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The Coffee House Wall – June 2022

This is the Coffee House Wall for this month. I won't say that it is your chance to communicate with us, as we are all in this together. It is, nevertheless, the Conservative Blog post that has no particular theme, and where everything is on topic. Let's just remember that we want to avoid ad hominem attacks on others. We don't want to engage with trolls. We want to moderate our language ourselves as responsible and mature adults, choosing to use fruity language only where it is necessary. This is our opportunity to show what the Spectator Coffee House Wall could have been like.

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  1. It’s a sign! A sign that Peter Farrington is still out there.
    Thank you Peter.

  2. Hi Peter, you are OK which is good news, the nasty pathogen has given you a miss, well done.

    if you look in again could you tell us whether anyone apart from EC and Baron ever visits this blog, please.

  3. Malfleur, May 29th, 2022 – 21:46

    “So; what advice to a man considering return to his homeland later this year after many decades abroad?”

    For whatever reason I hope that your desire to return isn’t prompted by ill health and an imminent need to claim 275 cubic feet of English soil. Other than that, then quite why you would want to return to this lunatic asylum beats me.

    To respond to your request:

    1. Don’t. (best advice)
    2. There are still a few oases of old England as you might remember it, but they are very, very expensive.
    3. After decades of being comfortably warm can you afford the UK’s heating bills?
    4. Since you are accustomed to living in places far flung, then Tower Hamlets might not be too much of a culture shock, and it’s relatively cheap.
    5. See #1

    I’ve noticed that, over the last year or so, your “Big Bad Flower” avatar seems to come and go. Did you write or own that computer game, btw? I never did get to ask Noa about his brief excursion into avatars, which did cause some private amusement at the time.

  4. Good one, the clip, in about sixteen minutes the girl makes an unarguable case for the cause of what we are witnessing now in Ukraine, Baron’s quibble remains what it was when the invasion began, Putin left it too late, he should have figured what the governing elite of the country of the exceptional people is up to years ago before only Ukraine was left to join NATO.

    If he were as smart as some believe he is, he should have acted after the Yushenko’s presidency (2005-2010) when the Ukrainian unwashed rejected the glaringly pro-American stance, elected Yanukovych, convinced the new man to turn Ukraine neutral, imbed the new status in the constitution, negotiate both with the Americans and Russia a treaty acknowledging the country’s neutrality.

  5. EC @ May 31st, 2022 – 08:03

    Not only Baron, EC, nobody could have said it better, seconded many times and more.

  6. Malfleur, May 29th, 2022 – 21:46

    What possessed you to return now, Malfleur? Could a visit to a psychiatrist help? Is life wherever you may be that punishing?

    The only reason, rational reason for you to return would be to set up a new political outfit, convince the unwashed of Britain they should wake up, vote for you, then you put and end to the asylum, heh, heh …

  7. Baron – 08:10

    An excellent clip. A testament to what some CHWallsters have been witnessing and commenting on since Gordon Brown’s unqualified chum Baroness (my arse!) Ashton was High Priestess of EU Foreign Affairs, un-ably assisted by equally deluded idiot, Daniel Krapski.

    The woman commentator was streets ahead of either of the two male panelists, the one in the flowery shirt being a complete waste of space.

  8. Malfleur, May 29th, 2022 – 21:46

    In my opinion, one of the nicest areas of England in which to reside is West Sussex. Somewhere either in or close to the South Downs National Park. There are plenty of villages and small towns from which to choose. There are large hospital facilities in Worthing and Eastbourne should you ever require them.

    Also, this area of the country gets to most sunshine hours per year, which always helps.

  9. Tony Blair is reportedly considering staging a comeback.

    GB News’ Colin Brazier gives a nice 4 minute summation of what he did last time…

    Blair’s toxic legacy:

  10. There was a news clip last night of the unimpressive snd unelected Ursula Vonda Lying claiming that her EU sanctions were “really hurting” Vlad and that by the end of 2022 only 10% of the “EU’s” Oil imports would come from Russia. The credulous sycophants assembled lapped it up. What a joke. She made no mention of GAS, which if Vlad turned off the taps tomorrow then not only would German industry immediately grind to a halt but the Volksgenossen would freeze next winter.

  11. have a laugh or at least a chuckle:

  12. EC @ June 1st, 2022 – 07:19

    The man needs to be retired forever, EC, he’s done enough damage, the tap on immigration he opened up is now pouring a million of new ones per yer. Soon, we will not all be gay as Mahler thinks, we will all be strangers in a foreign country.

  13. EC @ June 1st, 2022 – 07:33

    As you well know, EC, there was no reaction, no sanctions, no nothing when in the ME the Americans invaded one country after another, but hey, these are the Americans they run the world.

    There should’ve been a reaction after the invasion of Ukraine, it’s was a tragic move too late, it revealed Putin wasn’t;t the smartest thinker in the world, he may have been warning the West not to move east with its NATO vehicle, but he left it too late to place the red line at Ukraine, he should have acted before when Yanukovych was President.

    Still, one can hardly turn the clock back, but what one can do is ponder whether the reaction of the West to the invasion is even more tragic that the invasion itself, in Baron’s view, it is, it only boosts the Far East chances to replace the West as the leading region this century.

    It will take time for things to settle, new structures put into operation, new deals to sign, but in the end more than the two thirds of the world population living in the broader East (China and India account for roughly half of the world population), by far hungrier that those in the West, cannot but engage in a magnitude of wealth creation the West cannot even dream of aided by the cheap Russian fossil fuels and other natural resources whilst the West, deprived of them, will have to utilise more expensive energy alternatives including solar and wind, the intermittency character of both making it even more expensive as massive back-ups must be available in case the sun refuses to shine or the wind to blow.

    It won’t be as the pouting Ursula whatever thinks ‘hurting’ Russia, it will be hurting the set-up she’s presiding over, not that any of the countries or the whole bunch of them will collapse, they will not, but they will trod along as the former Bolshevik East did before the creed collapsed, it won’t be life for the plebeians but a mere existence, and rather painful for many, what that can do for social cohesion? Such conditions could even lead to a confrontation between the unwashed of the Old Continent and those that control them, the EU disappearing into the hole of has-beens.

    It won’t be that different for the Anglo-Saxon world either, it shares the insanity with the Continental Europe, if anything we are even more eager to hurt Russia only to find we are paining more than the intended target, the first signs are already here, more is to come.

    It truly amazes how a policy ostensibly designed to contain and ultimately break up Russia will unquestionably inflict more damage on the policy creators, those in power should have learnt that sanctions do not yield the intended results even when applied to small countries, see North Korea, the most sanctioned country in the world happily perfecting its long range rocketry and nuclear capability. Why should the sanctions work on Russia a country endowed with massive natural resources helped by a neighbour that’s emerging as the most serious challenger to the hegemony of the American Republic?

    Madness, unbelievable madness.

  14. Hard to say whether he’s been forced, or is genuine in what he’s saying:

  15. His prattling may seem to be pointless, but if you stick with him he makes sense, at around the 6th minutes he says ‘the elites aren’t evil, they are stupid’, which could indeed be the case as he explains:

  16. Baron – 23:50

    He is right. However, if the likely outcome is the same then it doesn’t matter if “the elites” that hold sway over governments are mad, bad or just plain stooopid.

  17. This is good, it lasts 45 minutes, but you can miss the introduction, start watching around the 8th min when the author begins:

  18. Here’s the result of a poll amongst Ukrainians living west of Kiev published today i staunchly anti-Russian media called the Maidan Press:

    The Democratic Initiatives Foundation’s opinion poll shows that Ukrainians living in Ukraine’s central and Western regions:

    -believe that Ukraine would defeat Russia (94%);
    -put blame for the war on Russia’s leadership (94%) and the Russian nationals (54%);
    -don’t support any concessions to Russia (78%);
    -strongly support Ukraine’s accession to the EU (89%);
    -favor the country’s NATO membership (74%);
    -see the UK (66%), US (65%), Poland (63%) as Ukraine’s biggest allies.

  19. Here’s the latest on how well the Western sanctions on Russian shipments of oil are working:

    “Overall, Russian oil exports rebounded in April, after dropping in March as the first Western sanctions took effect, the International Energy Agency said. Russia’s oil exports rose by 620,000 barrels to 8.1 million barrels a day, close to its prewar levels, with the biggest increase going to India”.

  20. Where does he get the information from? This is the first time Baron came across the guy, he seems confident, attracts a reasonable number of postings, but is the stuff believable?

  21. Baron – 00:15

    There are ordinary guys on both sides caught up in this futile conflict that won’t solve anything. I doubt whether many of them, if any, want to be sacrificial pawns in the game of chess being played out between Vlad and Z’s puppet master.

    Mr. Johnson’s bio reads like that of a bit of a blinkered knobhead, imo.

  22. Baron, June 3rd, 2022 – 14:18

    Sanctions have never worked, anywhere at any time.
    Sieges are another matter.

  23. For those who have expressed a desire to return to dear old “Blighty”

    A few thoughts from Neil Oliver.

    Rwanda might be the better option.
    No heating bills and cheaper cost of living.


    “During World War I Major Errol Phipps is determined to escape from Stalag Luft 112B but his attempts all fail. However all the other prisoners and the guards succeed, leaving him alone in the camp to make elaborate plans – including a tunnel system so extensive it becomes the Munich Underground. He is so obsessed with his escape plans he fails to realise that the war has ended and dies a disappointed man. He does however manage to escape from his grave after he has been buried.”

  25. EC @ June 5th, 2022 – 10:32

    Take great care, my blogging friend, au revoir.

  26. Prince William on the environment.
    As daft as his father.

  27. John birch. @ June 8th, 2022 – 18:52

    With great regret, John, EC and Baron have decided to pack it in, no more postings, nobody visits the blog, it’s close to pointless, you are of course free to visit and post as much as you like, Baron will occasionally look in as well, Noa said the same.

  28. What a shame, I always enjoyed reading your posts , knowledgeable and insightful.
    Where are you going.

  29. If you were to visit more often, John, Baron may reconsider, he finds it hard not to have an outlet, like you he’s on CW and on the Spectator, but it’s not the same, one has to comment on what the two publications put up, this limits what one would like to comment on, for inst. in Russia today it’s said Putin’s preparing a major address for the Russian unwashed, could it be he’s to resign? Probably not, but one cannot really debate it because not one of the MSM mentions it.

    There are other issues, again impossible to mull over anywhere but here, the problem is nobody visits. Baron will get in touch with EC, find out what he thinks.

  30. I may not have always commented but I regularly came to read the comments by the main contributors, always worth reading.

  31. John birch. @ June 14th, 2022 – 08:0

    OK, John, Baron will carry on, he has checked with EC, he is OK with it, he was, after Frank, the most senior, also the one mostly read, Noa may look in also, Malfleur hasn’t;t said anything yet, he may be moving to the UK anyway.

    It may be just a single trooper, but he doesn’t look like someone training the Ukrainian military, he’s fully equipped for action, it confirms what the Russians have been saying, that there are some combat troops from NATO countries, also that some of the drones are run by NATO operatives. This can only prolong the conflict, unlikely to help the Ukrainian party to win it:

  32. Dr Faucci tests positive for covid.

    Who says He doesn’t exist.

  33. For the avoidance of doubt it is Peter that has 100% proprietorial interest in this incarnation of the CHW.

    It was a pity that Peter didn’t have the time to develop it into something along the lines of American Digest. In the early days Frank did his best to create content by contributing some excellent articles.

