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  1. Sod the wedding , watch this guy’s videos instead. They are rather wonderful!

    “Nikon D850 Meets Bald Eagles, Snail Kites, Limpkins and more In Sunny South Florida”

    Not only is this guy an ace photographer he can chew gum and can do unscripted voice to camera at the same time. Eat your heart out Attenborough!

    PS. He’s in Colorado for the intro, so vertigo sufferers either hold on to something or skip the first 30 seconds!

  2. Why are we cosying up to Erdogan?
    And why is May standing on a stage with this man attacking Israel?

  3. EC – The wedding is a fascinating insight into how hick dysfunctional American families live.
    Obviously very well suited to join the Windsors.

  4. Mashall Roberts (05:53)

    The whys and wherefores involved in the insane decision making of the motley crew that currently
    ‘represents’ the electorate of the ‘United Kngdom’ correlate perfectly to the assinine geopolitical perceptions of said elecorate, the idiocy of which, in the round, is profoundly destructive to our nation, our culture, our heritage – and the civilisation engendered both internally and eternally therefrom. History seems to indicate that inherent in all civilisations are the seeds of self destruction, germinated and cultivated by the very human frailties, foibles and febrile fits, compriing the fragile, kalaidoscopic, chaotic and internecine nature of homo sapiens, which increasingly fails to distinguish its arse from its elbow.

    This was illustrated perfectly by last night’s Panorama progamme ‘Pollce Under Pressure’, the police participants involved, with a complete lack of irony and self-awareness, all failed to understand the difference between quantity and quality; between proaction and reaction. The sheer brutality and ugliness of their presence and performance was deeply depressing.

    Fielding, Peel and Mayne spin in their graves. And Mottram’s plaintive cry continues to reverberate through the small wee hours of my sleeplessness.

  5. Sorry Marshal … a slip of the stylus; two in fact.

  6. Why this deluded affection for the Palestinians?
    Rod Liddle
    Comrade Rod’s latest

    Not your toy, Netta Barzilai
    Rod Liddle
    19 May 2018 9:00 AM
    The worst entry for this year’s Euro-vision song contest was that vast cater-wauling aboriginal. I can’t remember her name, only that her performance convinced me still further that Australia might not, technically, be a part of Europe. But then I was a little worried by the winner too. The song ‘Toy’, sung by Israel’s Netta Barzilai, was easily the most musically imaginative in the contest and so probably deserved its victory. But the lyrics were the usual deluded, self-aggrandising victimhood rot. ‘I am a beautiful creature,’ she sang, despite fairly compelling evidence to the contrary, right there in front of our eyes. An energetic and likeable performer she may be, but I suspect we have unleashed a monster on the world, like that lachrymose bearded freak who won for Austria a few years back and then wouldn’t shut up for ages.

    After the contest, Netta — who had nothing to do with the writing of the song — gibbered about ‘diversity’ in the manner of a Chatty Cathy doll programmed by the Guardian’s editorial board. Much as did last year’s winner, a Portuguese bloke everybody has fortunately forgotten about.

    But then spewing out meaningless PC garbage is as important these days as having a decent song — which means that next year’s contest, which will be held in the rightful Israeli capital of Jerusalem, should be interesting viewing. Live From Golgotha, as Gore Vidal presciently put it.

    This will cause problems, I’d suggest. Some countries — the Turkic alliance mainly, but probably also a few useful idiots from the civilised West — will most likely refuse to take part. The organisers might try to engineer a compromise in which Palestine is allowed to compete, and so we may be treated to some sweating, overweight Hamas bint in a sparkly dress, surrounded by artfully choreographed burning tyres, singing:

    La la la lei lei lei lei!
    Throw all the filthy Jews in the sea!
    Kill them all, kill them all, inshallah!
    Peace and diversity!
    La la la lei lei lei! Intifada!

    All set to a cheesy hi-NRG beat with a melody lifted from that stuff they play when belly-dancers are doing their thing in some noisome fly-blown Arab whoretrap. Yes, I can’t wait either.

    Do not underestimate, though, the kudos acquired by Israel in winning the contest. It probably comes third in the list of things Israel wanted this year: an end to the nuclear deal with Iran, the US embassy relocated from lovely, liberal Tel Aviv to the real capital, conservative Jerusalem. And third, the imprimatur of millions and millions of exceedingly camp Eurovision fans. It is truly an excellent riposte to the hyperbolic shrieking from the pro-Palestinian BDS brigade across our continent.

    There is no real animus against Israel among ordinary Europeans, not even among the liberal pro-LGBTQI hordes who turn out to vote for the Eurovision Song Contest. Don’t forget, the contest has shown people do vote according to local and indeed international politics. But they had no problem in voting for Netta. They did so because it was probably the best song in the contest and she was appealing, in an odd kind of way.

    The public, even the Eurovision public, knows best. It is not obsessively anti-Semitic, even if it lapses into a kind of casual, millennial anti-Semitism from time to time. Under BDS, Netta would not be allowed to perform in the UK. They are clear about that, these fascists — no Jews! As it happens, I’m marginally in favour of that standpoint with regard to Netta, but only because I think she might become fabulously irritating. Like a sort of moronic Björk, puffed up full of herself and without very much in the way of talent, bless the girl.

    Meanwhile, the Palestinians are having their week of rage again, thousands congregating at the border fences. This was more to do with the opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem (i.e. the capital city of Israel) than the Eurovision Song Contest result —though there might have been a few among the querulous hordes insisting that Lithuania (my favourite) was robbed. Or more likely, it was the injunction by Hamas that protesters should storm the border fence, a statement given little publicity by the British media, which concentrated instead on telling us that lots of Palestinian ‘children’ had been shot by Israeli security forces. They are children when they are Palestinian. They are violent young men when they try the same business anywhere else.

    This was very far from the peaceful demonstration that the Palestinians — and most of the western media, particularly the BBC — insisted it was. Stuff was set on fire. The young men hurled rocks and fired catapults at soldiers and civilians. They had been warned not to do so through countless leaflet drops by the Israelis. I would have preferred the Israelis to use CS gas and rubber bullets — hey, call me a liberal — against these insurgents, or maybe just to have broadcast ‘Toy’ over and over again to the jihadis.

    But the reporting of the stand-off does enormous discredit to the western media, imbued as it is with a misplaced sentimental affection for the Palestinians. It was the same when Israel fired rockets at Iranian positions in Syria — scarcely a mention of the rocket attacks that had provoked that response.

    And indeed when the leader of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, delivered himself of the usual grotesquely anti–Semitic comments during a three-hour rant in Ramallah recently. Again, hardly reported. And it wasn’t reported for the simple reason that the views of Abbas, which are shared by an enormous proportion of Palestinians and are considered pretty moderate by Hamas, do not fit into the convenient assumption of western liberals that the Palestinians are not remotely anti-Semitic at all, they just want peace, my frent. A magnificent delusion.


    Sadiq Khan (15%) or Tommy Robinson for PM (85%)?
    Asks Edith Llewellyn-Holmes ✊ @CorbynistaEdith
    Queen of Twitter polls. Non-binary Socialist & LGBTQIAPK activist. Fierce Corbynista. Free speech over censorship. Pro-Palestine. Anti-Alt-Right. Pro Gamer️
    (And a very fat, ugly porker).

    The Twatterati deliberates.

  8. LGBTQIAPK: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersexual, Asexual, Pansexual and Polygamous, and Kinkiness.

    Of course, it’s the oriface choice!

  9. Skripal has been discharged.
    How long before Putin finds him?

  10. Marshal Roberts – 15:03

    Did Putin ever lose him?

  11. Apparently the Germans gave us the formula of Novichok 30 years ago. Now whether we used this to identify the agent in Salisbury or to make some is not clear.
    Maybe Putin was correct all along.

  12. Ruth Davidson completes the transition of the late Conservative party into Blaibour by writing in the Guardian (!) that it needs to become more liberal (code for left wing) in order to appeal to ‘younger voters’ (sic).

    Affirmation that the late Conservative party, now Blaibour, has utterly failed to persuade with a conservative narrative. Instead of holding to conservative beliefs with integrity and passionately championing them it seeks instead to curry favour by publicly abandoning those beliefs it has not championed or defended for many a long year.

    What is it, this THING with a useless leader that now squats, ugly and idle, to the left of centre? This THING that now presents voters with the dismal choice of a party of the hard left, a party of the centre left moving ever leftwards or a party of misfits and weirdos slithering between the two. It’s Blaibour, the worst of Toryism and the worst of Blairite Labour. The Blairites still huddled for the ride in Corbyn’s ghastly bandwagon might as well join it and have done.

  13. BBC 4 @ 9-00pm.

    A bit of brightness it is to be hoped : Inspector Montalbano ; although it sounds as if it is probably funnier if you speak Italian.

  14. HURRAH! Another Royal Baby/Wedding etc.

    “It’s a good day to bury bad news” to quote Jo Moore’s email. The original cause of the then Mr Richard Mottram’s Dickie fit in 2001.

  15. Radford NG May 19th, 2018 – 08:40

    Ah, Montalbano! The Italians are not yet hamstrung by the sort of po-faced political correctness inflicted by the parochial British left, those rabid Guardians of tedium and joy-kill, ever rising like the foul stench of a blocked drain. They understand the natural and unashamed state of the man and the woman, from the ribald frescos of Pompeii to the mores of modern Sicily, and are at ease with it.

    An entertaining police procedural which is not preaching on behalf of the Labour party or subsumed into neo-feminist guff.

  16. Wilders fights on, with some success.

  17. Will da nu duk and duchie be known as da TOWIS?

  18. Who is the short arsed BBC (w)anchor placed on the couch beside Kirsty Young? A ruse clearly designed to allow her to condescendingly look down her Scots hooter at him each time he utters some trivial cliche appropriate to this chavvy travesty of a ‘Royal’ celebration.

    The rout of royalty in now complete. There is no way back. Cromwell blew it, but this hybrid soap opera actress has breached the dam through one of its dodgiest building blocks. Next step – the Corbynistas in No.10, to hasten what is clearly an incipient republic. The whole edifice of the British Constitution is crumbling before the eyes of the world.

  19. Colonel Mustard May 19th, 2018 – 08:40

    An excoriating analysis of the party of failure and the betrayal of hope.

    Does this count as bad news being buried on a good day?

    And Peter Hitchens analysis in Conservative Woman offers no relief.

  20. How does the Tory Party roll?

    It rolls over of course, a whipped cur desperate for a tummy tickle from its contemptuous, betrayed ageing electors.

    And thats the clue, the voter base is dying out; replaced by the new ethnic block votes and a screaming hysterical rabble of dissolving half formed ice crystals.
    The good news is you soon won’t have some pensioner shuffling his way up your path to push a leaflet through your door begging you to vote for the new trans-woman whose concerned about toilet labelling in the Town Hall. Instead a pink haired wildebeest will be banging on the door, singing the Bandera Rossi and thrusting agitprop about…toilet labelling in the Town Hall…in your face.

  21. I’m glad to be dying out. I won’t have to long endure the dog’s dinner of a country that the infantilised idiots are making it.

    I just hope that there is an afterlife, though. I have a long list of politicians and ‘activists’ I’d like to haunt to make their lives miserable.

  22. Frank P May 19th, 2018 – 10:22

    Passing through the TV lounge this morning I found my predominantly female family all a-goggle over hats and dresses. I lingered just long enough to vouch safe it to be the ghastly sleb-fest parade of egotism and vulgarity that I was expecting and then sought refuge here in the garden room with Strauss – Taillefer, Wandrers Sturmlied and Die Tageszeiten. Around me the beauty of the English countryside eternal and unknowing.

  23. 1110
    Sitting watching the very same and listening to the exquisite Thomas Tallis anthem.

  24. What a dog and pony show; laced with a fire & brimstone vicar and a self-indulgent banjo player practising on his cello. The shape of things to come?

  25. Radford NG

    There’s rich and perhaps unintended irony in that cartoon, given the germanic origins of our royalty.

    But the Emperors Clothes, delusion or not, remain as resplendent and extravagant as ever. 🙂

  26. Marshal Roberts.
    As Putin said, if we had poisoned them they would be dead.
    Quite, so it was probably a Poundland version.

  27. Let coup de grace?


    Redemption on the comments, though.

  28. Rod Liddle, correct again.

    “It is the iron law of politics. No matter how bad a politician might be, they will be sacked only when they’ve said something that is, for once, palpably true. So it is with the vertically challenged Speaker, John Bercow. Puffed up, pompous, ghastly and parti pris are just some of the accusations levelled at this vaulting time bandit.

    But it is only now that his resignation is on the cards — because he is said to have called Tory leadership challenger Andrea Leadsom “a stupid woman” and “f****** useless”. His first pertinent observation since being elected in 1997.“

  29. John birch.
    May 20th, 2018 – 08:06
    What Putin lacks is a trusted Beria. Or is he Beria reincarnated?
    As I keep telling Baron, the world cries out for Navalny.

  30. Marshal Roberts May 20th, 2018 – 08:41

    A subtle misdiagnosis by cumryd Liddle, methinks, who lends an ad hominem twist to screeches of the Feminist Banshees lurking in the Parliamentary lobbies.
    In doing so he ignores the statist Squeakers visceral, mysogenistic hatred for Andrea Leadsom the Brexiteer, who would have delivered a full Brexit and so could never obtain the support of the Tory Grandees in her leadership bid

  31. Noa that may be so but you cannot deliver anything if you are f****** useless.

  32. Marshal Roberts May 20th, 2018 – 11:39

    Theresa May correctly diagnosed then.

  33. Today is the anniversary of the first solo trans-Atlantic flight by Colonel Charles Lindbergh. On 21st May 1927, Lindbergh landed his single-engined aircraft near Paris, after completing the previously unthinkable flight across the Atlantic Ocean.
    As well as the aviation pioneer let us also remember the eugenicist, environmentalist and pro-national socialist.

  34. BBC 1 tonight : drama of the week ; The Killing of Rinka .

  35. But I think Ted Heath shielded him as a fellow “sufferer” and it is worth contemplating the role of the judge.
    “Summing up, the judge did not restrain himself about the witnesses’ lack of credibility. Nor did he conceal his contempt for Scott, calling him ‘a hysterical, warped personality, accomplished sponger and very skilful at exciting and exploiting sympathy’.
    He spoke of Scott’s ‘amazing lies’ and his predatory and dishonest behaviour, concluding: ‘He is a crook, a fraud, a sponger, a whiner and a parasite.’ Before adding: ‘But of course, he could still be telling the truth . . .’
    He described the case against Thorpe as almost entirely circumstantial. He admitted that it was in Thorpe’s interest if Scott was silenced, but the existence of motive did not constitute proof.

    Read more:

  36. And of course, in 1974, Edward Heath tried to form a coalition government with the Liberals, and he offered Jeremy Thorpe the post of Home Secretary.

    The Home Secretary is responsible for the police and MI5.

    The coalition talks failed and in the end a minority government was formed by Harold Wilson, himself having shady intelligence connections.

  37. And on down the years:

    “That Thorpe got away with it may well have encouraged the likes of DJ Jimmy Savile and Liberal MP Cyril Smith — both of whom knew him — to believe that their own sexual exploitation of vulnerable young people would be brushed under the carpet.
    A realisation that the Establishment protected its own in cases such as Thorpe’s probably, in turn, fuelled the absurd recent overreaction by police investigating historic abuse accusations by liars and fantasists against the likes of Edward Heath, Leon Brittan and Cliff Richard.”

    Read more:

  38. Yet another London stabbing.
    Draconian Sus laws are called for.

  39. I have kids living in London for God’s sake.

  40. Marshal Roberts @ May 20th, 2018 – 13:19

    It’s your call, Marshall, you either blame the violence on Putin, or you vote for Putin’s approach to stop it.

    Btw, something tells Baron your kids live anywhere near the stabbing zones, don’t they?

  41. Marshal Roberts @ May 20th, 2018 – 12:55

    The book may indeed be splendid, Marshall, but it’s what Frank thinks about these sordid affairs that carries the day for the barbarian, he was as close to it as it gets and has n o dogs in the fight.

  42. Noa @ May 20th, 2018 – 11:49

    A timely reminder of an anniversary that’s not exactly in vogue today, Noa, thanks for reminding us.

    A rather detailed survey of the flight (amongst other things on the Republic in the 20s and 30s) is furnished by Bill Bryson’s “One Summer: America 1927”, you may think the barbarian is obsessed by the American writer (for he is), but his books are unique in blending facts with wit.

    The excitement that the Lindbergh’s flight generated is difficult to fathom today, Bryson says, “some 155 tons of debris were cleaned from Manhattan streets after the armistice parade of 1918, but so much ticker-tape was thrown for Lindbergh in 1927 that they cleared 1,800 tons”.

  43. Noa @ May 20th, 2018 – 11:07

    Spot on on Andrea Leadsom, young sir, and the hateful crowd that targets her.

  44. Frank P @ May 20th, 2018 – 08:11

    One cannot have the world as one would want it, Frank, one must take it as it is, no?

    Btw, the cellist surprised, the singing delighted (the pieces may have been chosen better), the episcopal preacher got the venue wrong, it wasn’t a firemen’s convention, but overall the pageantry of the spectacle was unforgettable. It is what distinguishes this small island at the edge of Europe from any other country.

    There are more powerful countries, richer countries, countries with less rain, but there aren’t any that could offer such a visible coupling of today with the distant past.

    The carriage passing the statue of Victoria, at the background the Windsor Castle of William the Conquerer built close to the Thames, on the edge of a Saxon hunting ground, the eye hitting colours of the galloping Guards – which other country could link its past to the present so visible, ha?

    (Time to light the barbecue).

  45. “…. or you vote for Putin’s approach to stop it.”
    That being to let the mafia loose on London streets?

  46. And Navalny?

    “Russian opposition leader Aleksei Navalny has launched a new political party, though he missed its founding due to a jail sentence over nationwide protests he organized against President Vladimir Putin.

    The new party, called Russia Of The Future, was created at a May 19 founding convention in Moscow, Lybov Sobol, a senior associate of the Kremlin critic, said on Twitter.

    Sobol said that the party had not yet been formally registered with the Russian Justice Ministry.

    She said that the goals of the party included “real changes, real reforms,” including increased property protections, a fair criminal-justice system, and battling corruption “so that money from the budget does not flow into offshores and is not spent on yachts and palaces.”

  47. I had thought Radio Free Europe was dead until I saw this documenting Putin’s new romance.

  48. What a pity either Leadsom or Gove didn’t win the leadership election. At least then we would have had a genuine Brexiteer in charge, instead of May’s wishy-washy approach.

    By the way, I enjoyed every moment of the wedding! After all these months of gloomy, miserable news, at last something happy. I remarked to my husband that most women love a royal wedding, and most men love the Cup Final. He is unusual, in detesting both, and took himself off to the garden. Let me watch in peace.

  49. Radford NG – 11:57

    “BBC 1 tonight : drama of the week ; The Killing of Rinka .”

    If that doesn’t get a response from Andy Carpark then he must no longer be extant!

  50. Marshal Roberts – May 20th, 2018 – 08:41

    Rod Liddle, correct again.

    “It is the iron law of politics. No matter how bad a politician might be, they will be sacked only when they’ve said something that is, for once, palpably true. So it is with the vertically challenged Speaker, John Bercow. Puffed up, pompous, ghastly and parti pris are just some of the accusations levelled at this vaulting time bandit.

    But it is only now that his resignation is on the cards — because he is said to have called Tory leadership challenger Andrea Leadsom “a stupid woman” and “f****** useless”. His first pertinent observation since being elected in 1997.“

    She wasn’t up to the job of beating T.May for the leadership of the “Conservative” Party let alone delivering Brexit.

  51. Lesley C.
    Gove yes – a highly competent man of ideas.
    Leadsom rated this before she rightly withdrew from the leadership contest.

    “And officials in the Treasury, where she worked as a junior minister from April 2014 to May 2015, have issued an extraordinary criticism of her track record in government.

    “She was the worst minister we’ve ever had,” one unnamed City official told the Financial Times.

    “She found it difficult to understand issues or take decisions,” another said. “She was monomaniacal, seeing the EU as the source of every problem.

    “She alienated officials by continually complaining about poor drafting.”

  52. Ah yes.
    A leaking Civil Servant, (impartial, content to implement the electorate’s ‘will) speaking off the record stilletoing their Brexit minister to the Remain FT.
    No FT.
    No comment.

  53. Whoever did the briefing against Leadsom forgot to mention she was competent, articulate, factual before Brexit, in the debates rated number one, fully committed to Brexit after the vote of the people. Now, why would the FT fail to mention it?

  54. Why now all the sudden Dianafication of Leadsom? She folded at the first sign of press criticism during Conservative leadership contest. The rest is history.

    Anybody wanting to employ a third party to get rid of the ghastly Bercow would be well advised to put up somebody who can slug it out against the press.

  55. EC

    The “Dianafication of Leadsom?”
    More like the Meghanisation of Bercow, Gove (always behind Leadsom in the polls) and May.

  56. Todays Anniversary.

    On 21st May 1894 the 36 mile long Manchester Ship Canal in England was officially opened by Queen Victoria,
    Construction began in 1887; it took six years and cost £15 million (equivalent to about £1.65 billion in 2011. When the ship canal opened in January 1894 it was the largest river navigation canal in the world, and enabled the newly created Port of Manchester to become Britain’s third busiest port despite the city being about 40 miles inland. Changes to shipping methods and the growth of containerisation during the 1970s and 80s meant that many ships were now too big to use the canal and traffic declined, resulting in the closure of the terminal docks at Salford. Although able to accommodate a range of vessels from coastal ships to inter-continental cargo liners, the canal is not large enough for most modern vessels. By 2011 traffic had decreased from its peak in 1958 of 18 million long tons (20 million short tons) of freight each year to about 7 million long tons (7.8 million short tons). The canal is now privately owned by Peel Holdings, whose plans include redevelopment, expansion and an increase in shipping from 8,000 containers a year to 100,000 by 2030 as part of their Atlantic Gateway project.

  57. Noa,

    Leadsom is a Norwegian Blue. As a keen reader/viewer of Peter Hitchens you will no doubt have heard him on more than one occasion speak of the Conservative Party in a similar vein.

    I agree with Hitchens, in that it’s: “A Dead Parrot, Ceased to Be!”
    Who killed it? Where do we start? May? Cameron?

  58. As I said, the Tory Grandees….

  59. EC
    As we are in agreement over the slow, juddering far of the Tory inspired failure of Brexit I fail to see why Leadsom is excoriated for it by Liddle and Bercow.
    As I noted previously the real Tory party leadersship cabal Fat Pang, Fats Clarke Salmonella John and the Mad Cow Burgher are the true masters of Britain’s destiny, not Bercow, or Liddle in a cheap and cheerful throwaway line.

  60. Peter is there any reason why all my comments are now going to moderation?
    Should I take this as a hint?

  61. Nobody playing today?

    The Borg Collective seems to have taken over all three main parties and those now in charge seem to actually despise their indigenous core voters, particularly those holding traditional values. Seems to be an age related thing regardless of the party.
    Common Purpose?

    Also this…

    YCMIU !

  62. EC
    We are in agreement over the slow, juddering faiure of the Tory led delivery, (miscarriage?) of Brexit , however I fail to see why Andrea Leadsom is excoriated for it by Liddle and Bercow.
    As I noted previously the real Tory party leadership is the cabal of Fat Pang, Fats Clarke Salmonella John and the Mad Cow Burgher Sodium Gummer, who are the true masters of Britain’s destiny, not Bercow, some anonymous civil servant or Rod Liddle in a cheap and cheerful throwaway line.

  63. What’s with Roman’s visa? Are the domino’s tumbling? Chelski must be feeling miffed after their hollow victory on Sat and the departure of Conte (no surprise that, though).

  64. Who killed the Tory Party?
    A mass imbibation of Koolaid in the best tradition of JonesTown.

  65. Who killed the Tory Party?
    A mass imbibation of Koolaid in the best tradition of JonesTown

  66. Frank
    Any man who waltzes around unshaven with scruffy clothes like Abramovich should be excluded on general principles.

  67. Frank P – 16:23

    Call me an old cynic but…
    Roman’s visa problems could just be a gesture of a temporary nature. A nod and a wink to the septics?

    Surely Roman and his fellow oligarchs must have enough goods on enough politicians the world over to obtain a visa for wherever they like?

  68. Marshal Roberts – 18:20

    Roman is a snappy dresser as compared to most Brits.
    When did you last visit?

  69. EC

    Heh, heh, heh.

    No … Belay that, lets have a full-throated Dan Collins.


    Btw. ACP must have popped his clogs, as you say, he hasn’t surfaced for the resurrection of Jewemy Thrupp.

    Not a bad depiction, incidentally; both Hugh Grant and AlexJennings – ringers for Thorpe and Bessell. Mind you, Hughie’s proclivity for blow jobs from mulatto whores in the back of cars in LA renders his performance a little ironic. But if Jennings isn’t ginger, he’s a very good actor. Wonder who will play Bron Waugh? Scott is still alive of course. Can’t see him suing. 🙂

    The senior police investigator from the West Country i/c the case kept his head well below the parapet, didn’t he? I guess he must have a celestial pension by now. I’ve forgotten his name, but I’ve just tried to Google him and failed. Must dig out the Pencourt files/book. Plus ca change ….’

  70. There ya go:

    Detective Chief Supt. Michael Challes drew the short straw. It ruined his bucolic sinecure. Sheer chance.

    But the chicanery of Heath, Wilson and Thorpe in the carve-up was the story behind the story. They each had files on each other. Corrupt crooks all. Sexually and venally. Wonder if Marcia Forkbender will get a mention. No sign of her in the cast list. Pity.
    As I noted above … plus ca change …

    Looking forward to the next episode.

  71. Today is the fifth anniversary of the brutal murder y decapitation of Drummer Lee Rigby by a brutal Islamic fundamentalist.
    It is also the first anniversary of the 22 innocents murdered at the Manchester G Mex. As we wait for the next victims from our our people let us remember these innocent victims and their suffering families, betrayed by our political elite both Tory and Socialist.

  72. Mark Steyn with a flowing collage on Bernard Lewis (RIP), the Royal Wedding and much else. Replete, as ever, with flair, wit and pencraft.

  73. USA : a really neat idea.

    National Rifle Association chose Lt.Col. Oliver North as its new leader.

  74. Not Learning the Lessons – A UK Defence Strategy Doomed to Failure

    By Mike Hookem MEP

    “In 1982, as a British Army reservist, I watched on, frustrated, as Chinook helicopters ferried men and supplies around the docks of Hull; loading merchant vessels that would soon form part of the armada sent to free the Falkland Islands.
    For weeks, the air around my barracks had been alive with expectation and rumour; that we would be called upon to take part in the largest naval operation since the invasion of Normandy. As the taskforce prepared to depart, we finally knew we were to be left behind while other Hull men and women went to war.

    Despite the dangers going to war automatically entails, I felt gutted at the time; in fact, cheated of the opportunity to put to use the months and years of military training I had worked so hard to accrue.

    Over time, those feelings have changed. Rather than frustration and feeling like I missed out; I today feel great pride in those who risked all in that short, yet bloody conflict, thousands of miles from home; together with deep sorrow for those who laid down their lives to defend the South Atlantic Islanders right to ‘be British.’

    Today, as a Member of the European Parliament; UKIP’s Defence Spokesman; Deputy Party Leader, and a student of military history; I have to say that my perspective of the events that unfolded in 1982 has somewhat changed.

    No longer do I pour over the military tactics and battlefield stories, as I once did. Instead, I am more concerned with the political and strategic picture; the logistics employed to mount such a large operation; how causalities could have potentially been avoided; and the important question of whether the UK could still retake the Falkland Islands if it were invaded today.

    Let’s examine that question.

    Could we retake the Falkland’s today?

    Even in 1982, the British Army and Royal Navy were feeling the pinch of politically motivated ‘cost-cutting’ to its operational capability, following the publication of John Nott’s 1981 Defence White Paper, “The UK Defence Programme: The Way Forward.”

    Under the plans published by Nott, the regular army was to be reduced to 135,000 men, a loss of 7,000, which, as now, was to be partly offset by the gradual expansion of the Territorial Army by 16,000 personnel. But the biggest blows came to the Royal Navy, with plans to sell its new Aircraft Carrier, HMS Invincible, to Australia and to focus ‘primarily on anti-submarine warfare.”

    The Royal Marines, who along with the Paras, were destined to play such a vital role in recapturing the Falklands, were, under Nott’s plans, to look at disbanding their entire amphibious landing force and sell off the landing ships, HMS Intrepid and Fearless. Nott also demanded that nine of the Navy’s 59 escorts would be decommissioned; together with a reduction in manpower of between 8,000 and 10,000 personnel.

    Despite the deep cuts proposed a year earlier, the Royal Navy mustered an impressive amphibious force of 115 ships to head for the Falkland Islands. This force included the two aircraft carriers, HMS Hermes and HMS Invincible; two landing platform dock (LPD) ships, HMS Fearless and Intrepid; and six landing ship logistics (LSL) ships. The Royal Navy was additionally augmented by Ships Taken Up From Trade (STUFT); requisitioned civilian vessels that including the SS Canberra, the Hull-based ferry, MV Norland, and the world-famous Cunard cruise liner, the QE2.

    Fast forward 38 years and the thought of having 135,000 troops defending the Realm and our interests overseas seems like nothing more than a utopian dream; while the Royal Navy has suffered years of deep cuts John Nott would not have even dared to suggest.

    Since the retirement of the Fleet Air Arm’s Harrier force in 2010, today’s Royal Navy does not even have the operational capacity to launch aircraft at sea, despite billions of pounds being investments into two new aircraft carriers. In fact, it is doubtful whether the two new carriers – the biggest ships ever built for the Royal Navy – will ever be fully equipped with aircraft, or adequately protected at sea.

    It is already stated that only one of the two behemoths will ever put to sea at any one time, as the Royal Navy cannot refuel, resupply or defend both carriers at the same time. It has also been pointed out that with recent developments in missile technology, the inadequately protected carriers are unlikely ever to be deployed on a Falklands style operation, as they would be too ‘prime a target.’ Other questions have also arisen over the combat readiness and capability of the F35 stealth fighter programme, the aircraft chosen as a replacement for the Harrier Jump Jet which is due to enter frontline service in 2020, due to serious ongoing engineering and software problems with the programme.

    Many of the issues the UK’s armed forces face today, can be traced back over decades, even before John Nott’s white paper. However, is was to be a Conservative/Lib Dem coalition, driving for ‘austerity,’ that did the real damage to the UK’s military capability. With the banking crash as a background, and demands from the then Chancellor, George Osbourne, to slash the defence budget by 10% to 20% in real terms, the new coalition Government published its Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR) 2010.

    An Undermanned Army in Crisis

    The SDSR 2010 called for a cut in British Army personnel numbers from 102,000 to a mere 82,000 by 2018; a 40% reduction in Challenger 2 tanks; a 35% reduction in AS90 self-propelled artillery, and the withdrawal of 20,000 British troops from Germany. The SDSR 2010 also set out plans to make up the shortfall in full-time personnel numbers by increasing the size of the Volunteer Reserves (formally known as the Territorial Army) by 20% to fill the capability gap, reflecting similar proposals by John Nott three decades earlier.

    In January 2018, the number of full-time British Army personnel stood at a mere 81,660 according to the National Audit Office. However, when this figure is broken down using the Government’s own recently relaxed rules for personnel deemed ‘operationally ready,’ the number immediately falls to 77,470. Recent newspaper reports have even suggested that when sickness, injury, and other personal considerations are taken into account, the number of operational ready soldiers falls to as low as 60,000, the smallest standing UK army for over a hundred years.

    As for the Government’s plans to increase the number of reservists, the figures make even grimmer reading. The recently privatised armed forces recruitment programme has become something of a national embarrassment, despite a £440Million, 10-year contract with Capita, that has seen over £664 million spent on “recruitment and retention” incentives in the last five years for both reserve and full-time personnel of all forces.

    According to the National Audit Office, only 1,975 reserve soldiers were recruited by Capita in 2013-14 against a December 2012 Army Demand Plan requirement of 6,000. This is a pattern that became increasingly familiar over following years. In the year 1st June 2016 to 1st June 2017, the number of people leaving the reserves rose by approximately 20%, while intake fell by 18%, leaving a meagre 1.4% increase in reserve manpower, despite a shortfall of 3,000 ‘trained’ reservists. In April 2018, a report by the National Audit Office revealed the percentage of regulars leaving the Armed Forces voluntarily, has increased from 3.8% annually in March 2010, to 5.6% in December 2017.

    In fact, things have become so bad, in October 2016 the Government was forced to redefine what is classified as a ‘trained’ soldier to meet operational requirements.

    According to the Independent newspaper, “some critics have also claimed official figures now underplay the true scale of the problem because the Government has redefined “trained soldiers” in a way that allows many more reservists to be counted as trained strength.”

    Under the Government’s new rules, any troops who have passed basic training (phase 1), but not yet completed trade or ‘advanced’ training, such as an advanced infantry skills course (phase 2), are classed as ‘trained.’ Before 2016, only troops with both phase 1 & 2 training could be counted as fully trained and deployable. Why the change? The answer, of course, is to meet targets and look like the British Army has better readiness than is the actual case!

    The fact is, like any voluntary organisation, the volunteer reserve will always suffer from fluctuating numbers. From my own time in the TA, I know there is always a core of troops who are dedicated to the unit; while the commitment of others wavered, only showing up when the whim took them, despite being kept on strength for months or even years.

    While the SDSR 2010 removed a large amount of capability and operational readiness from the British army, especially regarding personnel and armour, the Royal Navy (RN) suffered even more devastating cuts. These cuts included the loss of its last remaining aircraft carrier; a reduction in the number of helicopter landing ships; the scrapping of the Fleet Air Arm’s Harrier jump-jet force; and a reduction in personnel of 5,000 to 30,000.

