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  1. Boris, Priti, Fallon, Damian Green. What an absolute shower. Only the prospect of Corbyn is keeping them in office.

  2. “Lord Ricketts, former head of the diplomatic service, told BBC Radio 4’s World Tonight that he couldn’t think of a precedent “where a senior minister visits a country, has an extensive programme like this without the Foreign Office, the foreign secretary or even the ambassador in the country knowing about it”. ”

    Just what is going on. Even Tatton Sleazeball Neil Hamilton did not behave like this.

  3. As for May, Luckless Lamont would describe her as being in office but not in power’ or perhaps as Fowler then said a “dud, nasty, ludicrous and silly.”

  4. Recently, on holiday in Italy, an Italian asked me why the man who won the Referendum (Nigel Farage) was not in power.

    Why indeed not?

  5. Marshal Roberts (21:37)

    Farage was much too fly to actually acquire power. Who, with four joined up synapses, would want to lead the rabble that now comprises the ‘political class’, anyway. Nah …he’s already on a gravy train that is merely a front for a baneful bunch of bent bureaucrats. He can draw his exes, ponce around the world, posing as ” the man who won the referendum” and with no responsibilty whatsover mouth off whenever he feels like. Great … except there ain’t any Brexit, there never will be and even if they bodge something up that pretends to be, we’ll have the dastardly concoction around our necks until the Mullahs eventually outfuck us both literally and politically. The trilby, beer and fags personna was just part of the con. Ask his wife. I admit I was conned for a bit … more in hope than expectation. Tel the eyetie that.

  6. Tell, sorry. My poker failed, so to speak. 🙂

  7. His latest on the Ruski revolution: apologies – incomplete link.

  8. Frank 2305
    I quite liked the fellerand he certainly would be better than this dreadful woman.
    He made us feel good in a way not experienced since Macmillan. And that means a lot.

  9. Priti Patel has done a Liam Fox and cannot survive, even with her pretty smile.

    “Priti Patel has been accused of breaching the ministerial code by letting a leading figure in a corporate lobbying group sit in on her secret meetings with members of the Israeli government.

    Lord Polak, honorary president of the Conservative Friends of Israel, set up 12 official meetings for the international development secretary during her family holiday to Israel in August and sat in on 11 of them. Ms Patel failed to tell the Foreign Office in advance, then denied that the meetings had taken place.

    The Tory peer is also chairman of the advisory board of TWC Associates, a strategic consultancy that boasts about its understanding of how “public policy is shaped” and how “our clients can best be plugged into the political process”. Although Lord Polak denies being a lobbyist, a TWC partner has previously admitted that the company takes the concerns of its clients to Tory and Labour MPs.

    Last night MPs drew comparisons between Ms Patel and Liam Fox, who resigned as defence secretary in 2011 after allowing an adviser outside government to work with him.”

  10. I don’t like Michael Hanson but yesterday he wrote this-

    “I notice Theresa May mentioned illegal settlements to Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu last week, but he wasn’t keen to chat about them, and instead started droning on about his commitment to peace and “‘the battle against militant Islam”. That was a pretty daring move by May, because some people might easily have called her antisemitic, as she was expressing a smidgin of concern about the Palestinians and questioning the Israeli government’s actions.”

    I guess the fear of May of being seen as anti Semitic is why Patel is not already gone.

  11. Exactly a century ago the world’s first truly egalitarian society was born.
    It turned out to be a false dawn.
    However given the current world chaos we are ready for a New Dawn.

  12. Lobbying. More like the USA every day.

    MPs are supposed to represent their constituents not behave as lobbyists for their own or other agendas, corporate or sock puppet.

    The answer to any (fake) charity attempting to lobby politicians should be:- “You want to influence policy? Then form a party and stand for election”.

    The current pattern of powerful lobbying by groups and unelected “leaders” as well as “consultations” involving same is undermining the foundation of our democracy. It is most apparent in Brexit where the lobbying is now attempting to thwart the wishes of the 17 million ordinary people who voted to Leave.

  13. There was nothing egalitarian about party members and officials enjoying special perks whilst ordinary people lived and worked in miserable conditions and dare not speak out for fear of imprisonment or execution. Anyone who thinks that was egalitarian is a blithering idiot.

    And there would be nothing egalitarian about Comrade Corbyn’s misbegotten 1970s rabble. Abbott, Milne ands McDonnell FFS. Ghastly people with ghastly ideas.

    Blair promised a “New Dawn” too and gave us a “New” Britain that many of us can now barely recognise.

    The answer is never Labour. It deserves to be wiped from the face of England forever but unfortunately there is no justice.

  14. I watched the documentary about the Soviet spy and traitor George Blake last night. Another one described as “British” who wasn’t. The CND couple who helped him escape from prison to East Germany in 1966 were speaking quite proudly of what they had done. They were tried for it in 1991 but found not guilty by the jury which was a factual miscarriage of justice (they pleaded mitigation not innocence and the judge directed the jury to convict).

    Yet here we are as a nation denouncing men who touched a woman’s knee decades ago and subjecting dead men who can’t defend themselves to trial and conviction by police and media in cahoots.


    The CND movement, like the Labour party, was very useful to the Soviets for although professing a neutrality in the Cold War as with the Vietnam anti-war movement it was here not there and gave the enemy succour whilst making trouble for its own government and causing division in its own country. No doubt many of the assorted misfits involved were socialists, communists and the agents of Moscow anyway, the others “useful idiots”.

  15. “As the Momentum movement seduces more and more people towards historical oblivion and utopian exultancy, the need for a programme of public education about these matters is ever more urgent. But I fear that it may be too late.”
    While reasonable caring folk cannot agree with the thrust of the Speccie final paragraph, it is heartening that they recognise the inevitable
    Scrolling down the last wall I note general agreement on the failure of the current administration and the media tell us today that we have reached end game. A Momentum inspired caring administration appears just weeks away.

  16. David Lindsay @ November 8th, 2017 – 07:46

    Not enough people slaughtered during the First Dawn then, David. Hmmm

  17. … appears just weeks away from what? Kick in the arse?

    And just as well, the cumryd has had enough in the limelight talking crap, brainwashing the young, lying to the old. He should be swept away, just like the Old Dawn, consigned to the malodorous shitehouse of history.

  18. Colonel Mustard @ November 8th, 2017 – 07:57

    Spot on, Colonel.

    The Czech sdo have a Museum of Communism, it’s the right place for a creed that killed more than any other in history, maimed countless others, and encouraged the basest of human vices, something the East still has to deal with.

  19. Marshal Roberts @ November 8th, 2017 – 04:49

    It hasn’t crossed you mind, Marshall, that the whole thing may have been arranged? Patel was sent on a mission, the holiday wa sa a cover up (why would she take a holiday in Israel?), unfortunately she, Patel, blew it.

  20. Marshal Roberts @ November 7th, 2017 – 21:37

    hWen in charge of UKIP, Nigel’s made two major mistakes, Marshall, both avoidable:

    He failed to nurture a bunch of capable people (say) 2-3, who would fight it out for the leadership after he’s gone.

    He failed to take the 2015 election result to the the law arguing the system that rewarded 4mn voters with nothing was a mockery of equality, the guiding tenet of today, the result should be declared void, the system changed so that each vote has the same impact on the election as any other.

  21. Sorry about the copious error s, the barbarian’s in a hurry.

  22. Baron November 8th, 2017 – 09:43

    The latest attempt to create a “dear leader” cult for Corbyn the Communist, his “celebrity” appearance on Gogglebox, requires the sick bag. What next? Huge street posters of his nasty face? Guest host on HIGNFY FFS?

