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  1. The hubris, arrogance and presumptions of moral supremacy and infallibility are the problem when it comes to the ghastly Common Purpose corruption of our once humble, impartial and dutiful civil service and not the solution, as the various scandals and foul-ups involving their “leaders” have shown.

    “Leaders” – a self-appointed vanity neither wanted by the people nor earned by those unelected elitists using that term to aggrandise themselves and peddle their pompous dogma. The term ought to be “fuhrer” because that is the reincarnated reality their national socialist politicisation of society both implies and aspires to.

    We have had a demonstration of that mindset here from one of its “graduates”, with no apparent self awareness of what the insane obsessiveness of incessantly trolling targeted websites using a laughably inept subterfuge of different names and boasts actually says about him.

    Oh dear indeed.

  2. I am unsure whether this Breitbart report was written tongue in cheek:

    “A new report from the Associated Press details the journey of Wellesley College student Ninostka Love, the first transgender female student enrolled at the prestigious women’s college, which has graduated the likes of Hillary Clinton and Madeline Albright.

    American universities have faced increasing pressures to provide resources for transgender students, who make up an estimated 0.7 percent of the nation’s youth. Many schools have introduced gender-neutral bathroom and expanded upon their existing LGBTQ centers to allow for transgender-specific resources and activism projects.

    “For me to be accepted to one of the best colleges for women in the nation, it is a big validation of the person that I have become. At first I couldn’t believe it,” said Love, an Ecuadorian-born 28-year-old who fled to the U.S. in 2009 after being threatened over her transgenderism. “I’m so thankful to be here.”

    Since 2014, at least eight Women’s Colleges have changed policies so that transgender females can enroll. Some of the schools include Smith, Bryn Mawr, and Barnard Colleges, all of which are known for their strong academic programs.

    Genny Beemyn, director of the Stonewall Center at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, says that the changes being enacted at women’s colleges around the country are long overdue. “I think it’s a step forward, one that’s long overdue. If they say they’re women, they are saying that they can’t attend is denying their identities and marginalizing them,” Beemyn said.

    Wellesley is using Love’s enrollment as a signal of the institution’s progressive outlook on transgenderism. “As the leading liberal arts college for women, Wellesley’s mission is to educate women who will make a difference in the world — and those women represent diversity in every dimension,” Sofiya Cabalquinto, a Wellesley spokeswoman, said in a statement.

    Despite being a minority of one at Wellesley, Love claims that she is not concerned about being different on campus. “I knew that it would be a challenge; I knew that it would be difficult,” she said, “but at the same time I knew that I can make a difference — and I knew that I can show to other people that we transgender women are humans, too.”

    Only time will tell if women’s colleges that admit transgender students will face a backlash similar to that experienced by colleges that have not upheld free speech on campus.”

  3. Yet again.
    Asian grooming gang got victims hooked on mephedrone

  4. Frank 23:29

    “An 82-page document dated August 2017 and marked ‘extremely sensitive’ leaked to the Guardian revealed plans to make all EU citizens show a passport when they visit Britain after Brexit.”

    Leaked to the Guardian eh. Demonstrates the extent to which the British civil establishment has been infiltrated and corrupted by Long Marchers of the Common Purpose persuasion who think they have a divine right to impose their barmy views on everyone.

    Fumigation is required (there and here). These unelected “leaders” are toxic and stink like a creeping gas attack.

  5. Top EU court upholds Brussels’ right to force member states to take quota of asylum seekers
    I hope Eastern Europes reply is the same as mine. Fuck off.

  6. This is exactly why I want out, you don’t have control of your country if an unelected body can tell you what to do.
    Time to say out for Eastern Europe.

  7. The appointment of unelected “leaders” within a heavily politicised bureaucratic web draped over everything was of course a Nazi strategy as part of Gleichshaltung. They even imposed them on farmers with the Ortsbauenfuhrer.

    Gleichschaltung was the process of Nazification which successively established a system of totalitarian control and coordination over all aspects of society, “from the economy and trade associations to the media, culture and education”.

    Sounds familiar.

  8. Colonel Mustard – 09:31

    “sounds familiar”

    Eerily so!

    I must admit that the “Ortsbauenfuhrer’ was a new one on me.

    “Blood and Ground!”

  9. When I entered Ortsbauernführer into google translate it produced “Local peasant leader”
    Corbyn to perfection.

  10. As stated in the Sun:

    ‘Labour poses as a Government in waiting.

    In fact it is a divided, clueless rabble playing cynical games in its desperation to keep the Corbyn bubble inflated.’

  11. “America’s top neo-Nazi website officially endorsed UK’s socialist Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn in days leading up to the British general election — because he’s “seriously anti-Jew.”

  12. This is the kind of man being sold to us as PM in waiting:

    “Jeremy Corbyn showed off Diane Abbott while she was naked in his bed to impress his Left-wing activist friends …”

  13. The above was to put you off your morning coffee.

  14. Colonel Mustard/EC

    je mehr es sich aendert, desto mehr bleibt es gleich

    But steady on boys, or we’ll be banged up with the squaddies from ‘National Action’.

  15. Marshall Roberts,

    Two tins of cold baked beans, with black pudden on the side, then dive under the duvet, for a quick rumpy pumpy, followed by a game of dutch ovens. Lervely!

    Such is the material for our not-too-distant ‘leadership’.

  16. … now, Darlin’ … what abaht the leeflits? Ennit?

  17. Relentless anti-Brexit agitprop from Boulton’s picks on All Out Politics today, including two leading members of the Ugly Club, the witch-featured Zoe Williams of the Gruniad and the pan-faced Mrs Balls who lives up to her mariied name every time she opens her grating gob .Zombies!

    They are obviously getting very worried about JRM: it was his turn in the barrel this morning.

  18. Colonel Mustard, Frank P

    Wiki: “On 14 July 1990 Nicholas Ridley was forced to resign as Secretary of State for Trade and Industry after an interview published in The Spectator. He had described the proposed Economic and Monetary Union as “a German racket designed to take over the whole of Europe” and said that giving up sovereignty to the European Union was as bad as giving it up to Adolf Hitler.”

    He wasn’t wrong! It has been documented that the concept of the EU or EEC was conceived by the Nazis.

    In March 2015, during the Greek “negotiations”, or rather “surrender”, Der Spiegel magazine inadvertently scored a delicious own goal when the published this on the front cover:

    “The German Takeover
    How Europeans View The Germans”

    Yep, that about sums it up nicely!

    Toodle Pip, or rather Tschüß!

  19. Tucker Carson – yesterday’s show minus adverts:

  20. Carlson – apologies Tucker; my tablet keyboard is getting insensitive to touch occasionally.

  21. One for Ostrich (occasionally)

    “The bulk of Western civilization was built on the courage of men who were willing to brave the mysteries of the sea.”


  22. EC September 6th, 2017 – 13:59

    And Ridley was serving under the pea-eating, peevish Major, the usher-in of the New Labour ghastliness (“This way Mr Blair” . . . ), whose love affair with the EU has motivated him to climb out of his cushy taxpayer funded crypt to pompously lecture us about how foolish we are to vote to leave.

    Many others like Ridley, now forgotten, spoke truth about the reality of that ghastly surrender to jumped up Euro-schemers, whereby our “sovereign” Parliament became a puppet show of rubber stamping wets dancing to the tune of third raters like Barroso and Juncker and the horde of socialist “reformers” empowered on their bandwagon to meddle and interfere in our business.

    The hysterical and petty nature of European politics is being ably demonstrated by the antics of Barnier in the “negotiations” – a Mexican stand-off stalling game contrived to provide succour for all the left-wing traitors in this country. To incite agitation to disrupt, undermine and discredit a Leaving plan.

  23. Marshal Roberts September 6th, 2017 – 10:44

    They were contrived to “co-ordinate” farmers and there were 52,000 of them, over half of whom were Nazi party members.

    Look closely at “City Region Mayors” (aka gauleiters) and the so-called “Community Plans” being rolled out across rural England by all the usual suspects, with the pretence that local people are going to get a say in the planned urbanisation of their villages. At the meetings there are always unelected “influencers” and activists of murky antecedence. Go to the meetings, ask awkward questions, challenge their presumptions, see through their newspeak jargonisms.

    European governments now look to China as a model for draconian and bureaucratically overweight rule combined with corporatism and the chimera of constant “growth” fuelled by the importation of low wage earners. Civil service managers and third sector “activists” elevate themselves as “leaders”. We are not quite yet a single party state but the differentiation of the parties and the empowerment of unelected officials to bully, hector and “nudge” us means we might as well be.

  24. Is there actually anyone in Parliament championing the ancient rights and freedoms of the English to speak their minds and to be left the Hell alone or are they all determined “reformers”, “modernisers”, “activists” and agitators bent on transforming us whether we like it or not? To relegate the free born to become as “pupils” in a School of “British Values” or as “employees” of corporate UK plc, to be coerced and spied on incessantly “for our own good”?

  25. Can’t argue with this ex-mariner either. Sadly a bit too late. We are so commercially intertwined, that the Chinks already have a stranglehold. Mind you – its a mutual suicide pact.

    … and with their errant bellicose neighbour playing with nuclear fizzers: the sunspots whipping up atmospheric turbulence; the oceans awash with plastic garbage and geopolitical leaders all suffering from the contagious virus of delusional insanity, all here should have an entertaining last chapter in may what turn out to be not only our twilight years, but also the end of the sentient stage of our planet. Don’t suppose it amounts to much in the ‘sorry scheme of things entire’; shame about the finale though – some of the play has been quite enjoyable, occasionally inspiring and always comical. The commie company we were obliged to suffer en route was a real pain in the arse, though.

  26. Local Government is a sham.
    Locally we have a Parish Council, all unelected and full of their own self importance. These people are consulted by both District Council and County Council on the micro issues. The Councillors on both District and County Council are again full of their own self importance and do not listen to individuals. If you turn up at a meeting a contrary view to the Council line is listened to politely and then either explained away by a pompous chair briefed with usually 3 reasons why your view is not feasible or simply ignored.
    At least with national politics the media calls politicians to account. Local press if it still exists fawns over council officials and Councillors who give them copy.

  27. My District Council sent round this guff some time ago:

    Digital Local Government

    “At its heart, digital is about helping councils connect better with citizens and deliver user-centred services. Like – which takes the view that citizens want to deal with government as a platform for services instead of siloed departments – a digital council would offer smooth, seamless pathways through different services. Previously cumbersome transactions would be instant. Such improvements to transparency and user experience could greatly improve trust and confidence in the way local government is operated.

    But it will also deliver a lot of unglamorous stuff. Digital isn’t just about making services look pretty but running them better. With a financial model that isn’t sustainable, councils need to become more like startups, shrinking the back office and hiring more technically skilled staff. They need to enable frontline workers to focus on the important stuff, by cutting down on travel time and paper work. And they need to radically disrupt their models of service-delivery, moving away from siloed services and sharing data and resources across agencies to tackle cross-cutting challenges.”

    Seems to me the Council is getting away from silos to lead beyond authority- so it’s all OK then.

  28. Yet another brilliant clinical dissertation on the utter idiocy of US immigration policy (or lack thereof):

    How TF does he maintain this daily prolific output of philosophical and witty political analysis? Mind-boggling!

    And all of it performed against a background of grappling with the US “justice” comglomerate, Shysters Inc. representing the Climate Scam Industrial Complex.

  29. Yet another brilliant clinical dissertation on the utter idiocy of US immigration policy (or lack thereof):

    How TF does he maintain this daily prolific output of philosophical and witty political analysis? Mind-boggling!

    And all of it performed against a background of grappling with the US “justice” conglomerate, Shysters Inc. representing the Climate Scam Industrial Complex.

  30. Baron September 4th@ 17:22

    A thousand apologies for the wrong link, Baron.
    Here is Peter Schiff talking to Joe Rogan about the gold-backed debit card from Gold Money Inc./MasterCard. It was posted by Gold Money and starts in medias res on bitcoin, soon dismissed by Schiff for the matter at hand:

  31. The school that banned SKIRTS: Gender-neutral uniform policy angers parents as thousands of children across Britain are barred from class over draconian rules

    This is very very important to prevent transgender youngsters feeling uncomfortable.

  32. How TF does he maintain this daily prolific output of philosophical and witty political analysis? Mind-boggling!


    I once asked this of Guido Fawkes and found that Staines now has an army of flunkies.

  33. Whatever it was that kept you from the Wall, Colonel, did little to impair the quality of your postings, of anything, it seems to have sharpen the tools with which you hit them.

    It’s nice to hear your voice again.

  34. Malfleur @ 03:50

    Thanks, Mafleur, the barbarian heard you earlier, has been busy, couldn’t respond.

    The hard spiel lowers Baron’s opinion of the guy, he must begetting few shavings of gold for everyone who joins in, signs up to the card having listened to him.

    Except for flashing the thing around, there’s nothing to recommend it unless one has millions, can buy gold. Even then, it would be wiser to get the stuff itself rather than link it with the usage of a card, even if it’s made of pure, or near pure gold.

    The card introduces another link, quite an unnecessary one, those who issued are running it must convert the gold into whatever currency the holder of the card uses when buying things in the real world, and vice versa, convert any dollars, yen or whatever into gold when the money arrives in the account. That costs, even more when (say) the Euro arrives in the account because they have to convert the Euro into dollars first, only then buy the gold (gold is traded in dollars).

    Moreover, the gold holding is subject to movements in the price of gold, it’s a risky business, the price fluctuates wildly, may go up, but may also go down as it has done from the $1800 a couple of years ago to just over $1200 today (?), it’s hard to find another investment vehicle the price of which moves that much.

    The growing resentment about paper money is hard to understand, this is how paper money got started, a guy would give another one a piece of paper that said ‘I, John Brown’ will pay on demand to Peter Green the sum of one pound’. Green could use the same paper when buying a flock of chicken for a pound by signing the reverse side of the paper (the White Pound Notes of whatever denomination were printed only on one side when the banks took over the chain), whoever got it could do the same until there was no place for another signature, another piece of paper carried the chain on.

    That’s why a banknote (not an early Treasury notes, the were the equivalents of bonds) had on them the promise to pay whatever it is the denomination says it is, i.e. £1 in gold. That amount wa fixed, but it could have been changed by an Act of Parliament, anyone who argues that gold backed currency cannot deflate is wrong, it can. The amount fo gold each pound represents gets lowered .

    Anyway, it’s arguable whether owning gold is a better way of ensuring survival if a truly apocalyptic disaster hit, a sack or two of potatoes may be more useful whether as a sustenance or a a part of a business deal.

    Let us know how happy you are with it if you go for it.

  35. Marshal Roberts @ 06:36

    A rather mysogynistic decision, Marshal, one would have hoped it will be the other way round, it’s the pantalon d’homme that should have been banned, the skirt promoted.

    Baron would have gladly joined in, he likes a touch of draft down under, h, he, he.

  36. Retrieved, by Jove. The comments have long been firehosed from the palimpsest but the post lives on.

    David Blackburn: “Nick Clegg is a closet Tory (nice homophobic overtone there)”

    Frank P:

    David B, It is revealing that when ‘closet’ is mentioned then you associate it with homosexuality – nay homophobia. Is that perhaps an indication of your own proclivities?

    I always understood that if someone is described as a closet anything, then it is implied that that they are pretending to be something else. What’s buggery got to do with it?


  37. “Could not Mr Stormzy be made Designated Rapper In Residence to the Home Office? He would need a decent salary of course, plus grace and favour accommodation. A complimentary motor car would help too, with free petrol and plenty of storage space for various weaponry and chemical stimulants.”

    Robert Sharpe

  38. Kim and the Mighty Midge have similar foreign policy aspirations, perhaps Horse Wind might soon start developing its own nukes.

  39. Baron

    You completely misunderstand and were obviously not paying attention. Good luck.

  40. Should Catholics be banned from public life?

    ‘Rees-Mogg is being singled out for a more savage-than-usual Twittermobbing. This becomes clear if we compare him with Muslim figures. There are many Muslims in public life who hold similar views to his. But the likelihood of a Muslim leader ever appearing on the front page of the Guardian next to the word “bigot” is literally zero. An extraordinary double standard is at work. A combination of a long-standing “liberal” English fear of Catholicism and a censorious reluctance ever to criticise Islam means Catholics can be demonised far more harshly than Muslims for believing similar things on marriage and abortion.’

  41. Marshal Roberts @ 11:28

    That does it, Marshal, the barbarian is to enrol on a barmen’s course, move to Scotland, preferably to a pub frequented solely by females.

  42. Andy Car Park. (11:00)

    Those were the days! Back to basics. Whatever happened to Blackburn?
    Is he still hacking?

  43. Noa @ 14:01

    The answer to your question is obviously in the affirmative, Noa, they should be banned together with everyone else except the Guardian readers.

    If one looks at the governing classes it’s almost all Guardian readers judging by the policies they’re pursuing, reading the rag must be the filter for suitability for high office, it cannot be otherwise.

    The good thing is it’s the Guardian that goes for him, the number of those buying it has been steadily declining, it’s losing money, it would not be with us if it wasn’t for the public sector ads. The Civil Service will never cut advertising in it, it’s stuffed with people of the same cradle.

  44. Malfleur @ 13:56

    Explain then, Malfleur, please.

  45. Noa @ 13:36

    Patrick has obviously not read what the barbarian keeps saying on coffeehousewal, Noa. The American know their hegemonic control of the affairs of the world is slipping, fading away, it isn’t what it used to be when the world owed them their annual GDP, they, the 180mn of them around 1960, could have sat back, do nothing for a year, have the same income.

    Today, their on-balance sheet debt is just over their annual GDP. As the great Mark used to point out ‘when the cots of money goes up the service charge on the chunk owned by China will be equal to the Chinese expenditure on its military i.e. the American taxpayer will be funding the Chinese Armed Forces (such is the size of China’s holdings of US Treasury bonds, this may no longer be the case, the Chinese have unloaded alot of the paper).

    Still, the Americans are in South Korea, Japan waiting for the opportunity to mess things up in the Far East as well because that’s what a declining empire needs, a world in a mess, and not one where countries, regions, continents are prosperous, peaceful, trading with each other.

  46. Christ! Was that really 7 years ago? At that time I didn’t expect to be around in 2017. The prognostications of the quacks have turned out to be overly pessimistic. Our blogpal from those days, one ‘Furriskey”, dispensed some good advice, back then. “Fuck the medics, think positive and prove ’em wrong – a day at a time.

    That I have done, thus far. Every day a bonus!

    Reminds me – I must drop him an email to see how he has fared. Another big C survivor.

    I was also thinking of Scott Burgess (The Daily Ablution – remeber that?) who was one of the early sirens of the Muslim jihad upsurge. From New Orleans originally, he was very exercised during Hurrican Katrina. He retired with his wife to Slovakia back in 2009. This is the last news I can find of them:

  47. Andy Car Park – 11:00

    Retrieved from the anals of blogosphere, eh what!

    If the IOC were to instigate an Olympic internet search event you’d undoubtedly a Golden Retriever.

  48. Frank P, I do remember you were creaking a bit before we moved sites, since when a couple of our female front line combatants have sadly fallen by the wayside. My father had a nasty prostate op back in 1984 and the medics gave him ten years. He passed on last Christmas (of the same trouble) and so confounded them.

    Personally I find videos of crying snowflakes very therapeutic. That and the sight of small children falling off their bikes.

  49. Andy Car Park
    September 7th, 2017 – 21:00

    Spare a thought for poor Benjamin Houghton

    He was an American Air Force veteran who underwent medical treatment to have his left testicle removed because it was Shrivelled and may have contained cancer cells. But surgeons at the West Los Angeles VA Medical Center mistakenly removed the right, healthy testicle instead. The medical mistake was traced back to Houghton’s medical records, in which there was an error on the consent form and the surgeon failed to mark the correct surgical site before operating. Houghton and his wife sued the West Los Angeles VA Medical Center for $200,000 in future care needs and unspecified damages.

    I would have wanted £2 Billion.
    And it would have put paid to Baron’s barman plans

  50. Police say rape in Norfolk WAS linked to disorder blamed on travellers

  51. John birch @ 06:09

    This is the decision the top guy Simon had to make when the telephone calls started coming in, John:

    Do I send my boys in, tell them to follow the law, arrest those who helped themselves to stuff without paying for it, those groping women in the street, raping one, hitting people standing by or just walking …

    Or do I send the boys in, tell them to pretend nothing’s going on, just look at the law breakers, if needed be assist them to safety making sure that nobody does them any harm, prevents them from carrying out whatever it is they want to do, criminal or not.

    Our Simon, that’s the guy running the Norfolk Force, is smart, he is young, may have ambitions to head for the Met, knows which way the wind’s blowing, who the criminals are, he does the right thing, goes for option number 2 figuring that going for option 1 would mean a certain sack what with a protected minority getting mishandled by the police, the progressives would hit him not with one, but multiple walls of bricks, he would be toast.

    He’s fully aware option 2 will not win him many supporters, the burghers of Cromer will be upset, moan a little, one or two may even get angry, but all in all his job’s safe, he may have to perform the usual routine ‘I’m genuinely sorry, we got it wrong, we are going to learn blah, blah, blah…

    Yesterday, the farce was displayed on the box, both the local BBC and the ITV news carried the item, exactly as Baron says above – a trimmed, beautifully staged, clear case of getting away with a dereliction of public duty in conditions of PC.

    In any of the two interviews, he not once used the world ‘traveller’, or any other word to describe the bunch responsible for the major breakdown of law and order in peacetime in the East A nglian region this century. What TF has he learned?

  52. Sorrry for the errors, Baron just woke up, is still half asleep.

  53. He’s going to get the money, not now probably, but eventually when the public forgets, goes even softer on crime, and it will.

    Why do people vote for someone who helps to enact laws that enable a vicious, morally vacuous, unrepentant murderer to add more than insult to murder the barbarian will never understand.

  54. ” This programme may cause offence ; to people of an offensive nature. ”

    `I’m Sorry I’ll Read That Again` Radio 4 ( 1967 ).

  55. Victor Orban ( Hungarian P.M. ) writes to Jean-Paul Junker ( President of the EU Commission ) .

    ” Hungary is not an immigrant country….does not want to be an immigrant country….Can not accept being forced to change this .”

    “……the principle of solidarity….is in essence the transformation of Hungary into an immigrant country,against the will of the Hungarian citizens.In my view this is not solidarity,it is violence.”

  56. Baron September 7th, 2017 – 10:21

    Thank you. Coffin-dodging focuses the mind, Baron, although I’d not recommend it as a means to that end.

    Added to the honing has been the ever more barmier and blatant frothing and trouble making of the militant/insane/deranged left in this country. They need and deserve the strongest vituperation which they are slowly beginning to get in some online articles – Spiked Online, The Conservative Woman and even to an extent the Speccie. But sadly not from the so-called Conservative government which seems to be eager to capitulate to its cant and to pander to its ugly aspirations. There were a couple of its “radical” advocates on DP today (they love that word), together with one Jack Blanchard (formerly of the Daily Mirror) who expressed favour for pulling down statues of “dusty old men” commemorating “dubious wars” (he is lucky he has never had to fight in any, dubious or otherwise). In therapy for his incontinent, irrational and juvenile emotions he might try beating one of the several statues of General Gordon with his shoe, Gordon being a finer man than he will ever be and the petty, spiteful act therefore symptomatic of the deranged, puerile and narrow state of his binary mind.

    A nation is called upon to abandon and repudiate its history in the pursuit of a guilt manufactured without any context or relevance by cretinous, shit-stirring lefties who haven’t the slightest clue about the historic realities. How can a nation be governed by idiots influenced by such noisy idiots who are ashamed of its inherited identity and want to expunge it? Who treat our forebears as if they were Nazis?

    Sorry, Baron, I drifted there into a rant.

  57. Why didn’t all those hit by the hurricanes flee to the safe spaces at the universities.

  58. Ref the fiasco in Cromer, well I will call the thieving louts exactly what they are, Irish gypos who in any sensibly ordered country would be turfed out. But it is forbidden to state the bleeding obvious in plain English. As I have now broken the rules of politically correct expression I will go one step further and say, as delicately as possible, Dianne Abbot is a c–t. Mea culpa and all that jazz.

  59. You accidentally missed out the word thick before c–t.

  60. Stephen & John

    I refer you to:

    Marshal Roberts
    September 6th, 2017 – 10:53

  61. Man who kicked a nurse in the face and said she had ‘no right to live’ because she was wearing SHORTS during Ramadan is jailed for three years in Turkey

    Security guard Abdullah Cakiroglu was caught kicking Aysegul Terzi, 24
    He screamed ‘those who wear shorts must die’ before the vicious assault

    I’ve heard of milder forms of this. They think it is their right to tell men and women not to wear shorts because it bares flesh. I’m fed up of this.

  62. I’m always suspicious of anything labelled a ‘leak’ and I read the leaked immigration plan as deliberately leaked to try to show May is stong on immigration.

    The Tory grassroots have been sounded out over the summer and are – I am told furious.

    WTF is this wretched woman’s purpose? She has spent seven years in office and never lifted a finger against immigration.

  63. And the TOries have just done very badly in some local elections.

    Where’s the ruddy Brexit? It isn’t coming. It’s a Fake Brexit to go with the BBC’s Fake News.

    Leaked plan to reduce immigration! It was a Judas Goat sop to the Tory grassroots to create a headline: Tory crackdown on immigration.

    When? Tomorrow. It’s always tomorrow. Seven years of tomorrows. Welcome to The Cameron Delusion, Part II.

  64. Vintage Steyn, literally, but worth a reprise and an hour of your time:

  65. A voice crying in the wilderness …. ?

  66. Radford NG @ 14:14

    The outcome of this spat between the easterly members of the prefab camp of Brussels and Mutti will furnish evidence of the state of the EU, Radford, give us a hint as to its ability to survive after Brexit, the possible direction of its future evolution.

    There will be a compromise, of course, that’s inevitable, but the writing in between the lines will say alot which way the power is shifting. The Brussels puppets, what with the strings being pulled by MUtti, can hardly carry on fining the East, this not only turn s up the anger of the Visegrad rulers (they are increasingly unhappy nobody consults them, and not only on immigration), it also turns the people more against the EU, the fines are already grinding down the enthusiasm, or what remains of it, the unwashed of Eastern Europe were displaying when they joined in – the money from the EU budget, the cash flowing from the richer member states to the poorer members.

    The one joker in the pack is the size of Mutti’s win next month, if she gets a solid endorsement, the Orbans of the world of the East will have a job on their hands. She’ll be embolden beyond the the point of arrogance, Baron reckons.

  67. postergirl @ 03:26

    Excellent lament, postergirl, the barbarian watched it yesterday on his mobile, shared it with few others. What the others said is unprintable, better than the postings below the video.

  68. Esther @ 23:51

    There is no love between you and the saintly One then, Esther?

  69. Colonel Mustard @ 14:39

    You drifting into a rant, Colonel? That day is unlikely to come, ever. If only we got more of it, if only it was the spirit of it followed by deeds from those who govern us.

    Ironically, we may get there if the Tories get booted out from no10 by the cumryd at the next election (hopefully without his securing an outright majority), they seem determined to fugg up the Brexit negotiations hoping the people will forgive them for it. In this, they are gravely mistaken, to be out of the Brussels yoke on paper, in in reality is the worst outcome, and not just because it goes against the wishes of the country, it would also be grossly injurious to the country’s economic fortunes.

    If that were to happen, the Tories may finally turn to what it says on the can they inhabit – Conservative.

  70. Sorry for the errors again, too little time to think more, say less.

  71. Richard Branson’s son is virtue signalling and calling for help. He can go whistle.

    The Bransons in their tax haven are no different from the Grenfell Tower fraudsters in their de facto tax haven, achieved by leeching off British taxpayers.

    A five-minute video that finally deals with Grenfell. 25 per cent of Grenfell was illegally sublet. Multiply that on a national scale. FFS. And what about the Manchester victims?

    Tommy Robinson: Let’s Be Honest About Grenfell Tower Fire

  72. I think the 25% is an underestimate.

  73. Interesting comments underneath that video:

    ‘A fridge didn’t blow up, it was cooking for Ramadan that caused the fire and they won’t even admit that.’

  74. Superb Pat Condell video, thanks for circulating and – all of you – please re-circulate.

    That is the point. Why are people in the UK and Europe still voting for these LibLabCon politicians?

    The problems are accelerating, not lessening.

    I understand people’s desire to ‘keep Corbyn out’ etc, but where are we now? Today? Getting better? Or worse? The Tory Judas Goat, the Macron Judas Goat and so on; they are not stopping this and do not want to.

