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  1. A New Wall.
    A New Year.

  2. Fury as deluded Brussels DEMANDS EU nationals in Britain should live by EUROPE’S laws

    THE EU is determined to keep European nationals living in Britain firmly under the iron fist of the European Court of Justice even after Brexit is completed, it has been revealed

    While the Brexiters and former Remainers just want to get on with leaving the EU, it looks as though the EU Elite and the Remoaners still are working hard to force a Brexit as hard, sorry, as CLEAN as possible.

    It is strange to see so many wanting to jump out of the lifeboats and return to the sinking ship, but then, after all, they are LibDems (who are not Lib or Dem)! 🙂

  3. Hello!
    Are Robert and myself the only two left.
    There are progressives to be nailed and multiculturalists to be consigned to the dustbin of history.

  4. I think the nonsense from telepat has really pissed people off.

  5. No site they post on supports their opinions. They are so far away from mainstream opinion that all they get is basically go away. They are on the wrong side of history now and appear to be clutching at straws.
    I feel slightly sorry for them, their like the deranged uncle at a party who no one wants to talk too.

  6. John birch @ 20:21

    Quite so, John, resigning from a blog that has been pummelling them for years can only give the anointed a partial victory. As you (or if may have been Romano) have said ignoring them is the best, it cannot fail, and is as British as a cucumber sandwich.

  7. No, Romano, you two aren’t the only combatants left in this bunker, the poorly educated Slav’s around as well, he didn’t post tonight, he was watching a repeat of World at War, one of his favourites (even though he slices some of its events’ interpretation differently).

    It should be a compulsory viewing for every political clown for one and one only reason: the evidence of sheer devastation of property, the pain, the suffering, the death of the innocents. How could anyone ever resort to achieve any goal, however commendable, meritorious or noble, through the means of war beggars belief.

    If you haven’t seen the series, it runs on one of the minor channels, ‘Yesterday’, you may like to watch it, the first instalments have taken it to just before the invasion of the Soviet Union. Tomorrow, it’s Barbarossa on.

  8. RobertRetyred @ 13:03

    Passions are still running high, Robert, that’s only human, understandable, when the time comes to start talking seriously both sides are likely to calm down, too much is at stake for either party to the divorce, the bigger the fuck up the greater the chance the EU monstrosity implodes as the unwashed in countries other than ours will tire of low economic growth, stagnating incomes, uncertain future.

    All it needs is a full commitment to leave on part of our current boss, the saintly One.

  9. Are you ready for a Victor Meldrew moment?

    The barbarian was hoping to order a batch of vitamins from a Net site, couldn’t get through to it because either the site didn’t work properly, or he messed up the required password (this is weird, he uses the same password for all the sites listed in his bookmark under the heading ‘shopping UK’.

    Still, the site offered the unlucky or stupid ones like Baron a chance to change the password, and here lies the problem. This is the message Baron got:

    “If you forgot your password, to request a new ONE TIME use only password via e-mail, please enter your e-mail address below, and click the ‘Request A New Password’ button. You will then have to immediately change this password again after you login with it next time. Passwords are not recoverable in the system, so if you lost your password, the only option is to request a new one time use temporary password”.

    What do you make of it? (If you are to bother yourselves, which of course you have no obligation to do).

  10. Baron – Just so. I can see that the Saintly One has avoided arguing with many of the cranks, though it mustn’t become a habit. As in snooker, to be away from the table for a long period can lower your game.

    One lives in hope.

    I am waiting for the false Climate Change agenda to disintegrate after January 20th. 🙂


    Assange is about to remove the gloves.

    By the way, Assange is Australian. Let’s put him on the Coffee House Wall New Year’s Honours List:

    Sir Julian Assange
    Sir Nigel Farage
    Sir Thomas Robinson
    Sir Paul Joseph Watson

    Make the Honours List Great Again!

  12. EC @ 10:02

    You have kept it a secret, your interest in small arms, EC? Are you an expert, or at least member of a shooting club?

    The old CZ75 was the favourite for the Czech equivalent of the KGB (amongst other agencies of the State), that and a long leather coat, and a hat. When the barbarian got apprehended for the first time, a number of them entered the room in the wee hours of the morning, two of them had hands in the coat pockets, undoubtedly holding the grip firmly. Bastards.

  13. RobertRetyred @ 00:14

    Let us hope, Robert, the disintegration hits other shibboleth of the progressives, too.

  14. Malfleur @ 00:20

    That would be overdoing it, Malfleur, but one can dream.

  15. Malfleur @ 00:28

    Good one, Malfleur, but it isn’t over yet for the Hon Muslim, he still has more than a fortnight to mess things up for the Donald. What may prevent a major nasty are the people asked to execute it, they must know that come the new Emperor their jobs, careers, pensions may be under threat. That’s a powerful inducement to be careful.

  16. It would be a pity, in fact, it’s already noticeable that the big hitters, the Colonel and EC are absent, no?

    We haven’t heard from the guru Frank yet. He must be keeping his powder dry (even if he doesn’t put his trust in God).

  17. Baron

    We are all dreamers here, I think, Baron. How do we dream and act?


    The Donald’s change of tack on Russia may be one of his best moves, but not because it’s likely to lower the tensions between Russia and the West (which it will – see the link above), provided he sticks to two domestic policies he said he would implement – the scrapping of restrictions on oil & gas drilling in the Republic, and the refurbishment of America’s nuclear arsenal.

    The first policy is likely to lead to a world glut of fossil fuels, this cannot but keep prices for oil and gas low, certainly lower than they would have been had the restrictions remained, not something Russia (even more so the Saudis) desire as their budget depends to a large degree on revenues from oil (gas is less important for Russia, only some 15% Russia’s revenues of the two commodities are generated from gas). Unless Russia diversifies, and does so fast, her budget will get hit, hit near permanently.

    The US greenies will demonstrate, shout, go to law to stop the drilling, but if only a chunk of the US vast reserves gets tapped, the glut, and hence the resultant low oil prices cannot but furnish a boost to the economic growth not only in the Republic but elsewhere. Oil still rules, both in energy generation and elsewhere (plastic, textile, medicine …).

    The total overhaul of the US nuclear deterrent is no good news for Russia either, Putin can hardly afford to match it even if sanctions get lifted, he doesn’t have under his command the same size economy the Donald has.

    A smart man, the Donald.

  19. The Civil War Inside the US Government for the Future of the Republic

    Fast forward to 18:40 minutes into this 1st HOUR of Tuesday’s Alex Jones Show:

  20. Remember, remember
    The leaks of November
    Gunpowder, TREASON, and plot.
    I see no reason
    Why gunpowder, treason
    Should ever – be – forgot!


    This unique discussion between Alex Jones and Pieczenik on Tuesday brings you up to date with the struggle which has implications for us all – including the denizens of our own swamp.

    Fast forward to 30:00 minutes in:

  22. American journalist, Tucker Carlson, interviews a useless idiot:


  23. Microsoft technical department are very customer orientated, I’ve had two phone calls in two days telling me they have detected a fault on my computer.

  24. It’s the posts that are really worth reading!
    Why top civil servants must back Brexit

    Here are a few:
    politicalemu: Arthur Salter,civil servant, one of the architects with Jean Monnet of the idea of a Europe of Nation States bound together an run as an entity that removed Nationhood. That was in the 1920’s and lo it came to pass with the treaty of Rome. Ever since Heath lied and joined without the approval of the British people, followed by Wilson’s lies in the referendum of 1973 this brain child of the civil service has gradually taken away the power of the state,until now it has almost become an Empire without the force of arms. Rogers like many of his ilk paid homage to the EU rather than the government that employed him. His expertise will not be missed because it was clearly misplaced. Will it be possible to get a senior civil servant to replace him? Doubtful. Does it need to be a civil servant? clearly NO. Mrs May must get someone who understands the EU, can negotiate and is a strong believer in Brexit

    itdoesntaddup: The accounts suggest he was largely responsible for Cameron’s failed lukewarm renegotiation. Those terms were put to the public last June and rejected. That is when he should have resigned, as Cameron did.

    colinhart101: Perhaps this is the ambassadorship Farage was after. Trump got the wrong end of the stick. [:)]

    And my favourite:
    HF001: Well Sir Ivan Rogers was recommended to Cameron by Ken Clarke and Nick Clegg. What should we have expected? Sir Ivan was probably as useful to LEAVE as most people in that he hampered Cameron in getting a sellable renegotiation. Oh the irony.

  25. Ho, ho, ho! So, it’s a Conservative MP, but who? 🙂

    ‘Couldn’t negotiate his way out of a paper bag’ MP in epic SLAPDOWN of anti-Brexit envoy

    SIR IVAN ROGERS’ resignation will not hamper Britan’s European Union divorce, after having already failed to negotiate a new deal with Brussels, according to a Conservative MP.

  26. Another phone call from Microsoft technical support team , I said thank goodness you phoned as my computers not working correctly.
    He said it’s been sending fault signals back to them for over two weeks .
    I said well, now the screen is locked and it’s got a message on it that I can’t get rid of.
    He said are you in front of the computer now , I said yes.
    He said what does the message say .
    I said it says the people you are talking to are nothing to do with Microsoft they are fraudsters .
    For some reason the line went dead.

  27. John birch – 14:25


  28. The names of the victims and the names (as we expected) of those charged.
    This was England. Was, was, was, was.
    What a mess.
    And predictably no licence or insurance .
    Ahh, breath in and enjoy the vibrancy of our New England .

  29. Sorry, the story was obviously this.
    Four men have been charged over a suspected hit-and-run crash on New Year’s Eve in which two cousins died.
    Zaneta Krokova, 11, and Helina Kotlarova, 12, were holding hands as they crossed a road in Oldham, Greater Manchester, before they were hit.
    Gabor Hegedus, 38, faces charges including causing death by dangerous driving and driving without a licence.
    Three other men have been charged with conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.
    Helina died at the scene in Ashton Road, and Zaneta later died in hospital.
    Floral tributes
    Image caption
    Floral tributes continue to be left at the scene
    Mr Hegedus, of Oldham, was also charged with failing to stop after a collision, conspiracy to pervert the course of justice and failing to report the crash.
    David Orsos, 18, Janos Kalanyos, 50, and Zoltan Peto, 49, also of Oldham, have been charged with conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.
    All were remanded in custody and are due to appear at Tameside Magistrates’ Court later.

  30. Ode to Ivan Rogers (Sir)

    Union Jack and EU Jill’s
    divorce to be contested.
    Said Jill: Get out, you lousy sod.
    And Jack: We’ll still have sex, yes?

  31. Trumpety Trump

    Donald the outsider packed his trunk
    And said goodbye to the Hillary
    Off we went with a trumpety trump
    Trump Trump Trump

  32. Oh
    And a very happy new year to all!

  33. John Birch: re computer

    Yes, something similar happened to me a couple of weeks ago. (Are you on Windows 10?) Lots of drama, buzzing, flashing lights, ring this number, DO NOT SWITCH YOUR COMPUTER OFF, OR DAMAGE etc.) Just had a funny feeling, something not quite right. Switch off eventually and back on again, still there – so clearly no damage – off again, left half an hour, on again, gone. You’re right, it’s a scam, presumably trying to extract money to ‘fix’.
    Not trying to be clever, just in case others encounter. Bastards.

  34. Michael Roberts 16-34
    It’s worse than that, to sort out your non existent problems they want your password to get in and look for the (alleged )fault.
    Once in they can see banking details , anything.
    They sound convincing because most computers have the odd glitch.
    If you have the time and inclination you can lead them a merry dance of time wasting by not quite understanding what they want you to do.
    A bit like dealing with double glazing sales people.
    If you have time to waste of course.

  35. From Lord Digby Jones…..
    ” What’s the fuss re Rogers’ resign? U cant have chief negotiator batting for other side & poor at it anyway. ”

    ” 2 say Civil Service is impartial is rubbish. Yes Minister was a documentary not a comedy .”

  36. John Birch on Passwords

    Sir Julian Assange (London’s Edmond Dantès?) claims that John Podesta’s password for his computer was – ‘password’ – and he gave it out in response to a phishing email….

    Duh! of the week?

  37. Gold and the British

    “… it has been a rough ride for the British pound this century. If you had purchased £100 of gold on December 31, 2000, that gold 16 years later is valued at £512.45, a greater than five-fold increase. But this fact is only part of the real story….”

  38. Malfleur @ 22:52

    It wouldn’t surprise to hear that most (if not all) of the older generation staffers of either party also had their password as ‘password’, Malfleur.

    Two of Baron’s friends, one’s pushing it bit, the other has just retired, they both had password for the password, when Baron suggested it should be changed they both objected arguing almost the same ‘the fear the computer may freeze, they wouldn’t be able to use it anymore’. This is not a joke, it took that barbarian a while to convince them, the younger one resisted the longest. Neither has an Apple machine.

  39. Fergus Pickering @ 15:09

    You haven’t recovered yet from the boozing spree at Christmas, Fergus?

  40. It’s amazing, Baron wanted to post a reply to Malfeur, three times, the postings disappeared. Why?

  41. Here’s the posting sans the link to a site that furnished a chart for the price of gold. It may get through, (it’s for the first time that a posting that contained a link refused to make it).

    You’re right, Malfleur, no question about it, but if one were to buy gold on March 1,1980 one would have to wait till December 1, 2005 i.e. more than 25 years to start getting into profit (not to mention the loss of any yield on (say) Treasury bonds, or an interest from a bank deposit. Have a look: (no link).

  42. John & Michael:

    Something similar happened today to the boss, she was told the google search engine was 33% infected with a virus because (wait for it) she has visited a ‘sex site’. (She denies it, Baron believes her).

    She was asked to get a free anti-virus software from an Apple store, Baron checked the software app separately, it looked legitimate, plenty of information on it on the Net, he downloaded, installed it.

    Your postings have made the barbarian suspicious, however, he re-checked, the app seems OK, but you’re right, one has to very careful, the culprits are getting smarter.

  43. Radford NG @ 18:05

    The good Lord isn’t alone, the Spectator is having a go at him, too, Radford.


    Hosting the Wednesday edition of the Alex Jones Show, Sir Paul Joseph Watson mentioned that he will be interviewing Sir Thomas Robinson on the Thursday edition of said Show.

  45. Article from latest spectator .
    Effectively,it’s about the long march through the institutions without saying so once.
    Taught to be stupid
    What explains the silliness of the liberal elite? Their education
    Enough! Enough! For months, the so-called liberal elite has been writing articles, having radio and TV discussions, giving sermons (literally) and making speeches in which it has struggled to understand those strange creatures: ordinary people.
    The elite is bemused by what drives these people to make perverse decisions about Brexit and Trump. Are they racist, narrow-minded or just stupid? Whatever the reason, ordinary people have frankly been a disappointment.
    Time, ladies and gentlemen, please! Instead, let’s do the opposite. Let’s try to explain to ordinary people what drives the liberal elite. The elite persists with some very strange and disturbing views. Are its members brainwashed, snobbish or just so remote from real life that they do not understand how things work? What is the pathology of liberal eliteness?
    Why would anyone support Hillary Clinton — a ruthless, charmless Washington insider with socialist tendencies? Why do lawyers, churchmen, the BBC and, indeed, most educated people support the EU — an organisation as saturated with smug self-righteousness as it is with corruption; one which created the euro, which in turn has caused millions of people to be unemployed; an organisation which combines a yawning democratic deficit with incompetence over immigration and economic growth?
    People talk of a culture of entitlement among those on benefits. But the elite has its own entitlement culture

    The elite are supposed to be educated. So why are they so silly?
    Ah! There is a clue. That word ‘educated’. What does ‘educated’ mean today? It doesn’t mean they know a lot about the world. It means they have been injected with the views and assumptions of their teachers. They have been taught by people who themselves have little experience of the real world. They have been indoctrinated with certain ideas. Here are some key ones.
    They have been taught that capitalism is inherently bad. It is something to be controlled at every turn by an altruistic government or else reduced to a minimum. Meanwhile the pursuit of equality is good. These are truly astonishing things for educated people to believe when the past 100 years have been a brutal lesson instructing us that the opposite is the case. The pursuit of equality brought the world terror and tens of millions of deaths along with terrible economic failure. In the past 30 years, by contrast, since China and India adopted more pro-capitalist policies, capitalism has caused the biggest reduction in poverty the world has ever known. You may know that, but it is not taught in schools. Schools actually teach that Stalin’s five-year plans were a qualified success! The academic world is overwhelmingly left-wing and the textbooks spin to the left. They distort the facts or omit them.
    What the elite have been led to believe is that governments make things better. ‘Market failure’ is taught; ‘public-sector failure’ is not. In my own area, they are taught that everything was awful in 19th-century Britain until governments came along to save the day with an ever-bigger welfare state. The importance of friendly societies, voluntary hospitals and so on is omitted. It is rubbish — left-wing propaganda. But misleading education of this and other kinds rubs off even on those who are not studying history or politics. It comes through in the Times, the Guardian or, in America, the Washington Post or New York Times. In Britain, BBC Radio 4 is the continuation of university propaganda by other means.

    Meanwhile, from early on, environment-alism and recycling are taught as doctrine, rather than as subjects for discussion. My children had to report to their school whether they had arrived by public transport (good), bicycle (excellent) or car (evil). Children don’t escape the propaganda even when they study languages. My daughter studies French and has had to write essays on how marvellous recycling is. There is no analysis of counter-arguments. In fact, no data is offered on which a counter–argument could be based. This is not education. It is not teaching children to challenge ideas and think for themselves. This is anti-education: teaching them what they must think. It is as prescriptive as education in the Soviet Union. At least in the Soviet Union, many understood that they should not trust what they were being told. Here, because the propaganda is less obvious, students do not have their guard up.
    One of the most important things schools and universities teach is that the students must never, under any circumstances, be suspected of racism. It is not enough to treat people of all races with respect. You must be even more above suspicion than Caesar’s wife. That is part of why the elite was against Brexit. They could not bear that someone might think they supported it for racist reasons. That, in the minds of the liberal elite, would be too awful. By extension, they also would hate to be thought of as insular or inward-looking. Yes, I know that many on the Brexit side were particularly global and outward-looking, but Remainers assumed that Brexit must equal insularity. It offended their view of themselves as internationalists.
    Another central tenet of the dogma is that women have been oppressed, are oppressed and, for the future, there is no limit to what we must do to ensure they get to be in the same situation as men — having as many directorships and military medals and anything else one can think of. Feminist doctrine has so permeated the elite that its members assumed that all women in the USA would vote against Trump after his vulgar, arrogant remarks about touching women were leaked. The elite thought that was ‘game over’ for Trump. Ordinary women took a different view. A majority of white women voted for Trump.
    Ordinary people have been subjected to the same kind of indoctrination as the elite. They have just had less of it. They were in the hands of the propagandists for a shorter time and have been in the real world for longer. They do not read the ‘quality’ papers or listen to Radio 4. They watch Sky Sports and Strictly Come Dancing. For their understanding of the world, they rely more on what they see for themselves and experience.
    The elite’s fuller education in the key beliefs explains why it was for Remain and Clinton. They voted for Remain because, in doing so, they demonstrated they were not racist but tolerant internationalists. They were not put off by the incompetence of the EU, because they have been taught an irrational respect for government — even EU government. They also perceived the EU as more likely to pursue environmentalism than an elected British government. You could say they were trained to vote for Remain. Clinton, too, ticked every box. Members of the elite could effortlessly show how feminist they were by wanting her to win. She was also the embodiment of the other key tenets: more equality, more government and anti-racism.
    You may think, ‘Can’t they think for themselves?’ Unfortunately, formal education, while requiring thought, does tend to discourage too much independent thinking, especially on the key parts of the faith. If a member of the elite, for example, finds him or herself reflecting that it is usually quite difficult to interest little girls in train sets and guns, they must squash that thought. Some rebels do hold on to an ability to think, but it’s noticeable that quite a lot of the most original minds, such as George Orwell and Pascal, never went to university.
    Let’s try to understand why members of the elite get so cross when others don’t take the same view of Brexit and Clinton as they do. It’s partly a sense of entitlement. People talk of a culture of entitlement among those who live on benefits. But the elite has its own entitlement culture. They think that because they studied English literature at Durham they understand the world better than a plumber in Croydon. They think they are superior and therefore their view should prevail. They also think they are morally superior because they hold to the views which they were told were virtuous. Anyone who appears not to subscribe to these views must, of necessity, be a sinner or else appallingly misled by the Daily Mail or some other evil force. It is outrageous to the elite that the work of the Devil should prevail.
    They are virtuous. They know best. They are the chosen ones. They have only a token belief in democracy. They expect and intend to prevail.
    James Bartholomew is the author of The Welfare of Nations, and coined the term ‘virtue signalling’ in The Spectator.

  46. “They are virtuous. They know best. They are the chosen ones. They have only a token belief in democracy. They expect and intend to prevail.”

    John, that surely is the point.
    Instead of finding out what we the voters want or what we need, they take a view, conditioned by PC and ‘uman rights consideration and then try to implement their view without even bothering to persuade us.
    I felt totally patronised in June, particularly by the George Osborne- Mark Carney – Christine Lagarde triumvirate who fed us crap week on week. I started the referendum trail as a waverer with an emotional feeling that we should get on with the Frenchies and Germans but as patronising lie fed on patronising lie I became more and more sure that Brexit must happen. Even the Leave Campaign did their share of patronisation but throughout Farage told it like it was. His poster and particularly the criticism of it day on day on the BBC swayed many people I know who like me were waverers.

  47. Baron
    You are right about the World at War. I set my box to record the whole series as I could not get her indoors to stomach more than one hour (the Chamberlain resignation episode – splendid but for the awful Boothby).

  48. Tim Barrow said when he was appointed to Moscow-

    “very pleased to be returning to Russia. I have good memories of working in Moscow in the early ’90s. I look forward to getting to know again this vast and dynamic country and to continuing the steady work of developing relations between our two countries.”

    Wonder what he will say about returning to Brussels.

    Anyway, anyone who can deal with Putin will find Juncker and Merkel pussycats.

  49. Obama has been nailed by Pat Buchanan

    “I think what you are seeing here — If that is an accurate report of what he said — Here is a guy who really feels he’s been rejected and repudiated. I’m astonished he’s letting it show like this. As a departing president I have seen very few that have gone out with the kind of bitterness he has. And a kind of sort of let’s wreck the place before we get out and let’s leave all these land mines in here, so and I think it testifies to the fact that as we heard when Michelle Obama said they have no hope. So they must be in real despair in there at the White House and his behavior portrayed it.”


    Mrs May is expected to claim that while Britain would ideally like to retain single market access, she will not hesitate to walk away from the UK’s European Economic Area membership if Brussels bureaucrats try to frustrate the Government’s attempts to reclaim control of Britain’s borders.

  51. I wrote my 730 post before the Telegraph plopped through my letter box.

    “Predictions by the Treasury ahead of the Brexit vote have been brought into question by a study which says that leaving the European Union will halve net migration, give British workers a pay rise and help to solve the housing crisis.

    The report from the Centre for Business Research at the University of Cambridge examined the possible future scenarios following the referendum decision to leave the EU.

    George Osborne, the former chancellor, was heavily criticised in the run-up to the referendum for a series of bleak Treasury assessments about Britain’s prospects outside the EU, which became known as “project fear”.

    However the academics’ report forecast that if controls on migration from the EU were introduced in the middle of 2019, net migration would fall to around 165,000 from 2020.

    The fall would be a 50 per cent drop in net migration – currently running at more than 330,000 a year – but would not deliver the Government’s promise of cutting it to tens of thousands a year.

    The report was heavily critical of the Treasury’s forecasts about the prospect of Britain agreeing a new free trade deal after Brexit.

    It said: “There are probably only two practical options. One is a free trade agreement along the lines of the one Canada has just signed or else no agreement on trade in which case you fall back on WTO rules.

    “The impact of both of those is pretty uncertain. We have looked very carefully at what the Treasury has said about this and we find its work very flawed and very partisan.”

    Average earnings are forecast to rise by more than 2 per cent a year, partly because of lower levels of migration after Brexit.

    The report said: “Our equations for earnings suggest that earnings will rise by more than 2 per cent as employment rates reach a peak in 2017 and especially as migration reduces from 2019.”

    The report also forecast that house prices will become more affordable for people on lower incomes.

    Inflation is forecast to rise to around 3 per cent by the end of 2017. It said: “It will be higher than it has been for some years. The big question is will inflation get out of hand and we don’t think it will.”
    The academics said in the report that the Treasury’s forecasts were pessimistic about the prospect of future trade deals after Brexit: “Analysis by HM Treasury of the potential impact of various outcomes for trade outside the EU is examined and found wanting.

