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  1. Does anyone have any information about why John Kerry visited Antartica last November?

  2. I thought he seemed happy!!
    Nigel Farage’s wife reveals couple have been living ‘separate lives for years’ after he is forced to deny affair

  3. Welcome back, EC.

    You and your mystifyingly enigmatic, seldom easily decipherable (but never insoluble) postings have been missed, he, he, he

  4. Malfleur @ 11:04

    No, the barbarian doesn’t know, Kerry didn’t tell him, what he does know is that the Pope, Dalai Lama, king Carlos of Spain (allegedly the first monarch to visit this neck of the woods), Bill, the cigar salesman, once President of the Republic, many other famous people got there.

    Why? Looking for a spot that will furnish a hideout when the nukes fly, or taken in by the many mysteries surrounding this inhospitable place?

  5. John birch @ 11:25

    Didn’t Nigel say somewhere months ago that he and his wife were living separate lives, John? It was not news to Baron what the DT says, but then the barbarian has exceptional powers to know such things, he, he, he .

  6. Baron – 11:55

    Re: Antarctica & “…when the nukes fly…”

    I’d recommend that you park your yacht in Hobart first, and then wait and see which wait the wind is blowin’.

  7. “The Truth About Popular Culture”
    Paul Joseph Watson

  8. The contemporary breed of the American political elite represented here by the two protagonists is exceptional in that it’s arrogant without having the intelligence to even suspect it. The same goes, sadly, for the bulk of the American unwashed sans the arrogance.

    It may be the generations up to the mid-last century were exceptional, the elites as well as the unwashed, but then so must have been the British as a whole when the Industrial Revolution got going. Baron would argue more exceptional because it was they, the British, who ventured first from the feudal into the industrial era – a colossal switchover of labour, capital, a way of living – did so relatively smoothly.

    McConnell should be told to check his facts before opening his mouth, America has been behind virtually every world coup, the most recent one (unarguably) in Kiev, it’s beyond any doubt it was the ‘fuggtheeu’ Nuland who put the Ukrainian Government together, by far less democratic process that any elections in Russia, and this fossilised dinosaur would have it that the ‘Americans don’t behave in an undemocratic way’?

    It would be one thing to say that the Republic interferes because of noble motives (may have been true in the past, may have been, not necessarily was), but to state so openly that the morality of the American political elite today (for this is what he had in mind) ranks above that of Russia’s elite takes not a biscuit, but a biscuit plant. Very little between them, if anything, after the adoption of the ghastly Blair Chicago doctrine the Russians have the upper hand.

    The barbarian has said it many times before, this fuckwit relic from the past should be told there’s something called the internet, things that had previously been kept secret from the prols get published there, the unwashed are no longer illiterate, well, most aren’t, get informed, view someone like McConnell as a clown, no longer believe people like him, which is a disaster because no regime can survive for long if the governed lose respect and trust of those in governance (e.g. communist Russia).

    The same goes for the anchor, doesn’t he know of the shenanigans in Kiev, or anywhere else where the Yanks messed this up, if he doesn’t he should learn, if he does, why does he question McConnell as if he didn’t know about them.

    What angers here is not the slicing of the issue, but that both these tossers are either totally uninformed (possible also brainless, which may be the case for McConnell), or know the facts, behave as if the facts didn’t exist, fully aware the unwashed know the facts are there. That truly makes the barbarian mad, it tells you how totally undemocratic the current state of governance is.

    The sooner the Donald cleanses the swamp the better.

  9. EC @ 12:28

    Excellent shot by the great Joseph.

    That’s what we’ve been ranting about here, too, EC, (some of us with inferior skills e.g. Baron), but what’s the answer, how does one reject that which is pumped into the young by the cultural Marxism infested MSM 24/7, appeals so easily to one’s base emotions?

    Could be be that the West does need a dose of pain, suffering, hunger to cure itself from this cancerous societal malady?

  10. This is pretty much what I meant the other day, left right don’t make sense any more.
    Patriots mainly do not work for the administration areas of government.
    They have had about 50 years of indoctrination of all the nonsense we don’t accept.
    Patriots live in the real world where you have to sell services or goods and make a profit .
    Le pen.
    Running on a campaign slogan of “In the Name of the People,” Le Pen called out for French “patriots” on the left and right to join with her.

    In politics, “the division is no longer right-left (but) patriot-globalist,” she said. “You have your place at our side.”

  11. John birch February 6th, 2017 – 14:24

    I’d have to disagree. The “new” left are essentially behind everything globalist because the model for an exploitative corporate globalism combined with authoritarian cultural marxism is China and it is a conspiracy model that left-leaning European social democrats are quite happy to adopt. And I use the word conspiracy advisedly because it is.

    The far-left is conflicted about that and torn between hating the “fascist” right and hating their own “Tory left”.

    Le Pen is trying to take traditional working class left-wing votes away from the privileged, middle-class metro-left by positioning her party as “patriot” and with traditional left wing policies rather than “far-right” as accused. UKIP are in a similar position but working class patriotism here does not have the same intensity as in Republican France.

    Re-defining the divisions as patriot vs globalist lets the new left conspiracy off the hook. Those people are neither conservatives nor patriots, at least not English patriots. Their “patriotism” is towards a high-salaried, “nice work if you can get it”, bien-pensant, urbanised, metro-sexual, self-satisfied, PC-driven, identity politicised, privileged middle class dominated, public and third sector stuffed and stifled, multi-cultural, global citied, high-rise, multi-coffee in styrene cups bollox fantasy nation with strong leftist values which they are busy trying to peddle as “British values”. That nation is about as English as Angkor Wat!

    Did I mention multicultural? The corrosive, society-fracturing policy that Cameron declared a failure in 2009 but which is still being peddled and coerced by all the usual suspects.

  12. Frank P February 5th, 2017 – 17:11

    Thanks for that link. You could replace the word “Americans” with “the English” in that article and it would perfectly describe the situation here.

    I find it astonishing that a British government which has marginalised if not actively suppressed the notion of “England” and promoted instead a multi-cultural “Britain” which no ordinary English person consented to, now seems concerned that some people don’t like the way that they’ve been treated. The point of principle is disregarded and any objection to that treatment is now characterised as “far-right racism”.

    This won’t help (link below), apart from the “false news” characterisation of Breitbart and the alt.right, it will just intensify resentment over what has happened. It will incite division not resolve it. The “far-right” is rising in Europe precisely because of the way that governments have behaved over mass immigration, which has been less than honestly.

    And the so-called devolution settlement adds salt to the wound. The British government finds it perfectly acceptable to pander to Scots and Welsh nationalism, to treat a Scottish national socialist party as perfectly legitimate and respectable, to stand up for and celebrate that nation’s unique identity. The Scots Nats, with their “civic nationalism” are allowed, if not encouraged to sail close to the wind with their anti-English rhetoric (dressed up to be against “Westminster” or “the Toooories”). But England on the other hand must become multi-cultural Britain, with “values” contrived for us by the politicians busily intent on turning us into a collective of urbanised regions.

    England is not recognised by the EU, not recognised by the British government, has no collective representation in Parliament and any attempt to raise this injustice is now to be characterised as “extremism”? I don’t think so. But if ever a government wanted to incite extremism that is the way to go about it. There are English people who fit exactly that article’s definition of nationhood and the ownership of nationhood.

  13. The problems these issues are causing is facinating , it really is splitting up
    Friends and families as I can confirm .
    I can see no agreement on these issues. They are not points of view.
    These are the opinion breakers that cause major upsets in society.
    When you listen to le pen there really is no middle ground, your either for her or against her, as with Donald and Farage.
    I cannot see the Middle ground returning.

  14. John birch February 6th, 2017 – 15:59

    Very odd that you should cite the intransigence of Le Pen, Trump and Farage but not that of those opposing them. When were their supporters trashing a college campus, setting fire to vehicles and pepper-spraying opponents because Hollande, Obama and Blair were elected?

    Those who rule over us would have us believe that left of centre is now the Middle ground, that pretty much anything to the right of that is “far-right”. Look at the way UKIP, Breitbart and the alt.right are now being demonised and delegitimised. That only seems to have happened as they gain traction.

  15. Colonel Mustard (15:23)

    We are in accord. Thanks for reading it and for your critique.

    The prospects that arise from the fudging of the Brexit phenomenon; the rise of Trump over there and the almost universal opposition to him using ad hom. vilification by our MSM – rather than any rational appraisal of his policies or intentions, are difficult to augur, using history as a guide and prescient instinct to guess.

    At the moment there seems to be a prospect of civil disturbance over there which could almost amount the Civil War II – and if that occurs the ramifications here will be profound, as were those of the 60’s/70s, still rumbling through the corridors of power today.

    At least the machinations of the Left are now on full display and, because of the ‘samizdata’ of the cybersphere, are subjected to dissection and destruction by those like yourself whose historical knowledge, daily exposure of and implacable opposition to the Unholy Alliances (whose chameleon tendencies make it difficult for hoi polloi to keep abreast) put the p.t.b on notice that they are under surveillance, even though at present they still have their sticky mitts on the levers of power. Trump must at least have instilled some fear in their hearts about what could happen here, should they get too complacent. Of course there is no Trumpian figure emerging here with a successful business empire and an eccentric desire to lead the Country back from socialist totalitarianism. And even if there were such a figure to suddenly arise from the current crucible of political experiment, the entrenched old boy network would thwart such a bid by the dead hand of bureaucracy. Only in America could this phenomenon occur and even there very rarely.

    The upstart Aaron Banks who looks like a cross between Billy Butlin and George Dawson (remember him?) and exudes less charisma than either of those historical spivs, doesn’t float my boat. Who else has even shown an interest? Boris? David Davis? Hmmmnn…!! As for Paul Nuttal – I despaired of that lot last year. Name me one inspiring English politician, please?

  16. The poison-dwarf Bercow is at it again:

    Another example of an ancient eifice being used to store rancid shit.

    Sack the short-arsed shit-bag!

  17. The Speaker of the House, the facinorous garden gnome who calls himself Bercow says he will refuse the President to address the two Houses of Parliament when (and if) he arrives here because of his ‘racism and sexism’. Arghhh

    Who does he think he is?

    Upset by the Brexit vote, this insignificant, ego-driven to$$er is taking it on the Donald, will fugg up not only the trade talks with the Republic, the Full Monty relationship, too.

    There must be a way to get rid of him, this outburst of his should be enough to dispose of him.

  18. It took Baron over half an hour to get the 19.18 posting through, what’s going on? (written, submitted at 19.20)

  19. Baron (see 18:46)

    But some things are worth repeating.

  20. Sinistra delenda est!

    Or as one of the Encyclopédistes put it “Ecrasez l’infame!” (in relation to another scourge of the day).

  21. Frank P @ 20:33

    Indeed they are, Frank, worth repeating, but apology on Baron’s part is in order, you got there first, he kept hitting the submit button, all he got was an empty screen. If he knew you beat him to it, he would have ha da cup of tea instead.

    Still, the DM carries the same item, virtually everyone agrees with James Forsyth (and those who posted on it).

    Baron reckons it’s a plot by the remoaners i.e. mostly Labour, (the halfwit was a prominent one on the other side), to manoeuvre the saintly One into a corner before the Brexit talks start, to prove that those who wanted to stay in the EU were right, as a country we cannot make it because even the Americans won’t be too keen to make a good deal, (if ‘we’ keep calling the Donald ‘racist and sexist’ he and his team are unlikely to be well disposed towards us, and why should they be).

    It’s a pity the barbarian cannot post an e-mail by someone who knows the Donald well from his real estate days, he was negotiating with him. If time permits Baron will paste parts of it, it’s long.

    Btw your new moniker for the twerp sounds good: a short-arsed shit-bag he is.

  22. Malfleur 0800
    Indeed so, the curse being a Macron win.

  23. John Birch 1559.
    It is just the intransigence of Le Pen that endears her to the French. They are sick of the wavering left and appalled by the Fillon financial chicanery after promise of religious truth.
    Le Pen has been consistent year on year and will not waver.
    Now Macron must be exposed.

  24. I watched a rather cheesy film this evening called Midnight Lace, a typical British ‘noir’ thriller of 1960 with Rex Harrison and Doris Day (of all people). It was set in London and the depiction of British bobbies, true enough to life then, almost made me cry for what has been lost.

    It says something about our modern police “service” and its politicised, corporatised managers when the bobbies in an old movie put them to shame in terms of appearance, behaviour and the reassurance they convey.

  25. Robert Sheriffhales @ 22:02

    What makes you think, Robert, that Macron will be the winner? Events may prevent that, Baron’s money is still riding on Fillon. Le Pen idea of a referendum seems unsound, the French unwashed are unlikely to quit the EU, it’s been the goose of the golden CAP egg.

  26. Colonel Mustard @ 22:59

    Some time ago, a foreign TV channel ran a series of old films never seen before taken by amateur film makers in England before the WW2, Colonel, in the 20s, (it was NHK, Baron thinks), the short clips showed English towns, villages, the countryside, seaside resorts, creeks, a funeral, a wedding …..

    It felt like a foreign country compared with today, people seemed well and immaculately dressed, if not expensively, men, women and children alike, the streets were clean, tea rooms looked all different but equally inviting, a variety of small shops, men wore hats, many smoked, and amazingly one could spot a bobby almost everywhere, how did they afford such policing intrigued Baron. The impression was of people at peace with one another, almost church like tranquility, a heaven on earth.

    If those who appeared in the clips were alive today they would not recognise the place. It truly is sad what has been done to Britain, the centuries of incremental changes to the way of life, most for the better, got overturned, there’s no comeback.

  27. It’s still hard to post, a small progress, instead of an empty screen Baron gets the 503 message, tomorrow may be better.

  28. “It felt lke a foreign country compared with today….”

    Heh, heh, heh. I think you have that arse about face. But then again, mLord, I suppose as a ‘furrriner’ yourself, once upon a time, it’s probably correct.

    NOW is a foreign country! Then was the real deal.Just think how we indigenes must feel. 😉

  29. I believe that Frank, Colonel Mustard and others of us of similar mind will find this interesting –

  30. Re my posting @ 01:45 the particular part I intended to draw attention to was this –

  31. Frank P @ 01:15

    You cannot be that ancient, Frank, you cannot claim to remember how the country looked like in the 20s except from scripted films, still pictures, books, which isn’t the same as direct experience, or seeing it in a film of the real thing.

    The barbarian arrived here in the 60s, the clips were totally different not just from today, from the 60s, too.

    Actually, young sir, it matters little, the clips of the 20s and Britain of today are as far apart as one could imagine.

  32. Frank P @ 21:00

    Well argued yb someone whose vocabulary shames the barbarian.

    If one takes the Schmitt’s rejection of the Von Clausewitz’s claim that war is politics by other means i.e. that the inverse is true, at its face value, Frank, how come neither side has ever been completely destroyed?

    Throughout the history of mankind, it’s been always a struggle between the Left (progressive, avant-garde, revolutionary), and the Right (conservative, traditional, evolutionary), yet both camps are still surviving. (The L/R labelling was only furnished by the French, the aristocrats sat on the right, the unwashed on the left).

    Are we, have we always been, in a never ending existential war or what?

  33. Nixon did something that was patently illegal, it’s far from certain the Donald broke any law. If the Supreme Court were to rule he did, it would severely limit the power of the Presidency, could potentially prevent the President to declare a state of emergency, even war if the country were to be attacked suddenly.

    Btw, if you listen to it in full, the clever guy, who seems unable to write a column, or rather has to write about something he didn’t know only hours before, also says that Russia ‘killed 50mn people, the Republic freed the country, its satellites’. Is he living in the 40s, 60s or what?

    It wasn’t Russia that killed the millions, it was communism, Russia’s no longer communist. It’s like saying ‘we won’t talk to the Germans, they gassed million of Jews, disabled ….’

    If one were to do the comparison of kills between Russia and the Republic since 1990 when communism in Russia collapsed, the latter would be the top killer not by a mile but ten miles (either by direct intervention or through proxies). The arrogance of the American fuckwits beggars belief.

    If you want to question the latter assertion have a look here. It was sent to the barbarian yesterday by an American friend who was in it. Was anyone, the Colonel in particular, aware of the bombing?–hc

  34. Sorry, this is the clip that Baron was talking about in the top part of the 04:51 posting (you may not like it but this is what the MCBC or whatever the wankers call call themselves):

  35. Brave guy:

    ‘Dilbert’ Creator Scott Adams to Stop Donating to Alma Mater UC Berkeley

    Dilbert creator Scott Adams announced in a blog post that he will stop donating to this alma mater, UC Berkeley, in the aftermath of the riots that erupted on campus last week in response to a scheduled event featuring Breitbart editor MILO.
    Adams, who earned an MBA degree at UC Berkeley, announced that he is terminating his support of the public institution over concerns that he wouldn’t “feel safe or welcome on campus.

  36. @Frank P 6th – 18:46

    “The poison-dwarf Bercow is at it again:”

    I’m guessing that the egregious Sally told him that, if he refused to make a statement in such terms, his nookie would be stopped for a very long time!

  37. Frank P, February 6th, 2017 – 18:46

    “Sack the short-arsed shit-bag!|

    In full agreement with that sentiment here but…
    can the Speaker actually be sacked, or is it a job for life like the Pope?

  38. Baron 0002
    I suspect you read this in Speccie.

    “Now that the Socialists have lumbered themselves with a dinosaur — Hamon — as their candidate, Macron is in an even stronger position. He will be able to tune his campaign to attract moderate Socialist voters as well as the centrists and centre-rightists who flock to his meetings and are having second thoughts about François Fillon.

    Mr Fillon and his British wife Penelope are currently under investigation for misuse of public funds. Both deny the accusations. Interestingly, the information that has placed him under suspicion seems to have come from dissident members of Les Républicains, his own party — angry that neither ex–president Nicolas Sarkozy nor Alain Juppé, mayor of Bordeaux, won the nomination. If Mr Fillon is formally charged, he has said that he will not run. In which case the most likely solution for his party, at this short notice, would be to select Mr Juppé in his place.”

    Maybe it will be between Juppe and Le Pen. Forget policies Le Pen is the Farage and just maybe her time will come.
    But Macron is the Robert Redford and currently has the mo.

  39. Just maybe her time has come.

  40. Frank P, February 5th, 2017 – 16:17

    One does wonder about the calibre of the people that they have on the books these days…

    Police initially believed he died of natural causes because of recent keyhole surgery to his chest. But a murder investigation was launched when it was discovered he was shot six times in the garden of his £800,000 mansion in Brentwood, Essex, on June 24, 2015.

    This tale reads like a script from “The Sweeney,” except that in real life even the actors John Thaw and Dennis Waterman might have smelt a rat!

  41. … also they are reportedly employing people without any olfactory sense.

    A FIVE-YEAR-OLD boy discovered the decomposed body of a man missing from his home for more than two months following a search in Hampshire. David Horsford was found hanging in a bush just 50 yards from his home despite a huge search spanning two counties.


  42. “I find there were no failings on behalf of Dorset Police at all.”

    The name of the coroner was “Middleton.”
    Mm, that name rings a bell.

  43. Anyone familiar with China who travels back to Heathrow from Shanghai or Beijing knows it’s like leaving a first world country and returning to a third.
    So how on earth is this possible.

    Shared via the Google app

  44. Sharp, some might say “devastating”, attack by Michael Savage on what he sees as the collapse of American culture under the assault of the left inspired Cultural Revolution and the stalling and undermining of Trump’s plans and his supporters hopes by suicidal leftist fanatics funded by George Soros.

    If you want worrying, this is it.

    The first couple of hours state the case for Trump and the country still being in deep trouble.

    Alex Jones and his journalists have a more sanguine view of Trump’s comprehension of what is going on in his administration and the time it will take to net the swamp creatures in Washington DC and thrust the trident through their chests.

    I hope Jones is more right than Savage. More battles need to be won before we are nearer to the end of the beginning than to the beginning of defeat.

  45. Sorry EC that link was fired in your direction. I was trying to establish a nepotistic link between Julia Middleton and other Middletons with common purpose connections. I found a Rachel Middleton a CP coordinator from Newcastle University (where Julia kicked her now pervasive scam. Any further research gets bogged down in the family of the Duchess of Cambridge nee Middleton and I gave up after that. Perhaps the coroner is more likely to be connected to her nibs, rather than the Newcastle connection. I wonder whether Rachel is Julia’s sister. These afflictions (communism in all its guises) usually run in families, it’s in the genes. 🙂

  46. sorry (” … kicked off her now pervasive scam)”.

  47. Frank P February 7th, 2017 – 15:43

    There used to be much more searchable stuff about her on the net. Most of it now seems to have been removed or modified. There was really damning stuff about the likely source of CP funding.

    Personally, having read her deeply flawed and pretentious book on usurping authority, I simply cannot understand why this mediocre but sinister woman has risen to influence so much and why she has been sustained by, of all things, a supposedly Conservative government. And I’m not alone:-

  48. EC (11:08).

    We-ell! Using that analogy – let’s think Pope Benedictus XVI and get rid of the wee pillock, by stealth and ridicule. The antics of his hedonistic spouse provide a good wedge to crack that. Perhaps we can persuade “Big John” to join Joe Ratzinger at his retreat, as it would appear that the POTUS scares the shit out of his short little arse. Take cover you Berc-ow jerkoff! Stop using your ancient and revered office for petty poitical spite. Make way for someone who still has cojones – obviously ‘er indoors removed yours (always supposing that yours ever dropped – contra-indicated by your stilted stature, the octave of your squeaky pipes and your watery eyes).

  49. It would seem one of the new Potus’s advisors, the top one is a Leninist (but he, the admirer of Lenin, now says he cannot recall the chat in which he allegedly said it).

  50. What a shock.
    92% of left-wing activists live with their parents, Berlin study finds

  51. Colonel Mustard (16:21)

    Thanks for that link. Interesting. However Rhet Auracle needs to change his font size and make it bolder. Reading a couple of posts overcooked my ailing mince pies. 🙂

  52. The Donald gets more than he could have wished for, the European unwashed want a total ban on Muslim immigration. (The BBC will feature the results of this polling as its first item tonight – only joking).

  53. A cserebral piece here linked by American Digest:

    I tend to agree with it’s sentiments and no – given blog moniker – I am not and never was on tbe square.

  54. e & oe apologies (‘cerebral’ and ‘its’). I’m trying to watch two TVs and post at the same time Getting too old for such dexterity..

    Betsy Devon confirmed – 50 – 50 vote, VP tipped the scales. Go Donald!

  55. … and before someone points out the difference between freeman and freemason – I know. Just kidding. 😉

  56. Devos , this auto correct is at it again. Ahhh shit!

  57. Colonel Mustard @ 16:21

    Judging by this link, Colonel, you must be even more eccentric than the barbarian thought you were.

    She delivered this totally confusing spiel almost three years ago, it has attracted over 2,000 viewers, of whom Baron was one, but only a partial one, he could stomach about ten minutes of the core and flex, identified himself more with her grandparents, flying deads than ‘leaders’, and learnt that it isn’t really sufficient to learn words, sketch few simple drawings which it’s hard to question (because they can illustrate many things), use the right syntax in order to come up with even a semblance of a coherence of thoughts, or just one single thought that would enlarge his mediocre bank of knowledge.

    Not unlike many other con artists, she has been promoted because nobody could really suss up what it is she’s talking about, but the duo of ‘culture and intelligence’, and (Baron guesses) some linking, even a tenuous coupling to the school of thought of the progressives, she couldn’t have been ignored. Such is the loss of a spiritual guidance in our society, guidance based on the great thinkers of the past that someone like her could rise into transient prominence, then disappear never to be heard of again.

    And as for her audience? Very likely a bunch of social workers, out-reach counsellors, NGO stuff and similar, all feeding ultimately from the public trough, money squeezed out from the few remaining ‘rats’ that are still labouring.

    What’s the fuss all about?

  58. The defamatory malevolence of the Guardian towards President Trump seems – to judge from this piece – to be getting more and more hysterical.

    However, it does make their silly plea for money in the final paragraph all the more laughable.

  59. Herbert Thornton @ 20:12

    But they are only asking ‘a small favour,’ Herbert.

    The rag lost something like £170mn last year, they expect another £90mn loss this year, warned ‘journalists’ there will be redundancies unless someone steps in, someone like Soros, or Beckham perhaps to boost his now slim chances of getting a knighhood?

