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The Coffee House Wall – July 2021

This is the Coffee House Wall for this month. I won't say that it is your chance to communicate with us, as we are all in this together. It is, nevertheless, the Conservative Blog post that has no particular theme, and where everything is on topic. Let's just remember that we want to avoid ad hominem attacks on others. We don't want to engage with trolls. We want to moderate our language ourselves as responsible and mature adults, choosing to use fruity language only where it is necessary. This is our opportunity to show what the Spectator Coffee House Wall could have been like.

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    BoJo and Carrie: some leaves from the family tree:

  3. Batley & Spleen…

    “Batley n Spen” ounds like a TV series about a pair of gritty, no nonsense, northern detectives.

    George is going straight to court! Here’s why.

    Labour think that they can do as they please, don’t they. Maybe not this time.
    In the UK , election rigging a predominantly a Labour activity, but that’s not to say the the Tories also aren’t above election shenanigans – eg. 2015 South Thanet!

    File under: Phil Woolas,

  4. Galloway’s ‘crime’? Laughing outside t’al medina mosque. Ecky thump!

  5. The Sunday Moan.
    Today’s is Meades on mediocrity, or the Bilbao effect, where the Town Council replaced the industrial area and docks with the truly appalling Guggenheim museum, stuffed it full of pretentious rubbish and charged 10 Euros per idiot to wo der through the dump. Outside illiterate schizophrenic Africans either try to sell umbrellas or stab tourists and residents depending on their mood, weather and the time of day.

  6. “Meanwhile we should consider that this weird gallimaufry is to a fake future what the Prince of Wales’s dire Poundbury is to a fake past.”

    LMAO ! He’s got a way with words, dunt he!
    I loved that Peter Cook quote, too. 🙂

  7. “… Peter Cook famously said of his Establishment Club in Soho that it was based on “those wonderful Berlin cabarets which did so much to stop the rise of Hitler and prevent the outbreak of the Second World War”.”
    As if singing the Horst Wessel and interposing, Oscar Wilde style, one’s body would deter congress between Boris and an intern.

  8. Meanwhile back in Batley..
    Catsuit George gets an honourable mention from Melanie Phillips for his own unique and self interested take on the blood libel. Surely its nearly time to reopen York Tower for a good old Jewish-Muslim show down…

  9. Britain’s Covid Call: WAKEY! WAKEY!

    “…Not a single Virologist has isolated a Virus they will claim is COVID-19 (CCP Virus), and when the CDC was asked for the Virus, the CDC said they do not have it…”


    Young man, there’s no need to feel down
    I said, young man, pick yourself off the ground
    I said, young man, ’cause you’re in a new town
    There’s no need to be unhappy
    Young man, there’s a place you can go
    I said, young man, when you’re short on your dough
    You can stay there, and I’m sure you will find
    Many ways to have a good time
    It’s fun to stay at the YMCA
    It’s fun to stay at the YMCA
    They have everything for you men to enjoy
    You can hang out with all the boys
    It’s fun to stay at the YMCA
    It’s fun to stay at the YMCA
    You can get yourself clean, you can have a good meal
    You can do what ever you feel
    Young man, are you listening to me?
    I said, young man, what do you want to be?
    I said, young man, you can make real your dreams
    But you got to know this one…

  11. Pound and bury, Your Royal Highness! Pound and bury!

  12. Hungary, an urbane example for Blingerland.

  13. “More than six million EU citizens have applied to settle in the UK”

    Not many of them truck drivers, reportedly…


  14. @06:56 cont.d

    It sounds like driver conditions haven’t improved much since Stanley Baker et al made “Hell Drivers” in 1957 – despite the EU !

    A stellar cast, look you…

  15. @6:57 – or even Budweiser cast…

    Many a true word said in jest…
    except that I don’t think think that Keith is jesting…

  16. “To be or not to be…”
    Iniggergland or Denmark?
    BTW The ‘i’, like many other things, is now silent in our country.

  17. Oiphelia pain, Monty!

  18. “Once Upon A Time In A Galaxy Far, Far way…

    … before Tony’s fifth column (aka “third way” got going, and we had a more homogenous, less divided body politic… we rejoiced in our differences back then…

    Up the Union!
    (not the EU or USSR, obviously)

  19. Yanis Varoufakis: “Biden, Johnson, Merkel: you are intentionally killing Julian Assange’s body.”

    On this occasion… Janice gets it right!

  20. Noa

    I hope we can ensure that some variant of the Horst Wessel song is never sung in Wembley Stadium.

  21. EC
    July 6th, 2021 – 06:56

    Very instructive!

    Has anyone come up with a reasoned, sensible figure for a comfortable population for the United Kingdom?

  22. When I lived in Manhattan, many years ago, I used to walk along Fifth Avenue by the eastern wall of Central Park where I would pass a plaque commemorating W.T. Stead, I noted that he was a journalist of some kind and often wondered, without spending any energy on searching for an answer, who he was.

    Now, recently, I am beginning to understand…,

    W.T. Stead (with Lord Rothschild, J.P. Morgan, John D. Rockefeller, Cornelius Vanderbilt and Andrew Carnegie bankrolls) co-opted The Salvation Army (and the Y.M.C.A. & Y.W.C.A.) into his global ‘One World Order’ schema

  23. Which film of Truffaut is it in which there is a wall of still photographs of all those who the director had known but had since dies which included a photo of the German in Julies et Jim but who was still alive at the time? Was it Day for Night?
    I suppose we all have those who have become dead to us – or whom we are dead for.
    As we walk among people, each of them carries his dead with him in a cloud around his head but of course we don’t see them, though our own appear to us intermittently and without logic. Usually of course at night and with strange messages.

  24. Malfeur

    Erm.. Indeed.

  25. It was inevitable that, left to run itself under a mixture of tribal leaders, communists and loons, South Africa would go the way of Rhodesia, turning into a corrupt, murderous racist Sino-satrapy.

  26. Generally speaking, I think I have been able to take advantage of the enforced house arrest consequent on the common cold mass psychosis; but I may have seen a bit.too much that is healthy for my love of country of Mike Graham and Alex Belfield. Can that really be Old England that they are talking about? Where did it go? Over the hills and far away it seems. You can never go.back they say.

  27. Malfeur 12.22

    If, as Peter Hitchens is fond of saying, the past is another country then so, as Graham and Belfield demonstrate, is much of the present.
    Proving the adage that, as soon as one Englishman opens his mouth another sticks his foot in it.

  28. Malfleur, July 16th, 2021 – 12:32

    Harold Van Wick!

    I think it was very unsporting of the dishevelled, cigar smoking, detective not to overlook Harold’s murder of his mother in law! Surely, given the provocation, any reasonable minded judge would have dismissed the case?

  29. Malfleur, July 17th, 2021 – 12:14

    The objective truth can never be established by consensus alone!
    Empiricism Rules!

  30. Noa, July 16th, 2021 – 15:54


    No doubt that Strine’s demise is being cheer on by the Aussie multi-kulti apologists and also Xi’s NZ egregious gauleiter, the fragrant Queen Jacinda.

  31. Baron

    Whaddya reckon?

    “Guardian’s Fake ‘Kremlin Papers’ Bombshell Points to Russiagate Origins”

  32. I see some poor MP named Drax has become the target of demonstrators seeking to persuade him to pay reparations to Barbados on account of his ancestors having made a fortune from slavery in the West Indies. The mass psychosis gripping Britain since no the adoption of the Covid bollocks threatens to spiral out of control with this variant. First observed among undergradates of Bristol University when the statue of Colston was pulled down and thrown into the Severn estuary and more recently in the clamour to change the name of Wills Hall at that in situation, it is now set fair to infect any connection with slavery. The Windsors, the British aristocracy however now enfeebled,and any gentlemen or ladies or indeed those now declasse from former positions of standing in our community should lock up their daughters.
    How long before those who may be seen to benefit today from the sale of white indentured servants to the colonies in the past or those who prospered from the employment of English or Welsh coalminers, or whose predecessors spoke up unwisely in opposition to the excesses of the French Revolution such as the MP for Bristol, Edmund Burke, whose statue may have so far survived the variant, or any profiting from the sins of dead generations, are tarred and feathered and stripped of their property in hastily convened public meetings?

  33. ‘The6 Last Kingdom’ is a TV series which, so far, seems to offer a more positive less savage view of England, albeit in the 9th century.

  34. Clownfall

    Diaries from Der Fearer Bunker (LGBTQAA Day 450 ish++)
    Is I in or is I not?
    Carrie and Chris ghost in and say We must stay in. My friend, We sometimes think Our only friend, Rishi says no We must be brave, otherwise our futures options will fall and We will have to tax choldrens’ sweeties to keep paying the civil service wages and pensions.
    We will have to borrow even more from that appalling little fag Cruddas.
    Anyway apparantly the plebeans are revolting, (har har!). Bread and circuses for them, a pity about the miskicks last Sunday Valliance was counting on them to ease the lock down back without too many problems. Like Wombledon that didnt work out for him and now that prat Brady is whinging at the door about Munchausens by proxy.
    What to do? We asked Cove if We should organise a HMP Britain popularity contest, with Ourself, McBasilisk, that Welsh leak and Poont or whatever he’s called over in Stirmont or wherever, to see who is doing best with the scum at the present time. (Memo to oneself, how is my meisterplan for an Irish Sea tunnel progressing? Is our Broadcasting Craporation on side?)
    Snivel looked up adoringly at my navel (he is permitted to gaze no higher, on pain of death) and licked my foot, newly washed this week as per Carries’s hygenie dictates, from his prostrate position he whispered:
    “Oh Divinity, a wonderful idea, but being the Master of Time may I suggest we defer until after Freedom Day, the midges are rising in the hielands, the leek shops are closing by the hour and the EU regulation toilet paper avalanche in Bogside bodes ill for a favourable portent.”
    He is right I thought, even as We spurned his prone carcass with Our bejwelled sandal.
    “And get Rod no jab no job the Plumber round, the smell around here is getting unbearable”
    Is it the underground plumbing here, or one of Prince Wilfred’s nappies? Carrie says not, but the appaling stench must come from somewhere…

  35. “On the evening of his inauguration, Trump will address the nation and reveal that the Covid-19 Delta variant is fictitious, dreamt up by maniacal people who feared losing their stranglehold on a compliant citizenry. As society came to terms with a virus no more lethal than the common flu, and citizens eschewed masking and raised legitimate questions about hazardous vaccinations, the World Health Organization contacted its agents within the CDC and international health agencies and urged them to take part in a program aimed at once again scaring the world into frightened compliance.”

  36. EC @ July 18th, 2021 – 10:52

    The story isn’t worth even a warm spit, EC, one may be forgiven to think this chap Harding may be on the Kremlin payroll, the imbecility of the story may do for the unrepairable haters of Russia, but for anyone with even a partially functioning brain it’s pure nonsense. As you well now, the Americans ran a number of investigations, the Mueller’s attempt costing well over $30mn, the largest of them all, found nothing, as did the others.

    It doesn’t surprise there has never been anyone furnishing any evidence at all of what it was the Russians actually did, not a flake of a proof from the social media platforms through to the meetings of the Government officials from the two sides involved, not a shred of anything at all that could point to an activity or a series of acts supporting the notion of Russia’s interference in the 2016 US election.

    What elected the Donald were the disillusioned of America, the size of which shocked even the BBC to$$ers attending the rallies, the people that have been forgotten by the ruling elites did it, they needed no help from anyone.

    (Baron has eased off on blogging everywhere, not fugging point, waste of time really).

  37. “The coming of Neo feudalism”, Joel Kotkin’s book is a good reafanalysis of the development of the new fuedal elites and the destruction of the middle classes is convincing. Unfortunately he is short on solutions. It’s covered well enough in this interview. So save your money.

  38. “The coming of Neo feudalism”, Joel Kotkin’s book is a good read and analysis of the development of the new fuedal elites and the destruction of the middle classes is convincing. Unfortunately he is short on solutions. It’s covered well enough in this interview. So save your money.

  39. “We’re at war…dark days ahead” .Alex Belfield today.

  40. “…Baron has eased off on blogging everywhere, not fugging point, waste of time really…”
    And the Glorious !2th is now firmly in our rear gunner’s sights! Give it 250 rounds of .303 Ginger!
    It’s now the time to deal those moles a death blow, before the local Gretas chain themselves to a dusky moleskin forepaw and ensure the cancellation of both Baronic wisdom and all unwilded cultivation in deepest Suffolk.
    My own dilemma, from the Great Study at Noa Towers, is far more mundane: shall I support the fair Norwegian Olympic Beachball playing maids who wish to throw away their bikini bottoms in search of freedom, or demand their enforced sexual exploitation?
    And should the converted female New Zealand weightlifter be subject to the same flimsy clinging sportswear when performing her own rituals? I confess that the thought of her dropping 250 kilos on her big toe and inadvertantly revealing the the latest model in faux-vaginal hyperplasticity is enough to make me pine for the return of winter, lockdown and a rerun of Jeremy Kyle’s greatest bits.
    In the meantime, the Estates Worker Hospitality accommodation (formerly HMP East Lancashire), which had emptied as the former occupants graciously accepted settlement and moved permanently into council housing and lifetime benefits support, is rapidly being refilled by the local housing office. My decision to convert it to luxury 4 star hotel accommodation was inspired. We are now the proud winners of best Migrant Hotel Chain of the Year 2021 and profits are booming!
    Many of our guests are now working to supplement their meagre state incomes by constructing travellers huts for hastily returning East Lancashire holidaymakers. Initial investment was readily forthcoming from the offshore based Private Equity company Hancock Medical Trust. An oxymoron if ever there was one!
    As for the whinberry harvest, I have this year decided to donate it to the Starving Landlords and Self Employed Self Help Cooperative. It is to their credit that they stripped the hillsides bare in two hours. Although their angrily beating to death a government minister and several local government diversity managers who had infiltrated the masses tramping over the moorland brought them no great credit, at least the corpses swinging in the now reinstated crossroad gibbets have boosted tourism to the area and reinvigoured the farmshop sales of our famed Toerag and Benedictine jam. (Thanks to EC for his recent kind enquiry on this and related matters.)

  41. Noa @ July 21st, 2021 – 12:36

    A rather enjoyable lament, Noa, one can only hope the ersatz female of New Zealand wins, and wins big to let every man know that cutting it off and drilling a hole instead can lead to an Olympic success (but what would a bona fide male do if in bed with her? Bucket please, quick).

  42. This is probably the best shot, it’s in London, the story’s in Russian, but it tells of a chat between Lavrov and our Foreign Sec David Miliband in 2008 when the Georgia’s conflict was on, our man said to the Russian Foreign Sec that Europe would have to reconsider relations with Russia because of her belligerent behaviour towards the smaller neighbour, to which Lavrov allegedly said what the graffiti says. That’s what is says under the picture.

    Above the picture it says that Zacharova (she’s the spokesman for the Russian Foreign Office) when asked by a journalist what she thinks about the graffiti answered: ‘It’s not up to the Foreign Office to comment on the works of art, you should talk to the Ministry of Culture’.

  43. Noa @ July 20th, 2021 – 09:54

    The longish interview inspires, Noa, his idea of a new kind of feudalism also attracts, Baron would cut the emerging society into five layers, the top tech, or rather new industries billionaires cum millionaires everywhere not just in California together with the financial crowd also everywhere (by everywhere Baron means places like China, Russia, India..), the second layer would be occupied by the enablers of the super wealthy i.e. the political class that co-mingles with the top layer, the third chunk would include the Goebbels’s mob both of the immediate impact i.e. the MSM and those whose job is the long term indoctrination i.e. the educational and academic layer, followed by the (largely apolitical) segment of the property owners, rentiers, managers (the old middle class), and lastly the bottom layer of the great unwashed losers.

    Still, Baron’s rather tempted to get the book, may do so after he finishes with a little tome on Prussia.

  44. Alan Jones from down under is Baron’s man, he may be overdoing it somewhat, mimicking Biden’s speech, but his point’a valid, Biden is losing it, he shouldn’t continue, it’s more than embarrassing, it’s dangerous, the guy has access to the red button.

  45. Baron 00.33
    Good posts, please do more if you have the time and inclination.
    I like your analysis. Its more international and less US centric in its approach. Have we really moved on much from a lord/serf or capitalist/proletarian view? An additional layer or two, or class specialism perhaps, more sura national liaison, command and control, as the thought control tools of the PRC are tested, refined and distributed around the world to ensure one world enslavement.

  46. Baron, July 19th, 2021 – 07:17

    “Baron has eased off on blogging everywhere, not fugging point, waste of time really.”

  47. @11:51

    Baron, I agree!

    For old time’s sake, just one last piss into the wind…

    Andrew Lawrence

    “BBC- Further accusations of bias.”

    The West Cumbria Branch of the Red Brigade got Andrew Lawrence’s appearance at a local theatre over their hate speech concerns Cancelled despite tickets being sold out!

    To paraphrase Spike, “Now you know what’s wrong with the fuggin’ country!”

  48. @11:59 emendation….

    “The West Cumbria Branch of the Red Brigade got Andrew Lawrence’s appearance at a local theatre cancelled over their hate speech concerns Cancelled despite tickets being sold out!”

    … and with that I think that I am going to cancel myself.

  49. Not like Berlin 1989 is it?
    The Wall….. has self cancelled.

  50. EC @ July 25th, 2021 – 11:59

    It makes one sick to see how the BBC spends the money, EC, five billion quid each year, the salaries (and of course other benefits including pensions) cannot compare to what the individuals labouring in wealth creating sectors of the economy get. What do these people do, what does the quality post demand of the individual holding it? Has anyone ever found out?

  51. EC @ July 25th, 2021 – 17:14

    Cancelling yourself may be difficult, EC, and it will only please the woke fuggwits, avoid, please.

    Javid apologised for saying we should not be cowed by the virus, learn to live with it, which is the bleeding obvious to anyone who isn’t brain dead, so why the pouring of ashes over his glabrous head? It’s the apologies that encourage the woke fruitcakes to keep going, no one should say sorry for saying something that’s patently true, if it upsets someone, that’s tough titty, he or she should grow a pair.

  52. Pity you don’t read or even peruse the Spectator, a chap called Winston Marshall (the musician, not that Baron likes his style) did a diary few weeks ago, powerful stuff, sadly it will do FA to anything. Here it is, one cannot fault him on anything he says, but what’s the fugging way out of it, the solution, the sword that can cut the Gordian knot:

    “I’ve been amazed by the response to my decision to leave my band, Mumford & Sons. The article in which I explained why has now been read 700,000 times and has been republished by newspapers in the UK, the US and Germany. My main hope in publishing it was to restore my own sense of integrity — eroded, I felt, by an apology I made to an extreme but vociferous internet minority who took great exception to what I considered an innocuous tweet to Andy Ngo, the author of a bestselling book about the radicalised far-left.

    Just as I never anticipated the angry reaction to my unremarkable tweet, I could never have foreseen that my article about the ensuing fuss would have generated so many messages of gratitude. Gratitude for what? Not for leaving the band — although a few people may be glad. It seems as if, in explaining why I felt I could not carry on, I had articulated something that many people feel in their daily lives: self-censorship. In the current febrile political climate, many of us are just too scared to say what we think.

    The messages came from an astonishing array of professions —fellow musicians, doctors, civil servants, actors, painters, politicians, think-tankers, comedians, vicars, teachers, students, beauty queens, lawyers, mothers, charity workers, cannabis activists, journalists, entrepreneurs. I found many of them very moving. I’m especially struck by how these represent the moderate free-thinking middle-ground. Not extremists.

    A theme that crops up again and again in these emails is a fear that speaking ‘the truth’ could prove too costly. So people stay quiet. They have rent or mortgages to pay. Their careers have taken decades to build up. They are accountable to colleagues who depend on them in turn to maintain their lives and their responsibilities. There are kids to care for. Some recount being alienated by their friends for holding incorrect opinions. Others explain how they keep quiet at work, or nod along when things don’t seem quite right. Others describe being bullied for wrong-think.

    The comedian Ricky Gervais said recently: ‘Whoever you are, if you can’t be bought you’re the richest person in the world… There’s something to be said for being proud of one’s integrity.’ I am fortunate to be able to walk away when my integrity is compromised. For most people life is far, far more complex. It is noble to prioritise those other hugely important aspects of our lives: family, friendships, careers. But the sacrifice of keeping schtum also comes at a price. What starts as a niggling feeling can build up inside. An elastic band slowly stretched will eventually either warp out of shape or snap back to position. Perhaps our consciences do something similar.

    Think of Vaclav Havel, the playwright turned dissident turned Czechoslovakian president who wrote The Power of the Powerless in 1978, describing life in the Soviet era. He used the example of the greengrocer who places the slogan ‘Workers of the world, unite!’ in his shopfront: ‘If he were to refuse, there could be trouble… He does it because these things must be done if one is to get along in life. It is one of the thousands of details that guarantee him a relatively tranquil life “in harmony with society”.’ The grocer has much to lose should he dissent from the ideological norms of the day. However, the moment he stops putting up the slogan and ‘rejects the ritual and breaks the rules of the game, he discovers once more his suppressed identity and dignity’.

    Havel’s words speak to an alarming degree to the situation in the liberal democratic West of today. I don’t imagine we will experience a social convulsion as dramatic as Czechoslovakia’s Velvet Revolution of 1989, at least not any time soon. But how will these pent-up feelings which so many share manifest themselves? Havel’s writings suggest two possible ways forward. Either the system continues to tighten into a ‘dreadful Orwellian vision of a world of absolute manipulation’, or the ‘independent life of society including the “dissident movements” will slowly but surely become a social phenomenon of growing importance… influencing the general situation’. Let’s hope it is the second of these. A restoration of honest, good-faith dialogue and the widespread recognition that we are all fallen and fallible would go a long way towards restoring the freedom to think and speak. It may be premature to say this, but on the evidence of the reaction to my piece, a quiet Colour Revolution for our times may have already begun. And I hope more and more people will find the courage to speak the truth as they see it, and that it will be less and less costly to do so”.

  53. Immigration seems to be hitting the headlines again, the newcomers are arriving at ever greater numbers, we pay the French to keep them off our shores, no avail, according to Nigel F the French Navy is escorting the boats into our waters, then it’s bingo, we have to take over.

    We have the MI5, the MI6, the CIA is also around together with the FBI, the Interpol, and above all, our country proudly houses the Bellingcat boys, they can do miracles, nothing can stop them, the Kremlin’s powerless to deal with them.

    So here’s a suggestion, why don’t some of those highly trained, clever, immeasurably able men and women from any or all of these agencies, just few of them would probably do, why don’t they find out who are the people running the smuggling gangs,

    it cannot be that hard to do it, one hires a couple of would be immigrants, or even a dozen, they each concoct a story, approach the smugglers, pay them the money (allegedly 6-8 thousand quid), then tip the police.

    It isn’t done because as Baron has said many times before immigration benefits the middle class (carrot picking, looking after kids, serving Costas…) and it’s the middle class that runs the country. They pretend they want to cut and control immigration, but their unwillingness to actually do it is clearly visible, already more have come this year that in the whole of the last year. Madness.

  54. Noa @ July 25th, 2021 – 18:38

    One wouldn’t;t expect anything else, Noa, most of the newcomers are voting Dems.

  55. Here’s a piece of news relevant to that part of your body you sit on (apart from other functions, of course):

    China is the world leader in the export of toilet paper with 11% of global supply. A 600% rise in ocean freight cost makes it inevitable that the price of something as ordinary as toilet paper is slated to rise significantly or become in short supply in key places globally. When such pressures are coming all across the product line, ocean container rates become a significant driver of general inflation”.

    Those clearing the shelves of the commodity may be on to something, boys.

  56. Ah So, Noa!

    Jeff does Jinglingish, or maybe I misheard…


  57. Baron, July 25th, 2021 – 22:43

    I thought that stuff was considered Haram?
    Large areas of the UK will remain unaffected.

  58. Noa, July 20th, 2021 – 09:54
    Baron, July 23rd, 2021 – 00:33

    “The Road To Serfdom”
    F.A. Hayek

    The only “Road” movie that Bing, Bob and Dorothy didn’t make?

  59. EC @ July 26th, 2021 – 10:56

    A useful look at the addition to the means of exchange, unit of accounts and the store of value, EC, more questions that answers, but regretfully, sooner or later we are going to get it, it will very likely co-run with credit/debit cards and actual cash, the younger generation will help to broaden the appeal of it, the older ones will stick to what we have now.

    For us, the users of it, the only difference between a well anchored Britcoin (or any other one) is that instead of a piece of metal, paper or plastic saying ‘one pound’ one would have on a gadget (say) the mobile phone, a stored binary expression of the same – ‘one pound’, the linked ledger on a server will store the rest of one’s ‘one pounds’, that’s about it.

    The beauty for those administering the financial affairs of people using Britcoins is obvious, they will know exactly what money we have, where does it come from, goes to, they will know the lot, cheating on taxes, not paying the TV licence, hoarding money will be close to impossible (not entirely perhaps if the existence of the black internet is a hint of what the smart ones amongst us can come up with).

    It’s a fallacy to believe any such system run either by a country, a group of countries can be decentralised, free of interference, corruption of whatever, no man made system has ever been such, the coming Britcoin will be no exception.

    To think we can have a currency for all run by an individual or a group of individuals (say) the Bitcoin, is beyond delusional, any such enterprise would sooner or later join the list of financial cons. The use of electricity mining the bitcoins is apparently quite high, it equals to the electricity consumption of Sweden (or is it Argentina?).

    The reason people use the pound sterling is because it originates from the first paper money (say) the Thomas Madockes’ 1705 (that’s a year) running cash note that said: ‘I promise to pay ….. or a bearer on demand the sum of ninety nine pounds, seven shillings and four pence’, it was signed by the Governor of the Company of the Bank of England’. It wasn’t paper money as such, it was a promissory note written on a piece of paper, a promise to honour a loan, a trust inscribed.

    This running cash note was backed up by the money deposited by the man with the Bank of England, it was his wealth that made the running cash note acceptable to others, as it is today ultimately the ‘tax funded wealth’ of the Government that makes our today’s currency acceptable.

    One can come up with any currency one wants provided there are enough people falling for it, and there always are, see the Bitcoing craze, but unless any such system is backed up by an actual wealth that cannot ‘be vanished or otherwise destroyed’ it cannot ever be adopted for real or succeed, it’s ‘a nothing else’ but a monopoly money.

    We are probably going to learn how warm is the public to the Britcoin. As we’re all frightened to death from dying from c-19 people some may be more inclined to go for it.

  60. EC @ July 26th, 2021 – 11:02

    One learns something new every day, EC, thanks.

  61. Last year, virtually every economy that matters has been down noticeably, road, air, sea transport also suffered badly, the households in house arrests traveled less, too, virtually every activity that discharges CO2 has been down.

    What would one expect the outcome to be? Surely a more settled weather in a calmer climate, right? But what are we getting? Just the opposite, a year of multiple disasters wherever one looks.

    The imbecility of coupling the bad weather with CO2 is so palpable one can cry listening to the AGW pillocks gearing up to frighten us even more after the scaremongering about c-19.

    Lord Deben, the Chairman of the Climate Change Committee was on Radio4 World at One today saying, amongst other nonsense, that ‘we have to fight the climate change’, he said it twice, we the people are to fight climate change? We cannot fight the weather, we cannot predict the weather reliably from one day to another and he wants us to fight climate change? The imbecilic arrogance makes one weep.

    The way to survive is to adapt to climate change not to fight it, the humans on the planet are akin to a colony of ants somewhere under a large tree in the massive rainforest, just like the insects have no means of affecting the rainforest climate we too cannot do anything at all that could have any noticeable effect on the climate of the earth, we have to live with it, and as Darwin correctly said ‘adapt’ to it. Adaptation is what will enable us to survive, to think that we can fight the climatic changes, to act on this delusional thinking will bury us.

  62. From the Scientific American:

    “Since the novel coronavirus began its global spread, influenza cases reported to the World Health Organization from the Northern and Southern Hemispheres have dropped to minute levels. The reason, epidemiologists think, is that the public health measures taken to keep the coronavirus from spreading—notably mask wearing and social distancing—also stop the flu. Influenza viruses are transmitted in much the same way as SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, and they are less effective at jumping from person to person”.

    Are these real scientists or a bunch of charlatans? If that were true then why the expensive flu vaccines each year? We could put on masks, do the same distancing as we’ve done for c-19 (not much if you look how people keep the distance) and we’ll be OK, no flu, no flu deaths. Arghhh

    More likely any flue or pneumonia cases were recorded as c-19 cases who the pandemic hit.

    Also, it was apparently announced today by the FDA that the CDC PCR test for COVID-19 has failed its full review, far too many false positives. Baron got this piece of news from another blog, hasn’t seen it confirmed anywhere else.

  63. Apologies for the errors ‘who’ instead of ‘when’ and the others, Baron will repent, silently.

  64. Baron – 23:17

    I dubbed it “Sci Fi American” twenty years ago, which irritated its fanboys no end. At that time it was very popular with members of the 1st Church Of Global Warming. Any old copies could come in very handy as bog paper should the supplies from Chyna fail.

    However on this occasion it appears that they might have actually published something worthwhile! 😉

  65. It’s Official!
    London is now a third world shitehole – literally!

  66. Did the new New World start in 1964 after the Deep State had murdered John F. Kennedy?

    Will is last until August 13?

  67. Kenexdy. I was reminded the other day that wily old Kruschev was the real winner in the Cuban missile crisis. Wanting to get rid of the US Jupiter nuclear missiles stationed in Turkey, he decided to retaliate by stationing Soviet missiles in the Castro fiefdom. The resting furore nearly led to a nuclear war with a gung ho US military, but the withdrawal of Moscows WMD was based on the quiet agreement between Kennedy and the Soviet ambassador that the US would, as they did, withdraw the missiles from Turkey within 6 months.

  68. Which of course explains why the Russians now have Constantinople…

  69. Klaus Shwab, the Founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum, declares in his book that about four billion “useless eaters” will be eliminated by 2050.

  70. Malfleur – 10:01

    Hopefully starting with Pol Swab…

    “Somehow it seemed as though the farm had grown richer without making the
    animals themselves any richer-except, of course, for the pigs and the
    dogs. Perhaps this was partly because there were so many pigs and so many
    dogs. It was not that these creatures did not work, after their fashion.
    There was, as Squealer was never tired of explaining, endless work in the
    supervision and organisation of the farm. Much of this work was of a kind
    that the other animals were too ignorant to understand. For example,
    Squealer told them that the pigs had to expend enormous labours every day
    upon mysterious things called “files,” “reports,” “minutes,” and
    “memoranda”. These were large sheets of paper which had to be closely
    covered with writing, and as soon as they were so covered, they were burnt
    in the furnace. This was of the highest importance for the welfare of the
    farm, Squealer said. But still, neither pigs nor dogs produced any food by
    their own labour; and there were very many of them, and their appetites
    were always good.”

  71. Not that it’s an occasion one should try to remember, God forbid celebrate, or the Germans be proud of, just the opposite, but exactly 100 years ago the Austrian painter became the leader of the NSDAP.

  72. Baron – 11:44

    Google overlooked that, and went with something called “Champion Island Games” for their daily Doodle.

  73. Baron – 11:44

    Reportedly, he wasn’t at all happy about being pinged by the COVID-19 contact tracing app.

  74. EC @ July 29th, 2021 – 19:08

    As a source of inspiration for parody, EC, the guy’s priceless, but that should be it, sadly, in Ukraine he’s venerated by some to the point of infecting the young, tolerated it seems by the country’s leadership, have a look here, it’s in Russian, but the picture’s enough. Only one boy refuses, and another one mocks the gesture, the football team’s called ‘the Hitler’s boys’ or ‘Hitlerites’ (Гитлеровцы). Not a whisper about it in our MSM media, they may yet regret it.

  75. Baron – 09:19

    Don’t forget the part played by the Baltic states in enthusiastically assisting the Einsatzgruppen in their crimes. Today their “heirs” are appear to be resurgent. Funny how the EU/Germany etc. don’t want to talk about that…

  76. “Which of course explains why the Russians now have Constantinople…”
    If only.
    The Treaties of Versailles and Sevres were missed opportunities. And the Jewish pogroms in Eastern Europe and Russia were a fine old tradition, Adolf wasn’t the first and he won’t be the last.

  77. Baron
    Without context the photo is of little meaning.
    Are they pro Nazi or pro EU, anti Soviet or anti Putin/Russian? Memories of the Holodomour must linger more than the Holocaust, the latter having ‘resolved’ the “Jewish question” once and for all in Ukraine and the Baltic.

  78. It’s linked to a chap called Bandera, a controversial figure, he was an Ukrainian nationalists, backed the Nazi horde, massacred hundreds of thousands, mostly the Jews and Poles, also the Russians, then got arrested by the Germans because the excessive killing caused public disorder, was released, began to fight the Red Army as it moved West, escaped, was poisoned by the KGB (allegedly) somewhere in the West.

    Many from the Western Ukraine joined him, when the Russians cleansed the region some left mostly for Canada, some for the US (Nuland and Blinken have their origin in Ukraine Jewish diaspora), some still live in Ukraine, old now, but their descendants are of the same political persuasion.

    A friend of Baron is a scout for labour in Ukraine, he says there are drinking holes there which display pictures of leading Nazis, have Nazi memorabilia, the ‘members’ come in armed, stuff like that, nobody has the guts to put an end to it.

    The blogger Anatolij Sharij Baron has mentioned in the past has put up many stories about the Nazi sympathisers, one was of a girl in a bikini having the Hakenkreuz tattooed on her cheeks (the bottom cheeks) quite prominently, she isn’t the only one, many young mad have it too but hidden. One can only guess the Americans that run Ukraine have no problema with it provided it targets Russia.

    Sharij covered the Hitlerites football team, they were in a competition, nobody objected only one guy did, was told it’s just a boys’ prank. Sharij reckons it’s the parents, the boys are only mimicking the adults.

    The Holodomour is scarcely mentioned, these parts were not Ukraine’s before the war, the region was divided between Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, also Romania, that’s why people living in the Western Ukraine want to be European. The famine was in that part of Ukraine in the east ruled by the communist thugs in the Kremlin.

  79. EC @ July 30th, 2021 – 10:01

    Good point, EC.

    Zelensky has sold out fully to the Americans, he kicked the EU out into the long grass, blames Brussels, bullies them, demands help from them, but takes orders exclusively from the Americans, there are now fully in control, many of their military advisors are training the Ukrainian armed services, also plenty of Canadian personnel, many Ukrainians left for Canada, and not just after WW2, a long time before, the Ukrainian diaspora in Canada numbers hundreds of thousands if not millions, the current Foreign Secretary is a daughter of a post-WW2 immigrant to Canada.

    Baron reckons it’s a mistake, the EU would be better for Ukraine, it has a need to ensure there isn’t a failed state on it borders, the Americans don’t give a toss.

  80. Thanks Mi’lud.,
    Very informative and helpful.
    If I recollect correctly, that area, pre WW1 Galacia etc, had a long tradition of anti semetism.

  81. Noa @ July 30th, 2021 – 19:11

    Very soon after Baron penned the lecture, Noa, (you have to forgive him, it’s a habit of his lecturing, he finds it hard to shake it off), it hit him, Noa probably knows more about it than he, and yes, you’re right, more pogroms than anywhere else there.

