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  1. Hooray!

  2. Meanwhile back here Sir Sugar sticks it into the Cumryd.

    (Shouldn’t it be Lord Alan?)

  3. Another reason to stop smoking:

  4. Esther, August 6th, 2017 – 16:28

    Re: “Have I Got Establishment Views For You”

    Here’s two items that Mr. Hisplop might once have recognised as Satire – before he sold out…

    “Commies are Cool”

    CNN: Trump “aware” of Putin ties to Kremlin

  5. Esther, August 6th, 2017 – 16:28

    Re: “Have I Got Establishment Views For You”

    Here’s two items that Mr. Hisplop might once have recognised as Satire – before he sold out…

    “Commies are Cool”

    CNN: Trump “aware” of Putin ties to Kremlin


    Please be advised that John Jefferson Burns is buying lunch for anybody answering to the name of “Andy Carpark” this Thursday, August 10, at Charlotte Street hotel, W1T 1RJ.

    [Ref: John Jefferson Burns, August 2nd, 2017 – 09:41]

  7. @11:29

    …also, the bar manager, Dmitri, has requested that anybody requiring a shot Po210 with either their or their guest’s Moscow Mule, should pre-order by 5pm Tuesday.

  8. The BBC’s “Boltdown” fail:

    The most amusing thing about Usain’s personal tragedy on Saturday evening was watching/listening to the gaggle of Beeboid commentators scrambling for cover when their man came in third and their carefully prepared narrative was subjected to an emergency “reverse ferret.”

  9. Hi there E.C. and all you Limeys, yall still well?
    You better believe I am headed thru my Chicago feeder flight across the pond tomorrow.
    Yup if Andy is at the Charlotte Street Hotel Thursday at noontime, I will stand him lunch with my aunt, a fine Devonshire girl.
    Be prompt because we are headed down to Glyndebourne around 2 to see La Traviata.
    Love to all.

  10. JJBurns 12.51

    Thanks for the invitation JJB.
    Generally speaking it takes us folk from the North a few days to get a visa for London, find an Igbo translator and arrange external seating on the train.
    So, next time maybe. Your aunt seems a brave woman, I trust she enjoys the singing.

  11. Noa 20.32: The boorish gent will have to behave at the opera.

    And – I like the Salzburg version with Anna Netrebko.

  12. That’ll teach me to take a weekend sabbatical to celebrate a tribal wedding.
    On returning to the fray, I find that the Mueller man is getting all his ducks in a row and that a coup is imminent. It’s worse than I thought, Steyn sums it up with characteriistic brevity and wit:

    He’s right! Uncle Sam is in Deep Shit State. Where that leaves us is anybody’s guess.

  13. Marshal Roberts – 07:38

    Each to their own, but …

    Opera? Just Mills and Boone plots, often badly acted, inaudible dialogue sung to incidental music often supplied by a crap orchestra.

    Ambrose Bierce defined it thus…

    n. A play representing life in another world, whose inhabitants have no speech but song, no motions but gestures and no postures but attitudes. All acting is simulation, and the word simulation is from simia, an ape; but in opera the actor takes for his model Simia audibilis (or Pithecanthropos stentor) — the ape that howls.
    The actor apes a man — at least in shape; The opera performer apes and ape.

    Ballet? Never seen the point. The commies used to produce that for their starving proles, a cruel and unusual punishment if you ask me… which you didn’t.

    The thought of either Opera or Ballet being subsidised via taxation has me reaching for my Browning. Who knows, though, what gets JJB reaching for his trusty Bat Masterson?

  14. Frank P – 09:19

    “Where that leaves us is anybody’s guess.|

    Thanks, that Steyn piece cheered me up no end. He is right though.

    Two possible answers to the question that you posed: 1) Helpless bystanders; 2) Collateral damage.

  15. 9.19 Frank P

    “The first is the palace-intrigue stuff: Spicer loathes Scaramucci, Scaramucci hates Priebus, Priebus despises Bannon, etc.”

    I recently read Hugh Trevor Roper’s “The Last Days of Adolf Hitler” and the graphic details of Bormann hates Himmler hates Goebbels hates Goring…and all combinations thereof.

    It s the problem with dictators. Trump needs Cabinet Government.

  16. EC 0923

    All you need to know is boy meets girl, infatuation, boy causes trouble, girl gets ill.
    Girl dies.

  17. @Frank P 8th, 09:19

    To really judge how deep the sh*t is you have to insert the dipstick the ‘hole way … by which time you’re so far in it yourself …

  18. Joining the dots …. to Obama:

    Down with Internet Gatekeepers (Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Microsoft)!

  19. Joining the dots …. to Obama, part 2:
    2010-2016 [and continuing?]: The Era of Political Repression in America

  20. Every now and again Speccie produces a gem of irony:

    “The Pride Wars are now a fixed feature of LGBT politics. Lefties attack the event for being too corporate and apolitical. Tories, not always made welcome by other marchers, complain it’s too political and not inclusive of ideological diversity. You could perform a few stonings beside the Queers for Palestine stall and still be more welcome than Jews waving Stars of David. Intolerance never went away, it just rebranded as intersectionality.

    Emma Little-Pengelly, the MP for Belfast South, sent a tweet to coincide with Belfast Pride on Saturday: ‘Best wishes to all my friends & constituents celebrating today – all should be able to live a proud life free from hate, abuse or persecution.’ So… what’s the big deal? Very progressive statement; more of this, please. Only Little-Pengelly isn’t from the SDLP or the Alliance — she’s DUP. You might have noticed, they’re not keen on the Ls, the Gs or the Bs and no one get them started on the Ts.”


    Alex Jones Show, Tuesday August 8th

  22. Are we all drying up?
    It is necessary to keep striving for Nirvana.

  23. Marshal Roberts, August 8th, 2017 – 19:49

    Once upon a time in a galaxy far, far away…

    there lived a man, also a G B who was actually the pride of Belfast. A footballing legend whose extra-curricular activities were equally legendary. In today’s joyless world some his exploits then, though consensual, would have undoubtedly attracted the censure of the assorted joyless, androgynous misandrists and Long Mincers [©FP 🙂 ] of today!

    I have a NI banknote with him on it, somewhere…

  24. Italian soldiers attacked this week. UK Big Media blacked it out.

    Six French soldiers run over by a jihadist, gets a small mention in MSM.

    A lot of gloating in the comments about ‘They voted for Macron’, which is justified.

    But the British vote for May and Corbyn. Two cheeks of the same xxxx. They won’t save you.

    If you don’t fight at the ballot box, you never win. And that means sometimes losing even if you have to back an outsider.

    We can’t go on like this. Every European country needs an Orban: door shut and a repatriation programme.

  25. I’m not his most devoted acolyte but, imo, Mr. Boot has come up with the goods this time! Baron?

    “The shot that killed Old Russia”

    Mr. B. did not name Vera Zasulich’s defence counsel but it could only have been Charles Waterstreet, surely? I didn’t know he had a time machine!

  26. EC @ 10:39

    What can anyone add after the one who knows it all has spoken, EC?

    Still, she may have been the talk of the town then, (didn’t Oscar Wilde write a play inspired by her?), but did the shooting really kill old Russia?

    The Russians history in the 2nd half of the 19th century in particular consists of little else but assassinations (or killings generally), if only the country were a democracy then the Voltaire’s idea of the best system of governance (democracy tempered with assassinations) would have fitted her well, everyone has been killing everyone else, killing’s in vogue in Russia’s history (it still sometimes is), as much as hypocrisy’s been valued in England.

    Amazingly, the one angle of Vera’s life that may have been explored by the omni-all one but wasn’t was her translating Marx’s Capital into Russian, (if memory serves, even corresponding with the man). It would seem more logical to argue that the writings of the bearded Prussian were more instrumental in turning the country into the hell by the Lenin’s henchmen after 1917 then was the shooting of one minor official amongst the thousands.

    Btw, what may have helped her acquittal was also her looks, she was considered pretty by the yardsticks of beauty of that time.

  27. The 10th anniversary of the implosion of the ghastly Blair&Brown ‘no boom, no bust’ experiment, the BBC4 World at One with Carney in the chair was running it as the top item, the ghastly Brown was invited (arghhh) saying ‘nobody knew then how global everything was, suspected the closeness of the many areas of business, finance and commerce blah, blah, blah, the only contributor who made any sense in the debate was a guy who used to work for Goldmans (yup, he did make sense) saying that the banks are now so regulated that they forget what their first responsibility is i.e. ensuring the conversion of mostly short term savings into longer term lending whilst companies go for buybacks of their own shares to boost the bottom line, return on capital hence the top managers remuneration.

    Next year is the time for the two types of banking (retail and investment) have to part company, nobody has said anything about it, puzzling this.

  28. Where does the news that the North Korean nutter is allegedly considering attacking Guam come from? Does anyone know? Tillerson is also quoted saying ‘there’s no imminent threat of war’ with North Korea.

    Does that feel like a conflict between the two will break up, and soon?

  29. Are the Deep State protagonists going to wait until 2030, or are they to push the button before the Five put their act together? We should be told.

  30. Here you have it, we should stop reading Breitbart and sources similar, switch to the Economist or at least the Guardian (as the barbarian is doing here), if we want to avoid fake news, get to the truth.

    What the piece doesn’t say is who exactly were the 9,000 respondents to the survey except saying there was a difference between liberals, conservatives, women and men, and whites and non-whites.

  31. Marshal Roberts @ 19:49

    The one thing the LBTGT (or whatever the acronym is now) community should do is shut up, judging by the amount of column inches devoted to them one would have thought they are the 97% majority.

  32. John Jefferson Burns @ 12:51

    One goes to Glyndebourne, John, to have a picnic before the singing starts, followed by a solid dinner in the long interval, but most importantly for the license to say (whether asked or not): I’ve been to Glyndebourne’. The performance of whatever is just an inconsequential, near trivial, almost unimportant event, rates as secondary, if at all.

    Keep that in mid, young sir.

  33. You recall the 2010 Polish Air Force Tu-154 crash near the city of Smolensk, Russia, killing all 96 people on board including President Lech Kaczynski, the brother of the current Polish kingmaker (a pain in the neck for the Brussels apparatchiks)?

    The Poles have found one of the wings of the aircraft was damaged before the plane hit the trees, the till-now accepted reason for the disaster.

  34. Trust The Economist and The Guardian? Who TF did they survey?

    Stupid question!

  35. A bit long winded, but still great from the Great Mark:

  36. Stand by, chaps, for I reckon that another GE or Referendum is imminent!

    Now you might say NSS but I had yet another “Please confirm you electoral register details” from the local Kremlin today. I had one of these on the run up to the Brexit referendum and also again just before the May Council elections and June GE.

    They’re ever keen to see if any conservative voters have died or moved out of the area, I suppose…

  37. Baron – 14:57

    That Tu-154 crashed on a summer’s day in perfect weather did it?

  38. EC @ 15:28

    Just the opposite, EC, as you well know, the weather conditions were appealing, getting worse as they’ve trying to land, the tower said ‘don’t’, but the recording from the cockpit shows it was the President who insisted the plane landed. Not only a bad judgment, a fatal one, too (if it’s true)

  39. Esther @ 14:59

    You’re failing to read the clip in the right historical setting, Esther, think of slavery, white domination, who’s been ‘the cancer of human history?’, and stuff like that, it’s the bigger boy’s who’s the victim, a team of outreachers will descend on the school soon, ensure the bully gets the attention, help, support, his family will complain about something that was ‘the real cause’ of the incident like social deprivation or whatever happens to do the job for them, will ask for (say) better housing, more privileges, personal teachers for the boisterous youngster, the Facebook progressives will set up a hashtag #we’re to blame, those in authority will meekly submit.

    The important thing is the country’s no longer barbaric as she was in the past, but diverse, non-racist, PC.

  40. Manafort raided!

    Strange how the FBI never managed to raid:

    Hillary’s place over her illegal, hacked-by-all, unsecured email server
    The Clinton foundation for multiple reasons, Russia, Pay for Play, Haiti etc. etc.
    The offices of the DNC as part of the ongoing Seth Rich murder.
    John Podesta for [ insert your own choice of reasons and pejoratives here… ]

  41. Baron – 12:15 & 16:50

    I thought that Mr. Boot’s use of the eerily familiar Vera Zasulich trial proceedings as a vehicle to highlight the rot in today’s UK’s[ECHR’s] judiciary/legal system was perfectly valid.

    Cue Richard Littlejohn: WGTHIAH! [“We’re Going To Hell In A Handcart” etc.]

    PS. That Fyodor Trepov must’ve been either a sturdy or a lucky bastard. People didn’t generally recover from gut shots in those days, did they? Maybe Zasulich was a rotten shot, or Trepov was a fat bastard?

  42. @17:03

    Apologies to RL, that should be, WAGTHIAH! [“We’re All Going To Hell In A Handcart”]

  43. One’s hard put to decide which is more imbecilic, the initial idea or the implementation of it:

  44. ‘All white women are good for one thing’: Chilling outburst of member of 18-strong Asian sex gang – including a white woman – who groomed vulnerable girls as young as 13 with M-Cat before raping them

    A total of 17 men and a woman have been convicted of sex and drugs offences
    They plied vulnerable young girls with drink and drugs at sex ‘sessions’ in city
    A total of 461 people were arrested and police say there were 278 victims

    It’s only chilling if you work in Big Media. It’s the tip of the iceberg and going on in every single stinking multi-culti hell-hole city in the UK.

    The sentences are a disgrace. This was race hate rape. They all need the rope, including the girl who aided and abetted. They need the rope and the death penalty.

    It stinks.

  45. Esther at 17:44

    All reported on PM at 5 PM ( BBC Radio 4 ) ; without mention of the M word .

  46. EC @ 17:33

    Good point, young sir.

    (The software switched ‘point’ to ‘pint’ twice, strange, isn’t it?)

    Btw, whether it’s true the barbarian knows not, but the name Vera is said to become very popular here after the case got massive publicity worldwide, which may suggest there was more than just sympathy for the woman, the motives behind the act, the reasoning of the jury mattered, too.

    What’s weird is that she objected to the killing of people in authority, said she had committed the crime for moral reasons, would have done the same if it wasn’t a governor who ordered the flogging of a nobleman. Whether the victim was fat or not only Mr. Boot may tell you, but usually the members of the ruling class were of the obese type, fat was a mark of comfort, money, a life of leisure.

  47. Baron at 14 : 31

    The respondents were self referring from 29 publications .

  48. One may be close to a murder scene in today’s Britain without knowing about it, the barbarian drives along the A1066 (A11) near Thetford very often, goes to the Thetford forest to look for mushrooms, East Harling sits on the outskirts of the wooded area.

    Last Saturday, a man close to Baron’s age, was brutally murdered walking a couple of dogs there, the police have no clue who may have done it, say ‘crimes like this are “not normal” for Norfolk’ (huge comfort that), the bin collection in the area is being delayed, people are asked to look for blood stained clothing, rumours are rife it’s drug related.

    Frank should offer to help, it’s his neck of the woods.

  49. Radford NG @ 18:08

    Quite, Radford, that would explain the outcome well.

  50. Christ, now I’ve been banned from the conservative woman website.
    Haven’t said anything controversial that I can see.
    Well, not that controversial.
    Have to ask them why.

