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  1. Norbert Hofer tripped at the last Hurdle.
    But no matter. The post had little power.
    Marine Le Pen may come good.
    That post does have power.

  2. Brandolini’s law

    It explains so much! 🙂

  3. Patriccia Shaw can comment but I am moderated?


  4. Holy Cow!

    John Key has announced that he will resign as prime minister of New Zealand,

    My kiwi is the captain
    of a supersonic plane
    that doesn’t fly to Switzerland,
    or Singapore, or Spain.

    It doesn’t fly to Jordan,
    or Jamaica, or Japan,
    or Serbia, Somalia,
    Samoa, or Sudan.

    It doesn’t fly to Nicaragua,
    Norway, or Nepal.
    It’s safe to say it doesn’t fly
    to anywhere at all.

    But that’s the way it goes
    when you’re a kiwi, as you’ve heard.
    It’s true that he’s a pilot
    but he’s still a flightless bird.

    Apologies Ken Nesbitt

  5. I wish you would please stop getting agitated and acting as though you are treated badly. With respect, and as I think you know, you and others and not moderated at all. You have mis-typed your email address and so the system assumes reasonably you are a new posted and moderates your first messages. I do not moderate people. I have not moderated people.

  6. Ivanka Trump meeting Al Gore today? W … T … F!!!??

    I hope that meeting is followed by one with Anthony Watts, or better still Mark Steyn!

  7. Verily I say unto ye all, for it has oft been written that WordPress is sometimes as that which cometh out of the camel’s arse. Onwards, be not afraid of any demons, and keepest thou thy wigs on!

  8. Stefan Molyneux talks to a real scientist about CO2 & “climate alarmism.”

  9. On the local newspaper web site someone managed to accrue 34,534,581 up ticks . We always did think there was something dodgy going on there with the cadres at `Town Hall`.
    Mind you,the comment was : ” Engage sat nav. disengage brain! “.

  10. Even Fox news has failed – it seems – to have recognised absurdity when it stares them in the face.

    How can a six-year old girl be an “Activist”?

    It makes me wonder whether somebody is using the little girl (if she exists) as a front to excite naive westerners into paying all the costs of moving people into a western country under the guise of their being refugees.

    Is it perhaps a scheme to infiltrate into the west a family that includes several young men who aspire to be terrorists?

  11. Andy Car Park
    December 3rd, 2016 – 00:06

    You keep telling me Clovelly is in Cornshire and so we do things correctly. Debretts tells us that the jam goes before the cream as happens though out Cornshire.

    (By the way On Googlemaps Clovelly is geographically in Devonshire).

  12. “Supreme Court President Lord Neuberger said: ‘Threatening and abusing people because they are exercising their fundamental right to go to court undermines the rule of law'”

    A fundamental right that seems to require people to be millionaires first. I doubt that the man on the Clapham omnibus with an average salary would be able to exercise this ‘fundamental right’ in the way that Gina Miller & Co have done.

    It is astonishing that a small group of private, wealthy, self interested people have been able to hi-jack the referendum result and impede the government of the country and Parliament from complying with the democratic will of the people, which they promised to do.

  13. Herbert Thornton December 6th, 2016 – 01:27

    Playing the snowflakes like a violin. The activist is obviously the mother (or someone else), exploiting the child for propaganda purposes. The West falls for it.

  14. Dominic Raab expressed the arrogance of the rich well.
    “a naked attempt to steal the refendum by the back door”
    “I don’t think it right that a fund manager with deep pockets..try and block and frustrate that process”

  15. Colonel Mustard – 08:45

    “exploiting the child for propaganda purposes.”

    It’s such wicked world I read that as “exploding the child…” as is so often the case with Hamas/Fatah etc. Should’ve gone to Specsavers, I suppose.

    Btw. I did some tests on “Google alerts” yesterday. It appears what t-e-l-e-m-a-c-h-u-s ‘s flange/sock puppet said (*) was correct about it ignoring embedded spaces in character strings. I wonder if it can deal with hyphens? * Got to be a first time for everything!

    How paranoid, conceited, vacuous does one have to be to set up google alert on one’s pretentious Greek pseudonym? A sure sign of mental illness!

  16. Turner prize:

    There’s enough quotes in there to provide material for 10 years worth of Private Eye’s “Pseuds Corner.

    In the second piece Will Gompertz, Beeboid Arts editor, dutifully Trots out the latest BBC addition to its subliminal drip feed i.e. “fake news.”

    I dunno about “fake news”, Will, but I know “Phoney Art” or “Phart” [© Fyfe Robertson] when I see it!

  17. EC December 6th, 2016 – 09:31

    There have been some interesting developments on the Guido Fawkes site in respect of the various “collective” trolling activities being linked to a single company, ostensibly PR, based in Yorkshire, which should ring a bell. Since the information was posted the trolling there seems to have stopped.

  18. To many in the French elite, Mr Barnier is “le cretin des alpes”, a jibe at his origin in the mountains of Savoy and a reference to the 18th-century Alpine valley dwellers who suffered brain damage caused by iodine deficiency.

    In England he is just Le Cretin.

    Well today’s cretinous pronouncement was:
    “Being a member of EU comes with rights and benefits. Third countries (non members as the UK will be after Brexit) can never have the same rights and benefits since they are not subject to the same obligations.
    “The single market and its four freedoms (which includes freedom of movement) are indivisible. Cherry picking is not an option.””

    Davis will mincemeat him.

  19. The wrong sort of Muslim, surely:
    Hadith, Sharia law, Fatawas: ‘Toxic trio’ has infected and distorted Islam, Imam says

  20. All’s fair in war and lawfare

    Q. What is islamophobia?
    A. What Islamists want it to be!

  21. EC

    The University of Central Lancashire (Preston Poly as was), needs no lectures from Messers Gompertz or Hisslop on pseudism. If you’re in the vicinity you might want to pop into this attachment on public sector nipple and ask a few questions, on the nature of stupidity, the prolixi nature and utterance of bollux speak and the extracttion of urine from the public purse.
    A public Schragging is no less than what is required.

    The Artist as Social Worker Vs Artist as Social W*****: Participatory Practices in the 21st Century
    Wed, 14 December, 15:00 – 17:30
    Brook Building, Preston (UCLan’s Brook Building, Room 213, Victoria Street, Preston PR1 7QR) (map)

    Anthony Schrag, Artist
    The growth of artistic practices that operate with the social realm invites us to examine art’s functional role within society: from governmental and institutional policies that instrumentalise ‘working with people’ towards specific (neoliberal) ends, to associated activisms that align themselves along political ideologies such as the Occupy Movement. Indeed, the current concern of the ‘migrant crisis’ in Europe has seen an extension of artistic practices that aim to ameliorate and assist those in ‘difficult circumstances’. Can art appropriately or sufficiently ever function in this manner? In what ways can art function within difficult times, and what are its ethical limitations?

    Anthony Schrag was born in Zimbabwe, grew up in the Middle East, UK, Canada and is currently based somewhere in Scotland. He has worked nationally and internationally, including residencies in Iceland, USA, Canada, Finland, Holland and South Africa. He works in participatory manner, and central to his practice is a broader discussion about the place of art in a social context.

    He has been the recipient of numerous awards including The Hope Scot Trust, Creative Scotland, British Council, the Dewar Arts Award, the 2011 Standpoint Futures: Public Residency Award, as well as a Henry Moore Artist Fellowship. Last year, he walked 2638km from the north of Scotland to the Venice Biennale to explore the place of participatory artworks within the public realm. His practice-based PhD explores the relationship between artists, institutions and the public, looking specifically at the productive nature of conflict.

    This event is free and everyone is welcome to attend. Refreshments will be provided. To book a place, please click the link at the top. For more information, please contact UCLan’s School of Social Work, Care and Community.

  22. Noa
    December 6th, 2016 – 18:52

    As you say we need a Southern Poverty Law Centre in the United Kingdom.

  23. Tele @21.03
    No I didn’t, fuck off.

  24. Don’t expect the new nazis to permit democracy in Italy.

    Beyond imploring statements, such as Finance Minister Schäuble’s “there is no reason to speak of a Euro crisis,”[7] Berlin is urging Rome to quickly install a “capable government,” not only to be able to maneuver the country through the festering bank crisis, but also to assure the continuation of the austerity policy. Referring to the German austerity dictate, yesterday, Jens Weidmann, President of Germany’s Bundesbank called on Rome’s policymakers to urgently send “convincing signals that they will tackle economic problems at the roots.”[8] Regarding the upcoming government formation, the idea of a “cabinet of technocrats” is being floated, a cabinet modeled on the Mario Monti government, which ruled the country for a year and a half, from November 2011 to April 2013, without having been democratically elected. At the time, Monti had initiated unusually harsh austerity programs. A government of technocrats is not necessarily “something bad,” according to the VP Bank’s chief economist. The chief economist at ING-Diba AG declared, “a technocratic transitional government can join forces with Europe to tackle the problems in the banking sector and the reform backlog with greater abandon than the Renzi government.”

  25. Can you say this in the same breath: ‘EU-GLOBALIST-PAEDOPHILES’?

  26. Donald moves forward as this aggregated tweet shows:

    ‘The U.S. is going to substantially reduce taxes and regulations on businesses, but any business that leaves our country for another country, . . . fires its employees, builds a new factory or plant in the other country, and then thinks it will sell its product back into the U.S. . . . without retribution or consequence, is WRONG! There will be a tax on our soon to be strong border of 35% for these companies . . . wanting to sell their product, cars, A.C. units etc., back across the border. This tax will make leaving financially difficult, but . . . these companies are able to move between all 50 states, with no tax or tariff being charged. Please be forewarned prior to making a very … expensive mistake! THE UNITED STATES IS OPEN FOR BUSINESS’

  27. As we are enthralled by the Justice coming from the Supreme Court, spare a thought for RK.

    Across a world where all men grieve
    And grieving strive the more,
    The great days range like tides and leave
    Our dead on every shore.
    Heavy the load we undergo,
    And our own hands prepare,
    If we have parley with the foe,
    The load our sons must bear.