    The Royal Navy, All at Sea

    On the 6th June 1944 – commonly known as D-Day – 900 RN vessels of all types took part in the invasion of Nazi-occupied Europe.

    While it is unrealistic to expect the Government to keep the RN at wartime levels throughout protracted periods of relative peace, we, as an island nation, must retain a force that is adequately trained and equipped to deal with the flare-up of unexpected conflicts.

    While in 1982, we were able to muster 115 to head for the South Atlantic, today, the entire RN fleet stands at a mere 89 vessels. These ships include one as yet non-operational aircraft carrier, six amphibious assault ships, six destroyers, thirteen frigates, seven attack submarines and four ballistic-missile submarines. The rest of the fleet is made up of minesweepers, survey ships and other support vessels; with many no larger than the small patrol ships.

    Sadly, until March this year, the RN could also boast a helicopter carrier. However, the last remaining vessel of this type, HMS Ocean, was decommissioned in March 2018 and sold to the Brazilian navy.

    Of the 89 vessels that have survived the cuts, only the six destroyers, thirteen frigates and seven attack submarines can be considered frontline vessels, with adequate sensors, weapons and protection to fight and survive in a battle against a sophisticated foe. However, as with the army, the numbers do not represent the true state of readiness. At any one time, approximately half of the RN’s vessels are undergoing maintenance or training periods, and several others are committed to routine standing patrols, leaving just a handful to respond to emergencies.

    Many of these issues have been compounded by poorly judged procurement of new equipment, cost overruns, and engineering issues that have seen some of the RN’s newest vessels laid up for significant works, including propulsion issues with the in-service Type 45 Destroyers, and electrical and build issues with the latest class of patrol vessels.

    The introduction of any new technology can be troublesome, however, many of the current issues with the Type 45s could have been avoided had the then Labour Government listened to the builders, BAE Systems, and opted for a tried and tested propulsion system, rather than a ‘revolutionary,’ yet unproven Rolls-Royce supplied gas turbine design.

    A design flaw with the Northrop Grumman intercooler system has on occasion left ships with no source of power or propulsion, especially when operating in warm climates. This has meant ships that should be out on-patrol are missing engagements, due to being in harbour undergoing expensive overhauls under the Type 45 Power Improvement Project (PIP).

    The number of replacement vessels is also becoming a significant issue. In recent years, the Royal Navy has acquired just six new Type 45s, to do the work of the twelve Type 42 destroyers it replaces, and it is the same story with new submarines. Just seven new Astute-class attack submarines have been ordered to replace twelve outgoing Swiftsure and Trafalgar-class subs. While both the Type 45’s and Astute class submarines are bigger and pack more firepower than their predecessors, there just aren’t enough of them to cover all the areas or tasks undertaken by the older vessels.

    However, ships are only as good as the crew, and it is with personnel numbers where the RN is struggling. As of Jan 2018, the Royal Navy was approximately 2,000 sailors short of its target 31,000 personnel. Retention of experience personnel is now under such strain that a senior Royal Navy insider is quoted as saying the navy, “is diabolically short of senior rate engineers.” The same source continued, “they can’t retain or train the replacements fast enough to stop the shortages.” According to Labour peer and former First Sea Lord, Admiral Lord West, the problem stems simply from the move to axe 4,000 sailors under the SDSR 2010.

    In fact, the pressures have become so great regarding manning, ships such as HMS Dauntless, one of only six Type 45 destroyers, have been laid up to have their crews dispersed to other vessels.

    Further blows to the Royal Navy’s capability are still in the pipeline. Reports leaked late last year suggest that a further 2,000 Royal Marines out of a total force of 6,600 may be axed, together with the Royal Navy’s two amphibious assault ships.

    The proposed cuts come on top of the consolidation or closure of several major Royal Marine bases including the Royal Citadel in Plymouth.

    While the leak led to an angry backlash from MPs, who stated the Royal Marines, “risks being sacrificed to short-term Treasury book-keeping;” the pressures of finding experienced crew for the two new aircraft carriers and filling the £20 billion ‘black hole’ in the defence budget could prove too great an opportunity for the Treasury not to wield the knife.

    Speaking of the cuts, General Julian Thompson, who led 3 Commando Royal Marines during the Falklands War, warned, “these plans will spell the end of the Royal Marines as we know them. The days of D-Day scale amphibious landings may be over, but the days of landing against an enemy that is going to fight you on the beach aren’t.”

    Military insiders have also warned that any further cuts to the Royal Marines could have a dramatic effect on recruitment into the UK’s Special Forces, 40% of whom are taken from the ranks of the Marines.

    Clipped wings

    While the Government has made a great deal of noise regarding the purchase of new equipment for the Royal Air Force (RAF), such as an order for nine new Boeing P-8A Poseidon maritime patrol aircraft and the introduction of the F35B Lightning II in 2020; things are far from well.

    As with both the British Army and Royal Navy, the RAF is currently running at least a 5% deficit in personnel and struggling to recruit replacements for experienced people leaving the service, with recruitment figures down 1% over the past year.

    Under the SDSR 2010, the RAF also suffered huge losses in capability, most notably with the retirement of its entire Harrier ground attack force; and the loss of its maritime patrol BAE Nimrod aircraft; the closure of RAF Kinloss and a manpower reduction of 5,000 personnel.

    The RAF has also seen much of its pilot training capability removed from the Force’s control and outsourced to a consortium headed by Lockheed Martin (manufacturer of the F35B) and Babcock International, under a 25-year, £1.1 billion Private Finance Initiative (PFI).

    While the capability of the RAF was stricken by the SDSR 2010, the Government’s latest review, the Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR) 2015, appeared to be a victory for the RAF, at least on paper.

    Under the SDSR 2015, the government pledged to continue with the purchase of 138 F-35 ‘Lightning’ multi-role fighter aircraft, albeit the first 48 at least being of the short take-off and vertical-landing (STOVL) variant (F-35B) rather than the conventional take-off and landing (CTOL) variant (F-35A) that the RAF would have preferred.

    The government also decided to retain the first tranche of Eurofighter Typhoons in service which will allow the RAF to form two additional squadrons. Added to this was the acquisition of at least twenty new unmanned combat aerial vehicles (UCAVs), nine Boeing P-9A maritime patrol aircraft, three more Shadow R1 surveillance and reconnaissance aircraft, and the retention of fourteen C-130J-30 tactical transport aircraft.

    To support this, the RAF was allowed a very modest increment in its personnel numbers. However, many of these posts are still to be filled, and with the lead time on new aircraft in some cases running to years, the RAF will still suffer large gaps in capability for many years to come.

    Pressures on personnel also mean the RAF is now looking to retire its long-serving Panavia Tornado GR4 bomber force to redeploy personnel in other areas, despite the Phase 3 Typhoon (ground attack) aircraft not yet being available. Years of combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan have also left their mark on the serviceability of existing platforms. This was highlighted by the recent grounding of the RAF’s E3A Sentry AWACS aircraft following electrical problems across the platform.

    The future is also not bright for several existing platforms and services that were thought to be safe after the SDSR 2015, including the RAF Regiment, the R1 Sentinel intelligence-gathering platform that was initially protected, together with the world famous Red Arrow Display Team.

    Budget pressures and the fluctuation in the exchange rate may mean the R1 Sentinel fleet is once again facing cuts, despite the often touted £178 billion equipment plan for the armed forces, while the RAF Regiment is suffering from the same manpower stresses said to be behind the push for the retirement of the Tornado force.

    The downward trend in aircraft and personnel led defence analysis group, IHS Jane’s to warn that the RAF could be left with only 127 combat jets by the end of the decade as the 87 Tornados are retired; while the Phase 3 Typhoons will not be in service until 2019 and the F35 will not be in full service until 2023. This scenario would leave the RAF with its fewest number of fighter planes since 1918.

    However, it is the Government’s direct lack of support for British aircraft manufacturing which could threaten the future of the Red Arrows. With the current Hawk T1 jet used by the squadron coming to the end of its life; some recent accidents and a lack of commitment from Government to buy a replacement for the Hawk, the future of the display team has now been cast into doubt. With the lack of Government interest in buying new variants of the Hawk, there is also the potential that a future Red Arrows squadron may be forced to fly an aircraft supplied by either Germany, the US or South Korea.

    As for the much-vaunted Lockheed Martin F35 programme, serious issues with the aircraft remain even after entry into service, with the director of Operational Test and Evaluation in the US, Robert Behler, branding the platform, not “operationally suitable.”

    In fact, according to US defence website,, “the F-35B being used to see if the plane will survive the 8,000 hours it’s required to last pretty much fell to pieces last year and needs replacing.”

    This was corroborated by Behler who wrote, “the effect of the failures observed and repairs required during the first two lifetimes of testing on the service life certification of the F-35B aircraft is still to be determined. The service life for all three variants is planned to be 8,000 hours; however, the F-35B service life may be less than that, even with extensive modifications to strengthen the aircraft already produced.”

    This is worrying for a platform that is going to provide the backbone of RAF strike capacity over the coming decades, especially when added to the already well-recognised engineering and combat performance problems.

    So, Could We Retake the Falklands?

    The frank answer to this question of whether the UK could retake the Falklands today has to be no!

    Mounting an operation with the same size and strength as that seen in 1982 would be an impossible logistical and military exercise for our armed forces today. Bearing in mind the UK currently has no operational aircraft carriers – and would be reticent to use them, even if they were available – and following the sale of HMS Ocean, the RN no longer even has the capabilities of a helicopter landing ship or a platform from which to launch the strike aircraft that played such a critical role in 1982. Add to this the potential sale of the ships used by the Royal Marines for amphibious landings, and not only would an invasion have to be made without vital air cover, the UK would have no way of landing troops by sea.

    However, more critically for an island nation, the RN now stands at a mere 26 combat capable vessels. Bearing in mind that 50% of these vessels are likely to be in maintenance or on training duties at any one time – rendering it incapable of putting an operational ‘task force’ to sea – and an operation to retake the Falklands from the sea is rendered entirely impossible.

    In fact, if MoD planners were honest, we are today hard pushed to protect our home waters from unwanted visitors.

    This situation was highlighted in a speech last year by First Sea Lord, Admiral Sir Philip Jones, who said, “the degree of superiority at sea which Western navies previously enjoyed post-Cold War is diminishing.”

    Admiral Jones continued, “you don’t need to look very far to see rising and resurgent powers flex their muscles. It’s now clear that the peaks of Russian submarine activity that we’ve seen in the North Atlantic in recent years are the new norm. The same is true of the steady stream of vessels passing the UK on their way to join the Baltic, Mediterranean and the Black Sea fleets.”

    In 2016, cover of the UK’s coastline by the Royal Navy was so depleted, the emergency response ship was forced to race from the south coast to Scotland to cover a potential incursion by Russian naval vessels into home waters.

    In terms of personnel numbers, the UK’s armed forces have lost approximately 50% of the personnel enlisted at the time of the Falklands War, before taking into account those who have not completed phase 1 & 2 training. This leaves the UK’s land forces at a low ebb, especially after years of combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Regarding aircraft, we no longer have the assets or capability to mount an operation like ‘Operation Black Buck,’ the raid carried out by Avro Vulcan aircraft on the airfield at Port Stanley; without a land base within a reasonable striking distance of the Islands.

    With issues surrounding the F35B aircraft and many of the new RAF platforms not likely to be available for some years leaves the RAF facing years of capability gaps, despite increasing demands for airstrikes on Syria.

    The RN could no longer even count on being able to mobilise commandeered vessels, as the size and composition of the UK merchant register has changed significantly in the past 36 years. In fact, the RN is today so overstretched, the UK no-longer maintains a standing warship patrol around the Falklands, as had been the tradition since the recapture of the islands in 1982.

    When Britain’s precarious military situation is applied to current global security challenges, the picture is even more troubling. With Vladimir Putin’s annexation of the Ukrainian territory of the Crimea and involvement in the Syrian Civil War on the side of Assad; a belligerent North Korea under Kim Jong-un; continued IS activity across the Middle East and North Africa; the rise of al-Shabaab; Iran’s nuclear aspirations and China’s rapid expansion of its armed forces, the Ministry of Defence’s £178bn equipment plan to transform the services seems to pale into insignificance.

    Growing intervention in Syria and the threat posed by a resurgent Russia are to be, in my opinion, the two great conventional military challenges of the next decade.

    A clear sign of how ill-prepared the UK is for yet another armed conflict came two weeks ago, when Prime Minister, Theresa May ordered strikes on Syria. While our French and US partners pounded suspected chemical weapons sites with ship-launched cruise missiles, the UK could only contribute four ageing RAF Tornado strike jets accompanied by four Typhoons for defence.

    However, the RN could only spectate while US and French warships of similar size and composition launched round after round of cruise missiles from their decks, the launchers on the British vessels having been scrapped at the planning stage for budget reasons.

    With a belligerent Russian President acting as a power broker in the Middle East, where he is aiding the forces of Assad to win a vicious civil war, NATO and the UK in particular face a range of conventional security challenges in the coming decades, even before the threats posed by terrorist activity is added.

    NATO as a whole and the UK, in particular, should take heed of Putin’s words on the annexation of Crimea – an act akin to Hitler’s actions in the Sudetenland – when he stated, “if you press the spring, it will release at some point.”

    With a build-up of troops on both sides in Eastern Europe, we now face a flashpoint not seen since before the Second World War. The UK is totally unprepared for the eventuality of a quickly escalating state-on-state conflict.

    However, here we are with a Conservative government to make yet further reductions in equipment and personnel.

    Put simply; we are not learning the lessons of history!”

  75. Conservative Woman reprises Mark Steyn’s disquieting analysis on the Manchester massacre.

  76. Noa 1306. I now have indigestion.

  77. “Police in Moscow have detained Sergey Boyko, the coordinator of Alexey Navalny’s headquarters in Novosibirsk, on charges of repeatedly violating Russia’s laws on public demonstrations.

    According to Vyacheslav Gimadi, a lawyer for the Anti-Corruption Foundation, the evidence against Boyko is a tweet he posted on April 12, where he called on people to protest against Vladimir Putin on May 5. The tweet, which includes a link to Alexey Navalny’s website, doesn’t mention a time or a location, and it was too early to know if ”

  78. Like the HRH the Duke of Edinburgh I am proud to be a man and be identified as a misogynist.

  79. On 23rd May 2014 a major fire damaged Glasgow School of Art, one of Britain’s most iconic buildings.

  80. Below zero around here, exaggerating somewhat but not much, if fact so cold that Baron had to put on a hat and a scarf to go fill up the bird feeders, even the lilacs have turned brownish, almost ceased releasing their narcotic scents, the birds sing only sparingly, and yesterday afternoon two sparrow hawks had a fight over the body of a fat dead squirrel the barbarian dispatched to the maker of it all an hour or so earlier.

    Where TF is the global warming, the barbarian needs the heat, his atrophying body shouts for it, instead it seems we’re moving into another not mini but medium size ice age.

  81. Noa @ May 22nd, 2018 – 10:47

    One should be more than thankful to you, Noa, for mentioning the Woolwich atrocity, it seems totally forgotten now, nobody speaks about it, yesterday afternoon as Baron entered an M&S outfit he was reminded that at 14.30 (that’s 2.30PM for those who still live in the the ‘barbarian’ Britain) there would be a minute silence, the barbarian reached the pastry counter just as it was starting, stood still as did everyone else apart from two old ladies who didn’t know what was going on, had to be told.

    After the minute passed Baron reminded the two women behind the counter of the Woolwich tragedy, (Baron knew because he read you posting), they didn’t know (or have forgotten), only after some explanation one of them said ‘oh, yes, and wasn’t it awful’.

    One must ask why was it swept under the carpet so quickly?

  82. And lastly for those who like reading long pieces (Noa?, heh, heh, heh) this:

    Two takes on the Salisbury farce, one from Sherlock Holmes, the other from the Blonde Inseminator, who runs our Foreign Office. Only one can be right, but which one?

  83. Baron 09.48

    I hate to tell you, but its waarm oop North at’moment. Me ferrets are writhing at’bottom of cage”.

  84. Baron

    “One must ask why was it swept under the carpet so quickly?”

    Jack Buckby, (fellow Lancastrian lad) provides a convincing explanation. Quite simply we are not to be trusted.
    BTW. Has anyone read his book, “The Paradoxical Alliance”?.

  85. Marshal/Baron 10.01

    It was for EC’s edification mainly, part of the ongoing EOI on defence, or rather the lack thereof. And I couldn’t be bothered to go to Hookem’s site for a link.

    And ‘If thine eye offends thee, pluck it out” or at least let it read seamlessly down to less taxing fare… ;-))

  86. It would benefit Harry and t’other half to have read
    his namesake.

    “…Had I so lavish of my presence been,
    So common-hackney’d in the eyes of men,
    So stale and cheap to vulgar company,
    Opinion, that did help me to the crown,
    Had still kept loyal to possession
    And left me in reputeless banishment,
    A fellow of no mark nor likelihood.
    By being seldom seen, I could not stir
    But like a comet I was wonder’d at…”

  87. @Noa 23rd – 10:14

    but its waarm oop North at’moment.

    No, it bloody ain’t … we’ve got 12°C in east Northumberland today!

  88. Ostrich (occasionally) May 23rd, 2018 – 14:13

    Sorry to hear it! I shall think of you as I apply more sun cream.
    Time to throw another SNP MSP log on the fire…

  89. ‘Nothings Really free
    It all comes with a fee’

    The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band

  90. Been banned from Twitter, under the new policy which seems to be based around protecting Muslims .

  91. @Noa 23rd – 14:34

    ‘Time to throw another SNP MSP log on the fire…’

    Not easy to come by over here … A nice juicy party worker from Ian Lavery’s office seems to be the preferred fuel today.

  92. John Birch
    You are the first of many.
    Like me I suggest you keep a bag packed in readiness for a 4am. knock from Khan”= Schuzstaffel.

  93. Just turned on Chelsea on BBC one to look at the flowers to see that we are to be regaled to the Reverend Richard Coles and his gay reverend partner.
    Is it compulsory at the BBC now?

  94. On a more upbeat note it was good to see the Skripal daughter looking so well and relaxed.
    Pity she did not have a go at the perpetrator.


    “The host of the YouTube channel of jailed opposition politician and anticorruption campaigner Aleksei Navalny has been jailed for 30 days over nationwide protests against President Vladimir Putin.”

  96. Impossible to post.

  97. It seems the only posting that went through is the one that says ‘impossible to post’. Strange that.

    If this goes in the service must have resumed.

  98. Keeping up with the Jones’ (or Noa)

    Latest from Boot:

    “From USSR to EU and back

    Anyone still thinking the EU is anything but an awful, unworkable contrivance should visit Riga.

    Whose deranged mind decided it’s possible to a create a single federation out of 28 (30? 40?) European countries? Having spent four days in Riga, I can testify that this mind wasn’t only deranged but also evil.

    It’s possible to create a federation out of different countries – provided they have something in common, a little area where they overlap.

    What I mean by an area isn’t shared geography, even though that helps. However, much more important are shared culture, history, behavioural modes, social responses, aesthetics – all those things that add up to civilisation.

    Hence some bright European sparks must have got together and decided that, say, Greece and Holland have enough in common to blend naturally into a single country.

    I suppose an experienced sophist could argue the toss, referring, for example, to Greek philosophy and its input into our religion and culture. And indeed a peripatetic Westerner visiting Athens might be impressed by treading the ground trodden 2,500 years ago by peripatetic philosophers.

    But then he’d look for more up to date evidence of kinship, only to find none. Greece and Holland, though both technically speaking European, haven’t much more in common than either has with Mongolia.

    They may be forced under the same umbrella, but neither will be home and dry together. There’s no umbrella big enough to cover both.

    If you agree, then let me tell you: Athens is more of a European capital than Riga is. Yes, Greece has had a chequered history, punctuated by foreign occupation, most recently by Nazi Germany.

    But, even though Nazi Germany took over Greece’s land, it never took over Greece’s soul. I’m sure that no foreigner visiting Greece in 1972, 27 years after the liberation, would have said that the country still remained Nazi.

    Well, this visitor, here in Riga 27 years after the country left the Soviet Union and 14 after it joined the European one, can argue that the country remains Soviet to its core.

    It’s not the Latvians’ fault. Communism corrupts nations so absolutely that its effects will linger for at least as long as communism lasted – and I’m being generous. Twice as long would be closer to the mark, and that’s provided the country makes an honest effort to cleanse itself.

    The first thing one notices about Riga is how dingy it is, and I don’t mean its physical plant. Quite the opposite: the medieval Old Town is lovely, the city centre boasts more Art Nouveau buildings than any other city in the world, and the parks separating the two are beautifully landscaped and maintained.

    True, Riga’s Gothic churches aren’t a patch on those in France, but then whose are? And Riga’s Art Nouveau architecture isn’t exactly Gaudi, but then whose is?

    Yet one central park stopped me dead with the notice above. My first impression was that it was some kind of inside joke. Surely children don’t drive?

    Oh yes they do. And I don’t even mean grown-ups driving like irresponsible children, zipping through the streets at 70 mph in their clapped out jalopies with mufflers shot or non-existent – there are plenty of those in Riga. No, it’s tots, some as young as three, actually driving their electric go-karts through the park.

    I pointed them out to my wife, and her reaction was that the cars were paddled. Yet she realised they weren’t when one three-year-old hit a kerb and then reversed out with the élan of a get-away driver. Obviously Latvian standards of ‘elf and safety aren’t quite like ours.

    Riga isn’t exactly dingy in any physical sense, even though veering off the beaten track of Gothic and Art Nouveau areas landed me smack in the middle of the Soviet suburbs of my Moscow childhood.

    Still, Riga’s dinginess isn’t in the buildings. It’s in the people.

    They don’t look, act, walk or deport themselves like Europeans. Language apart, they are indistinguishable from the inhabitants of the bad outskirts of Moscow.

    Speaking statistically, in terms of GDP per capita, Latvia is better off than most Eastern European countries and certainly than Russia. Yet in the four days we didn’t see a single well-dressed person, male or female.

    I mean M&S or Gap well-dressed, not Bond Street or Savile Row. Yet Riga has many of the boutiques one finds in those streets. Who shops there? Certainly not the equivalents of the Russian Mafiosi – those chaps shop in London and Paris. And evidently no one else.

    Then there are the 20-stone, misshapen women, some of them still young, one sees everywhere. I’m sure they don’t add up to half the female population, but one could be forgiven for getting that impression. There are plenty of obese women in any European city, but nowhere do they dominate the human landscape to the same degree.

    The number of falling-over drunks is also far greater than in any European capital I’ve seen, although some places in England may compete with Riga in that respect. But drunks are different there: they’re simply barbarians who can’t think of any other way of having fun. But have fun they do, if you can call it that.

    In Riga people clearly drink the way the Russians do: not to have fun but to forget, ideally to die. One can almost see the abyss of despair into which they’re falling with every gulp. Many drinkers are down-and-outs on their last legs.

    “There’s nothing else for them to do,” explained a woman we chatted up. “There are no decent jobs for them to find, so those who have anything on the ball just up and leave. Those who stay drink.” She herself prefers New Zealand as her holiday destination, to get as far as geographically possible from her native city.

    There are boozers and off-licences at every corner in Riga, sometimes more than one per corner. Yet I’ve found only two bookshops in the whole city, each the size of a typical newsagent in London.

    I’m sure there must be more, but it’s hard to walk through the centre of, say, Paris for five minutes without catching sight of a sizeable bookshop. The Rigans’ interests must lie elsewhere.

    Even the way they try to be Western is touchingly childish. We stopped at a rather chi-chi restaurant for a late-night snack. All we wanted was their celebrated tuna tartare and a glass of wine.

    The celebrated tuna tartare turned out to be mostly avocado, while my request for two glasses of the house white raised the curtain for a major production. The wine waitress delivered a long soliloquy, talking about plonks in the terms normally reserved for women: “Lovely legs… full body… beautiful nose…”

    I wanted to say, “For God’s sake, we aren’t ordering Meursault here. Just give us two glasses of plonk, will you?” Instead I said, “Pinot grigio is fine. And no, I don’t want to taste it first.”

    The last time I visited Riga was in 1973. The place was then as unmistakeably Soviet as anywhere in Russia – and in many ways it still is. I don’t think it has much in common with Western Europe; in fact, Riga comes across as a little girl trying to walk in her mother’s shoes and looking silly for it – or, more menacingly, as a little boy trying to drive.

    But then who says the EU has anything to do with Europe? Like any other socialist Leviathan it just wants to swallow as many countries as possible. Latvia fills the bill perfectly. So would Mongolia for that matter.”

  99. John Birch,
    Keep sticking it to the bastards john, and keep in mind the old saw, non illigitimus carborundum ,As ever, the old ones are the best ones.

  100. As a footnote to the royal wedding: The argument for Brexit.

  101. Noa, May 22nd, 2018 – 13:06

    Thanks for taking the t&t pasting Hookem’s article up.
    It seems the idiocracy in the HoC and the civil service are well fed and prospering.

    Cue: Samuel Taylor Coleride, ““If men could learn from history…” etc.

  102. John birch, May 23rd, 2018 – 17:07

    Re: Twitter ban:
    Is their new “policy” retrospective? Haven’t been on there in months so I just logged on to see if I had been banned in absentia. I’m still hanging on in there, so obviously my previous efforts didn’t cut the mustard. It’s a worthless forum anyway so long as the lunatics are in charge.

  103. Baron,

    Good news: Technically , it might hit 17C in East Anglia today.
    Bad news: There’s a bit of a north easterly going on to bring it, and you, down a bit.

    Re: lack of bird song. Not surprised if there are two sparrowhawks in the vicinity!


    Aye, it’s owa warm, lad.
    Whippet racing should only be allowed when there’s an “r” in the month.

  104. Marshal Roberts, May 23rd, 2018 – 19:08

    “On a more upbeat note it was good to see the Skripal daughter looking so well and relaxed. Pity she did not have a go at the perpetrator.”

    Legal note: It’s an offence to assault or otherwise hinder an officer of the crown in the execution…
    of his/her duty.

  105. The ase-covering sarc is comic-clever, too.

  106. A brilliant exposé — nay – masterpiece of analysis of cause and effect in the Great Game that is now attempting to de-rail the Trump Train:

    Riveting stuff that chronicles the whole Deep State conspiracy in a readable, witty and concise essay. Deserves a Pulitzer Prize. Watergate – schwatergate!

    What about them apples Baron??

    Btw Steve Bannon wiped the floor with Emily Maitlis on Newsnight last night. Google it – another TV hack in the thrall of the funnies with their script on her clipboard. He destroyed their game plan.
    All in context, btw,I do not digress OTO.

  107. CNN Raided By FCC For Deceiving American Public

  108. Frank P May 24th, 2018 – 10:14

    Found it!
    It was there all the time of course, the sly, leftie dig…

    “…after which Harry will dump Meghan and marry someone very right-wing, with strange blonde hair and a penchant for injudicious tweets. ‘Do you, Ginger Harry, take this woman, Katie Hopkins, to be your lawful wedded wife?’ etc. That will be the anti-Obama moment, then…”

  109. Frank P – 13:59


    Very many thanks for the heads up on the Emily Nomates – Bannon interview.
    That’s twice she’s been shafted by ‘The Mooch’ and once by Bannon.

    Anybody who missed the 25min car crash can see it here:

    In a way it was a more important crash than Cathy Newman vs Jordan Peterson or MadGyn Kelly vs Vlad the Impaler because Bannon skewered the BBC too.

    Saving Steyn for later.

  110. Re: Maitlis vs Bannon

    Here for the delectation of CHWallsters are two screen shots from the closing moments of the bruising encounter that quite graphically illustrate up how it all went!

    Steve’s GOTCHA! moment

  111. EC May 24th, 2018 – 16:25

    Hee hee! Thanks for those stills EC, those respective looks remind me of when I’ve been out with the boys and returned past curfew time.

  112. Summer music.

    Joe le Taxi- the Jimmy Saville version
    Brad Pitt-what an idiot.

  113. Canadian news item –

    Last week, Alberta United Conservative Leader Jason Kenney described Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau as having “the political depth of a finger bowl”.

    However, this being Canada, now he’s apologizing…..

  114. Blessed are the cheesegraters, for they shall inherit the earth.

  115. TO

  116. Little is known at present about the arrest and imprisonment of Tommy Robinson, which appears to be the subject of a new embargo.

  117. My phone won’t allow me to paste and copy anything with regards to Tommy Robinson being arrested.

  118. As a declining Ireland decides whether to abolish itself today by legalising abortion, (the 2015 birthrate of 1.94 is one of the lowest in Europe) lets look to the EU’s Irish satrapy’s vision for its own future, with a million vibrant immigrants to replace the remaining ethnic population.

  119. Robinson was expecting arrest. See the Pettibone interview about 36 minutes in.

  120. If he’s right, the Saudi Kingdom implodes, the ME cannot but get into an even greater mess it currently is, and more tsunamis of refugees will hit our shores.

  121. I Can’t post on this site something I just sent to someone .
    It refuses to let me paste.

  122. Google Tommy Robinson sent to jail. You tube .

    Interesting; sent from another device with no problems

  124. Tommy Robinson, the British independent journalist, patriot and activist, was arrested at the court in Leeds today where he conducted a Facebook livestream on one of the biggest grooming gang scandals pending in Britain right now.

    Tommy was accused of “breaching the peace” and he was sentenced to 13 months in prison within a few hours after being arrested. This is a serious matter because Tommy Robinson is one of Britain’s most prominent critics of Islam and mass immigration. He has previously been attacked in jail because of his views. Detention can make him a target of violent assault once more.

    The UK authorities have banned media in the UK to disclose information about from verdict. The case has so far been subject to so-called “reporting restrictions”.

    The arrest can be seen here:

    Like and Share if you appreciate Freedom!


    If you would like to know more, please follow us at Generation Identity United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

    Join us:

    Support our fight:

  125. Emailed to my MP
    Dear Sir
    After watching a live stream report along with 10,000 other viewers of Tommy Robinson reporting outside Leeds Crown Court I was amazed to see Mr Robinson arrested on suspicion of breaching the peace.
    There were no crowds and Mr Robinson did not appear to be committing such an offence.
    As I understand it, he has subsequently been given a 13 month jail sentence.
    Breach of The Peace is normally a misdemeanour and generally carries a fine, but l will repeat he did not appear to be committing the offence.
    Mr Robinson has had countless death threats and as a member of the public l think it is of the upmost importance to ask you to make sure Mr Robinson is safe whilst he is in custody.
    He is entitled to be kept out of harms way.
    He has over a million followers and attention is on this across the world.
    We are all keen to make sure Mr Robinson’s safety is of the upmost concern, and without sounding dramatic l fear this could result in a death sentence for Tommy Robinson who endeavours to report the stories our globalist media leave untouched.
    I await your response with great anticipation..


    Tommy Robinson ‘arrested while filming outside grooming trial’ in Leeds

    Drain the UK swamp!

  127. Well done, Noa!

  128. Malfleur 10-42.
    No I don’t believe they do but I am bewildered at their obsession with Islam when any decent person in the entire west can see the dangers and the fact it’s the last thing we want.
    Holding this trial in 3 parts (Tommy was at no two) virtually in secret eliminates for the establishment any comments until the result is published and can then be swept aside by something important in the papers such as someone you’ve never heard of being photographed at an event you’ve never heard of in a dress that looks appalling that shocks the nation by almost showing a tit which requires total news coverage.

  129. I would advise Tommy not to go for a walk in the woods if they offer him a day out.

  130. The Irish referendum is the latest obscene exhibition by the looney leftist feminista movement. The blood lust of the self destructive human race at its worst. And who best to round up the disgusting debauchery – the mistress of ceremonies – the rat faced Kay Burley. Clearly in her case the midwife discarded the foetus and birthed the placenta. Fucking hysterical bitches! What a jamboree , a celebration of the future cynical slaughter of innocent babies. I suppose there is some comfort in the fact that large number of potential Irish citizens won’t be mothered by deranged harpies.

  131. I understand that a D-irtbag notice is now in force covering the Tommy Robinson scandal.

  132. Papieren bitte!

  133. John birch.
    May 26th – 14:48

    He has just been taken for a walk in the woods.

  134. “They used to come in the middle of the night…”

    Tommy Robinson Arrested and Imprisoned, Media Silenced | Stefan Molyneux

  135. Tommy Robinson is in Hull Prison.

  136. Large demonstration outside Downing St. on Saturday for Tommy Robinson;reported in the Evening Standard. See also the outraged comments to this article.

  137. Gerard Batten MEP ( Leader of UKIP ) joined demonstration for Tommy Robinson.

  138. Ireland votes for abortion ……except for County Donegal ( at 52% to 48% ).Time to rethink the border ?

    Was Tommy Robinson arrested for being Tommy Robinson?

    Rod Liddle

    Tommy Robinson
    26 May 2018 11:04 PM
    The founder of the English Defence League, Tommy Robinson, turned up in Leeds on Thursday to film people going into the trial of several Muslim men accused of “grooming” and sexually assaulting white girls. He did not speak, chant, accost anyone or do anything other than point his mobile phone at attendees, from a distance. Nor was he with a crowd. Still, seven coppers turned up and bundled him into a paddy-wagon accusing him of a breach of the peace.
    I’m not remotely a fan of Robinson. But I do not like the idea that simply being Robinson is enough to get you arrested. Or that writing something in defence of Robinson puts you somehow beyond the pale. Also, wouldn’t it have been lovely if West Yorkshire Police had acted with as much rigour and alacrity when they were first told of the horrific sexual assaults taking place within their community.

  140. “I’m not remotely a fan of Robinson.” Time server, place man, gagged mouthpiece – ok,. I know, you have to earn a living, etc. etc, or they will take you away as well…. Tommy Robinson has focused on paedophilia and its toleration, and perhaps encouragement, by government and those who run the government,etc. As others on this Wall have said over he years, this runs the risk of letting the public into some, shall we say, delicate areas for our political class at a high level, and indeed at the very highest levels (nudge nudge, wink wink).