  51. John birch – 18:47

    You should tell them that you now identify as a woman and want to be known as Joan Birch!

  52. EC LOL

  53. How to exploit the zeitgeist for Affirmative Action!

    Student Fakes Being Black to Get Into Medical School Under “Affirmative Action”
    Mark Dice

    Love it!

  54. Not that it matters at all, or that anyone would ever listen to the poorly educated Slav, not even the great Mark (out of curtesy for Baron’s subscription to his club), but the approach adopted by the Donald stinks. If he keeps talking big, doing nothing the credibility of the Republic will suffer, never mind his own which in itself would be a pity, but not fatal, after all, he can be replaced.

    The best way to get the North making sense is to get them bribed, to shower them with consumerism, to corrupt them from inside.

    The Americans cannot do it, the Chinese, possibly the Russians, could by convincing the nutter that he should allow the forming of manufacturing cum trading entities with foreign i.e. Chinese partners. The making and selling of stuff should be heavily subsidised, credit should be offered to everyone wanting it on terms so small that as many as possible of the North Korean burghers should be able to afford to buy almost anything they want until their living standard is close to that of the South.

    If you think that’s crazy, of course it is, but it’s a better solution than a world in which one can never be certain that the air one breathes, the rain that fall on one’s head, or the fish one buys are not radioactive, which may well be the case if the nutter sets off all his nukes not just over the South (or the piddly Guam), but in situ. He may well do that hoping to survive in a bunker with supplies to last him, his few cronies for years, or until he’s rescued by the Red Cross, taken to court, sentenced to live in luxury for the rest of his life.

  55. Baron, the Donald has the reins only of domestic policy, he is having rings run around him by the ‘defence’ chiefs. And who would gainsay a military man? He picks his battles but he doesn’t want to fall out with his military.

    I agree it’s a bad idea but I have no idea how the Donald can escape his military advisers. One hopes he thinks, if I bluster that will please them. It strikes a false chord with me. All very co-ordinated public relations. Very Iraq.

    What isn’t false is the Muslim rape squads patrolling everywhere in the UK and going unpunished. This cover up is Common Purpose co-ordinated from media to the judiciary.

  56. Baron – 22:21

    Sorry, I missed that?

    Given that Donald’s initial objective was to drain the swamp, and now finding himself up to his arse in alligators then, to put it in Machiavellian terms, “What doth it profit Donald to forestall the NK nutter now?” A foreign war is always good for cementing one’s grip on power at home.

    Forget the AGW scam, the elephant in the room is the world burgeoning population that is pushing now pushing from 6 to 9 billion. This is unsustainable. The planet is in desperate need of a pandemic, or a nuclear war and an ensuing 3 year nuclear winter to reduce the population by at least 2/3.

    Unfortunately WE don’t get to decide which 2/3 goes!

  57. EC (23:20)

    The polymath expands your theme comprehensively and quite alarmingly, with nary a thought for political correctness, as is his wont:

    I fear that he may be right.

  58. …. across the board!

    Oh how I would like to be privy to the “civil defence” strategies inculcated into the pussified poliss by the latter-day equivalent of “Nuclear Ned’. Must ask some of my heirs and successors.

  59. Meanwhile, here’s a little lightener from the NN:

    Satnav – A new poem by Pam Ayres.

    I have a little Satnav, it sits there in my car.
    A Satnav is a driver’s friend it tells you where you are.
    I have a little Satnav, i’ve had it all my life.
    It’s better than the normal ones, my Satnav is my wife.

    It gives me full instructions, especially how to drive.
    “It’s sixty miles an hour”, it says, “You’re doing sixty five”.
    It tells me when to stop and start, and when to use the brake
    And tells me that it’s never ever, safe to overtake.

    It tells me when a light is red, and when it goes to green
    It seems to know instinctively, just when to intervene.
    It lists the vehicles just in front, and all those to the rear.
    And taking this into account, it specifies my gear.

    I’m sure no other driver, has so helpful a device.
    For when we leave and lock the car, it still gives its advice.
    It fills me up with counselling, each journey’s pretty fraught.
    So why don’t I exchange it, and get a quieter sort?

    Ah well, you see, it cleans the house, makes sure I’m properly fed.
    It washes all my shirts and things, and keeps me warm in bed!
    Despite all these advantages, and my tendency to scoff,
    I only wish that now and then, I could turn the bugger off.

  60. Frank P – 08:47


    The “Pregnant-and-girl simulator, forced on American troops by feminists.?”

    Ye Gods!!! The american military is finished…

  61. Classic: Kenny Everett as as well known Scottish roving reporter interviewing the attendant, Billy Connolly, in Leicester Square Gents toilets.

  62. EC (14:42)

    The Usurpers. It’s over.

  63. In a paper like the daily express the latest Muslim sex gang of 17 court case is on page 27 and less than half a page.
    Odd don’t you think.

  64. And in the times two full pages and all the ugly faces of the scum who shouldn’t be here.
    Odd as well.

  65. Mail whole front page plus pages six and seven and all the ugly bastards photos as well.
    Good coverage, and a section listing all the towns and cities scarred by sex gangs.
    What I would have expected.

  66. EC
    August 8th, 2017 – 09:23
    “Opera? Just Mills and Boone plots, often badly acted, inaudible dialogue sung to incidental music often supplied by a crap orchestra”

    I do not agree.

    The sound of a beautiful human voice, soaring above an orchestra, sometimes reaching incredibly high (or incredibly low) notes, has been one of my life-long pleasures. I’ve attended hundreds of opera performances, including the Royal Opera and Glyndebourne, and now that I am more or less house-bound because of chronic ill-health, I get my opera kicks from my CD collection.

    I know many people dislike opera, but many love it, and to condemn it using the words above, is ridiculous. Personally I loathe and detest football, but I admit many love it, and that is their pleasure.

    Admittedly some opera performances leave much to be desired, but I would rather hear a bad performance of Verdi or Mozart than attend any “pop” concert.

    Each to his (or in my case, her) own indeed.

  67. L.C. @ 17:13

    Not that operas top Baron’s list of his favourite musical preferences (chamber music does), L.C., but some of the arias are as close to godly as it gets, and by far better than anything the popular culture can offer, enjoy, young sir:

  68. John birch @ 16:09

    You reckon the display in the DM and the Times will change anything, John?

    It may seem childish to say it, but Baron reckons it’s fear, raw human fear on part of those who could change things, that keeps them from changing things, they’re frightened that a nutter may do them, or those close to them, physical harm if they were to suggest a change in the law targeting the creed.

  69. EC @ 14:42

    One of them’s Baron, EC, he’s been a subscriber since the depth of the last century, not because of the political tilt of the rag, because of the other stuff that’s worth reading.

    You recall Enoch saying he would back Britain even if the communists took over? It’s something similar with the Spectator, the Frasers come and go, the mag keeps going.

  70. EC @ 10:27

    So non-PC, EC, how could you? He, he, he.

  71. Hard to say if batteries will last longer, take shorter to replenish, get smaller if they haven’t done any of it in the last half a century or more, but that’s something the barbarian won’t witness because he won’t be around when they flop or conquer.

  72. Here’s another take on the swamp draining, EC, the books mentioned in the piece may be worth reading (has anyone read them?):

  73. L.C. – 17:13

    I wasn’t being entirely serious. I was just my attempt at a humorous and provocative quip which didn’t even register on the scale of funny as compared those of Ambrose Bierce and H.L.Mencken on the subject.

    Here’s Sir Humphrey and his minister, Jim Hacker, discussing the merits of art subsidies in general and Opera vs Football in particular.

    I love these old Yes Minister / Prime Minister clips, so cleverly written and they covered such a lot bases. Quality TV, so much better than the 90% rubbish the BBC puts on these days.

  74. Baron 19:05 & 19:15

    Echo Chamber Music:

    Now, I’m hoping this is just a flash in the pan, so to speak, but your comments gave me a disturbing vision of you sat trousers round ankles reading a copy of the Spectatesman whilst listening to some bloke playing the harpsichord with his elbows, patiently waiting for nature to take its course.

    File Under: Nurse! N-U-R-S-E ! The curtains…

  75. Yes, I really do need a holiday.
    Toodle Pip!

  76. Who needs ‘The Nation’ to be told the Russian hacking saga was designed, executed, backed by the MSM lapdogs to harm the Donald.

    The Deep Swamp fruitcakes have reached the same level of arrogance the communist thugs used to display facing the crowds with lies. The communist thugs knew the crowds knew it was all lies, yet the two diasporas coexisted happily until the system collapsed, as it will here.

    It’s worth mentioning also the observation by the great Mark that it’s the process that inflicts the damage, the outcome of the process is near immaterial.

  77. If this were the biggest problem with the EU, the barbarian would be tempted to argue we remain.

  78. @EC 10th, 21:30

    “Quality TV, so much better than the 90% rubbish the BBC puts on these days.”

    Which is all it CAN produce because
    (a) The target audience is now so thick and ill-educated and
    (b) Because the programme makers/commissioners/approvers don’t themselves know any better.

  79. @Esther 9th, 23:09

    “And who would gainsay a military man? He picks his battles but he doesn’t want to fall out with his military.”

    The military would love to see their weapons tested in “live” (for the moment) situations, but only at first or second remove.

    Facing NK, it’s a bit difficult for them to avoid their fingerprints being found on the weapon.

  80. Whoops!

    Thing is – are we (England) locked and loaded? Or crocked and corroded?
    Taking a look at our current administration and the potential imminent choices for an alternative, we know the answer to that, don’t we?

  81. Watch the second clip below, the one between the great Mark and the notably white young man with a beard, it’s short, totally imbecilic, identity driven piffle. Should Mark get himself embroiled in such a charade?

  82. Frank P @ 14:44

    The verbal escalation of the conflict may seem just that, Frank, a rhetorical playground spat between two inflated egos, but should the Donald travel this path? Isn’t there a danger the altercation could get to a point where one or the other side will have to act, call the other side’s bluff, push the brawling beyond the verbal?

    The Americans may be by far superior in any aspect of the possible conflict, but weird things happen, things one cannot predict. The nutter commands a massive armed force, the millions of his combatants are as brainwashed as the thousands of the jihadists, if not more, he has a sizeable nuclear arsenal, the South is only miles away, the outcome may not be what one hopes for.

  83. It should be pointed out that in common law a threat of assault is an assault if the person threatening has the means to perpetrate it. Extrapolating that to the current situation with Dim Wrong ‘Un, Trump would be justified in hitting any launch site in NOKO that is observed to be preparing to launch. Let’s go! Not just ‘lock ‘n’ load … aim ‘n’ launch!
    All this argy-bargy is getting boring. Take the ugly, fat, shaven-headed slitty-eyed little cretin out! Then wipe out those brainwashed marching tin soldiers and his mock missiles in one fell swoop with another MOAB direct hit on Pyongang. Let’s stop fuckin’ around! Basta!

    Btw … where are our ‘leaders’ in this crisis?? Hiding?

  84. EC – The Spectator’s sales figures!

    Hold on one tick. This is part of the group the Barcaly Bros want to sell!!

    The figures were boosted by bulk sales to airlines and train companies, so they will be sold at discount and are not specifically bought.

    We are told newsstand sales rose, but from what base? Were they previously falling and then re-climbing?

    The Barclays want out before they lose their money.

    I’ll tell you what, the wretched sites wou;d pay for themselves if they copied Breitbart and stopped worrying about upsetting advertisers. If the readers are there, the advertisers will have no chioce but to use the medium.

    I will not pay to be spat at, insulted and abused. They can do it for free and I’ll tell them to xxxx off, but I will not pay for it.

    Wonderful Breitbart (another story missing from the Mail and the Smellygraph):

  85. Fantastic ‘notably white’ Steyn!

  86. China’s position articulated in the paper (see the link below) appears logical, the country cannot but prefer to have the nutter as a neighbour, the Americans would be by far bigger threat. The South China Sea islands building programme would be of no help, it would be a waste of money if the American troops and hardware were stationed just over the land border 800 miles long.

    But how will they prevent America to strike first? That’s the question someone should be asking Beijing.

    As if the North Korean crisis were not enough for the Donald to grapple with, he’s also quoted as saying that a military intervention in Venezuela cannot be ruled out.

    Britain had impoverished herself fighting the Nazis, it was the final straw in losing her status as the world’s hegemonic power, the Republic took over. If the Yanks keep on fighting everyone, wasting treasure and lives (having little to show for it), there may come a point they will run out of money, only hastening the end of their world dominance, another power will take over.

  87. By the ever rising national debt of America and the never ending printing of money it looks like they run out a while ago. Now it’s smoke and mirrors.

  88. Teaching math to kids in the Republic, the evolution of:

    1. Teaching Math In The 1950’s

    A logger sells a truckload of lumber for $100. His cost of production is 4/5 of the price. What is his profit?

    2. Teaching Math In The 1960’s

    A logger sells a truckload of lumber for $100. His cost of production is 4/5 of the price, or $80. What is his profit?

    3. Teaching Math In The 1970’s

    A logger sells a truckload of lumber for $100. His cost of production is $80. Did he make a profit?

    4. Teaching Math In The 1980’s

    A logger sells a truckload of lumber for $100. His cost of production is $80 and his profit is $20. Your assignment: underline the number 20.

    5. Teaching Math In 1990’s

    A logger cuts down a beautiful forest because he is selfish and inconsiderate and cares nothing for the habitat of animals or the preservation of our woodlands He does this so he can make a profit of $20. What do you think of this way of making a living? Topic for class participation after answering the question: How did the birds and squirrels feel as the logger cut down their homes? (There are no wrong answers, and if you feel like crying, it’s ok.)

    6. Teaching Math In The 2000’s

    Same question as number 5 but if you have special needs or just feel you need assistance because of race, color, religion, sex, age, childhood memories, criminal background, then don’t answer and the correct answer will be provided for you.

    7. Teaching Math in 2017

    Un hachero vende una carrtada de maderapara 100 pesos El costo de la producciones es 80 pesos. Cuanto dinero ha hecho?

  89. This appeared suddenly on Baron’s screen, he didn’t google for it, it just popped up, uninvited. Talented young girl, if this is indeed a female of the species:

  90. Re: the Google Goolag – that’s why things like the Coffee House Wall are so important.

    I always knew Facebook, Google and YouTube would ban free speech one day and they are demolishing free speech at an astonishing speed. Paul Joseph Watson’s latest:

  91. This video is by the Edinburgh-based Young Fathers group, commissioned by National Galleries Scotland and the London National Portrait Gallery. It arrived as one of the side recommendations when the barbarian was watching something totally different, he clicked on it, listened.

    Does it not fit perfectly the Susan Sontag’s ‘the white race …”?

    What’s the motive behind it? How can it erase the past? More to the point, how does it foster cohesiveness in today’s society?

  92. This is to take the number of postings to the three digit number.

  93. Post 101 – A good example. 🙂

  94. Baron, Breitbart ran a piece on that nasty video. Truly shocking.

    Usain Bolt finally has the press on his drugs past now he is losing. A small extract:

    ‘The winning time today,’ says the journalist, ‘was the slowest for a gold medallist since 2003 and the marks in general were much slower than the last edition of the World Championships. I would like to know from you guys whether you think there is any kind of relationship with a stronger anti-doping control?’

    Usain Bolt is not accustomed to being asked questions like this; informed, reasonable questions that are based in fact and which make a valid point that demands a considered answer.

