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  1. Lest we forget. Gerard’s annual reprise of the D Day Landings:

    “Weak princes and fat bureaucrats and traitors mumble platitudes and empty praises about actions they never knew and men they cannot hope to emulate.
    You hear their prattle, dim and far away outside the brass doors that seal the caverns of your long sleep. You want them to go, to leave you and the others to your brown study of eternity.
    “Seventy-three years? Seems like a lot to the living. It’s but an inch of infinite time. Leave us and go back to your petty lives. We march on and you, you weaklings primping and parading above us, will never know how we died or how we lived. If we hear you at all now, your mewling only makes us ask, among ourselves, ‘Died for what?’

    “Princes and bureaucrats, be silent. Be gone. We are now and forever one with the sea and the sky and the wind and the steel rain. We march on.”

    But read it all – again.

  2. David Lindsay @ 16:42

    That’s the most idiotic suggestion from the cumryd, David, and he isn’t the only one who’s made it, these people talk without thinking, they are unable to put themselves into the shoes of the creed-driven thugs, resigning should never ever be an option in such circumstances even if the saintly One were to be directly at fault, just imagine if she did resign, that would be by far bigger victory for the ISIL directed villains than the body count in a London and a Manchester morgues, it would only encourage many others to copy what the three did.

  3. Frank P @ 20:45

    Excellent piece, Frank, and it applies equally to our young men and women the princes and bureaucrats are sending to distant lands, asking them to do next to the impossible, often equip them badly, and if, in the horrors of the battlefield, one of them loses it temporarily, get him court-martialled e.g. sergeant Blackman.

  4. Frank P @ 21:15

    And a good parable, too, Frank, unfortunately it has taken the saintly One long time to figure what most ordinary people have sussed up many years ago i.e. that link there is between the atrocities and the creed that she insisted (with many others) is nothing but peaceful. One suspects should wouldn’t have gone that far if the occupant of the White House was still the Hon Muslim (or the Clinton woman).

  5. A shock piece of news, the Saudis and the Qataris are accusing each other of supporting terrorism, arghhh, the former and their poodles have broken diplomatic relationship with Qatar, Baron suspects it’s because of the upcoming court case over the Twin Tower atrocity in the Republic, the Saudis are the defendant, the plaintiffs are the families of 800 victims and 1,500 first responders, the lawsuit filed at a Manhattan court alleges the country was involved in the terror attacks that killed nearly 3,000 people.

  6. Noa @ 16:54

    This is beyond parody, Noa, but charmingly symptomatic of the PC idiocy we’ve succumbed to.

    For what it’s worth, the barbarian reckons the police should focus of crime prevention and crime solving, give up speculating in public on why people commit crime or any other matter, refuse to respond to what the pundits bait them with, stick to factual reporting either to inform the prols how things are progressing, or ask for help.

  7. Frank P 00.47

    It used to be that the lefties were outside the Embassy demonstrating: how times change…

  8. How can people still be classed as missing this long after the latest attack when there are clear photos of the missing available.
    As thes attacks are not going to go away we need a system between missing and certified dead.
    What’s the point of allowing people to go to hospitals clutching at straws when the bodies are in the morgue .

  9. Not a good start 🙂 , and probably not reported on the BBC:
    FGM-Linked Muslim Sect Given First Chance to Lay Flowers at London Attack Vigil

    And in the third picture down, who is that pr*t with a bunch of flowers? 🙂

    Does he know what day it is, and what a useful idiot he is?

  10. I’m sure that most here scan Breitbart on a daily basis, but just for the record…

    CNN caught staging fake news in London, aided and abetted by the Met Police!

    YCMIU, but CNN habitually do this sort of thing!

    Sadiq Khan hijacked the obligatory flowers/teddy bears/candles event by giving a taqiyya tears mob top billing.

    Take a look at the pictures of the other photo op’ grandstanders there…
    Khan, Abbott, Cunstbury, and not one, but two, South American Generals!

  11. Baron 23.53

    Heaven forfend Baron!
    Would you have the ‘leaders’ of the ‘enforcement community’, for so they see themselves, disenfranchised from what every other public sector busybody considers his absolute right?
    Which is of course, to tell the people who pay their wages what to think, do and say.

  12. Frank P – 00:47

    In this case it’s partly negligence on the part of Trump, I’m afraid. I know that he’s been frustrated by delays in the Senate confirmation hearings due to Dem obstructionism but all Obama holdovers should’ve been sacked on day 1.

    And yesterday The Donald has been taking ‘friendly” incoming from “Mr” Kellyanne Conway, FFS! I bet the next conversation he had with Kellyanne contained some choice adjectives! 🙂
    [ NB. if he’d wanted a “Ship’s Counselor” for the WH then he should’ve gone for Deanna Troi – possessed of the proper Phwoar factor! ]

    And NOW The Donald has set himself up by permitting the short circuiting an open procurement process to choose a provider to implement the VA EHR computer system. (albeit reportedly only a clone of the DoD’s] One doesn’t need to be Mystic Meg to see another shit storm on the horizon. One would have thought he’d have learned from the costly debacle of Obama’s ACA computer system and the major part that cronyism played in that!

    May the farce be with you!

    OR as of Friday morning… “May, the farce, be with you.”
    [a little bit of punctuated Brexit gallows humour there!]

  13. John birch. @ 10:15

    The one point that should be made and stressed again and again, but isn’t (Myles makes it though) is that the Koran is understood by the believers to be the word of God, it cannot be ‘interpreted’, changed, explained differently from that which is written down. (The Good Book is but a narrative of what the prophet said a couple of centuries after he had said it, it could open to interpretation).

    Melanie has an excellent piece in the Times today, excellent except that she’s also talking about reforming Islam tilting it towards the ‘loving’ part of the Koran, but this cannot be done if the Koran’s the word of Allah in its entirety, one cannot drop a chunk of it, it’s the Full Monty of it that must be embraced.

  14. John birch. @ 09:57

    We have to be careful, too, John, some of our musings could easily qualify to be included on the list, in fact, the barbarian’s certain some of us have MI5 files already.

  15. EC (10:22)

    :-). 🙂

    Luckily electronic smileys are available. My old boat race is now unable to contort into an expression of pleasure, even prompted by your perspicacious jibes; it is permanently set in a deep scowl!

    Even the thought that Albert Steptoe might finish up in No. 10 on Friday is cruel and unusual punishment. If it actually materialises ….???

  16. Baron (11:18)

    Careful my arse! The only weapon we have in this fight is loud, crafted, foul scorn heaped on the ugly heads of those who try to remove our freedoms and supplant our culture amd more particularly our traitorous politicians and their handmaidens the main stream media. If the scruffy little Marxist prick manages to garner enough vote of useful eejits to occupy No. 10, we shall need more than epithets to defend our nation.

    The May woman is not the answer, but it is essential that we make sure on Thursday that she is a stop-gap, until something better emerges. And unless she grows a pair, pronto, we’ll have to start to think very nasty indeed to convince her.

    The dhimmitude displayed by the post-atrocity virtue signalling of the past few days makes me ashamed; given the date – mortified!!

    Where are the heirs and successors of D Day? Are we to rename it Dhimmi Day??

  17. Good to know that we are FINALLY nipping the extremists within our midst in the bud!

    “EXCLUSIVE: Teachers Report 15-Year-Old Boy To Govt Extremism Watchdog for Jokes about Caitlyn Jenner and Campaigning for UKIP”

  18. I’ve just seen the most marvellous misspelling (?) on a Guido blog comment, ever. The commenter suggesting that, after his lifelong support and campaigning for various terror organisations, Albert Steptoe should be “interred.”

    One of those “I wish I’d said that” moments!

    [Yes, it is raining today]

  19. Baron – 11:18

    “the barbarian’s certain some of us have MI5 files already”

    Come, come now, Baron.
    You’ve gone obviously gone native in that you’re being far too modest.
    It’s not just MI5 in your case is it, old bean. 😉

  20. EC at 12-19

    Referals to PREVENT for far right extremism in Yorks. 50% ; in East Midlands 30% : and in West Midlands (as far as I can judge) 66%…..including Christians,Jews and a Buddist.

  21. Once again the government has imposed a minutes silence upon the notion.
    In response to my previous comment to the Spectator a certain `Father Todd Unctious` replied: ” Diminishes the power and symbolism every time it is used “.

  22. Radford NG (14:00)

    “Once again the government has imposed a minutes silence upon the notion.” (sic).

    You are absolutely right; the concept of Britain as an integral nation is now merely a notion – an old fashioned dream that inspired the brave souls who manned the invasion on D Day 73 years ago today. Even though I was only 10 years old on that, I still remember the elation and pervasive esprit de corps of that day. I perceive none of that across our notion today, except in backwaters such as CHW, which will be shortly extingushed in newly enacted laws to quell “islamophobia”.

  23. A big shout-out to all my all CHW mukkaz at Electiontide 2017 and to John Jefferson Burns, pigging out on scones down in quaint li’l ol’ Clovelly, capital of Cornshire.

    I shall be voting UKIP because we have a candidate and because he used the phrase “offshore scallywags” in his election leaflet.

    There are no reasons to vote Tory. Having signed off on Harman’s Equalities Act, ushered in gay marriage, tried to sneak in the European Arrest Warrant surreptitiously and enacted the Snoopers Charter to no fanfare at all, May is a bat-winged she-devil who will sell us down the river.

  24. The Met has named the third terrorist, he’s of Moroccan origin holding Italian passport, (was) living, killing in London. The Italians have stopped him travelling outside the EU, they feared he may end up in Syria, they also say the MI5 was informed, the authorities here deny being told anything, that’s according to Classic FM new bulletin this afternoon.

    Whatever the truth, Baron suspects that what’s holding back the Security Services here, prevents them from hitting the potential killers hard, rounding them, sending them to court is the law. For noble and heartwarming reasons, we’ve created a straight jacket by the enactment of statutes, grouped under the ‘uman rites’ umbrella, that ties up the Security Services’ hands.

    The saintly One was saying this afternoon the Security Services have to review the procedures, criteria, operational modes for tracking the possible jihadists, but how will that help?

    What we should do is not carry out reviews or, God forbid, add more laws (which will only restrict the freedoms of the law abiding), but weed out some of the statutes that deny the Security Services the freedom to detain, question, and if need be, kick the potential terrorist out of the country (through the courts, of course).

    What one finds totally insane is that those who fought for ISIS in Syria were allowed back, walk freely amongst us, could at any time unleash a killing spree.

  25. Andy Car Park @ 16:44

    That’s two of us voting for the remnants of the Nigel’s outfit, Andy.

