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The Coffee House Wall – January 2021

This is the Coffee House Wall for this month. I won't say that it is your chance to communicate with us, as we are all in this together. It is, nevertheless, the Conservative Blog post that has no particular theme, and where everything is on topic. Let's just remember that we want to avoid ad hominem attacks on others. We don't want to engage with trolls. We want to moderate our language ourselves as responsible and mature adults, choosing to use fruity language only where it is necessary. This is our opportunity to show what the Spectator Coffee House Wall could have been like.

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  1. I’ve not been around, my life is busy in a different way, but I will try to keep this place tidy and useful for those of you who still visit and post. All the best for 2021, as far as we are permitted by the authorities.

  2. Happy New Year, Peter, and all the luck whatever endeavour you’re pursuing. The blog has lost many, but it seems to have an unexplainable capacity to survive, thanks for keeping it going.

    Btw, should you have not started with ‘January 2021’?

  3. Happy New Year Peter, with best wishes for you and your family. Many thanks for updating the Wall.

  4. Fixed it! I guess subconsciously I wanted to give 2020 another go!

  5. Very best of everything, Peter – and also to other Wallsters. I hope all those who are “still with us” will come back here this year!

  6. Peter,
    Thank you for creating a new edition of the CHW, and for providing this useful facility.
    Dark days, but they cannot last forever.
    Best wishes for 2021, health and happiness to you, yours and all CHWallsters.

  7. Baron,

    The benefits of global warming? Here’s Pavlin from Varna, BG, out for a ride by the Black Sea on New Year’s Day. Sunny and almost tropical at 12C !

    In all the videos showcasing BG that he’s shot recently he always manages to eat well. They’ve got some really nice, proper grub over there!

    Will warm weather last for him? Whenever I’ve flown over there in February, from 38,000ft Bulgaria has always looked pretty FROZEN UP to me! Pavlin is hoping to ride to Magadan sometime in 2021 but I think that the ‘flu d’etat may yet thwart his plans!

    Is 2021 the year to get back out on your JAWA, Baron?

  8. With all the problems we’ve got at the moment no one seems to be giving a cheer or showing their appreciation for the hard work being put in by the people working hard behind the scenes to make sure you’re bills keep arriving.
    I don’t think anyone has missed sending me a bill for anything.
    That is dedication in these difficult times and should be recognised.
    Let’s have a big hand of appreciation for the bill collectors.

  9. Well good to see that the Wall skipped 2020 altogether. Perhaps, given Boris’ tidings of joy this evening, we need to skip 2021 as well.
    Cannot wait for my jab so that I can live again.
    Thank you Peter from Maidstone for keeping this show on the road. I must come more often.

  10. EC @ January 4th, 2021 – 12:34

    Getting on the Jawa again, EC? Nope, that avenue of pleasure has been closed to the blue veined barbarian, the boss fears she would be truly stuck if anything were to happen to the one who has three functions to perform in the family, he’s the banker (she reckons money grows not just on trees but on the lawn, the drive ….), the driver (she doesn’t drive, it’s beyond her), and the dishwasher, arghhhh

  11. Marshal Roberts @ January 4th, 2021 – 21:47

    Skipping 2021, Marshal, would deprive you of the joy of the glimpse of freedom coming to us all in 2025 (or is it 2030?).

  12. John birch @ January 4th, 2021 – 17:02

    If you were here, John, you would see Baron responding to your challenge, applauding the bill issuers and also the HMRC that demands tax returns to be submitted by the end of this month. How true that death and taxes are unavoidable.

  13. This is one week old but worth your reading, it’s what common sense sounds like:

  14. Someone that posts as moneycirsus had this to say on Jan 4th, Baron tried to get more on the Washington DC story, failed.

    The moneycircus’s claim that pathogenic priming causing autoimmunity and may be a feature of the vaccination has not been widely discussed, does anyone have anything on it? The link seems to support it, but doesn’t specify how many get affected.

    Moneycircus: “In the late 1960s, children in Washington DC received a vaccine for RSV (respiratory syncytial virus), which is similar to coronavirus. Testing was foreshortened, with no tests on animals. The children got a good antibody response, but when they later caught a virus, 80 percent of the children given the shot were hospitalised with severe respiratory disease, and two died.

    Similar findings emerged from later attempts to create a coronavirus vaccine. Animal studies found disease enhancement due to pathogenic priming.

    They developed 35 vaccines between 2002 and 2014 and chose the 4 most promising. They tested them on animals.

    The ferrets had a robust antibody response but when vaccinated animals were exposed to wild virus after being vaccinated, they got inflammation across the whole body and died.”

  15. LOCKDOWN 3.0
    Paul Joseph Watson

    For anyone doubting that history doesn’t repeat itself there’s a nice bit @ 3mins 20sec detailing the some very familiar regulations on Channel Islands… under Nazi occupation!

