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  1. What are the odds on a lone wolf (as if ) killing trump before the election.

  2. John Birch (08:40)

    Just pray that the bitch doesn’t resign and hand over to Uncle Joe Bidet. If Huma is singing like a canary, that may well be the upshot.

    I’ve been watching the Legion of Loud-Mouthed Lesbians spinning like tops on Fox throughout the night. Still fear that the only thing that will stop this satanically corrupt bitch is a stake through her heart.

    Last night I dreamed that the front page of November 9th edition of the New York Post carried a picture of Hitlery with banner headlines embossed over it: THE DIRTY DYNASTY DEFEATED AND DELETED. 🙂

    Sadly the bookies and pollsters still have her winning, despite Comey’s volte face.

    So my opposing nightmare still has the same tabloid running a picture of The Donald embossed with the headline TRUMP TRAIN DERAILED.

    But then in my my early years of newspaper consumption Cassandra (Bill Connor)
    was my favourite columnist, so I was nurtured on pessimism (most of it justified).

  3. Frank P – 12:56

    Only a rosewood stake will do it. Better still the MSM should move over and let the sunlight in upon her!

    Only another week of this frenzy, TF!

  4. Weeell … it is Halloween – and particularly relevant given events o’er t’Pond:

    Be sure to read the comments.

  5. Alexander Boot’s a perfect cross into the box for Mother May to head home:

    Sage advice. Get on with it. missus.

  6. Thought for today; if Trump had allegedly hit on young men instead of young women, would the Dems have been so vigorous in their condemnation, or would they habe been on the horns of a dilemma? 🙂

  7. Hitlery’s eyes are uncoordinated. A common symptom of psychosis, I’m told by my shrink friends.

    Btw. I’ve surfed in vain for several days to find any pro-Trump coverage from the British MSM. It’s wall-to-wall carpet bombing by the Clinton connections here. Another sign that The Long March is still stomping along.

  8. EC (13:19)

    “Rosewood stake…”

    Or perhaps an exploding dildo planted in Huma’s kitbag by Vlad’s black bag men, when they planted the laptop in Weiner’s den? 🙂 🙂


  9. Hillary, the dyke falls off the bike.

  10. Further to (14:32). Second thoughts: perhaps one of her eyes is keeping an eye on the other to make sure it’s not up to somehing devious.

  11. Frank 1432.

    Donald nous ne Trompe pas.

  12. Common sense at last.

    There will be no inquiry

    There will be no inquiry into the events at the so-called “Battle of Orgreave”, Home Secretary Amber Rudd has announced.

    Except that the BBC added notorious before events.

  13. 1344

    Hill-o-ween Hell


  14. Don’t you have enough of the Clinton woman, the fighting there and everywhere, the mendacious, corrupt and interfering politicians?

    Here’s something totally different, something that will take only a couple of minutes of your time to watch, but will brighten your life, (provided the colour of the item is white, and you follow what the guy says, and what the pen writes so neatly and fast).

  15. Frank P @ 14:48

    Her eyes, Frank, or their movement, is the last thing that worries the barbarian. It’s the brainless cranium controlling the sophisticated visual sensors that frightens. If it’s incapable to move the eyes how could it process something slightly more complex like the tying of shoelaces, or God forbid, the foreign policy of a nation that runs a military machine capable of blowing the planet up three times over.

    Luckily for us, the Donald has hinted he will ensure there is a place that will render her harmless.

  16. Having tempted you with an aspirin video that runs for next to no time, here’s the opposite. It’s only for the connoisseurs of the subject.

    Amazingly, it was sent to the barbarian by an American friend who says (if the Russians come I’m going to pick up a gun, fight the bastards in Washington). Baron has to take the side of devils advocate talking to him (over Skype, much much cheaper that), he says he’s watched it many times (Baron couldn’t stomach more than 20 minutes, with jumps, it’s just painfully long), but he (Baron) couldn’t deprive you of it if only to say that the video exists.

    You must forgive, it won’t happen again.

  17. Frank P @ 14:38

    Good point, Frank.

    It may seem truly loopy if the Dems suggested it was the KGB that who planted the emails, but when you think of it, some may swallow it. If the Russians can hack the private servers easily (as they should be able to) what’s there to stop them infecting them with manufactured emails?

    It would fit neatly the other case of interference, it would certainly conform to the key underpinning narrative that Russia has been meddling in the Dem’s pre-election campaign.

    Have you ever consider offering your services to the Dems?

  18. Peter Thiel of Silicon Valley puts his case for Donald Trump to the National Press Club in Washington DC yesterday.

  19. Stephen Maybery @ 14:46

    It’s your lucky day, Stephen, the barbarian will let it pass, no telephone call to the guard dogs, he, he, he, but witty it is all right.

  20. By the way, it is interesting that Mr.Thiel is able to make a coherent and persuasive argument for supporting Mr. Trump without touching on the criminal organisation of which the opposing candidate is the public face.

  21. What do you know?

    Comey is Putin’s agent, it’s true, nobody can deny it, the truth has come out, thanks be to Him, the election is saved, Hilary will get anointed:

  22. Malfleur @ 21:30

    Good viewing, Malfleur, bit too long, but thanks.

  23. Baron

    The speech itself was only about thirteen minutes long, though in view of the lukewarm applause from the audience at the National Press Club luncheon, it may still have given the journalists indigestion.

  24. Baron @ 22:41

    This, perhaps?

    “In his interview to The National Interest magazine, former secretary of state Henry Kissinger described the Western version of Vladimir Putin’s unprovoked attack against Ukraine as “not conceivable” and warned that the hawks in Washington may “face the consequences” if they continue trying “to break the back of the Russian government.” ”

  25. Following up the reference in the RT article above to “useful idiots” being a misquote, I came across this:

  26. Malfleur @ 23:16

    The speech may have last ed only fifteen minutes, Malfleur, the Q&A session dragged on for a while, the barbarian’s initial posting on the clip was very short for a reason, he didn’t want to get into dissecting it, the guy’s on our team, said many things Baron said himself, said them better, but did he really set the world on fire (as you seem to think)?

    Btw, the best point he made was almost near the end, the one on fighter jets cheaper than the F35s that could fly in the rain. That was witty, to the point, but even here, he seems to have been blissfully unaware of the culture of the military on either side of the current political adversity, the military of either side care little about the cost, they want toys that can beat the other side whether in the rain or when the sun’s shining.

  27. Malfleur @ 23:29

    New to Baron, Malfleur, thank you for digging it up.

    On Mrs T (as she was then) only this: She focused on the economy, things connected with it, left the social domain largely untouched. This may have been a mistake, but who knew it then?

  28. Some Lateral Thinking on Comey/Clinton

    “… Back in August, I asked Could the Deep State Be Sabotaging Hillary? I think we now have a definitive answer: “These blast points on Hillary’s campaign… too accurate for the Mainstream Media. Only the forces of the Imperial Deep State are so precise”….the upper ranks of the Deep State now view Hillary as an unacceptable liability. The word came down to Comey to act whether he wanted to or not, i.e. take one for the good of the nation/Deep State/Imperial Project…”

  29. Baron on Thiel

    I was only recommending his speech not the Q & A. I should have used the link at Zero Hedge which omits the latter.

    No, I did not think he set the world on fire. He avoided doing so, deliberately or not, by not touching on the criminal organization which is now the federal government, let alone by attacking the collaborationist media which would have hardly gone down well at the National Press Club.

    The people who have familiarized themselves with the workings of the Bush/Clinton/Obama crime syndicate are already on fire. Those who are not may be persuaded to join Trump’s supporters by Thiel’s arguments on policy.

  30. Just finished my shift, knobbing Fox, CNN and CBS with an occasional dip into Sky and the Beeb..

    Still 3-1 against Trump – time is running out. The spin over the Comey ‘announcement’ has evened out – and both sides, with the exception of a handful of mavericks, have rejoined their own trenches. The useful idiots still have it, I’m afraid; they outnumber the ‘changers’. The leaden weight of the staus quo is as difficult to turn as a Kuwaiti tanker. This is no Brexit. And even more sadly, let’s face it, Brexit was no Brexit either … as time will tell.

    One ‘Breaking News’ item on Fox tonight, was Bret Baier’s report that Sheldon Adelson had backed Trump today with a £25m donation. This was not breaking news at all. He did that in September. Moreover he pledged up to £100m back in March this year. Why this was highlighted today by the supposedly Trump-friendly Fox (and confirmed by Trump himself in a speech today) is puzzling. Firstly it destroys Trump’s boast that he is not funded by big money interests (Adelson owns Casinos in Vegas, Pennsylvania and all around the Far East) and secondly he funded George W Bush. Same old shit, I’m afraid.