    Before we loose the word
    That bids new worlds to birth,
    Needs must we loosen first the sword
    Of Justice upon earth;
    Or else all else is vain
    Since life on earth began,
    And the spent world sinks back again
    Hopeless of God and Man.

    A People and their King
    Through ancient sin grown strong,
    Because they feared no reckoning
    Would set no bound to wrong;
    But now their hour is past,
    And we who bore it find
    Evil Incarnate hell at last
    To answer to mankind.

    For agony and spoil
    Of nations beat to dust,
    For poisoned air and tortured soil
    And cold, commanded lust,
    And every secret woe
    The shuddering waters saw.
    Willed and fulfilled by high and low.
    Let them relearn the Low.

    That when the dooms are read,
    Not high nor low shall say:-
    ‘ My haughty or my humble head
    Was saved me in this day.’
    That, till the end of time,
    Their remnant shall recall
    Their fathers old, confederate crime
    Availed them not at all.

    That neither schools nor priests,
    Nor Kings may build again
    A people with the heart of beasts
    Made wise concerning men.
    Whereby our dead shall sleep
    In honour, unbetrayed,
    And we in faith and honour keep
    That peace for which they paid.

  28. From goulies and ghosties and long-leggety beasties
    And things that go bump in the night
    Good Lord, deliver us!

  29. Gawd help us!

    ‘He didn’t know the boy didn’t want to be raped’ court throws out migrant child sex charge [in Austria]

    France: Decomposing in Front of Our Eyes

  30. Ha, ha, ha, ha! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    “A new study by a team from the University of Edinburgh and independent engineering company INNAS BV has found that, when factoring in the additional weight and non-exhaust PM factors, total PM10 emissions from electric vehicles (EVs) are equal to those of modern internal combustion engine vehicles (ICEVs). Non-exhaust PM factors include tire wear, brake wear, road surface wear and resuspension of road dust.”

    Study finds total PM10 emissions from EVs equal to those of modern ICEVs; role of weight and non-exhaust PM

    PM10 emissions – includes smoke, soot, dust, salt, acids, and metals
    EVs – Electric Vehicles
    ICEVs – internal combustion Engine Vehicles


    “EMERGENCY: The gov has announced they want to shutdown this site.

    Ask President-elect Donald Trump to take a stand against the establishment’s desperate move to label independent media as ‘fake news’.”

  32. RobertRetyred – 12:05

    A gaz-illion upticks for that one, Robert!

  33. EC – 13:40

    There are some posts which question some of the details, but I think they are of not much consequence.

    What is important is that the Greenies have had an agenda based on unproven assumptions. Even if that article is only half right , it destroys their case completely.

    And as we are supposed to remove the domestic gas supply by 2050, starting around 2030, how are we expected to generate the extra electricity to replace that and supply all transport, especially as our coal fired power stations are being closed before their time and the next nuclear power station is dependent on French technology – one that isn’t doing too well in the two places where it is being tried already! 🙂

    Also, we can’t produce the required volume of batteries that we would need – and the technology hasn’t even been developed yet!

  34. Trying to make me feel guilty because small girls have to get parasite infested water and my three pound a month will cure the situation . Bullshit.
    Thieving useless corrupt government’s cause the situation and paying 3 pound a month won’t cure that.
    It will pay for nice brand-new four-wheel-drive Toyotas so the care workers can drive around in comfort on their way back to the hotel in the five star luxury apartments they have at the hotel.
    The West should take over these failing countries there is no other example can work.

  35. Mixed messages:

    This tap is something of a relief after Fatso Gore’s tête-à-tête with Ivanka and with PE Trump.

    Methinks DonTrumpo is a terrible tease. Either that, or he’s as crazy as a shit-house rat. 🙂

  36. An utter bliss for the poorly educated Slav, close to three weeks without any MSM fake news, the small screen of shows of perversion galore never on, free even of the radio bleating out (mostly) the delusions of the anointed, the air unsoiled, pure and simple, good for just breathing in and out.

    It’s late in the day to bring it up, this piece by the great Mark, but excellent it is, what else, the Douglas’s sparring delights because he’s right about the guy opposing him, about Fidel, too. He may have added that the Cuban thug was carrying on in the second half of the last century what the Georgian thug was practising in Russia in the first half.

    When, since the reign of Nikita, the Red Menace of the East gave up on killing people, (sending them to freeze in the Siberian wilderness was sufficient and as bad), Fidel continued the slaughter without anyone objecting to it, or even noticing.

    One aspect of the Cuban puzzle hasn’t been touched on by anyone. The small island had always been run by the big neighbour to the North, and it’s the mismanagement of the running of it, past Batista in particular, that intrigues.

    The Americans must have known Batista was as hated as any other dictator preceding him, if not more, so why allow yet another, even more vicious murderer to replace him? Why not giving up on Batista before Castro began his campaign?

    The barbarian suspects the Americans clung to Batista because they had too much invested in him (he staged the coup overthrowing the Socarras government only three days after the US signed a military aid pact with Cuba), and after the Soviets withdrew their arsenal of missiles, it has paid off for the Republic political elites to keep Cuba unfree, ruled by a thug, impoverished. A good calibrating point, just round the corner, for any attempt by the Left to turn left.

  37. Frank P @ 21:06

    It’s about time someone put an end to the AGW fanaticism, Frank.

    The good news is this appointment doesn’t have to be cleared by the lawmakers.

  38. “The killers of Brexit” by the great Joseph:

  39. “The age of Europop” screams a headline over a two page spread inside the Tuesday’s Evening Standard. The piece gives policy summaries of the ‘populist’ leaders in Europe (no need to tell you what it focuses on). How does the anonymous scribbler introduce them?

    Beppe Grillo – an Italian comedian who the myopic might mistake for Billy Connolly; Marine Le Pen – the pretty face of fascism; Paul Nuttall – UKIP new leader, aka Eddie Hitler’s doppelgänger; Norbert Hofer – … sparked many a ‘where does he fall on the Nazi scale?’; Frauke Petry – dubbed ‘Adolfina’ after saying (amongst other things) ‘Islam does not belong to Germany’; Geert Wilders – nicknamed ‘Captain Peroxide’ for his platinum plume. Looks like an aged Disney prince gone really bad.

    What amazes is that millions across Europe are supporting these ‘populist’ leaders. Abusing them, making them the target of derogatory remarks, trivialising what they say can not only make their supporters more determined, the Full Monty slandering must also add to their number.

    Time for the great manipulator Soros to step in, sort things out.

  40. A footnote for the US count on November 8:

    There are 3,141 counties in the  United States .

    Trump won 3,084 of them.

    Clinton won 57.

    There are 62 counties in New York State.

    Trump won 46 of them.

    Clinton won 16.

    Clinton won the popular vote by approx. 1.5 million votes.

    In the 5 counties that encompass NYC, (Bronx, Brooklyn,  Manhattan , Richmond & Queens),  Clinton received well over 2 million more votes than Trump. (Clinton won 4 of these counties, Trump won  Richmond). These 5 counties alone, more than accounted for  Clinton winning the popular vote of the entire country.

    These 5 counties comprise 319 square miles.

    The  United States is comprised of 3,797,000 square miles.

  41. This is how Old and New Americas meet, not often enough, Baron’s sad to say:

  42. This isn’t the barbarian, the guy’s got hair to start with, but it may well be the glabrous one:

  43. This is what real courage looks like:

  44. Could anyone guess what’s the meaning of this single German word (without googling it)?


    (The answer after the UEFA Champions League games tonight).

  45. If you’re not in the market for the game of football, you may test yourself, find out if you still qualify to hold a driving licence:

  46. malfleur @ 09:25

    The expectations for the Hon Muslim ran so high that he could only disappoint, and he did. With the Donald, it’s the other way round, nobody id expecting him to do much, he can only outperform, and he’s already doing it, the guy Lewandowski’s right, in few weeks he’s done more of notice than the community organiser in four years.

    The one big thing the barbarian holds against the outgoing Potus is what he did to racial relations in the Republic. The affinity between the two strands of people with different melanin content of their skin has been dented, is now much worse than ever before bar the 60s. Thats’ unforgivable.

  47. Baron


  48. The Daily Express does excel on occasion: three headlines:

    MP [Anna Soubry] demands people stop saying Remoaners despite calling Brexit a TERRIBLE mistake

    ‘What part of referendum don’t you understand?’ LBC host’s withering takedown of Remoaner


    ‘IT’S NOT FAIR’ Remoaner Tim Farron throws tantrum about DEMOCRACY as he loses Brexit vote

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  49. Baron – 22:07

    It’s German for supercalifragilisticexpialidocious?

  50. Baron @ 22:36

    It may be unforgivable; but now it is explicable:

  51. RobertRetyred @ 00:02

    Close, Robert, but cigar it ain’t. It stands for ‘the delayed repeat of the presidential election rerun’.

    Doesn’t it make you glad we are out of the EU, or will be if things go well?

  52. Baron

    …and here’s an Arab-American ex-Muslim Trump supporter following a recent rally in North Carolina who seems to have it all figured out:

  53. malfleur @ 00:09

    Unbelievable, malfleur, we may get more where this comes from now when he’s gone from the White House, no?

  54. malfleur @ 23:28

    Thank you, malfleur, but no, not for the barbarian that.