  16. I would like someone to care enough
    Be brave and at least try
    Find a ladder taller than treetops
    Come write on this wall and say hi

    How do you open comments up?
    Do not make walls shutting out
    Spiral into solitude
    One day you’ll be happy without

    Maybe it is the technology
    Distracting from the wall we scale
    You need to hit the power button
    Reach the top without fail

  17. Surviving lockdown
    March was the start
    Closing down cities
    Families living apart

    Surviving lockdown
    That’s what I’m doing
    Surviving shopping
    Queuing and queuing

    Surviving lockdown
    Out of bed at six or seven
    Days are all the same
    Not what I’d call livin’

    Surviving lockdown
    Trying to remember the date
    Is it Saturday or Sunday?
    Feeling like a prison inmate

    Surviving lockdown
    Finding something to do
    Baking bread or anything
    Just to get through

    Surviving lockdown
    Till they find a cure
    Surviving lockdown
    I’ll need to endure

    Surviving lockdown
    Then it was July
    Feeling so lucky
    When so many die

    Surviving lockdown
    It’ll end one day
    And all back to normal
    Well, that’s what they say.

    Thought it was over
    But just the beginning
    I even got sober.

    Today it is worse
    This cold outside.
    For three months
    I am going to hide.

  18. EC @ January 5th, 2021 – 17:12

    One wonders, EC, if someone would have the courage to show the graphs that appear after about 5min from the start, in particular the one for all deaths for the last three years, the Dec 2020 peak is noticeably lower than those in 2019 and 2018.

    He also leaves on possible explanation of the high figure of support for the lockdown, people employed by the State or its agencies, some 5.5mn of them, cannot but back the house arrests, they get paid through transfer payments, the taxes of those employed in the private sector (or Government borrowings).

  19. Fergus Pickering @ January 5th, 2021 – 18:17 & 19:26

    Excellent, young sir, to declaim to the future generations (if there are any before it’s all over because it’s going to get worser still).

  20. Baron
    January 5th, 2021 – 22:01

    Poor uneducated one
    Be of good cheer
    Despair not
    The vaccine is here

  21. Just in case you’re that knowledgable.

    In October last year Baron bought Moto G9plus, the gadget went berserk within days, John Lewis agreed to take it back, refunded the money, Baron bought exactly the same model from the same retailer thinking that to get the same piece of crap cannot happens twice from the same supplier.

    It did, three times in the last two months and abit. A woman’s voice comes on, talks some gibberish, nothing works, the screen sometimes changes, other times gets frozen then begins to flicker without Baron touching or pushing anything, that sort of stuff.

    When that happened the first time Baron contacted ‘’ the wizards suggested the battery should be taken out, sent Baron detail instructions that would have meant restoring the factory settings, losing everything unless it was backed up by google (it was). What sort of experts are these guys, they only charge five quid, but they should know the battery cannot be removed from Moto G9plus.

    The instruction set wasn’t needed anyway because the phone corrected itself, just as it went wrong, it went fine. It was non-operational about four hours in the first breakdown, a day shorter few hours in the second, now in its third broken mode it’s already off for more than two days.

    Does anyone know what to do or can you suggest what would you do if you were facing the same problem? Any suggestion will be gratefully received.

  22. Fergus Pickering @ January 6th, 2021 – 08:28

    Nice one, Fergus, but the poor uneducated worries not about the vaccine, but his mobile phone (as you can see), quite frankly, fugg both, Baron is thoroughly fed up with life, everything disappoints, fugging everything.

  23. Baron – 08:40

    You have far more patience with recalcitrant tech than me!

    1. Return it to John Lewis for a refund. *
    2. Never buy another Motorola product.
    3. Buy a Samsung, or a Nokia.

    * If JL won’t refund you then use the damn thing for target practice!
    (… or do a Hillary and smash it to smithereens with a lump hammer)

  24. Consider what the effect of the educator ‘spiteful mutants’ will be in ethno-centric Britain as HMG quietly recognises the fast growing stupidity of its fast growing multicultural population by abolishing both education and examinations and their replacement by assessment.
    “Britain (comprising North and parts of South America, Africa, Asia and Australia) is the most genius nation ever known.”
    Dr E Dutton.

  25. How the mighty fall. Four years ago I rejoiced with much of the free world that a breath of fresh air was entering the White House. That finally there was a President not beholden to the graft and greed and special interests of the Washington establishment. A man that truly would not get sucked into the swamp even if he could not drain it. His economic miracle began to help us all. Then came the pandemic and he began to flounder and flip flop. Then the stupidity after the election. It is one thing to do a George Bush and question hanging chads in Florida but verging on the ridiculous to go on creating after the four swing states had declared him the loser.
    His stupid actions yesterday have set social conservatism back for a generation in America.
    And probably here.

  26. EC @ January 6th, 2021 – 11:29

    Good suggestions, EC, thanks, the one needing a harper appeals very much, is close to be executed (if a girls selling the gadgets at our local Tesco fails to help).

  27. Noa @ January 7th, 2021 – 16:58

    As a nation, Noa, we are wasting vast resources on education, this should cease, everyone child should be taught how to read (those pupils failing the proscribed level of reading proficiency should repeat the same class again), also basic arithmetic, and that’s it, but during this process the teachers should spot the 10-15% of the able and willing and those should receive the whole attention of the teaching profession with the aim of selection from that group again between 10-15% for an academic grilling paid for by the State that is the taxpayer.

    Such a system would cost noticeably less than the one we are struggling with today what with some 15% of school-leavers unable to read and count, it would benefit the country, boost social mobility, and enrich (rightfully) the able cum willing few.