    In mitigation, we can say that Liddle is going as far as he dare in what is a struggle against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

    Drain the UK swamp!

  141. Tommy Robinson locked up in HMP Hull. ( Breitbart )

  142. One swamp that really does need draining is the institutionalised creation of prison drug addicts by the Home Office.

  143. By the way, if a cat may look at a king still in England, may I ask brother Liddle what he means exactly when he writes “I’m not remotely a fan of Robinson”, see John birch above. I assume that it is just an obeisance towards publisher, editor and sleeping readers, and that Liddle is just hitting himself on the knee with a hammer to show us that his lower leg still jerks in the correct direction. We have had a little trouble on this Wall however, a few years ago at least, getting critics of Robinson to articulate any solid objections to what the man says; but we understand that in the case of Liddle, for him to engage in any intellectual to and fro with Robinson on matters of principle or policy would cast him professionally into realms of outer darkness – perhaps writing commentaries for BBC news clips, by which exertions the poor man would no doubt scarcely be able to earn enough to maintain a decent sized house in Hampstead.

  144. I never thought it could happen, but Britain has begun to take on the character of Nazi Germany.

    The parallel between Germany’s Gestapo and the Police in Britain has grown so strong that it now merits being called the Britstapo.

    Think of Germany’s Pastor Niemoller, and what happened to him.

    Tommy Robinson’s belief in decent, moral behaviour certainly parallels that of Pastor Niemoller.

    They many not have first come for Tommy Robinson, but now that they have come for him, who will be next?

  145. You can bet your life it will be someone anti Muslim.

  146. “Tommy Robinson Arrest – An Ex Police Officer speaks out – The English Democrats”

  147. Italy, being told to vote again.

    I am beginning to suspect that this summer will be either A Summer of Discontent, or a European Spring, depending upon your point of view.

  148. Italian President Matarella has a background of fostering a leftist collective in Italy which includes the re-named Communist party “Democrats” of the Left (an oxymoron if ever there was one). He also has previous for obstructing the election of so-called populist parties.

    The crisis began because Matarella rejected Savola’s nomination as Minister of Economy and Finances on the grounds of him being too Eurosceptic and anti-German. The government agenda had already been agreed but Matarella shoved a big Eurocrat spanner in the works – sound familiar?

    Conte who had been tasked with forming the new cabinet resigned as a result. In his speech after Conte’s resignation, Mattarella declared that the two coalition parties wanted to bring Italy out of the Eurozone, and as the guarantor of the Italian Constitution and country’s interest and stability he could not allow this. Sound familiar?

    It doesn’t occur to these conspiring Eurocrats that coming out of the Eurozone might actually be in the country’s interest.

  149. The scenes outside Downing Street were shocking. An angry crowd faced off by heavily armed police standing behind iron gates and fencing. It was highly symbolic of the detachment of the EU-puppet rulers from the English ruled and the fact that they protect themselves with armed state police whilst imposing on the English people, disarmed and unrepresented.

    Moves are undoubtedly afoot to increasingly regulate and censor the internet to ensure compliance with the British EU-puppet government’s less than transparent policies on immigration and multi-culturalism and to silence dissent. The heavy hand of the British EU-puppet government is deployed in England in a way that they would never dare to do in Scotland, for example.

  150. Tommy Robinson: Geert Wilders’ statement in front of British Embassy in The Hague.

  151. As I was saying…

    “Surely Roman and his fellow oilygarchs must have enough goods on enough politicians the world over to obtain a visa for wherever they like?”

    Ah, no blackmail or bungs required in this instance…

    “Roman Abramovich becomes Israeli citizen after UK delays visa renewal”

    I wonder if there will be any changes at Chelski in the wake of this news? Who’s for the chop? i.e. the unkindest cut of them all!

    [NB. Sorry about the provenance of this article but, in common with many other news publications, RT do get the occasional story right.]

  152. Tommy Robinson:

    Here’s Godfrey Bloom with his misgivings about the whole affair…

    “Tommy Robinson and English Law”

  153. … and here’s Ezra Levant of Rebel Media:

    “Rebel Media FIGHTS UK gag order”

    Awaiting what Mark Steyn has to say…

  154. Cue: Mark! 🙂

    “”Tommy this, an’ Tommy that …an’ Tommy go away”
    by Mark Steyn
    Steyn on Britain

  155. Interesting, Rod Liddle’s comment on the arrest, trial, conviction and imprisonment of {***** ********] at [*****] on [******] at the Spectator Coffee House, together with its associated correspondence, appears to have been removed.
    Welcome to the the new prison, stealthily constructed over 20 years, and now being proudly unvelied by Doris and her cohorts..

  156. Noa – 11:11

    Interesting! Mark linked to it from his article above with the caveat “read it while you can”

    “At last, a speedy police response”
    Rod Liddle

    I cannot access it as it says, “This article is exclusively for Spectator subscribers.”

    I think that Godders [@10:28] summed up our current situation perfectly!
    Hang on, there’s somebody hammering on the door…

  157. Story’s out officially now about Tommy

  158. Jonathan Meades on Jargon is on BBC iplayer, challenging, clever and amusing.
    Thank God you won’t like all of it.

  159. It is noted that Roseanne Barr’s show has been shit-canned by ABC because she insulted the entire species of apes.

  160. With the latest uproar in America after a star who I have vaguely heard of tweeting her real thoughts after taking sleeping pills (of course they were ) I think all these leftie liberals should drink a couple of bottles of wine and then be given a phone with Twitter up and running.

  161. John birch., May 29th, 2018 – 20:05

    The real shit storm was created by the judge demanding that the whole thing be kept secret. The MSM rolled over but the Internet prevailed.

    Most amused to see that Guido has been taking a lot of flack over this. This has led to him entering the fray to defend himself on his own blog! Fundamental blogging error!

    Guido got most triggered when somebody accused him of being part of the establishment. Read into to that what you will! 🙂

  162. Frank P, May 29th, 2018 – 23:20

    She had a target on her back as soon as she “came out” – for Trump, that is.

  163. Free Theresa May.

  164. “The murderers among us:”

    One of the best Russian journalists, Arkady Babchenko, has been murdered in Kiev today. He was shot three times in the back.

    “Arkady Babchenko: Ukraine staged fake murder of journalist”

    Oh dear, how inconvenient! I wonder if our fugitive emigre friend will do a “reverse ferret” on this one. Nah, he’ll probably say that he was in on the subterfuge all the time.

  165. EC @ May 30th, 2018 – 20:29

    Amazingly, EC, when one is treated in a hospital for a major failure of one of one’s critical parts, the interest in stories such as the Babachenko’s is low, not existent really, something one can live without bothering about it.

    For what it’s worth, Baron smells a rat here, a sleight of Russian hand, but not in line with the official version peddled by the Ukrainian fuggwits, i.e. that an Ukrainian (for the guy who’s supposed to have got the $40,000 from the Kremlin for the murder was an Ukrainian) hired two other Ukrainians who were supposed to do the deed, buy alot of weaponry bla, blah, bla. This, of course, is a 24-carat crap concocted by a bunch of desperate losers that the Ukrainian Secret Services are.

    In Ukraine, many people, if not the majority, are tuned in to Russia more than the West mostly for historical and also for purely personal reasons, these two Slavonic tribes have intermingled for centuries, longer that the English with the Scots. It’s more than likely that many of such Russophiles are within the agencies of the current Ukrainian regime, they toe the line, are careful not to reveal their true colours, but when an opportunity arises are plotting to undermine the Poroshenko’s regime with scams that look like benefiting him at the design stage, but cannot but backfire on him after they’re carried out (the man wants to get re-elected next year, his popularity runs in the lower end of the single number count).

    It may well be that the clandestine plotters (or just a single plotter) suggested this cabal on the basis that if May could get away with the Skripals’ poisoning, he, Poroshenko, could do the same with the hoax of a journalist’s murder nobody has ever heard of until now.

    The mistake the Poroshenko’s backers have made is to reveal it was a hoax too early. If they waited for a month or so, the newspapers would have milked it in full, Putin would have been blamed by every MSM scribbler under the sun, the Americans and the EU would have announced more sanctions on Russia, perhaps even some football teams would have refused to go to Russia for the Cup. Only then should they have said it had been all a hoax, the MSM poodles would have ignored it, the desired outcome would have been secured.

  166. Baron, May 30th, 2018 – 22:05

    Is the realm of spookery nothing is ever as simple as it appears to be!

    I’ve just been over to the fugitive emigre’s blog to see what his reaction was to the news.

    His trenchant position appears to be:
    Journalist found dead = Putin’s fault
    Journalist found alive = Still Putin’s fauit.

    Gotta larf, aintcha !

    PS. For the avoidance of doubt I have never knowingly “intermingled” with a Scot even fleetingly let alone for “centuries.”

  167. Baron, May 30th, 2018 – 22:05

    Sorry to hear that you’ve been at the mercy of the HOTGH (Heirs of the great Hippocrates) again. Get well soon.

    Laughter is the best medicine. This is very funny.
    Here’s a conspiracy we can all believe in….

    [ NB. Sorry about the provenance, but even those humourless tossers at the Grauniad have to take a day off occasionally ]

  168. “The murderers amongst us.”

    I’m sad to report that one of our parishioners [1st Church CHW] was found brutally murdered at his home in Bogcastershire earlier this morning. NOA reportedly failed to return from a late night visit, around midnight, to the shitter one of his outhouses.

    Unlike NOA last night, the Police have very little to go on except that he was discovered with the broken off end of a crozier protruding from his rectum. [Ouch, what a way to go!] This is thought to be the calling card of “The Bishop of Bath and Wells” the feared minder and chief enforcer of a fragile ego’d internet blogger with whom NOA had had heated exchanges earlier this year.

    Until today, 43 commenters have mysteriously disappeared from that blog, in one way or another. Now there are 44, and counting…

    R.I.P. NOA

  169. AHEM, it’s OK. Noa is alive and well!

    The security services say that they’ve foiled a conspiracy to whack Noa, and that he was taken to a safe house somewhere in greater Bogcastershire and guarded 24/7 by the Southport Chapter of the Hell’s Angels.

    It never happened, but it could’ve. Congratulations, guys, on a brilliant operation. Trebles all round!

  170. Baron,
    Get well soon my old son, the place just ain’t the same without you.

  171. Thank you, boys, the barbarian’s out now, got discharged, will have to get re-admitted towards the end of the month, that’s old age for you after a life of untrammelled indulging in the consumption of nicotine and alcohol, the body wasn’t made to take it unharmed it seems, now there’s a price to be paid.

    Still, it’s nice to be back watching an army of fugging rabbits who’ve infected the garden, dug holes everywhere, nibbled the leaves of any flower they fancied, but also the blackcaps pecking on a fatball, or rather the remains of one, the bit the fugging squirrels could;t get to ….

    This is more than though provoking, one of the best takes on the Babchenko story:

  172. EC @ May 31st, 2018 – 11:36

    Good one, EC, you should take it up professionally.

  173. Avoid London:

    It’s rather uncertain who’s going to get harsher punishment by the courts, the car driver or the member of the ethnic minority who got rightfully upset (that will be the argument before the bench) because the car touched his bike, and more importantly, whose ancestors may have been treated badly by the white oppressors (the car truly only rubbed over his bike, it did, you look, the touch wasn’t powerful enough to down the bike, the guy dropped it himself).

    How long can this go on?

  174. How long can this go on?

    Seemingly until long after you and I are around to observe it and chunder about it.

  175. EC is remarkably modest about his leading role in my rescue. He neglects to mention that it was he who led the Social Services team that broke into the Ark in their “rescue” attempt.
    Taking the TV hostage they decamped, leaving before the end of Endeavour, much to Mrs Noa’s frustration. Sensing the inherantly danger of my situation I immediately stopped live streaming my report to the nation on the state of Lancashire and jumping in my car after ECs departure by Chinook, sought refugee status across the border in Yorkshire.
    Currently I am being detained in an unknown HMP somewhere in the East. Outside my cell a mob is chanting what sounds like “free Trolleys!” Inside Four dark bearded rascals are bearing down on me, each clutching what looks like, can it be, on Lord no… a bar of soap on a rope…

  176. Baron
    Glad you are back with us, when you are able to peruse your wabbit farm in more detail you will no doubt discover several thousand divisions of green flies have launched a preemptive strike on your Rose Garden.
    Do not be concerned, they have been despatched there by Barnier to show why we should remain in the Customs Union, as only a Brussels Directive will ensure their EU wide control.

  177. The Babchenko’s yarn turns more bizarre as the hours tick, the Ukrainian and Russian papers are full of it, as are the blogs, it’s hard to figure whom to believe, this narrative from the Moon of Alabama doesn’t make it at all clear, but it gives you the flavour of the complexities of the shenanigans that allegedly began in February 2016.

    It would be in the interest of the Ukrainians to drop it, and drop it fast before it engenders an even greater damage to their reputation, and that of the Western MSM.

  178. You, Noa should join forces with EC, begin to publish the output of your fertile imagination as the replacement for the old Peter Simples’ column in the DT.

    Btw, one should be careful to joke about incarceration, stranger things are happening e.g. Tommy Robinson’s 13 months at HM pleasure. For what exactly?

  179. We seem to be witnessing a similar asininity involving an agency of the State, the substance may differ from the Ukrainian idiocy, but the implications are equally sinister. The Tommy Robinson’s arrest, the ban on reporting it, the lifting of it, the petition …..

    Here’s a piece that Baron finds rather baffling, you may have a different take on it:

  180. I have returned after a long trip to find
    1. It is still May.
    2. There are far too many column inches on Tommy Robinson, who should probably be locked up for life.

  181. The decorator returns the bars in Bankok must but shutting up shop for an early break … ‘ol cut’n paste’, with his trademark bigotry and hatred, with a stalinist distaste for true, freedom and justice.

  182. It is called reality Noa.

  183. Locking people up because one doesn’t agree with what they say is a boil associated not with a free society but totalitarianism, every child knows that.

  184. In case it’s raining, you have little else to do, could indulge listening to a bare chested, long haired, fast talking young man (the first two links), and the Blonde just click on the links.

    The Blonde has obviously never read Baron’s postings (heh, heh, heh) because she harbours a charmingly delusional idea that people would revolt because their freedoms are being curtailed, or because the country bombs a distant land, civilians die, they object to it, or because Brexit turns out not to be a genuine brexit.

    The unwashed will only take to the streets if they think they’re getting poorer, fear they would be poorer still if things remain unchanged. It’s money, or rather the lack of it that compels people to act in anger, engenders revolutions, changes the course of history.

  185. The troll fantasist with another man’s name pleads ‘reality’.

  186. End of the European Central Bank to Signal the End of the US Federal Reserve Bank on June 11th?

    This and much other good stuff from Andy Giardino “somewhere in Italy” accessible at:

  187. President Trump – Andrew Jackson Redivivus

    Andy Giardino from ‘somewhere in Italy’ sees the abolition on June 11th
    of the US Federal Reserve Bank and treats of other good stuff which can be accessed at:

  188. Baron

    About 10 minutes in you can hear Alex Jones touch on secret US weaponry ’45 years ahead of the Chi-Coms’, life extension technology and swamp draining initiatives.

  189. June 1st, 2018 – 19:12

    You’re not fit to lick Robinson’s shoes. And I say that as no great fan of his.

  190. “…As any viewer of British TV news knows, a “trained professional journalist” in Britain observes all kinds of rules of professional conduct: he calls Muslims “Asians,” he describes any critic of Islam, or anyone who attends a rally protesting the unjust incarceration of a critic of Islam, as a member of the “far right,” and he identifies far-left smear machines as “anti-racist groups.”

  191. The UK still has a steel industry, although rather in the same sense that we still have a navy. As the Prime Minister is working hard to implement her policy to take the country out of the “European Union” in accordance with the nation’s resolve, shouldn’t she be planning to negotiate a favourable arrangement with the United States, rather than to allow it to be known that Her Majesty’s government would argue at the G7 meeting next week that the Trump Administration’s proposed tariffs on steel and aluminium are “unjustified and unlawful”? Or is she playing both sides against the middle?

  192. Why do some people support Tommy Robinson, but qualified by a disclaimer. It would be better for such people surely to identify briefly the points on which they take issue with him. May be it is his opposition to grooming gangs, his concern at muslim immigration and its effects on the country’s culture, or perhaps his insistence on remaining non-violent and free-spoken. Or may be, like Liddle, it is a necessary guarantee of his job.

  193. Herbert Thornton

    The stone of St. John’s Cathedral Hong Kong, has been renovated to a glowing honey colour; though the exterior, I don’t know why, still has scaffolding.

  194. Malfleur
    June 3rd, 2018 – 01:14 and 01:21

    @ 01:14 Like you, I don’t understand why so many people feel it necessary to qualify their support for Tommy Robinson by adding a disclaimer. I rate him alongside Pastor Niemoller and Mahatma Gandhi – and for good measure – partly because I feel sure it will it will irritate the politically correct – alongside Nelson Mandela too.

    @ 01:21 A curious phenomenon. My wife used to attend St. John’s Cathedral regularly. She’s asleep just now, so I’ll report it to her at breakfast tomorrow. Being a lapsed Anglican & inclined somewhat towards Buddhism I think I only entered the place once – to attend a funeral. My wife was a member of the Helena May Club – which as I recall isn’t far away – and took me there a few times.

  195. Douglas Murray writes an article in the National Review (USA) on Tommy Robinson. This is described as a “very fair article” by Gerard Batten MEP the Leader of UKIP who has taken up with Tommy .

  196. I Watched from my Morgue:

    Assassination by Putin of Babchenko Greatly Exaggerated – Wallsters Shocked by Evidence for Reality of False Flags – Cabal Propagandist, Caligula, Remains Circumspectly Silent, Perhaps as a Result of Caligula 2.0, Recently Unveiled on CNN

  197. Malfleur

    Will you be joining, or even organising, a ‘Free Tommy march’ in Hong Kong this coming weekend?

  198. [Caligula 2.0 – the user friendly, well-tailored version]

  199. Noa
    June 3rd – 08:27

    I was only in Hong Kong for three nights and, unfortunately, flew out on Friday.

    Furthermore, it is extremely hot there at the moment and would therefore have been inadvisable for senior citizens to attend. Probably even hotter to have been involved in organizing it.

    I will however confirm that I am fit to lick Robinson’s shoes – should the opportunity ever present itself.

  200. I suppose that if Theresa May were to open bilateral negotiations with the United States to exempt the United Kingdom from America’s tariffs on any exports of steel and aluminium to the USA, the country might get thrown out of the European Union.


  201. Caligula’s remains unrepentant following his obituary on the Babchenko “murder.” The old soviet habits die hard when you have no sense of irony and tolerate no disagreement.
    In response to his tale being tweeked by Jethro Tull the great libertarian and defender of free speech wrote:
    “The obituary was premature only because the Russians’ plot to murder Babchenko was foiled by a police sting operation. So no apology is in order – nor any reassessment either of Putin’s fascist state or of its fans. There’s enough blood on them even without Babchenko’s.”

    Tull should be careful or he’ll be the subject of a sting himself.

  202. “Why do some people profess to care about what happens in Britain, but qualified by their insistence on a personal travelogue, a caveat if you will, to make it clear that they don’t live here?

    It would be better for such people surely to identify briefly the reasons they fled the country to live in a totalitarian single party state to which St John’s Cathedral was surrendered without a fight.”


    Is confession of a lack of fandom a caveat? Can you admire someone without being a ‘fan’? Or does admiring someone automatically confer fandom? I leave that to someone who has the answers for everything.

    But it is illuminating that a bitchy old man would rather snipe at me in an oblique attack than engage the troll’s caveat:-

    “There are far too many column inches on Tommy Robinson, who should probably be locked up for life.”

    Not a word in response to that. Not a single word. Have a cowardly and sarky go at Colonel Mustard’s retort to it instead. No wonder the right is fucked.

  203. Noa – 17:21 & 09-15

    The fugitive emigré hasn’t grasped that, for the most part, the English don’t trust
    and couldn’t give a FF about journalists. In saner times journalism was not considered to be a respectable profession, and journalists, for the most part, were considered to be the scum of the earth.

    I can see no reason that in age of “modernity,” as he might put it, they should be treated like Princess Di or M.Theresa. They would have us believe that they are somehow the conscience of the nation and that they are “speaking truth to power” or “holding the government to account” when in fact they are bunch of feckless, amoral, dissolute hacks, and for the most part, left wing(aka “progressive”) or gLiberal(aka fucktard) political hacktivists.

    Here’s a journalist related quote that made me smile recently:
    [NB. I should point out that I have no knowledge of Pincher or Thompson and have only vaguely heard of Driberg. Although Driberg – a contemporary of Thorpe? – might be well known to and have several entries in the historic anals of the Met. 🙂 ]

    Several weeks after Tom Driberg’s book about Guy Burgess, an article appeared in the Daily Express by Chapman Pincher, a journalist famously described by the historian E.P. Thompson as ‘a kind of official urinal in which, side by side, j=high officials of MI5 and MI6’, among others, ‘stand patiently leaking in the publice interest’. On this occasion it was MI5’s turn. ‘BURGESS BURNS HIS BOATS,’ ran the headline, ‘NOW AND ONLY NOW – THEY’VE GOT HIM.’

    Complete bollocks, as history shows.

  204. Further column inches on this xenophobic islamophobic troublemaker.
    Today we hear of the threat to our security from these folk.
    I have just returned via the country that invented the oubliette.

  205. The above badly typo’d quote is taken from the biography of the one time well known naturalist/zoologist, Maxwell Knight. [“M”, Henry Hemming, 2017 Preface Publishing]

    The biography by necessity covers M’s other career is great detail, from the 20’s through the 50’s.. It’s heavy going but underlines everything CHWallsters in the know have ever said about the subversive activities and intentions of the communists, and fascists up to 1945, directed against our country.

    They are still at it! Hence we are swamped in PC & Identity politics. The constant drip feed of the lefty MSM in order to misrepresent traditional English middle of the road conservatism and judeo-christian values as “far right” is as idiotic as it is treasonous. The useful idiots of the MSM(aka arseholes) are not going to enjoy life much in the totalitarian state that they are mindlessly, blithely, helping to create.

    as ever, apologies for the punctuation/spellings etc.

  206. I am not sure if I am following the oblique Colonel Mustard who only seems to return here if “David Lindsay” stops by to fire a shot or two. Could it be that he is having a go at Herbert Thornton? But as to David Lindsay and his view of the fate he would choose for Tommy Robinson, and someone or other’s failure to take issue with that view, we are from most sides here advised NTFTTS, are we not? Most here never respond to his provocations and in the Lindsay Affair I would advise the undiscipllned Colonel to follow the majority’s example however strongly he feels that he is striking a blow for freedom by indulging himself.

    Lastly, who on earth is this phantom who “fled the country to live in a totalitarian single party state” and whose mouth our military correspondent would stop from expressing home thoughts from abroad?

    St. John’s Cathedral in Hong Kong by the way is freehold property and is owned by the Anglican Church or, in other words, by God.

  207. Malfleur 1449
    It is called malignant stalking.
    He does it elsewhere, the latest example being this contribution to TCW yesterday.

    “’reasonable’ – √
    ‘caring’ – √
    attack on Keith Joseph – √

    Why do you bother with all those disguises – it’s obvious when it’s you. And insulting to the real David Lindsay.“

    Shame really.

  208. @15:50

    “It is called malignant stalking.”

    That’s called Projection on your part!

  209. EC

    The Colonel got the sod bang to rights, we all know his spoor by now. The stench rises higher than the roadkill on the Peripherique!

  210. “Roadkill on the Peripherique”!
    Sounds like an excellent title for a novel about the native French taking the war back to, and assuming the method of the islamists!

  211. The waters swirling around the Tommy Robinson issue have been getting more and more muddied (it seems to me) by strange and irrelevant side issues.

    The basic and frightening problem is, of course, that Tommy is a brave and decent person who is being disgracefully treated by the British Establishment.

    This is one of the few reasonably fair comments that I’ve read about his persecution –

  212. Apologies to Wallsters if I gave an opening to the troll – unintended.

    Meanwhile coming to a city near you:

    ‘Tommy Robinson Protests Continue For Second Week As Thousands Take To The Streets’

  213. …and now for something completely different:

    “A man named ‘James Oliver’ claimed to be from the year 6491 – and PASSED a lie detector when questioned on his story. He has made incredible claims about the future of planet earth.”

  214. Ave atque vale:

    Philip Roth eviscerated – deservedly imho – by the maestro. Worth the long read, but the headline sums it up, deliciously, if you are pushed for time:

  215. The increasingly well-heeled and dentally improved Stephen Yaxley (aka various monikers): football hooligan and posturing prick, recently pleaded guilty to doing something really stupid and inevitably qualified, as a result, for more porridge. WTF?

    Whatever the inadequacies and iniquities of the current rabble of politicians and their Stasi manques in divers constabularies, Yaxley is manifestly unqualified as a cause celebre. A main chancer, if ever I saw one. I cannot he!p wondering how much he has coined in already from his adoring fans on the intertubes and from the royalties of his ghost-written books. Good luck to him in that regard, but the gullibily of the donors depresses me. Free speech my arse!

  216. Frank P
    June 4th, 2018 – 16:43

    Your comments about Tommy make me wonder how you rate Mark Steyn’s comments about him. Mark Steyn , I believe, gives us a broader assessment of the really big issues that are at stake here –

  217. Frank,
    Absolutely agree with you. IMHO, it is only a matter of time before Yaxley/Lennon/Robinson or whatever he calls himself by then, is an honoured guest on NewsNight, Have I Got News For You, Question Time, Strictly Come Dancing, Celebrity MasterMind, and even the Great British Bake Off. All publicity is good, the money will keep rolling in. A thug, attention-seeker, and general bloody nuisance.

  218. Ad hominem attacks on Tommy Robinson are all very well, but they only serve to distract attention from the really big issues and in particular that of the presence in Britain of Islamic extremism and the determination of the British Establishment to ignore it.

    There is an obscene cartoon on the Internet that graphically illustrates what is wrong with today’s Britain and what the British Establishment is desperate to sweep under the carpet.

    Unfortunately, the cartoon shows Nigel Farage asking “What the hell is going on here?” instead of showing Tommy Robinson who doggedly asks that same question.

    The caption under the cartoon itself reads – “The most offensive thing about this cartoon is that it is all true.” If you want to see it, just Google the caption.

  219. Doris put in a rare public appearance yesterday to tell us all that love was the way and that ‘ate would never triumph.
    Well it doesn’t seem to be doing too badly to me.
    Not so much the politics of ‘ate in 2018, its the politics of Haight Ashbury in 1968 which has triumphed.
    However would have thought Wavy Gravy’s ideological successor would ascend to the summit of UK politics?
    Stick a flower in your hair, send an emoticon to a friend, love will find a way. In the face of murderous aggression hug a moslem!
    We have 23,000 jihadis ready and and rarin’ to go, with um, 3,000 “under surveillance” at any one time, by MI5, at the same time the trans-gendered Met deploy over 900 of their finest to scan the tablets of, who? Lunduners? Everyone? for that self same ‘ate. I’m sure they’ll find plenty, as the nation empties its bilge pumps onto Twatter, Faecesbook, Tindr, Gruntr, the New and old Expectorators and so on.
    I’m sure guidance on all these public unsafespaces can be obtained from, amongst others, the National Union of Students and the Liberal Democrats leadership. certainly no one came teach the Tories about smug complacent corruption, they have the edge of labour in that regard, no by much, but tradition counts and a thousand years of troughing enables a good head start, even labour struggles to catch up and that’s saying something.
    A brief light was shed on the baby troughers in Parliament a few years ago, one or two were even sent to chokey to encourage the others and satisfy the peasants lust for punishment. One I remember, was Dennis MacShane, father of 4 daughters, and MP for Rotherham for 18 years from 1994 until 2012, who remarkably, knew nothing of the mass rape of white girls in his constituency. He was released 6 weeks into a six month sentence. There was no enquiry into the serial ignorance of his or his fellow labour MPs serial ignorance of mass child sex slavery in Rotherham. Indeed 3 of them, (Sir) Kevin Barron, John Healey and Sarah Champion were awarded libel damages of £54k eachfor not knowing about what was going on in Rotherham for 20 years. Which award seems to be made not so much for their collective ignorance but for their remarkable incompetence. Not bad if you can get it though. What does it say about the judicial system that awarded them such damages?
    Not much, one thinks, why if one was of an unkind nature one might consider that this was yet another arm of the establishment protecting its own.
    Still, who could tell them? Certainly not Rotherham social services or the local plod, who seem to regard Pakistani white child rape as cultural enrichment and persistently loose the innumerable reports, files and documents on their local ethnics. So there is clearly good reason for for Labours coterie of MPs for not knowing what was going on.
    At least Rotherham’s Social Services were not entirely derelict in their duty, a child was rapidly removed from the home of her UKIP supporting foster parents because she was deemed to be at risk.
    Should they have known? Well, Anne Cryer the MP for Keighley, just up the road, certainly did. She took the trouble to find out o incompetence is not universal amongst Labour’s MPs. Perhaps the unkind view is that they didn’t want to know what was going on. Plausible deniability is a defence or sorts, though some might consider such denials by long standing MPs implausible.
    Anyway, the one eyed groaner instituted a £5million per year MP expenses scheme to clamp down on the trips to polish prison systems and duck house acquisitions for the hogs homes and the briefly lifted curtain revealing what the ruling autocracy were really like was quickly drawn down again.
    What has changed? Nothing it would seem.
    MPs may or may not know what is going on in their constituencies. They may, or may not, care. If they do they don’t speak much about it, except to their libel lawyers. all stand to the common cross-party line of ‘ope not ‘ate, now rigorously enforced by a whole slew of ‘ate, ‘quality and communications laws.
    And there we come to the current position, with Doris obscenely banging over the site of atrocity and mass murder, refusing to call out islam for the foul barbaric creed it is and its separatist gangs of third world followers, the 7th century child molesters, rapists, pimps, drug dealers and mass murderers they are.
    Her Home Secretary, a follower of the creed, intones that the ‘far right’ presents an equal threat and will be dealt with accordingly.
    Yep, attacks by the Catholic and Calvinist State have been occurring with increasing ferocity all over the UK and if not crushed ruthlessly, will create a fundamentalist Christian State practicing the ancient law of the New Testament, handed down on tablets of stone 4,000 years ago.
    Yeh, right.
    In the meantime we shouldn’t talk about those Pakistani child rapists, pimps, ponces and general criminals in Yorkshire and elsewhere because… they’re on trial and doing so might prejudice their right to a ‘fair trial’. After their fair trial they will of course receive a harsh prison sentence followed by immediate deportation.
    Except they won’t. They’ll serve a maximum 50% of their sentence before returning to their previous lives, down the mosque, down the kids home, middle men, selling on the heroin funded and imported by their fellow ethnic joint venture ‘businessmen’.
    And who in Britain speaks out about these ‘enemy combatants’ this massive fifth column that lives amongst us?
    At the moment, aside from the massed ranks of cross party MPs that bang on about this national, indeed international, existential scandal on a daily basis as they vocalise and debate the threat of islam unbound and the united ranks of the media, led of course by the BBC, I can think of Paul Weston, Anne Marie Walters and Jack Buckby.

    Oh yes and someone called Tommy Robinson.

    Thank Christ though, he’s been silenced for 13 months and we can delight in the new ‘ope’not’ate and pure nostalgia of Haight Ashbury 50 years after the first cultural revolution kicked off and collective insanity became the new normal.

  220. Who will Wallsters nominate for the 2018 Daily Mirror Pride of Britain Awards?

    More pertinently who will they be allowed to nominate?

  221. Douglas Murray – The rap goes on.

    Rape Gangs: A Story Set in Leafy Oxfordshire

    ‘…What price has been paid, is being paid, or might be paid at some stage, by all those public officials who tacitly or otherwise allowed these modern-day atrocities to go on, doing nothing to stop them? The policemen, politicians, council workers and others who were shown to have failed time and again. They have never been sentenced to prison for any of their oversights — and perhaps criminal charges (not even charges of criminal negligence) could never be brought against them. It is worth asking, however, if any of these people’s lives, career paths, or even pension plans were ever remotely affected by their proven failure to confront one of the greatest evils to have gone on in Britain. That is the mass rape of young girls motivated by adults propelled by (among much else) racism, religiosity, misogyny and class contempt…”

  222. And why shouldn’t the Cuntstabulary join the world of the perpetually offended?

  223. Superficial plausibility is the hallmark of all con-men. But the once overt violent streak inherent in the conman in question in still lurking beneath that thin patina of faux patriotism which is part of the scam. He’s a street thug with a newly developed formula. He provides the current breed of politicos and plods with a excuse to brand anybody that opposes the manifest upsurge of the jihad and the much more dangerous, stealthy demographical war of infiltration, as right wing bigots.
    The fact that the politicians, the police and the judiciary exploit the opportunity he provides is certainly egregious; but useful idiots, like Yaxley, are dangerous, particularly when there is a venal element to the posturing. He is not someone I welcome as a representative of ‘our side’ and his street behaviour has done nothing to reverse the current success of Islamic advance. As for Mark Steyn’s piece, Herbert. All well constructed edifices occasionally have the odd duff brick, probably missed in haste in the urge to complete an already prolific output. I forgive him the lapse. He has enough credit in the reputational bank to negate a peccadillo.

    Btw the Kiplinesque ‘Tommy Robinson’ connotation might have carried a bit more weight had he donned a uniform in his youth and worked his innate aggression out on the front line against the enemy, rather than like-minded idiots on the football terraces.

    We have serious problem of cultural decline in this country: Yaxley is not the solution.

  224. Oh for the Glorious 12th!
    The 12th of June, that is, when the assorted collection of troughers and plungers have to balance their fears, desires, self interest and sheer greed and decide whether to support Brexit or not.

    Oh, the grand old Duke of York,
    She had ten thousand men,
    She marched them up to the top of
    The hill and she marched
    Them down again.

