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    “As the Department of Homeland Security contemplates taking possibly unconstitutional power over the U.S. election system due to the threat of hackers, citizens should consider the fact that the agency itself was the victim of a major cyber intrusion that stole sensitive personal information of thousands of its employees, contends a former DHS officer.

    That, combined with a politically correct approach to the Islamic-jihad threat that allows dangerous people to enter the country should be enough reason to reject the plan suggested by DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson, contends Philip Haney, the co-author with WND News Editor Art Moore of the expose “See Something, Say Nothing: A Homeland Security Officer Exposes the Government’s Submission to Jihad.

    “DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson Johnson said last week that DHS is considering whether or not it should declare the U.S. election system a “critical infrastructure” due to potential cyber threats.

    Has our own government already surrendered to Islamic jihad?….”

    (h/t Drudge Report)

  2. Really?

    This was obviously written by the same lobotomised person that frequently writes in to the BBC “Points Of View” program stating: “The BBC Licence Fee is worth ever penny and I would happily pay more!”

    File under: trepanning, re-education, chair, feet, bucket, water, electrodes, privates etc.

  3. above: h/t James May [‏@MrJamesMay]

  4. FTAOD: It was just the graphic was via Mr May.

    Crikey, it’s getting worse. I’d better stop now!

  5. This presentation doesn’t include anything from the last year, because it hadn’t happened (!) , and I was amazed at just how much I had forgotten, because so much has been piled up since then:

    What is wrong with Europe? Roger Bootle, Executive Chairman of Capital Economics discusses

  6. RobertRetyred

    Very interesting! As is the video of the LSE analysis of Brexit which follows, but which doesn’t appear to have absorbed Roger Bootle’s information – although I haven’t finished it yet as I have been called to dinner.

    After watching these kinds of presentation, I want to be able to shift to a Skype conference call with CHWs to discuss and ask questions – though this would probably in practice not be such a good idea….

  7. The left are now so up themselves about their presumed divine right to rule and absolute moral supremacy that they’ll self- justify any fraudulent connivance in order to win elections. And because all the supposed impartial agencies of the state are in the hands of their unelected Long Marchers.


    An Open Society to shut down a civilisation.

    “Leaked documents from left-wing financier George Soros’s Open Society Foundations continue to reveal the extent to which the group has influenced the political response to Europe’s refugee crisis. Internal documents show OSF used $600,000 in reserve funding in March 2016 to bring pro-refugee positions into the “political mainstream.”

    Jordi Vaquer, OSF’s regional director for Europe, approved a $600,000 proposal entitled, “Countering the anti-migrant rhetoric and toxic narratives surrounding migration in Europe.” ”

  9. Alexander Boot thinks that, as between Trump and Clinton for president in the November election, it’s a Hobson’s choice.

    (4+ minute video)

    Gimme a break!

  10. Best to go incognito for the next decade: Vaz Al-Lin

  11. “U.S. intelligence and law enforcement agencies are probing what they see as a broad covert Russian operation in the United States to sow public distrust in the upcoming presidential election and in U.S. political institutions, intelligence and congressional officials said.”

    Other suspects are president Duterte of the Phillipines, The Coffee House Wall, and the Easter Bunny.

  12. Colonel Mustard – 13:10

    Some snaps from last weekend’s anti Brexit demo in London. Take a look at the pathetic bunch of tossers

    Makes me want to emigrate, especially this one…

  13. Frank P,

    This is the size of the mountain that The Donald has to climb:

    Depressing, ennit.

  14. EC (15:20).

    I think Fredoneverything hit the nail on the head in the link I posted above: it’s genetic – and sadly the predominance is sinistral, stupid and in power. The remedy requires what at the moment is unacceptable to most of the right leaning minority. Moreover by the time it becomes acceptable it will be far too late, if indeed it isn’t already. Watching a reasonably successful strand of civilisation dissolve before your eyes in such a short period of human history is deeply tragic. Other eras experienced it, now it’s our turn. At least the heroes of yesteryear died in droves attempting to prevent their own civilisations from going down rhe tubes. What have we got? A pussy- whipped government with Dulux Dog Davis and Bullshitting Boris batting for our side. And the ‘Opposition’ led by Albert Steptoe aided and abetted by the an oily turd of a ginger beer-barrel of Vazeline. The US of A is even worse. After all, they voted for the Clintonostra twice, the Obamanostra twice and it looks as though they are bound for a third term of a meld of both.

    Seven seconds of footage sums up my feelings:

  15. EC @ 15:20

    This isn’t bad either, EC, but then you would find people like that in every society. The good news is most of them don’t bother to vote.

  16. Frank P @ 16:31

    Is it that your feelings don’t exist, or is it a wrong address, Frank?

  17. EC @ 14:48

    It’s a good bet most of these people don’t have, have never ever had or looked for a job, EC.

    The time has come to review universal suffrage, weed out people who have never made any contribution to the commonwealth, no?

  18. Baron (16:35)

    The link was the clip of Vlad laughing maniacally. It obviously didn’t make it through the cybersphere. Can’t have been Vlad’s doing – he would have enjoyed it within the context. So it must have been GCHQ.

  19. Malfleur @ 14:44

    This is what the piece also says, Malfleur:

    “The Russian government hack of the Democratic National Committee, disclosed by the DNC in June but not yet officially ascribed by the U.S. government to Russia….”

    It makes no sense, why wouldn’t the US government officially blame the Russian government for the hack if it were true?

    It’s vomit like this in what used to be a reputable paper that undermines people’s trust in the MSM.

  20. Frank P @ 16:50

    Many media pundits complain about the quality of the stuff one finds on the Net, Frank but the MSM is as bad as the rest of us, the trash in the WSJ is but one example of it.

    There truly isn’t a single source of information today one may trust, very sad this.

  21. Colonel Mustard @ 13:10

    That’s very true, Colonel.

    The top of each and every pyramid of power in our society – from the church to voluntary associations – has been captured by the progressive loonies, those of sound mind are impotent to have their voices heard, to effect anything, to engineer a change, the only tool that remains more or less effective is the ballot box, or so one hopes.

  22. Malfleur @ 14:03

    Good one, Malfleur, yours?

  23. RobertRetyred @ 11:16

    Not unlike Malfleur, Robert, the barbarian couldn’t finish the whole 20 minutes of Roger’s presentation, but one point on the start of it.

    When he talks about the strong growth of the then EEC (up to 1973) he omits to mention that it was Germany that boosted the growth rate of the set-up for the obvious reason – the country was in ruins after WW2, picked herself up (plenty of immigrant labor, mainly from Turkey) hence the overall growth of the original five was so impressive. For us, it needed Margaret’s reforms, the n we started going places.

  24. Baron, Frank P

    The clip of Vlad laughing has been frequently deployed as his reaction to those comic actors such as Hittlery and Ed Miliband who have made empty threats against him.

    … a longer version of the interview giving some additional context:

  25. Below is 60 seconds of video tape of Donald Trump talking to black people. Many poor blacks intend to vote for him. But hat’s not the story here. The cameraman is on the video tape talking out loudly to a Reuters producer telling him not to film it because it wold show Trump in a good light. The video tape is only 60 seconds because Reuters insists the live stream be shut down.

    Reuters’ anti-Trump bias, caught red-handed:

  26. If you want an object lesson in the Judas Goat character of the Daily Mail in pretending to be its readers’ friend when in fact it hates its readers, look no further than in the way that newspaper is spending every minute of every day attacking Donald Trump.

    Last week, it finally went too far in an article on Melania Trump.

    Simon Heffer was banned from writing about present day politics in the run-up to the 2015 election by his then employer Paul Dacre. Dacre feared Mr Heffer would praise UKIP and slam Cameron (he would have).

    Mr Heffer had a pop back at Dacre and the Daily Mail this week. He writes in the Telegraph:

    “A crude attempt to libel his wife has just spectacularly backfired.”

    In other words, I’m so glad I no longer work for you and have to be censored.

    This is what he is referring to: ‘The Daily Mail retracts Melania Trump escort agency story after Donald Trump’s wife files lawsuit’

    That’s the amazing thing. Almost nobody in the UK press is allowed to write positive opinion pieces about Trump. Janet Daley may have (I must check) but off the top of my head, only Simon Heffer has been allowed to treat Donald Trump with the respect normally afforded to a mainstream politician. Every other news outlet and commentator treats Trump like a leper.

    Especially the disgusting Daily Mail.

  27. This is from an article Simon Heffer wrote for the Telegraph about six months ago.

    Want to know why David Cameron is terrified of Trump? Why the BBC is? Why The Guardian is. Why the Labour Party is? In fact, why the whole British establishment is?

    Mr Heffer sums it up in one word. This is what Mr Heffer wrote:

    “Mrs Clinton will find him hard to tackle, compared with the central casting politicians she has hitherto fought either for the Senate or when she took on Barack Obama for the nomination in 2008. Trump is unpredictable, and won’t play by the Queensberry rules.

    “He will goad Mrs Clinton about her campaign funders, and the favours she has done for Wall Street. He will goad her about her conduct during the inglorious presidency of her much-diminished husband. He will goad her about the attack on Benghazi in which an American ambassador died while she was Secretary of State. He will goad her about using her hacked private email server to store state secrets, for which she still could end up being indicted. He will goad her about her – absurdly – taking a campaign donation in return for attending his last wedding. And he will goad her about things he hasn’t even thought of yet. Tens of millions will love it.

    “Perhaps instead of protesting the impossibility of Mr Trump winning, we should focus on the consequences if he does. Whether David Cameron should apologise to him for the infantile insults he threw at him, and which show yet again how our Prime Minister too rarely considers the consequences of his words and actions, will depend on his still being prime minister when and if Mr Trump becomes president. That may rest on the referendum. In any case, there will be bigger fish to fry than the effects of Mr Cameron’s stupid and arrogant decision to grandstand about another country’s politics.

    “If Mr Trump follows through on his promises, there will be a very different policy in the Middle East, with Mr Trump promising a full confrontation with his sworn enemy, Islam.”

  28. Hillary Clinton has now not held a press conference for 271 days. Which the Daily Mail never tells people about. Funny how much space Paul Dacre has to beat up on Trump. That tells you all you need to know about that nasty newspaper.

  29. Baron.

    UKIP front runner Diane James calls for Farage to be given a Peerage.