  28. Marshal Roberts @ January 7th, 2021 – 20:34

    What you make of this, Marshall? You reckon it was he who prodded the crowd, or someone else?

  29. I love these conspiracy websites, Baron. The fact remains that Trump’s speech which I have watched again either inflamed passions to the point that the people who invaded the Capital were incited to do it or allowed the media to view it that way. Either way it was stupid. Democracies cannot behave that way. Jeremy Corbyn, remember him, had an army of nutcases who he could easily have called onto the streets to storm Parliament but he did not. Donald Trump has just released a Statesman like podium statement on Twitter guaranteeing an orderly transfer and conceding defeat. This is what we expect.

  30. Marshal Roberts @ January 8th, 2021 – 05:45

    You reckon then, Marshall, that the clip showing the police removing the barriers, the guy dressed like an Indian attending both the BLM rallies and the recent Capitol break-in, it’s all fake, do you? Hmmm

  31. This chap Hanson talks Baron’s language, not only has everyone to cool down, those in governance should also use the same yardstick to judge both sides to the dispute equally, Biden & co are patently not doing it.

    The 25th is a non-starter, it’s just the opposite of cooling down, it’s not doable, the section 4 has never been invoked before, first, the Cabinet members would have to agree to the Donalds removal by a 2/3 majority, inform both Houses, the President can contest it, then the two Houses have to vote, again by the same ratio … there isn’t enough time to do it even if the procedure were to start now.

  32. You shouldn’t;t miss it, not only does she talk sense, she’s looks gorgeous:

    The fat piss-poor fuggwit got floored beautifully, and rightfully so, he asked her to give him interview than yapping more than she’s allowed to talk, he interrupted her often, she didn’t interrupt him, not once, and his bleating was the standard woke agitprop that they have been pumping out for the full four years of the Donald’s presidency. Arghhh

  33. Nigel Farage on the Developing Battle for Individual Liberty in England

    What are you doing to my country while I am away?!

  34. Black Lives Matter and Antifa thugs weer bussed into the demonstration and Capito; po;ice let them in and showed them where to go once they had reached the houses of Congress … by whom? Time for a few more people to take the red pi;;, I think.

  35. Slightly off topic, I enjoyed this story in the DM reporting that the Emperor’s consort, Carrie Simmonds, has now been joined by her mother, in order to look after the latest addition to Boris’ extended family. In addition to such musings as, will she pay rent to help with his depleted finances, or will she be entitled to police protection, the most important question for the popular press will be, how will she be addressed. Surely the prime contender for her title, one of many recent Downing St honorific, will be Queen Nut-nut?

  36. It’s a pleasure to see the Police cracking down on hardened criminals at last and marching them off the beaches and promenades of our once frightened and crime-infested public places with such ferocity and determination.

  37. Simon Parkes – 10th January Update Current News

  38. Baron
    January 8th, 2021 – 13:03

    Baron you probably read Michael Snyder whose view is that the radical Left will go to extreme lengths in order to get what they want, that these were agents provocateurs and the whole Capitol Hill riot was a set-up. In addition to the fact that Trump supporters are almost always extremely peaceful while many of those storming the Capitol were being very violent he identifies six crucially important issues:

    · Security: he has video footage showing that police opened the barricades surrounding the Capitol, and purposely allowed protesters to storm the building.

    · Antifa: there were several videos of Antifa activists being brought into the heart of Washington by bus with an escort.

    · The Horned Shaman: the most famous ‘protester’ from the chaos was ‘the guy with the Viking horns’ – an individual who was photographed at a BLM rally in Arizona wearing the same outfit in June; at a ‘climate activism’ event in 2009; and goes by the name of Jake Angeli, on Wednesday posing as a hardcore Trump supporter.

    · Few arrests: most of the protesters were allowed to leave without being arrested.

    · Timing: just as a debate about election irregularities evidence was about to begin in Congress, the riots conveniently broke out.

    · Cui bono?: at a stroke, the activists managed to neuter the debate over the legitimacy of the election, and scuppered the Trump movement as well.

  39. Malfleur @ January 10th, 2021 – 19:08

    Who’s this guy, Malfleur, is he the brother of Q, the famous voice from the deep that was predicting many a thing, not one has happened? Arghhh

    Baron will believe it when he sees it, to go the insurrection route could not avoid a civil war, it would be insane, not even the Donald could contemplate something of this sort, it could be the end of the Union.

    The spreading of it is also why those trying to shut us up use guys like him as an example of fake news that genuinely disturb. Why should he be privy to something that must be the toppest security? Who is he anyway? Can you enlighten, please ?

  40. Marshal Roberts @ January 10th, 2021 – 19:38

    Good points, Marshall, but the horned guy is in support of everything that smells of breaking the law, also anything breakable close by, apparently he’s also a supporter of the Donald, attended Antifa demonstrations carrying a placard in support of him, the rest seems indeed true.

  41. Noa @ January 10th, 2021 – 11:38

    Anyone were to tell Baron few years back scenes of this kind would be happening in Britain, he would have answered ‘it’s more likely a choir of pigs will fly over London singing the tune “Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift’. Truly unbelievable that.