    The Establishment used the Brexit vote to destroy UKIP. Paul Dacre wanted rid of UKIP once and for all. Since Brexit, Big Media’s stance on UKIP and all upstart parties is omerta, no speak of. Talk about Grenfell every day but forget Manchester and so on in less than seven days.

    Watch that Pat Condell video and then read this headline:

    Theresa May ‘won’t last as PM until Christmas’ predicts Nigel Farage as he addresses a far-right rally in Germany alongside granddaughter of Hitler’s finance chief

    It is a total smear story to halt any alternative. Condell is right. We need change at the ballot box. We were told Cameron was a fifth column real deal. Hitchens wrote a book called The Cameron Delusion and pleaded with people not to vote for him. We were told May was the real deal, despite six years of Common Purposing in the Home Office. Whatever name you have in the back of your head as the next fifth columnist to lead the Tory party and save you, you can forget it.

    You cannot keep voting for people who criminalise free speech.

  75. I’m really sorry, Baron, but this observation: ‘If that were to happen, the Tories may finally turn to what it says on the can they inhabit – Conservative.’

    is the modus operandi. There will be a Tory leader who will turn it all around, there will be an even that turns the Tory party around. Wrong, wrong, wrong. That is the sleight of hand persuasion they use to get people to the ballot box.

    Look how popular Brexit is. We won. So why not Brexit properly and nail on all those votes? Exactly. Tories don’t serve the people. Tories serve the globalists and shaft their own voters. I know Labour do it too, but it’s no excuse to prop them up.

    Watch the Pat Condell video. Twice if you have to.

    We are going up the swannee.

  76. Paul Joseph Watson’s latest.

    Jennifer Lawrence is a complete idiot:

  77. Viktor Orban for European Commission president.

  78. On the positive side, I am pleased to see the level of abuse being hurled at Richard Branson’s son.

    This is a Remainer tax exile family asking for taxpayer help. xxxx them.

    The absolute gall of these people to live in their cossetted offshore tax havens while the masses are raped and murdered and denied free speech to stop them complaining is just unbelievable.

    Why do people even but Virgin branded goods?

  79. Postergirl (03:26)

    Thanks for the latest clip from PC (ironic initials there, eh?).

    You Tube automatically rolled it into this one: equally hard hitting. As has been suggested by others, make sure it is widely disseminated, because the MSM won’t and are pumping the opposite propaganda with increasing pressure each day:

  80. Postergirl (03:26)

    “If you think Hurricane Irma is bad, wait till you get a load of Hurricane Allah. We have to stop Islam, or say goodbye to civilisation.”

    Pat Condell‏ {Verified account @patcondell 5h ago]

  81. Hey, I thought he was dead but the guy who is STILL, ihmo, best candidate England Football Manager is on Twitter!

    Van Hoogstraten [@Zimbabwe900]
    I am a self made millionaire and traditional British entrepreneur. I demand respect and long for Britain to return to the fine historic values it once held.

    Come to think of it, put ‘im in charge of Brexit!

  82. We have not had a PM for whom British interests are paramount since Maggie was knifed in the back. Now while I am not an unalloyed admirer of the woman she was better than many who went before her and a damn side better than all who have followed her. The ruling elite are wedded to a set of values which the average member of British society abhores, they are fully aware of this which is why there are so many laws curtailing free speech, laws that have no place in a free society, we live in a scantily disguised dictatorship, and I see little chance of national redemption, unless the Tories ignore their recent history and start electing a Tory as their leader. Fat chance of that I fear.

  83. In the new political party (whatever they are – definitely not Tory) the stealth anti-free speech laws must be repealed. These involve:

    Libel law
    Hate (thought) crime
    And reversing in full the official doctrine that a word is a hate crime when a person says it is

    The UK never really had free speech anyway but it has lost it totally now.

    Even people like Katie Hopkins are slammed by whopping libel bills.

    The most frightening aspect of all this is the Labour Party, which will be even worse than the Tories. Unelected Shami Chakrabarti is waiting in the wings like a halal butcher, a lawyer dripping in sophistry who will cut the throat of free speech altogether with the Leveson doctine implemented in full. The Labour Party wants official news. Newspeak. We say what is true.

    The problem is we can’t vote Tory because things are worsening under them.

    There was a story this week about four British troops arrested. The headline suggested a plot and danger, but read the story and they were members of a baned organisation. Hmmm.

    I don’t know anything about the organisation but there was no active plot or plotting. This seems very arbitrary. The government defines what is extreme.

    In the wake of Manchester, London Bridge and Westminster Bridge it also seems like a very politicised act. The establishment are desperate to create a narrative that there is a far r#ght just as widespread and dangerous as the jihadis.

    That is nonsense. The jihadis are everywhere raping and murdering according to their manual.

    You can see why it is the Establishment wants a false flag counter narrative.

    And screaming about Grenfell every day since it happened while shutting up about Manchester tells you exactly their game plan.

  84. Esther @ 11:04 & 17:00

    Get real, Esther, please.

    We labour under FPTP electoral system, for a new party to break the century plus old mould of the two major parties is virtually impossible, the UKIP outfit got 4mn plus votes in 2015, FA in seats in the hOuse.

    What does it tell you?

    That we either switch to another electoral system that will honour what the deluded progressives shout we should have or at least aim for i.e. ‘equality’, in the case we’re talking about a system where each vote counts, or we have to use what we have.

    The barbarian cannot see any new party ever getting enough seats to secure a majority in the House, he cannot see any other party but the Tories to begin to reflect anything near what the country enjoyed before the left-leaning, anointed, progressive crowd usurped virtually all pyramids of power from early schooling through the academia to MSM, and most importantly the top layers of the two major parties.

    What do you suggest one does to get the three suggestions of yours @ 17.00? In practical steps. Does one set up a new party, a kind of replica of UKIP? Hmmm

    Btw, the poorly educated Slav is with you all the way on the slicing of events and stuff.

  85. stephen maybery @ 14:52

    Nothing to disagree with, stephen, except that looking back some 50 years, wasn’t it the Tory party that furnished two leaders one would endorse? Winston and Maggie?

    You and Esther are right, the saintly One is anywhere near what a Tory leader should be, but who knows Jacob or someone of his caliber may be.

    Few years back, nobody would have thought Brexit was possible, it did happen thanks to one man, Nigel. Now, it seems he Tories are beyond repair, but events may help if the outcome of Brexit is not to the liking of the majority of the unwashed, a new leader may emerge. Have faith, young sir.

    If Baron’s wrong, of course one shouldn’t give the party one’s vote, that’s clear.

  86. EC @ 13:25

    Amazing the guy’s still at it, EC, nobody has made any attempt to take his videos down. One wonder what would happen if someone were to object, the u-tube to$$ers were to close his account.

    If he were to take them to court, the barbarian would go, demonstrate, shout for his re-instatement. Nothing else really one could do.

  87. Esther @ 11:13

    This is only mildly amusing, Esther, this charming young woman has been endowed with beauty well in access of what an average woman got, but it seems in the brain department she wasn’t that lucky.

    One can pity her, she should do whatever it is she’s doing (is she an actress? Baron has no idea), parade her sexy body, learnt scripts and repeat them, but stay as far away from issues that require the use of one’s brain.

  88. The Government has allocated £32mn to help the devastated islands in the Caribbean under our jurisdiction, this seems somewhat mean, don’t you think?

    We have a mammoth Foreign Aid budget running at £12bn, most of the money gets siphoned out by crooks, deposits in Swiss banks, is then used for shopping sprees of the crooks’ wife and relatives. Could we not cut a chunk, a good chunk of it, help those impoverished by the hurricanes, there will be thousands of them.

  89. You may not be that interested, the BoE has been running a supplementary funding programme called the TFS (the term funding scheme) for the banking and financial sectors, it started just after Brexit, the Bank must have believed its own forecast that after the ‘out’ vote doom and gloom will descend on this small island the ungrateful burghers voting for Brexit inhabit. Nothing like that has happened, the economy is slowing down, but only because of the lingering uncertainty of the divorce settlement.

    Under the TFS the financial institutions, not just the banks, but any institution registered to carry out finance business, could borrow from the BoE at .25%, they have done so in droves, partly as a result of it the private sector borrowing has added over £13bn to the outstanding consumer debt, mostly on durables, mostly on cars (Baron may have told you four out of every five cars is now bought on lease terms, the average team of the lease some 3 years).

    The reason the poorly educated Slav bores you with it is that when this borrowing spree comes to an end, the economy will get hit, hard Brexit or not, it may well be the start of the economic cum financial meltdown of an epic size, the necessary ingredient of the likely outcome of doom.

    When is that to occur is of course the question, but when it does the doomsters amongst us, e.g. Frank, will have their day under the sun. It will be then that the other grievances (immigration, PC, pandering to every minority and stuff) that ha ve been making everyone more than unhappy will get added to the settlement bill with the progressives.

    It may even coincide with the Tories going for a true blue leader possessing genuine conservative principles, no?

    (Sorry for baiting you, the poorly educated Slav cannot buy the Full Monty of desperation, it depresses him, and he’s quite depressed as it is).

  90. Here’s something the barbarian wasn’t fully aware of.

    Did you know that google logs everything you are doing on the internet, on your mobile, any other gadget you may have that’s coupled with the Net, absolutely everything, even (say) looking for cinema tickets, booking them?

  91. Baron, I am getting real!

    I understand the argument of between a rock (Tory) and Labour (a hard place), but the difference is so small as to be immaterial. The Blairite rot continues under May.

    We’re saved, we’re saved, Labour didn’t get in, oh, we just have stealth Labour under the Tories!

    Let me run with the status quo: let’s all vote Tory and have more of the same. Hmm. Things can only get worse.

  92. Esther,

    The barbarian didn’t vote in 1997 (that’ when the ghastly Blair got in), or since except in 2015 for UKIP, he was one of the 4mn, and a fat lot of good did this do.

    Your points are valid though, so what do you suggest the masses do, every one of uss does?

  93. If you can laugh and use a sick bag at the same time …. :
    Hillary Clinton Blames Angry Voters for Defeat; Calls for ‘Sacred Resistance’ Against Trump

  94. I suggest exactly what you are doing Baron!

    Was your effort wasted in 2015?

    You – and the others – secured a referendum. Cameron caved in to your pressure and offered it (thinking he wouldn’t have to honour it!).

    I suggest nothing more than to keep buggering on.

    If UKIP is the main upstart, ride their train, if the Veterans Party overtakes them, ride with them.

    We are constantly told this and that is not possible. Nobody saw the rise of the SNP (this is post-1997), nobody saw Leave winning, nobody saw Trump winning. Europe is full of upstarts, who even if they don’t win outright power, are making massive inroads).

    There is so much to be said to keep going on. At some stage, things will take off. Here in America, we have Trump. It was against all odds. And still is. I pray every day that he can stay in power. Things are bad here in the US, but we did it.

    All the loose, fringe players who were hanging around for years did it.

    It will have to come from the fringes. THat’s why I’m an admirer of Farage and Paisley. Nobody wanted them to start with, but the point about populists is they are in tune with the public and sooner or later, the public tend to side with them. If you don’t fight, you won’t win.

    But it was all possible. It was all done.

    I want more. I want more Brexit, more Farage. More any alternative. The appetite is there. And it is not for Anna Soubry.

  95. Before I get my head eaten off, I don’t support the SNP, I just point out how easy it is. Salmond & Co could see exactly what the appetite was for Labour and Tory: zero. And he took all their votes.

    Look at Northern Ireland. There is a reason there is no point in the Conservative Party trying there: they already have one. Again, it was invented by one man (with no money): Ian Paisley.

    It can be done. It will only ever come from the fringes and with struggle.

  96. John Le Carre has always a been a raging Leftist. He wanted Communism to win. He liked the USSR but hates Russia because Putin believes in the nation state.

    I cannot stand him or his ineffable books and films and TV shows. British sp’oks are now all in his mould: raging Leftists. And today I read this:

    ‘Something truly, seriously bad is happening’ with the rise of Donald Trump warns author and former spy John Le Carré as he compares the US President’s rise to that of HITLER

    Author John le Carré – real name David Cornwell – has published his 24th novel
    The book features the welcome return on his ageing spymaster George Smiley
    Le Carré – who spent 14 years as a spy – has warned about the rise of fascism
    He also criticised Brexit, claiming Smiley ‘feels a stranger in his own country’

  97. Pure virtue-signalling spite. That’s John Le Carre.

  98. Baron,
    Do not lose heart over our future, I have just been watching the last night of the proms, only in England do folk encourage such loonies. The audience wearing daft costumes, their faces wreathed in smiles, singing their hearts out. I know I moan to Olympic standards, but when I see that spectacle, I swell with pride, whatever lies in the future, whatever troubles descend on us, we will triumph, after all we always have.

  99. Interesting link. Europe is different from the UK and America in that it has open intellectual rebellion in the shape of Michel Houellebecq but still they vote for Macron et al.

    The image of the father of the boy killed in Barcelona sobbing and hugging an imam just did it for me.

    His own child dead yet he is brainwashed into virtue signalling. Total submission.

    That’s what they want. Or am I missing something here?

  100. Lovely English names .
    Three men and a boy jailed for ‘abhorrent’ rape of girl, 16, in Ramsgate

  101. A message to all JRM fans from Catherine Pepinster of the Catholic organ The Tablet.

    To force a woman to give birth after rape is an act of violence.

    These Old Etonians should be ignored in this and all other things.

    Look what a mess our last Old Etonian leader has got us into.

  102. ” I’ve got a ferret sticking up my nose……”

  103. Radford NG – 10:47

    I dunno about a ferret but I can smell a dead rat close by. I do wish Peter would take it out.


    Bad news for the New World Order – Good play White Dragon Society!

    “Yuan-backed oil and gold futures mean that users can be paid in physical gold, said Alasdair Macleod, head of research at Goldmoney, a gold-based financial services company based in Toronto.
    While some potential foreign traders have expressed reservations that the contract would be priced in yuan, according to analysts who spoke to Nikkei Asian Review, backing the yuan-priced futures with gold would be appealing to oil exporters — especially to those that would rather avoid U.S. dollars in trade.
    “It is a mechanism which is likely to appeal to oil producers that prefer to avoid using dollars, and are not ready to accept that being paid in yuan for oil sales to China is a good idea either,” Macleod said.
    These recent moves by the Chinese are part of a larger de-dollarization strategy by other world powers intent on creating a more multipolar global framework.”

  105. Difficult to argue with this brilliant dissection of the dilemma were are all facing and which many would rather not acknowledge:

    No doubt our noble pal will reassure us that things are never as bad as his bete noire adduces.

    One wonders whether if The Donald could turn the clock back a couple of years or so, he would have chosen a different path? I certainly wouldn’t swap my armchair observation point in Nuffuck for the Resolute Desk in the Oral Office at this moment in time.

    Meanwhile in Florida, it’s wet and really fuckin’ windy!

  106. John Birch

    The Syrians and the Russians have encircled ISIS forces, though rogue US intelligence appears to be airlifting their clients to safety, and reports have it that the “safe zones” established and maintained for the Syrian people by the Russians and their allies are working.

    Time then for Her Majesty’s government and the loyal opposition to repatriate all “Syrian refugees” to these areas. Payment of the costs can be set off against whatever outrageous, notional bill the globalists European HQ in Brussels is proposing as our re-entry ticket to freedom and independence. That payment can thus be characterized as a charge on the EU, which should go down well with Brexiteers.

    We might want to exile New World Order shills in government and opposition to the same safe zones with assurances of “Syrian” passports in exchange for their British documents.

    Britons never, never, never shall be shills.

  107. John Birch

    The Syrians and the Russians have encircled ISIS forces, though rogue US intelligence appears to be airlifting their clients to safety, and reports have it that the “safe zones” established and maintained for the Syrian people by the Russians and their allies are working.

    Time then for Her Majesty’s government and the loyal opposition to repatriate all “Syrian refugees” to these areas. Payment of the costs can be set off against whatever outrageous, notional bill the globalists European HQ in Brussels is proposing as our re-entry ticket to freedom and independence. That payment can thus be characterized as a charge on the EU, which should go down well with Brexiteers.

    We might want to exile New World Order shills in government and opposition to the same safe zones with assurances of “Syrian” passports in exchange for their British documents.

    Britons never, never, never shall be shills.

  108. Frank P – 11:44

    I expect Baron will spend awhile chewing the cud on that one.
    To what extent are Mr. Boot’s ruminations on NK are informed by Max, I wonder?

  109. Esther @ September 9th- 21:16


    At the airport after a visa run to Hong Kong a month ago, I picked up a copy of Le Carre’s 2010 novel, Our Kind of Traitor. I started to read it about a week ago and persisted with the first hundred or so pages of rather lifeless exposition, but since then have become locked in to the story, although I am not sure where it is going to end up ideologically.

    I did however come across the same news item as you though at the Telegraph online dated 8th September:

    I was amazed to read him quoted as saying to an audience at the Royal Festival Hall “…Brexit which I detest and Trump whom I also detest – what we are looking at is Europe as the squeezed middle, democratic rule as we understand it being assailed from both side of the Atlantic ” and of the loss of Smiley’s dream, presumably his own, “… of a second Reformation, and of a great, peaceful, democratic Europe”.

    Why Le Carre should detest the British people for showing some backbone in the referendum or Trump for standing up against the establishment, unless like A. Boot he finds too long a tie the sign of an unacceptable vulgarian or the choice of a “floozy” as his wife reflecting his unfitness as president, is not explained in the article. Nor is it clear from what Le Carre is quoted as saying why it is the Trump administration, rather than the thoroughly documented Bush, Clinton, Obama crime gang which has laid the foundations of a fascist state in the USA with ambitions, happily now set to fail, to participate in an adventure in global government.

    The idea though that the EU held out to any man as acquainted with realpolitik, intrigue and treachery as Smiley, and by implication Le Carre, a dream of a new civilization and a united democratic Europe, suggests a dupe of the malevolent autocratict power centre under Herr Junker in Belgium.

    David has mistaken his Goliath.

    Mr. Cornwell has lost the plot.

  110. Meanwhile, from the vaults…

    Like I said yesterday, “put him in charge of Brexit!” He’s what’s required at this point in time. Barnier and Verhofstadt won’t fuck with him!

  111. My understanding is that the North Koreans have an IRBM but not an ICBM. Do we have any proof that they exploded a hydrogen bomb?

  112. Peter

    That is not David Lindsay and those are not comments. They are simply the provocative trolling of a malevolent serial lurker and stalker.

    How is it that after years of his deceitful and mischievous little games you still let him persist here? That every time you get rid of one of his bogus names he appears again with another?

    Enough is surely enough? Or do you really think that an unhinged and very much unwanted leftist conspiracy of astonishing hubris should be allowed to interminably harass this forum?

  113. EC (13:46)

    I would guess very little; as is so often the case when fathers and sons are involved in the same business, they often agree to disagree. 🙂

  114. You are unlikely to read a better fillum review/political evisceration than this one (imnsho):

    Just one paragraph of it is worthy of an illuminated scroll in the annals of spookery, for the enlightenment of future generations who may or may not wonder why Western Civilisation imploded:

    “Woods and Silva work for GRS – the Global Response Staff – whose job is to provide security for the CIA operatives in the city. There are six of them, with monosyllabic nicknames – Rone, Tig, Oz, Boon – and a trait apiece: One of them is a bookish type partial to Joseph Campbell, which provides Bay with some voiceovered philosophical musings in the final moments. Otherwise, this is where the director descends to his traditional caricatures: in contrast to the hairy muscular tattooed GRS guys, the CIA types are clean-cut pocket-pen pansy-assed snooty desk-jockeys with Ivy League Master’s in Nation-Building Studies, all under the command of a Head of Station jobsworth called “Bob” (David Costabile) on his last posting before retirement. Because there are no girls in this story, one of the CIA agents is female, a thankless role well-played by Alexia Barlier. The pointyheads don’t want these dumb lummoxes causing any trouble. When the CIA occasionally ventures out from its crusader fort to meet with local bigwigs, Jack goes along as protection, posing as Mlle Barlier’s hubby, but sneeringly instructed not to say a word. In the course of the film, Mlle Barlier’s character comes to see that, when the chips are down, you need these hard men. Whereas the dweebiest of the desk-jockeys, on being instructed to grab a gun and head to the roof, responds, “He’s joking, right?” ”

    Wonderful! But RTWT.

  115. This is but one video that has been removed. Free speech has virtually been wiped out on YouTube in the past month:

    Anger as YouTube REMOVES video of Nigel Farage speaking about immigration and Islam

  116. TV Doc on White Schoolboy Murdered By Racist Pakistanis Airs Day After ‘All Whites Benefit from Racism’ BBC Rant

  117. Malfleur (14:02)

    Heh, heh, heh. True or not – a 6.3 hit on the Rectum Scale would encourage the Western PTB to believe it for both pragmatic and strategic reasons.

    Let me use a simple analogy: if an armed police unit gets called to a report of a ‘man with a gun threatening his neighbours’ arrives on scene and from 100 yeards is confronted with a man pointin a long instrument at them and shouting, “Don’t come any nearer you pigs or I’ll fuckin’ shoot you!” don’t you think a jury would decide, when the lead cop shot dead the man making the threat (and later discovered he was wielding a brolly) that the policeman was justified in his action? Even though a race riot ensued?

    I suppose the answer to that would depend on from what section of the country the
    jury was impanelled. 🙂

    Likewise with the International Court of Public Opinion if Don Trumpo orders Mad Dog to raze NOKO with five or six MOABs, delivered from high flying carriers of death and destruction.

    Putting such hardware in strategic proximity might just convince the Chinks and Vlad – that the POTUS means business. Dim Wrong ‘Un is just a petty potty pawn in the game, isn’t he?

    I can understand why you’re getting nervous, given your current theatre of operation. 🙂

  118. The remnants of ‘urrican ‘arvey just whipped down The Wash and put paid to my six-foot-tall dahlias. The commentary from Shep Smith via Fox News Live Stream makes me feel quite at home. All we need is some of the sand from Snettisham to pelt the double glazing of our hacienda and we can imagine that we’re hunkered down with the exiled mobsters on Hibiscus Drive, Hallandale Beach. Here’s what it looked like before the SHTF (literally):

    Wonder what it looks like today?

  119. Another crucially appropriate essay from Gerard, given the date:

    Sums up my own sentiments.

    How long O Lord?

  120. EC @ September 10th, 2017 – 13:46

    Amazingly, EC, the profoundly Christian man, who quotes from the Book at will, is guided by the philosophy of Jesus, would endorse ‘you shall love your neighbour (enemy?) as yourself’ (Deuteronomy 6:5 (?) can see no solution to the Korean crisis but one of the nuclear annihilation of millions of people.

    Sweet baby Jesus, of you are there, have mercy on him.

    To do any through slicing of the rant Baron cannot be bothered, the whole piece is a masterly constructed yet totally deceptive conjuring trick of portraying a man who seeks a peaceful solution to a crisis as the villain, but a bunch of Deep State nutters, who advise the deployment of the tools of evil, as human, arghhh.

    Take just one single paragraph:

    “But, for a dialogue not to be futile, the two parties have to have a desired end in mind. In this case, that can only be N. Korea abandoning her nuclear weapons. Yet Vlad tells us they won’t do so under any circumstances. So there goes peaceful dialogue as a possible solution. There’s really nothing to talk about”.

    But the two parties do have a ‘desired end in mind’. The Americans desire to gain control over this little, mephitic, and recalcitrant boil of a country, have the tools to finish the job. The nutter, too, has a desired ambition to hold on to power, has the same tools, albeit not as sharp or numerous as the Yanks, to at least try to prevent the Americans from dislodging him from power.

    The nukes are but the means for both parties to achieve ‘their desired ends’.

    If one can be certain the military conflict were to stay conventional (as it was in the early 50s when the Americans could lob a nuclear bomb on North Korea), one could justify the operation on the basis of George Orwell’s profound observation that ‘it’s only in novels the choice is between good and evil, in real life we more often than not have to choose between two evils’. The thing is, nobody can guarantee the nutter, pushed to the wall, won’t deploy its nuclear arsenal.

    The omni-one is lying when he says ‘Vlad tells us they won’t do so (give up nuclear weapons) under any circumstances’. First, Vlad has never said it, second, it’s patently untrue. The North Korean abandoned their nuclear programme when Bush Jn promised money, oil and stuff (and actually delivered most of what he promised) except that he, Bush Jn also boosted up military exercises around North Korea, got Japan involved together with the South Korean forces. (The Americans justified the beefing up saying it’s to ensure the Noth Korean complied with the deal, the North Korean suspected the lfinnacial assistance, goods, oil were all a smokescreen for a future probable invasion of their country, resumed the nuclear programme).

    There’s alot to talk about.

    Surprisingly (or perhaps not) the omni-all (as always) never tells us what doesn’t fit his imaginative vomit of lies. The North Korean have agreed to stop testing nukes and delivery system if the Americans suspend military exercises. (The Western MSM hasn’t mentioned it either, even though the offer was made twice, t,he Americans rejected it twice, why hasn’t anyone informed the Western plebeians?).

    The barbarian has told you what could do the trick, no nuclear bursts involved, less costly, too, hasn’t been tried yet.

    What the North Korean nutter wants is to keep power, has nukes to secure that desire, one cannot predict the outcome of the conflict if he gets challenged militarily. (Btw, the switch in the country’s military focus from conventional weapons to nuclear has saved them money, the non-military investment has been boosted, the living standard of the people, although still abysmally low, has improved noticeably under him – that’s the CIA talking).

    We should, or rather the Chinese should convince the man with the penchant for weird haircuts to accept consumer durables from the West, investment dollars for manufacturing such stuff in-house, he should be told he can say it’s all because of his vision, his foresight and the diplomatic skills he possesses in an abundance.

    This may seem nutty, too, but it’s immeasurably better than the risk of a world polluted with radioactive waste, the uncertainty that the fish one eats, the rain that falls on one’s head, or the air one cannot avoid to breeze will give one leukaemia.

  121. You look what’s going on in those regions of the Republic hit by the hurricanes, then try to imagine what the whole of the country, the whole world, would look like if the conflict in Korea were to turn nuclear, then go worldwide with Russia a and China lobbing missiles one way, the Americans the other.

    Only deeply convinced masochists, and of course, the omni-all Boot could entertain that wish.

  122. Malfleur @ 10th, 2017 – 14:02

    The same sort of proof they had on WMD, Malfleur, copper bottom cert that.

  123. Frank P @ 18:01

    Who’s telling the truth then, Frank?

    You should know, it’s your line of business, you’ve had years of experience of the crooked and the innocent.

  124. Baron (18:39)

    One thing puzzles me: why don’t you post your critiques of Gospodin Boot’s essays directly into his comments section? Just sayin’.

  125. What should make people nervous is the tons of radioactive water that have been pouring into the Pacific Ocean since 2011 from the damaged nuclear plant at Fukushima.

    By the way, I see from an article in the Weekend Financial Times that on orders from the centre customs authorities have begun to ban the import of stinky French cheese into China. In view of the fondness of Kim for these cheeses, could this be part of a cunning plot tp pressure the dictator to abandon his nuclear programme? I fear however that, if so, George Soros working with Max Boot and others in the war party may soon organize clandestine flights delivering massive emergency cheese supplies direct to Pyonyang.

  126. Baron (18:51)

    The ludicrous reports of the G Men were almost as risible as Meyer’s own protestations when he was interviewed in Israel (video clip included in my links above) , while on the run.

    Not only was he the ‘Mogul of the Mob’ (vide Hank Messick’s book of that title) ; he was their prime corrupter of both law enforcement and politicians. He was personally responsible for the changes in the UK Gaming Acts of the early 1960s, through lobbying and subtle blackmail – the thin end of the wedge that ulimately led to wholesale corruption of senior levels of police at NSY, exposed in the late 60s and 70s. The Krays and the Richardsons were amateurs by comparison.

    When Robert Lacey wrote his hagiography “Little Man”, he swallowed the bullshit of Meyer’s familial survivors. Lansky was an active ‘associate’, enforcer and advisor of the syndicate until his death. His life impacted the UK in more ways than will ever be publicly recorded, our ‘libel’ laws will ensure that. He may be dead but many of his ‘business’ associates are still extant. Another book by Messick: ” Secret File”, is also a reliable analysis of Lansky’s role and the network of other top Jewish movers and shakers in mobbery. Much more fascinating than the fictional versions of recent years. Some of the official files of Lansky’s wheeling and dealing with Lucky Luciano and US government officials in WW2 had a 100 year embargo on them. They were probably shredded prior to FOI laws were enacted in recent years. The art of corruption is THE major element of serious IOC. Multi-layered and deeply pervasive. ‘Twas ever thus and forever will be.

