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  1. Colonel Mustard,

    Is the “David Lindsay” commenting on Guido’s blog really YuNoHu up to his old tricks? The reception of his comments is about the same! 🙂

  2. EC at 16-03
    The only David Lindsay I know of is a free-thinking political agitator from County Durham.

  3. There is nowadays – probably more in the U.S. and even in Canada than in Britain – a strong belief among too many judges that they are invested with the power to usurp the functions both of elected institutions such as sovereign Parliaments and of the heads of Executive branches of government. These judges seem not to realise that they themselves are bringing their countries’ justice systems into disrepute.

    Such egotistical beliefs are of course dangerously subversive, but sometimes – as in this case in India – the judges seem to have descended into a kind of judicial civil war. Isn’t it deliciously comic?

  4. Trump to Comey: You’re fired!

  5. Comey fired 🙂
    About time too!

  6. Long way to go, but this could be a straw in the wind:

    If it’s true, there would probably have to be a caretaker until Gowdy could take over.

  7. Wotised back in July 1916:

    Comey caved! What a despicable and corrupt mess is American politics.
    So the Hillbillary mob is off the hook on the emails. What about the Clinton Foundation? He didn’t even mention it.
    And Bill was just talking to Loretta about the Grandkids when he ambushed her at the airport..
    The whole Western World is in the thrall of crooks and idiots.
    Who is kidding who!
    Frank P
    July 5th, 2016 – 16:35
    And what happened to the Rico Statute enquiry?
    I can hear skeletons rattling in cupboards all over Washington.
    Frank P
    July 5th, 2016 – 17:21
    And what about Benghazi?
    Frank P
    July 5th, 2016 – 17:39
    If Comey is regarded as a ‘straight shooter’ ffs don’t introduce me to a bent one.
    All the bollocks about him ‘laying her reckless and irresponsible handling of security out on the line’, means absolutely nothing. That was just an attempt to ward off accusations that he was bought and paid for. His punchline belied the ramble. And Lynch saying yesterday ‘I will accept the recommedations of the FBI’ told the whole story. She already knew; so did Obama – he was campaigning with the bent bitch today. The only question that remains is who has got what on whom? Bent! Bent. Bent!
    So what’s new?
    Frank P
    July 5th, 2016 – 17:47
    Judge Nap – step up to the plate! Followed by Rudy Guilianno and Chris Christi.

  8. Comey saw his firing on TV before he got the letter!

    Jesus wept! That’ll draw some democrass flak!

  9. I suggest Madam Lee Penn rebrand her party the FNL(F) : Front Nation Liberation (Francais). That would confuse `them`. I suspect her father got the FN name from the FNL in Algeria against which he fought. And I seem to recall that the Viet-Cong were referred to as the NLF in the English speaking world.

  10. I suggest Lee Penn adopt as a symbol The Cross of Lorraine in the middle of the Tri-colour as did the Free French.

    It flows in the blood
    And it flows in the vein;
    And the Arms of Jesus
    Are the Cross of Lorraine.

  11. To arms,citizens!
    Form your battalions!
    March on,March on!
    Let the blood impure,
    Saturate our fields.

  12. Well Newsweek asked for this last November:

    “James Comey should not simply be fired as director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. He must be barred forever from any form of public service.

    In the last 10 days, Comey has whipsawed the election for president of the United States. Now we know he did it for no reason. When his agents found information that suggested there were emails on a laptop that might have relevance to the investigation of Hillary Clinton and her email servers, Comey did not wait until he knew even a scintilla of information before announcing it to the world. Reasonably, lots of voters assumed there must be a there there—who could imagine a person with the power of the FBI director would turn the election on its head for no particular reason, on the basis of nothing?

    Then, Sunday, Comey handed down another missive from on high: Never mind. His agents had looked through the emails and decided they were piffle. His majesty, the FBI director, has not yet deigned to officially inform his subjects—the American people—whether the emails related to the Clinton case or what they were. (However, people involved in the case tell Newsweek that almost all of them were duplicates of what the bureau already had or were personal.) He just said “nothing to see here” and waived us on our way”

    Comey is a “Lyin Bureacrat” and the swamp must be cleared.

  13. Frank P – 01:49

    I believe that nowadays the SOP is to send a txt msg.


    Mike Cernovich discloses in conversation with Stefan Molyneux that Comey has been withholding documents pertaining to National Security Advisor Lieutenant General H.R. McMaster’s illegal contacts in sharing classified information with David Petraeus (Bilderberger Group).

  15. Ummmm ….
    Marion Le Pen ‘QUITS politics’ after aunt Marine fails to secure French election victory

  16. Marshal Roberts – 06:44
    Complete U-turn !!! Ha, ha ,ha! 🙂

    Andrew Peach, Radio Berkshire, today – (from 1:48:30 to 1:51:44)

    Typical BBC!

  17. EC (07:55)

    As John Roberts said on The Five this morning, “Usually you at least get time to reclaim the orchid on your desk when you get canned”.

    Big Jim didn’t even know where to direct the pilot of his private kite after having to cancel his Californian boondoggle. 🙂 🙂

    Reap as ye sow, Jimbo!

  18. Best summary of the current bombshell (so far) from Mark the an:

    As ever – witty, insightful and satire at its very best. (Imho).

  19. Sean Spicer has decided the submit himself to “Reserve Training” for a week.

    Sarah Huckaby-Sanders is ‘standing in’.

    Heh, heh, heh!

    “It’s all about timing…”

  20. (18:56)

    Sarah did a very good job, btw.

  21. Frank P @ 18:44

    Comey (and all the other lapdogs of the Hon Muslim, too) should have been fired long time ago, one cannot cleanse the swamp with the people of the swamp.

  22. Frank P @ 18:48

    Good piece, Frank.

    Rosenstein’s spot on castigating Comey for his saying the Clinton woman should not be prosecuted, this was the defining moment on Comey also for the barbarian, his job is to establish the facts, nothing else, it’s not up to him to draw conclusions from the facts.

    Comey is supposed to be savvy political operator, his remark about the prosecution (or not) of Hilary suggests he’s everything but skilful in treading the risky waters of contemporary American politics unless he was put up to it, which is more the probable.

  23. Frank P @ 17:48

    When the great Mark is good, Frank, he’s sublime, the lightness of wit he serves in spades beats any competition from the Left hands down, pity he’s being dragged through the courts by the ghastly Mann, if he had more time we would benefit more from his slicing of events.

  24. The unabating insistence by the Dems to have yet another (the fifth) investigation of the Russian-Trump collusion before the election day is a dangerous path to travel.

    If any of the investigations (or all four of them) were to find any impropriety on Trump or his team, it would suggest the seventeen security agencies haven’t been up to the job, failed abysmally, are not fit for purpose, must be seriously MOTed. Is that something those who keep pushing for a special prosecutor have considered?

  25. A visit to London today by the barbarian has confirmed the city is no longer a capital of the United Kingdom, but the capital of the world’s tribes. Baron has had ‘the pleasure’ of being served in a variety of outfits by people from fourteen different nations (he asked), if he stayed longer, perhaps the list would have grown to include virtually every ethnic tribe of the universe. Unbelievable that.

  26. Baron

    Agree with all your posts (22:22 et seq.)

    As for the London trip, I admire your pluck. My general rule these days is not to penetrate the M25 circle. Inside that there be dragons. And if I want to meet feisty furriners there’s always the Prezzo at Kings Lynn, which is amost entirely staffed by fit young Polish girls, who are efficient, friendly and attentive to patrons who pay by debit card, but tip in readies.
    And Mrs P is keen on their lasagne. Sadly their Merlot is diluted, but perhaps that’s a good thing in my case. 🙂


    Mike Cernovich’s disclosure, mentioned by me yesterday at 8:27, that Comey had been holding back evidence that globalist shill and National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster had passed classified information to the Bilderberger, David Petraeus, seems this morning to have become part of a more general focus of the media on McMaster’s vulnerability. One suggested remedy is that the National Security Advisor be given one more star and then be told to bugger off.

    This solution however would be to overlook the felony which appears to be at the heart of Cernovich’s story, and other felonies which remain unprosecuted.

    Comey may prove to have been the single log whose removal has now unblocked the jam leading downriver out of the swamp, if an FBI with integrity joins a Department of Justice to which principle, determination and freedom of action have been restored.


  28. UKIP standing down in North Norfolk in favour of Conservative against Lib Dem : and in Luton North in favour of standing Labour candidate ( putting country first ) .

  29. Radford NG 07.21; apropos Baron 22.52 and Frank P 01.31

    Was there a GE in recent memory which was less interesting than the present one; and less likely to address the real elephant in the room?

  30. It looks like TM couldn’t have written a more ‘helpful’ Labour manifesto, if given the chance 🙂

  31. Noa (07:46)

    Not in my lifetime, old friend.

    Anybody seen any trace of Colonel M?

  32. “SteynPost #15: Tomorrow by the Numbers”
    Mark Steyn

    What some of us have been saying for some years now: the ole demongraphics will do for us all.

    Time to spark up a Hamlet?

    A short history by William Rushton

  33. Noa – 07:46

    Isn’t Clean Brexit the Elephant Gun that is needed before we address the problem of the elephant? Having Continentals overseeing us has been very detrimental to the entrepreneurial spirit as well as encouraging the opposite behaviour.

    The question is whether TM will (be able to 🙂 ) deliver that, considering the resistance from nearly every quarter.

    The French appear to have resorted to their cheese eating mode, though I think the niece could do with a break, and Angela has seen her support grow, even though it was from a low point.

    Things are happening, though I can I see time is passing very quickly. At least with Trump, the EU will not have such a reliable ‘source of inspiration’. I can’t see the elephant becoming any more domesticated and I am sure news from Europe will help us. I think the BBC needs some ‘assistence’: more of the right sort of news might tip the balance. 🙂

    Slowly, slowly, catchy monkey – and the elephant has been the expert in that strategy.

  34. Robert Retyred. May 11th, 2017 – 13:22

    Really? ‘Brexit means Brexit’. TM had previously told us.
    Not putting at hazard the binding promise of her predecessor to implement the will of the British people. Of course the only thing binding DM, other than Immodium, was, and remains, a selfless devotion to himself.
    AS the link to Mark Steyn’s post at EC’s of 13.18 exemplifies time is fast running out for Europe.

    Tick tock, 6,000, tick tock, 6,000, tick tock….

  35. Wallsters!
    Still planning your June holidays?
    Have you given any thought to Tel Aviv?
    But, what will you pack to wear?'s-first-bisexuality-themed-LGBT-pride-parade.aspx

  36. The demand by Herr Juncker that our country pay the globalists in Brussels €100B for a Get Out of Jail Free card offers me a chance to respond with an expression in Irish that I learned a few days ago and which I hope Her Majesty’s government will adopt and employ if the demand is raised in the course of discussions with the European cabal on matters arising from Article 50:

    póg mo thóin!

  37. Now back to Director Coates … according to him, the ‘Intel Community’ have ‘gotten our back’. Mind you – he broadly agrees with Mark Steyn’s demographical prognostications.

    For which, thanks EC, for passing on the news of our inexorable extinction by the next fin de siecle. Bet like me you’re glad we won’t be around to see it. 🙂

  38. Sri – Director Dan Coats.

  39. ‘The English Language in 67 Accents & Random Voices ‘

    Alright, a break from things political: Here the accent is on accents

    Quite a few missing: Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk, Cornshire,,,

  40. Noa – 14:49

    DM … himself ?????

    MS is correct, especially about Europe: Britain may, hopefully, lag a little. It may be our only advantage, though, given that we don’t hear what is happening in Sweden, even that may be not far from worthless.

    However, I don’t think it is the main problem. I prescribe to the notion that a body, human or otherwise, always has threats loitering near by: it is only when the body’s defences are down do the threats nudge closer and, eventually, invade, because they know the reward outweighs the risk involved.

    We haven’t had that resilience since WWII. In fact, if we had had it before WWII, we might not have needed WWII. It is why sovereign countries last so long: responsibility forced by cause and effect. And I think there is more short term risk from those outside No10 than within it. I may be wrong, but what else do you suggest? And I don’t see the Continentals wanting us back now if we changed our minds. We might have had a reluctant Remainer in No 10, but at least she is not a Macron.

    I look to the complete insanity of the US universities (where children are encouraged to stay as children, regress even, with their safe spaces, in exchange for loads of parental dosh) the media’s reaction to Venezuela (where every excuse is mentioned, except Socialism), Climate Change is still being evangelised (by so called Scientists and professors 🙂 ), and the sexualisation of children is just so right on. We pay people to propagate this evil:
    Doctors and social workers need to stop condoning sex with children

    Every victim is a ruined soul that will find it difficult to cope with a normal life, let alone enabling others or providing wealth so that they may have independent thought or give to others so they may recover. And I am only talking about those who have studied any flavour of the Marxism claptrap[ and has a graduate debt that will never be paid back!

  41. We are not alone 🙂 :
    Top US regulator threatens Europe with a financial trade war if EU tries to cripple Britain over Brexit

    What was mentioned on local radio today (there was an assortment of voters in the studio) was that the 48% have fragmented and most are for Brexit, probably having seen how the EU have responded, so most want to ‘just get on with Brexit’, to get away from the dysfunctionality of it all.

    Given that there is agreement that a halfway house is worse than in or out, and that the recent Government are seeing the EU are being so unreasonable, I think the worry is, ‘will there be an EU with whom to make an agreement?’

  42. RobertRetyred 16:57

    Apologies; DM should be ‘Pikey’ David Cameron.

    As to the existential threat to European civilisation, I have, reluctantly, come to the conclusion that we have now passed the point of no return. The defence of Europe cannot and will not be taken by the ruling liberal political elite and a disarmed, cowed and guilt induced populace will march with little complaint into the concentration camps and seraglios of our dystopian Islamic future.

  43. Noa – 17:32

    Thanks. I agree, it will need a change of aspiration to save Europe, by the Continentals, of course. I think the British might yet save themselves, though it won’t be very nice or clean, or certain, and it won’t be the same, whatever happens. PM, Mac, was correct, ‘You’ve never had it so good’: prosperity, local safety and hope for a better future.

    I saw Macron’s victory being described, in a headline, something like, ‘French double down on defeat’. That is so true: I think that may be why the niece might have ‘taken a rest’.

    Speaking of which, we haven’t heard from the naughty niece for some time.

  44. Noa – 17:32 /cont …

    I see some criticizing NF for ‘abandoning UKIP’, but there is much truth that he helped Trump to victory. It might not have been much, but it is likely that it was that critical bit that made everything else work, as sometimes happens.

    And without the Trump victory, the headline above wouldn’t have happened, if HRC was in power.

  45. This is the main US Breitbart lead today:

    “The BBC has made a drama about girls affected by Muslim rape gangs – with no mention of Islam in press releases or the trailer, the writer claiming “there was no religious basis for this”.
    Three Girls, which will be aired 16 May on BBC One, tells the story of three children from Rochdale targeted by a gang of Pakistani and Afghani origin Muslims between 2005 and 2008.

    The case resulted in the 2012 conviction of the nine men for serious sexual offences, including rape and human trafficking, inflicted on girls as young as 13.

    “The drama will look at the way in which these girls were groomed, how they were ignored by the authorities directly responsible for protecting them, and how they eventually made themselves heard,” the BBC explained in a statement.

    Speaking to The Guardian, the series writer Nicole Taylor, insisted: “There was no religious basis for this, but a wider discussion about why this was, and is, a distinct pattern would be welcome.”

    She said she “didn’t want to give these people [the English Defence League] an opportunity”, by telling the story, adding: “But that’s not a reason to do the drama.”

    However, sentencing the men at the time, Judge Gerald Clifton bluntly disagreed, clearly stating that religion was a factor in the case and part of what motivated the men to treat the girls as they did.

    He said the men treated the girls “as though they were worthless and beyond respect”.

    “One of the factors leading to that was the fact that they were not part of your community or religion.”

    (The men jailed in 2012. Top – Abdul Qayyum, Hamid Safi, Kabeer Hassan, Abdul Rauf. Bottom – Abdul Aziz, Mohammed Amin, Adil Khan, Mohammed )

    The BBC insisted they had done extensive research and worked with victims to tell the true story as accurately as possible.

    Charlotte Moore, the Controller of BBC TV Channels and iPlayer, commented: “BBC One has the ability to tell challenging and timely stories of national significance.

    “The team behind the award-winning Five Daughters have spent three years talking to the girls, unravelling the shocking scale of abuse, the horror of what they’ve been through and the enormous courage it’s taken for them to speak out.”

    Writer Ms. Taylor added: “Whatever I thought I knew about what had happened in Rochdale, I knew nothing until I met the girls and their families.

    “Listening to them was the beginning of understanding – not just of the terrible suffering they experienced, but of the courage it took to persist and persist over years, in telling authorities who didn’t want to know, and ultimately participate in the court proceedings that brought justice.”

  46. Douglas Murray played a blinder on This Week tonight, whilst outnumbered 2.5 to 1 (Portillo half-agreed with him). Sadly Murray did not produce the African migration graph used by Mark Steyn in his monologue today. Brillo showed his true colours as a muliticulty fan and a globalist.