    After WW1 a large chunk of Western Ukraine got parcelled out amongst the countries mentioned before, the Czechs got something called the ‘Zakarpatska Rus’, there still are pockets of people that speak the Czech tongue, sing songs and dance to the tunes of their former rulers. This was the only part of the Western Ukraine where education boosted literacy to almost 100%, the areas controlled by the other three countries (all of them dictatorships) can show no such achievement.

  82. Baron,
    If you have the time to spare I would recommend the 19 year old Patrick Leigh Fermor’s lyrically told, adventurous journey through Europe from England to Constantinople in 1933. It is covered in “A Time of Gifts” and “Between the Woods and the Water”.
    Much of it through the very countries, Slovakia, Hungary etc on which we touch, soon to be a vanished world never to return in its ever shifting transient shape. His people and characters, Jews, chimney sweeps, gypsies, prince’s- and princesses, are like the man himself, heroic, real and fantastical.

  83. Everything you want to know about the Army but couldn’t find out.
    What is the purpose of the British Army?
    To win in conflicts to which it is sent by government? Or obfuscate its defeats and promote the incompetent? The days of Amir Byng and execution to encourage the others are long gone.

  84. What will the Blond Inseminator commit us to at the 26th Climate Change Jamboree in Glasgow in November? Will he say ‘I’ve asked the scientists and they tell me it’s categorically doable to be zero net carbon next year’, or will he settle for 2025?

    The creed of Marxism had successfully managed to mess up the lives of the East, hundreds of millions of people for more than three generations were suffering from the economic model that ignores the key motivation that has fuelled mankind’s progress for millennia, the Green creed of the AGW fruitcakes is going to mess up the lives of even more people in the West for the same reason, it’s making the wealth creation unnecessarily expensive. Already, the cost of energy, the price of 1kW, the most important component of both wealth creation and life in general is twice as high in Britain than in China.

    Someone should have the courage to stop this insanity soon or there’ll come a time we will have to beg the East to take us over to avoid a catastrophe

  85. Noa @ July 31st, 2021 – 13:55

    A revealing narrative, Noa, for Baron two events from the piece stick out, first the Warminster conference where some 200 couldn’t make it because of the weather, one would assume the military would be trained to fight in all weather, moving around would be a must part of that fighting.

    The other is the summing up of one of the officers: “The recent conviction of Major General Nick Welch for fraud (£44K in school fees) when other generals have been promoted after wasting £3.5 billion of taxpayers’ money on equipment that don’t work summarises everything that is wrong with the army today.”

    The officer may have had the tank fiasco in mind, how could anyone design a tank that cannot fire on the move?

    It’s truly criminal what the politicians have done to the Armed Services, and it’s not only the 455 dead in Afghanistan, others in Iraq, it’s the never ceasing cutbacks and the dissolving of regiments that go back in history. More than pity that.

  86. Noa @ July 31st, 2021 – 09:18

    Thanks for the tips, Noa, duly recorded, Baron will obtain the books as soon as he finished reading a tome on Prussia by a man called HW Koch, a rather heavy going it is.

    Here’s a map showing the changes in the sovereign lands of Ukraine, one of the blobs roughly at 7 o’clock shows the chunk administered by the Czechs after WW1.

  87. Apologies, it’s more like 9 o’clock, the orange blob, Baron’s definitely shwoing his age.

  88. It’s ‘showing’ of course, and no more excuses.

  89. German democracy in action, we should be glad we are out of the construct run by them, just imagine if the police in Russia behaved as badly, it would be front page news on all MSM rags, the BBC repeating it endlessly, the Americans piling up more sanctions …

    (If you stay after the clip, there’s another equally brutal, women may be equal now, but it gets Baron’s heart pressure up seeing a brut of a man dressed like a robocop handling a young girl asif she was a piece of trash.

  90. Erdogan dishing out help to those hit by the fires:

  91. Today, Baron went shopping at a Tesco, was the only one not wearing a mask, everyone else was, even a boy that couldn’t have been more than 6, also spotted a man wearing a T-shirt saying ‘I’m in the control group’, also masked.

    Madness, boys, 24-carat madness has engulfed us all.

  92. @18:02

    Never mind, Baron.
    In the UK the insanity, illegal immigration and the lack of or unequal rule of law problems are comparatively mild compared to that which exists across the Pond.

    Good to see that good ole Joe is still allowed out occasionally dressed in a nice sharp suit, with his nappy being changed thrice a day.

  93. @14:02

    Baron, Noa, Malfleur

    Riddle me this… Who is actually running the Republic?
    It certainly isn’t dementia Joe or the fragrant but MIA Kamala is it?

    Is The Kenyan running a shadow government, ya reckon?

  94. If Recycling Was Honest (BRAND-NEW HONEST ADS!)

    All this bin juggling is conditioning for the masses…
    preparation for the mask wearing, imo.

  95. “Who is actually running the Republic?”

    Ah, it’s Rochelle Walensky, amongst others recently elevated to the Politburo.

    R.I.P. USA

  96. Of more relevance to those of us currently imprisoned in HMP UK, who is actually running Britain?
    We know its not the BI, who is currently drooling over Cruddas’s furniture.
    Is it the Cabinet Secretary, or that Extinction Rebellion chappie.
    (My money is on Greta, from her bedroom HQ, delegating day to day operations to Angela, her second favourite Sieff Teddy bear.)

  97. One mustn’t forget Putin, Noa, the guy seems to have a finger in every big pie that’s cooking (or is it baking) worldwide, clandestinely of course, the same way he got the Donald elected, the investigations over the pond, and there were at least three costing tens of millions, found FA, a smart guy to conceal it so well, it is very probable he runs the UK as well, hence the successes galore just as the good old Winston had it, ‘success’, said the great man, ‘is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm’. That’s what’s happening to the country, is it not?

  98. EC @ August 3rd, 2021 – 14:58

    Sky News Australia were suspended from u-tube as you must know, EC, temporarily, for portraying the man in the Oval Office as the brainless ectomorph that he certainly is, he seems unable to string a simple sentence together, but then the holder of the office has never been the one that makes the decisions, Ike was probably the last one that did.

  99. EC @ August 5th, 2021 – 09:58

    And this, EC:

    What the Zelensky female did is an exact replica of the actions of the bolsheviks after they took power, except perhaps her illegal decision covers only the rental part of the real estate sector, but who knows she may expropriate the rest of the sector, too.

    It’s truly amazing what has happened to the West, but here’s the thing, if the current economic model of the US wealth distribution let’s one precent of the Americans to own half of the country’s wealth, those bereft of it will gladly accept communism with all it brings as the better alternative.

    This woman Welensky knows it, the US house owners outnumber the renters by 2 to 1, but that still leaves 100mn Americans that rent, and they are mostly the ones that own next to nothing. The solution however isn’t to expropriate the property rights of the landlords, but to ensure that the created wealth is shared more fairly.

  100. A question: in the future should we refer to hymnbooks as Zieymbooks?

  101. Jane Kelly fails to take a knee to the modern sports person.

  102. Baron, August 5th, 2021 – 23:08

    “but that still leaves 100mn Americans that rent”

    It would be interesting to know what the split between private landlords and social housing is. Either way, that’s crippling amount of uncollected rent. Is Fidel Obama the man in the shadows(*) organising the great private property grab, ya reckon?

    Have you seen Tucker’s interview with Wiktor Orban?
    Very interesting.

    * No Hank, Bruce or Cliff jokes please…

  103. I am happy to say that I’ve not watched even one second of this IOC Olympic Money Laundering & Drug Fest thingy in Tokyo. Didn’t even know it was on until I spotted this:

    “WaPo & NYT mocked by Chinese officials for putting US at top of Olympics medal table, despite China winning more gold”

    Good to know that the Biden apologists are continuing The Donald’s “America First” doctrine.

  104. EC 15.01
    Its Summer, the House is in recess, not that we noticed any difference and our Members are free to frolic in the Sun.
    Diane has obviously agreed to provide counting algorithmic and presentational services to the US press.

  105. Here you have it boys, it’s not that flu has vanished, it is that it’s being diagnosed as covid, this gorgeous girl makes more sense than Dr Fauci and the rest of the scaremongering coterie.

    Pay attention to when she says ‘the vaccines are about a useful as are tits on a nun’, priceless.

  106. EC @ August 6th, 2021 – 15:01

    The same for Baron, EC, not fired up at all by the circus, but we did well, the boys and girls managed to collect 65 medals, we beat countries with much larger populations than us, including Russia, China and the US, that should be a reason for some cheering up, there’s so little to put a smile on our faces, the woke mob seems unstable, Farage was showing the statues of Gladstone and Queen Victoria in Liverpool wrapped up in some hideous pieces of fabric, madness.

  107. EC @ August 6th, 2021 – 14:48

    Sadly, EC, if anything the interview will help to bury the Hungarians, they have no chance, you may have seen the Poles giving up on their reshaping of the judiciary set-up, the Brussels apparatchiks have won, it will be the fate of Hungary, too, they will have to give up, the progressives will win in the end.

  108. It will take just over nine minutes of your life if you watch it, you’ll hear a heart warming story about hand made boots, see few photos of the American airmen courageously defending the West when the Cold War was on, but do persevere till the end, there’s a nice twist to the short story:

  109. It’s reported that the American military spent $88bn to train and equip the Afghan Armed Forces that were expected to protect the fruits of democracy so delicately furnished by the curtesy of the American taxpayers (at an even greater cost).

    Alas, it doesn’t seem to have worked as intended, what prevents the Taliban from capturing towns and provinces even faster is not the US trained Afghan Armed Forces but the ability the Taliban fighters to run at a greater speed, you just look at the ragtag bands of men, each dressed differently, some in sandals, each carrying an AK-47 and shooting not at a specific target, but ahead as they run to what looks like nowhere, it’s a miracle they don’t shoot each other, how on earth were these shabbily dressed cavemen able to defeat a well trained young men (also few women), superbly equipped, supported from the air by the best airforce in the world?

    If it were not so tragic for both parties to the conflict, and the unallied Afghan unwashed in particular, it would be one of the best jokes so far this century.

    What do you reckon do the Chinese CCP honchos think about it, what does Putin? Our leaders seem to think we should continue waring, well, they should be given the opportunity, put on the uniforms, get whatever killing tool they prefer to use, leave for the hellhole to engage the locals fighters, no?

  110. New Culture Forum:
    Rod Liddle in conversation with Robin Aitken

    Rod expands upon his time at the BBC.

    Bonus feature: Rod’s Christmas parlour game called “The six degrees of Shami Chakrabarti.”

  111. Baron, August 15th, 2021 – 00:25


  112. Baron – 00:50

    The Chinese are already in Afghanland offering its new landlords economic aid and infrastructure investment. Very clever people the Chinese, not short term thinkers. They will eventually divide and conquer the various tribal factions… economically. Then they will bury them…quite literally if needs be.

  113. Baron – 00:25

    Cold War: Were those Cherman boots just a USAF thing?

    We used to have over 100 Avro Vulcan “V” Bombers.
    I have a couple of books one written by, and the other edited contributions by crews, by a guy who was one of the surviving test pilots.
    Reportedly throughout the early cold war (pre Polaris) we had at least four (maybe six) Vulcans either warmed up or with engines idling at the end runways 24/7 …for years! The crews being already on the various bases, nearby in QRA “accommodation” …probably just draughty sheds! The death squads might’ve had difficulty getting at them.

    None of the crews were actually required to deliver their “buckets of sunshine.” Should they have done so, standing orders required the pilots to wear eye patches on their bomb run – in case they were blinded by the flash. Thus one eye would be available for the flight back to whatever was left of “home.”


    How’s the Biden Admin’ going for ya?
    Who is changing Joe’s diapers in the daytime?
    Where has the fragrant Kamala been hiding?

    First retrospective taxes, and now a new tax on “Unrealized Capital Gains” including Crypto! The Nancy, Chuck, Jerry and shifty Schiff sure do sound like they are getting short of your and other people’s money!

    Save your last $20K though for a dingy ride from Dunkirk to Dover.
    A new life on state benefits in Cornshire awaits you!

    PS. Is Nadler still alive, or is it just clever make-up?

  115. Here’s one of the BBC MSM poodles getting a nice blocking from John from Manchester:

  116. EC @ August 15th, 2021 – 14:35

    Good one, EC, Baron enjoyed it.

  117. EC @ August 15th, 2021 – 14:15

    The patch story’s as nice as the one about the manmade boots, EC, funny world then, funny one now.

  118. You must read what the great Mark thinks of the Afghan fiasco, if you do you’ll come across many vignettes such as this:

    “The world-record brokey-brokey-brokeness manifested by the current spending bills is only possible because the US dollar is the global currency. When that ends, we’re Weimar with smartphones”.

  119. Baron, EC
    There’s only one serious answer to the complete, obvious and demonstrable failure of liberal politics in the West.
    More liberalism! But harder!
    Until these neanderthals learn what it really means to embed progressive politics into society.
    Frankly, I in agreement with the Taliban if it means that the Evette Coopers Harmans and Parliaments Harpies are returned to their rightful place in society, the scullery.
    Here’s Mr Watson reprising their successful human rights campaign.

  120. Advantages of the house arrest include more time available for study ‘ but mine is spent without.method unfortunately. Recent topics include the conversation between Richard Dawkins and.Ricky Gervais (especially on evolution – see the crocoduck), the German nazis (in particular conversations with Holocaust survivors – Tova Friedmanū), and String Theory for Dummies.
    Main question on the brain at present: does the Covid 19 scamdemic bring the first steps on the road to eugenicists’ rule and planned depopulation – not a new question of course but being put to us more sharply than last year.

  121. I see Kabul has fallen to the Taliban. Chess move by the Deep State?

  122. Malfleur @ August 16th, 2021 – 12:20

    Could you furnish the address of the site that has the Dawkins Ricky chat, Malfleur, please.

  123. Malfleur @ August 16th, 2021 – 12:23

    A Russian pundit says the Taliban is but a division of the Pakistani Armed Forces, it’s the Islamabad lot that funds and equips it also cures the injured fighters.

    The question then is why haven’t the Americans put a stop to it, it would have helped to avoid the embarrassment of their quitting so reminiscent to their fleeing Saigon, some if the scenes are unbelievable, have a look here:

  124. it’s not over yet, Noa, the Americans cannot learn, they are guided by the deeply entrenched delusion of their exceptionalism, for the governing elite of the military industrial (now also financial) complex that Ike warned about (look it up on u-tube), it’s a success just as the great Winston defined it (Baron has quoted it before): ‘Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm”.

    What’s next? Iran?

  125. Baron, I came across this quotation in Christopher Meyer’s “Getting our Way”, from Gladstone, the first real liberal idiot and idealist.
    “… remember that the sanctity of life in the hill villages of Afghanistan is as inviolable in the eye of Almighty God as can be your own. Remember that He who has united you as human beings in the same flesh and blood has bound you by the law of mutual love… ”
    Barring what would nowadays be considered perverse references to God the same lack of reality and reason in our foreign policy could have been enunciated by Blair, Cameron or Johnson, all sheep from the same pen.

  126. Will the Politicians in the US and the UK, feeble of ideas and incompetent beyond belief, seek to reinvaxe Afghanistan to destract their populaces from the respective mass invasions taking place on their undefended Southern borders at the present time, aided and abetted by their erstwhile allies?
    Probably not. Their electorates, masked and impoverished, are unlikely to tolerate any more lies or waste of lives and money there or elsewhere without action at home.
    Now, where did I leave that roll of piano wire…

  127. The Afghanistan Debacle — A Kick in the Gonads for the Deep State

  128. Malfleur @ August 16th, 2021 – 23:31

    Thanks, Malfleur, enjoyable and informative.

  129. Noa @ August 16th, 2021 – 22:21

    Simon right, nineteen years late.

  130. Another quick dissection by Glenn Greenwald: it was lies, lies and lies again.

  131. Painfull to watch, that’s what the Republic should spend money on:

  132. “Those damn drums Carruthers…But its the loss of the human rights of the cis-women, lesbians, homosexuals and the transexual communities in these tribes that most concern me now, Darling. ”

  133. Did you get your Masters in Gender Studies at Carboool uni?

  134. Fall of Kabul
    1.. Pilgrims Society initiative?
    2. Distraction from impending official recognition that the 2020 presidential election was stolen?

  135. Baron 22.40
    Interesting, even though it stretches one’s credulity.
    Its nice to see that the Taliban are dragging Afghanistan kicking and screaming into the modern world! One suspects they don’t mean the 21st century.
    Education for women? TV? What’s next do ye think? Televised beheadings or divorce for unfaithful wives by stoning?
    We’ll see what happens of course. And observe with interest what kind of a state it might become.

  136. JAKE SULLIVAN – National Security Adviser in the Biden administration.

    Rhodes Scholar – Oxford

    Pilgrims Society member one would guess.

  137. Noa, August 16th, 2021 – 10:13

    My my, how White House “Interns” have changed since the days when they were required to hold good ole Bill’s cigar and man sausage.

  138. Baron, August 17th, 2021 – 22:40

    Well, I think that taught us all a lesson!

    Some good belly laughs in there but the unnamed Russian media commentator summed it up nicely, “You can’t deny the humor of the bearded people.”

  139. In the Afghanistan’s royal past when the land populated mostly but not entirely by herdsmen was stable, the King ruled, it was but a collection of individual fiefdoms anchored not in a unity of a nation but firmly in tribal allegiances, altogether 14, with the King ensuring that peace between them was the status quo, no individual tribe could ever ‘take over’ be the top dog, oppress another one, the loya jirga chaired by the King sorted out any serious disagreements, there always was a negotiated equality between the various tribal leaders, keeping everyone content if not necessarily happy but in line was the aim, the King performed close to the role of the chairman of a large company.

    Neither the Soviets nor the Americans figured this basic quality, in the country’s past, differentiating Afghanistan as a polity from any Western state, in which the burghers also bind to their former tribal existence, but to a far lesser degree.

    Tto create a national armed force was the height of imbecility for the Americans, it couldn’t have worked, and it didn’t work, the alleged 300,00 troopers simply went back to their tribes that connected them by birth, and to which they have primary loyalty, the notion of a state in the Western sense with elections and the other trappings is an anathema to them, it means FA to a man that’s illiterate, soaked in Islam, loyal to his tribe to a point of sacrificing his life.

  140. Noa @ August 17th, 2021 – 23:25

    A friend of Baron was a part of the diplomatic core when the King was still in place says (or rather said, he’s no loner breathing) the Royal court was something from the thousands and one nights tome, the opulence shocked even those used to more than luxury, the amusements included shooting with flint rifles decorated with gold and precious stones, fishing in artificial ponds, eating with one’s fingers but from gold plates, the table full of tableware made from precious metals and stones some of it going back centuries.

    This has FA to do wit the Taliban, but some of the old habits and traits must be surviving in the tribal leadership, these are the people that would have attended the King’s entertainment venues. The point being, these guys aren’t opposed to the enjoyable things in life, not that keen on a continuous fight, we invaded the country only because they accommodated al-Qaeda, not because they trained themselves to arrive in the West to kill us, there has never been an Afghan jihadist amongst us that killed because of the zealotry of his religious beliefs, if the Afghans living here commit a crime (say) rape a girl it’s because they would have done the same back home.

    It may well be that if we leave them, the Taliban, alone they’ll do the same to us.

  141. EC 06.34
    The job’s not changed EC. They’re just called Carers now.
    “Lift, and wipe. Again..There!”

  142. Baron 08.51peasants
    We’ll never be safe Baron, until these illiterate and gullible peasants are securely plugged into the Internet, safely ensconced on the sofa with a bucket of KFC in one hand and a Billy goat in the other, watching salah 5 times a day and Marcus Rashford the rest if the time. Oh yes and disarmed too. No Kalasnikov for you today, Mo!

  143. Baron August 17th, 2021 – 08:56
    A horrifying sight Mi’lud. The relentless destruction of a n ations primary asset, its people by criminals and its political and ideological enemies.
    As sponsored here by the odious, ambivilagious Willie Hague and David Cameron.
    But how should Uncle Sam deal with its massive drugs problem? Imprison the users? Execute the dealers? Reach for the crackpipe?

  144. Let’s extend a big hearted RaabPatel welcome to the imminently arriving Afghani nonce Community.

  145. Noa @ August 18th, 2021 – 13:01

    Many if not all of those people must have lost hope, Noa, hope to be a part of a functioning society, we humans need to belong, to be wanted, if the society doesn’t furnish not jobs but opportunities many seek to belong to a society that accepts them, the society of the drug users.

    You may be old enough, Baron is, to recall the Kennedy’s Peace Corps volunteers, the movement may have been highjacked by the spooks towards its end, but the idea was commendable, it gave young people an opportunity and fulfilment. Something akin to it could help to clear the streets of the fallen, if only the money the Republic wastes on wars could be diverted to such ends the picture of the streets of the inner cities must change.

    The Jimmy Dore show made the same point today, he says the Americans should invade American inner cities, bring help rather to the homeless than piss about killing people in far away places, an excellent point that.

  146. Noa @ August 18th, 2021 – 17:33

    A hard hitting pair, Noa, alas nothing will change, the political set up is corrupt enough not to dislodge the political clowns the boys are hitting, we desperately need a new way of electing people to represent us that would allow those opposing the current policies on immigration and other issues to get elected.

  147. Not a laughing matter, but point well made, the heading says ‘the best caricature on what has happened in Afghanistan’.

    Btw, not much gloating in the Russian media about the Americans saying good-by to the land of the herdsmen, everything rather subdued, the fear is the southern underbelly of Russia could suffer both from new waves of jihadism and from the importing of more hard drugs.

  148. A balanced, unattached and insightful piece, longish too, but you can scan some parts, worth your attention, the best Baron has found so far:

  149. You may like to watch this, it’s Tucker on the mess of Afghanistan, it’s the end that’s revealing and scary, and has nothing to do with the fiasco directly, the top dog country in the West is presided by a man who cannot handle the job, a man at his wit’s end, barely cognitive:

  150. Malfleur @ August 19th, 2021 – 20:23

    When the dust settles, Malfleur, the Americans will be seen in even worse light than they currently are, according to many sources they have thousands of their own people in the country still, are asking them to make their own way to the airport, have only five days to reach the place surrounded by the Taliban. It may turn out to be the grave for Biden, an impeachment is possible if any of the American passport holders gets killed.

  151. Some thoughts on the non-existent virus, the fake vaccines, the Nuremberg Code. and the push for a law requiring vaccine passports:

    “If the law supposes that,” said Mr. Bumble, squeezing his hat emphatically in both hands, “the law is a ass — a idiot. If that’s the eye of the law, the law is a bachelor; and the worst I wish the law is, that his eye may be opened by experience — by experience.”

  152. Baron on Pakistan (passim)

    Behind the debacle in Afghanistan and its body blow to the United States lies the will of the British elite – expressed for example through the Pilgrims Society, Chatham House, the United Nations, the Council on Foreign Relations, and the Institute of Pacific Relations…and the push for a Chinese naval base in the Indian Ocean.

  153. On tragedy and farce, the return of milquetoast to the Wall and the end of our beloved Verity’s Anglosphere-if it ever existed, which I doubt. Richard Littlejohns dry obituary captures it all quite well.

  154. The end of the Anglosphere? I think not.

  155. The aim of the Pilgrims Society, spawn of Cecil Rhodes at al, is to reverse the achievement oof the American War of Independence.

  156. Malfleur – 23:31

    “This video has been removed by the uploader.”
    A suitable metaphor for its demise?

    23:37 The “Americans” are doing a pretty good job of reversing their own “achievements”. Any efforts to hasten their demise are more likely to have due to the influence of Yuri Bezmenov’s former colleagues.

  157. Noa – 10:43

    I think that the “Carry On…” films were the embodiment of Baron’s “Healthy Core of Englishness.” Certainly “Khyber” was one of the classics. I dunno what our noble friend would have to say about either proposition though.

    I note that Littlejohn has stopped using the phrases “You couldn’t make it up” and “We’re all going to hell in a handcart.” Pity he never got his pen around WBGTDWI.

    Meanwhile… you’d best go and check on Pte Jimmy Widdle in the guard post at the top of the pass that leads from your estate into North Yorkshire!

  158. By coincidence, I was musing only yesterday that it was a great pity that Rogers & Thomas et al never made, “Carry On At Your Off Licence” as so many of the regular cast were such accomplished piss artists.

    As a result of some perhaps some slightly more profound thoughts in recent months…
    Nikola Tesla was probably right about “the ether.” Its existence makes more sense than the impossibly elaborate and implausible fiction woven by his detractors and successors.

  159. Malfleur, The Anglosphere?
    The US is no longer Bidin its time for isolation and self immolation. Its arrived.
    ANZAC-locked down, reverted to full penal colony mode and for sale to China.
    The UK – for sale to anyone, wots left of it.

    “The aim of the Pilgrims Society, spawn of Cecil Rhodes at al, is to reverse the achievement oof the American War of Independence.” Its arguable that the American Colonies Revolutionary war achieved anything other than unlicenced Capitalism, slavery and the gleeful destruction of the British Empire. But you’re welcome to make any case to the contrary. 😉

  160. From the Age of Magik and Witchcraft.
    “A Parliament can do anything but make a man a woman and a woman a man.”
    Henry Herbert, Lord Pembroke 1648.
    To the Age of Post Modern Reason.
    “… As it was obligated the UK Parliament passed the Gender Recognition Act 2004, which effectively granted full legal recognition for binary transgender people. Since 4 April 2005, as per the Gender Recognition Act 2004, it is possible for transgender people to change their legal gender in the UK.”
    Wikipedia 2021

  161. Noa

    13:26 Struggling at the end of a rope, but still LAMO (gallows style!).

    16:08 Ditto…. But not only that…
    After Harriet Harridan’s “Equality Act, 2010” [waived thru “on the nod” by “Call Me Dave” and his Cameroons in the thee weeks before the 2010 GE] one cannot even take the piss without being dragged before the courts for “hate speech.”

  162. Jimmy Dore interviews Biden, not bad:

  163. A thought provoking piece, but if you think of it, he has a point, it was a God fearing tribe beating one that forgot about Him, is obsessing about trans toilet instead (the anti-Jewish bits in the narrative were not really necessary, it’s amazing how much of such sentiment there exists today in the Republic).

    (You have to change the word ‘dot’ for the real thing)


  164. Baron – 22:33

    Very good.
    The latest “Untergang” mashup will be on the fall of Kabul.

  165. EC August 22nd, 2021 – 08:50

    Those thoughts earned a wry chuckle from the back row of the Noa Estates MegaPlex, EC. Of course such scabrous humour would never be tolerated now.
    British foreign policy, like that of the US, is to actively promote. Lgbtqa+++ ‘rights’ in such supposedly backward hellholes as Afganhistan. Need a new Canal Street in Karboool? Send for ‘little willie’ Hague and his aide de camp to promote it! They’re cheap too, always being prepared to double up on the accommodation.
    Il was musing on this and other matters last night, in my luxury swivel seat, as Sir Sidney was preparing to enjoy ‘reparations’ from I think, the Khazi’s wife, No 43. I couldn’t be sure of the number as it was difficult to follow the joint Polish and Albanian subtitles on the wide-screen and as sometimes happens, the sound system was on the blink.
    Still, perhaps we shouldn’t be too critical of our Foreign Office’s zealous missionary postion. Promoting homosexuality over the goatherder’s known predeliction for beastiality is surely a thrust, if not a full step, in the right direction? As for the women…. Would they ever have been emancipated or enfranchised in Britain if we had seen the consequences of letting Cooper, Harmon, Serpong, Lawrence, Morgan and May loose upon a defenceless male working class? I think not.
    What must the Tarlerbarn think of the proud successors of the 3rd Foot and Mouth as the 1st (and only) Battalion QLI, the famous ‘Screaming Queens’, emulate their predecessors and drop their modish combats to reveal, not the normal collection of non issue clinging Kelvin Cline and Ann Summers lingerie, but the finest collection of vaginoplastic fufus and mansausagery outside of an Alex Belfield concert or NHS Brighton General Hospital?

  166. A full page splash on the Tesla phenomenon, it has the genius Elon Mask in his signature leather jacket next to a dummy model of a robot that should replace men or women carrying out repetitive, boring or dangerous work.

    The grand idea is to replace the ‘meat computer’ that’s us, humble human beings, we’ll be obsolete, surplus to needs, that’s what the AI chief of the Tesla Andrej Karpathy said, who knows, he may be right, he may prove to be the opposite, Baron, when in the job, used to follow the progress of the human replacements for close to 50 years, many companies have tried, not one has got anywhere near completing the task.

    For whatever it’s worth, Baron reckons the guy got it the other way round, nothing beats the complexity and in-built capacity of the braincells to both store and process information, if anything it will be a piece of meat, the brain meat, or a clone of it, the organic matter that will form the core nodule of a future robot capable not only of performing tasks done by us or the machines that we design, create and run, but capable also of designing itself fully, replacing any of its parts worn out by their use, and also clones of itself able to harness even the yet hidden, not switched on parts of our brains.

    That’s a task for the future Einstein or a bunch of them, they have three ‘small’ hurdles to overcome, how to keep the organic CPU alive, how to connect with it, and how to solve anything else that’s still in the category of the unknown.

  167. Noa @ August 23rd, 2021 – 09:24

    An enjoyable lament, Noa, the spread of madness has a reach one would have never imagined possible, a friend of Baron counted the pictures of whites and non-whites in a glossy mag that comes with the Sunday papers he buys (in may be the ST, Baron didn’t ask), mostly the ads, discovered he latter group beats the former, puzzled why it should be, Baron assured him that it’s the mirror image of today’s Britain, the mirror reverses the original from left to right, or Left to Right, that was a brilliant explanation Baron thought, he refused to take it, poor guy.

  168. Baron
    Yes, our Parliament and government also now reflects a mirror image of our society back to us.
    Perhaps someone broke the mirror and we are now suffering not 7 but 70 years bad luck?
    That puts the start of the madness at about 1951, seems about right….

  169. As to Elon Musk, Azimov and his fellow writers and scientists explored the technical and interrelated ethical issues in depth in the 1960s?
    I suspect that, untroubled by ethics and conscience, the Chinese are already working on the cyborg type solutions that will enable them to dominate future wars in the Arctic and Himalayas, as well as Space.
    Simon Webb shares an alternative view on human evolution, and a more provable path for successfully transitioning multi-cultural societies like Britain.

  170. Confused thinking seems contagious, if you look at the 10th clip from the top you can hear Blinken saying he talked to the Afghan President Karzai two days ago …. someone should have told the esteemed Secretary of State that Karzai’s no longer presiding the Afghans.

    The pressure is telling, is it not?—video%2F

  171. Noa @ August 23rd, 2021 – 10:34

    Good link, Noa, and telling.

  172. Baron – 10:08

    Not just the ST, Baron. They are all at it, but more so in TV & WEB advertising.
    Pick any publication you like, from the National Trust handbook, junk mail for retail outlet brochures, tourist attraction flyers etc.

    I remember a while back when the awful truth dawned that any further complaints about the biased BBC QT audiences were futile as the audience members (excluding the carefully placed activists) were indeed reflection of society. Most of them experts on current affairs, some reading both “Hello” and “OK” magazines, and on social/moral issues as covered by East Enders, Corrie and reality TV.

  173. Z Man brings a classical slant to the Afghan rapefugee problem.

  174. “…a more probable path for successfully transitioning multi-cultural societies like Britain….”.
    Britain, with its £3 Trillion or so of national debt and no way of paying it down, other than the current firesale, is transitioning on schedule to being a third world country that will evoke the pity of such upwardly mobile polities as China, India and Brazil.
    But will they support our ever needy diverse causes and their political sponsors as we would though?

  175. John Helmer in Moscow goes in holiday, puts in his blog the same sad story as he does every year leaving Moscow to take a rest:

    “On August 24, 1991, Marshal Sergei Fyodorovich Akhromeyev committed suicide. He had returned from his holiday at Sochi responding to the attempted removal of Mikhail Gorbachev from power. According to the reports of the time, he hanged himself in his Kremlin office, leaving behind a note. One version of what it said was: “I cannot live when my fatherland is dying and everything that has been the meaning of my life is crumbling. Age and the life that I have lived give me the right to step out of this life. I struggled until the end.”

    Perhaps this suicide reveals the reason of the collapse of the old regime of the bolshevik’s Red Menace better than any slicing of it by the pundits et al, the people that backed the regime may have believed in it, but they were not the right people to ensure the survival of it.

  176. Noa @ August 23rd, 2021 – 13:22

    Here’s a great man with good advice, Noa, at the right time, too, but did anyone listen? (Baron may have posted it before, but it fits here)

    Sir Henry Tizard, scientist and mandarin, talking in 1949: “Britain isn’t a great power, and never will be again. We are a great nation, but if we continue to behave like a great power, we shall soon cease to be a great nation.”

  177. Noa @ August 23rd, 2021 – 13:09

    A totally different take on the import of those Afghans that were attached to our military or other agencies, one of the sentences is so novel Baron had to read it twice to take it in in full:

    “The people with a fondness for throwing open the gates for the enemy feel a kinship with the Afghans who were happy to collaborate with the empire against their own people. It says a lot about our rulers”.

    A great man, the Z-man.

  178. EC @ August 23rd, 2021 – 12:09

    You’re right, EC, very recently a guy from Manchester got into one of the BBC programmes only because he was lying when he talked to the filtering girl, it was the Jeremy Vine’s show (correct?), the BBC tosser kept repeating that the man lied without realising that this gave away the BBC bias, they only let through people whose take on things fits the BBC’s agenda.

  179. The lid of the sarcophagus slides open, the putrescent stench rises, long yellow nails attempt to throw it to the vault’s gritstone floor…
    Andrew Lawrence slams it down on the evil dessicated bones.

  180. Noa @ August 24th, 2021 – 09:29

    What a charming lament, Noa, the ghastly Blair has a lot to answer for, there s just one small oversight, it wasn’t a pure vanity project, the country of the Afghans is close to the land of the Russians, one or two ‘democracy exporters’ probably thought moving missiles closer to it was doable, the bearded herdsmen thought not.

  181. Baron 11.05
    Does Britain really have a dog in that geo-strategic hunt, Mi’lud? Let alone a medium range ground based missile that could reach Brighton from Maidstone (even if Peter was prepared to launch one). Let alone Herlmarnd to Moscoow, Darmarscous or Tearhan. :-))

  182. Baron, Noa.

    ‘Tis a pity that the Russians stopped using women snipers!
    Roza Shanina and her comrades were made of the right stuff!

  183. Jeremy Black considers the British military performance in Iraq and Afghanistan. Nearly an hour but worth the time spent.

  184. I would suggest the following starting point for a serioous, less barnacled, discussion of what is meant by “anglosphere”, “Britain” “great nation” etc and for a radical reanalysis of the country, its influence and in particular its enduring power structure developed out of the momentum of the the East India Company in the 17th and18th centuries:


    Slavery was abolished by Parliament in 1833.

    N.B. £100 in 1840 is worth about £10,450.01 today

    How were these not inconsiderable sums of compensation to slaveholders channeled? Think for example Barcjays Bank.