  30. Those Remainers demonstrating against England’s patriots (Shime on E-YEW) are the losers; the Californians interviewed by Mark Dice who are so easily persuaded that John Wayne just endorsed the mobster Hillary Clinton are supporting the loser. Let’s just thank God that they are not Brexiteers or Trump supporters. They are en route for the dustbin of history.

    Here’s Alex Jones on Monday with news of a new email dump to speed Clinton on the way to that dustbin; and, for those who have not yet seen it and may be passing through, he replays the August interview with Nigel Farage. For those Remainers in the clip dumbly chanting “Where’s NOIGEL gone!” – he’s out there building his multi-million audience in the free world.


  31. Yall still there?
    Betcha not may of you limeys heard of Tamaulipas.
    Donald has.
    And this dreadful place is right next to the Lone Star State and is sending us not just immigrants but drugs and the Cartels’ outreach.
    We should start the beautiful wall now!

    Love to Andy.

  32. Cross refer my post yesterday at 14:44

    Strike the Coffee House Wall and the Easter Bunny – suspect Duterte now neck and neck with the Ruskies:

    ” Obama was considering cancelling his meeting scheduled for tomorrow with Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte after being called a “son of a bitch.” Well, the cancellation is now official.”

  33. Of thy charity, have some sympathy and show support for Keith Vaz, who is being hounded by the press for having it off with a rent boy, this must be homophobic, and as he is a Yemeni shirt lifter, racist as well. What is the problem here? I can not think of anything more authentically PC than blowing a rent boys trumpet. All he needs to do now is to get a sex change, that would guarantee him a knighthood if nothing else. Sad it is that the poor boy has been handed such a bum rap.

  34. I wish I could have laughed on Sunday reading about Keith Vaz but he is one devious person. His modus operandi is simple: embed yourself with the establishment and that way, if you’re ever in trouble, Labour, Tory and Lib Dem will close ranks and protect you.

    Let me explain. Mr Vaz fought tooth and nail to defend Greville Janner, who managed to escape trial at the Bailey for unspeakable crimes.

    Vaz is a made man. In with the in crowd. You scratch our back, we scratch yours.

  35. J.J.Burns and Trump are right.
    You’ve got to keep control of those pesky foreigners flooding in over the border or one day the varmints will be taking-over half of you country.

    September 5th. 1836 (one hundred and eighty years ago) Samuel Houston elected President of Texas.

    The American / Mexican War. (History Today)

  36. Brexit opinion poll manipulation is being used again in the US. Polls appeared showing Brexit was a lost cause. Message: These Brexiteers are beyond-the-pale losers.

    Trump gets the same. Message: this man is beyond the pale. A loser and a lunatic. These polls are out and out lies, manipulated by the pollsters themselves. Why else do the polls keep whipsawing?

  37. I’ll tell you what, if these Remainiacs think they’ve got something to whinge about today, if Trump wins on November 8, they’re going to be squealing like stuck pigs for four years.

    Britain is conducting a massive clampdown on free speech for one reason. Unpaid volunteers are being recruited by police forces. Can you guess what religion and ethnic denomination they might be hoping will sign up for that?

    And all for one common purpose. Talking of which, Common Purpose madam Shami Chakrabarti may be in Jeremy Cobblers’ shadow cabinet – she is at the forefront of this clampdown on free speech.

    And if Trump wins, what is illegal to say online in the UK is being, er, mouthed by the leader of the free world. That will be defendants’ defences: I don’t know why Shami’s thought police have put me here in the dock, I was only quoting the leader of the free world.

  38. That’s the reason Peter Hitchens has dubbed her Chairman May. Her six years in the Home Office were spent being the architect of anti-free speech and now she is prime minister, it is having the finishing touches put to it. Never underestimate how evil Theresa May is.

    And as for her and Shami Chakrabarti: Peas in a pod. Cut from the same spiteful cloth, the pair of them. Both with one common purpose.

  39. Who is that white guy with those African slaves? Careful what you say ; it’s the Big Mo.

  40. Hillary’s cough: could she have a throat infection from eating dodgy meat, I wonder? I hear she’s no vegetarian.

  41. God keep Mr Justice Holroyde.

    Meanwhile, I am sure that the Prison Service will act consistent with previous cases and lock up these two mohammedan criminals with none but dedicated Christians.

  42. SIR NIGEL FARAGE to return?

    Alex Jones says at the start of hi Tuesday show that Farage told him privately, but not confidentially, that he had stepped down from the leadership of UKIP to give the government a chance to BREXIT in accordance with the result of the referendum, but would return if it reneged.

    By the way, Jones comments on the humiliation of the USA on the tarmac at Hangzhou airport and about 20 minutes in expresses the view that the globalists are using the Chinese to take over world; that the globalists have sold us out to China.

    Is this why the media shills and useful media idiots seek to encourage us to focus on Russia as the main threat. This would show the Prime Minister’s hesitation over Hinkley Point in a different light – we can but dream….

    Larry Nichols and then Dr. Steve Pieczenik are separately guests of Jones later in the show – always good value at this critical time.

  43. Here is a classic example of BBC bias and revisionist left wing propaganda.

    This trashing of the Raj by Dr Jon Wilson fails to mention that he was a parliamentary researcher, a political activist for Labour, a Labour councillor and a writer of Fabian publications.

    There is a small clue in this statement:-

    “By contemporary standards, the size of the state was tiny, and the capacity for political action very limited.”

    which completely misses the point of Britain’s imperial pragmatism and laissez-faire approach in favour of the typical socialist expectation of Big Government controlling and politicising everything.

    Dr Jon Wilson “has made significance UK policy interventions on democracy and public sector reform” but of course has not been elected by anyone to do so. Is he a historian or a political activist? He teaches our young History at King’s College but it looks like subjective, politically charged history rather than objective history with an impartial assessment of the impact of politics. Does this open minds or close them?

    In his Fabian publication “Letting Go” he argues that hat Labour needs to become a movement rooted in people’s experience, not be the party of the central manager. Above all, it needs to trust people again. The politician’s vocation should be to create institutions where those conversations happen, not determine what they decide.”

    And of course for Labour/Socialist/Fabian types those “conversations” are always an echo chamber rooted in the intolerant dogma and delusion of absolute moral supremacy of the left If a “conversation” should arise in those “institutions” which is not to the left’s liking they will demonise it, censure it, censor it and shut it down.

    But then comes the contradiction:

    “This doesn’t mean Labour should abandon its faith in the state. Indeed, that faith needs to be renewed, because our public institutions embody Labour’s sense of the purpose of politics: to protect and care, and provide a basis for us to lead good lives together. But the argument in favour of the public sector should be an argument for local control and popular ownership.”

    Is there anything more chilling than that platitude “provide a basis for us to lead good lives together” which has been the catalyst for every example of communist/socialist state oppression in history.

    “Local control and popular ownership” means by the left, for the left and of the left, directed by “community leaders”, preferably without the tiresome bother of having to get elected.

    Dr Jon Wilson ably represents the pernicious corruption of objectivity by the politically active left infesting non-political institutions and politicising them, including the BBC.

  44. His photograph shows that he is a ringer for

  45. Colonel Mustard (09:12)

    His photograph attached to one of the articles that you cite reveals him to be a ringer for Alan Colmes, the token white lefty hired by Fox News Channel to provide the patina of ‘balance’ of which they mendaciously boast.

    Again, I suggest genetic impairment as one of the roots of dogmatic statism. And of course cowardice, which is also inherent in leftist thinking.
    And as long as Academia persists in appointing its own ilk to positions of power through the overarching educational/political establishments in the West then we are unlikely to escape from the consequences.

    The most depressing development since the end of WWII is their infiltration of the Conservative Party and the laziness of those who could and should have prevented it from evolving. Even post Brexit, there is an eerie silence from the Tory right wingers as the comfort of power seems to induce a languid acceptance of the status quo.


    Hillary, Trump, and War with Russia

    “The Goddamdest Stupid Idea I Have Ever Heard, and I Have Lived in Washington….”

    “… A good reason to vote for Trump, a very good reason whatever his other intentions, is that he does not want a war with Russia. Hillary and her elite ventriloquists threaten just that. Note the anti-Russian hysteria coming from her and her remoras*….”

    “…A martial principle of great wisdom says that military stupidity comes in three grades: Ordinarily stupid; really, really, really stupid; and fighting Russia. Think Charles XII at Poltava, Napoleon after Borodino, Adolf and Kursk…”

    *REMORAS – Hillary Clinton has her useful idiots and not all of them are in the USA.


    Last week I came by chance across the concept of urban farms. I have not yet had a chance to look into it, but, as is the way of things sometimes, I came across the following reference to them in an email sent to me by Public Intelligence Blog:

    “…Do you want to talk about cooperation? In several American inner cities, local heroes have created urban farms. Residents of all ages learn to grow their own food. Their own fresh, clean food. What a magnificent achievement. With an infinitesimal fraction of the federal money we have wastefully dumped into the War on Poverty, we could have these pioneers start up a hundred, a thousand, ten thousand expansive urban farms across America. —Food grown by the people who will eat it. This project alone would revolutionize life in those places. Why aren’t we doing it? Why can’t government find these private citizens who are already tremendous problem solvers and empower them to solve more problem, instead of backing tired old race-baiting blowhards?

    “I’ll tell you why. The government is a jealous master. It wants to define, control, and solve problems. It doesn’t really matter whether the problems are overcome, as long as government is in charge….”

    Does anyone know if any urban farms have been successfully established in Britain?

  48. Malfleur,
    The City Farm is just around the corner from me here in Whitechapel. I have never bothered to visit the undertaking, but then I was raised in the countryside and am accustomed to the real thing and not an urban pastiche of the bucolic idyll.

  49. Not sure that urban farms here are not the suspect tinkering of liberal minds trying to impose friends of the earth philosophy on the plebs.
    I was staying in the Cotswolds and came across a funny outfit called permaculture run by one Adrian Leaman. He was harping on about Spitalfields Urban Farm for which he was putting together some kind of log gantry.
    As far as I could see the whole thing smacked of environmental money and personal gain.
    But then I am a cynic.

  50. That bloody woman obviously wants to remain in the single market run by that other bloody woman and her increasingly Muslim compatriots.

  51. One short sentence, huktra, and it says it all.

  52. Radford NG @ 21:04

    Assuming the Prophet’s skin had less melanin than it’s generally believed, Radford, who was he?

  53. Radford NG @ 00:03

    She’s Baron’s choice then, Radford, thanks.

    Btw, the barbarian from the East is travelling (in the east), cannot join in fully, what a relief, ha?