  127. First things first, an apology, a humbling apology at that, for the errors, the poorly educate edSlav’s rantings seem beyond repair, his English may be of the pedestrian variety, but he does know about plurals for nouns, the spelling of more than a couple of words like that we must breathe even in the breeze …..,

    also an apology for the lateness of the apology, the system was down, we had rains and winds last night, it must be that winds not only put leaves on the track that turn trains into stationary containers, the naughty winds also prevent one from apologising by cutting the only conduit for doing so.

  128. Frank P @ 11th, 2017 – 00:24

    You’re too kind, Frank, thank you.

    It’s amazing he never got caught, there must have been hundreds of people who furnished the link between him and whoever the villain committing the crime was, hundreds he corrupted himself face to face, why hasn’t anyone he bribed left an envelope with a firm of solicitors to be opened after his/her death spilling it all out?

    An amazing man, dangerous, but amazing. One cannot but wonder if another individual like him exists today.

    Btw (the barbarian is rather reluctant to say it), his name is quite common in Czecho, he may have come from there, the barbarian will investigate, he’s going to get the books you mention anyway).

  129. Frank P @ September 10th, 2017 – 23:17

    Baron’s tried once or twice, Frank, got ‘moderated out’, learnt where he’s unwanted .

  130. Frank P, September 10th, 2017 – 14:47

    As I know to my great cost. Although being in the same trade is not necessarily a pre-requisite, and agreeing to disagree is a way forward but it takes two to tango.

  131. The last one for now:

    It was exactly at 19.00 hours (or marginally before) the internet folded up for Baron, how does he know? (a diversion here, Baron types ‘how does he know’ the software adds ’s’ to ‘know’, you must believe it, it happens often, but most of the time Baron looks up at the screen, corrects it, occasionally he doesn’t, his typing skills for what they are, require him to look continuously at the keyboard) .

    Still, Baron was trying to post two videos saying things were not that brilliant in either Russia or Ukraine when the disconnect happened, it made him think someone somewhere did ‘cut the wires’ deliberately (we shall see if the videos go in now).

    The first one is self-explanatory, a couple flee Russia, have little positive to say about Putin. The other video is in Russian and Ukrainian, unless you speak the languages keep the sound out if you want to watch it.

    It’s about a female journalist working for the guy in the video, Baron watches him often, he’s based in Ukraine, is accused of a pro-Russian bias, has huge following because of his wit and, if Baron may say so, objectivity (objectivity here is defined by his take on things agreeing with Baron, or the other way round if you like).

    Still, the video shows the young journalist being bungled into a car by the Ukrainian Security Service men in broad daylight, in the centre of Kiev, She’s done nothing the constitution prohibits, she was interviewing.

    She’s resisting the men, a policeman gets out of his little box, does nothing (he knows only the Security Services could do that), the commotion creates a little crowd, the car has to go round the square, towards the end other girls are trying to help the journalist, get pushed away, fail.

    The shot with the surveillance cameras says the yellow one is operated by the Security Services, the others are run by commercial interests.

    The guy who fronts the video describes what’s happening (sorry, Baron cannot translate it all), says towards the end of the clip what he’s going to do – letters to everyone including the EU courts, consulting lawyers etc, no need watch it.

    The girl’s released after ‘the chat’.

  132. Frank P, September 11th, 2017 – 00:24

    Didn’t Meyer Lansky and “Lucky” Luciano et al effectively “own” Baptista and thereby Cuba? Unfortunately for Cuba’s great unwashed Castro’s vicious murdering mob that took over from “the mob” made the latter look like humanitarian philanthropists.

  133. Baron, September 10th, 2017 – 18:39

    Re: Profoundly Christian men, women and other God botherers.

    I’ve yet to meet any who are overly concerned over matters eschatological. They ALL to a man, and woman, firmly believe that they are SAVED. I think that some of them are slightly concerned about the process of how they get from “A” to “B” though. I don’t think spending 6 months in a post conflict nuclear winter slowly starving and succumbing to radiation is on any of their mental horizons!

    Even Tony Blair thinks he’s going to heaven!


    OK, talking of nuclear fission supposed or real and related matters, this SGT Report is interesting and timely:

    “Here’s what really happened on September 11th, 2001”.


    Meanwhile, back in the present, here is Jack Posobiec explaining his view of the significance of Steve Bannon’s interview with the American current affairs programme, 60 Minutes:

    Jack, you will remember, was formerly with US naval intelligence.

  136. EC (09:27)

    Actually, though I don’t normally recommend Wiki as a reliable source for rap sheets, Meyer’s entry is not bad. Contradictory in places and some data missing, particularly his UK connections, which have always been underreported and misreported for reasons cited above. I always intended to do my own tome on the subject – but real life clicked in and consequently I wasn’t able to keep all the plates spinning;
    now it’s too late. Even stirring the sump that was once my comprehensive memory bank in order to amuse the crew here causes me insomnia for a week, as all the synapses wake up, make new connections in light of recently unearthed data and thus drive me mad, as the realisation of what could have been done and wasn’t when the opportunities were there hits me between the eyes. Putting the record straight is now futile. Who would read it, other than anoraks who have already made up their minds based on second hand bullshit and would not want their carefully assimilated delusionary preconceptions and misconceptions demolished? 🙂

    Its the sad consequence of old age and infirmity that in the end fucks us all. Coincidentally had a message this morning from the wife of a lifelong pal of identical age, who just succumbed to the big C (bladder) after an 18 month struggle. So It underlines my mood … “gather ye rosebuds … ” as Robert Herrick advised (and Randolph Hearst cryptically bequeated).

    Meanwhile it’s still pissing down in Florida. The BBC are of course concentrating their efforts on the Cuban devastation, pointing out how well all the “state run services” clicked in and how we should use their experience as a paradigm. Now back to Fox News livestream – and a modicum of straight data.

  137. Bequeathed – poker failure again – sri.

  138. Malfleur @ September 11th, 2017 – 10:43

    A friend of Baron, an American, has ‘looked into any evidence that exists’ says this ‘so called new evidence in the video is so full of holes nobody would believe it’. The problem Baron has with anything the conspiracy theorists come up with, including this call analysis variety of it is this.

    Leaving aside the moral aspect of the atrocity, whoever planned it, organised, executed it must have had the most brilliant mind, a sort of genius in action, everything must have been thought through in minute detail, right? Why then he (they) bothered to engineer the calls, fake them when someone could have sent a secret message (see below), would not jamming the mobiles be simpler, more natural, less risky. It’s not that difficult, one can buy a small gadget that does exactly that.

    The friend was sent your video and another one (see below), it’s shorter, but one doesn’t have to watch the whole of it anyway, just move the cursor to about the 16th minute, listen to the call from CeeCee Lyles. Does she really whisper at the end of the call ‘it’s a frame’? (The barbarian admits he got goosebumps hearing it, but is it what she really whispers?).

  139. EC @ 09:42

    Very good point, EC, the barbarian knows of someone who also falls into the category of the ‘saved’, the kind of people one should aim to avoid.

    It is probably the most potent reason to stay away from an organised religious order, whatever the label.

  140. Only for the connoisseurs of things Russian, no need for anyone else to watch it, but if you do click on it you’ll find the reason for posting in near the middle.

    This is the site of the new representative from Yabloko (the Apple), a left leaning political party that participated in the Moscow local elections, (something akin to our parish, borough elections), the girl won a seat, that’s a success even though only 12% of registered voters bothered to vote by 6PM. According to the TV station ‘The Rain’ the leftist parties did well in Moscow, the Putin-backing parties scored well outside the capital, that’s the muzhiks for you.

    The new member is ‘citizen steyn’, one wonders if the great Mark is aware that a charming girl of the same surname challenges Vlad from within the evil empire. You may also follow her on twitter.

    The cast of of her breast is held by the artist who produced it, in the communist past artists were eager to cast Lenin, every bit of him, his head, hands, the hand & arm, his torso whilst he’s standing, sitting … his penis (the barbarian’s made this one up, but who knows even his tool of reproduction, which Mr. Boot says was syphilitic, may have been cast in metal, chiselled in stone), today, the are more inclined to go for girls’ breast plus.

    If you scan lower still, you’ll see her wearing a T-short displaying the word ‘nadoyel’, hard to translate, Mr. Boot would know, close to ‘have had enough of him’, i.e. have had enough of Putin.

    Just above the postings there is a picture of her, her supporters and the message ‘OK, let’s start cutting the budget’.

    The postings are less encouraging, the first calls her ‘a dickhead or moron’, all of the others are similar, the one that got negative rating (minuses) says ‘well, she got in so what? You remember Duma enacting laws for the nation? I don’t’.

  141. You will all remember this:

    On August 31 last year, the £1billion taxpayer-funded BBC news machine went into what can only be described as incontinent anti-Brexit overdrive in response to the killing of a Polish man in Essex.

    This, its headlines declared, was being regarded as a race hate killing triggered by the Brexit vote two months earlier.

    It emerged on Friday at the final sentencing hearing in this sorry case that what happened that day was the polar opposite of what the corporation projected so forcefully in in its headlines.


  142. The latest Fred is fully importable here except that instead of talking about the Latinos one would talk about the East Europeans, Africans, or whoever.

    It’s also pleasing he says what the barbarian has been saying, immigration is an economic phenomenon, since the West can no longer colonise the lands from which the immigrants come, the locals from those lands arrive here, the middle classes that govern the country and the immigrants benefit.

    In the Republic which is more open, the Donald may get into trouble if nothing’s done, but here, the politicians will re-draw the definition of immigrants, exclude a category or two or three from the statistical series (it has to be done gradually, if there were a noticeably large step-down movement in the number allowed in, the people would be suspicious), everyone will be happy except the indigenous man at the bottom of the feeding queue.

  143. Globalist Coup at the White House Almost in Place – Trump Drugged, Blackmailed and Isolated

    Alex Jones Show 1st Hour, Monday 9/11

  144. There is huge money to be made in Big Data by noticing patterns, as Anne Wojcicki does. But patterns are what Susan Wojcicki had James Damore fired for noticing.

    Please share this article by using the link below. When you cut and paste an article, Taki’s Magazine misses out on traffic, and our writers don’t get paid for their work. Email to buy additional rights.

  145. And now for something completely different as it’s breakfast time.

  146. Frank P, September 11th, 2017 – 16:32

    Thanks, That Wiki article was a wonderful read, straight of the YCMIU vault. They didn’t call it “organised crime” for nothing!

    Fast Forward to today and the biggest crooks are still in or running the government with their stooges pulling levers installed in CP sinecures.

    As you said above, “le cose cambiano più le cose rimangono le stesse!”
    … or something like that.

    Difficult to believe that Lansky shuffled off the mortal coil with only $10K to his name, though.

  147. Here’s something else from the YCMIU department!

    Cue Sir Dickie…

  148. John Birch September 12th, 2017 – 08:59

    Lefties like Moore have always had a problem with the display of some British flags, usually the Union flag and the Cross of St George (q.v. Emily Thornberry). It triggers their self hate and sneering bigotry more than anything else. They are relaxed about the divisive Scots National Socialists waving the saltire though because it comforts their anti-British sentiments. PLO flags and the flags of other terrorist organisations waved on the streets of London? Not a peep from the likes of Moore. And in these days of “conference”, when those who rule over us or who want to strut the stages and engage in their communal lying, she sees nothing wrong in the waving and display of red flags by the left, despite communism’s blood-drenched history.

    If Moore were consistent, rational or objective she would understand how ridiculous her article is in its selective sneering. Instead her rant confirms that she is just another silly leftist bigot of which there is no shortage in this poor benighted country.

    And the accusations of Farage “cavorting” with the offspring of Nazis are pure hyperbole.

  149. Newsletter 2017/09/11 – Berlin Calls for a “One-Europe Policy”

    BERLIN/BEIJING (Own report) – Berlin sees China’s growing economic
    presence in the EU’s eastern periphery as an increasing threat to
    German predominance over Eastern and Southeastern Europe. During his
    visit to Paris at the end of August, German Foreign Minister Sigmar
    Gabriel warned against the People’s Republic’s alleged “division of
    Europe.” Beijing’s cooperation with 16 Eastern and Southeastern
    European countries is threatening the EU’s “unity” and must be
    stopped. China should follow a “one-Europe policy.” German media and
    think tanks have been sharply criticizing Chinese economic activities
    in Eastern and Southeastern Europe since years. In a recent analysis,
    the Friedrich-Naumann Foundation (FDP) assailed the Czech government
    for signing a “declaration on the territorial integrity of the
    People’s Republic of China” in view of comprehensive Chinese
    investments in that country. Beijing has reacted to these attacks by
    pointing to Germany’s dominant status in the EU.


  150. Noa – 10:50

    Is that Peter Mullen as in the “Rev” Peter Mullen, Bootsie’s minder? The Rev, a Prepper? Who’da thunk it!

    Espérons que la cave au m. Boots House en France est bien équipée avec ses vins préférés.

    Tangentially… anybody remember “Bootsie and Snudge”?

    I have only vague memories of it – not being really that funny. However, the cast and writing credits look like a ‘Who’s Who’ of British TV.

    Toodle Pip!

  151. Noa – 10:50

    Not forgetting Comrade Nicola…

  152. Colonel Mustard – 10:41
    John Birch – 08:59

    It’s that bloody Guyanese woman again!

  153. Who’da thunk it! (II)

    “Despite a narrative of squeezed public services, the wages, salaries and pensions of those in taxpayer-funded positions are all on average more generous. Since 2009, gross median annual salaries in the public sector were on average 12.4 per cent higher than the private sector.”


  154. I was treated to the Cameron marriage service on Saturday.

    The eldest daughter having followed the shill’s exhortation that “You know it’s the right thing to do”.

    The cultural cringe of ‘service’ itself defines marriage as the union of two people-at least for the moment.
    But why only two? And why is is still limited to people?
    And, like a practising Nigerian Ju-Ju witch doctor and Town Hamlets council cleaner, why should we not be able to discriminate between those parts of people that we like and those we don’t?
    Shouldn’t Wayne be entitled to to quiet possession and enjoyment his 32F boobs without having the inconvenience of the listening to mega-gob that stridently trumpets above them?
    How do we move this much needed and progressive reform forward?

    First they came for the Registrar, and I said nothing…

  155. Colonel 1041

    Lefties are metamorphosing. The lefties of old stood for the working class and peace but not now. The cause of today is identity politics. They champion supposedly victimized and marginalized groups—Asians, Muslims, homosexuals, women and the transgendered. Transexual toilets as a cause are more important to the “left” than the working class

    All white-skinned peoples except leftists, including apparently victimized women, are racist by definition. Racism and victimization are the explanations of everything, all of history and all institutions. This program of the left cuts the left off from the working class, who have even been abandoned by the Labour Party which has terminated the left’s connection to the people.

  156. “Christian family has been beaten to death by Muslim classmates at the MC Model Boys Government High School in Pakistan, allegedly for drinking from the same water cooler as them.
    Sharoon Masih, described as “an incredibly bright student from an impoverished Christian family” by the British Pakistani Christian Association, was targeted from his first day at the school, where he was the only Christian in his year.

    Classmates isolated Sharoon, telling him: “You’re a Christian, don’t dare sit with us if you want to live,” according to Christian Today.

    They also attempted to convert him, slapped him, and verbally abused him as a ‘chura’ — a pejorative term for Christian — and refused to let him use a common drinking water cooler.

    Muslims are discouraged from drinking from the same vessels as non-Muslims in Islam, and another Pakistani Christian — Asia Bibi — ended up languishing on death row for years following a dispute over her fitness to carry a water bowl.”

  157. Noa – 13:47

    Hopefully your daughter was so “modern” that she paid for her own wedding dress and reception. If not my condolences to your wallet!!!

    Here’s Rowan Atkinson with the FOTB speech that we all wish that we’d given:

  158. EC September 12th, 2017 – 12:20

    I remember its predecessor The Army Game (1957-61) of which only 50 episodes survive out of 154. The setting was the old Army, during national service, and that foreign country England which no longer exists.

  159. So the soldiers charged with terrorist offences were just part of a group. A bit like every Muslim everywhere.

  160. EC

    Thank you for your good wishes and fiscal concerns, both are acute and sound observations.
    Still, if God is an Englishman what is the devil?

  161. John Birch 17.47

    Then they should be entitled to protection under the Equalities Act. The only question is in which community they may reside.

    Personally I feel the Traveller community may be the best fit and recommend that in future all Regimental reunions take place in fashionable Cromer.

  162. Top Muslim Scholar: Orthodox Islam and Violence ‘Linked’ |


    12 September is the 120th anniversary of the Battle of Saragarhi . Twentyone Sikh soldiers fought to the last defending their signal station against 10,000 Pathans.

  164. Images from British Army commemoration for Saragarhi Day.

  165. Election rigging USA style:

    Mr Styxhexenhammer666 explains how it’s really done.

    Excellent analysis. One on the few sane political commentators in the USA.
    [needs more chest hair though]

  166. He’s a great commentator!

    They are all using Bitchute for their videos now too to make sure nothing gets lost. Bitchute is devoted to free speech.

  167. Radford NG – 23:37 et seq.

    Great links, thanks. Never heard of Saragarhi before. The CHW is truly an educational forum!

    One of the linked videos in the RH panel was this one by “The History Guy.”

  168. ARE there any Cinemas in Norfolk, Suffolk etc?

    From Mr. Boot’s latest. As ever, beautifully written and topped off, or is it bottomed out, with a wonderful quote.

    “Oedipus, schmedipus, as long as he loves his Mum,” we chuckle. And in my French backwater, where incest is rife, it’s referred to as le cinéma des pauvres (the cinema of the poor), much to the mirth of my Parisian friends who, like me, have their country houses here.

    Laughter all around, just as Hilaire Belloc observed some 100 years ago: “We are tickled by [the Barbarian’s] irreverence, his comic inversion of our old certitudes and our fixed creeds refreshes us; we laugh. But as we laugh we are watched by large and awful faces from beyond; and on these faces there is no smile.”

  169. EC
    September 13th, 2017 – 10:39

    ” The CHW is truly an educational forum! ”

    Absolutely agree and indeed I think it is good for us all to agree with this open minded attitude.

  170. DFTFT! Even though he is now resorting to nuzzling your collective ankles in a crypto-Leninist form of taqiyya. But the stench is still unmistakable. What ever your camouflage, whatever your mutations of moniker – we know who you are. OUT, foul fiend! Begone… to your blood soaked Utopian dream aka nightmare.

  171. Melanie Phillips was on good form last night on Sky’s 11:30 newspaper review slot. Her adversary was the mouthy and muddled Idiot from Politico, Ian Blunt, who must be a godsend to the remaining practitioners of Cockney Rhyming Slang (CRS). Indeed – what a Berk (as said practiioners would once have said, had he not volunteered for un update).

    I’ll try to google up the slot – worth a half hour of your time.

  172. Sorry folks – not available, says Sky. NSS!

  173. Perhaps she’ll feed it in her weekly newsletter.

  174. EC (11:24)

    Alexander has been at the top of his game for the past few days.

    ” The thin edge of the wedge and the slippery slope.”

    Was there ever such a perfect and appropriate blend of mixed metaphors.

  175. Trump right again.

    “I came to this country 41 years ago. Now Trump is making me feel like I don’t belong here.

    Washington Post | Posted on September 6, 2017”

  176. Frank P & EC
    September 13th, 2017 – 23:28
    EC (11:24)

    His next is equally good:

    “This is a serious matter indeed, especially since, when Pope Francis steps outside his immediate remit and into the world of earthly politics, he consistently mouths leftish gibberish, of the sort one would expect from the Bernie Sanderses and Jeremy Corbyns of this world.”

  177. Malfleur – 03:30

    Ah Soul, Max poor soul. Thanks for that, best laugh of the day so far. I note that Max’s tale of grinding poverty, hardship and oppression was first published in one of the favourite comics of the NeverTrumpers, The Washington comPost.

    Wiki: “Max Boot was educated at the University of California, Berkeley (BA, History, 1991)”

    I’ve ever met anybody who passed thru Berkeley and came out quite right at the other end!

  178. Robert Sheriffhales – 08:33

    Yes, as was Noa’s thought provoking comment. Although I was slightly disappointed that Noa didn’t bring up the topic of racketeering.

  179. Hillary Clinton Alternate Nostril Breathing Demonstration

  180. Boot Jnr. won’t like this…

    The Wednesday night fixture where Tucker Carlson is “yucking it up” with Mark Steyn.

    “Hillary Goes Looking for the Real Killers”

  181. Malfleur @ 03:30

    One can sympathise with the man, Malfleur, but not for the reason he gives.

    As it happens, Baron came to the West half a century ago, can hardly recognise it today thanks to fuggwits like him.

  182. EC @ September 14th, 2017 – 16:48

    What has saddened Baron, EC, broke his heart, has made him grieve inconsolably for hours (since he heard of her book) is that the Clinton woman doesn’t blame him, too. Why, what is it that made her forget the barbarian, overlook his mammoth contribution to her losing the count, failed to give him his due for it ….

    Isn’t the great Mark great? The analogy with OJ fits so well.

  183. EC @ September 14th, 2017 – 13:15

    Mark is getting this one wrong, EC, she is demonstrating the best snorting technique, something the loonies who backed her should indulge in to get back to reality.

  184. Robert Sheriffhales @ September 14th, 2017 – 08:33

    Good stuff, Robert, yet Mr. Boot misses out the key thing on the Pontiff – why is he interfering in politics? The job of the Bishop of Rome is to look after the souls of his flock, not to tell politicians what to do.

    The omni-all one says: ‘when Pope Francis steps outside his immediate remit and into the world of earthly politics’. The thing is the Pope seldom does anything but pontificate outside his terms of reference, ignoring his primary duty to console all who believe regardless how they’re treated by the secular powers.

    It was Jesus who appointed Peter and his successors as shepherds, a breed of the chosen who should look after people, care for them (John 21,15-17). He should leave what’s Caesar’s to the temporal authorities, just be a pastor, convey Christ’s love and concern for every single individual, not tell the Donald or anyone else how to govern those he administers to.

  185. The latest missile test across Japan by China’s puppet, North Korea, which was announced about an hour ago, coupled with suggestions recently that the collisions of US Navy warships with foreign civilian vessels as a likely consequence of cyber attacks on the US ship control systems by superior technology, is beginning to suggest to me that China’s strategy is to force a recognition on America’s allies in the region that, to a significant extent, the US can no longer protect them.

    If this is correct: bad news for the globalists, bad news for the real USA, more bad news for the petro dollar, and bad news for the United Kingdom as a protectorate of whoever is presently governing the USA.

    Time for us to dump the cross party globalists in parliament and the wider political class, and to move selectively closer to Russia and China….

  186. Europe is being attacked from without, the Republic from within. Is there anywhere one can go to avoid this madness?

  187. Malfleur @ September 15th, 2017 – 00:19

    Perhaps, Malfleur, we should just be what we used to be before, a sovereign, independent, free country that has permanent interests, not allies, friends, special friends, no?

  188. To break up the gloom, doom, foreboding, despair even, could this help to get you laugh, some of the compilation is funny:

  189. Peter Hitchens meticulously, articulated and sometimes lyrical prose delineates the benefit of borders.
    A literate and philosophical delight.

  190. Noa @ September 15th, 2017 – 03:22

    Highly enjoyable, Noa, made the waking up this morning very pleasant, thanks.

    Here’s Patrick’s prose, not so delightfully framed, not embellished with deep philosophical meaning, shorter, too, that may be a part answer to Peter’s last sentence urging the Donald to ensure one knows where America begins if one travels to her.

  191. A teaser at Parsons Green Underground station, it seems more people got injured trying to get to safety, the device may have mis-functioned, or the designers intended it t0 cause only minor injuries hoping people escaping the scene will do more harm, better, the whole incident smells as something the Prevent programme was supposed to prevent, if hasn’t, the authorities will tell us we have to carry on, shoulder to shoulder, united, will only recommend the continuation of the policies of the past, or something akin to them, exactly as the insanity definition requires it, nobody will even whisper that perhaps the time has come for a new policy of ‘ship out’ and ship out urgently is needed.

  192. Noa – 03:22

    Yes, very good. I wonder if Mr. Boot will run his gloved finger over it?

    ” The economic liberals simply think that open borders bring greater general prosperity by keeping labor costs down. In most cases, such people live remotely from the areas most directly affected by the large-scale migration they say they support.”
    eg. The Cotswolds.! No windturdbines, migrants & mosques for Dave!

    “There is a joy in crossing from one place into another that we are robbed of by any effort to make all places one.

    There are some borders where only a bribe will get you in, regardless. If you go by air, then same goes for negotiating the police roadblocks on the way to the airport. What time was your flight? In both instances you cannot beat pitching up in a tank!

  193. Rowan Atkinson – Harvest festival?

    “Tom, Dick and Harry”

    It probably wouldn’t be allowed to be broadcast these days!

  194. These so-called “liberals” are naive to the point of endangering everything. They have this fatuous idea of “communities” and everyone loving and hugging each other. They think all that will somehow prevail over evil bastards bent on real mischief. They are like penguins when the killer whale snatches one of them off the ice floe. They all shuffle together and carry on standing at the edge, believing (as most humans do) that it won’t happen to them. Thus the luxury indulgence of virtue signalling, heaping flowers and teddy bears, being seen and heard sanctimonious on TV, boasting about never being defeated when they are, lighting candles and singing that idiotic song of Lennon. And the requisite one minute silence, utterly devalued.

    “Communities” is a buzz word for those who rule over us and the BBC. They are always using it, even though the multi-culturalism and identity group politics they peddle and impose are destroying any inherent sense of real community. Those cloned elitists live in luxury and think in luxury, entirely immune from the consequences of their folly. They commune together, true enough, to foist their contrived newspeak and ever crazier bollocks on us with their conspired pretence that everything in the garden is lovely and the great murmur of rising anger is just “far right racists”, a contemptuous “populism” that they can sneer at and misrepresent.

    This morning the Attorney-General frets about the damage to court cases by commentary in social media, “calling for” (as they always do) harsher penalties. He might start by reining in Saunders from her “calling for” Guardian articles which effectively prejudice every prosecution she presides over, and the garrulous and opinionated senior police panjadrums from their apparent desire for continuous “calling for” TV fame and from focussing on what doesn’t matter to ignore or “reconstruct” what does. He won’t because his concern is just another increment in the softening up exercise for more censorship and bad law to be imposed on the “little people”, the long suffering soft targets of big state interference. Another sledge hammer that won’t even crack the nut but miss it altogether. It will do as much good as 18th Century monarchs railing against pamphleteers.

    Because we are governed by third rate, juvenile incompetents, in thrall to spin. deceit and trivia, who have not the slightest concept of duty, rectitude or courage. Who don’t seem to understand that if the media were not full of crazy, half-arsed prosecutions for trivial offences or no offences at all people wouldn’t be commenting on them. Get your own house in order Mr AG, before you start worrying about the perfectly natural response of ordinary people sick to the back teeth of rotten government and worse politicians. Who are opening the door of No.10 for Mr Corbyn, John Major style, and even worse to come.

  195. Colonel Mustard – 11:20

    Exactly, the last para even more exactly!

  196. Parsons Green

    Here we go again…

  197. Perhaps the time has come to become a Buddhist – they alone seem to have a clear vision on how to deal with the excesses of the Religion of Peace.

  198. Hear! Hear!! Vide my link at 2320 last night. Particulary the comment thereafter by Donald Sensing, who himself linked Pat Condell’s latest, posted here earlier this week: timely or what?

    qv (again, and again – and disseminate prolifically)!

    Watching the “Head of Terrorist Branch” on TV today, is there any wonder that the jihadists are ROTFLTAO and attacking us ad lib?

    Waffle, waffle, waffle, waffle from the MSM and the line of parasitical ‘experts’ queuing up to take their fee and then hiding back in their think tanks, with their CP diplomas signed by Dear Julia. Cue Sir Dickie! Once again!

    And just in case any of you old coffin dodgers, in your semi-senility, have forgotten what SIr Dickie famously said, here it is again:


    Permit me to end this post as I opened it. HEAR HEAR!

  199. Clear Memories (14:25)

    Thanks for reminding us of Burma is all about. Here the emphasis is all about trashing Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and removing her Nobel Peace Prize.
    Here she is seen in the arms of the arsehole who is mainly responsible for her plight:

  200. I should have said her and OUR plight.

  201. Actually that link has been doctored, the one I posted was an image of the lady being hugged by Obummer. Google ‘female burmese leader’ and you will see the one I intended to link.

  202. The robotic Tessa May opens her mouth and immediately a tsunami of bullshit gushes forth from a seemingly bottomless reservoir buried deep beneath the corridors of power and obviously interlinked with our ancient sewage system (acknowledgements to John Snow: I once frequented a pub named after him in Broadwick Street where the pump that poisoned many Soho citizens and he discovred the source – a little before my time but not much)).