    In 1776, the firm was styled “Barclay, Bevan and Bening”

    Mrs. Boris Johnson;s maiden name: Caroline Louise Bevan Symonds

  185. By the way, for those wondering how the British government was able to fund the above-referenced compensation, their curiosity may be satisfied to know that a banker, who had amassed a fortune out of the war of 1812, stepped forward with a timely loan:

  186. Democracy Ukrainian style, the guy gets arrested because he wears a T-shirt with the word ‘Russia’ on one of its sleeves. If the T-short sported the swastika he would be protected by the police.

  187. Baron – 09:58

    I suppose that ladies wearing these at the local swimming pool would soon be in hot water…

    Nothing can be quite as “wrong” as the Prince Harry one-piece though!

  188. Where do you find these gems EC? I never cease to be amazed.

  189. Malfleur.

    The Atlantic trade would not be my starting point into the origins of the Anglosphere. Even if slavery and the compensation of the elite, by the elite,for the application of their tender consciousnesses were of import, the true origin and fuel is surely the mass transportation of the hundreds of thousands of white men, women and children, deported as indentured servants, petty criminals and prisoners of the British civil and religious wars, from the 1540’s to the 1840’s.
    Unlike the plantation owners neither they nor their descendents ever received a penny of compensation. Let reparations start at the true beginning of that accursed ‘anglosphere’.
    Hoffman’s “They were White and they were slaves”
    Jim Goad’s “The Redneck Manifesto”
    Jordan and Walsh’s “White Cargo” all cover the terrible history and its consequences today.

  190. Noa


  191. EC @ August 26th, 2021 – 09:38

    As Noa asks, EC, ‘where the hell do you find such amusing snippets of the human ingenuity’? The find had to be forwarded to people residing in the Republic, one recipient very much likes it, he collects royal memorabilia, anything will do, kitsch or not. Aren’t the Americans amazing?

  192. Well, he has a point…..

    Taliban Takeover – This PROVES You Can’t Trust Mainstream Media

  193. Noa @ August 26th, 2021 – 11:17 & Malfleur

    The download is rather longish, Noa, Baron will peruse it at some later date, but from your short appraisal of the issue it may be rather irrelevant. You may have missed it, but one Richard Lewontin died recently, he and many others like him argue that race is really a social construct, and one that’s not particularly helpful, in fact just the opposite, it can be largely blamed for the open racism of the past.

    If however one were to accept that race is indeed something like marriage, a man made institution then there isn’t either a white race or any other, we are all of the same stock, the differences in our appearance, ability, cognition and whatever are not unakin to the differences one can find in marriages, each and every one is different but as a social invention they are all the same.

    Only joking.

  194. Could one display a greater degree of ineptitude than what the Americans are delivering in Kabul? The biggest mountain of wealth ever created in the world, the biggest military might never seen before anchored in a spend that’s mouth watering at 40% of the world expenditure on the tools of killing, and yet they seem unable to secure their departure from the land of the herdsmen safely.

    Have you noticed that China and Russia have been keeping schtum throughout the unraveling picture of the disaster? Not a word, certainly from China, one of Afghanistan’s immediate neighbours.

    Baron is fully aware of your take on the Mandarin speakers (he regards them equally as a threat, his response to it differs), but what happened in Kabul – 85 dead bodies, thirteen of them American marines – was not that different from the dead bodies of the Chinese because of the atrocities committed in the Uighurs province by the same zealots, the Chinese authorities responded with the creation of re-education camps, it has been heavily criticised by the Americans et al in the West. Will the same criticism be levied against the senile in the Oval Office when he says ‘we will hunt you down ….’. Will killing the perpetrators be more civilised than re-educating them?

  195. Did anyone else notice the similarity between the famous macho Hollywood actor Joe Biden and President Neeson saying what he will do to ISIS…?

  196. Baron
    Lewotin is an interesting example of how a scientist or any other professional allows his political views, in this case, Marxism, to influence his work.
    The consequence in this case is that if all men arouund the world are exactly the same, undifferentiated by physical or intellectual ability or capacity, the replacement of white Europeans by middle easter. Zealots or African tribesmen, is of no matter. Its simply like for like and the onward progress of science and civilisation will continue regardless.
    Now, Where’s me spliff, machete and ghetto blaster Mon?

  197. A further thought: Lewotin’s interpretation is of course the perfect ideological justification for China’s geo strategic expansion in Xiniang, the Indian sub continent, Africa and the Americas.
    Entirely unlike that utterly discredited mercantilist empiricism that now paralyses the decadent West….

  198. “middle easter” =much easier

  199. Noa @ August 27th, 2021 – 11:19


  200. Noa @ August 27th, 2021 – 10:58

    Sorry, Noa, Leeson’s by far more believable, he’s young, well trained in arts one needs to execute a successful revenge, not distracted with trans rights and other offerings of wokenism.

  201. The report issued by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence in response to Biden’s request says the source of the c-19 remans a mystery, some of the agencies apparently say the killer spikey virus originated from “natural exposure to an animal infected with it or a close progenitor virus”, but the confidence in this finding is low, other agencies couldn’t figure the source either. The agencies and, having seen the report, also Biden blame China for the lack of co-operation.

    That only suggests that researchers and those running the research teams in both countries share the blame for the pathogen appearance, Baron believes the virus that has arrived from the animal kingdom was subsequently manipulated in a lab, leaked out most likely by accident, the existence of the cleavage part in the genome chain found only in human DNA is the give-away.

  202. Baron August 27th, 2021 22.20
    I defer to your Lordships judgement in the matter. It seems the only thing the two great war leaders have in common is their speech writer.

  203. Baron
    Like the real origin of 9/11 (19 of the 22 mass murderers bring Saudi), no official body wants to draw the obvious inference and point to the CCP and its armed forces as the source, lest the all devouring consumption of the world’s material resources and resulting outward flow of shoddy and tat is disrupted, even momentarily.
    US Treasury is also fearful of the potential replacement of the US$ by the Rimbi, together with real military consequences, at a time when NATO is playing phoney war in the South China Sea.

  204. Noa @ August 28th, 2021 – 08:59

    Good points, Noa, the Governing Elites and their poodles would have too much to lose had they pointed the finger, it’s by far more profitable to say ‘hard to figure it’, and let the corrupt business carry on.

    It may shock you, Noa, Baron has had his epiphany, he has finally discovered the ultimate source of the West’s decline, what was it that turned the fortunes of the free world south, engendered a fall not may expected or even hinted at – it’s that it’s lies that inform the West’s reactions to events, or the hatching of events, the lies have become so significant, prevalent and convincing in the forming of the policies of the West that they are believed even by those that have been creating them.

    Unless and until the West, by the West Baron means the Western Governing Elites (GEs), abandons the lies as the core of its functioning, it has no hope of ever renewing itself.

  205. Baron
    “Those whom the Gods wish to destroy, they first make mad”.
    A true statement I think.
    That bring the case, if our elites are indeed mad then what does it matter whether or not they believe that what they say is either true or a lie?
    Can you trust one lunatic, let alone the entire asylum, to do anything properly? Of course not!
    Even uif they do it us merely due to the monkeys typing Shakespeare effect.
    What can we do about it? Little I fear. A trip to London to be beaten up by Dick’s Met has little appeal to me, but then sadly, I remain sane, for the moment.
    Still, Neil Oliver reminds sane people we aren’t alone.

  206. Noa @ August 28th, 2021 – 22:58

    What can we do about it, you ask? Here’s one move by the historians that points the way, one can only hope experts in fields other than history will do the same, the tide of madness and lies has to be reversed or we end up regretting we at lest haven’t tried to turn it around.

    Baron has already subscribed to the new blog set up by people that are all members of the ‘healthy core of Britishness’ even though they may not all hale from Britain, an international membership is allowed. If the article on slavery is anything to go by, the blog will be Baron’s regular destination.

  207. An interesting link Baron, thank you.
    I’ve subscribed.
    Regarding what we can do about the insanity that is now destroying the West, I’ve come to the conclusion that nothing we do will make any difference.
    Pareto’s law applies.
    80% of humanity doesn’t know or care what’s happening, and are being led by the nose to destruction. The 20% that do understand and care are powerless to influence events.
    Brandy and a good cigar offer our best hope, for politicians offer none.
    To return to the study of the past you may also find this site of interest.

  208. The one way special relationship, opening of one kimono, Scientific advisers and their total lack of ability to negotiate, in this case Tizard. The Jet engine a n D the Atom bomb would have been a very good trade for the useless Norton bombsight, but he could even achieve that.
    The tradition continues with Ollie Robbins, Vallance and the Cs chinless wonders..

  209. “but he could not even achieve that.”

  210. Visual capitalist. Another interesting site.

  211. It gets curiouser and curiouser, but it only backs up what Baron has said: It’s all lies, nothing but lies, half-truths and deceptive narratives:

  212. Noa @ August 29th, 2021 – 10:25

    Thanks for the tip, Noa, it’s amazing one doesn’t hear about these sites, the heritage boys sound also worthwhile visiting, Baron will have re-jig the sites he scans each day, there isn’t enough time.

  213. Noa & Baron,

    Some excellent links. Thank you.

  214. Noa, August 28th, 2021 – 22:58

    “Those whom the Gods wish to destroy, they first make mad”.
    Always liked that one.

    btw who was it that first penned that?
    Was it the excellent Dr. Johnson, or was he quoting some other?
    Was is translated into cod latin to give it some antiquity?
    Your man Leonard will probably know.

  215. Not following Uncle Joe’s White House press conferences I hadn’t realised that he was grooming a surprise successor, his mouth organ.
    Better than Kammy or Nancy I suppose.

  216. “My Pacemaker will go on”.
    A junk POTUS for the a junk culture.

  217. EC
    Sophocles first used it in ‘Antigone’, l believe, though Euripides, a chap called Scott and even Brigham Young apparently plagiarised it.
    Anyway its too good to waste on the Jehovahs Witnesses et al.

  218. I just caught Pilgrims Society apparatchik, B. Johnson, address the British Volk on the BBC with the terms of his latest lockdown diktat. He was followed by some sesame seed official of the regime who filled out further details of the constraints which the leader had imposed on the country – in the interests of our own protection of course. Food parcels will be distrubuted and wages paid with funny money printed by the Bank of England.

    The policy to ‘flatten the curve’ etcetera which had been given a good run of EIGHTEEN MONTHS must now be seen, at least on its own terms, as botched.That softening up period however is only the end of the beginning. Phases to follow will encompass mandatory vaccination (free graphene included; forget hydroxychloraquine Citizens), quarantine camps, and depopulation….a far cry I fear from the comforting world of the Spectator which we left all those years ago like the Plymouth Bretheren embarking for the New World order.

    Unfortunately, even the fashions of that Order do not have the glamour of uniforms by Boss.


  219. Bombshell: PCR tests can’t identify Delta Variant; it’s all fiction
    And yes, I know what all the “fact-checkers” are saying
    by Jon Rappoport

  220. Tucker’s right, it’s more than unfair for the American GEs (Governing elites) to gift the Taliban the weaponry he lists whilst trying to confiscate the weapons owned by the ordinary Americans, what he hasn’t wised up to yet is that every piece of the military gear left for the new rulers of Afghanistan will have to be replaced if not in the same than very likely higher quantities, that’s profits for the makers of the stuff, plentiful employment for the ordinary Americans, who will also foot the bill, what’s not to like?

  221. Malfleur @ August 31st, 2021 – 15:28

    It’s not at all shocking, Malfleur, nothing ever shocks Baron anymore, he’s impervious to any news emanated from those in power.

    If one were to ask our leaders whether the PCR test can detect c-19 delta, they would say ‘yes, of course’.

  222. Has a British Prime Minister ever tried so brazenly to impose peacetime controls on the people as B. Johnson? Slave owning must be in his blood.
    Meanwhile the attempt to castrate the American people is vigorously implemented in Kabul. We hope the time is not far distant when the Queen’s head will appear in a corner of their postage stamps – metaphorically speaking of course…

  223. What mad King was it who cried “LET DEP-OPULATION THRIVE!”?

  224. Just in case any of you are missing the wonderful world of “work”…

  225. EC @ September 1st, 2021 – 10:40

    Good one, EC, and here’s something completely different, it’s how the US military did it at the Kabul airport, a kind of different variant of your example of ‘work’.

    (Baron cannot vouch for the accuracy of it, it arrived from one of his American friends, some of the abbreviations are baffling, it may not be as bad as he describes it everywhere, after all the lift has saved thousands).

    Below is the text from my son flying C-17s into Kabul:

    Wet trailers, no ac, no WiFi, 48c (118F), sitting on ramp for 10+hrs with all engines running till they start flaming out. Utter chaos. 10% of base works their ass off for 100% of the work. Refugees are passing out from heat stroke, babies born on jet, one bathroom for 450+ people, emergency is becoming part of everyone’s call sign, talks of AR past 26hr duty day, 32hr duty day now normal.

    Leadership here is incompetent to make a change. Now jets are breaking left and right. Rn we’ve sat at the jet 6hrs with no apu, huffer carts are breaking down, avionics overheat, afgh pax are being forced to floor load from otbh to ETAR. No seatbelts, minimal lav, hard floor covered with plastic tarps. Overall you can’t make this stuff up. No words to describe…

  226. Matt’s great except for the following:

    The Governmental Construct in contemporary America is rooted in lies, lies, big or small, it is that inform and guide the policies of the Governing Elite, anything that even smells of the truth never gets a hearing, the poodles of the MSM are there to prevent the truth reaching the masses.

    The Pentagon is doing what it must do, the massive defence budget produce many a mountain of military equipment, this in a sense is equal to the manufacture of consumer products in that it has to be consumed, used up. Military exercises or small regional skirmishes aren’t sufficient, bigger wars are needed for the military gear to be used or destroyed by he enemy.

    Leaving the massive amount of the military equipment and ammo in Afghanistan is not without a purpose every piece of the stuff left for the new rulers of Afghanistan will have to be and will be replaced very likely higher quantities, that spells huge profits for the makers of the stuff, the corporates Matt’s talking about, but it will also furnish a plentiful employment for the millions of ordinary Americans, (who will also foot the bill, of course).

    One cannot break the grip of the Mil-Indu-Fin complex on the society not only because the making of the tools of death is boosting the bottom lines of the companies engaged in it, not just the top big five, every single state of the Republic does have a chunk of manufacturing coupled with the military furnishing jobs for millions. It’s estimated that close to 20% of US employment is linked with the design, the making, servicing, storing or even the destruction of it when it passes it’s sales-by date. 

    The Mil-Indu-Fin complex has is thus secured from both side, the incestuous relationship between the Governing Elites and the Min-Indu-Fin complex’s top layer of management on the one side, the millions of jobs on the other.

    Whilst the non-military jobs have been shifted to the low labour cost countries e.g China, the jobs in the military sector have stayed in the Republic for the simple reason that prices for the military gear aren’t important, it’s the Government that foots the bill whilst in the real street it’s John Brown who’s careful with his money, prices matter for him.

    What the Republic should try is move to the ‘dollar men’ in the public service, dedicated people that are rich enough to do the job for only one thing – the love of America as she once was, free, healthy, admired and envied by the whole world.

  227. And this for the above:

    Matt was asked why Biden decide to quit Afghanistan, fluffed the answer somewhat.

    For what it’s worth Baron reckons there may be two reasons, one opposite the other, it’s either because Biden realises he’ll be lucky to finish one term, has little to lose, figured the country could break up because if internal contradictions (wealth ownership, race, drugs and stuff like that), intends to shift resources to from the military to the non-military expenditure, cure the ills (something similar to what Jimmy Dore suggested, invade San Francisco, help the homeless …)

    Or, he’s been told to get the girls and boys home to get ready for a much bigger ‘engagement’, an existential engagement with the newly emerged Middle Kingdom (possibly Russia, too).

    Such a pity Frank is no longer with us, Baron often thinks what would he say on this issue or the other.

  228. On a note of being positive:

    On the BBC Radio4 World at One an item that turned Baron;s eyes moist, a couple have retired from short term (up to 18 months) fostering, they’ve done it for their whole life, she was a nurse, decided to foster when she got married, the husband agreed, they had three kids on their own, also fostered well over 500 children of any ages, she told the story, simply and movingly, of a young girl of 5 who wouldn’t look into anyone’s eyes when she arrived, nobody could touch her, she didn’t speak, didn’t cry such was the great harm done to this little child. Today, she’s well over 30, happy.

    The couple has a golden membership of the ‘club of the healthy core of Britishness’, one would be hard put to find better human beings than this pair of ordinary people. May they live forever.

  229. On a negative note – a veiled threat:

    “CDC Director’s Guidance for Labor Day Weekend: All Americans Should Wear Masks Indoors, Unvaccinated People Should Not Travel” (VIDEO)

  230. Baron
    August 31st, 2021 – 22:13

    On the other hand:

    So, if you are tested using a test that doesn’t work and you test positive, cover your bet with Ivermectin if you can find it in Boots.

    And as was mentioned many months ago by president Trump after successful personal trials, hydroxychloroquine, which has been around since about 1934, is also said to be efficacious and costs next to nothing – if you must take something for the common cold…

    How much are the experimental vaccines being touted by government?

  231. But never fear, big pharma’s here:

    Success against #COVID19 will likely require both vaccines & treatments. We’re pleased to share we’ve started a Phase 2/3 study of our oral antiviral candidate—specifically designed to combat SARS-CoV-2—in non-hospitalized, low-risk adults:

    — AlbertBourla (@AlbertBourla) September 1, 2021

    (Infowars supra ibid)

  232. Some good news:
    A niece now working in Dublin sent me
    – three 200gm jars of MARMITE
    – two medium-sized jars of BRANSTON PICKLE
    Not exactly lifesavers, but a boost to morale in these dark times!

  233. Malfleur @ September 2nd, 2021 – 08:45

    Did your niece tell you, Malfleur, that Branston Pickle comes now also in small chunks, that’s handy and useful if one tops a piece of mature cheddar with it, something Baron does watching the Match of the Day, that’s a football programme, sadly chaired by a guy called Lineker, a Lefty and a to$$er, who likes to listen to his own voice, but that’s beyond the point , it’s the chunks of cheddar with the small chunked Branston on top, it goes down well with lager, Baron usually empties 4-5 bottles (they are only 0.33 of a litre, not enough to get drunk).

    It just occurred to Baron, if you furnish him with an address (not your own, one doesn’t;t want to broadcast one’s address), but (say) a PO Box, Baron will send you a jar of the small cuts Branston plus a chunk of good British mature cheddar, you cannot fail to enjoy it. No charge at all, give it a think (what an English, heh?)

  234. Malfleur @ September 2nd, 2021 – 01:05

    The Ivermectin is a puzzle, Malfleur, some say it helps, other believe it’s useless, is there a definite study on the drug?

  235. No need to listen or watch the whole thing, go to the 49th minute, you may find something of interest of the mortality in the times of c-19:

  236. Rather longish, but informative of how a darling of the West Ashraf Ghani for 20 years turned bad, but only after he pinched tens of millions and fled Kabul.

  237. Victor Hanson is unquestionably a clever guy, but his lament about the value of the military gear left in Afghanistan misses a crucial point, all the stuff will have to be replaced, the major military contractors will get the orders, their plants and those of the feeder companies will work overtime, new jobs will be created.

    The abandoning of the equipment sounds criminal, which it may be, but it’s a massive opportunity for those holding shares of the companies that produce the stuff (it could millions of the ordinary Americans saving for their pension in the 401k), and for the employment in general:

  238. Is there still anyone there, or is Baron going to talk to himself from now on?

  239. On tour in the brougham with the mem’sab at the moment Mi’lud.
    In fact visiting St Brannocs in Braunton, then on to Clovelly in search of the famous aunt of our American visitor.
    And a Devonshireshire clotted cream tea.
    Yesterday saw a visit to Croyde beach, where Unison sends it public sector LBGTQ+++ members to frolic in the sun and sea, think rultra large rainbow beach shirts, purple and yellow hair, Maori tattoos and more beached whales than a remake of Moby Dick.
    Today will be a hot one. I may be some time.
    How I long for the security of Noa Towers, the rain and drizzle, the peace and solitude of my study, the consideration and signature of a Colleague flogging or deportation order….

  240. It takes 4 or 5 years from order to delivery a d test for much military equipment Mi’lud. Better not to give it away in the first place. How can the US rearm Europe if they’ve given it away to the new PRC Satrapy? No lease lend for Deutschland this decade!
    I do acknowledge that US Middle Eastern oil interests no longer drive its foreign policy. That’s a problem they’ve left for the fat Burghers to sort out
    Serves them and us right for 30 years of Post Cold War navel gazing, self indulgence and rank stupidity. Whilst the Buffoon deploys the Navy to the South China Sea for some unfathomable twisted logic, the defence of the Channel is left to the wokeries of the Border Force and RNLI.
    Hitler would have been jealous of the service now providex to the new invaders and never offered to him.

  241. Baron – 23:31

    Been busy making use of the “indian summer trying to establish order before the rains inevitably arrive. After a wonderful summer the hedges surrounding our fortress went bonkers. Luxuriant growth doesn’t begin to describe it!

  242. Noa – 09:36

    ’tis drizzling in the Shire today, however…

    #Weather Warning#
    Due to be 26C on Wednesday so perhaps you might want to delay your return.

    There again, be mindful that it was the BBC saying that

  243. On the subject of pickles etc, the mem’sab has been busy plundering the Damson, Victoria plum and coxs apple trees, (no bramleys this year) to make jams, chutneys and relishes in preparation for the Great freeze and famine that the Buffoon’s hostility to Russia and profligacy with the currency has created. My supplies of wood for the burner are now at peak capacity, we should be OK until Noa Towers is requisitioned for refugees by the local Soviet or Council of Imans.

  244. But the same people that have done the lying are still there, in the same offices, with the same powers, nothing is likely to happen to them, they will continue to lie, the MSM poodles will amplify the lies as before, the great unwashed will lap it up ….

  245. This is the year for the lovers of sloe gin, Noa, sloe berries have never been more plentiful, the branches are full of them, they are also larger than usual, unless everything’s changed, the old folk wisdoms no longer apply, the coming winter will not be very harsh, neither for the birds, nor for the people, we should not brace ourselves to survive it, avoid hoping the turning contraptions and the solar panels that adore many a roof will keep us warm, they will not be needed except that the wisdoms of the old may not have lost their predictive powers, and we will taste the future the green fruitcakes are pushing us towards in the coming months in full.

  246. EC @ September 6th, 2021 – 10:29

    You’re not the only one, EC, Baron cannot recall year in which he had to mow the grass so many times, every 4-5 days if it were not raining, the bushes too have grown more than in any other year he can remember. Who’s responsible, who to blame then?

  247. Caliban Rules OK!

    “ I think once this Covid19 thing is over, the elite, the ones who make the money, will go to war. That is the last recipe to keep the population together.” (Marc Faber)

  248. Damson gin also complements the magnificent sloe gin, both are Seasonal delights, Baron.
    Even as I speak the CCTV link and ‘Spook’ software on my mobile shows me that my black footed Moldavans are tramping the estate vats and pricking berries for the seasonal, cold repelling harvest.

  249. Nature’s bounty this season of mists and mellow fruitiness…

    I concur with the above. My plums have rarely been so swollen, yet still soft to the touch! Yes, a bumper crop from our Victoria plum tree, and a below average yield from the apple trees. Cold spring? My hands bear the scars from the parts of our hedging that is blackthorn.

  250. It’s Thorn of Colour nowadays, Shurely EC?

  251. Baron, September 6th, 2021 – 23:09

    If find it difficult to watch Tucker these days unless I find myself undeservedly happy, manic and in need of rebalancing.

    The continuing saga/farce/pantomime/clusterfuck that is American foreign policy continues unabated. Always bad but generally worse under ‘Democrat’ administrations.

    More recently the same people that were running the show under O’Bummer are back in place under President Prion.
    Et voilà !

    With regard to the current debacle I cannot help but think that the Kenyan is still pulling the strings behind the screen.

  252. Noa – 09:35



    How are your piles these days? Did the Ukrainian émigré welders from your estate successfully manage to fix Heysham1 after it dropped its guts?

    Our local “Biomass” plant is busy gobbling up 80 HGVs a day worth of logs from Sturgeontania and elsewhere. Not to mention the boatloads of trees arriving in the Port of Wrkngtn each week. Hey, but it’s “renewable energy” right…
    Yeah, if you can wait 30 years or so for the replacements!

    Yet Boris et al are planning, no doubt at the behest of Princess Nut-Nut, to ban you from burning your own logs unless they have been certificated as kiln dried in a govt. approved facility.

  253. Got sent this a few days ago.
    In case you missed it…

    Maybe one for Simon Webb?

  254. I see Jenrick, Minister for Property Confiscation, is looking to buy large 4 bed homes for large Afghan fam-billies. We are considering offering him Noa Towers, together with our prized collection of camel fuel, for a very reasonable £15 million, inshallah, payable into the Noa Virgin Isles account.

  255. Noa @ September 7th, 2021 – 18:04

    The bigger puzzle than finding the necessary properties ‘at speed’, Noa, is why do the locals not object? The tens of thousands on the property waiting list in particular.

    What has happened to the plucky British character, why everyone keeps schtum? Don;t we have enough problems with the people already in the country, and not just with housing?

    Baron recalls the Saudis have a massive housing estate built for the arriving pilgrims, the c-19 pandemic has curtailed considerably the flow of the worshippers to the shrines of Islam, the properties are unused. Why not asking the Saudis to house the Afghan refugees? It’s the same Sunni wing of the Islamic family, an excellent fit.

  256. EC @ September 7th, 2021 – 16:48

    The question’s valid though, EC, why did the cavemen won? All they had was the AK-47s and some explosive devices cooked at homes, no tanks and fighter jets or drones. That’s totally baffling that.

  257. No need for them to go to Saudi.
    That’s already under Islam but a few more thousands fed into the west by useful idiots fits the plan nicely.
    As they say, every little helps

  258. Saudi Arabia has plenty of Afghans, Pakistani and Indian Muslims already and needs no more. Periodically it rounds up its illegals and deports them en masse and without ceremony, in addition the illegals don’t like living under the Sharia, literally applied. Hands off for theft, beheading for rape, etc. Better in Britain, where the benefits never end and the locals are completely cowed to the political class that has subjugated for nearly a thousand years.

  259. Agreed, John & Noa, let’s campaign for the whole population of Afghanistan to relocate to this tolerant and friendly country, it’s only some 40mn souls, Baron’s in favour also, we could even start raising goats and sheep in massive numbers using the know-how of the newcomers, goat milk is preferable to the cow’s, it’s less fattening anyway, and the sheep are useful, too, one can utilise the wool, the meat, and when the animal’s alive even a quick shag’s possible. What’s not to like?

  260. “Is Democracy Versus Autocracy the New Cold War?’, asks Patrick Buchanan in the piece below, a reasonable narrative, quite objective, not that long to read, but is the heading really true?

    One would be hard put to find a fully fledged democracy anywhere in the contemporary world of ours, and the same goes for autocracies Russia and China, autocratic they may be (each one to a differing degree), but neither one bars its burghers leaving the country, a freedom of movement that, a solid feature of democracy.

    It’s more that we have democracies dosed with autocratic features, and conversely, autocracies exhibiting features normally associated with democracies.

    A good example is Britain and its covid policy vis-a-vis Russia and her take on the pandemic, our response is more than tinged with autocracy that’s missing in Russia where there are no vaccine passports, no compulsory vaccinations, no restrictions on the unvaccinated.

  261. Just as some of us thought, the dr. Fauci’s team did conduct gain of function, not in the US lab, it’s banned in the Republic, but, you’ve guessed it? Wuhan.

    It seems unlikely we will ever hear the truth, both the Chinese and the Americans have been at it, both have reasons to hush it up, both will be successful in doing so.

  262. CIVITAS reported the Wuflu research last year.
    What I do not understand Mi’lud, is why the US would fund and conduct military bio war research in an enemy state.

  263. Baron – 00:00

    Not just The Man With The Rictus Smirk acting alone but with the tacit agreement of the state. It was all in that documentary “Plandemic” which was banned, totally eradicated from internet, just over 18 months ago now. The guy produced copious documentary evidence some with Dr Faustus’ signature on it!
    They opened Pandora’s box that’s for sure.

    22:53 Good idea.
    I’m knocking up a few “Afghans Welcome Here” signs today.
    I wonder how many Gary Goalhanger and Nicola McKrankie will take in…
    Also. UK firearms laws will need amending so that they can carry their AK47’s for traditional costume and religio-ethnic purposes.

  264. Noa – 08:35

    1. Follow the money.
    2. Because it would’ve been illegal in any country signed up to the UN Biological
    Weapons Convention?

  265. Note the throw away comment that the RAF has only 20 capable Typhoons, ( probably only 3 in reality), the rest are in the ‘sustainment fleet’ ie they are cannibalised to keep the remainder flying.

  266. Undersized pidgen speaker explains that dreadlocks are now de rigour, USAF replace RAF in exercises and old white men do the real dangerous stuff in Karboool…

  267. Noa – 09:46

    We’ll all sleep better, safer, tonight after seeing that.

  268. You should enjoy reading another instalment by Orlov, you will find in it gems such as this (on controlling Afghanistan):

    “If you think that controlling a pile of rocks inhabited by ornery, warlike natives whose minds are stuck in the middle ages is not conducive to ruling the entire world, then you are definitely smarter than the average turnip, but still not good enough to be one of America’s brilliant geopolitical strategists”.

  269. “My patience is now exhausted!” A. Hitler. September 1938

    “We’ve been patient but our patience is wearing thin!” J. Biden. September 2021

  270. Baron – 22:27

    A quality job, that one!

    This also from 20 years ago…

    Stand by to stand by
    Ain’t no need to worry today
    Thorazine shuffle make everything OK

    Thorazine Shuffle
    Album: Live… With a Little Help from Our Friends
    Artist: Gov’t Mule
    Release year: 1998

  271. For sale, various lots, used, condition as seen. CREDIT CARDS only. Buyer collects. Bagram/Kabul.

  272. You may have done it already, if not please consider signing the petition, the guy deserves it, he looks old, cannot do any other job (only joking), moreover, he is polar opposite of the woke wankers that infest our lives:

  273. Noa @ September 10th, 2021 – 12:05

    Who should be retired, and in big numbers, Noa, are the wankers responsible for the destruction of some of the ancient regiments.

    Years ago, Baron got close to buying one of the military Land Rovers, why he didn’t he forgot, fugging old age, you know.

  274. EC @ September 10th, 2021 – 09:02

    A band Baron has never heard of, EC, a rather weird sound, the members weirder still. One of your favourites?

  275. Niall Ferguson, the Scottish economist and writer residing currently in the Republic is interviewed by the Nikkei, he muses about this the other (say, Taiwan’s predicament) and in the middle of the chat is asked why do the Americans disengage from the major conflicts so badly (the interviewer quotes Vietnam and the recent debacle in Afghanistan). This is how Mr. Ferguson answers:

    “The explanation is that because domestic support for these endeavours fades so quickly, there isn’t really the will or state of mind to do it in an elegant and organized way. Basically, you turn off the resources. That’s what happened to South Vietnam. It’s what happened to the Afghan government. You just turn off the support, and then you’re sort of surprised and shocked when everything falls apart”.

    Not a particularly convincing answer from a thinker of his caliber. Could it not be because of their superiority complex, the idea that they are exceptional, can never be beaten, nobody can ever win over them? The thought that they can lose never enters their mind, they will not even comprehend a non-win outcome of whatever endeavours they may engage, military or otherwise (hence (say) their total bewilderment at the Anchorage meeting with the Chinese).

    Baron bets you that at West Point there isn’t a course, not even a single lecture on how to disengage successfully from a hopeless military engagement, how to lose militarily without losing face and dignity, and certainly not on how to accept and manage defeat.

    The last question the interviewer asks is ‘what about the next 20 years?’

    NF says: “I’m going to take a bet that the next 20 years will be like the 20 years prior to 1989. That is to say, it will look as if the U.S. is in big trouble and the Communist regime is going to win, and everybody will run around say it’s all over, and then it’ll turn out that that’s not true because the U.S. reinvents itself, fixes its problem, and the totalitarian regimes come to the internal contradictions of totalitarian regimes”.

    WE can only guess what the next twenty years is going to bring, it may be an all out war next week or a peace for the next 1040 weeks but he seems to base his guess about the future on a misconception.

    The Chinese economic constructs is anywhere near the same as was that of the USSR, neither is the governance of the two countries even close to each other. In the Soviet Russia it was the central planning of the nationalised means of wealth creation, it could have never fed the people well. In today’s China, which is communist only in the trappings of the ideology, the wealth creation is carried out by private capital mostly.

    He’s also mistaken on the governance side of things, in the USSR the elections were a farce from the top to the bottom of the governing ladder, in China, it’s only the top layer that’s appointed (in fake elections of course), the middle to bottom layers of the governing phylum is a true selection of individuals, there’s no faking there, all candidates have to endorse the leading role of the party, but when it comes to the nitty gritty of every day problems the ideas between candidates differ hugely and the electorate can choose, that’s in part the reason for the success of China in the past fifty years or so.

    NF may still be right, the Americans can get over the warts and boils inflicting them, but one shouldn’t write the Middle Kingdom off so nonchalantly, she has been predicted to fall since the start of this century, is still with us, doing currently better than any other country.

    Feel free to bash the blue veined barbarian on any of the above, he had some time (from the boss), hence the lecture.

    You can read NF’s interview in full here, the Nikkei is on a subscription, but everyone can get three articles for free each months.

  276. Sorry for the mistakes, should have checked.

  277. Did you know that furloughed workers cannot work for the company that furloughed them, but can get a job elsewhere, pocketing a double wage, one reduced by 20%?

    Rather generous of the Chancellor, don’t you think?

  278. Baron – 16:27

    Yes, one has to keep up with the offerings yoof kultur, eh what.
    Believe it or not Ive always preferred listening to the likes of Phil’, London or Berlin that is.

    As for your 20:31 I’ll give that a proper read when I get back, Goto to go out now.

  279. She voted for Biden, but this is excellent, other pieces on the blog are of note as well, it you have the time at least scan them:

    Btw, Baron cannot shake off the feeling that the geriatric may have concluded he’ll be lucky to muddle through his first term, does see the warts and boils of the great country just as clearly as do the unwashed, decided to curb, even if only a little, the grip of the Indu-Mili-Fin complex on the country. Yes, weird that, but weirder things happened. Lets wait and see because the Afghan pull-back could be the start of a bigger venture around either Taiwan or Ukraine.

  280. What a stroke of the young genius, what a joy to watch, that’s what the exuberance of youth can produce, it may be only a win in a match of tennis, but it cheered up Baron no end, he could hardly fell asleep.

    Enviously young, gorgeously beautiful and talented beyond belief. We may have tripped ourselves in football, but this young creature should must lift our spirits, may be even the start of the end of the old.

  281. EC @ September 11th, 2021 – 10:07

    You, young sir, must still be young at heart, something Baron has been losing lately, the young tennis beauty restored somewhat the loss of his enthusiasm for anything but a drop of gin&tonic, but for how long?

  282. Who are the current members of the Pilgrims Society?

  283. Baron September 12th, 2021 – 10:21
    Aye, like the new British working in the Damson fields at Noa Towers they’ll be dancing in the streets of Bucharest t’night!