  54. Theresa May has rejected a points based immigration system which would never have been acceptable to the EU.

    Later she stated that EU migrants would have to secure a job before coming here which was already part of the original EU ‘free movement’ rules but which had fallen into disuse due to government enthusiasm for cheap labour competition and their failure to manage immigration effectively .

    It is obvious what is being contrived here. A continuing relationship of subordination to the EU to secure free trade.

    May said: “What the British people voted for on the 23rd of June was to bring some control into the movement of people from the European Union to the UK. A points-based system does not give you that control.”

    I thought that we had voted to leave the EU, no? Let’s get on with it please.

  55. Unfortunately, London seems occupied by inarticulate Ancient Europeans painted with woad. Otherwise there might be room for Englishmen to march from Trafalgar Square to Parliament Square to press their vote home.

  56. HOBSON’S CHOICE? Gimme a breaK!

    “Clinton Foundation Is Charity Fraud Of Epic Proportions”, Analyst Charges In Stunning Takedown (Zero Hedge)

  57. huktra
    September 7th, 2016 – 17:08

    “That bloody woman obviously wants to remain in the single market run by that other bloody woman and her increasingly Muslim compatriots.”

    Precisely. Theresa May is a fraud. David Davis has said out is out. The UK does not need to be part of the single market. It can go it alone.

    May is easily smoked out of her hiding hole by comparing her behaviour with that of Davis. Why does she not say the same? Because she is a Remainiac.

    Why can’t she invoke Article 50 now? There is no opposition. Because she is a Remainiac.

    Look at this headline from today’s Daily Mail:

    Are you SURE you voted Remain, Jeremy? Corbyn doesn’t want Britain to be a member of the EU single market and slams free trade ‘dogma’

    – Aides make clear he doesn’t want UK to be full member of EU single market
    – Many Labour MPs believe Corbyn secretly wanted Brexit vote

    Her own party scream at her to say out is out, ie, not in the single market and so does the opposition. So what’s the problem? It’s you Theresa. You’re a liar. You want to keep Britain in the EU.

  58. Theresa May’s spin doctors have put a new phrase into the news pages this week. You’ll see it a lot. Theresa May is, we are assured, ‘playing her cards close to her chest’.

    That is a spin doctor’s lie. There is no need to play your cards close to your chest when dealing with the EU. Unless, of course, like Theresa, you are a liar and a Remainiac and don’t want the voters to know you are delaying Article 50 until a change in the political weather.

    The way to deal with the EU is the way that Margaret Thatcher dealt with it. When she was in the Commons she said: ‘No, no, no.’ In other words, when she turned up at Brussels, they knew she was no pushover. She was not faking her hatred of the EU.

    Unless Theresa May says ‘No, no, no’ or something similar over and over again, what happens when she turns up at Brussels? They’ll walk her into doing what they want. The EU only responds to hardball. In this game, that means this: We’re leaving the single market. Got it? If you don’t want to sell your BMWs and VWs etc to British customers and lose all that custom, that’s fine by us. But as far as we’re concerned, this EU nonsense is over. Now draw up bi-lateral trade deals, forget us being in the single market and all the xxxx that goes with it.

    The reason why Theresa May will not openly express her hostility to the EU in the manner of Margaret Thatcher, David Davis and even Jeremy Cobblers is this: She wants to stay in the wretched thing.

  59. An absolutely joyous 60 seconds of history, Margaret Thatcher saying: ‘No, no, no.’

    The point is this. When she said things like that, what were the EU panjandrums thinking when she turned up in Brussels? She really means business.

    All this stuff about Theresa May ‘playing her cards close to her chest’ is to deceive the British electorate. It is the British voters May is trying to wrong foot. Not Brussels.

    What do the people in Brussels know about May? They know that she is not ‘No, no, no.’ And that she campaigned as a Remainiac. Message: She’s one of us. She’ll keep Britain in the EU all right.

    And she will.

    Any British politician standing up for Britain in Brussels would play hardball and let them know before they got to Brussels that the boot is on the UK’s foot, not the other way round.

    Margaret Thatcher wrote the textbook on this. This is why all comparisons between May and Thatcher are false. May likes to showboat and say in the Commons ‘remind you of anybody’ to try to pretend to be Thatcher but it’s a spin doctored lie.

    If you want to invoke the spirit of Thatcher, say no, no, no. We’re going. Out. Finito. Auf Weidhersein, pet.

    But May won’t. And it’s because she’s a Remainiac.

  60. Colonel Mustard – 23:20

    “free trade”
    Don’t make me laugh. Stop it, it hurts!

  61. I was enjoying a modest taste of HP Sauce “The Original” with my breakfast this morning, until I read read the label more closely…

    “Made in the Netherlands for Heinz Africa & Middle East FZE, P.O. Box 54946, Dubai UAE.”

    Fucking outrageous! Wanna talk about cultural appropriation? “Gimme a break!”
    Any company not prepared to manufacture in the UK should lose their “By Appointment to HMQ” status and entitlement to display the royal crest, imo.

    We need to follow Donald Trump’s lead in many areas, but one would be to stop the hemorrhage of British jobs to he EU and the Far East by taxing the import of goods by formerly made in the UK. Companies that ship mfg. plant and jobs abroad to take advantage of tax breaks, or any other inducements offered, should be made to pay a price – for a period of 5 to 10 years.

  62. Events are storming ahead this week vis-a-vis May’s true colours on the EU. Her sole job is to keep Britain in the EU and pass the blame on to fall guys. She made David Davis minister for Brexit but then poisoned the chalice by giving him only 26 civil servants. That project needs 200 civil servants minimum. Davis is being set up as the failure-to-Brexit fall guy.

    Davis knows this and that is why he has gone freelance and told the Commons he has no problem with being out, out. He is happy to leave the single market. In other words, I am not going to be your fall guy, May. I said out and I meant it. Don’t you dare try to pin Brexit failure on me. It’s you who is engineering Brexit failure.

    To which her sly riposte is: Moi? Moi? Heaven forfend. I am holding all my cards close to my chest. You should be doing the same.

    Ho, ho, ho. And let you blame Brexit failure on me, Theresa? What do you think David Davis is? Born yesterday. No. We’re going to let all the audience know what I think: Out. Out, out, out.

    Oh, and a word of warning, Theresa. You had a little giggle when you got rid of Michael Gove (the only Conservative politician of the past 20 years I have any respect for and the man who should have been prime minister).

    Well, he was on the backbenches this week, rubbing the doommongers’ noses in it about their Project Fear failing to materialise. He is quite right. We have had enough of experts. Why didn’t the IMF, the BoE and all those smarmy FTSE bosses predict the 2008 crash. Because they’re useless. And they were useless in their spiteful project fear.

    Trouble’s coming, Theresa, and Michael Gove has the tenacity and brain of Norman Tebbit. Expect some ‘afters’ from him when the going gets tough, Theresa.

    I can say is, Govers, pick your moment – and let her have it. I want her – metaphorically speaking – to be rolling around on that Commons floor like Alfe Inge Haaland after Roy Keane had given him a bit of afters. She knows what she did to Govers. And now he has to do the same to her. Get in there, Gove. He could even paraphrase Roy Keane and declare from the back benches: ‘Take that, EU xxxx.’

  63. Anybody spot the by-line of this article?

    Yes, I DO know it’s a pseudonym, but someone’s taking the wee-wee, surely?

  64. I introduced you critters to Tamaulipas Tuesday. Well you better believe what an evil place this is, just over the border.

    And these dagos cannot keep their pants buttoned.

    Build that big beautiful wall now!

  65. And at last an end to ISIS.

    November cannot come quickly enough.

    Love to Andy.

  66. Jeano – 10:39
    “Events are storming ahead this week vis-a-vis May’s true colours on the EU. Her sole job is to keep Britain in the EU and pass the blame on to fall guys.”

    I prefer to keep my powder dry.

    We don’t have much information and, if TM was aiming for a proper Brexit, she would be doing what she is doing now, keeping the opposition guessing, and not doing a CMD and telling world what her hopes are. She has done well to let her team form. Nothing had been prepared for a Brexit victory (part of the CMD plan), not even a coordinator! It has also given time for the decision to sink in. Those on the Continent, and North of the Border, have shown themselves to be not worthy of Public Office, so when they have calmed down, it might be possible to have some meaningful conversations.

    The jury is still out, so we can encourage, but to condemn before any hard evidence to the contrary is a waste of energy and credibility.

  67. EC September 8th, 2016 – 09:54

    I agree. Where companies move production – or call centres – abroad and create job losses here there is a knock on impact on the taxpayer from the benefits system. They should be taxed for such policy decisions. A redundancies tax to defray the cost to the exchequer of making large numbers of people unemployed might make the corporate parasites think twice and look first to the obscene, bloated salaries of their corporate management before reducing costs at the coal face which often results in understaffed service and long waits for consumers.

    Personally I’d make overseas call centres illegal for companies expecting to market services and products in the UK.

  68. Colonel Mustard – 14:29
    “Personally I’d make overseas call centres illegal for companies expecting to market services and products in the UK.”

    How about making them unintelligible? …..

    They already do! 🙂

  69. Does ANYONE have ANY idea who this ‘Nick Clegg’ person is?

    He’s must have reemerged from hibernation (in the Autumn ? ) and discovered Brexit has hatched:

    He says all the anti-EU types are very angry, but not as angry as Nick Clegg and the Snowflakes.

  70. Make A Wish (or Theresa’s fervent prayer)

    Where morning is new
    And so is its grace,
    Young voters, let’s go to that place,

    There are no strangers,
    Where we can be,
    Where no one asks our happiness,
    Nor care for our grieve,

    Where neither mullahs preach,
    Nor kazis do teach,
    Where neither mosques make noise,
    Nor temples show-off pride,

    Where neither exist caste-creeds’,
    Poisonous stringers,
    No existence of Soviet,
    Emperor nor beggar,

    Where bloomed garden is found,
    With heart of man kind,
    You be the fragrance of flowers,
    I shall be the gentle wind,

    Oh you voters, let’s fly to that place,
    Where day is new and so is its grace,
    Oh voters let’s fly to that place…..

  71. From my experiences recently it seems with doctors the most important thing that you can tell them is how much you drink.
    Yes I smoke 50 fags a day , a pint of beer, A bit of weed . Have a line or two , and obviously a couple of Eastern Europe rent boys a day for unprotected sex.
    Doctors reply, are you sure it’s only one pint a day”

  72. Ostrich (occasionally)
    September 8th, 2016 – 11:15
    Anybody spot the by-line of this article?
    Yes, I DO know it’s a pseudonym, but someone’s taking the wee-wee, surely?

