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The Coffee House Wall – February 2018

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  1. Radford NG @ February 14th, 2018 – 08:25

    Only today, a pancake day in the household kingdom of Baron, a meal between breakfast and lunch, (hence the gap in his annoying you), yes, a day late, it would be rather complicated to explain why, but there goes, the last day of ‘fat eating’ before the fasting that’s supposed to last 40 days, never exceeds a day if that.

    On offer a dozen or so thin but still full-of-calories crêpes and a selection of toppings, berries mostly and Ajwa dates. Were Baron blindfold you, mash the berries up, spoon feed you, you couldn’t tell what it was when it grew, it’s blueberries Baron’s talking about here, five quid for two boxes of about five dozen berries each at M&S, it’s not so much the money, it’s the taste, or rather the quality of the stuff. The other berries were not much better, but one could taste them.

    We’re supposed to eat five veggies, fruits per day, but it’s the real stuff we need, not this crap grown from some solution in water, harvested prematurely, ripened in transport. Someone should look into it.

  2. Haldane @ February 14th, 2018 – 09:43

    Spot on, Haldane, that’s exactly what the threat of legal action was, in this the Left leaning wankers can be relied upon, they dig themselves into a hole, keep digging.

    The thing is that they, the anointed, are not used to being challenged, resisted, argued with, if they do encounter someone courageous enough to stand up to them they interrupt and interrupt, the guest cannot answer properly, gets annoyed, on occasions blows up. Credit to Kathy that she let Peterson talk, didn’t interrupt too often, and lost on points heavily.

    If it’s any consolation to her, she looks sexier than Peterson, no question about it, to Baron anyway, those of the other phylum may see him and her differently.

  3. For reasons known only to the MSM poodles and their handlers, nothing much has been said for a long while about Ukraine, it’s now getting close to the 4th anniversary of the February 2014 putsch in Kiev that installed Nuland’s favourite into the Presidency, one may well ask how is the process of democratisation going, is corruption down, the rule of law upheld, four years is surely sufficient to show some noticeable results, no?

    Here’s an example of how things are in that part of Europe that was a basket case country before Poroshenko, the darling of the Americans, got the job of governing, is now just a country without even the basket. Millions of Ukrainians have left, demonstrations take place almost daily, the fighting in east Ukraine carries on, corruption is perceived by the unwashed to be worse than at any time before ….

    Not that Saakashvili, a man with more passports than brain cells, is a paragon of probity, far from it, he’s as corrupt as the one he criticises, he is also wanted in his native Georgia for amongst other things embezzlement, but is this how a country aspiring to join the Brussels club treats a human being?

    And not a word in his favour from the Left or the Right.é-before-deportation-caught-on-camera.html

  4. The South African farce keeps entertaining, one hopes it never ends.

    Everyone, even the deaf and blind, have known for years the misogynistic Zuma is corrupt, nothing happened. Now everyone’s clever, morally upright, disgusted with his shenanigans. Sad.

  5. What about the two ‘Beatles’ nobody wants to touch even with a bargepole?

    They got stripped of British citizenship (even though one of them was born in London), neither we nor the Americans are keen to give them what’s guaranteed by the ‘uman rites’, a due process, both countries fear, rightly, they would be as dangerous, if not more, incarcerated, would recruit many followers, inspire many to adorn T-shrts with their faces aka Che …

    There’s seemingly an easy way out, shipping them to Assad, after all, they committed the heinous crime on the Syrian territory, he knows how to deal with thugs of this caliber. But can they be entrusted to the Syrian President? Wouldn’t their ‘uman rites’ be violated? They hang people in Syria.

  6. Don’t take life so seriously, it’s not permanent.

    That’s the last posting, for now, Baron cannot talk to himself all the time.

  7. “…a man with more passports than brain cells…”

    LoL Baron, for me the quote of the week!

    And a status, (already achieved in name at least, by the ubiquitous comrade) to which we should all aspire.

  8. Noa @ February 14th, 2018 – 14:38

    Where have you been, Noa, you are missed both here and even more so on the Spectator blogs, the progressives have been staging a takeover there.

  9. Haldane
    February 14th, 2018 – 09:43

    “It’s also worth asking whatever happened to the alleged abuse that Cathy suffered.”

    It is there. Watch it again. And then also watch the Camille Paglia interview.

    In both Peterson exhibits passive aggression throughout. He will not even, most of the time deign to eye contact.

    Yes the man quibbles with personal pronouns but I suspect that is an aspect of his deep misogyny rather than the transphobia mentioned by others.

    Worse, his alt right cheerleaders unleashed the most vicious misogynist attacks on Cathy after she resisted his dreadful attempts to destroy her.

  10. And while I think of it

    Occam’s Razor states:

    The simplest explanation is usually the right one

  11. 16:47 = repetitive assertions of the fake news kind, made here, there and just about everywhere

    16:48 = ignorance of how to apply Occam’s Razor to a specific argument

    Both together = lurking and stalking using various disguises; an inability to engage in honest debate; a compulsion to influence or control what others believe; frustration at not being able to; adopted personality swings between pretend reasonable and absolutely demented (bold-type Feminist Futures, etc)

    Simplest explanation for that behaviour – Psychosis

  12. Passive-aggressive. Another clinical term re-invented and misused by the left.

    “Passive–aggressive behavior was first defined clinically by Colonel William Menninger during World War II in the context of men’s reaction to military compliance. Menninger described soldiers who were not openly defiant but expressed their aggressiveness ” by passive measures, such as pouting, stubbornness, procrastination, inefficiency, and passive obstructionism” due to what Menninger saw as an “immaturity” and a reaction to “routine military stress”. According to some psychoanalytic views, non-compliance is not indicative of true passive–aggressive behaviour, which may instead be defined as the manifestation of emotions that have been repressed based on a self-imposed need for acceptance.”

    Did Peterson really exhibit any of this during the interview with Newman? Only in the minds of those suffering a psychosis which fuels the compulsive-obsessive expression of partisan political dogma to unappreciative and hostile audiences.

    Peterson certainly resisted Newman’s attempts to trip him up, to put words into his mouth and to belittle his propositions. He responded with calmness and logic, precision in his language and patience with her 2 +2 = 5 projections.

    Examination of the footage of the interview will show, categorically, that Peterson did NOT avoid eye contact.

    Of all the places to peddle lies about that, Coffee House Wall is probably the least likely to be taken in.

    So why do it?


  13. “He responded with calmness and logic, precision in his language..”
    It is worth watching some of the analyses of the psychological techniques Peterson used to destroy Cathy from the studied laid back relaxation into his seat to the aggressive “Gotcha” in an effort to stop her incisive questions

    Psychotic I may be but until recently I did not post on TCW and I have no notion as to how to bold post on Disqus

  14. Jordan Peterson is obviously doing something right, or he wouldn’t be attracting the attention of the usual howling mob.

  15. Baron February 14th, 2018 – 00:35

    Thank you, Baron. You’ve been holding up the Wall today!

    I am content with my lot! In the film The Blue Max (1966) the rookie pilot Bruno Stachel (played by George Peppard) remonstrates with his CO because he will not be given recognition for shooting down his first enemy aircraft. The CO responds: “Then, you have the deep satisfaction of knowing that you have served the Fatherland.”

    The “deep satisfaction of knowing” is enough and unseen devotion in the task does not lessen the satisfaction.

  16. 18:09 There has been so much deceit and subterfuge from your various identities that any expectation to be believed now is bound to be disappointed.

    Rather than furthering your cause the approach you have taken of hubris, hyperbole and sanctimony, combined with that deceit and subterfuge, simply reinforces aversion to it.

  17. Who and what are the English?

    Alistair Millar’s excellent essay from the Salisbury Review

    As someone might once said of something else.

    We’re not going away, you know.

  18. It was a most interesting interview. Newman’s questions were not “incisive” but contrived. There was not a genuine interest to learn more about Peterson’s beliefs or philosophy or to challenge them honestly but rather the usual partisan and highly selective Channel 4 News attempt to present the interviewee in the light required.

    On that occasion the Channel 4 modus operandi and Newman’s belligerence were soundly defeated.

    That of course has rattled the cages of those who want their political dogma to dominate. And the result is the usual manipulation to deny the facts and create an alternative reality conforming to that dogma. When the mindset is to always win by any means that reaction is inevitable, whether it is the Peterson-Newman interview ir Brexit. By going on about it so much it just shows how much the cages have been rattled. And a good thing to. The left deserve far more robust push back than they actually get, especially the ghastly BBC and Channel 4 who spit in the face of impartiality.

  19. Baron 1229
    I have not forgotten Ukraine. Nor has Alexei Navalny who I see from the Times today is firing on all fronts.

    “Russia’s main opposition leader has asked the Serious Fraud Office to investigate a Russian billionaire who is close to the Kremlin.

    Alexei Navalny told The Times that he and his team of anti-corruption campaigners want the SFO to look into the affairs of Oleg Deripaska, 50, a metals magnate.

    Mr Navalny, 41, published an investigation last week stating that Mr Deripaska met Sergei Prikhodko, Russia’s deputy prime minister, on a yacht belonging to the businessman off the coast of Norway in 2016. Mr Navalny alleged that providing the yacht trip was a bribe. Both men deny wrongdoing.

    The meeting was revealed after the activist tracked social media posts of a woman who was on the boat and posted images of the two men together.

    Mr Prikhodko had been a foreign policy adviser to President Putin, who will seek a fourth term in elections next month that are seen as perfunctory. Mr Navalny is President Putin’s only real political opponent but he has been banned from running. He and his team have staged protests across Russia urging voters to boycott the elections.

    In a letter to the SFO Mr Navalny wrote: “Due to the fact that Mr Deripaska is the executive director and major shareholder of the company listed on the London Stock Exchange (En+ Group) such meeting and provision of advantage to the high-ranking official might constitute an offence under the UK Bribery Act 2010.”

    Mr Navalny’s Anti-corruption Foundation also plans to write to the London Stock Exchange because, it said, the exchange’s corporate governance guide “supposes that the management of a company must do all it can to try to prevent corruption and we, on the contrary, see that an executive director and major shareholder is sailing on a yacht with a vice-premier and girls from the sphere of escort services.

    “We expect that the SFO will find out from Deripaska who paid for Prikhodko’s trip on the yacht, and the aims of their meeting,” the foundation added.

    Mr Deripaska is the founder and principal owner of the conglomerate Basic Element and is worth an estimated $5.2 billion. En+ Group, which manages his aluminium and hydropower businesses, floated on the stock exchange in November.

    After publication of the yacht investigation last week, Mr Deripaska issued a statement saying: “Outrageous false allegations appeared in social networks and mass media that I allegedly committed unlawful actions. These allegations have nothing to do with reality, are the fruit of the imagination of a group of people and the result of a planned campaign aiming to damage my reputation.” Mr Prikhodko also denies wrongdoing.

    Mr Navalny said that he did not have evidence that Mr Deripaska paid for Mr Prikhodko’s trip on the yacht but said the close contact of the two men demanded scrutiny. “We very much hope the SFO will examine this case,” he said.”

  20. Postergirl 18.24

    “…the usual howling mob.”

    The ‘mob’ consists of a pea-brained collection of fantasising, psychotic, personality disorders within one chromium plated skill.

  21. correction – for ‘skill’ (hah!) read ‘skull’.

  22. Noa February 14th, 2018 – 18:43

    Interesting article. I’m guessing that Alistair Miller is fairly young. For those of us born as English people, in England, and brought up with no need or desire to question that, the issue of “identity crisis” does not even arise. We are to England, this our country, as the Japanese are to Japan.

    The rise of self-doubt and denigration by the left has impinged upon that peaceful certainty but exploration of the backgrounds of those voices often reveals no innate Englishness but instead an ancestral axe to grind, often imported. The coercive policy of multi-culturalism and reckless foolishness of mass immigration to a scale and on a rate that are unprecedented in our history have also impinged.

    When Blair’s creatures contrived all that they might as well have set out to “rub England’s nose in diversity” and it does often feel as though this, our country, has been hi-jacked by a political creed bent on its obliteration and that the loudest voices are now not those of the English. To be surprised and outraged at English objection to that is extracting the Michael. To set out to suppress it on bogus grounds is sinister.

    British politicians need to understand that to defend the existence of English identity as the prevailing identity of England is not to attack anyone. A little more humility and good manners towards us is warranted. We are not collectively represented in the British Parliament and very few, if any, of the incumbents there demonstrate recognition or respect for our national identity. It’s time that they did.

  23. Colonel Mustard February 14th, 2018 – 19:12

    As usual a most perceptive and just analysis of both the problem and how it might, but won’t) be addressed by its politicians.
    One of the key claims of the left and its major justification for the unprecedented invading waves of mass immigration launched by its own governments at Britain in general and England in particular, has been that we are a nation of ‘mongrels’ and
    benefit from such mongrelisation.
    Miller’s article points out that the archaeological and scientific evidence emerging is equally supportive of the view that mongrelisation, in the case of the English, is a myth.
    The supposed benefits of mass immigration are, in any event, simply a social justice chimera; an ideological attempt to dissemble, cloud and confuse the public mind. The growing refutation of such lies in the archaeological, genetic and genealogical fields of study is to be welcomed in reasserting your view of the quiet certainty of the quintessence of Englishness.

  24. I enjoyed the Peterson interview, not least because the questions, which were ideologically based, were refuted, as Peterson stated on empirical and logical grounds.
    If Newman had real intellect ability allied with forensic skill in questioning she might have thrown greater doubt the evidence used to support his propositions.
    That she failed completely to do so was due to the fact that her logic and reasoning stemmed from a flawed dogma of gender based ‘equality’. This was ultimately based in turn upon the failed and false doctrine of marxist communism.
    ideo normaly provand .
    It seemed that

  25. On Sunday The TaxPayers’ Alliance released a ‘Quangocrat Rich List’, revealing details of the 238 Quango chiefs who are in the top 1% of earners. The report follows the announcement that Network Rail boss Mark Carne will step down this year after concerns about performance.
    The purview and spending power of quangos, has grown substantially over the last two decades. Despite David Cameron’s 2010 call for a bonfire of the quangos, there are still hundreds of taxpayer funded public bodies, costing taxpayers’ over £200 billion last year.
    The research note looked at 305 quangos and listed the details of all employees earning more than £164,000.
    Key findings:
    The number of super quangocrats in the 1 per cent in 2016-17 was at least 238.
    The top earning super quangocrat was the chief executive of Network Rail, Mark Carne. His salary band was £745,000 to £749,999.
    Network Rail had the most egregious largesse, with 52 employees in the 1 per cent.

  26. Another seminal piece from Melanie:

    Note the carping in the comments from the parasites of the charity industry.

  27. Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black are having a baby
    Unless I’ve got this wrong since Dustin is referred to as the husband that means Tom is pregnant.
    A Brexit miracle.
    I don’t normally read this sort of shit but we could do with a miracle or two at the moment.

  28. Colonel Mustard, February 14th, 2018 – 17:56

    I saw an interview with Prof. Peterson where he spoke about his “interview” with Newman. He said it was impossible to have a genuine conversation with her about an important topic because of her constantly restating his answers to either say something he hadn’t said or indeed the opposite of what he had just said. He went on to say that at some point he felt that he was no longer dealing with an agenda driven journalist but a patient struggling to reconcile an ideological when presented with facts and the real world. His concern is plain enough to see to anybody who actually saw the full interview.

    You’ll have no doubt noticed many hilarious Cathy Newman “So what your’e saying is…” Memes that are around on the internet. Like the many Hitler “Downfall” mashups, they are not going to go away anytime soon!

    I don’t think she’s clinically nuts, but I’m afraid tha tin attempting to conduct, imo, a dishonest, poorly prepared interview in order to stitch up the interviewee, NewmN has brought all this mockery upon herself.

    Newman is not in the same league, for example, as the formidable Andrew Neil, who is always fully briefed. Brillo, however, never attempts to roast an interviewee who can bring the same, or better level of facts to an argument!

    If anybody ever receives any credible threats from loonies on “social” media then they should go to the police. If, however, Inspector Knacker One has not been called in then one can’t help but speculate about the substance and motives of such claims. CNN’s many examples of “sources” comes to mind.

  29. @10:27

    should read “reconcile an ideological position.”

  30. John birch. – 08:55

    I don’t know if it will inherit Tom’s head for heights, but it’s already proved to be a strong swimmer!

  31. EC – I have been watching some of the charlatan’s protean videos
    Jordon Peterson is undoubtedly a very clever man. Why right wing bloggers love him is because he distorts the truth to please his audience
    For example a common ruse of his is to say that if someone tells you racism is still a problem and that something should be done about it, they are part of a Marxist conspiracy to destroy your way of life
    He is clever enough not to say “We must protect our white children’s future”
    Instead he writes
    “While there does appear to be a causal relationship between empowering women and economic growth, we have to consider whether this is good for society, because the birth rate is plummeting”
    His call for a “white ethnostate,” is effected by his constant retweeting of articles with opening lines like: “Yet again an American city is being torn apart by black rioters.” He has dedicated two-and-a-half-hour-long YouTube videos to “identity politics and the Marxist lie of white privilege”
    His fundamental misogyny is encapsulated his video explanations that men are helpless before “crazy women” and “harpies” because it’s not socially acceptable for men to hit women and that this is “undermining the masculine power of the culture”
    He should be banned from ever coming to our shores again

  32. Tripe.

  33. What a load of rubbish David whoever.
    Anyway this is interesting.

  34. John birch. @ February 15th, 2018 – 21:05

    Agreed, John, it’s good, and correct, not for the Davids of today, but for the common sense people it ‘makes sense’, his explanation of how we got here.

    One may say, yes, we’re going through a bad patch, but given time, the diversity will, in the Hegelian fashion, morph into unity different from the past, but unity nevertheless, the disparate groups will find a common denominator, a ‘new nation’ will emerge.

    This may or may not happen, who knows, more likely it will be one culture that takes over, the common denominator will be it, the culture that destroys all the others, and common sense again suggests it will not be a refined set of beliefs that wins it, but on the contrary, a set that doesn’t shy away from violence in imposing itself on the rest of the society.

  35. Colonel Mustard @ February 15th, 2018 – 20:55

    Short, Colonel, and right.

    One can never kill an idea by preventing the individual who bears it from crossing a physical border, even harder in the age of the internet.

  36. John birch. @ February 15th, 2018 – 08:55

    The question that nobody has yet answered satisfactorily is what happens after the baby grows up, cannot reconcile the homosexual parentage with is or her own take on it’.

  37. Frank P @ February 15th, 2018 – 01:38

    Good article, Frank, but will anything fundamental happen after the outcry about the Oxfam misbehaviour dies down?

    Most of the major charities, are no longer fit for purpose, they’ve morphed into corporates without the statutory oversight other companies or organisations either in the private or public sector are subjected to. The Commission is toothless in face of the emotional appeal of the job these charities are telling us they carry out.

    On a BBC Radio4, a woman who used to work for a major charity left it, set up a help line for charity workers who were either abused, or reported an abuse, got kicked out. The number of calls her charity gets Baron doesn’t remember, but it was quite high. Why hasn’t the Commission acted?

  38. Noa @ February 14th, 2018 – 23:17

    If only the barbarian knew, Noa, he would have smuggled himself into one such quango, a job for life that, if not in the same one then in another, these people seem to leave a quango only re-appear in another.

    There’s also a list, quite recent, on the pay in the charity sector. Also revealing:

  39. Another mass shooting in a gun free zone, it must be the shooter didn’t know one should not bring a weapon into a gun free zone (only joking).

    In a country saturated with guns as much as the Republic, the only way to prevent a massacre of this sort is to allow ‘concealed carry’ everywhere, no ‘gun free’ zones anywhere. This of course will not stop a deranged individual from opening fire, but it will avoid having unarmed civilians to be sitting ducks.

    If any of the teachers, janitors, campus guards or whoever were armed, the list of the dead may have been shorter, but would have included the villain. As it is, the deranged bastard shot seventeen, but he himself is alive.

  40. Aaaaaaargh!



  41. Baron 23-34 virtually word for word what I said to my wife, I can see no other option.

  42. Baron @23:34, John birch. @05:30

    I agree. It’s a sad an sorry situation all ’round.
    This appears to yet another case where the FBI/Cops were warned about the perp’, aged 19, but where they did not do anything about it.

    In most states in the USA, 21 is the legal age at which you can purchase alcohol.
    I wonder if similar restriction on the the purchase of firearms if it would make any difference?

    Every state has its own gun laws, some more bureaucratic and draconian than others. Many of these laws seem orientated toward harvesting licence fees for permits and registration.

    Once again the American media are giving far too much publicity to the perp’ thereby turning a “nobody” into a “somebody.” Not good.

  43. Colonel Mustard – 23:47

    BBC QT: I feel your pain! I took one look at the panel and went to bed, glad that I’d given up watching some time ago!

    I really don’t know how the BBC can justify recruiting such wildly biased panels and audiences. The Tory MPs they invite on the panel often are faux conservatives. Any non-politicos with a conservative mindset that they invite on the panel are there for the purpose of being pilloried and stitched up, and if they have the temerity to stand their ground, handle themselves well, and challenge the rest of the panel then they are never invited on again.

    BBC Delenda Est!

  44. I’m re-posting this as the last attempt went into “moderation.”

    Colonel Mustard – 23:47

    Re: BBC QT

    I feel your pain! I took one look at the panel and went to bed, glad that I’d given up watching the charade some time ago!

    I really don’t know how the BBC can justify recruiting such wildly biased panels and audiences. The Tory MPs they invite on the panel often are faux conservatives. Any non-politicos with a conservative mindset that they invite on the panel are there for the purpose of being pilloried and stitched up, and if they have the temerity to stand their ground, handle themselves well, and challenge the rest of the panel then they are never invited on again.

  45. Baron – 23:31

    That’s a great link. The Common Purpose gravy train!

  46. EC @ February 16th, 2018 – 09:43

    The law imposed restrictions on alcohol for the young exist, EC, the young drink, mostly in private, but now often in public drinking dens, it may differ from one state to another, but the trend is for a much looser drinking culture what with laws on the weed getting more relaxed, too, a friend of Baron visited her parents recently, says she was shocked what she saw, nobody minded.

    Tucker’s right, the cries for tougher gun controls are but a proxy for more control of the people. it’s the same technique, the yapping about Russia’s interference is a cover for the removal of the Donald, the same for fake news, it’s not lies that worry them since the progressives are excellent at it, but that they are losing control of what people are brainwashed with, hence believe in.

  47. Sorry, I could resist sharing this one.

    “So what you’re saying is…”

  48. John Birch (21:05)

    One of Fred’s best. Mind you, he’s a polemicist who can argue the opposite just as effectively as his regular punters will confirm.

    But this little masterpiece needs wide dissemiation via the hard truths segment.

  49. Baron (23:25)

    See my post Feb 10th (17:11)

    I was hired by a private TV production company to investigate Oxfam and its many tentacles back in the eighties; an investigative reporter from the Gruniad was also hired. I dug out some hard evidence of both complaints from victims of various scams and a great deal of background material about the Charity Industry in general ( and Oxfam’s roots in particular). The reporter was invited to South America to view one of their projects: when he returned to the UK he advised the TV producer in question that it would be harmful to follow through with our enquiries, as it would discourage donors from donating to good causes. They closed down the project and paid me off. Go figure. I tried to get of the ground elsewhere. Nobody would touch it with a bargepole. That is why I drew attention to the list of the ‘G & G’ whose Mafia controls the rackets and provides sinecures for those wishing to ‘lead beyond authority’. The Charity Watchdogs are toothless tigers.

    It’s now cumuppance time; but it will be whitewashed – as it always has been. Royal Family; the gubmint; Show Biz; the UN – all in cahoots. Caint fuurrt agin thunder, my noble friend. That has been my life – a pointless exercise!

  50. EC February 16th, 2018 – 10:02

    The Tory MP was Villiers who is a Brexiteer and not bad but the audience appeared to be stuffed full of NUT Labour activist teachers. Highly suspicious given one of the questions was about the snowflake cherubs being persecuted and “fearful” of the wicked Tory times tables tests. On the panel was thick as mince Mastermind star Lammy shamefully shouting and rabble rousing and a truly ghastly woman called Faiza Shaheen whose mockney accent was almost a parody. She is director of a “think tank” outfit called CLASS. Check it out for all the university bods on its “advisory panel” as well as BBC Left Luminary bores Toynbee, Jones, Williams, Maguire, etc., all the usual suspects whinging and whining about how unfair it all is.