    “Instead the actual experience of UK export performance is examined for a long period including both pre- and post- accession years. This suggests a more limited impact of EU membership.

    “While we include a scenario based on Treasury assumptions, a more realistic, although in our view still pessimistic, scenario assumes half of the trade loss of the Treasury. The results are presented through comparing these scenarios with a pre-referendum forecast.”

    Business investment would fall by between 7 per cent and 15 per cent from 2017 due to the uncertainty of Brexit, the report said.

    However it said that these falls “are largely due to uncertainty and diminish from 2019 once the UK leaves the EU”.

    The Treasury was approached for comment.”

  52. This is sick, beyond understanding, outside what one would expect to see in a society that has it better than ever before. The four thugs who kidnapped the young man, tortured him, threatened him with knives should be removed for a long spell, but the postings below the video aren’t any better e.g. ‘oven them, make some soap’, it can only end in a disaster unless the Donald stamps on both. We’re lucky to live in Britain, this cannot happen here, thanks be to Him.

  53. The “Craziness” of the Climate Science Echo Chamber
    “Judith Curry had decided to resign from her position at Georgia Tech:

    The superficial reason is that I want to do other things…

    The deeper reasons have to do with my growing disenchantment with universities, the academic field of climate science and scientists.”

  54. Great piece on Sgt Blackman and the unbelievable farce of his court martial:

  55. Baron 01:07

    Madame la Baronne – Ha ha (convulses) … what do you expect if you stay up ’til 1 o’clock in the morning?
    Sorry, couldn’t resist ;o)

  56. You may see in the news a report of the death of Jill Saward who, in 1986 , was raped by a gang who broke into her fathers vicarage in Ealing .

    There is another aspect of this . The Rev. Mr. Michael Saward , who was also beaten up , was a `liberal` churchman who was often on `Thought For The Day`preaching at us.
    Afterwards he still managed to preach need for `justice` against the attackers (ie. punishment ) in a `liberal` context.
    You may remember him?

  57. Michael Roberts,
    Michael, Madame la Baronne, are you referring to shameless Shami, AKA Baroness Bollocks? You can put beer in a Champagne bottle but it remains beer. Somebody should explain to the pretentious old tart that while you may purchase an expensive education for your offspring but you can not buy yourself class.

  58. Baron – GOLD

    1980 is an unrepresentative year because it lies between the uncoupling of the United States dollar from gold in 1971, with the relative weakening of the dollar and the uncertainty in price that that brought about, and the first of three (four?) promiscuous experiments by the USA in “quantitative easing” in 2008.

    More instructive is to consider the stability of gold’s price in United States dollars from 1792. This stayed at close to $20 until 1932 and thereafter at pretty much $35 until the United States abandoned the gold standard in 1971.

    This price list suggests that while 1980 was the post 1971 bubble, that bubble was fully deflated by 2000. It was at this point of course that Gordon Brown sold more than half of our gold reserves – at the bottom of the market. From 2000 the price began to rise steadily.

    It has been argued that since 2012 the price of gold has been manipulated downward and that a number of factors, among which in particular the expansion of the dollar supply, are by no means reflected in the price at the start of 2017.

    I wonder at what value Marine Le Pen will set the new French franc…?


    1:43 minutes – Just a little taste – full link to follow

  60. The full interview of SIR TOMMY ROBINSON by SIR PAUL WATSON begins at 5:00 minutes into the 2nd Hour of the Thursday edition of the Alex Jones Show here:

  61. Stephen Mayberry 19:33 last night

    Ah, no, funny and accurate though your characterisation of the ignoble Shami was, I was actually referring to Mrs. Baron’s (alleged) searching for porn on the internet, trust I didn’t upset him (or her) (!)

  62. This must be a record for damning the largest number with faint praise in the shortest time 🙂 :

    He’s NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE: Lord Patten blasts EU’s chief Brexit negotiator on Newsnight

  63. telemachus Tekknocrates
    22 minutes ago
    Follow suit
    You mean rebuild Hadrians wall
    What a splendid idea

    John Birch telemachus
    2 minutes ago
    Teles a racist

  64. The BBC, other broadcasters are putting pressure on the Donald to agree the Russian hacking did impact the election. It’s a trap, he should be careful not to fall for it.

    If he accepts the interference it will enable the progressives to claim the election wasn’t kosher, the legitimacy of his being elected will be undermined, the scam will haunt him even if his presidency doesn’t get challenged in the courts.

    The best he can do is ask the agencies to dig deeper, come up with other evidence, discover everyone who may have been involved. This will give him time to replace the tainted leadership of the agencies with his own people, we may then get less unbiased take on the affair.

  65. RobertRetyred @ 10:43

    Who dig him up, Robert?

    He’s the last one the saintly One should listen to.

  66. Michael Roberts @ 07:47

    Of course you didn’t, Michael, he got the point in the first instance.

    It’s easy to correct, the virus corruption of the search engine, one goes to settings, locates safari, then an option appears giving one the chance to wipe out the engine clean. That’s it.

  67. Baron – 17:48

    True, but he was very efficient. I think he even surprised himself.

    Did you see the clip?

  68. Malfleur @ 01:25

    The stability in the deep past only re-enforces the argument to avoid the metal, Malfleur. Why should one buy it if the possession of it furnishes no yield, no capital gain?

    Actually, gold teeth isn’t a bad idea, one can store one’s wealth (or a part of it) in one’s mouth, no?

  69. RobertRetyred @ 17:54

    Yes, Baron did see the clip, Robert, you confuse the barbarian. Where was the ‘efficiency in his answer? Is the barbarian missing something?

    The clip lasted 20 secs, he opined the new guy could be perhaps a Transport Secretary, then went up the ladder in Government posts, said something that implied that today the caliber of Home Secretaries is abysmal.

  70. Twenty seconds to slag off the EU guy, the Transport Sec, the Home Sec and the Foreign Sec. 🙂

  71. And he was only there to criticize the EU guy, I bet!

  72. And I don’t think he did himself any favours but, even if he did, would it matter.

    And to think he ran the BBC 🙂

  73. Got it, Robert, but you may accord him with too much importance, he’s no longer a force commanding a following amongst the ranks, his voice is no longer listened to as it once was. Tomorrow, it will be forgotten, the MSM poodles brought him back because they can get nobody else to have a go at the saintly One.

  74. John birch January 6th, 2017 – 16:03

    What does this mean?

  75. Coionel Mustard 20.35
    On another site tele seems to think it’s a splendid idea to rebuild hadrions wall, so I felt obliged to call him a racist.
    Seemed a shame not too.

  76. Baron – 20:18
    It was just an amusing moment 🙂

  77. John birch January 6th, 2017 – 21:10

    Ok thanks! Please excuse the query but I thought he might be up to his old multiple personality tricks.

  78. It pains Baron to say it, but only the guy who said he had voted for the Donald could string rational sentences together, had a coherent argument. The rest of the interviewed were not dumb – they knew of Russia, Putin, Pedesta e-mail scandal – but their answers lacked lucidity, in some cases not even congruous e.g. the blonde who thought Russia might have hacked, but when asked why said because Russia and America were in it together, but couldn’t explain in what the countries were ‘together’.


    U.S. Intelligence Report on Allegations of Russian Hacking of Presidential Election – Comment by Robert David Steele

    “This is a dishonest politically-motivated report that would cause me, if I had the power to do so, to retire everyone associated with this disinformation — this is a form of lying to the president and lying to the public. At first glance I find the report deficient in five specific ways:

    01 No evidence Russians actually leaked anything and no responsible examination of the countervailing evidence from everyone else including NSA and CIA insiders such as I provide in my long post, see Update 17 particularly, Robert Steele: US IC Allegations Against Russians Are Crap — Our Own Traitors, Not the Russians, Are the Real Enemy, Fake Evidence & Fake News – UPDATE 22

    02 No context with respect to the influence activities by Israel that were far more extensive, as well as the cyber-activities of everyone else including China, France, and Germany.

    03 No discussion whatever of the proven ballot tampering by Hillary Clinton in stealing thirteen primaries from Bernie Sanders, and no discussion of the larger context in which a two-party tyranny disenfranchises 70% of the US eligible voters. The Russian IO in relation to this election was, at best, shouting from the sidelines — it was the two-party tyranny that “hacked” the election, as I document in my Kindle Short also free online, Donald Trump, The Accidental President, Under Siege. The US system is RIGGED twelve different ways, as I document in RIGGED: Twelve Ways the Two-Party Tyranny Rigs the US Electoral System to Block Out Independents, Small Parties, and 70% of the Eligible Voters.

    04 No discussion whatever of the degree to which Russia Today (RT) — evidently considered “weaponized information” by the CIA — is offering the truth to the US public (for example, on fracking) versus the lies disseminated as official narrative with the full complicity of the “fake news” media.

    05 No discussion whatever of the degree to which the CIA and various other green/black elements of the US Government (USG) spend over 5 billion dollars a year on propaganda and another 5 billion a year on cyber-espionage while spending at least 1 billion a year on “agents of influence.” The report also fails to point out that intervening in foreign elections, manipulating foreign policy and spending decisions, and creating terrorist, insurgent, and opposition groups against other governments, is what CIA considers its most central activity. No discussion of torture, drone assassinations, elective wars on the basis of 935 now-documented lies, all the other stuff that we have done — including regime change in Syria and training Chechen “terrorists” in Syria to send back to Russia.

    A detailed illustrated critique of this pathetic piece of work will be developed here over the week-end and finalized by Close of Business (COB) Monday, 9 January 2017.”

  80. Megyn Kelly has left Fox News. Good riddance. Now that she’s with NBC she will no doubt follow her anti-Trump obsession with more vigour.
    She has been replaced by Tucker

  81. Carlson, who is on message and shrewd with it.

    Greta Van Susteran has now been taken on by MSNBC. Hmmnn!?

  82. DE: Merkel’s deputy calls for ban on Islamist mosques amid ISIS threat

    That would be most of them, then 🙂

  83. ‘We cannot beat them, (we being the pinky PC West), let’s make fun of them’ may have been the thinking behind this brave new show produced by the ghastly BBC, an outfit which believes Islam, a ROP, has nothing to do with the barbarous bunch of religious fanatics.

    The short trailer suggests the programme may do for recruiting young impressionable women of the Muslim creed more than an ISIL made video of a truck being blown up.

    One would back the mocking if those in governance (here and elsewhere in the West) were determined to exterminate the the thugs, not used them as a tool for imposing their will on other tribes, if and when it suits them.

  84. Frank P @ 01:38

    You’re rather obsessed with this blonde, Frank, is there something you’re not telling us? A fling or two when she was in her early teens, you’ve just retired from the force he, he, he.

  85. You may have missed it, but the BoE’s Chief Economist was reassuring us the other day everything’s fine, the credit backed boom pushing up consumer spending after Brexit is nothing to worry about as ‘consumers are supporting economic growth’, and also that one cannot but be praiseworthy of the ‘Government’s industrial strategy’ which is potentially a ‘powerful tool to boost productivity’ …..

    The long standing boil we have to address is not people willing to spend mostly on trinkets i.e. demand, but the supply side of the economy, the source of the stuff people are spending their money on. We have to start making the trinkets again here, the making of it creates jobs, otherwise any boost to demand whether fuelled by credit cards debt or not will be satisfied by shipments from China, India or Rumania, their people may be needing jobs too, but what’s closer to the body, the shirt (that’s us) or the jacket (that’s them).

    Doesn’t the ‘Government industrial strategy’ remind you of the Soviet tractor production equivalent? Before the Government got involved even the most demanding and costly projects were initiated, funded, implemented by private capital.

    Every bit of the railway network (or what remains of it after Beeching) we have was built by private money, not a penny of taxpayers’s cash. Today, not just massive ventures like airports, but piddly jobs like swimming pools are financed by the Government.

    Isn’t it the time we embraced in full the communist way of doing things?

  86. Colonel Mustard @ 23:32

    The pursuing of the red adversary will be the undoing of you, Colonel. Give up, please, it’s not worth it, it does you more damage than him. He’s getting clobbered by so many everywhere, it must be pure inertia that keeps him going.

  87. How can any of the US intelligence agencies, or even law enforcement agencies, have the gall to claim any credibility for any of their analytical conclusions, after the Fort Lauderdale fiasco ?

    The perp had already walked into the FBI Office and told them that he was being mind controlled by intelligence services to make him read ISIS propaganda. Given his discharge from the military, he was clearly a psychiatric case and a dangerous one to boot.

    Yet he was allowed to board a plane with a weapon and ammunition and ultimately shoot 13 people, five of whom have already perished.

    The word ‘intelligence’ has now become a synonym of ‘idiocy’.

  88. A man of Baron’s age or older in body and mind sees a sharply young blonde, goes to her, says ‘you look gorgeous’. The girl says: ‘fugg you’, walks away. The man thinks ‘the new year does look promising’.

  89. Baron – GOLD

    January 6th – 17:56

    So you argue that people from 1792 to 1971 were insanely irresponsible in avoiding opportunities for interest and capital gains by linking their currencies to gold. Yet, they still earned interest and still earned capital gains on their investments, did they not?

    Nonetheless, you rather make my point. Gold has been de-linked from the US$ since 1971. The massive expansion of the currency since 2000 renders interest and capital gains meaningless, unless the price is artificially held down, absent which they are t reflected in the resultant increase in the price of gold which is, has been and will be a store of value.


  91. Fugg the software, it shapely not sharply, amongst the other errors.

    Another joke from today’s News Quiz, the programme that follows the ‘Money Box’, the half an hour on Sunday mornings the barbarian often spends listening to the BBC Radio4, today was no exception, Baron let the new comedians to entertain him for a while, kept the frequency on.

    A man from London together with colleagues from the office attends a conference in Glasgow, after it they have a drink, drive to the railway station, board a train back to London, the guard comes, asks for tickets, the man cannot find his, pleads with the man in the uniform to no avail, has to fork out the thousand quit or whatever the cost of the ticket is these days, gets home fed up, angry with himself and everyone else, relates the horror story to his wife who interrupts: ‘OK, OK, spare me the details, now, tell me what did you do with the car?’

  92. Yesterday, on Al-Jazeera, an advisor on airport security was on, saying how watertight the system was on the outward part of the journey, how many check-ups on everything including the baggage, how impossible it was for anyone to breach the security, the weakness was at the other end, the end of the journey, from the point of baggage reclaim onwards, there was a gap there, it will have to be closed.

    The anchor didn’t ask the man the most obvious question: How come the killer’s baggage squeezed through all those elaborate, invincible and whatever security checks when the man boarded the plane?

  93. Baron January 7th, 2017 – 11:44

    Other than satisfying my curiosity about John Birch’s post I have given up!

    It’s all very well to urge ignoring him but his continuous lamppost pissing in this, of all places, is a continuous affront.

    You attempt to engage with him as though he is a normal human being but he doesn’t engage. His presence here is not intended to debate but to secure an outcome of his own fevered imagination from his self appointed role of lurker, stalker, harasser and provocateur. His subterfuge and deceit has been exposed many times here and elsewhere but here he is still, under one of his old disguises, expecting those who weren’t born yesterday to believe that he is someone else. His imperative lies in an agenda to disrupt and it is entirely successful, whether he is ignored or not. The triumph for him is simply his presence and the freedom to post his agitprop whenever he wants.

    When he does engage personally it is contrived to divide and rule, with bogus and sly entreaty. His constant infuriating use of “we” and presumption that everyone should think like him is the very antithesis of the spirit motivating this site so it is unfathomable why he is still hosted here.

    You are welcome to him. Maybe Peter is “turning the other cheek” after the vile creature scorned this site in frustration at the other place, referring to him as “the vicar” (in the good old days when he was not permitted to post here). Good luck with that. The left thrive on it and are empowered by that expectation. Take off the armour, lower your weapons and expect your opponent to play as fair as you do. The right have been doing that for decades and look at the result. Look around you. You have the satisfaction of laying defeated on the field of battle with your “principles” intact but your freedoms and the world you once knew gone.

    We have to put up with the leftist narrative and their trolls everywhere, constantly. Don’t need it here on some thin justification of “free speech”, the “free speech” of a disruptive heckler with evil intent.

    Do I feel strongly about it? Yes. But fret more about his agenda and its accommodation here than my reaction to that.

  94. Malfleur @ 12:45

    The active and never ending involvement of the security services during the election campaign wasn’t of the Donald’s doing, Malfleur, it was the other side that raised the hacking issue publicly. If the threat was genuine, the response should have been swift not unlike in the case of the two alleged British hackers.

    It’s rather shortsighted for the Dems and their MSM poodles to push this so hard for at least two reasons: It shows the Americans have a weak system for dealing with hacking that is nothing more than an additional tool for spying, a profession as old if not older than prostitution.

    The other reason is even more compelling. The Donald could never endorse that hacking by anyone least of all the Russians had any impact on the election result, if he did it would give his opponents – virtually everyone but the unwashed, or rather a large chunk of them – sufficient ammo to claim his presidency stinks, it would have haunted him for the whole of the mandate, castrated him and not just on his dealings with Russia.

    That the Russians hack (i.e. spy) must be in no doubt, the Americans do the same e.g. the telephone hacking of the Mutti’s mobile for years, as do other countries, big or small. Spying shouldn’t become overpowering, but it shouldn’t be stopped either, it helps to ensure peace as much as MAD. There’s nothing more dangerous that either of the powers getting surprised by a move of the other side which it wasn’t aware of. That’s the stuff of which conflicts or even wars are made, hence the red phone when the communist thugs were in power in the Kremlin.

  95. Colonel Mustard @ 13:41

    Superb lament, Colonel, spot on, beautifully crafted, too, except for one thing.

    When Baron tries to engage with him it is not because he, the poorly educated Slav, hopes to convert him, the success of conversion of someone like our tele must be as rare as rocking horse manure. It is to convince others who may be tempted to side with the teles, to give the undecided, the ones who may be attracted, charmed, seduced by him a counter argument.

    Baron’s not that good at it, you’re so much better. Keeping silent, withdrawing to your abode, failing to use your knowledge, intellect, the mastery of the language is unlikely to help keeping those who waver on our side. You really should reconsider, soldier on, if anything the hits you manufacture must exercise the brain, keep the deadly Alz away, no?

  96. A short one from the News Quiz on BBC Radio4 today: alot was made of the semantic similarity of the word intelligence as a human trait, as well as a spying agency of the same label, you don’t have to guess who was the one getting mauled.

    It was totally lost on the panelists and the hand picked audience that even if they were right, the Donald did have the intelligence of peanut butter, he managed to outsmart all the high IQ w ankers opposing him – the same voting system as before, the same electorate, the same battlefield of ideas, and he came top.

    Just imagine if his IQ were as hight as that of his opponents, he’d be American President not just for life, but also after he snuffed it.

  97. Should you have nothing to do, you may like to scan it, just the headings could make you chuckle (the life story of an Ukrainian boy who witnessed the changeover in Russia (then), and the metamorphosis of his new country (now) runs for too long, but has good points in it):

  98. You can’t make a Homeland Secure without breaking kinder eggs, apparently:

    Don’t miss the video clip at the end of the skit.

  99. A man who should know what he’s talking about has a view on the hacking story:

  100. Frank P @ 01:12

    Thanks for that – especially since at the end I clicked on this bonus offering:

    “I resent being told what to do” Spike Milligan

  101. Baron @ 01:25

    Very good – and conclusive, I would have thought.

    To those who recognise that there is a war going on in the US “security services”, only a very few can now doubt that it is being lost by the fatheads who have been trying to float the anti-Russian narrative.

    “Although the Central Intelligence Agency has had a long history of undermining presidents-elect and prime ministers-elect in other countries, the United States has never witnessed the intelligence agency so blatantly attempting to politically weaken a U.S. president-elect just a few weeks prior to the inauguration. What the CIA is doing in forcing Donald Trump into shifting from his campaign promise of restoring good relations with Russia to one of outright hostility to Moscow — favored by the CIA, Director of National Intelligence (DNI), and the neo-conservatives within the Republican and Democratic party establishments — is nothing less than an overt threat to American democracy…. [READ ON]”

    It is “our own” Alexander Boot who has been sounding the war drums, albeit kept muffled, in his column and for a goodly period now. I can see how this serves the New World Order interest. I can see how this serves some kind of romantic, my-feet-don’t-touch-the-ground Russian interest. How does supporting those manoeuvring for war with Russia serve the British interest? Only perhaps that of a British Herostratus?

  102. Malfleur @ 09:17

    The guy doesn’t mince his words, does he, Malfelur. Your own assessment reads as well as his longer piece, if Baron may say so.

    McCain’s fanatical anti-Russian stance doesn’t shock, the barbarian knew about his Viet-nam blot on his CV (but not about the fire). it never stops puzzling what is it these warmongering thugs want to achieve by it. If it’s another war, perhaps they should watch the World at War series (it concludes tonight). One of the yesterday’s hourly instalments covered the camps, in parts impossible to watch.

    On the hacking issue:

    It seems in this case, the election and everything it’s been connected with, the Russian FSB may have been absent, or rather the two APTs (also known as Fancy and Cozy Bear) may have been either used by a schoolboy, or by the CIA itself. The clues are just too obvious, it’s not unalike the polonium poisoning, it’s almost as if the FSB signed the hackings.

    This however means not that they, the FSB, were not at it. It would surprise if they didn’t try to gather stuff, it’s their duty.


    Who do you believe America?
    9:25 AM – 6 Jan 2017
    17%US intel officials

    Lou Dobbs

    #LDTPoll: Who do you believe on the Russian hacking allegations?
    8:01 AM – 4 Jan 2017 · Manhattan, NY
    6%President Obama
    94%Julian Assange

    “Once again the establishment has learned absolutely nothing from the campaign and election of Donald Trump, and refuses to listen to anything outside of the cozy echo-chamber in which they hamster-wheel their lives away in.”

  104. Not so, Malfleur, the barbarian has checked right now, the omni-all one does have a piece on the hacking, the report, the love of his life, the KGB Colonel.

    Those who so admire his intellect should explain how is it Mr. Boot, or rather his overcharged brain cells live under the illusion that the Donald might have been persuaded to accept the hacking influenced the election, he won if only partly because of the illegal interference by the nasty Bear.

    This beggars belief, it’s not unakin to a female bride happily confessing on her wedding night to have slept with every and each man she’s ever met. How likely is it? (Come to think of it in our enlightened society the bride’s boasting is not that impossible, is it?).

    His knowledge of history seems to be rather pedantic. He claims the US security services failed to predict, amongst many other things, the Stalin’s takeover of Eastern Europe after WW2. Every schoolboy, not perhaps the dumbest amongst them, may tell him the carving of Eastern Europe was decided at Yalta, it was the West that sold the small countries of mid-Europe (for good reasons), there’s more that sufficient evidence of the deal, both here and in the newly opened Kremlin archives, he should know.

    He also hyperboles Russian aggression in Europe ‘taking chunks of Europe’? What about the American base in Kosovo? Was this piece of land ever in the ownership of the Republic?

    Still, he should link-up with McCain, the the two of them could be a tasty pair, one, a sad emigre with a chip on his shoulder the size of Russia, the other an embittered politician, who cannot stomach the Donald got the job he once aspired to.

  105. By the end of last year, singing (and other) celebrities dropping like flies, allegedly a meme was round: ‘Come on, Madonna, still few days left’.

    This is courtesy Rod Liddle in today’s ST (it’s not the barbarian who buys the rag, it’s the boss because of the Review section, silly really, if you ask Baron, but Ros is always worth the read).

  106. Not a pleasant watching, the ROP are at it again, this time in Jerusalem:

  107. The great Joseph put it on only yesterday, it has already attracted a massive number of viewers, the story isn’t that fresh though:

  108. This is to express deep gratitude to all former contributors to this blog for letting the poorly educated Slav monopolise the space fully and exclusively (a mild reprimand to Malfelur though, he keeps barging in here and there). Baron doesn’t deserve it, but then, you know better, thanks again.

  109. Baron,
    You monopolise this space as much as you desire, you are a splendid antidote to the fucking American spelling which has taken root here and which does my bleedin’ ‘ead in, not to mention the effect on my blood pressure.

  110. Baron.
    No kidding but not too much to excite just at present.
    Where is EC? Frank is still posting as is the Colonel.
    I cannot remember whether Austin Barry posted here or on the old Wall but I sorely miss him.

