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The Coffee House Wall – 3rd/9th September

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  1. Father killed sons aged three and 11, and himself after his relationship with their mother broke down

    Read more:
    We start the week with the same tragic events now so common since the breakdown of moral values. Most of these dreadful childhood murders share two common features. The first is that the parents have never bothered to marry and the children are in a limbo land of legitimacy, whatever the modern view may be. Secondly, each tragedy is marked by bunches of petrol-station flowers, and teddy-bears placed near the scene of the crime. This is called ‘respect’!

  2. AWK @8.38

    Possibly the most depressing thing about these ‘tributes’ are the sub-literate text style speech they are written in. ‘Neva 4Gotton’ & ‘Luv U 4Eva’ and suchlike.

    Still, mustn’t be judgemental eh?

  3. Hexhamgeezer
    September 3rd, 2012 – 08:51
    ‘orrible innit?

  4. The attitude I like to take is to try to avoid judgementalism in regard to the person, but to freely criticise the system which creates such a morbid and mawkish sentimentality and emotional (and literary) illiteracy.

  5. It is quite interesting that 6 people (9%) voted “Yes, it is necessary for security” in response to your poll “Should the Government have access to all private communications”. I reckon that percentage is a meme for the minority ideas that seem to prevail and pass into law in this country. 77% voted a qualified ‘No’ which I reckon probably reflects the majority viewpoint on this across the whole country.

    I wish more of the media would begin asking why it is that we are governed in a way that represents not the interests of the majority of ordinary people but of a minority of vocal lobbying groups and agendas, often single issue.

    Would it really have been acceptable, pre-internet, for the government to open every single private letter and to copy the contents, just in case they needed it for investigation or evidence later? Of course not. But because the technology now makes this feasible it seems that once sacrosanct principles can be abandoned for expediency. A balance has been lost somewhere. Instead of representing a pragmatic, reasonable majority it seems that our laws and their enforcement are becoming ever more a product of over-reaction, knee-jerk hysteria and a desire to obviate any risk, real or imagined, at the cost of everything else. Probably no surprise that these “initiatives” seem to attract these types and they are everywhere in the public arena voicing their nanny opinions and articulating their desire to intrude into the lives of everyone else.

    We are already in an era when any complaint must be acted upon, even the most frivolous from the most stupid, and the way that this can be used subjectively to advance agendas by the unscrupulous and those who use propaganda to progress their causes is largely ignored. The silent majority is not just silent but effectively disenfranchised because the exercise of reason has been invaded by the vested interest. But the most critical aspect is that once this has started where is the line to be drawn? It isn’t. The people who live by this crusading and lobbying continue to press for yet more extreme measures to pursue their goals. The remits of their “work” are extended and the goals extended as they learn that there is no effective corrective within the public narrative to their bolder and more outlandish demands. Politicians have gone from exercising rational circumspection on behalf of us all to being weather vanes for these groups and in many cases what they are prepared to say is pre-silenced by the intimidatory posturing.

    An insurance company is now offering an in-car monitor to reward “good driving” by lower insurance rates. Watch this space. Coming soon to a lobbying group near you is the idea that all risk can be eradicated by monitoring everyone in everything that they do. Britain is inching steadily towards becoming a totalitarian, fascist state of dystopian levels of governmental-corporate intrusion and control.

    An exaggeration? Yes. There are many who will scoff – as they did when some were trying to warn about the national socialists in Germany in the early 1930s. And quite a few who will nod sagely and say “Yes, it is necessary for security”.

  6. Many thanks to Frank P for posting up the Aldous Huxley interview last week.

    Brave New World is a reference point for everything in our day-to-way wall-to-wall propaganda-saturated lives.

    The over-organisation he foresaw is reflected in everything. Europe, of course, which cannot be organised, so the offshore elites would rather destroy democracy through debt than face that prospect.

    But it’s in everything. Teresa May and her snooping bill. The worst thing about that is that naughty Teresa knows full well her snooping stooges already carry out all the things she wants enshrined in law.

    You’re a teaser, Teresa!

    The reason why she wants it enshrined in law is so that what the Funny People do is made legal. The Powers That Be fear the illegality of what they do leading to a raft of human rights case against them.

    Where would we be without 1984?

    The internet was the great hope of the past decade but the elites have seen the freedom of thought it has given people and attacked it on every front: thought crimes prioritised, ‘security’ (surely snooping?) systems devised, ‘comments not allowed’, ‘comment removed by moderator’, etc, etc.

    The mainstream media have been using the idea of ‘trolling’ to get Leveson to duff the public up instead of the MSM.

    ‘It’s the trolls, Lord Leveson,’ the MSM whinge. ‘Censor them. They’re the worst of it. Being so ‘umble and we never published a word of propaganda in all our lives and all.’

    The MSM will be very happy to watch Leveson muzzle the British public so they can get on with offering Kindles while pretending they’d like to know what you really think of them.

    They want the public off their stage so they can carry on selling propaganda as ‘news’. The sooner we are muzzled, the better.

    They want us all to shuffle off with free Kindles!

    John Richardson is quite accurate in his thoughts last week about how many people see through all this now. Left and Right are simply pantomime terms to create a conflict and make one pick sides. That way, the main players never get to leave the stage. We get Lib/Lab/Con in perpetuity. What fun.

    As JR said, what is the point of an army going abroad given the state of the nation at home?

    Who has profited from all that? Not the British people. That’s for sure. Dave & Co’s chums, do you think?

    Today, Dave’s cutting building red tape. Or is he just dumping ugly buildings where he likes because his paymasters are the grubby construction industry?

    David Cameron & Co, serving him and his mates.

    Can I offer up this interview to those unfamiliar with it.

    It reminds me a lot of what JR said. Too many people who think of themselves as being on the Right are bamboozled into thinking they must think such and such because it comes from a person on the Right.

    This is no Aldous Huxley. He is a figure of the Right who must come with a very strong health warning of his own. If James Goldsmith had ever shook my hand I’d count my fingers afterwards. However, the arguments he sets out here are still little understood (probably deliberately so by the greedy Tory Party).

    Most sensible people will know what Goldsmith is trying to explain here, but I think he does a great job of setting out why his argument stacks up (he’s still a toe rag).

  7. Peter @ 9.11

    Peter, I think there comes a point where you have to be judgemental. I don’t think for one minute that anyone, however bad the educational system, can’t spell ‘for’ and so has to write 4. It is certainly true that in some circles mawkish sentimentality is the rule rather than the exception but that isn’t to say that they are unaware what the proper form is or that someone’s death is worthy of writing three characters rather than one. Sure, society is to blame and all that but they are part of that society and so share in the blame.

    IMHO a major part of the problem of the ‘Neva 4 Gottin’ crew is the absence of judgement in their lives. They are rarely ‘judged’ – it’ll ‘stress them out’ ‘do their head in’ and ‘offend’ or impinge on their ‘rights’.

  8. Hexham

    I guess what I mean is that I want to understand how we got here rather than only blame the illiterate – which I am not suggesting you are doing. How much is unhappy accident and how much a deliberate process.

    All of the dystopic worlds we read about started like our own. If the dystopia can be actively engineered then it can be reverse engineered.

  9. Hexhamgeezer
    September 3rd, 2012 – 10:20

    It’s as though the mawkish torrent of false emotions that were on display for weeks on the death of the ‘jezebel’ princess has caused this plague of false lamentations, I for one hate to witness such behaviour.

    In a similar vein the now (it would seem) inevitable television interview of the weeping parents of all children who have tragically come to harm, is so very wrong.

    By the bye has anybody had the same problems as me with the other place where I now receive the message “You do not have permission to post on this thread” each time that I attempt to post.

  10. Peter @10.42

    Without doubt there has been and still is a massive amount of betrayal going on by the educational establishment and it’s support structure.

    What is heartbreaking is watching the cycle repeating itself. Children with potential being ground down by badly brought up and educated parents , poor diets, and schools which expect nothing from them. Their future written by the ages of 3-4.

    D Ossitt @10.47

    I have had problems at Nelsonville. Whenever I access the site via IExplorer I can get to the first page but the screen usually freezes when I try to get further (Programme Not Responding). There is no problem going via Google Chrome and there is no problem with any other site using IE.

    When the ‘People’s Princess’ went I remember watching matters unfold in the early morning (a Sunday?). The first demonstration in that avalanche of faux grief was a bouquet placed bya female reporter.

  11. David Ossit:

    Dear David,

    I haven’t had any problems with the ‘other’ place.Only trouble is their web seems very fragile, and often breaks down.

  12. Here we go again, once more “Kick a Brit in the balls” week has arrived. John Tulloch, pushing seventy is to be deported, he was born in India of British parents in the military, the familyy has served the country for two hundred years, and now John is to be turfed out on the orders of the Border Agency, and you can bet your last bib and tucker that the official doing the ordering out is as black as the ace of spades, but the that’s diversity for you

    While I am in ranting mode, Georgie Porgie of Pasties and Pies fame plans to concrete over large swathes of the green belt to make room for assylum seekers and sundry others who hate our guts but love our benefits system. Is there no end to this idiocy, our our political masters so high on cockaine and tripping over their egos that they can not see what is facing this country, think France and 1789.

  13. Stephen Maybery –

    I agree with your sentiments, but my own suspicion is that the situation is even worse – e.g. the jobsworths victimising John Tulloch are probably indigenous, white products of our own universities and instead of thinking France in 1789 we should be thinking Anders Breivik in 2011.

  14. I’m with Herbert Thornton’s thinking here.

    Second, re the ghastly “tributes” to dead children who were murdered – “U R in r harts forevah”, plus the utterly inexpicable balloons and teddy bears, I bing in a city scraper thing and shovel them up all and take them to the tip and burn them. They’re an obscenity. It’s almost like the celebration of a child’s murder. And a chance for the chavs to show how deeply sensitive they are.

    The pavement should be cleared and swept clean twice a day by the council and all signs of the disply removed. This would put an end to this obscenity forthwith as the the point with these subnormals is demonstrating what sensitive and fine, loving souls they are, for others to admire. The dead child is the vehicle.

    Same with this crap islamic “praying” on the public footpath. Remove with force for blocking legitimate users (bulldozers would work). Arrested and booked. The muslims should keep their worship of their desert diety allah in the family and perform their rituals at home, out of sight. Apart from anything else, they’re an emetic.

    I don’t know of another country that engages in such moronic, self-serving self-glorifying “sensitivity”.

  15. The couple whose remote farm was attacked by a gang of four foreign criminals are still in custody. The couple! It was the husband who fired the shotgun but the wife is still being held in custody too.

    It is absolutely disgusting and makes me as angry as hell.

  16. Well-wisher.

    “It is absolutely disgusting and makes me as angry as hell.”

    And me.

  17. It doesn’t matter who fired the shotgun. You should be able to fire a shotgun to protect your own property. What was he supposed to do? Challenge the gang leader to a game of marbles, “best man wins”?

    Britain is the nastiest, preachiest country in the world, as anyone who has lived abroad knows. In France, our nearest neighbour, there would have been absolutely no issue – beyond some note taking by the police.

    Admittedly in Singapore, you couldn’t have taken the law into your own hands, but as the police have about a three to four minute response time, that wouldn’t have been a worry. Also, the neighbours would have seen something odd and they would all have called the police, too. If enough people called, more than one police car would have turned up.

    In Texas and all sane US states, the homeowner is entitled to shoot the intruders dead. No need for justification. If the intruder is over the doorsill, you’re entitled to blow his head off and there will not be charges or a trial.

    I would never live in smirky, self-righteous, holier than thou Britain again on a bet. Not even for real money. They treat the voters/citizens with absolute contempt. They are the boss. You are the serf.

  18. On the advise of David Blackburn I have sent my second email today to ‘’

    Hello Sebastian,

    Please will you sort out my little problem, as my previous email points out each time I attempt to post on ‘Coffee House’ (something that I have done almost daily for years) I receive the strange message You do not have permission to post on this thread.

    If it helps my Web ID is XXXXXXXX

    Please help me.

    Kind Regards.

    David Ossitt.

    Does anybody here think that I will get a reply.

  19. stephen maybery
    I agree with you, and I also agree with Herbert Thornton. Actually, I think the native White British have largely become a craven race of cowards. Brain washed by years of marxist government and afraid to say ‘Boo’ in case they lose their benefits they have sold out. I am a woman of 76 and would join a revolution tomorrow if younger people than I would instigate down. I would join in bringing down 10 Downing Street and its inhabitants, and throwing out of the House of Lords the rubbishy wogs that they call Lords and Ladies. Bollocks! A lot of thieving monkeys worse than whores, who at least give service for money. The HOC should be cleansed too, and the jobworthys and local council officials be placed on gibbets. Can anybody see it happen? Can pigs fly?

  20. After my rant just now, I would like to mention a wonderful documentary I saw on BBC 2 last night. “The Best of Men”. I hope there are still some real men lurking around amongst the filth and dross which seem to have taken over.

  21. AWK1 3rd, 2012 – 16:14

    You really do nail your flag to the mast, don’t you?

  22. David O @ 16,14

    Mr Hoskin was always good at getting back and if not him one of the backroom boys/gilrs used to get back sharpish.

  23. Anne. Good rant and i am sure we all agree with your feelings.
    It’s good to let one go now and again .

  24. 15.30 & 15.45

    R5Live are reporting ‘alleged intruders’. There’s no alleged about it. The only question is ‘what exactly were the intruders criminal intentions?’.

  25. @Hexhamgeezer 3rd, 2012 – 16:38

    ‘what exactly were the intruders’ criminal intentions?’

    In the circumstances, is that even relevant?

  26. Ostrich (occasionall) — Good point. They were on someone else’s property illegally.

  27. If anyone is having trouble with the Spectator site or wants more info in general : they can try going directly to the service site…..//There is a lot of information there and useful stuff.

  28. Well wisher, where did you find they were foreign burglers, as I cannot find anything to say that.
    Where are they from ?

  29. The Leicestershire shooting: on the face of it, it seems incredible – another Tony Martin type incident? Keep your powder dry until more facts emerge; there may be more in it than meets the eye.

  30. I for one am going to take Frank P’s advice and zip my lip until we find out a bit more. Plenty of time for action when we find out what the deal is.

  31. They have been arrested for suspected aggravated burglary so they were not just trespassing on land. That means they must have entered a building or part of a building and at the time are suspected to have had with them a firearm, imitation firearm, weapon of offence, or explosive.

    Their MP is Andrew Duncan (Rutland and Melton) and he has already spoken out against the arrests.

    “If this is a straightforward case of someone using a shotgun to defend themselves against burglars in the dead of night, then I would hope that the police will prosecute the burglars and not my constituents. The householder is the victim here and justice should support them and prosecute the burglars.”

    I know the area well and have friends living there. Lets wait and see if the burglars are from an East European country that joined the EU in 2007.