  34. “If I want an opinion from someone who chases a ball, I’ll ask my dog.”
    Altogether now, to the chant of “You’ve all gone White over there.”
    With much waggling of fingers.

  35. Re Baron

    “…There are other issues, again impossible to mull over anywhere but here, the problem is nobody visits…”

    Precisely, other than Baron, EC and an occasional visitor one is commenting into a vacuum of silence

  36. EC & Noa

    What if Baron were to convince someone of fame (say) Liddle, to do an occasional posting here? Not that Baron could, but he can try, one never knows, weirder things have happened, it may be a platform for him, the name’s close to what the Spectator runs, the terms of reference are better than anywhere else (they may change because who knows who may start posting if someone like Liddle were to host this blog).

    Btw, is it possible to contact Peter? He seems rather blaze about it all, it must cost him money, no?

  37. The guy Nattrass that penned the footballing piece is an ass, Noa, it’s not just taking the knee that irks, it’s the whole wokenism including the standing ovations in the Commons for the Ukrainian drug addict.

    Zelensky spoke to the Czech Parliament few days ago, they dutifully applauded standing up, but not all, twenty members of the Okamura opposition party sat, no applauding, another MP abstained, the reaction of the public backed them, that’s democracy for you.

    In Russia many public figures are objecting to the invasion, nobody has touched them, here it’s all as it used to be under the Bolsheviks, the contemporary West has morphed into the past East, arghhhh

  38. EC @ June 16th, 2022 – 11:26

    Agreed, EC, Peter has been neglecting this blog from the world go, why on earth did he take over it when the Spectator dropped it?

    Frank is missed, very much so, he would bashing all and sundry if he were alive, sad, very sad he’s no longer with us.

  39. As usual, all interesting reading.

  40. And not will Europe have the highest energy cost worldwide, it’s till now the engine and the funding source of the EU Germany will also lose its independence, it will be the Americans that will control her energy policy, it may not have yet dawned on the Germans that whoever controls the energy input of a society controls the society:

    (please change COMMA for .)


  41. Soory about the start of the posting, it should read ‘and not only will… You may directly go to ‘unz review’, the piece is there.

    Also, Baron couldn’t;t post the link, the system wouldn’t have it. Strange that.

  42. The best thing about taking the knee was watching the British police loose all the dignity they were just about hanging on to in a single moment

  43. The best thing about taking the knee was watching the British police loose all the dignity they were just about hanging on to in a single moment .
    Absolutely pathetic.

  44. The madness of the West is destroying it faster than expected. Ukraine is simoly a sideshow, a distraction in comparison.
    First the future king (Jesus!) came for the belching and farting cows and sheep then they came for everyone else.

  45. Is Murray right? Will we win the kultur War?
    Given that we’ve just witnessed the Boris plan being thrown off the flight by the EU I can’t agree.
    We’re doomed, doomed! I say.
    No-one cares best we just pay the Traitor Class their salaries and let them get on with it.

  46. Baron 15.57
    Yes the writer, like most of the erstwhile “journalists” who write for Unherd is a foredeck tugging lefty, whose only excuse is that he possibly has a ‘partner’ and child to keep. Too much conservatism and the editor will simply not use his copy.
    The letters are more interesting than the semi woke thought piece that provoked it.

  47. As the world bifurcates into the US and its UK and EU satrapy and the Sino-Russian alliance together with their related Indian, middle Eastern and other satrapies satrapies, a future ground for potential conflict is developing in the Artic.
    I don’t believe that we should worry. Once the testosterone driven Ben Wallace deploys a few electric tanks and drones that should sort out who owns the ehorrible nasty oil and such up there.

  48. If you want to escape the transatlantic Oirish snarling lectoors of Orla ‘gimme a fecking war now’ Guerlin and a standard beeb toady boys its good to know that one sane place in the world now offers Sanctimony sanctuary.

  49. What a pleasant surprise, Baron will check all recommendations later, too bloody busy, he wonders how he managed when he also had a daily job.

    For the time being only this:

    Yesterday he dispatched to Farage’s GB News hour (mostly about immigrants) his rant about immigration equals colonisation, shortened of course … no luck, those doing the filtering decided against it, will try again one day.

    “The flow will never stop when the country’s governed by the middle class, immigration equals colonisation only with reversed travelling arrangements for the two social classes of people that benefit from it – the British middle class and the foreign plebeians.

    Instead of the sons of the middle class parents boarding the boats, settling in foreign lands where the local unwashed do what they are asked to do, it’s the unwashed from the foreign lands that arrive here, doing what the middle class wants them to do”. Baron

    Also this, Baron couldn’t;t resist even when he may be latee:

    If you’re looking for a well paid job, here’s your chance:

  50. Noa, June 16th, 2022 – 18:10


  51. Noa, June 16th, 2022 – 17:11

    “We’re doomed, doomed! I say.”

    Well, Julian Assange is definitely doomed as, reportedly, Priti Patel has just signed his death warrant. What with staff shortages, flight cancellations, transport strikes she’ll be lucky to get him on a commercial flight. No doubt the CIA will step up and offer to put him on one of their extraordinary flights out of Farnborough.

    Will the “Stop The Plane” mob, lefty lawyers, and ECJ Judges be out in force to save Assange? No, thought not.

    Will there be yet another determined case of suicide in the US prison system to spare the blushes of some high profile Septics? Probably.

    R.I.P John McAffee and others.

  52. EC
    It’s 239 years since the treasonous revolutionaries in the American colonies refused to accept our white convicts, though Assange hasn’t actually been convicted of any crime here. If they’re now happy to accept more we can supply them with virtually unlimited quantities whose diversity is guaranteed.
    The ideal solution for the Patel woman would be to make the Rwanda route a success by shipping him there and the boat invaders to the States, which is where most of them want to go anyway.

  53. Doomed?

    It took Herr Schicklgruber only 13 years to reduce his country to rubble.

    The Romans took longer but they had orgies, wine, cheese and other entertainments to distract them.

    Westminster today…

    … it’s getting there.

    File under: panem et circenses, Fitba, Corrie, Love Island… etcetera.

  54. EC @ June 17th, 2022 – 15:32

    Powerful stuff, EC, who is to be the one repeating it though?

  55. Noa @ June 16th, 2022 – 17:55

    What you may have missed, Noa, that we have a 12-page strategy for the Artic, that’s a sure winner.

  56. Noa @ June 16th, 2022 – 17:11

    Murray cannot be right, Noa, he’s bleating about Western war on the West, forgetting the orthodox view is it’s the Russian war on the culture of the West, the heredity guilt, the denial that diversity is a strength, that equality rules and stuff are all originating in the Kremlin and streaming to the West from the evil Russia, it’s Russia that funds the culture war on the West, controls it, determines which way it should go next … That’s what one’s told when the crunch arrives.

    The guy won’t get far with his take on the culture war the West’s fighting and losing unless he recognises the ‘significance’ of Russia in the onslaught on the old cultural values of the West, only when he does so, will he be taken seriously by the ruling class. This may seem to you rather silly, but you look at any wart and boil we suffer from it’s never far from the officialdom blaming Russia for it. He has to join the bandwagon or he will be ignored.

    Also, the one female holding a placard saying ‘British history matters’ even if repeated thousand times is not going to win the culture war, one needs more than placards with the right slogans.

  57. Not sufficiently pessimistic, the good professor could have suggested a longer lasting turmoil not because of the realignment of trading routes and stuff linked to the Ukrainian fighting, but to forces that have been breeding exclusively in the West before the invasion began, namely the size of the QE in all major Western countries, the insanity of the zero net carbon, and the influx of immigrants both into Europe, the UK and the US, all that combined may lead to a social convulsion that those in power won’t be able to explain by Putin’s excursion into Ukraine, they will try, but the plebeians are unlikely to buy it. As EC pointed out dark times are truly ahead, one would do well to stock up on the essentials.

  58. Our leader on a visit to our new special friends today, rather disorganised show having about of everything including the destroyed Russian tanks, but then he and the crew around him must have been anxious the Russians won’t do anything naughty to spoil the theatre.

    Will that help him in the two coming by-elections? Hmmm

  59. It lasts for around an hour, but it should be a must watching it even if the professor reckons nukes will come into play, frightening that.

  60. Further to the 23:22 posting:

    If you are pushed on time, put the cursor to 54min and watch to the end which is only some 9 minutes duration, the stuff before is essentially a repeat of what we’ve been saying ourselves, or the professor said in other presentation but here in this lecture it’s in greater detail.

    It’s hard to argue with his logic about the high likelihood of an escalation he talks about but for one point, the Americans are used to losing, if one looks at their involvement from Vietnam forward it’s mostly losses, the last big one in Afghanistan, with Russia it’s somewhat different but one has to consider that the Americans may open another zone of conflict probably in Syria to stretch Russia’s resources further, what then? Will Russia resort to nukes? Will China step in?

    Truly frightening if one inputs into this nightmarish military scenario the looming economic disaster with high inflation, close to unaffordable energy prices for many and the food shortages.

  61. The last and hopefully this time the correct timing from which anyone that hasn’t;t got the time to watch the presentation fully should put the cursor on, it’s from the 51st minute, apologies.

  62. Baron 23.08,
    Perhaps some Russian drone operator was waiting for clearance from the Kremlin before launching an air to ground missile at Bunter.
    Perhaps it never came, ,because Vladimir shares the view of the Iron Duke that:
    “It is not the business of generals to shoot one another.”

  63. Ben Wallace has promised to train ‘thousands” of Ukrainian troops to defend their homeland.
    Given the British Army’s outstanding success in defending its homeland from more invaders than the Whermacht deployed in 1940 we anticipate that the boys from Kiev will endure the similar rigorous training our own lads endure.

    “Minsk, I said you ‘orrible lot, not mince!”

  64. Nothing much to report, more sites have been shut down, pity that, one can still listen to the Navalny’s web broadcasts, millions do, Putin hasn’t blocked it, yet anyway, why do we prevent the other party to the war to say what they make of it?

  65. Noa @ June 18th, 2022 – 11:23

    You may not have listen to the full video of the good professor, but one bit of information he furnishes is that starting from 2014 (the year of the coup) each year NATO trained 10,000 Ukrainian troops, that’s a lot, it must have involved our military taking part, you may recall that there was a denial of a video posted by the Azov Brigade showing our officers in conference with the Azov top leadership. The Ukrainian troops must have well prepared when the Russians invaded.

    The one source that hasn’t been blocked yet (Baron won’t tell you the name of the site) is saying that earlier today a large number of Aidar Battalion fighters at the town of SeveroDonetsk including the commanders have voluntarily surrendered, during questioning one of them said they had been trained by the Lithuanian officers how to attack one-two-three storeys buildings, they were told it would be needed when they attack Donbas.

  66. Noa @ June 18th, 2022 – 09:57

    Like the moniker, Noa.

  67. For eleven gallons some £44 that’s not that cheap in Russia, it’s only less than a half of our price, but considering the Russians are earning less, it’s about in par with us.

  68. Baron – 00:14

    His memory lives on, M’lud, if only as a branch of ‘spoons in Somerset.

  69. First, apologies for the errors, Alzheimer perhaps or a lack of education?

    Plenty of blocked sites, pity that, one’s left with nothing because to believe the agitprop is almost impossible.


    Beats Baron, EC, it must be the Alzheimer, but Noa’s supplied quote is good, quite usable.

  70. German Foreign Policy reports NATO expansion in Europe, together with expanded weapons supply and the development of interoperability with Ukrainian forces.
    In addition it us extending its remit to cover opposition to PRC expansion in the Far East. Compare that with Robert Frosts Civitas proposal which I previously mentioned to form a new anti Russia PRC alliance to combat Artic material and supply route control.
    Does anyone else consider there is an increasing and inevitable drift to world wide war, both in Europe and the Far East?