  55. This is far removed from the topics we’re getting exercised about currently, it lasts for ages (three instalments of it), it also starts slowly. The barbarian is posting it not so much because of the actual case the guy is speculating about, but because of the technique he’s explaining. Who knows, there may come a time when the knowledge of what these clever guys are looking for in an investigation may be of help (if you catch the drift). Frank in particular may find it of interest, it seems like something new, not much in use when he was trying to keep us safe:

  56. Baron, December 7th, 2016 – 22:04

    True. Most amusing. They are a pest, and not endangered. A round of 45ACP would have sorted the job out without the drama. Not great telly though.


  57. “Hundreds of police accused of sexual exploitation”

    “* Fewer than half (48%) of the 436 reported allegations had been referred to the Independent Police Complaints Commission

    * There was an “apparent disconnect” between the numbers of alleged cases and any subsequent staff dismissals”

    Here we go again… Guilt by accusation, und vee must hev zee quotas for convictions!

    SO…. (sorry CM) 52% of the allegations were baseless, then!
    “OH NO”, cry the usual suspects… “ALL allegations are equal and must, of course, be true.”

  58. As a footnote to the above…

    An acquaintance of mine is a taxi driver who works nights. Non payment, vomit and fares so drunk that they have passed out or are incapable of getting out of the vehicle without assistance are some of the regular nightly risks experienced by drivers.

    In the case of drunk, passed out, and incapable slappers… in these enlightened times… no attempt must be made to assist them to get out the vehicle. Formerly drivers were in the habit of driving around to the local cop shop to ask them for assistance, however these days assistance there is declined for fear of complaints. The only option the drivers have now is to drive around to the local A&E department and ask the staff there to decant the slappers off the back seat!

    Welcome to dystopia!

  59. EC @ 09:58

    Good one, EC, but this trumps it, it’s noisier:

  60. Well Baron has been away.
    While he was gone,
    The days have been grey.
    We penned this with a groan.

    I am quiet.
    The silence I favor,
    but not the one that dams every thought
    that bubbles around our heads.
    I’d like to rip it apart,
    but I’ll drown from the ripped quiet dam.
    That silence I don’t favor.
    I am quiet again.

  61. Baron, December 7th, 2016 – 21:56

    Here’s Bill O’Reilly, last night, with some more staggering stats about NYC welfare state…

    “… and that’s a memo.”

  62. Fregas @ 11:10

    Almost Vogon!

  63. “The Cultural Enrichment of Germany”
    Paul Joseph Watson

  64. Alien invasions…

    ”We are the Borg. Lower your shields and surrender your ships. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile.”
    The Borg

    “You will be Upgraded / Deleted.”
    The Cybermen

    “You will be Ex-ter-min-ated!”
    The Daleks

    “We love death more than you love life.”

  65. BREAKING: EU chiefs grant 50 MILLION Ukrainians and Georgians visa-free travel to bloc
    “Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko hailed the move as ‘encouraging news from Brussels’.”

    I expect the Georgian Elite think the same.

    “encouraging”, as in why stop a mad crowd when they are heading for a cliff?

    But, at least:
    “Ukrainians and Georgians will not be able to have visa-free travel to either the UK or Ireland who are out of the Schenghen free travel area.” 🙂

  66. ‘mad’ as in ‘deluded’, rather than angry – that us! 🙂

  67. Renewable.Heat.Incentive.Fraud: BBC.NI.Spotlight
    “Conor Spackman investigates a multi-million pound blunder over a green energy scheme, the Renewable Heat Incentive, that insiders are calling the biggest financial shambles in the history of the NI state.”

    It a 30 minute video.

  68. RobertRetyred – 12:43
    The NI officials only worked out what was wrong after they had closed the plan because of the cost! View from 20:55, for a couple of minutes!

  69. EC
    December 8th, 2016 – 10:15

    “Hundreds of police accused of sexual exploitation”

    Sometimes it seems to me that the entire male population of the UK has been accused, at various times, of sexual abuse, sexual exploitation, sexual harassment, etc. etc. Are there ANY sectors of British men who have not been tarnished with this modern-day trend? Considering that in my 78 years, I have never ever come across a single male who would even squash a spider (I would!) these mass accusations are becoming laughable.

  70. LC 1400

    I’m a policeman, Oh why? you may ask.
    It’s not that the pay is well worth the task.
    It’s something deep down, it’s something inside.
    It’s not just a job where you’re there for the ride.
    The dangers we face, we know they’re for real.
    But it’s not just a job, it’s something you feel.

    Something you feel

  71. LC 14-00
    Anything to stop the victimisation of Muslims.
    Guilty or not.

  72. Baron, December 8th, 2016 – 01:24

    Phew. Bloody hell!


    I’m on the curb
    Face to the sky, ass to the world
    The rain never felt better.
    All the sores on my face are cooled.
    I can feel a steady tempo rising in my chest,
    I can feel the beat pulsing in my lips.
    Slow and steady never won the race
    Never won the race.
    It was a draw
    I saw the portrait.
    A man hugged his tie, loosening it up.
    Tightening it?
    Who’s to say? He knows.
    All the rain in the world
    And all the rain in his world
    Couldn’t drown his calls
    His constant elevation of his voice
    As his pet canary threw up.
    You toss your cookies?
    I toss my frisbee.
    Oddjob tosses his hat.
    It doesn’t make him any less of a midget.
    Any less of a fucking midget.
    MI6, 007,
    Fuck it all, let’s call on Kevin
    Smith, Kevin Smith, Kevin Smith.
    …it worked for the bogeyman.
    The man hiding in your closet
    wasting away, counting the chips
    peeling off the walls of your liner.
    They say none of us are connected in this world.
    They say 6 degrees connect everyone.
    Social theory.
    Redemption for the bogeyman,
    His claws scratching as he kneels
    to pick up your screwdriver
    And uses it to pick his teeth.
    Nuts and bolts, nuts and bolts
    He’s got nuts coming out of his teeth.
    Tunnel approaching.
    Playing the keyboard is said to set off
    Feelings of arousal in the hearts,
    Hearts of those with special tattoos.
    Really? Because I don’t believe that for a second.
    To believe you need to trust
    And judging by that squirm, you don’t trust me.
    I’ll believe in you if you believe in me,
    Don’t you believe that?
    A car splashed a tidal wave
    It felt cool against my scratches.

  74. Baron, December 8th, 2016 – 01:24

    You bastard! It all seemed perfectly reasonable until Richard D. Hall revealed, after about 135 sodding minutes, that he had an obsession about the NASA moon landings! This he doubled down on, thus totally discrediting himself!

  75. In all that doom about the referendum result being ignored, doesn’t the yesterday’s vote in the House furnish more than some suggest we may get what we wished and voted for?

    What continues to vex the barbarian though is that not one of the eleven wise men of the law said ‘this case isn’t for us, we cannot adjudicate a clear decision of the people’.

    The courts should have no jurisdiction over the will of the people, not even over the way in which the government chooses to exercise its prerogative powers.

    This judicial travesty creates a dangerous precedence. Any political party that loses an election may be able to challenge the result in the highest court. That’s unacceptable for it undermines the key axiom of democracy that the decision of the people is final, there’s no way it can be appealed, circumcised, avoided.

    A leaflet issued by the Government before the referendum said (Baron still has a copy): ‘This is your decision. The Government will implement what you decide’.

    If the eleven wise men of the Supreme Court decide it’s not so, the question arises ‘who is it that governs the country’? A small bunch of appointed lawyers, or the Government of elected representatives of the people?

  76. EC @ 15:38

    You and the boss (Baron’s boss that is) should form a club, EC. She also calls the poorly educated Slav ‘bastard’ often when it’s totally inappropriate like when he, the bastard, has not performed as ordered (not a rare occurrence, Baron must admit).

    How unfair the world is, ha?

  77. Parts of it, your verse, Fergus, are apocryphal, mythically loaded, the images pointing everywhere and nowhere, the poorly educate d Slav cannot figure how to interpret it. That’s what the ‘poor’ in his education is all about, no?

    The BBC spiel you link to amazes only in a sense that it manages to combine seamlessly Russia, Syria and the terrorist threat even though the whole makes no sense whatsoever for the fact remains that if the Americans didn’t release the hounds of Saudi Arabia and Turkey on the poor Syrians, their country would be as peaceful today as it was before the uprising began.

  78. John birch @ 14:23

    You must have heard about Corrie Mckeague, from Dunfermline, who’s been missing since going on a night out in Bury St Edmunds on 24 September, John. The barbarian was talking to his granddad this afternoon, he was handing out leaflets in the town’s square for days. The police are now trying desperately to find the young man, but they didn’t start until two days after his disappearance was reported, or so he said.

    For what it’s worth, the barbarian reckons the biggest mistake was not to ask the public immediately after he went missing whether anyone has seen individual (or individuals) of ‘Arabic appearance’ who seemed new to the area, or was (were) acting suspiciously. Not that long ago, there was another case, an attempt to abduct a young serviceman who was jogging around the RAF base, the culprits looked like being from the Arab world.

    The police seem to be guided more by political correctness than by the policing instincts.

  79. L.C. @ 14:00

    The same sentiment here, L.C. If one were to believe the MSM, the country seems to be populated by sexual perverts, but amazingly, like you, the barbarian has yet to meet them, or just one.

  80. A visit to the Post Office this afternnon, five Christmas cards to post, all going to the same country, all the same size and weight, each envelope already with one large first class Christmas stamp on.

    The young female clark asks Baron to place the first envelope on the scale, he does, the cost comes to £1.53. The girl says ‘our two calculators have broken down’, writes down 153 and under it 64 (the price of the first class stamp) then slowly derives the result – 89p.

    ‘The other cards are the same’, Baron says, but the girl insist each one has to get weighted individually. The second card cost comes again to £1.53 and the girls writes again 153 and under it 64 next to the previous calculation, continues to finish the subtraction. ‘Why don’t you use what you did before’, Baron asks. The girl, in a rather infuriating voice, says ‘will you allow me to do it my way? Baron meekly submits, and both of them carry on in the same manner until the last fifth envelope gets done. On a large sheet of paper there sit five calculations, each and every one yielding the same result – 89p.
    Life cannot get any more satisfying, can it?