    Just to clarify I am not against the police investigating all the circumstances but consider the arrest of the homeowners unnecessary. It is another example of the “automatic” arrest discussed here before, a convention brought about by the consequences of New Labour law. When someone dies in a traffic accident there also seems to be this automatic arrest of all drivers involved.

    It’s probably going to take a full-on home invasion with a family murdered before this nonsense stops. I fear that this will happen. Rural police reactive response cannot cope with the potential for this type of crime and the chilling effect of arresting homeowners who use force to defend themselves is quite worrying as it will negatively inform both other homeowners and criminals. The way this has been handled, in the wider context, is nothing short of stupid.

  32. I 100% agree with Well Wisher and sense another wickedly unjust Tony Martin case beginning to take form.

  33. Ostrich (occasionally)
    September 3rd, 2012 – 16:17
    Things just seem to get worse and it’s so frustrating. Sorry if I am rather rude.
    John birch
    September 3rd, 2012 – 16:37
    Thanks for your sympathetic posting.

  34. I agree with well-wisher about the general point of premature arrests these days; and the storm-trooper nature of many such arrests; to think there was so much fuss in the 70’s about ‘stop and search’ laws and ‘sus’ laws, it seems amazing that so little objection is being raised in these cases of what amounts to unlawful abduction at times; certainly Stasi tactics. But we know why that is, don’t we? The police are now acting generally in furtherance of laws imposed by the Left in their move toward totalitarianism. And I preempt any retort such as “but we have a conservative PM now” by saying, “No! We have nothing of the kind. What we have is an imposter kissing leftist ass.” Literally if Laws resurfaces in the cabinet overtly tomorrow; seems he’s never left it covertly!

    I may be ultra cautious in asking for further and better particulars about the Melton Mowbray case before venturing analysis of police action. I wonder whether the police suspect that the parties may have been known to each other – and whether a thwarted business deal may be involved. But that is pure speculation; if not, then the police are being extremely heavy-handed and I hope Duncan puts pressure on May to sort it, pronto! (if she is still in post tomorrow, that is). If it is indeed a case where the property owners disturbed burglars, then all hell should break loose over this case to ensure that it doesn’t become a repeat of the Tony Martin case. Must hi-tail over to the Leics Constab site and see which Bramshill Butterly has alighted on the CC’s seat.

    See ya Later!

  35. Yerrsss, well….


    {scroll down to page 4).

    Young, isn’t he? How did he ever find time to acquaint himself with police work, whilst he was fulfilling all those roles and taking all those exams?

    As I said earlier, another of those Bramshill Butterflies! Carrying the pollen of Common Purpose, no doubt. So no doubt in theory he will make the ‘right decision.’ Whether or not it’s a practical one remains to be seen. So far it’s not shaping up well.

  36. Need further proof of the fickle electorate:

    Fucking eejits! In both cases.

  37. AWK – I love your anger, don’t apologise. Your anger is the kind of emotion that starts a revolution, and all these castrated wallies like John Birch who are saying “there there dear, feel better now?” are in fact trying to deny you of your true feelings, possibly because they fear you have bigger balls than they do. In fact, you and Verity, both women, appear to have bigger bollocks than most of the guys on this site. I am a youngish man (35) and I am extremely disappointed with the way in which the people who I am supposed to look up to, British men in their 50s and 60s, shy away from the serious problems in society and try to argue politely with these vain wreckers of civilisation we have in our midst. Keep being angry. I am. I’m mad as hell. And I want serious revenge on the people who have endangered my country of birth. Come on you lard arsed middle aged “men”* – show your sons how to fight. Throw off all that liberal kool aid you drank in the 60s and show some SPUNK and LEADERSHIP.

    *Excludes Frank P, and others (they will know who they are if they dare to look inward).

    I’ve been in South Africa for the last few weeks and I am not looking fwd to going back to London. Although SA is falling apart as a society, there is this resolute strength in the blokes here. You don’t mess with them. I wish Britain had elders like that I could look up to. I find the same when I visit my brother’s family in Virginia – there’s no shame in being “tough” and you don’t have to pussyfoot around.

    How’s that for a rant?

  38. Sorry – wrong link in above post – this is the one that should have appeared and didn’t:

  39. Ostrich @ 17.14

    The relevance is, if they are coming towards you or not leaving, blow their heads off. If they are trying to escape/leave , blow their legs off.

    But thats my humanitarian instincts getting the better of me.

  40. Regarding Cameron’s re-shuffle, apparently all the top jobs, i.e. Chancellor, Foreign, and Home are remaining as is. If Cam isn’t prepared to move or sack Osborne, Hague or May, why bother re-shuffling? Only Gove seems to have been a success in his job and deserves to stay on. The rest should be moved or sacked. Just messing about with junior ministers and leaving all the top jobs alone is pointless. Don’t want to mention deck chairs or Titanic, but the old cliche is still appropriate. Still, for a man of Cameron’s brainpower (!) maybe the effort of having to think where to put his cronies is taxing the old grey matter too much.

    He should sit down, and rest his brain.

  41. Hexamgeezer — That strikes me as a golden rule. If they are coming towards you, just tell the police that they were shouting that they were going to kill you, so you had no choice but to blow their heads off.

    I do take your point that blowing their heads off while they were running away would probably strike the police as unsporting, so blowing their legs of is practical as well as diplomatic.

    My personal choice would be to shoot someone oncoming, but we can’t always choose.

  42. This is wonderful stuff about the Teleprompter of the United States (TOTUS):

    Born minus the shame gene, undoubtedly. And it shows.

  43. Thanks for the message from the TOTUS, Frank P.

  44. Dean Street
    September 3rd, 2012 – 23:37
    Hello, Dean
    You are a young man, and I hope you grow very old with that ‘young man’ strong within you. I wasted much of my youth, but if you really want to try and change things, go for it now. Rally like-minded people around you, and first try all the legitimate means, using the laws which exist to bring a saner system within our reach. Good luck, friend!

  45. Dean street. Rant.
    Not bad, but not as good as AWK1.
    Her anger covered a much wider range of targets.
    Point is, your not that young.
    Tony the actor was only a few years older than you when he became pm, these people work towards these positions when normal people are having a life. They are obsessive .
    Don’t ask your dad to lead you , the future belongs to you so what do you intend to do to channel your passion into results.
    It sounds as if you like me are a travelling man and that brings difficulties , as you won’t be at home to plan the revolution .
    Anyway ,I have to leave the Internet now and head out into the wilds of. Norway.
    By the way, how did you know I had a vasectomy.

  46. Lesley C.

    “Only Gove seems to have been a success in his job”

    What about IDS?

  47. Hexhamgeezer

    “Mr Hoskin was always good at getting back and if not him one of the backroom boys/gilrs used to get back sharpish.”

    Peter Hoskin has left the Spectator but yes the backroom people can be very helpful,

  48. @Hexhamgeezer 4th, 2012 – 00:00

    “If they are trying to escape/leave , blow their legs off.”

    …them train ’em for the Rio paralympics?

  49. O-O (10:07)

    Something deep inside says I shouldn’t do this – but, anyway, here goes: BWAAAAA…hahahahahaha.

    You are a very naughty commenter,, but I lai-ike you…..

  50. But all joking to one side, Outlaws – we must keep forefront the salient historical covert moves of the Leftist plan, at this crucial moment of choices available to the ‘free’ world:

  51. The on-going story of the Melton couple arrested after shooting at intruders can be found [with photos] at the Leicester Mercury ; or @thisisleicestershire.

  52. If the Conservative Party doesn’t scrap Cameron with extreme prejudice, then we know there is no Conservative Party in Britain any more.

    That means that people will flee in despair to UKIP as it is the only refuge against the further encroachment of the evil left. It already, de facto, stands alone.

    The Conservatives, until they shovel out the gruesome David Cameron and his gruesome clique are dead in the water. The Conservative, despite their huge advantage of not being associated with the years of Blair and Brown, couldn’t win the election. Now that the electorate has seen them perform for a couple of years, they are further away from power than ever.

    We may get some nice surprises.

  53. Thanks for the link Radford NG. This is getting more Kafkaesque by the minute. Why has no one taken up their cause. People who were witnesses saw the break-in and said that the homehomer only fired his LEGALLY HELD gun once, which showed great maturity and restraint. I would have blasted their “brains” out then called the police and said they had threatened too massacre my family.

  54. I remain baffled about pasty-faced commercial failure Cameron getting his fat, greedy fingers on the leadership of the Conservative Party. What did people suggest this commecial failure had to offer national government, other than a ridiculous, self-regarding (we will give you a glimpse into how posh people behave round the breakfast table) breakfast show. Did he really think people would tune into his dire family having breakfast instead of talking to their own family?

    And when was having a kid who was continually being wheeled in and out of NHS ambulances a qualificationn for leading a country? He did everything wrong from day one. Plus he has a greasy personality. I still can’t believe he was chosen over a fine, sane, rational, balanced man like David Davis. There was something funny going on there, in my opinion, and one day it will come out.

  55. The Mail Online reports.

    An Iranian athlete refused to shake the Duchess of Cambridge’s hand after she presented him with his discus silver medal on Sunday.

    The Royal was warmly received on the podium by Paralympic GB’s gold medal winner Aled Davies and Chinese bronze medallist Lezheng Wang.

    But when it was Mehrdad Karam Zadeh’s turn to step up, the 40-year-old failed to offer a hand to the Duchess, clutching them close to his chest.

    Read more:

    Each and every day we witness Muslim’s being uppity.

  56. The Conservative Party has to go.

    Full stop.

    No ifs.

    No buts.

    If the UK has to go through a Lib/Lab coalition to do it (how terrifying is that?) – and I suspect that is what will happen – then so be it.

    We can’t have this tinkering round the edges. Michael Gove this, Michael Gove that. Yes, he’s very clever. But what of it? What about the major stuff? This is just making the deckchairs on the Titanic into a pretty pattern. It misses the point by a mile.

    This is an emergency. And I’m not talking about ‘growth’.

    The UK mainstream constantly jabbers on about ‘growth’.

    Do you know anyone who’s first priority is growth?

    ‘Been to Britain lately?’

    ‘Yes. Isn’t it terrible? No growth.’

    No, that’s a made-up MSM narrative.

    Talk to the average Joe and Josephine and you can bet their first reply will not be ‘growth’.

    And they know the Conservative Party couldn’t care less.

  57. @Verity 4th, 2012 – 15:05

    “This is getting more Kafkaesque by the minute. Why has no one taken up their cause.”

    Their local MP, “Hunky Duncy” has given verbal support so far. The way things appear to be going on, there may well be more going on than has yet met our eyes…I’m keeping my powder dry as, I suspect, is Frank.

  58. @David Ossitt 4th, 2012 – 15:35

    “Each and every day we witness Muslims being uppity.”

    Yes, but AIUI this was explained to and agreed with the DoC before the medal ceremony.

  59. David O – to be fair to the muzzie, and believe me, it pains me to be so, he had already told the organisers and the people accompanying the duchess that he would not shake hands with a woman. It wasn’t a studied insult. He had made sure that the organisers, and the duchess’s party, knew in advance.

    That the Duchess had been briefed is clear from the fact that she did not put out her hand for him to shake when he triumphed. I was quite touched that he was so eager not to offend. Unlike his brothers in allah, I actually thought he was rather sweet. He had just triumphed, and he remembered his manners.

  60. @Sam 4th, 2012 – 15:40

    But education IS the major stuff. It’s preparing our children for a global future where everybody and his dog will be trying to elbow them out of the way and they have to have genuine world class qualifications and motivation to resist that.

  61. Sam says the Conservative Party has to go, and I concur. But how do we get rid of them? I mean … for good? Not just beat them in an election, but wipe them off the face of the political map. They are hazardous to the health our country.

    For starters … they’re not right. Other countries have right wing parties … the US, Canada, Holland, France, Oz, Mexico … but Britain has Labour Lite.

  62. Verity 16.13
    Nice answer verity, if they behave properly we can accomadate them.

  63. With the greatest of respect, “preparing our children for a global future” is exactly what the politicians say.

    I do not see a global future. I see the globalisation model imploding around our ears.

    As this silly fad of the Twentieth Century crumbles, what will matter is the strength of nation states. That’s the bedrock. That’s what’s gone. Every other society on earth seems to get it. Why doesn’t the UK?


    Well, well, well … it’s a long way down the page, but Alan Duncan has stated that the couple should not be arrested or troubled further.

  65. This should please Verity. From today’s Mail online;

    “Baroness Warsi was sacked as Conservative Party co-chairman but immediately stole the Prime Minister’s thunder by announcing it herself on Twitter at 2am.
    The first-ever Muslim woman in the cabinet had asked David Cameron to allow her to carry on in the post, but after a series of scandals she was shunted out last night.

    “Lady Warsi was probed by the House of Lords, who found she had not broken any rules, despite allegations she had claimed for accommodation expenses while staying at a friend’s house rent-free. Controversially she also went on an official trip to Pakistan and decided to take a business partner.

    “Announcing her departure, possibly just after she was told, she tweeted: ‘It’s been a privilege and an honour to serve my party as co-chairman, signing off @ToryChairman, signing on @sayeedawarsi.’ “

  66. O-O (16:09)

    I don’t see how they can hold the householders this long unless there is another matter that emerged from the search; if the facts are as reported, that is to say, burglars disturbed by occupants and husband uses his shotgun to remove the obvious danger to his wife, then the heavy-handed treatment by the cops/CPS is despicable and stupid to boot.

    I’m surprised that Teresa May hasn’t picked up the phone and sorted it; but what with the reshuffle kerfuffle an’ all and Ken Clarke losing his sinecure in favour of Cameron’s second choice when IDS turned down the offer, then nobody’s in charge, I suppose she is too preoccupied with saving her own ass to be in the least interested in saving a couple of citizens invaded by burglars, then abused by The Bill instead of rescued by them and recommended for a bravery award.

    What has happened to the New Addington case btw? Have they decided how the victim died yet? What’s happening with the IPCC inquiry? Has the officer i/c the murder investigation been suspended pending an investigation into his competence over the ‘search’ of the house? How soon we forget, as one saga of cock-ups after another obliterate each other in the public consciousness.

    These matters and many more indicate that something is rotten in the State of Denmark.

  67. Verity: Hi, Verity, I believe you know my opinions on self-reliance, believing that people should be able to protect themselves in their own homes. In the current case, I think the police have been very heavy-handed, but they are thick, so what can one expect? However, like Frank P and Occasional Ostrich I’m keeping my powder dry until information is released.

  68. Ostrich @ 10.07?

    ‘them train ‘em for the Rio paralympics?’

    No. They need to be useful members of society. Paint them red and white and use them as traffic cones.

  69. David Ossit: I do not have a high opinion of Islam, indeed I do not consider it a valid religion, more a primitive cult. However, it is the belief of choice of those who follow it, and one of its ways of behaviour state, people do not shake hands with those of the opposite sex. Therefore nobody was being “uppity” and as usual the “DM” likes to sensationise for want of any serious journalistic substance.

