and suggest a discount if I were to settle for 58 virgins and a packet of fags. Well, nothing ventured folks.

  399. Frank P, December 27th, 2018 – 16:28

    Re: Establishment toadies et al.

    None of the ‘tards ‘n turds want to give up their seats in the 1st Class carriages of the gravy train, let alone be shunted into 2nd Class, or, worse still, be kicked off the train altogether. They’ve ALL been bought. Pathetic!
    Tell me it ain’t so.

  400. EC,
    absolutely right EC, it certainly is so. The situation brings to mind the Mikado and the immortal “I’ve got a little list” I have one and am sure the other Wallsters have one as well.

  401. Baron 26th Dec 23.16

    Thank you very much for that – there must be something in the water in Corsica as there is a long history of amazing vocal skills there. I don’t have a link, but have a search for a wonderful group I remember listening to in the 1990s called Ensemble Organum directed by Marcel Pérès, their specialty being the singing of Corsican sacred chant.

  402. stephen maybery, December 28th, 2018 – 22:10

    “I’ve got a little list” I have one and am sure the other Wallsters have one as well.”

    Indeed I have, an unwritten one, and it’s getting longer every year! The latest batch of Gongs & OBNs was announced yesterday.

    Does anybody remember the days when the press used to announce the New Year’s honours list er… on New Year’s Day?

  403. Irishboy, December 28th, 2018 – 22:58

    I’m certain that although many of us here have fond memories of our “Ensemble Organum” a search, if initiated, would prove pointless. 😉

    Sorry, I’ll get me coat…

  404. EC

    That made me laugh!! A lot!

  405. I just discovered this on the Internet. Does anybody recognize it? Moreover, does it accurately describe the present state of things in Europe? –

    “……… it is actually capital that rules; that is, nothing more than a clique of a few hundred men who possess untold wealth and, as a consequence of the peculiar structure of their national life, are more or less independent and free. They say: ‘Here we have liberty.’ By this they mean, above all, an uncontrolled economy, and by an uncontrolled economy, the freedom not only to acquire capital but to make absolutely free use of it. That means freedom from national control or control by the people both in the acquisition of capital and in its employment. This is really what they mean when they speak of liberty. These capitalists create their own press and then speak of the ‘freedom of the press.’ In reality, every one of the newspapers has a master, and in every case this master is the capitalist, the owner. This master, not the editor, is the one who directs the policy of the paper. If the editor tries to write other than what suits the master, he is ousted the next day. This press, which is the absolutely submissive and characterless slave of the owners, molds public opinion.”

    It certainly makes me feel very uneasy.

  406. From Salisbury review

    29th December 2018 James Monteith Articles 0

    LONDON 2025
    Fraser Nelson’s Christmas message in the Telegraph the other day (‘Despite the Brexit warnings, Britain has never been a better place to live’) showcased everything that is wrong with the modern Conservative party.

    The good news, we learn, is that Britain is the best place in the world to do business, foreign investment is flooding in, immigrants are being welcomed and settled, global property investors ‘now prefer Britain to Germany’, catering staff across Europe pronounced Britain ‘the country they’d most like to work in’, the Midlands is Europe’s ‘warehouse distribution hotspot’, and we have never been wealthier or happier. We are ‘a globally minded island’.

    But to whom does ‘we’ refer? The problem, of course, with this global liberal notion that Brexit is an opportunity for Britain to become a global hub for business, an international business park in which anyone from anywhere in the world who can arrive ready-skilled and ‘contribute’ will be welcomed, is that it serves the interests of big business, and of a privileged cosmopolitan-minded elite who gain all the benefits but suffer none of the costs. For ordinary folk, it is a different story – which is why they voted Brexit, and why they have consistently opposed mass immigration for the past half century.

    Out Christmas shopping in the London suburbs, I can’t help noticing that the proportion of English in the crowds diminishes year-on-year, but I don’t feel elated at the advent of a multicultural cosmopolitan society. Rather, I wonder what I have in common with the newcomers who throng the streets. I wonder whether there will be any English left round here at all in a few decades. When I see people move into my street who do not share my culture, or who speak a foreign language, or English in a different idiom, I regret no longer having neighbours I can share memories and experiences with, or a laugh without having to tread on eggshells. I wonder where the young English who would have lived in these houses are going to live. I wonder how long it will be before the English (including me) retreat altogether from my street. Increasingly, I wonder why global Britain, this microcosm of the world that has replaced England, deserves my loyalty at all. For the newcomers sure as hell feel little loyalty to England – and since England has officially been abolished, how could they? In short, I no longer feel at home.

    Nelson crows that Britain is ‘now almost alone in Europe in having no populist, anti-migrant party in Parliament’. But many of us quietly, privately (for none of us wishes to be branded a racist or convicted of hate thought and lose our job – a feature of global multicultural Britain not mentioned by Nelson), wish there were such a party. Anyone who doubts it should look at the comments sections of the mainstream Conservative press online, which make hair-raising reading. We aren’t alarmed at all about what Salvini is doing in Italy, or Orban in Hungary. We agree with their every word.

    Nelson writes that 2018 was ‘the best year in our nation’s history’. But what nation? The absence in Parliament of any ‘populist, anti-migrant’ party is not something to take comfort in, but represents a monumental democratic deficit, which the travails of UKIP have only served to deepen. If complacent global liberals like Nelson don’t watch out, they could find that the tumbrils will be coming for them sooner than they ever could have imagined.

  407. London 2025 was a photo of London surrounded by third world shacks.

  408. Why Britain decided to leave the EU – but other countries haven’t | Coffee House

  409. I see that at the bottom of my post (December 30th, 2018 – 00:56) there is still – in very small print – the statement “Your comment is awaiting moderation.”

    That puzzles me. Is it there because of it’s content or is it because I’ve changed my e-mail address?

  410. @Frank P 27th, 16:28

    “Fuck off then, you despicable little pervert and make way for an apolitical Commissioner, who knows how to apply the tenets of Robert Peel and Richard Mayne”

    I’m afraid you’ll have to get rid of a lot more than her, Frank. She came up through the system, it created her, she is the system and the system is she.

  411. A Tory government would appoint Col. Kemp as Chief Commissioner of the Met (provided he drops his public call for the general arming of the police).
    It would also abolish the London Mayoralality and replace it with a Civil Commissioner until other municipal arrangements are made.

    My local newspaper has recently pointed-out that Local Government was much better before the reforms of 1972 (imposed by the Arch-Traitor Edward Heath).

  412. Here is something different.

    This evening the BBC begins a serialisation of Les Miserables.In this one (to promote the historic multi-ethnic nature of european society) the bad guys are both darkies.

    Inspector Javert is a black African and Thenardier (the innkeeper)appears to be a North African.

  413. Continued at: CHW-January 2019 ; see bottom of page.

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