    Adelson took over the Casino industry after the Mob were allegedly ‘purged’ back in the early 1980s and became ‘legitimate’. Hmmn.

    Now the aficionados of yesteryear tell me that the ‘legitimate Casino industry’ just launders money for the Mob (and anyone else that needs to bury ill-gotten gains). The Feds are too busy with terrorism (allegedly) to devote any real manpower to Cosa Nostra anymore.

    Btw – Adelson’s Wiki entry is worth skipping through. A fine upstanding and generous benefactor, who has had his ups and downs but still has about $35b in loose change, apparently:

    The ‘breaking news’ also somewhat blunts the effectiveness of the avalanche of Trump and family begging letters to me for the past month inviting me to contribute $20 – $200 to their campaign. I assume all those who subscribed to Breitbart and other right wing websites have been similarly panhandled by Don, Eric and Don Jr.

    I still think Trump is the lesser of two weevils; but whatever the outcome of 8th November, we’re in for a rough ride. Will the Feebs follow through with a RICO Statute against a sitting POTUS if the bitch wins? Bwaaahahahaha!!

    Nah …. Huma is already road kill – and the Clintonostra bus is still on the move. If I was thirty years younger I’d follow through the “Crime Inc.” documentary series with a sequel – “Corruption Inc.” The Clintonostra makes the Mob look like petty pick-pockets by comparison.

    Roll on the 8th.! I’m knackered.

  31. We averted the aims of the Second World War just in time.
    I am reading Trevor-Roper’s The Last Days of Hitler again.

    The aim of Nazism and its Prussian aristocratic backers was to subjugate France in order to prevent its traditional policy of Eastern alliances from intervening in and influencing Germany’s best interests.
    To exclude Britain from its traditional role of promoting balance of power in Europe to prevent domination of Europe from Germany.
    And then to subjugate Russian Provinces.

    Thus we saw Merkel before Brexit first using Britain as a tool to conquer Ukraine (failed), then ensuring that the ambitions of France being subjugated to economic necessity and the democratic(!) requirements of the German Regions (succeeded) and now we are gone, retrenching into a Berlin Bunker.

    The only controversy left soon will be whether death will be by poison or shooting.

  32. Romano Verdi – 06:17

    … or exile, in Argentina.

  33. Another till now staunch backer of the Clinton woman has put the breaks on, looking for an issue on which to turn. If the rag thought she can win, this piece would appear on page 115 next to an item about dogs fouling the streets of NY.

    The FBI found and the NYT reports that “the hacking, they (the FBI) said, reflected an intensification of spy-versus-spy operations that never entirely abated after the Cold War but that have become more aggressive in recent years as relations with Mr. Putin’s Russia have soured”.

    If only the FBI spooks asked any of us we would have told them the same – the agents of either side have never stopped spying on each other, they spy on their friends as well, seldom stop even when caught e.g. the German case. It we were asked the cost of the searches would have been massively lower, US Treasure richer, (as would have been those of us asked). What a waste of money, ha?

  34. Frank P @ 04:24

    Good one, Frank.

    As Baron keeps pointing out to the visible detriment of his lips (they get chipped), the Donald cannot lose because those of the American unwashed who until this November have never bothered to vote will vote. For them it’s has become existential.

    They will shuffle or run to the voting booths because they hurt financially, and not because they are unhappy with the past or present shenanigans of the political clowns of any denomination that govern them. In a sense, the change from the old to the new will be underpinned by the same driver that lost it to Brown’s Labour.

    Under Blair people were increasingly frustrated with many issues – immigration (Neathergate), the blooding of the Countryside alliance demonstrators, the war in Iraq with millions of demonstrators on the streets – but they kept on voting for him because the money rolled in. It was only after 2008, after the dosh dried up, Labour got kicked out.

    In the Republic today, a similar phenomenon is at play. The guest of the journalists, Mr. Thiel, said so himself, quoted figures the barbarian has already forgotten – the middle classes in the Republic have today lower disposable incomes than they did twenty years ago. He’s right, but not only that, they have lower real incomes, i.e. incomes measured by their purchasing power, than their parents did. You just look at the size of cars driven by the Yanks today, compare to those driven in the 60s. The downsizing ain’t because of global warming, but because of the money in their pockets – it was bills then, change now.

    After all this yapping, Frank, the barbarian, conscious of the old Chinese wisdom, the one that has ‘predict, man, everything, future, but, not’, must say ‘who knows’? Seven days was enough for Him to set it all up, given the destructive power that the nuclear furnishes, it may take a nutter the same number of days to fugg it all up, to wipe the slate clean for another experiment in protein creation and its painfully slow evolution (and that without the day of rest, arghhh).

    Let’s wait, only seven days to go.

    Btw, what’s happened to the Colonel?

  35. Yall still there.
    You see.
    Faith, faith and we come good.
    James B Comey is a registered Republican and has not let us down.
    He cannot stomach the thought that that woman who is a threat to National Security would be Commander in Chief.
    Love to Andy.

  36. Romano Verdi @ 06:17

    You, an eternal optimist, Romano.

    She will die peacefully in her bed having enjoyed for years the handsome pension provided by the courtesy of the hard working, pliable, follow-the-fuhrer German volk.

    PS: You may be slightly off target on Ukraine if you were to follow the money. The Yanks spent $5.0bn before the February 2014 Kiev putsch, the EU (i.e. the front for the German acquisition of Europe) only 430mn Euros (admittedly this sum was dispensed in just two years before Yanukovych had to run for it, but before that the EU spent next to nothing in Ukraine, the ‘widows and orphans’ were only benefitting from what the Yanks kept spending.

  37. John Jefferson Burns @ 07:59

    You just ensure you and your mates (or is it ‘dudes’) vote, John. You do, everyone not just Andy will love you.

  38. Frank P – 04:24

    “Roll on the 8th.! I’m knackered.”

    … and so say all of us…, me anyway!

    If you have the stamina….

    There are some quite startling official facts and figures regurgitated in this little informative exposition by Stefan Molyneaux:

    Demon -graphics! It seems that the USA’s fate was pretty much sealed in the ’70s when the Democrats changed the immigration laws, switching the emphasis from the 1st world to the 3rd world. A culturally suicidal and treasonous course of action that was subsequently copied by the “leaders” of other nations.

  39. EC (10:28)

    Thanks for the reminder. Haven’t had time to include Molyneaux in my frenzied surfing for the past few days, he tends to require three cups of coffee. I’ll go there later today. Meantime this one is worth your attention:

    Explains very neatly in one concise summary what most of us here having been saying via this medium for most of this century.

    h/t Gerard VdL

  40. Yesterday I visited the quack to pick up some results. Blood sugar fantastic, cholesterol good, blood pressure excellent, and I have the kidneys of a twenty year old . The Dr asked what I had been doing to achieve this. I modestly admitted having done very little other than change from Merlot to Cote de Rhone. His reaction was muted. Some people just have no sense of humour, probably because they have been paying too much attention to the American election, but then, we all enjoy a trip to the circus.

  41. EC

    Stephan seems to be on message and the rallying cry is commendable. Will it reach the brainwashed horde who are drinking the Clintonostra Kool Aid? Only a week to go; then we will know.

  42. Stephan Mayberry (14:08)

    Cote du Rhone? My vintner informed me that it doesn’t travel well. Was he lying? And if so, why?

    I’ll bet your quack dulls his senses with Scotch, to get through the day, btw. Which probably accounts for his suspended s.o.h. 🙂

  43. The kinda dyke you could like:

    “No!” doesn’t always mean “No.” Sometimes it might mean “Not yet! You haven’t tried hard enough.”

    Those were the days.

  44. Steyn on Weiner and minor:

    Imagine the laps that laptop has leaned on! And it can tell the tail (sic).

  45. Noa 30 Oct 1709:

    Beware the plagiarist,
    Listen only to Fergus.
    You get the gist,
    I want no circus.

  46. Stephen Mayberry 14.08
    Your description of the visit to the doctors reminds me of the old joke that I am sure we all know but doesn’t stop it being funny anyway .
    Woman goes to the doctors for a check up and returns home her husband says how did you get on then . She says the doctor said I had the tits of a 28-year-old , The legs of a 30-year-old , and the bum of an 18-year-old.
    Her husband said did he say anything about your 56-year-old cunt, no she said ,he never mentioned you at all

  47. John Birch,
    Lovely one John. As the venerable saying goes, the old ones are the best ones. That joke would be even funnier if applied to the Clintons with Donald taking the part of the doctor.

