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The Coffee House Wall – February 2021

This is the Coffee House Wall for this month. I won't say that it is your chance to communicate with us, as we are all in this together. It is, nevertheless, the Conservative Blog post that has no particular theme, and where everything is on topic. Let's just remember that we want to avoid ad hominem attacks on others. We don't want to engage with trolls. We want to moderate our language ourselves as responsible and mature adults, choosing to use fruity language only where it is necessary. This is our opportunity to show what the Spectator Coffee House Wall could have been like.

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  1. BEVERLEY TURNER: Why I refused to clap for Captain Tom

  2. One has to avoid conflating the man’s action with the hullabaloo created by the hedgers-on, John, he started the walk not knowing that it will get hijacked by the agitprop brigade, it’s the same for the NHS, one cannot but admire and be thankful for what the front line employees of the monstrosity are doing, they risk their lives to save the lives of others, but this in no way proves the organisation is fit for purpose, just the opposite to the deed of Captain Tom.

    Captain Tom was in Barons view one of the surviving members of the ‘healthy core of Britishness’, a true gentleman, selfless, and genuine, someone who did his best for the community without expecting anything in return, it’s more than likely he wouldn’t have mentioned his dream of a foreign holiday if he knew he’ll be taken there, Baron reckons, it did go against the spirit of his idea to help those that helped him without asking anything in return.

    He would have hated seeing people clapping for him, would have thought it was a virtue signalling of the worst kind, would have preferred those clapping doing something tangible and helpful for those in need in their communities.

    Great man, RIP Captain Tom.

  3. Apologies: It’s ‘hangers-on’, bloody software to blame, definitely.

  4. Totally agree Baron, that’s basically what the article said, she also raised various issues about which you are only supposed to hold the authorised view.

  5. A Salute To Captain Tom
    You’re never too old to learn something new,
    You’re never too old to explore,
    You’re never too old to have hopes and dreams,
    You’re never too old to want more,
    You’re never too old for a challenge,
    You’re never too old to complete it,
    You’re never too old to achieve your goal,
    And then, remarkably, beat it,
    You’re never too old to make a difference,
    You’re never too old to aim higher,
    You’re never too old to change the world,
    You’re never too old to inspire,
    You’re never too old to share your thoughts,
    You’re never too old to give,
    But mostly, people must realise …
    You’re never too old to live…..

  6. John birch @ February 5th, 2021 – 09:21

    One issue that Baron’s been searching for, John, was whether Captain Tom got vaccinated, apparently he did, the Daily Mail quoted Janet Street-Porter saying (amongst other things) ‘I couldn’t be more thrilled that The Queen, Prince Philip, Captain Tom and Joan Bakewell have all had their jabs … then, few days later after Captain Tom died, the paper dropped his name from the quote, no explanation given.

    One can ignore the lack of explanation, say that it’s typical of journalists today to substantially amend a piece without explain the reason behind it. The more serious point is that both the Monarch and Prince Philip got the jabs also, one can only hope and pray neither one will follow the fate of Captain Tom.

  7. Fergus Pickering @ February 5th, 2021 – 21:07

    Good one, Fergus, have it published quick whilst Captain Tom’s still topical.

    How about in brackets after ‘Until …” (you get the jab, expire stiff)? Only joking.

  8. Piers Corbyn gets arrested for publishing a cartoon in Britain, there’s not a word of condemnation by any other world Government, Navalny’s conditional sentence gets converted into a real one because he kept breaking the conditions of it, and the court building in Moscow is swarming with Ambassadorial staff as if the future of the world, possibly the Universe, depended on it. Weird that.

  9. Navalny. Has he sorted that cockroach problem in the Caucasus yet?

  10. Baron1 – 00:23

    Craig Murray? Isn’t he the Scotchman journalist who the Sturgeon cabal put into court for the heinous crime of… er, you know, doing real journalism? (on the Alex Salmond affair)

    Hopefully all this will unravel by the end of the month.
    Get some beer, and crisps or popcorn in…

  11. ##GOOD NEWS## for the CHW literary buffs!

    As befits the leader of any one party totalitarian state “Oooor Nicola” is publishing a collection of her speeches in May. Scotlands grateful masses will treasure them forever, and demonstrate their loyalty by giving the tome a prominent place on their bookshelf underneath her portrait,

    And the title of her literary triumph? Well, she stole that from Mao Tse Tung (Zedong)
    You’d have to have a heart of stone not to laugh…

    Order your copy now to avoid disappointment. If you’re a free thinking resident of Jockistan then ownership of a copy is a “must” in order to avoid suspicion of your family friends and neighbours, followed by almost certain arrest!

  12. Baron,

    Chelyabinsk: Would you live there? Probably not in my case, as it’s currently -14C and drifting snow!

    A tour in which you’ll discover many things and why it is block paved from end to end…

    Both Bald & local guide Roman have interesting channels – in English.

    From Bald’s travels in the former USSR’s “flyover country” there seems to be a lot of nostalgia amongst the impoverished and older people for “zee good old days” under the previous management. Our fugitive émigré friend would be horrified!
    When Bald visited Gorbachev’s home town he couldn’t find anybody to say a good word about him. :-). This, of course, is a natural human response and failure of memory that is nicely described in Terry Pratchett’s Discworld novels… regarding the governance of Ankh Morpork, its major city.

    Interesting to see the places, with their people, that I’ve only ever seen on a map on the screen on the seen in front of me at 38,000 on the way to/from the antipodes.

    Flying, remember that eh?

  13. @12:24

    “on the seat in front of me”

    e&oe etc.

  14. The overall effect of the world’s reaction to Covid 19 will be a compensatiing increase in the third world’s already ample birthrates and a further and potentially calamatous collapse in the Western worlds births, as our young people, impoverished and deprived of the normal opportunities to meet and mix, loose a year or more of prime reproductive opportunity.
    The end result is simply an increase in the accelerating African and South Asian replacement of the white indigenous people of Britain, and Western Europe.

  15. Wither the monarchy when the Royal Cabbage presents himself, before or after the Great Reset.
    “.. For thee but not for me”.

  16. According to Sonia Elijah at TCW.

    2.25million have died worldwide from Covid to date while 270,000,000 people face starvation as a result of the global impact of lockdowns and restrictions…. it is hard not to see lockdown as far more destructive to the world’s poor than the disease itself.

  17. Noa – 21:10

    Thanks for reminding us of the dreadful prospect!
    King Charles III and Queen Camilla.
    You know how to cheers us all up, eh!

  18. Meanwhile…

    China’s exploding non Navalny/LGBT related personhole problem:

  19. Margaret Thatcher in 1992 pointing out the flaws in the EUSSR project that would lead to its ultimate unravelling. Uncannily accurate predictions!

  20. Marshall Roberts
    “… 2.25million have died worldwide from Covid to date while 270,000,000 people face starvation as a result of the global impact of lockdowns and restrictions…. it is hard not to see lockdown as far more destructive to the world’s poor than the disease itself… ”

    So it’s not all bad news then.
    Still, I foresee a black hand piteously outstretched in the now familiar gesture towards the greedy, expoitative colonialist West, whose fault it all is.

  21. EC
    The EU, Greater Germany’s 5th Reich and its 6th too will take an extraordinarily long time to die and it will probably be a bloody one too, dragging our own mini-Reichs kommissariat unto some reenactment of the Battle of France in the Baltic or Black Sea regions.

  22. It’s Ilford, innit? Always Essex where the accidents happen …
    Oh my Gawd I’m paralysed!
    Can you feel anything yet Darlin’?
    How many fingers are you holding up? Only 5?? No wonder I’m feelin noffink!

  23. EC
    Camilla? Yes I’d forgotten about her. Still, as the Woyals as wont to do she set and institutionslised a trend of moving your former and current mistresses into your council housing.
    The Blond Inseminator shows that, having moved downwards the habit has moved back into the fashionable mainstream again.
    But your comment also put me in mind of another Camilla, who though she proved somewhat of a liability to the taxpayers, would glamorously decorate even Windsor dowdy peacock throne.

  24. That wuz de week dat wuz.
    Down under

  25. The hijacking

    This Captain Tom thing.
    He’d had his three score years and ten
    And then nearly half as much again.
    That’s clapped out anyway.
    In my book.
    No need to be reminded of it by
    The desperate virtue signaling Inseminator
    For the sole and wicked purpose of
    Defending the indefensible.

  26. Noa – 12:49

    🙂 That sketch was worthy of Beyond Our Ken / Round The Horne.
    Both programs, its presenter and cast all gone but not forgotten. All missed… by me at any rate.

  27. “Look them in the eyes and tell them your doing all you can to prevent the spread of Boris excretea.”
    In the meantime, spend it whilst you can.

  28. Inclusive or wot, unless you’re old, white, male (and dead).
    Here’s the very top of my reading list for the year.

  29. Noa @ February 9th, 2021 – 23:39

    You cannot fail to enjoy the book, Noa, but hurry, the price got reduced only by around two quid, it must sell well.

  30. Noa @ February 9th, 2021 – 20:49

    Hard to blame the guy alone, Noa, he has to get the money from those that have it, no?

    Who’s to blame is the collective of the Blond Inseminator & his team, it’s they that locked us up, close a large chunk of the economy, prevented the big wealth creators such as hairdressers and pubs from operating.

  31. Noa @ February 9th, 2021 – 17:11

    Good one, Noa, but will Fergus like it, that’s the question.

  32. Noa @ February 9th, 2021 – 16:34

    For a communist, Noa, Brendan is amazingly common sense. Should that worry us?

  33. Noa @ February 9th, 2021 – 12:49

    Hard to believe, Noa, but true what one of Baron’s current greats says, and indeed not just in the South.

    How will it end, if end it will?

  34. EC @ February 9th, 2021 – 12:07

    The girl was good, EC, no doubt about it.

    (Baron can say ‘the girl’ because this is how he remembers her).

  35. EC @ February 9th, 2021 – 09:43

    China has exploding manhole covers, we have asbestos cladding, EC, builders everywhere are good at cheating, nothing that new there. If only flying manhole covers were the one problem of the Chinese autocracy, we wouldn’t have to worry much about the country.

  36. EC @ February 7th, 2021 – 12:24

    The Chelyabinsk video was viewed by Baron before, EC, he ran it again, not a place one would choose to live in voluntarily, the guy has another one out about the Baltic state of Estonia, good also.

    Not only that the unwashed of Russia hate Gorby, they also close to venerate Stalin, the Georgian thug that built mostly useless projects on the bodies of the millions. The West finds it shocking because it doesn’t understand Russia.

    And please avoid exciting Baron about air travel, the clowns are now debating whether to introduce passports for overseas travels, arghhh What TF for? Baron will go for one when someone he can trust tells him how many old people died not of c-19 but the vaccine administered to combat the virus. One is told Captain Tom dies few days after getting the jab, rather silly of him to volunteer.

  37. This is longish, runs close to an hour, but instructive:

  38. If you have a problem with the platelets (that’s the stuff in your blood that does the clotting if one bleeds) read this:

  39. Here’s a topic that exercised Baron as much as it does Mr. Webb, freezings to death and maintaining the required distance between the two of us, Baron had a long argument with a compliant neighbour about the 10 year prison sentence one can earn for visiting Portugal, not telling the authorities, this iis so outrageous it beggars belief anyone could even suggest it, yet not much of any uproar anywhere, where the hell is the healthy core of Britishness when one needs it?

  40. 10 years in the nick for an undeclared trip to Portugal? Wancock’s having a larf, innit?
    This judge thinks so anyway.
    Still, get yerself a dingy ride and you’ll avoid all that and get free 4* hotel too.

  41. Here’s a discussion you won’t find elsewhere, the. Hitchens v Hodges Lockdown debate. You may differ in who had the better of it but the truly sad thing is that such discussions are now as rare as a politicians honest expense submission.

  42. Groundhog Day:
    Oh goody, another week another lockdown in Melbourne…

    In other news:
    Is it today, or next week, that the “Never Trumpers” in the GOP vote with the “Democrats” in the Senate to convict The Donald?

  43. Trump to seek political asylum in Moscow…

  44. Nice beard on Hitchens, Noa, fashionable, too, but Baron watched the debate only until Hodges offered to label the sceptics deniers, this was, as Hitchens pointed out, a dead end.

    You haven’t lived in a totalitarian society, genuinely totalitarian, a closed dictatorship, in a sense one couldn’t leave it, emigrate, it was a nationwide Gulag, and the most common way the opponents of the regime were silenced was exactly in the manner Hodges did it, labelling the other side, accusing it of something so revolting that there was no room not just for a compromise, but the right for the ‘deniers’ to have another say from then on, they were finished, became outcasts, got tainted beyond repair, contaminated beyond reprieve.

    In Baron’s life he experienced it at full throttle few times, once when in a large audience he scored on a subject under discussion until a ranking rep of the party said ‘that’s what a lackey of the Western bourgeoisie would say’, just this one sentence, that was it, nothing else was required, the audience was asked to vote by raising hands for or against Baron, they were all against.

    We seem to be getting pretty close to something similar, Hodges should have given specific examples of the sceptics getting it wrong, he kept repeating the scientists in the skeptic’s corner were proven wrong, but how, when and on what?

    We would not be in the shite we’re in, if we did what Baron suggested from the start, check the temperature of everyone landing here at all ports of entry, sort the OK ones and the not OK, wear proper two layer masks, the outside made of a washable stuff (cotton, ramie, silk), the inside layer of N95 standard or better, replaced each day, look after the vulnerable. That would have been enough to keep the speed of the spread of the virus low.

    Many of you will disagree, mostly on masks, but you shouldn’t, if we can protect against gas molecules wearing masks (the size of one gas molecule is around one tenth of the c-19), we could have shielded ourselves against c-19 with the double layer masks not fully, but sufficiently to flatten the curve of infestations, and that would have been enough.

    The first meeting Hancock held on c-19 was on January 6, 2020, he talked to BJ the next day, but they did nothing until mid-March, then panicked, have been in a panic mood ever since. By the look of it, if one were to believe what they’re saying now, the country will continue with some or many of the restrictions not just for months but years. That will cripple us.

  45. Could someone help, please.

    Baron was trying to post the following on the Spectator blog, he couldn’t get it through. Can anyone figure what was wrong with it? Thanks.

    “This posting of yours, Ryba, is far too factual, it says something about Russia only a very limited number of the employees at the Foreign Office may know about.

    In general, if one were to ask a member of the British establishment about Candiru (no pun intended), one would find he/she knows more about it than she/he knows of contemporary Russia. This o course has never stopped any of them pontificating about things Russian, adding a dose of moralising to it for good measure”.

  46. Baron – 23:33

    Maybe it was you mention of the “Camel Corps” that gave them the hump?
    maybe the Spectoid “moderator” had an attack of the vapours at your mention of the Candiru fish, having themself fallen victim? Probably thought that you were taking the piss? “They don’t like it up ’em” you know! 🙂

  47. EC @ February 13th, 2021 – 17:56

    You may have a point, EC, it’s a general disapproval that does it. Since then Baron tried to post few more times, different topics, all banned.

    That’s freedom of expression 21st century model.

  48. Here’s one that went on CW:

    Limit everything that releases CO2 ain’t enough, it won’t save the planet Sustenance as such with the capital letter S is the main culprit, one has to prepare the unimaginably large number of fields, seed then harvest them, get the raw soft commodities, the billions and billions of tons of them, processed, distribute then mould into whatever the market demand may require from simple bread loaves in the trillions to sophisticated cuisine in many a world restaurant, then collect and process both what’s left over as well human waste from the millions and millions of toilets ….

    All that must go if one’s serious about saving the planet.

    The solution the mankind must adopt forthwith is to nibble graze, we will have plenty of time freed from all the preparation of Sustenance, there will also be plenty of fields free of animals, like sheep, we will all go on all fours, nibble graze.

    Trust Baron, he knows, he’s thought this through.

  49. I thought this was interesting in conservative women.
    Sign the Climate Pledge
    All caring people will no doubt want to do their utmost to avoid the consequences of the climate Armageddon that is upon us.
    Now you can demonstrate your green credentials by taking a personal ‘Climate Pledge’ to ensure your future lifestyle choices help the planet to recover from the damage you have caused.
    My Climate Pledge
    I pledge to assist my government in achieving ‘net zero carbon emissions’ by 2050, but due to the seriousness of the climate crisis I will try to achieve this by 2030 through changing my personal lifestyle to the frugal one existing before the Industrial Revolution 250 years ago.
    I accept that China should be given a free pass on increasing its CO2 emissions and the building of numerous new coal-fired power stations until 2030, and allowed to continue to increase its overall share of global human CO2 emissions, currently 30 per cent.
    I accept that by relying on weather-dependent renewables for power in my own country that the provision of energy will be intermittent and more expensive and will need to be rationed. Consequently I understand that my usage of electric and gas will be controlled by utility companies through the installation of smart meters in my home and business.
    I accept that private fossil fuel cars are outmoded and shall switch to an electric vehicle in the full knowledge of the damage caused to the environment by the mining, often by child slaves, and processing of the materials for their construction, and that China owns many of these natural resources in various parts of the world.
    I am not concerned at the huge costs involved and appreciate that in order to avoid the Climate Emergency, I will need to make, at the minimum, the following permanent lifestyle changes:
    I will travel only by bus, cycling, walking or train. No flying except in an emergency.
    No spring water in plastic bottles, no imported food or food out of season when there is a local alternative. A drastic reduction in meat eating is needed, together with severe limitations on consumption of dairy and fish, achieved by way of taxation.
    No hot daily showers, an embargo on throwaway fashion clothes, no cotton. Infrequent washing of clothes in tepid water and no artificial drying of them should be the norm.
    Minimal home and workplace heating will be the norm, which will be combined with regular power cuts. There will be limited public street lighting.
    Drastic reductions of energy-guzzling internet and social media use, combined with a substantial reduction in the consumption of music, film and TV streaming services, especially in high definition format.
    I understand that smartphones and computers will be rationed to one per household. Such devices will be kept indefinitely and used infrequently.
    I will enjoy only one weekly cup of habitat-destroying coffee and curtail consumption of vegan foods which have achieved mythical status in relation to their supposed ability to save the planet. Many vegan ingredients come from all over the world, often by air and have huge carbon footprints.
    I will forgo endless home deliveries of fast food and items from Amazon which I can order at 8pm and will arrive next morning.
    I recognise that many modern comforts will need to be scaled back or discarded, and I aspire to become part of the 19th century lifestyle whose lack of amenities I had previously viewed with incredulity. By our lead, I believe we in the advanced West can persuade those countries not cutting CO2 emissions to follow our example and accept lower living standards, a shorter life span, poorer health and a reduction in our ambitions.
    I understand that that if the science is correct, after 20 years sticking to this Climate Pledge CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere will not have reduced from today’s level and that temperatures will not have dropped by any measurable amount. However, I remain willing to reduce my standard of living and that of my children and grandchildren to save the planet from one of the variations in climate which have happened regularly over the estimated 4.5billion years of its existence.
    Signed …………………… Date……………… Print name

  50. Rita Thunderturd says farting cattle are destroying the planet. Well, that’s good enough for me! Kill ’em all, I say. Let’s have one final giant summer BBQ and have done with the lot, once and for all!

    Greta is not too keen to call out the Chinese with it comes to environment devastation and pollution, strange that.

    Tumble Dryers should be banned. We’ve never used one. Dishwashers are a profligate waste of time and energy, and they are never that effective, Plastic milk containers should be banned, Milk should be delivered daily, in Jugs. Preferably big ones, warm to the touch ;-

    While we are at it, ALL TVs should be placed in the nearest skip. Electronic communication devices? Social should take place at the local pub, over a pint. Pubs with beer? Remember that?

  51. Baron,

    You are a fan of the oddities of the English language, Ne?
    I hope you enjoy this one 🙂

  52. Baron,

    Navalny’s fugging underpants:

    Sorry, I’m cynical about so much the content that I see presented on YouTube… no matter where it originates. From Nathan Rich to Mr BaldandBankrupt.

    This young lady is a little older than Rita Thunderturd, very articulate, much better educated but imo just as naive. A former exchange student the University of Minnesota she thinks that their college system is great and graduates are fighting off job offers when they get their degrees – LOL. She doesn’t appear to have any understanding of geopolitics or the foreign funders of all the NGOs in Russia of which she is a fan. In another one of her videos she was lauding the BobDellingCat outfit and their part in uncovering Navalny’s acrid underpants… which as you know… triggers a CIA warning bell for me… on both counts.

    Ice Man Bad! She it not a fan of Vlad. She might hate whoever his “progressive” successor even worse! Serve her right if Nicky McKrankie, Justin Trudeau, or Jacinda Ahern took over and fugged the Russian economy up even worse!

    She has hundreds of videos up. She doesn’t like older people. Maybe it’s the generation war. She and her age group will inherit Russia eventually and probably fugg things up even worse!

    See what you think…

  53. EC @ February 14th, 2021 – 16:44

    For reasons that you are are aware of, EC, Baron disagrees with the young girl on virtually everything she says, you’re right her knowledge of the world’s limited, but she should be very much backed to say what she thinks.

    She visited the American Republic, liked it there, she dreams of creating the same in Russia, this is unlikely to happen, but she should be left alone peddling her take on things Russian or not Russian. It’s a sign of a society that’s vibrant, not afraid to speak up, searching for accommodation wit the future.

    For reasons that are obvious to you and Baron, demonstrations in the West are interpreted differently from those in Russia, any crowd that shows displeasure in the land of the Russians is taken as the beginning of the end of the Russian model of society. People in France have been demonstrating for months it seems to bother no-one, nobody would say it’s because Micron’s no good, he has to go, a replacement should be in place. Just the opposite of what’s said about the demonstrations in Russia. The same goes even more about the American Republic with many a victim created by both side, the authorities i.e. the police, and the demonstrators also.

    Here’s a clip from the TV station ‘The Rain’, women in Moscow and St Petersburg staged a demonstration in support on N’s wife (she left the country, is in the West currently, probably being briefed), unfortunately it’s in Russian, but the guy’s essentially repeating the same narrative that the women are there in solidarity with N’s wife, the line is hundreds of meters long, to show solidarity with N’s wife, other female companions of N, every women everywhere bla, bla, bla.

    The women he talks to say the same, there are also some men, he calls them provocateurs, one holds dollar banknotes, another hands out flowers … No police even though the demonstration is not legal, they have the same rule for the c-19 pandemic as we do here, not getting together for more than six people.

    Overall, this is again a good sign, Baron’s absolutely in support of such gatherings, even if, as happens here, the temperature is minus 14degC (or so the young guy says). the MSM poodles have never covered the demonstrations in Russia before to such an extend, but there have been many in the past, by far bigger than what’s going on now, the ones against the charges in the pension age were mammoth, not much said about them here because we’ve changed the pensionable age ago.

  54. If you object to C-19 passports, here’s the petition to sign:

  55. Baron – 08:59

    Yes, the lovely Natasha’s complaints about the Russian regime seem somewhat trivial when one considers that even mildly dissenting Netizens on “Youku” in Xitler’s China are shut down in five minutes and carted off by PLA never to be seen again.

    Natasha only has to wait and her generation will get to screw things up in their own uniquely Russian way. If I were her I wouldn’t be in a rush to take a leap into the unknown.

    Humanity’s folly:

    “Love Is The Delusion That One Woman Differs From Another”
    H.L. Mencken

    Much the same could be said about governments and leaders! “The King is Dead. Long live the King!” The new bloke is going to be much better than the last one.. innit.

    For some reason that reminded me of Kris Kristofferson’s song about a gunslinger, “The New Mister Me” which could serve as the swan song for any leader, especially in the political arena!

  56. Some who calls himself Bob3 has this today over on the CW blog site:

    So what good exactly is the vaccine?
    It doesn’t make you safe,
    It doesn’t make others safe,
    You still have to wear a mask,
    You still have to social distance,
    You still have to obey lockdowns.
    You cannot go abroad on holiday because the tour operators will have all gone broke along with the airlines, in any case under the great reset it will create far too much of a carbon footprint.
    You cannot go to the pub if they are all closed too and alcohol is banned for environmental reasons.
    You cannot go out for a nice meal because meat is going to be heavily carbon taxed.
    And you can forget about driving even if you can afford an electric car, there won’t be enough power in the grid and the power companies will cut you with with their smart meters.

    No vaccinations will not be of any use at all, except for government to control you and your movements.

  57. EC @ February 15th, 2021 – 11:56

    Seconded, EC.

    It’s truly a pity Baron cannot post few bits from over there in the East, it’s all in bloody Russian, debating galore, views aplenty for and against everyone and everything.

    Baron has togo out, will report when he gets back.

  58. Pen gate: It’s worse than we thought…

    Now that Biden is wearing two masks suddenly everybody is.
    Some wit (Mark Dice?) suggested that the only reason Biden started wearing two masks is that he puts a new one on every morning and had forgotten to take the old one off. He’s now he’s taking bets on how many masks Joe will be wearing by the end of of the week!

  59. Delingpole speaks with John Waters

    The James Delingpole Channel
    38.6K subscribers

    “John is just about the last real journalist standing in Ireland – he and James talk about rock n roll, the death of the mainstream media, the Corona madness and much much more..”

  60. You will like it, the video below, EC in particular, Mr Webb’s right, the China’s claim to the South China Sea islands goes far beyond what the country should expropriate for herself, her Taiwan threats should not be left unanswered either, the behaviour in other spheres of the world e.g. in Africa is abominable also.

    The thing is though ‘Is it too late to stop China?’

    You may recall Baron’s argument that it isn’t Russia that’s a military threat to the West, but that it will be China getting rich, buying us up. Until the c-19 pandemic nobody had mention China much if at all, it was all Russia, Russia, Russia, still is.

    Not many American companies sourcing stuff from China have listened to the Donald, returned back to the Republic, on the contrary, they are expanding both the operations in China, as well the sourcing of the American demand e.g. Walmart.

    The Japanese Government offer of financial support to their companies in China if they relocate back to Japan has failed abysmally, only some 7% said they would consider it, the others declined fully, National Panasonic is even planning to move its HQ for consumer electronics to China.

    The reason for the behaviour of the Western corporates obvious is , Baron has said it many times before, it’s the size of the Chinese retail market, the 1.4bn retail customers still not saturated with consumer trinkets, which the eager Chinese unwashed believe would make their lives happier if they possessed them.