    Trump is absolutely right: reactive policing is replacing the proactivity of stop and search. So far it is ‘NTDWI’ – just those hateful ‘white supremicists’ that need hammering. FFS take the shackles of the real policemen – the lads and lassies on the street – let them stop and search anybody that appears to from the ROP and carrying bags on to trains or buses. WTF are the Transport police paid for?

    Waffle, waffle, waffle, waffle. …. ad infinitum.

    Now the rat-faced little witch from Sky news is trying to suggest if we Brexit, we will not be able to share ‘intelligence’ with European counterparts. Bollocks! Obviously she’s plugged into the same bullshit reservoir, courtesy of Common Purpose, perchance?

    In general – my verdict on the coverage so far: what a load of Cobras!

  203. Another reality TV event and an army of traitors from the MSM looking for air time. Wake up you stupid bastards – it’s five minutes to midnight in war we are losing if we don’t wake up before Big Ben strikes twelve. Oh I forgot. That has been sllenced too, along with the sentient English electorate.

    Not ex Commander Mak Chisty – the ‘most senior Muslim officer of the Met.’ – he got his 15 seconds to berate the ‘nut cases’ (words supplied by the rat faced witch) before getting cut off. I’d like to think that some savvy techie in the production suite exploded and shut him up. Well, I can dream, can’t I?

  204. EC

    “In both instances you cannot beat pitching up in a tank!”

    I do recollect an armoured car escort-into Heathrow of all places-to catch the Riyadh flight during the final phase of Desert Shield, just hours before the ‘Storm’ broke.
    The surreal nature of the journey was heightened by an escort of two F15 fighters over Saudi airspace.
    It’s definitely the way to make an entrance and I missed delusions of grandeur ever since.
    Unfortunately all that ‘baroque technology’, as Mary Kaldor once memorably described it, is no protection against an illiterate third world peasant with a rucksack full of fertiliser on the Parsons Green underground.

  205. “Another attack in London by a loser terrorist.”

    “These are sick and demented people who were in the sights of Scotland Yard. Must be proactive!”

    Good advice Donald.
    Cressida will be grateful.

  206. The problem is: they vote for it.

    They vote for May. They vote for Khan.

    So why on earth would anything change. There is no difference between them. Two cheeks of the same jihadi-loving arxe.

  207. Every single time it’s the same, the MSM goes into overdrive to close down the truth and the worst of the lot are the Judas Goats: the Daily Mail, Spectator and Telegraph.

    The Spectator and Mail have spent all week bashing Aung San Suu Kyi. Even the Budddhists have had enough now and are kicking them out. But that didn’t bother the Judas Goat pens of Peter Obore and Jake Wallis Simpson, both of whom live far removed from all the terror.

    Please don’t pay for this stuff. Please. It is Judas Goat, keep the debate here where we can control it.

    You cannot go on like this in the UK. You cannot keep voting LibLabCon. You are ants, running from the stomping boots and hoping you won’t be next.

    This is absolute insanity.

  208. The one thing about them not catching the perpetrator is that it keeps the story on air. As soon as they are caught, it will go to blackout and you’ll get Grenfell Tower on a 24 hour loop on the news again.

    I hate the way they do that. Especially this year.

    And Theresa May with her happy Eid video and whining at Donald Trump over a tweet.

    That’s the point. The public voted for her and Khan. Why complain?

  209. The West is gone. Let’s just laugh as we all fall into the cemetry plot dug by Theresa May, her gahstly Tory party, Jeremy Corbyn and Khan. A touch of Taki:

    ‘Venice is now a microcosm of what the world will be like, say, 100 years from now: full of Chinese and Indians walking around ancient monuments with vacuous expressions, totally removed from their surroundings. Ah, Venice! What a city it once was.’

  210. Up the xxxxing swannee we all go, our flesh plastered all over public transport with Khan telling any onlookers it’s part and parcel of modern life and Theresa May wishing all the people who voted for her terrorist government a happy Eid.

    High life

    Lament for a lost Venice

    Once a rendezvous for the chic and the beautiful, Harry’s Bar is now overrun by the obese and the ugly


    16 September 2017

    I’m in Venice for the film festival that just ended and, as an American humorist once wired his paper: ‘Streets full of water, stop. Send funds, stop.’ What is there to say about Venice that hasn’t already been said or written by better men or women — Thomas Mann and Jan Morris to mention just two?

    Yes, Venice evokes higher thoughts, but not this time. I was thinking of Byron as I chugged past the Palazzo Mocenigo where he lived, when I spotted a gondola with five Chinese women on board, all fiercely concentrating on their mobiles. ‘Stop that and look at the buildings, girls,’ I yelled at them. They completely ignored me and continued texting, or whatever they do nowadays, even on a gondola in the midst of Venetian splendour.

    Venice is now a microcosm of what the world will be like, say, 100 years from now: full of Chinese and Indians walking around ancient monuments with vacuous expressions, totally removed from their surroundings. Ah, Venice! What a city it once was. Anything could happen there. Its people were cruel. Only a Venetian could fire at the Parthenon, as Morosini once did, blowing up the most perfect edifice ever. His descendant was a great buddy of mine when we were youngsters. I once asked Fabrizio how anyone could commit such an atrocity. He shrugged and asked why not. The Turks were inside figuring that no one would ever fire on the sacred site. Well, a Venetian did just that.

    The Venetians also took over the Ionian Islands, where the Taki family came from, keeping away the hated Turk and offering us, among other goodies like titles, a Renaissance, one the rest of occupied Greece never experienced. The results are easy to spot: Ionian Greeks of a certain age are civilized and poetic. The rest of the Hellenes may be made of sterner stuff, but they are cruder, and have Levantine manners. Be that as it may, I feel little affinity with the Venice of today. I used to be a regular at the Volpi ball during the 1950s and 1960s, held at Palazzo Volpi on the Grand Canal. Venice back then was empty except for a few chic visitors and us partygoers. It was, to use an understatement, paradise.

    Now, as they say, Venice is sinking, literally, and overrun by the bane of the modern world, tourism. Thousands upon thousands are disgorged every day, and they walk about aimlessly, taking selfies, clogging up the bridges and turning the sinewy narrow streets into Cairo-like bazaars.

    Great cafés such as the Florian are half full during peak hours, the mobs of tourists never having heard of it, thank God. Harry’s Bar, once a rendezvous for the chic and the beautiful, is now overrun by the obese and the ugly. I stayed far away. The Danieli was almost as bad. The Excelsior at the Lido is the only place that evokes, via its fascist architecture, a glorious past.

    Showing at the festival was James Toback’s The Private Life of a Modern Woman, starring Sienna Miller and Alec Baldwin, a film that stayed with one for days after watching it. Although it was called a masterpiece by some critics, I spotted a review in a major English newspaper that claimed viewers were scrambling for the doors. That is an out-and-out fabrication. I was present and no one left except for the odd oldie seeking to relieve him- or herself. My friend Michael Mailer was the producer of this movie that will astound you. What will further amaze you is that the same team, Mailer-Toback and Taki, that shone so brilliantly in Seduced and Abandoned four years or so ago — see Deborah’s Spectator review (9 November 2013) — has done it yet again in another documentary, Venice Lives! Jimmy Toback calls it a cross between Seduced and Abandoned and The Talented Mr Ripley. I see it as a light version of Death in Venice, except that I don’t look at all like the beautiful Silvana Mangano, who plays Tadzio’s mother. Actually, the documentary is about the death of beauty, and Toback dies in the film looking as bad as Aschenbach did, but a bit heavier than Dirk. And less sweaty because he drowns in the Lido. This is all I’m allowed to reveal.

    I also attended the HBO opening of Agnelli, a documentary about the fabled Fiat owner, in which I had a very small part. Not many noticed me sitting in the audience. In fact, not a single person. I guess appearing in movies is not what it’s cracked up to be, and doesn’t guarantee instant fame. In my case, it was the opposite. A policeman ushered me away until the director intervened. The producer of the Agnelli saga was Graydon Carter, and he has also produced Late Lunch, which stars Reinaldo Herrera and Taki talking over lunch about the good old days. It took three years — yes, three years — to film, but it’s now ready. Will it lead me to Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, where stars leave an imprint of their paws? I wouldn’t bet on it, but then stranger things have happened. Like Venice turning into Disneyland and being overrun by Chinese mobs.

  211. Esther September 15th, 2017 – 19:13

    There is a difference. But only of least worst options. There is no viable alternative to either a hard left or a soft left regime making us miserable.

    Frank and Sir Dickie have it. This country is well and truly fucked.

  212. I agree Colonel. Voting for one is akin to boiling oneself in a deep fat fryer and the other is akin to putting one’s head in an oven. Same outcome, different route.

    I’m just speechless, sorry and angry.

  213. It is such open contempt, not just for people’s views, but for people’s lives.

    And any opposition is met with hate crime and libel laws.

    If the only answer left is the ballot box, then people must use it. They must vote for a new party that enshrines free speech.

    We are living in an era of state-sponsored murder.

    And Theresa May has been the de facto sponsor of these murders for seven years. FFS.

  214. I knew from the moment the twin towers went down. I’m sure you all knew too.

    Whatever that was, it had to go. All of it. Out the door.

    The opposite has happened. We’re 100 times worse off today than we were then.

  215. Guardian headline:

    Theresa May rebukes Donald Trump over tube bombing tweets

    Tells you all you need to know about Theresa May. And the Guardian.

  216. The MSM are disgusting. Denouncing Trump and Katie Hopkins.

    The UK is Orwell’s 1984. Total surveillance, total thought control.

  217. The ineffable Paul Staines (Guido Fawkes) has been posting about Parsons Green all day.

    The same Paul Staines who demonises Tommy Robinson.

  218. So the threat level has been raised to critical? Really? … It’s where it should have been since the USS Cole and the first Twin Towers attempt, never mind nine eleven 2001 and seven seven 2005 and all the ensuing atrocities. All this latest decree from Cobblers means, is the slamming of stable doors, once again, as the clattering of horses hooves in the distance and the whinnying of hysterical laughter from their Saudi and Iranian owners.

    May really is the last straw in the decine of UK government. Her Home Sec is even worse, she has more mouth than a cow’s got cunt! Egregious amazonic feminatzi. And the prospect of the cold baked beans eating, Flabbot-shagging hippy being catapulted into office by a generation of brainwashed stoooodents is even worse. UKIP is a music hall act: what else is there? Richard Kemp – up the plate pronto!

    Change the recruiting criteria for Bobbies; get the gradute class the fuck out of it. Get some hefty men replete with common sense on the streets, remove the double dipping Lesbo spook from the top job at The Yard and FFS let them do the job that Maynard, Peel and Mayne envisaged.

    Get a grip FFS. It’s now TWO minutes to midnight and we are still losing! And get the ‘Head of Terrorism Branch’ back to his corner grocery shop where he belongs. I clearly remember September 1939. This is far worse! Far, far worse! Nurse!!

  219. I am so please the perp has not been caught!

    Once they catch them, the MSM blackout goes into full overdrive.

    It will only be 24 hours but – like Andrew Neather – I am going to rub their noses in their own filth, especially Home Secretary May. Sniff it. Sniff it. It stinks, doesn’t it, Theresa? Get your head back down and sniff it, you wicked witch.

    As soon as it’s over she’ll be talking about climate change.

    You made your bed with Saudis, Theresa (even put a gagging order on it), now lie in it. And take Andrew Neather with you. Peas in a terrorist-loving pod.

  220. Don’t decry the terrorists.

    Decry Theresa May. Decry the Tory Party. The Labour Party, Corbyn and that anti-free speech scumbag Chakrabarti (she is going to be like Reggie Kray if she gets in office, unelected, she is going to put free speech in a wheelchair), and decry the media.

    Especially the Mail, Telegraph and Spectator. I wouldn’t expect anything less from the BBC and Guardian because they are xxxx on stilts. But I don’t need faux sympathy. That’s even worse.

    It’s the feeling of being asphyxiated. Labour and Tory want this. Big business wants this. It makes money. It is their fault.

    It is the ruddy voters’ fault too.

    And if anyone dares say a word, they are put on a hate crime.

    It’s the endless asphyxiation of any opposition. Tomorrow is just the xxxxing same. Look where we were 16 years ago. Now look 16 years ahead.

    xxxxing Jesus. Vote these cxxxs out. Out. Out. Out.

    And build that wall. Build that wall. Build that wall.

  221. As usual, the Mail and the Tory party use the whole event as a power grab on internet free speech.

    They want us closed down.

    I’m getting it off my chest while I can. The two biggest, terrorist-loving cuxts in the UK are Paul Dacre and Theresa May.

    I wish both would do us all a favour and go fxxx each other. Terrorist-loving cunxs, the pair of them.

  222. Alexander Boot nails it yet again:

    Every wink a pig … As they say in Noffuck (meaning spot-on in every respect, I understand). Derivation? Dunno, deep beneath the sands of time.

  223. I just forced myself to watch Krusty Squawk on Newsnight. Jesus – full on pro Clinton anti-Trump!

  224. Followed by pro Islamic anti_Burmese agitprop. Cue Clear Memories.

  225. Aided and abetted by the twat Justin Rowlatt {the `intrepid’ reporter} and Kate Allen with the usual Amnesty International drivel. My advice to both of them: MYOFB.

  226. The MSM hate the truth, which is that eventually, the globalists push people too far. Even Buddhists.

    And they want to say Aung San Suu Kyi is now responsible for everything that is going on. She is not.

    The globalists unleashed terror on Burma as they have everywhere. When people get the chance to answer back, astonishingly, they take it. I wish it were not so. I wish it were just a case of deporting people. But life doesn’t work out like that in war zones?

    Who let it turn it into a war zone? The UN and all the globalists. All the people who live behind electric gates so they don’t have to live next door to You Know Who.

    They can shut up.

  227. Melanie Phillips was always right about the Balkans. The West should never have intervened. What a disaster it was for the Balkans and for the West.

    The West must not make that mistake again.

    Thank God for Trump. He must sit on his hands.

  228. Amnesty International! Where were they when Rotherham was (and is) being universally raped.

    They shut their gob then. They can shut their gob now.

  229. They really hate the Burma narrative because it exposes them in the West.

    Suck it up. And this time you ain’t got no Clinton in the White House.

    Imagine, the cheek of people not wanting to live under the yolk of Islamic terror.

  230. I am so sick of posh boys like Peter Obore and Jake Wallis Simpson and their virtue-signalling and fake consciences.

    How dare they run abroad to demonise Aung San Suu Kyi and turn a blind eye to the UK rape epidemic.

    How dare they. Fake news.

  231. The UK is well and truly sunk. Theresa May and Paul Dacre fellate jihadists every day of the week, pulling their members out of their mouths only to issue fake news about how it’s all the fault of the internet. The UK is sunk.

    Step forward Europe’s version of Asterix The Gaul:

    Hungarian Prime Minister Orbán Launches New Campaign Against Soros

  232. Response to Parsons Green: FU EU – Homage to Catalonia!


    “Venezuela publishes oil prices in Chinese currency to shun U.S. dollar

    Friday September 15, 2017 3:09 PM”

  234. In a detached moment I ask how much this costs ( I am well aware that causing the enemy every sort of cost possible is part of jihad, so you don’t need to point that out )
    Their cost = a train fare. Lidle bag. Fertiliser. Fairy lights.
    Our cost = enormous security, police time ,closed stations, Disruption,fear, hospital wasted time. And us having to listen to a pack of lies about the perpetrator while totally ignoring the ideology that supports his actions.

  235. Christian parents labelled bigots for protecting their son’s innocence
    They should have just pointed out the fucking absurdity of the situation without it having anything to do with Christian beliefs.

  236. This is now so ‘part and parcel’ the Telegraph didn’t even put it on the front page I read on the web.

    I see they still haven’t caught them. I want this story up, up, up in media profile. Once they catch them, they bury it and talk about Grenfell.

    I want that Theresa May’s head rubbed in her own terrorist diversity.

    She should be on trial for aiding and abetting. It has nothing to do with the internet and everything to do with borders. Multi-nationals want cheap labour and the middle classes pay the security tax bill.

    xxxx this jihadist-loving government.

  237. The Mail – furious at the power lost by the Old Media- now responds to every single event as a power grab on free speech.

    There is nothing Paul Dacre and the Rothermere family hate more than free speech. They set the agenda for the UK. Not the little people. Got it?

    I see on the web the Mail’s front page is about Google (who we all hate so that’s Mail pretending to be on our side) and closing down free speech.

    This is a Paul Dacre lie. The Lee Rigby incident, four years ago, was the moment that told you that any jihadist with more than two brain cells knew not to go online, not to do anything online. Don’t even fart near a digital device. Every key stroke is retained. Every one. Encryption is useless.

    That was the most striking thing about Manchester. That had all clearly been done offline. So whereas previously it was a crude attack, in the style of the Rigby incident, in Manchester, they were coordinating a complex attack offline.

    They’re getting the gist of this. Aren’t they?

    And it has nothing to do with the internet. Nothing. They have gone offline years ago.

    Yesterday was the same. It was all conducted offline.

    So why is the Daily Mail lying through its front teeth (as usual) and putting on its front page the lie that it is the fault of the internet?

    And that terrorist-loving prime minister May is just as bad a liar as Dacre. She knows it has nothing to do with the internet.

  238. HEADLINE:

    The Conservatives need a youth wing to counter Jeremy Corbyn’s backing from students, warns Eric Pickles

    Wrong, Eric. The Labour Party has a fractured collection of supporters allowed to say what they want and – broadly speaking – the party now moves in their direction. They are not forced to read from an official Labour hymn sheet.

    The Tory party hates its fractured collection of supporters. It hates their views. A lot of its voters only vote Tory in an attempt to keep out Labour, not because they like the Tory party.

    The Tory party would be unwilling to be associated with this fractured set of supporters and it certainly would not let them influence policy. So it’s a no go, Eric. The UK is in serious trouble. The Conservative party is not conservative (it never will be), so no, there will be no grassroots help.

    The UK needs a Trump, but the system is designed to stop that ever happening.

    I think Peter Hitchens calls it The Abolition Of Britain.

  239. More examples of real life in the UK, just to let you know I’m not a lone voice:

    and this too:

    Happy reading.

  240. My apologies folks I thought I was posting that last post to one of my buddies in the US of A. I hit the wrong button. 🙂

  241. “Supporting them physically are tens, possibly hundreds, of thousands manning the infrastructure of terrorism. And then there are millions, possibly hundreds of them, supporting terrorism morally and waiting for the vanguard to succeed so that they could all rush through the breach.

    “Hence we must wage war against all of them, recognising that, like in any war, there may occur unfortunate collateral damage. And once war has been declared, specific actions will suggest themselves.

    “They may include mass deportations and internments, stopping all immigration from ‘M’ countries, shutting down every mosque in which one word of sympathy for terrorism has ever been uttered, exacting awful punishment on countries sponsoring, arming and training terrorists.”

    We have all been saying this since 11/9, 2001. The response? The establishment (this terror is sponsored by the elites) have increased it 100-fold.

    Boot is right. You take the Burma approach or get fried. There has been no other outcome in this conflict since it started hundreds of years ago. Look at the UK. It has May and Corbyn. Unless you’re one of the elite behind electric gates, you’re fried. You cannot vote Labour and Tory and not expect them to conspire to hurt you.

  242. And he’s caught. And now we can all shut up for the sake of diversity.

    I wanna puke over the Mail and May.

  243. I am relieved to see that in the comments (they will be removed), barely anyone falls for this blame the internet lie of Theresa May’s.

    Like us, they are debating whether it is right to vote Tory to keep out Labour.

    As I have made clear over and over, I think this can only be settled at the ballot box and people cannot keep voting Tory.

    May herself is covered in blood, having signed secret deals with the Saudis and put gagging orders on them. They won’t put that on the front page of the Mail though.

  244. A Mail commenter:

    Ban chemistry books as well then…. seriously, we have little girls being blown up, raped and murdered, and this government are more interested in shutting down free speech.

  245. Exactly. If someone wants to do something, they will do it.

    It doesn’t need the internet.

    May wants the internet closed down because it’s the one forum that exposes her metaphorically fellating Saudi jihadists and putting gagging orders on it afterwards.

    She is a murderous, spiteful cxxt.

    Murderous because she aids and abets. Spiteful because she tries to demonise her critics as extremist.

  246. I want Theresa May and her nasty party closed down. Not the internet.

  247. My biggest fear over the referendum was that it would make people think a change had come.

    Wrong, wrong, wrong.

    Britain needed – and still needs – new political parties.

    This May woman is a disgrace. I cannot stand it when they go on about how she is a vicar’s daughter and is deeply moral! She signed gagging orders with Saudi terrorists. FFS.

    Deeply moral? Deeply Christian?

    They fund all this murder and she helps them by covering it up.

    Still, she does do a nice Happy Eid video.

    Happy Eid, everyone. Sorry it’s late. I forgot.

  248. They will not release the footage of the suspect for the same reason for the same reason that they will not use the words Musilm, Islam and jihad in the reports.

    This is a co-ordinated propaganda downplaying the Islamic element.

  249. Broadly speaking, great comments on that Mail link.

    The Tory party are a nasty bunch of murderous cxxts. The fact that Labour are the same is no excuse. I’m fed up of that excuse.

  250. Without detracting from the importance of the ‘M’ terrorists and the ocean in which they swim, it should be kept in mind that ISIS is largely a United States globalist weapon system and that globalists who have said that the United Kingdom will not be allowed to leave their European Union are able to draw on the vocabulary of jihad to pen their own messages.

  251. I am doing word searches and word counts on the UK’s leading jihadist news outlet, the Daily Mail.


    Armed police raid Surrey address after arresting man, 18, at port in Parsons Green bucket bomb probe as PM raises terror threat to highest level and orders gun cops onto streets

    That is a massive story with lots of words in it about Muslim terror attacks.

    Guess how many times it uses the word Muslim? Once in a 2017 chronology box:

    “Darren Osborne, 47, of no fixed address in Cardiff, is charged with murder and attempted murder after being accused of carrying out a premeditated attack on Muslims as they left a mosque on Seven Sisters Road, Finsbury Park.”

    That’s it. In a story all about Muslim terror attacks, the Daily Mail assiduously avoids using the word Muslim. Apart from a vigilante event.

    This is pure Orwell.

    Oh, and of course, the word Muslim is banned from the Comments section, so don’t think of slipping in the truth there.

    Just as the words are airbrushed, so are the images. The police – who usually can’t wait to flash pictures – won’t release the images.

    The words Islam, Muslim and jihad have all been banned.

  252. This is unbelievable. It is lying. It is propaganda.

    It is state-sponsored, mainstream-media sponsored murder.

  253. Can we start shipping the “Syrian refugees” back to Syria now that the Syrians and their Russian allies have cleared safe zones for them to settle back into. I am sure that if there are some non-Syrians among them, the parties on the ground will be better placed to sort them out than the British government.

    Ditto the Libyans, etc.

  254. The level of establishment co-ordination in the cover-up is absolutely sickening.

  255. Mark Steyn says exactly the same. We are being conditioned to welcome our own deaths by the Daily Mail and the Tory party.

    xxxxing vermin.

  256. Malfleur @ 02:45

    The Venezuelans may have priced oil in donuts, Malfleur, still get the money due for it in dollars, pricing is one thing, the means of actual exchange another. If they’re serious, will only accept the Chinese currency, then they will have to hold yuan (kuài). Wanting to spend the CNYs may limit their options because they are not that many companies that price their products in yuan, it’s mostly the dollar, hence they will have to convert their yuan, get the greenback, pay for the stuff they buy.

    As a gesture, it’s commendable, yet risky because it introduces another link in the chain, the link could be beneficial if the yuan strengthens vis-a-vis the dollar, but also a loss making if the opposite happens, it also burdens them with the payment of the fee for the conversion (as it does the buyer of their oil, hence making their prices less competitive).

  257. Esther @ September 16th, 2017 – 15:29

    It was only the first few minutes the barbarian could watch the video, (he has to go out again at 16.00 hours), the great Mark is responding to a question from Andrew about the smaller numbers either killed or injured lately, not the massive 3,000 number of those who perished in the Twin Towers atrocity.

    He may say it, too, but Baron reckons it’s not just the direct loss of life in any of the terror attacks sine 9/11, it’s – as John has observed earlier – the indirect cost of both preventing and dealing with the outcome of the smaller-in-direct-loss-of-life expression of hate for our culture by the ROP worshippers.

    The costs must be astronomical from the airport security checks (both equipment and manpower) to the cuts in in other services that are necessary as funds get allocated to the prevention of terrorism, down even to the time spent by the government, other state agencies that have to deal with this boil neglecting other issues e.g. Brexit.

    If only those in governance could rid the society of the legal constraints, laws that prevent them and the ordinary people tackling this wart differently.

  258. I agree with your analysis up to the final paragraph, Baron.

    The establishment want this. They want Islam imported in huge numbers. It works wonders to control the rest of us when you can outlaw free speech and arm the police.

    They are not lacking in will at all. This is their will.

    That is what people cannot understand and so keep voting for them. They are globalists, they keep their money offshore, the working classes and middle classes can face the bombs and pay for all the security.

    I have absolutely no pity or sympathy for May, Corbyn and the rest of the establishment who engineer this and cover it up with anti-free speech laws.

    I’m fed up of this.

    Thank God for The Don.

  259. What has basically happened – and this is not difficult to work out – is that the Darren Osborne incident has been used as a pretext, behind the scenes naturally, to ban the words Muslim, Islam and so on.

    This is clearly co-ordinated across all news networks and through the police.

    It is nothing less than Orwellian spite. It’s the establishment’s way of saying: ‘Don’t scream when you’re being murdered.’

  260. The wonderful Paul Joseph Watson on Parsons Green:

  261. One law for us, but not not for them…

    “Former Tory Chancellor George Osborne has reportedly said he will not rest until he has Prime Minister Theresa May “chopped up in bags in his freezer”.”

    As yet no representatives of the Met’s Hate Speech/Twitter squad has been to interview Gideon, but if Esther had said it then he’d have got Insp. Knacker knocking on his door at 6am.

  262. Raided Surrey home ‘owned by MBE foster couple’
    Refugees welcome z

  263. “‘Refugee foster boy’, 18, arrested at Dover port over Parsons Green bucket bomb ‘was first held by police two weeks ago but freed’ as detectives raid home of the caring pensioner couple who took him in”

    And so it came to pass…
    Donald Trump proved right yet again, after complaints from the usual suspects, about him referring to “people in the sights of Scotland Yard”!!!

  264. Colonel Richard Kemp’s guidelines for dealing with terrorist attacks…


  265. This should make you laugh to start the day.
    Fists fly as transgender activists clash with feminists

  266. John birch @ September 17th, 2017 – 07:45

    The DM forgot to mention, John, it’s a follow up to the Monty Python’s Life of Brian, the script got up-dated, the events placed into enlightened Britain of 21st century, the fighting roughed up a notch or two.

  267. Imagine, Esther, what would happen if any of the prominent MPs (it has to be them because only MPs could change the law) were to propose any of the alternative solutions to cure the boil of terrorism, like ‘deport everyone on the watch list’, or ‘deport the culprit together with the whole family’, or (as some may argue) ‘deport the whole lot of them’, or something akin to.

    Can you imagine it? Can you see the tsunamis of abuse cum fury cum demands for that person to resign or be sacked, punished, banned from public life forever? The hyenas of the BBC, the MSM, helped by the apparatchiks whose jobs depend on dealing with the issue would destroy not just the career of the individual, very likely also his private life.

    If you’ve forgotten about Sarah Champion, read this, it shows what anyone opposing the progressives can expect to get (if not worse) if he or she steps out of line.

    The only available (and peaceful) solution is – you’ve said it often before yourself – to avoid voting for the candidates of the three stale, PC, immigration hungry parties offering essentially the same policy on immigration.

    Why don’t more, the most of the people see it?

  268. EC (22:55)

    As often urged here – my candidate to lead the coup.

  269. I am beginning to firmly believe that about 30 years ago I died and was reincarnated on a planet of an alternative universe. Either that or I am having a protracted nightmare. This can’t be reality, can it?

  270. … Morever, I can’t decide which is the more zany scenario in my nightmare – John Birch’s link to the MOL article about the raving nutters/perverts, or the chaos of sheer idiocy emanating from the lesbian dwarf i/c HM Metrollups combined with the ‘Security Services’ and the armed services. FFS – somebody get a grip! The rampant insanity of the authorities is a far worse threat than the jihad. All the jihadists need to do is sit back and watch the implosion of Wester Civilisation, then walk in and take over. Or has that happened? Wake me up, muvver, this is getting really scary and I don’t frit easily.