    Btw, the tune was chosen because the girl’s gorgeous, and so out of reach, no?

  42. Baron, 22.38
    It may be fake news Mi’lud.
    Dorsetshire Police, in between closing down the cream tea shoppes industry, have investigated and said that it weren’t them that were arresting OAPs and carting them off in handcuffs. Apparently it was wicked aunty-lockdown demonstrators. 480 of whom were shot in reprisal on the prom by Bournemouth’s crack SWAT squad.

  43. Noa @ January 11th, 2021 – 09:16

    You mat have missed it, Noa, but Baron has said more than once he is easily confused, and you posting is doing just that. What is the truth then? Was the arrest staged? By whom?

    The best thing for the blue veined barbarian will be to go back to reading books, he has four to get through, and that’s what he’s going to do straight away.

  44. WE had no vaccines, we had to have lockdowns, we have a number of vaccines now coming billions, millions are getting the jab, we still have lockdowns, the man in charge is considering tougher restrictions, truly house arrests, one would be allowed to leave one’s abode only once a week.

    What are the vaccines for then?

  45. The American progressives and their MSM poodles are beside themselves still, have reached in an uncontrollable frenzy, gone truly mad about the the occupation of the Capitol, in their eyes it’s close to the most heinous crime ever, an unspeakable transgression, an unforgivable wrong that hits at the core of democracy.


    What made American great wasn’t the Capitol, the Federal set-up, the apparatchiks feeding on the toiling of the masses, it was businesses and farms, small and big, run by millions of ordinary Americans that created what American is today, it will again be the same businesses and farms that will, one hopes, make America great again.

    The MSM poodles should have gone mad when the Antifa and BLM were burning and looting the businesses, destroying the creative heart of the country, scaring ordinary people, the only wealth creators in any society including the American Republic.


  46. Sorry, it should be vaccines costing (and not coming) @ 22:57

    Also, in the other posting ‘what America is today’ (and not what American is today) @ 23:10.


  47. Not fake news, just embarrassment by the police that they were caught in the act.

  48. Baron
    We watch events unfolding in the States with horror and fear for the future, both for its people and for we ourselves in the once free world who depend on the now crumbling rock that was the basis of our democratic freedoms.
    When the Berlin Wall came down we now understand that we witnessed, not the end of history and the triumph of the West, but the triumph of Marxism and the beginning of our destruction.

  49. Talking about eye candy, here’s a young lady one would happily discuss Edmund Burke’s Recollections with…

  50. Noa – 20:33

    Absolutely. Those are my thoughts exactly.

    The planned “armed protests” that are going to be staged outside each of the state Capitols on Saturday is a stupid idea too. Dumb asses!

    Infiltration by agents provocateur from the usual leftist fascistic factions will ensure that they are not peaceful and the resulting deaths will be used as the justification for the long planned gun grab.

  51. Noa, January 13th, 2021 – 10:49

    Careful Noa,

    There’s a lot of Glamourflage going on there…

    File under: Moses, Mt. Nebo etc.

  52. Why, instead of focusing exclusively on vaccines, don’t we go for a widespread plasma treatment? There’s by now a large pool of people that have recovered from the virus, their plasma (or B-cells) contains antibodies, more importantly it also contains T-helper cells (CD4+cells, or CD4 positives) that are indispensable for our adoptive immune system, that’s the one that creates anti-bodies against the body invaders.

    We should make it worthwhile to the plasma donors to attract as many as possible, we’ve paid billions to acquire synthetic vaccines that don’t prevent our getting infected with the virus merely lessen the symptoms, why cannot every plasma donor be rewarded with (say) £200 per session (the plasma in the donor’s body gets replenished within 48 hours max). The plasma is natural, human made as opposed to the synthetic vaccines, no risk of any infection, side effects.

    For anyone getting ‘infused’ with plasma should be by far preferable to getting the vaccine jab.

  53. Jeff Taylor’s latest gives you something different to ruminate about, Baron.

    “Merging Central Banks?! ”

    An “innovation” too far if you ask me… which you didn’t.
    Basically, if Rishi Sunak is in favour of it there’s nowt in it for thee and me!

  54. Baron – 16:34

    Meanwhile, my chum in a one room flat in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, has just been put on TOTAL lockdown until August 1st. Martial law: it’s for the ‘greater good’ and by extension his own good dontcha know!

  55. @Jack and Twatter fucks up over the Ugandan GE!

    You’d have to have a heart of stone not to laugh.

  56. I had not seen this interview before.

    “Enoch Powell on Being Called A Racist”

    Enoch at his articulate best, attempting to set the record straight.

  57. Grumpy old bugger Simon Ellis sums it up without adornment. Immigrants, usually malcontents and ner-do-wells in their own countries, come here to be failures in ours.
    Dutton would say that they are genetic rejects unfit for their own gene pool and contributing to the idiotisation of ours. Who would disagree?

  58. Wetherspoons has been curiously reminiscent of the C18 City of London coffee houses, or perhaps more contemporaneously likev the underground samiizdat in acting as a forum for public information and debate with its Sceptics posters hiding the otherwise closed and dusty interiors.
    It’s sad that Wetherspoons are taking down their posters, but the UKs town centres are dead and most of their customers are unlikely to be interested in the finer points of LJ Sumption’s legal argument. Still, the good news is that may be updated and there are some good comments in the letters.