  284. And in the streets of Toronto and Shenyang too!

    And the Rugby season starts again on Friday! Let winter commence!

  285. Baron, September 12th, 2021 – 10:21

    I must admit she’s easy on the eye, and if the world keeps turning then she’s going to make a fortune in advertising sponsorship deals in addition to the prize money.

    However if doesn’t…
    Then her hand-eye coordination and quick reactions bode well for her being able to acquit herself well in a stressful survival situation. i.e. draw fast, shoot straight and without hesitation. Also given her other qualifications she should be able to provide intelligent analysis and fact based arguments.

    In fact she possess all the attributes and qualities that the idiot Swedish teenager planet saviour is devoid of.

  286. RIP, the poor souls murdered 20 years yesterday.
    The question was never whether or not the Saudi government was involved in the 9/11 atrocities, but who and how high it went up the Al Saud family tree, as far as the King? Despite Bida-wee’s release of some documents it we be a surprise if the full truth ever energies.

  287. “Broadcast! Epic Must-See Marathon Transmission”

    (Lest we forget…)

  288. Simon Webb’s final word: c’est magnifique, mais non est tennis…

  289. Noa @ September 12th, 2021 – 22:09

    If one were to count, Noa, as the genuinely English, Scottish or Welsh, or the whole lot as the British, only the descendants of what’s believed to be the original settlers here, the Celts, one would probably f ind no more than a dozen of them, if that.

    Almost the whole of Britain, even before the waves of post WW2 immigrants began flooding in, have been of mixed genes the indigenous settlers marrying the Romans that remain after the Empire withdrew, or the Saxons, Angles, Jutes, Frisians, Normans and whoever may have come after including the recent post war waves of immigrants (it’s only two generations, the mixing hasn’t really begun yet).

    Take the Blond Inseminator (Baron got this googling, there’s more if he cared to look):

    His grandmother, Frances was the daughter of Russian-American palaeographer Elias Avery Lowe and Helen Tracy Porter, an American and a translator, E A Lowe was born in Russia in 1879, Elias’ wife and Boris Johnson’s maternal great grandmother, Helen T Lowe-Porter, was born in Pennsylvania in 1876. Boris himself was born in NY USA.

    The man governs over us, is he truly British? Or digging deeper still, what about HM the Queen, also the recently deceased Duke of Edinburgh?

    Simon conveniently forgets that. The girl or her parents must have been naturalised to become British, a procedure used not only by Britain but other countries also, when the Normans arrived there was no such thing, they simply conquered, became British by force as did other tribes before or since until we became more organised around the middle of the 19th century and established a process by which a foreigner could become British, Simon’s a historian he should have checked it out.

    If he were to dig deep he may have found his predecessors may have become the subjects of the King or Queen, either by making use of the same process or arriving earlier, settling down.

    That seems weird today, but it was common, as was common for someone born here to leave Britain, settle in another country, no passport, no nothing but perhaps an introductory letter to someone in the foreign country asking for help if needed. The original British ‘passports’ were exactly that, the HM Government asking to enable the holder a free pass and a help if needed.

    You know all this anyway, it’s just that Simon isn’t always right, and it wouldn’t be the first time he fluffs it.

  290. Malfleur @ September 12th, 2021 – 20:40

    Do you ever sleep, Malfleur?

  291. Noa @ September 12th, 2021 – 19:44

    Apparently nothing new in the first batch, Noa, the hope is the subsequent releases may furnish something, but like you, Baron doubts it, Biden cannot lose the Saudis, they’re pricing oil in dollars, a must for the greenback if it wants to retain the status of reserve currency.

  292. EC @ September 12th, 2021 – 16:16

    It will be interesting to watch how it pans out with her, EC, she seems rather level headed for a teenager, wears a cross, went to a top school. A hard nut to crack correctly for the woke loonies.

  293. Don’t you miss Frank, how awful of Him to take him away from us.

  294. Nothing to do with anything that we’re talking about now, but you may like to spend some 10 minutes listening to the clip, it’s what Baron believes also, but the guy is by far more articulate, furnishes useful details and it’s in pictures.

    He concludes what anyone with a functioning brain must have also figured, China will never attack Taiwan militarily, the scaremongering over the invasion risk for the island is purely for the purposes of the US military budget.

  295. Finally, the great Fred on his favourite subject – the USA versus China, it’s a good read, well worth your at scanning, as are some of the postings, sadly Peter fm Maidstone bans Unz Review, if you want to read it, you have to google:

    A Military Solution to a Commercial Problem
    It Probably Ain’t Gonna Work Much Longer

  296. Neil Oliver: ‘If the West isn’t careful, it might shortly be all over for the West.’

    Neil is looking increasingly dour and depressed.

  297. The neo Commies of the Sheffield Town Hall & Kremlin have just “cancelled” Roy Chubby Brown, banning any further bookings. I don’t suppose they’d care for Kevin Bloody Wilson either!

  298. Not Baron’s, he got it from over there in the West:

    {1} Once all villagers decided to pray for rain. On the day of prayer all the people gathered, but only one boy came with an umbrella. That’s FAITH .

    {2} When you throw babies in the air, they laugh because they know you will catch them. That’s TRUST.

    {3} Every night we go to bed without any assurance of being alive the next morning, but still we set the alarms to wake up. That’s HOPE.

    {4} We plan big things for tomorrow in spite of zero knowledge of the future. That’s CONFIDENCE.

    {5} We see the world suffering, but still we get married and have children. That’s LOVE.

    {6} On an old man’s shirt was written a sentence ‘I am not 80 years old; I am sweet 16 with 64 years of experience.’ That’s ATTITUDE.

  299. EC @ September 13th, 2021 – 11:34

    You have to trust Baron on this, EC, he tried three times to post the link, three times it failed to appear. It may have been that it was not the link but the narrative, hard to tell now because Baron forgot what he said exactly, but as far as he can recall the posting it was nothing that would need bann ing.

  300. EC @ September 13th, 2021 – 11:31

    Words fail Baron, EC, a superb, an exceptional lament that should be framed, played over and over again on the future anniversaries of 9/11 until we change course, divert from what will be a disaster of biblical proportions if we don’t.

  301. Baron
    Simon’s point is clear and indisputable. Immigration dilutes nationality, to the point of dissolving Nationhood. Ms Radenescu may be very pretty and talented etc but she is not English nor any kith or kin, however distant, of mine. Nor did I have any say in whether she or her parents should be given the privileges and obligations of British citizenship.
    Presumably she or her father, is one of the 5 million plus EU settlers legitimised by Boris the Turk in June.
    Does she have dual or triple nationality? Probably. Does she have any loyalty to the country or countries of which she is a passport holder? I doubt it.

  302. EC 11.31

    “Neil is looking increasingly dour and depressed.”

    Well, he’s a Scot of course, nature, nurture and wee Krankie combined will do that to them all.

  303. And now a word from the “leader” of the land of the fee…

    Oooh, I do love a bit of Rita Panahi occasionally.

  304. Noa @ September 13th, 2021 – 12:52

    It all depends, Noa.

    Few questions for you:

    Who in your view is genuinely British? Someone who has the blood of the original Celtic inhibitors in his veins, however much diluted in may be? It’s only over 80 generations, it’s unlikely, but not impossible that such an individual or individuals exist.

    What about a family of Engles arriving (say) AD 420, avoiding mixing with a member of the Celtic tribe, are they genuinely British?

    What about a family of Huguenots arriving at the time of Charles II, again till today never touched with the blood types of the original Celts, are they genuinely British?

    The ame goes for the family of Raducanu. Provided they remain here, propagate, but never with anyone that has even a drop of the Celtic blood in the veins, will they qualify in (say) the year 3021 as genuinely British?

    IT’s not that Baron agrees with the close to ‘open borders’ immigration policy, it’s that your and Simon’s definition of genuine Britishness fails to acknowledge real life, many individuals from many a tribe have arrived, settled here (no disputing that), what then is the cut off for any of those arrivals (assuming the Celts had been born and bred here from the start, didn’t arrive from somewhere, a big unknown that)?

  305. Milud,
    I consider the threat to and destruction of the primary host culture to be the main determinant.
    An issue which has not been a consideration by the elite in the debate since Harald marched to Stamford Bridge and back to Hastings.

  306. EC @ September 14th, 2021 – 08:47

    Why are the Australian sso critical, one may say overcritical of the old man, EC, they keep bashing him more than anyone else, more to the point, it’s the network owned by another geriatric, Murdoch, he must be older than Biden, probably also senile, why the animosity to a fellow Alzheimer sufferer?

  307. What does it say about the efficacy of the stuff they call c-19 vaccines?

    Nikkei Asia, Sept 14, 2021: “Singapore kicks off a program for a third vaccine shot as the country grapples with surging infections despite over 80% of its population having had two jabs”.

  308. Is this a confirmation of equality? How many disabled women will ever buy the creation she (or is it he?) wears? Isn’t it making a mockery of virtue signalling? It symptomatic of the same societal disease that lost it in Afghanistan. One doesn’t have to ‘not tolerate’ disabled people that want to switch gender, but there must be a limit to it, as there’s a limit to everything else. If a blind man wanted to drive a car on his own, would we let him?

  309. “… what then is the cut off for any of those arrivals (assuming the Celts had been born and bred here from the start, didn’t arrive from somewhere, a big unknown that)?”
    Surely it’s not a matter of when, but what they will add to the tribe and its lands that they ask to join!
    Darwin’s theories of survival and evolution adequately support the success, or otherwise, of such migrants. Though I fail to see why, unlike the Poles, Czechs, Jews and Hungarians who fled Europe and settled here as genuine asylum seekers, they should have any right to settlement or citizenship. Pakistani muslim rape gangs and Carribean absent fathers have other ways of promoting their survival and culture


  310. Baron – 9:25

    I watched that video and couldn’t help thinking of those fairground shooting galleries with the ducks going from left to right.

  311. Baron – 09:11

    Singapore is an overrated, over hot, disease ridden shitehole on the equator at the best of times – personal opinion.

  312. Have just read an excellent satirical novel about England, placed a little in the future and obsessed with climate crisis.
    called The Denial.
    A campaign to cut carbon emissions to zero is beginning to bite.

    Power cuts have become a regular feature of life and standards of living have fallen sharply for all but a small elite of climate influencers, who are excused the strict rules on personal carbon budgeting which apply to everyone else.

    When a storm and tidal surge unexpectedly strikes London, retired meteorologist Bryan Geavis is the first to notice, and later refuses to accept the official explanation that climate change has caused the disaster or made the weather more unpredictable. Awkward and stubborn, yet with a rigorous scientific mind, he finds himself sucked into a battle against public and political hysteria.

  313. Baron 09.25
    Is she modelling that yellow outfit, or demonstrating the wheelchair? Obviously not much real news happens in Antigua whilst their waiting for the slavery compensation settlement cheque from Boris.

  314. EC 10.43
    GB news has been a tax write-off for some undisclosed party, still even if it didn’t actually ‘do the news’ we’ll all be sad to see the only competition to the establishment meedja go.

  315. Mia 14-35
    I don’t believe it will go.
    Nigel is amusing and extremely confident.
    I refuse to watch the BBC and I enjoy the small amount of tv watching I do with them.

  316. How Noa changed to Mia is beyond me.

  317. John Birch
    Thanks for the tip John, I’ll have a look at that. I doubt though that even the most fantastic plot can compete with the idiocies Boris now routinely unleashes upon us. Is he in the pay of Angela or Xi? Kne genuinely wonders.

  318. Joanna Birch
    Zie’re all tranx these days.

  319. EC 10.34
    Cruel, but funny. Chubby would be proud of that.

  320. A very articulate female, Baron has never heard of her, could her descriptions of the sermons in a rural community be true?

  321. Noa @ September 14th, 2021 – 15:20

    Let’s just hope we won’t be told not to exhale in-between some hours of the day, Noa, to keep the CO2 density in the air under control.

  322. John birch.@ September 14th, 2021 – 11:36

    The one point never made, John, is that climate has been changing since it became a feature of the planet, for billions of years or close to it. Every pundit talks as if it is a new phenomenon, something that arose a couple of hundred years ago if that. This is an obvious nonsense.

    This morning in a BBC Radio4 programme lasting 15minutes covering different issues all linked to climate change and what can be done about it, an expert of a professor rank was saying we shouldn’t;t bother yet about recycling batteries, they last years, hopefully up to 10 years, not enough of them around to think what to do with them when they stop functioning. That’s all right then, we will dump the heavily polluting boxes into ditches, plenty of them around.

  323. EC @ September 14th, 2021 – 10:43

    An impressive moustache, EC, but that’s about it.

    The two guys Nigel and Neil Oliver with the blonde (Baron forgets her name) should be enough to get it through the troubling start, they will settle in gradually, hopefully get more fresh blood to try few things, they’ll be OK.

  324. EC @ September 14th, 2021 – 10:42

    You don’t like Singapore then, EC?

    Years ago, well into the last century, Baron bought a fake Rolex watch there, it worked well for years, was given to Baron;s friend (why? Baron forgot) who still has it, says it keeps ticking better than the real thing, go figure.

  325. Milud 22.04
    I wouldn’t hold my breath on that, Baron.
    I suspect that he will shortly be encouraging us to inhale our own gaseous expulsions to save the planet.

  326. Perhaps the product of humanity can be reused in the Great Project to Build Back Better.
    When a competition for the name of the new multi use product is launched I will enter my own already copyrighted creation.
    We shall call it Re- Cyklon B.

  327. And wind, or lack of it, will be affecting us all shortly, as the power supply from France is reduced by half as a result of todays fire.

  328. Noa @ September 15th, 2021 – 15:11

    One can only hope that we get hit by a very cold Winter, Noa, before they shut down every not intermittent energy generation plant i.e. one running on coal or gas. If that’s not the case we will have more deaths from hypothermia than c-19.

    What Baron cannot figure is why the current boost to gas prices everywhere, specially in Europe. There’s been no shortage of supply of the commodity, is it because the buyers are panicking thinking the coming Winer will be very cold or what?

  329. Baron
    I wondered about that too.
    There are two explanations. One is foreign government strategy in driving up costs, destabilising the West and making it uncompetitive whilst securing medium term reserves, China probably.
    The other is good old capitalism, scarcity driving up price and enabling someone to make a fortune.

    Or both, of course.

  330. Noa – 15:11

    Winter Is Coming!

    Looks like the power cuts that I prophesied in 2009 (CHWs passim) are upon us, albeit three years later. Also, no mention of Heysham2 dropping its guts again to be found anywhere in the press.
    I’m particularly pissed off as our household fixed price energy deal had just finished and the best new deal that I could find is considerably more expensive. Using the price comparison websites only resulted in all “suppliers” quoting more or less the same price. #cartel

    Imagine my surprise!

  331. EC
    The same story here. My dual fuel fixed contract has now been replaced with a variable arrangement at a staggering 65% increase.
    And what happened at Heysham? We probably won’t know until Jacinda reports a new volcano on South Island.

  332. Who governs the great American Republic, the man elected as President by the great unwashed or the Chief of Staff?

  333. Here, the one sans few teeth is absolutely correct, why indeed?

  334. What do you make of the AUKUS deal, as someone pointed out France couldn’t be included as the acronym would be rather awkward, that’s a joke, or rather an attempt at one.

    We come out of it winning, a new business, more jobs, a rather painful revenge inflicted on our NATO ally for Micron behaviour when we were laving the EU, but strategically, it’s not that positive, getting involved in the Into-Pacific zone what with China flexing her muscle, not that promising that, we seem to be carrying on acting above our station.

    The subs will start being delivered around 2040 by which time China will be somewhat more powerful if she carries on as she did in the past, the eight boats are unlikely to deter her much. More to the point, the weaponry the subs we’ll carry will be conventional, although that may change s time goes by.

    We could have leased a couple of our Astute class boats, one of the best if not the best in the howled with a world beating sonar, we have six of them better still tell the kangaroo owners that the seventh sub of the same class that’s scheduled to be delivered in 2026 will go straight to them, it’s called Agincourt, that would have cheered the French no end, heh, heh.

  335. I looks like they’ve been listening to you, Mi’lud.
    We’ve always been trying to sell the Aussies military hardware. I had a couple of abortive trips down there trying to contract Typhoon sales, but the F15s and other US hardware they operate kept the US onside strategically.
    Our 2nd hand submarines and destroyers can also be rather dodgy. I recollect that we sold Canada diesel subs that led to a tragic accident, and the Roumanians werent too happy with their ‘bargain’ Type 21 destroyers. I never could work out why they wanted them, any suggestions from our mittel Europa expert?

  336. Baron – 08:31

    “as someone pointed out France couldn’t be included as the acronym would be rather awkward”

    Good one!

    Noa – 10:01

    I’m wondering if the Aussies will get to keep any “sweeteners” that may already have been advanced? Cynical, Moi?

    On the upside, the beefy Aussie submariners will be spared sheepdog watch as Her Fragrancy, Jacinda of Aotearoa will brook no nuclear vessels in her Maori waters.

  337. EC
    Surely it will be the French that have collected down-payments from Canberra, nes’t pas? I doubt that they will have paid any ‘agents fees’ in this case.
    Given their innumerable delays and non performance perhaps a good part of the reasons for Macron’s hissy fit may be due to having to pay liquidated damages on top of returning pay ents received.
    I’m curious why he hasn’t pulled the French Ambassador to the UK, as he has from the US and Oz. Still, somebody has to collect the Afghgeld and WDF payments from Priti and Kuasi…

  338. WDF? Should be EDF.

  339. Noa – 14:56

    Likewise about the UK envoy.
    Also why wasn’t Priti sacked? A human shield for Boris?

    I find it difficult to believe, after watching all five series of “Rake” (Richard Roxburgh et al), that no Aussie politician failed to receive a “bung” for the order. If fact it would be delicious if the same personage had pick up an even bigger bung for the new order. Unlikely though as they change governments more often than the bogans change their blue vests. Roxburgh gave up after five series as it became impossible to write scripts that satirised that which in real life had gone beyond the realms of imagination.

    Oi Oi !

    Keef is gives us his deu centimes worth

  340. EC
    You could well be right about the ‘les bungs’, though the first world political systems tend to be more subtle than the Saudis, who simply prefer cash in the offshore account. Offsets allow directorships to be given to the undeserving wo want their payback for deal support and I see hundreds of Aussie companies are already bitchin’ about the loss of French work, no doubt as they set themselves up for UK and US work. Cest change plus meme…

  341. The Navalny crew are working overtime, here’s another of their investigations into the double lives of Lavrov and Shoigu, well mostly Lavrov, it has English subtitles, but they run very fast. What is amazing the trips on boats and planes and whatever are well documented, it’s all in the public domain, what the N’s team did was put it all together.

    It’s unquestionably wrong that both top politicians misuse their positions in the Government, but a similar things happen in the UK, or rather have happened, if you recall Mandelson also spent time on the Deripaska’s yacht, there may be others of whom we are not told. This in no way excuses Lavrov and Shoigu, they should not indulge at the expense of the people of Russia, but if the part election results are to be believed this has not persuaded the Russian unwashed to vote that differently from the last election.

    There hasn’t been an official response from the Kremlin, Putin may take action, Lavrov may find himself an Ambassador in Mongolia, we shall see.

  342. Noa @ September 19th, 2021 – 10:01

    The longer term implications of the new venture are less attractive, Noa, we may be playing a game for which we don’t have all it takes, the Indo-Pacific part of the world is not particularly suitable for an European country, one cannot tell how it’s going to pan out, but trying to take on China, if it ever came to it, so far from the home of our fleet may spell a disaster, no?

  343. Noa @ September 19th, 2021 – 19:09

    The animosity against the French, hopefully it’s more against Micron, is getting out the hand somewhat, Noa, we need them, they are our neighbours, over a narrow strip of water, most of the illegal immigrants move through France, we may need them also if our electricity supply falters because the wind contraptions don’t turn, even for those that travel to France for holiday, or have houses there it would help not to antagonise them too much. The guy goes over the top, understandably, but unwisely perhaps.

  344. Baron’s wi-fi modem is under attack, it switches itself off (then on again), if there’re no postings from the blue veined barbarian, you know why.

  345. Telling set of charts, the last one saying that 400 wealthiest Americans own 20% of the country’s GDP, now, that what Baron calls fugging wealthy.

  346. On the dangers of Covid 19.
    – “The Death of a Clerk”. (Anton Chekhov)

  347. What’s this nonsense that “China created the virus”?
    The Pirbright Institute holds the patent.

  348. Chinese civilization in, say, 1860 appeared to have declined irrecoverably. Now it has MacDonalds.

    In the West we take the long view.

  349. The buffoon is on the way to NY to persuade other countries to consider committing suicide similar to what we seem to be heading towards if we fail to abandon the green project.

    Gas prices have been shooting through the roof because there isn’t enough of the stuff, in the decade up to 2020, every dick&harry had been getting rid of fossil fuel electricity generation, there was an abundance of gas, no buyer of the stuff wanted contracts, almost everyone insisted to switching to the spot market where pricing was erratic, but prices were trending south, a buyers market as never before.

    All that changed in the Winter 2019-20, it was bad enough to tighten up supplies of gas as nobody but Qatar invested in drilling any new holes. Since then, if anything the supply of gas hasn’t improved much, but the demand has soared due to three factors (a) stocks were low, (b) consumption kept growing as the green energy sources failed to generate enough, no wind and little sunshine, and (c) supplies were limited by the neglect of new production capacities everywhere.

    As most of the European supplies are arranged on the spot market (over 90%), prices are sky high in the region with little anyone can do to bring about a change. In Britain we are further at a disadvantage as we have only few storage facilities, our modus operandi has been “just-in-time” which kept costs low when gas was plentiful, pushes them up now as supplies are limited.

    And of course Russia is to blame for the shortages, who else, the evil Putin not only elects presidents he also starves the world of a commodity everyone, including our buffoon, is trying to move away from, arghhh.

    It’s against this background that the Government announced it would furnish loans for any surviving UK gas supplier that will take over those going under instead of waking up to the imbecility of the whole green project. If we cannot cope with the naturally innate intermittency of wind and the sun today imagine what will happen when the bulk of our electricity gets generated by these two sources and a really harsh Winter hits. Fugging lunacy that.

  350. Aussie defence policy, formed like the rest of the west, by the military industrial complex.
    Will they contain PRCs ascent towards world leadership, if not domination? Its doubtful.

  351. Malfleur 03.41

    That made me laugh! But no Wendys or Nandos though?

  352. Baron 07.50
    Do you remember the now sacked Jenrick, earler this year smugly announced that that wet wood would be banned from use? (This is defined as wood not dried in a kiln and containing more than 30% water.)
    I suspect that Good King Wenceslas never thought he’d find himself liable to fines, arrest and imprisonment if he’d lived in Britain for wood gathering in winter.
    Now then, rush lighting anyone?

  353. (The possession and use of oil lamps as well as oil, will of course soon become a criminal offence.)
    Peter Hitchens, in his newly anointed role as a national treasure, waxes eloquently on the criminal Johnson’s eco-talibanism at 11.05am, together with the socialist origins of metrication. Did you know that the barleycorn is the origin of the English measure for foot size?
    No, nor did I.

  354. Baron – 17:23

    The Man With The Rictus Smirk’s part was all covered in the documentary “Plandemic” which was banned 18 months ago. Copies available upon request

    Noa – 15:36

    Oil lamps should be fine as long as they are not fitted with a wick.
    Also on the banning list: Fork handles!

  355. EC 17.51
    Im fine with the lamps but oi’l be damned if I know where I can get oil from, given Bozo has shut down sea and shale drilling and banned my harpoon.
    Melanie Phillips sums up the looming disaster.
    Farage has some solutions, see GBNews, it I suspect the useless tossers in office will pinch them when the riots start…

  356. Noa,

    One of the most succinct pieces ever to be broadcast on British TV.
    Nigel has really grown into his GB News role.

    Of course the whole wind turdbine folly is deserving of a couple of one hour documentaries, as is the hijacking of the whole environmental movement by the CO2 scamsters.

    They used to say “in the kingdom of the blind the one eyed man is king” but since the unlamented departure of “the son of the manse” from No.10 it seems to be that the biggest “Hampton” is more the case… although the one-eyed theme still prevails.

    Speaking of magic lamps…

  357. @08:22

    Forgot to mention yesterday’s relatively minor volcanic eruption on La Palma.
    All those tons of CO2 spewing out – probably negating the efforts of all the UK wind farms in a single incident.

  358. Baron has now watched her so many times he has to pass the clip over to you, what a joyful exuberance of youth the girl displays, one doesn’t know whether to shout uncontrollably as she plays the shots or just quietly enjoy the 18 year old, and yes, yes, Baron’s fully aware of your take on the invaders, one can hardly blame anyone holding that view, it’s the country your ancestors worked on, but you cannot deny she’s talented, composed showing no fear of the occasions we’re unlikely to witness again for what, several generations? Truly top marks and more.

    Btw, she speaks fluent Mandarin and Romanian, both quite difficult languages (that’s one of the advantages of mixing the genes of distant tribes).

  359. EC @ September 21st, 2021 – 12:19

    One always suspected, EC, that gaining a medical degree in the lands distant from Europe doesn’t necessarily guarantee that the intellect of the successful graduates is up to a scratch, but who knows the lamp looks attractive, what if it is genuine, for just over $40k, a bargain.

  360. Noa @ September 20th, 2021 – 21:37

    Nigel’s on top of it, Noa, all good points, we’re also importing gas from Holland and Germany, he didn’t;t say it because it’s Russian gas re-sold to us, and the imported coal also comes from Russia, not much of it now, we imported more few years back, the coal we buy today is a special one, the black gold we have aplenty of isn’t suitable for steel production.

  361. Noa @ September 20th, 2021 – 20:24

    When Melanie’s good she’s excellent, Noa, this is one of such times, she quotes Holland as the country that has built up a large stock of gas, this may be the case, but overall in Europe the storage is only just over 70% full, at this time of the year it should be closer to 90%, the Russians have supplied all they promised on the contractual basis, not much on the spot market, the prices in the Far east are more attractive, and they don’t have enough in their storage either, in fact less than the 70% the Europeans have (if you can believe them, which is a big ask, they benefit from high prices as most of the gas is still bought on the spot market, and also can use it a leverage to get the N-2 to start pumping the stuff).

    As Nigel points out the biggest problem is our dependence on wind, it’s not only its absence in the last two days, for years winds have been decreasing, nobody knows why.

    A research in Germany also discovered that there’s limit to the number of turbines one can build, apparently as more get erected the wind gets used up, the rule of diminishing returns kicks in, over a certain number the additional turbines are uneconomical, rather weird, but apparently true.

  362. Malfleur @ September 20th, 2021 – 19:06

    One should be sceptical even when the top man of science talk, Malfleur, the blame seems shared, that’s why we’ll never learn the truth, the two big boys of the affair have a solid reason to withhold it from us, they are both guilty.

  363. Baron 23:19

    “Btw, she speaks fluent Mandarin and Romanian, both quite difficult languages (that’s one of the advantages of mixing the genes of distant tribes).”

    It’s called the heterozygous advantage, Baron. Such children are often fitter and more intelligent. We once had neighbours and man from HK and a Yorkshire woman, both mathematicians (Prof & Dr) and they bred super mathematicians. Both their children were geniuses (genii) when it came to the mathematics and other intellectual challenges. Of course such advantages, even when the dice roll the right way, don’t always translate into well rounded human beings – although the neighbour’s children turned out ok.

    I hope that you and the young tennis player in your mind’s eye live happily ever after! 🙂

  364. Baron – 23:25

    “[…] gaining a medical degree in the lands distant from Europe doesn’t necessarily guarantee that the intellect of the successful graduates is up to a scratch […]”

    It’s no guarantee in the western world either! No matter, these days the HOTGH (Heirs Of The Great Hippocrates) are more or less guaranteed to be

    1. Good at swotting for tests and parroting answers.
    2. Venal bastards.
    3. Never breaking medical consensus.
    4. Big Pharma! (see 2 & 3)

    Although GPs are not listed by Google as one of the top five causes of human death they are claimed by many to rank in the top three! 🙂

    I reckon that politicians/political/religious ideologues have got to be ranked #1 though!

  365. Noa,

    More on Victoria and Melbourne… twinned with PRNK and Pyongyang.

    “Andrews’ secret deal part of China’s strategy to operate ‘without federal oversight’ “

    Kept secret for four years. No wonder Richard Roxburgh gave up on trying to write “Rake” scripts!


    “Something is ‘very rotten’ in Victoria”

    Police in the air, media helicopters grounded!
    Melbourne is now officially t’ world’s most locked down city.

  366. EC @ September 22nd, 2021 – 09:33

    Point taken and filed, EC.

  367. Here you have what John Helmer says is the first response to the new three countries deal. Whether the guy that penned it knows what he’s talking about id hard to say, but one thing puzzles Baron. Isn’t there a need to cool the nuclear propulsion? It’s the failure of cooling that usually causes accidents in nuclear power generation (say) the Chernobyl disaster. If the sub’s nuclear reactors must also be cooled they must use pumps, and pumps are noisy.

    Can Noa or EC or Malfleur help? Do they use pumps to cool the sub’s nuke run motors?

  368. EC @ September 22nd, 2021 – 10:01

    Fully endorsed, EC, the last sentence also with long applause.

  369. It looks threatening, but then when the Nazis marched it looked impressive and frightening also, but deep down the regime’s forces weren’t that strong before 1939, it was mostly theatre, a well orchestrated show.

    China derives her strength from making things and flogging them everywhere, at home and abroad. A war would not dent but fully destroy this model of power, they must know it. But then, the Americans may know it also, it wouldn’t be hard to engineer a false flag op, blame China for it, attack, as the writer of the Helmer’s piece says at the end. What a prospect, heh?

  370. Baron 20-24
    It’s turbulent air, that’s the reason there has to be a certain distance between large planes landing at Heathrow (for example) to let the air settle down .
    Flying in turbulence creates many problems which is the same with F1 cars and windmills.
    To work correctly the air has to be stable.

  371. John birch.@ September 22nd, 2021 – 17:06

    Thanks, John, but are you certain that’s the explanation?

    What you say is about the planes landing, the distance between them is needed to cancel the effect of the turbulence caused by each plane as it’s landing, but the winds are not diminished or ‘consumed up’ by the turbulence, they keep blowing.

    Are you suggesting the turning of the rotor blades creates a turbulence that gradually eats up the wind?

  372. An interesting couple of graphs from the Russian DUMA election in 2016 and this year last week.

    The dots are representing each voting district, the horizontal line is how many of those registered to vote actually voted, the densest dots are around the 30%-40% i.e. only some 30%-40% of people bother to vote, 100% participation in both elections was rare, hence the fewer dots as you move to the right of the graphs.

    The vertical axis shows the number of votes cast in the left graph for the party backing Putin called United Russia, the right graph shows the votes cast for the communists (or the major communist party, there are three altogether, but the graph is for the biggest).

    the blue dots are for the 2016 election, the yellowish dots for the 2020 election that just finished on both graphs.

    What the graphs show is that the communists below United Russia in 2016 but above in 2021, the United Russia got more seats this year because of the way the voting system works, half of the deputies are chosen on a party basis, i.e. people vote for parties not individuals, the other half people vote for individuals.

    You may recall Baron was telling you that United Russia will lose many seats, and so they did, only over 20 seats, but that’s significant. People are turning not to the pro-western parties but in the opposite direction, to the communists who amongst other things are for tougher stance by Russia on what they say are Western provocations. Putin may have turned somewhat recently, started talking about red lines and stuff, but it may be too late, the dark forces are on the march, will take more votes next time.

  373. Baron forgot to tell you that the graphs are from a publication called Meduza, a strongly anti-Putin vehicle, now also libelled as a foreign agent, they get money from the West.

    This was why the Navalny’s lot got banned also, what puzzles is why did the Navalny set-up not only get funds from abroad (that’s illegal in Russia), but also boated about it. The Russian election law prohibits those that put themselves for election either as party members of on their own (five seats in the current Duma don’t belong to any party, they stood as independents) not to have foreign bank accounts or assets abroad, or foreign citizenship and also must receive no funds from anyone but a Russian source.

    There was no need for Navalny’s boys and girls to accept the foreign money, they got enough from ordinary Russians, but also from a number of oligarchs that back them. Silly, it almost feels as if they enjoy the victim status hoping it will endear the public to them.

  374. Apologies for the mistakes, truly sorry, it’s ‘boasted’ about foreign donations not ‘boated’ and other like it.

  375. Baron.
    Turbulence is a problem in many areas. Pumps in power stations need to have a distance to allow the water to settle down to avoid cavitation which can literally destroy metal.
    A number of years ago there was an idea you could redesign power stations to fit in a very small space and there were enormous problems with cavitation which is exactly the same as turbulence in the air.
    Water engineering was my business.

  376. This is why engineers became unfashionable because They know things that causes problems and no one is interested in that nowadays.

  377. John birch.@ September 23rd, 2021 – 16:33

    Hat off to you, John, got it, and true, Baron has never tasted engineering but he has great respect for the profession, the engineers produce close to miracles, and you’re right the politicians don’t listen to them.

    Years and years ago when the need for money was overwhelming, Baron had to have three jobs, the third one was interpreting, it so happened that a group of Russians were negotiating to buy a centrifuge from a British sub of an American company, the whole thing was massive, the size of a round table sitting 8-10, it hanged on a ceiling on a shaft (or whatever it’s called) the diameter of a baby’s arm, the Russians spent hours questioning whether the shaft was strong enough, it seemed to me also that this monstrosity couldn’t have hung of such a small shaft, but it did, when they switch the thing on it was whizzing happily, no problema, amazing.

  378. This must reassure everyone, it cannot get any better, all of us should be thankful to the Government for they have it all under control:

  379. A Vietnam vet’ reflects upon his time spent there…

  380. John, Baron

    Hydrodynamics and Fluid Mechanics: A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away I did a module on that as part of my applied maths course. Fascinating stuff but all long forgotten now. However I do remember the Ferrybridge Power Station Cooling towers collapse in 1965. The effects of vortices and destructive energy dissipation in action!

    Below is a fascinating demonstration of fluid flow and pressure gradients.

    The Tesla Valve.

    Not just this, Nikola Tesla invented much of the modern world we “enjoy” today.

  381. EC @ September 24th, 2021 – 09:59

    Merci, EC (it rhymes hence the French), it helps even for someone whose mind isn’t really of the engineering kind.

  382. In country where law and order ruled the Skripals case would be re-opened, a verdict different to the one pumped out by the MSM poodles confirmed by the courts, the politicians that started it all would be shamed.

  383. Dalrymple writes incisively about wrapping the symbol of Imperial France but oddly neglects to identify that its purpose is, literally as well as figuratively, separate the French people from their history.
    This is the ultimate purpose of Post modernism, whether in art, architecture or anything else. Schumpeters creative destruction replaced by the Chicago school’s destructive creationism.

  384. The Daily Mail says there are 8,350 petrol stations in the UK and less (that’ bad English, fewer should be word) than 100 had to close, no fuel.

    It must be that Baron has passed a tenth of the hundred on his way from north Norfolk down south to Bury St Edmunds, a distance of over 90 miles.