  111. Having said nothing to excite I see NYT is trying to shut Breitbarts down:

    “two op-ed articles for the New York Times‘ Sunday Review, the Gray Lady attacks Breitbart News and its founder, Andrew Breitbart, and encourages an effort to “destroy” the company by appealing directly to advertisers not to support the website.
    One article, “How to Destroy the Business Model of Breitbart and Fake News,” written by someone actually called “Pagan Kennedy” (was “Antichrist Roosevelt” not available?) celebrates the flagging effort of anonymous Twitter trolls who have tried to target and intimidate companies whose ads appear alongside Breitbart News articles, via third party platforms.

    These would-be censors of the totalitarian left have decided that since they cannot defeat conservative views and arguments on the merits, they would prefer to eliminate them.

    The Times, which prides itself as a guardian of free speech and press freedom, gives its backing to this (unsuccessful) campaign with nearly 2,000 words of space. The article includes instructions on how to join the anti-Breitbart effort, copied verbatim — “Step 1… Step 2…” — from the anonymous activists’ Twitter page.

    And Breitbart News, the “biggest fish,” is not the last intended target: the group declares that it “would like to broaden its campaign to take on a menagerie of bad actors.”

    Evidently it is very important to the Times that this failing, and anti-democratic, effort to censor Breitbart News be shored up, because it has allowed several embarrassing factual errors and omissions into the article which undermine both the credibility of the “Pagan” author and the so-called “paper of record” itself:

  112. Meanwhile Boris is in New York lending support to Steve Bannon.
    (Amongst other things):

    “Boris Johnson is expected to meet Mr Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner and the president-elect’s strategist Steve Bannon in New York.

    The Foreign Secretary will meet with key members of Donald Trump’s team including Speaker Paul Ryan and senators Bob Corker and Mitch McConnell.

    Discussions are expected to focus on UK-US relations and come hours after Theresa May labelled the US President-elect’s controversial comments about groping women “unacceptable”.

  113. And Meotti has ROP nailed:

    When “Peace” Means Capitulation to Islam
    by Giulio Meotti • January 8, 2017 at 5:45 am

    “We will win because Americans don’t realize… we do not need to defeat you militarily; we only need to fight long enough for you to defeat yourself by quitting.” — Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, one of the al-Qaeda planners of the 9/11 attacks.

    “This Spanish retreat [in 2004] will be perceived as a huge political triumph for Al Qaeda and like-minded Islamic radicals — probably their most important achievement since September 11, 2001.” — James Phillips, Heritage Foundation.

    ISIS’s henchmen butchered 90 people at the Bataclan Theater. What did the French government do to avenge them and to destroy the Islamists responsible? Absolutely nothing. The day after an Islamist killed Westerners at a Christmas market in Berlin, no German military flight took off to bomb ISIS.

    The next “peace conference” in Paris, on January 15, is where 70 nations will probably agree to another UN Security Council vote, to establish a Palestinian State, presumably with the Old City of Jerusalem, the heart of the Jewish people and sacred to the Christian people, as its capital. It is another terrible sign of the West’s soft capitulation to terror.

    Like Israel today, the Czechs in the 1930s were accused of being “disturbers of the peace”. “Peace,” as in the inversions of George Orwell — sometimes means capitulation to Islam.

  114. And good old Alexander boot fails to disappoint:

    Jan 8 SOAS

  115. A flavour:

    ” The student union at this world-renowned institution has demanded that most white philosophers be dropped from their curriculum, unless really required. And even then they ought to be studied solely from “a critical standpoint”, as distinct from philosophers of other hues who presumably ought to be studied uncritically.

    The union has issued a paper entitled Decolonising SOAS: Confronting the White Institution, in which they demand “acknowledging the colonial context in which so-called ‘Enlightenment’ philosophers wrote within.”

  116. Dear God!

  117. Oh
    And what about Verity and AWK?

  118. Thanks, Romano, this helps.

    EC’s away, will be back, one hopes.

  119. Romano Verdi @ 19:44

    The anti-Breibart brigade will find the going rough what with the Donald getting sworn in soon, his top strategist a man who ran the on-line paper, (probably still does). Steve Bannon will have to figure how to castrate the progressives rather than get castrated by them, and do it fast.

  120. Stephen Maybery @ 18:13

    Relax, Stephen, major battles are still ahead of us, the important thing is we are all on the same side of the barricades.

  121. So there is to be another UN conference in Paris to debate what to do about Israel. Fools, pig ignorant fools. there is no point in these idiots discussing Israel, it is the modern equivalent of the Schleswig Holstein Question, there is no answer but it will be debated until all have forgotten what it was all about it in the first place. God but I am a cheerful sod.

    “Byzantine Europe is now more important than Western Europe”

    Robert David Steele, former CIA spy, gives an audio interview to Turkish media. It gives a sense of the knife edge we seem to be on. The world behind the curtain is so opaque that it is hard to judge what he says. I lean towards accepting his analysis.What do Wallsters think?

  123. Baron @ 11:26

    I was aware of that article when I wrote my post; but I thought I would let you put the boot in.

  124. Romano Verdi
    @ 19:56

    He has certainly mastered English, and is generally persuasive, when not on his hobby horse.

  125. Romano Verdi – 19:58

    They also want to decolonise Science – get rid of all those white people like Newton, JCM, Einstein, Dalton and Boyle.

    I don’t think they have any idea what Science is 🙂

  126. If you want to see ten minutes of verbal wanking of two progressive gnomes – one fat and ugly, the other young and beautiful here’s your chance:

  127. Romano Verdi @ 19:58

    The students shouldn’t stop there, Romano, they should also demand excluding all whiteys from the institution, hire new educators from amongst the ranks of (say) ISIL, other progressives with higher dosage of melanin in their skins.

    This si a joke, a sick one, but someone from higher up should use this as the pretext for some serious cleansing of our academia before it’s too late, the meme of political correctness has got out of hand, it’s time to nip it at the bud.

  128. Malfleur @ 00:02

    A shield of ‘hope & change’ is missing, Malfleur, but apart from that it reflects the personality of the protagonist well.

  129. We need Frank and the Colonel to say a word or two on the boisterous youngsters of the UL’s School of Oriental and African Studies, no? It’s their field of expertise.

  130. If Baron were a US citizen he would be very upset by this clip. Is the Hon Muslim truly saying the American unwashed are so stupid they would fall for any agitprop, whether from Russia or anywhere else?

    It may look as if people were siding with the KGB Colonel, but that’s only because the political elites of both of the Dems and the GOP have lied to them, consistently on virtually every major issue.

    And what evidence does he have saying Putin sees America as an adversary? What Putin wants, he has said it many times, is friendly relations with the Republic, he has nothing to gain, alot to lose from confronting the superpower either economically or militarily.

  131. Baron @ 00:39

    Check the boots – hope – and change

  132. Progress:

    “Merkel deputy blasts: Germany could FINALLY end EU after leaving it more divided than ever”

  133. “Now Is Time to Behead Unbelievers”
    Muslim Persecution of Christians, October 2016

    by Raymond Ibrahim
    January 1, 2017 at 4:30 am

    “[W]e heard that the [ISIS] militants grabbed six strong men working at the bakery and burned them inside the oven. After that, they caught some 250 kids and kneaded them like dough in the bakery dough machine…. Members of 200 different families were killed right before our eyes.” — Syria.

    Some Christian and Yazidi women captured by ISIS militants were sold at auctions in Saudi Arabia, America’s close friend, which is supposedly part of the coalition fighting ISIS. — Saudi Arabia.

    “[T]he Christians who converted to Islam did so under threats, coercion, compulsion, and force.” — Bishop Alexios, Gaza.

    “We have our sights set on you, and by Allah we will kill every single infidel student at this school.” — Social media message targeting McAuley Catholic School, United Kingdom.

    Authorities ordered the closure of house churches… after Muslims complained that they were being disturbed by the Christian prayers. Christian worship services in private homes has become more common. The closure of these house churches is seen as the government’s way of cracking down on them. — Pakistan.

    In compliance with Islamic law, the island nation banned the construction of churches. — Brunei.

    As Turkey’s government continues to build nearly 9,000 mosques in the last decade, it banned Orthodox Christian liturgy in a monastery inaugurated in 386 AD, roughly 1,000 years before Muslim Turks conquered Asia Minor. — Turkey.

    “To all Muslims: now is the time to behead the unbelievers.” A female Iranian refugee said one night a group of men shouted: “Whoever finds an Iranian woman today may rape and kill her. Kill them all. You may kill and rape them. You can do it, everywhere. Wherever you find them, you may do that.” — Report from a refugee center, Germany.

  134. Baron @ 00:58

    In the last seconds of the clip, Obama is trying to paint the Russian Federation as the Soviet Union redivivus.

    Time, I think, to look more closely at occupied America’s relations with Saudi Arabia and communist China.

    Meanwhile, I stumbled across a video on youtube somewhere which drew a parallel with the action taken by Philip the Fair of France against the Knights Templar with that which needs to be taken against the top globalists…. I hope Trump will move against them before they move against him. He would be well advised to have a bill of attainder in preparation, or perhaps just a pen and a phone, and have forces ready upon his inauguration to move against them simultaneously. Since they may not think it prudent to wait for Mr. Trump to be sworn in, it might be wiser for him to preempt the globalists: salus populi suprema lex est.

  135. Malfleur
    “A senior Saudi official once described the US-Saudi relationship as a “catholic marriage” — that is, one that can never be broken. Since the September 11 attacks, it has been a dysfunctional union, in which the couple knows the marriage is over but cannot agree terms of separation.”

  136. Baron January 9th, 2017 – 00:18

    Michael Moore and his sore losers are not marching against Trump. They are marching against all the Americans who voted for him to become President.

    The current leftist trend of denial and violent opposition to what has been legitimately won is repulsive but a demonstration of their true colours. They think that because of what they collectively believe, the vast majority of which is destructive hogwash, they have an absolute right to rule.

    Their seizure of power by stealth is now beginning to be challenged by forces they can’t control so the mask is off everywhere. Those of us who have long had them taped are not surprised by this. We always knew the nature of the beast lurking within their supposed piety.

  137. Baron January 9th, 2017 – 00:42

    When you clutch a viper to your bosom don’t be surprised when it bites. The UK has been busy accommodating vipers for decades and tolerating their biting and the disruption it causes within our society. What is happening at the SOAS is just Tariq Ali for today but even more venomous.

    The question to be asked is why we so often permit chip on the shoulder troublemakers to come here and bite the hand that feeds them. Maybe Yasmin Alibhai-Brown could explore that question in one of her newspaper articles?

  138. Taki nails it:-

    “The big issue everywhere is immigration. Mass immigration under the banner of multiculturalism does not enrich nations but reduces them to squabbling enclaves. The horrors that rule us from Brussels want more of the poison. Some of us want less, far less, hence Brexit and Trump. Using masses of unassimilated immigrants as cannon fodder for social upheaval is an old trick. Anyone who opposes it is called a racist and a bigot. Love of one’s own culture is hate in the twisted world of PC.”

  139. We have all noted over the past year, the many straws in the wind which indicate the inexorable success of the jihad. Soeren Kern chronicals the complete calendar for 2016:

    It is treasonous on the part of the main stream media that not a single serious columinst has performed a similar service on behalf of the indigenous culture.

    ”Straws in the wind’ is no longer an appropriate metaphor. There in a raging hurricane carrying a forest fire through our culture and it would appear that a majority of the natives of this country refuse to shout ‘Fire’ for fear of being accused of alarmism. And the UK authorities have ordered the police and fire brigade to stand down. And our Christian church leaders seem happy to let the firestorm take its course – nay – to accommodate it.
    A sad and pathetic end to a thousand years of proud history.

  140. Btw. we should be proud that the daily CHW is in its own way the chronicle of decline of Western Civilisation. But the fact that it apparently attracts a falling footfall is deeply depressing.

    On a point of order, it would be interesting to learn why our host has apparently lost interest in the platform? Peter?

  141. Frank P 1133:
    I am anxious to contribute to the dialogue.
    This month the world will change.
    Gone will be the simple divide between the conventional Left and Right.
    After January 20 we will be back to pure unadulterated Nationalism.

  142. To extend this concept, recent comments led me to realise that belonging to a Wing of the Left/Right dichotomy has metamorphosed into its own form of identity politics. It is so vague a descriptor of a person’s values and beliefs that it now only seems to detract from discussion and acts as a label; an armband; a red, blue, or even worse a yellow patch. Once applied discussion and debate are rendered moot, rendered down to merely us versus them assumptions. World views within each Wing aggregate and polarise people into groups like herds grazing on the savanna. Prevailing copy and paste media opinions act as a gateway mindset to coerce the undecided into their preferred group or reinforce the choice made by the decided.
    Once an outsize group develops so does the risk that a vocal, perhaps even extremist, minority may capitalize on the collective mindset to corral in the majority who, for innate human psychological reasons, prefer not to be confronted by views contrary to their own or give such opinions proper consideration. Ideally those heretics are silenced, first by coercion then by censorship. No evidence? Fake news. Certainly no negotiation, no compromise. “It is seldom that liberty, that any kind of liberty is lost all at once. It’s always lost bit by bit.”
    Those lassoed in by the minority’s rhetoric may well prefer to submit to tolerating a spoonful of extreme ideology in exchange for confirmation of the majority of their views than be excommunicated from their peers or worse, be denounced as belonging to the ‘others’.
    If such a group becomes dominant enough that the others are derided marginal minorities then unfortunately totalitarianism is a possible endgame. The spoonful of extreme ideology gradually, perhaps even imperceptible incrementally becomes a supersized portion. The echo chamber reverberates ever louder once the Camp appears over the horizon and the slaughterhouse may end up as the inevitable final destination for some.
    I can only hope enough people will see past such labels and truly embrace respecting fellow people in a libertarian, and traditional humanist sense before such a scenario plays out yet again. “The general love of humanity … a virtue hitherto quite nameless among us, and which we will venture to call ‘humanism’, for the time has come to create a word for such a beautiful and necessary thing”

  143. If you ever wanted to explain the US electoral college, how it works, and why it should be retained you could do worse than reading the piece below.

    “One hears a cacophony of bleating from the media and the Hillary gaggle that she won the popular vote, therefore she should be president, 60,839,497 to 60,265,847 or 47.8% to 47,3% with the remaining 4.9% going to the other candidates.

    Here are the facts:

    Trump won the popular vote in 31 states to her 19 and DC –  62% to her 38%.  
    Trump led in the total popular vote for all states except California.  

    Hillary won California 5,860,714 to Trump’s 3,151,821 –  61.6% to 33.1% exclusive of the other candidates. Thus California gave Hillary the popular vote for all states as claimed by the Democrats and their media stooges.

    Deduct her California vote from her national vote leaves her with 54,978,783, and deduct Trump’s California vote from his national total, leaving him with 57,113.976, he wins in a landslide in the other 49 states, 51.3% to her 48.7%.

    So, in effect, Hillary was elected president of California and Trump was elected president of the rest of the country by a substantial margin.

    This exemplifies the wisdom of the Electoral College, to prevent the vote of any one populace state from overriding the vote of the others.  Trump’s Campaign Manager, Kellyanne Conway, whose expertise is polling, saw this early on and devised her strategy of “6 pathways to the White House”.  

    This meant ignoring California with its huge Democrat majority and going after the states that would give him the necessary electoral votes to win, FL, NC, MI, PA, OH, and WI.

    At its lowest point since the civil war!  Could this mean the end of the Democrat Party?  When the afternoon of January 20, 2017 arrives, the Republican Party will have:

    1)  The Presidency.
    2)  A majority of the House of Representatives. 
    3)  A majority of the Senate. 
    4)  Almost two-thirds of all the governorships. 
    5)  Total control of the statehouses in almost two-thirds of all the states. 

    In the near future, Republicans will be able to add: 

    6)  A majority of the Supreme Court. 
    It’s all because of one reason:  Barack Obama’s forcing his extreme far-left agenda on an unwilling country by executive orders, left wing judges, and obsequious bureaucrats.
    It’s important to pass this on.  With the demand that we do away with the Electoral College and take the popular vote being pushed by the media, etc, all Americans need to know that the Electoral College is working exactly as our Founding Fathers intended”.

  144. Frank P @ 11:33

    Peter’s ‘disinteresse’ also puzzles Baron, Frank, it must be costing him money running the server, may even land him in a shite with the anointed, and he seems oblivious to it.

  145. Frank P @ 11:22

    Good long read, not all that depressing e.g.

    “June 2. Aaqil Ahmed, the head of religion and ethics at the BBC, said Britons should admit the “uncomfortable” truth that Islamic State is made up of Muslims and their doctrine is Islamic: “I hear so many people say ISIS has nothing to do with Islam — of course it has. They are not preaching Judaism”.

    Every Lidl help,s no?

    Also, we may be moving like a bind to the day of sharia proper, Frank, but finished we are not, as a country anyway, far from it, and the key turnaround is about to come, January 20th is the date, it will test Baron’s theory that the West is run from the White House to the full, the signalling by the new POTUS will re-set the directional compass of his vassals, it may take time for some to get the message, some may have to be thrown overboard, but if the White House Captain does what he implied he would do, we will start emerging from the years of bewilderments, frustrations, impotence into something that will hopefully be the continuation of the rational distant past.

  146. Colonel Mustard @ 08:17

    Good point, Colonel, but, please, God spare us that dreadful woman, Baron’s last image of her is in a debating group with Nigel, her saying loudly and repeatedly ‘I have the right to speak, I have the right to speak …’

  147. Colonel Mustard @ 07:59

    If they were to persevere, Colonel, the destructive forces, they could do real damage, not only because they enjoy breaking windows and burning cars. The disorder would also antagonise the forces on our side of the barricade, the extreme edges of those are equally destructive.

    It depends how fast the Donald acts after taking control, and how decisively. If he pisses around, talks, does little, moves cautiously, he may be thwarted by the forces of the enlightened darkness. He should use the time tested approach of surprise, hit them so hard thy will know not what it was that hit them.

  148. Romano Verdi @ 06:55

    The relationship is mutually so beneficial the divorce will never happen, Romano, if if did the reserve status of the greenback would be mortally injured. The pricing of oil in dollars is one of the key pillars supporting it, the world needs trillions of dollars each year to buy the stuff (at $50pb some £3.0tr), the Americans can print the notes as if there was no tomorrow.

    There must be tens of trillions of dollars outside the US that in theory could or rather should come back to the Republic for each note is a claim upon US wealth.

    The US GDP is roughly $18tr, the accumulated American wealth (land, property, industry, the lot) some $75tr (roughly five times multiple of the annual GDP).

    If each holder of the US currency (cash, bonds, other debt instruments) were to ‘cash in’ the dollar would sink (the last to convert would get peanuts), and the ownership of a large chunk of US based assets would change hands. How likely it that with the US Armed Forces still by far the biggest?

  149. Malfleur @ 06:52

    The barbarian has viewed the clip over and over again, Malfleur, added to the one where he bows low to one of the worst despots of the world, the old Saudi King, the two clips define the Hon Muslim for Baron.

    If only he thought what it is he is saying. It’s not ‘underestimating the impact of propaganda’ (Russian or any other matters not one iota), it’s admitting a defeat in the war of ideas, he and his team lost in the battlefield of thought, it’s not Putin’s meddling it cannot be Putin’s meddling, in a country where freedom of expression rules like the Republic one can meddle as much as one wants, one can over meddle, but unless the ‘meddled’ idea resonates with the thinking and feelings of the unwashed it can never, it will never ‘wash’.

  150. Colonel Mustard @ 08:56

    Here’s the full blast of Taki, it should be accessible to everyone, it’s the blog:

  151. Ironic that the stalker and lurker now whines about the ambiguity of the Left/Right divide and “the rise of extremism” (zzzzzz) after a manic career trolling under so many disguises in order to blight so many websites with his creepy presence and extremist left wing bilge and provocation.

    And how quickly he seems to have forgotten his own propensity for attaching labels to people who disagree with his extreme ideology. Hypocrisy, ever one of the most salient characteristics of left wing agitprop peddlers, especially that one.

    There is a significant distinction between the promotion of nationalism and the defence and preservation of the nation’s identity. The NATIONAL SOCIALISTS in Germany pursued the former. The RAF in the Battle of Britain fought for the latter. In order to pursue their corrupted and creepy objectives the lurker and stalker’s red in tooth and claw comrades now like to accuse the latter of being the former, working their usual modus operandi of believing that because they say it that makes it so.

    The cowardly accommodation of the left by those who should be championing the right and the cuckoos in the “Conservative” nest have certainly blurred the political dividing lines within Westminster but it would be a grave mistake to attribute that melding to the public at large. Recent events should have made that clear at least.

    As Mrs May busily steals Labour’s brief new raiment (registered 1997, heavily soiled with three previous owners and much baggage in the boot) and Labour retreat in their underwear to the glowering self-spite of the1970s out comes the cry against right wing extremism from both parties. Mrs May wants to keep her own right wing at bay whilst trying to appeal to the left who still hate her anyway and Labour need an axe to grind. But don’t be under any illusion that shape shifting turmoil marks an end to the left/right divide. You can call it liberty and the English way of life against the big state and foreign hegemonies if you like, but it still comes down to the real right vs the real left, however they might be labelled by shape shifters who are mischief making to create the confusion and chaos they so love to exploit.

  152. Baron January 9th, 2017 – 12:39

    Her inclusion was deliberate to my point, a mocking swipe at her if you will. She is one of the vipers.

  153. Baron January 9th, 2017 – 12:49

    The leftist mob are long overdue for a whiff of grapeshot, Baron. But I’m not sure even Trump is up to the task in this era of government guilt, navel gazing, risk aversion and cowardly appeasement. Much easier to open a fifty year old wound and poke around inside for the benefit of superannuated judges and lawyers than to firmly quell current leftist political trends for disorder, assault, riot and subversion. You’d need a Pinochet. And there isn’t one.

  154. Colonel Mustard @ 14:59

    Above top marks, Colonel, this is what we’ve missing whilst you were away.

    The contrasting of ‘nationalism with the defence and preservation of the nation’s identity’ is particularly felicitous, timely, and utterly convincing.

  155. Trump Awards

    Like the Oscars,
    We’re an annual affair.
    The build up is glamorous; the aftermath fleeting.
    You always win,
    My tattooed Meryl Streep.

  156. So Bannon decries progressivism
    He sees this world through a prism
    And for all that will do us all good
    In truth he thinks it’s all victim hood

  157. One cannot but warm up to this guy. The clip may not be that fresh, but it’s informative, sums up well where we all are on the cyber business:

  158. Baron
    Is Nationalism benign?

    Across Europe Nationalist parties and movements are thriving. Those of the Right –Front National in France, the Danish People’s Party in Denmark, and UKIP here are moving to the ascendency. In Greece the Left – Syriza Holds sway with an Nationalist message and in Scotland there is a dictatorship of an extreme Nationalist but leftist party.

    The reasons for this Nationalism mainly due to economic insecurity being suffered by millions. Economic upheaval produces political upheaval in the hope of radical solutions to seemingly intractable crises.

    We must recall however was the terrain out of which totalitarianism grew 80 years ago. The Depression had Led to destitution and unemployment across Europe recovering from the First World War. As with the subprime catastrophe the Depression of the 1930s started in the United States with the stock market crash of 1929, arriving on the back of a boom that had been fueled by an unsustainable level of consumer debt, reckless lending in poorly regulated markets, and lack of long-term investment. The political parties whether of the true Right in Italy or quasi Left in Germany pursued ultra Nationalism.

    The modern Nationalist movements and parties throughout the continent, sadly spawn racist views and the revulsion of multiculturalism and immigration. We have witnessed this has manifested itself in organized violence against “inferior people” as in the 1930’s.

    In the UK the archetypal Nationalist Party perceived as Right wing is progressively taking support from those perceived to be of the Left and is a perfect example of the importance of the Nationalist agenda against the artificial constructs of those straight jacketed by the old politics. Farage has taken us back to the 19th Century and that mythical green and pleasant land of William Blake. But the dangers are self evident.

    Meanwhile in Europe Nationalist parties have seen their fortunes improve over the years of an economic recession. Whether it is the Catalan separatist movement in Spain, Front National in France, Italy’s Northern League. Allianz fur Deutschland in Germany, Nationalism is not just enjoying a renewal in its fortunes, it is succeeding in influencing the mainstream political discourse in a way that trumpeting of the Right and Left could never do. With potentially disastrous consequences.

    So let us forget Trump, himself a Nationalist demagogue, bemoaning progressives or Hollande bemoaning the alt right. Let us instead recognise the dangers and work to harness the Nationalist forces to the good of all.

  159. This is not debate. Providing a platform for the Shavian Mob amounts to facilitating the latest version of Agitprop. It should be prevented. Close it down Peter, FFS. It is clear that (a) no regular contributors here share the views expressed (b) that nobody here is interested in hearing the garbage and (c) indulging the twats is a distraction from normal discourse here.