    For Baron, it’s merely signalling a displeasure with the three useless established gangs because he lives in a constituency where even a bucket would be elected if it said on it ‘the Tory candidate’.

  26. Frank P @ 15:25

    If they were to close down the CHW, Frank, Baron will convert, will start pissing within the tent rather than without. Not a bad idea, he?

  27. EC @ 12:57

    Stop frightening the poorly educated Slav, EC, he scares easily. Shall he convert tomorrow then?

  28. Radford NG @ 14:00

    Unless the Government gives up spending money on ‘Prevent’, starts locking the potential killers up, the minutes may add up quickly, soon we’ll be standing silently for hours, Radford.

  29. Frank P @ 11:46

    When the saintly One called the election the poorly educated Slav thought it would be hers by a margin bigger than anything we’ve seen since the war, UKIP (sadly) lost its appeal what with Brexit accomplished (so he hopes) and Nigel leaving the throne, the confused party offering little more than tree hugging, and the cumryd? The cumryd and his motley crew in a Full Monty meltdown.

    How has she managed to fugg up so spectacularly? If only she made it the Brexit count, if only.

    It smells of a hung House, Frank, unless you persuade Andy to vote Tory, he, he, he.

  30. Any Car Park (16:44)

    Your reasoning is sound: sadly it contributes to the possibility of Albert Steptoe occupying No.10 – albeit for a short spell. But then again, your appreciation of the ridiculous has always been your forte. Perhaps a dose of the utterly bizarre will bring us all to our senses. As for my own vote – it matters not. My constituency will vote in droves for the local Tory codger, so I shall join them to increase his majority.

    Your UKIP candidate seems to have sound judgement. Good luck with that.
    His leader, however, is a twat.

  31. Talk about own goals. The Italians are telling us that they told us their terrorist was coming.
    At least Notre Dame will take the heat off our police.

  32. Let’s hope the Notre Dame geezer whacked today wasn’t a stonemason about to do some maintenance on the Cathedral whomet a somewhat nervous gendarme?

  33. Awaiting eye witneses.

  34. Three esses – sri.

  35. Baron at 5 June 11-16

    The Lion and Albert : Stanley Holloway.

  36. Baron 17:12

    Don’t you know what happens to naughty boys who become apostates, Mi’Lud?

    But I look forward to following your future posts in Dabiq.

  37. Radford NG @ 18:15

    Thank you, Radford, excellent reading, even more enjoyable to listen to it..

  38. Noa @ 18:19

    How knowledgable of you, young sir, the poorly educated Slav had to google Dabiq.

  39. Are you able to google? Baron cannot connect to the search engine, why?

  40. Andy Car Park – 16:44


    Your UKIP man isn’t “The Hoogs”, Nicolas Van Hoosgstaten, perchance? A favourite expression of his. I thought he was a ZANUPF man, though?

    BTW, is this hat in any way related to yours?

    Vote Hoogs, YKIMS!

  41. If it were a spoofed IP address then whoever it was doing the hacking wouldn’t get a response from the hacked server, i.e. he wouldn’t get what it was he was after, the response would come to the fake IP address, and if that didn’t exist i.e. it was faked, the package would get dropped.

    Any improvement on Baron’s speculative reasoning, or correction?

  42. The next time an appeasing politician asks the rhetorical question, “Why?” after the latest atrocity you might like to refer him or her to ISIS’ very clear explanation, explained in their own glossy magazine.

    See “Why we hate you and why we fight you.”

    That should be clear enough for even Andy Burnham to understand.

  43. There’s no UKIP candidate in my constituency, so I either have the choice of not voting or voting for Ben Wallace, the Security Minister (ha!).
    This is the wretch who replied to my request to support Sgt Blackman during and after his trial and conviction by refusing to do so, with the pious and hypocritical statement that the rights of the Taliban scum took preference over those of this exemplary British serviceman doing his duty in appalling conditions.

    In truth I’d rather see him whipped through the streets than vote for him.

  44. Noa (00:39)

    Some jolly bedime reading there. Thanks buddy. The first duty of the new Prime Minister next week should be to read aloud the entire contents of that publication to every MP in the assembled parliament, with the illustrations from it flashed up on a giant sized screen.

    Would the message penetrate their thick skulls? I doubt it. But thanks for posting it here.

    I shall disseminate it to those I know who are now lounging in the upper house, resting on their unearned laurels and double dipping their way through their twilight years apparently devoid of appropriate shame.

  45. Noa – 01:39

    Don’t get mad, get even! UK politicians of ALL stripes continue to patronise their electorate. I am led to believe that the state of the nation’s finances are every bit as dire as when old cyclops was sent ‘away back hame’ but nobody wants to talk about that.

    Why prolong the current pantomime/charade/kabuki performance.
    Vote Labour in an attempt to hasten the end.

    i.e. “…to bring the whole edifice down on their unworthy heads.”
    John Morlar (The Medusa Touch (1978))

    Maybe something worthwhile will emerge from the ashes…

  46. For those burning the midnight oil awaiting results on election night, there’s alternative to Dimblebore et al on offer over the pond. Another pantomime! i.e. James Commies Senate testimony.

  47. EC 09:32

    I’m afraid I could no more vote for the incomprehensible, gurning, illiterate, politically ignorant trade union clown that turned up in my porch than I could for Vladimir Lenin. Ditto the Green wierdo woman and the liberal democrat Welby lookalike.
    All clones and party apparatchiks; including the tory, without originality, personality or that independence of mind which Edmund Burke identified over 200 years ago as crucial in our elected representatives.

    In this election at least, due to the importance of Brexit for the UK’s survival, I shall not abstain loftily like Peter Hitchens, but holding my breath cast my single ballot against the block voters from Lahore in the hope of defending at least the principle of English liberty.

  48. English liberty? Ah yes, I remember that. As ACP reminded us yesterday the life support machine was turned off just before May 5, 2010 GE, and the body stopped twitching shortly thereafter.

    I will be holding my nose in the ballot box on Thursday because, tactically, there is the very real prospect of unseating the Labour wimmin candidate here! But in the end, to paraphrase Hillary, “What difference will it make?”

    Col. Richard Kemp your nation needs YOU!

  49. EC 10:39

    Is a new Oliver Cromwell really the answer?

  50. Diane Abbot takes a `sickie`.

  51. Noa – 11:51

    “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”
    Albert Einstein (maybe?)

    There’ll come a time when the game reset button will have to be pressed, and someone will have to step forward.

    Cromwell? Sorry, I’m not takin’ de bait…

  52. Radford NG
    June 6th, 2017 – 12:59


    Check out this interesting little snippet, plus the comments..

  53. What is the top five list of scalps for tomorrow night?

    Farron and Soubry have to be high on anyone’s list, plus lard bomb, Angus Robertson, doughty champion of the people of Scoooatland.

  54. Just now, the barbarian is listening to the BBC4 World at One, the rabbiting is all about taxes, costing of commitments, promises in that field, the Carney women is interviewing the spokesmen from all parties, challenging them, probing the commitments, pointing to things that aren’t costed ….

    This is all trash, rubbish, an idiotic exercise that has no value whatever, not one of the so called commitments in the past, whether made by the Tories, Labour, or the coalition has been fulfilled, it’s all to create a fog, to promise the skies, deliver what the real life enables those in governance to accomplish.

    Why do we all fall for all this crap?

    The only issue that matters, the one that will determine our future, the shell in which the welfare of our children and grandchildren will be shaped up is BREXIT, that’s it, we have to get out of the clutches of Brussels (read the Germans), fully, irrevocably, as cleanly as possible.

    For this, everyone sensible, everyone who’s concerned about the years and decades ahed, who lives in a constituency where either the cumryd or his opponents of any colour (except the confused party) may win, should go for that everyone – UKIP, an independent, even a communist.

    At all cost, we should prevent the cumryd and his lot to get the keys to no10, if he does, goes to bed with the Scottish fishmonger woman, we are truly fugged, Brexit or no Brexit.

  55. EC @ 13:22

    But more of the Prevent costly but ineffective docket we’re going to get, EC, you’ll see, and indeed, most of the targeting will be people like us, not the ones who contemplate to do us harm.

  56. Noa @ 00:39

    How many of the politicians who keep telling us we should embrace the ROP are going to read it, or just a small bit of it, Noa?

  57. Noa June 7th, 2017 – 11:51

    I wouldn’t presume to compare Kemp to Cromwell but the latter could be a shit, even beyond the character implied by that combination of puritan killjoy and East Anglian farm mentality. During meetings he was in the habit of flicking ink pellets at comrades, a behaviour that in an age before detergents and washing machines was probably not appreciated by his targets.

  58. Andy Car Park – 13:23

    Farron would be top of my list, but sadly he had a majority of 8,949 in 2015 and even if every Labourite & Kipper then voted Tory tomorrow it still wouldn’t take him down.

  59. More cultural enrichment 🙂 :
    Schools ‘in lockdown’ after female nursery worker is stabbed on busy London high street on her way to work by three girls ‘shouting Allah will get you’

  60. /cont

    It is believed that the victim was stabbed from behind as her attackers chanted ‘Allah’, however police are not treating it as a terrorist incident

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  61. An enjoyable hour, with Delingpole and Robert Tombs, Professor of French History at Cambridge University on the English, the French…and history:

  62. Before entering politics, Tim Farron was a university administrator. On one occasion, the overhead sprinkler system went off when the Vice-Chancellor was making a speech. Tim got a right bollocking!

  63. The mickey mouse “Mayor” of the Metrollups has just cobbled a set of stats together, even before the blood has dried on London Bridge and environs, that allegedly shows that there is a spike in “hate crimes” since the atrocity of the third of June and that ‘his officers will pursue any signs of Islamophobia ruthlessly’.

    Let me offer him another statistic: there are at least 5 million or so non-muslims aka infidels who, since 3rd June, have shown great restraint in not seizing every Muslim in sight and tossing them into the Thames with a hundredweight of korans round their deluded bodies to ensure that they finish up in the same place and in the same state as the poor bloody Frenchman who was one of the victims found in the mire of Limehouse today. Likewise in Manchester and the shires, one hopes. If I was not so old and feeble that’s where the short-arsed commie/muzzie ” mayor” would find himself, the egregious little Kuwaiti Tanker. How much more of this bullshit do we have to take before red-blooded Englishmen take to the streets and reclaim our benighted capital city?

  64. Before entering politics, Tim Farron was a university administrator. On one occasion, a snowflake came into his office in tears because someone had installed a soft drinks machine in her safe space. Tim had to apologise profusely.

  65. The choice appears to be between the lady from the WI who is supported by the globalists who are manipulating the islamists and the ageing Dave Spart who is the candidate of the jihadists who are supported by the New World Order.