    “Originating in the labour movement, CLASS works with a broad coalition of supporters, academics and experts to develop and advance alternative policies.”

    I just bet it does. It is funded by the unions.

    The other panelists were bland and forgettable. The head honcho of Iceland attempting to defend chicken nuggets in the face of nannyism gone bonkers and some Baroness who was ennobled just for being one of Cameron’s policy wonks.

    In response to the inevitable Oxfam question Lammy’s deflective whinge about the colonial exploitation of Africa (not half as bad as the post-colonial exploitation of Africa by its corrupt and war-mongering governments and dictators) was parroted by the resident troll at TCW this morning. So there is obviously a script being put together by the communist conspiracy.

    It was all bollocks from beginning to end.

  51. EC (11:14)

    🙂 🙂

  52. Don’t miss Steyn’s latest on “anglo-american law” A phrase which apparently brought out the hounds of hell, when Geoff Sessions used it.

    Mark’s riff on Francis Bacon in the last para will delight the punsters hereupon. Wonderful!

  53. Colonel Mustard (12:58)

    Brilliant review of a ghastly travesty of political discussion.

    You need to look no further than the scatty (menopausal?) hysterical teacher who was with wild-eyed abandon ranting about her potentially suicidal pupils wilting in the face simple test for literacy and numeracy at the age of 8, as to why they are emotionally disturbed. Look in the mirror love and do that gig again! Stupid bitch! The profession is stuffed full of ’em.

    As for Lammy – lammy-pooning him is a waste of your wit and wisdom. 🙂

  54. Frank P February 16th, 2018 – 14:2

    Yes, what was so alarming was that the deranged teacher, almost in tears on behalf of the poor children facing tests, is a deputy head no less. God save us!

    It’s a horrible situation, with the whole education system operating as an opposition party against the Tories, but the fools only have themselves to blame.

  55. Slovakian press are running a story that former StB member Jan Sarkocy has confirmed that both Babiš (the Czech PM and another “ex-communist” wrong’un) and Corbyn consciously collaborated with the StB.

    The BBC have been desperately burying this story but it is just the tip of the iceberg about Labour’s past connections to Cold War enemies of this country:-

    Entitled ‘Corbyn “also got the money” the Slovakian article reads’:-

    “In the case of Corbyn, Sarkocy confirmed earlier information that he had repeatedly encountered Corbyn during his post at the (Czech) embassy in London. Corbyn, according to him, was not the only representative of the Labour party who cooperated with the StB.

    “Corbyn was recruited, and he was getting money for information,” Sarkoci said, although he did not give (Ciorbyn) the money himself. He added that Corbyn had “earned” from the StB and that his recruitment was “under the protection of Russia”.

    “All the information we received not only from him, but also from one other verifiable supporting source, was evaluated in Moscow. What the Russians could not do we could,” said 64-year-old Sarkocy. Corbyn, for example, was attending receptions at the Czechoslovak embassy twice a year. The content of the information Sarkocy did not specify. He only said that he knew what the then British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher would have for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and what clothes she would wear. The motive was not just money

    “He added that Corbyn’s idea of ​​cooperating with StB was not just money and that he had met him more than three times. He also pointed out that the StB was also interested in Corbyn because of his contacts with the family of Nelson Mandela. Asked if Corbyn knew he was speaking not only with the diplomat but also with the StB’s member, Sarkoci replied that at that time there was no doubt that Czechoslovak diplomats were working for the StB.”

    “Sarkocy today claimed that the British Secret Service had learned about Corbyn’s recruiting and that he (Sarkocy) had to leave Britain afterwards. “If something happened at that time, Corbyn could have gone to live in Russia,” he said.

    “According to Sarkocy, who, according to archive documents as a member of the StB, worked at the embassy in London between 1986 and 1989 as third secretary of the embassy, ​​the Labour Party and other representatives of the Labour Party cooperated with the StB. “They were not only in the position of deputies, but they were also in the ranks of a higher authority,” he said without further details.”

  56. 2/16/18 | 4:40 PM: “Corbyn’s StB (Statna bezpecnost – Czechoslovak secret service) contact agent Ján Sarkocy has just confirmed to the Czech press agency that Corbyn knowingly met with him several times, and was even paid for the information he gave to our secret service by StB. According to Sarkocy there were several members of the Labour party who worked for StB.”

  57. YCMIU:-

    Taking the piss.

  58. “He should be banned from ever coming to our shores again”

    Welcome to the mind of the Wall’s own Gulag Gaoler, as the protagonist for Stalinist GroupThink once again demonstrates its intolerance for original, rational thought and the challenge to the permitted socialist consensus.

  59. JRM speaking at Bristol University tonight and trouble expected. A Facebook page has been set up to organise a protest demonstrating the intolerance Noa describes above. The angry, violent left have now descended to protesting about the expression of a different point of view.

    Bristol University:-

    “The Member of Parliament for North East Somerset, Mr Jacob Rees-Mogg, has been invited by the Bristol University Conservative Association (BUCA) to speak at a private, ticketed event for students and staff at the University this Friday.

    “In light of the recent protests which took place when Mr Rees-Mogg visited UWE, the University of Bristol is working with organisers to ensure a full risk assessment is conducted and that additional security measures are in place, including working closely with the Police, to ensure the event is safe and secure.

    “The University of Bristol welcomes lively and legitimate debate and we have a duty to protect free speech on our campus. We support the democratic right to peaceful protest; however, we will not tolerate actions which aim to disrupt respectful debate and compromise the safety of our staff and students.”

  60. Noa (17:14)

    Just wait until they get the keys to No.10. (and, as a concomitant facility the keys to every pokey in the UK).

    Waiting to hear our exiled Slovak’s take on the Colonel’s 16:34 et seq. It becomes increasingly obvious that not only are our spooks actively working for the other side, but that they are facilitating an imminent, inimical coup against the UK Government – by ‘democratic’ vote, no less! 🙂

    It was already heading that way covertly when I retired; now it’s not only overt, but rampant. ”
    No Nazi salutes this time – just the middle finger of derision. And we deserve it.

  61. Noa 1715

    Amber Rudd banned Jacek Miedlar last year. Jordan Peterson is far more dangerous

  62. Like Corbyn, sleeper Amber is one of yours, as Iraqi priests also know, Comrade.

  63. I noticed on EC’s Third Sector link that bankrupt pickpockets Phil and Theresa, managers of the bankrupt institution formerly known as the United Kingdom are looking to extend the faganisation of private assets commenced by Cumryd Brown.

    “First they came for the building society accounts, and I did nothing because I had no such account…etc”

  64. Jordan Peterson is far more dangerous to the current epidemic of left wing bullshit in Britain and the morons who swallow it.

  65. Nice bit of deflection from Corbyn mouthpiece:-

    “Gavin Williamson should focus on his job and not give credence to entirely false and ridiculous smears, which as we know from Darren Osborne [jailed for life for the attack on Muslims in Finsbury Park], can have a potentially deadly effect …

    “Jeremy has consistently made the correct calls in the interests of security and peace, including on the Libyan intervention and his opposition to the disastrous Iraq war that has caused catastrophe in the region and made us less safe at home.”

    Notice the sly and conniving way of invoking the far right and referencing only recent intervention and war. Nothing about the Cold War or the IRA. It shows just how their minds work.

  66. Another clip from a Petersen interview with a New Zealand ‘professor’.

    The only question I have for the Maori prof.

    “Show us your dick, sunshine!”

    “Right – off you go to the female flowery. You are a ‘she’ for our intents and purposes.”

  67. For those who like Abba: dia/ats/video/sweden-multi-cul tural-utopia.mp4

  68. Oh – those were the days! When if some confused person in the street claimed to be Napoleon Bonepart and demanded that you call him General, one just called the DAO and fixed him up with a room in St Bernie’s. This way, General! Mind your head!

    WTF do the plods do these days? Now that a Dick is their Guv’nor!?

  69. Frank P @ February 16th, 2018 – 21:13

    The one with (or is it without) the member could be a comedy act on its own, Frank.

    How loopy, idiotic, totally imbecilic could a society get to let a squeak like that lecture at a university? One has absolutely nothing against his desire to chop (or grow) the member, heshe can do whatever shehe wants, but teaching the young? Arghhh

    It was only eight minutes the barbarian could stomach, he may go for the other seven, but only after he calmed down. Peterson amazes with his coolness, how can he.

  70. “Rod Rosenstein’s Last Ditch Effort to Justify Mueller’s Existence: Indicting 13 ‘Russian Nationals'”

    Lionel calling out Rod’s BS.

  71. Where is Jeff Sessions?
    WTF have “they” done with him?

  72. On the Florida massacre:

    The FBI were told about the culprit six weeks ago, visited the guy who told them quickly, but after the visit found it impossible to locate Nikolas Cruz because he used a moniker Nikolas Cruz on Facebook, says the DM.

    The agency seems unfit for purpose unless the purpose is the Donald’s collusion with the Russians.

  73. EC @ February 16th, 2018 – 22:09

    The great Mark is right, EC, it’s the process that does the damage, the outcome matters little.

    The indictment is a joke, who are these people, nobody has ever heard of any of them, the budget of one of the outfits that fronted the Russian interfering effort had a budget of $1.2mn, if that could sway the election Donald’s way, then only God may help the country.

    In the case of the Donald’s collusion with Putin the process that lasted well over a year must have made it hard for the Administration, but thanks to the Donald’s refusal to submit may do greater damage to those that began it. One hopes so.

  74. Frank P @ February 16th, 2018 – 18:07

    Who is ‘our exiled Slovak’, Frank?

  75. Colonel Mustard @ February 16th, 2018 – 16:34

    Not that the barbarian has any wish to defend the cumryd, Colonel, but one may be wise not to jump to conclusion quickly.

    The guy you take as a reliable source Jan Sarkocy has a questionable past. Baron cannot go into many details (these are complex, would require alot of background info that may confuse even more). He was an StB operative, worked also in London (as you say), but the most significant event that relates to the current Czech PM in waiting, the man called Babis, is the following.

    When Babis wanted to clear his name in courts (he has consistently maintained that he had not been an agent or an informer of the StB) the guy Ján Sarkocy visited Babis’s lawyer, told him he would testify for Babis, for a reward. The lawyers refused the deal.

    The barbarian is not a backer of Babis, far from it, he’s arrogant, got rich quickly, controls a part of the MSM, wants to run the country as a company, but his party came first in the last election, people trust him more than the corrupt political elite that worships the EU, aims to adopt the Euro, is in favour of letting immigrants from distant cultures in.

    Whether Sarkocy’s right about the cumryd, Baron has no idea, there isn’t much on that in the MSM, even less in the blogs.

  76. As if it wasn’t enough for the Donald to collude with Vlad, the Facebook CEO Zuckerberg is also implicated in a collusion, or so alleges the darling of one of our contributors Navalny. Since he, the contributor, speaks Russian, has deep understanding of Russia, can explain everything related to Russia, he should enjoy Navally’s broadcast (a part of the write-up).

  77. The great Mark may be right, massacres such as the latest one in Florida may indeed be meaningless, but one cannot help thinking that, perhaps, the atrocity did have a meaning for the villain, he became instantly famous (or rather infamous), which must mean something to him even if that infamy was at the expense of the seventeen dead.

    Burke: “Society cannot exist, unless a controlling power upon will and appetite be placed somewhere; and the less of it there is within, the more there must be without. It is ordained in the eternal constitution of things, that men of intemperate minds cannot be free. Their passions forge their fetters.”

    Now, think what we’ve done to institutions that in the past installed controls from within – the family (the nuclear family is no more, single parenthood seems the norm), the school (sex education took over ethics), the church (the hierarchy turned into a joke of PC).

    Having if not destroyed the from-within institutions, have we at least beefed up those that in the past enforced limits on appetites from without, the judiciary, the police, the system of punishment? Not at all, we increasingly punish not actual crime that causes damage, but thoughts.

    The Florida shooter didn’t have it in him ‘not to kill’, the institutions to install it have failed, the institution from without that could have prevented the slaughter, the FBI, failed, too, it was pursuing a political case of alleged interference in the election rather than going after him when told about his intentions.

    Someone should tell the Americans to re-dust the old thinkers, they may learn a thing or two, and neither of those two things will be about guns.

  78. Melanie debates the treatment of ‘British’ jihadis.

  79. Baron, you had a productive night:

    February 16th, 2018 – 23:35

    It is now official as part of DT dogma.

    What is more his final sentence (see below) shows perfect understanding of the Cumryd.
    Mr Sarkocy said it was routine for the Czechoslovak secret services to pay informants, but he stressed he had not personally handed over any money to Mr Corbyn.

    “Mr Corbyn was an honest man, but stupid,” he said.

    Mr Sarkocy said it was routine for the Czechoslovak secret services to pay informants, but he stressed he had not personally handed over any money to Mr Corbyn.

    “Mr Corbyn was an honest man, but stupid,” he said.

  80. Baron
    February 17th, 2018 – 00:08

    Alexei Navalny is beginning to do Putin real damage. Facebook has caved in to Putin pressure but not s Google which owned YouTube which is made of stronger stuff. I do not understand a word of this but I am sure Putin is furious.

  81. I enjoyed Mr Boot’s analysis of Boris’ Valentines Speech, particularly the final paragraphs.

    “What Mr Johnson should have said, but didn’t, is that of course we care about the economic well-being of the British people. But 17 million Britons didn’t vote for Brexit because they wanted to become rich. They did so because they wanted to become free.

    So by all means, let’s talk about trade, free or otherwise or anything in between, but only after the only relevant aspect of Brexit has been settled: sovereignty.

    This, according to the will of the British people, must be regained, and the only way to do so is to leave the EU effective immediately. Not in two years. Not even in a year. Now.

    That done, do let’s have friendly and, one hopes, productive talks about trade, regulations, immigration or the relative merits of Manchester United, Bayern Munich and Paris Saint-Germain. But first things first.

    One tell-tale sign of an intellect, especially a gigantic one, is the ability to strip a seemingly complex issue down to its core and express this in clear terms. The ability to spin out waffle that obfuscates without elucidating doesn’t quite qualify.

  82. Baron February 16th, 2018 – 23:35

    I don’t believe that I suggested anywhere that Sarkocy was “reliable”. I don’t care much whether he is or isn’t. Whatever kind of communist scumbag he is the main point is that there is a proven connection to Corbyn, another communist scumbag, so the focus is/should be on the latter.

    The Stasi have a file on Corbyn too which cannot be released without Corbyn’s permission. Corbyn “toured” East Germany during the Cold War. Corbyn’s public record of activities in this country make these revelations unsurprising.

    Profumo resigned for far less and he was just a minister. Corbyn is leader of the opposition and wants to be PM.

  83. Sad.

    I have just listened to national executive committee member Paul Oakley for UKIP talking about Henry Bolton and how he will engineer his political assassination today.
    As I said when the spat started, Bolton showed his lack of good judgement by throwing over his beautiful partner for a dying party.

  84. Make no mistake, Putin has begun to dismember and re-annex Ukraine, Estonia is next.
    And his London Ambassador has the UK in his sights:

    “Only British soldiers are standing on our borders,” Yakovenko said. “This is in Estonia – 800 British soldiers are located there.”

    “It’s not Russian soldiers on the border of Scotland or England, this is British soldiers on the border of Russia,” he added.

  85. Colonel, the one thing we can agree with Sarkocy about is that the Cumryd is “stupid”.

  86. And this from the French Russian émigré actor and businessman Gerard Depardieu,

    “Russia is a new phenomenon in Europe: a state defined and dominated by former and active-duty security and intelligence officers. Not even fascist Italy, Nazi Germany, or the Soviet Union – all undoubtedly much worse creations than Russia; were as top-heavy with intelligence talent… There is no historical precedent for a society so dominated by former and active-duty internal-security and intelligence officials; men who rose up in a professional culture in which murder could be an acceptable, even obligatory, business practice… Those who operated within the Soviet sphere were the most malevolent in their practices. These men mentored and shaped Putin and his closest friends and allies. It is therefore unsurprising that Putin’s Russia has become an assassination-happy state where detention, interrogation, and torture; all tried and true methods of the Soviet KGB; are used to silence the voices of untoward journalists and businessmen who annoy or threaten Putin’s FSB state. “

  87. Talking of stupid.
    Max Mosley is using the law to suppress the history of orgy allegations:

    “Mosley’s lawyers have written to at least three newspapers, demanding that newspapers “block or erase” data that he believes is inaccurate.

    If Mosley wins his case, then newspapers would be forced to remove from the internet historic articles including reports on and ​orgy with prostitutes in 2008. Mosley successfully sued the News of the World, winning £60,000 damages for breach of his privacy.”

    So we hear a 10 minute segment on Today, the net result of which was that he gave the opposing journalist chance to talk about sadomasochistic orgies.

  88. Colonel Mustard @ February 17th, 2018 – 07:28

    Point taken, Colonel, and once more, the barbarian is not trying, in any shape or form, to defend the cumryd, but simply points out that there’s not much difference, if any, between the two when one seeks to discover what’s true and what isn’t.

    The Spectator has a piece on the subject, the postings are of interest more than the article, the attitude of the young to the ideas of the cumryd in particular. This, if anything, is the most worrying thing, it links to the finding in the Republic that half of the young (up to 25 years old) would prefer to live under communism.

  89. Baron – 23:12

    Mm, the indictments of these “Russian Nationals” represents a significant change in the narrative… Will the coverage the NYT, WaPo, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, ESPN etc. etc. reflect that change, I wonder…. NOT. I don’t expect any accurate reporting out of those orifices anytime short of ELE meteortite strike.

    The activities of the “Dirty Dozen” commenced before Trump even announced he seeking the GOP nomination.
    They nothing to do with the subsequent Trump campaign.
    They even organised anti-Trump protests.

    IF this is all Mueller has got for all the time and money, then he must be covering his arse. Will he continue to cover Comey’s arse?

    Meanwhile WTF has happened to Uranium-gate and FISA-gate? Where is the Special Prosecutor for those?
    Is Jeff Sessions still alive? What have “they” got on him?

    In the USA the pantomime season is running all year long at the moment.
    May the farce be with you.

  90. Frank P @ February 16th, 2018 – 18:07

    One can only hope this tricky question hasn’t added to your health problems, Frank.

    It’s not that the barbarian’s touchy on the subject of his gene allocation or his tribal home, but there are times when greater accuracy may be better than the opposite.

  91. Marshal Roberts, February 17th, 2018 – 07:57

    Stupid, although Mosley, a busy man, was probably too tied up to Google “The Streisand Effect.”

  92. EC @ February 17th, 2018 – 09:16

    Agreed, EC, but the point the barbarian was making is different, it’s the low grade of the individuals indicted, more to the point, they are in Russia, would Putin oblige, ship them to the Republic?

    What does John Kerry have to say, he allegedly issued the visas, will the anti-Trump mob change its tune? Very unlikely, they’ll try to blow it up as much as they can, but all in all it’s, as the great Mark says, all in the process, not the outcome.

    (have to go, more later)

  93. EC
    It is said he prefers spanking to bondage.

  94. He certainly got a verbal spanking on Today.

  95. And while we are talking, there is a lot of comment in today’s papers on the ISIS Beatles.
    I cannot for the life of me understand why we do not take the Gavin Williamson dictum.
    The fact that they are still alive is a statement on our weakness.

  96. Baron February 17th, 2018 – 09:13

    I wouldn’t pay much attention to the Spectator. That one time bastion of conservative free thinking fell to the Bubble some time ago and its comments threads fell to the transatlantic sockpuppet army about the same time.

  97. Bolton voted out!

  98. EC
    February 16th, 2018 – 09:43

    Apropos the latest U.S. school massacre it certainly has been, as you say, yet another case where the FBI/Cops were warned about the 19 year old perpetrator, but ignored it and did nothing about it.

    That the FBI did nothing is – at the very least least – strong evidence of the most extreme incompetence and negligence.

    Or is it worse? It should make everybody ask – what are the FBI’s priorities?

    Is the first priority of the FBI not to protect the public from criminals, but to undermine Trump?

  99. Bolton considering legal action.

    More evidence that he has an ‘EU attitude’.

  100. The FBI; they have no shame.

    I said some months ago that Semper Infedilis Mueller would not have to be removed as Special Counsel; he would be laughed out of office.

    Well, have a good laugh:

  101. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead

    And if you want a laugh from someone with with greater bottom on the same topic here is a lengthy contribution by Dr. Jerome Corsi on Rosencranz’s announcement:

  102. EC

    Jeff Sessions is said to be close to the Bushes. Q, however, seems to be saying not to lose faith.

  103. Rod Liddle today:

    “Slugs and snails and the PC mob rails
    Asda is in trouble for its T-shirts again. A while back the company was criticised for selling T-shirts that bore the words “Boys Will Be Boys”. A woman complained that this sort of statement could encourage sex attacks. No, not kidding.

    The latest T-shirt simply features a mock dictionary definition of the word boy: “Digger of dirt, noise maker, lots of mischief.” Campaigning groups have said this is gender stereotyping, and one mother said the definition could end with boys having mental health problems. Less severe mental health problems as those occasioned by having her as a mother, I suspect, but there we are.

    My own T-shirt suggestion is a short slogan: “Boys — we earn more than girls.” That should keep everyone happy.”

  104. And in Speccie:

    “The point I am trying to make is that there are differences between men and women, on average. Many and complex differences. Some feminists will insist those differences are learned, rather than innate. Although how one can learn to be useless at parking is to me mystifying. But either way, those differences are there, are they not? We are not quite the same. Equal but different.”

    I will remember all these things when I see the Lumley driven attacks on me and all my gender at the British Academy of Feminist Importance tonight.

  105. “Tory coup: Ukip members defect to fight for ‘REAL Brexit’ and back Jacob Rees-Mogg

    A FORMER senior member of Ukip has urged his ex-party colleagues to join him in defecting to the Conservative Party. Peter Harris, who was the candidate for one of Ukip’s top two target seats in last year’s election and the party’s regional organiser for London, last week became the most senior figure to quit and join the Tories.”

  106. SunExp: Emma Thompson and Emma Watson lead calls to end all [sexual] harassment

    Yes Cathy, what we are saying is that we have given up on ‘World Peace’.

  107. RobertRetyred – 23:04

    Bolton makes Nuttall like a political colossus!

  108. RobertRetyred – 09:48

    … and signalling, also, that they haven’t had any free publicity recently!

  109. For anyone who wants to have an idea of the man who has been banned by successive British governments since the last Labour administration was in power, here is Michael Savage speaking last month in Beverly Hills:

    If you don’t want to watch it, DON’T CLICK on it!

    I was actually watching interviews and speeches online with Yanis Varoufakis when I came across the Savage interview by chance. Yaroufakis has sound things to say.

  110. OMG, I must stay away from the computer! Now I have a Douglas Murray speech, warning America, that I want to post. What the hell!

  111. John birch, February 15th, 2018 – 08:55

    Mr Boot clears up some of the confusion I had upon hearing “they” news…

  112. Frank P
    February 16th, 2018 – 18:07

    This rang a bell. I remember you saying something similar [CHWs passim] when expressing a lingering, nagging doubt about a certain pair of brothers…

    There’s no past tense to ‘communist’. Espousing that evil ideology in one’s mature years takes a certain temperamental predisposition, which doesn’t change with age. Communism isn’t an opinion. It’s a character trait. That’s why I’m always suspicious of ‘ex-communists’ who see the conservative light late in life. Changing one’s hat doesn’t change one’s head.</i

    It's what I've thought about Merkel and all the recycled "former" Reds, East and West, many of whom have rebranded as "Greens!"

    A good piece, imo, anyway.

    #Vlad Warning# So maybe better not to, Baron 😉

  113. In Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe is pushed out by his own Party. In South Africa the ANC votes out their own State President. In Britain UKIP votes out their leader. Would that the Conservative Party had such spirit.

    As somebody said what we had there was a `coup`.Each successive candidate fell one by one in ways not comprehensible until Ms May (who was never one of us) was the only one left standing.