    The writing has always be pure spleen, the Donald factor only boosted the poisonous vomit further. That’s what the freedom of expression is all about, no?

  60. John birch @ 17:53

    One of those statistics that may intrigue, John, but is knowing that 92 out of a hundred live with parents of any help to remedy their anti-social behaviour? Would they behave better if they lived on their own? Could the authorities target the parents? What can they, the parents, do? Without knowing the welfare conditions in Germany, the Government probably cannot even even stop their unemployment benefits.

    It would be of greater interest to know the social status of those families, Baron’s guess is that the parents may be mostly employed in public sector, or also unemployed.

  61. John birch @ 13:47

    You may find, John, that the piece is from 2010, things may have changed since then, no?

    Some of the aid that has been directed into China is on projects that last, hence the continuation of payments, some is linked to their buying British stuff for the money i.e. it’s essentially an aid to our companies.

    This is not to excuse it, we (and other countries) should cut it (and not only to China), but it isn’t as simple as it may appear.

  62. Malfleur @ 15:06

    Far too short, the video you’ve linked to here, Malfleur, wake up Baron when the show runs for (say) five hours? He, he, he.

  63. How stupid of her, first, she has only a four hour sex session with him, then she uses a carving knife to get his bowels out, for these two cardinal mistakes she deserves to be punished.

  64. The pint-size political garden gnome who still acts as the Speaker of the House has allegedly apologised, or so his counterpart in the Lords has said, but what’s the bet Labour will put him forward for the elevation into the Upper Chamber?

    Btw, it was suggested by one of the posters on the Spectator blogs the other day that the Government cannot sack him because on the backbenches he would vote with Labour, the Tories don’t have sufficient majority to afford to lose even a single vote.

  65. Is there nothing in what Baron has said above that would provoke anyone to have a go at him? Hmmm

    This may do it even though the quality of the subtitles isn’t perfect. It’s a debate (the Russians love debating) screened on the main state TV channel in Russia run by the government, the equivalent of our BBC.

    If you were to watch it you’ll find it’s about the fighting in east Ukraine, the man talking leads one of the political parties (Baron forgot which one, they have hundreds), gets funding from several oligarchs.

    It says under the programme it’s the first time a true opposition appeared on state run TV, not strictly true, Baron has watched other programmes that hit at Putin, this is the first one with subtitles in English, still only few takers in Russia or elsewhere.

    The third posting under the clip (Alex Strat) says (in Russian) that “they’re going to kill him, or get rid of him, that’s what happens in the Russian Federation, everyone in the studio knows he’s right, but fear to lose funding from ‘the boss’, cannot admit the truth’.

  66. Relax, the barbarian won’t haunt you anymore today.

  67. Baron 22-09.
    Baron I’ve been all over China north south east and west. Of course there is poverty in the rural areas, but I’ve seen much worse in other parts of the world.
    I was recently in a water town outside shanghai ,as you pass the Great Lake on the other side of the road were the car showrooms.
    Rolls Royce dealers, Bentley, Lamborghini, Ferrari ,and the rest.
    My wife who is Chinese was amazed.
    I would suggest a country who has these showrooms do not need aid.

  68. I should have said my Chinese wife who has lived here for fifteen years was amazed. I wasn’t, I see it every where in china

  69. Baron
    February 7th, 2017 – 21:49

    For curiosity I checked the link that I posted to the Guardian’s article that included their silly plea for money.

    But I see that the plea has now disappeared! But as I recall, the plea included two questionable assertions. I don’t have a copy of their exact words, but they amounted to this –

    1. That the Guardian consists of responsible journalism, and

    2. That “far” more people read the Guardian than buy it.

    I wonder how many people believe them? I think they come pretty close to being to fake news, eh?

  70. Tuesday’s Show: Alexander Jones interviews Vladimir Putin’s former dissident and Christian adviser: DR. ALEKSANDR DUGIN – “Radical islam supported by globalism is our common enemy”

  71. Frank P, February 7th, 2017 – 16:45

    Bercow declared PNG ?

    Potentially, President Trump’s most popular executive order to date…
    If only!!!!

  72. Baron, February 7th, 2017 – 22:14

    What an offal tale. Poor chap, it’s a sad day when a mini-cab driver has no other available option but to have sexual intercourse with his wife.

  73. Baron February 7th, 2017 – 19:06

    Judging people by their links might not be a good idea, Baron. Curiosity and exploration is not always the same as endorsement, although Plod seem to rely rather heavily on that presumption.

    I had no idea that you considered me eccentric! How eccentric!

  74. Did you know that February this year has four of each days of the week? Apparently, it happens only once in every 823 years, so treasure each day, imbibe its atmosphere, save deeply in your memory because next time it happens you won’t be around, Baron predicts (he, he, he).

  75. Baron – 12:14

    For three years out of every four [but not in 1900 or 2100 etc], February has 28 days, so has “four of each days of the week”.

    Is there something missing with your statement?

  76. “Russia’s main opposition leader, Alexei Navalny, has been found guilty of embezzlement, local media report.
    A judge is still reading the verdict in the city of Kirov, but news agencies said it was clear in his remarks that Mr Navalny had been convicted.”


  77. Baron February 8th, 2017 – 12:14

    You don’t believe in reincarnation or the parousia then?

  78. “It’s déjà vu all over again.”

    Germany’s Euro power grab, making a Drachma into a Crisis.

  79. What happened to AWK – last seen heading to Israel?

    “Trump Signs Executive Order Issuing 90-Day Ban On Childhood Vaccinations”

    (h/t Public Intelligence Blog)

  80. (cactuslove)

  81. Whoops! Sorry – have had a few beers

  82. Colonel Mustard @ 11:56

    The out-of-the-ordinary of yours, Colonel, roots in the no holds barred onslaught on the enemy, the Left.

    You must know that the country that once was can never be again, sad and regrettable as it may be, but this in no way stops you from trying to have it back, from
    refusing to surrender to the inevitable, accepting that the new generations of people, whose predecessors created a near perfect societal covenant, desire something different, (not perhaps voluntarily).

    Commendable, but can one ever re-dust a present to land in the past as one remembers it, or even as it actually was? It’s not unlike with one’s life, we may desire to return to what we were, but never can, not doable that.

    Not unlike you, all of us (including the barbarian) would like to have the past back, or at least some of it, that which held the society homogenised, subscribing to a common belief system, religious orientation, sound morality based on our Christian heritage or whatever (even if class ridden).

    We know the limits though, you seem to have no limits in that battle.

  83. Malfleur @ 15:08

    To paraphrase something you’ve probably never come across, Malfeur ‘you should have gone to a wine merchant’ (rather than a beer seller).

  84. Malfleur @ 15:02

    How about a 90-days ban on gay sex, Malfleur, to figure if it prevents the spreading of Aids?

    And no, Baron doesn’t know what happened to AWK, she said she had had enough, left.

  85. EC @ 13:39

    More of the same again, EC, you’re right, but as things stand it’s not that bad, the cost of money in countries with currencies one would like to own is low, the governments can borrow at little or no cost (if inflation is thrown in), hence debt repayments are manageable even if the debt burden is massive.

    What happens though if one of the countries were to hike the cost of money? Not only will the repayments, the debt servicing, go up putting a strain on other expenditure like hospitals, schools, but there will also be a huge outflow of money from countries that still keep interest rates low, piling up into the paper that yields more attractive returns. A nightmare that for the IMF and the FED, and it is to come.

  86. Colonel Mustard @ 13:24

    You got the poorly educated Slav in one, Colonel. First, he had to google ‘parousia’, that didn’t help, he’s still puzzled.

  87. RobertRetyred @ 13:02

    No, nothing’s missing, Robert, (although the barbarian had two glasses of Merlot at lunch, began blogging immediately after, hence the re-checking of the e-mal from HG may be suspect).

    Still, it must be that even though they’re plenty of 28 day Februaries, most of them have five of (say) Mondays and three of another day, no?

    The puzzling message comes from an expert on Fengshui, it’s called ‘money bags’ and if shared with five other people the recipient of the message will be rich. The sharing should be done within 11 minutes of receiving the message, or it doesn’t work. (The e-mail arrived in Baron’s inbox yesterday, but the barbarian hopes the ONE who runs this will take mercy on him ….) he, he, he.

  88. Robert Sheriffhales @ 13:16

    Navalny was sentences once before for five years, released after a couple of months, given a suspended sentence. This time it was the same suspended sentence without the two month inside.

    The barbarian has watched and read alot about the case, cannot figure what’s what, it concerns a company he and another bloke set up in St Petersburg, it dealt in wood, rather tree trunks, did business with the City Council, allegedly fiddles invoices, but then it wouldn’t be beyond the KGB to supply fake paperwork.

    The most intriguing thing was at the trial Navalny was more concerned with the co-accused saying he’s innocent, his life will be destroyed rather than with himself.

    The barbarian has sent him money for the campaign, hopefully he’ll get it, two of the banks he used gave up on him, he says because Putin told them ‘you either do business with me or Navalny’, they obviously preferred Putin.

  89. Here is an issue we haven’t touch on recently, you have a strong view one way or the other? Baron cannot decide, is certain of one thing only, the status quo stinks, it makes happy nobody, costs money, often results in death:

    The postings are very informative provided one could take them at face value.

  90. Baron – 16:27
    “… it must be that even though they’re plenty of 28 day Februaries, most of them have five of (say) Mondays and three of another day, no?”

    No. Are you teasing me?

    For any non-leap year February, with 28 days, all have four of each day of the week, always in the same order.

    You do have a first though! A pluralised February!

  91. Baron at 7 Feb : 00-23.

    There are lots of old cine-films around from a hundred-odd years ago.
    Here is one from Rochdale in 1900. At about 2:50 mins it shows a bloke getting started on a bicycle down the street in front of the tram.

  92. RobertRetyred @ 17:48

    The source of fake news, that’s the barbarian for you, Robert, you’re right, Baron googled ‘feb 2017 special’, the first link that popped up is below, is it to be believed though, or is it another fake?

  93. Radford NG @ 18:17

    Thank you, Radford, some of us are suckers for the recent old in whatever form, Baron’s one of them, one often sees things that directly contradict the messages of the progressives.

  94. The 503 error has started infecting Baron’s rants, or rather the posting of them.

    One of US Congresswomen has said ‘Russia is moving into Korea’, couldn’t recall the name of the Syrian town for weeks on the front pages of newspapers (Aleppo), another one talked about being unable to ‘co-operate with Bush’ (rather than Trump). If their brains were a dynamite they wouldn’t have enough to blow their noses.

    The profusion of ignorance, the lack of factual knowledge’, the mental mediocrity seem not the sole preserve of the college educated young, those in charge are similarly touched. The Donald has a biiiiiiig job on his hands.

  95. Test

  96. Baron
    “Nothing has changed
    02.08.2017, 18:39 374 Kirovles-2
    The disposition of the former.
    They: are still afraid to allow us to vote.
    And do not say that particularly trying to hide it. The sentence coincided with the former down to the last letter. Before typos. 100% copy-paste.
    We will: continue to believe that we have the right to fight for a better future for their country.”

  97. Baron February 8th, 2017 – 15:57

    I am an absolute realist when it comes to understanding that clocks move relentlessly clockwise and to know that country which I was born in, and love, will never return.

    But nostalgia is not wishing for something which cannot be but remembering that which once was. I feel privileged to be able to remember it and not to have to just imagine it. And what present purpose does that memory serve? Well, apart from the pleasures of reverie, those rare but precious moments when the past is so real in mind and senses that you can almost touch it, to sharpen and impel my absolute loathing for the left and all their works.

    They can’t take that from me and they won’t. However much they might prevent the full fury of its articulation with their bad laws. Even those powerless and facing the execution squad of the enemy can still smoulder with hatred and remember with love that which has been destroyed or taken from them, and thus die free in spirit. Those, the inner hatred and the inner love, are perhaps the only true freedoms that man cannot trammel with the trials he creates for his world.

    Arthur Gordian’s article, linked by Frank above, A Justification For War In The Political Realm, quoting “nihil aliud scit necessitas quam vincere”, says it all and it says this:

    “The great question, “Who Are We,” is ultimately irrelevant in the moment of war, which is the struggle for existence. As Schmitt tells us, all politics is such a struggle, and until we are clear that the Left and all its minions are enemies deserving of destruction, we do not deserve victory. This means no pity, and it means that nothing and no place is off limits for political retribution. It means erasing everything the enemy is and has done.”

    I’m happy to die, metaphorically, in the last ditch for that. They can shout all the names at me they want. They can label me deplorable. They can prevent me from speaking and writing. But they can never, ever, make me like what they have done or compel me to accept it. They can never prevent the hatred or the love inside me. And they will be my enemy forever.

  98. A word from the Greek New Testament for the Second Coming or Second Advent when we will all be resurrected and account for our lives.

    I just hope that Christ is no simpering Welby when it comes to my failure to turn the other cheek to the impositions of the left! Hopefully the money lenders in the temple will come to mind.

  99. Who would have thought it! 🙂
    Police Officer Who Spoke out on Migrant Crime Now Under Investigation for Racial Hatred

  100. It’s the comments that are the star – as they often are:
    NAMED: The 122 MPs Who Voted Against Brexit

  101. Colonel Mustard (20:53).


    That declaration should be transcribed on to parchment, illiuminated and a copy buried deep in a nuke-proof container; just in case some form of humanity survives the apocalypse that will surely soon erupt from the current geopolitical madness; to inform them that amongst the turmoil, there existed good souls who were aware of the dangers and did their best to oppose the forces of evil. And if no one on this planet survives the domesday, perhaps some other cosmic lifeform, in the immensity of the Great Scheme of things will discover that homo sapiens sapiens included at least one of their kind with understanding, nous and courage.

    Meanwhile we could do worse than adopting it as the creed and statement of intent of The CHW. Bravo Colonel!

  102. Just in case you hadn’t worked it out for yourself:
    What Steve Bannon really wants

  103. Colonel Mustard @ 20:53

    What can one say, Colonel, exquisitely crafted, worthy of your guru crown.

    And as the other authority on the blog says, indeed lets have it on our banner.

  104. RobertRetyred @ 21:24

    The country is beginning to wake up from the stupor, and about time, too.

  105. Robert Sheriffhales @ 20:35

    Rather cryptic posting, Robert, but correct, he and the other guy were fined half a million roubles ($8,000?) each, the Kirovles is the name of his company (Kirov was the leader of the then Leningrad’s party cell allegedly killed on Stalin’s orders, ‘les’ is Russian for woods or forest.

    The trouble is, Robert, his support is quite meagre, and he lost with the West when he argued the takeover of Crimea had been justified (he has moderated that view somewhat recently).

    If Putin is to be replaced , it will be the hardliners who’ll take over, Baron reckons.

  106. No, nothing on drugs?

    Here you have a piece on natural gas, no need to read it unless you feel like learning what truly drives politics.

    Two things on the attached:

    Gas accounts for some 15% of the aggregate Russian revenues from fossil fuels (oil is almost the whole of the rest), but if the pipelines do get built, it will furnish Russia with considerable leverage on continental Europe.

    In the penultimate paragraph of the the part headed ‘Qatar-Turkey pipeline and Iran-Iraq-Syria pipeline’ you’ll find the killer sentence: “Incidentally, the Syrian civil war erupted with Assad’s rejection of the Qatar-Turkey Pipeline.”

    The guy who penned the piece is neither a politician or a political pundit, he writes exclusively on oil, is no friend of Russia (as this pice shows), and the barbarian finds his writing quite informative.

  107. Baron
    February 8th @15:59

    You are too deep for me, Baron. I may have incipient parousia.

  108. More sound sense: don’t miss this excellent essay. It makes sense of the Trump phenomenon:

  109. Baron

    Drugs? Cannabis? That you should even broach the subject in the way that you did in your previous post is enough to make me wonder about your current state of mental health and is about as welcome as a fart in a trapped elevator. If you really want to ponder the the ‘issue’ refer back to the many reams of copy produced on previous blogs various by the stalwarts of CHW. The weed warriors destroyed Melanie’s first blog with their demented trolling. Behave yourself. We have enough brain damage in the Western world as it is. I spent far too much of my adult life trying to clear up the mess left by the purveyors and users of ganja.

    In vino veritas, in ganja gobbledegook! Stick to your Merlot.

  110. Attorney- General Sessions – now we should start to see some fur fly as cats are stopped from getting back in the bag.

  111. There is a problem, theoretically at least, with nostalgia from the vantage of worse times. What if our civilization had improved as dramatically as it can be argued that it has decayed over that period?

  112. Eric Zuesse: US Lies About Crimea — Truth Helps

    “Things Will Get Worse Until US Stops Lying About Crimea


    Unless the U.S. government’s lies about Crimea — the ‘Russia seized Crimea’ narratives — become acknowledged to be lies, war between the U.S. and Russia can only continue to become increasingly likely, because the world is sliding toward World War III based upon these lies, and will therefore inevitably continue that slide until these lies are publicly repudiated by the U.S. government, which is their sole source. The liar on this is clearly the U.S. and not Russia: the U.S. is the entire source for the alleged cause for war between the U.S. and Russia…. [Continued]”

    (H/T Public Intelligence Blog)

  113. ” ‘PREPARE FOR WAR!’ Vladimir Putin orders Russian Air Force to be prepared to launch attacks at ANY MINUTE – as fears over World War III continue to grow

    Russian troops were placed on ‘combat alert’ amid massive NATO exercises currently underway in eastern Europe”

    (H/T Drudge Report)

  114. Malfleur – 01:31

    Hopefully, a good clean out of the stables at the DoJ will now follow.

  115. Please can someone explain to me how McCain achieved the status of a war hero and why, now, anyone gives a toss about what he says, or allegedly thinks?

  116. Malfleur February 9th, 2017 – 01:45

    There is the individual empirical experience, harder to consolidate into a single national let alone global picture, and the popular narrative, easier to frame out of context. I write from my own empirical experience, quite possibly with rose-tinted spectacles, but not so much as to not be able to identify the bogus characterisation of the recent past peddled by the prevailing lefty establishment, especially the BBC.

    The “return to the 1950s” is a pejorative much used by post-modern lefties to ridicule those whom they characterise as blazer-wearing, golf-club bores. There is a heavy dose of ageism in that which excuses their own superannuated of the left, equally wedded to their own rose-tinted view of the past, which correlates around 1968 and is inherently rooted in radical and revolutionary instincts and aspirations.

    There is no doubt that many aspects of life have improved since the 1950s, mainly in terms of convenience, but whether the quality of life has improved in its purest sense is questionable. It is all too easy and understandable to derive the “advance of civilisation”, progress if you will, from the advance of consumer convenience, the rise of technical gadgetry devised to make life easy. But the sense of well being encompasses more than that.

    The Left layer that improvement with their idea of a moral progress, contrasting their virtue with the terrible racism and bigotry of the past, for example. But in reality British society is arguably now more divided, sectarian and strife ridden than it ever was in the 1950s. The identity politics contrived to make things better for those perceived as downtrodden minorities or “victims” has created more division and a simmering bitterness – on all sides. As we have seen recently, where the results of two referenda and an election have not been accepted peacefully or accounted for truthfully.

    Parliament is becoming more Third World in its rowdiness and rancour as the representatives there represent the divisions stalking the land. The ex-leader of a party bent on fracturing this country has a stand up, pointed finger slanging match with the Speaker and that televised aggression flows out across the nation telling everyone that it’s ok to behave that way. We have perfectly good laws prohibiting violence and assault but the divisive identity politics of the day insist that they must be tailored to raise one kind of victim over another, so the division is reinforced and hardened by law and law enforcement. The very people who claim they are promoting our unity are driving us apart.

    An improvement of civilisation since the 1950s? I don’t believe so.

  117. Malfleur – 04:31

    You forgot to mention Baroness Ashton.

    She would be good to take the blame. Many do already 🙂

  118. Visiting Noa-land on day release today…
    Saw this on Booths’ newsstand…

    Seems like Fatbot, who herself has been accused of making racist remarks in the past, has taken exception to a humorous quip someone made in response to something someone else posted on the interweb.

    It is reported that the local Labour Party has been asked to take 3rd party offence on Fatbot’s behalf and report the matter to the Lancs Police Twitter Squad.

    I must now turn myself in at the local cop shop as I couldn’t help laughing out loud when I read what caused the supposed offence.

  119. It would seem that the Bannon brew (see yesterday @ 23.35) is reaching parts that other beers haven’t reached:

    See also the link Rob de Witt’s comment following the post.

  120. Not completely sure why but it made me think of Brexit.
    Wild boars rip apart a giant PYTHON after the snake killed a piglet

  121. At last: Hitchens and Boot slug it out mano a mano.

    Could the only Russian speaker here (as far as I know) hold their coats and translate for us, please. 🙂

  122. The benefits of having Muslims.
    France puts Eiffel Tower behind terror-proof 8ft-high glass wall

  123. This blog is (I hope) is a gallows humour piss-take:

    Isn’t it? The fact that I’m even tempted to think otherwise is a sign of the times.

  124. John Birch 1907
    If French recent performance on terror is anything to go by the wall is probably Everest reject glass.
    What France needs to do is to hire a latter day Stella Rimington or better Mossad to shake up their security services.
    They could also try making their many police services work together.
    Or at least talk to each other. And stop chasing politicians like Fillon and Sarkozy for imaginary misdemeanours.
    Or perhaps they just need to ditch Hollande early.

  125. “More detail on Diane Abbott and David Davis encounter
    We’ve got some more detail on the encounter between Diane Abbott and David Davis which happened in one of the House of Commons bars last night.

    The journalist who first reported the incident which happened after the Article 50 vote has spoken to a couple of witnesses who said the Brexit secretary “leaned in” for a “light-hearted embrace”.

    Ms Abbott was said to have been unamused by the “air-kiss” and told him to f*** off instead after a cheery Mr David bounded over to congratulate her on voting with the Government, according to the Huffington Post.”

  126. Diane Abbott keeps on giving. Almost any policy which is sensible and commands broad support she attacks.
    I have heard said that she is actually being briefed by Steve Hilton.

    “DIANE ABBOTT has blasted Home Secretary Amber Rudd in a furious rant about the Government’s U-turn on the so-called Dubs amendment scheme in the House of Commons.

    The shadow home secretary launched the scathing attack on the Conservative Party MP after it was announced that the Government would stop child refugees arriving in March, once they reached 350.

    The figure was dropped from 3,000 following fears of it encouraging people traffickers.

    “What conversations has the Home Office had with the French, Italian and Greek governments regarding taking such a small number of children?” the Labour Party MP blasted.

    “And how does she live with herself? Leaving thousands of people – and members opposite can jeer – how does she live with herself? Leaving thousands of children subject to disease, people trafficking, squalor, and hopelessness.””

  127. Supermarkets have policy that,if ( you are lucky enough ) to look under 25,you will be asked to show an ID : so no problems here,then.

    The Home Office seem to adopted a similar policy : that if you look 25 or under you must be a child.

  128. France to build Wall : around Eiffel Tower. ( DM and various news sources.)

  129. Col. Mustard, I enjoyed even more than usual what you have been writing here today, and another time I will add my thoughts (for my sake not yours!). For now I would like to share some wisdom from a wonderful biography by John Stubbs I’m reading of Jonathan Swift, the man who said “that which is not put there by reason, cannot be removed by reason” – written in an age of revolution when poles were at least as greatly divided as they are today.

    Here he is referring to Academe:

    “Her Priests, her Train and Followers show
    As if they were all spectres too;
    They purchase knowledge at the Expence
    Of common Breeding, common Sense,
    And at once grow Scholars and Fools;
    Affect I’ll-manner’d Pedantry,
    Rudeness, Ill-nature, Incivility,
    And sick with Dregs of Knowledge grown,
    Which greedily they swallow down,
    Still cast it up and nauseate Company.”

    He was about 23 when he wrote this and at Oxford, when a friend of his patron and employer William Temple, one William Molyneaux said “‘Tis impossible to hinder men from desiring to free themselves from uneasiness, ”tis a principal of nature, and cannot be eradicated.” This is an echo of John Locke’s proposal that men could be governed only by their own consent – not a concept that the communist bastard responsible for producing all the political clones of the last 40 years who wave their PPE degrees as confirmation of their empty evil groupthink would or could have thought of.
    Oh Colonel, you’re not the only who hates these people, but one other wise thing I heard today which gives comfort was that however great the evil in the world, there is still great good. Thank you Alex Jones.