    And when they were up they were up.
    And when they were down they were down.
    And when they were only half way up,
    They were neither up nor down.

    And when they were In they were In
    And when they were Out they were Out
    And when they were only halfway there
    We were neither In nor Out!


    Frank P, or by whatever other name he is called by the Metropolitan Police, writes “We have serious problem of cultural decline in this country: Yaxley is not the solution”.

    Wallsters wait with bated breath for P’s programme to reverse the subversion of Britain’s culture by Wahabist islam. It was therefore unfortunate for the country that he was unable to present his ideas on the subject to UKIP during the all too brief period that he allegedly joined and remained a member in the run up to the referendum. The time is still ripe. “Let’s be having you, son.”.

    ‘Frank P’s’ judgement of character is not perhaps his most prominent talent. Nor would it appear from his low invective, possibly learned as a result of his having “donned a uniform” too early, that he “worked his innate aggression out on the front line”.

    I would also point out, with regard to the force at large whether uniforms donned early or not, that dodging the enemy on the front line in Luton, Rotherham and other cities across England was exactly the behaviour of the police to which Mr. Robinson drew and continues to draw critical attention.

    It is recommended therefore that Wallsters take a look again, if they have not watched it recently, at the speech given by Mr. Robinson to the Oxford Union in 2014 which can be found here:

    I am not a particular fan of Colonel Mustard, but I certainly agreed with his post on the Wall last year when he wrote that, and I paraphrase, what the country needs is 20 Tommy Robinsons.

  226. The Home Secretary gets tough on illegal immigration. Not ours, unfortunately.

  227. I have been looking in vain for the jury verdicts and/or sentences imposed on the guilty defendants in tranche 2 of the Huddersfield Pakistani moslem sex gang trial.

    Has anyone seen anything on this?

  228. One doesn’t need to ‘agree’ or ‘disagree’ with Tommy Robinson to see that he has been a specific target for government harassment and mass media vilification.

    We are all entitled to form our own opinions of the man, his actions and his motives. However he should be entitled to express them. His imprisonment is a threat and an attempted warning to us all.
    If you don’t keep your opinions to yourself and shut up what happens to Tommy Robinson is what will happen to you.
    We may not see this, the younger militant, threatened generation who marching and protesting across Europe, Australia, the US and Canada, certainly do.

  229. I see the troll continues to post under the pseudonym of David Linsday here and elsewhere.
    As it’s slug season treat him accordingly.
    Don’t forget, whenever you see his slime trail, to report him for spam, impersonation or whatever is appropriate.

  230. Newsletter – “Interfere!”

    (Own report) – Following massive pressure from Berlin, Italy’s new government has renounced on appointing a well-known euroskeptic to become economy and finance minister. The renowned economist Paolo Savona must accept a less prominent post as Minister for European Affairs – above all because he criticizes Germany’s blatant policy of domination at the expense of the other euro zone countries. The far right Lega Nord is now almost as strongly represented in Rome’s government as the 5-Star Movement: Due to Germany’s open interference, Lega’s poll ratings have soared, thereby significantly increasing its political clout. In the run-up, German politicians and media had reactivated a tactic they had been using since the beginning of the euro crisis: With warnings of harsh financial market reactions, they fuel the fear of a crisis, thus applying even more pressure on Rome. According to German media with wide circulation, Italy’s policy “concerns all of us” – “Interfere!”


  231. Irishboy June 3rd, 2018 – 21:10

    Sadly the French appear to be a nation of defeatists and manic depressives, as the relative success of Michel Houllebecq’s ‘Submission’ demonstrates.

  232. Oh the joy and the vibrancy
    Turkish crime lord, 53, was caught with £63m of heroin

  233. This appears to be the details of the child molestation (to use the proper anglo-saxon term) cases at the Leeds Crown Court.

  234. A Legal Analysis of Tommy Robinson’s Arrest and Sentencing

  235. Oh the vibrancy, oh the exciting times living in a big city.
    The absolute joy of diversity multiculturalism and inclusion.
    I am sure someone is stopping my pasting on this site.

  236. John
    Was it your or the Colonel’s comment that led the TCW populist thread to be removed today?

    PS Good to see perspective from Frank on Robinson.

  237. Tom Watson just endorsed Sky News – and Adam Boulton and Kay Burley in particular – for ‘objective and fair political reportage’.

    In a sane world that would be the kiss of death for a media outlet under take-over threat. In the current State of Affairs Watson can spout such garbage without an apparent sense of irony. 🙂

    Moreover it is likely that a majority of the emerging generation of the ‘UK’ agrees with him.

  238. I’m not a betting man but I’m tempted to put some money on harvey Weinstein being found not guilty because some of these women are going to be made to look liars and fools

  239. Malfleur
    June 5th, 2018 – 15:31

    It’s good to see that the ill treatment of Tommy Robinson is being challenged. It reminded me of the maxim “Fiat justitia ruat cælum”.

    “Fiat justitia ruat cælum” is a Latin legal phrase. It means “Let justice be done though the heavens fall.”

    It expressed the Ancient Roman belief that justice must always result absolutely regardless of consequences.

    Unfortunately, under the Anglo-Saxon justice systems, despite official lip service to that maxim, the truth is that it does not apply.

    Under our system, it is more accurate to say “Let Justice be done so long as it does not offend the Establishment or even the Zeitgeist”.

    In the U.S. the principle that justice must be done, come what may, was abandoned in the 20th century because of the difficulty of dealing with organised crime committed by gangsters – usually because it was impossible to find witnesses brave enough to give any evidence.

    The result was that legislation was devised under which a gangster who was convicted of a trivial and easy to prove crime could be sentenced as heavily as would be the sentence for his far more serious but unproven crime. It proved quite effective so (quite naturally) few people made any complaint about it.

    Sadly there have, since then, been other and completely unjust results. Many prosecutors and judges have lost their moral compasses. Now, misleading or lying to investigators is treated as a crime in itself. See for example, the case of Martha Stewart who was sent to prison for what many people believe was, in effect, her failure to confess.

    Even more monstrously unjust was the case of Conrad Black. In the course of proceedings against him in the U.S., copies of various documents belonging to him that were stored in Canada were produced to the U.S. court and continued to be possesse by the court. Despite this the U.S. court also issued an order forbidding him to remove the original documents from where they were stored – not in the U.S. but in Canada. As it happened the documents in Canada were stored in rented accommodation, and – I forget whether the landlord gave Black notice to quit or whether the lease ran out – but Black felt he had no choice under Canadian law but to move them somewhere else – and did. The result – despite all other charges against Black having failed, he was sentenced – having voluntarily gone back to the U.S. – to several years imprisonment – for moving the documents

    In Britain the complete opposite of justice being done regardless of the consequences has been even worse than the case of Conrad Black. It happened in 1946 when William Joyce was convicted of “Treason” and hanged for it. This is from Wikipedia –

    The historian A.J.P. Taylor  remarked, in his book English History 1914–1945, that “Technically, Joyce was hanged for making a false statement when applying for a passport, the usual penalty for which is a small fine.”

    Was that “Justice”? Of course not. It was, morally, murder – committed by the British Establishment and Britain’s much vaunted system of Justice.

    Coming back to the case of Tommy Robinson, everything about it shouts that his imprisonment is based, as were the injustices perpetrated on Martha Stewart, Conrad Black and William Joyce, not on any moral guilt but on a mere technicality and on the malicious whim of unscrupulous parts of the Establishment.

  240. Seventy four years today since the D Day landings. I remember it well with a mixture of exhilaration and fear: the former born of a optimism that this would mean victory at last, the latter a personal dread that one of my brothers, who was on a frigate in the Channel, might perish in the push. He’s still with us – in his mid-nineties and hale and hearty, so the fear was misplaced.

    As for my pre-teen optimism – did ‘we’, in the long run, achieve ‘victory”?

    ‘Ol Remus’s long read today probably indicates otherwise. And I’m also cogniscant of the fact that my bro’ was one of the lucky ones. Many thousands of his comrades-at-arms are spinning in their marked and unmarked resting places, singing, in chorus, “Was the world of 2018 worth the sacrifice?”

  241. Herbert Thornton June 5th 22.43

    An excellent, erudite post which articulates the concerns of those who see the Tommy Robinson imprisonment as a part of the assault on liberty, a pre-emptive strike on the new Peasant Revolt and the 21st century’s equivalent of Wat Tyler.

  242. Frank P 08.04

    The question “Was the world of 2018 worth the sacrifice?” is surely incorrect.

    The better question is surely what real choice did any of those who live or died have in their own continued existence or demise.

  243. I’m An Englishman. Very Powerful FREE TOMMY ROBINSON

  244. Noa (08:29)

    Heh, heh, heh!

    WelI I could put my determinist hat on and concur with that sagacious snippet of introspection; but as the end to my own happenstance gets perilously closer, I am trying to think positive, hoping that my inner whatever can prolong the outcome for a bit. That notwithstanding, I fear you may be right. Not only that – the great palliative of oblivion probably excludes grave-spinning for the heroes who did what they had to do, more with June 7th 1944 in mind, rather than the SOTW 2018.

    So I stand corrected. 🙂

  245. OTOH my brother would vehemently disagree. He”s really pissed off with the bastards who have sluiced the nation down the shitter in favour of the enemies he fought and the cowards he helped to rescue.

  246. Frank P

    I was heartily relieved to see your ‘damn your eyes’ of 18.42, Frank. I thought you’d become way too introspective at 18.28! 😉

  247. AFRICA – Always something new.

    A friend in Australia just sent me and others the following article and prefaced it with this comment: “If you are committed to political correctness I would suggest to not read this…”

    Kevin Myers (born 30 March 1947) is an Irish journalist and writer. He writes for the Irish edition of the Sunday Times, having previously been a columnist for the Irish Independent and a former contributor to The Irish Times, where he wrote the “An Irishman’s Diary” opinion column several times weekly. Until 2005, he wrote for the UK Sunday Telegraph.
    His articles criticize left-wing opinion and the “liberal consensus”, sometimes incorporating hyperbole, sarcasm and parody.

    This essay appeared in The Irish Independent:

    Somalia is not a humanitarian disaster; it is an evolutionary disaster. The current drought is not the worst in 50 years, as the BBC and all the aid organizations claim.
    It is nothing compared to the droughts in 1960/61 or 73/74. And there are continuing droughts every 5 years or so.
    It’s just that there are now four times the population; having been kept alive by famine relief, supplied by aid organizations, over the past 50 years.
    So, of course, the effects of any drought now, is a famine. They cannot even feed themselves in a normal rainfall year.

    Worst yet, the effects of these droughts, and poor nutrition in the first 3 years of the a child’s life, have a lasting effect on the development of the infant brain, so that if they survive, they will never achieve a normal IQ .
    Consequently, they are selectively breeding a population who cannot be educated, let alone one that is not being educated; a recipe for disaster

    We are seeing this impact now, and it can only exacerbate, to the detriment of their neighbours, and their environment as well. This scenario can only end in an even worse disaster; with even worse suffering, for those benighted people, and their descendants. Eventually, some mechanism will intervene, be it war, disease or starvation.

    So what do we do? Let them starve?
    What a dilemma for our Judeo/Christian/Islamic Ethos; as well as Hindu/Buddhist morality. And this is beginning to happen in Kenya, Ethiopia and other countries in Asia, like Pakistan. Is this the beginning of the end of civilization?

    AFRICA is giving nothing to anyone outside Africa — apart from AIDS and new diseases. Even as we see African states refusing to take action to restore something resembling civilization in Zimbabwe, the begging bowl for Ethiopia is being passed around to us out of Africa, yet again.
    It is nearly 25 years since the famous Feed The World campaign began in Ethiopia, and in that time Ethiopia’s population has grown from 33.5 million to 78+ million today.
    So, why on earth should I do anything to encourage further catastrophic demographic growth in that country?
    Where is the logic? There is none. Now they want to move to other countries to continue to breed and commit crime.

    To be sure, there are two things saying that logic doesn’t count. One is my conscience, and the other is the picture, yet again, of another wide-eyed child, yet again, gazing,
    yet again, at the camera, which yet again, captures the tragedy of children starving.

    Sorry. My conscience has toured this territory on foot and financially. Unlike most of you, I have been to Ethiopia; like most of you, I have stumped up the loot to charities to stop starvation there. The wide-eyed boy-child we saved, 20 years or so ago, is now a low IQ, AK 47-bearing moron, siring children whenever the whim takes him and blaming the world because he is uneducated, poor and left behind. There is no doubt a good argument why we should prolong this predatory and dysfunctional economic, social and sexual system but I do not know what it is. There is, on the other hand, every reason not to write a column like this.
    It will win no friends and will provoke the self-righteous wrath of, well, the self-righteous hand wringing, letter writing wrathful individuals; a species which never fails to contaminate almost every debate in Irish life with its sneers and its moral superiority. It will also probably enrage some of the finest men in Irish life, like John O’Shea, of Goal; and the Finucane brothers, men whom I admire enormously.

    So be it.

    But, please, please, you self-righteously wrathful, spare me mention of our own Irish Famine, with this or that lazy analogy. There is no comparison!
    Within 20 years of the Famine, the Irish population was down by 30%. Over the equivalent period, thanks to western food, the Mercedes 10-wheel truck and the Lockheed Hercules plane, Ethiopia’s population has more than doubled.

    Alas, that wretched country is not alone in its madness.
    Somewhere, over the rainbow, lies Somalia, another fine land of violent, AK 47-toting, khat-chewing, girl-circumcising, permanently tumescent layabouts and housing pirates of the ocean. Indeed, we now have almost an entire continent of sexually hyperactive, illiterate indigents, with tens of millions of people who only survive because of help from the outside world or allowances by the semi-communist Governments they voted for, money supplied by borrowing it from the World Bank!

    This dependency has not stimulated political prudence or common sense.
    Indeed, voodoo idiocy seems to be in the ascendant, with the president of South Africa being a firm believer in the efficacy of a little tap water on the post-coital penis as a sure preventative against AIDS infection. Needless to say, poverty, hunger and societal meltdown have not prevented idiotic wars involving Tigre, Uganda, Congo, Sudan, Somalia, Eritrea etcetera.

    Broad brush-strokes, to be sure.
    But broad brush-strokes are often the way that history paints its gaudier, if more decisive, chapters.
    Japan, China, Russia, Korea, Poland, Germany, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia in the 20th century have endured worse broad brush-strokes than almost any part of Africa. They are now — one way or another — virtually all giving aid to or investing in Africa, whereas Africa, with its vast Savannahs and its lush pastures, is giving almost nothing to anyone, apart from AIDS.

    Meanwhile, Africa’s peoples are outstripping their resources and causing catastrophic ecological degradation.
    By 2050, the population of Ethiopia will be 177 million; the equivalent of France, Germany and Benelux today, but located on the parched and increasingly Protein-free wastelands of the Great Rift Valley. So, how much sense does it make for us actively to increase the adult population of what is already a vastly over-populated, environmentally devastated and economically dependent country?

    How much morality is there in saving an Ethiopian child from starvation today, for it to survive to a life of brutal circumcision, poverty, hunger, violence and sexual abuse, resulting in another half-dozen such wide-eyed children, with comparably jolly little lives ahead of them?

    Of course, it might make you feel better, which is a prime reason for so much charity!

    But that is not good enough.
    For self-serving generosity has been one of the curses of Africa. It has sustained political systems which would otherwise have collapsed.
    It prolonged the Eritrean-Ethiopian war by nearly a decade.
    It is inspiring Bill Gates’ programme to rid the continent of malaria, when, in the almost complete absence of personal self-discipline, that disease is one of the most efficacious forms of population-control now operating. If his programme is successful, tens of millions of children who would otherwise have died in infancy will survive to adulthood, he boasts.

    Oh good: then what? I know, let them all come here (to Ireland). Germany and the rest of Europe is already inundated and there are literally millions queuing up who want a hand out, taking in refugees because you feel sorry for them will end in the demise of those countries taking part.

    You will note that; No Gulf State is taking any refugees, and the head of the human rights commission is Saudi Arabian !?!

  248. Herbert 2243:

    Fiat justitia quamdiu non laedere, aut etiam Zeitgeist De instauratione

  249. Rod Liddle today

    We had a long drive back from the north-east last weekend. Six hours or so, including a stop halfway, just past Britain’s most crepuscular town, Grantham. My wife does the driving because she thinks I’ll kill us all. My job is to feed album after album into the car’s admirably old-fashioned CD player. I rarely play more than three or four songs from the same album because my wife gets tetchy and says something like ‘This is too noisy’ or ‘This is boring, change it.’ So I’m kept pretty busy. Every time I remove a CD, the car’s ‘entertainment centre’ reverts to its default position of playing Radio 4.
    And here’s the point. We set out at midday. It was five hours before I heard a male voice on Radio 4, when Saturday PM came on. Five hours. We must have heard snatches (an appropriate term, I think) of Radio 4 40 or 50 times and on each occasion it was a woman moaning about something. Moan, moan, moan, all the livelong day. Women were moaning as we passed Thirsk, Selby, Doncaster. They were still moaning at Retford and Newark and Grantham. Their moaning was often afforded succour by the presenter — always female — who did a spot of empathetic moaning alongside them. Marginal moaning, tendentious moaning, gratuitous moaning. A drama with foreign women moaning. A discussion programme with British women moaning. It was ceaseless.
    Apparently, some Radio 4 news and current affairs programmes, such as Today, are now required to ensure that at least 50 per cent of their contributors are female, in each show, otherwise the producers get hauled over the coals. This is because the job of these programmes is not to tell us what is going on by reporting the world as it actually is, but to indulge in a spot of social engineering and report the world as its idiotic liberal panjandrums wish it were. And to treat its audience with contempt.
    Interviewees are no longer selected on whether they’ve got something interesting to say, or occupy a position of power and should be held to account, but simply because they are in possession of a vagina. Or, maybe, identify as being in possession of a vagina.
    It would seem to me that Today and the World at One and so on should have no women on their programmes whatsoever, so as to provide a balance with the rest of Radio 4’s output. The network would still have a preponderance of female voices overall, but there would be two or three male ghettos (the programmes people actually listen to).
    The BBC will argue that this quota system is simply an attempt to represent an estimated 51 per cent of the British population, i.e. women, and is nothing to do with social engineering or political correctness. Well, if so, fine. Indeed, perhaps the BBC might consider expanding this scheme to ensure that other sectors of the British population which account for more than 50 per cent overall might equally be allowed 50 per cent representation on air. Such as? Here’s a quick list, then:
    People who want the UK to leave the European Union — 52 per cent (Source: that referendum we had in 2016).
    People who think Islam is not compatible with the British way of life — 56 per cent (ComRes poll, 2016).
    People who disagree with the ‘right’ of gay people to adopt children — 52 per cent (British Social Attitudes Survey 2013).
    People who think immigration levels to this country are too high — 63 per cent (YouGov poll, 2018).
    People who think immigration in general has had a negative impact in the UK — 71 per cent (Sky poll for the think tank Demos, 2018).
    Europeans who want to stop all immigration from Muslim majority countries — 55 per cent (Chatham House, 2017).
    People who believe Britain is a Christian country — 55 per cent (YouGov poll, 2014).
    People who think, rightly, that there are just two genders, male and female — 56 per cent (Fawcett Society, 2016).
    People who do not identify as ‘feminist’ — 93 per cent (Fawcett Society, 2016).
    Now, tell me if you think those views are proportionately represented on the BBC, and especially Radio 4? Do you think they are given equal airtime to the less popular liberal standpoints which nonetheless the BBC supports? If so, you have been listening to a very different Auntie to me over the past ten years. In almost every case quoted above, people who express those sorts of views are considered by the BBC to be antediluvian and quite beyond the pale, and the usual discussion to be had is: what can we do to make these morons change their minds? Those views quoted above are simply wrong, so far as the BBC is concerned, and there’s an end to it, even when those views are in a clear majority.
    We can quantify at least one of those prejudices: we have hard facts, thanks to the tireless efforts of Lord Pearson of Rannoch, the former leader of Ukip, who has spent years exhaustively detailing the airtime given by the BBC to people (the majority, remember) who wished for the UK to leave the European Union. So here are the figures. Out of 4,275 guests talking about the EU on the Today programme between 2005 and 2015, only 132, or 3.2 per cent, were supporters of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU. Now that seems to me an imbalance. It seems to me as though the BBC is not representing its listenership and that maybe quotas should be introduced

  250. Malfleur
    June 6th, 2018
    I got banned from the conservative woman website (of all places)a while ago for making exactly that point.
    I even said at the start I know this will be controversial .
    It got put up and many people started agreeing with me before it disappeared and I got an e mail saying I was banned.

  251. Herbert Thornton, June 5th, 2018 – 22:43

    Sorry to raise a note of dissent but I respectfully disagree.

    “Coming back to the case of Tommy Robinson, everything about it shouts that his imprisonment is based, as were the injustices perpetrated on Martha Stewart, Conrad Black and William Joyce, not on any moral guilt but on a mere technicality and on the malicious whim of unscrupulous parts of the Establishment.”

    The facts, circumstances, rights and wrongs of each of those individual cases are completely different. I don’t think it valid to conflate those cases, in addition to similar but different machinations of the English and American legal systems.

    William Joyce was quite literally the author his own downfall.

    By claiming he was a natural born briton in order to obtain a British Passport in the summer of 1933, on which his membership of the British Union of Fascists also depended, he didn’t realise that he was putting a noose around his own neck. A hostage to fortune especially after he fled to Germany in August 1939 in order to avoid internment.

    On the upside, he didn’t get sent down for a long stretch.

  252. EC 10.16

    ‘… On the upside, he didn’t get sent down for a long stretch.’
    Ouch! Pull the other one.

  253. EC
    June 7th, 2018 – 10:16

    You say that you disagree, but I think the more significant part of your post was when you wrote –

    “….he didn’t realise that he was putting a noose around his own neck.”

    With equal respect I argue that to have not understood that wrongfully having a British passport (which Haldane correctly points out normally merited a small fine) could eventually be treated as a good cause for hanging him is – and ought to have been – overwhelming proof of his moral innocence. But perhaps you & I will have to agree to disagree on that.

    I’m a bit puzzled why you say that it is not valid to “conflate” the cases of Robinson, Stewart, Black and Joyce and the differences between similar but different machinations of the English and American legal systems.

    I “conflated” them to encourage discussion of how deeply the morality and integrity of the administration of both the criminal law and government regulation of business, both in Britain and America, have decayed over the last half century. Are you implying that they have not?

    Q. What’s the difference between the FBI and the Mafia?

    A. When the Mafia sell you Protection you get value for your money and stop blackmailing you.

  254. Herbert Thornton, June 7th, 2018 – 18:49

    See also…
    John Amery. Was he mad or bad?
    Tyler Kent and Anna Wolkoff were fortunate enough to be arrested and tried in England in 1940. One could say that they got off very lightly!

    I don’t think that England was in a very forgiving frame of mind in 1945.

  255. EC at 20-59

    There were those in those days , including Casandra of the Daily Mirror , who wanted to see P.G.Wodehouse hanged for his broadcasts to the USA after being interned by the Germans . Some still haven’t forgiven him today.

  256. Tommy Robinson : far worse then they can admit.

    He was a working- class Thatcherite enterprener who owned two high-street businesses and seven properties .

  257. EC
    June 7th, 2018 – 20:59

    Was Amery mad or bad? I think it was both.

    You hit the nail on the head when you say that in 1945 England wasn’t in a forgiving state of mind – and no wonder after the huge scale on which British cities were bombed not to mentioned the losses of life among the British armed forces.

    On the other hand, although I was only 9 in 1939, I well remember that a great many people were very much disconcerted when Hitler’s invasion of Poland from the west on September 1st was not only followed by Britain’s declaration of war of September 3rd, but by Stalin’s invasion of Poland on September 17th.

    People were openly asking – are we now under the same obligation to declare war on the Soviet Union too? It was a damned awkward question because to declare war on both would obviously have been madness.

    It can be argued that a saner choice would have been to have immediately sought peace – which Hitler would most likely have agreed to. I believe that this is demonstrated both by his earlier writings and the subsequent attempt, via has deputy, Hess, who flew to Britain in 1941 to seek peace. The reason for his flight was however very firmly suppressed by the British government. I believe that it can only have been ordered by Churchill personally. Was that wise on Churchill’s part, or did he prefer to indulge his own liking for war?

    If the proposed carried by Hess had been accepted, it might, perhaps, have led to history looking a little more kindly on people like Kent and Wolkoff, but to assess what other course history might then have taken can only be speculation. And in the very likely subsequent war between Hitler and Stalin, what would have been the outcome of that?

  258. Tommy Robinson :

    The `enemy` claim he was a football hooligan : that was because he did not have the money and breeding to be a member of the Bullingham Club ; a group of university toffs enabled to create annoyance to the common people of Oxford because they were gentry: the most notorious recent members being David Cameron and Le Grand Boris .

  259. Robert Sheriffhales
    June 7th, 2018 – 09:03

    “Fiat justitia quamdiu non laedere, aut etiam Zeitgeist De instauratione”

    I’m afraid that my WW2 Lancaster Royal Grammar School Latin is much to rusty to discern exactly what that means.

    Does it meant that the Zeitgeist consists substantially of what is in the minds of the Establishment, or, on the other hand does it mean that the Establishment and the Zeitgeist are fundamentally opposed to each other?

  260. How are THEY celebrating ramadan?

    The scorecard @ Day23 here…

  261. Noa @ June 8th, 2018 – 06:31

    Until you’ve posted the link, Noa, the barbarian was;t aware of the mother of all religious festivities, thanks for reminding him.

    Will a a barbecue – pork belly mostly, red Merlot, couscous and green salad – do?

  262. EC @ June 8th, 2018 – 07:37

    Too depressing, EC, for reasons he cannot fathom fully, the barbarian can no longer watch brutality of any kind, his last doze of it was served few weeks ago, an Ukrainian clip of the Odessa massacre in 2014 (you have probably never heard of it), a pregnant woman having her throat cut, it made even the barbarous barbarian sick, he decided ‘enough’s enough’, will no linger watch atrocities of any kind )if he can avoided it).

  263. Radford NG @ June 7th, 2018 – 23:59

    When Navalny gets into trouble, gets sent down, the MSM scribblers cannot have enough of lecturing us on the evil of Putin, amazingly they meekly accept a D-notice on Tommy. One cannot but wonder why the difference.

  264. Herbert Thornton @ June 7th, 2018 – 23:58

    You reckon then, Herbert, Adolf could have been trusted if Britain sued for peace, do you?

  265. Herbert Thornton @ June 7th, 2018 – 18:49

    Good one, Herbert, the difference between the privately run mafia, and that run by the State.

  266. John birch @ June 7th, 2018 – 09:50

    Is there anywhere you haven’t been banned yet, John?

    You seem to be rather unlucky. The barbarian has been rather contradictory on the Spectator blogs, is still surviving there, the MI5 must be building up a dossier, need more to hit him, and he stupidly obliges. Will he ever learn?

  267. This is not unusual, it may well have been justified, the clip doesn’t show what happened before he got pummelled, but imagine if it were the Russian police, the MSM would berserk go, no?

    (The barbarian reversed the ‘go’ and ‘no’ because it rhymes nicely. Where is Fergus?)

  268. Baron
    June 8th, 2018 – 12:43

    You wrote – “You reckon then, Herbert, Adolf could have been trusted if Britain sued for peace, do you?”

    That depends, Baron on what is meant by “trusted”! If you mean “trusted to abandon his ambition to seize a great deal of Russia to turn it into an extension of Germany” of course not. Stalin in particular would certainly have eventually discovered that (if he had ever trusted him, which some people believe Stalin did).

    Franco of course never did trust Hitler, which annoyed Hitler but was very much to Franko’s credit, though to this day most people refuse to acknowledge the fact.

  269. Herbert 0127:

    Nothing clever, just my translation of your
    “Let Justice be done so long as it does not offend the Establishment or even the Zeitgeist”.

  270. Herbert Thornton @ June 8th, 2018 – 14:11

    What the barbarian meant, Herbert, was a trust to keep his side of the bargain vis-a-vis Britain, before Hess coming here to make a deal (if that’s true) he never stuck to what he’d promised – from the re-taking of the Rhein to the occupation of the Sudetenland, or eventually the Molotov-Ribentoff deal.

    It’s arguable, of course, but Baron reckons making a deal with him carried more than the usual dose of risk of any deal, he would have conquered Russia, gained her wheat fields and oil, other natural reserves, then turn to India, hit us on the underbelly, until finally landing in London for his own coronation. We would all Deutsch sprechen today, heh, heh, heh.

    Btw, tomorrow is the official birthday of the Queen, why? It isn;t her real birthday, is it?

  271. And this:

    Enough evidence exits the Georgian Thug did trust Adolf implicitly:

    The Barbarossa began, but truckloads of wheat, cattle, raw materials (including oil) were still passing the border to Germany, the Russian military border units were expressly forbidden to cross to German held territory, or shoot at the advancing German units for over a week after the invasion began, the large concentration of German troops in the Polish forests the Germans took over were ignored, as was the warning of the start of the invasion supplied by Sorge and the Czech President.

    The Thug was singular responsible for the initial debacle of the Red Army, within two months the Wehrmacht was half way to Moscow, reached the capital in another three.

  272. Sorry about Ribbentrop and the other errors, haste is to blame,.

  273. Marshal Roberts
    June 8th, 2018 – 15:57

    I did suspect that might be the case, but just assumed it must express a different message. Anyway thanks for the explanation – it’s a great relief!!!

  274. Baron
    June 8th, 2018 – 17:05
    June 8th, 2018 – 17:13

    I’ve no idea whether Adolph couldn’t have been trusted to not to eventually go for India and then Britain itself, but I question whether that would have been a matter of trust. I should have thought it would rather have been a partly matter of how long it would take him to implement operation Barbarosa and partly on whether he would he have even lived long enough to try to expand (or even, maybe to want to expand) even further, especially bearing in mind that in 1945 he was a very sick man?

    Purely as an irrelevant and morbid aside, I wonder whether – had he been able go for India and the Middle East – whether he would have decided from his encounters with Islam that there were people whom he hated even more than he hated Jews?

    “Mein Gott! To think that I caused Germany to lose that genius Einstein and now this. Did I pick on the wrong branch of the Semites?”


    Tommy Robinson gives a speech in York on The British Police State published on May 10th.

  276. Baron – 17:13

    An interesting snippet/perspective. I always thought that with Hitler and Stalin it was a question of “Greek meets Greek.”

  277. Herbert Thornton – 18:20

    Depending on who you believe Hitler survived thirty four, or more, assassination attempts in the thirteen years he was in power. He got lucky at the Wolf’s Lair but he would have run out of luck eventually. His existing serious health problems were greatly exacerbated by the explosion. Mind you, it’s a wonder that AH had survived for so long with the “treatments” administered to him from 1936 onwards by his quack doctor, Theodor Morell.

    Check out the, “Substances administered to Hitler” section. It’s a list of some pretty toxic medicaments that even the only the most gullible patient or determined hypochondriac could clock up!

  278. Gratulacje torba dama…
    z Cambridge!

  279. EC
    June 9th, 2018 – 10:25

    That certainly adds weight to my arguing that by 1945 Hitler was a very sick man.

    Discussions of Hitler often mention how completely untrustworthy the man was.

    It’s frightening that so many of the people now exercising power over us and running most of our institutions including the media are clearly no more virtuous than were Hitler and his institutions such as his Gestapo. Just think of Tommy Robinson.

  280. Wall Street financed both the rise of Hitler and the rise of Bolshevism – and indeed was providing assistance to North Vietnam even during the Vietnam War. The treasonous dealings continued with China hard on the end of the Vietnam War and led to what has been identified as the hollowing out of the American economy. I consider it fossilised thinking to continue to regard left and right as separate beasts rather than one bifurcated monster joined at the hip, each part compromised. The hypothesis of a century-old cabal of self-interested New World Order globalists seems more defensible and the evidence for it more persuasive. Whether the Trump administration will be able to root out this malignant distortion of civilized development before it is itself consumed by it remains to be seen. Next week may provide further clues to the answer.


    Paul Weston on the Scandal of Tommy Robinson’s Jailing

  282. Malfleur @ June 9th, 2018 – 13:35

    An insightful observation, Malfleur, the one about the two extremes connected at the hip.

    The Sutton’s books may be worth reading, the barbarian has put him on the list, but the examples of the Wall Street aiding anyone regardless of the political orientation of the party aren’t really that convincing. The blame for the Soviet trucks supplying ammo to the North Vietnamese cannot really be assigned to the WS can it? If it were, one could blame everyone involved in any trade of any blame one wanted to, no?

  283. Herbert Thornton @ June 9th, 2018 – 12:54

    The house painter was full of drugs since well before the Barbarossa, Herbert, he functioned only because of drugs, if he didn’t shoot himself the drugs would have eventually (and probably quite early) got him.

    Google for Theodor Morell, his physician (ironic, he was partly Jewish), a quack of a doctor, but Adolf trusted him fully.

  284. Herbert Thornton @ June 8th, 2018 – 18:20

    Your point about finding another tribe he could eliminate may be valid, Herbert, who can tell what he would have done if he succeeded destroying the USSR, but given that the Muslim tribes were not then as rich as the oil has made them after the war, it’s not that likely, Baron reckons.

  285. EC @ June 9th, 2018 – 10:25

    Apologies, EC, you got to Morell first, the barbarian reads the posting from the latest up.

    And you’re top right on the Greek analogy, these two thugs were made for each other, pity the Georgian one lived till 1953.

  286. The Tommy’s saga tells one all one wants to know about the freedom of speech today. His saying that banning the York presentation compelled him to do the video, it has been watched by three quarter million people, by far more than if he were allowed to talk in York.

    It puzzles why they are so much after him, it’s painful for him what with being sent down so often, but it’s also a powerful publicity for his course.

