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  1. Wankstains in even more trouble.
    First Weinstein Co. movie post-Harvey scandal grosses just $742 | New York Post

  2. I don’t think that Robert Mueller should resign or be fired from his job as Special Counsel.
    I think he should be laughed out of office.
    Then he should be arrested. tried for treason, and sent to the electric chair.

    “The French Gestapo contained the following two fascinating elements: treason and theft. ”
    Jean Genet, The Thief’s Journal

  3. It’s the 500th anniversary of Luther writing to his bishop, Albrecht von Brandenburg, protesting against the sale of indulgences. (It was on 31 October 1517)

  4. RobertRetyred
    And the Pope still needs sorting out.
    As does his Old Etonian underling Justin.

  5. Marshal Roberts – 16:21

    ‘Is the Pope Catholic’ doesn’t have the same humour content as it used to.

    And being an Old Etonian does not guarantee quality, whether it is leadership in a religious or political arena. Neither does being a woman, on either side of the Atlantic. 🙂

  6. Robert, I hate to quote Andrew Brown but I was tickled by this-

    “There is one other possible advantage to a Christian in attending Eton. It really would be impossible to graduate from there with a starry-eyed view of human nature. Nothing much shocks an Etonian because they have seen it all before the sixth form – they expect treachery and ambition to be the human norm (si monumentum requiris, Boris Johnson). And if God can redeem an Etonian, he can redeem anyone.”

  7. Marshal Roberts – 17:10

    I would have thought that knowledgeable Christians would understand the sins of the world and that and it would be the Liberal Socialists that would need the ‘extra experiences’.

    I this guy explain’s it well, even though it takes 14 minutes on this occasion, though the challenge is stated at 04:45 :
    Jordan Peterson: My problem with Richard Dawkins & Sam Harris

  8. I had not heard of Jordon Peterson before but I like his twin demolition of Dawkinoids and Creationists.

    He should turn on Islam.

  9. America’s driving into crowds is terrorism apparently.
    What was the name of the Uber driver ,screaming as he drove into crowds in London.
    Oh, we still don’t know.

  10. Marshal Roberts – 19:15

    Google and you should find a clip. He says he hasn’t done much on it but I find his approach very forthright and his knowledge is across several areas. He has protested against being forced to use non-binary pronouns, having a good defence of his stance.

    He had a 1 hr+ discussion with Camile Paglia on how Post Modernism is just Marxism, with the class war replaced by a war against every minority interest that can be named.

    I found it helped explain the last 40 years of academic dysfunctionality.

  11. I see you found it 🙂

  12. Here are a couple more:

    A new description of the Bible:
    Jordan Peterson Destroys New Atheists on Religion

    The Breakdown Of Marriage Ruined Women’s Life

  13. Another short clip, but deceptively important:
    Jordan Peterson on Speaking Your Mind

  14. The heading should be, ironically 🙂 :
    The Reason for Almost All Mental Illnesses – Prof. Jordan Peterson

  15. Yall still there.
    My aunt from Britain is visiting with us just now. She tells me your Brexit is not going well and that you will end up staying in Europe. Where is that Churchillian backbone?
    Meanwhile Europe is exporting drive along terrorism to our pristine nation.
    Some dude by the name of Sayfullo Saipov who looks like Bin Laden has been mowing down our citizens with his truck. And yet still courts are trying to stop Donald preventing letting these dudes in. We live in a crazy world where we vote in a good man to the Oval Office and then stop him doing his job.
    Love to Andy.

  16. No, Mr Trump, Political Correctness is NOT “fine”. It is an artificial left-wing construct which should have been rejected and opposed by conservative parties from the start.
    It is also an oxymoron.

    Any politicians on the right or centre who accept its premise are affirming their own irrelevance to politics.

  17. Noa @ November 1st, 2017 – 07:32

    Which of the two polar different outcomes of the Brexit sparring is better for the EU survival?

    You read any pundit, he or she will argue it’s the punishing one for Britain. ‘If Britain were allowed to leave on favourable terms, other countries would be encouraged to stage referenda, also leave’, they say.

    The barbarian disagrees.

    What would push other member countries to also seriously consider leaving is not a good deal for Britain, but a punitive one for even the cowed, bribed and mendacious leaders of the EU nations (and certainly the unwashed of those nations, more of them than now) would think ‘the EU turns out to be a nasty dictatorship in disguise, we’ve joined voluntarily, cannot leave, what sort of a club is it? We should begin to try and get out now before the totalitarian Brussels thugs meet again, make leaving totally illegal, lock us in forever, just as the Spanish Constitution locks in Catalonia’.

    There’s more to the same argument:

    We’re mostly agreed the EU is but a cover for the third German attempt to take control of Europe, right?

    If a no deal were the outcome, which of the EU countries would be hit the worst? Germany, and it’s mainly their car industry that would suffer.

    Do they need it? Could the VWs cum BMWs cum the auto industry feeder companies afford another serious hit? They need money to switch to batteries (then back as the move fails), the US is clobbering them on the fake emission issue, the higher energy prices are making German cars less competitive (the Skoda versus VW infighting the barbarian has mentioned before).

    The Mutti would be reckless, stupid, and essentially threatening the solid legacy of her leadership at the helm of the German tribe (the only blob being the immigration fiasco). It’s hard to believe she would risk endangering a manufacturing jewel of Germany for the satisfaction of forcing on us a vindictive deal.

  18. Colonel Mustard @ November 1st, 2017 – 08:05

    What are you referring to, Colonel? The barbarian’s been out for the last few days, not TV, no papers, no internet, is somewhat lots. Where did the Donald endorse PC?

  19. Frank P @ November 1st, 2017 – 02:47

    Another pearl to the string of the great Mark, Frank.

    Baron ha sread it first thing this morning, the guy’s unbelievable, here’s a passage of just a few sentences that could make a movie.

    (And yes, the short piece could be turned into a fully fledge movie if the Hollywood wankers, as it turns out predatory wankers at that, were not all leaning to the Left, the film would trace the lives of the eight just as they got hit by the ROP fanatic …)

    The great Mark: “As I write, eight are dead – all men, five Argentines, one Belgian, all in the path of an Uzbek Muslim who decided to take a Home Depot pick-up truck down the bike path for 20 blocks mowing down bicycle after bicycle after bicycle before exiting the vehicle and yelling – go on, take a wild guess – “Allahu Akbar!” Well, I never! You could knock me over with a feather duster – which the Mohammedans will no doubt find a way of weaponizing any day now”.



    “Our story postulates a partnership between international monopoly capitalism and international revolutionary socialism for their mutual benefit.”

    November 7th, 1917 Russia
    November 7th, 2017 USA

    “Where the United States could have exerted its dominant influence to bring about a free Russia it truckled to the ambition of a few Wall Street financiers who, for their own purposes, could accept a centralized tsarist Russia or a centralized Marxist Russia but not a decentralized free Russia. And the reasons for these assertions will unfold as we develop the underlying and, so far, untold history of the Russian Revolution and its aftermath.”

    plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose?

  21. RobertRetyred @ October 31st, 2017 – 22:29

    We’ve done him before, Robert, the barbarian has Peterson on the list (not that he listens to him often).

    In the clip on mental illness: what he doesn’t mention is that the level at which our generation ‘cracks up’ has got so low that virtually everyone needs help. In the past, the balloon got blown up big, today, just a few intakes of air and the balloon bursts.

    Hundred years ago, a young man was often hungry, had no job, his shoes began leaking needed replacing, but he carried on with his life regardless (a vague recollection from a short story by Maugham).

    A young man of today lives with his parents, hunger is never even a remote possibility, he trains as a carpenter, but because he cannot buy a pair of expensive Nike trainers, he tops himself (actual case).


  22. Baron November 1st, 2017 – 09:18

    Twitter – Donald J. Trump
    @realDonaldTrump 6:26 PM – 31 Oct 2017

    “I have just ordered Homeland Security to step up our already Extreme Vetting Program. Being politically correct is fine, but not for this!”

  23. Malfleur November 1st, 2017 – 09:39


  24. Malfleur @ November 1st, 2017 – 09:39

    The American Deep State could hardly accept a free, successful, happy Russia (or China for that matter), Malfleur. That would undermine their control of the affairs of the world at a time when that dominance is notably wobbling, not only because of the external developments, but mostly because of America’s internal boils and warts.

    The piece would require hours to digest (Baron may attempt it later). Why such penchant for stuff that requires days to read or watch, Malfelur. Not everyone is as time free as you, you know.

  25. Colonel Mustard @ November 1st, 2017 – 09:48

    Thank you, Colonel.

  26. Baron – 09:44

    ‘what he doesn’t mention is that the level at which our generation ‘cracks up’ has got so low that virtually everyone needs help’

    The clip on ‘people don’t come to me and say they are mentally ill, they say their lives are too complicated’ provides the solution to your post.

    It isn’t that people make the wrong choices, that has always happened, it is that they are never corrected and that leads to blanket dysfunctionality: dysfunctional families, schools that can’t cope with educating children in areas that should have been down to parents, universities that are the opposite of centres of learningand journalists that ‘copy and paste’ marketing material!
    How on Earth can Nick Clegg claim to have any aithority, along with Addonis and K.Clark(e) to visit Brussels? What is the point of having a PM, a Cabinet and Government when that happens?

    In the 1950s-1960s, how many infant school children were taught about the ‘complicated’, fluid genders, and all that it entails, that we have now?

    How many grew up in a family with one parent, because the other had left rather than died, and had friends in the same situation? How many were told they were special from when they were born, and never allowed to fail?

    Peterson explains this in a way that non-specialists can understand. It is they only way that change will occur – an educated public will force those in Parliament to change.

  27. Appeasing Muslims never buys us anything. That’s why the most Islam friendly country in Europe has the most Islamic radicals:

  28. Baron November 1st, 2017 – 09:57

    btw baron, the left are now busy claiming that political correctness has been invented by the right as a “mythical” enemy. That is typical of their current dissembling strategy. If you Google “stop political correctness” you will get all the Guardian et al and left-wing denial/dissembling pieces dismissing it as an issue invented/weaponised by the right rather than any groups or articles actually campaigning against it. That of course is all being deliberately manipulated.

    Any attack on any of their power grabs is deflected and the issues twisted to serve their agenda. Conservative groups can’t make any headway against this. Any dissenting websites are immediately colonised by left wing trolls. They simply hate the free expression of ideas which undermine their supremacy. The university free speech issues are being driven by Marcusean extremism.

    Anyone who thinks we are not being subjected to a vast and co-ordinated left wing conspiracy is naive.

  29. RobertRetyred November 1st, 2017 – 10:30

    All of the current mess is down to left wing imperialist colonisation and politicisation of everything. It wouldn’t surprise if the financial crash was deliberately engineered by their own deep state agents to discredit and bring down capitalism.

  30. Nothing gets me raving as does the term political correctness. Who decides what is politically correct? and what right do these people have to dictate what can be said or written in public? I say exactly what I thing and do not give a damn who I offend, this is called freedom of speech and expression, and is both my right and heritage and god help any who attempt to deny me this right. They who rule resolutely refuse to accept that their views are not shared by the majority of the population and fantasize that they can continue in their current mode, but, change is coming and it will not be gentle. Unfortunately we will all catch cold when this happens.

  31. Perhaps it is called political because it originates from outside the family, local communities and trade (like shopkeepers) and is detached from human interaction.

    It is only ‘correct’ in the eyes of the politically active, and only those with the ‘correct’ thoughts.

    To me, it is the impersonal aspect that is most annoying, because feedback is not allowed – they are delegated, and only because they can’t (or not allowed to) think for themselves. In other words, it’s authoritarian.

  32. Colonel Mustard – 12:01

    It is like peeling the never ending onion 🙁

  33. For those not paying to get behind the Murdoch paywall-

    “One of Lee Rigby’s killers is a “charismatic” prisoner who has persuaded other inmates to convert to Islam, the High Court heard.

    Michael Adebolajo is said to be revered by other prisoners at the jail where he is serving his whole-life sentence.

    The influence wielded by Adebolajo, 31, was revealed during a preliminary court hearing on a compensation claim he is making against the Ministry of Justice.

    Yesterday in the High Court, Mr Justice Langstaff said that Adebolajo “forms relationships easily” and has “a large group of people” looking up to him in prison.

    Lawyers for the Ministry of Justice said Abedolajo’s influence inside jail was so significant that prison officers giving evidence at any trial could be in danger if their names emerged.

    The judge said: “He is charismatic. There is intelligence suggesting that he has had some influence on the conversion to Islam of some individuals.”

  34. Adebolajo. Why is he allowed to sue the prison service? why is he pampered and allowed to spread his poison. If there was any justice he would be banged up in solitary an given a bloody good hiding on a weekly basis.

  35. The constant gusher of self-praise from the politicians and police of Manhattan emanating from my screens various today would be both nauseating and risible if were possible to belly-laugh and puke simultaneously (I’m beginning to get the hang of it and may well develop it into an art form if they continue with this PR bullshit).

    They should all be chained together by their bollocks and locked into a confined space, then subjected to a perpetual video of Mark Steyn reading his post of today on the “jihad-on-the-path”. Accompanied by rhythmic jerks on the chain. I will vounteer to punctuate this punishment by hitting each one over the head with a copy of the Qu’ran, shouting ” Don’t waste your time investigating whether there is any connection between this attack and all the other ‘random’ attacks – seek no more! This is the missing link!”

    And why didn’t the cop shoot the Mohammedan cunt between the ears rather than in the leg? Piss poor shot, Ossifer! The streets of every Western City are now the battlefied in this war and the last thing we need are more prisoners to be cossetted at public expense and ‘defended’ by fat shysters who grow ever richer in this ‘war’, which the West is not only losing, but in which we are funding the enemy. Civilisational suicide is in progress as the corrupt politicians (tautology) and the police heap paeons of praise upon themselves. Get-a-grip, you deluded arseholes!