  23. In this particular case “reasonable caring folk” = an obsessive communist troll of many silly disguises who once demanded that we give the ISIS “Caliph” a “fair hearing”.

    If I should write the ‘t’ word my comment is moderated and yet here he is – STILL – trolling away ad nauseum and ad tedium using yet another silly disguise.

  24. Saudi Arabia could seize $800 BILLION in assets
    Corruption in the Middle East.
    Every country in the Middle East is corrupt it’s how they do business.

  25. Much comment on Prity Patel, all of it avoiding the bleeding obvious, which is only to be expected. The woman comes from a culture in which corruption is both normal and admired. She has been promoted solely because she is female and Asian. They who advanced her career solely to advertise their political correctness have received what they deserve. The trouble is that we have received it as well and we certainly do not deserve the current outcome. Brexit? forget it, good government? forget it, fiscal responsibility? forget it. By the time the bloody Muslims finally take over there will be nothing worth having.

  26. Baron – 10:00

    So true, but you are asking for a miracle. In fact, two miracles, as winning the Referendum was one, given the RoW was for Remain.

    And were there any candidates from which to choose?

    He is lucky because, had he had lost, History would have been written by the other side. 🙂

  27. Baron – 10:00

    The Thanet South, 2015 GE case, still hasn’t reached the courts.

  28. Doddy 90 today.

    Which is your favourite, Sir? Money, power or sex? Sex? You’ve got a marvelous memory, Sir! Is this your wife? Have you heard of Specsavers, Sir?

  29. Baron
    November 8th, 2017 – 10:00

    He also showed no tenacity in pursuit of a seat at Westminster.

  30. Why would anybody want to report anything to The Camel Corps ; especially about Israel ?

  31. The Spectator has gone behind a pay wall even for `print` subscribers with only 3 free
    articles a week allowed . Full access is an extra £ per week .

  32. Radford
    This appeared on mine but when I rang them they told me I was covered despite not paying more, not sure why because I simply signed up for the print. They told me to type my number into the field under “my account”.

  33. Amender :
    It appears to be £1 per month for the Spectator . Can it really be worth it ( to them ) to put off so many people for so little revenue . Surely revenue is generated from advertizers in relation to the number of readers , just as with print-works ; and in the case of digital by the number of hits on a page.

  34. Saudi extremism, an analysis by a former Norwegian ambassador to Riyadh.

  35. Marshal Roberts – 14:26

    So much depends on others, and after pushing Cameron for a referendum, he had to make that the priority.

    The others were not employees, they were anything but! 🙂

  36. RR
    But politics has been dull without him.

  37. He is still watching-

    “Mr Farage said he was not impressed by the British Government’s Brexit negotiating strategy as talks continue to be deadlocked over future trade arrangements.

    Speaking on his daily LBC radio show, the former Ukip leader said: “If she would even deign to talk to me I’d more than happy to use whatever experience I have got.
    “Not just experience in Brussels but – unlike almost all the rest of the Government – I did spend almost 20 years in international business. I bought and sold things and moved stuff around the world!

    “But I’m afraid they don’t want to talk to me. And to be honest, at the moment, given the backtracking that I’m seeing, it would be quite difficult for me to support them!”

    Mr Farage blasted the British Brexit team for seeking to agree on a transitional deal with Brussels as part of the negotiation and remained vocally opposed to the possibility of the UK further contributing to the EU Budget.

    He continued: “I didn’t vote for a transition period. I didn’t vote for us to go on paying these big sums of money.”

    “I certainly didn’t vote for us to pay a massive divorce bill.”

  38. We will also miss Priti-

    “I will continue to support the Government….” BUT “I will also speak up for our country, our national interests and the great future that Britain has as a free, independent and sovereign nation”.

  39. Patel will be back when may has gone

  40. Patel is about the only one who believes in Brexit.

  41. Well Aunt Chesten has flown back to limeyland.
    What is happening to yall? The May administration is crumbling. How many more will go? Just contrast that with the triumphal March of Donald in Asia.
    Andy, I see you are back. Who is Doddy?
    Much love.

  42. Noa November 8th, 2017 – 17:21

    Thanks for that link.

    Why do lefties get so heated about so-called human rights abuses in Israel and not, say, actual human rights abuses in North Korea, China or many other states?

    There is only one answer to that. The inherent anti-semitism of the left. It needs a MacPherson Inquiry to both expose and eradicate Labour’s institutionalised anti-semitism. Independently discredited Shami Chakrabarti’s whitewash won’t do.

    Corbyn has used inflammatory and far from “reasonable” or “caring” language about Israel. If that cod communist swine gets into power it will undermine joint anti-terrorist intelligence and ultimately threaten British lives.

  43. There are those who decry the MacPherson Inquiry particularly after Doreen and Neville Lawrence received a payout from the Metropolitan Police of around £350,000.
    I am sure Frank has views on this.

  44. Marshal 2141 & 2142
    They are planning for May’s demise. It is none of their business. Although I am hopeful.

  45. John Jefferson Burns – 07:47

    “The May administration is crumbling.”

    She may not see Christmas! The aforesaid being the case then, and with the forced resignation of Mrs Patel yesterday [she’s a committed Brexiteer and a likely leadership contender] then one has to ask Cui Bono? The which the answer is very likely “Cue BoJo!” i.e. Boris.

    Whether or not Mrs Patel’s demise was a Boris set up is open to question. Politics is a dirty business.

  46. Andy Car Park, November 8th, 2017 – 13:36

    Viva Doddy!

    EC, July 30th, 2017 – 16:02

    I saw Ken Dodd the other night and he did a political joke, the first time I ever heard him do one, excepting ones about the HMRC:

    “Politicians are like babies’ nappies. They should be changed regularly, and for exactly the same reasons.”

  47. EC – 09:58

    There is also crumbling on the other side of the Channel:

    If TM calls a halt to this pantomime of a Euro-negotiation and declares UDI, all her wobbliness will be forgotten.

    On the other hand … it will be a Cpl Jones moment.

    I cannot understand how anyone, on either side, would expect that staying in would be bearable, considering how vindictive they have been to us. At the beginning, TM did go out if her way to be cooperative, civil and looking for a positive outcome for all, and she hasn’t changed her stance that much since!

    The reason must be Elite tribalism. 🙂

    The ‘Ever Closer Union’ policy has continued apace, with the non-existing EU Army existing, plans to move even more political and economic powers to higher levels and Catalonia being ‘persuaded’ to remain in Spain.

    It was Cameron that promised to see it through.

    All parties promised to implement it, even Nick Clegg’s!

    Europe’s success has been built on cooperation, which has required trust.

    Merkel, Macron and the rest have already passed the point where we trust them enough to to make any deal.

    If only our Government would acknowledge that publically, our future would be clearer, and better for all.

  48. “Something doesn’t add up with Number Ten’s statement on Patel”

    “Pieces of Seven” then? …. as we used to say in the trade.

  49. Merkel, Macron and the rest have already passed the point where we DON’T trust them enough to make any deal.

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  50. Priti Patel doesn’t exactly look contrite in today’s papers does she.

  51. EC 9.58
    Is Boris Johnson not a dead duck too?

  52. Why is Boris in Washington when the POTUS is in China with all his heavy hitters? Madness!
    Or is the clown ponce just Christmas shopping and having a winterbreak holiday at our expense. What a wanker!

    As soon as Trump seized the reins of power, the UK should have organised a State Visit to consolidate Western Power, with the US & UK calling the shots. As it is Trump has been welcomed around the world by everyone – bar Britain. Foreign Policy – or pantomime politics?