  47. Marshal Roberts : 11 May ; 21-00.

    `Three Girls` ; BBC TV.

    Here is the Guardians take on this. (See below for the EDL answer).

  48. ABOVE.

    `Three Girls` ; BBC and the Guardian.

    Here is the response from the English Defence League. dont-mention-the-m-word/

  49. I’ve seen it written, somewhere:

    The Democrats think that President Trump sacking Comey was completely out of order. Comey should have been sacked by President Hillary Clinton. 🙂

  50. Gideon’s personal account if his encounter with the moped muggers.
    As the commentators demonstrate, you’d have to have a heart of stone not to laugh.

  51. Boot telling the truth about the Tories, as if we Wallsters didn’t know already.

  52. Noa – 11:01

    True, we know it already.

    And those in Venezuela know it even more, even if they don’t know that they know.

  53. Mrs. Frank P, and I quote:

    “Trump made his money before he became a politician, when most of his opponents made their money after becoming politicians, by trading their political office and infuence for money. Trump made a fortune by erecting tall buildings all over the world. He loves tall things. Except when they come in the shape of 6’8″ of flesh and blood, with the label ‘James Comey Director of FBI’. Because:

    (a) whenever they appeared together, comey made him look like a 5’6″ used car salesman, and

    (b) he’s a grandstander and attention seeker! (Only room for one of those in the Trump administration)”

    As Rex Harrison would put it, “By Jove, I think she’s got it!”

    My only gripe is that Trump should have shit-canned him on January 22nd.

  54. Then there’s this:

    I suspect it’s an attempt at satire. But these days, ya never know.

    h/t America Digest.

  55. Update you Malware and virus protection, folks. The cybersphere is riddled with mischief. Any tip from the Wallster techies?

  56. Oh Dear ! What to do !?

    Whether to vote for UKIP…..or Elvis and The Yeti Himalayan Preservation Party ?

    So much choice !

  57. A paradoxical glimmer of goodness in a bad, bad world:

  58. Radford NG (05:38)

    How ’bout “None of the above!”

    Or just staying at home in droves?

  59. Then there’s this:

    Looks like “twisted sifter” deserves a bookmark. A veritable corncopia of quirky glimpses of “This Wonderful World.” [I’m there are, among the dwindling and stubborn Wallsters, a couple who still remember John Grierson? Trouble is, he too was part of agitprop. No escape?]

  60. When the next asteroid hits us and all the computers pack up that will be it then because nobody seems to know what to do when the computers go down.

  61. It’s a completely dfferent world predicated on the delusion that we ‘won’ the Cold war.

  62. Just bought Douglas Murray’s book in Waterstones in Colchester and was told it’s one of their best sellers, a new delivery coming in on Monday and the price was as good as Amazon .

  63. Frank P @ 14:29

    Not even his dexterity with the words can hide the asininity of his argument, Frank.

    Both the Dems, more importantly the Clinton woman and the Donald and their teams have had dealings in Russia, Baron reckons the FBI investigation is taking so long because some within the FBI (those appointed by the hon Muslim mostly) would like to nail just the current Potus, others are sticking to the Constitution, would like to do Full Monty of the swamp, the sacking of Comey should in no way disrupt the investigation, why should it, it’s not Comey who’s been conducting it, merely chairing its cause, acting as a spokesman for the process.

    If the Donald gets pushed out it will have FA to do with truth, it will only be the result of either one or the other ‘mafia’ clan clobbering the other, to expect anything else is childishly naive.

  64. Radford NG 0538

    Paul Andrew Nuttall is very sadly a pale shadow of his predecessor.
    Seems to me that this election is about personalities. Farron is quite clearly deranged. Corbyn is sincere but misguided. Only Ms May has the necessary steel to see us through.

  65. @Radford NG 10th – 05:32

    “And I seem to recall that the Viet-Cong were referred to as the NLF in the English speaking world.”

    Seems to have been everywhere; in Aden, well South Yemen as it was at the time, there was also an NLF who completed with the ‘Front for the liberation of South Yemen (FLOSY). And when FLOSY got into government, under Soviet tutelage they renamed it the ‘Peoples’ Republic of South Yemen’. So FLOSY morphed into a PROSY. They couldn’t see what we Brits found funny about that. 🙂


    ‘ “Fifty years ago, the streets of Leningrad taught me one thing: If a fight is inevitable, you must strike first.” Vladimir Putin

    In George Orwell’s 1949 dystopian novel, 1984, information that no longer is consistent with Big Brother’s explanations is chucked down the Memory Hole. In the real American dystopia in which we currently live, the information is never reported at all.

    On April 26 – 16 days ago – Lt. Gen. Viktor Poznihir, Deputy Chief of the Main Operations Directorate of the Russian Armed Forces, stated at the Moscow International Security Conference that the Operations Command of the Russian General Staff has concluded that Washington is preparing a nuclear first strike on Russia.’

  67. Max Boot
    Historian, Foreign Policy Analyst, and New World Order Shill

    Reflects on his desertion of the party of Lincoln for the party of the Clinton-Bush Crime Gang and the Ku Klux Klan:

    ”If the controversy over the firing of James Comey, the F.B.I. director, has done anything, it has confirmed my decision on Nov. 9 to leave the Republican Party after a lifetime as a loyal member.
    The Republican Party was once the party of small government, free trade, traditional values, principled foreign policy leadership and, most important of all, adherence to the Constitution. Republicans spent decades fulminating against activist judges like Earl Warren and activist politicians like Barack Obama, claiming they were undermining the founders’ vision of limited government.
    And then, the party sold its soul to the soulless charlatan who now occupies the Oval Office and makes a mockery of every one of the party’s principles…..”

  68. Frank P @ 00:46

    You mean like he was on something illegal, Frank?

    Fred on the silicone girls on offer, their growing charms, as a replacement for real female bodies entertains the simpletons like Baron well, Frank, it also furnishes a glimpse of a future he thinks is coming as a result of the PC wimins’ hatred of the opposite sex.

    Why is he singling out the Scots, albeit in a peripheral sort of way, puzzles. “This gives women great power as they are the only sexual outlet men have, except in Scotland’, he says somewhere near the end when those living the lands of Allah would be more appropriate to be aimed at, there are more goats there, Allah says it’s OK, the worshippers are famous for it.

    The only thing with his prediction of the future is that it won’t come about (and not only because as the old Chinese said, the barbarian keeps boring you with it ‘man can predict everything but the future’). It won’t happen because there still remain women who go for the old, often uncertain, seldom perfect relationship where real body warmth rather than that of the silica counts. That true relationship that ensures we survive as species will take over again for the majority of men and women after the contemporary fad of PC wiminism loses its power base, as it must.

    Real life has always trumped any imbecility man have come up with.

  69. John birch @ 08:03

    A revealing tale that has been told many time,s understood by the unwashed for centuries, totally ignored by the current political elites, John, but so well told.

    Sultan couldn’t be more right when he says “empowering Abdul does not diminish his grievances …” Far from it, it only boosts his desire for more, and why not, the Koran says the creed has to take over the world.

  70. Malfleur @ 05:16

    “And then, the party sold its soul to the soulless charlatan who now occupies the Oval Office and makes a mockery of every one of the party’s principles…..”, says the historian, foreign policy analyst, and new world order shill (and the offspring of the man sharing with the followers of Allah the world’s top spot for intolerance).

    Well, could it be the charlatan got where he’s today because the masses have figured the GOP outfit (as well as the other institutionalised cosa nostra of the Dems), of which he’s been a member, has nothing to offer on the questions the masses want answers to?

    Btw, the barbarian must confess he hasn’t read the piece in full, just the bit you furnished, it was enough, no?

  71. A Cut & paste on Energy from the Suntater.

    Wind turbines are neither clean nor green and they provide zero global energy
    We urgently need to stop the ecological posturing and invest in gas and nuclear
    Matt Ridley

    Tantrum of the climate alarmists
    Brendan O’Neill
    The Global Wind Energy Council recently released its latest report, excitedly boasting that ‘the proliferation of wind energy into the global power market continues at a furious pace, after it was revealed that more than 54 gigawatts of clean renewable wind power was installed across the global market last year’.

    You may have got the impression from announcements like that, and from the obligatory pictures of wind turbines in any BBC story or airport advert about energy, that wind power is making a big contribution to world energy today. You would be wrong. Its contribution is still, after decades — nay centuries — of development, trivial to the point of irrelevance.
    Here’s a quiz; no conferring. To the nearest whole number, what percentage of the world’s energy consumption was supplied by wind power in 2014, the last year for which there are reliable figures? Was it 20 per cent, 10 per cent or 5 per cent? None of the above: it was 0 per cent. That is to say, to the nearest whole number, there is still no wind power on Earth.

    Matt Ridley and climate change campaigner Leo Murray debate the future of wind power:

    Even put together, wind and photovoltaic solar are supplying less than 1 per cent of global energy demand. From the International Energy Agency’s 2016 Key Renewables Trends, we can see that wind provided 0.46 per cent of global energy consumption in 2014, and solar and tide combined provided 0.35 per cent. Remember this is total energy, not just electricity, which is less than a fifth of all final energy, the rest being the solid, gaseous, and liquid fuels that do the heavy lifting for heat, transport and industry.

    Such numbers are not hard to find, but they don’t figure prominently in reports on energy derived from the unreliables lobby (solar and wind). Their trick is to hide behind the statement that close to 14 per cent of the world’s energy is renewable, with the implication that this is wind and solar. In fact the vast majority — three quarters — is biomass (mainly wood), and a very large part of that is ‘traditional biomass’; sticks and logs and dung burned by the poor in their homes to cook with. Those people need that energy, but they pay a big price in health problems caused by smoke inhalation.
    Even in rich countries playing with subsidised wind and solar, a huge slug of their renewable energy comes from wood and hydro, the reliable renewables. Meanwhile, world energy demand has been growing at about 2 per cent a year for nearly 40 years. Between 2013 and 2014, again using International Energy Agency data, it grew by just under 2,000 terawatt-hours.

    If wind turbines were to supply all of that growth but no more, how many would need to be built each year? The answer is nearly 350,000, since a two-megawatt turbine can produce about 0.005 terawatt-hours per annum. That’s one-and-a-half times as many as have been built in the world since governments started pouring consumer funds into this so-called industry in the early 2000s.

    At a density of, very roughly, 50 acres per megawatt, typical for wind farms, that many turbines would require a land area greater than the British Isles, including Ireland. Every year. If we kept this up for 50 years, we would have covered every square mile of a land area the size of Russia with wind farms. Remember, this would be just to fulfil the new demand for energy, not to displace the vast existing supply of energy from fossil fuels, which currently supply 80 per cent of global energy needs.

    Do not take refuge in the idea that wind turbines could become more efficient. There is a limit to how much energy you can extract from a moving fluid, the Betz limit, and wind turbines are already close to it. Their effectiveness (the load factor, to use the engineering term) is determined by the wind that is available, and that varies at its own sweet will from second to second, day to day, year to year.

    As machines, wind turbines are pretty good already; the problem is the wind resource itself, and we cannot change that. It’s a fluctuating stream of low–density energy. Mankind stopped using it for mission-critical transport and mechanical power long ago, for sound reasons. It’s just not very good.

    As for resource consumption and environmental impacts, the direct effects of wind turbines — killing birds and bats, sinking concrete foundations deep into wild lands — is bad enough. But out of sight and out of mind is the dirty pollution generated in Inner Mongolia by the mining of rare-earth metals for the magnets in the turbines. This generates toxic and radioactive waste on an epic scale, which is why the phrase ‘clean energy’ is such a sick joke and ministers should be ashamed every time it passes their lips.

    It gets worse. Wind turbines, apart from the fibreglass blades, are made mostly of steel, with concrete bases. They need about 200 times as much material per unit of capacity as a modern combined cycle gas turbine. Steel is made with coal, not just to provide the heat for smelting ore, but to supply the carbon in the alloy. Cement is also often made using coal. The machinery of ‘clean’ renewables is the output of the fossil fuel economy, and largely the coal economy.

    A two-megawatt wind turbine weighs about 250 tonnes, including the tower, nacelle, rotor and blades. Globally, it takes about half a tonne of coal to make a tonne of steel. Add another 25 tonnes of coal for making the cement and you’re talking 150 tonnes of coal per turbine. Now if we are to build 350,000 wind turbines a year (or a smaller number of bigger ones), just to keep up with increasing energy demand, that will require 50 million tonnes of coal a year. That’s about half the EU’s hard coal–mining output.

    Forgive me if you have heard this before, but I have a commercial interest in coal. Now it appears that the black stuff also gives me a commercial interest in ‘clean’, green wind power.

    The point of running through these numbers is to demonstrate that it is utterly futile, on a priori grounds, even to think that wind power can make any significant contribution to world energy supply, let alone to emissions reductions, without ruining the planet. As the late David MacKay pointed out years back, the arithmetic is against such unreliable renewables.

    The truth is, if you want to power civilisation with fewer greenhouse gas emissions, then you should focus on shifting power generation, heat and transport to natural gas, the economically recoverable reserves of which — thanks to horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing — are much more abundant than we dreamed they ever could be. It is also the lowest-emitting of the fossil fuels, so the emissions intensity of our wealth creation can actually fall while our wealth continues to increase. Good.

    And let’s put some of that burgeoning wealth in nuclear, fission and fusion, so that it can take over from gas in the second half of this century. That is an engineerable, clean future. Everything else is a political displacement activity, one that is actually counterproductive as a climate policy and, worst of all, shamefully robs the poor to make the rich even richer.
    Matt Ridley discusses wind power


    The FBI has something like 35,000-36,000 agents. Thomas Jefferson or Andrew Jackson did not seem to require such a band of happy warriors. The first Director of this outfit was a blackmailer and perhaps set the tone.

    Reading the Financial Times Weekend edition today, with an airline’s sick bag close to hand, I read that the recent global cyberhack with ransomware was carried out with malware purloined from the National Security Agency! The NSA is apparently watching what everyone is getting up and storing it in computer compounds the size of a city – effective except when persons are coming through their own back door and stealing the family jewels….

    As for the CIA and the other how-many–is-it?-16 different “security” agencies
    of the United States – don’t get me started! Let me just ask you to step back two or three decades and contemplate the days, now fortunately long vanished, when the Chinese People’s Liberation Army was involved in such a range of businesses throughout the economy, criminal and conventional, that the Party finally became concerned, after the PLA had been thrashed by their Vietnamese comrades after unwisely invading their country, whether their armed forces were capable of military action of any effectiveness.

    Here is Ron Paul asking if the FBI, and by extension the proliferation of proto-military busybodies are really consistent with principle:

    I hope we have reformed that indifferently with us, sir.
    O, reform it altogether!

  73. Hello, You may all have seen this interesting website, especially good for all things Trump, if not details below.

    The Last Refuge Rag Tag Bunch of Conservative Misfits

    Some who are fed up with Fox, say OAN a good alternative (think O’Reilly going there) One American News Network


  74. Noa – 10:26

    Our wonderful self-serving politicians have been kicking the inevitable (i.e. nuclear power) into the long grass for decades.

    btw. I enjoyed your recent bit of devilment 🙂

  75. Baron (00:46)

    “Why is he singling out the Scots?”

    Perhaps he failed to include Wales on his UK sojourn, an understandable omission? 🙂

  76. … a for your optimism about the procreative urge. Mark Steyn’s two-line graph paints a more pessimistic picture for the future of infidels.

  77. … they tell me the dinosaurs were a jolly lot, before the meteor hit, too.

  78. Brussels still doesn’t get it, and nor do the Remainers:
    Oxbridge academic admits EU agents are helping Remainers to SABOTAGE Brexit
    THE Oxbridge academic who is leading a ‘Brexit resistance’ movement has admitted that members of the European Parliament are helping his movement.

    At what point will they be declared traitors and the EU deemed so untrustworthy and vile that negotiations will be abandoned in favour of a simple exit?

    Right from Heath giving away our fishing grounds, if not before, we have been screwed.

    Hannan has said that that the worst thing about the EU is not any particular policy but their inability to keep promises and abide by their own laws.

  79. Neither do our so called Child Protection Agencies:
    Rotherham Child Rape Victim: ‘Authorities Did Nothing’, Was Told Not to Mention Ethnicity of Attackers

  80. Who in their right mind would go to this university when there is the prospect of “Mandatory diversity training for all incoming students”:
    Mandatory diversity training for all incoming students

  81. A brilliant and impeccable legal analysis by a top prosecutor as to why there can be no special prosecutor appointed to deal with the ‘collusion with Russia in the 2016 election”.

  82. “Get your Willy out, Your Royal Highness!”

    Heh, heh, heh. Perhaps I should hand-deliver a copy of Mr Boot’s congratulatory essay to Anmer Hall. Seems the heir of the heir could do with a hand job, or at least the hair of the dog that bit him after celebrating the award.

  83. … should that be heir TO the heir? Wouldn’t want to incur a demerit from Prof. Boot … 🙂

  84. Andy CarPark

    You are DrRandomercam, and hereby I claim my £5.

