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    Alex Jones in 2nd Hour of his Monday show talks to KEVIN SHIPP, a high level CIA whistleblower, at about 8:00 minutes in.

  2. …and what is the task in the United Kingdom?

  3. The task?
    Why, to return us to the good governance of the eighties.

  4. Which means that we move on from the failed leader that Momentum Robinson is sparring with on Today as we type.

  5. “We are not leaving Europe” a direct quote.

  6. Clear Memories – How do I get an Aussie passport?

  7. Bolton is beginning to look good:

    “”It is absolutely crucial that this country is fully prepared to walk away because otherwise the EU is going to be negotiating forever on this and they are just going to string us along.”

  8. Even Barnier agrees:

    “Warning that the UK could be heading for the exit door without any deal at all, Mr Barnier said there had been too little progress on the cash divorce bill for him to recommend starting trade talks.”

  9. Marshal, it’s simple (assuming you’re over 44)- you need more than 50% of your kids living here as permanent residents or citizens, you need to be in good health, you need a clean Police record for every Country you’ve lived in for more than 12 months(totally, not consecutively) then hand over $100,000 for husband and wife and wait while they make up their minds. (By the way, the medical only lasts 6 months and if they take longer to get to your application, you pay for another!)

    Under 44, you need a trade they want (chippie, hairdresser, brickie, sparkie) or a proper degree (lesbian dance theory, media studies we got enough of) plus all the rest (skip the $100,000).

    No trade, no skills, no money, criminal history – GFY – we don’t want you, we got enough scum in the outback pretending they have a culture without importing any more rubbish.

  10. Watching the ‘Conservative Party’ conference.
    Inspiring! The bespectled, fey little wanker, Andy Street – who he? – is being interviewed by the equine featured DP harridan. He should be selling pies behind the local Greggs counter. Second thoughts, what did Greggs do to deserve that insult. Apologies! Anyway, the fact that the “paahty” is prepared to let him appear on camera, is the best indicator so far that the Tories are fucked. And as there is no sign of an alternative political set-up on the horizon, looks like the commies can just walk in and have their way with us. Now the Brokenshire Kuwaiti is attit! They must have a machine for cloning them – they all look alike. Not a scintilla of testosterone detected in the entire male gender of the adminisration- it’s all been nicked by the wimmin! Pussy whipped, the lot of ’em!

  11. Frank P,
    I have not been watching the conservative conference, primarily because I have an aversion to politicians of whatever banner they march under, duplicitous pricks the lot of them, who pride themselves on their ability to piss our money up the wall in an attempt to buy the next election. To call the Manchester jamboree Conservative is an offence under the trades description act as the Tories have not offered an example of the genuine article to the electorate in years, nor will they in the future, those days, unfortunately, are gone.

  12. Frank P October 3rd, 2017 – 13:21

    You will probably not be surprised to learn that Street is the “Conservative” Mayor of the West Midlands, elected in May this year (the New Labour “Regional” thing for England that the people of the north-west roundly rejected but the Tories are pressing on with regardless under the thinly disguised “city mayor” and “powerhouse” BS). He is the United Kingdom’s first openly gay directly-elected metro mayor. How wonderful.

    The turnout in that mayoral election was a paltry 26.7% and rather like the PCC’s it becomes yet another vehicle for politicisation by all the usual suspects. It was a two horse race with barely a whisker of difference between the votes for Tory and Labour. More taxpayer funded politicians and their entourages to rule over us in the deceit of “devolution”, gauleiters in all but name. What joy!

    Communist China is creating mega-cities by urbanising regions and linking neighbouring cities into one great concrete conurbation too. The Tories seem fond of Communist China as a model. Rampant corporatism and corruption with authoritarian social policies and intrusive nanny officialdom. Bean counters advancing under the Red Flag to the mantra of “Growth”, which means massive over population and a what little quality of life is left going down the toilet, unless of course you are on the lucrative bandwagon.

  13. Marshal Roberts, October 3rd, 2017 – 08:17

    “How do I get an Aussie passport?”

    Get a Chinese one.
    Australia appears to be already part of China…

  14. At last, Fox News had someone on, Lt. Colonel Tony Shaffer, who identified the probable motive of the Las Vegas murderer as that of an anti-Trump leftist. Neither Fox News nor the local Sheriff at his press conference a couple of hours ago however mentioned earlier reports on alternative media that Paddock’s rooms contained no small amount of “Antifa literature”. Antifa is of course an organization of left-wing fascists with finance coming apparently from people who include George Soros.

    Furthermore, despite discussion of the 2nd Amendment and issues of gun control which is being pressed again by criminals like H. Clinton, the fundamental reason for that afterthought of the original US Constitution, namely to embed the right to bear arms as protection against the encroachments of tyranny. The government wants to disarm the people better to control them. End of story.

  15. Clear Memories, October 3rd, 2017 – 10:57

    As I observed to a friend the other day, Australia is very similar to France.
    i.e. France would be much nicer without nn% of the French for reason(s) of &x, &y, &z. [substitute your own threshold percentage and reasons] The same applies to what has now become of the UK and most other western countries.

    The “culture” of those that will inherit Australia from its corrupt politicians appears to be nothing more than crap tattoos, anabolic steroids, and tanorexia followed by skin cancer.

    The positive thing about the outback is that there are far fewer people, but you can’t be a proper Aussie unless you can cope 365 without aircon.

  16. Yall been reading about the crazy demented Stephen Paddock.
    Not only has he killed and maimed folk but he has unleashed the forces wanting to kill the Second Amendment.

    Well then hear this from Erich Pratt of Gun Owners of America (GOA)

    “it is disturbing to see anti-gun politicians and celebrities politicizing the tragedy by calling for further restrictions on guns.”
    “We cannot blame gun owners, the gun itself, or the liberties protected in the Second Amendment for how evil people abuse that freedom,”
    “The vast majority of gun owners handle their firearms responsibly. Guns are used up to 100 times more often to save a life than take life. Even so-called ‘assault weapons’ are used in self-defense.”
    We gonna need Donald to protect us these next days.
    Defense of our ranches, kith and kin is paramount.

  17. John Jefferson Burns

    Notoriously disoriented when in England, you would probably do better in the USA to focus on the Bush, Clinton, Obama crime family and its associates – together with the number of grassy knolls at the scene of the massacre.

  18. Peter Hitchens

    “I think this is another ‘I told you so’ moment. The Tory Party is currently eating itself and pulling itself to pieces because it has existed for far too long, and indeed only functions at all because of huge and increasingly ineffective injections of money. Organisms which survive well beyond their true natural term tend to come to grief. Its latest membership figures are said to be ‘around 120,000’… ”

  19. Baron, who seems to have developed a feint heart, cannot but heed this evidence of Putin’s skullduggery.

    “Russia’s opposition leader is facing a growing campaign of harassment and intimidation as he prepares to take on President Putin in elections next year.

    Activists and volunteers working with Alexei Navalny, 41, have been beaten, detained and threatened with losing their jobs. The lawyer himself was jailed on Monday for 20 days for organising a rally in the city of Nizhny Novgorod, 250 miles east of Moscow.

    Analysts say the Kremlin is unnerved by Mr Navalny’s rising popularity outside Moscow. He is attempting to force his way on to the March ballot despite threats to exclude him because of a fraud conviction widely seen as fabricated. He has embarked on a series of rallies across the country which have attracted growing crowds.

    Nikolai Lyaskin, the head of his campaign office in Moscow, was recently attacked in the street by a man who hit him on the head with a metal bar wrapped in a newspaper. Doctors told Mr Lyaskin, 35, that if the blow had landed three centimetres from where it did he could have been killed or left an invalid. “I’m still in constant pain but they say I was lucky that it hit to the side of my skull and not the top,” he said. “I believe the security services and the presidential administration were behind the attack.”

    A suspect was arrested quickly but released after telling police in comments shown on state television that Mr Lyaskin himself had ordered the beating.

    Mr Navalny’s sentence means he will be unable to attend a rally he has called for Saturday in St Petersburg, the home town of Mr Putin, whose 65th birthday is on the same day. The Kremlin denies targeting the opposition, although Dmitry Peskov, the president’s spokesman, warned yesterday that organisers of “unsanctioned” rallies would be prosecuted.

    The Times witnessed some of the methods used against Mr Navalny’s supporters on Friday in Nizhny Novgorod, where he was due to meet voters on a central square. Police dismantled a stage erected for the event and detained two activists. Mr Navalny’s campaign chief, Leonid Volkov, tried to file a complaint at a city police station but was also detained.

    Anna Petkoglo, 32, the co-ordinator of Mr Navalny’s campaign headquarters in Nizhny Novgorod, was made to wait for several hours to find out if Mr Volkov would face charges. “This is typical of the way they try to disrupt everything we do,” she said.

    As she spoke news came through that police had seized Mr Navalny as he left his home in Moscow to take a train to the rally. “They were obviously very frightened and worried about our event and wanted to prevent us getting together and expressing our will,” Ms Petkoglo said.

    She was later detained herself, and then released. Mr Volkov was escorted to a car by a dozen officers and put on an aircraft back to Moscow, where he too was jailed for 20 days.

    Russia’s constitution guarantees the right to peaceful assembly but officials frequently refuse to endorse opposition gatherings.

    In Nizhny, a city of 1.2 million people on the Volga river, prosecutors recently visited the Navalny team headquarters to issue a warning not to “take part in extremist activity”. Police detained activists handing out leaflets and threatened to smash their phones. On Friday they blocked access to the Navalny HQ.

    Plainclothes officers from the anti-extremism department are often involved. “They try to extract personal information from you and then intimate that you could lose your job or your place at university if you don’t behave,” said Artem Petrauskas, 25, a former soldier turned Navalny volunteer.

    The disruption tactics can border on the absurd. In Nizhny officials hastily arranged a “patriotic” festival on the same square as Mr Navalny’s rally. A handful of people played basketball while 20 others watched a singer on a stage. Dmitry, 18, was sitting at a nearby stall advertising a student theatre. “I just got a call yesterday and was told to show up. I’ve no idea why,” he said.

    About 500 of Mr Navalny’s supporters turned out for his rally despite being warned to stay away, and despite knowing that he had been detained in Moscow to prevent him attending. They shouted “Putin is a thief” but their voices were drowned out by booming techno music from the “festival” stage. Police detained several of them.

    Mikhail Torgovishchev, 26, a land registry specialist, said that he was attending because he believed Mr Putin’s rule was corrupt. “I want something better for my country even if there are consequences for me,” he said.

    Fear of retribution is not empty. Mr Navalny suffered a chemical burn to his eye in April when an assailant flung antiseptic in his face. Mr Lyaskin now speaks to his wife, Oksana, every two hours by telephone. He said: “We must not give in to this terrorism, we must not show fear. If we do, tomorrow it will be not just me getting hit on the head with a pipe but every one of us.”

  20. John Jefferson Burns October 4th, 2017 – 07:09

    I smell a rat. If you wanted to advance the cause of gun control and were ruthless enough in the aspiration that would be one way to do it. So many leftist prejudice boxes ticked too with the perpetrator an older white man of the privileged middle class.

    Didn’t our resident troll and various other Lefties in History express that casualties were worth it on the way to achieving their Leftist Utopia? Disarming the population seems paramount as the Blair and subsequent New Labour regimes have demonstrated.

  21. Paddock is a wonderful opportunity for the political elite and a compliant media to demonstrate a false ‘equivalence’ and provide them with relief from the ubiquitous threat of Islamic terror demonstrated daily by beheadists and ‘uber over allah’ drivers.
    It’s them damned old white men-again! Going senile with their Phillipina floozies and their automatics.
    Time to get them to the euthanasia stations.

  22. As to the Conservative party conference, it reminded me of this.

  23. 1037. You just lost me. Are you saying Paddock was a Bernie Sanders voter. I know this, that Trump will not start Obama style proposals for gun control, whatever the media say.

  24. CHW fans of the Harp may appreciate this piece.

  25. And O’Neill on the political correctness and hypocrisy of the MPs’ who voted to bomb Libya.

  26. Theresa May should have invited Wendy Deng (Rupe’s. ex and Tone’s squeeze) to have sat in the front row during her conference speech. Moreover hubby Phillip May could have won the next election for her, had he jumped up and chinned the twat who accosted her. As for the ‘male members’ of her cabinet sitting in the front row like stuffed dummies – male members indeed! As in pusillanimous pricks.

    As Wallsters know, I’m no fan of Tessa, but basic chivalry demands that men step up to the plate in such circumstances. What’s that old keyboard exercise? “Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of the party …”

    As for her bodyguard detail? Sack the fuckers! The prankster could easily have been a nutty assassin. In these days of ‘critical security’ this was another travesty of incompetence. The whole business of government becomes risible and demeaning. Joker Johnson yesterday, prankster opportunist today. Where’s the gravitas? It was a piss poor comedy show. The dyke Commisar should also go: how many more cock-ups do the people under her command have to make before she too becomes a laughing stock.

  27. Frank P 1919
    James Forsyth said this..

    “The initial Tory reaction has been sympathy. It is impossible not to admire her pluck in getting to the end of that speech despite her voice going so early in it. She is nothing if not determined.”

    Sympathy perhaps but gross embarrassment was a greater reaction. This will kill her.
    David Davis will have to be ready.
    Otherwise we may be saddled with Ms Rudd.

  28. James Forsyth is another twat. With his platorm he should have written a more literate version of wot I rote. His attempt to make a virtue out of a fiasco is pathetic.