  36. Meanwhile a titter ran though the Houses of Parliament in a festival of flashing and groping amid the retrospective resentment of vociferous vaginas, who never manged to get it on with any old roué or dyke capable of advancing their careers to cabinet level. And we wonder why Western Civilisation is wanking itself into the wilderness?
    The political class should plagiarise and paraphrase the epitaph of Sir Christopher Wren, as they wither into the wasteland that was once a glorious empire:

    “Reader, if you seek our memorial, look around you!”

  37. Mr. Boot expresses similar sentiments, in somewhat more refined prose:

  38. @stephen maybery 1st – 15:50

    “banged up in solitary an given a bloody good hiding on a weekly basis”

    Nah, don’t you think sharing a cell with a 20 stone gay lifer would be better? Then the banging might be on a daily basis. 🙂

  39. Fallon fucked! What’s the betting a vociferous vagina replaces him? The March of the Amazon’s continues apace.What a wanker! Our lives in their sweaty, wandering hands.

  40. Hands, knees and boomps-a-daisy
    I like a bustle that bends.
    Hands, knees and boomps-a-daisy,
    What is a boomp between friends?


    Less the Palace of Westminster, more the Palace of Varieties?

  41. Spectator Parliamentarian of the Year : Ruth Davidson .
    Comment upon same :

  42. Yall still there.
    My aunt from Britain is visiting with us just now. She tells me your Brexit is not going well and that you will end up staying in Europe. Where is that Churchillian backbone?
    Meanwhile Europe is exporting drive along terrorism to our pristine nation.
    Some dude by the name of Sayfullo Saipov who looks like Bin Laden has been mowing down our citizens with his truck. And yet still courts are trying to stop Donald preventing letting these dudes in. We live in a crazy world where we vote in a good man to the Oval Office and then stop him doing his job.
    Love to Andy…

  43. Men pursue attractive women (and in the case of John Major not so attractive women).

    And in other news it is confirmed that bears shit in the woods.

    (This equal but vulnerable shite is getting tedious now)

  44. NBC News : ” Muslim Americans Again Brace for Backlash After New York Attacks ” .

    Steyn comments on Fox News ( 4 mins ) .

  45. Frank P November 1st, 2017 – 23:06

    In the comments:-

    “self-righteous blabbocrats”

    Priceless and worth stealing. That is precisely what they are. After every attack their blabbing is predictably self-righteous and they live protected by armed men in the rarified and privileged atmosphere of not having to put up with the consequences of their idiotic decisions and pronouncements.

  46. RadordNG (07:18)

    What did you expectfrom the Newspectatesman? The Scotia Nostra strikes again. She must have a clitoris like a sporran.

  47. Gavin Williamson – social sciences degree from Bradford and a spouse who was a primary school teacher. That’s all ya need to know. The Long March quickens. Ex-Chief Whip. An unfortunate title given the current frenzy of ‘sexual sandal’ pervading the Palace of Varieties. Ah well! At least he’s not ginger.

  48. Colonel Mustard (08:01)


  49. As an Englishman I have never felt so alienated and “un-integrated” in my own country by the current British establishment which seems to be over populated with cretins and cowards.

    Quick, better give me a council house and benefits so I can feel more at home here and avoid being radicalised.

    That’s the plan isn’t it?

  50. Treason by a trio of old tossers:

    [AB’s most recent post].


    “REFUSE FASCISM”, A GROUP FUNDED BY SOROS, has taken a full page advertisement in the New York Times announcing that it will initiate its move to overthrow President Trump on November 4th.

    The introduction to and excerpts from the interview with ZACK, a former military person beginning at about 31:45 minutes into this 1st Hour of Alex Jones’s Wednesday show, IS linked at:


    It’s far too long.

  53. Don’t read this either!

    It’s got far too much news in it

  54. As the UK indigenous reproductive rate is now about 1.4, as opposed to the 2.1 necessary to maintain it’s percentage of the fast growing UK population, the present attack of post Cromwellian puritanism may be considered as merely the latest front being opened in the sustained assault on western civilisation; from contraception, abortion, denial of medical care to the ageing and infirm to the soon to be adoption of full-blown euthanasia on the Dutch model.
    Such puritanism does not of course address the sexual libidoes of racist muslim sex gangs or the vibrant propensity for clitoridectomy. And
    At least though, it’s not just men who are sex pests, women also pursue and abuse men.

  55. Baron 1st November, 09.15

    I had considered the article more in terms of the Groping Party’s leadership options than the EU. You may enjoy the following on the operating objectives of the Fourth Reich.

    (Own report) – Following last week’s EU summit, the Anglo-Saxon media has been debating the uncertainty of Berlin’s attitude toward Brexit. The hitherto widely held opinion that, in view of the massive German business interests in the country, Chancellor Angela Merkel would offer the United Kingdom a good deal, is giving way to a new skepticism. Commentators no longer rule out that Berlin would prefer a “hard” Brexit to lure significant segments of the export and finance industries, now located in Great Britain, to the European mainland. German media is fueling this fear. British fears of a mass exodus, particularly of the London financial branch, are the “biggest point of leverage” Germany has to be able to impose its demands during the negotiations. German demands include the payment of up to 90 billion euros for the Brexit.


  56. Now before you think what a useless scumbag he is just consider how his actions create work for others.
    Police, detectives, lawyers, Solictors, court staff, probation officers, jailers, rehabilitation staff, journalists, insurance salesmen, insurance claims staff, auditors,
    And I’m sure you can think of more.
    On his own he is a job creating enterprise.

  57. * Vietnam-born serial conman claimed his wife and son had died in the disaster
    * He went on TV and met Prince Charles during his two-week scam to get money
    * The 52-year-old was caught after giving a number of different flat numbers
    * Conman, who has 56 previous convictions, faces jail after he admitted fraud
    A conman who said his family died in the Grenfell Tower blaze so he could pocket thousands from a fund for real victims faces jail after he admitted it was all a lie.Nguyen was born in Vietnam, has been in the UK since the 1980s, is a British citizen and has 17 aliases.
    He has 28 previous convictions for 56 offences spanning more than 30 years, including theft, dishonest offences, arson and grievous bodily harm

  58. Noa November 2nd, 2017 – 16:00

    There might be a silver lining to that cloud if the bulk of city shark operated corporate financial services move to Germany and take their government relentless “growth” and rampant over population policies with them. Might be good for the housing market and all sorts of other areas if things slowed down and were not being driven by corporate bean counters and their cabinet puppets.

    A job crisis and some debt reality for government might see all the foreign “investors”, asset strippers and assorted freeloaders bugger off too. A hefty dose of inflation, whilst short term misery, might force the divorce of government from their corporate finance debt-seeding partners in crime, because we all know what politicians mean when they say the word “businesses”. They ain’t referring to Jones aquarium shop up the alley off the high street.

  59. John birch – 16:40

    That was almost the exact raison d’être offered by one James Bolivar diGriz.
    AKA “Slippery Jim diGriz,” AKA “The Stainless Steel Rat” by Harry Harrison

    Private enterprise and public service combined! 🙂
    The stories written in the 60s were set in a future where those in charge were more crooked than the ODCs. A preposterous notion, could never happen, eh what…

    NB. “Slippery Jim” primarily because he never got caught.

  60. @17:25

    Not exactly high brow, but highly entertaining.

  61. Appropriately enough, Fallon fell on his sword.
    His departure is no loss for the Armed forces; under his period in office maladministration in the Ministry and the long term catastrophic decline in military efficiency and services morale has continued, mirroring his own effective castration.
    The most signal capitulation of his abject tenure has been his abandonment of OAP ex-servicemen to prosecution by the Nationalist long marchers in the NI CPS.
    Who are the greater hypocrites? The Tory party or the Socialists?
    Corbyn, at least, makes no bones about his loyalties to International Socialism, whilst the former mindlessly and frantically adopt the ‘me too’ policies of the social justiciers in a frantic bid to cling to the perks and prerequisites of power at any price, having long foregone the reality of exercising it responsibly.

  62. “Fallon fell on his sword.”

    Better falling on his own sword than being stabbed from behind with a dagger, pork or otherwise.

    Do you really think he’s that unhappy to be out of this apology for a government though? A shit leaving the sinking rats?

  63. Somerset authorities missed 14 chances to stop child abuse

  64. stephen maybery
    November 1st, 2017 – 15:50

    My question is why is he still alive.

  65. One touched the knee of a journalist fifteen years ago, and before you know it (well, fifteen years have passed before he admitted to it), and one’s forced to resign.

    The man, like almost anyone we know about in the top Tory ranks, has been a disaster, but his resigning elevates him above the others. How many of the big beats have ever resigned from this or any other Government before? One would have to go well back into the last century to find a big hitter to quit.

  66. John birch. @ November 2nd, 2017 – 16:40

    That’s a good one, John. In a TV interview on Sky (before he got collared) he was helped by his accent, one could hardly figure what he was talking about, and he talked alot, which was probably his biggest mistake.

    But why send him down at the taxpayers’ expense? He should be kicked out, pronto.

  67. Noa @ November 2nd, 2017 – 16:00

    No doubt the Germans would like to take over Britain’s place in the financial services, Noa, they mounted a campaign after the 2008 financial meltdown, it didn’t work. The nature of the beast of the City is such that it suits the Anglo-Saxon way of thinking, not theirs.

    The key to all this is the lucrative size of the UK domestic demand, cars including. The Germans may indeed move some of their UK manufacturing back to Germany, may even try to lure bits of the banking and insurance sector, too, but then they would have to live with our cutting them off exporting the stuff to us.

    It’s a delicate balancing act, but would the Mutti risk seeing their sales to us going down the drain? Unlikely, Baron reckons.

  68. Noa @ November 2nd, 2017 – 15:18

    An enjoyable piece of sensible content, too, Noa, except for the bit where she says:

    “We are now approaching a decidedly post-scamp age. Flirting, from a compliment in the lift, to a sly wink at an office party, are as over and gone as the elderly Colonel who turned up at my primary school every week to let us pet his dog.”

    The colonel’s visits are gone not because the temptation’s not there, it’s the Colonel’s who’s missing. More to the point, the scamp will re-emerge again (if it got suspended temporarily, which Baron doubts), men and women will continue to behave as they’ve always done, it’s in the nature of us to couple up, the sexual urge is one of the things that makes life worth living, no?

  69. Malfleur @ November 2nd, 2017 – 14:59

    But it IS long, Malfleur, it would take someone the whole night to read through the lot.

  70. Frank P @ November 2nd, 2017 – 13:21

    He’s right castigating the three musketeers, the trip was out of order, they may have passed over information that could help the EU boffins in the negotiations, probably did, but Mr. Boot overdoes it when he says that “our politicians are colluding with foreigners who wish to do us harm”.

    What harm would that be? Do they want to poison us, nuke us, deprive us of something, what?

    The Brussels apparatchiks are one side of a divorce proceedings, they want the best deal for the remaining 27, that’s their job. Ours is just the opposite. But to argue they want to harm us (without specifying how) is going beyond the reasonable.

    As the barbarian said @ 22:13 harming us would in turn harm the EU, we’re a market of close to 70mn people, the EU members, notably Germany, have been selling to us alot of the countries make, any deal that would be detrimental to us will be, one hopes, rejected, and if that happens the EU exports to us, notably those of Germany, will suffer. Is that in anyone’s interest? Hmmm

  71. Colonel Mustard @ November 2nd, 2017 – 12:52

    Spot on, Colonel.

    The idea of giving those returning from the killing fields in the ME council houses is another failure of judgment on part of the saintly One. Who the hell advises her? How does she think it will be perceived by the indigenous burghers who may have been on the waiting list for years, how will it be perceived by the rest of the country?


  72. Radford NG @ November 2nd, 2017 – 07:53

    The great Mark is unbeatable with his one-liners, Radford, isn’t he? (even if he pinches some of them from other sources, giving them a wider coverage).

    He should be careful, the ROP nutters may have a go at him.

  73. Critical Theory explained, then Political Correctness at around 9 minutes:
    Bill Whittle: How the Critical Theory Ruined a Generation
    (12 min clip)

  74. Another Jordan Peterson clip, but follows on well from Bill Whittle’s clip:
    Jordan Peterson – We Need To Stop Postmodernism Now!

  75. Baron – 23:07

    “What harm would that be? Do they want to poison us, nuke us, deprive us of something, what?”

    1) Money & Assets
    2) Sovereignty

    Walk away from the EU, deal with sovereign nations.
    Deal with the organ grinder, not the monkey!

  76. Baron – 23:20

    Re: Tucker Carlson-Mark Steyn slot

    Mark was not ‘arf inchin’ but quoting with full attribution!

  77. Frank P – 11:18

    RU talkin’ about the size or the taste?

  78. Colonel Mustard – 07:53

    A moot point as to to which one was the predator.
    There are more female sexual predators in the workplace/lecture theatre etc. than the VV brigade would ever admit to.

    File under: Greasy pole, Second Wives Club etc.

  79. Baron (23:07)

    Once again m’Lud, you avoid the real issue – the sovereignty of the British people, in particular the English people (the Celtic fringe seem to be only too happy to relinquish their sovereignty so fuck ’em!). That has been pissed down the drain for half a century by our treasonous elected representatives, who have feathered their own nests with the corrupt proceeds of an unelected oligarchy of kleptocrats and availed themselves of the sinecures that await them as reward for their treachery. Ken Clarke is the epitome of that ilk. Adonis and Cleggover? Grrrrr.

    And anything that is actively perpetrated that is desiged to thwart the referendum result does dire damage to this nation. The nation that you chose to live in; the nation that I was born in. That may account for your definition and my definition of ‘damage’ not jigging. Once again … the old cliche, “the eye of the beholder”.

    We are being outwitted by the cunning continental cunts and let down by the ineptitude of our own crass conservative cunts at the negotiating table. And all the while the crooks like Clarke and Heseltine and the ideologues like Clegg and Adonis are selling the English subjects down the river!

    Hard Brexit now! No more blackmail! Not a penny more! Business will quickly adapt. Notwithstanding the current occupants of the Westminster gasworks – the biggest bunch of wets, wankers and right-on wimmin ever to float to the surface of the swamp, I still value the primacy of HM Government over the bastard Brussels behemoth – the EUSSR.