  70. “Baroness” from Bad to Warsi also went on an “official” trip to Pakiland (why? She never held a positiion in the government. She was chairman of the party, not elected by the electorate and no official position in the government) at a time AND PLACE that happened, by one of those crazy coincidences, to be a few miles from where her cousin was having a big wedding.

    Government air tickets, government car, government chauffeur, government expenses for … what exactly? What possible official taxpayer-paid-for mission could the chairman of the Conservative Party have had in Pakiland?)

  71. Ostrich 16.12 … “@David Ossitt 4th, 2012 – 15:35

    “Each and every day we witness Muslims being uppity.”

    What on earth does a muslim have to be uppity about? Looks? Brains? Achievements in science, mathematics, space techology, technological inventions? A sense of style?

    Wit? (Just kidding.)

    I am genuinely curious. What does an “uppity” muslim have to be uppity about?

  72. AWK – Men and women shake hands in Indonesia as a matter of course. They both offer their hands at the same time, as we do. This is a country of 100m Muslims. But they are nice, normal people.

  73. Verity
    What’s normal? 🙂

  74. They regard men and women as equal.

  75. Verity (18:05)

    But ‘vive la difference’. 🙂

  76. The Happy Few: What happened with the English Defence League (and the British Freedom Party) at Walthamstow last Saturday?

    The fullest sympathetic coverage I have found is by Digital Journal. Of course, it was a pretty small group of marchers who went to Walthamstow on 1st September and the islamic-leftist terrorist alliance fielded more troops than the demonstrators. It appears to be the islamic/leftist alliance who were throwing all the bottles and bricks and carrying, in some cases, claw hammers and knives, while the Metropolitan Police allowed the bottles and bricks to be thrown on the basis that it would be foolish to arrest any bottle or brick throwers in a hostile environment. The thinking seems to be that if people are throwing glass bottles, bricks, lumps of wood at people who have applied for and received permission to speak in public, it would just make matters worse to try to put a stop to the criminal activity, so the best plan is to cut off the public address system and offer the speakers a piece of turf in an isolated corner of a public park nearby where they can talk to themselves.

    The article in Digital Journal notes “New video evidence shows the sheer scale of violence and intimidation used by the far-left organised counter demonstration. The Metropolitan Police can be seen losing control of the situation and then giving in to the perpetrators”.

    Here is the link to Digital Journal, though Gates of Vienna, the Socialist Workers Party, Morning Star (Communist Party), Spiked (“Fuck Your Free Speech”),VICE (“Walthamstow, Where Fascists Go to Die”),and Huffington Post, etc. also cover the event:

    The islamic/left alliance with the silent approval of the political class adopt the tactic of slating the EDL as fascists. The only bottle which the EDL brought to the march was the bottle to show up at all in such hostile circumstances and this accounts for the paucity of numbers.The “fascism” though is on the side of the islamic/left alliance if by “fascism” is meant mindless opposition to free speech backed by a willingness to enforce the mindlessness with violence. The EDL members who attend such demonstrations appear to be, and would have to be, tough, brave cookies. With Paul Weston of the British Freedom Party as a nominal representative of the middle class, the EDL are essentially home-grown working class Englishmen thinking and acting for themselves with a candour and roughness that may offend the dainty tastes of the upper and middle classes. This is of course an unusual phenomenon in modern British politics and one which the extremist muslims and the their allies on the left wish to stamp out before it grows any bigger. The political class feel the same way. The consequence is an understanding between the police authorities and the islamic/leftist alliance to tolerate the latter’s use of violence and the law to shut down fee speech. They may succeed.

  77. Define equal.
    Men and women are different in so many ways!
    If only Haynes had published an “Owners Workshop Manual” for
    both sexes it might have reduced the bafflement, but also the mystery.
    Frank P got to the ‘punchline’ before I did.

  78. Pictured: The NHS worker who strangled lover on Norfolk Broads boat and then killed himself while 13-year-old girl was on board

    Read more:
    Frank P: This is an especially sordid case, even for contemporary UK life. I’d dare not make assumptions, but it is like a bad flm script.

  79. The glorious death of the MSM and how it could mean the return of sanity in the public sphere.

    There is a current case where a British man is being deported for some b.s. reason. His father was an army officer and he just survived the 7/7 bombing.
    Though born in India he is as British as, say Spike Milligan.
    Max Hasting writes about it all in the ‘DM.’ today.
    He points out the hundreds of thousands of ‘ilegals’ who come here. Some of whom are actually terrorists & rapists & murderers & speak no English & blah blah blah…..
    Nothing to surprise anyone here.

    What I did find interesting is the number of comments below the article.
    Only 14 people could be bothered to even whine about this madness.
    Crickey. I had more than 14 ‘comments’ due to my observations of the Olympics in the pub at a stag weekend the other day. I assure you; they were more energetic than the comments in the ‘DM’.
    A little while ago the ‘DM’ called itself the most popular online newspaper.
    Let’s hope it is, because if it is we can dance on the grave of the ‘progressive pinko press’.
    No-one reads it. No-one cares. No-one is missing anything.
    What about this ‘headline’ from that dead newspaper?

    ‘It’s official! New York Giants star Michael Strahan makes his debut as Kelly Ripa’s new co-host
    By Iona Kirby
    PUBLISHED: 15:21, 4 September 2012 | UPDATED: 19:02, 4 September 2012
    Comments (10) Share
    Michael Strahan has officially been revealed as Kelly Ripa’s new co-host.

    It comes after months of rumours…….

    Read more:

    From a second’s long scan it seems this ‘Ripas’ has a show on American tv (?) and now someone else is on it (?) who used to play American football (?)

    A tv show that no-one in the UK can see, has someone who no-one knows in the UK joining someone else who… get the idea.

    That’s the c**p that they put online.
    We should rejoice.
    I’ve heard that the online MSM was dieing rapidly but I was unsure. It is dieing rapidly.
    Thus, their poisonous design of perverting the ‘national discourse’ will soon be impossible to maintain.
    The Agenda has all the liars it needs but no-one is listening any more.

    ‘You’, ‘this’ is the media of the future and of the present.

    I’m calling it the micro-media.

    There will never be any ‘major national newspapers’ ever again.
    Soon, God willing; the ‘major political parties’ will slip into oblivion as well.

    Then we’ll see.

  80. I have long been intrigued by the relationship between mainstream political parties and mainstream commentators.

    I often think the so-called independent commentators are running with the hare and the hounds. They certainly read like that.

    They often pretend to be independent and on the side of the poor hare (the public), when in fact, so often much of their agenda chimes with a politcal party, or with politicians in that party.

    Consider the case of ‘Baroness’ Warsi.

    She has been surrounded by scandal and incompetence since day one and has gone.

    But what was the track record before that?

    She couldn’t even get elected. A politician who can’t get elected. How atrocious.

    That didn’t stop self-styled maverick Peter O’bore saying in 2009, before she was elevated to Chairman:

    “Warsi’s top-flight performance [on Question Time] now puts her among the best four or five figures in David Cameron’s senior team and should earn her a top place in any Cameron cabinet.

    Read more:

    In the face of all the evidence, O’bore has carried on like that in the Telegraph ever since. There’s plenty of grovelling pieces by O’bore about Warsi on the Telegraph.

    I did not know he had even accompanied her on her infamous trip to the Punjab. These are some extracts of what is effectively a press release posing as a piece of journalism, but what I was unaware of was the last sentence, which, if true, wouldn’t surprise me at all:

    Does her elevation to the Lords, to cabinet and chairman just reak of conspiracy and deviousness?

    You cannot trust anyone in the mainstream media. Or its puppetmasters in the Conservative Party.

  81. Oh, nearly forgot.

    The MSM promoted the sad almost sick and mawkish sentimentality mentioned by AWK1 and P.from M. above.

    We can soon toss that on the heap with all the ‘Battling for Britain’ articles in the ‘DM’ by whatever clown is PM and the ‘celebrity gossip news scandals.
    No-one cares.

    We are the sane majority.

  82. Malfleur @ 18.48 – thanks for the post and those links – very interesting.

    There is so much you can say. It shouts out loud and clear what Walthamstow, London, and a lot of Britain is like today.

    There is clearly a great war of attrition being waged by the sclerotic, fearful, brain dead mainstream and their far left foot soldiers against any dissenters who hate this great detoxifying of the English. The great witches chorus raised in horror, yet again, at the very thought of disaffected proles marching through an exemplary example of the multicultural miasma that Cameron and his fellow travellers have inflicted on us. And, by the way, isn’t it great to see that when it comes to a choice between far left (definitely) and far right (allegedly) Cameron firmly aligns himself with the neo and outright comms?

    So the EDL got their march in Walthamstow. Except they didn’t – at least not in any locals’ understanding of the term. As the ‘Spiked’ article pointed out, the allowed route, which they were stopped from completing anyway, kept the EDL away from Walthamstow proper. They were nowhere near the town centre, the market, Selbourne Walk shopping mall, or the Central tube and rail station. Its a bit like a Westminster rally being held on the Euston Road. What the Spiked article did miss was that the planned route to the Town Hall took them past one of the operations centres of the Britaish Jihad. You might remember the C4 drama ‘The Plot to bring down Britain’s Planes’ (no longer available on 4OD btw). The prospective bombers used a flat on Forest Road and, true to form, the UAF and their supporters (like Cameron) turn out to throw bricks at those who object to the ‘Stow being used as a petri dish for all this.

    Contrast that march with what is allowed – no questions asked – in the town centre. Anti-war groupings can set up stalls and use loudspeakers insulting our Armed Forces and the Walthamstow police stand by and watch. I remember once approaching one of the (Asian) police looking after them why they were being allowed to act as they were. I did so very civilly as I was well aware that being a white male objecting to Islamic activists in Walthamstow automatically puts me at a disadvantage and identifies me as a problem in the eyes of the police. I got no reply apart from an instruction to move on otherwise I would be arrested. Civility is no protection from either parties.

    Some years ago in Walthamstow an Islamic bookshop near me (now closed) was broadcasting speeches (in Arabic), It turned out that they were by Saddam Hussein. They were stopped but I am not sure that that would happen now.

    It would be nice to think that the police were being honest in those clips where they said that they would be arresting those throwing missiles at the EDL members but I have my doubts. Even it were true, they are broadcasting loud and clear that despite plenty of notice the police will not protect a very small group of demonstrators if Islam and the Left object to their presence.

    Obviously public order not the law, is the police’s number one priority, and in Walthamstow, like so many other places, a certain degree of racist and political violence is a price worth paying to ensure a bigger conflagration doesn’t kick off later. Imagine the faux furore from those politicians, groups and ‘community leaders if all those arrested were their supporters. We saw last summer that the Met have no appetite for policing ethnic or leftist violence. I believe that their calculation in Walthamstow was that if troublemakers were arrested there and then, agitators would stir matters up with tales of brutality and political, racial and religious repression.

    Look what happens in London when an armed black gangster gets shot.

    Imagine if ‘oppressed muslims’ were arrested while ‘white fascists’ march through ‘their’ area.

    Imagine Stella Creasey and her re-election prospects going up in flames.

    Far better the EDL just had a few heads bruised and a little rally cancelled eh?

    ‘Nuff said. This post has gone on a bit long, and there is a shot of ‘Longrow’ craving my attention – so I’ll shut up for now.

  83. Two of the four burglars charged, two released on bail and incredibly the homeowners also released on bail.

    There is a natural justice that trumps all New Labour “law” and it has been pissed on here.

  84. I have long been intrigued by the relationship between mainstream political parties and mainstream commentators.

    I often think the so-called are running with the hare and the hounds. They certainly read like that.

    They often pretend to be independent and on the side of the poor hare (the public), when in fact, so often much of their agenda chimes with a politcal party, or with politicians in that party.

    Consider the case of ‘Baroness’ Warsi.

    She has been surrounded by scandal and incompetence since day one and has gone.

    But what was the track record before that?

    She couldn’t even get elected. A politician who can’t get elected. How atrocious.

    That didn’t stop self-styled maverick Peter O’bore saying in 2009, before she was elevated to Chairman:

    “Warsi’s top-flight performance [on Question Time] now puts her among the best four or five figures in David Cameron’s senior team and should earn her a top place in any Cameron cabinet.

    Read more:

    In the face of all the evidence, O’bore has carried on like that in the Telegraph ever since. There’s plenty of grovelling pieces by O’bore about Warsi on the Telegraph.

    I did not know he had even accompanied her on her infamous trip to the Punjab. These are some extracts of what is effectively a press release posing as a piece of journalism, but what I was unaware of was the last sentence, which, if true, wouldn’t surprise me at all:

    You cannot trust anyone in the mainstream media. Or its puppetmasters in the Conservative Party.

  85. John Richardson at 19.49 : re. Spike Milligan KBE (Hon.);bad choice[or by chance a good one] .Spike was denied British Citizenship and in 1962 declared a stateless person. He was told he could have British Citizenship if he swore an oath of loyalty to The Queen. He said he had fought for Her father for 7 years,and he wasn’t taking an oath now.//……//He became an Irish citizen.In 2001 he was made an Honorary Knight Bachelor.//….//[Information from wikiepedia(& their ref. to The Scotsman) and a site called IMDb (both via Google :Spike Milligan). ]

  86. Hexhamgeezer

    ” I got no reply apart from an instruction to move on otherwise I would be arrested.”

    Effing outrageous!


    “Christians should ‘leave their beliefs at home or get another job’ ”

    Effing outrageous!

    “…the homeowners also released on bail”.

    Effing outrageous!

    Radford NG

    Professor John Tulloch. Yes! Spike Milligan was born in Ahmednagar, India of British parents.

    Effing outrageous!

    What can one say to our sleep-walking political class, except:

  87. The body language of Cameron today as he slunk into No.10 to ‘effect’ his cabinet shuffle, or reshuffle, or whatever it is he’s pretending to do, was bizarre. He’s let his hair grow at the back and now appropriately looks like a used car dealer from Warren Street (you’ll remember them Anne). Does anybody, other than the Westminster bubble wonks who need to write something to justify their pay-cheque, believe that it was anything other than a smoke-screen to get Laws into No.10 officially at the behest of Clegg, who obviously needs someone to stroke his – er – ego. But putting him into ‘Education’ is taking the piss – big time! Perhaps CMD thinks he will re-introduce Section 28?

  88. Walthamstow – the EDL site – some good photographs and a calm, precisely-written diary by Esmerelda Weatherwax here:

    Incidentally, on Gates of Vienna, under a headline “The Failure of the Metropolitan Police in Walthamstow” there is a short video of Mr. Tommy Robinson speaking from “protective custody” over a police van PA system.

    The Gates of Vienna article, posted by one Baron Bodissey, asks rhetorically:

    ” “But, Baron,” you say, “why was Tommy sitting in a police van? Why wasn’t he standing on the platform speaking to the crowd at the demo? Was he arrested? Did he break the law?”