  71. In the event of sturgeon achieving the SNP target of Scotzit is one of the likely consequences to be civil war, as the Highlands and Islands split from Edinburgh dictatorship and the Northern borderlands with England become the subject of Donbass-like separation, reclamation and fighting?
    Will England’s traditional enemies, France and latterly Germany, support Edinburgh with troops and materia,possibily under a NATO umbrella? Will Russia and PRC supply support? If so, to whom?
    We will watch with interest as Bunter presides,successive ly, over the creation of a new coterie of British dictatorships, bankruptcy, wholesale population replacement, a bloody breakup of the Union and in an attempt to stop it all, leads us into a major war.

  72. Still on the Scottish theme:

    Leslie Sinclair, a proud Scottish male and a committed donor came to give blood but was turned down because he refused to answer a question whether he was pregnant.

    Silly of him, he should have said to the young nurse ‘not yet but if you take your knickers off, you could be’.

  73. Noa @ June 19th, 2022 – 10:15

    Those running the show for the West, Noa, believe Russia will never resort to deploying nukes, this is a grave error, we will all suffer because of ti.

    Since Baron arrival in the UK he has been consistent in saying the Bolsheviks would have never ever deployed nuclear weaponry because they knew that doing so would have invited a swift retaliation and hence an imminent collapse of the regime.

    It’s impossible to test it now, it has always been impossible to test it, but an indirect evidence that Baron may be right was furnished by the collapse of the Red Menace in 1990, it vanished within hours, except for a few at the very top there was not one single state institution (and that included the KGB), a social institution, or an individual that stood up in support of it, almost 99.999% of Russia and even a higher percentage of the satellite vassals welcomed the the implosion, many aided it happily.

    With today’s Russia, things are totally different, whatever the warts and boils of Putin may be, he has the backing of the majority, a true backing, the Russians are as well informed about the world at large if not better than the plebeians of the West, they know Putin’s faults, many don’t like them, but all in all his faults are of little consequence for them considering what he’s done for Russia. The unwashed of this largest Slavonic tribe truly never had it as good as today in spite of sanctions and anything else cum the invasion.

    It’s of course a guess, but Baron reckons Putin will unleash all that Russia possesses in her arsenal of nukes, he will not hesitate, he will go all the way, and that scares Baron no end, he often has sleepless nights as if he could do anything about it.

  74. Briefing by the official representative of the RF Ministry of Defense Igor Konashenkov as of 11.00 June 17, 2022 on the progress of the special operation in Ukraine:

    Against the background of the growing number of military failures of the Kyiv regime and massive daily losses in manpower and equipment, the flow of foreign mercenaries to Ukraine has not only decreased, but is actually turning in the opposite direction.

    Despite the efforts of the Kyiv regime and the increase in payments, the process of departure of mercenaries to the “other” world or back to their countries of residence cannot be stopped by the Kiev leadership. The recent empty talk about “20,000” foreigners “fighting” against the Russian armed forces is a common lie.

    The Russian Defense Ministry monitors and records the stay in Ukraine of each representative of this international gathering of “headless horsemen”.Moreover, not only mercenaries directly involved in hostilities as part of Ukrainian units are now included in the databases. The Defense Ministry also takes into account instructors who arrived to train, assist in the operation and repair of Western weapons supplied to Ukraine.

    Among European countries, the undisputed leader in the number of both arrived and dead mercenaries is Poland. Since the beginning of the special military operation, 1831 people have arrived in Ukraine, of which 378 have already been destroyed and 272 mercenaries have left for their homeland. It is followed by Romania – 504 arrived, 102 dead, 98 left. In third place is the UK: 422 arrivals, 101 deaths, 95 departures.

    From the American continent, Canada is in the lead: 601 arrived, 162 destroyed, 169 left. In second place is the United States: 530 arrived, 214 died, 227 left.

    From the Middle East, Transcaucasia and Asia, most of all, 355 mercenaries arrived from Georgia, of which 120 were destroyed and 90 left Ukraine. This is followed by militants of terrorist groups deployed from US-controlled areas of the Syrian Trans-Euphrates – 200 people. To date, 80 of them have been destroyed and 66 have left Ukraine.

    In total, the lists of the Russian Defense Ministry as of June 17, 2022 include mercenaries and weapons specialists from 64 countries. Since the beginning of the special military operation, 6956 people arrived in Ukraine, 1956 have already been destroyed, 1779 left. While they are alive, 3221 mercenaries have not yet been captured, or have not reached the Ukrainian border.

    Detailed data is published on the information resources of the Russian Ministry of Defense on the Internet. The Embassies of the appropriate countries were informed.

  75. This isn’t what they supposed to be training for:

  76. Baron

    It may be that Russia is prepared, as a last resort, to launch nuclear weapons against Europe and the USA, the result would be catastrophic for the entire world.
    The point is that we simply don’t know to what lengths Russia is prepared to go in respect of the proxy US NATO conflict in the Ukraine. As the war whilst acting as a running sore on the economy, does not pose an existential threat I’m of the opinion that the possibility of escalation to nuclear war is at prest low.

  77. Baron 22.59

    Where do yo get them from, Milud!
    You are probably witnessing the new intake in the vlog. Course graduates would have pre tested the proctal equipment in other orifices before oral deployment!

  78. Noa @ June 20th, 2022 – 09:46

    The Russians will have to respond to the bait of having Kaliningrad cut off, that will show us how far Putin may go, God forbid if he calls the bluff, goes Full MOnty.

  79. Baron

    I suspect that both Russia and the EUNATO have exhaustively wargamed the possibility of sanctions and escalation and see the possibility as remote.
    At present the concern of the replacement Russian settlers in Konigsburg is a potential shortage of DIY materials rather than manning the barricades against the crazed militarist hordes that Von Der Leyen and Stoltenberg may unleash.
    That said I’m concerned that British forces are inextricably interwoven into this military strategic tapestry and that Johnsons intention is to increase our commitment and make it irrevocable.
    Thus rejoining the EU via NATO commitments.

  80. You should listen to Simon’s musings in this video till the end, in fact you can easily shift the cursor to roughly the middle of the 10 minute slot if you don’t have the time, there he goes though the case of the 66-year Scottish guy who refused to say whether he was pregnant, as a result was refused to give blood, but then Simon goes on, and it’s the going on that will put a smile on your face, or is it despair how loopy we’ve become.

  81. Noa @ June 21st, 2022 – 21:18

    The thing that worries Baron about our Armed Forces, Noa, is their strength, the politicians keep yapping about the threats to our democracy, yet the size of those that will protect us, one hopes, will be cut to 72,500 by 2025, that’s roughly five divisions or a third what Ukraine furnished against the Russians, Ukraine a country that close to broke.

    It’s fine to focus on cyber warfare, but that won’t safe us if and when the fighting starts, we may have a string of water between us and the Continent, but our enemies have parachute regiments, boats and planes.

  82. I am very grateful to Gary Winston Lineker for drawing attention to the lifelong racism that many of us, myself included, have suffered merely because of our skin pigmentation. Since I was a child I have felt a foreigner in my own country during the summer months. Mr Lineker is fortunate in having been gifted the melanin reserves to cultivate his tan over a number of decades without ham, giving him in old age the distressed leathery permanent patina that he exhibits today. He has been able to enjoy his millionaire lavish sunshine holiday lifestyle in a manner that those less fortunate than himself could not begin to contemplate. i.e. unclothed! He appears to have thus far dodged the melanomas, SQCs and BCCs that those of us with less fortunate than Winny have had to deal with.

  83. Baron – June 21st, 2022 – 23:32

    “the politicians keep yapping about the threats to our democracy”

    Indeed they do, Baron.
    The permanent political class use the term “our democracy” to maintain the charade that it is inclusive of the rest of us. It is not. What we have today is a developing Oligarchy. Crony capitalism gone bad. (i.e. state sponsored fascism) The politicians who once gifted favours to business are now in servitude to it.

  84. @9:38 additional

    If you’ve ever wondered why the current crop of MPs of all parties…
    (with a few exceptions)

    1) Are not very bright
    2) Couldn’t give a f*ck
    3) Have no moral compass
    4) Have no philosophical policy differences
    etc. etc.

    It is because they are not running the show.
    They are there purely to maintain the charade.

    File under: Ginger growlers

  85. EC, June 22nd, 2022 – 08:52

    “without ham” should read “without harm” 😉

    Or even without haram. Halal food certification. There’s money in that. I would be surprised if his crisp company haven’t already jumped on that bandwagon – smoky bacon excepted.

  86. Baron 23.32
    Sadly the armed forces are an expensive joke. In the army not enough soldiers, a high percentage of whom are Africans, Gurkas or South Sea Islanders after UK settlement, over 50% are unfit for active service, women and other sexes, with equipment such as the new APCs that dont work. The upgrade of our few remaining tanks will cost nearly a million pounds each.
    The RAF has only 4 Typhoons that are fit for service at any one time. Hving spent billions on buying US UAFs we now buy cheap and cheerful drones from the Ottomans, who have made themselves world leaders in that field. a glorious opportunity to lead ourselves was thron away.

    The fleet is robbed to keep the Typhoons flying, as for the rest US equipemnt that has exorbitantly high maintennace costs. The Navy is lumbered with its useless and expensive, indefensiible carriers, and a small number of ineffective destroyers. The bureaucratic MoD which controls all procurement has more personnel than the RAF.
    Such resources as we do have are directed at escorting an invading muslim army into our country to utilise surplus hotel accommodation.
    The only thing that saves this country from conquest is the unenviable task any invader would face in restoring order from the ourdure created by 25 years of treasonous incompetent governance.

  87. EC 09.18 et all.

    Come on there EC, tell us what you really think!


  88. 08.52 -Is it cos I is Black?

    We are all Ugandan now, or wanna be-if we want to any life at all.

  89. If only those pulling the levers in the West were to listen to the Colonel, the sooner the war ends the better, the loss of life is regrettable, as is the destruction of assets in a country that was broke before the war began:

  90. Kigali is also a wonderful place, but you won’t see me outdoors ‘twixt sunrise and sunset, Bwana.

  91. Noa – 10:02


    Did you know… that HMG’s Secretary of State for the Colonies, Joseph Chamberlain [Neville’s dad], offered Uganda to Theodor Herzl and the Zionist Commission to be settled as the jewish homeland instead of Palestine? The offer made in 1903 was rejected in by the Commission Congress in 1904.
    [Ref: Orientations by Sir Ronald Storrs KCMG; Chapter XV P 338 – 347;
    “Excursus on Zionism -Vere scire est per causas scire”. ]

    The rest, as they say, is history.
    Isn’t Uganda owned and run by the Mandarin speakers now?

  92. EC
    Is that Kigali, twinned with Kowloon, where the Han are ‘cleansing’ the locals, who in turn are moving to Kamden, where they are kleansing the locals…..

  93. Property is theft, and its confiscation is good!

  94. The first link furnishes few new dictionary entries, quite amusing, the other is an idea being debated in the West, probably an item for the forthcoming NATO gathering:

  95. Noa @ June 24th, 2022 – 21:47

    Sadly, Noa, no mention of the number of immigrants, this must have made the situation worse as it boosted demand whereas supply hasn’t been ready, it must have also contributed to the worsening of living conditions for those that rent, more people squeezed in, more people tempted to rent even if the rented accommodation may not be up the standard.