    Not many of you will agree with Baron, but he reckons we have to accommodate China, it’s too late to oppose the country head on, we have to first reduce our dependence on her (the Donald’s ‘MAGA’, the same for Europe) only then could we subdue the colossus that China has become.

    Counterarguments, please.

  61. EC @ February 15th, 2021 – 17:49

    One feels sorry for the man, EC, not that Baron backs or even feels neutral on the man’s policies, philosophy, integrity … but it’s just that one cannot but look at him with pitiful sadness, he must be breathing only because he’s medicated, it must be awful for him, no?

  62. Apologies for the errors, truly sorry.

  63. It’s not so much what the man says (you can put the captions on), it’s the reaction of those posting below.

    It was e-mailed to Baron from one of his American friends who’s keen on Putin, would prefer him even to the Donald, this is an error of judgment, Baron reckons, Putin’s unquestionably suitable for Russia, they are a collectivist tribe (as opposed to one made of individuals brought together by a historic circumstance)

    ‘Journey Into Russia’ by Van Der Post Laurens explains the differences between the western and eastern (also African) tribes well, anyone wanting to get to decipher the Russian enigma should read the book, to get the differences on an individual level ‘The Hedgehog and the Fox’ by Isaiah Berlin is useful.

    (If there any errors, sorry)..

  64. Texas, and not just the Lone Star State other states also, are frozen, millions have no electricity proudly supplied with tens of thousands of turbines, solar parks prior to the cold arriving, not much on it in our MSM except for the Guardian.

    And yes, one may have guessed it, the rag says too it’s all because of global warming, a climatic change engendered by, who else, us, the non-caring humans.

    The rag says that the fossil fuel operated power generation also failed, even more than the turning contraptions & solar panels, the oil and gas fuelled plants are apparently also frozen, as are the transmission lines, half broken by the powerful winds sweeping the Republic’s south or close to it.

    What the imbeciles at the Guardian fail to comprehend is that the key failure is that of the ‘fuel’, both the rays of the sun and the winds are intermittent, they cannot be guaranteed to supply the necessary oomph if the winds are either too strong (Texas) or absent (Germany), the same goes for the sun, but not for the fossil fuels.

    One can repair turbines, solar panels and the fossil fuel generators, one can secure them better against the elements, that’s not where the major fault lies, it lies in that one cannot ensure the uninterrupted availability of moderate winds or strong sun rays often when these are most needed, no such problema for oil or gas, these two fuelling substances are available continuously, 24/7, plenty of them world over, and absolutely no intermittency there.

  65. Baron, February 17th, 2021 – 09:57

    Climate change: As I’ve been saying for at least the last decade the “real elephant in the room” isn’t CO2, it’s too many fuggin people caused by too many people fuggin!

    Vee need another war, a proper one this time! Either that or we need the boffins at Porton Down to come up with a virus that only affects the people in the enthusiastic breeding hotspots of the world.

  66. Baron, February 16th, 2021 – 12:20

    I’m sorry but I do not have one scintilla of compassion for the man, his family, or the rest of the disgusting cabal that staged the coup d’état last November.

  67. Baron, February 16th, 2021 – 12:13

    The government of any country that allows the production of any vital strategic supplies to be moved to another country is failing in its primary duty to protect its population. In addition to that, the export of domestic jobs and production to other countries to make a few cents extra profit on a widget or to cheat on some arbitrary carbon emission targets is equally harmful to its citizens. Also morally reprehensible when those countries exploit prison, slave or child labour.

    Added into the mix we have had the EU, for at least the last two decades, effectively stealing UK jobs by offering huge investment grants, and no doubt bribes, to UK companies to relocate to some of the poorer regions of the EU. It’s time that some of these jobs were repatriated by incentives of reduced tax or import tariffs to reduce the profits of the unwilling.

    All the sanctions placed upon Russia no doubt hit them hard but it also did them an enormous favour. The forced them to find new markets for exports and produce domestically that which it was not allowed to import. Even so, Vlad always had Frau Merkel and the EU cabal by the short and curlies because all he had to do was turn of the gas taps and Germany and other contries would freeze in winter!
    (ironic that gas would the Achilles Heel of the Wurst und Sauerkraut eaters)

    Is it too late to stop China? You have to bear in mind that China started planning for today at least twenty years ago. Long term strategic thinkers!

    Pre Mao’s “Great Leap Backwards” their favourite strategy game was GO. A game of simple rules but fiendish subtlety. It’s called 圍棋 (Wéiqí) in Chinese or 囲碁 (Igo) in Japanese. A great rivalry as to who is best exists between them! I used to play it in my youth. I have a few books on it buried somewhere in this chaos.

    I would like to go to Japan before I kick the bucket. Some fabulous scenery and food there, if we are ever allowed to fly again. Anyway, some years ago I was talking to a Japanese waitress (student) in an Auckland restaurant and asked her if they still played GO in Japan. She looked briefly puzzled and then replied. “Ah yes, that’s mainly/only played by old men now.” LOL

    Is it too late to stop China? contd…
    In GO a direct attack often only serves to strengthen your opponent.
    The only way to beat them is to out-think them!

    Cue: Yuri Bezmenov

  68. “Health inspector caught on camera dancing after shutting down brewery”

    This sort of behaviour is only going to lead to dreadful reprisals when the regime falls. We’ve seen these reprisals before in 20th century Europe. People dragged out into the street and summarily shot!

  69. “The Quest For England – Ten Reasons Why I am Proud of My Country”

    A good channel this one, particularly if you like Sussex.

  70. EC @ February 17th, 2021 – 13:59

    “The only way to beat them is to out-think them!”

    Spot on, EC, look how did China get where she’s today? On its own? Never, they’s used or misused our best to improve on it, we should do the same, use what they have, improve on it. The Cambridge Science park is going ‘all the way Huawei’ 5G to work on the next G or something that should, hopefully will outsmart them.

  71. The only problem with sanctions, other tools of an economic warfare is the enemy may get enough, switch to bombs, that’s what worries Baron most, he has a stake in the future, tasted the tail end of WW2, would not wish another such conflicts o his grandsons, the morons of the American GEs (governing elites) seem determined to push both Russia and China, Iran to the limit, there’s no telling what if one or the other or their proxies start something that will draw the whole world into it? Lunacy.

  72. EC @ February 17th, 2021 – 11:44

    Somewhat reluctantly, EC, but agreed.

  73. EC @ February 17th, 2021 – 14:11

    That’s painful, EC, whatever happened to us, and not only in America, the bureaucratisation of our lives has spread like cancer everywhere, the whole world seems to have been infected, the dancing to$$er doesn’t;t give a $hite, he or she, hard to say what sex the dancing creature is, gets his pay checks each months, the guys working the brewery don’t, but it was the brewery that enabled the prat to get his monthly pay.

    It has to come to an end, it cannot go on.

  74. Malfleur @ February 17th, 2021 – 23:23

    The appeal will be heard tomorrow, Malfleur, the curfew will very likely stay.

    Watch this, some useful stuff there:

  75. Are you ready to digest plastic beef? Baron’s lucky, he prefers pork, but give Gates time, he’ll will come up with synthetic pigs, chickens, fish ….

  76. The good burghers of Texas aren’t the only one suffering from global warming, here’s Sakhalin, covered even more by the snow, people have no electricity, are totally cut off, have their houses covered as avalanches break everywhere, pity the dogs, they are too close to the ground …

  77. How did the sources of energy generation perform in Texas when the Big Freeze hit can be seen best on the colourful graph near the bottom of the piece. Had it not been for gas, coal and nuclear the good burghers of Texas would be ice-mummified today, almost all of them:

  78. This video was sent to Baron, he has to share it with you, the guy’s pronunciation is Swedish, rather amateurish performance, but quite enjoyable, he also makes sense, which helps, and it only takes seven minutes:

    (that’s it from Baron, no more from him today).

  79. Baron, February 18th, 2021 – 22:15

    All read. That’s one of the best articles throwing light on “what’s been going on” with America vs China for the past decades that I’ve seen in. Well argued, plausible, and explains a lot. I presume that article is the summary of a much larger work, maybe a book he’s written.That being the case I don’t expect the author will get any coverage in the oligarch owned press or MSM anytime soon.

    Now Xi has his man in the Oval Office there’s no need to worry about what’s going on in China, “They just have culturally different norms” said Joe on TV recently.

    With California elite #old# money and conspiring with the #new# money conspiring with the CCP China then most people in USA will be taking it up the arse for decades to come… unless there is an uprising. Not surprising that the DEMs want to repeal the 2A and grab all the guns. The November election was rigged and not surprising that Pelosi et al, knowing their illegitimate, have surround themselves in DC with barbed wire, troops and tanks. Always a sure sign!

    Amazing how the same four family names keep cropping up throughout CA’s relatively short and murky history.

  80. EC @ February 19th, 2021 – 11:47

    On the Thirty Tyrants: Agreed fully except for the reason for offshoring, that’s the one key thing the guy gets wrong, the offshoring of jobs from high labour cost countries to China began in the early 80s, the Japanese high tech and car companies were the first to spot the opportunity after China opened up herself for inward investment in 1979.

    The Japanese set up joint ventures, the counterparts could be anyone, mostly regional HQ of the CCP, or the military (preferred as these ventures had fewer strikes), the Americans and the Europeans arrived later.

    The initial attraction of China was indeed massively low labour costs, and a huge supply of such labour, it has little to do with any conspiracy of the US governing class, this came later, at the start, it was simply the corporates of America and other high labour cost countries doing what companies have always done, it’s the judiciary duty of the management of any company towards the company owners i.e. shareholders to better returns on their investment.

    The corporates couldn’t have missed the opportunity of setting up in China when the country opened herself up for foreign investment because the move gave more than an attractive boost to productivity, the corporates were able to lower costs hugely, which gave them the chance to either lower their selling prices of hoist margins as never before.

    Even today, the differences in min wage between China and the US are striking, in the US min wage differs from New Hampshire $7.25 per hour to the District of Columbia $15, but even if one assumes (say) $10 per hour i.e. eighty dollars per 8-hour day, in China the min wage ranges from $120 to $180 per month.

    Someone on a min wage in the American Republic earns in day and a half the same as someone on a min wage in China. Add to that advantage the energy cost, about half in China as in the UK, and you can see why someone whose competitors make stuff in China can hardly afford not to move there also if his or her company is to survive.

    As it will take time for the Chinese labour costs to catch up with the Western ones we can only beat them on other aspects that make up the final selling price, to hope that many large companies will follow the Donald’s call to come back home is a non starter whist the cost differences continue.

    The Four Families saga sounds too good to be true, but true it is, it’s a part of the same picture the Thirty Tyrants guy talks about, the form may be different, the driving force is the same, business making money through connections with legislators, judges, high ranking politicians.

  81. Baron,

    Here’s something for the weekend, Sir…

    Mr “baldandbankrupt” out and about in your home town and being interviewed on Radio Prague (Český Rozhlas) in which he discusses why he does it and some of his close shaves. You will discover during all his globetrotting experiences where was he most afraid for his life. The answer may surprise you!

    “Czech This Out! ”

    Český Rozhlas? I went on to their CZ home wepage just for fun.
    No disrespect, M’lud, but Czech is an infernal bloody written language! All those squiggles, nearly as bad as idiotgrams of the far east, Even the hieroglyphics of ancient Egypt being simpler to master.

  82. One thing that appears obvious only when one joins the dots:

    At the time of China ridding herself of the Marx inspired delusion of communism (in the sphere of the economy definitely), opening up for foreign investment, the West, predominantly the Anglo-Saxon West, came to the view that manufacturing was so obsolete, so very much past it, with not much of any future that it had to be scrapped, abandoned in favour of services, financial services in particular.

    Amazing at it may seem, at the same time a revolution in long distance transport was under way also, the old way of moving stuff (mostly by sea) the old way that needed the loading and reloading at the points of the creation of the goods to be shipped, each package, bag or a box that can be handled by a man individually, then reloaded onto a ship at the ports of departure, then the ports of arrival … that method was being discarded in favour of containers.

    One loaded the steel box once at the point where the goods for shipping originated, took it to a port, loaded on a ship specially designed to carry first thousands later tens of thousand such massive steel boxes, unloaded them at the the port of destination from where a lorry, again specially designed for such lots took them to the customers.

    It may have taken weeks to get the stuff shipped that way but over the years, but it was deadly cheap and the system was capable of on-time delivery, the goods made in China could be delivered to a warehouse in the Midlands within hours to spare, the need for holding stock (an expensive item on a profit/loss account in any business) was reduced to a minimum, another source of productivity improvement giving a boost to margins.

    The making of the stuff cheaply in China would not have been that attractive for the Western corporates if containers as a new mode of shipping goods had not been invented, used increasingly since about the mid-70s.

    To sum up the rabbiting:

    It was the contemporaneousness of China opening up, the West intentionally abandoning manufacture switching to services at the same time of containerisation becoming the predominant shipping mode of transport operations that furnished China with an opportunity not of a life time but of all times in her history to pull herself up so spectacularly, no?

  83. EC @ February 19th, 2021 – 12:22

    Thanks, EC.

    Only this for the time being as Baron has to rush out (more later): The Czech Radio is liked, admired, listened to about as much as the BBC, all woke.

  84. The man was born a buffoon, looks and behaves like a buffoon, has a judgement of a buffoon dosed with itching ambition, but buffoon nevertheless.

    Why getting close to normality by June only, the bug seems to have seasonality attached to it, the sun’s out early this year, we should make use to it, why sitting at home, be allowed to visit just supermarkets and work premises, the most common enclosed places where the c-19 spreading happens most often, why not go out enjoy the fresh air, visit woods, parks, meadows, beef up on vitamin D, that’s the best natural cure.

    The lockdown should stop today, now, this minute, we already have 6mn people on unemployment benefits, the country’s indebtedness has never ever been that high in peacetime, the kids have never ever missed so much of education …..

    Madness, total and utter madness.

  85. This is long, quite demanding (it beats Baron most of the time), but it has a graph relating the level of vitamin D in one’s body and the rate of deaths of people aged around 60, the sample wasn’t large, but apparently the results are well supported.

    Beefing up on vitamin D would seem to be the answer, the experimental vaccines may well work, but they are risky.

  86. If anyone’s still there this is an interesting development, worth your while if only a quick scan.

    It seems that the old way China had been dealing with the inflow of dollars from their companies flogging trinkets to the West (increased considerably during the pandemic) no longer works, the central bank no longer buys in the greenbacks, stashes them in the vaults as foreign reserves or buys US Treasuries, instead the dollars remain on the balance sheets of the Chinese commercial banks, economists are speculation whether the Chinese authorities may be preparing to allow normal people to buy foreign assets including houses overseas.

    Sorry to hammer this one, but you may recall the poorly educated Slav saying often in the past when every politician and the MSM poodles were shouting ‘Russia, Russia ….. Russia is the existential danger for the West’ that it won’t be Putin’s Russia that would threaten us militarily, but that it would be China that will buy us up. How ironic it may actually happen, it will not be just Chinese companies )often state owned fully or partly), but also Chinese individuals buying assets everywhere.

    One wonders if the policymakers here are even thinking about it, it would be perhaps too much to hope they will do something about it.

  87. Baron, February 23rd, 2021 – 13:03

    Ah, but he’s “OUR” buffoon! 🙂

    I’m certain that the Chinese view most western leaders as either buffoons whether they’ve been bought or not. Even Sergey Viktorovich Lavrov who’s no doubt more European minded than his Chinese counterpart, Wan Hung Lo, considers the EU monstrosity in Brussels to be run by a bunch of buffoons.

    Baron – 12:03

    You are right about the Chinese. The property prices in Sydney, Melbourne and probably elsewhere in OZ are already skewed due to 1000s of Chinese buying property there. I wish one of the ‘tards would buy my house in the UK and then I’d leave!

  88. Baron, February 23rd, 2021 – 13:03

    Baron, you’re not living a double live spilt between homes in Essex-shire and Yorkshire are you?

    “Lockdowns Are Here to Stay! Buffoon Boris’ USELESS Roadmap”

  89. “Neil Oliver: The idea this is the last lockdown is a fantasy”

  90. Oh dear! It seems like Alexei Navalny (aka Novi-nuts) is having a bad week!

  91. You want your human rights and liberties? Who do you think you are?

  92. Germany made a deal with Georgia, the seriously impoverished country of 3.7mn people, mostly the old, the young have emigrated, over 600,000 to Russia despite the Government noticeable animosity towards Russia that contributed greatly to the impoverishment.

    The Georgians will be able to come on short term contracts to Germany to labour in agriculture, on the first day the registration opened (February 15) 53,000 Georgians signed up, they will get vetted, if they pass they can look forward to a working day from 8.00AM to 22.00PM for 5-6 days a week for 9.3 Euros per hour after food, lodgings and taxes.

    Says one of the political guys from ‘United Georgia’ “Stalin, the greatest son of Georgia conquered the Germans, but now thousands of Georgians are hurrying to Germany to get work to feed their families, what a poverty of our nation”.

    The paper this comes from says Georgia is also talking to Israel and France, hoping to sign similar deals.

    It seems then the Germans haven’t’t had enough immigration to do the heavy lifting for them.

  93. Noa @ February 24th, 2021 – 19:38

    Funny guy, Noa, but the message is correct.

  94. EC @ February 24th, 2021 – 15:35

    Not only that the lockdowns will stay, EC, we will be bunkered down 24/7 allowed to leave only if we manage to obtain a special permission issued after a vetting by a trio of the anointed, something similar to the ‘troika’ once tried in the USSR. Should work well in contemporary Britain, no?

  95. “… they can look forward to a working day from 8.00AM to 22.00PM for 5-6 days a week for 9.3 Euros per hour after food, lodgings and taxes.
    It seems then the Germans haven’t’t had enough immigration to do the heavy lifting for them.”

    Did the article say anything about the shower arrangements?

  96. Was it only a year ago that Boris meet the SAGE team?

  97. EC

    “…Did the article say anything about the shower arrangements?”

    Oooh naughty!

    In Thatcher’s Britain the message was to get on your bike to work, but ‘im Merkels’ 5th Reich’ its get on your zyclon…”

    I’ll get mein coat….

  98. In current news, in a rare moment of royal unity both the Royal Family at Buckingham Palace and Prince Harry celebrate the news of the new president of Namibia.
    All together now
    Hip, Hip Heil!

  99. The Snowden Young Lockdown debate.

  100. EC @ February 26th, 2021 – 12:43

    Naughty, EC, but imaginatively to a point.

  101. Noa @ February 26th, 2021 – 16:47

    Young is superb, Noa, but a fat lot of good will that do.

    Today, Baron learnt that Prof Ferguson doesn’t have even an A-level in biology (he admitted that on a BBC programme), he apparently also has no formal training in computing, medicine in general, or epidemiology. The ‘Lockdown Sceptic’ people had an expert to look into the model that has guided our response to c-19, the verdict was in one word ‘garbage’. The source: UK Column News.

  102. Noa @ February 26th, 2021 – 21:01

    That’s just the start, Noa, more rainbow killings to come later.

  103. Baron, February 26th, 2021 – 22:12

    Your language skills are better than mine. How many “S”s are there in Gassedarbeiter?

    The 2021 Spargel “mit alles” season is everything. It makes their diet of fatty pork and sauerkraut for the other eight months seem more bearable, I suppose.

  104. Who’s be a US Diplomat, eh? It seen that China is a really shit posting now that they have their man in the Oval Orifice!

    “China Gives Anal Probes to US Diplomats, Beijing Biden Reacts With Mild Concern”

  105. Nigel Farage:

    “New Border Crisis strikes in Dover.”

  106. EC @ February 27th, 2021 – 13:42

    One cannot but have sympathy with anyone testing positive for c-19, EC, but surely Britain cannot act as a nationwide ICU bed for the world’s migrants, there must be one priority for the Government and that priority is the British people.

    Poor Nigel may be talking, making videos, but he hasn’t got the power to stop it, not even to give it wider coverage, the BBC and the MSM poodles won’t touch it, and sad as it is, the voters will still back either one or the other major parties’ candidates who will do FA about it. As Fran used to say ‘we’re fugged’.

  107. EC @ February 27th, 2021 – 11:15

    It doesn’t happen often, EC, but Baron must have missed what’s it all about, can you tell?

    And it’s Frank, sorry guru if you’re there watching over us.

  108. Here are two pieces, mercifully not too long, penned by someone called Paul Robinson, Baron hasn’t come across him before, one of the narratives was sent to Baron, the other he found looking the man up.

    If you were to read the stuff, just one point on the ‘Amnesty changing their mind’ article (2nd link below):

    Mr. Robinson ignores a key point for the jailing of N, it truly had nothing to do with his views in general, or on Putin in particular, he’s been advertising such views on both for years, almost decades, nobody has much bothered him.

    I has to do with the embezzling of half a million dollars from a Russian subsidiary of Yves Rocher, it was the sub Yves Rocher Vostok (East) that came up with the request to investigate the fraud (later the HQ YR claimed it wasn’t them, probably to avoid being branded Putin’s shills), but the initial request did come from the sub, the FSB have probably welcomed it, it suited them well. The sub certainly didn’t object to the trial, submitted evidence to it, accepted the verdict.

    Btw, the ‘roof’ (krysha) is rumoured to be Putin himself, not because Putin likes N, but because N’s standing amongst the Russian unwashed is low (<5%), amongst the other (smarter) opposition even lower, hence Putin, having nothing to fear from N, has let him to carry on making videos on anything N wanted to (often using the investigation results to sack people e.g. Medvedev), organising demos, making speeches because all that had been diverting attention from the real warts and boils Russia suffers from that the other opposition leaders wanted to focus on e.g. the pension reform, the staleness of the Russian economy, the worsening of relations with the West….

  109. Apologies for the mistakes, typing too quickly, not checking again.

  110. Noa, February 26th, 2021 – 16:06

    Sorry, Noa, I forgot to mention yesterday that I appreciated your re-Zycling refererence.

    Yes it was the great, imo, Norman, Baron, Tebbit (*formerly aka “The Chiswick Strangler”) that urged the unemployed to get on a bike, and go a search for work like his father had done. However his advice fell on deaf ears as in modern times, unlike 1930s, thanks to state “benefits” the unemployed had no financial imperative to go cycling except for maybe stealing someone else’s bike in order to sell on and score their next fix of whatever

    (*) It should be noted the Baron Tebbit does/did have rather large “stranglers” hands. Just as well for him, as on 18/07/1954 he had to punch his way out of the canopy of a beached burning Gloster Meteor jet fighter. Norman was not alone in having trouble with these flying coffins.

    “A total of 890 Meteors were lost in RAF service (145 of these crashes occurring in 1953 alone), resulting in the deaths of 450 pilots.”

  111. Baron, February 27th, 2021 – 22:18

    Frank would have been chuckling about this…

    The CCP will do exactly as they please now that they have their man in the “Oval Orifice”…as Frank used to call it.

  112. Baron. I’ve been making the point that the modern world would not be possible without containerisation for many years.
    It’s the key that unlocks everything else.

  113. John birch @ February 28th, 2021 – 22:07

    Agreed, John, the containers are the enabling technology in transport that cut the cost of moving stuff around substantially, in case of China, the benefits of their low labour costs would have been very much reduced if the shippers stuck to the old way of handling the cargo.

    Baron trusts you’re OK as is your family, just hang in there, things will eventually get better, one hopes.

  114. EC @ February 28th, 2021 – 11:01

    Thanks, EC, it was missed by Baron.

    Who would have thought that within 50 years the Americans vis-a-vis China will move from overflying the country getting 345th serious warning not to do it again to having their bottoms poked in, arghhh

    Not much of it in the MSM, one wonders why.

  115. EC @ February 28th, 2021 – 10:48

    But the plane looked nice, EC, compact, pleasing curves, almost cuddly.

  116. For all the CHW conservative Republicans The man who should not be king. If Adrian Chiles wants a monarchy what’s not to dislike?

  117. EC
    Thank you for the Meteor link, I hadn’t realised what a death trap the bloody thing was for anyone unfortunate enough to be posted to train in or fly it. You would have thought the Mod would have realised sooner, before aircraft and flight crew losses reached a quarter of those lost in combat during the Battle of Britain, wouldn’t you? Still, where there’s a government contract there’s an excuse. I’m not saying that there was any bribery or coercion, or the possibility of loosing export sales, just as there wasn’t any lack of proberty in the Lockheed Starfighter ‘Widowmaker’ sale to Germany, where they lost 292 of 916 aircraft and 116 pilots from 1961 to 1989.

  118. A crie de wallet from ‘wur Katie’ about the forthcoming public robbery.
    Short but not sweet.

  119. Erm. re my 13.04

    Probity, not proberty of course.

  120. Noa, March 1st, 2021 – 16:56

    Designed by a committee? Too many fragile egos involved?
    If left to its own (de)vices the MOD nothing would ever get off the ground.
    They always have needed a good Churchillian kicking, imo.

  121. Noa, March 1st, 2021 – 20:07

    🙂 The only “Apprentice” candidate that Sugar’s hatchet man, Claude Littner, was ever afraid of. She probably passes pure pickling grade vinegar. She is uncomfortably forthright by design. The problem for her knockers is that she is also often right.

  122. Who needs dentures to knaw the marrowbones of intersectionality?
    And who’d not be a Yoruba in Haringay or a Tower Hamlets Bangla?

  123. Erm. big gnaw that last sp.

  124. Any republican Conservative reformers there?
    What’s wrong with our Constitution, how should we fix it?

  125. Noa, 09-23

    The “septics” set off with a pretty good DoI, written constitution & the Bill of Rights etc. but something has gone “a bit wrong” since then. All branches of states and federal government are totally corrupt and are now clearly beyond repair.

  126. “Something is Desperately Wrong with Beijing Biden”

    … and his “team” are clueless!

  127. EC 11.03
    I’ve been checking the pig grease on my stocks of piano wire, just to make sure I’m prepared for the revolution…. Though others are also noticing change is in the air.

  128. Noa – 13:31

    Many thanks, forwarded to a few not the many.
    That interview with Lord Sumption was outstanding!

    I really loved the reference @28:00 to the “dual” nature of the vaccine(s).
    I love dualities. eg. Light as a particle and a wave, not to mention the conflicting claims about the ROP, and many others.

    Save some of that wire for Prof. Pantsdown.

  129. Watching Brendan O’Neill talking about freedom of speech, wokery and the Merkel’s caused me to wonder how it is that ‘Spiked’, his communist organ is now a more traditional upholder of conservative values than Hislop’s Private Eye, which it has entirely supplanted.

