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The Coffee House Wall – January 2018

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  1. Yes, a new wall

  2. Very quiet though.

  3. Baron (07.50)

    You are up early, m’Lud! My response to your kind enquiry, “Are you feeling upbeat after Tuesday?”
    is “Well, you should have kept your legs crossed as well as your fingers, I’m afraid.” (as the Bishop said to the pregnant actress).

    My serious response is, Yes! But only because I know the verdict, which to be honest I had already anticipated. The waiting and hoping was worse than the knowing. Apparently my dysphagia is due to a malignant tumour at the junction of the oesophagus and the stomach. A tricky spot for surgery, as I’m sure you know, but they are going to have a shot at it, anyway. But not before doing a PET scan to determine whether it has metastasised; the previous gastroscopy probes and the CAT scan were inconclusive on that score. If the little beast has not spread its tentacles, then surgery should resolve it. OTOH, if it has, then a cocktail of chemotherapy; radiotherapy and surgery will be the game plan. I’m up for that, having coped already with ten years of chemotherapy to control a myeloprolierative blood cancer (PPV) and associated buggerations, not to mention a prostatectomy (TURP inflicted) a few months ago. CAT scans – PET scans? Perhaps they are arranging for a Vet to do the surgery, as I have already apparently brought the NHS to the point of collapse with my demands and coffin dodgin’. I did suggest they sent round a horse and cart to deliver the clapped-out old carcase to the knackers yard, but they seemed to think the twinkle in my eye (undimmed by recent bouts of laser treatment for glaucoma) is worth the cost and effort to preserve it if they can. 🙂

    So we shall see. In the meantime my posts my be a little sparse and even more indecipherable when I attempt to keep in the loop – but I’ll be lurking … so keep on truckin’ – and please keep both your fingers and legs crossed.

    And thanks again for your concern and the previous good wishes of the rest of the crew here. Much appreciated!

  4. Sp. alert – ”Myeloprolifireative” – sorry.

  5. Frank,
    so sorry to learn of your health problems. I wish you all the very best, and trust all goes well with your surgery. Remember Churchill’s slogan; KEEP BUGGERING ON!
    Or as Stephen said here recently, “Nil desperandum, and bugger the undertaker”.

  6. Frank P January 18th, 2018 – 14:36

    Very sorry to hear of your tribulations but best wishes to you and all digits crossed!

  7. I see May has been giving it all away again. Spending £44 million that she doesn’t have on security kit for that creepy, came from nowhere Macron and promising to take more “refugees”.


  8. Frank,
    Best wishes old son, we are all rooting for you here on the wall.

  9. Frank P

    Dear Frank, keep your pecker up! Your country needs you!! And so do we, who by your oh so brilliant scribblings here, assure us that we are not in fact mad!
    I wish you all good things in the coming months, and should there be a day or two, or a week or two when you can’t face the keyboard, perhaps Mrs P could deputise? Like Capt. Mainwairing’s wife, her presence is often felt but otherwise we have been deprived!

  10. London is Turning into a Shithole

    A conversation between Paul Joseph Watson and the London editor of Breitbart.

  11. Baron

    If you are still scratching your head as to why some consider the 9/11 attack in 2001 to be a treasonous criminal conspiracy, listen to this interview with Richard Gage of Architect & Engineer by Lionel on 18th January:

  12. Frank P

    Very sorry to hear of your health problems, with my best wishes and assurance that you will rise to the challenge.

  13. ‘uman rights claims receiving the Merkel treatment.

  14. Listen, Frank, you’ve got to keep breathing until Baron’s ‘healthy core of Englishness’ makes a move, gains the upper hand, sweeps the progressive project into the dustbin of history for nothing would please the poorly educated Slav more than to say to you ‘you see, I’ve told you’.

  15. And a hint of what helped Baron when he got diagnosed with cancer.

    Synthetic drugs, modern procedures and counselling are fine, one’s mental state’s better in recovering after an operation, a strong belief that one must recover is a must.

    Amongst the brain chemicals that put one into the right frame of mind is endorphin. To get it released one may like to sniff lavender (or spray it on one’s pillow), eat a bit of chocolate regularly, read or watch stuff that makes one laugh, daily, also the occasional curry (or other spicy foods) helps, too, as does listening to one’s favourite pieces of music, any music.

    You’ll be fine, young sir, keep that in mind 24/7.

  16. Noa @ January 19th, 2018 – 17:27

    Funny that the case should have re-emerged now, Noa, could it be a part of the pressure on the Germans to get in line on Iran, ease off with the plans for the EU Armed Forces?

  17. Malfleur @ January 19th, 2018 – 00:16

    The most remarkable feature of the Raheem Kassam interview on Sky (that Baron saw in full before) is how abruptly it ended, Malfleur.

  18. Colonel Mustard @ January 18th, 2018 – 16:57

    This puzzles, Colonel.

    Why should we help with the immigrants currently in France? The EU rules for dealing with refugees or asylum seekers are clear, they should get registered in the first safe country they reach, it’s that country’s responsibility to deal with them.

    It’s the Micron’s problem, not ours.

  19. If you still scan the blog, Peter, thanks for the new wall. Also, would you be very kind and push the button (or whatever it is you do to start a new wall) if not weekly than at least monthly, please.

    How are you doing anyway? What successes have tucked under your belt?

  20. Baron,
    I sympathize completely with you over the treatment you received, I was in a similar situation and was zonked out on morphine, fortunately nobody noticed my slightly odd behavior as they were all convinced I had been barmy for years. Age will not wither us, at least that is what I tell myself, and I am daft enough to believe it.

  21. Frank. If you can survive ten years of myeloproliferation you can survive this. My best wishes.

  22. I’m very grateful to everyone for your encouragement, shared experience and your belief in in my continued durability. I’ll do my best to justify your support. My family will keep you posted in the crucial stages, if I can’t. Take care. Keep up the barrage.

  23. Here’s something you should be aware of, Malfleur, no Q or R, just a memo:

  24. stephen maybery @ January 19th, 2018 – 20:50

    Hopefully, stephen, you are off the stuff, now.

  25. Baron @ 00:23

    Yes, but the hard work had already been done by the time the news reached that outlet. We are, for instance, still waiting for the MSM to report that the “false alarm” in Hawaii was in fact the downing by the good guys of a real incoming nuclear-tipped missile fired by the bad guys. Where are you on this one Fox? Still in the chicken coop?

    I had in fact tried to post here the recent Hannity Show report on the memo, but some globalist algorithm has assumed control of my name and email details for posts on the Wall and I lost patience trying to fix it….

    Who is “R” by the way?

  26. Baron: Exhibit 2

    lexei Malfleurovski
    January 19th, 2018 – 13:29

    If you are still scratching your head as to why some consider the 9/11 attack in 2001 to be a treasonous criminal conspiracy, listen to this interview with Richard Gage of Architect & Engineer by Lionel on 18th January:

    Your comment is awaiting moderation

  27. Baron: Exhibit 3

    Here is that Hannity piece on the Memo – powerful, cogent, informative

  28. You want shitholes? How’s about them thar apertures?

  29. Apolgies that was the wrong link. Try this one:

    If only to compare and contrast.

    The sublime followed by the gorblimey!

  30. It is so sad that this act was necessary, but wonderful that this small step has been made:
    House Passes Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act
    All House Republicans voted in favor of the bill. All Democrats voted against, except for six.

  31. The British Army can no longer resist the degeneracy of British society. Commanders who fret over using ‘Sir’ over the phone because they may ‘misgender’ sb. And an ad campaign designed to attract candidates with the least potential!

  32. Alex Feltham (12:36)

    FMOBB! Bring back RSM Brittain!

  33. RobertRetyred
    January 17th, 2018 – 19:07

    Jordon Peterson sadly is an alt right transphobe. His passive aggression towards Cathy shows just how unpleasant he is and adds misogyny to his other appalling characteristics.
    Like Lenny Bruce he should be disbarred.

  34. One doesn’t come across gems of writing often these days, it’s turning to digging the past up that furnishes delight, wisdom and enlightenment. Here’s one example from the great CS Lewis penned in 1954. Have patience, read to the end, you’ll be rewarded.

  35. David Lindsay @ January 20th, 2018 – 15:01

    One would be closer to the truth, David, arguing that Cathy belongs to the phylum of the highly educated village idiots than that Peterson’s a transphobe (whatever that is), furnishing evidence for such position.

    Women like her will never accept anything that challenges their delusional belief of absolute equality between men and women. Peterson basis axiom is that of fundamental inequality between the two sexes, something that has its roots in biology, unless one were to tweak the genes of the two genders this ‘raw’ inequality will never disappear.

    The question of equal pay, the way she kept pushing it, is that of equality of outcome, not of opportunity. It was entirely up to her or any other woman to negotiate the level of remuneration. If she or any other ‘underpaid’ female anywhere, in particular at the BBC, could furnish evidence of unequal opportunity to negotiate then fair enough, she would have a case. To argue that a man doing an identical job gets more just doesn’t cut it, there may be, and most likely are, other men who are paid different salaries doing the same job.

  36. Frank P @ January 20th, 2018 – 14:36

    In today’s environment, Frank, he wouldn’t last long, Baron reckons.

    Here’s a glimpse of our new fighting force.

  37. Baron 1644

    In his lectures, Peterson categorizes transsexuality as an ideologically-driven leftist agenda summarily denying the existence of empirical evidence that cisgender people medically differ from trans people.

    Peterson said, in essence, that transgender people including ‘social justice warriors’ meaning all minorities, only wish to silence and censor. Peterson does a fine job cloaking his bigotry in eloquent verbiage, hiding it in a demand for free speech. He makes a popular appeal to the masses claiming to be imperfect in expression, but when considered without the trimmings, his articulations are nothing short of crass hate speech.

    Peterson then attempts to martyr those who like himself would discriminate calling those who have differing views PC and driven by a political agenda. He loses all credibility when in his next breath he denies that people who discriminate have a political agenda.

    And I will say again that his passive aggressive stance to Cathy was misogynistic.

  38. “Students at the University of Glasgow are calling for a Canadian professor known for his controversial views on gender neutral pronouns to be removed from the ballot for rector, arguing his “transphobic, misogynistic and violent ideologies” will put students at harm.”

  39. Frank P @ January 20th, 2018 – 14:26

    The barbarian reckons, Frank, that the vast majority of ordinary people are fine everywhere, some may be following traditions, customs or mores not to the liking of people of other tribes, but the unwashed everywhere aspire to nothing more than lives free of hunger, disease, fear. The difference is that of a governing system, or the lack of thereof.

    When many of the contemporary $hitholes were governed by the British, the majority of the indigenous folk may have been poor, but law and order ruled, justice was by and large administered fairly, attempts were made to educate those capable and willing.

    Things went wrong when power got transferred to the locals. One can dress a thug in a suit and a white shirt, put a plaque ‘Ministry of Finance’ on a building where he sits, treat him as equal to a man of a similar post from other countries, but that really never does improve anything at all, it merely signals a large dose of hypocrisy.

  40. The solution to the University of Glasgow conundrum is easy, David, let those students who object to him leave, find a job, learn from life. Then we’ll see what they say.

  41. Alex Feltham @ January 20th, 2018 – 12:36

    What Army, Alex?

    We are bombarded daily with agitprop about the threats from Russia, yet have been cutting back on the military manpower like mad. The latest suggestion on how to close the £20bn funding gap is to shave off another 10,000 from the regulars, soon we’ll have more officers than privates. Madness this, but look at the Republic, it’s even worse.

    From a retired US Army officer:

    Since, 1991, the US military has been slowly coming apart at the seams:

    “Stress cards, open homosexuality, transgenders on active duty, sensitivity training, pregnancy simulators for male troopers, lactation stations in the field, babies born on US ships of war, female graduates of Ranger School, including a 37 year old mother (it’s funny how the women looked so well fed), women in the SEALs, women in Marine infantry units and females in the field artillery (even though most cannot carry a 155mm round) are just some of the insanity that has taken place in the last 26 years, but which snowballed into hell under the Obama administration”.

    Is it any wonder that a bunch of fanatical illiterates armed with AK-47s and home made explosives from fertiliser are holding our military to ransom wherever one looks?

  42. Al Fleur @ January 20th, 2018 – 01:23

    First, what’s this Al Fleur and its mutations all about, Malfleur?

    It would have helped if the bearded, bespectacled and angry man didn’t interrupt. One asks someone for an interview, one should ask questions, not indulge in yapping, interrupting, showing off. This guy, the interviewer, is as awful as Alex, his voice puts Baron off, his rabitting annoys, the substance of what he says is OK, the verbal wrapping is unnecessary, it’s like the excessive plastic packaging that pollutes everything.

    Why your penchant for people like these two? If anything, they put people off rather than convince them of their cause.

    Btw, the barbarian has watched the architect before, also a video in which others answer his theory of the destruction of the three towers. Baron’s 50-50, he cannot make up his mind.

  43. RobertRetyred @ January 20th, 2018 – 10:58

    An abortion of a fully developed foetus, Robert? That’s a new one for the barbarian.

  44. Baron (16:07)

    An very interesting piece , but you haven’t linked the riposte which followed it (mentioned in the footnote). Do you have it?

    The tacit publishng censorship of 1954 mentioned in the last paragraph is also revealing; not only because “the love that dare not speak its name” is broached earlier in the article without naming it, but also because his essay was only accepable to an antipodean magazine.

  45. Al Fleur @ January 20th, 2018 – 01:49

    You right, a solid piece of reporting, Malfleur.

    But could it be true? What if the memo gets it wrong? What if it wasn’t the FBI and the DoJ top layers that did the harm, spied on the Donald and his team, tried to undermine the democratic process, but rather the Kremlin and the Putin hackers masquerading as the FBI, DoJ?

    The cunning Russians are capable of it, why else would the Congress be readying another wave of sanctions against Russia for their, the Russian’s, interference in the election process, the act that the memo alleges was perpetrated by the FBI and the DoJ.

    Lets wait and see, no?

    Btw, where’s the parchment then? It hasn’t been released, and it may well be that it won’t be.

  46. Frank P @ January 20th, 2018 – 17:50

    Sorry, young sir, the barbarian doesn’t have the riposte (will search for it).

    Your point is also valid, it didn’t surprise though, it was the time when the campaign to abolish capital punishment was already on, the push to switch from retributive to restorative justice got going, too.

    The piece does nothing to prick Baron’s view that capital punishment is worth having for those occasions where the just Desert requires it.

    You may grind your teeth (it’s the Spectator), look at this, it’s by the good doctor Dalrymple, also worth reading. The reference to the CS Lewis essay was furnished by kennybhoy in the postings.

  47. Baron,
    No longer on the fairy juice, it was only for a short period. However I am on another shed load of goodies to chew on as I descant on my infirmities, but I have no complaints as they keep me on an even keel. Most importantly I still retain my sense of humor, which I am in danger of losing when confronted by this god awful american spelling.

  48. Baron (17:50)

    So kennybhoy is still extant, is he – why didn’t you remind him of our patch and invite him to ‘not be a stanger’? I always enjoyed his feisty craic.

    Btw: your 17:04 – is this what you mean?

    I think I discern a difference, don’t you? Between the cannibalistic Liberians and hoi poloi of the RA? Buggered if I can find in that equation the common denominator to which you allude – nor with yer typical QT audience.

    We get the leaders we deserve, m’Lud. Either by default, or by the fear, idleness and stupidity that ensures their survival. And if they don’t survive, because of self destruction, or overweeing ambition, then they are automatically replaced by those of a similar ilk. Thus the myth of ‘democracy’ is perpetuated, ad infinitum, I fear. 🙂

  49. Baron, it’s only posting its garbage here because the Conservative Woman website has banned its other silly disguise – again. It wanted to troll their Peterson/Newman article with the usual repetitive bold face nonsense. Frustrated that it can’t peddle its ridiculous crap there it slithers in here under another silly disguise, desperate to sloganise some damage control, like a tiny gnat buzzing round the stampeding bull elephant of Peterson’s millions of approving YouTube views as the silent majority roars defiance against the left and all its works.