    Tommy Robinson, a leader of the supposedly ultra-violent EDL, was taken into police custody for his own safety, because the London police were unable to protect him or the other EDL leaders from people who were trying to kill them.

    He was not arrested. He broke no laws. The leftists and the Muslims threw bricks and bottles at the EDL, but they weren’t arrested, either….”

    The dog that did not bark in the few media who covered the demonstration was that there is a movement underway in Walthamstow supported by the left to establish a sharia law system within the town – a state within a state in effect.

  89. Frank P
    September 5th, 2012 – 01:01

    The body language of Cameron today as he slunk into No.10 to ‘effect’ his cabinet shuffle, or reshuffle, or whatever it is he’s pretending to do, was bizarre. He’s let his hair grow at the back and now appropriately looks like a used car dealer from Warren Street (you’ll remember them Anne).
    Yes!! He also could be working Oxford Street with an open suitcase of dancing beans or whatever (around the same time).

  90. These thought-provoking points on the Walthamstow demonstration were made by commentators on the Gates of Vienna article linked above:

    GREEN INFIDEL at 4:08 PM:

    “Let’s think back to when the EDL got started – way back in 2009… as I recall, their very first protests were met by massive, and violent, opposition from both UAF and “Asians”. Before they even had a chance to show themselves to be “violent”. Which leads me to believe that this is not some incidental campaign by “naive students” in the UAF to discredit them. It seems like a sophisticated effort to quash something new, before it even has a chance to grow! Probably with some considerable financing, from somewhere in the Middle East…”

    From BOBO at 8:29 am:

    “Multiculturalism was brought in to further fracture the working class.

    Most political parties in the UK are run by the middle classes, most notably the so-called ‘labour’ party. The EDL is probably unique in being an expression of genuine working class opinion and acitivism.

    As such it will be viewed as a mortal enemy of the entrenched political class in this country, and will be destroyed. The only problem for the liberal elite in this country is to ensure that the destruction is carried out without creating any martyrs and therefore w/out creating an upswell in public sympathy.”

  91. Gates of Vienna sets out a copy of a formal, detailed letter of complaint addressed to the Metropolitan Police by someone who attended the event and was arrested and “de-arrested” in Walthamstow on Saturday.

    Frank P., from your professional experience,and on the evidence presented, does this complaint seem well-founded or would you chuck in into the waste-paper basket? Is this kind of complaint the correct or best tactical response if well-founded?

  92. Malfleur @ 5.20

    I dont think the Met ‘failed’ in any meaningful way. The day probably went as planned. Orders from above will ensure that EDL business across a range of activities will be disrupted and/or inconvenienced. The Met are extremely politicised and they and their political puppet-masters are absolutely terrified of a rising groundswell of ‘right of centre’ support (as yet non-existent). Call it Operation ‘Permanent Nip in the Bud’ or whatever but they are not in the business of facilitating ‘right of centre’ dissent.

  93. AWK @ 2.04.

    Funny you should say that but draw a pencil moustache on a pic of Cameron.

    Voila! the essence of spivvery! It fits him to a ‘T’

  94. Hexhamgeezer
    September 5th, 2012 – 08:27

    Good morning! Yes, the late James Beck played
    Private Joe Walker, a black market spiv, in “Dad’s Army”, but I think the ‘spivvery’ you see in Cameron makes him the most perfect example.

  95. Example of Cameron’s spivvery (love that word) – when he reshuffled, he did the three-card trick.

  96. Anne

    Very good. Now it’s a question of ‘find the lady’, eh? About as much chance of that as with the Oxford Street version!

  97. I concur with Hexhamgeezer. It is apparent from the letter that the police actions were contrived to maximise inconvenience to the EDL participants while holding up an umbrella of maintaining law and order. The police have become both politicised and an instrument of state repression. It will get worse when the Stasi is formed. Europe is undergoing socialist cultural revolution and it is going to get a lot nastier. But it is easy for useful idiots to pour scorn on that and dismiss it as paranoid.

    Every “independent” agency is now a repressive tool of the socialist state and this includes UAF. A great conspiracy emerging from the end of the Cold War. Look at those new “Conservative” female ministers. Every one with roots in Labour, the Left and/or the public/charity sector.

    It is sad but I have come to the conclusion that we live in an occupied country. It has been taken from us and is now governed by a socialist agenda and subterfuge rather than our traditional justice and fair play.

  98. I meant to say it is all an example of Marcuse’s “repressive tolerance”:-

    “However, the alternative to the established semi-democratic process is not a dictatorship or elite, no matter how intellectual and intelligent, but the struggle for a real democracy. Part of this struggle is the fight against an ideology of tolerance which, in reality, favors and fortifies the conservation of the status quo of inequality and discrimination. For this struggle, I proposed the practice of discriminating tolerance. To be sure, this practice already presupposes the radical goal which it seeks to achieve. I committed this petitio principii in order to combat the pernicious ideology that tolerance is already institutionalized in this society. The tolerance which is the life element, the token of a free society, will never be the gift of the powers that be; it can, under the prevailing conditions of tyranny by the majority, only be won in the sustained effort of radical minorities, willing to break this tyranny and to work for the emergence of a free and sovereign majority – minorities intolerant, militantly intolerant and disobedient to the rules of behavior which tolerate destruction and suppression.”

    Marcuse’s definition of “destruction and suppression” is, of course, leftist, which drives the rest of his theory towards the very thing he rails against. The intolerant, military intolerant and disobedient minorities now run the show but they still see and promote themselves as pioneers of the struggle for “real democracy”. The same dichotomy has occurred in every single failed communist state and it will occur here too. The Left have won and now we must endure misery as their experiment slowly fails and until our own Berlin Wall of leftofascist dogma comes crashing down.

  99. Well-Wisher/Malfleur/Hex/Anne – et al

    Having watched the clips of the Walthamstow debacle I can but concur with your assessments. It is the latest example of the front line forces of ‘law enforcement’ demonstrating creeping – nay, rampant – Dhimmitude; the ‘female’ in charge (ha!) of the police contingent was scruffy, incompetent, and spouting complete bollocks. But I don’t blame the cannon fodder on the thin blue line; they are the product of piss-poor recruitment criteria and training policies; moreover they are hog-tied by the pusillanimous pricks who now comprise the ‘top cops’ at The Yard, who in turn are clearly themselves mere puppets of the insidious Leftist imbued politicians (which includes the conalition) who are calling the shots and are determined to hand the country over lock-stock-and-smoking barrel to the internationalist global string pullers behind the scenes. Domestic policy, foreign policy – and general economic polices emanating from the lot of ’em all indicate that our nation has been shafted in favour of some ‘arrangement’ that is required to implement the New World Order. When Obama is re-elected in November, you will see them push down the accelerator to turbo-boost.

    Very, very depressing and it’s increasingly difficult to parody the travesty of our ‘government’. The reality is already Hogarthian. The upshot will be very bloody, in my view; and necessarily so.

  100. In Leicestershire two men have been charged with burglary [following home-owner shooting incident ].Daniel Mansell of Leicester pleaded guilty.Joshua O’Gorman did not enter plea.

  101. Tales of Islamic Walthamstow #87.

    You are probably aware that in the national curriculum for under 12s they cover different religions. For my son that meant trips to various suppliers of religious needs. A trip to our (very old) local church, a Hindu temple, a synagogue and a mosque were arranged. All available within walking distance. However despite the fact that there are at least 3 within easy walking distance, the mosque trip was to the one at Regents Park. No explanation why either why they dragged 10 year olds across London for what effectively was a whole day as opposed to a morning visiting one in the locality. The whole business stank, and not just because of that. My son was told by a worshipper IN THE TOILETS that he should convert. Also the usual call for volunteers to help chaperone the pupils(which I always answered) was not required for the mosque as they, uniquely, had enough volunteers well in advance from muslim parents (transport paid for ‘natch). Most of these volunteers then stayed afterwards instead of accompanying the kids back the the ‘Stow – why the teachers allowed that to happen I have no idea.

    A funny thing then happened with the visit to the synagogue. I got a call on the morning of the visit to ask if I could help. ALL of the volunteers went awol on the morning and without the numbers there’s no trip. Another parent not from the vibrant Pakistani majority and myself stepped in so it could go ahead as planned. Now……. being of a suspicious mind..I was mighty suspicious of that little scenario.

    And there’s more – but maybe some other time.

  102. I think Alexander Boot may have been reading some of our discourse on this blog, as he has developed some of the imagery and metaphors that we have been conjuring up about Davy “The Spiv” Cameron to an even higher level of literacy:

    As an aside, I note that he has renamed Jeremy Hunt as Jeremy ‘Hart, an understandable error, as each is equally useful for scatological purposes in the lexicon of cockney rhyming slang as substitutes for ‘Berk’ (as in Berkeley Hunt) and Raspberry (as in raspberry tart). Appropriate in either case!

    Anyway please click on the link, it will activate your chuckle glands.

  103. Hexhamgeezer (14:04)

    ” My son was told by a worshipper IN THE TOILETS that he should convert.”

    That’s nothing to what he will told in the toilets when David Laws picks up his education brief. All school urinals will be signed “Cottage” to replace the existing “Boys” signage. Those that haven’t already been labelled ‘Unisex and Trans-sex’, that is’.

  104. I have always refused to allow my children to attend Hindu temples or Muslim mosques. Since I do believe in spiritual realities I would not allow my children to be placed at risk.

  105. A telephone salesman collapsed and died during a bizarre sex game after taking Bath Salts drugs – which has just been banned in Britain.

    From today’s Mail on Line, Paul Iles, 31, was experimenting with ‘legal highs’ during sex games where he wore a gas mask and wellington boots when he died.

    They’ve banned taking bath salts at the same time as wearing wellies in Britain now?

    Read more:

  106. Verity (15:13)

    Well, I suppose even if you’re a Welshman, you have to take a sabbatical from shagging sheep ..’ if ewe know what I mean.

    Otherwise one could become jaded; or accidentally dipped; actually his partner in the picture in the DM looks as though he may have been accidentally shorn, dipped and dyed to indicate that he had already been serviced by a ram. He obvious doesn’t care tup-pence about his appearance. And it gives a whole new meaning to Ram-a-dan.

  107. To me, Dave “Spiv” Cameron always looks (with or without drawn-on moustache) like what used to be called a “lounge lizard”.

    and the following could be his motto (courtesy of Ogden Nash)

    “How I’d love to be a llzard,
    Stuffing beetles down my gizzard;
    I think it must be simply wizard,
    To be a lizard”.

    I didn’t think any PM could be more repellent than Gordon Brown, but I was wrong.

  108. I can baa-ly take any more of this. ‘Brave New World’ indeed!

  109. Verity
    September 5th, 2012 – 15:13
    Filth! They are absolutely disgusting and should be shot.

  110. PfM @ 14.40

    Judging from what I saw from my church, temple ,and synagogue visits I don’t think that anyone was at risk, especially spiritually. The format was the same – a brief run round the basic beliefs and, particularly at the temple and synagogue, a very strong secular message about honouring one’s parents and respecting teachers.

    It chimed with my impeccably austere Protestant background where we tried to take the fripperies and add-ons out of religion as much as possible.

  111. Frank P
    September 5th, 2012 – 11:45

    Well-Wisher/Malfleur/Hex/Anne – et al
    Frank, I hope that blood is shed, but pray that decent folk are spared. Unfortunately, it is in the way of thinsg that the innocent always seem to suffer, but this fascistleftist takeover of our country cannot go on.

    September 5th, 2012 – 14:04

    Tales of Islamic Walthamstow #87.
    Dreadful, but fancy letting your lad into a lavatory where those paedophiles lurk. Have you tried reporting the incident where your son was spoken to and urged to convert to the school and the police? Of course it will be a waste of time, but at least they will have to open a file. Regarding the synagogue visit, I see the moslems growing more aggressive daily.

  112. AWK @ 16.15.

    One of the benefits of me as a bloke going on these trips was that I could chaperone the boys on their loo trips. The trip was highjacked before I even heard of it! However son Vers.1 was not troubled by it and it has served as a good grounding in ‘comparaitve reigions.

    Incidentally, the synagogue trip was excellent, particularly as it is one of those which has a large text prayer prominently mounted either side of their Torah cabinet (I forget what you call it) , one in Yiddish(?) and the other in English. It calls for God to bless and preserve the Royal Family.

    I’ve said before. Every mosque in the UK should have an equivalent.

  113. I am fed up with the other place every time that I attempt to post I get this stupid message.

    “You do not have permission to post on this thread”

  114. I would not willing enter a Mosque or a Temple. The Bible is clear who is found in both.

  115. ‘It takes a huge amount of courage to burgle somebody’s house’: What judge told intruder who raided three homes before letting him walk free from court Judge Peter

    Read more:
    As usual I ask, is the judge criminally insane, a criminal, or insane?

  116. Hexhamgeezer
    September 5th, 2012 – 16:48
    I’m glad you enjoyed your visit to a synagogue. I always find a sense of serenity when I visit churches and cathedrals. The Torah scrolls are kept in a cabinet called the Ark. Hebrew is written, not Yiddish which is not a Holy tongue.

  117. Yes, that comment from the judge was pretty awful. It seems that there is no element of punishment to be employed in the English judicial system anymore. I can’t remember when I voted for that to happen?

  118. Re: The Police and the Judiciary.

    All the individual cases of injustice, abuse of authority and sheer barminess that have been reported on these pages, and at the other place, over the last decade amount to more that just anecdotal evidence. The sheer volume of them amounts to a conspiracy. The trouble is, that until they are personally affected then most people don’t care – and by the time that they wake up then it’ll probably be too late.

    Frank P,

    The Sun – 12th January 2011. Mr Laws’s resignation came after it was revealed he had paid £40,000 of taxpayers’ money to Jamie Lundy, the man he had been dating since 2001. The couple had kept their relationship secret from everyone, including family and friends.Work and pensions secretary Iain Duncan Smith today said Mr Laws was a “thoroughly decent person”. “

    Say it all really. A shifty looking, deceitful, conniving, venal, amoral/immoral bastard.
    As for IDS’s comment? Words fail me!

  119. Radford NG
    September 4th, 2012 – 23:06

    ….er, no.
    I didn’t just pike him out of thin air (!)
    I chose Milligan as he was born in India.Though did not have citizenship here.

    That was the point.

  120. What a spiteful summer the MSM are having. It has been focused almost entirely around what they want us to think of Islam.

    I did not watch the Olympics because it is a spiteful waste of money for a bunch of Lance Armstrongs.

    But I have been unable to escape the MSM’s ‘hero’ Mohamed Farah. A man born in Somalia who left there when he was 8 (his brother lives there now living on a farm) and who now lives in America.

    If a British person went to China when they were 8 and then lived in Australia, would the Chinese think them Chinese?

    So Why is that the case here?