  130. It’s gone very quiet.

    in addition to my @18:31 above, after a period of reflection, not a ‘reverse ferret’ you understand, and to make it clear that I’ve not gone soft..

    The reason I thought that the interview was “outstanding” was it such so refreshing to see an interview where the interviewer asked a question and the interviewee was allowed to answer it without interruption. His Lordship touched upon history and origins of democracy thereby trespassing on to Boot’s ‘Manor’ thereby risking his wrath. The interview was such a genteel affair I was waiting for the kindly, avuncular, Sumption to whip out his bag of Werther’s Original toffees and offer one to the young lad.

    Throughout the interview His Lordship looked far too pleased with himself. This always rings the alarums for me. [Dr. Anthony Fauci is a hundred times worse. Dodgy bloke, imo, “The man with the rictus smirk.”]

    On the vaccine His Lordship was guilty of conSumptioning his cake whilst still wanting to retain it. The hoi poloi can do what they like, must not be coerced, so long as he can get to his second home in Chianti-shire or the the Dordogne or wherever it is.. Vaccine passports are a bad idea for government to introduce but OK if airlines was to introduce them if it makes it easier to get to his foreign gaff etc.

    I am assuming that mastery of advanced cognitive dissonance techniques is a prerequisite in order to rise to the top of the judging profession. This was underlined by the fact that he was a “Remainer.” Professing to be a libertarian whilst wanting to perpetuate a centralised, undemocratic fascist kleptocracy… the EU, is in essence, being a proxy for the ongoing German project to dominate Europe.

  131. as usual, e&oe above.

  132. In case you missed it… an icy blast from the past.

    Love Your Servitude – Aldous Huxley & George Orwell

  133. EC 08. 54
    Sometimes we must take our allies as we find them, Remainers, republicans and such like. Warts and all.
    If you find his views on the consequences of Wu flu in contradiction to his EU support you may be intrigued by his views on the growth of the o’rweening power of the judges at the expense of Parliament as argued in his Reith lectures. Still, he gave it all hup to finish his history of the 100 years war. Each to his own….

  134. Trying to make sense of “What’s been going on?”
    Perhaps you are not meant to…

    An Adam Curtis review of 2014. Seven years on, the main thrust of his argument about creating a climate of permanent confusion as a means of political control seems even more persuasive when trying to make sense of geopolitics today

    Vladislav Surkov gets the credit from Curtis for assisting ‘The Boss’ in implementing his particular domestic version, but as Niccolò Machiavelli used to say, “There’s nothing new under the Sun Tzu.”

    I had never heard of Vladislav Surkov before but the lad appears to have done quite well for himself. Anybody know how well Boris’ former Svengali, Dom, is faring these days?

  135. Get yourself facially recognised soon:

    The guy isn’t to EC’s liking but the point he makes seems common sense, the problem isn’t the technology itself, but as always the use it’s put up to, no?

  136. EC @ March 10th, 2021 – 09:54

    The guy isn’t a revelation for Baron, EC, if memory serves he was a deputy PM some years ago, it was he who was in charge of Ukraine before the country was taken over by the Americans in February 2014.

    Every MSM pundit has been assigning almost magical powers to him, whether true or not who can tell. In Baron’s humble view, it’s all poppycock, the guy is just one of many who come and go, someone called Dugin was another star that has faded away.

    Surkov’s not backed by any segment of power in Russia, it’s just his own ability that sustains him, not enough if and when it matters.

    On the one project he was entrusted with, Ukraine (if true), he hasn’t done brilliantly anyway, the most biting sanctions on the Russian economy by the Americans were the result of the Russians meddling in East Ukraine.

  137. EC @ March 9th, 2021 – 21:58

    Informative, and surprisingly not much dated, thanks EC.

  138. Noa @ March 6th, 2021 – 09:47

    It seems, Noa, the cycle of switching places doesn’t apply to publications only, but on a longer time sale to societies or even regions also.

    Fifty years ago or so it was the East marching solidly to communism whilst the West pursued its capitalistic wealth creation with many enjoying a lifestyle that the previous generations couldn’t even dream about, but now, it’s the other way round, the East having adopted mercantilism is getting richer and richer as the West, turning pink and communal, decided wealth creation would kill it what with the CO2 ‘polluting’ the air turned to trans toilets as the goal of the ultimate happiness for its unwashed.

    Truly amazing what can and does happen in just a few decades, no?

  139. Baron 10th March 12.28
    After watching some of the show with comrade Operah, and churning over the fatuous tissue of lies, deceit and fantasy that it dumped over our society I can only marvel at the fact that anything still remains of Western civilisation at all, and for how much longer it will. The tapeworm of internationalist Marxism has now invaded the very bowels of the West, from Stasi protoge Angela Merkel in Germany to Princess Merkel (no relation, surely?) in Hollywood? From Cilmate Change and the free movement of Africa to Europe, to unconscious white racial bias we are simply witnessing the tapeworm threnody of Karl’s doctrinal bastards spreading and breaking in the gut of a terminally infected host.

  140. Baron – 11:49

    No worries 🙂
    No one has ever paid the slightest attention whatsoever to who, or what, EC likes in any situation you care to mention. Also what I think or believe matters diddly squat. (I do hope that Clarkson hasn’t Trademarked that term for his farm shop produce)

    Now Nathan Rich, imo, is a troubled soul. He has a troubled past which you can Google. I believe that every everyone deserves a second chance, or in Nat’s case a third or fourth chance. The past is the past. I neither like or dislike him. I am, however, skeptical about his a lot of his claims and output… which many others have Fisked.

    I sincerely hope he continues to prosper in his adopted country and I also hope that his new friends don’t turn on him when his “shelf life” eventually expires.

  141. appoologies for the erroirs in this and also the above!

  142. Baron – 12:10

    Was it not any Russian meddling in East Ukraine the direct result of the EU meddling in the rest of Ukraine, then as the result of Khrushchev’s meddling, followed by Vlad’s annexation of Crimea backed up by a referendum? Just asking….


    Here’s a recent, March 8th on the ground report from the Donbass region.

    Pay particular attention to what the babushka (sp?) @14mins31sec has to say!

    It’s a pitiful state of affairs that the EU, and the Septics, have left these poor people in. Any aid having been siphoned off by EU apparatchiks, domestic scum-suckers and foreign ones such as the Bidens,

    On the upside (Mr) baldandbankrupt found the specific Soviet mosaic of the Cosmonauts that he was looking for. (.. of which there are many)

  143. Baron

    POW/Hostage/Propaganda videos:

    When all fact checking has bee exhausted, in the end I suppose it all comes down to what one is prepared to believe. I choose to believe that Matthew Tye is genuine. He was in China, literate and assimilated, before the guy above had finished with his previous career.

    It’s all Mike Pompeo’s fault, innit?

    “China is reacting with a terrible coverup, and forcing Uyghur people to have interviews to say how amazing their lives are, and how the west is wrong about the allegations of forced labor, and the other atrocities happening.”

    In the end, as the babushka (sp?) in Donbass said, “When the owners fight the slaves suffer.” Truest thing I’ve heard for ages.

  144. EC @ March 10th, 2021 – 17:20

    The B&B guy is priceless, EC, one can learn more about a country watching a couple of his videos than from an MSM hack with massive support and plenty of cash pushing a agreed narrative. Amazing that the old girl could sum up their life today in just few sentences.

    The country wasn’t doing well before the 2014 Maidan putsch, but after the takeover by the West things turned south very quickly, Baron knows a man who hires Ukraine manual labourers, the stories they tell border on the unbelievable. And Ukraine was supposed to be the part of the USSR that was predicted together with the Baltic Republics to have the brightest future of all the separate parts of the Soviet Empire.

    Neither the EU nor the Americans care about the unwashed today, for the latter Ukraine only provides the opportunity to place their missiles few hundred miles closer to Russia. Unless Ukraine gets an IMF loan soon, it will be bankrupt by May.

  145. Why is this case given so much publicity? One can only guess that cases like this happen more often, the victim may not always be a young beautiful women, but what’s so important here that the BBC gives it almost five minutes? Anyone knows?

  146. Here’s a thought you may like to ponder:

    The Woke movement of the progressives has captured almost the entire institutional set-up of the country, they either control directly the most important pyramids of power such as the academia, the MSM, the schools, the unions and whatever, or have an indirect control on other power pyramids including the most important one, the Government, which seems not to have the guts to stop any of the demands of the deluded. There’s just one institution that hasn’t yet been fully taken over, mostly because of the head of it, HM the Queen.

    Does it not strike you that the interview of the two, in reality quite insignificant members of the royal set-up, could be the beginning of the eventual takeover of the mOnarchy by the Wokers?

  147. What’s in the name?

    An American James French killed two people, caught, sentenced to die by the electric chair on August 10, 1966. His last words: ‘What a headline – ‘French Fries’.

  148. He’d had his chips…

  149. Methinks that we are all being parboiled prior to roasting…
    h/t The Moustachioed Potato

    “The Investigatory Powers Act, or Snooper’s Charter, was introduced in 2016. Now one of its most contentious surveillance tools is being secretly trialled by internet firms”

  150. What Tucker says about Biden is undeniably true, what he says about the military applies also to other institutions, and not just in the American Republic but elsewhere, our institutions are true to their history only in what the labels say, not because of the people that fill them today, it’s all identity, quota, one’s tribal membership rather than merits. This cannot do us any good in the future, where are the elders of the political phylum when the country needs them?

  151. EC @ March 13th, 2021 – 09:53

    What a timely posting, EC, thank you. Baron has been experiencing weird happenings recently, his internet connection cuts off, if he wants to reach foreign sites it takes ofter long enough to get the message ‘this page is not available …’, it has happened before but seldom, it’s happening these days almost without interruption, 5-7 times per 2-hour session, postings are hard to go through, funny that.

    if it continues Baron will have to seek a remedy, one’s told one can use a different search engine that hides one’s IP number (Baron will investigate). Have you got any ideas what to do?

  152. I’ve shared ‘Stranger than fiction’ with you from Spectator

  153. Baron, March 13th, 2021 – 17:14

    Have you tried clearing out your browser cache/history, Get rid of every, most importantly “cookies.” [NB. you might want to retain saved passwords if you haven’t got them written down]

    Also you might try switching off your modem/router at the wall. Wait 5 mins and then switch it on again and it will be dynamically assigned a new IP address.

    Apart from that I haven’t got a clue.

  154. John birch, March 16th, 2021 – 09:21

    Like Sean Thomas says, it’s about as plausible as anything else.
    I wonder how much got cut out?

  155. EC @ March 16th, 2021 – 09:50

    That’s more than enough, EC, many thanks, will do the lot.

  156. Just six minutes of a gentle talk on a subject never out of vogue:

  157. Malfleur @ March 16th, 2021 – 22:42

    What are you up to, Malfleur, you come in once in a year or so, are you that busy or is Q still at it, you cannot have enough of it?

  158. What do you make of this guy? Has he gone local fully?

  159. Jogging with the bears, that’s Russia for you:

  160. When told on a visit to Sevastopol that Biden called him a killer Putin replied: ‘I know him personally, wish him good health, and I don’t mean it ironically, it’s a genuine wish’.

  161. Oh dear, oh dear! 🙂

    Reflections upon St. Patrick in his day on his day (17th March) by Simon the Iconoclast!

    Disseminate to any “Plastic” Paddies in USA/CAN that you might know…

  162. EU Chaos & U Turns on AstraZeneca

    Alexander Mercouris: Has he got more books than Baron? 🙂

  163. “Putin challenges Biden to live on-air ‘discussion'”

    The best laugh I’ve had all week…

  164. “The Media is Institutionally Racist Against White People”
    Paul Joseph Watson

  165. What are ‘cases’?

    On hears about cases rising here and everywhere, but is it exactly we are talking about?

    Obviously ‘cases’ are the people who test positive for c-19? If so, how many of such cases (a) end up in ICU beds, how many in hospitals, how many get cured at home, and how many don’t know they are infected (even if they’ve tested positive, they are asymptomatic).

    Don;t you think it would be useful to know the split, we may find out the ratios are trending towards the expansion of right end of the breakdown (symptomless), or the other way round (the ICU beds), which would be a powerful ammo for those arguing we should sty bunker down for the rest of our lives, no?

    Do these figures exist?

  166. EC @ March 19th, 2021 – 19:24

    Rather cheeky of Putin to challenge the challenged man for a chat, EC, no?

    Erdogan when ask whether he agrees putin’s a killer allegedly said: ‘Of course he is, the killer of the US’.

  167. The Russians are developing a powder version of the vaccine, apparently it expands the shelf life noticeably, helps the transport and storage. Baron forgets which of the three suppliers it is (cannot find the site), but it matter not. Perhaps we should tackle it also, it would add to our success so far.

  168. A guy who runs the Z-blog penned this:

    “Looking back, it is easier to see that the Soviet Union was an empire, because it is so obvious that America is an empire. We are also seeing more parallels between the two sides as the American empire enters its end phase. Like the Soviets at the end, the American empire is run by a collection of ossified geezers, clinging to a past for no other reason than they have no future. What happened to the Soviet Union thirty years ago is now happening to the American empire.”

    He then goes on highlighting the role of the Jewish phylum in the two Empires, their importance in their creation and their demise, that part is less interesting, can be agued against in parts anyway, but you want to read it, some of the postings are interesting, here it is:

  169. EC @ March 19th, 2021 – 13:58

    No, EC, he doesn’t;t have more titles than Baron, but he’s young, he has time to catch up, overtake.

    Baron’s told not to take life so seriously, in the end nobody gets out alive anyway, so one should have some fun even when all establishments designed to facilitate one’s enjoyment of fun and more are shut. FFS why?

  170. More than 100% agreement with what Tucker’s saying, the Dems are playing a risky and dangerous game that may backfire, lead to their demise if the ‘healthy core of America’ stands up:

  171. The Novelist as Truthteller: The Achievement and Legacy of Vasily Grossman

  172. The FBI is working to infiltrate patriot groups of retired military personnel who take an oath to uphold the US Constitution.

  173. John Jefferson Burns,

    Well the Neocons’ PNAC didn’t last long did it? The Media, Judiciary, Academe, Federal Federal and States governments, CIA, FBI are all corrupt, local law enforcement castrated, and the armed forces full of long marchers. The US Constitution is dead in the water and the USA along with it. Tell me I’m wrong.

    So, then… Is it a Civil War or a descent into Corporate Feudalism first followed by a civil war?

    After giving the EU several recent mauling big bear Sergey Lavrov effectively delivered the ‘coup de grâce’ to them this week. The USA have been told to go and fuck themselves with their attempt to shut down the Nord Stream 2 project. China is now calling the shots in the Oval Orifice.

    Interesting times indeed!

    You’d better get ammo’d up John, me old son!

  174. Hurrah!

    “Priti Announces End To Illegal Migration”

    I Really like and admire Priti Patel, but not quite as much as I like Liz “get the job done” Truss. Whadda Gal.

  175. Well bless my little old cotton chundies.
    JJB stops by and sees a message for your buddy John. Well EC you never turned up at the Charlotte Street Hotel when I was last over and invited yall.
    I do not do politics now Donald is gone. We all hate the Irish Senex. Still I been keeping busy with a new Zoom based business. Talking of which I still zoom my aunt in Clovelly, Devonshire. Poor girl has been having a doggone awful time. Your authorities have some sort of draconian lockdown, means she cannot even go along the road to meet her bridge buddies. Still she gets by with her Plymouth Gin.
    How is my old mucker Andy Car Park?

  176. This was released yesterday by the Mexico Ministry of Health:

  177. John Jefferson Burns
    March 24th, 2021 – 20:03

    I fear that ‘andy Car Park has suffered a slump in revenue now that everyone has stopped commuting and are now “working” from home. On the upside, with the city centre pubs also being closed, the lockdown might have enabled him to sanitise his facility by disinfecting the urine soaked elevators and hosing down his back stairs.

    I’m disappointed that you appear have abandoned your faith, and the prospect of a second coming. Upping the Ante: When the Bridge Over The River Taw reopens net month I expect she’ll only be bidding “No Trumps” henceforward?

    Please pass on our regards to President Harris.

  178. A clever guy:

    It’s long, but he talks engagingly enough to make the time flow quicker.

  179. John Jefferson Burns @ March 24th, 2021 – 20:03

    You are to have close to eight years of the senile Irish octogenarian, John, he wants to serve two terms, those who faked the last election can do it again, enjoy.

  180. Just when you think the world cannot get any crazier…

    President Harris is joining up with Bill Clinton at the Clinton Foundation today.
    For “a one-on-one conversation” between Harris and Clinton “on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on women, and empowering women and girls in the U.S. and around the world.”

    Jeffery Epstein was unavailable to comment…

  181. Any road up…

    On a happier note for the weekend:

    Music to my ears anyway 🙂

    In 1966 I could have jumped in and out of the Muira with ease! Just one problem… a perennial one for me… no cash!

  182. EC @ March 26th, 2021 – 09:47

    What an exqusite taste, EC, Baron would be happy with a standard Porsche, but just as for you, his finances prevent this avenue of happens to open.

  183. EC @ March 26th, 2021 – 09:27

    Only one another person was missing, EC, Monica L should have been invited also, no?

  184. For anybody in thinking about buying the new Apple M1 MacBook…

    : The more things change, the more they stay the same


    Pat Condell still on message!

  186. Baron
    “ You are to have close to eight years of the senile Irish octogenarian, John, he wants to serve two terms, those who faked the last election can do it again, enjoy.”

    Well ain’t that just our worsest nightmare.

    Believe me, he is ten times worser than that Jezza you had the foresight to see off.

  187. John Jefferson Burns @ March 28th, 2021 – 12:34

    Worry not, John, it will be nature that will take care of him, by the look of things quite soon.

  188. Malfleur @ March 28th, 2021 – 11:32

    Excellent stuff, Malfleur, just imagine when Karl Marx was walking the streets of London, penning his narratives that truly threatened the existing order, and yet the authorities not only let him speak and write what he wanted, but told the Continental Powers that ask for the agitator to be jailed to go jump the tree.

    How times have changed.

  189. EC @ March 27th, 2021 – 16:10

    A timely warning, EC, thanks, and as a result Baron is delaying a purchase of a newer gadget.

  190. One must admit that life’s much easier for a boy called Susan today than (say) in 1969. Progress or what?

  191. Pat is back… (25/03/2021)

    “A Crisis Of Free Speech”

  192. PJW’s latest instalment documenting the west’s descent into Dante’s Inferno…

    “m o d e r n i t y 5”

  193. Vlad Soloviev (Владимир Соловьев ), a rather famous Russian TV pundit who’s supposed to be close to Putin is n trouble, somewhere in February when everyone was congratulating Navalny on his courageous return to Russia he said that Adolf too had buckets of courage, in the WW1 he volunteered for tasks nobody else was prepared to carry out. This wasn’t to the liking to the Russian Communist Party, they put in a request to the Police, they started an investigation of Soloviev on the basis that his remarks advance and foster Nazism, an ideology banned in Russia.

    This is only to show you that even Russia’s under the spell of wokenism, no country seems to have escaped this societal cancer, one would have to move further east like Japan to find some common sense, no?

  194. An apology,,.

    Well, it was still before midday when he posted it…

  195. EC @ April 1st, 2021 – 17:47

    As an idea, EC, brilliant, but he loses it towards the end, he shouldn’t;t have mentioned the date, that spoiled it completely, the motive is to deceive for as long as possible, no?

  196. The Polish Navy in the action against the Nord-2 cable laying ship:

  197. Baron
    Thank you for the link, a David and Goliath reprise., is it not? Has “Two steps up, three steps down” Joe, put them up to it, d’ye think?
    And I see its all kicking off again. As Die Fuerien might say, ‘Where’s the 6th Army when you really need it?”

  198. I enjoy ‘what might have been’ and counterfactual histories. Especially those where the grass is Evergreen in the other field. Those of a Sunni disposition should perhaps look away or Passover now.

  199. The last time it “kicked off” in Ukraine was after the EU sponsored coup d’etat in 2013/14. when “Baroness (my arse!) Upholland was “High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy. Those of you with a good memory will recall that one of her special advisers was Daniel Krapski, that master of geopolitics and history, a political colossus standing astride… etc.

    You may also remember that when the going got tough the inept pair got quickly ash-boxed when Vladimir Putin would only deal directly with the grown ups. Much the same situation as today with Putin & Lavrov dispensing with the current EU “High idiot” whose name escapes me.

    Everything that is wrong with the (dis)Honours system…

    Not only a fake Baroness but a GCMG FFS!
    In the past GCMGs (God Calls ME God) weren’t dished out purely on the basis of being one of Brown’s and/or Blairs cronies.
    Krapski even got a CBE from Cameron after the electorate sacked him…

    Up The Revolution, Noa!

  200. Vaccine passports? Are you, like me, getting sick of the fat controller trialling his stupid ideas in the morning and then withdrawing them after Carrie gas served up his lunchtime hummous?
    Even the Downing St spinsters can’t keep up with the circles in the Shambolist’s mind, never mind the comedians.

  201. The People’s militia have been doing the duty down in Balham iinnit? Still, that sort of Power and the Glory behaviour might still be a bit new for the British, but the Poles have more recent memories.
    Were BLM right after all? Should the Stasi be defunded! Lancashire plod demand a 7.1% tax increase, that’ll be needed to control Lancashires’, sex n’rape gangs.

  202. Time For citizens’ arrests of the banking cartel and its career politicians made men?

    “London Police Shut Down Catholic Service on Good Friday by Barging in and Interrupting Service”

  203. Noa @ April 3rd, 2021 – 09:09

    The Navalny case didn’t work out, Noa, they have to come up with something else, the Donbas region furnishes a good opportunity, it’s a win-win for the Ukrainians backed by NATO, Russia will not retaliate if the shooting starts for fear of being accused of another imperialistic aggression.

    Interesting times are ahead, the Americans have until about September, after that the job’s finished, the Nord-2 gets switched on.

    If the Nord-2 fails, the Germany’s energy supply will be in fully controlled by the Americans, they will run the pipeline going through Ukraine, they will also run the alternative to Nord-2, whatever that source of oil and gas may be, the Americans will impose their authority on it, except for Russia and Venezuela they have a hand in every other major oil field, or have at least a lever on the government that owns it. The Germans will be truly stuck, will have to listen to what Biden says or else. They must know it, will fight to get the Nord-2 finished, no?

  204. EC @ April 3rd, 2021 – 10:01

    She was retired rather swiftly, EC, after the recorded call between her and a Minister from one of the Baltic Republic discussing a deep secret – the armed men that carried out the putsch were from the lot the EU backed.

  205. Malfleur @ April 4th, 2021 – 00:21

    Unbelievable, that’s Britain today, Malfleur.

  206. Malfleur, April 4th, 2021 – 00:21

    Time for citizens’ arrests of the Common Purpose run top ranks now running every police constabulary in the country. CP needs to be shut down, but who will do it? Their tentacles are everywhere .

  207. Baron,

    You will have no doubt seen the latest assessment from prolix Alexander Mercouris on the latest Ukraine border tensions? You probably have much better sources though.


    On March 31st, Mike Lindell, the CEO of MyPillow, released a one-hour television special entitled, Scientific Proof: Internationally Renowned Physicist Absolutely Proves 2020 Election Was Biggest Cyber-Crime in World History.

    The special broadcast features Dr. Douglas Frank who holds a Ph.D in Surface Analytical Chemistry for the University of Cincinnati. Dr. Frank is an internationally recognized scientist with over fifty scientific publications.

    In 1990, Dr. Frank discovered and invented a technique for creating three-dimensional images of molecules resting on surfaces. This led to a cover article in Science Magazine, which is the most-read science magazine in the world by scientists, and he was on the cover of the Naturwissenschaften, in Europe.

    Dr. Frank has spent countless hours since the 2020 election following the data of the election returns county-by-county across such states as Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Colorado, to name a few. Dr. Frank’s scientific and mathematical investigation has revealed that there was absolutely massive cyber fraud in the 2020 election.

    In the television special, Dr. Frank testifies to host Mike Lindell that deviations and mathematical impossibilities could not have been done by humans, but by artificial intelligence and computers that were running before, during, and after the 2020 U.S. election.

    Dr. Frank’s investigation reveals that the 2010 national census data was used to manipulate the 2020 election rolls and to inject phantom votes into the election totals. His scientific investigation documented and proved that numerous states throughout America had more people voting than lived in many of the counties.

    The injection of the 2010 national census data into the 2020 election rolls facilitated a crime that some experts are calling the largest cyber-crime in world history.

    Dr. Frank explains that the 2010 census was used to actually cast votes for voters that had either passed away or no longer lived in the county or state.

    In numerous documented cases, voters showed up to vote at their precinct only to be told they had already voted, when in fact, they had not voted. What is now being revealed by the scientific investigation of Dr. Frank is that these Americans had their vote cast for them through a highly sophisticated computer program.

    In this television special, Dr. Frank explains to Mike Lindell what tipped him off that a cyber-crime had been committed — not in just a few precincts, counties or swing states, but on a national basis. Dr. Frank also reveals that even in the states President Trump won, the President won those states by larger numbers than was reported.

    Scientific Proof is the follow up to the two hour docuMovie, Absolute Proof, that was released on February 5, 2021, and was seen by 70 million people in the first four days of its release, and over 150 million to date across 42 countries. Like Absolute Proof, the executive producers of Scientific Proof are Mike Lindell, Brannon Howse and Mary Fanning and was filmed by WVW Broadcast Network, and directed by Brannon Howse.

  209. EC @ April 4th 9:02

    Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

    “I have defended Natural Religion against a Confederacy of Atheists and Divines. I now plead for Natural Society against Politicians, and for Natural Reason against all three. When the World is in a fitter Temper than it is at present to hear Truth, or when I shall be more indifferent about its Temper; my Thoughts may become more publick. In the mean time, let them repose in my own Bosom, and in the Bosoms of such Men as are fit to be initiated in the sober Mysteries of Truth and Reason. My Antagonists have already done as much as I could desire. Parties in Religion and Politics make sufficient Discoveries concerning each other, to give a sober Man a proper Caution against them all. The Monarchic, Aristocratical, and Popular Partizans have been jointly laying their Axes to the Root of all Government, and have in their Turns proved each other absurd and inconvenient. In vain you tell me that Artificial Government is good, but that I fall out only with the Abuse. The Thing! the Thing itself is the Abuse!”