    If we want to catch up on what the Left is thinking, there are numerous websites that we can visit IF WE CHOOSE, including most of the current MSM. Surely we don’t have to allow them to dictate the terms by publishing the propaganda which has corroded our culture for most of my 83 years on earth – and even before that from what I can discern. Grist to the mill is no longer a valid excuse. We are aiding and abetting the enemy by providing oxygen for their cause.

  160. Frank
    Not a debate.
    I will next post a comment then I will go.
    The key phrase is:

    “Without wishing in any way to “railroad” you might I gently suggest”

    This from the very first Wall

  161. Last Post from me:

    February 5th, 2012 – 00:45
    Thank you Peter. You’re a regular brick. Please do not be rail-roaded by any ‘know all know nothings’ trying to run the show.

    February 5th, 2012 – 09:35
    Well done Peter and good luck with this. But I’m sincerely disappointed that the third comment from Alexandrovitch is a snide ad hominem that doesn’t even identify its target. That sort leaves me absolutely cold, being more redolent of the world of corporate corridors, poisonous whispers and daggers in the back than the robust, open bonhomie of the pub. I’m sorry to be responding to it like that but I detest such combinations of malice and cowardice and seeing it as the third comment down on the first page of a new blog is depressing.

    Without wishing in any way to “railroad” you might I gently suggest

    that you consider a rule that comments be made with genuine first names. From experience at the Wall most of the trouble seems to emanate from those hiding behind pseudo-names.”

  162. Frank P January 9th, 2017 – 21:12

    Hear hear!

    And it is an additional affront that the creep expects us to believe that he is now “Patriccia Shaw’ after being outed from a succession of disguises since he first started trolling.

    Get rid of him, please. His group’s disruptive agenda and strategy for undermining conservative websites was published for all to see at order-order.

    Don’t ever forget this:-

    “Peter from Maidstone
    August 26th, 2015 – 13:13
    Just a post that I think I need people’s input on….
    There is a recent lengthy post by Jennifer Oldham at 11:12 am. Sitting in my moderator pending list is the exact message, also by Jennifer Oldham, but the email which has been used, and which has caused it to go into moderation, is an address used by telemachus, and which does not appear on the site and so is not known to anyone other than myself as Administrator.”

    August 26th, 2015 – 13:18
    I know Jennifer
    It was my goodself that suggested she post here
    I also know that she is a member of the Tory Party”

    April 8th, 2016 – 16:08
    Last word on this. The whole point of my posts was to say that the only pseudonyms telemachus has used here are Jennifer Oldham and long ago Patriccia Shaw.”

  163. I have just attempted to post some of the history of the troll’s subterfuge at this site but it has gone into moderation. So here is the censored version:-

    Frank P January 9th, 2017 – 21:12
    Hear hear!
    And it is an additional affront that the creep expects us to believe that he is now “Patriccia Shaw’ after being outed from a succession of disguises since he first started trolling.

    Get rid of him, please. His group’s disruptive agenda and strategy for undermining conservative websites was published for all to see at order-order.

    Don’t ever forget this:-
    “Peter from Maidstone
    August 26th, 2015 – 13:13
    Just a post that I think I need people’s input on….
    There is a recent lengthy post by Jennifer Oldham at 11:12 am. Sitting in my moderator pending list is the exact message, also by Jennifer Oldham, but the email which has been used, and which has caused it to go into moderation, is an address used by tele……, and which does not appear on the site and so is not known to anyone other than myself as Administrator.”

    August 26th, 2015 – 13:18
    I know Jennifer
    It was my goodself that suggested she post here
    I also know that she is a member of the Tory Party”

    April 8th, 2016 – 16:08
    Last word on this. The whole point of my posts was to say that the only pseudonyms tele…… has used here are Jennifer Oldham and long ago Patriccia Shaw.”

  164. I have just attempted to post some of the history of the troll’s subterfuge at this site but it has gone into moderation. So here is the censored version:-

    Frank P January 9th, 2017 – 21:12
    Hear hear!

    And it is an additional affront that the creep expects us to believe that he is now “Patriccia Shaw’ after being outed from a succession of disguises since he first started trolling.

    Get rid of him, please. His group’s disruptive agenda and strategy for undermining conservative websites was published for all to see at order-order.

    Don’t ever forget this:-

    “Peter from Maidstone
    August 26th, 2015 – 13:13
    Just a post that I think I need people’s input on….
    There is a recent lengthy post by Jennifer O….. at 11:12 am. Sitting in my moderator pending list is the exact message, also by Jennifer O….., but the email which has been used, and which has caused it to go into moderation, is an address used by tele……, and which does not appear on the site and so is not known to anyone other than myself as Administrator.”

    August 26th, 2015 – 13:18
    I know Jennifer
    It was my goodself that suggested she post here
    I also know that she is a member of the Tory Party”

    April 8th, 2016 – 16:08
    Last word on this. The whole point of my posts was to say that the only pseudonyms tele…… has used here are Jennifer O…… and long ago Patriccia Shaw.”

  165. The troll’s stalking obsession with “Nicholas” was once enough to get him a warning here that he would be banned if he posted about it again.

  166. Colonel Mustard

    You are right: this chw was to facilitate discussion between fairly like minded people. Being ambushed by the lowest of the low may be amusing to some, but not for those for whom it was created, and it does disrupt the flow of discussions.

    Times have changed greatly. On the CAGW front, the battle has been won, (Ontario and Germany are in a pickle); on Brexit the battle has been won, especially if TM does what we all hope her to do though there is a great deal of mopping up yet to do; the Elites in Germany, Sweden, in fact in most EU countries don’t know how to conform to all their stupid PC rules and it is dawning on the Hollywood inhabitants just how isolated they are (from influence and power) and the snowflakes haven’t yet started melting, so be prepared for the summer deluge and cries for safe spaces ! 🙂

    If the chw does fade, it will be sad because we have had some fun in a time of great challenges, but it won’t have been a failure – we will be moving on to pastures new. Where, I don’t know, but much as changed. So many of the newspapers have lost their way, while many new sites have emerged.

    Rarely a week goes by without bringing myself up short with the realisation of just how bad Cameron was – it wasn’t as though he had a poor education! (Maybe he did! 🙂 ) And it is true that, for so many of the ReMOANers, they just won’t take a DEMOCRATICALLY reached decision as a decision, even when their choice means being tied into a political dysfunctional hell-hole: can anyone support the notion that these terrorist events on the Continent will become less frequent or that the ‘low level lawlessness’ such as rape will cease to be ‘part and parcel’ of living in a conurbation?

  167. Frank P : I find elsewhere PfM is celebrating Xmas in California.

  168. Above : The Julian Xmas.

  169. Two thoughts occur to me.

    One is that the persistent worthless postings under the pseudonyms of Telemachus etc. are vandalism.

    The other thought is that bulk of the media – including the Spectator, the Telegraph and the BBC – now constitute, in effect, the phenomenon that Orwell foresaw when he wrote 1984. They are all departments of what Orwell called the Ministry of Truth.

  170. 0007 RobertRetyred
    “Rarely a week goes by without bringing myself up short with the realisation of just how bad Cameron was..”

    And devious

    “Brexit rebel mandarin Sir Ivan Rogers held secret talks with Cameron before launching attack on May’s ‘muddled thinking’ ”

  171. Robert Sheriffhales – 09:21

    If you thought Call Me Dave was intellectually dysfunctional, try this guy! Scott Lucas is Professor of American Politics in the Department of Political Science and International Studies at the University of Birmingham.

    No wonder students need safe spaces:

    EU Referendum: Professor Scott Lucas

    He specialises in the History of a country that wanted, sorry, wants 🙂 to be independent and democratic, yet doesn’t want it for his children.

  172. A good story, for a change :):
    William Happer Interview

    I think we will hear more stories like this, now that we are entering the era of post post-normal Science.

  173. Tony Abbott calls for a one page free trade agreement between Australia and Britain.

  174. Radrord NG (01;31)

    Well let’s wish him a Happy Californian New Year and hope he has a safe journey back to the real world. 🙂

  175. On January 9, the Washington Post published a letter ‘to President-elect Donald J. Trump from America’s Allies’. It was signed by around a dozen of spent politicians, men who either got hoisted to power with the help of the Hon Muslim, or were in receipt of ‘assistance’ from him.

    Only the name of the Swedish politician may be familiar to you, the barbarian does recognise a politician from Czecho (Karel Schwarzenberg), who stood in the election for the presidency, lost, is famous for failing asleep at meetings, not listening to others but talking himself. The only mitigating feature of the guy is he smokes pipe, Baron’s avenue of pleasure when he could still travel by it.

    The amazing thing is the absence of the Ukrainian President Poroshenko, the one lifted to the post by the “eff the EU’ Victoria Nuland, he stands most to lose, the other signatories are out of power, have no chance of getting back again.

    You may not be aware of it, but the Obama Administration is currently pouring men and military gear into Eastern Europe, all countries from Estonia in the north through Poland down to Rumania in the south (only the Czechs refused, it may be because when a column of American tanks drove slowly through the country towards Poland they were greeted by men pulling down their trousers, mooning towards them).

    Well, in the last ten days, the hon Muslim who says that during his stewardship ‘the US society got better in race relations, the world more peaceful and safer’ may still engineer a false flag operation in any of the countries surrounding Russia, either invade it or lob few missiles in, fugg it up for the Donald before he says ‘I do’.

    We shall see.

  176. Radford NG @ 13:39

    He’s right, the deal may not only be on a one page parchment, Radford, it may also be concluded in one day, one week max.

    The saintly One is going to get kicked out if she doesn’t display some courage cum urgency. The Remoaners would like to see her out, and increasingly many of the genuine Brexiters are beginning to view her as ineffective, lacking leadership buzz, dithering.

    One wonders what would make her jump to it. A pair of new Blahnik shoes, the latest Prada handbag, or just a gentle kick in that part of the human torso one usually utilises when sitting down?

  177. RobertRetyred @ 11:55

    Introducing himself, the immigrant forgot to add ‘i’m also brainless’.

    The argument for decency he put forward could equally be used to justify leaving, and when he he says ‘is the European Union perfect …’ it would be as easy to use it to justify the tyranny of the communist block, it’s exactly what the communist thugs were saying to the masses ‘Is this society of ours reflect? Of course not, but blah blah blah.

    Someone should find out if he’s still here, surrounded by Brexiters, if he is, the guy must be deadly unhappy.

  178. RobertRetyred @ 09:16

    What TF is post-truth politics, Robert?

    Only a rhetorical question, but it goes to the core of the progressives’ delusion for it implies they were the holders of truth, the key reason why they are getting kicked everywhere now. Until the wise up to it, they will keep getting kicked.

  179. Baron – 19:07

    Dunno, but post post-normal Science what happens after the ‘unscientific post-normal Science’, and we have to wait to see what it is, but hopefully it will be able to show just how stupid these Climate Alarmists are.

  180. You are well aware the US cum EU sanctions include a number of Russian oligarchs, the aim is to make them suffer, put pressure on Putin to mend Russia’s policy as a min, or to turn against him, depose him.

    The latest figures show the opposite happened last year, the wealth of the Russian billionaires got boosted in nominal terms, the increase greater than that of the US rich. Most of the hike is due to the increase in the price of oil, (the strengthening rouble helped, too). (In the first two years of sanctions their riches declined for the same reason, but acting in reverse).

    Whatever it was that pushed the asset valuations up, the rich of Russia got richer, the unwashed suffered, and not only in Russia, in the EU as well, the Polish farmers more than anyone else.

    No skin off the hon Muslim’s nose, however.

  181. It’s not just errors of grammar, the barbarian seems to be typing non-sensical words now. ‘…lacking leadership buzz’? What’s that?

    Baron cannot recall what it was he typed, sorry, but ‘buzz’ it was not. You may doubt his ranting about the software, but software it must have been.

    Another example: Few days back, on the Spectator blog about Rasputin, the barbarian typed ‘webley revolver’ the fugging software switched in the ‘wembley’, others noticed it, huge embarrassment, explaining implied the poorly educated Slav is making excuses. How unfair could life be, he?

  182. Amazing as it may seem, no MSM outfit has ever run this. Why?

  183. Slowly but surely the cumryd’s moving to the a fully fledged communist state, the likes of tele must be re-joicing, but why the gradual crawl, let’s have it as the – according to the BBC – successful 5-year planners of the USSR had it, let’s set the wages, salaries, bonuses centrally, each job will be valued according to its usefulness to the society, people doing it rewarded accordingly.

    Could anyone suggest a country the barbarian could flee before this nutter gets to the Downing Street?


    ‘Here Is The Full 35-Page Report Alleging Trump Was “Cultivated, Supported And Assisted” By Russia’

    Comments NoDebt to knukles on Jan 10, 2017 @ 7:06 PM:

    Strangely, none of this is restoring my faith in any of our intelligence services.

  185. BOOT CAMP

    “Hillary and her neo-con buddies were clamouring for war” last year. Back in October on a panel at a conference on the Lower West Side of Manhattan, Max Boot “was drooling for war with the Russians…So we have narrowly averted World War lll…though even as we speak Obama has moved Special Forces to the Russian Border…”. (Roger Stone, AJ Show Tuesday, 1:45 minutes in):

  186. When Sydney Carton and Charles Darnay were sitting opposite each other in a tavern in the City after the latter had been found not guilty at the Old Bailey a little earlier, Carton proposed a toast to the health of Miss Manette and after draining his glass of port smashed it against the wall behind him.

    Is it still acceptable to do make that sort of gesture nowadays?

  187. Obama, surround by the Chicago faithful, duly laced with Kool Aid, signs out with a bunch of rabble-rousing bollocks. As expected! Bye bye Barak. And good riddance!

  188. Apologies – I inadvertently missed out the word “deluded” in that report, but then again, does HE really believe it?

  189. Yes, Obama’s farewell speech was an essay in self-delusion, acclaimed by the self-delusional, declaimed by a sweet stick of rock with “phony” running right through the middle from the first lick to the last. But he made a LOT of money by selling out his country, its constitution,its people – and western civilization. And that’s what counts. Allah Akbar!.


    “Hungary plans to crack down on non-governmental organizations linked to billionaire George Soros now that Donald Trump will occupy the White House, according to the deputy head of Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s party.

    The European Union member will use “all the tools at its disposal” to “sweep out” NGOs funded by the Hungarian-born financier, which “serve global capitalists and back political correctness over national governments,” Szilard Nemeth, a vice president of the ruling Fidesz party, told reporters on Tuesday. No one answered the phone at the Open Society Institute in Budapest when Bloomberg News called outside business hours…..”

  191. Noticed something odd, three Sunday papers travel sections and a paper i am now reading have holidays in unusual destinations and a noticeable lack of holidays in what have been popular areas.
    It seems as if one obvious point is never being mentioned.
    I hardly like to mention my suspicions but it looks suspiciously like holidays are wanted and being offered in country’s with no or very few Muslims.

  192. Obama’s achievements seemed light for 8 years – what has he been doing apart from playing golf and shit stirring? But he has become an iconic hero of the transatlantic left for merely being black and the Mandela-type “hope and change” myth (zzzzzzz) transcends any reality. Being essential communists the socialists always look to iconic figureheads and leaders as quasi-religious “saints”. All bollocks.

    Same sex marriage, surrender to Iran and a health insurance racket which has yet to deliver its full consequences seems pretty unimpressive.

    Sniping at the incoming President before he has even had a chance to govern is just very bad form but typical of an agitator rather than a politician.

    He should feel utterly ashamed about the state of Chicago and he has stirred up race relations issues by many of his statements. He could have emphasised his mixed race instead of championing the Black Power movement, sotto voce.

    As Frank said – good riddance.

  193. RobertRetyred January 10th, 2017 – 11:55

    There seem to be rather a lot of left wing Americans in our university education system – I wonder why? It would be interesting to know exactly what his “immigrant” status is and what nationality his “English” children actually hold.

    It’s also suspicious that he uses the university logo and his status for what is essentially a political advocacy. If he were just a member of the public voicing his opinion over the referendum as a “university lecturer” that would be one thing but to suggest his job gives his view a particular weight is contrived and absolutely inappropriate. I haven’t looked at his website but I’d be surprised if it was politically neutral (it should be).

    Transatlantic socialist connections between Chicago, Obama, unelected British socialism and Common Purpose in the UK became more apparent from about 2008 but the Chicago link to Common Purpose goes back much further to just after the fall of the Berlin Wall. He who shall not be named used to post bilge at the other place, cut and pasted from the Common Purpose website under the pseudonym “Common Purpose” with an avatar of a helmsman statue (in Chicago?) and pretending to be Common Purpose – always in provocative response to any adverse comments about Common Purpose. In a couple of posts under his usual pseudonym he claimed friendship with Julia Middleton, the originator of Common Purpose.

    I’m absolutely convinced that the UK has been the target of a socialist conspiracy pursued by an unelected network of influencers and “leaders” in the public and third sectors and that this poison was injected first by New Labour and then by Obama. The Long March began much earlier but what I call the Common Purpose era ramped it up and spread the poison to places that the Long March hadn’t reached.

    The emphasis on “progressive” politics, the pushing of a quasi-religious moral dimension, the melding of Labour politics with the Church of England and the public sector, the way the Met police were politically compromised, the rise of fake charities with overt political lobbying from a left wing perspective and the increasing presence in the media of foreign commentators arrogantly expressing their opinions about how this country should be run were all characteristics of a sea change that took the Long March and PC to a new level of “in your face” dogma.

    We have had, in effect, a cultural revolution by stealth and the result is the growth of intolerance and intimidation experienced by individuals and parties who dissent from the dogma. The orchestrated trolling seems to be part of it.

    Unfortunately because those with the power to investigate this are part of its network we are unlikely ever to find out the true scale of organisation or agenda behind it. I am sure it relies heavily on useful idiots who sincerely believe they are doing good and cannot see the pernicious consequences for political pluralism or democracy.

  194. Colonel Mustard – 15:10

    It sounds incredible, but any other explanation is even more incredible! 🙂

    It is when they veer into non-party politics, like demand building on the Green Belt, that it is obvious that they do not have Britain’s well being in mind, only short term advantage, guaranteed to end in ‘worse for all’.

    And they you find that they were not born in Britain or, if they were, their parents or grandparents were not. Many, like Parris (South African, born and raised) still think European politicians are our friends! And then there is David Lammy wanting the referendum vote rejected (only two days after the vote) and the Green Belt built upon.

    What cheek! 🙂

  195. Mother caught having sex with a married man in a car at a beauty spot
    How is this an offence when police have refused to have any interest in Hampstead Heath and dogging sites all over the country.
    The ability of the police to choose what laws they are prepared to take an interest in is a disgrace. It’s legal or it’s not . It’s nothing to do with their opinions.

  196. A bravura performance from the PEOTUS at his press conference today.
    Anyone who missed it and doubts his acumen should watch it. A masterclass on how to fly through heavy flak and take out a few heavy- hitting enemies simultaneously.

  197. John Birch (16:25)

    Perhaps the ossifers were miffed because someone was parking in the spot where they normally had their own midnight tryst? 🙂

    A further indication of the mentality of the arresting officers was this snippet from their testimony:

    “They were both having sex”.

    Perhaps the word ‘both’ was somewhat superfluous, cuntstable. After all, it does take two to tango.

    I think

  198. John birch January 11th, 2017 – 16:25

    It also seems to be getting into that American plea bargaining system where the arrested persons are blackmailed into admitting the offence – or else! And promised a caution for admitting the offence but threatened with being charged for denying it. Not good. Personally I’d say that comes close to the elements of what used to be called criminal intimidation and which New Labour conveniently mutated. And how anyone could be pressed into admitting guilt and accepting a police caution whilst under arrest and under caution himself is unfathomable.

    A £30 “victim” surchage too.

    The “system” is FUBAR.

  199. If this first press conference is the serving of the taste of things to come, the boys and girls who produce entertainment programmes are out of business..

    Someone should tell him he is President, well, will be in a few days, he does’t have to prove anything, he’s already done it. It’s the MSM lapdogs who should scream, scream with pain.

  200. The answer to every question! Well, not all, but quite a few 🙂 :
    Simon Sinek – Millennials in the Workplace

  201. Frank P 17.40

    Yes, the Donald was excellent today. He simply is not trying to make the Press like him and I don’t think it was just my imagination, but I think I could detect, even behind the generally sneering tone of the hacks, a sense of their realisation that Trump has pulled the carpet from under their feet. It seemed to me that the hope they entertained when he was elected in November that he would eventually conform to the usual mutual backslapping between the Press and the Whitehouse has been dashed.
    George Orwell spoke well of “rough men” (and I don’t think he had in mind Labour MPs having moments of madness on Clapham Common either), and we need a few over here. Donald on Twitter and Facebook is getting 50 million hits a week, and that other big rough guy Alex Jones is getting nearly the same. We have no one like those two over here, and the reason is that no one over here is angry enough and certainly not as angry as I was when I bulldozed to demolition a dear friend last week, a Lefty teacher, and it says much about him that he is still my friend, but even Lefties who regard themselves as moderate, seem very tolerant of the intolerable. No amount of rapes of women, children and infants, the horrors of the castrations and eye-gouging in the Bataclan club in Paris, nor indiscriminate murders on our streets seems to affect them. It is the photographs of these atrocities that need to be slapped in front of all those guilty of complacency, and who haven’t yet worked out that their complacency legitimises the atrocities.

  202. Irishboy (21:58)

    Can’t argue with a word of that excellent post.

    Moreover, Tillerson handled his hearing very well. His first airing to the public at large and it was impressive. Jeff Sessions looks like a shoo-in, too., despite the black caucus ranting and raving. Looking forward to January 20 now.

  203. Didn’t watch Tillerson today except for a few minutes, but he’s a big tank of a guy and will soon clean all the shirt-lifters out of the state department. Sessions was also excellent yesterday, and it must be especially galling for all the East Coast Elite that their nemesis has such a hicky accent!! Donald has pulled Excalibur from the stone and for the first time in my life, I think these politicians will not let me down.

  204. We shall see whether the excellence of the new POTUS, which manifested itself at his first meeting with the MSM today, breaks the opposition that had decades to build trenches in government agencies, fortifications in academia, pillboxes in MSM, or whether he will have to change both tactics and strategy.

    The way to deal with hacks from unfriendly media is to deny them access until they mend their ways, not shout them down. If the Donald were to silence every heckler the way he did it today, he would be worn out before he can get down to any serious business. It’s not the ‘Apprentice’ he’s running, he’s governing a country, the biggest, most powerful, the richest country in the world.

  205. I think Trump is going to confound and get things done like Churchill. Not perfect but not afraid to rattle cages and kick arses which is just what is needed in those great bloated bureaucracies of government. Also the guts to face down the faux outrage.

    I agree, we have no-one to compare. If May was courageous she’d have given Farage a role and damned the eyes of the lefty blob. Under FO influence her government are confusing cowardice for diplomacy.

  206. And I really admired, indeed cheered, at the way Trump finished the news conference today – he finished when he felt like it, and just walked off leaving some prat uselessly repeating a question and showing in equal measure his fatuousness and impotence. Fabulous.

  207. Things come in threes, we had the news of Russian hacking supposedly aimed at getting the Donald elected, it failed, this was followed by a dossier alleging he’s in Putin’s pocket because of his misbehaviour, deals in Moscow. It’s failing to bite, too.

    What’s next? They still have eight days to thwart the oath taking. Could they field a Russian defector claiming he witnessed the deal making between the Donald and Putin?

    The progressives must be scared to death, will do everything to either prevent the Donald getting into the Oval Office, or at least to postpone it, not because their jobs, sinecures, comfortable lives are in danger, but because their freedom may be, if the Donald’s people get in, discover what they were up to.

    The barbarian hopes (and prays) he be wrong.

  208. Baron,
    You are absolutely right, the progressives are utterly terrified, they never considered the possibility that they would be challenged, now that has happened they are proving very bad losers indeed. What we are witnessing is the last hurrah of the toxic left, and not before time either.

  209. Extraordinary.
    Christopher Steele, “lyin” MI6 officer has gone into hiding.
    Supposedly because of fear from the Ruskies.
    Judging from Donald’s treatment of CNN yesterday I would have thought his main fear should be the Trump entourage.

  210. And to underline that the whole thing is a tissue of lies, CNN and Buzzfeed are at war with each other this morning over the release of the information.