  85. Mr Boot can say what he likes about faith and intuition trumping empiricism, scientific method, and Dawkins’ defective intellect, but somehow I don’t see the Prof. trying this one…

    File under: Croc, Pasta, Chips

  86. EC (13:43)

    Can’t blame the crocs for spitting out the sandals and underpants. Apart from the undoubted toxity of both, they could well have tangled in the teeth. 🙂

  87. Don’t miss Ol’ Remus’s Woodpile Report No.477.

    It gets better each time. Be sure to click on the linking arrows, but the picture and preamble are the cherry on the cake.

  88. EC – 13:43

    I used to wonder why Jesus chose Israel in which to appear: in spite of the violence of man against man, at least there were no crocodiles!

  89. John Derbyshire follows through on the ‘World’s most important graph’ drawn up by Steve Sailer and cited by Mark Steyn:

    The word, it spreads. But those with their grimy, treasonous hands on the levers of power, seem only interested in spreading the word of the prophet. And profiting from power. Bastards!

  90. The Brady ghoul is dead.

  91. What’s the sudden interest in dolls for grown men – first Fred on Everything; now Alex Boot. WTF?

  92. ‘The play’s the thing wherein I’ll catch the conscience of the King.’

    A perceptive Peter Hitchens on the Monarchy and the future monarch.

  93. Frank P
    May 15th, 2017 – 22:52

    The Brady ghoul is dead.

    May he fry.

    For an eternity.

  94. Frank P – 22:52

    They should’ve waterboarded the bastard decades ago in order to extract the information while he still compos mentis. Waterboarding is probably the only way a certain high profile child “abduction” mystery will get resolved, either way, too.

  95. Noa @ 02:01

    More than musings of interest, Noa, thanks for posting it, the barbarian has dropped Peter from his daily visits (too many there are, too little time to manage them all), the ending echoes the take on things by some here, too:

    “It is only the last trailing wisps and rags of majesty, like those ancient transparent battle-flags you find in cathedrals, left over from the imperial age and still clinging to crown and throne, which remind us of what a serious monarchy was once like. They symbolise a country which sees in its own revered monarch (regardless of his or her character)  a living symbol of its sovereignty over itself, a free self-governing people with no other overlord, except God. They will soon be in a museum, where almost everyone except me thinks they belong”.

    The barbarian cannot feel the same, he wasn’t born here, in visiting churches, many of which display the remnants of your past of glory he often tries to imagine what is it someone connected with the days of yore feels or think – sadness, rage, resignation?

  96. Frank P @ 20:47

    The graph should more than frighten, Frank, but it’s a graph, it utilises the current trend in place, follows ‘the trend is one’s friend’ trajectory, but things do change, will change in the future, too, for as the old Chinese say ‘man can …(blah, blah, blah).

    You reckon not then?

  97. EC
    May 16th, 2017 – 09:02
    There is a blessing in his death on the day that Corbyn launches its manifesto which will also justifiably be buried.

  98. EC @ 13:43

    Will you explain, EC, what it’s all about?

    The one story that intrigues is that of the pensioner encouraging his girlfriend to perform bonking with three dogs, but where’s the croc?

  99. Frank P – 23:05

    It’s a crazy wurld! We now have a young French President who is apparently married to his nan, a POTUS who is married to a woman who looks half his age and, in the androgynous dystopia that awaits just around the corner, one day there may well be a 100% silicone FLOTUS!

    I must admit that I was a bit bemused as to why Mr. Boot felt compelled to share his musings on this, but he must have his reasons and us lesser mortals should not question why. However, if he’s looking for his ideal partner then he need look no further than his shaving mirror

    I think that the “Real Doll” company are missing a real trick here. They should knock out a few facsimiles of Melania, as Ted Cruz, The Newt and BJC would, I’m sure, be amongst the first customers.

  100. Frank P – 23:05

    It’s a crazy mixed up wurld! We now have a young French President who is apparently married to his nan, a POTUS who is married to a woman who looks half his age and, in the androgynous dystopia that awaits just around the corner, one day there may well be a 100% silicone FLOTUS!

    I must admit that I was a bit bemused as to why Mr. Boot felt compelled to share his musings on this, but he must have his reasons and us lesser mortals should not question why. However, if he’s looking for his ideal partner then he need look no further than his shaving mirror

    I think that the “Real Doll” company are missing a real trick here. They should knock out a few facsimiles of Melania, as Ted Cruz, The Newt and BJC would, I’m sure, be amongst the first customers.

  101. Baron – 08:59

    In a sane world there would be more merit in investigating the Seth Rich whacking than in Trumpski-gate.

  102. Baron – 09:31

    The ephemeral nature of the internet!

    The Metro is a tabloid rag distributed FREE to the poor bastards that have commute by rail on a daily basis. The link was removed as it was very, very fake news as opposed to the bog standard variety that they usually peddle.

    The paraphrase an old adage, “Today’s (fake news) links are tomorrow’s cyber chip wrappers!”

  103. Here’s a real newspaper article:

    “PREDICTION: Barring some sort of unforeseen health drama, there is a 99 per cent chance Donald Trump will serve out his first term of office. “Not every scandal is a magic bullet, and the hysteria is helping Trump”
    James Morrow

  104. Baron 09.08

    “The barbarian cannot feel the same, he wasn’t born here, in visiting churches, many of which display the remnants of your past of glory he often tries to imagine what is it someone connected with the days of yore feels or think – sadness, rage, resignation?”

    A good question, Baron. Something of those emotions certainly; sadness at what is passed and what might have been. Rage? Britain was touched and murderously divided by the reformation, but still not as brutally as continental Europe and as Hitchens notes, the forms of catholicism were retained whilst the protestantism was enforced. Just as the modern quasi-religious doctrines of multiculturalism and benefits of mass immigration are no less ruthlessly embedded into a despairing populace.

    Dissidents beware or suffer a fate the modern equivalent of St Margaret of Clitheroe; no longer literally execution by pressing, death today is longer and more painful, being trail by a politically correct press. Is that where resignation comes in?
    Should you ever visit the North West hopefully you might find time to visit the ancient and tiny church of St Saviour in Ribchester, a place of sanctuary and repose, it yet encapsulates all the range of the above emotions.

  105. East London borough child deaths due to related parents

  106. Nigel sticks it up JC Druncker!

    Amen to that.

  107. From the Lancashire Police Facebook page.
    Yesterday at 14:20 ·
    Detectives have launched an investigation after a report of sexual assault in Blackburn.
    Police were called on Sunday (May 14) following an incident close to Hall Street.
    Around 1.25pm, a 15-year-old girl had been walking on the canal path between Highfield Road bridge and the canal lock on Bolton Road close to The Raj Restaurant.
    A man approached her and as the pair walked under the bridge she was sexually assaulted. The victim fought with the man and the offender made off from the scene.
    The suspect is described as an Asian male, aged 17 to 19-years-old, 5ft 3in tall, of slim build with facial stubble. He was wearing large, square glasses, a large gold watch, a black hooded top, blue pants and black trainers.
    He was also walking with a limp.
    Police are appealing for information and are keen to speak to anyone who witnessed the incident or helped the victim after the attack.
    Det Con David Richardson, of Blackburn CID, said: “We have launched an investigation after a 15-year-old girl was sexually assaulted in Blackburn.
    “We believe the teenager was followed by a man who touched her inappropriately close to Highfield Road bridge.
    “While the victim fought the attacker off, we believe a number of people came to her assistance and we are keen to speak to these people.
    “Furthermore, a good description has been provided of the suspect. If you recognise this man or can assist with our enquiries, please call us immediately.”
    Anyone with information can contact police on (01254) 353563 quoting crime reference ED1707704.
    Alternatively independent charity Crimestoppers can be contacted anonymously on 0800 555 111 or online at

    How dare they identify the ethnic origins of the sexual prevert!!

  108. Frank P @ 01:56

    Well argued, Frank, except that he missed mentioning Putin, not once does his name feature in the piece, how come? He, he, he.

    One aspect of the communist evil he hasn’t touched on, namely it’s appeal to emotions which is what governs our decision making process today, has done for some time, add to it the perception that the current system hasn’t delivered, or at least has stalled delivering, the wealth creation has slowed down, wealth distribution got skewed towards the few, and voila, the communist ideas have resurfaced to be listen to again.

    The political elites are faced with a task for which they don’t appear to have an answer, how to restart the engine of growth, and how to share the outcome more evenly.

    In Baron’s humble view, we’ve taken the wrong turning what with adopting some of the features of the communist doctrine already, the minimum wage, the welfare state in its current form, the top down approach to economic management (how could a Government create jobs – except in the non-wealth creating public sector – it can only create conditions in which private capital can create employment.

  109. Noa @ 16:31

    It’s Blackburn, Noa, the North, the PC malady may have not yet taken over fully, give it time, someone is bound to notice, those who released the ethnicity profile may yet apologise, take it back, lose their jobs.

  110. EC @ 14:50

    Good on Nigel, EC, and thanks for posting it, it cheered the barbarian up, one needs an injection of straight talking, there’s too much bleating around.

    Why should only Britain have financial obligations after leaving the club, surely there must have been projects we helped to fund, projects that are still delivering, shouldn’t we get a part of such spoils after the divorce?

    It’s a pity Nigel hasn’t put in a sentence or two about the legitimacy of this unelected gargoyle, contrasting it with May’s elected status (hopefully endorsed to the full in June), that would have shut the ghastly bureaucrat up.

  111. John birch @ 20:58

    You’re forgetting, John, that we live in a progressive, enlightened, rainbow country now, facts don’t, can never trump ‘uman rites’ of our ethnic friends, that would not do, the unfortunate parents must be allowed to follow the old habits of their cultural inheritance whatever the consequences.

  112. Noa – 16:31

    Could have been Chinese.

    ‘blue pants’ what no trousers!
    ‘He was also walking with a limp.’ a limp what?

  113. Something else to cheer you up:
    When Clegg told people to accept the referendum result and “move on”

  114. Noa @ 13:35

    It’s not a promise, Noa, the visiting is mostly made up of gardens, but if we pass near by, the barbarian will go and see it.

    Could you imagine that in the next millennium there will be the equivalent of the Stydd Chapel people will visit? The Dome, an Olympic stadium, any structure around it, the London Gherkin? Hmmm

  115. RobertRetyred @ 18:01

    Whatever one may think about the man, Robert, he’s politically charmingly astute, he’s figured (rightly) Brexit’s a done thing, there’s no going back, he must adjust to survive as a political hack, and he will.

  116. EC @ 10:00

    Thanks for responding, EC.

  117. Frank P @ 20:34

    So simple and so effective, Frank, it’s already filed for future reference even though the barbarian must confess that when it comes to DIY his dexterity’s just marginally above a blind, drugged, brainless monkey that passed away, but is not yet fully decomposed.

    His top do-it-yourself job was many decades ago making a pair of huge speakers for his hi-fi set-up, the bought in woofers and tweeters and whatever cost a fortune, the box he was putting together not only looked contorted and warped, it fell apart when he ran the contraption at full blast. He has’t tried anything that ambitious ever since.

  118. EC @ 10:05

    The Donald may be incoherent, clownish, unpredictable, EC, but he isn’t dong that badly in the eyes of the punters.

  119. EC @ 09:46

    It may also be, EC, that men bombarded with accusations of sexism, misogyny and the like have given up trying to approach the gentler sex, establish a relationship, bed the desire of their love (or just lust), opted instead for a silicon replica that’s safe, looks perfect, is as yet unhindered with PC.

  120. Robert Ret’d

    There’s a chink in your argument RR. There aren’t many Chinese in Blackburn, not compared with the the regrettably racist term ‘Asian’ which is not usually the encoded identifier for Indian Sub continentals.

    “In Blackburn with Darwen almost 70% of the population was white. The proportion of the population who are BME, at 31%, was by far the highest in the Lancashire-14 area. The rate was three times greater than for Lancashire-14 and regional averages. Almost 45,500 people in Blackburn with Darwen were in the BME category.”

    Of course LCC’s figures are almost certainly a gross under estimate. Where are the proportion of our 1.1 million illegal ‘migrants’ catered for?

  121. Baron 18.31

    Of course, if we can’t make it with the silica gel, there’s always the Mano a Mano option. As Kenneth would say…

  122. “There is an anecdote about an Israeli driver who accidentally hits a sheep belonging to an Muslim. The driver gets out and offers to pay for the sheep. The Muslim refuses. The driver offers to pay for five sheep, for ten sheep. The Muslim still refuses. “What do you want?” the frustrated driver asks. “I want that sheep,” the Muslim says, pointing to the dead sheep. That is the Nakba in a nutshell. The Muslims don’t want to negotiate an agreement like adults. They want the dead sheep that represents their dreams of a united Arab Muslim empire ruling over the region. And the wars will go on until they finally learn that they can’t have it back.”

  123. Remarkably, as a convicted murderer points out possibly 95% of prisoners favour the death penalty. About 18 minutes into the debate.

  124. Baron. 18.03

    A visit to the chapel at Stydd can be combined with a garden visit and a delightful cream tea.

  125. Just like the gardens at Stydd the EU will make the desert bloom – and having seen Mark Steyn’s very own ‘hockey stick’, by doing so halt African migration.

    “German Minister of the Interior, Thomas de Maizière, is calling for the deployment of an EU border protection mission along Libya’s border with Niger. Because, so far, efforts to seal the border have not had the desired results, further steps must be taken and “fact-finding missions” should be dispatched to the Libyan-Nigerien desert, de Maizière and his Italian counterpart wrote last week in a letter addressed to the EU Commission. By exerting political pressure and offering training programs, Berlin and Brussels had – successfully – induced the Nigerien repressive organs to intervene against undesirable migrants. However, as was to have been expected, the migrants are now taking alternative – and much more dangerous – routes. According to local human rights groups, this is a direct consequence of European pressure leading to a significant rise in the number of deaths along the transit route through the Sahara. Observers report that the EU is proposing agricultural projects to the impoverished town of Agadez, situated in the middle of the desert – an absurd substitution for its loss of income through the lucrative migration business.”
    Full story

  126. On the subject of the seduction of beautiful women.

    “I believe that all my problems with Angela Merkel started when it was reported that I had called her ‘an unf**kable lard arse’…” – Silvio Berlusconi

  127. The NHS’s having a digital hiccup, in North Korea, the deluded sanity challenged wanker continues to play with fireworks ignoring the might of the American war machine, the Micron man seems ready to replicate the hon Muslim’s cure in France, the country will soon ‘hope’ for a ‘change’ in five years (or sooner). Enough warts troubling barbarian to fill a bucket with, does he need another one, closer to home?

    ‘I’ll give it half an hour’ he says to himself, then extends the time to an hour, followed by ninety minutes, the full length of a football match, finally to ‘until the darkness sets in’. Still no success, the little blighters won’t appear even though before the stake-out (with a probability of a kill, or so Baron hoped) they were everywhere, the garden was full of them, there must be at least three generations of the creatures, the small ones are no bigger than a freshly hatched chickens, the matriarch as big as a goose, well almost the size of a smallish goose.

    Not that Baron’s personally worried about the boost in their numbers this year, the boss is, and that matters, they keep nibbling at every plant, as the weather improved, (if a few hours of sunshine in the last weeks or so could be called that) the plants began to flower or at least showing signs that they haven’t fully given up, the damage is everywhere, the rabbits seem to be tasting the different flowers – some ‘not that cheap’, some ‘rare’ says the boss – without actually consuming them, that angers the one who runs the gardening show, the anger gets re-directed towards Baron, no way out but to kill the little bastards.

    That’s what the job was all about, the barbarian has camouflaged himself in a car, the rabbits are used to the vehicle, often play around it, the idea to conceal himself in it was sound except that, like communism, in real life it didn’t work, the rabbits would not come out, it seems they could smell the close presence of a human being, (of Baron rather).

    What’s the purpose of rabbits anyway, the idea behind their being here, why did either Nature or Him bother creating them? In the food chain for other mammals, the carnivorous ones, they cannot rank very high, not much protein on them (as Baron found out having baked one few weeks before), they’re a nuisance for the gardeners, they do little except for chewing grass, nibbling flowers, leaving droppings all over the place and, of course, bonking 24/7, in Australia they’ve almost taken over the whole continent, they may do so also in Suffolk unless the barbarian puts a stop to it.

    Tomorrow’s the day.

    The alarm clock is it for 4.30, the car has been positioned with an excellent view over that part of the garden they favour, the airgun, the old trusted 4-10 are ready, it will be a slaughter this part of Suffolk hasn’t witnessed for centuries. You will be told of the outcome.

  128. Baron – 20:53

    4:30am??? Take great care, Baron!

  129. Baron – 18:09
    He said it awhile ago 🙂

  130. Baron – 18:09
    He said it awhile ago 🙂

  131. Noa – 18:58

    I mistyped. It should have been:

    Could have been Chinese 🙂

  132. The appointment by the Deputy Attorney General of Robert Mueller as Special Counsel to the FBI Russian investigation seems to me to be a brilliant riposte by the White House to the snapping of the swamp creatures.