  130. Radford 0022
    But Donald’s is a beautiful wall.
    Hollande’s is of Everest reject glass (see above).

  131. Frank P, February 9th, 2017 – 17:22

    Ouch, Mr. Boot is not a man to be trifled with! It’s a shame that Mr Boot cannot get theses exchanges published in the DM, on Mr Hitchens’ home turf so to speak.

    As entertaining as it might be, I feel that Mr. Hitchens is is unlikely to take up the offer of a live debate with Mr. Boot. They are in different leagues… [insert your own footballing analogy here] Alas Peter is not Christopher. I have no idea about what the latter’s views on Russia and/or Mr. Putin or, indeed, what Mr. Boot’s might have thought about them. However, in terms of any live debate on any subject the elder brother might have provided a more worthy opponent for Mr. Boot.

    In his original reply, Mr. Hitchens made me smile when he kicked off his spat by referring to Mr. Boot’s “blusterings.”

  132. The German pejorative/hate speech: “Virus” is the new “vermin,” reportedly.

    Martin Schulz is the recently departed president of the European Parliament and the newly anointed leader of the German SDP. He is a man of unsavoury demeanour and possibly less savoury opinions about the English/Angloshere. The SDP are now closing in on the unpopular Angela Merkel’s CDU/CSU in the opinion polls on the run up to the Federal election in September.

    Could it be that the German electorate are about to swap their fiddle for a geegaw? The vector of Germany’s suicide will remain the same. The only difference is that Kanzer Schulz will march Germany off the cliff slightly faster than Kanzler Merkel might have done!

  133. Paul Joseph Watson nails it again!

    “Conservatism is the NEW Counter-Culture”

  134. Where’s everyone today?

    Here’s another fart in the elevator…

  135. EC 1254
    All the top chaps are listening.
    Contemplating the disaster of a Schultz win in Germany.

  136. EC (10:10)

    Projection indeed. But as you know, I’m biased. I have a long memory and an unforgiving proclivity against subversive hippy activists who, despite their claims of Damascene conversion, occasionally exude latent signs of old loyalties thinly disguised under a patina of ‘objective debate’. What always bugs me is : if they are clever enough now to write reams of seemingly persuasive copy defending Judaeo-Christian, traditional culture and conservative philosophy, why weren’t they sufficiently intelligent in their halcyon youth to see through the Leftist propaganda, which always seemed to me to be blatantly, unreasonably and ludicrously Utopian, given the carnage that has historically followed in its wake, when those espousing it have gained power. As I subscribe to the theory that susceptibility to sinistral inculcation is genetic and like a pernicious disease, indelible, I remain very wary of all converts who swing from left to right. Islam has a word for it: taqiyya! And that involves a strong dollop of cunning, the ingredient of most serious crime.

    Socialism/Communism/Marxism/anyotherleftism, comprises the most serious crime of modern history, imho – and it has been perpetrated, in the main, with impunity. The time of reckoning could be now. Trump, despite, his own imperfections, has a team behind him who get it. If this opportunity isn’t ruthlessly pursued, we are done, because never before have anti-Left factions moved into such strategic advantage. Go Bannon! Andrew Breitbart is cheering from the celestial heights.

    So – the phrase included in one of the essays I linked earlier this week (I cant’t remember which one at this moment) strikes me as an appropriate battle cry:


    And that includes the FSB.

    Having said all that, I would pay to watch a protracted debate between Boot and Hitchens. If I were still moving in the media loop, I would try to jack it up. Alex has flung down the gauntlet: what about it Mr Hitchens?
    Now is time to prove to old sceptics like me that you truly have been cured of your inherent genetic flaw. 🙂

  137. I’m glad that Jack Keane has not been seduced into Trump’s cadre. His intercessions as a Fox News contrubutor are too valuable to be constrained by official office. His summary a few moments ago ‘Happening Now,’ of the relationship between Russia and the Iranian mullahs and the implications for the West, was one of his best little monologues so far. I hope Trump’s team were watching. I’ll attempt to dredge up the clip if I can. It may be on on Fox’s website. Hold the phone.

  138. Nah, it’s not on fhe intertubes yet, but I’ll keep an eye open. Bur while I was trawling, I found this:

  139. I hope this record length URL works. To my mind the picture of the little procession of three people with Speaker Bercow being the one in the middle is a real life example of the Ministry of Silly Walks. ––pbfDMtw7-kNiWdaW4ex2NESFk09c5wLGBkpMCsUUVqJ2-njY7fuHKS-nX3Sjx8FJ6bpLets_1INBswfhUa9RIsvRSDBAz0rzCXju7en-ISG8_1C-VR2vaVxnf4R1g85YFTd_1Fz7Xi_1AOr2xEHXYnxc4p0V1z2jFTJFSX8yD0lWoBB1PUqYLLq_19ALSmPdo2UZjDImCfkoGFhzFY20zIzSwCcaTAkAmInLPb15KWt6nLW6x_1Dzk7pEfaaJkvz9boCjS0URlv0YxRXGlF6NJW5s1D9XPQbsbBgBbEEv9Pw5beMi7bKDipZ3Beid1tFfyslhJtGCLyss45nDP6owA1X1-1Q7ZvXyYzQ5cNgFKuao40N8Bb6n6tfVNAgMEHaekRZFh1vgjcemEFU2r4w2GJJw45ClFRDyqEZECtpTzTpKl17BMTj1p4DnKr3cSK4Oqi9AsdhaWrOWLl-0v5pm8Ka7YjLTI0y_1gwYjpYq3fLrsQqpnNxymyFT_1MsEIhyqFn7O1iRo2FhkgjuewmMyrecXNzCYV1bkoGi71C_1P2lvvd54QvTKTy-MwI-49yn11zOBa3OuCKJcbYoytfbJi63PxdP267obXvbaDkZaouKJ4FdBUM63-Q_1T2AUjtNpLnCyxgtL0Ph_1zpiRVNzVRXfHOoKBh8mvl10j5o3PZ27dgtphqb1GYwfe3B4isiGRlGq4VcqYJ2Cy56J-BCSofQw7t_1Uf6cMmL9es_1h3BJhVJ86Z0QQi7wtbWslM2U-k0EwuH7wzB9JeXdzlQzbRXONTcYZvS6LOn0WCBvdGaGSejan-TewHtQjmPipVbSmSqC3UkznlToe3lW_1av8cU1NvRZcjMtveGkB3gIy4sqpx9kjZ58bl4T8J0wShpEO8SxvarRJ76thful-Cx5dBulihOsw6JnXAfn_1Lr48n7iCJ_1A9WypOxMtqGSgoEsZHWEBOGdvw7pQwDhNd7nYEiSBaYOeWnxa-YO0CMW-otckl_1ZFeLxs4Ic3lhZpDfEO8saOZy1GtoWd_1MKoIHloBfw1LFIsRqZrrqL8yty8eAhxrFbjvnvwaZnOQLtpy1KwbXT71Lu2JYGrtsZlzTx6dj_1hDLemef1An6dI1Jqhlo-H18avWvoZwxNExnO7huv0F4aGxCNtVbol62y3JEdK9-1h8sP8oDP_1vTZixooVBzWTIyHTDCuvNviPEcS8FZxOOpqaXp84cZOIyDVz31vNcVaMa8tl3Fhc7BcLDU2xJgq4_1aJDjx0T-toAXsr6xDq55gA4Q89MX73gcPiEMW_1lUG_1kFpoFjz2q8fy9_1_1-ayOGEz6i37uLPrsCIMc6rJ7rVwqeFlNVq_1GfMwX4UACPm0K_1LUM&biw=1528&bih=846&site=search&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjz87vckYbSAhXHMGMKHXoxBncQ9Q8IFygA

  140. Herbert Thornton at 18-27.

    I wondered what was going on there as my system is programmed to go straight to the bottom of the page.

    Try the following.(Incidentally who is that black woman[?] : is she his C of E Chaplain[?] )

  141. They are NOT Syrian.
    They are NOT Refugees.
    They are NOT children.

    You probably know what this is about.(Being Discussed on Radio 4 Any Questions)

    Adolf Hitler ( Mr. J. Dimbleby) was never elected to anything,not anywhere,by any body:not ever.

    “If the far right is a race horse and the far left a cart horse : what kind of horse are the fascists ?…..They are a combine harvester. They are not horses at all”…The brilliant Jonathan Meades:in a documentary that has just gone off BBC iplayer.

  142. Radford NG
    February 10th, 2017 – 19:46

    I don’t know who she is, but I presume from her collar tabs, and the fact that she’s leading, that she’s more highly ranked than the sheepish looking guy at the rear. The collar tabs suggest to me that she may be a lawyer from the office of the Clerks of the House, but I suspect that the Clerks themselves are probably Barristers and so would wear wigs……. Or she might, as you suggest, be some sort of Chaplain. She certainly looks the most dignified of the three.

  143. @Frank P 10th – 16:23

    “If, by the age of 20, you aren’t a socialist you have no heart. If, by the age of 30, you aren’t a conservative you have no brain.” (or something like that.)

    Must admit, in my youth, I was one of the heartless.

  144. And another whimsical clip from Gerard Vanderleun:

    One sometimes gets the impression that the mere words ‘Socialism’ and ‘Communism’ draw towards them with magnetic force
    every fruit-juice drinker, nudist, sandal-wearer, sex-maniac, Quaker, ‘Nature Cure’ quack, pacifist, and feminist in England.
    One day this summer I was riding through Letchworth when the bus stopped and two dreadful-looking old men got on to it. They were both about sixty, both very short, pink, and chubby, and both hatless. One of them was obscenely bald, the other had long grey hair bobbed in the Lloyd George style. They were dressed in pistachio-coloured shirts and khaki shorts into which their huge bottoms were crammed so tightly that you could study every dimple. Their appearance created a mild stir of horror on top of the bus. The man next to me, a commercial traveller I should say, glanced at me, at them, and back again at me, and murmured ‘Socialists.’ – – The Road to Wigan Pier, by George Orwell

    Two reminders emerge from that blast from the past. First – back then, sixty years of age was considered old (for men) and secondly, to be out and about without a hat, regardless of the season or your other ensemble, was considered infra dig. O tempora O mores.

    OTOH I bet the man on the Letchworth ‘bus would still spot a Communist/Socialist. 🙂

  145. Ostrich (occasionally) (23:22).

    Never doubted it. 😉

  146. 23:22

    I think I was about 4 when I realised that throwing money at a problem would only waste resources. That would be blue collar earned money, which was truely earned.

    It was only when I was about 7 that I could see that not every adult understood this.

  147. A provocative little essay from a gal who may be on to something:

    Any ladies out there who wish to agree/disagree.

  148. Dirt Bag Central – take a look

  149. Alex Jones Show Friday February 10 – Amusing opening on dumb democrat Congressmen (and women), interesting aside on Andrew Jackson, 9th “Circus” Court decision, State Department revolt against their President, and much else including guests: Matt Bracken, Gavin Mcinnes, and Lionel

  150. I just went across to STANDPOINT magazine and was sorry see that it is having financial difficulty.

  151. Quote of the day, so far…

    “Fake news can be checked and disproved. Slanted, biased, agenda-driven CNN-style news is more insidious and harmful.”

    Pat Condell

  152. More tales from the Asylum…

    I smiled when I saw this headline as I thought it might be someone we know…


    A woman smashed through the doors her local council offices in her mobility scooter when staff refused to answer her phone calls”

    …but alas it wasn’t our own feisty Anne Wotana Kaye!
    If you’re still out there reading the CHW Anne, very best wishes to you.

  153. Am I alone in thinking that Donald is losing momentum, nay appearing to lose his way?
    Before the US Presidential election, I detected a fairly universal applause in the right wing blogosphere for the refreshing populist message of Donald Trump. He exposed the rank hypocrisy of the Washington old guard and promised a new politics of the people.
    But he now is showing that he does not know how to achieve this.
    He has stuck to megaphone politics of Twitter and news sound bites and forgot that the founding fathers had put checks and balances in the constitution to stop Preidents ruling by dictat like European Kings.
    By giving an executive order without preparation telling the border people to apply rules which very clearly affect the rights of other existing citizens and workers he has made himself look ridiculous with no way out.
    He needs to think, consult and then ambush.
    He has the population with him (and if we look at the polls most of the European population) and so he needs to use that.
    Instead of executive orders he should use Congress where he has a majority and ensure that his plans are proof from tin pot Federal Judges of which there are far too many.

  154. The population/European polls are with him on the border/ Muslim issue.
    See histograms in Speccie.

  155. Robert Sheriffhales – 13:58

    President Trump has only been in the job for 3 weeks, he’s achieved a lot whilst battling to get his cabinet picks past the Senate. Give him a fucking chance FGS!

  156. EC (10:11)

    From the same website:

    Where is the public outrage over this scandal of villainy and official incompetence? How much was paid out in compensation? Who was sacked in the HR Dept for failing to properly investigate this appointment? Why wasn’t the ‘doctor’ charged with GBH? Who were the colleagues who stood by and watched his butchery without reporting it? How many other bogus medics and surgeons are working in our hospitals?

    We hear the bleating leftists who say, “Without immigrant doctors the NHS would collapse.”

    This is not an isolated case, believe me. Madness!

  157. Robert Sheriffhales (13:58).

    No you are not alone; but those sharing your somewhat skewed analysis are mainly from the left or from the ‘never Trump’ faction of his ‘own side’ – the Washington insiders who don’t want a revolution that will derail their gravy train.The Justice Dept. is still replete with Obama/Clinton apparatchiks. It will take time to weed out the saboteurs. Rome wasn’t built in a day. He hasn’t ‘lost his way,’ He’s being shafted by a treasonous judicial system and incompetent lawyers allegedly defending his actions. Patience. Don’t underestimate the will of the Trump machine. Did you read the link I posted earlier this week and the inner links to Bannon’s documentaries?

    The sabotage and dissent will increase exponentially. Trump will have a rough ride. The Internationale are ganging up on him because they are afraid of the impetus already in flow. But the movement is only beginning – it willl not be stopped.

  158. Nein Mutti, Der geist ist aus der Flasche, entwichen.

    Gelt ist nicht genug – zu spät!

  159. EC, Frank
    Margaret had an even more radical programme and she did it. She started with the material she had and slowly weeded out those who ‘were not one of us.’
    Then she engineered a revolution that no recalcitrants could stop.
    Donald should pause and ask himself what the best way is to achieve his ends. The people are with his aims and ends. He needs to harness them.
    Otherwise we might all suffer if he fails and Brexit Britain more than most.

  160. Tonight : BBC 2. Documentary on the late Terry Pratchett.
    ” Nobody’s really dead until the ripples they’ve created on earth have died away.”

    Currently:Radio 3 ; ” Carmen” from The Met,Lincoln Centre ,New York.

  161. QUIZ.

    Which Queen reputedly said to which Queen : “You know, my dear, I really don’t think she is very nice” : and about whom?

    A claim is that she wasn’t,on an other occasion,`amused`.
    The other personage sure wasn’t Dorothy Parker.
    For the third party, see above (18-35).

  162. … disperse the gloom … apologies. Though the eye of the beholder might prefer the typo. 🙂

  163. Frank P February 12th, 2017 – 01:51

    Interesting. Although the judge seeking the en banc review is not named the three judges making the original ruling are

    William Cameron Canby, Jr., 86 yrs, appointed by Carter in 1996
    Richard R Clifton, 67 yrs, appointed by Bush in 2016 (nominated by Bush in 2001)
    Michelle Friedland, 45 yrs, appointed by Obama in 2014

  164. BREXIT:

    Ghastly MP thinks that expressing a heartfelt opinion “has no place in a democracy.”

    “Traitors are long remembered. May you burn in hell you evil bitch!”

    Now, if more vicars had fire in their belly like this one, and were prepared to deliver sermons like that from the pulpit then church attendance might skyrocket.

    What say you Abouna Peter?

  165. Colonel Mustard (07:41)

    I’m a little puzzled; the brief who handled the appeal (conducted by trombone) was an inarticulate wanker. Why wasn’t Sessions around in the anteroom keeping an eye on things and advising sub rosa? I suppose it was a foregone conclusion anyway – the who intervention was a political sham, so perhaps those advising Trump let it play out to underscore just how bent it was.

    I liked this comment after the post:

    jameswlee2014 says:
    February 11, 2017 at 2:46 pm

    I have a degree in Experimental Psychology from UC San Diego. Got a A+ in Abnormal Psychology (that’s Abie Normal to YF fans), and I can tell you that what we are seeing is Dissociative Personality Disorder on an industrial scale. This occurs when an event so horrible the mind cannot bear to admit its reality simply changes the beholder into a different person, one who has either forgotten the event or is so radically changed, they can now cope with the new reality,

    In either case it leads to behavior so bizarre that the individual can no longer function in everyday society because their behavior is so unpredictably weird. In any case, the disorder usually signals an unmendable break with reality and normally require institutionalization and continual monitoring by compassionate professionals. They should not be making public statements as they will only serve to boost those they oppose.

  166. EC (10:35)

    The fact that the stupid bitch reported it to the police underscores the validity of the vicar’s opinion. A double whammy!

    Sad that he apologised, but he left a sting in that tail, anyway. Even sadder that cowardly bastards suspended him.

  167. Frank P February 12th, 2017 – 12:57

    There is a view, unverified, that Trump is doing this to smoke out opponents. Looks like someone has got cold feet, knowing what would happen if there is a terrorist attack in the USA perpetrated by someone from one of the seven who entered the country during the non-ban.

    I’ve noticed that the current male great and good on both sides of the Atlantic capitulate quickly to the female of the species, more often than not active “feminists”, without putting up much of a fight, so I suspect the activist here was Friedland, the Obama appointee.

    Typical of the whole rotten game Mrs Mao has let it be known that she’d like the next Bishop of London to be a woman. Never mind the quality feel the gender agenda! That this gender tokenism crap is being peddled nearly 40 years after Thatcher shows just how contrived and puerile it all is. But the men who rule over us are terrified of the “third wave” and of being accused of the heinous crime of sexism.

  168. Pussy-whipped; a whole generation. And women hate it. Real women that is.

  169. Daniel Greenfield debunks the latest Leftist meme:

    One of the commenters summed it up ncely:

    “Muslims have been trying to kill, enslave, or convert all non-muslims for 1,400 years. They are not going to stop until they or we are exterminated. I vote for it being them.”

  170. Posted on a Spectator blob by AA_Bill:

    Here’s a list of all the sockpuppets and the dates the Disqus accounts were created.

    1 UnionJihack 22/10/2014
    2 Damian Hurts 16/11/2014
    3 SalmondFishing 31/12/2014
    4 Isaiah 26/01/2015
    5 gotohell 28/01/2015
    6 EuroJesus 15/02/2015
    7 Flipkipper 07/03/2015
    8 Συκοφάντης 17/03/2015
    9 Planet Vague 05/04/2015
    10 Hermione F-R 19/04/2015
    11 Smspf 19/04/2015
    12 Irina palm 30/04/2015
    13 explain that 24/05/2015
    14 Googleheimer 08/06/2015
    15 Lurv & compassion 28/06/2015
    16 Tekknocrates 06/07/2015
    17 Guidos fault 07/07/2015
    18 Mr&mrsspence 20/08/2015
    19 balls 31/08/2015
    20 Swarm of drones 05/09/2015
    21 Phonetoholic 11/09/2015
    22 Rosenbaums’s Tinted Spectacles 12/09/2015
    23 nouveaulite 15/09/2015
    24 Drumroll Please 28/09/2015
    25 Stew 29/09/2015
    26 mɛroʊˈvɪndʒɪən 30/09/2015
    27 Spasticusoutisticus 07/10/2015
    28 iMutty 19/10/2015
    29 Eat your greens 27/10/2015

    Would appear that there are 4 or 5 individuals who know each other and are working in concert to disrupt any discussion thread concerning Brexit. They are trying the same tactic over at Conservative Woman now.

    We should watch out.

  171. Mine; 11 Feb (18-58).


    Reputedly at a private performance of `Carmen` at Windsor Castle, Queen Victoria whispered to her niece , Queen Marie of Roumania , “You know,my dear,I really don’t think she is very nice”.

    For Queen Marie see below.

  172. Extemporaneously ; can we make Queen Maria of Roumania a Patron Saint of the CHW?

  173. Baron
    February 12th @ 21:51

    Reading dispatches this morning, I paused at (h/t Breitbart)

    This article recounts how the Bolsheviks (the minority!) are receiving very substantial funds to organize against the Mensheviks which just won the election – including, some would argue, both the Electoral College and the popular vote. These funds in large part are being channeled through organisations which, under current US tax law, preserve the anonymity of donors.

    B. H. Obama’s mentor and father, it has been persuasively argued, was Frank Marshall Davis, the Soviet Union’s leading agent in the USA. As we have learned over the years, Obama himself is a communist organizer and quite probably an extremist muslim. Furthermore, although there is a gentlemanly reluctance to call a spade a spade on this Wall, he acts as if in these capacities he were an operative of the New World Order.

    The aspirations of the New World Order are public and, well, global. Brexit runs counter to them as does every civilized and decent instinct.

    I am hopeful that Attorney-General Sessions in the USA will soon be leading a comprehensive effort to root out from American political life these people that B.H. Obama is re-grouping against the American Republic.

    Your perceptive identification of patterns to the activities of the anti-Brexit trolls at the Spectator, and your warning that we should be on the qui-vive, reminds us to expect and to watch out for similarly well-funded and well-placed entities in the United Kingdom to be working against our ‘lives, our liberties and our pursuit of happiness’.

    The United States, under a properly-led and staffed Department of Justice, has the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act as a major tool in this difficult task which “allows the leaders of a syndicate to be tried for the crimes which they ordered others to do or assisted them in doing”.

    I hope that the United Kingdom is similarly led, staffed and equipped.

  174. Malfleur @ 23:33

    It wasn’t Baron who figured who the trolls are, Malfeur, he only passed the names to Walsters, you right though, the deposed anointed will try to do everything to thwart the Donald, he seems unperturbed which worries Baron, he may not realise the full extend of the forces against – virtually all MSM, academia, those employed by the Government, the top of the GOP, the Full Monty of the Dem’s mob, even some influential individuals in the private sector running companies appended to the public purse. Unimaginably big task.

    Could he not waited until at least his top team is in place?

  175. Frank P @ 19:08

    If keeping Muslims from arriving in the Republic encourages them to join ISIS, Frank, what was our killing them doing? Encouraging them to love us? The insanity of the notion of the former is so bleeding obvious, one has to question the sanity of those pushing it.

    This has absolutely nothing to do with logic, rationality, or coherence of an argument, it’s a pure, unadulterated hatred of everything the Donald stands for, for many because it could mean the loss of a sinecure, a job, a future.

  176. Frank P @ 12:57

    Could one suffer from Dissociative Personality Disorder if one listens, reads, is exposed to by any other means to a large bunch of people suffering from Dissociative Personality Disorder, Frank, or is it a double Dissociative Personality Disorder?

  177. EC @ 10:35

    If he were to be honest, EC, Baron would not expect a vicar to use a language of this kind, not because it doesn’t fit the bitch in question, but because he was brought up (as a Catholic) to imagine the messenger of God to heal rather than to lacerate. The vicar getting a sack because of it seems very much out of proportion though, the damage done by him is immeasurably less painful than that the loss of a position for the courageous man will inflict. We seem to be losing it everywhere.

    Erratum: Not ‘blob’, but ‘blog’ at 21:51. Sorry.

  178. John birch @ 08:02

    The whole of the ‘uman rites’ mafia should be put under the spotlight, John. The keep sucking money from the public pursue, often for bogus claims, encouraging ‘potential victims’ to sue every Government department they can think of. Unquestionably, there would be people who get wronged by the stupidity or negligence of the army of state employed bureaucrats, but Baron reckons a large chunk of what’s paid out is bogus.

    The barbarian cannot say much about a case he knows about (for obvious reasons), a couple of lawyers (both gay, living in partnership) has made a fortune enabling them to buy a country mansion fit for a royal, furnished it with antiques and pictures, retired, all that on one single case, admittedly a big case, nothing improper, all above board, but nevertheless, the riches it has brought them would not have been the same if the Government wasn’t a party to it.

  179. Colonel Mustard @ 07:41

    Whoever’s right is not really the issue, Colonel, it’s unfortunate the Donald has picked the first serious fight with the judiciary, of course, the judges are politicised, or rather biased towards the hon Muslim’s mob, will favour them, but it feels bad to go for them. The smarter way would have been to after the statutes, it’s the statutes that give them the power to interfere.