  211. And just what would our host think of this:

    “The congregation at St Mary’s Episcopal Cathedral, Glasgow, heard the Islamic version of the Virgin Mary’s conception of Jesus, sung from the Koran’s Surah 19 to mark the feast of the Epiphany.

    The verse, sung in Arabic at the cathedral, claims that Mary was “ashamed” after she gave birth to Christ and that Jesus miraculously spoke from his crib and claimed he was a “servant of God” – both details which were not recorded in the Bible.”

  212. And Jezza is now being run by Diane Abbott:
    :FLOUNDERING Jeremy Corbyn changed migration stance after ‘phone call from Diane Abbott'”
    So I can now finally trust our political leaders.

  213. Stephen, we can forget the toxic left here. Diane and Jezza will ensure that for a generation. With Diane and Seamus Milne in charge of the “Left” here the progressive forces are seen as a bad joke.

  214. Irishboy.
    If only our politicians could emulate Trump instead of kowtowing to the narks at the BBC.


    “Donald Trump appoints vaccine conspiracy theorist Robert Kennedy Jr to lead vaccine committee

    Both Mr Kennedy and Mr Trump share a belief that vaccines can lead to autism”

  216. Malfleur – 10:49

    With good reason:
    Bombshell: Top CDC Whistle Blower: We Were Ordered to Cover Up Vaccine-Autism Link

    The Vaccine Autism Cover-up: How One Doctor’s Career was Destroyed for Telling the Truth

  217. And:
    Boom: another vaccine whistleblower steps out of the shadows

    ““A former [British] Government medical officer responsible for deciding whether medicines are safe has accused the Government of ‘utterly inexplicable complacency’ over the MMR triple vaccine for children.””

  218. It would appear that Rudy Guiliani will be appointed Cyber-Zsar for the Trump administration; coordinating both defence and offence strategies within both governmental and private security agencies in the never ending game of communications espionage/sabotage. Given that he was a major supporter of Trump during the campaign it’s good to see he has bee given an important role; if he can harden the sloppy defences that have existed for so long, and implement proactive tactics and strategies in the same manner that he employed and achieved against the Mafia in the 80s, he will be a great asset to Western Security.

    But let’s not kid ourselves, communications have always been, are and forever will be a vulnerability that is exploitable by all protagonists in the Great Game. Which is why a minimum of top intelligence business should be conducted through the ether and via telecoms networks. What can be transmitted can be intercepted. That’s a fact with today’s available technology.

  219. England comes to this, 800 years after Magna Carta and over 300 years since the 1689 Bill of Rights. What were those cretinous clowns in Parliament thinking about to let this nonsense compromise English standards of justice. There is simply not enough opprobrium to heap on them for what they have done to the people of England.

    Parity with a corrupt, ex-communist country barely a decade after the the end of the Cold War and driving a cart and horses through Habeas Corpus. When you want them to be cautious and circumspect they behave like irresponsible fools and when you need them to show courage and decisiveness they behave like spineless cowards.

  220. Romano Verdi – 08:01

    It is even worse than the idolatry of Global Warming practised by the RC Church, Church of England and other Protestant flavours, where the climate computer models are more real than the Earth’s climate.

  221. Yall still there?
    Just eight days until the US of A lives again.
    Even your Boris loves him now.
    We look to see him delivering on the Wall. He has already warned off a few car makers from locating to Mexico.
    Our one beef is that he is not going to lock Hillary up.
    Warning to you Limeys. If you send any more of your MI6 johnnies after him you can say goodbye to a trade deal.
    Love to Andy.

  222. Reality. It is the thing that does not go away when you stop believing in it.

    The Z Man.

  223. From four months ago:
    The undermining of our values continues…

    Hungary Looks to ‘Sweep Away’ Soros-Linked Organisations

  224. RobertRetyred @ 22:16

    What was a revelation for the guy Purdy who penned the piece, Robert, is actually the reason (rather one of them) why Putin’s Russia and he himself are the enemies to the western progressives, the support for traditional family values is an anathema to the anointed because the values ring right for the vast majority of ordinary people.

    Of course, many may argue Putin backs the standard nuclear family because Russian population numbers dwindle, but this is equally true of many countries in the West (and Japan) where it’s assumed immigration will step in, turn the number up. This, in a mechanical sort of way is true, but at the expense of culture, as anyone with even half a brain can hardly deny.

  225. The Russian TV channels are running a number of such videos showing ordinary Americans, their slicing of the barrage of Russofobia, it may well be centrally ordered, who knows, all of those Baron looked at are dubbed, the English fades away, Russian translation take over, this one, rather dated, is with subtitles:

  226. The PM programme on BBC Radio4 had their reporter saying (Baron caught the end tail of it) ‘…even if the dossier on Trump didn’t exist, just the mere possibility that it might be out there is enough to fear he may be compromised … (or words to that effect).

    The corporation should be careful, the Donald has already called it ‘another beauty’ when one of the BBC reporters wanted to ask him a question during his first press conference. One doesn’t know how revengeful the Donald can be, but if he decides to go for the broadcasting monopolistic hydra they will not know what hit them.

    The institutional instruments of American power until now directed to promoting the progressive creed remain, it’s just that those who give the orders will change, and they may not take lightly to some deluded BBC fruitcakes undermining the man in the White House.

  227. This video is not that funny, and says nothing about the likelihood of the FSB setting the Donald up when he visited Moscow in 2013.

    What would surprise is if he didn’t have the room swept for bugs, one would assume it would be a must for any public figure, political or not, particularly one that wants to have fun with sexual content. He was by then a well known man, had enough money to pay for a couple of specialists to clean the suite for he had alot to lose if caught on camera in flagrante delicto.

  228. This is rather long, but worth the read (but only because the barbarian will refer to it when the opportunity requires it i.e. you may ignore it):

  229. The Americans fund sixteen intelligence agencies under the umbrella of the “Intelligence Community’ from CIA to intelligence set-ups in each and every branch of Armed Services, also for things financial, drugs, coastal as well as Bureau of intelligence and research and Office of intelligence and analysis, and intelligence run by the scouts and pensioners (Baron made the last two up, sorry).

    Why so many? It may make sense because of the bigness and variety of tasks, but a by-product of this is a rivalry between them, and the greater the outfits the greater the rivalry because they all fight for a given chunk of money from the Federal budget.

    Because of the multi-layer hierarchy in each, important information may get lost at worst, delayed at best. (You may recall that after the attack on the Twin Towers, one agency despatched two fighters towards the sea to meet the enemy, rather than to NY).

    Pity, the Donald hasn’t simplified the structure, setting strict lines of reporting, weeding out those parts of each of the agencies that are the result of ‘empire building’, a feature of all bureaucratic creations.

    How will the new Cyber Tzar Frank talks about fit into all this, even if he’s more than capable to run it well??

  230. Romano Verdi @ 08:01

    That’s just for starters, Romano, more is to come if the rate of integration speeds up.

  231. Romano Verdi @ 07:57

    The guy (or rather guys, there are two of them) couldn’t have hoped for a better PR, this will put the agency on the map, and at no cost, too. Allegedly, he was also on the job for the FBI when the FIFA case was being built.

  232. Robert Retyred 1537

    The wrath of God is already upon us after the Great Glasgow Calumny
    I am snowed in!
    So much for Global Warming.

  233. Baron 0033
    But my guess is that their company is finished.
    They failed on the World Cup and now the whole of the Western World and Russian client States will be after them.

  234. A Female Doctor Working in Germany Warns the World

    admin News, Politics, U.S Leave a comment

    “Yesterday, at the hospital in Germany where I work,we had a meeting about how the influx of muslim immigrants from the middle east is simply unsustainable. Walk in Health Clinics cannot handle emergencies, being overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of serious health emergencies, they are starting to send everything to the hospitals.

    Many muslims are refusing treatment by female staff here in Germany. The muslim men make sick, crude comments and overtures to the female staff members, because to them any non-muslim woman is a whore or a future slave. After brief exposure to these cruel, sadistic, female hating beats, we, women, are refusing to go among those animals, especially the muslim men from Africa.

    Relations between the female hospital staff and muslim immigrants are going from bad to worse. Since, the assault and unreported rapes of German women last weekend migrants going to the hospitals must be accompanied by police with K-9 units.

    Very high numbers of migrants have AIDS, syphilis, open TB and many exotic diseases that we, in Europe, do not know how to treat them.

    If they receive a prescription in the pharmacy, when they learn they have to pay cash they become violent. They were told in the middle east that everything in Germany would be free. Everything would be handed to them on a silver platter.

    Finding out that they MUST pay for certain things leads to loud, violent, outbursts, especially when it is about drugs for the children. Many of these muslim immigrants kidnapped children, so that, their social benefits would be higher once they landed in Germany.

    Finding that they would have to pay for the children’s drugs, they gave up the ruse and abandoned the children with pharmacy staff with the words: “So, cure them here yourselves!”

    Now, the police are not just guarding the clinics and hospitals, but also large pharmacies.

    Truly we said openly: Where are all those who had welcomed in front of TV cameras, with signs at train stations?! Yes, for now, the border has been closed, but a million of them are already here and we will definitely not be able to get rid of them.

    Until now, the number of unemployed in Germany was 2.2 million. Now it will be at least 3.5 million or higher. Most of these people are completely unemployable. A infinitesimal bare minimum of them have any education. What is more, their women usually do not work at all. I estimate that one in ten is pregnant with many children in tow.

    Hundreds of thousands of them have brought along infants and little kids under six, many emaciated and neglected. If this continues and German re-opens its borders, I’m going home to the Czech Republic. Nobody can keep me here in this situation, not even double the salary than at home. I went to Germany, not to Africa or the Middle East.

    Even the professor who heads our department told us how sad it makes him to see the cleaning woman, who for 800 Euros a month cleans every day for years. She has to pick up the refuse the muslim men discard every where they go. She has to serve the young muslim men in the hallways who stand there with their hand outstretched, demanding everything for free, and when they don’t get it they throw a fit.

    They know Germany and her citizens are very civilized. Add to that the world is watching, so these vicious, lazy, muslim youths know if they scream shout, and threaten violence, the German people will cave in.

    I tell you, no one who has not come in contact with them has any idea what kind of animals they are, especially the ones from Africa, and how the muslim men and women act superior to our staff who are Christian. They look down upon us, verbally deride our Christian values and then demand that their every wish be granted immediately.

    If, Germans with our generous nature cannot handle this, then the rest of Europe will be total chaos.

    For now, the local hospital staff has not come down with the diseases they brought here, but, with so many hundreds of patients every day – this is just a question of time.

    In a hospital near the Rhine, migrants attacked the staff with knives after they had handed over an 8-month-old on the brink of death, which they had dragged across half of Europe for three months before seeking medical attention. The child died in two days, despite having received top care at one of the best pediatric clinics in Germany. The physician had to undergo surgery and two nurses are in the ICU. Nobody has been, and no one will be punished.

    The local press is forbidden to write about it!

  235. An amusing little article, could possibly be called hare speech in the present climate.

    Thursday, 12 January 2017 9:14 AM
    By Frank Owen
    There have been several times since the EU referendum that I’ve toyed with evicting all remaining Leave voters from my Facebook friends list. And each time, until yesterday, I’d walked back from the brink. I’d returned to old principles I’ve had, principles of pluralism – a belief that there could be multiple legitimate competing ends, and that it was important to encompass as many of them as possible in your friends circle, even if it occasionally raised your blood pressure. But now I’ve finally written such a status. I’ve got no intention of walking it back.
    I’m not sure what’s been worst about the Brexit process so far. The inability of the prime minister to be direct, or transparent, with the country; the laughably low quality of cabinet ministers central to the task – a laughter that always rings hollow, given we are now represented on the world stage by a serial liar and buffoon; the continual rhetorical attacks on key British values and institutions by the now-victorious Leavers; the endless, mindless demands for empty-headed positivity by people who never cared, or knew, about the colossal damage Brexit would cause; the staggeringly incurious columns written by people demanding I should ‘understand’ Leave voters, none of whom have ever shown the slightest interest in understanding me; or the fact that the country is going to make itself poorer, smaller, less tolerant, weaker, a pitiful stunted lump of a thing, because people were upset that they once heard Polish being spoken on a bus.
    Worst of all is the overblown hand-wringing insincerity of people who call themselves ‘Liberal Leavers’. There was never going to be a Liberal Brexit – they were mere gloss, a coating of faint respectability on a project dominated by populists, nativists and the downright rotten of British politics. Having stood shoulder to shoulder with fascists – Le Pen, for example – they now complain that those who voted Remain want nothing to do with them. Having indulged a project whose logical conclusion was the erection of trade barriers between the UK and its largest single export market, they bleat that free trade must be defended. After a campaign in which a British MP was murdered by a far-right terrorist motivated by anti-immigration sentiment, a sentiment stoked up by those same individuals and institutions that campaigned for Leave alongside the ‘Liberal Leavers’, they have been pitifully silent in the face of the surge of hatred on our streets since last June. Their wafer-thin commitment to liberalism provided just enough legitimacy to the enemies of liberalism to get their hands around its neck. For that, history must record them as failures

    All these factors have conspired to twist the knife. Every day since June 23rd last year has affirmed to me that Brexit is the wrong choice for Britain – that it will embolden the enemies of liberalism, that it will make the country poorer and smaller, that it will personally, for me, raise huge challenges that are simply indefensible on the part of those who freely throw them out there. The simpering spinelessness of many Labour MPs in the face of this – scuttling after Nigel Farage with a begging bowl, asking for table scraps, rather than defending outright the UK’s membership of the single market – has compounded this sense of a country falling away from me, of a loss of a sense of place, of the growth of fear and anger in me, in the place of old sentiments about pluralism and tolerance.
    I am told that the vote was all about a sense of community, of place in the world. Well, Leavers, you have stripped me of mine – and shown precisely no concern, care or plan in response to this. You have upended and weakened this country, attacked its values, undermined its institutions, and for what? So you could pretend the Channel is 400, rather than 40, miles wide. You have shown no indication at all you intend to understand, or even speak, to Remainers as anything other than detritus. So I have jettisoned those principles, once and for all. I don’t want you on my Facebook page. I don’t want you in my life. You have taken my country from me, shown not a single sign of ever wanting to reach out, and now are going to plunge us into a disastrous separation from Europe based on nothing more than ideological masturbation.
    You have killed a pluralist, and lost a friend. I hope you sleep as ill at night for this as I have done since last June.
    Frank Owen is a university lecturer working under a pseudonym

  236. John birch

    The man from your 08:53 post, Frank Owen, should migrate to the German hospital in your 08:30 post. 🙂

    Even if he finds that he isn’t be better off, we would be, and so would the students at his university: they would have, without question, a much improved quality of life.

  237. Bet his lectures are open minded , fair and well balanced so both sides of a discussion can be aired

  238. Romano Verdi @ 08:10

    It would please the barbarian if you were right, Romano, he wrong, we shall see.

  239. And another.

    Wednesday, 11 January 2017
    French police alerted to infiltration by Islamists

    From the Times and the Daily Sabah
    French police authorities said a total of 17 police officers were radicalized between 2012 and 2015 in the Paris region, noting that the phenomenon had sped up from 2014.
    French media outlets reported on Wednesday that the officers in question are mostly young people, who joined the police in the mid 2000’s.
    Où Sont Passés Nos Espions? (Where Have Our Spies Gone?), by Eric Pelletier and Christophe Dubois, also claimed that about a dozen former French soldiers had joined jihadist movements in Iraq and Syria. French journalists Eric Pelletier and Christophe Dubois cite the example of a young officer who, allegedly, changed after a trip to the French island of Réunion. His colleagues reportedly heard him listening to religious songs and buying a burqa for his wife during a break.
    Female officers are reportedly involved in one third of total cases. One female officer, for instance, refused to respect a minute’s silence for the 17 victims of the terrorist attacks on the satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo and a Jewish supermarket in Paris in January 2015. Asked to explain herself, she said in an email: “It’s Islam which is going to dominate the world.” The officer was dismissed in June that year.
    Another female officer was given a ten-month suspended prison sentence last year for posting on her Facebook page: “I am ashamed to wear the blue (uniform). If I were the terrorists, I would have blown up the Élysée and all the bastards who work there a long time ago.”
    One women officer, for instance, arrived for a health check-up with a police doctor in a hijab and was told to remove it. She responded by posting on Facebook the antisemitic message: “It’s time for Muslims to fight. We have had enough of these Zionists who trouble our lives. They are rats.”
    A disciplinary procedure was started but the officer went on sick leave in February 2015 and is still absent. Pelletier said that officers suspected of radical Islamism often took sick leave in the knowledge that French labour laws provide extensive protection from dismissal.
    Journalists Dubois and Pelletier argue that there are over 100 cases of radicalized state officials in total across the ministries of defense, interior affairs, and justice.
    General Jean-François Hogard sought to downplay concerns over evidence that about a dozen former soldiers had joined Isis when questioned by MPs. “The few former soldiers who have left for the jihadist networks have often spent only a few weeks in the institution and been dismissed for instability or a failure to adapt to a military life,” he said.

  240. I would have thought that she has enough enemies within Germany without picking on an old enemy:
    BREXIT TAX WAR: Merkel draws up EU battle lines as she threatens economic CONFLICT with UK
    ANGELA Merkel drew up Europe’s economic battle lines today as she threatened to unleash a Brexit tax war on Britain.

  241. Delingpole, at his best:
    Delingpole With James Delingpole, episode 12, 12th Jan 2017
    Senator Malcolm Roberts from Australia’s One Nation party on coal, climate and free market capitalism

  242. Baron 1021
    You see yall scared to death.
    Seems pretty bad that SIS has been playing fast and loose with facts to try and destroy our Great Leader.
    Well punishment is coming. When Hitler’s spiritual niece has spat you out and Fillon disowned you and you come to us to bail you out it will be no deal.
    No siree.
    Maybe Communist Obama was not lying after all when he said you will be at the back of the queue.

  243. It is a curse that we did not go with

  244. This (from a thinking person) on the efforts by the outgoing hon Muslim to destroy ISIS:

  245. John Jefferson Burns @ 14:36

    Listen, Burnsei, the issue Romano and Baron were debating was the future (or the absence of it) for an insignificant two-man outfit, what that has to do with Brexit?

  246. John Jefferson Burns @ 15:36

    The young man should watch out, John, life ain’t fair, car accidents happen even to healthy careful young men.

  247. RobertRetyred @ 12:45

    Excellent news for businesses on either side of the stretch of water that separates us from the new German Reich, Robert, and quite timely, too, the economic performance of the EU is nothing to shout about, may even get worse if the Donald’s Republic begins eplacing the EU (mostly Germany) from the Russian markets.

  248. John birch @ 08:53

    This Owen guy is obviously not someone worthy to be friends with, John, those who got deleted from the wanker’s Facebook should be grateful for it.

    This argument, which is central to many of those who voted to remain, that Britain will lose leaving the Single Market, forgets one not an insignificant point – outside the Single Market, strangled by regulations and red tape, there happens to be the world market roughly twenty times bigger, a chunk of which has grown at much higher rate than that of the EU. Moreover, everyone agrees it will continue to grow faster in the future, too.

    The rest of his argument just regurgitates the old, by now thoroughly discredited arguments of the ‘fascist’ variety. If he truly finds life after Brexit so unbearable here he can pack up, depart for the ‘greener pastures’ of his homeland.

  249. John birch @ 11:15

    The story is newsworthy for a catching headline, John, but on the scale of things that matter it is merely a pinprick. What is 17 out of tens of thousands in three years?

    In every large societal grouping one can find extremes of one sort or another, a few outcasts that go loopy often for reasons unconnected with the ‘new life’ they switch to. What would worry more is if many were to convert clandestinely, in secret, giving no signs of switching sides, doing damage, making it hard for us to find them out.

  250. This again you don’t have to read even though long it isn’t. Just scan the site as it opens, read the heading and subheadings, also look at the four other features at the bottom of the piece, all deadly against the Donald, one indirectly, but also with Russia in (NATO troops in Poland).

    It’s now not the credibility of the evidence, but the credibility of the messenger, and not just any messenger but one vouched for by our former top diplomat in Moscow.

  251. John birch @ 08:30

    This letter isn’t new, John, and although it reflects what many want to think, the barbarian reckons it’s not kosher, it was allegedly penned by a Czech nurse working in Germany, but nobody ever came forward claiming ownership.

    It’s not that some of the medical facts are wrong, it cannot be helped what with well over million of refugees from either a war zone or impoverished backgrounds, but to say that ‘ a high number have AIDS, syphilis, open TB (we don’t know how to treat the exotic diseases) is pushing it.

    It was widely circulated in Czecho about six months ago, Baron got altogether four copies of it (all through e-mails), said in response what he’s saying here, the gist of it sounds right, the details are overdone.

    Some of you may not see that way, but consider: one of the reasons the MSM has lost credibility is their bottomless capacity for lying, deceptions, blowing things up. We should not fall into the same trap.

  252. That’s it, sorry for the errors, (and please, keep shtum, let Baron do the shouting, he, he, he).

  253. If you’re into IQ, Fred will enlighten you, Baron got rather confused:

  254. Are you confused enough about things? If not, this may help to install another bug of perplexity in your mind:

  255. Alex’s channel reports that Russia invited the Donald to a meeting about Syria to be held in Astana, the capital city of Kazakhstan at the end of January.

    If you want to learn more about the US Syrian policy under the hon Muslim, you may find it in the lower half of this piece, Kerry is the one telling it:

  256. Is there no end to Putin’s hacking? How does he manage it? Will the Donald put a stop to it for once and for all?

  257. David Knight makes a good point on Thursday’s Alex Jones Show when he says that Donald Trump is experiencing from a personal aspect the dangers of the surveillance state and what can happen when the deep state doesn’t like you.

  258. Obama: ‘phony’ written right through the centre of this stick of seaside rock

  259. Thanks for your details about the nurse letter Baron, I hadn’t seen it before I saw a link to it on twitter.
    Donald’s going to get anything they can find or make up thrown at him and doesn’t the BBC love it ( in a totally impartial way of course)


    Alex Jones on Friday 13th – Introductory section:

  261. Rosie O’Donnell Calls for MARTIAL LAW to Stop Trump – by Mark Dice – not a satire

  262. John birch @ 07:50

    It’s not just the BBC, John, the self-appointed doyen of contemporary conservatism, the scribbler Charles Moore, has another piece in today’s DT (it must be the fourth or perhaps fifth column of his on the subject) attacking the Donald (and of course also his admirer Putin).

    He says of the Donald: ‘So far, Mr Trump has consistently proved himself to be the most subversive figure ever elected to high public office in a major free country’.

    And quite right, too, the Donald should be doubly subversive, the West needs to be sorted before it’s too late, the unwashed take to the streets, thrash things out by thrashing things up.

    Moore also condemns Putin, says, amongst other things that are patently ‘fake’, that “he, Putin, is intimidating neighbours – the Baltic States, for example – who have for nearly 30 years bravely and resolutely stated their desire not to be under Russian control.”

    Where and when have the Russians or Putin ever said they wanted control of the Baltic States? In anything it’s the West and NATO that has made threatening noises, placed troops on the Russian border, conducted military exercises under the Russian noses.

    The barbarian has friends there, one of them who lives in Estonia says people are more scared now with the NATO troops prancing around than before when it was the Russian tourists who were a noticeable source of income for the locals. Madness, utter madness.

    In the column Moore also quotes the mad female equivalent of today’s Goebbels, the outgoing UN rep Samantha Power saying in Security Council: “Is there literally nothing that shames you (the Russians, Iranians, for their actions at liberating Aleppo)? He obviously is unaware of the report by Eva Bartlett (the other two courageous women) on Aleppo. It may be the man can type crap, but may not be able to read.

    Is there nothing, literally or not, that shames the ar$elicking poodles like him?

    It cannot be long before we start hearing people like him telling is the likes of Breitbart, Inforwars, other internet news services are controlled, financed and run by Putin.

  263. Malfleur @ 12:22

    Enjoyable clip, Baron’s a subscriber to his channel, Malfleur.

    The last guy talking, the one who wants to have a re-run of the presidential election, is a good example of what fake news can do. He keeps rabbiting about the Russians interfering with the election. How? Hacking the Dem’s servers? Doesn’t everybody hack?

    One can click on y-tube for ‘Nuland Pyett Ukrainian election’, get a number of clips showing how these two ‘non-interfering US officials’ appointed Poroshenko and others, it’s there in b&w and in colour. The Ukrainian people should have demanded a re-run without the American interference, no?

    What the barbarian cannot comprehend is don’t these people know there’s a thing called the internet, people are no longer informed by the filtered or faked news of the lapdog MSM. If they want us to come back they have to silence the new media, control it, allow access only to the anointed. Failing that, they cannot win the battle of ideas.