    It would be funny f if were not so pitiful, in a peacetime the Government cannot ensure the supply of one of the most essential commodities for the functioning of the country, the panic buying certainly doesn’t help, but the shortage of drivers should have been foreseen, what is the fugging Civil service for, the number of companies owing petrol stations, the major ones anyway, must be in the mid double digits, not more probably than 50, surely asking them to report whether they need additional drivers isn’t beyond the millions on the Civil Service payroll, and if they needed some, the Armed Services should have stepped in, and voila, the crisis over.

    Instead, the Starmer’s lot a pi$$ing around in Brighton undecided what they should lie about to the electorate when the next time for the election comes, and the Buffoon is putting the finishing touches to Britain without a reliable source of energy altogether. How fugged could the country be?

  385. Massive apologies for the unforgivable errors, the missing letters mostly, one owns a petrol station, and’ if it were’ and ‘are pi$$ing”, all the others, you have t forgive the poorly educated, he won’t be better, nature made him lazy, you blame it.

  386. Would you believe it, Baron did check the 07:58 posting three times, three fugging times, and yet he still missed a letter, it must be the old age, Alzheimer, the advanced stage of, sorry.

  387. Milud 20.07
    Which is the better career option in modern Britain?
    Is it crime, politics, government, religion, the media, law or business and commerce?
    I don’t know the answer, but the last, now being the tip of the inverted pyramid which supports the rest is certainly the least rewarding and most calumnised.

  388. Noa – 09:22

    It could be argued that politics, government, religion, the media, law are all branches of the first option. i.e organised crime.

  389. Yo, Bruv!

    What did the Romans ever do for us, innit.

    Enthusiastic slavers, the Romans. But I don’t remember Frankie Howerd getting done up in blackface, à la Justin Trudeau, for his role as the domestic slave Lurcio.

  390. EC 09.35
    The whole fish stinks, whether it rots from the head or not.
    Given the multi-billions frittered, wasted or stolen by the fish faces in the Cabinet we can hardly begrudge the frauds petty in comparison, by our enterprising business and ethnic communities.

  391. It seems the Government has listened, will ask the Army to furnish ‘hundreds of soldiers’ hopefully the ones that know how to drive a heavy and dangerous vehicles, to start delivering to the petrol stations. The Grant Shapps is far from sharp, it should have occurred to him before the shortages arrived.

    One is told it’s a combination of panic buying together with the fewer drivers (why now ?, why not a month or two three before?) and also the required vehicles, there seems to be fewer of them than before the pandemic started. Can anyone explain what has happened to the vehicles?

    But the more important reason is the drivers are pi$$ed, the pay isn’t any good.

    It’s repeating oneself but Baron has to say it again this Government is not fit for purposes, the buffoon that runs it should quit, get going with the insemination of women, he excels at it, and instead of immigrants his and their output could help to solve the low birth rate at a stroke (no pun intended).

    There’s absolutely no petrol within 20 miles of Baron’s abode, a neighbour just returned from work, need petrol spent close to two hours trying to find a garage that had some, Baron needs some, too, he didn’t panic which was a mistake, one of the tyres bought only last year in June seems to have developed a leak, it loses pressure buy then settles around 3/4 of the required level. Weird that, how can one explain it?

  392. Noa @ September 26th, 2021 – 19:10

    What a perfect link with your posting on September 26th, 2021 – 09:22, Noa, to which Baron responded earlier, the posting didn’t get through, sorry.

  393. EC @ September 26th, 2021 – 09:51

    The gentle Simon has a point, the publishers don’t, in fact if we carry on like that we may regret not

    On the ‘Meet … the Romans’ book, Simon makes a mistake, at around 2:43 min, he says ‘there’s no black face (or person) in the book, he means ‘white’ of course.

    Another interesting bit Baron spotted was at 2:29 min, on the right hand illustration a piglet is included, the piglet’s white, just as are most of the hogs in East Anglia and elsewhere, but black pigs exist, the bacon they produce is less fatty, the meat tastes sweeter also, they are known as the Large Blacks, also Cornwall blacks, Baron knows, years ago he was trying to discover the supplier of their meet near him, failed.

    If the skin colour of humans, and presumably other species also, matters not, why is the piglet white?

    One wonders whether the book that helps the non-white of us feel better doesn’t sow the seeds of not just disappointment when the child, white or black, finds out the truth later in life. Worse still than disappointment he or she may also lose respect for those in authority for telling lies, the white grown ups may possibly turn racist, not a reaction one would welcome.

    As you may remember, when Baron was young he wanted to alter his skin colour, wrote to a mag in response to a procedure in the US that helped one’s skin to darken, didn’t get a response, but his parents may have, the mother suggest to him to use a brown packaging that, if rubbed against one’s skin, turned it darker, the packaging was for chicory to make coffee (yes, there wasn’t much real coffee, and it was deadly expensive). More to the point, mixing distant genes is the best way to approve the gene bank of any tribe, the problem is in the cultural differences work often against it.

    Still, the point is one has no choice bto ut accept the make up of contemporary Britain, doing Amin would turn the country into one one may not want to live in for a number of reasons, but there must be a limit to trying to accommodate the newcomers, lying about the past gets one beyond that limit.

    if would be by far more preferable if the immigrants absorbed the culture of the host, assimilated, adopted the way of life on the indigenous tribe, after all, most them arrived here because of the culture that was admired world over.

  394. We may regret ‘it’ and not ‘not’, the errors, that was the fugging software, apologies.

  395. A balance slicing of what’s going on in Russia, the best available so far, Baron agrees (as if that mattered) with Shamir, the writer, except for the plot, whatever shenanigans may have occurred in the election Putin still carries it with the unwashed, he himself would be hard to dislodge.

    Shamir’s 100% correct, the cheating was to keep the communists not the Navalny’s lot out, as Baron has been telling you it’s the commies who will eventually take over, they want a stronger response to the West, most people want that, the commies also argued Navalny and his lot should have been punished years ago, many people say the same both in the official and opposition media.

    The communists don’t accept the Duma results for Moscow, before the electronic votes were added they won over 90% of the seats, Navalny’s lot got nothing. There’s a commission to pontificate the refusal, the courts may get involved also, it will reveal how independent the judges are, they certainly are in a better shape to resist any pressure by the Kremlin today than (say) ten years ago, many of the judges are new, younger, not afraid to turn against the authorities.

  396. Baron, September 27th, 2021 – 11:09

    Democracy? Elections? Don’t make me laugh. Doesn’t matter whether it be electronic vote, paper ballots or postal votes there will always be disputes.

    “Uncle Bob” – the guy that took over Rhodesia – now he knew how to rig and election.

    Russian judges? I think that you might find that after one or two of them get defenestrated, severe bouts of food poisoning, rapid onset hair and teeth loss etc; then they’ll all become remarkably compliant. The English poodles/judges are no different, or else why is Julian Assange still in Belmarsh?

    It’s all gone very quiet over in Krautland post “wahl fieber” too. A lot of ‘horse trading’ going on methinks.

  397. EC @ September 28th, 2021 – 11:12

    Well observed, the judiciary and the rest of the elite, it truly ain’t what it used to be, someone should dig up Lord Denning, we need him.

  398. This is what one gets marrying a deep rooted incompetence with panic, the former is the trademark of the Government, if Baron hears the wanking fruitcake Shapps say agin the there’s plenty of fuel he won’t scream he’ll go and kick the arsehole’s arsehole.

    How come it’s only Britain that has a problem, on the Continent no queues, no shouting, not panic. It cannot be Brexit, it’s truly the ineptitude of the people that govern us, why on earth they said from the start ‘don’t panic, plenty of fuel’s available’, that was as clear a signal as one can send for people to panic, nobody now trusts the Government, assumes the opposite is true, behaves accordingly. Fugging bunch of wankers.

    The public pi$$es one also, Baron could stop today to investigate, he was buying a garden implement next to a petrol station, 61 cars were queuing, four pumps on, it took one guy, a van driver, around five minutes, another driver, male, 50s almost nine minutes to fill up (say) average six minutes from the time the car stopped next to the pump to leaving, that’s roughly an hours and a half for the 61st car in the queue.

    Three cashiers were taking the monet or cards, Baron asked one the amount of petrol bough on average, she said around two gallons, her friend thought it was less than that, the third one more than two gallons. This is fugging criminal, everyone filling up with less than 3 gallons should be charged treble, that would cut the queues noticeably.

    What has happened to us all?

  399. Mistakes again, hence an apology.

  400. A question:

    Does anyone have VPN? There’s one on offer by a guy that blogs as Barrett
    on China, he recommends it, it may well be he’s influenced by the VPN he recommends, but what about the app anyway, does one need it, is it worth it, do you have it?

  401. Here’s the video that contains the VPN recommendation, it’s about a massive railway station in China, it’s not yet operational, the guy Barrett is sponsored to do it by the VPN company he recommends.

    Any thoughts will be appreciated.

  402. Baron your tyre needs the rim sealed, inflate it to about 50/psi and drive it for a couple of miles then drop the pressure to what it should be.
    With a bit of luck that will allow it to seal properly.

  403. “if Baron hears the wanking fruitcake Shapps say agin the there’s plenty of fuel he won’t scream he’ll go and kick the arsehole’s arsehole.”

    One hundred percent agree, Baron, especially about Shapps. Give the troughing bastard a few from me.

    There is no fuel to be found within 100 miles up here. I’m having to empty my can of lawnmower petrol into the car in order to get Mrs EC to an appointment later today.

  404. I was also deeply unimpressed by Bozo’s appearance as he was finally dragged, blinking, in front of the TV cameras yesterday.

  405. John birch. @ September 29th, 2021 – 07:08

    Thanks, John, a good advice but it wouldn’t have worked, the culprit was an inch long screw, the tyre’s mended now, Baron wasn’t aware that such a hole could be repaired, it’s for the first time it happened, a patch was all it took, glued to the inside of the tyre, took some 20 minutes, cost 18 quid, the tyre was only four months old, sorry to admit it, it was made in China.

  406. One may excuse the never ending list of failings by the Government, a neighbour of Baron says they have to face new challenges, something that no other Government had to deal with before, quotes the hike in gas prices, blames everything on it, but that’s not true, it’s a fugging excuse.

    In the 70s oil prices went through the roof, the country responded, the civil service has to have the files, the dissection of what went wrong, which of the responses worked best, what solved it, all that must be available, re-dusting the files could have told the Government that it’s the speed which one tackles the problem with, extinguishes it, avoids an escalating crisis, nipping it in the bud quickly wins it.

    If instead of reassuring the public there’s enough petrol, a sure sign that there may not be, hence the panic, they should have got the military drivers to step in, if they did we wouldn’t be where we’re today. It may have even won them few kudos points, the boys from the Army may have also felt happy that instead of killing people in distant countries they’re doing a useful job for the folks at home.

    One hopes, EC, the crisis will be over soon, you’ll not have the same problem again, and one also hopes even more that Mrs EC appointment went well.

  407. An excellent picture is making the rounds, it shows Joe Biden sitting on the left saying ‘you know, Barack, everyone wants to have sex with me’, to which Obama sitting on the right says ‘no, Joe, that’s not what ‘fugg Joe Biden’ means’.

  408. We have been ascribing the Government’s position on the fuel shortage (or is it just a crisis?) to its institutional incompetence in all areas. By ‘government’ I refer to both the ideolo gically driven Departments of State, including but not limited to DEFRA, Health and Equality and the piticians that no longer direct and control but now simply shill for them. They are prevented by codes, practices, policies and practices from expressing any but the mildest form of or token of dissent.
    That’s not to say of course that they arent arseholes of the highest, or is it lowest calibre.
    Have Wallsters been following the DM expose of the murderous shambles of greed, incompetence and buck passing that is the rollout if the Smart motorway system? Visualise, if you are imaginative, how you would react if your car broken down on the m’way. You’re in the live lane, trusting that the cameras will pick you up, as vehicles fly past you at speeds up to 100 miles an hour. But they don’t work, because they’re broken or too far a pool or the operator hasn’t seen you. As you wait a 38 tonne articulated lorry (yes, there may be a shortage of drivers but it only takes one to marmalise you and your passengers.
    Boris, ever the cowardly mealy-mouthed chancer, promises an investigation, but quietly caveats it by hinting that the policy won’t change: system and software fixes are all that is needed before the carnage can resume at pace.
    Let us now turn to the militant loft insulators who are now busy gorilla glueing themselves to the M25, arseholes of Shappsian proportions they may be, and deservedly unpopular, but they have a strategy. This is to cause the Blond Inseminator a political crisis by having 300 of the idiots thrown into jail.
    Quite why this would do anything other than raise his virtually non existant popularity escapes me.
    Imagine though, that motorists and families of those who have died as a result of smart motorway accidents similarly started adhering themselves, in far greater numbers, to the multi-laned? The Police Federation has already voiced its opposition, inconvenienced drivers would recognise the worthiness of the cause and support it passively, if not actively, if it took reasonable account of and balanced their needs with its objective of re-instating the hard shoulder.
    So, is anyone up for causing Bozo a real crisis and forcing a practical change by joining Prevent Motorway Extinction?

  409. Fuel is sporadically available, but is effectively rationed by a pump price cap of between £30 and £40. Interestingly I noticed that ethnically owned garages displaying no fuel notices have magically replenished pumps to service their black BMW driving ‘cousins’ and the grey beard halal taxi driving community.

  410. I share Baron’s concern and trust that Mrs EC is quite well.
    You may of course consider forgoing the use of your fossil fuel guzzling monstrosity and devising a lawnmower based contraption for your necessary commutes.
    If whilst doing so you have the opportunity to provide. a demonstrating Greta, Boris or Keir with a tarmac haircut so much the better.

  411. An interesting post by Pat Buchanon on the new USUK Ausralia alliance and the increasingly sovetised EU.

  412. You should watch the first 10 mminutes of UK Column News, it has an item that suggest the c-19 case data are massively exaggerated, the whole document’s below, but it’s big, not easily understood, the two anchormen at the UK Column News explain it well.

  413. John Birch
    Many thanks for your recommendation of Ross Clark’s “The Denial”.
    I rarely have the time orc patience for reading fiction these days but it’s very readable well characterised and very topical. It often seems to me that we now live in a national mental institution most closely akin to what governments shut down in the 1970s. The difference now is that the staff and wardens responsible for its order, upkeep and of course the patients themselves, that is, us, have in fact become fatally infected with a pernicious hand homicidal insanity virus causing them to kill us all for our own good.
    Mr Clark’s tale takes us on a blackly humourous virtual tour of this national ward in the company of both patients an doctors, gaily but relentlessly misdiagnosing and misprescribing treatments with the avidity of a shaman cult proscribing the blood sacrifice of all pensioners to end a drought or prevent flooding.
    Come to think of it Boris mifanwy, that could be worth trying…

  414. Milud 16.54
    Tee hee Mi’lud! Tee hee!

  415. AUKUS and the end of the EU? A perspective from the Gatestone Institute.

  416. Noa, September 29th, 2021 – 19:01

    It being ‘October The First” it is probably already “Too Late” – according to Geoff Hoyle. A tale which imo is the stuff of Fly Agarics(Amanita muscaria)

    Every department of state is overstaffed with civil servants who are by and large ineffectual, useless, lazy, entitled wankers with no experience of the real world. Since most of them attended a university within the last 20 years they are incapable of independent thought anyway, having been indoctrinated with all forms of Marxism.

    Like the HoC, HoL, Academe, The Met, and any other captured institution that you care to mention, the whole damn lot of them need clearing out. Also, Common Purpose needs terminating, as they say, with “Extra Prejudice.” [see also Local Govt. Planning Departments]

    “Insulate Britain” are an offshoot of “Inseminate Britain” which was founded by the disciples of Antonio Gramsci. Unfortunately BoZo took this too literally but he is now “back on message” after being placed under the supervision of Comrade Carrie.

    Could it have been any worse if we’d all voted for Magic Grandpa? At least the end would have come sooner.

    I’d love to see the Insulate Britain crowd try to block the Moscow Ring Road or Micron’s Peripherique. I’d gladly pay for the amusement of seeing what Vlad’s Moscow Wolves or Micron’s CRS would do to them.

    I’m down your way tomorrow, so keep an eye out for man clad in tweed, leather flying helmet and goggles piloting a lawnmower on the A6 South through Scotforth.

  417. You and anyone else may not like it, it can be abused, whoever sits on the database has unbelievable massive control of not humanity but individual humans, learn by watching the clip:

  418. The petrol shortage is good for the Britsh people, there’s no danger, and it involves queuing, what’s not to like, hehe?

  419. EC @ October 1st, 2021 – 14:35

    An enjoyable lament, EC, have a double g&t, you deserve it.

  420. The police force as a whole recruits from within the contemporary population, it would follow that by and large the characteristics of it will mimic that of the society at large, if anything one would expect those of us keen and eager to control others will be represented amongst the cops more than the placid, even-tempered, introverted types.

    To hope one can have a force that’s made up of Mother Terezas is silly, even if some strict criteria were applied rigorously, the procedure couldn’t yield an outcome other than inefficacious.

    A high placed female on the BBC Radio4 World at one whose name Baron cannot remember (he only caught her talking intermittently) was highly critical of the police saying ‘ they would happily turn up for a burglary but not for domestic abuse’, that may be so, but if she substituted domestic abuse with thought crime she would be wrong, it’s by far preferable to the police to any other type of offence.

    Still, it’s not surprising the police don’t want to deal with the cases of domestic abuse, it’s not their job, rather it shouldn’t be their job, the two grown ups that are involved have a special relationship, an emotional bind that’s called love, initially anyway, the abused one will not do what the common sense in cases outside the brawls of domestic violence would suggest, leave the abuser.

    Years ago, Baron got close to being involved in such a case, a neighbouring female got battered almost daily, couldn’t take their kids to or from school, Baron or the boss had to do it, but the victim would do nothing, she wouldn’t leave the bastard return to her parent’s farm, she would not even get the police or anyone else involved directly, it was almost as if she loved the brute so much the beating was what confirmed her love for him. What happened to them Baron doesn’t know, he moved house (not because of her, but a huge relief it was).

    What could the police do if the victim, usually but not always a female, doesn’t want to prosecute, in part because of the ‘love bind’, in part because the law doesn’t really punish the offender, he spends a couple of years inside, if that, comes back, tracks the woman, beats her up again. Even if he doesn’t, the fear he might must make the life of the woman a misery.

    The word pain comes from the Latin word ‘poena’ meaning punishment or penalty, yet our restorative justice has almost fully eradicated pain from punishment.

    A TV programme many years ago, a former criminal himself turned advisor (possibly because of older age, he must have been over 50 when he gave up stealing and robbing, mostly the shops) was relaying a story of 17 young men, all of the GBH kind, quite serious offences, when he asked them, and he did ask this equation over and over again, it was a sort of filtering question telling him whether the miscreants were improving, when he asked ‘how do you feel?’ the answers were ‘angry, fed up, disappointed (for getting caught), pi$$ed off … two of them said they regretted what they had done.

    What not a single one of them ever said was ‘I pain, I feel pain’ or anything even remotely close to it.

    The man claimed there can be no cleansing of the past wrongdoings unless pain is a part of the process, any pain, physical, financial, mental, a reciprocal for the pain the crime engendered. His advice was imprisonment for the third offence until the miscreant reaches the age of 55, in his view it was then people give up on criminality.

    In Somalia, one loses one’s hand for theft, the country has few robberies considering the level of impoverishment, not many people are walking around without one hand. Sadly, the same punishment doesn’t apply for the ‘white sort’ of theft involving bribery and corruption.

    Not that anyone would ever suggest we should cut off thieves’ hands, but unless we go back to the retributive justice, we will never solve the growing level of criminality satisfactorily.

    To deal with domestic abuse and violence should not be a police job, we should have a separate agency of qualifies psychiatrists, but even that cannot eradicate the boil, quite frankly, when it comes to the matters of the heart nothing can.

    (YOu are the victim of Baron’s inability to sleep, it won’t happen again soon, he h opes)

  421. Baron,

    Insomnia is a curse. The “wee small hours” as Frank used to call them.
    Sleep better soon.

    In the meantime…

  422. An apocryphal tale…

    Bloke driving home one murky winter evening finds himself being tailed by a police car.
    He gradually speeds up but he couldn’t shake it off. Eventually gets stopped.
    After the usual homily and threats the cop makes him the following offer…

    Cop: “I’m just about to finish my shift and I can’t be bothered with the paperwork.. so if you can come up with an original excuse as to why you were speeding then I’ll let you off. Don’t forget, I’ve heard ’em all, so be warned!”

    Motorist: “I’ll tell you exactly why I was speeding, trying to get away form you.
    Two years ago my wife ran off with one of you bastards and, and…
    I thought that you were trying to bring her back.”

  423. EC @ October 3rd, 2021 – 10:07

    They don’t tell them like that anymore, EC do they.

    The police one isn’t bad either.

  424. Mistakes in the long bleating, and more, and Baron did read through it before posting and writing the last bracketed sentence, awful that one, but it seems to no avail, old age is kicking in, together with everything else, rather the absence of anything else that would make the postings good, it is a lethal combination.

  425. A narrative that’s equally almost convincing as it is frightening, one only hopes common sense prevails, the two antagonists come to some understanding that will not require fighting for whatever the Rand boys and girls may think the reality never turns out as predicted:

  426. Why the second posting appears Baron has no idea, it was what he wanted to say first, then changed his mind, weird as it may be both postings went through.

    The internet network doesn’t seem to be as faultless as we’re told, the outages at Facebook and the other useless platforms only confirm it, relying on such communication conduits is risky, individuals and institutions should have backups, systems that can step in, even if in a reduced form, when the platforms fail.

  427. Black Gold, Baron!

    As a former hewer of the stuff I thought that this snippet might be of interest.
    Dunno about Mr Bolt’s claim about Aussie coal being of the finest quality. I though that there’s was the filthy brown variety?

  428. What has happened to Fergus?

    Yesterday, mid afternoon the BBC Radio4 had four people, the usual bunch made up of a professor of poetry at some formally Lower Neasden college, two others Baron forgets and a young female convert to Islam talking about poems and poetry, there is some kind of gathering in Leeds (?), each were asked questions, also read poems that they wrote themselves or of other people’s, each poem was ‘powerful’, no exception.

    Frankly, not one of the poems rhymed, not even an attempt at rhyming, it was 100% prose in miniature, everyone can cobbled such piece of writing, called it a poem, the best of the lot, again no rhyming, was about a woman, she was born named Lisa, got called Lizy, then Liz, followed by Mrs Sharp, darling, my love, then nanny …until a few troublesome (?) weeks in a hospital, and finally Lisa again because it was what it said in in her papers.

    When asked what was poetry they all to a man and woman began saying ‘there are different sort of …., until one of them quoted an American poet defining poetry as ‘an imaginary garden with real toads in it’, to paraphrase it to fit into it the poems that Baron heard (the others sans rhyming) ‘a council garden with real turds in it’.

    One can be certain nobody will remember any of the poems that the four read, there are eminently forgettable and forgotten they will be.

    None of the prose in miniature could beat this, and that’s just one example of what poems should sound like.

    Sexual intercourse began
    In nineteen sixty-three
    (which was rather late for me) –
    Between the end of the “Chatterley” ban
    And the Beatles’ first LP ……

    If you need something gentler read this, it never fails to boost Baron’s spirits, often makes him think life’s worth living (scan also the postings below).

  429. As Michael Gove shimmies onstage to Abbas Dancing Quean and Swedish Mo artist Lars Vilk dies in mysterious circumstances, Rishi promises to open Pandoras box for tax investigation purposes.
    Meanwhile a man in tweeds is detained pending deportation by Border Force for riding a lawnmower over eco-activistss on the public highway and failing to demonstrate ‘British values’.
    ‘I was only giving them a haircut!’ Shouted the unnamed man to the assembled reporter, Mrs Madge Batherington 79, Foreign correspandant of the Wigton Globe.
    A dishevelled Mr X, bearing all the signs of his violent resistance to arrest, was taken from the A&E ward to protective detention at HMP Belmarsh pending trial, sentance, execution and deportation.

  430. “theirs” not “there’s”

  431. Simon Webb on the rude and healthy state of modern British witchcraft.

  432. Noa – 09:06

    Speaking of Belmarsh… Had Tommy Robinson decided to organise a peaceful meeting of just himself waving a banner on a street corner somewhere then I’m sure that Cressida’s Common Purpose Schutzstaffel would have been out in force to drag him off to jug.

    If the police won’t do their job even handedly and apolitically, as per Sir Robert Peel, then they have forfeited the right to police by consent given to them by the public.

    “As Michael Gove shimmies onstage to Abbas Dancing Quean…”

    Nice work, btw. That’s a powerful mental image, difficult to shift.

  433. Did anybody else see Pretty Pathetic’s BS speech to an empty conference hall in “Pool of Colour’ yesterday?

    Also that new NHS bloke, wotsisname, [the bald villain from Thunderbirds] must think we are all stupid, too.

    Can’t wait for Boris’ speech on WindTurdbines etc. I’m hoping he’ll reveal the date when Unicorns with rainbow coloured manes will roam freely in England again, Princess Carrie in a long white dress will glide through green meadows filled with wild flowers etc.

    Is it just me or does anybody else view these Rainbow graphics on everything in the same light as swastikas? Both fascist symbols, in my opinion.

  434. OK you lot, don’t say you didn’t ask for it!

  435. EC
    You’ve been sniffing that E10 again, haven’t you?

  436. Whilst Pretty pouts and preens, Gove gyrates on Tugens hat, Kwazi cowers about a fracked mantlepiece ornament, and Boris blusters as Macron threatens war, whilst Vlad the Exporter pours oil on troubled waters.
    “UK gas prices fall from record high after Russia steps in – BBC News”

  437. A nice piece by Dominic Frisby on SMRs. Buy RR shares on the off-chance the wind subsidised Tory elite seek to avoid defenestration by permitting their development and use. (As prophesied by EC, along with fracking) nearly 10 tears ago. Well, you can’t beat stupidity Allied with corruption, can’t you?

  438. Noa @ October 7th, 2021 – 19:31

    What the BBC doesn;t say is that the current peak isn’t the highest the gas prices have ever been, it was in 2005, and it was much much higher than the recent spike, since then as the move towards the imbecilic green solution gathered speed the prices have been trending south with high volatility, hence the switch from contract to the spot market, why should one commit to a price for a year or more when the price is likely to be lower at some point in the future than at the time of the contract signing.

    You can see on the chart that there’s a spike around the Winter time if the season happens to be cold, if not, the price doesn’t move much if at all.

    If Russia can pump more gas using the N-2 pipeline she should be able to do the same using the Ukrainian link or the other pipelines she has, amazingly neither the BBC nor the other MSM poodles point this out, that puzzles.

    Baron reckons Putin via Gazprom is playing a smart game, the intervention by him corrects his own decision earlier not to pump more gas for the spot market (neither Russia nor Norway, Holland or anyone else had any obligation to do it though) i.e he engineers a price hike, panic buying, turmoil in the market then steps in to ‘put it right’.

    Again, it’s weird that the MSM scribblers don’t get it, it’s more than obvious.

    Here’s the long term chart:

  439. Noa @ October 7th, 2021 – 20:52

    As a source of energy for the homes the SMRs are unbeatable, that’s indeed the way to go, the decommissioning needs to be worked on still some more, but the concept is by far superior to wind and sola, no doubt about it, the green zealots will oppose it, but it looks that will be the answer to our payer for world with less fossil fuels.

    What Baron isn’t convinced about (as if that mattered) is the use of electricity for transport, a Full Monty switch to it, for a number of reasons ranging from the need for a massive boost in extraction of natural resources like copper, lithium and stuff to the indisputable fact that one cannot parcel out electricity, store it in chunks as one can with petrol be it a small container to a larger storage tanks.

    Btw, why isn’t the guy advising on energy, he’s highly articulate, is guided by common sense, is’t funded by anyone that has money interest in the energy field.

  440. To get the long term chart for gas prices linked @ 08:10 you have to click the 25Y below the horizontal time axis of the short term chart, sorry for failing to mention it.

  441. Noa, October 7th, 2021 – 14:05

    Close, but I have to use 98 octane now in order to reach the parts that the others don’t reach. Rather like Hennessy XO which I used to pick up in duty free on my regular transits through CDG. My, my how the price has risen in the last 20 years!

    @20:52 Excellent link, thank you.

  442. Baron,

    Carry On Up On The Salisbury Downs:

    I thought you might find this short 12 minute history by Dr. Mark Felton of interest. It details the attempts to find “a cure for the common cold” at Porton and Boscombe.
    The residents of Salisbury, including the Skripals, should take note!

    “Human Bio-Weapons Experiments – A Secret British History”

  443. EC 11.11
    Ah, the good old days of Duty Free! I’m a Courviosier imbiber me’self! Good for the colic and gout. Given the attitude of Micron I suspect that we’ll see a return to old habits soon, as the raft refugees load up with a keg or two to fund their UK start up.
    “Avast there me hearties, pass me the Chateau Rothchild and the Semtex, Sajid! “

  444. The Australians refuse to give up, this one is rather enjoyable but short, one very much hopes the Chinese stay put because if they were to get moving the US way, the commander in chief may so confuse the defenders of the great Republic they will shoot at him rather than at the attackers:

  445. EC @ October 8th, 2021 – 22:28

    Wisely, the chap Felton stays away from the Skripals case, too hot, one reckons.

    Here’s another similar piece to read rather than listen to, you may like it even less than the ‘US war plans to hit China’, Baron also reckons it’s far fetched, but the piece appeared in a medium that has been staunchly backing the Donald:

  446. Taiwan began vaccinating on March 22nd this year, the deaths from c-19 on that day stood at 849. On October 7th, the death toll from c-19 of the vaccinated reached 852.

    On the 7th October the number of deaths after vaccination exceeded the number of confirmed deaths from c-19 before the vaccination began for the first time.

    What do you make of it then?

  447. You may like to read this, it’s quite amusing, shortish story about a man called Luke Harding, Baron listened to him once interviewed about something to do with Russia, couldn’t believe his ears, the man isn’t ‘a bit of a tosser’, he’s the Full Monty of one.

  448. You don’t have to read the blurb just look at the graphs, the one on hospitalisation says there must have been empty beds, non-c-19 patients could have been treated, many lives saved, the actual figures are way below even the most optimistic forecast, the scaremongering has been intense but to what end? A grater loss of the freedoms this country has fought for centuries.

  449. Baron 23:48

    I think that this comment summed it up nicely:

    danm67, a town, United Kingdom, 7 minutes ago

    Part of the issue is that a large proportion of SAGE members are not virologists/epidemiologists, Pantsdown has no biology knowledge just mathematical modelling (with poor coding skills) many others eg Michie are behavioural phycologists again with no experience in virology/epidemiology. They may be scientists but not from the correct disciplines.

    Ferguson should never have been let anywhere government after his many other previous “software” failures!

    Michie likewise. Michie is a member of the Communist Party of Britain and was also member of its predecessor the Communist Party of Great Britain. In March 2018, she spoke at a public meeting saying that communists should be “working full tilt” for the election of Jeremy Corbyn as prime minister. She made a £14,000 donation to Labour under Corbyn’s leadership.”

  450. NB. Michie bio from Wiki, but referenced.

  451. For an interesting analysis of how people are influenced and manipulated in how to think may I suggest two books which consider the subject? The recent ‘The Persuaders’ by James Garvey, a philosopher and Vance Packard’s ‘The Persuaders’, written in the fifties but still relevant, the modern application of PR and advertising techniques to modern politics and political propaganda (NHS clapping, rainbow flags, labelling critic as Covid deniers etc) is one of the most unsettling features of the SAGE-8 strategy in the recent war on liberty.

  452. Just arrived, the latest edition for Mrs EC’s labyrinthine library of spy novels and all things cloak and dagger whether it be fiction, faction, or non-fiction, John LeCarré’s latest, and final, novel. Inside the dust cover, within the somewhat gushing blurb there is nonetheless posed an interesting question…

    “Silverview” is the mesmerising story of an encounter between innocence and experience and between public duty and private morals. In his last complete masterwork from the greatest chronicler of our age, John LeCarré. asks what you owe your country when you no longer recognise it”

    Answers on a postcard to the usual address…

    NB. Nature lovers will be delighted with the cover photo. Very seasonal, taken at dusk on a cold clear evening, a murmuration of Starlings. Closing in on them and about to join the flock is a Sparrowhawk looking for its supper! A not uncommon sight.

    No attribution for the photo. Pity about that. Nature, marvellous isn’t it, wasn’t it.

  453. One ofmy wife’s team died this afternoon. Fit Young guy in his 30s was on a day off to have a meal with his dad to tell him about his new girlfriend.
    Double jabbed and just died from heart problem.
    Fit as could be until then.

  454. Could Patel and her team at the Home Office explain why a was Somalian national allowed to run free in this country equipped with a knife to stab Sir David?

    RIP Sir David.

    Btw, why tens if not hundreds of police officers and security personnel are at the scene now, their presence is useless after the murder, they should have been there before the killing, at least one of them may have helped (if armed).

  455. Baron, 8pm and channel 5 still not saying he’s Somalian

  456. John birch.@ October 15th, 2021 – 20:29

    On the Spectator site it’s the same, John, Cox was murdered, Sir David was killed, the explanation is apparently what one can say before a verdict and after, if the guy were found insane, it will be a manslaughter.

    It’s always a puzzle when someone is sane to acquire a knife, travel to a specific place, recognise the victim, but the courts find him insane, seldom though when the victim happens to come from a protected minority (say) the gays or the newcomers whose grievances we haven’t addressed satisfactorily yet.

  457. John birch.@ October 15th, 2021 – 17:13

    A sad story, John, but it would be of interest to discover whether the unfortunate guy had any morbidities unknown to him of his doctors, Baron suspects that may be the case, it’s the reason for Baron’s recusancy, amongst other bodily weaknesses also a level of platelets just one third of the minimum (even before the c-19 hit the GP was considering a transfusion of platelets should their level drop noticeably below the third of the minimum).

  458. EC @ October 14th, 2021 – 10:17

    One hopes you will let us know how John LeCarré answers the question, it’s indeed one of more than some importance to those indigenous folk who have a line of ancestors stretching back centuries.

    It would be equally interested if he speculated about what those that have arrived in the recent past owe the country, or if they even comprehend they are in debt to the host society if only because they were offered sanctuary, furnished with means to live often more comfortably than those born here.

  459. BBC Radio4 news at 08:00:

    The police say the individual is believed to be a British national of Somalian origin. Believed? Arghhh

  460. Baron
    October 16th – 08:11

    The word used in the report I read was not “origin” but “heritage”.


    People were apparently “shocked”. Are they incapable of “anger” ?

  461. We all know exactly what the words mean.
    Example.A British Man = a raging lunatic muslim Islamist.
    I had to laugh recently as our local newspaper the Colchester gazette got itself tied up in a muddle after referring to a local friendly (allegedly) Muslim group as Islamist.
    Massive apology a couple of days later as Islamist is a terror group and has absolutely nothing to do with Islam.
    Laugh, you couldn’t make it up.

  462. Baron,

    Somewhere above was you asked who was actually running Retardistan? Many months ago my suggestion that The Kenyan was behind the curtains running the show was met with tumbleweed blowing down deserted street, tolling of a church bell in the wind etc.