    Edmund Burke

  210. Maybe not a gripping read, but its an important one: how the PRC is turning the UK into Tibet on steroids.
    In the meantime Bozza looks to pimplement PRC penal practice.

  211. BREAKING NEWS ‍⚖️ Matt Hancock Summoned HIGH COURT Over Pubs & Restaurants Closures Tues 6th

  212. Noa 2 April 4th – 11.22

    Right to be alarmed, particularly as the Chinese/Russian alliance grows stronger. The technological underpinning o Chinese science by their universities is, so far as my very limited acquaintance with science can judge, appears to be formidable.

    A while ago, I did spend a year at Northwestern Polytechnical University (see page 34) teaching English and improving (I think) my Chinese. I stayed at the downtown Xi’An campus and bused to class about 45 minutes – 1 hour outside the city to the very pleasant and more isolated campus there with its various excellent regional restaurants. I became particularly addicted to the Chinese breakfast, which I often have reveries about. The university had at that time about 3,000 students all engaged in subjects listed in the article posted by Noa. The undergraduates seemed mainly very personable, no doubt because the content of their English lessons was anodyne. I would be very surprised if any of them were not required to be members of the CCP. Given what we now know of Chinese penetration of American institutions, the thought of what some of these students may now have their sights on in England is as worrisome as Noa indicates. A nice place to visit though….

  213. The merits of the vaccination passport compared to the Chinese social credit system:

  214. EC @ April 4th, 2021 – 09:10

    Thanks for posting it, EC, an informative clip.

    Few points on Ukraine, the country in the news 24/7 before the Feb 2014 putsch, barely mentioned in the news ever since.

    Before the takeover in Kiev by the crowd that the EU & US had backed, Putin very likely decided he wants the Crimean Peninsula, but not the whole Ukraine, the country was already an economic wasteland, he must have figured the financial burden would be too much to justify the move of his missiles several miles to the West, the Americans can move theirs closer to the Russian border in Ukraine, if they didn’t Poland, even closer to Moscow, would have them anyway.

    The Americans have about six months to stage a false flag op, or the Nord-2 is completed, the Ukraine seems like the place to stage it, Zelensky’s so much in their pocket that to expect someone more obsequious would be unreasonable, today they have the best chance, they must use it.

    For Germany, the Nord-2 is a must, the current pipeline runs through Ukraine, Zelensky or any other stooge could cut the supplies to the West arguing to isn’t Ukraine that does it but Russia.

    If the Nord-2 is cancelled, another source or sources step in, the Americans will be controlling them, except for Russia and Venezuela they control the rest, and it will be the rest that will furnish the gas and oil, unless it’s America herself if N-2 gets the boot.

    In interesting times we live, nO?

  215. Malfleur @ April 5th, 2021 – 00:07

    The vaccine passports are useless, Malfleur, vaccines don’t prevent those vaccinated from getting infected, they merely reduce the symptoms, look at Chile, some two fifth of the country got the 1st shot, one fifth also the second and yet ‘case’ are shooting up.

    If the vaccines were to prevent those vaccinated from getting c-19 100%, why would they, the vaccinated, be bothered to be around the non-vaccinated people?

  216. Noa @ April 4th, 2021 – 11:22

    It will be read, Noa, Baron will report back, it feels interesting, sadly rather long.

  217. Here is a rare demonstration of courage and a just and righteous anger.
    We need a thousand more like this man.

  218. Baron
    April 5th, 2021 – 23:50

    You miss the point. The pandemic is a lie. The vaccine passport will operate like, and is a version of, the Chinese communist social credit system. The lockdown is its John the Baptist.

  219. Chris Whitty, the Chief Medical Officer of England, is out of the bag!

    No more lockdowns: UK will treat Covid like seasonal flu, says Chris Whitty

  220. Noa
    April 6th, 2021 – 02:41

    Hear! Hear!

  221. Baron “…For Germany, the Nord-2 is a must, the current pipeline runs through Ukraine, Zelensky or any other stooge could cut the supplies to the West arguing to isn’t Ukraine that does it but Russia…”

    For the UK it is crucial that we reduce carbon emissions, heating, light and power are secondary considerations to the politicians who are the mothers and fathers of Generation Extinction.
    Until the future energy crisis sees power cuts and martial law imposed. One year, two or five? stock up on candles and 12 bore cartridges.
    The insanity of it would make Frank weep.

  222. Noa,
    He’d have also been very very angry by now.
    Preppers are the only sane people left in the country. I hope that Nelly is keeping the Ark’s pantry/larder well stocked with provisions. Target practice with ‘cut shells’ every weekend from now on.

    Diary: April 6th, British Summertime, Week 2.

    Absolutely Baltic up here North of Noa-aaargh!
    We had a most entertaining lunchtime blizzard today.

  223. @17:14. Inclement border weather…

    Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose

    Peregrine Bertie, the sad and exasperated warden of the East March, wrote to Robert Cecil in December 1600:

    ‘Yf I were further from the tempestuousnes of Cheviot hills, and were once retired from this accursed country, whence the sunn is so removed, I would not change my homlyest hermitage for the highest palace ther.’

    He envied Cecil ‘the sun of the South’ and prayed ‘that one rayon of such brightnes may deliver me from the darknes here, which I protest is no less to me than Hell’

    Graham Robb, The Debatable Land.

    [NB. Any complaints on spelling to Mr. Bertie, c/o 1600s]

  224. Baron,

    “In interesting times we live, nO?”

    Indeed we do!

    “Lavrov in Delhi as India Toys with US and China”

    One of Alexander’s shorter efforts…

  225. “A recipe for tyranny and oppression.” (B. Johnson)

    Now hear Paul Joseph Watson 7th April on “vaccination passports” and the Chinese Social Credit System:

  226. As Northern Ireland kicks off again:

    How can Belfast be so cold?
    a breeze in a summer front
    the unpredictable British weather
    Of intermittent warmth and dull
    drizzles of a torrential fizzle

    The titanic stands erected
    stilled by the western winds
    In stiles as robust as steel
    as shadowy silverly specks
    reflect on the unused puddles

    Southwards to the coastal shores
    where green shimmers magnify
    and blue waters justly testifies
    of the beauty of the north-eastern waters
    flowing from one glen to another

  227. Lord Sumption eads the assault on totalitarianism.

  228. … from his chateau in the Dordogne. (…as soon as he gets a chance)

    Meanwhile, the SNSP are going to be voting for Boris’ “health” passports to be introduced… in ENGLAND!

  229. What worries me EC, is that the McConchies have de facto control of the nuclear arsenal and will no doubt use it to maintain the Barnettgeld payment after secession.

  230. “… from his chateau in the Dordogne. (…as soon as he gets a chance)”

    Whilst Polly’s Tuscan dreams are of Keir on top because of Bojo’s vaccine sleaze….

  231. And Boris stands for freedom and oppose ID cards-once. Paul Watson succinctly summarises the position and his new found hypocrisy.

  232. Noa, April 7th, 2021 – 20:36

    Boris is a real piece of work ain’t he…
    We all knew what he was like when he took over helm(i.e. flaky), we expected him to betray BRexit, but he ended up bodging it instead.

    Did catching C-19 make him worse?

    h/t “Radio Tass” (© Frank P)

    With Princess Nut-nut, Witless & Co whispering Sage advice in his ear is he now more suggestible than VPOTUS dementia Joe?

  233. Baron,

    Have you been keeping a T34 in the barn behind your house on old Czecho?

    …meanwhile in Poland they can afford T55s

  234. Meanwhile in Kazakhstan… BORAT lives!

    “Kazakh bodybuilder’s ‘marriage’ to sex doll girlfriend on hold because of coronavirus”

  235. Thanks EC
    In a world that has gone insane a simple affair of the heart and the recycling of much loved objects is truly moving.

  236. EC April 8th, 2021 – 11:57

    Perhaps the Poles will start deploying such accessories in Balham, or simply lend them to ExStinksion Webellion…

  237. England, my England?

    Well, seen from the other side of the world, you all seem to have gone bonkers…

  238. Breaking News from the BBC

    Baron should like that one…

  239. Malfleur – 08:32

    It hasn’t been your “England” since you made the eminently sensible decision to “ship out” for good. I’m sure that many of us, would have done the same had we been in a position to do so.

    Meanwhile, where are England’s great unwashed supposed to buy their bargain basement underwear made by child/slave Labour if not that store?

  240. Running for cover…
    Is this why “The Blonde Inseminator” (© Baron) won’t tackle The BBC head on?

    “Sex, Money, Boris Johnson & The Curious Case of Jennifer Arcuri”
    Hardeep Matharu

  241. Where is Baron?

    In his chamber, weak and crying
    Was our good friend lying;
    Loud, without, the tempest thundered,
    And the castle-turret shook,

    His friends cried out where is the gainer,
    Spite of vassal and retainer,
    And his lack of education plundered,
    Every Blog and every Book

  242. RIP Bernie Madoff, Ponzi with style. Who can forget the Gold Rolls Royce, the two leather uniformed lesbian chauffeausettes?
    More style than Hancock, more honest greed than Cameron, more criminal than the Cabinet.
    We shall not see his like again.

  243. Fergus 08.06
    I suspect our dear Baron is not on Chesil Beach.
    Could he have gone to China to make a few judicious investments?
    Or perhaps, like our esteemed Defence Minister, to Turkey to invest in the Ottoman Aerospace industry.

  244. Whilst British expats return from the Costa Del Crime in increasing numbers and our 4.5 million European settlers are making themselves at home in our nappy land.
    A double whammy, no less.

  245. “The gang primarily targeted Asda in their crime spree”

    Ah, the Bucharest Harrods.

  246. EC @ April 13th, 2021 – 11:27


    Sadly, they are unlikely to bury the idiocy he invented the world with with him, EC.

  247. EC @ April 13th, 2021 – 14:27

    Clever, EC, courageous and so right one could weep listening to her, the piling up continues, it may be the Greensill scandal will break the donkey’s back, soon hopefully, or we are gong to stay bunkered down forever.

  248. The curious tale of UK’s former premier and England’s former premiere cinema commissionaire.,,

    Mahyar Tousi explains…

    The Westminster sewers are exploding…

  249. Fergus Pickering @ April 14th, 2021 – 08:46

    How felicitous of you, Fergus, you should set up a company providing life forecasts for people.

    The blue veined barbarian was struck by a case of lientery of a magnitude never experienced before, it was his own fault, the parsimony got the better of him, he decided to treat himself to a fillet stake, bought it in the Saturday market from a stand that has big queues for a reason obvious, it’s cheaper, instead of paying in a butchers’s shop 24 quid for a pound of the flash that was a cow when it was alive, he paid only a tenner for slightly more than 8 ounces, the steak tasted fantastic served with chips, mayonnaise and Polish gherkins, a glass or two of cheap Chilean Merlot also drunk, but as it turned out the piece wasn’t kosher enough engendered suffering for days on end, sleepless nights and washing machine working overtime. It’s better now, the promise is to be more careful next time has been heard many times, no more penny pinching, but will he follow it?

  250. What’s you bet? Are we to see a flaring up of the conflict in Donbas again or not? Baron reckon it’s a must, the Nord-2 must be stopped, what’s few thousands lives of some sub-humans Slavs when hegemony’s at stake. The Navany’s Novichok charade didn’t do it, the resumption of fighting is another opportunity not to be missed, no?

    In addition, the conflict will divert the minds of the Western plebeians from the brewing scandals, indebtedness, the rather amateurish handling of the c-19 pandemic, the sooner the better, as the weather improves.

  251. Noa @ April 14th, 2021 – 18:16

    The guy should have looked up, Noa, there may have been one of the simple contraptions flying above him.

  252. EC @ April 15th, 2021 – 14:35

    But, EC, there are no other stores on British High Streets but ASDAs, apart of course charity shops but who would raid them?

  253. From the Nikkei:

    “Soaring exports helped China’s gross domestic product grow 18.3% in the first quarter of 2021, rebounding from the 6.8% contraction in the same period last year at the start of the coronavirus pandemic, government data show.

    The figure released Friday by the National Bureau of Statistics topped the median 17.9% estimate by 32 economists in a Nikkei poll. China’s GDP growth for January-March followed a 6.5% gain in the final quarter of 2020.”

    This isn’t surprising given the different paths of recovery from the c-19 pandemic in the West and in China, it also shows how bloody difficult it will be for us to wean ourselves off the dependence on the country.

    BoJo seems determined to lockdown everyone at every opportunity, instead of feeling proud of our success with the vaccination he keeps mouthing it down suggesting it’s the lockdown that have been the most important tool, which is an obvious error on his part. But one’s told our ties with our old partners of the Brussels bureaucracy are weakening, which must be good news.

  254. Baron 15 April 2202

    As Baron wakes from gastro slumber
    We see the ground covered with ash
    Bound in a circle of fire
    Redolent of Johnny Cash
    Hands through the fire
    Memories flash before his eyes
    Of a past life
    Filled with monsters and we
    Are locked together in purgatory

    Need a new direction
    A new chance to be been given
    May have a chance to mend all our ways

    Welcome back.

  255. Fergus Pickering @ April 16th, 2021 – 07:47

    What can one say, Fergus, but thanks, also how can anyone be so kind to the barbarian from the East?

  256. This is rather long, that’s seems to be the drawback of Corbett’s videos, they run and run, he should have cut it, the first part up to the CNN clip of the female doctor would have been enough for one sitting, still you may like to watch it, his warning is real, the silencing of those opposing the application of what our political class regards as science is frightening, one is reminded of Winston quip ‘scientists should be on tap, not on top’, regretfully, the buffoon that governs us looks like not having the capacity to form a judgment that can sit on top.

  257. A perfect theatre, the setting couldn’t have been bettered, an old 11th century castle, well maintained, the walls gleaming in the April sun, the lawns shaven to perfection, close to manicured, the roads swept, not a single beetle allowed to have a walk in the brilliant sunshine, the sky azurite blue, no wind, one couldn’t have asked for a better day.

    The pageantry was planned and timed to perfection, a wide range of colourful uniforms of bewildering designs covered with insignias aplenty, it truly was a pageantry only the British could deliver, no other tribe would have the history to lean it against, the flamboyant confidence, the daring to stage it and the ease with which to perform it.

    It wasn’t a funeral, it was what Britain of Old would have looked like when celebrating an event of grandeur, the ceremony could have been from a century back, from four centuries ago, except for the cars everything on show was as if the time has stopped with the first Elizabeth.

    Baron watched the whole four hours, stood quietly for a minute when asked, couldn’t stop admiring the pomp of it, the theatrical performance celebrating an institution with no rival world over, how could anyone not want to continue with it beggars belief, Noa, eat your heart out, if you missed watching the original, switch on any gadget you have, have a look, amazing stuff.

    One should be proud to be a Briton only to have the privilege to be a part of it, even if an indirect part only, what saddens is that the rest of the country no longer is of the same cloth of the past.

    Could any other nation produce something akin to it? Unlikely, the French went republican, lost touch with their past, have plenty of the worshippers of Allah to pacify; Not much of any history as a nation for the Germans, if they were to put it on, it would be goose-marching for hours around a concrete block; The Italians could try, but wouldn’t probably settle on what to put on, and the Americans are totally out, they remain the same barbarians they were the few centuries ago when they parted with the monarchy, now only with a huge dollop of decadence. Only our current arch enemy, the Russians, could try similar what with the uniforms, the indulgence and the razzmatazz of the days of the Tzars when the aristocrats were lighting their cigars with 500 rouble notes or the equivalent, the killer Putin missed the trick here.

    Her Majesty the Queen was almost lost in the pomp and in her massive Rolls, and just as well, she needs time for herself to mourn, to prepare for the last stage of her successful, august and long reign without the Duke behind her. Long and even longer may she continue.

    Only two drawbacks Baron could think of, there was not a glimpse of the unwashed, they couldn’t have been inside the castle grounds, the virus prevented it, but someone should have thought of having a small TV crew circulate outside the gates, asking people what they remember of the great man getting buried within, and the two men of the cloth, why on earth could they not learn few of the little they had to say by heart, why read it from pieces of paper in a voice reminiscent of the great reaper? The Commendation and the Blessing are short, easily learnt, it’s their bloody job to know it, Baron’s grandmother, who had no formal education attended only the Sunday school, could read, (hardly write) but knew the bible by heart, why couldn’t they deliver the few sentences without looking at a piece of paper?

    To top it all? Not a single fugging politician in sight.

  258. Plenty of errr rs of course, ‘the time did stop with E-R number one, not ‘has stopped’, and others, sorry, that’s what few g&ts does to Baron’s already awful syntax, grammar and stuff.

    Has anyone else watched the funeral?

  259. EC @ April 8th, 2021 – 11:57

    This posting of yours, EC , was missed for some reasons.

    It may seem weird to you, Britain hasn’t been invaded for centuries, invaded by men with weapons, the lands of the Old Continent including those of the Czechs have been, and not just once, plenty of the military gear was left behind, it’s only the crazy ‘collectors’ that would pinch a tank, others would havegone more for utility than size, Baron remembers having a shirt made from a parachute, a neighbour utilised an engine from an old military truck to make electricity, once Baron came across a stack of old German machine guns in a ditch, or rather a trench, these trenches were crisscrossing the countryside everywhere, dug up by the locals for the use of the failed Third Reich builders as they were retreating from the East.

  260. Good news! (Sorry Wallsters) The Lemming myth is a lie.
    Unfortunately the possibility of being drawn Cha. Berlin like into a Liberal war with Russia isn’t.

  261. The killer Putin just won’t rest.

    The Czechs have announced that the two Russian spies who unsuccessfully attacked the Skripals with Novichok in March 2018, did also another job, blew up a munition depot in Czecho on October 16, 2014 (bldg no16), botched it up, had another go on December 3, the same year (bldg no12 only 150metres away from bldg no16) even though from the first explosion onward the area was close to hermetically sealed by the armed forces of the country.

    The explosions were investigated, there had been many warnings the safety of the site was grossly substandard, the depots were stocking up stuff that was either not properly vetted and registered to be in the depot, or outright illegal, no connection to a foreign security services was established until now, the equivalent of our MI5 got a sudden brain wave, figured it was the same two Russians that acted in Salisbury, Bashirov and Petrov, that are responsible for the blasts in a village the name of which no Westerner could ever pronounce (have a go, try it: Vrbetice).

    That’s truly is a stroke of luck at the time when the Czechs Health Minister was about to visit Moscow to sign a deal for Sputnik V (the vast majority of the 10mn of the Czechs unwashed want the vaccine), and a tender to complete the building of a nuclear plant in a place called Duchovany is out, Rosatom, the Russian nuclear plant builder (26 projects of this kind worldwide) is rumoured to have submitted the best offer, the Chinese and the US Westinghouse are also competing for the job.

    The Czech PM kicked out 18 Russian diplomats from Prague, he reckons they are spies, our own Foreign Secretary Raab chipped in as well, he would, wouldn’t he.

    Who this chap Jakub Janda is Baron has no idea, but here’s his track on the case:

  262. Noa, April 18th, 2021 – 10:45

    So is the more recent “Walrus Myth” that was perpetrated by the egregious Beeboid wildlife documentary voice over artist, and exponent of anthropomorphism.
    (Not his first fake btw.)

    Another ‘tragedy porn’ climate hoax…

  263. EC
    Sadly reports that faux Conservative MPs andreal BBC polemicists are hurling

  264. themselves off cliffs are incorrect. (Except for Gruppenfuhrer Sturmer, who threw himself into oblivion today in a Bath pub).

  265. Noa – 16:46


    The wonderful encounter was logged for posterity here…

    HRH Kir Royale’s “Parthian shot” at the pub landlord was “I’m not going to take any lectures from you.” Breathtaking! It’s a pity that someone doesn’t nail him about his part in the grooming gang cover up.

    If my, here today gone next time, TINO MP managed to waddle to the cliff edge and throw himself off at high tide, then then resultant tsunami would give Duodenal Ulster and SW Jockistan quite a soaking!

  266. Baron – 13:41

    Any news of how the UK’s two gunboats are faring in the Black Sea?

  267. Is it coz they are stupid, or just that they gave no idea how British people think or that they just don’t care?
    It’s good that from time to time the masks slip and we are reminded of the arrogant tyrants that hide behind them.

  268. EC @ April 19th, 2021 – 17:36

    Too busy this morning, EC, as there was no wind the spraying was on, Baron close to poisoned himself with the stuff, had to rest for a while, it seems to be happening to him, first a poisoned steak, now Roundup doing the same job, what’s the third hit, he wonders.

    Are the boats already there? Nothing in the Russian and Ukrainian papers, Baron had a quick look just now, but when they get in they better watch out, Putin’s member is around:

  269. Noa @ April 19th, 2021 – 19:13

    A rather naive for her age, Noa, the one-eyed man is a politician, what did she expect, a genuine concern for someone like her? Arghhh

  270. EC @ April 19th, 2021 – 17:29

    He looked so charmingly chastised, EC, one could feel sorry for him, one could, but didn’t;tt.

  271. This guy is holding a poster saying ‘stop Nord-2’ in front of the US Embassy in Moscow 24/7. The short piece doesn’t;t explain whether he ever sleeps, visits the toilet or has anything to eat, but he’s peaceful, breaks no cars, the police don’t touch him.

  272. Baron. April 19th, 2021 – 22:26
    I have a sister in law who is a lifelong Labour supporter, a good person, kind hearted, sincere, who believes everything she reads and sees. For her Andy Burnett and the Gruppenfuhrer can do no wrong. Not the brightest person she left school at 14 and went to work in a cotton mill. Now in her 70s, in remission from cancer, she is a brick in the Red Wall. Where will Labour (and the Tories) turn for their votes when she and the other Mrs Duffys pass away?
    I’m pleased that you have recovered from the dodgy steak. Please don’t tempt fate by trying a seasonal Mole pie from the Baron’s castle kitchen garden.

  273. Noa @ April 20th, 2021 – 18:35

    No fear, Noa, the moles are gone, Baron’s on a warpath with the fugging rabbits, any suggestion of a folk remedy hastening their demise will be gladly received.

    A short up-date on the two bangs at a munition depot in that little country in the middle of the Old Continent, of which people of this country knew nothing several decades ago, still really give no shite today:

    This morning the Czecho MSM were full of an enlargement of the act of violence in the little village next to the Slovakian border, Bellingcat was said to be involved, it wasn’t the two famous Russian spies only, four more Russian spooks were up to no good as well, there was a timetable of the six coming and going everywhere but, if the media were to be believed, not around the village or the depot itself, but the police were still saying ‘it’s very likely they (no number given) did visit the place of the explosion’.

    Then the Bulgarian guy whose stuff it was that blew up, shift it to Ukraine (or Syria) if it didn’t, issued a statement saying, he has never ever shipped any Czech ammunition to Ukraine, wasn’t expecting any delivery of anything from the Czecho’s depot between April 2014 – December 2015 (the bangs happened in October and December 2014), has never been approached by anyone since the explosions happened (felt quite upset about it), expressed a shock that anyone would have been given permission to visit the depot, he certainly didn’t issue any such permission, and the stuff that blew up was his property, bla, bla, bla.

    After that, the morning’s narratives disappeared from the media, Baron was busy the whole day, tried to retrieve them in the evening, report on them, but they’re gone, vanished, no more.

    Unless something of a substance happens, Baron’s giving up on the charade for good.

  274. Baron – 23:39

    The best cure them thar wabbits…

    Also we have a plague of fuggin cats around here which need turning into Davy Crockett hats – as favoured by Dmitri the Impostor (Andy Carpark’s alter ego) who, along with his other aliases (eg. Hlldegard Hinxey, JJB etc.) are now a part of internet folklore.

    Seriously Baron, you need to cultivate not cull Mr & Mrs Wabbit, Flopsie, Mopsie & Cottontail, because when St Greta et al have turned England into Venezuela it’ll be those with the most pets that starve last!

    Unlike cats, at leat one can eat wabbits without too many added spices.

  275. Baron – 23:39

    Charades indeed! File also under Kabuki Theatre,

    … or even Aesop?

    Belling The Cat

    The Mice once called a meeting to decide on a plan to free themselves of their enemy, the Cat. At least they wished to find some way of knowing when she was coming, so they might have time to run away. Indeed, something had to be done, for they lived in such constant fear of her claws that they hardly dared stir from their dens by night or day.

    Many plans were discussed, but none of them was thought good enough. At last a very young Mouse got up and said:

    “I have a plan that seems very simple, but I know it will be successful.

    All we have to do is to hang a bell about the Cat’s neck. When we hear the bell ringing we will know immediately that our enemy is coming.”

    All the Mice were much surprised that they had not thought of such a plan before. But in the midst of the rejoicing over their good fortune, an old Mouse arose and said:

    “I will say that the plan of the young Mouse is very good. But let me ask one question: Who will bell the Cat?”

  276. Here’s a big puzzle:

    What we hear in the West, hear often daily, fills one with hope: Zelensky, the Ukrainian puppet begs Putin for a summit to sort the Donbas impasse out, the Americans change their mind, no destroyers for the Black Sea, an invitation to Putin from the most powerful man in the world (if someone props him up), olive branch offers like a piece by DePetris in the Spectator suggesting that Biden wants nothing more than to better the relations between his country and Russia ……. whilst the warmongering Putin keeps boosting the size of the Russian military force near the Ukrainian border to 80,000.. 100,000 …150,000…. All that and more is in the news frequently.

    What our esteemed MSM ‘journalists’ tell us not is that every soldier Ukraine can spare has been moved to the east of the country equipped with the newly US supplied military gear, scores of Canadian advisors (mostly of Ukrainian descent) are training new recruits in the Ukrainian west, a 500-strong Turkish military unit operating drones arrived in Ukraine few days back, US long range B-1 bombers moved to Norway ….

    (and the most puzzling development that has been going on for months now, nobody has noticed, all European countries have been buying Russian oil and gas in quantities never attained before, it’s a frenzy, says one non-Western journalist, even the men of Gazprom are bewildered, cannot figure the reason for it, the Winter was far from tough, the Summer’s coming why the massive orders?).

    Is there an explanation to this dichotomy? Will the reporting of certain events versus the non-reporting of others for ever remain unexplained? Could an end to it be in sight, and what end could it be?