    Bolt is used to journalists swooning in front of him. He is used to them asking for selfies, fawning over him, serving up easy inquiries that he can swat away with his charisma and his humour. He is used to being indulged. That is his staple. So this is a bit different. Bolt doesn’t like it.

    Usain Bolt is as fake as Lance Armstrong.

    Why have the MSM lied about it for so long?

  95. One, small island produces so many athletes.

    And its doping system is weaker than most other countries.


  96. Beware the ides when the Hammond has been eaten by the Fox.

  97. It certainly helps he isn’t a Russian (but a member of the Commonwealth empire), Esther, and the melanin content of his skin sits him squarely in one of the law protected tribe.s

    The only way to solve the drugging issue is to drop banning substances altogether, any and all of them, let it be free for anyone to swallow or inject whatever poison he or she likes. If someone’s imbecilic enough to kill himself in pursuit of glory, let him. We are all free agents, are we not?

    Yesterday, on ‘Any Questions’ the BBC Radio4, Walter Menzies Campbell, Baron Campbell of Pittenweem, CH, CBE, PC, QC, the freshly elected old new leader of the sandal wearers was graciously asked whether he ever used any drugs (he was a runner, qualified for the 1964 Tokyo Olympics).

    He said ‘no, I got out before they got in’, then said that on the day of a race he had breakfast (of whatever) and a thimble of brandy in his coffee (it may have been another drink, the barbarian forgets).

    Isn’t alhohol a drug? It’s certainly is a stimulant, some may regard it as a performance enhancing substance as much as any other.

    This actually says it all about the drug issue, it’s hard to decide what is permissible and what isn’t, even harder to police the list, the best way way is to make it free for individuals to decide, drop drug testing altogether.

  98. RobertRetyred @ 22:59

    Is this a hint at a programme ‘Room 101’, Robert?

    If it is, it’s clever, but it took the poorly educated Slav time to figure it. Doesn’t education matter?

  99. To forget what the boy did to the country is near impossible for the barbarian, but he, Baron, will defend the boy’s right to live the life he wants to, fags, booze, the lot.

  100. This is posted not because this wrinkled old man says we shouldn’t have left the ‘cradle of democracy’, or ‘the Donald stinks’, but because the barbarian has never been able to fathom the obsession with pop singers in the West, the one feature of the Western culture that has left the barbarian cold, puzzled and quite frankly disappointed.

    Not that he doesn’t like some of what the drug impregnated brains furnish to the world in music, he does, but why the adulation, the bootlicking, the worship of anything else these mesomorphs do or say?

  101. A measured muse from Mr. Boot and given his previously expressed reservations about the POTUS, a surprisingly supportive one; particularly in regard to Trump’s ultimatum to Dim Wrong ‘un.

  102. I thought nowadays most of Britain’s athletes, like footballers, were ‘rebadged’ professional OEMs, generally from Africa, possibly via the Caribbean.
    As such, not being any kith or kin of min, why should I, or any Briton, have any interest or take even a vicarious pride in their performances?

  103. It seems the American public is growing more belligerent towards Russia, would be in favour of stricter sanctions, military intervention to support the Baltic republics, less in favour of co-operation. The Donald has lost the argument, if he had any, the progressives are winning.

  104. “On June 20, 1898, a U.S. fleet commanded by Captain Henry Glass, consisting of the protected cruiser USS Charleston and three transports carrying troops to the Philippines, entered Guam’s Apra Harbor, Captain Glass having opened sealed orders instructing him to proceed to Guam and capture it. Charleston fired a few cannon rounds at Fort Santa Cruz without receiving return fire. Two local officials, not knowing that war had been declared and believing the firing had been a salute, came out to Charleston to apologize for their inability to return the salute as they were out of gunpowder. Glass informed them that the U.S. and Spain were at war.
    The following day, Glass sent Lt. William Braunersruehter to meet the Spanish Governor to arrange the surrender of the island and the Spanish garrison there. Some 54 Spanish infantry were captured and transported to the Philippines as prisoners of war. No U.S. forces were left on Guam, but the only U.S. citizen on the island, Frank Portusach, told Captain Glass that he would look after things until U.S. forces returned.”

  105. “In a soft-hitting interview, Baron Hennessy amusingly asked the Bomber of Baghdad: ‘When did you discover the great gifts you have for explanation and performance?’
    Don’t laugh. This is obviously the way to get the Blair creature to talk. On the one occasion I interviewed him, I began to wonder if waterboarding might not be justified, after an hour of tedium in which he had given me nothing but the political equivalent of his name, rank and number.”

  106. Let us all echo Senator Cory Gardner (R-Colorado), leader of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, who after Charlottesville called on Mr. Trump to “call evil by its name.”

  107. If you wanted to buy one of Hubbart’s nuclear shelters, you’re out of luck, he’s sold out, you’ll have to wait:

  108. Let us all know the lies of the Left over Charlottesville:

    The Left are thoroughbred liars.

  109. Baron – 10:23


  110. It is obvious that Merkel doesn’t follow Scott Adams:
    Scott Adams tells you how Trump is “pacing” North Korea and treating them like serious foes
    (the first half is plenty, I think, perhaps even less 🙂 )

    And …..
    ‘She can speak for Germany’ Furious Trump hits back at Merkel as she warns USA on Korea

    The Continentals (or the Remoaners, for that matter) really haven’t a clue about how irritating we find their assumptions that they know what is best for us.

    It’s as bad as the Climate Alarmists and their protestations that their comfort zone is being disturbed! 🙂

  111. Frank P @ 10:28

    Excellent link, Frank.

    The outsourcing makes sense in the private sector, it’s essentially a follow up of the same trend as was a job segmentation, instead of one man making a needle performing each operation from digging up smelting iron to sharpening the tip of the thing, a line of men is created, each one doing in bulk just one operation, in which he specialises.

    Government outsourcing follows the same model except that the process introduces a link in the chain that’s superfluous – the Government itself – for the Government is but channeling the taxpayers money to where the anointed in the Government think the money should go, it’s not market driven allocation of resources, it’s the bureaucracy that does the allocation, the Red Menace of the now defunct world of communism did this Full Monty, we all know how the construct ended up.

    The outsourcing of war, because this is what the Americans are engaged in Afghanistan, a war, that outsourcing could have unforeseen consequences not just for the private armies, but for the Republic as a whole.

    If a well equipped, well trained force of virtually unlimited financial resources i.e. the American Armed Forces, cannot defeat the Taliban, could a bunch of missionaries do it?

    Both the regulars and the mercenaries will be be judged by the progressives through the prism of human rights and stuff, held responsible for anything they, or the locally hired killers, do.

    The thing that has been holding the Americans (the West) back is not military might, but the embracing of noble principles embedded into human rights laws that go beyond what common sense dictate. The Americans can no longer do what General Sisi has been doing in Egypt since he dislodged the Brotherhood from power. The West has tied its hands up in a legal nightmare to the extent it can no longer fight win wars that would allow for peace after.

  112. Well Andy missed a good lunch last Thursday in Charlotte Street. Fitting place for John Jefferson to be given events in the Commonwealth of Virginia.
    All to be said about that is what do you expect patriots to do if you tear down one of their beloved statues?
    Your British weather down here in Devonshire leaves much to be desired.
    Love to Andy if he is still alive.

  113. New York Times today: “Since Ukraine’s pro-Russian president, Viktor Yanukovych, was removed from power in 2014, the state-owned factory, known as Yuzhmash, has fallen on hard times. The Russians canceled upgrades of their nuclear fleet. The factory is underused, awash in unpaid bills and low morale. Experts believe it is the most likely source of the engines that in July powered the two ICBM tests, which were the first to suggest that North Korea has the range, if not necessarily the accuracy or warhead technology, to threaten American cities”.

    Here is the full piece:

    It’s OK, Ukraine’s a friendly country, now, its President the bosom friend of McCain, who frequently visited him, still keeps in touch.

  114. Baron

    Gold and silver again: listen to this short interview with Dr. Stephen Leeb on the imminent quantum shift in the dominant world currency.

  115. The only problem I have with this piece is that fine words butter no parsnips. This is another Judas Goat newspaper, another Judas Goat writer and another Judas Goat owner.

    From where I sit in the USA, I say where the xxxx is Brexit? And when the xxxx is the UK and the rest of Europe going to close the borders and have mass deportations?

    This is all lovely but when are they going to do something about it? Please stop voting Tory, Macron etc.

    TREVOR KAVANAGH Now Philip Hammond is finally Out he must shut the door behind him and take control over our laws, our trade and especially immigration

    The Government finally caught up with the people as bombshell poll shows two in three voters now want a clear break with Brussels

    BRUSSELS-fancier Philip Hammond finally seems to have got the message – OUT means OUT.

    That means taking control again over our laws, our trade and, especially, immigration.

    In a joint statement with Cabinet foe Liam Fox, the Chancellor declares: “We respect the will of the British people. In March 2019, the UK will leave the EU.”

    This must have been painful for “Spreadsheet Phil”, who detests Fox and would happily shut down his Whitehall department if he could.

    But something happened this summer. The Chancellor surrendered — and the Government finally caught up with the British people.

    A bombshell poll shows two in three voters, including former Remainers, now want a clear break with Brussels.

    People might be confused about how to untie the knot but they want a clean, clear divorce.

    The survey of 3,300 people, by the pro-EU London School of Economics, is dynamite for Remainers.

    It makes a fool of pro-Brussels fanatics such as Tony Blair and ex-Chancellor George Osborne, who got every Project Fear scare story wrong and is now using an influential newspaper as his personal propaganda sheet to scupper Brexit.

    And it destroys the fantasy of a new political party to re-run the referendum and take us back into the European Union.

    People are not stupid. They know the irresponsible scare stories peddled by Osborne and discredited Bank of England governor Mark Carney were false. And they have increasingly seen the dark side of EU bullying over Brexit.

    The most significant LSE poll finding is not on the economy but on border controls. Even Remainers want to halt free movement. Terrorist attacks here and across Europe will have heightened anxiety. So will mounting anger over the way some young, single migrant men treat Western women.

    The UK is not alone.

    Sweden fears it is losing its identity as a nation. Germany is fighting a wave of rape and other sex crimes.

    Greece, Italy and Spain are swamped by a tide of immigration which is changing the face of Europe for ever.

    Hungary and Poland refuse point-blank to accept newcomers. And still the EU has no coherent policy for dealing with the millions more on their way.

    But there is one unspoken fear, gagged by political correctness, which links Britain and the rest of Europe.

    The common denominator, almost unsayable until last week’s furore over Pakistani sex gangs, is Islam.

    Thanks to former equalities chief Trevor Phillips, and Labour MPs such as Rotherham’s Sarah Champion, it is acceptable to say Muslims are a specific rather than a cultural problem.

    One of the Pakistani perverts starkly identified the gulf between some Muslim men and the white British women they regard as prey: “They are good for one thing, for me to f*** and use like trash.”

    That goes for the Albanian and Bulgarian child sex traffickers setting up shop across Britain.

    The abuse of women by Muslims, says Trevor Phillips, is “on an industrial scale”. “What the perpetrators have in common is their proclaimed faith. They are Muslims, and many of them would claim to be practising.

    “It is not Islamophobic to point this out.”

    He blames the BBC for trying to divert attention over last week’s sex gang convictions by headlining the “utterly routine” police use of a convicted child abuser to infiltrate the gangs.

    British authorities have long deliberately disregarded Muslim sex crimes — soon likely to be a racist offence itself — including outrages such as female genital mutilation and “honour” killings.

    Such contemptible treatment of women, including Muslim women, is not just despicable — it would have been inconceivable here on such a scale only a few years ago.

    The problem began with Tony Blair opening the doors to mass immigration and silencing critics by branding them “racist”.

    It was turbocharged when German Chancellor Angela Merkel indiscriminately waved in a million more so-called refugees from Africa, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

    One day soon, if Philip Hammond and Liam Fox are right, we will be back in charge of immigration.

    What will we do about The Muslim Problem then?

  116. ‘What will we do about The Muslim Problem then?’

    We already know. Nothing. This is just a sop. Trevor Phillips is just a sop. It’s all the same old LibLacCon sop. Islam rules the UK.

  117. And they wonder why Corbyn is doing so well:

    Amazon disgrace Angry MPs urge Brits to boycott Amazon as it’s revealed the online giant’s UK tax bill HALVED last year – while sales soared

    We used to call a monopoly a monopoly. It would be broken up and told to pay its xxxxing tax. Only Corbyn wins from this.

  118. A Canadian whom I spoke to out here in the Far East yesterday thought that Brexit had already happened. He seemed “genuinely surprised” as they say that this was not so and that because of events it could be this year, next year sometime… although I assured him that the European Union was such a dilapidated house of contradictions that there would soon be nothing to exit.

    What should be do with the House of Peace that is left behind? Alex Jones reminded us on Thursday that it took the Spanish 300 years or so of bloody town by town fighting to expel the muslim ideology, but now they stand in puzzlement and bathing suits as the ideology races ashore on their beaches from the Soros-financed landing craft.

  119. On his two-hour Sunday show, Alex Jones analyses the significance of the events in Charlottesville:

  120. I am glad to see that Gary Heavin on Jones’s Monday show is calling for the immediate arrest of George Soros on charges of sedition.

  121. I’ve been round robining this gem of cultural enrichment all day. Oh, well, better to be spat and punched at than raped and murdered:

  122. Muslims are trying to punish Trevor Kavanagh and The Sun over his piece on The Muslim Problem:

  123. “This country has been roiled by left-wing violence for more than a year now” – @AnnCoulter

    It’s the labels that lie. They are quote ‘anti-fascists’. The other are quote ‘white supremacists’.

    Both MSM labels are a lie.

  124. Nigel Farage:

    I warned of the great Brexit betrayal two weeks ago. It is now official government policy.

  125. 15 seconds of a Democrat calling for genocide. Volume up, please:

  126. Nigel Farage on the infinite transition Brexit (30 second video attached):

    Transitional arrangement means open borders, financial contributions and no trade deals. This is NOT what Brexit voters want.

    There is no Brexit and never will be under LibLabCon.

  127. Just listened to Nigel Farage on WATO.
    How refreshing.

  128. Nigel Farage on the Hammond Fox joint statement:

    Nothing new here. No mention of time, cost or immigration. Just about party unity and not the country as usual.

    End LibLabCon.

  129. And, bearing in mind tomorrow (40th anniversary of the sad passing of Elvis), I am off down the chip shop:

  130. Sorry.
    Silly season.

  131. One’s hard put to figure which way the brexiting will go, but from the latest poll (two thirds of the people surveyed want ‘full or hard brexit’) it would seem that if the Tories fugg things up, they’ll get fugged in turn. This should keep them delivering the best they can, Esther, no?

    For Nigel to warn the country about the possible tricks to let us ‘leave’ the monstrosity, but be effectively in is understandable, that’s his baby they are looking after, he has every right to do it, in fact, it’s his duty to push for a full Brexit, then for the people to judge whether Brexit is delivered in full at the next national count.

  132. Are you on the Twitter, Esther?

    The barbarian is ignoring all of the social platform, the Twitter in particular, it seems to him the domain is rather silly, one cannot argue, merely state an opinion, it’s all akin to ‘my father has a bigger one’, ‘no, my father ….Good for a nursery playground, but not for a serious thrashing of an issue.