  133. The appointment of Meuller has been imposed on the White House, it’s no riposte. Trump’s enemies are consolidating as an old shark has returned to the swamp. Mueller and Comey are fist-in-glove, or peas from the same pod.

  134. You need to re-tqrget your weaponry Baron.

    German culture doesn’t exist, says the Integration Minister.

    Not for long anyway.

  135. Imposed on the White House by whom? – do tell? Goldstein?

  136. Before the announcement of Mueller’s appointment, the first hour of Jones’s Wednesday show lays out the battle plan of the deep state to destroy Trump, the American republic and the American people at:

  137. Lieutenant Colonel Tony Shaffer: “Trump needs to understand that the Deep State has declared war against his administration”.

    Hour 2 – Jones – Wednesday:

  138. Two cups of tea and the barbarian off, the mission of the year awaits, he’ll take care, worry not, EC.

  139. “The Trump Administration is full of traitors basically, not only to Trump, but to the United States.” Joel Skousen


  140. “Sheriff David Clarke Joins Trump’s Department of Homeland Security As Assistant Secretary
    Conservative superstar gets key role in fight against globalism”


    Video: Turkish President’s Bodyguards Attack Protesters During DC Visit
    DC police chief says “diplomatic immunity” could halt charges against Turkish security personnel

  142. Frank P – 00:40

    Whatever next, a quintuple dipping Bill Bratton as FBI Director?

  143. The German propensity for bullying seems to have resurrected itself, one would have thought they had learnt their lesson in 1945. once more it is England which is the target of their ire. Others on the continent of Europe are also following this trail. It is not about time the political class of this nation developed some back bone and pointed out to these people that Europe is the gift of England, their rights and freedoms were purchased for them with British blood, and the last continental to try imposing his will on us, ended up blowing his brains out in a Berlin cellar.

  144. Stephen, back to Godwin’s law.

    “…..their rights and freedoms were purchased for them with British blood, and the last continental to try imposing his will on us, ended up blowing his brains out in a Berlin cellar.”

  145. “An election is a sort of advance auction on the sale of stolen goods.”

    H L Mencken

  146. The China-US Arms Race: If One Arm is Right, the Other Will Be Left, No? | Fred On Everything

  147. Telling women not to drink during pregnancy ‘sexist’

  148. John birch.@ 17:16

    Interesting read, John, and thought provoking, too.

    The Mandarin speakers have two key advantages over the West, which is to say mostly the Republic: more people, and people who are hungrier than those living in the West. In a world where everything’s relative, the one contender for the hegemonic slot that’s even marginally better than the other on either criteria gets it.

    Russia is not, has never had a chance to reach a similar status, it has neither the people, nor are her people as hungry to create wealth as are those either in the Republic or in China. India may be the dark horse here, fewer people, but many very smart in fields that matter i.e. the digital segments of the economy.

    What Fred doesn’t mention is money, China runs huge foreign trade surpluses, the Republic’s deeply in debt, could have got away with it thanks to the greenback being a reserve currency. This state of affairs cannot last, there will come a point when countries other than the two colossi will adopt the Yuan as a primary reserve currency as readily as they do the dollar.

    Paradoxically, any reduction in the usage of oil could well be the point, the promise by the Saudis to price the ‘black gold’ in the US currency (in the 70s last century, in exchange for the US promise to sell the Saudis military gear, back it) is one of the key pillars of the dollar reserve status, even at $50 per barrel the world needs each year three trillion bucks to purchase it, that’s roughly 50% more than is Britain’s GDP, (it gives one an idea of the importance of the Saudi’s support for the dollar).

    Oil consumption is forecast to peak in the early 2020s, renewables are supposed to be the killer (this may be an optimistic scenario, but unless the deluded attachment to renewables – wind and solar mostly – is given up on (without subsidies neither wind turbines nor solar would stand a chance) the share of oil cum gas as a primary energy source must decline, and with it the role of the dollar as a reserve currency, Baron reckons.

  149. You recall Hungary’s Viktor Mihály Orbán standing up to the Brussels apparatchiks on immigration mostly, but also other issues, the barbarian saying the guy will get hit by the unelected elite running Europe? Here is the first salvo to bring him to heel:

  150. Noa @ 17:14

    Witty take on the ritual to which we all (well, most of us us) succumb, Noa. Pity the guy didn’t say how can one avoid the auction without suffering from its outcome.

  151. stephen maybery @ 15:16

    Very well said, stephen, top marks, but how can you even consider the current layer of our political leaders being capable standing up to the bullies?

  152. Malfleur @ 06:34

    The most revealing bit, Malfleur, is the unwillingness of the cops to arrest the thugs coming from the Embassy. Why is that?

    If only the demonstration were in front of the Russian Embassy, the thugs the Russian bodyguards, the prison cells would by now be full of them, the MSM raging with indignation linking it with the Donald, the McCains demanding Moscow to get nuked ….

    Strange world we live in, don’t you think?

  153. Malfleur @ 06:26

    Good man, he’ll be an asset in the DHS, Malfleur.

    Unfortunately, the concept of self protection of the kind the Americans enjoy is alien to law enforcement here, in the last week, in two towns nearby criminals broke into two shops, both jewellers, in one town they were successful, in the other failed.

    If the police catch them, there will be a court case, a slap on the wrist is the most likely outcome in the restorative rather then retributive justice environment, they very likely will do it again, they almost always do, recidivism runs high, in the absence of real punishment, one that hurts, what else could one expect?

  154. Noa @ 00:48

    It may not exist in the higher echelons of the administration, Noa, the barbarian hears to the contrary from his contacts, at the level of the unwashed, even in some institutions like the armed services there seems to be a growing resentment to the newcomers, and to the continuing presence of the US troops on the German soil.

    The fat lady hasn’t sung yet, has she?

  155. What has happened to the Colonel, has he packed up his ‘guns’ for good?

  156. How could the Donald succeed in cleansing the swamp? It’s likely they swamped him unless he does what the barbarian suggested when he took over.

    Btw, does anyone know to whom was it James Comey wrote the (in)famous memo everyone’s so exited about?

  157. EC (14:10)

    Those with enough nous to do the job are opting out; moreover, now that Mueller has been sent in to hover over their investigations – and with Rod Rosenstein holding Trump’s nuts in his hand, it’s a poisoned chalice.

    Trump is being called to heel. The deal will probably be: leave the Clintonostra shenannagins out of the equation and the alleged Trump – Russian problem will be left on file, to be resuscitated if Don Trumpo gets too big or his boots. Flynn may have to be offered up as the sacrificial lamb, as he’s already been canned and has left a paper trail as wide as the Mississippi. As Dannifort and Stone were only minor apparatchiks and were dumped fairly early in the set-up without having held office, there’s not much anybody can do about their dodgy dealings. Business is business and par for the course for the Washington swamp. It’s one gigantic lobby-milch-cow. In the end quid pro quo will win – as it always does. The suits call the shots and Meuller is the eminence grise of all the suits. And there is a Comey/Mueller Mutual Admiration Society. They have had their heads up each others’ arses for decades. Stand by for a drawn out dog and pony show. Neither side can afford a civil war.

  158. Baron,
    You are so right, there is no-one with the backbone to stand up to the bullies, but I will take this a step further, there is no-one with the desire to fight our corner, brexit will be allowed to wither on the vine. The establishment is a past master at putting they who disagree with them back in the box and nailing the lid down.

  159. apologies – Manafort, not Dannifort.

    Joe Lieberman for Director of the Feebs? Hmmmn. He’s 75. WTF?? Hope it’s just a rumour. _

  160. Don’t debate, eliminate. Steyn on the poisoning of Robert Spencer.

  161. Seen on Rod Liddle’s Specstateman article. I haven’t tried it yet.

    Run firefox with noscript plugin.

    Load The Spectator.

    From the noscript button select “temporarily allow”

    Then “temporarily allow” and “” (if using disqus to comment)

    Read and comment on as many as articles as you want.

  162. Nigel Farage says to the EU: pog mo thoin

    “Nigel Farage roasted Jean-Claude Juncker on the floor of European Parliament for being a ‘bloody rude bully’ while delivering an unflinching ultimatum to the EU, warning their outrageous demands could force Britain to leave the negotiating table before year’s end.”


  163. However ridiculous it may sound, the guy has a point, the Donald should go for it except that he will lose the support of those who’re as nature intended them to be and, regretfully for the progressives, that’s still a massive majority, (the operative word here being still).

  164. Malfleur @ 04:14

    Nigel has also mentioned that well over 90% of the songs performed at the recent European sing along (also including Australia, arghhh) were in English.

    Nigel is missing the one point that would make the top European bureaucrat see red – he wasn’t elected. This should be pointed out again and again and again. In fact, in the chamber he’s the only one not elected to the office he holds, he’s been appointed to the be president of the EU Commission, all the MEPs got elected to be MPSs.

  165. Malfleur, May 19th, 2017 – 04:14

    Recommended viewing, well worth a reprise 🙂

    EC, May 17th, 2017 – 14:50

    Nigel sticks it up JC Druncker!
    Amen to that.

  166. Frank P, May 18th, 2017 – 23:45

    “Full Throttle on the Hamster Wheel”

    Marvellous! If that’s a Mark Steyn original then he’s still the Daddy.

  167. Baron – 18:19

    Your $/oil points depend on how much oil the West can produce. The US has recently found massive amounts of oil in addition to the shale developments already found. And then there is the over-hyped technological advances, but they will still be advances. And in an oversupplied market anything can happen.
    The problem with the US, and much of the West in general, is just how many of the well off want the destruction of the hand that feeds them. They don’t understand that there are many educated people who are comfortable off, but they continue in demanding jobs, like Engineers in the North Sea and the City of London 🙂 , some GPs 🙂 and business people, like farmers and shop keepers, who are risking millions, with little certainty of the future, politically, financially or legally.
    I remember a fellow student, many many years ago, the only Marxist on the STEM course: he saw a herd of cows in a field that we need to cross and said, ‘if I had half a million pounds, I wouldn’t want it roaming around in a field. It’s the risk that he hadn’t seen before. When underwritten with someone else’s money, the system inevitably fails when someone sees how to play the system.
    If those entrepreneurs ‘retire’, the great unwashed would lose access to surgery, iPhones, fast food, in fact everything they depend on, but the elderly could do without because they know how to make do and mend, cook from scratch and read instead of watching TV.
    Fundamentally, they want the destruction of the sovereign states of they can be part of the OWG and rule over you and me, and the rest of us on this site. After all, we are an awkward lot! 🙂

  168. Baron/Stephen Maybery @ 18:39 yesterday

    See my post at 4:14 on Nigel Farage addressing the Juncker.

    Baron May 18th, 2017 – 18:37

    The pretext for the police standing by appears to be that the Turkish security
    goons have diplomatic immunity.Whether this might extend to their rakingthe Armenian American demonstrators with machine gun fire would appear to be an open question. Certainly, we need a more robust attitude towards the Turks who may have been responsible (or not) for the assassination of the Russian Ambassador in Constantinople some weeks ago. I would certainly like to have seen President Trump or the appropriate agency in his administration immediately expel the offenders which would make the point without infringing diplomatic conventions.

  169. EC @ 11:12

    Apologies for duplicating your link to Nigel Farage vs. Drunkner – missed that; but yes, Vive la reprise!;

  170. Sorry about the ‘they swamp(ed) him unless …’ at 19.15, the boss, who occasionally peruses the blog pointed it out to Baron, laughing heartily, impossible to say ho w the past tense got there, it’s more than possible it was the poorly educated Slav rather than than the predictive software, you forgive him, he hopes.

  171. Malfleur @ 11:51

    Even if the bodyguards have diplomatic immunity, they cannot break the law of the country they’re in, it’s either the police charge them, or a ticket back home, Malfleur.

  172. RobertRetyred @ 11:26

    Your two last sentences of your posting say it all, Robert.

    Btw, this is one instance that backs Baron’s view that Putin’s a danger to the progressives (hence the barking at him) because amongst other things he’s in favour of a nation state, sovereignty, secure borders, we all should be, too, after all we pay taxes within a jurisdiction of a state, not globally.

  173. Noa @ 02:08

    Not a word on it in the MSM, Noa.

    Baron vaguely recalls a Western lawyer who went to Moscow a couple of time,s claimed to have been poisoned on both occasions (amazingly was readying to travel to the city that has done him harm again when he was interviewed), the MSM were full of it. The Russian media said he was on drugs, topped it with alcohol (they would say that though). It’s hard to decide whom to believe in such cases, but the reporting of such incidents shouldn’t distinguish between a progressive lawyer and an opponent of the political elites, should it.

  174. In Russia, the media are reporting a wholesale breakdown in mobile networks today, nobody as yet knows what has caused it.

    The Duma moved the next year presidential election to March 18, the day Crimea joined Russia three years ago. That should please the Brussels clowns.

    The Ukrainians have got a free visa access to the EU, have to have enough money to visit, the fee ranges from 3 Euro (Hungary) to 71 Euro (Spain) per day, most of the par day money is in the 35-55 Euros slot (Germany – 35 Euro for instance).

  175. The UKIP candidate in Baron’s voting region is soliciting for votes, a leaflet has been delivered today, printed on rather thickish paper, both sides of it, edges coloured with UKIP violet hue, marginally smaller than A4.

    The male candidate, a marginally slimmed down Simon Heffer’s lookalike, read history at Cambridge, started few businesses (games), sold them, started a cleaning business, built it up, then he says ‘between 2009-2011 I lost it all’, fortunately for the people of Suffolk, he has recovered ‘is running profitable businesses in property’, hoping the good burghers will give him their votes.

    Why is he standing?

    ‘To raise up the liberty of responsible individuals, to tear down the obstacles to getting rich, and to free us from clomping and chomping regulations.’

    That wouldn’t be that bad (even though the barbarian would have said it differently), as it stands it’s unlikely to get the Suffolk burghers overexcited.

    He goes on quite abit focusing on the uselessness of a Sudbury by-pass (that’s the town in the voting region), the Tory’s candidate is in favour, he against, the barbarian won’t bother you with the argument in full except to say that the UKIP man says the by-pass is useless because soon there will be drone deliveries galore, flying vans (yup, he says that), and Brexit will cut down the amount of traffic anyway (he doesn’t explain why should Brexit reduce road traffic in an East Anglian town that’s miles from any motorway), he would save its cost of £40mn,

    (The local residents of Sudbury are massively in favour of the by-pass, only the tree huggers appose it, not that long ago a man got run over by an articulated lorry in the centre of the town, he slipped on a very narrow tilted pavement next to a church, fell into the road, the truck ran over him, not a vote winning move opposing it then).

    Other parts of the pamphlet: he attacks the Tories accusing them of trying to solve ‘yesterday’s problems with today’s resources’, is against Labour’s idea of rent control (people would sleep in the streets), would abolish tax credits, ‘withdraw state pension from the better off’ (everyone whose income is over £7,000), would propose for the Navy to acquire ‘ten flying aircraft carriers, equip it with ‘nuclear electro-magnetic-pulse missile submarine capable of disarming, without inflicting mass casualties, rogue nations’, goes for recruiting 15,000 infantry to be ‘deployed in Eastern Europe guarding against Russia’ whilst at the same time ‘proposing a bilateral tourist visa free regime with Russia’.

    The best of his ideas last (in verbatim):

    “Let the UK invest £1.2bn (for profit) in four ventures (with the ultimate aim of financing government without needing to raise any tax at all).

    One (£40mn) for interstellar nano-probe fleet design (potential customer Yuri Milner).

    One (£60mn) for an interstellar diasporanet (light communication).

    One (£100mn) for an interstellar colony ship design.

    One (£1.0bn) for the first company that can, by 2026, profitably mine the asteroid belt, Jovian or Saturnian moons for platinum and water.

    Some will ask why should anyone go to the asteroid belt, et alone the stars? For all our profit, and the chance to begin anew”.

    Btw, if you aren’t familiar with Yuri Milner, this may enlighten you

    The poorly educated Slav is quite tempted to vote for the guy if only because he would like to taste the water mined at Saturnian moon, wouldn’t you like to drink it, too?

  176. Sorry about the errors like ‘appose’ instead of ‘oppose’, but you get the meaning anyway.

    Is anyone at home, or have you all left the country?

  177. Baron – 15:16


    It’s either the nation state, or globalism, which has two proponents, neither of which I like. There is always the chance that democracy might work in the nation state.

  178. A massive purge of the fifth columnists now? Isn’t it too late? The great Joseph should have been calling for it from the start, the Donald should have done it in the first few days of walking into the Oval Office. One cannot cleanse the swamp with the people of the swamp.

  179. The Germans will get their EU Armed Forces, since we nodded to it in principle, we may also have to contribute, the takeover of Europe by them gets closer.

    In practical terms, the new force makes sense, it will avoid the boils of NATO (different gear, standards, language) except that it will be under the command of the German generals, and why not, it will be mostly Germany that’s funding it.‘Within_Days’/58539/0/38/38/Y/M.html

  180. Not a good day for those of us who wish to clean up morality in our society,

    First Assange.