  48. Hitlery is ranting on in Dade City, Florida, having had the Hispanic brass, Miss Universe, do a warm act for her. Well, it is Halloween, so we have to make allowances. One can only hope Trump ignores it and soldiers on with his manifesto. She’s as brittle as Woolworth’s ‘crystal’. Presidential? Alinsky’s Kool aid drinker. Bent bolshie bitch.

  49. A straw in the wind at the start of Alex Jones’s November 1st show is that the Clintons are about to be caught red-handed taking money from foreign governments. Some dare call it treason….

  50. Donald Trump speaks at Valley Forge.

    This doesn’t sound like a man who expects to lose on November 8th:

  51. Yeah Baron, you been payin real good attention.
    We do not have mates down here but some real cool dudes.
    Sure as hell next Tuesday we will give Capitol Hill, Tammany Hall and all the goddam establishment a bloody nose.

  52. Yup you Limey dudes. Florida is swinging our way.

    “The big move in our Fix electoral ratings this week is that Florida goes from “lean Democratic” to “toss-up.” Polling in Florida has tightened over the past week. The RealClearPolitics polling average shows Florida tied(!) between Clinton and Trump; a New York Times-Siena poll out on Sunday showed Trump up four.”

    The Bush experience gives us hope.
    But not ObamaHope – a Muslim creation.
    The beautiful wall will begin in January.
    Love to Andy.

  53. There was Hillary sounding off on this mornings news about what a threat Trump poses to women, if the woman is so outraged at the behavior of her opponent then how has she managed too stay glued to Bill all these years? and not so much of a squawk in public. I should imagine this is a question many American voters are asking themselves, and I guarantee she will not provide an answer.

  54. Stephen Maybery – 09:00

    Here’s Hittlery enlisting a role model to champion women’s rights and dignity.


  55. Frank P, October 30th, 2016 – 23:31

    The plain fact of the matter is that there has been sufficient evidence to convict the whole Clinton cabal under the RICO Statutes for years. If their name was Clintonio, rather than just plain Clinton, they would have all been doing porridge in high security USPs years ago.

    Rudolph Giuliani said exactly the same about their name yesterday!

    Giuliani: I’m so ashamed of the Justice Department

    [from 1min20sec]

    If Trump wins the fallout will include not just the “Clintonostra” but the entire the top level of the DoJ as well! A different set of lawyers will no doubt get an early Christmas and will be set to make a killing [financial, not “Arkancide”] in 2017/18!

  56. And now pan out to this:

    Why are the great unwashed of the West sleep walking while the take over is under way?

    See Nov 1st @ 11:54.

  57. Quite a good article, and comments, though one poster does think it was funny 🙂 :
    Louis Smith’s mockery of Islam was neither clever nor funny. But his suspension for it is outrageous.

  58. What with Louis Smith’s non-event and all these demonstrations of enrichment on the Continent, it is time to get out some old faithfuls and dust them down:

    A 25 minute video:
    Three Stages of Islamic Jihad

    A 1140 word summary:
    4 Stages of Islamic Conquest

  59. Frank P – 12:15

    Quite a good year 1215 ! 🙂

    The public don’t think. They are too busy trying to be happy, successful and hiding their uncertainties. This inhibits any deviation from BBC control. When reports of Sweden becoming a basket case, Germany loosing control of the streets and migrants fighting in previously popular tourist areas of Paris are ignored, what can we do but take each day as it comes. There are also reports of far-right (patriotic? 🙂 ) responses in Germany but, just like the protesting parents of some Rotherham children and boyfriends of those attacked at Cologne’s railway station, I expect they will be arrested. Mustn’t offend the Elite!

  60. If there was any ‘Justice’ he’d be getting his entrails probed daily in the showers of Wandsworth nick. Fudge-packing douchebag:

    I suppose this in the next stage in his progression to the red benches as Lord Vazeline of Septic Tank.

    WTF is going on in the Parliament of Mother-s? Richard Kemp FFS organise something. Either that or Guido should follow the example of his erstwhile namesake and this time succeed.

  61. The Top 100 Most Damaging WikiLeaks [for HRC]

    H/T to:
    Four Major Body Blows Now Shattering Clinton Backbone, And …The “Top 100 Damaging Wikileaks”

  62. We are getting closer to the tipping point:
    Muslims ‘have the RIGHT to use Sharia law in Britain, says Islamic activist

    So the UK Government is a supposedly neutral body.

    More like comatose!

  63. Intolerant, closeted, media sell hate and silence: can’t figure why electorate is so divided


    Steve Pieczenik on November 1st announces on his website the counter coup against the soft coup of Clinton and friends:


    Alex Jones Show – November 3

  66. Correction: November 2

  67. Here’s one for Frank P ; the latest `argot`from the Met ( junior ranks,presumably ) :

    ” Peckham Rolex”.

    Any guesses ?

    I will let you know later; although the answer is in the latest Radio Times ( a progressive publication no longer owned by the BBC ).

  68. Ghetto Britain: Entire districts segregated
    Has this in it.
    The study, by Professor Ted Cantle, said cities were suffering from deepening polarisation between white and minority groups that had gone largely unnoticed by academics and politicians.
    How could you know ?????

  69. Just thinking ………

    At what point, having themselves lost their utility to their handlers, do the Clintons become expendable?

    It seems that a lot of people who have lost their utility to the Clintons have been, well, expended. You know, as in shot, or otherwise killed.

    Whilst American gangsters, of lots of stripes, have resorted readily to eliminating rivals and turncoats (allegedly), and have long had ties to politicians and corrupt governmental agencies, the lines of “demarcation” have seldom been crossed (again, allegedly).

    But, the Clintons seem to have attracted associates seemingly unfettered by any vestige of remorse or decency, not the least inhibited by bourgeoisie distaste for the killing of others. At least that would seem to be the case, given the number of people whose demise has ensued after disappointing or failing or displeasing the Clintons.

    Conspiracy theorists have long suspected that the Clintons have had handlers or overseers. They did not come into the world, after all, full fledged as rich and powerful but seem to have benefited from the largess, if not control, of others.

    So, the question frames itself as follows.–

    At what point, having themselves lost and/or squandered their value to their handlers, … , (say, just for the sake of speculation, the Saudi intelligence apparatus, or the favor of George Soros, rich and powerful and no stranger to involvement in mass murder as a young henchman expropriating the property of Jews for the Nazis in WWII (again, allegedly)) … , do the Clintons themselves become expendable?

    Given Bill’s sexual proclivities, and his association with known sexual predators, and Hillary mired in so much political scandal as well as being an un-indicted multiple felon, surely marks them as used up, no longer useful, and eligible for elimination. Just saying.

    And the same goes for Huma Abedin.

    Guess nobody wants to share a plane, a limo or even the same building as any one of them. Just in case. To be on the safe side. And if I was in publishing, I wouldn’t be laying out any large advances for an autobiography that might swiftly become an obituary.

  70. Not every wallster has a “society” named after them.
    The John Birch Society! Well, it’s a new one on me…

    How did “we” get to this point? The remarkably prescient Robert Welch, founder, speaking in 1958.

    and anotherun…

    “If You Want it Straight by Robert Welch” (also long and maybe hard!!!)

    Stamina required! At 2hr 41mins this is of a Stalin/Kruschev/Gorbachev/Kinnock-esque length.

  71. Also, more recently… and of a more manageable length.

    “What You’re Not Supposed to Know About America’s Founding”

    Arthur R. Thompson author of, “To the Victor Go the Myths & Monuments.”
    [The history of the first 100 years of war against God and the Constitution, 1776-1876, and its modern impact.]

    What say you on this one, John Jefferson Burns?

  72. Re: Wikileaks’ DNC & Clinton revelations of recent months, and in particular their “October surprises”…

    As Frank P pointed out last week, the Democrats have “lost their sense of Huma.”

  73. EC (10:53)

    I wish I had, EC, but I didn’t, unless it was in one of my semi-comatose states in the small wee hours, which seem to get less small and wee as the potential hours diminish.

    [Lest someone who did coin it should think I’m passively claiming credit for a very neat pun – but I’m flattered to know that you could have thought it WAS me. 🙂 ]

  74. There is another Welsh weasel name of Kinnock attempting to thwart the will of the English people regarding Brexit on Daily Politics at this moment. Obviously his first move in attempting to succeed in what his egregious father failed. God forbid!

  75. RobertRetyred – October 28th, 2016 – 17:34
    “I still have this sneaking feeling that Cameron was a very under cover Brexiter.”

    Baron – October 28th, 2016 – 23:11
    “Give up on the boy, Robert …”

    I grant you that your memory is correct: the gay marriage legislation led to the Referendum’s conception. 🙂

    I still doesn’t explain why it all happened. I saw a post, somewhere, that said CMD was likely able to often turn out his PPE essays the night before they were due in, with little information gathering. I think that explains things a little more: superficial ‘too clever by half’ wasn’t going to win every time in the political arena.