  29. Now read the brilliant summation of a genius journalist, commenting on yesterday’s Las Vegas atrocity and other more important incidents in our collapsing ‘civilisation’

    Love the headline too. 🙂

  30. Andy Burnham ( Mayor of Manchester ) along with Manchester’s finest at Gay Pride 2017.

  31. Frank, Mark Steyne said this..

    “Consider this year’s two pop-concert atrocities: at Ariana Grande’s in Manchester, 23 people died – in the cause of the new global caliphate; at Jason Aldean’s in Vegas, 59 died – for no reason at all. It is a glum thought, but Paddock’s all-time record will likely not stand for long. America’s four deadliest single-shooter mass murders occurred in the last decade. Only one of them – the Orlando nightclub massacre – can be said to have a political or ideological component. The rest seem to be a peculiarly contemporary form of narcissism – that, when my life heads south, the only way to give it meaning is to take large numbers of people with me. There is no cause, no fealty, no “Allahu Akbar!” – because pointless slaughter is the supreme triumph of amoral will: Who needs Allah? You’re your own Allah. Unlike Manchester or Nice or Paris or Berlin or Brussels, there is no meaning: Indeed, the only meaning is the meaninglessness; that is the point – the black void at the heart of the act.”

    But Steyne is wrong. There is a meaning. The Koran tells us of that meaning.

    Try any one of multiple sites that tell us of that:

  32. Also I was interested in the young Mr Boots thoughts on this:

    “The experience of other countries bears this out. In Switzerland, every able-bodied man has an assault rifle at home. This is complemented by handguns to be found in practically every home. However, the murder rate in Switzerland is so close to nonexistent that the Swiss don’t even bother keeping the relevant statistics.”

    What young Boot fails to mention is that the Swissies keep out practitioners of the ROP and other such riff raff and have no qualms about keeping a close eye on those who are not good citizens.

  33. An interesting perspective on the Muslim angle..

    “The vast majority of the Islamic State’s claimed attacks were undertaken by men acting in its name, often after leaving short video statements confirming their intentions. The Amaq news agency is the preferred venue for the initial claim, usually within a day. (Sloppy reporters sometimes mistake the rejoicing of online supporters, meteorological or not, for an official claim.) If they were really so promiscuous with their claims, we would long since have ignored them, as we do claims from other yahoos who have tried to take credit for atrocities authored by others. The idea that the Islamic State simply scans the news in search of mass killings, then sends out press releases in hope of stealing glory, is false. Amaq may learn details of the attacks from mainstream media—and often gets those details wrong, also like mainstream media—but its claim of credit typically flows from an Amaq-specific source.”

  34. There are those dismissing the radicalisation of Paddock, but they forget Terry Lee Loewen, the Witchita Airport bomber:

    Loewen, who converted to Islam in 2008, described himself as “radicalized” to an undercover FBI agent in August 2013. He also told the agent he had downloaded “tens of thousands of pages” of information about jihad, martyrdom operations and ways to implement Sharia law, according to the federal court documents.

  35. “Mrs May delivered a call for a “modern, compassionate Britain” and focused on her personal commitment to social justice and fairness.”


  36. @Frank P 4th, 19:19

    “As for her bodyguard detail? Sack the fuckers!”

    Or get the leibstandarte to train them …

    SGT Report – Interview with Lynette Zang

    From Las Vegas, to Corporations as Sovereign Entities, through Gold, Silver, Bitcoin, Blockchain, back to Las Vegas and Neo-Fascism.

    Most interesting connections made between matters involving the United States.

    Fortunately, in the United Kingdom, we do not have any of these problems to worry us..


    Sources in FBI’ Hosatge Rescue Team tell Infowars that Antifa and Isis “literature” in the Las Vegas hotel rooms.

    The target is the motive. Paddock was a frontman or patsy for the Democrat Party and leftwing liberals who have gone violent.

    Leftists want civil war and martial law.

    AJS 4th October.

  39. And now for something completely different.
    The keys to Chinese
    Mike Cormack
    The Chinese Typewriter: A History
    by Thomas S. Mullaney
    MIT, pp.480, £27.95

    A typist sits at the first electro-automatic Chinese typewriter, 1946 (Photo: Getty)
    The history of industry is the story of the reduction of complexity to easily manageable, replicable components or actions. But what if some things appear to remain irreducible, complex and laborious? The Chinese writing system is one such case. For early information technologists, it presented what appeared like insoluble problems. Unlike an alphabet of 26 (English) or even 84 (Siamese) letters, the huge number of Chinese ideographic characters could not easily be reduced to a typeable common corpus. (Three 20th-century compilations totalled between nearly 50,000 and over 80,000 separate characters). So while the standardised Remington-style type-writer conquered the rest of the world, China remained awkwardly to the side, leading some to lament the seeming backwardness of the Chinese character system. But others refused to be deterred, with the inventor Zhou Houkun declaring:
    Blame the engineer, but do not blame the language… An engineer who cannot build machines according to reasonable specifications is not an engineer in the best sense of the word.
    But statistical analyses of key Chinese texts, from Confucius to the Chinese Bible, demonstrated that perhaps a few thousand characters formed a body of common usage — radically simplifying the issue. Numerous attempts at reimagining the typewriter to handle this range were made. Zhou Houkun used a metal finding rod which would hover over a bed of 3,000 common characters (replaceable via tweezers, if less frequently used characters were required), corresponding to characters on a connected metal cylinder. When the rod was pressed down on a character on the tray, the other end brought the corresponding character on the cylinder to the printing position.
    This model was bought by Commercial Press in Shanghai and became the first popular commercial machine, and indeed the subject of China’s first animated film in the 1920s. Others attempted to boil down Chinese characters into their most common components (commonly known as ‘radicals’) and have the ‘typewriters’ overlay these into coherent ideographs, almost like a dot-matrix, but these fell by the wayside, the Betamax to Zhou Houkun’s VHS.
    Later models utilised some of the innovations of the Japanese during their occupation of Manchuria, though the needs of the era meant this was swiftly forgotten. The Double Pigeon typewriter that became almost as much a symbol of communist China as the Racing Pigeon bicycle had its roots in the Wanneng model (handling Chinese, Japanese, Manchu and Mongolian) which had spread under Japanese occupation. The MingKwai type-writer would finally use a traditional keyboard, but for its own purposes, its 72 keys acting as ‘switches’ to retrieve characters — 36 upper keys acting as the first level, 28 lower keys the second level, and eight numbers keys the third level, in combination giving over 8,000 possible characters. But it remained little more than a prototype.
    What about computers? These use QWERTY keyboards, but in their own fashion, as characters can be corralled via several input methods. In the most common, typing in Pinyin (the Romanised version of written Chinese, which supplanted Wade-Giles), the letters ‘da’ will bring up a range of options, leading off with the most common such as (da, big) and (d, to beat). And today, with touchscreens, input systems have come full circle, fingers tracing characters on the screen as on the sand several millennia ago.
    Other technologies demanded different approaches: the telegraph system of having perhaps 40 combinations of dots and dashes represent individual characters was utterly incapable of handling Chinese. An additional layer of mediation was necessary: each Morse code referred to a number, which then referred to an individual character. But as this used around 6,800 commonly used characters, the code had to use five dots or dashes in each number (so that 10,000 combinations were available, leaving around 3,000 spaces available for individual operators to add their own characters essential for their work), making the system enormously cumbersome: the shortest ‘character’ was five dots, compared to just one dot used elsewhere, leading to codes, signs and systems, and ever greater mediation — just as emojis have become inescapable aspects of online communication.
    The Chinese Typewriter: A History has a great subject, but perhaps doesn’t make the most of it. This might seem unfair: its scholarship is broad and deep, it’s mostly well organised and it conveys the struggles of those trying to drag Chinese into a more manageable condition. But Thomas S. Mullaney has a tendency to beat more out of his subject than the reader wishes; you sense him labouring to serve up every available scrap, rather than focusing on delivering the choicest cuts. You crave a lighter touch, as you find in popular academic writers such as Niall Ferguson or J.K. Galbraith. The Chinese Typewriter’s gravity of manner means it ultimately informs and illuminates, but rarely delights.

  40. Conspiracy analysts.

    (h/t Gore Vidal)

  41. Noa – 4th October 16.23

    Are you sure it’s the music that caught your attention?!
    Anyway, I’ll raise the stakes with this beauty – much better music too!

  42. Astonishing statement from Wiltshire Plod about Heath which seems to undermine (further) the presumption of innocence.

    The BBC reinforced it by stating that Wiltshire Plod’s findings did not mean that he was either guilty or innocent. Well, unless Wiltshire Plod are setting themselves up as judge and jury the conclusion, in law, must be a presumption of innocence. It is not for Wiltshire Plod to determine guilt or innocence and unless they plan to prosecute a dead man the whole thing is nothing more than a charade.

    These post-mortem police investigations are creating dangerous precedents.

  43. Irishboy 11.49

    A little gem, in all senses and thank you for that.

    And I rise above your impugning of my motives, (it was always the music that appealed, honest!) and raise you one Hester Goodman, advocating the right to bear arms and juvenile hygiene.

  44. Frank P 4th October, 19:19

    Rudd is the Home Secretary, she bears responsibility for the fiasco, or was it really a coup?

  45. Noa, that video brought some smiles into my day which started off being hurled into the depths of ineffectual anger and exasperation by the news that it is a Conservative Government nailing the final nail into our total socialist incarceration with the news that our organs will be available to the state when we die which they can remove without any permission needed from the grieving family. This is complete removal of all personal autonomy, the effective ownership of our bodies by the State. Apparently we’ll be able to opt out though the pressure to conform to socialist demands is already very great and I imagine in unhappy circumstances that pressure and the threat of opprobrium will be used to twist a few arms.
    Remember when Gordon Brown proposed this and he raised the concept of “presumed consent”? It just goes to show, it doesn’t matter who is in Government, those in power, whoever the evil totalitarian bastards are, always get their way. It’s not just the nationalisation of our bodies that offends, it removes the potential catharsis for a grieving family to allow organ donation, it removes that generosity from grieving people. It is an unholy disgrace and if anyone has any ideas how I might make my displeasure known I’d be glad to hear them.
    Talk about the invasion of the body snatchers.

  46. Irishboy. October 4th, 2017 – 09:54

    We are now well into Autumn and it is the season in which we traditionally consider ghosts and ghouls.Indeed the Conservative party conference was a fitting precursor to the season of spirits.
    The Conservative party itself died long ago and we are left to survey, incredulously, the shuffling, slithering succubus that, having long discarded its principles, now searches for ideas and policies amongst the discarded contents of the Soviet litter bin that is now the Labour Party.
    Your property; that is your money and house, are already taxed and subject to confiscation to fund the preservation of the political elite, whether Conservative or Labour. Purloining your cadaver is merely an extension of that consumption of whatever is required to maintain the body politic.
    The only and surprise we should have is the belief that the cadaver of conservatism can be revived by the zombies which stalk Westminster present.
    It can and will get worse.
    Our liberties are under attack on all fronts. At what point will May (or Rudd), revive the demand for biometric identity cards or chips? After the next atrocity? Or at next year’s conference?
    Our organs, after all, are merely the first step. It’s really possession of our souls that the Mephestophilians want.
    Still I always like to end on a positive note so, as Kim might say, here’s Tom Lehrer to close the Conference season.

  47. Thanks Noa, that’s twice today I’ve been cheered by your words and the links.
    I think the political swine are impervious even to Tom Lehrer were a latter day incarnation of that talent to emerge. They are immune to abuse and honest to God, and this from a man who has never hit anyone in his life, I think violence is the only way, or massive nationwide civil disobedience. How many trucks and tractors would it take to gridlock the nation’s roads. Just a bit of coordinated parking on the motorways, lock the vehicle and walk away with the keys might give them something to think about, at least the fact that actually we do have power, and we should withdraw our consent to being ruled in this tyrannous way while being fleeced literally body and soul to pay for it.

    Anyway, as we’re sharing music today, when we go we’re unlikely to hear anything more stunning than this when we get there. And I know you’re more monk-like than me, but there is much beauty to behold!

  48. “. . . having long discarded its principles, now searches for ideas and policies amongst the discarded contents of the Soviet litter bin that is now the Labour Party.”

    Brilliant not just for the prose but for its absolute truth.

  49. Peter Mullen on the disaster that is May.

  50. My tutor went for a meeting with Joe Gormley in 1974 and was told that he was not worried by the PM because he had enough on him to ensure that he, Joe would win.
    In the end he did, but probably not because the dirt was used.

  51. Noa

    Thank you for harvesting and posting Peter Mullen’ article. It’s a real barnstormer and needs to be widely distributed. She must have seen it by now: anyone that has a shred of self-awareness, of shame at her own ineptitude, for the sake of of her party, the country and our civilisation would bow out.

    And congratulations, Peter Mullen, for spotting the delicious irony of the “F” falling off. She should heed the clear message from the seven blind bastards of fickle fate. Eff off – indeed!