    What a miserable little life to spend its time making mischief at websites where it is unwelcome under a multitude of laughably transparent disguises simply because it cannot accept either diversity of opinion or dissent from the leftist pap that has fatally curdled its already limited brain. It pretends that its behaviour is “reasonable” when it is anything but.

    Don’t encourage it, Baron. Its tiny, constrained brain is wired to only signal one way and discharge tedious slogans which are the virtual equivalent of licking the window. And it is on the wrong side of history now. Unfortunately we can’t block it here but we can ignore it.

    They can’t counter Peterson’s deconstruction of their lies with any logical argument so they now have to demonise him with more lies in an attempt to get him banned. They are nazis, fascists, book-burning oppressors and the vilest scum of the earth.

  50. Baron – 17:39

    Mark Steyn interviewed a couple some months ago who said, in practice, in many US states, you could walk in when fully term and get an abortion.

  51. A perspicacious essay upon Jordan Peterson…….and those who demand their self-interests be regarded as universal norms.

  52. Frank P @ January 20th, 2018 – 19:35

    Strange but rather encouraging that, Frank, you going through a rough time, the barbarian in tolerable fettle as we speak, (albeit in a transient mode given his age), yet you still score easily over him, he cannot fathom your question tied with the offer of Kalinka.

    Was it the uniforms that hide the hint? The fact that the singers were Russian? The reaction from th audience? With someone educated poorly, you have to be more simplistic, you know.

    On the issue of substance just this.

    The barbarian has lived (not visited fleetingly) in a number of countries each populated with tribes of cultures diverse from that of this island, has mixed with those people, got to know some reasonably well. They differed, obviously, but by and large they desired what the barbarian said, a quiet life enabling ‘the pursuit of happiness, the avoidance of pain’.

    Perhaps fortunately for Baron, he has never tasted what it’s like living in a non-Judo-Christian country, only visited there. Once he was fleeced by a taxi driver, but that happened in Italy, too. Walking the streets in search of trinkets he felt no danger, people looked friendly, once he was offered, free, tea cum hookah (couldn’t refuse, was more than anxious he may have ben infected, wasn’t).

    Could those people harbour and, if ordered, display fanatical violence towards others? Of course, but so can any human being, just think of the cultured Germans not that long ago.

    The quote of each tribe having leaders it deserves may not be actually that true, Baron reckons. Did the Anglo-Saxon tribe mumbling one language deserve the French lords talking in a different tongue, or those of German stock later on? Did the Russian peasants deserve the Georgian thug, the 20-century Germans the brain diseased Austrian painter?

    Nuffranted, you relax, get yourself in a positive frame of mind, think you win Lotto, what would you do with the tens of millions? Baron knows what he would do, isn’t telling (he has never played the thing though, waste of bloody money).

  53. Colonel Mustard @ January 21st, 2018 – 01:01

    Well said, Colonel, from now on the barbarian’s lips are shut.

    On a purely human level, one cannot but often feel for the guy, he has few friends in the world of blogging, one suspects some that there are may b e manufactured. Life would be unquestionably better if those of his ilk were not in charge, but then, one wouldn’t like to live in a society that was totally free of such deluded creatures either.

    You are absolutely right on Peterson, he makes them angry because they have no answers to offer. It would be interesting to know what does the Glasgow seat of learning do, will they tell him to go home?

  54. Baron January 21st, 2018 – 09:57

    This is true. One of his ploys is to suggest that he has a “team” and his technique includes impoverished attempts to raise a “posse” on those comment threads he intervenes in. Even here he has been caught masquerading as another commentator and admitted as much.

    Note his use of “Cathy” to slyly imply a chummy intimacy and/or common cause with Newman. He does the same with the ghastly Middleton of Common Purpose – “my friend Julia” – and with Isobel Hardman when he was busy subverting the Speccie’s comment threads.

    Sad that he needs must waste so much of his time where he is unwanted.

  55. Baron (09:45)

    I’ll address your nifty deflection when I have a little more energy. Not a good day today, exacerbated by watching Sunday Politics anchored by that Scottish crow who has usurped Brillo in the cause of equality for the feminazi – already overwhelmingly pervasive throughout the BBC agitprop infrastructure. The exchange between that little shit Adonis and JRM got my bile flowing – not good considering my current soh. I’m hoping that Colonel Mustard saw it and is at this moment in the process of composing an evisceration of ‘Lord’ Adonis – a diminutive snake-in-the-grass who has never stood for elected office, but has nonetheless insinuated himself into the corridors of power to further the Long March and thwart the wishes of the people who successfully voted for Brexit. JRM applied his usual polite and persuasive logic, but was constantly interrupted by whassername!

    Adonis delnda est. Well done Jacob – but you are pissin’ agin the wind, old son.

    As for the pretentioous little philanderer who is attempting to survive as ‘leader’ of UKIP.
    Fuck off back to the flakey construct from which you emerged and hang your head in shame, you egregious little carpet-bagger! I suspect your ‘party’ will second my motion later today. If not, they may as well depart with you.

  56. “Yes, it was twenty years ago today Slick Willie taught the intern to play!”

    A reprise from Mark from the days when wrote for The Telegraph.

    “The Dawning of the Age of Incompletion”

  57. I believe every word of his story.
    James Stunt claims he suffered £90million burglary
    Bernie said he couldn’t understand where his alleged money came from and in the racing world Bernie is famous for being able to smell a sixpence from a hundred yards and then to be able to do a deal which gives him sevenpence of the sixpence.

  58. Radford NG @ January 21st, 2018 – 03:28

    An enjoyable piece, Radford, thanks.

    It all boils down to the imbecilic adulation of equality (suppression of freedom), Baron reckons, the two are uncomfortable bedfellows, we can have one or the other as the overriding calibrating dogma, no argument which one it should be if only because one can have equality without freedom (e.g. communism where at least at the start of the implementation of the model virtually everyone was equal, equal in poverty, equally impotent to diverge from the imposed orthodoxy, equal in having to follow orders …. ).

    The contradiction of ‘an equal opportunity’ with ‘an equal outcome’ exposes clearly the unsuitability of the equality worshipping in real life. Telling young people they can be or have whatever they truly desire cannot but lead to disastrous consequences for those youngsters who fall for it.

    An equal opportunity only applies if the pursuer of it has either the physical or mental or both attributes required to compete for whatever the goal is. The Titanic would have been a flop before its release if the leading role of the young man was played by Baron.

    Most people bleat about an equal opportunity, but mean and hope that this will furnish an equal outcome. The BBC females’ revolt is a clear example of it in that they believe that true equality will only be served if they were to have an equal remuneration with the BBC males. If one were to accept this it would be not unakin to the pay structure under communism, each job having a given monetary value set by a committee of the anointed, no question at all whether the individual were a man, a woman or a goat.

  59. Frank P @ January 21st, 2018 – 12:36

    Let us hope, Frank, that the man so disastrously bewitched by females of every age will get kicked out today, as he must be.

    Who voted for him, this is what was, still is so puzzling.

  60. John birch. @ January 21st, 2018 – 14:51

    An insurance fiddle perhaps, John?

  61. EC @ January 21st, 2018 – 13:44

    Don’t you miss him in print here, EC?

    The guy’s a a wordsmith genius, like “… federal disaster area: his (Bill’s) pants”, or
    “If the President’s penis is straight, it’s the only thing in this Administration that is”, or
    “between those who shriek that Mrs Jones is a liar, liar; and those increasingly aghast at the President, his pants eternally on fire”.

    Almost everyone has an opportunity to beat the great Mark commenting on events, many do, but how many could come up with gems of this quality?

    If he were employed at the BBC would anyone in his or her right mind pay him the same money as Carrie Gracie? More to the point, should anyone pay the two the same?

  62. Have you noticed that the men, most the men anyway, who have been allegedly abusing or sexually mistreating women are ugly? The greater the alleged abuse the uglier the perpetrator?

    Topping the list Sir Jimmy, a man who would have come top even in the gorilla beauty contest? The handsome types of the instant coffee peddler Clooney nowhere in sight?

    What do you make of it? Could it be that having a sexual encounter with a handsome guy, even if gently enforced, can be forgiven, perhaps even enjoyed?

    Btw, Rod Liddle has a column in today’s ST about it (about the alleged abuse, not the link between that and the physique of the male monster), it’s behind a paywall, the barbarian only has a hard copy. Quite an enjoyable from another master of the pen.

  63. The Turkish troops crossed over the north-Syrian border this morning, are aiming to dislodge the Kurds armed and backed by the Americans from Afrin, establish a 20 mile corridor, the Russians have withdrawn yesterday.

    Leaving aside the fact that the West cannot forgive Russia securing its western border with Ukraine with backing for the Donetsk rebels (four our of every 10 burgers there are Russians, Afrin’s populated with Syrians and Kurds), what does it tell you about the Chicago doctrine of the evil Blair, the right of a country to interfere militarily with another in the name of democracy, abuse of humans rights or whatever.

    If a NATO country could invade another with no consequences what is there to stop a non-NATO country doing the same? Dangerous this, it may backfire badly.

  64. HARDtalk” The BBC’s Stephen Sackur-Shit vs The Mootch

    The leftist Beeboid fake news disseminator fails to land a punch.
    Nice job, Anthony! 🙂

  65. EC (17:38)

    Saw. It and I agree. You’ll no doubt have noted that when the interview ended, The Mooch turned to the film crew and said, “He’s a hard sonofabitch, ain’t he? Now I know why the call him the ballbreaker of the BBC”. Sackur simpered, preened and wriggled like a satisfied catamyte – and obviously insisted that the exchange be left in the broadcast, not realising that
    the viewers – and The Mooch himself, knew that Sackur had been made to look like the lefty prick with little knowledge of the US political scene, other that what he reads in the sinking ship of the Gruniad. Obviously Scaramucchi was looking for another gig with an easy mark. 🙂

  66. Frank P
    January 21st, 2018 – 19:05

    I just read your earlier report of your medical situation. I take the opportunity to wish you well. At the same time I note with satisfaction that your comments at 19:05 show that your powers of acerbic and apposite comment are as strong as ever.

  67. Herbert (19:50)

    Thanks Herbert; at our age we have to take it a day at a time, anyway, don’t we? And be thankful as each one arrives. But I don’t feel any obligation to let up on the enemy just because the fates keep trying to conspire to curtail my tongue by raiding my clapped out old corpus with physical time bombs.

    Last man standing wins, is my motto. A few of those who threatened to piss on my grave have gone before me. Still a couple left to outlive. Good incentive. 🙂

  68. Frank P

    Is your old FBI buddy the SIGAR who conducted this audit? If so, it seems he is doing a great job:

  69. ‘EXPLOSIVE REPORT! QAnon Exposes Deep State 16 Year Plot Against USA’

    On Sunday in America Q was dropping more breadcrumbs, which I have seen already in two or three links. Below is one.

    What was, what remains, the aim of the New World Order in its policy towards the United States of America? I was awake at about 4:30 am today when the following quotation floated into my mind which seemed to answer the question: ‘…the triple pillar of the world transformed into a strumpet’s fool’. The USA may yet be saved from that fate, but it will be the nearest run thing you ever saw in your life…By God!

    Here is April La June, but there are others if you prefer a different style.

  70. Malfleur @ January 22nd, 2018 – 01:46

    The audit, as well as the activities that devoured the third of a trillion bucks the audit dissects, misses it on two counts, Baron reckons.

    After the initial seeming annihilation of the Al-Queda lot, the US aim switched to securing the mineral riches of the country, namely rare earth found by the US Geological Survey teams when the initial fighting was still going on. The MSM peddled pap about democracy building, wimmins rites and stuff was just noise.

    The fatal belief one can install democracy, ween corrupt people out o fcorruption, bring in law and order Western style by force is the other count that ruled, unsuccessfully as it turned out, the US presence in the blighted country, the audit missed it. One has to do it, the democracy instalment, in stages, copy the British (with any adjustment for the progress in technology, man management, medicine etc).

  71. Not bad, this short summary of Peterson, even if it was published in the Guardian (Baron was momentarily tempted to send them few shillings, didn’t):

    Btw, notice rule 4 – what one should (and does) compare himself to, recall the barbarian saying people do it here, everywhere else, hence the support for Putin, the election of the Donald.

  72. The fantasy that one can implant democracy in nations which have no notion or understanding of the doctrine is nothing but a flagrant example of the vanity of the Western liberal elite. Also, democracy is not all it is cracked up to be, look at the mess it has landed us in and the people it has promoted. Moderation in all things as the Greeks were wont to say and that particularly applies to the governance of nations.

  73. Malfleur (01:46)

    Yes. John came to London last December to speak at Chatham House:

    Great investigator, ruthless prosecutor and a very nice man. One of his top staff, Doug Domin is also a friend – he was Legat at The London US Embassy when I was still on active duty. We did some great work together regarding the “Goodfellas”.I suspect that the new breed of G Men are different, judging by recent reports.

    John was the dynamo behind the Cleveland Strike Force that took down the Cleveland Mob:

    You’re stirring the old septic sump that was once a useful database and activating the productive, useful and happier days of what now seems to have been a wasted existence, given the current state of play. Thank you for that. Nice to be reminded that some of it was worthwhile. 🙂

  74. The puking propaganda this morning from my msm TV screen, both Sky and Beeboid agitprop, bumming up the antifa aggro on the streets of US blue states – and on a lesser scale in tne UK – as a necessary ‘resistance’ to the ‘upsurge of extreme right wing fascist groups encouraged and sponsored by Trump (aka Hitler Mark II)’ indicates just how far left our media has travelled in the last few decades; God only knows it has never been other than clearly sinistral.

    Unless some of our upcoming youngsters infiltrate the meeja in a reverse process, how can we recover from several decades of the pollution of this scourge of Western civilisation? What has to happen to turn the tide? How can the gibberish of Marxism and its various transmogrifications be so appealing, as it appears to be to such a substantial tranche of the youth of the nation? Why are the lessons of history not undertood by the young? The complete rout by the left of the education system is only one part of the equation: there must be other innate tendencies that cannot be shed by the majority, until maturity and experience click in; in some cases appear to be incurable?

    Perhaps our much travelled, estwhile inmate of Lubyanka, and noble Wallster can enlighten us? Why is stupidity and gullibility as inherent as original sin, Baron? Is it Natures way of curtailing the voracious curiosity and insatiable appetite of homo sapiens sapiens. A self destructive element to give the less sentient forms of Life on Earth a better shot at survival?

    Nah, it’s one of the mysteries that we have failed to unravel with our joint scribblings on this Wall and other previous platforms; nor through any of the erudite and wise right-leaning scribes that we link copiously hereupon. Sadly the only one who seems have (inadvertantly) summed up our predicament succinctly is our old friend Dickie Mottram, and I fear that even he was addressing a particular, than a general proposition.

  75. I see that Bolton is doing a Corbyn.

  76. Colonel Mustard (17:24)

    The photograph of him on Page 4 of the Barclay Bugle today encapsulates the nature of the beast.

  77. Just saw him babbling on Sky news. Walter Mitty!

    All that remains for him is the firing squad, as he appears impervious to ridicule. Fourteen to one – and he was the ‘one’.
    Just too risible to lampoon.

  78. BUSTED: Jordan Peterson Received More Violent Threats Than Cathy Newman After Controversial Interview


  79. David Lindsay has never posted at Conservative Woman. He is aware that his confidante occasionally posts in her own name.

  80. RobertRetyred
    January 22nd, 2018 – 19:04

    And Robert, if you read your link, this is the tragic fact engendered in/by the alt right:

    “Channel 4 announced it had hired security specialists in response to a torrent of “vicious” comments and “misogynistic” threats aimed at Newman.”

  81. 21:24 and 21:29 fake news and the usual cut’n’paste trickery!

    Plenty of “David Lindsay” posts at TCW recently. But not by the fake one here whose pea brain, incapable of little more than lies and making mischief, still seems to think we were born yesterday.