    Then Harris.

    What are prosecutors thinking of?

  181. “LAS VEGAS, Nevada — Former Vice President Joe Biden smacked failed 2016 Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton here at the Salt Conference in Las Vegas on Thursday evening.
    Speaking to a packed ballroom at the Bellagio conference center on the Las Vegas Strip, the former vice president, who himself declined to run for president, said he believes Clinton was not the “correct” candidate, but he was.

    “I never thought she was the correct candidate,” Biden said. “I thought I was the correct candidate.”

  182. Multiculturalism is back in Germany:

    “A government task force created to promote the integration of migrants into German society has published a list of the core features of German culture.

    The list studiously omits politically incorrect terms such as “patriotism” and “leading culture” (Leitkultur), and effectively reduces German traditions and values to the lowest common denominator. The task force, in fact, implicitly establishes multiculturalism as the most complete expression of German culture.”

  183. They just do not get it.

    “The UK will also pay a “price” if it doesn’t accept free movement of EU citizens, and “we will have to see how we balance that out,” Merkel added. The movement of people between the UK and the EU is a central issue in Brexit talks.”

  184. BARNIER WARNS JUNCKER THAT BREXIT TALKS COULD COLLAPSE IF MEMBER STATES FAIL TO BACK DOWN ON UK DIVORCE BILL… The EU’s chief Brexit negotiator, Michel Barnier, fears the refusal of member states to soften their demands over the size of Britain’s “divorce bill” could lead to a collapse in talks and the UK crashing out of the EU without a deal, minutes of a meeting of the European commission reveal. Barnier has told the commission president, Jean-Claude Juncker, and other senior officials that the stakes are so high because Berlin and Paris are refusing to pay more to cover the UK’s departure, while those governments who receive the most from EU funds are opposed to any cuts in spending… As positions have hardened on the continent, with estimates of the size of the bill now reaching as much as €100bn, Juncker noted that Theresa May appeared to be softening up the British public for failure to strike a deal.”

  185. I recently went to Paris with my wife and we were terrified when taking the Metro out to an antiques market through one of these areas:

    “Women fear to venture outside in entire neighborhood of Paris for fear of harassment from Muslim migrants”

  186. Further to the Baron’s posting at 20:01:

    In a recent competition between tank platoons from five NATO countries and Ukraine staged in Bavaria, the Austrian came first, followed by Germany, the US came third. The report of the exercise also says:

    “The six participants – Austria, Germany, France, Poland, Ukraine and the US – operated four different tank brands. The Austrian-made Leopard was favored by Poland, Germany and Austria. America opted for its tried and trusted Abrams, Ukraine used an upgrade Soviet T-64, French troops a domestically made Leclerc tank”.

    This is the thing, each country has the gear it prefers, which is one of the Achilles heels of the alliance (ammo, spare parts), the new EU Armed Force is supposed to avoid this problem, standardise equipment, NATO should aim to do the same.

  187. Baron
    May 19th, 2017 – 23:08

    No mention of the Challenger 2.

  188. And while we talk defence, Labour continue to underline their unsuitability to power:

    “Shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry was “wrong” to suggest Labour might drop its commitment to the UK’s nuclear deterrent, the party’s defence secretary has said.
    Nia Griffith told BBC Newsnight it was “already settled” that Trident would remain if the party came into power.”

    Nicola will love Emily.




    I agree by the way what Steve Pieczenik says on the same show before Tommy Robinson comes on that President’s decision to leave the USA on a foreign trip before he has established control.

  190. Marshal Roberts

    Brave of you to try to engender interest in the forthcoming election; seems to me that the background noise is both boring and puerile. Clearly there is but one option? Faux Tory. Any other choice is unthinkable. A Lib-lab coalition? FMOBB! The only purpose of this election is to wipe out the Corbynistas and put down the little boggle eyed libtard.

    Then harass May and her iffy ilk into extracting us from under the heel of the Brussels mafia and close the door to the African hordes in an effort to thwart Mark Steyn’s chart and his dire prognostications. America is suffering from a sudden onset of self destructive mass insanity. We have to hold the line, as ever!

  191. Frank P – 13:51

    Yes: only one option, especially where UKIP aren’t standing.

    The GE should give the new PM more time, after the two years following A50, and the Tory MPs will have been reelected with an explicit Brexit in the manifesto, ensuring the Lords good behaviour, and their own. 🙂

    But I am still uncertain. What of, I am uncertain of that as well :). Not only about events, dear boy, events, but about where May will take us. With enough pursuasion, we should get a reasonable Brexit, as the half-way house is totally absurd and is worse than no deal.

    Posters on CH aren’t overwhelmed with happiness either.

  192. Will they ever stop?

    Express: UK to see uprising to OVERTURN Brexit and deliver REAL ‘will of the people’, editor claims
    THE editor of anti-Brexit newspaper the New European predicts the UK will witness the rise of its own pro-EU candidate in the mould of Emmanuel Macron.

  193. The Middleton’s should remember what happened to the Woodville’s when they got too big for their boots. Remember Lord Rivers and Lord Grey ; and before them the de Spencers’ ….and Piers Gaveston.

  194. Radford NG,
    Nice one. Definitely a man after my own heart.

  195. One for Noa – and for Colonel Mustard also, if he happen to drop by:

  196. Frank P – 02:02

    Great article. They are a beautiful sight and sound, and they are oft to be seen training over my neck of the woods. Frequently you hear those symphonic engines first. Wonderful.

    May 20th, 2017 – 13:51

    For anybody wishing to take their mind off all the election campaigning I recommend that they take a trip down to their local branch of “The Works” and buy a copy of Captain Eric “Winkle” Brown’s autobiography, “Wings on My Sleeve.” A fascinating life story, and an amazing survivor of it all! (only £3, in paperback)

  197. EC (09:33)

    My apologies, I should have recognised your interest in man-made birds as well as natural born creatures, which you photograph so beautifully. 🙂



  199. Frank P 02.02

    Many thank Frank. I enjoyed that.
    Qualified as it is by the fact that the UK aviation industry is no longer capable of manufacturing such general purpose aircraft indeed other types and we have to import our requirements from either the US or the dreadful Airbus 400M.
    My own personal memory of the 130 is of playing a game of touch rugby against the RNAF after Desert Storm ended. At the end of the game the Kiwi’s literally made a dash to board their ‘Herc’, adjacent to the ‘playing field’, in order to start the long trek home.
    Needless to say we lost the match.

  200. Frank P

    What’s happening down there?

    Have you been hosting a 4.10 toting Baron?


    – includes a story that President Trump had one of his own campaign managers, Tim Nolan, busted for being a member of a paedophile ring.


    ‘Across Britain, resistance to Brexit is crumbling. Large numbers of Remain voters now believe that the UK should leave the EU, and see Theresa May as the person to get the best possible deal.’

  203. Mine of 10.34

    ‘RNAF’ should be RNZAF or (Royal New Zealand’ Air Force.)

  204. If life as a pensioner under Mayhem becomes too much for you you may want to consider another option.

  205. Middleton this, Middleton that , for fucks sake GO AWAY.
    Fake news in abundance.
    I despair.
    I really do.

  206. Fergus is just recovering from a diesel blighted weekend in London.
    It was probably London but could have been New Dehli or Lahore, difficult to tell.

    All of the Gnomes from around the globe
    Just sneezed their very last sneeze
    They’ve had enough of this allergy stuff
    And from the garden they’re taking their leave

    They packed up their bags, donned their bonnet’s and caps
    Left in the cover of night
    Said goodbye to the trees along with the birds and the bees
    And headed out for the big city life

    No one had a clue from which wind the Gnomes blew
    It was Wa-La they were suddenly there
    From Bankers to Lawyers to Tele-marketer callers
    They infiltrated every career

    Soon they were drinking like fountains as the bills started mounting
    With the pressures of the ride to the top
    Pills became an everyday need to stay awake and fall asleep
    Not sure when this madness will stop

    On top of it all they started to cough from the smog
    And wondered which one was the worst
    The garden allergies or this black lung disease
    Either way the Gnomes felt mankind’s curse

    So they turned in their suits and their ill gotten loot
    And took a trip back to the suberbs
    Now in the garden they smile cause they know all the while
    Yes…it could be a lot worse

  207. “Yes…it could be a lot worse…”

    Because they might have trod in some of Fergus’ verse…

  208. The footage of the free-speech martyr at the “anti”-fascist demo in London was shocking. An individual, quietly holding a small placard asking peacefully, words to that effect, that all views should be free to be expressed, was set upon by what can only be described as a violent mob, screamed at and assaulted in full view of the police, who did nothing.

    Even without any complaint from him it was a breach of the Queen’s Peace. When he was surrounded and screamed at it was an assault and probably an affray. When one of the demonstrators began trying to grab the placard it was an assault and battery, attempted theft and probably criminal damage. When he was shoved around it was an assault and battery, establishing an affray. In living memory the English police would once never have stood by and let those offences accumulate and occur on a street in England. Even a single Bobby on the beat would have intervened. But the current pretence of a police, an absolute disgrace to their profession, did nothing. The very first of Peel’s Principles was disregarded by them in full view of the whole country and machinery of state.

    And worse, not a single politician stood up and denounced that violent fascist mob or the failure of the police to perform their duty. Like the population of Hitler’s Germany they were either complicit in the behaviour of those disgusting modern brownshirts or intimidated into a guilty silence. Where was the Home Secretary? The Policing Minister? The Met Commissioner?

    Shame on them all for tolerating that violence and intimidation on the streets of England whilst they are so busy wringing their blasted hands about emails and things people write on Twitter. Useless nincompoops the lot of them.

  209. @Frank P 21st 02:02

    Yep, ‘Fat Albert’ has been around a long time; I first remember it on the front cover of ‘Meccano Magazine’ in 1957.

    On one occasion, and well before the Falkland war, as I topped the Hartside Pass in Cumbria I was gobsmacked to see on the west side below a Herc trailing two refuelling drogues and a couple of (I think) Buccaneers practising connecting. Well, despite being a mere civvy, I still pay a fair amount of attention to what’s going on in HM forces so, when I got home I searched all the recent mags for articles on C-130s being fitted for in-flight refuelling. Could I find anything? Could I heck! There are more things in Heaven and Earth…..

  210. What do we make of this? Has Trump just proved that he really knows how to make deals that are good for the U.S.A.?

    Incidentally, I first spotted a reference to the marketwatch report on Google a few minutes ago, but a few seconds later Google seem to have removed it! Now why would that happen?

  211. Colonel Mustard (10:59)

    The several layers of political suppression of erstwhile police discretionary power have negated the basic tenets upon which modern civil policing was founded by Peel and Mayne based on the enlightened ideas of Sir Henry Fielding.

    The Met Commissioner now does what she is told to do (or not to do). A female PM; a female Home Sec; a Muslim leftist twat as “Mayor” of Greater London – all dictate strategy and tactics in ‘policing’ London, rather than the Common and Statutory Law enforced according to practices and procedures developed over almost two centuries of independent policing and husbanded (pardon the expression) by HM Commissioner of Police for the Metropolis. As for the individual power and discretion of the Office of Constable where it is most needed – at the sharp end – in order to prevent crime and disorder, it has been eradicated. Thus there is no such thing as policing, which has been replaced by politically motivated social engineering. The scourge of the CPS has destroyed the day to day function of what was once the backbone of societal order.

    Some time ago, all Chief Constables should have demanded that their powers be restored, or resigned en masse. Instead they have meekly complied with the destruction of the police and been rewarded with ‘honours’, and concomitant sinecures. I despise them with deep loathing. Some of them I once named among my friends. Now I list them as traitors to all we once believed in. Shame on these craven apparatchiks!

  212. Frank P – 17:07

    And over in Germany, it’s not so much the reported protest, but what they are protesting about:
    Free Speech Crackdown: German Justice Ministry Stormed

  213. Herbert Thornton – 16:56

    Re: The Saudis can’t afford Trump’s arms deal

    May be it could be a result of this:
    Saudi Arabia to cut off oil supply to create shortage in desperate bid to raise prices

    It’s those blasted fraccers in the US wot’s done it! 🙂

  214. EC
    May 22nd, 2017 – 09:42
    No elephant I

    at 11:11
    like we usually do
    we made a wish
    but he has the flu
    so we txted our wishes
    I made a nice wish
    but when I read his
    he had said “ish”

    bae cannot type
    he types worse than he plays

    bae still is sick
    so my wish didnt work
    I guess I can’t be mad
    that he feels like elephant turd

  215. Noa 1801.

    Saudi hospitality,
    Russian ice,
    Chechen perseverance,
    and American vice.

    Pakistani color,
    French sophistication,
    And despite my Turkish accent,

    I really have no nation.

  216. Colonel Mustard 1059:

    Love – omitted.
    Or Shia Sunni fraternities.

    Nincompoops fight with each other.
    Satan enjoys the show – brother kills brother.

  217. I see the Mersey foaming with much blood .
    19 killed and 59 injured .

    “Who goes to Arian Agrande concerts ? Young girls and gays. Whose favorite target is that ? ” Pamela Geller……banned from entering Britain three years ago to attend Lee Rigby memorial.

  218. I hope the mayor of London is reminded of what he said.

  219. I suppose we have no idea who did it or why.
    Russia seems behind most things at the moment so let’s start with them.

  220. Be comforted that it will be nothing to do with islam.

  221. Noa – 07:22

    Absolutely, and be reassured that it was only a lone wolf.

  222. This morning, our local radio station wheeled in a political correspondent, to say the unsayable so the show’s host can stay ‘clean’. He said that the recent terrorist attack puts everything into context and that the political parties have stopped campaigning, but he did notice that yesterday was Theresa May’s worst day in the campaign, what with all the fuss about the Altzimer tax proposal, etc, etc!

    Yes, very interesting that the BBC hasn’t stopped campaigning. Just like, after Jo Cox was murdered by a man who had sought help for his mental health problems the night before she was killed, the BBC did a big piece on how the Chinese were going to be extremely putout if we voted for Brexit.

    And no mention of Corbyn’s terrorist connections either, or the Birmingham pub bombings.

  223. Noa – 09:24

    The backlash that I hoping for is that a patriotic Colonel, if one can still be found, will march his men into parliament string the politicians up – by their own platitudes!

    Enough is enough!

  224. And as I watched her on the stage
    My hands were clenched in fists of rage
    No angel born in Hell
    Could break that Satan’s spell

    And as the flames climbed high into the night
    To light the sacrificial rite
    I saw Satan laughing with delight
    The day the music died

  225. Frank P May 22nd, 2017 – 17:07

    There are now too many unelected covert marxist ideologues, “change agents”, third-wave feminists, Common Purpose alumni (often mutually inclusive) and useful idiots within the establishment empowered hierarchy for this to be reversed. And for those who haven’t “bought in” openly opposing the prevailing group think is career destroying. Debate is being incrementally reduced to dogma with presumptions that deserve to be robustly challenged but which aren’t. For every dissident voice there are dozens of “Borg” resolutely “progressing” the changes without consent. That is why we are still being force-fed the poison fruits of multiculturalism when it was declared a failed policy over seven years ago. As the minorities are disproportionately empowered within the system the very identity and birthright of an English people and prevailing culture can be dodged and denied. “We are where we are” they bleat and talk of “communities”, a Balkanisation of what was once homogenous, benignly devolved by shires to prevent an over mighty state and largely at peace with itself. Regionalisation and city region mayors are all part of the urbanising plot to destroy England and its shires. The likes of Burnham and Khan elevated to become largely unaccountable gauleiters presiding over a politicisation of every aspect of society. The Nazi model.

    Britain has undergone a cultural revolution by stealth which has disenfranchised the notion of an England. The police, now a corrupted and politicised arm of the state, reflect that. I concur 100% with your comment and feel exactly the same way.

  226. Colonel Mustard – 11:35

    Andy Burnham, regionalism personified, was on the radio just now. Everything he said was part of the agenda. Did I hear, the terrorist wasn’t part of “any of our communities, you mustn’t forget that”, “surprised at people’s generosity in offering help”?

    I remember generosity to strangers in the mid 20th century; we just didn’t have the regular massacres.

    And we aren’t allowed to mention the unmentionables until the moment has passed.

    There was also discussion of, “what to tell the children’.

    How about the truth, that our politicians have been cowards: prevention is better than cure, or ‘disposal’. It’s no use praising the public sector for mopping up after the incident, is there and continuing as before, with ever increasing monitoring of you-know-whom, accepting the ‘part and parcel’ aspects of city life.

  227. RobertRetyred May 23rd, 2017 – 12:01

    There was also the usual sanctimonious twaddle from Chairman May and other politicians, how we are “united” and will never be defeated. All speechifying talk normalising terrorist attack as something to be endured whilst we seek false comfort in the idea that we will never be “broken”.

    Newsflash Chairman May. We already are broken, mainly as a result of the stupid, reckless and malicious designs of politicians just like you, who thought that our country needed to be changed beyond recognition without our consent and of those evil creatures of Blair who sought to “rub the right’s nose in diversity” at the same time as war-mongering.