  52. For a moment in reading Alexander Boot’s post on Mother Theresa I thought he was referring to the secular saint that is the Holy Theresa May, she of the falling letters, the P45 and the Damascence silence, so you may imagine my relief when on further reading of his post I learning that he was in fact expounding of the heresies and intellectual disfunction of a Matthew Syed, a Times sports journalist who had the temerity to opine beyond both his remit and his ability.
    No unusual feat there I’m afraid; The Cameron enabled ‘My Lord’ Aaranovich regularly flatulates on matters beyond him. Take for example his post today; this considers that ‘Stephen Paddock is more terrifying than Bin Laden’ because he killed four more people than the London tube bombers; so blithely ignoring the unstoppable conveyor belt of Islamic terrorists of varying proficiencies before and since that have killed many thousands, indeed hundreds of thousands. Which then should we fear? The full frontal bearded assault on the West and its decadent civilisation perpetuated by the new ethnic Europeans, or the semi automatics wielded by the white fashionably stubbled loner?
    Definitely, it’s the latter, says M’Lud.
    “…Day after day after day with only himself to please. Stephen Paddock with his boring existence and his pointlessness is what is really terrifying…”
    So, unlike the motives of Islamic terrorists whose purpose and ambitions are crystal clear to the public, if not to the media and politicians whose cry is always why did they do it? The motives of Steven Paddock are precisely reversed for this omniscient press Baron. He knows clearly what his motive was, despite the lack of evidence either inferential or direct.
    It was boredom and pointlessness.
    Well, we are all relieved to learn that.
    And whilst white ennui and its practice is more terrifying to M’lord than exploding Islamics I prefer to give priority to my fear of the latter; after all as Voltaire pointed out, God or rather Allah, in their case, is on the side of the big battalions. And even mass Islamic inefficiencies will eventually improve or swamp even the misplaced terrors of the finest liberal journalism that the Times may muster.

  53. 1922 Committee – do your duty!

  54. If we are to take any message from the terrible events in Las Vegas it is that old white men are capable of a terrible wrath; efficient. dispassionate and ruthless in its execution.

  55. Asked about her son’s prank at #Conservativeconference, Irene Brodkin said ‘Simon has always been a wanker, it’s a pity his father wasn’t.’

  56. John Birch

    Thanks for that – a belly laugh before turning in is fillip for a good night’s sleep.

  57. @Frank P 5th, 18:50

    “1922 Committee – do your duty!”

    From what I’m reading, that’s not going to happen … they’re almost unanimously behind her.

    I see the Speccie’s already suggesting that Shapps has fired off his ammo too early.

  58. Ostrich

    The fact that Nigel Evans is currently its Vice Chairman is all I need to know about the current 1922 committee – and indeed the ‘Conservative Paaahty’. There is no party deserving of my vote in the UK at the moment. Moreover 90% of the electorate are deluded idiots. The job of the unholy alliance – crypto-commies/Mo-ists (sic) – is almost complete. All that we small cadre of coffin dodgers can do is to treat the ensuing internecine showdown between the two (in temporary axis), as bizarre entertainment – a few scenes of the tragi-comedy – and then mourn the end of our family-based country; the Judeo-Christian culture that underpinned it and the civilisation that it bequeathed to the Western World – and even parts of the Asian world: all squandered by our issue, whom we silently allowed to be brainwashed, raped and pillaged by treasonous indigenous politicians and their alien and deeply inimical cohorts; while the globalists of high finance skimmed the product of our enterprise and trade and squirrelled it into offshore bank accounts or the vaults of the venal Swiss bankers. And that tirade doesn’t even touch the high treason of our selling out to China and Iran, not to mention our dependency on Saudi oil and Russian gas.

    Those of us who have tried to raise the alarm for over half a century, should rather have taken to the streets and, rather than protecting the free-speech of the leftist/Islamist mobs who did take the streets (as a diversion to allow their undercover reps to complete the Long March), should have ruthlessly put the fuckers down, rather than capitulating to them. That”s the trouble with a civilisation based on turning the other cheek. Seemingly it always leads to the violation of all four cheeks and the orificies between. Now its too late:

    “Once did I sing in less lugubrious tone,
    The sunny ways of pleasure’s general rule;
    The times have changed, and, taught by growing age,
    And sharing the frailty of mankind,
    Seeking the light amid the deepening gloom,
    I can but suffer, and will not repine”.

    François-Marie Arouet, nailed it in that verse. He went on to talk about hope. Sadly I have the benefit of hindsight and ‘hope’ would not feature in my prosaic prognostcations as I survey the shite that surrounds me on this thoroughly screwed and hopelessly skewed planet.

  59. Melanie must get her inspiration from the Wallsters.

    “…To say the party is now finally tearing itself apart over Europe is again to miss the point. The party has forgotten that its principal task as a conservative party is to conserve – to uphold, protect and defend what is most valuable to the nation. And that is nothing less than British national identity itself and the values that this embodies…”

  60. An interesting post by Peter Hitchens on the challenges for nation states within the EU, that ‘continuation of Germany by other means’, to paraphrase Clausewitz.

  61. And Mark Steyn considers the same challenges from a Canadian perspective.

  62. And Douglas Murray neatly sums up “The States we’re in” in this Gatestone post.

  63. @Frank P 6th, 15:51

    “all squandered by our issue, whom we silently allowed to be brainwashed, raped and pillaged by treasonous indigenous politicians and their alien and deeply inimical cohorts”

    Indeed. I’ve long felt that Maggie’s earliest mistake was failing, after she’d seen off Scargill & his cohorts, to take on the teachers. They’d done a job on her as Minister of Education under Head Teeth and the time, and atmosphere, were ripe for payback. Fortunately, in our little enclave, we were spared the worst of the lefty multi-culti claptrap foisted on others further south, but 50% of our offspring still ended up lefties. 🙁

  64. Frank P 15:51

    As a close friend once declared, “I’d prefer something a little more reliable than hope!”

  65. Noa 16:37

    The irony is that the country is in a jam and there is nothing left to conserve!

  66. Ostrich (occasionally) 18:45

    If there was one U turn that MT should’ve made it then it should’ve been the restoration of the grammar schools. It was blindingly obvious from the outset that the introduction of comprehensives was a vehicle for the debasement of education.
    Did anybody ever ask her why she didn’t?

  67. @EC 6th, 20:57

    “If there was one U turn that MT should’ve made it then it should’ve been the restoration of the grammar schools.”

    Yes, well, in my mind that was conflated with ‘taking on the teachers’. Sorry it wasn’t explicitly visible in the print version. 😉

  68. It didn’t know that The 1922 Committee had been “Nigelled.”
    Cue ACP!

  69. One would be hard put to better Bradley (scan also the postings – an almost unanimous, and rare agreement with the author):

  70. Ostrich (occasionally) @ October 6th, 2017 – 23:15

    Baron reckons, O(o), the key U-turn the saintly One should have made was never to stand for the top job.

  71. Noa @ 16:37

    The four links are excellent, (the great Mark more so than the others), Noa, the barbarian has enjoyed them all.

  72. Frank P @ October 6th, 2017 – 15:51

    This is a law governed country, Frank, the building of barricades is good for the Continentals, the Russians and such. If only the unwashed haven’t given up on voting for the right party when they had a chance e.g. UKIP, we may be somewhat better off now, no?

  73. Colonel Mustard @ 16:33

    Are the Tories any better then, Colonel?

  74. Baron October 6th, 2017 – 23:55

    I don’t understand what you mean Baron. That WAS about the Tories. Please go to Noa October 5th, 2017 – 15:32 for the full context. His brilliant polemic was about the Tories, now following Cameron and under May a Blairite cod New Labour party.

  75. Frank P October 6th, 2017 – 15:51

    On the money as usual.

    It is now apparent that Britain needed a General Pinochet rather than a Mrs Thatcher.

  76. John birch @ October 5th, 2017 – 07:06

    A fascinating subject, the Chinese typewriter, John, but does the book actually tells one how it’s done with the latest IT advances? The Japanese manage it, but they have two ways of describing each kanji (hiragana and katakana) hence it’s easier to get the required kanji. (The Colonel will know more).

  77. Colonel Mustard @ October 7th, 2017 – 00:13

    Got it, now, Colonel, the barbarian hasn’t scanned that high when he typed the posting.

  78. Baron 23:45

    You’d rather that Edward Heath had continued, or that Geoffrey “dead sheep” Howe had become leader? FFS, either of those two and we’d have had Comrades Scargill & Gormley running the country. MT reversed the economic decline and laid the foundations of the prosperity that her “heirs” have been squandering for the last 20 years.

  79. The clip is somewhat outside the frequency range of most of your postings, it’s relevant to the barbarian, on his travels he has met a couple of American professors from the state that declared itself ‘safe’ for illegal immigrants, you may well figure what the two were arguing.

    Baron’s point to them was exactly what Ann is putting forward. If a State can pass a law that contradicts a Federal statute, is it legal? It smells like a step towards independence for California, no? Plain silly, conflicting, and of course, must be illegal.

  80. EC @ October 7th, 2017 – 00:25

    That must be the jet leg kicking in (only joking), better still, the result of a partial blindness, EC, Baron was talking about the saintly one, TM (Teresa May), not about the great MT (Margaret), humble apologies to you and O(o).

  81. My only surprise is that they haven’t blamed this on Trump!

    I invite wallsters to google images of the Painted Lady and Monarch butterflies and if they find them “easily confused” then to apply for a white stick and guide dog forthwith!

  82. Baron 00:38

    “Jet leg”

    Bwahaha! You don’t know just how appropriate that typo is in my case!
    More accurately “airport leg”, I suppose.
    The long limp home thru the airports, the return legs(ha!) are nigh!

  83. EC October 6th, 2017 – 20:41
    Noa 16:37
    “The irony is that the country is in a jam and there is nothing left to conserve!”

    Then we may at the very least take the swat to the flys around the jam pot!

  84. EC @ 01:05

    It may have been a genuine mistake, EC, rather than a typo, who can tell, the education of the Slav in question was poor, he confuses easily and frequently the two letters ‘e’ and ‘a’ not just in a written form but when pronouncing them, too.

    In addition to the self generated warts that’s what a culture suffers from letting people like him in, be this a lesson for the ones with the right to vote, they should avoid putting crosses against the name of any politician favouring an open border policy, go instead for those of the Nigel’s sort, or abstain crossing the whole form, noting their displeasure with messages such as ‘what an unappealing selection’ or ‘no, thank you’, or just simply ‘effoff’ ….

    To cut the c rap, thanks for pointing the error out. And when you have the time, tell isomer about your travelling. Anything of interest noted by you?

  85. What TF is isomer (see Baron @ 09:32)? The sentence the barbarian typed, or thinks he was typing, was ‘tell us more’, the system in its embedded wisdom changed it to isomer.

    There is (as far as Baron can tell) no mistake in the above sentence.

  86. Baron 09.32


    Which is precisely the approach taken by Rajoy to the voters of Catalonia.

  87. Noa 03.47

    “Flys”? Arghhh! Flies, flies!

    We are flies on the wall
    Inconvenient and small.
    When we are swished
    They won’t miss us at all.

  88. EC

    And welcome back.

  89. EC – 00:25

    Yes, TM is the reverse of MT. 🙂

    We should have noticed that earlier!

  90. EC – 20:57

    Reversing comprehensives would have brought MT down. I remember, from the mid-sixties, the head of steam built up amongst the SJW and the teaching ‘profession’ and the awe that parents had for teachers (in those days).

    It was also a policy that was not in the party manifesto, was enacted by local authorities (with glee) and had left parliamentry jurisdiction.

    You are right though: though it wasn’t the start of the decline, that happened well before WWII, but it was a major advance towards our current decline.

  91. Sebastian Gorka had it right on Fox News today. The brouhaha in the dead media over the threat to hunting posed by the seditious Democrat Party,which those media see as the main reason to oppose abolition of the 2nd Amendment, deliberately misses the point.

    The Englishmen who recognized, crafted and legislated the right to bear arms in America in the 18th century did so in an attempt to ensure a well-regulated militia as a bastion of the people against the appetite of tyrants.

    The epigones of those Englishmen in the United Kingdom have sold the pass, so that the matter of restoring the right to bear arms is not even up for discussion here.

  92. @Baron 6th, 23:45

    “the key U-turn the saintly One should have made was never to stand for the top job.”

    Yes, well … bit late for that now. Looking forward, the best thing the party can do is support her to make the best fist she can of the job over the next two years. Beyond that? Well, let’s look again on 30-03-2019.

  93. The destruction of the grammar schools was one of the greatest acts of vandalism in the history of this country and has had a profound effect on social mobility. It has contributed significantly to the general dumbing down of the population, the decline of skills competitiveness and the rise of a political careerist class.

    Thatcher is routinely blamed by the dissembling Left for closing more grammar schools than Labour but it was a Labour party policy and already well under way when she became Education Minister. When it was issued in July 1965, Labour’s Circular 10/65 to begin the conversion of secondary schools into comprehensives used the word “request”, but in Circular 10/66 the DES had threatened to withdraw funding from the LEAs for any new schools which were not comprehensives:-

    “Accordingly the Secretary of State will not approve any new secondary projects (i.e. any projects not already included in an approved programme) which would be incompatible with the introduction of a non-selective system of secondary education. In cases where the Department does not yet have the necessary information about reorganisation schemes, authorities are asked to describe for each secondary proposal how it will, or could, fit into a comprehensive pattern.”

    This was proven to have an effect on LEAs which wanted to maintain the tripartite system. In addition there was the usual Leftist ideologically motivated subversion at work which wanted the destruction of the socially mobile, conservative leaning working and middle class that the grammar schools represented. Their secretive agenda was to rub the right’s nose in a dumbed down, secondary modern lack of diversity. The BBC has assisted by creating uncouth role models in dramas touted as “reflecting” society but in fact negatively influencing it.

    In 1970 Thatcher replaced 10/65 and 10/66 with 10/70 which freed LEAs to decide the future of Secondary Education in the area under their authority independently of the DES. As well as the fact that many LEAs were already too far down the road of conversion to halt the process the NUT kicked up about 10/70 and began the usual agitation so typical of the Left, complaining of the lack of consultation and that it encouraged those LEAs opposed to comprehensive education as well as endorsing the “heresy” of school selection at age eleven.