  114. Oh dear, the BBC. Playing fast and loose with Homer now.

    Troy. Where to begin. The requisite BBC gratuitous bonking within the first 5 minutes as well as the usual shrieking childbirth for a bit of sisterhood angst. The BBC think shrieking and shouting is “drama”. It’s not. It’s that odd, tedious and yet noisy boredom of the BBC kind.

    The Trojans appear as sort of John the Baptist bearded hipster cowboys in homespun gym slips riding very modern looking horses with very modern looking saddles to drive very modern looking cattle. No six guns, so far. And their father Noah is probably off building an Ark somewhere.

    That’s as far as I got. Tosh.

  115. Colonel Mustard 18.39

    And them Greeks, they is bros, don’t ya know man?

  116. Colonel Mustard (18:39)
    Noa (23:01)

    🙂 🙂

    Thank you. I needed that; it’s the small wee hours, I should be sleeping, preparing for D Day on 26th, can’t. Thought I’d reach for my gizmo to see whether there was any light reiief on the Wall. You did not disappoint. TYVM!

  117. Ee Y Adio ( as they were wont to chant on the football terraces ) : the wrath of Achilles is my theme.

    It turns out that, according to reports , Achilles and Patrocholus are black africans ; in the latest drama.

    As,also, was Coriolanus;according to the Royal Shakespeare Company.

  118. Ah; so that’s what Noa meant.

  119. Not much to laugh about these days, but just as I was about to give up hope along comes Brendan Cox to join the ranks of outed gropers. This is the surviving spouse of Murdered Jo Cox who has made a profession of his widowhood while spewing left wing tripe at every opportunity. It could not have happened to a nicer and more deserving guy. The harridans who specialize at ovulating with outrage over frequently overstated male misbehavior have been strangely silent, even on one occasion offering the man sympathy. His behavior has been described as inappropriate, but with the name of Cox what else could one expect.

  120. stephen maybery – 07:10

    Bloody hypocrites the lot of ’em! Anyone who witnessed last night’s BAFTAs luvvie wankfest would have had that confirmed by the bucketload. Unfortunately, after watching a recording of something else, the TV slipped back on to the “live” schedule. Two minutes was as much as I could stand. “Who are all these people?” asked Mrs EC as she left the room.

  121. Noa February 18th, 2018 – 23:01

    I’m just grateful I never got that far!

    Could you imagine the furore if Colin Firth was cast as Shaka the Zulu? Or Gary Oldman as Martin Luther King with beaucoup make up and prosthetics? It was bad enough with Keanu Reeves channelling the 47 Ronin. How the Japanese actors kept straight faces as he lumbered about I’ll never know.

  122. Radford NG February 19th, 2018 – 05:00

    The BBC must have been taking Greek silhouette Lekythos too literally! Achilles’ mum was a sea nymph and his Dad king of the Myrmidons (Thessaly) so his ethnicity was likely to have been proto-Armenian with a bit of sea weed thrown in.

    Maybe they were thinking of Othello?

  123. stephen maybery February 19th, 2018 – 07:10

    “Do as we say, not as we do”.

    Left wing sanctimony excuses everything, even Stalin.

    Never mind the outcome, feel the “he meant well”.

  124. Do you remember the days long long ago where you were innocent until proved guilty, and that was after a quaint thing called a trial.
    And you tell that to the young people today and they don’t believe you.

  125. It’s time to banish them black thoughts. Unless you want to get into real trouble…

  126. 1212
    Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili Not only meant well but delivered
    Delivered his nation from back woods serfdom to become an industrial giant that put the first man into space
    Like JFK he inspired the youth of his nation
    Who knows what his people would have achieved if it were not for his untimely death

  127. I had been planning for a week or two in Greece this spring, perhaps re-reading my battered copy of the Flashman Papers whilst sipping my expresso and raki. Or on second thoughts perhaps I should take a pristine, (yet soft and thoroughly absorbent) copy of the koran instead, to prove my bona fides to Suleiman the Magnificent’s descendants….

    Will NATO continue to hold in the face of the growing rapprochement between Putin’s Russia and Erdogen’s Turkey? Or will we see the Southern flank of the Alliance tested by a secret alliance that would rival the Ribbentop-Molotov pact in its duplicity?
    Does a population drained Greece and Europe even have the will and strength to hold against the fecund ‘minarets of islam’?

  128. I see that the cumryd has returned, his neck firmly gripped by the old murderer’s recal muscles whilst his open mouth attempt to regurgitate the rivers of sewage his lodgement there has caused him to imbibe.

  129. sp recal = rectal

  130. Colonel Mustard 11.59

    Being black is the new white.
    Whites having no culture it is impossible for backs to appropriate something which doesn’t exist.

  131. Geert Wilders considers the role of governments in the nation state. As if Europes politicians wished to uphold that outmoded concept…

  132. Noa February 19th, 2018 – 16:00


    On a par with Abbott’s attempt to exonerate Mao. Simply reveals their ghastliness.

  133. “Labour Action for Peace, a pressure group that had no formal role in the Labour Party, and for which Corbyn was an officer, was notoriously and idiotically pro-Soviet. Corbyn, in making Seumas Milne and Andrew Murray key figures in his team, both of them rather keen on the Soviet Union in the 1980s, obviously doesn’t think any of that too important. Murray, head backstairs honcho of Unite, the main union backer of Corbyn, used to buy space for advertorial in left-wing British papers for Novosti, the Soviet press agency. My hunch is that there is still a fair bit more of this to come.”

    Let’s just have that again:-

    “Labour Action for Peace, for which Corbyn was an officer, was notoriously and idiotically pro-Soviet.”

    This all comes as absolutely no surprise to many of us who were watching it all happen in real time.

  134. 1758 You are obsessed.
    Andrew Drummond-Murray should not be targeted simply for being a peace campaigner. He is a thoroughly nice bloke who I came across in 2003 when Tariq took a few of us into Stop the War events in an attempt to stop the disastrous Iraq War

    If he had succeeded there would have been no ISIS

  135. If the plausible allegations are correct there is a prima facie case of Treason or Treason Felony against Mr Corbyn and other senior Labour party members, by their “adhering to the sovereign’s enemies, giving them aid and comfort, in the realm or elsewhere…”, or to “compass, imagine, invent, devise, or intend”:
    …to deprive the sovereign of the Crown,
    to levy war against the sovereign “in order by force or constraint to compel her to change her measures or counsels, or in order to put any force or constraint upon or in order to intimidate or overawe both Houses or either House of Parliament”, or
    to “move or stir” any foreigner to invade the United Kingdom or any other country belonging to the sovereign.
    I look forward with confidence to the DPP, Alison Saunders, treating these treasonable matters as seriously against our Monarch the Queen as she does sexual offences, prosecuting the Defendants with the same utmost rigour of the law which she is prepared to use against the muslim rapists of Rotherham, Conservative MPs who may caress a nearby knee, BBC disc jockeys (dead or alive), a dead (Conservative, well it was claimed) and a distinguished former soldier.
    Failure to act would be unthinkable, however I will be very happy to contribute to the cost of a private prosecution.

  136. “The Stasi had a secret file on Jeremy Corbyn which could now be in the hands of Vladimir Putin. The Labour leader visited communist East Germany in the 1970s with his then-lover Diane Abbott. During the trip the state security service compiled an intelligence dossier on the pair which is now held in the Stasi archives. The documents would have been passed to Russia’s notorious KGB agency at the time meaning they will still be in the hands of officials in Moscow.”

    Dearie me! Lordy! FMOBB! What a shadowy business. Corbyn links with:-

    Czech Státní bezpečnost (StB – secret police)
    East German Stasi (secret police)

  137. Corbyn’s 100 subversive acts:-

    Invited two IRA members to parliament two weeks after the Brighton bombing.
    Attended Bloody Sunday commemoration with bomber Brendan McKenna.
    Attended meeting with Provisional IRA member Raymond McCartney.
    Hosted IRA linked Mitchell McLaughlin in parliament.
    Spoke alongside IRA terrorist Martina Anderson.
    Attended Sinn Fein dinner with IRA bomber Gerry Kelly.
    Chaired Irish republican event with IRA bomber Brendan MacFarlane.
    Attended Bobby Sands commemoration honouring IRA terrorists.
    Stood in minute’s silence for IRA gunmen shot dead by the SAS.
    Refused to condemn the IRA in Sky News interview.
    Refused to condemn the IRA on Question Time.
    Refused to condemn IRA violence in BBC radio interview.
    Signed EDM after IRA Poppy massacre massacre blaming Britain for the deaths.
    Arrested while protesting in support of Brighton bomber’s co-defendants.
    Lobbied government to improve visiting conditions for IRA killers.
    Attended Irish republican event calling for armed conflict against Britain.
    Hired suspected IRA man Ronan Bennett as a parliamentary assistant.
    Hired another aide closely linked to several convicted IRA terrorists.
    Heavily involved with IRA sympathising newspaper London Labour Briefing.
    Put up £20,000 bail money for IRA terror suspect Roisin McAliskey.
    Didn’t support IRA ceasefire.
    Said Hamas and Hezbollah were his “friends“.
    Called for Hamas to be removed from terror banned list.
    Called Hamas “serious and hard-working“.
    Attended wreath-laying at grave of Munich massacre terrorist.
    Attended conference with Hamas and PFLP.
    Photographed smiling with Hezbollah flag.
    Attended rally with Hezbollah and Al-Muhajiroun.
    Repeatedly shared platforms with PFLP plane hijacker.
    Hired aide who praised Hamas’ “spirit of resistance“.
    Accepted £20,000 for state TV channel of terror-sponsoring Iranian regime.
    Opposed banning Britons from travelling to Syria to fight for ISIS.
    Defended rights of fighters returning from Syria.
    Said ISIS supporters should not be prosecuted.
    Compared fighters returning from Syria to Nelson Mandela.
    Said the death of Osama Bin Laden was a “tragedy“.
    Wouldn’t sanction drone strike to kill ISIS leader.
    Voted to allow ISIS fighters to return from Syria.
    Opposed shoot to kill.
    Attended event organised by terrorist sympathising IHRC.
    Signed letter defending Lockerbie bombing suspects.
    Wrote letter in support of conman accused of fundraising for ISIS.
    Spoke of “friendship” with Mo Kozbar, who called for destruction of Israel.
    Attended event with Abdullah Djaballah, who called for holy war against UK.
    Called drone strikes against terrorists “obscene”.
    Boasted about “opposing anti-terror legislation”.
    Said laws banning jihadis from returning to Britain are “strange”.
    Accepted £5,000 donation from terror supporter Ted Honderich.
    Accepted £2,800 trip to Gaza from banned Islamist organisation Interpal.
    Called Ibrahim Hewitt, extremist and chair of Interpal, a “very good friend”.
    Accepted two more trips from the pro-Hamas group PRC.
    Speaker at conference hosted by pro-Hamas group MEMO.
    Met Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh several times.
    Hosted meeting with Mousa Abu Maria of banned group Islamic Jihad.
    Patron of Palestine Solidarity Campaign – marches attended by Hezbollah.
    Compared Israel to ISIS, Hamas, Hezbollah and al-Qaeda.
    Said we should not make “value judgements” about Britons who fight for ISIS.
    Received endorsement from Hamas.
    Attended event with Islamic extremist Suliman Gani.
    Chaired Stop the War, who praised “internationalism and solidarity” of ISIS.
    Praised Raed Salah, who was jailed for inciting violence in Israel.
    Signed letter defending jihadist advocacy group Cage.
    Met Dyab Jahjah, who praised the killing of British soldiers.
    Shared platform with representative of extremist cleric Muqtada al-Sadr.
    Compared ISIS to US military in interview on Russia Today.
    Opposed proscription of Hizb ut-Tahrir.
    Attended conference which called on Iraqis to kill British soldiers.
    Attended Al-Quds Day demonstration in support of destruction of Israel.
    Supported Hamas and ISIS-linked Viva Palestina group.
    Attended protest with Islamic extremist Moazzam Begg.
    Made the “case for Iran” at event hosted by Khomeinist group.
    Photographed smiling with Azzam Tamimi, who backed suicide bombings.
    Photographed with Abdel Atwan, who sympathised with attacks on US troops.
    Said Hamas should “have tea with the Queen”.
    Attended ‘Meet the Resistance’ event with Hezbollah MP Hussein El Haj.
    Attended event with Haifa Zangana, who praised Palestinian “mujahideen”.
    Defended the infamous anti-Semitic Hamas supporter Stephen Sizer.
    Attended event with pro-Hamas and Hezbollah group Naturei Karta.
    Backed Holocaust denying anti-Zionist extremist Paul Eisen.
    Photographed with Abdul Raoof Al Shayeb, later jailed for terror offences.
    Mocked “anti-terror hysteria” while opposing powers for security services.
    Named on speakers list for conference with Hamas sympathiser Ismail Patel.
    Criticised drone strike that killed Jihadi John.
    Said the 7/7 bombers had been denied “hope and opportunity”.
    Said 9/11 was “manipulated” to make it look like bin Laden was responsible.
    Failed to unequivocally condemn the 9/11 attacks.
    Called Columbian terror group M-19 “comrades”.
    Blamed beheading of Alan Henning on Britain.
    Gave speech in support of Gaddafi regime.
    Signed EDM spinning for Slobodan Milosevic.
    Blamed Tunisia terror attack on “austerity”.
    Voted against banning support for the IRA.
    Voted against the Prevention of Terrorism Act three times during the Troubles.
    Voted against emergency counter-terror laws after 9/11.
    Voted against stricter punishments for being a member of a terror group.
    Voted against criminalising the encouragement of terrorism.
    Voted against banning al-Qaeda.
    Voted against outlawing the glorification of terror.
    Voted against control orders.
    Voted against increased funding for the security services to combat terrorism.

  138. Fake News

  139. Fake News.

  140. Not “news” and not fake.

    A matter of historical record. Corbyn is a wrong’un.

    What is FAKE is calling yourself David Lindsay when you are not. Even before we get to all the other names used.

  141. Teletwat gets all worked up about Corbyn’s StB and Stasi shame and suddenly “Strong Woman # FBPE” is back and frothing over exactly the same stuff at Guido.

    What a “coincidence” . . .


  142. If anybody’s casting around for something to rhyme with #Me2 , how about “Mean Shrew”?

  143. “Labour’s deputy leader Tom Watson has launched a major attack against “right-wing” newspapers he accuses of spreading propaganda about Jeremy Corbyn to bolster declining sales.

    Writing exclusively for The Independent, Mr Watson said the stories making allegations about Mr Corbyn‘s contact with a Czech agent in the 1980s are “false and ridiculous smears” based on discredited sources.

    The senior Labour figure goes on to accuse the newspapers’ proprietors of abusing their power to print “poorly sourced” stories simply because it suits their political agenda.”

    So then
    Again I say
    Fake News

  144. Ha ha! Methinks someone protesteth too much.

    Only recently cod communist Corbyn was engaged in demagoguery to a mob of red flag waving cod-communists in front of a huge poster of Marx, Stalin and Mao.

    Repulsive and chilling.

  145. If Watson were any kind of champion of truth he would worry more about BBC’s fake news or “non news” than the Daily Mail:-

  146. “The senior Labour figure goes on to accuse the newspapers’ proprietors of abusing their power to print “poorly sourced” stories simply because it suits their political agenda.”


    Oh, the irony of that fat cunt saying that.

  147. Colonel Mustard,

    I look forward to more stones being turned over and the light of day falling on certain other of Corbyn’s maggoty comrades.

  148. The mother-in-law came round last week. It was absolutely pouring down. So I opened the door and I saw her there and I said, ‘Mother, don’t just stand there in the rain. Go home’

    – Les Dawson

  149. Has anyone else noticed men walking around wearing “Baby on board” lapel badges? I passed one earlier today who was giggling to himself and muttering. Reckon he was gone in the head.

  150. Ahh, the joy of black empowerment in South Africa.

    Why do sub-saharan blacks have an average IQ of 70?

  151. The comments on Guido regarding TWat’s latest weasel words are a real treat…

  152. A victory for Free Speech in Canada? One that will give people confidence that they really have the right under our famous, so-called “Charter of Rights and Freedoms”, to say anything they feel like saying?

    Hardly. I’d call it typically Cold Canadian Comfort….

  153. Transitioning from Orwell’s 1984 to Gilliam’s 1986…

    “A disabled women died alone surrounded by soiled clothes days before Christmas after a council stopped her care. Anne Savidge, 64, was reportedly abandoned by 18 agencies contracted by Portsmouth City Council to look after her”

    We all thought Terry Gilliam’s nightmare vision of a bureaucratic, totalitarian dystopia (BRAZIL, 1986) could never happen. Looks like we’ve arrived!

  154. The Munich Security Conference, which ended yesterday, was marked by appeals for “Europe” to be more willing to go to war and have a resolute EU “global projection of power.” In addition to a significant arms buildup, the EU needs a “common desire to actually use its military weight,” German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen admonished. German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel warned that Europe’s future “projection of power” cannot “do without” military force. Currently, this is not yet possible without the involvement of NATO or US armed forces; however, cooperation with Washington should be “on a par” and “not as deputies.” In the foreseeable future, the EU will be able to buildup its arms to such an extent that it will no longer need US support. Gabriel branded Russia and China – current “rivals” to the Western “system” – as “autocracies.”

  155. Noa, February 20th, 2018 – 08:55

    Re : Pat Condell on the Google ‘feminists’

    I couldn’t get that link to show me, but Pat has posted alternate one’s here:

    “YouTube Censorship”

  156. Ostrich (occasionally) – 16:10

    Is that a standard issue KGB/stB/Stasi watch he’s wearing?

    If an enterprising Paparazzi has got a 40Mb RAW file of that snap then it should blow up quite well…. in more ways than one 🙂

  157. One is beginning to feel sorry for the cumryd, pummelled even for wearing a watch that EC believes is the standard KGB issue, he should be toast by now, obviously he isn’t, the question’s is why.

    The reason why he’s still there, in opinion polls close to the Tories, is simple, one should attack the man’s policies, rather than him, the messenger of them. This is a mistake that could backfire, hitting the communist nutter does nothing to destroy the evil of what the man’s proposing, we should focus on what it is he says he will try to accomplish if he gets into no10 – the bribing of sections of the electorate, the takeover of key commercial, financial and productive sectors of the economy, the disastrous foreign policy. That’s what one should be critical of, no?

  158. Noa @ February 21st, 2018 – 09:57

    Whatever the Germans may be saying NATO is unlikely to survive, it has outlived its purpose, a new realignment is on cards. The Germans will get their long hoped-for EU Armed Forces, will ask the Americans politely to pull out of Germany, the Turks even today are not fully reliable, it may only be a matter of time before they pull out of the alliance, align themselves not perhaps with Russia, but China, the French will increasingly rely on their own military, they never trusted the Americans, and the Poles will have to decide what to do, whom to join to muscle on the Russians.

    We may have to set up another alliance with the Americans, leave Europe to the Germans, both these two European powers should be happier, we, because nobody could ever be sure what the Germans want (although one may suspect it), the Germans, because they never completely trusted us, our closeness to the Republic have made them suspicious.

    Any fault in this rant?

    And this on the subject of autocracies:

    For some reason, Ukraine is left from the list of autocratic regimes, Poroshenko was in Munich, had a talk, the auditorium was less than half full, people were leaving it as he was talking, both the German and the French Foreign Ministers refused to attend a meeting of the four countries (the Normandy Four) that took it on themselves to solve the Ukrainian revolt in the east.

  159. Andy Car Park @ February 20th, 2018 – 16:13

    Nice to hear your voice, Andy, but is this all you have to say?

  160. Noa @ February 20th, 2018 – 16:50

    Not something that either the GEs (that’s governing elites), or their laptop dogs here, the MSM are interest in, Noa, it’s bloody fault of the farmers, they are white.

  161. David Lindsay @ February 20th, 2018 – 07:52

    Do we have a right leaning paper, David? Which one?

  162. Colonel Mustard @ February 19th, 2018 – 20:16

    If you were the one who compiled it, Colonel, one should take one’s hat off, if you only gave it a wider coverage, also thanks.

    On the question of his saying ‘Hamas should “have tea with the Queen”, perhaps you’re too critical. Her Majesty has met many bad people, the list is quite long. In the case of Hamas perhaps she would have been more successful curtailing their bad deeds, could have persuaded them to have new election, give up power if they lost it.

  163. Heard on the car radio:

    The PM, the saintly One, was castigating Assad and his backers (she didn’t mention their name, who could that be? Any ideas?) for bombing the chunk of Damascus under the control of ISIL. Many civilians including children got killed, she said.

    It is very regrettable that civilians were harmed, perhaps she should have offered to the Syrian Government our missiles and ammunition that kills only military combatants. She may have also mentioned the use of depleted uranium in Iraq by the Americans and our forces that greatly improved health prospects of those civilians who survived it.

  164. Baron 1802
    All except the Guardian
    You should be more concerned about the right wing news bias of the BBC

    Ex chair of 2 Tory committees Robinson now leads Today
    2 Ex Tory MP’s – Paris and Brandreth and a previous Tory leadership candidate lead the commentariat
    And Murdoch place man Neil is sounding more and more like Fox News

  165. PS prospective Tory leader was Portillo


    I think that a combination of social changes have led to tremendous stress on today’s kids that my generation did not suffer. To wit:
    In my rural Virginia school, there was no racial tension. We were all white: teachers, students, parents.
    The black kids went to their own school, Ralph Bunche. We had virtually no contact with each other. There was no hostility, just no contact. The academic gap didn’t exist in the absence of contact. Inintegration would prove cruel when it came. and the black kid s sank to the bottom. The causes can be argued, but the fact cannot.

  167. Baron February 21st, 2018 – 18:08

    Not my work Baron, just passing it on. But it speaks for itself.

    What strikes me over the whole business of “Agent COB” is the apparent naivety of the media and public, given his well documented modus operandi in political activism. The police now use the term “a pattern of behaviour” for historic crimes but it is astonishing that Corbyn’s very own “pattern of behaviour” has not featured strongly in the question of StB and Stasi records.

    Another factor not well understood about the dismissal of all the evidence is the extent to which the German government machinery has been compromised by ex-Stasi officials. In 2013 the commissioner in charge of the Stasi archives admitted that his agency still had 37 former Stasi employees among its staff. And in 2007, a leaked German government report revealed that the archive had since its inception employed as many as 79 former Stasi members, some of them without the knowledge of parliament creating suspicions that incriminating files could have been destroyed or been tempered with. Joachim Gauck, who criticized the political left of ignoring communist crimes, gave permanent contracts to ex-Stasi staff around 1997 saying it was essential in order to understand the records.

    In 2009 it was revealed that approximately 70,000 current employees of the German government used to work for the Stasi.

    A project to re-assemble 16,000 bags of Stasi shredded paper has so far only finished working on 500 and it is reckoned it would take 700 years to complete the work, even if it goes ahead in a now lukewarm environment to proving communist secrets.

    The softening of official German government attitudes to the ex-Stasi began with Merkel gaining power in 2006. She even empowered a notorious ex-Stasi informer, an absolute horror of a woman called Anetta Kahane, to establish “anti-hate” legislation which is a slow burning project to eventually criminalise dissenting right-wing views.

    The draconian tendency of the German government since Merkel came to power is also underestimated outside Germany. The Justice MInister, Heiko Maas, although not ex-Stasi, is another horror (google him to get a look at him). He has authorised 27 offences for which the government can use malware to spy on peoples computers, made it a criminal offence to leak government information and pushed through a draconian “Netzwerkdurchsetzungsgesetz” (“network enforcement law”) to combat online hate speech and fake news, which seems to have inspired May to pursue a similar authoritarian nanny line. Despite being opposed as unconstitutional and risking catastrophic effects on freedom of expression the law was forced through. German newspapers refer to him as the “Prohibition Minister”.

    In Britain the situation is comparable because the leftist subversives sponsored by the Soviet Union have never been called to account and were allowed to re-invent themselves and burrow into various NGOs and other organisations, ib some cases setting up their own.

  168. From the Stasi files:-

    “Die Labour Action for Peace ist eine Organisation, in der Labour-Abgeordnete des Britischen Parlaments u.a aktive Mitglieder der Partei zusammengeschlosssen sind….Dabei werden von Vertretern der LAP in Grundfragen Positionen vertreten, die weitgehend mit denen der sozialistischen Staaten übereinstimmen.”