    Then there’s the jihad … ?

    Your predeliction for commie kleptocracies amazes me, given your historical narrative. You live in Suffok man. You cite the ‘healthy core of Englishness’ It once existed m’Lud. It no longer does. A polluted mush has replaced it. It is maggot ridden, sadly.

  80. All clowning aside, let it not be said that our policing community is afraid to show its teeth.

  81. EC (23:54)

    While I was attempting to address Baron’s perceived lack of ‘damage’ with my rather prolix response, you addressed it much more more succinctly, as is your wont. Kudos for that and thde last line of your (19:04). A pun/juxtaposition of distinction. 🙂 🙂 Frank Muir would have been jealous.

  82. Noa (01:01)

    I’ve fyled that. Thank you.

  83. EC @ November 2nd, 2017 – 23:54

    Money, assets?

    We’ve been through this, EC, the money covers that part of the commitments we’ve subscribed to when we were a part of the club, e.g. pension of UK citizens working for the bureaucracy. The barbarian knows of no specific assets, but there must be some e.g. buildings owned by the EU as a legal entity, we should share, it should be within the powers of the teams on both sides to figure how to split them.

    Sovereignty? How could they harm our sovereignty if we regain control of our borders, place lawmaking within the House, free our legal system of the codified nonsense brought in mostly by the ghastly Blair.

    If one were to follow your (and the omni-all one’s) logic than it would be that every party we ever negotiate with is ‘trying to do us harm.’ That’s nonsense. In every case of in which one wants something one has to offer something in return, it’s called a compromise, that’s what one does if a conflict exists, and not only between states.

  84. EC @ November 3rd, 2017 – 00:03

    True, he indeed gave full attribution, EC, but it was someone else’s quote, that’s what Baron meant. It in no way diminishes his own contribution to the bank of one-liners, it enhances it because he’s not afraid to give due where ….

  85. Frank P @ November 3rd, 2017 – 00:48

    What a lament, Frank.

    Nothing much to disagree with in the first paragraph, but that’s the past, or rather will be when we close the door on the club.

    As for the rest, in a free world one cannot prevent people arguing for whatever they choose. One can counter-argue, be critical, mobilise the masses against one’s opponents, but shut them up? It would be what they’re trying to do to us? And we don’t like it because it’s wrong.

    Mr. Boot’s piece’s fine with the poorly educated Slav except for the bit where he accuses the EU of trying ‘to do us harm’. That’s too strong a statement for the barbarian, even his gut feeling says so.

    If we believe our course’s the right one, (as Baron believes it is), we should win (as the result of the referendum proved).

  86. And this.

    Nope, the ‘healthy core’ does exists, Frank, the barbarian meets it daily, it may be impotent, maligned, ignored except for the rare occasions when it has a chance to talk e.g. the referendum. That’s what the man of Suffolk says, and believes it.

  87. Noa @ November 3rd, 2017 – 01:01

    That’s a part of the same parcel that says on police cars ‘we protect and serve’.

    Has anyone ever come across a police force that did the opposite?

  88. Baron

    The position on the potential apportionment of EU assets is detailed in and summarised at paragraph 80 of the following document.

  89. “And a Cabinet ally of Sir Michael fumed: ‘He made mistakes in the past but what the f*** does Leadsom think she is doing? We’re supposed to be a team. Does she want to bring down the whole f***ing Government?’ ”

    I guess this is the end. After all Ms Leadsome is a mother who must be respected.

  90. Miss, miss that nasty Michael is saying horrible things to me again.
    Is he Andrea, do stop crying , now be a good girl and tell me what he said.
    Sob sob, he said he’d got somewhere to warm my cold hands up. Sob sob.
    Michael did you say that to Andrea, tell the truth now.
    Shuffle shuffle, no I didn’t miss,
    Yes you did, yes you did,
    Now Michael, you have said things to Andrea before haven’t you. And you know that if you did it again you’re parents will be told.
    What have you got to say for yourself.
    It wasn’t me miss.
    Tell me the truth Michael.
    It was the big boys told me to say it miss,
    Right, so you did say it, please stop crying Andrea.
    Your parents are getting a letter from me tomorrow, now both of you go back to the playground and try to play nicely together.
    I want a word with you in my office later Michael.

  91. Brilliant John.
    Here’s hoping that Ms Leadsom will feel the wrath of Saint Theresa.

  92. Australia: “You don’t have to be Magyar to work here, but it helps…”

    The Master! 🙂

    Norman Tebbitt had the solution for this. All the PTB have to do is ask Senator Parry which team he’ll be supporting in the upcoming Ashes test match series.

  93. Baron – 01:25

    “If one were to follow your (and the omni-all one’s) logic than it would be that every party we ever negotiate with is ‘trying to do us harm.’ ”


    Negotiations are different to Agreements. An “Agreement” implies an amicable arrangement, mutually beneficial to both parties, whereas A “Negotiation” implies that there’s a dispute, the resolution of which has the potential for one side getting badly screwed.

    Your want evidence of harm?
    The sick thing is that the EU is using UK money to bankroll this!

    There are many such lists like this, but not in the MSM…

    OTOH you might still resolutely maintain that smoking doesn’t cause lung cancer and other respiratory problems….

  94. Noa, November 1st, 2017 – 07:32,

    The muscular Rev Peter is ‘avin’ a larf ain’t he?

    The Moggster, a worthy Crown Prince though he is, is an RC and therefore debarred from ever being PM. Or have they changed the law?

  95. Apologies if anyone has linked this before…

    Jacob Rees-Mogg interrogating David Davis on Brexit terms.

    The contrast between the two men couldn’t be starker.

    JRM goes into Trey Gowdy mode and David Davis goes into full waffle & bullshit mode at 6min30sec.

    Davis in charge of Brexit? Cue Sir Dickie!

  96. EC

    Isn’t the ‘clue’ in the title, with the reference to a stalking horse? 😉

  97. Noa – 10:28

    Yes, obviously, but to invoke the Rev…

    “Winston Churchill came to the rescue in 1940. Might Jacob Rees-Mogg be our saviour today?

    Let us pray…”

    As for the Rev’s final exhortation, to paraphrase an old friend, “I think I’d prefer something a little more reliable than” er… that.

  98. EC (10:06)

    Brillo underlined it with this:

    Even Sir Dickie would have to beef up his famous lament with a few more fucking fucks to encompass that travesty. You can also add a Littlejohn YCMIU, to which I will add FMOBB!!

    As we have said from Day One – they will never let it happen – and as the Colonel points out, if they cobble up a pretend Brexit, we wont be able to discern he difference between the status quo ante and and a Britain ‘departed’.

    IMHO Britain departed many years ago – funereally – RIP.

    With a handful of ‘healthy English applecores’ thrown onto its coffin by a hypocritical pseudo-mourners from HM Brittanic Government, as a gesture, before the shit of five or six decades was piled on top and rammed down with the steam hammer of complex ‘legislation’ cobbled up in the crypts of the corridors of power.

    Noa’s link @ 01:52 delineates our chances of ever escaping from he clutches of these machiavellian bastards (on both ides of The Channel), viz: zero.

  99. For those here who are keeping up to speed with the news stateside…

  100. Baron

    You’re like a man who walks into a library and complains that there are too many books.

  101. EC

    Personally, having seen May’s snigger when JRM was mentioned as a possible Cabinet member, and as he has been passed over for a position in the Fallon debacle and subsequent re-organisation, my view is that he has as much chance of rising in either the government or the Groping party as the yeast in an athlete’s foot.
    And as well as the orifice of PM his catholicism will also debar him from being Queen. More grief for the Rev Pete.

  102. Not a bad slicing of Trumpism, in fact, one fully endorsed by the barbarian:

  103. Noa – 15:22

    Mrs May is part of the problem, not the solution.

    Now that Michael has Fallon on hard times, so to speak, however is the poor chap going to rub by on his basic MP’s salary of £74,962 plus expenses? You’d think that, at the very least, the unfortunate featured Leadsome would organise a whip round? Mind you, he’s been an MP since 1983 so should he retire from the lowly paid and thankless pursuit of public service at the next election then he’ll be due a massive pension, even without all his ministerial enhancements.

  104. Noa @ November 3rd, 2017 – 01:52

    A long document ala Malfleur offerings, Noa, the barbarian has scanned the lot, it’s complex, the best way would be to defer the working out of the final financial settlement of the divorce to a group of experts from the fields in which most of the assets cum liabilities are based chaired by a judge with the provisor that if their final offer (to both parties) is contested it should be in a court of a country on which both parties agree.

    Since this may take some time, the issue should not be a barrier to working out the future relationship between the EU and us beforehand.

  105. Marshal Roberts @ November 3rd, 2017 – 06:12

    She was the one complaining to the Whips office, but it was Gavin Williamson, the new Defence Chief, who recommended Fallon should go, Marshall.

    The appointment of Williamson is another blunder by the saintly One. The man may indeed be capable (his first words to the public were superbly well crafted. ‘I am immensely thrilled and excited …’ ), but the challenges he faces may be beyond him, he has to find money to fill the gap in the Defence Budget (some 30bn), when the bean counter at the Treasury is not at all keen on him. If he fails to get the additional funding he’ll have to cut the military personnel below the Manifest’s number of 82,000. Criminal that.

  106. Baron

    As EC pointed it the position is best summed up by JRM in the debate with Davis on the subject HoL paper, noting that we pay nowt if we don’t reach an agreement.
    As the EU don’t recognise any UK rights in EU assets we can be no worse off.

  107. EC @ November 3rd, 2017 – 09:32

    Only two short points, EC.

    Doesn’t a negotiation precede an agreement?

    The examples quoted are what has happened when we were a member of the club. One wonders whether some of the (say) relocations of plants wouldn’t have happened without the EU loans or other financial assistance. The driver was the lower labor costs, not the money from the EU. And globalisation, as we’ve debated before, has its roots in technological progress (containerisation and all that), which wasn’t politically motivated.

  108. Noa @ November 3rd, 2017 – 16:25

    That’s a valid, and also very powerful point, Noa, but one shouldn’t write off Europe as a trading area, we do trade with the Old Continent, will want to continue, why antagonise it?

    The barbarian still maintains that a settlement beneficial to both parties is the best way for the future for both. We are against the sclerotic EU, not Europe per se.

  109. EC @ November 3rd, 2017 – 10:06

    The barbarian respectfully disagrees with your reading of the two men’s sparring, EC. DD cannot say too much, he’s negotiating, he cannot reveal everything, in fact, Baron suspects he may even say things that are not what he thinks, or what we’re likely to say or do. Moggy, on the other hand, is free to probe at will.

    The most important aspect is that we must try to avoid (the Mutti, if she’s pragmatic, must do the same) is to create a hostile environment, that would be the worst possible outcome, something akin to what’s going on between Russia and Ukraine. A pitiful squabbling would then emerge, kill in part the economic potential of the EU (whatever that may be), but also ours.

    We may not be buddies after we shut the door, should not be buddies with the Brussels apparatchiks, but we want to be trading with the area, as we’ve done before Brexit (and the same goes for them).

  110. Malfleur @ November 3rd, 2017 – 13:39

    Nope, Malfleur, it’s more like a man goes into a library complains that the librarian wants him to read all the books in it, no?

  111. Baron,
    You mentioned another blunder by the saintly one. There have been nothing but blunders from that source, she is completely out of her deapth, where have we seen her like? Kerenski ring any bells?

  112. Baron 16.32

    “We are against the sclerotic EU, not Europe per se.”

    Yet the EU is negotiating on behalf of its member states, all of whom (but most importantly Germany) must agree to the agreements reached.
    If agreement cannot be reached the default is to WTO rules and tariffs, given the RU/Uk trade imbalance and a continuing fall in Sterling this operates significantly in our favour.
    The question we should continually ask ourselves is, are the negotiations of benefit to anyone other than the host of politicos and FCO employees who need them to justify their very existence?

  113. Don’t suppose “Once more with feeling” is a phrase that will repeated in the corridors of Westminster much in the immediate future.

  114. Noa (17:01)

    Exactly! Baron spent too long compromising with Commie apparatchiks in his previous life. Give a lot, take a little. Why he’s still mid-wiving on their behalf is a mystery to me. We want to be be friends with European nations, their citizens and their traders. The politicians should go fuck themselves, we have enough of that ilk already. And after DD’s deplorable showing under a few pointed questions from JRM, how can anybody perceive him as the right man to extract us from the extortionate scam that is the EU. And ploughing through your link I stand by my analysis/rant at 11:33. The apologists for Junk and Barnyard (poor men are representing 27 nations, Davis only 1) better wake up. No deal is better than their carve up; they are working on behalf of their continuing scam, which they know could well come a tumble if we ever manage to get out from under and others follow our example.

    The EUSSR delenda est!

  115. The BBC are still flogging commemoration of the bloody October Revolution even though it is now November. It has been pretty relentless on Radio 3 and was on DP today where the ghastly female guest gave a perfect demonstration of the “intentions matter more than consequences” tripe that they use to try to distance their inherent Marxist/Soviet romanticism from monsters like Stalin and all the ghastly, repressive mechanisms of the Soviet Union.

    For once JoCo was pretty balanced about it and gave her a bit of a hard time, demanding but not getting any answer as to when a Marxist regime had ever worked.

    They also had some obese British communist horror speaking from a commemoration in Russia (probably a comrade of you-know-who) but he was cut off before we had to endure the full disgusting and tasteless endorsement of the “Marxist revolution” from him. Apparently having a flat and a job negated the prospect of being banged up in a gulag or shot in the back of the head for saying the wrong things.

  116. Baron November 3rd, 2017 – 16:55

    More like a man goes into a library and is accosted by a gobby librarian who thrusts upon him a book with an introduction which is 200 pages long.

  117. Baron/Malfleur/Colonel Mustard

    A man can still find a library that’s open and has any books to lend?

  118. Baron (15:57)

    Great essay from PJB. Thanks.

  119. EC 16.04

    May is part of the problem not the solution…

    We are in clear agreement on that!