    Thatcher failed to face this down but she was working under Heath. Before and after Thatcher the Tories have proved incapable of effectively opposing, agitating against or subverting Labour’s accelerating cultural revolution, much of which has been achieved by stealth, dissembling, the sponsorship and “normalisation” of extreme radicals, the elevation of agitating minority agendas and the corruption of civil service impartiality. All of this has been dressed up and disguised as desirable progress with little effective challenge or objective dissection of the consequences. Now the Tories seem fully on board with the Blairite form of socialism as well as conceding ground to Corbyn’s more obvious extreme left.

  94. Noa on Flies

    The beast English tradition, now displaced?

    “William Blake : The Fly
    Little fly,
    Thy summer’s play
    My thoughtless hand
    Has brushed away.

    Am not I
    A fly like thee?
    Or art not thou
    A man like me?

    For I dance
    And drink and sing,
    Till some blind hand
    Shall brush my wing.

    If thought is life
    And strength and breath,
    And the want
    Of thought is death,

    Then am I
    A happy fly,
    If I live,
    Or if I die. “

  95. Apologies – typo: for “beast” read “best”.

  96. @RobertRetyred 7th, 10:14

    “Reversing comprehensives would have brought MT down.”

    Yes, possibly, but she wouldn’t have had to do that. Simply allow the then existing
    grammar school base to expand. Let excellence shine through. The worst thing we can do is look at any of these problems as having a binary cause/solution.

    Oh, and BTW, the AMA, of which my father was a member (forefather of the ATL), was in fact anti comp in the seventies, so MT would not have been without support from within the profession. At that time they WERE the ‘profession’!

  97. I’d like to see a libertarian version of Gina Miller take on the Blair government’s handgun ban by citing the unrepealed 1689 Bill of Rights which it contradicts. Unfortunately we don’t have a NRA-type lobby here and the 1689 Bill has been thoroughly trampled on to by those who rule over us.

    Westminster can dissemble that the Bill is “extinct” but it would be interesting how a court might consider it as a point of law. How exactly could it be deemed no longer valid in legal terms since the 1997 Act makes no reference to it? Blair’s vile government effectively passed an Act which made the exercising of an earlier and existing Right a criminal offence. Astonishing that with all the lawyers stuffed into the House of Commons there was no debate about this apparent contradiction. None of the rights obsessed slimeballs stepped up to defend THAT particular right.

    But of course this sort of villainy was par for the course for Blair’s grisly gang as they made the exercising of free speech a selectively applied criminal offence too. And the Tories meekly stood by, too terrified and intimidated to protect us.

  98. For those who are wedded to the US government’s narrative on Las Vegas, and in particular the position that there was only one gunman, listen to Michael Savage’s radio show on Thursday October 5, especially the callers who had been shot at on the night, at:

    Is it possible for a government to be at war with its people? Surely not.

  99. Michael Savage has been banned from coming to Britain by the Conservative-Labour Party.

  100. I have listened very carefully to the various pieces of Las Vegas footage and I think that there were two guns firing. It might just have been echoes from the buildings but I rather think not.

  101. One of the callers to the Savage show, Gail, says she was standing with the Mandalay Bay hotel at her right shoulder when a woman just behind her and to her left who was facing the same way, was hit in the stomach above the navel

  102. Malfleur October 7th, 2017 – 12:09

    That is quite possible from a ricochet.

  103. It might be a good idea for the local police and the FBI to investigate this question of ricochets. I am sure that they will get around to it.

    The New York Times, Carlos Sim dixit, has said that there was not more than one gunman in the Las Vegas shooting.

    Although it should be noted that the police have stated that they “are confident that there was no one else IN THE SHOOTER’S ROOM BEFORETHE ATTACK”.


  104. By the way, one of Paddock’s planes was apparently sold three years ago to the United States Defense Department which is recorded since then as “grounded”.


  105. It’s worth watching this interview, not for it’s emotional component, but for the inadvertant data that oozed out from between the lines.

  106. The White House apparently has a video of Paddock swearing allegiance to ISIS…

    ISIS was of course partly organized and funded by the United States government…


    Is Langley in the crosshairs?

  107. Nobody knows the ‘motive’ for this massacre and probably never will. My guess, is that he decided to get an entry in the GBOR for the most successful ever solo mass-murder/gbh within a ten minutes time frame. He is likely to achieve that …. pro tem. And at the same time provide all the conspiracy theory nutters with a lifetime of speculation.

    Quite obviously, he was the covert killer of Judge Scalia, too. 🙂 Surprised Alex Jones hasn’t filled in the dotted lines yet.

  108. Frank P @ October 7th, 2017 – 14:08

    Agreed, Frank.

    The mystery, or rather the non-existence of Paddock’s motive stems from our recent conditioning, if there’s an atrocity of this magnitude then there must be a link to a creed, we think, to a group of fanatics, a creed, a foreign power, we think. In this case, Baron reckons, there’s no such coupling, the guy was an ordinary man who struck it lucky, made some money, indulged, but wasn’t notable for anything, one amongst millions of others, he may have had possibly some health ‘issues’, decided to carve himself a place in the history of the Republic, the venue was more than suitable what with the reputation of the place.

    The ISIS thugs saying he’s a soldier of Allah fits even if he had nothing to do with them, after all he slaughtered infidels, the only puzzle in this act of barbarism is the woman who allegedly went around the concert venue some 45 minutes before the shooting began saying ‘you will all die’, the Czech TV kept repeating it over and over the first 24 hours, then dropped it without saying whether it was true or false.

    This barbarous incident is the price the unwashed in the Republic pay for the right to bear arms, the atrocity hits the headline only because of the number killed simultaneously, in the same location, nobody ever mentions that 121 people in the country commit suicide each day, never together in one place, no story in it except for the local community.

    Whether it has reached the Western MSM the barbarian doesn’t know, but in the east there circulated for a while a theory of his link with a foreign power, an agent, possibly group unconnected with the creed of Allah (Putin again?, it wouldn’t shock, it’s the FBI leading the investigation), but it didn’t last long, no new development from this angle of the act of barbarism has emerged.

    Tinkering with the right to bear arms will do FA, only better vigilance by the agencies of the State, and above all ordinary people could make a notable difference. It still puzzles Baron how had he acquired the armour, converted it, brought it in unseen into the hotel, there must have been many who either knew or strongly suspected, will keep quiet now for fear of getting implicated.

    Sad, very sad, but not unpredictable.

  109. Baron Oct 6 (23:54)

    “This is a law governed country, Frank, the building of barricades is good for the Continentals, the Russians and such. If only the unwashed haven’t given up on voting for the right party when they had a chance e.g. UKIP, we may be somewhat better off now, no?”

    Simply answered – indeed “no” on all points.

    As for the “law governed country” element: well … let’s see. As described by your bete noire perhaps?

    You speak of long lost ideals which, as I confessed in my rant (implicating every other red-blooded English male subject of HMQ), to failing to fight for to the death, as had our elder brothers/fathers. We deserve our fate, and our issue and theirs will judge us (collectively) harshly. At least, I hope so. But what I fear may evolve is that in their ignorance and dhimmitude, they may not even be allowed to know – and will supinely adapt to their fate. And that’s presupposing that some idiot doesn’t trigger the Apocalypse, which grows likelier by the minute.

    UKIP, Baron? FFS, m’Lord! I fell for that scanario, too, for a very short spell. But let’s not dwell on it.
    We are all prone to unrealistic optimism from time to time. Farage has inoculated me against that weakness forever more. Fucking chancer! As for the rag-tag-and-bobtail remnants of that half-baked ‘movement’? Movement indeed! As in peristalsis.

  110. Bfw Baron, welcome back! Aren’t you nearly done with globe trotting?

  111. Colonel Mustard @ October 7th, 2017 – 11:44

    Yes, how true, Colonel.

    Imagine if a nutter of the Paddock kind were to attempt something similar here, not that impossible, more likely now what with copycat criminals on occasions following atrocities of this magnitude, the slaughter would have been that much more painful, the police and the people are unarmed, the special units take time to open the armoury, retrieve the weapons, travel to the place of crime.

    It has always puzzled the barbarian how much the people trust the benevolence of the State when all the evidence suggests it’s the survival of the political elite that tops the list of priorities for the police, other protective agencies of the State, rather than the people, whatever the political clowns may say.

  112. Of the two events of the past week; the referendum in Catalonia and the massacre in Las Vegas, which I wonder will prove to be of greater import?
    The former for (yet again,) unleashing the pent-up forces of patriotism, regionalism and nationalism in Western Europe, or the latter for initiating the disarming of Americans and the triumph of Federal government?

  113. Frank P @ October 7th, 2017 – 14:45

    First, apologies for the rant at 14:14, the barbarian was called for lunch (a fish soup, or rather a largish bowl of bouillabaisse, damn tasty, he can tell you), rushed to finish the piece, hence the errors, repeats or whatever.

    Points taken, but the poorly educated barbarian of Slavonic ancestry sticks to his belief and trust in the ‘healthy core of Englishness’, Frank. History tells one it, the core, does tend to hibernate often, keeps schtum for long periods of time, appears uninterested until the time comes. And when it awakens from the slumber it doesn’t shout, it roars, and things change. You’ll see, even you (and Baron) should see.

    Good piece by Mr. Boot, spot on, too.

  114. But there again Baron … as one of my LE counterparts in Noo Joisey keeps reminding me, a shark only dies when it stops swimming.

  115. Malfleur @ October 7th, 2017 – 13:54

    And the source of this piece of ‘this new evidence’ is what or who, Malfleur?

    Alex Jones? The man will find Deep State conspiracy in a handful of dust. On the other side of the scale Mr. Boot (or our own Marshall) will discover a link to the Kremlin. Entertaining, but helpful? Hmmm

    Grow up, life’s rough, unpredictable, seldom rosy, more often than not undecipherable. That’s what’s so attractive on it.

  116. sorry that last post was meant to follow mine at 14:45. I’m getting slow in the trigger finger. Perhaps I shouls acquire a ‘bump-stock’ (whatever TF that is)!

  117. shit! My 15:05 not 14 (whatever). 🙂

  118. More talking points by Inspector Clouseau from his buddies in the FBI?

  119. Noa @ October 7th, 2017 – 14:52

    Good question, Noa, both events (if one can call them that) have some staying power, the shooting’s a gift to those dreaming of curtailing or re-interpreting the 2nd amendment, the Catalonian crisis, too, should rumble for a while, after all, the region has been fighting for independence for over 100 years.

    On the police brutality in Barcelona: The Czech TV, as on message as the rest of the MSM here, ran a compilation of the police bashing the crowds then congratulating themselves, getting rewards fro mthe bosses. An old woman of about 80 weighing not more than 50lbs thrown over, she lies on the ground bewildered her right leg twitching visibly, the camera dwelling on it for some time; a young girl having her fingers turned around, one by one, she howls like hell, the policeman pays no attention, a man with a child on his shoulders gets kicked from behind, falls, the kids hits the ground, his nose bleeding …. It was incredible.

    If anything, in Britain the unit would be discharged forthwith, the chief sacked, no pension, the Home Secretary despatched to a monastery (at least), if not for the gallows. We should be thankful we live where we live, the world outside is notably nastier.

  120. Malfleur @ October 7th, 2017 – 15:19

    Tell us more, furnish a link, Malfleur, please.

  121. Baron 15:08

    Often better to wake up than to grow up.

  122. Have you noticed absolutely no one refers to the religion of peace any more unless they’re saying in a piss taking way.

  123. Baron 15:22

    “If anything, in Britain the unit would be discharged forthwith, the chief sacked, no pension, the Home Secretary despatched to a monastery (at least), if not for the gallows. We should be thankful we live where we live, the world outside is notably nastier.”

    I suspect the same authority actions and more, including arrest and detentions, would occur as took place in Catalonia, but it would remain unrecorded and photographed by the MSN,with the mobile networks switched off.

    How so, you may ask, incredulously?

    Any senior minister may, deeming a situation an emergency, may under the Civil Contingencies Act 2004, issue emergency regulations by Order in Council to protect life, communications, and supplies of money, food, water and fuel. It empowers the confiscation of property without compensation, the enforced movement of people from one location to another, the prohibition of any such movement or travel, enforced labour of citizens, the deployment of armed forces, the stipulation of new offences and the establishment of new courts and tribunals.
    Pre-trial detention is authorised by the Criminal Justice Act 2003, the Terrorism Act 20006 and the UK Borders Act 2007.
    Under the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005 demonstrations within one kilometre of Parliament are forbidden without police permission, who can also dictate how many people can take part and the banners they can use.
    Mrs May has quietly sustained New Labour’s assault on personal liberty and privacy since the 2010 election, witness the iniquitous Equality Act and the religious hate legislation which is now seeing the routine imprisonment of people for writing and speaking even the mildest comments to which the now ubiquitous thought police may take offence.

    On further, detailed reflection M’lud, do you still believe that we are really better off than the Catalans?

  124. July 28, 2016 – FBI Director James B. Comey has named Aaron Rouse as the special agent in charge of the Las Vegas Division.


  125. No mention of an autopsy for Stephen Paddock yet…I wonder if his intestines were flushed into the public drainage system like Supreme Court Justice Scalia’s?

    Suicide by two shots to the head, perhaps…? No credible evidence.

  126. Baron October 7th, 2017 – 15:22

    New Labour’s new police are not averse to the rough stuff but it depends on who they are policing. And the current Tories, once removed from Cameron (but not by much) are the Heirs to Blair.