  264. Baron (23:26)

    I preferred Fred’s romp through the feministas field of battle:

    Tongue in cheek but as near to the truth as I’ve seen either from the msm or the blogosphere. Can be summed up as “Vive le difference.”

  265. Moreover I’m getting a little pissed off with Fox’s Tr(i)ump(hal)ism and whinging about the Left’s attempts to discredit his election victory. What did they expect? That Obama, Clinton, Hollywood and the msm would roll over and join in the acclaim for the Donald? That’s not what the neo-communists do. Sabotage is their stock-in-trade.The naivity of the American pundits amuses me sometimes. Trump should stop complaining, grab the levers of power and give it to the bastards until the pips squeak. Never has there been a better chance for the Empire to fight back. Same with Brexit here. No way will the Left (and their globalist patsies) give up. The fight will have to be constant and its time for the Brexiteers to get down and dirty – and start to demand that the referendum result is implemented forthwith. No way will the enemy cede to our wishes. Fuck ’em! Get on with Mrs May! Or the next by-election will tell its own tale. What that story wil be depends on the resolve of the administration, which at present is by no means manifest. Agitprop is winning. Get your fingers out!

  266. That’s the way to protest, it’s quiet, soft, not perhaps that dignified, but what the hell, it’s a gender fluid country, why not?

  267. Frank P @ 14:11

    Now you’re talking, Frank, for that’s exactly what he should do, the max because the uproar it will cause amongst the anointed will be the same if he did the min.

    Let us hope and pray he does get to say ‘I do’, the progressives still have few days to get him.

  268. If you want to see a member of what the barbarian calls the phylum of the ‘overeducated, articulate, power yielding village idiots’ here’s your chance. These people, and there are a large number of them, present by far bigger danger than the jihadists, their corrosive impact on our society by far exceeds the threat posed by Putin cum Embola, or any other pandemic known (or as yet unknown) to man.

  269. The more one watches him, the more impressive this guy Gowdy gets, he should be given a post, he would fit in nicely.

    On the other hand, if this incident is anything to go by, should anyone be surprised the Russians get get away with hacking at will, the CIA seems utterly useless in spite of all the training they get. The Donald should seriously weed out the agency (or agencies), they appear to be populated with PC apparatchiks that are not fit for the job they’ve been entrusted to perform.

  270. “I began paying attention to the phenomenon of rubbish on my daily walk between the general hospital where I worked in the morning and the nearby prison where I worked in the afternoon, a matter of a few hundred yards. What should have been clear to me already from the observable behavior of my fellow citizens then became obvious: an Englishman’s street is now his dining room…”

  271. Oborne on the untoward effects of MI5’s ‘dirty dossier’.
    One of his better articles, though as often having spotted the problem he falls carry his analysis to its logical conclusion. If it’s not the present Government, who does MI5 now work for? The same ‘straightforward sort of guy’ and his chums they’ve been working for since 1997?

  272. 🙂

    Nigel Farage : The European Union is in BIG TROUBLE – 2017

  273. Charity begains at home.
    David Craig reminds us that Development Aid fuels unsustainable population growth and mass migration.

  274. “Hero” is another word that has been devalued. When I was a youngster it was a word used to describe people like the 16 year old British officer who clung on to his regiment’s flag at Waterloo as French cavalryman slashed at his head and arms with sabres. He kept the flag and the hideous scars that disfigured him until he died in England an old man.

    Now “Heroes” are school dinner ladies and paramedics doing what they are paid to do.

    We used to have two minutes silence in awe of the sacrifice of a generation, now we have one minute’s silence for every minor tragedy, devaluing the Remembrance, tarnishing its majesty, trivialising the act.

    This observation is my small act of rebellion this morning.

  275. Colonel Mustard,
    The usual suspects love the word heroes to publicise climate change and other nauseating left wing constructs from soil living demagogues like Porritt or media apologists like Alibhai Brown who literally gets everywhere:

    “It was just amazing to hear the Heroes’ stories. Eight people giving practical, dedicated service to their communities in extraordinarily inspiring ways. They’re all amazing stories (, but I was particularly taken with a project in Haringey (“Living Under One Sun”) that just rippled with multi-ethnic diversity, energy and empathy.”

    Yeah- right.

  276. So now Britain and the U.S. Are too weak to defend Europe,

    Merkel fancies herself as Bismarck.

  277. Noa 2059.
    The one thing we have learned from Trump is that the intelligence services run their own agenda which is separate from and often in conflict with National priorities and interests.
    The Military in our Anglo Saxon democracies have long understood that they are simply one arm of political policy subservient to Parliament/Comgress. The intelligence services are a living animal whose only interest like all living creatures is survival.
    And Survival of the Species.
    All other actions are secondary to that basic instinct.

  278. Baron 1638

    It is not only the deluded academics but the political elite:

    “Alistair Carmichael said: “I do have concerns over whether the police should be investigating a politician’s speech, but Amber Rudd should certainly investigate her own conscience over these grubby and divisive remarks.”

  279. Alistair Carmichael I should add has some currency throughout the London political elite as one of the few anti Sturgeon bastions left.
    This shows you have to keep an eye on the b*stards.

  280. Baron
    January 14th – 16:55

    The position that springs to mind for Trey Gowdy is Special Prosecutor of swamp animals.

    I see that Representative Gowdy was just appointed to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence though.

  281. Romano Verdi –

    Or The Bismarck? That is about the size of it 🙂

  282. Tancredo: Report Reveals Massive Indoctrination of Students at Universities Through ‘Transformative Civic Engagement’

    Trump and the country really do have a mountain to climb.

  283. BREXIT

    Theresa May – Cunctator?

  284. Malfleur – we still don’t know, as Farage has said, what her plans are, so we still wait for evidence. I still think that she played a smart game by going up to the Scottish Woman’s lair and taking the wind out of her sails. As it is the EU that will determine the level of collaboration, and as they have been shown to be a load of dysfunctionality personified, with Hannah saying the worst thing about them is that they keep changing the rules, how can anyone negotiate in good faith?
    I hope things move quickly this month. Leaving it ’til March wouldn’t be a good idea: I think even my patience would have run out well before then! 🙂

    I am not that happy with some of her non-Brexit stuff, but that is very perriferal to anything Brexit. The problem is that there have been very few leaks, which isn’t really a problem if the outcome is what we want. And the ReMOANers are still doing as much as they can to help us. 🙂

  285. RobertRetyred
    I guess you are correct-

    “The ‘Prinz Eugen’ returned to Brest on June 1st and all but one of the supply ships sent out with the ‘Bismarck’ and ‘Prinz Eugen’ were sunk. ”

    I have long regarded the rest of Europe as supply ships to Germany. So does she. Our departure will trigger a row of dominos.

  286. Colonel Mustard – 12:44

    What a surprise! 🙂

  287. RobertRetyred @ 11:10

    Most of the stuff written about the divorce from the EU rests on the idea of what we must lose if we cut ourselves from the monstrosity fully, Robert, nobody has yet look edat it from the European perspective.

    Most of their insurance business is handled at Lloyds in London, who will be the replacement for it? There just isn’t anyone in Europe with sufficient capital, know-how, experience. They will have to carry on with the business as before, or they’re in trouble. It’s the same with any other business in which we furnish the bulk, or even a chunk of what they cannot quickly replace, but need.

    Also, should we hinge the success or failure of the negotiations on just the ‘free movement of people’? If you accept (as you should) that immigration is an economic phenomenon, this doggedly pursued aim makes little sense. Immigration of cheap labour, (the human imports), cuts costs, cost cutting has always been the tool that wins it for the one who goes for it, that’s what makes some businesses to succeed, others to fail (all other factors being equal, of course).

    If we were to cut immigration close to zero, those companies serving our demands from the UK base either in goods or services will find ways how to circumvent, by-pass, side-step it. Real life always prevails over a man-made rule if the latter goes painfully against it, e.g. zero hour contracts.

  288. Colonel Mustard @ 01:29

    You’re right, Colonel, but it somehow doesn’t surprise in a country of Sir Jim, the greatest peado of all times, but plain Nigel, the man who saved us from the enslavement by unelected apparatchiks.

  289. Romano Verdi @ 07:43

    The timing for the creation of the EU Armed Forces (read German EU Armed Forces) seems opportune, may never be better, Romano, Mutti will get what she wants, Baron reckons.

    The Americans have been cutting back in Europe and elsewhere, will continue to slim down, the money’s short, they need the cash to MOT what they have left.

    The German officer class is also reported to have had enough of the American presence on the German soil. The uncontrolled influx of migrants must have convinced many German unwashed the country needs better protection, the idea that armed forces could be it must benefit by association.

    The Bundeswehr has over 170,000 men in arms (it’s almost double compared to what we may end up with after the new cuts). NATO, the current force for European defence, is perceived by many (not only in Germany) as not up to the job (different national standards in equipment, a nightmare to carry spare parts, language barrier), if the Donald carries out the threat of leaving the outfit, spending the saved cash on US own Armed Services, that would essentially finish the alliance, the Americans are bearing the lion share of the cost.

    If NATO falls apart what then? The logical answer is a force of the EU members (if that monstrosity is still around). The French and others may not like the idea of EU Armed Forces, but will have to agree to it, the Germans are the ones with money.

    “Germany could be the foremost power in Europe, but is held back by its history”, says D Majumdar who has been covering defense since 2004 currently for the U.S. Naval Institute. He reads it right, circumstances may well propel the strongest EU member to be the foremost military power again.

    Could the saintly One stop it? Hmmm

  290. Colonel Mustard

    Further to yours @ 12:44:

    The culture war is now at least declared openly by the Left. But as with the jihad, only one side is admitting that war is in progress. No sense yet of how the Trump movement is going to handle this latest surge of the institutional assault on impressionable youngsters of the West. In the UK there is no real opposition to it, just retreat in the face of it.

    Sadly our own attempts to shine a light into the dark and evil cultural enclaves have gone largely unheeded. I am doing my best with my own grandchildren, but it is an uphill struggle.

    My deep disappointment with both the Tory Party and Farage is debilitating. A wide open goal presented itself when Cameron walked off the field of play; Farage left the field with him in a complacent display of self satisfaction at getting CMD red-carded; the Tory Party substituted the masturba-Tory Mother Teresa as Captain. Egregiously stupid!

    We can only hope that Trump understands the implications of the upsurge in the culture war and deals with it; but already he’s on defence in that regard; not to mention preoccupied with the idiocy of the hacking circus.

    Sorry about the soccer metaphors, but it is Super Sunday and Sky is ramping it up this morning.

  291. Baron – 13:41
    Immigration of cheap labour …”

    The labour may be cheap for their employers, but the costs picked up by others make the net result very costly. There is the increase in capital for schools, housing, social services, housing benefits, translation services and the general social difficulties. Any problem is hampered by cultural differences, the threat of anti-racist legal action, not to mention the ever increasing terrorist monitoring.

    Just removing the dysfunctional colonial power based in Brussels from weighing us down would free us from much of the grinding burden that we have forgotten we have born for over 40 years.

    And we would get our fish back! 🙂 I would like Grimsby to be able to stand tall again.

    We also need a greater proportion of school leavers to be focused on gaining useful knowledge/training/employment to fill those positions made vacant. That would be a win-win for the country.

  292. What Andrew hasn’t asked about, explored, objected to is that there should be no regulation of the freedom of expression of anyone including the media (MSM or on-line) except by the market place. If a party were to feel aggrieved, libelled or otherwise damaged by anything made public anywhere, there should exist a mechanism that would deliver justice to that party at no or little cost. To limit the freedom of expression a priori through an agency is a form of censorship.

    Any regulatory authority even one run by a flock of saintly angels cannot but restrict one of the most precious freedoms, and one that prevents evil people gaining and keeping a hold over us.

  293. RobertRetyred @ 15:41

    Baron couldn’t agree more with you, Robert, even if he wanted to except for one thing.

    The farmer who needs to harvest a crop of carrots, cannot get the locals to do the job, doesn’t care about the cost to the society of any imported labour and, in the way our economic model works, should not be forced to care about it. He grows and sells carrots, he doesn’t run schools, hospitals or whatever, competes with other carrot growers. He fails to harvest the crop, or he harvests it more dearly than his rivals, he is out of business. Look at the local production of milk vis-a-vis imports.

    Your last para points to what the government can and should do, why haven’t yet done it?

    Btw, the barbarian is not in favour of immigration (in some cases, the need for labour could be satisfied by the granting of transient visas), Baron’s argument is simply that if the wealth creating segment of any free society can lower costs (or must lower it to survive), they will do so in spite of any regulatory barrier.

  294. Frank P @ 14:41

    Unbelievable as it may sound, Frank, Nigel may have figured that changing the direction of the societal life here is a task by far more challenging than Brexit, and he must be right, all key pyramids of power, you name them, have been infiltrated by the loopy progressives – schools, academia, trade unions, MSM, the church …. even voluntary organisations, and of course the political parties.

    How would one go about dislodging the anointed from any of them?

  295. Baron (16:45)

    We need a Trumpian sized figure to hi-jack the Tory Party and form a new trans-Atlantic alliance. Trump seems to think that Farage might be that man. But Nigel is a lone maverick without a dewdrop’s chance in Hades of taking over the Tory Party mainly comprised of women, pussy-whipped wets and a predominance of ginger beers. The so-called right wing of the Tory Party are clapped out old farts who failed to take their chances when presented – all cacooned in their safe havens and generally far from the madding crowd.

    And the only ‘Opposition’ to this? A little bearded ageing hippy, complete with commie beard and titfer, who hi-jacked a Labour Party obviously in desolate defeat and disarray.

    An all round dismal decline of a culturally defeated nation.

    Just a question of waiting for “events, dear boy – events!” for that ‘British spunk’ that you often cite as the potential stanchion against wipe out, to break out.

    I wish I had your optimism. The only light on my horizon is that you were right about Trump’s victory, but who and where’s your horse in the UK Handicap?

  296. Much has been said and written about the gaps in the labour market that contols on immigration would occasion/ There would be far fewer such gaps if a significant percentage of the population were were not subsidised to enable them to laze around for half the day, get ’em pulling up carrots.

  297. Baron – 16:39
    “granting of transient visas”

    You have the answer there!

    Fewer immigrants would mean fewer hospital beds, school places, houses and less demand on the courts, not forgetting fewer terrorists needing to be monitored.

    I am sure all those potential Media Studies graduates can be given an incentive to choose careers in areas that require the manpower.

  298. Stephen Mayberry

    Welfare is a more serious cancer than the laziness it induces. Welfare has a negative impact on individual responsibility. They lose their moral focus when they become dependent on government. Benefits and subsidisation and other aspects of the welfare state socialise risk and reduce individual accountability. The Character Norms that normally guide individual behavior start to malfunction when the State undermines incentives for self determination. This eventually muddies the distinction between right and wrong.

  299. Friday, Trump will begin a fight back:

    “..this weekend’s broadcast of “Fox New Sunday,” veteran journalist Bob Woodward said the unverified dossier about President-elect Donald Trump and Russia is a “garbage document.”

    Woodward said, “I think what is under reported here is Trump’s point of view on it. You laid it out when those former CIA people said these things about Trump, that he was a recruited agent of the Russians, and a useful fool, they started this in Trump’s mind, He knows the old adage, once a CIA man, always a CIA man. No one came out and said those people shouldn’t be saying those things, So act two is the briefing when this dossier is put out.”

    “I’ve lived in this world for 45 years where you get things and people make allegations, that is a garbage document,” he continued. “It never should have been presented as part of an intelligence briefing. As you suggested, other channels have the White House counsel give it to Trump’s incoming White House counsel. So Trump’s right to be upset about that. I think if you look at the real chronology and the nature of the battle here, those intelligence chiefs who were the best we had, who are terrific and have done great work. I think they made a mistake here. And when people mistakes, they should apologize.”

  300. Romano Verdi @ 19:36

    Good point, Romano, but the figures are out of date for both countries, our manpower strength is now below 130,000, the target is below 100,000 (no sign of that being changed, the reservists are take up the the cut). Our 2% of the GDP commitment includes also the recent boost in spending on security (google it).

    The Germans cannot legally have Armed personnel above 185,000, but you’ll see Mutti will ask the Bundestag to raise the ceiling, the population is less adverse to the move (the Greens may still object, the Social Democrats no longer do). And that’s before the injection of the EU Armed Forces into the equation.

    The barbarian could be wrong, you right, we must wait and see.

  301. Frank P @ 17:24

    It’s not optimism, Frank, that drives the barbarian’s slicing of things, more an observational evidence from the past cum the state of the society today as he sees it.

    Who would have said at the start of last year we’ll Brexit, and a man with funny haircut would become the 45th President of the most powerful nation in the world? One didn’t have to be an outright optimist to at least consider the possibility of both events occurring because the unhappiness of the unwashed with the status quo was quite visible, (the internet helped to suss it up, of course).

    We have a problem here in that whoever would like to challenge the exiting order needs money, alot of it. Strange that, one would have though in a democracy, it’s ideas that matter, unfortunately to get the ideas across money is a must. If the Donald were not rich he wouldn’t be where he’s today. Just imagine if Rod Liddle or Douglas Murray had billions, could buy papers, TV stations, set up NGOs …but who can tell, a rich man with the right ideas may appear before one knows it.

  302. Stephen Maybery @ 17:26

    Spot on, Stephen, Welfare (or rather the mutation of it we’re lumbered with) is THE problem, not the solution to our woes, e.g. in health delivery.

    Rod Liddle has a piece on one of the areas that seems to be in permanent crisis year in, year out, some of you may not buy his take on the NHS, the barbarian does (as you know).


    The feisty comments appended to this article in Zero Hedge are of particular interest. They suggest that, if Trump doesn’t get whacked in the next few days, a giant coiled spring is about to be outsprung. This one for instance (not mine by the way):

    Sudden Debt Jan 15, 2017 6:52 PM




  304. Noa @ 20:59

    The piece reads well, is logical, but could his explanation be true?

    Two things on why Mr. Oborne may be getting the wrong end of the stick.

    No organisation of the CIA size has had, seldom if ever, a uniform opinion on anything, and not only because people’s take on things differ when resented with the same evidence e.g. jury service, but because of career considerations of those at the top. In every large outfit there always are cliques fighting for power. The CIA cannot be an exception, the handling of the Clinton woman’s emails is a case in point, one coterie sympathetic to the Donald (or just being professional i.e. impartial, in their job) got Comey to re-open the case, another one forced him to wrap in up in no time at all, in no way could they have truly examined tens of thousands e-mails of her, others linked to them in a few days.

    Did the MI5 pass the dossier to the Americans? They may have looked at it, the guy Steele was, probably still is one of them, but if the transfer were to be official the decision to do so would not have been taken by the MI5, it would have had to have at least the nodding from the Whitehall. Baron reckons no top politician cum advisor (or top Civil Servant) would have sanctioned that. The dossier was already circulating amongst the MSM, to approve the sending of it to the FBI as an official paper would have been unthinkable. There must be hundreds of documents passed between the MI5 and FBI, how many them get to circulate amongst the MSM prior to the transfer?

    The key think though is the authenticity of the ‘tapes’ (if they exists).

    No question the FSB must be active collecting compromising evidence on everyone of importance visiting the country. If the Donald got taped, how many would have known about it? Baron reckons only few individuals, the one or two operatives who handled the tapes, few bosses. If the tapes were to leak, it would have taken little time to find the culprit (hence it’s unlikely anyone involved were to risk it, it would be akin to signing one’s death warrant), but more importantly, the leaked tapes would have been no good for blackmail.

    There are rumours of both the CIA and the FSB having incriminating evidence on Mutti, but that’s it, it’s just rumours. If anyone were to try and hawk the stuff, it would completely destroy any blackmailing potential of it. Blackmail only works if the evidence isn’t out, only the extortionist, and the victims must be aware of it.

    Another point that’s relevant is whether the tapes are on a film that’s analogue or digital. The former is extremely hard to fake, almost impossible, the latter is a child’s play, you look at some of the films where a human body attached to a head of a monster looks as convincing as an ordinary man or a woman. It would be dead easy for anyone trying to cause a mischief to produce the Donald with as many prostitutes, (showering or not), as one would like.

  305. Malfleur @ 00:19

    This truly is explosive, Malfleur, but he isn’t there yet, he should have kept quiet, the interviews must only push those who oppose him to prevent him getting to the Oval Office at any cost. (Each hour when he listens to the news, the barbarian heart beat gets quicker).

  306. ‘Will The CIA Assassinate Trump? Ron Paul Warns Of “More Powerful, Shadow Government” ‘

  307. Baron

    Better constrain your instincts to call for a balanced view of Russia on this Wall lest you find yourself on a European Union blacklist…It is but a short step from ‘blogger’ to ‘journalist’ in EU Newspeak.

  308. 0344
    Powerful stuff Malfleur:

    “In a truly remarkable bit of honesty and candor regarding the U.S. national-security establishment, new Senate minority leader Charles Schumer has accused President-elect Trump of “being really dumb.”… for taking on the CIA and questioning its conclusions regarding Russia.

    “Let me tell you, you take on the intelligence community, they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you…. He’s being really dumb to do this.”


    No president since John F. Kennedy has dared to take on the CIA or the rest of the national security establishment […] They knew that if they opposed the national-security establishment at a fundamental level, they would be subjected to retaliatory measures.

    Kennedy… After the Bay of Pigs, he vowed to tear the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter them to the winds. He also fired CIA Director Allen Dulles, who, in a rather unusual twist of fate, would later be appointed to the Warren Commission to investigate Kennedy’s murder.

    Kennedy’s antipathy toward the CIA gradually extended to what President Eisenhower had termed the military-industrial complex, especially when it proposed Operation Northwoods, which called for fraudulent terrorist attacks to serve as a pretext for invading Cuba, and when it suggested that Kennedy initiate a surprise nuclear attack on the Soviet Union.


    Worst of all, from the standpoint of the national-security establishment, [Kennedy] initiated secret personal negotiations with Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev and Cuban leader Fidel Castro, both of whom, by this time, were on the same page as Kennedy.


    Kennedy was fully aware of the danger he faced by taking on such a powerful enemy”

  309. Don’t you just love it:

    “Cub reporter Michael Gove, 49 and a half, stood next to the golden lift of Trump Tower and pinched himself. He was to go where only Nigel Farage had gone before. As the doors opened, Mikey blinked. Donald Trump’s face was more orange and his hair more blond than any other person alive. Truly he was blessed to be in the presence of such greatness.

    “Good to meet you, Nick,” said the president-elect.

    “It’s Mikey.”

    “Whatever. You’re probably wondering why I chose to give my first British interview to you.”

    “Gosh… Now you come to mention it.…”

    “It’s simple,” said the Sun God Don. “I asked Nigel who could be relied on to give me a favourable write-up and piss off Theresa May in the process. By the way, I’ve got her letter somewhere there over on my desk. Would you mind giving her my reply yourself? See, I’m a businessman and I know the value of saving a stamp. Now, you’ve got an hour. So what do you want to know?”

    Mikey looked down at his notes. His editor had told him to start with Brexit. “As you probably know,” he said, “I was an extremely important…”

    “OK,” the Don interrupted. “Let’s start with Brexit. Brexit’s going to be great. Sterling losing value is going to be huge. That’s it. Everybody should do a Brexit sometime.”

    “That’s great,” said Mikey, overwhelmed by the incisive brilliance of the Don. Some people had warned him that the president-elect had a notoriously short attention span and suffered from narcissistic delusions, but hadn’t some of Mikey’s own friends said that about him.

    “You wanna know about the EU,” the Don continued. “I tell you this straight as a businessman. The EU is going to break up. And I’ll tell you why. You take in too many of those goddamn refugees. Those Muslims need to learn how to take care of themselves.… It’s because of the refugees that Brexit happened.”

    Mikey twitched nervously, wondering if he ought to explain the difference between the freedom of movement within the EU and the refugee crisis before remembering he wasn’t entirely sure of the difference himself.

    “Let me tell you another thing about the EU,” said the Don. “I had a house in Ireland and the MFs refused to give me planning permission for an extension. So I told them, sod it. You can keep the house and the EU.”

    “Can you tell me what you think about Nato?” said Mikey, returning to his notes.