    Corbyn was highly active in LAP. The idea that he was not a communist fellow traveller and “agent of influence” in the West is ridiculous. It ran through him like the name through a stick of rock.

  169. The East German Stasi files do not contain a list of UK spy identities. The identities were in a set of files called the Roseholtz files – that were stolen by the CIA when Germany fell. The Rosenhoktz files are not available to the Stasi archives. Until they are returned they cannot search them.

    From the Guardian 28 Dec 2011:-

    “Britain has been accused of “sheltering communists” after refusing to hand over a cache of Stasi files revealing the names of British spies who worked for the East German secret intelligence agency during the cold war.

    “The cache belongs to a set of mysterious microfilm images, known as the Rosenholz (Rosewood) records, that contain 280,000 files giving basic information on employees of the foreign intelligence arm of the former GDR.

    “The records were obtained by the CIA in murky circumstances shortly after the fall of the Berlin Wall. American agents analysed the data before distributing relevant portions to countries in which the Stasi were active.

    “A swathe of files relating to Stasi activity in the UK were given to MI5 by the Americans in the 1990s. Now Germany wants the files back, to add to its extensive archives on the GDR’s ministry for state security, commonly known as the Stasi.

    “If the files are returned to Germany, they will be made available, unredacted, to scholars and historians. That means that British Stasi sympathisers and spies could be outed for the first time.

    “Today, Germany only has those sections of the Rosenholz discs pertaining to activity in former West Germany – though the governments of Norway, Denmark and Sweden recently indicated they were ready to hand over the Rosenholz files they were given by the CIA more than 10 years ago.

    “Since the return to Berlin of the West German portion of the Rosenholz files in 2003, a number of public figures have been outed as Stasi collaborators, most recently a priest who allegedly spied on Joseph Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict XVI .

    “”We need access to these British files in order to understand the cold war, which was a war fought by secret intelligence operatives all over the world,” said Helmut Müller-Enbergs, one of the world’s leading scholars on the Stasi.

    “In 1999, the then home secretary, Jack Straw, told MPs that MI5 was investigating more than 100 Britons suspected of having been Stasi agents.”

    Telegraph, 18 Sep 1999:-

    “A massive undercover investigation is now under way by MI5 and MI6, Britain’s internal and external security services, to track down and prosecute up to 30 Britons suspected of handing secrets to the Eastern bloc before the fall of the Berlin Wall. They are thought to include serving police officers, who have been identified by the former Scotland Yard detective and the self-confessed agent, John Symonds.

    “Ann Widdecombe, shadow home secretary, demanded a full explanation from the Home Secretary, Jack Straw about the Government’s failure to prosecute the alleged agents.

    “The Home Office issued a statement saying it would be impossible to disclose all details of security service investigations. “In fulfilling its function of protecting national security, the Security Service has … carried out a great many investigations, including into alle- gations of espionage and hostile foreign intelligence activity.

    “It is wholly unrealistic to believe that the detail of [investi-gations] should routinely be made public. It would be grossly irresponsible, as disclosure could seriously compromise the work of the agencies which, to be effective, have, to a large degree, to remain secret.”


  170. ” . . . how could a prominent Stalinist such as Professor Vic Allen Get away with meeting a succession of Stasi controllers in London, when everyone knew that he was a prime candidate to engage in such activity? I take little pride in pointing out that I drew attention to Professor Allen’s record and proclivities in a letter published in The Times in mid-1985. He had a record as long as your arm for subversive affiliations and activities, both in this country and previously in Nigeria.

    “Finally, what about the 100 leads from the Berlin archive who are supposedly still being investigated? Are they still being investigated – or have 105 people been amnestied for Christmas, rather than just five?”

    I have a deep suspicion that the full extent of this treachery was buried by New Labour during their 13 years in power and political corruption of the security services.

  171. More on Kahane.

    “The Ministry of Justice has come under renewed pressure to cut ties with Anetta Kahane after a Stasi expert declared her unfit to lead a “sensitive task like controlling the internet” based on her history working with the Communist secret police.

    “A review of the former Stasi informant’s files has led to further questions over Justice Minister Heiko Maas’s decision to use Kahane’s Amadeu Antonio Foundation to oversee a programme of removing “hate speech” online and prosecuting its authors.

    “Writing in Focus on Sunday, Communist political oppression academic and Stasi expert Dr. Hubertus Knabe, said it is “incomprehensible” that the ministry chose a foundation headed by Kahane to lead a “sensitive task such as controlling the internet”.

    “Director of the Hohenschönhausen Stasi Memorial, Knabe reviewed Kahane’s files and found that she had lied about her history with the Communist secret police, whose repression leaves many survivors still traumatised today.

    “Kahane hid her involvement for decades but when the files were made public, and revealed her to be an informant, the campaigner for open borders claimed she was put under extreme pressure by the Ministry of State Security (MfS) and forced to cooperate.

    “In his article for Focus, Knabe revealed that the foundation head, under the codename “Victoria”, delivered reports about friends and conversation partners, relayed the names of people who were sympathetic to dissident songwriters, and even reported a student for being “politically unsettled and unclear”.

    Far from having only cooperated under pressure, Kahane received a gold fountain pen from the MfS for her service, management recording that she “has a strong positive attitude towards the security services”.

    Knabe concluded the piece by recommending that the Ministry of Justice “would be well advised to end cooperation” with the Amadeu Antonio Foundation. Former Bundestag deputy Vera Lengsfeld, who was a prominent civil rights activist in Communist East Germany, slammed the task force at the weekend as an “internet spy group”. Noting the foundation’s recording and removal of ‘hate speech’ from the internet had increased 353 per cent over last year, but that nearly 90 per cent of these were not legally actionable, she accused Maas of having launched a “procedure of extrajudicial censorship”.

    “Alternative for Germany (AfD) MEP Beatrix von Storch took to Facebook following the revelation, writing: “We pay taxes for the Ministry of Justice to give money to a Stasi-led authority to make propaganda against us? I propose to examine as to whether tax evasion is justified in self-defense. My money should not be spent directing propaganda against me.”

    “Kahane is a fanatic supporter of open borders and has declared it vital that the European Union change its immigration policy so as to eventually make natives of the continent a minority.

    “This is very important; you have to change the educational system and the self-understanding of the states. They are not only white anymore or only Swedish or only Portuguese or only German. They are multicultural places in the world,” she said.

  172. I know you all take Mr Mustards quotes as gospel but just remember his motivations

    “Jeremy Corbyn has revealed he was at a meeting in Derbyshire at the exact time that a former communist spy claims to have been with him in London.

    The Labour leader said his records prove he attended a gathering of socialists in Chesterfield in October 1987, when the Czech agent claims to have been talking with him in the House of Commons.

    It also happened to be the day after Mr Corbyn’s mother died and a Saturday – when the Commonsa does not sit – making the alleged meeting in Westminster more unlikely.”

  173. “Radek Schovánek, an analyst with the defence ministry of the Czech Republic – which emerged, along with Slovakia, from the peaceful breakup of Czechoslovakia in 1993 – has spent 25 years researching documents filed by the now-defunct spy service. He told the Guardian the suspicions against Corbyn were unfounded, and the claims of Ján Sarkocy, a former intelligence officer expelled from Britain in 1989, to have signed the Labour leader up were false.

    Schovánek also poured scorn on Sarkocy’s boast that he used 10 to 15 other Labour politicians in the 1980s as sources, including the current shadow chancellor, John McDonnell, and Ken Livingstone, the former mayor of London.”

  174. See Graham Greene : Our Man In Havana.

  175. What happened to the Stasi files under New Labour? 100 British agents but only a handful of prosecutions and the subject gets buried.

    My “motivations”? To explore the whole truth and nothing but the truth about the left’s collusion with the enemies of my country.

    Won’t take lectures about motivation from someone who trolls under a variety of disguises, habitually deceives, openly admires Stalin and once demanded that we give the ISIS “Caliph” a “fair hearing”.

    Besides, his “Feminist Fighter” strategy for disrupting conservative websites was posted again several times today at Guido.

  176. October 1987? Oh dear. Agent COB’s spinners have already admitted that he met Dymic on 25 November 1987:-

    “Mr Corbyn’s aides finally on Tuesday (20 Feb) revealed more details about the first of three meetings he had with Czechoslovak spy Lt Jan Dymic logged in his now defunct StB agency’s archives. The Opposition Leader invited Lt Dymic to the Commons on November 25, 1986, to discuss “the issue of disarmament”, his spokesman claimed.
    But he insisted that Mr Corbyn still “doesn’t recall” as many as three other meetings recorded in the archives.

    Labour are now misrepresenting the whole thing as being untrue in order to mislead those members of the public who won’t do their own checking. Their trolls are at the same business and revealed in “Feminist Fighter’s” strategy document.

    Busted yet again, tele.

  177. Baron, February 21st, 2018 – 17:43

    The reason that the “cumryd” is still there, if you remember, is that Mrs May totally cocked up the 2017 GE Tory manifesto, in particular with regard to the issue of “social care” funding cap (with implied property grab) The quite unnecessary introduction of this issue at an election that was supposed to be about BREXIT handed the opposition parties a stick with which to beat her, and distract from the main issue. The relatively few fevered millennials that voted for Corbyn’s false promises were not as big a factor as those who would normally have voted Tory but either stayed at home or voted for the MRLP in protest.

    I afraid that the days of ancient Greece etc. that you obviously yearn for, where the men wander down to the town/village square each morning and discuss the political issues of the day in a gentlemanly fashion, are long gone. The enemy needs to be attack on all fronts! In particular, Saul Alinsky’s “Rules For Radicals” needs to be digested and then shoved right back up the left’s fundament!

    BTW. The downfall of politicians between elections is unpredictable, and is very rarely about policy issues. It’s usually about the other piggies trying to keep their snouts in the trough. Never forget, “they work for you” you know!

  178. John birch.@ February 22nd, 2018 – 13:38

    Absolutely spot on, John. It’s in tackling what he says is different today where the American unwashed will find the answers to the massacres.

    Amazing as it may sound, it was the same in the other Red half of the world that suffered when Baron wore short trousers except for the constant brainwashing of the sort ‘with the USSR forever’. (To which one would add ‘but not a minute longer).

  179. EC @ February 22nd, 2018 – 09:45

    Good point, EC.

    It was meant in jest, the remark about your spotting the cumryd’s watch.

  180. Colonel Mustard @ February 21st, 2018 – 19:06 et al.

    One only hopes, Colonel, that you keep copies of your postings. Later, at your leisure with only gentle editing you’ll have a readable tome on hands, the publishers won;t be able to say ‘no’.

    (The barbarian has to dash again, how did one have a job, did other things, no job today, no paid job that isyet one cannot get a minute to himself).

  181. Baron – 17:23

    Sorry, Baron, obviously a soh failure on my part. I’m preoccupied with other matters at the moment.

  182. My comments on the latest Boot polemic on Gerard Batten are awaiting moderation over there. Something which never happens with the teleturd here… still I reproduce them here as a reminder that we haven’t yet reached consensus on how many muslims we want and need in Britain. (The real and only currently acceptable answer of course, the left tells us, is all of ’em.)

    Politicians of all hues remain unwilling to discuss the consequences of mass immigration and the challenges it presents. Gerard Batten’s relatively innocuous proposals attempting to integrate the un-integretable have inevitably resulted in the usual tired cries of islamophobia and accusations of racism from the media and the left; (generally the same thing. nowadays)
    Yet these are to ignore what is at least a rational response to the growing threat identified even by the vile Trevor Phillips. (Any man who glories in using his public office and taxpayer funds to hound a legitimate political party out of existence is vile in my book.
    Yet, according to a 2015 poll by Survation for the BBC, British muslims (or should we call them “muslims of Britain” in adherence to the modern, inclusive vernacular?) hold what one Muslim commentator coyly called some ‘disconcerting’ atttudes. A third of UK Muslims would like their children educated separately from non-Muslims. A quarter disagreed with the statement that ‘acts of violence against anyone publishing images of the Prophet could never be justified’; and a quarter were sympathetic to the ‘motives’ of the Charlie Hebdo killers.
    A new study showed that a significant part of the British Muslim community is becoming a separate “nation within a nation.” The 615-page survey found that more than 100,000 British Muslims sympathize with suicide bombers. Only one in three British Muslims (34%) would contact the police if they believed that somebody close to them had become involved with jihadists. In addition, 23% of British Muslims said Islamic Sharia law should replace British law in areas with large Muslim populations.
    The issues underlying the demographic time bomb a secular, generally post Christian Britain faces are explored in the following links for anyone still interested.

  183. News from Chequers is that at last showing some balls to the Brexiteers
    But the big important speech will be on Monday, just trailed by Emily

  184. Noa @ February 22nd, 2018 – 18:54

    You haven’t yet figured it, Noa, but if the omni-all one were in charge things would be as bad if not worse than when the commy thugs were in charge in the East, the man was incubated in a regime that didn’t allow dissent, one had to follow the orthodoxy of the anointed, only HE was always right, on his blog here, HE’s him.

  185. Noa @ February 22nd, 2018 – 19:22

    The one aspect he doesn’t touch on, Noa, is what future for this new, technology based freedom of expression. Those who controlled the minds of the unwashed for decades through the poodles of the MSM estate must have the control levers back. Failing to dominate again in the dissemination of their agitprop would undercut their power, make them vulnerable, ultimately ending their right to govern us.

  186. The 4th anniversary of a ‘nationwide revolt against the corrupt administration of Yanukovych’ in Ukraine has passed, not a word in the MSM, nobody has the slightest interest in the country, it seems the new (and quite sizeable) contender for the membership of the EU and NATO doesn’t exist.

    If the anniversary wasn’t enough to wet anyone’s attention for the land of the Ukrainians, then the court case with Yanukovych should have done it, alas didn’t, or hasn’t until now. It goes on with his absence, nobody’s interested.

    To remedy this omission on the part of the MSM giants, here’s a piece from a leading (and influential) Internet blog, more than chauvinistically opposed not just to Putin, but Russia, the equivalent of the omni-all one next door, a blog that is as close to the current admin in Kiev and their US backers as it gets.

    If you don’t want to waste time, read the five headings that sum up what it was Maidan stood for, and how much of it got accomplished.

    Do the American GEs (the governing elites) care? Why should they, they are in Ukraine not because some crap about democracy and all that, they’re there for their own geo-strategic reasons. Vlad may have snatched Crimea from them, they will snatch Ukraine from him, (or so they think even though at some point in the future Ukraine will again embrace her bigger brother to the East, Baron reckons).

  187. David Lindsay @ February 21st, 2018 – 21:28

    You don’t have to listen to the barbarian, David, but here’s his take on the accuracy of the archives of not just the StB, but any other security service from the former satellites of the Kremlin: One can never be sure which one is the one that tells the truth (even though one actually must be, but which one?).

    Your Schovánek may spend millennia studying it, it won’t make any difference, those who had things to hide would have made sure the things got hidden, falsified, erased, probably forever.

  188. Baron February 23rd, 2018 – 12:39

    Labour’s script for that is certainly trying to keep things hidden.

    What I’d like to know is what happened about the more than 100 British Stasi agents identified to Jack Straw in 1999. Only a handful of prosecutions and then silence. We have no idea who those people were and New Labour had 11 years to make sure we never will.

    Here is a book to be written:- ‘The Subversion of Western Democracies by the Left 1968-????’

  189. “Corbyn shows his true colours by threatening the press”

    “As Isabel Hardman notes in the Spectator: “What the Labour leader is doing isn’t so much threatening the press with Leveson 2, which naturally the press doesn’t want, but undermining the press as a vital part of democracy.””

    That man is an absolute horror. And it should be of the gravest concern that England might one day be in the hands of a communist proto-monster with 2 E-grade A Levels and a lifetime political career as a contrarian trouble maker, terrorist sympathiser and misfit.

  190. It seems that if one holds views similar or identical to those of Putin one is Putin’s stooge.

    (You may recall Baron saying again and again that one of the reasons, if not the crucial one, the Western GEs are after the man in the Kremlin is his take on things fundamental to the societal construct’s (on the family, sovereignty of nations, the the Judaeo-Christian culture et hoc genus omne), which contradicts that of the progressives, but resonates with a large chunk of the Western unwashed. This cannot be admitted, of course, hence the need to find proxy reasons, of which the interference in the US Presidential election is but one).

  191. Colonel Mustard @ February 23rd, 2018 – 12:53

    That’s a legitimate wish, Colonel, but one can guess (and be right) what happened to the 100, no?

    To be fair to those in charge, often there’s more to these cases than meets the eye (double agents, the fear of undermining on-going spying, stuff like that).

    The book may indeed be worthwhile to write, the question is will the one penning it live to finish it?

  192. Colonel Mustard @ February 21st, 2018 – 19:06

    It didn’t have to be the Stasi’s old guard, Colonel, new staff would have done what you think only the old one could have done i.e. the removal or falsifying of the files. Bribing people wasn’t that hard (it still goes on today).

    The barbarian has no knowledge of the agencies that were tasked to look after the Stasi’s files, (or files of this kind in other former satellites of the Kremlin), but it’s unlikely those with direct access to the files were paid alot, and they had families to feed, if someone with a bad past wanted his or her files removed, altered, burnt he would have bribed them.

    You may think it’s a cynical take on things, but unfortunately one cannot rule it out in any of the countries run by the communist thugs. Under communism bribing was the most effective tool to get things done, and habits do indeed die hard.

  193. Colonel Mustard @ February 23rd, 2018 – 13:01

    However much agrees with your slicing of the evil the cumryd represents, Colonel, one has to prepare for the day he may indeed get the reigns of power, the Tories seem hellbent assisting him to do just that.

    Paradoxically, this may be the last straw before the progressive project collapses, it would be a total economic catastrophe that he and his crew could maintain going only with repressive measures, the time for the ‘healthy core of Englishness’ to stand up, get counted.

  194. This much harder for Corbyn and his communist handlers to dodge:-

    “The meeting was for the conservation and deepening of trust. The conversation was to discuss the problems of the self-liberation movement and the position of Britain, the USA, the Middle East and the Persian Gulf.”

    “Self-liberation movement” eh? The idiots always think that they are on the cusp of a “revolution”.

  195. For avoidance of doubt

    Dagmar Hovestaedt, a spokeswoman for the Federal Commission for the Stasi Records, said: “Currently there is a debate in Great Britain about a possible documentation of activities of the Labour politician Jeremy Corbyn in the Stasi records.

    “The Federal Commissioner for the Stasi Records (BStU) usually only releases information with connection to a person when records document an official or unofficial collaboration with the Ministry of State Security.

    “Otherwise there is no further disclosure.

    “But because speculation have risen because of this policy in the case of Jeremy Corbyn and Diane Abbott, the BStU for this case makes the following statement.

    “The most recent researches in the written records of the Ministry for State Security of East Germany have not produced any records or any other information on Jeremy Corbyn or Diane Abbott.”

  196. Even Murdoch placeman Andrew Neil is getting fed up with the lies
    This to Steve Baker

    The BBC presenter Andrew Neil said: “Surely the real scandal isn’t what Jeremy Corbyn supposedly has or hasn’t done, but the outright lies and disinformation that your fellow Tories are spreading!”

  197. The Corbyn Files: Line by line, the Czech secret service dossier that PROVES Labour can’t just dismiss 80s spy as a fantasist

    “Agent Sarkocy told his handlers he met Mr Corbyn among MPs at a social event of the Left-wing peace group Liberation held at the Houses of Parliament on November 26, 1986. His report describes the ‘relatively young’ MP as having a Chilean wife and being ‘very well informed’ about the activities of ‘anti-communists’.”

    ‘Liberation’ was the former ‘Movement for Colonial Freedom’ (MCF) re-named in 1970

  198. The Gramscian-Eurocommunists, who split away from CPGB, favoured the “cultural” politics of new social movements, such as feminism, environmentalism, anti-racism campaigns, student politics and gay rights (from 1975, backing the NUS) over militant working-class politics. Prominent figures were those associated with Martin Jacques’s Marxism Today. As early as 1983, Jacques “thought the CP was unreformable … but stayed in because he needed its subsidy to continue publishing Marxism Today.”

    Jacques formed Demos in 1993 and Julia Middleton was involved with him in Demos. Interestingly this fact used to be included in her bio on the Common Purpose website but that connection to communists has been redacted now, as is her Wiki entry.

    On 6 February 2002, the official website of the UK Prime Minister announced, “Dame Rennie Fritchie re-appointed as Commissioner for Public Appointments.” In the following minutes (Number: 716), dated 23 May 2002, Julia Middleton, CEO of Common Purpose, states that she is working for Dame Rennie. This gave Middleton a great deal of influence in appointing suitable Common Purpose graduates to key leadership positions throughout the public sector. Fritchie was first appointed in 1999, re-appointed in 2005 and stayed in the role until 2010.

  199. As Jeremy said

    “Publishing these ridiculous smears that have been refuted by Czech officials shows just how worried the media bosses are by the prospect of a Labour government.
    “They’re right to be. Labour will stand up to the powerful and corrupt – and take the side of the many, not the few.”

  200. Czech officials have NOT refuted the allegations. Read the Daily Mail article instead of continuing to post your tedious tripe.

    In my experience Labour governments are always powerful and corrupt. The power is misused and the corruption is incestuous and often concealed.

  201. “The Corbyn Files: Line by line, the Czech secret service dossier that PROVES Labour can’t just dismiss 80s spy as a fantasist”

    Corbyn hopes these revelations will be viewed as “ridiculous smears” but only the brain dead will swallow that.

  202. Clearly Harry Potter fantasies again above

    After author J.K. Rowling wrote an article about her experience as a single mother and a single negative incident of stigmatization while working at a church, the Daily Mail misrepresented her case in an article entitled “How J.K. Rowling’s sob story about her single mother past surprised and confused the church members who cared for her,” alleging Rowling had falsely accused her former church of bigotry. Rowling had said nothing of the sort. In her article, written for single parents’ charity Gingerbread, she spoke of the social stigma she felt as a working mother on benefits and made reference to a single woman visiting her church who referred to her as “The Unmarried Mother.”Taking passages of her article wildly out of context, the Daily Mail played it up as “hard-up single mother finds low-paid, menial work in an inner city church but bigoted, unchristian people make clear their disapproval of her unmarried status, and cruelly taunt her.” They interviewed members of the church, who understandably expressed confusion over the incident, most likely because they hadn’t read the article in question and were just hearing a twisted version of it from the lips of the Daily Mail journalist. Rowling, furious, sued the paper for libel, forcing the Mail to print an apology and pay her substantial damages, which she promptly donated to charity.

  203. White refugees in South Africa, No mention by the BBC.

  204. A holiday in Sweden seems like a better idea than a visit to a Muslim country:

  205. Colonel Mustard @ February 23rd, 2018 – 21:52

    Baron has said it many times before, Colonel, the tree deadly effective tools the MSM warriors possess, (the BBC happens to be core their core garrison), are fine tuned to intimidate, bribe, or ignore (or a mixture of the three).

    In the case of South Africa you refer to it’s the ignoring that’s at play currently, (they do the same re Ukraine). It may well be that sooner or later, the BBC or another member of the same progressive diaspora, will field a hack who will cover the events, but from their angle, blame the farmers for their whiteness even. If an independent journalist were to make an attempt to correct their distorted slicing of what’s going on there, they will try to bully him, let him know he will never get an assignment from them. This may see trivial in a society that is supposed to honour free speech until one remembers that the BBC has over five billion quid annually, alot of money that, and alot of assignments for those who embrace to their narrative.

    If we were to strip the BBC of its massive annual fee, the society would become more normal, less PC, rational debates will be possible again.

  206. But she was an unmarried mother, David, no?

    And as for the donation of the money she won, why would;t she, she has tens if not hundreds of millions, a pocket money for her. Why doesn’t she donate the lot less (say) a couple of million, enough for her to live quite comfortably?

  207. Colonel Mustard @ February 23rd, 2018 – 21:40

    What Andrew Neil said in the Daily Mirror piece posted by out resident cumryd’s lover may be going too far, Colonel, telling the public what the cumryd was up to is right, the one who aspired to lead the country has to answer for one’s actions in the past.