  133. An excellent piece in yesterday’s DT by the rising star Jacob, if anyone can get behind the paywall post it it would be be your worthwhile.

    There’s only one statement he makes that needs elaboration. He says that the ‘State can only take (in taxes) what it needs’.

    That has been the festering boil, the State taking what it needs, because taking over out lives the State is taking an ever increasing chunk of our money.

    The State should only take what it needs to administer the country (one has to make it fully transparent), only that which invested benefits all of us, not just the few.

    We should go back to helping the lesser well off on a local, parish level, none of the nonsense of running the Welfare centrally.

  134. Hi Baron,

    I’m not on Twitter but I follow a few people!

    I have to say, they all do a pretty good job. Which, of course, is why Twitter, YouTube and so on want them closed down.

    Trevor Kavanagh’s The Muslim Problem piece has sent the Guardian wild. No links. They don’t need the oxygen of publicity.

  135. The Judas Goat Spectator has a hatchet job on Trump blaming him for Charlottesville. I don’t pay for it, someone gave me their password. I won’t dignify the original piece by reprinting it. As ever, a reader has to put that Judas Goat magazine to rights:

    Resurgent Right

    It’s tiring when reporters continue to fail to do their jobs – same here with this writer.

    Will there be any investigation into why the Democrat mayor had the police stand down and purposely placed the right wing demonstrators next to the left wing who then proceed to throw bombs and bottles laden with urine at the right wing demonstrators? This continues to happen, here and in the US. Tommy Robinson in a recent march complained to the authorities and police that their march was purposely being placed close to the lefty troublemakers.

    If you want to avoid trouble then you have a heavy police presence at all times and you don’t place two opposing demos within punching distance of each other. You certainly don’t stand the police down and proceed to have both sides knock the crud out of each other.

    Where is the investigative journalism any more?

    Why are you brandishing all people on the right who attended this march as KKK members, white supremacists?? Where is the explanation as to why the right were marching? It’s a response to the left and their assault on our culture and civilisation. Robert Lee was a respected civil war general and many Americans hold him in high regard and they’re marching to stop the left from destroying another piece of American history and removing his statue which had been there for how long?

    No instead you along many others of your useless lying ilk brandish all those who attended as Neo N az is, white supremacists. Same as the Pegida rallies, again brandished as neo n az by the media when it’s just ordinary people genuinely concerned about the direction of western society, the rapes, the terrorism.

    And just a few months ago we had cops being murdered by BLM – did Obama condemn them? Nope, invited their leaders (who are racists, see their social media posts) to the WH for tea.

    When the Bernie Sanders fan tried to shoot up some Republicans what was the response from you guys? Nothing, the story was dead in two days, now it’s forgotten.

    Sick of the lies and the hypocrisy from you mongs.

  136. The whole Charlottesville thing is being used as a Trump smear story.

    I never thought I’d see the day I’d be living in a USA that allows the tearing down of cultural statues.

    This is unbelievable.

    And xxxx the media.

  137. There is simply hours of forensic dissection of what happened in Charlottesville and it all points to the deliberate withdrawal of the police to create conflict and use that to smear Trump, ban public gatherings and close down free speech on YouTube etc:

    The withdrawal of the police was deliberate. They want a crisis to smear Trump. Bringing down statues is designed to inflame people:

  138. Talking of Judas Goat publications, it cannot be said enough that the Daily Mail’s sole support for Vote Leave was because its owner and editor wanted rid of UKIP.

    As far as Paul Dacre and Lord Rothermere are concerned, they run the country, the Tory party is their toy. And they don’t want any offshoots they cannot control. James Chapman is the former political editor of the Daily Mail who now wants Brexit reversed, Brexit voters locked up and free speech closed down:

    Calling Brexit a ‘calamity’ James Chapman recently popped up on Radio 4’s Today programme, and on August 11 had a whole BBC news website page devoted to his fringe views. The BBC even reproduced some of his most recent tweets, one of which read:

    “Let’s be honest, if we had an effective electoral law leading Brexiteers would now be in jail.”

    That the BBC reproduced this tweet in all its glory speaks volumes. The broadcaster did not blink so much as an eyelid. Nor was the presentation of this tweet framed in a way that could be interpreted as even mildly censorious or ironic. His call to jail political opponents was met not by outrage, but rather tacit support.

    It’s not only people who voted to leave the EU that Mr Chapman would like to sanction. If he and his newly formed ‘Democrat’ party have their way, free speech could also be seriously curtailed. ‘The Democrats’ tweeted Chapman to pro-Brexit website Guido Fawkes, ‘will close you down when we implement Leveson.’ This sinister message followed a similar threat issued to another pro-Brexit site, Westmonster.

    Chapman is intent, it seems on stamping out all opposition to his pro-EU fanaticism. Facilitated by his new ‘democratic’ party, his avowed aim is to overturn the outcome of the EU referendum, which just happens to be the largest democratic election in the history of the UK.

    That’s what the Daily Mail really thinks of its readers.

  139. Guido Fawkes, which James Chapman wants closed down, features a photo of James Chapman on its homepage in which the spiteful creep is naked.

  140. Better late than never:

    THE SUN SAYS Parliament and the police must stop being soft on drugs and start arresting the dealers destroying our streets

    Much drug-dealing has effectively been legalised as cops turn a blind eye to low-level buying and selling

  141. Bolsheviks pull down statue of Confederate soldier in Durham,North Carolina.

  142. The Devonian way is to put cream on your scone first, then jam. The Cornish way is to put the jam on first and then cover it with cream. John Jefferson Burns gets it all wrong because he labours under the misapprehension that Clovelly is in Cornshire.

  143. Radford NG, these videos are just disturbing beyond belief.

    The authorities are engineering this civil strife because they withdraw the police.

    The police deliberately refused to police Charlottesville and they have been withdrawn from policing this violence.

    This is MSM-sponsored to foment flashpoints and close down free speech off the back of it.

    We must not fall into the trap of physical retaliation.

    The images of those little snowflake sickos say it all. Pure vermin. But it’s the puppet masters, Soros and local US politicians who are engineering this.

    There is no reason for the police to stand down.

  144. Radford NG @ 16:34

    What are they going to do with Jefferson, a slave owner, whose face sits on the Mount Rushmore, and who also has a memorial in Washington?

    What frightens more though is that these people will one day run the Republic.

  145. Esther @ 17:34

    It may well be the police were kept away from the collision of the two dark forces, Esther, but nothing can excuse what the guy did, one can never ever excuse it.

    One has to condemn both extremes in equal measure, that’s not the way to behave in a civilised society, one can protest but one must avoid violence at all cost, provocation or not.

    The last thing we want is a mob, a mob of any hue, to prevail. The barbarian would rather suffer another phase of the hon Muslim’s governance than that of either the KKK horde or the anti-fascist thugs. Despicable, both.

  146. Andy Car Park @ 16:55

    There’s happily a third way, ACP, one cuts the scone in half, puts the cream on one, the jam on the other half, then sticks the two halves together, preferably the jam half at the bottom. A sharp knife (you won’t find a sharper knife than Baron’s in the Kingdom) does the rest.

    As tasty as either the Devonian or the Cornish method, trust Baron, he knows, he’s done it, often he also licks the knife, something the boss cannot stand, but why waste even a morsel of yummy cream or jam, ha?

  147. Frank should enjoy this (if he wakes up from hibernation, he, he, he):

    An officer Sgt Peter Allan of the Susses Police Force has warned supermarkets that their signs of ‘feminine care’ are sexist, he objected to it on the basis that ‘it’s an issue of gender identity, men could also use the product’, suggested the signs should say ‘personal hygiene’. The Force has sanctioned him.

    Sgt Allan is a hate crime officer.

  148. Esther @ 16:25

    It seems we’ll be heading in the opposite direction to what the Sun advocates, Esther, in the Republic, many States are de-criminalising cannabis, and it usually doesn’t take long for what’s happening over there to reach us, too.

  149. On all the moral posturing over the latest riots in America, one thing is never mentioned. Whatever the ills of slavery, the descendants of those slaves are immeasurably better off than they would have been had their ancestors remained in Africa. Had those ancestors remained in Africa there is a better than average chance that they would have been shipped to the slave markets of Cairo where their treatment would have been far harsher than that doled out in the southern states. And while I am on the subject, why is there no condemnation and outrage over the racism of those of African ancestry to white people. Racism is nothing more than the designer sin of choice amongst Western liberals.

  150. You’re right, Baron. Some states did vote to legalise, some only for ‘medical’ need.

    The problem is that as the wretched filth spreads, the psychiatric wards get fuller and fuller and the parents suddenly decide they want their teenage children back from the local mad house.

    There is a backlash here in America against this muck.

  151. ‘Brexit Betrayal is Now Government Policy’: Britain to Be Blocked From New Trade Deals For Years to Come

  152. Baron at 18-30.

    Do you mean sanctioned ; or sectioned ?

  153. Baron,

    @18:30 I think that “sectioned” would have been more appropriate, no?

    Also, while we are on the subject if Sussex …

    “ROGERED, OVER AND OUT Sussex Police officers investigated over claims they had sex with each other while on duty”

    Of course, if it had been two male ossifers involved the story would never have seen the light of day…

  154. Baron, nobody condones what the Charlottesville driver did. It’s the MSM reaction that is so disgusting.

    We’ve had 10 police officers killed this year thanks to anarchy emboldened by Leftists. The MSM didn’t give two hoots.

    It’s all ‘part and parcel’ of modern living, as Sadiq Khan would say.

  155. Baron

    @18:21 A KNIFE? You truly are a Barbarian from the eat!
    [Not even the Ruskies would eat a scone like that…]

    Notwithstanding the above, Baron, an escapee from the SW asylum, Devonian branch, you have to know that only Grockles eat cream teas.

    Toodle Pip!

    PS. I’m still on holiday. On an intergalactic cruise, in my office.

  156. Can’t argue with slingshot (copping two birds with one stone):


  157. PPS.

    Radford NG – 19:40

    Currently reading NN#132 “Falcons” by Richard Sale. A beautifully produced book. Very wordy, informative, lots of graph porn, and also many beautiful photographs. [currently c £25 off at Blackwells!]

  158. A thunderous write-up of the spin-mongering around Charlottesville:

  159. The same writer is having a full-blooded ding dong on Twitter too about Charlottesville:

  160. Last week the threat was from Russia, this week the threat is from ‘white supremacists’.

    The mainstream media can’t even get a coherent story together.

    Which is it, please?

    It can’t be both, you MSM liars.

    It just can’t be.

  161. The MSM must tell us what the dark forces propelling Trump are so that we can know test this for credibility.

    Trump cannot be being operated by the Kremlin one week and the KKK the next.

    I just want some xxxing clarity.

    You can’t ride both horses at once without being a bare-faced liar.

    So which is it, MSM?

  162. Or are both narratives bare-faced lies, bandied about with gay abandon purely in the hope that if the MSM throws enough mud some will stick?

    Yes. I thought as much.

  163. That nude picture of Daily Mail Remainer James Chapman (again):

    xxxx him.

  164. Paul Joseph Watson‏:

    How many times will the MSM deploy this lazy, factually bankrupt smear to demonize & tar anyone right of Michael Moore?

  165. Katie Hopkins keeps re-tweeing the nude picture of Remainer Mail journalist James Chapman, each time with a new caption:

    For those asking, I believe he was David Davies tea boy… or something.

  166. And that, folks, is the face of anti-Brexit.

    Stomach-inducing. Once with sickness, second time with laughter. Yuck.

  167. Here’s what I want to know. Where did the photo come from?


  168. This is how it works, folks. Every march exposing the Left is a ‘white supremacist’ march:

    Paul Joseph Watson‏

    The March on Google has NOTHING to do with white supremacists. They are putting people’s safety at risk by lying about this.

  169. EC & Radford:

    Of course, you right, it should have been sectioned, but wasn’t, the poorly educated Slav misfired, as he so often does. Enjoy your hol, EC, and behave.

    A point on the pulling down of the statue reminiscent of the behaviour of ISIL, they pulled down many statues, too. The boisterous mob is in a good company, isn’t it?

    Have you noticed the difference between the lean torso of the warrior, the fat body of the woman (was it a woman?) who climbed up? That’s just the physical difference between then and now, but isn’t it telling?

  170. He has been excellent, unscripted, off the cuff, facing a bunch of fake news pedlars that was hostile beyond the reasonable:

  171. Donald Trump may be fighting with reporters but today the focus of the world is the King of the US, not POTUS.

  172. A posting by ‘nicetime’ on the Spectator’s blog with Massie’s vomit on the events in in Charlottesville. Not bad, he?

    “I’m so sick of this liberal mantra over Trump. What happened with Brexit and Trump was akin to the pilgrimage of grace. A genuinely popular revolt at the direction of Western ‘leadership’, effectively since the fall of Thatcher and Reagan. Personally I wish someone with a bit more nous and cunning than Trump seems to have were leading this, but it would have taken someone with his thick hide and brass cajones to get as far as he has. His central points and arguments are correct; we are in the process of committing cultural, economic and demographic suicide while the media lies, distorts, diverts and conceals. A relative minority of Western opinion has taken over the levers of the state across most of the West. Democracy is tolerated only insofar as it rubber stamps their agenda, and to that end they have imported a new electorate and done their best to create a pool of benefit dependents among those who might otherwise oppose them. Trump and Brexit are the first real challenges they have faced, hence the full on liberal intifada raging at the moment. Trump may be the last peaceful chance to change course.


  174. Baron 0747 – cop this:

    Quiet White Boys
    wearing awkward glasses
    sporting clean haircuts
    and boring polo shirts

    keep to themselves,
    don’t know how to draw boundaries,
    don’t know how to reach out,
    and don’t know how to reach inward.

    They eschew the material world
    in favor of a false digital one,

    and there, in the simulacrum,
    they find a modicum of validation—
    a reinforcement of a kernel
    of a horribly flawed idea:

    that they have somehow been more victimized
    than the victims all around them—

    the women,
    the racial minorities,
    the people afraid to practice their own religion,
    the people afraid to live as their true gender,
    the people suffering with mental illness,
    the people suffering with domestic violence,
    the girls who were sexually molested,
    the girls who were raped,
    and so on,
    and so forth.

    The Quiet White Boys
    learn that they are victims
    from other Quiet White Boys,

    and together they conclude
    that, because they have been victimized,
    they may therefore
    act heedlessly, aggressively,

    hatefully, mercilessly

    in furtherance of
    what they view to be justice.

    But it is a distorted, fractured
    version of justice
    that they seek—
    fetishized by the red, screaming faces
    with loud megaphones
    and debilitated, sickly hearts
    in the digital basement
    where the Quiet White Boys have chosen
    to live.

    A torch-carrying mob
    has never delivered real justice—

    not once in the entire history of human civilization, in fact—

    and a slate gray Dodge Challenger
    barreling into a crowd at fifty miles per hour
    is not an instrument of justice, either—

    it is just a reflection
    seen through a shattered mirror.

    And shattered mirrors
    don’t come unshattered
    simply because other
    Quiet White Boys
    are gazing into them with you.