    “Nato’s a crock of shit. Not worth the piece of paper it’s written on. But will the Don defend Europe? Hell, yes. Unless he decides he won’t. It’s like this: I’ve got a lot of time for Vladimir Putin and Angela Whatserface, because basically I’m a trusting guy, but if I wake up and find I’ve been abused on my Twitterfeed then sure I’m going to respond with ‘I AM GOING TO NUKE YOU!!’. What you’ve basically got to realise is I’m not a politician, I’m a businessman and the way to run a government is like a profit and loss account. If you’ve got a load of Hispanics that are losing you money then waste them…”

    Mikey checked his watch. His hour was up. He felt humbled to have been granted an audience with someone even more untrustworthy than himself.

    “Good to see you, Dick,” said the Don, kicking Mikey towards the lift. “Don’t forget to give Theresa May that letter now.”

    Mikey is on Sky at 0945
    (If Sarah lets him)

  310. Malfleur @ 04:49

    What struck Baron first is the emptiness of the Chamber, it was just the Minister and a member of (most likely) one member of the opposition. This gives the flavour of how much weight do the other lawmakers attach to the idiocy of the list cum Russian bashing.

    Hopefully, the EU will now all include the Donald who said of the Mutti’s immigration policy pretty nasty things in the Gove’s interview.

    The list feels not unalike the Adolf’s list of books to burn except the Brown shirts burnt books, our enlightened leaders destroy people.

  311. Not the view of the NY Times or the WSJ, but it seems there are sensible voices amongst the MSM in the Republic, too:

  312. His English varies from excellent to average, the barbarian mentions it only because when the expressions being to get tangled he must be lying i.e. the passage about “kompromat’ (another word that’ll undoubtedly enrich the OED) it doesn’t sound very convincing.

    If you you don’t wish to lose the who thirty minutes of your life, move the cursor to some five minutes from the end, that’s an interesting part of the interview.

  313. Baron @ 09:55

    Correction other than involving grammar or syntax.

    The ending of the last sentence at 09.55 should have read ‘our enlightened leaders destroy people’s careers’.

    The barbarian can hardly complain about others exaggerating things, then do it himself.

  314. It amazed Baron as it may surprise you, but the discussion cum debating about not just US election hacking, but hacking per se, the golden shower dossier, things related to it even distantly (the sales of Russian rocket engines to the Republic) seems more open in Russian media than here.

    It’s a pity one cannot just switch you over, the criticism of both the hon Muslim and Putin is about on par except the former wins massively on the quantity of kicks administered. The debating ranges from the rational to the bizarre, there’re so many theories the barbarian has got confused trying to remember most of it, couldn’t (the sleep afterwards wiped out alot, it’s amazing how awful Baron’s short memory has become, arghhh).

    The golden dossier has been made up by someone to make money, only some 2-3% of the ‘facts’ in it are correct, and even there a mistake was made, a man on the Donald’s team also allegedly linked with the FSB is the wrong man, the dossier will have no political or diplomatic consequences for anyone, the man or men who produced it may have been connected with a service, but not a part of it.

    The dossier was fake, put together by the FSB to detract from the real thing that’s still hidden, ready to be used. The reason for this? The fake thing will get discredited, people will laugh at it, but the one targeted in it will know that although what’s out is fake, the real thing can always surface.

    The paper that will have considerable implications for the Donald is the one on hacking, his admitting ‘the Russians have done it’. This was a cardinal error, it may bury him in the end, it will constrain his dealing with Russia, it will as a min reduce his ability to re0shape the security services.

    (That’s it for now, the barbarian has to go).

  315. Baron – 10:48

    I jumped to the last five minutes and was impressed with the Russian. The ‘other guy’ was a waster, as expected. The US mustn’t drop its guard, but I am sure The Donald will be able to do business.

  316. 5,000 pro-Trump bikers to attend inauguration and block protesters
    The Middle way really doesn’t seem to be working very well at the moment does it.
    Tony Blair (peace be upon him) needs to show up on a golden chariot driven by god to show the world the error of its ways.

  317. Romano Verdi (07:07)

    Are we to infer that you are the host of the below linked website?
    Are are you plagiarising his copy without due accreditation?

    Perhaps we should be told. 🙂

  318. I THINK WE SHOULD SEND FRANK P – as our most ornery member:

    “Trump Press Secretary: Alternative Media, Bloggers To Become Part Of Press Corps
    Corporate Media Freaks Out At possibility of Breitbart, Infowars Being Allowed To Ask Questions”

  319. “The President-elect sees the world in some parody of the 19th century conception of the great powers. There is the US and Britain, and then Russia and finally Germany. Foreign policy is about balancing them all against each other. That’s the context for understanding his remark about Merkel and Russian President Vladimir Putin.”

    As we listen to Ms May today succour can be taken from his love of Britain and his mother’s love of the Queen.

  320. My counterpart from the Left Bank of The Puddle, who enjoys torturing the elderly in their dotage, forwarded this today:

    Male, stale and pale?

    Nah!! White, right and bright!

    Seems the feministas, having already castrated the government, are now in the process of pussy-whipping and diversifying The Job.

    Rise up, ye heirs of Peel and Mayne. You have nothing to lose but your cojones. Where have all the young men gone? Long time passes … cue Marlene …

  321. So now it is revealed:

    “Brexit means Brownnosing”

    Brownnosing the alt right.

  322. 15:49

    A very short self-imposed exile? Fuck off!

  323. So, £350m/wk was on the low side? 🙂

    Brussels plot to ABOLISH budget rebates: Did Britain get out of the EU just in time?

  324. Frank 16.27
    A bit frank there frank.

  325. 15:49

    Suck it up you scumbag.

    And what Frank says.


    Vladimir Putin has claimed that it is nonsense that Donald Trump would be interested in Russian prostitutes – but that Russia has the best.

    Putin does not seem to have expressed a view as to whether Trump’s ties are too long.

    Meanwhile that bastion of political integrity, the British Broadcasting Corporation, has apparently put out a documentary on Trump called “The Kremlin Candidate”. I am sure the BBC had no problem finding advisors settled in England eager for war with Russia and not slow to engage in structuring its calumnies.

    If ONLY we could have a co-opted stylist in the White House.

    Otherwise stated:

    After the uprising of the 17th June
    The Secretary of the Writers Union
    Had leaflets distributed in the Stalinallee
    Stating that the people
    Had forfeited the confidence of the government
    And could win it back only
    By redoubled efforts. Would it not be easier
    In that case for the government
    To dissolve the people
    And elect another?


    Alex Jones Show yesterday – 3RD HOUR:

  328. The Making of the President 2016: How Donald Trump Orchestrated a RevolutionJan 31, 2017
    by Roger Stone
    $ 19 49 $29.99Prime
    FREE Shipping on eligible orders
    Available for Pre-order. This item will be released on January 31, 2017.
    Kindle Edition
    $ 14 57
    Available for Pre-order. This item will be released on January 31, 2017.

  329. ALEX JONES Tuesday, 4TH HOUR – Stone “Who almost dunnit?”

  330. Clever girl is your Teresa. Donald is behind her. Donald has told it like it is about führer Merkel. In much diminishing her Donald has guaranteed the future of you green and pleasant land.
    What does Andy think?

  331. It’s incredible how low could the BBC wankers sink to discredit the Donald. This guy Sweeney has gone up to the bottom of the swamp, a top candidate for a clean up:

  332. Does anyone experience the same?

    It takes some time for a posting to go through, seldom at the first attempt. Could it be it’s because the blog has got too long? Last nigh tthe barbarian gave up, nothing went through.

  333. Could you imagine the BBC airing a programme called the ‘Kenyan Connection’. looking into the Hon Muslim’s birth? That would be close to their prying into the Donald’s business deals with Russia. The latter is even less of a security issue unless the Tristrams of the BBC could prove that the Donald did know about the mafia connection, which they cannot.

    And to think we, that includes Baron, pay the w ankers wages, it makes one sick.

  334. That’s it for Baron, he’ll come back, if you have him, when the speed of posting gets reasonable, until then he’s off to annoy people at the Spectator. You should have a look there, too, a singer called Lilly something or other burped in a tweet ‘Britain’s hated because of slavery’, you will enjoy the postings to it, witty people around.

  335. Baron

    Posting is not slow. Check your own internet provider.

  336. Nine seconds.

  337. Snow in SPAIN: Heaviest snowfall for 35 YEARS hits beaches and coastal resorts

    Must be Climate Change! 🙂

  338. This bloke gets it
    Spectator comments
    Michael Arnold
    3 minutes ago
    The whole situation down to the socialist movements of the west misunderstanding islam…they assumed that appeasing to islam they would win more votes..they did..but islam has its own agenda and it has nothing to do with socialism. Stupid liberal movement of free so called liberal minded people took it upon themselves to allow immigration numbers to grow at alarming numbers, but did not stop to think about the consequences…now a little too late. Successive governments even conservatives did not see what was evident because of political correctness…so, now..what?

    I think we must start to change laws before laws are changed against us.

    Muslims should be denied voting rights is an essential ruling.
    No family reunification from any islamic country accepted on marriage grounds..cousins..or refugee status unless proof be shown and only on humanitarian grounds for a period, not indefinitely.
    DNA testing on all muslims to determine if they are family or not, those who have falsely claimed should be returned to their original country of providence.
    No polygamous marriages allowed.
    Welfare to a maximum of 2 children.
    Schooling. No segregation…no bias towards muslims. No such prayer rooms in schools. Madrasas be closed. All literature and teachers in public islamic schools to be screened. All classes to be in English other than language class. No segregation in Universities or classrooms, nor in any public event.
    No Islamic flags allowed on any public highway..or public venues.
    Prayer limited to mosques. No public prayer meetings.
    All demonstrations are of mix women and men together or not permitted at all.
    No Eid celebrations cutting throats of lambs/sheep in slaughter houses or Halal foods celebrated in the UK. It is deemed improper and no religious rights should supersede the country laws.
    No shariah courts must be allowed to run parallel to UK courts.
    All arabic, urdu, persian and other text must be translated in documents and signage. Eg mosque names and schools.
    The burqa and niqab not permissible in any public space…limited to mosque and home.
    Honour killings and any FGM accounts taken very seriously, even in the event occurs abroad.

    I am sure there is much more that should and can be added, but these are just a few.

  339. John Birch,
    It’s a start John, all that you have mentioned needs to be done, but if we can be sure of one thing, it is that nothing will be done nor attempted until it is too late. Much has been spoken about curbing immigration from the EU, but never a mention of the almost limitless immigration from other parts of the World and countries which have nothing but hatred for our way of life. As we reap, so shall we sow. I am not optimistic regarding our future.

  340. Winston Churchill:
    If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory is sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.

  341. Arron Banks launches ant-establishment website.

  342. Arron Banks launches anti-establishment website : story.

  343. SWEDEN CRUMBLING: Demands for military intervention as thugs turn Malmo into ‘no-go zone’

    THE Sweden Democrats have demanded soldiers should be sent to Malmo to reestablish law and order as violent thugs have turned the city into a ‘no-go zone’

  344. Apparently Sky News think that 51% vs 39% (12 points) in favour of exiting the single market is a “narrow majority”.

    Newsnight wall-to-wall anti-Trump BS by BBC lefties, including a truly crap animation which misrepresented Plato and was simply scaremongering.

  345. Radford NG, January 18th @ 22:36 and 22:45

    This is an exciting development. There’s life in the old dog yet! I wish though that Westmonster had been modelled not on Drudge Report alone but also on Inforwars – give it time, nutriceuticals and nano-tech body armour perhaps…

    Now, where is our Trump?

    Vice-President Biden indulges in a little anti-Russian war mongering at the Davos World Economic Forum as the curtain falls, I hope, on his political career:

    (h/t Drudge)

  347. Roger Stone will be publishing on his website his theory that the late US Supreme Court Justice Scalia was murdered. As the anniversary of that event approaches, this will give lazier forensic minds an opportunity to reconsider their view that there is no credible evidence of unlawful death.

    Stone, who was himself recently the target of an assassination attempt in which polonium was used, has also noted the interesting alleged connection between the “former” “MI6” agent, Christopher Steele, responsible for the scurrilous calumnies in the “Peegate” Scandal against Donald Trump, and Alexander Litvinenko. There have been allegations that British SIS agents killed Litvinenko, possibly to show Russian in a bad light. The Wikipedia entry on Litvinenko assassination theories mentions that polonium is freely available on the internet in the USA where it is widely used in antistatic products (see footnote 57).

    This is a murky area, which is getting murkier. Suffice it to say that polonium is not Stone’s tipple of choice.

  348. If Remoaners don’t stop their wild hyperbole they will damage Britain

  349. Is the formerly thriving instrument of dissent dying?
    The gracious host clearly is of that impression.
    If so why?
    Could it be because some posters try to suppress dissent?
    I could identify a vituperative poster who, though very much diminished, is only able to express themself in an articulate manner when pouring out bile on a fellow poster.
    I find this tragic as a supporter of the institution in one guise or another since the initiation.
    As King John lay dying in Newark Castle, Queen Isabella and all the advisers fled to regroup around Henry and put a crown on his head as soon as John’s last breath left him.
    Or was he poisoned by a vituperative courtier?
    Where will be our Gloucester Cathedral?
    I will seek it.

  350. Following the siesmic events of 23/6 the tectonic (teutonic) plates are moving again in Europe as re-asserts her ‘historic’ role as the hegemonic power. A rapprochemont between the US and Russia will beg the question of Britain where it stands. Meanwhile will Die RiechsKancellor mobilise her new muslim workforce in support of her historic mission.
    As usual of course our resident quisling will plead for his/her/its set of false, moronic equivalences.

    “Germany’s top politicians are calling on the EU
    to close ranks behind Europe’s “central power,” Germany, following
    President-Elect Donald Trump’s recent declarations in an interview.
    Trump suggested the possibility of “deals” with Russia, predicted the
    further disintegration of the EU and pointed to Germany’s dominant
    role within the EU. A new Russian-American world order is looming,
    according to Elmar Brok (CDU), Chairman of the European Parliament’s
    Committee on Foreign Affairs, it is therefore imperative that the EU
    “close ranks.” Germany’s Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier
    expressed a similar opinion. Wolfgang Ischinger, Chairman of the
    Munich Security Conference, called for Russian and US disarmament and
    for enhancing the EU’s militarization. He recommended that “German
    nuclear armament” not be discussed – at least “at the moment.”


  351. Noa January 19th, 2017 – 09:16

    The British Empire is still railed against and its history awash with the guilty tears of SJWs whilst Germany, which less than 80 years ago was dragging innocent people from their homes all over Europe and murdering them on a industrial scale utilising the modern infrastructure of its state and the full compliance of its people to do so, is back at the top in Europe throwing its weight around again.

    Even modern EU propaganda is complicit in that premature rehabilitation and whitewash, by distinguishing Nazis from Germans in modern education and media, a wholly inappropriate distinction in the context of World War Two.

    Of course the current anti-semitism of the unelected leftist hegemony aids enormously in the subterfuge. National Socialists have become interNational Socialists.

  352. Colonel Mustard 10:17

    Concerning the villification of the British Empire my daughter reiterated the ill-taught calumny that it was a source of evil.
    In the ensuing discussion I refered her to the following quotation by Naill Ferguson:

    “I do not mean to claim that all British Imperialists were liberals, some were very far from it. But what is very striking about the history of the Empire is that whenever the British were behaving despotically, there was almost always a liberal critique of that behaviour from within British society. Indeed, so powerful and consistent was this tendency to judge Britainn’s imerial conduct by the yardstick of liberty that it gave the British Empire something of a self-liquidating character. Once a colonized society had sufficiently adopted the other institutions the British brought with them, it became very hard for the British to prohibit that political liberty to which they attached so much themselves.”

    The Empire’s contribution to the mantenance of peace and economic development in India is detailed in “The Making of India”, by Kartar Lalvani. In discussing the lamentable development of a country ham-strung by the socialist dogmas practicised by Gandi, Nehru and their corrupt successors he quotes a summary by former Cabinet Minister Mr Jagmohan in the Asian Age in 2008.

    “61 years after independence India has today the largest number of poor, the largest number of illiterate and malnourishrd people in the world with ever-widening income gap…Post 1947 India has been badly ley down by its leadership in almost all walks of life… It is a culture of callousness, corruption and conceit that dominates Indian public life… 6 out of 7 women are illiterate.”

    That contribution to peace was echoed in other colonies, sadly to so was the destabilisation, widespread corruption and dis-integration which almost inevitably followed independence outwith the Anglosphere.

    In contrast to Britain, with its thousand year long traditions of liberty and practice of international governance Germany, and the states now trapped within the venomous enfoldments of the EU are new nations, their political development, unleashed in the settlements of 1945 and 1991 are now still-born, flushed into the abortion pail of history whilst that pernicious organisation seeks to write a Berlin oriented history and future for Europe.
    Once again, it is Britain, wounded and weakened as she is, which has lit the torch of liberty in Europe and is throwing it into the bonfire of vanities which is Brussels.

  353. Noa January 19th, 2017 – 11:18

    Thank you.

    There is now a strong under current of pro-British sentiment in Hong Kong, with many local Chinese (as opposed to PRC interlopers) expressing the view that it was a better place under British governance.

    I know from first hand experience that in India in the years following independence many Indians, especially those of the lower castes, articulated the views expressed by one sweeper in his memorable assertion a decade after independence that: “India no good Sahib, after British have gone. No good now!” delivered with appropriate hand gestures.

    Those realities are impossible for self-hating SJW guilt-peddlers who have absolutely no first hand experience of Empire to understand, let alone accept. To use a cliché out of its original context to them:- “You don’t know man, you weren’t there”.

    But their vilification of Empire is not really about Empire or the objective appraisal of history at all. It is contrived as part of their political agenda to secure absolute power over the modern narrative here, to incite and maintain a grievance that they can harness, as their main business is always the incitement and maintenance of grievances in order to “progress” towards a Utopia that exists only within their own deranged and facile minds.

    Mind you, in managing to import historical US racial tensions into Britain they have played a blinder, creating a new myth of discrimination and slavery (q.v. the celebrity moron Lily Allen) that is now being swallowed by the Millenials and used to de-construct truth and objectivity.

  354. Noa 0916
    We are truly seeing 1941 played out again. Mutti thinks that Barbarossa can play out again. Problem was that she started in Kiev and Putin saw her coming. Trump is joining us without the need for Pearl Harbour. Soon Mutti and her EU conquests will see the dynamism of Anglo Saxon economics versus sluggish bureaucratic Lander bound economics.
    I have a notion that the French see this too and will be saved from Petainism by Ms Le Pen. Boris has sewn the seeds.

  355. If you speak with well educated Indians they will happily tell you that modern India could not exist if not for the British empire.
    All the infrastructure exists on what we left behind.
    How could we have ruled half the world with so few people running things if it was not a benefit to the indigenous peopl
    If we were running the Middle East with the same sort of people in charge ( people with pride in their country) life would be much better for the inhabitants.
    The locals have shown they are totally incapable of the job.

  356. John
    If we look at Africa it is heartbreaking what has happened to the various countries of Africa since independence.
    From simple decline to butchery.

  357. Malfleur. 14-07
    It’s incredible that the western world is dividing so intensely that these possibilities have to be considered.
    Left and right are history.
    The left has aligned with the elite and left everyone else in the centre ground.
    New names are needed to draw up battle plans.
    The bulk of the institutionalised left are government employees or sucking from the government teats.
    Everyone else works in the real world.
    What names are we going to use, we need some and soon.

  358. The institutionalised left have no link to the working man at all. They inhabit jobs paying (in some cases obscene amounts of money for jumped up council workers) way beyond their abilities.
    They share with the rich an expectation of privilege, because their worth it.
    Poncing allegedly Labour politicians who have no link outside primrose hill to ghastly bigoted voters whose views they despise.
    They are nothing to do with Labour.
    They are parasites sucking blood from a long dead corpse.

  359. Two thousand years ago it was said with all justification that all roads lead to Rome, they still do, only these days they call the place Brussels. In 409 the Britons finally expelled the Roman Imperium, it was not a gentle exercise, Hard Brexit if you will. In 476 the Barbarian Stilicho deposed the last Emperor of Rome as being surplus to requirements, the Empire was over, and the same will happen again, mark my words.

  360. Some sobering thoughts from Fred, a day before the champagne will flow and the world will become a different planet:

  361. Farage : World has changed , establishment hasn’t woken up.

    Now on-line :

  362. Frank P @ 19:01

    Fred at his best, Frank.

    Nothing to disagree with except perhaps that things never turn out as it appears they should.

    The gist of his argument stands, however, and fits Baron’s take on things perfectly.

    Everything is relative in this world of ours, as is the hunger of nations. The Americans were the hungrier than anyone any other national tribe half a century ago, no snowflakes then, or safe spaces, gender fluidity and PC, but hard slog unchained by Federal regulations of everything that smelt of success, the stronger won, those not up to the job went under, nobody minded, often the losers picked themselves up, made it on second, third attempt.

    That’s China today, the barbarian says China because China not Russia it is that will challenge the Republic after the Donald delays the inevitable, but only postpones it for the apex of the Republic’s hegemony has passed (the barbarian feels more than sad saying it because for him it has always been a dream to live in the country of the free as it was around the 60s-70s last century).

  363. Radford NG @ 20:34

    One of the headings in the link talks about ‘free movement’, Radford, the bugbear in the forthcoming talks with the EU, but there is a way out, a way that would fit the technology-induced globalisation environment.

    We should distinguish between free movement of people and free movement of labour. The former is hard to agree to, the latter can be subscribed to on the same conditions virtually every country subscribes to free movement of goods/services and capital – with control and proper management.

    Goods are traded freely yet every country has certain restrictions, rules, prohibitions. The same goes for capital, again every country has sets of rules that must apply for the ‘free’ movement to occur, try buy a house in Greece or Italy or the Republic, and you’ll find that although you may be able to do so, the requirements by country differ.

    So it can be with the free movement of labour, we could subscribe to the concept after Brexit in the manner of free movement of goods, services, capital – by imposing certain rules, the EU losers could do the same, we debate, agree a compromise and voila, everyone’s happy, no?

  364. John birch @ 14:30

    You may well be right, John, new labels would be helpful, but Baron fears we are stuck with the old slicing of the two forces, unless someone comes up with something equivalent of the cavaliers, roundheads …

  365. Robert Sheriffhales @ 13:14

    One underestimates the Germans at one’s peril, Robert.

    If the Donald begins to get closer to Russia, the Germans will try to beat him to it, it’s the aim of the Germanic tribe to look east (for a number of reasons Baron has offered before), as it has been the aim of the American foreign policy since the war to prevent the two largest European tribes combining forces. It should be fun to watch.

  366. I note the way that Labour, as they do, have slyly morphed Hammond’s “low tax economy” into “low tax haven” in order to whip up the necessary moral outrage from their thick as mince drones.

    Such deceitful liars. Just like their creature who is still blighting this site.

  367. Noa @ 11:18

    The quotation by Naill Ferguson cannot be argued with, Noa, but it may explain why the Left (sorry, John) is so doggedly sticking to the universally negative take on the British Empire.

    However bad the behaviour of British colonisers may have been at times the work done not only led to their being displaced, but it has also left a lasting legacy of goodness, which should have been nurtured further by the local leaders, sadly wasn’t. How could the progressives accept any of it when they worship moral equivalence?

  368. Colonel Mustard @ 00:14

    You never give up, Colonel, do you.

    Is it that hard to pretend the creature doesn’t exist?

  369. Colonel Mustard @ 10:17

    A powerful point, Colonel, but this is the enlightened Britain where ‘hypocrite’ is the middle name of every and each member of the establishment.

  370. Here’s a clip the barbarian got today, how fresh the events are is hard to say, encouraging they are not.

  371. “It’s a movement like we’ve never seen anywhere in the world,” the president-elect declared at a celebratory evening concert on Thursday night with the majestic Lincoln Memorial for a backdrop.

    To the unwavering supporters who were with him from the start, he promised: “You’re not forgotten any more. You’re not forgotten any more.”

    “I’ll see you tomorrow,” he called out, and then fireworks exploded into the evening sky.”

    Does the UK need a Donald?

  372. This says it all.

    It shows up just how people are afraid to tell it like it is. I expect this article would never have been allowed to be published if it had been written by an ‘English Speaker’, aka an English born person, rather than ‘British’.
    Why I, a German GP in Britain for 20 years, believe patients who won’t learn English are crippling the NHS, by DR CATJA SCHMITGEN

  373. Baron.
    The British Empire was the greatest force for good since the fall of the Roman Empire. That the left, drenched in hypocrisy and willful ignorance should loath everything about it is understandable. But they who so gleefully decry our past should explain why, if we were so terrible, so many of the buggers are over here.

  374. Romano Verdi @ 08:55

    Which European country under the EU yoke doesn’t, Romano?