  96. Noa @ June 24th, 2022 – 19:17

    The rouble may be too strong, Noa, Ms Nabulina, the top banker at the Russian Central Bank should start selling some, the strength favours imports, one thing Russia shouldn’t indulge in, new sanctions may cut such imports.

  97. Noa @ June 24th, 2022 – 14:07

    What matters, Noa, is the man worships diversity.

  98. EC @ June 22nd, 2022 – 13:38

    Isn’t most of Africa owned and run by the Mandarin speakers, EC, the eyes of the world are on Russia, our leader believes that only his failure to win the war would make him resign, there’s nothing to stop China taking over the world.

  99. The US Embassy in Moscow wishing the tell the brainwashed Russian unwashed that they are on their side regardless what the evil Putin may be doing to Ukraine sent a message of congratulations on June 6, the birthday of Puskhin, the message was in Russian of course and ended with ‘all the best on your birthday Ivan Sergeyevich Pushkin’.

    Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin was born on June 6, 1799, but whoever penned the message wasn’t that far off, he got two out of three correct, for a leader of the world that’s pretty good going.

  100. And lastly a short video on a small screen, only in B&W, it’s from the Moscow exhibition of the downed U-2 spy plane in 1960, the reason for posting the video is not the bits and pieces, but the people coming to see the remnants of the plane, not many shots of them but all rather dull, flat caps for men, women with heads covered with scarves, unfashionable clothes, drabness galore, and this was Moscow, the capital, compared to today’s Moscow the exhibition attendees look like they were from the middle ages.

    Of course, fashion was quite different then in London as well, but the difference between London 1960 and now is anywhere near as big as it is between the fashion in Moscow between the two dates.

  101. To borrow from the former US Ambassador to Ukraine when the ‘fugg-the-EU Victorian Nuland made mark on history bigger than the man that sits in the Kremlin and is supposed to be smart; “We are in play again”.

    Thank you, Peter, you should come and visit occasionally, furnish us a prayer of the month or something, you’ll be warmly received.

    ‘Will he or will he not go’, is the question and the answer is very simple, he isn’t going anywhere, certainly not to get his P60, he will not be moved.

    A couple of resignations or even more than a couple is bur a minor irritation, he will survive them all, even if all the Cabinet were to decide to quit, he would still insist he has a job to do and he will continue failing doing it, the man’s obsessive desire to stay in the job trumps everything else, soon people will begin to admire him not for the hairstyle but for the animal stubbornness, the dogged blindness to anything but how to survive in the job, the pertinacious streak to keep going what may.

    The guy will be there until the nature decides to claim him, we are stuck with him, to borrow from the great Basil ‘we should have him stuffed’.

  102. What happened a few days ago. I could only see a message about this page being reserved for the future.
    Or something like that.
    Now things seem back to normal.
    Unlike the real world.

  103. Baron, talking of which did you spot the rumour about his hairdresser ( who knew) being packed off back to Canada allegedly pregnant.

  104. John birch. @ July 6th, 2022 – 07:59

    You missed it, John, Peter who wins the blog forgot to do something or other, he was contacted, it’s fine now thanks to EC.

    No, Baron hasn’t heard the rumour, but it sounds plausible, we should creates a Procreation Ministry for the guy, he would reverse the downward trend in births at a stroke, siring thousands of babies, it would be good for the country, and obviously for him, his meat&twoveg seems to be overflowing with sperms, not trouble there, he must have bucked the trend of sperm reduction thanks to, allegedly, the vaccine.

  105. He could procreate for England .

  106. Any guesses about how many days before he’s forcibly evicted.
    What a disastrous period of our lives, with everything that’s going on I’m glad I’m at the wrong end of life.
    I pity youngsters growing up facing the reality of the world today.

  107. John birch. @ July 7th, 2022 – 07:49

    Your guess is as good as Baron’s, John, the guy’s immovable, even if the whole Cabinet were to resign he’ll run the Government on his own.

    It may not be sensible by the 22 Committee to change the rules, ‘no cricket’ that, one doesn’t change the rules after one’s loss, the people may not like it, but apart from a no confidence vote nothing else could dislodge the buffoon.

    Bizarre that.

  108. The editor of the US Spectator thinks the buffoon was luck, to was luck that accompanied him throughout his career, but abandoned him now.

    It wasn’t so much luck although it never harms to have it, it was that he was exceptional, unique, a one off in one respect, he was a clown or at least displayed the behaviour and mannerism of one backed by an unquestionable astuteness both in wordsmithing and the manner of speech.

    That was totally new and unheard of for anyone in any of the jobs he’s had, and certainly sui generis in politics, there has never been anyone like him in British politics before, a jester, an entertainer that never failed to warm the cockles of everyone’s heart. Sadly, he lacks what it needs to be a leader of a nation, hence the downfall.

  109. Who next, and does it really matter who gets the job? We’re likely to get the same menu of the old policies only the mix may alter somewhat.

    Where is Frank when one needs him?

  110. Tom Tugendhat is the first to wave his manifesto, Fraser in the Spectator doesn’t think much of him, neither do the postings, here’s a selection of them:

    Never forget this tvrd’s treatment of Roger Scruton.

    Tom Tugendhat is just back from the globalist billionaires’ Bilderberg Group meeting in Washington DC.

    Why did he go? Presumably to keep in touch with the wishes of Big Money and provide as necessary if elected as Prime Minister.

    What an extraordinary coincidence that Bill Gates flew into the UK at exactly the moment this week when the UK government was in turmoil with Ministers resigning, followed by Boris Johnson!

    This is exactly what one would expect in the event of Bill Gates being the UK’s puppet master as he clearly is on behalf of the World Economic Forum!


    Remoaner. Do not touch with a barge pole.

    He rather incredibly regards a low-ranking, part-time army career as conferring global statesman status. He is also a French citizen. Utterly delusional even by HOC standards.

    His uncle was an EU commissioner, his father a High Court judge. Levelled up or levelled down another man of the people.

  111. Many of Boris’s supporters and admirers point to the three of his biggest achievements as Brexit, the vaccination of the country and his stance on Ukraine. All either wrong or suspect:

    He didn’t get us out of the EU, the groundwork was done by Frost & Baker, he furnished the clowning with a dose of a big lie (you remember the figure we were allegedly saving not being a member of the ghastly monstrosity?).

    The vaccines cost us tens of billions even though they seem to be causing more deaths, pain and suffering than all the other vaccines before combined.

    The Ukrainian venture was only and solely for his own benefit, not the country’s, the front page of the Private Eye got it spot on, a bubble shared by him and the drug addict saying “thank you for coming to my rescue”.

    The biggest achievement of the dear Boris was getting the PM job, that’s it, he had nothing in his armoury of abilities to offer in performing in the job, he has been a jester all his life, capable, often witty, excellent in wordsmithing and the manner of speech, but even more so in lying, and not just about the groping guy, he has lied throughout his life, to women, his employers, lately the Parliament and the country, he got away with it till now because of his clowning ability, charm, charisma and the benevolence of the great British unwashed, not one of such attributes of his is enough to run a country of 70mn people facing the biggest crisis since WW2.

    Britain may not be what Britain used to be, but she still deserves better.

  112. Baron, July 7th, 2022 – 21:46

    “Who’s next?”

    Our boy Paul is somewhat scathing about the runners and riders…

    Nothing will change. Amongst the reasons are, Baron…

    1) hardly anybody in the higher ranks of any of the parties have a clue what life id like for most people, and couldn’t care less. None of them have done an honest day’s work in their lives, and from their well paid lofty perches presume that they have the intellectual and moral authority to lord it over the rest of us. Those that are “cut from the common cloth” usually tend to be numpties. eg Lisa.

    2) The civil service and local authority offices are chock full of lefties who are operating with the same mindset as 1)

  113. Beer Starmer,

    How did he get away with it?

    You won’t see this anywhere else… not even GB News – ehich tells you a lot about GB News. With the exception of one or two there it’s 90% pure drivel. There are obviously no real journalists to ask the obvious questions.

    “Political Links Between Labour AND Durham Police EXPOSED”

    The Labour fiefdoms of the NE always have been corrupt as hell… since they were established 100 years ago. Despite a few of their MPs getting temporarily booted out in 2019 they still have full control of all aspects of local government and the quangocracy. They are as a permanent feature as the CCP are in ChyNa.

  114. Simon has spoken again on Ukraine, he’s done it before, but this time he’s more explicit than he has ever been blaming NATO as well as Russia for the warring in Ukraine:

  115. EC @ July 10th, 2022 – 07:57

    He’s excellent, EC, as always and your two points sum it up more than well, we really are doomed, it’s a great pity Baker withdrew, he isn’t ideal, but he ticked for Baron all the essential boxes, it was he and Frost that did the Brexit negotiations, he’s also a backbencher, and more to the point, his ancestors paid taxes to the first Elizabeth.

    Baron does think the time has come when the English have to have a say in how they are governed, it’s not racism, far from it, Baron’s an import also, it’s just common sense, when a crisis hits someone of a heritage pedigree with the stake in the future will respond differently to someone like Sunak who together with his wife will very likely bugger off to the American Republic eventually.

  116. EC @ July 10th, 2022 – 08:13

    This piece of speculative but fact based news, EC, must have Frank turning in his grave, the Scottish fiefdom is in urgent need of an investigation, surprisingly Alex Salmond has gone totally quiet, it must be his association with RT, he would have been the one pointing his finger at the shenanigans, or more.

  117. Quite a find, some valid points, the take on the Spectator and the chums attending its garden party points to the new generation that may shock some if not all oldies, but then there’re young, sooner or later some of them will get sucked in, attend the garden party also, unless they dislodge what’s there today, reface it with what?

  118. Baron – 08:35

    That woman is Ash Sarkar, Baron. She is a communist, and as such she is an expert on revisionist history – it’s what communists are really good at, that and piling up corpses. Her whinnying on about Democracy with a straight face is a good laugh though, innit.

    She is also part of, part owner of, “Novara media”. A 222K subscriber YT channel is not enough, even if they were all real, to generate enough ad revenue to make it sustainable. A perennial shortage of funds must be s Soros point Hu knows where they get donations from. (‘scuse my spelling M’lud)

  119. Vilfredo Fritz Pareto, originator of The Pareto Principle, was an interesting chap.

    I think that the 80:20 rule is a bit too conservative in the modern economic world. Today I think it is more likely to be 95:5. The same principle can be applied to achieving outcomes from “social” media agitation, whether it be for political, religious or environmental (a combination of both} purposes.

    Any thoughts?

  120. Baron,

    If you have a few minutes to spare then this is fascinating.

    Largest European Cities(agglomeration) in History 7500 BC – 2020.
    Top 11 biggest cities in Europe

    The mere blink of an eye! But how long can it go on?

  121. EC @ July 12th, 2022 – 08:22

    Got it, EC, thanks, it’s the first time Baron came across the youngsters, the female and the rest of the crew, very articulate but not as Russel Brand, their criticism sounds OK, they said nothing about what should be done and why, but of they are anywhere near the cumryd, thank you.

  122. more to follow

  123. Im glad to see the Wall has returned, its requiem premature.

  124. The Egregious Eight race to save the soul of the Conservative party from the bowels of Johnsonism.

  125. Or perhaps to save the bowels of the Conservative party from the arsehole of Johnson.

  126. Noa @ July 13th, 2022 – 17:44

    This one’s better, Noa, as is the choice of the suicide squad, top marks for it.