  53. Received this by email today – from the Speccie’s marketing bods:

    At last: a rational and whimsical take on the sex silliness in the Westminster bubble and beyond.

    A glimmer of hope from the deep gloom?

  54. Entirely concur with this comment after Mark Steyn’s latest post (qv):

    “Dennis2 • Nov 9, 2017 at 05:48
    Mark was as keen as usual in zeroing in on Hillary’s Blindside Protector Donna Brazille’s most glaring self incrimination regarding her unethical passing on of pre-debate questions to Clinton.
    “You haven’t got a chance (sic) to see the things I gave Hillary and Martin O’Malley.” That is an evasive or defensive tactic that I wouldn’t advise anyone to duplicate.
    Note; I hope Mark will comment on Trump’s trip to China. I watched several recorded videos and it looked like a truly historic visit to me and a possible major shift in economic and political relations with China. Even though it was for show, the mutual signing of $250 billion of new mutually beneficial trade deals during the visit is not peanuts. There were many positives from this trip IMO, but the coverage in the evening was next to zero on FNC. I didn’t waste time checking out CNN etc. and when I did a cursory check of Breitbart’s sensationalist headlines, it was the usual orchestrated anger inducing subjects that are already forgotten by their readers and not one story about the China visit.
    No wonder Trump’s poll numbers are down when many of his own so-called cheerleaders sit quietly on the sidelines whenever he does something positive on the world stage or anywhere else. It’s not surprising that Trump often brags about many of his accomplishments. It’s the only way some of the positive Trump news is ever heard by some over the cacophony of steady Dem boos and never ending fake negative news.”

    I sat up and watched Trump’s barnstorming speech in S Korea probably his best so far. Hardly any MSM coverage.

  55. Like Verity, late of this parish, I have always regarded the non-muslim Anglo Indian community in Britain as the of the least imimical of the immiigrants of the last 60 years or so (with the notable exception, of course, of Vaseline Vaz). Pritti Patel is one of the best of the current crop of Tory MPs. The anti-semitic motivation of the Camel Corps’ drive to have her ousted is egregious. May is bonkers.

  56. Like Verity, late of this parish, I have always regarded the non-muslim Anglo Indian community in Britain as the of the least imimical of the immiigrants of the last 60 years or so (with the notable exception, of course, of Vaseline Vaz). Pritti Patel is one of the best of the current crop of Tory MPs. The anti-semitic motivation of the Camel Corps’ drive to have her ousted is egregious. May is bonkers.

  57. Bolt makes a very good point about the MSM’s reporting of Trump:

  58. btw Priti Patel’s Wiki entry is a ill-phrased, mis-spelled mess with little or no data. She needs to have it tidied up.

  59. IDS forgot to mention, was it Belgium, that recently had no government for a year, and nobody noticed:

    It is beyond parody! 🙂

  60. Looks like CP MbS is as well:

    reportedly 🙂

  61. John Jefferson Burns, November 9th, 2017 – 13:07

    “Is Boris Johnson not a dead duck too??

    You might be forgiven for thinks so, but Boris is currently joint Conservative favourite, at 13/2, to be the next Prime Minister!

    However upon inspecting the chart above you’ll see that the overall favourite to be the next PM is Comrade Jeremy Corbyn !!! We must therefore sincerely hope that Mrs May’s departure doesn’t trigger an election!

    [ Constitutionally, there’s no problem with communist atheists, even communist jewish atheists, or notionally Protestant old Etonian halfwits becoming PM, but I’m afraid that you’ll have to discount Jacob Rees Mogg as he is a Roman Catholic. Er.. it’s complicated! ]

    Colonel Richard Kemp would be my choice.

  62. Forget the recent BBC generated efforts, this is the true bill.


  63. Patel doesn’t look contrite, John, because one assumes she must have been betrayed, a BBC hack asked her a question, she answered as ‘avoidingly’ truthfully as she could, she had no choice, the truth of her mission was out.

    It’s hard to know what it was all about, but one can surmise that she was despatched to Israel on a secret mission, the official policy of the Government towards Israel is no close co-operation, no assistance, no help because of the Palestinian conundrum, illegal settlements and stuff. Her mission may have been to establish a conduit for (say) an assistance with refugees looked after the Israelis who could march to Britain, or other things contradicting the official stance.

    Someone, most likely a remainer got hold of it, betrayed her to the vile BBC.

    It beggars belief to accept that nobody knew of her two trips to Israel, her meetings with Bibi, someone must have known, some close to up near the top of the tree of governance. She seems smart enough to know not to attempt such a mission without an official backing. More to the point, Bibi wouldn’t just happen to have had a chat with her because of her eyes.

    The official explanation that she broke a diplomatic protocol is a charming example of hypocrisy, the British excel in it, but then anyone who ever manages to get elevated to a serious post in the British Government changes his middle name to Hypocrite, it’s OK then.

  64. BBC4 World at One today, Kearney presiding, the top of the agenda the issue of the ‘Prevent’ programme, a man connected with it in attendance (the name escapes Baron), backing it with figures of success (but more must be done).

    She let him do alot of talking then challenged him saying ‘some are critical of the “Prevent’ strategy’ without being specific why, he counter argued, she persisted ‘some say without fundamental changes to it it will fail to deliver’, when he lost it somewhat said in an irritating voice ‘if they’re so critical what could they offer instead’?, (implying the ‘Prevent’ was the only possible way to reduce the likelihood of radicalisation that can (and often does) lead to their leaving the country to join the ISIL thugs, or committing atrocities here).

    We are at war with ISIL, they are killing us, we’re killing them, offshore, outside our borders.

    Not at all different from what was happening during WW2, we were at war with the Nazis, they were killing us, we them, also outside our borders.

    Can anyone imagine that the Winston’s government would have run a programme similar to ‘Prevent’ for anyone who were to leave Britain to join the Nazis? Lord Haw-Haw fled, didn’t fight, just ranted, got to swing when we got hold of him.

    There’s a perfectly sound alternative to ‘Prevent’, it’s to ship the potential harmdoers out of the country, it would be cheaper on the nation’s purse, would avoid the possibility that those taking the ‘Prevent’ course relapse, would also send a very clear message to others thinking to get radicalised, do us harm – you try and you’re out.


  65. Not even the Vlad’s regime, the current communist part yof Russia, not to mention the historians everywhere, subscribe to the communist version of the events 100 years ago, David, in St Petersburg, on November 5, the Russians staged a local re-anaction of the event that ignited the putsch, this is what you should have watched before voluntarily asking for re-admisson.

    You, young man, are lost, completely lost.

  66. This is by the pen of Brendan in the Spectator, the barbarian hopes he won’t mind, and the rag should grateful it’s best journalists get a wider exposure:

    “The political class has lost its marbles. This goes beyond Priti Patel failing to follow basic ministerial code or Boris Johnson’s blabbermouth making life a hell of a lot harder for an imprisoned Brit in Iran. There is also the increasingly deranged ‘Pestminster’ scandal. And their ongoing emotional meltdown over Brexit. And the Russian conspiracy theories being spouted by Ben Bradshaw and others — the David Ickes of polite society — which imply Putin is puppeteering the Western masses’ brains. It increasingly feels like we’re being governed not merely by fools and incompetents, but by nutters.

    Incompetence is the go-to explanation for the political class’s current malaise. And it’s a tempting one. How else do we explain Patel’s fantastically foolish decision to meet with Israeli officials while on a jaunt to the Holy Land without first clearing it with Downing Street? (Or maybe she did? No one knows. It all gets murkier by the minute.)