    You may all think the barbarian is obsessed ranting about laws, (he always does), but deep down it is the laws that govern, not the judges. Change the laws, they’ll have less opportunity, less power, will be kept out of the game of politics, not fully, of course, that’s hard to expect in today’s political environment, but enough for the Donald to kick the other polluted branches of Government.

    (Baron must say, he isn’t fully in the picture, he was out of circulation, a Mother of all stomach poisoning has got him, what agony, has only just recovered, but a friend of his from the Republic, a staunch backer of the Donald has got more than upset by the Potus kicking the judges for the same reason baron mentions).

  180. It seems the blog’s doing better without the barbarian’s yapping in perpetuum, it’s up to you, boys and girls (if there are any). Just to cheer you up (or sadden you as the case may be), have a look at what the Republic looked like in the 60s, the time the barbarian dreamt living in the country. It’s longish, you can pick and choose, but what a place:

  181. With ballistic missiles currently being let loose by the mad mullahs of Iran and the North Korean nutter, not to mention the muscle-flexing of Vlad and Xi, its worth turning the clock back to reminisce a little; back to the zeitgeist of what was whimsically described as the mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) geopolitical stand- off of the ‘Cold War’.

    In the days when police and the civil service were held in fairly high esteem and peopled by decent people, by and large, between the early 1950s until the early 1980s, in company with all my colleagues serving within HM Constabulary, I received periodical training by a fellow we called Nuclear Ned (whose real name I now forget (in fact I’m not even sure he ever apprised us of his moniker or official status). The seminars involved instructions on procedures and rules of engagement in preventing civil commotion, in the event of a nuclear strike, among the ‘lucky’ survivors.

    The contingency plans were comprehensive, but with hindsight somewhat risible. I confess none of us took it too seriously at the time because (a) MAD seemed a pretty rational stand-off and (b) nobody really knew WTF would go down if the SHTF – Robbie Burns’s whimsical conversation with the rodent was uppermost in our minds – “The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men of mice and men gang aft a-gley” and we figured that it would undoubtedly be EMFH should some idiot set the ball a-rollin’.

    Nonetheless, there we were, Geiger counters st the ready and a list of priorities on who would be saved and who would be shot once panic and starvation spread among the survivors; locations of food stores and other resources were delineated and alarming procedures for guarding them and distributing the contents at the discretion of the boys in blue and other municipal dignitaries, who were arbitariy deemed ‘essential to future planning’ in the chaos that would ensue.

    This state of affairs still obtained when In the late 1980s when in post constabulary life I owned and ran a country hostelry in the wilds of Sussex. A local committee under the chairmanship of our local stipendiary magistrate was convened, comprising local plods, ex-plods like me and ex-military bods and various other ‘dignitaries’. We received updated lectures from the very same Nuclear Ned. The siren, which I was obliged to test from time to time, and other ‘equipment’ was housed in my inn.

    i got to thinking recently. Are these contingency plans still in operation and if so, how do you all feel about the current crop of Old Bill and myriad jobsworths scattered through officialdom and empowered by Common Purpose, having that sort of clout in the event of a major nuclear strike or even a massive cyber outage – the latter being very likely ere long, imho? Is Nuclear Ned’s successor still trudging around the country with instructions tailored to meet the the exigencies of a modern day Armageddon situation in this age of hi-tech. And if so, who would you save and norture in your locality once the resources got scarce to crisis-point? More to the point, who would you shoot on sight? 🙂 Just sayin’.

  182. Baron

    A serious sense of humour, which for some reason prompts the phrase “central European”, but which deep in my English heart I think of as deeply English, is Lionel at this link:

    The short introduction may give you an idea for Day 1 (or 2?) recovering from your stomach bug.

    The balance wryly, acerbicly, fantastically moves into the mind of the anti-Trumper and begins to describe the furniture.

  183. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

    (Alex Jones Show yesterday)

  184. Scalia died in his sleep at age 79 on the night of February 12 or the morning of February 13, 2016, following an afternoon of quail hunting and dining at Cibolo Creek Ranch in Shafter, Texas. He was pronounced dead of apparent natural causes.

  185. Baron February 13th, 2017 – 01:01

    I’ve looked carefully, re-read, scratched my head, made a cup of tea and re-read again, but nowhere in my 07:41 comment can I find any reference to anyone being right (or wrong) on any issue. Please help me out as to how naming the three judges becomes an articulation of right (or wrong) and what the issue is?

    No, the law is always open to interpretation by judges. That is the foundation of English Common Law as the interpretations over hundreds of years build into a record of precedent, case law, which is argued afresh. More recently the drafting of especially bad law has created even more wiggle room for interpretation and the problem is that it is being interpreted politically rather than on the burden of precedent or its elemental wording.

    There is also a new trend for third party intervention by vested interests, as peddled by Leveson for example. That makes even more political mischief possible as people who are not actually affected or “injured” instigate legal cases on behalf of nebulous entities, usually those identity groups bestowed with special status by the left. Anglo-Saxon law was straightforward in requiring the actual injured party to make the complaint, as it should be. The pro-Danish immigration faction of perverse left-wing Anglo-Saxons did not make a complaint that un-named Danes were being deprived of their rights even before they had arrived on our shores, in order to stay the right to defence of hearth and home by the future Anglo-Saxon victims of Danish deprivations. Did a Muslim from one of the 7 countries stand before the three judges in California as complainant? No, the injury was contrived by the politically motivated to make mischief in pursuit of an ideal.

    The trend is the harnessing of law by left wing pressure and campaign groups to persuade politically impaired judges to impede the transactions of government even where those are based firmly on a mandate from the people, q.v. Gina Miller. Leveson would take this a stage further by allowing such pressure groups to complain about articles on behalf of identity groups with no proof of injury to any individual required. It is an insidious attack on both the law and the freedom of expression.

    We have already seen a worrying trend to undermine the basis of English law by the police and CPS themselves – “you will be believed”, the habitual use of the word “victim” to describe a complainant before any wrongdoing is proven and, more worryingly still, the entirely subjective substantiation of hate crime and hate speech which is simply accepted as proven on the word of the “victim”.

    Those trends are politically motivated and only succeed because of the political motivation of police, CPS and judges regardless of the law.

  186. “72% of refugees admitted into U.S. (2/3 -2/11) during COURT BREAKDOWN are from 7 countries: SYRIA, IRAQ, SOMALIA, IRAN, SUDAN, LIBYA & YEMEN,” Trump said on Twitter Feb. 12.””

    Y’see ISIS and Al Shabaab are taking advantage of the legal messing to send over their operatives.

  187. Vaclav Nemec

    Was someone discussing this chap on the Wall recently? I just came across him commenting on this blog on February 8, 2017 at 9:19 am :

  188. MEMO TO PRESIDENT TRUMP – Can Trump survive and violence in the Spring be avoided?

    Audio interview with Robert David Steele

  189. Millions of Muslims ‘support those who carry out terror attacks’

  190. About 1.2 billion probably – let’s not bullshit like all politicians are doing to cover their arses.

  191. You miltary buffs – what would have been the response of the US and its allies if the NK missile launch had been armed with a nuke and aimed at an allied target? If the West has defensive capability, why didn’t they just blast it out of the sky, pour l’encourage les autres? Lots of words and posturing at the moment – lets see the point of the spear!

  192. Malfleur @ 14:35

    You may have a point, Malfleur, but unless the two cases are related it doesn’t necessarily suggest that the good judge’s death was suspicious, rather that the man of law Guevara is no good – incompetent, careless or negligent, no?

  193. Malfleur @ 14:30

    This ‘scandal’ suggests, Malfleur, that the Donald has to tell his team to never lie, Flynn had no reason to withhold the fact he talked to the Russian man in Washington, didn’t have to say what they talked about, if pressed he should have said ‘many issues, not yet for public consumption’. If he goes, the hacks will target other members of the team, one by one, the Donald would look incompetent running the show.

  194. Frank P @ 14:21

    If the Allies knew the missile was nuke-armed, blasted it as it was flying, Frank, what would the Allies do if the radioactive fallout hit China, or Japan, or even just a fishing vessel that happened to be around?

    The North Korean nutter present a sizeable boil, but China is unlikely to rein him in, he’s a powerful bargaining chip for them for talks with the Americans, the Americans have to bear in mind the Chinese hold on the fuckwit for if the Chinese were to abandon him, God only knows what he would do, he may in fact believe its own bullshit that he can defeat the arch enemy America, no?

  195. John Jefferson Burns @ 09:08

    When will all the unwashed from the seven countries of the ban arrive in the Republic then, John? A couple of months?

  196. Colonel Mustard @ 08:10

    The “whoever’s right is not really the issue” refers not to what you’ve said, Colonel, but to the spat between the judiciary, or rather the judges who heard the case and the Donald, the rest of the sentence indicates as such ‘it’s unfortunate the Donald has picked the first serious fight with the judiciary”….

    The ‘whoever’s right” sentence is just an opener, few words to bring the issue up. Obviously, drafted as bad as some of the law syou refer to in the posting.

    What may have also helped to create the impression you got was the inclusion of your name there, but this was a gesture of politeness, civility or whatever, the barbarian always does it, inserting the moniker of the one he talks to.

    And thanks for the rest of the posting, the poorly educated Slav is always ready to get a refresher course on English lawmaking (this is NOT meant ironic, no need for another cuppa, scratching of your head or whatever)

  197. It seems a chunk of the Golden State may suffer a replica of the biblical flood, doesn’t God work in mysterious ways?

  198. John birch @ 13:07

    That’s the beauty of equality of rights, John, some of us have the right to object to the religious thugs killing us, some of us have the right to back it, he, he, he.

  199. Baron (15:55)

    So what do the West do when an armed one is launched: let it proceed to its target, lest we get blamed for causing a shower of shite over Shropshire, or whatever? Best shoot down an unarmed one just to show we can, then threaten to nuke the fuck out of Pyongyang if he doesn’t cease the madness. I’m thorougly pissed off at having to have paid indirect blackmail (by heavy defence expenditure) since we ‘won’ WWII, to despots various east of Dover, including your beloved Mother-fucking-Russia’s tyrants. Proceeding by weakness and appeasement will ultimately mean enslavement for our issue. America and England ( bollocks to the UK – it no longer exists), should, in unison, start to flex its muscle before its too late; if it isn’t already. 🙂

  200. Sorry (16:16). Forgot to thank Gerard for the heads up.

  201. Frank P February 13th, 2017 – 14:21

    Don’t ask me! I would have ordered surgical retaliatory air strikes against the Republic of Ireland’s infrastructure (with 24 hours warning) for every IRA bomb set off in the UK. In 1975 I would have ordered North Vietnam to be turned into a giant sheet of glass unless they pulled out of the South and demilitarised. In 1948 I would have ordered maximum military and air support for Chiang Kai Shek against the Chinese communists which would have been a benefit in the Korean War. In 1953 I would have let MacArthur invade and liberate North Korea instead of sacking him and if the Chicoms kicked up about it I would have threatened them with nuclear retaliation.

    What we are facing now in the world is the failure of our historic leaders to act in the past with courage, determination and resolve. They had exclusive nuclear capability and could have destroyed the communist/socialist threat for all time. Now those bad guys are resurgent with some very unsavoury allies.

  202. Colonel Mustard (17:23)

    Once again — Aaaa – menn!! 🙂

  203. Sweet baby Jesus, if you’re there, and if you truly care, please, please do ensure these two gurus are as far away from the red button as it gets, on Mars preferably.

    First, when leaders, albeit mostly different the ones of today, behaved as you too suggest, there were wars aplenty. You may have failed to notice that since the slaughter of WW2, we’ve had a reasonable time of peace accompanied by the most massive boost to people’s living standard everywhere, life has never been better, ever, as it has been in the last three quarters of a century.

    Admittedly, here and there, the Colonel mentions few of such occasions, and only because of a dilettante foreign policy of the Americans (the British would have handled each foreign case of unrest more expertly) conflicts flared up, ran for a while, got extinguished, the world returned to what it suits it best – trade.

    As for the North Korean nutter just this: The Chinese have a handle on him, they could either starve or continue to feed his unwashed, they’re doing the latter because he suits their foreign policy just fine (see above at 15.55), but if they thought he could do something stupid like launching a nuke-armed missile, they would destroy him at a stroke because the last thing they need is the risk of China getting polluted with stuff we have no cure for.

    (More after the news)

  204. Frank P,

    Re: Nuclear Ned,

    After some retraining he’s probably delivering Gender Bender indoctrination classes to primary children.

    New Labour (John Prescott) effectively repealed the Civil Defence Act 1948 when they enacted the Civil Contingencies Act 2004.

    Sorry to burden your overstretched “minces” but see:

    This act together with RIPA 2000, 2015; Anti Terrorism Legislation 2001, 2015; and the Equalities Act 2010 means that we are effectively living in a police state with no freedom of speech!

    The Contingencies act mandated that every County Council, or equivalent, and Constabulary had to set up separate departments to prepare for the worst. The expense! If you remember these bodies in the Thames Valley and in Somerset were fuck all use during the flooding a couple of years ago! One cannot help but think that these organisations have been set up to coordinate the govt response to civil unrest and/or to suppress dissent to govt “policies”, in the first instance by deploying the ever increasing para-militarised police against the populace!

    A jobsworth charter! To illustrate this, here’s Nuffuk!

    Imagine all those liaison meetings held at the ratepayers’ expense. Noe replicate that the length and breadth of the land!

    Stop the planet, I want to get off…

  205. Fancy coming out out retirement for a cushy number at Nuffuk HQ, Frank?

    Apply here:

    Failing that you could always get on the NNSAG!

    Not forgetting, no doubt the part publicly funded the Norfolk Civil Protection Volunteers.

    …and so it goes on.

  206. This is the ‘more after the news’ (The boss insists Baron watch the local ITV news, please ask not why):

    You remember Mrs. Richardson? The one who lost fifty quid buying a vase, her famous: Why don’t people listen? She’s relevant here, the barbarian has also said it many times before, people just won’t listen.

    One cannot defeat an idea with the gun only. That’s not doable, every piece of historical evidence backs this up, it’s bleeding obvious, anyone hoping to prove this axiom wrong cannot succeed.

    Not one of the conflicts the Colonel mentions ended thanks only to the destruction of treasure, more importantly human life, inflicting massive human suffering and pain, all ended by the warring sides talking, the results of those talks may not be to your liking, but that’s how life pans out.

    The other point is worth making, too, concerns our policing giant Frank more than the Colonel (because the latter hasn’t really taken side on the issue of Putin’s Russia as the source of the West’s predicament i.e. the unrest, the dissatisfaction with things in general, Brexit, the Donald and stuff like that), this ‘fake news’ scenario is very much akin to Adolf’s ‘enemy of Germany’ the Jews, btw.

    What Frank may like to explain is this. Why is it that he blasts the political elites of the West for everything, but their ranting that Russia is responsible for the ills of the West?

    As far as Baron can recall, he doesn’t find anything the political elites, the poodles of the MSM, most of the other pundits say or do stinks (here and in the Republic until the Donald took over), but not what they say or do in relation to Russia.

    This is logically inconsistent, smells of atavistic incoherence, cannot be right. His prejudices may explain a large part of it, but surely not all. His experience of the Cold War years may have indeed been instrumental in his forming the prejudicial take on Russia, but it cannot blind his objectivity so fully.

    The barbarian got nearly hanged by the KGB, yet it didn’t break his natural human ability to judge events not by that experience alone, he’s found the strength to lift himself from it because he has the capacity to distinguish between a creed and those fed that creed forcing them to behave the way they do in order to survive.

    As the barbarian keeps pointing out what gassed the Jews was Nazism, those Germans doing the gassing were the victims of Nazism as much as those who went into the chambers, not in terms of the outcome but of the malady itself.

    Just look at the Germans today, some even the same people who fought in the war, or their immediate descendants, certainly the same gene pool, and yet totally different behaviour.

    The same applies to the Islamic conundrum, it’s not the Muslim men and women (even though one may not want to be friendly with any of them even if they were not Muslim), but the religious crap that they follow either voluntarily (education, family, historical continuum), under duress, or a mixture of both.

    (enough of the ranting until you come back).

  207. Who’s the wanker in the leather jacket, anyone knows?

  208. EC @ 18:49

    You should be the lucky one getting off, EC, what about the rest of us, the 70mn plus now?

    This may a part of the new £300mn fund to counter the imminent Russian threat the Blonde Inseminator at the Home Office is setting up.

    We can all help, not that we’ll need to draw on the fund, no need for that, but we should all look under our beds each evening, report any Russian we find. This alone should unite the country, put us on the road to victory, accomplish Brexit easily.

    Not to forget, Frank should be put in charge.

  209. The great Joseph is a super star, how pleasing to have him with us:

  210. Sorry about the errors in all the above rants, no checking again.

  211. Here is something that puzzles the barbarian:

    After he made a donation to the Navally’s fighting fund the Navally’s bookmarked address got removed. How come? You reckon Putin has targeted the barbarian?

    And another thing: Watching the Joseph’s latest video, the signal got lost twice, Baron had to get it on again.

    Weird things are happening, perhaps EC’s right, we’re turning into a police state, its guardians interrupting what we watch, and to add another injury on top, the Kremlin gremlins make life a misery, too.

  212. This one’s for Frank’s niece, she will appreciate it (if she isn’t a blonde):

    A plane takes off for Toronto when a blonde in the 2nd class stands up, goes sits in the first class. The flight attendant asks to see her ticket, sees it’s second class, tells her politely she should move back. The blonde replies: ‘I’m beautiful, I’m blonde, I’m going to Toronto, and I’m staying right here’.

    The attendant tries once more, gets the same answer, goes to the cockpit, tells the co-pilot what happened, the co-pilot comes over the blonde, tells her also politely she should move, the blonde says: ‘I’m beautiful, I’m blonde, I’m going to Toronto, and I’m saying right here’.

    The co-pilot repeats the request twice, gets the same answer, goes back to the cockpit, tells the pilot who says: ‘If she’s blonde and beautiful I’ll deal with her, I’m married to one like her’.

    The pilot goes to the blonde, whispers something in her ear, the blond stands up, goes back to her 2nd class seat.

    Everyone’s surprised, the attendant asks the pilot what it was was he told her, the pilot says: I told her the first class doesn’t go to Toronto’.

  213. Justin Trudeau at a joint press conference with the Donald: “The last thing Canadians expect is for me to come down and lecture another country on how they choose to govern themselves.”

    This is what the saintly One should have said, too, this is how special friends behave.

  214. Baron February 13th, 2017 – 19:57

    Jim Jefferies – Australian lefty comedian and grade A tosser.

    Loud, uncouth and thick as mince. Like so many of them thinks that rudeness and arrogant obnoxiousness is somehow cool.

    I shall revert later on “war versus jaw”!

  215. Baron

    Classic Stockholm syndrome! 🙂

  216. EC (18:49 & 18:55)

    Ahhh … that explains everything. I have to confess that around that time I lost track of a lot the political shenanagins due to a triple whammy of domestic upheaval involving serious illness and bereavement. Thanks for digging it out. I think we can infer from the arrangements now in place, we’ll be the first for the bullet. Think I’ll give the sort of voluntary service indicated by the adverts a miss. No doubt my little essays last year on the local Police & Crime Commisioner, Lorne Greene, would already have me atop of the local black list. 🙂

    Anyway, I have a full-time voluntary duty – stirring up the Baron into producing his best blog posts.

  217. Colonel Mustard @ 22:41

    Thanks, Colonel, it seems other countries have them, too, but he is a particularly obnoxious character.

    What makes him think that accusing a large chunk of the American society, those who wanted for the Donald, of voting for a ‘mass murderer’ will cheer them up, endear them to him? It often happens outrageous claims of this sort work in the opposite, (after all well over 60% in Europe have had enough of immigration from countries with a culture alien to theirs).

    This girl, on the other hand, is smart (even though the barbarian hasn’t heard of her either):

  218. It should read ‘those who voted’, not ‘wanted’ at 00:23. Total mystery how it happened, and it’s not the only one. Very sorry.

  219. Frank, here’s something to cheer you up, (the barbarian has been catching up on his screening of other blogs he missed when he was out of circulation, came across you r favourite man of letters, and this of his: Arghhhh)

    Now that’s the stuff you appreciate, love and treasure, Baron’s too tired to even try and digest this long verbal belch, he may have to read it again tomorrow, if he can muster the courage.

    And this on the Swedish connection (then he’ll put the kettle on);

    The poorly educated Slav doesn’t give a dry hoot for the man in the Kremlin, for all he cares he may expire tomorrow (he won’t be there forever anyway, Russia will).

    What concerns him is all this imbecilic warmongering, arm waving, accusatory yapping may reach a point where one or the other side, or its proxy loses it, starts something that may destroy alot of treasure, kill millions, poison the already polluted world, contaminate it with toxins we have no drugs or cure for, no protection against. That’s what drives him.

    He has three grandsons, often cannot fall asleep pondering what if, some of what he imagines makes him more than anxious for he’s totally impotent to do anything about it except rant, rile, and agitate against the imbecilic, mendacious, nummemorous political wankers who run us. Not a powerful weapon, agreed, what with his absence of any writing talent, but there you go, the only thing he can do.

  220. INFOWARS SNAKE OIL SALESMAN filmed kissing in the office

  221. Baron

    You obviously missed my little critique on the spat between Boot/Hitch Jr while you were coping with the skitters. 🙂

    As for the rest of your 01:05 – courage mon brave! Our pusilanimous ‘leaders’ in the West have continued to take backward steps and as a result tinpot tyrants have proliferated. Shock and Awe was the last time we really stamped our foot, but then Bush Sr lost his bottle and didn’t finish the job. Since then the re-run was bungled and the repercussions have been dire. A mixtire of subversion and squeamishness has engendered chaos. We have been dimished militarily and culturally. Your three grandkids and my eleven remaining grandkids and two great grandkids will not thank our generation when they reach the age of political sentience and look around them. We have been pussified and cowed. And we’ve pissed their future prosperity down the drain because our bollocks shrunk to peanut size.

    Btw your chink friends have let the UN know tonight that the West must employ diplomacy against their errant, off-the-wall psychotic neighbour – they intend to do nowt (except continue to exploit the fear of Western leaders). Trump is being tested. Mad Dog Mattis has indicated that he and the Nips will work in unison to take the next NK Roman Candle out. Fucking goodo! Go Jimbo! And follow through with my Pyongyang suggestion if raises a squeak of objection thereafter.

  222. typo alert – pusillanimous. Milky bastards! iow.

  223. 1558 Baron

    “The Islamic State has planned to infect refugee flows to the West with mass killers, and it has had some violent successes.
    The CIA said last year that the terrorist group’s official strategy is to hide its operatives among refugees entering Europe and the United States via human flows out of the Middle East and North Africa.
    The Islamic State, also known as ISIL and ISIS, has inspired followers to commit atrocities in San Bernardino, California; Orlando, Florida; and the Fort Lauderdale airport in Florida. Scores of U.S. residents have been charged with or suspected of providing material support to the Islamic State. Some have left the U.S. to commit war crimes in Syria and Iraq.
    As President Trump places a 120-day ban on immigration from what he considers high-risk Muslim-majority countries, the history of the mass migration shows that some took part in the Nov. 13, 2015, massacre in Paris — two posed as refugees from Syria — and the Christmastime truck carnage in Berlin.
    Two of the airport and Metro attacks in Brussels last year had fought in Syria and gained entry back into Belgium.
    The German press has reported refugee knife and ax attacks on innocents.

    Two months you think?
    Two months.
    The communist left think that their pretend human rights jelly beans are benign.
    Well they are not.

  224. This is not a game.
    And lest we forget:

    During the September 11 attacks in 2001, there were 2,996 people killed and more than 6,000 others wounded. These immediate deaths included 265 on the four planes, 2,606 in the World Trade Center and in the surrounding area, and 125 at the Pentagon. The attacks of September 11, 2001, were the deadliest terrorist act in world history and the most devastating foreign attack on Our soil since Pearl Harbor.

  225. There are far too many jelly brained do gooders who tell us that the law is written for our protection and that the courts must be listened to.
    Well what the hell did we vote for in November.
    We voted to enable Donald Trump to do just what he is doing.
    The American people will not forgive these liberal judges thwarting the will of the people.