  81. RobertRetyred @ 12:43

    Wasted twenty minutes or so, Robert.

    The click (on your video) produced nothing but black screen, more than half a dozen attempts didn’t help, finally a blurred picture of a man sitting at a counter appeared in what looked like a pub, his lips were moving, no sound came out …. Baron gave up, but he takes your (and the BBC’s) word for it, another con involving green energy, what new then?

    (This posting should have appeared before the one at 19.00, why didn’t it?)

  82. EC @ 11:27

    Good slicing of the task ahead of the Donald, EC except for two things.

    New York is no more representative of the Republic than London is of Britain.

    More to the point, the Donald should follow the Benjamin Franklin’s dictum – the best way to help people out of poverty is to make them uncomfortable in it. He has to have the guts to do it because if he doesn’t, things will turn south everywhere – what New York’s today the Republic will be the day after tomorrow.

  83. Fergus Pickering @ 11:10

    How kind of you, Fergus, to weave Baron into a verse. But you ‘quiet’? Hmmm

  84. We all need to pray for Roman Catholics everywhere, particularly any in the Vatican. If you think the headline is an indication that reality has dawned in there, you will be disappointed if you read the article:

    Pope Francis blasts Europe for lack of leadership and says we’re ALREADY in middle of WW3

    The pope dismissed religion as a cause of war, saying terrorists distort faith to commit atrocities, referencing the Brussels attacks, which saw 32 people killed in a series of suicide bombings.

    He said: “One cannot wage war in the name of God or in the name of a religious position.

    “War cannot be waged in any religion. And for this reason terrorism and war are not related to religion. “Religion is distorted to justify them, this is true.”

    Can we have the old one back – he, at least, could see reality.

  85. Baron – 18:10

    Obviously a term of endearment. She’s known you a lot longer that we have. Who are we to argue… 🙂

    Baron – 19:06
    RobertRetyred @ 12:43

    “Wasted twenty minutes or so, Robert.”

    I wasted 135mins(in total) on that McCanns video YOU linked only to find that the “journalist” was a moon landing conspiracy nutjob!

    I thought that the expert witness made some good points though.

  86. Baron – 19:00

    That’s Christmaths for you!

    Jingle all the way…

  87. EC – 20:04

    You didn’t waste £500m though, did you?

    Here is a quicker experience, and the fact that it is from 2012 makes it even worse:
    Green Alert: Tracking President Obama’s green energy failures

    You don’t have to read it all: just measure its length! 🙂

  88. EC @ 20:04

    Stop moaning, EC, the main reason for the link was not the guy doing the interviewing, he seemed unable to string a couple of sentences together at times (if not throughout the whole exercise), it was the American statement analyst telling everyone what they’re looking for when grilling potential miscreants, and what the potentially guilty should avoid.

    Next time, when you lift a packet of M&Ms, fail to avoid getting caught, try not to concoct stories, just keep saying ‘I haven’t’, and leave it at that. Hopefully, you would have digested the said sweets before the law gets to you, he, he, he.

  89. EC @ 20:05

    That’s a good one, EC, top marks for it.

  90. RobertRetyred @ 20:52

    Amazing these companies go bankrupt when the taxpayers subsidises them so plentifully, Robert. The barbarian suspects what’s known as ‘tunnelling’. It’s simple, owners of the the company that receives the help set up a range of subsidiaries, with which the subsidised company mostly trades at either inflated prices (if it buys from them), or low prices (if it sells to them). Any losses of the ‘tunnelled’ company are initially covered by borrowing until the banks put a stop to it, the entity goes bust, by which time the ‘trading partners’ have grown fat, keep on going.

  91. RobertRetyred @ 19:45

    Is the Bishop of Rome a catholic, Robert?

    The world has gone mad, the Pope runs countries, or at least tries to, the politicians tell each and every family under their governance what to eat and what not to drink, the soldiers build schools, dish out sweets to kids, the teachers instruct pupils in the use of condoms, how to find the erogenous zone …. It just leaves Baron cum few other souls to ponder if they are the only ones not yet totally loopy.

  92. Some of the offered additions will make you laugh (or weep?):

  93. Monsieur Voltaire✓ᴰᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ BTT
    3 days ago
    Indeed. This (largely) post-WWII anti-White crusade has been one of the most evil and devious mindfucks I can think of in recorded history. And for those who immediately make the connection between any sort of White identity movement and the holocaust, how about we try this for size: my race has been methodically stripped of its identity and of its pride, and marched into a permanent “expiation camp” where it has to perform slave labor for blacks, Cholos and now Muslims, with our tax dollars and our endless cultural accommodations.

    Furthermore, our “W” arm-band keeps us out of universities, government employment and even public housing–institutions that we have ourselves created. They tell us that even raising our heads and looking them in the eye is “hate,” while they work like termites through our institutions to undermine the very achievements from which, as illegitimate pseudo-Westerners, they take handful after grubby handful.

    I say to hell with them. To hell with them all. The Obama years–during which I have felt like America was under foreign occupation–have radicalized me, and I have learned how (((a handful of thinkers))) have been allowed free rein through our institutions to turn us all into obedient servants and–eventually–make us irrelevant if not extinct. Conspiracy theory? Look at America and Europe, for God’s sake. Yep. To hell with them all.

  94. The comment above is from this article.
    Very good and excellent comments.
    How the Left Strangled Itself With Identity Politics – Taki’s Magazine

  95. Baron 1924

    Quiet was but metaphor
    For lack of posts
    While Baron’s away
    As such the blog just coasts

    But now the famed
    Must be ashamed
    To meet with Yossarian

  96. Ode to Boris

    Far are the shades of Arabia,
    Where Saudi Princes ride at noon,
    She stokes up her proxy wars
    Under the ghost of the moon;
    And Yemen becomes that vaulted purple
    Grenades in the forest rise
    And toss into blossom ‘gainst the phantom stars
    Explosions in the noonday skies.


    ” READY TO STRIKE ISIS has flooded Europe with 1,500 highly-trained terrorists ‘ready to launch attacks’, chilling EU report claims”

    (h/t Drudge Report – renowned fake news source)

    Right to bear arms anyone or do you prefer to be gunned down like a dog?

  98. So Wilders is guilty, sums up every thing that is wrong with Europe


    O Widers you are such a fool
    To get caught as if at school
    You can say what you like
    But you’ll feel the laws spike
    If you continue to blow off your cool

  100. Ode for a fallen Austrian
    Apologies Emma Waters.

    It doesn’t matter to a bird
    If it has one broken wing
    Or two
    It still can’t fly
    Either way,
    Whether it’s
    a broken left-wing
    Or, a broken right-wing
    It still can’t fly.
    It doesn’t matter to a bird
    If there is a migration
    On the horizon
    It still can’t fly
    It doesn’t matter to a bird
    Whether it’s a broken
    Left wing
    Or a broken
    Right wing
    The bird
    will surely,

  101. Baron -23:32


    Or just swamped by Socialism.

  102. The Russians have sold almost a fifth of Rosneft to the Qataris and Glencore (the Qataris own over 8.5% in the commodity trader Glendora) for some $11bn, the Russian Government still keeps over half of the equity (if memory serves, you may like toggle it, BP has around another fifth stake in the Russian giant, the rest if a free float).

    What surprises is the deal can go ahead when the sanctions are on. Rosneft is on the list. More to the point, (The Rain, the Moscow based TV station that broke the news as the barbarian was listening yesterday), a chunk of the money will come from an Italian bank Intensa (?, Baron couldn’t catch the name).

    How come when one of the most injurious sanctions against Putin is the ban on credit to the sanctioned Russian companies over 90 days? When the barbarian wanted to take up an annual subscription toThe Rain, no credit card company would process the order, he had to settle on a quarterly subscription sans one day.

    If the deal goes ahead (the Americans were apparently taken by surprise, are looking into it, consulting with Brussels) it will make a nonsense of the sanctions for the big boys. This truly pisses the barbarian for although he’s been against the sanctions (they never achieve what those imposing them aim for) whilst they are on the West should stick to them. Obviously, the West doesn’t when it comes to juicy deals for the rich and mighty.

    We, the plebs get hit (see Baron’s inability to get an annual subscription for The Rain), are fed the agitprop that Putin and his boys are being punished for Crimea, Ukraine, when in reality business for the rich keeps going as before. Fugging criminal that.

    (if you’re interested, we can debate it more when the barbarian gets back).

  103. John Birch (10:48)

    The profession of shysters has dominated politics for millennia in empires various. Recently their power to control not only our structured lives, but our structured thinking has peaked to Orwellian proportions. Some form of civil war seems to be the only likely upshot.

    Having worked in close liaison with the legal profession over the years I have always had a very healthy suspicion of their motives and their methods. In recent years, with the benefit of hindsight, my appraisal of their machinations and its deleterious effect on the moral and economic health of our country has led me to a sense of profound loathing for their ilk – across the board.

    Watching the gathered assembly of said shysters convened earlier this week under their latest construct – ‘The Supreme Court’ ‘ with an army of arse lickers, aparatchiks and paper carriers; listening to the bilge emitting from their mendacious mouths, then wondering what must be done to thwart their evil conspiracies, I fervently hoped, that there is enough red blood amoung the youth of this ancient nation to rise up do what is necessary. But that thought was immediately dissipated when I forced myself to watch the QT and This Week agitprop slots, when it became quite clear that the sheeples are damaged beyond any possible redemption and therefore no such prospect is worthy of contemplation.

  104. Frank P. The long march and common purpose have brainwashed them into stupidity. You have to admit they knew what they were doing.