    Well, after O’Bummers interview with Stephen Colbert has come to light, and all that has transpired since the 2020 coup d’ mail ballots the suggestion doesn’t seen that far fetched. To save the grating on your ears see from @3:38 mins.

    and Tucker is “Stunned.”

    The woman Pirro has a truly awful voice. Mind you, imo, she appears to by vying with the late Joan Rivers for the world record number of facelifts. This might account for her struggle to get the words out.

  463. Germany banning the unvaxxed from food shops!
    Whatever next?

  464. One inevitable consequence of the the Ammass killing will be even less policing in the public interest and more armed close protection of the poli, hatwftical class.
    Will we find that the latest murderer is a habitual drug user or addict as well, as a follower of the ROP? No prizes if thats the case.
    As to what we will be paying to be protected, here’s an example.

  465. On whineing and the whey of the future.

  466. On our ‘Paramilitary Social workers. Nothing new, but it does n harm to be reminded of what we have become. And what we have lost.

  467. Noa – 15:03

    Another inevitable consequence of the recent recent murder was evidenced by politicians never letting a tragedy go to waste when there’s photo ops, soundbites platitudes to be uttered.

    That shitbag Farage was on this morning demanding that all MPs should have security, presumably armed. That’s fair enough, but what about the rest of us who have to live in the third world dystopian shithole that they have created.

    My answer to the John LeCarré’ question posed above, expressed in mathematical terms would be, “The square root of fuck all.”


  468. Noa – 15:03

    Thanks for that article.

    ‘I start with a confession: I used to like Boris Johnson. I found his sense of humour and his apparent charm refreshing when so many politicians seemed to be without either. Now I feel that I have been taken for a fool by a man with no scruples or morals, and who has no other aim but self-aggrandisement.”

    There’s a lot of people in that same boat. Then I read the transcript of that “Guppy” phone call and I’m stunned (to quote Tucker) as to how this was all covered up as he was climbing the greasy pole up into No.10. The MSM are complicit, and I can now understand why Andrew Neil was on BoJo’s case before the last election.

    Margaret Ashworth is quite correct about damaging environmental effects of wind turdbines on bird life, and what “farmers” are doing to nature in general. Her remarks fit my observations up here in the outer spiral arm of England where it’s been the worst year yet for insects and bird life. It’s been pretty much the same story down in Surrey too, I have been told.

  469. Celeberating Black History month in Lancashire.
    “Life as a slave in Preston and the North West in the 18th and 19th centuries – Blog Preston”

    So, an article about black slaves in Preston was unable to identify a single back slave in Preston or the North West. Not a one. Surprise, suprise.

  470. EC @ October 17th, 2021 – 09:40

    Amazingly, EC, Tucker hasn’t yet wised up to the fact that the Presidency matters not a jot, the one that sits in the Oval Office makes no decision, Biden proves it 100%, the man is incoherent, finds it hard to even read the prompter, suffers from an advanced Alzheimer, but does it have any noticeably impact on anything? Nope, the country’s functioning as if the president was ‘fully in charge’, because the powers running the Republic reside not in Washington, and certainly not in the White House, but elsewhere.

  471. Noa @ October 17th, 2021 – 15:09

    Sadly, Noa, even HM the Queen chipped in, she should stay away from the imbecility, never ever interfere, here’s Janet Daley from the DT, one of the best analogical descriptions of the suicidal movement:

    “Climate campaigning, at least in its most well-publicised form, embodies everything that one would expect to see in a movement of fanatical fundamental fervour: the concept of original sin (industrialisation) that requires an acceptance of universal guilt which can only be expiated through self-denial and penance (sacrificing personal prosperity and freedom).”

    That’s indeed what the loonies represent, they gave up believing in God, have to believe in something, found a creed that doesn’t offer itself to the Popper’s falsification principle demarcating science from non-science. How could the AGW be considered scientific if it can be tested and conceivably proven false only in some distant future?

  472. EC @ October 17th, 2021 – 16:12

    Good one, EC, the FA squaring, and you’re right, ordinary people get hit too, more often, what’s to protect them?

    What the politicians are missing is an important, hard-to-evaluate impact of the atrocities committed in the name of any institutionalised zealotry (here religious, but any other, too), it’s that it influences strongly the public behaviour, amongst others, of those likely to be the preferred target (say) MPs, judges, guards, civil servants i.e. people in positions where they have to arbiter, decide between two parties involved.

    If that judging involves an institution that churns out the zealots, the ‘judges’ are more likely to accommodate those following its teaching for fear of getting hit by the delusional followers of the cult.

    In the current environment it’s even more likely as the laws side against anyone courageous to offer a challenge to a possible atrocity, you may recall a case (it may have been the Manchester bombing) where the guard admitted not to challenge what turned out to be one of the perpetrators of the vile act for fear of being accused of racism.

  473. Noa @ October 18th, 2021 – 09:37

    Individual slaves may have indeed treated well, Noa, after all they were a productive asset, but it’s the institution of slavery that one cannot but abhor.

    Btw, why the surprise, it fits our times of telling lies, half-truths and deceptions very well. The example of the fiddler is a nice one though, Baron will use it when the occasion asks for it.

  474. Here’s something completely different:

    If you shave each day (Baron does), go to the Poundland the shop that sells stuff for a pound, locate the men’s display, buy Bic3 Hybrid package, not anything else, they have a range of Bic’s razors, you want the Bic3 Hybrid, it’s bright orange colour, six treble razor heads in the packet, it costs two quid and is almost on par wit the by far more expensive cousins marketed by WS or Gillette, it may not suits your stubble, it works for Baron top, he used to spend big money on the expensive stuff, gets the same result with the Bic3 Hybrid.

    You have to get to the shop when the razors are delivered, they sell very quickly.

  475. Mistakes, mistakes everywhere, just ignore them.

  476. 5 Trillion national debt not a mere 2. How do you send a financially illierate and irresponsible political class and manderinate to the debt management counsellor they and we so desperately need?

  477. Baron
    The slave lecturing class are lecturing people who have never owned slaves and were as likely to have been the descendants of slaves themselves. The Americas and Carribean were powered by native Britons whether criminals, prisoners of the religious wars or indentured servants.
    Of course no one in Britain has owned slaves for 10 generations. Still, we shouldn’t let inconvenient facts come before a good bogus reparation claim.

  478. More speech hijacked…

    By Gordon BlackstockChief Reporter with the Sunday Mail
    * 04:30, 17 OCT 2021

    The word ‘spooky’ has been banned
    It might be synonymous with Halloween – but a major arts organisation has banned the word “spooky” from its shows.
    Despite everything from supermarkets to VisitScotland planning to use it in the lead-up to October 31, National Theatre Scotland (NTS) has dropped it after spooky was flagged up as a racist slur.

    It was last used by NTS in 2016 for A Christmas Carol at the Old Kirk in Kirkcaldy, which it described as a “spooky location”.
    But the charity’s commitment to fight racism, brought in the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement, has identified offensive words… including spooky.

    A theatre source said: “No one has complained about it but there were worries they could in the future.
    “There’s been a lot of training and meetings since the BLM movement and how NTS should change.

    “It might seem mad but NTS is committed to fighting racism so need to be extra careful in the language it uses.
    ” It’s always been a really white organisation but it is trying to change that and become more diverse.

    “There might not be many people who know that ’spooky’ can also be used as racist but, even if it’s one person who is offended, it’s one person too many.”

    The controversy around the word re-emerged in the US in the last decade.
    The Dutch word “spook” translates as ghost and has been used in English since the 19th century. It is also used to describe a spy.
    But in World War II it took on a more sinister meaning. US military officers began using it as a derogatory term to describe black pilots.

    In 2000 Philip Roth wrote a book called The Human Stain, which told the story of an academic forced to quit after calling two black students ‘spooks’. And in 2010 supermarket chain Target apologised after selling black soldier action figures called “Spook Drop Parachuters”.
    Glasgow-based NTS, largely funded by the Scottish Government and headed up by Jackie Wylie, has campaigned on racial equality since 2020.

    The organisation publishes details about ethnicity, gender and disability status of its board and staff.

    But latest figures show over 91 per cent of its board and 87 per cent of its core staff are white.

    Recent NTS productions include Hannah Lavery’s Lament For Sheku Bayoh, which deals with issues about the death of the 31-year-old and performed by a cast of Scottish black women.
    NTS said: “The company will now always interrogate language choices on all materials to try to ensure that no offence or hurt is caused by inappropriate language or by words that have historically oppressive connotations.”

  479. EC
    It’s important for activists to ban a noun. It shows they’re tough and mean business.
    After all, they can’t sell enough tickets to their pretentious productions to pay their way, so are dependent on Arts Council equality grants to fund their idiots ideology.

  480. Baron October 18th, 2021 – 10:23
    You are right. Mi’lud. Her Majesty should have maintained her dignity by staying out of the great scam. It will lead to the end of the monarchy. Obviously one and all the Windsors have decided to provide for their future enforced retirement from the Monarchy business in the socialist Republic of Britain by embracing the sure fire success of the global warming agenda.
    I can’t say I’ll be grieving when the Citizens Committee confiscates their titles, lands and assets, their behaviour calculating and self serving, is beneath contempt.

  481. Tragic though the murder of Sir David Amess is, it has provided the political class with the opportunity to impose Internet censorship, without any causal linkage to the murder.
    A good day to bury or at least obfuscate bad news. Of course ongoing mass legal and illegal immigration will continue without let or hindrance.

  482. Even though its link to such murders is far more direct and clear.

  483. Noa @ October 18th, 2021 – 20:05

    You should look in the Spectator’s site, Noa, three articles that cover the murder, all excellent reads, have the comment section shut, those posting complain, but nobody gives a shite, it wouldn’t shock if next week Fraser failed to publish a long narrative about the freedom of speech in Britain, total censorship in Russia (or China).

    As one of the postings says ‘free speech didn’t kill Sir David, but his murder certainly killed free speech’, as if we had a genuine free speech before, it has been something close to self-censorship for some time now.

  484. EC @ October 18th, 2021 – 15:37

    Soon, EC, they may ban speech altogether, it will be left to the sign language to maintain the communication between people, much safer, nobody could be offended.

    But why ban the word ‘spooks’? It’s a synonym for spies, is it not?

  485. Anyone any suggestions how to make tasty sloe gin?

  486. Baron – 22:44

    Use decent gin, preferably Gordons.
    The skins of the sloes needs to be broken to allow the gin to do its work. Use can use a fork to laboriously do this, or do what we do. To avoid all any unnecessary forking about then stick your bag of sloes into the deep freeze for a day or so, then put into your jars. Now pour the room temperature gin over the sloes and voila! The sloe skins will crack instantly. Add sugar per your recipe at hand. Shake jars every few days.(don’t forget to put the lids on though! 🙂 )

    Most importantly, NEVER dilute the final product as some lily livered people might suggest.

  487. It’s a brave new world, ennit…

    Not only is the UK now “The Saudi Arabia of Wind Farms” (© Boris)
    now Scottish schools are scanning faces of pupils as payment for lunch!

  488. Noa – 19:29 & 19:59

    Yerrrs, quite!
    Or to use the latest catchphrase to express dissatisfaction [popular the US right now]
    “Let’s Go, Brandon!”

    The people at the top of the pile of the British establishment think it will last forever and their places are assured in perpetuity. It won’t. They are on shakier ground than they realise.

    I’ll never forget the seeing the TV footage of the bewildered Nicolae Ceaușescu standing of the balcony of his palace as the crowds before him booed and heckled him as he was announcing his “benevolete reforms” on December 21st, 1989.”

    Too little, too late. He fled the capital on the 22nd and we all know what happened on the 25th.

  489. benevolent !


  490. Sloe, sloe, quick quick sloe!
    Arent you about a month or so too late for the preparation of the Ruby nectar a la the EC recipe, Mi’lud? My annual wrestling match with the remaining avians concluded by September.
    Fortunately the sanson crop was excellent and provided an excellent alternative. As did the cheap vodka provided by a neighbour getting rid of spare alcohol.
    Spare alcohol!? I ask you….!

  491. Sanson =Damson!

  492. EC: You are a star, young sir, the idea of the freezer first, the bottling next sounds excellent, it will be done, the choice of gin is a different matter, Baron has already bought the Sainsbury’s London Dry gin, he isn’t allowed to splash more than that what with spending good money on the gin proper, that’s what the boss gracefully permitted.

    Noa: It’s not late at all, in fact the sloe berries are just about ready now, one can taste them, Baron does on his daily walks, it’s one of the vitamins he fills himself with. One can only wish to have a neighbour trying to dispose of alcohol, lucky you.

    Is it true that one has to wait at least three months before tasting the stuff? Also, how to drink it? On its own, right?

  493. The Spectator has a number of articles on the murder, the coming Cop26 in Glasgow, and the extension of the dictatorial powers for another six months, but no postings are allowed. That’s what freedom of expression has evolved into in the 21st century.

  494. Ah the xji n!

    “When To Pick Sloes and Sloe Gin Recipe – Woodland Trust”

  495. At the end of this 4 minute piece Colin Brazier asks a very pertinent question of the enthusiasts for open borders.

    “The migrant crisis has been weaponised by Belarus”

  496. Please, help.

    Over on the Spectator site Baron chipped in in a piece penned by Mr. Lipson about the Donald’s lost election that suggested that Trump’s continuing moaning about the lost election does the American Republic harm with the following:

    B: Wrong, Mr. Lipson, it’s the dementia ridden Biden that’s doing the harm, it shows the Office of the President of the US can be occupied even by a mammal that finds it hard to read the teleprompter (say) a well behaved baboon”.

    To which another blogger (called Disinterested) responded with

    D: “Would that baboon have a better grasp of syntax than you do”?

    To which Baron responded with

    B: “Would “his sitting in the Oval Office shows the Office …” be what you are critical of, D?” The ‘it’ however, may easily refer to the dementia, after all it is the age sickness that truly occupies the office, Biden is but the conduit for it, is he not?

    And got this answer from D

    D: “I’m sorry, B. That’s even harder to parse than your previous attempt”.

    There were other responses to the Baron’s posting, they didn’t attack, just commented on the substance of the posting.

    Baron will gladly agree his syntax stinks, even glader agree that his grasp of your tongue is rather suspect, but will you please tell him what did the guy D object to? You are born and bred in the country of the English language it must be obvious to you, it isn’t to Baron, take his word for it, he fails to figure where he erred, and please no patronising or saying nice things about the blue veined barbarian or his postings.


  497. A timely narrative in the Spectator by Sam Ashworth-Hayes under the heading “We need to talk about the killing of David Amess”. No comments are allowed. Arghhhh

    One would have thought they publish the piece under a different heading, but no, the invitation is there, but only as a bait. What are they afraid of?

  498. Noa @ October 20th, 2021 – 16:20

    A goodie this one, Noa, but for some reason the piece missed the American Republic, their LNG producers are negotiating with Chinese companies massive contracts for the supply of the LNG stuff, as we speak, the rumour is (in the Russian media) that the US suppliers are currently flogging China four times the volume shipped only months ago, you know why China and not Europe? Juicer prices. Another arghhh

  499. Noa @ October 20th, 2021 – 15:34

    An excellent piece and a blog worth visiting, Noa, thanks.

    It may be obvious only to someone that experienced the last stages of the Soviet Empire and the West of the same period (say) around the Reagan’s presidency plus/minus 10 years, but since the collapse of the Eastern model of the communist doctrine the nature of the two geopolitical camps has been reversing, the West is slowly but unmistakably moving towards authoritarianism, curtailment of freedoms, whilst the East is enjoying the attributes of freedoms and common sense never even dreamt of when the bolsheviks ruled, if the trend continues, give it another decade or so and the roles will be reversed fully. Rather stupefying that, and in Baron’s case totally unexpected.

  500. EC @ October 20th, 2021 – 08:35

    Aren’t the French doing the same to us as the Lukashenko’s lot’s doing to Poland, EC? Both of the two streams have to close, we’ve touched on it already, you may recall Baron’s suggestion to go after the organisers of the illegal trafficking in humans, that’s what we should do, we don’t because deep down the middle class that runs the country wants the cheap labour to come, they need the immigrants for the manual jobs paying them less than the indigenous people would cost. Criminal this.

    There’s another point here, the EU paid Turkey billions to keep the immigrants in Turkey, shouldn’t they do a similar deal with the Belorussian thug, very little difference between the two monsters, both imprison judges, journalists, opponents.

  501. Your point was clear, logical and well made Baron. Though the the use of ‘of’ before ‘a well behaved baboon’ would have been grammatically more complete, the English language is perfectly capable of handling almost all arrangements of nouns, adjectives and verbs, including the one you used. Certainly its better than my Czech.
    D is obviously an intellectually stunted, immature pedant, making an ad hominem attack on your point, as he was obviously incapable of a logical refutation of it. Indeed for all I know he may even agree with it but simply chose to be offensive and a snob.
    Frankly, he’s talking through his parse.

  502. Noa @ October 20th, 2021 – 23:51

    Very grateful and more, Noa, one can never master a language as well as those that were born with it, Baron certainly cannot, he couldn’t figure the insertion of ‘of’, even though he did ponder the structure of the short posting for more than a while, thanks again.

    Btw, BBC Radio4 News this morning was moaning about a number of countries trying to water down the report that would be the ‘most authoritative scientific assessment’ of where we are on the AGW imbecility and what we should do to save the planet (arghhh), amongst the countries are the Saudi Arabia (oil), Australia (coal exports), Japan (?) and India (coal burning).

    Putin gave the Glasgow’s jamboree of the deluded a miss, nobody knows if Xi will attend, the important guest will be there however, princess nut-nut, the current wife of our leader.

  503. Baron, October 20th, 2021 – 23:08

    “Frankly, he’s talking through his parse.” (Noa)
    🙂 I couldn’t have that it better myself!

    Well done for challenging Lipson’s bollocks, and that of his ardent admirer “D”.

    For self evident reasons I hate “grammar Nazis.” The blog-o-sphere is infested with them.

    This “D” had no answer to you substantive points and the result is always ad hom. How very dare you challenge Mr. Lipson’s parroting of the MSM’s Biden cover up as “WRONG!”

    Our late guru’s response to such idiots was to challenge them thus,
    “Oh dear! You’re not [whoever]’s Mum are you?” Then he let them have it!
    Daniel Krapski and his “mum” got this treatment on more than one occasion, as did other Spectoid bloggers. They suffered far worse at the hands/keyboard of “Vulture” who was merciless – so funny. Those were the days when the Spectator blogs were actually worth visiting.

    Don’t get disheartened and KBO! Your English is better than mine!
    My motto: “You know it’s the genuine EC when there follows an e&oe!”

  504. I’ve noticed that with E10 my travel range per tank of fuel has been reduced by 10%, from @365 to 330 miles. Its cost has increased from £45 to £65 per tank.
    In other words the substitution of reused chip fat for petrol has resulted in a 10% increase in fuel duty, excluding the 50% in tax revenue, for less usage.
    At what point does white van and small car man take to the streets to chip pan bomb the Manderinocracy?

  505. Baron, October 20th, 2021 – 23:44

    Eric Honecker, dear leader of the “DDR”, weaponised “refugees” by shipping them in to E. Berlin on flights from far flung. They queued up in orderly fashion to march cross Checkpoint Charlie after being taught one word of German, “Asyl.” It was enshrined into the West German constitution at that time that anybody presenting themselves at that time uttering that word must be allowed in. They were then shipped off to hostels (mustn’t call them camps) for three months and taught how to speak and be Cherman! It was quite a racket, and a lot of people on both sides of the border made a fortune from these er… educational facilities.

    Of course, it took some decades for Frau Merkel, another E. German, to surpass Honecker’s efforts. That she did!

  506. Is this the post that earned Simon Webb his current Zuckertube ban?
    Or was it some other example of his egregious, politically incorrect thinking?

  507. Noa, October 21st, 2021 – 10:16


    The increased fuel consumption, emissions and thereby greenhouse gasses, means that the introduction of E10 will have had no effective whatsoever.

    Therefore, expressed in mathematical terms, E10’s contribution to reducing “global warming” would be, “The square root of fuck all.”

    The increased transport costs will add fuel to the fires of inflation though.

  508. Noa, October 21st, 2021 – 11:18


  509. EC @ October 21st, 2021 – 09:58

    As always, EC, you’re too generous and even more forgiving, thanks.

    Don’t we all miss him, such a great pity he had to depart when the idiocy may be coming, hopefully, to the boiling point on at least one front (provided the Winter delivers temperatures on par with the Siberian norm, and the gas reserves empty quickly).

  510. Noa @ October 21st, 2021 – 10:1

    £1.61 that’s the today’s price of the top power diesel at Baron’s local Shell petrol station, 22p above the pre-covid price. Why should there be what amounts to some 15% hike in the price?

    Putin was talking today amongst other issues also about new investments in the fossil fuel industry saying there wasn’t enough money allocated to it, loans to extract the black goal were not available, and yet every country’s screaming for more pool and gas.

    Baron may have said it here before, only Qatar invested in drilling new gas holes, are making a fortune today, almost all shipped to China, arghhh.

  511. Baron
    I suspect the flare-off from the Saudi Aramco oil wells in Al Khobar produce more CO2 than all the ‘savings’ produced by the E10 fuel switch.

  512. AO good post and links, if anyone can stand anymore BBG from the No 10 taurus excretia machine.

  513. “SNP Scotland hosts COP26”

    Andrew McSporran Lawrence

  514. Tucker talking about his new documentary, “Blown Away”

  515. Tucker again, talking about and showcasing the weird and wonderful Harris-Biden administration OFFICIAL videos.

    “What the hell is going on here?”

    Does anybody know where I can buy a Cackling Harris and Mr Dead Halloween masks for this year? I fear that the Jimmy Saville and Rolfie masks might not deter the latest crop of feral scrotes this year, as they don’t know who they are… D’ya think Prince Andrew might work?

  516. You could ways pay tribute to the hands on approach adopted by our own shills, EC. That should send the little sods off screaming into the night.
    If you really want to go Joe (pointless, I’d say given our edukation sistim) , try Amazon US, I’m sure Jeff’s cupidity will let him sell you one.

    Matt Hancock (Odd) Celebrity Mask, Flat Card Face, Fancy Dress Mask

  517. This is short (unless you read the full research), but it makes a point hard to argue with, the green energy sources (so far mostly solar and wind) are no solution to what the perceived boil is, often they contribute to it:

  518. Eureka! And only the price of a pint of petrol. Bargain!
    Joe Biden Latex Mask , Amtrak , American US President , Politician, Kamala, Robinette , Fancy Dress

  519. I have been giving some thought to the ‘lone jidhadist’ attack on Sir David Amess. Terrible though his murder was, such attacks in the political class, which are wrongly called attacks on democracy, are far more likely result in effective anti-migration legislation than say, the attacks on teenage girls in Manchester.
    How many dead MPs will it take to stop the rot? Ten, fifty, half of them? Better dead MPs than dead children if that’s what’s required to bring these barstewards to their senses in this lon, low intensity war.

  520. BEGORRAH!

    That’s not actually an Irish word, but reportedly not much else is either these days…

  521. Made in dear old Iregeria…
    Nice to see the unreformed and unreformable Simon Webb back from his spell in YT Belmarsh.

  522. Made in dear old Iregeria…
    Nice to see the unreformed and unreformable Simon Webb back from his spell in YT Belmarsh.
    And there’s more…

  523. Baron,

    Not funding the illegal biological warfare “research,” nor the millions dying of his resultant “surprisingly” enhanced corona virus, but this ​could be the end of Fauci, in the UK at any rate.

    Having Beagle puppies’ vocal chords cut to that their cries would distress his lab workers? What a bastard!

    Of course the dog loving Chinese won’t Bat an eyelid, nor the continental mountebanks who ordered up the new gas chambers where monkeys were strapped in a seat and made to breathe diesel emissions from presumably VW engines.

  524. aaargh… “so” and “wouldn’t” !
    I’m sure that this keyboard has bee got at!

  525. I see that they have finally destroyed Tommy Robinson. He’s been bankrupted by all the lawfare…and now his wife has left him.
    He’s in a bad place. The bullies are now gleeful as they have made an example of him that will frighten others.
    A working-class man who uses traditional freedom to put issues in the public varena. Ruined.

  526. Tommy Robinson, a modern Wat Tyler, is the epitome of the ordinary man, is permitted to voice his concerns through his elected member of Parliament, who understands the issues and may if he chooses express the issues on his behalf. Or not. Don’t you just applaud the British system of government, which has maintained stability, by adaptation, to ensure the ingenious retention of power, for 1100 years?

  527. John Birch
    The Denial an excellent book, has earler literary parallels.
    Th.iIt has echoes of both The Crucible and Animal Farm.
    You can see aspects of it every day now, right down to the whipping up of irrational hatred. Literally every day…and these are the ‘intelligent’ people
    I remember seeing the Crucible at the Octagon in the 1960s, it was very moving and, the Salem trials being based on the King James legal instruction for the trial of Witches, was the same basis for the Pendle Witch trials. Lunacy, mendacity and fantasy compounded on sheer lack of reason and objectivity and through fear and institutional conformaty, were accepted as fact. The age of reason supposedly replaced such chimeras. The new Age of Unreason is now replacing it.
    It also reminded me of Shaw’s St Joan, a play about an earlier illiterate activist and immature female hysteric, who after being manipulated by the powers that be, was burned at the stake for heresy by her political enemies.

  528. After the doom and gloom cheer yourself up with a doe of Taki, or is that taqquia?

  529. I’ve just picked this up from the Mark Steyn website:

    “Programming note: On Monday Mark Steyn returns to UK telly for the first time in decades. He’ll be joining Colin Brazier live at 8pm London time (3pm North American Eastern) on the new GB News.”

    I don’t “do” Live TV but it’ll be on YouTube within the hour afterwards.

  530. Now here’s the latest broadcast by the King of Scotland…

    Neil Oliver: ‘Hey Government, we are not stupid’

    Brilliant. As an interim measure, Noa, would you accept his temporary appointment as replacement for the Windors while we get things sorted out. They could all go off and do their own thing and be happy. Charles, for example, would be much happier living with his pals in Mecca.

  531. EC
    Thank you for the note about Mark Steyn. It’s in my diary. You should be able to watch him streamed live via the GB news channel on You Tube.
    Sadly my missus refuses to join the revution and I sists on paying the Bleep Woke subscription, despite neither kof us having watched it for years.
    What’s wrong with being jailed for non payment of tax? I asked her. Free accommodation, heating, food and priority medical treatment, what more could you want?”

  532. Yes He’s a good lad is Mr Oliver.
    Massive respect for his common sense and essential decency.

  533. But Jocks as British monarchs? That tends not to work out well, even if it would be an improvement on the inbred mutant Hanoverians.

  534. This was just too good not to share, and hopefully end the week with a smile…

    Time for Rita’s Weekly Reality Check

    ‘Daydreaming about riding a pony’: Joe Biden’s fists gaffe at CNN town hall

  535. Belfield on the Bog, Could the principle of waterboarding our politicians and manderinate up the old ‘annus erectus’, like a new form of trial by water, catch on?

  536. Re Joe and his horse. Here’s an old favourite that shows he’s right.

  537. “Britain: A Land Without Truth”
    Morgoth’s Review

    An interesting analysis.

  538. Ankara: “… the epicentre of the world…”
    And the collapse o EU opposition to political imprisonment.

  539. Noa – 20:43

    That DW article highlighted the hypocrisy of the EU [i.e.Germany] regarding the treatment Osman Kavala vs Julian Assange.

    Has Germany formed a government yet? The fact that it can go on for so long after an election without a “government” reveals that, like in other western “democracies,” it isn’t really the “elected” politicians running the show.

    I don’t envisage modern day Turkey being pushed around by the EU no matter who is in charge.

  540. Some entertaining stuff in here…

  541. @10:15

    LOL Scrap that, he’s given up!

  542. If the people who sanctioned the John Lewis advert aren’t sacked for stupidity they should be.

  543. EC 10.06
    “Liebensraum!” cried the failtbful as they flung themselves against the bayonets of the Infidel at the borders of Paradise.
    Recep screams for “Respect, Bro!”, whilst demanding his danegelt, arms and the transfer of Western jobs and industry.
    Will the Poles submit to Adolphs demands? Will Germany repatriate her 10 million Turkish guest workers? Will pigs fly over Munich?

  544. Noa – 16:52

    Ja, das stimmt! Danzig und Stettin are already part of Germany aka zere EU!
    I think that Ursula Von Der Lying is on ein sticky vikkit here efendi, and she probably should never have left the chorus in the touring company of “Zere Sound of Musik.”

    That’s quite a voting block good ole Recep has there in Chermany! [“gassed arbeiter”, Shirley?] Sadiq must gaze upon it with envious eyes.

    The Sultan actually has a surfeit of manufactured arms, NATO ammo, Ford Transit Vans etc. and is now reportedly flogging his drones to all and sundry, much to Vlad’s annoyance.

    Dunno about pigs over Munich but Mosquitos certainly did, with Mrs EC’s uncle dropping flares.

  545. ‘Thirty thousands people are flying into Glasgow to tell you you must not fly’, says the great Mark Steyn on Farage, he cannot be more right, but a fat lot of good will that do, most people, properly conditioned to trust the anointed, will meekly accept that they mustn’t fly, a small minority will revolt, nobody will pay any attention to them, that’s how today’s democracy works.

  546. The Cardinal of Rome, Baron’s chief believer is coming to Glasgow to beef up the jamboree of the world’s deluded, he has also issued a statement saying ‘the Cop26 must offer concrete hopes for future generations’.

    Why doesn’t;t he stick to what his job reference says he should be doing? He should be offering a spiritual advice to the mortals, assuaging their inner weaknesses, strengthening their faith in Him and ourselves, and not telling the world deluded leaders to mess up our lives even more than they’ve managed to do so far.

  547. Defining “Democracy” is a like trying to nail jelly to a wall. It’s slippery customer, as anybody who reads our chum the fugitive émigré’s book, “Democracy as a Neocon Trick” will discover. Readers will be glad to know that the slippery blogger is still at it, having dodged the Scorflufous. Just goes to show that a double dose piety and conceit is as good a shield as any vaccine. Cpl. Bertie “They don’t like it up ’em Capn. Беглец” Jones is still there too.

    As we are here, and not there.

  548. Baron – 08:29

    Because he’s is a Marxist not a Christian.
    He all about the collective and not the individual.

    As for all the concrete, it’s an exothermic reaction and will only increase global warming. (2500 tons of it under each wind turdbine)

  549. David Starkey Talks!

    He has started his own YouTube channel.

  550. Evening All

    For reasons I cannot retrieve, I decided to check how George Laird was getting on and was pleased to see that he is still knocking it out of the park.

    Has anyone seen my old mucker, cigar-chompin’ John Jefferson Burns? What does he think of the Land of the Free no longer being world policeman? It’s those pesky Chinese you want to watch, JJB. If they jump up and down all at once, that tidal wave is coming straight for *you* (pointz).

  551. Andy Car Park @ October 30th, 2021 – 23:09

    What kept you, ACP, you’ve missed most of all Frank P’s departure from the festering boil of progressive wokenism, he’s no longer with the living, nor are the others but hopefully not because they stopped breathing, now it’s EC, Noa, occasionally John Birch and Malfleur, that’s the lot, it may well be nobody ever visits the blog anyway, the few of us just talk to ourselves.

  552. EC @ October 30th, 2021 – 13:36

    Thanks for the tip, EC, Baron has subscribed, also posted an advice to him to cut the videos to no more than 10 minutes, there’s only 24 hours on a day, one has limited viewing time, other baggers like him have also valid points to make. This is where the toothless historian scores well, his points get articulated in minutes, that’s the way to attract the public.

  553. The MSM were full of the news the editor of a Russian paper ‘the New Gazette’ had received the Nobel trinket for the opposition to the Putin’s regime, they didn’t mention at all that the guy Muratov attended the recent Valdai gathering asked Putin a question, got the answer he may not have liked. The clip is subtitled, it doesn’t last that long, around eight minutes:

  554. Andy Car Park – 23:09

    TBH I thought that George had died! He’d been seriously ill and had stopped posting, so I had stopped looking. George had been such a thorn in the side of the Scottish Nationalist Socialist Party over the years I thought that one of their CyberNats (Mc Petrov?) must’ve slipped some Po-210 or Novichok into his pint of heavy.

    George experimented with videos too. McKrankie was so incensed by his indyref victory lap video she had YouTube take it down. Split me sides laughing at this one!
    Sadly all that remains of this video is a screenshot…

    These totalitarian despots just ain’t go not sense of humour.

    Greetings, to yourself and the others…

  555. Is there any hope for Europe? None for Britain, looking at the previleged cretinocracy that is currently prancing into Glasgow. Why wasn’t Greta Thunderbox arrested and immediately deported as a terrorist?
    But maybe the embers of resistance haven’t quite Burnet out in France…
    France: Can this Journalist Become President and Save France?

  556. Sps- they’re suckerbug’s fault.

    ACP nice to see you, stop by more often.

  557. At last it looks as if the Rolls Royce modular reactors are being taken seriously.
    Having worked in nuclear stations all over the world they seem to me to be the only way to get atomic power working as quickly as possible .
    They work, have been proven for many years and we still have the people who designed them and understand them.
    An amusing aside, a few years ago I was ready to go to the Scottish Nuclear station at the very top of Scotland when my boss called me into the office and said you can’t go.
    I said what do you mean, everything’s been arraigned passes done security cleared.
    I know he said but they’ve decided that your wife being Chinese is a security risk and we’ve just had a phone call to say you can’t go.
    This was when China was already building nuclear sites that were new modern and way ahead of our antiquated stations that we’re heading for decommissioning.

  558. Sorry but not surprised to hear about the demise of Frank P. He had had a couple of health-scares down the years and did well to last as long as he did. I hope his memoirs will somehow see the light of day.

    I shall try to pop by now and again, particularly if there are any morsels to be shared. In the meantime, let us hope that COP26 is the complete fiasco that it promises to be.

  559. If you click into this article about Backstairs Billy and scroll down to the paragraph beginning ‘In his most bitter moments …’ [!], you will see a picture of BB dancing with the Queen Mother as a grinning Chazzo looks on with approval.

    A few years ago, I went a-trolling with the innuendo that Backstairs Billy, from a three quarter view, could pass for George Soros. I also dropped a few heavy hints that, having ‘honoured’ the QM, George had pushed his luck a little further and was now rogering the Queen. I won’t go so far as to say that the hoax went viral but there were quite a few rustic simpletons that rose to the bait.

    Mind you, the joke will be on me if Soros really IS rogering the Queen.

  560. Andy car park. I’ve given up on common sense, nothing surprises me now.

  561. Quotes and memes within the “interlubes” on “common sense” are not at all uncommon. Cognition and reason aside, doesn’t a society have to be fairly homogeneous to achieve any sense of “common?”

    Maybe the royals will unite broken Britain. Gawd, bless ’em, inshallah etc.

  562. Andy Car Park, November 1st, 2021 – 20:38

    That sounds like a right “Carry On Up The Khyber.”
    “Time for Tiffin?”

    I had never heard of this particular “Backdoor Billy” before, although there had been so many rumours over the decades that one had assumed that it was a prerequisite to obtaining employment within Buck’ House inc. The same goes for the Camel Corps and the BBC.

    WBGTDWI? Maybe not “Everything” in the current insanity, but still a lot more than it should.