    Another point is that, successful PMs don’t just carry out their policies until they reach the statute books; they also shape opinion so that their policies get an easy ride. Being a reluctant Lib Dem, public opinion wasn’t usually a problem, and the British Establishment didn’t have a problem after he changed his views to mirror their politics. However, EU opinion was a completely different matter, so his renegotiation failed to bring back any prize and he didn’t give any thought to changing his mind after the situation changed! It was down hill from there.

    So, it looks like superficiality was his downfall.

    With this recent Article 50 ruling, effectively overruling the Cameron promise, it only proves my point: he was the Heir to Blair.

  76. Frank P – 12:15

    Sorry, dodgy memory on my part.
    Apologies to our noble friend!

    Baron, October 30th, 2016 – 01:15
    Indeed, ‘where is her sense of Huma?’

  77. E C . 10-42.
    pure coincidence I’m afraid. That’s my name .

  78. After today’s rich bitch verses normal people I think it’s time for a general election so those mp’s who support remain can be voted out of their jobs.

  79. Rather outrageous that an unelected foreign import with loadsa money and an allegiance to Labour and three politically motivated judges can subvert the will of the English people. Since our constitution is unwritten it is difficult to see what point of law those Three Stooges were relying upon. It sounds like typical left wing barrack room lawyer crap to me – sophistry, pedantry and the cynically contrived manipulation of language to justify the wholly illegitimate means towards an end that defies the will of the English people.

    The gloating over the judgement just shows how thoroughly unpleasant and repulsive the unelected left wing fifth column has become in this country. I can now begin to understand the violent passions unleashed in the Spanish Civil War.

  80. Colonel Mustard – 15:45

    One, in particular, looks very ‘neutral’ to me 🙂

    Any wonder Remainers won? Article 50 judge founded EU INTEGRATION group

    ONE of the three judges who today ruled Article 50 must be triggered by Parliament founded a European law group working towards integration with Brussels.

    At least they are having the same effect as Project Fear and the Remoaners:

    Support for EU exit and implementing Article 50 booms after ‘Brexit betrayal’ court ruling

    THE BRITISH public have reacted strongly against today’s Brexit court ruling with the Leave EU group saying they have been inundated with support.

  81. If you think we have problems, just look across the water:
    Lena Dunham Posts Video Celebrating the ‘Extinction of White Men’ on Twitter

    “Lena Dunham has expressed monumental support for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton this year, even hitting the campaign trail in North Carolina to encourage young people to vote for Clinton.”

  82. Robert Retyred November 3rd, 2016 – 18:36

    re the tainted judge – YCMIU. Let’s hope whichever blithering idiot in the “justice” system who thought it a good idea to put him on the panel gets named and shamed.

  83. Mark Steyn with an update on his main theme, “It’s the demographics!”

    Clear thinking – immaculate exposition.

  84. RobertRetyred

    A side bar to the article in the Express linked by you suggests that a constitutional crisis caused by the High Court’s decision might prompt the Prime Minister to call an early General Election.

    In my view, this would be the correct response, albeit it would be tantamount to yielding to those calling for a second referendum.

    The Queen in Parliament is sovereign. As in the United States, we may have to drain the swamp to reassert this principle and then pass an Act of Parliament that leaves no ambiguity in expressing what the people have decided to do with its membership of the EU.

    If carried out properly and with gusto, this would check mate the Remainers.

    We should act quickly though before the Trojan Horse in our gates spills out sufficient fighters for the globalists’ cause to block a Brexit victory in the General Election. This will be made easier if the second American revolution wins its Yorktown on November 8th.

    Let’s remember the firsr flag of the USA:

  85. Mine Nov. 3rd at 04-11.

    A ” Peckham Rolex ” is police slang for an electronic tag.

  86. Aristo abas! Aux guillotine!
    An article and comments on the Aristo`David Attenborough and the traitors in the High Court.
    Spectator : `The Tough Fight for Democracy has Begun`.

  87. We need the re-institution of the Halifax Gibbet…….the original guillotine.

  88. Radford NG @ 03:21

    One worth remembering, Radford, if the Clinton woman gets in, those kicking her get rounded up, branded with it before unceremoniously sent down.

    Apologies from the poorly educated Slav, history’s in making he’s too busy to spend his his tuppence ha’penny worth on it.

    A thought (or two) for the day for you before he disappears again (the two quotes are not his, origin unknown, not unlike the pun on Huma that he picked from Gates of Vienna).

    If Hillary Clinton wins the US Presidency, it will be the first time in history
    that two US presidents have slept together.

    If Donald Trump wins the US Presidency, it will be the first time in history
    that a billionaire will move into public housing vacated by a black family.

  89. @John Birch 3rd, 15:28

    Years ago, one of my colleagues was a Chief Engineer named John W. Birch. Every time he checked into a hotel in Malaysia the reception staff would avert their eyes and giggle. He eventually discovered that J. W. W. Birch was a British East Company agent in Penang who was murdered for allegedly hiring the local maidens as house servants and then having his wicked way with them. Even today his name is peddled in their high schools as an example of the evils of colonialism. 🙂

  90. “Michael Moore is a Sack of Shit”
    Paul Joseph Watson

    Can’t help thinking that Paul was maybe holding back on this one!

  91. Baron – 08:17

    Baron, if you want to get “a real sense of Huma” i.e. who she is, where she came from, who and what she represents, then you need to watch this short video:

    Her connections are every bit as startling as the “Manchurian candidate” that you refer to as the “honorary muslim.” Another “sleeper” – this one with Hillary!

    h/t Pat Condell

  92. Gina Miller has lived in the UK since she was 10 and has as much right to use the courts to challenge an irresponsible act of Government that affects her business than you or I.
    As to describing considered actions of legitimate judges as politically motivated, that way of thought can only lead to anarchy.

  93. RobertRetyred @ 15:19

    He’s got a point, Robert, turkeys are for Christmas.

  94. Patriccia Shaw @ 11:36

    Banging about anarchy, Patricia, won’t wash.

    The judges should have refused to pontificate on the case, full stop, they have no business second-judging the unwashed on a question of sovereignty, only the people have the inalienable right to do so.

  95. EC @ 11:30

    Thanks, EC, the barbarian has seen it, he got it from the Republic earlier today.

    The fact she, Huma, has been allowed to be so close to the Clinton woman for so long only underpins what the barbarian’s been saying all along, the man in the White House is an honorary Muslim masquerading as a Christian, no doubt about it.

  96. EC @ 10:47

    Seconded, EC, Moore is a bag of shite, in fact he’s a fat Full Monty bag of shite, but is it new? Hmmm

    Still, Joseph’s fantastic in articulating the shite of Moore.

  97. The barbarian has installed a new router Mark4, much faster downloading speeds, so far anyway. If you don’t posses the gadget, inquire, have it plugged into your network.

  98. Rather outrageous that an unelected foreign import with loadsa money and an allegiance to Labour and three politically motivated judges can subvert the will of the English people. Since our constitution is unwritten it is difficult to see what point of law those Three Stooges were relying upon. It sounds like typical left wing barrack room lawyer crap to me – sophistry, pedantry and the cynically contrived manipulation of language to justify the wholly illegitimate means towards an end that defies the will of the English people.

    The gloating over the judgement just shows how thoroughly unpleasant and repulsive the unelected left wing fifth column has become in this country. I can now begin to understand the violent passions unleashed in the Spanish Civil War.

    Is there an echo in here?

  99. RobertRetyred @ 15:19

    The piece doesn’t mention the visa free travel for the new worthwhile contender for the EU membership, Robert. Instead, it outlines the risk the Americans are running letting Turkey do what the tin pot Sultan desires. Quite frightening this.

  100. Ian Duncan-Smith did a superb job of deconstructing the Article 50 sophistry and nonsense on the Daily Politics, making it absolutely clear that the Three Common Purpose Stooges have crossed the constitutional line.

  101. “A deeply troubling and wrong-headed decision

    “When it comes to using the prerogative for “less Europe”, there are implied limitations which do not seem to exist for “more Europe”

    “On 3rd November 2016 the Divisional Court handed down its judgment in R (Miller) -V- Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union [2016] EWHC 2768 (Admin). The court has, to the surprise of most informed observers, decided that it is outside the prerogative powers of the Crown for notice to be given under Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union to withdraw from the European Union.

    “In reaching this decision, the judgment has overturned the accepted understanding about the respective power of the Crown on the international plane to accede to and withdraw from international treaties, and the powers of Parliament to alter the internal law of the United Kingdom.