    No endless calls for inquiry into the events of 2004. No constant whining and bleating by Burnham. Because the victims of that police brutality were not lefties or the protected favourites of lefties. New Labour and their police were sending a strong message to “Old England” that any resistance to their “programme” would not be tolerated.

  127. I meant to add that even in the 13 years since the Countryside march New Labour’s police have dramatised their public order paramilitary image with masked faces (per Antifa) de rigeur.

  128. Noa @ October 7th, 2017 – 15:52

    When can only bow to your knowledge of the statutes, Noa, but come on, is it really that bad here? Would any Minister of the Crown ever invoke any of the laws you quote to subdue a peaceful demonstration?

    Not where the barbarian lives, and not in most other places. Whatever one may hold against the police, the men on the beat behave well most of the time when dealing with the crowds, no Home Secretary would oder any of the units to behave the way the Catalonian special forces did, it was as if one were watching a film, unreal, the brutality was openly, indubitably, palpably excessive.

    Britain may have changed, but changed to the level of the Catalonian nastiness it has not.

  129. Noa October 7th, 2017 – 15:52

    “Mrs May has quietly sustained New Labour’s assault on personal liberty and privacy since the 2010 election”

    Indeed, and despite Cameron’s promises/lies in 2010 to “sweep it all away” and the Coalition Programme:-

    Section 3 from page 11 makes interesting reading in hindsight. May managed to dodge doing just about everything there. But what is even more interesting is how they/she got away with it. There was and has never been any serious political or media challenge to this failure, only the silly Davis/Chakrabarti campaign which New Labour’s placeman Starmer shrugged off with a bit of lip service and subsequent police behaviour has made a mockery of. Ironically Chakrabarti and Starmer now sit side by side under Corbyn. YCMIU.

    I realised reading your comment and writing mine how angry I am about all that.

  130. Spiked, the Communist blog, is celebrating the centenary of the Russian Revolution this month.
    The initial article “October 1917, a noble ambitious Revolution” by a Stephen Fitzpatrick, is worth reading solely for its remarkable qualities of self-delusion, self-deception, the regurgitation of tired CP dogma -and the thorough fishing it receives in the comments by more experienced, knowledgable and far less gullible students of the subject than Comrade Fitzpatrick.

    Likewise BBC2 has a series starting on Tuesday on the same subject, it will probably treat Lenin and his murderous followers in a similar partial manner to that which, as Colonel Mustard noted, the Vietnamese CP was given in its current series. But we can always hope for objectivity, can’t we?

  131. Notorious traffic junction at the Natural History Museum. ATS jumping, etc. Unclear pedestrian/parking areas. The MSM are not describing the driver’s ethnicity, of course. Might be one clue to consider if they did.

  132. Colonel Mustard @ October 7th, 2017 – 16:11

    Convincing set of pictures, Colonel, but one specific case (happening more than a dozen years ago, highly charged emotionally) doesn’t speak for the overall state of street policing in Britain, and the demonstrators were not angels either, the gave as they got, many police officers got injured, too, some seriously.

    One is instinctively on the side of the crowd, but the barbarian can tell you he encountered a hunt in progress driving through the countryside not knowing it was on (many years ago), was not at all interfering, simply asked whether the hounds caught anything like a cat, got physically handled quite badly, ended in a ditch.

    The Catalonian crowds were a mix of people, quite peaceful, no sticks, no throwing of anything, no placards even, the handling of them by the special forces was totally inexcusable.

    But you’re spot on on the militarisation of the police e force, the barbarian dislikes it, too, and on the opposition shout loudly only when a Lefty crowd gets the rough treatment.

  133. Noa @ October 7th, 2017 – 16:32

    Good link, Noa, the barbarian has read all the articles. It’s truly astonishing how the evil of the revolution (and that which followed) could still engender the admiration it does. It must be that unless someone experiences such a traumatic event one can never comprehend it.

  134. Errors again, aplenty of them, everywhere, sorry.

  135. One would be well advised to avoid London, or when in it travel in an armoured car. Anyone knows about a rental business for such contraptions?

  136. The man pinned down by the police, arrested looks like a Norwegian, it’s probably an accident.

  137. Large numbers gather in London this afternoon to demonstrate against extremism ; members of Football Lads Alliance (FLA) : a group under attack from Dianna Abbott and Amber Rudd.

  138. Baron

    I am greatly touched by your Panglossian view of the inherent goodness of the new world order so recently created by our politicians to protect us and to counter terrorism.
    Remember, even during the darkest times of WW2 such measures as ID cards and detention were only imposed temporarily and for the duration of the war. These new measures are permanent, not temporary laws.
    Whilst I hold no brief for Professor Grayling, whose liberal sentiments and view on matters from our EU membership to immigration I disagree profoundly: on this matter I share his profound concern.
    “It is clear from these [and other] measure what the defender of civil liberties will find objectionable in them. Remember the context: in a setting of ever-increasing surveillance by a variety of means, from CCTV cameras to communications intercepts, these laws…create a set of instruments which…are more characteristic of what we once called a ‘police state’ than a liberal democracy, including lengthened periods of detention without charge or trial, stop, search and house-arrest or control powers outside the court system, limitations on the right to protest, limitations on free speech…measures which apply to the population as a whole, any member of which can now fall under one of more of the provisions… on suspicion…”

    To your question, “Would any Minister of the Crown ever invoke any of the laws you quote to subdue a peaceful demonstration?” I answer; firstly, if they did not intend to
    use them if they think it necessary, why did they confer such powers on themselves?
    And secondly, what will stop their successors from using such powers for far broader purposes which were not contemplated at the time this invisible net was spun around what were once free men but are no longer.
    And I fully share Colonel Mustard’s anger at the blatant erosion of our ancient and hard won rights by the collection of apparatchiks, both left and right, in Westminster.

  139. I’m curious Baron. What made you think he is a Norwegian? I know the demographics have changed a bit up in Northern Yurrop, but the guy in the blue shirt being held down looks suspiciously dark skinned to me. He’s a mini-cab driver, too, according to reports.

  140. Baron
    October 7th, 2017 – 16:49

    Try the Home Office, who have a near monopoly on such services.

  141. Or did you omit to append your irony emoticon?

  142. Apologies – it was implicit. I’m slowing down 🙂

  143. Ostrich (occasionally) – 11:36

    Colonel Mustard’s (11:29) penultimate paragraph mentions that MT did alter the text so that there were more options and that ‘many LEAs were already too far down the road of conversion to halt the process’, with the NUT in ‘righteous mode’ and the anti-grammar school forces that had been building up for years, there wasn’t really much chance of success.

    I remember as I was in a grammar school at the time it all started and I wondered how my parents could be members of the most evil sect that had ever existed, by sending their children to a fee paying, public school! 🙂

    And I also remember well that MT’s own cabinet weren’t pro-Thatcher by any means! For some reason, at the time, the failing industries appeared a better bet.

  144. A few references to Maggie. The woman did some good but could have done a damn side more. Mrs T is often compared to Gloriana, wrong, if she is to be compared with anyone it should be Julian the Apostate, who for a few short years managed to roll back the tide of Christianity before being stabbed by his own side. The classics should be compulsory for our ruling class, ff they knew something of our past they might not be so eager to bugger up our future.

  145. The Natural History Museum incident: was it a protest gone wrongagainst Sadiq Khan’s Uber ban by an out of work taxi driver?
    (Move along please, nothing to see here)

  146. We know Spain really IS doomed when they start singing Y Viva Espana.

  147. Noa (18,00)

    Now being logged as an RTA by The Yard.

  148. You can go to bed tonight on an uplifting note (6 mins) 🙂 :

  149. If he was a uber driver, and he was screaming as his car mowed people down and it’s a rta, I’ll wait till I hear what version of Mohamed his name is and then form my own opinion.

  150. The next Census in 2021 will not require to know whether you are male or female because to ask that discriminates against transgender and non-binary individuals.

  151. António Guterres, the freeloading Secretary General of the United Nations, jumping on the climate bandwagon this morning and doing the meeja rounds demanding that we bail out the Caribbean Islands hit by the recent hurricanes – all due to ‘ocean warming’ and ‘climate change’ – says he.

    Listen you fat little dago, if the planet in such a state due to parasites like you jet-setting around the world, then I suggest that we abolish the whole panoply of the United Nations scam and use the money saved therefrom to cope with the occasional excesses of weather that occur quite naturally from time to time. As for the playgrounds of the high financiers in the tropics, let the fuckers draw out some of their ill-gotten gains to rebuild their paradise havens and to continue to pay the meagre wages of the slaves that service their luxury. And by the way, while they’re at it, how about some of the dosh being used to upgrade the A47 in Norfolk before the potholes do for my little Nissan Micra. Grrrr!

  152. Too busy, Baron, (lucky you), it’s in shorthand only:

    Noa at 17.05: The laws many object to were put on the statute books because the ghastly Blair wanted to make his wife and her ‘uman rites’ buddies happy. As with many other Left leaning ideas the incorporation of the codified ‘uman rites’ crap couldn’t have been objected to, it sounded, still does sound, noble, heart warming, right on paper. Things may change if we get rid of the legislation in question, free ourselves from the clutches of the European courts.

    Frank @ 17:05: The ‘pun on ethnicity’ originated at the Spectator, a similar incident to the one at the Museum happened, a follower of Allah was involved, someone on a blog said ‘bloody Norwegians’, got alot of upticks for it, it took off, as more atrocities happened and the speculating began about the ethnicity of the man or men involved, often bloggers commented ‘t he Norwegian again?’

    Your curiosity satisfied now, Frank, or is the explanation too laboured, unclear?

    stephen at 17:47: Excellent point on classics, young sir, except that it’s too difficult for the current enlightened generation of whom the political class breeds.

  153. Frank P

    “…before the potholes do for my little Nissan Micra…”

    I had you down for a Toyota Hilux with wide tyres, in your part of the world, Frank!

  154. stephen maybery – 17:47

    She could have ‘done a damn side more’ with a few more allies in and out of government.

    There was a TV programme (Ch4, I think) that went to a South Wales coal mining town where the miners were all for not moving to a better paid, less dangerous, shorter hours, job.

    They moaned about what they had to do and what their fathers, grandfathers and great-grand-fathers had to do down the mine -yet they couldn’t see the opportunities that were in their grasp. Perhaps it was that they had to go against their union leaders, men of stature in the town and their own mates and there was no one to show them the way – too many Wets in the Cabinet for a start!

    Then, I heard shipbuilding strife continually on the TV, yet the problem was that, in order to compete, the docks had to be enlarged and that meant knocking down many of the workers houses that had been built around the work place over the years. Again, it was the brave, honourable workmen (living in cloud-cuckoo land) and the evil management (that where as effective as the current AoC).

    I have also read a book or two about those times and, far from being a commanding government, with everything under control, there were many times when a success was so nearly lost and others where unexpected events elsewhere helped.

  155. Aren’t you sad you cannot administer sunflowering (be on the receiving end of the administration of it)? Puzzled what it’s about? Click on the link, put in the search window (top right) the word ‘sunflowering’, and you’ll find out.

    This is pumped into young kids today, quite unashamedly, promoted by the perverts pretending the stuff’s helpful, paid for by the taxpayers.

  156. Noa @ October 8th, 2017 – 15:28

    And you trust him when he says he’s got a Nissan Micra, Noa? Hmmm

    The guru must be driving around in a tank, Baron reckons. The American M1A2 Abrams may have been too pricey for him to buy, the Armata is made by the Russians, he wouldn’t touch it with a bargepole. What was left is the British made Challenger 2, an excellent machine for boggy terrain of the Norfolk countryside. That’s the one he must be moving around installing fear in the hearts of the nasty progressives, no?

  157. RobertRetyred,
    interesting point on South Wales Valleys, moaning is the religion in that part of the world where everything from the expulsion from the garden of Eden to the incidence of piles in the population of Western Europe is all the fault of the Tories, and the Labour Party is sans peur sans reproche. What is invariably ignored is that the bastards are not even Welsh, they are the triumph of misogyny over good taste.

  158. RobertRetyred, October 7th, 2017 – 23:54

    Thanks for that.
    AND while we’re at it, Fuck the BBC, SKY, CH4 etc.
    BUT especially “BBC DELENDA EST” because it is funded by extortion, and to a lesser extent by the EU!

    BOYCOTT them ALL.
    Take out all your TVs and chuck them in the nearest skip!

  159. Frank P 10:41

    “… how about some of the dosh being used to upgrade the A47 in Norfolk before the potholes do for my little Nissan Micra. Grrrr!”

    The potholes are supposed to discourage speeding, Frank. 😉

  160. Noa – 15:28

    I reckon he’s got his old company car tucked away in the garage but he only uses it on special occasions; and only if it’s a dry day.

  161. EC 00:20

    With the following on the new fangled cassette player

  162. RobertRetyred, October 8th, 2017 – 16:48

    The German company BOSCH have a successful track record of opening profitable manufacturing plants in 3rd world countries. In the 80s or 90s they opened a facility on the outskirts of Cardiff, but even they “Failed in Wales.”

  163. Baron – 18:05


    Frank is too canny with his brass to be filling up that 1592 litre fuel tank every week to get down to Cromer for his fish and chips.

    This would offer a more resilient, road resistant and naturally fuelled alternative.

  164. Noa – 00:33

    Arghhh! You’ve just “Rick-rolled” me.
    Jack Warner should’ve been strung up for that!

    No, no, the sound system in that model of Jag only played opera toons.
    Predominantly Maria Callas if I remember correctly.