    It’s currently Sunak and the fragrant one Penny Mordaunt, Hunt’s backing the former, the members of the Tory tribe prefer the latter, the one smelling of the tank oil is trailing, the Saffron Walden girl Kemi Badenoch is even further down the list, it would be a miracle if she could make it to the final.

    Seems rather pointless though, come 2024 they are out anyway.

  127. EC @ July 12th, 2022 – 11:42

    Agreed, EC, a fabulous presentation, too fast for Baron’s Alzheimer infected brain, the BC period is essentially mostly Greek cities then Italy comes in but everyone’s dwarfed by the Islamic Constantinople, the other thing to notice is that when the cities reduce they almost always reduce all except for the Muslim one, what is also interesting that London doesn’t appear but when it does it rushes to the top at a speed never seen before.

    Truly enjoyable and informative, thanks for it, it has been filed, it would be harder to do it by country since many countries changed boundaries, the growth or decline of the city populations must be driven by many factors, it may not reflect the population changes in the country though.

  128. This is very long but worth the read even in stages, it hits all the right buttons and concludes that the world will again be of two parts, this time however the winners of the old division are likely to trail those of the incoming challengers:

  129. Noa, July 13th, 2022 – 11:13

    The Johnsonian years: quite literally “A Cock & Bull Story.”

    The Bull is dead, long live the Bull.
    It matters not who is elected the new Bull, the continuity of BS is assured.
    Labour will win the next GE. The MSM really want Sir Beer in No,10, as their steadfast refusal to examine his record. and Labour links to and their recent interactions with the Durham C*nstabulary show.

    I think that Jake Thackray summed it up nicely decades ago.

  130. Nicola might not know much about railways…
    but she knows how to run a Gravy Train!

    This is not a surprise to gnarled old freelancers.
    i.e. When the overpaid “permies” are incapable of doing their job, hire contractors!

  131. Baron
    Soon we will be down from the slimy six to the furtive four. None offer any feeling of optimism for the future.
    None mentions their solution to the forthcoming winter food and fuel shortages. The reality and real Net Zero awaits us.

  132. This would disturb you if violence, even unseen violence, disturbs you, it’s two videos by Anatoli Sharij, you may remember the blogger, a journalist, the leader of the party called also “Sharij’ in Ukraine, now banned, some of his top members either in jail or not known where.

    The first is an interview with a soldier of the Ukrainian Army stationed in Mariupol when it was still under the control of Ukraine, he’s now a prisoner of war, he describes a harrowing incident, he speaks Russian but there are subtitles. The other video, also subtitled, follows the first, it has an interview with the wife of the killed man, Baron couldn’t watch it in full.

    Sharij published other interviews of the prisoners of war not one with subtitles, mostly about the conditions they have to endure in the hands of the Russians, some were asked ‘have they beaten you’, few of them said ‘yes’, they got hit, kicked but when asked whether they had injuries answered in the negative, most said they were treated well, some were even expressing gratitude (probably those of the Russian ethnicity), whether one can believe them is hard to say, there was only corroborative evidence in a few of those interviews where Sharij’s people in Ukraine contacted those the prisoner mentioned, once a man the prisoner hit over the head, nearly killed him, the wound partially healed looked sickening. Sharij says that the Russians are not present when the interviews are recorded, Baron believes him, the guy has never lied before.

    One cannot rule out that the individual Russian soldiers don’t engage in something similar one can see in the two videos, war’s an awful undertaking, people turn worse than wild animals if they have full control and power over others.

    The has been plenty published about Russian atrocities, the source of most it was the former Ukrainian human rights ombudsman Lyudmila Denisova that got fired (google for her), but was not prosecuted, some of the fake evidence is still around as if it were true. Had there been such cases the Russian perpetrators of such heinous behaviour backed by evidence those involved should be prosecuted, punished severely also, hopefully when it’s all over that’s what will happen.

  133. Noa @ July 14th, 2022 – 17:32

    You, Noa, and EC should be on the Spectator blogs, you’re missing it not being there, it’s hard to sum up what the prevailing view is probably that it matters not a bit, the candidates are all globalists, so are the selectors, the party members will be served two of them it’s likely to be Sunak and Penny Mordaunt although Truss is possible also, Kemi, the favourite of Rod Liddle and few others, also Baron’s is out.

  134. Apologies for the errors in the long and short postings, Alzheimer, Baron should have checked, will not promise to check in the future.

  135. It took Baron a minute or so to work it out, you may be smarter:

  136. A nicely balanced take on the historical events related to the East European affairs of the last 100 years or so.

    One can expand the puzzle further, it seems the guy that panned the piece, Larry Johnson is unaware that it is the hierarchy of the Polish society that is close to the Ukrainian leadership, the governing elite, not the unwashed, they are not in favour, at best they’re indifferent, but from what Baron hears it’s not to their liking at all.

    There are allegedly 400,000 Ukrainian kids enrolled in Polish schools (this may be an agitprop, the number seems massive even if one accepts there are over 3mn Ukrainians in Poland), apparently the Poles are looking for teachers preferably that could speak also Ukrainian or Russian. Whatever the number of children, the influx of the Ukrainians cannot but burden not only the Polish educational system but the economy overall, it’s close to a 10% boost to the population of the country.

  137. John birch. @ July 15th, 2022 – 07:59

    It’s behind a paywall, John, but Ridley’s right, it’s in large part the Green imbecility ‘what did it’.

    If Penny gets the job, she’ll carry on with the net zero carbon insane policy, she’s been keen on it, keener than Sunak, we should at least decide to delay any of the intended measures indefinitely, then quietly drop them.

    For a start we should stop all the Green subsidies from cars to solar panels at a stroke, that would ease the burden of the high energy bills that will get higher still in October, imagine that the average energy bill is likely to be £3,300 when the average pension stands at £9,627.80 a year, leaving just over £100 per week to live on, madness.

  138. Thought for the day.

    “Say what you want about Arthur Scargill, he organised the Miners Strike to keep the pits open.”

  139. Noa, July 14th, 2022 – 17:32
    Baron, July 14th, 2022 – 22:31

    When the dust has settled Claus Schwab will be the de facto PM of the UK.
    The WEF is running at least 3 candidates in the leadership election.

    “Vee hev vays of making you serfs. Mein Fuhrer!”

  140. “Ready for Rishi? NOT!”

    Gotta Love Katie. She always tells it like it is.
    The only “Apprentice” candidate ever to make Lord (my arse!) Sugar’s inquisitor Claude Littner break out into a cold sweat! 🙂

  141. Noa – 09:15


  142. Welcome to living in the New Helotocracy, the exquisite revenge and Trohan gift of the modern Conservative party,from Halifax, Eden, Cameron and Johnson, to the working classes for their impertinence in presuming that they have any say in ruling Britain.

  143. Wee Hinnie, the rotten moler in the national upper jawbone of Britain, has been unusually quiet for a few days, no doubt she’s hubble bubbling over some Edinburgh cauldron with some other wig wearers.
    Here’s a reminder of why she’s amongst the nations all time referendum favourites.

  144. Noa @ July 15th, 2022 – 09:15

    Isn’t it ironic, Noa, that some of the big decisions of the past that had profound impact on not just the economic fortunes of the country but also on people’s lives at the time they were implemented have come back to bite us? The railways cutbacks and the closure of mines are the two obvious examples, but there are others such as the almost wholesale switch to comprehensive schooling.

    We’ve got enough coal to last us for centuries, furnish cheap electricity aplenty, no need for imports of the expensive LNG, and when it comes to the climatic changes – adapt to it, adaptation is the way of survival, fighting it is futile, however much science may have progressed nature, still rules, and rules big.

  145. EC @ July 15th, 2022 – 10:02

    The most succinct summing up of the debate, EC, absolutely correct and delightfully short at that.

  146. Neil Oliver’s thoughtful appraisal of the candidates for UK Gauleiter…
    (pro tem until the MSM get Sir Beer into No.10.)

  147. The first link explains what was the occasion, the other link is furnished only because the picture reveals not a bad pair of legs, you must admit.

  148. He sounds convincing, but it’s too late, the world has moved on:

  149. EC @ July 16th, 2022 – 10:34

    Neil’s observations are excellent, EC, he’s right, of course, it matters not one bit who gets in, it will not matter who wins in 2024 either, take the issue of the zero net carbon, they are all backing it, not just the Tories, every politicians that desires to make has to back it.

    The highest number of upticks was for David Brewin, he says “they (the politicians) will do exactly what they are told”, this is where he gets it wrong, the politicians know what to say, nobody tells them anything, they know that should they say the opposite they will be toast.

    The policies are worked out by the likes of Schwab &co, but these originators of the tenets of “the reset”, the “bring back better” and other stuff do not send anything to the politicians, there are no e-mails, letters, dispatches, the politicians are astute enough to get these messages, to act on them, they don’t have to be “told’, they swallow these ideas because they are fully aware of what would happen to their careers if they opposed any of these shibboleths.

    It was the same in the totalitarian regimes of the East, the Politburo worked out what they regarded as the right stance on an event, the correct interpretation o fit, it was presented to the masses in Pravda, the official mouthpiece of the Politburo, and that was it, nobody from the top echelon insisted or issued an order that everyone has to follow the official line, but everyone that wanted to make it knew that going against it was a career suicide, the end of one’s good life, shovelling coal at best or digging up uranium.

    Each of us instinctively know what would make it for one to become a member of the progressive tribe, and what keeps one out of it, it can be worked out by a school kid, to believe that one has “to be told’ introduces an element of coercion that doesn’t really exist, it’s fully absent, that’s the clever part of it, it is not compulsion, arm twisting or even gentle persuasion that makes those hoping to make it in such a society to follow the tenets worked out by the totalitarian authority, it’s but knowing the consequences of failing to follow the orthodoxy – everyone can see what befalls on those rebelling against it – that by itself is by far more powerful lever to ensure compliance, it’s self-imposed, the one complying could even explain it to himself, I have a family to look after, what about the kids’ future, if I didn’t embrace it someone else would and benefit …….

  150. Baron, July 16th, 2022 – 22:05

    You’d be surprised. perhaps not, a what all manner of things lurks beneath the facade of UK establishment’s finest!

    Vladimir Vladimirovich has publicly stated, on several occasions, that they/he would never launch a first strike… which means he almost certainly would – given the right conditions. They will have war gamed every every starting position and outcome. At the rate at which the west’s military are being weakened, demoralised and subverted perhaps they won’t need to?

  151. Wallis, you have to be wealthy to be a respectable pervert. Personally I was disgusted that the dirty batch didn’t remove his slap before going to bed.

  152. EC 09.15

    I can’t imagine that any Russian invader would now consider the West as entirely ungovernable an impossible mess not worth saving. Nuclear cauterisation would be an effective and pragmatic solution for the proto-sub-saharan colony.

  153. 11.53
    It’s bad enough that Gates has taken to planetary destruction without changing my description of Wallis M.Perv from dirty bitch to dirty batch, inextricably associating him in my mind forever with a useless bread roll.

  154. I was sheltering from the Saharan heat(*) up here on the borders yesterday and to my surprise Gorgeous George (Galloway) popped up on my “YouTube” with the latest edition of his MOATS (Mother of All Talk Shows0 This was a surprise to me because I thought that he’d been banned.

    In one segment he was reviewing the Tory hopefuls. He covered the Cummings-Sunak plot, and he made the allusion that Rishi was “a backstabbing snake. So low he could walk under a snake with a top hat on” ROFLMAO!

    If you think that was bad you should hear what he’s got to say about Liz.

    “A Pound Shop Margaret Thatcher and Norman Bates’ Mother.”