  59. Enoch Powell on The Post-Imperialism Of Britain And India

    He dealt very politely with Jonathan Miller, I think.

  60. EC @ January 13th, 2021 – 17:43

    Under all the jargon of ‘creating something new that’s bigger than the parts thereof’, EC, it feels the BIS is doing a preparatory work for the introduction of virtual currency, no paper money anymore, everything digital, instead of a wallet full (or empty) of banknotes it will be the app on a mobile gadget, any gadget that will facilitate monetary transaction everywhere in the world, unquestionably convenient, but also furnishing the means of a full control of each and every one of us.

    And why stop at the virtual money? One could easily imagine a chip implanted inside the human body that will contain, apart from other stuff such as one’s medical history, next of kin and whatever, also a passport to everything one’s allowed to do (not barred from) such as enter a supermarket, school, place of work, one’s home, a car …

    What would George Orwell make of it then?

  61. EC @ January 13th, 2021 – 17:55

    Good one, if even Uganda has to to back the freedom of expression in the West then something has to be more than rotten in the state of ….

    The internet is full of clips that cover the Twitter ban on the Donald, but why do most of them accept than any suppression should be the duty of Governments and not the whim of private companies?

    The argument should run ‘there should be no censorship of anyone unless violence’s involved in any form or shape’. As the great Spinoza had it ‘man can think what he likes and say what he thinks’, that’s it, simple and doable, but not in a society that pretends to worship freedom of speech but only the approved one, which is not doable because someone has to set the criteria for approval, and whoever that someone is cannot be unbiased because what someone sees as a good another one receives as evil, for such is the nature of the human condition, no?

  62. Baron 11.00am

    Conspiracy theory has now been overtaken by reality. Mr Orwell would be in lockdown like the rest of us, fined if he stuck his nose outdoors and probably, prematurely demised due to the overweening requirement to protect the NHS and the salaries of the public sector lackeys.
    For the goal of all governments, their holy grail, see the review of China’s current zero Covid restrictions in today’s Lockdown Sceptics newsletter.

  63. Noa @ January 13th, 2021 – 21:51

    Here’s another short clip by him, Noa, the same subject, the same verdict. The question that Baron keeps asking (and not just here) is simple: Why on earth do people continue to vote for politicians that pass laws allowing this to happen?

    That truly puzzles. Virtually everyone born in this country sans the progressive crew concentrated mostly on London must see what has been going on for decades, yet when it comes to the election day, most of them cast the vote for the candidates of the two parties that fall over themselves enacting laws that engender these fundamental changes in the society. Masochists, are they, the voting people?

  64. Baron – 11:48

    And there was me thinking that E. Croydon was baaad.

  65. Baron 11.48am
    “… Why on earth do people continue to vote for politicians that pass laws allowing this to happen?”

    Permit me, mi’lud, to answer your question with two questions.
    1. In the last UK General Election, if you wanted the next government to deliver Brexit, would you have voted Conservative, Labour, Other or NOTA?
    2. Assuming that there will be a future General Election, for whom if anyone, will you vote?

  66. Let’s build back better with a right Charlie eh?

  67. The answer to Q1 is a hit below the belt, Noa, unless one believes the Brexit we have had delivered is a genuine return of sovereignty.

    The Tories were a safer bet on a single issue, granted. If, however, we were to elect a bunch of MPs that truly reflected the views of the ‘healthy core of Britishness’ we would have a 24-carat Brexit plus a Government that cared about the country and not everyone else and itself.

    The Q2 is the killer one – nobody. Baron has wised up, is joining the 40% plus of those entitled to vote, who give it a pass, so will he, waste of time, the commodity he has little of.

    But here’s something completely different, enjoy, it’s Baron, not in person but metaphorically speaking:

  68. EC @ January 14th, 2021 – 13:58

    In this fast changing world of ours, EC, one’s hard put to decide what’s what.

    Only few weeks ago Navalny was dying having been attacked with the most lethal nerve agent known to man, on Sunday he’s on his way back to the country run by a man that wanted him killed not once, but three times. Hero of what?

  69. Baron 17.57

    It wasnt meant as a trick question Mi’lud. In the case of Brexit it was clearly a case of the Blond Beelzebub or nothing.
    Yours truly bit his tongue, there was no other candidate from any party approximating Noa’s political palette than Wallace, really a similar form of political pondlife to the BB that has in correspondence with the Ark master, has revealed himself to be a pinko liberal with domineering streaks of character.
    The next election, if there is one, may be different, if Farage’s Reform mob actually gets an acceptable manifesto together, even Fox, maybe. Other than that Baron I’m with you and will decline to vote.

  70. Well that didnt take long Baron. Simon Ellis’ video has gone already. Removed by the uploader it says. Mm. maybe. No pressure I suppose, from an moronic algorithm and its onanistic Californian webmiester…

  71. If you wondered where Alex Bellfield has gone the answer is that he’s banned by the same MAO CaLWeb… Andre Walker comments.

  72. Noa @ January 14th, 2021 – 19:10

    What’s the bet they are going to shut us down as well, Noa?