  165. Marshal Roberts,

    Talking about stringing people up, here’s something I stumbled across again recently…

    “The Law’s most terrible punishment is always what happens in a man’s own imagination: the prospect of one’s own, judicially executed killing is food for thought of the most ingeniously masochistic kind. To put a man on trial for his life is to fill his mind with thoughts crueller than any punishment yet devised. And naturally enough the idea of what it must be like to drop metres through a trap-door, to be brought up short of the ground by a length of rope tied round the neck takes its toll on a man. He finds it hard to sleep, loses his appetite, and not uncommonly his heart starts to suffer under the strain of what his own mind has imposed. Even the most dull, unimaginative intellect need only roll his head around on his shoulders, and listen to the crunching gristle sound of his vertebrae in order to appreciate, in the pit of his stomach, the ghastly horror of hanging. So I was not surprised to find Becker a thinner, etiolated sketch of his former self.”
    Phillip Kerr
    A German Requiem

  166. EC -01:04


    Is that what Boris Becker is thinking?

    Perhaps he’ll find the nerve to sell his Wimbledon memorabilia after all.

  167. And as a final thought, did you ever wonder why the council keeps those potholes in the road?

    I’ll get me coat.

  168. Jordan Safer speculates on what President Trump may have meant when he said that this is the calm before the storm (13 minutes):

  169. EC 0104

    I guess that is why the American model of contemplation on death row for eons is a greater punishment than the Chinese model of taking them outside on sentence.
    The underlying point remains in my mind that there are people so evil that we cannot let them exist to infect other prisoners with their evil.

  170. People like Adebolajo are pure evil in my mind and should not be here.

    “What we basically found is that as they believe more in pure evil, they’re more likely to support things like the death penalty, but it went through mechanisms like thinking the person was a demon and feeling the need to have retribution on them,”

  171. “there is good reason to believe that a particular convicted murderer might kill again, given the chance, then the alternative to execution would be a long, perhaps lifetime, prison sentence, to protect the general public. For such people, costly prisons are needed, and it is necessary to have prison guards whose working lives are spent in proximity to very dangerous individuals. In effect, for each killer so sentenced, we are sentencing prison guards as well. If not needed for such work, these guards might serve society in other useful and less onerous occupations.”

    So evil men infect, not only other prisoners but also the guards. Adebolajo should not still exist.

  172. Robert David Steele: Las Vegas Massacre False Flag Case Study – October 7th

  173. Robert David Steele: Las Vegas Massacre False Flag Case Study – October 7th


    I see that Vince has said that if we carry on with Brexit, not only would the pound coin be worthless but that the whole currency would lose its value. Cranstock has gone further to say that like Zimbabwe we would have to resort to paying for use of the US dollar as our reserve currency.

  175. David Lindsay, 11-56
    I’m desperately trying to think of any one of substance with the name of vince.
    Absolutely can’t think of anyone at all.
    Who on earth could you be referring to.

  176. John birch.
    October 9th, 2017 – 14:42

    Except that that honour is allocated to another.

  177. Oh dear, I’ve got to go and change my trousers, I just pissed myself laughing.

  178. Frank P
    October 8th, 2017 – 10:41
    “And by the way, while they’re at it, how about some of the dosh being used to upgrade the A47 in Norfolk…”

    Thought for a minute, Frank, that you wanted to upgrade your AK-47, was wondering why you needed an assault rifle in Norfolk, but then….. you never know!

  179. Malfleur @ October 9th, 2017 – 10:51

    Will these people ever learn, Malfleur?

    The more they single out some of the ‘undesirables’ links the greater the interest in them. The barbarian hasn’t heard of most of the ‘forbotten’ domains, has now bookmarked your link, will visit them one by one. There will be others doing the same, he reckons.

    As the wise old Chinese had it ‘that which is suppressed grows’.

  180. Malfleur @ October 9th, 2017 – 06:01

    The great Joseph is more logical, and the clip’s much shorter, Malfeur.

  181. Old, but well worth reading if you haven’t.
    Britain’s Anti-Democratic Electoral Commission | Gates of Vienna

  182. And this enlightened piece from a ‘writer in residence’ (in prison) as a supplement to @19:44:

  183. Baron 19:44
    I am so distressed by this story of this poor little soul – not only did she have to suffer the trauma of separation from her birth mother, she was then subjected to horrific treatment by her pretend ‘ mother ‘ – it’s too much, it really is.

  184. The Football Lads Alliance is a working-class movement – and the political class wants to ignore it | Coffee House

  185. If you don’t support the left you immediately become far right.

  186. John birch. October 10th, 2017 – 08:08

    The real phobics are the Left who have a phobia for any normal feelings of place, people and family and the instinct for vandalism and violence wherever they are shown.

  187. Steve Bannon gave an interview yesterday to Hannity which promises a campaign of Republican candidates of the ilk of Roy Moore against the party establishment in next year’s mid-term elections.

    What Bannon seems to promise is what I would call “muscular Conservatism”. A concept for British conservatives to investigate?

    Starting about 21 minutes in at


    This flawed and fatuous garbage is yet another attempt to foist multiculturalism on the UK and promote further positive discrimation, in favour of minorities various, on an already beleaguered indigenous white population that has been force-fed this crap by successive goverments of all stripes for many decades. All it does is to increase the sizes of the chips on the shoulders of incomers various. It is yet
    another cynical attempt by the vicar’s daughter to bolster her vote and cling hold of precarious and therefore sterile power. It is deeply racist in both intent and outcome and as transparent as her wafer thin majority. FFS you spineless arseholes in the Tory Party, get your act together and get rid of this socialist moll before she hands thecountry over to Corbynsky, Flabbott and the baleful shadow chancellor. We are in the throes of an unopposed invasion; indeed an invasion aided and abetted by our own parliament. Can anyone address the simple question, “If this country is so discrininatory against black and dusky skin, why is it that fuck knows how many of them ‘handicapped’ by their affliction have settled here in droves and continue to do so?”

    For those that do consider themselves so disadvanted I have some practical advice. ‘If you can find a better hole, thenn bye bye and good riddance!” Enough of your whinging, we don’t need help in that regard, we can perform that service for ourselves’.

  189. sp. ‘disadvantaged’ – apol. My stylus was quicker than my virtual keyboard. 🙂

  190. Frank P October 10th, 2017 – 14:12

    Chairman May’s “Harmanisation” is unhelpful and will simply encourage more racial tension. It will just encourage BME youngsters to blame any setbacks they encounter on the colour of their skin and cause more division and resentment. Life is full of setbacks and not all of them can be glibly attributed to racism or discrimination. Do we really want or need a nation defined by its supposed “victims”? here seems to be a strong establishment agenda to import US racial tensions and divisions into Britain.

    And you make a very good point that if it is so bad here why is it such a popular destination for immigrants?

    The woman is an absolute fool, badly advised, and too much a pea in the pod successor to the pillock Cameron who preceded her. She says that there will be “no where to hide” when it comes to inequality, behaving more like an uber-nanny head teacher than a PM and determined to treat us all as children.

  191. Tearful father recounts moment he saw adopted daughter in hospital
    No it wasn’t his fucking husband.
    Being polite at best it was his partner.
    Hang the bastard , cruel evil pervert.
    Please note, this is slightly off message.

  192. Frank and Colonel Mustard.
    All I can say is totally agree with you.

  193. Anyway, who claims to be the husband or wife in these fantasy relationships.
    Is it the one with control of the dildo,

  194. I’ve given up on the allegedly male versions, I’d like to see them up against an Islamic attack situation.
    Where on earth have come.
    My father fought throughout the Second World War for what.
    So useless leftie tossers could pontificate in the world he made possible.
    It makes me sick.

  195. The great Mark on the sin of Onan with abit of shrubbery and a rim shot into it, you should enjoy it:

  196. postergirl @ October 9th, 2017 – 20:07

    It took the barbarian three attempts to read the piece, postergirl, his heartbeat got boosted notably each time he turned to it.

    It’s not only the pervert who did the deed that sickens immeasurably, it’s the bastards who let him have the little girl. They would have already either begun rotting for a full life inside or swung from the gallows in a society that genuinely cared about its citizens, the totally defenceless babies in particular. One of the most sickening stories for a long time.

  197. John birch. @ October 9th, 2017 – 21:36

    If the barbarian knew about the event, John, he would have been there. An excellent piece by Brendan.

    It’s initiatives like this that holds the key to restoring the society’s sanity, acuity of togetherness, centuries evolved identity based on Christian values, and confirms Baron’s view the ‘healthy core of Englishness’ hasn’t yet vanished, is still alive, will make the difference when the time comes.

  198. Young actresses taken advantage of by big fat producer.
    Whoever would have thought of such a thing.
    That’s a new one for Hollywood.

  199. Colonel Mustard @ October 10th, 2017 – 15:26

    There also is a corollary to the negative outcome of the positive discrimination policy, Colonel. It turns the white majority, for it still is a majority, to be more discriminatory towards non-white ethnic groups, not openly, but in a clandestine fashion, finding reasons other than ethnicity to give preference to its own.

    The new push to end discrimination may well be well intentioned (they have to address it, the only other solution would be to go for a reduction in the non-white segment of the population, i.e. a policy directly opposite to the obsessive multiculturalism), but the way they go about it works against it, one almost suspects it may have been designed to achieve the opposite of the publicly stated aim. Madness.

    Here’s a question for you, it’s a genuine question, not meant to be racist in any way. Science today is able to reduce the amount of skin melanin, turn black into white (and vice versa), well, almost e.g. Michael Jackson. If someone of a darker skin were to undergo such a conversion would that help? Would this individual be treated as a white, or is there a difference that’s more than skin deep?

    To achieve what the progressives aim for will take generations, centuries. Evidence shows that tribal allegiances are amongst of the hardest to break. Not that long ago, the barbarian was watching a TV programme in which people of Yorkshire were claiming to be superior to other (white) tribes inhabiting Britain. The Catalonians similarly see themselves as different from other Spanish tribal grouping e.g. the Basques. It’s the same in other nation’s states whenever one looks.

    To force the idea ‘we’re all the same’ down the throat of everyone with a diktat from above cannot work unless one were to use force cum harsh punishments, which could result in a revolt, a civil war. By far better would be to go about it softly, creating conditions in which the tribal differences were to dissolve gradually.

  200. Folks – watch BBC 2 now – Tariq on the momentous events of a century ago.

  201. John birch., October 10th, 2017 – 16:03

    “Frank and Colonel Mustard.
    All I can say is totally agree with you.”


  202. John birch, October 10th, 2017 – 18:04

    🙂 🙂 🙂

    Don’t hear Chuck Schumer or Nancy Pelosi demanding that the Dems hand his money back. Hypocrites.

  203. I’m looking forward to Paul Joseph Watson’s video on Treezer’s ethnic audit. Perhaps entitled “Theresa May is Fucking Moron”?

  204. Baron, October 10th, 2017 – 18:30

    You have to think about Yorkshire & Yorkshireness in the same terms as the former DDR. Only the more intelligent rugged individualists ever escape the conditioning or the borders. If you ever encounter a “professional” Yorkshireman off the reservation then smile indulgently, be compassionate but do discretely tap the side of your head and roll your eyes in order to alert others around you to his/her presence.

  205. Many years ago… Single parent and Member for Hackney sent her son to a posh school outside her constituency so that he didn’t have to go to his local school and be exposed to negative influences. i.e. A lot of other black kids from single parent families, gang culture and gun culture etc. What a hypocrite.

  206. In their programme blurb for the BBC’s inappropriate and rather disgusting commemoration of the Russian communist revolution, the Radio Times asks:-

    “. . . was it a triumph of people power or a political coup d’état that led to blood-soaked totalitarianism?”

    You have to wonder about the mental convolutions of the sort of idiots that can write that tripe and expect it to be taken seriously. Rather like describing any performance by that ghastly communist agitator and anti-social subversive Tariq Ali as “magnificent”.

    The BBC’s juvenile celebration of 1917, because that is what it is however the silly elitist socialists running that lousy organisation might dress it up, is in astonishingly bad taste. But the silliest socialists have always glamourised the horrors of communism and still do so, with their bloody red flags and bloody red songs. They take the hammer and sickle onto our streets as though it is a symbol to be proud of but should be as vilified for that as if they were marching under a swastika.

    The BBC could run a documentary about the Russian revolution any time. To do so in October 2017 is simply sick in the head. I refused to watch the tripe and instead spent the time thinking about the stolen lives of the (at least) 262,000,000 people worldwide who have been murdered by the promoters and followers of the vile ideology. Who still view the monster Stalin as an admirable strong man who broke innocent human eggs on a gigantic scale to make his stinking communist omelette.

    There are not candles, flowers, teddy bears, Lennon songs or minutes silences enough to contemplate the staggering horror of it all and yet a significant percentage of the modern British population still believe in the ideology responsible for it and would like to take that sickness into government. And they are treated as respectable political figures by the BBC instead of being tarred, feathered and run out of town on a rail as they so richly deserve.

  207. Mr Boot on Harvey Weinstein and other weighty matters…

    “Who needs satire, stand-up comedy, erotica or studies of human pathology when we have The Times, The Telegraph, The Guardian and so forth.
    Satire in particular can never keep pace with reports on everyday life.”

    Mr Boot comes to the same conclusion as Mark Dice and others regarding the accelerating insanity exhibited by the MSM.

  208. EC (23:50)

    Now that the Weinstein Company have canned its eponymous Head, for onanistic exhibitionism, perhaps they should mark the event by renaming the Company the J Arthur Stain Company – thus marking for posterity the sins of the founder and reminding us of a byegone film mogul who refrained from such perverted practices (or at least didn’t get caught) notwithstanding his immortal entry in the lexicon of cockney rhyming slang.