    “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

    “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

    Not refugees, terrorists and death

  226. Petition to Parliament that Trump will be welcome to Britain received over 300,000 votes.
    It is to be debated on Mon 20 Feb.

  227. Flynn out, Kellog in. Let’s hope the Left don’t have him for breakfast, too. 🙂

    I didn’t like Flynn anyway. Didn’t come across well on TV, inarticulate and a bit thick. Trump’s team didn’t do their homework, or if they did, he ignored their advice. Jack Keane would have been much better – but as I said last week, he’s probably more useful as a ‘Fox Contributor’ and probably turned the job down.

  228. … Valentine’s day massacre? Flynn should have known his phone was being tapped – with his intelligence pedigree.

  229. Baron February 13th, 2017 – 19:11

    “One cannot defeat an idea with the gun only. That’s not doable, every piece of historical evidence backs this up, it’s bleeding obvious, anyone hoping to prove this axiom wrong cannot succeed. Not one of the conflicts the Colonel mentions ended thanks only to the destruction of treasure, more importantly human life, inflicting massive human suffering and pain, all ended by the warring sides talking, the results of those talks may not be to your liking, but that’s how life pans out.”

    Simply not true, Baron. The Vietnam war was not brought to an end through the Paris peace talks of 1973 where South Vietnamese sovereignty was supposedly guaranteed. The US position on compromise and withdrawal had been mainly coerced by the agitation of the Comintern’s agents and useful idiots. The US underwrote the peace, promising to resort to airpower again if the peace was broken by the North Vietnamese.

    In 1975 the North Vietnamese, having re-built their military capability and knowing full well that there was no US capacity or willingness to react, invaded the South in cahoots with their in country insurgents (almost all Northerners). That was what brought the Vietnam War to a real end and the rest is history. Another tyrannical, single party communist state pretending to be respectable and embracing capitalism and tourism. False peace had brought real war and invasion, the “peace” of occupation and oppression that led to the exodus of boat people and the torture and murder of thousands. Had there been real war, the determined and absolute neutralisation of North Vietnam whatever it took, there would probably have been real lasting peace.

    War on an epic, unlimited scale would most certainly have stopped the North’s clock but there was no appetite for it. Talk produced nothing except the ultimate defeat and misery of the South Vietnamese.

    It is not war that fails but the unwillingness of Western politicians, mainly, to prosecute war ruthlessly and to an unconditional end. They almost always get cold feet, succumb to domestic agitation from all the usual suspects and pull out ignominiously with the job half done. The Nazi regime was not defeated by peace talks but by total war, relentlessly and ruthlessly pursued to an uncompromising end. There are people still whining about how it was done but the Nazi regime is history.

    Modern politicians have no stomach for it. They like to start wars but not to finish them, for which they must be prepared for much expenditure of blood and treasure. They do not display determination, courage or resolve and cannot weather the storm of left-wing agitation from all the usual suspects.

    War is a brutal, bloody business but the very worst thing is to unleash it and then fail to follow through, because the blood and treasure is then wasted.

    As for talking. There was enough evidence of North Vietnamese perfidy to know that any agreement was not worth the paper it was written on. The US might as well have signed a surrender document because their domestic clamour demanded withdrawal at any cost. It was nothing more than a face saving exercise. They left the South in the lurch, perhaps one of the greatest humanitarian crimes of the post-war 20th Century.

    You can’t negotiate with evil because its promises cannot be trusted. You must destroy it.

  230. Colonel Mustard @ 11:45

    Good stuff, excellent stuff, Colonel, but then what else would one expect from you except that you answer not that differently from what the barbarian suggested because it’s not only that ‘modern politicians have no stomach for it’, it’s that the great unwashed don’t either, today, they are more empowered than ever before (if they put their mind to it).

    The former have the progressive statutes that put the chains on them (if things go wrong they may find themselves in the dock), the latter are more than aware of the futility of wars, they get the taste of it in huge measure on their small screens daily albeit in a micro form i.e. regional fighting.

    Any politician who may think of trying a war of total annihilation of the enemy today would have to face not only the ones he wanted to extinguish, but his own people, by far more formidable opponents after years of enlightened politics. It’s just not on, and perhaps just as well for in the age of the nuclear stuff we could easily wipe ourselves out, the lot, just the rats surviving.

  231. Frank P @ 11:39

    Agree on Flynn except that for all his mannerism and stuff the guy has had a long career on intelligence, Frank. More to the point, the Donald should have backed him more, didn’t, because he, the Donald, was the one who instructed Flynn to have a word with the Russians. If the pressure from the MSM hyenas carried on (as it was bound to) the Donald could have been sucked in, too.

    Btw, the new sanctions were only put in by the hon Muslim to give credence to the idiocy that Russia interfered in the US count.

  232. Radford NG @ 10:35

    Where have you been hiding Radford, the blog needs you.

    This petition business is getting out of hand, the barbarian has signed few over the months, gets bombarded daily with requests to sign others often with totally contradictory messages to the ones he ha sba caked.

  233. He has backed, of course, not ‘ha sba caked’.

    Why would the fugging software happily accept ‘ha sba caked’ without underlining it in red, cannot take ‘has backed’. The wanking news of Apple should get their arses kicked.

  234. Baron

    So you recommend we just go on retreating, ceding to tyrants, in other words – cowering?

    As for the ‘politicians not haven’t the stomach for it’ . Sounds very much that you haven’t the stomach for it, either. And maybe that’s why the politicians shrink from using their strength – because your attitude is replicated throughout a pussified population who don’t deserve the sacrifies that were made from 1939 – 45 and all the othe conflicts since.
    Pacifism is poisonous!

  235. John Jefferson Burns @ 07:42

    The ‘two months’ remark was flippant, John, apologies, of course one has to take it seriously, the thing is the Donald has hit the road running like mad, he should wise up to the fact that however hard his member is a hole in a brick wall it will make not, get smarter, fill up the top places with his own people, ask them to blocks for him, the Republic is a law-governed country, the judges will make sure of it, they will do more than than, bend backwards to try stop him …

  236. Frank P @ 02:01

    The barbarian could only repeat what he said before, Frank, on short reflection, perhaps Mars isn’t far enough.

    You know the saying one plays with fire at one’s peril, or words to that effect?

    9have to go, sorry, will come back to this).

  237. Baron (12:40)

    “You know the saying one plays with fire at one’s peril, or words to that effect?”

    Who’s playing? I’m suggesting that we address the enemy’s fire with overwhelming force. If necessary to the point of annihilation, as we commited to do in 1939. How did appeasement turn out in the country of your birth? And you seem to have a strange affinity for the bastards who successively suborned you? As I said yesterday – classic Stockholm syndrome. You came to England to be free (presumably). You seem to be suggesting that we should get used to being overrun, rather than risk “getting our fingers burned”. FTFAGOS!

  238. Just had this by email:

    Dear Frank,,

    The Government has responded to the petition you signed – “Donald Trump should make a State Visit to the United Kingdom.”.

    Government responded:

    HM Government believes the President of the United States should be extended the full courtesy of a State Visit. We look forward to welcoming President Trump once dates and arrangements are finalised.

    HM Government supports this petition.

    During her visit to the United States on 27 January 2017, the Prime Minister, on behalf of Her Majesty the Queen, invited President Trump for a State Visit to the UK later this year. The invitation was accepted. This invitation reflects the importance of the relationship between the United States of America and the United Kingdom. At this stage, final dates have not yet been agreed for the State Visit.

    Foreign and Commonwealth Office

    Click this link to view the response online:

    This petition has over 100,000 signatures. The Petitions Committee will consider it for a debate. They can also gather further evidence and press the government for action.

    The Committee is made up of 11 MPs, from political parties in government and in opposition. It is entirely independent of the Government. Find out more about the Committee:

    The Petitions team
    UK Government and Parliament

  239. Baron February 14th, 2017 – 12:14

    I think that your view of the “great unwashed” has been coloured, like the BBC’s, into thinking that the interminable clamour of the leftist collective, Stop the War Coalition, etc., represents the public. In fact the majority of the British public are as bovine as ever and content to plod along with their daily grind generally believing the government knows best whilst whinging about it to each other.

    Please forgive me for quoting Burke again, but it is perhaps more relevant than ever.

    “Because half a dozen grasshoppers under a fern make the field ring with their importunate ch!nk while thousands of great cattle, reposed beneath the shadow of the British oak, chew the cud and are silent, pray do not imagine that those who make the noise are the only inhabitants of the field — that, of course, they are many in number or that, after all, they are other than the little, shrivelled, meagre, hopping, though loud and troublesome insects of the hour.”

    I found it personally astonishing – and sobering – to find myself walking peacefully around the shops and worrying about the time on my pay and display parking ticket whilst British troops were sometimes fighting desperately and dying abroad. That a government could commit to war (euphemism: “peacekeeping” and/or “rebuilding”) so half-heartedly and the majority of the population carry on regardless was almost surreal. But it would have taken a lot more than the localised displays at Wooten Basset to stir the public. Emergency conscription to bolster the numbers deployed perhaps? Or a reduction in benefits and subsidies (charities, fake, for the use of) to pay for a load of decent kit with which to obliterate the Taliban from the face of the earth.

    We live in very strange times, with the national interest packed into convenient silos and filed under “Double Standards”. I watched a documentary on the SAS last night where they showed interviews with WW2 veterans filmed in the 1980s. It was like watching the last grown-ups in Britain. Health’n’safety and high-vis jackets? Pff! I sat comparing and contrasting with the likes of Cameron and Clegg, which was horrible and filled me with a great unease for what lies ahead for my country.

  240. It is said, ‘correlation does not imply causation’.

    And in Climate Change Science, you don’t even need correlation for it to be a cause! 🙂

  241. Colonel Mustard – 14:17

    I caught the last 20 minutes of that SAS program last night. I’m going to download it from iPlayer and watch the whole thing, when I get chance. I found it enthralling, and over all too soon. A great pity that Ben Whatsisname wasn’t hired to do a series.

  242. When it comes to lunatics and asylums surely the US Congress takes the lead?

    Limpopo, next door to Bongo-Bongo land, adjacent to Ukraine…

    Inmate Congresswoman Maxine Waters:

    This second video is not a prank. ALL her own work!

    “US congresswoman advocates impeaching Trump because Putin’s attacking… Korea?”

  243. @15:56

    NB. I’ve just discovered that “SAS Rogue Warriors” is a series: 3 instalments.

    Ep 3 is next Monday BBC2 HD 9pm.

  244. A. Boot kicks a man who is already down while lining up the next target:

    Is it justified? Unwelcome as it is, it seems to be rational. Oh dear!

  245. Colonel Mustard @ 14:17

    From the end of the Burke- quoted paragraph, no quarrel at all, nicely put, the sentiment and all.

    On the top only this: This “chewing the cud and silent’ unwashed managed to stage one of the biggest demonstration ever before the Iraqi war, so, no Baron isn’t as blinded by the likes of the BBC, he reckons that if ‘push, shove, comes, to’ the British public would let it be known whether they like or dislike it, or at least this is what Baron believes, as he believed that it, the British public, would say ‘no’ the the Brussels yoke.

  246. EC @ 16:25

    Her other distinction is, EC, being voted the most corrupt Congressman or rather woman, but to be fair the Russians have their share of loonies, too, and anyway, what is either Korea or Crimea to most of the Americans, they’ve very likely never heard of either, would think either is a venereal disease.

  247. Frank P
    February 14th, 2017 – 18:10

    Insinuations of “coincidence” may, in a some contexts sound rational, but a lot depends on what “coincidence” means and on the motivations of the man making the insinuations.

    Boot’s writings about Russia and Putin have much of the character of propaganda and I think they need to be taken with a pinch of salt.

  248. Frank P @ 18:10

    The omni-all one must be right, Frank, the Secretary of State is next, after all, three years ago he confidently predicted Russian boots in Kiev, possibly also in Poland, the Baltic States, the man’s a genius.

    Still, his verbal belch, the long one, the one kicking Peter H cannot be left unanswered, not for the views, he’s entitled to them, but for the facts, or rather the alternative facts fabricated by him, they are as good as his use of them, in other words, as false as the bleating of his based upon them.

    The whole tirade is an amalgam of pure hatred (nothing new here) and anger (that’s newish), the result is scholarly example of incongruity of thought.

    On the Crimean War: Was it about Russia’s expansionism? You google it, every reputable historian argues it has roots in the earlier spat about the Christians living in the Ottoman Empire for whom Nicholas I was responsible.

    After the issuance of the Note of Vienna (1853) which Russia accepted, immediately began withdrawing from the Turkish Moldavia and Walachia (invaded months before in order to force the Sultan to allow the protection of Christians on his lands). It was the Sultan who felt humiliated, declared war on Russia, got his fleet decimated (Sinope).

    This engendered strong anti-Russian sentiment in Britain (British naval superiority may have been dented if Russia moved her fleet from the Caspian to the Med), the whole thing got our of hand culminating in the Crimean War.

    On military spending: He bleats that “China, Mr Hitchens’s hobgoblin, is only spending 1.2 per cent of her GDP on war needs”.

    The figure 1.2% is wrong, it is 2.0%, not a pocket money difference as this table shows:

    China’s GDP is almost on par with that of the Republic i.e. it’s roughly ten times the size of Russia’s. You can do you own calculation who spends more dollars on the military gear (because it’s dollars not percentages that buy the stuff). This may help:

    His claim that Russia’s defence spending is half of the aggregate Federal budget is laughingly wrong. The graph below is in Russian, but you have to trust Baron, he doesn’t lie telling you that on the left, it’s Russia’s federal income, on the right, expenditure, both in trillion of roubles, the largest figure of 4448 is for social welfare, the next one below of 3145 covers military spending, which to people of sound mind is closer 20% than 50%.

    (Of course, If Mr. Boot or any of you were to say ‘but could one trust Russian statistics’ then one would have to give up).

    The Baltic: Mr. Boot seems to be blissfully unaware that (roughly) the territory of the today’s three Baltic states were Russian under the Tzars since 1721 (the end of the Northern War, the Swedes lost, the Russians together with the Poles, Danes won, Russia got the lion share of the spoils – Estonia cum Livonia (what’s called Latvia today), Finland was an autonomous region of the Russian Empire since 1809.

    It was thanks the October Revolution in Russia that the Baltic states (incl. Finland) won their freedom, the Bolsheviks gave it to them, made them free as the birds (sadly, except for Finland, the three statelets morphed into dictatorships – google if you want), the freedom lasted twenty years only, the Nazis arrived in 1940, then the Soviets in 1944, it wasn’t until 1992 when they got free again.

    On his examples of what the Russian TV offers only this:

    The barbarian has watched enough of mainstream Russian TV (that excludes The Rain, staunchly anti-Putin), and he can tell you what scares him more is our journalists, and even more so our politicians like McCain, Graham than anything he hears on any Russian TV channels. They get their share of fruitcakes, true, but even you should be able to google quotes by (say) McCain that are by far more incendiary that those quoted by Mr. Boot about what one hears on Russian TV.

    Why should Peter H bother with him beggars belief, the omni-all one is not only a raving loony, he’s also a lier.

    (Sorry for the errors, it’s done in a hurry, involved googling for the tables).

  249. Instead of ranting about a lying fruitcake, Baron should have told you what happened to him today. Instructive that, in its own way, listen to it:

    On the way home from a doctor’s visit Baron’s friend suggests we stop at Gregg’s, get a baguette, we do, get also a cup of coffee (well, Costa it ain’t, but drinkable), three ladies at the table next door, combined age close or over 200 yapping away, one is quite loud, something about electricity, price of tea, and ‘my sister says he should be our president’.

    This more than attracts Baron’s attention, but before he can ask her (yes, he is known to chat with people) her husband appears at he door, on crutches, she goes to help him, they return to the table only to say ‘good bye’, leave, no chance to ask her about the preferred president.

    The two gone, the other two ladies are getting ready to follow, Baron asks one of them, ‘why does your friend, or rather her sister think Trump should be our president?’, they both look puzzled, one says ‘Trump?, ‘Yes’, Baron says, ‘I couldn’t have helped to overhear when she said it’. The other of the two says ‘she wasn’t talking about Trump, she was talking about Putin’, says it rather quietly, and before Baron can mutter ‘sorry, I didn’t know, I shouldn’t have really listened to it, asked about it and stuff like that they both leave rather in haste.

    In the car, the friend who is about a couple of yards to the right on Putin than Frank (he compensates for it by being more than that to the right on ‘the Arabs’) says ‘stupid women, we don’t have a president’, the barbarian says little, no point to argue with him again, he knows best, Baron and he has had many arguments before.

    You reckon Putin planted the three gossiping Suffolk ladies?

  250. Herbert Thornton @ 19:30

    The writing of a sane man, Herbert, as opposed to the ravings of a loony, but will anyone listen, well, will at least Frank listen?

  251. Baron February 14th, 2017 – 18:56

    Come off it, Baron. The largest anti-war demo in London in 2003 was estimated as a million. And all the usual suspects – not the unwashed at all.

    UK population then was about 60 million. And in the 2005 General Election after the anti-war protests:-

    Blair/New Labour 9.5 million votes
    Lib Dems 6 million votes

    The loony protestors in London represented only 6.5% of the two left-wing loony parties supporters at best and that’s leaving out all the even further left loony parties. Most of those protesters still voted for Blair and New Labour two years later. The very same left wing nutters now accusing him and his gang of being Tories.

    The public? The great unwashed? Nah. Just the usual suspects. The usual noisy leftist ego-driven “grasshoppers” under the same delusion that they represent more than they really do.

  252. Baron – 20:05

    A nice story, that one.

    imo Greggs coffee is only just about drinkable, and then only if you want a watery one. I always take coffee & tea black, but Greggs’ effort must be even worse if one puts milk in it.

  253. Well, wouldn’t you know:
    Muslim-American Olympian Who Claimed to be Detained Because of Trump Travel Ban was Detained Under Obama

  254. Paul Joseph Watson writes:

    “Russian insiders are fearful that the Washington establishment will attempt to assassinate Donald Trump, according to a magazine with deep ties to the globalist elite.

    The revelation is buried deep within a Foreign Policy article about how the Kremlin is confused about how to respond to Trump’s role as a “revolutionary insurgent with a mission to dismantle America’s “old regime.”…”

  255. ‘Islam is taking over’ Farage left silent after hosting caller who warns of Muslim coup

  256. EC @ 22:04

    You right about the coffee, EC, it’s not fresh beans, cold it’s undrinkable, their baguettes are good though, at least in our local branch, better than an M&S sandwich, freshly made, crunchy, and cheaply priced, Baron occasionally has either the cheese or the tuna variety.

  257. RobertRetyred @ 23:31

    The guy’s quite articulate, Robert, the few statistics he quotes are new to Baron, e.g. the fact that there was only one mosque the year the Queen took the throne in 1953, Is that correct?

    Here is our darling dumpling, the deluded Martha fronting today’s World at One, the topic – the resignation of Flynn, click on it, move the cursor to some 9 minutes from the start, first an MSM female journalist bleats out the standard take on it, but then a former CIA man comes on, what a shock for the BBC hack, how uncomfortable she feels, you can almost touch it. Worth the listen:

  258. Malfleur @ 22:56

    They might have got away with what the great Joseph’s suggesting before the count, Malfleur, now, it’s much more risky, the unloved of America who backed him would take revenge, the country would repeat the sad story of the Civil War, Baron reckons.

  259. Colonel Mustard @ 20:23

    Let’s not squabble, Colonel, neither of us were there (or where you?), but this is what the organisers were saying:

    “At the finishing rally in Hyde Park, the organisers announced 3 million attended. It remains probably the largest protest march in UK history”.

    More details here:,_2003,_anti-war_protests#London

    As for the ghastly Blair’s election successes, you’re right, people voted for him, in an even greater numbers after the ‘allegedly’ largest demonstration in UK history, but only because they were bribed, the money was so plentiful one could play with it instead of monopoly money, in 2008 the reckoning hit, we’re still paying for it, it’s not over yet.

    And what make you think it was only those who protested who objected to the Iraq War? Have you seen the polling on the issue?

    Ps: the barbarian just noticed the spelling of the word ‘liar’ as ‘lier’, as he was typing the former the software put in lier again, but this time the barbarian looked, corrected it, (normally when he types he doesn’t look at the screen). It’s not encase it did happen, truly sorry about it.

  260. Typing this posting, aron noticed another error in his error correction paragraph, it’s not an fugging ‘encase’ but ‘an excuse’, the last sentence above, not Baron’s day, is it.

    And this:

    Rather cruel, this video, how was the poor woman to know these two were pranksters? How did they find out her telephone number anyway? Not that Baron agrees with her on Russia, but it was playing on her friendliness and generosity, they should have tried McCain or someone like him, not her.

  261. No more apologies for any mistakes from now on, that’s bloody it, BBBBaron has had enough.

  262. Baron
    February 15th, 2017 – 00:58

    I don’t always do it myself because I too often forget, but I’ve found that a useful way to minimise spelling & other mistakes & infelicities – especially when I decide to make extensive revisions – is to type my posting using a word processing app.

    Once I’m satisfied with it, I copy & paste the result into the Coffeehouse box.

  263. Baron @ 00:08


    The Foreign Policy article is here:

    Alex Jones takes this organ for channeling marching orders to rank and file globalist operatives and analyses the piece in some detail in the second hour of his show on February 14th starting at 26 minutes in:

  264. Baron

    Sabotage, Sedition and Civil War – Clean House!

    3rd Hour with Michael Snyder

  265. Baron February 15th, 2017 – 00:27

    You are being selective in your reporting there! 3 million? Wiki actually says this:-

    “The British Stop the War Coalition (StWC) claimed the protest in London was the largest political demonstration in the city’s history. Police estimated attendance as well in excess of 750,000 people and the BBC estimated that around a million attended. At the finishing rally in Hyde Park, the organisers announced 3 million attended.”

    Of course the organisers would say that wouldn’t they . . .

    . . . Stop the War Coalition plus the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) and the Muslim Association of Britain.

    That was the great British public demonstrating? Not on your nelly! You need HM The Queen’s Golden and Diamond Jubilees for that.

  266. Arguing over crowd sizes at public events/demonstrations is a futile pastime, as recent events have shown. Arguing over historic events more so. It was reported that at “The Countryside March” (*) on London (September 2002) it was reported there were 300,000 people, but who’s to say there that there weren’t more?

    Unless one installs turnstiles at public events then the attendance estimates will vary wildly depending upon how positively or negatively the BBC’s (and the rest of them) wish to view the event in question. The BBC has been narrative driven biased news since its formation. Latterly it has taken to promulgating the fake news of other outlets without fact checking.

    Like WSC was reported to have said, “A lie can spread half way around the world before the truth has the chance to get its trousers on.” … or something like that

    Crowd sizes at left wing protests are not a reliable gauge of public support because more conservatively minded folk who pay tax, have jobs, families and other responsibilities do not have the time or money to take time off.

    (*) Overheard on the Countryside March, Sept. 2002

    Lefty, lesbian, vegetarian with red rinse, tattoos & nose ring screaming at woman wearing a fur coat:

    “Do you know how many animals had to die in order to make your fur coat? You… [expletives deleted] ”

    Woman in fur coat:

    “Do you know how many animals I had to ‘sleep with’ to afford this fur coat.”


  267. Apologies for the spelling, grammar and constructional errors in the above. Shoddy work but, there again, I’m just an oik.

  268. Baron – 23:57

    A more specific link to the BBC Martha clip:

    But there is a question of how they obtained the information:
    House Intelligence Committee Chair: Leakers of Flynn Call ‘Belong in Jail’

  269. RobertRetyred – 12:19
    Baron – 23:57

    And there is also the question whether Flynn did anything wrong:
    Lake: ‘Permanent State’ Destroyed Mike Flynn ‘from the Cloak of Anonymity’
    It’s not even clear that Flynn lied. He says in his resignation letter that he did not deliberately leave out elements of his conversations with Ambassador Sergey Kislyak when he recounted them to Vice President Mike Pence. The New York Times and Washington Post reported that the transcript of the phone call reviewed over the weekend by the White House could be read different ways. One White House official with knowledge of the conversations told me that the Russian ambassador raised the sanctions to Flynn and that Flynn responded that the Trump team would be taking office in a few weeks and would review Russia policy and sanctions. That’s neither illegal nor improper.

    Has the BBC tackled this important angle? 🙂

    Fake News is well and truly here.