  105. Frank P – 14:03

    Grim, but true.

    Here’s Geert Wilders speaking about his show trial conviction…

    It doesn’t sound like he’s going to roll over anytime soon!

    BBC QT with a Brillowash? God, you must have a dangerously low BP – that needs raising!

    I looked at some snippets of the sneering Will Self and the vapid Louise Mensch (from last night’s QT) on Youtube this morning. In their own way both are symptomatic of the national necrosis.

  106. John Birch (16:26)

    “Have to admit …”

    You imply some sort of reluctance on my part. Please introduce me to someone who has screamed it louder from the rooftops, ad nauseam, than yours truly! 🙂

  107. A general statement frank, not aimed at you individually.

  108. It’s best not to protest about being ethnically cleansed if you don’t want to go to prison.

    The real story is not the so called ‘hate crime’ conviction , it’s the dispossession and foreced loss of home to the muslim colonisers.

  109. There is a Pakistani newspaper called DAWN , probably of moderate bent , that has published an article on British Muslims . It writes : ” The pressure on British Muslims to integrate more fully into British society is intensifying……mood is changing…..jihadists’ terror attacks…..”.

    In a telling sentence it writes : ” Complaints about racism and Islamophobia which once silenced people….are making ever less impact. “.

    The comments to this article are largely in favour of muslims integrating.

  110. Radford NG 20.30

    “In a telling sentence it writes : ” Complaints about racism and Islamophobia which once silenced people….are making ever less impact.
    The comments to this article are largely in favour of muslims integrating…”

    Is this so? See my post of 20.15 for a contrarian perspective. Perhaps it depends on a number of factors, including location. Non ghettoised areas, (as yet,) are invariably more circumspect.

  111. Noa @ 20:15

    It pains Baron to say it, Noa, but the man shouted at the wrong people, he should have had a go at the ghastly Blair, others who have passed the laws allowing these people to come, settle here, be his neighbours. They, the progressive phylum, that has deliberately opened the borders under the pretence they were needed to keep our ageing society going or whatever.

    One can only wonder how many of Blair’s neighbours are immigrants.

  112. Baron 22.22

    Well observed Baron, as ever.

    Not the complete picture however, this snapshot of Islamised northern Britain. We do not know what abuse from his neighbours the man might have been subjected to, a lone white in a muslim ghetto is likely to be subject to considerable intimidation.

  113. Radford NG @ 20:30

    Given that it’s virtually impossible to get back to the pre-immigration days, Radford, the comments are indeed encouraging.

    It’s likely that as future generations come about many Muslims will indeed integrate, some fully e.g. like the Blonde running the Foreign Office, some will assimilate partly, but others will stay loyal to the teaching of Allah in the sense that when push comes to shove in a critical way, they will obey the Mufti, not the elected secular leaders, they will remain Muslims living in Britain rather than British Muslims. What then?

  114. Noa @ 21:17

    Well written summary, Noa, it’s surprising we haven’t got more of the same since the near meltdown of the financial sector.

    One’s emotional response must side with the men and women who lost out, it must have been painful, still is. Looking at the demise of the industrial segment rationally, one cannot but admit we couldn’t have competed with the developing countries at times of globalisation, and globalisation was spawned by technological progress (containerisation and all that), it wasn’t a product of either the Left’s desire to control the masses, or the Right’s hunger for more money.

    The only way to stop the cheap coal, textiles, plastic junk and stuff would have been through tariffs. Not a possibility because others would have prevented us from reaching their markets using the same tool even if we could compete with the cheap stuff coming in container ships from the East, the stuff we would have prevented reaching our markets.

    The biggest problem that our society has to resolve is one that has tormented each and every societal arrangements ever: how to create wealth efficiently. and how to share it equitably so that the society is at ease with itself, each social layer reasonably happy, the cake’s sliced fairly, there’s dancing rather than car burning on the streets.

    The one politician solving that may get the top prize, he, he, he.

  115. EC @ 16:35

    One could only despair (if one were one of the progressives that is) at the imbecility of staging the trial in the first place, EC, finding him guilty, but imposing no sentence because ‘the guilty verdict was enough’.

    Are these people for real? The publicity that it furnished Wilders is priceless, the barbarian wouldn’t be surprised if his following were to get a boost because of it, and an election is coming.

    The trial must have been reported in the MSM, he had the best exposure a politician can hope for. It feels as if the judges are on his side, gave him the chance to spread the message daily as the trial continued – and it cost Geert not a penny. Unbelievable.

  116. Fergus Pickering @ 09:04

    Rather good, Fergus, and the barbarian can follow it, too.

  117. Frank P @ 14:03

    But what one could expect, Frank? These people are overeducated, on juicy incomes (juicer pensions to follow), yielding enormous power, but almost always in the shadow, hidden from what everyone’s seeking today – exposure, fame, celebrity status.

    Pontificating about something they shouldn’t be gives them the fifteen minutes under the sun of fame, no?

  118. Fergus Pickering @ 07:56

    Good grief, Fergus, another verse on the barbarian, aren’t you overdoing it?

  119. Malfleur @ 10:06

    Hopefully, Malfleur, the security services have them on their radar, they must know who went, who’s coming back.

    In the Russian media they are speculating about a deal between the Americans and the Russians that will allow the al-Nusra (or it may be the al-Lycra) baddies to leave Aleppo. Where TF will they go? Up here?

  120. What has happened to the Colonel? He’s missed if only to be wished Merry Christmas and the Happiest New Year. Or is it too early for that?

  121. Guardian readers have been shrieking in their comments section that last weekend’s ballot was nothing to do with the EU and to do with some obscure Italian constitutional matters.

    Well, here we all are a week later and the world’s oldest bank is being nationalised, without the stipulated loss to retail investors that would have occurred had they voted Yes:

    “In the past both Merkel and Schauble, not to mention Djisselbloem, have made it expressly clear that a bail-in mechanism should be used to preserve insolvent banks, and a state-funded and taxpayer backed bailout/nationalization is no longer permitted.

    “Allowing Italy to proceed with this transaction would make a mockery of Europe’s entire “bail-in” protocol, not to mention the European finance ministers’ resolve and ability to implement anything, which is why the European Commission would need to assess whether the government’s intervention is taking place at market prices or if it constitutes state aid, another source said.
    “However, since an Italian contagion wave would inevitably slam Deutsche Bank and Germany’s various other banks, Europe will find the deal to be “whatever it needs it to be, to make it possible.”

    OK. So how do you feel in you were a bank customer in Cyprus who had your money stolen by the banks in their EU- backed bail-in? Or the customers in Italy last year who also got stung by a bail in?

    Sick as a parrot? Is this whole EU thing not just one stinking lie?

    It is a banking system masquerading as a political system, but when the voters do as they did in Italy and say ‘Vaffanculo!’ the bankers are sent packing and the sock puppet politicians remember they are there to serve the people, not the bankers.

    If a bailout (not bail-in) upsets the ECB and the Fourth Reich, that’s just tough. A combined banking system would work for no one. Apart from bankers who want to steal at will. If your balance sheet has gone wrong Draghi, that’s your fault. You’ve been told to ‘Vaffa!’

    And as to the semi-literate, politically illiterate Guardian readers shrieking that last weekend’s poll was not to do with the EU and Brexit should be abandoned, that’s the sound of the whole thing starting to crumble.

    The people of Cyprus must be livid. How can they ever vote for an EU-loving politician again?

  122. A policeman lost his job in the south west of the UK this week for sharing something on Facebook. There is the conviction mentioned above, of which there now seems to be at least one publicised per week and no doubt many more that get little to no publicity.

    I don’t necessarily endorse the views of these people but why are they losing their jobs and being locked up? It wouldn’t happen in the USA because of the law on free speech. Britain needs a political party committed to free speech. That needs to be the next big political cause in the UK.

    I always said a Trump victory would restore free speech everywhere by putting it back on the agenda (is it not embarrassing that people are locked up in the UK for what would be free speech in another Anglosphere country?).

    American Thinker quoth:

    Restoring Free Speech: The Trump Effect

  123. The war on ‘fake news’ is so big in America precisely because of the right to free speech. It’s nasty. It’s dishonest and we can deal with it. It has been on the front page of the Wall Street Journal several times.

    The right to free speech means that in America all the elite can do is try to make a pariah out of non-MSM news.

    In the UK, there is no right to free speech, which means its attacks on ‘fake news’ are far more sinister.

    The same has happened previously with ‘political correctness’, a nasty idea cooked up in California years ago, which although nasty in the USA, became ultra-nasty when it crossed the water to the UK, where there is no right to free speech to contain that thought virus.

  124. Frank P, you put in a shift on QT and This Week. I don’t have access to those but I can access Radio 4’s Any Questions. A Left wing audience howling, absolutely howling, about the need for more immigration. It’s like Invasion Of The Body Snatchers. Out of their mind, the lot of them.

  125. The ‘experts’ (‘I think we’ve all had enough of experts’ – Gove) keep telling us about how Clinton on the popular vote and how Brexit wasn’t overwhelming.

    I have never met an ‘expert’ I trust in my life. The very word is now untrustworthy

    If you took out all the voter fraud (which is rampant in both countries – Soros makes the US vote counting machines, and there are those Alinskyite Acorn units), the margin would have been even greater for Brexit and for Trump.

    By the way, in Italy every newspaper and TV station railed against Bepe Grillo and argued for a Yes. Answer: ‘Vaffunculo!’

    I cannot express how happy I am at the Italy vote. The Greeks voted No to the terms of their bailout in a referendum and were over-ruled by the EU in a stitch up. The British voted for Brexit. Result over-ruled.