  82. Frank P January 22nd, 2018 – 16:24

    Lest we forget:-

    “The Grosvenor Square demonstration had been called by the Vietnam Solidarity Campaign (VSC), which had been set up by in July 1966 by what was to become the International Marxist Group (IMG), founded by Tariq Ali and acting through the Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation. It rejected the line, peddled by the Communist Party, for “Peace in Vietnam” (and accordingly the CP did not support it), instead calling explicitly for victory to the NLF (Viet Cong) over America. By 1967, its main forces alongside the IMG were the International Socialists (IS — forerunners of the SWP) and various Maoists who departed in ‘68.”

  83. I can’t forget, Colonel – I was there.

    Which is why the presence of the Shavian Socialist Shits on this platform evokes the memory of the smell of stale sweat, mixed with ganga and the sight of mass stupidity on the march.

    And the prospect of a cadre of the cunts who took part in it, now poised to occupy the corridors of power will pollute my remaining hours. I intend to extend thse hours, as enegetically as I can manage while continuing to exhort the electorate of England to reverse the Long Mince.

  84. Tried to sleep – failed. Watched this instead (first repeat):

    Brilliant riff by Steyn. Best yet (and that’s saying something given his previous). 🙂

  85. Can anyone give me a link to a posting here a few years ago called something like The Lincoln convention .
    It was about someone having a meeting with a minister or official who told him about the fact the government/ establishment had accepted this country was doomed to become Islamic and the plan was to manage the situation as best they could.
    Allegedly it was a story, but it had an awful feeling of being true.

  86. Farage was amusing this morning on Sky News “All out politics” with the pig faced Bolton anchor.

    To summarise his ‘support’ for Henry Bolton, he damned both him and his erstwhile party with faint praise, making it quite clear that he has no intention of resuming leadership of a bunch of amateur wackos devoid of any political nous, implying that was his reason for abandoning ship.

    He underscored what Colonel Mustard perceptively pointed out yesterday – that Bolton is ‘trying to do a Corbyn’.

    RIP UKIP!!


  87. The real David Lindsay posted at TCW today, six days ago and seven days ago and before that.

    So yet another lie. What the troll really means is that it has not posted at TCW using its “David Lindsay” disguise. It uses other disguises for that.

  88. And so, finally, we get our own Stasi red in tooth and claw. A new “National Security” unit to counter fake news and propaganda put out by foreign powers and “other groups”.

    What law, bad or otherwise, will be enforced by this new unit which would cover proving fake news or propaganda beyond a reasonable doubt? Or will it be taking political direction and if so, to what criteria? Will its first target be the BBC? It ought to be!

    Write to your MPs. This is going to become police state too far. That woman in No.10 is a red menace.

  89. Colonel Mustard – 17:06

    We should really call Treezer “Joan the Baptist” as she appears to be preparing the way for the advent of Prime Minister Corbyn at the next general election, whenever that might be.

    Along with Corbyn will come McDonnell, Abbott and Thornberry. If the great British electorate are stupid enough to vote for a government run by these far left Marxists, and they seem hell bent on doing so, then they deserve to get it “good and hard, ” to paraphrase H.L.Mencken.

  90. Alex Jones makes the decision to publish the FISA memo and has it done during his Tuesday show!


    This is the whole show and in the 2nd Hour features WILLIAM BINNEY who was formerly NSA’s Technical Director and who is now talking to President Trump.

  92. Trump agrees to be intervieed by Meuller – on oath!

    Moreover, the rank and file Agents are turning on thei politicised bosses.

  93. THE TREASON PARTY – America’s Colonel Pride moment

    “We have reached the most dangerous point in this country’s history…Go ahead and have the Army arrest these people” (Alex Jones, AJS January 24th)

  94. Nanny May is giving another speech to the New World Order about the evils of people being allowed to express themselves on the internet. We all know what this rotten stinking government means when it talks about “extremism”.

  95. Hammond has been doing the bidding of whoever his masters are at Davos, too…

  96. I have an uneasy the feeling that there a nascent force of some sort moving the North Korea and South Korea towards “reconciliation” of some sort – that will in effect put Kim Jong Un in control of the whole of Korea.

    I hope my feeling is completely irrational, but is it? What would happen after that?

  97. Herbert Thornton

    I can’t believe that the Westernised proles of SK would settle for totalitarianism. The CIA must be firmly embedded. One swallow doesn’t make a summer. If the current leader is a Peking plant, he’ll meet with an accident if he tries to hand over a going concern.

  98. A clarion call from Bill Whittle, Gerard and Aesop:

    Good advice; wish I was twenty years younger; but we do our bit. Any graffiti artists among the Wallsters? 🙂 The War of The Words.

  99. Now we have a minister for loneliness should we not have a minister for gobshites to tender to the needs of politicians? That at least be a sensible expenditure of public funds while at the same time give us something to laugh at after we have exhausted ourselves laughing at the immigration figures.

  100. Frank,

    I hope you’re right about SK’s Westernised proles.

    But look at the example of our own indigenous proles – presumably also “Westernised”. Is there much sign of their being resistant to totalitarianism? I have the impression that they now incline towards meek submission to it.

  101. Travelling, not enough time to indulge in things useless, (that spares you Baron’s ranting on everything under the sun).

    This, however, is a historic first, you must be the witness to it, the first officially registered gay marriage in Putin’s fiefdom, registered sneakily, the pair went to Denmark to marry, returned, discovered one can register a foreign marriage in Russia, and did.

    You won;t understand a word of what’s said, nothing that important, the guy talks about what they did in some detail, you just marvel in the news Russia has joined the list of countries embracing same sex marriage, congratulate the two (as did the anchor female), one anxiously awaits Mr. Boot’s take on it, if he has any. The BBC should throw a party, too. And you? Does the barbarian hear the corks popping up? Arghhh

    Btw, to have alook at the two happily married you have to click on the left, it says you’re over 18, can view it, (it’s ‘verboten’ to promote gayety to people below 18 in Russia).

  102. Herbert (04:15)

    Can’t disagree about hoi polloi of UK, who appear to believe that we should import foreign labour to do menial tasks so that they can draw welfare and and be cossetted from cradle to grave. But from what I have read, the working folk of SK are an industrous and energetic lot who have pulled the country up by its own bootstraps (admittedly with shit-loads of $$ from Uncle Sam). Surely the US won’t let Rocket Man take it over, either by force, or stealth? If ‘The Company’ isn’t capable of a strategic whacking anymore, it should be disbanded. Having never been to SK, I am of course entirely reliant on what I pick up from sources, the meeja and the intertubes; perhaps you and other Wallsters who have tootled around the Asian patch could enlighten me with some empirical experience?

  103. I guess Wallsters have given up on QT, but last night’s was a particularly dire one. A panel of complete nutters (with the exception of Michael Forsyth) who otherwise made the audience appear, on the whole, quite sane. One of the panel, a pop-eyed Scottish witch, was completely out of her tree. Had I been there I would have sent for the green van and the DAO.
    Peter O’Bore is also now clearly the early stages of dementia. 🙂

  104. Baron – 09:54

    “Travelling, not enough time to indulge in things useless…”

    Evidently not! 🙂

    “Does the barbarian hear the corks popping up? Arghhh”

    Up where?

  105. Frank P – 12:05

    I was listening to Mark’s latest podcast:

    HOWEVER, I did catch this snippet on Guido this morning:

    I thought that the audience member acquitted himself quite well. From what you say he was probably the most coherent person in the studio.

  106. Frank P January 26th, 2018 – 12:05

    I watched it and agree about the Green woman. She came across as emotionally incontinent if not deranged, but seems typical of the type of women “activists” who want to become politicians these days. It’s not about representing people but pursuing power to impose their barmy agendas on everyone else. And many of them seem to have real ishoooooos with male father figures, hence their assault on a mythical “Patriarchy”.

    “I would say that joining a political party at an early age or trying to force an agenda on others is evidence of a control freak mentality i.e. a psychological dysfunctionality often learned at an early age due to the presence of a controlling domineering parent. Control or be controlled is the mentality.” (Thomas J. Schumacher)

    But one of the best histrionic outbursts of the evening came from the cadaverous Labour git who presumed to speak for the “British people” on the evidence of some polls (pity the shower in Parliament don’t speak for the British people on the evidence of the referendum result). He asserted that the attendees at the Presidents Club charity groping event were tax evaders, which revealed the real ishoooooo for the idiots denouncing it as a cataclysmic outrage. The men involved were white, wealthy, corporate, capitalist types – “pale, male and stale” as our esteemed Parliamentarians might describe them. If it had happened in a working mens club up north not a peep from the p-whipped moral crusaders of the Left and their shrieking harpies.

  107. “…If it had happened in a working mens club up north not a peep from the p-whipped moral crusaders of the Left and their shrieking harpies.”

    Not too many of these left up north, Colonel. The formerly working men nowadays collect their benefits and spend them at BetFred or Paddy Power online or pop down to Lidl or Aldi, with their lard bucket spouses, in the disability Quashqui to do the weekly shop for premium lager.
    And if they’re wise and don’t want to warm up their own pizzas, they’ll not argue back against their tattoed pink and purple haired harpies.

  108. Frank P
    January 26th, 2018 – 11:43

    I have no empirical experience whatsoever of S. Korea but on the other hand once lived in Hong Kong for 6 years. In the streets and even in shop doorways everybody – including old women – seemed to be always engaged in some sort of economic activity. The H.K. Chinese can certainly be described as “an industrious and energetic lot” – not to mention imaginative, ingenious and pragmatic.

    One instance I shall never forget. On one of the pedestrian over-street bridges in Central H.K. I often saw a pair of beggars dressed in rags – a pathetic-looking little hunchback with an equally pathetic-looking woman leaning on his shoulders. They were absolute epitome of poverty and devotion to each other – a really heart-breaking sight.

    One day I happened to travel on the subway a long way from central Hong Kong. I got off the train – and there on the platform was the hunchback himself. He was dressed in a beautifully tailored suit and was carrying a smart briefcase. He looked as though he was on his way to an appointment. Perhaps with his stockbroker?

  109. Herbert

    Heh, heh, heh. Beggars belief!

  110. Couldn’t have put it better meself, though attempting to, ad nauseam, over the decades:

    A seminal essay.

  111. Colonel Mustard (13:15) & Noa (17:20)

    The Presidents’ Club Hoo-Ha alias Scandal:

    I would be interested to know how the two female ‘journalists’ from the FT who were assigned to infiltrate this stag night/charity gathering managed to get themselves invited? Did they join an escort agency? Did any of the other ‘escorts’ attending complain about the prerequisite dress code and shade of knickers – or indeed the post prandial slap and tickle and assignations – paid or unpaid – in the plush apartments of the Dorch?

    So fat cats are susceptible to female company as they cough up some of their ill-gotten gains for their pet Charity? Who knew? Moreover WGAF? Certainly not the ‘escorts’ or ‘hostesses’ whose fucks are rarely given and are often quite expensive. Many of those ladies of leisure who attend such charity events are there for purposes other than charitable service. As for the faux outrage of the ‘undercover’ FT agents? DMAFF! Had they not discovered ‘outrageous behaviour’ their exes would not have been ratified, would they – and there would have been no ‘exposé’! Highly sussy.

    Then there are the officials of GOSH, who have returned the proceeds of the evening – £hundreds of thousands – ‘on moral grounds’? Twats! What right have they got to deprive seriously sick kids of resources? If all charitable donations were to be looked at under the microscope, then the whole edifice of the Charity Industry would collapse overnight. It is almost entirely based on the need for Royalty and its spares to justify its existence; for the sex-drugs-rock ‘n’ roll-and theatrical circus to avoid tax, launder money and get free publicity. Moral money? Oxymoron 101.

    And the clamour of outrage from the Feminazi? Just the latest bandwagon towards the castration of the entire male gender. These are the same milieu that screamed blue murder when back in the 70s, we routed the moguls and madams of the escort agency industry for living on the earnings of prostitution, they formed a ‘Working Girls Union’ and demanded that whores should no longer be designated as prostitutes, but instead referred to as ‘sex workers’ – and that organised prostitution should no longer be an offence. Fucking hypocrites! Literally.

    And another thing: no mention of male escorts for the delectation of the fat cats of peverse orientation? That story would have been spiked wouldn’t it? Considering that an increasing percentage of those employed in the meeja, showbiz in general and The Palace of Wankers are drawn from the LGTBQWERTY alphabet soup mob.

    We are fast approaching the stage when the only sexual congress that will be legal will be that between same sex ‘couples’. 🙂

  112. Frank P 00.43

    “We are fast approaching the stage when the only sexual congress that will be legal will be that between same sex ‘couples’.

    Then society will come to a sticky and abrupt end. 🙂

  113. ‘Then society will come to a sticky and abrupt end.’

    What a double entendre 🙂

  114. Herbert Thornton

    I was fascinated by your tale of entrepreneurial nous within the HK beggar community. It would appear that it has spawned its own UK imitators e.g.
    Perhaps we should really thank Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. His short Sherlock Holmes story, ‘The man with the Twisted Lip’, may even have been the inspiration for your Chinese couple, though I suspect that he borrowed a similar, contemporary story for his own.
    Of course sturdy beggars used to receive more robust treatment from the police than occurs nowadays. George Orwell was locked up for vagrancy, I recollect.

  115. RobertRetyred – 02:46

    …or even, perhaps, an innuendo 🙂

  116. Noa – 09:31

    They’ve had them in Sydney, where the climate is far more conducive to sitting in shop door ways, for a number of years now. I’ve walked straight past Ken, the chap featured below, on a number of occasions. As you’ll see, Ken has be at it for at least 10 years.

    Next time I think I’ll stop, proffer him an empty cup and ask for a monetary donation. Ken is getting harder to spot though, as Sydney CBD is in midst of having its streets ripped up whilst reinstalling a 19th Century transport solution (i.e. trams)

  117. EC (10:36)

    Very, very good. 🙂 🙂

  118. EC – 10:36

    I thought the two meanings were carried with equal weight. 🙂

  119. John birch. – 14:04

    That good! 🙂

    Aspiring to mediocrity, a Geography graduate, not knowing where she is.

  120. I wonder how many people are killed by drivers with no insurance or license rather than over the limit of alcohol there are.

  121. I ask the question because invariably the fact of no license or insurance comes up as part of the court case after an accident .
    Mainly, the guilty party over the limit hadn’t had an accident.

  122. Mrs. Slocombe’s pussy banned by subsidised Theatre in Hull for not being p.c. enough.
    ( Mail on Line).

  123. As OfCom is clearly unable or unwilling to adequately monitor the treasonous output of the MSM biased coverage of the Brexit negotiations an the wishes of the British Electorate ; to sanction and even fine the BBC and Sky, then what purpose does it indeed fulfil? It is a waste of public money and should be disbanded. It adds insult to injury!

  124. Meantime, it should be renamed Oft Con.

  125. Where are you Baron? Awaiting the inside skinny on Mother Russia’s latest presidential election circus.

  126. She said : ” My late husband was an American and a great fan of Dickens . When we married he said if we had a dog he would call it Willis ; then he could say :`Willis is barking`. “

  127. John birch.
    January 27th, 2018 – 19:39

    In late 1960s the Irish comedian Dave Allen observed that the vast majority of RTAs, including fatal ones, were caused by motorists who were stone cold sober and he added that “they should get off the road so that the rest us can drive around in safety.”

    Today, according to the latest government statistics, his observation is still valid.

    Many a true word said in jest!

  128. Petunia Winegum:

    Well, who’da thunk it eh? I’m sure we all did really, but it didn’t seem to matter overmuch back then.

    Back then, ALL showbiz types were different to the rest of the population to a lesser or greater degree. They were all a bit peculiar, but they were however talented. They had to be in order to survive more than 5 mins in the business.