  270. It’s amazing just how missing a ‘/’ can cause such mayhem! 🙂

    RobertRetyred – 12:19
    Baron – 23:57

    And there is also the question whether Flynn did anything wrong:
    Lake: ‘Permanent State’ Destroyed Mike Flynn ‘from the Cloak of Anonymity’
    It’s not even clear that Flynn lied. He says in his resignation letter that he did not deliberately leave out elements of his conversations with Ambassador Sergey Kislyak when he recounted them to Vice President Mike Pence. The New York Times and Washington Post reported that the transcript of the phone call reviewed over the weekend by the White House could be read different ways. One White House official with knowledge of the conversations told me that the Russian ambassador raised the sanctions to Flynn and that Flynn responded that the Trump team would be taking office in a few weeks and would review Russia policy and sanctions. That’s neither illegal nor improper.

    Has the BBC tackled this important angle? 🙂

    Fake News is well and truly here.

  271. RobertRetyred @ 12:19

    Explain to the poorly educated non-Anglo-Saxon what’s more specific abotu your link, Robert? His gets to the programme, too.

    On the leak: Serves the Donald right, he should have, it was a must to get his top people in first, they should have weeded out the middle ranks and possibly below., and only then he should have ignited the mighty engine of the revolution.

    On the handling of the leak: The Donald should have instructed the FBI (who seem the agency most against him) to start investigating the hon Muslim’s trip before his 2008 election,what he said to the leaders he visited, and most importantly whether anything he promised translated later into action, i.e. they must take the fight to the bastards, not fight on their terms. Amateurs, the lot of them.

  272. EC @ 09:19

    You apologising for errors, EC? Hmmm. Your postings are the ones Baron should model his on, also often enigmatic enough to add to the perfection.

    The anecdote will come handy later today, the barbarian’s meeting someone whose daughter gets naughty here and there, hopefully she likes fur.

  273. Can you believe it? (Yes! 🙂 )

    Paris is becoming more unbearable than Matthew Parris – the man who was, and possibly still is, feeling”ashamed to be British”, yet was born and raised in South Africa 🙂 :
    PARIS RIOTS: Tourists ordered to STAY AWAY after rioters ATTACK coach trip

  274. Colonel Mustard @ 07:26

    No more squabbling about sizes, Colonel, and that goes for ‘members’, too. The barbarian has already forgotten what the original argument was all about, but you have a point. He was too lazy to read the whole of the link he offered to you to back his claim, once he reached the part that suited him, he stopped.

    And a wholehearted endorsement of the last sentence in the posting, may she rule over us at least until the barbarian expires, then hell can break out (only joking).

  275. Malfleur @ 03:51

    Good article, the barbarian read it late last night, half asleep, will come to it. Whether it’s doable i.e. re-reading it, who knows, one has to be a subscriber to get Full Monty access, Baron only registered.

  276. Baron – 12:38
    The clip starts without clicking on anything.

    On the leak: it all takes time, especially when the Democrats are fighting every step of the way. I wouldn’t expect that it was a lack of determination that is to blame.

    On the handling of the leak: I don’t know how much of the previous administration’s work can be studied.

    There are several articles comparing how the MSM gave Obama (& Clinton) free passes to nearly every activity or how inconsistent the Elites are, while the new President and his entourage have been picked on for every misdemeanor they can find – and a few more if they can find them! 🙂

    Here are a couple:
    Hugh Hewitt: ‘Americans Are Getting Tired of the 24/7 Pile-On’ of Trump

    Hollywood’s Partisan Crusade Strengthens Boycotts, Piracy

    As Del says in a post:
    Hollywood Elites “object to pirating film but have no problem with illegal immigrants taking American jobs.”

  277. Whatever happened to Frank?

    May he still be upset because the poorly educated Slav called a flaming loony, a lying flaming loony, his deity, his spiritual guru, the one he worships as often as the object of his affection discharges an anti-Russian fart?

    Come on, guru, we’re all grown ups, the barbarian gets kicked, too, shakes it off, life goes on. It’s words, not sticks, no?

    (A disclaimer: no harm was meant to anyone at any stage of the creation of this short rant).

  278. In response to that last post of Del, by ‘John Smith ultra-Deplorable’:

    “And it’s interesting how they object to pirating film but have no problem with illegal immigrants taking American jobs.”

    Excellent observation! If liberals didn’t have double standards they’d have no standards at all.

  279. RobertRetyred @ 13:05

    The quote is apt, Robert, one can almost always reduce any movement, argument, issue to that of money.

    It’s the same with immigration here, the middle classes who benefit from it (the CBI, professional guilds, employers in general) back it because it makes them richer at the expense of those displaced by the cheap (often slave) labour.

    Virtually nobody raises the issue of how badly off are the countries that lose the immigrants, that the leaving young make the countries poorer still, exacerbate the problem.

  280. Think about it. Virtually any crime committed could be labelled ‘a hate’ crime, no? A theft (the one thieving hated the rich), rape (the one raping hated women), a car accident (the one involved hated the others on the road)?

  281. RobertRetyred – 12:46

    I think that he caught a nasty dose of ‘The Guardian’ at some point. A great pity as he used to be quite entertaining in his days as the Commons Sketch writer of ‘The Times’.

  282. Are we all getting it wrong? Could it be the gentle sex rather than the beard thugs we should worry about?

  283. EC,
    Starbucks Costa et all, do not serve coffee, only highly priced cats piss.If you are after a decent brew try HR Higgins 1942 blend or Viennese from the Algerian Coffee Stores, neither of which will disappoint.

  284. Yall need to know that the whole Michael Flynn has been a Putin plot to destabilise the American political process.
    Whether or not Flynn was complicit is still debated.
    Putin knows that Flynn is a strong man and having courted him at the time of the Obama debacle they saw alarming signs of his travel to NATO orthodoxy and therefore ensured the ambassador transcripts were leaked, to get rid of him.

  285. Herbert Thornton @ 01:23

    Thanks for the advice, Herbert, it would indeed help if the barbarian followed it, he does, but only seldom, most of the time he skips it, but frankly, the postings, his postings, aren’t to be carved in stone, most of what he says has the shelf-life of hours, often isn’t worth the effort to read it.

  286. Not a new clip, but very satisfying, with the BBC’s nose put out of joint:
    Glenn Greenwald Confirms CIA Bias Against Trump, BBC Loses It

  287. Do they know something we don’t?

  288. Baron – 17:38

    Do you know something we don’t?

    Their “Outreach and Development Manager”

    The girls doing physics etc. at uni were never like this in my day!

    Nurse, N U R S E ! Aaargh, the curtains…

  289. The swamp is trying to drown Trump.

  290. Baron @ 17:38

    They certainly know something that I don’t – the difference between three minutes to midnight and two and a half minutes to midnight.

  291. John Birch

    What doesn’t the President know and when didn’t he know it?

  292. Stephen Mayberry
    But Starbucks do a mean Hot Chocolate.

  293. Can we have a new wall?
    Herbert Thornton
    February 10th, 2017 – 18:27
    The link on this destroyed the wall for tablets.

  294. Stephen Maybery, February 15th, 2017 – 15:19
    Romano Verdi – 07:49,

    In my experience Starbucks was the worst of the lot. Nero was marginally the best of a bad bunch, although I’m not sure that McDonalds wasn’t better. I now avoid all corporate coffee joints for the reasons that Stephen outlined above. Even if they did manage to serve up some non tepid drinkable liquid that was “that was almost, but not quite, entirely unlike coffee/tea” I would still refuse to patiently queue up for 20 mins whilst the staff dicked about behind the counter.

  295. Stephen, EC:

    One should ignore Starbucks for a reason other than a poor quality of coffee (it was that it varied alot, perhaps), for years, the company didn’t pay a penny in taxes here, bastards.

    And this:

    The blog, or whatever The Lid is, is worth bookmarking.

    Be goo d whilst the barbarian’s away.

  296. The usual sources are screaming for more money, principally for dare for the elderly. The last thing these people need is more money, what is required is people who know what they are doing. Here in Tower Hamlets, the care is marvelous, the administration behind these folk is deplorable, jobs are handed out according to racial quotas, ability has no place in the equation and money is tipped down the drain on a daily basis.

    A few weeks ago, my care was withdrawn due to financial constraints, but it was recognised that I still need help, therefor I was assigned another carer, only this fellow was from an agency which costs the Council far more, but then that is modern economics for you. I,ll finish this rant with a stunning example of Tower Hamlets idea of conserving resources, of all useless jobs created this one stands out, Transgender Champion. I kid you not.

  297. Newsletter 2017/02/14 – Torchbearer of the West

    BERLIN/WASHINGTON (Own report) – In the run-up to the Munich Security
    Conference this weekend, leading German foreign policy experts are
    calling on the EU to reposition itself on the world stage, replacing
    the United States as the West’s “torchbearer.” Since Washington’s
    change of government, the United States no longer “qualifies as the
    symbol of the West’s political and moral leadership,” according to
    Wolfgang Ischinger, Chair of the Munich Security Conference. It is
    therefore up to Europe “to make up for this loss.” Chancellor Angela
    Merkel will hold a programmatic speech at this weekend’s conference,
    focusing on the future relationship between the EU and the USA. In
    anticipation of the looming power struggle, in the German capital, the
    EU is already being warned not to allow itself to be torn apart by
    outside rivals. Deputy Foreign Minister Michael Roth cautioned against
    “special deals” being made between individual EU countries and the new
    Trump administration. If there is sufficient coherence necessitating,
    for example, majority decisions in foreign policy, “we Europeans”
    could become an “impressive political and military power,” Ischinger


  298. Noa February 16th, 2017 – 10:33

    The EU couldn’t organise a piss-up in a brewery but if there was ever a more obvious German intent to replicate Hitler’s idea of “Europa” . . .

    When Ischinger says “we Europeans” he really means “we German-led Europeans”.

    Without the UK to bitch about watch Germany and France soon fall out again as Germany tries once more to throw its weight around.

    The old tensions are on the rise again, between Europe and Russia, between Russia and Islam, between Eastern Europe and Islam, between Germany and France. Is the USA going to retreat into neutrality again?

  299. Bercows’s Bunce…

    Surely he has to go!

    I noted this from his register entry:

    Name of donor: Gleneagles Hotels Ltd
    Address of donor: Auchterarder, Perthshire PH3 1NF
    Amount of donation or nature and value if donation in kind: whilst undertaking a
    visit in my capacity as Speaker, for a member of staff [bwahahahaha] and myself, one night’s accommodation and hospitality with a total value of £2,815
    Date received: 8 September 2016
    Date accepted: 8 September 2016
    Donor status: company, registration SC097000
    (Registered 03 October 2016)

    £2,815 for one night!

    Isn’t the Trump, Turnberry a competitor of the Gleneagles Hotel etc. ?

    The full register of his interests (about as long as Sally’s legs) is at the end of this pdf document:

    Above above document starts with the entries for Mme Fatbot so you’ve got a BOGOF there, folks!

  300. The roots of our decline lie in swigging bottled water in public and toting around ersatz coffee in styrofoam cups from various over-priced scam artists as if life depended on it.

    Tea bags come a close contender and the proliferation of earthenware mugs rather than china teacups and saucers for drinking it from. There is probably no more depressing ritual of English decline than being handed a mug of tea with the paper tag of a tea bag still dangling from it.

    Meanwhile the Japanese retain the tea ceremony as a fierce grip on their cultural tradition. “We know who we are” the Japanese say. But then they don’t have such a powerful fifth column determined to justify reckless levels of mass immigration year in and year out by denouncing their own country as a “mongrel nation” or “nation of immigrants”. Apparently, because we have a mixture of Celtic, Danish and Anglo-Saxon DNA in our English blood the whole of the Third World and then some must be accommodated here.

  301. Noa – 10:33

    Before Barrack I got into the White House Germany, its state broadcasters, and brainwashed populace were rabidly anti American, anti Israel, anti capitalist.

    File under:

    ‘plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose” (Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr)

    “It’s like déjà vu all over again.” (Yogi Berra)

  302. The Wehrmacht are handing out Pole Dancing medals now, reportedly.

    Frau Merkel should get to the bottom of this one. Quite literally…

  303. The Californians are rewriting Old Testament stories:

    In Egypt, there was a period of seven good years, with high crop yields, then seven bad years, with drought and poor crop yields. And every marveled at the forecasting abilities of the man.

    Now, in California, we have had (at least) seven good years, with drought enabling the ‘Climate Change’ Authorities to boss people around, then the seven bad months (so far), with plenty of rains, a dam on the point of collapse and their ‘World Faith’ in tatters, having to ask the ‘Great Satan’, the Don, for help! 🙂

  304. Baron – 09:53

    From the same stable:

    Today’s Lid Radio Show
    … with Guest Marc Morano Exec. Editor Of Climate Depot

  305. EC 11.08

    Pole dancing? Simply specialised training for active duty in Cologne Railway station.

    Even Merkel may struggle to assert German superiority in the Trump era …

  306. Noa – 14:54


  307. Noa @14:54 –

    Hilarious. There are several more too, e.g. –

  308. With all my resentment
    to President Trump,
    the man keeps his promises,
    some liars unlike.

  309. If Trump played a trombone or trumpet
    he’d say, “like it or lump it”

    If Trump called a woman a strumpet
    he’d say, “like it or lump it”

    If Trump preached hate from a pulpit
    he’d say, “like it or lump it”

    If Trump gets dumped on his rump
    would he “like it or lump it”?

    Appols Chris Nielsen

  310. A site called the Lid Blog led me to this –

    Neither site seems to be anything like the mainstream media – but the mainstream has become so uniformly politically correct, and hostile to decent civilisation (not to mention boring) that sites like Lid Blog feel like candles in the dark.

  311. Will robots be given their own LEGAL STATUS?
    Just don’t allow them to become Islamic

  312. Apropos my drawing attention to the site called The Lid (qv) I’ve just run across another alternative news source –

    Apparently it’s in India, and at least some of its material is in Hindi.

    You can click on Hindi text, and ask Google to translate it. The resulting translation tends to sound quaint but it’s more or less comprehensible.


    ” Kremlingate: What did President Trump know and when did he know it?
    Los Angeles Times

    FEB 14, 2017

    “Michael Flynn’s departure as national security advisor highlights the troubling and mysterious ties between President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

    We know that Trump is the most pro-Russian president in American history. He regularly praises Putin and dismisses well-founded charges that the Russian strongman murders innocent people. “There are a lot of killers. We have a lot of killers,” the president recently told Bill O’Reilly. “What, you think our country is so innocent?”…

    What we don’t know is this: What are the links, if any, between Trump and Putin? Is Trump merely an admirer of Putin’s (which is troubling enough), or does Putin actually have something on Trump that would cause the president to act in ways contrary to American interests?…”

    etcetera, etcetera.

    And so Caligula goes on, this Stalinist in Republican – oh sorry this shill of principle crossed aisles to the other side shortly before the American people overwhelmingly voted for Donald Trump to be their president – this Stalinist in American clothing goes sidling on to build Izvestia’s story that Trump is a traitor – we see where you are going with this – we have seen your methods and corny style throughout our lives in a score of extreme left newsrags and you, honoured Jeane J. “Malvinas” Kirkpatrick Senior Fellow for National Security Studies fellow of the Council on Foreign Relations, hah!, expect to fool us by spouting your worn-out propaganda and its turgid Party innuendo simply by wearing a stars and stripes bandana! “Contrary to American interests” my arse!

    You are bought and sold Maxy boy!

  314. “I would sooner vote for Josef Stalin than I would vote for Donald Trump.”- M. Boot, Globalist, NYT, March 2nd, 2016×372.jpg

  315. This voter was excited to cast his ballot for the Democrats.

  316. “Trump, Farage Plan Massive Charity Rally In UK, Breaking Parliamentary Blockade
    President to bypass politicians, raise money for British vets instead”


    General Michael Flynn’s Resignation and How It Ties into Pizzagate: Interview with ROBERT DAVID STEELE

    Alex Jones Show, 2nd hour, 16th February, 32 minutes in

  318. Paul Joseph Watson does a wonderful demolition job on J.K.Rowling, Gary Lineker, Emma Thompson, Lilly Allen, Bob Geldorf, Stan Collymore, and so it goes on.

    “Dear Virtue Signalling Celebrities”


    Did anyone see the wonderful put down of John Sopel by Trump-
    3rd video down.

  320. Sopel is the quintessential sneering, biased Beeboid.

    Donald Trump is going all in against the media. He has no other choice.

  321. Hannity: Today we saw a historic beatdown of alt-left media

  322. @Romano Verdi 17th – 11:05

    Did anybody hear the sneering tw*ts on the ‘Today’ programme this morning, laughing at it? And then, when talking to Peter Oborne about alternative facts in the right of centre media, laughing at him too?

    BBC delenda est!

  323. LIONEL on 17th FEBRUARY “This is Ukraine all over again!”

    Mainstream Media Alt-Left Anti-Trump Fake News: Fighting for Their Life Push Lie That Trump’s Insane


  324. Romano Verdi @ 11:05

    The Donald invites the Pope for lunch on his yacht, the pontiff accepts, arrives in a boat, but as he steps on board a gust of wind blows off his mitre, it falls into the water, the crew is desperate to retrieve it, do what they may they’re failing, the waters are too choppy.

    The news reaches the Donald who says ‘Leave it with me, I’ll sort it’, goes climbs over the side of the yacht, walks straight to to floating Papal hat, picks it up, walks back, hands it to the man of Rome.

    The Pope, the crew, the security staff are all speechless, in awe, cannot comprehend what they’ve just witnessed. The world press is also in attendance, the next day headline in all MSM rags as well as the first item of news for NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC, CNN, BBC …. screams: TRUMP CAN’T SWIM!

  325. Malfleur @ 05:41

    The link doesn’t work, Malfleur, you must have cut off abit when you copied it, try again, please.

  326. John birch @ 16:49

    You know what puzzles on the Flynn’s affair, John?

    The guy has had years of experience in the business of spying, security procedures, countermeasures and stuff, yet he makes telephone calls on his mobile from a beach somewhere in South America to the Russian Ambassador in Washington.

    It’s either he thought he’s breaking no laws (the hon Muslim talked to many foreign heads of Government and to Hamas before taking over the Oval Office in 2008), or he is as careless as was the Clinton woman with her private server. In either case, he doesn’t seem fit for the job of someone supposed to be on top of things security wise.

  327. EC @ 11:37

    The guy’d amazing, EC, more relaxed, more confident, gaining in self-belief very fast, not exactly Baron’s cup of Earl’s Grey, but refreshingly new, honest, hopefully, the new tack will bring results.

  328. Malfleur @ 04:53

    Notice he’s voting with his right hand, Malfleur, his left one is never seen in full, only tucked in (a pocket, a buttoned up coat), it was shorter because of either any accident or an illness when he was young.

    His face is also absent of any pockmarks, (this is more well known).

  329. Herbert Thornton @ 18:16

    This coup engineering story is really a non-starter, Herbert, the military and the police are almost fully behind the Donald, the rank and file that is, but most of the high ranking officers in both services, too.

    As it happens, the barbarian knows many in the former service, they’re relieved, overjoyed, almost ecstatic (the bloody software kept switching this word to exctatibc, three times it happened before Baron overpowered the nerds who created this software). Who is going to accomplish the coup then?

  330. Fergus Pickering @ 17:04

    Good one, Fergus, short, to the point, cleverly constructed.

  331. Noa @ 14:54

    Clever people, Noa, the ones putting it together, the only problem, it runs too fast, one has to see it twice to remember the nuances of the rage.

  332. EC @ 11:13

    Surely, EC, there must have been someone recording these inventive, fully-in compliance-with-the-enlightened-mores sessions on his (very likely) or even her mobile. The piece would have had far more hits it the video was included.

  333. Colonel Mustard @ 11:06

    Quite right, Colonel, the get a pot of loose tea id very much a rarity today’s Britain, not so on the continent, unbelievable as it may sound. The barbarian used to know a superb tea shop selling nothing but loose tea in Prague, it had a small counter also serving one of the offerings, truly excellent tea, beautiful in colour, pleasant in taste, the liquid the colour of medium dark orange, sadly, the tea was Georgian.

    Once, he met a couple of two oldish English ladies (lesbians?) there, who said they would come to the country just for this tea. They must have stopped coming because the shop is no longer. There are others still open though.

  334. Search as much as he did, the barbarian hasn’t come across recent postings of deep knowledge of things aplenty, charged with intellectually unbeatable power, full of acerbic wit by one of the gurus of this blog. Has he given up?

    If what made you to throw in the hat were Baron’s rantings about the omni-all one, Frank, the poorly educated Slav profusely apologises, he is going to say a prayer tonight, will knee on harsh surface for several minutes (his knees won’t stand more than that), may even smoke a cigarette or two, pour the ashes over his head, but please, do come back, the site needs you.

  335. Mistakes, what else, sorry.

  336. Ostrich (occasionally).
    A lot of very hot air about Donald this week but he fixed them all.
    First by his brilliant put downs.
    And second by the visual impact of walking hand in hand with his 2 grandchildren across the White House Lawn.
    The man is pure genius

  337. Today’s DT carries an article by Patrick Foster about a guide to strip clubs in Estonia published by the MoD paid for by public money, distributed to our troops stationed in that country. This wouldn’t be perhaps that unusual, the boys have to vent the pressure of being combat ready to fight the Russians whilst no Russians are on the horizon, bit of shagging never did anyone any harm, that’s what the young do everywhere. Apart from the strip clubs, the pamphlet also lists the pubs the soldiers could spend the money in.

    It says that drinking on the streets is forbidden, it’s against the law, advises the young men to hide the bottles in paper bags (we’re British we can break the law with impunity, it’s only if the fugging foreigners break our laws, or God forbid, the Russians were to do so when we engage the gear of the importance of the law, faux morality and stuff).

    Nowhere does the DT piece mentions, however, the small matter of the population of Tallinn, the capital that houses the recommended three top striptease clubs with private rooms for individual ‘performances’ (tipping ranges from five to twenty Euros depending on what one asks for). It’s mostly the Russians who live in Tallinn, and the barbarian reckons, it’s mostly Russian hookers doing the ‘entertaining’.

    Wouldn’t you say, it’s an obvious security risk? Yet, if one were to take Foster’s word for it, the guide doesn’t address the issue of the Russian FSB trying to spy on what we’re up to in Estonia at all.

    Go figure.

    Btw, for a small fee, the barbarian will be willing to let you have the names of the three clubs in case you ever travel to Tallinn, are in need to release the same pressure, but cannot afford to purchase the DT today, he, he, he.

  338. Baron,
    Nothing wrong with the MoD issuing the lads with a price list of the local knocking shops, after all they do have a duty of care, but as always and in all things, caveat emptor, on their return there will be lawyers lining up to have them charged with rape while pocketing millions in legal aide. Shyster Shiner has been put out of business but be assured there will be plenty of others ling up to fill the gap.

  339. Baron:
    Col. Putin’s Estonian strip-clubs named and shamed in yesterdays Mail On Line.

  340. Baron
    February 18th, 2017 – 13:01

    You are of course quite right that an actual coup d’etat won’t succeed.

    On the other hand I remember that the swamp creatures did manage to remove President Nixon. It may not have been a coup in the traditional sense but nonetheless it was a coup. A coup in slow motion.

    I can’t bring myself to believe that today’s swamp creatures are not doing all they can to prevent their swamp being drained.

  341. No need to watch the whole clip, not only the music, the giving repeats itself, too.

    It’s christening in the Roma community in a place called Michalovce, a town in east Slovakia, now independent republic, part of EU and Euro, when the communist thugs ruled there Slovakia was the other part of Czechoslovakia. (Note how British twenty pound notes are appreciated there).

    The do cost 30,000 Euro, the second son (for it is the second son of the proud farther even prouder mother) collected 100,000 in money and gifts in kind. When asked by the reporter she says all her jewellery are gifts from her husband, who in turn says she deserves the trinkets because she gave him two sons, is looking well after them. Altogether, there must have been enough gold to reduce our deficit noticeably (if we had it, that is).

  342. Good points, Herbert, Radford, Stephen.

  343. Re the MOD on knocking shops.

    I was living & working in Dar es Salaam in 1964 when the army mutinied.

    The mutiny was put down after a few days by British troops who remained there for a few weeks until they were replaced by Nigerian troops. Being black the Nigerians were considered to be more acceptable to the local population.