  175. Here is Mark Levin with a jeremiad on, inter alia, the political history of the Democrat Party in the context of recent events. Turn it on, tune in, lie back and think of England:

  176. Herbert Thornton

    In the cab on the way to my hotel from the Airport Express in Hong Kong last Thursday, the driver sneezed and then said “Sorry!”.

    A last echo of the British presence….

  177. Don’t think this will go down well.
    Four Confederate monuments are removed in Baltimore

  178. Sultan’s more measured, calm and right:

    Btw, someone should suggest to the statue demolishers that they should turn their attention to books, burn those that aren’t progressive enough, there must be hundreds of them starting with the ‘Tintin in the Congo’ that the French (?) tried to ban few years ago?

  179. Charlottesville: Race and Terror – VICE News Tonight on HBO

  180. Only to put a smile on your face:

    A thief breaks into a man’s house looking for money, the man wakes up, joins him.

  181. Frank P @ 19:20

    The barbarian has pinched the first quote, Frank, posted it on the Spectator’s blog:

    This is the quote:

    “Black people who were never slaves are fighting white people who were never Nazis over a confederate statue erected by Democrats because Democrats can’t stand their own history anymore.. yet somehow it’s Trump’s fault.” — Jeff Laffite Jones

    This is the blog:

    (Look at the caricature of the man’s face, it could hardly emit more arrogance).

  182. Trump has been wise not to rush into condemning just one side in the Charlottesville disturbance, which is what the MSM was demanding:
    Big Plans on the Hard Left for November 4
    Among other things, this serves to get President Trump off the hook concerning his comments about the threat coming from “many sides.” He was dead right, and now there’s no denying it.

  183. RobertRetyred 21.41

    Even respected journals are tainted by the politically correct interpretation:

    Get this for hyperbole:

    “There is a strain of wickedness so contagious that it infects every pore of the places it touches.”

  184. Charlottesville

    The President was entirely correct — both sides of the violence in Charlottesville acted inappropriately, and bear some responsibility.
    Despite the criticism, the President reaffirmed some of our most important Founding principles: We are equal in the eyes of our Creator, equal under the law, and equal under our Constitution.
    He has been a voice for unity and calm, encouraging the country to “rediscover the bonds of love and loyalty that brings us together as Americans.”
    He called for the end of violence on all sides so that no more innocent lives would be lost.
    The President condemned – with no ambiguity – the hate groups fueled by bigotry and racism over the weekend, and did so by name yesterday, but for the media that will never be enough.
    The media reacted with hysteria to the notion that counter-protesters showed up with clubs spoiling for a fight, a fact that reporters on the ground have repeatedly stated.
    Even a New York Times reporter tweeted that she “saw club-wielding “antifa” beating white nationalists being led out of the park.”
    The local ACLU chapter also tweeted that
    We should not overlook the facts just because the media finds them inconvenient:
    From cop killing and violence at political rallies, to shooting at Congressmen at a practice baseball game, extremists on the left have engaged in terrible acts of violence.
    The President is taking swift action to hold violent hate groups accountable.
    The DOJ has opened a civil rights investigation into this weekend’s deadly car attack.
    Last Thursday, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) announced it had completed the largest prosecution of white supremacists in the nation’s history.
    Leaders and the media in our country should join the president in trying to unite and heal our country rather than incite more division.

  185. Very disappointed that after three requests the conservative women blog haven’t told me why I’m banned. I’d posted a lot that day but I suspect I know why. One comment which was ‘100% accurate but not necessarily what you might say at a dinner party was probably the one.
    I did say my view may be controversial.

  186. Marshal Roberts – 21:49

    Stephen Daisley has been reading the MSM! 🙂

    He should expand his reading list:
    Hannity: Trump set the record straight about Charlottesville

    Tucker Carlson Reacts To Trump’s Press Conference

  187. I spent some time yesterday watching the comments about Charlottesville voiced in different programmes on FOX News. I did not hear the name of George Soros mentioned once. I did not hear any contributor raise the question of funding behind the protagonists or the possibility that the events last weekend were deliberately planned and orchestrated.

    There is a distinction to be made, still recognized by some, between using a deep purse in persuading people of the merit of different political policies and in organizing violent and seditious action under cover of political freedom. This is an urgent matter in our own country, though the level of madness and irresponsibility in the USA has not yet been reached here. The same funders are however engaged in their busy work everywhere in the West.

    The law is available to remedy this; but have the courts been captured?

  188. Rent-a-Mob and Madness

    Since posting above at 23:50, I have just opened Zero Hedge to discover that the first two stories are summarized as follows:

    “Why Was This ‘Crowd Hire’ Company Recruiting $25 An Hour ‘Political Activists’ In Charlotte Last Week?

    “Crowds on Demand, a Los Angeles-based Public Relations firm specializing in innovative events, is looking for enthusiastic actors and photographers in the Charlotte, NC area to participate in our events. Our events include everything from rallies to protests…Pay will vary by event but typically is $25+ per hour plus reimbursements for gas/parking/Uber/public transit.”

    Americans Are Rapidly Descending Into Madness

    “… what I see happening to the population of America right now seems very troublesome and foreboding. What I’m witnessing across the board is hordes of people increasingly separating themselves into weird, unthinking cults. Something appears to have snapped in our collective consciousness, and many individuals I used to respect (on both sides of the political spectrum) are becoming disturbingly polarized and hysterical.””

  189. RobertRetyred @ 21:41

    If the Left want the Donald re-elected, that’s the way to go, Robert.

  190. RobertRetyred @ 23:37

    What Tucker hasn’t mentioned is that black people were slave owners, too, Robert, if memory serves, the Civil War was started on one of such farms. Has anyone any input on this? Or is it too sensitive to mention?

    The barbarian feels this bashing of Confederacy is far from over, it may turn into a far more powerful factor in segmenting the American society than identity politics, gender fluidity or anything else the progressives have served so far.

  191. Malfleur @ 01:16

    Judging by the latest events, Malfleur, this new rental business could have a very bright future.

  192. Baron

    I was just watching Dr. Steve Pieczenik interviewed in the Owen Shroyer section of the first half of Wednesday’s Alex Jones Show prior to the interview of Alex by Milo Yiannopoulos. Pieczenik sees these Rent-a-Mobs as a distraction by ignorant armies emitting the dying cries of the Democrat Party. Worth a listen.

  193. I rarely praise a Labour MP but Sarah Champion deserves better than being sacked by the Cumryd.

  194. Marshal Roberts – 07:36

    I thought being sacked by the Cumryd was praise. 🙂

  195. Baron – 02:13

    And there were white slaves in the US, early on, and many around the Ukraine suffered capture by Arabs/Islamic raids, let alone the Barbary Pirate raids on Europe’s shores, including Cornwall, and even Iceland .

    And Obama’s ancestors were more likely to be slave masters than slaves …..

    I have also read that the American Civil War resulted in setting slaves free, but that it wasn’t very high on the list for its causes, if at all.

  196. Marshal Roberts (07:36)

    Any politician prepared to serve under the ‘leadership’ of traitor Corbyn deserves any negative fate that may befall them. Why TF are you wasting sympathtic thoughts on a leftist apparatchik just because she has said or done something that chimes with your own mood of the moment. Beware of thin ends of wedges and Greeks bearing gifts!

  197. Steyn in serious mood with Tucker Carlson last night:

  198. Frank P 0941

    At least someone is prepared to say what we all think instead of pussyfooting around.

    “Britain’s courts should treat Asian Muslim grooming gangs behind the abuse of hundreds of white teenage girls as racially aggravated criminals, leading MPs and campaigners have demanded.

    The demand was issued as senior politicians and prosecutors admitted that political correctness may have stopped the gangs being properly pursued and punished after another ring of Asian mainly muslim sex offenders was convicted in Newcastle.

  199. It is the Rod Liddle approach:

    “Is enough enough? Then let’s start deporting Muslim extremists

    … and shut every Islamic school, too.”

  200. The US Media are failing the public, big time (and it’s just as bad over here):
    Hannity: What media get wrong about Charlottesville

  201. RobertRetyred – 10:54

    Al Gore Snr is mentioned 🙂

  202. RobertRetyred @ 09:35

    Only today is the top reason for the Civil War slavery, Robert, when it began it was money, the South had it (cotton growing, cotton trade), the North needed it (to invest in industrial manufacture), that and not slavery was that drove the conflict, slavery entered it only as a cost factor of wealth creation.

    Not much is said about the War because of the massive loss of lives (mostly from disease rather than fighting) and treasure (mainly in the South). Only over 30mn people lived in the Republic then (amazing, isn’t it, it has 350mn today), lost over two thirds of a million, mostly young men.

    It truly was almost an inhuman enterprise, Baron has seen pictures of fields covered in human corpses, hundreds domestic pigs turned wild (they had escaped because of the fighting) feasting on the human flesh.

  203. Baron,
    Excellent piece my old son. The origins of the American civil war are routinely ignored, as is Lincoln’s freeing of the slaves, which happened long into the conflict. Lincoln freed the slaves only when it became clear that such an action would not affect the outcome of the conflict. Another inconvenient truth that, indeed there are so many inconvenient truths doing the rounds I am surprised that telling the truth isn’t up there with hate crimes.

  204. Déjà vu, yet again:

    Van ploughs into crowd in Barcelona terror attack – ’13 dead’, dozens injured

    Barcelona attack live updates: [Two] Gunmen storm restaurant – tourists held hostage

  205. You’ve beaten Baron to it, Robert.

    Someone should ask the ghastly Blair who said we had to have a go democratising the ME to be safe why is it we did but aren’t.

  206. Nice to hear your voice again, stephen, you OK, young sir?

  207. Barcelona, blah blah blah shock blah blah not done in the name of any god blah blah blah loosers blah blah blah mindless blah blah stand together blah blah .
    Carry on yourself, you know the song and the words.

  208. And listening to the BBC I forgot obviously what did you think how did you feel

  209. Bring back the inquisition.

  210. Marshal Roberts – 19:08

    I didn’t expect that!

  211. One’s got to give it to the alt-right, they must have left Virginia only yesterday, had to get to Barcelona quickly, hire a van ….how TF have they managed all this?

    How long before someone blames the Donald? Putin may be a long shot, but Trump would fit the argument nicely, the barbarian reckons it won;t take a day before one of the progressives somewhere puts the blame for the atrocity squarely on Potus.

    The Spectator posted a piece at 18.09 on the Barcelona atrocity, just as Baron was looking at the list of topics in the coffeehouse, he posted what he did here at 18.21, the posting appeared, Baron quit the site, came back later to find out what others may have said, the posting of his vanished, it seems no comments are allowed.

    Understandable this what with the rag backing freedom of speech so vehemently in the past, Fraser warbling about its importance, the must for a free society, the usual other crap.

  212. Again, the cost of van hire to them, what will the cost be to us.

  213. An idea for a novel to capture the beauty of today’s life:

    Two guys both working in the car/van rental business, each of them is visited by an Arab looking young man asking to rent a white van, one of the guys says ‘no’ because he feels there’s something not right about the client, the other guy asks no question, rents the vehicle to him.

    The Arab looking man who was refused goes to the police, complains about racial discrimination, the law tales over, there’s court case, the guy’s found guilty, is sent down.

    The other Arab looking man takes the van to the capital, loads it with home made explosives, then drives it into a crowd of people killing many, injuring even more. The police trace the hire of the van, excuse the guy of gross negligence of one sort or another, there’s court case, the guy’s found guilty, gets a long prison sentence.

    The two car/van renting guys meet inside, befriend each other, having served their terms they get married (that’s a sob to the the same sex phylum, the novel would sell better, you see), set-up a business teaching Arabic.

    You reckon one could find a publisher for it?

  214. Sorry, the other guy is ‘accused’ not ‘excused’, that’s the bloody software for you. Baron should have read the rant before pushing the submit button.

  215. Baron – 21:56

    But that would mean the party would have to choose another leader! 🙂

    If she promoted some sound MPs (if there are any) into Cabinet, it would allow some delegation to new hands, and a chance to see who might take over, eventually. There are too many Remainers, scattered everywhere. I think the most important change needs to be to act as a team, with the common objective to make Brexit happen, on time. The Scottish Woman isn’t getting support from fishermen North of the border, because they think the fish around our coast is ours, and the farmers because they want to be out of the CAP, but the MSM doesn’t report it in any detail, if at all.

    There are so many enemies in so many places, that I think any change should be kept to a minimum, especially changes in the power structure. The MSM would think Christmas (sorry, Happy Holidays) had arrived early!

    I don’t think publishing the report during the recess would be wise, when ministers are on holiday. I would have thought that much could … should have been done before any publication, so answers of some substance are available.

    Shooting oneself in the foot is to be avoided, like making any comment about Trump: it just isn’t needed and, if made, is usually plain shown to be stupid and causes trouble that needs to be ‘managed’!

  216. Why does George Soros remain unindicted and at liberty in the USA?

    Why is there no investigation into likely criminal conspiracies and seditious activities by his organisations established in England?

    And his ilk?

  217. Exile, Deportation, Denial of Entry to Muslims?


    So are we ready to destroy our liberties and our civilization in the name of defending those who are organizing their destruction?

    This quandary has been deliberately and unnecessarily manufactured by the guilty men in Brussels and their collaborators in Westminster. Do they love us?

  218. I believe Pope Sixtus VI had the solution.

    “Francisco, Cardinal Jiménez de Cisneros, promoted the suppression of Muslims with the same zeal that Torquemada had directed at Jews. In 1502 he ordered the proscription of Islam in Granada, the last of the Muslim kingdoms in Spain to fall to the Reconquista. The persecution of Muslims accelerated in 1507 when Jiménez was named grand inquisitor. Muslims in Valencia and Aragon were subjected to forced conversion in 1526, and Islam was subsequently banned in Spain. The Inquisition then devoted its attention to the Moriscos, Spanish Muslims who had previously accepted baptism. Expressions of Morisco culture were forbidden by Philip II in 1566, and within three years, persecution by the Inquisition gave way to open warfare between the Moriscos and the Spanish crown. The Moriscos were driven from Granada in 1571, and by 1614 some 300,000 had been expelled from Spain entirely.”

  219. Sometimes I can be a little cynical but this morning my heart lifted as I watched on BBC television the tens of thousands of Muslims marching through London With banners saying Islamic terrorism, not in my name.

  220. John birch. – 07:17

    You are being very modest – and they have probably been Anglesised enough to want a peaceful takeover.

  221. TRIPOLI/BERLIN/ROME (Own report) – A steadily increasing number of
    casualties in the North African desert and grave violations of
    international law are flanking the German government’s efforts to
    cordon off the EU from African refugees. Berlin’s attempts to seal the
    Libya-Niger border is forcing refugees to take routes that are more
    dangerous, causing increasing numbers of deaths in the Sahara. Since
    Italy and Libya’s puppet government in Tripoli have begun to hamper
    maritime rescue operations off the Libyan coast, a rise in the number
    of casualties is also feared in the Mediterranean. At the same time,
    the German government is supporting the internment of refugees in
    Libyan detention camps, notorious for their brutal and even murderous
    treatment. “Humanitarian standards” need to be imposed on those camps,
    German Chancellor Angela Merkel says, and calls on the services of the
    United Nations’ Organization for Migration (IOM) and the UNHCR. These
    activities combine to create a multiple anti-refugee system, including
    two rings of barriers along with a network of camps.