    What makes the barbarian anxious (as if anyone cared) is that it may backfire. The unwashed have very sensitive antennas, can judge well when things get over the top, when it’s primarily the individual rather than what he stands for that’s the target.

    Instead of boosting the opposition to the convinced Lefty, the overkill may actually gather support for him.

  208. Baron
    February 23rd, 2018 – 23:32

    As if by your command, the Tory house journal turns up with a picture of a fresh faced young man looking honestly into the camera, followed by some dry speculation from an establishment sleazeball looking something like a recently discredited Cabinet sex pest

  209. Baron February 23rd, 2018 – 23:32

    He keeps posting to pursue his demented “strategy” of disrupting conservative websites by posting what he thinks are rebuttals for casual readers to see. God knows why Peter facilitates him doing that here, of all places.

    Clearly this story about Corbyn’s unsavoury past has got the radicals really rattled!

  210. Baron , at the other place :

    The answer to Johnny Mercer is in the Obama Doctrine : ” Don’t do stupid shit “.

    It was on the day after the British vote ( our MPs having taken the measure of their electorate ) that Obama pulled the rug out from under the Washington neo-cons and broke with the `Washington playbook`.

    There is a long article on this in The Atlantic magazine.

  211. “On 19 February 2018 I made a seriously defamatory statement on my Twitter account, ‘Ben Bradley MP (@bbradleymp)’, about Jeremy Corbyn, alleging he sold British secrets to communist spies.

    I have since deleted the defamatory tweet. I have agreed to pay an undisclosed substantial sum of money to a charity of his choice, and I will also pay his legal costs.

    I fully accept that my statement was wholly untrue and false. I accept that I caused distress and upset to Jeremy Corbyn by my untrue and false allegations, suggesting he had betrayed his country by collaborating with foreign spies.

    I am very sorry for publishing this untrue and false statement and I have no hesitation in offering my unreserved and unconditional apology to Jeremy Corbyn for the distress I have caused him.”


  212. What one Tory MP might have foolishly and prematurely tweeted has no bearing on the FACT that Corbyn met with an agent of the Czech StB who was apparently planning to groom him as a source of potential information, or the FACT that the East German Stasi had files on the Labour party peace movement in which Corbyn was heavily involved, couched in terms of empathy and shared beliefs.

    And what one leftist serial trolling PEST posts in a desperate but futile attempt at damage control has no bearing on those FACTS either.

    Long runs the fox and he who laughs last laughs longest.

  213. RodLiddleday again:

    “There’s a new region-by-region list of the most popular names for babies from the Office for National Statistics. So here’s your starter for 10. What’s the most popular name for baby boys in London and the West Midlands, and second top in Yorkshire and the Humber and the northwest? Here’s a clue — it begins with “M”. And it ain’t Marcus or Martin. You could draw a cartoon of someone called Marcus or Martin and you wouldn’t risk getting your head chopped off. Yes, that’s another clue. The top girl’s name in England and Wales, by the way, is the rather mimsy Olivia. But she might have to change that later if she marries one of those baby boys.”

  214. A little bit old but I love this man:

  215. Ben Shapiro Amazing Passionate Speech At CPAC 2018

  216. Liam Fox:-

    “I think that the Labour left during the Cold War were extremely unhelpful to this country. We believed that we should see off Communism, we believed we should see off tyranny… I certainly think the Labour left were the Soviet Union’s useful idiots during that period…”

    And from the troll’s eight years of postings on Stalin, Mao, gulags, “necessary violence”, the Katyn forest, the ISIS “Caliph”, etc., who can ever doubt it.

    “Jeremy Corbyn and others were very useful to the Soviet Union during the Cold War because they undermined the arguments of the West… I think in the broadest sense he was undermining the security of our country by siding with the Soviet Union in that argument and I think that was very damaging to the country. Luckily it was our side of the argument not Jeremy Corbyn’s that won the day. I think he certainly undermined the security of the United Kingdom by their one-sided disarmament and their very clear preference for a Soviet style communism during that period – fortunately we beat them then and we have to beat them now.”

    Hee hee.

  217. Yes, it was funny how all those red banner waving, bearded, duffel-coated, pushchair pushing marches for “peace” and disarmament were never directed towards the Soviet Union. No marches by Tariq Ali & Gang during the Prague Spring or Hungarian Rising, just a lukewarm little protest against a Russian cellist outside the Albert Hall. No rushing of police lines, ball bearings under the hooves or calls for volunteers for the Viet Cong.

    Now Tariq Ali has “appropriated” the Prague Spring by re-inventing the Soviet Union as a non-communist power in order to – wait for it – advocate revolutionary communism.

  218. Thank you Juan Coeur:-

    “Oh, fuck off Andrew Marr….why focus relentlessly on whether someone should apologise for havng MAYBE used too strong a word (betrayed the country), when clearly the main goddamn story to focus on here is the hatred for the West that Corbyn and his comrades have displayed over and over, the clear bias they have towards socialist dictatorships, the chummy history they have with enemies of the West (Hamas, IRA, Hezbollah)….Why do you have to be such a pig-headed cunt by constantly asking the same stupid question over & over again? Do you really think the public gives a shit about your “Gotcha journalism” where instead of letting the man finish his sentence you keep badgering him with the same stupid question, where you try to push one member of the Tory party to state that another member of the Tory party was wrong & should apologise? Do you think we’re too stupid to see the blatant deflection strategy, and that we can’t see that the real story here is Corbyn’s status as a useful idiot to the Soviets, his status as someone who has NEVER had Britain’s best interests at heart?? Seriously, maybe that stroke did more damage than we think.”

  219. That little marxist weasel who trolls here has dropped the mask and gone into full tagging every comment mode at TCW, feverishly excited and frothing at the prospect of a Starmer “game changer” and demanding that Article 50 is withdrawn.

    It is hilarious to see that malevolent pea brain working so transparently, presuming everyone has the same enthusiasm for warmed up Soviet has-beens and slippery socialist chancers that he has.

    You could bottle the hubris and sell it as lubricant. The predictions? Not worth so much – crap track record there.

  220. The 25th of February 1956 : Khrushchev denounces the Cult of Personality at the 20th Party Congress.

  221. I wonder how The Spectator website is getting on for comments now even print subscribers are reduced to 5 a week.I tend not to bother.The point of a web-site is to get `clicks`to appeal to advertizers.

  222. Radford NG @ February 25th, 2018 – 16:19

    Simple, but more or less an objective explanation of what happened that February 1956, Radford, except that the barbarian has a somewhat different explanation for the speech, it was fear, mostly fear not only on Nikita’s part, but most of the other top thugs (not all by any means) that compelled him to speak the way he did.

    Each of them desired the top spot, each of them knew that it was unlikely they would ever attain the same degree of power the Georgian thug had possessed for almost three decades, and each of them could figure what awaited anyone deposed from power by someone else hungry for the post.

    Not many historians would back the barbarian’s slicing of the most evil construct known to mankind (so far anyway), but Baron reckons the cult of personality of just one man was where most of the responsibility for it resided.

    The Georgian beast could easily dispatch from this world any one of the men that surrounded him, dined with him almost daily if he so wished, killed or tortured for him, worshipped him, but were also petrified of him. If they couldn’t get rid of him, nobody else could.

    In the known human history there has never been an individual holding such totally unchecked powers, Adolf’s or Mao’s grip on people and things don’t even come close.

  223. Radford NG @ February 25th, 2018 – 16:29

    That’s new to the barbarian, Radford, are you sure?

  224. Colonel Mustard @ February 25th, 2018 – 14:53

    A two page spread on the cumryd in the ST today, Colonel, that should help. Also a front page news on David Floyd, a DT man, who allegedly was passing secrets to the KGB in the 50s, got off lightly, only lost his job, the MI5 was trying to find him another.

  225. Baron February 25th, 2018 – 17:14

    And the little marxist weasel who trolls here admires him. . .

    The nausea rises . . .

  226. 1714
    Not only powerful but admired for his magnificent actions dragging his adopted country from serfdom to become the most advanced country on the globe at the time he died
    Who knows what heights Russia would have reached without his premature death
    Those who came after were pygmies until the Traitor Gorbachev
    I for one am grateful that he led his people to, against all odds, to smash the Germans and save us all from fascism

    Today we will hear from a man on the subject of Europe who may begin to give us something of the goodness of that great man

  227. Says it all.

    Corbyn will be Britain’s Stalin?

    Repulsive and disgusting beyond belief. But confirms everything we knew and suspected.

  228. Jennifer wexler, an academic who has been working for the British Museum for four years, the home office is trying to deport this lady, why? we should be honoured that a person of such standing should choose to settle amongst us. Unfortunately she is just the type of person the authorities love to kick out in order to to demonstrate their commitment to diversity. Now contrast this lady’s treatment to that of two Albanians who lied to get into this country, were awarded refugee status, and then they lied again and were given residency. These two charmers were found out in court and ordered to be deported. With that the usual brigade of legal schysters came crawling out of the woodwork, their deportation has now been halted, all this of course at public expense and doubtless at the end of it all they will be given a large dollop of our cash as compensation. The problems of immigration are solely of our own making and it is about time the political class were made to admit this publicly.

  229. 10.44

    Who will rid us of this accursed pest?

  230. Noa February 26th, 2018 – 11:37

    My thoughts exactly.

  231. You do need serious medical attention, David, a long term care in an institution with no release ever would suit you just fine.

    You haven’t lived in the Soviet Russia, you haven’t probably even visited the country, unlikely speak the language, in no way can you imagine what life was like in a country one couldn’t leave, it was the biggest nationwide Gulag known to men where many of the 180n burghers went to sleep with a ‘chemonanchik’ (a small suitcase, one was allowed to take 5kg in weight) waiting for the knock on the door in the wee hours of the morning, slaved for next to nothing and even when they got their few kopecks worth they didn’t have a chance to spend it, the shops were seldom stocked up.

    Each and every grand project starting from the first White Sea canal to the last linking Volga and Don were built mostly by zaks, guests of the Gulags, the last canal is the longest grave in the world.

    You reckon you would love to live in a society such as this, getting ‘dragged’ to a bright future, do you? There’s a chance for you then, buy a one way ticket to North Korea.

  232. Baron February 26th, 2018 – 12:12

    Please don’t address him as “David”. It’s a fake name, a disguise, like many others the tele-troll creature uses to harass, disrupt and provoke at websites like this.

    The real David Lindsay has his own blog and writes in a completely different manner. He is also a tribal lefty but his writing, if often dogmatic, is not the puerile, provocative tripe that the troll posts.

    It is astonishing that the troll is still allowed to intrude and post here, after so much mischief and deceit, using YET ANOTHER disguise. He is literally taking the piss.

  233. The supposedly liberal Cyril Rhamaposa shows his true colours.

    It’s time for white South African to leave, if thy can.
    I don’t know where they can go to though. The UK government is unlikely to help them as we need to priotise the annual accommodation of 600,000 muslims and black africans before we can look after our own kin.

  234. Ireland’s homosexual Indian, ‘hindu’ Taoiseach leads the commitment to genocide against the Irish who elected him.
    Well, why should he care? After all, the perpetuation of the Hibernian Celts is hardly the key item on his globalist agenda.

  235. The current Spectator’s Reaction Podcast with the Spectator’s Lara Prendergast talking about Millennials, Corbynism and Moggmania shows just how the Spectator has fallen.

    Superficial and unobservant: they can’t see that JRM can disect a problem and put forward a suggestion clearly, unlike most of the political heavyweights on TV. And they appear to find the current Tory Party agenda too extreme!

    I didn’t know they had one! 🙂

  236. The modern Anglican Christian clergy have succeeded in alienating their fast emptying pews and non existent congregations because they themselves no longer believe in the God they are supposed to serve, yet they have not succeeded in finding a new role or mission for themselves.
    Not social workers themselves and yet no longer the spiritual bedrock of English society they find themselves preaching progressive socialist, secularist cliches to the surviving remnants of the society they contributed so much to destroying, what is it that they actually do?
    The answer, as the knavish Welby demonstrates, is nothing, they and the Church of England, founded after all to facilitate Henry VIII’s sexual promiscuity, mean nothing to a society in which marriage, the legitimacy of children, death and immortal salvation are irrelevant, otiose concepts.
    Yet there is some hope for the Church of England, those vast empty decaying buildings and their foresaken pastors may yet be saved; as they seek to appeal to a new, vibrant following there remains only one step for them to take, to renounce Christianity and embrace the newly fashionable ‘abrahamic’ islamic alternative. Vicars must become Imams.
    It’s a big step admittedly, for a start what will become of all those women vicars? Sadly they’ll have to go. Back into the burqa with them and silence too, extremely difficult for a woman I know, but at least they’re half way there with the black cassock, so it won’t be too much of a shock for them. Then there are all those homosexual vicars (the men I mean), and bishops.
    If they’ve come out of the closet they’ll have to get back into it pretty damn sharply, or they’ll find they won’t be ascending their new mosque spires as being pitched off them by the literal minded faithful.
    But the greatest challenge of all for them will be to compete with those fanatical Imams coming out of the madrassas of Morocco and Afghanistan who do literally know their korans back to front and that the message within is not one that can be changed to suit individual tastes.
    I suspect that, with odd exceptions, and in the interest of self preservation, they’ll surprise us all by showing how well they can rise to the challenge, after all they already accept sharia…

  237. RobertRetyred February 26th, 2018 – 17:01

    That the Spectator has fallen to the enemy is clearly demonstrated in this weeks editorial with its call for ‘progressive conservatism.’

    What in heaven, or rather more correctly, what in hell is progressive conservatism?
    An mis-joined abortion, an inconceivable conception, a magnetic repulsion of polarities.
    There can, in short, be no intellectual compromise between conservatism and the fulminating ravings of post-Christian communist secularism.
    One is based on what has worked in establishing Western civilisation the other is the failed, rotten, fallen fruit of Rousseau and Marx.

  238. Noa
    February 26th, 2018 – 16:32 –
    (Peter Hitchens on Corbyn’s speech.)

    That and your postings that followed it, certainly highlight the fact that we live in what the Chinese curse calls “Interesting Times”.

    Harold Harold MacMillan once described the operation of economics as “All very curious”. Heaven knows what he would now call the present operation of politics.

    Democracy has become a malignant sham so false that living under a civilised and benevolent despot might well be an improvement.

    If anyone asks for a recent example of one, how about Dr. Salazar?

  239. Following on from when the first homo-marriage in the Church of England takes place in an English church I look forward to the same ceremony taking place in the East London mosque, presided over by chanting gay and niqabed female imams.

  240. Herbert Thornton, February 26th, 2018 – 18:01

    I believe we in the UK now live in an oligarchic society, the labour and conservative parties, together with the mandarins of the civil service, now forming together a cohesive political elite undifferentiated by significant differences in policy, which masquerades as a democracy.
    Would a benevolent dictator be an improvement? We may never find out, though we already experiencing the de facto impositions of practical dictatorship as the progressive implementation of hate and equality legislation forces the pace of western destruction.

  241. I’m sure I express the thoughts of us all when I write that our thoughts are with Frank P today and express our hopes and prayers for a successful operation and swift recovery.

  242. Noa- 19:01

    Yes, I wholeheartedly second that. I’m certain that we’ll get an update towards the end of the week.

  243. May I add my own good wishes. May his pen be back with us soon.

  244. Noa February 26th, 2018 – 19:01

    Yes indeed. My thoughts are with him and in hope that he will back here soon.

  245. Pat condell
    Dangerous, Fascist Throwbacks Like You! | Gates of Vienna

  246. Noa
    February 20th, 2018 – 16:50

    “Why do sub-saharan blacks have an average IQ of 70?”

    I think it’s pretty clear to everybody here that I’m not just a long, long way from being a liberal or leftist, and moreover, that I detest Political Correctness.

    But I once lived in East Africa (Tanganyika/Tanzania) for eight years, and I also learned to speak fairly fluent Kiswahili.

    That makes me challenge the idea that sub-Saharan blacks “have an average IQ of 70.”

    My experience from interacting with black people in East Africa makes me firmly believe that their average IQ is no different from ours.

  247. More unthinking absurdity from Canada –

    Perhaps people should now consider buying two of these pigs – and naming one of them “Sweet” and the other one “Sour”.

  248. Herbert Thornton February 27th, 2018 – 18:27

    Genetics, nutrition and to a lesser extent, education appear to be the key determinants in national IQ

  249. Noa
    February 28th, 2018 – 01:18

    Thanks for drawing my attention to that. I don’t dispute that those were the key determinants used, but I see that the site also says –

    “These results are controversial and have caused much debate, they must be interpreted with extreme caution.”

    I think that the warning about extreme caution is entirely prudent. I believe there is a strong probability that the “key” determinants used must fall short of being adequate.

  250. Herbert Thornton February 28th, 2018 – 05:13

    It is unsurprising that the leftist world of academe has considered the results of the study to be unsatisfactory for their purposes, reacting with horror, and has consistently sought to disprove the original thesis.
    As you will have noted subsequent attempts to do so have claimed to reduced, but not successfully eliminated the 30% empirical difference between the West and South.
    And as Africa reverts increasingly to tribalism and barbarism it is most likely that objective contemporary studies would detect a growth in the differential.

  251. Noa,
    Lovely suggestion for a gay wedding at the East London Mosque, I live just across the road and if it does take place I will send you a running commentary, and send over a tray of bacon sarnies.

  252. Noa
    February 28th, 2018 – 08:29

    It is interesting that you mention African reversion to both tribalism AND barbarism.

    To my mind that suggests an uncomfortable parallel with European tendencies to reject the E.U. in favour of nationalism – accompanied, unfortunately, by widespread embracing of the horrors of the new barbarisms of Political Correctness.

    I think that the big picture is one of our own civilisation going downhill.

    Maybe we should agree to disagree?

  253. Herbert Thornton,
    Herbert you are entirely right when you suggest our civilization is going downhill, but as I have said before, history repeats itself, and what is happening to our society mirrors the events which led to the fall of the Rom,an Empire, the parallels are almost exact, the outcome will be the same.

  254. stephen maybery – 12:10

    I believe it is customary for consummation such marriages for the other celebrants to usher the happy couple upstairs and toss them off. Hopefully you’ll have a video camera on hand to capture the departure on their honeymoon.

  255. stephen maybery – 12:30


    “If men could learn from history, what lessons it might teach us. But passion and party blind our eyes, and the light which experience gives us is a lantern on the stern, which shines only on the waves behind us.”

    Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Table Talk, 18/12/1831

  256. Why don’t we go to war with Europe and clear the matter up.

  257. John Birch. February 28th, 2018 – 15:05

    It will be here in due course…

  258. stephen maybery – 12:10 & EC – 12.50

    Hee hee. I shall look forward to the video uploads on Youtube.

  259. The Horse Guards pass Buckingham Palace in the snow.

  260. Divorcee accused of fraud over Grenfell tower claims

  261. Grenfell survivor faces jail over tower cannabis farm

  262. Radford NG – 18:36

    That’s a great photo

  263. Why did the turkey want to invade the Greek Islands?

    He didn’t want to be called chicken.

  264. It’s an interesting article but this section amused me.
    Workers for UNICEF, the perpetrator of one of the greatest mass poisonings in human history (arsenic in the water from ground wells in Bangladesh), with beatific smiles on their faces, rattled their tins to raise funds for the annual leave, dependency allowances, medical and dental insurances, pensions, rental subsidies, education grants, home leaves, life insurances, paid sick leaves, family leaves, family visits, maternity, paternity, and adoption leaves, and special leaves for UNICEF workers worldwide.

  265. Leicester explosion : shop-keeper allegedly arrested; explosion allegedly an illegal distillery in the basement.

  266. Thought I’d pop in to find “David Lindsay” had posted some tripe about May’s game-changing speech. How disappointing.

    This morning he was boasting that his chum “Jeremy” had forced Theresa to keep us in the Customs Union. Instead she cooked Corbyn’s goose. And how. A fair if not fine speech.

    No Customs Union.
    No Single Market.
    No ECJ
    No free movement of people
    No hard border with Ireland


    And yet another hubristic teletwat prediction crashes and burns. The Norman Wisdom of political commentary, the Jerry Lewis of intellect, the Mr Blobby of prose, is found wanting yet again.

    Ruddy marvellous. In my East Anglian “idyll” I shall fill a pipe with Condor for a celebratory smoke and watch something with Basil Radford and Naunton Wayne in it.

  267. In the north west of England we have been dealing with the wintry weather by forcing small children up our chimneys as sweeps, so that we pensioners are not suffocated by back blowing billows of anthracite fumes.

  268. The theft of land owned by white South Africans to give it to Blacks is imminent. White genocide is next.

  269. I awoke this morning to see the landscape carpeted with snow. I was truly astounded, Whitechapel has not been so white for the past fifty years.
    , obviously the met office must be a tad racist.

  270. I awoke this morning to see the landscape carpeted with snow. I was truly astounded, Whitechapel has not been so white for the past fifty years.
    , obviously the met office must be a tad racist.

  271. Leicester: two more men from East Anglia arrested for conspiring to cause an explosion;and also under the profits of crime act.

  272. Noa at18-05.

    I believe white farmers are already being murdered on a frequent basis .

  273. A letter to my MP

    Dear Mr Wallace,

    Institutional discrimination against white citizens in the Republic of South Africa

    I have become increasingly concerned by the precarious position in which the white population of the Republic of South Africa is finding itself.

    As you will no doubt be aware White farmers are given little or no protection from attack and their murder rate is one of the highest in the world. White people are routinely discriminated against, assaulted, raped and persecuted in an institutionalised manner that, it it happened elsewhere in the world, and was conducted against any other minority, would be considered to be institutionalised genocide.
    This includes a declaration by the new RSA President, Cyril Rhamaphosa that he will institute a policy of the confiscation of land from White South African farmers without compensation and its re-distribution to the Black population. As we have witnessed a similar policy in Zimbabwe has resulted in the destruction of that country’s economy and led to widespread poverty and hunger. It is inevitable that the same policy, instituted in south Africa, will have a similar but magnified effect and no doubt increase the existing pressures on Europe arising through mass migration.

    At present HMG, through the DfID programme, has a funding commitment of £4.5billion to South Africa and Asia. In view of this financial commitment one asks what pressure is the Government exerting upon the government of RSA to prevent a genocidal calamity of international proportions arising to the white population of RSA and to ensure fairness and equality in their treatment in the face of institutional discrimination and hatred?

    The following brief videos graphically illustrate the problem and concerns that arise from this anti-white racism and persecution.

    I would welcome your assistance in clarifying the UK Government’s position on this issue and the steps it it taking in order to prevent a recurrence of the tragedy that is Zimbabwe.

    Yours sincerely


  274. Feet of Clay II

    The truth about Ghandi

  275. Noa

    “With the benefit of hindsight, the Zimbabwean experience tells us is that the notion of expropriation without compensation is a bad idea. Zimbabweans might have seized the land without compensation 18 years ago, but they collectively paid for it through eight consecutive years of economic decline that led to job losses, deindustrialization and a loss of agricultural export revenues. In 2009, economist Eddie Cross estimated the cost of Zimbabwe’s land reform at $20 billion–which included lost export revenues, food aid imports and economic growth foregone, which could’ve sustained Zimbabwe’s once promising economy, had it not seized farms without compensation.”

  276. Headlines on France24

    “Prime Minister Theresa May told the British people Friday that they have to face “hard facts” about Brexit, warning that the UK will have less access to European Union markets once it leaves the bloc.”

    Funny, that was not my take home message.

  277. Everywhere that communists have instituted “land reform” it has resulted in misery, death and ruined economies and food supplies.

    The idiots who promote the vile creed have learned nothing. It is to the eternal shame of Western governments that they have largely ignored it.

  278. Anyone heard how Frank got on?

  279. Where are Baron and Colonel Mustard?

  280. Sorry, posted my 2nd 20.06 without seeing the Colonel’s post.
    The worry is that many of these farms are owned by first or second generation English who have put life and soul into making the farms a success. If displaced they have no capital and are often post retirement age with no pension. They will be destitute.

  281. Marshal Roberts March 2nd, 2018 – 20:12

    Rather than being destitute they will be dead.