    A 2 min clip of GG at his articulate best. Only Steyn can match him.

    Thought: When GG refers to Liz as “A clear and present danger to the peace of the world and to the very existence of my country” one is apt to speculate which country that would be ! 🙂

    * Climate Crisis: it got up to 20C here yesterday!

  155. Noa, July 17th, 2022 – 12:01

    He could always start by dropping one over Davos. It would bugger the skiing season up, but that’s a bonus as I’ve never taken to the skiing classes. There again, I’d never join any club that would have me as a member.

  156. Good morning “Useless Eaters !”
    Are vee all vell?
    Liebe, Claus

    “Mein Führer I Can Walk!!!”

    PS. kein mehr “Veal meat” fur dich!

  157. “You’ll have to answer to the Coca-Cola company”

  158. EC

    We all answer to the Diet of the Coca Cola Company eventually, even Imperateur Wihelm Gates.

  159. We will be rejoining der Grosse Reich shortly, and marching under Berlin orders against the Bolshevik hordes.
    There will be no negotiated peace, the wealth and territory of the West will be commandeered and mobilised to buy the fickle support of the third world in the

  160. We’ve been missing all that German revanchism for the last 70 years, its nice to remind ourselves of what we’ve all been missing.

  161. Noa – 12:00

    Yes, good one. I saw that Scholz memorandum to the rest of us yesterday.
    In due course Sir Beer will be installed UK Gauleiter
    Heil Schwab

  162. Politics and the paraphernalia of politicians are now irrelevant.
    We are now controlled by the Mandarinate and the role of the 650 machine politicians that Parliament houses is simply to relay and their instructions to we villeigns and sign off the implementing laws when they instructed to do so.
    Fortunately this means that we serfs can now judge them not on their policies and their success in executing them, but on more modern criteria: first their pork barrel ‘take’ then their sexuality, this requires detailed examination and ranges from their habitual gropings in the Stranglers Bar to their right to breastfeed during debates. At present this remains mother to child, though we may expect future developments in this new area, as in others.
    In the meantime,fellow peons, enjoy the grotesque clown show that the real rulers of Britain provides to destract us from reality!

  163. From the egregious eight to the terrible two- none of the above.

    The Tory party, a distant, fast fading light in the maelstrom of a dying democrac, is now headed for electoral oblivion.

  164. Noa – 14:29

    “Public warming halls”

    One part of their community must already being getting excited at the prospect!

  165. Noa 16:37 & 08:43

    Yes, The Party really is over! The Reds vs Blues etc. always was a charade. It was the Civil Service that really ran the country, not the “here today, gone tomorrow” politicians. (Robin Day)

    In days of yore, before Gramsci’s long marchers got to work, Academe turned out educated and relatively free thinking people (by today’s standards) to run the various branches of the establishment. Academe today takes in students and churns out fully lobotomised & reprogrammed graduate ideologues, The Civil Service, Local Government and the rest are chock full of them.

    The MSM has been a useful tool in bringing about the demise of the current Tory reign, but don’t expect the same scrutiny of Beer Von Sturmer. There are no longer any real journalists, just like there are no longer any real police. It all reminds me of what I have read about Berlin in the 1930s.

  166. Noa – 08:43

    The look of self-congratulatory smug satisfaction of the 1922 gurning bods that flanked Brady as he announced the final three, and then the final two was really noticeable. I remarked to Mrs EC that they were like turkeys voting for an early Christmas, and for once she actually agreed with me!

    May the farce be with you.

  167. Noa @ July 20th, 2022 – 12:21

    Provided they survive the Winter, Noa, they should be OK in the Spring, it will be warmer then, hehe, heh.

  168. Have a shufti what a young and determined wife in love with her husband can accomplish in the democratic Ukraine and the totalitarian Russia:

  169. Why don’t we hear about what should be the trial of the century, the poisoning of Dawn Sturgess after the failed attempt to novichok the Skripals? Not a word in the MSM, weird that.

    Btw, it seems China (apart from Baron but nobody would listen to him, they should listen to her though), is the only country calling for an immediate cessation of hostilities in Ukraine, the talking to begin, the West seems determined to see the conflict to carry on indefinitely.

  170. The courage of the Australians should be appreciated more:

    If you want to read or listen to the article the good professor wrote click here:

  171. Is Putin going to die, ever?

    Here you have two takes on the man who seems to want to live forever, and so far so good, the first one is a Spectator piece, pity you cannot read the postings, the other is by the guy Anatolij Sharij, the Ukrainian blogger, journalist and a party leader, it’s subtitled but he talks fast ending the clip with ‘Putin alive, it’s the Western Media that are dead’, and right he is:

    PS: Apologies, here’s the third slicing of Putin’s health, or rather a chronology of the reporting of Putin’s state of health in the Western media, you don’t have to read it all, not even some of it, it’s just that it fits the other two links above.

  172. Alzheimer is to blame, it must be, first, in the second para of the 22:21 posting it should say ‘….and right he is, too’, that’s typical of Baron he thought he did type the ‘too’, but obviously he didn’t, the other failure blamed on the Alzheimer is not posting the promises third link, here it is:

  173. Baron, July 22nd, 2022 – 22:21

    As far as death by natural causes is concerned, longevity for all of us is a bit of a lottery. Some political leaders die young, and others like “Uncle Bob” Mugabe go on till they are 95.

    Political leaders ‘enjoy’ better living conditions and healthcare but that doesn’t enable them to outrun the Grim Reaper for very long, as when the sand in their hourglass runs out they’ll get a tap on the shoulder.

    The lifespan of political/military leaders who outstay their welcome is often tragically, for them, cut short.

  174. Baron, July 22nd, 2022 – 15:26

    There’s a reason why Bill Gates has been buying up farms and is now the (western) world’s largest landowner.

  175. EC + Baron

    I have been considering the matter of His Holiness the Lord God Gates and the miraculous transmutation of software into land through the medium of money.
    It it my speculation that the wretch is not interested in the mass production of grain and its glorious end product, the Wonderloaf, but rather the partial recreation of the seven plagues of Egypt. It is of course locusts which come to mind and I’m certain that the rogue would have us all crunching the wretched things instead of our corn flakes or muesli in the mornings.
    Certain approaches have indeed been made by the brute to acquire the rolling wheat plains of Noa Towers. My Latvian overseers had to see of his representatives with the trusty whips which have served them so well through the generations.
    Baron- the Altzheimers? I’d not noticed it, but I now suppress all symptoms by the strictest application of Sloe Gin an and Champagne brandy..

  176. Thanks be for summer cricket, the palliative that soothes the fevered brow and skills forth…

  177. So, not skills.
    My ye be consumed by your own locusts, Gates.

  178. No doubt about it now, Putin’s toast, the Russians should begin to walk back to the Motherland quick, the Ukrainian win is guaranteed:

  179. Noa @ July 23rd, 2022 – 16:56

    Now that you’ve mentioned it, Noa, last year in October Baron set up four large glass jars with measured amount of sloe berries, dry London gin, and sugar (an old recipe), he tried one last week, couldn’t wait any longer, a success, half of the output’s already consumed, the other three jars are waiting to be processed later in the year.

    Good stuff that, next year the production may double, pity we cannot meet, Baron would be only too happy to share the delightful home made sap with you and EC.

  180. EC @ July 23rd, 2022 – 10:46

    Gates must be buying the lands, EC for reasons connected either with his vaccine obsession or some environmental concerns hoping to wild it with bisons and other creatures that roamed these lands in pre-history, right?

  181. EC @ July 23rd, 2022 – 10:40

    Your short musing, EC, reminded Baron of a film called the Green Man, one of Baron’s favourites, it’s got Alastair Sim and Terry Thomas in it, great actors, also others of course, but these two with few others are on top of Baron’s list of the British cinema greats.

    Where is Hawkins when the country needs him?

  182. Noa, July 23rd, 2022 – 16:56

    The overnight rainfall was enough to refloat your Ark.
    I truss that you were able to complete your combining before the deluge, inshallah. The rains, have come in time, though, to save your paddy fields located in the upper terraces of The Trough. That divide, the other side of which lies {{{Yorkshiristan}}}, is known locally as the hindu crotch, i believe?

  183. Noa,

    Following the declaration by The Who (*) that Monkeypox is now the new global health emergency I was wondering what implications this might have for this winter’s Six Notions Rugby Foot-the-ball competition, particularly with regard to transmission of the virus. Will the Scrummage (**) have to be abandoned until further notice, or will face masks, butt plugs and hi-tech jockstraps have to be worn?

    * Tedious Tedros, not Roger Daltrey et al.
    ** I have always considered our sewer breathed cross channel colleagues to have an advantage in these close quarter encounters, exuding as they frequently do the vapours of semi digested garlic and well rotted brie from all orifices.

  184. Baron
    July 24th, 2022 – 22:04

    The infidel Gates has his Monkey Pox vaccine ready to go. $$$$-ching!

  185. Baron, July 24th, 2022 – 22:11

    Stop it!
    You are making me nostalgic for the days when films had actors who could act, talented directors shooting decent plots, from well written scripts.

    Why anybody would actually pay to watch any of the garbage that Hollywood produces today is beyond me.

  186. Baron,

    Dr. Jordan Peterson pontificates on the “civil war.”

    @4.00 mins he asks…
    “What is going to happen to a country that is already paranoid and misguided…”

    Apparently, he thinks that only one of the protagonists (Russia-USA) in the conflict suffers from this problem! That’s the problem with academics when they start pontificating outside the realms of their speciality.

  187. EC @ July 25th, 2022 – 10:23

    A revealing interview, but I agree with you, he’s transparently not fully in the picture, his slicing of the Europe’s dependence of Russian fossil fuels has been there since 1966 when the Yaman oil fields were discovered, never any problema, not a hutch, as Baron keeps pointing out in one year of the Cold War West Germany purchased as a per cent of her aggregate demand more Russian oil&gas than she’s buying now united with the Eastern part.

    The dependence of the Americans on the titanium imports is twice the dependence of the EU on the Russian fossil fuels, does any raise an eyebrow? Nope, nobody, but more than an eyebrow was raised for the Europe purchases of Russian fossil fuels because it was gelling the two European giants closer together, and as Baron has said many times the aim of the US Foreign Policy on Europe is to keep the two separate, never ever allow Russia nd German to get to bed together, that’s even more important now when the Germans have their pet EU project going.

    The insanity of the EU decision to switch to non-renewable energy sources other than Russian fossil fuels beggars belief, the price of landed LNG is over $30 per million Btu in every region but the North America compared to $8.00 again for million Btu for piped natural gas from Russia.

    Suicidal that.

  188. Team Obama’s Third Term: It ain’t going so well…

    Looking at the ramping up of #projectfear on multiple fronts it’s looking like the Dems will firing up their election fraud organisation after the summer recess. Another substantially rigged Postal Vote is the only thing that will stop them losing both the House and the Senate.

  189. Actions have consequences. How much of the AGW agenda is concocted in the hoof? Who is responsible for realigning the global energy and food supply chains? Do they care?

  190. Baron
    It would be a pleasure to drown the troubles of the world together with EC of the Northern Marches. Come visit the North , we’ll launch the Reconquista.

  191. Noa @ July 25th, 2022 – 22:19

    Tempting, Noa, very tempting alas impossible, other duties interfere, but thanks for the invitation.

    This is long, very long, but it contains historical and evidential bits Baron wasn’t aware of, if anyone makes the effort to read it also, we could debate it or at least make points.