    I have always considered chaps with such by-lines to be buggers and wankers.

  73. EU’s ZOMBIE banks: ECB is destroying Europe’s finance hubs, warns leading investment bank

    I don’t really understand it, but I think any sane person would think we are better off now, after the Brexit vote, and need to continue in the same direction.

    What I don’t understand is why that ‘Scottish Woman and Nick Clegg want to ‘Remain’.

    I think I have answered my own question! 🙂

  74. Arkancide n. [see also S.A.D.S.: Sudden Arkansas Death Syndrome.]
    Arkancide is the unfortunate habit of potential witnesses to the Clintons’ dirty dealings in Arkansas suddenly deciding to shoot themselves twice in the back of the head. Police and Coroners in Arkansas, notably Fahmy Malak who answered to Governor Bill Clinton, automatically described these shootings as “suicides.” After Bill Clinton became President the phenomenon spilled over to Washington D.C. when…

    A handy, impressive and comprehensive compendium of links to the subject matter, all in one place!

  75. You should enjoy this clip, more so because it’s from the BBC. Our friend John may have something to say about it.

    That’s just one chunk of the by-product of the two term’s governance by the Hon Muslim. How could anyone live in conditions like these beggars belief. Were those inhabiting the squalor in the south and west of the city really ‘forced into it’ as the older guy says? Who exactly did the ‘forcing’?

    Perhaps some people were not born to be free?

  76. Colonel Mustard @ 14:29

    It’s not hard to see where you and the others are coming from on this issue, Colonel, but blaming the companies for moving offshore to stay competitive (or in business) misses somewhat the key point of what was it that engendered globalisation. In its impact on our lives it’s not unakin to the introduction of the mechanisation of textile production centuries ago, it was based on a technological progress then as now, it must be embraced, our societal model must be flexible enough to accommodate it.

    Each of us perform economically two functions – we’re consumers and we are also a part of the production process. Unquestionably we benefit from the globalisation as the former, the prices of virtually everything has been on the way south if not in absolute terms (although in many cases it has been the case), but in terms of one’s purchasing power. When Baron bought his car more than four decades ago, it cost him roughly twenty times the average weekly wage (£32), to day the average earned per week is around £500, a new equivalent car can be had for around £7,000. On top of it, the today’s car is by far better equipped, more reliable, safer.

    The car industry isn’t the best example of the boost to our purchasing power, other industries have done better e.g. high tech.

    Where many of us suffer is in the inability to keep our place in the production of the wealth that we, as consumers, enjoy. Those lucky to have a job benefit, those unlucky to keep one feel hard done by, and rightly so. It’s up to the government to use the tools they have in their disposal i.e. the distribution of the country’s income (transfer payments) to ease the pain of those who lost their old jobs, to re-train them for, (mostly service jobs), or for jobs in sectors that are emerging as technology marches on.

    This is not to excuse the anomalies in the re-adjustment process, it’s merely to point that often companies to stay competitive, or even alive, have had to relocate. It was either that or bust.

  77. Ostrich (occasionally) @ 11:15

    This may floor you, O(o) (and the others), but what do these rent boys do? Stupid question, for sure, but Baron, in spite of his advance age, has no idea, possible because thinking about it he never did. it makes him physically sick just to imagine what they may be up to.

    The pretend-gay implied that there was no sex involved, he often texted to kill time. What’s the fugging point to get hired then?

    Sex’s unquestionably enjoyable, the earth shatters for some, biology explains well why, some are so sex crazed they overdo it, but should we, as a society, promote the perverted? Any gain in it for the commonwealth except for some additional costs charged to the taxpayer if things go wrong?

  78. EC @ 19:59

    Impressive indeed, EC, but why is she still walking free?

  79. You’re really gunning for the saintly Teresa, Jeano, but it may be too early?

    During the campaign she wasn’t really committed either way, it has proven to be a smart move, she’s in charge, the deeply ‘tainted’ with Brexit aren’t’. As a politician she did the right thing. It may well be she’s always been a brexiter at heart, who can look into her soul. Given that most of the MPs are in favour of the Brussels hydra, she has to be careful to avoid an early election, who knows what the plebeians may do.

    Perhaps we should be more patient, judge her after she’s delivered the framework, no?


    EC @ 09:54

    The House of Heinz is of course the fortune that Secretary Kerry married into. Dubai is one of those dubious emirates along with Qatar and the other “friendlies” who are untouched by former Secretary Clinton’s ripping apart of less happier lands in the Middle East.

    In short, EC, you have had the bottle to tangle with the New World Order by suggesting that HMQ should cancel her appointment of one of the Club’s earners and you would no doubt discover all kinds of rights and privileges attach to the transfer of the manufacture of HP outside the United Kingdom including very probably some light to zero tax obligations .

    By the same token …“Therefore, Heinz’s interest in halal issues is borne out of social responsibility to its Muslim customers and consumers. The halal certification for HP Sauce is a non-negotiable priority for the company.” (malaysiakini)

    EC, there’s worse:

    “The new [2011] HP sauce recipe got the thumbs down from Michelin-starred chef Marco Pierre White.
    He said he sent back a meal of sausages and mash at Mail on Sunday columnist Piers Morgan’s Kensington pub The Hansom Cab [ne vaut pas le detour] last week. ‘I sent the meal back, because I thought it was off,’ he said. ‘At first, I thought it was the sausages, but it wasn’t. It was the HP, which tasted disgusting. It was definitely dodgy. I had no idea they had changed the recipe….) (Daily Mail 2011)

    Did HMQ go along with this change in the recipe and does HMQ support her appointed sauce’s hallal certification? This latter question touches on a sensitive political issue. Has HMQ sold her birthright as Defender of the Faith, albeit maintained by her predecessor Henry VIII in somewhat iffy circumstances, for a bottle of sauce?

    Brexit suggested that HMQ is something of a Vicar of Bray on existential constitutional matters, so swearing an oath as head of the Church of England amd supporting a legal system in which shariah law is entertained and a country set on the road to allowing islam equality, initially, with Christianity is not seen as a dangerous contradiction.

    First they came for the Tabasco sauce, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was did not like Tabasco.

    Then they came for the Worcestershire sauce, and I did not speak out—
    Because I did not use Worcestershire sauce..

    Then they came for my HP sauce—and there was no one left to speak for me because the others had all been converted to islam.

    It is also quite possible


    Stephen Maybery’ Romano Verdi

    I am sure the concept is grist to the mill of liberal trendies. The problem to which it might be a solution though is twofold.

    First, how do we break the “free shit” constituency and contribute to rolling back the frontiers of state?

    Secondly, how does the urban population prepare for the possibility of plague, civil unrest, war and blockade, occurrences not entirely unknown in our history.

    Were allotment owners, now discouraged, all limp-wristed liberals or the fruits and vegetables they produced not the real thing? Is there a realistic urban alternative?

    Or is there perhaps nothing to worry about?

  82. Are the Woadsters crazy or criminal or what?

    “The largest ever humanitarian program in the history of the EU, is now underway in Turkey.

    The humanitarian effort comes in the form of a $393 million helicopter drop of Debit Cards and Cash to Refugees in Turkey as Part of Migration Deal.”

  83. Malfleur, September 8th, 2016 – 23:37

    An excellent, educational, alarming and, if I may say, amusing wake up call on the pickle in which we now seem to be immersed. Thanks for helping me to ketch up, so to speak.

    I would normally commend Outerbridge’s Original Peppers Sauce to a fellow connoisseur such as yourself but it’s been a while, as they say, and I’ve no idea if the bastards have got at that too!

    These are important matters, the halal food labelling racket, the attendant islamification of our food by bullying, stealth, cultural appropriation etc. all need highlighting.

  84. Baron
    September 8th, 2016 – 21:12

    “but why is she still walking free”

    She ain’t doing too much walking these days. Baron. She needs a couple of SS men to help her get about.

    A more pertinent question to ask would be, whatever happened to that chunky bald black dude/doctor who was always in arm’s length with a hypodermic syringe in case she conked out? He’s disappeared, shortly after Paul Joseph Watson outed him. Has he been retired, maybe gone fishin’, or is he now swimmin’ with da fishes? OR, maybe he be curled up somewhere anonymous, gently hebetating, making trunk music.

    Who’d be a henchman, eh?

  85. What is the PM up to?
    She is allowing faith schools to select on faith.
    The debacle of Birmingham a couple of years ago will be as nothing if she allows this. Whole schools arranging school trips to Raqqa on the taxpayer.

    And what alternative to this shower?
    Last night on QT we saw what we all feared. Andrew Neather come to fruition. Rows of aggressive Muslims shouting down anyone and any comment not supporting Corbyn.

    When I was younger bearded gentlemen walked around with placards saying that the end was nigh. I may take that up (without beard)

  86. An Independent article with which I agree:

    Theresa May is right, we need more selective schooling – the brightest have suffered for long enough

    It might not propose any answers, but it does dare to raise questions.

  87. Is it April 1st?

    Police force is planning to let Muslim officers wear full BURKAS to attract more ‘ethnic female minority officers and boost diversity’

  88. “In the following interview Mr. Zemmour discusses the Islamization of France, the expansion of the no-go zones, and the inevitability of a French military response to Muslim colonization. One of the most intriguing revelations in this interview is his assertion that the French military has consulted with its Israeli counterparts for advice on how to re-conquer the “sensitive urban zones” that have been lost to French control.”

  89. HP SAUCE as it used to be

    Note at 7:16 minutes into the link to the programme featuring Hattersley posted by the commenter named ‘del’ on the Gates of Vienna interview linked by me at 12:00 a sign held up which reads “HP SAUCE SUPPORTS ENOCH POWELL” – that was before the new recipe of course…

  90. Qu’est-ce que vous en pensez, vous, mon Colonel à ce sujet en ce qui concerne peut-être l’Angleterre?

  91. Blimey!

    BREAKING: Theresa May announces biggest shake-up of British education system in 50 years
    Revealing the new reforms in Westminster today, she focused on universities suporting (sic) schools, removing barriers in faith schools, independent schools helping state schools and introducing new grammar schools which promote equality.