    Today’s crop of showbiz “celebrities”, especially the “comedians”, are mostly talentless twats who are gifted a living courtesy of the BBC’s/CH4’s merry go round of panel shows. [“There is nothing more hopeless than a scheme of merriment!” to quote Dr. Johnson] They are banal, mediocre and are expected to wear their lefty/feminist/BAME/LGBTQWERTY labels on their sleeves… or else if white males they are expected to be cultural cringing virtue signalling “progressive” tosspots!
    [er… sorry, Monday morning rant over]

    Here’s Mark…

    R.I.P. Jason King/Cyril Goldbert/Peter Wyngarde/Petunia Winegum

  129. Why are we all so bothered by the transition deal?
    The key negotiations are those on the end deal. All energy should be focused on that. May stiffened by Gove will, I am sure not waver. She knows that if she does the Conservative Party will be no more.

  130. If you down in the woods today…

    Ol’ Remus (via Gerard) gives a few tips on how to do it alone…
    some sage comments, too:

    A few tips for the days of reckoning, too. There’s a fast train a-coming down the track.

    McCabe bows out! Must watch Hannity tonight.


    All hands to the pump.

    I take great exception to some jumped up Home Secretary telling us that free speech is not absolute in order to put sticking plasters on a mess she and her predecessors have created.

  132. Colonel Mustard (23:08)
    Signed! Thanks for the heads up.

  133. 23:08

  134. Colonel Mustard (23:08)

    Clicked and confirmed.

  135. Mr Boot is on form today…

    Come the BSSR (B for Britain)

    All quite plausible, if not, as history shows us, inevitable.

  136. McCabe: Last night’s Hannity forensic opener…

  137. Colonel Mustard,
    all done and dusted col, and proud to have done so.

  138. Long may the whining of the BBC’s monstrous regiment of wimmin continue, it can only hasten the implosion and collapse of this increasingly outmoded entertainment and communications medium.

  139. I disagree with Orwell’s definition of nationalism because nationalism can rise in response to oppression, which would be a defensive response. In England nationalism is rising because patriotism is being threatened and oppressed. Many English people do not love England because recent governments have declared it to be multi-cultural and are not devoted to a coerced multi-cultural way of life.

    Often if they wish to express a devotion to England and an English way of life in the face of multi-culturalism they are denounced as “racist”. But that patriotic yearning cannot be expressed without nationalism and is essentially defensive as the things which are loved and remembered about England come under threat or diminishment in the face of competing and imported ways of life which are promoted and often empowered by a British government. No English government has ever consented to that, because there is no English government.

    The British government rules England and imposes on it without any collective representation, but it permits collective representation from Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales both in Parliament and through devolution. Multi-culturalism has been forced on England by those who do not represent it or even recognise it. The rise of “far right” English nationalism is therefore unsurprising and the government are entirely to blame for it.

  140. I feel very reluctant to mention this, but after many months of seeing the careers of man after man (especially the erudite Charlie Rose) being suddenly ruined – without any formal proceedings but simply because they have been accused by a woman or women of some kind of resented sexual misbehaviour many years ago – I have developed some respect for the Islamic principle that the evidence of two devout women is necessary to counter the evidence of one man. Does that not seem sensible?

  141. Yall still there?
    You will have been impressed by The State of The Union yesterday. Donald excites and surprises in equal measure.
    Spring is on its way and I contemplate a visit to my aunt in Clovelly. I guess I may fly Virgin this time to support Sir Richard who is one cool dude.
    Love to Andy.

  142. I spent a lot of time in Turkey over the last ten years or so , mainly on the borders of Georgia, Syria and Armenia.
    I could just about put up with Islam in the remote areas but it looks like things are changing fast.
    Blinkered Western appeasers must face up to Turkey’s Sharia invasion force | The Conservative Woman | The philosophy not the party

  143. Noa, January 30th, 2018 – 16:49

    The irony of the BBC, having over 250 employees, being compelled by law to publish salary data is quite delicious to savour. The unintended consequence of the hoo-ha created by the militant wimmin vv’s is that has focussed the nation’s attention on how GROSSLY OVERPAID they ALL are as compared to rest of the nation.

    They sit on their lofty perches within the licence payer funded BBC echo chamber of left wing “progressive” politics completely detached from the reality of life in the rest of UK as experienced by 99% of its population. [The same goes for CH4 and Sky News!]

    BBC delenda est!

  144. Formula One organisers have announced walk-on grid girls will no longer be used before races.
    I’m not quite sure used is the correct word .

  145. EC 10.04

    BBC staff salaries only tell a small part of the story.
    The ubiquitous, unctuous polemicist David Dimbleby, who shapes the debate on QT, is not a BBC employee, but collects £500k per annum from QT’s production company Mentorn.
    Despite the BBC bringing many of its presenters on contract to avoid potetial HMRC tax liabilities, contracts for most of its output with Mentorn and similar companies the greatest excesses escape review.

  146. John birch. – 13:42

    Formula One organisers have announced walk-on grid girls will no longer be used before races.
    I’m not quite sure “used” is the correct word

    Well, their predecessors certainly got raced and rallied back in the 70s when the fabulous and legendary James Hunt was on the job!

  147. Noa – 13:45

    Quite so. The BBC and its Beeboids have been at it for years! I don’t know if their Director General, John Birt, was the first Beeboid “employee” to set up a tax dodging PSC , but he was certainly the first one to hit the headlines in a big way in 1991 …

    My erstwhile accountant informed me that it was Mr Birt’s case was the trigger for the HMIT (as it was then) to concoct their IR35 legislation, which was eventually introduced in April 2000. As usual with the HMRC etc. they never expend much energy taking on the ‘big guys’, favouring instead to bully the more numerous but genuinely self-employed.

  148. EC that was meant to have a thumbs up which disappeared

  149. Courtesy the Great Rod Liddle, I have learned a new term of abuse “TERF”

    “Women come last in Labour’s deranged victim hierarchy
    Feminists are enraged that their long fight for equal representation is once again under threat”
    “I wonder if we are about to see a mass resignation of women from Labour, furious at the party’s collapse before the shrieking transgender army? Only last week it said that the 50 all-women shortlists for parliamentary seats would indeed be restricted to women, rather than opened up to people with penises and weighty scrotums who like to dress up as ladies. This followed the threat of action under equalities legislation from feminists enraged that their long fight for equal representation was once again under threat from men; this time men in a not-too-cunning disguise.

    The legal threat was crowdfunded by a bunch of sisters and fellow travellers — but then the NEC backtracked. It said it intended to be ‘ahead of the law’ (i.e., against it) on the issue of women shortlists. And men who identify as women will be allowed. Now it has seemingly changed its position again, mindful of legal action. The problem is, in Labour’s deranged hierarchy of victimhood, women come a very long way down the list these days. Even — perhaps especially — lesbian women. But then they always were, they might argue a little wryly. It was ever thus.

    Dig a little deeper and a pit of hell opens up before you, and now the police are involved. Beside themselves with rage at the petition from feminists to exclude their kind, the transgender army set up a ‘secret’ Facebook page to compile dossiers of evidence and hound out of the party anybody who disagreed with their views, especially people they refer to as ‘Terfs’ (trans-exclusionary radical feminists).”

  150. Rod goes on

    “Do you care? It is tempting not to. This is the way identity politics always ends, with competing victims ripping each other limb from limb. Maybe one day the entire radical left will devour itself and all that remains will be a brownish, slightly damp stain on a sofa.”

  151. Meanwhile, an upbeat Trump:

    “President Trump told his interviewer, controversial journalist and former Celebrity Apprentice winner Piers Morgan, that he “had a lot of problems with the European Union”, and that these “may morph into something very big from a trade standpoint”.

    Alluding to the bloc’s protectionist practices, to which Britain is currently party, having surrendered control of its trade policy to Brussels when it joined the EU/EEC in the 1970s, he explained: “We cannot get our product in. It’s very, very tough. And yet they send their product to us – no taxes, very little taxes, it’s very unfair … [T]he European Union has been very, very unfair to the United States, and I think it’ll turn out to be very much to their detriment.”

    The United States is Britain’s single biggest trade partner, and if Britain is dragged into a trade dispute with America by Brussels it could prove very damaging.

    On the other hand, the president is keen for a bilateral trade agreement with the United Kingdom once it is finally free to set its own trade policy, which could prove a huge boon to British exporters if their European rivals find themselves subject to tariffs — provided the British government seizes the opportunity, of course.”

  152. Noa
    January 31st, 2018 – 13:45
    Good on Dumblebore and others. I was appalled at the Harpie Carrie Gracie squawking at the select Committee.
    How on earth can she equate herself with that broadcasting legend Jeremy Bowen?

  153. Well, the lefty authorities have got what they wanted. The equivalency of a far-right “terrorist attack” after dozens of murders which have been perpetrated by “individuals not linked to terrorism”.

    The odour of a large rat pervaded the various news bulletins today.

  154. Now and again when I search for rational comment on the Internet, I find that the Russian media seem to have more of it than most of the western media. Am I alone in sensing this?

    I’m asking that question because I’ve just read this –


    1. The Punk Mueller on the Run Petitions Court to Postpone Sentencing of Michael Flynn.

    2. Globalists Warn Republicans of an Operation Hummingbird with Garbage Truck Attack on the Train Carrying Half of Congress?
    Bill Kristol tweets about the crash at 11:07am – the crash did not happen until 11:20am.

    3. Congressmen, including Trey Gowdy, chanting “USA” during State of the Union Speech to receive pardons in connection with matters on which they were being blackmailed, threatened “or enslaved”.

    4. Co-founder of Hamas kills himself while cleaning a gun by shooting himself in the face.

    5. Witness scheduled to testify in the matter of the Clintons’ Haiti Foundation commits suicide by shooting himself in a Miami hotel room. .

    How does a democratic republic or constitutional monarchy defend itself constitutionally against fascism within?

  156. One answer to that question in my last post last post is found here:

  157. 1952. And of course Darren Osborne was a deranged lone wolf.

    “Tommy Robinson and Jayda Fransen, the deputy leader of Britain First, sent Mr Osborne messages days before the attack, the jury has heard.”

  158. Tommy Robinson confronts the real David Lindsay after death threats.

  159. Transcript of the letter written by white-van man Darren Osbourne read out in Court by Jonathan Rees QC.

  160. Tommy Robinson seeking funding to sue the the police `about the false claims made by the CPS and the media this week during the Finsbury Park trial`.

  161. Cleaning out the ‘David Lindsays’, South Africa style.

  162. Here is an interview with Tommy Robinson on BBC 2 Newsnight .See this in the context of the letter from Darren Osbourne : mine at 15:57.

    This needs to be seen in contrast to the interview that the same presenter had with Fiyal Mughal of Tell MAMA ( if I can find it ).

  163. Noa, February 2nd, 2018 – 18:02

    Quite! Yuri Bezmenov’s UIs never see it coming until the jackboot is stamping on THEIR face, and then it’s too late.

  164. Lord knows I don’t have a lot of time for Piers Morgan BUT…
    what the Heirs of Lord Reith at the BBC aired last night was disgraceful. I’m sure he would be proud.

    Another case of TDS combined with lefty projection.


    The FISA Court judges are going to be REALLY PISSED OFF. Robert Mueller and his investigation are toast.

  166. The barbarian will need time to digest events and stuff, but for staters, here’s the great Mark, his superb dissection of the memo:

  167. Malfleur @ February 3rd, 2018 – 11:42

    You have any tools that would summarise the stuff you link to, Malfleur? It would help.

    As for your optimism that Mueller’s toast, perhaps and then perhaps not, the forces of darkness are entrenched everywhere so deep it will take years to even tilt the West to a new course.

  168. EC @ February 3rd, 2018 – 09:09

    The last sentence, EC, reminded the barbarian of an anecdote he often uses.

    I’ve never known what happiness was until I got married, (pause), and then it was too late.

  169. Jordon Peterson, the transphobic misogynist who tried to destroy Cathy Newman has spawned much tripe since he came to pollute our shores, the latest being on TCW today.

    “For me, the most poignant part of Jordan Peterson’s book Twelve Rules is his chapter focusing on relationships between men and women. Like Steven Pinker’s Blank Slate, Peterson does not shy from distinguishing male and female characteristics, and he is scathing of the deconstruction dogma flaunted by social science departments and embraced by millennial culture, which attributes all gender differences to learned behaviour. Boys, in the eyes of teachers and many a middle-class mother, should be socialised to be more sensitive and less aggressive. In other words, more like girls.”

    Anyone who has children or grandchildren will know that from before birth society presses newborn into gender stereotypes that persist through life and lead to the monstrous gender distortions that spawn the kind of abuse that Donald Trump espouses.

    Peterson denies the blindingly obvious in pursuit of his alt right agenda.

  170. RobertRetyred @ February 3rd, 2018 – 00:25

    The ‘Gender Master List” is what Baron likes best on the new approach, Robert, we should have a go coming up with suggestions for other genders, such as animaligender (animal gender i.e. one’s very randy the animal way), manegender (one’s gender in the morning) vesperumgender (the same when the sun goes down) …

    It’s frightening though, the morphing of the school curriculum, the age the indoctrination starts, the inclusion of the support services.

    If this is what our culture were to become, perhaps the worshipping of Allah ain’t that bad, no?

  171. Radford NG @ February 2nd, 2018 – 23:32

    The BBC witch just wouldn’t shut up, let him answer.

  172. Only someone with the IQ of room temperature could come up with few sentences, in which he manages to combine, in negative way, a world renown psychiatrist followed by millions on social media, parenthood, the current gender insanity and the Donald, arghhhh

    Go multiply, you silly little man.

  173. The last, mercifully short, piece of news from the Czech republic.

    Very recently, the country held Presidential election, the incumbent won, closely, only few potentates from other countries sent ‘well done’ telegrams: Hungary, Austria and Russia, every other politician (EU included) ignored his victory possibly because his key slogan plastered everywhere was ‘this country is ours’.

  174. Apologies (for the mistakes), and for another posting.

    Moggy apparently complained the recent Treasury model came up with ‘expect nothing good after Brexit’, said one gets from any model what one feeds into it (true, the barbarian can vouch for it, he had been guilty himself many times).

    The Sky News channels wheeled in a union leader of the Civil Service, a man called Dave Penman, who completely ‘destroyed’ Moggy’s position arguing that ‘his men are always doing things in the interest of the country’, and ‘Brexit was a mistake’, and ‘we must remain in the Custom Union’.

    The interview would fit nicely as an entry in the circus performance of the morass the country has sunk.

  175. You OK, Frank? Still breathing? Remember, the country needs people like you.

  176. Baron February 3rd, 2018 – 19:40

    Look on the bright side. It demonstrates how rattled they are by Peterson which in turn shows just how contrived and orchestrated their own petty game is. We have had to put up with decades of destructive left wing pseudo-intellectual bullshit from their cheerleaders and here they are attempting to denounce Peterson for hoisting them up on so neatly on their own petard.

    I relish every desperate intervention from that stalking creep of many names. Wherever there are conservatives in discourse that little stain shows up, desperate to control and suppress, with his self-appointed “mission” and brain the size of a pea. After endlessly harassing Guido and TCW with the silly bold-type feminist tripe of his “partner”, attempting to masquerade as David Lindsay on a site where the real David Lindsay posts, he has now slithered out of the woodwork and from the Speccie with his original pseudonym to try to provoke and disrupt TCW. A more pathetic specimen of warped humanity you could not wish to find. He is like a deranged juggler rushing from place to place to keep his plates spinning. The frustration he experiences in not being able to control all those websites and the opinions expressed must be monumental.

    “Control freaks are also caught in the grip of a repetition compulsion. They repeat the same pattern again and again in their attempt to master their anxiety and cope with the trauma they feel. Characteristically, the repetition compulsion takes on a life of its own. Rather than feel calmer and therefore have a diminished need to be controlling, their behaviour locks them into the same pattern in an insatiable way. Successes at controlling do not register on their internal scoreboard. They have to fight off the same threat again and again with increasing rigidity and intransigence.”

  177. And remember when the creep tried to pass himself off as a woman here? I don’t know what the opposite of “master of disguise” is but surely he must qualify for such a title – “failed apprentice of fakery” probably.