  192. Noa @ July 25th, 2022 – 22:12

    The treatment of the Russia’s fossil fuels supply to Europe by the West is bizarre, there’s no doubt the Americans were determined to cut the supplies off, they said so many times, Biden once quipped ‘we will do everything to bury the N-2’, they had it as the prime objective that sat at the top of their list of priorities, and nothing below it for a mile or more.

    Then when the supply of oil and gas gets curtailed as Germany and others seek urgently other sources of energy and Russia herself begins to pump less and less of the stuff she gets blamed for the ‘weaponising’ of the fossil fuels supplies. Unbelievable that.

  193. Baron, July 27th, 2022 – 06:59

    Thanks, I’m CTB today so I’ll give it a go,

    Mark Steyn did a very short, sombre, interview with Julian Assange’s brother last night. It was about his new documentary “ITHAKA” that is about to be released, I fully expect that it will get buried.

    Mike Pompeo and the fragrant Priti are now “Besties” reportedly. (…or so the deluded woman would like to think…)

  194. Baron, July 27th, 2022 – 07:05

    Team Obama and the US Deep State Malignocracy is thriving whilst their county going to hell in a handcart it appears. The US has been “printing” money at at exponential rate of increase in recent years. Any other country would have been declared bankrupt. However, they probably have enough nukes to blow the world up ten times over. This might keep them on their perch in the short term, but it cannot last.

    The WEF and their place-men have launched what appears to be an orchestrated attack on famers and food production. Weaponising food. It is happening in too many countries at the same time for it just to be a coincidence. The timing of these efforts after the Plandemic and subsequent supply chain and inflation issues, after the outbreak of war created an energy crisis and removed the Ukrainian breadbasket from the table…. this is no coincidence either.

  195. EC @ July 28th, 2022 – 09:56

    Good points, EC.

    The food crisis may fit the ‘bring back better’ push, instead of bread and butter we will be switched to bugs and greens, Gates will supply both, he has bought enough land to feed us all on the new diet.

    What also worries Baron is the American belligerence towards China with the Pelosi trip, what an untimely idea, one would have thought they have Russia to deal with first, why poking at China at the same time, it makes no sense unless one assumes that the Governing Elite believes the American Armed Forces are strong enough to fight on two fronts, but can they?

    When Putin invaded in Feb 24 the NATO Rapid Response units didn’t move one inch eastwards from the bases in Holland and Germany, that exercised the Poles who demanded the units move, Pentagon said ‘no way’.

    Pentagon again advises against the visit, but apparently Pelosi is adamant she will go, asked other congressmen to join her, in response the Chinese said that they would try to force the plane to divert, if that’s unsuccessful they are ready to shoot it down, that the last thing the world needs, another conflict, probably once more a proxy warring between the Taiwanese and Chinese military units.

    The world’s getting crazier by the hour, or rather the governing layers are, as if we didn’t;t have enough warts and boils domestic.

  196. A rather unusual report on Ukraine from Sky Australia, by far more balanced than what we’re getting here:

  197. And this:

    Germany is ready to use Nord Stream 2 ‘if there are no other options’, so says the head of the Bundestag Committee on Energy and Climate Klaus Ernst.

  198. Baron, July 27th, 2022 – 06:59

    Re: Richard C. Cook’s US-Ukraine disaster

    “This is long, very long, but it contains historical and evidential bits Baron wasn’t aware of, if anyone makes the effort to read it also, we could debate it or at least make points”

    Well, I eventually flogged through it. Io be honest I don’t know why he bothered with his version of the potted history of the US. Some of it probably right, bits of it factually wrong, and some of it open to argument.(historians argue about everything)
    Having said that, that’s an impressive catalogue of crimes and evil he listed. He was on more solid ground with his analysis of the history of events in Ukraine.

    As for Mr. Cook’s final panglossian flights of fancy regarding the utopian future of the US? It ain’t gonna happen, imo. Not without a thermonuclear reset!

    He refers to Biden as if he’s still a sentient being running the show, when it is the man behind the curtains pulling the strings… or typing on the autocue.

    Team Obama’s Third Term ain’t going so well is it?

    Unusually for former presidents, good old Barack has chosen to maintain one of his many residences in Washington DC.

    “Barack and Michelle Obama live down the street from the White House”

    Like Blair etc etc upon leaving office Barack, overnight, became suddenly incredibly wealthy.

  199. Bidens got covid again.
    No laughing at the back.

  200. The Saturday DT has it as an important piece of news confirming the savagery of the Russians when the Pentagon spokesmen says that ‘if it were the Ukrainians that hit the detention centre in Yelenovka housing the Azov prisoners it was not intentional’.

    It was without doubt the Ukrainians, it was the US supplied HIMARS that fired the missiles, the target was intentional, the Azov boys were telling things the Kiev regime couldn’t allow anyone to know about.

  201. John birch @ July 30th, 2022 – 20:33

    If the Americans were informed by common sense Pelosi would have covid also, John, cancel the trip to Taiwan, it’s a provocation the world could live without.

    A big ask, will you please be very kind and elaborate on what you’ve said on the CW namely that you worked on a project that was to supply Russian gas to Norway for cleaning, the gas was the pumped to Europe, we may have bought it also claiming it’s Norwegian, is this correct.

    When it comes to Britain’s purchases of gas the MSM claims we buy the bulk from Holland or Belgium never from Russia that is supposed to supply only some 5% of our purchases of gas, Baron has been googling like mad to find out what the truth is, thought even of contacting Centrica.

    Here’s what Reuters said in March this year: “Centrica has a supply agreement with Gazprom Marketing & Trading (the UK entity) through which gas can be sourced from the open market and this does not necessarily mean Centrica is directly supplied with gas from Russia”.

    This says nothing about how much gas the company bought from Russia, but could it be that the ‘open market’ gas is Russian?

    Many thanks, John.

  202. EC @ July 30th, 2022 – 10:34

    Your take on the longer than long piece is fully endorsed, EC, Baron must confess he skipped more than half of it, it was mostly scanning the text, the part on Ukraine was better, but agreed, the rebirth of the West is hard to take.

    Apologies if you spent too much time on it, it will not happen again that Baron recommends something of that length.

    The Obamas residence looks fantastic, it should for over $8.0mn, pity the dogs cannot recognise the doorbell yet.

    Not many young boys and girls aspire to enter politics, but they should, it seems to pay off to climb the greasy pole of political machinations, all one needs is the ability to rabbit a lot without saying much, to accept the orthodoxy of the time, never to divert from it, and to have thick skin to stand the heat in the kitchen.

    It’s either politics or the field of charities, no fear of ever being taken to cleaners in either.

  203. It’s short, but it contains an interesting duo of figures – 30 and 60 both as percentages, intriguing that, Baron wouldn’t have guessed it possible, it’s one of the unexpected consequences, it may even explain the visit, no?

  204. Do you suffer from body dysmorphia? Then it’s antidepressants for you, amongst the few other avenues to cure it if one were to listen to the Guardian female advising a man that has everything but a big member.

    In the past, people got on with life, no moaning about the size of their body parts or anything else, that’s how Nature of He created them, no point in feeling depressed, the antidepresants would be the last cure one should even consider, it seems it’s a drug for everything under the sun, it creates problems bigger than those it’s supposed to help to alleviate, the man should stay away from the poison.

    You’re getting this link because the ghastly rag keeps sending similar offerings to entice Baron to give money. Never in a thousand years, in the latest issue the rag talks about the Ukrainian Kherson counterattack under the heading ‘Ukraine forces Russia to bolster troops in occupied south’ instead of calling for an immediate cessation of the fighting, shouldn’t;t this be what a supposedly liberal rag should advice in any military conflict?

  205. Again, too much to ask, the video runs close to half an hour, Baron reckons it’s worth watching, it explains the one Achilles heel of China superbly well, it also furnishes a well articulated overview of the brewing US-China conflict over Taiwan, and much more.

  206. The narrative below comes from a staunch anti-Putin anti-Russian site the “Maidan Press”, it’s in English, you can click ‘home’ read some of the other stuff published there, this piece is about the missile attack on the Olenivka prison facility, it’s rather informative, it gives away the reason for the attack, but it also shows, if the narrative’s correct, that the Russian failed to secure the place, they were told the bombing may happen:

  207. This is what we are against, do we really want to fight her, would not coexisting peacefully be more sensible way forward? Even if nukes are absent, the sheer number of the combat troops would suggest accommodation now is what we should seek, we left it too late, some 20 years too late:

  208. Sri Lanka, National Fuel Pass. The only way to get petrol will be though rationing linked to the national identification database. No QR code, no fuel.
    I can see that one heading our way very quickly.

  209. Today’s telegraph.
    Behind a paywall so here it is.
    A catastrophic energy crisis will fuel a revolt against our failed elites
    Politicians cannot shirk responsibility now for the extreme hardship millions of people are about to face
    This is the summer before the storm. Make no mistake, with energy prices set to rise to unprecedented highs, we are approaching one of the biggest geopolitical earthquake in decades. The ensuing convulsions are likely to be of a far greater order of magnitude than those that followed the 2008 financial crash, which sparked protests culminating in the Occupy Movement and the Arab Spring. 
    The gathering crisis could prove even more catastrophic than the oil shock of the 1970s, which wrecked the administrations of three British prime ministers, presaged 40 years of American entanglement in the Middle East, and (due to the oil glut that followed) ultimately triggered the Soviet Union’s collapse.
    Carnage has already arrived in the developing world, with power outages from Cuba to South Africa. Sri Lanka is just one of a cascade of low-income countries where leaders face being driven out of power in an ignominious blaze of petrol droughts and loan defaults.
    But the West is not going to escape this Armageddon. In fact, in many ways, it looks set to be its epicentre – and Britain, its Ground Zero.
    In Europe and America, a technocratic elite system built on mythology and complacency is crumbling. Its founding fable – which prophesied the nation states’ glorious enmeshment in world government and supply chains – has metastasised into a parable of the perils of globalisation.
    For all the attempts to depict the Ukraine war as a black swan event, a spike in basic commodity prices in a volatile world was perfectly predictable. People are left wondering why their leaders failed to make contingency plans, given that they sit on vast untapped reserves of gas, oil and coal. The EU was supine in the face of Putin’s bid to keep the region’s market divided and dominate its more compromised powers.
    Nor is there any explanation for this fiasco apart from decades of failed assumptions and policy missteps by our governing class. In the wake of the financial crash, the establishment just about managed to convince the public to submit to the purifying rigours of austerity, persuading voters that we all shared the blame for the crisis and must all play a role in atoning for the country’s mistakes. This time, elites cannot shirk responsibility for the consequences of their fatal errors.
    Put simply, the emperor has no clothes. The establishment simply has no message for voters in the face of hardship. The only vision for the future it can conjure up is net zero – a dystopian agenda that takes the sacrificial politics of austerity and financialisation of the world economy to new heights. Actively campaigning for boiler bans, 15mph speed limits, and speculative green bubbles may seem like madness. But it is a perfectly logical programme for an elite that has become unhinged from the real world.
    There are several countries where we might see the first signs of a resulting populist revolt. The Germans must swallow national humiliation along with higher energy bills, as their political leaders are taunted on the world stage for their naive bid to prioritise economic harmony and trade links over security. According to some analysts, France, which is no stranger to protest, could be the first in Europe to experience blackouts despite its sizeable nuclear industry. But it is Britain where things could truly blow.
    The UK may well be the tinderbox of Europe. With the ousting of Boris Johnson and his imminent replacement by a politician who will not have led his or her party into power via a general election, the political context is particularly febrile. Even more so given disillusionment at the waste of the past two years and the failure of the Government to capitalise on Brexit to renew the country.
    Moreover, Britain’s consumers look set to be clobbered harder than most. We already have the highest inflation in the G7. But a succession of fatal policy mistakes – from the closure of gas storage facilities to the failure to exploit our domestic oil and gas reserves – mean that we will remain unnecessarily vulnerable to sky-high international energy prices for years to come, with all the pain that will bring consumers.
    Despite this, Britons are set to receive less assistance from the Government than their counterparts in other Western countries. The 5p cut in fuel duty has been estimated as the second smallest in Europe. While our politicians pontificate about insulating more homes at some point in the distant future, Spain has made many train journeys free until the end of the year. France has vowed to fully nationalise the energy giant EDF, which it had already forced to cap consumer bills.
    A civil disobedience movement, inspired by the poll tax revolt, has already been launched here in the UK. The Don’t Pay campaign, which is urging people to join a “mass non-payment strike” when the energy price cap is raised in October, has gained thousands of online supporters.
    And if it does take off, what are the authorities going to be able to do about it? Such is the scale of the coming price rises that millions may simply be unable to pay their bills – including pensioners and families hitherto part of the middle classes. The risk is that, bogged down with leadership hustings, the Tories realise too late that they need to act. The predicament we face is likely game-changing. We have barely begun to grasp how unpredictable the next few years are likely to be – and how poorly prepared we are to face the consequences. 
    If weaning ourselves off Russia – a comparatively small economy – is this painful, how are we to end our addiction to cheap goods from China? If we do manage to achieve a greater degree of energy self-reliance, how will we contend with the collapse of petrostates in the Middle East and the migration crisis that is likely to follow?
    This may sound like a grim prognosis, but particularly in Britain it does feel as if we just may have entered the final act of an economic system that has patently failed. It is clearer than ever that the emperor has no clothes and has no more stories to distract us with.