    That England, that was wont to conquer others,
    Hath made a shameful conquest of itself.

  66. Malfleur June 7th, 2017 – 15:39

    To credit it, your quote is from John of Gaunt’s deathbed lament in Shakespeare’s Richard II. He also says:-

    “This land of such dear souls, this dear dear land,
    Dear for her reputation through the world,
    Is now leased out — I die pronouncing it —
    Like tenement or pelting farm.”

    If he thought it was bad then . . .

  67. Common Purpose Police 5

    The police, once again, intimidating the indigenous law abiding majority…

    RIP Shaw Taylor


    Headline from polls in Telegraph gives Toroes a 100 seat majority.

    We can breathe again.

  69. EC (16:17)

    Un-fuckin’-believable! The Stasi now unashamedly shows out, publicly and on paper. We need the equivalent of the First Amendment to the US Constitution enacted here; otherwise we are slaves.

  70. David Lindsay
    “We can breath again”……… this irony ?

  71. Frank P @ 15:50

    One can pity her, Frank, but one can also see why she married him.

    If only the brain were to run the decision making of those infatuated with each other, she should have followed what the saintly One said about Brexit – no Brexit is better than bad Brexit – for it applies to marriages (and other things besides), too.

  72. Malfleur @ 15:39

    You may well be right in your description of either of the two contenders for the crown, Malfleur, but unfortunately that’s the choice, we cannot take the advice of the guy who, when asked how to get somewhere, said ‘if I were you I wouldn’t start from here’ (didn’t you hear it before from the PES?). We have to start from her, no other option’s open to us.

    Still, she, and her team, appear to be better than the cumryd to free us from the Brussels’ yoke. Or would you entrust the talking to Diane? Arghhhh

  73. Frank P @ 16:01

    Littlejohn’s spot on ridiculing the suggestion the ROP thuggery could have been stopped if we had more police officers, the boil doesn’t lend itself to be spotted by a copper on the beat (more likely in a car today), we need intelligence, and a much smaller diaspora of people who harbour evil, or even those who wish for sharia to rule over us.

  74. Frank P @ 16:12

    Looking at the pictures of by-standers rushing to help, the barbarian cannot help thinking the carnage may have been less painful if someone amongst them had a concealed weapon, dispatched the Allah motivated thugs to the 72 virgins earlier.

  75. Today, the last day of the campaign, according to the BBC4 PM, the saintly One said what she should have been saying over and over and over again since the campaign began: ‘I’m better to get the country out of the EU, and Brexit trumps everything else because it will set up the framework for generations, within which everything else will be argued, sorted, agreed upon’.

    Who advises her? The barbarian will do it, do it better, and at the Aldi cost (or lower).

  76. EC @ 16:17

    Since when has offending someone furnished the reason for a prison sentence? What TF are they talking about, EC, is it their job anyway to police people thoughts?

    Have we really reached the point at which submission to political correctness begins to merge with tyranny, even if for the good of the community?

    C.S. Lewis had an answer, the right answer: ‘Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive’.

  77. Baron June 7th, 2017 – 19:14

    The police seem to be exceeding their authority through their own ignorance of the law. The comments attributed to Assistant Chief Constable Maurice Mason are shockingly crass and ignorant. He should have been sacked on the spot for them. I must look him up to see what kind of stupidity and Common Purpose accompanies his career.

    The only good thing about this is the pushback now making the original police warning appear even more ridiculous.

    Remember the Reform Section 5 campaign led by David Davis and others? Apparently won but how quickly forgotten!

    The police seem to be over-egging their pudding by issuing what are in effect more intimidating and sinister versions of “Mind how you go” which has a “chilling” effect on speech. Twitter warnings by police twits. Bad law by bad politicians. This was once a free country and all those responsible for creeping this crap in should hang their heads in shame.

  78. I am sick to death of listening to bloody whining female Scottish politicians.
    I am even more sick to death of seeing bloody Arabs faces shown in the papers as the latest atrocity is debated and the body’s are being counted.
    I am sick to death of seeing a person who has never grown up being presented as a leader of a party when he should be investigated for his links to terrorists.
    I am sick to death of the BBC.
    I never worried during the Cold War at all.
    Now I seem to be surrounded by nonsense, not fake news, nonsense .
    I feel I have never lived in more nonsensical times.

  79. John birch.@ 22:37

    You are not the only one, John, who’s boiling over, have patience though, the ‘healthy core of Englishness’ will reassert itself one way or another (whatever Frank may think), it must, even if its claim on the control of the country’s destiny may be preceded with more of what we’ve seen in Manchester and London.

  80. Colonel Mustard @ 22:09

    Thank you, Colonel, valid points, (see also the posting to John above).

  81. It’s the election day (in 35 minutes or so), but other matters also matter like the spat between the Saudis and Qatar.

    Did you think it was as big as the writer of this piece implies it is?

  82. Colonel Mustard 14:16

    It seems to be a quirk of dictators to throw things and humiliate their guests. Stalin liked to throw tomatoes at Khrushchev. For Stalin’s entertainment Beria would slip old tomatoes in Mikoyan’s suit pockets and press him against a wall so that they exploded, as a result he would take spare trousers to dinner.

    As to soldierly interventions in politics, the consequences are often unpopular and rarely expected. I suspect that the monarchy and Lords would both vanish forthwith, a rump Parliament would serve its master’s bidding until further drastic changes took place.

  83. John Birch writes at 22:37

    “I never worried during the Cold War at all.”

    I think this was generally true, although I did know someone who at the height of the Cuban missile crisis made a tour of the University saying goodbye to friends – but only the women undergraduates if I remember correctly….

    A parallel at that time with the position today would be if we had millions of Russian, East German and Polish communist sympathizers living in the country, among whom numbered 25,000 or so Russian communist party members whose shock troops were from time to time opening fire at random on the citizenry in our major cities with the government and opposition collaborating to ensure a steady supply of handouts and a steady stream of further party members immigrating legally and illegally from abroad.

    The interesting story from the Borough Market outrage was about Millwall Man, Mr. Roy Larner. Apart from the bouncers at the Black and Blue restaurant that night when the three Islam Party terrorists burst in with their 10 inch bladed knives he was the only man to respond. To their shouts of “This is for Allah” he shouting back “Fuck you! I’m Millwall!” and took on all three. As Mr. Larner observed later “I had four or five pints – nothing major”.

    It is possible that some of the other men present were too drunk or shocked to act, and one likes to think that had one been there oneself one would have stood at Mr.Larner’s side and at least have grabbed a bottle or a chair.

    What is important to note though is that Mr. Larner was a football fan, possibly at some stage a football hooligan, of the chaaracter that, like TOMMY ROBINSON, was so wrongly denigrated by people who should have known better when he led the English Defence League and who have never given him any credit since, but who was honoured by an article by Peter on this Wall not long after its inception six or seven years ago.

    Colonel Mustard rightly wrote here not too long ago that before this business was ended we should need five or ten Tommy Robinsons. By the same token, we shall need tens of thousands of Roy Larners.

  84. England expects that every man will do his duty.

    Signal on the Victory.