  120. Taking a look at Buchanan’s website, he’s a library unto himself. 🙂

  121. 1729
    Because it was pretty much the most important event of the 20th century.

    It conditioned most of world history from 1917 to 1989. In giving the world Stalin, it gave a leader who could galvanise his nation to defeat the evil of the Third Reich and in so doing put a nail in the coffin of fascism.
    The events of 1917 dragged the hapless Russian people out of serfdom. Yes there were problems but the majority of the population were happier than they are now in their unequal mafia state.

  122. On the subject of odious anniversaries let us remember Luther’s contribution to the rise of communism and Islam- the latter comprehensively covered in the Raymond Ibrahim article below.
    Luther’s align legacy continues to live on. As EC noted earlier a Roman Catholic cannot be Prime Minister. However a muslim can and, if the Left has its way, will achieve this objective and symbol of the defeat of Christendom, within thirty years.

    As EC noted previously a Roman Catholicinferred

  123. 1850

    Stalin and Hitler, communist and national socialist; the two cheeks of the Devil’s arse.

    And still excreting the same bloody turds.

  124. What did I just read in Telegraph on line.

    Login Register Subscribe
    The Telegraph
    Telegraph Science
    Sex robots on way for elderly and lonely…but pleasure-bots have a dark side, warn experts

    Gemma Chan plays a robot in Humans CREDIT: CHANNEL 4

    Sarah Knapton, science editor
    5 JULY 2017 • 12:01AM
    Sex robots could soon be used to keep the elderly company in care homes and help couples enjoy long distances sexual relationships, the Foundation for Responsible Robotics (FRR) has said.

    There are currently four manufacturers making life-like robotic dolls worldwide, but experts predict that in coming decades they could become widespread, used not just as a fetish, but for sexual therapy and as companions for lonely, disabled or older people.

    Engineer-inventor Douglas Hines adjusts the head of his company’s “True Companion” sex robot, Roxxxy
    Engineer-inventor Douglas Hines adjusts the head of his company’s “True Companion” sex robot, Roxxxy CREDIT: AFP/GETTY IMAGES
    Noel Sharkey, Emeritus Professor of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence at the University of Sheffield, and co-founder of the FRR, said it was time for the government and the public to decide whether to regulate pleasure-bots.

    “I can tell you that robots are certainly coming,” he said at the launch of the new consultation report in central London.

    “The concern is that this is going on nobody is talking about it. People snigger about them, but they are actually shipping quite a lot and we are going to see them a lot more.

    “They are being proposed for the elderly in care homes, which I think is controversial. If you have severe Alzheimer’s you can’t really tell the difference.

    “We need to think about as a society what we want to do about it.”

    Imagine treating racism by letting a bigot abuse a brown robot. Would that work? Probably not
    Patrick Lin, Philosophy professor and robot ethicist
    The report found that up to two thirds of men and about 30 per cent of women were in favour of using sex robots, which currently cost between £4,000 and £12,000 and can be customised by sex, height, hair colour, eye colour and even personality.

    Companies are also starting to incorporate artificial intelligence so robots can communicate and respond to human emotions.

    Doll brothels already operate in South Korea, Japan and Spain, while the first robotic oral sex coffee shop opened in Paddington, west London, last year.

    The report said that as robotics, telecommunications and virtual reality merged, sex dolls could be created which was silicon replica of a long-distance partner, so that couples could have virtual sex and even speak to each other through the doll’s mouth.

  125. Robotic oral sex coffee shop.
    How many of you ever expected to read that line.
    Would you like your coffee before, during, or after sir.

  126. And sorry sir the window seats already taken.

  127. “The report found that up to two thirds of men and about 30 per cent of women were in favour of using sex robots”.

    Fine, as part of a structured anti-Weinstein, Hartley-Brewer programme.

  128. Frank P 17.22

    The EU and UKG’s lawyers, delight in legal complexity, as ‘solutionising’ provides unlimited scope for fees.
    Of course the more complicated it all is the more the Remain camp delights in saying its better to stay in than leave.
    We need an Alexander, prepared to wield a sharp sword on the Guardian Knot being used to entangle our EU departure.
    The solution

  129. Baron


    Colonel Mustard

    No – and a curious use of Ozzie slang .


    We had two libraries in my home town: Chelmsford Public and Essex County – King Solomon’s Mines! I hope they’re still there.

  130. Noa @ November 3rd, 2017 – 18:01

    One can find a library here, Noa, but often they say one cannot have the book (they don’t have it), or one has to pay, and pay alot.

  131. John birch. @ November 3rd, 2017 – 22:15

    You have to forgive the poorly educated Slav, John, but the sex bots could actually do alot of good for the elderly.

    They could read them a soothing story before they fall asleep (even though this may wear off the batteries in no time). Kiss them if they wake up saying ‘hello dear, have you had a good sleep’, then bonked them to sleep again. But ideally, perform an oral sex on them over and over again (whether they’re awake or not), which cannot fail to dispatch them to the cemetery much much sooner than nature intended.

    As a tool for cleansing the world of the elderly (whilst their frail bodies tremble with pleasure) these sex bots would become indispensable, Baron reckon s .

  132. Frank & Noa:

    Could it be the poorly educated Slav lives in a real world, not in a dream world of what one would like it to be, boys?

    Whether one likes it or not, the Continental Europeans with which we have no quarrel happen to be ruled by a bunch of the current politicians (you and Baron and others despise). That’s a fact. These politicians have power, another fact. After we’ve departed we want to continue selling to the them, buying from them, another fact, right?

    They, the despised politicians of Europe, can do an injury to our people, our politicians (often despised as well) can equally do injury to the good burghers of Europe. Why not allow the politicians (whether dspise or not) on both sides to make a deal that could reduce this potential damage?

    Is there any harmin trying? Hmmm

  133. Shorter and better answer for Frank and Noa:

    One cannot be friends with the Europe of ordinary people bypassing the clowns who govern them, In a real world it ain;t doable.

  134. It depends where one stands, David.

    For some, the October 1917 putsch was the most dreadful event of the 20th century, it was the implosion of this most brutal dictatorship man has ever known that should be celebrated as the most important event.

  135. “They, the despised politicians of Europe, can do an injury to our people, our politicians (often despised as well) can equally do injury to the good burghers of Europe. Why not allow the politicians (whether dspise or not) on both sides to make a deal that could reduce this potential damage?”

    You mean, let the incompetent lead the incompetent. I am heartened by what is happening in Poland, in Czecho, in Hungary and just perhaps Spain. Continued false moves by Merkel and Juncker could change the map and reality as much as 1919.

  136. I have great hopes for Andrej Babis who understands history.

    “A crisis of feudalism and the fiscal interests of the state led to the Enlightment reforms of Maria Theresa and Joseph II in the second half of the 18th century. The reforms brought some positive results as Bohemia and the margravate of Moravia each became an independent part of the Habsburg Monarchy. There were some negative results however. The reforms contributed to the centralization of power and to Germanization, which proved to be a serious threat to the identity of the Slavic nationalities of the empire.”

  137. William F. Jasper, editor of The New American, analyses the revolutionary communist left in the USA and it current programme. This is about 30 minutes of the 2nd hour of Friday’s Alex Jones Show, so it may be a bit long for some on the Wall for whom I always have a care. I will try to find a suitable commercial as substitute:

  138. Baron – 06:00

    Ye Gods! Death, euthansied, by tool cleansing tool?

    Did you wake up with a stiffy today, Baron?
    Time for your tablets washed down with some comforting tea with bromides & flourides to counteract those opioids!

  139. Malfleur – 07:37

    Ah, the age of innocence before Cyril Smith, Greville Janner, Jimmy Savile et al

    But it was a gateway to raunchier sounding products and jingles…

  140. Baron – 06:00

    “They could read them a soothing story before they fall asleep”

    No need for that on the CHW, Baron, as here we get to read yours, for FREE.
    🙂 🙂 🙂

    Only joking! You really must think that we are SO ungrateful, but it’s only a manifestation of our Healthy Core Englishness – Skeptic Node which is borne of centuries of exposure to the dissembling dastards that have ruled over us.

  141. EC – HCE-SN
    Which is no doubt why Prince William, who had seemed a promising young man, thinks that there are too many of us….

  142. Baron

    Thank for appraising me of my ignorance of the real world. I had thought that twenty years experience of high value Government Defence negotiations in Europe, the United States, South Africa, the Far East and Australasia had given me some insight into the realities of commerce, however I bow to your own knowledge and experience.
    Do you consider though that a man who enunciates the benefits of gerontological robotic oral sex, however whimsically, whilst accusing others of not living in the real world because they point out the impossibility of reaching agreement with European nations whilst negotiating through the gatekeepers in Brussels, is living in the real world?

  143. Marshal Roberts @ November 4th, 2017 – 06:43

    If any of the rebellious lot step out of line too far, they’ll be taught a lesson by Brussels they won’t forget in a hurry, you’ll see.

  144. EC @ 8:37

    Yes, but it could have been just that first ad which set those folks and others in our political class off on the wrong path, like Sailor Heath and some of the royals, .

    As an Ovaltiney my self once, with a George the Sixth haircut just like that, I say
    ‘Drain the Swamp but conserve the meadow.’

    Anything else in England would be a complete horlicks!

  145. Malfleur November 4th, 2017 – 07:34


  146. Malfleur @ November 4th, 2017 – 07:37

    Thank you, Malfleur, that’s the length of clips the barbarian enjoys.

    Btw, for him, it was the first fag that did it, it had to be a Peter Stuyvesant, but boy, did it give him an uplift, Oveltine, eats your heart out.

  147. Malfleur 00.56

    Are you sure?

    If you ever wish to use them it would be best if you check that they are still there, whether they have voluntary or professional staff, when they are open and that they have any quality books in English.
    The pace of closure of central and local libraries has been increasing rapidly due to the ‘Tory Cuts’ and is now on a par with, or even exceeding, the closure of churches.

  148. EC @ November 4th, 2017 – 08:25


    When man appeared (meaning both the males and females of the species, just to spite the PC wankers) there was a notable shortage of disposable nappies and midwifes, and one couldn’t call the NHS ambulance. Nature or He (you choose) had to come up with something that would induce bonking to keep reproducible life going, came up with endowing the higher order species, including ours, with a powerful urge to copulate, a rather cumbersome activity, often embarrassingly unsightly, that leads to a fleeting moment of earth shattering pleasure for those who go for it.

    As Baron keeps pointing out endlessly (and everyone endlessly ignores him), two things are beyond question on sex – we reproduce by it, and we enjoy, relish, savour …. it (possibly more than anything else we’ve indulged in).

    IF you take this rather simple but easily comprehendable tenet of sex, many an important conclusion flows from it e.g. the State ha s FA to do with matters of sex except when something encroaches on the former i.e. the reproductive bit (hence no homo marriages).

    Or, porn or sex bots (which are but a mutation of porn) because it lowers people’s desire to have sex for reproduction. One looks at the perfect bodies in porn movies, the acts they’re capable of, then looks around what’s available in real life (that includes the one who’s looking, too), says ‘yuk’ and goes back to watching porn or bonking a piece of plastic (or rubber?).

    Neither porn nor sexy rubber (or plastic?) dolls of either sex should be banned, of course, but aggressively argued against.

  149. “…Guy Platten, the CEO of the UK Chamber of Shipping has claimed he is concerned that the European Union are not preparing adequately for the implications of Brexit.

    Both the European Union and UK have said that they are preparing for a Brexit no deal if negotiations fall through.

    Speaking exclusively to, Mr Platten called for the EU to do more in case of a “no deal” which would impact country’s economies.

    He said: “That’s one of the concerns we have as a chamber. We do believe that the UK Government gets it, we are still waiting to see yet more clarity, but we know they understand the issue and the problems. “Our concern is, do the governments in the neighbouring member states really appreciate the practical [impacts]. I am a very practical person, so the practical implications of a new deal, so a transition or a no deal, so they need to think about that.

    “If there are going to be queues at Dover, there are going to be queues at Calais, there’s going to be queues at Zeebrugge, there’s going to be disruption there, and that is where it’s going to affect their own local economies.

    “Remember, we actually have more from the EU than we export into the EU, so inevitably there are businesses there who are going to be concerned. So this isn’t just a one-way street. There’s two parties to this.”

  150. EC @ November 4th, 2017 – 08:49

    That’s it, EC, from now on it’s a shilling per piece for you, that should teach you. But stop not the skepticising, it’s healthy, adds some oomph to the debates.

    Btw, where do these yellow faces come from?

    (Have to go, it’s a fish day in the Baron’s family, and someone has to get the fish).

  151. Malfleur November 4th, 2017 – 00:56

    You mean “gobby”? It’s now considered obsolete, except in Castle Mustard, and the etymology is uncertain and disputed. But probably derived from “gob” for mouth, of north-east English origin but gaelic antecedence and not the US slang of “gob” for a sailor.

    In my career I’ve encountered rather more loud mouthed antipodeans than I might have cared for but their slang is, and will remain, a memory rather than a habit. I always found the best of them the rather taciturn but capable of memorable one-liners when provoked. But as is the way with the generations the “digger” has given way to a kind of permed, talkative femi-man, at ease in kitchens fretting over female angst and trysts. Lots of their left seem to have gravitated to London, probably a globalist socialist beacon of possibility now.

  152. Baron@ 10:04

    British and Russian armies occupied Brussels a couple of hundred years ago, and then went quietly home when they had sorted out the chienlit.

  153. Malfleur 10:24

    Google advises that “Chienlit is a traditional French term typically translated as masquerade (French: Mascarade) or carnival/chaos.”

    Well, it does fit the context of the Treaty of Vienna.

    Or did you just mean dog shit? 😉

  154. Libraries in this neck of the woods have become Mumsnet drop-in centres staffed by suspicious lefty women and patronised by other suspicious lefty women with posses of wailing, squawking brats, the business conducted in the same noisy playground atmosphere that now permeates museums.