    Just treat him as a political barometer. Whenever his frustration and control freakery bubbles over in an unwanted and unwelcome intervention, huffing and puffing his tediously predictable left wing lies, we can be assured that his cod-communist cage has been well and truly rattled.

  178. Well said, Colonel, it’s always a pleasure to read your riposte, something the barbarian missed when touring the lands of his forebears.

  179. First they came for the Communists, and I did not speak out because I was not a communist.

    Then they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out because I was not a socialist.

    Then they came for BBC employees, but it turned out that they had them all already!

    Then they came for the Muslims, but I did not speak out because I was not a Muslim.

    Then they came for the Greens, but I did not speak out because I was not a Green.

    Then they came for the druggies, but I did not speak out because I was not a druggie.

    Then they came for the transgendered, but I did not speak out because I am not transgender.

    Then they came for the feminists, but I did not speak out because I am not a feminist.

    Then they stopped coming, because all the problems were pretty much sorted out by then.

    To follow me on Twitter click here

    John Moloney at 02:05

  180. That one is especially for David

  181. Colonel Mustard – 22:00 &22:06

    Well said!

  182. Friday’s ALEX JONES SHOW 2ND HOUR has:

    1. Roger Stone interviewed by Jones as he drives from speaking at Oxford on the way to speak at Cambridge;

    2. WILLIAM BINNEY, former Technical Director of the NATIONAL SECURITY AGENCY, interviewed by jones on the release of the Congressional FISA Court Memo and the constitutional implications of leaving these globalist dirt bags (my French, pardonnez-moi) in place.

  183. The Daily Mail is currently campaigning against the ‘scourge’ of un-recyclable plastic litter.
    There is a delicious irony here for those of us who seek finer examples of the law of unintended consequences.
    For the present time, at least, it is paying no attention to what will soon become a major issue. With China no longer prepared to accept the West’s ‘re-cycled’ rubbish a mountain of domestic litter is starting to build for which councils’ have no positive solution.
    Their proposal is; you’ve guessed it, to stop accepting cardboard in the form of cereal boxes and similar containers! No doubt they would nevertheless like us to continue paying for the future non-disposal of our rubbish. We can look forward to increasing unrest as council tax strikes loom and permanent mountains of effluvia start to accumulate in our formerly tree lined streets.
    One solution would be to treat the ‘International Development fund as a tool for the encouragement of re-cycling ‘facilities’ in the fast emptying African and middle eastern ‘sh*thole’ countries.
    Is one container load of rubbish a fair exchange for one fast breeding Nigerian or Pakistani, or should we set a higher tariff?

  184. The Daily Mail has for some considerable time been fulminating against the use of plastics and their pollution of the oceans while ignoring the uncomfortable fact that most of this pollution comes from third world countries who have no intention of mending their ways in order to accommodate Western liberal fads and fancies. The Mail and other titles routinely wrap their weekend editions in plastic, and yet they do not utter a peep on this practice. Remember the old saying “Physician heal thyself”?

  185. There was an extraordinary push from the local government waste disposal monopoly to charge residents for the amount of rubbish they generate, which of course completely disregarded the junk mail industry exploited by the Royal Mail.

    So corporate financial services, in cahoots with the Royal Mail, encumber the poor old council tax payer with mountains of unwanted paper junk that he is then charged another layer tax to dispose of. Not to mention the vanity packaging he is left with whenever he buys anything, having already paid the government tax at 20% for the privilege of being encumbered with that too.

    Expect to see this cunning wheeze resurrected any time soon. It is in perfect harmony with the times and May’s rotten nanny government.

    When will tipping point be reached? When will the put upon silent majority finally say “Enough is enough” and rise up against this unrelenting top down nonsense and abuse?

  186. stephen maybery
    February 4th, 2018 – 13:23

    Stephen, I divest my papers of the irritating plastic wrappers as I walk out of the newsagent and promptly bin them in the council bin.
    May not help the planet but then that is beyond help.

  187. Colonel Mustard 13.40

    One of my innocent pleasures since retirement has been to re-post my junk mail, in no particular order, to its various senders.

  188. A new (and good) perspective on the Peterson Newman interview:

  189. The FISA Memo Is Just The Beginning Of Fighting The Swamp

    “…the cockroaches have run out of corners to hide in… Time to put on our pointy shoes and start kickin’…”

  190. Noa, February 4th, 2018 – 22:17

    I started off on that tack, too. However, like me, you’ll probably get to the stage when you just can’t be bothered anymore. I did make an exception for Cameron’s publicly funded £9M #ProjectFear EU Remain prospectus, which I sent, suitably annotated, to his office in Witney, Oxon.

    These days everything, including old batteries & printer cartridges, goes in the non-garden waste recycling bin, whether it’s on the ‘approved’ list of contents or not. Let them sort it out at the depot!

  191. It’s easy to fall in love even if one has to shoulder the burden of running a major country:

    (The barbarian doesn’t speak French, is the commentator saying anything of substance?).

  192. Noa & EC.

    Whether one can believe it or not, in a recent Spectator piece on the subject of recycling it said only that of paper was profitable, not much, but a loss is avoided. Recycling anything else makes no money, often councils drop the sorted stuff on rubbish tips because China no longer accepts any trash from us. If it’s not a business proposition, who would touch it in today’s environment obsessively anchored on making money?

    Btw, why cannot we switch to paper bags instead of bags made of plastic? Paper’s degradable, burns easily, allows the wrapped object to breathe, the Americans have been using paper bags for decades.

  193. Malfleur @ February 5th, 2018 – 00:31

    That remains to be seen, Malfleur, if more gets unearthed on the shenanigans of the Clinton woman and her mafia, the Dems are preparing a counteroffensive, as you well know, another memo. This period in the Republic’s life will be known as the ‘war of the memos’.

    What puzzles the barbarian id why Trey Gowdy is so strongly backing the Mueller investigation, why has he said, on a number of occasions, that the memo does nothing to either stop or impact on the investigation, and most of all, why is he resigning from the Congress?

    Anything you can enlighten the barbarian with on him?

  194. RobertRetyred @ February 4th, 2018 – 22:27

    Last night, Robert, instead of blogging, Baron spent more than a couple of hours listening to the guy. He’s impressively clever to a point where one gets pangs of pain thinking ‘why TF has he been endowed with so much, I with so little’.

    Talk about equality, arghhh

  195. RobertRetyred @ February 4th, 2018 – 14:42

    An easy solution then, Robert, let’s drain the ten rivers, and voila, no problema, heh, heh, heh.

  196. Colonel Mustard @ February 4th, 2018 – 13:40

    Here and there, Colonel, we could return to what we did in the days of barbarism, we can have glass milk bottles, returnable, washed, used again. A milk delivery could be resurrected, too, sourced from local farms. The excessive wrapping could also be discarded, Baron recalls buying stuff like flour, sugar, potatoes not pre-wrapped, but by weight, in paper bags.

  197. Baron – 11:32

    The return of the glass milk bottle is a non-starter on both on cost and also environmental grounds.(*)

    Much as I like Benny Hill, I’m afraid that Ernie, The Fastest Milkman in the West, and Two Ton Ted from Teddington, are now extinct in most areas of the UK. That’s not to say that there isn’t an occasional one left stalking the upmarket residences in ‘Desperate Housewives’ country, or, indeed, in the quiet backwaters of Turnipland where you live 😉 😉 😉

    (* Unless the water to wash them is heated by wind turdbines of course)

    Also, the pint bottles would be too handy for making Molotov cocktails for Mrs May or Comrade Jezza to mandate their return.

  198. Baron 1132
    To return to glass milkbottles will increase the incidence of the “Glasgow Sandwich” on our estates.

  199. “Brexit campaign leader Nigel Farage spoke at a conference in Ireland this weekend titled ‘Irexit: Freedom to Prosper’, where he discussed the reasons that Ireland should vote to leave the EU just as the British did in 2016.

    Farage appeared alongside other notable speakers such as Irish journalist John Waters, Professor Anthony Coughlan, Dr. Karen Devine, Cormac Lucey, and Councillor James Charity. The event was run by the EFDD Group (Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy) and moderated by the group’s communications director Hermann Kelly.

    Speaking to Breitbart News, Nigel Farage outlined his reasoning for why Ireland should leave the European Union saying, “You can’t measure the word freedom, you can’t measure the word independence, you cant measure the word democracy, but there is an extreme irony of centuries of struggle against the British to get rid of them and now suddenly they’re being run by Brussels!”

    He continued, “So, if Ireland genuinely wants to be an independent state then it can’t stay part of the European Union. I think on an economic level the Euro is no advantage to Ireland at all. Y’know, so much of their overseas trade is denominated in Sterling and Dollars anyway; in terms of fisheries it’s been a catastrophe for this country, this is worth billions and billions every year by taking back their own fish stocks, and I just think that in so many ways, the United Kingdom, that relationship is the one that really matters to Ireland, to Irish people, to Irish jobs — and not Europe.”

  200. Rod Liddle has finally rubbished Kate Maltby’s claims on the one o clock news.
    Good on Rod.

  201. Baron,

    Freedom of Speech? I believe that Mrs May is going to lecture us all on this subject later this week. She is very worried about “the coarsening of political debate” dontcha know. By which I take it she means absolutely any dissent from the bien pensant orthodoxy of the gliberal elite.

    Here are a few thoughts from Mr Boot on the matter…

  202. Baron – 11:23
    “An easy solution then, Robert, let’s drain the ten rivers, and voila, no problema, heh, heh, heh.”

    I think that is what happens, but it keeps raining in their catchment basin. 🙂

  203. Nanny May’s concern about the “coarsening of political debate” is part of a carefully contrived grooming of the public to accept the censorship that she and the rest of the rotten 650 have planned for us. Leveson has reared its ugly head again. Nanny May is also planning a new Stasi to suppress non-approved discourse (labelled as “fake news”) and to disseminate government propaganda, which of course is really the propaganda of those bent on the destruction of Western civilisation.

    The great New Labour con, which Cameron promised to tackle but did nothing about, was to get the British public to meekly accept that the government has a monopoly on what constitutes free speech. That deceit about shouting “Fire!” in a crowded theatre was regularly peddled as well as the usual “I respect freedom of speech, but . . . ” (now joined in wickedness by that similar phrase “I respect the result of the referendum, but . . .”)

    That unruly, juvenile crowd of 650 with their pipsqueak Speaker are supposed to represent us and protect our inherited freedoms, not to seek to control us or determine what we may or may not say or write. The Human Rights legislation brought in the political qualification of freedom of speech, making it subservient to government law and regulation, casting a smokescreen over the existing law of incitement. Then the ghastly Blair introduced the wholly fallacious concept of “hate speech” whilst demonstrating his own hatred of the English by flooding their country with foreigners without their consent.

    Then the same cowardly bunch who declared that terrorism will not change us used it to do just that. How that gang of suits had the nerve to stand together and declare “Je Suis Charlie” is beyond comprehension. The sheer hypocrisy of it.

  204. Baron – 11:20

    You were talking about Peterson, I assume.

    Yes, an anecdote to all NeoMarxist PostModernism!

    I have viewed a lot of his videos and found them to be excellent. He has said that it has been a great strain to ‘never make a mistake’ because of the SJW treat of legal ramifications such as losing his job and licence to practice.

    So many, in fact, that it was enjoyable to listen to some others who were like minded.

    Did I put up this, by a pastor:
    A Pastor Comments on Jordan Peterson’s Bible Series Prolegomena of Prolegomena

    He rambles a bit, but I do like his attitude and his inquisitiveness: he is in awe that so many will pay so much to listen for so long, about the Bible! 🙂

  205. Colonel Mustard – 16:34

    The final nail in the coffin of freedom of speech was driven firmly home by Dave and his Cameroons in May 2010. In the weeks before the GE they nodded through, unopposed, Harriet Harman’s “Equality Act 2010” which was the biggest Trojan horse in history.

    PAXO recently stated that he thought that Cameron was the worst Prime Minister we’ve ever had – albeit for entirely different reasons that the rest of here might give.

  206. EC – 17:08

    So PAXO thought we were stuffed? 🙂

  207. RobertRetyred @ February 5th, 2018 – 16:47

    Agreed, Robert, on both counts.

  208. EC @ February 5th, 2018 – 13:47

    Not bad, EC, the spiel of the one who hates Vlad, but the barbarian would rather stick to Benedict de Spinoza’s ‘a man can think what he likes and say what he thinks’ with the exception of thinking about violence, the incitement thereof.

  209. OK, no milk delivery for you two then, EC & Roberts.

  210. Governments of either stripe, and their police, have a track record of abusing every single piece of legislation they’ve ever introduced using “it’s for the public good” ploy. Beware of any politician who spins that lie! How many times have we heard, “Well, yes law X,Y or Z might look a bit draconian in scope but we need it to keep us all safe and it won’t ever be used against the general public.

    From the September 2005 vault: The story of the Lone Wolfgang.

    It’ll get much worse under Corbyn! I fully expect his first words upon crossing the threshold of No.10 will be, “Honecker, I’m home!”

  211. Marshal Roberts @ February 5th, 2018 – 13:34

    For the smaller, often poorer, less ambitious nations it’s the question of money, Baron reckons. Whilst they are on the receiving end of the money flow from Brussels, the burghers have every reason to remain in the yoke.

  212. Colonel Mustard @ February 5th, 2018 – 16:34

    That’s exactly it, Colonel, an excellent point, the internet has put a dent, a big one, in the Government’s and its poodles’ monopoly of news and its dissection, they will try every trick in the book to patch it up, turn the clock back, monopolise the ownership of thinking again. This may be trickier than they imagine, the genie’s out of the bottle, the taste of freedom is too good.

  213. Today’s World at One on BBC Radio4 chaired by Martha was all about gender equality (or is it sex equality?), all about hashtags, all about mob pressure.

    It hit Baron that we are by and large run by hashtags, petitions, lobbying pressure of often small but deadly fanatical groups. Why do we bother to vote, maintain the House, keep the Government? It should be enough for the Civil Service to simply scan the virtual world for any hashtag, submit to what it says, implement it.

    As you may have well guessed the equality between men and women in the work place was that of pay, i.e. the equality of outcome. Nobody has mentioned that there may be men doing an identical job i.e. that of a foreign correspondent, yet on different pay. Baron reckons it’s a given that it’s so, a guy’s paycheque may be different if he labours in Washington than (say) in Warsaw or Outer Mongolia. Hard to say which one would get more, but different the pay will be.

    We seem to be moving towards a rigid system so favoured by the communist thugs. Each job had a fixed rate of pay, it didn’t matter who was in the job – a man, a woman or a monkey. Later, the system got more sophisticated, one got a bit extra for knowing a foreign language, better education, party membership (the party fees were added to one’s salary or wage). Essentially though, the system remained as it was introduced when the totalitarian model of communism got started.

    One doesn’t have to be a genius to figure this system did FA to encourage initiative, fresh thinking, competitiveness, none of the features of a healthy society. In the end it was people pretending to work, the Government pretending to pay them.

    Of course, as things turned really bad, the pay system got supplemented with extra rewards necessary to keep the wheels of the industry and commerce going. But even this did noting to save the model from eventually collapsing.

    This equality in gender pay is not a Full Monty of the communist approach, granted, but it’s a step towards it, there’s nothing to stop people working for one public company to insist their pay should be equal to another, then the insanity to spread to the private sector, too. Lunacy.

  214. It is Anna Soubry that should be slung out.

  215. Baron 23.06
    Well they should have no more of ours.
    Furthermore I am not sure we should let Gay Varadkar have any more traction in the negotiations.

  216. Baron February 5th, 2018 – 23:53

    Suddenly the FBI are the heroes of the left. I have to admit that there is a hilarious aspect to the way leftists re-arrange any reality in order to continue their own tedious narrative. The indignation writ large on the vapid faces of those spoilt clowns was most amusing. Such a contrasting reaction to Watergate. They really do not appreciate any taste of their own medicine.