  209. Colonel Mustard (23:13)

    Another seminal exposition on the monstrous evil of communism, the egregious leftist bias of the BBC and the useful idiocy of the resident troll, not to mention an excoriation of the zombie Tariq Ali. Excellent.

  210. Robert Retyred (22:03)

    Forensic analysis my arse! What’s the equivalent expression or photo shopping in the case of audio rigging?

    FFS lets not reduce CHW to David Icke or even Alex Jones conspiracy lunacy.

  211. Ian Dale sliced open Theresa May today by asking her if she would vote leave in the case of a second referendum on Brexit. Her evasive and red-faced waffle gave us the answer – she’s a remainer and the rest of the cabinet charade is bullshit. They have no intention of leaving the political gravy train. They are all attit! Now there’s a conspiracy that I’m prepared to believe. Long standing, resilient. Scamsters Inc.

  212. Yall still there?
    Through all the salacious stories coming out about Weinstein’s casting couch, the greater crime of this monster must not be forgotten.
    He gave $1.4 million to the damn woman Clinton. If he wants to be rehabilitated then he must apologise for that.
    Love to Andy.

  213. I posted last week on the leftist response to Las Vegas.

    Did yall know that Mandalay Bay’s 2012 guidelines for private security ban guards from carrying “weapons of any kind.” The guidelines define weapons as “guns, knives, nightsticks, mace, pepper spray, stun guns etc.,” all of which are designated as “strictly prohibited on Mandalay Bay property.”

    It is not much reported that a security guard discovered Paddock six minutes before the attack and as per guidelines was not armed.

    What if he had been carrying a Glock 19 with a 15-round magazine and had been well-trained in use of the firearm?’

    Clintonistas argue against more good guys guns and even against the basic premise that a good guy with a gun is the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun. But such arguments are not logical.

    Think back to the shooting in which Karl Halverson Pierson entered Denver, Colorado’s Arapahoe High School with a shotgun and was confronted by an armed guard.

    The armed guard began running toward the sound of the shooter as soon as the first shots were fired. Arapahoe County Sheriff Grayson Robinson said that as a result of the guard’s action, “the heavily-armed shooter realized he was about to be confronted by an armed officer and took his own life.”

    Because of a good guy with a gun the Arapahoe High School shooting lasted 80 seconds and only took the life of one innocent.

    Much love to Andy

  214. No one knew the last financial crash was coming.
    No one knew about Muslims abusing under age girls in Rotherham and towns and cities all over the country.
    No one knew about Marxist ideology infiltration of education , social services, police, and just about everything that is funded by the taxpayer.
    No one knew that global warming and green issues was an utter scam from the word go.
    No one knew that the common market was a name deliberately chosen to fool the public when the reality was a plan to create a European superstate and take away sovereignty from individual nations.
    No one knew that flooding illegal immigrants into the west was part of a plan to change Europe forever.
    No one knew that Islam is the radicalisation that encourages jihad.
    No one knew Islam was not the religion of peace we were told it was after every attack.
    No one knew that most Muslims want sharia law to be above human law .
    No one knew that flooding the country with people who shouldn’t be her would mean they may actually have to live somewhere.
    And they may have to use NHS, schools, local surgeries, prisons.
    No one knew that foreigners who are illegally here don’t always tell the truth about anything never mind ignoring any rules and regulations they don’t want to abide by.
    No one knew that illegal sub Letting was going on until the grenfell fire.
    No one knew that London was sucking in corrupt money from all over the world.
    And now the best one of all.
    no one knew .
    Amazing what we don’t know isn’t it.

  215. And of course no one knew about Jimmy saville even though stories had filtered down to the man on the street.

  216. For sale (or would consider exchange for a council house in Islington):

    One ex-Cabinet couch. Slightly marked.

    Guaranteed salmonella free.

  217. from Rotherham Council’s website:

    “Rotherham Council has been shortlisted for the Best Social Work Employer of the Year prize in the acclaimed Social Worker of the Year Awards 2017 as a result of their outstanding work with vulnerable children. The Council has been singled out following its successful social work recruitment drive – which has led to more social workers than ever before wanting to come and work in Rotherham. And we have been told by Ofsted in recent monitoring visits that we are have a positive organisational culture.”

  218. Noa (10.20 & 10.22)

    Great start to the day: a double whammy! Sums up the SOP admirably.

    Cop this one as a follow through:

  219. John Birch

    Nobody knows nuffink, guv’nor.j

  220. Few things get me as riled up as all this racist crap. I have lived and worked all over the World and can state without reservation that this is the most generous and tolerant nation on earth. If you think there is somewhere better then go and live there, not forgetting to take Dianne Abbot and Gina Miller with you.

  221. Noa – 10:22

    Cue Richard Littlejohn!

  222. John Birch – 08:08

    Never underestimate the Chinese!

  223. E C 12-23.
    I never underestimate the Chinese, I’ve got a shanghainese one for a wife. !!!!!

  224. Most amusing to read all the reports of the various Hollywood and DC rats who are scrambling to abandon the SS Weinstein.

    A man dressed as a shark was arrested in Austria and officials cited the countries Burka ban

  226. JJB – I come back here after a lapse of weeks to find your asseverations of undying love. This blog is not an Annie Proulx novel in progress, Cowboy. Saddle up and head on back to Clovelly, where the cream goes on the quaint li’l ol’ scone first.

  227. stephen maybery – 11:54

    … and Bob Geldof!

  228. Hopefully Frank will be able to update us on the progress of the new reformation taking place in Norfolk.

    Victims of the master onanist Harvey Weinstein take note.

  229. Mark Steyn on radio – stream of consciousness and very entertaining:

  230. @Noa 11th, 16:48

    “Victims of the master onanist Harvey Weinstein take note.”

    The bible is clear that Onan’s offence was coitus interruptus, not masturbation. If rabbis, priests and prelates have since given it a different interpretation it simply reinforces the case for my extreme distrust of those b*ggers.

  231. Is the ‘celluloid ceiling’ the real reason that the wimmin have suddenly decided to expose J Arthur Weinstein as Flasher of the Century.

    Casting couch cockery has been the story of Hollywood since the days of silent film. As for Judy Dench – she with Weinstein’s name tattooed on her butt – DMAFF Jude, who’s kidding who here?

    Nah, it’s the Long March of the vociferous vaginas that’s behind this. Why we should have at least a third of the current news coverage devoted to the shenanagins of the whores and pimps of Tinseltown defeats me.

  232. Frank P October 11th, 2017 – 21:38

    Also of note that although nothing has yet been proven he has already been tried and convicted by accusation via media with punitive expulsions from various Luvvie Love-Ins already.

    The women are already “victims” because they and the media say so – so why bother with courts?


  233. Why is that ghoul Hammond busy resurrecting Remain’s Project Fear?

    Is that part of the plan?

  234. Sally Jones the white jihadi traitor whacked by a septic drone and her 12 year son, two birds with one drone. Whoopee! Yet already the bleeding hearts brigade are crying “Foul!”

  235. I’m shocked,truly shocked,to find that sexual harassment is going on in Hollywood .

    Pace `Captain Renault` ( Claude Rains ) .

  236. Ostrich (occasionally)-October 11th, 2017 – 17:15

    I doubt we will ever really know what their roles were, Ostrich, whether they were unwilling voyeurs, reluctant or joyous participants or simply fantasists.

    However the Convent offers them an avenue of spiritual salvation if they wish to avail themselves of it…

    As to ‘Justice for Harvey’… aren’t all the big trials in Hollywood conducted in the media rather than the Courts? Why change the Industry’s traditions now?


    The International Monetary Fund warned yesterday that problems in any one of nine of the world’s largest banks “could generate systemic stress” and that these nine institutions “may not be financially sound”.

  238. Hillary Clinton says she was “appalled” after hearing about sexual misconduct allegations against Harvey Weinstein
    Has she asked if he had a favourite place for his cigars as well.

    Language barrier
    Official PC-speak is ever more incomprehensible


    Since the EU referendum result last June our nation has been divided: not only by the vote but also by language. If 62 per cent of Britons (many of whom undoubtedly voted for Brexit) now say Britain ‘sometimes feels like a foreign country’, it’s not anti-foreigner prejudice so much as a feeling that people in authority are speaking at them in a foreign language. Not Polish or Punjabi but PC-speak, that opaque code that connotes whether you are ‘on message’ and one of ‘our kind of people’ or one of those racist lizard-brained Leaver oiks.
    Look at the new language of diversity that is now being prescribed in much of the public sector. The British Medical Association recently sent all its employees a 12-page booklet, ‘A Guide to Effective Communication: Inclusive Language in the Workplace’. This tells staff how to change their language to suit ‘an increasingly diverse society’, for example replacing ‘manpower’ with ‘staff, workforce, personnel, workers’. Ludicrously, pregnant women should no longer be called ‘expectant mothers’ but ‘pregnant people’. The Times reported in April that UK universities are forcing students to conform to new codes restricting the use of gendered language. The University of Hull warns students that ‘failure to use gender-sensitive language will impact your mark’; common terms such as ‘mankind’, ‘forefathers’ and ‘manpower’ should be replaced by ‘humankind’, ‘ancestors’ and ‘human resources’.
    Another layer of complexity is the demand for non-binary, gender-neutral pronouns and honorifics like ‘they’, ‘xe’, ‘ze’ and ‘Mx’. I was recently sent a code of conduct warning me of the cost of misgendering: ‘It is very important to note that any attempts to undermine pronoun introductions will not be tolerated’ [my emphasis]. I immediately became tongue-tied. Can you imagine then what it feels like to the uninitiated? The problem for most people is that they are not ‘educated’ in these linguistic niceties. I don’t mean educated as in qualifications. I mean trained in the cultural literacy now required to survive modern Britain without failing the language test and being castigated as transphobic or xxxphobic or whatever for using the wrong words.
    There is a distasteful snobbery lurking beneath the boast that Remainers had the best-educated on their side. But you don’t need A-levels or a degree to be smart, rational, politically shrewd, brave or forward thinking. History’s freedom fighters, from the sans-culottes to the founders of trade unionism — the people whose struggles created our modern, liberal Europe — were often uneducated, even illiterate.
    But the educational advantage that does matter is knowing the rules that govern new ways of speaking. These are often inculcated in university. In David Goodhart’s important book The Road to Somewhere, he describes the gulf between Anywheres (the metropolitan graduate tribe) and ‘Somewheres’ (the Brexitland tribe). The referendum results show that outside London and Scotland the highest-voting Remain areas were either ‘home to a university or have a very high entry rate to university’, while most high-voting Leave areas not only do not have a university but are geographically remote from higher-education institutions.
    Let no one conclude that those influenced by universities are enlightened free thinkers. Increasingly, today’s campuses are ideologically insular places that are hostile to freedom of speech and intolerant of dissent (my book I Find That Offensive! has examples). In the opaque world of student politics Germaine Greer can be no-platformed as the wrong type of feminist, speech is cordoned off in safe spaces and trigger warnings are issued for great works of literature in case they cause emotional distress.
    We might mock those absurdities of university life such as insisting that wearing a sombrero at a Mexican-themed party is racist, or the renaming of yoga as ‘mindful stretching’ because it’s been appropriated from cultures that ‘have experienced oppression, cultural genocide and diasporas due to colonialism and western supremacy’. But while all this seems far removed from everyday life, we should not fool ourselves that such censorious micro-managing of speech is confined to the ivory towers. It’s a mistake to underestimate the key role that colleges play in shaping the world view of the metropolitan elites who go on to dominate politics, media and employment.
    University life initiates almost half of tomorrow’s opinion formers into the rhetoric of identity and inclusivity, into the rules about which the combination of words can get you into trouble, into the parameters of what is considered offensive. It is this ever-growing army of graduates, well versed in the acceptable discourse, who now populate local government. They are often members of a new professional class of expert, trained to detect offensive speech and re-educate the public mind, and all the while making their way to commanding positions in public sector organisations.
    Look at how the Equalities Act 2010 has been used to wage a full-scale culture war against a variety of workforces deemed in any way insensitive to those possessing ‘protected characteristics’, and usually assumed to be so because they don’t use the correct lingo. One fashionable target — and one of the most invasive interventions by the army of language cops — is to disparage banter, so ‘mate speech’ is demonised as ‘hate speech’. For example, the Local Government Association’s report called ‘An Inclusive Service: The 21st Century Fire and Rescue Service’, declares the need to ‘change the culture of the service… historically dominated by white males’ by targeting workplace ‘banter’. The Oxford English Dictionary defines banter as ‘the playful and friendly exchange of teasing remarks’. More colloquially, it is understood to be the informal, jokey letting off steam, so important for camaraderie. But for the LGA, this unregulated speech is depicted misanthropically as an expression of ‘thinly disguised’ sexism, dangerous ‘macho culture’, bigoted small talk that needs to be stamped out.
    Such assaults on people’s free speech among friends are justified in the name of tackling bigotry. In fact, they reveal the bigotry of the ‘educated’ diversity enforcers, who remain unaware that their target culprits are not the ignorant, prejudiced Neanderthals they assume them to be, but just people who do not spout the correct jargon or share their ‘I Find That Offensive!’ thin-skinned mentality. Goodhart cites polling across both ‘Anywheres’ and ‘Somewheres’ that shows barely any divide on liberal issues such as gay rights and racial discrimination. It concludes that the Somewheres are ‘in the main, modern people for whom women’s equality and minority rights… are part of the air they breathe’. But who cares what they really think if they don’t talk the talk?
    Too many associated with local politics seem to be on a mission to police those who fail to adopt the correct terminology or attitudes. The LGA report includes a chilling threat: ‘Notwithstanding the need for personal freedom, everyone needs to know…that they will be excluded if they demonstrate words or actions that do not conform to the desired culture of the future. There is no room for maintaining the status quo.’
    If the missionaries for this new form of localism aim to replace the status quo with their own punitive dystopian echo chambers totally at odds with the electorate at large, then their cause is likely to suffer the same fate as Esperanto, doomed as a language spoken by a clique who can only talk among themselves.
    Claire Fox and Sam Leith on the perils of language on The Spectator Podcast.