  282. Interesting that both Major and Blair took to the streets to try to bamboozle the PM into reneging on Brexit.
    David Green wrote this in Speccie:

    “We are in the middle of a concerted attempt to reverse the result of the 2016 referendum. The reactionaries want to keep control in the hands of self-appointed oligarchs who feel superior to the majority of the population. But the rallying cry of the leave campaign was right: we should take back control and renew our heritage of liberal democracy.”

    David Green is director of Civitas

  283. Noa
    Not sure that that is not better than being destitute in the Brave New South Africa.

  284. Not sure if you have learned to say people kind yet.

  285. Jacob toeing the party line today in the Telegraph

    “This was a good speech by the Prime Minister. She was forthright that she is delivering on the promises of the previous speeches and the manifesto commitments: this Government will take Britain out of the customs union, the single market and the European Court of Justice.

    Mrs May is taking a sensible, pragmatic and generous approach; offering something to the EU whilst also being extremely clear on Northern Ireland, so I am content.

    There are inevitably a few small points that will concern Leave campaigners but we must all recognise that everyone will have to give up something to get a deal, so now is not the time to nitpick.

    I do not agree with those people who have said that paying for associate membership of EU bodies such as the European Medicines Agency amounts to a betrayal of Brexit.

    Consider, for example, the European Aviation Safety Agency. Our own Civil Aviation Authority takes a leading role in providing the experts for that body, so in paying for associate membership of it we would, in effect, be paying our own people. Importantly the sums involved will be tiny in comparison to what we have paid for EU membership – millions, not billions.

    Also, such decisions will be subject to British laws and courts. Likewise ‘binding commitments’ will be on the basis of normal international treaty law and not subject to the ECJ.

    So it has been a good week for the Prime Minister and a good day. She has shown that being strong and clear works. It is now for the Commission to respond with wisdom and not aggression.

  286. Has Theresa May beaten everyone into silence?

  287. Sunday = RodLiddleDay.


    “A punch, too, for The Guardian, which told us that the coldest January and February on record were the consequence of global warming. Everything that happens in the world is cantilevered by The Guardian within a nanosecond into its own weird Stalinist agenda”

  289. Marshal Roberts – 10:35-6

    Any chance of you cutting and pasting that article for us cheapskates without a £wall sub?
    Very good of you, btw, to being manning the CHW pumps single handed this last few hours.

  290. Well, I have to say that May’s speech was better than I expected. It contained less fudge than I was predicting and several unequivocal statements that ought to reassure. I thought that it pulled the carpet out from under Corbyn’s recent attempt at a “university fees” type scoop with his pledge to stay in the Customs Union. May did not capitulate to that as some predicted but instead ruled it out. To push it further Corbyn will have to get Sinn Fein into the Commons which will reinforce everything already suspected about him and thoroughly cook his goose.

    My concern is that May. like Cameron, always does more talking than doing. That the bold rhetoric she sometimes deploys in her speeches is not matched by her deeds afterwards.

    I don’t have a problem with the UK continuing to participate in selected joint initiatives with EU “agencies” provided that our contributions are not under EU governance or direction but voluntary and mutually agreed. May needs to emphasise that the EU is not Europe and that the UK can co-operate with Europe on its own terms without being part of the EU. One of the deceits of Remainers is to conflate the EU with Europe to peddle the “Little Englander” pejorative.

    She spoke about the internal UK “common market”. Well something more will have to be done to give England collective representation in that rather than simply having a UK government speak for it alongside Scots, Welsh and Irish self-representation. The situation where England is used by a British government as a cash cow for Celtic devolution is no longer acceptable. English MPs need to make some collective representations about this because in terms of the “equality” they are always waffling about the imbalance is bleedin’ obvious.

  291. And no “city region mayors” or “regional assemblies” either. No indirect emasculation of England as a a whole entity. No more divide and rule between north and south. No more “city state” pandering to urbanising agendas.

    England must be recognised as a country in its own right within the Union and provided with some form of collective representation, not balkanised and broken up.

  292. Marshal Roberts – 10:36

    “Cantilever,” you say. Fond mammaries (sic) of bygon days when women were women and had some had need of discreet support. I had always assumed the cantilever bra owed its existence to the applied engineering genius of I.K. Brunel and his 50% share of French genes… However it was Howard. Howard Hughes, that is, who invented it especially to enhance Jane Russell’s performance in “The Outlaw” (1943) which was a fillum that he was producing/directing at the time.

    Jane Russell, now there was a woman…

  293. EC 12.45
    But it has gone out of fashion-
    Except who knows what #MeToo will dictate tonight at the Oscars.

  294. Colonel Mustard 12.26-
    “To push it further Corbyn will have to get Sinn Fein into the Commons”
    I would not put it past this nasty piece of work.

  295. “THE SUN SAYS Jeremy Corbyn has betrayed Labour’s Brexit voters — which may prove politically fatal for him.
    The Marxist leader’s constant lie that he speaks for the working class is proven wrong by his constant caving to Remainer MPs.

    Almost inevitably he will cave to his Remainer MPs and members to demand to stay in the single market and surrender immigration controls too.
    It’s not just us saying that. So is Labour’s biggest private donor John Mills.
    The most cynical lie of the many, not the few, that Corbyn told yesterday was that he speaks for the working class.

    In fact he has calculated that he now needs middle-class Remainers more — and thinks Labour’s core voters will stick with him come what may. That may prove politically fatal. We hope so.”

  296. Corbyn’s voters are not the working class. His voters are privileged middle class lefties in the public sector, the rent seeking “charity” and NGO sector, urban immigrant communities, academia, students, luvvie-land and the BBC.

  297. Colonel Mustard
    March 4th, 2018 – 12:26

    “…….My concern is that May. like Cameron, always does more talking than doing. That the bold rhetoric she sometimes deploys in her speeches is not matched by her deeds afterwards……”

    Absolutely true, but the “bold rhetoric” in her speeches is presumably written by someone else. Otherwise we would hear the usual robotic, wishy-washy fudge we have come to expect from her.

    How I wish that Michael Gove was PM. By “stabbing Boris in the back” as the tabloids so delightfully put it at the time, Gove did the country a favour, delivering us from the prospect of a woolly-minded, over-ambitious charlatan attempting to run Britain.

  298. Marshal Roberts – 15:34

    Now you’re attempting making mountains out of molehills, or whip up a storm in an A cup!

    No doubt there’ll be no shortage of virtue signalling titless sisters on show at the Oscars tonight but they’ll all be too busy queuing up to bash Trump rather than mention Weinstein, Spacey, Polanski, Allen et al.

    The world doesn’t owe Hollywood a living. People are getting tired of being lectured to by a bunch of overpaid, hypocritical, amoral political h-actor-vists.

  299. Colonel Mustard,

    “Come to parliament, Sinn Féin, as saviours of Ireland – and Britain”
    Polly Toynbee, March 1st.

    SOooo Guardian, it hurts!

  300. EC March 4th, 2018 – 16:54

    Quite astonishingly appalling, even for her. But the lack of widespread condemnation of that disgusting plea is even more appalling and shows how far this country has already fallen.

    She was on the optimistically titled ‘Free Thinking’ on Radio 3 the other night and absolutely ghastly. I kept thinking as I listened to that wheedling voice spouting predictable left wing tripe from a position of wealth and dynastic privilege how and why has this appalling woman been elevated as some kind of political sage? There are good conservative women journalists out there who get only a fraction of her BBC appearances.

    She failed the 11-plus, got only one A Level, but somehow managed to get a scholarship to Oxford. Was it the name? Both her “distinguished” grandfather and great-great uncle were at Oxford but she apparently passed an admissions examination, itself a strangely shrouded thing. She dropped out of reading history after 18 months, did some menial stuff for 8 months to claim her “working class” grievance credentials, then worked for Amnesty International in Rhodesia but got expelled. Then she got taken up by The Observer where of course her father (first communist president of the Oxford Union, alcoholic friend of Donald Maclean and all-round weirdo who savaged Tolkien, unsurprisingly given the metaphor in his books) had worked, surprise, surprise.

    She came from what appears to have been a totally dysfunctional family background and attracted controversy for her destructive but nevertheless influential views on marriage.

    There runs some of the poison in our society.

  301. Just who are these jumped up Irish to start dictating terms to our Government?
    “The EU is unlikely to accept the UK’s latest proposal for avoiding a “hard border” on the island of Ireland after Brexit, the Irish government has said.
    Theresa May has said 80% of firms would face no new customs checks between Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic and others would be simplified.
    But Irish Foreign Minister Simon Coveney said he was not sure it would adequately protect the EU’s market.
    The proposal, he said, was a “starting point” for talks not a solution.”

  302. This should provoke a lot of interesting comment –

  303. Excellent comment by one Angela Kewell at Liberal Democrat Voice on an article regarding the statue of Mrs Thatcher. As you might expect most of the comments were predictably anti-Thatcher, trotting out all the usual stuff beloved of lefties, but Angela’s stood out:-

    “May I put another side to the feeling that Mrs Thatcher did more harm than good. Let me start with the miners strike. Mrs thatcher closed fewer mines than the labour governments under Wilson and Callaghan. I listened to a wonderful talk by Jo Gormley who at that time led the Miners Union. He expressly said that many mines needn’t be closed but the coal board was facing pressure from Polish mines and in future Chinese mines which would make British mines too expensive. He wanted investment in the mining communities and he was fearful that when he retired the militant Scargill would take over and ruin all his hard work. Mr Scargill new what had been agreed but wanted to bring down a Conservative Government because he had been brought up to abhor Tories.

    “I was never particularly political until I wanted to become a printer. I was not allowed as a woman to be trained in what was then a closed union where all printers were from the same families or communities. Jobs for the boys. I was 24yrs old and my parents paid for me to go to America to be trained. However, when I returned I couldn’t open my own business or be employed unless I joined a union. Then Mrs Thatcher gained power and my whole life turned around. Suddenly I could buy my own home as a single woman without my father being my guarantor. I could choose whichever profession I wanted without recrimination or block.

    “Mrs Thatcher won an incredibly important victory over Scargill. It wasn’t just the breaking up of union power. It was showing women that they were as strong and capable as men. It was showing women they could indeed have choices and be proud of those choices. It was psychologically a huge step for women. Arguably as big as Millicent Fawcett work because without saying anything about feminism or quotas or all women shortlists, it opened the door for bright, intelligent woman to walk through the so called glass ceiling. No one needed play the victim. No one needed to justify their ambition. It was accepted that the Grantham girl done good.”

  304. Italian Elections.
    Exit Poll.

    5 Star Movement……31%

    Right coalition:
    Forza Italia……………14%
    (northern) League…..14%
    (southern) Brothers…05%

  305. Baron
    Where are you when we need you?
    Putin has poisoned another Russian – this time in a Salisbury car park.

  306. Marshal Roberts – 18:17

    Scopolamine, also known as “The Devil’s Breath?”

  307. EC

    “Boris Johnson has called Russia a “malign” force and promised that it will be “brought to heel” following the alleged poisoning of a former Russian spy on British soil.

    Sergei Skripal, 66, and his daughter, Yulia Skripal, who is in her 30s, were found collapsed on a bench at a shopping centre in Salisbury, south England, on Sunday. Both are in critical condition at a nearby hospital.

    “Russia is in many respects a malign and disruptive force,” Johnson told MPs.

    The UK foreign secretary said the Skripal case had “echoes” of the assassination of Alexander Litvinenko in 2006 and promised a “robust” response if a link is found to Moscow in this case.

    “I can reassure the house that should evidence emerge that implies state responsibility then her majesty’s government will respond appropriately and robustly,” Johnson told MPs in the House of Commons.

    He added: “I say to governments around the world that no attempt to take innocent lives on our soil will go unpunished.”

    In a forthright attack on Russia, Johnson accused the regime led by President Putin of undermining Western democracy.

    “This house has profound differences with Russia,” he said.

    “By annexing Crimea in 2014 and igniting the flames of conflict… and by threatening western democracies including interfering in their elections…

    “Russia has challenged fundamental basis of international order.”

  308. And for balance:

    “The Russian embassy in the UK has denied that any national special services were involved in the incident, stating that the case was “demonizing” the country.

    “The situation that is developing around the hospitalization of [Sergei] Skripal and his companion on March 4, as described by the British media, causes serious concern,” the embassy’s press secretary said in a statement.

    Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said: “We don’t possess any information about what could have been the cause [of Skripal’s illness], and what this could be connected to.” He added that Russia had no contact with the UK over the incident, but that “Moscow is always open to cooperation.”

  309. Keep an eye on Mr Boot

    Baron – Are you in the UK?

  310. “Vladimir Putin vowed to kill the Russian double agent who was poisoned on British soil and has been left fighting for his life.

    President Putin issued the death threat that “traitors will kick the bucket” as Colonel Sergei Skripal, who was convicted of working for MI6, was being sent to the UK in a spy exchange.

    The emergence of Putin’s warning will reinforce the increasing belief of ministers that the attack on Colonel Skripal on British soil was a ‘state-sponsored’ assassination attempt and perpetrated by the Russian intelligence agency, the FSB.”

  311. Political prisoners
    Britain First leaders are guilty of religiously aggravated harassment

  312. John birch. @ March 7th, 2018 – 21:23

    How kind of you, John, unfortunately, the barbarian has other worries at present, but thanks nevertheless.

  313. Mark Steyn’s final verdict on the Oscars 2018, and also on his own guest host performance on TCT.

    Beautifully written, sharp, witty with his words dancing off the pen…
    There’s a few “keepers” in here, Baron, if you’re interested…

  314. Baron 08-22
    Best wishes Baron, hope you’re ok.

  315. Hi Gang!

    Just to let you know that on1st March, the superb surgical team at NNUH managed to remove the offending piece of malignant gristle from my oesophagus (and most of my oesphagus and stomach with it) plus the lymph nodes from the adjacent locality – they also repaired a hiatus hernia simultaneously. It took ’em 10 hours apparently, during which time I enjoyed a long nap courtesy of an equally skilled anaesthetics team. They have relocated the rest of my innards to accommodate the realignment of the vital organs. Given the manpower involved in the operation – and other necessary resources, I am extremely flattered that they even considered rescuing a rusting 1934 vintage model from the scrapyard rather than letting it continue to succumb to the rampant rust job it had become.

    A quick respray will soon have me back on the road; the coordination is still a bit sporadic so won’t be boring you with twaddle even more boring that my pre-op output, until the synapses automatically reallignin (a few days, apparently). Arrived home yesterday in time for my birthday celebrations today. Sad that I can’t share the Prosecco!

    Hope Baron’s current preoccupation is about the implications of spooking, rather than those of personal health problems.

    Anyway this is a piece that spontaneously appeared on my screen today:it encapsulates thoughts that I wish I could could have expressed myself today:

    Well worth a book mark. Now for som kip.
    Seeya anon.

  316. Frank –

    Many Happy Returns!

  317. Frank; nice to hear from you, and hoping you will soon be feeling better. I had major surgery myself last summer, and I know how it knocks you sideways for a time, but hopefully it won’t be long before you return to your unofficial position as the Wall’s resident sage/professor of criminology/soothsayer/comedian, etc. All my good wishes, and keep on posting!

  318. John birch. @ March 8th, 2018 – 14:10

    It was or rather still is the boss, John, that makes it worse, the barbarian can assure you, but things are on the up, fingers crossed.

  319. Frank P @ March 9th, 2018 – 13:37

    The top dig has made it then, from the brief description of the procedure you’ve furnished us with, Frank, it was child’s play, heh, heh, heh.

    Now, for the recovery that you must accomplish equally successfully, the coming Spring should help, but do stay away from Salisbury, or any Russian, spy or not, dangerous people they.

  320. The barbarian has done few postings on the Spectator’s blogs on the most important event that hit this country for a century i.e. the Salisbury poisoning case, but why bother, it’s a dead cert the perpetrator was a Putin’s operative, who else, the substance’s deadly only someone well trained to carry it safely, administer properly, then vanish without being infected himself (or herself) could accomplish it. In the whole world, only someone trained in Russia by Putin himself could be that individual.

    The barbarian may say more after he scanned all the MSM, listened to the pundits and their theories provided the boss’s condition allows for it.

  321. It was a slip, the barbarian didn’t type ‘dig’ but ‘dog’, sincere apology, guru.

  322. Fantastic to hear Frank back, hail and hearty.

  323. Just heard John Simpson give an interesting angle on the Salisbury assassination attempts.
    Turns out that they were orchestrated by Putin to show the Russian electorate who vote tomorrow that Putin did not fear to hunt down traitors wherever they were.
    Putin’s message has been for years that strength is the important characteristic of the Russian leadership.

  324. “What we see is only news reports… saying that if it is Russia, then a response is going to be given that Russia is going to remember forever. That is not serious.

    “This is propaganda plain and simple, and it is trying to raise tensions,” Lavrov said. “If someone wants us to engage in an investigation – be that on the poisoning of the UK subject or the rumours about alleged interference in the electoral campaign of the US – if you really need our assistance, then we will be willing to contemplate this possibility if we have the necessary data and facts.

    “But in order to have a serious conversation… you have to use the official channels,” Lavrov said.”

  325. Meanwhile in the US Blair has been awarded the Lincoln Leadership Prize, as reported in Russia Today:

    “MP Nigel Evans pointed out that the ex-PM had spent much of his time since leaving office advising figures such as the president of Kazakhstan – a country accused of a veritable trove of human rights abuses. “Tony Blair is not a democrat,” Evans said. “He has spent a lot of time advising countries which are total strangers to democracy.”

    MP Nadine Dorries also added her voice to the choir. “It is beyond belief that Tony Blair – the man straining every sinew to overturn the votes of millions of people to leave the EU – is now being lauded for his commitment to democracy,” she said. “I think the Americans should have taken a closer look at his record.”

  326. Frank P, March 9th, 2018 – 13:37

    You Norfolk boys are TOUGH!
    Speedy recovery, Frank, and hopefully soon to be aided by some decent solid tucker to get your teeth into.

    The daily diet of crap that the elite fawning British, US and worldwide media continue to dish up is, however, still mostly impossible to swallow.

  327. British cops are unlikely to probe Keith Vaz’s property empire not least because of a rule protecting politicians from scrutiny placed in UK law at the behest of the European Union. Tory MP Andrew Bridgen asked the National Crime Agency to serve an unexplained wealth order on Vaz. Fortunately for Vaz measures put into the Criminal Finances Act (2017) mean politicians in the EEA can only be served with such an order if there is sufficient suspicion that they are involved in serious organised criminality.

    As usual with these things the rules will be selectively applied with free passes give to the usual suspects. Conservatives on standby, and expect to get hammered!

    “I will bring the whole edifice down on their unworthy heads”
    John Morlar, The Medusa Touch,(1978)

    Aye, “John”, would that you actually existed , and would that you could!

  328. Is it “March” in Orthodoxlandshire yet?

  329. Doddie dies.

    R.I.P. Ken Dodd : 8 November 1927 – 11 March 2018 ( Aged 90 )

  330. Doddie was one of comedy’s gentlemen, a true northern comic
    You would never find him calling a lady a scraggy old bird, for example


    It’s long puzzled many how so many poverty stricken refugees escaping from war-torn countries can afford to pay the 10,000 or so Euros needed to cross the Mediterranean into Europe. Austrian intelligence officials have revealed that US government agencies are paying for the transport of a great deal of these migrants in to Europe. On August 5th, 2015 Austrian magazine Infodirekt reported:
    “It has come to our knowledge that US organisations are paying for the boats taking thousands of refugees to Europe. US organisations have created a co-financing scheme which provides for a considerable portion of the transportation costs. Not every refugee from North Africa has 11,000 Euro cash. Nobody is asking, where is the money coming from?”
    French government officials and Turkish authorities are also reported to have been caught red handed selling life boats and equipment to refugees in Turkey. Billionaire George Soros, alleged funder of numerous revolutionary ‘springs’ and movements including the divisive race baiters Black Lives Matter in the USA, who also has a global network of non-governmental organisation (NGO) fronts operating under his Open Society Foundations, recently insisted that the European Union should spend a further 10 billion Euros to facilitate the movement of more than a million mainly ‘Muslim refugees’ into Europe every year from now on.

  332. Tommy Robinson may be working for Infowars with Paul Joseph Watson.

    See Monday’s Alex Jones Show:

    Fight the good fight with all thy might.


    A rallying point for all Englishmen of goodwill.

  334. Journalist ‘third anti-Muslim activist to be barred from Britain’

  335. Pat at his best.
    Laughing At The Fake Feminists

  336. This is published by the Washington Post, it may not necessarily reflect the official view of the US Administration, but it certainly isn’t far from the view of the American Governing Elite. The special relationship everyone’s so proud of does exist, but on the level of families, individuals. The American GE don’t give a shite about us, hurt us as much as they like e.g. the treatment of BP, the extradition warrants, the threat of putting us at the back of the queue for a trade deal.

    The elevation of Winston to no10 was one of the three decisive events in the WW2 that shaped not only the war itself but the post-war world settlement, too.

    (The other two key events were the Kursk battle, and the dropping of the atomic bomb on Japan, that’s the barbarian take on it, you may argue your case, of course).

  337. Tillerson’s gone, Pompeo’s in.

    The Spectator piece on the change of personnel in the US Administration says it wasn’t because of Russia, Baron reckons Russia must have contributed to it.

    The poised man was a consultant to a company run by Steele, who apparently didn’t talk to him on the Russian dossier, but can that be true.

    The New Scientist has a piece on the poison, it stresses few times the culling of the tragedy with Russia but also says:

    “According to Mirzayanov (one of the men creating it), N-5 and N-7 are the most potent, both are binary agents, meaning they are made from two precursor chemicals that are mixed together just before use. These precursors could be made at pesticide or fertiliser manufacturers without arousing suspicion.”

  338. Baron @ 1521 –

    So, this poison isn’t understood in the west, even though Mirzayanov, one of the chemists who invented it, has been living in the U.S, since the 1990s?

    Moreover this same Mirzayanov is now quoted as saying that Putin directed the Salisbury poisonings.

    What we’re being fed about the whole affair sounds fishy.

    Rather like what we were fed after Dr. David Kelly died.

  339. This nerve gas business – I think we need a regime change – in England.

  340. What it means to have an IQ of less than 83.

  341. All change at the White House again, that place increasingly resembles Russia at the early part of the last century, a sequence of events known as the ministerial leap frog, only Trump is no Romanov.
    Much is being said about the events in Salisbury, and as usual the bleeding obvious is studiously ignored. Why do the Russians feel they can perpetrate such such acts on British soil with impunity? because there is no reason for them to fear us. For decades our armed forces have been systematically reduced to the point where we could not resist an invasion by the corps de ballet of the Kirov. Si vi pacem and all that jazz, but they will never learn, need the money for the ‘ealth service dont we.

  342. Leading `bastard` dies.

    Sir Richard Body ,ex M.P.for Holland and Boston (etc), died at the weekend aged 90.
    Served as MP for Boston etc from 1966 to 2001: one of Major’s Bastards.RIP.

  343. Three cheers for bastards.

  344. How Europe’s Way of Denial Became a Way of Death | Public Discourse

  345. Thank you Amber Rudd, useful idiot for islam.

    We need to arrest more blondes for terrorism and ban them from entering the UK.

  346. Noa
    March 14th, 2018 – 10:38

    Thanks for posting the link to Dr. Jordan Peterson’s fascinating series on the significance of having an IQ of less than 83.

    I wonder if Aldous Huxley’s ‘Brave New World’ (1932) is ringing any bells?

  347. Herbert Thornton 17.34

    Please pass the Soma. 😉

  348. A Texan walks into a pub in Ireland and ……………….

  349. Child sex slaves for muslim sex gangs were worth £200,000 each in 2014. How much are they worth now, in Telford or any other British town? £250k per annum, or more?

  350. I don’t know how the rest of you feel, but I’m bored by the Prime Minister’s silly posturing about the occasional Russian being poisoned while living in Britain.

    I think Britain needs a good dose of Realpolitik – and that doesn’t include cowardly submission to Islam or to Europe.

  351. Mind how you go Frank. 🙂

  352. Herbert Thornton @ March 14th, 2018 – 21:45

    The ‘robust’ response by the Saintly One amounts to a face saving exercise, Herbert, because from the evidence available so far, Russia has FA to do with the tragic case in Salisbury except for the two of Soviet scientists developing the evil compound in the late 70s in the communist USSR.