  271. The Sunday press is getting more vomit worthy in respect of their hell for leather rush to shoe in Boris.
    But there should be caution. Theresa May famously said:
    “Boris negotiated in Europe. I seem to remember last time he did a deal with the Germans, he came back with three nearly-new water cannon.”
    And Fraser Nelson has harked back to his amorous trysts:
    “It is relevant because Boris has been in public life a long time without anybody asking too harsh questions about his various romantic dealings.
    “The question is, if he were to be party leader, would he then be subjected to questions on that vein that he hadn’t been before?”
    We truly live in interesting times.

  272. All those lauding ‘Saint Sarah’ Champion should remember what happened to Jane Collins when she tried to exposed Labour’s hypocrisy over the Rotherham muslim sex gangs.
    Can any Labour apparatchik really, seriously, argue that they didn’t know about the years of terror and abuse?

    If so they should read Jayne Senior’s “Broken and Betrayed” and Peter McGloughlin’s “Easy Meat”, as should the blinkered judge in the farce of a Libel case.

  273. Marshall Roberts 10.41

    As Frank P points out so pungently we are truly FUBAR, London burns and the rest of the country suffers civil collapse as lesbian loons bitch-fight the truly insane in the parks and streets.
    It would be comic if it wasn’t tragic.
    That said, the sight of the Tory party disintegrating in a whelter of self-loathing and Labour leaning Social Justice recrimination is probably the best thing that could happen in the present political climate. With Labour imploding there is a chance that a genuine nationalist, patriotic political movement could arise, Schumpeter-like, from its creative destruction.
    Regrettably and terrifyingly, it may take a thousand deaths on the London Underground to achieve it.

  274. Noa – the worry is that the shambles will deliver us up to Juncker & Merkel and all the recent gains will have been for nothing.

  275. Read some of the blog comments elsewhere and stiffen backbones:

    “I hear this a lot. “This will not end well”; “There will be hell to pay if the Brexit electorate are betrayed” etc. But it’s just empty words, isn’t it? The sort of people who voted Leave are nothing like those Momentum thugs who pull on ski masks and throw bottles at police at the merest, or even no provocation. We won’t riot. The politicians know this. We’re mostly middle aged with steady jobs and families we are responsible for. The politicians can do whatever they like to us. Allusions of rioting/mayhem/payback are just fantasy.

    I advocate a loud and concerted campaign of boycotting mainland EU goods, tourism, and not dealing with pro-Remain UK companies. Persecute UK companies with a poor track record of employing EU labour over homegrown. Find out which companies advertise jobs abroad.”

  276. Let’s distract ourselves with an earlier and more gentle stage of decadence and let Wiily singing Kris remind us of Sunday Morning Coming Down:

    To think that it was once regarded that as avante garde. 🙂

  277. When are they going to name these barmy Berkley Hunts? Or are they giving them a chance to change their names by deed poll to mask to the embarrassment of the ‘Security Services’? No, not the latter as I fear they are incapable of such self -awareness. If they were they would all resign with their heads hanging in freakin’ shame.

  278. Marshal Roberts @ 11:41

    Absolutely right on the law abiding majority, Marshal, but keep in mind the plebeians have one tool that still works (would work better if we had PR), they can vote (or avoid voting) for the political gnomes.

    They already got heard on Brexit. When every single institution of power was for remain, they thought otherwise. They will do the same when the time comes. The healthy core of Englishness possesses a staying power the progressives cannot reach, mould, destroy.

  279. Marshal Roberts @ September 17th, 2017 – 10:41

    Have a look here, Marshal, the postings have it, and they’re rather unfavourable to the blonde Inseminator.

  280. John birch @ September 17th, 2017 – 07:45

    These gender fluid nutters are about as representative of the vast majority of the British people as are the hours of scorching temperature of the British weather, John.

  281. Frank P @ September 17th, 2017 – 12:45

    This is a big puzzle, Frank, should’t all foster parents report to the Social Security people about the kids they’re looking after? How they behave, what they’re up to, are they absorbing the host culture successfully?

    The barbarian knows of someone who’s also (together with his wife) a foster parent, as it happens they have three girls currently, one’s a Muslim. ‘Exemplary behaviour’, he says, ‘never ever any trouble’.

  282. EC @ September 16th, 2017 – 22:34

    He will certainly be listened to, EC.

  283. Baron
    With all your connections, why have you held all this back from us.

    “Boris Johnson is an agent of deep Russian penetration. Obviously his first name is a bluff – Boris the Bear has been hiding in plain view of millions of us Britons. I have no idea when he was recruited (on this matter, my informant remained obstinately silent), but if we look back over the Foreign Secretary’s career, the evidence is clear.

    Take his well-known inability to keep his trousers on. It might be imagined that a bedheaded Don Juan was the last person you’d entrust to enter the “wilderness of mirrors”, as the secret world is often euphemised. But if Boris were a Russian
    agent, his physical jerkiness would make perfect sense. All intelligence agencies use blackmail to control their assets and honeytraps are the preferred way of doing it.
    However, what if you instructed your agent to keep his muzzle more or less permanently in the honey jar? Under such circumstances, it would be altogether impossible for MI5 to compromise him: “Boris shags secretary/colleague/newspaper editor”, say, would hardly be news.
    Speaking of news, when you look back over Johnson’s journalistic career, it soon becomes apparent that he was in the right place at the right time too often for it all to have been a coincidence. His stint at the Daily Telegraph’s Brussels bureau, for instance, began in the year that the Berlin Wall fell. Johnson’s articles, in which he sniped consistently at the European Commission, helped to exacerbate the tensions between Tory Eurosceptics and Europhiles – fissures which, as the world has turned, have grown, precipitating the sort of fragmentation that the Kremlin’s spymasters seek to create in the West.
    I can say that Johnson’s literary style has always bothered me. Replete with recondite yet poorly understood terms and half-digested quotations, his prose has the pretentious clunkiness you would expect from someone who isn’t writing in their first language. My suspicions, inchoate for years, have now acquired palpable form: Johnson doesn’t write any of this magoosalum. It’s all typed up by Russian hacks, leaving him free to shin up the greasy pole . . .
    And slide along the Emirati-sponsored zip wire, as well. It has always seemed strange, Johnson’s apparently wilful determination to place himself in undignified positions. But again, it makes sense when you know that it is part of an elaborate act, intended to subvert our ancient institutions and the dignity of our high offices of state.

    The dribs and drabs of distinctly Russian racism – the “piccaninnies” and “watermelon smiles” that fall from his permanently pink lips – are yet more evidence of the long hours he has spent being debriefed. An agent of deep penetration will live for years under so-called natural cover, a sleeper, waiting to be activated by his masters.

    But it’s predictable that while waiting, Johnson’s handlers should have instructed him to throw suspicion off by adopting contrarian positions – his call for demonstrations outside the Russian embassy in London to protest against the bombing of Aleppo is entirely consistent with this – and it has also had the beneficial effect of further emphasising British weakness and impotence.

    You might have thought that Vladimir Putin (who apparently refers to Johnson affectionately, in private, as “Little Bear” or “Pooh”) would want one of his most precious assets to shin right to the top of that greasy pole. Not so, and the debacle surrounding the Tories’ post-Brexit night of the long knives, which was revealed in Tim Shipman’s new book, was in reality a complex manoeuvre designed expressly to place Putin’s man (or bear) in the Foreign Office. Johnson’s flip-flopping over whether to come out for Leave or Remain makes no sense if we consider him to be a principled and thoughtful politician, loyal to his constituency – but becomes understandable once we see the strings and realise that he’s nothing but a marionette, twisting and turning at his puppeteers’ prompting.

    After all, prime ministers can be rather impotent figures, whereas foreign secretaries bestride the world stage. No, the only way that Putin can be sure to have his way – bombing Aleppo back to the Stone Age, subverting Ukrainian independence – is by having his beloved Pooh bumbling about at summit meetings. Think back to Johnson’s tenure as mayor of London and the vast river of Russian lucre that flowed into the City. The Kremlin has also been able to manipulate errant oligarchs as if they, too,were marionettes.

    And now comes the final proof, as if any were needed: the government’s decision to support a third runway for Heathrow. Will Johnson resign over this matter of deepest principle? Will he truly represent his Uxbridge and South Ruislip constituents who labour night and day under a toxic smir to the accompaniment of jet howls? Will he hell. There will be a few of his characteristically garbled statements on the matter and then he will fall silent. You all know that slightly sleepy yet concentrating expression that comes over his face when he thinks that the cameras are pointed elsewhere? That’s when Johnson is receiving his instructions through a concealed earpiece.

    Should we worry that our Foreign Secretary is in the control of a sinister and manipulative foreign demagogue? Well, probably not too much. After all, think back to previous incumbents: great statesmen such as Jack Straw, Margaret Beckett and William Hague. Do you really imagine that any of them struck fear deep into the heart of the Russian military-industrial complex? “

  284. You’d be surprised how many nations the Germans do hold grudges against!
    Their Economic Übermacht (formerly known as the ” Wirtschaftswunder”) is driven by it!

    Cue Yogi Berra


    Tuvia Tenenbom, that most acute and incendiary observer of what’s festering beneath the surface of polite society, has turned his attention to Germany’s “refugees”. To his surprise and no little dismay, what he has found out is not so much about these migrants but about Germany itself, and it isn’t pretty at all.

    In his new book Hello Refugees, he adopts his now familiar but no less devastating tactic of trading on his blond hair, Falstaffian girth and indeterminate accent to conceal the fact that he was born and brought up in an ultra-orthodox family in Israel. He derives his unique insights from the fact that many of those to whom he addresses his faux-naïf but devastatingly direct questions assume he is an antisemite — just like them. And so they open up to him in a uniquely frank manner.

    In Hello Refugees “Toby the German”, his previous persona, has become “Toby the Jordanian”. Posing as the son of Jordanian and European parentage, he uses his fluent Arabic to gain access to refugee camps in Germany where access is routinely denied to the media.

    What he discovers shocks him deeply. He finds migrants effectively warehoused in wholly inadequate conditions, housed twelve to a “room” in what are no more than, and indeed described as, “containers”. Existing on disgusting food, jobless and with no apparent means of emerging from these holding pens, these migrants have in effect been abandoned by the German state.

    Everywhere he goes, people tell him the same thing: that Chancellor Angela Merkel famously invited in more than one million migrants in order to erase the moral stain of Germany’s Nazi past. He concludes that this was not an act of conscience. How could it have been when these people have been left so abandoned? It was instead a move to show the world — and themselves — that this former Nazi state has become the world’s conscience. In other words, it was a cynical move that evacuates the word conscience of all meaning.

    Worse than that, Tenenbom also discovers that this public advertisement of collective “conscience” has legitimised and provoked open antisemitism. Repeatedly and gratuitously, Germans tell him that they are now morally superior to the Jews and to the State of Israel which is described as uniquely racist and murderous.

    He doesn’t get any of this from the Syrian refugees or other migrants. He gets it only from the Germans. He finds that “anti-racist”, “human rights” activists extolling Germany’s humanitarian gesture and calling for yet more refugees to be allowed in are in fact deep-dyed racists and antisemites.

    Tenenbom knew already that Germany is still teeming with Jew-hatred; he has remorselessly chronicled this dismal finding in his previous work. But now, he tells me, it’s much more open and brazen. And that, he says, is because the act of taking in the migrants has allowed Germany to feel it has finally shaken off the stigma of its past. Now it is free to hate Jews again.

  285. Yet another nepotistic socialist apparatchik installed a high profile agitprop slot as Brillo’s clout wanes:

    FMOBB! The effrontery involved is piss-taking on an industrial scale. The long quick march is now accelerating to a gallop.

  286. Vociferous Vaginas Inc.

  287. Noa, thank you for that link to Ambronnay, and I loved the gutsy way of singing Victoria accompanied by all those earwax removing crumhorns and shawms. It’s a wonderful abbey, I sang there a few years ago, and have just returned from another great French Abbey at Fontevraud where we sang religious music by Monteverdi and strange to say that notwithstanding being a secular state, concerts of religious music in France are packed and our audience at Fontevraud were insatiable and appreciative to the same degree.

  288. Irishboy – did they still have the 40 speaker setup for Thomas Tallis Spem in alium at Fontevraud?

  289. Boris has cut off more than he can chew. He should not argue with David Norgrove who cut his teeth as Margaret Thatcher’s Private Secretary.

  290. Frank P 01-00

    What happened to Brillo’s other lefty minder, the simian featured Jo Coburn?

    Not just the News & Politics shows. The BBC is more or less 100% unwatchable now, and that goes for its offerings on iPlayer. The other day I downloaded the 2nd series of Normal for Norfolk which I quite enjoy despite the scripted elements. It was totally unwatchable because of the various gurning, gesticulating twats prominently featured prominently on the rhs of the screen.
    Totally pissed off with it all.
    The licence fee must GO!

  291. Irishboy

    What a wonderful life in music you must lead, thank you for sharing those insights.

    I myself could never sing a note.

  292. Noa/Irishboy

    Thank you both. A wonderful diversion from the woes of the world. A reminder of the Great Mystery which sadly I am ill~equipped to solve. Don’t be a stranger, Irishboy.


  293. Marshal Roberts

    Sadly the Tallis speakers were not there though it must have sounded amazing as the sound seems to hang in the air whilst not obscuring the detail.

    And strange that in our public life, if you raise the mildest dissent from say the orthodox view that a great hairy-bollocksed prop-forward in a dress should not just be allowed, but welcomed into the mother-and-kiddies showers at the swimming pool, your resignation will be screamed for, (one poor lady in Canada is actually on trial for making such an objection) and for a quiet life thereafter you should know-tow as abjectly as humanly possible before the tyrannical media, but should, in the space of a few months, 34 people be blown to pieces, dozens more having lives ruined by disfigurement and pain, and countless others grieving for the former and assisting the latter, there are no calls for any resignations.

    Dear Frank, I visit here often for the consolation that there are other normal people with normal human reactions in my country, but I am so angry, and that there is not one person really saying what needs to be said is most profoundly depressing. Perhaps we should jointly purchase a few acres of Norfolk together and declare UDI!

  294. Let’s hope one or the other gets the job, in the interests of DBAME diversity it’s time the abilities of the dead and of drug afflicted pop stars are recognised and actively promoted.
    One can identify no better field for such boldness than football management, where the careers may be short but the rewards stratospheric.

  295. Comment from someone about the second person arrested over tube bombing who had also been fostered by the old couple.
    This Dutch journalist shows he has family in holland, brother sister all shocked.
    This is the comment.
    The whole story is very odd.According to a Dutch journalist Jenan Moussa‏ @jenanmoussa
    Mr.Yahyah the 21year old with the receding hairline has a family in Holland so why was he in foster care in the UK?
    Why no leaks of the 18 year olds name? The press must know who he is, residents know who he is, What is going on? D Notice?

  296. The comments at @jenanmoussa on twitter are interesting as well.

  297. If trump stands by his totally destroy North Korea stance if the SHTF and china is dragged in Americans will soon find their shops empty.
    That may provoke a discussion on outsourcing.

  298. Trump is correct on all I’ve heard so far.

  299. Hullo.

  300. Hullo, have the missiles landed.

  301. Best speech by a POTUS that I have ever heard/seen., Didn`t miss a beat.

  302. Thank fuck your here frank , I thought I was alone after a first strike.

  303. Frank P.

    Hear Hear re: Donald’s UN speech. And if he could get rid of Mitch and that twisted SOAB Ryan he might have a chance. I read somewhere that Bannon is trying to get to work on getting actual conservatives elected on a Republican ticket. Just think of the good that could be done if the majority party in both houses were actually on the Trump Train, and is it not strange that in a land full of millions of big strapping men, Congress is populated with few exceptions by eunuchs. This is the last chance to democratically cut socialism below the knees and yes, to drain the swamp.

    And as for our most recent boy-bombers, they too, as Donald said, were known to the police. Funny that every single terrorist outrage has been committed by those already fingered by Plod. Like the politicians, the civil servants, the police have accrued draconian powers to themselves but not one of the lily-livered progressive bastards actually wants to use those powers against any actual aggressor. After living through decades of IRA appeasement, I am sick to the stomach. And not one MP or journalist has either asked Amber Rudd a tricky question or called for her resignation.

    Dear oh dear oh dear.

  304. Irishboy (21:26)

    Exactly! The praise that is being heaped on the Police/MI5 – and Adrian Gill’s old squeeze, for their reactive policing, is nauseating. The fact that two refugee kids from a foster home were able to cobble together a crude bucket bomb, then one of them carry it through the streets of suburbia and leave it on a tube train without being challenged; to burn scores of innocent passengers: indicates that the whole panoply of policing, security and government is, as Noa would put it, FUBAR.

    The current Commissioner should never have been appointed, anyway. She should now be sacked. This reminds me of the fuck-up of the Jean Menezes affair, in which she was involved – and the crude attempts to cover that up, . All this bullshit about having to keep the names and nationality of the perps secret for fear of impeding the investigation, insults the intelligence of anyone with two synapses enjoined, let alone anyone who served in the Met.when they still had policemen working in its ranks. From the moment they lifted the dabs and DNA from the bag, the bucket and the bomb they knew exactly who and what they had. If they didn’t, then all of them should be canned bcause they are fucking useless! Putting on a show by bringing the whole of West London to a standstill was tantamount to criminal obstruction of the citizens of London and environs: posturing in order to pretend that they earning their salaries (plus overtime). If two errant scrotes, pretending to be refugees, can cause this kind of havoc, Western Civilisation is done. The meeja, TheJob, and the Toy-Town Muzzi Mayor, who is now nominally i/c of the Met are all colluding to misinform the public about Islam and its cosy conspiracy with the Left in all its crypto Marxist/Leninist tranmogrifications. The jihad is taking the piss on an industrial scale. Moreover they are recruting eejits to do the plumbing. The Job is no longer there to protect the law-abiding folks, it is there to protect corrupt politicians and harass those who point out obvious truths – about them AND our enemy – Islam! And the vociferous vaginas and degenerates who now dictate to the pussy-whipped ‘men’ in the cabinet and in the Job are pissing this country down Barking Creek. We need a Trump – FFS don’t suggest Boris the bleedin’ buffoon; now that would really make me throw up.

    As I always say at the end of my cathartic rants – Richard Kemp – step up to the plate: your country needs you! A small posse of red blooded ex comrades-at-arms could take these pussies with ne’er a drop of claret spilled. 🙂 If I wasn’t so cattled by age and decrepitude I’d join you. Will no one rid us of these scurvie politicians/traitors? Surely – after a thousand years of glorious history, Great Britain is not going to go down with hardly a wimper, let alone a BANG!!

  305. John Birch (18:00)

    Sorry me ol’ cocker! I was on listening watch with 3 TVs, my tablet, my main frame and Mrs Frank P’s new smartfone. I was relying on Esther and EC to keep the CHW active an maybe a coupla broadsides from Colonel M?
    Noa and you have weighed in I see and Marshall was up early.

    Good to see Irishboy back too. He’s always a fillip when the going gets patchy.

    The missus said earlier, “Four times you’ve told me that you have ‘retired’,
    When is it going to materialise?”

    Sorry, my love, doncha know there’s a war on?


  306. Fuck me! Is that the time? Bedtime. Nighty-night. Over and out.

  307. Just had a last look round before turning in and found this:

    Bwaaaaahahhahaha!. YCMIU. No longer have to, do we?

  308. Frank P @ 03:39

    Sorry, I but had a Yen to grab ‘A Fistful of HK$” stop over here whilst en route down under. I feel very relaxed here in HK/China as they are friendly and there is zero percent chance of being blown up, stabbed or getting one’s head cut off.
    EE are good domestically but they have the worst/most of expensive rip off foreign service of all. I only have access to the interlubes via Wifi until I plug an Aussie SIM card in. Even then I don’t know if I’ll get a signal out in the swamps dodging the crocs and pythons whilst trying to concentrate on snapping some of the local winged fauna.

    That MS article was ace. Spot on!

  309. e&oe above, btw
    Different country, but I have same old Plobrem!

  310. I listened to the apparent leader of the Western World yesterday afternoon.
    A dangerous world has just become more dangerous.

  311. The fact that the tube terrorists appear to be “refugee” foster “children” is a scandal that ought to have brought mass resignations in government and an absolute outcry from the press and people. The government has, literally, imported terrorism against its own people when its primary duty should have been to protect them, come what May (and unfortunately she did).

    Those unelected idiot “celebrities” and misguided women who attacked anyone voicing concern about the “refugees” and the nonsense of describing them as “children” suddenly have nothing to say. And those who should be rounding on them and giving them a blast of public criticism are also silent. The cowing of a country not just to accept unnecessary risk of a terrible potential deliberately imposed by government but to keep silent about it is both astonishing and deeply depressing. We are forced to live in a world of lies peddled by a cabal of third rate Common Purpose ne’er do wells whose main stock in trade is conniving and conspiring together against the people they should be protecting. They are obsessed with the trivia of silly leftist invented words, tokenism and a fallacious, mainly self-imposed guilt about our history and identity which is cynically exploited by the ghastly left as a weapon to undermine and pandered to by so-called “Conservatives” who have NOTHING to offer but incompetent bean counting and “Look over there, a squirrel!” deflections about social media. Their combined desire to establish an equivalency in the face of terrorist attacks causing real harm is both treacherous and malevolent. We do not fear the “far-right” or “offensive” tweets when we travel on the tube, attend concerts or walk across London Bridge. An MP’s public criticism of members of the travelling community is not going to blow us to pieces or inflict third degree burns. The political class have not just lost the plot but their marbles too.

    As for England, obliterated country. Any other people treated as the indigenes of this once peaceful and well ordered land have been would probably be up in arms by now. The vandalism, destruction and impositions of successive governments have been nothing short of criminally insane but not one politician has been properly held to account for them. Instead they now pretend, deceive and boast about “British values”. They have to and it is in desperation because they – and only they – have been responsible for importing and inflicting so many non-British “values”, permitting them to flourish through their pernicious policies of multi-culturalism, undermining the rule of law by selective enforcement, effectively abandoning Peel’s Principles of Policing which were the guarantee to police by consent.

    Where once a sense of duty and responsibility would have prevailed there is now a trampling on the very principles that provided our freedom. They do it because they have discovered they can, without protest or proper criticism. They network to do it through vile, unelected zealots who cannot distinguish myopia from utopia.

    And there is not one leader stepping up to denounce this collective ordure being heaped upon the English people and to offer them salvation.

  312. It isn’t the terrorists to blame for terrorism, after all they are just innocent economic migrants wanting a job at Aldi, some tax credits, a council flat and the opportunity to have a wife or three to breed someone to keep them in their old age.
    It’s the internet, showing even the illiterate how to make bombs from those leftover bags of fertiliser.
    So the solution is as obvious to Sir Jeremy Harding and his cabbages as it should be to us.
    Ban the use of the internet, ban the users of the internet, but don’t ban the bombers and murderers.

    After all, as the idiot, that repellent and treacherous practitioner of double think points out, its not the murderers and terrorists who are the problem its those like Trump who speak out against them.

    Silence, utter silence, in the face of death and murder, is what is required.

  313. Colonel Mustard 08.25

    “…incompetent bean counting and “Look over there, a squirrel!” deflections about social media.”

    Indeed, what we need now are real men, men who can sew on buttons and know where the towels are kept.

    Time to drop ice cubes down the vest of fear.

  314. @David Lindsay 20th, 07:59

    “A dangerous world has just become more dangerous.”

    Time to retreat to the cupboard under the stairs, suck your thumb and rock back and forward.

  315. How wise of the eminent politician Evette Cooper and the distinguished novelist and witch JK Rowling to campaign for the importation of refugees but, unlike the kindly but misguided pensioners in Sunbury on Thames, to decide not to house any themselves.
    Why did they decide not to?
    Perhaps the odd bloody slaughtering of a goat, by cutting its throat in the bath, could not be cleaned properly with bleach.
    Or like the sale of wine, perhaps hummus and falafel are not easily obtainable in the local Tesco
    Was it to prevent the inordinate use of their broadband?
    The delivery of strange and smelly packages from Amazon Prime at odd times of the day? Minor bangs and explosions from the garden shed?
    Or perhaps the foster parents allowances are simply not enough.
    If you know how to change Ms Rowlings and Mrs Cooper-Balls minds please write to them via Ms Katherine Viner, Editor the Guardian.

  316. Ostrich (occasionally) September 20th, 2017 – 10:26

    He is not David Lindsay (or the messiah) but just a very naughty boy!

  317. Boot on the power behind Dim Rong Un’s (Rocet Man’s) hardware? Give us a fac check please Colonel and Noa who is an expert on fizzers:

    Baron is awol pro tem, but I’m sue he won’t let this one pass. Ae you okay m’lud, not at he mercy of our medics again?

  318. Rocket. Mince pies agin!. O & oe apols. Peter can we update our software to include an edit facility? Our blogroll is also in need of a refresher, too. Btw, whle I am in ‘addressing the host’ mode, did my direct debit reach you this time via the correct bank account?

  319. Matthew Sayed’s turn for the Ordure of the Boot:

    Heh, heh heh!

  320. Frank P

    Indeed Mr Boot provides no hard evidence for his assertion that Russia has provided Kim with modern military Nuclear technology and there doesn’t seem to be any such evidence on the net.
    Of course he may have access to Russian material and he replies politely to serious questions…
    I did come across the following article covering the possible strategic, political and economic benefits to Russia.

    And this equipment analysis, though recent already surpassed by events.

  321. I am watcning the BBC world service and thet tell me war as kicked off between Russia and Nato yet the BBC Domestic TV is prattling on about the Women’s Institue. According to BBC World News the Quen ad the Royal family have been evacuated. WW3 has just kicked off.

  322. see

    Is this some gigantic spoof like Orsen Wells II ??

  323. Apologies, it was a spoof rigged up by some outfit – obviously backed with funding from mischief makers. I must take a sabbatical, my bullshit sensor is obviously in need of a rest – it’s obviously not fully tuned; they had me going for about ten minutes, Orson Welles would have enjoyed it. 🙂

  324. Frank P September 20th, 2017 – 16:54

    There seems to be confusion between nuclear capability/nuclear warheads and missile technology.

    The development referred to by Mr Boot is not that complex and involves range boosting which in a ballistic missile determines the achievable height before re-entry which in turn determines range, therefore the stages required to get there. The basic RD-250 engine maker is Ukrainian (Yuzhnoye Design Bureau, formerly OKB-586 under the Soviet system) but they deny providing such engines directly to North Korea, claiming that they have only ever been supplied to Russia for use in their space programme. They also claim that the fuel (nitrogen tetroxide and unsymmetrical dimethylhydrazine) cannot be manufactured by the North Koreans but must have been supplied by China or Russia. The Ukrainian Space Agency have asserted that the engine used by North Korea is not home-grown but an actual RD-250 provided by Russia and taken from the Tsyklon-2 and 3 rockets supplied to Russia from Ukraine. There may be some dissembling here because Yuzhnoye was focussed on advanced technology development for military applications and the extent to which it has turned swords into ploughshares is uncertain.

    One Western source asserts that the engines were probably obtained through “illicit” Russian or Ukrainian sources. As the spat between Russia and the Ukraine revealed, “illicit” in terms of post-USSR postures can mean anything, including indirect state sponsorship.

    As a personal observation the tests to me seem less like genuine development tests and more like a pre-planned programme of provocation and escalation. With the current twisted tentacles of geo-political plotting and positioning I hesitate to suggest either the motive or gain but it might be related to the re-kindling of Chinese-Japanese animosity and contrived to assess the reaction of Japan and subsequent Japanese and American relationship statements. Both China and Russia have territorial issues with Japan which has been a long-standing enemy to both. And in recent years Japan has been re-developing its military capability, flexing its muscles so to speak, since shrugging off its own constitutional limitations to the deployment of military force.

    Trump might have wanted to use language that made it crystal clear that the USA would intervene on behalf of South Korea and/or Japan but without actually saying that to avoid a global confrontational line-up over what are essentially East Asian hostilities, thus North Korea, China and Russia vs South Korea, Japan and the USA. 72 years after the Second World War there is still much unfinished business in the region.

  325. I should have added above that despite the face China likes to show to the world I wouldn’t trust them one little bit. The Japanese will be more attuned to the real face behind that “mask” than any Western powers. The same goes not for Russia per se but certainly for Putin’s regime.