    And how do we explain BoJo’s criminally dumb remarks about Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, the British-Iranian woman in jail in Tehran on jumped-up charges of espionage? Johnson said she was in Iran to train journalists, which is untrue, and which the Iranian regime has leapt upon to justify its cruel incarceration of her. If a foreign secretary fails in his basic job description of protecting Brits abroad, then he should consider his position. Boris’s buffoonery just went from loveable to lethal.

    But there is something else in the air, too. Something more than dimwittery or mistake-making, which have been par for the course in politics for as long as politics has existed. Patel’s and Boris’s idiocies take place at a time when politics feels more amateur and swirling and even unhinged than it has for years, or decades. So part of the reason Theresa May was unsure what to do about Patel and Boris is because she has been bound up in the skewiff scandal of ‘Pestminster’, in which everything from a briefly touched knee to a saucy text message has been madly talked about as sexual harassment, or even abuse, and has led to ministers and MPs falling on their swords. The finger-pointing hacks and politicos screaming ‘PREDATOR!’ over such innocent fare as a forward text message have no idea how nuts they sound to ordinary people.
    And May is hamstrung by the Brexit fallout, too.

    Brexit Derangement Syndrome, a simultaneously tragic and hilarious affliction of our political and media elites, is another sign of these strange, dislocated times. For 18 months now, politicos and observers have been descending into the mire of Brexitphobia, wailing ‘FASCISTS!’ as they fall, jabbering crazily about the return of Hitlerism and the end of both peace and prosperity as we have known it. Again, they have no idea — they can’t have, surely — how demented they sound to people outside the Westminster bubble, many of whom voted for Brexit, and many of whom know Brexit is eminently achievable, and possibly even wonderful.

    And the Priti/ Boris messes coincide with a renewed effort to uncover the malicious influence of evil Russians in British politics. ‘Is Vladimir Putin meddling in British politics?’, a Times headline asked this week. Talk about ‘Questions To Which The Answer Is No’. The Times piece was a report about a new MP’s inquiry into whether those pesky, nasty Ruskies pumped so much fake news into Blighty during the EU referendum that they coaxed us silly plebs to vote Leave against our own better judgement. We need a ‘full government investigation’ of ‘all [Russian] subversion’ said Brexit’s Joseph McCarthy, Ben Bradshaw. He echoes the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator, Guy Verhofstadt, who says we must find out if ‘Putin’s agents’ meddled in the referendum. Guys, get over it. You lost. This longest hissy fit in history must end. Moscow didn’t mind-screw the British public — we decided for ourselves that the EU is a corrupt, undemocratic, illiberal institution! Your conspiracy theories are embarrassing, for you, and patronising, to us.

    Mash this all together — the incompetence of ministers, the demented finger-pointing of ‘Pestminster’, the sacking of MPs for knee-touching, the grating, weepy sore loserism of politicos who hate Brexit, the conspiratorial mush of the idea that Russia is secretly commanding Brits’ minds and Britain’s future — and you have a snapshot of a political elite in freefall. They’ve lost it. All of them. Not just the Tories but also the gleeful Corbynistas, who are as up to their neck in the sex-pest panic and Brexit Derangement Syndrome as any of the folks in Cabinet. They all seem to be abandoning reason and normalcy and even democracy for the temptations of conspiracy theorising and witch hunts. I can’t remember a time in my life when the political class has felt so disconnected not only from everyday people, but from sense itself.

  67. A detailed analysis of modern policing, following on from McPherson.

  68. 1737 Baron

    You forgot to add the final alternative in your penultimate paragraph.
    The Haw Haw solution you mentioned in the paragraph above.
    There is far too much pussyfooting about final solutions for monsters hell bent on destroying us whether here or shipped abroad.

  69. This Wonderful World

    Not exactly up John Grierson’s – er – street, though.

    h/t Gérard @ AD

  70. Yes Noa, I still have that Civitas piece on my Kindle, which I link everytime anyone mentions MCPHERSON – and after spitting into thebnearest receptacle, quite often the eye of a lefty with a helmet sized chip on the shoulder. Make sure you SiL reads it.

  71. 17.17

    Here is the true bill of Soviet Bolshevism. Harrowing.

  72. Frank P

    Thanks Frank. I’m just enjoying “Wasting Police Time”, PC David Copperfield’s mordant non PC view of ‘modern policing’.
    I’m in two minds whether to pass it to my new son in law, who as you know has recently joined PCC Grunshaw’s swamp and is still enthusiastic about the future….

  73. It’s difficult to hold anything other than a mordaunt view on the future, if any, of any Cabinet member of the dysphoric May government

  74. This is the detailed and definitive study on MacPherson.

  75. @EC 9th, 15:55

    “I’m afraid that you’ll have to discount Jacob Rees Mogg as he is a Roman Catholic.”

    ¿Que? Didn’t seem to be much of a problem when I D-S was party leader … unless he was never rated as having a cat in hell’s chance of becoming PM even as he was being elected and appointed privy councillor.

  76. Forced myself to witness Gordie the Gargoyle, who today, zombie-like, arose from the political graveyard to be interviewed by Paddy Murnaghan on Sky News, mainly to flog Gordie’s latest leaden tome, but also to poke his oar into what he considers the electorate’s terrible mistake over Brexit, which he augurs will be corrected within a year as the proles realise their mistake and reverse their foolish impetuosity; particularly as fuck all can be done to stem the tsunami of immigration that he and Tone kicked off during their notorious stint in the corridors of power. His wonky winker and gurning gob brought back nightmares of that era. The shit that poured from his demented mouth was like that released by a vet from a constipated cow suffering from fecal impaction: Paddy skilfulluy donned a rubber glove, inserted it up the zombie’s orifice and having pulled the offending hard turd out of its gangrenous colon, let it rip.

    Then I looked to the future and envisaged Albert Steptoe being handed the keys of No.10, realising that, by comparison, the Zombie could almost be preferable. His latest successor being a cunning little Berkley hunt: a pied piper who has cracked the knack of seducing credulous youth and will surely lead them into the rat infested Weser, while the rest of us stare in fascinated horror.

    Read Browning’s yarn, there are several interesting analogies if you are a cynic like yt.

  77. Frank P 23.19


  78. Noa 1914

    Look at contemporary truth.

    Society had none of the marauding gangs seen now. Criminals were not left to waste away in dank dirty prisons but organised into teams to construct a new nation.

  79. You aware of the Nazi concentration camps films showing Jews happy, dancing, chatting, doing sports, David. You reckon these films reflect the truth, do you?

  80. Frank P @ November 9th, 2017 – 23:19

    Not a notch, several notches above your usual, still excellent stuff, young sir, the attached poem lowers the impact of it (partly possibly because it’s well known?).

    He, the one with the cap letter H, who endowed you with the talent may also punish you for wasting it. You should do mor w with it, displaying it here isn’t enough.

  81. Noa @ November 9th, 2017 – 19:14

    The older Baron gets, Noa, the less willing he is to watch (or read about) the evil of the past whether that of the communist thugs or the other side, it upsets him.

    He recalls a day when as a young pioneer he helped to dig a long ditch near a hydro electric power station, it was the summer, it was hot, the main workforce came from imprisoned priests, who were forced to work non-stop day and night until they fell from exhaustion.

    On one of the mornings, the leader of the pioneers gathered us all to watch how those who fainted at night got carted to a horse driven old wooden cart. What the leader said Baron does’t remember, the limp bodies stacked up against the sides of the contraption, barely breathing, he will never forget. To his eternal shame, he must tell you he thought then they deserved it.