  563. Brass monkey weather in the Debatable lands. Sure could do with some global warming here.

    I read this yesterday and, piss boiling, I was just about ready to join Trough of Bowland Red Brigade led by the inspirational oligarch Noavanovich DerryPaxo.

    The “Banquo’s ghost” at COP26 is of course nuclear energy, which is the only reliable yet “green” and long term solution. Anthony Charles Lynton Blair should’ve sorted all this out in 1997 when he got a landslide victory. Too busy talking to god for 10 years, reportedly.

  564. Greta Thunberg appeared to be enjoying her visit to Glasgow for Cop26 on Monday as she joined a crowd of protesters in singing “You can shove your climate crisis up your arse.”
    First time I’ve agreed with her on anything..
    And the further the better.

  565. Remember that behind every transient, burbling, vainglorious politician like Blair, Cameron or Johnson, or simpleton like the Thunderbox, is a permanent, controlling mendacious Mandarinate and an attendant army of scuttling civil service rodents.

  566. At last, a politician out on the street talking ‘street’ with the Yoof! The Swedish savant child may not exactly be the next ABBA but given an autotune Mic then that refrain could be Sweden’s winning entry for Eurovision 2022.

    Yerrrs, I had intended to attend COP26 to myself. I was going to sail me little bo-at up to the Clyde and moo-er it alongside the SEC Hydro Centre. Couldn’t get a space as it was chock full with super yachts and luxury cruise ships.

    Private jets? We’ve come a long way since “two Jags, two shags” Prescott!

    Last orders at the Garrick Club?

    A variation of an old joke…

    Boris: “Waiter, do you serve insects here?”
    Waiter: “Yes Sir, we serve anybody.”

  567. EC
    Sorry you couldn’t dock, We’ll park the “Bezos” and “Gates” better next time. Unfortunaty both our superyachts were needed: for my own humble accommodation needs and for my negotiation team, leasing the two post Croc redundant cruise ships for Afghan and Dover dingy migrant accommodation in Morecombe Bay. £250 per night each and no more 8 per cabin was Pritis final offer. And they can just nip over the side and catch shrimp whilst the tide’s out!
    My God, how the money rolls in!
    See you at the Garrick tonight!

    Boris: “Waiter, do you serve insects here?”
    Waiter: “Yes Sir, we serve anybody.”
    “But not waycist wobbie! ”

  568. The widespread confusion over the demise of Lionel Blair reminds me of that (unfortunately apocryphal) story about the reaction of leading public intellectual, Mariah Carey, when informed of the demise of King Hussein of Jordan.

    Mariah told CNN “I’m inconsolable at the present time, I was a very good friend of Jordan, he was probably the greatest basketball player this country has ever seen; we will never see his like again”.

    When told by reporters that it was King Hussein of Jordan who had died and not Michael Jordan, Mariah burst into tears and was led from the stage by her security detail. She later issued a press release saying that her thoughts were with the people of Iraq ‘at this terrible time’.

    Source: China Daily, with coda added by some troll.

  569. To the Banqueting House with them!
    When TCW says they should go the writing really is on the wall.

  570. ACW

    “Aye, heads bowed, the baseball courts of Jordan will be in silent mourning th’night.”

  571. That Was The Week That Was

    Mark’s damning indictment of Boris, COP26 Wk1, and Priti Patel.
    Unexpected praise for the mayor of Calais, and how the contents of Emperor Bokassa’s larder prevented McKrankie’s stats from bottoming out.

    … facts, all served on a bed of gallows humour but not at The Garrick.

  572. Andy Car Park, November 5th, 2021 – 21:31

    “That’s a cracker!” Frank Carson.

    Anyhooo, Mariah Carey is/was to warbling what Russell Howard is/was to comedy.

  573. “The Battle of the Dentures”.
    History Debunked meets New Culture Forum, live at 9.30am Sunday morning.
    Watch and listen to it in sterodent!

  574. And Simon Webb’s new book, “The Equalitarian Dogma” is available free, here.
    Seems a better option than watching Gazza of the Teeth on MOTD.

  575. NCF meets the Oldest Jumper in Epping…
    Wot next?
    An interview with Fraser Nelson?
    A column in the Spectator?
    Supper at the Garrick?

  576. And Gazza collects a halo from the Belfiel.

  577. Noa, November 7th, 2021 – 09:35

    I remember fugitive gnashers being a thing in my parents’ day. My father didn’t have a tooth left in his head by the time he was 60. I don’t think those fixative putty products ever worked satisfactorily to secure the falsies. In particular, they failed to prevent the ingress of any granular particles of food under the top and bottom plates. This sometimes led to some rather unedifying displays as one set or another set was levered out to remove an offending irritant. Awful!

    Re: “What’s that in the road. A head?”

    PW’s intro on the NCF went thus:
    “Hello and welcome to What You’re Saying Is I’m Peter Whittle.”

    Will the real Spartacus stand up!

  578. Re: Gnashers

    A friend of a friend is a receptionist in a brothel (bear with me). It advertises as a massage parlour in the no-mark suburb of Colindale. Perhaps it is somewhere near the Police College (a minute’s silence in memory of absent friends).

    Item 1. One of the ‘girls’ is actually a tranny. Practically none of the punters notice. You just get the occasional one who, as he pulls on his raincoat, Lieutenant Columbo-style, asks, ‘Just one more thing, Ma’am. Was that a real vagina?’

    Item 2. Another (cis this time) is a crack addict. She has lost all her teeth through drug abuse. I would like to spin the yarn that the massage parlour’s publicity material shows the dentition in a glass on a cabinet by the side of one of the beds. But I suspect at least one of you would smell a rat. Anyway, onwards and upwards. Crack addict is currently doing jury service at a well-known Crown Court. Every day she gets through security with a stash of cocaine and a crack pipe secreted in her Covid mask. The other jurors don’t have a problem with it. In fact, they have elected her the foreman.

    And what have we here, Wallsters? The tip of the iceberg. The tip of the iceberg.

  579. ACW
    I’m always amazed at your knowledge and breadth of life’s rich experiences. Although I recollect that the lack of teeth, especially front teeth, can be an asset for those employed in the world’s oldest profession. Whether the tranny would have been more suited to the role of jury foreman we can only speculate. Equally so with the durability, servicability and ultimate customer satisfaction, or otherwise, of the constructed plasto-vagina that zie sports.

    In my time in Riyadh during the early ’90s I sometimes visited the Gentlemans Club run by friends Gary and Mary O’nions (for more of them see “Saudi Babylon” by Mark Hollingworth and Sandy Mitchell). This illegal bar existined on sufferance from the Saudi authorities, who eventually closed it down with extreme prejudice because of the embarrasment caused to the adjacent brothel and its eminent Saudi clientele by the inebriated expats at the Club goggling and cat calling the customers as they rolled out of their gold Rollers and Mercs into the arms of powdered queans and tarts.
    The cry of “Give ‘im one for me, Abdul!”, to the Governor of Riyadh from a biltzed Aussie pilot remains with me to this day.

  580. The Daily Telegraph report (“Nato warns Minsk over threat to
    EU border”. 9/11/21) identifies the former EU President and Opposition leader
    Donald Tusk as urging the Polish Government to consider triggering Nato Article
    4, forcing Nato partners to consider possible military action to stop Belarus
    from forcing 3,000 to 4,000 migrants across the border in the EU and no doubt onwards, in the direction of Calais and Benefits Island.
    No doubt the United Kingdom would be called upon to support any agreed military action.
    Any such support should be conditional upon France, an EU
    and Nato member, immediately ceasing and desisting from similar
    overtly aggressive activities in escorting over 20,000 illegal migrants to the
    UK’s maritime borders this year alone.
    Failure to do so sould result in Britain similarly triggering Article 4 against France.
    simultaneously those who have arrived here so far, should be seamlessly transported to Northern Ireland and told that a bright new future awaits them in Ireland and the EU.

  581. Andy Car Park, November 9th, 2021 – 13:00

    Not only handy for the Julia Middleton Academy (formerly Hendon Police College) but also for the Bang-Bang Oriental Food Hall, not forgetting the Hummingbird Kia dealership, and the Colindale branch of Screwfix. Colindale sounds like a veritable Sodom & Gumhorror!

    Your toothless crack ho will be quite at home in the company of the judiciary, I’m sure.

  582. I used to love the food hall which was there 10 years ago , I used to call in and stock up while working at silkstream just down the road.
    I didn’t realise it had returned as another food hall complex, it had been empty for a long time.

  583. Mark Steyn covering for Colin Brazier on GB News last night.

    Well worth a look.

  584. Very good, excellent, EC, He’s on every Friday, it’s must watch for Baron, the man’s great, he takes the issues up to what can squeeze through without the woke fruitcakes getting their knickers in the double twist.

    The girl he had on is the editor of the Conservative Woman, a courageous woman, and gifted also.

  585. The mustachio Simon on our troops dispatched to Poland, priceless, the man’s talent to encapsulate serious issues into just few minutes seems bottomless, you should enjoy the less than five minutes spiel:

  586. Have you noticed the difference in the make-up of the refugees reaching our shores and those in Belarus? The former are virtually all young men, no women or children, the latter seem to have predominantly families.

    This suggests the immigrants reaching Belarus may have got financial help, they were displaced into the countries from which they fly by the ME fighting, the host countries have no desire to keep them, they are a burden, they offered them money to leave.

    We were once contemplating a similar scheme, it makes sense, for a airline ticket the country frees itself from looking after the displaced families for years, if not forever.

  587. You should know Baron’s sobbing uncontrollably, has been since he heard the target for the rise in the temperature is not the 1.49degC he was hoping for because that’s the rise that would have saved the planet and all life on it, as it stands now what with coal being only ‘phased down’ we are all to die, perish, be no more.

    Sweet baby Jesus if you’re there, please have mercy kill us gently quickly and mercifully, thank you.

  588. Baron
    Don’t worry old chap.
    Just for you I’ll throw another two buckets of nutty slack on the study fire tonight.
    Now, can anyone tell me what an Alok Sharma is? Is it anything like a clucking chicken shwarma?

  589. Does anyone know how Bobo intends to power his £100billion (that’s peanuts Bibo! A mere bagatelle!) Northern rail powerhouse? The Croc69 effluent and effuevia perhaps?
    Or what its purpose is? Faster New Briton transport to the Grand Hotel in Scarborough or the Blackpool Metropole perhaps? It certainly won’t reinvigorate the steel, cotton, mining industries or create a new shale oil bonanza.

  590. Noa – 08:49

    Considering the bounty, courtesy of United Futilities, that gets washed up on Blackpool beaches then “throw another log on the fire” takes on a whole new meaning.

    Alok Sharma is an anagram of “Skola Haram” the militant fanatics that prevented the Swedish savant child from getting an edumercation.

  591. Baron, November 13th, 2021 – 21:38

    “Sweet baby Jesus if you’re there, please have mercy kill us gently quickly and mercifully, thank you.”

    I know where you are coming from on this, but it’s good to know that you are still with us!

  592. The bhagwad gita eh? Thoroughly soft and absorbent, or simply roll your favourite herb in its pages, light and e, hale….

  593. EC 13.33
    “Considering the bounty, courtesy of United Futilities, that gets washed up on Blackpool beaches…”
    Sooner or later the Brussels Overlords will work out that its cheaper and less embarrassing to Micron to ship the CaIajs DDs to the Dublin satrapy and ‘encourage’ them to walk over the borderless border into the new racial dumping ground of renegade UK.
    Or the dingy sellers of Dublin could just tell them,
    Heax East and aim for the Tower”.

  594. Of course it would be terrible to reduce the electorate and qualification to stand for Parliament to those of at least 5 generations of British citizenship.
    After all that would exclude half the present Cabinet and all the Labour Party.

  595. This weekend I found it impossible to not smile at Vladimir Putin’s chutzpah as he went on TV to blame his East German commie comrade, Angela Merkel, for the “migrant” crisis on the Belarus-Polish border.
    “After all, she invited them” [paraphrasing] he said by way of explanation. He can do a bloody good Dr. Evil (Mike Myers) impression at times.

  596. My Spectator subscription runs out soon. I won’t be renewing it, perhaps aI buy the New Statesman or something else more right wing than Old Moores organ.
    Which is ironic, I’d looked forward to seeing his take on THAT supper with Jet Miles at the Garrick, but his normal weekly rant was missing. How odd.
    Instead the Diary slot was filled by the well known lesbian professor Stock, recently of woke Sussex uni, now Speccie Page 3 gal. She concludes that Speccie readers are becoming more feminist by reading articles by Joe Bindel (and her).
    So a Socialist openly glories in propagandizing in a formerly Conservative publication… Right. I might as well get my sewage straight from the spincter.. Dilay Wankyer please comrade!

  597. Erratum – Julie not Joe Bindel.
    Though if she can’t necessarily tell the difference between the contents of knickers and Why fronts what chance has the predictive text engine?

  598. EC. 09.53
    Don’t you think Mr Myers looks like Bobo would with a bad case of alopecia?

  599. Noa, November 15th, 2021 – 14:27

    Spectatesman: The Driscoll Bros, Frasier, Brillo et al have never had any of my money.

    I always thought that “Socialist Worker” was an oxymoron. However, the removal of the first and/or additionally the second “r” might improve its sales appeal in the modern world.

  600. Unforgivable! Not “and/or” but “and maybe”

  601. I was passing by our local purveyor of printed wokery, and all other forms of fiction, this morning, and it had this as the centrepiece of its Christmas display…

    “Renegades: Born in the USA Hardcover – 26 Oct. 2021”

    “Renegades: Born in the USA is a candid, revealing, and entertaining dialogue between President Barack Obama and legendary musician Bruce Springsteen that explores everything from their origin stories and career-defining moments to their country’s polarized politics and the growing distance between the American Dream and the American reality. Filled with full-colour photographs and rare archival material, it is a compelling and beautifully illustrated portrait of two outsiders-one Black and one white-looking for a way to connect their unconventional searches for meaning, identity, and community with the American story itself In a recording studio stocked with dozens of guitars, and on at least one Corvette ride, Obama and Springsteen discuss marriage and fatherhood, race and masculinity, the lure of the open road and the call back to home. They also compare notes on their favourite protest songs, the most inspiring American heroes of all time, and more. Along the way, they reveal their passion for-and the occasional toll of-telling a bigger, truer story about America throughout their careers, and explore how their fractured country might begin to find its way back toward unity. “

    Available from Bezos-land at only £17. (discounted from £35). It’ll be under a fiver at The Works after Christmas. Hopefully pulped by Easter, like Hillary’s effort.

    The thought occurred to me that the path to unity envisaged by the Dems was using the same business model as that employed by the Borg Collective. Anyhoo… It was the title that caught my attention, Shurely shome mishtake? Only one of them was born in the USA? I always thought that the guitar plucker was a Canadian, obviously. 😉

    One has to admire brass neck, the hypocrisy of these two multi-millionaires wringing their hands in anguish about the ever widening gap between rich and the increasing numbers of poor in Retardistan. I wonder what $million book deal they got?

    Toodle Pip!

  602. EC
    For sheer brass neck it’s difficult to beat that piece of effrontery, the Bruce and Barack show, pimples both on the great backside of humanity.
    Whilst wondering behind Mrs Noa this morning through Dobbies, the River Styx of of retired, blue masked public service wokemysts, I came across a bookstand containing the future classic “How to think like Obama”.

    Rather than suffer such a fate no doubt most of us would rather de-lobotomise ourselves with a souvenir teaspoon from Scunthorpe.

  603. Lobotomise not de-lobotomise!

  604. Yesterday, in the atrium of my office, a blue-haired bufty was loitering. He was wearing a mask. When a lift arrived, he dived into it and demanded that I ‘get the next one’.

    He really did have blue hair and was by his own confession a bed-wetter. Sometimes, correlation implies causation pending a better alternative account which, in this case, I am not expecting any time soon.

    It is a box-tickers’ world and a bedwetters’ world. The bedwetters are always with us, like mould on damp soft furnishings. Only lately and with enthusiastic nurturing from the behavioural scientists, the mould has grown into a giant mushroom, which casts a chilly shadow over the world.

  605. Strange bloated creatures, neither fish nor fowl, man or woman, now infest our streets and local government organs.
    Wearing hair when not shaven, dyed blue and pink, their clothing would disgrace the staff of a boucherie chevaline: these future CEOs will ensure the bi annual emptying of bins, the creation of our potholes and the transfer of our council taxes to their gites in France and mansions in Mirpur.

  606. Matt Hancock looks like an axolotl. This is no coincidence.

    Do you know anyone else who looks like an axolotl? A newsagent? A railway porter?

    Never trust a man who looks like an axolotl.

  607. “We never make mistakes. We’re professionals. Now get back in yer house.”
    I suppose if Dick had organised the raid he’d have been shot full of holes.

    “Armed police raid WRONG house & drag terrified man out in his boxers”

    All that MANpower but Priti still cannot stop the dingys.

  608. Andy Car Park – 20:21

    Matt started off life as a champion swimmer… and the rest as they say “is history.” Could it be that time, for him at any rate, is now flowing backwards?

    Anybody spotted Kier Sturmer recently? Kier who?

  609. The Social Democrats, are they viable? Mm… David Starkey is interesting though. Romans… Liberals… Slavery… Beautiful young man…with a corrupt relativist mind…

  610. EC 10.21
    It’s difficult to have sympathy for the bloke.
    He should have dyed his hair blond, started a ball bearing collection, converted to Christianity.

  611. Matt has a new job at last!

    “Axolotl | The Masked Singer Wiki | Fandom”

  612. In case you’ve missed sitting on Kyle’s jury:

  613. Noa @ November 19th, 2021 – 14:27

    You look for the number of views for the clip, Noa, that tells you how viable the new outfit is, how successful it will be contesting the seats. It’s the FPTP that kills it for any new attempt to break the two party stronghold, getting rid f it could be the quickest way of turning the ship of the UK around, other solutions may exists but if they do Baron isn’t aware of them, are you?

    The public seems to think the FPTP is just like the NHS the pride of the nation the envy of the world, it ensures easily our being in the shite and sink deeper every year, but that’s democracy, the collective wisdom of individual ignorance as Mencken once quipped.

  614. EC @ November 19th, 2021 – 10:29

    The best in the clip, EC, is when the man says he told the female officer they got the wrong house, she shouted back ‘it’s impossible, we’re the professionals’.

    On a serious note: He’s lucky the commander of the raid wasn’t Dick, he would be a corpse now unable to relate the story just like the Brazilian bloke on the London underground.

  615. Andy Car Park @ November 18th, 2021 – 20:21

    One cannot fail to get the impression, Andy, that you aren’t really a fan of Hancock, but to compare him to the pinky creature, singing or not, doesn’t do justice to the midget.

  616. Andy Car Park @ November 17th, 2021 – 11:55

    A scene from a country restaurant in an old barn, genuinely pleasant ambience, the place frequented mostly by rich farmers, their wives and mistresses from far afield, also professionals, quite pricey, excellent fish cake and crème brûlée, both Baron’s favourites.

    A group of six, amongst them a female probably more aged than Baron (who had already reached three score and ten ten years ago) insisting to have the mask on whilst eating, lifting it only as she spooned the soup, her only meal, others had two or three courses, she was that slow.

    On at lest three occasions the mask dropped just as the spoon was getting close to her mouth. It was a pumpkin soup, yellowish in colour turning her white mask the same colour. Rather enjoyable to watch, the boss wanted to exchange seats to cheer herself up, Baron refused.

  617. EC @ November 16th, 2021 – 12:52

    Baron may have been tempted to get the book of the two brainy people talking, EC, but he already has one.

  618. From last week’s Hansard, the MSM missed it:

    The following question was asked by the MP Steve Baker:

    To ask the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, what his Department’s most recent estimate is of the covid-19 infection fatality rate.

    As of 15 July, Public Health England’s modelling group, with the MRC Biostats Unit, estimated that overall infection mortality rate is approximately 0.096%. Making the Survivability Rate, according to the British Government, 99.904%.

    It must be the masks that did it.

  619. This is what you get if you google ‘died suddenly’:

    Can anyone explain or just guess why the sudden upswing?

  620. You may not like it much, but living in denial, as our specials friends say, isn’t healthy for anyone, it’s about China, rather the Winter jamboree to be held in three months time, everything is to run on renewables, the Full Monty of it, energy from renewable sources will fuel the 26 disciplines, the living quarters, the transport, the cooking and stuff.

    No wonder they’ve been suffering from shortages of electricity recently, just like us they moved from reliability to intermittency too quickly, they’re as stupid as we are.

  621. If you have 42 minutes to spend watch this, quite instructive, but a fat lot of ego will it to anything, solar and wind it must be, lunacy:

  622. Baron. 00.44
    Agreed Mi’lud. 33 million voters is a licences for FPTP dictatorship.
    I was delighted to see both Peter Hitchens in his column And the glorious Dictator Bojo Obongo in his Parliment QT in full agreement on the point that Britain was not a corrupt country this week.
    Well, not really corrupt, not very corrupt at all. Honest really, compared to Soviet Russia, or erm, somewhere else.
    Wallsters may enjoy Ditton on da decline of da West, or they mayn’t, doh.

  623. It really important to send our vastly expensive and useless military assets to the other side of the world to protect the interests of the US and their allies, rather than deploying them in the channel to repel the islamic naval invasion.

  624. Noa @ November 20th, 2021 – 09:50

    Unbelievable what people employed in the public sector can get away with, Noa, the defence seems to lead the way, the money’s massive, perhaps we could save by buying from the Russians, the Chinese? But then all these engineering failures have done next to FA to kill the company’s attractiveness to investors, and presumably the management also, which is full of the former Government officials and apparatchiks.

    If one were to invest one dollar in 2000 buying shares in the following companies, the value of the stock in would be around:

    Lockheed Martin $1,236, Northrop Grumman $1,196, Boeing $975, General Dynamics $625, Raytheon $331.

    (Because the share prices move, the value of the shares is ‘around’).

  625. Please, do not interpret the following as another example of Baron’s admiration for the Middle Kingdom, you must know he’s been of the view that ‘it isn lt Russia that’s a military threat to us, it’s China that will get rich and buy us up’ for some considerable time. He continues t hold the same view.

    China is being kicked also as the biggest CO2 polluter (as if the CO2 was a dangerous gas anyway), but is it true? You tell Baron what’s wrong with the following:

    A country with 100 inhabitants will discharge more CO2 than one with 1000, all other things being equal, or to put it another way, a country with the population ten times bigger than another one will have to be ten times ‘cleaner’ than the smaller one to discharge the same amount of CO2.

    According to the Statista blog (google for it) China is discharging 10 668 million metric tons of the gas, the US 4 713 million metric tons, if one does the simple exercise of the level of discharge per head one gets China on 7.62 mmt, and the US on 13.9 mmt, close to twice the level of China. It shouldn’t surprise, the Americans, in population terms around 5% of the world, use 20% of the world’s primary energy.

    Anything long with the logic?

  626. Noa, November 20th, 2021 – 09:38

    Excellent link, thank you.

    Mind you, nobody can say that we were not warned about the current craze…

    Verily, the fortolding sic) of 42-ish years ago.

    Now having watched that, I might need to re-screen my copy of Dr. Anton Phibes’ greatest works.

  627. Baron, November 21st, 2021 – 09:07

    You would have made a lot more money buying BitCoin.
    Elon Musk did.

    R.I.P. John McFee – another victim of S.I.D.S (ref: your post of Nov 20th – 01:19 )

  628. Baron, November 20th, 2021 – 01:14

    Ah, good man, you’re prepared for the next bog roll shortage then.

  629. Baron, November 20th, 2021 – 01:12

    ” the place frequented mostly by rich farmers, their wives and mistresses from far afield”

    CRIKEY! I thought that it was incest that was all the rage in Norfolk and Suffolk, not the bestiality to be found in some of the celtic border regions!

  630. Noa, November 20th, 2021 – 09:38

    Now that the great unwashed either can’t or won’t read newspapers the government is keener than ever to ensure that everybody has to pay for a TV licence. All the talk of them doing away with the licence fee tax is pure populist BS. It’ll never happen. Nadine Dorries blah, blah blah… kiss my arse!

    With the advent of “smart” TVs how long before they make it compulsory to tune in watch the BBC News? The government have plans to compel that the BBC iPlayer App is given prominence on all TVs and that it cannot be removed/deleted!

    Once upon a time one could be fined for not going to church on Sundays. Worse still, if one attended the wrong sort of church it could also prove to be terminal. I’ll get all my news and opinions at Friday preyers(sic) before I’m forced to watch the BBC News.

  631. EC
    Have you been counting, or even inhaling the vapour trails, from all those west bound private jets leaving Croc69 as you walk the Solway Firth looking for Inflatable borne ex-SNP refugees?
    Air Fart 1 would no doubt have been particularly aromatic…
    Anyway here’s the good doctor speculating on the Thatcherite institutional corruption that doesn’t exist in lovely unspoilt Britain, according to Bojo Obongo.
    Of course the blessed Maggie always had a blind spot for sibling crook Mark, and MPs like the rev Aitkin but wots a few kickbacks between family and friends?

  632. The taste of the air, the aroma, the density of its particulates is really something to experience, particularly prior to holiday weekends. Our tyreless local farmers working 7/24 to ensure that the visitors get the full countryside experience.

    Sadly, gone are the days when a plucky Jock used to brave the sands smuggling a bag of oats and a bottle whisky under his kilt. Also the traditional occupations of cattle rustling, abduction of bog women etc., have also largely died out. A lot of the old family names are still moving cattle business but these days they have fleets of HGVs, a website, and do it legally.

    I take my responsibilities as Lord Warden Of the Marches very seriously and I always make it a priority to bank the generous stipend payments promptly.

    By coincidence I did cross over the Debatable Lands into Nicola I’s realm yesterday. As I’ve observed on many previous cross border audits, the standard of social housing there is far superior to the hovels on the sink estates of Merrie Olde England. So for this reason I think that the human tide across the Solway will soon be in the opposite direction. Maybe the RAF should leaflet the French channel ports with this information? Let’s hope that they pick a better spot to cross than Edward I did!

    Ironic, isn’t it, that the accommodation daarn saarf previously occupied by British troops and their families is deemed unfit for refugees…

  633. As to the blessed BBC, I ran out of peans of praise for this marvellous home of government propaganda, selflessly paid for by we peons, some time ago.
    We can console ourselves with the banker of comfortable imprisonment at such time as we stop paying the propaganda levy.


  634. Wallsters may want to consider signing this Petition.

    “Stop Grooming Gang members accessing public funds to fight their convictions
    Grooming Gang members who have been charged, convicted and sentenced for raping children or other sexual offences are currently able to access public funds to fight their convictions and/or any deportation efforts. We call on the government to remove their access to public funds.”

  635. Wallsters might find ths review of Ed Hussains book on British islam by Prof Dutton interesting.

  636. Noa @ November 21st, 2021 – 14:47

    It would be of interest to add up the population numbers of the places Hussains surveys, add another (say) 15% or so, then get the ratio to the total population of the country. It wouldn’t be a firm indicator of what’s happening or is likely to happen in the future, but it would give one the flavour of the depth of the Islamic penetration.

    Otherwise the book paints a very optimistic picture, for the Muslim diaspora.

  637. Noa @ November 21st, 2021 – 14:06

    A good one, Noa, in return Baron raises you this:

  638. An enjoyable rant, it’s Victor Hanson talking, great man:

    Btw, Noa, Baron has signed, forgot to tell you.

  639. Are vaccines safe, effective and free? Here’s your answer, and it’s a doctor that does the assessement:

  640. Have you at least scanned the 08:20 posting?

    The one bit of the linked piece that hit Baron most is this: “Of note, hospitalisations, deaths, permanent disabilities, and birth defects were greater for 11 months of COVID vaccines than they were for 30 years of all other types of vaccines – such as shingles, influenza, measles, mumps, hepatitis, and so on” (and all that with the VAERS’s claim that only one per cent of the adverse reactions to c-19 is reported, an unbelievably low figure!).

    One’s told some four fifth of the total spending on one’s health (by the Government or with private funds) occurs in the last three (it may be two) years of one’s life.

    What if the vaccines are the tool to lower the ratio of the old costly geriatrics in the population? Not perhaps by design, the jabs may have been cobbled up to genuinely stop the pandemic, but by a lucky accident as the average age of those succumbing to the pathogen (or at least perishing having it in their bloodstream) is 82.4 years.

    Of course, the Government cannot say ‘look, what we are doing is reducing the spending on people who’re beyond their productive (as well as reproductive) time of their lives, it reduces substantially our total expenditure, hence has a positive impact on taxation, much less need for it, you the taxpayers benefit, it also takes a serious burden off any of you that have to look after a family member that often even doesn’t recognise you, it eats up your time, money, resources that could be diverted to other areas of your life or the life of your family (say) the kids education’.

    It may seem cruel, inhuman, almost criminal, but if one slices the issue of the old that ‘have had it’, people like Baron, rationally without any emotions, it cannot but resonate with some.

    Not everyone of course holds such a view, and thanks be to Him that such people exist, but consider this: Has there really been much of an unhappiness about the people that perished in the old people’s homes? Not a single demonstration under the heading of the many deaths in the institutions of the geriatrics, not a single high visibility petition for the House to debate the issue, no nothing that one would recall.

    There are some families that are more than unhappy, have been raising voices, contacting their MPs, but overall not on the level of (say) the ghastly Blair’s decision to invade Iraq which saw millions marching in London and elsewhere.

    Compare also with the issue of immigration, they tell us they’re doing their utmost to stop it, but it’s a lie, a big lie, it’s all yap, yap, yap, but any deeds to put an end to it?

    Nope, the illegals keep arriving in new record numbers even though the female running the Home Office has allegedly been ‘doing her best’ to prevent the illegals boating in for the last three year, amazingly her best has been ensuring that more of them are being welcomed daily.

    What other reason or reasons could there be for the overtly aggressive push on the vaccines? That they, the authorities, have committed themselves buying them, they are expensive, must be ‘consumed’, that they genuinely believe the vaccines help, that they desire us to get used to vaccines as the best tool to control everyone’s health?

    What’s the reason or reasons for the insistence we are all to get vaccinated then?

  641. Neil Oliver: Will we remain silent while a dark tide slides ever closer to our own shores?

    Another barnstormer from the King of Scotland…

  642. Baron November 22nd, 2021 – 11:36

    “Have you at least scanned the 08:20 posting?”

    Yes, I did read it.

    “What if the vaccines are the tool to lower the ratio of the old costly geriatrics in the population?”

    No shots required. Today’s heirs of the great Hippocrates, the lack of service combined with the Crimean conditions in many NHS hospitals are doing a pretty good job without the administration of the magic juice.

    Who benefits? Follow the money!

    I think we should start a fund for the erection of a statue by public subscription of Harold Shipman in Hyde. He was a man before his time!

  643. Baron November 22nd, 2021 – 11:36

    Apropos of Harold’s magikk juice…

    A selfish thought, but one which should maybe concern us all …
    Now that the Yanks have abandoned the poppy fields of Afghanistan to the control of the Mandarin speakers where is the west going to source the heroin (morphine) used by some caring hotgH to ease our passage from this world? Can this stuff be synthesised? If so is it any good?

  644. EC
    An excellent question. However we seem to have serious onlong term problems with a number of key drugs, not just diomorphine.
    “UK faces medicine shortages | National Health Executive”

  645. Broadly speaking (and shortly, because that’s all the time Baron has now) when the pandemic began last year in a panic mode after mid-March we had few cases and many deaths, then came vaccines, so that now have many case, few deaths.

    Why TF do we have to vaccinate everyone? It seems that the more we jab the more people get infected.

  646. EC & Noa:

    An ideal solution offers itself, we marry our drug making with Afghan poppy growing and voila, our drug problem’s solved, the unwashed cave dwellers enrich themselves.

    On a serious note, the Americans are smart, they must have figured how to keep the poppy fields going, the crop is a must for a large section of the rEpublic, it mustn’t get starved of its essentials.

  647. The Narcos, farmers and Muslim fundamentalists will ensure the continued combined flow of cocaine into Europe and the US for fiscal return, continuing war against Christians and political gain.
    As to the politically manipulated Covid mortality rate, any death so recorded under WHO guidelines is highly questionable.
    Turning to the mass murder in Wisconson, I see the bail for the SJW and self identified Black activist has been set at $5m, that’s about $1000 per felony per victim. I suspect bail will be BLM and Antifa funded and he’ll be out today, to merge Axolotl-like, seamlessly into the many criminals of colour communities which are now the new normal there.

  648. “… combined flow of cocaine and heroin… “

  649. I spotted this gem of local council Sovietocracy this morning. No doubt it will be rolled out to fatties everywhere soon but, is it Islamophobic, Bro?
    Takeaways to be ‘limited’ in ‘most obese area in Lancashire’ –

  650. Noa @ November 24th, 2021 – 09:08

    That’s priceless, Noa, if successful, as it must be, it should get rolled out to every corner of the country, whoever came up with it should patent it, then export the idea.

    Before entering any establishment that sell sustenance every burgher will have to prove first that he’s c-19 free by having two shots and a booster in the first year, four shots and two boosters in the second year, six shots …(you get the idea), then he or she will have to step on a scale, everyone over ten stone will be denied entry, given an hour lecture on how to eat properly to avoid getting obese.

    Having witnessed the reaction of the current generation of the locals to the lockdowns Baron reckons people will warmly welcome it, and why not it’s for the good of the country.

  651. It’s not only us that fear of a global takeover by forces not necessarily unknown but certainly not well defined, at least one Russian lawmaker is getting scared also:

  652. And lastly to cheer you up, a view of the vaccination success from Germany, discuss:

  653. Jens Spahn, German Heath Minister

    “Probably by the end of this winter, pretty much everyone on Germany will be vaccinated, cured or dead.”

    I wonder if by “cured” he meant salted, pickled or smoked?

  654. …or even worse!

    Jawohl! Yes, “the wurst is yet to come.

  655. As the Monty Python song goes:

    “…Spahn, Spahn, Spahn…”

    Clearly Herr Doktor is an adherant from the Mengele school of scientific research.

  656. Vandana Shiva on the trajectory of globalisation and eco fascism…

  657. So far this year Islam has succeeded in sending a known two and a half fighting strength divisions to Britain, in addition to the division strong expeditionary force in 2020.
    Contrary to his professed hero’s bulldog-like determination to “fight them on the beaches”, our own timorous wartime leader has assiduously rescued, fed, clothed and housed the invading Corps, more concerned about their ‘tragic’ losses than our yet to be raped, e slaved and murdered children, bankrupt state, pulverised institutions and irrevocably destroyed civilisation.
    Arguably we would have fared better if Operation Sealion had been successful.

  658. A nan with re talent is available to address the migration crisis. Should he not be considered for immediate parole and deployment?
    “War criminal Charles Taylor to serve 50-year sentence in British prison | Charles Taylor | The Guardian”

  659. Even if you don’t read it fully you should scan it, a top quality essay it is:

  660. Noa @ November 25th, 2021 – 08:36

    Enjoyable, informative and useful, Noa, thanks, Baron viewed it in the afternoon, didn’t have the time to say so.

  661. EC @ November 25th, 2021 – 08:27

    She’s certainly right about the power of money, EC, it’s what the guy in the 22:15 clip is talking about also.