    I listen to Radio 3 and there is a more noticeable amount of jazz and “contemporary” music (aka discordant noise) creeping in. Last night a jazz artist and his interviewer agreed solemnly that there is indeed a place for politics in jazz (zzzzz) and proceeded to play a piece to illustrate that. I think you can guess that it was not a celebration of Margaret Thatcher.

    No, it was from Trump speeches about his wall spliced together in a rapid fire, repetitive “mix” contrived to mock him. There was no music as such.

    It was predictable and unsurprising therefore an immediately tedious cliché. Clever in the way that it was constructed but boring for all that. And this on a supposedly balanced and impartial BBC radio station dedicated to classical music and the arts.

    It would have been perfectly feasible to lampoon Obama using his speeches in exactly the same way. But of course to the leftist BBC Obama is a deity to be elevated on a higher plinth than even Mandela in the temple of Moronic Leftism.

  217. Trump had it right on the NHS but this is what we are up against when Simon Stevens says.

    “Mr Stevens, chief executive of NHS England, told MPs: “Our invitation in the NHS, should the president be visiting later this year, would be to spend time with the brilliant doctors, hospitals, technology experts, scientists; hear about the cataract services, the hip replacements, the modern scanners, the world-first liver, heart and lung transplant, the genomic revolution, all under way here in the NHS, and go away understanding that healthcare for everybody delivered at half the cost of the US healthcare system is something people in this country are deeply and rightly committed to.”

    Stevens should come to my local A and E which reminds me of my stay in Bombay as a teenager. If you survive A and E you get sent to a Medical Receiving Ward which is like a war zone.

  218. Sorry Mumbai.

  219. Colonel 0810.
    Part of the reluctance to call Obama for the failure that he was is the fear of being called out as a racist.

  220. The problem with Obama wasn’t that he was black: the problem was that he was a White Liberal.

  221. RobertRetyred February 6th, 2018 – 09:12

    He was a little more than just a liberal. His murky political past included community organising in that socialist success story Chicago, an activity which “inspired” Common Purpose here. Communism but without the proletariat just the party, re-invented by stealth and perpetrated by stealth to embed an unelected elite in all the corridors of power.

  222. Baron, February 5th, 2018 – 23:16

    “This may be trickier than they imagine, the genie’s out of the bottle, the taste of freedom is too good.”

    If the thought of the freedom genie never being forced back in the bottle helps you get to sleep at night then that’s great. Try not to think about the deployment of the next generation of surveillance and device control technology. I suppose that whilst flawed humans remain control of the tech, or think that they do, then all is not lost. However the rapid advances in Artificial Intelligence means that sooner or later IT will consider IT’s totalitarian masters surplus to requirements! Now that’s “some Genie, some bottle” and IT won’t think any better of the rest of us!

    Back to today’s avuncular freedom Genie and the cross party cabals that exist in all western nations that are hell bent on strangling it… Remind me again, Baron , how long did the 1968 Prague Spring last? Or, indeed, the 1956 Budapest Autumn? The result of both was what our old chum former comrad Yuri Bezmenov called, “a period of normalization.”


  223. Colonel Mustard – 08:10

    I detest Jaaaaz. If one is forced to listen to it at a distance every “number” sounds the exactly the same. I hate it at any distance.

  224. Colonel Mustard – 10:06

    Ah yes, Chicago. One of Lyndon B. Johnson’s many vote plantations. Most of them are now failing, bankrupt and lawless bankrupt due to decades of Democratic Party governance.

  225. Mark’s Monday Tucker slot. Always worth a listen.

  226. EC,
    Agree completely with you EC, who in their right mind would listen to the tribal cacophony which is jazz when God gave us Mozart?

  227. I am astonished at the attempts of the alt right media to turn Jacob Rees Mogg into the long awaited Second Coming.

  228. If the interjection from teletwat above wasn’t evidence enough, the left and the BBC are going into meltdown mode with some inspired projection over JRM.

    ‘tarnation, Martha, it’s them thar Ruskies agin. Bannon, Breitbart, JRM, ZG are all Rusky agents! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    “Guido is sad to report that Peter Jukes and his Byline Media outfit have finally gone off the deep end. To the concern of their Twitter followers, over the last few days Jukes and Byline have been pushing increasingly deranged conspiracy theories that would make David Icke think twice. First, Jukes and his Byline colleague J.J Patrick suggested the Momentum agitators at the Rees-Mogg event were actually right-wing imposters, that the fracas was staged and that the Mogg was in on it.

  229. He has been huffing and puffing at TCW on the same subject but without his ridiculous David Lindsay disguise or bold-type feminist outbursts. A delight – because it demonstrates just how much JRM has rattled the ghastly marxist creepozoid’s cage.

    Note also the usual sly attempt to brand conservative websites as “alt right”. This creepozoid has a real problem with anyone expressing a view which differs from his own pea-brained marxist codswallop.

  230. EC February 6th, 2018 – 12:59

    That’s a good example of fake news for May’s Stasi to target.

  231. The suffragettes were a major terrorist group.

    In a Reign of Terror ,between 1912 and 1915 , they left hundreds of bombs ; arson attacks inflicted an untold amount of damage.

    `Why is it so easy to forget an unsavoury aspect of Britain’s recent past.`

  232. Colonel Mustard – 10:06

    True, but what my statement lacks in detail is made up by being a little punchier, and might even amuse.

    Obama does give Community Organising a bad name. In fact, all community organisers do, eventually.

    Raising the group above the individual, and directing the collective wealth, because they know best!

    Yes, it is all about POWER: ask Cathy Newman. She won’t have clue, but she does entertain in a funny sort of way.

  233. “The violent women of the militant movement occupied the same space as men, they demanded equality and used codes previously attributed to masculine identification; honour, war, duty, respect.”

    No they didn’t. They were terrorists not soldiers whatever “codes” they used. And they never demanded the equality of being conscripted and sent to the front line.

    More bogus left wing feminist equivalence.

  234. How many women have led the Conservative Party?

    I can only think of one, who happened to be a Conservative.

  235. Yall still there.
    Well then you will have heard of our planned spectacle for Independence Day.

    “PRESIDENT TRUMP: Well, thank you very much, Emmanuel. And I do want to say that I was your guest at Bastille Day, and it was one of the greatest parades I’ve ever seen. It was two hours on the button, and it was military might, and I think a tremendous thing for France and for the spirit of France.

    And people don’t know what great warriors they are in France, but when you see that and you see all the victories, it was a tremendous thing. And to a large extent, because of what I witnessed, we may do something like that on July 4th in Washington, down Pennsylvania Avenue. (Laughter.) I don’t know. We’re going to have to try and top it. But we had a lot of planes going over and we had a lot of military might, and it was really a beautiful thing to see. They had representatives from different wars and different uniforms. It was really so well done.

    But I came back, and one of my early calls were, I think we’re going to have to start looking at that ourselves. So we’re actually thinking about 4th of July, Pennsylvania Avenue, having a really great parade to show our military strength.”

    Beautiful, beautiful.

  236. The German fudge shows the direction of travel for European governments. Conservatives in name only + socialists in coalition! YCMIU.

  237. Returning ISIS jihadis must be “re-integrated” with tea and sympathy but an ex-soldier who fought against ISIS with the Kurds is welcomed home by being prosecuted for terrorism.


    Those who rule over us are insane.

  238. I hesitate to put pen to paper in Harpies week particularly in relation to Male Exocet Kate Maltby, but her interview this morning with Justin Webb was filled with hubris and self justification. A perfect reason for closing the BBC.

  239. Here’s one for Herbert Thornton…

    Canada RIP

  240. Colonel Mustard, February 7th, 2018 – 20:36

    Also in happening in Canada. (see above)

  241. Paul Joseph Watson, UK editor at large of, catalogues the support of Theresa May and the British government for returning ISIS Warriors:

    Could she, and they, be part of the same movement that ran the Muslim Brotherhood from within the White House under the Hussein Administration?

  242. Sufficient Evidence to Investigate Adam Schiff and Valerie Jarrett for Treason?

  243. Chez nous, since Tony Blair, is bonking a member of the Royal Family pretty much the only ground on which a charge of treason can be brought against a chap in the United Kingdom these days?

    Would someone please educate me? I ask because of course I have been out of the country for so long that I no longer know what’s going on in the country.

  244. Is anyone in England looking critically at the great departments of state and asking who the hell in government was responsible when these hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants and well-practised muslim mercenaries were flooding “without let or hindrance” into the country? Come on Englishmen, Wakey! Wakey!, rediscover your bloody heritage for God’s sake! The country is not yours casually to let go ROT!! Let’s start naming names! A little bit more of the old J’Accuse!, n’est-ce bloody pas? e.g. May for Prison 2018!

  245. EC
    February 8th, 2018 – 09:48

    Indeed – the silly, the trivial and the shallow all in one package.

    Next Christmas (if we are still allowed to celebrate it) Shepherds watching their flocks by night will probably be politically corrected and the Angel will bring glad tidings of great joy to us and all our kind.

  246. #MeToo – Will this give them ideas? – e.g. – #me ad infinitum? –

  247. I wonder how much anguish there was at the Guardian before they decided to publish this –

    not to mention how much how much hand-wringing it must be causing among among Guardian readers? –

  248. EC @ February 8th, 2018 – 09:48

    Nothing ever lasts for what, EC? Ever, your RIP may be abit premature, other psychotic disorders have come and gone, this one will end up in the paper basket of historic anomalies, too. Trust Baron, he knows, he read a book or two, has been around for a while, isn’t yet fully overcome with dementia.

  249. Herbert Thornton @ February 9th, 2018 – 16:17

    “After that (the interrogation) we will deal with them (the ‘Beatles’),” the official said. “In our own time.”

    It wouldn’t surprise, Herbert, if, in their, the captured thugs’ time, they were to seemingly repent, convert, be embraced by the bleeding heart anointed.

    The only way of dealing with the thugs is to string them after every possible intelligence got extracted from them, and that would be being merciful to them.

  250. Colonel Mustard @ February 7th, 2018 – 20:36

    They are insane, Colonel, but for reasons we’ve been through before the great unwashed are impotent to send them where they belong, the asylum.

    One reason is the corrupt voting system, skewed totally towards electing insane people, individuals who are as divorced from real life as are the homosexual from reproductive sex. The PR system wouldn’t solve everything, it would introduce its own shortcomings, but it would allow parties that today under FPTP system have no chance whatever making it to the House.

  251. Herbert Thornton @ February 8th, 2018 – 19:40

    Who knows, Herbert, perhaps someone somewhere is already cloning a woman who could inseminate herself, give birth to another woman with the same ability. A world of such a breed of women could be the answer to the survival of our species, even if a single one were to remain, after some disaster of biblical proportions, she could repopulated the world again.

    They should go for it, no?

  252. Colonel Mustard @ February 7th, 2018 – 15:10

    As the wise old Chinese had it (and the barbarian keeps repeating) ‘one can predict everything but the future’, but why not try. The coalition may not last, Colonel.

    The papers in Germany and further east are full of stories of additional immigrants reaching the German lands, the relatives of those granted leaves to remain, many have more than one wife (plus kids), only few hundred of the million plus newcomers from 2016 have so far found jobs, integration seems harder to achieve than the authority initially thought.

    The German unwashed are not liking any of it, they pay for it, the likelihood of the AfD gaining more votes is high, the polls are saying just that.

    Btw, a party that surprised everyone gaining almost 10% of the votes in the Parliamentary election in the Czech Republic last Autumn led by a Japanese guy campaigned on the right for an EU referendum. Recent surveys show the party is gaining more vote support.

    In Poland, voices are beginning to appear demanding the same. Hungary may be behind, the country is still on the receiving end of EU cash, but give it time, or let the Brussels fruitcakes impose severe financial penalties for the country’s refusal to take in refugees, and who knows, the mood may change, too.

    Not all is lost, boys, until the fat lady sings.

  253. Malfleur @ February 8th, 2018 – 13:54

    Listen up, you grandson of Trotsky, how about buying a one way ticket to England, leading by example when you get here?

  254. Malfleur @ February 8th, 2018 – 11:06

    Did you mean this video, Malfleur?

    The EC’s furnished clip from the great Joseph on the Canadian fruitcake is better, and considerably shorter,:

    Actually, the man running Canada is probably psychic, needs attention, real attention from the medics because his reasoning is so divorced from real life one must question his sanity.

    And this, longish, but well argued: nunes memo analysis

  255. The prolonged silence from one of the resident gurus is beginning to worry the barbarian. We should hear from him, even if he were to say just ‘hi’.

  256. Here’s an example why the chap Tucker Carlson cannot fail to be admired by everyone with even a scintilla of common sense. The guy’s brilliant beyond the natural, one can only wish we had someone like him.

    The other man’s yapping, the Dem’s stooge that looks like a Hollywood extra, beggars belief, the words have no coupling with the real world, like a robot he keeps vomiting a barrage of words that in totality not just obfuscate the subject, but actually turn it on its head.

  257. Baron at 17.29

    When John Maynard Keynes wrote : ” Only two things are certain,death and taxes “;he wasn’t advocating taxes ;he was decrying experts predicting the future . This we need to promote when we hear the predictions of doom from `Project Fear`and the Soros Groups.

  258. Colonel Mustard,above.

    The claim `you can’t shout fire in a theatre` comes from a US Appeal Court Judge a 101 years ago when he dismissed a claim by a group who had been convicted of distributing leaflets opposing the Military Draft … this is a bit of a joke on some people who use the expression.

  259. Radford NG February 9th, 2018 – 20:03

    Thank you. The phrase as used in the court decision was “falsely shouting” so theoretically anything which could be proven to be true, however dangerous, was not restricted.

    However the First Amendment holding in Schenck (1919) was later partially overturned by Brandenburg v. Ohio in 1969, which limited the scope of banned speech to that which would be directed to and likely to incite imminent lawless action.

    The British government has gone way beyond that in declaring limitations of free speech, often deploying the phrase from Schenck without understanding it, let alone understanding the limitations imposed in the 1969 judgement.

    But those are US cases so the British government can ignore them anyway and take refuge in the Human Rights legislation and European standards of censorship, presuming the right to determine what is and what is not allowed – loosely so as to give them plenty of fudge to prosecute or not on political grounds.

    I dissented from Mr Boot over this as I found his apparent acceptance of government primacy in asserting that freedom of speech is not absolute surprising. I believe that you either have freedom of speech or you don’t, in the sense of expressing an opinion, and that incitement is not speech but a specific crime.

  260. DOMINIC SANDBROOK: Pilloried for speaking sense
    Tonight on bbc Jordan Peterson debates the economy with Diane Abbott
    Shadow Home Secretary.
    Might be worth watching .

  261. Those bleeding hearts who champion free speech are disingenuous. They readily concur with pre-censorship. For example those who grandly condemn all governmental attempts to protect our citizens from hate posts will applaud the google algorithms that prevent our citizens from accessing terror or paedophilia sites

  262. Colonel Mustard
    February 9th, 2018 – 22:34

    Mr Boot – on rights:

    A real (natural, absolute) right is one that doesn’t presuppose a concomitant obligation on anybody else’s part. The right to life is one such. So is the right to secure property, provided it’s acquired legally. So is… well, I can’t think of any others offhand.

    All other rights, including the one to free speech, are a matter of consensus, which can be granted or withdrawn. That means they aren’t really rights (to use the term rigorously) but contracts. One party claims freedom of speech; the other agrees to grant it – but never without qualifications.

    Remove all qualifications, and we’ll be begging for freedom from speech, not of it. In other words, some speech is allowed and some isn’t – always.

    I find that the proposition he advances in the first sentence of the passage above is incompatible with what he states in the second and third. Based on the condition imposed by the first sentence then surely nobody has the right to life or property either?

    The veneer of “concomitant obligations,” of “legality” and “consensus” are but three fig leaves, imo.

    FWIW, I agree with you.