  326. Thanks Noa – interesting pieces. Perhaps my mode of thinking made the spoof “BBC” breaking news video more easily digested, even an old cynic like me swallowed it until the logic kicked in after a few minutes. Did make one wonder how one should react if one of these loony bastards does do someting stupid and kick it all off. The absence of any aircraft noise hereabouts was the first indicator that there was somehing off kilter with the storyline. 🙂

  327. Likewise Colonel – thanks for a measured and balanced analysis. Very helpful and somewhat palliative after the bellicose bullshit of the past couple of days. It seems that some degree of MAD still exists and those who have the power to press the red button have self preservation at the core of their being. Even the mullahs don’t believe the bullshit they feed to their proletariat. Not sure about Kim. But I think China will effect change there ere long. Money talks – bullshit walks.

  328. History – recently released:

    Lest we forget.


    Shanah Tovah ! —— Good New Year ; 5778 .

    5778 already . How time flies .

  330. If yoh only have time to read one article today make it this one, please:

    Advisory Board
    Max Boot Military Historian and Foreign Policy Analyst; Globalist Shill
    James Clapper Former Director of National Intelligence; Perjured Traitor
    Norman Ornstein American Enterprise Institute Resident Scholar
    Rob Reiner Director, Actor, and Activist
    Charles Sykes Conservative Commentator

    H/T Paul Joseph Watson of

  332. Frank P 11-44.
    Mark is so clear and accurate, I find his writing and sticking to the pin points of a discussion amazing while still being easy to read.
    I noted this section.
    And that’s cringe-worthy because you’ve been raised in a culture that doesn’t teach you about any of the good stuff, only to spasm reflexively when accusers cry “racist!” or “imperialist!”, “Islamophobe!” or “transphobe!”
    I know it’s not clever but I really think blunt answers are needed for anyone who comes out with this nonsense.

  333. An estimated 1,000,000 non-Europeans (including 500K+ from Syria) are now on welfare in Germany – an increase of 124% in a single year.

  334. Frank P @ September 20th, 2017 – 16:54

    His paranoiac hatred of Russia seems boundless, Frank, in a reply to the Noa’s posting on his blog he says he draws only on what’s in the media, but that doesn’t seem to stop him from claiming the Russians have armed the nutter with the stuff, hmmm.

    Still, other sources, unfortunately in a language that’s not English, suggest the regime is not as brutal as it was when the nutter’s daddy was in charge (one can get a visa, travel to North Korea freer than ever before, move within the country, albeit still watched every step of the way, no more people boiled in oil, residential dwellings aplenty, shops supplied with goods not seen before).

    The switch from conventional armaments to nuclear has actually been very beneficial to the North Korean budget, (Mr. Boot’s speculative assertion that ‘even if the military are not paid’ is totally wrong, the military are one of the layers of the society that gets from it far more than it deserves, it’s a given in any dictatorship that the armed agencies are better looked after than anyone else, and that includes the top scientists. If that were not the case the political leadership would run the risk of being toppled, another puppet paying them better installed).

    It may seem counter-intuitive but spending on nuclear development is really far less costly as that on conventional hardware (plus the cost of the manpower to man the gear). Google for what the North possesses in the non-nuclear category, it’s massive, includes about 60 submarines

    If one assumes that the Americans have MK5 in missiles, the Russians are currently a notch or two above (say) Mk6-7 (apart from the ICBM, the American short to medium missiles are sub-sonic, the Russian ‘gorazdo’ faster), the nutter probably topped MK2, if that, Baron reckons, just look at the photos of the firing sites, they look like a yard of a kolkhoz at best. The Chinese are the wild card, in the MSM there sin’t much about what they truly possess (most of the tests have been underground), hopefully the CIA has a better handle on it.

    The fact that the nutter can fire a piece of hardware that flies a distance doesn’t mean he can hit anything (not even an island). Even more questionable is his ability to equip the flying piece with a miniature nuclear warhead i.e a hydrogen charge.

    What the West, or rather the Americans have to fear is not Kim, but the Chinese, (possibly the Russians who have a shortish border with North Korea), the Mandarin speakers can never allow the Americans to have military bases just over a physical border. That in itself would be suicidal for them, and the huge expense of developing the South China sea protective zone would have to be written off, too.

    In a sense, the Chinese face an almost identical dilemma Putin had to deal with after the Kiev’s putsch in Feb 2014. Not unlike Putin with the annexation of Crimea (including the naval port facilities at Sevastopol) Xi will have to make a move unless he’s happy with the Americans breathing down his neck over the border.

    If a conflict were to flare up, the Chinese will be the first to invade North Korea, Baron reckons (a friendly help, invited by the people, taking care of own security?). The nutter may be well aware of it, hence the seemingly impetuous brawling and baiting on his part, the hesitancy to strike on the part of the Donald.

    (The barbarian’s travelling, cannot post, enjoy the tranquility, error free postings …)

  335. Landlords where 35 Eastern European men live in squalor are DOCTORS
    You I think they are not English doctors are they and of course when you read the story no they’re not

  336. Stuck outside the bloody station again due to another dam suicide I’m sorry but when you’re a commuter sympathy goes very very quickly to people who commit suicide at the cost of thousands of wasted time


    A footnote to my post at 12:42 yesterday: to anyone wondering who Rob Reiner is to be circulating in the same high-oxygen atmosphere of globalist was propaganda as Max “Caligula” Boot and James Clapper, look no further than the interview with Tucker Carlson on his Thursday night show on Fox News.


    President Trump emphasized in his speech the other day to the General Assembly of the United Nations, founded as an antifascist organization by the way, that it cost the USA $10 to settle a refugee in America for every $1 that it cost his country to resettle one back in his homeland or in a country close to his homeland.


    Why is this man still alive and costing us money? I have said before that Sidney Silverman carries a heavy burden on his shoulders.

  340. It gets dafter.
    “Sambogate” – Taki’s Magazine via @tealdit

  341. Marshal Roberts.
    marshal, It is not Silverman who is to blame for this situation, it is the metropolitan intelligentsia to blame, they who would rather see dozens of their fellow citizens blown to kingdom come rather than see any harm come to a poor asylum seeker. I too was outraged by this event, I was even more annoyed with the prison officer who caused the poor fellow to lose his teeth. If the man had been doing his job right he would have broke his fucking neck.

  342. A wonderful and sardonic analysis by AB; I agree with every word.

    We the English plebs have been victims of a diabolical protracted robbery/ extortion for several decades and our politicians/traitors of every stripe have co- conspirators in the rip-off!

    I haven’t yet listened to our latest traitorous ‘leader’s’ speech – for fear of blowing a gasket.
    Out! I say. And transfer not another penny of my extorted taxes to these fucking continental thieves. It’s made even more heinous by the fact tha those of them we didn’t conquer, we liberated!
    Fucking curs and ingrates or resurgent fucking huns!

  343. Just been listening to our glorious leader’s Florence peroration. Nothing new, nothing I had not expected. Enough to make you puke. As I have said here before, we’ll see the second coming before we see Brexit, the nomenclatura will not tolerate anything which opposes their convictions and to hell with what we want. In this society our only purpose is to pick up the bills.

  344. Frank P September 22nd, 2017 – 18:23

    Me too (agreeing with every word in AB’s article).

    “Bold” as in stupid and reckless, like holding a General Election she didn’t have to and laying out a red carpet for Corbyn.

    Stupid and reckless as in letting that ghastly EU cabal call the shots and saddling the country she is supposed to protect with unsustainable levels of immigration.

    Now she is going to prolong the agony by giving the misfits, traitors and assorted EU ne’er do wells an additional two years (on top of the time already wasted and to be wasted) to make their mischief.

    What a very stupid, misguided and irresponsible woman she is.

  345. Frank P at 18 23 inst.

    Probably better to approach it with a big stick via Breitbart .

    Nigel Farage : `betrayal`….`for the status que`.

    Aron Banks : `betrayal` ….`Nigel has no option but to return`.

    Bow Group Chairman : `can not accept ..situation`.


    Le Grand Boris (Johnson) : `very attractive vision`.

    Michel Barnier ( for the EU ) : `constructive`.

    Anne Soubry ( on the BBC ) : `sensible/responsible`

  346. Re: comments on the Alexander Boot link @18:23 above


    AB using exactly the correct terminology. i.e. “Shakedown”

    The trouble is that we’ve been royally rogered by the buggers in Brussels for the last 42 years, not to mention the arse pounding we, the taxpayers, have had from our own politicians over the last 72 years!

  347. It’s Betrexit. And we all knew it.

    Do you think Theresa May has any plans to be prime minister in four years?

    Pah! Of course not.

    All economies have booms and busts. The UK has no boom but it can easily have a bust such is its national and personal debt. How easy, then, to change the narrative four years from now for whoever is in office.

    Look at how much wriggle room May has left herself and her successor.

    Please have a look at this Nigel Farage link and see his posts to feel the fury round the country.

  348. All dead and buried in 15 months since the vote. Pathetic.

  349. Please do click on the Farage link I just posted and scroll down and read over the posts over the past 48 hours all the posts.

    A really good summary.

    Farage says that the Tories will run the next election on exactly the same basis as they ran 2017: ‘Vote Tory, or you won’t get Brexit.’

    It’s always the same old trick with the Tories. The donkey voter never get the carrot. It’s on a stick two yards in front of him and the donkey voter thinks ‘If I just walk that one more step with the Tory narrative I’ve had all my life, I’ll get my conservative government. One more step and I get the Brexit carrot.’

    Wrong, donkey voter. You will do that, all your life, you will never get the carrot. It was a con. You will do it all of your life and one day, keel over and die, the reward never delivered.

    It is what the Tory party always does: deliver as little as possible by saying: It’s us or Corbyn.

    How many times do we have to watch this movie?

  350. I also read the story about the slum landlords who are doctors. Yes.

    Thought crime law prevents me from saying the conclusion one would naturally reach.

    They are so disgusting.

  351. Isn’t it just nauseating? Nothing to look forward to? No fun?

    Just that wicked May woman signing secret deals with the Saudis so they can fund more terror on British children, limbs blown off in Manchester or wherever?

    Isn’t it just nauseating? She is vile.



    Theresa May and J. Corbyn are responsible for this dire state of affairs along with the majority of the political class.

    Here is the link to the interview of Tommy Robinson by Alex Jones on his show on 22nd September but you have to scroll through until you find it, because there is no separate clip available yet.

    Past time to throw these politicians out and to fund and implement the exile to muslim countries of 90% of these religious fascists.


  353. Re-posted, my May 2013 warning against a referendum

    Peter Hitchens

    I have dug the following four-year-old article out of the archives not because it is wholly right (it isn’t) or because I now completely agree with everything I then said (I have changed my mind about the difficulties of leaving, see below).

    I have republished it because it is essentially correct about the dangers and nature of the referendum short cut, which I opposed.

    Where was I wrong? I would never, at this time, have predicted that so many newspapers which had never favoured an exit from the EU in more than 40 years of membership would suddenly embrace that cause. I would never have predicted that career politicians such as Michael Gove and Al Johnson, who had either been known for pro-EU views or had been uninterested in the issue, would become ferocious campaigners for our departure. I am still not sure why they did. I didn’t really think that Mr Cameron would get the majority he needed (but didn’t want) to implement the referendum). I don’t think he did either.

    I think the key bit is this ‘It seems plain to me that the mirage of a referendum is being used to try to fool UKIP voters back into mainstream politics’. That worked. The Tory Party, alas, was saved for a little while longer. I hope those who helped achieve this aim are pleased by what they did.

    That final paragraph. A thousand times over. I just don’t know why people fall for it. Every time. Slams palm into face.

  354. ‘So many newspapers which had never favoured an exit from the EU in more than 40 years of membership would suddenly embrace that cause’

    Yes, but only because Paul Dacre and Lord Rothermere wanted rid of UKIP. This was what Dacre enacted:

    ‘It seems plain to me that the mirage of a referendum is being used to try to fool UKIP voters back into mainstream politics’.

    The establishment do not want upstart parties they cannot control.

    UKIP is the first time the English nearly had an upstart party challenge the LabCon axis of evil (they agree on all the big things – Cameron employed David Lammy FFS).

  355. I have found the past 48 hours so hollow.

    What’s the ending in 1984? A boot stamping on your face for eternity.

    That’s all it is: Paul Dacre, Theresa May, the Tory Party and Labour Party defecating into the faces of their own voters. They despise their own voters.

  356. Robert Peston, a Remainer in Chief, is cock-a-hoop and laughing all the way to his next Common Purpose class:

    May’s Florence speech is a blueprint for keeping Britain in the EU as an ‘associate’ member

    Robert Peston

    I am not a conspiracy theorist. But if I were, I might conclude that the prime minister’s speech in Florence represents the victory of Whitehall, led by the cabinet secretary Sir Jeremy Heywood, over the arch Brexiteers in the cabinet. Because although it is spectacularly short on detail, it does not represent a clean break with the EU. And it seems to propose some kind of associate membership of the EU for Britain as the long-term status quo.

    May proposes a new trading relationship with the EU that is neither membership of the European Economic Area and the single market or a conventional free trade arrangement. She wants our future economic relations with the continent to be more intimate than the latter and a bit less intimate than the former.

    And she thinks she can get what she calls “an ambitious economic partnership” because our rules and regulations are currently wholly converged with those of the rest of the EU (by definition, since we are still an EU member – in case you had forgotten). She recognises that over time we and the EU will want to move in different directions in respect of rules and regulations. So to prevent either side shifting the balance of “rights and obligations” in the commercial and economic relationship in an unfair way, she recommends the creation of some kind of supranational dispute-resolution process.

    Quite what or who this new arbiter would be she does not say, other than that it could neither be the European Court of Justice or British courts.

    But plainly this would represent not the great plan of the Brexiteer purists to shift sovereignty from Brussels to Westminster, but it would be a shift of power from Brussels to some other extra-territorial body.

    The question for Boris Johnson, Michael Gove and Liam Fox is why lawmaking on the moon for example – or a lunar arbitration panel that ruled our own new laws as illegal and therefore impinged on our commercial and economic freedoms – would be less noxious than law-making by the collective members of the EU.

    Nor would that be the only erosion of British sovereignty. If the prime minister’s proposed new treaty with the EU on security, law enforcement and criminal justice means anything it would force the UK to take on new binding obligations to protect the EU from criminal and terrorist threats and the predation of malign foreign nations.

    That may well be a good thing. But it is not “taking back control”, to coin the Brexiteering slogan of choice. Then of course there is her request for a two-year period of transition, which in effect would turn us till 2021 into a non-voting member of the EU.

    She also held out the prospect of paying substantial sums in perpetuity to the EU for “those specific policies and programmes which are greatly to the UK and the EU’s joint advantage, such as those that promote science, education and culture – and those that promote our mutual security”.

    All in all this looks like a Whitehall coup to try and obtain what British officials have always sought – which is a new category of EU membership, what would be called “associate” status if the EU was a club.

    To be frank, having now heard Mrs May’s speech I have a bit more understanding why Johnson cut up rough last weekend and am a bit more surprised that he has chosen to remain at her side – and indeed to serve as cheerleader in her audience today.

    This is classic Whitehall fudge. And I suspect it will end up alienating both the rest of EU and much of May’s own party.

    For the EU, there is a hugely important question of principle at stake here, which is whether it wishes to set the precedent of inaugurating a third circle of partial members, led by the UK.

    Maybe May’s offer to buy this partial membership by stumping up the £20bn or so we already promised to pay into EU coffers till 2021 will seduce the Merkels, Macrons and Junckers. But I slightly doubt it, when their revealed priority is to forge deeper and closer bonds between existing members, and discourage further fragmentation of the 27.

    As for the Johnsons, Goves and Foxes, I slightly assume they are backing the PM for now because they assume her plan is bound to flop, and that therefore we are heading for the no-deal exit.

    Robert Peston is Political Editor of ITV News. This article was originally published on his Facebook page

  357. No, Esther, not pathetic; criminal!

  358. So on the day after another disgusting Conservative betrayal Charles Moore writes this garbage in the Spectator

    I write this, but it’s up for “approval” within minutes and naturally gets sent down the pan. Massive and Parris denegrate denature and insult millions with their real hate speech and I must say I’m struggling to see why this little fight back was censored.

    I think unspoken rules of censorship here at The Spectator – no actual criticism of the writer is allowed.
    I’ll try again but don’t hold out much hope that this will be on display for too long. But really, Charles, Fraser, it’s only a few days since another tube bombing, rapes of white british girls by foreigners at obscene levels etc.. Where is the outrage?
    A piece of whimsy, born from at best wishful thinking by Moore Senior, sentimentality by Junior, on today when once again the democratic and express wishes of the British people are being smothered in obfuscating platitudes instead of the globalist evil of the EU being dissected empirically. Our peoples industry has been exported and they now left in degrading unemployment and dependency resented by the very Party that they founded, our peoples right to their land and who lives in it given away without us being even asked, a new compliant electorate being imported alien in every way to our nature and laws made to squash viciously any dissent from us who will soon be a minority in our own country. Common Law and all the laws of this country replaced by foreign diktat, our courts subservient.
    How low to we have to be laid before Moore and his family might accept that the consequences of their vision have led to poverty in all its forms for millions, and might old Moore not think that maybe, just maybe, his wishful thinking has played a significant part in allowing the murder, mass-rape and terrorisation of a people who have only ever wanted to be left alone in peace to live a decent family life?
    Charles Moore has had a privileged voice for years. He’s wasted every second of it.

  359. Exactly, Irishboy. These are all Judas Goat publications that use the same modus operandi as the Tory Party, throw the public some populist bait in the shape of one or two personalities who prick tease the voters, but there’s never any action.

    It’s all for show. The spiteful tease who leads people on.

    They keep the debate in front of them, where they can control it with censorship. We say what the debate is. We decide what you can and can’t say.

    And, yes, everywhere is rape and murder on a scale unimaginable. A day after, nothing. Silence. As Mark Steyn observed, we are being conditioned to accept our own death.

    An utterly miserable 24 hours.

  360. Where’s the change?

    Where’s the control on immigration? Where’s the free speech? Where the end to diversity diktats?

    Nowhere. What are the Tories for? Nothing. Apart from spitting in their voters faces by signing secret deals with the Saudis to let them kill British innocents.

  361. A Mail commenter:

    Destructivedave, Cambridge, United Kingdom

    What has she done in seven years? Flooded our country with migrants. Turned Britain into a crime-ridden cesspit. Hospitals failing and overcrowded. GPs’ surgeries packed to the rafters. Prisons overcrowded. Schools overcrowded. Yet gives £14 billion abroad, £20 billion to the EU and £1 billion to the DUP for propping her up after a stupid election she said wasn’t going to happen. She is a pure liar and europhile that never should have been prime minister.

  362. Fake Brexit.

  363. It seems it’s not only the Left leaning progressives who’s slicing of issues is fuelled by feelings, those on the conservative wing suffer fro mthe same malady, too. Only someone driven by nothing but 24-carat hatred of the EU could pen such an emotionally eristic diatribe. The barbarian has never had any love feeling for the federalist construct, but behaving like a spoilt brat won’t cut it.

    Of course, it’s a sort of divorce, we were not a guest of the EU (who’d invited us? Germany, the other members, one of the Brussels apparatchiks?). We were a fully paid up member of the club, of a household, a family. The process we’re going though now is indeed akin to a divorce settlement, not all divorces proceed without acrimony, Mr. Boot’s separation may have been, but sadly, he isn’t the only one who went through the course of splitting from his wife (or wives?) amicably.

    We just cannot walk out, ignore any obligations we had entered into when we’re one of the pack. Not even the Bolsheviks got away with it, they said initially they would not honour any to the debt of the Tsarist Russia (private loans, bonds, other liabilities were a different matter), changed their mind quickly, paid the lot in full, eventually. Had they not done so they would have been cut off from the international financial markets, as we would be if we said we would pay nothing.

    Take just one example. The EU employed many British nationals, not only at the top but throughout the huge bureaucracy, these people had accumulated ‘pension pots’ (it’s in inverted commas because the money wasn’t really invested, as is the case here, the pensions are paid from current taxes (UK) or annual member contributions (EU), those retired have rights to the money, someone has to cover that obligation. The separation talk may result in our paying a lump sum to the EU, taking over the liability or whatever, but it cannot be ignored.

    As it happens, the barbarian knows someone who has retired now, gets a pension from the EU. What is the person to do if Brussels stops sending the monthly cheques? Some of you may say ‘serves the bugger right’, but that’s not what should happen in a civilised society.

    Many projects initiated by the EU run for years, we subscribed to them. The EU has made loans to countries such as Ukraine. What happens if the country defaults? The EU sited few of its institutions in the UK. Who’s to pay for the relocation?

    Fortunately (for those of you who take the opposite view), the barbarian doesn’t have the time to go into the issue at length, but the rant of the omni-all one ranks on par with an angry moan of a man in a pub, a sophisticated one, superbly crafted, but a rant nevertheless.

  364. Esther @ September 23rd, 2017 – 18:12

    You may be right, Esther, you may be wrong. It’s not over yet, the fat lady hasn’t sung yet.

    Never listen to what the politicians say, always look what they do.

    There was little meat on what the saintly One said, if she doesn’t want the party buried she will have to deliver a compromise the unwashed can buy. It’s still possible, Baron reckons.

  365. Esther @ September 23rd, 2017 – 18:08

    We would have been flooded even if we were outside the yoke of Brussels, Esther, the open border policy was initiated by Labour, we didn’t have to do it, remember Neathergate?

  366. After losing his seat, Gavin Barwell was appointed Downing Street Chief of Staff by Theresa May, following the resignations of Fiona Hill and Nick Timothy on 10 June.

    On 23 June 2016 as the EU referendum results began rolling in Barwell had tweeted:-

    “Proud that my home town (Croydon) and the great city of which it is part rejected the politics of hate and division yesterday”

    That is what May’s Chief of Staff thinks of the people who voted to leave the EU. That is the twerp who is now advising the silly woman in No.10. She could have appointed anyone. A dedicated leaver perhaps. Someone who actually believes in the sovereign destiny of this nation outside the ghastly EU. But instead she appointed that twerp. And expects us to believe that someone who holds that contemptuous view of Brexit and the people who voted for it will “respect the result of the referendum”.

  367. Irishboy @ September 23rd, 2017 – 17:12

    And you’ve expected better from Moore, Irishboy? Hmmm

    It should be enough he bats strongly for our team, his promotion of the Blonde Inseminator is just him, he cannot help it.

    If you think you are the only one put ‘in moderation’ at the rag, you are wrong, the barbarian has suffered for the same reason, his postings appear only if there are totally vacuous of criticism of anyone connected with it.

    Freedom of expression, for which Fraser fights, is proud of.

  368. Colonel Mustard @ September 23rd, 2017 – 18:57

    For over forty years, Colonel, the domestic and European nomenclatura has been brainwashing the electorate with the promise of nirvana if we embrace the Brussels construct. When it came to the referendum, the largest ever number of people said ‘no’ to it.

    The tool of voting is still with us, the electorate may use it again if the deal isn;t to their liking, Baron reckons. If not, then we’re truly screwed up.

  369. Errors again, sorry, and have a good night sleep.

  370. Sorry, before you turn in, listen to the great Mark:

  371. Not really, Baron, the influx was started by John Major (dubbed by some as a de facto Blairite), yes, New Labour ramped things up a notch, but the EU was their conduit. Cameron and May are copying Blair’s playbook but for some reason Tory voters live in denial they are doing the same thing.

    As to your suggestion that it is still possible – oh dear!

    You win this week’s copy of The Cameron Delusion.

    It doesn’t go out of date, you just replace his name with whoever heads the Tory Party.

    I just don’t get it. Think about your own lives and acquaintances. If you had a chum like Gavin Barwell, do you think he would help or hinder Brexit?


    The one I always point to is the pillow talk.

    Philip May is a staunch Remainiac. She is too.

    Think about your own views. Did you reach the age of 60 or whatever age she is and suddenly do a volte face on something like the EU?

    Of course you didn’t.

    A leopard doesn’t change its spots.

  372. Never mind the imaginary feelings of 600,000 Italians, Theresa, you should get real and consider the actual feelings of the 17 million Brits who voted to leave the EU on the understanding that that wanker Cameron would invoke Article 50 the NEXT DAY.

    You’ve wasted over a year pissing about and now you’re proposing a further two years of pissing about after another two years of pissing about. FIVE years of pissing about instead of bloody getting on with it.

    As someone else has observed that is a few months longer than from the fall of France in May 1940 to the fall of Berlin in 1945. A telling indictment of the fudging incompetence of your administration, more procrastination and wind up than Guards Armoured on their way to Arnhem. You are taking longer to extract us from the clutches of the EU than the time taken to defeat Hitler.

    Get us OUT, now, and stop pissing about. You are supposed to be working for the Leavers not pandering to the Remainers, you silly woman.

  373. Baron,
    The establishment burnt their fingers by allowing us a referendum on leaving the EU, they will not repeat the same mistake a second time around. However, we finally kicked the Romans out and we will do the same to Brussels, but by the time we get round to doing this will there be enough pieces left to pick up?

  374. No mention of this in May’s “EU citizens as a national treasure” speech:-—they-must/

  375. The plain fact is this: the UK needs an Ian Paisley. Perhaps it is Nigel Farage.

    I don’t know if it is Farage, but it needs a political upstart that stands up to the evil of the Conservative Party. There is no fifth column in the Conservative Party going to save anyone, ever. That is The Cameron Delusion and now The May Delusion. And So On Delusion. Aren’t people tired of it yet?

    It is not happening. People must learn to stop voting Tory.

    Watch this 45-second retro clip and imagine a different voiceover:

    ‘Theresa May was interrupted mid-flow in the EU Parliament by Nigel Farage.

    ‘I’d like to indict you, Mrs May, as a traitor to the people of Britain in denying them the right to the independence they voted for in the EU referendum.’

    Paisley’s son. Paisley Jnr, now holds his seat. It had the largest percentage majority of Leave voters anywhere in the UK. The EU has always been recognised by Ian Paisley for what it is: pure evil.

    Ulster says NO to the EU

    Britain says NO to the EU

    So why is the UK saying in?


  376. This is a very short and concise that should have your blood boiling. Read, disseminate etc.

    OPINION: The half-hearted warble of a Florence Nightingale may well have sealed Britain’s fate

  377. Another thunderous takedown of May:

    “Some very powerful people from the United States, Europe and Japan are in reality the power behind Theresa May, who are the forces pulling Mrs May’s strings, controlling the Maybot and writing the script for her when it comes to international relations (which Mrs. May knows little about as is the case with most of her deeply provincial and deeply insular home counties home affairs advisors) but with her Conservative Party “mentor” the former Leader whom she served under and previous Foreign Secretary in the Cameron Government now (Lord) William Hague guiding her on world affairs every step of the way along with Lord Hague’s RUSI colleague Karin Von Hippel and Lord Hague’s extremely close personal, political and financial “partner” Alan Duncan who currently serves in Theresa May’s Government as Deputy Foreign Secretary, who conveniently lives next door to William Hague on Gayfere Street and funnily enough had a massive crush for some bizarre reason on Philip May while they were all involved in the Oxford Union and OUCA.”

  378. Baron – 18:23

    Your imaginary British friend’s EU pension is a non issue.
    Where do you think the money came from in the first place?

    As for handing the EU a “lump sum” to cover it? Bollocks to that!
    It could be paid direct from the civil service, cutting out the middle man.

    As for our cash strapped retired EU commissars? I hope that one day whoever takes over after the shtf gives the troughing bastards the same generous Christmas bonus as Nicolae and Elena got.

  379. Following Treezernous May’s speech if Davis Davis had a shred of honour or self respect the he’d resign today. Kowtowing with a white flag sticking out of his arse is the only “negotiating” position she has let him.

  380. “The he’d resign”; “left him” etc.

    More coffee in the lounge please!

  381. Hell no ! I won’t go !………and vote for Mrs May in 2020.

  382. Radford NG,
    You still want to vote?
    You sentimental old romantic, you…

  383. Esther (22:58)

    You seem to have lifted a stone under which yet another interesting nest of troughers is writhing away; Matthew Jamison being a capo in a Super Mafia of Thinkwankers that pull the levers deep in the dungeons beneath the C of P.

    He seems to be a whistle blower, but having rooted out his pedigree I’m a little puzzled as to colour of his political stripe.He’s definitely playing both ends against the middle. A somewhat prolix writer, I suspect that like so many who are paid by academic agitprops various, he is cross-eyed in a sea of confusion. I would appreciate Colonel Mustard’s perspective on this young man. I suspect Jamison is one of an army of academic parasites to whom polemical shit-stirring is daily bread and butter, but you’re right, the resulting data that emerges from his musing is interesting. It also seems to underpin my suspicion the the Great Society of Sodomy is dominant in today’s political scene and its recent blatancy is still only the tip of the iceberg.