    But the Italian one was different. They EU bankers now cannot get their hands on the state assets through the constitutional reform. Instead of doing things through stealth, they are forced into the open. They are also now very afraid of referendums. Soros is fighting like a dog and funding the British Lib Dems to scream for a second referendum. Blair is running back to form a break-away Labour party. But I scent victory. I noticed after the Italian result that arch buffoon Nial Ferguson try to rescue some credibility by saying he should have backed Brexit. That looks to me like a historian knowing it’s now just a matter of time and trying claw back some brownie points before t falls apart.

    I think it will be in the next five years. We’re getting what we need: blow after blow. Country by country. That’s what it will take. It is a gargantuan task and they are fighting like a cornered dog now in trying to close down the media and free speech.

    Come on Wilders. Come on Le Pen. Come on AfD. Hammer, hammer, hammer.

    When it fallsk, folks, it won’t be slow. It will be like the old USSR. It’s going to be quick and shocking. Tiimmmbbeeeerr!!!!

    I am sooooo excited!!!!

  126. This isn’t going to please the Chinese communist lords of Hollywood:

  127. Scorsese, the last interesting thing left in US cinema!

    It’s very rare for me to get through anything modern but I shall watch this. Loved the Wolf of Wall Street.

  128. It is a long time since I used the words ‘coprohilia’ of ;coprophagy’, but it seems I shall have to dust them off as the Argentine bouncer is mouthing them in his attack on ‘fake news’ from his position, now that the Pope is safely under house arrest, as the spokesman for ‘fake religion’:

    My headmaster used to say that an angel might be anyone – the person next to you on the Clapham Omnibus for instance. By the same token one might argue that the Devil could also appear in any disguise – a globalist “Pope” perhaps?

  129. They just don’t know who to blame any more. It’s the message, it’s the message, they cry. We used to be so good at this. When you ban discussion of all the important things in life, that’s what gives the game away. Never mind the news.

    There’s only one thing the public think about newsreaders, po-faced John Simpsoners and journalists of any kind: are you living next door to it? You’re not living next door toit?

    Why, then. You’re a liar.

    Vote No. Vote Vaffa.

  130. I have tried many times to deal with Guardian readers and the EU on its forums.

    1) I produce incontrovertible evidence from ‘Sir’ Craig Oliver’s Remain diary to them that not only was Jeremy Corbyn anti-EU while pretending not to be, but that the Remain camp believe Corbyn sabotaged their whole strategy. I put it to the Guardian Remoaners that since he is Left wing and wants to leave the euro why does that make being anti-EU right wing? Or racist? When this is put to them, Remoaners just deny this outright.

    2) Bepe Grillo is Left wing. I put it to the Guardian Remoaners that since he is Left wing and wants to leave the euro why does that make being anti-EU right wing? Or racist?

    Oh no, they say. Bepe Grillo and the Italian referendum is nothing to do with the EU. So why did it plunge the EU into crisis?

    Once you rub their noses in just how many Left wingers hate the EU, the racist argument falls apart, doesn’t it? That’s why I do it. All the time. It’s great fun.

    Once you put those two points to them, their argument about racism crumbles. Their argument about being a Little Englander crumbles. It is only they who are blinkered Little Englanders who can’t see beyond the end of their insular Remoaner noses.

    If you are having difficulty with a Remoaner, use those two things and watch them squirm like an oyster that’s had lemon juice poured on it.

    This is from the Telegraph’s book review of Craig Oliver’s book – it reveals the kind of petty spite you’d expect of a Remoaner and of Cameron and Osborne:

    ‘There is something faintly distasteful about the image of Craig Oliver, unelected and undistinguished, nestling on David Cameron’s sofa with George Osborne and “sniggering” at the mannerisms of Leave-voting Cabinet ministers.’

    And my favourite thing to rub in Remoaners’ faces:

    Corbyn’s taken you for a big ride, raged Mandy. he wants to LOSE the Brexit vote: Insider CRAIG OLIVER reveals how bitter divisions in Labour hampered the Remain campaign

    Eat your Brexit, you Remoaners. I’ve got the evidence and I’m going to ram it down your cossetted little throats in the way they make foie gras. We’re going to cook your goose with your own facts. I’m going to make them stew on their hypocrisy until that nasty thing is gone forever.

  131. malfleur – 01:21

    Where is Dr Ian P when you need him?

  132. Jeano @ 11:32

    You’re too rational, logical, use facts as evidence whilst the Removers are driven by emotion, Jeano, it’s the feelings of brotherly love, borderless world, hatred of anyone who fails to buy their take on life which clouds their deluded brains.

    Still, good luck with your onslaught on the fruitcakes.

  133. Jeano @ 00:41

    You’ve just enlarged Baron’s Italian vocabulary, Jeano, but he had to google for it, useful word that, do they have one saying ‘efoff’?

    Btw, you reside in the country?

  134. The whole morning, the first itemm of news on Classic FM was that the CIA was ‘pretty sure’ that the Russians did help the Donald to win the count.

    It must be true then: the Russians must have been releasing gas that made everyone see red, faces turning popular, voices shouting ‘make America great again’.

  135. Isn’t it the most wonderful word, Baron. It’s why Italian is the language of opera. It can be sung Vaffa, Vaffunculo. Five Star have made it their motto.

    I spent two months in Italy this year with family. Everything was exactly like Brexit. Newspapers, TV relentlessly telling people to vote Yes. Grillo was banned from TV many years ago and hes always demonised by Big Media. Don’t be under the illusion he gets a fair hearing at all.

    Nobody ever believed a word of Yes. Not unless they were in the 1%. It was so silly academics from ivory towers were dispatched to give town hall style talks to pensioners. THey said things like, Well, you see, in the modern world, modern societies don’t need an elected second house. It’s much more modern to have it appointed. You know, done by appointment.

    Have you ever heard anything so ludicrous in your life? In short: Give up your right to democracy to politicians.

    These people were as shameless and poisonous as the Remoaners. Fraudsters all. Nobody believes MSM in Italy. Or anywhere else.

    I battled through some Radio 4 in somebody’s house the other day and this posh-voiced very young Snowflake said – in the most earnest way – to David Starkey, Yes, but many people are worried that Europe is returning to the 1930s. Starkey’s reply? The idea that Europe is returning to the 1930s is so silly only an intellectual could have thought of it.

    We all roared with laughter and turned the wireless off. Once you’ve heard a bit of sense on Radio 4, that will be it until the next blue moon.

  136. Donald Trump is not all powerful and cannot counter what is in the USA’s Deep State. In other words, its own Common Purposers and Long Marchers. They need an enemy in order to polarise the public into doing what they want to do.

    The public know who the enemy is. I cannot say who it is for fear of being locked up for thought crime. Deep State and Common Purpose won’t let you have that as an enemy, so they are re-hashing the olde enemy. But ye olde enemy is just a fictitious enemy these days. Nobody’s buying it. Apart from Remoaners.

    Nope, I couldn’t care about Vlad in the slightest. I care about Acorn vote manufacturing factories and George Soros’ ownership of vote counting machines. That would explain why Trump’s margin was not higher.

  137. The UK has entered a macabre Alice in Wonderland since Brexit, whereby a court of law nullifies what David Cameron constantly called an ‘irreversible’ vote.

    ‘This is your decision. The Government will implement what you decide’.

    Is the Deep State now trying to nullify the Trump presidency on fake grounds of national security?

    I quote:

    This is a soft coup attempt by leaders of Intel community and Obama Admin to influence the Electoral College vote, similar to the 1960s novel “Seven Days in May.”

    These people get worse every day.

  138. OMG!

    Catholic priests will have to preach about climate change as part of a drive by the church to cut global warming

  139. @Jeano 10th – 00:41

    “I have never met an ‘expert’ I trust in my life.”

    “X” – An unknown quantity.
    “spurt” – A drip under pressure.

  140. Life in Italy pre-referendum was a carbon copy of life in pre-Brexit Britain. It was an Italian version of Project Fear.

    The chambers of commerce and all the major companies in Italy harrassed the poor voters to vote Yes. They staked their credibility on a Yes. They said that the banks would collapse, that the Italians would all their savings. And that there would be hell if the Italians voted No.

    It did not work. Where’s the crash? Pah. It’s like Britain’s emergency Budget. It was a bare-faced lie. Lose their money in the bank?It is precisely because they voted No that they are keeping their money and not losing a cent of it. If the people had voted Yes, then the banks would have taken it.

    Well, look who’s not frightened of your George Osborne/Peter Mandelson lies. You won’t dare take their money now you know how much they hate you.

    And the ‘great and the good’? Le ‘experts’? I thinka we have hada enough of le expert!! Howa you say, le expert is le spiv.

    The politicians, the intellectuals, the big businessmen all came out and told the Italians the sky would fall on their head. Shaddap a your face.

    Now they know that if they touch one cent of that money for a bail-in they will have a re-enactment of Mussolini’s hanging up at the petrol station. Renzi says he didn’t know how much the people hate him. You were living in a bubble, dear.

    You won’t be baling in anybody. You’re frit, signor.

    The Italian banks have not yet written down their bad loans as uncollectible. On the contrary, there are still billions upon billions in financial statements, written down only between 45 and 50 percent of the original value. Their real value is 20 per cent.

    This link is worth reading. No clowning about. They do have a plan ready to go. They’re ready to leave the euro. Renzi thinks a quick election might be enough to stop Five Star gaining enough seats to form a coalition to implement this plan, but I think it’s too late. I think if the elections are in February, the coalition willing to put this plan into effect will get enough seats. If they delay elections, the people get angrier and Five Star get stronger.

    The point about the referendum is this. The people were warned ‘don’t kick your betters in the goolies or they’ll take all your money. Grovel.’

    What happened when they hit them in the goolies? It worked. The establishment are xxxxing themselves and their Project Fear has shredded all their credibility.

    The momentum is now all against the establishment. They’ve shot their bolt and then some. Are you going to try to scare the voters again? Vaffa.