  263. I see that teleturd, above, is trying to advance a false equivalence between political dissent & free speech (hate speech to some) and the suppression of the heinous promotion of paedophilia.

    Typical leftist ploy.

  264. Harriet Harmon and the left were supportive of PIE in the past .

  265. EC @ February 10th, 2018 – 11:02

    Spot on, you sir.

    As the Colonel often says the guy is only winding us up.

  266. Colonel Mustard @ February 9th, 2018 – 22:34

    One can only tip one’s hat to you, Colonel, you should be in an advisory capacity somewhere in Whitehall, why aren’t you?

    In a society that honoured freedom of expression, anyone of sound would not be prevented from shouting fire anywhere including a packed theatre. If the shout were to result in a stampede, someone were killed, the shouting man or a woman would be taken to court, given due process, and if found guilty hanged.

    It was this that prevented people shouting fire in theatres or elsewhere, committing other vile acts that harmed others. Today, we have laws that that may have been enacted to stop (and punish) people shouting fire in theatres (when there’s none), but are applied to stop people saying things with which those who govern us disagree.

  267. EC @ February 10th, 2018 – 10:41

    Well said, EC.

    The contemporary society seems to be totally obsessed with the ‘right’ culture, a school of thought that confuses rather than iluminates.

    The word ‘right’, means either an entitlement, “a just claim or title, whether legal, prescriptive or moral, or some Nature/God endowed blessing enabling one to carry out an act rooted in one’s capacity of ‘free-agency’. The usage of the word ‘right’ is relatively new, until the 19th century, the most common word to describe what the word ‘right’ defines today was the word ‘claim’. If one consults old legal books one seldom comes across rights, it’s almost always claims.

    One may argue that it’s a legalised interpretation of the two words, but then is there anything in the real world other than a ‘legal interpretation’ of one’s claim against another if a dispute arises?

    If we were to switch back to the word ‘claim’ it would become apparent nobody has a claim to life, it’s non-sensical, life is an innate state of being that can be interfered with, often is, but a ‘right’ or a ‘claim to’ it isn’t.

    It sounds OK if one says ‘every woman has the right to get pregnant, give birth (hence also fulfilling the ‘right’ to life of another human being’). Saying ‘every woman has a claim to get pregnant’ sounds awkward, it makes little sense. If that were the case (and before women could self-inseminate, see Herbert’s posting on crayfish above) there has to be a man furnishing his sperm, i.e. there is a ‘a concomitant obligation’ on someone’s else part.

    When religion was the moral umbrella of life, one attributed life to Him, he was the giver and the taker, the question of ‘one’s right’ or ‘one’s claim’ to life didn’t arise when it came to one’s life, humans were subject to His guidance, care, punishment. It was logical to justify capital punishment because only God could have taken life. If a human murdered, the punishment could have been only one, just as the ‘an eye for an eye’ says.

  268. John birch. @ February 10th, 2018 – 08:48

    An enjoyable read, John, the barbarian read it drinking coffee at Costa, rejoiced also scanning the postings below the narrative.

    The progressives keep making the same grave error over an over again. If they were to ignore the guy (difficult but doable, they’ve done it to others) not many people would have known he’s around, got to know what he says. Inviting him for a chat with the sweet dumpling Kathy of the Channel4 parish they’ve boosted his audience far beyond what he may have expected before he arrived here.

    A bunch of losers, and serves them right.

  269. Has anyone got anything on Frank?

  270. EC February 10th, 2018 – 10:41

    Thank you. And I agree regarding Mr Boot’s somewhat muddled presentation of his arguments.

  271. Baron – 15:27

    Nope, but be in no doubt that Frank has got plenty of stuff on other people!

    Seriously though, I expect he’ll be back on the CHW as soon as he can.

  272. Sorry guys and gals; still ploughing through clinical issues; I’ll spare you the details – as many of you have your own problems in that sphere and need no mewling from from me to remind you of the frailties of the flesh.

    I just popped in to alert you, in the light of the latest Oxfam scandal (small beer when placed beside stuff I unearthed back in the eighties when I was sleuthing in my post-constabulary, TV role, when I attempted to expose this outfit (and others) in the Charity Industry).

    Here is the reason I failed then, albeit probably different faces now – same old same old.:

    Read through the list from beginning to the end of the latest crop of parasites on public sympathy and altruism. Just one of the many matrixes of the new “Great & Good” – leading (aka taking the piss) on a global scale and interacting in a way that makes them teflon coated. I suspect left-leaning to a man/woman and utterly ruthless.

    Nota bene before you cough up to any charitable causes.

  273. EC February 10th, 2018 – 11:02

    He, like Mr Boot, misses the point entirely. In his case, with his schoolgirl-like infatuation with communist blowhards like Stalin and Tariq Ali, to be expected.

    And with mention of that imported trouble maker, unfortunately one step ahead of the Pakistani Army’s potential contribution to the betterment of mankind, he got a double slot on Radio 3 the other evening, billed as author, journalist and “activist” (of course). As well as being interviewed on ‘Free Thinking’ (ha!) the BBC saw fit to have him as a guest on ‘Late Junction’ which followed. It was a narrow escape on my part but fortunately I heard it coming and was able to avoid listening to a BBC commie lurve-fest or one iota of 1970s communist twaddle and SJW psycho-babble in favour of exploring my collection of single malts to the accompaniment of Elgar.

    That 74 year old corrupter of youth and regular biter of the hand which feeds him is so passionate about peddling the politics of communism and trumpeting all the ills of this country that in over 50 years of political “activism” he has only once stood for election as an International Marxist Group candidate. But then, with the BBC to assist, the mouthpieces of the left get all the political platform they need without the bother of having to get elected by anyone. If we wait long enough for Hell to freeze over the BBC might even honour the precise far-right equivalent of Ali by giving him or her a two programme slot on Radio 3.

    My revulsion is rooted in his “anti-war” activism during the Vietnam War, billed ever since as such but like so much fact-twisting propaganda from the British left complete codswallop. Ali was not anti-war. An anti-war activist would not blow hard about recruiting volunteers to fight for the Viet Cong, an “activism” now curiously airbrushed from his Wiki entry, as well as completely ignoring the reality of that war of communist aggression. Those privileged, middle-class communist wannabes of the 1970s, from Ali to Corbyn, seem very effective at redacting their terrorist smooching “activism” from the past. Ali’s career in peddling revolutionary socialism to naive students paid off, enabling him to sell his baronial Highgate mansion for nearly £5 million in 2015. He downsized to Islington with his partner the editor of New Left Review , not stopping to think of sharing the unoccupied parts of his 4,674 sq ft with any refugees. Of course not.

    Only 10 years earlier Ali had been a signatory to the Porto Alegre Manifesto at the 2005 World Social Forum in Brazil, calling for a redistribution of wealth. Well, in 2015 he “redistributed” a bit of his own accumulated wealth and made a pretty packet for himself doing so. “Do as we say not as we do” rode again.

  274. … and before I leave, here’s more signs of the the Long March – from a ex G Man who explains how it manifests itself in the FBI and CIA.

    [Wish me luck my fellow culture warriors. I’m in the process of trying to persuade the carvery dept. that I won’t spoil their batting average if they attempt to remove my foul fiend. It’s an uphill struggle – the word ‘palliative’ keeps being bandied around – you and me know what that entails. Bugger that for a game of soldiers! Shit or bust is my motto.]

    I’ll return when I know their decision – the top cat has granted me an audience on Feb 20.

  275. Yes two splendid Radio 3 programmes with my friend and mentor. I can particularly commend to you the Rana Mitter interview.
    It is difficult to believe that we are 50 years on from 1968 when I believe that he led our group to actually make a difference to public attitudes to the US colonial war in South East Asia. I do believe this eventually led to their disengagement and freedom for the Vietnamese people.

    His subsequent appearance on Nick Luscombe’s Late Junction reveals a truly catholic tastes in music. It is worth listening if only for the rich bass baritone of Paul Robeson singing Joe Hill. The words are truly magnificent

  276. Both Ali and his nasty little stalking protégé of many names have blood on their hands from some of the 7.5 million people murdered by the North Communist regime and its proxies. Far from contributing to any “freedom” the “activism” of communist “agents of change” and their useful idiots in the West contributed to the continuation of an unprovoked communist war of aggression against a sovereign state and the democide that resulted in South Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.

    When North Vietnam broke the Paris Peace Accords and invaded South Vietnam the world stood by and watched. The “freedom” brought by the North Vietnamese communist aggressors was so enticing that more than a million Vietnamese fled from it and many of them drowned at sea, preferring to risk death than enduring communist “freedom”. For the privilege of leaving Vietnam Chinese ethnics had to pay the Vietnamese government about US$2,000 per head in gold. The communists made US$2 billion from that ethnic cleansing.

    David Lamb wrote in the Los Angeles Times, “In its revolutionary zeal, the party collectivized farms. Without incentives, productivity went down and Vietnam became a rice importer. The party confiscated property and wealth. Overnight, millionaires became paupers. Children of South Vietnamese soldiers were denied access to the best colleges and the good jobs, and the spirit of reconciliation withered. Newspapers disappeared, movie theaters closed, bank safe-deposit boxes were sealed. Ordinary Vietnamese were forbidden to have contact with foreigners. More than 400,000 South Vietnamese were sent off to reeducation camps, some to languish for years.”

    By 1982 there were still about 120,000 Vietnamese held in those camps. Hanoi’s mismanagement brought near-famine, international isolation and poverty to all but the Communist Party elite.

    To view all that as something to celebrate reveals the working of a truly sick and corrupted mind which no amount of bogus sanctimony and boasting will ever disinfect. And of course Ali has never had to face any awkward questions about it but instead is allowed to peddle his long enduring lies and fabrications.

  277. “White Farmers Slaughtered in South Africa” | Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux

    There is, in my opinion, a discussion to be had, though not much of one, about the rival merits of the North Vietnamese state and the South Vietnamese state and the forces, justification and motives behind them. This has, for better or worse, become largely a question of historical interest. The vast heroin industry of the CIA has now, for instance, transferred from South Vietnam to Afghanistan. The more pressing matter, however, of self-destructive, corrupt and incompetent black racism is not a concern of the red fascist David Lindsays and the Globalist-dominated Conservatives and Labour Parties.

    David Lindsay and his fellow ideological blockheads are destroying South Africa. Learn for instance what CNN will not report, namely WHY Capetown has almost run out of water.

    Where’s your voice, Conservatives?
    Where’s your voice Labourites?

  278. The Gods of the Copybook Headings

    AS I PASS through my incarnations in every age and race,
    I make my proper prostrations to the Gods of the Market Place.
    Peering through reverent fingers I watch them flourish and fall,
    And the Gods of the Copybook Headings, I notice, outlast them all.

    We were living in trees when they met us. They showed us each in turn
    That Water would certainly wet us, as Fire would certainly burn:
    But we found them lacking in Uplift, Vision and Breadth of Mind,
    So we left them to teach the Gorillas while we followed the March of Mankind.

    We moved as the Spirit listed. They never altered their pace,
    Being neither cloud nor wind-borne like the Gods of the Market Place,
    But they always caught up with our progress, and presently word would come
    That a tribe had been wiped off its icefield, or the lights had gone out in Rome.

    With the Hopes that our World is built on they were utterly out of touch,
    They denied that the Moon was Stilton; they denied she was even Dutch;
    They denied that Wishes were Horses; they denied that a Pig had Wings;
    So we worshipped the Gods of the Market Who promised these beautiful things.

    When the Cambrian measures were forming, They promised perpetual peace.
    They swore, if we gave them our weapons, that the wars of the tribes would cease.
    But when we disarmed They sold us and delivered us bound to our foe,
    And the Gods of the Copybook Headings said: “Stick to the Devil you know.”

    On the first Feminian Sandstones we were promised the Fuller Life
    (Which started by loving our neighbour and ended by loving his wife)
    Till our women had no more children and the men lost reason and faith,
    And the Gods of the Copybook Headings said: “The Wages of Sin is Death.”

    In the Carboniferous Epoch we were promised abundance for all,
    By robbing selected Peter to pay for collective Paul;
    But, though we had plenty of money, there was nothing our money could buy,
    And the Gods of the Copybook Headings said: “If you don’t work you die.”

    Then the Gods of the Market tumbled, and their smooth-tongued wizards withdrew
    And the hearts of the meanest were humbled and began to believe it was true
    That All is not Gold that Glitters, and Two and Two make Four
    And the Gods of the Copybook Headings limped up to explain it once more.

    As it will be in the future, it was at the birth of Man
    There are only four things certain since Social Progress began.
    That the Dog returns to his Vomit and the Sow returns to her Mire,
    And the burnt Fool’s bandaged finger goes wabbling back to the Fire;

    And that after this is accomplished, and the brave new world begins
    When all men are paid for existing and no man must pay for his sins,
    As surely as Water will wet us, as surely as Fire will burn,
    The Gods of the Copybook Headings with terror and slaughter return!

  279. Another Sunday, another wonderful missive from Rod Liddle:

    “And it’s over to Claire for the fake news
    Magnificently confected fury from the energy minister Claire Perry on the BBC’s Question Time. Asked by David Dimbleby why she had referred to hardline Brexiteers in her party as “the swivel-eyed few”, she responded with a tirade. “No, I did not. I said . . . I do hate the way the BBC likes to do this fake news.”

    Oh yes you did, Claire, in a WhatsApp message to a group of Conservative MPs. And you’ve already admitted you did and apologised, you dimbo. Increasingly, false news is real news that the person who says it’s false news doesn’t want you to hear.”

  280. And while talking about the BBC and suffragette/ist/ism:

    “The BBC has been in one of its fairly frequent states of oestrus over the event (much as it was when Nelson Mandela died and the organisation wore black armbands and kept showing black people singing ‘Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrika’, which means‘Shoot the white farmer and rape his wife’, I think). I took part in a debate on the World at One about the #MeToo business, but I was up against four women, so was restricted in attempting to promulgate my considered thesis that #MeToo is basically affluent, entitled women whining about next to nothing.“

  281. And Rod gets better:

    “This is the second scandal to affect Oxfam this year: income £408m in 2016-17, almost half of it from government, with huge sums spent on salaries or advertising or lobbying — or indeed whoring. A few weeks ago the charity castigated capitalism for having enmired the Third World in poverty. It was pointed out, fairly quickly, that capitalism had elevated most of the world out of poverty and into affluence.

    Oxfam’s assertion was the usual adolescent political grandstanding and weird warping of reality — and ignored the desperate poverty inflicted on hundreds of millions of people by socialism. It was virtue signalling by an organisation that, by now, is denuded of the slenderest vestiges of virtue. Most of the world’s poverty today is occasioned by bad governance and a predatory Third World elite, not by capitalism.”

  282. And the god Mr Boot, Baron reminds us why Navalny was correct:

    “In Putin’s Russia, the “whacking” is not limited to real or presumed terrorists. Opposition politicians and journalists are a particularly high-risk group. A disturbingly high quotient of them have been dying.

    Yuri Shchekochikhin, opposition MP, died of a mysterious illness, with his internal organs collapsing one by one. His skin went blotchy and he lost all his hair. Paul Klebnikov, the American editor of the Russian Forbes, was riddled with bullets in Moscow. Andrei Kozlov, of Russia’s Central Bank, who had tried to stamp out money laundering, was shot dead. Anna Politkovskaya, who had publicized Russian brutality in Chechnya and attacked Putin as a dictator, likewise. Sergei Magnitsky, the lawyer who blew the whistle on a major corruption scam reaching all the way to the top, died in prison. The Kommersant reporter who had exposed Russia’s secret supplies of arms to Iran and Libya just happened to fall out of a window. Human-rights lawyer Stanislav Markelov was shot in broad daylight, together with the young journalist with whom he was talking, Anastasia Baburova.“

  283. I meant good Mr Boot.

  284. Paul Robeson, by the way, was also – at least in the particular of the Ballad of Mack the knife – a member of the Lindsay Blockheads as he sang as if it were a love song

    ” Oh the shark has pretty teeth dear And he shows them pearly white Just a jackknife has Macheath dear And he keeps it out of sight”

    and yes, of course, in his saccharine support for the murder of white South Africans, among others, Lindsay keeps his jackknife out of sight on these pages – but David dear you have blood on your hands.