  82. John birch. @ November 9th, 2017 – 18:34

    Thank you, John, that confirms it then, the Jewish diaspora should know, they are the other side of the case. Amazingly, no MSM journalists have thought of talking to the Jewish side. Poodles they are all.

    Btw, Baron doubts anyone in the MSM will bring this up, the Jewe sh Chronicle is pissing against the wind (which, as Baron keeps pointing out, is only good for someone who does;t mind wearing wet trousers).

  83. Marshal Roberts @ November 9th, 2017 – 18:42

    What you are probably not aware of,f Marshall, is that a large chunk of the possible jihadi recruits, the radicalised lot, are below the age 0f 16. Around a third, if memory serves, which is amazing considering the difference between the life these youngsters have as opposed to that in the hellholes of the ME.

  84. Frank P, November 9th, 2017 – 23:19


  85. Baron – 09:32

    “He, the one with the cap letter H, who endowed you with the talent”

    Who he with with the cap letter “H”? Horus?

  86. It was said on the news just now that the date of our departure from the EU will be set in law – the 29th of March 2019 will be known as the first Date of the Shackless Future.

    It will be up to us to make it a success, we won’t be told by any of the other 27 tribes of Europe whom to let in, what to sell to whom, and who our friends are.

    This is the first judgment by the saintly one that’s imaginative, decisive, worthy of a leader of conviction. For this alone she should be supported, it will hopefully abort the attempts by those who want us to remain in the Single Market, rejoin the undemocratic set-up, or h old another r referendum.

    Good show, yougn May.

  87. EC @ November 10th, 2017 – 10:16

    Your guess is as good as Baron’s, EC.

  88. Apologies, in half a dozen sentences as many errors, if not more, and Baron can hardly blame them on the software. Again, sorry.

  89. Ostrich (occasionally) November 9th, 2017 – 23:06

    The legal position on this and a lot of other matters is very confused, which is exactly how the lawyers like it. Ka-ching!

    IDS? Not even the thrice elected Tony Blair risked “coming out” as an RC until he’d handed over the job of PM to the son of the manse.

  90. Speaking of lawyers…

    Has anyone seen/heard of Austin Barry recently?

    Also where is Rudolf Giuliani? Last heard of in August.

  91. @10.31

    The fact that the British elected Tony Blair THREE times in succession, followed by the subsequent posturing dhimmis / dimwits , renders all discussions about where the country is headed, whether it can be saved, and the prognosis for Brexit, redundant.

    Last orders:
    As the 1st class passenger aboard the Titanic once said, “Can we have some more ice in the lounge please, waiter.”

  92. Highly recommended…

    Bray New World
    by Mark Steyn
    The War on Free Speech
    November 9, 2017

    NB. The wonderful putdown of Bray by Kathy Shaidle. 🙂

    “Kathy Shaidle • Nov 10, 2017 at 06:22
    He’s clearly positioning himself as the Dr. Timothy Leary of Antifa. (Don’t laugh: “Progressives” live in the past; all their frames of reference are a minimum of 30 years old…)

    We’ve reached a sorry state when the new progressives make you miss the old ones. At least Leary provided some entertainment, getting the Weathermen to bust him out of jail and whatnot. I doubt we can look forward to anything as colourful from this glorified spelling bee champ.”

  93. Beauty of Britain ; in our railway stations : from Country Life .

  94. Just received a Conservative begging letter, it outlined their plans for Brexit, nothing to disagree with there. However there was the phrase that British law will henceforth be interpreted by British judges. But, and this is a big but. The function of the judiciary is to administer the law not interpret it, to do otherwise is to exceed their function. Unfortunately the judges have been permitted to exceed these boundaries, they must be reigned in before we are even more like America where the law is what the judges think it should be and not what the legislators voted for.

  95. It is difficult not to be livid watching jumped up Barnier playing us like a puppet.

    Davis should either give him what he wants and move on.

    Or decline to participate in the charade and pass May’s law to get out in March 2019.

    Does anyone seriously believe that the German and French car industry will tolerate WTO rule taxes on their shiny new cars. The Japanese and Koreans would move in, never to go away.

  96. (Own report) – According to Germany’s Ministry of Defense “notification” for the expansion of THE EU’s military cooperation will be given at the beginning of next week. As the ministry announced, “more than 20 EU member countries” are expected to sign up to “PESCO” at next Monday’s EU defense ministers meeting. Within the PESCO framework, an EU Army – still opposed by some EU member countries – is to be initiated “from below.” First plans include the establishment of a logistics hub and a core element of a military headquarters in Brussels. “We Europeans must finally take our defense into our own hands,” says the CDU parliamentarian and foreign policy expert Elmar Brok. These measures taken by the EU are designed to supplement a merger of European armed forces, which Berlin is also promoting within NATO, for example with the subordination of foreign military units to German command. The defense ministry declares that this is “a grassroots issue.”


  97. A thigh of relief:

    Exactly, Alex. Now that’s what I would classify as TECOE. Albeit imbued in a Russian. Nota bene mLud.

  98. Hidden in the hyperbole of this week is the fact that Penny Mordaunt has been replaced by Sarah Newton, a prominent Remainer.

  99. From The Household Cavalry :

  100. I see that Tesco’s Muslim family Christmas advert has spectacularly backfired with threats to boycott them.

    People are rightly fed up with the force fed propaganda and disproportionate representation of minorities of all types in advertising in order to serve an overtly PC agenda. It has become counter productive to what they are trying to achieve.

    It might appeal to bien pensant, Corbynite millenials naively enjoying the enrichment and vibrancy of Britain’s global cities with their styrofoam cupped coffee and gauleiter “mayors” but the majority of shire English simply roll their eyes at the tedious transparency of it.

    The stupid government should take note too.

  101. I should clarify that my comment about Macpherson was not intended as any kind of endorsement of that. I had already read the civitas report.

    My point, probably badly articulated, is that we will never see a Macpherson-type inquiry about the Labour party’s institutionalised anti-semitism. The likes of Burnham will not be agitating over it for decades to secure “justice”. The best that they could do was a dodgy dossier from the supposedly ‘independent” Chakrabarti who immediately parachuted into the Labour party before her whitewash had even dried.

    The shadow of PC and the prevailing left wing establishment narrative means that we live in an era of selectively promoted “facts” and any facts which do not support that coerced narrative become “outrageous” and are denounced, not so much for their truth or otherwise but for the dissent they represent.

  102. Noa @ November 10th, 2017 – 19:12

    Opening your post, Noa, the barbarian thought you’ve promoting Italian pasta, the PESCO that stood up in the posting sounds like such a brand.

    They, the Germans, will get what they want, it’s beyond the debating point. NATO will fade away, as will the American troops stationed on German soil. That’s not a prediction, that’s a cert, it has been one of Baron’s reasons for advocating quitting the EU, also dominated by the gErmans.

  103. And who says the Germans have no sense of humour? (To be frank, (do notice the small letter ‘f’) it’s pretty good, including the telephone number one has to call).

  104. LOngish, but a good summary of the evolving palace revolt in the lands of the Saudi Wahhabi thuggery, the speculative second part is also worth reading.

    It’s hard to figure what the Americans are up to, they’re fighting in Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, and poking their nose into two other possible theatres of war in Korea and the broader ME. This feels reckless, they are already badly in debt, shouldn’t they first, deal with their indebtedness then re-arm, and only then have a go?