    We hear again and again about the treatment of Navalny in Russia, but how does that differ from the way Tommy’s treated here?

  287. This is longish, some of you may disagree with the narrative, the barbarian reckons it’s a fair and objective take on the ‘evil’ of Putin and the ‘backwardness’ of Russia, (Frank should read it in stages, it may tire him down, or not at all, if his heart cannot take it).

  288. Baron
    Wholeheartedly agree.
    It puzzles why they are so much after him.
    And the cost.
    They should forget him. An oubliette would suit.

  289. Melanie nails it – as is her won’t:

    Or as I said at the outset – free speech my arse!

  290. “wont” – autocorrect can’t read!

  291. True bill, apol.@

  292. Melanie Griffiths is often right, but not in the Tommy Robinson case, where she has been deceived or indulges in self deception. Given that it takes several years to identify, evidence gather, try and possibly even convict your average muslim nonce-pimp his arrest, sentence and incarceration for ‘contempt of court’ after a 20 minute hearing was truly remarkable.
    We will see how appeal against his sentence progresses.
    That the troll is so aligned with what Paul Weston correctly describes as the Traitor class is unsurprising.
    In this case my enemy’s enemy is my friend.

  293. Apol. For ‘Griffiths’ read Phillips.

  294. There seems to be an adamantine mindset among some people, sadly including Frank and Melanie, that in the administration of British criminal law, the most important thing that must be complied with is to follow the “letter of the law” and the “correct procedure”.

    Even more sadly, that adamantine mindset seems to be unaffected even where the both the true intent of the law and the “correctness” of the procedure both hang on the flimsiest of legal threads, and moreover have resulted in an Englishman being subjected, with indecent haste and effectively in secret, to a grossly excessive sentence.

    Sorry, , Frank and Melanie, but on this point, I cannot bring myself to agree with either of you.

  295. Thousands of people from around the country gathered in Whitehall this afternoon at a demonstration to Free Tommy Robinson. They included Gerard Batten (UKIP),Geert Wilders (Dutch Opposition Leader),Raheem Kassam (Enoch was right),and Ann Marie Waters.

    This is reported in the Daily Mail as protesters attack police at Downing Street.

  296. Geert Wilders speaks at Demonstration for Tommy Robinson ( 10min.41)

  297. The official reaction of the metropolitan elite to the Tommy Robinson case highlights as nothing else does, the fear of our rulers. They are perfectly aware of the public’s reaction to the deluge of foreign nationals permitted to settle here against the wishes of the majority, and feel that swotting the odd dissident will quash opposition to their multicultural ambitions. They are wrong, on this and practically everything else, I feel we are fast approaching the point where the balloon will go up.

  298. Regardless of the charlatans and usurpers who have insinuated themselves into politics, the judiciary, and HM Cuntstabulary, throwing oneself quite deliberately into prison by breaching a suspended sentence and a contempt of court order and then PLEADING GUILTY, is either the act of a dolt or a conman hell-bent on venal self-promotion knowing that a cause celebre can be very lucrative. I suspect the latter based on the cv of the subject under scrutiny. He’s a rascal and not a loveable one at that. Melanie’s more formal thesis is also correct. We must attempt to repair and improve law ‘n’ order. But if, as some of us fear, we have reached the stage where a coup d’etat is the only solution, then personally I would rather it be perpetrated by someone who could pull it off rather than someone apparently addicted to quaker oats.

    A surprising and unhealthy strain of credulity seems to have seeped into this blog and among others who should know better. I can understand why the polemicist grasp at the straw in this chaotic Zeitgeist. Good copy and rabble-rousing designed to reverse the circulation drought.

    Melanie makes sense.

  299. As for ‘the enemy’s enemy is my friend’ How did that work out with Uncle Joe? Cue our ennobled Wallster …

  300. Someone else who is horrified at the indecent haste with which Tommy was arrested, “tried” and imprisoned is the well-known Canadian lawyer and commentator, Ezra Levant –

  301. With sincere apologies to Frank P given his honorable service in a different time, it is gratifying seeing the UK Police farce thugs getting what they deserve.

    With some heroic exceptions (and I speak as one who worked with the NCS in a different life), too many are thuggish and slavish followers of the State, happy to dress as wannabe members of the SAS and harass and bully the general populace, whilst allowing those with swarthier complexions to carry on in their criminal ways.

    Yesterday they faced the anger of the average man-in-the-street, livid at the treatment of Tommy and the one-sided protection of the vile political cult that is Islam. Those carrying the big sticks are led by Common Purpose elitists who believe in leading beyond authority, which is just a lefty way of saying bully down anyone who doesn’t agree with us. They can’t do anything about the casual anarchy of the blacks but by God, they’ll teach these whiteys to know their place.

    In the cold light of day, I suspect it will transpire that the violence started as a result of the presence of antifa agitators, stirring the pot but hiding well out of the way.

    Politically, large swathes of the western world are lurching to the right, though in a populist direction not a fascist one as the EU and the left would claim. Those blindingly following the dictates of their masters might take time to consider what could happen to them if things change. The left shoot collaborators, the right tends to hang them from lamp-posts.

    In other news, the government are worried about Climate Change because when everyone has turned brown, the Police won’t know who to harass.

  302. Sorry, did something happen in Londonistan yesterday? Apart from yet another stabbing/shooting/acid attack? I can find no mention of it on the BBC website.

    Although the judiciary, CPS, and the police have become worryingly politicised, we still have some semblance of the rule of of law in England, imo. The mechanics of Tommy Robinson’s last court appearance were quite simple. It ain’t rocket science. Regardless of the judge’s political sympathies he had no choice but to send TL down again. The heirs of Roland Freisler are not sitting on the bench – not yet anyway. Whether TR is a conman or fearless freedom fighter (suicidally inclined) sentiment shouldn’t come into it, otherwise all is lost.

    Frank P,
    “But if, as some of us fear, we have reached the stage where a coup d’etat is the only solution, then personally I would rather it be perpetrated by someone who could pull it off rather than someone apparently addicted to quaker oats.”

    That’s very funny. TR may well have consumed enough to make him an honorary Scotchman – in Dr Johnson’s days.

    However, as entertaining as it might be for us to see our favourite MPs dangling off Westminster bridge, our local councillors & planning department strung up from lamp posts, the required coup d’etat ain’t gonna happen this side of an apocalypse. The higher and middle echelons of the establishment have all been bought and are very comfortably off whilst the rump have been taking it up the arse for far too long. If/when it comes the breakdown of English society will come not from political demonstrations but from something stupid happening to the very fragile fuel and/or supermarket supply chain. English society ain’t so genteel or polite anymore. The apocalypse is only ever two to four weeks away and when it happens THEN, AND ONLY THEN, will Baron get to see the English unplugged!

    Any road up, that’s my twopennyworth for today.

  303. Clear Memories (02:25)

    You don’t have to apologise to me: I agree with 99% of your assertions, in past and present posts. But I can’t share your delight at seeing London’s Finest (?) being routed by thugs of any stripe because the Job is currently being ‘led’ by politicised idiots. It’s worse than a farce, it’s a travesty. And the ‘Robinson’ phenomenon is playing into the hands of those who wish to destroy the thin blue line.

    We need a sea change in politics, but what we are likely to get is more of the same, only increasingly worse.

  304. EC (09:02)

    I wish I could share your optimism. 🙂

  305. Herbert (02:03)

    For all the copy and and focused intelligent activism of Levant, Steyn and other Canadian savants, including your own output from this platform, Canada is a Liberal basket case.

    The G7 exposed the weakness of the Western World. Let’s hope that Trump, warts and all, keeps his nerve and continues to kick against the picks. He seems to be the only leader in the West with cojones.

  306. Frank P 10:10

    I share your sorrow at the impact on the thin blue line, but sadly, at that level, too many of them bring it upon themselves, often by blindly accepting the ‘leadership’ and ‘training’ they are subjected too. They might be led by politicised idiots, but the true travesty is that they follow.

    They’ve passed through the so-called education system and come out the other end brain-washed into the PC, multi-culti mindset that leads them to blindly oppress their follow man without questioning what they are actually doing.

    From memory, only collaborators and those that were “only following orders” were hung. Some on the thin blue line might want to reflect on that.

  307. Frank P – 10:15

    EC (09:02)
    “I wish I could share your optimism. “

    You will Frank, you will…

  308. Clearly tens of thousands filled Whitehall yesterday. (Just as the Washington Mall was full by the time Trump arrived for his swearing-in).

  309. The BBC tells a different story of a few hundred people blocking streets and attacking police . (Take a look-out of how they will report today’s El-Quds /Hezbolla march)

  310. Shall the poorly educated Slav throw in his halfpenny worth of take on the Melanie’s piece?

    She’s both right and wrong, he reckons, right for castigating the feminists, wrong for raising her whip at the crowd that chased to boys in the blue down a London street.

    In the former, the wimmin were attempting to restrict the man’s right to (wait for it) ‘think what he likes, say what he thinks’. It’s fully his prerogative to think (and say) that the Hollywood guy is innocent even if found guilty. The same applies if Weinstein were to be found innocent, the man thought he was guilty.

    In the Tommy’s case, the demonstration was doing just the opposite, demanding that Tommy is allowed to ‘think what …’.

    The law is on Melanie’s side, of course, but-man made statutes don’t always deliver justice. More to the point, it feels that the British ‘let right be done’ doesn’t fit the case in the slightest. If it did, Tommy would be free, the House would reconsider the statute that got him sent down.

    Melanie conflates the former with the latter, which is a pity because the difference applies to other cases.

    If a conservative doesn’t like a man saying stuff he dislikes he doesn’t listen to him, a progressive will demand to have the man silenced i.e. our former case above.

    If a conservative is a non-believer he doesn’t go to church, a progressive would insist the church is closed.

    If a conservative doesn’t approve of guns he doesn’t buy one, a progressive will lobby for guns to be banned.

    Baron could carry on, but you get the drift, no?

  311. Radford NG @ June 10th, 2018 – 13:48

    The pedlars of fake news, Radford, that shouldn’t surprise you.

  312. Clear Memories @ June 10th, 2018 – 11:18

    It’s what’s pumped into people that determines their behaviour, Clear Memories, and it’s hard to blame them for it. They may not like what they’re doing (some of them anyway), but they have no choice.

    This is not lecturing you, apologies if it feels like it, merely re-stating what Baron has said before when we were debating tyrannical societies i.e. communism. Some in such circumstances voluntarily submit, go further, take initiative, some do so only because they want to avoid ‘punishment’ (say) a loss of a job, the inability of one’s kids to get on to higher education or whatever.

  313. Frank P @ June 10th, 2018 – 10:10

    How do you know, Frank, that the retreating lines of police were not done for a purpose? It’s a fantastic copy for those who want to show how a Tommy’s inspired mob treats the agents of the law who want nothing but ‘to serve and protect’.

    One can see the Tommy phenomenum also as a reaction to a style of policing that had no place in the ‘barbaric’ Britain of the past.

    That would not be strictly true though, Baron can recall the police behaviour during the miners’ strike, before the war there also were bloody skirmishes between the Mosley’s demonstrators and the police. Going further back (say) to the middle of the 19th century when the chartist movement was going strong, the unpleasantness of the clashes wasn’t any better than today.

  314. Canadian Liberals all but wiped-out in Ontario provincial election by Progressive Conservatives.

  315. Clear Memories @ June 10th, 2018 – 02:25

    Good lament, Clear Memories, enjoyable to read, too, and thanks for mentioning the global warming, that’s what irks the barbarian.

    Where TF is the global warming? It’s more likely that those with high melanin content in their skins will turn white unless the sun appears.

    The temperatures yesterday, close to mid-June, were merely in double figures, for anyone feeling the breeze it was near freezing, certainly in Swaffham where Baron visited. A warm high neck sweater, a scarf, and a hat were all a must to keep warm.
    Let’s hope the Donald doesn’t give in to the ecochondriacs.

  316. Radford NG @ June 10th, 2018 – 14:49

    Nice to hear it, Radford, but regretfully Ontario’s pretty far from this island.

  317. Since Baron solicited no reaction to his posting the OffGuardian link, here’s something that you may enjoy more, the omni-all one is having a go at Peter Hitchens again, the best is the part where Babchenko describes his ordeal of faking his own death (he did so voluntarily, so why the crying?), and also the three informative responses to the piece.

  318. This is quite short, it shows the ‘evil’ Putin loving Russians helping to find the remnants of a USAF bomber shot in the early fifties during the Korean war:

  319. Baron – 14:40

    “Baron can recall…”

    You were there at the time?

    Baron – 15:10

    That was nearly a week ago! I remember feeling quite disappointed at the time as he’s gone nearly a full week without mentioning Putin. He posted this response to an enquiry on his latest “Pretty girls” blog post…

    Thank you very much. But there isn’t much of a debate I’m afraid. Hitchens wrote to me once, demanding I show the smoking gun on any of Putin’s murders. That’s kind of difficult to do, I wrote back, considering that these cases are never investigated in good faith in Russia, and usually not at all. But of dozens of journalists critical of Putin get killed, one can discern a pattern, couldn’t one. Anyway I offered to debate him on Putin’s Russia before any audience this side of the Russian Embassy. He never wrote back. Wise man.

    I don’t suppose that Hitchens minor fancied going up against the fugitve emigré and “The Bishop of Bath and Wells” who would have undoubtedly have been “moderating.”

  320. Baron – 14:49

    it’s no doubt a “‘righteous judgement upon ye” all… down there.

    Up here, North of Noa-argh, we’ve been sweltering and have had no meaningful rain for weeks!

  321. No, EC, the poorly edu Slav wasn’t there, but he followed it closely because of professional sympathy with the boys, Baron was a miner himself twice (the fugging software keeps changing the ‘miner’ to ‘loner’, close but not really it, is it), he must have told you, he tells everyone ready to be bored, but also because he believed then (does still) that we could get the cheapest fossil fuel here at home, the country has enough coal reserves to last her centuries. Why buy Russian gas, which we did when we got into shite last Winter, which is not only paid for in dollars, but makes us dependent on Putin.

    Btw, Baron will tell you one day about the murders Mr. Boot assigns to Vlad, except for one all got investigated, not one has anything to do with the Kremlin, the Ukrainian blogger Tolya Sharij did the same few weeks ago, Baron should have kept the video, didn’t, it’s useless in Russian, it would not convince anyone who doesn’t want to be convinced anyway.

    One should have no doubt the Russian Security Services are not only able, but quite willing to dispose of anyone they’re told to disappear from this world, but the job’s done professionally, the coroner verdict is ‘by natural death’, none of the amateurish, botched up job like the Skripals.

    Btw, the barbarian has learnt that Nemtsov was offered protection by the FSB, refused, rightly many may think because they would have spied on him, but then he may have been alive today had he accepted, no?

  322. And this, EC, because it made Baron chuckle: Your comparing the cleric who keeps an eye on Mr. Boot to the “The Bishop of Bath and Wells”. Spot on, he even looks like the monster.

  323. Frank P
    June 10th, 2018 – 10:26

    I entirely agree with you that Canada is a basket case of Liberalism and I agree with what you say about President Trump too.

    But none of that has anything to do with the very grave Tommy Robinson business.

    I suggest that we would all be more wisely employed putting put our minds to the fact that Britain has got to a point where elements of the judicial system and the Police have been brazenly misused.

    The frightening thing is that those elements appear to have acted entirely willingly. In other words they have been subverted.

    It makes me wonder – what next? Has the Army been similarly subverted?

  324. You may not want to read it, it’s penned by Nick Cohen, who has also a large feature in today’s Observer (Baron’s told, he does;t buy the rag) on the evils of Putin’s Russia, it’s a series that MSM are running everywhere to celebrate the opening of the Cup. Baron posts it here because of our earlier chat about the piece by Melanie.

    Can you also read the postings below it?

  325. Frank P
    As I recollect in 1940, the Liberal inclined UK, not content with having declared war on Germany, was also contemplating having a go at Good old Uncle Joe because of his invasion of Finland.
    We were prevented from that insanity only by the logicistical difficulties of sending troops and supplies to Finland until the inconvenient Molotov-Ribbentrop pact was discarded by Adolph, a week or two before Stalin was planning to do the same, according to Mr Boot that knowledge source of all things Russian.
    So our enemy’s enemy was also still our enemy, until he became our ‘friend’.

  326. Clear Memories
    June 10th, 2018 – 02:25

    “In other news, the government are worried about Climate Change because when everyone has turned brown, the Police won’t know who to harass.”

    Congratulations – that’s the best laugh I’ve had for months,

    Baron –

    Would you say that the above has an especially Russian character? I have the feeling that it’s the kind of humour that was widespread in the old Soviet Union. That seems to me to be significant in itself?

  327. “A large crowd gathered in central London, where right-wing Dutch politician Geert Wilders appeared to support Robinson.

    “So, Downing Street is just around the corner, so maybe once again, as loud as possible as we can, let them hear our message: Free Tommy Robinson!” he said.”

    I probably should heed Navalny and not quote this source:

  328. Marshal Roberts 18.32

    It”s reflective of the almost soviet uniformity of Parlamentary politics that not one MP from either party was prepared to challenge the consensus view that TR was justly imprisoned. Once Jeremy Corby could have been depended on to turn up with Rentamob to support any minority interest. Of course the racist white working class don’t fit the Labour Play book so there’s no likelihood of that happening, any more than Mrs May appearing on the steps of No 10 with a pardon in her left hand and notice of a judicial system Review in the right.
    It has taken the previously banned leader of the Dutch Opposition to speak out on behalf of an imprisoned British subject.

  329. Noa
    June 10th, 2018 – 18:59

    Well said. Indeed I incline also to say that it’s a sign that mindset of the long-standing, snobbish English class system class till lingers on.

    There are still those who who view people who live in places like Luton and Rotherham as “common” and feel that is natural that working-class girls who speak English like Tommy Robinson should have a social status similar to India’s lowest caste of Untouchables.

    It would not surprise me if the most nastily snobbish assume that working class girls not only like being groomed, but deserve to be raped.

  330. Herbert Tbornton
    Thank you.
    I think you make a very good point. The class system I’d very much alive and kicking in the UK. Indeed no E glishman can open his mouth without another sticking his foot in It.
    Coincidentally I just came upon this post on the very same subject by the irascible, irrepressible Godfrey Bloom.

  331. Continued.
    However I take issue with his conclusion that the aristocracy would provide effective leadership. The lamentable example of the current Duke of Westminster, who has led the Remain campaign by tabling several of the wrecking amendments in the Lords, is a case in point.

  332. Correction.
    For Duke of Westminster read Duke of Wellington, who as the descendent of the Iron Duke fills Godfreys description of privileged Aristocracy to a Tee.

  333. Melanie’s comparison of Mr. Robinson’s supporters with the Me Too movement:

    All well constructed edifices occasionally have the odd duff brick, probably missed in haste in the urge to complete an already prolific output. I forgive her the lapse. She has enough credit in the reputational bank to negate a peccadillo.

  334. The Mekon v. Dan Dare

    There must be at least one other Wallster who was a fan of The Eagle in their boyhood.

    They should be informed that CNN on increasingly frequent occasions has taken to inviting the Mekon from the CFR where he had taken up residence as a Treen propagandist, after early training by the Soviets, to provide verbal assaults on Dan Dare, which sometimes seem motivated by a search for personal revenge and are as counter-productive as in the Eagle – which appeared every Friday if I remember correctly….

  335. Noa and Herbert Thornton
    June 10th – 18:59 and 20:14

    Yes, and I noticed that most of those demonstrating in England recently in support of Mr. Robinson seem to be drawn from the working class.

    Where are the middle classes? I understand that in the USA until November 2016 they were being dismantled. Have they disappeared from Englland or just lost their will?

    It was not until the middle class in the USA joined the anti-Vietnam War demonstrations that the American folly could be reversed – at the loss of course of vast profits from CIA drug-trafficking and globalist war materiel. The vacuum was filled by hot air – and poppy fields and wars were provided elsewhere, in Afghanistan for instance. This may now be coming to an end.

    Could this be a reason why President Trump is so vilified by the legacy media – and the Mekon?

  336. I’ve noticed that more than one person has asserted that Tommy Robinson must be guilty – and the reason they give is that he himself pleaded guilty.

    I cannot see why that kind of reasoning should carry much weight. How could those people possibly know that Tommy pleaded guilty because he himself believed it?

    It makes me ask – did Tommy plead guilty because he feared for his life? Did the Police tell him that unless he pleaded guilty, he would be incarcerated in contact with other prisoners who were Muslims?

  337. Noa – 23:03

    Good one. Straight bat, speaks common sense.
    “Telestocracy” – that a new one on me. Brilliant, must nick it.

    BTW, have you penned any articles for the GP blog? You should.

  338. In another coincidental coalescence of ideas I came across this Spiked post on the failure of Labour to address working class issues.
    Of course there no longer is a working class, they were demobbed in 1945; dispersed, depersonalised and de-familised.

  339. EC- 08:14

    Second thoughts…
    Godders’ epithet has got bad connotations as far as the CHW is concerned.

  340. Noa,

    Re: “Hard working families”, “Broken Britain”, “We’re all in this together,” “Northern Powerhouse” etc. etc. etc.

    Please define “working class”, not the fossilised Marxist definition please.

  341. EC

    Tee Hee!
    Don’t expect me to redefine Marxist doctrine in Burkean terms! You can practice that yourself a good exercise for the more idle amongst us
    Furedi’s basic point is bang on though. Labour deserted the Working class in 1945 by becoming the Sociology party. The two cheeks of the same political arse formed in John Osborne ‘White Tile’ universities. Peters Osborne and Hitchens describe the synergysing of the political ass in their better work. The Cameron Delusion summarises it well.
    What’s the solution? Constitutional change is needed. Perhaps an ommons and upper chamber on a FPTP basis would produce Italy type change
    But, as we’ve noted many times before, the turkeys won’t be voting for our Thanksgiving, if not their own, any time soon.

  342. The English Democrats

    A second video by the personable ex-policeman, John Botting, giving his view of the demonstration in support of Tommy Robinson which centred on Trafalgar Square at the weekend.

  343. Noa – 10:52

    IDLE? I’ll have you know that I’ve got a long list of jobs to get on with, and that my visits here only chronicle my attempts to avoid doing them. 😉

  344. Great investigative journalism:

    But the underlying impunity of official and political dereliction of duty from parochial to the highest level of central goverment and bureaucracy is surely an indication that incompetence is perhaps the worst form of corruption as it leads to the iniquity of all its other forms.

    Marc Sigworth’s exposé of the sorry state of the prison service on ITV tonight was also a chilling example of the imminent breakdown of government in the UK. In this context, just take a look at the list of Home Secretaries for the past half century:

    Therein lies the problem. Incompetence incarnate – wankers all!


    Report the truth – go to prison for 13 months. Try to smuggle illegal drugs into the UK, invited to the Home Office for tea and bikkies! Something seriously screwed in the UK’s psyche.

  346. Singapore Summit

    See QAnon posts 1450 and 1451.

  347. I don’t know whether this will persuade anyone have a change of mind, but here’s hoping –

  348. Donald Trump pulled off a bravissimo performance today. The UK press went into paroxysmal fits of sour grapes and then changed the subject to Brexit. Or rather Nexit.

    The thin end of the wedge has been achieved – no politician has previously gotten even close to beginning a process that could ultimately lead to improvements in the Korean peninsular. Whether it succeeds remains to be seen. But nothing can ever succeed unless proceedings are commenced. Trump has kick started that process. The MSM hatred of Trump will be ramped up concomitantly and exponentially. He is both cunning and articulate enough to use that to advantage.

    The UK government (including its propagada agencies within the media) are on the wrong side of history. I wish him luck. Sadly, I won’t be around long enough to witness the outcome, whichever way the ball drops.

  349. Noa
    June 11th, 2018 – 10:52

    “an ommons” Sounds ominous!

  350. Frank P
    June 12th, 2018 – 10:58

    Apropos Trump, Kim and the MSM I wonder if the MSM et al are going to paint Trump as a power-hungry monster, in league with China’s President Xi?

    What if they can unearth some off-the-cuff remark by Trump saying something favourable about Tommy?

  351. Another vigorous view from Mark Steyn about Tommy –

  352. Noa,

    If you have an idle moment… 🙂
    Here’s the latest from the lunatic asylum that is the UK:

    A reprise of this case, I know, but definitely a match for the BOBAW, methinks…

    “A drug-crazed chaplain who stormed into a bank and punched two female members of staff was spared jail.”

  353. EC 20.05

    Good of you to spare the time to drop by.. 😉

    Reviewed in combination with Frank P’s prison documentary, the prospect of running into the clergy down at the bank adds a tremendous spice to modern life, not to mention mamba and whatever else might be carried by mule or drone.

  354. Ahhhhh!
    I see, blood!
    It’s society and them screws what’s to blame innit, that and the cockroaches and the blocked bogs…
    Thankfully I’m now back on message.
    Because the purpose of prison is “helping prisoners lead law-abiding and useful lives, both while they are in prison and after they are released.”

  355. EC
    June 12th, 2018 – 20:05

    Does this mean that we are going to see a revival of the right of Benefit of Clergy?

  356. Noa
    June 12th, 2018 – 21:29

    Taki has the gift of writing appealingly and persuasively but I have an uneasy feeling that this time his logic has a rather strong whiff about it of Post hoc ergo propter hoc.

    Some people might argue simply that our society has been weakened by False Gods/ False Ideologies spread by wicked men – who – to use Gordon Brown as an example – have been determined – as he put it to – “rub our noses in it” – the grooming and raping and so forth, not to mention the brazen, arbitrary arrest of Tommy Robinson – essentially for the crime of being a decent and moral man and unforgivably “common”.

  357. Noa (21:29)

    Thanks for that Taki link, not so much for the article you cited, but because it drew my attention to this eariier piece by the incomparable Dalrymple:

  358. The Russians have come! The Russians have come!

    You have to laugh, don’t you! Bwohahaha!

  359. Herbert Thornton
    June 12th – 16:37

    Yes, what oft was thought, but ne’er so well expressed.

  360. ‘The British Police Farce & Why More Police AREN’T Needed’

  361. Melanie’s cautious optimism over the Singapore show. As ever she daces delicately between hope and expectation.

  362. THIS IS YUGE!

    Korean and Iranian Peace Initiatives and Trade Negotiations in Perspective. Long it may be, but I would recommend that you set aside just over an hour to watch this interview of former orthopaedic surgeon, Dave Jana, by Greg Hunter.

    And who has violated the US Espionage Act?

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRESIDENT TRUMP! June 14th part of the US Inspector General’s Report is scheduled for publication.

    Footnote: Has Theresa May been benfiting personally from the money laundering through Iran? Let’s insist she be audited.

  363. Berlin 1928 / London 2018.

    There is a Parliamentary Bi-election in Lewisham East tomorrow (Thur.).The UKIP candidate is David Kurten .

    There was a `meet the candidates` meeting on Tuesday evening. The Labour candidate refused to share a platform with `racists`and the Conservative had prior commitments (!).

    The meeting was beset by thugs and closed down by the police.

    You might want to click on `youtube` when it comes to the video.

  364. Like the gadarene Swine, the political class is stampeding towards perdition. I do not object to that but the bastards are hell bent on taking us with them.

  365. Was the arrest and jailing of Tommy Robinson – all completed within a few short hours – effected by means of a criminal conspiracy to pervert justice?

    That is no doubt a very awkward question because it would mean that the conspirators themselves would be criminals (assuming that conspiracy is still a crime) but does not the awkwardness of the question make it even more necessary that it be honestly addressed and investigated?

    I am asking that because this – it appears to me – points very seriously and frighteningly in that direction –

  366. After doing some research, I see that the Common Law crime of Conspiracy was very much emasculated by the The Criminal Law Act 1977. It makes me think that the then Labour Government’s instructions to Parliamentary Counsel could well have read something like this –

    “The Common Law concerning Conspiracy is too subjective. The criterion that an element of a Conspiracy is the doing of something that is Contrary to the Public Interest is now out of date. The law of Conspiracy needs to be updated, replaced and clarified by statute and Counsel is directed to draft legislation that uses more specific criteria.

    It must in particular ensure that so far as possible, the Legislative, Administrative and Judicial branches of government and all persons holding office in, or connected to those branches, will be enabled to implement government policies, protected from undesirable prosecutions that may be aimed at obstructing them.”

    The result – foreseen or not – is that citizens’ fundamental Human Rights including the right to both fair trial and natural justice became curtailed and can be denied. Apparatchiks have now brazenly ensured that this has now actually happened to Tommy Robinson.

    He has been grossly wronged and if the perpetrators cannot be prosecuted, Tommy certainly ought to be entitled to be awarded damages against them by way of a civil lawsuit.

    In any case the situation should make all U.K. residents apprehensive indeed.

  367. stephen maybery
    June 13th – 14:59

    ‘Like the gadarene Swine, the political class is stampeding towards perdition….’

    Or sedition….

  368. Has Tommy Robinson been seen by any member of the public, or indeed by a solicitor, since his arrest on 25th May?

    A petition for a writ of habeas corpus would probably fail on the ground that Robinson has already been adjudged by a court and that his arrest and disappearance in Leeds was not arbitrary and that he was now in good hands.

    Might be worth a shot though and might provide the stimulus for a review of the Habeas Corpus Acts and a call for their consolidation and reinforcement.

    While we were at it, we might consider strengthening the Bill of Rights, for instance by reintroducing original elements and principles more strongly entrenched in amendments to that other piece of Anglosphere legislation, the US Constitution.

    And wasn’t it Tony Blair who was behind the amendment to the legal definition of treason, so making life easier for traitors to thrive? Time for things to revolve back to where they were?

    These are mere ruminations over a morning cup of tea.

    Herbert Thornton however appears to be in serious research mode, so perhaps he might be willing to provide a more authoritative comment on these matters?

    The Mekon seems to be appearing more frequently as a propagandist on CNN.

  370. Malfleur
    June 14th, 2018 – 01:44

    I’d very much like to be able to do that, but I don’t have access to the facilities that would be necessary, nor any comprehensive memory of really major changes in the law since I retired a quarter century ago – or for that matter, that happened even earlier. So I’m left to think in general principles – and as you’ve seen over the matter of Conspiracy Law I was behind the times until I vaguely recalled that it had been very much weakened.

    In that context thanks for mentioning something similar that I’d completely forgotten – i.e. that politicians had also very much watered down the definition of Treason. I agree with you that their motive for doing it was self-serving. It was very much akin to Treason in itself.

    The suggestions in your posting for undoing the damage that has been done are good, but I can’t see any of them being adopted by the current Establishment.

  371. I like prayingmedic and his calm analysis of QAnon posts. The following, dated June 13th, is particularly rich in information and insights.

    I think that the swamp creatures will get their comeuppance. Will this go beyond the United States? Will swamp animals in England be exposed and punished?

    Is the current Establishment to which Herbert Thornton refers above due for a shake-up? “We’ll see. Time will tell.”

  372. Tommy Robinson was moved on 12 June . This is from a report by Caolan Robertson via Alex Jones ( at 14:33 ) .

    My message to them is : Calm down,dear : it’s only Northamptonshire. He has been moved to HMP Olney in the Barby district of Northants. ; a Category C prison for the East Midlands some 60 or 70 miles from his home.

  373. …and 71% moslem apparently….

  374. My fading memory of English criminal law is saying to me that if you pour petrol through the letterbox of a house where a family is asleep upstairs and for whatever reason the petrol catches fire and the sleeping family is burned to death or asphyxiated, you are guilty of murder whether you willed the deaths or not – a fortiori if you did.

    Who poured the petrol in the Tommy Robinson affair?

  375. A wonderful piece of whimsy just uploaded to YouTube by Godders Bloom

    “The Brexit Train”

    Many a true word!

  376. Malfleur
    June 14th, 2018 – 09:18

    Who poured the petrol in the Tommy Robinson affair? Well, people who refuse to see the wood because there are so many trees in the way will all chorus – “Why? Tommy himself of course, by pleading guilty!”

    That line of reasoning makes me ask – “Did Tommy also agree to the advance reservation for him of accommodation in the prison? Did he also agree that his “trial” should last only a few minutes because it would otherwise delay his reaching the prison and make him late for his afternoon tea? And did he heartily agree with the judicial order suppressing news about it all because it would breach his right to privacy and because he believed that secret trials are a Good Thing?”

    So who did organise the plot to pour the petrol? I don’t know, other than to believe that it must have been one or more people higher in the hierarchy of responsibility than the policemen we saw in the videos who willingly took the stopper off the petrol can.

  377. Away from the penal system the future of Britain is under fierce scrutiny and direction from Parliament.

    Or is it?

    Another fulminating Yorkshireman on the Brexit train crash.

  378. Two cautionary notes to the FITBA fans amongst us ,not to expect too much from the England team over the next two weeks. [it will only be two]

    Both video comments on England’s last competition outing when they got dumped out Euro2016 by Iceland!

  379. Aeeend… here’s what a pro thought of it on the night…

  380. EC

    England (FA) need to seek appropriate specialist advice (like England RU), in order to deal with the problems that have cursed and bedevilled them.
    These may require solutions at spiritual rather than temporal level.

    Still, the remedy hasn’t kicked yet in South Africa. Maybe they have stronger juju there.

  381. Lewisham East Bi-election ( 33% Turn out ).

    Lab 50% (-17)
    L/D 24+%(+20)
    Con 14+%(-8)
    UKIP 1.7%.

  382. Herbert Thornton

    Further insight into the British petroleum distribution industry.

    Ex Police Officer turns Whisleblower on Child Sex Abuse in UK

  383. Noa, June 14th, 2018 – 23:17

    Indeed a Witch Doctor, of sorts, might do the trick! The FA need to appoint an England manager that they, the players and the opposition all fear of disappointing! Wallsters will know the suggestion that I’ve been making for at least the last two decades but alas the FA keep overlooking him.

    Don’t deny yourself this fluid rant, a masterpiece of analysis… and profanity – it’s only 7mins – by the perspicacious True Geordie

    Baron, this is TECOE, mate.