  92. Malfleur – 12:49

    Your squeezed your post in, just in time 🙂 :
    Germany issues threat to ‘Southern Front’ of EU nations as they join to fight austerity

  93. It should be: You squeezed your post in, just in time 🙂

    It looks like Brexit has ‘unbalanced’ the EU:

    Mr Ferber [A German EU lawmaker and a member of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservatives’ Bavarian sister party] said: “After Britain’s departure, the ‘Club Med’ will have a blocking minority that can prevent all kinds of laws in Brussels that it does not like.”

  94. robert retyred,
    Yes Robert, it is April 1st. It is April 1st every bloody day for the fools who dole out this crap, expecting the gratitude of the masses for their efforts. However, all good things must come to an end and I hope i will be around to enjoy the party when they do.

  95. Frank P,

    I think that “Lord” (my arse!) Ashcroft’s recent close encounter with the grim reaper must’ve addled his brains!

    “Lord Ashcroft ‏@LordAshcroft 17h17 hours ago
    Fascinating to interview the wonderful Rachel @maddow for my forthcoming ‘Ashcroft In America’ podcast. “

    Wonderful? Really? “Gimme a break!!!”

    [They now share the same lobotomised gurn. WARNING – do not view photo too soon after eating]

  96. Stephen Maybery – 13:18

    … and anyone else ….

    How do we tell the difference between these plods wearing burkas and the Sharia Police, if we come ‘face to face’ with one?

  97. An interesting essay on Russia by Peter Hitchens; at variance I’vr no doubt, with Mr Boot’s views on that complex country:

  98. If true, it’s sad for the family, and raises questions about the sanity of those around her:

    Hillary Clinton has ‘ONE year to LIVE’ US Presidential candidate in shock new health claim

    HILLARY CLINTON is suffering from advanced vascular dementia and has just one year to live, according to shock new medical claims.

  99. Noa (14:33)

    Hitchens is a romantic. Genetically prone to leftist ideas, pretending apostasy, but unable to resist the tease. A wordsmith of accomplishment, but a dangerous one, imho.

    He confesses to his youthful flirtation with the left as a boast, rather than in contrition. No war is ever ‘over’, least of all the ‘cold war’. All past wars are used by historians as propaganda – adapted to suit the latest cause (for or against war). And those against war are inevitably implying submission to some alien cause – and thereby render new wars inevitable.
    Fuck Russia’s sad, Vodka soaked natives! We have enough problems of our own to be concerned about.

  100. Oh Gawd! Jim Goad taught me another obscene expression today: queef!
    I fear it my creep into my copy ere long. I can envisage many possible uses:

    Mr Goad must have known some pretty raunchy women, obviously including Debbie Wassername Schultz. He’s obviously no gentleman, but I laike him.

  101. Paul Joseph Watson with an update on “Hillary’s Handler” – the chunky black dude/doctor gone missing that I mentioned @10:31

  102. Frank P – 20:38

    My Rogers Profanosaurus obviously needs updating!

  103. What a laugh! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Admittedly, there maybe a new plan to replace it but, for some, it was the reason they voted Remain:
    Jean-Claude Juncker SCRAPS EU plans to end mobile roaming charges after criticism over 90-day ‘fair use’ clause

  104. Nigel hasn’t ‘retired’:
    The European Commission’s attack on Irish tax sovereignty using the weapon and subterfuge of state aid rules is deeply harmful to Ireland and a foretaste of more damaging trouble ahead.
    Nigel Farage: Ireland, if you think Apple is bad you ain’t seen nothing yet


    ‘Leaked Memo: George Soros Foundation Seeking to Expand U.S. Online Voting’

    Now why…? Oh yes, because the old Nazi collaborator is such an advanced thinker.

  106. RobertRetyred
    September 9th – 23:51

    The readers in the comments section of your linked article seem almost to a man be unable to analyse and address Mr. Farage’s argument. They prefer ad hominem.

    They appear to have renounced nationalism or are these comments their expression of it? Have they fallen under the spell of the former Irish Attorney General, Peter Sutherland?!/image/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/box_620_330/image.jpg

  107. RobertRetyred, September 9th @ 13:11

    A telegram from the Prime Minster to Bratislava proposing a European Common Market (ECC) could get talks headed back in a constructive direction. Why, I might even put on a dab of woad myself.

  108. I think the only use of ‘queef’ on the Wall would be metaphorical, though Frank P may differ, possibly to describe flights of rhetoric of female politicians. A quick google, by the way. explains that the real thing is irrepressible.

  109. Noa

    Peter Hitchens’s mortal sin appears to be that he had allowed himself by living in Moscow to be brought “to love Russia and its stoical people, to learn some of what they had suffered and see what they had regained”.

  110. This is interesting.

    (h/t zero hedge – commenter on article on 9/11)

  111. This week’s conflicted (as usual) Speccie editorial includes a reference to those (Remainers) “who wish to speak up for mass migration” without the slightest hint of ridicule or contempt that position deserves. It just goes to show how far a collective left wing madness has descended on this country that anyone could take such a proposition seriously at the same time as trashing Trump and Farage for being “divisive”, “extremist” and “populist”.

    The benefits of mass migration. What twaddle. Those who “speak up” for that madness are simply motivated by hate and a desire to obliterate every last vestige of what once constituted Old England (and there was nothing “utopic” about it). They much prefer violent jihadis and East European criminal gangs to blazer-wearing gold club bores who they would like to exterminate. It’s rather like an idiot hacking off his own arm because a wart on the hand offends him.

    Or they are cynical corporate exploiters and bean counters with their obsidian eyes on the bottom line who just love the idea of a vast pool of low-wage slaves to boost shareholder profits.

    It must be hard writing editorials for a supposedly conservative magazine with a predominantly conservative, if not alt right readership (bar a few marxist cuckoos and pretentiously “centrist” intellectual snobs), from the position of a bien pensant, urbanised, left leaning bubble dweller.

    There is a wonderful diary piece of complete un-self awareness by one Harold Evans, a Reuters editor (and therefore qualified bubble dweller) who writes about his weekend summer home on Long Island (how lovely) , buying newspapers and coffee-flavoured styrofoam from “brisk young Hispanic women” in the local 7 Eleven. No one mentions Trump who must be inflicting “hurt and angst” on those stalwart, imported, low-wage workers. How cruel Trump is to threaten to deprive the privileged, over paid and under challenged bien pensant urban elitists who shape our public narratives of their imported, low wage slaves. Those strivers who “escape” from poverty to bring such petty comforts to their weekend refuge from the self-inflicted rat race! Yes, what would they do without the nannies, maids, cooks, gardeners and 7 Eleven minions to serve their inflated needs. How dare the unwashed oiks threaten that.

    It would be dire. They would have to pay much more to induce indigenes to perform such menial tasks and that would mean a shrinking middle class and mediocre elite with less disposable income to goon about in our faces as the new aristocracy.

  112. Colonel Mustard

    Jesus H Christ! Harold Evans still alive? Why isn’t he crafting his own obituary. The need for it must be imminent.

  113. @ Frank P 10th – 11:01

    I’m sure there’s a draft sitting in the file already. 🙂

  114. @Baron 8th – 21:18

    Very well put, sir!

  115. Harold Evans really should know better. Still, if you work for Reuters, whose cameraman turns off the camera when Donald Trump gets along fine with black folk, what else would you do? He’s a paid -up shiller for the establishment.

    Interesting story on heroin epidemic in America this week. As ever, though, the outrage is fake. What’s missing from most of the stories is the source of there heroin? Mexico.

    Yes, Big Pharma has a lot to answer for in the US by making people think pills can sort out everything, but the source of that heroin is Mexico. Has anyone ever thought of building a wall, just so the border was policed properly?

  116. Peter Hitchens on why Chairman May’s pledges on grammar schools are a complete load of soundbite tosh:

  117. Chairman May is being very clever by staging a complete straw man battle that will last at least between now and Christmas and which is entirely designed to deflect attention away from the mandate just signed by more than 17 million people.

    The fight the voters have asked for is a fight with Brussels to leave the EU. May campaigned for Remain. She is a Remoaner.

    To soak up public anger about her stalling on Brexit, she will use this grammar school debate to occupy the news pages and news bulletins for hours on end.

    Message: I know Brexit was in lare part about massive wealth inequality (people like Harold Evans living in the bubble on cheap labour), but, look, I support grammar schools, which used to help the poor. So I’m not one of the elite in my Sonning on Thames hide-behind-electric-gates home. Oh no. I’m one of you, the great unwashed.

    Cameron did exactly the same thing as soon as he arrived in office with his ‘Big Society’ twaddle. I must declare my compassionate conservatism to hide what I’m really up to. That’s all it is.

    As Hitchens points out, this tickles the clitoris of many a Tory and UKIP voter. But they are being misled by May. She is using this debate to show she is against wealth inequality. She is using this debate to outflank UKIP. And most of all she must make Tory voters feel she is on their side. Off they will despatch themselves to say: ‘Yes. She’s right. That’s what I believe in. That’s my girl.’

    And at the end of this very long saga (it will go on for months), the Lords will refuse to allow May to enact the policy, saying it wasn’t in the manifesto, Theresa.

    Theresa will have known this all along (like a sly head girl), and she will turn to the electorate and say – after months and months – her eyes brimful of crocodile tears: I tried to do this. I was on your side.

    And the voters will say, yes, Theresa, you tried. We believe you. It’s your opponents we hate, Theresa, not you. We won’t blame you.

    Now, about that Brexit thing, Theresa?

    Brexit? Blame the three Brexiteers. Not me. You’ve seen their character, they were all useless. Blame them. You can’t blame me for failed Brexit and you can’t blame me for failed grammar schools. The Lords blocked me.

    Got the message? Blame the three Brexiteers for failed Brexit. Blame the Lords for failure to deliver on grammar schools.

    She is as spivvy and sly as the man who kept her in the Home Office for six years (where she was also utterly atrocious – notice how the mainstream media never mention that track record, which tells you all you need about her trustworthiness). Theresa May is David Cameron in a skirt.

  118. Once upon a time in a galaxy, far, far away, a time when Private Eye was cheaper but actually worth paying for… they always referred to Harold Evans as “Dame Harold” for some reason that escapes me now.

  119. “Theresa May is David Cameron in a skirt.”

    Far be it from me to split heirs but DC had a left hand parting.

  120. Brexit & invoking Article 50: I think that one reason for the delay is that Mrs May is waiting upon the result of the GE in the USA.