    When it comes to military gear, neither the Koreans nor the Iranians are at a level of the ISIL medieval tribes, they both have sophisticated armoury. The Iranians aren’t Arabs but Persians, a tribe with long and distinguished history. To defeat one would be a task of some danger, to take both at the same time seems like asking for a good thrashing.

    One may argue that it’s the Israelis who are in the driving seat, the Donald, because of the family connection, has joined in for the ride. The danger may be in that the Israeli Army isn’t what it used to be, their latest excursion into Gaza few years back wasn’t an unqualified success, they may be overestimating their degree of military excellence.

    Btw, could it be that the Patel trips to Israel were to deal with what’s coming next in the ME? You know, a broader proxy war between Israel, the US and the Saudis and the Iranians, Hezbollah and the Russians? Possible, no?

  105. Radford NG @ November 11th, 2017 – 12:07

    At he 11th hour …..the barbarian was the only one standing still for two minutes in a large car[ark, Radford, everyone else ignored call for silence, but the majority of the people at the supermarket wore poppies. It’s all right then.

  106. Anyone watching the England Germany match last night?

    If we play at the World Cup as we did yesterday (an improvement on England’s last performance though), Baron suggests we give our place in the competition to someone else, Mongolia springs to mind, they can hardly do worse.

  107. Marshal Roberts @ November 10th, 2017 – 19:01

    Good point, Marshall.

    The Government should

    -offer to pay one pound sterling as a down payment on any possible final settlement if there’s one.

    -instruct all Governmental departments, the industry, all of us to get ready for pulling out of the undemocratic club within a month fully, no agreement, unless the Brussels fruitcakes start talking trade in that time.

    -let the Brussels clowns, the Heads of individual EU Governments known of the Sovereign Instruction to the country.

    You’ll see how quickly Mutti takes over, how amenable the negotiators get, how beneficial be the final agreement. If the EU calls our bluff, they stand to lose more that us, but it’s unlikely that anyone over there would take that risk. If they do risk it, they may have no EU at all, the EUSSR will fall apart just as fast and fully as did the original USSR almost 30 years ago.

  108. Frank P @ November 10th, 2017 – 19:49

    He (if the m’Lud was meant for him) nota bene, but what was it you think he would disagree with?

    It’s been also Baron’s argument for getting out? Or have you forgotten? Not as skilfully argued, not with all the bells and whistles, but essentially the same. Here, Mr. Boot’s right, no argument at all.

    The cabinet appointments then and now differ, but the conditions today also differ from those decades ago.

    In 1939 we fought against an eventually full surrender cum German dominance had we gone for appeasement, this time round the dominance wasn’t full even when we were an EU member, there was (still is because of the protracted process of negotiations) the chance for us to pull out from surrendering to the German dominance, no?

  109. Colonel Mustard @ November 11th, 2017 – 12:24

    Good point, Colonel, but hardly anything to get upset about.

    You answer it yourself saying ‘it has become counter productive to what they are trying to achieve’. If they keep overdoing it, they’ll get hit. The results may prove it.

  110. Baron November 11th, 2017 – 16:52

    I wasn’t upset by it. I just find it tedious, like most things emanating from the Left.

  111. Baron 16.06

    Will the servicemen and women of Europe’s disparate nations and their national armies be prepared to serve and fight for a German European Islamic hegemony?
    That remains to be seen.
    Britain’s counter-balance remains NATO, the opportunity to westernise Russia having been carelessly lost by Clinton and Obama.

  112. “BBC pulls Christmas special over rape claims against star”, says the front page headline in today’s DT.

    Could there be a headline that sums up the elite layer of our culture better?

  113. Call me old fashioned but I thought the concept of innocent until proven guilty was quite good.

  114. Colonel Mustard, November 11th, 2017 – 17:01

    At first I was shocked that a man of your hinterlect be admitting to watching commercial telly, but den I fort dat you must’ve read abhaart it.

    Baron, November 11th, 2017 – 16:52

    You’re right about Tesco. Mrs EC says she won’t set foot in the place now, and will shoplift our turkey and minsk spies etc from annuvver supermarket.

  115. ‘John birch 12th – 08:43

    “Call me old fashioned but I thought the concept of innocent until proven guilty was quite good.”

    Mm-m, yes-s. But doesn’t the act of remanding a suspect in custody, thereby infringing on his liberty, and the ‘statement’ that makes to the general public, make it clear that you’re not actually treating him as an innocent person, however much you may claim that you’re ‘viewing’ him as such?.

  116. Noa, November 10th, 2017 – 19:12

    Re: Going for Brok.

    “We Europeans must finally take our defense into our own hands,” says the CDU parliamentarian and foreign policy expert Elmar Brok. These measures taken by the EU are designed to supplement a merger of European armed forces, which Berlin is also promoting within NATO, for example with the subordination of foreign military units to German command.

    Defend from what and/or whom, I wonder? What makes Herr Brok think that there’s going to be anything worth defending after Frau Merkel’s wrecking ball has finished with Europe.

    The cheapest and most effective solution pro tem would be to close the borders and thereby stop importing people from de facto theocracies with barbaric cultures that are antithetical to the modern world. The Hungarians, Poles and the Czechs are the resistance in this struggle!

    The prime purpose of the European “Defence” Force is, I contend, to defend the EU from dissent from within. i.e. To stamp the jackboot on the face of any hint of rebellion or desire for autonomy in any one of the former sovereign states or regions.

  117. I wonder what Verity would have made of this one…

    “Stray cat a suspect in ‘attempted murder”

  118. EC November 12th, 2017 – 10:27

    Yes, I read about it rather than watched it.

  119. EC November 12th, 2017 – 11:17

    Ah yes, the fat count, former media hound and federalist Brok who once urged that it was time to “marginalize Britain, so that the country comes to feel its loss of influence”.

    Helmut Kohl once summarised his cv as “born, married, MEP” and he is one of many influential Euro-politicians with suspiciously little documentation of their rise or recorded achievements behind their impressive collection of appointments and titles. The study of law and politics and a product of the Centre for European Governmental Studies at the University of Edinburgh just about sums him up. Oh, how such uber wonks enrich us.

    Much healthier for the future of Europe if the likes of Brok were to be marginalised so that the nation states can feel his loss of influence and thoroughly enjoy it.

  120. EC November 12th, 2017 – 11:17

    “The Hungarians, Poles and the Czechs are the resistance in this struggle!”

    Sadly, as the main text of the article shows, they’re in the forefront of the rush to join Jean-Claude’s private army. Merkel not yet being quite as bad as Russia.

  121. EC’s own Colonel Pride on Israel’s importance to the West.

  122. Noa – 15:13

    The Hungarians, Czechs and Poles are the only ones currently saying NO to Merkel’s Migrant quotas. A future EU army may well put Viktor Orban in prison, or worse.


    A interesting article, even if a tad bitchily introduced.

  123. EC @ November 12th, 2017 – 11:24

    That’s should be the final straw, EC, all cats should be put to death, cat killers of the world unite, get on with the job.

  124. Fat and short, is that it? He left out any mention of his weird haircut, but one can understand why.

    This is becoming a joke even the barbarian cannot enjoy.

    He hasn’t fulfilled any of his promises, the Obamacare keeps going in, the Wall isn’t, the Global Warming bandwagon rumbles on, too, regardless his withdrawal from the Paris accord, and most importantly, the swamp is as swampy as it has ever been. If anything, it’s getting more dangerous.

    The man’s turning into a walking, blabbering disaster.