    However, during their sojourn, both the British soldiers and later the Nigerian soldiers were regularly seen in the evenings using their military vehicles to visit the city’s knocking shops where, in both cases, they were warmly welcomed and there was a substantial increase in business.

  344. Herbert Thornton,
    Yes Herbert, they did succeed against Nixon, but things have changed, drastically. What we are living though is a re-run of 1848, the year of revolutions. If Marine Le pen wins in France then my prediction will come true and a beacon will be lit which will tear through the whole of Europe. Europa delenda est, and not before time. Hang on in there folks, this time we will win.

  345. Reading about a woman in Wigan who jumped in front of train yesterday
    Wonderful mum (of four ) caring, best friend , loved by every one, all the usual.
    I’m sorry. I’ve lost friends to suicide and I know it’s not easy.
    But , if you are a woman or man with dependent kids killing yourselve is selfish and indulgent and should be condemned.
    You cannot be a wonderful mum and leave your kids alone , it’s me me me and fuck everyone else.
    Sorry if that offends.

  346. John Birch,
    No you do not offend, it is plain old fashioned common sense. I’m ok jack, bugger you, the mantra of our age. There is nothing in this life you can not bear. All that is needed is guts.

  347. Baron @ 12:26

    Apologies, Baron. That clip can be found with the last several pieces by Lionel as the entry for February 17th at:


    A few new clips have been added since then and I mention in particular an item posted 23 hours ago:

    The Mainstream Media Propagating Cold War Russophobic Fearmongering Yet Again

  348. John birch – 20:57

    If you are at your wits end, then it doesn’t take much, especially if you believe that the true path is liberal atheism.

    It’s like thinking you have a reserve parachute, but you only find out there isn’t one when its too late.

    This world is all about getting on with surviving by being successful and leaving any ‘conundrums’ to be dealt with later. When these mount up and they have to dealt with, it is common for others to say that it is impossible, you can’t have any issues – because you are so successful.

    The joke’s on you! 🙂

    (Not you John, but the recently deceased.)

  349. Astonishing!

    Sir Edward Heath WAS a paedophile, says police chief
    “What stands out is that the people giving these accounts are not connected but the stories and the details dovetail.”

  350. Stephen Maybery
    February 18th, 2017 – 20:19

    I certainly hope Marine Le Pen wins and if she does, I agree that the effects are likely to spread across Europe.

    But that makes me wonder – will she emulate the Spanish expulsion of the Moors and ban Islam?
    I should think if she does, it will lead to considerable resistance both in France and Europe generally, but Europe will be the better for it.

    I have no idea what effect that – if it happens – will have on North America, and I don’t want to over speculate.

    So far as North America goes, I’m just crossing my fingers and hoping that Trump succeeds in draining the Swamp. I find it difficult to image that he would want to bomb the Serbs in order to hand even more territory over to Islamic Albania.

  351. RobertRetyred – 23:15

    This touches on the subject. Understanding and TLC are in short supply:

    How the stress industry is gaslighting Britain
    We’re being encouraged to see normal emotional responses to real problems as a form of madness

  352. RobertRetyred February 18th, 2017 – 23:23

    ” . . .a police spokesman said the Chief Constable was determined to ‘ensure the investigation is proportionate, measured and legal’ and that the job of the police was to ‘impartially investigate allegations without fear or favour and go where the evidence takes us. It is not the role of the police to judge the guilt or innocence of people in our criminal justice system.”

    By declaring to a newspaper that the allegations are “totally convincing” Veale appears to have done just that! Quite extraordinary behaviour for a Chief Constable.

    In December last year Wiltshire’s police and crime commissioner Angus Macpherson said:

    “The chief constable and I both take very seriously the duty to investigate fully and fairly all allegations or complaints that are received by the force. I also take seriously the need to preserve the good name of individuals, living or dead, if there is no evidential basis to allegations or complaints made against them. The chief constable and I are of one mind: the police cannot act as judge and jury in their own cause.
    Once the police have conducted the investigation to a conclusion, there must be an alternative avenue to assess the credibility of any evidence that has been gathered.”

    The proliferation of such cases in recent years is astonishing. Even if the CPS deem the case worthy of prosecution there can be no actual prosecution and therefore no defence. The suspect cannot be interviewed under caution or tried in a court. Therefore guilt cannot be established according to what was once English law. This “guilt of the dead by police public announcement” is something new.

  353. Wilders is a brave man. Speccie comments that in 2014, Wilders asked his supporters whether they wanted ‘more Moroccans, or less’ in the Netherlands. ‘Less!’ came the reply. All right, said Wilders, ‘We’ll fix that.’ He was prosecuted for hate speech as a result, and found guilty, but somewhat oddly, not punished for it.

    it is claimed by defenders that Wilders had only referred to a national and not an ethnic or religious group, and so couldn’t be guilty of hate speech ( Even though the ‘Moroccans’ in this case were Dutch citizens. )

    Interestingly in this country the opposite seems to be the mood. You can slam the Muslims but not Pakis.

  354. Robert Retired
    The backlash to this abusive police behaviour was started by Lord Bramhall.
    Lord Bramall told The Telegraph on Saturday: “Of course I am glad they have dropped the case but there really never was a credible case to answer.
    “None of the allegations had a grain of truth in them. I think they were being heavy handed.
    “They are under such pressure the police because of what happened over Jimmy Savile the thing has developed into a witch hunt.
    “The police felt they had to do what they had to do but the damage to me was done when they searched my house on completely uncorroborated evidence and then interviewed me under caution and then the media had a field day with it.
    “It was all based on wile statements [by one man] which were… bizarre and outrageous and grotesque.”
    He said the police letter received on Friday night informing him the case was not being pursued amounted to only a ‘grudging’ admission that the investigation was ill-considered.

  355. Baron,
    Should you be accosted by a little green man next week in your local who, in a voice exactly like Donald Trump’s, orders you to set down your pint and surrender to the Suffolk police, know that this may be a false flag – and respond accordingly.

  356. John birch – 20:57

    Jumpers are quite common. Does anybody really know what goes through their minds immediately beforehand? Mental turmoil? Madness? Do they turn up a the station with the premeditated intention of jumping, or are they seized by a mad impulse. I dunno.

    These incidents do enormous psychological damage to the train drivers, and that, in turn, sometimes affects their families.

    Human body(approx. 10st) vs Express Train(hundreds tons) at 80 mph
    … is not a pretty sight. The body explodes resulting in a widespread shower of blood and gore. Some poor sod has to clear it up. Can’t do them any good either.

  357. RobertRetyred February 18 @ 23:23

    Why all the fuss? It’s a traditional sport of globalists in the English political class.

  358. Lionel’s ruminations that Donald Trump is the stalking horse for Mike Pence who is the front man for the deep state/ruling class/shadow government: remove Trump, you get Pence

  359. Thought-provoking:

    Retired Green Beret Warns: Deep State’s Utopia Of Oligarchs Is “Enslavement And Complete Control Of All Of Mankind”

  360. Melanie Phillips comments on an item in the London Review of books in which the writer quotes an American `sociologist`as saying …..”he [Trump] will have to be removed…by the deep state,or be assassinated”.
    She gives a link to the item ( and comments ).

  361. Are you with it? Do you know what goes, what’s in vogue currently?

    According to many a page spread in the ST magazine today, it’s the hottest sitcom in town called ‘Catastrophe’ co-written and starring Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney.

    In the massive PR job to push it, there also is a page under the heading ‘Quotastrophe’ offering three ‘of the best’ from the show. The barbarian isn’t prepared to copy all three quotes in case your brain cells will get overheated, just two will have to do.

    Rob: ‘I want you to know that I’m going to look back at my time with you and remember you as an extraordinarily good-smelling women with a magical ass’.

    Sharon: ‘I’ll remember you as the sturdy love-maker with a massive chin who was really kind to waiters and taxi drivers, which suggests that you might actually be a good person’.

    and the other one:

    Sharon: ‘Not everyone has to like you. You’re not a puppy. You’re an adult man with a wife. Honest people who tell people how they feel when they feel it have people not like them, OK? That’s what I do. I have earned the right to have people dislike me. I am very happy to have people not like me’.

    Rob: ‘No shit’.

    It may well be the barbarian’s missing something, is too old, has always been an outsider, but really, is this truly the best the anointed wankers can come up with?

  362. Radford NG @ 16:46

    One cannot help wondering, Radford, what would the reaction be if someone were to pen a similar piece the guy Shatz did, but not on the Donald but the hon Muslim when he was in the Oval Office. Tells you alot, doesn’t it?

  363. Malfleur @ 15:17

    What this lover of conspiracies says in thirty minutes, Malfleur, the barbarian could relate in a couple of minutes, even if he were to include the sheep dog more than twice.

    What he says may have worked before the Donald said ‘I will’ in January, not now. Enough of the country would oppose it, possible violently, and the last thing the Republic needs is another civil war, there aren’t many wild boars anymore in the country to consume the cadavers such an event would manufacture.

  364. Malfleur @ 15:17

    Apology first, Malfeur” Baron’s @ 17:17 is a response you yours @ 14.53. Sorry.

    The retired Green Beret’s warning is better argued, has some meat on it, is almost persuasive.

    The McCain’s obsessive desire to nuke Kremlin, destroy the city, the country, the Slavonic tribe may be rooted in a rumour that the Russians have conclusive evidence on film proving his behaviour when in captivity wasn’t at all what he says it was. It’s been circulating on Russian blogs for years, gets quoted on TV channels by number of guests, too.

    McCain’s response to the question of the two Russian pranksters that RT is readying a programme which will expose him was interesting. If he truly has nothing to hide from his days in Vietnam, why did he ask them to tell the Ukrainian Ambassador to contact him to discuss it?

  365. Malfleur @ 10:41

    Worry not about the barbarian, Malfleur, it’s you who should be on alert. Give up on the diet of conspiracy theories, or you go mad in the end.

  366. Romano Verdi @ 08:13

    If one were to apportion the evil done to the young the agencies of the state were responsible for the lion share would go to the great peado Jimmy, amazingly everyone but him is on the MSM pages and screens, nobody who knew, should have known has been punished.

    Sickening this.

  367. Colonel Mustard @ 07:35

    If someone close to you, Colonel, were a victim of such crime swept under the carpet because of the status of the perpetrator when he was alive, would you also say ‘let’s leave it, the wrongdoer’s dead, guilt cannot be stablished in due process’?

    Justice should be done, or at least seen to have been done, no?

  368. It’s beginning to worry Baron, the days pass, no postings from Frank, it’s rather unusual of him.

    The barbarian has his e-mail address, but as it may have been his misbehaviour that engender Frank’s temporary but long absence, could some who also has his e-mail address find out if he’s OK, please?

  369. Baron February 19th, 2017 – 18:09

    I’m not saying that Baron. I was commenting on the behaviour of the Chief Constable. Your response is emotive based on the nature of the alleged crimes.

    If someone close to you, Baron, were accused of such crime and he was dead, would you say “let’s leave it, he’s dead, his innocence or guilt cannot be established by due process but it’s ok for the police to publicly announce that they are convinced of his guilt”?

    Justice is certainly not being done when the police behave that way. As the PCC said “the police cannot act as judge and jury in their own cause”.

  370. There is a 3D model of Oroville Dam in the comments of this article, added by: RACookPE1978 February 19, 2017 at 1:38 pm:
    You can alter the view easily with the cursor.

  371. And what they could have done to stop the damage:
    Oroville Dam: What made spillway collapse?

  372. Donald and Melania in Florida

    Melania saying Let us pray, and then reciting the Lord’s Prayer struck me as one of the most audacious political acts of my lifetime. This was more than a warning shot over the heads of the Left, it was a punch in the mouth and will have sent a message that hours of speeches could not have equalled for intent.

    1500 paedophiles arrested in the last fortnight and Tllerson sacking 1000 from the State Dept., and I don’t think they were typists. Despite the sabotage, he’s getting things done.

  373. Irishboy @ 00:44

    Agreed – and the supplication to “Deliver us from evil” was particularly poignant in view of the vulnerability of her husband.

    Attorney General Sessions is very quiet. I assume that he is burning the midnight oil….

  374. I just looked up the word “cuck” in the Urban Dictionary to make sure that I understood this new slang word. I read that it comes from ‘cuckold’ but was surprised to learn that this “…in turn comes from the now extinct Cuckoo Bird”.

    Surely not in Old England? When sumer is icumen in, please write to the Wall to prove the Urban Dictionary wrong….

  375. I came across this not many days ago. ago. It’s pretty strong stuff, but I find it difficult to think of any rational argument against it. What do you think? –

  376. Baron 1801
    In truth, the world has gone mad since Savile:
    You probably saw this in Saturday’s Telegraph

    “Streets should no longer be named after local heroes because they might one day be found to be paedophiles, according to official guidance.

    Councils have been told that places should not be named after individuals – including fallen soldiers – in case they are later linked to “inappropriate activities”.

    The move comes after hundreds of streets, footpaths and plaques named after Jimmy Savile had to be altered when the star was exposed as a child abuser.

    The Local Government Association has defended the decision, arguing it would save taxpayers’ money in the future.”

  377. And where is Frank?

  378. Tommy Robinson banned from speaking at an English university on the topic of freedom of speech at universities.

  379. 2057 Feb 18 John birch
    All very well but most real suicides are by people in the depths of despair from depression.
    This is a real illness where the sufferer comes to truly believe that their very existence is harming those that they love.
    I have witnessed an extended family member in such despair, being rescued by the doctors several times by dreadful treatments including ECT before finally doing himself in, in a further despair triggered by his wife’s death.

  380. FUKUSHIMA UPDATE – It’s bad

    Would the Prime Minister like to explain to us again why she is closing all fossil fuel power plants by 2020 and why she is encouraging nuclear power plants (with Chinese connections)?

  381. “Fake News: Fukushima Edition” [Feb,17, 2017)

    File under: “A Spokesman/person, he said, she said…”; “According to experts…”;
    “A source said…” etc. etc.

  382. John Birch.
    I signed the petition John, usually I ignore these petitions, but this one was downright irresistible. Can’t wait to hear the response of the self important hypocrite.

  383. Hi Stephen, exactly how I felt.
    Perhaps every time a luvie opens his or her hypocritical mouth we should drop a petition on to them to see if they do what they think we should do or think.
    Hypocritical bastards.

  384. I sent the link to our local refugees welcome website as obviously they could ship a few more in if they could use her spare rooms.
    The reply I got was a bit confusing, it seems people are only to keen to welcome them into their houses, it’s not a shortage of houses , the problem is government policy which slows the flow of them getting here to be welcomed by all us caring people.
    I wasn’t sure who was taking the piss out of who by the time I had read it . !!!

  385. Paedophiles in the Westminster Swamp?

    The Wiltshire police have been bravely investigating allegations of paedophilia made against a prime minister and on 19th February Chief Constable Mike Veale stated that the allegations are true.

    Sir Edward commented “Fortunately, I’m dead”

    As President Trump’s Attorney General begins to clear this particularly offensive creature from the swamp in the USA, an idea might be had of why such a consensus has been formed across party lines against the state visit of the President to the United Kingdom. As Dawn Butler MP remarked in the debate on the question, the US had a “pretty nasty virus, and it’s important that virus doesn’t spread”.


  386. Globalist Press Not Without its Uses

    I noticed in the How to Spend It supplement to the Weekend edition of the Financial Times that the National Maritime Museum ( currently has an exhibition on Emma Hamilton.

  387. “The Breathtakingly Incoherent “Not My President’s Day” Angry Children Protest”

    Lionel’s criticisms apply mutatis mutandis to the “reasons” that our MPs offer for justifying the withdrawal of the invitation to Mr. Trump to make a state visit to our country.
    They have now been entirely cut adrift, so it would seem, from the Age of Reason which was the port and haven of our political comity

  388. 1944 : “Is Paris burning?” . 2017 : It is now ! ( The Fuhrer’s Revenge ).
    Today’s occupiers do more damage then the German army did.
    There are riots every night ; hardly reported in the British media.

    There is an item here from the Pro-UKIP news site : with a link to you-tube.

  389. These riots are going off to the north and west of Paris in Seine-Saint-Denis, three and a half to five miles from central Paris.

  390. Above.
    In London this would take the riot areas from around Hampstead to Canary wharf.

  391. Arron Banks on non-reporting : ” No news is as bad as fake news “.

    Both are black-propaganda. One is dis-information : the other is mis-information.

  392. Mine at 11-52.
    That should have been to the North and the North- East of Paris.

  393. A day in the life of post Gramscian Britain.
    Screaming quean has hissy fit at ‘snub’ by Catholic school and threatens to sue.

  394. A nice change from most politicians’ politically correct arse-licking –

  395. Last night (Monday) riot in Stockholm : cars set on fire,shops looted,stones thrown.Police fire warning shots.

  396. Melanie Phillips
    “So white western men or Christians can never be offended or hurt because they are themselves innately offensive and hurtful, while “powerless” women or minorities can never be other than their victims. In other words, such victim groups are given a free pass for their own questionable behaviour.
    The reason these secular, individualistic and utilitarian ideologies are unchallengeable is that they’re held to represent not a point of view but virtue itself…”

  397. A gay man going by the name Milo has resigned as Breitbart’s technical editor for allegedly endorsing sex between old men and boys, the faux morality-overflowing progressives are in joy, pointing even to the Donald endorsing Milo when he was prevented from talking to students in Berkeley, the resident Guardian pipsqueak Owen Jones has a piece today headed “Milo Yiannopoulos’s enablers deserve contempt – and must be confronted”…..

    The barbarian has never read or listened to anything this Milo person wrote or said, anyone who defines his anti-racism by saying ‘I’m not racist because I like fugging blacks’ will never be a friend of Baron whatever else he may have done for the course,

    The heading of the Jones’s piece strikes as dextrously hypocritical, but fitting a progressive fool well. Where was he when the greatest peado Sir Jimmy was found out, does anyone remember his shouting Savile’s BBC enablers deserve contempt and must be confronted? Baron doesn’t, very likely because he kept schtum.

  398. Peter, sorry to tell you this but the 10:04 posting began the journey about ten minutes before ten, whether it’s Baron’s machine or the length of the blog Baron cannot say except that he doesn’t have the same problem with other sites, certainly not to the extend of the problem here.


    Watch Tuesday’s Alex Jones Show and in particular the extraordinary interview with Robert Steele.

  400. New woman in charge.
    UK TOP SECRET Postman Patel: Cressida Dick and the Common … › 2007/10
    1 Oct 2007 – Cressida Dick and the Common Purpose network – early days … publicly self declared lesbian and is also a Common Purpose graduate and …
    She certainly ticks all the pc boxes.

  401. CRESSIDA DICK appointed as Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Service.

    Pay is £270,648 + benefits. ( £5,204 + per week )

    Home Secretary , Amber Rudd , says she is `an exceptional leader`.
    Mayor of London ,Sadiq Khan, says she is `best possible person`.

    [ Comment filed at 16-34]

  402. Radford NG @ 16:34

    This must please Frank no end, Radford, he may be already celebrating, champagne galore, congratulatory telegrams to her, much more satisfactory night sleep. Wonderful news all-around.

  403. When the current British and North American media publish material about serious of our times, it seems to me to consist largely of hysterical attempts to undermine Brexit and President Trump, much of the time using vicious personal abuse and downright fake news while ignoring other matters that are really important .

    But in this discussion that I have just read I sense none of those defects. Instead it seems to me to be level headed, rational, accurate and well considered comment –

  404. Herbert Thornton @ 01:45

    You should include along with Trump and Brexit, Alex Jones. See chapter and verse in the first 45 minutes of his show yesterday, Wednesday February 22nd.


    “Is James O’Keefe About To Smoke CNN? Tells Hannity He’s Set To Release “Hundreds of Hours” Of Newsroom Footage “Wikileaks Style”

    James O’Keefe of Project Veritas is set to unleash holy hell Thursday on #FakeNews network CNN. Well, he didn’t exactly say it was CNN, but it was heavily implied. Apparently the network has a mole…

    O’Keefe is known for undercover sting operations which have led to such bombshells as the DNC’s paid agitator network, the outing of “DisruptJ20” / Antifa organizers which took place at comet ping pong – and netted three arrests (including a suspected pedophile), and most recently New Hampshire election fraud.

    Yesterday, O’Keefe was interviewed on Sean Hannity’s radio show where he revealed that a major network has been “stung””

    (h/t Drudge Report)

  406. Why do so many women in senior public sector, charity sector and CoE positions appear to be lesbians? It seems disproportionate.

    Was it always the case but just kept quiet and they are now more open about it or is there a feminist-lesbian networking thing going on with Common Purpose facilitation?

  407. From Wiki:-

    “Political lesbianism originated in the late 1960s among second wave radical feminists as a way to fight sexism and compulsory heterosexuality. Sheila Jeffreys, a lesbian, helped to develop the concept when she co-wrote “Love Your Enemy? The Debate Between Heterosexual Feminism and Political Lesbianism” [58] with the Leeds Revolutionary Feminist Group. They argued that women should abandon support of heterosexuality and stop sleeping with men, encouraging women to rid men “from your beds and your heads.”[59] While the main idea of political lesbianism is to be separate from men, this does not necessarily mean that political lesbians have to sleep with women; some choose to be celibate or identify as asexual. The Leeds Revolutionary Feminist Group definition of a political lesbian is “a woman identified woman who does not fuck men”. They proclaimed men the enemy and women who were in relationships with them collaborators and complicit in their own oppression. Heterosexual behavior was seen as the basic unit of the patriarchy’s political structure, with lesbians who reject heterosexual behavior therefore disrupting the established political system. Lesbian women who have identified themselves as “political lesbians” include Ti-Grace Atkinson, Julie Bindel, Charlotte Bunch, Yvonne Rainer, and Sheila Jeffreys.”

    Isn’t this sexist and misandrist, flying in the face of current notions of “equality” and respect for all? The idea of “compulsory heterosexuality” seems ridiculous in the extreme. Those women sound like extremist loonies who have been allowed to infiltrate the mainstream of politics.

  408. Read Battle for Britain by Michael Heath at

    Sent from The Spectator Magazine app. Find out more at

  409. You just gota laugh:
    Huhne’s Biomass Policy Wasted £450 million Says His Ex-Spad

    It’s cost us around a tenner each and could have gone to keep our local libraries open! 🙂

  410. RobertRetyred – 15:25

    From the same article:
    Anyway, what is Huhne up to these days now he’s out of the clink? He’s European Chairman of US firm Zilkha Biomass, who supply the very same wood pellets it turns out are so damaging to the environment. Fancy that! £450 million in subsidies literally up in smoke…

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  411. To make it 444, a nice number, angelic even.

  412. Surely Peter will give us a new wall before we get to the sign of the beast.

  413. Malfleur
    February 23rd, 2017 – 05:35

    Thanks for that link. Co-incidentally, there’s a short letter in today’s National Post that includes a very striking observation.

    The letter writer refers to the old saying Truth is the first casualty of war.. But now, he says, we are living in an age an age where Truth is the unwanted child of Peace.

  414. John birch @ 13:54

    Impossible, John, the title appears, but that’s it, even though the barbarian is a subscriber.

  415. Malfleur @ 05:48

    About time, too, Malfleur, the CNN channels is unwatchable, the open hatred about anything linked to the Donald seeps into everything the say, bastards.

  416. Colonel Mustard @ 12:00

    Valid point, Colonel.

    For Baron, Colonel, the objection to the new Met chief isn’t so much her sexual habits (why should she have ‘gone public’ about it? Who cares whom she shares the bed with?), it’s the matter of her judgment, the absence of any trust in it.

    The report on the unlawful killing of the Brazilian was quite scathing, yet Jack Straw (he must have been the Home Secretary when it happened, hence should co-carry the can) was wheeled out to justify it. The two were a team when the error of operational judgment on her part under his watch lead to an innocent man getting killed, any surprise he backed her appointment?

  417. Baron .21-35.
    Hi Baron , when I click on the post here it goes straight to the item, I’ve just done it again.
    I always test if I post a link.

  418. Lest we forget how wars are won and peace is squandered:

    Thanks for the heads up Mr. Vanderleun. A truly seminal piece.

  419. RobertRetyred @ 15:25

    Only in politics, politics in enlightened Britain, could something like this happen, Robert.

    The guy pushes for policies that are patently insane even under the equally insane carbon reduction policies, it costs hundreds of millions, the taxpayers foots it, he then pisses off to the company that must have benefitted from the policy, very likely collects handsome rewards for a job well done – for the commercial company, not the country.