  121. Paul Joseph Watson [‏@PrisonPlanet]

    “Sick Hillary is taking another 5 days off and won’t re-appear until Wednesday next week. #HillarysHealth”

  122. Poor old Private Eye! If Peter Cooke knew what it had become now, he would detest it. The issue after the referendum actually read worse than the government’s pro-EU mailshot propaganda leaflet. From first cover to last, it was a litany of Remainiac spite.

    Ian Hislop is a very odd man who admits to voting Lib Dem, believing in global warming and believing in the EU. Is he trying to be funny?

    Perhaps Private Eye could revive its old Dear Bill column, which used to be a fictional letter from Denis Thatcher to his fictional mate, Bill. Just change Dennis Thatcher for Philip May and, hey presto!

    Dear Bill,

    We were at it like rabbits last night. Her shrieking and wailing in pleasure like the lead character in a Jackie Collins novel. Afterwards, I asked, was it as good for you as it was for me? And she said, not really.

    I was disappointed. I’ve taken to calling her fake orgasms Brexit orgasms. Howls of engagement but nothing really there. I suppose the whole country will know what I’m talking about in five years. Still, so long as she and 12 million Tory voters don’t do it between the sheets, five years of fakery is harmless enough.

    Not like that Keith Vaz. He actually does take the voters into bed to screw them over. I don’t know which of the two is more dishonest.

    Toodle pip.

    Phil (not the Greek one)

  123. EC
    September 10th, 2016 – 12:25

    The mainstream media has been assiduous in not drawing the British public’s attention to the fact that Italy’s referendum (which is, in effect, about kowtowing to Brussels’ demands) was supposed to be in October this year.

    Well, now that the British have told Brussels where to go, Rezni fears he is the next David Cameron – as to all the other europhiles. And look, the date has been magically shifted. It may now have to be on November 6.

    In other words, two days before the US goes to the polls. The Bilderbergers don’t want a no vote to the EU in the run-up to Hillary’s coronation so if the Italy vote is delayed by a week, it has only 24 hours to register in the US. In other words, no time to have an impact at all.

    Don’t think US voters aren’t interested in anti-federalism. Brexit was massive in the US before and after the vote and Farage’s five-minute appearance galvanised the Trump vote.

    The elites really are pooping in their panties. And in Dame Harold’s case, his knickers.

  124. AND another one!

    Austrian Establishment Could Delay Presidential Re-Run As Populist Takes Lead

    Attempting to postpone the election from October 2nd to mid-November!

  125. Strewth!

    Yes, there must be no more ‘events’ until Hillary is ensconced in the Oval office.

  126. I was sat next to a Jeremy Cobblers supporter the other day and decided to indulge in some mild teasing. My favourite game with all Jeremy Cobblers supporters (they are evangelists) is to say but hold on, you were a Remainer and Jeremy was a Leaver.

    At this point, their eyes glaze over. Does not compute. They are historically and politically illiterate.

    No, no, the person assured me. Cobblers was a Remainer. We got the iPad out and into Google we typed just this: Jeremy Corbyn EU.

    We went through the first three pages of results without clicking on any of them. Every other story was a headline about Jeremy Corbyn’s euro-scepticism.

    This is who these Jeremy Corbyn supporters are. Mad, swivel-eyed fruitcakes with nothing between their ears. Evangelists. They have no concept of history of facts or of anything else. They are locked into a mad political schizophrenia. They are devoted to the Guardian telling them to love the EU and at the same time, they all love Corbyn (who the Guardian hates because he is anti-EU).

    It’s not even difficult to locate this material. These people are wilfully blind.

    What makes them so dangerous is the way they treat other people. To them, anyone who is a Leaver is a racist. Debate, complexity, facts, history, they can just junk those things. They’re too lazy to bother with them. Stick the racist accusation on it. That always works.

    Want to complain about global warming? Do it by racist proxy. Turn up at the airport calling yourselves Black Lives Matter and watch the authorities kowtow.

    They would be comical were their intentions to destroy other people’s reputations and careers not so evil.

  127. Peter O’bore has written a puff piece of propaganda for Theresa May today. He is trying to strengthen the May/Thatcher narrative we are all supposed to believe in. To my great relief, none of the posters underneath are falling for this propagandist narrative.

    The whole storyline is straight from the Alistair Campbell/Peter Mandelson playbook (as were all of Cameron’s false narratives). The grammar school storyline is just a stuffed hare on a greyhound track. It’s a fake. This is typical of the comments:

    E-K, Exeter, United Kingdom

    She may lose focus ? I think that’s the aim of the grammar school battle. To lose focus on Brexit. In any case. You make ALL schools selective then NO schools are selective. I think this is deliberate too – to start a fight which will actually change nothing but will look Conservative and will tie her up too much to deal with Brexit whilst satisfying the Brexiters that she is trying her hardest to be Conservative against The Blob and whatever other union she wants to take on – except the EUROPEAN Union! May is a typical Blairist, I’m afraid. We’re being swindled.

  128. I have my own storyline for May to show her continuity not with Thatcher, but with Dave. I call her tenure in Downing Street: Carry On Brexit Deniers.

    She is a farce.

  129. Colonel Mustard:

    On mass migration and hate you will not find that migration and hate are linked but the quality and type of migation:
    Gatestone posted these gems Yesterday-

    “An Inherited Culture of Hate by Tharwa Boulifi
    September 9, 2016 at 5:00 am

    “I hate Christians and Jews. I don’t know why. I don’t have any apparent reason to hate them but I always hear my mom talking badly about them. She hates them too, and this is why I hate them, I guess. Mom has always told me that Muslims are Allah’s favorite people,” — F., a 15-year-old Tunisian girl.

    “They said that non-Muslims deserve to die; we should have no pity for them. They will burn in hell, anyway.” — M., a 16-year-old Tunisian boy.

    People who do not read tend to fear things they do not know, and this fear can turn into suspicion, aggression and hate. These people need to fill the void, to remove the discomfort, so they turn to terrorism to create a goal in their lives: defending Islam.

    As most Tunisians do not read, they watch TV a lot. “After watching ‘The Sultan’s Harem,’ I wanted to be one of the Sultan’s concubines, to live in the Ottoman Empire era; I wanted to be like them,” said S., a 14-year-old Tunisian girl.

  130. Or elsewhere, in Speccie we see that the EU immigration worries have the same stem:

    “Last Monday an ‘Afghan’ ‘teenager’ called Mohammed Riyad screamed ‘Allahu Akbar’ (‘Allah is greatest’) on a Bavarian train and started chopping people up with an axe. I put ‘Afghan’ and ‘teenager’ in quotation marks because Mohammed was probably from Pakistan and is no more likely to be a ‘teenager’ than the thousands of other Peter Pans who Chancellor Merkel welcomed into her country last year. Still, she gets to feel good about herself. Shame the same can’t be said for the family from Hong Kong who had the misfortune to be sharing a train carriage with Frau Merkel’s latest conscience-cleaning import.”

  131. Emulous, I live on the Continent and what people in the UK are not being told is this. France has been having skirmishes between Muslim gangs and police all year. The stabbings on trains etc in mainland Europe are the tip of the iceberg.

    British people cannot be told this because they were to be corralled into voting Remain and post June 23 must be corralled into some sort of Brexit-lite. A non-Brexit that pretends to be a Brexit.

    The British people keep thinking there is some sort of random attack on public transport in Europe every now and then. Not true. This is a running battle:

  132. Another romantic perspective on Mother Russia and its heritage; somewhat less so than that of Hitch minor:

  133. No sooner has the ink dried on EC’s ‘profanosaurus, than Germaine Greer, through the auspices of Literary review, suggests further emendations:

    All in the cause of art, of course. Par for the course – one remembers back in the 70s, before sexual exhibitionism became a daily exercise through FB, when she published a photo of her buck nekkid nether regions – an avant garde gesture in the cause of feminism. One can only hope she doesn’t update the photy.

    Too much information – that would be – by a cuntry mile, I suspect.

  134. Jeano – 17:13
    “British people cannot be told this because they were to be corralled into voting Remain and post June 23 must be corralled into some sort of Brexit-lite.”

    But they still voted Brexit! 🙂

    And the fight continues:
    Vote Leave is BACK: Leading Brexiteers club together to stop May from backsliding on EU

    From where I am, if is difficult to tell what TM’s aims are. Keeping the ‘opposition’ on the Continent guessing are better tactics than the Cameron train crash, and getting her team together is a sound move, but it means we are somewhat in the dark about progress.

    Attacking the Government because of a lack of progress is a little premature, but making encouraging noises, like the above headline, is a good move, always alert to any signs of going off course.

    There are few positive headlines originating from the Continent, the Remainers did lose, and they are losing credibility, especially that Scottish Woman, and the Westminster Remoaners.

  135. Quite so, Robert Retyed. I do not want the Leave coalition to split up. They were extremely powerful and persuasive. People like Frank Field (who is having a vintage year holding Sir Shifty to account), Denis The Menace Skinner, Michael Gove and Nigel Farage. These are people who – unlike ‘tired and emotional’ Anna Soubry – are heavyweight hitters. They know how to land punches. I like them. In particular, UKIP must stay together. I have a feeling we’ll be needing them.

    Imagine 17 million people filing into Theresa May’s restaurant and pointing at the board and saying: We’ll have the Brexit special. The maitre d, Phillip Hammond says: We’re not doing Brexit special any more. We might be able to do some grammar school hot air. I’ll put the oven on.

    The 17 million need to say: We came in here for Brexit special. Now we want it. We want Article 50 as a starter dish followed by LabCon’s goose being cooked entirely and the LibDems as a side order of vegetables.

    If you can’t deliver by November 2016, we’re all off to Nigel’s gastro pub. Nigel, get some more beer in. And can you seat 17 million?

  136. David Cameron no longer available, Foreign Secretary sends falicitations to muslims for eid al-adha.

  137. Jeano – 20:38

    While an announcement is being expected (reasonably) early in the New Year, I would expect that unless a pre-Christmas announcement (about the Announcement 🙂 ) is delivered, the Christmas break will be tense for many, especially with all those MPs back in their constituencies.

  138. Cultural enrichment, an added bonus on this flight:
    Terror on EasyJet flight as migrant being deported to Venice screams ‘Allahu Akbar’ 29 times, ‘death is coming’ 17 times and ‘we will die’ nine times in shocking two-hour frenzy

  139. Well, well, well! Did I miss this when it was annoinced in July? Look who was just given appointed by Goldman Sachs to advise them on Brexit – the former Maoist, Manuel Barroso! An ever closer union indeed!