  125. Noa @ November 12th, 2017 – 15:59

    One should give every support to Israel except if the country engineers another clash i the ME, far bigger than what we’ve seen so far, between the Saudis, Israel and the US on one side, Iran, Hezbollah and Russia on the other. The outcome is less important that the fencing itself, we have millions of men of fighting age from the region amongst us in Europe, the confrontation may easily split to Europe, it isn’t that hard to smuggle weapons across Kosovo cum Serbia.

    Israel would like Syria to fall apart, if she does the Golan Heights will be claimed by them, Turkey would want a part of the country, too, the Kurds are still hoping for a state, a large part of it on the Syrian territory. The benefit to the Saudis of broken up Syria are also obvious, a destruction of a Shia orientated country.

    The US Secretary of State Tillerson who’s trying to calm things down there is under pressure, the suggestion is he’ll be replaced with Pompeo, the CIA boss (is there anyone more associated with the swamp than he?), who is allegedly quite prepared to have a go in the ME to get rid of Russia, re-established US dominance in the region.

    Let us hope they don’t do anything before Christmas we may all regret long after.

  126. A cash dispensing machine and a large chunk of a wall have disappeared from a Co-op shop in a village close to Baron’s abode, and amazing occurrence in this rather sleepy part of the Suffolk countryside. Somebody may have a rich Christmas unless the cops find them pronto.

    What is the country coming to, he?

  127. Noa @ November 12th, 2017 – 15:13

    Give the Brussels apparatchiks time, Noa, they will ‘convince’ the recalcitrant eastern EU members to have their share of the refugees. If the Visegrad group persists in refusing to take them, they will be fined.

    When it comes to money, if there’s anything that may trump it Baron would like to know what.

  128. Colonel and EC:

    Brok or not brok, Mutti is doing what the German command has been wishing for for some time (as Baron may have told you). It’s partly the fault of the Americans who cried that some NATO members weren’t spending enough, they hoped the increase in spending will go towards the members’ NATO commitment, the Germans had other ideas, it’s unstoppable now, Baron fears.

  129. Christopher Howse has a regular Saturday column in the DT, the barbarian scarcely glances at it, more often than not he doesn’t understand what the man’s talking about, it’s mostly stuff religious, and in some depth.

    This week, the column’s heading was the more attractive ‘Prison shouldn’t make prisoners even worse’. In it, Howse reviews a short book by Cardinal Vincent Nichols, quotes from it.

    One of the pearl sof wisdom by the man of the church says: ‘It’s nothing short of tragedy how frequently prisoners are deprived of the opportunities to get a good education and to learn skills simply because there’s no one available to open their cell door and walk them down the corridor to a classroom or a workshop’.

    Leaving aside the simple matter that prisons should be primarily the places of retribution, why does the Cardinal think that prisoners should get educated there? What TF were the current inmates doing when they attended a school which, last time the barbarian looked, was the proper institution to teach them? (Apparently, over half of the currently 85,000 incarcerated have the literacy level of 12 year old).

    Neither our schooling system nor our prisons seem to be good for purpose, the former teaches sex education, gender orientation, fluidity and stuff of this sort, the latter teaches (by then prison inmates) how to read. Lunacy.

  130. EC

    “A interesting article, even if a tad bitchily introduced.”

    Apologies if it so appeared, EC, it was not intended as such.
    I recollect you mentioning him previously as an alternative to the present leadership clique.

  131. Baron

    The EU, driven by Germany, will seek to complete the full integration and subsumation of all member states’ policies to its own as soon as possible.

    Unfortunately, as we head towards political limbo UK defence policy and other major social and foreign policy areas will also be subsidiary to that of the EU.

  132. Baron 20:16

    It’s all Rousseau’s fault you know.
    If it wasn’t for society corrupting these innocents we wouldn’t need prisons, nor schools either. (Even though schools are part of the corrupting process.)
    We would all wonder, hand-in-hand, through the woods to the bright, sunlight uplands where we would all frolic together.
    It is entirely the fault of society that the principles of Rousseau are not entirely fulfilled and not his that there is an apparently unbridgeable gap between his fantasy of human nature and its reality.
    Of course Government policy is not to imprison ‘offenders’ to protect society, the deprivation of liberty itself is the punishment.
    So, it’s the Coop ATM today, Waitrose tomorrow.
    As for myself, when my pension fund is closed down by Hammond or MacGlouglin, whoever comes for it first, I shall withdraw some of my scanty savings and head the cue of OAPs and pimply, sub-continental muslims at Dobbies for the remaining stocks of fertiliser.
    Even if I fail in my attempts at an unauthorised cashpoint at the local Tesco I will be assured of evening classes and free food and accommodation at the local secure OAP Offender centre.

  133. Finally, the Spanish Government got it, they cannot lose now, it was the imperialistic Putin, who convinced the Catalans to wreck the the southern member of the EU. Why has it taken so long, one must ask?

  134. Noa @ November 12th, 2017 – 21:19

    Agreed, Noa, and they, the Germans are already half way through the project, e.g. the Czech economy is now firmly incorporated into the German’s, in fact the Republic trade with Germany is greater than that of some of the German federal states.

    We’re getting out just in time, our priority now should be to boost our military capability, also look for possible allies if the need arises. If we couple ourselves with the EU Armed Forces, we may be out of the EU, but still under the control of the Germans, who (as your earlier posting said) will be in command of the EU military force.

  135. Noa @ November 12th, 2017 – 21:54

    Quite, Noa, but the barbarian cannot warm up to your romantic cum risky way out of the predicament. He would prefer a return to a sound, common sense, populace orientated type of Government of true conservatives here (which we may get after the cumryd, if he gets in, wrecks the country).

  136. Baron November 12th, 2017 – 22:09

    The possibility of “a return to a sound, common sense, populace orientated type of Government of true conservatives” is welcome, if unlikely.

  137. Few titbits from the east from a reasonably reliable source (reasonably because one can hardly trust anyone today):

    The trade between Russia and Ukraine is up in the first eight months of the year (Russian exports to Ukraine by 23% y-on-y, Ukrainian exports to Russia 15% y-on-y). The two governments also signed a secret deal for a close co-operation between the Ukrainian maker of Antonov planes, and the Russian company that operates the massive flying contraptions. Even more surprising is the source’s claim that the Americans are to let the Russians sort out the Ukrainian crisis for their help with the north Korean nutter.

    Prove again that when money’s involved even the ‘best of enemies’ can find a common language. What a world we live in, ha?

  138. Some hard statistical facts, delivered rather too quickly for my rubbery old grey matter, by the BITBOTB; but a couple of repeats got me there, so to speak. Rather her than Sean Hannity, too, but to be fair, he has been making the same argument for years.

  139. Baron (21:51)

    Dave Zoom in the comments, I presume? Heh, heh, heh.

  140. Noa, November 12th, 2017 – 21:13

    Not very sensitive at all, these military chaps. After witnessing Colonel Kemp in hand to hand action on what’s laughably called the “social media” this past couple of years I can report that he is about as thick skinned and full of appeasement as a charging rhinoceros!

    btw. He has always replied along the lines of, “I’m the last person that you’d want to run the country” to anybody kindly suggesting that he should. Next time he says that I’m going to ask him what he’d do if he ever reached the front of his long queue.

  141. Noa, November 12th, 2017 – 21:54

    You could always slip across the border and try your luck at Beetham’s? However, everything is so tightly regulated these days you’ll soon need to show your ID to buy a packet of cough lozenges!