  277. EC @ April 21st, 2021 – 10:40

    An enjoyable Cat yarn, EC, one’s tempted to expand it adding a Rat to the assembly of the mice, the Rat getting dominated to bell the Cat, except that the year of the Rat was 2020, Anchorage happened to take place this year in February, but one could make an allowance of few months, no?

    The question then is ‘will the Rat bell the Cat, or will the Cat chew the Rat?

  278. EC @ April 21st, 2021 – 10:27

    Tempting as the offer of rabbit pelts may be, EC, it would remind Baron of the garden destroying rascals, something he’d rather forget, and eating them? Have you ever tried a wild rabbit? Bloody awful, not much meat, all rather stringy, and the time it took to skin the little bastard, not worth it, in a shop one can get a fat version for next to nothing, good for stew.

  279. If you want to cheer yourselves up, this is for you, what will the future look like is shown with bravura, openness and certainty that the old Chinese saying ‘man can predict everything but the future’, would be flummoxed with, would probably want to die there and then.

    As it happens, it’s unlikely Baron will make it even to the first stage of the heavens on earth, and who knows, perhaps others even younger than him may not experience and soak up the beauty of the projected future what with other pandemics, arms testing in real life ….

    (Have patience, it takes few seconds for the stuff to load).

  280. EC
    Hitchens is currently at war with Bellingcat, the CIA truths ayer is it not? Assad is bad… Peace is good… Chemical weapons are zzzzzzz

  281. Baron,

    A world weary Alexander Mercouris apologises for having to mention Mr Whatsisname again.

    “Derisory Turnout At Navalny Protests Despite Massive Media Attention”

    It seems that the negative powers at play, and we know who we’re talking about, just cannot stop flogging a dead horse.

  282. Baron, April 21st, 2021 – 22:48

    Those Chatham house funded people must be deranged, or worse…
    A wiser than me (not difficult) friend of mine has previously forewarned, “Beware Utopianism! All utopias are approached across a sea of blood and never reached.”

  283. Noa, April 22nd, 2021 – 16:40

    I’ve Assaduously (sic) searched for Hitchens’ latest on the CIA’s (?) pet pussy and all I found was this… [I don’t think that Hitchens and Higgins will be “doing lunch” anytime soon! 🙂 ]

    Peter Hitchens, @ClarkeMicah. Jan 26, 2020
    Can anyone explain the reverence and support accorded to the amateur blogger Eliot Higgins and his site Bellingcat, while the evidence (on Syria) of the experienced scientist and former OPCW inspector Ian Henderson is ignored by most media?
    Hitchens writes:

    Mr Eliot Higgins.

    He dropped out of a media studies course, is a keen video gamer and once worked in the ladies’ underwear industry.

    He runs a website called Bellingcat, which (what luck!) is partly financed by the United States government through its ‘National Endowment for Democracy’.

    His pronouncements on the war in Syria and many other things are treated respectfully by many media. He was recently accorded a pretty generous personal interview by the BBC World Service.

    Now here is Mr Ian Henderson.

    He is a chemical engineer and a military veteran, who served in the artillery of his country’s army, with considerable practical experience in ballistics.

    He worked first for the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) from 1997 to 2005, having risen to the post of inspection team leader.

    Then he left the OPCW (which prefers its staff to work on brief contracts rather than for life) and went to work in the chemical industry. Very unusually, because of a shortage of expertise, he was rehired by the OPCW in June 2016.

    He was there until May 2019 when he was suspended from duty following the leaking (not by him) of some of his work on the alleged poison gas attack in Douma, Syria.

    He did some tough jobs.

    He was the OPCW team leader who developed and launched the highly intrusive inspections of the Barzah scientific centre, just outside Damascus.

    He has been, personally, to the scene of the alleged poison gas attack in Douma, which was used as a pretext for a joint French, British and American missile strike on Syria in April 2018.

    Last week he gave brief but devastating evidence to a special meeting of the United Nations Security Council, in which he said that the findings in the final OPCW report on Douma ‘were contradictory, were a complete turnaround’ from what the on-the-spot investigators had understood during and after their inspection.

    He added: ‘By the time of the release of the interim report in July 2018, our understanding was that we had serious misgivings that a chemical attack had occurred.’

    Media, who are quick to take seriously Mr Higgins and his Bellingcat organisation on this subject, have totally ignored this astonishing testimony.

    I think they have the whole thing upside down.

    Listen to Ian Henderson. He knows what he is talking about.

  284. Noa, April 22nd, 2021 – 16:40

    I have just finished reading his latest MoL blog, being a potted history of the recent events in Crimea and Ukraine. He make some good points. Also, why shouldn’t Crimea be autonomous if that’s what they voted for? It’s a more productive and viable that Kosovo or for that matter an independent Scotland or Wales.

    Since the November GE when “The Swamp” staged their coup d’état via “mail in ballot” it’s been noticeable how shrill the chorus of warmongers have become. Even before the November 2016 GE Hittlery Crinton (mandarin) was talking about bombing Russia. These neocon warmongers are insane!

    Not satisfied with the chaos they caused in Ukraine, the EU, cheered on by the ignorant bigots and nutjobs in the Biden administration, are now meddling with Northern Ireland. This will not end well.

    Now Belarus! I’m hoping that Baron will keep us up to speed with the attempted coup d’état and events there..

  285. btw. It would’ve been nice if Hitchens had commented upon Crimea’s previous landlords, and the recent bizarre intervention of “Sultan for Life”, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

  286. EC
    Speaking of our happy Ottoman Happy St George’s day to all on the Wall
    I’m more working class than you!
    A Marxist Ad hominum defeated by an Trotskyite eyebrow.

  287. Noa,

    “I’m more working class than you!”

    Hilarious! Priceless!
    The Starmer apologist compounding his failure on his own “credentials” front by getting into a pissing contest about beards which he clearly couldn’t win either. 🙂

    Once can see why Talk Radio and LBC are doomed once Brillo’s GB News gets up and running… if it ever does.

  288. ” Far Left Can Get Away With ANYTHING Court Rules Jury Double Standard AGAINST Judge Advice”

  289. EC
    I’ve no confidence that an OFCom controlled GB News is going to offer any significant news coverage or intellectual debate. BBC 4 ‘Light’ is the most likely comparison. In fact the backers may well be having second thoughts…

  290. Belfield is confusing the law and the judge’s view of it with the role of the jury.
    Better that they are acquitted than we revert to justice by tribunal.
    The better question is why the CPS went for an indictable offence triable by jury, rather than a summary offence triable by stipendiary magistrate, when conviction was certain? Political manipulation I suspect.

  291. EC
    If you are looking for Hitchens views on the Glorious Leader of the new Ottoman Empire his views can be found by reference to searching ‘Turkey’ at the Index on his blog, here.

  292. Noa – 15:40

    A genteel “shock jock.” As an accompaniment to Belfield’s “reporting” of what’s in the papers his schtick is that of the archetypal music hall cheeky chappie. He echoes traditional English vulgar humour, dating back to Shakespeare and before that. This used to be popular with Baron’s “healthy core of English” before the po-faced, pc, “alternate comedy” wankerati took over.

    With notable exception of Rik Mayal, when they are gone then who the fugg is going to miss the likes of Ben Elton, Alexi Sayle, Marcuse Brigstock, Dora O’Brian, Franki Boyle, Russell Howard, Jo Brand, and the rest of the talentless, humourless BBC sponsored panel show twats?

  293. EC
    Yes. It’s quite remarkable how Alex Belfield has managed to grow an audience of nearly half a million in a few months and its no wonder the Beeboids hate him.

  294. Noa – 15:46

    Then there’s theFrench Genocide that took place in the Vendée region of western France, in the Reign of Terror, from March 1793 to early 1795.

    Admittedly not on the scale of the above, this was nonetheless brutal. Neither M. Micron or any of his predecessors were too keen to own up to this one.

    With too many examples to mention, it seems that homo “sapiens” capacity for killing its own (in the pursuit of religion, land, power, money etc.) knows no limits!

  295. Noa, April 24th, 2021 – 16:03

    Yes, the Sultan of Türkiye is probably more self-obsessed and bonkers now than when Mr. Hitchens penned that article. Absolute power is a one way ticket to a destination where things won’t end well.

  296. Noa – 12:34

    If only half the things that he alleges are true, then Alex Belfield’s persecution by the BBC and the Nottinghamshire C*nstabulary is quite shocking.
    I hope he sues their arses off!

  297. A good year to bury bad news-and your enemies.
    They are coming thick and fast now.

    A new government threat to free speech is approaching…

  298. Comedy gold from Welby and Co.

    We are all UKBEGMHrs now!

  299. Noa @ April 26th, 2021 – 13:57

    It looks, Noa, that when the new law gets enacted it’s good-bye to our little blog. What would Frank have made of it?

    The Welby’s statement is unbelievable, it must have turned many CoE worshippers to the Pope, who isn’t that much better, but at least he ain’t a self-proclaimed racist. A mad world we live in.

  300. EC @ April 23rd, 2021 – 09:28

    A shortage if time, EC, is preventing Baron to report on anything. In short, here’s just three points:

    The Czech President M Zeman has spoken yesterday on the Petrov&Bashirov escapades in his country, didn’t say anything new, thanked the security services (BIS), asked them to spare no resources to get to the bottom of it, opined that if it’s confirmed that Russia did indeed blew the munition depot up, she should not be invited to tender for the fifth nuclear reactor (cost around $6.0bn), but if she’s exonerated, she should be given a chance.

    To top it all, he said that BIS told him they had no proof and no evidence that the two Russian spooks were anywhere the place of the big bang, or rather the two big bangs.

    You may imagine the reaction of the intelligencia, all hell broke, but weird as it may be not every politician swallowed the bilge, the most prominent was the former President V Klaus warning that the country was heading into the 50s, that was the time of the Bolshevik recession, the peak of it when the thugs of communism hanged a pregnant woman. Other politicians, pundits and even journalists and others joined in expressing doubts or totally refuting the story.

    The plebs cannot be fooled though, one of the most read newspapers (strongly anti-Putin, mildly anti-Russia, that’s Baron take on it) runs a one question test of the public opinion of the issues in vogue, after the story of the two Russian poisoners cum ammunition destructors broke the paper asked “Is Putin a threat to the Czech Republic?’ Some 26,078 people bothered to answer (so far) 94% said no, 5 % said yes, 1% didn’t know or couldn’t careless.

    The Russian troops may have returned to the barracks, the Ukrainian troops haven’t, nor the 500 strong contingent of the Turkish military that operate drones has left for the homeland, the training in the West Ukraine by Canadian military personnel also continues. Baron reckons the Donbas will flare up, it must, the Americans have until August-September to orchestrate something big for the world public opinion to turn against Russia so mightily that the Germans will not be able to resist the American demand to scrap the N-2.

    Lastly, Putin has agreed to meet Biden and also the Ukrainian President Zelensky. A big misjudgement on his part, not only will he get FA from either meeting, the two events will also further damage the chances of his ‘United Russia’ party in the Duma election in the Autumn.

  301. The more one reads the Z-man, the more one appreciates his wisdom.

    The old approach to segregation where; “The old way of describing this different understanding of race was that whites in the North (of the USA) were willing to treat blacks as equal, just so they did not have to live near them. Whites in the South were willing to live near blacks, just as long as they did not have to treat them as equals”.

    That wasn’t;t sustainable, a different way had to be adopted: “This reality led to the embrace of proportionalism. This is where the costs of violating liberal principles are weighed against the perceived benefits from violating the principles”.

    You should read the lot, it’s short, immaculately augured:

  302. Thank you for link to the Z man article, Baron. Logical and depressing, following people and events to their logical conclusion we may expect nothing but unceasing and increasing inter-racial civil wars, in Britain as well as the US. The They are the inevitable legacy of the successive waves of mass, mixed migrations and population importations.
    Ironically the enforced importations of both Whites, through variously imprisonment, deportation and indenture and blacks through slavery, was perpetrated by the same aristocratic and political elite. It continues, now as then, to retain power by playing off the poor whites and blacks against each other. Jim Goad, who no longer seems to write in Taki, captures the whole business in his two excellent, penetratingly analytical books, ‘The Redneck Manifesto’ and ‘Whiteness, the Original Sin’.

  303. Breaking news:

    The MI5 in co-operation with the Bellingcat boys has just announced that the two decorators of the flat at no10 were Petrov and Boshirov, they were hired by a London firm Put-in-the Elbow Grease (abit of a mouthful that), the former on an Albanian passport Sid Bonkers, the other on a fake one issued for Dorris Bonkers by the Government of Bonkin no Fusso.

    Says the Head of MI5: It hit me straight away when I saw the pictures of the two Russian spooks circulated by the Czech BIS, fugg, what a stroke of luck.

    Late news just in: The knob at no10 was smeared with Novichok, it is alleged, it explains the stand-up hair and …

  304. Noa @ April 27th, 2021 – 15:31

    Depressing indeed, Noa, but the friction even goes deeper, in Baron’s view, it’s between those that want to carry on with the ideas of the original settlers that rejected heredity wanted the governance of the people for the people by the people and those that arrived in the Republic later on in particular in the 2nd half of the last century, who don’t give a dry fig for any Constitutional niceties, want to scrap or at least amend the parchment’s Amendments. How does one bridge this gap is the many dollars question.

  305. R.I.P. Frank Pulley BEM
    (d. 29th April 2019)

    Baron, April 26th, 2021 – 22:58
    Noa @ April 26th, 2021 – 13:57

    “What would Frank have made of it?”
    I think we can all take a guess! He never made a secrets of his views on the last several Arch “C*nstburys of Cants.” Shared by myself and many others on here, I’m fairly sure.

    It’s evident that all the usual suspects have been out, rewriting history, libelling the man now he’s dead. In 1972 he successfully sued “The Sunday People” for libel.

    In English law one cannot be sued for libelling the dead.
    These people are scum and, as usual, their accusations are all pure projection.

    “Great things are not accomplished by those who yield to trends and fads and popular opinion.”
    Jack Kerouac

  306. Baron, April 27th, 2021 – 16:06


    The gayly attired Spetsnaz Dynamic Duo are more likely to have been hired by Bojo’s former Svengali in order to nobble the enchanting Lilith who was responsible for his rather public and humiliating ejection through the front door No. 10.

  307. The Gruppenfuhrer is right. No one should pay £840 per roll for wallpaper. That begs the question of what is the right price for the stuff. In Keir’s case he would no doubt have paid more and sooner. Or perhaps, having demonstrated his considerable negotiation skills (I do te have to debate with the likes of you) he would paid less and much later. Perhaps he would have gone done on one knee to plead the cause for progressive floral patterns and greater pricing equality.
    Piffle could have saved himself much grief if he had simply asked wallpaper heir and Northern powerhouse George Osborne to manage the project and not made the mistake of importing his infantile, buck toothed fiancé and giving her carte blanche on the budget (since when did one refer to one’s current mistress and courtesan, or ‘trollop’ as his former wives would call her, as fiance? All part of the new mealy-mouthed language of equivocation, I suppose.). Now, a little one feels, John Lewis has offered to help if further redecoration is necessary.
    In the meantime, the remnants of English freedoms have been mothballed, many permanently, qa trillion quid has been tipped down the public lavatory, death blows dealt satisfactorily to the high street retail and hospitality industries, EU capitulation formally ratified and permanent inter-ethnic civil war robustly embedded.
    Remarkably all this has been achieved whist the Blond Insipidator has apparently increased his popularity.
    Frank. May hie rest ineace, would have enjoyed the wealth of farcical riches provided for our entertainment and deplored in his inimitable, excoriating way the contempt being shown for a nation and a long-suffering people who deserve immeasurably better from the class to whom they have merely delegated not transferred, political power.

  308. “infantile, buck toothed fiancé”

    aka Lilith !

  309. Long May John Lewis offer to help furnish Downing St, still the British Heart Foundation could do him a better deal.

  310. Personal deconstruction and the Twitter Stasi.

  311. EC 18.26
    Somehow I’ve never imagined the bedsit in No 11 as the Garden of Eden in which the she devil roamed!
    I’ve often wondered whether much of Cyclops pathological hatred for Blair was due to his being thrown out of the larger suite to accommodate Cherie and brood.
    The curse of Campbell lives on!

  312. EC @ April 29th, 2021 – 10:31

    Well said, EC.

    Frank is still very much missed, he would tell the fruitcakes what they can do, and do fast and irrevocably.

  313. EC @ April 29th, 2021 – 10:43

    The Moldova Government says the passport for Popov (? the cover name for either Petrov or the other bloke) is fake, the 13 digit id number doesn’t exist, in fact they say that the man doesn’t exist, no border control would let a man with such passport to enter any country, certainly not an EU country, the man is not dead either, he’s totally made up, they challenge the Czechs to show the visa that apparently one has to have if one’s a Moldovan, wants to visit an EU country.

    The whole thing is so bizarre ir beggars belief anyone falls for it. More and more quite prominent people in Czecho are speaking against the official version, but there were also demonstrations against President Zeman, in Prague some 10,000 people gathered (the police estimate, Prague population is over one million), in another town, Baron forgets which, one 800 people attended.

    This is how it should be, it’s a sign of a healthy society, one that isn’t a dictatorship where everyone agrees on everything.

  314. If you think the Russians, the young Russians in particular, aren’t falling into an abyss similar to ours, think again. Sharij the Ukrainian blogger was talking about the Ukrainian neo-Nazis marching in Kiev, the authorities doing FA t/o stop the event, only the German and the Israeli Ambassadors were objecting, Sharij mentioned that Моргенштерн (Morgenstern?), a Russian rapper was banned from visiting Ukraine, he contrasted the two responses of the Government in Kiev, the ban of the blogger, the no-ban on the neo-Nazi march.

    This prompted Baron to look up the Russian rapper, he has close to 10mn subscribers, his videos are watched by millions, and if that wasn’t enough, he’s employed by a Russian bank to attract young people. It seems the whole tugging world’s spinning out of control. Here’s one of the M’s songs, not Baron’s cuppa by any stretch of the imagination.

  315. Noa @ April 29th, 2021 – 19:06

    A chilling story, Noa, but more of the same is to come, we may become a target also, Baron almost definitely, they have to control the net as they controlled the press before in the past, they cannot let people to have a say, and given the obsequious observance of the lockdowns most people will succumb, those that don’t will get punished.

  316. Noa @ April 29th, 2021 – 17:59

    You, Noa, together with EC, are stepping into Frank’s shoes quite successfully, the laments are close to what the great Fran would have produced.

    Delingpole over at Breitbart is saying the decorative uproar is a deflection from the disasters of more serious nature, he may well be right, but the Blond INsemnator is a habitual liar, one of the investigations will get him for it, but a fat lot of good will that do, people seem to be happy with his buffooning along.

  317. Noa, April 29th, 2021 – 18:36

    Most amusing. Was it the esprit de corpse (sic) engendered by the rag’s former editor that guided the hand of the author as he penned that I wonder?
    (I note that the current editor’s previous employer went bust at the end of 2019 – before the pandemonium!)

    I always said that Dave only appointed Sniffy (aka the Oik to his chums in the Bullingdon) as Chancellor of the Exchequer so he could paper over the cracks in the economy of “broken Britain.” (CHWs passim) Remember Dave’s ‘Broken Britain” lament? Gordon effing Bennett! How much more broken was Britain after Dave’s tenure of No. 10.

    It seems that the Wallpaper magnates do well no matter which team of self serving grasping ‘tards have the keys to the safe. It is recorded that one such piggy spent £650,000 on refurbishing his office with, amongst other things, hand-printed wallpaper at £300 a roll and drapes at £200 a metre.

    Sacked when he became a Bliar-bility in 2003.

    Der Untergang! Quite an amusing write up here…

  318. Meanwhile in the former Republic the Biden team continuing where Obama left off…
    i.e. using the FBI, IRS etc. to go after their political opponents…

    “Rudy Giuliani joins Tucker for first TV interview since FBI raid”

  319. La-La Land Der Untergang!

    The Critical Drinker remembers Tinsel Town’s former glory.

    Almost as eloquent as Mark Stein. Where’s he gone?

  320. Baron 00.43
    Im of the view that Boris, his bint and Lulu’s furniture now have a limited shelf life.
    It’s not the likes of the Lambeth ReichsMinisterium that will depose him though, but the behind the scenes maneuvers of Tory High Command: as the habitual lies, corruption and incompetence act as a wrecking ball on the political landscape his chosen successor will be quiet ly groomed for office. Who will it be? The et tu Brutii in the cabinet are already sharpening their poingards, but Raab, Wallace and even the loathsome Gove must be contenders.
    Perhaps Piffle can follow Sharij and Alex Belfield, becoming a YouTube celebrity rapper and decor promoter from his mistresses future bijou Battersea love nest, whoever she may be.

  321. EC 09.04
    Excellent! We’ll never know the true person dynamics of the Bullingdon club, but I suspect that when the balls were drawn from the sac it was always the oik, Gorgeous George who found himself having the first turn in the barrel.

  322. EC
    Hollowood? What can one say? It’s always be Sodthem and Tomorrow.
    Like British Universites it best summarised as Go Woke Go bloke, or take the Rimbi and run!

  323. Intersectionality eats itself or ftThe first Noel, or is it coz I is Black?

  324. Baron,

    Volodymyr Oleksandrovych Zelensky’s latest gambit is that he is now demanding a Summit meeting with Vladimir Putin… in the Vatican! 🙂 Reportedly the Vatican knew nothing about it.

    Anybody could be excused for thinking that this Zelensky chap is some sort of comedian! 🙂

    The prolix Alexander Mercouris explains…

  325. Are we all well, then, in the congregation of the 1st Church of Covid-19 this morning?

    I dunno about you, Noa, but what a welcome relief it is that the lowering clouds have returned bringing the rains. Inclement weather, fells strafed with rain and hail, doth bring more customers spending their money in the Ark Estates Cafe & Farm Shop.

    If May be here then the glorious July/August monsoons cannot be far away.
    Now there’s a happy thought…

  326. EC @ April 30th, 2021 – 21:23

    He has decided to go fully with the Americans, EC, the country’s in real peril, they’re running out of industrial diesel, trains may have to cease operating, he needs a loan from the IMF, the stock of gas is running low, too, nothing but problems for him, the Russians are telling him to talk to the two Republics, stop the neo-fascist marched, but the Rada has joined the calls for Russia to be kicked off SWIFT, altogether a messy state of affairs.

    PS apologies for the delay, Baron’s connection to the net behaves more than temperamentally, something’s not kosher here.

  327. Noa @ April 30th, 2021 – 10:02

    The way things are going, Noa, the guy hasn’t got much time before he gets removed.

  328. scan dow to find the posting by Dutch, then answer the question ‘is it a coincidence or could there be a cause and effect relationship?’

  329. May the fourth be with you, Wallsters!

  330. Newsletter – “Peace with Russia No Moral Obligation”

    (Own report) – German foreign policy makers and government advisors are calling for escalating western aggression against Russia. “We must hit Russia, there, where it really hurts,” admonishes foreign policy expert Alexander Graf Lambsdorff of the Free Democratic Party of Germany (FDP). Experts at the German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP) support military activities – such as “a military mission in the Black Sea” – as “foreign policy intimidation” of Moscow. Disconnecting Russia from the SWIFT global payment system should also be considered. According to EU Foreign Affairs Commissioner Josep Borrell, the EU must “be prepared for a long and hard period in our relations with Russia.” German Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer claims that Moscow is already engaged in “warfare in the middle of Europe.” The Russian government, on the other hand, is beginning to defend itself against the EU’s sanctions and other coercive measures. At the end of last week, Moscow imposed counter-sanctions on several EU politicians. The conflict is escalating.

  331. Noa,
    May 4th, 2021 – 08:48


  332. Analysis of:

    “Sergey Lavrov’s interview with Dmitry Kiselev Moscow, April 28, 2021”

    Some gems in here if you can stick with it.

  333. Bill and Belinda “no longer believe they can grow together as a couple in this next phase of their lives”, she files for divorce.

    Only someone like this couple could reason the way they do after they’ve decided to split, normal people have reasons other than their Orwellspeak.

  334. Noa @ May 4th, 2021 – 08:58

    If one plays with matches one may get burnt, Noa.

    Could Germany or any other NATO country excluding the US put up something similar? – see the video below.

    The German warmongering is the kind of attitude that scares Baron to death, he happens to have a stake in the future, has absolutely no desire for the three of them to suffer in another world conflict, unimaginably worse than the one that ended in 1945. These morons are pushing the limits of animosity towards Russia to a breaking point (also now against China) should be certified, put in a secure building, the key chucked out.

    (The video runs and runs, nothing much is happening, just move the cursor along to see the different hardware, some of it is hard to figure what it’s for).

  335. EC @ May 4th, 2021 – 09:41

    One only wished he could make the videos shorter, EC, this one could have been cut to about a fifth of its length, one doesn’t have the time to spend a large amount of time on each clip of interest.

    The Lavrov’s interviews are all to prevent the escalation in Donbas, which is almost a dead cert to happen, Baron reckons, unless they find another suitable individual, novitchok him or her, blame Russia for it, the completion of the Nord-2 would be by far greater failure of the American foreign policy than anything else including the debacle in Afghanistan that cost close to two trillion bucks. Just think about it. After Anchorage, it would send yet another signal to other governments the US hegemony is indeed on its way out, it would also free Germany from the US control of her energy policy.

    You may have noticed Blinken, Zelensky, many others are pushing a message of cooling things off, extending an olive branch to the Russians, hoping for an improvement of the relationship (whilst doing everything against it like ceasing to issue visas to the Russians wanting to visit the US …). That’s so that when the fighting in Donbas begins (a false flag op is to start it) they can say ‘we wanted to much to make the relationship better, but the dastardly Russians just must attack their neighbours, threaten Europe’s peace and democracy …..

    That’s truly evil because it could lead to something probably even the Americans want to avoid, but the inertia of events may take over, we will have to confront more than just c-19. Madness, genuine madness.

  336. Baron, May 4th, 2021 – 11:26

    “Bill and Belinda “no longer believe they can grow together as a couple in this next phase of their lives”, she files for divorce.”

    How very progressive of them.

    Baron, May 4th, 2021 – 11:36

    Re: Annegret Kramp-Karrenbaue (sounds painful)

    Mutti’s track record of ministerial appointments is almost as woeful as Call Me Dave’s.
    Is she being groomed as Merkel’s replacement?

    Zelensky will be abandoned.