    “The European Communities Act 1972 was a constitutional innovation for the United Kingdom. It linked international treaties directly to the internal law of the United Kingdom by giving the European Treaties and supranational legislation made under them so called “direct effect.” That means that they have force in UK internal law – and therefore alter the content of the law – without recourse to Parliament.

    “The judgment argues that this feature of the 1972 Act means that the Crown has no power to withdraw from the EU treaties, because doing so would have the effect of altering domestic law, which only Parliament can do.

    “This argument is illogical and does not hold water. There are many acts which the government can carry out on the international plane under the European treaties which have the effect of altering UK domestic law, and in doing so either confer rights on people or deprive them of rights. Whenever the UK representative on the Council of Ministers joins in passing into law a directly applicable EU Regulation then the Crown in using the prerogative power to alter internal UK law without that alteration of the law going through Parliament. This is simply a consequence of the direct effect machinery of the 1972 Act.

    “So why should it be OK to have “more Europe” through exercise of the prerogative power, but wrong to have “less Europe” as a result of Article 50 being invoked and the direct effect parts of EU law ceasing to apply within the UK? Nothing in the wording of the 1972 Act supports such a distinction.

    “There is a further reason why this decision flies in the face of the obvious intention of Parliament. The Lisbon Treaty, which inserted Article 50 into the Treaty on European Union, was given effect in UK law by the European Union (Amendment) Act 2008. That Act therefore made the Article 50 power available for use by the Crown but did not specify that its exercise would need the approval of Parliament. That Act however explicitly provides for Parliamentary control over certain prerogative acts under the EU treaties, including Article 49 on Treaty revision. But notably, the statutory scheme of Parliamentary control of prerogative power does not extend to notifications under Article 50.

    “There has a been a long string of attempted challenges to the use of the prerogative power to extend EEC or EU powers, all of which have been rejected by the courts, sometimes in peremptory terms. However, when the prerogative is used to achieve “less Europe” in order to implement the decision of the British people which an Act of Parliament empowered them to take, it is suddenly found that there are implied limitations on the prerogative power which prevent it being used for this purpose.

    “We welcome the decision of the government to appeal from this judgment. We hope that the Supreme Court will apply the law in a more orthodox and logical way, allowing the government to fulfil its promise to the British people to implement their clear decision.”

    Martin Howe QC
    Thomas Sharpe QC
    Clive Thorne
    Francis Hoar

    And so say all of us.

  102. Colonel Mustard @ 23:02

    Spot on, Colonel.

    The saintly one seems to think, is certain if one were to believe some of the reports in the MSM, the Supreme Court will back her, but even if that’s the case it’s still wrong to have either three judges or twelve at whatever level decide the fate of the country. The referendum was about a matter that the legal wizards should not be obliged to adjudge upon, the question of sovereignty can ultimately be decided only by the people. The fact that the current composition of the House leans towards the Remain argument is only because the MPs were elected before the question of our EU membership was put to the people, the people answered it. What the court should have done is refuse to consider the petition.

    It may well be there’s no precedence that could have guided the judges because the matter has been considered to be outside the competence of the judiciary, and so it must be. Future Parliament should consider a statute that would limit the powers of the judiciary in respect of matters that fundamentally impact on sovereignty.

  103. This is a live stream of the Trump rally in Hershey, Pennsylvania. The station broadcasting it pans around the crowd. It is massive!! Trump not yet started to speak.

  104. Colonel Mustard 23:20

    Lawyers for Britain ; web site.
    Ditto / Who We Are.

  105. It is a sign of a healthy and functioning democracy that the exercise of governmental power can be challenged properly through the courts.

    Contrary to the screaming headlines in some British newspapers today, yesterday’s High Court decision did not thwart the will of 17 million Brexit voters. The High Court did not decide the EU referendum “did not count”.

    In a carefully considered and compelling judgment, some of Britain’s most senior and respected judges quietly restored supremacy to the centuries-old tradition of parliamentary sovereignty in this country. In short, yesterday’s judgment protects our democracy, rather than betrays or undermines it.

    It is a powerful constitutional principle that the government of the day cannot alter the law of the land by the use of the prerogative power. There are limits on prerogative power, which merely means the power of the executive to act alone, for good reason. No government – of any political persuasion – can confer or remove rights without Parliamentary intervention. The court unanimously safeguarded this constitutional bedrock of our democracy.

    Many of the government’s submissions to the court had a very weak foundation, and the court’s judgment reflects this. The claimants powerfully argued that the removal of fundamental and important rights could only be done with Parliament’s authority. At no stage did the claimants seek to argue that those rights could not be removed; instead they argued that it must be Parliament who took that decision.

    The government was backed into a corner by its own politically expedient concession that Article 50 was irreversible and unconditional. That concession meant that, once notification was given, it would directly lead to the rights of British citizens being removed within two years of the trigger date. Even if Parliament would be “involved” at the conclusion of those two years, it would be too late for that consideration to be meaningful.

    The judgment was measured and apolitical but critical of the government’s arguments, finding that it had “glossed over” important constitutional principles and that its submissions were “divorced from reality” on the impact of notification on the rights of many British citizens, such as those working and living across the EU. At a basic level of constitutional law and principle, the Court found that the government’s arguments were flawed. No Act of Parliament expressly gave the government the power to dismantle fundamental rights granted by Parliament to British citizens.

    The rule of law exists to protect all citizens from the overreach of constitutional power. Whether Leave or Remain, we are fortunate to have an independent judiciary which is strong and principled enough to be able to stand up to government when it unlawfully seeks to extends its powers without Parliamentary scrutiny (and indeed to rise above populist and abusive headlines). Our parliamentary democracy carries at its heart a requirement that only Parliament can confer rights on individuals or deprive individuals of rights. This lies at the very heart of this judgment and I do not consider the government’s prospects of appeal to be strong.

    Those who dismiss the judgment as elitist should read it instead. Rather than berating the rule of law and whipping up public opinion with unacceptable abuse against judges and claimants, those concerned that this court ruling could delay Brexit should be asking the Prime Minister to put her plans before Parliament at the earliest opportunity.

    Whatever Brexit may mean to the Prime Minister, she is not entitled to decide its shape, timing and form without putting those plans openly to Parliament. Virtually every British citizen will be impacted by those plans. Many people’s lives and livelihoods are at stake. It is surprising that anyone in this democratic country should seek to stop Parliament demanding accountability from our government. Especially on an issue of this fundamental importance.

  106. The claims made in the High Court are only the expression of the personal views of three oligarchs appointed by Blair ; just as laws on abortion in the USA are only the views of the majority of 9 oligarchs in the US Supreme Court.

  107. I am shocked , truly shocked , that a member of the `soixante-huit` (above) has made no reference to the plight of the Palestinians re. this matter.

  108. I see that the multiple personality troll has been up to his/her usual trick of copying and pasting without crediting the source:-

    That piece was written by one Schona Jolly “A cutting-edge equalities lawyer who specialises in all aspects of discrimination, human rights and employment law” and who writes for the Huffington Post.

    She is included in the University of Cork’s Palestine Solidarity Campaign database where “We give you documents from all points on the ideological spectrum, both Zionist and anti-Zionist. We give you background on everybody whose opinion you find here. We also let you see what these people/organizations say about each other.”

    Veteran Wallsters will recall the Palestinian connections of the original “Patricia Shaw” and the Irish connection proves interesting given the number of Irish trolls currently trolling the Guido Fawkes website in cahoots with “Feminist Solutions” (aka various other names) who also trolled the Conservative Woman website and was once described by telemachus as his “partner”.

    Orchestrated subterfuge trolling. Therefore without merit or integrity. It does reveal how these people work.

  109. Romano Verdi :

    Ms Clinton,running for nomination in 2008, declares :
    “We should shoot Obama.”
    Interviewer : ” You mean Osama”.
    Ms Clinton (laughing) : ” Well yes.Maybe both of them”.

  110. Question :

    “Why might a long loaf of bread , Macduff , a pulse and a circuit judge suggest an early Bob Dylan success…….?”

    Round Britain Quiz : Radio 4; Sat 5 Nov at 11pm.

    See web site. I’m on to Questions 4 and 5. How about you?

  111. Above at 08:39

    …..and I’m hail-way along with Q2.

  112. Mine at 09:00.

    I got on to the Teaser , but ( without looking it up ) didn’t know the British character was dead. (RIP).

  113. Patriccia Shaw@ 05:56

    One can have one’s own view on things, Patriccia, not one’s own set of facts.