    It was produced in the USSR in Uzbekistan, after the implosion of the communist monstrosity many of the dangerous chemicals there began disappearing, in the end the Uzbek Government asked the US to take over the facility, according to sources in Europe (not in Russia) at least 17 states are known to either have it or to have the formulas for its manufacture, some for quite legitimate reason i.e. the development of neutraliser serums.

    One would hope (for the sake of Mr. S and his daughter) the Porton Down establishment just down the road from the park bench did have the countering serum (which would suggest they had at least the two inert compounds which, when mixed, produce the poisonous reaction).

  353. Fortunately, you don’t have to take Baron’s word for it, here’s an American source, not too keen on Russia, as you can check looking at other pieces, outlining the debate on the poisoning in the land of Putin.

    In comparison to the unison cry ‘Russia did it’ here, in Russia itself there are MSM that take, unsurprisingly, the opposite view, but also MSM that agree with the saintly One. The same goes for the blogs, some argue strongly the tragedy was the work of Western agencies, but others the opposite i.e. ‘Putin did it’. Neither camp’s censored, ordinary people say what they feel or think. It truly bothers the barbarian that our MSM find it so clear cut when all that links the tragedy with Russia so far is the development of the evil compound by two Russian scientists in the USSR. It worries because this escalating warmongering euphoria could result not in ‘cold war’ MKII, but a seriously hot one, a calamity for us all.

  354. Radford NG @ March 14th, 2018 – 18:04

    A welcome relief, Radford, thanks.

  355. John birch. @ March 14th, 2018 – 16:05

    An excellent summary of Murray’s book, John, powerfully articulated, too.

    It’s inconceivable to think the governing elites in Europe are unaware of the boil, they must see it, but either have no clue how to tackle it, or are actually hoping the supplanting of the indigenous European culture is what needs to happen. One would like to know why? Is it purely for party political reasons? Is there some deeper motive?

    Here’s another piece, unrelated to the single issue of immigration directly, but in a broader sense it’s linked to it arguing that the societal crisis in the Republic cannot be reversed, the society must convulsed in a bloody war, the same may be said about Europe, a frightening vision.

  356. Apologies for the errors, both today, but particularly before today, it’s the bloody software that inserts whatever words it feels like it, and the barbarian doesn’t check, inexcusable that.

  357. Baron
    March 14th, 2018 – 23:54
    You been taking tutorials from Seumus Milne?
    “However, also there is a history in relation to weapons of mass destruction and intelligence which is problematic, to put it mildly.”

  358. EC March 10th, 2018 – 10:43

    Only we crumblies probably remember that nihilistic piece. If you’re quoting from an original Peter Van Greenaway novel that you actually own you must be a rich man indeed, at least in literary assets, given their rarity.
    I seem to remember Richard Burton playing the explosive telekinetic, between
    bottles and wives, in the fillum version.

    “Take the War to Washington” was preposterously enjoyable agitprop.

  359. It worries me that I can often find common ground with the commies at Spiked.

    The Star Chamber antics of modern government provide the latest example.

  360. See this image

    The Destiny Man ([Gollancz suspense]) Hardcover – 23 Jun 1977

    by Peter Van Greenaway (Author)

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    1 customer review

    See all 2 formats and editions

    March 15th, 2018 – 09:01
    I did not believe how much you can pay until I googled Amazon:

    The Destiny Man

    from £10,254.02

    1 Used from £10,254.02

  361. Robert Sheriffhales March 15th, 2018 – 09:05

    That means an expedition into the loft this spring… 😉

  362. March 15th – 09:04

    I know, I know. Yesterday, for example, I actually felt quite sorry for John Humphrys when I read that he was being pilloried on “social” media, with demand for his sacking no less! etc. His crime? He dared to go infinitesimally “off message” regarding the latest entry to the BBC book of saints.

  363. Noa – 09:01

    Alas, I’m more familiar with the works of Peter Greenaway than the one with the interposed “van.” Alway supposing that there’s not a Iain Banks / Iain M. Banks type situation existing here.

    Congratulations on your new found wealth, and let us hope that the mice haven’t been too busy! If you’ve got any actual cash stashed in the attic then I hope you had to foresight to put it an tin. Mice are particularly found of the pre plastic banknotes.

  364. @11:29

    “then I hope you had to foresight to put it an tin”


    Following Kennybhoy’s advice, above, I’m off for another glass of Movicol to counteract the last two days of painkillers.

  365. Noa, March 14th, 2018 – 16:16

    The ghastly Amber Rudd, majority 346, is only there to do the bidding of her boss, Sharia May, who has exemplary record in all aspects of applied dhimmitude.

  366. Baron,

    I’m glad to read that I wasn’t the only one who found Mrs May’s “robust” response to Russia in parliament yesterday less than convincing.

    Mr Boot was positively foaming about it, but after Tony Blair’s flaccid response to radioactive contamination of London by Po-210 in November 2006 how could anybody expect anything different?

  367. “Was the Russian Spy Poisoned to Avert Brexit?”

    Does Britain have a swamp to drain…? Are there female alligators…? Is anyone who automatically believes any variation of the globalists’ “Russian narrative” credulous?

    Does someone want war with Russia?

    Why did the House of Commons vote against an adventure in Syria?

  368. The personality differences between Conservatives and Liberals.

  369. Teresa May has an NTD – a Net Terrorism Deficit.
    Aside from the normal 560,000 migrants into the UK of unquantified hostility last year she is content to let 400 proven ISIS terrorists returning back into the UK from but deports 23 Russian diplomats. So the 2017/8 GSD -the Gross Safety Deficit- is 560,377.

  370. Rod Liddle from Behind the Spectator paywall.

    Last time I was in South Africa I spent two weeks deep in the Karoo, that desiccated wasteland in the Northern Cape which is home only to a handful of jackals, the occasional springbok and supporters of the Afrikaaner Resistance Movement. I had been visiting Orania, a smallish town in which no black people are allowed. Set up by the son-in-law of Hendrik Verwoerd, its existence now is very grudgingly protected by the South African government under regulations which preserve minority cultures — ah, the irony.

    I was doing a documentary, the gist being: ghastly, ghastly, racist white people. I have to admit that I, as a white supremacist bigot, was a little more equivocal about the issue than the rest of the crew, which is perhaps why the programme never got on TV. Even back then — this was 2011 — white farmers were being driven from their land by the blacks and fleeing to Zambia, or the UK, while senior members of the ANC demanded the spilling of Boer blood.

    Didn’t the Orania people therefore have a point, I wondered, even if it was one only of self-preservation? The point — a dream, for some of them — was to carve out a new nation for Afrikaaners across a hugely unprofitable swathe of the north of the country, from Kimberley to the coast. A new Boer trek, a new homeland. And of course they would make it work, despite the aridity and the inhospitable landscape, because when it comes to farming and modernity they are extremely competent. Racist and competent, while the blacks were racist and hilariously incompetent. Orania was thriving and, like Israel (which is not a bad comparison), turning the desert green.

    Prim, reserved, polite, little kids marched in line to the schoolroom like creatures out of a John Wyndham novel, or maybe an Amish community in the south of Ohio. In the pleasant and leafy high street, baking in the heat, I spoke to a woman doing her shopping. She would have been about 80, I’d guess. I asked her if she liked Orania. Yes, she did indeed. But what about the fact that there are no black people allowed into the place? ‘That, young man, is the very best thing about it,’ she replied. Horrible old cow, everybody agreed, viewing the shots later.

    By this point the ANC was well on its way to reducing a country which, during apartheid, was easily the richest on the continent south of the Sahel (and afforded its black citizens the highest average wage and longest life expectancy in Africa) into a typically corrupt, massively useless, vicious and racist one-party state which is on the verge of civil war and where the blacks are worse off than ever and the whites are being murdered or evicted.
    Hell, only sayin’, you know? That is what has happened. We may not like to accept it, but that’s how it is. I believe something similar happened next door in Zimbabwe, no? Still, at least in both countries the black majority are in charge of their destinies and that fact necessarily trumps every other. There’s nothing quite like white liberal self-flagellation to create misery for all races — it’s worse, in its effects, than colonialism. Incidentally, virtually nobody inhabited the Karoo before whitey got there. The Afrikaaners have at least as much right to the territory as the people who have taken it off them.

    The plight of the South African whites does not much bother us these days. They’ve got their comeuppance, the bastards, is the approved view. We prefer to agonise about the real or supposed privations of people who fit into our expedient political worldview: the Rohingya, the Palestinians, the black Africans.

    There is another narrative about South Africa to the one I have presented here, and a narrative which has almost as much force and should be heard. That other narrative is the only one you will hear, pretty much. Indeed if you were a foreigner and dared to articulate my narrative, you might well be kicked out of the country.

    Shockingly, almost I might say unbelievably, a Canadian libertarian blogger has been refused entry to the UK because she subscribes to the narrative which I outlined above. Lauren Southern believes that genocide is being enacted against the whites in South Africa. Any other brand of genocide and she’d have been courted and asked to give evidence to a select committee, and probably be guest-editing Newsnight and presenting Woman’s Hour right now. She arrived at Calais, was interrogated and told: no entry. Two other supposed alt-right speakers were also denied entry to the UK, via Luton airport. What the hell is going on? I rang the Home Office and the only thing they would tell me is that they considered Southern’s presence here was ‘not conducive to the public good’. No further explanation.

    There are an awful lot of people in the UK right now whose presence here is not conducive to the public good, beginning with the Home Secretary, Amber Rudd. She is palpably no good to anybody. We have just waved goodbye to a state visit from the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, whose grim, totalitarian, misogynistic regime is responsible for a grotesque humanitarian disaster in Yemen and whose country is the no. 1 exporter of Islamic terrorists to the rest of the world. Over the last 15 years we have let in Islamic fundamentalists who want us all dead, racist Palestinians who want Israel wiped off the map, and all manner of deranged leftist academics who believe that the West — and in particular the UK — is to blame for every evil present in the world. They all got through immigration OK. Most of them were feted, mainly at the taxpayer’s expense. What happened to Lauren Southern is, frankly, chilling. Her views are broadly in line with those of the US President — and a fairly hefty proportion of our population, I would guess. Why has there been no furore?

  371. Noa – 14:16

    Thanks for that.

  372. Lauren Southern was in Luton recently where she handed-out leaflets saying that a certain anthropomorphic cosmic entity was GAY.That was why she was refused entry.

  373. The Tommy Robinson interview of Lauren Southern and her refusal of re-entry to the UK.

  374. EC @ March 15th, 2018 – 18:14

    Mr.Boot would, wouldn’t he, EC, but what he missed is the way the case is being handled by the saintly One, she really lacks in judgment, it’s almost painful to watch her.

    If she were genuine, she would have waited until the police had enough evidence, even the nasty Putin deserves his due process, the Nazi hierarchy got it, and they behaved more beastly and to ordinary people, millions of them.

    The police should have followed the leads, weighted up the evidence up, then report. And only then she should have jumped on the culprit or culprits, that was the proper way to go about it. Instead, within hours she and everyone was pointing the finger at Putin, which to the barbarian smells of a put-up job, the great Mark got it right, the process of investigation will do the damage, the outcome would be of no matter, you will see.

    Btw, the Blonde Inseminators says ‘our quarrel is with Putin, not the Russian people’. Hmmm, someone should tell him the over 80% of the Russian unwashed back him, the logic would suggest we, or rather the deluded political elite, is having a quarrel with the vast majority of the Russian people, no?

    This afternoon, the barbarian did a little survey amongst East Europeans living here (not enough time to visit other shops run by the East Europeans), ordinary young people, altogether nine of them, two Poles, one from Ukraine, the rest from the Baltic.

    Five would’t commit themselves, they were rather sheepish (not surprising perhaps, they have never met the barbarian before), of the four (an Estonian, two Poles and one from Ukraine) all said it wasn’t Putin ‘why would he do it’ was the reasoning, but one of the Poles also said ‘if Putin were to hit us he would have used missiles, not fugging poison’. Go figure.

  375. Noa @ March 16th, 2018 – 15:53

    You know what truly hurts, Noa, (the barbarian has seen it before), it’s that they are in France, of all places in France, the Republic down south let her in, we did’t.

    Poor Albion,it used to be the cradle of democracy, free speech, unrestrained freedom of association. Sad this.

  376. I begin to wonder how long it will be before either the Canadian or British Parliament enacts this –



    1. This Act may be cited as the Establishment of Decency and Good Government Act.

    Fundamental Crime

    2. (1) A person who does anything bad commits a fundamental crime punishable by such a term of such imprisonment and other penalty as a court considers necessary or desirable.

    (2) In this section

    (a) “ bad” includes

    (i) voicing hatred of, dislike of, or contempt of or ridiculing a religion other than Christianity;

    (ii) voicing hatred of, dislike of, or contempt of or ridiculing a person on account of that person’s non-Christian religion, or race, or gender or alleged lack or nature thereof; and

    (iii) behaving in a bigoted manner or in a way that hurts another person’s feelings.

    (c) “voicing” includes exhibiting feelings.

    (3) Nothing in subsection (2) shall be interpreted as in any way confining or restricting the meaning of “bad” and “does anything bad” includes failing to do anything that ought to be done.

    Other Acts

    3. Where there is any conflict or inconsistency between this Act and any other Act, whether enacted before or after this Act, this Act shall prevail.

  377. Sunday 18 March ; Speakers Corner,Hyde Park , London at 3pm.

    Meeting in support of Free Speech addressed by Tommy Robinson ( the Fergus O’Connor of our times ).

    He will be reading a speech written by Martin Sellner of the Austrian Generation Identity movement.This was to have been given by Sellner last Saturday to members of Young UKIP in Milton Keynes but was cancelled because of threats of violence (for the second time).So he intended to give it at Speakers Corner.

    He was detained last Friday at Luton Airport,and deported on Sunday.With him was Brittany Pettibone,a young American who was coming to interview Tommy Robinson.She also was refused entry in a letter from the Home Office describing
    Robinson as `a far right wing extremist who incites race hate`:( a letter written in poor English ).

  378. Tommy Robinson has been given $20,000 to buy video equipment and personal `security`which he says will be there on Sunday.

    This is from Alex Jones of infowars. (Malfleur :13 March at 00-05)

    An interview with Jones is below at 1hr 42min50 to 2hr 40min

    You will see that last Friday he and his camera woman were attacked by a gang of masked antifa who had been at a nearby mosque.

  379. Tommy Robinson speaks to the Nation. ( 2min20)

  380. BBC blows the gaff : lets the cat out of the bag.

    Three weeks ago a young Egyptian woman was attacked in the middle of Nottingham by a gang of women .She has been in a coma and has died in hospital.The police claim it is not a race hate crime : no details are given.

    Now BBC online has issued a video clip : Not only are these a gang of young kids : they are `Nubians`.

    Still the police claim they can’t give details as it might effect the case (as if they don’t need witnesses ) and the Nottingham Post are maintaining the cover-up.

  381. Herbert Thornton @ March 16th, 2018 – 18:37

    You shouldn’t plant ideas in their minds, Herbert, you may wake up one day, and presto, the statute will be there.

  382. Radford NG @ March 16th, 2018 – 23:21

    Borders on the unbelievable, Radford. This country needs help, and soon.

  383. Radford NG @ March 16th, 2018 – 21:30

    The shy outfit should make posters of the picture of the jihadists and the girls, Radford, display them prominently.

  384. The Sewer of Left-Wing AntiSemitism in the United Kingdom by Melanie Philips:

    I am not sure what you are left with when you drain a cesspool – just the paedophilia of our elite?

    We can’t go wrong though if we start by draining the UK swamp.

  385. I would propose an amendment to Herbert Thornton’s draft statute at March 16th – 18:37 as follows:

    “2 (4) Nothing in this Act shall be interpreted as circumscribing in any way the freedom of speech of any person.”

  386. Noa- thanks for the Rod Liddle article.

    ”There are an awful lot of people in the UK right now whose presence here is not conducive to the public good, beginning with the Home Secretary, Amber Rudd.”

    How long will it be, unless something is done, before the presence of returning Englishmen in their heimat is ruled as not conducive to the public good and they are refused re-entry?

    Another draft Bill please, Herbert Thornton: “The Protection of the Heimat Act”.

  387. Malfleur –

    Thanks! Freedom of speech – especially of of minorities – must be protected, come what May (pun intended).

    The new Section 2 (4) should read –

    “2 (4) Nothing in this Act shall be interpreted as circumscribing in any way the freedom of speech of any non-Christian person.”

  388. One Noble Friend to the other Noble Friends:

    “These girls are usually raped several times a day”.

  389. Herbert Thornton

    Agreed unanimously…

  390. Baron
    March 16th, 2018 – 23:44;

    March 17th, 2018 – 02:32

    Now I’m getting depressed.

    Thank God it’s nearly spring and I can get back to concentrating on gardening.

  391. Robert David Steele early {about 5:42 mins in] in this interview by Sarah Westall charactrises our PM as a liar (shome mishtake shurely!) and believes that she sponsored the false flag on the London block of flats. That would make her what…? For raisons d’etat of course, so that’s alright… Anyone on the Wall believe this or entertains it or have any information that would illuminate it?

    Drain the UK swamp!

  392. Who invented jazz?

    Beethoven in his Piano Sonata No. 32 in C Minor, Op.111, 2. Arietta

  393. DISS-May

    This nerve gas narrative of the British government is complete bullshit and I was surprised to see our colleague stephen mayberry going along with it here a day or two ago.

    The formula for the specific nerve agent alleged, without evidence, to have been used by the Roosians could have been bought for about US$8:00 in a book available on the internet in the early years of the century.

    Meanwhile, so far as I can establish, Porton Down remains about eight miles from Salisbury. Follow that train of thought.

    Do we have any conservatives in the Conservative government?

    BREXIT – Drain the UK Swamp!

  394. Ben Garrison – Cartoon – The Fall of Hillary

    Drain the Swamp!

  395. Operation Disclosure

    This is a site for unreformed reprobates.

  396. The Bullshit Russian Narrative of our Government – Taken from Operation Disclosure = see previous post

    FRIDAY, MARCH 16, 2018

    Source: Facebook | By JOHN WHITE

    The Skripal Saga.

    Observations from the edge.

    A British Truthseeker’s perspective.

    In the last 12 days, relations between the United Kingdom and the Russian Federation have nosed-dived into the floor.

    This follows the poisoning of Ex-Russian spy Sergei Skirpal and his daughter Yulia, discovered frothing and twitching on a bench in the town of Salisbury at 16:15 hours, Sunday 4th of March. This is now claimed to be an attempted assassination with a Nerve Agent, named as Novichok: an action so botched that it’s also put 100’s of people at risk in the town and surrounding area, as well as causing the critical illness of Policeman DS Nick Bailey: according to the UK Government.

    Speaking as a Truthseeker, these have been challenging days. It is a very uncomfortable feeling, to feel that the lives of everyone in the country could be at stake: based on a narrative from the government we still don’t know if we can trust. Well actually, that we are mostly certain we can’t.

    Where is the line the patriot walks in such times? This is the sobering question that has confronted the truth community in the UK.

    Did the Kremlin want to take out this guy? And gave the order to do so with NERVE AGENT!? Why not just a bullet? The victim was Russian: so in the current political climate, there’s a high chance Russia would be blamed whatever: was it worth the risk of killing him at all?

    Now Skripal, he was traitor. That cant be argued against. He was in Russian Intelligence, he was a double agent, and he shopped vital information to MI6 for cash: for years!

    BUT: he was caught. He was tried. He was sentenced. He was jailed. Then, in 2010, the Russian state chose to release him and swapped him with the UK to get femme fatal spy “Anna Chapman” back. As far as Russia was concerned Skripal was old news. He wasn’t on Putin’s desk or pinned on the wall having knives thrown at him. He was nothing.

    Unless: it was something Skripal was up to over here more recently We now know that he did help MI6 ex-spy Christopher Steele write the “Russia Russia” dossier through Orbis/Fusion GPS, paid for by the FBI, the Democratic Party, and the Clinton Campaign. This document’s credibility has now totally collapsed with the revelations of the FISA and SENATE memo’s. It seems that Skripal was looking over stuff that Steele was cooking for the dossier and using his knowledge to add a little verisimilitude: but this also explains mistakes in the dossier: because at that point Skripal hadn’t been in Russia for 8 years and out of the loop even longer.

    Now that Dossier has damaged Russia’s reputation badly: traduced would be a good word. And Putin has been rather tolerant in the face of continued provocation with US accusations Russia interfered in some way in the US election: as well as claims Trump colluded with them.

    So its also interesting that the very day Prime Minister Theresa May accused Russia of being responsible, the Congressional Intelligence Committee cleared Donald Trump of collusion.

    Therefore on that basis, Skripal’s involvement in the dodgy dossier (a scheme that has now failed, with the Mueller investigation pushing into a close-up phase and Trump looking strong in office), gives a motive for several parties to potentially want him killed.

    Sure, the Kremlin is one, but such a possibility is consistently problematic in terms of rationality.

    Another would be the Clinton Cabal, the corrupt clique at the heart of the prior admin. Skirpal’s testimony could potentially have seen them hang. Taking him out, and blaming Russia at the same time, that’s a good scam.

    Yet another would be the UK state itself.

    The Establishment in the UK is a knotted ball of privilege and advantage. Politicians, Lords, Clergy, Bankers, Freemasons, Judges, Moguls, Spooks, and everyone ultimately jumping to the strings of the Monarchy. Its fair to say, the longer the day: the less they do wrong: because whenever the light is off them, the darkness comes out to play.

    Sorting this mess out, the snakepit of the City of London and the corridors of power, the secret societies and conspiracies, let alone the dodgy stuff the actual government gets called on, the British state struggles for any trust from the British people.

    While true, some yahoo’s are backing the governments claims against Russia, most are far more cautious, and disquieted by the unseemly rush and refusal to show evidence for objective international analysis, as stipulated in the Convention on Chemical Weapons, to which both Russia and the UK are signatories.

    With Portland Down, the notorious chemical facility of the UK state, that has a history of testing chemical weapons on the unsuspecting public and morals that would disgrace a rat, a mere 8 miles away from Salisbury, the ease with which the UK government could have done this itself and pointed the finger at Moscow is well within the “child play” level of difficulty. Also, the Skripal poisoning occurred on the 2nd weekend of a 3 week Chemical Weapon exercise, “Toxic Danger”, being conducted by the Army. Hundreds of soldiers have poured into Salisbury: very “Johnny-on-the-spot”. Is this another example of “exercise” going “real-time”? The Hallmark is there.

    Moscow, actually, has been DIRECTLY saying this in Tweets from the Russian Embassy. Directly accusing the British State of putting this on to smear them. Some might say that was desperation to shift blame. Others might say desperation to be heard, through a relentless barrage of belligerent propaganda from the UK press and broadcast media.

    Why might the UK state want to do that?

    The British people have been causing the state no end of trouble. Especially by going along and Voting for Brexit 21 months ago. The entire UK establishment is against the people on this, they drag their feet, they try to subvert the vote, and the Remain campaign just made a very concerted effort to try and whip up demand for a 2nd EU Referendum: that fell flat on its arse. The people want the Brexit they voted for, they want Britain to be an independent nation on the seas of commerce once more, able to bring prosperity to its people. We are a long way still from that and the British Swamp needs draining for that Vision to have a chance to succeed.

    By creating a “scary Bear out there” narrative the UK Gov may hope to get us to cling once more to the bosom of Brussels. Certainly, if the deeply refrigerated relations Britain and Russia are now sinking to, any military action would see the EU leap to the UK’ side, creating the EU vs Russia war the Euro-elites have been spoiling for at least the last 4 years. They are insane, so what can we expect?

    The EU is collapsing internally, German debt levels are going critical, Italy wants to break out of at least the Euro, Britain’s money being taken off the table creates a huge shortfall in the EU’s budget. With or without the UK, the EU is a collapsing Empire. And in such situations, getting into a War has been used as a reset button many times through history: no: it doesn’t work very often. But it remains an option of last resort.

    Yulia Skirpal is also a potential target: in fact, this could equally as well be a hit on her, not her father. Skripals niece, Victoria, has gone on record saying Yulia was in a relationship with the son of a powerful female intelligence officer ( the UK press has not given the names) who was angry her son wanted to marry into “the family of a traitor”. The possibility rogue agents within the Russian State, or criminals with access to Russian weapons via the post-Cold War corpse stripping of the USSR, could have done this are strong.