    And praising the response in order to excuse the failure of prevention is pretty thin gruel. This isn’t the Luftwaffe we are enduring to show that “Britain can take it” but a cancer introduced to the host body by the very politicians now mouthing the usual platitudes and treating the symptoms with talk rather than the cause with action.

  228. Here’s something to give you a laugh on a grim day.
    Trump tells Israeli audience after meeting with Abbas that `Palestinians are ready to reach for peace.’
    Ha ha ha ha fucking ha,
    I’d like to know the Israeli reaction to that, better than Tommy cooper I would imagine.

  229. After the sheer idiocy of the Tories deliberately alienating the pensioners, the one group of people who can be relied on to vote, and to mostly vote Tory, the steep drop in the Tory poll ratings (and the rise in Labour’s) presumably put the fear of God into them.

    Next time, Ms May, try alienating the 18-24 year olds, most of whom can’t be bothered to vote at all, and the ones that do mostly vote Labour. You picked on the wrong group this time.

    Is Lynton Crosby sleeping on the job?

  230. Colonel Mustard – 11:35

    “largely unaccountable gauleiters presiding over a politicisation of every aspect of society”

    I addition to the mayors the PCCs are intended to part of the same model! The ranks of every constabulary are/or soon will be so full of useless CP Parteigenossen that they’ll have to bring real policemen out of retirement to to solve any real crimes. [i.e. ones that don’t involve Twitter or FaceBook]
    Cue Frank P!!!

  231. L.C. – 12:57

    Should I be proud or ashamed of the fact that I don’t know who the hell Lynton Crosby is?

  232. EC May 23rd, 2017 – 13:50

    “CP Parteigenossen” – very good!

    “The Nazis used the word Gleichschaltung for the process of successively establishing a system of totalitarian control and coordination over all aspects of society. It has been variously “translated” as Nazification of state and society, synchronisation, bringing into line, and co-ordination.”

    To which terms we can now usefully add “Common Purpose” and “Leading Beyond Authority”. Wiki is far too corrupted by leftist ideologues to draw parallels and the media apparently too stupid, complacent or compromised to do so.

    Wiki now makes the extraordinary statement that “However, a majority of scholars identify Nazism in practice as being a far-right form of politics.” Well, of course, because a majority of “scholars” have now been subsumed into modern, academically proliferated, presumptive left-wing ideology and wouldn’t understand context if it reared up and sunk its teeth into their marxist backsides.

    “When asked in an interview whether he and the Nazis were “bourgeois right-wing” as alleged by their opponents, Hitler responded that Nazism was not exclusively for any class, and indicated that it favoured neither the left nor the right, but preserved “pure” elements from both “camps”, stating: “From the camp of bourgeois tradition, it takes national resolve, and from the materialism of the Marxist dogma, living, creative Socialism.”

    Plenty of bourgeois cod-marxists in lucrative sinecures in the UK now, mainly taxpayer funded or rent seekers in the so-called “charity” lobbying sector. Few if any would ever describe themselves as right-wing, despite their six-figure salaries and privileged lifestyles. Their “national resolve” is imbued with a “common purpose” so their incestuous plotting, social engineering, back-covering and scratching and revolving-doors scandal dodging can be usefully compared to the Nazi party. To all this can be added the ghastly celebrity virtue signalling kultur, the Carin to the establishment Goering.

  233. EC (10:50)

    “The backlash that I hoping for is that a patriotic Colonel, if one can still be found, will march his men into parliament string the politicians up – by their own platitudes!
    Enough is enough!”

    Step forward Richard Kemp! And while you are organising the ‘stringing up’, Richard, make sure their platitudes are attached to their bollocks, thus prolonging the pain!

  234. Belay that! Bollocks? In the UK parliament??

    Nary a pair in sight for the past 40 years. What was I thinking?

  235. Clear Memories (11:29)

    A clear memory indeed. Don McClean would approve the of the apposite use. Excellent!

    Don’t be a stranger, btw. Miss you acerbic contributions.

  236. “Plenty of bourgeois cod-marxists in lucrative sinecures in the UK now, mainly taxpayer funded or rent seekers in the so-called “charity” lobbying sector.”

    Here’s my current favourite. As the taxpayer funded webshite shows, it’s all about him.
    In particular I draw your attention to the NVA (Non Value Added PCC staff chart), showing 19 supernumeraries to our grand panjandrum.

  237. Salman Abedi – known to police!

  238. Frank P – 16:58

    It must be due to all that monitoring of potential terrorists, I expect.

  239. Ian Hopkins – Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police, appears before camera in his Argentinian Generals’ uniform and reads from a prepared statement: “… the priority now is to find out whether he was acting alone, or was part of a network.”

    No, you dhimmy dipshit Chief Cuntstable. That is not the priority, because anybody with two synapses functioning and joined up knows that he is part of a network, or rather a nutwork, known as Islam and that it has declared a war of jihad on Western Civilisation. The priority is to bang up the ones you know ‘pour encourager des autres’. You are paid to prevent atrocities, not close stable doors after the horses have bolted. Get your troops out on the ground, stop and search – and profile – and tell the PC brigade to fuck off, or resign. It is an egregious dereliction that this nutjob was allowed to plan and bring to fruition this atrocity. You are fucking useless! 22 youngsters were slaughtered on you watch and 52 others were mutilated. You should hang your head in shame, rather using this preventable mayhem as a photo-op for your pretentious regalia.

  240. DE: Manchester bombing: Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams condemns Arena attack

    (I won’t bother with a link.)

  241. Boot at least has the balls to state the bloody obvious about the insanity of the last few days:

  242. Robert Retyred at 17-54

    Be fair : last time round the Provos gave an hours warning before the Arndale bombing.

  243. We’re told the country’s on a ‘severe terror alert’ (one step below ‘critical’ on a scale of five), so how could a man known to the police smuggle a powerful home made device into a venue that seems even to someone like Baron an ideal place to commit an atrocity?

    When the dust settles, the flowers wilt, the candles burn themselves out, those in governance will tighten the screws on all of us, restrict the freedom of speech, will focus on people like us here, you’ll see.

  244. Vigils, flowers, candles and praying is about all one can do in response to an atrocity of this sort, to do what needs doing would require a wholesale change in the leadership of the country.

    How could anyone imagine that those responsible for the policy of allowing the immigration from a culture aiming to rule the world (hating secularism, yearning for sharia) turn against it, such leaders would look at least incompetent, at worst treacherous, to expect that is to expect something that has never happened before, (and is unlikely to ever happen in the future).

  245. Frank P @ 17:40

    Good one, Frank, but the guy needs to pay off his mortgage, has a pension to think of, kids to educate, plays it safe. (One can understand, one doesn’t necessarily endorse).

    It’s the Westminster guard that needs changing, it’s they who pass the laws that direct, inform and guide the other agencies of the State.

  246. Noa @ 16:06

    The one yardstick that’s missing on his site, Noa, is the level of crime (say) in the mid-60s or 70s last century compared to that in the years he’s been drawing his salary. He furnishes that one may take him seriously.

  247. L.C. @ 12:57

    Good points, L.C.

    One can understand why the saintly One opted for the policy, the cost of financing those dying, but not yet gone is projected to be astronomical, but the message the policy sends out is suicidal for the future of savings.

    One of the key reasons people have saved is to pass something to their young in one form or another, this policy totally removes this incentive, if one can do no good to one’s children what’s the point of saving for the old age of oneself if the state provides for those who have nothing.

  248. Baron ( 20:21)

    Don’t you start making excuses for the pillock! He’s being paid a fat salary to pretend that he’s a police chief, rather than a political aparatshit. Let him invent his own excuses. None will wash with me. The litany of utter horseshit emanating from the political class and their apologists has been nauseating for the past 24 hours.

  249. “Operation Tempora” – Fuck me! That’ll sort it Chairman May! I can sleep in peace now. Who wrote that garbage for her No10 speech tonight?

    “Let’s bring in our political editor Faisal Islam”.


  250. And this is my nomination for a Pulitzer Prize 2017:

    Beautifully crafted and dripping with venom and verity. Savour every word!

  251. Just to put you in the picture (as if you were bothered), the barbarian’s been cut off from the world of nasty things, no wi-fi, no off air connection (or a fixed line), total wilderness, if his car didn’t break down (it needed a visit to a garage), he would have stayed that way. Bliss.

  252. The singer Morrissey says a few honest words, which is more than most in command:
    22 Dead, 120 Injured, Youngest Victim Eight Years Old After ‘Suicide Bomb’ at UK Ariana Grande Concert

  253. “BOMBSHELL! Seth Rich Murder Was A PizzaGate Mob Hit ”

    Further information from David Zublick on Seth Rich, WikiLeaks, Pedo/Pizzagate and a guest who provides insight into the interlocking world of law enforcement agencies and politics in the USA which are echoed in England and elsewhere in Europe. Will the big names be brought to justice?

  254. America Talks

    This is David Zublick’s website.

  255. Mission Accomplished?

    Could someone please explain to me what the deployment of 5,000 troops on to English streets is meant to do?

  256. America Talks provides compelling arguments in support of Frank P’s view that with the appointment of Special Counsel Mueller President Trump allowed a shark into his swimming pool:

  257. Malfleur 04-37
    To show the governments doing something.
    Nothing else.

  258. Baron 20.31

    Your yardstick misses the point Baron. There was a CC in Lancashire before Cameron created the new and unnecessary PCC class of supernumeraries. Anyone who claims they are adding value has show what they’ve added. A costly raft of PC initiatives promoting inter analia buggery and yooman rights doesn’t cut it for me.

  259. “Why do they hate us? We don’t understand.” Wail the Beebers. Well ISIS themselves explain their hatred very clearly. It may never replace the New Statestator but there’s nothing liberal and woolly about their purpose and intent.

    “The fact is, even if you were to stop bombing us, imprisoning us, torturing us, vilifying us, and usurping our lands, we would continue to hate you because our primary reason for hating you will not cease to exist until you embrace Islam. Even if you were to pay jizyah and live under the authority of Islam in humiliation, we would continue to hate you. No doubt, we would stop fighting you then as we would stop fighting any disbelievers who enter into a covenant with us, but we would not stop hating you…The gist of the matter is that there is indeed a rhyme to our terrorism, warfare, ruthlessness, and brutality.”

    Link and keep for future refutation and reminders to an appeaser near you.

  260. Racism: The Last Refuge of Us All? – Taki’s Magazine
    Separation of the races in America speeds up !!!!!

  261. Malfleur – 04:37

    “Could someone please explain to me what the deployment of 5,000 troops on to English streets is meant to do?

    Misdirection. Programming the “minds” of the sheeple. Vote Treezer, she’ll keep us all safe.

    Whatever else, the troops won’t be guarding any synagogues, that’s for sure!

  262. “Conservative manifesto: Theresa May announces UK will remain part of European Convention of Human Rights”

    If this is true it means that,whatever the outcome of the Brexit process, the UK will STILL not have control over its borders, who it can deport, and it will STILL be subject to the judgements foreign judges sitting in a foreign court where English laws are not recognised.

    I’m really struggling to find somebody to vote for on June 8th.

  263. The only good thing that persistently comes out of these attacks is listening to the BBC and MSM afterwards.
    1. The shock of what’s happened.
    2. Who on earth could have done it.
    3. Speculation grows, no one has claimed responsibility.
    4. At this point two words will be conspicuously missing . One beginning with M and one beginning with I.( this one is going to be missing for as long as possible)
    5. Authorities reluctantly accept it may be a terrorist attack. Still no idea who it might have been.
    (Obviously no clues over the last 20 years match up)
    6. Survivors say the attacker was shouting allah akabar, which gives no clue at all.
    7. Grainy cctv photos emerge, the photos show someone of Middle eastern appearance with a long black scruffy beard.
    Still no clue who could have done it.
    8. A few racist ultra right wing extremists suggest it could have been Muslims behind it.
    9. Still no evidence.
    10. Islamic state says a soldier of their army has died a glorious death fighting the crusaders.
    Still no evidence as to who did it because they claim responsibility every time.
    11. The security service name a suspect known to the police.
    Name looks suspiciously Muslim but he is British. ( French, german, Belgian, Dutch )
    12. This is a lone wolf attack possibly due to mental health issues, it is nothing to do with !!!!!! (We nearly got close to the l word, but just managed to avoid it)
    13. Arrests are made at various locations close to the lone wolfs address.
    14. The names of the arrested come out, they sound suspiciously Muslim. Still nothing to do with , NO don’t say it.
    15. The lone wolf may have had accomplices.
    16. He was the best son a father could ever have had, a good boy who loved his family and played cricket and football, all in all just a normal young lad.
    17. Islamic state issues a video of his suicide statement taken recently when he was in the Middle East ( obviously without his family knowing )
    He hates the infidels and hopes to kill as many of them as possible before his glorious death . God is great.
    18. There is great concern in the BBC about how this young man was allowed to be led astray by fanatics, he was a normal lad who love his country until he was brainwashed by I…stopped just in time, that was close.
    19. Time for the candlelight vigils
    Where we can all hug each other to show love for the world and everyone in it except Brexiteers.
    Because they are racists who hate I !!!!, stop at once. Nearly said it again.
    20. The government assures the media that Islam is a religion which has a long and peaceful presence in this country. It is one of the worlds great religions and must be respected at all times.
    There are going to be new laws to stop anyone criticising or blaspheming Islam and they will be rushed through parliament as soon as possible for the safety of Muslims who have the right to live peaceful lives in our great country.

  264. Noa – 07:45
    “Why do they hate us? We don’t understand.” Wail the Beebers.

    Don’t we all, but we just pay our licence every year.

  265. Looking at some of the pictures of rifle toting smiley “servicewomen” in the DM right just now almost makes me wish that they’ve been given empty magazines, as their trigger discipline looks appalling!

  266. John Birch 1432

    Douglas nailed it.

    “The politicians are talking about the technical issues to do with terrorism and security but the publics of Europe, including the public in Britain, are thinking totally different things.”

  267. And this brilliance on the niqab:

    “If you take out uncovered meat and place it outside without cover, and the cats come to eat it, whose fault is it — the cat’s or the uncovered meat’s? The uncovered meat is the problem. If she was in her room, in her home, in her hijab, no problem would have occurred.’

  268. The only real action Theresa May will take in the face of this outrage will be to lock up Tommy Robinson for the umpteenth time. Oh, and to make sure that Robert Spencer is still banned from Britain.

  269. postergirl

    …and to reconfirm the ban on Dr. Michael Savage.

  270. Islam, in the United Kingdom, is a seditious ideology. Some of us will remember with interest the statement that persons entering the United States and citizens in other circumstances were asked to sign not so many years ago along the lines of: “I am not and I have never been a member of the communist party”.

    We will also remember from our reading of Shakespeare the penalty which the medieval monarchy had available to deal with sedition: banishment.

  271. Douglas Murray on the Manchester Bombing [Spectator]

  272. RobertRetyred – 23:47

    It mentions Andy Burnham.

  273. RobertRetyred – 23:50

    It’s worth the 15 minutes.

  274. Katie Hopkins: “Business as usual,carry on as normal?”

    But it isn’t normal …

  275. This is from before Manchester:
    Katie Hopkins: “I don’t think the UN is in a position to lecture anyone”

  276. Columnist under fire for ‘crimethink’ after Manchester

  277. Tommy Robinson in Manchester: “Politicians have sold us out”

  278. The Express is running with several stories about the Manchester bomber and it looks like the family were up to their necks in jihad:

    with a dash of gang rape from his friends.

  279. However, there is one sane voice:
    ‘Refugees have trouble integrating’: Muslim psychiatrist calls for cut to Islamic immigration following Manchester terror attack

    I don’t think he goes far enough though.

  280. And we mustn’t forget just how STUPID the Tory party can be:
    Are we now paying the price for the chaos Cameron unleashed in Libya?

  281. Just listened to UKIP’s Nuttall on Today:

  282. RobertRetyred – 01:02

    Libya: Cameron and Sarkozy were just the monkeys.
    Hillary Clinton and Barack I were the organ grinders who must take full credit.

  283. EC – 09:51

    I thought there were three monkeys 🙂

    And the organ grinders you mention still won’t leave the stage!

    But don’t worry: Theresa May and Cressida Dick have it all under control 🙂

    So do Nicola Sturgeon, Angela Merkel, Caroline Lucas, Leanne Wood, Jeremy Corbyn’s and Emmanuel Macron. (See what I did there 🙂 )
    Nearly forgot the BBC feminists (which of course doesn’t include Andrew Neil).

    And this incident is due to just one Friends and Family group!

  284. RobertRetyred

    Thanks for those links. While visiting them I came across this to The NIGEL FARAGE Show in which he speaks to an apostate English muslim and an English convert to Islam. Banishment for sedition appears to be moving on to the agenda, but not the agenda of the political class:

    In the Philippines, martial law has been declared across the island of Mindanao and the President, Duterte, is talking about extending this to the entire country. This is after an Islamic terrorist organization has been threatening “to impose a foreign ideology on the people of the country”.

    Is that what we want in England? It is what awaits us a few bus stops down the road.