    The tossers point to corruption, briberies and nepotism in Putin’s Russia, here you have a glaringly obvious conflict of interest on out doorsteps, and does anyone give a toss?

  420. Frank P @ 22:00

    Welcome back, guru, you’ve just escaped getting an e-mail from the barbarian asking if there still was any life left in the youngish body of yours. Obviously there is.

  421. Baron has an equally longish piece to Frank’s at 22:00, unfortunately has to copy it, he has no link to it. The posting will be in three parts, here’s the first one.

    The Western world in general, and Europe in particular, are threatened not only by a numerically small, overtly jihadist cadre of “radicalized” individuals engaging in terrorism. The West is in mortal peril from a demographically explosive, ideologically highly developed, yet decentralized and structurally amorphous Islamic movement.

    To discuss the world-historical implications of this movement—which has global proportions and scripturally ordained, literally limitless objectives—I ask our readers to allow me the liberty of posting an article much longer than is our usual blog format.

    The appearance of Islam as a political ideology and a guideline for action at the turn of the millennium has had geopolitical and civilizational implications which are outside the permitted boundaries of mainstream discourse on both sides of the Atlantic. It is nevertheless an observable fact, which cannot be compared in vigor, determination, and likely consequences to any other contemporary creed or dogma. It relies on demography as a paradigmatic tool of “asymmetric warfare,” in order to achieve clearly defined, long-term geopolitical gains—conquest and population replacement—unattainable by other means. It also relies on the inability of the targeted societies to defend themselves. The threat is demonstrably present. It requires a rational diagnosis and a coherent plan of defense.

    As I wrote in these pages 15 months ago, Spengler famously heralded The Decline of the West in the aftermath of the Great War, but the English title of his magnum opus did not convey the dark, tragic implications of the word Untergang, “going under.” Spengler himself did not anticipate a cataclysmic event but rather an extended decline, a twilight. (Abendland, the West, literally means the “evening land.”) It now appears that the protracted fall is over, and the stage is set for a series of quick, brutal catastrophes.

    The notion of decline is not new. In the XVIIth century Sir Thomas Browne lamented that “tis too late to be ambitious, the great mutations of the world are over,” and yet—as a critic had pointed out in a better age—this was the age of Bacon and Descartes, the beginning of those scientific discoveries which had enriched and alleviated the life of man. But this time, like in the fable of Aesop, the warning is apt. The threat is real and present.

    The problem is that political correctness has long paralyzed meaningful discourse. Both in America and in Europe there exists an elite consensus that immigration, multiculturalism, and the existence of an ever-growing Muslim diaspora within the Western world are to be treated as a fixed given, and must not be treated as problematic. That elite consensus is ideological in nature, flawed in logic, and totalitarian in application.

    Over a decade ago, the onset of a new climate of intellectual intolerance became apparent when the late Oriana Fallaci—for decades Italy’s best-known journalist—was indicted in the Italian city of Bergamo for “hate crimes” and “defaming Islam,” following the publication of her 2002 book The Rage and the Pride.

    More recently, on December 9, 2016, Dutch opposition leader Geert Wilders was found guilty of “incitement to anti-minority discrimination” for advocating reduced numbers of Moroccan immigrants in the Netherlands.

    In late 2015, Christoph Biro, editor-in-chief of Austria’s top-circulation daily, the Kronen Zeitung, was charged with “hate speech” for writing that “young men, testosterone-fueled Syrians, carry out extremely aggressive sexual attacks.” In France in 2013, Ivan Rioufol, Le Figaro’s columnist for 30 years, faced criminal charges for “insulting Islam.”

    Renaud Camus, one of France’s most prominent writers, was charged with “incitement to racial hatred” in 2014, found guilty, and ordered to pay a 4000-euro fine for warning of the danger of the “Great Replacement,” the colonization of France by Muslim immigrants from the Middle East and North Africa.

    The problem exists. It needs to be tested against evidence, not against the alleged norms of acceptable public discourse imposed by those who have created the problem in the first place.

    A related task is to re-think Western security policies, and to correct the absence of a coherent grand strategy.

  422. I think I realised our society was in dire trouble when shops opened up selling little toy figures to adults (allegedly ) to play games with .
    When we played with toy soldiers we knew they were toys.
    Children’s toys.

  423. part 2:

    “One day millions of men will leave the southern hemisphere of this planet to burst upon the northern one,” Algerian President Boumediene famously stated in his address to the UN General Assembly in 1974. “They will burst in to conquer, and they will conquer by populating it with their children. Victory will come to us from the wombs of our women.” The ensuing half-century has produced a host of phenomena of world-historical significance which seem like his prophecy is being fulfilled.

    As a courageous Italian has warned recently, Europe, as it is ageing, no longer renews its generations, “and instead welcomes massive numbers of migrants from the Middle East, Africa and Asia, who are going to replace the native Europeans, and who are bringing cultures with radically different values about sex, science, political power, culture, economy and the relation between God and man.”

    “One day” has arrived. The process is not at all spontaneous. Population-changing flows of migrants into Europe and radicalization of the Muslim diaspora in the West may have the appearance of naturalness; but both have been systematically encouraged and facilitated by Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the Emirates, and other less significant state actors.

    It is striking that the ultra-rich Gulf monarchies have accepted no refugees from the war zones in Syria and elsewhere in the region, while encouraging their westward movement. In the early decades of the twentieth century, interaction between Islam and the West started as a serious challenge to Islam, and by the turn of the millennium it has turned into a threat to the West.

    We need a diagnosis of that threat and a pragmatic, workable strategy for countering it. It is time to reject any a priori judgment on the threat’s nature by those who presume to know the correct answer regardless of the evidence. That straitjacket needs to be discarded because the long-term survival of Western culture and civilization is at stake. The sacred texts of Islam, its record of interaction with other societies, and the personality of its founder provide the clue to the motives, ambitions and methods of its contemporary strategists and foot soldiers.

    As for the countermeasures, the focus has long been on the institutional failures of the intelligence community and security agencies, and not on the problematic culture of the political decision-makers that makes failure likely. A notable example was the FBI Muslim sensitivity training program. Denounced by scores of active and former agents as ideologically motivated and fundamentally flawed, it was mandated by former FBI Director Robert S. Mueller after the 9/11 attacks. Operational effectiveness must no longer be confused with strategy itself. The impact of the ongoing Muslim migratory influx into the Western world, and the consequences of the ever-growing Islamic diaspora, is inseparable from any coherent long-term defense.

    Controlling the borders on land and at sea is only the first step. The application of clearly defined criteria in deciding who will be admitted is essential. To that end, “Islamic activism” needs to be treated as an inherently subversive, eminently political, rather than “religious” activity.

    Civilizational renewal is the essential prerequisite for all of the above. It can be won only by the West—and above all Europe—that has regained its awareness of its moral, spiritual, and civilizational roots. While such belated recovery remains in doubt, it is not impossible.

    Terror, understood as unpredictable violence against non-combatants used in pursuit of ideological, religious and political objectives, is as old as humanity. Its variety which is inspired by the Islamic teaching, tradition, and historical practice has become a global phenomenon, and it is the only variety that threatens “infidel” countries and their inhabitants as such. It belongs to fourth-generation warfare in which it is particularly hard to target the enemy and to evaluate results.

    Hundreds of terrorists may be killed by drones, and moving money around has been made more difficult; but the potential and actual human assets of the enemy, his reach and operational capability, and especially his ability to count on the support of the multimillion Muslim diaspora in the Western world, are steadily growing. “The United Statest faces its highest threat from Islamist terrorists since 9/11, mostly from those radicalized at home,” according to the House Homeland Security Committee’s Terror Threat Snapshot released in December 2016.

  424. Part 3:

    The squeamishness of many Western political leaders in naming the enemy and their use of euphemisms (e.g. Obama’s “violent extremism”) is but one sign of a shared malaise that hampers a coherent effort. A welcome change is that the Trump administration has indicated its intention to rename former President Obama’s “Countering Violent Extremism” program (CVE) to “Countering Islamic Extremism.” This change would reflect Trump’s criticism of his predecessor for refusing to use the phrase “radical Islam” in designating the threat.

    George W. Bush’s “war on terror” was hopelessly off-target, confusing the enemy with his tools: had the Roman Senate issued a rallying call for a “war on Elephants,” Hannibal would have marched into Rome. Had World War II been waged as a “war against the Blitzkrieg,” the Reich would still have over nine hundred years to go. But the Romans of the 3rd century BC, and even the Western democracies’ feebler predecessors of eight decades ago, were surer of their identity and values than the dominant Western elites are today.

    A phenomenon initially based on local groups that have acquired global reach is morphing into a global network of autonomous cells protected by an enabling community (notably in the suburbs of Brussels and Paris), but with a global cumulative potential. They are fielding a second generation of operatives, many of them naturalized Muslim immigrants and their Western-born offspring. Their decentralized pattern and legal status makes countermeasures difficult. There is no command and control system to disrupt links among autonomous, self-motivated groups of young people, often embedded inside the target-nations. A new strategy is needed. The victory will come not by conquering Mecca for the West, but by disengaging the West from Mecca and by excluding Mecca from the West. Eliminating the risk altogether is impossible. Managing it wisely, resolutely, and permanently is attainable.

    The final task is to develop a more effective modus operandi. The focus so far has been on the institutional failures of the intelligence community and government agencies, rather than on the culture of the political decision-making community that makes failure likely. Above all, operational effectiveness must no longer be confused with strategy itself. A plan for action must entail denying actual and potential hostile subversives a foothold inside the West. Rigorously vetting all prospective newcomers, and systematically monitoring the behavior of all resident aliens and the bona-fides of potential or actual naturalized citizens, is an essential ingredient of a viable strategy.
    While there is no single discrete “cause” of the ongoing unconventional warfare against the West, it is necessary to scrutinise the doctrinal and ideological roots of the problem in order to diagnose its key causes and develop effective defences. This has not happened yet in the decision-making community on either side of the Atlantic; although the Trump Administration appears intent to rethink the issue with welcome clarity.

    As recent political upheavals in Europe (Brexit) and America (November 8) indicate, the game is not up. Dar al Islam is not inevitably the end of the road. Tens of millions of Westerners are still endowed with feelings and reason, with the awareness of who they are. Their struggle to defend themselves against the World of Submission is just starting, even if the outcome is uncertain. In the face of historic uncertainty, true to their ancestors, it is to be expected that they will hold on to their patrimony. In the months to come Marine Le Pen and Geert Wilders will show the way.
    The piece is entitled :A Rapid Untergang?” was penned by Srdja Trifkovic

  425. John birch @ 22:00

    No, no go, the barbarian tried clicking on your link, also on the magazine itself, the ‘Battle of Britain’ column, the author Heath, still no luck. It may be it’s too early (the piece is date Feb25), it may also be the barbarian’s banned. We shall see, but thanks for exploring the problem, John.


    Alex Jones Show Wednesday

  427. The Swedish government promotes rape of Swedish women by the muslims they imported. Who is going to hold the politicians to account:

    ‘For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.’

    And WHEN?

  428. Everyone on the Wall is, I think, waiting with barely controlled anticipation for the glass of fashion to tear himself from his preoccupation with the too long ties worn by the President of the United States, and other such vulgarities, and writing with his customary elegance and passion on the service of Clinton and John Podesta as Chinese and Russian government agents.

  429. Does the British government and the Opposition support by their silence the pretence of the Swedish government on the absence of muslim rape and violence?

    Paris brûle-t-il?

  430. Stoke very sad.

  431. Copeland pretty good.

  432. McDonnell on Today – deranged.

  433. Only 200 now to the beast.
    We need a new wall before then.

  434. Romano Verdi @ 08:25

    As you well know, Romano, UKIP was a vehicle to get us out of the EU, that has happened (hopefully, it will happen), the party needs to find another reason to exist, a constituency that will back it, a leader similar to Nigel, the Nutty man’s no good.

  435. Paul Joseph Watson the English conspiracy theorist (as approved here by Baron the Barbarian) hosts the 5th hour of the Alex Jones Show,Wednesday February 22 =

    yes, the FIFTH hour, and Baron will be excited to learn that the Wednesday Show is THIRTEEN hours in length
    which might tax his attention span well beyond breaking point, had I not been so considerate as to warn him in advance.

    Why 13 hours? Boot Senior would know because suppression of a free press and desperate efforts to prevent it was how the future worked. Boot Junior perhaps not so much. Unless he read the book and decided to join the winning side.

  436. Malfleur @ 05:57

    Is Alex being censored, Malfleur, by whom? To one he seems as fully combatant now as he has been throughout the time he’s been broadcasting.

  437. Malfleur @ 10:12

    Never mind Baron’s attention span, Malfleur, he just cannot afford the luxury of spending 15 hours listening even to the great Joseph with or without the attention on, that’s close to what he has left of his entire life. Have mercy on him, you sir, pick the juicy bits, tell him what and when, please.

  438. The Drip of Self-Interested Russo-phobia

    I am looking forward to M. Boot’s analysis of democratic politicians’ collaboration with the Russian government, in some cases to the point of Quisling status, during the administration of B.H. Obama.

    Meanwhile, with the wheels falling, but not yet fallen, off the troika of the globalist New World Order which has charted his path for the last several years, we must content ourselves with:

    Propaganda in the epic Soviet style!

    Now, about those sales of American uranium reserves to Russia by H. Clinton, etcetera….

  439. That ‘s i t, it took several minutes to get the 10:12 through, talk to you later.

  440. Baron February 23rd, 2017 – 21:53

    I think you might have mis-read again Baron. I was not objecting on those grounds but intrigued as to why that particular sexual identity seems to figure so strongly amongst female civic and church “leaders”. Whether that is a genuine reflection of a disproportionate hegemony or just of a media obsession with such identity.

    I concur with you that it should not matter, but it does seem to. I also concur regarding the incumbent’s baggage. But let’s face it, lesbianism aside, she was chosen by those determined to see a token woman appointed regardless of merit or outcome. She has zero charisma or presence. And let’s hope for the people of London’s sake that the outcome is not another spectacular failure in the face of real terrorism.

  441. Baron @ 10:24

    I will do my best.

    I myself am suffering from information overload – or, to be honest, I can take the information but in consequence am having to devote such time as I have in these revolutionary circumstances to trying to understand what is going on rather than fighting the last war based on a received game plan. Consequently, rather than deploying my meagre talents of analysis against political and social forces which no longer seem reflected by reality, I am spending more time with sources which seem to be closer to the truth of political and social events, drawing on information which I had never previously considered or understood.

    I might, it is true, be happier re-reading War and Peace in the Dordogne.

    By the way, what do you make of the section on the Freemasons. The first time I read the novel – a very long time ago – I found it full of meaning and excitement. When I re-read the book three or four years ago, it seemed like traversing dead territory. Did the book change or did I?

    ‘What’s it all abaht, Alfie?’. And shouldn’t I have known the answer by this late period of my life?

  442. Baron @ 10:18

    “Is Alex being censored, Malfleur, by whom?”


    Why is his Wednesday entitled “The Defense Of Liberty 13 Hour Special Broadcast”? Listen to a short part of it and you will find the answer to your second question.

    I understand why Englishmen of a certain generation might ask this question, and who though alert to some abuses of freedom and liberty nonetheless can facilely, and ignorantly, denigrate Jones as ‘a snake oil salesman’ so doing the work of those they oppose. But I am shocked by how those who apparently came to consciousness in totalitarian societies can be so naive after they have escaped their grip.

    Jones is certainly as combative as before. More so indeed. But do you think that this is the only tool of censorship available to the enemies of liberty?

    In brief, one of his sources of revenue has been cut off – and unfortunately the one which he had budgeted to finance his new offices in Washington DC and London.

    He is going to fight it.

    If that whale goes down however, be sure that minnows like us will follow.

  443. Baron – A juicy bit – Paul Joseph Watson at the start of his hosting the 5th hour of Alex Jones Show – try the first 30 minutes

    Infowars: the real media

    Should the response to the petition to revoke the invitation by NWO’s useful idiots of Donald Trump to state visit be a petition for the House of Commons to pass a vote of censure of the Swedish government’s cover up of the criminal results of its adoption and rationalisation of its European Union and United Nations immigration policies?

  444. My name is Peter Sutherland. I am a former Chairman of Goldman Sachs and previously Director-General of the World Trade Organization.

    Presently I am UN Special Representative for International Migration and my mission is to destroy European civilisation.

    So far, so good….!/image/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/box_620_330/image.jpg

  445. Malfleur @ 12:00

    Thirty minutes diligently covered, Malfleur, the deluded female robot, who wouldn’t stop talking, beats everything the barbarian has seen so far, what the guy should have told her is that in Hitler’s Germany she wouldn’t have got invited to talk on a public broadcasting service (radio then, TV wasn’t in existence), she would have been in a camp getting re-educated at best, or in a hospital fighting for her life having been beating up by a horde of Brown Shirts.

    Someone should run a film of what it was like in the Reich when the Austrian thug got in, sit her and her friends to watch it, but then it would be very likely ignored, it’s facts, and these loopy people don’t deal in facts, it’s all feelings and emotions hurt by a sensible man getting to the White House.

    It may be sacrilegious to the course for Baron to say it, but perhaps the jihadists and the rest of the ROP have been making an impact in order to teach the deluded like her a lesson. She, the others of her phylum would be the first to get hit if Islam were to gain more power.

    Btw, what’s ptsd?

  446. 503. 503, 503 (no server available to handle the request, nothing, 503.

    It’s getting ridiculous, Baron takes the lead from EC, quits, will come back when the blog works as it should.

    Have a quiet and enjoyable weekend, boys and girls.

  447. A short lesson for those who think that there is only one way to close down free speech and that it is not to procure the reduction of a free man’s revenue:

    and remember folks

    “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

  448. Former CIA Operative: Trump Is Battling the Paedophile Network

    (about 27 minutes long – February 16 – you can roll past the infowars sales pitch at the start)

  449. The words of the weasel:-

    “In maintaining the licence fee model, the government is clear that the licence fee remains a licence to watch or receive television programmes, and is not a fee for BBC services – although licence fee revenue is used to fund the BBC and other public service objectives.”

    “While no system of funding meets all the criteria of an ideal funding system, the current system provides the BBC with a sustainable core income paid by all households who watch or receive television”

  450. Wednesday 24 February 1663/64

    (Ash-Wednesday). Up and by water, it being a very fine morning, to White Hall, and there to speak with Sir Ph. Warwicke, but he was gone out to chappell, so I spent much of the morning walking in the Park, and going to the Queene’s chappell, where I staid and saw their masse, till a man came and bid me go out or kneel down: so I did go out. And thence to Somerset House; and there into the chappell, where Monsieur d’Espagne used to preach. But now it is made very fine, and was ten times more crouded than the Queene’s chappell at St. James’s; which I wonder at. Thence down to the garden of Somerset House, and up and down the new building, which in every respect will be mighty magnificent and costly. I staid a great while talking with a man in the garden that was sawing of a piece of marble, and did give him 6d. to drink. He told me much of the nature and labour of the worke, how he could not saw above 4 inches of the stone in a day, and of a greater not above one or two, and after it is sawed, then it is rubbed with coarse and then with finer and finer sand till they come to putty, and so polish it as smooth as glass. Their saws have no teeth, but it is the sand only which the saw rubs up and down that do the thing.

    Thence by water to the Coffee-house, and there sat with Alderman Barker talking of hempe and the trade, and thence to the ‘Change a little, and so home and dined with my wife, and then to the office till the evening, and then walked a while merrily with my wife in the garden, and so she gone, I to work again till late, and so home to supper and to bed.

  451. Baron.
    The wall will die without your input.
    Please reconsider.

  452. Rotheram EDL demonstration today apparently attended by `Banksie`.
    Rotherham authorities have demanded right to ban EDL. Home Secretary , Ms Rudd has denied this.

    Militant Polish priest detained at Stansted on way to join Britain First rally in Telford , which has been revealed as another place of the child-rape-jehad.Authorities fear that Poles in England may be `radicalised` in the wrong way.

    All Poles are equal ; but some are more equal ……..

  453. Romano Verdi
    February 25th, 2017 – 12:48

    I agree. But I strongly suspect that it is not so much a matter of Baron’s willingness to come back, but of his being prevented from coming back.

    Moreover I share Malfleur’s misgivings – to the point where I think that what we are seeing is that the Wall itself is being gradually prevented from existing.

    Death by a thousand cuts?

  454. Mine about 17-45.

    Would you believe it ! 503 comes up !

    Comment sent at 17-48.

  455. I’be been reading about Bonobos. They are by far the most intelligent of all Primates except for humans.

    Their society is matriarchal. Females have all the influence, males virtually none, all are mutually benign, they all have sex many times every day with whoever happens to be nearby no matter whether male or female. Problems of every sort are settled by having sex and even pederasty is quite normal. Moreover their society is one where no-one ever resorts to violence.

    The whole setup sounds like something humans, especially feminists (and human males for that matter – not to mention transgendered humans and so on) would consider to be heaven itself.

    I think somebody should use their example to compose a sequel to Planet of the Apes.

    It could begin with the premise that human society collapses because it has gone mad, but before it collapses, it has genetically engineered Bonobos so that they have all the abilities of humans including speech.

    Now that I think about it, I think that human society really is going mad. Is there not powerful evidence of it? Try this – and bear in mind that it is one example –

  456. Herbert Thornton

    With rather better justification, there was an attempt in 1967 to exorcise from the Pentagon the evil generated in the form of the Vietnam war by what Eisenhower had warned against as the military industrial complex and indeed to levitate the entire building…

  457. Time to post that last comment: less than 30 seconds

    But may be Peter is signalling that he needs more funds to run the site in a new year…?

  458. The media’s ‘job’ is to ‘actually control exactly what people think’.

    🙂 🙂 🙂

    We knew, but now it has been confirmed!

  459. Are other people having Barons problems as described, I haven’t and I’m puzzled by the fact he couldn’t access the battle for Britain link I posted on Thursday because every time I click on it in this site it works. ????

  460. The above took much longer but it went through.

  461. Lionel explains globalism from the globalists’ perspective:

  462. Lionel talks to someone who knows something about Korea about Korea in a way that is going to upset Col. Mustard, one suspects…

  463. John Birch at 06-55.

    Perhaps Baron hasn’t realized the item is just a single strip-cartoon ?

    [14-30: 503 comes up ]

  464. Lord Tebbit told The Daily Telegraph: “I cannot remember when he [Lord Heseltine] last bothered to look into The Lords, let alone spoke there.

    “Now he promises to descend from on high to try to wreck the Brexit Bill in company with the Lib Dems and some Labour Peers. I, and I think many of my colleagues, think that it is time he was kicked out of the party he clearly loathes.”


    “Top Scotland Yard inspector and his husband arrested….”

  466. Malfleur
    February 26th, 2017 – 13:47

    Thanks for that link to the Lionel/Caleb discussion. After a minute or so listening to it I couldn’t drag myself from the computer until it had ended. It was a lot more lucid than Lionel alone (or Alex Jones alone for that matter) tend to be.

    Like, you I’m curious about what Col Mustard may have to say about it, but a good deal of what Caleb says sounds rational. At least their discussion merits a lot of thought.

    A lot turns, it seems to me, on how far Caleb’s facts are accurate. To the extent that they are, he makes a rather persuasive case.

    At least their discussion merits a lot of thought. For example, one topic I would like to hear discussed is how much do North Korea’s policy of Juche, (self reliance) , Trump’s policy of America First, and Britain’s policy of Brexit have in common?

  467. There are problems from time-to-time which seem to come from Peter’s service provider. It might be that it is overloaded by traffic at the time.
    I don’t think the length of the CHW makes any difference.

    I would have told you how a ship sailed from Simon’s Town 165 years into tragedy,heroism and legend : but I will wait to next week.

  468. The Deep State and the Creep State > New English Review

  469. Who is sick to death of the luvvies:

    “Scuffles break out at Trump supporters’ anti-Oscar protest amid calls for a BOYCOTT of the Academy Awards over Hollywood’s ‘limousine liberal bias’
    Two young women clashed with a Trump supporter in Los Angeles on Sunday
    Footage showed a woman breaking a sign of a Trump supporter at an anti-Oscars protest near the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood
    It came as Trump supporters called for people to boycott watching the Oscars
    An angry Facebook post objected to ‘arrogant, pompous, pampered’ celebrities
    The post says that ‘American people’ should fight back by not watching on TV”

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