    Your best bet is to anonymously and stealthily source a bag or two from a farm.
    Trust no one 😉

  142. @10:16

    The fertiliser, not the cough lozenges! But, whatever… 🙂

  143. Frank P @ November 13th, 2017 – 00:57

    Who TF (or what) is Dave Zoom? The barbarian listened to the man again, no dave or zoom in sight or uttered. Your postings (and EC’s) leave Baron often baffled.

    Give us a hint, please.

  144. This transgender crap is really getting out of hand, a teacher has been suspended for failing to recognize the status of one of his pupils. Naturally the fus has been stoked up by the parents enjoying an overdose of outrage which in all probability will result in a man losing his job. It is about time this nonsense was hit on the head. Gender fluidity is biological clap trap, the prevailing fad of the metropolitan squawkers who are accustomed to being deferred to by the political class, but represent nothing more than a minute percentage of the population.

    The Church of England, is, as always, ready willing and able preach this lunacy and present it as divine revelation, which is undoubtedly why the churches are emptying faster then water down a plug hole. But, is it not interesting to note that no Muslim schools, or imams are being pulled up for not being sensitive to the needs of five year old boys who’s parents fancy they are girls and want to dress them up in tutus and tiaras?

  145. Baron,

    If I might explain who “Dave Zoom” is…

    1) Go back to your comment above on November 12th, 2017 – 21:51
    2) Click on the link that you supplied.
    3) Behold the comments below (Sort by Oldest)
    4) See Comment #2:
    Dave Zoom • 15 hours ago “When are they going to blame it on the Russians ?

    Not only do we read the links you supply, we read the comments too 🙂

  146. EC @ November 13th, 2017 – 11:23

    Thanks, EC, the ladybird guide was of great help, the barbarian assumed ‘the comment’ was the man talking, after all he was commenting on events.

    (It just hit Baron, the Frank’s point was Baron aka Dave zoom was the one posting the comment, arghhh, the barbarian has few aliases, but he doesn’t cheat, you know all of them. Mroe to the point, one can find identical postings on many blogs often, the man of Kremlin seems more omni all than Mr. Boot, is that possible?).

  147. I have my own suspicions as to why the church may support dressing little boys in tu tu’s

  148. stephen maybery @ November 13th, 2017 – 11:17

    No limit to man’s (the noun’s used here to describe mankind in bulk, all genders even the ones that aren’t sure), again, no limit to man’s capacity for imbecility, stephen. Here is another example of it.

    The individual who banned the postcard was right, it’s the erected penis that offends, one cannot see it, but it’s there, no question about it, the little randy birdie has that look on its face, and in our enlightened world, we cannot show it to the young who haven’t yet learn how to put a condom on a banana.

    You know what pisses most? That one spotty adolescent plays Adolf, bans whatever he pleases for all of us. That’s what it is, a censorship of the little Adolfs.

    (Btw, people often assume that the real thing, the Austrian house painter took all the decision. The opposite is the truth, he only sent a signal, the little relics of him did the deeds).

  149. Sorry, mistakes galore, but it’s not ‘relics’ of him, but ‘replicas’, fugging software.

  150. Top marks for Niall Ferguson, his last Sunday’s column in the ST gets some way to saying it’s the creed, not its violent mutation.

    When Baron looked at the page his first impression was ‘too many letters in the title, which read ‘We let Lenin rise, millions died. Now, it’s Islamism’, three letters too long, Baron thought, the end digits ‘m-s-i’ should not be there, and indeed in the body of the piece the author obliges, the thrust is clearly against the creed, the wahhabi wing of the ROP in particular.

    Even a thousand mile journey begins with the first step, then another then …..

  151. Somehow is isn’t a huge story that 300 Moroccans go on the rampage in Brussels TO CELEBRATE their country qualifying for the world cup.

    Think Muslims behave badly because of Islamophobia, racism, poverty? Think again. Their response to good news is that of supremacists:

  152. Yet another plug for Gulag, not by me this time, but by Peter Hitchens.

    Baron’s post about witnessing the enforced labour of priests as a young man, and thinking then that it was right, is a lesson to us all in how close we all live to the banality of evil and the acceptance of State intolerance and persecution for belief and ideas.

  153. Jeremy Corbyn has previously called for people to retire at 65 years of age to give younger people more opportunities. John Mc Donnell is 66 years old….Diane Abbott is 64 years old….and Jeremy Corbyn will be 69 years old in May 2018. When are you all going to resign then…to actually deliver (for once) on something that you say, Jeremy?

  154. “Diane Abbott is 64″

    Is that her racist outburst count, IQ or waist measurement”

  155. The old Marxists are always the most dangerous, especially whenever they hold power. If they haven’t grown out of the nonsense they become its most vindictive enforcers.

    The Gulag was all about coerced ideological conformity and controlling what people wrote or said. The parallels to the dogmatic Marcusean direction of travel in 2017 UK ought to be bleedin’ obvious. If there was any justice communism would be viewed with the same revulsion as the Nazis. With its appalling global record of mass murder, misery and persecution it should be “unacceptable” (to use their own language) to celebrate any of its tenets or display any of its symbols. Why that is not the case is the question our supposed “conservative” politicians and the media in general should be asking themselves as they appease their way to their own obliteration. Why are those who are prepared to openly attack the communist record and its destructive continuum here still only voices crying in the wilderness? Why are far-right groups banned and not the deranged harpies openly marching and shrieking with blood-drenched, skull and crossbones emblazoned banners as “Class War”?

    The troll’s vile attempt to justify the Gulag with a link to a Soviet propaganda film and describing revolutionary bloodshed as “magnificent” should tell us all we need to know about the shape-shifting Left in Britain as it casts off its Blairite cloaking device and reveals itself red in tooth and claw. Here is a Marxist, a Soviet triumphalist, a Corbyn supporter, who boasts of his “reasonable” and “caring” qualities on the one hand and relishes far-left totalitarian violence and oppression on the other. Who lurks and stalks under a variety of ridiculous disguises and obsessively targets any conservative websites for continuous trolling because he cannot tolerate or let be any dissent from the orthodoxies that constrain his limited brain. He can’t yet consign us to the Gulag so resorts to incessant and provocative trolling as a form of proto-controlling aggression.

    It’s too late now. Nothing in British politics is going to clear out the nest of leftist vipers whose toxic poisons are destroying this country. It would take a civil war.

  156. Colonel Mustard (10:24)


  157. Baron,

    I was mulling over that video that you linked on November 12th, 2017 – 21:51.

    It seems that the KSA and the UK have more in common than I first thought.
    i.e. both have a cowed and/or supine population hooked on benefits.

    Nothing is going to change in the UK whilst all the free stuff is on offer, the supermarket shelves are full of crap, whilst petrol doesn’t cost toooo much, whilst football is on the telly, whilst the churches and mosques are run by perverts and extremists, whilst the education system remains totally buggered, and the BBC gets to brainwash the public with the £3.7 billion a year extorted from them.

  158. Colonel Mustard – 10:24

    “Nothing in British politics is going to clear out the nest of leftist vipers whose toxic poisons are destroying this country. It would take a civil war.”

    Aye! Any uprising of TECOE will only happen after some calamity that abruptly breaks the spell that the majority of the complacent populace is under.

  159. EC November 12th, 2017 – 10:27

    I hope that those shoplifted mince pies Mrs EC brings home are halal.

  160. Colonel Mustard 12th, 2017 – 10:24

    “…old Marxists are always the most dangerous, especially whenever they hold power. If they haven’t grown out of the nonsense they become its most vindictive enforcers…”

    Vide the Soviet propaganda film “Lenin in 1918” 30.00 minutes in.

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