    It’s easy, each of us on his or her own is what they want, in the next phase, it will be a knock on the door in the wee hours of the morning, a couple of men in black Mackintoshes, the right hand in the pocket holding …(just in case)

    How did we get here? And where is Frank, when the country needs people like him?

  73. Noa – 19:04 & Baron – 17:54

    Holding our noses yet again in Dec 1019. There was hardly any difference between any of our local “conservatives” than, for example, than Corbynmistras Sue Hayperson, ‘Cat’ Smith, and the cerebrally challenged Lisa Numpty. 12 months on our new “Brexiteer” is almost universally reviled by “Workington Man” be they Labour or Tories’Conservatives.

    How many times over the years have we held our noses, conned ourselves, and voted “Conservative” because, “Hey they’ll come good eventuall.” We always knew that Boris was going to deliver BRINO, didn’t we? We should have all voted for Jezza and he would have delivered us Venezuela. That way the phoenix might have eventually risen from the ashes.
    Instead the 2019 pantomime season lasted 12 months. It was all misdirection.

  74. The present Government, if we may mockingly call the coterie of Mandarins and the politicians of both Left and Right, who are content to act as window dressing for their unwavering march towards supra-institutional totalitarianism, are entirely content to keep the licence fee, because the alternative would be to fund the BBC directly from the taxpayers’ currently depleted purse.
    At present it maintains the figleaf of appearing that the BBC’s content and message are independent and enables them to provide the illusion of a free and independent media.
    The BBC has throughout the current manufactured ‘Phony war’ flu crisis uncritically supported and indeed has actively promulgated the Government’s message of doom and dread.
    Its reward for its craven and disgusting behaviour, ultra vires to its Charter, is to be confirmed as the Ministry of Truth, both for the Blond Beelzebub, his future successors and the army of imps dependent on its radical cultural and societal reformation and re-education.
    Surprisingly there is hope. If the Government will not defund the BBC it is increasingly evident that the Public will. An increasingly vociferous and popular campaign of defunding is fathering momentum, as they move towards online information sources people are either cancelling or not renewing their licences.
    It is inevitable that market forces, Adam Smiths unseen hand of capitalism, will engender the very changes that the Booby of Downing Street eschews.

  75. Baron 22.40
    Why would they bother coming for us?
    It’s simpler to turn off the gas and electricity supplies and WiFi, replace petrol and diesel fuel and replace our fillet steaks with yummy, delicious kale!

  76. Noa – 19:10 et seq.

    The censorship is getting worse by the day.

    The Styx [hexenhammer666] and many others have already taken the precaution to also upload to platforms like Bitchute and Gab which have their own independent servers. Having said that the current monopolistic forces are scheming to get the IP addresses of those independent servers de-registered

    I find Alex Belfield a bit of pita at times, tbh, but he’s pithy, sarcastic and funny at other times. Not the sharpest tool in the box, but there is no way his show should be banned, though.

    Amongst his crimes against the dark forces are:
    [in no particular order]

    1. Saying that the King has go no clothes on.
    [ insisting that 2 + 2 = 4 ]

    2. Unrelenting, excoriating, and totally justifiable criticism of the BBC, the TV tax,
    and certain high profile Beeboids.

    3. Vocal support for Donald Trump, Nigel Farage and Brexit

    4. Having the temerity to publish ONS stats and question government handling of
    the ‘flu d’etat.

    5. Being one of the great unwashed.

  77. EC 09.03
    We can only address the challenges that face us, learning our lessons from seeking to identify what caused them.

  78. EC 10.21
    Yes, ultimately it’s the lack of soap thats seen him condemned to the Tenth Circle.
    That and slagging off the Hewitt boy’s trollop.

  79. Baron, January 14th, 2021 – 23:33

    That was chilling!
    I’m certain that the heirs of Trofim will be showing that educational video to all schoolchildren… in order to encourage the others…

    File under: “pour encourager les autres” etc.

    The way it’s done:

  80. Baron, January 14th, 2021 – 17:57

    I afraid that know nothing about this “Navalny” chap or his health “problems.”
    Perhaps, because he’s seeking to replace the man in charge, he’s being put through some initiation test?

    What does the fugitive émigré, if still extant, have to say about him? on previous form, probably nothing worth reading.

    BTW. did you manage to make contact with Stephen Maybery?

  81. sorry about all the keyboard problems this morning,

    Oh Well… those were the days!

  82. We’ll soon be running a “YouTube Bad Boys of the Week” league here soon. Talk Radio is back, Gobster Belfield is supposed to return tonight, but Grumpy old Bugger Simon Webb says he is barred for a week for “hate speech”.
    The YT league will have more ins and outs, ups and downs than a Boris first date!
    Shall we CH Wallsters propose sponsoring it?

  83. EC @ January 15th, 2021 – 10:51

    On stephen m: yes and no, EC, he hasn’t;t responded to a Christmas card.

    On Navalny: For reasons that Baron cannot comprehend he wants to come back to Russia, not a smart move, when he was focusing on corruption he was not liked very much by anyone but the few Russian progressives (certainly not by the corrupt), but respected, it was the investigation into Medvedev’s charity business that led to the former PM dismissal, Navalny put it together, it was, however weird it may seem, a help to Putin, it was certainly a benefit to Russia.