  222. Noa – 09:39

    I see the quotation marks (“Europe” Stands Ready), while most of the action is by Merkel/Berlin/Germany.

  223. Baron
    Still fighting the good fight and having a good laugh every step of the way, like the time I fell out of the bath, had the neighborhood in stitches with that one. There is so much to comment on and so little worth the effort of doing so. The panjandrums of Europe are going into paroxysms of sympathy over the Barcelona atrocities, as they always do, they would be better employed in taking measures to minimise the likelyhood of such events re-occuring. Unfortunately we all know what has to be done just as we know nothing will be done until there is some mega event costing thousands of lives, at which point it will be too late, as it was in 1939.

  224. Stephen Maybury

    We are already witnessing the reaction to the Islamic invasion of Europe in the continuing de facto partition into Islamic and non Islamic banelieus.
    The political and islamist intention, in 20 or 30 years time, is to join up the islamic ones by redacting the non islamic ones.

  225. Robert Retyred

    ” We need white boys who are prepared to fight for the human rights of black boys to who yearn to come to Europe to roam and rape free”

    In short, we need an EU army to fight the people smugglers in Libya.

  226. Time to play, terrorist attack bingo.
    On your cards are the words,
    Muslim .
    Jihad .
    Home grown.
    You won’t get a full house listening to the BBC.
    I listened to 5 live with Emma Barnett from 10am to 10-30 and though the program was only about the latest attack the words conspicuously missing were Islam and Muslim.
    I don’t actually recall any others on the card being used either.

  227. Mark Steyn reminds us of what the Spaniards did to their pro-American government after the Madrid train atrocities. Cowardly leftist bastards!

    Yesterday was a clear indication of where appeasement gets you. Those, like me, who were born in the early Thirties, already knew.

    Comeuppance? Yes, but many who were killed yesterday were tourists with poor memories.

  228. I overlooked the invitation to lunch with JJB on 10th August at our quaint li’l ol’ Charlotte Hotel and instead made do with re-heated cabbage stalks for lunch.

    Things perked up in the afternoon when I saw a small child fell of his bike.

  229. … and will the Septics learn from this hisorical lesson? No, the crazy myopic bastards would rather pull down statues and threaten to assassinate Trump, because he offends the leftist mantra of political correctness and Orwellian ‘newspeak’.

  230. Where TF is Colonel Mustard; I sincerely hope that ill health or worse has not floored him? Any sign of him on other platforms?

  231. Frank, just for you, and the others, of course 🙂 :
    Charlottesville and Its Aftermath: What if It Was a Setup?

  232. Steyn at his best, proving that it is possible to iconoclastic while showing a touching sympathy for the target icon.

    Despoilers of statues to note – if they are capable of understanding the nuance.

  233. RobertRetyred (13:24)

    As you know, I’m unkeen, in general terms, on conspiracy theories, which are easier to formulate than perpetrate. Opportunists hover like shite hawks and swoop on cock-ups and contrive to transmogrify them into hawkshite ‘conspiracy theories’.

    But that gal makes a very powerful case and I could accept it as a base for further investigation. 🙂

  234. Andy Car Park (12:38)

    WBGTDWI? (in this case B = bicycling).

    Unless, of course, the child was riding the bike along La Ramblas, in which case report immediately to las policia de Barcelona and submit your eye witness report.

  235. Frank P – 14:03

    Ironic. It was the burgers that did fer ‘im in the end.

  236. Andy Car Park – 12:38

    Howdya know it was his bike?

  237. “Labour needs to hang their heads in shame”
    Bhai Mohan Singh

  238. Bannon Gone!
    … and then there was Trump!

    It’s over. I wouldn’t be surprised if Gen. Kelly has instructed Mike Pence to clear his diary.

  239. RobertRetyred – 13:24

    It’s a continuation of what went before. This is Obama’s Third Term!

  240. “Bannon, backed by billionaire, prepares to go to war”

  241. The normalisation of terrorist attacks as clearly visible to see , how long will it be before you say my family has been killed in a terrorist attack and people say oh well never mind get over it.

  242. EC – 19:15

    Yes, he’s only a couple of miles down the road from the WH!

    I thought US presidents faded from view when they left the WH. But then … 🙂

  243. John birch. – 19:37

    You forgot the ‘part and parceling living in a big city … or big town … or anywhere in the House of War’.

  244. Should be:
    You forgot the ‘part and parcel of living in a big city … or big town … or anywhere in the House of War’.

  245. What’s interesting is how the MSM are sanitising Barcelona (as they do with everything Islamic) by not showing the blood. Tommy Robinson complains thusly:

  246. The point being this. They show us ‘little Aylan’ on the beach dead, but don’t want to show us our dead.

    This is state-sponsored genocide. These terrorists rely on official largesse.

  247. Pat Buchanan: ‘The ideas made it, but I didn’t.’

    He’s an extraordinary man. I can’t believe he’s still going.

  248. The endless blood, the endless bodies, the endless betrayal.

    This really wasn’t the week to fire Steve Bannon.

    FFS, Trump, we are like ants. We are like xxxxing ants. We just run and scarper and hope it’s not us next being raped or murdered by these animals. We won the xxxxing election. Bannon has our mandate.

    xxxx Mitt Romney. xxxx him.

    I cannot believe I am living in an America that is ripping down statues of all sorts. This is the way a culture dies.

  249. At the start of the week, Trevor Kavanagh (who is hardly impressive, just another Judas Goat) wrote about The Muslim Problem and had the Establishment try to have him axed from The Sun as Katie Hopkins and Kelvin Mackenzie already have been.

    The ‘community leaders’ doing nothing to solve the grooming scandal
    Douglas Murray

    There are some foreign words so expressive that you long to absorb them into your own language, to add breadth, colour and depth. ‘Asshat’ (or ‘ass-hat’) for instance. This fine north-Americanism denotes a person who has their head so far up their own ass [Eng: arse] that they are literally wearing their ass as a hat. It is a term for which there is no precise equivalent in our English demotic. But it is useful, and I recommend its adoption.

    The specific cause of this recommendation is that I can think of almost nobody who claims to be any type of ‘community representative’ or ‘leader’ who is not a complete and utter asshat.

    On Monday, after the prosecution of another group of rapists in Newcastle, the Sun published a column by Trevor Kavanagh. It followed a column on a similar theme by Labour MP Sarah Champion. Kavanagh’s column dared to mention that the grooming gang in Newcastle (see also Rotherham, Rochdale, Oxfordshire etc) did not consist of ‘Asian’ men but specifically men of Muslim origin. He was right. Most newspapers don’t like to mention this, preferring to hide behind ‘Asian’ and thereby showing a willingness to mislead their readers into thinking that organised gangs of Koreans and Japanese have been gang-raping young white girls across Britain over recent years.

    If this is undeniably perilous territory to write in, it is also ground-hog day. After the prosecutions in Newcastle last week, the BBC’s Newsnight ran a lamentable discussion with four young Muslims chaired by Evan Davis; the panel decided within minutes that the case had nothing to do with religion.

    Perhaps readers will forgive me if I sigh about all this. I just checked the first Newsnight discussion I did on this issue and somewhere on the internet found my younger self discussing whether we could talk about Muslim grooming gangs, the whole question of political correctness and the shutting down of debate. That was a decade ago.

    Demonstrating that nothing is getting better in this regard, there has been the usual predictable, organised, backlash against Kavanagh and Champion for telling the truth. It has been led by the Muslim Council of Britain and Labour MP Naz Shah (who readers will remember faced her own anti-Semitism scandal last year). Yesterday, Champion was forced to quit her place in Labour’s shadow cabinet. And her party leader, Jeremy Corbyn, in accepting her resignation, has done what he can to blur the distinguishing features of the Newcastle rape gang.

    It is all part of a much bigger pattern. Elsewhere, I have recently explained the strange British and European sickness whereby we don’t really have the societal fortitude to deal with (or even address) problems such as the organised gang-rape of children and console ourselves by attacking anyone willing to acknowledge the truth. We attack the response to the problem because we lack the societal fortitude to address the problem. You have to stand back to recognise the full consequence of such societal sickness. Imagine if Shah, Corbyn and their eggers-on among the Twittering classes were able to summon up even a quarter of the rage they reserved for Kavanagh and Champion, and saved it instead for the rapists who brand their initials on girls they regard as ‘chattel’.

    Which returns me to asshats. In his piece, Trevor Kavanagh ended with a reference to Britain’s ‘Muslim problem’. Now that is not a phrase I would use myself, and I imagine that in retrospect Kavanagh wouldn’t feel that happy about the shorthand. But so what? It’s a free country and people are allowed to avail themselves of their opinions in a robust fashion. Or they used to be, before a self-appointed group of self-appointed leaders took it upon themselves to police the language for us.

    For along with Shah and the MCB, who else do we find leaping up to attack the Sun’s correspondent, but the Board of Deputies of British Jews. It is difficult to convey the contempt with which many British Jews hold this organisation. The last time I appeared on a platform with two of the board’s leaders the audience greeted their ‘representatives’ with boos. That audience was too kind. Now – as the Independent has gleefully reported – the board has complained to the Independent Press Standards Organisation (Ipso). To them, the phrase ‘Muslim problem’ is too close to the phrase ‘the Jewish problem’.

    Well the phrase is also close to the term ‘Tax problem’ and ‘Crossword puzzle’. But according to the board: ‘The printing of the phrase “The Muslim Problem” – particularly with the capitalisation and italics for emphasis – in a national newspaper sets a dangerous precedent.’ Oh yes. And what precisely is that precedent and danger? Might it lead to an outburst of further capitalisations? A wave of italicisations? Is the problem that when there is next an outbreak of child sex-abuse scandals in the Catholic church newspapers might refer to it as ‘The Catholic Church’s child-abuse problem’? How terrible that would be. Enlightening readers as it could.

    Anyhow, as I say – asshats. I suppose the Jewish ‘community leaders’ think that in response for this reach-around they will get some Muslim community leader to service them in a similar manner in return some day. Well I wouldn’t bet on that. But this ugly little episode does confirm what I’ve long thought about this game. Gay leaders. Muslim leaders. Jewish leaders. It’s all just a big racket. And it’s not just that they do so little to solve any problem. As their ongoing efforts to silence anyone speaking about grooming gangs proves, there is no problem – even child rape – that community leadership groups cannot in fact make worse.

  250. This is a pattern we see over and over. In the UK, Labour and Lib Dems wanted Muslims imported to boost their vote clientele (there are shocking YouTube videos of them at Muslim rallies decrying Britain). This was copied by the SNP, which wanted its votes swelled by this lobby. If you give them gifts, they all vote on the imam’s orders so it’s worth importing them.

    And we’ve all seen how that’s worked out.

    The same was true of Barcelona, which has a separatist movement. They have been happily importing Muslims to boost their separatist voter numbers by recruiting them. Well, this is a thing that always bites the hand that feeds it.

    Spain knew attack would come in Islamist hotbed Barcelona

    Interestingly, Spain’s statue of Guzman The Good is only about 30 years old. He was, in effect, a martyr to save Spain from the Muslims. So the putting up of that statue was someone sayng: don’t forget your history, this is happening again.

  251. Quote:

    “Catalonia have actively over-accommodated Islamists (building homes/mosques) to buy votes” [for indpendence].

  252. That wicked woman Angela Merkel is on the cusp of winning a fourth term. The French vote for Macron. THe British vote LibLabCon.

    It matters not a jot how many dead bodies there are, the voters must take the blame too.

    These politicians have made quite clear this is the future. I just cannot understand why people keep voting for them.

    Theresa anti-Brexit May is the pits.

  253. Scan this, EC, it’s from the pen of Roger Stone, one of Malfleur’s guru.

  254. RobertRetyred @ 22:37

    The damage she’s doing not only to the Tory party, but more importantly, to the country, Robert, is massive. There must be a way to get things right before the unwashed desert the conservatives, join the cumryd.

  255. Esther @ 22:27

    Societal fortitude? Hmmm

    Douglas must know it, Esther, there’s no way any contemporary politician sans the Donald would do what he’s asking for. They and they alone are but the begetters of the current state of affairs. How could they turn against themselves, admit the error of their doing, explain it even without losing face, most certainly power?

    Is there in history an example of a ruler who cut his own throat?

    The only way out is through the ballot box, a new breed of leaders who would stop the inflow, if not reverse it.

  256. Esther @ 22:57

    Point taken, Esther, but the barbarian has a marginally different take on immigration.

    We had it going before, importing people to put in place in factories, plants and farms for the young men (well, mostly men) killed in the war. The argument whether Enoch to those who brought the immigrants in were right.

    The Labour’s open door policy after 1997 was a way to mould the electorate to their liking, you’re right, most immigrants have always voted Labour, but Baron doubts they knew or even suspected that most of the immigration will be from the lands of Allah (how could they). It turned out that way because of our interference in the ME, half baked meddling, we didn’t do the job properly after we hit Saddam.

    The displaced unwashed from the region have been increasingly turning to Europe, including the UK, because Europe’s legal environment allowed them to come here settle easily and very profitably.

    The laws passed by virtually every EU member country prevent a rational handling of immigrants. The Dublin parchment on EU immigration was ignored by Mutti, which has only exacerbated the flows. Add to it the decades of progressive brainwashing of the young (and old, too) on ‘uman rites’ and stuff and one gets a perfect environment for a peaceful, taxpayer funded takeover of the indigenous culture.

  257. Noa @ 23:37

    The guy cannot expect much love from his fellow co-religionists, Noa, is he still breathing?

  258. The Mutti will win predominantly because Germany’s booming, the money flows, the lives of the burghers are trouble free, Esther.

    The unwashed may be unhappy with immigration, the new law on gay marriage (she publicly opposed it, allowed free vote, the statute passed), boost to EU funding because we’re out, but that’s secondary to their pockets full of Euros. Money still talks the loudest.

  259. The ‘Enoch’ sentence got totally distorted at 23.54. It was intended to say”

    “The argument still rages whether Enoch or those who brought the immigrants in were right”.

    The barbarian seems able to think quicker (not righter though) than he can type.

  260. Baron
    August 18th, 2017 – 23:20

    That’s a great piece, Baron.

    Just very insightful and makes sense. The arguments in it do stack up. Trump was on Oprah in the 90s saying what he would do if he were President.

    Rex Tillerson’s arrival never made sense to me. And the fact that he follows Condoleeza Rice! Melanie Phillips used to refer to her as ‘the ineffable Condoleeza Rice’.

    And the piece also sums up Julian Assange perfectly. He is neither Left, nor Right. He has never had to apologise for anything he has published – unlike the New York Times. And the sex charges were a lie. They have now been dropped.

    The only thing keeping Assange in the Embassy is the question of breaking UK bail conditions by going there. And would that be the ruse to extradite him to America? The US has no warrant for him, but Assange is staying put until he has it in writing that the US and UK will leave him alone.

    All the sex stuff, which was utterly fraudulent anyway, was magically withdrawn. Which has really irked the Daily Mail as they can’t use it to smear him any more.

  261. Another thinks the same:
    GatesOfVienna: We’re Being Played [at Charlottesville]

  262. Baron – 23:24
    “The damage she’s doing not only to the Tory party, but more importantly, to the country, Robert, is massive.”