  85. Latest spectator.
    After five centuries, religious war has returned to Britain
    Islamist terror comes from a long tradition of brutal supremacism
    Tom Holland
    On 6 July 1535, the severed head of England’s former lord chancellor, Sir Thomas More, was carried across London Bridge to the gatehouse on the southern bank. There it was parboiled and set on a spike. Another head, that of the bishop and theologian John Fisher, was removed to make way for it, and thrown into the Thames. Both men, rather than accept Henry VIII as Supreme Head of the Church of England, had willingly embraced martyrdom at the king’s hands. Both men would end up canonised by the Catholic Church. Amid the violent convulsions of the Reformation, nowhere bore more public witness to the willingness of men to kill and be killed in the cause of God than London Bridge.
    Time, though, would see the intensity of these religious passions fade. What a cooler and more whiggish age would dismiss as ‘enthusiasm’ passed out of fashion. By 1974, when a tourist attraction named the London Dungeon opened on Tooley Street, just south of where More’s head had once been exhibited, religious fanaticism appeared as much a part of Britain’s past as public hangings or the Black Death. The causes which had led a succession of English monarchs during the Reformation to torture and kill those they condemned as heretics appeared so drained of contemporary relevance that they had become the stuff of jokey waxworks.
    But then, last Saturday night, religiously motivated killing returned to London Bridge. Three men, swerving to murder as many pedestrians as they could, drove a rented van across the very spot where severed heads had been fixed to the bridge’s southern gatepost. They crashed opposite Tooley Street. Then, brandishing long knives, they plunged into the warren of streets and passageways around Southwark Cathedral where, back in the reign of Mary, six high-ranking clergymen had been tried and convicted of heresy. For eight terrible minutes, terrorists — no less convinced than Tudor inquisitors had been that they were the agents of a stern and implacable god — visited slaughter upon Borough Market. Just four days later, another group of Islamists, equally fanatical and set on martyrdom attacked the Iranian parliament and Ayatollah Khomeini’s mausoleum in Tehran, killing at least 12 people and injuring many more.
    The London Bridge attackers wanted us to be in no doubt about their motivation. ‘This is for Allah,’ they shouted, as they slashed and stabbed their victims. When they could, they slit people’s throats — just as Isis executioners in Syria, claiming obedience to a command in the Quran ‘to strike off the heads of believers’, had slit the throats of western hostages. Shot by police marksmen, the three men were hailed by supporters of Isis as ‘martyrs’.
    Sometimes it can be hard to recognise ghosts for what they are. Reactions to the atrocities committed on Saturday — as to the atrocities committed only a few short weeks previously in Manchester and on Westminster Bridge — have mingled despair with perplexity. We just don’t understand violent religion.
    The Church of England, offspring of the Reformation though it is, has long since forsworn the sugar-rush of fanaticism. Vicars today rarely quote from Foxe’s Book of Martyrs. Christianity in Britain has made its peace with the values of the Enlightenment: secularism, liberalism, humanism. The ease with which it has done so reflects the degree to which, in large part, it came to serve as their midwife. The God who provided assurance to Tudor monarchs that they were justified in killing heretics, and to Cromwell’s major-generals that England should be ruled as a theocracy, is today far more likely to be found in the nightmares of Richard Dawkins than in the prayers of Christians. The Church of England these days is far too busy wringing its hands over its faults and failings to demand vengeance on those of others.
    Not that Anglicans are alone in their commitment to what is, theologically speaking, milky tea. Whether in GCSE Religious Studies lessons, or the speeches of politicians, or the manifestos of diversity programmes, all religions are presumed, in their essentials, to be pretty much the same. Every speaker who appears on ‘Thought for the Day’ — Catholic, Muslim, Hindu, it makes no difference — subscribes to the same inoffensive tenets. God is peaceful; God is politically correct; God probably votes Liberal Democrat. Yet while these are undoubtedly assumptions that have served to oil the wheels of multi-cultural Britain, and enabled most people to maintain an attitude towards religion of mild and relaxed indifference, their promotion is not necessarily, perhaps, as tolerant as it might at first sight seem.
    Their guiding principles — that religion should properly rank as a matter of personal belief, that church and state should be kept distinct, and that the law of the land should trump any legal system claimed to derive from a god — are not nearly as universal as most people in Britain might like to think. Shaped by the twin inheritances of Christianity and the Enlightenment, they are in reality decidedly contingent. Indeed, to assume that all other belief systems, all other ways of ordering existence, can simply be folded without difficulty into the liberal embrace of our secular state risks verging on the complacent — or the arrogant.
    When, for instance, in her speech after the London Bridge attacks, Theresa May decried as a perversion of Islam any notion that it might be incompatible with Western concepts of human rights, she had things precisely the wrong way round. Classically, Muslims have believed that no human rights exist except for those that have been prescribed by God. In the Quran, it is taken for granted that the only way to know how to live well is by means of a divine revelation. Naturally, the Quran casts itself as the ultimate source of these revelations.Anyone who does not submit to the god revealed in its pages is, then, by definition, inferior to those who do. This is all the more so because, according to one of Mohammed’s most quoted sayings, every newborn is naturally Muslim. ‘Then his two parents make him a Jew, a Christian, a Zoroastrian.’ Non Muslims, in other words, are effectively apostates. This is why, should they subsequently convert to Islam, they are termed by many Muslims ‘reverts’. It is also why, for a millennium and more, Islamic states actively discriminated against them. A Quranic injunction decreed that Jews and Christians pay a humiliating tax, the jizya, in exchange for the right to practise their respective religions. Those defined as mushrikun — ‘idolaters’ — were denied the right to practise their religion at all.
    Does this mean, then, that Islam is inherently a supremacist religion? Not at all. Like Christianity, it has experienced a long weathering by the Enlightenment; and many Muslims today, like many Christians, have not the slightest problem in living by its values. Over the course of the 19th and 20th centuries, across the Islamic world, the jizya and the slave trade went the way of the Spanish Inquisition; today, in multicultural Britain, the vast majority of Muslims would have no truck with the notion that they are superior to non-Muslims by virtue of being Muslim.
    And yet, for all that, it is clear that the legacy of Islamic supremacism, deriving as it does from both the Quran and sayings of Mohammed, still has a potent and seductive appeal. Indeed, there is a sense in which it may be precisely the integration into Islam of the Western notion of human rights that is helping to fuel its recrudescence. After all, if — as Muslims believe — their religion is the last and ultimate of God’s revelations, then any dimunition of its purity, any dilution of its traditions, can all too easily be portrayed as a lethal threat to the entire future of humanity. Isis, who have pointedly reintroduced both the jizyaand slavery, are merely the most extreme of those factions within Islam who insist that Muslims, far from compromising with the values of the West, should instead seek to destroy them utterly.
    We are witnessing a civil war within Islam and the three men who brought
carnage to Borough Market last Saturday did not see themselves as murderers, but rather as warriors. They imagined that they had been divinely summoned — just as Mohammed had been — to the overthrow of kufr: unbelief.
    No laws, no increase in police numbers, no boost to the powers of the security services can adequately patrol such ideas. Only by directly confronting these beliefs do we have even the faintest prospect of diminishing their potency. To do that, though, will first require acknowledging what Isis and their cohorts in the West actually embody: a strain of Islam that has its roots deep in the past, and which, as our most careful analyst of Isis, Shiraz Maher, has put it, ‘believes in progression through regression’. To dismiss it, as Theresa May did, as ‘a perversion of Islam’ is not merely to close our eyes to the nature of the threat that it presents to Britain’s future as a free society; it actively risks making it worse.
    So as we begin the inevitable discussion about what to do next, the first step ought to be a fairly basic one: recognise the problem.

  86. Noa – 00:18

    “As to soldierly interventions in politics, the consequences are often unpopular and rarely expected.”

    How long before the ship of fools finally hits the rocks?
    How bad do things have to get before that becomes the least worst option?
    What if, this time around, it was HMQ that called the army in?
    What if, the time around, it was the cabal of parliamentary politico weasels that got defenestrated (if only 🙂 ) and the hereditary peers were actually restored to the HoL? (OUAT I never thought I’d EVER say that!)

    King Charles III and Queen Camilla? Really?

    Long Live HMQ! (&Phil)

  87. “Sadiq Khan is a Complete Idiot”
    Paul Joseph Watson

    I think that PJW is self-censoring with that title! (for reasons that will become clear in the video) I think that the last part of his proposition was intended to read, “is ISIS.”
    Whatever else he might justifiably be called Khan is no idiot.

  88. EC. June 8th, 2017 – 08:41

    I won’t be drawn on this matter! 😉

  89. EC – 08:46

    The terrorists are law abiding citizens: it is just that it is not our law by which they are abiding.

  90. Noa – 10:17

    I’m in Bogcaster (south side) today if you fancy a lunchtime pint? Name the place.
    Rain! Apart from voting, the pub is the only good reason to venture out today!

  91. Malfleur, June 7th, 2017 – 15:39

    “The choice appears to be between the lady from the WI who is supported by the globalists who are manipulating the islamists and the ageing Dave Spart who is the candidate of the jihadists who are supported by the New World Order.”

    Nice one!

  92. Fox News has been embargoed in the UK today, ‘due to reporting restrictions around the general election’. CNN and Al Jezzera, are still available of course.

    A completely skewed report on Comey’s appearance before the Intellience committee and the written precis he leaked to the media yesterday has been described by Sky with their usual heavily biased anti-Trump chagrin.

    So the reportage on the Comey appearance today will through the biased prism of British media coverage.

    I just contacted Ofcom to complain and have been informed that Fox would not agree to Ofcom restrictions and have therefore decided (or rather been forced) to withdraw their services for the duration of the election.

    CNN and Al Jazeera agreed to the electoral restrictions, thus they can continue to pump their poisonous propaganda unabated.

    I am about to telephone Fox and complain fwiw.

  93. Here is Hannity’s analysis:

    For those who need a different viewpoint to that of the Sky/BBC bias.

  94. The point being that Fox News is available online @

  95. A 117 years ago there would likely have been one or two gentlemen near London Bridge who could have drawn their revolvers and shot the muslim jihadists down.

    In those days passing members of the public handed over their revolvers to police constables chasing armed criminals.

  96. They seem to be homing on the Donald’s asking for loyalty, Comey answering ‘you’ll always get my honesty’, to which, after some pause, the Donald says: ‘Honest loyalty is what I want’ or words to that effect.

    One can interpret the exchange in two ways, one take on it is that of the anti-Trump brigade, the other just the opposite that is equally rational, acceptable and obvious in the given circumstances.

    The Donald was not only asking for honesty, but loyalty, too, because that’s the thing that matters most. Comey could have been honest i.e. telling the truth, being sincere, straightforward and open, but may also have been disloyal if he were to withhold something from the President, or if he were to leak information, allow others to disclose it, stuff like that. If not asked about it, he could have still been honest had he answered any other questions honestly, truthfully, without any deceit. It’s only if he were loyal that he would have volunteered stuff he was not asked about.

    Loyalty equals honesty plus.

    Even if the Donald were to hint Comey should break the law, if he were loyal, he would refuse to do so there and then, explain why he cannot do so, advise the Donald strongly never to hint at it again, but he would have also kept the conversation private. If he felt strongly he could no longer serve the President because of such pressure to essentially circumvent the law, his own moral code, the duty to his office, he would have resigned, but still kept the exchange private, volunteer it only in the court of law under oath.

    Loyalty has been the Achilles heel of many in the West, yet it’s an essential element of any set-up that aims to survive, without it one can never trust fully the individuals within the human structure.

  97. Frank P @ 13:11

    If they can embargo Fox News, Frank, how long before they come after us?

  98. Radford NG @ 16:19

    You, young sir, are forgetting 117 years ago Britain was till a barbaric country, capital punishment on the statute books, no ‘uman rites’ protection, no rainbow society in sight.

  99. The Saudis and their poodles not only banned al-Jazeera, but also asked Qatar to dismantle the outfit. Our cutting off its broadcast for the day of election is a half-baked solution, next time we’ll do what the Saudis did, silence everyone who doesn’t toe the line.

    Why haven’t they banned RT? The barbarian will watch it tonight to find out whether Putin learnt a lesson, or our watchdogs erred.

  100. EC @ 12:09

    The failure to pay any tax is easily explained, EC, she doesn’t speak English, how the hell would she know she has to pay a tax, ha?

  101. Why the outrage? They’ve done as they feel, a perfectly natural reaction of someone who despises our culture.

  102. The Clinton woman calls the Donald says ‘a High Court judge has just died, I want to take his place, I demand to take his place’, the Donald thinks about for a while then says’ it’s OK with me if, it’s OK with the mortuary’.

  103. Baron – 16:55

    An own goal?

  104. Baron at 16-42

    And about 95 years ago Germany was the most advanced,progressive state the world had ever seen.

  105. Frank P @ 13:11
    There’s always Dennis Prager if you want some relief from CNN BBC etc

  106. Watched the whole thing on both CBS and the BBC. Nothing new emerged. Status quo ante! Comey showed himself to be exactly what Trump assessed him to be – a grandstanding , incompetent nut-job. Wanker to boot. The ‘questions’ were mostly partisan statements and softball, laced with cloying flattery about Comey’s ‘service to the nation’. The GOP members of the committee were less than helpful to Trump than they should have been, with the exception, strangely (as he’s no fan of Trump), the old fart John McCain who had Comey squirming in his seat by highlighting Comey’s mishandling of Hillary Clinton’s server and emails and contrasting the different approach and handling of the G Mens’ investigation of her connections with the Russians – as opposed to their handling of the Trump campaigns’ connections. All-in-all a wasted afternoon. There is no evidence of actual Russian influence on the election, as Meuller will eventually report. There is plenty of evidence of Comey’s incompetence and justification for him being shit-canned. Now for the ping-pong of partisan ‘analysis’. Trump was a twat for not heave-hoing Comey the day he was inaugurated. That’s his biggest mistake so far.

    Comey pissing up the back of Mueller in an effort to influence Mueller’s eventual findings was far worse than Trump’s nod and a wink to Comey re Flynn, imho. Slimy cunt!