    We know.

    Sitcom Citizen Kahn has appeared. Huge amounts of money have been lavished on it (lots of outdoor scenes and an established non-Muslim sitcom actor in the role of the convert).

    It’s not remotely funny but oh how it tries to take the edge off Islam’s real agenda. The only laughter it would generate is among the BBC’s pro-Islam propagandists at what they’ve got away with.

    Finally, Channel 4’s Islam the untold story. Sneaky, sneaky Channel 4. It’s ballast. A balancing exercise.

    Channel 4 knows it gets lots of criticism for being a de facto Islamic channel so it produced this to rebuff those claims.

    But it wasn’t critical of Islam’s tenets, or what Islam is up to at present.

    No. The only thing it dared to question was the historial origins of The Koran. The history, not the religion was the focus.

    This was Channel 4 deviously defending its pro-Islam bias by pretending to be critical.

    Today’s Islam? It’s all Mohamed Farah and Citizen Kahn, innit? Nothing to see here folks, move along.

  121. Re: EC @18.32

    It’s good to see the open demonstrations of loyalty from the likes of IDS towards their shifty colleague Laws (and what an inapt name that is).

    The money Laws siphoned off for his lover is just a fancy version of Housing Benefit. People caught fiddling that get sent to jail.

    Law should have joined them, shifty creep.

    Did I mention he’s shifty?

  122. Hexhamgeezer
    September 5th, 2012 – 21:07

    Re: EC @18.32

    It’s good to see the open demonstrations of loyalty from the likes of IDS towards their shifty colleague Laws (and what an inapt name that is).
    Did I mention he’s shifty?
    Substitute the ‘f’ for another ‘t’

  123. Jen (19:38)

    A well observed and intelligent summary; you’re on to ’em, Jen. This is the place for you to spread the word; keep it up – and thank you (as the actress said to the

  124. I see that the Melton Mowbray burglary victims have been released without charge – at last. Well, we kept our powder dry, thinking that there must be something more than the reported facts. There wasn’t. So let ’em have it folks.

    The behaviour of the police and the CPS, not to mention the magistrate who granted them an extension to detain the couple, was crass, heavy handed, incompetent, dilatory and liable to bring discredit on the force, not to mention the whole judicial system. Someone should apply for the notes and reports of the arresting officers, the Chief Constable and the CPS. The couple should sue for damages. If a man is not allowed to protect his property, his wife and himself against four thugs who break into his isolated property, in the night, then there is no hope for any law-abiding citizen of this country. It is an example of Stasi style behaviour that is now becoming the norm, rather than an occasional aberration. And the police wonder why the esteem in which the police of the UK were held in the UK is now at rock bottom. Disgusting!

  125. “Putting an End to Political Policing” in Britain: Could this be Frank P? If not, there is a Frank P clone in circulation, so all is not lost.

    Gates of Vienna has plucked a comment by someone called “solid advice” from an earlier thread yesterday and given it independent thread status today at

    “The reason why we have a constable system in England is precisely to circumvent the possibility of political policing.”

    The commenter gives a brief sketch of the background to the oath taken by police officers, how the oath was violated in Walthamstow on Saturday and the tendency for this throughout the country under pressure from “…the politically-driven orders of senior officers”.

    He then offers three detailed pieces of advice to the English Defence League, which I think can be adapted for wider application.

    Keep the Butterfly effecting!

  126. AWK @17.34
    Re my synagogue visit. We happened to be present at one of the bar mitzvah ceremonies.

    It was wonderful to be present. The congregation were full of an honest vitality and joy. It was a privilege to be there and it was humbling to see the sheer pleasure they got from having us there to witness it.

    The contrast with the attitude of Walthamstow’s dominant religionists could not be starker.

  127. I see that Vladimir Putin is to dress and fly like a crane to guide the endangered birds safely on their migratory path. What animal would we like to see David Cameron dress as and with what purpose?

  128. Malfleur
    September 6th, 2012 – 01:35
    A lemming. A self-destructing one!

  129. There is to be a debate on immigration. Ha!

    There is no debate. It’s all over. We passed the stage of ‘They think it’s all over, it is now’ years ago.

    It’s just more mainstream political party tokenism designed to soak up the outrage.

    Damian Green was doing some silly photo op the other week with Grant Shapps, the message: we’re getting tough.

    The hollowest of spin.

    There’s two pieces on this in the Mail today. The comments (always much more intersting than the articles on newspapers these days, I find, which is why they are so heavily censored) from ex-pats and overseas nationals (often American) are the most telling.

    There’s the sheer relief from those who have escaped cesspit Britain and the sheer incredulity from others who have no idea why the UK has set up a state-run programme of ethnic cleansing of its indigenes.

    The US readers speak English so obviously read those website more than non-English speakers, but even when I have been in Europe, I have found utter incredulity from the Swiss, the Greeks and many others: ‘What is going on in England?’ they ask.

    Despite all the EU rules on immigration, you don’t see other EU countries rolling out the red carpet for migrants. Otherwise why would they head to the UK.

    There is no ‘act now’, it’s too late. The only plan is to leave (if and when you can) and if you are stuck in the UK, stop voting for mainstream parties.

    Lord Snooty was on the news last night with a staged photo op: ‘Everyone round this table is working to cut the deficit and blah, blah, blah’

    Stuff the wretched deficit. What use is that when there’s no decent place to live in?

    What about our country, you cosseted waste of oxygen.–say-goodbye-Britain-know.html

  130. Malfleur @ 1.35

    A slug – to improve his image.

  131. Re the Daily Mail article on immigration, the following comments stood out. Here is the true voice of the people responsible for bringing this about :-

    Half-wit Dan:-

    “This debate is not about mass immigration. It’s all about maintaining a white majority Britain. With so much suffering going on around the world, these people are more concerned about 15 century tribalism than helping humanity. What’s the issue if the population increases. The economy will get bigger as the population gets bigger. Just because they were accidentally born in Britain, they think they own it. These anti foreigners should understand that it was by pure accident that they happen to have been born here. This arrogance must end!”

    Malevolent John Spacey:-

    “I love immigration. The more people of diverse culture the better. The sooner we water down the racists who look down upon anyone with non white skin the better.”

    Nasty hater Nkaka (252 negative arrows):-

    “What goes around comes around…….any one remember colonisation ,…..immigration is pay back time!”

  132. Well-wisher
    September 6th, 2012 – 09:17
    The “Daily Mail” wants to play to both sides, and caters for the “Poor lady. let’s buy some petrol station flowers” gang. Their readers hardly know how to use the Arrow System, it’s really pathetic. Unfortunately, they seem to represent the fools who have and continue to sell us down the river.

  133. Alexander Boot on brave burglars:

    He has been put on this earth to chronicle our decline in words that can make us laugh as we gurgle and giggle down the tubes.

    WTF else can we do? When the combination of dry rot and rising damp has reached the rafters of our societal edifice, we may as well demolish the whole shebang and walk away from it. If you are young enough and have the resources to do it, then do it quickly. What was it the bard said? “”If it were done when ’tis done, then ‘ twer well it ‘twer done quickly”

    As someone who has neither the time left, nor the energy, nor the resources to do it, I’ll just spend the rest of what’s left sitting beside the brazier in the ruins reporting on the scorched earth and quietly chuckling sardonically, in the genial company of Mr Boot.

    Cackle, gurgle, cackle! Grrrr. Ugghh!

  134. I note that at the scene of the murder of what seems to be a British family and an unrelated cyclist in France, police only discovered 4 year old hiding unharmed under her mother’s body EIGHT hours later!

    With such investigative skills I am sure that the local police will catch the perpetrators very speedily indeed.

  135. Anne, I think that the Daily Mail is to be despised for playing the game it is. Indeed all of the MSM are contemptuous and we need something new. An independent web-based crowd sourced news outlet rooted in patriotic, intelligent, conservative reporting. 100 people contributing one news item a day, based on published news, and with investigative pieces as provided, would change the situation quite quickly.

    As usual, the problem is with the right forming such an organisation. It takes SOME money, not a lot. I might contact the Barclay Brothers and see if they would sponsor something like this. 🙂

  136. “The father of a British family murdered in a shooting in the French Alps has been named as Saad al Hilli, according to reports.

    A French police source told AFP news agency that the 50-year-old Iraqi-born father was originally from Baghdad, but lived in Claygate, Surrey.”


  137. Lotsa rich Iraqis living in the stockbroker belt, Malfleur, me ol’ flower.

    The cops in France seem to be about as competent in the crime-scene searching game as the New Addington boys were at negotiating loft-ladders. Seems to be a global malaise – must be something to do with global warming, or the sun-spots cycle. Come to think of it I couldn’t find my spectacles yesterday, then I realised I was wearing ’em. Something vee-e-ery strange going on. It can’t just be coincidence.

    Presumably the frogs have arrested the four-year-old, ‘for hiding under the bodies of the other victims and thereby making the police look stupid’. That must be a criminal offence under EU law, surely?

    Sorry to be facetious about such a tragic scenario, but if you don’t larft, you’ll beat your own brains out against the nearest brick wall. Humanity? Schmanity!

  138. “New York on September 11th

    The International Freedom Defense Congress will represent a quantum leap in media action, as it discusses, beyond rhetoric, the practical steps to address the phenomenon of the Islamic war against free speech.
    Speakers include:
    Ambassador John Bolton
    Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks
    NY State Senator David Storobin
    Mordechai Kedar (Israel)
    Cliff Kincaid (Accuracy In Media)
    Ashraf Rameleh (Voice of the Copts)
    Paul Weston (British Freedom Party, England)
    Kevin Carroll (EDL, England)
    Anders Gravers (Stop Islamisation of Europe)
    George Igler (Discourse
    Debbie Robinson (Q Society, Australia)
    Nelly Braginsky (911 Family Mother)
    David Yerushalmi (American Law for American Courts)
    Lars Hedegaard (Denmark)”

  139. Most of the Syrian Orthodox in the UK are refugees from Iraqi Muslim terror. I don’t know the background of this man.

    I do know that a facebook page has immediately been created for people who did not know the family to express their grief!!!!

  140. Malfleur — Wow! Thanks! I hope it’s televised!

    There has been something evil about the UK since Blair got in. I bagged him as something malevolent the first time I saw his photo in the papers. [There is something just so obviously wrong with him. And that grotesque, angry wife is his perfect match.

    I am still baffled that enough people were blind enough to vote for Blair. To me, he stood out as evil in flashing neon lights.

  141. I have mentioned on a couple of occasions that I have been unable to post any replies to any of the threads in the other place since Saturday last.

    I emailed David Blackburn Sunday the 2nd and in his reply to me on Monday 3rd he referred me to Sebastian Payne (

    I did so and Sebastian said he would look into my problem, as I had not yet heard anymore I have emailed him again today and I have just had the following reply.

    Hi David,

    Just spoken to Disqus and it seems your email had been blacklisted by one of our moderators. I have unblocked you now.

    Best, Seb

    As yet I have not tried to post on the Spectator but I am astonished to read that I was blacklisted by a moderator.

  142. David, it would be very interesting to know which moderator has blacklisted you and why?

  143. Peter from Maidstone
    September 6th, 2012 – 11:26
    Excellent idea. Wish I had money to help with such a scheme. I haven’t, but any other help, research, etc. glad to give.

  144. P from M.

    “David, it would be very interesting to know which moderator has blacklisted you and why?”

    I agree, I find it all a little bit sinister.

  145. Frank P
    September 6th, 2012 – 13:11
    Sorry to be facetious about such a tragic scenario, but if you don’t larft, you’ll beat your own brains out against the nearest brick wall. Humanity? Schmanity!
    My setiments exactly. Now I wonder how long it will take all the bleedin’ ‘earts Chavs to shlap bunches of flowers and soft toys over the Channel.

  146. Anne, I think that what is required is a true conservative benefactor to commit £70-100,000 to running a project like this for a year to see if it can develop some legs. It then needs the contribution of 100 people to add current news and write editorials to a particular and professional house style. It would not follow the MSM in sheepishly failing to question anything and everything but would be always asking who, why, where, when?

    Isabel Hardman, for instance, reports enthusiastically that housing will be increased, but she never asks why housing needs to be increased. Such a perspective need not be made in a rude or aggressive manner, but if it is the fact that housing is driven by immigration then that should be reasonably presented. (For instance).

  147. Excellent essay over on the Sultan Knish blog by Daniel Greenfield. “Whither Goest Thou America.”

    Just substitute ‘England’ for ‘America’ throughout the dissertation and it more or less applies equally to us:


    “What most people, regardless of political affiliation, really want to do is go home to a country that works. No matter what we are told, most of us still have a faint memory of a home lost in time. A place where there were jobs and shiny cars and affordable meals. A place where there didn’t have to be a cop on every block or a bureaucrat behind every desk. A place where everyone didn’t spend all their time accusing everyone else of taking more than their fair share. We used to call that place, America”.

    End of extract.

    But read it all, it’s worth the wear on your minces. Jack Kerouac style passages.

    h/t Vanderleun.

  148. If all people are taught, every day of their lives, that this is all there is, then it is not to be surprised that many people will seek to acquire as much as possible at as little cost to themselves as possible. Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow you die.

    If that is what people believe then why should they act differently.

    Read Mr Alexander Boot’s The Crisis Behind Our Crisis. It is not a matter of changing a few policies. The problem is much greater.

  149. David Ossitt

    Can’t you trace the block back to where you were last published and deduce from that who you offended and why. Seems strange, I offend almost everybody over there and rarely do I get modded. Your posts are usually polite and fuck’n’ blind-free, so it must be poisonal, so to speak.

  150. For those with time to study it with the proximity it deserves, I can recommend the following tract by Igor Shafarevich. His main conclusions may sound eerily familiar but there is a lot of historical backup.

    This comes with a health warning that despite his unarguable luminosity as a mathematician Shafarevich has for a quarter of a century been regarded as untouchable on account of the anti-Semitic prejudices in his work ‘Russophobia’. This charactersiation has in turn been subject to revision and challenge by a young Finnish academic, Krista Berglund.

    Shafarevich is not the first mathematician to have done the historians’ dirty work for them nor will he be the last.

  151. Peter,

    “Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow you die.”

    “There is nothing so hopeless as a scheme of merriment”
    Samuel Johnson.

    I’ve always been of the same mind as Johnson on enforced jollity. Which is why I’ve always told people urging me to have “A Merry Christmas” to “Get stuffed!”

    But isn’t that Bible quote really,

    If after the manner of men I have fought with beasts at Ephesus, what advantageth it me, if the dead rise not? let us eat and drink; for to morrow we die.
    Corinthians 1, 15:32</blockquote ?

    In fact, I found the whole of Chapter 15 was well worth a read. It's quite a humdinger!