    I would say that she hasn’t prevented others from causing harm, and made a few errors herself, I have to admit, though she was landed in it when the first INTDWI PM scarpered. But don’t forget she has few Brexiters in Parliament, in her party, in Whitehall, in the Press, in fact anywhere!

    You need a good replacement to take over, smoothly, who will be ‘sound’. If you cannot offer a good candidate, then it is yet another example of ‘failing to plan’ means ‘planning to fail’!

  263. A very worrying paragraph:

    ‘The Trump State Department has failed to excise the Soros control of a number of U.S. embassies and is currently leaning on the Hungarian government not to impede Soros toppling of that democratically elected government. Bannon delivered the Trump State Department into the hands of the Globalists.’

  264. RobertRetyred
    August 19th, 2017 – 00:35

    There was Craiglist advert for paid-for protestors and, yes, the withdrawal of the police is the biggest sign that someone wanted a flashpoint to occur – a bit like striking a match – and got one.

    I was strucj by the T-shirt of a man in the crowd with a Hitler quote on it, which screams false flag. Why is it there? Why is the photographer able to photgraph it in such a way that we can read all the words. This is classic FBI infiltrate and smear.

  265. Zero Hedge headline: Trump Jr. Follows Julian Assange, Sparks Media Panic That A Presidential Pardon Is In The Works

    Wow! Interesting stuff. Remember, all the sex case stuff poofed into thin air like the trash it was.

    THe only outstanding piece of paper Assange has to answer is why he skipped UK police bail. THe US has never formally charged Assange with anything or asked for him to be extradited.

  266. The number of UK media outlets with ordure all over their face if the US says it won’t pursue Assange is massive.

    Chief among them: the Daily Mail and the Guardian – two cheeks of the same arxe.

    I can’t wait to rub Max Hitler Hastings’ nose in it. Can you guess which two papers he writes for most often? Yep. Maybe he’s the ordure that plops out from between the cheeks.

  267. Baron

    RENT-A-MOB: further

    This site advertised for actors for Charlottesville:

    h/t Infowars

  268. Malfleur @ 05:45

    Have you tried calling the outfit, Malfleur?

  269. If he stick with it, fights for the Donald outside the WH, the ideas which furnished the Donald’s Presidency with oomph at the start of it, (then faded away), could be resurrected again.

    Remember the Mueller’s report is coming, it’s unlikely to be in favour of the Donald (the remit of it seems limitless). Bannon, commanding huge clout after his time inside the WH, could do more behind closed doors not being a WH staffer. He and Stone could be a powerful duo to hit the MSM lapdogs.

  270. Baron,
    Can I think of a leader who cut his throat? well yes as a matter of fact, Lucius Domitius Ahenobarbus, some times known as Nero, You know, the one who did in his old mum, burned Rome and fiddled while the flames went up, then turned to chucking the Christians to the lions. What are you suggesting here? Oo, you are wicked, but I like you.

  271. stephen maybery @ 08:41

    Good point, stephen, but the man was genuinely nuts, no?

    One can argue our politicians are close to his mental state what with some of the policies they push for, but one cannot help thinking their madness is more of the opportunistic genus. Moreover, have you witness edany resignation of a politician recently? Well, if they are unwilling to give the the trough up through resigning, how likely is it they would go for seppuku?

    (And just as well, most of them are obese, the mess such an ending would make would be stomach turning).

    Alsso, sorry for the errors, here and before, and before that ….

  272. John birch. @ 09:08

    A very gentle lament, John, given Canada’s size there must be many patches of spare land the newcomers can cultivate, will have to cultivate if their number swells even more, areas such as the Northwest Territories, Inuvik in particular could be attractive for the immigrants what with fishing, reindeer galore, polar bears …

  273. From a few months ago, but Melanie excels, as usual:
    The Abolition of Truth with Melanie Phillips


    X22 REPORT -“The Elite’s Agenda Is In Full Swing, What Happened To Common Sense?”

  275. California may have a nice climate, but incurable Political Correctness Disease is frighteningly endemic there –

  276. Baron,
    Nero was not nuts, merely overindulged, having been handed the Empire and supreme power at the age of 16. Surrounded by flatterers and sycophants there was no one to say no to him, and we see the same with the modern political class, they too are out of control, blinded by illusions of invincibility and utter contempt for the demos. We see the same patterns of behavior from the celebrities who shower us withe preposterous notions, insulated as they are by their great wealth and batteries of hangers on. Nothing changes but it would be wonderful if Vince Cable and Nicholas Soames were to slit their throats.

  277. John Birch – 9.08

    WOnderful Sultan Knish piece. Let the Canadian bien pensant fry. Let them fry.

    I know quite a few Canadians, all wealthy, all PC, all cossetted from this. Until now. Because the bien pensant are always happy when it’s someone else’s problem. Not on my doorstep.

    Well, they vote Trudeau and they can suck it up. They want it, they can have it.


    Charlottesville – Ukraine – White Supremacists – Democrat Party

    Where did Dr. David Duke obtain his PhD?

  279. Herbert Thornton @ 12:43

    Listening to the chat, Herbert, one cannot avoid thinking that perhaps a mild infusion of the Islamic virus into the contemporary culture of the West, at least into the one that is being forced upon us, may not be a bad thing.

  280. stephen maybery @ 15:59

    Come now, stephen, one should be Christian, learn to love even one’s enemies when need calls for it, the ‘fatty’ Soames in particular, he has a job to do.

  281. The coupling of the Charlottesville tragedy to the atrocity i nBarcelona isn’t just the preserve of the US MSM poodles, one can hear it here, too, on our ‘objective’ BBC. This is insane, don’t these people realise that some of the listeners have brains, can think for themselves, will not swallow this distortion of the truth?

    As Tucker says if this continues more people would rather buy the conspiracy theories that are flooding the Net than believe what the filtered MSM are saying. The idea that the guy who ran his car into the crowds at Charlottesville looks more plausible if viewed against the police withdrawing from the scene. If they didn’t, perhaps the antifa mob wouldn’t have a chance to bait the man, he wouldn’t have run the car into their midst.

  282. The prejudice – the word means pre-judging – against the Charlottesville guy is astonishing.

    There is no evidence he went there with any intention to murder. If the police had not mysteriously vanished, he may never have driven the car in the way he did.

    What is more, have we even heard his defence yet? If someone was throwing things or acting aggressively toward the car, he may have panicked and hit the accelerator too hard. This effect would have been exacerbated if he were on medication.

    Peter Hitchens has been fishing around this and there is very little evidence of an orgnised mind in the Charlottesville car driver, a man called James Fields. There is plenty of evidence that he was mentally unwell. If this man is suffering mental illness, delusions and people are hammering his car, he may well have panicked and hit the accelerator. This was not pre-meditated murder.

    Peter Hitchens:

    ‘James Fields had wanted to join the army after graduating but had been turned down because the teenager had been prescribed medicine for a psychotic disorder.’

    ‘James Fields had been diagnosed with schizophrenia and had been prescribed an anti-psychotic medication as a result.’

    Panorama ran a whole episode recently on the unwellness of people on anti-depressants in America and their proneness to lash out.

  283. I think this is still on iPlayer.

    BBC Panorama: A Prescription for Murder?

    The documentary examines SSRIs— Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors—a class of drugs that used to treat depression, anxiety, and other mood disorders. In the U.S., it is estimated one in 10 people take antidepressants, and SSRIs are some of the most commonly prescribed drugs.

    Most people will only experience mild side effects from SSRIs, and these normally include things like nausea, feeling agitated, indigestion, sleep problems, headaches and a reduced sex drive. More extreme, rare side effects include suicidal thoughts and the desire to self harm.

    Filmmakers look at the potential for SSRIs to cause “psychosis, violence, possibly even murder.” They cite the case of James Holmes, who killed 12 people and injured 70 others at a screening of Batman in Aurora, Colorado, in July, 2012. “Did the SSRI anti-depressant he had been prescribed play a part in the killings?,” the BBC asks.

    It claims to have uncovered other cases of murder and violence linked to SSRIs and says not enough is known about the “rare side effect” of the drugs and “if doctors are unwittingly prescribing what could be a prescription for murder.”

  284. I have my problems with the BBC, but I think this Panorama documentary should be watched as widely as possible.

    BBC Panorama: A Prescription for Murder?

  285. There is a man in that documentary, put on anti-depressants, who murders his 11-year-old son.


  286. Bedfordshire Muslim detective jailed for filming sex act in child’s bedroom

  287. The Spectator is receiving heaps of vitriol for this stupid article (most of the wretched magazine is stupid these days):

    Ukip leader’s ‘complete idiot’ jibe backfires


    In the wake of the referendum and a series of messy leadership battles, Ukip is a party without a plan. But a lack of direction isn’t the only thing troubling the Kippers. The party’s interim leader Steve Crowther has issued a press release calling the former EU President Martin Schulz a ‘complete idiot’. The strong sentiment might not come as much as a surprise. Yet the insult was undermined somewhat by Crowther managing to repeatedly misspell the name of the man he was calling an idiot.

    Mr S thinks the next time Ukip’s stand-in leader spouts off, he might want to run a spell checker first…

    Among the comments:


    Sorry about my mis-spelling of ‘Schultz’, in the more common way, which clearly invalidates my whole argument and renders me a bigger idiot than Martin Schulz (sic). Oh, while I’m on, from your intro – “The strong sentiment might not come as much as a surprise.” Spell-check wouldn’t have spotted that one either. Bummer, eh? Whole point ruined by one typo.

  288. I cannot believe what has been happening here today in the US, anti-free speech thigs are hitting people, carrying weapons and just generally trying to shout down democracy and free speech.

    The Long March has brainwashed these asshats. They are terrifying. As are their MSM apologists.

  289. In 1914 European empires dominated and, for better or worse, secured the protection of the known world.
    By 2017, one hundred years of almost constant war in Europe and over one hundred million consequential deaths presage Europe’s own intellectual and civilisational destruction by the vengeful hordes it had previously ruled, within the lifespan of the current, and last, generation of Europeans.

  290. I have always been a great fan of Melanie Phillips, even more since I read this just now:

    “The traditional family has been relentlessly attacked by an alliance of feminists, gay rights activists, divorce lawyers and cultural Marxists who grasped that this was the surest way to destroy Western society.” She has said that giving IVF fertility treatment to lesbians would “help destroy our understanding of human identity”, and expressed her opinion that opposition to it represents “a fightback to save our civilisation”. She said the UK government was brainwashing children by including references to gay people in lessons about censuses and population movement. Philips called it “an abuse of childhood”, part of a “ruthless campaign by the gay rights lobby to destroy the very concept of normal sexual behaviour”. She received the ‘Bigot of the Year’ award from gay equality organisation Stonewall in 2011.

  291. ‘she calls “the traditional family […] has been relentlessly attacked by an alliance of feminists, gay rights activists, divorce lawyers and cultural Marxists who grasped that this was the surest way to destroy Western society.” She has said that giving IVF fertility treatment to lesbians would “help destroy our understanding of human identity”, and expressed her opinion that opposition to it represents “a fightback to save our civilisation”. She said the UK government was brainwashing children by including references to gay people in lessons about censuses and population movement. Philips called it “an abuse of childhood”, part of a “ruthless campaign by the gay rights lobby to destroy the very concept of normal sexual behaviour”. She received the ‘Bigot of the Year’ award from gay equality organisation Stonewall in 2011.’

  292. The above refers to Melanie Phillips.
    I have only just seen this but it greatly increases my regard for the superb journalist.

  293. Turn to page 53, the Roger Kimball’s contribution. The piece is from 2015, not that long, you won’t regret reading it:

  294. Noa @ 01:20

    Charmingly served, the piece, Noa, after the ‘table was prepared …’

  295. As the Press try to whitewash paedo Heath, let us remember his appetite for lies.

    The treaties of accession for the UK, Ireland, Denmark and Norway were signed in January 1972. The offical date of entry was to be January 1st 1973, between those dates referendums were supposed to be held. That happened in all three other countries but not in the UK.

    In April 1970 a Gallup poll had shown that only 15 percent of the electorate were in favour of joining the Common Market. The issue played almost no part in that year’s general election, Heath’s manifesto contained just one line about it ‘… to negotiate, no more, no less’, yet Heath went ahead and signed us up and denied us a referendum on joining – because he new what the result would be, NO.

    The Treaty of Rome – despite Heath’s denials – involved a loss of sovereignty to Brussels. The UK does not belong to Parliament it belongs to the people, MPs did not have the right to give the country away, only the people have that right yet we were never consulted.

    Heath was a traitor who had been prospering since the 50s courtesy of the EEC, that was how the carpenter’s son was able to afford a millionaire’s lifestyle. Our entry into the Common Market was an act of illegality by Heath and his helper Rippon. Justice has been a long time coming but at last it is in sight, we must not let feeble minded UK belittlers scupper that result.

    We want a full and proper Brexit.

  296. Gyles Brandreth seems to have spent half his life sniffing the queen’s knickers.

    ‘In the event, the Duke of Edinburgh’s rage subsided and at the last minute he helped win round William, who had wanted to grieve in private. Former Tory MP and writer Gyles Brandreth, a close friend of the Duke, has revealed how ‘Prince Philip, who had not planned to walk, said to William, “If I walk, will you walk with me?” ’

    Diana and Charles broke up because ‘she wouldn’t do oral sex, she just wouldn’t’. The anecdote leaves me gulping with admiration for Camilla, apparently more adept at managing the princely sceptre and its pendulous orbs.

    Brandreth reproves a tourist who touches the nuptial bed at Broadlands and announces: ‘The Queen is very keen on sex.’

  297. Esther @ 22:26

    That’s a hard one, Esther, (the barbarian has watched only about a third of it, too sleepy last night), a sufficient chunk though to make one point.

    As with everything, one has to weight the advantages and the drawbacks of that which is new, untested, beneficial.

    Take cars, we all use them, they make life easier, get all of us from A to B quicker than horse driven carriages, the form of transport they’ve replaced, they move goods around relatively cheaply …. but they also kill, each year, whatever we do, some 3,500 people get killed on our roads by cars. Often, in a way that’s as upsetting as the guy’s shooting the cinema goers, e.g. the Barcelona atrocity.

    One may say we rely too much on synthetic drugs (Baron thinks so, is trying to avoid them as much as he can), often they only mask the boil, not curing it, have side effects, even kill. They also alleviate pain in hopeless cases, cheer us up, make life more bearable on occasions.

    Perhaps, finding a test the would tell us who can benefit, who can turn into a killer. The question still is what do we do before it becomes available?

  298. Esther @ 08:53

    What an opening sentence, Esther, it made the barbarian chuckle for a while.

  299. Great non smokers, No 1.

    “…He was also very finicky. On the train there were several other people travelling with him, and he banned smoking – because he had given up smoking himself so it annoyed him. He said the only place people could smoke was in the toilet. Unfortunately, there were only two toilets in the carriage. One was at the front, but the other at the back was in what was designated German territory, so the Russians couldn’t use it. So there was instantly a massive queue of 34 people to use the loo to smoke. And what did the great Lenin do? He issued tickets! If you wanted to go to the loo to use it for its biological purposes, you got a first-class priority ticket. And if you wanted to go to smoke, you got a second-class ticket with a number on it that told you when you could have your cigarette. Only Lenin could do that. Only Lenin would think of it, and be able to impose his will so that people didn’t smoke elsewhere…”

  300. Not even Charlemagne, when at his height,
    Could match your grandeur, majesty and might.
    The Holy Roman Empire sought in vain
    The splendour and extent of your domain.
    From Padua to Plonsk and Pontypool
    Eight hundred million souls enjoy your rule.
    Yet poor, benighted Brits will not receive
    Your masterly direction when they leave.
    You’re famed for your urbanity and charm,
    And only bitter cynics call it smarm.
    Your clever leaks made Mrs May a clown:
    What fun to kick a person when she’s down!
    When Dave, before the referendum, said
    He needed help, you smiled and shook your head.
    And now the Brexit poo will hit the punkah
    While you look on serenely, Jean-Claude Juncker.