  107. Postergirl.

    Thanks for the heads up on DP.


  108. A glowing reference for ‘mayor’ Khan’s cv:

    Incandescent in fact. 🙂

  109. Taking this headline to its logical conclusion:
    ‘He is NOT an extremist’ Family of Notre Dame hammer attack suspect left shocked

    It means that attacking a police officer with a hammer outside the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris is not extreme behaviour for those from his culture.

    I don’t think they meant to convey this to the public at large. 🙂

  110. Radford NG @ 20:27

    Except for the one with the red rosette (that was a giveaway, wasn’t it), the others look as if they voted for the Tories, Radford.

  111. RobertRetyred @ 20:04

    If the family’s right, Robert, and they may be, it’s that much scarier because it would suggest many of normal, law abiding even loving members of the cult may morph into killers instantly, without any warning at all, any place and anytime at all.

  112. Stupid woman has blown it.

  113. Stephan’s good except that he takes Comey’s word for when he, Comey. says Trump wasn’t under investigation. What if Comey’s lying, Trump was being looked into.

  114. At moment a hung parliament is still otc.

  115. Yes Frank, and who can the Tories get to support them. Not the LibDems. Not the SNP. Northern Ireland cannot be relied on. She has blown it. And Brexit with it. Stupid woman.

  116. Let’s just wait for the actual results, nothing’s certain yet, it may well turn out that Labour get the 326 plus seats, the cumryd moves to no10, Brexit folds up, the country opens its borders fully, embraces anyone who wants to come, taxes begin to exceed one’s earnings, the State takes over everything including the barbers’ shops … arghhhh

  117. The world is a powder keg and not a viable charismatic jleader in sight on these islands. The FTSE will go off the cliff tomorrow; the US may well follow. Too late to buy gold. Hmmnn …

    The EU is about implode from the weight of its own profligacy. The Western World is about to bust out from the biggest Long Firm Fraud since the Wall Street crash and what price Brexit, now? They can rename it Teresa Fuxit!

  118. Apologies for banging about a man fired by the Donald in a far away country when our country may be going up cumredly nuts, but the barbarian finds it hard to comprehend the American system.

    Here is a guy admitting to leak information (indirectly via a close friend) that was the property of the FBI (even if for quite legitimate reason – to speed up the appointment of a special prosecutor). How does it differ from Snowden leaking information to the media? The motives differ, the content of the leaks differ, but a leak is a leak, no?

  119. Looks like the sinistral brainwashing of the student strata that usuallly stays abed for elections have been motivated on line; UKIP has dissolved into a mucky red and dirty blue. The Tory grandees are sharpening the knives. Tessa is toast!

    Stand by for chaos. And once again cue Sir Richard Wassisname.

  120. Sadly, lookslike Albert Steptoe won’t havve return to the rag-n-bone cart.

  121. The lack of respect by the KSA football team for the 1 minute silence only adds to the gloom.

  122. Sheikh slams Saudi Arabia reason for refusing to mourn terror victims

  123. Brexit means a dogs dinner, courtesy of a stupid woman who calls an unnecessary election then quivers in campaigning, excludes the star Boris and produces a fatal manifesto.
    Theresa May should resign in favour of David Davis.

  124. Well, it looks like the young were well and truly fooled by Corbyns false promises. So if the suggestion we need another election happens obviously we need bigger lies.
    I would suggest, a free house to anyone under 30, plus a free car up to the value of £30,000 , income tax abolished for everyone who votes labour and doubled for those who vote conservative.
    And the day before the election a new promise to feed all old people who support and voted for Brexit and ruined young people’s future into gas chambers.
    That should capture the youth vote.

  125. What a clusterfuck!
    She has to go.

  126. So. The turkeys did vote for Christmas and have earned a dogs dinner and mother T gets the bird. Brexit vincet omnia? Not a chance, we are stuffed.

  127. On the upside Alex Salmond and Angus Robertson were booted out.
    On the downside the whole nation would’ve benefitted if Amber Rudd had lost the battle of Hastings.

  128. John birch. @ 06:42

    If that what the cumryd were to promise< john, Baron would vote for him, twice on the same day if necessary (only joking).

    What a fugging mess, ha?

    As EC says she has to go, go quietly but quickly, retire, focus her energies, tests her judgment on buying the shoes of Blahnik.

  129. David Lindsay @ 06:15

    Seconded, David, Davies it it, should have been rather than the now retired boy of the gay marriage fame or the saintly One, the Tories need an old hand and not the Blonde Inseminator, he would be an even bigger disaster than the boy who’s farming now.

  130. What pains most is that the Brussels apparatchiks must be overjoyed with the result.

    Could the Tories make a deal with someone outside the bunch of the usual contenders?

  131. Just a thought…

    IF, now, Treezer is going to, quite deservedly, get the rug pulled out from beneath her… THEN maybe Ruth Davidson’s time has come? They should get her into Westminster ASAP!

    As the Wimbledon umpires say, “New Balls, Please.”

  132. “Could the Tories make a deal with someone outside the bunch of the usual contenders?”

    Beelzebub seems quite content with Jeremy Corbyn at the moment.

  133. EC @ 08:30

    You may be mis-reading the voting outcome of Scotland, EC, it may not have been Davidson that won the votes, but the fishmonger woman who lost them, Labour was unlikely to pick them up, the Tories were the only other home for them.

  134. Imagine: the guy’s the saintly One, the money’s the votes, the safe’s the people.

  135. John birch – 05:58

    It was bad PR, so maybe a touch of taqiya was required.

  136. John birch – 05:58

    Then again, maybe not!

  137. “You may be mis-reading the voting outcome of Scotland, EC.”


  138. EC June 8th, 2017 – 11:13

    EC – Just saw your email. Sorry I couldn’t make it yesterday, I’m currently engaged on family business.

    As to the GE- just one word, bugger.

  139. Baron – 08:37

    Maybe Davidson did enough to make up for May’s failings, the ‘Tory face’ in Scotland, and the SNP’s leader did the rest.

    May neutered UKIP by promising a Clean Brexit, but failed to follow that up in the campaigning, expecting UKIP voters to flock to them for no reason at all. Some voters did go back to the Tories, but many went back to Labour, while some just couldn’t vote for a reluctant Remainer. Brexiters weren’t very numerous in her Cabinet, and those present were in a little group, isolated, unable to contribute or say much in public.

    To have Ben Gummer, the son of the Climate Change fanatic (and Mad Cow Disease burger supplier) who said Brexit made him sick, write ‘Her Manifesto’, doesn’t bare thinking about.

    She could have addressed the ‘£350m/week for the NHS’ issue (created by Vote Leave who had the Tory MPs, not the UKIP voters) by explaining that money would be better spent in Social Services so the NHS could function, by removing the bed blockers. She could have appealed to the thrifty by removing the 0.7% International Aid LAW, and say the amount could go up or down, depending on circumstances, and getting good value is what is important. She could have cancelled HS2 as costs had escalated and the tendering process had hit the buffers 🙂 with mismanagement becoming too close to fraud for comfort.

    And why even think about fox hunting? Or the elderly care costs etc etc?

    It goes back to CMD not invoking article 50, like he promised.

    In fact it goes back to CMD’s victory in the Tory leadership campaign – Remainders already had control then and, for all we know, this lack of electoral success shows that they still do run the Tory Party.

    Whether May was ignorant of this hidden influence, fought against it or was part of it, we may never know, but we do know that Dave/George must be p1ssing themselves (when they are off camera), and they don’t even have to clear up the mess either! And Cameron has a nice little PM pension! Isn’t it £50k/an?

  140. As i said earlier,


    Now back to bed. Someone call Richard Kemp. It’s the only way.
    Why TF did anybody think she had the nous to run the nation, after her disastrous stint at the Home Office?

    Baron – what price the ‘upwelling of Englishness’ to save the day?

    FFS Colonel Mustard, pen some sense into this situation for when I wake up, after this bad dream. 🙂

  141. Frank P – 09:56
    “Why TF did anybody think she had the nous to run the nation, after her disastrous stint at the Home Office?”

    I don’t know that anyone did! Perhaps, not even her!

    Her time at the Home Office must be seen in the light of having europhile CMD in No 10, and not being PM. (Mrs T’s enemies loved to taunt her with the fact that most Grammar Schools were closed during her time at the MoE, but she wasn’t in a position to turn back the policy.)

    So she WAS ‘untested’ but she was the best that the Tories had on offer, even though she was a Reluctant Remainer!

    She managed to get into the Tory leadership ‘final’ because of Remainer support, with the testing hustings expected to follow, and was then handed the prize without a fight. More importantly, she didn’t have a network of allies in Cabinet or even in the Party, because she won without one. At least Andrea Leadsom had a goal.

    Ever since then we have lived in hope, with each day the hope getting very slightly more dilute. That is, until the General Election was announced, and the ‘May Manifesto’ launched.

    Some of the Brexiters within the Tory Parliamentary Party have dismissed UKIP’s efforts whenever, wherever they can, and it is difficult for the others to counteract that without appearing disloyal to their party. And then they thought UKIP voters would vote for them!

    I do think the Tories are in a mess, as well as the country, finding themselves up the creek without a paddle, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, or at least a reasonable chance of success.

    We are approaching the situation where we might be yet another EU country with an ignored referendum.

  142. RobertRetyred – 10:22

    Pass the bottle of bleach, there’s a good chap, ta.

  143. This post election morning I’m reminded on Captain Darling’s diary entry… and Blackadder’s summation. “Have we all gone mad?


  144. Frank P – 09:56


  145. Noa – 11:09


  146. I expect a new conservative PM to lead Brexit negotiations, then a new GE, effectively a second referendum, to either ratify or reject the offering.

  147. David Davis for me, leaving BoJo, as Baron points out, to get on with fathering the Tory party’s future ‘bastards.’

  148. Frank P June 9th, 2017 – 09:56

    It’s easy to blame May and with justification but I think the more worrying aspect is that creature Corbyn and his crummy cabinet could attract so many votes. That does not bode well for the future, given that Labour seem to “own” the schools and universities as well as the ever increasing immigrant vote.

    It will be interesting to see whether Labour’s surprising gains in England were all mainly in university cities but it is clear that Momentum’s Yoof Cult and a “May Hatred” caught on and that Corbyn managed to present himself as a Cult Leader, shrugging off his unpleasant baggage and appealing to an indoctrinated, dumbed down and whooping anti-Brexit generation who could not care less about the economy, deficit and debt – or our history.