    Is that perhaps what the political class here wants for reasons unconnected with ensuring the safety of the English people, who of course to all intents and purposes, and unlike the Philippine people, no longer enjoy the right to bear arms.?

  285. Marshal Roberts – 07:51

    I couldn’t get past the advert, so I went looking and found this:
    BBC’s John Humphrys sparks outrage after branding UKIP manifesto a ‘suicide mission’ – just seconds after Manchester bombing reference

    He must be a trainee interviewer.

  286. La-la land:

    “The persons gender can vary at random, or in response to different circumstances.”

    Wonder how it would have responded back circa 1954 to a Superintendent’s size 12 up its arse accompanied by the imperative, “Fuck off – you’re fired, you queer cunt-stable!”

    Cue ( as always) Sir Richard Mottram.

  287. Any statement yet by the Church of England on how to deal with the muslim threat and who is responsible for it? And how to protect Christians in the Middle East?

  288. Any statement yet by the Church of England on how to deal with the muslim threat and who is responsible for it? And how to protect Christians in the Middle East?

  289. Message to the muff-diver now i/c ‘The Met.’ (allegedly):

    I’d keep an eye on Callum/Abi volunteering for body searching in the female detention rooms. Or perhaps you’d like to volunteer to watch herm perform these duties? Y’know, just to make sure. 😉

  290. The Church of England has issued a strong recommendation that we light a candle.

  291. CANDLES – past and present

    “I beseech thee, Lord God, have mercy on this realm of England, and deliver it from all her enemies.”

    “Be of good comfort, Mr. Ridley, and play the man! We shall this day light such a candle by God’s grace, in England, as I trust never shall be put out.”

  292. Ex-defender has a good idea:
    Former Head of Cobra demands UK deport jihadists NOW ‘We can’t allow them to roam free’

  293. Malfleur 12-28
    You would have to have a heart of stone not to laugh.
    The power of love against nail bombs , ak47s , and people who are willing to die for their beliefs.
    Difficult to see who might win.
    Perhaps as heavy back up we should have a white piano in every church with a guy singing imagine. That should scare the bastards.

  294. John Birch

    There are chaplains in the Army; but no army in the chaplains.

  295. Notes of a Reformed News Weasel: Understanding the Vacuity | Fred On Everything

  296. Comments thread excerpt on Lineker

    Neville Cross -> Hugh Jardon •
    “I never thought I’d feel sorry for Rolf Harris.”

    Immigrant from order order -> Neville Cross •
    “He should sue for defamation of character by false association.
    Bad enough being a convicted pervert without people thinking he’s a virtue signalling twat also.”

  297. RobertRetyred 1149

    Try this:

  298. RobertRetyred
    May 25th, 2017 – 00:35 –

    Thanks for drawing attention to Tommy Robinson’s accurate description of the nature of Islam and how it is rooted in the Koran.

    My only reservation about it is that I think he would get his message across much more effectively if he would train himself to speak differently.

    I’m not referring to his accent but to the speed and emotion of his delivery.

    I’d like him to train himself to speak in a slower and more measured way – after the style, for example, of Nigel Farage.

    If Robinson can do that, a great many people will find his speeches much more persuasive.

  299. More nauseating platitudes over the leaked pictures of the crime scene published by the NYT in the States. No criticism whatsoever for the editor of the US branch of Agitprop. Prosecute the bastard for conspiring to pervert the course of justice, by prematurely exposing evidence and alerting possible suspects.

    And why isn’t every mosque and every other nest of vipers where these arseholes foregather, with their book of instructions to ‘kill the infidel’ , being ripped apart and closed down indefinitely?

    The ‘network’ is Islam. It has declared War on The West, let us confront it with opposing savagery as we did with the Third Reich and the Imperial Nips. We can’t wage war with a minutes silence, and stuffing Interflora’s coffers by buying flowers and fucking teddy bears.

    Btw has anybody noted the resemblence between Abedi and that little shit
    Mehdi Hasan? Rowan Atkinson, too. Maybe we’re on to something here…
    genetic nutcasery!

  300. They are so upset about leaks because it’s blown the gaff on what has happened . Without them we would have no information about this lone wolf or why he did it .
    Whether or not the Americans have worked it out this British-Libyan and all his`British` family and friends would be immune from President Trump’s attempted travel ban on Libyans thanks to the efforts of Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson ( as pointed-out by Tommy Robinson ) .

  301. Malfleur at 15-44.

    “There was no quiet on the Western Front , so we said Goodbye to all that : broke open a case of whisky , and took out the Padre and shot him for a conscie .”

    Tenth anniversary edition of the Wipers Times.

  302. Another sanguine approach to the current craven, cringing copout of Wester governments:


  303. Bullshite & Taqiyya by the BBC trough load on QT tonight…

    10:45pm? Rather you than me!

  304. EC

    Thanks – I’ll watch it and report on it.

    I wonder if anyone will say this, which is what somebody should say – an extract from the

  305. Declination blog, penned by Dystopia:

    As the bodies cool from the Manchester attack, the usual routine is making a comeback. There will be candlelight vigils, people will pray to gods they don’t believe in, and buildings around the world will be lit in the usual retinue of national colors. Facebook, in all likelihood, will have some kind of automatic profile picture generator.
    Hearts will be drawn on chalk, tears will be shed on TV, and random people who never met before, nor will ever see each other again, will embrace on the streets. Politicians will hold hands and walk together, and everyone will repeat the same mantras we’ve heard a thousand times before.
    “We denounce this cowardly attack. We will be strong together…” Yada, yada, yada.
    The usual media talking heads will tell us that it is a tragedy, sure, but the worst part is that the white racists of Redneckistan are going to be empowered, and Muslims around the globe will face more racism and Islamophobia. This isn’t the real Islam, they’ll tell us. For Islam is a Religion of Peace.


    I don’t know about you, folks, but I’ve no more patience with this. These people believe that hugs, tears, candles, and symbols chalked onto the streets will somehow banish murderous extremists like ISIS. Together, the power of the Care Bear rainbows will banish all badthink to another dimension, or something. I feel like I’m surrounded by emotional toddlers, unable to separate magical fantasy from grounded reality.
    Peace with the Islamic world is most assuredly possible, but it won’t come from hearts drawn in the streets, it will come with a price tag in blood and treasure. Islam, after all, has always had bloody borders. And the weakness of the West has only emboldened them.
    Stop for a moment and look at it from the angle of an extremely devout Muslim, one who believes in the supremacy of his faith, that Allah punishes those who disobey him, and rewards the faithful. The weakness of the West must appear to such a man to be everything that Allah has said. The West does all sorts of things their faith prohibits, from drinking, to not stoning women who cheat on their husbands, to permitting gays to live.
    To them, we are degenerate, and the conquest of our countries, and the killing of our people is perfectly in line with the dictates of their faith. Indeed, it would be shameful to shy away from exterminating us for our sins against Allah. It would be evil, in the minds of such men, to permit us to go unpunished.
    Of course, the usual response from the Progressives is “not all Muslims are like that.” And it’s perfectly true. Indeed, most Muslims aren’t like that. Most probably don’t care about what’s going on at an Ariana Grande concert in Britain. But here’s the thing: enough are like that to cause us a great deal of grief and suffering. Surveys and studies have been conducted on this very topic (and these not ones that would be friendly to the right wing point of view), and support of suicide bombing attacks like this are in the double digits, though short of an outright majority, in most Muslim countries, and even many Muslim populations in the West.
    Support for Sharia law is an absolute majority in most Muslim countries. In the same study, you see that ISIS is viewed negatively by most Muslims, which seems good… except in many countries, again, there is easily double digit support for them (note that Jordan and Lebanon are very prominent exceptions – their extremist populations are much lower, they seem to be doing something right). This National Review piece goes into some detail as well.
    What you find consistently in all this — and it jibes with personal observation as well — is that somewhere between 20 and 25% of Muslims are either extremists themselves, or are supportive of the extremists and their tactics. So sure, most are not “like that” but enough are. And of the non-extremist variety, most still want Sharia law, a form of jurisprudence that is anathema to the West and its notions of human rights. Maybe they don’t feel the need to kill us over it, as their extremist coreligionists do, but that still doesn’t mean that everybody would just get along and sing Kumbaya around the campfires.
    Feminists are fond of using “not all men” as a meme, a counterexample, because to them enough men are rapists, in their view. I submit that the percentage of men in the West who support rape, or are rapists themselves, is far less than 20-25%, at least by an order of magnitude if not more. And the remainder certainly do not subscribe to a form of jurisprudence that legitimizes stoning an adulteress to death. Yet that is enough for RadFems to say “yes, all men!”
    See the double standard yet?
    Something must be done. After all, what is the definition of insanity, if not doing the exact same thing over and over again, expecting things to change?
    I’m tired of this in the news. And it has already struck in my part of the world, among people I actually know. It’s getting too common, and too close to home. And let me make this very clear to my readers. If my child were ever killed in such an attack, I would go on a God-damned (and I don’t make this invocation lightly) one man Crusade for vengeance. God may have said “vengeance is mine” but I would damn my soul to Hell to get even with anybody who attacked my family.
    So the passivity and magical invocations of the Progressives grates on my nerves. It’s disgustingly naive and utterly insane. It is the man who passively bows down to his executioner instead of fighting to the last. I don’t understand it. I can’t fathom it.
    And they won’t do anything to address the problem. It’s sad that so many children suffered in Manchester, but let’s not kid ourselves… they won’t be the last. The blood will continue to run in the streets until the delusional idiots are stripped of power and run out of town, until the hearts on the sidewalk are erased with blood, until the candlelight vigils are seen for the farcical rituals they are.
    The Progressives often mock Christians for being believers in a mystical sky wizard, but at least when the Christian man prays, he thinks somebody is on the other end. He thinks that, though his prayer may go unanswered, that someone heard it. The Progressive vigils and prayers go nowhere. They don’t even believe anyone is on the other end. It’s wasted breath, empty ritual stripped of all purpose and meaning.
    The Christian, talking to God, believes that somebody is there with him. And if he must suffer, as Christ suffered, then that is the way of it. But at least Christ knows how it is with him, for He suffered likewise. That is why prayer can be a comfort in dire times. What does the prayer of a Progressive atheist offer to anyone, least of all to himself? It’s just theater, posing for the cameras, the useless village idiot saying “look everybody, I’m helping!”
    The magic sigils won’t bring back the dead children. They won’t make Islam and the West friendly with one another. They won’t turn back the 20-25% of Muslims who like these attacks, and desire more of them.
    And, eventually, the attacks will find their way to folks who won’t put up with it anymore, who will be as violent and angry as I’d be if it happened to my family… and then there will be war. And we’ll pay just as much attention to the lit-up buildings as Muslims do. That is to say, no attention at all.





    “Men are supposed to stand up against corrupt men and that’s what I’m going to do.”

  307. By the way, if you go to the full show you will find that Alex also interviews Larry Nichols, Mike Cernovich and Tommy Robinson. If you thought that history in 2016 had it’s drama, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet…


    “Still amazed people say deporting terrorists would enrage muslims & cause division. Same people that say majority of muslims reject terror.”


    “Understandable that many rail against internment but even Pres Obama could not find a better answer than Guantanamo Bay in 8 years in office.”

  310. EC (09:00 et seq)

    St.Teresa should ask The Donald whether or not we could fill the vacancies (at the right price of course) we could ship them over there with our Hercs.
    Money well spent. And offer them a chance for maryrdom en route by diving out of the bomb hatch straight into the arms of their 72 virgins and a grateful Allah.

    Btw QT was exactly as you augured.. No report needed. Par for the course!
    As for our ‘Home Secretary’ its clear why AA Gill divorced her. Imagine waking up to that mush on the pillow beside you! What a norf & sarf!

  311. DC Leaker?

    It sure is murky down there in that gator infested swamp!

  312. I wonder who attacked the Coptic Christians on the bus in Egypt

  313. Have you noticed how the reaction to the bloodbath in Manchester runs in two parallel streams, in one, there couldn’t be more candles, hash inspired hand-holding, singing ‘don’t look back in anger’, in the other, by far bigger in numbers, if Baron’s chatting to complete strangers offers a reliable guide, not much of a shock, ‘the only surprise is it doesn’t happen more often, said one such respondent, ‘the bastards may find it harder to get the nails’, instead alot of suppressed anger, and a full agreement that the policies we’ve tried for years, if not decades, just aren’t fit for purpose, we need much tougher measures, action that hits the Koran motivated thugs rather than the whole nation.

    In the polls – should one believe them? – the Tory lead is down to five points, the saintly One is going to lose the election which she could have had served on a plate, or if she messes up the response to the Manchester tragedy we may have a hung Parliament.

  314. Frank P @ 21:53

    Almost as good as Mr. Boot’s ‘sure enough, it’s a Muslim’, Frank, the latter must rank as one of his best, if not the best, the anger element’s missing, it’s cool, rational, and superbly argued, everyone with any interest in the civilisation, humanity, the freedoms of every one of us cannot but second it down to he last few sentences that sum up the cul de sac of the West – the unwillingness of the political elites, the impotence of the unwashed to do anything about it.

  315. Malfleur @ 08:01

    He filters it to no more than quarter of an hour, he’ll have a chance more people like Baron listen to him, Malfleur, not when he goes on 24/7.

  316. Baron – 11:40

    It’s the ‘events, dear boy, events’ problem, isn’t it.

    TM is probably the best on offer, which is disappointing. She is implementing Brexit because that is what we voted for, as she understands what being a public servant means, and she may succeed, but we have our varying doubts.

    However, the EU appear to be so infantile, just ignoring them to be left with WTO rules may be the least worse result. I don’t think people realise we are currently at (non-military) war with Continental Europe but it wouldn’t be any different if we had stayed in. In fact, it would be worse, as we would be neutered, legally, politically, financially, militarily and in every other way. They don’t care, ever closer union is their only goal: just look at Greece!!!

    The problem is that a good PM needs to prepare the ground in order that the ‘best next possible step’ is the best course of action, and she does not have a strong enough support in the ‘Cameron Cabinet’ to do that, and we wonder whether she really wants to do that anyway, and does she want to lead the Cabinet? That is different from just making policy.

    Are we going to have another Elite v People standoff, where the Elite eventually come around? Have we had the tipping point? The signs have been around for how long: since 9/11, since the 1980s, or is this war 1400 years old, with a pause after 1683?

    Our Government has not been proactive in this area: it has not put the well being of the public ahead of aliens. In this century, all our governments have had the Maginot Line mentality. When actions are driven by events, the opposition know they are on to a winner. That what Trump knew.

    Surely, with the US fraccing, we have the best chance for many a good year to change direction.

  317. Frank P May 26th, 2017 – 10:54

    Well, if I might, I’d like to offer a few observations about QT.

    I found it illustrative that Burnham, a New Labour to Corbynista shape shifter, busy trying to exploit the Manchester murders for party political gain (as the new gauleiter he probably senses a Hillsborough opportunity), made the comment that the murderer no more represented Islam than the murderer of Jo Cox represented white people. There was a deliberate conflation of religious dogma with race. It was cunning because the only comparison Burnham could have genuinely made was that the Jo Cox murderer did not represent Christianity which would have been meaningless in the context of Labour attempting to use that murder to attack the “far right”. Burnham is a left-wing Catholic but keeps his religious morality carefully concealed from his secular, “Fabian” morality, although it is obvious what drives it. He might also have said that the murderer of Jo Cox did not represent the far-right, or perhaps even just “the right”, which would probably have caused him to choke on his own words given the previous exploitation mentioned and the general hatred that the left exhibit towards anything remotely right of them. It was a completely false comparison but very typical of the scheming, manipulative political weasel that is Burnham, a proto-fascist if ever there was one.

    Secondly I found it interesting that the underwhelming Rudd hinted at “new criminal offences” but refused to provide even a hint of what they might be. In the context of much talk of “hate crime” by the panel, which I thought utterly irrelevant and bogus whataboutery, an alarm bell rang. I suspect that Rudd knows exactly what the “new criminal offences” might be, in the context of much peripheral talk about regulating and controlling internet content, yet wanted to avoid scaring any horses. She and her unelected secret police colleagues, two of whom are very cosy with and influential to Chairman May, probably think that if the General Election results in an overwhelming Tory majority they will be able to do what they like, however draconian and unpopular.

    Therefore not something for the manifesto even though a continuation of the creeping Big Brother state that has continued since about the time of Major who ushered in the authoritarian New Labour. Cameron never even bothered to honour his own manifesto pledge to reduce the power of the state, but instead pandered to the likes of dim Claire Perry’s hysterical agenda, danced with the brownshirts of UAF and re-heated New Labour’s snooping charter for Chairman May. It is almost a given that the dog whistle regulation now being constructed and planned will simply inconvenience, irk and intrude upon the law abiding majority whilst not making an iota of difference to the terror situation. But the current establishment schtick seems to be to deplore Islamic extremism at the same time as deploring the perfectly understandable expression of anger and dislike that its manifest attacks of terror provoke. As usual they are more interested in keeping a lid on a situation largely of their own making rather than tackling the real enemy – and stubbornly clinging to the cult of multiculturalism that Cameron declared a failure eight years ago.