    The Biden administration’s grasp of geopolitical realities is, as you say, dangerous.
    However apart from the Russians and Chinese the ever paranoid septics now have a new foe to worry about! Aliens in UFO’s. That’s right, little green men. They really are in a bad way.

  337. On a more practical note:

    When it became available Baron acquired the self-testing kit, in fact, he was offered two boxes, accepted, he and the boss have had 14 testing opportunities, four are already gone, on both occasions the results were negative.

    Here is what bothers the poorly edu Slav, why cannot the self test be accepted as a valid official test for c-19? It has to be reported, something Baron did, it’s logged somewhere, Baron also took a picture of the result, the white platform shows clearly only one pink line at the top of the strip, the picture also furnished the date and the time it was taken.

    The kit must have cost more than a penny apiece (it was made in China), what is it for if officially one has to have the PCR test, one available locally is for £155, this is madness, the self testing alternative should be as valid as the official PCR (which is still delivering plenty of false positives).

    It seems nobody’s bothered with the cost, Baron, is he’s not made of money, £155 quid is alot for him.

  338. EC @ May 4th, 2021 – 12:49

    You are quite right, EC, the stories of UFOs seem to proliferate even in the non-tabloid papers, it’s all part of scaring us senseless, just as with the Indian pandemic, the MSM poodles cannot have enough of the pyres, people dying or screaming, oxygen shortages …. but if one looks at the figures, the Indian number ro deaths per million is about a tenth of ours, and about a fifteenth of the Czechs.

    They just won’t miss any opportunity to frighten us to death, locally we’ve reached the lowest of the lows on c-19, they have to field India, stupid fruitcakes.

  339. Baron 4th May 11.36
    The Germans don’t even have their own matches to burn, Baron, that’s why they’re trying to the the UK into an EU army.
    More fool them.
    The British armed forces are totally demoralised, under equipped and under manned in all senses. Now trapped into wokery, after spending billions developing UAVs, they are now reduced to buying Turkish UAVs twenty times cheaper, and have less tanks than the Armenians lost in the war last year to the UAVs.

  340. A good lament, an excellent lament (see below), but what the guy’s forgetting is that if a nation turns out military hardware and the stuff that goes with it continuously and in ever increasing quantities, that gear, just like any civilian gear and civilian consumables, has to be amortised (the gear), and spent (the ammo). One cannot stock up ammo any more forever than one’s unable to stock up onions for years without end, both are consumables, have to be ‘eaten up’, the latter earlier than the former nevertheless consumed they both must be.

    Whilst one can consume onions in a meal served in a restaurant, ammunition can only get consumed in training (a small amount of it) or in military conflicts (the vaster amoun of it), which explains the Republic’s never ending warring, pity the Governing Elites (GEs) of the great country failed to heed Ike’s warning about the military-industrial complex when he made it in January 1961 (the great man forgot the financial leg of it, the oiling enabler for the two he singled out).

    Often the Left leaning fruitcakes explain the Republic’s obsession with the military by the fat profits the sector generates for the lucky ones, that’s undeniable, the customer for the output of the military gear is the Government, prices matter little even though the pretence that the costs are checked and re-checked fools the easily fooled public, it’s all the taxpayers money, who cares? (as opposed to the non-military segment of the economy where the pundits are the unwashed, price competition rules).

    What’s eft out in this argument is that the manufacture of the military hardware and the stuff that goes with it also furnished jobs. That may be the most significant obstacle for any politician ever attempting to address the unhealthy balance of the killing gear in the American nation’s wealth creation, reduce the role of the indy-milit complex in the Republic’s economy.

    Most of the design, manufacture, servicing and maintenance of the military hardware remains in the Republic, it didn’t offshore, it still provides a massive number of jobs, the Donald’s boosting the military budget was a stroke of genius for in turn it was the man reason for the employment’s noticeable rise. The longer term consequence of course will be getting rid of the additional output, more warring in the pipeline.

  341. Noa @ May 5th, 2021 – 21:40

    The decapitation of the German Armed Forces (including the German’s stubborn refusal to spend the two per cent of the GDP on the military), Noa, may have been a smart move on their part, they know that the threat from Russia is manufactured, the US forces aren’t in Germany to protect the country from the Eastern Slavs, but to keep an eye on the Germans, so why not spend the money of other stuff, let the American puck up the tab?

    It’s more a puzzle why we ran down our military, the manpower levels are ridiculously low, the gear either old or not properly serviced and maintained, viz the three nuclear subs, or as you say with he number of tanks.

    It’s the question pf money of course, but even so we should have heeded the historical legacy of the regiments, many of the dismantled units go back centuries, it seems they got guillotined without any thought given to what it does to the moral of the country at large, more importantly, what it may do to recruitment if the need were to arise, a strong Armed Force were needed.

    The shifting of resource to the cybersphere will not do it, the Russians and the Chinese or whoever can replicate the cyber activity also, but in the end if a conflict were to arise we will need boots on the ground, that’s the ultimate winning tool in a war, not some dreamed up new paradigm of winning a war in a cyberspace (it reminds Baron of the fiasco of the boom, the idea that a company can have a high multiple without making a penny in profits). Madness.

  342. Errors. sorry.

  343. Ever heard of Mariella Novotny? You may have, if you were at least in your teenage years when the Profumo affair hit the front pages of the tabloids, she apparently was responsible for the the Secretary of State for War meeting Mandy, but can anyone trust her?

    Mariella claimed to have been born in Czecho, a rich family, had to flee the bolsheviks, but according to her biographer Lillian Pizzichini she was a child of a short-hand typist in Sheffield, the father may have been a pilot from the Czecho, nobody knows.

    The intriguing thing about Mariella is her controlling the London underground, not the one that smells, runs not on time, needs a serious refurbishment, but the underworld kind, she ran it single handed, her obsession and the tool of control was sex, the sadistic mutation of it, started young but severely short-sited she couldn’t dance, work a waitress, took on the job of what one could call a high class prostitute, slept, allegedly with JFK, and virtually every other man, possibly woman of any social standing in Britain in the 60s, died whilst making herself a bowl of rice pudding, they found her with her face in it.

    Pity, very pity Frank’s no longer with us, he would have known her, her pasture of sex orgies centred around Soho when the great man was looking after the district. Why is it the best always go first?

    If you desire to submerge yourself into the goings of the 60s more deeply the book’s out on Mat 15, titled ‘The Novotny Papers”, costs £18.99.

    Btw, her surname is really a male’s one, as a female should would be called Novotna, but today with any pronouns one can think of going, it’s just as acceptable to use any surname one likes.

  344. And he forgot to tell you why he selected this sexy blonde’s biography rather than any other (Baron’s getting regularly a number of lists of books to be published).

    The girl spent some time in France, got interviewed there, on one of such occasions she was asked: ‘What have you left behind in England’, she answered: ‘Hypocrisy’.

    Impossible to accuse he of lying in this instance, right?

  345. It is in the minutae and detail of our changing culture and civilisation that we are able to observe and draw conclusions upon our society: to consider whether it is advancing, in slow decline or rapid decay.
    That an obese lesbian couple are leaving the lifetime career security provided by the NHS to enter Adam Smith’s capitilst world of entrepreneurial wealth creation is truly remarkable.
    Yet there are synergies. To create one of the new calorie and fat palaces in one of the poorest and fattest areas of Lancashire surely demonstrates the new, evangelical and pioneering spirit that resulted in the migration of Britons to the furthest flung corners of the Empire. Long may it continue!
    Brave, Gay obesity activists open new campaign front in Bamber Bridge.

  346. Noa – 09:38


    As they eat into the profits of their enterprise is difficult to guess what will overtake them first. Bankruptcy or Type 2 Diabetes.

    You should instruct the parson, priest or vicar to caution your mill workers against frittering away their wages on the various confections of the white death! Hopefully, in in order to protect them from themselves, you have a token scheme in place whereby they can only buy goods from your Estate shoppe.

  347. Baron,

    A straight 10 minute interview in Russian with Sergey Lavrov without any interruption or waffle from Alexander Mercouris !

    Another carefully scripted/crafted interview/signal/message for those with cognitive issues in the Biden administration? What he said in the last 2 mins about the Russian psyche was interesting. What say you?

  348. Noa @ May 7th, 2021 – 09:38

    A must place to visit, Noa, how kind of you to bring it to our attention.

    Years ago, when the country still possessed some common sense Baron liked to start a sentence with “way back in the times of barbaric Britain when people talking about the lesbians would ask ‘but what do they do together’ it was ….

  349. EC @ May 7th, 2021 – 22:17

    Anyone that knows about the Russian tribe more than it just exists must agree with him, EC, Russsia’s what Baron defines as a collectivist tribal polity, these tribes prefer strong, centralised and decisive governance, Russia isn’t the only country showing these characteristics, all the Eastern tribes exhibit them to greater or lesser degree including Japan (the LDP has been in power with only a short interruption since WW2).

    In Russia, it’s more pronounced than (say) in Japan, it explains the huge admiration of Stalin, not just by the older generation, but the young ones also. So much so that anyone criticising the Georgian thug is labelled a traitor not by the Kremlin (silent on the matter) but by ordinary people. there are pictures of him, some may find their way even for the May 9 parade, the West may be shocked.

    It’s a pity almost all the interesting stuff is in Russian, but Putin is being increasingly perceived as obsequious to the West, it will cost him in the forthcoming Duma election, the party that backs him, United Russia, may find it hard to get a straight majority, other parties advocating a stronger anti-Western policies will gain.

    Interesting times ahead indeed.

  350. Is war with France imminent? Only joking, but the shouting seems to be getting louder, we’re sending few boats to do exactly what?

    If you want to get the picture here’s someone who knows what he’s talking about, Craig Murray, a great man (not only because of his spiel on the fracas):

  351. It runs for close to an hour, the subtitles are hard to read, it loses the punch towards the end somewhat but it’s worth watching, the guy who made it didn’t;t set up to be either fora or against the regime, he just records life as it is.

    One of the best on China, the BBC wouldn’t come anywhere near the rawness of the guy’s approach, some of the highlights: The old female selling water to the climbers accepts payment in AliPay (that’s the Chinese equivalent of PayPay); a new house, no chimney; the strong belief in education, and most of all many of the locals don’t look Chinese.

  352. Tales from my journey to the asylum.

    This morning Simon Ellis reviews a children’s book publication entitled “This Book is Anti-Racist”.

    A search on Google reveals that
    “Author Tiffany Jewell is a Black biracial writer, parent and Montessori educator who has been doing the work of dismantling white supremacy through education for fourteen years. In addition to her job as a teacher, she has designed curriculums, given workshops, and presented at conferences on her work addressing social inequity through the lenses of race, class, immigration, and gender.”

    “…A Black biracial writer and Anti Racist Montessori educator and consultant. She spends her time baking bread and macarons, building LEGOS, watching British detective shows, and dreaming up how she can dismantle white supremacy. Tiffany currently lives in Western Massachusetts with her young activists, her partner, and a turtle she’s had since she was nine. This is her first book for children and young adults…”.
    A quick check reveals that my local (Lancashire) Libraries has six copies available of this Critical Race Theory primer in its local libraries, to which I will be objecting and demanding its removal on the grounds of inciting racial hatred.

    If they refuse to do so I intend to make a formal complaint to the Police, requesting them to register its promotion as a non-criminal racial hatred incident.
    After all, as anyone can report anyone for ‘hate crime’ the police will record it without making any judgement as to its truthfulness or rationale.
    In effect anyone at all could get someone else blacklisted from working.
    Here’s the thing: people like us could complain about Starmer, about Diane Abbot, about Corbyn etc, even the chief librarian of your local library…
    The complaint might be nonsense…but it would put the issue out front if every lefty in the country featured on the non-crime hate register.

  353. Baron
    Thanks for two good posts there. Who knew that lobster fishing could be so incestuous?
    A report from the Ark estates is overdue. We have been busy training the Solway Firt dingy divers you shipped down in the basics, how to use a public lavatory, to fill in a Benefits claim, complete a postal vote, pay their zakat at the Holy Noa Mosque, gain entrance to the local Children’s Care homes etc. When their training is complete we will be happy to let them dispense Tea and our famous Cheese and Chutney Barms at the Estate Workers canteen.

  354. On a different note, where is Malfleur these days? John Birch/ Fergus?

  355. Unless we stop the nonsense, we don’t have chance, these are the Russians, the Chinese are likely to be as serious, if not more, and there’s by far more of them, one can only hope that there aren’t that many high heel wearers amongst the boys in the military:

  356. Noa @ May 9th, 2021 – 08:58

    Good luck to him, Noa, but a fat lot of good will it do.

  357. John appears occasionally on the Conservative Woman blog, Noa, and Malfleur is waiting for the instructions from Q, Baron reckons, or has already received them and are as good as was Q’s advice when the Donald was around.

  358. Noa1 – 09:47

    “Who knew that lobster fishing could be so incestuous?”

    Lobster retrieval is an onerous task, and certainly the worst job that Clive ever had…

    Re: Solway Marraners

    Hopefully you had the foresight installed sharia compliant toilets at your facility You find these chaps will adapt to this style remarkably quickly, although you might struggle to get them to use the watering can to the side of the footpads.

    Watering can? Bloody luxury! Now when I was in N. Africa there were no…

  359. London’s buggered forever now.

  360. EC May 9th, 2021 – 15:01

    An excellent idea!
    I had not thought of using the footpads the Estate bailiffs round up as footstools for the standing army of jihadists, which will soon be the primary export from the ‘Wha’s like us Infidel!’ from the Neu Scottisk Republik run by the ReichletFuerein.
    Still, after serving that purpose I see no reason why they should not also join the kuffir slave convoys now regularly departing the Northern Darr al Salaam for Londonistan.

  361. EC

    As for Clive’s worst job, Lobsters?

  362. What Baron finds most impressive on the march is not the number of prisoners (the Germans took roughly twice the number), bit the silence of the onlookers (the marching was on July 17, 1944):

  363. Unlike les baguettes de la armee Francaise the Tommies of Ben Wallace no doubt welcome the armies of Islam with open ARMS Not that there are enough of them to do anything about it it they did…

  364. Those interested in researching the political traitor class can do no better than start with the Wigston Report, which inculcates the Marxist dogmas of Gramsci and the Frankfurt School into that most venerable of our institutions the defence of the Realm.
    For a detailed rebuttal of the Report readers if there are any, should refer to Appendix B of “Moralitis. A Cultural Virus” by Naill McCrae and Robert Oulds, available from the Bruges Group.

  365. Warrior Wigston’s Woke Wars Part 2.
    Wonderful, carbon neutral stuff.
    But, does the carbon know its neutral and has anyone told the enemy?

  366. On Lockdown Sceptics this morning:
    “CPS Admits That “All Offences Charged Under the Coronavirus Act Were Incorrectly Charged”.”

    Note the “All”.
    EVERY case, every single one, down the drain and not a single frickin’ word from the BBC or the rest of the reptiles.
    It also appears that those who have, wrongly, paid any fine, may be “allowed” to reclaim it.
    All that bureaucracy, all that police and court time (I don’t mean that in a good way) for nothing, and all the worry and frustration that those fined or charged must have gone through.

    Hat tip to John the bridge on Conservative Woman

  367. Noa, May 10th, 2021 – 10:45

    You got it in one.
    Once heard, never forgotten!
    A terrible job but somebody had to do it.

  368. If Abu Hamza wants to return home then I’m certain he’ll find a much warmer welcome in his home town of Alexandria, Egypt.

  369. EC
    Alex? My Uncle ‘arry hated it. Being the subject of a ‘mickey finn’ in a bar/bordello there. Waking up stark naked with his mates and having to walk back to his ship alongside the Canal to the accompaniment of every ships siren they passed.
    No benefits.
    No bint to ‘ang yer’ hook on.

  370. Amusing to see the Septics scrambling for priced gouged petrol. I’m surprised that nobody has been shot in one of the long queues at “gas” stations.

    Entirely predictably, of course, there being no cure for paranoia, Vladimir Putin is getting the blame from the Biden administratratium. (sic). Mike Pompeo has enthusiastically endorsed the official narrative – probably because he doesn’t want done unto himself that which was done unto Gen. Flynn

    Exactly how the Ruskies are supposed to have “hacked” the oil supply has not been explained. Also the Yanks are supposed to be smart aren’t they? So why do they seemingly expose their critical infrastructure to the WWW? Didn’t some kid from Norfolk hack into the Pentagon or the S.A.C. a while back?

    If Vlad is guilty of only half the things he’s accused of then he must be a genius.

    More likely causes of the glitch?

    !. Incompetence, probably badly tested software written by programmers employed on
    a quota basic.

    2. Eco terrorists, most likely Vegans, either foreign or domestic.

    3. A Black Flag Op by US Gov.t
    a) Neocons trying to start a war?
    b) A test run for the “Great Reset?”

    Get the Drones airborne, Bomb Vegetaria NOW!
    HELL, YES!

  371. When this unravels, the economic destruction engendered by the pandemic, and even more by our response to it, will feel like a walk in an amusement park:

  372. EC @ May 12th, 2021 – 12:57

    Two sources on the hack are closer to the truth than what either Pompeo or anyone from the Joe’s Admin can furnish, EC.

    The postings below the MoA are of interest also, somewhere towards the last part of the comments section King Lear has a go describing WW3 to begin in 2022 with dire consequences for both Russia and China, worth to look for.

  373. Here are the boys and girls that run the world, take notice:

  374. Why hasn’t anyone spotted yet that the joyful boisterousness in France is the work of the evil man in the Kremlin? Such a golden opportunity to kick Russia and nothing’s doing? Hmmm

    Raab has been warning Russia to stop hacking everywhere, but didn’t put 2 and 2 together to suggest that apart from disrupting the flow of oil and gas in the Republic, the Russian meddlers in the Western democracy are also exciting the French, including the generals.

  375. Baron – 22:13. et seq.

    Some good links there M’lud.

    The MSM are totally corrupt.
    My initial doubts about the oil “hacking” have been confirmed by other sources too.

    The Septics have a track record of blaming everybody but themselves…

    eg. The 2010 “BP” Deepwater Horizon disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.
    No {{{R U S S I A N S}}} needed that time as the anglophobe in the Oral Orifice, Pres. Mau-Mau, was quick to point the finger at BRITISH Petroleum even though the rig was operated by Halliburton. The latter being one on the world’s largest oil service companies with very close connections to Dick Dastardly and the Bushes.

  376. April 16th

    “Colonial Pipeline increases estimate of gasoline release near Huntersville”

    April 17th

    The NC Colonial Pipeline Spill Keeps Getting Bigger

    “Colonial Pipeline is responsible for 32 of the 38 pipeline spills in NC since 2000, as well as 272 of the more than 2,750 pipeline spills nationwide during that time. The company has reported 63 seperate incidents to federal regulators since the start of 2017 — ten of which have come since the last reported incident of the country’s most infamous pipeline, Dakota Access.

    Colonial Pipeline only inspected 45% of their 5,500 mile pipeline in 2019, with only 649 of those miles being checked for cracks — which the Huntersville leak originated from. Even worse, the company only checked 150 miles for cracks in 2018.

    In the aforementioned PHMSA report, regulators are requiring Colonial to submit a total and thorough evaluation of their inspection methods and leak detection technology — which by Colonial’s own admission was inadequate to detect the spill (two teens on ATV’s discovered it), which could have leaked for weeks without knowledge.

  377. Baron – 22:28

    I didn’t trust Raab even before he got his lobotomy(*) upon joining the Camel Corps. (Foreign Office).

    * A quick and easy procedure as most politicians have already lost the capacity for independent thought, their backbone or any moral scruples.

  378. EC @ May 13th, 2021 – 08:56

    WE’ve reached a appoint where it’s hard to believe anyone, EC, amazingly it doesn’t seem to bother any of the societal segments, the political phylum keeps going as if truth was radiating from every orifice of their bodies, the MSM poodles amplify it, the country appears to believe it.

    The one reason for the recent Tory by-election victory in the former red brick constituency could in part, possibly a large part, be explained by the fact that the local GDP is funded close to its entirety by the State, it’s all mostly transfer payments, and of course the furlough scheme helped as well as it ends only in September this years. Had the election been held after the furlough scheme’s over, the result may have been different.

  379. It’s the great Tucker with a story that’s very close to believable, he’s been banned, or rather the story was banned, but here it is:

  380. Did you know that Raab’s parents hale from Czecho? He slightly amended his surname, in Czech it’s ‘Ráb’ with an accent identical to comma above the letter ‘a’, it reads long, Raab.

    Btw, Baron watched RT tonight hoping to learn more about the Kazan shooting, learnt instead that Putin put two countries on the list of hostile countries, the US and the Czecho, a master and one of his lapdogs, arghhh

  381. Soon, from May 21, one would be able to see a film, the State Funeral, about the death of the Georgian thug and the people’s reaction to it. You reckon Baron should see it?

  382. Sadly, Baron missed the sale, he’ll have many sleepless nights, if that, unless the new owner were to offer him the picture, Baron would be prepared to go to well over £100mn to possess it, Leonardo da Vinci. Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, Titian, Raffaello, Sandro Botticelli …. eat your hearts out, boys, you could only dream of Basquiat fame, the man wanted to be an artist when he was three years old, and it shows, no?

  383. Baron, May 14th, 2021 – 22:19

    Re: Hartlepool result”

    You got it in one.
    Free stuff is always popular.
    So why would they rock the boat…

    The other thing to bear in mind about the denizens of Hartlepool is that since Napoleonic times they have had a reputation for being a bit thick…

  384. Baron, May 14th, 2021 – 22:21

    Tucker’s banned video containing revelations about “The Man With The Rictus Smirk” and his part in facilitating the Wuhan Institute’s “juicing up” of animal (Bat) viruses, that could be used as biological weapons, was fully documented in the video “PLANDEMIC” that was thoroughly removed from the internet with “extreme prejudice” as they say in the business. Documents with his signature on them! Anyhow, ALL the MSM references are united in condemning this video is as “viral hoax.” Almost word for word. Nobody is allowed to watch it to make their own minds up… trust the MSM!

    If you would like a copy of it then please email me and I will send you a copy on a USB memory stick.

  385. Baron, May 14th, 2021 – 22:30

    Yes, definitely. Please critique it for us.

    Baron, May 14th, 2021 – 23:25

    Ye Gods! The “End Of Days” draws nigh!

    Hopefully one of John Brennan’s Little Green Men in Flying Saucers will put us all out of ur misery before things get any worse!

  386. EC
    It’s not as though Hartlepudlians are like Londoners then..
    Khan must fall…

  387. Noa, May 15th, 2021 – 20:48

    Sadly, long gone are the good old days when one could wind up a Hartlepudlian by asking “Tell me, then, which one of you twats was it who hanged the monkey?”

    The good burgers (sic) of Hartlepool did vote in Mandy from Primrose Hill as their MP on three successive occasions. After he ditched the rodent he was sucking on his top lip then he got 60% of the vote on the final two occasions. The swing voters clearly liked the cut of his jib, unlike that of the poor monkey.

    A comfy seat in the House of Lords together an occasional “third sector” or lobbying sinecure undoubtedly awaits, but should the incumbent Mayor of Londonistan want to return to the Labour front line then transferring his postal votes to Hartlepool could see him nose ahead.,_Hartlepool

  388. Good read, the last sentence fits other governments also:

    10. Only in America… Could politicians talk about the greed of the rich at a $35,000.00 a plate campaign fund-raising event. 

    9. Only in America… Could people claim that the government still discriminates against black Americans when they had a black President, a black Attorney General and roughly 20% of the federal workforce is black while only 14% of the population is black. 40+% of all federal entitlements goes to black Americans, 3X the rate that goes to whites, 5X the rate that goes to Hispanics! 

    8. Only in America… Could they have had the two people most responsible for our tax code, Timothy Geithner (the former head of the Treasury Department) and Charles Rangel (who once ran the Ways and Means Committee), BOTH turn out to be tax cheats who are in favor of higher taxes. 

    7. Only in America… Can they have terrorists kill people in the name of Allah and have the media primarily react by fretting that Muslims might be harmed by the backlash. 

    6. Only in America… Would they make people who want to legally become American citizens wait for years in their home countries and pay tens of thousands of dollars for the privilege, while they discuss letting anyone who sneaks into the country illegally just ‘magically’ become American citizens. 

    5. Only in America… Could the people who believe in balancing the budget and sticking by the country’s Constitution be thought of as “extremists.” 

    4. Only in America… Could you need to present a driver’s license to cash a check or buy alcohol, but not to vote. 

    3. Only in America… Could people demand the government investigate whether oil companies are gouging the public because the price of gas went up when the return on equity invested in a major U.S. Oil company (Marathon Oil) is less than half of a company making tennis shoes (Nike). 

    2. Only in America… Could the government collect more tax dollars from the people than any nation in recorded history, still spend a trillion dollars more than it has per year – for total spending of $7 Million PER MINUTE, and complain that it doesn’t have nearly enough money. 

    1. Only in America… Could the rich people – who pay 86% of all income taxes – be accused of not paying their “fair share” by people who don’t pay any income taxes at all. 
    If you put the federal government in charge of the Sahara Desert, in five years there would be a shortage of sand.

  389. One doesn’t have to agree with Mr. Curtin fully (Baron doesn’t;t on the Twin Towers), but he certainly furnishes some food for thought:

  390. I wonder if Simon Webb will do a video on this?

    Celebrated British author’s book on famous historians canceled in US for being ‘too white’ – media

    Dere’s not nuff black in it, innit…

  391. Who will the electorate vote for when Labour finally disembowels itself?
    The Greens? God forbid.

    Of course it will continue as Hubz al Liebaya, a sort of terrorist front party for Al Queada and ISIS, like the role Sein Faine performs for the Provos.
    And it will be entertaining to watch the LGMBTQ+ volkers being ritually and probably actually beheaded outside the Central London Mosque that Westminster Abbey will have become under the current Grand Mufti of Londonistan.
    As for the Tories, I don’t hold out any hope for a right wing revival soon. Tice, Fox and co don’t have the clout in our two party dictatorship.
    But the following was amusing.

  392. I had scribbled the following in my diary in January, surprisingly I could still read it:

    As Dherzinski and Beria demonstrated there’s nothing wrong with any politician that cannot be remedied with the bastinado, flogging and piano wire. Accompanied of course by a decent Cognac to savour during the performance.
    Labour politicians, of course are even worse than their Tory counterparts at the trough, being like foxes who have abandoned scavenging in the dustbin in favour of going directly into your fridge and wine cellar for their dinner.