  152. David Ossitt:
    Dear David, I thought I sent a message to you, but it has been lost. I wanted to know whar naughty postings you have been sending. Tut! Tut! I’m blacklisted by the “DM”. Whatever I write never appears, but if I change my nom de plume it goes up. I have a laugh sending really soppy messages, i.e. “Prince Harry, Oh he’s ever so lovely” or “Poor lady, how could her partner batter such a pretty lady. Sleep with the angels.”

  153. The trouble is that many folk give no thought to the possibility that how they live now, and what they concentrate on now, could have any lasting importance. Therefore living as if the dead riseth not, they eat, drink and are merry, but we all must die and afterwards…?

    I as thinking more of the parable of the farmer who had a bumper harvest, and then built bigger barns and filled them up as well and then congratulating himself at how successful he was he dropped dead.

  154. The Telegraph is clearly fed up with its readers reading its articles, thinking ‘what rubbish’ and then posting that underneath. Today it has decided to rile them up (and get them clicking on a headline) by slamming us all!

    Some goon on the Telegraph has written a piece about how bad the Comments section is.

    The only reason they let comments is, if they didn’t, the readers would almost certainly drift away.

    There are lots of comments underneath this piece, which express what I think happens in most readers’ heads.

    There is a sort of countdown when one reads a Telegraph piece these days. You read the headline, if you know what propaganda is being peddled, you rush to the bottom to comment without reading. Either that or you read the the first few paras before rushing to the bottom.

    And if you see what you think (which you nearly always do, because the public aren’t selling lousy Conservative Party propaganda dressed up as journalism, you ‘recommend’.

    I don’t think it’s prejudiced to not read the whole article. If they write the same rubbish day in, day out, why should people always read that rubbish?

    ‘We need more houses.’

    What’s the comment you, or 90% of Telegraph readers would put?

    I think most would say: ‘No, we need less immigration.’

    The Conservative Party and the Telegraph have settled for the line that if they repeat the same lie often enough people will believe it.

    Today they are lauding Camoron’s planning reforms, which will simple let those people letting illegal immigrants live in their garage add to the number.

    It’s all a faux media debate. The public are simply excluded, allowed a tokenistic steam-letting off. That’s all.

    And to add to today’s daily dose of madness, they keep describing an Iraqi-born man in a big story as British.

    It’s Mo Farah all over again!

  155. Peter,

    Do people get to read, or be read, the bible, in RE lessons in schools these days? I think I must have been one of the last generation to have had that experience.

  156. Leslie September 6th, 2012 – 19:10


    “The Conservative Party and the Telegraph have settled for the line that if they repeat the same lie often enough people will believe it.”

    And yet Joseph Goebbels said “If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth.”

    And in his diary for October 16th 1928 he wrote:-

    The essential English leadership secret does not depend on particular intelligence. Rather, it depends on a remarkably stupid thick-headedness. The English follow the principle that when one lies, one should lie big, and stick to it. They keep up their lies, even at the risk of looking ridiculous.

  157. Anne Wotana Kaye 1.

    “I wanted to know whar naughty postings you have been sending.”

    I wish I knew, truly I have no idea.

  158. Andy Car Park @ 17:14

    As you can imagine, I have only had time to scroll through your link without any serious reading of the tract, not least because it is 2.30am where I am…I will, I hope, give it the time it appears to deserve and I have to go back to the biography of Solzhenitsyn by D.M. Thomas which I was reading a few weeks ago to see what was mentioned there about Shafarevich.

    Yet in my idle scroll through, I noticed a footnote on page 285 which may have particular significance; as follows:

    “”I know that he was obsessed with the idea of death,” says Sartre about the well-known leftist Nizan. “He had been in the U.S.S.R. and had spoken about it with his Soviet comrades, and he told me about this on his return. ‘A revolution that does not make us obsessed with death is no revolution.’ ”

    A lot has been made, not least by muslims themselves, of islam’s love of death; indeed even to the point of making it something of a war cry against and a mockery of us in western civilization who love life and are therefore, so runs the muslim thought, weaker than they and therefore vulnerable to terror – one thinks here in particular of the Jewish toast “L’chaim” (To life!).

    David Horowitz focused attention in his book “The Unholy Alliance” on the apparently anomalous cooperation between the left and islam. Shafarevich’s tract and the quotation above may provide the clue to resolving the anomaly and identifying the common principle underpinning the left/islam alliance which has brought them together:namely, the death wish.

  159. I am glad that my son goes to a truly excellent and spiritual Catholic secondary school, although we are Orthodox not Catholic. They seem to have a very Christian RE curriculum. I do believe that the Bible is a part of the life of the school and I am very grateful that such a place exists for me to send my son to.

  160. Frank P

    Good idea of yours Frank, I have looked back and it was when I was attempting to post a second comment on the:-

    “Baroness Warsi begs” by David Blackburn 1 September 2012 13:10.

    I had replied to some ones post and was then attempting a post of my own, my reply has been removed.

  161. David Ossitt

    Following EC’s hat tip to St. Paul, I went to re-read Corinthians 1, 15 -which I regret to say has lain unread for some time…- and found in Verse 33 (right after the beasts at Ephesus bit – is that metaphorical, by the way, or did Paul work as a gladiator for a while?) I came across the possible reason for your problem with a moderator at the other place:

    “…evil communications corrupt good manners”.

  162. I think St Paul was referring to the real possibility of Christians being used as prey for wild animals in the various ampitheatres of the Roman world. To that extent a lot of Christians had a very short season as gladiators in a sense. No weapons and facing a hungry lion. No chance of an encore.

  163. The Daily Telegraph is a truly awful newspaper, but I read it like many other readers, I suspect, only because it is the best of a bad bunch.

    But that doesn’t lift it above being a pathetic comic for the Conservative Party.

    It’s nice to read the comments there – when they’re allowed, they are banned from a lot of features altogether – only to see how much I am in tune with the readers: fed up with the Barclay twins, fed up with the wretched, useless paper and fed up with the wretched, wicked Tory Party.

    I hope no one is taken in by the Tory Party’s promises on controlling immigration. And control itself is just a compromise on cutting, which is what is needed.

    What is needed is massive outflow. Not massive inflow.

    Dave wants the latter, no matter what he says.

  164. Malfleur.

    “evil communications corrupt good manners”

    I am not quite sure what you mean, are some of my posts ‘evil’?

  165. Andy Car Park (17:14);

    Very useful research; thanks. More grist to the mill.

    I wonder why Shafarevich didn’t address Gramsci’s scribblings on the counter- culture hegemony, or the implications and ‘the Long March through the institutions’ – or even the Frankfort School?

  166. David Ossitt

    No, an ironic speculation as to the possible attitude of the moderator.

  167. I came across the following on the web this morning:

    ” A waggoner was asked the difference between left and right in politics. As the wagon approached a pile of horse manure he said, “the wagon wheel splits the pile in two but the left half and the right half stink the same way”.”

  168. Frank P @ 13:11

    On British families, from a commenter on “New Britain’s Undesirables” at Gates of Vienna:

    “Desiderius said… 5

    Despite the article’s name, there’s really nothing new about Mr. Tulloch situation that’s happening in Britain. Remember, with UK’s “enlightened” society, your ethnic and/or national identity can be completely determined by the place of your birth. It is precisely because of the same “if a dog’s born in a stable, then it IS a horse” idea, we have seen incalculable Pakistani and other Islamic descended rapists, gangbangers and international terrorists persistently labeled “Britons”. And now, the same ethnomasochistic political elites that have been responsible for the ongoing multi-culti enrichment are applying their wisdom upon Mr. Tulloch, a white British man who in their eyes is an Indian, because India had at some point been a geographic location of his birth.
    9/06/2012 9:08 PM “

  169. Frank P @16:42

    Fantastic – and heartbreaking.

  170. Malfleur
    September 7th, 2012 – 02:

    Frank P @ 13:11

    On British families, from a commenter on “New Britain’s Undesirables” at Gates of Vienna:

    “Desiderius said… 5

    Despite the article’s name, there’s really nothing new about Mr. Tulloch situation that’s happening in Britain. Remember, with UK’s “enlightened” society, your ethnic and/or national identity can be completely determined by the place of your birth. It is precisely because of the same “if a dog’s born in a stable, then it IS a horse” idea, we have seen incalculable Pakistani and other Islamic descended rapists, gangbangers and international terrorists persistently labeled “Britons”.
    This ghastly murder in France where children were brutally involved, gives me thought cincerning the above hypothesis. I am keeping my powder dry, but I will retain my opinions of what caused this event strictly to myself.

  171. The French police are reporting this morning that they are investigating the possibility of a family feud over money. In my experience, domestic strife in its myriad eruptions accounts for the greater incidence violence in this world over all other causes including war. When love turns to hatred, for whatever reason, it is lethal. So perhaps they are on to something. It all started with Cain and Abel of course. It’s in the book!

  172. Anne Wotana Kaye 1

    “This ghastly murder in France where children were brutally involved, gives me thought cincerning the above hypothesis. I am keeping my powder dry, but I will retain my opinions of what caused this event strictly to myself.”

    From what we have heard it would appear to be a professional killing, that to me indicates someone paid for this crime, what had the father done or more likely what is or was he involved in.

    The BBC an the Press insist in calling these poor unfortunate people a British family but it appears that they are Iraqi.

  173. Malfleur (06:24)

    Indeed! Note my comment on Greenfield’s post.

  174. Frank P @ 10:18

    If, as a neighbour reports, police officers who were possibly Special Branch were observing the victims’ home in London from that neighbour’s grounds for an extended period “as the invasion of Iraq by US and British forces began in March 2003” (DM), to my amateur eye there looks to be something more sinister at work here than a family quarrel.

  175. Malfleur (11:32)

    The two possibilities are not mutually exclusive given the nature of the politics of Iraq and the wheeling and dealing that has prevailed both under Saddam Hussein and since. The interplay between Organized Crime in this country and the Hussein regime was voluminous and varied. And as we know only too well tribal and family disputes were often settled summarily and rather efficiently. The developments in Iraq have been largely ignored by the MSM since the ‘Arab Spring’ has become the focus, but I doubt that peace and love prevail there now any more than they did when the Ba’athist (Stalinist) mafia reigned supreme under the megalomaniac.

    Speculation is pointless, of course, until the hard facts emerge (if they ever do); but the guessing game is fun, ennit? The real victims, of course, are the saucepan lids. As I so often say these days, “Poor little souls!”

  176. Frank P @ 12:17

    We are not just guessing. As in any report through the media, we have to try to use our intelligence to deduce whether we are being fed disinformation.

  177. Malfleur (12:54)

    All analysts, whether those involved in criminal intelligence, or political analysis, prefer to have their guesswork described as ‘analysis and synthesis’. Particularly when they do it in retirement and from their desk chair (or their padded cell, which is where most of us should be). 🙂

  178. On a more serious note relating to the French massacre; the tendency of police throughout the world these days to rely on ‘forensics’ as they quaintly describe the use of available science to add to conventional evidence is sometimes self defeating. Even in In my initial training as a police officer, it was always stressed that the the preservation of life was paramount when ‘securing a crime scene’. It is why the first officer on the scene, regardless of rank or department is so important, as any good detective will admit. Making sure there is no one still in need of medical attention, or even confirming death, in this case, seems to have been over-ridden by orders from above ‘not to touch anything’ until the experts could get their asses off their office chairs and make their way to the scene – some 8 hours after the hit.

    As in so much human activity now, common sense – the nous of the streets and the front line, is trumped by bloody ‘experts’.

    Elitism at its worst; in this case it was only good luck and the child’s system shutting down through trauma, that it didn’t result in another fatality. No good Les Flic pretending otherwise.

  179. Though I hate attributing kudos to this source; he is an excellent and detailed report on the facts ma’am – just the facts!

  180. David Ossitt
    September 7th, 2012 – 10:39
    The BBC an the Press insist in calling these poor unfortunate people a British family but it appears that they are Iraqi.
    David, the brains of the pooftas in the BBC are so riddled it’s best to double check whatever the marxist basrards say.

  181. I see Prince Harry has gone back to Afghanistan.

    The phrase “improving his public image” comes to mind, after his cavortings in Las Vegas. This time the MoD are much less coy about his whereabouts than last time; presumably the royal family are leaning on them, endeavouring to wipe out more embarrassing goings-on from the public’s memory. Flying an Apache sounds so much better for our delectation than stripping off with girls at parties in swimming pools.

    It amuses me when every time Harry makes a complete idiot of himself, his PR people photograph him helping the starving children in Africa or something of the kind, to enable them to wipe our memories clear.

    To paraphrase Jane Austen, “Harry, you have delighted us long enough”.

  182. David Ossitt
    September 7th, 2012 – 10:39
    David, the BBC now is speaking in “Oxymoronism”. At 5:00 p.m.on Radio 4, they spoke of the “Iraqi British man”!

  183. Canada has broken off diplomatic relations with Iran. Hold on to your seats.

  184. I see that at the other place Isabel Hardman has initiated something called the Coffee House interview….

  185. Anne Wotana Kaye 1


    Superb a new word and totally apt.

  186. “…Americans voters will choose between the forces of moderate conservatism, headed by President Barack Obama…” (Spectator. Michael Lind)

    Excuse me?!

    “…if Mr. Clinton [in his speech to the Democratic National Convention] is willing to go so far as to render a vicious ideological criticism of an incumbent Democratic president — one that meticulously yet cautiously associates that president with the black hole of communism/socialism … — we can be very confident that people in very powerful places are paying attention. ”

  187. Correction – the American Thinker article is dated June 2012 and thus the Clinton speech pre-dates the DNC. All the same…

  188. Lesley C @ 15.34

    I’m not sure the faux ‘furore’ about Harry was that embarrassing. A fit heterosexual miltary bloke getting his kit off in Las Vegas with some good looking femmes does not a scandal make nor shock provide – whoever his family are.

    If anything it has (IMO) improved his standing a wee bit and I didn’t come across any condemnation at all despite the meeja’s best efforts to tell us that it was and that we should give a s***.

  189. On FGM (which recently graced these pages); see the lead item for another bloom nourished by the ‘Arab Spring’

    Arab/Islamic culture is surely the knotweed of the soul.

  190. Frank @ 00.12

    Our Brussels master should watch that.

  191. Hexhamgeezer @ 00:52

    “Our Brussels master should watch that.”

    As the United States Democratic Party had been watching our Brussels master:

  192. Thanks for that link to the American Digest, Frank. I have to say the American right really know how to skewer the left in a way we never see here (q.v. that annotated pic of Madam President). The juxtaposition here is such that the left are always on the attack, the right always on the back foot trying to justify their actions which are always being pursued within a leftist dominated narrative. Conservative politicians here are just too polite, too back-bench and let themselves be labelled by the left and put in a box before they’ve even said anything. They must go on the attack.

    Of course it doesn’t help when their leader is a bien pensant lefty who couldn’t fight his way out of a brown paper bag.

  193. This is quite good

    Democrats Not For Profit

  194. Hexhamgeezer

    That was hilarious but please tell me it was a spoof!