    Requesting anything other than The Femi-Nazi Guide to the Patriarchy gets suspicious treatment and the feeling that it is all too much trouble for them. Gone are the silent, gloomy, title-intimidating, book-lined avenues of my youth where the only sounds were the occasional disapproved of whisper or squeaky soles on linoleum and the staff were earnest, knowledgeable and eager to please. That lovely, indefinably sharp tang of the Victorian public interior, redolent of damp tweed and stuffed fur and feathers in glass cases, has dissipated forever.

    The high dark wood has been replaced by low honey-coloured scandi furniture of the pre-school type, designed for munchkins, and the floors are carpeted in institutionally coloured public sector pile. The prevailing aroma is 1970s comprehensive school.

  155. Colonel Mustard

    In view of The Roman Centurion’s Song, Castle Mustard will, I suspect, require only metaphorical use of the Ozzie term, at least until a younger generation takes the keys. My researches show:

    An Australian slang term, meaning basically (?) when a bloke is fellated by a sheila.

    Chaps may surely also qualify.

  156. Noa @ 10:32

    It can be read, I believe, as chien lit = dog bed


    chie=en=lit where chier is the verb to shit.

    Our many French readers will correct me if I am wrong.

    Brussels, under Herr Juncker etc, and as the seat so to speak of the EU, would currently qualify for the second appellation.

  157. Robert Mueller is about to have forcefully fed to him the meaning of that maxim of English common law, nemo iudex in causa sua.

  158. Can anyone have any doubt that the Tory Party has a death wish? If May had so much as a chimera of guts she would have told Leadsom to shut up or face deselection, instead she is encouraged to wreak havoc. After this performance the damage is done, but it is we who will have to pick up the pieces and pray that someday soon the fools of Westminster can be prevailed upon to elect a Tory to lead the party. Unfortunately Tories are no longer welcome in the ranks of the hierarchy. PR spives only need apply.
    God, it gets more like ancient Rome by the day, why do they not have done with it and find a leader called Comodus.

  159. Malfleur (12:38)

    Arising from that link:

    When did the Iran Nuclear deal get ratified?

    Infiltration? Taqiyya? No of course not. A fine upstanding Persian/American.

    As for nemo iudex … etc. Sadly English Common Law only applies there when it’s convenient. And Congress is a talking shop for UIs. It seems that Trump and Sessions are having their skeletons-in-closets rattled. How else could Mueller survive?

    There was a jolly mueller once worked in the FBI
    He wheeled and dealt from morn ’til night,
    His dossiers piled high.
    So high the dossiers he piled
    They almost reached the sky.

    He makes JEH look positively naive. And his hatchet face reveals his Machiavellian soul.

  160. EC – 16:04
    stephen maybery – 15:40

    Leadsom has done a blinder! 🙂 🙂

    What, you don’t like it! Yes, it is a pity that we have reached the situation that we have, with the quivering jelly in No 10 unable to rectify the situation. But after all that the Remoaners (and not the Remainers) have done to ‘dysfunctionalise’ their parties, it makes a change to have the shoe on the other foot. 🙂 And what were the alternatives for Leadsom, when she is in a sea of Remainerism this side of the English Channel, and the Continentals not playing cricket?

    I don’t think the Tory Party deserves any loyalty, considering what they have done since Cameron was elected leader, and TM, well, not even elected, and not chosen for positive reasons!

    Brexit is getting closer and closer to war, with the weapons being restricted to words, for the time being, There are many thinking/hoping that it might not happen or that it will be half-hearted. And half-hearted means we will not be sovereign. There have been headlines about the British Armed Forces being involved with the EU army (that Nick Clegg said did not exist), the £4 trillion of each others financial derivatives that Britain and the EU have and the fog covering British sovereignty over its fishing grounds, and we just have this wobbly government to inspire us!

    Westminster politics isn’t just about getting things done, it is about creating the environment and atmosphere to facilitate getting things done. And it isn’t happening, and nature abhors a vacuum.

    In addition, the fact that Leadsom has timed her move to her greatest advantage so her position is protected (which should mean a stronger Brexit presence) highlights the burden that men have had at work, for generations.

    Am I feeling vindictive?

    I am trying not to, though I would have been helped if I could see how Leadsom could have chosen more wisely, and everyone should know that these things always happen at the worst moment, though I would bet that this isn’t yet the worst possible moment.

  161. Malfleur @ November 4th, 2017 – 12:38

    Excellent news, Malfelur, but will it change anything?

    It seems there’s more to the uranium deal that we know about, something rather sinister, some aspect of it that’s worse than the details released so far, hence nobody wants to dig deep.

    It beggars belief that nobody’s interested, everyone shakes it off, the Donald’s Justice Department keeps off it, too, it’s only the Donald who is poking the issue.

  162. stephen maybery @ November 4th, 2017 – 15:40

    Good point, stephen, but perhaps a missed more important one.

    It may well be that the conservative core of the Tory party (the lot around Moggy) has a cunning plan to bring the government of the saintly One down, have the cumryd in no10, he will wreck the country big, alienate the electorate with high taxes, no growth and high inflation thus enabling the conservative core to take over the Tory outfit, rid it of its pink socialist phylum, return to genuine conservative policies, get in at the next election in a landslide.

    There’s no other explanation of the idiotic policies and imbecilic moves the saintly One has been pursuing.

  163. Frank P @ November 4th, 2017 – 16:05

    In part, the Iranian deal may have been a revenge payment from the hon Muslim to Bibi who campaigned openly and massively against him in the 2012 presidential election.

    The Donald has a problem in that he’s very much closer to the Israelis than Obama, wants to boost their standing in the region, but must be aware both that the deal could help turn the Persian society away from the mullahs as well crack on the Israeli meddling in the US foreign and domestic affairs. A hard nut to crack.

  164. RobertRetyred – 16:45

    The result Leadsom’s brief 2016 leadership campaign was that she demonstrated to the world that she was a weak and an incompetent characte. As a result of her #metoo allegations this week in addition to aforementioned she has also demonstrated to the world that she is also petty, disloyal and toxic.

    As for the “quivering quivering jelly in No 10 unable to rectify the situation”?
    I haven’t got enough time right now to list all of her incompetent actions(*) but amongst the top 10 are re-hiring Leadsom, and losing the 2017 GE whilst playing against an open goal!

    YCMIU ! etc.

    A visitor from another planet, after considering the evidence, might be forgiven for drawing the conclusion that TM’s purpose, her raison d’être, was to balls up Brexit!

  165. RobertRetyred @ November 4th, 2017 – 16:45

    That’s politics for you, Robert, it’s dog eat dog, nothing new there.

  166. EC @ November 4th, 2017 – 18:41

    For the sake of Brexit, EC, one would prefer Leadsom, a convinced Brexiter than the saintly One, a quivering jelly or not, no?

  167. Noa @ November 4th, 2017 – 10:02

    This posting of yours, Noa, made Baron’s head spin, the gyrating hasn’t stopped yet (the delay in replying is inexcusable, the barbarian missed it, sorry).

    For the record, nowhere did the poorly edu Slav suggest no-deal Brexit shouldn’t happen, if we cannot get a good deal (one that’s beneficial to both parties) ensuring the three ‘musts’ for our side (the full control of our borders, law making exclusively in the House, the statute books reverting to the Common cum Criminal platforms (which have served this country well for centuries) then lets leave the club without it i.e. without the deal.

    It would, however, be good for us as well as the unwashed of the Old Continent if a deal could be struck. It impossible to tell what no deal could lead to, hidden animosity bordering on revenge, an openly mutual loathing, troubles galore for the common man in travelling, buying stuff from Europe and such.

    The spat between Russia and Ukraine may not be the best analogy to bring to your attention here (two Slav tribes are involved what would one expect), nevertheless it does show how an unnecessary quarrel (that will have to end anyway some day) can fugg up lives of everyone.

    In no way does any of this argument undermines your vast experience from negotiating, to which Baron could do no more than tip his bowler.

  168. Baron – 18:46

    DMAFF! Leadsom didn’t even have what was required to make the jelly wobble. (i.e. beat equivocating May in the leadership election) How the fuck could she have handled Brexit process and the nefarious continental mountebanks appointed by the EU. Those rose tinted spectacles of yours are something else!

  169. EC – 18:41
    Baron – 18:43

    Yes, a relatively weak and an incompetent character has been protected by actions that highlight her weakness of character. At least it may benefit a Brexiter this time, possibly!

    But it isn’t only politics: the threat of it happening occurs in most offices up and down the land. And it is self-perpetuating because those in judgement are themselves held to account, so they need to collect evidence that puts them way beyond reasonable doubt, continually, which pushed the boundaries to ridiculous degrees, continually.

    Remember Leadsom was brought down by the media, and few can survive that. Also, with Theresa May(be) and Amber Rudd(erless) in the mix, it couldn’t happen to a nicer pair of LibDems.

    It’s pop-corn time, though I do wonder how it will encourage the right sort of person into politics.

  170. A comment I have stolen from the conservative woman. I thought it very good considering the madness going on at the moment.

    a day ago
    The current sex pest blame game resembles the Salem Witch Trials….no evidence required, with men condemned on the flimsiest of heresay without trial.

    In an age of sexting; pornhub, abortion on demand and no moral values accompanying our children’s sexual education in school, why are we suddenly judging men by Victorian levels of prudery regarding knee touching or suggestive stares, improper suggestions and innuendo?

    Feminists are all confused it seems. They assert there is no difference between the genders, we are exactly the same; except now we are expected to believe that males are frightening sex predators and females quivering wrecks, being mortally wounded by knee touching? Are the genders the same or not? Are we in 2017 or 1917?

  171. “This Is Not A Witch Hunt”
    … er, says the head of the Westminster coven.

  172. Leadsom was not “brought down by the media” but for the most part by her own weakness and inexperience. She was totally unqualified and not “up to the job.” Not that the victor was much better.
    It was such a bizarre episode one could almost be forgiven for thinking it had been set up. Leadsom got a job out of it.

  173. It seems that our male politicians have retreated to henpecked husband mode in the face of all the strident “women with causes” now in Parliament. Keeping quiet to keep the peace and meekly acquiescing to the increasing demands of “She Who Must Be Obeyed” (SWMBO). I always thought that might happen as the number of “women with causes” began to replace representative MPs whose gender was secondary to their responsibility to constituents. Men simply cannot say “No” to women. It causes too much trouble for them and would destroy the new kitchens industry.

    But Parliament coming to resemble American teen culture with its cliques, gossip and denouncements? We, the little people, can only look on in revulsion as they scramble, push and stab their virtue-signalling way up the greasy pole to the bogus high moral ground.

    Chairman Mao announces a new Code of Conduct and not to be outdone Corbyn’s Harpies demand an “independent” complaints system.

    What an absolute shower.

  174. If you need your prejudices reinforcing check out the group interview of the BBC Today programme hosts in this week’s Radio Times. There are some absolute gems of narrow metropolitan elite arrogance, especially from John Humphrys:-

    Q. “So is the answer to get out into the country?

    A. “I think that’s patronising. The idea that you can’t find people with different values and different views in London, a city of ten million people, is pretty bonkers isn’t it?”

    And he tells a dreary anecdote of Brexit that sounds like a made up leftist myth. Yes, those deplorable white van men who think the NHS will get 350 million. “Hmm” he sneers.

    They all say the story matters more than the politics but all of them reek of the BBC’s brand of bien pensant, London-centric, Labour-leaning, self-satisfied and smug left “liberalism”. They are wholly un-self aware.

  175. EC – 22:23

    If I remember correctly, Leadsom was caught by out by mentioning that she had children, while her opponent did not, in answer to a not very specific question. It was a crass answer, but she hadn’t had the experience of being in front of the cameras and answering general non-policy questions. The media sensed blood and the rest is History. In fact, it shows that she hadn’t the done the preparation partly because everything was such a surprise. And who else can we accuse of that, apart from TM? I would say that CMD was the epitome of that, and that b*stard appears to escape from any blame! And he had a supposedly knowledgeable team around him while the women had little time for such niceties. As has been said: it’s Politics.

    I did write she was a ‘relatively weak and an incompetent character’, and it could be classed as careless moment under media pressure. Yes, not the best moment, but it reminds me of Obama thinking there were 57 states, which was ignored, while Trump’s slight mispronunciation of a Bible verse was a disaster for the nation.

    It is like getting into the first team – and your first kick leads to an opposition goal. Does your manager pull you off and tell you that your career with the club has ended? I suppose it depends if you do it again before you leave the pitch.

    The fact is that she is a Brexiter in a fairly secure position and ought to be considered a plus, even though it does feel like loosing seven one and thinking, at least we got a goal (even if it was an own goal)! 🙂

    Is the bizarre episode this latest incident, or the non-election of the quivering jelly?

    I do think that the Tory Party has sunk beneath the Church of England in functionality, direction and the will to ensure the organisation survives. Where is Corporal Jones when you need him?

  176. Colonel Mustard – 22:58

    They should have changed the VERB!

    It is true that the EU GRABS £350/week, and then returns a portion at a later date.

  177. Robert & EC:

    Could this be the last word on Fallon, and does it change your take on Leadsom, EC?

  178. John birch. @ November 4th, 2017 – 21:10

    The establishment (in the broadest sense) seems to have de-anchored from common sense, and not only on matters of sex.

    People who smack children are pursued as villains, but if a really nasty brute of either gender murders a child (e.g. the gay who is alleged to have killed an adopted child) the sentence is almost always laughable.

    The same goes for sexual mis-behaviour, incidents that in the past got sorted with a drink thrown at the abuser, a slap on the face, kick in the groins get blown up out of all proportions to what actually happened, but rape, a violent rape at that, is again punished lightly.

    The treatment of people cracking jokes about ethnic groups, women, the LGBTPRF (or whatever the initials are currently) leads often to a loss of a job, a broken career, a tarnished reputation. The real racists or haters of gays and woman often escape any punishment because they’re smart to pretend otherwise whilst inflicting a serious harm.

  179. RobertRetyred @ November 4th, 2017 – 23:23

    We need not just Jones, Robert, not even the whole Dad’s Army team would do, we need many battalions of them to get us out of the shite.