    Hugh King.
    Spectator Competition winner

  301. Esther 08.53


    Especially the masterly deployment of ‘pendulous’.

  302. From that gem of a Guardian link (the missing link?), from Esther.

    “The human family is a device for passing on property and emotional dysfunctions; the royal family hoards more than the average quantity of loot, and has more than its fair share of bad, recessive genes. Isn’t it time that we released the Windsors from a duty which they find so onerous, and liberated ourselves from our absurd enthralment to them?
    Brandreth, I suggest, might go into exile along with them. His performance as a self-appointed equerry-in-waiting that day at the hospice suggests that he’d be a dab hand with a loo brush and would keep their porcelain throne pristine.”

    Compare this assessment with Prince Harry’s own informed analysis:

    “We are not doing this for ourselves but for the greater good of the people… Is there any one of the royal family who wants to be king or queen? I don’t think so, but we will carry out our duties at the right time.”

  303. Noa
    Beats mutual admiration with Douglas.

  304. Man jailed for 10 months after sexual assault on teen outside Wishaw kebab shop – Daily Record

    on it goes

  305. We do not need a crackdown on free speech or van hires.

    We do not need steel and concrete barriers.

    To quote Tommy Robinson:

    They want to be seen as they’re doing something. Crack down of van hires ffs ‍♂We need a crackdown on Islam!

    One of the cars that was used in Spain was stolen. It’s not difficult to steal a car, is it? They stabbed and killed the owner.

  306. A 60 second ditty that makes the point: Should we ask for our minute’s silence before we are raped and murdered?

  307. A Twitter reply from Ramesh Choutapelly‏ to Tommy Robinson:

    It’s just a trailer. The movie is yet to start.

    There were no Muslims in Indian subcontinent a millennium back. Now Hindu are fighting for survival.

  308. Now Mohammed, are you hiring this van for the purpose of running over innocent women & children in the street to please your god. Yes or no

  309. CNN literally scrubbed a headline which called Antifa violent because Antifa did not like it. This is modern journalism.

  310. David Lindsay/Teleturd

    Hows your persona theft going these days?

    Still hiding yourself in the bones of sincere socialists I see, comrade.

  311. “A statuesque lady so tall,
    Once greeted with warmth one and all,
    But now she’s been fired,
    And set to be hired,
    As builder for Trump’s fucking wall.”

    You must admit, as a limerick it passes with high marks, the content stinks, but then it is from the pen of Tom Freeman, who took part in another competition (Baron forgets where, sorry, probably also in the Spectator), who cannot like the Donald, seems a rival to our Fergus for whose benefit the barbarian memorised it hoping to improve it lightly (he, the barbarian, has been always tempted to pass hints to Fergus’s poetic labour).

    Instead of ‘fugging’, which is trite, vulgar and very much ‘low culture’, how about ‘promised’? Far more civilised, no? Unless you have better a suggestion.

  312. Esther 11:45

    She’s playing with fire, Esther, gets away with it because if the authorities were to go after her the publicity would work against them. She should be careful though, they may order the MSM poodles to keep quiet as they always are when Tony Robinson gets rounded, tried, sentenced.

    It’s unbelievable what has happened to this country, the only thing that’s missing is the knock on the door in the wee hours of the morning by men in leather coats, but give them time.

  313. Someone should tell those telling us that the Republic has always welcomed the ‘tired, poor, huddled masses’ to brush up on history.

    You may recall the barbarian saying that in the mid-20s, the immigration number into the land of the free was exceeded by that of the opposite i.e. expulsion. Asians got completely excluded from settling there. Have a look:

  314. Leather coats Baron?

    Do you mind? Faux leather, pur-lessse!

    We wouldn’t want to upset the animal rights activists, would we?

  315. Noa @ 12:47

    A point made with some power, Noa, it goes down well with this:

  316. In case you missed it Baron, Steyn clears up that huddled masses thing.

  317. Rush Limbaugh: ‘We Are on the Cusp of a Second Civil War’

  318. What do you make of this video posted by Frank’s favourite blonde?

    She’s talking too fast for the poorly educated Slav, he has to stop her, think (yup, he does try to engage the few remaining brain cells occasionally), still should’t the first thing on identity be breaking it into identity that’s fixed e.g. race, skin colour, place of birth, and identity that’s acquired either by law or voluntarily?

    In a society that’s lacking an identity rooted in the former, politics will never be the same as in a rainbow society whether it, politics, is fuelled by identities of either categories.

  319. Noa @ 13:16

    Thnaks, Noa, Baron has seen it, he’s a member of his club, gets e-mails pointing to stuff like that.

  320. Baron 13.16

    Thanks for that link to Norwegian tolerance, m’lud.

    Sadly it would be wasted on the hickory headed tele tubby, to whom it would be more appropriately addressed.

  321. Baron
    Liked Larry Bonson’s pithy summary beneath the Blonde.

    “Black people and white people who were never slaves are fighting white people who were never Nazis over confederate statues that were erected by democrats… But somehow this is all Donald Trump’s fault.”

    But surely the whole point of identity politics is simply that it is a modern manifestation of dialectic materialism: the destruction of the individual’s personality to enable its rebuilding to the politically approved model.

  322. Great links, folks. Steyn is just pure silk.

    I’m just speechless today at this: ‘We’ll change the laws on hiring vans.’

    It’s like living in Invasion of the Body Snatchers. We are all just going to be thrown to the Islamic terror wolves and it’s the authorities who are doing it. It could all be stopped tomorrow. But the authorities want this.

    That Rush Limbaugh speech is right.

    FFS. Brexit won. Trump won. The people voted for this, despite all the lies.

    We are not going to just believe the lies now, because they are new lies. And worse lies.

    Here’s a lie. Newer than the one before it. And an even bigger lie.

    I don’t know what more we can do in America. We have voted in Trump. We don’t want your globalist lies. In Europe, they can’t even seem to understand that if you vote for the same people, you’ll get the same lies.

    We keep being told: there will be a turning point.

    There is no turning point. We are all just ants, running about and hoping the boot doesn’t crush us next.

    FFS stop voting for these people, stop buying their products. Boycott them in anyway you can, especially at the ballot box.

    We can’t go on like this.

    Change the laws on hiring vans. The very suggestion tells you everything about the spiteful cttts that thought it up. As you were. It’s those in power that are throwing us under the bus. Stop them. Stop voting for them. Please. Especially Theresa May.

    FFS. We are being raped and murdered. One by one.

    Oh, never mind, would you like to subsribe to the Spectator for 12 for 12 weeks? If we add it to the bulk sales to airlines, also sold at massive discount, Fraser Nelson gets to pretend he has a massive magazine circulation. Tell us about actual profits and loss, Mr Nelson. I am not going to be blown to pieces for you and Isabel Hardman to churn out santimonious apologies.

    Stop supporting them. Just FFS, stop.

  323. A hate post for the comrade.

    Just put a deposit down on a brand new Porsche and mentioned it on FaceBook.
    I said “I can’t wait for the new 911 to arrive!” Next thing I know 4000 Muslims have added me as a friend!

  324. Two minutes of CHristopher Hitchens warning, it will be your own religious leaders and your own politicians who will force Islam on you.

    The fault lies with the Tory Party and Justin Welby. Yes, the Labour Party too. But why do people think the Tory Party will save them?

    Would that he had lived to see what is going on now! Christopher Hitchens, Enoch Powell – whatever they said has come true but only 1,000 times worse.

    Remember. It’s your own false idols doing this to you: Justin Welby, ‘charities’, the Tory Party, the civil service. How many more stabs in the back?

  325. Worth watching every second of that two minutes a second time.

    It’s so odd to see someone sound the alarm so loud. And everyone ignores him.

    The reason why he is such a big loss is that some on the Left would listen to him. Not all. But some. We had someone who had the ear of the Left in America. He was hugely popular on campuses.

    And now look. Thugs. Destroying free speech.

  326. I still think nothing tops the cartoon of John McCain as America’s own tumour.

  327. The one titled Release the Bannon has names next to all the little heads, which you can read if you zoom in. The man on the steering wheel of the ship? George Soros!

  328. Good piece this. One problem. A lot of the commenters below complain they have had their comments removed. It’s click bait. A sponge for anger. A release valve. Put them here, where we will feed them Douglas Murray and Rod Liddle. And then after they’ve calmed down tell them at election time to vote Tory for fear of something worse. AFter all, the Spectator is on your side. Isn’t it?

    Take oxytocin and you too can be a liberal halfwit

    The effects include mania, hypersensitivity, confusion and stupidity. Sound familiar?

    Rod Liddle

    People who feel unkindly disposed towards economic migrants are chemically imbalanced, according to a study from the University of Bonn. More specifically, they are deficient in oxytocin, a neuropeptide hormone sometimes known as the ‘cuddle drug’ because of its ability to turn normal human beings into simpering halfwits.

    Psychologists ran a series of studies in which Germans were asked how much money they would like to give to, say, Tariq and Mohammed, who have just arrived here from Syria. ‘Nothing at all, unless they intend to spend it on a ticket home’ is of course the correct response, and indeed many Germans initially concurred with this.

    However, after they were bunged some oxytocin they were handing out the dosh willy-nilly. Remarkable. Perhaps German women should be given regular doses to make them more amenable when they are sexually assaulted by the so-called refugees.

    Or perhaps the researchers have got the whole thing the wrong way round and the people who are most fervently in favour of the unlimited arrival of talented brain surgeons, engineers, physicists etc from the Levant, Somalia and beyond actually have far too much oxytocin, and it is they who are chemically imbalanced, not the rest of us.

    I checked the effects of an oxytocin overdose — you tell me if you think the following egregious states strike a chord when you watch liberals marching through London to protest about something or other: mania, hypersensitivity, memory impairment, intense confusion, shakiness, stupidity, convulsions and restlessness. I reckon I may be on to something. Perhaps if we gave liberals oxytocin inhibitors they would end up being at least borderline rational, able to debate the issue without screaming ‘they are human beings!’ and sobbing uncontrollably.

    In the meantime we’d better get used to the left deciding that people who hold views with which they disagree are either evil or chemically or mentally unbalanced.

    It is a kind of gentle totalitarianism (at times, not that gentle) and it has been on the rise for quite a while. For many years now, people in the workplace who express views which run counter to the party line on feminism, LGBT rights, transgender rights, disablement and so on have been routinely sent on re-education courses where they are left in no doubt that their opinions are ‘unaccept-able’ and must change.

    It is a source of great shame to me that while I worked at the BBC I was sent on only one of these, and that was one which was compulsory for everybody.

    Footballers who express doubts about the legitimacy of gay marriage, or homosexual sex, are fined and sent off to be brainwashed. Social workers who oppose gay parenting are usually just kicked out, no course needed. As are Christian social workers who dare, at any point, to mention the word ‘God’ to their clients or their colleagues.

    In such a way, views which are shared by a significant minority — or even a majority — of British people are rendered contraband and samizdat. Areas of debate are closed down, because as far as the liberals are concerned, there is no debate at all. And so we arrive at a stage where people are banned from speaking on college campuses because their views might transgress any one of countless asinine shibboleths imposed by the authoritarian adolescents of the NUS (usually with the craven support of the college authorities).

    But this fury does not stop at criminalising opinion. It will also criminalise fact, when the fact is inconvenient. For example, to state that the acquired gender of a man who has transitioned into a woman is less authentic than the gender into which he was born is almost always, scientifically, a fact. Check the chromosomes. But simply to state it will get you banned from speaking at our universities and will most likely get you into trouble at work.

    Then there’s the case of the sacked Google engineer. James Damore wrote a ten-page treatise on why he thought Google’s equality and diversity programme was not working. In particular, he suggested that the reason there were fewer women working as engineers and at higher echelons in the company was because they might not be suited to the work.

    He phrased his objections inelegantly and without caveats, but the gist of what he was saying was almost certainly right. In British schools, 90 per cent of students taking computing at A-level are male. Just as almost 80 per cent of students taking physics are male. There has to be a reason for this and it cannot simply be down to institutionalised gender inequality. Despite 30 years of educationalists trying desperately to raise the percentage of women taking physics, despite government directives and the WISE campaign with Princess Anne as its patron, the proportions of women studying technology and the sciences remain stubbornly low.

    You might draw from this a conclusion that, on average, more men than women wish to work in such areas and that even if discrimination still exists, either engendered in the home or reinforced by schools and popular culture, there is still a more basic reason why girls don’t go into hard science. That is all that James Damore was trying to say. And yet after three and a half years of service he was kicked out because he had, said Google, ‘promoted harmful gender stereotypes and violated our code of conduct’.

    The notion that he might be right, which he almost certainly is, did not remotely occur to them. It is something they are not allowed to think. When it came to dealing with someone who possessed views different to their own, suddenly Google’s oxytocin levels dropped very sharply, as is so often the case.

  329. Isabel Hardman is writing a book.

    Is it on marital infidelity?

  330. LBC, the Judas Goat radio station screens out intelligent callers.

    Here, a Muslim apostate exposes LBC presenter Maajid Nawaz:

  331. Noa – 15:24


  332. Dean Martin’s no longer with us, RIP, it seems he timed it to coincide with Bruce’s departure, almost.

    All the greats of the past have gone, what we’re left with is a bunch of PC, foul language starlets with little or no talent.

    If you have the time you can enjoy a show that could have been watched and enjoyed by the whole family:

  333. Jerry Lewis m’lud. Dino departed Christmas Day ’95.

  334. Of course, you right, Frank, it was Jerry Lewis, how embarrassing, as a penance the barbarian will shut up for as long as the embarrassment lasts.

  335. Many will not want to miss Alex Jones broadcasting yesterday shirtless on the expansion of services.
    Many will not want to miss Alex Jones with his shirt back on exposing that Charlottesville was 80% synthetic.

    Coffee House Wallsters want to know when is England going to have its ‘Real News’?

  336. Many will want to know Alex Jones’s information on the resignation of Steve Bannon which he gives in the second hour of his Sunday’s show:.

    Real News? Go to

  337. Douglas Murray: Have We Had Enough Diversity?

  338. New CHW below.

  339. Given the date, Mr Boots remarks are both timely and pragmatic. The ingrates of Continental Europe aka das Vierte Reich should be told in no uncertain terms that the scam is over. Not a penny more should pass from the UK treasury eastwards to the bloated bureaucracy of the EUSSR. Stop pussyfooting around and tell them to get fucked! Brexit means Brexit. Who do these people think they are? More to the point who do our craven government think they are? The people have spoken, execute their imperative, you craven kuntz. And CH Wallsters … please stop punting David Davis as a future PM of the UK. He should be advertising Dulux paint.
    The man is a Kuwaiti tanker.

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