    And interesting how much was due to the post-referendum rogue nature of UKIP. They still have no MPs but seemed to be split between nose-holding vote lending to the Tories and strong anti-May distrust over Brexit. Back to Labour? Puts the nails in the coffin that UKIP was ever a right wing or conservative party.

    Then the Lib Dems increased their MPs in Parliament so we have had to put up with more constipated hubris (oxymoron?) from Menzies, Pantsdown and Farron.

    At the end of the day all the leftist shits are mostly still there, gobbing off plenty of anti-Tory hate and blighting this country. Brexit is under threat. The Monarchy is under threat. In England we are likely to continue to face reckless levels of immigration and a rapidly changing demographic.

    The anti-Tory hatred now being expressed by Sturgeon, Farron et al is also very disrespectful of the over 13 million people who voted Tory and gave the Tories the highest percentage share of the vote (which Trump denigrators describe as the “popular vote”).

    I wrote yesterday that I feared that Britain would have to eventually endure the full East European/Venezuela/Cuba experience before the communist wannabes and their useful idiots are finally defenestrated from our society. I won’t be alive to see it.

  149. Ann Soubry gets in with 800+ majority……and Conservatives win Mansfield Town for first time in history.

  150. Colonel Mustard (12:28)

    Thanks; the cold shower of reality that I needed. Can’t disagree with anything you say, but would add that the emasculation of the nation is the most obvious upshot of recent years; particularly poignant, given the 73rd anniversary two days before the election.

    Agitprop of course is on steroids and hysterical.

  151. Colonel Mustard – 12:28

    I agree. However, I saw someone point out that both Tory and Labour manifestos were supporting Brexit, so they could do that, at least, together.

    I don’t know how true, or likely, that is, but May’s new policies, that the Party didn’t know about, should be forgotten, along with the Labour madness, and what they have both agreed to do on their own, Brexit, they should do together. 🙂 The bods have said, before the GE that we could be out before the end of the year. With this, it might!

    Oh what a mess, especially as our enemies will take every opportunity to exacerbate the situation and we still have Windmill Mania to pay for.

  152. With the stunning victory yesterday for the New World Orde, the lady from the WI and Dave Spart need to reach out to create a government of all the talents. This should include drawing on abilities outside the obsolete boundaries of the nation state.

    In order to ensure the allegiance of the British military and the British people at this critical time, I would recommend that the following cadre be appointed by the House of Commons facilitated by the Open Society Foundations with authority to devote their deep experience to setting suitable guidelines for electorate unity in the regions:

  153. Who is to be leader of UKIP ?

    Gerard Batten MEP ( UKIP-London ) : `Odious and Corrupt Extremist` (The Guardian).
    On the EU : …..Never mind Article 50 ; let’s just leave.
    On islam : ….a death cult.

  154. Sent by a US pal who was commiserating about the cretinous condition of the British electorate.

    They walk amongst us, are allowed to breed, and vote

    My daughter and I went through the McDonald’s driveway window and I gave the cashier a £5 note.
    Our total was £4.25, so I also handed her 25p.
    She said, ‘you gave me too much money.’
    I said, ‘Yes I know, but this way you can just give me a pound coin back.’
    She sighed and went to get the manager who asked me to repeat my request.
    I did so, and he handed me back the 25p, and said ‘We’re sorry but we don’t do that kind of thing.’
    The cashier then proceeded to give me back 75p in change.
    Do not confuse the people at MacD’s.

    We had to have the garage door repaired.
    The repairman told us that one of our problems was that we did not have a ‘large’ enough motor on the opener.
    I thought for a minute, and said that we had the largest one made at that time, a 1/2 horsepower.
    He shook his head and said, ‘You need a 1/4 horsepower.’
    I responded that 1/2 was larger than 1/4 and he said, ‘NOOO, it’s not. Four is larger than two.’
    We haven’t used that repairman since…

    I live in a semi rural area.
    We recently had a new neighbor call the local city council office to request the removal of the DEER CROSSING sign on our road.
    The reason: ‘Too many deers are being hit by cars out here! I don’t think this is a good place for them to be crossing anymore.’

    My daughter went to a Mexican fast food and ordered a taco.
    She asked the person behind the counter for ‘minimal lettuce.’
    He said he was sorry, but they only had iceberg lettuce.

    I was at the airport, checking in at the gate when an airport employee asked,
    ‘Has anyone put anything in your baggage without your knowledge?’
    To which I replied, ‘If it was without my knowledge, how would I know?’
    He smiled knowingly and nodded, ‘That’s why we ask.’

    The pedestrian light on the corner beeps when it’s safe to cross the street.
    I was crossing with an ‘intellectually challenged’ co-worker of mine.
    She asked if I knew what the beeper was for.
    I explained that it signals blind people when the light is red.
    Appalled, she responded, ‘what on earth are blind people doing driving?!’
    She is a government employee…..

    When my husband and I arrived at a car dealership to pick up our car after a
    service, we were told the keys had been locked in it.
    We went to the service department and found a mechanic working feverishly to unlock the driver’s side door.
    As I watched from the passenger side, I instinctively tried the door handle and discovered that it was unlocked.
    ‘Hey,’ I announced to the technician, ‘its open!’
    His reply, ‘I know. I already did that side!’

  155. Malfleur @ 13:30

    Good one, Malfleur.

    The clowns have a problem, they must either grow taller, or ask the maker of the trinkets to shrink them, the trinkets.

  156. Noa @ 15:35

    Good ones, Noa, and some may even be true (if not all).

  157. There are already more wimmin in Parliament than ever before. The country is not only emasculated, it’s pussy-whipped. A vanguard of vociferous vaginas will be the end of our nation as an important component of Western military dominance.

    Westminster now comprises an exponential bevy of queers, girly men and wimmin and their apparatchiks – and think-wanks stuffed to the gunnels with the output of the marxist mills, the so called universities: twats with nary a voice with a pitch below a castrato. HTF can we survive as a nation if this s.o.a continues? 🙂

  158. Frank p 15-59
    Not absolutely sure you were politically correct in that little rant frank.
    Perhaps you should just cast an eye over it in case you may want to make minor mods to it.

  159. Colonel Mustard @ 12:28

    Excellent summary, Colonel, but why the surprise that so many voted for the cumryd?

    He has promised more money for everyone except for the few rich he knew would never vote for him figuring that if it worked for Blair (and it did, he got elected three times) it will work for him, too. He was right, but there still were many who didn’t fall for the crap, the LBC caller is one of them.

    Your last sentence may turn to be wrong though, one can never tell what the future holds, even the near future.

  160. Noa @ 11:01

    It’s not as final as that, Noa, surely, we’re still breathing, can (are allowed) to write for public consumption, on occasions even vote to get Brexit. Who knows, next time round we may get something similar or even better.

    We must not lose hope, losing hope could be the real beginning of the end.

  161. BBC assaulting the senses of all good men and true by having Ali Campbell and Sham-i Chakrabarti on the QT panel together with that dissembling little goblin Armando Iannucci. That is “balance” apparently. Somewhat countered by Isabel Oakeshott.

  162. Moving film of the funeral of Sir Winston Churchill:-

    The day Britain (as we once knew it) died. The people watching, silent, respectful (no clapping, throwing flowers or ghastly teddy bears and balloons), and English, identifiably so, row upon row. The police, smart, straight, tall, reassuring – proper Bobbies. The Guardsmen ditto. A nation of grown ups, of men with self respect and confidence and this was their country. All gone now. Sold out from under its people and corrupted.

  163. Sorry, wrong version. This is the full length one:-

  164. Baron @ 20:55 yesterday

    “…why the surprise that so many voted for the cumryd?”

    Because they voted for Venezuelisation.

  165. After the gloom of yesterday, today we have a new dawn.

    May will go and before that her kitchen Caninet will be frozen out.

    I am also looking at the positives. Salmons and Clegg, two of the most hateful politicians in Britain are gone. And Fishwife Sturgeon is neutered.

  166. Colonel Mustard, June 9th, 2017 – 23:09

    Wonderful! You should have a regular column in the Radio Times!

    I forced myself to watch some BBC yesterday in order to appraise myself of the awful situation of Mrs May’s SIX WEEK (*) campaign. I knew the BBC wouldn’t hold back, and they didn’t disappoint. The Beeboid hacks were all, to a droid, wearing impartial smirks from ear to ear. So much so they could hardly get their words out. Perhaps the only exception was the twisty mouthed Kuntsberg, the unfortunate featured Scottish Trot’, who never smiles, but given the facial contortions she has to pull in order to speak at all then that is explainable. What rotten luck!

    They will all ultimately get their day in the sun.

    [* The whole point of a “snap” election is that it should be just that, ambush the enemy, and not give them SIX fecking weeks to regroup! The longer the campaign is the more that can go wrong, and it sure did!]

  167. This retired FBI agent, Coleen Rowley, gives the evidence supporting FRANK P’s earlier characterisation of former FBI Director ROBERT MUELLER as a “shark”:

    With no Republican meat in the ocean in which this shark has been let loose to swim as “Special Counsel” in the Russian investigation, it is not clear whom he might be able to savage – unless someone throws him some Democrats…..

  168. Noa @ 8:11

    Thanks for the link to Mark Steyn. I hope people will give appropriate weight to Mark’s words, in answer to the question of his first correspondent, in support and praise of TOMMY ROBINSON.

  169. Noa – 08:11

    As you know, I was ‘down your way’-ish for most of the day on Thursday. The Labour candidate, “Cat” Smith, increased her majority from 1.265 to 6,661. There was no UKIP candidate, and the Labour vote went up 12.8% and the Cons vote only 1.4%.

    The from late morning until when I departed at 7:30pm I saw, in several areas, groups of Labour canvassers trying to get their vote out. My daughter’s road was ‘swept’ at least twice. These raiding parties were highly organised consisting of about half a dozen people, usually a couple of 70’s era balding male Trots accompanied by four or so students, usually girls. Highly organised in that the senior Trots had clipboards with printed lists attached, and were directing the others to specific houses. I must therefore conclude that Labour won here because they put more effort in!

    Are polling station personnel allowed to give out details of who has or hasn’t yet voted?

  170. The insanity of political correctness? Or rampant Murdoch commercialisation?

    British & Irish Lions tour live commentator coverage of the current match against Crusaders is available on the BBC – in Welsh.

  171. Are polling station personnel allowed to give out details of who has or hasn’t yet voted?

    No. But efficient party apparatchiks, having canvassed their areas, identified their voters and secured their commitment, record who has voted at the polling stations and chase up the laggards via the street collectors.
    Needless to say you need a big organisation to do this. Labour has it. The Cameroons destroyed the Conservative support base and UKIP didn’t have the numbers to operate it efficiently.