    It was Navalny’s befriending the Bellingcat boys and the Western spooks that changed the perception of a vast majority of the Russians, in their eyes he became an enemy of Mother Russia, this the Russian unwashed cannot forgive (e.g. Gorby).

    Three Russian agencies are after him, they are squabbling now which one gets him first when he arrives tomorrow, it’s probably a chat with the probation services at best, prison if the prosecuting office lays its hands on him as the worst.

  84. Malfleur @ January 16th, 2021 – 00:44

    Good one, Malfleur, but what has happened to the guy that’s updating every few minutes. Was his name Simon Parks or similar? Is he still at it? When the we expect the bombshell to go off?

  85. EC @ January 16th, 2021 – 10:17

    That’s enjoyable but mild, EC, compared to some of Spike’s novels, they are probably on the ban list already, his treatment of minorities goes beyond the standards of today’s shameful.

  86. Noa @ January 15th, 2021 – 17:05

    Not enough time for Baron to argue in depth, Noa, but he reckons the tech geeks have reached the pinnacle of their power, not the other way round, the Deep State has used them to thrust the dagger, but that’s all they would be allowed to perform because they represent a danger to the other side, too, ergo they will brought to heel, you’ll see, the argument will run ‘you have no mandate of the people to decide who gets to speak and who has to be silenced’, they will be broken up or put firmly under the control of the legislators.

  87. Noa @ January 15th, 2021 – 10:10

    Just as it wasn’t possible to reform the communist nightmare of the East, Noa, it had to collapse, so it is with the BBC, reform of the monstrosity is not doable as it would require a full turnover of its top and middle ranking personnel. How likely is that?

  88. The hybrid Commons, remote voting and its cessation, Ministerial control of the agenda. Or how the Johnson Junta has used Wu-flu fear to sieze control of Parliament

  89. Monarchies. Six lessons for their survival. (If you think they should).

    A little old but there is some useful information on the Constitution Unit site.

  90. Biden has a job on his hands, one half of the Americans think the other half is the biggest threat to the American way of life:

  91. Baron 00.12
    And those Americans are right.

  92. It’s about time that the San Andreas Fault slipped again. With Silicon Valley, and half of California, disappearing into the Pacific – it just might help.

    Also the Jellystone Park caldera is overdue to blow its lid, but that would take out a large part of the northern USA – no nukes required.

  93. Few titbits gathered listening or watching stuff outside this country, no guarantee that any of it is genuine even though the people that expressed the opinions were introduced as political commentators such, also have huge followings (some of the stuff must be true though because it’s factual).

    Apparently, in spite of what N was claiming he was keen to stay in the West, but nobody was keen to accommodate him for fear he may join Western troublemakers, behave as the Pussy girls(?) did, would be difficult to contain, Russia didn’t;t want him either, but the Germans have had enough, decided to send him back, no press conference before departure, he wanted one, no kids to accompany him and his wife, he and she only were taken to the airport by the police, cleared the exit formalities also helped by the police.

    The Russians switched the airports, he didn’t arrive at Vnukovo where there was a waiting crowd, but not a massive one, apparently around 450 including journalists, a female singer (her flight also diverted) attracted a crowd by far bigger, but that isn’t that shocking, the young people are keener to worship their idols. The temperature in Moscow w as well below 20C, apparently the place last suffered from such low temperatures four years ago.

    The idea of the West is apparently to groom his wife to take over, she has a clean sheet, no criminal convictions, more to the point, she has been the one wearing trousers in the family, her biological father was a KGB general, it could be it runs in the genes (?).

    Listening to her she certainly has it, she could be more than a replacement for N who seems to look rather unwell. Unfortunately, Baron cannot post the short clip, it’s embedded (or whatever the jargon is). The clip was taken whilst N was waiting for the judge to start proceedings, it looks he doesn’t know he’s being filmed, his mouth is half open, his lower jaw sticks forward, he’s leaning forward, glassy eyes, the posture resembles that of a flying asleep monkey. This is not to degrade the man, or show disrespect, it’s actually as he looks.

    The rigmarole of it all from Tomsk, the breakdown on the plane, through Omsk then Berlin now to back to Moscow and a prison cell must have impacted his health, he was taking plenty of drugs in Germany (he was taking drugs before the alleged poisoning, more eon it later) these were taken away from him, the Russians aren’t saying what these drugs were.

    However much Baron disagrees with his new venture out of the comfort zone of investigating corruption, one cannot but pity the man, he’s being used, cannot help it, the reaction of the ordinary Russians is clear, virtually everyone wants him to be tried for treason, something Baron’s disagrees with (who gives a shite what Baron thinks though?).

    Not because it would engender another wave of sanctions and other stuff like that, that will come whatever the Russians do. It’s because what this could do to N himself, he was truly very good in investigating corruption, and it is corruption that needs rooting out in Russia. Stupid, deadly stupid of him to give it up, if he carried on, his reputation would have grown enabling him to enter politics later, he’s still young.

    There’s more but some of it cannot be put in print (it’s from more obscure blogs, and who knows who comes to our little chatroom).

  94. The one thing that Trump still could do that Biden can’t undo!

  95. Baron,

    “…and who knows who comes to our little chatroom”

    I’m sure it would make interesting reading but, even if he had time, I doubt whether Peter will ever publish that data or stats!