    Surely, the interviewees were actors? Can you imagine a real country ruled by people who thought that way?

    On another point: doesn’t it really grate the way all these luvvies and warblers troop out to show their solidarity with “The President”, at Democrat events. Irritates the heck out of me. No wonder the Heartland votes solidly GOP.

    Why does Hollyweird so solidly vote Democrat? Is it chicken or, perhaps more sinister, egg? Any suggestions?

  195. Redneck – Clint Eastwood doesn’t vote Democrat. Nor scores of others who have a sense of self-worth and faith in their own judgement. It’s the wannabees, like the Redgraves and Meryl Streeps, the Barbra Streisands and others who want who want to varnish their profile by voting Democrat with the message, “I may be a big star, and rich, but I care so much about “the little people” that I pretend to be one with them by voting Democrat. Can you imagine the Marx Brothers voting Democrat???? Bob Hope? Humphrey Bogart? John Wayne????? (Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!)

  196. I note in the DM that a woman brought her daughter to lay flowers at the home of the murdered family. She did not know them at all but wanted to show ‘respect’.

  197. Someone should have waited until the kid bent over, laying the flowers “in respect”, and given her a good kick up the keister that would have carried her through the front window.

  198. Frank P
    September 8th, 2012 – 00:12

    A five minute lecture on Obamanomics:

    Simply superb.

  199. Peter from Maidstone
    September 8th, 2012 – 16:15
    At least they didn’t shlap them across the Channel! Truly sick making.If they want to show ‘respect’, why can’t they buy flowers and visit lonely people stuck in hospitals or homes?

  200. Something make you take your mind off the politics of tomorrow and appreciate the reality of today:

  201. Redneck @12.58

    I think the main reason for Act-ors being so solidly democrat is that the profession requires you to be emotionally incontinent on tap. AS does being a democrat.

    On the other hand if you’re an adult….

    I doubt those interviews were faked. If you’re in a Dem convention bubble intellectual coherence goes out the window – its not welcome under Barry – so spouting crud like sequester all profits just sounds like going with the flow as opposed to what it is – a recipe for economic suicide.

  202. Anna Soubry , a newly-promoted health minister has said that people seeking help to die should be allowed to obtain assistance in the UK. This once again opens up a painful dilemma. I think that doctors should not perform procedures which bring on death. It is against their Oath, taken when they undertook to “Do no harm”. There should be especially trained personnel who can assist those who wish to die. Once a psychiatric clearance has been obtained, and detailed investigation as to whether the ‘customer’ is not being encouraged by greedy relations, death can be assisted by the trained personnel. No medical practioners need to be involved, it is not in their field of work, and they can remain with clean consciences and continue, if capable, of curing the sick.

  203. I know Ed Miliband is awful but I think he will be next prime minister.

    Anyone who ever votes Conservative ever again is stark raving mad.

    Warsi apparently went so apoplectic at Cameron he just invented a job for her.

    She is a hostage to fortune. If anyone annoys her now, the headline is: ‘Conservatives’ Most Senior Ethnic Woman Blasts Cameron’.

    This is how this man thinks. This is how the Conservative Party thinks. It is rotten to its very core. It needs uprooting.

    All of it.

  204. Great idea, AWK. We have health tourists, benefits tourists, accommodation tourists – why not death tourists?

    I will tell you why not. Because if what these “tourists” seek is not available to them in their own countries, why should we make it available in ours? Killing people is against our ancient laws. Perhaps Anna Soubry, the newly promoted, ironically styled “health” minister, should not buck the trend. It’s illegal, Anna dear.

  205. I’ve just googled her and it says she doesn’t believe in assisted suicide. Which is it?

  206. Verity
    September 8th, 2012 – 22:55
    Hi, Verity
    You have not read the complete article. The whole issue is not concerned with tourists from abroad, it is rather UK residents not wishing to travel abroad to die. Personally I have no opinions in this matter. I am a very independent and individualist person, and don’t take much notice of what doctors say or do. Long experience has given me a very low opinion of the medical profession. Verity, where did you get the idea that “killing people
    is against our ancient laws”? I can clearly recall the legalised murder, by hanging, of Ruth Ellis to name just one case.

  207. Verity
    Earlier on Saturday, newly-promoted health minister Anna Soubry told the Times it was “ridiculous and appalling” that Britons had to “go abroad to end their life”.

    Ms Soubry, Conservative MP for Broxtowe, said those seeking help to die should be allowed to obtain assistance in the UK.

    She rejected euthanasia, but said “you have a right to kill yourself”.
    AbEarlier on Saturday, newly-promoted health minister Anna Soubry told the Times it was “ridiculous and appalling” that Britons had to “go abroad to end their life”.

    Ms Soubry, Conservative MP for Broxtowe, said those seeking help to die should be allowed to obtain assistance in the UK.

    She rejected euthanasia, but said “you have a right to kill yourself”.
    Above is an extract from the BBC (go to UK, Politics) for the full article.

  208. Sorry I copied the above so badly. It is quite late here, and I’m rather tired.

  209. The state begins by assisting suicide and then requires it

  210. Leslie
    September 8th, 2012 – 22:50

    I know Ed Miliband is awful but I think he will be next prime minister.

    Senior Ethnic Woman Blasts Cameron’.

    This is how this man thinks. This is how the Conservative Party thinks. It is rotten to its very core. It needs uprooting.

    All of it.
    Leslie, do you mean to say that we uproot one tree with poison fruit and plant another in its place. Forgotten Blair and Brown already? Cameron is mad, yes, but he hasn’t the cunning and brains of the marxists who held sway for so long. Cameron is a useful idiot, and we must vote UKIP to stop the rot. If heaven forbid, the marxists get in again, we will be in for a very long, dark night, where the lights will not come on again in an average lifetime. I am serious!

  211. Peter from Maidstone
    Yes, Peter, that’s what worries me. Solution? I know I sound craven, but I think if somebody wants to do it, perhaps they should do it on the quiet. A question of facing their own conscience and not waiting until they are helpless and require assistance.

  212. I think Ms Soubry sounds like a dingbat, frankly, AWK. You can’t commit suicide, but you are free to hire someone to kill you. And, Soubry “rejects euthanasia” but says you have a right to kill yourself.

    In her bio, she lists Partner … presumably the father of her two children, although she doesn’t say so. Why does he get left out of the picture as a nebulous “partner”?

    Lookswise, I think this lady, resembles Anne Widdecombe, but not in a good way.

  213. I wouldn’t vote for Mili myself, but I see it happening.

    And, in a sense, it must happen. The Conservative Party must be got rid of permanently. Something, be it UKIP, or whatever must replace it.

    I agree, the prospect of Mili is terrifying, but it will happen. We cannot have a Conservative government just doing nothing for years on end apart from throw government contracts at its offshore backers. The country is falling to bits.

    There is also the prospect of Scotland going independent – that would spike Mili and Cameron’s guns forever.

    Where would the Labour Party be without the block Scottish vote?

    Tories and Labour – to get them in the same wheelie bin in the same decade would be the best thing to ever happen to this country.

  214. Verity: 15.52

    Perfect explanation, agree on John Wayne: hope no-one proves me wrong.

  215. Hexhamgeezer: 20.10

    “I think the main reason for Act-ors being so solidly democrat is that the profession requires you to be emotionally incontinent on tap. AS does being a democrat.”


  216. AWK & Verity

    If someone really wants to kill themselves then, barring severe paralysis, they probably could do so. Is that not sufficient?

    Bring in the State and the likes of us would be on their “assisted” list.

  217. Leslie: 22.50

    I agree, current Conservatives are a ghastly abomination of what I’d perceive a true conservative to believe in. Their hostage to mass immigration is so against their base-support’s opinion as to be beyond the pale.

  218. For those followers of subtleties of American life, concerning top stars and their support of President Obama: I know top Country star Toby Keith is a card-carrying Democrat but whatever possessed Brad Paisley to have his head turned by the POTUS: “woman on a bus”.

    Get a grip!

  219. Redneck
    September 9th, 2012 – 00:

    September 9th, 2012 – 00:
    Yes! But like everything else in this country, too many people seem to want the State to take charge and provide it.

  220. Redneck 0:03 – Oh, yes, indeedy! Wouldn’t take you more than a couple of cheeky words.

  221. The left is so intimidatory that many right wingers in the acting profession dare not “come out”. When Patrick Stewart is able to make a public comment that he feels “uncomfortable” around conservatives without an “outrage reaction” from people on the right you know the game is up. In Britain the left have managed to characterise the right not just as an alternative political viewpoint but as almost unacceptable. They have ramped up the rhetoric and hyperbole to do this.

    So successful has this been that even the Conservatives have accepted it and even scored own goals (May’s “nasty party”). Cameron’s modernisation programme is founded on this acceptance of the opposing party’s propaganda. Yet the characteristics of Labour (we know what they are) are hardly ever condemned in the media or by public figures. The BBC’s resident posse of “comedians” have long been mouthpieces of the left, slagging off the Tories for guaranteed cheap laughs.

  222. “The sensational prospect of an early Commons comeback by Boris Johnson loomed last night after a top Tory MP offered to sacrifice his seat for him to take on David Cameron.” (DT)

    Don’t wait until bloody 1944; it’s 1940!

    “The weight of this sad time we must obey;
    Speak what we feel, not what we ought to say.”

  223. With respect, I think it is falling into the false narrative trap to think Boris Johnson will save us all.

    It’s the ‘change’ narrative that isn’t change.

    I find Johnson on occasion very funny, but when you peel back to see what his views are you find a man who as Mayor of London a) has achieved next to nothing in two terms in office b) is even more craven toward multiculturalism than Cameron.

    Could he win an election? Possibly. Will I vote for him? Never.

    He’s like the cult of Brian in the Life of Brian. People read ‘messiah’ for this man, and ignore all his words on Islam, multiculturalism, letting Turkey into the EU and so on.

    Away from the fray, Johnson was funny in his early career, but as he has got into office, I, for one, have found that on really serious issues, he’s not joking about his warped views.

    Putting on a clown veneer doesn’t make the Conservative Party’s political correctness palatable.

  224. Lesilie – with you 100% on your sentiments in the last 2 posta, apart from one little bit. Dont vote for Milliband. Vote UKIP or anyone else but LibLabConGreen – anyone- or spoil your vote. Anything else just endorses the horsehyte that is sold as choice.

    Boris might win for the Conservatories but he’s just fancier window dressing.

  225. Frank P, Sept 9th, 2012 – 00:39 “Archie Cuntsbury Booted all round Lambeth Palace”

    What about this:–long-parents-dont-tell-anyone.html

    “‘In Islam, once the girl reaches puberty the father has the right, the parents have the right, but under the laws of this country if the girl complains and says her marriage has been arranged and she wasn’t of marriageable age, then the person who performed the marriage will be jailed as well as the mother and father.’
    He then warned: ‘Nobody should know about this and the girl must not complain… If she talks in school they will take the girl, social workers will take her and afterwards you and I will be in trouble.’
    The current British law allows for Imans to carry out religious marriage ceremonies of consenting brides and grooms aged under 16 so long as they don’t have sex until they are 16.
    Under Sharia law both parties must to consent to the marriage and they can then live as man and wife and have sex irrespective of age.
    But under British law, the legal age of consent is 16, so a husband could be prosecuted for rape if he has sex with a girl under that age – even if it is his wife.”

    Surely, the (non-religious) point of marriage is the public declaration.

    Indeed, what a dog’s dinner!

  226. Leslie/Hex


    How is it that so many are taken in by Boris? The man is a fully loaded, 500,000 DWT Kuwaiti Tanker.

    As someone who despises Red Ken more than Joe Stalin (at least he was fucking Georgian – so no traitor; well … I suppose even that’s arguable if you’re a Russian) I was only JUST content to see Boris beat him in two successive elections; but do I think London is any better off with Johnson as Mayor? No way! In fact Boris should resign from the office of Mayor, closing down the whole useless edifice behind him and resume as editor of this magazine. Then we can give Nelson a rest and take the piss out of Boris (again) instead.

    I despa-a-a-a-i-ir …. when people like Malfleur describe the possible return of the blond bullshitter to the Westminster Gasworks as ‘sensational’ and implies that he would like to see it happen soonest, we are really scraping barrel-bottoms. As for equating the Berkeley to Churchill – as you (kinda) do – whaaaa? Not even as a bullshitter! Never mind a potential saviour of the Nation. You need a change in medication!

    Please explain to me, forthwith! Why would that be a good idea, FFS??

  227. I cannot believe how old this column is (2006!), but I remember it so clearly because it was one of those ones where I was reading Johnson every week at the time and trying to work out what lay behind the veneer, which was always very evasive (if occasionally funny) and this just stopped me dead in my tracks.

    I don’t want to single the guy out because, let’s face it, the rest of Parliament has also suffered an Invasion of the Liberal Fascist Body Snatchers, but this man offers only further descent into Dante’s Inferno:

    It’s a joke. But not a funny one.

  228. Lesley, Hexhamgeezer and Frank P

    Every day that the Cameron government remains in place is a day of convalescence for the Labour Party.

    People are not going to have an opportunity to vote for UKIP in a General Election until 2015 in the absence of the government in the meantime losing the confidence of the House or a motion for a general election being passed by a 2/3 majority of the House of Commons, which the present Cabinet reshuffle is designed to forestall. By May 2015, the Labour Party will have recovered its health and the Conservative Party will be entirely discredited. A Labour government will be installed, unless your bet of a UKIP victory pays out; but who knows what further irreparable damage will have been done to the country by then

    In the present parlous state of the nation and the tsunami of external crises headed our way, do you really want to sit back and see what happens in the next three years, hoping that something will turn up?

    Already, in today’s Daily telegraph, we can read how elements of the Liberal are shifting the balance of power towards the Labour Party:

    The urgent way to deal with this threat of a Labour Party fully restored to fighting health is to shake the Conservative Party in its trousers and underpants down to its socks and shoes and throw the Cameroons out toute de suite. We need a shock this year and not a sleepy three year doze waiting for the last fairy out of Pandora’s box. Boris Johnson taking a seat in the House of Commons even as he continues as Mayor of London will deliver that shock. If Boris Johnson is the opportunist which you allege he is, he will ride a wave of anti-Cameroonian conservatism – at worst he will wake the country up.

    Waiting until 2015 and hoping that by then UKIP will receive sufficient votes to form a government is sleepy, lazy, unimaginative and does not recognize in any practical sense the crisis that we are in.

  229. I can see the so-called “progressive” alliance coming about quite easily with slippery chancers like Cable and Clegg intriguing and plotting. It would be a cynical connivance by both socialist parties, the accursed Lib Dems to retain power and Labour to regain it. And then God help us all. I reckon that within a year it would be full-on East Germany here.