  384. EC 10.37

    Obviously a Brexiteer! I haven’t checked out whether his feelings are as strong about Doris, I suspect this likely lad would demonstrate even more fluency on her account…

  385. They say : “Tommy Robinson pleaded guilty”.

    “Ah!” Says I. ” Just like Bukharin! ”

    Nikolai Bukharin: shot 80 years ago ( 15 March; 1938 ).

    Reputedly his last message was : ” Koba,why do you need me to die? “.Said to have been found on J.V. Stalin’s desk after his own death.

  386. It’s the chope for this proposterous private member’s proposed legislation, and rightly so.
    If “upskirting” is to become a crime then so too should be “up-trousering”.

    After all, are we all not entitled to protection when we are trans-gendering on a Saturday night, like any respectable MP?

  387. Malfleur
    June 15th, 2018 – 07:16

    Radford NG
    June 15th, 2018 – 16:48

    The opinion that Tommy Robinson’s imprisonment is a great miscarriage of Justice seems to be spreading worldwide – these are just a couple of samples of it –

    Whether this opinion will become a great tide or even a tsunami remains to be seen, but one description of what has happened refers to Tommy’s being sent to Britain’s “Gulag”.

    It brings to mind National Anthem of France and the words “Contre nous de la tyrannie”.

    Britain’s prison system has now been turned into Britain’s very own version of the Bastille.

  388. Herbert Thornton June 15th, 2018 – 18:04
    “…Britain’s prison system has now been turned into Britain’s very own version of the Bastille.”

    And our judicial system has revived the Court of Star Chamber.

  389. I’m currently re-reading George Orwell’s brilliant and challenging essay on Nationalism. It still rings true, with qualifications.
    A former anarchist and socialist, but perhaps most importantly, a patriot.
    “By ’patriotism’ I mean devotion to a particular place and a particular way of life, which one believes to be the best in the world but has no wish to force on other people. Patriotism is of its nature defensive, both militarily and culturally. Nationalism, on the other hand, is inseparable from the desire for power. The abiding purpose of every nationalist is to secure more power and more prestige, Not for himself but for the nation or other unit in which he has chosen to sink his own individuality.”

  390. Tommy Robinson.

    For the latest news:if you have access to Facebook put into their `Search`the name Tommy Robinson.

    Tommy is at HMP Onley ( Northants.) which has 33% muslim prisoners . He has been locked-up 23 hours a day in a punishment cell by the wing-officers for his own protection,apparently against the wish of the Prison Governor who told him he was in under the name of Lennon so nobody would know who he was. Allegedly the warnings in his prison file that he should be put in top security have been removed .

    ( Otherwise , what Caolan Robertson reported on the Alec Jones Show is true.)

  391. Above :

    Alec Jones Show : starting from 14.33

  392. One would have thought that by now the arguments for freedom of thought, speech, communication and assembly, having been rehearsed and proven time and again over several centuries, were unassailable.
    Sadly this isn’t so and once again we find ourselves having to defend the most basic tents of our civilisation.

  393. ‘Nigel Farage on ‘ludicrous’ Brexit plans and what Tommy Robinson petition says about UK | ITV News’

  394. Noa
    June 15th, 2018 – 19:54

    True, alas, as was you reference to the Star Chamber.

    I understand (being a lapsed Christian who inclines towards Buddhism) that what I say next may sound blasphemous. If so, I apologise to them for it. The very uncomfortable question occurs to me to ask whether proceedings and treatment of Tommy Robinson and the people involved in it are can be thought of as a modern parallel to Pontius Pilate and the Establishment mob of the time who demanded that Jesus be crucified.

    The parallel is of course not exact because for one thing Pontius Pilate was, as I recall, not disposed in advance to order the crucifixion – rather the opposite.

    And if anybody says “How on earth can you equate Tommy Robinson to Jesus?” I suggest that they both annoyed the Establishment, as when Jesus accused the moneylenders of turning the House of God into a Den of Thieves.

    Looking at it all from a different perspective, I am also reminded of the centuries old power of Judges to further develop – i.e. introduce innovations to – the Common Law. The great Lord Denning was not reluctant to do this, and on at least one occasion was rebuked by an appeal Judge for doing it.

    It was some time later that I was present at a speech given by Lord Denning. He alluded to it and I was very much impressed by what he said. He pointed out that when he was appointed as a Judge he took and oath that included the words “I WILL DO RIGHT”. In other words it is the sworn duty of a Judge to do right.

    Did the Judge who sentenced Tommy Robinson do right? A great many people believe that he didn’t.

  395. Raheem Kassam on why people should support the free TR campaign.

  396. Herbert Thornton @ 21:23

    A couple of “doctrinal” comments:

    1. Comparing Robinson with Jesus? An important purpose of Christianity is surely that the ordinary man be compared to and measure himself against Jesus of Nazareth? That Jesus of Nazareth was born to go through the joys and sufferings of life, including the battle against the rulers of the darkness of this world, so that He might better understand and have empathy for humanity?

    2. Innovation is a permanent feature of English law? Yes, wasn’t the Court of Equity, the conscience of the King, developed out of a sense that the Common Law often made for “hard cases” and needed to be tempered by the concept and rules of equity?

  397. Malfleur
    June 15th, 2018 – 22:39

    Your comment #1. Interesting, but I have the impression that Christian doctrine ascribes perfection to God. That seems to me to be inconsistent with the idea that God wanted to gain a better understanding.

    If HE or THEY (i.e. F.S. and H.G.) are the essence of perfection, then how can there be any need to understand better than HE/THEY already do? It seems more rational to believe HE/THEY wanted to teach humanity something?

    So far as the idea that we are all born to go through (inter alia) the “sufferings of life” – that seems to me to have a ring of fatalism about it. Which is the greater virtue – to submit or rebel? I think the greater one is to rebel – which is what Tommy Robinson has done – and for which he is now quite possibly in danger of being murdered.

    Your comment #2. Yes indeed. If I recall correctly, the Courts of Equity were separate institutions from the Courts of Common Law until some time in the 19th century when the two were merged. Some people viewed that as an actual merger of the Common Law itself with Equity, but that was often denied and it was asserted that the Courts simply administered both systems – i.e. both Law and Conscience. However I think that most lawyers believe that for all practical purposes there has was an actual merger of the two.

    It can be argued I should think, that in Tommy’s case, the element of conscience was conspicuous by it’s absence?

  398. From TR’s Facebook post

    “Tommy was at HMP Hull in a secure and safe wing of that prison with no Muslims on his particular wing. A decision was made from the top to ghost him in the night from from Hull to HMP Onley where 1 in 3 inmates are Muslim. The Prison inspector himself stated that Olney prison is unsafe for inmates.
    All the information in his file that mentioned that he was a high-risk prisoner had been removed and he was being put onto I wing in the prison which we are led to believe is the only wing with no cameras! When Tommy protested that his life would be in danger the response from the Governor was ‘Your name is downs as Lennon on the prison system, so you will be fine as no one will know who you are!
    The inmates had apparently been informed by the prison imam that he was being transferred the day prior. How did the imam know?
    The first night Tommy was housed next to a Muslim inmate who spent the entire night smashing things at the wall telling him that he will murder him in the morning.
    The only reason he was not seriously injured, or worst was that one officer decided to go against the orders from above and took him from his cell to the punishment block for his own protection.
    Tommy is now being treated as a punished prisoner which is supposed to be a short term measure, Isolation for more than 30 days can have serious impacts on your mental health.
    Normal Prisoner routine at Onley
    Out of their cell between 8am-6pm
    Playing sport
    Social Time
    Tommy’s Routine they have forced on him in the punishment block
    Locked up 23.5 hours a day in complete isolation
    Allowed into a cage for 30 mins fresh air per day
    Cell just consists of a single blue mat on the floor
    They are now telling him for his first visit with his children it will be a closed visit which means Tommy will have see his children through a glass screen. He is being treated like Hannibal Lecter for reporting on a gang rape trial.
    Tommy also had a video link legal visit booked at Hull on Friday to discuss his appeal with his legal team. They moved him to Onley which does not have video link facility, so he could not meet with his legal team to progress his appeal.
    Why was he moved from the safety of Hull where he had a normal prisoner regime into a prison that the prisons inspector himself has said is one of the most violent and unsafe prisons in the country with the largest Muslim population in all of the Midlands?”

  399. Noa

    Britain needs a military coup plus a new Cromwell to act as a temporary Viceroy. Fat chance though.

    But if some manufacturer were to float a company to manufacture guillotines, I’d be very tempted to to buy a few shares in it. Combining business with pleasure, eh?

  400. “See not, hear not, speak not evil.”? If ever there was a combination of the three monkeys plus complete hypocrisy and indifference to the fate of a fellow countryman is not this an especially sickening example of it? –

  401. Herbert Thornton
    20,000 turn out for Tommy; 140,000 turn out for Allah

  402. Will the migration disaster result in Frau Merkel’s departure on Monday? The post below spells out the situation as the government coalition splits and the options.

  403. Meanwhile Richard North has explored the massive, adverse consequences of Brexit on the UK and European aviation industries.

    “…Brexit is akin to dropping a huge rock into the aviation industry, causing a shockwave of tsunami proportions, the potential consequences of which have not yet come to be appreciated. And, because our international aviation agreements are wrapped up with the EU, it will have global impact.”

  404. postergirl
    June 16th, 2018 – 17:28

    Your post refers to two turnouts, one larger than the other, but actually links only to the bigger one. I don’t understand – am I missing the point you are trying to make?

  405. postergirl
    June 16th, 2018 – 17:28

    Sorry for being slow – your points were (I assume) that the video of Theresa May speaking and the video about the Eid celebration  both serve only to distract attention from the far graver matter of the wide scale grooming and rape that is going on in Britain and from the facts –

    1. that it is not only being largely being ignored by the Establishment but also –

    2. that the Establishment have in effect made it a crime to draw attention to it and

    3. that the Establishment appears to be trying to bring about Tommy Robinson’s murder for the crime of drawing attention to it.

  406. Andrew Norfolk of The Times on breaking the story of the UK muslim nonce gangs.

  407. I’ve just come across this video by Tommy Robinson. I never imagined that it would ever have been possible to ask such questions with any seriousness but this seems to demand it –

    “Are the Establishment and the British Cabinet so completely mad that they are planning to create an entirely Muslim British Army?”

  408. Gunpowder, Treason and Jackpot

    It seems the highest members of the Obama administration, including Barry himself, were communicating and selling intel to foreign entities through the DRAFT box of Weiner’s private email account..

    This is the info redacted in the Inspector General’s Report as modified by the Attorney General RR!!!


    I don’t know what’s been happening in the United Kingdom in this regards, but in the USA the:

    ‘ Establishment Stole $50 Trillion & Want to Keep It’


    Breaking News

    The Government regret to find it necessary to point out that that Tommy Robinson’s Assange-type leak in the above video was both premature and misleading because it fails to present a comprehensive picture.

    In fact the reforms are considerably wider than the limited kinds of change that he implies.

    First it is vital that recruits be invited from University graduates. All of these have, while at university, enjoyed the right to have safe places. That right cannot be allowed to cease when they – or indeed any other person – is recruited into the armed services.

    Consequently, without exception, no military personnel will ever be placed in any kind of danger.

    Second, to ensure that the morale is maintained at the highest level, all members of the Armed Forces must feel not only pride in their membership but also enjoy symbolic recognition of the diverse natures of their pride.

    Consequently, new units called Brigades will be created.

    These will include, for example, The Lesbian Commandos Brigade, The Pink Gays Brigade, the Shia Muslim Brigade, the Sunni Muslim Brigade, and the Transgendered Brigade. The Government will welcome further suggestions for more names.

    Thirdly, recruits will of course be very carefully selected for their potential to develop a genuine military character, including the traditional requirement for smart appearance and behaviour at all times – i.e. Good Grooming.

    Consequentially, the outdated NAAFIs will be converted into Grooming Salons. These will be staffed by persons selected from recruits who have the most civilian life experience of Grooming in all its forms. The Government is resolutely determined to ensure that entire Armed forces will always be well Groomed.

    The Government hopes that this clarifies the situation. The Prime Minister, Home Secretary and Minister of Defence plan to issue a further (joint) video in the near future.

  411. “This charming man”
    A drunken Tom Watson, the Shadow Labour Party leader articulates the Labour line on Pommy Robinson, “c*nt”, ‘hope he dies in prison’ etc.

  412. Letter from Tommy Robinson read out –

  413. Fred’s got it about right, but wisely doesn’t say how will the next few years pan out:

  414. Noa & Herbert:

    Tommy should change his name legally to Alexei Navalny.

    It’s close to unbelievable what’s happening to this country, more so with the party of law and order in charge. Don;t the Tories realise that the more they suppress him the more people will back him, not perhaps directly by postings in his favour, but when the opportunity arrives e.g. during elections.

  415. Malfleur
    June 5th, 2018 – 15:31

    I was scrolling down and noticed your posting that read –

    “A Legal Analysis of Tommy Robinson’s Arrest and Sentencing

    I tried to read the Legal Analysis (which was contained in a Youtube video) a second time but found that I couldn’t. Instead a notice appeared saying – “This video has been removed by the user”.

    It makes me believe that user has been threatened. But who could have made the threat? Was it the Police? Was it a member of the Cabinet? Was it an Islamic extremist? Was it Judge Geoffrey Marson?

    Whoever it was, it can only be concluded that something both sinister and criminal is afoot.

    Unfortunately I did not keep a copy of it the first time I read it, and I cannot recall it’s contents.

    Has any Wallster got a copy of it?

  416. The facts discussed in this article have very little to do with the facts of Tommy Robinson’s abduction –


    but I am nonetheless drawing attention to it because it contains the two sentences in quotes below. I am typing the second sentence in capitals because it is so obvious to everybody that the proceedings that resulted in Tommy Robinson’s imprisonment were so hasty (not to mention kept secret) that his right to liberty cannot have been seriously considered – if at all.


    “‘This ruling is not just about compensation for false imprisonment. It sends a message that the Home Office is not above the law, and cannot hope to evade it by operating a secret policy of detention.


  417. How wide are a Judge’s powers?

    1. Probably the most obvious and fundamental thing that can be said about the powers of a Judge is that his powers are not unlimited.

    2. The second fundamental proposition (it seems to me) is that anything a Judge does that is outside his powers must, in law have no effect – i.e. be void, be a nullity, be contrary to law, be illegal.

    3. Proposition 2. can be illustrated by an example – one that so far as I know has never actually happened in an English court. Suppose a Judge, while hearing a case, takes it upon himself to order a court official or a policeman to strike an accused in the face with his fist and the official or policeman actually does that. Can it possibly be thought that such an instruction and fist striking would be lawful? Of course not.

    4. That leads to this proposition – that in such a circumstance the judge would have acted completely outside his powers, the court official or policeman would have acted unlawfully and all would be liable under the law for all the consequences. There would have been a criminal assault and the victim would have a right under civil law right to a substantial award of damages.

    5. So I ask – in all the strange and unprecedented circumstances of the abduction of Tommy Robinson, did the police and the officials involved act lawfully and in particular, did the judge have legitimate power to act as he did?

    I have grave doubts about it. I also think that it raises very serious Human Rights issues.

    What do Wallsters think?

  418. Herbert Thornton
    You raise very interesting points and I suspect that TRs legal team will be reviewing every aspect of the arrest and trial in order to determine the asis and scope of the appeal, including whether the judge acted ultra vires.
    No doubt the Crown will also be preparing for the appeal….

  419. Raheem Kassam gives an update on Tommy Robinson – and provides a means to send him an email in solitary….

  420. You may not enjoy what he says, but you cannot deny he says it wittily:

  421. My memory has just been jogged about the nature of the ancient Writ of Habeus Corpus, sometimes described as the greatest and most powerful writ of all.

    Habeus Corpus is so important to the preservation of liberty that when it is sought the courts have always dropped all other business in order to attend to it.

    It has become more and more clear that the way Tommy Robinson’s trial was conducted was so egregiously faulty that the Judge was acting outside his jurisdiction and powers. Consequently Tommy is now being unlawfully detained by the keeper of the prison and his superiors, including the Home Secretary.

    This is the very kind of circumstance that calls for the issue of a writ of Habeus Corpus so that the lawfulness of his detention can adjudicated on by an independent and impartial court.

  422. Sorry – “can BE adjudicated on”

  423. Sorry – a second time – “HABEAS Corpus”.

  424. Commons vote today

    Tory rebels “could collapse the government” if they vote against a Brexit deal negotiated with the EU, a leading rebel has said.

    Jeremy could be in Number 10 by weekend.

  425. I see that another thin blue line is in flight on the front line – the corrupt FBI leadership routed by the Constitution of the United States.

  426. Holiday Reading for Trolls – A tidbit for Stalin lovers

    In the article published on June 15th by the Financial Times on the work so far on the Complete Works of Karl Marx – 66 volumes so far, another 44 to go – the reviewer noted that “Several of [the editor]’s predecessors ended up in front of a Soviet firing squad after the Stalin regime grew alarmed at the project’s content and direction”.

  427. You sometimes don’t know whether to laugh or cry?

    Well this isn’t one of them. I’m laughing so hard that I think I’m going to have no choice in the matter. I’m going to keep on laughing so hard that it will make me cry because I won’t be able to help it. The most exquisite bit is about who will be giving away one of the new spouses –

  428. Malfleur 0515.
    Marx was a theorist, a romancer.
    This is why Lenin became so important.
    Lenin said that the “proletariat needs the state—this is repeated by all the opportunists, social-chauvinists and Kautskyists, who assure us that this is what Marx taught. They ‘forget’ however, to add that, in the first place, the proletariat, according to Marx, needs only a state which is withering away, i.e. a state which is so constituted that it begins to wither away immediately, and cannot but wither away; and secondly, the workers need ‘a state, i.e., the proletariat organised as the ruling class.’
    “The state is a special organisation of force; it is the organisation of violence for the suppression of some class. What class must the proletariat suppress? Naturally, the exploiting class only, i.e. the bourgeoisie. The toilers need the state only to overcome the resistance of the exploiters, and only the proletariat can direct this suppression and bring it to fulfilment, for the proletariat is the only class that is thoroughly revolutionary, the only class that can unite all the toilers and the exploited in the struggle against the bourgeoisie, in completely displacing it.” (State and Revolution, Lenin, Collected Works, page 168)

  429. Malfleur
    June 20th, 2018 – 05:15

    That’s especially amusing because the Troll will have to subscribe to the Financial Times to read it!

    If his reading of it results in his making less of a nuisance of himself from the confines of his own personal oubliette that will be a very good thing. No doubt his yapping will continue, but as Putin would say, the caravan will roll on.

  430. Tommy Robinson : where it began.

    Huddersfield Daily Examiner : 11 May 2017.
    Names and photos of defendants.

  431. Radford NG
    June 20th, 2018 – 18:05

    Thanks for posting that. It adds further weight – if any is needed – to the conclusion that Geoffrey Marson acted egregiously outside and beyond his legitimate powers as a judge.

    This too is of interest. I wonder whether Geoffrey Marson will respond to it?

  432. Mine at 18-05.

    Also The Sun : 11 May 2017.
    Names of defendants and photos of protesters.( Sex gang protest/Raging mob.)

  433. For some reason – I hope it was my own carelessness – the URL that I meant to post @19:25 did not appear –

  434. Nigel Farage makes his opposition sound like muppets – if that’s the word – and probably the best Prime Minister the country never had..

  435. Malfleur – 00:02

    It’s remarkable that he put up with all that crap for as long as he did.

  436. BBC QT: RIP Dhimmibleby

    Looks like Krusty Squawk is currently the favourite to fill the void.

  437. The anniversary Germany’s Night of the Long Knives is only a few days away, so this is a suitable time to draw attention to it.

    Just Google “Night of the Long Knives”.

    Matters in Britain have not got the that point yet, but am I paranoid to fear that the only moral differences between it and the Tommy Robinson case are that Tommy is certainly not a Nazi, bears no resemblance whatever to Ernst Röhm, and is not yet dead?

  438. Herbert Thornton,
    Tommy Robinson is not dead yet. Give ’em time Herbert, give ’em time. Do not forget the fate of David Kelly.

  439. In 2012, when the Rt Hon Dominic Grieve QC was Attorney General, he gave a speech to BPP Law School on the topic of Parliament and the Judiciary.

    One paragraph is especially significant. It reads –

    “And, in another distinct part of my role as guardian of the public interest, I have responsibility for bringing contempt of court proceedings. As part of this, I receive referrals from judges, the police and members of the public where it is thought that the conduct of some individual, company or organisation is prejudicing or impeding the fairness of court proceedings and the course of justice; and it is my responsibility to decide whether to bring an action to protect the court proceedings from such interference.”

    This raises a very important question – did Judge Geoffery Marson, on the day of Tommy Robinson’s abduction and before sending Tommy to prison, make any referral to the Attorney General?

    How could he have done so in such a short time frame? Did he usurp the function of the Attorney General?

  440. A speech by President Trump with comments by some of the families of victims of illegal aliens gives an insight into the character of the president:

    It is followed by the way with a clip of Melania Trump talking with officials responsible for children in detention who have been brought illegally to Texas by adults.

  441. …and that in turn, on my thread at least, is also followed by a recording of a meeting of President Trump with state governors which I found interesting.

    Are there any equivalents for the May administration…?

  442. Janice Atkinson (UK MEP) on Alex Jones Show

  443. Katie Hopkins, apparently in St. Petersburg, responds with some gusto to questions from a local lady journalist who gives the impression of having received training in the BBC school of journalism:


    Drain the UK swamp!

  445. TOMMY ROBINSON: An Englishman analyses (deconstructs? blows up?) the response of a Member Parliament to a letter from a constituent.

  446. My King Charles’ Head: Physical Gold & Silver

  447. The Englishman – Politico – comments on a BBC report on the Tommy Robinson scandal.

  448. Rebel Media reports that Tommy Robinson has filed an appeal against sentence.

  449. Has the British Justice system, by its treatment of Tommy Robinson, suddenly gone pervertedly (in all senses of the word) off the rails?

    That thought is frightening enough, but this seems to indicate Tommy is by no means its first and only victim –

  450. “Europe needs more mass migration from the Global South because it “enriches our cultures and societies”, according to Leo Varadkar, who announced he will import more asylum seekers to Ireland after meeting Hillary Clinton.”

  451. Now if we needed a reason to press on with a decisive Brexit.
    And to cast the Irish adrift, the Breitbart report is it.

  452. Frank P
    June 24th, 2018 – 02:49

    A soft coup d’etat? I’d rather like to see a coup, simply because of the schadenfreude it would produce, but in the current state of affairs we all need to be very careful indeed about what we wish for. Who would come out on top?

    What does “soft” mean? Does mean a coup with the backing of the Armed Forces sitting quietly in the shadows but with their fingers on their triggers? That makes me imagine the Police being ordered to arrest them all. It boggles the mind.

    And considering that the Police as a whole and most of the upper echelons of the Armed Forces have Pro-Islamic Political Correctness Disease THAT makes my mind boggle even more.

    Après nous le déluge?

  453. “….Does IT mean…..”

    I wish we could edit our posts.

  454. Frank P 0249:

    Gavin Williamson is a worm. Does he think for a moment that the Tories would bring down the Govenment at the crucial stage of Brexit and with Marxist McDonnell who would destroy defence waiting for just such opportunity.

  455. It is of course extremely unlikely to happen but does anybody agree that the most civilised way out of of the clutches of the swamp that Britain is trapped in at present would be via a newly elected House of Commons consisting solely of a United Kingdom Independence Party led by Nigel Farage and an EDL Party led by Tommy Robinson?

  456. I’ve been trying for several days to learn how to use Twitter. You must above all, be concise. Here’s my newest one –

    “A very harmful result of Tommy Robinson’s 13-month jailing is that its severity has damaged Britain’s Justice system by bringing it into world-wide disrepute.

    That is an obvious fact. Like it or not – the longer he is kept in prison the more the disrepute will grow.”

  457. Herbert Thornton,
    I agree with you 100% but as you said it will never happen. The result of the referendum has frightened the crap out of the nomenklatura and put them off democracy for at least the next fifty years, but we can still dream.

  458. Oh Canada!

    Reportedly Canada is replacing the maple leaf on its flag as of October 2018…

    I suppose that this goes some way to explain why the already blancmange brained Justin Trudeau has taken a turn for the worse and reportedly taken to wearing stick on eyebrows!

  459. Bwahahahahahahahaha!

    NB. Canada. This is what you get when the populace goes to pot.

  460. Here’s another product of Canada, Jordan Peterson, professor of clinical psychology, addressing the Oxford Union – quite interesting:

  461. Prof/Dr Jordan Peterson is the “jewel shining out of the camel’s arse” that is Justin Trudeau’s Canada!

  462. Malfleur
    June 25th, 2018 – 12:31

    June 25th, 2018 – 14:04

    WOW – breathtaking. I’ve watched half of the video (so far) and now my brain is so tired that I have to stop and watch the second half later.

    But something compels me to say this. Very soon after the video began, he spoke of the link between life and suffering. That, it seems, to me, exactly parallels the fundamental Buddhist proposition that suffering is an inherent part of life.

  463. @Herbert Thornton 25th, 00:37

    It’s a good discipline, something all too often absent from posts on this site.

  464. Another Tweet. –

    Whistleblowers are always hated by Establishments, but they often deserve to be very well rewarded. The sooner and louder the world hears from them about the circumstances surrounding Tommy Robinson’s abduction and imprisonment the better.

  465. Ostrich () – 14:28


  466. Herbert Thornton – 21:03

    What about Julian Assange then?

  467. EC
    June 26th, 2018 – 21:58

    The main difference between the two is that Julian Assange blew whistles on actual government secrets whereas Tommy Robinson blows his whistle not on secrets but on obvious facts.

    The main similarities between the two cases is that in both cases the Establishments want to keep things secret – and in trying to achieve that, have used, and are continuing to use, procedures that are defective and that have resulted in the imposition of unreasonable and grossly excessive punishments.

  468. Has Boot been dining in Salisbury’s Pizza joints? Let’s hope he makes a good recovery, the world needs more arrogant totalitarians.

  469. Noa – 23:18

    The chances of him doing a “Richard Kimble” avoiding Lt. Gerard depend very much on which NHS abattoir he was admitted to.

    To make it a truly national health service I think that home counties type bods should be bussed out to the outlying provinces to enjoy the Crimean conditions here. I’m sure that you’d pay him a visit with good vintage Pauillac if he was in Bogcaster?

    He’s not “short of a shilling” so he’s probably got private health insurance. Happy
    days, then.

  470. Herbert Thornton, June 26th, 2018 – 22:50

    I have no great liking for Assange. The chances of him doing a “Richard Kimble” by escaping from the Ecuadorian embassy are basically Fn(SQRT(FA)) . He’ll probably die in there.

    Incompetence all around at the top of gov’t/security services. Another Camoron triumph! The expedient thing to have done back in 2012 would have been to have had him spirited away to Switzerland, Zimbabwe, anywhere! The CIA could quite easily have grabbed him ( la Mossad/Mordechai Vanunu ) but they obviously they didn’t want to. Why juggle the USA’s hot potato for them?

  471. One doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Is the following snippet further evidence supporting the proposition that…

    1. That the UK has become a fascistic bureaucratic dystopia?
    2. Buyers of Electric / shitbox French cars not only drive like arseholes they are…
    3. Something else?

    Warning: 34,000 fined last year for not taxing vehicles which are FREE to tax.
    By Calum Mason, 26 June, 2018.

    Drivers paid over £500,000 in fines last year for not applying to tax vehicles which cost nothing to tax, data obtained by shows.

    Figures released under the Freedom of Information Act reveal that between April 2017 and April 2018 the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) issued 34,012 penalties to the registered keepers of ‘nil-rated’ vehicles – vehicles which don’t cost any money to tax.

    Although most motorists have to pay each year to tax their vehicles, for certain motors with no or low emissions, such as electric cars or Citroen C1s and Peugeot 107s registered pre-April 2017, you don’t have to pay anything. However if you plan to use one of these vehicles on the road you DO still have to apply to tax it – even if you pay nothing – to make sure it’s licensed.

    If you don’t, you risk being hit with a hefty penalty fine of up to £80, and you could even be taken to court if caught on the road. Over the last three years a total of 71,060 penalties have been issued to motorists for failing to tax nil-tax vehicles – and more than £1.1 million in fines has been paid.

  472. Apropos “saving the planet” type vehicular transportation…

    Apologies for the provenance of this article, but you wouldn’t expect the ecomentalist, lefty MSM to cover this story would you?

    “Teslas may produce as much CO2 as gasoline powered cars”

  473. EC
    June 27th, 2018 – 11:57

    I certainly agree with you about the expedient thing to have done about Assange in 2012.

    I often wonder whether Australia too could have been relied on to keep him safe: Assange is, after all, an Australian citizen and there was the precedent of Australia’s giving sanctuary to Peter Wright (who was not even Australian but British) and rebuffing Britain’s attempts to have him extradited on account of his book ‘Spycatcher’.

    Like Assange or not, I reckon that Britain no longer has any valid excuse for persisting with it’s charge against him. Britain ought to drop the charge. He’s been in what amounts to imprisonment for several years and surely that has been punishment enough? I believe that being compelled to stay there any longer amounts to cruel and unusual punishment.

  474. This time last year I was in an NHS hospital having an extremely nasty operation (10 days in) and after coming home, had the following;

    Daily visits by a district nurse for a month
    Weekly visits by a stoma nurse, for 2 months
    Colostomy bags delivered to my door by a medical supplies company
    Plus drugs for 5 or 6 different conditions also delivered to my door by the pharmacy
    Regular check ups at the GP practice
    Regular check ups at the outpatients to see the colo-rectal surgeon.

    All at absolutely no cost to me, although I must be costing the country a fortune as I will need the surgical supplies for the rest of my life.

    God bless the NHS !! I just hope they get the money they need.

  475. Lesley C., June 27th, 2018 – 17:12

    It all sounds first class in your neck of the woods. I am glad to hear that you got the treatment that you needed. Certainly from my own experience, and the anecdotal evidence of others, in some areas the NHS is absolutely marvellous, but in other areas it really ain’t that good at all. It’s very patchy.

    I hope that “they” can sort it out “in house” without pouring any more money into the coffers of sleazy scumbags like Richard Branson.

    Here’s Godders with a sensible chat on the subject:

  476. John birch
    June 27th, 2018 – 20:15
    Reprinted in the light of Tommy Robinson %

  477. Home » anti-White » The ‘Lancaster Plan’ — is it real?

    The ‘Lancaster Plan’ — is it real?
    Posted on August 15, 2016 by bonnyblue1607
    At Morgoth’s Review, a commenter links to a piece describing the idea of something called the Lancaster Plan, ostensibly something put together by the British government in conjunction with Islamic leaders. The source of this information is this piece at The New English Review.

    The writer describes a weekend party at a friend’s house, at which an acquaintance, apparently someone ‘in the know’, described how the government has a plan in place to avoid the kind of terrorism that has happened in France and other European locales.

    “He stated quite plainly that the situation in Britain would not be allowed to get out of hand as had happened, in his humble opinion, on the continent. What was more, he asserted, the British government had a Plan to keep the Muslim situation in the U.K. under control, and had had such a Plan in place since it was drawn up under the Blair Labour government back in 2005, after the bombings in London, when it had been known as the Lancaster Plan, named, he explained, after John of Gaunt who, although never king himself, sired the line of English Kings that came after him, kings who kept England together and at the forefront of world developments.

    […]It was simple, he informed us. The Lancaster Plan contained several different provisions that could be brought into play to defuse the threat of Islamic violence in the U.K.

    […]He informed us, with no special tone in his voice, just in a matter-of-fact way, that the first two provisions of the Lancaster Plan had already been activated and were proving to be successful. Further provisions could be activated when necessary and in that way Muslim violence in Britain could be contained or minimised, or maybe even staved off indefinitely if the plan came to be implemented in its entirety.

    […]He carefully explained to us the two stages that he’d just mentioned. The first stage was, so he said, the careful use of legislation to make any criticism of Islam, or Muslims, almost impossible. Many in government, he stated, were a little upset that in order to do that they had also made it legally very difficult to criticise other faiths such as Christianity or Hinduism, but their concerns about this had dissipated over recent years as it had become obvious that the police and the judiciary simply treated any criticism of a faith other than Islam, or criticism of a believer other than a Muslim, as being far less serious than criticism of Islam itself or of Muslims. The careful positioning by many NGOs, and left-wing thinkers, of criticism of Islam and Muslims as racist had not been entirely co-incidental either, so he averred, but had been initiated and encouraged by government officials in furtherance of the first stage of the Lancaster Plan.”

    The rest can be read at the link.

    Morgoth himself expresses disbelief of the story. It’s true that some anonymous person at a party is the source of the information, and that is hardly enough for us to accept it uncritically. And it’s sensible to have some healthy skepticism in this age of disinformation. I am not familiar with the writer of the piece who relays this information to us, and the anonymous source could be a disinfo agent. It does happen that ‘our’ governments deliberately sow disinformation both to demoralize us and to keep us confused. Disinformation has many possible uses.

    However, in this age of unprecedented levels of madness on the part of those supposedly ‘in charge’, it seems almost nothing is too bizarre to be true. Many of us still don’t accept that the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan is true, though we see enough evidence to make it believable. And this alleged Lancaster Plan sounds like the kind of collaboration and capitulation which we can see taking place in all Western countries.

    So can we say categorically that it isn’t true?

    We’ve all read the saying, “To learn who rules over you, find out whom you are not allowed to criticize.” There are a number of protected groups who are held to be immune to criticism, among them blacks, gays, and especially Jews. In fact, though, these groups are not equal in their immunity from criticism; for example people can and do criticize the first two groups without fearing arrest or prosecution, in most cases, but to question the Holocaust can bring arrest and/or prison time, if convicted, and has resulted in imprisonment in some European countries and Canada. But as of now, it is only the criticism of Islam that has led to people being arrested or questioned in some European countries, in the wake of the refugee onslaught and recent terror attacks. Social media like Twitter, to their great discredit, have become an arm of governments in going after people who mildly criticized Islam or the sainted ‘refugees.’