    Also, you sure the EU gets from us £350 each week? (Sorry, the barbarian couldn’t resist to show his nasty nature when he should have kept his mouth shut because his misprints put him squarely at the top of the list of clanger producers).

  180. Colonel Mustard @ November 4th, 2017 – 22:42

    Spot on, Colonel, the barbarian will go to sleep with a smile on his face.

  181. EC @ November 4th, 2017 – 21:35

    She should cool down, EC, she’s safe, Baron reckons, just look at her, he, he, he.

  182. Baron – 01:16

    We used to have etiquette, but now the law is used for everything. It means a lower quality of life.

  183. Where is Frank?

    We need a dose of vitriolic cracks, don’t we?

  184. RobertRetyred @ November 5th, 2017 – 01:28

    Absolutely right, Robert.

    Could just a statute (however well meant) change the nature of man? Hmmm

  185. Remember remember the fifth……
    When The Commons goes up in a sexual bonfire.

  186. Liddle at his eloquent best:

    “Lordy, how bad do things have to get in your life when you’re reduced to inviting Andrea Leadsom MP to put her hands down the front of your trousers? It is quite possibly the last thing I would ever do on this earth, maybe after asking Labour’s deputy leader, Tom Watson, if I could please clip his toenails.”

  187. Baron – 01:00

    No, not in any respect. If Leadsom had an attack of the vapours over some crude or unpleasant remarks then HTF is she fit to run the country? (She doesn’t claim Fallon touched her. Well, would you?)

    As for the Jane Merrick woman she should be ashamed of herself. All that was required to set Fallon back on the straight and narrow path back in 2003 was a swift knee or kick in the nuts, a shoe scraped down his shin, or a proportionate strike to his Adam’s Apple. He could hardly have complained to the police that a girl had beaten him up. When did women become such wimps?

    From that same time, the Grauniad don’t seem to be too keen to mention Tracey Temple’s experiences at the hands of John Prescott…

    Wednesday 18 2002. Temple dresses up for an office party in a black dress (“low, button up the back”) and … “as soon as the boss arrived he lifted my dress jokingly to see my stockings”.

    When there’s a lefty or a luvvie involved a different set of rules seem to apply…

    JAN MOIR:” Only vile Prezza could make me feel sorry for Tracy Temple”

  188. Marshal Roberts – 08:40

    Excellent! 🙂

  189. I really like this woman! She’s no retiring wimp or snowflake.

    Mea Culpa

    Much as I have admired Jeanine from afar for many years now, in the light of recent invents I’m afraid I’m going to have to take a break and turn my attention to a somewhat holier cause closer to home.

    Why? In order to replace the shrine to Princess Di in the corner of my office with a new one devoted to Andrea Leadsom and the Ghost of Brexit That Might Have Been.

    [ I’m afraid the cramped conditions on the Bridge of the Starship EC does not permit two of these erections, however desirable that might seem]

    Toodle Pip!

  190. “…Michael Fallon was one of the worst Defence Secretaries in history.
    The Army is a skeleton, the Navy dead in the water, largely motionless and stripped of its most basic capacities.
    The former head of the Navy, Lord West, is reduced to writing to the newspapers to try to point out the dangers, because nobody will listen.
    But was Mr Fallon made to quit over that? No.
    Neither the political class nor their pals in the media class care about such things. He was driven from office because he is alleged not to be safe in mixed company…
    Men at Westminster will in future go about with chaperones, record and film all conversations with the opposite sex, require women to sign consent forms before meeting them, and certificates of good conduct afterwards. Nothing else will keep them safe from claims that they momentarily applied ‘a fleeting hand’ to someone’s knee.
    Or there is always the other solution, the niqab, the burka and the segregation of the sexes. But sanity, the best remedy of all, is obviously unlikely to return any time in the near future…”

  191. Baron,

    Go easy with those Guardian articles, mate. They’ll rot your brain faster than you can say “Radio Tass.”

    Mind how you go.

  192. @09:39
    “do” not “does”

  193. Peter Oborne on the FCO, from the Keele World Affairs lectures.

  194. Not clear yet that the Texas shooter is an Islamist.

  195. But this on Breitbart:

    “Update 2:02 p.m.: A twitter user, @yolowaccordsmom, wasted no time in politicizing the shooting. She tweeted, “Trump probably praying its a Mexican a5 #sutherlandsprings to justify his wall bullshit. Sorry, its [sic] a crazy white guy with a gun.”

  196. The “old establishment” in Britain is now going to pay the price for accommodating and appeasing the left instead of destroying them.

    BBC on the tax haven leak target HM The Queen and Lord Ashcroft.

  197. Newsletter 2017/10/11 – The Power in the Center

    BERLIN (Own report) – Using the secessionist conflict in Catalonia as
    a backdrop, the website of the German weekly Die Zeit published a
    fiery appeal for dismembering Europe’s nation-states. For quite some
    time, the author, Ulrike Guérot, has been promoting the
    “disappearance of the nation-state” in Europe. The nation-state should
    be replaced by regions with their “own respective identities” that
    could be “ethnically” defined. As examples, Guérot lists regions with
    strong separatist tendencies such as Flanders and Tyrol. The author
    sees herself upholding the tradition of the “European Federalists” of
    the early post-war period, who – under the guidance of western
    intelligence services – drew up plans for establishing of a European
    economic space with free circulation of commodities as a bulwark
    against the East European socialist countries. Wolfgang Schäuble, as
    President of the Association of European Border Regions (AEBR) in the
    early 1980, was also promoting regionalist plans. Inspired by former
    Nazi functionaries, the AEBR criticized the “nation-state’s barrier
    effect” of borders in the interests of large corporations. Current
    economic maps indicate which areas in the EU would form the
    continent’s most powerful block if regionalization should take effect:
    south and central Germany as well as its bordering regions from
    Flanders to Northern Italy.


  198. Ulrike Guérot – classic Long Marcher, as is her former boss Karl A. Lamers. Socialists who have worked their way up in centre right parties in order to manipulate their political direction.

  199. Gulag -on BBC 4 now, showing the reality of Stalin’s ‘paradise’.

  200. Noa @ November 5th, 2017 – 22:47

    Hard to say what one is more likely to see one day, flying pigs or her idea getting implemented, Noa. The barbarian has come across this suggestion before (the Nazis toyed with the idea as a possible model for post-victory rearrangement of Europe, too), so far ‘so nothing’, and it’s likely to remain ‘so nothing’. Could you ever imagine any government of any state to relinquish power?

  201. Colonel Mustard @ November 5th, 2017 – 22:17

    The shelf life of this story may be (what) a day or two, Colonel.

    On the two news channels Baron watched briefly, the newsreaders were at pains to point out that there was no suggestion any ilegality, and the Queen was unlikely to be aware of any to it. It may well be that it’s a diversion, the sex charade feels like getting out of control.

  202. EC @ November 5th, 2017 – 09:41

    One of Baron’s pastimes, EC, being inquisitive what’s the other side up to.

    This came up during one such forays, note the wit of the female comic, look at the faces of the male participants, hear the applause of the well selected crowd, (and quietly despair).

  203. Baron

    “…Could you ever imagine any government of any state to relinquish power?”
    Not only can I imagine it but have, like you, witnessed it, M’Lud.
    Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland all now have regional governments and exercise significant powers-under derogated and delegated powers.
    Will central governments ‘wither away?’ No, but their powers will be progressively transferred. Politicians and administrators will increase in number both at EU and regional level.

  204. Noa @ November 5th, 2017 – 09:40

    You may see the future of the Westminster pit too black, Noa, (but he burka idea isn’t bad, you offer it for males, females or both?).

    Not unlike with the expenses ‘revolution’, this one will also reach a peak, many words will be uttered, new rules agreed, but real life will reassert itself in due course, you’ll see.

    How may does it take to tango?

    (Btw, John Birch had an excellent point on one of the Spectator’s blogs, he may like to repeat it here when he returns).

  205. Noa @ November 6th, 2017 – 00:29

    Good point, Noa, and taken.

  206. EC @ November 5th, 2017 – 08:52

    Good old days, or should it b feculent days of old, EC?

    But who John Prescott? (only joking).

    Btw, good read that shows it’s been going on for ages (and will be again, Baron reckons).

  207. Baron 00.30

    I take no credit for the ideas M’Lud, they are quoted from Peter Hitchens’ article, referenced.
    However I quite like the idea of a contractual enforceable arrangement governing conversations and dealings with obstreperous females and others.
    The threat of a template/standard form joint ‘Acceptable Behaviour’ agreement for signature and use before and after will soon bring common sense back to normal life. relationships

  208. Gerard’s latest skit on Ginsberg’s Howl – better than the original:

    One way of coping with the zeitgeist – describe it! It’s beyond satire.

    Noa … thanks for linking the Hitchen’s piece. Can’t fault it. Except to point out that his own flirtation with the Long March helped provide impetus to what he now abhors. I could forgive him if his red stain didn’t continue to occasionally seep through his blotter.

  209. Now this is the kind of “mea culpa” that I enjoy:

    No red dye seeping through that piss-take.o

  210. Baron November 6th, 2017 – 00:09

    Agreed, Baron. But the Long March is incremental. Each tiny step is part of a broader marching agenda which has led us to the extraordinary state we are in now, where truly barmy and extreme ideas are accepted as “normal” and parroted by politicians who masquerade under the title “Conservative”. Already a third of young people object to wearing the poppy which to preceding generations would be considered obscene. They have not been taught right. Their education and upbringing have been subverted.

    Each little media brick thrown at HM The Queen’s windows goes into the narrative and makes Diane Abbott’s “conversation” on the succession of Prince Charles more likely. Already in many quarters HM has become a leftist hate-myth like “Thatcher” rather than given due respect as our Head of State.

  211. Landing on the Sun

    Kim Jong-Un announced at a news conference that North Korea would be sending a man to the sun within ten years! A reporter said, “But the sun is too hot. How can your man land on the sun?”

    There was a stunned silence. Nobody knew how to react. Kim Jong-Un quietly answered: “We will land at night”.

    The gathering and everyone in North Korea watching on television broke into thunderous applause.

    Back in Washington, Donald and his entourage were watching the news conference. When Donald heard what Kim said, he sneered, “What an idiot. Everybody knows there’s no sun at night.”

    His office and everyone working in the DNC broke into thunderous applause.

    Just about right, no?

  212. True, good to read Frank except for the bit where he says “it goes by various names: hard Left, Marxism, Leninism, Trotskyism, Stalinism, Maoism or even fascism. But by any name it smells as foul…..”.

    For some totally inexplicable, deeply impenetrable, charmingly perplexing reason (given his past ranting about the man) he left out ‘Putinism’. The man’s losing it, no?

  213. Colonel Mustard @ November 6th, 2017 – 08:20

    Incremental it has been, Colonel, but judging by the MSM output it largely covers the establishment, its poodling supporters, and the occasional member of the public who behaves in a PC manner not because he necessarily follows the crap, but because he’s smart enough to know the best way to assuage a madman is to agree with him.

    Recently, the barbarian happened to be at a largish bus station very early in the morning when people travel to work, pupils to schools, holidaymakers to wherever they may go to (mostly Scotland, but two other destinations, too)

    You should have been there. So unlike a behaviour of everyone to what we’re fed by the fuggwits from the MSM, young people luging heavy suitcases of the widows (for the lucky holidaymakers were mostly older women), the drivers offering a hand to them as they disembarked or were embarking, waiting passengers offering to buy cups of coffee for strangers, strangers going out of their way trying to be helpful, some young people smoking next to a sign no smoking’, (diligently tipping the ash into a large ash stand …. a camaraderie our predecessors would have been proud of.

    That, Colonel, is the reserve army of the ‘healthy core of Englishness’.

  214. DM: Entered the loo, had a pee, exited’ Lord Ashcroft DENIES hiding in the toilet to dodge BBC reporter asking about his finances

    I read that as :
    Entered the loo, had a pee, ex-ited’ Lord Ashcroft DENIES hiding in the toilet to dodge BBC reporter asking about his finances

    That would have been a story! 🙂

  215. … or rather:. ex-i-ted

  216. What is strange with the Damian Green’s computer images saga is how it has been left unresolved for so long.
    One would have expected that the case would have been closed nearer the time, with a conclusion and appropriate action.

    But then again …

  217. Baron – 00:19

    I haven’t tuned in to HIGNFY for years. It’s unwatchable, as is 90% of the BBC’s output.

    If it wasn’t for Mrs EC’s 2 or 3 favourite programs, for which I leave the room, then I’d take the telly down to the tip.

  218. Baron – 00:40

    The point is/was that John Prescott’s “activities” his staff were contemporaneous with many of the complaints about others that came to light last week.

    Not only does the media give him a free pass, but now they’re letting him take the piss!

  219. Frank P @ November 6th, 2017 – 02:15

    The one who penned this must have had one too many ‘Cialis refills’ and more than ‘one black friend on the down-low’, Frank, he should have a cold shower, long, long sleep after.

  220. Baron (10:17)

    No m’Lud that would have been tautology – ‘Putinism’ is just a conflationof all the others.

    & (10:37)

    “Incremental it has been, Colonel, but judging by the MSM output it largely covers the establishment, its poodling supporters, and the occasional member of the public who behaves in a PC manner not because he necessarily follows the crap, but because he’s smart enough to know the best way to assuage a madman is to agree with him.”

    So that’s how you wheedled you way out of Lubyanka and worked your way over to the safe haven, where the healthy core of Englishness welcomed you! Now we know. But I ask once again, why TF should we assuage the bastard bueaucrats of the Brussels Behemoth? Should we have ‘humoured’ Hitler when he stomped over your native land, or Stalin when he replaced him there?

    “So unlike a behaviour of everyone to what we’re fed by the fuggwits from the MSM, young people luging heavy suitcases of the widows (for the lucky holidaymakers were mostly older women), the drivers offering a hand to them as they disembarked or were embarking, waiting passengers offering to buy cups of coffee for strangers, strangers going out of their way trying to be helpful, some young people smoking next to a sign no smoking’, (diligently tipping the ash into a large ash stand …. a camaraderie our predecessors would have been proud of.”