    There is an article in this week’s Spectator by an American writer called Michael Lind who writes suspiciously in the constipatory and impenetrable style of David Lindsay. It is about how Obama is really a conservative but it refers slyly to the “fervent anti-immigrant sentiment” of UKIP. Is that true? Of course not, but movements that are alarmed by the rise of UKIP need to discredit it with dishonest characterisations of the type peddled by Mr Lind.

    If UKIP should hold the balance of power there will be fireworks but in order for that to happen the intimidatory hold of the left on both the media and the public narrative has to be broken. That will never happen as long as the Tories are beset by tensions between modernisers and traditionalists instead of going all out to attack, attack, attack Labour.

  230. Malfleur @ 13.10

    I don’t think that a UKIP govt is feasible although a UKIP Govt would be the ONLY party that would deliver the single most important requirement for this country’s recovery. I don’t think that the Labour party will recover by 2015 but it is capable of winning an election tomorrow or 2015 anyway- anything is possible with the BBC setting the scene (the defenestration of those swine being the 2nd most important requirement for this country’s recovery btw). A Labour victory would deliver a Govt a slightly paler shade of pink than the current one. Jettison Gove’s reforms and there you have it – a Milliband Govt.

    There’s no doubt Johnson is a clever man. There’s no doubt he would have a slightly more rightish mien that cameron but would he deliver a free UK? Does he want that? As mentioned we do know one thing he wants – Turkey in the EU which the rest of the British Establishment wants as well. The Turkey accession being the extension of their policy to allow eastern Europe in – which was, according to Labour, the FCO, and all points Whitehall, a way of neutering the Brussels federalists, and look how successful that was. Barroso, believe or not, was touted around Westminster and Whitehall, by the FCO as a non-federalist.

    Answers/solutions? There isn’t one that answers today’s predicament, nor one that produces an emergence into sunlit uplands in 2015. In my mind the 2 greatest problems we have are 1) EU membership and b) the BBC – all else flows from these 2 great Gramscian and Marcusian cancers. There is no-one on the political scene that has any power that recognises this or will publicly acknowledge these facts. Voting for those who do is a small start but even before this a sane country would send in a disruptive ballot – vote for anyone but the Beebs officially endorsed candidates.

    Before the last election Cameron was sold as our best bet for right of centre Euroscepticism. It was, of course. utter horse….. and we are being sold the same again with Johnson.

  231. Malfleur

    Whether you, or I, like it or not, the Cameroons are set in concrete until 2015; there is no dynamite available that will shift them until then – certainly not Boris. My concern is the increased perception among the great unwashed that the Blond Bushitter is good leadership material, other than as chairman of HIGNFY (and even that is well past its sell-by date).

    I’m a little reluctant to back UKIP for 2015, too it still hasn’t got its act together. As far as I can see, its a one trick pony; but Farage himself would make a good leader of a rump right-of-centre cadre of rebels from the old Tory party; he’s articulate, charismatic and has at heart what most people in this country yearn for – the destruction of the EU hegemony and a return of powers to our own parliament.

    But I admit that ‘I am just a dreamer – and I’m not the only one’). It appears to be far too late. But one thing that is certain, Boris Johnson has multi-culti internationalist aims at heart and even those are way down the list behind his real ambition – personal aggrandisment. Fuck HIM!

    The one good thing he did was to sack Ian Blair; but the only reason he did that was because there was not enough room for two bloated egos in one set-up – and, of course, to preempt Jacqui Smith who would have done it anyway. Blair and Boris had been jerking each other off up until Blair went bonkers and lost the plot. And even HE still got his arse on the red benches, don’t forget.

    What is even worse is that Johnson had the power to sack a Commissioner, or even that Blair got the job in the first place. Signs of the times, I’m afraid. We’re fucked!

  232. Lucy

    Thank you for reminding me of that DTel article by BoJo:


  233. Leslie 9:50 – Excellent. I wouldn’t add a word.

    And yes, AWK … Cameron is the useful idiot. I hadn’t thought of it like that before, but it’s on the button. That is his role. That is why, despite the availability of David Davis, he was chosen. And like useful idiots everywhere, one thing that makes him useful is, he doesn’t know it. He thinks he is valued for himself. That is why he is still, otherwise inexplicably, in office. (Has anyone else noted that he has never said anything – a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g – spontaneously witty or even vaguely amusing? I mean no quick, amusing observations on a situation, no clever connections of words, no sly allusions … He is as bland as his blancmange face.

    Hexamgeezer 10:12 – Cleverly observed. Boris is just fancier window dressing. And given his private life, my guess is that women’s votes are rustling away in the wind.

    And let us not forget the God-awful mess he made when he was the drabbest editor of The Spectator in living memory. I, an avid fan of the mag all my adult life, never re-subscribed and picked it up at a newstand perhaps four or five times in the course of a year before giving up on it entirely. UKIP and clever, witty, incisive, right-thinking Nigel Farage inch forward every day.

    I am hoping we are about to live in interesting times.

  234. Robert C – “Indeed, what a dog’s dinner!”

    Muslims are shunned by dogs everywhere.

  235. Verity (15:34)

    Who Robert C (time-date please)?

  236. But what is Farage doing? Does he want to lead a conservative party? A gear change is needed.

  237. PS – Dogs sick up muslims.

    Malfleur is correct: We need a shock this year and not a sleepy three year doze waiting for the last fairy out of Pandora’s box. Frank P, despite your gloomy prognostication, I think Nigel can deliver. I don’t know whether you have ever met him. Unlike Boris Johnson the clown soi-disant, and Davy Dimwit (remember who thought a childish, freestyle tree would be a good new logo for the Conservative Party?) who we don’t even have to consider, Nigel thinks like lightening. He also leads a conventional family life, with a clever wife who speaks fluent German.

  238. To Frank P … RobertC September 9 12:12. He wrote in answer to yours of 00:39.

  239. Verity

    Sorry. I’ll have to get me bins changed; apologies too to Robert C: thanks for the link. Interesting.

    As for Farage; I have already been fulsome about his qualities, but not so sure about the ability of his registered cohorts to get their act together. Do any of them post here as such? If not – why not? And what happened to Peter’s invitation for an interview? Given the support regularly expressed here, I would have expected somebody from his party to follow through. Perhaps we should link the UKIP website to our blog-roll. Ask them to link ours. There are potential recruits here; I for one would join their party, if they showed some initiative.

    Nothing will happen before 2015; the coalition will not allow itself to fracture before then; too much for each of the parties to lose if they do; they’re both Turkeys waiting for Christmas. I would dearly love to see an alternative real option on the ballot paper that nails its colours to the mast over Europe; no UKIPPER has ever knocked at my door. Come to that, neither have the idle Tory bastards, they take us all for granted here.

  240. Btw Verity.

    “He thinks like lightening (sic)”

    Didn’t know he is a white supremacist. 🙂

  241. Had a wonderful day out in the subshine. Gloomy weather is forecast very soon, so made the best of this late summer warmth. I’m now going to catch up on all the postings, and then relax to face the week ahead.

  242. Frank P – “Perhaps we should link the UKIP website to our blog-roll. Ask them to link ours. There are potential recruits here; I for one would join their party, if they showed some initiative. ”

    Ace idea, Frank P. Who bags writing to Nigel?

    Also, your post 18:08 – Ha ha ha!

    And I don’t think any of us will forget what day it is on Tuesday. I am sure the sons of the prophet will note our reactions well.

    I still want us to annex Saudi Arabia and pay them a peppercorn rent for their oil and the rest of them return to their ancient folkways of the desert.

    And while I’m at the ancient folkways of the Saharan hellhole, I would remind all those who think burqas and desert gear are somehow religious and tied up with allah …. those outfits were desert gear from ancient times designed to keep blowing desert sand out of ears, nasal passages and mouths. Niqabs and keffyahs were also specifically to keep the brilliant, dazzling, blinding desert sun out of eyes.

    They are not religious garments. They are practical and intelligent solutions to the harsh environment. I have also seen a camel wearing a niqab on a very windy day, obviously put on by its owner to keep sand from clogging up its nasal passages.

    This gear is not, repeat, NOT anything to do with religion, although it has been misinterpreted as such by ignorant desert people and ignorant Westerners.

  243. I was driving through the failed state known as Belgium this afternoon, and to my horror I realised that there was something positive to be said about it. i.e. The inhabitants (viz the Belgians) seem much better at driving on motorways in comparison to the driving standards that I’ve experienced on the M25 recently.

    The most famous Belgian is, of course, the fictional Hercules Poirot. Whereas Poirot gets all the credit for cracking the most fiendish murders, the humble Gendarme who invented the non invasive SOC test for brain death (Belgians only) goes uncredited.
    Oh well, c’est la vie.

  244. Frank P,

    You are quite correct about Dave and Nick. As soon as they slithered into No.10
    the the very first law that they introduced was for a fixed term parliament until 2015!

    I cannot disagree with your assessment of BoJo but you surely have to admit, he’s a much better PR man than Dave. Also, No.10 might not be his prime objective. Boris is an American citizen. He was born in NYC and has never given up his citizenship. Given the failure of the GOP to come up with an Obama beater in November, then he might be tempted to go stateside and pick up the pieces in 2016. Boris, having “run” London, twice elected, not to mention having personally organised two olympic events… “that’s gotta sell!” (G. Orwell) Why BoJo already has a much better track record than Bazza! ( and as you also said, he’s never failed to tick a multi-kulti box when it landed within his reach)

    Just imagine Boris Johnson, POTUS 2016!
    🙂 🙂

  245. EC @ 20.07


    We alqys found driving around Brittany very relaxing. The minute you are off the ferry at Portsmouth the majority of the Brits are foot down on the pedal driving like psychos.

  246. A reminder of the idiocy of the Leicestershire police, the CPS and Chief Constable Bramshill Butterfly, who should have stepped in at a very early stage, rubbed the couple down with a sporting life and recommended them for a Magistrates’ commendation for bravery. He should then have debollocked the idiots who were called to the scene and sacked them for incompetence and bringing the force into disrepute.–I-did-I-did-protect-precious-wife-Couple-held-burglar-shooting-relive-hell.html

  247. Boris on Islam.

    In 2007 Boris Johnson wrote an article on Turkey which seemed to me pretty well informed about the history of islam and its depredations. It even mentioned the historian Henri Pirenne, whom you will remember developed the theory that it was the spread of islam, not the decline of Rome, which brought about the Dark Ages in Euriope and whose theory has been borne out in archaeological evidence recently.

    That said, in the 2007 article, Johnson’s main condition for contemplating Turkish entry into the EU was it it be the Turkey of the secularist Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. Well that prospect has been kissed goodbye with the administration of islamist Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

    Like all scurvy politicians, as I am sure Frank P would attest, as a general rule Boris Johnson cannot be trusted. Therefore one should not argue that his position on islam will remain the same. I suggested that if he is an opportunist then, with any luck, the opportunity which he seizes will be to lead a Conservative Party which has caught the sense of the electorate that mass islamic immigration, legal and illegal, quality and non-quality, has gone too far and ought to be reversed.

    To take a stand on this issue alone, he already has form. Indeed his record on the subject of islam is such that he is given the kudos of being quoted at reasonable length with examples from 2001-2008 in “Islamophobia Watch – Documenting Anti Muslim Bigotry”. I am not sure any other prominent Conservative Party member has put his head quite so far above the parapet as this:

    One quotation at random:

    “I looked at all those Labour members, gibbering and hooting like a bunch of flea-ridden gibbons, taunting Nicholas Soames and other Tories brave enough to stick up for an ancient way of life. Would they dare to attack halal? Would any of them, in their largely urban seats, with their sizeable Muslim minorities, ever have the guts to denounce Islamic ritual slaughter? Like hell they would.”

  248. Melanie cleans the clock of Ms Anna Soubry:

    Perhaps Anna should now (appropriately) adopt the Soubry-quet “Fuck-me-shoes-Mark II.”

    Come to think of it she’s not unlike “Fuck-me-shoes-Mark” 1 in appearance, is she? What is with women of a certain age and seemingly sexy shoes?

  249. By the way, the idea that Boris Johnson’s love life is likely to be a negative is on a level with the thinking of those who were surprised when large numbers of our military supported Prince Henry of Wales recent escapade before he went to serve again in Afghanistan by having themselves photographed armed and nude, or with those who thought that Andy Ferrie should be prosecuted for attempted murder.

  250. We geddit Malfleur – you’re his blog agent! Still no sale, cocker.

  251. Frank ‘I am just a dreamer – and I’m not the only one’ P

    “You’re his blog agent) Ho, ho, ho!

    “There are also two ways in which an election could be triggered before the end of the five-year term:

    if a motion of no confidence is passed and no alternative government is found
    or if a motion for an early general election is agreed either by at least two-thirds of the House or without division”

    Who is going to bring this about? As we scan your choices, we find that you are down to one: Nowhere Man M.P. – the best of all possible candidates in the best of all possible worlds (h/t F-M. Arouet).

    “Take your time, don’t hurry,
    Leave it all ’till somebody else
    Lends you a hand.”

  252. Malfleur :50 No. Women don’t mind rakish men, and often get a kick out of them. I don’t think you will find many women condemning Harry, except for his silly, but understandable, lack of judgement at the moment.

    Johnson, by contrast, apparently (note … apparently) planned dalliances with women who were not his wife. Not on a spur-of-the-moment boys’ silly.over-liquored night out, but carefully.

    Women fail to see the charm. Prince Harry was just on a silly bender and will have been reprimanded and probably will never get drunk in public again.

  253. Verity

    Yes, but you have to keep up to date with British women’s hearts – Mexico is another kettle of fish:

    “The prospect of Boris Johnson returning to Westminster and taking on David Cameron in a leadership battle would have the backing of many Tories disillusioned with the Prime Minister.

    But rather more intriguingly, it would appear to have the support of his first wife, Allegra, on whom he cheated.” (10 September 2012)

  254. Malfleur – I have no idea what Mexican women think about anything, never mind British political figures, if they’ve heard of any. I am talking about British women.

    I have no idea about Johnson’s first wife, Allegra, but she would appear, from your insinuation, to be a forgiving soul. By and large, British women, and women throughout the world as I know it (having lived in several countries), except muslim women who don’t know any better, don’t like adulterers and don’t trust them to honour promises.

    I think Boris Johnson would be a suicidal choice for the Tories. They’ve already slit one wrist with Cameron.

  255. “They’ve already slit one wrist with Cameron”.

    Inspired metaphor! Excellent. And true!

    Anyway, Malfleur, you know this is silly season bullshit and you’re just being playful. Boris has his fiefdom which he knows is more than he deserves and he will eventually return to showbiz where he belongs.


    Your amusing suggestion has more legs: I didn’t know that he is a natural born Septic; they voted for Obama over there, so why not Boris?

    O’Reilly would shred him though; he hates anything with a British accent – and a British ‘Mayor’ albeit a Turkish American, would probably get a rough ride. Mind you, the girls love a British accent over there, I found, in my travels, Had I not been a happily married man ….!

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