    After reading what you said about “N” what possible use could he be to “V” and the FSB? He’s a huge liability in terms of him contracting S.I.D.S. and thus causing them an even bigger headache. So why don’t the {{{Russians}}} follow the lead of the Meister Mensch, remove his passport and send him to the ends of the earth. i.e. to a nice pastoral life in New Zealand. Nobody ever comes back from there!

  96. Perhaps, Martin Luther King never had a dream,
    but he had seen a dream.
    This is a description of my theme;
    Tomorrow Biden’s speech will gather steam,
    which will destroy my Trumpian scheme,
    I have a dream.

  97. You have to allocate close to two hours of your life to watch it, it was released by the anti-corruption team in Moscow today, it features Navalny and the palace that N calls ‘the biggest steal in the history of Russia’. One may argue whether the complex belongs to Putin or not, it’s shrouded in mystery, at least in part, but the splendour of the palace would suggest it must be for someone who worships luxury.

    This is what N was good at, you must admit it’s put together professionally, it runs fast, makes convincing points, it’s superb. The silly guy should have stuck with making videos like this, coupling with the Western spooks will be his undoing, Baron reckons.

  98. Fergus Pickering @ January 19th, 2021 – 17:25


  99. EC @ January 19th, 2021 – 14:14

    Good idea, EC, to ship the guy out, but it may be Putin has other plans for him, like serving him morning coffee, sweeping the Autumn leaves, polishing the expensive fixtures …. in his retirement abode – see B @ 22:31.

  100. Charlie Ward – The James Delingpole Channel

  101. Malfleur @ January 20th, 2021 – 11:36

    You have to give up listening to fakes, Malfleur, who TF is this guy? Baron listened up to the point he says ‘ask God, ask Allah or ask your mother in law’ and that was all he could stomach.

    What happened to the one doing up-dates? Have you forgotten him already, or is he still updating?

    It’s figgwits like this chap that furnish the ammunition to those wanting to curb the freedom of the internet.

  102. Still on the Navalny’s charade:

    Could anyone enlighten Baron on one aspect of it? The Novichik was allegedly sprayed in N’s blue trunks, leaving aside how it was carried out and when, or why others handling the garment were not infected or at least tested for possible poisoning, why did the Novichok made Navalny deadly ill, but left his reproductive tools unhurt totally. Miracle or what? His balls made of steel?

  103. Baron – 12:21

    Teflon coated?

  104. Baron, January 19th, 2021 – 22:31

    Not so much a palace, the exterior looks more like a giant municipal public baths or one of the old GPO Telephone Exchanges on a larger scale. Oh, no you don’t think I’ve just blown my chances of an invite for a summer holiday do you?

    “Commenting on the investigation, Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov called it a “badly broken record.” “We already explained many years ago that Putin doesn’t have any palaces,” he said.”

    Well that’s good enough for me! Dmitry is one super cool dude, as close to zero degrees Kelvin as a human can get! If “V” let him go for a paddle then the Black Sea would freeze over in summer! OK, Dmitry, please can I get the invite now…

    OTOH there’s that old quote from Otto von Bismarck to consider, “Never believe anything in politics until it has been officially denied.”

    OTOH, such palaces are a security nightmare and liability. Can such a place be wholly a private residence? The Élysée Palace has 365 rooms. Do the Microns inhabit all of them? Mme Micron must have her work cut out just opening and closing the curtains morning and evening let alone having to knock up a “full English” for Emmanuel before he “heads off” to work, LOL.

  105. EC @ January 20th, 2021 – 13:28

    Made Baron chuckle for some while, EC, naughty boy you.

  106. EC @ January 20th, 2021 – 15:19

    Good points, EC, in fact excellent points, but notice that just as with Ukrainian Yanukovych it also start with a palace, one that Putin probably didn’t;t know he had.

    The video doesn’t matter, Navalny has released many videos (Baron may have mentioned one about a TV doctor with plenty of property in NY or New Jersey, Russia, somewhere else), all well researched and edited, other projects covered more sins of the Russian ruling class, it all did next to nothing to either Putin’s rating (still around two thirds) or Navalny’s (still in low signal figures).

    It needed perseverance, he should have kept on, Baron discovered him around 2014, gave him support even though the credit card company refused to transfer the money (US sanctions), but N changed, gradually but noticeably pinched results of other investigative reporters, didn’t acknowledge it, then became bitter, during the local elections came up with the idea ‘everyone but Putin’s candidates’, which filled the Moscow city Duma with communists and ‘liberals’ (but not his candidates), a total flop because it’s the Russian Right that has a chance to take over. The election was the last straw for Baron, he gave up on him, and as the recent events have proven righty so, he’s toast.

  107. A short summery of the 46th inauguration:

    One gaga talked, one Gaga sang, and 25,000 military servicemen in full armour stood watching (for any unwashed intruding).

  108. Andrew Lawrence – Biden the day after…

    Many a true word said in jest!

  109. Tucker: McConnell reportedly preventing potential Assange & Kiriakou pardon

    McConnell will double cross Trump in the Senate impeachment trial regardless of any tacit deal.

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