  285. One hopes, by way of ‘balance’, that Marshal Roberts and the god Boot will list the many Arkancides and attempted Arkancides, including Roger Stone’s by polonium in a dose just insufficient to do the job, ordered it would seem by the Bush – Clinton – Obama crime gang (let us call things by their names, Gentlemen) – including the snuffing of the Supreme Court Justice, Scalia, the anniversary of whose death comes round again next week.

    May we by the way expect a drop on the latter by Assange as a deathday candle shedding light in our dark world?

  286. “There is, in my opinion, a discussion to be had, though not much of one, about the rival merits of the North Vietnamese state and the South Vietnamese state and the forces, justification and motives behind them.”

    Which is to miss the point entirely, and somewhat pompously too.

    To wonder why the situation in South Africa is unreported whilst the left-wing myth of Vietnam is so completely entrenched in the Western public narrative does not follow. It is for the same reasons.

    And to suggest any equivalence between North and South Vietnam does nothing to correct that. The South, for all its internal ills, did not invade the North or attempt to usurp its government, peddling a myth motive of unification to thinly disguise the real motive of exerting a singular political power.

    The myth motive in South Africa was “liberation” from apartheid. The vanguard were communists, again. And the result has been exactly similar to the “freedom” for South Vietnam peddled by the ghastly troll.

    With the facts of history pulled up behind like a carpet as the communists march on, to be replaced by fatuous blab like February 10th, 2018 – 19:43, we conform to their Year Zero every time. They should be fought tooth and nail, not just now, but then. Every single lie whether it concerns the present or the past should be rejected, challenged, refuted. Don’t aid them in their subterfuge by belittling that.

  287. Baron

    You are running an old film with your reference to Trotsky. Catch up. Try Jan Kozak in 1957. He may give you a better understanding of the dynamics of the present.

  288. As they say about generals, they are always fighting the last war.

  289. The Communist Party of China and the Central Intelligence Agency have been working closely together. It’s a different world from the 1950s/60s.The Boots have wanted to keep our eyes on Russia. It may however be the era of the CPC and the CIA rather than that of the Trotskyites which may be ending. May be I will be able to buy that one way ticket back to England after all. There will still be many corners out here that are forever England. They don’t count I suppose?

  290. Here’s a rich field of present and former candidates for president of the Russian Federation!,_2018

    Ksenia Sobchak was on CNN a few days ago. That would make her the Soros candidate in my book. I am sure that she wasn’t in the USA to help the Bush-Clinton-Obama crime family get the country’s uranium back.

    Where is Soros by the way…? Playing with seals?

  291. Malfleur February 11th, 2018 – 10:38

    In this case they are fighting the same war but have learned nothing along the way.

    The conservative right are fighting but not winning. Alex Jones, for example, is hours of blather but achieves nothing but frustration. Any real conservatives in politics are ineffective.

  292. EC @ February 11th, 2018 – 12:11

    An old story, EC, but telling.

    The charities scam needs proper investigation, the reports that the Oxfam workers were paying for sex with prostitutes isn’t strictly true, only al-Jazera got it right saying they paid young girls and women for sex if they, the girls and women wanted help. Criminal this, both what the charity workers did, and the reporting of it.

    The guy who runs Oxfam claimed yesterday they were trying to suppress the leaking of the news because it would have curtailed their donations from the public. This reminded Baron of a woman who was advising a teenage girl abused by the greatest peado Sir Jimmy to keep quiet about it because he generated alot of income for the charity that looked after orphans. Unbelievably sick.

  293. Malfleur @ February 11th, 2018 – 11:16

    The candidates opposing Putin from the Left should have got together, decide of just one, ask the groups supporting them to go for him. The segmentation of the vote is the real killer for the Left, the deluded girl Sobchak has no chance of making it, in fact, nobody does but Putin, his only problem is the participation rate, he wants it as high as possible, many voters say the result is unquestionably Putin, why vote.

    Few weeks ago, Baron talked to a number of Russians visiting the Czech Republic, bought pints for some, almost all but one said they won’t bother, all but one supported Putin, the one who didn’t said he would vote for the communist candidate, blamed Putin for submission to the Americans, said that Putin never does anything unless he gets an approval from the State Department. He didn’t explain how he knows, his job is a supervisor in a plant making ‘soft parts’ for cars.

  294. Malfleur @ February 11th, 2018 – 10:28

    Who he, Malfleur?

  295. Colonel Mustard @ February 11th, 2018 – 09:57

    Your postings on Vietnam explain alot, Colonel, your knowledge of the subject seems bottomless, but the barbarian fears you’re unlikely to rouse anyone with them, people forget, the MSM poodles won’t see it though your eyes anyway, other issues exercise the masses today.

    You’re absolutely right though, we should do everything we can to oppose the ideas of the dictatorial Left.

  296. Marshal Roberts @ February 11th, 2018 – 08:58

    Amazing, Vlad has yet ‘whacked’ neither your good Boot nor Navalny, who seems in rude health, broadcasts daily, kicks Putin left and right. Why is that?

  297. Malfleur @ February 11th, 2018 – 08:27

    One sees little of what goes on in South Africa, even less of what is happening in Ukraine, no progress report on the democratisation of the two countries, drop in corruption, joyful observance of human rights. Puzzling that, Malfleur.

  298. Very inclusive!

    …also being a “Young Labour” event anybody who is over 26 years old is barred too, regardless of their identity group and victim status coefficient. That’s Jezza fucked then! 🙂

  299. Baron
    February 11th, 2018 – 15:31
    Marshal Roberts @ February 11th, 2018 – 08:58

    Give him time, give him time.

    Perhaps your friend Vlad the impaler is happy with the lies he has told the courts to keep Navalny out of contention.

  300. A survey of interest on remuneration in the charity sector, the Oxfam outfit didn’t make it, too small compared to the big fish in the pond. The top people in some of the charities don’t really have the same responsibility, aren’t accountable for to either shareholders or the taxpayers, the burden’s considerably smaller compared to companies in either the private or public sectors that get publicly scrutinised, yet the money they earn makes one salivate:

  301. Something to think about. The HS2 railway line doe’s not connect with the HS1 line to the Continent. It goes to Euston ,along the road from St.Pancras International.

  302. EC @ February 11th, 2018 – 15:37

    Plenty of exclusive clubs around, EC, but not for those blamed for the ills of those who are members of such clubs. Baron’s a member of a specifically exclusive club, that of his own, it’s quite satisfactory, you should form one, too.

  303. Radford NG @ February 11th, 2018 – 22:39

    Walking through London will do everyone good, Radford, the luggage would make the journey testing, but more calories burning, heh, heh, heh.

  304. Rather then a bridge across the Channel , we need a link between Scotland and Ireland providing a direct line from Cobh Harbour ( Cork ) to Vladivostok.

  305. Fergus, what do you reckon?

    President Moon
    Got invited to visit the loon

    Seriously, now. Yesterday, the BBC Radio4 ‘Any Questions’, chaired by the younger Dimbleby, had as usual four panelists including the leader of UKIP, the first question from the audience was whether the warming up of the relations between the North and the South of Korea because of the Olympics will lead to a positive outcome. All of the four panelists thought so, two opined that it was up to the Chinese who should persuade the nutter to give up his nuclear ambition.

    How wrong they’re, it’s the Americans who hold the key, they want none of any talking, tension easing, say it’s all propaganda by the nutter to gain time.

    For China, the peninsula is what Crimea was for the Russians before they annexed it. Kremlin wasn’t particularly happy with the arrangement of a lease on the Sevastopol deep sea port, but it couldn’t do much about it. Similarly, the Chinese are not rejoicing having the nutter in charge of the North, can also do little about it, but prefer him to the Americans stationed there.

    The sanctions are unlikely to do the trick, the sanctioned North Korean unwashed will blame those imposing them rather than the nutter. What then?

  306. Radford NG @ February 11th, 2018 – 22:55

    Good idea, Radford, but only if the Japanese build the rolling stock and run it, they’re excellent at running trains.

    Failing that we could link up with the silk road railway system the Mandarin speakers are working on. China is the future, it could solve our after Brexit woes at a stroke, no?

  307. Is “Making fun of Insanity” a crime? Is merely “Laughing at Insanity” a crime too? If so I suppose I must be guilty, but it’s fun nonetheless –

  308. Herbert Thornton @ February 12th, 2018 – 16:30

    You should have figured by now, Herbert, that today, what’s not allowed is forbidden. Since no authority has allowed one to laugh at allergies, one shouldn’t. Simples, no?

    (Only joking).

  309. Herbert Thornton @ February 12th, 2018 – 16:52

    The guy’s way over the top, Herbert, theirs is a heavily misogynistic society, it’s not a replica of what we have here, women are treated pretty badly, one finds it hard to imagine how it would feel to live there, have (say) three daughters.

    A friend of Baron from his Tokyo days retired to the Philippines (his wife was born, had the family there, he’s an American), moved out because of the way women get treated not just by men, but officials, too.

  310. Not the total catastrophe of Zorba the Greek, not that bad, but near total exhaustion, that’s the state of Baron’ physical and mental being after his visit to London today, the return during the rush hour.

    How can anyone have a job that requires regular travelling on the underground between 17.00-19.00 hours beggars belief. The coach was full, so full that those sitting, the barbarian one of them, were poking their noses into whichever side of a standing body was turned towards them, the guy sitting next to the barbarian had his face buried into a corpulent backside of a woman, involuntarily, minded not, was happy sitting.

    That wasn’t the end of the overcrowding, the driver of the train, a feisty women one wouldn’t want to married to, refused to move from one of the stations, the platform was overflowing with travellers. ‘Cannot see a gap between the train and the people waiting’, she kept shouting, as time went by adding few adjective of frustration.

    The station manager was called for, what he did Baron cannot say he was sitting with his back to the platform, to turn the head was near impossible, (it risked also a voluptuous young girl in front of him turning around, and what would you rather face, a pair of D-cups, or the back of the body that sports them, heh?).

    It took well over a quarter of an hour for the contraption to get moving. The air in the coach got so heavy one could cough, and the cough would hover. If that were to happen in the summer when temperatures are high, a coronary or two would have been unavoidable.

    In the last two decades, the boost to the population in London and its surrounds must have been phenomenal. The underground in the days of Baron’s London job wasn’t particularly empty, but one was able to to overtake people walking to or from a platform, seldom were there queues for the escalators, and coaches were often full, but one could disembark with ease when one reached one’s stop.

    It’s the ghastly Blair’s opening of the borders that did it, Baron reckons. The ratio of travellers with low melanin content to those with high was about one to nine.

    Still, we have Brexit to look forward to, don’t we?

  311. Apologies for the errors, what else.

  312. Baron – that was not the District Line.
    I regularly take this down to my daughter in Putney.
    Two comments – firstly it is civilised and not overcrowded and secondly I still believe I am in England, unlike my journeys south from Victoria when I imagine myself that I am in Cairo or Bombay(as I still call it).

  313. Baron February 11th, 2018 – 15:26

    You’re right. It won’t make any difference to the way the most misrepresented and distorted war in modern history is viewed. The leftist mythology and “bright shining lie” about it prevails.

    Those who now want an authoritarian and corrupted government here objected to the authoritarian and corrupted South Vietnamese regime but supported armed insurgency, terrorism and invasion against it by a totalitarian communist state, attributing the millions killed as a result to the shame of the USA. Even after abandoning South Vietnam the USA continue to attract opprobrium for their part in the war at the same time as the subsequent breaking of the Paris Peace Accord and invasion of the South by the communist North are quietly disregarded, let alone what the communists did and caused afterwards.

    Forgive me going on about it but I have personal axes to grind.

  314. Baron
    February 12th, 2018 – 22:11

    hello Baron.
    We live in the North of England and rarely visit London. One time I travelled on the Tube (think it was the Northern Line) I had my nose buried in the armpit of the man standing next to my seat. Not a pleasant memory. Another time a man stood facing away from me wearing a large backpack. Every time he moved to allow someone to pass, the backpack hit me in the face. I remember thinking “Thank God I don’t live here”.
    The North may have a reputation for poverty, terraced back streets and hard, rough people, but where we live it is leafy, pleasant and almost crime-free. Wouldn’t want to live anywhere else, and especially not in London. I have two kids living there, and pity them.

  315. Lesley C. @ February 13th, 2018 – 16:11

    You’ve got it, Lesley, you stay where you are, enjoy life, the South’s turning into a place resembling a Babylonian eyesore, the overcrowding will eventually suffocate it unless it’s addressed, and fixed fundamentally. London will fall apart, the traffic on its streets barely moves, the C-charge did FA to cut it, the barbarian took a taxi, he had to, the person he was accompanying couldn’t walk, couldn’t get on a bus either, the distance wasn’t much, probably a mile or so, it took close to half an hour to cover it.

    Sooner or later, and hopefully sooner the authorities will have to (say) ban private cars, curtail the number of taxis, have only busses running through the major arteries in the City, ask people to walk. It may even help to cut obesity.

    Coming back to the wilderness of Suffolk feels like a different world, the fear is will that wilderness get built up, too, turned into a colossal urbanised block of three dimensional concrete. This, however, is something that the upcoming generations will have deal with, the barbarian’s too old to do anything about it.

  316. Colonel Mustard @ February 13th, 2018 – 15:03

    Nothing to forgive, Colonel, on the contrary, the barbarian enjoys reading your forays into the events of recent history (he can relate to some of them himself), is amazed by your deep knowledge of them, and not only on the Vietnam war.

    It pains the barbarian that someone like you isn’t offered bigger platform in (say) a teaching institution, one of the MSM outlets, quangos (most likely because your slicing of events doesn’t conform to the progressives who have monopolised virtually every pyramid of power in our society).

  317. Baron
    February 11th, 2018 – 23:00
    Fergus, what do you reckon?
    President Moon
    Got invited to visit the loon

    Oh Baron you are such a tease.
    But The subject is opaque if you please.
    This week of all weeks,
    As I visit you geeks,
    Do I really find you at ease!

  318. Haiti

    Disasters enfold, plates shift,
    our mother has waken,
    maybe a sign of the times,
    or maybe I’m mistaken?
    A 7.0 scale mark,
    can somebody call a medic?
    Violence descends from 200 years,
    and I can’t find a doorway in hear
    She stays breathing,
    moving, hungry,
    we all live on top of her gears
    If we grind them hard enough
    she’ll represent our ducts real tears

    But wait!
    Oxfam to the rescue?
    What a state.
    No Ceausescu.

  319. And today, with apologies to the Interim Bishop of London:

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    But this is Lent
    So no chocolates for you

  320. A treat for a loved one on pancake day or Valentines Day : if he/she is Irish,and a horse.

  321. Today, Cathy Newman’s interview with Jordan Petersen should exceed 7million views on YouTube! Bearing in mind the minuscule audience for the Channel 4 News programme, is it not worth asking why this went viral? It’s also worth asking whatever happened to the alleged abuse that Cathy suffered. Many people are now wondering whether or not this was a misdirection by Channel4 bosses to deflect attention away from the car crash interview.

  322. Fergus Pickering @ February 14th, 2018 – 07:48

    Good one, Fergus, more than good, but then you’re the one with the streak of poetic genes, the barbarian is filing it, will use it in his memoirs when the time comes to write the account o fhis rlife rich in failures, disappointments, kicks received.

  323. Fergus Pickering @ February 14th, 2018 – 07:49

    Even better one, Fergus, have you been on a course of poetry writing, did you fall in love (or got divorced), has the muse in charge finally woken up, looked at your output, thought ‘sweet baby Jesus’, I must do something, it just cannot go on like this”, and did?

    (only joking)

    Btw, it should read ‘..of his life rich in…at 09.43, sorry, the keyboard must have misbehaved.

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