    For all the world turns on grand narratives and tales of plots and conspiracies, the world also turns on dumb luck and stupid incompetence. The idea some bonehead could have been given a mission and cocked it up can never be 100% ruled out. Would make a tragedy of the damage to international relations.

    But then Putin also has enemies: one of them was Sergei Skripal himself. Skripal would have the attitude and experience to be able to do something like this: maybe he was distraught with his daughter from the other point of view, mad with her for being willing to marry into the upper circle of the Putin regime? Maybe his time was done, maybe he was ill, and he decided to use that special vial he had smuggled in for a final revenge on Putin, knowing his death would be blamed on the Russian state. UK media is a snarling pack of wild dogs, who are hardly going to hold off on judgement with a poisoned Russian Spy to shout about: he could be certain who they would blame. If this supply had been stored incorrectly for some time, could that weaken its strength and explain its failure to be swiftly lethal, and sporadic contamination? I don’t know…. seems possible.

    But, beyond the suspects, now we have the reality.

    President Trump has given cautious support: but also there are noises the Americans want their own people to look at the evidence.

    And the evidence remains a troubling factor.

    There is the Convention on Chemical Weapons that stipulates an international process to bring an accusation of the use of banned chemical weapons such as Nerve Agent: especially Novichok. Both the UK and Russia are signed to that convention and should be using that process.

    If the British State’s evidence is so compelling that “there is no alternative explanation”, as Prime Minister May has claimed, should it not be simple to skip along to the OPCW, flourish our evidence, and have every country in the world, obligated by law, standing with us against Russia, backing our demands for explanation/reparation?

    Yet that’s the last thing the British Government seems to want to do.

    That is disturbing, because if this was a British Inside Job, protecting our “evidence” from being examined, and found to be rubbish, would be vital. Why will my government not use all the channels available to it, and give the world, and myself, a solid case to get behind? If Russia did do this thing then of course I would back the British state making a response such as expulsions and sanctions. Instead, the people are left in the dark.

    Even more disturbing, is if this was such a conspiracy, its aim in provoking Russian War would be to re-cement Britain to the EU and make the next War “EU vs Russia”, with Britain caught up in the wake of conflict.

    Can we believe the British Establishment could trigger a war for its own aims and loyalties to groups like Bilderberg, above and beyond the plebiscite of the ordinary British people? We would have to be utterly ignorant of British History not to be sceptical of the UK Establishments narratives, both in general, and in this specific case.

    And that seems the most dangerous risk of all now: If Britain could pull off one false flag: it can pull off another: and simply strike itself, blame Russia, and unleash hell.

    I also try to think of this from Putin’s point of view.

    Of course, if Putin was behind this he would just tough it out. But that’s the problem when a State is accused. If the accusations are lies, they will be denied. If the accusations are true, they will also be denied. There isn’t a “win” there for Russia. It can speak Crystal truth, and it will still look like lies. Indeed the Russian Embassy has been tweeting with true transparency, directly accusing the British State of “putting on” Salisbury to smear Russia. This does not bode well for where this is going. Russia isn’t going to accept Theresa May’s say so, that’s for sure.

    But lets assume that Putin didn’t do this. For all his time in office, he has dealt with an aggressive and expansionist EU, with western interference in internal Russian Affairs, including elections. He has dealt with military encirclement of Russia by NATO, increasing numbers of missile systems able to fire deep into Russian Territory.

    On top of Ukraine, accusations over Russias role in Syria: and of course the traducing Russia has taken on the basis of the Steele Dossier that Sergei Skripal worked on, helping out his ex MI6 mate, have all been warning signs of increasing risk of conflict with the West. If Hillary Clinton had won the White House, she was hell bent on imposing a No-Fly Zone in Syria that would have swiftly led to conflict with Russia and its middle east alliance.

    Putin might look at this, and the fact that Russia is being accused of major crime without being shown proof: (which in fact impedes Russia’s ability to investigate within to maybe find answers), and think that his nation just doesn’t have a chance of a fair shake in its relations with the ruling establishment in the UK and the EU. He might look at the encirclement and calculate it is only a matter of time before his potential enemies could strike damaging targets deep inside Russia, and that waiting just makes them stronger and his position weaker: for a War they are SURE to start at some point: as a distraction from the EU’s internal woes: possibly soon!

    At which point does Putin decide that tolerance is no longer rational?

    Russia has a significant military advantage over Europe. A EU vs Russia War is the war the Russian Army is designed to fight: a War of swift total territorial advancement with hardened troops known for aggressive fury. A nightmare to take on.

    On top of this, Russia has been strongly developing nanotechnology for 15 years: while the wet has stood dead still, vested interests unwilling to unleash the next wave of technology for fear of losing their dominance. This has not been an issue inside Russia. As a result, Russia has the cutting edge of military tech, hypersonic missiles, radar invisible planes, cloaked submarines, and advanced armour and battlegear.

    Europe could not stand against Russia without bringing in the USA. But that doesn’t mean the EU’s leaders aren’t crazy enough to believe a scheme to drag the US in could work. Georgia’s President did in 2008: he actually declared WAR on Russia believing he could force NATO to come to his side. NATO did no such thing and Russia took Georgia in less that 24 hours in a lightening tank strike with over 6000 vehicles, swift overwhelming: decisive.

    I certainly have no desire to see Britain conquered by Russia. A War is a horrifying prospect, especially how easily Nuclear Weapons would obliterate mainland UK. This is a small Island hardly able to take Nuclear hits.

    I do know that the British people have got genuine cause to seek reformation inside the UK. As President Trump is draining the US swamp, and the world is about to learn how far that means going, people across Europe including in the UK are going to be thinking “we could do with some of that”. That may also explain the desperation of the EU elite, including its loyalists in the UK. Trump is about to provide all 550 million people in the EU with the threat of a jolly good example, and they know what that means for their way of life: and their necks!

    Peaceful diplomacy, democracy, and the application of the rule of law. This is what I stand for. I never for War, I also stand for Peace. If people start anyway, dammit, I did what I could, and sooner or later Peacekeepers will be needed to end the bloody thing.

    If a declaration of War was made between Russia and the EU, my mission would be to survive long enough to be part of re-making the peace.

    But unfortunately, Russia’s hypersonic technology looks like it may well give them first strike advantage: they out-nuke the EU 5 to 1 at least, and if EU weapons can be disabled before they can fire: Nuclear War is winnable: seductively attractive even.

    The old doctrines of Mutually Assured Destruction might not apply.

    Now in the case of a Nuclear Exchange across the UK, most of the population lives in a primary blast zone. Its not a big country. It would all be all over real quick. So I would just like to take this opportunity of saying to any future reader in a parallel universe where such a thing has occurred, on behalf of all British Truthers… as livestreamed out the UK in our last 10 seconds…

    “Oh well. Bugger. Served Truth with Honour: Over to you: make the best of it 07”

    However we are not there yet, and despite the increasing severity of repressive pressure on speech in the UK, it is still Peacetime, and I will exercise my rights accordingly.

    Dire threat of extermination NEVER stopped Doctor Who fighting to save the day: I can but emulate that example and trust you do too.

    Links from the last 2 weeks will be placed on the comments here to be used as a common resource.

    Much love: John White

  397. Mongoose: Did MI-6 Kill the Russians & Did Trump Fall for It?

    Come on, Britons! Wakey-Waaaaakey!

    (wakey-wakey – “A cute/nice way of saying “wake the f*** up”!!!”
    – Urban Dictionary)

  398. Fact picked up while surfing the net: As a Congressman, Pompeo co-sponsored a Bill to ban the Muslim Brotherhood.

  399. Almost live:Tommy Robinson interdicted by Captain Euro.

  400. Radford NG

    When i click on your link, I get the following:

    “What happened?
    Your account appears to have exhibited automated behavior violating the Twitter Rules. You can use all of Twitter’s features again once you complete the following steps to confirm you are the account owner.
    What next?
    For full access, you must:
    Pass a Google reCAPTCHA challenge”

    I do not have a twitter account and this response by twitter refers to an account in a name which is not mine!

    Can the content of your link be found anywhere else?

  401. Tommy Robinson interviews Lauren Southern – detained in Calais and banned from entry into the United Kingdom under the Terrorist Act.

  402. Hugging can now be a criminal offence – The Salisbury Review

  403. Malfleur at 06-18.
    I don’t know what happened there ; but try

  404. Noa @ March 17th, 2018 – 09:53

    The restorative justice system that has replaced the retributive one has had an abysmal record of re-educating offenders, Noa, as you well know, a vast majority of offenders’s back inside within two years, there’s little hope that the separation of the jihadists will do better, their belief system that perceives non-believers as the enemy is by far more deeply cemented in their psyche that a mere solitary confinement can break. It would need a through and well designed re-education programme run by genuine specialists, but do we have the money to fund it?

  405. Malfleur @ March 17th, 2018 – 09:32 & 12.26

    The White’s rant doesn’t say much new, Malfleur, one cannot rule out the Russians are behind the atrocity, but the choice of the target, the poison, and in particular the timing (few days before the presidential count, several months before the World Cup) makes one suspicious of the claim by both the saintly One and the Blonde Inseminator.

    Unfortunately for the barbarian he’s been short on time, wasn’t able to surf the Net properly. One thing that one should know is the evidence, what is it?

    The papers say the poison was ‘of a type made in Russia’, well that doesn’t sound much as evidence, as the Baron’s link posted before demonstrates, here it is again:

    What else is there to charge the Russians? That’s a genuine question, the yapping about Russia doing it before and stuff is not evidence.

    The Blonde Inseminator is saying we also have evidence that Russia makes the stuff, has a stockpile of it (of what? The two harmless compounds, or the poison itself, which allegedly loses potency very quickly), was going to use it. This is a dangerous territory. If we indeed had a knowledge of all this, should we not have made it public?

    If one were to know of someone possessing a poison, planning to use it, actually went on killing someone with it, what would happen to the one who said after the event ‘I know about it’, would it not have made the one in the know an accessory to murder?

    Still, Malfleur, if you come across a piece that furnishes the evidence, let the barbarian know.

  406. John birch. @ March 18th, 2018 – 10:37

    Good one, John, as was you short riposte. The barbarian could;t resist, had to educate those who object to the man’s treatment.

    “One should welcome the coming of the new age of puritanism, not be critical of it, today we have virtual reality to take over any physical contact between the genre fluid sexes, that should be enough.

    Just imagine if what this man did were to spread, surely a health a safety issue to start with, who knows what the lips of men may be in contact with before they land on the necks of these unfortunate women. More to the point, what if the kiss was just a quick surveillance of her neck, the next move could have been his hands on the neck, strangling her … And it could not be that any such seemingly innocent peck on the neck is but a prelude to some serious grooming e.g. Telford?

    Can you see the wisdom of the court case, punishment, now?”

    Baron hopes you see i his way, now, he, he, he.

  407. Baron ; 17 March 00-06 etc.

    I think there is a lot to be found about this in the blogs of *Craig Murray* ,one of which you link.

    Murray was a Foreign Office diplomat : he was sacked for some very undiplomatic attitudes to the government of Uzbekistan when British ambassador there.

    He would be best known for having deserted his wife and two children to run off with an Uzbekistani lap-dancer.

  408. I voted for Putin today.

  409. In spirit.

  410. “Russians vote in a presidential election on Sunday expected to give Vladimir Putin an easy victory. Watch live FRANCE 24’s special programme on Russia’s presidential election starting at 7pm Paris time.

    Putin is polling at around 70 percent, or nearly 10 times the backing of his nearest challenger. Winning another term will bring his tenure to a quarter of a century, making him the longest-serving Russian leader since Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin.“

  411. “Alexei Navalny, the popular 42-year-old anti-corruption crusader and leader of the Progress Party, had his name struck from the Central Electoral Commission’s list of approved candidates owing to convictions on embezzlement charges that the European Court of Human Rights has declared to be political frame-ups.

    At least Navalny wasn’t killed.”

  412. “After completing his law degree in 1975, Putin famously started his career at the KGB, the Soviet secret police force. He was posted to Dresden, East Germany, where he posed as a translator.
    Although much has been made of his spy career, including sly allusions from Putin himself, his biographer Masha Gessen has written that his time in Germany was “reduced mainly to collecting press clippings, thus contributing to the mountains of useless information produced by the KGB.”
    After the fall of the Berlin Wall, Putin returned to his home of St. Petersburg. He would continue to rise through the ranks of Russia’s political establishment non-stop from there.
    In 1990, in his very first year working for Saint Petersburg city hall, city counsellors discovered that Putin had permitted the sale of highly undervalued steel in exchange for foreign food aid that never arrived. Despite an investigative committee recommending his ouster, Putin remained in his position until 1996, have already formed a close friendship with Mayor Anatoly Sobchak.
    Throughout the following years, Putin used his network of political friendships to make his way up the ladder. In 1997 then-President Boris Yeltsin named Putin his chief of staff, and a year later he was made the chief of the FSB, the post-Soviet successor to the KGB.
    Shortly thereafter, Yeltsin appointed Putin to be his prime minister. Putin managed to take this post this despite Yeltsin’s rivals and loyalists both trying to take him down, as they all jockeyed to put themselves in position to succeed the ailing president.
    When Yeltsin unexpectedly resigned in 1999, Putin became acting president. One of his very first acts was to pardon Yeltsin of corruption, before setting his sights on being elected outright.
    In March 2000, Putin steamrolled past the other two contenders to become president with 53 percent of the vote. One important factor in Putin’s victory was image. Unlike many of Yeltsin’s other would-be successors, Putin had taken an unrelenting position in support of the Second Chechen War. This made him appear like a strong law-and-order candidate — a welcome relief after years of chaos.

    Putin’s success was not only because of his own image but because of how he changed Russia’s image of itself. The fall of the Soviet Union and the administration of the often drunk, sickly Yeltsin were both deeply embarrassing. That Putin managed to bring his country out of the economic ashes into a period of boom time during his first administration also helped solidify his popularity.
    Barred from running for a third consecutive term in 2008, Putin became prime minister to President Dmitry Medvedev. During that administration, the presidential term was extended from four years to six, to take effect at the next election. In 2012, Putin became president once again and named Medvedev his premier, prompting allegations of a tandemocracy.
    ‘A mafia state’
    According to Russian-American author Masha Gessen, Putin’s ability to so easily wield power at home is derived not only from a carefully crafted image. The former spy has remained in the Kremlin despite a declining economy, diplomatic isolation and nearly continuous allegations of corruption and human rights abuses because of his ability to “have words mean nothing.”
    “He just keeps talking … It’s meant to create the impression that he knows what he’s talking about. But it’s also just meant to drown you in meaningless stuff.”
    Speaking with the Atlantic, Gessen added that Putin’s desire to build a mafia-style government on the ruins of a totalitarian regime had left Russia “a mafia state and a totalitarian society.”
    Gessen also takes issue with the West’s idea of Putin as a “Bond villain mastermind of global chaos,” but does argue that this very perception has worked in the president’s favor.
    And the Putin political machine shows no signs of slowing down. Having set up a complex web of political and economic cronyism, the end of Putin would also spell the end of stability in Russia. But with a victory on Sunday, Vladimir Putin will remain in power until at least 2024.“

  413. Remember: Putin and the Russian oligarchs are very bad people……apart from the ones who are donating big time to the Conservative party.

  414. It gets worse, and we were told that the gang raping girls have been dealt with after Rotherham two years ago.

  415. Two things on Russia, the election.

    Navalny was sentenced for embezzlement well before he decided to stand in the Presidential election. In the first trial he claimed the documents proving he had done wrong were planted, in the second he dropped this defence, claimed others did the same, are not prosecuted. If he stood today, he would have got fewer votes than Sobchak, he is disliked by everyone on the Left (probably more than by Putin).

    Look at the world ranking of GDP on the PPP basis i.e. in PPP dollars, that’s the preferred measure by economists because one buys bread and tanks, butter and planes with roubles in Russia, dollars in the Republic, yen in Japan … It may shock you to note that Russia’s GDP is higher than ours.

    Between 1999 and 2014, the Russian government budget increased 13times, gold and foreign currency reserves 45times, average wage 7.5times, real average wages (sans inflation) 3times.

    This comes from a large piece in a Czech paper that likes Putin about as much as Mr. Boot, the paper headline commenting on todays election in Russia says: Putin wins by a bigger margin than Brezhnev’, which is silly because when the communist thug got elected he was the only candidate, Baron quotes it to give you a flavour of the paper’s political orientation, and its love for Vlad.

  416. Radford NG @ March 18th, 2018 – 17:23

    Thanks, Radford, the barbarian will look, it pi$$es him he cannot spend more time speculating about events (so much to speculate about), he has more important things to attend to.

  417. Radford NG
    March 18th, 2018 – 14:40

    same same!

  418. Baron March 18 15:09
    You write:
    “ cannot rule out the Russians are behind the atrocity…”

    “One cannot rule out” – Bravo!

    Compare the words of the British Foreign Secretary (none more foreign some might say):

    “Our quarrel is with Putin’s Kremlin and with his decision – and we think it overwhelmingly likely that it was his decision – to direct the use of a nerve agent on the streets of the UK, on the streets of Europe for the first time since the Second World War.”

    “Overwhelmingly likely” – Bullshit!

    “Overwhelmingly likely” means “I have no credible evidence that I can produce but I have been instructed by my globalist masters not to let this stand in the way of articulating their anti-Russian narrative.”

    Poisonally, I think the Salisbury hit was a globalist false flag – or, at least, overwhelmingly likely to have been.


    Drain the UK swamp of the globalist cross-party War Party!

  419. Speaking of the globalist cross-party War Party, where is Max Boot these days? No articles that I can find since early February….Could it be the men in white coats were finally called in to the Council on Foreign Desolations?

  420. “Putin inherited a ransacked and bewildered country, with a poor and demoralized people. And he started to do what was possible, a slow and gradual restoration. These efforts were not noticed, nor appreciated, immediately. In any case, one is hard-pressed to find examples in history when steps by one country to restore its strength were met favorably by other governments.” (Alexander Solzhenitsyn)

  421. Jeremy Corbyn in the House of Commons makes the outrageous suggestion that the United Kingdom government might be asked to produce some evidence of Russia’s involvement in the Salisbury attack.

    The Cross Party War Party was apparently incensed by this:

  422. 2018/03/19
    Berto Jongman: United Kingdom (UK) Pedophilia Central — with Muslim Religious Extremism Mixed In…

    Drain the UK swamp!

  423. Baron
    You really do not like Navalny, do you?
    He strikes me as far more honest than Putin.

  424. And now for something completely different…

    “The Mandelbrot Set” (NOT the Primrose Hill gang)

  425. Hardcore Mandelbrot!

    “The Hardest Mandelbrot Zoom in 2017 – New record, 750 000 000 iterations!”

    Rather wonderful!

  426. “Russia’s main opposition leader launched a fierce attack yesterday on the candidates who ran against Vladimir Putin in the presidential election, accusing them of helping to prop up his rule.

    Alexei Navalny, 41, a lawyer and anti-corruption campaigner, was barred from standing in Sunday’s election despite having campaigned for a year across the country.

    Mr Putin took 76.6 per cent of the vote, according to official figures, giving him his biggest ever victory. There were widespread reports of vote-rigging. Turnout was 67.5 per cent.

    Mr Navalny, who had called for a boycott of the vote, criticised Mr Putin’s opponents for helping to tarnish the idea of a credible opposition by achieving poor results and for taking part in the first place. “The task of all the ‘oppositionists’ was so that on the next day we were all struck down by horror and anxiety, thinking that there are very few of us, no one supports the opposition, and so on,” he wrote on social media.

    He posted results from the election to prove his point. The former television presenter Ksenia Sobchak, 36, was given 1.7 per cent and the veteran economist Grigory Yavlinsky received only 1 per cent. Pavel Grudinin, a Communist, came second with 11.8 per cent. Mr Navalny said: “They are not democrats and they are not liberals. They are needed in order that we always lose.”
    Mr Navalny reserved particular ire for his erstwhile ally Ms Sobchak, having already clashed with her over her decision to stand in the election and defy his call for a “voters’ strike” to erode the legitimacy of the election. He drew attention to a state television interview yesterday, in which Ms Sobchak said: “People with liberal attitudes in our country today are, unfortunately, in a minority. We must understand that and be realists.”

    Georgy Alburov, an associate of Mr Navalny, said of the footage: “This is what the laughing stock candidates are for. To make such pronouncements about the results of the Putin re-elections.”

    Mr Navalny has low popularity ratings and he is in effect banned from state television. Analysts suspect that he could have built a following if he had been registered as a candidate, meaning that state media would be obliged to give him coverage. He was excluded because of a criminal conviction that he said was fabricated by the Kremlin.

    Sunday’s election was marred by numerous reports of legal violations. The monitoring group Golos said that it had received 4,200 calls and 1,500 messages about voting irregularities or fraud. That included people being obliged to report to employers that they voted and several cases of ballot stuffing. Footage from surveillance cameras showed people pushing sheaves of ballots into boxes at polling stations.

    Results were annulled because of irregularities at five polling stations, the central election commission said, but Ella Pamfilova, its chairwoman, said: “Generally, serious complaints have not been identified so far.”

    A delegation from the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe said the vote showed a “lack of genuine competition”.

  427. Prince Bandar commits suicide in London – warning: not for the sqeamish

    See the section on Saudi Arabia about 55 minutes in in this conversation of Dr. Jerome Corsi with Charles Ortel and Jason Goodman on Donald Trump and the Deep State:

  428. Frank
    Are you progressing well?
    Where are Baron, Noa and the Colonel?

  429. Now Time Magazine:

    “Facebook is under fire this week over a controversy involving tens of millions of users’ personal information.

    The drama began when the $500 billion company admitted Friday that data analysis firm Cambridge Analytica, which has close ties to President Trump’s election campaign and right-leaning megadonors, used data that had been collected from 50 million users without their consent. Facebook has since suspended Cambridge Analytica’s access to its platform.

    Still, Facebook is taking a beating from commentators and investors alike. Facebook’s stock was down about 7% Monday afternoon and dropped another 2.5% Tuesday. Meanwhile, lawmakers in the U.S. and the U.K. are demanding CEO Mark Zuckerberg explain his company’s practices.”

  430. Good to see the smile wiped off his face.

  431. And in the Express:

    “Until a few weeks ago, Michael Gove and other senior ministers said the UK will be taking back control over its borders.

    But Mr Farage claims they have backtracked.

    The former-Ukip leader added: “These mealy-mouthed words are insulting to those communities which have been deeply bruised by 40 years of being ignored by the Westminster elite and which voted overwhelmingly in June 2016 to quit the EU.

    “In order for Brexit to truly mean Brexit, we must take back control of our territorial waters. I fear this transition period will see many more of our fishermen go out of business, particularly in small fleets under 10 metres which are the most sustainable part of our commercial fishing industry.

    “Quite frankly, the European Union do not give them sufficient quota to survive.”

  432. May’s Brexit sellout fisked by Jack Buckby, but did we expect anything else?

  433. Theresa May ignores the basic law of economics regarding supply and demand.
    We don’t have a housing shortage. We have a migration epidemic.

  434. I see that a man in Scotland has been convicted of a Hate Crime. Apparently he’d trained his dog to raise its paw when he said something like “Heil Hitler” and had posted a picture of it on the Internet.

    It is of course still only 2018. But it’s made me imagine what 2020 will be like.

    “2020 Breaking News

    Teacher and student arrested after teacher asks students who would like to visit Mars to raise their hands.

    Several students did.

    One student called the police with his cell phone and complained that he had witnessed a Hate Crime.

    10 minutes later Police arrived and arrested the teacher and one of the students who had raised her hand.

    The Hate Crime consisted of raising her hand at the wrong angle – the angle used in a Nazi Salute.

    The teacher has now been convicted of causing a Hate Crime and the student has been convicted of committing a Hate crime. Each has been sentenced to two years imprisonment.”

  435. Herbert,
    never forget the old saying “Many a true word spoken in jest” Have any of these sanctimonious prats infesting life in this country, which refined the concept of free speech for the Western world, ever heard of the Bill of Rights of 1689?”

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