    And they can see from their Greek neighbours: You die day by day as an economy or you get it all out of the way in one fell swoop and to hell with the consequences.

    I don’t think Renzi’s timing of elections makes a difference. The Italian establishment are out of cards. The timing doesn’t matter. Their credibility is shredded. Beyond them lies Brussels, the ECB and the Fourth Reich. What cards have they got? Some pretend threat from Russia? Give it a rest.

    Here’s the plan. As I say, tiiimmbbeerr – when she goes it will be in a few hours. It will be like the fall of the USSR. God love you, Bepe. Some of the crowd are on the pitch. I can’t see a comeback from here. They think it’s all over…

  141. My favourite quote from that interview in the link above: “They are absolutely scared because none of their tools of control are working any more,” he said.

    There is pandemonium right round the world now from America to Europe. All this squealing about fake news is in itself fake.Why dd George Osborne lie and say British pensioners would not get their pensions if they voted for Brexit? Lie after lie after lie after lie.

    And how do they excuse their lies? They whinge about fake news and Russian propaganda. Have you seen the quality of life in Russia? They can barely run a whelk stall let alone an effective propaganda machine big enough to elect Trump.

    No. That was just us. We the people. We the people hate your lies. In America, in Britain, in Italy: “They are absolutely scared because none of their tools of control are working any more.”


  142. The British media has tried to bury UKIP ever since Brexit by doing what they used to do: ignoring it.

    The Sleaford by-election, though, shows that, having broken old ties with Labour to vote Leave, many white working class voters no longer want to go back to the silly tribal loyalty of voting Labour. It’s a party only for posh people and immigrants.

    The switch from Labour to UKIP was not mentioned that much by the press. But if you are wondering what’s happened to UKIP, they are very much alive and trying but being denied the oxygen of publicity by the Mail and Telegraph etc.

    The press reported on Farage’s Ferrero Rocher party. What they didn’t report from that event was his remarks:

    ‘Mr Farage told the gathering that Britain had a problem. “In America the revolution is total. Not only have the people spoken and won, but the old administration, Obama and all those ghastly people, are out and the Trump people are in,” he said.

    ‘“In this country, the people have spoken but the same players have just been shuffled around the chess board and we are still being run by the career professional political class.

    ‘“I am not sure what is going to happen over the course of the next couple of years but I suspect there’s another big seismic shock in British politics perhaps going to come at the next election.”

    ‘Mr Farage added: “I suspect that the Conservative party is not fit for the legacy of Brexit. I suspect there is going to be a genuine realignment of British politics over the course of the next three or four years . . . There are great battles to be fought and I’m going to go on fighting those battles.”’

    Please don’t think the British establishment were buried on 23 June. The old political parties want to bury that result (preferably not with their fingerprints all over it for the electorate to see, step forward the judges) and they want normal service resumed.


    UKIP is alive and kicking and want Labour and Tory votes so don’t be misled by the Mail and the Telegraph ignoring them in the hope they will go away.


    ” China and Russia have repeatedly successfully tested hypersonic weapons capable of delivering nuclear strikes. U.S. intelligence officials have assessed that China plans to use the glider to deliver nuclear weapons through increasingly sophisticated missile defenses. The DF-ZF also could be used as part of a conventional strategic strike weapon capable of hitting targets around the world within an hour. The speed and destructiveness of these hypersonic weapons is difficult for most people to comprehend.

    Chinese & Russian Weapons A Serious Threat…U.S. Unable To Respond
    Stephen Leeb continues: “The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine recently released an unclassified summary of a detailed report commissioned by the Air Force that noted when it comes to such technology, the U.S. “absence of a clear acquisition pathway … stands in stark contrast to potential adversaries’ feverish pace of research and development… Their investments have been significant … and their accomplishments in some cases startling.” Note that “startling” is a pretty emphatic word.

    Why have China and to a lesser extent Russia made such strides in developing this critical offensive and defensive weaponry? At least for China, the answer includes its access to a complete supply chain of rare earths. The U.S. Defense Department has known of our worrisome lack of such access for a decade or more. Yet in 2016, the U.S. General Accountability Office in a wide-ranging report on rare earths noted: “DOD offices have not yet agreed on what constitutes ‘critical’ rare earths.”

    And just in case we ever do get around to identifying these, we will need engineers to mine and manage a complex supply chain. Not a single university in this country offers regular courses in rare earths. Trump may want to think long and hard before antagonizing China too much.”

    Fake news has been reporting that it is treason by the Clinton family that has resulted in this disaster…

  144. AA Gill, a unique writing talent, is dead.

    The Home Secretary, apparently untalented, his cast off, lives on.

    Life and death are replete with such quirks and injustices.

    RIP Adrian. Condolences to The Blonde.

  145. Frank P @ 00:05


    Fraser Nelson did a short piece on the Spectator blog, Frank, it would be nice if you were to post it (the @ 00.05) there, she may scan the column, it will please her, you’re the first one mentioning her.

  146. RobertRetyred @ 17:29

    And the fall in the number of worshippers attending church will accelerate even more, Robert, these fruitcakes are killing the faith, vacating the places of worship for the newcomers, who don’t give a shite about global warming in their Jummah prayers.

  147. It may be a smart move by the Donald to have Rex Tillerson as his nominee for secretary of State. The critics are already pointing to the guy’s closeness to Putin (if memory serves Tillerson got some kind of trinket from the Kremlin, for what Baron has forgotten), but the man is no pushover. What the Hon Muslim didn’t get through lies and threats (access to the Russian oil reserves up north), Tillerson may get by cozying up to Putin, this may work for it is what the Kremlin man has been after all along.

  148. It’s in three parts, produced by an Ukrainian, deadly anti-Russian website, in total it lasts for over ten minutes. The start is rather clever what with ‘Kremlynwood’ as the heart of the Russian propaganda machine. (You don’t have to watch it all, the barbarian is posting it because it is in English, the site pumps into the blogosphere similar even more hard hitting stuff in Russian).

  149. Baron@00:41

    This is Fraser Nelson’s article.

    When we redesigned The Spectator six years ago, we spent months working on the launch issue and there was one name we wanted on the cover more than anyone else’s: AA Gill. These six letters could make you smile all on their own. They were a guarantee of wonderfully entertaining writing, gorgeous, unusual turns of phrase and, always, originality and spark. He was rather expensive; we couldn’t afford him very often. But always worth the money, when we had it. It surprised me, at first, to see that he’d phone in his copy, and dictate it. He had written it down, he’d tell me, but it would make no sense to anyone: he was dyslexic, which made the whole process harder. I always thought that this also helped explain why his writing flowed with such gorgeous distinction. That his dyslexia was a gift, endowing him with superior powers of expression.

    We tried to include him in this year’s Spectator Christmas special, but he took ages to think about it and then said he couldn’t. Last month, he told us why: his cancer diagnosis, the “full English”, as he put it. But it seemed, then, that he was just starting treatment for it – the great advances in oncology often mean a reasonable chance of survival. But today, we learned that he has died.

    His writing style didn’t belong to a type, or to any school. AA Gill prose was inimitable; a creation of the circumstances of his life. There will be no one else quite like him. To his army of fans, his writing was something that routinely made our world a brighter, more interesting place – and it will, as we all know, be duller without him. A light has gone out, never to be replaced.

  150. The celebrity nepotist Dan Snow has started a crowd funding initiative called “More United”. He was on Daily Politics being given a free ride and free publicity for it.

    He said it was a non-party political, non-partisan political “movement” to celebrate and preserve “progressive” achievements in Britain and to unite a country divided by the referendum result (zzzzzzzzzzz). The idea that without the foreign social democrat meddlers of the EU to dictate and diktat to us the UK will regress to a gloomy Dickensian oppression is a common phobia for the snowflake generations, none of whom experienced the truly gloomy oppression of certain post-war socialist governments.

    Despite Snow’s guff it is obviously yet another vehicle for outraged, left-wing Remainers to seek solace in thinking that they are doing something about the Three Horsemen of the Apocalypse – Farage, Trump and the Referendum Result. The Thoughts of Dan, who seems confused as to whether he is a historian, celebrity or political activist (a common confusion these days), are revealed in his short piece on the power of prayer in the Spectator’s Christmas edition. His graft is greater than God (but no doubt being the Son of Peter and part of the Snow Dynasty helped . . . ).

    Here’s an idea, Dan. If you have a hankering to expand your publicity seeking career from globe-trotting TV junkets to politics, why not stand for election? You won’t even have to claim allegiance to a political party. You can call yourself a “progressive independent” and thereby contribute to the diversity of our plural political system rather than trying to subvert it with crowd funded revolutionary movements contrived to massage both your ego and your butt-hurt at losing the referendum.

  151. Peter Hitchens is cock-a-hoop that, after years of pointing out how British governments have become a skivvy to Saudi Arabia, Boris Johnson has put it out in t open. Johnson is allowed to get away with most ‘gaffes’, but not this one.

    Theresa May, you will remember, signed a deal with Saudi Arabia as Home Secretary, the contents of which remain secret. May is up to her neck in this. If things go wrong in the Middle East, she was one of the key traitors.

    Michael Gove, by contrast, as justice minister found out his staff were concocting a similar secret deal with Saudi Arabia. When he found out, he ripped it up in front of their faces and said don’t you ever try that again.

    The establishment pretends that Russia is the enemy to distract from the fact that in the UK and in the USA too many in power have become in thrall to the Saudis. Remember the links the Bush family had with the House of Saud.

  152. Dan Snow! Son of… Peter Snow. Dan Snow is a hereditary celebrity, which is a term I use of abuse, not of flattery. It means nepotism and connections got him where he is.

  153. Jeano – Hereditary magnificence.

    My partner and I went to this at the Cheltenham Literary Festival. It was as you say magnificent.