    Yerrrs. That’ll save us. A bus load of old ladies on an excursion to the heelands financed by the insurance money of husbands henpecked to death. And emphysemic scrotes showing their rebellious fervour by smoking under a “no smoking” notice. There’s balls for ya! Is there honey still for tea?

    Meanwhile back in the Westminster gasworks, the inmates can’t manage to fuck each other successfully, despite the accommodation of LBGTQWERTY variations, without squeals of protest emerging from the hallowed halls, but they manage to fuck the rest of us: evidenced by the money missing from our monthly pay checks extorted by The Taxpersons, followed by a massive wodge of everything we spend when we open our wallets. What they do with it is anybody’s guess. (Except for that apparently salted away in Offshores Various, or in the Swiss bank accounts of African potentates – handed over in the cause of ‘international development’ and ‘relief of poverty’).
    And the national infrastrucure gradually crumbles around us and the ‘soft jihad of demographics’ continues apace.


  221. Hillary Clinton: will “they” whack her or will they take the risk of her knocking down the dominoes in a public trial? and how deep, or high, might those dominoes in our own political class reach…?

  222. If “Putinism” were “just the conflation of all the others”, that would make “Clintonism” such.

  223. I thought that “humour Hitler” was exactly what we were doing when we “let him stomp all over” Czechoslovakia. And Stalin too. Frank P is getting a touch of the Max Boot or Lord Cardigan, wantrng to order us into the Valley of Death when the merits of obeying are still unclear.

    Ours to reason WHY?

    But where Brussels is concerned, we have one of the last and strongest castles of the European globalists tottering before our eyes, with their fading ambitions for a unipolar world with them at its centre. The Russians, the Chinese (for the moment), and many other reasonably sane countries want one which is multi-polar. Who would not argue that Germany before Bismarck was preferable to what came with him and that, on balance, the present configuration of what was the Austro-Hungarian Empire is generally more satisfactory for its peoples than what preceded it?

    As we do what we can to assist the castle’s fall, we should also rally in support of whatever remnants of our own best character remain. Those who support Trump do so in good part, I thought, in response to the fine qualities displayed by his followers. To bitch cynically at the crowd at Baron’s bus station is like Scrooge muttering Humbug! at those celebrating Christmas.

  224. Baron – 10:08
    “When Donald heard what Kim said, he sneered, ‘What an idiot. Everybody knows there’s no sun at night.'”

    This is an interesting dilemma.

    The statement negates what Kim said, and it would be sufficient information to stop the launch: the sun is too hot during the day and, at night, it isn’t there, so what is the problem? It corrects the mistakes, but only the mistakes stated and not the inferences,trying not to get bogged down in implied logic from a different planet.

    It is as tricky as ‘Are you still beating you wife’; But I don’t have a wife; So who were you beating?

    I think it is why the Climate Change bandwagon is still rolling. Driven by political power, subsidies and fame, it is populated by those ‘clever with words’ but not necessarily with ideas or concepts. Come to think of it, it is true of the whole Critical Thinking / Political Correctness Agenda, the Post-Modernist Movement.

  225. Malfleur (13:36)

    “I thought that “humour Hitler” was exactly what we were doing when we “let him stomp all over” Czechoslovakia. And Stalin too.”

    You make my point for me, thank you. At least some of us didn’t listen to the appeasers, thank the GSOT.

    As for a ‘touch of the Boot’ I’ll cough to that. Though I can’t follow him to a notional heaven, his description of hell on earth is one with which I can empathise.A somewhat more rational Alex than the one whose philosophy you espouse and support by clicking away on a site maintained by flogging snake oil.

    As for Baron’s example of TECOE – whence do your messages emanate these days? How are Christians doing in them thar parts? The nostalgia of an ex-pat, does not match the experience of those who have to live among the rotten core of Englishness, where HM Brittanic Goverment has descended into a parody of a Carry On film and old Bill wastes public money drumming up taqiyya.videos for their valued ‘partners’ from the local mosque. Allahu Akbar!

    And the news of the screws currently emanating from the media is punctuated only by the commercial crap that will pour from our screens from now until the New Year sales. Bah humbug! Indeed so!

  226. …. and while I’m down there, so to speak, cop this one:

    Heb, heh, heh!

  227. Frank P November 6th, 2017 – 12:27

    Brilliant. I especially enjoyed the first sentence of the penultimate paragraph referring to who exactly is screwing who. How much more of that crap are the long suffering shire English expected to swallow?

    I’m afraid the Baron is not yet au fait with the true “healthy core of Englishness” and judging by the rate of loony left advance probably never will be. The juveniles and cretins currently gracing too much TV are a clue to the dissipation of a once great yet gentle people. I haven’t seen any “healthy core of Englishness” either reflected in “reality TV” or depicted in fictional TV for decades. Had the Baron been pootling around shire England in the 1950s I think he might have had the vapours!

    It feels like an occupied land. Those who rule over us in Westminster are entirely alien to me. This country has been done down, screwed, subverted and ruined by year after year of crass, ignorant “policies”. Something once precious and unique in the world has been fiddled with by transient gobshites who think they know better and utterly trashed. FUBAR! And instead of being strung up on lampposts or put up against walls as they so richly deserve we have to put up with them not even retiring to graceful obscurity but shoving their way back into public life and lecturing us.

  228. EC @ November 6th, 2017 – 12:11

    We are members of the same club then, EC, the boss insists on buy-in the DT and the ST, the former for their sudoku, the latter for the Review section. Why don’t they learn, ha?

  229. Frank P @ November 6th, 2017 – 12:27

    What a rant, Frank, does the poorly educated Slav deserve it?

    Where TF has the blue veined barbarian ever said anything in support of the Brussels apparatchiks?

    Obviously, you’ve missed the point of the posting you’re referring to. It was to show that life in Britain, well, in the corner of Britain Baron inhabits, goes on almost as before without much influence from the progressive engineering.

    The old ladies are in the posting only because of how they get treated by the young, one of the boys felt somewhat embraced helping, but he did, eyes down, and when thanked, he said ‘that’s nothing’. That’s a behaviour far from what one gets on the box.

    The Westminster or Brussels gasworks may be pumping whatever they want, the people of Britain live as they want to live paying little attention to the pumped crap.

  230. Colonel Mustard @ November 6th, 2017 – 15:42

    Colonel, please, that was the gist of the posting by Baron, the huge gap between what’s pumped into the air by the BBC (or disseminated by the MSM), the make belief world of the progressives, and the real life in a corner of Britain.

  231. Malfleur @ November 6th, 2017 – 13:36

    Good one, Mafleur, thank you.

    (The barbarian will come back to it when he gets back from another trip).

  232. Does anyone else think, as I do, that the whole business of Russian “trolls” allegedly interfering via Facebook in the Brexit referendum, is an absolute gift to Remoaners who wish to force another referendum on us?

    “The first referendum was a phoney, those trolls blocked up the Net with made-up anti-EU stuff, so we have to have another vote in order to ensure the right answer comes up”.

    There are people actively planning to do just this, and the way things are going they will get their wish.

  233. Baron November 6th, 2017 – 16:52

    Yes, Baron,I understood that but rejected it for the same reasons as Frank. Your experience was a single example in location and circumstances, not indicative of something common to the whole country as once was.

  234. Nanny May really is deluded in thinking that her mission is to act as the kindergarten teacher for the “children” of England, setting out how we must behave towards one another.

    Back off May, you are not Der Fuhrer.

  235. Mr Boot may have a point when, in his current post, he blames the new Puritanism on Anglo Saxon protestantism.
    Ever since the proto-socialist Henry VIII sought a single solution to both his matrimonial and financial problems by the first government nationalisation, former Roman Catholics, without the benefit of confession and communion have quailed at the prospect of an eternity in Hell for the most minor of sexual advance and transgressions.
    However most sensible Anglo Saxons will continue approach the present crisis in bi-gender relations in a pragmatic and completely objective manner.
    Despite the current canards raised in the BBC and Parliament by some of the ugliest, most frustrated and best paid women in Britain, that nowadays narrow grouping of heterosexual males and females who wish to meet each other, flirt to express their interest and move on to dinner, a trip to the cinema, theatre or ballet, leading perhaps a home delivered curry or pizza prior to finer negotiations, will continue in the time honoured way.
    For the rest it is time to adopt a high technology and common law based solution:
    all encounters with the opposite sex, or any of the multitudinous variations thereof now emerging, shall sign a Joint Agreement of Mutually Acceptable Behaviour, the form and contents of which self explanatory. The template for this is currently being created at great expense by the finest minds legal in the Inns of Court and will, for a suitable fee, be available to download from Google and Amazon shortly.
    Practitioners are of course recommended to ensure that, by the judicious use of iPhones, body cams and recording devices of the sort habitually worn by undercover agents of our beloved police, they collect the evidence necessary to ensure that remedies of damages, injunction or specific performance may be sought in the special courts which will be set up to enforce the law and resolve any disputes thereunder.
    There, thats the matter sorted once and for all.
    Now then anyone for a Pizza Express from the supple young lycra clad Deliveroo chap or chapess?

  236. BBC (Radio 3) still flogging Lenin’s dead horse, shoehorning their political pieties into the subject of classical music.

    In September the bien pensant metropolitan bastards couldn’t even commemorate the Battle of Britain with a bit of Walton or Henry Walford Davies stirring March Past. Here it is, out of season, as an anecdote to all the ghastly red revisionism personified by the “slitherer”.

  237. btw Max Boot and I do not see eye-to-eye, that apple may have fallen under the tree, but the elder booted it in to the long grass. Probably why one stayed with the neocon Sceptics and the other chose Britain/France – warts ‘n’ all. Just to clarify that my Boot remarks in (14:47) alluded to the work of Boot the Elder, not the neo-con whelp.

  238. Tautology as a conflation? That’s a new one for Baron, Frank.

    If you were to say that Putinism is exactly the same as any of them, ask us to choose, then yes, it would have been tautology to include it, but conflation of them all? Arghhh

  239. Here’s what divides us, Baron reckons.

    Some of us believe it’s all over, the country has reached a point of no return, we’re fugged whatever we do, Sodom and Gomorrah awaits us, moaning is all that remains for us to indulge in.

    Some of us believe Britain has took a wrong turn, got herself sidetracked, lost confidence and abandoned a value system that had done her well in the past, carping’s OK, but defeatism ain’t.

    Thus, some of us will not only moan and veil and get angry, but suggest ways out, write e-mails, participate in blogs that have wider coverage than ours, and if circumstances allow, make public appearances saying what we all say here.

    Recently, the barbarian attended a public meeting on the progress of otherwise of Brexit, had a say, said what he has said here about the EU negotiations (the role of Mutti, her pragmatism, the importance of the UK domestic demand for German manufacture, the importance of passporting for the City, quoted figures …., got a lot of support, if applause were the measure of it (btw, the barbarian hasn’t told you about the meeting, he didn’t what to hide anything, thought telling you about his contribution would be (what) blowing his own trumpet? You see him as a big-headed monster anyway).

    Still, the audience was mostly made up of Brexiters, but three burghers approached Baron, one told him he voted Remain, would vote out now because he never thought about the EU as but a cover for Germany to control Continental Europe (that was an important part of Baron’s argument in favour of sovereignty).

    If any of you feel you belong to the club of the moans, decide to have a drink, then some more, keep in mind that alcohol isn’t going to solve your problem, but then neither water nor milk will do it either, he, he, he.

  240. Fair play to the ghastly Edwina Currie. She absolutely destroyed the even ghastlier Harriet Harmthenation over Pestminster on last week’s TW.

    Portillo was on to HH’s game too and delivered some excellent cuts to her flabby thrusts. There was this horrible Blairite misandrist nanny bigging up Corbyn simply because she thinks he gives the party a better chance of securing power (over us). Portillo sat beaming at her predictable Labour schtick and then with a few choice sentences cut her down to size.

  241. Baron November 6th, 2017 – 20:10

    I’m definitely in the “club of the moans” (sic). That too now seems a threatened freedom.

    And I can’t be arsed to “try to make a difference” which is what lefties do. There is no party which represents me and no politician whom I admire without reservations. I can think of nothing worse than attending some ghastly talking shop arranged to make the little people think they can make a difference.

    I think the way this country is now run and narrated stinks to high heaven and I detest it. The only thing which might stir me is incitement to storm the palace (of Westminster) with pitchforks and torches but I’m too old for that.

    Defeatism? No. Just fatigue at the continuation of crap and contempt for its busy shovellers.

  242. Baron (16:48)

    Yes, you deserve it, m’Lud, because you suggest that we ‘accommodate’ the machinations of the socalist cabal that ‘represents’ the 27 other nation states, when it does nothing of the sort. They represent only the interests of yet another socialist Utopia. You obviously got so used to living under the heel of the sociaist state that you accepted the compromises of the treacherous politicians who collaborated with it. Classic Stockholm Syndrome. If the essential core of Slovakia remained, why did you choose eventually to leave it?

    I have never accepted the “accommodations” of the Gerry led EUSSR and their expansionist Federal agenda. We have been handed over lock-stock-and-barrel by treasonous politicians of UK political parties pretending to be of three different stripes, when they are all the same: socialist oriented gravy train bound useful idiots. Let the business communities of the European nation states do business. Tell the polls their gravy train just hit the buffers in the Channel Tunnel – and about time too. They should fill that misbegotten hole in as a token of our contempt. Another scam that impoverished us, just like Concord(e) – another travesty of ‘entente cordiale’. Fucking spivs!

  243. Malfleur @ November 6th, 2017 – 12:40

    Good link, Malfleur, the barbarian has watched it (and Tucker on top).

    Amazingly, the apparatus of the State is still reluctant to act. Why

  244. Cool it, Frank.

    When you have, do explain how do you suggest we keep on good terms with the unwashed of Europe (individuals, companies, associations or whatever) bypassing their national leaders or the clowns in Brussels. Please (That refers to your first paragraph at 20:25).