    The judges didn’t challenge governmental powers, they challenged the will of the people. What the saintly one said she would do was simply carry out, fulfil, complete the instruction of the people, their judgment aims at preventing her to do so, it’s not only undemocratic, it’s treasonous, to the Tower with them.

  114. Radford NG November 5th, 2016 – 03:57

    Thank you!

  115. Baron – 10:22


  116. Baron November 5th, 2016 – 10:22

    The 0556 is an uncredited cut and paste in full of an online article by one Schona Jolly, a barrister specialising in human rights and discrimination law who also writes for the Huffington post.

    I did post with more details of the various connections but it went into moderation, probably because of the ‘t’ word. “Patriccia Shaw” is you know who “sharing code” again. He once claimed that she was his “partner” but you can’t believe anything that he writes.

    Interesting that he seems to pop up whenever I write something. So he is still engaged in his obsessive little stalking games and desperate to intrude here, as he intrudes in many other places under many other names.

  117. Have the police interviewed and/or cautioned BBC luvvie and voice over artiste Sir(my arse!) David Attenborough about recent outburst of hate speech and incitement to murder?

    No? Thought not!

  118. Baron November 4th, 2016 – 23:49

    Unfortunately the European Union Referendum Act 2015 made no provision for how the result might be enacted in law, probably indicative of the drafters presumption that Remain would win and no further action would be necessary.

    What it should have said was that the result of the referendum would empower the government to act on it on behalf of the people.

    The 2015 referendum was, like the 1975 referendum, non-binding but it is interesting to compare and contrast Wilson’s victory statement with Cameron’s defeat statement:-

    “The verdict has been given by a vote with a bigger majority than has been received by any Government in any general election. Nobody in Britain or the wider world should have any doubt about its meaning. It was a free vote, without constraint, following a free democratic campaign conducted constructively and without rancour. It means that fourteen years of national argument are over. It means that all those who have had reservations about Britain’s commitment should now join wholeheartedly with our partners in Europe, and our friends everywhere to meet the challenge confronting the whole nation.”

    It was due to the “quality” of our present generation of politicians, celebrities and media that the 2016 referendum campaign was conducted with considerable rancour and negativity, with the clear result embittered by a subversive gang of left wing sore losers who believe temper tantrums will reverse it.

    The Wiki entry is fascinating:-

    ” . . . the United Kingdom voted by 51.9% to 48.1% to leave the European Union, where the results were reversed – with England and Wales voting to leave, whilst Scotland, Northern Ireland and London voted to stay.”

    London, apparently, according to the revisionist left wing activists now busily contriving the Wiki pages, is a separate entity to England. acquiring city state status. But we rustic shire dwellers already knew that anyway.

  119. Where were these high minded judges and our supposed parliamentary sovereignty when Gordon Brown snuck off like a thief in the night to sign the Lisbon treaty and surrender that very sovereignty before Parliament had ratified it?

    “Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s decision to reject a referendum on the new European Union Reform Treaty (Treaty of Lisbon) should be viewed as one of the biggest acts of political betrayal in modern British history. Despite a rebellion by 29 of its own backbenchers, the Labour-led government defeated a Conservative proposal to hold a popular vote on the Lisbon Treaty by 311 votes to 248 (55% to 44%) in the House of Commons on March 5 (2008). Brown’s refusal to support a referendum represented a stunning reversal of the government’s 2005 manifesto pledge to hold a plebiscite on the European Constitution.”

  120. Surrendering our sovereignty without recourse to Parliament or the people ok when perpetrated by ghastly lefties in power.

    Reclaiming it after a referendum clearly expressing that wish not ok according to ghastly lefties in opposition.

    What absolute cunts they are.

  121. I see that the “unelected foreign import with loadsa money” has complained to the police about on line abuse.

    As I said at 1136 4/11/16 she has a right “to challenge an irresponsible act of Government that affects her business.”

    I say this just to prevent misunderstanding when plod looks at the political blogs.

  122. Colonel Mustard – 23:15
    Re IDS, I thought so too.

  123. Why is the anti-semitic, Hamas activist Shavian mob being allowed to deface this Wall with its propaganda again? I assume that the pretentious double c in the given name is cryptology for ‘communist cunt’. Off with its head!

  124. There once was a congressman named Weiner,
    who had a perverted demeanor.
    He was forced from the hill, for acting like Bill.
    Now Congress is one Weiner leaner.

    The moral is: You tweet your meat, you lose your seat.

    Not Baron’s, regretfully for it’s clean, to the point and witty.

  125. Colonel & EC:

    The quip about three lawyers chained together at the bottom of the sea as ‘a promising start’ gets it right. We are being suffocated by bloody lawyers, their sophistry seems seldom to lose an argument, even if common sense shouts to the opposite.

    Not that many may side with the poorly educated Slav, but it seems to him that the issue is painfully clear: The House is sovereign except for the times when the people decide on its composition, then the sovereignty lies fully within the unwashed. And so it was when the referendum was called, the Parliament passed the decision on whether to stay in the Brussels monstrosity or exit it into the hands of the voters (if Baron remembers the vote on the referendum in the House was massively in favour). For three over educated, common-sense vacuous lawyers to thwart the convincing result is abhorrent, sickening, bordering on the treasonous.

    We desperately need a new Roundhead leader to stand up to, hit, and fully defeat the new breed of Cavaliers. Colonel, you should take charge before it’s too late, the barbarian will join you on the barricades willingly.

  126. Colonel Mustard @ 10:45

    Understood, Colonel, let’s jointly ignore, the deluded Shaw (do notice how neatly it rhymes), for her cranium is at its minimum since her thinking’s done in her reticulum, he, he, he.

    (OK, OK, it’s awful, but close to reality, no?).

  127. Colonel Mustard @ 11:10

    Whether it’s true the barbarian knows not, but on the radio today someone said one of the three legal wise men either helped or actually drafted the Article50 (hard to say which, the barbarian didn’t catch it well). If that’s true, how on earth could he now be adjudging its interpretation? Unless, of course, he purposefully structured the article in such a way as to prevent a country ever leaving the yoke of Brussels.

    An urgent need to see more than just three lawyers chained together at ….

  128. “unelected foreign import with loadsa money” is a statement of fact.

    The lady in question is unelected.

    She was born in British Guiana in 1965. That former colony became independent in 1966 and she came to Britain as a child to attend school several years after that. It is unlikely that was of her own volition. The Sun describes her as “foreign-born”. Other newspapers have described her as a “South American wife”. Her Wiki entry has already been slyly altered to obfuscate the facts of nationality and describe her as “the daughter of a former opposition leader and attorney general in Guyana” about whom it is difficult to find details.

    She has a lot of money.

    So the shape-shifting troll’s attempt at intimidation is risible.

  129. Frank P @ 14:18

    You’ve sharpened the scimitar then, Frank?

  130. Baron November 5th, 2016 – 14:40

    He is up to his old harassment and stalking tricks. Hard to ignore criminality.

    “Although harassment is not specifically defined in section 7(2) of the PHA, it can include repeated attempts to impose unwanted communications upon a victim in a manner that could be expected to cause distress or fear in any reasonable person” (such as implying that comments at this blog constitute “online abuse” and that they might be scrutinised by the police. What, a court might legitimately ask, is his motive for doing that if not to intimidate?)

    “Closely connected groups may also be subjected to ‘collective’ harassment. The primary intention of this type of harassment is not generally directed at an individual but rather at members of a group” (such as the Coffee House Wall)

  131. Rather brilliant Telegraph cartoon of the Anti-Brexit plotters engaged in their common purpose.

    Omits the mastermind Soros though.

  132. Apparently when Bill uttered the famous denunciation “I did not have sexual relations with that woman!” – he was telling the truth; but he was actually referring to his wife.

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  133. RobertRetyred @ 14:16

    If what John Redwood says is true, Robert, and it must be, nobody’s challenged him, why are the the remainers running to the courts? They’ve had plenty of opportunity to say how to carry out the brexiting, what else do they want?

  134. RobertRetyred @ 15:02

    If it were not for the protection from the Department of Justice and the White House, she would be facing the Grand Jury, Robert.

    When the damn of protection breaks, the Clinton woman will be toast.

  135. Baron – 17:38

    Exactly! The Remainers organised the whole Referendum thing. Even the opposition (Vote Leave) were chosen by the Establishment. And they, Vote Leave, put out the £350m/week (for the NHS), and not Leave EU.

    Any problem should have been sorted before the Referendum. Isn’t that what the Civil Service is for? 🙂

    And Paddy Ashdown said, in the HoL, that it was up to the people, not anyone else, not even parliamentarians! Tim Farron doesn’t appear to be aware of this.