    Don’t worry though. The EU’s watchdog is on it!

  140. What is wrong with this bloody World? Deported immigrant spends two hours screaming and shouting. Why didn’t someone have the gumption to smack the bastard in the mouth and if that did not work, then gag him? There is only one language these people understand and unless they are given a course of instruction pretty damn quick then we will be speaking Arabic.

  141. Stephen Maybery (01:21)

    The sheeples are cowed, the police have thrown in their hand with the culture vultures, Islam has already established a stranglehold on key areas of the corridors of power, aided and abetted by the disciples of the Gramsci and Frankfort Schools who see the Islamic jihad as a horde of useful eejits who will help to finish off the Anglo-American hegemony – whereupon Communism will impose a totalitarian world order and will slay the Mullahs and bring the jihad to yet another period of quietutude as it licks its wounds and plans the next phase.

    That is ‘what’s wrong with the world’!

    And that’s the rosiest diagnosis/prognosis I can muster. 🙂

    There is also another possible scenario which I dare not float on this forum of susceptible souls, as it could easily lead to frenzy, mass suicide and an invitation to be interviewed by a panel comprising Alex Jones, David Icke and Michael Savage. Whereupon the Stasi would come a-knocking at my door and I would be banged up for’ retraining’ in Stalag Whitemoor.

  142. After David Davis’ ‘blamer Theresa May, not me, I still want out’ speech in the Commons, comes BoJo, saying exactly the same. She is trying to pass the blame for her failure to invoke on to the three Brexiteers:

    HEADLINE: Boris defies Theresa May as he backs ‘hard Brexit’ campaign: Foreign secretary will join high-profile Brexiteers to demand the UK pulls out of the single market

    – Boris Johnson will help group Change Britain to demand new measures
    – Change Britain backed by an array of Brexiteers including Michael Gove
    – Group wants to ensure PM doesn’t compromise over immigration controls

    Good on them. Don’t let her pin the blame you. Keep saying you want out. Out, out.

  143. And this story here shows just how careful the Brexiteers need to be. Liam Fox said something to a small group of Tory activists. The remarks have been whipped out of context by a Remainiac newspaper (The Mail on Sunday, whose editor Geordie Greig was and is a fanatical Remainiac – very different to Paul Dacre and the Daily Mail) and a load Remainiac businessmen were phoned up and asked to put the boot in, which they duly did.

    Business leaders round on Trade Secretary Liam Fox branding his outburst against businessmen as, ‘unwise’, ‘unhelpful’ and ‘hypocritical’

    Remainiac hit squads will be dispatched like this again and again to perform character assassinations on Johnson, Davis and Fox. Theresa May’s failure-to-Brexit fall guys.

  144. Jeano 1713
    And this from Robbie Travers over at Gatestone

    “There has also been, since 2000, a troublingly large increase in the number of violent anti-Semitic attacks by Muslims in France. Multiple official figures have illustrated that in the last 20 years, the number of violent anti-Semitic acts has tripled. In France in 2014, there were 851 recorded anti-Semitic incidents, more than doubling the total from 2013.

    Jews may represent less than 1% of France’s expanding and diverse population, but they are the victim of 40%-50% of France’s recorded racist attacks.

    Jews are only the start of where Islamists begin to target people to whose existence they seem to object. Next, Islamists come for the LGBT, as seen in the Orlando shooting and with ISIS throwing gay people off buildings, and of course Christians, as we have seen in slaughtered in just one small example on a Libyan beach; and most frequently other Muslims, the majority victim of Islamists. Evidently no one is safe, and that includes all of us.”

  145. &11.06
    Fox has the right attitude but is unstable, as is Johnson.
    What we can rely on is the steely determination of David Davis and his ability to overcome the caution of the PM.

  146. And of course Greig is living in the past as his time at Tatler shows.

  147. Some are on track:
    Theresa May faces Tory REBELLION as Boris Johnson leads group demanding ‘hard Brexit’

    But did you ever think that you would find Corbyn to be the ‘least unattractive’ candidate:
    ‘How utterly useless is he?’ Anger as Remainer Smith says he may even SCRAP POUND

  148. Dan Hodges has a very depressing piece in the Mail on Sunday. His opinions I disagree with (as ever) but his analysis is – for the most part – right.

    He basically spells out what we’ve all been spelling out. Where did all thus grammar school stuff come from? It has come from nowhere and been belted out on a foghorn all week by the Press.

    At the same time this week, the most important story connected to Brexit was announced on a kazoo, so you may not have heard it at all. Theresa May will NOT be using an immigration points system. So there’s the keystone of Brexit ditched already. Cleverly hidden under the noise about grammar schools. Hodges writes:

    “The points-based migration system – was junked by May last Sunday. It was unworkable she said. Faced with a series of ‘May goes soft on immigration’ headlines, she changed her mind, and said she remained committed to getting net migration down to the tens of thousands.

    “‘How would she do this?’ she was asked. She couldn’t say.”

  149. May was always soft on immigration and has no intention of imposing any meaningful curbs. As was Cameron before her, the woman is no Tory and will sell us down the river the minute she thinks she can get away with it. To paraphrase Madam Roland “Oh democracy, what frauds are committed in they name”

  150. Jeano – 12:24

    I think that you are being unduly pessimistic, at least for the moment. It doesn’t rule out being pessimistic in the future, or not being prepared for action, but I think this is still a ‘the Plan isn’t settled’ moment, with sporadic headlines being created on the fly by fragments of information.

    The Remainers’ ‘Project Fear’ has been found out, Tory MPs and the public are realising that a halfway house like the European Economic Area (to facilitate the transition) may be too much of a risk to ‘Brexit being Brexit’, Germany is suffering (Deutche Bank is not what it was, neither is RWE, and neither is Cologne Railway station). In France, Brigitte Bardot has led calls against slaughtering animals in public during this weekend’s Eid celebrations, Sweden is highlighting that ‘Marriage is for Adults’, not eleven year olds: in Germany, polygamy is being requested, and heterosexual marriage is for Nine year olds (girls to men over thirty), unofficially, and I expect it will have to be the same for the gay version. Eastern Europe has forgotten just how much they have benefited in the recent past and want to retain their identity, and so the news flows to our advantage.

    And there are plenty jihadists on the Continent, more than one can shake a stick at, or so we have been told.

    I think May, keeping aloof, is playing it well as there are so many angry people about, as long as the result is ‘Brexit means Brexit’. 🙂

  151. What a pity David Davis didn’t run in the leadership campaign after the referendum. A Brexiteer as PM would have been miles better than the watered down, play both sides against the middle, attitude of May.
    I hoped that Gove would win, don’t care what he did or didn’t do to Boris, he is still a capable, intelligent and forceful man. May should have kept him in Cabinet, he is wasted on the back benches.
    Still, in spite of the criticisms of May, I have to admit that anything is better than the govt of cronies, chums and old Etonians run by Cameron. I just hope May succeeds in getting us out of the EU well before there is any possibility of Labour slithering back into power and reversing everything.

  152. RobertRetyred 1315
    I fear that Jeano is spot on. This week we have seen calls from the EU hierarchy to shoot home advantage now that the UK is on the rocks, citing squabbles among Cabinet Brexiteers.
    They will play hardball to the point that the PM will be tempted into Cameroonian compromise.
    It is dangerous to be complacent.

  153. LC (??)

    “don’t care what he did or didn’t do to Boris”

    I do.

    Gove did us all a service. Boris as PM would have been a disaster. His Tommy Cooper persona is unfitted to leadership of Government.

  154. Stephen Maybery
    September 11th, 2016 – 13:13
    May was always soft on immigration and has no intention of imposing any meaningful curbs. As was Cameron before her, the woman is no Tory and will sell us down the river the minute she thinks she can get away with it. To paraphrase Madam Roland “Oh democracy, what frauds are committed in they name”

    Her record as Home Secretary speaks volumes. On her watch immigration went up to a third of a million. And many of these Muslims.

  155. 101 Malfleur

    “More than 130,000 people want former EU president José Manuel Barroso to be punished for his new gig with the “financial terrorists” at Goldman Sachs….”

  156. Frank 0322
    It was all going well until this:-

    “I find to my astonishment that a quarter of a century has passed since I last spoke from one of the Back Benches. Fortunately, however, it has been my privilege to serve for the past 12 months of that time as Leader of the House of Commons, so I have been reminded quite recently of the traditional generosity and tolerance of this place. I hope that I may count on that today as I offer to the House a statement about my resignation from the Government.

    It has been suggested – even, indeed, by some of my Right Honourable and Honourable Friends – that I decided to resign solely because of questions of style and not on matters of substance at all. Indeed, if some of my former colleagues are to be believed, I must be the first Minister in history who has resigned because he was in full agreement with Government policy. The truth is that, in many aspects of politics, style and substance complement each other. Very often, they are two sides of the same coin.

    But it is crucially important that we should conduct those arguments upon the basis of a clear understanding of the true relationship between this country, the Community and our Community partners. And it is here, I fear, that my Right Honourable Friend the Prime Minister increasingly risks leading herself and others astray in matters of substance as well as of style.

    Crucially Important

    What was crucially important was the Howe should have been taken outside and dealt with.
    And he was not.

    Then we had the fudge of Major, the disaster of Blair, the embarassment of Brown and the compromises of Cameron, and now what….

  157. Emulous – 17:27
    “It is dangerous to be complacent.”

    I agree, but I don’t think it is time to criticise TM for what she might be doing or not be doing. Cameron left a vacuum and, until we get our ducks in a row, we need to continue investigation.

    That well known Euro-sceptic has a new slant on the situation:
    The Three Brexiteers are overlooking a crucial detail on trade
    “To prevent crippling delays, cross-border traders [the EU, but not the UK] sign up to become “Authorised Economic Operators” (AEOs).

    To negotiate separate AEO status in our own right would take far too long; which is why, yet again, by far the simplest and most practical solution is that we should remain, along with Norway and other non-EU countries, in the wider European Economic Area (EEA), thus allowing our AEO status to continue.”

    Not being familiar with this, I would like to know why Britain cannot gain this status quickly (within two years?) when we are at this status already inside the EU. It is like retaking an exam, with no need to study the course again. Surely, there are British Civil Servants who are knowledgeable on this subject. 🙂 🙂

    Maybe they do exist, but they are still Remaniacs, and have the inability to be proactive.