  154. As well as Dan Snow there are lots of other activist movements with next to no public support but who are pushing well above their weight. THere is Stop Funding Hate, which is targeting advertisers who spend on ads in the SUn and Mail. Lego has cut back its work with the Mail.

    THere is Kelloggs blacklisting Breitbart. We need to hit back and blacklist these globalist pro-immigration corporates.

    All that they essentally get is 200,000 likes (how many are faked by click farms in India?) and all of a sudden they get listened to. 200,000 is nothing. What about the 17.4 million?

  155. Big, Very Rich and Dangerous: Time to Rein in Private Charitable Foundation

    It’s worth thinking about something similar over here too.

  156. Jeano – one of the few benefits of Climate Change was that children were not going to know what Snow was.

  157. An invigorating series of contributions to open the day from the stalwarts of CHW. Thank you all, I needed such a fillip, having had a troubled night of bizarre dreams. Thanks for reproducing Nelson’s short obituary on AA Gill, proving that the lisping Scot can express his thoughts cogently if he really tries, despite the characteristic bilge he normally spews via the platform of his once esteemed Magazine, which I now cannot click into, as I am blackballed and I can’t be arsed to employ subterfuge to breach their defences.

    As I’m therefore also barred from commenting on the Speccy blog, I can’t do as you suggest, Baron. But I have no objection to it being copied on to the thread by some obliging Wallster as a reminder of what was once a lively exchange of ideas, before censorship was imposed by Nelson, presumably under orders from Brillo or perhaps diktat from the Channel Islands. 🙂

    The Colonel’s withering critique on the Snow-storm was particularly satisfying: can we hope that the unusually mild December that currently obtains will melt the whole nepotistic tribe and allow it to flow into Barking Creek where it belongs with its subversive ideology. I fear though, that the political climate will rescue the bastards, as ever. 🙂

    Hitchens in good form today, too. Thanks Jeano for the link. I do wish I could abandon my reservations about the ex-trot; but it seems my caveats will remain for the remainder of what’s left of my candle, due to the indelible experiences of my interface with his ilk in the Sixties and Seventies, and my exposure to Tass and Pravda prior to that when I was still taking the then New Queen’s Shilling. Sorry Baron, I’m still with your bête noir, on that score. 🙂

  158. Hundreds of people were inside the church on Saturday for a ceremony to ordain its founder as a bishop
    The church was reportedly still under construction and workers had been rushing to finish it in time for the ceremony
    An investigation will be conducted to see if building standards were compromised, the governor’s spokesman says.
    In Africa. No chance.
    Hoe do they keep a straight face.

  159. Nothing condemns a celebrity like a hyperbolic endorsement of “magnificence” from the shape-shifting, stalking lurker who is still stalking, lurking and shape-shifting. It is of course balls, like the “charismatic” foxtrot oscar of Yvette Cooper’s dainty hippo of a husband from the Chancellory to the ignominy of judgement by Len, Craig, Darcey and Bruno. It’s populism. Jim. but not as we know it.

    Don’t think I’ve yet managed to stay awake until the end of one of Dan Snow’s recitals. Not sure if it’s the insistent, over-emphasising voice that hasn’t matured since sixth form or the constant repetition of the words “incredible” and “huge”.

    The new series of Time Commanders on BBC 4 should prove more entertaining with the cheeky chappy vegetable marketeer and BBC flavour of the month Greg Wallace presiding (the spuds in column and the sprouts in line, ‘ave a banana) and the transgendered Lynette Nusbacher (formerly pipe-smoking Dr Aryeh Nusbacher of the RMA) offering her expertise. Mike Loades will no doubt bring his usual whiff of latent leather bar sado-masochism to the proceedings as he demonstrates the lethality of historic weapons. And not a Snow(flake) in sight.

  160. The troll has been busy on Guido this morning with a new name “Corbyn Pride”. Several commentators there have posted his trolling “strategy” of Rebuttal (or disputation), Dissemination, Disruption and Demoralization which he let slip no doubt whilst “sharing code”.

    It makes for hilarious reading with his transparent attempt to get blockers to respond to his tedious provocations and shows what taking yourself far too seriously leads to.

    Silly little communist.

  161. All UK mainstream media is puke-inducing.

    BBC, Sky, Channel 4, ITV, Guardian, Daily Mail (Judas Goat), Telegraph (Judas Goat), Spectator (Judas Goat), FT (a left-wing madhouse).

    And now Murdoch has total control of Sky:

  162. Frank P @ 11:43

    Apologies for the delay, Frank, but your posting is now firmly embedded where it would have been if the Spectator didn’t ban you.

  163. Colonel Mustard @ 09:50

    A justified pummelling of a guy Baron used to enjoy for the clarity, logical structuring and ease of presentations, Colonel. Not any more, he’s lost it by backing the Remain lot without offering any tangible arguments why we should.

    What particularly provoked Baron’s displeasure was his saying in the DM “I find it hard to believe that Elizabeth, Wellington, Palmerston, Churchill, Attlee and Thatcher would have opted for naive, optimistic isolation.”

    The statement lacks logic. Who is or was in the Brexit camp arguing for an isolation, naive or not, from Europe if we quit? More to the point, however impossible it may be to guess what any of the half a dozen statesmen would have done seeing what the Brussels bureaucracy has turned into (and will in the future), there was nothing in what they did or said that would suggest they would have even considered to give up our sovereignty. And this is what was at the core of the decision to leave. It is he who’s naive not to understand that.

  164. Declan @ 03:54

    You’re too kind copying the piece for the barbarian, Declan, but amongst all his sins he also subscribes to the rag, can access it. Still, many thanks.

  165. Jeano @ 14:37

    This is just a wild guess, Jeano, but the barbarian reckons a critical battle will take place in the next few years in the filed of information provision, it’s either that those in charge will curtail the free access to the internet, and prevent the non-MSM media from operating by cutting their sources of advertising revenue or whatever, or the MSM stable will disappear from the market, or be critically reduced, the free platforms e.g. Bretbart, Infowars, others will take over. The Donald may help we end up with the latter, but it will be close.

    Listen to Stephan here (you may like to skip the first 25 minutes, it’s good b ut nothing new there), the latter half of his spiel is of interest though, it addresses what you and others are concerned about, the legislative moves in the US to cut off the non-controlled sources of information.

  166. Colonel Mustard @ 13:41

    You will harm your health obsessing about tele, it’s not worth it, Colonel, others are quite capable hitting him. Ignoring him is the best response however much he may irritate you.

    There also is another troll Farther something or other, who seems to think that the Russian are good only for the gas chambers, he used to attack the barbarian at every opportunity, Baron ignored him, he seems to have given up.

  167. Just spotted on the 00.13 posting, sorry:

    …a critical battle will take place in the next few years in the field (and not filled) of information provision.

    Btw, has anyone gone for the free flu jab this year? The barbarian did, and what do you know, he’s now suffering. It’s not flu, says the expert i.e. the boss, but heavy cold. Whatever it is, it’s fugging unpleasant.

  168. RobertRetyred @ 11:17

    The information may by now be incorrect, Robert, but did you know there are well over 100,000 outfits with charitable status here in this country?

    If Baron were younger he would start one, too, something that’s robustly virtue signalling, but quite narrow-defined in a sense that the demand would not be to difficult to handle e.g. DETRAMIN – help for deaf transgender people from minorities (apologies to any deaf people who may read this, it’s not meant seriously). It would have to span the globe (trips to the Caribbean), be fronted by a celebrity (never fails that e.g. Sir Jimmy), and stay opaque in record keeping.

  169. Jeano @ 10:00

    Good link, Jeano, and as to its content? Peter’s right, whatever our guru Frank may say, he’s prejudiced, Frank is, he had to listen to the Soviet radio traffic after the war in some hole in Europe, didn’t like what he heard, he, he, he.

    Still, the current Russian elite (that includes the KGB Colonel who runs the show) are far from perfect, in fact fugging awful, but c ompared to what one had to endure when the communist thugs were in the Kremlin, the Russians think they live in paradise now.

  170. If you were to listen to Stephan from the very beginning (B’s posting @ 00:13) you may like to scan this piece from the Guardian. It alleges the spooks fear retaliation by the Donald for their claim that Russia did help him in the election. Notice that nowhere in the Guardian article there’s any mention of an firm evidence of such interference from Russia (as Stephan notes, too).

  171. And the last bit before the barbarian calls it a day.

    Listen to Eva, in a minute or so she tells you all you need to know about the credibility of the MSM cabal when it comes to reporting on Syria (you can google her):

  172. Baron

    BBC Four repeated the Storyville Documentary on George Blake tonight; it was first screened in 2014/15 apparently, but I missed it first time aroind.
    Watch it and critique it will you, please.

    The Great Game laid bare by him and his accomplices. Tell us about it. :-).

  173. Sorry, that link doesn’t work.Just Google ‘BBC Storyville George Blake’ – it’s on You Tube. Or BBC iplayer.

  174. Btw they tracked him down to his dacha in Russia where at 92 he’s still kicking and quite chirpy. Wonder how chirpy Snowden will be at 92?

  175. I liked the joke from his cousin at the close of the documentary: the Chairman of the Communist Party of Great Britain who was addressing a meeting of useful eejits at a meeting ended his lecture by telling them, “When Communism finally succeeds you will all be eating strawberries and cream”.

    A voice at the back bleated, “But I don’t like strawberries and cream!”

    The Chairman said, “Ahhh, but when communism prevails, you WILL like strawberries and cream”.

    Blake cackled humourlessly. He’s now blind, btw.


    I used to to be told that CIA stood for CAN’T INVESTIGATE ANYTHING. Now I am told that it is CACA IS ARTICULATE.

    But then I am a Russian agent, so I would say that, wouldn’t I?

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