  136. Colonel Mustard @ 11:10

    Colonel: “What it (the Referendum Act 2015) should have said was that the result of the referendum would empower the government to act on it on behalf of the people.” Hence “the 2015 referendum was, like the 1975 referendum, non-binding….”

    This is a point on which the barbarian respectfully disagrees, Colonel (if only to test what’s right).

    The government asks the country what it (the country) wants to do, the voters express their wish to leave the EU by a sizeable majority, the government goes against the wish of that majority. This would be asking for trouble, big trouble at that. It would not be unakin to an election result not to the liking of a sitting government that would refuse to accept it, carry on arguing that the election was just a consulting exercise. Weird as it may seem, this could happen, there’s nothing in writing compelling a Government to leave office if it loses an election.

    (It goes either way. Imagine, the referendum result were for Britain to stay in the EU, the Government decided to leave. There would also be a mighty uproar, and rightly so).

    It was implicit in the delegation of the decision (whether to stay or leave) to the people that the Government will honour the wish of the people. To his credit, the boy got this one right.

    Had the Government by-passed the people (no referendum), but asked the House to debate the issue, then to vote on it, and had that vote went against the Government’s intention, who would have had the final say but the people either in an election or through a referendum.

    It is ultimately the people who are sovereign, but in a representative democracy (such as ours) the unwashed pass over the execution of the sovereignty to the House in an election, the House subsequently forms a Government. And again, there’s nothing in our constitutional arrangement that says the largest party in the House forms a Government, yet it would be unheard of if that were not the case.

    Many a thing are not expressed on a parchment explicitly, but in practice are followed because they are implicitly understood (until some busybody decides on a legal challenge, the eager judges oblige).

  137. RobertRetyred – 18:13

    I can’t find Paddy Ashdown’s speech (I am sure he said said something 🙂 ) but I have found this:

    Mr Hammond: Yes, indeed. The business view is important, and I have no doubt that it will make its view clear during the referendum campaign, but I emphasise again that the British people must make the ultimate decision.”

    So, not Parliament!

  138. Sorry about the glaring mistake at 18.43, the barbarian changed from if to ‘had the vote’ but left ‘went’ didn’t change it to ‘gone’. (Preparing a dinner and blogging should be kept separate ally). The sentence should read ‘had that vote gone against the Government’s intention …”

  139. Sweet baby J, to be kept ‘separately’, and not ‘separate ally’. That’s it, the barbarian’s done for today.

  140. And an even fuller quote:
    Mr Hammond: But whether we favour Britain being in or out, we surely should all be able to agree on the simple principle that the decision about our membership should be taken by the British people, not by Whitehall bureaucrats, certainly not by Brussels Eurocrats; not even by Government Ministers or parliamentarians in this Chamber. The decision must be for the common sense of the British people.”

  141. Baron (14:50)

    I’d settle for a simple blockage of the cybertubes. Thought that was already facilitated under the Stalker’s Charter. 🙂

  142. No comments (hence no errors to apologise for):

    And this for Frank @ 19.45 (impossible to resist): Good choice, bloodless but effective.

  143. Baron November 5th, 2016 – 18:43

    We don’t disagree Baron. I was making the point that the 2015 Act should have specifically given the Government the right to enact the will of the people, e.g. invoke Article 50, without further reference to Parliament, to pre-empt and prevent what has happened.

    I probably worded it clumsily but I am in full agreement with your comments.

  144. Test


    Corruption, Treason, Sexual Exploitation of Children, Pay for Play

    Trump and Clinton – A Hobson’s Choice? Gimme a break!

    Clear the Swamp in the USA and England!

  146. Schoolkids at risk as Albanian migrants sneak into UK as ‘children’
    A job creation scheme for social workers, administrators,police, schools, judicial services, upper or middle class Uncle Tom Cobly and all.
    Advantage to us and the country. Fuck all.
    Advantage to private education, 100%

  147. Schoolkids at risk as Albanian migrants sneak into UK as ‘children’
    A job creation scheme for social workers, administrators,police, schools, judicial services, upper or middle class Uncle Tom Cobly and all.
    Advantage to us and the country. Fuck all.
    Advantage to private education, 100%

  148. Read; mark; learn, and inwardly digest.

    Alex Jones Show, Friday, November 4th

  149. First comment of mine to go missing after waiting . I only used fuck once, the rest was about this .
    Schoolkids at risk as Albanian migrants sneak into UK as ‘children’

  150. Now it’s back , how odd

  151. Nov. 6th 1917 ( October 25 Old Style )

    99th Anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution ; lead by Trotsky.

    “When I run through what I have lived through,
    When the best when the worst day,
    There it is the best,the 25th,the first day.

    “Sailors rushing through the corridors of Smolensky;
    Soldiers playing with bombs like balls.

    “In the midst of it all….in quietness…..

    Boris Pasternak. ( I forget all the verses. )

  152. Mine 08:04

    It should of cause be `Smolny`

    But why is the above waiting moderation?

  153. Four comments disappeared including one question why they disappeared

  154. It has all been said before but Alexander articulates it well:

    “For example, the kind of people who currently insist that Parliament must have its say in not so much Brexit but even the invocation of Article 50 also believe that our sovereignty has to be moved from Queen and Parliament to the EU.

    Chaps, don’t you sense self-refutation in your arguments? If you fervently believe in British sovereignty vested in Her Majesty’s Parliament, how can you welcome a situation where most of our laws come from a foreign body unaccountable to king, country or, for that matter, God?”

  155. Have you seen this? Over nine millions have.

    One cannot say this guy isn’t articulate, or has not had the same message for a long time, or has gone into the presidential race on a whim.

    (Apologies for the negatives galore, but you get the

  156. A posting that contained the clip is in moderation, so here’s the clip on its own:

  157. Why no comments being accepted ?????

  158. Comments I made last night went into moderation.


    Has there been mischief following the unwelcome reappearance of the shape-shifting troll?

  159. If you’ve missed this Channel4 message (Baron did), here’s a snip of it. The guy talking is Zhirinovsky, he heads the Liberal Democrats in Russia (yup, Baron kids you not, that’s what they call themselves, just imagine what the communists look and talk like). In the clip he comes over as super calm, one sees him seldom calmer, his way of talking is to shout the loudest, wave arms around and threaten anyone opposing him with castration.

    (When he says ‘Hilary, you don’t become President’ he doesn’t mean she will not become President, he orders her not to become President. The translation’s wrong, in English one doesn’t say ‘you don’t do… ‘, one says ‘please, don’t do…’ In Russian the combination of a pronoun and a verb can form a perfect imperative sentence without any ‘please’ added to it.)

  160. The cancerous cabal behind the implementation of the European Political Project – aka the EUSSR – wil invade any obstacle that is placed in its inexorable progress and its ultimate aim. The only way this nation can prevent the metastis spreading even further is immediate amputation. Action this day. We are being subjected to insidious propaganda and legalistic machinations on a daily basis and the MSM is the project’s organ of agitprop – the BBC being the spearhead.

    Brexit? The teferendum backfired on Cameron – one of the project’s puppets – who gambled on a different result and came unstuck. But as we can now see, there are many strings to their bow. Brexit by peaceful means was, is and forever will be, Bollocks!

    The only way our exit will be achieved is by a bloody confrontation on the streets and the removal of all pro EU MPs including the Prime Minister and several others – some of whom are masquerading as pro-Brexiteers in order to delay the process.

    If, or perhaps I should say when, Clinton is installed over The Pond it will become increasingly obvious that the PTB will not relinquish the EU grip on power by peaceful means. The anti-EU faction within our government needs to stir the shit, bigtime, to avoid civil war.

  161. metastasis – o&oe – apologies.

  162. This piece comes from a staunchly anti-Putin, anti-Russian Ukrainian source. No need to read it except for noticing that both of the critics of Putin live, work and publish in Moscow, a place of ‘FSB imposed censorship’, where allegedly no opposition, no criticism of Putin, no divergence from the official line are allowed.

    The barbarian agrees with the Chatham House analyst, Russia’s today could be more of a threat to the West because Putin may go for the nuclear option if pushed. Whatever the pundits (or the omni-all one) say, the KGB Colonel has a backing of the majority of the unwashed, the backing’s genuine. If Baron’s reading of the mood of the country’s right (from watching TV discussions, reading the blogs) he will have a seriously huge job on his hands to get reelected. Most of the criticism of his policies comes from the Right.

    (The communist thugs would have never even considered to go nuclear whatever they may have said publicly, not even in retaliation, they would have sued for peace to salvage whatever remained of the USSR. They knew that any serious hit on the USSR would have lead at a stroke to the same result that occurred in 1989, a complete and utter disintegration of the evil Empire within days, there was no internal backing for the regime whatever, it was held together only by everyone spying on everyone else).