  158. Lesley C (15:20)

    How can you talk about ‘reversing’ when there has been no movement forward. And David ‘Dulux Dog’ Davis isn’t likely to inject any momemtum into it. It was bullshit before, during and after the sham they called a referendum. The fortunes of too many fat cats with their sticky hands on the levers of power are inextricably intertwined in the EU political project. Let’s stop kidding ourselves: there’s not a set of cojones in the entire ‘Tory’ Party. The silence of the Tory Brexiteers has been deafening.

    The whole political charade in the West has now reached farcical proportions. The global scamsters are in charge and its no longer a hidden agenda, they are blatantly strutting their stuff. Think the pre-War Weimar Republic and Cabaret.

    So much do that it has to come a tumble: hubris – nemesis? Gawd help us all when it does, because it ain’t gonna be pretty. There will be blood!!

  159. I never thought I’d have a good word to say about John Whittingdale but he has come up trumps today with his BrexOnWithIt interview in the Telegraph. Wonderful stuff.

    The Brexiteers cannot stay silent or people will put words into their mouths and say, well, you should have said all this in 2016. The same is true for blame. The Remainiacs will say You were the one who failed to implement it.

    On their own, they are vulnerable to May’s media wolves destroying them, but they too are hunting in a pack. They are finding strength in numbers like a rugby scrum. Gove from the back benches has gone in. Davis from the front bench, Johnson from a lobby group, Whittingdale today. Keep the pressure up, folks! Keep together. Keep pushing.

    We can see what you’re doing and it is appreciated!

  160. And always ready to catch a loose ball and run to the byline and smash it in the Remainiacs’ faces? FARAGE!

  161. A chain of events that shows how the Left closes down debate on Islam. Guardian columnist Owen Jones doesn’t like Mark Longhurst atrributing Islamic terror to, er, Islamic terror and so he manufactures outrage and to deflect attention away from Islam, says Islamic terror is a homophobic crime. That’s the stick he wants to beat Longhurst with to close down any mention of Islam. And he beats it very hard on Mark Longhurst’s head by storming off the show.

    Sky News’ top brass react by removing Mark Longhurst. Events shall be interpreted as the Left interprets them. Got it?

    By caving in to Owen Jones, Sky News has shown how weak it is. It has now opened the door to all and sundry to start manufacturing outrage at their news presenters’ remarks. Today, Emily Thornberry (real name Lady Nugee, which she doesn’t like people to know about) was caught out by Sky News’ Dermot Murnaghan by not knowing an answer to an obvious question in her brief.

    Her response? To accuse him of sexism. And the look of fear on his face as soon as she made the accusation. He backed off immediately because of what happened to Mark Longhurst. This ghastly, despicable, brat of a politician was allowed to get away with it. All because of the weakness of Sky News’ top brass.

    That chain of events is an object lesson in how the Left make sure everyone keeps their mouth shut on certain subjects. We – the Left – say what is a religion of peace and what is not. Got it? Now, shut up and go away.

  162. Who will admit that there is a Fiasco waiting to burst in Germany?

    Power Expert Says Germany Faces Renewable Energy-Political Fiasco – Technical Problems “Piling Up”

  163. Frank P – 18:29

    The majority of ‘members’ in the HoC and HoL will not vote for Brexit. It is against their and/or their sponsors’ interests. What about freedom, democracy and sovereignty the people cry out? “FTFAGOS”, we know what is best for you” reply the entrenched political classes.

    “Democracy” as it has been sold to the public, since before I can remember, is an illusion. Fortunately, to date, the British version has resulted in less corpses than alternative forms of governance.

    There are those that claim that due to a falling birth rate Britain, and other western nations, need immigrants to maintain their population. I would claim that even before the ruinous policy of unrestricted mass immigration the population of the UK was already unsustainable given our lousy climate and limited land mass.

    The urban populations of western europe and north america are increasingly dependant upon the smooth running of increasingly complex national and international supply chain management operations. The fragility of these operations, and the populations dependant upon them, cannot be stressed highly enough. If, for what ever reason, the supply chain is damaged or destroyed then “civilisation” more or less over in six weeks, eight weeks tops.

    If, like me, you haven’t started preparing then it’s already too late! [cue Hamlet cigar advert]

    Even if nothing happens… If former comrade Yuri Bezmenov is to be believed then the future does not belong (as Obummer claims) to the RoP, it will be Russian! – after quite an intense period of “normalisation” of course. By 2050 what remains (no pun) of the British may well welcome the Ruskies (or Chinese) with open arms!

  164. RobertRetyred – 20:44

    File under: SHTF; Wind Turdbines etc.

  165. Yuri Bezmenov interview:

    Soviet Subversion of the Free World Press, 1984 – Complete

    The Art of Subversion, Lecture, Yuri Bezmenov L.A. 1983

  166. What are the Clintonostra mob trying to pull now? Pneumonia? Are they about to dump her because the Foundation scam is finally coming on top? Will they replace her with Uncle Joe, who has been Biden his time? Or are they just after the sympathy vote?

    Or did she perhaps blow it big time with the’ two baskets’ screw up, get pasted by her team – and is now throwing a wobbly? Trump’s team will have to handle this one vee-eerry carefully.

    Needless to say perhaps, but I won’t be sending a Get Well Soon card.

  167. EC (21:43)

    In light of your prognosis, perhaps Baron could arrange for a quick course on the Russian lingo for Wallsters (those that aren’t already fluent) 🙂

    By the way, would you suppose that inadvertently breathing in spontaneous queefs might lead to pneumonia? Just sayin’!

  168. The pro-Clinton,ant-Trump,ant-Putin,pro-EU, liberal INDEPENDENT-on-line has concerns about Ms Clinton’s health.Its readership has even more.
    (With video of Ms Clinton collapsing on all fours getting into Chelsea Tractor.)

  169. “BOMBSHELL: Hillary Clinton’s Nomination Will Be Terminated! A Physician Diagnosed Her With Parkinson’s! Her Presidential Aspirations Are Finished! The MSM Has Knowingly Deceived the American People!”

  170. “Wallsters” or “CHWs” are ungainly.

    Might we appropriate the name “The Old Deplorables” and place it as a sub-heading on the Home Page?

  171. Spectator (and commentators) consider what happens if Ms Clinton has to drop out.What are the chances of a President Kaine?

  172. Rod Liddell on Blair film.
    11 September 2016 9:30 AM

    I had been wondering where Gorgeous George Galloway might pop up next. Defenestrated from his seat in Bradford West, humiliated in the London mayoral elections — where he received 1.4 per cent of the vote — and no longer apparently an attractive proposition to the reality TV producers, his public life seemed sadly to be drawing to a close. But nope, here he is with a film about the person all left-wing people hate more than any other, Tony Blair. It’s a good film, too, in the main.

    The Killing$ of Tony Blair was partly crowdfunded and it may well be that the only people who watch it will be those who forked out to have it made. Which is a shame, because while it does not tell us anything particularly new about our former prime minister, it is a meticulous documentation of Blair’s odious, immoral and almost unbelievable money-grubbing-from-despots venality — and indeed the process which led to the catastrophic and illegal invasion of Iraq, the deaths of perhaps a million people and the region being plunged into sectarian chaos.

    Galloway is a terrific presenter, dapper in his left-wing hat, all boilerplate rhetoric, biblical quotations and growled sardonic asides. It has to be said that there is not much equivocation: George does not go in for ‘on the one hand’ sort of stuff — but it may well be that the time for equivocation is over. Instead he interviews a long succession of people who hate Blair — former allies, such as the lovely and decent Clare Short, political enemies such as David Davis, a succession of appalled lawyers and former diplomats and, rather irritatingly, one or two boring luvvies like Will Self and Stephen Bloody Fry. They all dutifully stick the boot in, some with great insight, others (Fry) with less.

    By far the most damning sections of the film are the clips of Blair himself, wreathed in false sincerity, that Messianic arrogance burning through. Particularly emetic is the clip of him praising the Kazakhstan dictator Nursultan Nazarbayev for his ‘toughness, subtlety and ingenuity’ — shortly after the repulsive tyrant had overseen the murder of striking oil workers. Blair was paid £16 million for handling Nazarbayev’s international PR, but he trousered a lot more over the years from Kuwaitis and Saudis and the international contracts he ‘facilitated’ for J.P. Morgan — no former British prime minister has come close to Blair for sheer, naked avarice. If there was a fortune to be made at the bottom of a sack of shit, Blair would dive in head first (having been given a helpful push by his wife).

    There is not much room for nuance, sure. Galloway’s thesis is that this amoral wheeler-dealer ruthlessness lay at the very centre of Blair’s political make-up and so the point is rammed home at every available opportunity, with the usual far-left dissing of Rupert Murdoch thrown in for good measure. And this is where I have some disagreement with the film’s thrust. While I do not for a moment doubt Blair’s greed — who could? — I think Galloway overlooks another of Blair’s faults in his monomaniacal insistence upon greed: utter stupidity. The invasion of Iraq was based on a calamitous misreading of the Muslim world, the arrogant and plainly wrong assumption that they want the same as the rest of us, the same hankering for liberal democracy, the same aspirations. An idiocy Blair took with him to his new, post-PM role as — so hilarious it defies satire — Middle East peace envoy.

    But it is Iraq for which we will remember Blair; for the million dead, for the chaos that ensued, for the chemical weapons we used (white phosphorus and depleted uranium). As the former UK ambassador Craig Murray puts it in this film: ‘If Tony Blair isn’t a war criminal, then who is?’

    You can download Galloway’s film on iTunes and Amazon for about a tenner. It’s worth it. Galloway is very good at this — someone give him a series. And an editor.

  173. John birch – 05:56

    Bollocks to Galloway, he blocked me on Twitter. Dear old George Laird intervened and requested my unblocking, but to no avail. Can’t even remember what I said to annoy him. Likewise, I’m blocked by the incredibly thin skinned Dr. Michael E. Mann, humourless onanist & Hokey Schtick junkscologist. The list goes on. Can’t take a joke, these preening popinjays!

  174. Frank P, September 11th, 2016 – 23:46

    Good idea. Also, I think that our friend, the incredibly well educated and truly noble Baron does Mandarin too. It could be Rusky lessons in the morning and Mandarin in the afternoon and another one half an hour later. (A field trip to M&B pubs the Black Country in search of indigenous Brummies might help with the pronunciation – they all sound Chinese when they’re pissed.)

    Hillary? Pneumonia? “Gimme a break!” Looks like a classic case of BSE to me!

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