    So why is it that Islam is suddenly more of a sacred cow than the other protected groups, even more protected by Western governments than blacks or Jews or gays?

    Recently some of us have wondered aloud, in the real world, if in fact ‘our’ governments have in fact capitulated to Islam and agreed to some kind of dhimmi-like status and/or ‘jizya’ in exchange for being allowed to keep their outward power as some kind of puppet rulers or collaborationist regimes? Why else would ‘our’ leaders be so deferential and servile towards people who clearly see themselves as our enemies and who boast of one day conquering us and our lands?

    I realize that some people on the right abhor neocons and counter-jihadists, both of whom they regard (maybe rightly) as serving Jewish interests. I personally got fed up with the neocon warmongering many years ago, and soon saw that the counterjihad is a dead-end, ultimately bound by its own version of PC.

    However that does not mean we should blind ourselves to the reality of Islam, nor should we understimate the perfidy and machinations of the Western leadership.

  478. “Lancaster Plan”? It’s enough to make anyone believe that the watering down of the law relating to Treason and Conspiracy was a preliminary to it all – a sort of insurance against the people involved ending up dangling from a noose on the scaffold.

    It have never read anything so plausibly horrible. If it’s true, it means that in Britain, pure evil has actually taken on bodily form.

  479. John Birch 27th at 21-37:
    Lancaster Plan…….John of Gaunt…….sired……Kings who kept England together.

    John Birch 27 at 20-44:
    ……could it be true ?????


    This shows such a total, utter, pig-ignorance of English history that it might well have come from the Blairites .

    Think : poll-tax : murder,mayhem,civil war.

    I may expand on this later.

  480. Schadenfreude : Germany defeated 2-0 by South Korea.

  481. I had been searching for the above article for weeks as I couldn’t remember the exact title.
    I thought I’d saved it but apparently not, I questioned people here if anyone remembered it but got no response.
    And then it’s been reprinted in the new English review because of the Tommy Robinson situation.
    When I first read it two or three years a go and removed the story from the basic concept of the alleged plan it had an uncomfortable feeling of being quite possibly true.
    The bit by bit boiling lobster feel, the deniability of the end game exactly the same as the EU was turned from a simple trade deal to a completely different project and anyone pointing this out along the way was a conspiracy theorist.
    Reading it again in view of what’s going on at the moment (mystery death in prison of the guy who put bacon on the mosque door handle for one) my feelings of unease are stronger.

  482. And again.
    May 30, 2018 at 1:42 am
    It’s not a spoof. I know the author. He just can’t give out more information about him because he’s actually worried for his job over there. I reprinted it today for June, in light of Tommy Robinson’s incarceration.
    Who knows.

  483. EC June 27th, 2018 – 11:21
    Wherever magnus caliga is11 being held I trust that they don’t mistake the novochuk for the novocaine when dispensing his medication.

  484. John
    Glad to see you back from TCW.
    I see the frit Colonel has begun stalking Artemis who he wrongly conflates with my good friend, son of Penelope.

    Quite tragic really.

  485. Alexander Boot analogies between football and politics are a joy:

    What happened to Germany’s football team can be seen as a microcosm of a much larger catastrophe looming over Europe’s mountains and plains. In that, other than just purely geographic, sense Britain is a fully paid-up part of Europe for she is susceptible to all the same trends.

    Hence a strong sense of national identity within separate but friendly countries is the only realistic obstacle in the way of anarchy. I for one regret that this is the case. But it is the case.

    The suicidal drive towards multi-culti diversity is a bomb under the foundations of what’s left of our civilisation. And the bomb’s action isn’t even particularly delayed.

  486. The Irish tail and the British bulldog:

    Taoiseach Leo Varadkar is in Brussels for a two-day summit at which EU leaders will warn the UK that the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement and the two-year transition are at risk if London does not make more progress on agreeing the so-called backstop to avoid a hard border on the island of Ireland.

    Mr Varadkar said: “The lack of progress in the negotiations on the withdrawal agreement has been very disappointing.

    “We still need to see detailed proposals from the UK on how it intends to deliver on the clear commitments it made in December and March.”

  487. Tele booby
    Artemis? Yet another of your trans personae.
    As to the Colonel, one of his erudite polemics is worth the total sum of your dogmatic cretinous posts.

  488. This video may not be new, though I haven’t seen before. But it’s especially clear and lucid –

    The perpetually worrying question now is – are the Establishment (and Lancaster House plotters, assuming they exist) conspiring (nudge, wink) to procure the deaths of people who stand in their way and if they do, how far are they willing to go?

    Tommy Robinson is clearly imprisoned in an environment where he is at extra danger of being disposed of/murdered – in effect assassinated.

    If he is assassinated and the conspirators get away with it, what can possibly be done about it?

    Are the only choices either on the one hand corresponding assassinations of those responsible or on the other hand full blown civil war? Or, turning a Panglossian blind eye and pretending that everything is for the best in the best of all possible worlds?

  489. Brendan O’neill’s latest Spiked editorial.

    ” It is becoming increasingly clear why immigration is so important to the EU elites: because they see the mass movement of people essentially as a weapon against national sovereignty. Their mass-migration project of recent years hasn’t been a humane endeavour to improve the lives of foreign peoples; it has been about further erasing borders, using migrant flows effectively as a tool to push the EU oligarchy’s post-nation agenda. This is why, ahead of this week’s EU summit on the migrant crisis, Angela Merkel said the migrant question is central to the EU’s ‘value system’ and to its celebration of ‘multilateralism’. In short, migrant flows make real the EU’s claim to be a post-sovereignty entity. This is also why Brussels is upping the ante against Hungary – because Hungary’s refusal to take in certain migrants represents an intolerable assertion of national independence against EU pressure. And this is why EU officials and their media cheerleaders rail against ordinary people who question mass migration or argue that it should be a democratic issue: because this undermines the EU project of removing key political questions from the pesky realm of national democracy. They have weaponised immigration and then they wonder why so many Europeans are concerned about immigration. It isn’t because they’re xenophobic, but because they know that among the political elites being ‘pro-migrant’ is now code for being anti-democratic.

  490. Britain firm wins contract to sell £20,000,000,000 ( 20 billion) worth of war ships to Royal Australian Navy. (Various sources:such as Mail-on-line)

  491. Noa at 20-16.

    This shows an unexpected result of Thatchers policies.
    Struggling against the europhiles she promoted the policy of promoting europe in width (to the east); instead of in depth (greater integration).

  492. Radffod NG
    Interesting view.
    However the break-up of the Soviet Union, the reunification of Germany, the Balkans conflict and the search of the former Soviet satellites for protection from Russian revanchism provided the EU nomenklatura with opportunities the Iron Lady, no longer in government, could never have imagined

  493. Noa – 22:56

    Yes Sirree! And they bribed the former communists, assimilating them into the organisation, as MEPs and as other apparatchiks!

    Sorry Turkey, you blew it, and it’s Macedonia’s and Albania’s turn next!

    In memoriam: Stuart Hall – It’s A Knockout

    Great Song & Vid. It’s ART Alex, but not as you know it!

    Sums it all up really – The well drilled Chermans invariably won…

  494. @23:41

    PS. Great shot of Nelly (Mrs Noa) on the parallel bars, not to mention your good self on the pommel horse!

  495. Noa and EC .

    It gets harder to remember the order of things ; but Mrs. T. Did promote `wider` to ward-of the europhiles and this was taken up by others who wanted us in the EU but not quite `that` EU . Just as there was Brown who wanted us in,but did not want to lose his own control of the economy,so said we would join €uro when five conditions had been met;but reserving to himself to say when they had been met.

    If it does get harder to remember at least Tesco has on offer Cockburn’s Special Reserve at £8 from England’s oldest ally.

    Otherwise there are (perhaps on the ethnic shelves) the green tins of Nestle’s MILO as of long ago ; now produced in Singapore. [ A chocolate malt beverage;for those who do not know.]

  496. More lies from Seymovsko Gershky – those pesky Russians again!:

    ‘Something wrong with the story’: Seymour Hersh questions media narrative on Salisbury poisoning

  497. Radford NG – 00:38, & Noa

    Er… about last night. A beautiful summer’s evening, some of my favourite beer, nicely rounded off by the best part off by the best part of a bottle of Champers. I usually only drink Cockburn’s if there’s an “r” in the month.

    It has been documented somewhere that the EU/EEC was the Nazi’s Plan B. Domination by economic control. “A German racket” as Nicholas Ridley correctly put it. It’s aims have always been expansionist from the get go.

    After their CCCP enforced racket collapsed, the “former” commies from the Warsaw pact countries found an EU/EEC with coffers full gold to replace their income stream. They found no difficulty at all fitting into the criminally corrupt power structure of the EUSSR. It being a totalitarian socialist construct meant they felt quite at home!

    How low is it now since the EUSSR accounts were audited as OK? 25years? 30 years? I’ve lost count.

    I just reminded myself this morning if we want to know “which way is up” so to speak with regard to the EU and rest of the geopolitical situation we should consult the writings of Daniel Korski, and then apply “Vulture’s Law.” On the other hand it’s another nice summer’s day, I’m off down “the big road” to a family do, no doubt to be forced to drink more Champers. 😉

  498. Noa, June 28th, 2018 – 17:25

    Worthwhile going over to view the comments that blogpost. The Colonel wiped the floor with him… again! I glorious irony being Tele is badly in need of some therapeutic sessions with someone a gifted as Dr. Jordan Peterson!

  499. EC @ 8:35

    A sound rule of thumb; but does Cockburn’s now make champagne?

  500. A Dog’s Brexit – Yanis Varoufakis offers a class analysis of the EU referendum and its result in a debate at Sheffield Hallam University on 18th April 2018

  501. Jordan Peterson again, here being interviewed by Gavin McInnes; published June 23.

  502. Jordan Peterson again, here being interviewed by Gavin McInnes; published June 23.

  503. An analysis of democracy by Peter Hitchens for the New English Review.

  504. Another Canadian of note:

    Conrad Black on “Donald Trump: A President Like No Other”

  505. EC June 30th, 2018 – 08:41

    Telemachus, laughably trying to create a false intellectual equivalence between himself and Colonel Mustard, is the whipped cur that is forever trying to lick the hand that has justly beaten him.

  506. EC June 30th, 2018 – 08:41
    Tele machus, laughably trying to create a false intellectual equivalence between himself and Colonel Mustard, is the whipped cur that is forever trying to lick the hand that has justly beaten him.

  507. Malfleur, June 30th, 2018 – 11:06

    1. No, not to my knowledge.
    2. Point taken.
    It was a fairly dreadful e&oe typing session early this marnin’, wunt it…

  508. Politico’s update on the TOMMY ROBINSON appeal date and judge.

    Also, a catchy song which I am bold to hope Frank P might learn, and sing and then post on YouTube with a link here that we might listen to it….

  509. Oh dear, oh dear!

    The hopeless Emily Nomates’ TV untergang continues. The story so far:

    The Mootch 2 Nomates 0
    Steve Bannon 1 Nomates 0

    Now she completes the hat trick with…
    Péter Szijjártó 1 Nomates 0

    Nomates lost the plot again, foaming at the mouth whilst hectoring, not interviewing, the Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó. The longer he persisted in being calm & polite the worse she got. She got most triggered when he tried to explain the concept of Democracy to her.

    She is deservedly the most poorly paid BBC2 Newsnight presenter.

    BBC Delenda Est!

  510. Péter Szijjártó aside, here is another Hungarian “of note.”

    Katica Illényi

    (for absent friends)

  511. Malfleur, July 1st, 2018 – 10:20

    By comparison that song makes the cringeworthy efforts of the tuneless, tone deaf, Billy Bragg look almost listenable.

  512. EC – yes, it is a bit downhome, I agree; but as Ecclesiastes says….

  513. More lucid and perceptive comment – and moreover, disturbingly consistent with what we’ve read about the evil Lancaster Plan assuming it actually exists –

  514. Q’s update on Q

  515. Brexit! Drain the UK swamp!

  516. The All England Grunt n Moan fest 2018

    From the BBC Website 02/07/2018; 10:40

    Fake News? If this is true then Federer doesn’t stand a chance!

  517. Lord Leveson who is to hear Tommy Robinson’s appeal declared him to be guilty of contempt on Radio 4 `Law in Action`on 24 June.

  518. If he is the judge it will be solid ground for an appeal.

  519. Latest news, Ezra Levan of Rebel media advises that the appeal date has been cancelled because the DoJ lawyers aren’t ready.
    So release him until they are…

  520. Noa @11.30

    Yes indeed. I think we ought to be told who made the decision that Leveson would hear the appeal.

    I understand that more public demonstrations protesting Tommy’s imprisonment are planned.

    Considering what has happened already, it seems (to me) that many of the demonstrators will believe that there is a real Establishment conspiracy (in the former sense of the word) to pervert the judicial process and thus justice itself. I wonder what effect this latest news about Leveson is going to have on the timing and scale of the next public demonstrations?

    It should not surprise anybody if some of the demonstrations get more and more violent to the point where they give birth to an unthinking, raging mob.

    The most frightening thing is that once a mob gets going it can attack an innocent person not because they know he has done something wrong, but simply because of what he represents – e.g. a man in police uniform because he represents the police as a whole, or a judge simply because he represents the judiciary as a whole.

    Suppose a demonstration gives birth to a mob that storms the Courts of Justice, or – remembering the Bastille – storms the prison where Tommy is being held?

    This is the stuff of nightmares and the Establishment will be entirely to blame if it turns out to be real.

  521. What else can I say but that this – to put it mildly – is interesting –


    I see the crazy man really has it in for Artemis who is in fact no relation.

  523. `It was Putin what done it`

    Couple near Salisbury, in their forties , found collapsed last Saturday : in critical condition.Major incident declared ;areas cordoned off ;anti-terror police called in;samples of unknown substance sent to Porton Down.

  524. Reference to above ( also BBC & Mail on line ) :

  525. I drew attention to this topic a few posts ago, but this video makes the point far better than I ever could –

  526. I invite everybody to read this –

    The following paragraph is part of it and makes it clear that Sir Brian Leveson is a man of very great eminence and influence indeed.

    “Sir Brian Leveson has been appointed as Head of Criminal Justice with immediate effect.

    His appointment was made by the Lord Chief Justice after consultation with the Lord Chancellor.

    The Head of Criminal Justice plays a leading role in relation to the delivery of criminal justice in England and Wales.”

    Next I ask you to again read this –

    That is disquieting because it questions Sir Brian Leveson’s capacity to be impartial in Tommy Robinson’s case.

    But is not the situation far, far worse?

    In the eyes of the man in the street, Sir Brian Leveson, as Head of the Criminal Justice System, is the boss of all judges who are his subordinates.

    Consequently many members of the public must believe Sir Brian Leveson’s statement about Tommy Robinson was in effect a direct order from the Boss of Criminal Justice to his subordinate judges in his Criminal Justice Division about how Tommy Robinson must be treated..

    So how can the man in the street now have confidence in the impartiality of ANY of the subordinate judges in the Criminal Justice System?

    I believe that the British Criminal Justice system has suffered incalculable damage.

  527. “All Russiagate Roads Lead To London As Evidence Emerges Of Joseph Mifsud’s Links To UK Intelligence

    Over the last few months, Professor Joseph Mifsud has become a feather in the cap for those pushing the Trump-Russia narrative. He is characterized as a “Russian” intelligence asset in mainstream press, despite his declarations to the contrary. However, evidence has surfaced that suggests Mifsud was anything but a Russian spy, and may have actually worked for British intelligence. This new evidence culminates in the ground-breaking conclusion that the UK and its intelligence apparatus may be responsible for the invention of key pillars of the Trump-Russia scandal. If true, this would essentially turn the entire RussiaGate debacle on its head….” [READ ON]

  528. See also Q post 1666 July 3 00:52:44 (EST)

  529. Herbert Thornton
    July 3rd – 17:38

    Wasn’t the trial already concluded and the muslim paedophiles arriving to receive their sentence when the “videoing” was conducted?

  530. “Good is prevailing now”

    Here’s an interview conducted on July 3rd with John Wedger who gives an update of the government’s history of its attempt to suppress this former police officer’s whistleblowing on muslim child abuse in England:

  531. Malfleur
    July 5th, 2018 – 05:25

    You wrote – “Wasn’t the trial already concluded and the muslim paedophiles arriving to receive their sentence when the “videoing” was conducted?”

    Thanks for reminding us of what is strongly arguable to be a vital defect underlying Judge Marson’s actions – a defect so serious that I argue that he acted entirely outside his authority and powers as a judge.

    It makes Justice Leveson’s subsequent public comment and obvious support for what Marson did all the more improper, not to mention erroneous in law.

  532. Radford NG
    July 4th, 2018 – 16:47

    `It was Putin what done it`? Good un. ROTFLMAO.

    I fink im what done it gotta be one of them white geezers at Portland Down. Most of em’s white ain’t they and it couln’t ‘ave been one what wasn’t white could it?

  533. Radford NG, July 4th, 2018 – 16:51
    Herbert Thornton, July 5th, 2018 – 23:21

    This is starting to get embarrassing! The government narrative lacked credibility three months ago and is well beyond it’s shelf life – just like the “discarded left over” Novichoc that is supposed to have been lurking in the shrubbery waiting to pounce!

    Ruskies again? Really? One has to ask, cui bono?

    Maybe one/some of the ISIS “fighters” currently walking the streets of the UK (on benefits, mind) brought back some “souvenirs” from Syria. A far more plausible flight of fancy than the current government narrative!

  534. I have come across a suggestion that when Donald Trump meets Vladimir Putin in Finland on Friday 13th July (!), Queen Elizabeth will also attend. Can anyone corroborate this?

  535. Malfleur,
    You asked for for corroboration on your last post, well here it is. Bollocks, everyone knows that next Friday HM is having tea with Elvis in the pie and mash joint on Bethnal Green Road. I did have an invitation but have now gone vegan as Sainsbury’s has now gone Halal.

  536. stephen maybery

    It’s good to know that nothing extraordinary is going to happen next Friday.

  537. Novichok News.

    So it was Russia! We know that because the Home Secretary says so. Indeed rumour has it that he plans to sing this song in the House of Commons – to the tune of “Money is the root of all evil” –

    “Putin you’re the root of all evil,

    Putin you’re the root of all evil,

    Please stop dumping Novichok on us,

    Take it back, take it back, take it back.”

    Meantime for the foreseeable future – the Home Secretary advises the entire population* to wear throw-away Novichok – proof gloves at all times.

    *editor’s note – and especially Tommy Robinson?

  538. Malfleur
    July 6th, 2018 – 14:35

    “It’s good to know that nothing extraordinary is going to happen next Friday?”

    If only that were true.

    Sadly, it depends on what ‘nothing extraordinary’ means.

    I suspect that next Friday (and if not on Friday then either sooner or later) we are going be told that because of ‘technical legal difficulties’ there is no possible way that Tommy Robinson’s appeal can be heard in the foreseeable future.

    The truth is that the formerly firm foundations of justice in Britain have been turned into such treacherous quicksands that such an announcement would
    not be at all extraordinary.

  539. Therasa May declares : ” Peace in our time “.

  540. May’s BRINO : Brexit In Name Only.

  541. ” Comrades ! Do not divide the Party .”

    With those words Trotsky took Russia down the slope to 70 years of Hell.

  542. Noa – 18:33

    Re: ‘A State of Denmark’
    Fascinating. Derick Raymond, not to be confused with the works of Paul, another denizen of Soho… 🙂

  543. Romanian prostitutes in Paris charge €20 for oral sex ( according to `Engrenge`[french-noir drama] ) . Theresa May goes to Brussels and goes on her knees to service them and gives them £40 billion for the privilege .

  544. This link should give you : Spiked;on May’s Brexit betrayal.

  545. There’s a report that Tommy Robinson’s appeal will be heard on July 24th. No mention of who the judge will be. I wonder why not?

  546. Radford NG- 00:51

    Mrs may hasn’t betrayed the people she actually serves.

  547. EC,
    Mrs May has not betrayed the people she actually serves. No, she has not, but she sure as hell has betrayed the people who pay her wages.

  548. The UK PM’s public stipend is currently roughly £152,532 per anum (sic)
    This is chump change compared with what they will receive in “the afterlife.”

    eg. Five years after leaving office Tony Blair’s personal stash was reported as being £60 million. He didn’t save that up on his PM’s stipend, and afterwards neither he did he amass it by returning to his former profession of being a third rate barrister.

    He’s also none too keen , it appears, on paying tax…

  549. Re: Salisbury/Amesbury etc.

    This is a prime example of why the EU want to BAN Memes, and also make it illegal to mock politicians…

  550. Al Qadur under Ben Laden were producing such toxins.

    There has been a lengthy interview on the BBC World service in the last week with a man who became radicalised by the war in Bosnia and joined Al Qadar.He became a bomb expert before 9/11. When he saw attacks were being made against non-combatants he defected and ended up with the British secret services. In little more then an aside he mentioned they (Al Qadar) were creating poisons that could be smeared on surfaces.

  551. EC @ July 8th, 2018 – 10:45

    Once more, EC, a superb one. One wonders if Tesco will carry it, it may come handy, no?

  552. Radford NG @ July 8th, 2018 – 11:09

    You may have seen it, if not, locate the other four parts, it’s worth reading, some of the postings in particular.

    Btw, the blog is several feet to the left from the cumryd, but let this not put you off, some of the stuff is thought provoking to a point where one wonders who these posting individuals are, what’s their jobs.

  553. Herbert Thornton @ July 6th, 2018 – 16:02

    One of the motives behind the Salisbury poisoning, both the original one and the follow-up, must have been to prevent people travelling to Russia. Anyone who went, perhaps almost everyone, must have seen that the country isn’t exactly what the MSM poodles have been saying it is, full of killings, rapes, cases of poisoning.

    For Vlad, this is a hugely successful PR, something no money could have bought him, it may also explain the rather lukewarm response to all the provocation before the Cup. He didn’t want to endanger the venue in any way.

    What also pleases is the refusal of our political class to attend any of the games, particularly now as the team edges towards the final. Micron’s going to see the first semi in st. Petersburg, will come for the final if the French make it. How will the woman and the Blonde Inseminator respond?

  554. And I thought the job of the mayor and the council was to make sure that the drains work and the lights are on. Silly me.

  555. If the figure of 50,000 applying to march for ‘gay pride’ in London is correct it would mean that less then 0.1% of Britain’s 65mn population is keen enough to publicly display their rainbow colours orientation.

    The question then is why do the MSM poodles (and that includes the BBC) allocate to the LBGT affairs such a disproportionately large amount of attention, isn’t it discriminatory towards the majority of the 99.9% of the populace?

  556. David Davies has resigned. Is it possible that the saintly One survives it?

    And as if that wasn’t enough, the female victim of the Skripal Mk2 poisoning has died in a hospital, the DM on-line headline screams ‘Killed by the Kremlin’. With the Cup’s semifinal involving our team only two days away, will the saintly One order the team home? Not that inconceivable. It would take alot of pressure from the Brexit debacle, but will make very many very angry indeed.

    This is history in the making, no?

  557. President Trump leaves the USA for a meeting with NATO, Queen Elizabeth and then Vladimir Putin.

    Dawn Sturgess dies in a Salisbury hospital of “Novichok poisoning”.

    “Your winnings, Sir.”

    Captain Renault: “Oh, thank you very much”.

  558. Is the commotion over David Davies and Brexit going to lead to an early General Election? I’ve no idea.

    But more than one member of the Judiciary must gleefully rubbing their hands and hoping that it will distract public attention from the continued and scandalous imprisonment of Tommy Robinson.

  559. Baron : Through-out the country gay-pride events have been much restricted recently owing to lack of financial sponsorship . This is so even in the gay resort of Brighton.

  560. You think some people of ill will might be wanting to undermine the US-Russia Summit?

  561. Baron – 00:28

    “David Davies has resigned. Is it possible that the saintly One survives it?”

    All smoke and mirrors, imo. Surley he can’t turn around after nearly TWO years in the job and then claim with a straight face, ” It wos nuffin to do wiv me Guv.”

  562. Baron – 00:28

    Re: Two druggies found dead, shock horror.

    Another case of smoke and mirrors and need for straight faces, imo, AND, imo, another case of the credulous (or lying) Judas Goat MSM plugging yet another carefully prepared Govt./MI5 narrative.

    Does any sentient person in the UK still believe anything the MSM tells them?

  563. Malfleur – 00:37

    Excellent! A most timely and apposite movie quote…
    …AND, if you don’t mind me saying, “I am shocked. Shocked!” to discover that you are also a movie buff. 😉 🙂 🙂

    One of the few classic films that Hollywood hasn’t dared to fuck up with a remake

    Rick: How can you close me up? On what grounds?
    Captain Renault: I’m shocked! Shocked to find that gambling is going on in here.
    [a croupier hands Renault a pile of money]
    Croupier: Your winnings, sir.
    Captain Renault: [sotto voce] Oh, thank you very much.

  564. EC,
    I do not know if I am a sentient person, some thieving bastard swiped my dictionary last week, but I am sure I am sentient. And no, I do not believe everything I read in the papers, I have witnessed too many events in various parts of the World which Have been reported in the press in a totaly different manner to what happened on the ground to swallow anything fed to me by some reporter whose dialogue is shaped by his particular prejudices and not by the facts as they occurred, particularly the Iranian revolution.

  565. EC

    When I’m good, I’m very good; but when I’m bad – I’m better.

  566. stephen maybery – 10:50

    Sometimes I think that I am. Maybe definitely, when I think of 95% of the blinkered and brainwashed DDR of my supposed fellow compatriots.

    By the way, have you read “The Lion in the Sand, The British in the Middle East” (Pub. 1995, Bloomsbury) by Gerald Butt?

    If i asked you that before, then my apologies.

  567. I became aware of course, particularly over the period when this Wall has been up, that alt media on internet had changed things in important ways, but I think I am still only developing my understanding of how revolutionary that change is and will become. I stumbled across another intervention by JORDAN PETERSON linked below. He suggests that the internet carries with its development implications as pregnant as Gutenberg. He asks the question whether each of us would be able to refuse to be complicit in the crimes of the Nazis, the Russian Communists, or the Chinese Communists, if we were there among them on the spot.

  568. For those who were young in 1962 or who are always young:

  569. EC,
    I agree with your percentages entirely. this is not because they are irredeemably stupid but because knowledge has been deliberately erased from the curriculum, as learning to read, write and do sums is just too elitist to be acceptable to they who worship equality, provided it is confined to the lower orders.

    Yes, I have read Butt’s opus.and here is one you might enjoy, IN THE SHADOW OF THE SWORD, by Tom Holland. Very good and most definitely not PC.

  570. Just heard the newsflash, Boris has resigned. What was that I recently posted? something about the Gadarene Swine.

  571. Boris having resigned, will there soon be a General Election? And if there is, will the only choice be between the two evil monsters, Scylla, and Charybdis – i.e.between Labour and the Tories?

    Can we hope for a new party that’s both pro-Brexit and pro-Tommy Robinson? Can UKIP become that?

  572. Herbert Thornton

    Bastille Day, huh?

  573. The late historian, Antony C. Sutton, argued that the cataclysmic events of the 20th century were produced by neither “Right” nor “Left” but by what we now identify as “Globalist” or “Deep State” or “New World Order” interests.

    In the United Kingdom today, these same forces might save the “Remainers” by coordinating the fall of their May government and the arrival of their Corbyn administration.

    God help England! God save Trump!

  574. The source may put you off, but it would be a mistake. Read to the end, the bit about the BBC’s Mark Urban may intrigue you:

  575. stephen & Herbert:

    The Blonde Inseminator or perhaps fleetingly ‘the turd polisher’ had no choice after DD resigned but to quit, too. His credentials for the top job would have been at risk had he not, he believes that when the childless woman goes the party will turn to him because of his popularity in the country, according to his close friends.

    It would a disaster as huge and unpleasant as was the elevation of the childless one into no10, no?

  576. UKIP up 2% to 5%

    Cons. down 2% to 39%
    Lab. down 1% to 39%

  577. Not so sure about Brexit voters giving up on politics. The result of the latest rubbish emanating from Chequers may well have the effect of encouraging those who support a hard Brexit to vote for UKIP next time, especially if Farage returns to the front line as he has mentioned. The Tory “govt” & the Labour rabble are equally useless. Hopefully both parties might split, with a new centre party of hard Brexiteers emerging from both sides, which would be the best outcome. The quicker May goes, the better, as Mrs Wishy-Washy she has been an utter disaster.

    I am certainly not giving up on politics, I’ll be voting UKIP next time. So will many others.

  578. I’m so glad the boys in the cave, and their unimaginably brave rescuers, are all safe. God bless the Thai Navy SEALS. Hooyah to all!!!

  579. Baron,
    As usual you are bang on the money regarding the Tory Party, not that it could be so designated anymore. I have said this before and I will say it again, the state of the party resembles Rome after the assassination of Comodus when the Praetorians put the office of emperor was put up for auction, that too was a disaster. Plus ca change and all that jazz.

  580. I’m now dreaming of a UKJIP (United Kingdom Justice and Independence Party).

    One that will declare Brexit and ensure that no one may imprisoned for contempt unless found guilty by a unanimous jury.

  581. Ben Bradley MP ,who took Mansfield Town from Labour, resigns as vice-chair of conservative party to represent the 75% of his constituents who voted Leave.

  582. stephen maybery @ July 10th, 2018 – 16:58

    A fitting comparison, stephen, but eht barbarian has to take your word for it, he knows about the old Rome as much as he knows about today’s Papacy in the place.

    Glad to hear your voice more often, keep breathing, young sir.

  583. She seems to be hanging on proclaiming a unity of her new Cabinet, insisting the deal we offer to the EU will deliver Brexit. Multi has now butted in saying the deal is 80% done, which surprises because the people we are supposed to negotiate aren’t in Berlin but in Brussels, and they haven’t spoken yet.

    What a shambles, ha.

  584. Nothing on the beautiful game here?

    If we beat the Croats, which seems possible, it will the French we’re to meet for the top prize.

    The win would be massively positive for the country, even for those who never heard of football, it would give a boost to the Brexit efforts, cheer us up, show that when applies oneself everything’s possible.

    It is coming home, Baron reckons.

  585. If your oven, the bathtub or just some rusty cutlery need a polish here’s the answer:

  586. Isn’t it weird that hours after the Skripals poisoning the saintly One took us close to declaring a war on Russia even though the Skripals, both citizens of Russia, recovered (or so we’re told).

    In Skripal MK2 where two of our own citizens got hit, allegedly by the same nerve agent used to poison the two Russians, and one died, the response to the evil Putin is rather muted. Why?

    This link doesn’t say much more than one already knows, but sums up the Skripals charade exceptionally well.



  589. Baron – 00:55

    Difficult to find fault with that article, Comrade, despite its provenance. 😉

  590. Baron – 00:35

    I saw an “Out of Service” bus yesterday, and instead of bearing that usual text on its front LED board it read, “It’s Coming Home.”

    Could that be an auspicious omen, I wonder?

  591. Godders on his very recent chat with David Davies, and also his thoughts on the upcoming ‘White Paper.’

    “I smell betrayal!!! ”

  592. By and large we Brits are a placid bunch, not given to riots and and social mayhem. But while we are essentially law abiding,we can only be pushed only so far, and then we turn, and god help those against whom we turn. I feel we have reached that tipping point, driven there by the arrogance of the metropolitan elite.
    This has happened before in our history when the Chartists came to the conclusion that enough was enough and took to the streets and by so doing frightened the life out of the political class.

    There was another movement, this time in West Wales, the Rebecca Riots. The participants dressed up in women’s clothes and attacked the toll booths. I think that bunch was almost tailor made for our times, men pretending to be women, how PC can you get? the transgender coven would love it. I can just imagine Boris all dolled up in a crinoline and bonnet chucking a brick through the window of Downing Street.

  593. Telegraph readers deluge Letters page protesting against Ms May.
    There is a link in the item below to a Telegraph opinion page . Although this is a Premium article the `comments` are open to view.

  594. Theresa, our part in her and the Tory downfall. Part 2.

  595. Words cannot describe Baron’s disappointment, chances like that come once in a lifetime, the big beasts will be back. Are we to wait another 60 years?

  596. 60 years Baron?
    I’ll toss you for the use of the CHW cryogenic chamber!

  597. Geert Wilders ( Dutch Opposition Leader,under Jehad Death threat) reports that the British ambassador to Holland (Theresa May’s agent) has informed the Dutch government that Wilders will not be given diplomatic protection if he comes to the Tommy Robinson demonstration on Saturday;nor will his Dutch protection squad be allowed to carry fire-arms.For this reason he will not be coming to London.

    See his Twitter account.

  598. Nigel Farage: Is Theresa May Guilty Of Treason?

  599. Frank P.,
    frank, as the old ditty goes, a liddle of wot yer fancy does yer good.

  600. Hey, Moggy Moggy! Moggy Moggy Moggy Moggy, J Rees-Mogg!

  601. Frank P

    Liddle is good as far as he goes; but I don’t see the Remainers as the Establishment; that’s too national, too Peter Cook. The opposition to Brexit in the government, and I suspect in the Opposition, is from New World Order internationalists who are currently being routed in numerous theatres where they have been covertly active in pursuit of their common goal by Donald Trump and his military backed administration of back-to-the-roots republicans and swamp-drainers.

  602. Frank P @ July 12th, 2018 – 10:21

    If you can read Rod, post a link to him, you must be breathing, too. Well done, young sir, that’s the spirit.

    On Boris Rod has excelled himself, in a sentence or two he encapsulates the Blonde Inseminator brilliantly, these words should be kept, Boris should be reminded of them at every opportunity, they must get engraved on his gravestone when nobody’s watching (when he eventually perishes) instead of what his groupies decide on.