  163. Frank P @ 15:46

    You are sailing to close to the wind, guru, soon you’ll be accused of being Putin’s agent if you keep on talking like this. You should perhaps read the clip @ 15.57

    If you care to look at it, you’ll see the risk you’re running is real. So says both of the anti-Putin analysts, it’s not you being angry because of the mess the progressives have created, it’s all Putin’s agitprop, he, he, he.

    Btw, the same analysts also says, “the existence of an opponent in the form of the Soviet Union forced the West to bring itself up to snuff.”

    That’s arguable, but what she fails to comprehend is the today’s perceived threat from Putin’s Russia isn’t real, it’s a faked one. Those in charge in the West know very well an invasion by Russian forces is on par with that from Mars. They need Putin to divert the attention of the unwashed from the real threat, that of seemingly unstoppable spread of Islam, and the inability of the West to deal with it given the progressive statutes that they’ve enacted, statutes that contradict the Koran based creed of the newcomers.

  164. Romano Verdi @ 09:56

    Excellent piece, Romano, except for this.

    The sovereignty of a nation must ultimately reside with the people of that nation, the Parliament gets only entrusted with looking after it for a certain span of time. There can be no sovereignty without the many ordinary subjects of it, subjects who surrender it to elected representatives on a temporary basis, defend it if and when it comes under threat, give the desired content during elections through the selection of their representatives.

    If sovereignty is “the quality or state of having supreme power or authority” how could a bunch of few tens, hundreds or even thousands members of Parliament yield such supreme power or authority unless it’s based upon the citizens or subjects, who collectively form the building blocks of it?

  165. EC @ 16:38

    As the saying goes ‘if one has a hammer everything looks like a nail’.

    It fits here. The West, or rather the Americans, have a hammer of rockets, they have to find a nail to hit. It cannot be a bunch of deluded fanatics equipped with AK-47s, not even the pliable Western unwashed will back a massive re-arming with missiles against them, it must be someone who also have a range of rocket hammers.

    And who better fits the description of a nail to hit than Russia, particularly Russia whose leader’s take on things like the family, sovereignty, the importance of the Judaeo-Christian tradition resonate with ordinary people of the West.

    Baron reckons that no leader of either the Republic or Russia would ever be even tempted to push the button, but it has often happened in history that bleating about an enemy has reached a point of no return, one side or the other, in order to save face, may call the other side’s bluff.

    And within hours or days, the world population gets reduced from billions to millions.

  166. The humorous side of the Saudi Kingdom may be upon us again, the offending comic has been let free:

  167. The BBC are saying May has caved in and is backing the Judges.

  168. Baron – 19:28

    No shortage of cadavers that voted for the Obamas in 2008 & 2012, so why not for a Hillary Zombie apocalypse on Tuesday?

    I’m a little hard of herring these days but here’s team Al Jolson lamenting the absence of “Obamas” in the community organisation of yesteryear…

  169. This is a point-of-fact video that encapsulates in just over 5 minutes what the Donald’s movement stands for, and he’s spot on saying it’s the last chance the people of the Land of the Free have to reclaim their heritage:

  170. Oh dear. Comey has caved. Guess he didn’t want to get suicided like Vince Foster.

  171. EC @ 21:25

    Very well put together, EC, and rather witty of you to spot the lamenting of the lack of obamas in it.

    Not than many views, which is why nobody has complained about it yet, Baron reckon s.

  172. postergirl @ 21:36

    “The server was an old machine, the e-mails mostly duplicate or personal stuff”, says the explanation of the ‘fastest review in the West’ ever conducted by the FBI. Well, well, well, as you say, poster girl, the man has caved in, but will it changed anything?

  173. Apologies for posting a foreign language site, but the piece contains two short clips you can run (not available on u-tube). Both come allegedly from a Chinese TV network, the first is in a form of a karaoke performance, the other shows the Donald’s obsessive attention to China.

    In the narrative it says that an influential Chinese commentator observes that US election comes once in four years, election of a world leader once in a century, and this century will elect China. A plant that has connection with the US has plumped for the Donald winning the race, it has boosted output of his masks in latex, already sells them in hundreds of thousands. The company will make a mint after Tuesday, Baron reckons.

  174. postergirl

    Comey has been rotten with Clinton conspiracy from way back – nothing new to see here – move along, please…

    The question rather is not so much why he remains part of the government which abuses the rule of law and the US constitution as whether he is also involved in the Clintons’ wide circle of paedophiles and satanists.

  175. Nothing but childish grammatical errors, apologies.

  176. Have some good news for those who are confident that Don Trumpo will win the General Election on Tuesday. Once again the bookies are offering 5 – 1 against that eventuality. So fill your boots and enjoy a financial windfall to increase the pleasure of the outcome.

    Forgive me for not sharing your confidence. My own bank balance will remain undisturbed, until Wednesday, when I shall invest in a bottle of Rioja to drown my sorrows, against Doctor’s orders, to boot.

    Moreover, though I would like to see the sharp-end Federal investigators resign in droves in protest after Comey’s treachery, I fear they will supinely do as they are told and STFU. Mainly because most of those directly involved in the investigations into the Clintonostra have signed non-disclosure contracts.

    The bent bitch is bomb-proof! The sheeples are predominately brainwashed and therefore stupid by definition. As Trump so convincingly points out, the system is rigged and America is frigged. Sadly his chutzpah has caused him to over-reach … yet again! One hopes that, as ever, he has a Plan B.

    I will, of course, willingly, humbly and joyfully consume my own prognostications – along with a double portion of humble pudding on Wednesday, should they prove to be wrong.

    And it will serve me right that I didn’t mortgage my house to reap five more at the expense of my old adversaries, the bookies. 🙂

  177. Riot in cell block big M at Bedford prison. (h/t Tommy Robinson)

  178. Good Joke.
    Mine 06:30 doesn’t connect direct to article . When I first went to the item it had a headline “Bedlam at Bedford Prison”…….supported by an advert “HM Government:Right to Buy Could Open Doors”.


  179. Has Hillary slipped the noose again?

    Here’s a thought. Comey knows Trump is going to win. By not charging Hillary, the outgoing nasty nigger can’t pardon her – you can’t pardon somebody who hasn’t been charged.

    Which leaves the field clear for Trump to pull the plug out and drain the swamp.

    Just thinking aloud …….

  180. Clear Memories, November 7th, 2016 – 08:55

    I would like to believe that was Comey’s motivation, however as soon as the NN came out with a statement in praise of the “honourable Jim” then I smelt a dead rat!

    Like you say, it would be difficult to pardon someone who hasn’t been charged.

    Only 48 hours now and we’ll know the worst… or the best.

    TRUMP2016 – “Give Peace A Chance!”

  181. Clear Memories @ 08:55

    Good thinking, Clear Memories, but the barbarian reckons it’s the other way round, or there was a different force behind the decision to open the second round of investigations. In other words, the 2nd round was either designed to help her, Coney was a part of it, but as her ratings plummeted Comey and Co panicked, said ‘nothing to see here’. Or, the new look at the e-mails was engendered by the rank and file at the fBI, these guys are largely untouched by corruption, politicking, they sniff, report, have nothing to do with happens next.

    Both the initial announcement about re-opening the investigation and the abrupt end of it smell.

    To open it because Comey must have known the impact of it would be massive. He and the Clinton backers hoped, however, that it would turn the Clinton woman into an underdog, wronged female hounded by the might of the FBI. The meek response from the Clinton campaign to the re-opening of the investigation lends this some credence.

    To close it – can one genuinely investigate well over half a million e-mails in less than a week (it’s not just what sits on the server, but also where does what the box houses link to, the chain must be a part of the search).

    Mostly copies – it may well be 90% of the stuff ’re just duplicates, but what if a small number contain a dynamite. Duplicates would be the the right place to hide things one doesn’t want anyone to find.

    Old machine – didn’t they know the server was old to start with? How difficult is it to look at the serial number, check with whoever the maker wss? Why didn’t they?

    Not unlike the re-opening of the 2nd round, this premature closure could help Donald.

    Every schoolboy knows the Clintons are powerful, everyone assumes they and their cronies put pressure on Comey, it’s what everyone would try to do if one had a chance, powerful people do it more effectively, and in an environment full of corruption it’s unavoidable.

    ‘No smoke, fire, is, there’. This little saying contains more than just a grain of truth because it seldom fails to deliver, at some point the truth outs.

    If anything, the Donald should say ‘this is what you’ll get if you vote for the Clinton woman, one law for them, one for you. You want that?

    Apologies for errors in advance, the barbarian has to flee now.

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