  393. EC – May 17th, 2021 – 13:48
    “…I wonder if Simon Webb will do a video on this?…”

    It occurs to me that that the Wall was in many ways ahead of its time.
    What people will be looking for is the YouTube variant, a mixture of written and viewing content from a variety of writers, speakers and thinkers, rather than the collection of often idiosyncratic personalities who as individuals express their views at present.
    Rather like the BBC used to be in the mid 20th Century for the elite, but now providing an opportunity for normal people to express their views, politely, cogently and pungently.

  394. After all, iin my view there is no reason whatsoever that you, or I or our dearly beloved Baron couldn’t hold forth with equal felicity to Mr Webb.

  395. What did I just write about Labour and the Greens?

  396. Apropos boiling frogs etc.

    “If the Greens ever get into power they’ll turn Red faster than a frog in a food blender.”
    Kelvin McKenzie

    That woman in Brighton is particularly nasty piece of work, imo.

    Noa – 17:37

    Wonderful. The parade of cerebrally challenged Labour lefties in that compilation video make Abbotticus and Lisa Numpty look like intellectual colossi.

  397. What’s all this about lobster retrieval? I’m afraid I’ve lost the plot under this scamdemic and am trying to hold things together while waiting for the globalists (God damn their eyes) to be dragged before the cameras of the.military tribunals by listening to Glenn Gould play Bach and Beethoven.

  398. ,:. …and watching Breaking Bad etc of course. …

  399. Correction: binge-watching

  400. Should the Scots gain independence in another (possible) referendum, what’s left would be known as the ‘Former United Kingdom’ or FUK. The campaign to persuade the unwashed haggis eaters and whiskey drinkers to vote ‘no’ to the split will be ‘Vote NO for FUK’s sake’.

    Shall Baron pick his coat, leave?

  401. Malfleur @ May 18th, 2021 – 09:14

    Where have you been hiding, Malfleur, when you are needed, we are about to bunker down again, a few burghers of Britain have contracted an Indian mutation of the bug, cases have gone up, the end is nigh, only He could save us, and He seems not to give AF.

  402. EC @ May 18th, 2021 – 08:22

    Just like in Germany, EC, they may not go the Full Monty but share, even that would be a complete catastrophe.

  403. For EC:

    To his horror Baron has just remembered he didn’t thank you for the kind offer of you know what. It was exceedingly kind of you, but you shouldn’t bother now, it’s a hassle for you. If however the opportunity arises, Baron needs it, he will ask. Is not OK?

  404. A man called Jim wants to extinguish his wife, doesn’t feel up to it, coward he, one day goes to a pub, meets a guy called Arty, Arty says ‘well, I’ll do it for a pound’, Jim raises the money, hands it over to Arty, says’ she shops each Friday at Tesco after two, wears a green coat and a yellowish hat’.

    Arty arrives at Tesco on Friday afternoon, but as chance would have it spots two women wearing green coats and yellowish hats, panics, strangles both, Jim reads in the DM next morning ‘Arty chokes two for a pound at Tesco’, and faints.

    It’s now definitely to take the coat for Baron, leave.

  405. Malfleur
    I enjoyed BB tremendously. A people’s hero.
    Sadly Walter White is not the redblooded Republican in real life, but some sort of Democratic. To be fair you probably have to be if you live and work in Hollywood, but if you inhabit that insane world are you competent to judge the sanity of anyone else?

  406. Baron
    Don’t leave Mi’lud! We need more humour, not less, in our homogeneous and regimented Wokeocracy.
    If you haven’t already seen it this weekly rant might help.

  407. Twitter has suspended a Spanish MP Francisco José Contreras for saying men can’t get pregnant. Twitter said the comments violated the platform’s policy on hate crime.

    Be careful, OK? Avoid saying hateful things of the kind the Spanish guy did, men get get pregnant, everyone and everything can get inseminated, fugg biology, it’s the fully fledged freedom of everyone and everything to be or to become anything he she it ze zee zie hir ash xe … want to be or to become.

    When this ends, as it must, it will be painful, very painful.

  408. Noa @ May 18th, 2021 – 16:55

    Good one, Noa, and new to Baron, the Australian trans woman weightlifter for the Olympics gets his vote, he hopes she wins decisively.

  409. A piece in the Spectator about the rise of extremism in Germany, mostly the Right is to blame of course, Baron posted a response, it got censored, can you spot why?

    “The MSM poodles are but willing amplifiers of the Governing Elites re-engineering efforts of the society, St, which may be heart warming and noble but it’s inimical to what most people desire, (say) on the immigration issue, most indigenous folk resent the mixing of cultures that are alien to each other.

    In general, the polarisation of not only the German society but others also, is the direct result of the gap between what the governing elites have been forcing upon the unwashed for years and the growing resentment of the unwashed to it, it won’t get solved by new statutes any more than barring by law the Nazi followers in the Weimar Republic was before Adolf seized power in 1933”.

  410. Baron
    Yes, well said of course. Or not, as was the case.
    Last weeks Spectator editorial was a pean of praise for Boris and his immigration policy, supposedly its brains not brawn that’s needed, as the residents of Golders Green could testify.
    Unmentioned by the media is how the Camel corps somehow misunderestimated the 3m EUortrash who wanted to settle here in 2015 grew magically to 5million by December.
    It seems the only thing they can count is how many toes there are on a camel and their salary increments.

  411. An instructive set of running graphs, it seems that in every country the introduction of inoculation has led to a boost to deaths for a certain period of time as if the vaccines were finishing the job of c-19, adding to the virus’s toxicity to cleanse those that aren’t 100% healthy. That may be wrong there could be another reasons, but what seems unquestionable is that deaths got boosted after vaccinations began in virtually every country.

    It would be nice to know which of the vaccines were administered in each country, but given that countries used a variety of vaccines that exercise may be futile, except for countries that used a vaccine only from one manufacturer e.g. Russia but even here the result is not dissimilar to other multiple vaccines countries, but the boost to deaths seems less pronounced.

    Any other ideas what to make of it?

  412. Malfleur, May 18th, 2021 – 09:42

    By coincidence I’ve just started watching BB saga on Netflix. Currently mid S2.
    Very much out of desperation as there’s FA else that I’ve not already seen or would want to see. Actually I’m quite enjoying it. I love a good black comedy. Well made but’s a bit slow at times, though.

    Noa, May 18th, 2021 – 16:47

    They don’t call it La-La land for nothing. More like ga-ga land.

  413. Baron, May 18th, 2021 – 15:27

    Nice joke. 🙂
    The PC and the Twatter mobsters have killed comedy.
    If he were alive today Les Dawson would undoubtedly be “cancelled” for his “mother-in-law” jokes that were crafted from centuries of the human experience

    Baron, May 18th, 2021 – 23:05

    “Twitter has suspended a Spanish MP Francisco José Contreras for saying men can’t get pregnant. […]
    When this ends, as it must, it will be painful, very painful.”

    It’ll be the birth of something ugly, that’s for sure.
    But anything involving sffinctars (*) or childbirth usually is.

    * using the ‘wegie spelling here

  414. Noa & EC on BB
    WW: An antihero rather than a hero I would have thought and apolitical rather than Republican; from innocence to rexperience, and that theme spun in variations through all the characters and situations as ethical contradictions arise and are resolved.
    Try also Better Call Saul which I am taking three episodes at a time. Same world.
    Back in the day Hollywood would labour over a single film. Here each episode refrlects the same amount of work; though perhaps editing in video is a lot swifter than celluloid. But what overall complexity of organisation required, what fine photography, editing, sound track, camera work and ensemble acting. Chapeau Bas to the screenwriter and producers! The occasional tribute to an individual in the credits perhaps marks the death of one of the team on what must have been the great journey making these series. A sad, funny, bitter, grim and.vital mirror to our times.

  415. Baron asks where.have I been hiding myself.What an exiled English man does under infantile scamdemic lockdown: well, gnaw at the old bone. If it was a big bang. What went bang? What caused what to bang? Can this question be answered only by a physicist and not by someone who only has the English language at his disposal?? Did something always exist or did it come out of nothing? How can something come out of nothing – except in a statement of Hegel Ian dialectical logic? In the beginning was the logos – was it Steiner who noted that logos in Greek meant cosmic reason? Is the cosmos inherently rational and.if so how get that way?

    I blame the Johnson government for these questions popping up sgain by giving us too much idle time. There must be simpler ways to prevent Trump from continuing as President.

  416. Not a bad read:

    And for Malfleur: Gnaw less post more, and more often, young sir.


    {{{ R-R_R U S S I A N S }}}

    First we had news of little green men in UFOs from John Brennan et alia,
    and now, from FOX, there’s been an outbreak hot heads in the CIA.

    No mention of Chy-na.
    Allegedly it’s Vlad’s men that have been freely patrolling the streets of DC/Langley in pick up trucks zapping CIA operatives with concealed energy weapons.

    You couldn’t make this stuff up… except that they probably did.

    Probably caused their office internal 5G network. OTOH it could be prions in the burgers served up in the staff canteen.

    File under: Cerveaux bouillis sans des herbes à la crème

  418. YET another reason not to fly Ryanair!

    Plane almost at the border was far closer to Vilnius than Minsk when it received the radio “alert.”

  419. @08:29 additional…

    Of course , in my opinion, air piracy and also the kidnapping (possible torture and disposal) of political opponents is wrong when anybody does it.

    It’s difficult to see how the USA and UK can claim the moral high ground above China, N. Korea, Russia, former CCCP republics, Argentina, Chile, or even Israel here. It won’t stop them doing it, with an orchestrated chorus of yapping from Baron’s “MSM poodles.”

    Sub text: It’s OK when our team do it, innit.
    So predictable.


  420. EC @ May 24th, 2021 – 10:13 & 08:29

    Quite, EC.

    Latest on the Minsk charade:

    The Telegram Nexta (that’s the outfit the young man Protasevitch runs) has published a short video of the man after his arrest, the first he gave, he says he’s fully cooperating with the authorities, feels fine, is being treated OK.

    The Belarus Ministry of Defence says the Mig-29 left 17 minutes after the Ryanair plane turned south south east towards Minsk.

    Four people did not rejoined the flight from Minsk to Vilnius, the young man Protasevitch, his Russian girlfriend (the Russian protested, were allowed a consular visit), and another two individuals, the rumour says these two were Belarus agents (not confirmed yet).

    Raab is proposing Britain to impose sanction over the Nord-2 pipeline because of the Belarus incident, no reason for it was given, the thinking must be Lukashenko wouldn’t dare to engineer such a stunt without Putin’s nodding.

    A joke on a number of the Russian blogs: The pilot of the Ryanair plane was Petrov, the first flight engineer Bashirov, that’s why the contraption turned to Minsk rather than carried on to Vilnius. Will the two never stop undermining our lives? Arghhh

    Indeed, EC, free Julian.

  421. An exceedingly strong support for the arrested Belarus young man from Poland:

  422. Orange Man Good! Bad News day for “The Man With The Rictus Smirk”

    “Donald Trump Vindicated: COVID Wuhan Lab Intel Forces Fauci, Fact Checkers to do a 180”

  423. Apparently, the Americans wanted to nuke China in 1958, missed it, the guy that released the still confidential documents now says he’s done so to prevent a possible military conflict over Taiwan.

    Is it really necessary for China to absorb Taiwan, most of the trade, inward investment, tourism and anything else that matters is already between the mainland and Taiwan, close to half of the Taiwanese people have no objection to joining the mainland, but for reasons other than the other half is deadly against it i.e. the semiconductor trade with the US (TSMC) it’s better for both the mainland and Taiwan to stay separate.

  424. EC @ May 25th, 2021 – 11:17

    You’ll like it, EC, it’s much better argued than the what the bare chested guy says, in fact it’s the best Baron has come across, it essentially says the same, the leak option has by far better chance of being the one, the other theory pushed by the WHO, the Chinese but also the Americans involved in the Wuhan business fails on a number of hurdles amongst them the obvious one, the bats may have been the carriers of the original SARS2, the people contracting it number in millions but where is the middleman, the intermediary animal, the scientists have had 18 months to find it, failed (there are other reason for which the ‘bat-animal- people-theory can be debunked, it’s all there in this longish narrative, but one of the best, if not the best)


  425. This you will like not at all, Baron doesn’t like it either although he would like someone to explain few things such as how come that in the Wuhan military games (Oct 2019) the US team came 35th beaten by Hungary, Lithuania, Ukraine … (check it out in Wiki), how come that after China almost immediately Iran got hit with c-19, very badly, the vaping deaths neat Fort Detrick, the closure of Fort Detrick by the CDC and few other puzzling features of the c-19 saga (that’s for later).

    Anyone has any suggestions?

  426. Baron, May 27th, 2021 – 23:55

    Good day.
    An excellent and thorough article, Baron.
    It was the full Alexander Mercouris version, so to speak, as compared to Styx’s handy precis – for those with many other demands on their time.

    “Moreover, I hasten to add”, as AM would say” The Man With The Rictus Smirk‘s part in the funding of the “research” at the Wuhan Institute was fully documented in the film Plandemic which was expunged, eradicated, from the internet so efficiently at the start of the pandemonium. Big tech had much more success in censoring that video than the scientists had in dealing with the biological weapon that they had created.

    From that article it appears that, once again, Lysenko-ism prospered at the expense of scientific enquiry. “Invested” grant troughing “scientists”, consensus/settled science will be undoing of all of us, I’m afraid.

    A great pity “they” didn’t come up with something that fucked cats. There’s far too many of them in my near neighbourhood. We have a ‘cat lady’ next door who currently has six! Grrr…

  427. Re: cure for cats:

    … yes, I know, a couple of vicious dogs is the answer. Anatolian Shepherds? Wolfhounds? Lurchers? I won’t, however, buy an animal that will outlive me.
    I’d really like a Newfoundland but they are not quick enough 😉

  428. EC @ May 28th, 2021 – 16:53

    Not a great lover of cats either Baron, just the opposite, EC, your solution appeals but thankfully not many cats around here.

    Few points on the Ryanair charade:

    Why hasn’t any ‘journalist’ talked to the pilot or the crew of the Ryanair plane? They should, don’t you think? The pilot will know what he was told, why he decided to land at Minsk.

    The Belarus MSM are saying three countries refused permission to land, Lithuania, Ukraine and Poland, Minsk was the only airport that said ‘OK, land’.

    The P guy that got arrested was apparently saying that he was followed before boarding the plane, someone was trying to take picture of his passport, not once but many times … This sounds weird if, as he is suggesting, the man or men were Belarus security officers, surely this isn’t the behaviour of the spooks that wanted him to board the plane, P could have decided to miss the flight, they would have lost the opportunity to arrest him at Minsk.

    In the West, P would be inside, he’s as bad as the Ukrainian neo-Nazis, Sharij, the guy Baron watches on the Net has done a video on him, he was on the cover of a rag called ‘the Black Sun’, Julius Streicher would have been proud, it’s anti-semitic, full of hatred of both the East and the West. The Western elites are rather unlucky picking up opponents of Putin, much worse than the killer man.

    The majority view in the Russian blogosphere is that it was orchestrated by the West with one objective, the scrapping of N-2. Our obliging Foreign Secretary has called on Germany to do exactly this.

    It’s still Baron’s view that we are to see other provocation, very likely bigger than the Ryanair incident aiming at the same, the ending of N-2.

  429. If you think Russia’s youth isn’t infested with the same bug of narcissistic trash, think again:

  430. Pandora’s box:

    The fallout from the bat cave is hopefully going to bury “The Man With The Rictus Smirk” any day soon.

  431. “West Dismayed as ICAO Backs Full Investigation of Ryanair Incident and China/Russia Back Belarus”

    Alexander Mercouris with a brief (for him) update.

  432. @17:22 ++

    I find some of the the claims in the above video to be quite risible. i.e. that the EU is trying to spread “democracy” to neighbouring countries.

    Eh? Meddling yes, but “democracy??” The design and operation of the EU is antithetical to “democracy.” Even Vlad The Bad referred to it as the EUSSR. No, no, the blueprint for the EU was drawn up by 18’s men, and was quite rightly denounced by Nicholas Ridley (* Baron Ridley of Liddesdale ) as “a German Racket.”

    * His Baronial Hall being being an interesting construction in Border Reiver country – on the the south bank of Liddel Water – which forms the boggy border between England, and the heathen haggis munchers to the north.

  433. EC @ May 29th, 2021 – 17:17

    If only, EC, the guy wasn’t;t alone, there must have been others on it, you may recall Baron posted more than a year ago a link to a chap called George Webb, he was on of them, resigned, knew everyone by name, but then made a mistake accused a female of something or other, hasn’t been heard of since, out of u-tube, out of everywhere.

    If dr. Fauci were the only one, he would be toast, but there must others much higher up, Fauci will be OK, you’ll see.

  434. Cheer yourselves up with a cold bucketful of Hitchens.

  435. Have the UFO’s landed yet?

  436. “The Dr Fauci Emails”
    Paul Joseph Watson

  437. SWIFT: Jun 2, 2021: Lavrov reiterates: The EU Is Unreliable Partner And Don’t Respect Written Agreements”

    The latest rotation of the EU (Portugal) “Presidency” get told.

  438. Baron, May 29th, 2021 – 01:12

    “If you think Russia’s youth isn’t infested with the same bug of narcissistic trash, think again:”

    I read somewhere in the last couple of days that gnarled Vladimir Zhirinovsky was suggesting, by extension, that the voting age to be raised to 30 years old – on the grounds that before that age very few young people knew any history or, indeed, their arse from their elbow.

    By the time your grandparents were in their 20s, they were married with kids and had fought two world wars, or so they always said. Now, one Russian politician is supporting the idea that youngsters have a lot of growing up to do.”

    Veteran MP Vladimir Zhirinovsky, the leader of Russia’s right-wing LDPR party, announced his bold new policy at a meeting of the national parliament on Tuesday, held to coincide with Children’s Day. “Let’s extend the age: those under 30 will be considered children,” he said. “They don’t understand anything until they are 30, so they are all children.”

    Can you imagine the howls of protest if anybody said that in the UK? The trend in the western “democracies” is for politicians to want to lower the voting age to 16. As increasing numbers of people have become disaffected with politicians they are now grooming those literally “born yesterday” to vote for them!

    File under: Magic Grandpa, Nicola Mc Krankie et al.

  439. From the piece you can read in full if you follow the link below:

    “The Wuhan story provides a chance to understand more deeply how elites wield their narrative power over us – to control what we think, or are even capable of thinking. They can twist any narrative to their advantage”.

  440. EC @ June 3rd, 2021 – 09:56

    The Zhirinovsky’s crowd, EC, and those of the other parties, some less right leaning than his lot, is what will make Putin’s United Russia vulnerable in the Autumn Duma election, Putin himself is perceived as being out of touch, the masses are by far more aggressive vis-a-vis the West, are against his meeting with Biden, believe he’s been too timid in responding to Western pressure, hence his red line speech that may be too late to save the election.

    Truly interesting times ahead.

    Btw, the abandoning of US sanctions to stop the N-2 project may not be the last word on the contentious issue, the Americans are preparing to ban the certification of the pipeline, their lawyers reckon they had more than fair chance of succeeding, the Green mobs everywhere will back them, too.

  441. EC @ June 2nd, 2021 – 18:24

    As you ell now, EC, this is a long going conundrum, the SWIFT infighting between the two powers, the outfit is a private enterprise but of course the Americans are in charge, if Russia were to drop out or be pushed out, it will not look good for the set-up, others may follow, establish a rival clearing system.

    Not much of what’s going on has been in public since it started, some time ago Baron tried to dig up more, failed, it may different now, but what’s clears that Russia may be getting ready for it, it’s sovereign fund is getting out of the US dollar denominated assets, smartly as not to harm other countries holding them:

  442. EC @ June 2nd, 2021 – 17:56

    The great Joseph essentially repeats what the Unz piece says (posted @ 10:31), the new UK TV channel should let him have a slot, it would get more viewers in, that’s for certain.

    Dr Fauci and the other bloke couldn’t have done it alone without at least a nodding by the other high placed players’s, we will never get to the bottom of it, the MSM poodles will play down anything that gets close to the truth, and the powers that be will continue to obfuscate and lie. There seems to way out

  443. Noa @ June 2nd, 2021 – 08:17

    More than depressing, Noa, but so right.

  444. Tucker is a smart guy but he’s failed to figure that no matter how much he shouts he’ll never get anywhere, those responsible for the disaster are unlikely to punish themselves by (say) resigning, they’ll continue to obfuscate and lie, they cannot be expected to do anything else, it’s he who may get kicked out of Fox eventually.

  445. EC
    June 2nd, 2021 – 17:56

    Other matters which PJW should not talk about:

  446. Malfleur – 01:08

    He’s also hasn’t, not to my knowledge, ever spoke about Common Purpose. Neither has the heroic Pat Condell, whose new video uploads in recent years have become as rare as appearances by the Great Prophet Zarquon or, indeed, our host.

  447. Baron, June 4th, 2021 – 11:02

    Biological weapons research is a risk business.
    Overworked lab rats studying the effects of “gain of function” viruses on lab mice can get careless.

    Whether it be from nuclear armageddon or from a man-made biological catastrophe then Murphy’s Law suggests that one day homo “sapiens” will succeed in finishing itself off.

    Baron, June 4th, 2021 – 11:17

    In the same way that the BBC needed Jeremy Clarkson, FOX needs the likes of Carlson and Hannity to give it the fig leaf of pretending that it’s not already sold out to the (cultural) Marxists.

    It’s a little surprising that FOX, post coup d’état of 2020, didn’t get rid of Hannity.
    Perhaps not though, as he is very rich and can afford the best lawyers!

  448. The comparison’s apt, it follows the same explanation by the Z-man Baron posted before, but for Putin the biggest danger looms within Russia, the forthcoming Duma election, his move towards a rather pugnacious stance vis-a-vis the Americans (for that’s what it is, it’s a belated almost knee-jerk switch) may have come too late to save it for his United Russia, the party will be lucky to get a slim majority, you’ll see.

  449. EC @ June 5th, 2021 – 13:50

    If the finishing off of the mankind comes after Baron has snuffed it, EC, it’s OK (only joking).

    You have a point though, all this yapping about the hackers residing in Russia and stuff, where’s the fugging evidence?, could lead to one party or the other losing its composure pushing the red button and voila, we’re toast, many of us anyway with the rest being envious of them what with slowly bleeding from eyes, coughing blood, dying slowly and painfully.

    Lets juts hope even the deluded fruitcakes that think there could be winners in nuclear, chemical or biological war aren’t that deluded.

  450. Did you know that on this day in 1967 Israeli military attacked the US Navy intelligence ship USS Liberty in international waters? (Baron didn’t). Any idea what was behind it?

  451. Baron – 11:06

    “Lets juts hope even the deluded fruitcakes that think there could be winners in nuclear, chemical or biological war aren’t that deluded.”

    We should be grateful, then, that the progeny of the Soviet fugitive émigré doesn’t have the nuclear codes!

  452. cont’d…

    Re: Hacking: We must not forget that, like caesar’s wife, the Chinese must be above suspicion since the clan that now occupies the Oral Orifice (© Frank P) have been bought and paid for!

  453. Have you been Street preaching in the Cheviots again EC? If so the mission seems doomed to failure.
    Yes, doomed I say.
    Anyway I saw this mornings piece of Bellendery and immediately thought of you.

  454. EC @ June 8th, 2021 – 18:37

    Well said, EC, and thanks for reminding us of the great Frank, how much is he missed?

    The forthcoming meeting of the two in Geneva was nearly called off, the russians have been inoculated with the Sputnik jab, the Swiss don’t recognise it, what a world, hehe?

    Still, the get together is a big blunder on Putin’s part, he’s walking into a trap, after the sessions the Americans will say ‘we have tried, we have done everything we can to come to some understanding with the imperialistic Russia that invades countries, hacks our infrastructure, undermines the flourishing democracy of the West, but they, the Ruskies won’t have any of it, we have no alternative but to boost our response, the international community demands it, and we should answer this demand, everything’s on the table, we have to consider lobbying few missiles into that evil country as the first step on that mission ….. (or words to that effect, you’ll see)

  455. Noa – 08:07

    Yerrrs. Sometimes I think that “our Alex” is only just one rung up from the Hartlepudlians of yore. I do hope I’m wrong. He’s angry, I get that (who wouldn’t be) but he needs to be careful that motormouth doesn’t make an unintended gaffe.

    He is supposed to be doing his “big reveal” tomorrow – the day before his matinee performance at the high court.I wish him well, as I do anybody that takes on the BBC. Not forgetting his lawsuit against his local c*nstabulary who have been caught out “acting beyond authority” as Julia might have it, or “above the law” as the rest of us might say.

    EC, May 15th, 2021 – 18:39

    Baron, May 14th, 2021 – 22:19

    Re: Hartlepool result”

    You got it in one.
    Free stuff is always popular.
    So why would they rock the boat…

    The other thing to bear in mind about the denizens of Hartlepool is that since Napoleonic times they have had a reputation for being a bit thick…

  456. This is somewhat outside the usual range of what we’re debating, but it’s worth your listening to, the guy’s logic of the argument is superb, and the key point he makes ‘why they and not anyone else’ is valid, should perhaps be explained by their top backers.

  457. Baron – 07:34

    Ah So!
    “There are three things cannot remain long hidden: The sun, the moon and the truth.”

  458. Baron June 11
    Will give it a go.

    Have been listening repeatedly during the Covid Fraud Enhanced Rest Period to Gould playing Beethoven’s piano sonatas. Never fails. Was prompted to Google their meaning. No result – except Scruton’s book on philosophy of music. I don’t have a copy. Is it likely to answer my question…?

  459. EC @ June 11th, 2021 – 08:27

    A nice quote, EC, baron has already used it, thanks.

  460. Malfleur @ June 12th, 2021 – 05:17

    Piano isn’t Baron;s favourite instrument, Malfleur, but B’s sonatas are as as good as anything the great man composed, the barbarian’s current mood calming piece is Schubert’s Death and Maiden, the andante con moto, he listens to it over and over again and cools down so well that often the falls asleep.

  461. It’s once again not something we debate often, but it’s Baron’s hobby, the debunking of the orthodoxy of Darwin, the video is a must watch for anyone interested in cell microbiology, three top brains mulling over the impossibility of life emerging through random mutation and natural selection (the third component of the great thinker, the common descent, is self obvious, cannot be denied except for whether the starting point was the same for all species or not).