    Weird as you may find it, Boris has also given a chance to the barbarian, nothing extraordinary, he published few of Baron’s letters when he was running the rag, one ought to be grateful, but not when it comes to something like the governance of this country in times of its standing at crossroads.

    We need a principled man, also a man of courage who isn;t afraid to speak his mind, has the capacity for opposing the mad lobbies of the progressives, can act as a role model, and above all one for whom Britain isn;t just a Plc, but a land housing a tribe with a past that was the envy of the world (in spite of any boils an dwarts one may think of).

  603. Malfleur @ July 12th, 2018 – 12:00

    You seem to be looking at things through the glasses furnished by dr. Pangloss, Malfleur. The barbarian, who’s been often accused of the same, takes a gloomier view of events, it’s far from certain whether the Swamp (indeed global, entrenched in all institutions that matter, backed by a poodling MSM) or the Donald will come out victorious.

    The Donald may be overestimating his powers, he seems to making an enemy of everyone, not a smart position to take because those he kicks are naturally drawn together not because they agree with each other on anything, it’s the ‘enemy’ i.e. the Donald that unites them.

  604. Have sent email to national & local conservative admin. that I will never consider voting conservative until this looser ( Ms. T. May ) is gone.

    Opinion Poll ( yougov) : Con 37/Lab 38/ UKIP 6% .

  605. P.J.Watson,Count Dankula,Sargon of Akkad & Milo join UKIP writes James Delingpole in the Spectator. ( If you have access to this : I can’t workout their system anymore .)

  606. “THERESA May has been hit by furious claims she told Tory ministers her Brexit plan cannot be changed because it had already been “cleared” by German Chancellor Angela Merkel”, screams the headline in one of the MSM papers.

    Here you have it. When the boy Cameron wanted to get some concessions from the EU before the Brexit vote, talked to the EU’s Tusk, the Polish man was in uninterrupted telephone contact with the Mutti.

    We are supposed to negotiate with the Brussels nomenklatura, but it’s Germany, well, the Chancellor of the country, that has to give her seal of approval, and they pretend it’s a democratic institution. Arghhh

    Who wants to remain in a club run by Germany?

  607. Radford NG @ July 12th, 2018 – 15:17

    It’s most pleasing the great Joseph has joined, Radford, perhaps the barbarian will do the same.

    If at the next count UKIP and a Tory party led by Moggy were to get the majority in the House, the country would have finally woken up to the dangers facing us.

  608. Radford NG
    July 12th, 2018 – 13:55

    Interesting – but spin, propaganda and fake news are routine these days.

    Is there any reason to believe that opinion polls are an exception and are always conducted honestly? I very much doubt it.

  609. The relentless anti-Trump presentation of his official visit by all sections of the TV media should be the subject of an orchestrated complaint to Ofcom. It is the worst example of biased coverage of an event I have seen in my lifetime. Poisoned partisan propaganda on stilts. The left with its tail up showing its shitty orifice. One can only hope he will deal with it with his characteristic aplomb.

  610. Update on Tommy Robinson scandal – New appeal date: July 18th

  611. Question de l’Heure

    While partaking of tea and scones at Windsor Castle today, will the Trumps resort to the recherché gambit of paedohilia. one wonders?

  612. conversationwise of course

  613. The Skripals drama has progressed a notch, and a big one, too, the police found a bottle in the house of the guy who’s still in the hospital (and whose name Baron forgot). The bottle is of a type made and distributed only in Russia, it has cyrillic digits around the neck. The police are now fingerprinting it just in case it has been handled by Putin himself.

    The Government was right all along, the Russians did it.

    Except for the belatedly discovered bottle, the rest is jumping the news, but the barbarian’s certain he’s spot on on the bottle’s origin (with or without the cyrillic letters).

    Btw, there circulates a video of an interview with the bother of the poisoned guy, the brother saying ‘I’ve warned him not to get mixed up with that lot’ (or words to that effect). Has anyone seen it?

  614. Secret police discover bottle of Novichok at home of dodgie poison victim.

  615. Apropos of nothing .

    The Blaydon Races .

  616. Radford NG @ July 13th, 2018 – 19:23

    It was an actual batch of vodka, Radford? The barbarian thought it was a joke. Arghhh

    Perhaps the Novichok cleaner is also a genuine product.

    The world is mad.

  617. New World Order American and British operatives on eve of meeting between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin comment on Fake News Network on the news that Russian military officials hacked DNC computers and, as Radford NG notes above, a vial of Novichok has been found lying around in England.

    Unproven, but convenient

  618. Baron and Radford NG.

    I enjoyed the unintentional humour and poor taste of of the humourless man with his description of the drink as being in poor taste.
    It’s called gallows humour and it’s a unique and sadly, dying British trait.

  619. ” The mountain was in labour………” ( Old English saying )

    Giant baby Trump blimp over London turns-out to small `balloon` floating 20 feet height ; crowd smaller then at every toy-shop in UK yesterday whose advertising department messed-up big-time.

  620. Yet another mutation of the Left’s takeover of what remans of the indigenous culture nurtured over centuries – democratic socialism.

    You cannot deny the guy’s articulate, the objective he aims for noble, but the means to get there rather unappealing for as Tucker keeps telling him ‘it has never worked before’.

  621. The Mekon, super-intelligent ruler of the Treens, is Dan Dare’s archenemy. He escapes at the end of each engagement to return with an even more inventive scheme for the conquest of Earth.

    In his latest dastardly initiative, the Mekon takes up the pen again with an October publication date of “The Corrosion of Conservatism: Why I Left the Right”

    Students of the Treens will not be surprised to learn that the green ones can pose as leftwing or rightwing as Treen self-interest dictates, while global domination remains the strategic aim. Whether the October release date will permit enough Treens to read the Mekon’s oeuvre before the American mid-term elections remains to be see, It is thought however that Dan Dare, as usual, will thwart Treen plans.

  622. President Trump will in due course visit justice on the paedophiles, the child traffickers, the child torturers and the child murderers in his country.

    This is also a disgraceful “elephant in the room” in England.

    Donald Trump will, I believe, tell the Queen and he may already have told the Queen to reform British society in this respect. I also believe that Donald Trump will make it clear that if she fails he will submit the facts on all these criminals to the opinion of a candid world.

  623. Can anybody make much sense of this headline? –


    Where are these 12 Russians? I should think it’s unlikely that they are still in the U.S.

    So what’s the point of it all? What can Mueller possibly accomplish?

    My guess is that they’re all back in Russia – and like the rest of the world having a good laugh at the U.S. Theatre of the Absurd.

  624. AG Rod Rosenstein’s press conference was also clearly timed for the
    eve of the Trump/Putin meeting and is old hat.
    This commentator on QAnon posts sees RR as representative of one of two rival black hat Deep State factions:

    Any resemblance of RR to H. Himmler, living or dead, appears to be coincidental.

  625. Herbert Thornton @ July 14th, 2018 – 05:17 (and Malfleur):

    Read the following, boys:

  626. The two programmes on BBC Radio4 (Baron can never remember the titles, something like “Any questions’ and the other ‘Any answer” will talk about the Donald’s visit, the Brexit offer, the World Cup and few other items but not about the Skripals Mk2. Why not?

    We may well see another false flag op before the Donald’s meeting with Putin. Why are the opponents of it so adamant it shouldn’t happen is a puzzle. Baron reckons the Donald and Putin will disagree on more issues than they’ll agree on.

  627. Who says Russia isn’t helping to ease the plight of the West re refugees, the country may not be as open to newcomers as Mutti’s Germany, but it’s doing its bit to ease the burden that has been borne so far largely by the West:

  628. If Baron were running a construct that has no proven support of the people it governs, is staffed predominantly with bureaucrats, and close to lose a valuable part, he would drink, too.

    Btw, it was said of the communist bosses of the East, the Full Monty of them from the bottom layers up, and the other way round, that they were never sober.

  629. It seems, in fact it’s obvious that Baron’s postings put everyone else off. There’s been nothing from anyone since Saturday’s one o’clock posting by the barbarian.

    It’s all your s then, Baron will just stick to reading what you’ve said.

  630. Gold Standard
    Prime Minister refers to this at the 3 minute mark in this clip of her statement at the press conference with President Trump at Chequers:

  631. Baron July 14 @ 13:22

    “….We may well see another false flag op before the Donald’s meeting with Putin. Why are the opponents of it so adamant it shouldn’t happen is a puzzle.”

    The reason is that Russia also opposes the New World Order including central banks. The meeting will consolidate the two countries’ efforts to rout the globalists.

  632. William Binney, former Technical Director of the National Security Agency of the USA, comments on the technical reality hidden by statements made by Deputy Attorney General, and ‘Deep State Head’, Rod Rosenstein in the latter’s press conference last in which indictments of Russian officials were announced on charges of interference in the presidential election in 2016.

  633. Draining the Swamp – Precondition is the Education of The Public

    Here is prayingmedic commenting in this context on twitters of Imperator Rex.

  634. Malfleur, July 14th, 2018 – 05:44

    Good spot! The resemblance IS really quite uncanny.
    If RR were to grow a toothbrush moustache then he would be a Doppelgänger of HH.

  635. Noviclock ticking:

    Shortly before the weekend we were informed that after ONLY five, or so, days of searching the druggies’ house in Amesbury “THEY” found the nerve gas phial/container in the said residence.

    Have THEY released a photo of it, or are we supposed to take THEIR word for it? I suppose it still wouldn’t prove who put it there.

    Also, has anybody seen the surviving druggy (damned inconvenient, that) or is he being kept under wraps until his programming er… interrogation is complete?

    Cynical? What, moi?

  636. EC

    They didn’t look in the tupperware in the fridge until someone got peckish.

  637. Vladimir Putin is a Russian Orthodox Christian and shares Donald Trump’s values; they are allied against the globalists and their paedophile and other degenerate tastes.

  638. Malfleur at 15 July ; 14-55.

    Gerard Batten’s speech on `the cult of Muhammed`given at the Free Tommy rally has been removed `for violating YouTube’s policy on hate speech`.

  639. On this night ,16th/17th, one hundred years ago the Romanovs were brutally slaughtered in Ekateringburg.

  640. Many pairs of knickers were wetted publicly by ” journalists” on CNN in the aftermath of the Trump/Putin press conference. Alex Jones in his Monday show gives a more informed view from his perspective as a Trump supporter; though it must be said that his own knickers are for the most part not undamp.

    A sample can be found here in the early part of the first hour:

  641. Radford NG @ 02:26

    That form of censorship seems to be increasingly common.

    Alex Jones, in the clip linked in my previous post, has a cunning plan to defeat these enemies of free speech which can be downloaded free.

    Meanwhile, speeches by Batten, Pearson and Kassam are still up here – though production values are a bit shabby….:

  642. Godders’ latest on Trump & Tommy…
    Saying what CHWallsters have been saying for at least the last ten years.

  643. RADFORD NG,
    Radford I too noted the anniversary of the butchering of the Romanovs. The blame for the fall of the dynasty lies squarely on the shoulders of the Tsarists Alexandra Feodarovna, all her relations including George V said that. Fast forward 100 years and do you or anyone on the wall see any similarities between that inept and obstinate woman and our current Tsarina? Alexandra precipitated the Russian revolution, what will Teresa’s legacy be? Gawd ‘elp us.

  644. Nigel Farage interviews Steve Bannon

  645. EC 09.06
    Bloom is a young whippersnapper compared to most Wallsters!

  646. Who should be sovereign, Parliament or the people?
    Brendan O’neill’s brilliant polemic on the Levellers and the lessons for Brexit.

  647. Worth reading the full article, as the EU tacitly rejects African mass migration in accepting G Italy refusal to let them land.
    Newsletter – Rampage at the Mediterranean

    (Own report) – With EU backing, the Italian government’s rampage of refusing to accept refugees is continuing. Over the weekend, Rome again closed its ports to one of its government’s ships and a ship from EU authorities, because they were carrying refugees, who had been in distress at sea. Italy’s Minister of the Interior, Matteo Salvini, refuses to accept the refugees and threatens to deport them to Libya. In so doing, Italy is simultaneously violating several fundamental norms of international law. Berlin and the EU are not protesting. On the contrary, several EU countries are supporting Rome in its measures against private maritime rescuers – which, in the meantime, have had to shut down their operations. Rome is also receiving support from Germany. An influential weekly is setting the social democratic oriented milieus into the right mood to refuse solidarity with the maritime rescuers. In June, the number of victims had skyrocketed, fueled by the fact that the sea rescuers are no longer in a position to save drowning refugees.


  648. Noa
    July 17th, 2018 – 22:32

    Thanks for drawing attention to the writing by Brendan O’Neill.

    It was fascinating to read his mentions of several parallels between earlier thought and the subsequent US Declaration of Independence and other parts of the U.S. Constitution.

    As I continued reading I thought he was also going mention (though he didn’t) this declaration that I’m going to put in quotes – (my memory often fails these days, but I believe I’m close enough) –

    “…..whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is right of the People to alter or abolish it.”

  649. Appeal being heard today of the Tommy Lennon case at the Royal Courts of Justice by The Lord Chief Justice sitting with Mr Justice Turner and Mrs Justice McGowan DBE.
    Tommy appears by video link.
    There are reporting restrictions in the case.

  650. The Lord Chief Justice is Sir Ian Burnett: ( whose name can be found on Google ect ).

  651. The Tommy case seems to have started with the Lord Chief Justice telling the agent for the CPS ( Louis Mabley QC ) that he isn’t here to oppose the application but for the assistance of the court.

  652. The Lord Chief Justice has kept a traditional sense of jovialality remarking :” It is heartning to see so many people who are interested in the case in court”.

  653. The Lord Chief Justice says they need some time to consider their judgement and will try “our level best to complete it before the end”.

  654. ……that is before the end of July.

  655. Gerard Batten (UKIP Leader) on Newsnight at 10-30pm BBC2.
    He says they are running a film on Tommy and `point out UKIP is turning its attention more to Islam and issues championed by TR`.

  656. Thoughts from the Eastern Front

    CNN in its CCCWRIB campaign is like a tied hog mad with rabies as it lurches towards open support for sedition.

    One unintended consequence of the election meddling brouhaha will be to provide the Trump administration with an armoury of weapons to confound the plans of the deep state to rig the midterm elections against it in November.

  657. Have all these `secret barristers` and all the rest of them been libelling Tommy Robinson by claiming he pleaded guilty?
    It has been put to the Lord Chief Justice that no specific charge was made in Leeds for him to plead to at all.
    The appeal was not only against sentence but the convictions in Canterbury and Leeds.

  658. Ezra Levant ( of The Rebel ) comments from outside the Court on Tommy’s appeal.

  659. It hadn’t occurred to me until now, but is not the Tommy Robinson affair uncomfortably similar to the Dreyfus affair – exposed when Zola wrote J’Accuse?

  660. This is for Malfeur, who cannot ‘not like it’:

  661. And lastly, an example of ‘wimin rites’ in a foreign country:

  662. Baron
    July 19th – 21:46

    Thanks for that – persuasive stuff from Bill Binney!

    But, Baron, why would anyone want to fabricate that material? Perhaps we should consult la famille Boot for the answer….

  663. Baron, July 19th, 2018 – 23:29

    A classic in the genre of Jerry Springer/Jeremy Vile TV. God knows what they are jabbering on about, I suspect it matters not. Worth noting that the two far flung main antagonists were from different religious/cultural “traditions” that will never ever get on no matter how much the sea of faith mob (IFN) try and convince them, and us, otherwise. In fact one of them is incapable of living at peace with itself let alone other religions and western/secular democracies.

  664. Baron, July 19th, 2018 – 21:46

    The deep state must hate William Binney. During his time at the NSA He must also have amassed some “really good stuff” on his own side and have stashed it away somewhere waiting to be published in the event of his untimely death!

    He must possess the ultimate doomsday weapon! Not that it will be required as the USA is busy destroying itself with Trump Derangement Syndrome. Its decent into mental illness is accelerating by the day, is evidenced by the latest Time magazine cover,

  665. “descent” not “decent”
    e&oe etc.

  666. Thanks Baron,

    Nevertheless I note that the majority of Germans are not interested in defending themselves.
    Perhaps they expect their Turkish, Syrian and African replacements to defend them from the invading Eastern hordes in their dementia wards and care homes…

  667. Herbert Thornton,

    Parallels with Dreyfuss had also crossed my mind.
    The partial treatment of patriotic Englishmen and women is not quite at the stage of 19th century French and European anti-semitism, though the trend is clear and present.

  668. As to leaving the EU, be very afraid and stock up now on the tinned sardines and toilet rolls….

  669. Noa

    … toilet rolls. Bearing in mind the grass under current drought conditions can exacerbate the Chalfonts. Anyway, you really think we will be allowed to escape the clutches of the Brussels behemoth? Dream on!

  670. Noa – 10:48

    I thought that bog paper had been declared haram in your part of what was formerly England? Any road up, it damn well should’ve been the subject of a fatwa back in the 50s/60s as I still have PTSD from having to use Izal.

    Apropos of Frank’s comment above I give you the latest on the internet’s favourite long lost rock band.

  671. Great to see those two fine moss tropers Frank P and EC both putting the ever unravelling role of isis under the microscope.
    How we in the North will scrape by without our cheeky comforts I do not know.
    Now, could someone pass me down the sponge on a stick and the bottle of vinegar?

  672. In the early 70s I lived a somewhat bohemian existence in Liberal, anarchist Amsterdam.
    The EC link reminded me of a pop concert I sawin the Vondelspark there, the lead band was I remember ‘Warm Shit.’
    And they were.

  673. In the early 70s I lived a somewhat bohemian existence in Liberal, anarchist Amsterdam.
    The EC link reminded me of a pop concert I sawin the Vondelspark there, the lead band was I remember ‘Warm Sh#t.’
    And they were.

  674. Noa @ July 20th, 2018 – 10:29

    Defending themselves against whom, Noa? The Russians?

    If anything the Germans want to get as close to the Russians as possible without actually taking over the governance of Russia, (de facto’s OK, but not de jure, it would upset the Russian unwashed).

    You may recall Baron saying since he started on this blog that the the eventual arrangements in the Old Continent would be that between Russia and Germany (or her Forth Reich if they succeed to keep the EU going). History tells you this, the coupling between the two countries has always been the preferred relationship for them, and not only in the days of the Tzars, the Bolsheviks did the same, cut off getting closer only when the house painter got in, an aberration that didn’t last long.

    Today, Germany is the largest inward investor in Russia, the Nord-Potok2 was a German idea, the German minority i s the fourth largest in Russia, many contemporary civil servants are of German descent, about a couple of years ago, a contender for the PM job in Moscow was a guy whose parents were German (Baron forgot his name, cannot be bothered to google for it).

    On the other hand, since WW2, it has been the prime objective of the Americans to keep the two largest tribes of Europe as separate as possible. If they were to combine they would be a stronger rival to the Mandarin speakers than the Republic.

    (Btw, for Baron it was the second reason he voted to brexit, he doesn’t want to be in a club that will eventually morph into a n amalgam of Germany and Russia).

  675. What a narrative:

    The Donald, in spite of his cringe inducing delivery, is turning out to be the shrewdest, smartest, and the most forward looking honcho the Republic has had for a long time.

    His cozying up to Putin has one single, but for the future of America a critical objective – driving a wedge between Russia and China. These two countries have been getting uncomfortably close to each other, (but thanks to the MSM poodles the public both here and in the Republic have been kept ignorant of it, it doesn’t suit the agenda of the progressives to talk about it).

    If anyone is to challenge the American hegemonic status it is not Russia, the country’s economy too small, in case of a direct military conflict she couldn’t sustain warring for more than a couple of months. It’s China that’s the real threat, an existential threat both economically and militarily when the current boost to her spending on the military is over. It seems the Donald’s getting it.

    In Moscow, many Putin’s advisors are deadly against getting too close to the Republic, find Putin’s obsessive desire to be accepted by the West, the Republic in particular, his biggest weakness. Obviously, he isn’t listening to them.

    Baron reckons the smart money should be on the advisors.

  676. My dear Baron,
    When I referred to the Germans defending themselves from the invading Eastern Hordes I was not referring to the oil, gas and mineral bearing wise men from Sochi, Novgorod and Minsk but rather their Replaces from the Prophet’s satrapies.

  677. Two excellent posts M’lud,
    Geostrategy considering the respective interests and rivalries between the rising powers is always fascinating. This week’s Spectator contains an interesting article by John R Bradley concerning the survival of Assadas the result of agreements between Putin, Trump and Netanyahu.
    The net effect of which, from Trump’s perspective, is to allow him to focus on the threat from PRC.

  678. Spectator cartoon.
    Two foxes going down `Salisbury High Street`:
    One fox to another; ” On second thoughts I’d give the bins a miss “.

  679. In the next 3+ weeks you may wish to look-up the story of Gertrude Bell and her part in the formation of the modern Arab lands.( A 5 part series )

  680. Noa 17 July .

    Colonel Rainsborough and and the Sea Green Banner.

    There was an excellent serial about the English Civil War on the radio,but it is no longer available ; although the novel might still be obtained. It is `God’s Revolution`by Don Taylor.

  681. The War Drummer

    A view of the implications of President Trump’s trip to Europe earlier this month.

  682. Noa, July 20th, 2018 – 14:49

    Tip: If you run short of vinegar you can always use “Lancaster Blond.” I had my first ever and last ever pint of that awful stuff last Saturday. It’s the everlasting pint, in that no bugger can finish a whole one. It’s so sour it should be rebranded as “Hillary’s Bitter.”

  683. Baron,

    “Noa, July 20th, 2018 – 16:01
    Two excellent posts M’lud,”


  684. Deep State Panic – Loose Change – Keep Your Eye on the Ball

  685. Putin’s “Loose change” comments:

  686. EC
    A local brewery used to make a very pleasant throat warmer with the whimsical title of ‘Pierrepoints Last Drop’.

  687. Following a tip from Friday’s Alex Jones Show, I just searched Google Images for “idiot” and this is what it returned – guess what?….0…1ac.1.64.img..1.5.1252.0…0.H7vjN4ZolKA#imgdii=RnSC3Iu21cyb0M:&imgrc=HDhcoKATpTFEuM:

    Antimonopoly – antitrust action, now, please!

  688. It’s not just me saying it. Get the Evian in!

    “..But this is the time also to think seriously about personal survival. It is not at all alarmist to be thinking in terms of stockpiling food and other essentials, including torches, and the basics in life from toilet paper to washing up liquid and even, closer to Brexit day, bottled water…”

  689. Pat Buchanan considers the effect of Trump’s changes to US foreign policy.

  690. “Rand Paul: Trump Derangement Syndrome Has Spread to the Senate”

  691. Noa @ July 20th, 2018 – 15:48

    Apologies, young sir, the barbarian was aware what you had meant, but pretending he wasn’t furnished him with a neat start for his posting. He cannot promise not to do it again, (bloody foreigners, heh).

  692. Noa @ July 21st, 2018 – 13:35

    The deluded Swampers are having a go, Noa, because they know full well the Donald cannot endorse the Russian interference in the election whether there was or wasn’t one (there of course wasn’t over and above the shenanigans that many a country engage in them e.g. Israel).

    If he did he would get more than a notch closer to delegitimising his getting elected. No President would do that voluntarily, and certainly not ‘the genius’ the Donald.

    His answer in Helsinki (when asked whether he believes his 17 spook agencies or Putin) should have been: ‘One has to be careful, you know what happened on Saddam’s WMD, we must avoid making a similar mistake’.

  693. EC @ July 21st, 2018 – 14:13

    A single voice of reason in the sea of madness, EC.

    The idea behind this derangement syndrome is simple, if they succeed in turning the public against Russia, they would have largely succeeded in weakening the Donald’s standing amongst the voters. This is their prime objective, Baron reckons because when Obama was in charge they made deals with the Russians e.g. the uranium sale, no sanctions, plenty of dealings with Russian oligarchs. Hypocrites.

  694. Noa @ July 21st, 2018 – 12:54

    When you think about it, Noa, this sin’t probably the most useless paper published, there will be some even more pointless, meaningless and outright worthless scientific findings that get approved, see the light of the day, even applauded.

    We’ve said it many times, we’ve gone mad.

  695. Malfleur @ July 21st, 2018 – 09:58

    Will we ever know the truth, Malfleur? (Baron has seen it before, it’s excellent, but will it lead to anything?).

  696. Malfleur @ July 21st, 2018 – 11:55

    Leaving aside the jokey part of it, does it not remind one what can happen to anything we post or embed on the web or any of the platform in vogue? The agencies that seem to have the power to reach where nothing has been able to penetrate before must know about what we’re up to, it’s only a question of time before they activate it against us.

  697. The past of the man who is working to destroy the Donald:

  698. Baron
    July 21st – 16:55

    Baron, yes, I think we will. I published the link in the context of Putin’s references to “loose change! at the Helsinki press conference. Wink, wink.

    Trump Calls Off the Cold War:

  699. Good read, as are some of the postings under it:

    There must have been people who backed the Donald during the Presidential campaign, they should have bene promoted after the election.Why he failed to do so is not known, but the gist of the narrative is right, he should get rid of them, or they bury him.

    As things stand after almost two years of his Presidency, there still are two Administrations in Washington – one headed by the Donald, the other of the Swamp ably assisted by the MSM poodles.

    The time’s indeed running out for him, after he crosses the half way mark, and the Swamp is still as powerful as it is now, and what with making enemies of everyone he meets or talks to (except for Putin, which is about as much help for personal survival as a heavy stone tied round the neck of someone who wants to have a swim) it’s hard to see how he could conjure up another term.

    Perhaps he’s given up given the never ending barking of the Swamp, wants to retire, buy a pair of slippers, play golf.

  700. Malfleur @ July 21st, 2018 – 20:00

    If you know something we don’t, tell us.

    The link has already been posted by Noa @ 13:35 btw.

  701. This arrived this morning from a friend, Baron has never come across the guy, he talks too fast, the barbarian’s brain cannot take it in, some of the stuff seems OK, but some borders on detachment from reality, no?

  702. Baron
    July 22nd – 00:50

    It’s not that he talks too fast, Baron it’s that he has a weird accent.

    As for Zimbabwe being an economic basket case, wait until July 30 when the country has an election. Word is that shortly thereafter a gold-backed currency will be introduced. It is not just vast reserves of that metal that are available to the new government, but mountains of diamonds.

    I thought that the learned professor’s likening of President Trump’s hands and gestures to those of Mussolini was a cheap shot.

    I broke off from the clip to make these points and will revert if anything else strikes me on returning to the learned gentleman’s speech.

  703. John birch
    July 22nd — 08:45

    Very good! I saw a clip of Sean Hannity of Fox News walking, unafraid through that crowd of morons, with camera and mike recording the idiocy, and arrived independently at a similar view to Christopher Hart’s.

  704. Baron

    Putin apparently gave Trump 162 tetrabytes of intelligence information. I think that may contain some ‘loose change’ on 9/11….

    1 tetrabyte, feckless Googe tells me, equals 1000 gigabytes….

  705. Correction: TERABYTE

  706. Malfleur – 09:18

    Ah, Graham Googe, an excellent English batsman! 😉


  708. “Russiagate”: An interesting discussion here at The Duran of Peter Strzok’s evidence before Congress.

  709. EC
    July 22nd – 11:56

    Lost me there again, Squire.

  710. Dan and Peachey use Mr Kipling’s Patented Snowflake repellent!

  711. Baron. July 21st, 2018 – 16:49

    There’s the inevitable irony that you spotted, the kernal lies at the heart of most academic research; that even junk studies may have some minute shred of intellectual validity, some crumb of barely credible coherence!
    Does the hand the politician use to wipe his bottom matter?
    Is it left or right?
    Or should he get someone to do it for him, as the most successful ones do?

  712. Malfleur
    July 22nd, 2018 – 09:03

    “It’s not that he talks too fast, Baron it’s that he has a weird accent.”

    Weird accent? You’re going to upset the whole of Scotland. It’s the clearest English spoken anywhere in the world & especially so in this guy’s case. I only wish Tommy Robinson could speak as clearly.

  713. Weird News:

    Please can one of you CHW sages explain to me why Israel gave the “White Helmets”, the propaganda wing of isis/al nusra, safe passage from Syria to Jordan.

  714. EC at 19-03

    Bad News:

    I am shocked to find the IDF at the request of Mr. Trump is facilitating the transport of members of the White Helmets to Britain : when allies of our troops in Afganistan are being denied refuge.

    The White Helmets are an agency of al-Nasra a subsidiary of al-Qadar.It appears this grouping is being supported in N. W. Syria by the SAS and RAF against the government of the Syrian Arab Republic.

    Their most notorious item is the photo-shoot of a small boy in an ambulance who they claimed to have rescued. The same boy appeared in different situations.His parents said they had been forced to let him be used after the SAR forces took over the district of East Allepo.

    I did see a Canadian web-site exposing the White Helmets.

  715. Radford NG
    It does appear, since Cameron’s bombing of Gadaffi in Libya, that the UK Armed Forces have become the servants of ISIS military expansion.

  716. The White Helmets were supported by Jo Cox MP before she was killed by a totally naffed-off constituent in circumstances not satisfactory explained.They are still supported by a charity set-up in her name by her widower .

    The Canadian group is at :

  717. For the above go to site below and enter White Helmets in search box:

  718. Radford NG – 20:20

    After watching the analysis of the available evidence presented below, I have serious doubts that the guy in prison convicted of that murder actually did it.

  719. Radford NG – 19:47

    Thanks. After just watching a video recording the TV kicked back on to ITV News where a Alistair Stewart was busy delivering a fake news narrative. i.e. one that carefully omitted lots of inconvenient facts.

  720. Melanie Phillips’s summary of Helsinki -full article in link below@

    “Here’s what I think all this signifies. This was not the behaviour of someone in Putin’s pocket. This was Trump behaving like a big beast of the jungle meeting another big beast. He needs to get the better of Putin and he believes he can, but he takes him seriously because Putin is a powerful rival.
    Just as he did with Kim Jong-un, another formidably dangerous foe, he therefore flatters him in public as a kind of feint in order to cement what he’s doing behind the scenes in making him an offer he can’t refuse. It’s a negotiating strategy.
    That also explains the difference between the way he approaches Putin or Kim Jong-un and the way he treats the EU, Angela Merkel and Theresa May. He holds the EU and Merkel in contempt as weak and relatively powerless; there’s little if anything he wants from the EU, except for them to pay more towards their own defence. He does, though, want a good deal with the UK; hence the way he tempered his criticism of Mrs May’s catastrophic Brexit negotiating strategy with more emollient language, in order to convey his message that he wanted to deal with an independent Britain and not with an EU proxy.
    Trump’s personality flaws – his self-obsession, his lack of attention span, his thin skin against criticism, his inability to speak carefully and accurately – are plain for all to see. The crucial point, however, is not what Trump says, nor the content of his character, but what he does and what he achieves.
    And here’s what Putin said that was potentially so significant. For his remarks suggested that he would support Trump’s attempts to defang both Iran and North Korea. If Trump turns out to have succeeded in detaching Russia from Iran over Syria and from China over North Korea, that would be a huge step towards defeating two of the most evil and dangerous regimes in the world.
    Seen in this light, the reaction of the media and political class to the Helsinki press conference was not just hysterical and disproportionate and a display of near-pathological hatred towards Donald Trump, but a malevolent undermining of the most promising attempt for years to tackle some of the major threats to the peace and security of the world.”

  721. Herbert Thornton
    July 22nd – 17:22

    Steady on old chap.

    The Master of English at my school when I was in the Sixth Form was a Scot and a former Ghurka officer, Captain John “Jock” Craig, well-loved of me and a lover and imitator in class of the Goons.

    Those of a similar ilk came down from Dunlop and sat around the Christmas table, dourly silent while my father, not of that ilk, made unwelcome jokes about “the Parson’s nose” but speaking in weird enough accents for an Essex boy when they did choose to engage verbally.

    The old east Essex accent that I was familiar with and the use of “boy” and “old boy” or “good old boy” is almost caught in this clip on the East Anglian rural voice.

    (the American narrator sounds a little weird. Meanwhile, eat your heart out with this and the succeeding film on old East Anglia – not enough. diversity some would say.)

    So a little latitude should be given as I attempt to troll our Baron – unsuccessfully it would seem but hitting an innocent bystander….

  722. KA-CHING!

    Tone, just one of the “Good ole boys,” eh…

  723. Herbert Thornton, July 22nd, 2018 – 17:22

    You’ve obviously spent too much time watching re-runs of “Dr. Finlay’s Casebook”and not enough time watching “Rab C. Nesbitt.”

    The clearest English, is in fact, spoken in Ireland.

  724. Does anyone have a recording of the address of Pope Francis to the World Council of Churches on June 21st in Geneva?

  725. EC
    Im taking issue wiv where da clearest Ingrsh she be spoken bro!
    Dat gotta be East Side Chicago, tho’ yo gammons in da la of dope n’glory mabbe hearing the true new from Karachi. Peace bros! an all that shit…

  726. Malfleur
    July 23rd, 2018 – 03:49

    Thanks for posting the link to the 1930s film. It reminded me of “This is the BBC Home Service” and maybe even “This is the Gaumont British News” at the local Odeon.

  727. Noa, July 23rd, 2018 – 16:35

    Twinned with East Side Croydon in more ways than one!

  728. Malfleur
    July 23rd, 2018 –
    As a resident just in the Essex side off the Essex Suffolk border around constable country it’s perfectly normal to say good old boy.
    I remember chatting to someone while at cadwell Park racetrack in Lincolnshire about a mutual friend and I said there’s no doubt he’s a good old boy.
    This was received with a puzzled look and the comment he’s not old.
    I said you don’t have to be old to be a good old boy.
    The film link was excellent but I got the feeling we were seen as a little odd even then by a certain group in London.

  729. How Afghan father of acid attack boy,