    Perhaps those, who at university, bend over for predatorial professors in order to achieve First Class Honours degrees in PPE, grow to like it and spread the word. Shame that more don’t share the experience of Michael Gambon (from another profession where buggery and success go hand in hand) who when interviewed about possible ‘homosexuality’, replied, “I tried it once, didn’t like it!. It made my eyes water.”

  384. EC

    “Treezernous May”.

    Wonderful! Add that to the CHW Lexicon of Lampoonary immediately!

  385. Frank P September 24th, 2017 – 10:37

    The online outfit Jamison was writing for, Strategic Culture Foundation, is considered by Media Bias/Fact Check to have a centre-right bias but that means very little in this era when centre-right embraces centre-left and beyond (q.v. Theresa May). It seems to have a lot of Russian writers. No evidence of advertising and no mention of funding.

    The real clue is probably in SCF’s own “About Us” blurb:-

    “Strategic Culture Foundation provides a platform for exclusive analysis, research and policy comment on Eurasian and global affairs. We are covering political, economic, social and security issues worldwide. Since 2005 our journal has published thousands of analytical briefs and commentaries with the unique perspective of independent contributors. SCF works to broaden and diversify expert discussion by focusing on hidden aspects of international politics and unconventional thinking. Benefiting from the expanding power of the Internet, we work to spread reliable information, critical thought and progressive ideas.”

    They may mean “progressive” in a different way to how it is used by the Left but probably not. The SCF webpage includes a clumsy disclaimer that “the views expressed by their authors do not necessarily reflect one’s of the SCF Editorial”

    Stop Fake asserts that:-

    “ was registered in Moscow by a certain “Andrej G Areshev”—apparently a Moscow-based political scientist specializing in Asian and Caucasian affairs, who pens op-eds like “Frau Merkel’s Karabakh Fantasies” in publications like Regnum and—outlets considered to toe the Kremlin’s line. (In 2009, for instance, Regnum‘s chief editor was barred from entering Latvia and Estonia.) Areshev is also a prolific author on the Strategic Culture Foundation’s website. One of his latest pieces is titled “Climate Warfare: Is It Really a Conspiracy Theory?” There, he blames the latest wave of droughts and wildfires in Russia on “climate warfare” waged by the United States by way of HAARP, an ionospheric research program based in Alaska. “HAARP as a tectonic weapon” is a popular conspiracy theory, but what’s peculiar is the source that Areshev uses to support his argument: the findings of “Professor of Economics at the University of Ottawa Michel Chossudovsky.” While Chossudovsky is indeed a tenured professor with verifiable credentials, he is also known as the founder of the Center for Research on Globalization. Despite the grand-sounding name, it’s a fairly standard conspiracy rumor-mill that runs the whole gamut from 9/11 truthery and to anti-vaccination hysterics.”

    But Stop Fake’s tagline is “Struggle against fake information about events in Ukraine” so it can be viewed as anti-Russian.

    A tangled web! Maybe “progressive centre-right” pundit writers eager for dosh don’t delve much into the murky backgrounds of the online “journals” willing to peddle their stuff.

    Jamison has written many articles for SCF but one about Hong Kong reveals his wrong ‘un credentials:-

    “As a British citizen I make no bones about the fact that the British Empire was and still is one of the most shameful, disturbing and outrageous periods in British history.”

    Not a “fact”, just Jamison’s opinion. And not as “shameful, disturbing and outrageous” as the bloodstains left across the world by Socialism/Communism. Was the British administration of Hong Kong really more “shameful, disturbing and outrageous” than Mao’s Cultural Revolution? Maybe that is why hundreds of thousands of Chinese refugees flocked to Hong Kong from Communist China and not the other way round, eh? Jamison would rather Hong Kong experienced the full horror of Mao than have to feel ashamed as a British citizen that it enjoyed peace, prosperity and the rule of law, as well as offering refuge to people who would have been imprisoned, tortured and murdered in their own country.

    That article is tripe from an objective historical and contextual perspective revealing crass ignorance of Sino-British relations in the 19th Century, but also juvenile and excessively fawning towards the current Communist Chinese regime. He writes:-

    “The Chinese President Xi Jinping, one of the greatest Leaders on the planet today . . .”

    Oo-er. So “great” that he was appointed from within a privileged, unelected elite in a totalitarian single-party state which murders its own students and has colonised Tibet more brutally than Britain colonised Hong Kong. The motive for Jamison’s infantile tosh can only be guessed at. Freebie lecture tours in China maybe or perhaps the latent admiration for communism which seems to run through “progressives” like the name in a stick of rock.

  386. Baron (18:43)

    “It seems it’s not only the Left leaning progressives who’s slicing of issues is fuelled by feelings, those on the conservative wing suffer from the same malady, too. Only someone driven by nothing but 24-carat hatred of the EU could pen such an emotionally eristic diatribe. The barbarian has never had any love feeling for the federalist construct, but behaving like a spoilt brat won’t cut it.” (sic)


    The ‘malady’ of which you speak is one that I too have been suffering since about 1972, when traitor Heath brought the virus back to these shores under its previous shill title “The EEC”. All constructs since have merely compounded the felony.

    Perhaps the hatred of which you speak can only be felt by the indigenous British still resident in the sceptred isle, who are not only immune to the propaganda and lies, but recognise this monstrous criminal treasonous conspiracy for what it is, was and always will be – until we cease to be part of it (which have already voted to do). No more haggling. Out! Clean Brexit and Fuxit! We owe them doodly squat. ‘Au contraire’ (to use the lingo of the ingrates we liberated or ‘adererseit’, gibt es, as those we allegedly conquered might say.

    It seems to me that your hatred for your fellow exile from the East colours and corrupts your own opinions. As for ‘your friend’ whose pension apparently stands or falls on our ‘cutting a deal’ with the Bastards of Brussels that means that they retain political control over the UK in any way shape or form, then frankly, fuck your friend and any others who have settled ‘over there’ and who expect the resident natives of the UK to put up with the rip-off for one day longer to ensure their comfort.

    And what’s wrong with a ‘well crafted rant’, may I ask? You seem to favour the technique yourself – why despise it in others? Hell hath no fury like a ranter scorned, perhaps? 🙂

    As for your ‘man in a pub’ analogy (the judges used to call it the ‘man on the Clapham Omnibus’ when imploring common sense of a jury); well old feller, you should have visited the pub I owned for a few years. There was more sense in the conversation that abounded in that forum than in any of the talking shops of the EUSSR and not nearly as much drunkenness as that personified by one of the ‘leading lights’ of that dastardly behemoth, one Jean-Claude Juncker, the Luxembourg lush, whose hatred of all things British is probably rooted in his family’s collaboration with the Gerries in WW2.

    He’s a fall-over piss-head!

    I am proud of my hatred for the inimical crypto-communism and kleptocracy which underpins the federalist EU scam. So watch it you Slavic dissembler. 🙂

  387. Colonel Mustard (12:00)

    Thank you for your rapid response and excellent analysis. Very grateful that you took the time. As one who once occasionally travelled on Clapham omnibuses (not to get from A to B, but in an attempt to curtail the activities of nonces and whizzers) I appreciate your p.o.v.

  388. Homage to Catalonia

    ‘Spain found itself on the verge of a full-blown sovereign crisis on Saturday, after the “rebel region” of Catalonia rejected giving more control to the central government in defiance of authorities in Madrid who are trying to suppress an independence referendum on Oct. 1’

  389. Merkel loses 8% of her support to right wing party.

  390. Frank P @ September 24th, 2017 – 12:07

    What a delightful rant, Frank, it seems you’ve lost none of the capacity to aim a kick, and aim it well. But why should the blue veined barbarian be the recipient?

    Nothing wrong with hatred (cum greed), the possession of the two has seldom ensured failure in this world of ours for those capable of either, better still together (in every kind of weather?, he, he, he). More to the point, the hatred of misery coupled with the natural desire for betterment was what has fuelled progress, however much we may pretend the pair didn’t.

    It’s just that the poorly educated Slav has no track with either when it comes to dissecting events, personalities, decisions. On this blog, we are not, perhaps should be aiming to display no emotions towards any issue we debate, but employ a rational scrutiny of it, a process that’s driven by hte brain, not the heart, no?

    The whole country, except those who benefitted from it i.e. the nomenklatura or the Deep State and its lapdogs, has suffered for the 40 plus years, should another four of an interim phase be so unbearable?

    What is you want from Brexit anyway, what kind of relations with the unwashed, the individuals, the companies & institutions of the continental Europe would be to your liking? Shall we partition ourselves from the lands across the Channel, no commerce, no holiday travel, no offshore manufacture funded by British capital there, no nothing?). (We have no need to build a wall, the strip of water furnishes a barrier safer than any brick & steel construction can deliver).

    That would be silly at least, suicidal at worst. The poorly educated Slav has been against the EU construct, not Europe per se. Aren’t we all of that view?

    For Baron, a sex-free threesome of an outcome would do it.

    A full control of our borders, no interference from anyone outside these shores either in an ad hoc case, or enshrined in a treaty of any sort. The only law making place for the country to be the House, and lastly, a judiciary totally divorced from any codified nonsense imported from the Continent, the return to the time tested criminal and common law making (the scrapping of the ‘uman rites’ crap would be a bonus).

    Anything wrong with it? Whoever gets us there has Baron’s vote, not because he would benefit from it personally (what with his advanced age), but his grandsons will, and that’s enough for him.

    The Brexit talks so far have been a warm-up, the top player in the game, Germany, was waiting for the results of the election, the Brussels poodles barked, howled, retorted to insults, baits, provocations hoping to soften us up.

    The real stuff will start now, the Mutti got another term wrapped up, she will have more time to run the negotiations more closely. Given the domestic warts – the rise of the AfD (13%?), the loss of votes (the worst election for the CDU/CSU since the war?), immigrants galore (asylum applications between 2016-2017 up from some 30k to over 700k), the auto industry under siege from the Americans – how likely is it she’ll go for a deal that harms the German economic behemoth?

    ‘You want to hear what one of the gurus on the blog Baron visits said about your EU pension?, Baron asks the former EU apparatchik.

    ‘What?’ Baron reads the relevant bit. There’s silence then the guy says: Tell your fugging guru his balls will suffer when they meet with my foot’.

    ‘But he’s a former policeman, quite a high rank, I guess’.

    More silence, then: ‘OK, I’ll cut his fugging balls off’.

    Baron’s postings are ‘well crafted’, arghhh. That compensates more for any kicks you have, may administer in the future even though the poorly educated Slav is fully aware it’s a sweet lie.

    Still, the last point.

    Why doesn’t anyone buy Baron’s proposition of the ‘healthy core of Englishness’, it’s awakening in times of need, it’s near indestructibility? It has shown what it can deliver in Brexit, it will speak again if and when a need arises, you’ll see.

  391. The barbarian can watch three TV channels – German,Polish, Czech, they all cover the election if full. Do you know what striking? They all show the parties taking part, the members mingling, talking, rejoicing or keeping glum except there’s virtually nothing on the AfD. MSM bastards.

    They do come in threes, don’t they. The SPD recorded the worst result ever (serves the ugly looking Schultz right), for the CDU the worst since 1949, and and the AfD from zilch to over 13%. The latter is a phenomenal achievement in Germany in part thanks to the PR voting system. Is there a hint for us to get rid of the equity defeating FPTP system?

  392. Colonel Mustard @ September 24th, 2017 – 12:00

    Well researched, Colonel, thanks.

    (In 2009, for instance, Regnum‘s chief editor was barred from entering Latvia and Estonia.), you say. You interpret this as a positive for the guy Areshev, or for the two countries that banned him?

    The barbarian has Regnum on his list, seldom reads it, it’s not particularly topical, dwells on subjects in great detail, the writers vary, but as far as Baron can remember it has not endorsed either a pro-Russian or pro-US stance clearly.

  393. stephen maybery @ September 23rd, 2017 – 20:36

    Good point, stephen, which reminds Baron of a definition of a pessimist as someone who wears a belt as well as a pair of suspenders still worries his pants may drop.

  394. Malfleur @ September 24th, 2017 – 12:55

    Not much on it in the MSM, Malfleur, imagine if a chunk of Russia were to push for a breakaway from the Kremlin. The papers would be talking about little else but the fight fortheir independence.

  395. EC @ September 23rd, 2017 – 23:58

    A sensible suggestion on how to deal with the pensions obligation, EC, but it has to be valued, negotiated, agreed by both parties to it, no?

  396. One can only admire your imagination of invectives, the stamina, the superb articulation of your postings, Esther.

    Not that it matters, but for Baron you’re too far in the right direction, he’s slower, less pessimistic (new events not yet on the horizon change things), leans towards the muted Panglossian take on the world (if he didn’t he would be able to live in the contemporary world only not sober).

  397. Frightened. We should be.
    Shades of 1932. We can only hope the AFD do not progress to 1933.

  398. Baron,
    Got me bang to rights there my old son, I am a pessimist, I have seen too much of the World to be anything else. You are also spot on when it comes to greed. If it were not for greed we would still be sitting around in a cave waiting for some smart arse to invent the wheel.

  399. Sardonic Harmonic …

    The flea that’s in my ear, I fear, is onomatopoeia,
    So life is one long rhyme: reverberating time.
    Each echo seeks its mate; it’s a sense I cannot sate.
    This rhymester is accursed – and of curses, it’s the worst.
    For the banging, clanging; clinking , clanking ;
    Thudding, thumping; pumping, jumping;
    Ringing, singing; ting-a-linging;
    Rustling-bustling; fizzing, fuss …
    Has brought on chronic tinnitus.

  400. Baron, how strange that you associate hatred of theft sovereignty with greed.
    I was discussing patriotism and treason. Are both anathema to an exile, or expat, or refugee, even – which is it?

    I have never done deals with extortionists and would rather my government desisted from so doing and carried out the orders of the majority of the electorate. We should welcome visitors and settlers, productive ones, on our terms. We should debar or deport enemies and potential ones. We should resist the Islamic jihad with every fibre of or beings. We should take back our sovereignty from those who have contrived to suborn us by bureaucratic bullshit and federalist ambition. What’s greed got to do with it? As for ‘your friend’ I bet he fitted in well on the continent. Sounds like one of those that have castrated successive British leaders for many years, starting with Heath, who probably had peanut sized cojones, anyway if indeed any at all. 🙂

  401. Baron – 19:16

    Si vis pacem, para bellum!

  402. Baron 19:20

    It’s sounds like both you and David Davis need to read ‘The Art of the Deal’ asap

  403. @00:21 cont.d For the avoidance of doubt…

    it was only a few weeks ago that Mrs May was assuring us all, “No Deal is better than a bad deal.” When pressed she said it on TV three times in a row! AND THAT’s what I voted for, NO DEAL!

  404. I did not by the way support independence for Scotland for a number of reasons, not least because I thought Brexit was a priority, but also because Great Britain (and Northern Ireland) is my country. There may well be many Spanish who, mutatis mutandis, think and feel the same way.

    After the “European Union” has fallen apart, I hope that there will be an opportunity to reconcile Europeans and to reconstruct its sense of itself and its component nations.

    Long live European civilisation!

  405. The Kurdish vote today on independence from Iraq by contrast is a concoction of globalists in the USA, not a grassroots independence movement as in Catalonia. The war party is casting around for a distraction from the elephantine cock-up of the economy by the central banks. The banksters’ favourite choice? War. Right, Mr. Carney?

  406. 1933 – The peak of Stalin’s Holodomor in the Ukraine, and the CP purges in the USSR.

  407. Noa September 25th, 2017 – 14:07

    That micro-aggressing idiot loves Stalin.

  408. German elections compared…
    1932 was a deliciously ironic choice of year by teletwat

    November 1932
    The NSDAP suffered an electoral setback losing 34 seats but get 33% of the popular vote.

    September 2017
    The CDU/CSU suffered an electoral setback losing 65 seats but get 33% of the popular vote. (If you add in the seats lost by Shulz’s SPD then Merkel’s ruling coalition (GrKo) lost 105 seats!)

  409. The only thing that makes AfD a “far right” party in the eyes of the intolerant, fascist left is that they disagree with everything it stands for:-

    Euroscepticism, national conservatism. national liberalism, economic liberalism, anti-(reckless and self-destructive) immigration, anti-radical feminism.

    They bring much needed counter balance to the March of the Left. England needs to find a similar balance or we’ll be burning books before too long.

    Any political change that discomforts the micro-aggressing idiot is undoubtedly a good thing.

  410. I am not sure if anyone posted the full interview of Charlie Rose with Steve Bannon. In case not, here it is:

  411. Talking of the Holdomor myth, did anyone see the splendid Timothy Egan article on the front page of the New York Times this morning?

    “What awaits is — for now — the moral center of the universe, and a very politically adept pope. The collapse of honor and principle at a White House led by a man with a pebble for a soul has allowed an enlightened octogenarian to flourish. As President Trump degrades his office by insults, lies and threats to world peace and global health, Pope Francis throws ecclesiastical shade his way.

    “The more powerful you are,” the pope said earlier this year, “the more responsible you are to act humbly.” Quick, Mr. President, to the dictionary. Humble, humbly, humility.”

  412. There is a timely review in this week’s Spectator of Stalin’s genocide in the Ukraine. The Soviet Teleturd failed to notice it of course.

    “That wilful blindness has continued ever since. For Ukrainian nationalists, the Holodomor was a genocide unleashed against their people that is today commemorated in a day of national mourning akin to Holocaust memorial day in Israel. For the Soviet authorities — and now, disgustingly, Putin’s tame historians — the great famines of the early 1930s were nothing more than a natural disaster.
    As Applebaum shows, drawing on a wealth of witness accounts and Soviet archival sources, there was little natural about it. From the earliest days of the Revolution, she writes, ‘the link between food and power was something that the Bolsheviks also understood very well… constant shortages made food supplies a hugely significant political tool. Whoever had bread had followers, soldiers, loyal friends.’ As early as 1921 Maksim Litvinov — later Soviet foreign minister — told a group of visiting American aid workers coming to help the starving of the Volga, in his precise but accented English, ‘Yes, but food is a veppon…’
    It took Stalin’s ruthless genius to fully weaponise hunger as a tool of total war against the enemies — real or imagined — of the Soviet regime. The first Five Year Plan of 1928 called for peasants’ private land to be confiscated and all herds and grain to be turned over to the new collective farms. All over the Soviet Union, peasants slaughtered their livestock and gorged themselves rather than give them up to the Soviet state. Eyewitnesses from the Red Cross reported seeing peasants ‘drunk on food’, their eyes stupefied by their mad, self-destructive gluttony, and the knowledge of its consequences. Harvests from the new collective farms fell disastrously. By the summer of 1932, it was clear that Ukraine — for centuries the grain-basket of the Russian empire thanks to its fertile black earth and twice-yearly harvests of winter barley and summer wheat — had catastrophically failed to meet the production quotas set by the Kremlin. Stalin reverted to what he knew best from his days as a bank-robber in Tbilisi — violence, and theft. Requisition gangs were sent to seize grain reserves, seed reserves, animal fodder and, ominously, daily food supplies.

    The unfulfilled portion of the Plan had to be ‘fulfilled unconditionally, completely, not lowering it by an ounce’, Stalin’s lieutenant Vyacheslav Molotov told the Ukrainian authorities in October 1932. Already, the secret police had rounded up wealthy peasants who had resisted collectivisation and shipped them to newly built gulags in their tens of thousands — the guards dubbed the trainloads of humanity ‘white coal’. Now, the Soviet authorities unleashed something very close to a war on their own Ukrainian citizens. ‘During the Revolution I saw things that I would not want even my enemies to see,’ wrote the Politburo member Nikolai Bukharin. ‘Yet in 1919 we were fighting for our lives… but in 1930–33 we were conducting a mass annihilation of completely defenceless men together with their wives and children.’
    On 1 January 1933 Stalin demanded that the Party use a recent law on ‘theft of state property’ to prosecute collective and individual farmers in Ukraine who were allegedly hiding grain. That telegram is probably the closest thing we have to a direct command from the Kremlin ordering the Holodomor. Stalin’s cable, writes Applebaum, ‘was a signal to begin mass searches and persecutions… in practice that telegram forced Ukrainian peasants to make a fatal choice. They could give up their grain reserves and die of starvation, or they could keep some grain reserves hidden and risk arrest, execution or the confiscation of the rest of their food — after which they would also die of starvation.’

    The result was ‘such inhuman, unimaginable misery, such a terrible disaster, that it began to seem almost abstract, it would not fit within the bounds of consciousness’, wrote Boris Pasternak after a trip to Ukraine. The young Hungarian communist Arthur Koestler found the ‘enormous land wrapped in silence’. The British socialist Malcolm Muggeridge took a train to Kiev, where he found the rural population starving. Embittered, the idealistic Muggeridge left the Soviet Union, convinced he had witnessed ‘one of the most monstrous crimes in history, so terrible that people in the future will scarcely be able to believe it ever happened’.

    The enduring tragedy of the Holodomor — which left at least five million dead, including almost four million Ukrainians — is that Muggeridge was right. Plenty of modern Russians still don’t believe it ever happened. Since Ukraine’s independence — and even more so since the Russian annexation of Crimea in 2014 and the ensuing Russian-backed separatist war in Donbass — the Holodomor has become an ideological touchstone, as vehemently denied by the Kremlin as it is promoted by nationalist Ukrainians.

    Applebaum resists the passions of that raging ideological battle and sticks to the relentless, horrifying facts, unequivocally documented in the Soviet secret police reports, eyewitness accounts and the correspondence of senior Party leaders. She squarely places the Holodomor in the wider context of the Soviet regime’s battle with Ukrainian identity itself (an imperial crusade against separatism inherited from the Tsars). ‘Famine was only half the story,’ she writes. ‘While peasants were dying in the countryside, the Soviet secret police simultaneously launched an attack on the Ukrainian intellectual and political elites. As the famine spread, a campaign of slander and repression was launched against Ukrainian intellectuals, professors, museum curators, writers, artists, priests, theologians, public officials and bureaucrats.’ The archives show that Stalin’s aim was demonstrably not just to exterminate the reactionary peasantry but to squash all memory of the independent Ukrainian state that had flickered briefly in the aftermath of the first world war.

    Perhaps most controversial is the debate over whether the Holodomor was, in fact, a genocide. Some commentators have accused Applebaum of shying away from that loaded word — though in fact she is perfectly clear that the debate is a purely semantic one. Raphael Lemkin, the Polish-Jewish lawyer who invented the word ‘genocide’, spoke of the Holodomor as the ‘classic example’ of his concept: ‘It is a case of genocide, of destruction, not of individuals only, but of a culture and a nation.’ The controversy stems, as Applebaum explains in a carefully written epilogue, from the later, more legalistic definition of ‘genocide’ as set down by the United Nations in 1948. The Soviet delegation to the first UN General Assembly had argued that political persecution was ‘entirely out of place in a scientific definition of genocide’, and successfully lobbied that the official definition be restricted to the annihilation of entire ethnic groups. ‘Genocide’ thereafter became ‘organically bound up with fascism-nazism and other similar race theories’, Applebaum writes. ‘The Holodomor does not meet that criterion. The Ukrainian famine was not an attempt to eliminate every single living Ukrainian; it was also halted, in the summer of 1933, well before it could devastate the entire nation.’

    Applebaum’s summary of the reality of the genocide debate says more about Moscow’s successful — and cynical — manipulation of international discourse than it does about the events of 1930–34 in Ukraine. But it will also anger Ukrainian nationalists who see the Holodomor — as they see today’s conflict in Donbass — as a species of epic blood feud between the two Slavic nations. They are wrong. Both conflicts are about the Kremlin’s imperial programme of power and control rather than blind ethnic hatred.

    Today’s ideologically charged conflict between Kiev and Moscow often reduces history to the cannon fodder of propaganda. That makes Applebaum’s meticulous study — the first since Robert Conquest’s excellent but inevitably poorly sourced The Harvest of Sorrow (1986) — so important. The Soviet state successfully concealed the reality of the Holodomor even from children like Lenina Bibikova who were growing up in its midst — then spent 70 years denying its crimes. Applebaum has drawn back the veil — with the same force, clarity and readability as in her earlier books on the Gulag and on the Soviet postwar conquest of Eastern Europe — on one of the 20th century’s most egregious crimes.

  413. The arrogant shit promulgates humility.

    Preposterous little turd.

  414. Steyn on Mutti and the (third and a half) Reich.

  415. Between books at the moment, re-reading both Koestler’s ‘Darkness at Noon’ and Orwell’s ‘Homage to Catalonia’.
    Like heroin users I’m not sure that communists ever get over their addictions.
    The laborious, worthy Orwell didn’t regret his support for the Anarchistics, considering the mass murder of priests and nuns, part of the “Capitalist” system, as ‘necessary’. On the other hand Koestler had had his fill of Joe and Soviet communism and his book is a savage and moving condemnation of a truly evil system.
    What appeals to the likes of the teletwat about such evil and its practitioners one wonders? It’s ability to control the minds and lives, if not the hearts, of others one assumes. Small malignant men, yet in positions of power by happenstance and accident.
    A reasonable review by the Guardian.

  416. Noa – 18:57

    Alternative Reality: Steyn nailed it.
    GroKo – “The two party one party state.” By God, he’s good. I wish that I’d come up with that one!

    During her years in charge Merkel drove the tanks of theCDU/CSU to the left by purging the more conservative minded until they occupied much of the same ground formerly occupied by the SPD

    Germany is badly in need of some Alternative media too. As in the UK, USA, Canada the “Fourth Estate ” is pretty much a one party state, and rotten to its lefty core.

    Btw, Thanks for flushing the turd away, Noa.

  417. EC,
    Si vis pacem etc. Absolutely right EC, but the fools who rule still have not faced up to this ancient truth, and, as always, they who are ruled will pay for the ignorance of their masters with their blood. Something tells me we will not have to wait too long for this to happen. The two World wars could hve been avoided by a show of strength up front. Only England had the strength to accomplish this, but did not, wishing to avoid entanglements in Europe. Then when all that was over, rushed to join the Common Market. Si vis pacem? no, I think fools never learn is closer to the mark.

  418. The 10-part Ken Burns Vietnam War documentary being shown on BBC 4 is very clever. It pays just enough lip service to “balance” to avoid accusations of bias but omits so much and emphasises so much that it nevertheless subtly and sometimes not so subtly manages to push a partisan, orthodox leftist view of the conflict.

    In the first part the pre-colonial historical division of Vietnam was ignored. The communist party extermination of political rivals in the North was mentioned but passed over quickly and in a way which exonerated Ho. There was no mention of the peasant uprisings or brutal repression which followed. No mention of the way the French were treated in the North when the Japanese surrendered. No mention of the Japanese purge and imprisonment of the French forces (the impression was given that they were in collaboration throughout). No mention of the Chinese Republican occupation of the North or British occupation of the South when the war ended. The emphasis of this part was on Vietnamese nationalism, liberation and independence from France, ideological communist aspiration was understated.

    In the second part the tedious but predictable cliché of Ap Bac was rolled out with the ghastly Neil Sheehan riding his one trick pony and peddling his own less than bright and far from shining lie. The ordinary “players” interviewed for the “ground up” view of the war were either defeatist and self-critical (US and South Vietnamese) or triumphant and boasting (North Vietnamese).

    The Diem regime could do no good and their relationship with the Buddhists was completely misrepresented. The presentation was grotesquely superficial and there was a sly correlation with the civil rights movements in the US. There was no mention of the communist infiltration of the Buddhist monasteries, their political heft or the deliberate agitation which preceded government clampdowns. The negative influence on the war effort and US/Vietnamese relationships from partisan American journalists and diplomats sidetracking policy was glossed over and all Diem regime efforts to suppress communist agitation and disruption were presented as general repression by a corrupt regime. Bill Zimmerman (why no Wiki entry?) got plenty of air time. His angle was the civil rights correlation and protesting the war which neatly put that domestic leftist agenda front and centre to the internal politics of South Vietnam and the war itself, arguably prematurely. There was no US domestic voice justifying or supporting the war and those who once had performed exercises in contrition for the camera. As in most wars a majority of the best and bravest were dead.

    The film footage and photographs were carefully selected to suggest US and South Vietnamese atrocities and a civilian population suffering because of that. North Vietnamese atrocities were briefly mentioned but not supported by the imagery which instead showed smiling workers and soldiers, flag waving, parades and stirring music. Smiling North Vietnamese veterans boasted to camera. US and South Vietnamese veterans looked remorseful instead.

    Nothing new here. Burns got his draft notice and was working on ways to avoid it when the draft ended. Burns is a Democrats supporter. Interestingly his Wiki entry was altered after the programme aired last night to remove any mention of his wife’s charity activism. She is the founder of NYC charity Room to Grow and says:-

    “The mission of Room to Grow is really about prevention, because we enter into the lives of children from the very beginning, when their capacity to grow, learn and thrive is entirely available.”