    Lastly, the Muslim female audience member, uncovered, who told it like it is and confirmed that there is indeed a problem with Islam and Wahabi mosques in the UK, shaming the whole panel who had been busy denying or dodging it, making Dimblebore most uncomfortable and attracting the ire of the covered Muslim woman in the audience who was determined to present Britain’s Muslim community as victims. They all tried very hard to shut her up but her brave intervention was like a fart in a crowded lift, albeit a very refreshing one. No doubt the heads will be firmly and resolutely re-inserted into the sand as the establishment continues to pander instead to the grievance agenda of the covered Muslim woman representing the past rather than think they might have something important to learn from the uncovered Muslim woman representing the future.


    Worth speeding through this QT clip to 8.10 minutes

    “This has been our darkest hour”

    Delivered with a serious, I feel your pain, face.

    Rehearsed or what?

  319. Colonel Mustard – 13:52

    An excellent in depth analytical review.
    Many thanks.

  320. Colonel Mustard (13:52)

    None of them were worthy of your eviscerating scorn, nor the effort you expended in composing that excellent critique. With a bit of luck, when the next bomb is detonated, the puppet-headed Burnham will be within the ambit of the shrapnel. As for the Rudd, my loathing for the air-headed bitch increased exponentially after watching her last night. Scum floating on the tide of events.

  321. BBC tv QT : six people in search of a cliche .

    And also the same inane cliches in today’s message from Mrs. May to the members of her party.

  322. Colonel Mustard – 13:52

    Many more thanks. 🙂

  323. Question Time audience member reveals shock leaflet ‘given at Manchester killer’s mosque’

  324. Only 22,991 to go:
    Bank Holiday ring of steel: Security is ramped up at 1,300 weekend events as MI5 reveals there are 23,000 terror suspects while police hold nine in the Manchester bomber’s network

  325. The Rochdale horror goes on: Abuse is STILL rife 10 years after 50 under-age white girls were groomed and raped by a Pakistani gang – and police remain hidebound by political correctness

    It is becoming surreal.

  326. Manchester Arena suicide bomber ‘funded by £7,000 student loans’

  327. Not such a shock then.
    Is the Abedi family Islamikaze? Professor Israeli’s Letter to former Labor PM Tony Blair > New English Review

  328. John Birch – 08:43

    Blair: It is still difficult to believe, isn’t it, that the British electorate handed him three general election victories!

    You should post that article in the comments on Boot’s latest blogpost on Comrade Corbyn…

  329. Blair followed by Brown, CameronGlegg, and then Cameron. A truly damning indictment of democracy in recent times.

  330. Comrade Corbyn – “Living argument against democracy”

    “Surely everyone must see that there’s something wrong with a political system that unfailingly throws up vacuous nonentities at best and the likes of Corbyn at worst?”

    Brilliant post, Mr Boot

  331. “Corbyn is not some mad old geography teacher with a lapel full of lost causes. He is not well-meaning or idealistic or a bit quirky in his views. He is an extremist and an enabler of extremism. He is a fellow traveller with terrorists and anti-Semites. ”

  332. Baron
    May 26th – 12:02

    If you have not done so already, time for you to re-subscribe to the Spectator. It’s much more comfortable in the 1990s for us old gentlemen.

  333. Islam has been killing Copts in Egypt again. Any statement from the Church of England? Tommy Robinson in Alex Jones’s Thursday Show that I linked above visited a Sikh Temple in Birmingham. They have been taking a robust attitude to Islamic sedition since the 1980s.

    Keep calm and stay asleep.


  334. Malfleur – 13:48

    It’s not just that appeasement has never worked anywhere, anytime…
    … it’s just that it’s never been done right! 😉

  335. EC May 26th, 2017 – 16:22 & RobertRetyred May 26th, 2017 – 21:22

    Thank you both and Frank. I’m sorry that I haven’t commented here lately as much as I would have wished due to “circumstances beyond my control”!

  336. Brietbart Report.

    Ten police with helicopter swoop on Cambridge garden party after constable presses panic button on hearing Ben Laden Song on karioke. Tommy Robinson not involved.

    Frank Skinner–`Osama Bin Laden`.

  337. EC @ 11:14

    Baron also reckons everything’s wrong with democracy if you reduce it to the ballot box, EC, as the omni-all one does.

    Democracy, as this country used to practise it, is a much broader animal, it must encompass a myriad of freedoms (google for inst. Roosevelt’s definition, others), amongst which the freedom of expression and of association are the key to the democracy’s proper functioning.

    We’ve trimmed the two essential freedoms beyond a point where they’re unable to make a worthwhile contribution to the democratic process, that’s why so many of us levy the accusation of fake news on the MSM, why people get drawn towards the internet, which doesn’t filter, doesn’t preach, doesn’t insist on a PC interpretation of anything, where each contributor’s equal, and one is exposed to an almost infinite slicing of events, makes up one’s mind having appraised the lot, or as much as he wanted.

    If the likes of the BBC, other media that are still the primary source for many of us were to offer a slimmed down version of the Net, gave up on the patronising, PC lecturing, brainwashing mode, the political awareness of the unwashed would surprise even the likes of Mr. Boot.

    A good analogy to democracy is that of the financial market, where those participating (i.e. fund managers, brokers, analysts or whoever) are the equivalent of the electorate. They all are privy to the same news, every news, there isn’t any PC filter there, they have a different take on the events as they unfold, the result is the share price index. Occasionally, they get it wrong because new events, massive, unexpected, impossible to predict, change the circumstances of their financial commitment totally, but this has nothing to do with the low IQ of those who interpret then act on the news, it’s how real life ticks.

  338. The cumryd’s wrong linking the Manchester atrocity to our foreign policy, the BBC was full of it today, not all critical, one doesn’t have to go into any deep explanation, the jihadists and their apologists have been offering the foreign policy argument as an excuse for years, it fails abysmally, it cannot explain for instance why Germany and Sweden should have had their own Manchesters, the former hasn’t participated in any of the US led invasions into the lands of the Allah worshippers, has welcomed millions of Muslim refugees, the latter has been by far the biggest contributor to Muslim’s causes e.g. funding of the two Palestinian tribes, had had an open border policy (till recently).

    One can understand why he says it, however, politically it’s a gift because after the candle phase to the Islam inspired thuggery there will come the phase of anger, the election’s coming, he hopes to capitalise on it even though what he suggests is essentially more of the same that has done FA to reduce the risk till now.

    This is, or rather should be, the job of the lawmakers, we need a statute that would go for the confiscation of any assets of the family of whoever penetrated the barbarous crime, the money to go into a fund, anyone who’s suffered could make a claim, the family of the jihadist (up to the umpteenth cousin) to be fingerprinted, deported within a month, never allowed anywhere near Britain.

    Thos who’ve departed to fight with ISIL or any other group designated as a jihadi outfit should be treated in the statute the same way, the families put on a watch list.

    The mosque he prayed in should be fined massively, and if any other member of it were to commit something similar, raised to the grounds.

    For the starters, that may do the job, few more bobbies driving around in cars will do BA to stop another Manchester.

  339. Colonel Mustard @ 13:52

    Spot on, Colonel, a promotion to a higher rank is in the post.

  340. John birch @ 05:55

    You cannot be shocked by it, John, the barbarian wouldn’t be surprised to learn that his Libyan trip was financed by the taxpayer, too. Madness.

  341. Malfleur @ 13:39

    The boss took over the Spectator’s subscription, Malfeur, also keeps buying the bloody DT, (which Baron refuses to read), (could it be considered a solid reason for divorce, you reckon?)

  342. Marshal Roberts @ 12:00

    You’re forgetting, Marshal, that the saintly One was in the Home Office for six years, and the Manchester tragedy happened whilst she’s sitting in no10, people would instinctively turn to an alternative if they dislike the incumbent, mistrust, blame him or her, and in our convoluted democracy the only effective alternative happens to be Labour.

    Not that bAron likes it, he would dread it if the cumryd got anywhere near the reins of power, but a hung House is a possibility (which is equally troubling).

  343. Given the extensive jihad network surrounding the Manchester bomber, in addition to the incident itself, and the increase in the number of terror suspects in the country from 3,000 to 23,000, one would have expected that heads would roll.

    Sh1t! I think that’s my job terminated, with immediate effect.

    Anyhow, given the poor performance of those who should be providing national security, it is amazing that the only (other) person who has lost their job is a tweeter, who corrected her tweet within less than an hour.

  344. Having lived through The Gathering Storm; WW2, Austerity; The Cold War; lectures from Nuclear Ned and the fin de siecle cock-ups leading to our current State of Fubar, apocalyptic mutterings tend to fall on stoney ground. This one is, however, a half-a-crown-sixpence-jobbie:

    not least because I rate the writer.

  345. Also – follow the inner links within the Fernandez essay.

  346. Baron 21.28:
    I can see no alternative to getting behind St Theresa.
    She has seen and feared the River Tiber. I have faith in the Council House Welshie in the Brexit hot seat.

  347. Dominic Lawson has a brilliant headline in the ST

    “Put down the nail bomb – Jeremy wants to talk”

  348. Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell’s links with the IRA is revealed by a Telegraph investigation.
    It can be disclosed that for seven years running, while the IRA “armed struggle” was at its height, Mr Corbyn attended and spoke at official republican commemorations to honour dead IRA terrorists, IRA “prisoners of war” and the active “soldiers of the IRA.”
    The official programme for the 1988 event, held one week after the IRA murdered three British servicemen in the Netherlands, states that “force of arms is the only method capable of bringing about a free and united Socialist Ireland.” Mr Corbyn used the event to attack the Anglo-Irish Agreement, the precursor of the peace process.
    “They were enemies of the peace process. They had a clear choice between the IRA and peaceful nationalism and they chose the IRA.”
    Nigel Dodds, the Democratic Unionist MP for North Belfast
    He said it had resulted in no improvement in the lives of the people of Northern Ireland, adding: “It strengthens rather than weakens the border between the six and the 26 counties, and those of us who wish to see a united Ireland oppose the agreement for that reason.”
    The editorial board of a hard-Left magazine, of which Mr Corbyn was a member, wrote an article praising the Brighton bombing. In its article on the IRA attack, which almost wiped out Margaret Thatcher’s Cabinet, the editorial board of London Labour Briefing said the atrocity showed that “the British only sit up and take notice [of Ireland] when they are bombed into it.”
    According to an authoritative parliamentary reference work, Mr Corbyn was general secretary of the editorial board. He wrote the front-page story in the same issue of Briefing.
    The same edition of Briefing, for December 1984, carried a reader’s letter praising the “audacity” of the IRA attack and stating: “What do you call four dead Tories? A start.”
    It mocked Norman, now Lord, Tebbit, the trade secretary who was dug out of the rubble of the Grand Hotel, saying: “Try riding your bike now, Norman.”
    It can also be revealed that in 2004 Mr McDonnell, now Labour’s shadow chancellor, was given a special award by Sinn Fein and another IRA-supporting body for the “unfailing political and personal support he has given to the republican community in the Six Counties over many years.”
    John McDonnell is presented with a Hunger Strike commemorative plaque by Gerry Kelly
    John McDonnell is presented with a Hunger Strike commemorative plaque by Gerry Kelly
    The award was presented to him at a Sinn Fein fundraising dinner by Gerry Kelly, the IRA terrorist who bombed the Old Bailey, killing one and injuring almost 200.
    Kelly, now a senior Sinn Fein politician, also led the 1983 breakout of IRA inmates from the Maze prison, during which he shot a prison officer in the head.
    As has been widely reported, Mr McDonnell also honoured IRA terrorists, though in his case only after the ceasefire.
    his apology for the remarks last month, Mr McDonnell claimed he only made them to promote the peace process.
    In fact, however, Mr McDonnell told the IRA’s official newspaper that he opposed the peace process negotiations to create a power-sharing assembly in what became the Good Friday Agreement.
    He said: “An assembly is not what people have laid down their lives for over thirty years…the settlement must be for a united Ireland.”
    The disclosures are made after research by the Telegraph in archives in London, Oxford and Belfast.
    They come after the Prime Minister, David Cameron, attacked Mr Corbyn last week as “terrorist-sympathising” and “Britain-hating.”
    The new revelations were greeted with shock and disgust by victims and opponents of the IRA.
    Lord Tebbit, whose wife, Margaret, was permanently crippled by the Brighton bomb, said: “It’s hard to think how Corbyn could sink any lower. It’s the classic definition of the snake’s belly. He betrays his hatred of democracy and his love of violence, which survives to this day.”
    Nigel Dodds, the Democratic Unionist MP for North Belfast, said: “Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell speak about honest politics and straight talking, but they should stop trying to pretend and tell lies that they were pro-peace. They were pro-terrorism. They were enemies of the peace process. They had a clear choice between the IRA and peaceful nationalism and they chose the IRA.”
    Between 1986 and 1992, Mr Corbyn attended and spoke each year at the annual “Connolly/Sands” commemoration in London to honour dead IRA terrorists and support imprisoned IRA “prisoners of war.”

    Between 1986 and 1992, Mr Corbyn attended and spoke each year at the annual “Connolly/Sands” commemoration in London to honour dead IRA terrorists and support imprisoned IRA “prisoners of war.”
    Programmes for the events have been obtained by the Telegraph.
    The programme for the 1987 event, on May 16 of that year, praises the “soldiers of the IRA,” saying: “We are proud of our people and the revolutionaries who are an integral part of that people.”
    The programme for the 1988 event, on May 8 of that year, states that “in this, the conclusive phase in the war to rid Ireland of the scourge of British imperialism… force of arms is the only method capable of bringing this about.”
    The event took place the day after the funerals of the service personnel killed by the IRA in the Netherlands.
    Each programme includes a list of IRA “prisoners of war” who are to be honoured that year, including the Brighton bomber, Patrick Magee, and sectarian murderers.
    The lists include their prisons and birthdays, with IRA supporters in the UK encouraged to send them birthday cards in jail.
    Mr Corbyn typically spoke alongside senior figures from Sinn Fein, including Gerry Adams at the 1991 event, at which he attacked “British imperialism” and praised Bobby Sands, the IRA terrorist who died on hunger-strike.
    The events were organised by the Wolfe Tone Society, which describes itself in the programmes as an “Irish republican support group based in London. Its work consists of helping republican prisoners’ relatives and promoting the policies and publications of Sinn Fein.”
    Mr Corbyn and Mr McDonnell “work closely” with the Wolfe Tone Society, according to its convenor, Dennis Grace, speaking at the 2006 event.
    It was at the Wolfe Tone Society’s 2003 commemoration that Mr McDonnell made his now notorious comments calling for Sands and other terrorists to be “honoured,” adding: “It was the bombs and bullets and sacrifice made by the likes of Bobby Sands that brought Britain to the negotiating table.”
    In his apology last month for the remarks, Mr McDonnell claimed that he made them to promote the peace process, saying: “I went out and argued for the peace process and I made this speech to a group of republicans because one of the problems we had is that if there was a feeling that they were defeated or humiliated they would not stand down.”

  349. A good interviewer and, of course, a good interviewee:
    Douglas Murray: EU’s migrant crisis is rooted in German Holocaust guilt

  350. Another interview, by Delingpole with Douglas Murray, made before the Manchester bombing:
    Douglas Murray – The Strange Death of Europe [Delingpole]

  351. Frank P – May 12th, 01:09

    Is this the This Week clip:
    Douglas Murray on BBC This Week discussing problems with mass immigration into Europe

  352. I’m not sure when I and the modern world separated but can anyone explain to me the obsession with finding the missing airman which has cost a million pounds apparently digging up a waste tip when people go missing every day and no one cares.

  353. Do the Chief Constables and Police Commissioners get their uniforms from`Hugo Boss`?

  354. Enough is enough was a long time ago for us normal people.
    Theresa May reveals plans for a new ‘Terror Tsar’

  355. DE: While in Rusholme, the dog unit has been called as police stormed a house in the area.

    With or without booties?

  356. Longish, but instructive (cum believable):

    (The MI5 or the CIA may think they’re in control, in reality they’re not, it’s those who are supposed to dance to their tune who get one over them in the end).

  357. John birch. May 28th, 2017 – 20:01

    Another talking shop which will be composed of all the usual agitprop, Common Purpose, change agenda apparatchiks, agitators and usual suspects who will use its empowerment to advance their groupthink, “progressive”, multi-culti agenda.

    Appointed of course, not elected, with an empire building bureaucracy funded by, of course, the poor old taxpayer.

    Why on earth does England need yet another “Tsar”? Enough is enough. We need Mossad instead.

  358. Mistress May fails to follow Cameron’s lead and issue a greetings for Ramadan,which began on Friday.

  359. To Tommy Robinson via twitter : “Racist m…..f……”……something about killing white scum…”bring on the bombs”.
    Lancs. police appear to have made an arrest in Blackburn following reference from Beds. police after complaint from Tommy Robson. First time this happened after many threats.

  360. DM: University students Mohamed and Yahya Werfalli were arrested in the early hours of Saturday


  361. IANW 🙂

  362. To new CHW…….

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