  662. No need to listen to the lot, put the cursor at 1h:19 minutes and listen for about five minutes. I echoes what Baron was saying few days ago about the number of cases and deaths before and after vaccination:

  663. Christmas in Norway in 2021, what’s next?

  664. Baron 23.17
    What’s next?
    What’s left? Doe eyed Reindeer, soft pelted huskies? A lashing with the sledge reins?
    Alll coming down a chimney near you this December.

  665. The most worrying bit from the clip is the doctor saying saying the people that discovered a serious adverse effect of the vaccines decided not to publish the results for fear of losing research money from the drug industry, that’s criminal.

    Btw, have you noticed how many footballers are dropping dead? Weird this.

  666. Baron, November 25th, 2021 – 23:17

    Once upon a time in a galaxy far, far away…
    … in a land before Greta they did things differently!

    …or did they?

    Andy Car Park

    I think your mate Dmitri (of the hat) and Gunther might get along famously.
    However Hitler got really pissed off when it him and not ABBA that called…

  667. Someone should dig up the Pennsylvania’s founding fathers, Penn, Rush, Mifflin and certainly the statesman and scientist Benjamin Franklin. They will be pleased to see what happened to what was once a beacon of success, tolerance and order.

    What intrigues is how uninterested the passers-by are, they don’t notice the drugged at all, how peaceful the drug infested crowed is, and also the forward bending. Does anyone know what is the stuff that makes people dosed with the stuff lean forward but not fall over?

    This isn’t of course the whole of America, not even a sizeable chunk of it, but a problem with drugs the country has, who TF will take care of these people?

    Truly tragic, a close replica of the Chinese plebeians infected with opium in the 19th century except that the country’s different as are the people hooked on the poison, but could the reason or reasons in both cases be similar or even the same?

  668. Letter to my local newspaper.
    See if they print this one.
    The case for supporting the concept of global warming.
    Let’s forget Greta and all the other green fanatics.
    let’s look at the benefits.
    Are you having problems paying your heating bills.
    Worry no more, every time it gets a bit warmer your heating bills go down.
    Winter clothes expensive.
    Worry no more, a short sleeve shirt and shorts will be the new winter wear.
    Like eating out.
    Worry no more. A barbecue in the garden with a warm temperature means the outdoor life is yours to enjoy.
    France causing problems in the channel and disrupting wine supplies.
    Worry no more. Vast areas of southern England have already been turned into vineyards and many more soon will be.
    Holidays to see the sun.
    Worry no more. The travel nightmare of putting up with being treated like dirt at airports disappear .
    The sun comes to us.
    It’s time we looked at these issues in a different manner and instead of being terrified let’s look at the positive angle.
    Global warming, bring it on and let’s enjoy life again.
    John birch

  669. John birch.@ November 27th, 2021 – 16:18

    Good luck with it, John, here’s a bet, they won’t even acknowledge the letter.

  670. A revolt on the Spectator about the new restrictions, the opposition to it is close to 100%, one’s hard to find anyone endorsing it, the view seems to be it’s a prelude to a vaccine passport then the real passport (everything digitised of course on one’s mobile) showing one’s social score, each of us will be given points to spend for good behaviour, proper eating habits, the views we express and stuff like that, the driving miles will depend on it also, Baron cannot wait for this world of happiness and joy to arrive.

  671. Malfleur, July 5th, 2021 – 10:25

    “Listen Wallsters, you have to learn to live with Boris Johnson.”

    Not for much longer, reportedly. The 1922 committee has already received a large number of “letters of no confidence in BoJo” from Tory MPs feeling the noose of the next GE tightening around their necks. Only 50-ish letters required to force a leadership election. Lilith (aka Princess Nuts has already got her people in No.10 briefing against Rikki Sunpak, reportedly. Of course a change of leader will make bugger all difference to the death spiral of England, but it’ll take our mind off Boris and the Chuckle Bros, and their tired old Covid schtick.

  672. Noa, August 29th, 2021 – 18:15
    Visual capitalist. Another interesting site.


    Noa, November 25th, 2021 – 08:36
    Appalling sound, but a great animated graphic.

    Yes that was a really interesting link. I didn’t realise that Lithuania had once reached to the Black Sea!

    Once thing that shone through like the proverbial diamond etc. is how stable our septic isles have been compared to the rest of europe! “We’ve” withstood a lot only to be royally rogered by a few inflatable dinghies.

  673. Noa,

    I was “down your way” this weekend and noted that, despite the snow, every man and his dog were out and about. Roads were choked and pavements were packed as the good burgers(sic) of Garstrange, Lancsterabbad, and Tyson’s Manor scrambled to do their essentially unessential Xmas shop before Boris & the Chuckle Bros get their choppers out again.

    In particular, in no man’s land the car park at Asda(Overangle) was like the mayhem in some dystopian battlefield survival game.

  674. EC November 28th, 2021 – 17:54

    ‘Not for much longer, reportedly. The 1922 committee …’

    Sir Graham Brady: the Bagpuss of attack dogs.

  675. Slides to accompany coronavirus press conference 21 September 2020. This is when arch-nonce, half-man, half-axolotl, Chris Whitty jumped the shark with his ‘could be’ 50,000 ‘cases’ a day by mid-October. Page 3 (NHS munter wearing nothing but a mask) is the one you want, but the whole thing is Comedy Gold.

  676. I went to Berlin a few years ago. The highlight was Sunday market in Mauerpark. People selling cardboard boxes full of random crap (‘All or Nussink!’) and nasty little dogs running around wearing hi-vis jackets.

    Mind you, I counted the trip a failure overall. Our party included a business acquaintance travelling without his wife (a hatchet-faced Human Resources type). Sunday night found us – at his instigation – in a gay bar called Rauschgold, in Mehringdamm. I didn’t like it. It was full of sad little men in raincoats and a fat Teutonic barman with no shirt on. I tried to coax my colleague away but he was having none of it. ‘I want to soak up the atmosphere.’ So, about 2am I left him to it. I walked up the road paused for a couple of minutes, went back and rubber-necked at the side of the window. There he was, on the postage-stamp-sized ‘dance floor’ cavorting with the shirtless barman, having the time of his life.

    I walked off again, shaking my head and muttering ‘love’s young dream’. A married man this was, going over to Berlin every year telling Her Indoors that it was ‘just a few beers with [his] mates.’

    A jaundiced view of humanity is what I have of humanity, Wallsters, a jaundiced view.


    There was a man who worked for the Post Office whose job it was to process all the mail that had illegible addresses. One day, a letter came addressed in a shaky handwriting to God with no address. He thought he should open it to see what it was about.

    The letter read:

    Dear God,

    I am an 83 year old widow, living on a very small pension. Yesterday someone stole my purse. It had £100 in it, which was all the money I had until my next pension cheque. Next Sunday is Christmas, and I had invited two of my friends over for dinner. Without that money, I have nothing to buy food with. I have no family to turn to, and you are my only hope.

    Can you please help me?



    The postal worker was touched. He showed the letter to all the other workers. Each one dug into his or her wallet and came up with a few pounds. By the time he made the rounds, he had collected £96, which they put into an envelope and sent to the woman.

    The rest of the day, all the workers felt a warm glow thinking of Edna and the dinner she would be able to share with her friends.
    Christmas came and went.

    A few days later, another letter came from the same old lady to God. All the workers gathered around while the letter was opened.

    It read:

    Dear God,

    How can I ever thank you enough for what you did for me? Because of your gift of love, I was able to fix a glorious dinner for my friends. We had a very nice day and I told my friends of your wonderful gift.

    By the way, there was £4 missing. I think it must have been those c*nts at the Post Office.

  678. The higher the vaccination rate the more c-19 infections, have a look, it applies to each and every country surveyed, the peaks in infections when nobody was vaccinated have been exceeded easily with new peaks when more than 60% of the plebeians got jabbed, and it would seem that in the countries with close to or exactly 100% vaccinated population the peaks in infections are the highest – see Gibraltar:

    The vaccines don’t work, in fact one may argue the vaccines attract the infections, the symptoms aren’t that painful because the vaccines may have been designed to lower the reaction of one’s immune system to the virus, it was the overdrive of one’s immune system that was the cause of one’s serious sickness or death if infected.

    Why are those governing us insist on more vaccination? Should not someone look into it? It must be patently clear to the medical profession that the vaccines are not fit for purpose.

  679. Andy Car Park – 21:40

    @21:40 I cannot put my trust in a man who goes in for teeth whitening, and allows himself to be photographed planting a tree. His majority of 6139 is not unassailable, as our local Corbynista apologist waman found out at the last GE.

    @21:46 Beware any Hokey Schtick graph especially the global warming one Penned by Dr. Fraudpants.

    @21:57 Without those nasty little dogs there’d be no Currywurst!
    Pity any poor bastard condemned to a joyless existence with a sociopathic hatchet-faced Human Resources waman!

    Best avoided these days, but if Berlin is compulsory then next time suggest morning coffee or afternoon tea at The Adlon on Unter den Linden. Used to be good spy spotting there. In the absence of spies there’s a really nice domed Tiffany Glass ceiling to look up at. Lovers of a good pun (lost on the krauts) and a chinky may care to dine out at the Ho Lin Wah restaurant on K’damm.

  680. Baron – 09:40

    “It must be patently clear to the medical profession…”

    Correct. It’s all about the patent$ and the ca$h cow that keeps on giving.

  681. Since August 28 this year till now, i.e. the three full months, the daily c-19 number of deaths has fluctuated between 23 and 266 skewed very much towards the former, the average roughly below 100 (say) 98, this would put the annual number of c-19 deaths at below 34 000 when the annual death total or the country is around 550 000 i.e some six per cent, other causes accounting for the vast majority – 94% – of deaths.

    It’s madness what the government is proposing, it will decimate many businesses, almost certainly the airline industry.

  682. EC @ November 29th, 2021 – 11:34

    Correct, EC, nobody mentions the two new drugs (Merck & Pfizer) that are allegedly highly efficacious in helping to keep those infected away from hospitals, or ivermectin a drug that’s out the patent protection, costs pennies.

    On the Russian RT network they were talked to a female infected with the new variant, she was showing no symptoms, didn’t know she was infected.

    On the BBC they were quoting the numbers of people infected with the new ‘scary’ variant in a number of countries, all small numbers, but they didn’t say anything more about the patients, are those infected suffering badly? are they in hospitals close to dying? or are they coping just as the middle age female in the Russian bulletin that got infected with the new variant.

    Describing the actual conditions of the people infected with the new variant would tell one whether the new addition to the c-19 family is more or equal or less injurous than what we have been facing till now, Baron suspects they are not saying anything more than just furnishing the number of the infected because the new variant may be spreading faster but its less harmful.

  683. Baron, my letter to the local paper was a test because I seem to be allowed to state that the whole climate change issue is nonsense. I think they have designed me as the village idiot who has an alternative opinion.
    We’ll see what happens.
    The funny thing is the woman they get to challenge my opinion is the climate change ambassador for Essex.
    Which is amusing because she’s a friend of my daughter via a book club their both in.
    Needless to say she has no idea of the link.

  684. Baron – 12:35

    The WHO seem to have done a “reverse ferret” on the new variant in the last 24hours and now it’s the deadliest most contagious thing EVER! All the TV and Press have been orchestrated and are now singing from the same hymn sheet. The Labour party are calling for tougher measures – well they would wouldn’t they!

    It stinks, and we are being conned. The psy-ops “nudge unit” at No.10 must be very happy with their performing poodles!

  685. Omicron: Only on GB News in the UK is there any sanity to be found.

    Mark Steyn and Dr David Strain(sic) …

    also Dr. Chris Butler earlier…

  686. Baron

    Here’s a mobile phone video with a difference…

    It’s a mad world, innit?

  687. The Czech president in a mask, in a box, in a wheelchair pushed by droid in full CBRN (formerly NBC) kit.

    Looks like he’s making an appearance at the ICC in Den Haag.
    Poor chap. A prisoner of his predecessor’s habit of stealing pens?

  688. EC @ November 30th, 2021 – 07:16

    It is, EC, the word mad may not be fully capturing what has happened to us, and it happens to be a world phenomenon, a truly global loss of common sense does withnthe compassion for one next door that has served us well till now, the cliff fall is what we deserve and get because there seems little chance of our turning back, the next the final stage will be a surgical op installing the gadgets where our noses have been till now, that will be the end of humanity, the rats will take over.

  689. EC @ November 30th, 2021 – 08:55

    The last thing on the mind of the one in the chair is how to inch a pen, EC, but one shouldn’t be surprised it’s the tribe that furnished the world with The Good Soldier Švejk, the four plus one are his descendants.

  690. EC @ November 29th, 2021 – 21:27

    Good stuff, EC, as is this short clip, but would anyone listen to her?

  691. John birch. @ November 29th, 2021 – 17:29

    Since when you’ve turned an optimist, John?

  692. Hi Baron, it’s on the opinion page in today’s Colchester gazette without a single word changed.
    Headed, We should embrace global warming .
    Can’t wait for the response.

  693. This clip is in Russian, apologies, but you don’t really need the sound, the guy that put it together is the one Baron watches on things Ukrainian and Russian, is mostly in agreement with, you can skip the introduction by him up to about 1:30, he says in it he watched the first video by the same doctor, some of what the doctor said he found convincing, some he didn’t, then he watched another of the doctor’s videos, liked it, is showing it here, and as for himself he has been convinced for a long time that Zelensky imbibes coke.

    From 01:30 to about 03:20 the doctor introduces the topic, says he’s had over 3mn viewings already, a large number re-posted the clip, some 15% of those seeing it are defending Z saying the President’s tired, it’s on doctors’ prescriptions, the doctor that produced the video is the Kremlin’s stooge, stuff of this sort.

    To convince those watching the video the doctor seeks help in the US, he found 12 drug addicts there, will compare the effects of the drug on them and Z.

    You don’t need to get the full translation of the comparison, just watch it, the doctor describes what you can see for yourselves, he directs one’s attention to the eyes first, then the dried nose, followed by the touching of one’s head other parts of the body, the facial expressions are also alike….

    In the end the doctor asks anyone to make one’s mind up, tell him about it, stuff of this kind, and finishes by saying ‘the doctor is both a friend and the servant of the sick’, in latin and in Russian implying Z needs both.

  694. John birch. @ November 30th, 2021 – 13:18

    Well done, John, the people on your local paper must be members of the ‘healthy core of Britishness’, don’t you think?

    The response will be of interest, although many have bought fully the incessant agitprop, few days ago, Baron attended a Thanksgiving bash, was shocked how many people have fallen for the imbecility, had an argument with one rather oldish individual whether the activities of the 7bn of the humans that generate CO2 (flying, cooking, driving, the lot) accounts for around 4% of the aggregate discharge of the useful gas or 40%, she said 4% was nonsense, it’s more than 50% now bla, bla … a bet followed, Baron won, she still believes in AGW, arghhh.

  695. Every council in Britain must with some urgency change also the traffic signals to accommodate the trans colours, not just green amber and red, but six colours starting from yellow (be prepared to cross), violet (soon you’ll be able to cross), blue (raise you leg to start crossing) ….

    As the great Joseph says one could help a good number of the homeless with the money spent on this nonsense.

  696. This is a small part taken from a piece that appears today in the CW, you can read the whole if you follow the link, it’s the first part of the investigation into gene manipulation. It’s worth reading;

    “The promise of designer medicines that edit the human genome appeared stillborn following the death in 1999 of Jesse Gelsinger, an 18-year-old volunteer participating in the Phase I safety study of the first human trial of a gene therapy.  
    Gelsinger had a rare genetic disorder. A partially defective gene impaired the metabolisation of ammonia by his liver. When well managed with drugs and a low-protein diet, it wasn’t life-threatening to him, but he wanted to help others.

    A successful therapy promised to save the lives of baby boys with a fully defective version of the gene, who die within days of birth. 

    The babies themselves hadn’t been considered suitable participants by the ethics committee, as it was felt the parents would be unable to give true informed consent under such difficult circumstances. 

    A genetically modified adenovirus, the same platform used in the AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine, was infused directly into Gelsinger’s liver to deliver a normal version of the gene to its cells. The gene itself didn’t kill him, his body’s response to the adenovirus did.  

    Ninety-two hours after dosing with the infusion, Jesse died of Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) as his immune system, thought to have been primed by prior exposure to an adenovirus, overreacted, causing multiple organs, including his lungs, to fail. An autopsy found the adenovirus had spread via his circulatory system into other organs, causing a catastrophic systemic immune response”.

  697. Baron, November 30th, 2021 – 22:16

    I enjoyed that, thanks. I can’t recall seeing a photo of Z before but from the body language in those video clips I have formed the opinion that he is a shifty bugger not to be trusted… although coke not necessarily required for that.

    A lot of comedians turn to alcohol to blot out their insecurity, however after his elevation to office with better pay and perks I suppose Z could afford better stuff if he so wanted.

    Makes me nostalgic for the comedic good old days when Boris Nikolayevich ran on vodka, and long before that when our own foreign secretary George Brown was ‘multi-fuelled’ in his consumption of alcoholic drinks.

  698. EC @ December 1st, 2021 – 10:22

    YOu’re quite right, EC, vodka has always been the poison of choice for the Russians, and not just the old Russian drowned in melancholy dosed with despair, the new generation of the arty lot everywhere prefers what the Russian call the Columbian stuff.

    Tell you what the danger is, the guy can start easily another conflict in the east of the country or in Crimea, Baron still reckons it will happen, the N-2 has to be stopped, unless the Greens that have important posts in the new German coalition put an end to the pipeline, Z will oblige.

    Not many realise the importance of energy and who controls it, for the Germans it would be a total catastrophe if the Americans won, the N-2 got scrapped, it would be the end of the German dominance in the EU, end of even a smidgeon of their foreign policy, for Russia not that a big problema, they and the Chinese are already working on doubling the gas pipeline from Russia to China.

    Btw, do you know one can buy vodka made from milk? It’s called Black Cow vodka’, it won a prize, it’s smooth, one can drink it naked.

  699. An American comments on Boris’ Omicron waffling…

    “Your “leaders” are literally making stuff up at this point.
    They wouldn’t know what science was if it came up and bit ’em on the ass.”
    Shawn Baker MD.

  700. Baron – 10:54

    There are the seeds of further trouble everywhere in the former republics. The Russian speakers in the east of Lithuania are none too happy either. Their language and communities marginalised. It is even a criminal offence to possess a Soviet era Lithuanian flag there!

    Black Cow: The image of you stood knocking back a glass of vodka ‘in the nip’ is going to be hard to shake 😉

  701. You will not like it, but it made Baron laugh, the ‘precise’ use of some of the words (could one say the same here?), the list of things that was done to the America of old by their own governments is factual however.

    What the chap that penned if missed is the possibility of China taking over as the world’s top dog, imposing its culture and mores on others. The likelihood isn’t that high given China’s history, but one can never be sure.

  702. it should read ‘penned it”,

  703. EC @ December 2nd, 2021 – 08:09

    Is the sign above the facility the three inmates escaped from saying “Arbeit macht frei’, EC? We should be told.

  704. EC @ December 1st, 2021 – 13:59

    This makes perfect sense, EC, the unvaccinated will die having been infected, why waste a valuable poison?

  705. Baron, December 2nd, 2021 – 23:30

    Mao ensured that they’d eat just about anything. Things are not much better in rural areas today where a weekly rat is considered a meat ration. Three cheers for the CCP, eh.

    Capt. Scott et al would’ve lived longer if they’d eaten the expedition dogs like their Norwegian competition. Mountebanks! There are some things that an Englishman just won’t do.

    Where’s Noa? Escaped to his bolthole on St. Lucia for Crimbo, no doubt.

    btw. OMICRON B is and anagram of NO CRIMBO. (aitches optional, innt)

  706. Check out ‘local’, Jason Neilson, standing next to the tree.

  707. ACP
    Where Grimsby leads, Sadiq follows.
    “‘Are we at war with Norway?’ Brits mock ‘sad’ gifted Trafalgar Square Christmas tree | Euronews”
    King Haakon would be proud.

  708. Don’t cry for me, but is the future of the West Argentina-or Afghanistan, Dr Dutton?

  709. Finally To infinity and beyond!
    Protect the NHS!

  710. I’ve just finished reading “Science Fictions” by Stuart Richie, a well respected (hah!) psychologist and a good, readable author. His basic premise is that science is not to be trusted, due to a number of factors, many o which have been previously considered here in passim, but including fraud, bias and negligence.
    The one scientific field which, curiously, gains a free pass from this intellectual decay and corruption is, yes, you’ve guessed it, Climate change!
    I’ve been charitable and I strongly suspect that, if the author hadn’t followed the orthodoxy his book would not have been published and his academic career,ime so many, abrubtly terminated.
    Still, it’s an excellent book and I highly recommend it.
    For numerous examples of the scientific chicanery, bais, unreason, lies and criminality he describes one has only to dip into “Climate. All is well. All will be well”. Written by Jeremy Neiboer and published by the Bruges Group it’s a succinct examination of the evidence for and against ACC. Don’t be put off by the numerous graphs and footnotes. Its 70 A4 pages are an easy, logical and convincing read.
    Buy two and make sure you give one to your favourite Granddaughter, that’s the one smelling of turnip soup and wearing her hair in Greta plaits.
    Next to peruse for the post-
    Crimbo dinner table debate is “Nett Zero”, A first glance Patrick Benham-Crosswell’s book seems a trenchant, dispassionate, analysis of the financial cost of implementing this lunatic policy for an already bankrupt Britain.
    Send any of them to Carrie, stick one in Wifrid’s sock, Pretend it’s a present from the Baring boys or the Bullingdon club to get it into Obongo’s hands. He won’t read it, but when he’s swinging on the old piano wire from a Downing Street lamppost at least he won’t have even the faintest excuse of not knowing why he’s up there.

  711. Weston on the warpath v big Phizer and the von der Liedens.

  712. “The attack on our history and culture”. A live le ture by Neil Oliver on New Culture Forum.

  713. EC
    December 3rd 08.35
    It’s a dogs life init!? I remember being invited to share lunch, a bowl of stew, with some lovely Koreans by the banks of the Al Hair, in the shadow of the famous prison.
    Excellent it was too.
    If I’d known then what I know now I would have passed on that repast.
    Plus some interesting lessons on the perils of ethnic plagiarism.

  714. Charles Udy on Communism, the Gulags and the Labour party.

  715. Angela: “Aufwiedersehen…. Pet!”


    GB News’ Mark Dolan maybe the archetypal media news presenter, his shittery almost on a par with any Beeboid, Skybot or CH4 turd mongers… BUT he really nails it here!

    His script is so good it could have almost have been written by me, except that there were one or two notable omissions. eg. 1. Pre 1989 the young Merkel was a small cog in Eric Honecker’s very large DDR communist party gearbox. 2. She hired disgraced ex Stasi people to police Germany’s very repressive “hate” speech laws. 3. Like most former Iron Curtain country penitent(?) commies she took to the EU project like a duck to water. 4. Germany effectively annexed the Netherlands on her watch by annexing its armed services. Anyhoo, enjoy this 6 mins47sec.

    Mark shied away from referring to Germany’s new medical facilities, i.e. “repurposed” migrant camps, as concentration camps but I suppose that either the management or the legal beagles warned him off that. The whole MSM is silent on this… what is surely open goal?

    Mark Dolan and Patrick Christys make news commentary more entertaining in these dark times. Of course there’s always Colin Brazier for the serious stuff.

  716. Noa, December 5th, 2021 – 14:54

    Fear not, Noa, dogs are Halal but only prepared in the correct way, unlike the home brewed paint stripper favoured by some expats? Had you imbibed an excess the latter you might have needed the al-Ha’ir of the dog that bit you?

    Strange how lefties, and feminazis etc. won’t call out misogyny, animal cruelty when is done in other countries. Then things like sharia, burka, are seen as empowering wimmin, and the practice of canine-balism is cultural therefore sacrosanct.

    In defence of the Koreans then it has to be said that the Vietnamese and Chinese eat far, far more dogs. Now there’s cultural relativism for you!

    Peking, named after the dogs, has some of the finest Fido dining to be had on the planet, as our Rover report points out.

  717. EC
    Just for you a gourmet repast with Robert Morley, more camp than a bell ringers convention making a veritable dogs dinner of this Hammed horror script.

  718. I see that it’s not just bat soup, but Rover and Tiddles stew are coming off the menu in China, after all when you’re hoovering up the West’s resources and former colonies you might as well appropriate the steak diet, leaving your mung beans and noodles to the neauvou pauvre. After all, they can always enjoy a takeaway fleabag Madras on Benefits night.

  719. Noa,

    🙂 Morely and Price – wonderful.
    A delectable pie filling and and a delectable stuffing!

    I forget how many theatre critics that Edward Lionheart, played by the inimitable Vincent Price, despatches in that film, but Mark Steyn should take note!

  720. If Ghislanine
    Maxwell was providing girls under age for Muslims no one would raise an eyebrow in this country.

  721. John birch. – 17:10

    Yes, and especially the eyebrow of “Sir” (my arse!) Kia Starmer when he was head of the DPP.

    I don’t think that we great unwashed were ever supposed to find out what our token royalty and the world’s other ruling elites get up to. I’m surprised that Epstein, his Moll, his pilot, and also the complainants weren’t “Arkancided” before any of it ever became public. Complacency borne of arrogance I suppose.

    The Epstein affair like the Weinstein Hollywood scandal is just the tip of the iceberg, I’m sure. Weinstein’s and Maxwell’s show trials are meant to encapsulate, draw a line under, the 90% of stuff that hasn’t come to light. i.e. “No need to look any further now, chaps, as we’ve dealt with all that. All’s well.” Jimmy Saville was just the tip of the iceberg at the BBC. A proper investigation of the BBC is needed but it’ll never happen. If if did then the Met wouldn’t be able to field any proper detectives to staff it

    Like many other countries “establishment” of the UK is rotten to the core.

  722. Legal charades: Is Boris playing with fire?

  723. EC @ December 7th, 2021 – 10:49

    The next step, EC, is to have the buffoon and not the Government to decide what’s right and what’s not, the man is the greatest danger to democracy ever, it this goes through one would have to think of emigrating to a genuine autocracy.

  724. Noa @ December 6th, 2021 – 09:55

    As the piece makes clear, Noa, it’s not just China, other Far Eastern tribes indulge in this ‘delicatessen’ also, distasteful and sickening as it is, Baron used to go to Korea often (the one in the south), was in a number of eateries that had it on the menu with other offerings, too, never had it, will never have it except as an alternative to dying from hunger.

  725. Noa @ December 6th, 2021 – 09:40

    To do scenes like the feeding whilst lying flat on the table, Noa, that would put Baron from acting, he would get sick even if fed the best beef goulash rather than bits if his favourite pooch, arghhh

  726. EC @ December 6th, 2021 – 09:23

    Are you certain, EC, the Chinese eat more dogs per capita than other tribes in that region? You may be right, as Baron said in reply to one of Noa’s postings, the pets eating is distasteful, but if anything it is the CCP that tries to ban it, it’s the plebs that indulge in it.

    The guy you link to is on Baron’s list, Baron visits his site regularly, he used to be positive about China years ago, then switched, left China, all of his blogging is now highly critical, he says of the CCP, but the dog eating blog proves otherwise, in other blogs he is lying, there’s one about the Chinese fishing vessels that allegedly fish in other countries territorial waters, patently untrue, (Baron doesn’t recall now the other ‘fake truths’, but there are many, most of them transparent, if you watch him regularly you can point them out).

    (Btw, Baron didn’t like him much when he was positive on China, he’s got a cold presentation style dosed with a condescending, patronising bias, that’s a feature that doesn’t appeal, he was like that when China was a miracle for him, Baron couldn’t warm up to him even of he and Baron were cremated together).

    This in no way suggest that China and her people don’t get to all sorts of harm to others, but one has to try and be objective, overdoing criticism is a bad as overdoing stressing the positive as many of the other bloggers on China are doing.

  727. EC @ December 6th, 2021 – 08:51

    It’s not deliberate, EC, but Baron has to disagree with this chap Dolan (and you) on Mutti, Baron regards her as the only statesman (or it it stateswoman) around, she’s erred many times, but she didn’t survive in the top job in the EU leading nation for 16 years because she’s a woman or whatever, but because she’s delivered for the Germans, and that was what she was elected for.

  728. John birch. @ December 6th, 2021 – 17:10

    An intriguing combination, john, what you offer, but alas the Epstein pleasure island was designed for other clientele, which will ensure we will never know who got to enjoy the sexual gratification when staying on it.

  729. Noa @ December 5th, 2021 – 14:54

    Highly enjoyable that, Noa.

  730. This guy is a funeral director, readying cadavers for burial is his business, he should be arguing the opposite (only joking).

    What do you make of him? What does he know except the number of dead people he has to attend to, why doesn’t he put together few easy to understand figures, deaths from thrombosis last year against this year, stuff like that.

  731. If you have over 30 minutes free you can listen to a man that some think is a genius, some not, Baron watched up to the point he was asked ‘what would you do to infrastructure’, he thought few seconds, then gave an answer that proved to Baron the man’s a definitely a genius, stopped watching.

  732. This short narrative from the OffGuardian tells you how much the MSM poodles lie to us about the severity of the pandemic, the NHS crisis, and about the risk the unvaccinated present to the rest of the country:

    “As of last week (ending Saturday, Dec 4), NHS England’s own bed statistics reported that England has 4330 available critical care beds, of which 894 (21%) are being used by Covid patients, 2608 (60%) non-Covid patients and 828 (19%) were empty.

    So, England’s critical care beds are not even 90% full, let alone 90% full of unvaccinated covid patients.

    According to the UK’s Health Security Agency data (page 31 of this document) 6639 patients were admitted to hospital “with Covid” in the weeks 44-47 of this year. Of those 6639, 2355 were unvaccinated.”

  733. This is the last posting by Baron, he won’t bother you again today, it’s the most intriguing or perhaps disturbing news about a statistical anomaly related to the recording of c-19 deaths, the first link is to the Breitbart piece that covers a surge in heart related cases allegedly because of the “post-pandemic stress disorder”, the postings below give a totally different reason for the surge.

    The other link is a u-tube interview, in it the Professor says something quite incredible, apparently deaths of patients infected c-19 occurring within 14 days of the first vaccine and those occurring within 14 days of the second one are classified as unvaccinated deaths (why, is it because a vaccine is primed to kick in after 14 days of one receiving it).

    If these deaths were classified as the deaths of the vaccinated, which they really are, then the vaccines boost the mortality rate rather than offer protection from the virus (since one can get infected even after vaccination).

    Have you been aware of it? Any observations by anyone?

  734. Baron, December 7th, 2021 – 13:03

    Have you met many white serf effrickaans, Baron? I’ve only met a few but they’ve all had a somewhat abrasive or uncomfortable manner.

    There is not one standard set of operating procedures for the English tribes let alone old Czecho, or the diaspora of the English or Dutch, German, French colonies.

    You do pose one very interesting question though… 🙂
    Given a free choice what one person would one like to hand out a ticket to ride, to accompany one down the old conveyor belt to the sound of heavenly choirs?
    So many worthy companions.

    The makings of new board game perhaps?

  735. Baron, December 7th, 2021 – 13:08

    Points of order.

    1. Nobody mentioned gender.
    2. From and including 2005 Federal Election, and onwards Merkel never won an
    Germany has had permanent hotchpotch coalition governments.
    From 2013-2018 the CDU/CSU were in coalition with the SPD.
    Imagine the Tories, UKIP and LABour party being in government together.

    Of course one could argue that coalition governments bring with them stability
    One could equally argue that they are undemocratic as nobody gets what they voted for and everybody gets things that they didn’t vote for.

    Anyhoo, what the hell, democracy is all an elaborate game of charades, Kabuki Theatre, an illusion… call it it what you like. I either won’t vote again or I’ll cast my vote in the most destructive manner possible… although I fear that I unwittingly did the latter in the 2019 GE. Better I just don’t vote next time.

  736. EC @ December 8th, 2021 – 12:33

    Baron concedes, EC, you’re right about both he retiring female and the coalition Government, Baron’s slicing of her is purely relative, the others are worse, and as for coalition administrations, if we could fugg up with single party governments for decades why not once or twice with a coalition one, remem ber it was a coalition Government (the boy Cameron and the ghastly Nick) that served us Brexit, unwittingly and with gritting teeth.

    Until 1997 Baron was absent from the land of the Brits, has never voted since, he would have cast his vote for the Nigel’s lot, they didn’t;t have a candidate here, this is such a solid Tory seat you put up a goat the animal will win with increased majority, arghhh

  737. EC @ December 8th, 2021 – 12:07

    That’s why one of his monikers is ‘the blue veined barbarian from the East’, EC, Baron unhesitatingly admits he would consume any flesh if the other option was death by starvation, no sorry, no human flesh, that would be a stopper.

    Did he tell you he once indulged in an un-cooked brain of a monkey, many decades ago, in one of the stan lands? Awful, no proud of it at all, but those were different times, and also he was drunk.

  738. Baron 16.07
    Who was drunk, the monkey?
    In addition to my suspected dinner of canine stew I have also consumed the proffered eyeball of a sheep.
    1. My boss had told me it would be considered very rude by our traditional host to refuse and might have severe
    consequences – for me.
    2. I had consumed half a bottle of Black Label at the time and suitably anesthesised to do almost anything.
    Oh well, we both survived our delicacies.
    I felt more indigestion in eating a rare species barbeque in Botswana than my rapid swallowing of the eyeball.

  739. Baron – 16:07

    Were they still warm?
    A delicacy in Japan, served at a special table. The highest honour awarded only to the top dog martial artists.

  740. Baron,

    I thing that the German psyche is ideal for coalition governments whereas the Italian one clearly isn’t. This is demonstrated by the longevity of their repeated attempts at coalitions. i.e. up 5 years for the conformist minded Germans and up to 5 mins for the emotionally volatile Italians.

    Up to a few decades ago I would have said that the ruggedly individualistic and freedom loving Brits, proud of their birthright, would not have stood quietly by and let the “government” systematically dismantle and remove their freedoms and rights which were hard won by their forbears. But it happened, It’s all very sad.

    Young people are different now. They know no history. You can explain to them what was fought for and what has now been taken away, you can talk till you are blue in the face, but they they either cannot or will not understand. It is all very sad. The future is theirs to live with, and I’m glad I will not be part of it.

    I won’t vote again.

  741. Noa – 17:57

    Low fat any very nourishing indeed!
    At least that sheep saw you through the next 48 hours…

  742. EC @ December 8th, 2021 – 20:21

    It was so long ago, EC, Baron doesn’t remember any of the details, and what he does remember has probably been enriched to make it more revolting.

  743. EC @ December 8th, 2021 – 20:51

    Agreed, EC, excellent points, but you may be too hasty to say never again to voting, what if Noa enters the rink, offers free roasted chicken every weekend for everyone (say) over 50, would that not be worth a punt?

  744. Noa @ December 8th, 2021 – 17:57

    One shouldn’t consume either, Noa, but the brain would definitely be more preferable to the bulging eye balls, arghhh, you, sir, are now, in Baron’s unconsumed eyes, an even greater hero than before.

  745. You should click on the Spectator, enjoy the bashing of the Blond Inseminator, highly enjoyable.