    Worth checking out the Guardian and Washington Post reviews of the documentary, also entirely predictable.

  419. It behoves us to remember that economic growth in Vietnam was among the fastest in the world during the decade-long tenure of prime minister Nguyễn Tấn Dũng.

  420. “In October 2011, it was reported that political dissidents in Vietnam were “facing a growing crackdown on their activities … since the Communist party congress in January, the authorities have steadily ratcheted up the pressure on dissidents.” Since 30 July, 15 religious activists had been imprisoned. One lawyer with deep family connections to the Communist party was sentenced to seven years’ imprisonment “to the shock and outrage of large sections of the Vietnamese public.” A Human Rights Watch report also detailed forced labour and torture throughout the country’s drug rehabilitation centres. Australian Vietnam expert Carlyle Thayer said “Nguyễn Tấn Dũng … is decidedly not a reformer.””

    It behoves us to remember the number of Vietnamese people imprisoned and murdered after 1975. The North Vietnamese communist government and its proxies are directly and indirectly responsible for the deaths of at least 7.5 million people since 1975.

    It behoves us to remember that up to 300,000 people, especially those associated with the former government of South Vietnam, were sent to re-education camps, where many endured torture, starvation, and disease while being forced to perform hard labour.

    It behoves us to remember that after 1975 800,000 people fled Vietnam to safety as “boat people”, between 200,000 and 400,000 died in the attempt.

    It behoves us to remember that those murdered or forced to flee overseas would not benefit from Vietnam’s communist marriage to corporate capitalism “economic miracle”.

  421. We will fight them with our floral tributes
    25th September 2017 Peter Mullen Articles 4

    As a result of last Sunday’s elections, the AFD, the third largest party in Germany, has declared that Muslims are not welcome in that country. Meanwhile in Holland, the second largest party has said the same. Even the most cursory examination of social trends in the European nations helps explain this antipathy.

    Brussels has become the jihadist capital of Europe, a city where more than half of the continent’s terrorist atrocities are planned and co-ordinated. It contains the highest per capita number of fighters in Europe. The Molenbeck suburb is a no go area, a ghetto, with twenty-two mosques. 6% of the population of Belgium as a whole are Muslim.

    Malmo in Sweden is a hell-hole of violent crime organised and perpetrated by Muslim immigrants. In this formerly eirenic and ultra-tolerant country there are now so many sex crimes that it has been described as the rape capital of the world – worse even than South Africa

    Hungary’s prime minster has stated, “We don’t want any more Muslims here.” There are now two razor wire fences to keep them out. Foreign minister Peter Szijarto says the fences have been built as a defence “against migration pressure.”

    The rule of political correctness is absolute in Germany where Andre Schulz, head of the Criminal Police Association complains, “Only 10% of rapes and other sex crimes are reported.”And the police have asked the media not to show photographs of suspects for fear that this would reveal them as Muslims. In the first nine months of 2016 – the latest period for which figures are available – there were 2790 sex offences – that’s about ten each day.

    Italy is suffering more than most countries as it is the arrival point of choice for African immigrants – 59,000 of them this year so far.

    In Spain the immigration numbers are three times what they were last year and there is widespread violence as the incomers attempt to storm the barriers erected to keep them out .

    According to an American journalist working in Greece, “It is as though the population has simply been replaced by Muslims and the country’s institutions by those of Islam.”

    I wonder, in the light of these catastrophic events, will there ever come a tipping point when Europeans say to hell with political correctness and accusations of “Islamophobia”: enough is enough?

    Allow me a personal anecdote. On 9/11 I was at a conference in Oxford. After the attacks on New York and Washington, I returned quickly to my family and to the church where I was rector in the City of London. On the crowded train, travellers were sombre and subdued. I noticed the Daily Telegraph’s front page headline AMERICA AT WAR. I was moved with a sensation very far from happiness but something like the first stirrings of a sense of relief. I said, almost aloud to myself, “Well at least these attacks mean the end of political correctness. Now at last the West will wake up.”

    But we didn’t. If the deaths of 3000 innocent people going about their daily business would not provoke us to take decisive action, whatever in the world would?

  422. John Birch (0832)

    Can we have a link for the Mullen piece, John. I’d like to disseminate it to some wavering wankers among my acquaintances.

  423. With reference to the last paragraph of John’s post, what would galvanise us into taking action against the perpetrators of terrorism? the answer is simple. When a few politicians get blown to kingdom come then and only then will the gloves come off, as they are swift to protect their own interests and security, but care buggerall for ours.

  424. Melanie has been riding “once more unto to breach…” in The Times today. Her article concerns the use/misuse nof cannabis. She is once again being attacked by all the usual suspects! I will cut and paste the &wall article below.
    I’d like to say that if potheads insist on their rights to get LH legless on top of Scafell Pike then let them be rescued by fellow potheads. Fuck ’em! Why should the Wasdale Mountain Rescue and Cumbria Police go to the time, trouble and expense of rescuing them – for FREE, if at all!
    PS. I have not subscribed to Rupe’s rag. I just released the text back into to the wild.

  425. Thinking is warped on cannabis legalisation
    Melanie Phillips

    Free-marketeers are ignoring the devastating harm it can do as they champion consumer rights

    Four men had to be rescued last weekend from England’s highest mountain, Scafell Pike, after becoming “incapable of walking due to cannabis use”. Said Cumbria police: “Words fail us.”

    Well, yes. Does everyone agree that these men placed an irresponsible burden on a public service? Apparently so. Does everyone agree that the use of cannabis should be discouraged to reduce its irresponsible burden on society? Well, no; quite the opposite.

    Last week Prince William raised the “massive issue” of drug legalisation. Although he expressed no opinion, merely to raise it was inescapably to express one, since the only people for whom it is a “massive issue” are those who promote it.

    At the Labour Party conference yesterday the comedian Russell Brand called for drugs to be decriminalised. At next week’s Conservative conference, the free-market Adam Smith Institute will be pushing for the legalisation of cannabis. Legalisation means more users. That means more harm, not just to individuals but to society. The institute, however, describes cannabis as “a low-harm consumer product that most users enjoy without major problems”. What? A huge amount of evidence shows that far from cannabis being less harmful than other illicit drugs, as befits its Class B classification, its effects are far more devastating. Long-term potheads display on average an eight-point decline in IQ over time, an elevated risk of psychosis and permanent brain damage.

    Cannabis is associated with a host of biological ill-effects including cirrhosis of the liver, strokes and heart attacks. People who use it are more likely than non-users to access other illegal drugs. And so on.

    Ah, say the autonomy-loving free-marketeers, but it doesn’t harm anyone other than the user. Well, that’s not true either. It can destroy relationships with family, friends and employers. Users often display more antisocial behaviour, such as stealing money or lying to get a job, as well as a greater association with aggression, paranoia and violent death. According to Stuart Reece, an Australian professor of medicine, cannabis use in pregnancy has also been linked to an epidemic of gastroschisis, in which babies are born with intestines outside their abdomen, in at least 15 nations including the UK.

    Long-term potheads display on average an eight-point drop in IQ
    The legalisers’ argument is that keeping cannabis illegal does not control the harm it does. Yet wherever its supply has been liberalised, its use and therefore the harm it does have both gone up. In 2001 Portugal decriminalised illegal drugs including cocaine, heroin and cannabis. Sparked by a report by the American free-market Cato Institute, which claimed this policy was a “resounding success”, Portugal has been cited by legalisers everywhere as proof that liberalising drug laws is the magic bullet to erase the harm done by illegal drugs.

    The truth is very different. In 2010 Manuel Pinto Coelho, of the Association for a Drug Free Portugal, wrote in the BMJ: “Drug decriminalisation in Portugal is a failure . . . There is a complete and absurd campaign of manipulation of facts and figures of Portuguese drug policy . . .”

    According to the Portuguese Institute for Drugs and Drug Addiction, between 2001 and 2007 drug use increased by 4.2 per cent, while the number of people who had used drugs at least once rose from 7.8 per cent to 12 per cent. Cannabis use went up from 12.4 per cent to 17 per cent.

    The latest evidence about Portugal, a study by the Intervention Service for Addictive Behaviours and Dependencies, shows “a rise in the prevalence of every illicit psychoactive substance from 8.3 per cent in 2012 to 10.2 per cent in 2016-17”, with most of that rise down to increased cannabis use.

    For free-marketeers, this evidence of devastating harm to individuals and society is irrelevant. Nothing can be allowed to dent their dogmatic belief that all human life is a transaction, market forces are a religion and the rights of the consumer are sacrosanct. Says the Adam Smith Institute about cannabis legalisation: “The object isn’t harm elimination, it’s not even harm reduction alone, it’s utility maximisation.” In other words, they want as many people as possible to be puffing on those spliffs.

    Free-market libertarians are nothing if not consistent. They oppose policies to reduce social harm across the board. Smoking curbs, mandatory seat-belts, speed cameras, gambling restrictions, controls to end unmanageable immigration — they’ve been against them all.

    Despite how they are viewed, there’s nothing conservative about the free-marketeers. Far from conserving legal or social constraints, they want to tear them down in the name of consumer choice. The classical political thinkers they quote in support of applying market principles to every aspect of society never in fact subscribed to such a doctrine. Far from putting the autonomous self on a pedestal, Adam Smith himself in his Theory of Moral Sentiments put personal rights last and the interests of others first.

    The distortion of such thinking is why Russell Brand and the Adam Smith Institute are soul mates. In a fearful symmetry, both the left and the free-market right deny the importance of conserving the social good. One calls it paternalism, the other the nanny state. Both are radically irresponsible and destructive. The only difference is the gender. And even that, in our current lifestyle free-for-all, is now surely up for grabs.

  426. It always amuses that many of those who bleat about legalising pot also bleat about obesity and the need to punish fat people by withdrawing health services from them.

    All self abuse is equal but some self abuse is more equal than others!

    The people ruling over us are as mad as a box of frogs. Peak hypocrisy, peak double standards, peak idiocy. All policy determined to pander to those who agitate the most from within an urban yoof culture. The politics of The Fad. I just have to see the name “Amber Rudd” to sigh in despair at the mediocrity, triteness yet pushy self-satisfied and sanctimonious persistence of it all. Ghastly time to be alive. Yes, yes, give me the 1950s any bloody day, thank you.

    As for Russell Brand at the Labour conference, in the words of the Cumbria police, words fail me. Although one – “tosser” – persistently echoes in the ether.

  427. We will fight them with our floral tributes – The Salisbury Review

  428. E C 10-51.
    The only thing wrong with Melanie’s article is she forgot to put ‘so called’ or allegedly before comedian when referring to the idiot Brand.

  429. A rooting,tooting,shooting son of a gun from Alabama , Judge Ray Moore , has been selected as Republican Party candidate for a vacant US Senate seat against the establishment candidate who had the support of President Trump.

    Judge Moore was supported , in speeches at a `barn meeting`, by Nigel Farage and Steve Bannon of Breitbart.

  430. Get ye o’er to AB’s three most recent posts and disseminate widely: a barnstorm on socialism/nazism, two rotten peas from the same pod. Corbynski the propagator & promulgator of both, with his following army of ugly louts and his disgusting “shadow cabinet” cabal of fat, lean and gobby apparatshits. uugghh …..!

  431. John Birch

    Yes, agreed. Out of all the words that I would use to describe Brand, then “comedian” would be at the bottom of a very long list. Has he done enough to earn a BBC sponsorship on the next cycle of their tedious panel shows, I wonder…

  432. Unless the Tory Party gets a leader with large nuts and a willingness to represent the ‘silent majority’, forthwith this country is finished. That awful bloody woman who has been allowed rise like fluffy scum to the surface of the party, by the wet wankers and vociferous vaginas must be ousted! Action this day!

  433. Frank
    You sound as if you have been here in Brighton.

  434. Brighton is hilarious, not least because of the way that the ghastly Labour tribes take themselves so seriously and exude such sanctimony.

    But also because the bribery being offered with other peoples money is more than matched by the oodles of hubris being demonstrated by all the usual suspects. And of course it is the nature of such arrogant delusions that they must thrust their way in here to share them, drunk on make believe victory and unwarranted triumphalism. As we have had with every conference.

    There was never a welcome to overstay.

  435. Nigel Farage in Alabama speaks in support of Judge Roy Moore on the eve of the election to the empty senate seat of Jeff Sessions.

    Steve Bannon introduces Judge Roy Moore.

    Judge Roy Moore responds.

    Senator-elect Roy Moore gives his victory speech.

  436. Well this is a door to a world I know nothing about as I am not interested in football anywhere.
    But very interesting, I particularly liked, Because their criminals.
    Sultan Knish: End the NFL

    Not refugees, not children
    Truly vulnerable children in the care system are being neglected in favour of asylum seekers who may be over 18
    Harriet Sergeant

    30 September 2017
    I was interviewing ten foster parents in west London for a report on children in care. Foster parents are in great demand, so I was startled to discover that only one of the sets of parents was looking after the sort of vulnerable children you imagine to be in the care system. The others were looking after unaccompanied asylum-seeker children.
    They made an alarming claim: three of these seemed to be adults passing themselves off as boys. ‘The first thing they ask for is a razor,’ said one foster parent, ‘They’ve got these big beards.’ A woman admitted she found it embarrassing having a grown man posing as a 17-year-old. But the authorities appeared uninterested. ‘Our concerns are just fobbed off,’ said another.
    A counter-extremism expert told me: ‘There is nothing in the system to stop a 26-year-old Isis fighter coming here, stating he is 17 and claiming asylum.’
    Anyone forced to flee his or her country with a well-founded fear of persecution can claim asylum. An orphan under 18 has special rights. They receive the same benefits as a child taken into care. No one would begrudge a genuine child refugee these privileges. The problem is the system is open to abuse, and the latest terrorist attack in Parsons Green raises further questions. Ahmed Hassan is an 18-year-old unaccompanied asylum seeker who is alleged to have built the bomb in his foster parents’ kitchen.
    We do not know how he came here or what could have led him to do what he is accused of. But it is time, surely, to question our asylum system for refugee children. Yet raise concerns and you risk Gary Lineker labelling you ‘hideously racist and utterly heartless’.
    The problem is sorting myth from fact. The first myth, emphasised over and over again, is that these are vulnerable children. The word conjures up images of small boys and girls. Our hearts break for them. The reality is somewhat different.
    Only 8 per cent of unaccompanied minors who arrived in the UK in 2015 were, in fact, under 14. This is according to Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union. Instead, over half were aged 16-17. Nor was there a balance of boys and girls. Some 91 per cent were male. Save the Children admits, ‘Many come across as being self-reliant and not in need of support’, but it urges that they are often ‘extremely vulnerable and in need of reassurance and care’.
    Why are the majority of refugee children in fact teenage boys? Here we come up against another myth: that refugees somehow find their own way to the UK. The truth is, nobody arrives in this country without the help of a people trafficker. This means it is the people traffickers who control our immigration system — not the Home Office. It is they who dictate who comes here. Refugees who cannot afford to pay never make it. If we really want to help the vulnerable, we should be taking children directly from refugee camps.
    The central role of people traffickers means that every young person arriving here represents a considerable investment by their family or community back home. This explains why they are nearly all young men. They come from cultures in which men have greater earning power.
    As one immigration officer at a busy UK airport with 20 years’ experience of dealing with refugee children explained to me: ‘Ninety per cent of them are not orphans. Their coming here is very well worked out. Their families have paid the people traffickers to bring them here. The intention is for the families to follow shortly after. These are cash-rich young people.’ For the most part, in his opinion, ‘They are not fleeing for their lives.’ In other words, they are economic migrants and therefore not entitled to asylum.
    His view is backed up by the actions of the traffickers themselves. As Save the Children warns, the agent will instruct the young person to lie about their nationality and age and destroy all identity documents. Some gangs even provide a pack with information on claiming asylum, fake documents, a ready-made asylum story and a pair of scissors. The only reason for doing this is because they know their clients are economic migrants.
    The third myth is that every child refugee is speaking the truth. Actually we have no way of knowing. The lack of documentation means that the most basic facts about a young person cannot be checked: their age, for example, their nationality or even their real name. When I sat in on interviews of adult asylum seekers by determining officers, I was amazed at the vagueness. One man could not remember how long he had been in prison: ‘Maybe one month, maybe one year, maybe many more.’ The tactic is a deliberate ploy promoted by the gangs, whom asylum seekers fear more than the Immigration and Naturalisation Service.
    The immigration officer explained: ‘For years now we have had adult Pakistani males arriving in this country maintaining they are Afghan teenagers. They tell me they are 13 or 14, but they are clearly over 20, well developed and with good facial hair.’ In 2015 the second largest number of claimants came from Afghanistan.
    The co-operation between traffickers and extremists is a new and alarming threat to our national security, points out Rosalind Ereira of Solidarity with Refugees. Some migrants sign up to support Isis in exchange for their travel; the money paid by others to the smugglers ‘helps fund Islamic State activities’. A report from Quilliam, a leading counter-extremism think-tank, warns: ‘There is no question that militant groups target refugee youth for recruitment.’
    The immigration officer is frustrated because he knows by sight many of the ‘facilitators’ or people traffickers. These are often young men on benefits who appear mysteriously able to travel ten times a year to Dubai and Africa. They charge a high price for a personalised service in which they accompany the young migrants on the plane before leaving them at the terminal. But the traffickers have British or EU passports. ‘I have no power to stop a British citizen longer than five minutes otherwise my bosses upstairs will kick off. I can do nothing without the traffickers’ permission. Nothing — and they know that.’
    Despite the security threat, few in authority appear willing to tackle the problem. When a Conservative MP suggested checking the age of young asylum seekers with dental or X-ray tests of the hand to measure bone density, he was accused of ‘vilifying’ refugees. Ruth Allen, chief executive of the British Association of Social Workers, said medical tests would be ‘very intrusive and could be re-traumatising’.
    When Norway insisted on a dental examination of arriving refugee children, they discovered nine out of ten were, in fact, over 18.
    As a social worker, Allen must know the dangers of introducing grown men into schools and foster families. Paul Chadwick of Croydon borough council warned a House of Lords Committee last year of sexual exploitation in schools ‘by adults claiming to be children and placed in a school’. A worker in a residential home in Kent for children in care said that half of the children there are unaccompanied asylum-seeking children. In her estimation, more than half the migrants are not children at all, but in their twenties.
    ‘They can be quite frightening at times,’ she said. ‘They are aggressive and have an attitude problem. Many have no respect for women because of their culture. No one is giving consideration to the risks they pose, not just to staff but to the other children in the home. Because they are older, they have a lot of influence on the youngsters, who are very vulnerable. They introduce the children to alcohol and get them into crime like street robberies. It is a serious problem, which those in authority are not tackling.’
    There is another issue. Our most vulnerable children are in competition with these asylum-seeking young people for a limited number of foster parents, a limited number of places in care homes and, above all, a limited amount of money.
    Explaining who is losing out, a social worker says the system has ‘moved away’ from providing a service to the British kids in its care: ‘Instead we are dealing with problems particular to young asylum seekers — their legal status, visits to the Home Office and so on.’ She went on angrily: ‘This at the expense of our own 16- to 17-year-old care leavers who need a lot of support and are not getting it.’
    The investment made by their families means the majority of the young migrants are, as the heads of various social services confirmed, ‘very motivated, see it as an opportunity and do very well. They are largely middle-class, male and expect to go to university,’ said one.
    What a contrast to the care leavers I interviewed. At the age of ten, Trevon came home to find his crack-addict mother hanging dead in the kitchen. The lives of these kids are desperate. But Lily Allen does not cry for them on camera and it is almost impossible to get them the help they need.
    It is time to overhaul a system that is corrupt, dangerous and fails to help the most deserving. But don’t hold your breath that anything will change, despite a vulnerable child trying to blow us up. The immigration officer summed up the general frustration: ‘You try and apply the rules only to be hauled up from on high and told “to deal with it”. I get bitter and twisted about it,’ he said. ‘We are heading into desperate times.’

    Everything on television is policed by politically correct dwarves
    Only one story is allowed: woman good, ethnic minority man good, white man evil.
    My own fault, I suppose, for turning on the television. Not an action I undertake very regularly these days, because I am trying to be a nicer person. Some time ago, Charles Moore wrote in his Spectator diary about a hitherto ghastly, bitter old woman who had suddenly become much more pleasant to everybody. What had effected this change? ‘I have stopped reading the daily mail.
    So it is with me and the idiot box. I become so enraged at being clubbed over the head by the politically correct dwarves of death who inhabit that poxed machine in the corner that I stamp around and make everybody miserable with my ranting. Not just the news programmes, either, although they’re the worst. Every programme these days has those dwarves hammering away with cudgels at your head, frantic to get their fatuous agenda fastened deep inside your skull. There is never an alternative view.
    So all I watch (very occasionally) is a programme called How It’s Made, which explains, factually, how things like cotton buds and motorbikes and dog collars are manufactured. The dwarves haven’t caught up with this forgotten late-night half-hour yet. But they will, they will. Sooner or later I’ll turn on and the announcer will say: ‘This week on How It’s Made — the patriarchy, racism and slavery.’
    Anyway, my wife wanted to watch a new series on ITV called Liar and, being nothing if not uxorious, I agreed to enjoy it with her. Big mistake. It’s a six-part series in which, at the outset, a woman accuses a man of rape after a night out. The man denies it. Hence the title — the drama resides in guessing who is telling the porky.
    Except it doesn’t, does it? Because as many TV reviewers noted, it has to be the man lying. Because women don’t lie, not even in fiction these days. They are not allowed to lie. One reviewer said that it would be ‘irresponsible’ for the series to conclude that the woman had lied.

    This is how efficient the dwarves of death have been with their cudgels. Bang, bang, bang they go on our heads, until we are unable to contemplate the possibility that a woman might tell a lie. It would be irresponsible, the reviewer (and several others) contended — because almost no rape cases come to court and women are never believed. Au contraire. More and more rape cases come to court — the number rises every year. And more than one in three men (42.1 per cent, fact fans) who are charged with rape are not found guilty. There have been numerous high-profile cases recently.
    So in fact a decent drama could have been constructed out of this scenario if the dwarves hadn’t got to us. But the writers of the series actually agreed that it would be irresponsible to suggest that it was the woman who had lied, such was their determination to stay on-message.
    So where’s the drama, where’s the mystery? Man rapes woman, like they always do, and then lies about it, like they always do. Everybody knew the denouement before the opening credits of episode one were over. And, indeed, by the end of the third episode the man was proven to be the liar, the rapist.
    Where does it go from here? Up its own bottom, I suspect. An explanation of how the sexist criminal justice system always fails women and allows men to get away with everything, including probably murder. Or white men, at least. Not black men: they are victims too, kind of on a par with the white women. Because everything else in this vapid, stupid series was predictable. There are of course black and ethnic minority people in it, which there must be, by law, or ITV gets done for being racist. And all of them, the black and ethnic minority people, are Good — that’s the law, too. There are white men in it and all of them are Bad. And there are white women in it and they are all Good and transgressed by the white men.
    So in this detective crime drama, you know the answers as soon as someone appears on screen. If they’re black or Asian they’re ok, if they’re female they’re ok, if they’re white and male they’re evil. So there is no drama at all, no mystery. It’s just a kind of Orwellian hate week, a chance for the tv people to stick it to the fount of all human misery, the white male. The principal African-Caribbean character, by the way, is an egregiously transgressed, gentle, stay-at-home dad.
    And so you ask the question. If the writers can stretch their imagination to include a doting, stay-at-home black dad, why can’t they stretch their imaginations to envisage the possibility that a woman might possibly lie? The answer, of course, is that one stretch of the imagination is patrolled, with great vigilance, by the dwarves of death with their cudgels. The other, meanwhile, is gently encouraged by the dwarves of death with their cudgels.
    If this were a one-off, it would not matter. Indeed, if it were a one-off it would work as a drama. It is the monoculture of television which is really to blame, I suppose: only one view of the world is permitted. And it is the stunting of the imagination by political diktat which so appals. The liberal middle classes who run the whole show are so absolutely certain in their opinions that anything which deviates from them is irresponsible, or unthinkable.
    I hope the writers of Liar come home tomorrow night to find their homes ablaze, their treasured possessions reduced to ash and embers, borne on the winds across north and west London. I would happily roast chestnuts on the conflagration. You see? That’s what happens. Turn on the TV and I become a bad person. Although no worse than the dwarves think I am already.

  439. Scottish Dawn and NS131, both aliases of neo-Nazi group National Action, to be banned under UK terror law
    I would like to see the exact reason for why any extreme right wing groups can be banned by an allegedly right wing government when people belonging to groups allied to anti facist organisations can violently demonstrate freely.
    And what exactly are the right wing beliefs that need banning compared to the destruction of the capitalist society leftie view so loved by the BBC.

  440. Rod has undoubtedly got a bug in place in my parlour. The post is direct transcript of a rant that I directed towards my TV screen (with all the foul expletives removed) for the benefit of Mrs FP who agreed with every word. I’m beginning to think that he is really beginning to see the light, that once lefty Liddle.

    But the little baby faced bugger Owen whassisname from the Grungeian has been mouthing silently for ten minutes from my screen as I read Liddle’s piece. The is no chance whatsoever of HIM ever gaining maturity. Died in the wool, that little woofter – irretrievable!

    Anyway JB, thank for taking the trouble to cut ‘n’ paste the whole thing. I refuse to give the New Specstatesman one shekel more – not even to access Rod’s stuff. The only copy worth reading between its covers.

  441. Frank. LOL

  442. Btw John, the Harriet Sergeant piece was a cracker, too. Exactly what we have been promulgating here for two decades. Perhaps the tide is beginning to turn. Let’s make sure we successfuly surf on it and pull some of the UI’s heads out of the sand as we hit the beaches. 🙂

  443. Frank. That was from this weeks spectator too,
    Obviously on here we wouldn’t want to be insulting or judgmental but Owen jones is a slimy nasty little cunt isn’t he.
    If it ever happened I’d like to think the knock on the door for him was very much in the first wave.

  444. A gentle bucolic communique from the naughty niece this morning:

    Ladies With Typewriters

    They’re Back! Those wonderful Church Bulletins! Thank God for the church ladies with typewriters. These sentences actually appeared in church bulletins or were announced at church services:

    —————————— —————————— ————————

    The Fasting & Prayer conference includes a meal

    Scouts are saving aluminium cans, bottles and other items to be recycled. Proceeds will be used to cripple children.


    The sermon this morning: ‘Jesus Walks on the Water’.

    The sermon tonight:’Searching for Jesus.’

    Ladies, don’t forget the rummage sale. It’s a chance to get rid of those things not worth keeping around the house. Bring your husbands.

    Don’t let worry kill you off – let the Church help.

    Miss Charlene Mason sang ‘I will not pass this way again’ giving obvious pleasure to the congregation.

    For those of you who have children and don’t know it, we have a nursery downstairs.

    Next Thursday there will be try-outs for the choir. They need all the help they can get.

    Irving Benson and Jessie Carter were married on October 24 in the church. So ends a friendship that began in their school days.

    A bean supper will be held on Tuesday evening in the church hall. Music will follow.

    At the evening service tonight, the sermon topic will be ‘What Is Hell?’ Come early and listen to our choir practice.

    Eight new choir robes are currently needed due to the addition of several new members and to the deterioration of some older ones.

    Please place your donation in the envelope along with the deceased person you want remembered.

    The church will host an evening of fine dining, super entertainment and gracious hostility.

    Pot-luck supper Sunday at 5:00 PM – prayer and medication to follow

    The ladies of the Church have cast off clothing of every kind. They may be seen in the basement on Friday afternoon.

    This evening at 7PM there will be a hymn singing in the park across from the Church. Bring a blanket and come prepared to sin.

    The pastor would appreciate it if the ladies of the Congregation would lend him their electric girdles for the pancake breakfast next Sunday.

    Low Self Esteem Support Group will meet Thursday at 7PM . Please use the back door.

    The eighth-graders will be presenting Shakespeare’s Hamlet in the Church basement Friday at 7PM. The congregation is invited to attend this tragedy.

    Weight Watchers will meet at 7PM at the First Presbyterian Church. Please use large double door at the side entrance.

    And this one just about sums them all up–

    The Associate Minister unveiled the church’s new campaign slogan last Sunday:
    ‘I Upped My Pledge – Up Yours!’

  445. So the jizzum of Stalin has been dribbling down the arsehole of England with the other rejected spermatozoa.
    I raise my glass in the warmth of the Mediterranean to them all. May they fester in they own gulag for eternity!

  446. Noa

    I’ll that!

  447. To new CHW below.

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