    Be specific, what mechanism would we deploy? How would (say) Prudential sell insurance in Germany if the German Bundestag were to pass a law prohibiting British companies doing so? What do you reckon?

    Your 2nd paragraph is fine, no quarrel with it.

  245. Colonel Mustard @ November 6th, 2017 – 20:21

    The ‘club of the moans’ follows the Shakespearean tradition of making words or word combinations up, Colonel, it’s an awful mis-use of it, granted, but then the barbarian is but poorly educated.

    What about Moggy, the Tory MP who seems to have attracted alot of attention recently. You reckon he a baddie, too?

  246. Baron November 6th, 2017 – 20:39

    The Moggster? Well, no, certainly not a “baddie”, but he’ll never get a look in because he is also completely alienated by what passes for not just the establishment but his own party and I don’t think he is the type to lead rebellion.

  247. Frank P @ 14:47

    Ah, the Walter Gabriel of the CHW! You old curmudgeon, you!

  248. Baron

    This is not the time cool it. It’s time for British patriots to get uncool and demand that our elected reps carry out what the people voted for in the referendum. Are you a Brussels lobbyist, by any chance? 🙂

    As for the ‘great unwashed’ of Yurrop, I don’t think they are any more enamoured of the Brussels bandits than we are.

  249. If we go, others will follow, then another House of Cards will fall. Note the if. When is currently unlikely.

  250. Frank P @ November 7th, 2017 – 00:44

    You may have noticed (then perhaps not) that the MSM was telling us meekly about many demonstrations in Russia on November 5. This, and surprise you it may (what a syntax, heh) was a Revolution. Baron kids you not, it was the beginning of one that will last, and as it lasts you and everyone else who stands united against Vlad may send donation to a chap called Malcev (Вячеслав Мальцев) who’s currently in France, like Lenin, running it from there, unfortunately he hasn’t got the backing of the Germans, but who knows, he may still get it.

    The barbarian hasn’t told you about him, the guy is another nutter, but more direct than our Mr. Boot, your idol of worship. He believes (like you and the omni-all one) that Russia needs another revolution that would displace the Tzar, currently Putin.

    As it happens the great unwashed of Russia (the moniker may fit in more ways than one) fully supports the Tzar of the day (as it did Nick II), there’s no partly sealed train (one door of the coach Lenin travelled in wasn’t sealed, the two German officers who accompanies the great vozdt had the other three locked well to prevent the occupants leaving the train as it moved through Germany).

    Still enough of the nonsense, the today’s revolutionaries of Russia who gathered on the 5th expecting Malcev to arrive, give it his personal leadership got rounded up, apartments were raided, weapons found. Maltsev said he had arrived because not many heeded his call, arrive he will in the future, he promised.

    Baron n hopes he invites Mr. Boot to accompany him, a great move, both could run Russia, you may even get invited to Crimea which by then will be Ukrainian again, but what the heck, the two new co-dictators will smuggle you in, you enjoy the hot, exceedingly dry climate, will do you good for your arthritis.

    You on?

  251. Nearly forgot:

    Finally, you’ve cracked it, Frank. The barbarian confesses, he indeed is an agent of the Brussels clowns, unpaid and so far unrewarded. It’s in the life after this one that he will get his due bunch of carrots, he fully deserve it.

  252. Malfleur @ November 7th, 2017 – 00:16

    Indeed he is, Malfleur, if only because he says Baron has TECOE without spelling it out. It sound awful, one can only hope it isn’t another major malady that will call for the reaper to do his duty, arghhh

  253. Colonel Mustard @ November 6th, 2017 – 22:45

    Before the referendum, Colonel, you may have said exactly the same except that his name would have been substituted with ‘the great unwashed’, no?

    Weirder things happened, you know.

  254. Why the heck doesn’t the blue veined barbarian get a rest, read a book on how to pick one’s nose efficiently, or excite himself with clicking on Tucker (better still on anything to do with his controllers in Brussels). This ranting and yapping and quibbling only boosts his systolic pressure, a thing he is supposed to avoid.

  255. Apologies for the errors, all because of whatever.

  256. Malfleur – 00:16

    I hate to introduce just a tiny weensy-weensy note of dissent into an otherwise harmonious, good natured and gentlemanly discussion forum, but…

    Walter Gabriel? Curmudgeonly?

    Old Walter was a mild mannered, genial, sometimes dodgy, old codger most famous for his salutation, “Hello there me old pal, me old beauty.”

    Perhaps you were thinking of Joe Grundy?

  257. Baron November 7th, 2017 – 02:51

    I don’t think you can compare a political leader, would-be or otherwise, Mogg or Farage, with the “great unwashed”. The political establishment work hard to ensure that the former never obtain power within the Commons and that the latter are fobbed off with hollow promises and platitudes or ignored completely.

    And, on another irritation, since we are (still) all part of the EU why can Spain arrest Catalan independents for rebellion but the UK cannot arrest Sturgeon for rebellion? A measure of the double standards, the weakness of the UK government (in certain matters) or a bit of both?

    Did you see that slimy chancer Clegg slither into Brussels to foster sedition via Barnier with Clarke and Adonis in skulking tow? That’s another measure of the weakness of our government. Not a murmur of disapproval let alone any sanctions against them. May should have declared Clarke rebel and withdrawn the whip from him.

  258. Re: The Archers, aka The Lore of the land…

    An insufferable Aga Saga! The BBC always claimed its was set up to disseminate Min’ of Ag’ info to farmers. However, did any farmer worth his “Greg Salt” ever listen to it. The Archers was really the BBC’s testbed the “soaps” that followed. i.e. The advancement of lefty, progressive mind rot in society. BBC soaps are not mirrors but a loudhailers!

  259. Was not the Scottish independence referendum, 2014 was legally sanctioned by all parties?

    I think that Nicola Krankie will pipe down a bit now sees seen how the Spanish and the EU have dealt with the Catalans. She’s too fond of money and shopping to want to spend any time in jug…

    Nicola Sturgeon has her hands full at the moment…

    As do Scottish Labour…

    “Scottish Labour is going to redraw leadership ballot rules, too little too late and not good enough or far enough, multiple Muslim members join with common email addresses shows that there is a big problem to deal with, this is papering over a huge crack and trying to pretend it is fixed, guess what….. it isn’t”

  260. As we contemplate the current scandals we should be careful what we wish for.

  261. “The disintegration of the European Union by 2040 caused by the twin threats of Russian aggression and Brexit has been imagined in secret research for the German defence ministry.

    Decades of insecurity could cause the EU to break up, leading to multiple confrontations on the continent, according to the most pessimistic of six scenarios for Europe.

    The dossier, leaked to Der Spiegel, took two years to draw up and is believed to be the first time a German ministry has contemplated the break-up in such detail.”

  262. But this caveat-

    “Right now, the issue at the front and centre of German political minds is the French president Emmanuel Macron’s proposal for accelerating Europe’s economic integration, which almost everybody in Germany wants to reject – Angela Merkel’s CDU/CSU because it implies requiring more fiscal transfers to poor countries in the periphery; the Social Democrats because it will weaken the remaining social protections for workers; the far-right AfD because it means more Europe. Every conversation I have had with German politicians and activists since the country’s election has revolved around fears that the million-plus recent refugees will not be properly integrated, and that tolerance for further social change among older, less-educated Germans is at breaking point.

    After Brexit has happened, the mature democracies of Europe should be pushing to consolidate their project, telling a coherent, positive story to their increasingly critical electorates. Yet they cannot – because the only coherent story Europe has is more globalism and more market, and that is what the populations are rejecting. Meanwhile, Russia and China are no longer nibbling at the edges. They have begun to gnaw. A new “great game” is being played in the eastern Mediterranean in particular and “the west” barely has a strategy.”

  263. And this from the Telegraph-

    “Why an EU army?

    In March 2015, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said the EU needed a common army to be taken seriously internationally. But Britain – previously Europe’s leading military power – had been opposed. Post Brexit, the EU can push ahead with plans.

    Who is keen on the idea?

    Leaders in Italy, France, Germany, Hungary, Finland and the Czech Republic have backed the plan for a common EU army, along with many senior officials across EU governments.

    Which countries would be involved?

    It’s early days, but initial military plans envisaged countries such as France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Poland creating permanent military structures to act on behalf of the EU and for the deployment of the EU’s battle groups and 18 national battalions. It could also comprise an EU military planning and operations headquarters in Brussels that would parallel NATO.

    Anything else?

    Initial plans to try and boost EU defence spending, and save money by pooling resources, include exempting defence equipment manufacturers from paying VAT, and applying EU research grants to the sector.”

    Watch out BAE

  264. Colonel Mustard @ November 7th, 2017 – 10:45

    A fair point, Colonel, but some connection there must be, the one i.e. the politician is from the many (unwashed) even if he or she may not necessarily endorse the view of the majority (i.e. the Burkian take on MPs).

    One would argue, however, that in an unbiased system anyone who differed notably from a widely shared view on any major issue would never make it even to the candidacy level.

  265. The legal half an hour on BBC Radio4 this afternoon, the fist item of a man possibly going blind for life, a teenager threw acid in his face, the government is consulting how to control the sale of dangerous liquids, the most probably outcome is a law punishing anyone selling the stuff to minors. Nothing, absolutely nothing said about punishing the miscreants. Britain’s legal system at its best.

    Here’s a better solution the country applied in the past, it worked wonders: The offender gets his due process, if found guilty is sentenced to as many years of hard labour as it takes to get him to reach the age of 60, the verdict and the sentence are widely advertised everywhere including schools.

    The barbarian reckons if we did this soon there will be fewer blind people because of acid attacks walking the streets of Britain, and notably fewer number on thugs throwing acid into people’s faces. Guaranteed that.

  266. Marshal Roberts – 15:46

    VAT exemption wouldn’t be much more than an accounting exercise. Currently, VAT paid by governments ends up within the State, so why change.

    And to think that many Remainers were voting for ‘No Change’: what a joke!

  267. Marshal Roberts @ November 7th, 2017 – 15:46

    The Force already exists, Marshall, at its core are Germans units, plus a brigade furnished by the Czechs and the Danes each, common equipment, common training, common language.

    As Baron has said before the German Armed Services are large, roughly twice ours, well equipped, the officer corp is growing restless what with the continued American presence in the country, they want the Yanks out, hence the refusal to boost military spending to 2% of GDP as this was supposed to be to strengthen NATO.

  268. EC @ November 7th, 2017 – 11:36

    No link to Putin in this story, EC? Strange, the man is behind everything damaging, in particular damaging to American interest.

  269. Not long enough, that should be the prison term for those who facilitated the adoption, the bastard himself should have received a year for each year the girl would have lived had she not been murdered by him i.e. some 78 years.

  270. A chance for her to teach her children what she tried to encourage others on Facebook. The judge must be bonkers.

  271. Baron – 16:30

    You forgot the Dutch. Didn’t Germany assimilate the Dutch army and navy at least a couple of years ago? They are now under German command and control!

    How incorporating a load of spiff smoking potheads who won’t work weekends will impact the Krauts’ capability is anybody’s guess. You might call that the Fugg of War.

    The EU er… German Army is not meant to repel Vlad’s men but to put down dissent within EU member states.

    Someday soon the JU87’s will take to the air again to quell insurrection.
    Heil Mutti!

  272. Spliff, not spiff or even spiv!
    [smoking some spivs might be entertaining though 🙂 ]

  273. Nothing much is said about the changes in Saudi Arabia, but the latest events there bode not well, we may be in for another conflict in the ME, another tsunamis of refugees:

  274. EC @ November 7th, 2017 – 17:17

    You are quite right, EC, but what surprises is the rather lukewarm response of the Americans to the idea of the new Armed Forces, (unless things are moving behind the scene).

  275. Baron (16:49)

    No he’s not bonkers, he’s a highly salaried sack of shit which now comprises The Essential Core of Englishness (TECOE). Yes, that is a highly contagious disease, now afflicting a majority in these islands. It causes myopia, and other dangerous gullibilities, born of a ludicrous ideology which sees the English as oppressors and every other nation as their victims. It will eventually do more damage to this country than the Black Death (appropriately named in this whimsical allusion ).

    If were still in office I would be looking to see whether any monies from this woman’s source of income, found its way through defence counsel into any other inappropriate legal coffers. Perhaps the intrepid Panorama team should look a bit harder through the Paradise Papers. Taqiyya seems to have worked a treat here. If the CPS doesn’t appeal this one, I can only call upon Sir Dickie to play a recording of his famous mantra, over and over on the answering machine of Alison Saunders. Where is the public outcry? At the moment, it seems being focussed, by the vociferous vaginas on the Great Male Rape Conspiracy (GMRC). Another endemic pestilence Baron. Next time you help an old widdy on to a bus, careful you’re not accused of it. And definitely don’t say, ” ‘Ere love, lemme get hold o’ that!” That would a stone bonk attempted rape case, in the current climate.

    To quote Terry Thomas, “What a sharr, what an absolute sharr!”

  276. Baron 16-41.
    As a poofter he ticks the box.
    As a wife he can’t, it’s nonsense, maybe a partner but he’s a bloke (a nasty one it seems as well)
    As a mummy he falls about as far down the list as I would expect. And much further.
    Just part of the absurdity of the world we live in.
    Still it allows lefties the ability to call me a bigot for having my opinion, so there are some benifits.

  277. Newsletter – NATO’s Think Tanks

    (Own report) – In view of the power struggle with Russia, German military officials are strongly emphasizing the importance of the “Center of Excellence for Operations in Confined and Shallow Waters” for NATO’s naval activities. The Center, based in Kiel, was founded ten years ago and is becoming a “magnet” for states bordering the Baltic Sea, which in growing numbers are joining the center out of fear of armed conflict with Russia, according to experts. Like NATO’s other 23 Centers of Excellence, the center in Kiel elaborates strategies, analyzes military developments and conducts advanced training courses for senior staff members from NATO states. All but one of NATO’s Centers of Excellence are located in Europe and are coordinated by a French NATO commander – a sign that NATO’s “European pillar” is seeking to play a key role in the war alliance’s further development.


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