  210. John birch. – 07:39

    “No QR code, no fuel.”

    Quite! The NHS vaccine status QR code/pass was obviously softening people up for what was to come The amount of fuel that one is allowed to draw per day/week/month linked to one’s social credit score. Also food.

    No wonder that bastard Bliar is pushing for Digital-ids and a cashless society.

  211. John birch. – 07:43

    Thank you for that article from the Barclay Bros Bugle.
    Is there an author quoted, and why only now are they circling the walls of Jericho?

    The thing that puzzles me John, is why China would want to bankrupt the West when it would hurt them in equal measure? There would be mass unemployment and hardship there and surely Xi would be toast? Who else would buy all the mostly useless crap that they turn out?

  212. Do anybody else watch Al Jazeera News? They actually cover real news stories rather than concentrating on the myopic trivia that forms a large part of other news outlets, including, sadly a lot of GB News output. Sky News Australia is an exception, too.

  213. John birch. @ August 2nd, 2022 – 07:39

    Please, John, look back at some postings, Baron’s asking you to say more about the Russia-Norway gas conundrum, please, it’s important, is it true that some of the gas pumped to Europe by Norway is Russian gas cleaned by the Norwegian?

  214. {{{RECESSION}}} {{{INFLATION}}} {{{RUSSIA}}} {{{UKRAINE}}}. {{{FOOD CRISIS}}} {{{ENERGY CRISIS}}} {{{CHINA}}} {{{TAIWAN}}}. {{{COVID}}} {{{MONKEY POX}}}


    EC, July 25th, 2022 – 18:52
    Team Obama’s Third Term: It ain’t going so well…

    Looking at the ramping up of #projectfear on multiple fronts it’s looking like the Dems will firing up their election fraud organisation after the summer recess. Another substantially rigged Postal Vote is the only thing that will stop them losing both the House and the Senate.

  215. You’d never see or hear this on the BBC!

    “Zelensky ‘not all he’s portrayed as’ by Western media: Bernardi
    Sky News Australia

  216. Not any response to Baron’s @23:38:

    If you reckon Baron’s backing China in any way you’re wrong, the barbarian hates regimes of the few controlling the many, dictatorships and autocracies are abhorrent, unless one tasted them it’s almost impossible to imagine, Baron did, and a part of his life spent behind bars in a regime much worse than China’s, one couldn’t pack up, leave the nightmare, but there are times when such regimes can be confronted head on, times where accommodation is preferable.

    Baron says it because he also remembers vaguely the tail end of WW2, it wasn’t;t pretty, the one event that will never leave Baron’s memory is of two Austrian soldiers, very young, probably late teenagers (or so Baron’s mother used to say), walking west, with many others, stopping at the family house, unwrapping their rag cladded feet, you’ve never seen anything like it, it wasn’t individual toes, it was a rotting mess, and the smell was unbearable, Baron who was a young child, got sick violently.

    Can you imagine what would happen if a global conflict hit us? We barely scraped in the years of covid, a gradual switch by Europe from the Russian gas is expected to cause hunger in many parts of the world, electricity cuts and God knows what else, and all this in a peacetime when there’s not a serious disruption to international trade, jut a minor dislocation of the boats carrying out the stuff we need.

    One can recover from an autocracy, but not from a world polluted by radiation.

    (More late r, have to fly).

  217. EC @ August 2nd, 2022 – 10:51

    That’s an excellent find, EC, you may like to know three of Baron’s web correspondents sent it also, it’s encouraging that someone has the guts to say it, alas nobody in the position of power would act on it, not even listen to it.

    Not many people know it, but when after WW2 the regimes in Eastern Europe got to installing Governments totally subservient to the Kremlin, some political parties and also newspapers were critical of it, that period of relative press freedom didn’t last long, probably around 18 months or so depending on the country, but exist it did, the clampdown came later.

  218. Why did Pelosi go to Taiwan? Anyone knows?

    What China is planning to do amounts to almost a blockade of the island for at least four days, look at the map of the exercises that say they will conduct. They didn’t;t say what happens after August 7 though.

  219. This sounds right:

    “The rhetoric defending “the West and its traditions” continues in our vocabulary, but the reality has radically changed. T. S. Eliot noticed what was happening in his 1948 work, Notes Towards the Definition of Culture, that we in West were “destroying our ancient edifices to make ready the ground upon which the barbarian nomads of the future will encamp in their mechanised caravans.”

    You will find more in the link below, it’s not too long, you can also skip parts of it.

  220. In one of the many postings about something or other on the Spectator’s site one of the responses was rather enjoyable, it said (Baron quotes from memory): Never get involved in a urinating contest with a skunk, not only you cannot win, you will also smell.

    Good one.

  221. Baron – 00:34

    “Why did Pelosi go to Taiwan? Anyone knows?”

    Well, her reason certainly wasn’t anything to do with the interests of Taiwanese or US citizens, M’lud.

    She doesn’t normally get off her arse unless it is stock market/share price related.
    Her husband or two sons will be cashing in one way or another, bank on that.

  222. Baron – 00:36

    The march of the cultural marxists continues apace! It is imperative that somehow William Shakespeare is contrived to be and declared as Black, or at least darker that Gary Goalhanger, or he will suffer the same fate as Comrade Yezhov!

  223. Modern Policing… #New TV Series

    “Law & Order: Microaggression Victims Unit”

    Tell me the UK police aren’t just the same!

  224. They nay nit be able to catch a burglar, a Pakistani child pimp o or an illegal immigrants but they have no trouble dealing with wheel chair bound pensioners, Parva spray, a baton attack and tapering. If it’s good enough for the care homes its certainly good enough for Wallsters.

  225. Noa @ August 4th, 2022 – 17:25

    Unbelievable story, Noa, if it were a rowdy teenager, a middle age man, or even someone in his 60, possibly 70s, but a one legged man of 93 in a wheelchair? Arghhhh

    What has happened to the country, it’s not the same Britain Baron arrived to in the 60s last century.

  226. EC @ August 4th, 2022 – 15:08

    Give it a couple of years, EC, and it will be the norm.

  227. EC @ August 4th, 2022 – 11:28

    What pains is that nobody has instructed the Board to do it, EC, it’s their own initiative, the blacks haven’t asked for it, nor did any other minority group.

    It was just the same for the regime in Adolf’s Germany or the Georgian thug in Russia, people instinctively knew what was ‘good’ for them, for their careers, money rewards. How on earth could the same be happening in the country that has kept its cool for centuries?

  228. Noa – 17:25

    Re: Death by Cop: I was looking forward to Steyn featuring that story last night, but alas I was disappointed.

  229. Imagine my surprise…

    Fire up the good ole printing press, boys, for the next round postal voting fraud!

  230. This video is an Ukrainian release purported to show a bunch of Czech volunteers ‘punishing the intruders’, you could switch the sound off because nothing much gets said, few commands, advices what to do where to turn, a lot of swearing not only in Czech, it must be there are other nationalities in the group, but if you listen without the sound you miss the bursts of fire.

    You may form a different view of the recording (if you decide to watch it) but to Baron it seems the heroic fighters are the scared party, they are running away from the advancing Russians rather than engaging them, they are not even shooting at the occupiers:

    One cannot but wish very much the slaughter stops, it’s a massive waste of young lives, also assets, Ukraine was a poor country before the shooting began, when it’s over th poor people of Ukraine will have nothing, what can they do in such conditions but move west to seek shelter and sustenance in the EU and of course in Britain, madness.

  231. Baron
    It is to the everlasting shame of Britain that has Stoke the fires of violence and war in Ukraine, rather than taking the onerous, thankless rask of peacemaker.
    It is unbelievable that a Bidenion political sockpuppet like Johnson has managed the truly impossible, by making Recep Erdoğan look like a statement of the calibre of Metternich or Kissiger in comparison.

  232. Howdy to you English folk. How are y’all? Well at least the four of you left. I admire you, EC, Baron, and Noa, with a little sprinkling of John Birch. Nothing fazes you guys. Out here we are getting increasingly embarrassed by the dementing Democrat at the helm. Mind, I reach out to you folks who have lost a great man in deposing Boris Johnson as Premier. Do you hear from Andy. Good wishes to all.

  233. Several German cities halt use of e-buses following series of unresolved cases of fire

    Transport Cities

    Die Welt

    The potential risks of electromobility are being closely examined in Germany after a third major fire in a bus depot apparently caused by an electric bus. Public transport companies are taking action after the electric bus allegedly triggered a fire in Stuttgart last week, newspaper Die Welt reports. The Munich public transport company, MVG, is taking eight similar e-buses out of service until the cause of the fire in Stuttgart has been clarified. The fire may have started while the bus was being charged in the depot, according to investigators, who assume that a technical defect may be the cause of the fire. The 30 September fire completely destroyed 25 buses in the depot, including two with electric drives, causing damage worth millions of euros. The Stuttgart transport company, SSB, has also halted the use of electric buses in the city. The incident followed a similar fire in June in a bus depot in Hanover, which destroyed the hall and nine buses. E-buses were then recalled but are expected to resume service in November. In April, a fire at the Rheinbahn depot in Düsseldorf caused damages totalling several million euros. Investigators determined the fire had been triggered by a technical issue but could not clearly identify the cause.

    While the number of electric buses in German public transport doubled last year compared to 2019, a recent survey found that 58 percent of Germans had doubts about the “environmental compatibility” of electric mobility.

  234. I spent a lot of time in China a few years ago in fact coming and going over 20 years and I never met a single person who wasn’t prepared to go to war to get Taiwan back.
    Even a young guy who worked for our office in China who I got to know very well and took him around England when he came here.
    But he was adamant that he would leave his job and join the army in a war to get Taiwan under Chinese control.

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