  462. Peter Tatchells’s talking about Assad and Putin, it should viewed more widely:

  463. Baron, June 14th, 2021 – 13:46

    ‘ave a word with yourself, M’lud!
    Not only a nonce apologist, but talking out of his arse as usual.

    Sounds like he’s making common cause, though, with our soviet fugitive/émigré friend. I wonder if he’ll knit him a pink beret for the next demo outside the Russian embassy.
    I’m looking forward to seeing the photos of Boot, Izzard and Tatchell marching three abreast down Kensington Palace Gardens.

  464. Baron, June 14th, 2021 – 13:46

    Baron, It just occurred to me that you might not have been entirely serious!

    Obviously we should all rely on the sage words of approved analysts, by the Guardian naturally ) On UK politics: Owen Jones, on the USA: Max Boot, and to make sense of geopolitical affairs then it has to be Daniel Krapski.

    Please pass on my grateful thanks to the Czech national “Foot The Ball” team for their performance yesterday, and giving me the best laugh I’ve had in weeks.

  465. “Please pass on my grateful thanks to the Czech national “Foot The Ball” team for their performance yesterday, and giving me the best laugh I’ve had in weeks.”

    Duly seconded EC!

    A shame that the Croats couldnt do the same to USSEngerland.

  466. Noa,

    Agreed. Such is my disdain for the antics England team of privileged millionaire thugs, and its dimwit team manager, that for the first time ever I’m hoping that Scotland beat them! I do hope that it’s still mathematically possible for both both teams go out in the group stage?

  467. I feel much the same about Engerland FC as I do the Blond Inseminator and his preparing to take the knee to BLM, Macron and the EU, in fact to almost anyone who might take offence at the last remaining shreds of conservatism in himself and the wretched party he purports to lead.
    Has there ever been a man who, as the leader of this once great country, has ever behaved in such a contemptuous and contemptible manner to the country and its people?

  468. It seems that we will need to defend ourselves if the Chinese or anyone else invades us, or the fifth columns decide to expand the boundaries of the caliphate beyond the Islamic Republics of Dewsbury, Blackburn and Tower Hamlets. So,, 6000 Big Mac munchers out of a maximum strength of 82500, of which 30000 are supposedly combat effectives.
    At least we can always recruit from the machete wielding classes who proudly demonstrate their martial abilities in Hyde Park demonstrations on Sundays.

  469. The West must fall! Australia buys junk French submarines to be delivered in 20 years, US aircraft and incompatible UK frigates.
    And if you think thats bad just look at the UKs obsolete Challenger 2 tank fleet being upgraded to Chalkenfer 3s at £5.5m per drone target or the junk new APC fleet that can’t travel at more than 20mph due to council road restrictions. (Just joking of course. Its elf and safety that doesn’t let them go more than 20mph even if they could.
    Will a future CCP puppet government or Sunni majlis be so tolerant of incompetence? One doubts it.

  470. Noa,

    Is the Challenger 3 tank the one that has to stop in order to fire?
    Do they ever show those guys who sign up for the tank regiments what happens to the occupants should a tank get hit by incoming ordnance? A frequent occurrence in a shooting war…

    Aussie politicians:
    Buying a second hand French car is bad enough, but submarines???
    Cui bono? As always, follow the money!

    Some genius down under signed a contract with the Japanese to supply them with “clean” hydrogen gas – made from their Brown Coal. Not only unprofitable, but also environmentally disastrous to produce from that source. Could be wrong, but I think that was on PM Turdball’s watch too.

  471. EC
    I think the turret problem you refer to is with the AJAX APC (armoured personnel carrier) rather than the current Challenger MBT(main battle tank), though this FT article doesn’t covering the issues doesn’t address that problem.
    The UK has since its virtual bankruptcy in 1918 and with rare exceptions, provided ill-thought and outdated equipment to its services, relying on the patriotism and loyalty of its servicemen to pull its political masters nuts out of their numerous bombastic fires.

  472. Is this the golden age the Furrrst Minister wants to return Scotland?
    For a clinical, forensic analysis of the secession and otber issues facing Britain I recommend Jonathan Sumption’s collection of essays in “Law in a Time of Crisis”. Historically informative, thoughtful and original.

  473. “Newsletter – The Big War

    (Own report) – While the German frigate Bayern is preparing to set off for its Asia-Pacific tour, high-ranking US military officials are intensifying their discussion on the type and time of a possible large-scale war against China. Retired Admiral James Stavridis, former NATO Supreme Allied Commander Europe and author of a newly published novel on such a war, assumed until recently that the battle could begin in the coming decade and could possibly be triggered by a conflict over Taiwan or islands in the South and East China seas. However, the military balance of power between the USA and China is rapidly shifting in favor of the People’s Republic, which in some areas has already caught up, for example in the number of warships or in cyber warfare, Stavridis notes. He warns that “the battle” between Washington and Beijing “may come much sooner. US allies play a central role and the USA is deliberately involving them in “more aggressive” operations, for example, in the South China Sea. Germany is among the allies he mentioned.”


  474. Malfleur – 00:25

    The link wouldn’t work for me, but assume that it it was a photo of the inside of a tank after a shell had hit it. Many years ago (40?) I visited the Imperial War Museum in Dulwich. They had an exhibit there that illustrated the instant ‘makeover’ of a tank’s interior into a giant meat mincer/blender after a direct hit.

    My father-in-law served in the army in N.Africa in WW2, as a mechanic. El-Alamein etc. One of his jobs was to have go out after dark to try and recover damaged/stranded tanks. If they could not be made mobile/recovered then they had to be blown up. Many tanks still contained live occupants screaming in agony hours after they had been hit. I don’t know what could have been done for them, but presumably they lobbed a couple of hand grenades down the turret before blowing the rest up. War is an awful business.

  475. Equality works!
    Or at least it does for the unequal. Simon Ellis gives the jobs for the girls movement a good reaming.
    Enjoyable if pointless.

  476. Ed Dutton reviews “Down your Mosque”.. by Ed Thank Allah I’m leaving this hellhole” Hussain.

  477. Noa @ June 17th, 2021 – 21:35

    This chap Stavridis is a nutter, Noa, his brain has been infected with the military trash, he cannot think straight, that’s what serving years in the military does to one.

    There may be now wholesale tools to eliminate human beings without either destroying material assets or polluting long term the land and air of the opposing side, but if any of the advisories were to come to losing there’s nothing to stop it lobbying a half a dozen intercontinental missiles equipped with dirty nukes, contaminate the whole planet for millennia.

    One may argue that the missiles could be prevented hitting the winning side, but would anyone of sound mind risk it? More to the point, if the people of one of the protagonists were to be dying because of a virus, going blind from a nuclear explosion high in the air, all of them or at least a large majority, there would be nothing that would stop the leaders of that country exploding the dirty nukes in situ, killing the population quicker but the planet’s winds would make sure the radioactive particles spread everywhere, one wouldn’t be sure whether the next piece of meal, or the drink of water isn’t polluted enough to kill, slowly and painfully.

    As someone once said (it’s attributable to Nikita) after a nuclear war the survivors would envy those killed in the holocaust.

    Again, the man’s loopy, should be locked up.

  478. Baron,
    The key to this slightly odd story is that our friend Stavridis has a novel to sell!
    I doubt that the PRC is going to be too intimidated by a German frigate powered by the refermented beer from last years cancelled Munich Beer festival!

  479. EC June 28

    Tank in Arab-Israeli War is under missile attack as it speeds towards an elevated position from which it is filmed; bursts into flames; continue to roll forward 50 yards; explodes. Nasty.

  480. Watched a documentary film last night about
    the battle.of Hurtigen Forest in 1944. No tanks; also nasty.

  481. Correction : Hurtgen (+ an umlaut)

  482. From Operation Mockingbird until today…

    Not just the paranoid Septics & CIA though, they’ve all at it since… forever. Name any government, security service or media outlet that you like!

    However, the efforts of our very own Al Beeb and its Fake News Department over the decades should not go unrecognised – as pointed out by Frederick Forsyth in his autobiography, and also many others over the years.

  483. Noa @ June 20th, 2021 – 21:08

    That explains it well, Noa, regretfully or perhaps gleefully for you you are spared Baron’s musings, he’s too busy, also has few new books to read, interesting stuff.

  484. Anyone here a fan of the crypto currency, THETA?

  485. Clinton Body Count Contender Update:

    Following the recent “suicide” of journalist Christopher Sign now John McAfee has been found “suicided” in a Spanish prison cell whilst awaiting extradition to the USA on tax charges. One wonders what he was going to say when he got into court!

  486. … speaking of missing people, what has happened to Ghislaine Maxwell?

  487. EC 07.57

    The better money is that she is now in the US Olympics team, competing in the handbag throwing, Under the gravel voiced name of Bertie McCoy the First.

  488. Malfleur, June 23rd, 2021 – 11:32

    Apart from his lordship, us UK pensioners are too poor to dabble in crypto currency.

    Baron spends all his spare money on books for his library, which by now must rival the collection in the Bodleian.

    Noa’s Arkright Estates 2021 PYO Strawberry crop is, as we speak, failing, succumbing to mould, rotting in the fields and will have to be ploughed back in.

    Cue: The FAB 4,3,2 or 1 – depending upon your point of view…

  489. Since ECs perceptive comment about the rot in the strawberry plantations I have been musing in my library of the conflicting forces that have compelled me, against my own ethics to use a modicum of force in saving the remainder of the summer crops.
    As any fule knows the government has been urging the tny remna t of 5.5 million EU refugees to apply for resettlement before 30th June, in order to ensure that their benefits entitlements are ensured.
    In my case this has meant that the work camp has been off limits, as they all try to register from the Commodore 64 I have provided.
    I would appreciate the advice of my fellow Wallsters in addressing the profound question of ethics that arises in consequence. As a De Generates certified ‘Be Kind’ employer is it reasonable to use whips to encourage a return to work? Is the use of smoke grenades and tear gas permitted to clear the work blocks permitted?
    Is deportation in chains to Scotland and the colonies for the most recalcitrant still subject to preferential tax allowances? And a specialised question, can the estate claim agents claim full depreciation allowance against the watch tower Mg 42s and 7.62mm. ammunition or just offset usage against normal business expenditure?

  490. This is an excellent piece, short, well argued that also says:

    “The mystery is: what happened on February 25 (or thereabouts – we don’t know whether Imperial’s assumptions about the incubation period are exactly right) to cause a virus that had been circulating for at least three months at a low level suddenly to go bang and spread like wildfire? It wasn’t panic – no one was panicking at the end of February. Mobility levels were still normal until around March 12. There was nothing unusual about the weather. Suggestions on this welcome in the comments below”.

    Baron couldn’t;t find any suggestions as to what was it that engendered the spike (see the graph in the piece).

    And another piece of information for which Baron cannot furnish the original figures, he only got the conclusion based on the figures:

    Adjusted for the population size, the total mortality (all deaths from all causes) in 2020 ranks 9th this century i.e, from the year 2000 to the end of 2020. Explain, please.

  491. Noa @ June 25th, 2021 – 09:24

    Over one million East Europeans that left Britain after the c-19 arrived may not be coming back, Noa, the grenades may not be needed, it will have to be (figuratively) carrots to get the locals to labour.

  492. EC @ June 24th, 2021 – 08:21

    Almost forced Baron to cry over the wasted, useless and fast moving life of his, EC, it’s amazing what some events from the past do to one’s mood.

  493. EC @ June 24th, 2021 – 07:37

    Poor guy McAfee, EC, Baron has come across one of his tweets saying ‘“know that if I hang myself, a la Epstein, it will be no fault of mine’.

    Interesting times, to say the least, such a pity the great Frank is no longer with us.

  494. Baron 10.21
    We’ll have to wait until the settlement registrations are complete on 30th June to see what the total remaining numbers are.
    At least the Johnson Huncock Junta is preparing for the departure of the million EU nationals/cum benefits claimants by cancelling the the pre 9pm advertisement of basic British foodstuffs!
    No longer will we employers have to tempt our own British oiks into the fields with the promise of Big Macs and Domino’s pizzas, in future a native, pre-slimmed down workforce will march gladly out of their urban slums at daybreak, to the high meadows, There they will work joyfully until dark, singing their grunge and garage songs, when they can once more slip on their face masks and return to the bosom of their families.

  495. Is this the answer to shopping in. Sadiqs London Tescos?

  496. Short, but close to criminal, the first part, also embarrassingly enjoyable, the ar*e hugging part.

    Baron suspects it’s Petrov and Boshirov again, they must have taken the pictures, it’s time for Putin to hand them over, they cannot be allowed to soil the unquestionable success of one of our leading politicians in combating the pathogen, it’s distasteful also criminal, even more so that their failed attempt to poison the Skripals.

  497. Noa @ June 25th, 2021 – 20:30

    Highly enjoyable, Noa, clever people they, Baron is a subscriber now.

  498. Noa @ June 25th, 2021 – 16:12

    Like your mentioning ‘the basic British foodstuffs’, Noa, Baron has often wondered whether the high frequency of the ads and the massive displays of the Marsbars stuff everywhere (there’s a machine dispensing the calories packed bites in our local crematorium) does influence the nation’s eating habits, the boss is adamant it does, and she may be right, you never see any of it in (say) Japan, it’s all rice crackers packed with seaweed or some other good natural ingredients, dry squid, fish, white fish.

    It may explain Japan’s better life expectancy, but can it make the longer life sweet as well? Hmmm

  499. From the British East India Company to Boris Johnson and Carrie Johnson

    The fraudulent 2020 presidential election: anticipating the denouement

  500. Btw, a reminder of what we may be up against:

  501. I marvel at the adroitness and timing of it all. From the revelation of his affair on Friday through ‘support’ (ha! ) from Johnson to departure and replacement in less than 2 days is remarkable.
    Let’s examine this in a little more detail. Of course there are no answers- yet.
    1. Who knew of and authorised tthe kntallstion, filming andcrelease of this compromising affair? I would bet it had to be at top Civil servant and Ministerial level. Almost certainly the PM.
    Why now? It implies a change of health policy, a possible relaxation of restrictions- to save Johnson and the Conservative government of course. Hancock was always doomed: to be thrown under the bus when it was time for him to go.
    An added bonus was that the Climate Change agenda sneaked the new E10 fuel additive, removing 600,000 working cars from the roads in September. Will it be enough to prevent une movement de Gilet Juenes d’Angleterre? I hope not.
    But credit to Johnson for top findangling. No shot is sticking to this Hog’s arse!
    The return of the Savage Jamlid is for him a good choice. Gove wouldn’t have touched that poisoned chalice.
    It remains to be seen if Jamlid can put Whitty and Vallance back in their hutches. But it may appease the enriching Batley voters and ensure Galloway fails to overtake both the tory placeman and Leadbetter, the Jo Cox sister.
    All in all a good days work, on a great day to bury bad news.

  502. Predictive text! Grrrr! Obviously shit, not shot.
    Amongst others.

  503. Hist!!
    Do I hear the sound of that Blue Red Wall crumbling?

  504. Massive demonstration in London, the biggest one against the lockdown and forced vaccinations, the MSM are hardly covering them, one of the placards said:

    “We’re not from the right, we’re not from the left,
    we’re at the bottom and we must stop those at the top”.

    Not bad, heh, and so correct.

  505. The link wouldn’t get through, Baron tried few times, why was it stopped? Why? Very likely because it argues, for someone not of the scientific phylum, reasonably convincingly against the pandemic, or rather the existence of a killer virus.

    Anyway, if you want to watch it, google the sentence below, it’s a young girl talking suggesting the c-19 is not the killer, no viruses are bad for us, she says, but she doesn’t say what was it then that was sending (still is in smaller numbers) so many people to hospitals, it must have been something causing the sickness, did everyone having the symptoms faked them?


  506. Isn’t it an oddity of modern politics that old style communists and socialists are, in some ways, more Conservative than the entire cabinet combined?
    Here’s Liddle and O’Neill talking more sense and decency than Nut Nut’s Gang of Four (or 3 at the moment), and their collective of toadies and acolytes.

  507. Baron 08.19
    A good post Mi’lud, yet I struggle to find any reports of the demonstration.
    Locking down the plebians, turning off their electricity and gas. Failing to supply petrol for their old yet serviceable cars. Turning off their TVs and reducing access to popular soporifics like football, none of these things will end well.

  508. Peter Hitchens comments today on the dangerous stupidity of HMS Defenders challenge to Russia , but t’s not just the farce in the Black Sea. The less reported but equally dangerous tweaking of the Dragon’s tail in the China Sea, with the ludicrously named Battle Group, consisting mainly of 10 British and 15 US F35 fighters is just as pointless and provocative.
    Yet we are happy to sell our industries and intellectual property to China, whilst training their students, yet put our service people and military assets at great risk for no discernable national or geostrategic benefit.
    Within the services themselves the Mod is quietly proceeding with embedding the Identitarian recommendations of the Wigton Report, thus further, perhaps fatally, reducing the operational capabilities of the armed forces.

    Malfleur. What’s the perspective from the Far East on this flummery? How is this Boris/Biden initiative seen? Presumably HMS Queen Elizabeth carried US aircraft for self preservation: China would think twice about attacking the US, when it would have little reason not to humiliate Britain, the ex colonial power.
    Also the US F35 aircraft are a much more capable variant than the RAF model.

  509. Baron, June 26th, 2021 – 08:40, Noa @ 20:51

    “Short, but close to criminal, the first part, also embarrassingly enjoyable, the ar*e hugging part. Baron suspects it’s Petrov and Boshirov again… “

    Your suggestion, M’Lud, that it was the FSB’s “consenting couple” that were responsible for the leaked footage of the hapless Handcock’s clandestine but illicit “knee trembler” with his squeeze – this made me really chuckle. I’m only surprised that Dominic Raaaaaab (of the FO)hasn’t floated this to distract from his recent manifest glaring ineptitude!

    I feel rather sorry for Mr. Handcock et Squeeeze.(I’m sorry I can’t remember her name) Being Minister of Health is a poisoned chalice at the best of times – second only to being appointed N.I. Minister (dueodenal Ulster) in bygone years. A man of average ability(let’s be generous here), domestically in charge of a runaway train that was a global pandemic, a man who every morning had to wake up to newspaper headlines, and and also Piers Morgan on TV, calling him an ineffectual wanker, well… he sought solace in the arms of an old flame from his University days. Would he have done this if everything was “OK” at home? Similarly for her, I dunno,

    I concur with Noa, when I think he suggested, that this leak of surveillance footage from government computer servers was a cynically timed deliberate hit job.
    Cui Bono?

    Of course, there always remains the possibility in the murky, crazy world Westminster, that it is not beyond belief that Mr. Handcock was behind the leak himself! Wanting a quiet life, a cottage in the country, with the (rekindled) love of his life, fed up with BoJo and desperately seeking to escape the Raaaaab and Priti Patel shit show!

    There’s always that…

  510. Noa – 11:04

    “Within the services themselves the Mod is quietly proceeding with embedding the Identitarian recommendations of the Wigton Report, thus further, perhaps fatally, reducing the operational capabilities of the armed forces.”

    I understand that the ‘Top Guns’ at Nellis Airbase, Nevada, have just had to take part in a Drag Competition (compulsory!) as part of a “trans awareness and inclusiveness” weekend.

    The thought of our “Brylcreem Boys” having to scramble in order to repel a {{{Russian}}} airborne incursion – without first having applied their foundation, blusher, lippy and mascara is well… it’s unconscionable!

  511. “Dementia Joe” did say one thing at a recent press conference that actually made sense some sort of sense! Responding to a question about complaints from employers about employees not wanting to return to work after furlough & lockdown he said…

    “The answer is real simple, just pay ’em more!”

    This will be an anathema to Noa, who will probably just cut off their food – which arguably solves the problem a lot quicker!

  512. @17:25

    Oh gawd, I’ve just start repeating myself…
    Nurse, N-U-R-S-E, the curtains!

  513. It’s discraceful! An underrated, all white Czech team, in all senses, giving the multicultural Dutch a sound thrashing.
    White privilege!!!
    Not a slumping buttock in sight!
    And very well done lads. Very well done indeed.

  514. EC 17.25
    “…Just pay them more…”
    Its all very well for ‘Creepy Joe’ to say, and we all recognise the immutable cause and effects of supply supply and demand, but it all depends…
    CJ is talking about an extra 20 cents an hour for Honduran peons, not for example, a 250% billable hours increase for Frwshfields and Price Waterhouse.

  515. EC 17.28
    Ditto, ditto!!

  516. Noa, June 27th, 2021 – 18:51

    The Czechs were certainly bouncing last night…

  517. Noa, June 27th, 2021 – 20:18

    The media are now associating Biden’s “Creepy Joe” sobriquet with him whispering into the microphone at his last presser. However it was his habit of placing his hands on the shoulders of women and children and sniffing their hair that earned him that moniker – as several instances videos recorded at public events bear witness.

    After sucking on the public nipple for the last 50 years, isn’t it is obvious that he is uniquely qualified to hand out business advice…

    I think that, judging by the raging insanity at every level, the republic is entering its final days… If it was a dog the kindest thing to do would be to have it put down. Who will do it?

    Maybe Mad Max Boot and neocon chums will get to see if it really is possible to win a nuclear war.

  518. If you think Russia isn’t suffering from the same rap woke culture dumbing down the youth, have another think, this video was released 14 days ago, has already clocked over 20mn views, it’s very likely the total of the Russian youngsters.

    In another video (in Russian), the interviewer asks a number of teenagers what was St Petersburg called when the communists were in power, about half of them couldn’t answer, another question was when did WW2 begin, only two could answer out of ten, some were guessing 1918, 1957 … Unbelievable that.

  519. EC @ June 28th, 2021 – 12:24

    The old man is a pain in the neck for the anointed, EC, when he goes the Czech elites (governing as well as cultural) will turn fully woke, pity because the vast majority of the unwashed back Zeman.

  520. Noa @ June 27th, 2021 – 18:51

    It shocked Baron also, the performance that is, even more pleasing was that neither team took the knee when asked to do so (the Czechs refused point blank, the Dutch said also no), it can be done if there is the will.

  521. EC @ June 27th, 2021 – 17:25

    As the old saying goes, EC, ‘the best way to get people out of poverty is to make them uncomfortable in it’.

    Quite so if they are able bodied, we should try it, it may work.

    One wonders what will happen when the furlough ends in September.

  522. It’s not going too well for the EURO multi culti ‘elite’ at the moment, is it?

    What with the Frogs jambes rolled over by imported Swiss cheese.

  523. Baron

    “…another question was when did WW2 begin, only two could answer out of ten, some were guessing 1918…”

    Either they were profoundly ignorant or simply profound Mi’lud.
    Mrs Noa often sighs as her other half points out that the Treaties of Brest-Litovsk,Versailles and Paris merely created interludes in Europe’s 20th Century 30 (or is it 100) years war.
    As the Confucian historian would say, it is too early to tell.

  524. Lord Sumption’s September 2020 Freshfields lecture remains the most devastating, excoriation of the Covid decrees passed by a complaisant Parliament at the behest of the Johnson Junta.
    It should be weekly, even daily compulsory viewing by every libertarian in the land.
    As Frank P would have said, disseminate, disseminate!

  525. Noa 07.37
    “… What with the Frogs jambes rolled over by imported Swiss cheese…”
    Which should have been “Frogs jambes de noir”.

  526. “Incident involving Professor Chris Whitty.”

    I’m surprised anybody recognised him!
    A public presence that Sir Kia Sportage can only dream of!

  527. Noa – 12:55

    Ha ha, M.Micron must’ve have had his “coq sportif” out last night hoping that a victory might boost his abysmal ratings in the opinion polls, but instead he’ll have to put it back in his sock until the World Cup.

    Tonight I expect Ingerrrland will be on their knees from start to finish.
    Boris’ best bet is to send “the lads” out wearing yellow stars. Not that will distract the opposition much as, if previous teams are anything to go by, less than half of them will be actually Cherman.

  528. Sending a gunboat, the US view.
    Pat Buchanan hangs Boris the Magnificent out to dry.
    If it’s not in US interests to tweak Putins tail how much less is it in Britains?

  529. @15:49


    Thankfully, I know nothing about football and care even less.
    But I do love a bit of Schadenfreude!

  530. Noa – 16:02

    Call Me Dave stuck his cock in a dead pig’s mouth for a lark/bet. Mr Buchanan doesn’t understand the Bullingdon Club mentality, thankfully the {{{RUSSIANS}}} made allowances. I don’t really think that Raaaab, or the senior echelons of the Camel Corps are fit for purpose.

    In other news…
    Biden the War Monger is bombing Iraq and Syria again.
    – “plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose!”

    File under: Leopard, Spots etc.

  531. EC
    If forced to choose between la tete de cochon and La Sultana Lucretzia Borgia de troiseme poor Macronnie would really be on the horn of someone’s dilemma.
    Well, after a near vestigial sunken buttock display, with one abstention from a Black player, Ingerland won and progress to the quarter finals of the LGBTQA++* * Cup of African Nations.
    Well done

  532. London lockdown demo signs of life in the sick body of Old England’s freedom.
    Here: ciy-wide servility expressed in mask and ‘face shield’..

  533. Rod Liddle in the clip with Brendan? Op Ed mind bogged in the 1980s wrestling match of Working Klas and Middle Clarse. Nor allowed to imagine an Upper Class or a Deep State or Globalists or to breathe a meme about the Pilgrims Society or the paedophilia, child trafficking, election fraud and the depopulation solutions of the 2020s….
    A dead letter.

  534. Malfleur 08.10

    Thats a fair and reasonable observation. I don’t agree with much of what was said myself. No mention of muslim racist pimping gangs for instance, or the disgrace of miselling the Labour candidate as a SJW on the back of the lie that her sisters murder was a race crime rather than the failure of Labour’s care in the community health policy But I find it interesting to see the trends amo gst the left and the recognition that Labour has failed its White base. Not that the Tory Party is any better of course.

  535. Constitutional chickens come home to roost for the Great Inseminator. So the NI Protocol supersedes the Act of Union and abolishes the current Union.
    Not that this government cares.

  536. ‘M. Micron’! J’aime ca.

  537. Thanks to Peter for putting up a new July Wallboard for our scribblings…

  538. Listen Wallsters, you have to learn to live with.Boris Johnson.

  539. Noa July 1st
    Hear! Hear!

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