  240. Andy, good to see you add normalcy to the Limey mix. Clovelly, that is my aunt, is coming to me this fall. Down here the mood music is stopping the flood of Mexicans already, even without the wall. Now you dudes take care of Brexit.

  241. As Liam bottles out of Today, we sing.

    Slinking in the dark,
    Lying low,
    Yearning to taste the hunt.
    Freeing the wild instinct,
    Opening up his senses,
    X-ray vision in the black night.

  242. And what induced this?

    Hammond organs play music.
    Your heart plays a symphony.
    Full of emotion,
    The end is nigh.

  243. Now yesterday’s man?

    Pussycat Dolls Meet Boris
    Pussycat Dolls,
    Pussycat Dolls,
    Where have you been?

    We’ve been up to London
    To see Queen The Musical
    Then went to see the mayor
    Hid his computer mouse
    On his electric chair.

    Switched it on!

    Not so much PC –
    More AC/DC

    And then we were gone
    On a sightseeing trip
    With an aunt and a niece.

    Poor Boris Johnson

  244. Oh Fergus, spare us.

    “We don’t need poems, we don’t need solemn declarations,” Juncker said. “We will need to adopt a program which will allow us to make progress”

  245. The Hollywood elite, the whole creepy lot of them, couldn’t wait to trash Trump over the 10-year old audio tapes where he mentions groping women, but managed to keep totally silent all those years while Weinstein was having his “fun”. Especially Meryl Creep, who makes me sick. Perhaps this holier-than-thou creature can go back to acting now instead of lecturing the world on how to behave.

  246. Pity the poor actresses who were never “assaulted” by Weinstein and are therefore unknown, obscure and not famous.

    It’s like sharks – a feeding frenzy.

  247. Not one off these victims (lol) seems to be able to say I’d have shagged anyone if it got me into movies.

  248. Once again it is Barnier and the EU making the running on Brexit and the UK government on the back foot in response. And of course the UK media and Labour’s odious Starmer lap it up and instead of being critical of Barnier and the EU they attack the government.

    Brexit is being fought on two fronts by a government which is at best lukewarm to it and doesn’t appear to know how to fight, except of course when it comes to the domestic promotion of trivial stupidities like May’s “audit” and the target is the long suffering public. Then there is no stopping their righteousness and determination.

    It is supposed to be a Union so why is the Frenchman being allowed to make unilateral and critical announcements on the “lack of progress” which Davis is then required to respond to. Oh for the refreshment of Davis making a statement about EU intransigence, arrogance and obstinacy as personified by the Frenchman. But of course he could not do that without being pounced on by the Remain fifth column, the treacherous media and the odious Starmer out to score party political points.

    The EU has been terribly damaging to the “guts” of this country with our politicians more willing to kowtow to those unelected European panjandrums than to do their duty by the referendum result.

  249. Paul T Horgan: Equality is a false god | The Conservative Woman

  250. Mr Weinstein had a clause in his contract effectively codifying his habits – if Weinstein “treated someone improperly in violation of the company’s Code of Conduct,” he must reimburse TWC (the Weinstein company) for settlements or judgments. Additionally, “You [Weinstein] will pay the company liquidated damages of $250,000 for the first such instance, $500,000 for the second such instance, $750,000 for the third such instance, and $1,000,000 for each additional instance.”

    Institutionalised prostitution – a million dollars a screw.

  251. John 7.58:

    “People are different and want to be so. Some differences should be approved, others, not. The ‘equality’ industry refuses to acknowledge this, and people suffer as a result. There is really only one true equality and that is the equality of our inevitable mortality.”

    I like the phrase “equality industry”.
    Needs to be shut down.

  252. Henry Bolton’s blurb for UKIP reads like a corporate CEO cum Rupert:-

    The word “communities” does not instil confidence and simply surrenders to the multiculti/identity group fracturing of society. And the apparent willingness to poach ideas from right, centre and left agendas suggests that this is not going to be a proper conservative party under Bolton’s leadership.

    Yet it is a conservative party which is needed to counter balance the leftist narratives dominating the political and public spheres. Trying to avoid characterisation as “far right”/”fascist” by appeasing and pandering to a dishonest and manipulative political and media narrative is not a great start and won’t stop the misrepresentation. UKIP need to confront and undermine that, not sustain it.

    But what I’d really like to know, given his background, is whether he is a Common Purpose alumnus?

  253. Colonel Mustard @ October 13th, 2017 – 11:03

    The ‘manifesto’, does sound like anything any politician bred in the chambers of progressive politics could put up, Colonel, but then look at the man’s background, he’s one of them, he may have been planted to put another nail in the coffin of UKIP. Nigel should do another re-entry, without him the party’s lost.

  254. We have to wait for Mutti to put another coalition together, in which she’ll carry on as before until the brainwashed German unwashed figure out for sure the newcomers will never like bratwurst, lager and lederhosen. Before that happens the negotiations won’t move much.

  255. The man’s a filthy pig, the wimmin (who put up with it) high class prostitutes, they’ve been made for each other. It’s an old story of the collision between a male lust and a female ambition to control it.

    What should concern everyone is not that it happens, but the hypocrisy of going about it by the anointed. If it’s one of their indulging, they keep schtum, if it’s someone on the other side of the fence, they shout, point fingers, accuse. Fugging hypocrites.

  256. Fergus Pickering @ October 12th, 2017 – 11:30 & 11.34 & 11.36


  257. Colonel Mustard (11.03)

    He reeks of it! Of course he may have assimilated the jargon by osmosis, given his various attempts to ‘lead beyond authority’ as he has butterflied around various military and police agencies – and tried to jump on the PCC bandwagon. He’s the final nail in the coffin of UKIP as a viable challenger to the two and a half traditional parties. The fact that the UKIP leadership was a choice between him and the commie lesbian says it all. As I said in earlier posts, when he emerged from the swamp of obscurity to take over the rabble abandoned by Farage: he’s typical of short-arsed twerps who attempt to make up for their lack of inches by assuming public office – any public office. I’m surprised he didn’t become a traffic warden. I can envisage him with his hand held computer peering at windscreens in the local car park.

    Having said that, the state of play in all the other parties is equally dire. Is’nt it, Sir Dickie? In fact, since you advised your old boss, Tone, in such succinct terms, things have deteriorated to an even sorrier state. You would have to include at least three more fucking-fucked expletives to cover it adequately and include”they” among the pronouns.

  258. Frank P @ October 13th, 2017 – 16:25

    Come on, Frank, without Nigel, the mass of support he had succeeded building up over the decades, the Boy wouldn’t have even considered the idea of a referendum. Whatever the outcome of the EU talks to enable our leaving the Brussels monstrosity, the door’s ajar, another push to open it more (or is it to shut it to the EU?) cannot be ruled out. The ‘healthy core of Englishness’ ain’t caput yet.

    The Brussels gnomes just don’t get it, the more they complain about our stance, kick at us, come up with demand for more money, the more are the people here in favour of cutting the cord with them off, it’s natural, peoples everywhere behave like that. The Brussels top layer of leadership certainly aren’t statesmen that breed has died out decades ago, they are not even third rate politicians. It’s individuals with egos by far exceeding their ability who got where they are because they had failed in the member countries, got pushed to Brussels. The lot of them.

    Anyway, the lot of you are setting the bar too high, one cannot move from where we’re are to where you would like the country to be at a stroke, one cannot reverse a course of a colossus overnight. More to the point, it’s often a move by a non-political entity that takes the progressives’ onslaught on past traditions, indigenous culture, common sense beyond what’s required by the law:

    And apologies for the glaring error at 15:19, one of the sentences should read “if it’s one of theirs indulging …”.

  259. Baron

    “We have to wait for Mutti to put another coalition together…”

    I disagree. Colonel Mustard has the right of it. May and her government couldn’t negotiate a goat stew in a goat farm. A singularly gutless government, risk averse and unable to demonstrate any commitment or provide support.
    Merkel may well be trying to schill her way through the Bundestag, it matters not: May and Davis should be kicking the shit out of Barnier, storming out of meeting and being prepared to climb on the le Shuttle back from Brussels for good.
    The only thing the wretched Tories can agree on the adaptation of socialist policies denigrating and diminishing their own people.

  260. Noa @ October 13th, 2017 – 19:10

    As the partially sighted said to the blind, Noa: ‘We shall see’. But you will like this, it echoes your last sentence so charmingly the barbarian can only envy you:

  261. Baron (23:18)

    Good piece, but a little prolix and repetitive dontcherthink? Colonel M has delineated the Tory Party dissolution much more accurately and succinctly in previous essays.

    And waiting for UKIP to get their act together is not the answer. In fact there is no answer. The whole sorry state of things entire will get worse before it gets better. A year of two of Corbynski and his Marxist cabal might arouse what you romantically call the inner core of Englishness and invoke a revival of conservative policy. But I fear that the very same inner core that you cite will perish with my generation, which is not just moribund, but cussedly coffin-dodging. That can’t go on for much longer. I have attended two more funerals of childhood friends in recent weeks and am beginning to feel guilty for outliving them all.

    Btw my spell checker underlined Englishness in red and provided the alternative as Hellishness. Cheeky bastards! An omen, perhaps?

  262. Baron

    You might also enjoy this. Plenty of home truths and headless chickens coming home to roost.

  263. This week’s Speccie, the “conservative” magazine, is infested with lefties, from Diary, through Letters, to Books.

    Will a proper conservative ever be invited to write Diary, I wonder, or will it continue to feature New Labour re-treads and BBC wankers with thinly disguised left wing instincts?

  264. Frank P October 13th, 2017 – 16:25

    I was suspicious of the “communist lesbian” too. She was so strident and unlikely that I wondered if her potential leadership role was contrived to ultimately discredit UKIP as an Islamaphobic shambles. Her and Bolton are like chalk and cheese so what were they thinking?

    Still at least the Pound sign’s gone, replaced by a lion’s head which has brought Linecker’s myopia into as sharp a focus as his relentless, jug-eared gormlessness. The old lion was a symbol of British strength and defiance long before overpaid and uncouth football gangsters appropriated it.

    Still, it rings hollow now as a symbol when it comes to politics. Cowardice, emotional incontinence and lack of backbone stalks the land. They should have chosen the Cowardly Lion from Oz. With the Wicked Witch in No.10 and her army of far from flying pigs we might truthfully say “Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in England anymore.”

  265. As the Government discloses that it was Iran launched the huge cyber attack on parliament that hit dozens of MPs including Theresa May and her Cabinet ministers, intelligence.
    In the succeeding story, and if intentional, with wicked sarcasm, the Mail Online
    asks the question:
    “Could you have been a Bletchley Park codebreaker? Take these fiendish puzzles and solve this crossword in 12 minutes to see if you might…”
    As we, the inventors of modern computing don’t have the ability to prevent a cyber attack on what should be the most UKG secure information one doubts whether our NEETs are really up to the job of modern cyber warfare.

    In the strangulated hysteria of political correctness is this we must now expect from the supposedly ‘free press’ the sort of nudge and wink reporting, ostensibly toeing the party line, that used to be prevalent behind the Iron Curtain? The truth alluded to, hinted at, but never directly revealed?

  266. And the Heart of the Matter….

    Truths are now lies and the liers have become the purveyors of ‘truth’.

  267. Baron October 13th, 2017 – 15:09

    I think the party is already lost, Baron. If you Google UKIP’s new lion logo you will see headline after headline of sneering mockery. The whole political and media establishment joined forces to prevent Farage becoming an elected MP and there is no candle holder to him in sight.

    Having watched Farage “misbehaving” in the European Parliament could you imagine him in the House of Commons? That snotty little runt in the Speaker’s chair would have had apoplexy. The whole lot were absolutely terrified of the shake up his presence in the chamber would have brought. A measure of their dim-witted cowardice is that England’s establishment preferred the SNP, mob-handed, to a single Farage.

    The funniest thing is that those dozy complacents think that Corbyn is a maverick, that professional back-bencher with his warmed up and re-invented 1970s unions stew and stale shoulder chips, still grimacing his way, Lenin-capped, toothless and squint eyed, in search of the “struggle” of 1968, like the man with no watch still waiting patiently for the missed eight-thirty bus to Hove at four in the afternoon. So May suppresses Farage, the true maverick, the real radical, and runs after Corbyn instead, desperate to be in his gang – and doomed.

    And as Frank observes, without a viable alternative in that chamber we are all . . . . .

  268. Is my computer is acting up, or is Google is trying to obstruct the Wall by hiding the current version?

    Whichever, CHWallers may enjoy may enjoy Googling ‘American Greatness’, ‘RealClear Politics’ & ‘New York Sun’. They bring to mind the expression “Hope Springs Anew”.

    Here’s one example –

  269. My own question after watching this is – “Why does China seem to be immune?”

  270. A cloud the size of a man’s hand? –

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