  172. Important point from Steyn is that Robinson is locked up on any pretext but all the perpetrators of the recent attacks were flagged up and not locked up.

    That’s the Common Purpose agenda. They hope Robinson will be the victim of a homicide in a British prison but let terrorists roam about freely.

  173. Hannan is a professional Judas Goat but his argument in that piece is spot on.

  174. Hannan? Strong deal? Farron and Corbyn would do a deal, sell us down the river again, no matter how much it cost. I’ve got my doubts about David Davis after his utterance yesterday.

    Mrs. May? No longer credible. She’ll be gone by the party conference season.

  175. EC @ 13:04

    What was it, EC, David Davies said yesterday? If it’s his musings on whether we stay in the single market or not then he’s right, it would be simpler if we did stay in because nothing would have to change, but if saying in is to lose the control of our borders than he’s right, we should get out of the SM.

    Where’s the wrong, or the reason for doubt on the man in this?

  176. Noa @ 10:43

    This chap Hannah talks well, writes even better, Noa, never does anything though, never stands up when it matters, never offers himself for election to a body that has power, can make things happen, he’s partly useless, really.

  177. Noa @ 09:56

    An easy way out, Noa, here’s what you do – learn Welsh, he, he , he (sorry, the barbarian couldn’t resist).

  178. Noa @ 8:11 – more

    I watched the rest of the Mark Steyn link and mostly found it deeply concerning. At the end, I saw a link to an interview with TOMMY ROBINSON by STEFAN MOLYNEUX at:

    This is dated June 9th and, in my view, is well worth watching as a summary of the betrayal of the country by the political class. It left me even more concerned about my country and my civilization than following Mark Steyn’s piece, although Tommy Robinson ends on an upbeat and encouraging note.

    I would urge those on the Wall who do not yet value Robinson to watch this piece to the end.

    The United Kingdom needs a new party and I would like to see Nigel Farage establish it; the two main parties are compromised.

    We are left “to hope till Hope creates
    From its own wreck the thing it contemplates”.

  179. Could anyone tell the poorly educated Slav what it is the celebrated leader of the Scottish Conservatives, the leading light of lesbianism in the land of whisky and haggis, Ruth Davidson, had done to win the twelve seats? During the election campaign nobody was talking about here, her policies (were these not the same as those down south?).

    It’s probable the Scottish Conservatives were just the repository of those Scots who had enough of the fishmonger woman’s yapping about another Scottish independence vote, had voted Brexit in the UK referendum, hated Labour under the cumryd.

    Is Baron wrong slicing it so?

    And apologies for errors pervious, and the poor syntax (that’s for Malfleur).

  180. Baron. June 10th, 2017 – 13:26

    Given the result mi’lud;”Byddant yn dawnsio yn y strydoedd Caerdydd heno!”

    Now for Argentina v England at 8.00pm tonight on cumryd BBC TV….at least its in Estuaryish.

  181. 1419:
    Just before the election I had a friend down from Fort William who told me that her message of Union was believed while Dugdales similar message tainted by the Cumryd was not.
    Up there they see Labour as the poor mans SNP and discredited as such at the 2015 election. Now they need a force against the new referendum, only Ruth can deliver.

  182. EC 13.04 and Baron. 13.24

    My apologies fellow Wallsters, the normal, relentlessly curmudgeonly commentary will be resumed forthwith.

  183. What on earth is the modern Tory party doing getting into bed with a pro-Union, anti-abortion, anti-homomarriage sect of bigots like the DUP?
    At least one woman is not prepared prepared to lie down on the job for modern values.

    This story warrants a tiny section of page 50 in the daily mail.
    BBC presenters tossing off young lads and endless other nonsense fill up 49 pages until you get to the 45 million vat fraud.
    Still , who cares it’s only money.
    What the fucks going on.

  185. @Baron 10th – 14:19

    It’s probable the Scottish Conservatives were just the repository of those Scots who had enough of the fishmonger woman’s yapping about another Scottish independence vote, had voted Brexit in the UK referendum, hated Labour under the cumryd.
    Is Baron wrong slicing it so?

    No, Baron, I think you’re pretty well spot-on there; which should point out to the Conservative strategists that this is probably a pretty ‘soft’ success, and not guaranteed to be repeated at a future election.

  186. The corridors of power will soon have more dykes than the Cambridgeshire fens and the Netherlands combined. And none would countenance a brave little boy’s finger to stop the deluge.

    Perhaps Mark Steyn is right: inferring that the culling of the cream of of testosterone-laden you men in the Great War started the gradual death of the Judeo-Christian civilisation which peaked at the beginning of the twentieth century. 🙂

  187. As for politics and sex, they should be mutually exclusive. Was it John Donne who penned the following:

    Ode to cunt

    O cunt, or dark and dismal slit,
    Separated from her a-hole by a little grisly bit.
    Hang on, little grisly bit!
    Or I’ll be in the shit!

    Or perhaps it was Fungus Pickering? My memory is starting to fail.

  188. Jezza has been thoroughly kebbabed by the media over his £10b policy to replace student loans with free grants.
    A less leaden footed, dogmatic Tory party would have seized on the popular appeal of this idea by saying: ‘Great! Lets adopt this idea by abolishing foreign aid, the pointless HS2 and climate change commitments by spending the money on our own young people and our country’s future.”

  189. Frank P 16.15

    Unlike the 500,000 million trillion snowflakes melting in the Westminster sun today as they protest against the potential Con-DUP coalition I look forward with delight to the prospect of Ruth and Arlene Foster working in tandem together. 🙂

  190. Baron – 13:21

    I’ve listened to and read a lot of what Hannan has had to say over the years. Sitting on the fence is his forte, but you’d expect that from the effete tosser

    Re: David Davis: What price the single market, though? It will come with onerous conditions attached, amongst which are:

    1) Massive annual contributions to the EU.
    2) Freedom of movement for whoever is possession of an EU passport, whether they be “migrants” or not.
    3) ECHR, European Court & Foreign judges/judgments.

    We still will not have control of our borders or be able to deport undesirables. No change from actually being in the EU!

    You’re an ‘open borders’ guy, aren’t you? How is that compatible with your oft expressed admiration for the “healthy core of Englishness” then, matey?

  191. Frank P – 16:34

    He’s not wrong!

  192. Noa – 14:29

    Ah, in broadcasting terms Hannan was the post clusterfuck equivalent of screening “The Potter’s Wheel”?

    Nothing personal, but at the moment I’m in two minds about whether I’ll still be here when “normal service” is resumed. when normal service.

  193. Noa – 16:38


    The danger of Mrs May’s unwise arrangement with the Prods is that there is a real danger that might lead to a recurrence of a digestive disorder in that part of the body politic known as duodenal Ulster.

  194. EC 16.46

    Are you talking about an absence from CHW, or something else?

    It’s really not worth getting your blood pressure up over Thursday’s debacle, it will be replaced by a new flustercock before you can say “Where’s the vaseline, Keith?

  195. Lancashire Constabulary LGBT team are proudly policing Blackpool’s Gay Pride festival this weekend.
    I trust all Wallsters in the locale will get on down to support the flailing Seasiders attempts to pick up the Pink pound in safety.
    As you can see no expense has been spared, even the horses wear a rainbow blanket.

  196. Frank P – 16:28The Doctor’s Lament

    The portions of a woman that appeal to Man’s depravity
    Are fashioned with considerable care;
    And what at first appears to be a common little cavity
    Is really an elaborate affair.
    Now doctors of distinction have examined these phenomena
    In numbers of experimental dames
    And given to these ornaments of feminine abdomena
    A number of delightful Latin names:
    There’s the vulva, the vagina and the jolly perineum
    And the hymen in the case of certain brides;
    And there’s lots of other gadgets you’d just love if you could see’em
    The clitoris and Christ knows what besides
    Now isn’t it a pity that when common people chatter
    Of the mysteries to which I have referred
    That they give to this so vital and so elegant a matter
    Such a very short and unattractive word.

    A.P. Herbert (?)

  197. Cressida Dick is a real c**t!!!

    “Met Police Chief: Attack Victims Show Off Diversity Which Makes London So Great”

    What an unfuckinbelievably crass thing to say…

  198. EC (17:50)

    That was before the useful idiots of the queer community and the right-on feministas destroyed it as a tantalising and pleasurable inducment to necessary procreation, family stability with civilised conventions and good manners, into a weaponised trap to change the culture and humiliate the male of the species thus weakening Western civilisation as planned. Vide Gramsci/Alinski/Germie Greer et al. I pity those who have never experienced those pleasures but treat it as just another bodily function. Once again Steyn hit the spot in his twenty minute Baconesque aphorism linked above.

    As for Cressida Plonker, glad you can still find ammunition to fire; I’m pejoratived out in her case. I wouldn’t mind if she was a six foot butch dyke who could weigh in at a demo to add weight to the constabulary effort. Joe Simpson was known to use his stature as back-up occasionally. I doubt she’s ever drawn her 10 inches of lignum vitae in anger, but no doubt it has other uses. As a paper weight for example. 🙂

  199. Inducement – o & oe apols as ever.

  200. The gobby ginger Nigel Evans is hogging a lot of face time on TV. He’s not being groomed for a leadership bid, is he?

  201. EC 17.50

    I’m sure its been written to be sung to this.

  202. Election figures and national spread sheet of results.

  203. There has been a purpose to this week.

    She has neutered Sturgeon.

    And saved the Union.

    Thankyou Theresa. Now go and make way for David Davis.

  204. Kowtowing…

    “Breaking Up With Mr Islam”
    Daniel Greenfield

    [apologies if this has been linked earlier]

  205. I’ll be taking a break from the CHW for a while… [[[Hooray!]]]

    Good Luck, and…
    “May The Farce Be With You” (punctuate at will)




    “This inquisition has backfired on these phoneys…and Stalinist Democrats.”

    Michael Savage banned from entry to the United Kingdom by punk Home Secretaries of a series of British governments paid, I would guess, some with post-dated cheques, to betray their country, responds to the Comey hearings.

    and asks what should the Senate be investigating but are not?

    And what should a Committee of the House of Commons bbe investigating but are not?

  207. As I said Friday, Brexit is a dogs dinner.
    The only deal May will get thru Parliament will be continued membership of the Single Market.
    So why did we bother.
    Stupid, Stupid, Stupid woman.

  208. Stupid.

  209. When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.

  210. FRANK P @ 11:31

    Listening to civilized and eloquent argument by an Englishwoman like Melanie Phillips is always a pleasure. Yet Tommy Robinson’s account to Stefan Molyneux in the link which I posted yesterday at 13:57,and which treats of the same problem, namely ‘What must be done to stop the terror in Londonistan?’, shows that the recipients of muslim violence are largely, at present, the non-muslim working class and that the political class operates to empower and permit, if not to encourage, this all the way from MI5, through parliamentarians to the Courts, and the upper levels of the police and prison system calibrated with the education system, local government and the conventional media. What appears to be conscious policy of central government becomes self-validating at the lower level because the police failed at the inception of the problem to insist that the law be enforced impartially. They did this, if Robinson is to be believed, because they thought that the reaction to enforcing the law against violent muslims would lead to a reaction which they would be unable to control and which would also incur unacceptable expense on government and business in the area where enforcement was necessary, They therefor took the easy option of wrongfully enforcing laws which did not apply on the parties against whom the violence was being carried out. The muslims then seized on this so that it became a staple of their tactics and, in their thrust for political control, of their long-term strategy.

    If you have an elephant in your room, and both Robinson and Phillips recognize that this is the case, it seems to me that one should damn quick get it out unless one is prepared to leave the room oneself and have the room soiled and wrecked. Here the working class and the middle class of almost every race, background and ideology, except members of the Unholy Alliance, have a common interest but government and the wider political class have deserted them.

    The point that Phillips and Robinson share is that islam is a political ideology. Is there no conceivable political ideology whose expression government and the citizenry cannot suppress without infringing fundamental civic rights?

    The same is true throughout western civilization and indeed elsewhere where Chinese Xinjiang and southern Thailand for instance demonstrate that the threat is levelled at almost every culture. The same threat is seditious in non-muslim societies and a source of internecine war within islam.

    A common front is possible, but the first order of business in each society is to identify and disempower the forces in the country which do not want that common front to form.

  211. Steyn on a Steynsian riff of musical literary whimsy and scorn that describes the Washington circus to perfection. Another seminal essay that should become an illuminated scroll and buried deep somewhere for the benefit of future cosmic travellers who are trying to discover why Planet Earth suddenly became devoid of life in the mid Twentyfirst century:

    Wish I could afford to invest in his Premium Members Club, but what with the car insurance, the house insurance – all hiked this time around – and other seasonal commitments, a hundred and fifty bucks is a bit steep.

  212. Malfleur
    June 11th, 2017 – 15:32

    I agree. Both Melanie Phililp and Tommy Robinson recognise & understand the nature of the problem of Islam.

    I’ve said this before, but I think it’s worth mentioning. Tommy Robinson’s biggest handicap is that he does not have the natural gift of clarity of speech.

    If only Tommy could be persuaded to take thorough training in the art of speaking clearly and more slowly, people would find him much more persuasive.

    Whatever the training would cost, it would be a worthy cause for people to contribute to.

  213. One key appointment is missing in the reshuffle, that of a deputy.

  214. Herbert Thornton @ 18:57

    As a fighter for the truth, Tommy is second to none, Herbert, as a tactician he’s a failure both in language and the directness of the argument he’s making. To be successful, one must excite the crowds, and the same time avoid frightening those in control of the crowds in about equal measure, he manages the latter to an excess.

  215. Frank P @ 18:28

    Mark’s too innocent to see behind the question he keeps asking ‘but what did the McNuffins do 24/7 for over a year’?

    Well, it isn’t easy to fake something that must stick, be bought by the unwashed, and be also sufficient to impeach the Donald, as well as furnish an unquestionable proof that if any of the seventeen agencies are to be dismantled, FBI isn’t it.

  216. Malfleur @ 15:32

    The point both Tommy and Melanie seem to be missing is that those in charge do know the mainstream Islam is a festering boil, must know, they may even know it better than anyone else because they’re privy to reports we, mere mortals, never see, but they have to idea what to do about it.

    Any change in the policy towards the growing presence of the mainstream Islam in the West (mainly in the Old Continent) could have very serious consequences both domestically, in our relations with the Muslim world, and with our special friends, the US Deep State political elite (for the Donald isn’t really in charge, perhaps yet, perhaps he never will be).

    That was one of the reasons the hon Muslim served Putin’s Russia as the biggest threat to humanity since man first appeared on earth. A useful proxy so easily woven into the old fear of communism, the centre of which used to be the communist Russia.

    This diversionary tactic appears to be working (i.e. the FBI investigation), but only temporarily, the real life will reassert itself, it always does. One can only hope that whilst the peddling of the fake news of Russia as the biggest villain goes on, someone somewhere is doing the thinking what do do with the growing presence of the mainstream Islam in the West.

  217. David Lindsay @ 10:42

    Isn’t Labour saying now they would back our getting out of the single market, David? Baron suspects they say it because the DUP, the new bosom friends of the saintly One, insist on soft Brexit i.e. staying in the single market. Madness.

  218. EC @ 10:13

    Good luck with, or on, what you’re up to, EC, just take great care.

  219. Well what a pickle.
    I have been away with no wifi and only intermittent CNN. I was aware that all did not go well but only now see what a mess it is.
    Jeremy Corbyn seems to be saying he has won.
    He could not get near a majority even if combining with all the other parties, most of whom hate him and his faux Islington socialism.
    It seems to me that Ms May should put he head down and stick with her plans. No other bugger has a credible Brexit plan.

  220. Meanwhile the religion of peace that respects women has been at it again in Lobau:

  221. And
    The French choose to hide their culpability:

    “files of the National Bureau for Vigilance Against Antisemitism (BNVCA) document that all of the anti-Semitic attacks committed in France for more than two decades came from Muslims and Islamists.The French authorities know this, but choose to hide it and look in another direction.”

  222. I was struck by this pre election comment of Ms May:

    “British Prime Minister Theresa May said something about terrorism a few days before last week’s UK election that few American politicians would have said.
    In outlining her plans to deal with the growing threat, she concluded: “And if human rights laws stop us from doing it, we will change those laws so we can do it.”

  223. Frank P June 11th, 2017 – 21:56

    Thanks for the link. A digression. Boot doesn’t identify the picture illustrating his article but it is ‘The Apotheosis of War’ painted in 1871 by Vasily Vasilyevich Vereshchagin (1842-1904), a Russian war artist.

    Many of his distinctive and interesting paintings have as their subjects conflicts with Russia’s islamic neighbours, but he also painted the anachronistic ‘Suppression of the Indian Revolt by the English’ in 1884 depicting captured mutineers about to be blown apart from cannon barrels. The British had a better understanding of the meaning of retribution then. More effective than tea lights and teddy bears.

  224. Should someone dig up Lee, if for anything then to say ‘spot on, General, thank you?

  225. Colonel Mustard @ 22:28

    The painter’s style was in a way a predecessor of socialist realism in the Soviet Russia, after the crackdown (on the likes of Chagall, Falk, Malevich at al), the only form officially acclaimed by the Red Menace where one couldn’t say whether what one was looking at was a painting or a photograph. Most of it was to glorify the Georgian thug, the workers and peasants, soldiers, but some of the paintings were of a quality surpassing much of what the Britart can offer today.

  226. Is a Russian coup d’etat in prospect?
    Navalny has called his supporters on to the street.
    Are we seeing the final days of Stalin’s successor Putin?

  227. Now May needs to repair her relationship with The Donald.
    He says he does not want to come this year.
    Could this be her weak position?
    Or Snake Saddiq Khan, Ayatollah of London?

  228. Baron (00:02)

    I really do wish you had not linked that article (altough it’s difficult to counter it with an upbeat rebuttal). My dismay derives from the fact that, having not clicked into Fred’s website for a few weeks, I checked out his two previous essays while I was there.

    which successively (and probably successfully) destroy the reputations of two groups of our fellow human beings, cruelly dissecting their modi vivendi and motives (or lack thereof) in a generalised sweep that plumbs the very depths of cynicism.

    I thought I had gazed deeper into Nietzsche’s abyss than most, but Fred opened new possibilities with those two essays of nihilism.

    An old friend is visiting today and I had hoped to be in a positive mood.

    You blew it with that link. 🙂

  229. Frank, I was struck by this:

    “Their ideological attachment to political correctness is–obviously–strong. This is particularly stark with respect to race. Week after week, year after year, we read on the internet of whites beaten, burned, punched, of stores looted by flash mobs and wrecked in brawls. The perpetrators are always “teens” or “troubled youths.” If you ask reporters why they never mention race, they say things like “race is irrelevant. A crime is a crime.” But let a white cop shoot a black attacker, and nothing matters except race–not truth, guilt or innocence.”

    (Referring to American Journalists)

    But it describes perfectly the British MSM from the BBC to the Sun.

    What is important in Brexit is to recognise what Merkel has not recognised that the big fear of the British public is the Arabs and their Medieval Religion. Only when this is tackled will we get the employment immigration equation correct.

  230. Marshal Roberts – 08:49

    I suppose getting Merkel to understand WHY the British have this fear would be too great a challenge, and maybe to late already. 🙂

  231. … too late. …

  232. Farage the NEGOTIATOR? DUP pushes for ex-Ukip leader to be given role to protect Brexit

    🙂 🙂 🙂


  234. RobertRetyred @ 09:26

    She sounds sensible, and the idea of Nigel in the Brexit team, their supporting it, is brilliant, Robert.

  235. An old clip, with a simple analysis:
    A Bill Warner speech on ISLAM

  236. It is brought to my attention Ruth Davidson is not an MP; nor is she a member of a devolved administration.

    I see is a MSP . Turn out 34%/ Davidson’s share 30.4% /Majority 516.

    She became Scottish Conservative leader in2011 in a contentious election process.

    She has said :

    `…immigraants shouldbe made to feel welcome…`
    `…the party should not lurch to the right…`
    AND :-
    that the UK should have access to the single market even if it means accepting free movement.

  237. So Ruth Davidson has the electoral support of about 10% of the Scottish electorate.

  238. Peter Hitchens talking on the election on Saturday.

  239. Two polemics from the Salisbury Review.

    Teaching tory politician how to whore the electorate.

    And the electorate, thicker than a thick thing.

  240. Food for thought, from Gorgeous George:

    “..No-one can deny that under Nigel Farage, UKIP made the political weather in Britain. It has surely entered our history forever. Lesser men and women have lost it millions of votes and it is now longer fit for any purpose at all. Its lurch into hideous ghastly anti-Muslim bigotry in the final weeks of the campaign was a death blow. No-one with integrity would want anything further to do with it. It is a wreck, and should be in motor insurance parlance, written off.
    Rather than seek to repair the irreparable the formidable Mr. Banks and Mr. Farage should now set to the launch of new vehicle altogether. They are more than capable of doing so. It just might roar off the forecourt leaving a broken backed mountain called the Tory Party in its wake…”

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