    If the oldish wisdom that new ‘trends’ begin over in the Republic then spread still applies then we’re in for few more surprises this years and after, even though the initial spark, the hint to rebel was posted to the American unwashed from Britain, we were the first to wise up, broke away from the Brussels bureaucracy.

  375. Stephen Maybery @ 10:53

    Agreed, Stephen, agreed, the barbarian has always been a strong supporter of the spirit of the Empire with all its boils and warts, the construct had been a force for good, but a smart force, the locals had seldom been pushed to change their habits and traditions to a point at which the moulding could have destabilised the communities, engendered serious revolts or sporadic rioting.

  376. RobertRetyred @ 10:11

    Only the inability to speak English is crippling the NHS, Robert? Hmmm. The good doctor should get about more.

    It’s the sheer number of patients who have never made any NI contributions, (whether they speak English or not matters BA), that will bury the service.

    The barbarian has been in and out of many hospitals (not so much because of his infirmity) and he reckons the NHS is a service run by foreigners for the benefit of foreigners funded by the generosity of the British taxpayer, people born here, persuaded the NHS will look after them if they pay their stamps regularly. They did, are discovering others reap the benefits instead, could do FA about it.

  377. Ode to Donald

    “Come out for the Domhnall, ye brave men and proud,

    The scion of Torquil and best of MacLeod!

    With purpose and strength he came down from his tower

    To snatch from a tyrant his ill-gotten power.

    Now the cry has gone up with a cheer from the crowd:

    “Come out for the Domhnall, the best of MacLeod!”

    When freedom is threatened by slavery’s chains

    And voices are silenced as misery reigns,

    We’ll come out for a leader whose courage is true

    Whose virtues are solid and long overdue.

    For, he’ll never forget us, we men of the crowd

    Who elected the Domhnall, the best of MacLeod!

    When crippling corruption polluted our nation

    And plunged our economy into stagnation,

    As self-righteous rogues took the opulent office

    And plump politicians reneged on their promise

    The forgotten continued to form a great crowd

    That defended the Domhnall, the best of MacLeod!

    The Domhnall’s a giver whilst others just take,

    Ne’er gaining from that which his hands did not make.

    A builder of buildings, employing good men,

    He’s enriched many cities by factors of ten.

    The honest and true gladly march with the crowd

    Standing up for the Domhnall, the best of MacLeod!

    True friend of the migrant from both far and near,

    He welcomes the worthy, but guards our frontier,

    Lest a murderous horde, for whom hell is the norm,

    Should threaten our lives and our nation deform.

    We immigrants hasten to swell the great crowd.”

    Coming out for the Domhnall, the best of MacLeod!

    Academe now lies dead, the old order rots,

    No longer policing our words and our thoughts;

    Its ignorant hirelings pretending to teach

    Are backward in vision, sophomoric in speech.

    Now we learnèd of mind add ourselves to the crowd

    That cheers on the Domhnall, the best of MacLeod!

    The black man, forgotten, in poverty dying,

    The poor man, the sick man, with young children crying,

    The soldier abroad and the mother who waits,

    The young without work or behind prison gates,

    The veterans, wounded, all welcome the crowd

    That fights for the Domhnall, the best of MacLeod!

    Whilst hapless old harridans flapping their traps

    Teach women to look and behave like us chaps,

    The Domhnall defends the defenseless forlorn;

    For, a woman’s first right is the right to be born.

    Now the bonnie young lassies that fly to the crowd

    Have a champion in Domnhall, the best of Macleod.”


  378. Cartoon, as the Baron has just found out, can be defined as ‘a simple drawing showing the features of its subjects in a humorously exaggerated way, especially a satirical one in a newspaper or magazine’.

    Can you spot any satirical features in this vomit by a Guardian artiste?

  379. Please do spare a moment, well, actually close to five minutes, to share the reminiscences of the ‘feeling people’, immerse, too, in the four millions viewers’ admiration of the feeling people worshipping this man who beats God hands down except the latter still remains immortal, omni ….

  380. Not that many of us here on the blog will ever need it, but who knows, the sex drive of the newcomers could go into an overdrive what with good food, FA to do, even an old male could excite some of them.

    To avoid any unpleasantness like a court case adjudging your refusal to submit, what better solution than a pair of rape safe knickers made by our Germans friends, the designers had enough market research to stitch the garment together well, notice the psychedelic colours of the padlocks, the key could be given to one’s boyfriend, LBGTRFKT… friend or whoever.

  381. Car rampage in Bourke St. Melbourne : 4 dead,31 hospitalised.
    Good coverage,currently, at :

  382. Baron January 20th, 2017 – 00:24

    Why should I give up? If the same person in a variety of silly disguises came into your kitchen whenever he wished, made a declaration of some lefty cant, then urinated on the floor before departing would you pretend that he didn’t exist?

    Most of us here detest the left and all its works and yet we are expected to accommodate one of its very worst examples pissing on the floor whenever he wants to and dressing up that intrusive behaviour in lies and subterfuge, pretending his “support”. I can remember when he wasn’t allowed in here how he used to spit his venom about it at the other place, referring to “the vicar” and not in a nice way.

    His mental aberration deludes him into thinking he has some kind of duty to impose himself on any conservative or right wing website and that his intrusions serve the “progressive” agenda. His purely provocative comments run at about 83%, where he often uses “we” to imply a following and agreement which, apart from his ill-disguised sockpuppets, is non-existent on every site he blights.

    My life experience has taught me to fight an enemy, not to pretend he doesn’t exist. He has already shown that he has absolutely no interest in paying even lip service to that old lefty schtick about “engaging in dialogue”, although he sometimes peddles a nice line in divide and rule by selectively sucking up to those he sees as easy marks here. His stock in trade is mischief and his delivery vehicle is deceit. The “group” behind his little operation came close to complete exposure on the Guido Fawkes website, but God knows there has been enough evidence of his games here for someone like you, Baron, not to be taken in by him.

  383. Prince Charles hopes his Climate Change Ladybird book will lead to urgent action

    Don’t we all hope there is some ‘urgent action’, but not quite what the author of this book expects! 🙂

  384. I’d like to see a Ladybird book charting the way that Common Purpose have infiltrated and corrupted the unelected “leaders” of the public and third sectors in this country.

    I suspect that the “Tory” council leader of Surrey council is an alumnus, now calling for a 15% council tax hike to pay for social care.

    July 2014:-

    “Councillor David Hodge and his cabinet have come under concerted pressure following their decision to vote through their own pay rises of up to 60%. The increases were an addition of more than £60,000 in spending on top of a £200,000 total rise suggested by an Independent Remuneration Panel (IRP). The panel resigned following the decision, which saw some councillors handed payments of more than £10,000.”

    Surrey County Council paid councillors £1,851,882 in allowances and expenses in 2015. Councillors’ wage and expenses bills also soared at the third fastest rate in the country over the last three years, figures analysed by the Taxpayers’ Alliance revealed.

    The Council CEO, one McNulty, was paid more than the PM at £215k with Hodge, the “leader”, following closely behind and apparently making up the shortfall in expenses.

  385. Robert 12-59.
    Us =
    Charlie =

  386. Sorry that didn’t come out right at all.
    Ignore it.

  387. Colonel Mustard
    January 20th, 2017 – 13:2
    Donald’s not the only one with a swamp that needs draining.
    When, if ours is ever drained we should have rodent catchers all around the edge with shotguns.

  388. Common Purpose teaches us much:

    I don’t believe innovation ever happens when posters or members are frightened of bombastic fellow posters. To innovate, someone needs to be prepared to step out of the same and when you step out, at first, it’s very possible you will step in the wrong direction. Or perhaps you will express your move in a way that doesn’t quite make sense to people.

    When this happens, it’s very likely people will react in any of the following ways: look mildly mystified and move on; drown you out; cut you off or out; ridicule the idea; ridicule you; laugh it off or (worse) smile patronisingly.

    If this happens, you will be less inclined to step out again; at least not here with these people. Born innovators might carry on chipping away; not caring what anyone thinks of them; not playing by anyone’s rules but their own. Most people don’t. Most people learn not to do it again and in some cases, they leave.

    So what can a leader do to help people to make fools of themselves and be confident doing it? I would say they have to do it themselves. Accompany the person out on the limb. Ask positive questions to help the person make their point. Crucially, don’t be silent when other members of the team ridicule, cut, laugh. Silence is not silent. It sends its own messages.

  389. Crucially, don’t be silent when other members of the team ridicule, cut, laugh. Silence is not silent. It sends its own messages.

  390. Colonel Mustard @ 12:30

    Strong stuff, Colonel, exactly what one would expect from a man of conviction, also nothing the barbarian would disagree with except perhaps say that there are more ways how to skin a cat (no harm was done to any animal when the sentence was typed – just in case Verity looks in, she loved cats, perhaps too much, one does hope she’s OK).

    You may not have experienced this yourself, but the barbarian was once ignored, totally ignored, everyone doing the ignoring pretended he didn’t exist, was a vacuum, not even a piece of nothingness. You may not believe it, it hurt, it hurt more than any verbal abuse, even physical hurt.

    It may only be the gut feeling telling the barbarian it may work here provided we, all of us, would not rise to the bait, never ever, whatever the temptation. Who knows, this may tire him out, he’ll leave us be.

    You reckon it’s worth a try? Say, for a couple of months? What do the others think? The Police Chief, (if he’s still breathing, he, he, he)?

  391. Cut and pasted from here, with the insertion of “posters” to modify it for this forum:-

    Useful demonstration of the points I was making, thanks. I’m mildly surprised that the old “Common Purpose” pseudonym and avatar were not deployed for maximum mischief.

    It teaches those of “us” who can think for ourselves and have experience of the real world nothing and is simply another pool of agitprop urine on the floor here. I have read ex-Marxist Julia Middleton’s book “Leading Beyond Authority” and found it mostly name-dropping waffle. What we really need to learn – or more accurately to have thoroughly investigated – is how such mediocrity came to establish such an incestuous web over our public services.

  392. Baron January 20th, 2017 – 14:47

    Fair enough Baron, but I see that we are now supposed to be subject to creeping and presumptive Common Purpose-led “innovation” to turn us into politically correct drones.

    But there seems to be quite a gap between intention and effectiveness there! Is trolling an effective way of proselytising? Does provocation persuade or alienate? Do hit and run statements of assertive presumption equate to truth just because the articulator believes they do?

    Do the events of 2016 suggest a socialist dogma in ascendancy or in decline? I believe they and all their kind have been well and truly rumbled but their unelected minority is still empowered and in occupation of the “broadcast studios” of narrative. How much that might change going forward will be interesting to see. But let’s start here, in a small way, and close one particular “broadcast studio” down. Let’s drain our own wee swamp.

  393. “Let’s drain our own wee swamp.”

    I’ll get the pump.

  394. Look what happened when I left a mild message .

    Hold on, this is waiting to be approved by Common Purpose.
    ( my message)
    Leftie claptrap.
    You have been rumbled.
    Say hullo to telly when you see him, or her, or them.

  395. Climate Change strikes again 🙂 :
    SNOW in the SAHARA:
    World’s hottest desert covered in metre thick BLANKET of white

  396. First mistake.
    Putting up the Rabbi from the Simon Wiesenthal Centre for the first prayers.
    A red rag to all those who see Netanyahu and the Settlements as the main obstacle to peace in the Levant.

  397. And not only that

    “Donald Trump’s inauguration prayer service to be led by preacher who says Islam is ‘evil.”

    “A pastor who has a long history of making incendiary remarks about Muslims, LGBT people and other Christian denominations will preach to Trump and his entourage at a traditional spiritual service for the President-elect before the official inauguration begins.

    Trump’s inauguration committee have selected Pastor Robert Jeffress, leader of the First Baptist megachurch in Dallas, and frequent Fox News guest, to lead the service.

    The highly controversial choice of preacher has previously called Islam and Mormonism heresies “from the pit of hell,” suggested that the Catholic church was led astray by Satan, and accused Obama of “paving the way” for the antichrist.”

    I have been lambasted here for mentioning Armageddon, but I guess I will be making peace with the almighty tonight.

  398. Are we supposed to ignore her she him them curious bi whatever.

  399. From the complaints, it look like he’s doing everything correct to me.

  400. John
    You should engage here as you engage with my partner on Speccie
    I know you concur that the world today has entered very dangerous territory
    I shudder for the peace of the Mid East
    I shudder for the people of Estonia and Latvia.
    How can one man, a moral reprobate, induce so much concern among so many reasonable people?

  401. Out of couriosity who exactly would the almighty be. (Sorry, I just have to ask)

  402. America first.
    Hear that Teresa.

  403. John 1810
    Jahweh, God, Allah. There is one God of all the Abrahamic faiths.
    I will chose to make peace through Jesus Christ.

  404. Sorry I poked the stick.

  405. John Birch
    Say hello to etc.

    She, he, it. or like its unoriginal programmed, didactic, globular, CP originated prose, more simply, Shit.

  406. On a day that must have had millions (if not billions) glued to TV sets watching a man with a somewhat freaky haircut, the barbarian had other tasks to perform, missed it all, almost all, couldn’t listen even to the BBC radio (getting his blood pressure up).

    Still, everyone will take from the changeover whatever suits one’s taste, some will see it as the end of the world as we knew it, others as a new dawn, a re-awakening, the beginning of the end of the progressives.

    In the lifetime of Baron, (perhaps his political lifetime i.e. a time span shorter by close to two decades), no American President has ever put the finger on America’s ills as cogently, accurately, and heroically as has the Donald – from the hollowing of the American wealth creation machine, the loss of jobs and wages for the unwashed that it has entailed, through immigration, the crumbling infrastructure, the threat of Islam to secular governance, the need for an Armed Services MOT, down to the use and misuse of both proscription and illegal drugs.

    Would anyone bet then he’ll succeed in full, or even by half in curing any of the boils? The barbarian wouldn’t, reckons Donald’s achievements will be if not close to zero, then not far from it.

    It’s not so much that any of the pledges cum promises he made during the campaign are impossible for in the past virtually nothing was impossible for the country of the free – anyone remembers JFK goal of beating the Russian in the space race?

    The thing is though, America of today isn’t the same as she was half a century or so ago. She’s unquestionably richer in things of comfort, but also poorer in her appetite to take risks, to labour hard, to stop living on debt.

    On top of it there’s the Federal nomenklatura (backed by the MSM poodles, vested interests, academia, the Soroses of this world …), the layers of apparatchiks and paper pushers for decades inculcated with the corrosive ideas of the progressives.

    Dislodging them from the positions of executive power, replacing them with people of the same worldview as his own should be Donald’s first and most pressing goal. If he were to manage to do that, he would have a chance to hit on the boils he identified, needs to heal. The barbarian reckons the cleansing of the swamp is a task beyond even his ability, it would be near a miracle if he were to nail it.

    But then, stranger things have happened, Baron will be more than pleased if he’s wrong.

    and this to cheer you up:

    It’s the great Joseph and a woman in green:
    Joseph and a woman in green

  407. I think that the Almighty will be particularly chuffed when the United States Embassy in Israel is moved to Jerusalem.

  408. Somebody on BBC radio did point-out that Washington D.C. *is* built in a swamp.

  409. Colonel Mustard
    January 20th, 2017 – 12:30

    Well said Sir! “Mental aberration” truly describes the condition of the poor soul. Baron, and others, do give it what for at the other place. I use the term “it” as it posts using names of differing genders and I can’t remember, or even be bothered to find out, what is the current pc/cp gender neutral term.

  410. ” All Quiet Along the Potomac Tonight ”

  411. Today I find myself in confusion. Does America first mean exclusion of free spirits like ourselves? My conclusion is that he knows that protectionism is not really in the interests of American business and that he has in his sights the increasingly bellicose pronouncements from Brussels on American Companies.
    In any events Koblenz today should give Merkel and gang more pause for thought.

  412. “Germany’s western city of Koblenz, near Frankfurt, is the meeting place of two grand rivers, the Rhine and the Mosel. With a name originating in the Latin confluens, or confluence, Koblenz will be the meeting place of European far-right leaders this Saturday.
    Hosting the event is Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) co-leader Frauke Petry and her new husband, party MEP Marcus Pretzell. Guests include French presidential hopeful and Front National (FN) leader Marine Le Pen, Dutchman Geert Wilders, whose Party for Freedom (PVV) is leading polls ahead of March elections, and Matteo Salvini of Italy’s Northern League.
    Hours after Donald Trump’s inauguration in Washington, European far-right leaders see a mutual benefit in presenting themselves in public as a united front opposed to the EU’s current form, to its open borders, to its currency and to its approach to the refugee crisis.”
    Will Farage guest?

  413. “Britain threatens Germany: You ‘will pay a HIGH PRICE’ if the UK gets a bad trade deal

    LEADING Brexiteers will send a devastating warning to Germany that it will pay a “high price” if Britain is punished by a bad trade deal when the UK leaves the EU.”

  414. They are saying just what Boris was saying to the French on Monday.
    I think Merkel will be slowly getting the message.

  415. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

    Inexperienced, risk averse police meet uncooperative, stroppy, race relations adviser. The irony of all the idiocy that brought this collision about will no doubt be lost on the “decision makers”.

  416. Even the book reviews in the Speccie are becoming leftyish now and a couple in the latest issue are impenetrable guff. There is that apartheid convention that feminist books have to be reviewed by women and books by third world ethnics have to be reviewed by first world ethnics, to avoid outrage and denouncement no doubt.

    The odious Tanya Gold slithers off to sneer at the restaurant in Trump Tower. That’s stretching the anti-Trump hate speech a bit even for the Mistress of Sotto Voce Sniping and worthy of the BBC. She might have picked through the leftovers of the Clinton Washington banquet instead. The Speccie should hire a restaurant reviewer passionate about food rather than a spiteful lefty who likes to season her reviews with a bit of thinly disguised left wing polemic. Conservative journal, no? Apparently no longer.

    There is a piece worth reading from a Labour party member planning to emigrate to Israel in the face of growing Metropolitan anti-semitism. Unfortunately he sets his sights on Brexit and completely misses the monster closer to home in his beloved Labour party.

    Rifkinder writes “Farage” in a way that he would never write “Corbyn”, personalising his prose in an article about the personalising of prose.

    And I understand from other sources that Isabel Hardman’s boyfriend is a Labour MP? That would explain her editorial record, her latest “insider” article on Labour navel gazing and the curious sustenance of our resident troll at the other place. Whatever were they thinking? Balance? Dear oh dear oh dear.

    Is this venerable journal, once reflective, reassuringly fusty, mature and full-bodied, going to become full-on Metropolitan bubble and squeak? Is that the plan or can the Editorial team just not help themselves? If the owner were a proper conservative he’d sack the lot with the exception of Moore, Liddle, Kite and Taki. That 50% of its most perceptive writers are shoved behind the adverts tells you everything you need to know about its Editor.

  417. I have read some nonsense in my time, but to suggest that Izzie is a Leftist fellow traveller on the basis of this is quite frankly delusional.

    “Jeremy Corbyn is a famous rebel, so famous that when he was elected, many in his party wondered how he might tell MPs to vote the way he wanted them to when he himself had refused to listen to the whips throughout his backbench career. When he was still a backbencher, he enjoyed telling a tale about Sadiq Khan, then his whip, ringing him up to check he would definitely be rebelling on a certain vote, and not bothering to waste his energy trying to get him to abstain instead.

    Now the Labour leader is faced with one of those awkward moments that involve him telling his MPs to vote a certain way on a controversial issue, and those MPs rightly being a bit miffed. But it’s not the ‘Bitterites’ who are causing the trouble so far on the Labour leader’s suggestion this afternoon that he would expect his party to vote in favour of triggering Article 50. Clive Lewis, that well-known Blairite (for those who struggle with sarcasm and the internet, this is not true unless you read the Canary regularly), has told his local paper he needs more assurances from the government before he can support this vote. It is curious that Corbyn has given such a strong indication of support so soon, when he could make Labour’s consent conditional upon certain details being revealed (this is one of the ways Oppositions traditionally scrutinise governments, something that may have been lost on the Labour leader during his many years of scrutinising by voting against his own party repeatedly).

    It hasn’t been a great day for Labour, though that sentence in itself is now rapidly becoming a ‘dog bites man’ sort of story. The party is now at 25 per cent in the polls, according to YouGov, 17 points behind the Tories. In this week’s magazine, I’ve looked at how it is faring in its Northern and Midlands heartlands, with some observations from insiders that are far more painful for the party than a dog bite. Dan Jarvis is one MP who has been fretting about Labour’s message on immigration, and has told The House magazine that the issue has become ‘toxic’. But we already know this. In fact, we’ve known for a long time what most of Labour’s problems are. Its problem is not that it doesn’t understand what its problem is. It’s that it already knows but refuses to do anything about it.”

  418. “Fellow traveller” or empathetic, sympathetic, partially impartial . . . smartial, by the use of “Izzie” the affinity is revealed, the petard self-hoisted. Labour’s drones always do that, imply a chumminess through familiarities, a shared mission, plastic seats around the plotting table, ghastly coffee in a ghastly polytec staff room, the placard waver helping to perambulate the hippy pushchair as they march together against the Man. Those who are hated by the drones get the surname treatment instead. Thatcher, Farage. Trump. So tedious. So transparent.

    No true conservative would touch the troll with a barge pole, so tainted by association, two ways. And anyway the quoted article helpfully aids my observation, thanks.

    Mind you, the volley-fired and desperate denouncements following Trump’s coronation were also much appreciated evidence of some serious butt-hurt.

  419. Judging by its comments far more nonsense has been written than read in that particular lifetime. The multiple personality and master-mistress of failed disguise seems conflicted between its need to troll and its need to appear sentient and to be taken seriously.

    Accept the shortcomings and move on to pastures red, a place of comradely echoes where the limitations of prose “mattereth not” in the earnestness of shared faith. When it comes to articulating a case via the written word all are not equal. All shall not get prizes. Successful heckling is an art form requiring wit and timing, not accomplished by banging cut and paste crania against a wall that is not listening and never will. Fishing, I understand, is a compelling and obsessive hobby requiring no mastery of prose but plenty of fresh air and far more chance of landing a catch.

  420. Comprehension, or the lack of it, is another issue it seems. The article was not the basis of suspicion of “Izzie’s” sympathies but the suspicion of her sympathies (formed over a long period of reading her articles and watching her television performances) was reinforced by her alleged romantic relationship as the basis for the insider tone of the article.

    Criticism of Corbyn means nothing in the current Labour party and its halo of media groupies, riven between those who go along with him pretending that they don’t, those who really don’t but who cannot contemplate a life outside Labour and those who fervently do. What fun to see their linguistic gymnastics!

  421. I do not do ad hominem.

    But I do shudder.

    “From this day forward, a new vision will govern our land. From this day forward, it’s going to be only America first, America first.
    Every decision on trade, on taxes, on immigration, on foreign affairs will be made to benefit American workers and American families. We must protect our borders from the ravages of other countries making our products, stealing our companies and destroying our jobs.”

    Remember that “America First” was the name of 1940s isolationist anti-Semetic national organisation that urged the US government to negotiate a peace deal with Adolf Hitler.
    Remember too that the America First organisation denounced Winston Churchill as a “half-Jew”.

  422. I post for balance


  423. 0551 Radford

    The swamp has become a cesspit.

  424. Dear oh dear , someone’s upset.

  425. Perhaps those greedy American used to be workers should be happy the job they used to have is now sustaining workers the other side of the world.
    In reality it’s balance, of course we want other countries to do well, in addition to our indigenous population (who pay tax and keep the economy going) doing well too.

  426. I thought the coronation was nice but not as good as ours. They pretend that it’s a republic but anyone can see that it’s a monarchy in all but name.

    Melania was full of grace and stole the show in that powder blue outfit, putting all the harpies to shame. No wonder they hiss and spit at her. And a lovely smile as she held the bible for Donald. It was almost like the 1950s and real women again.

    But the singing of the anthem was ghastly. Who was that woman without a voice?

  427. Colonel Mustard (15:32)

    Good summary of yesterday’s dog and pony show. I enjoyed it, particularly, as you say, Melania’s classy performance.

    I also enjoyed this later message to the handful of rioters (Soros’s footsoldiers) who caused a bit of a kerfuffle outside the ‘ring of steel’ in DC.


  428. Message to Iron Mike (in grunt works above)

    On a day like yesterday, where we see a tangerine misogynist who mocks the disabled and disenfranchised enter the most powerful office in the world, we need more than ever to remember that America became great by embracing migrants from four corners of the globe.

    And then using the fruits of that greatness to rescue Europe from poverty engendered by a failed fascist conquest and maintain the global peace after that.

    To turn inward is what ruined the Roman Empire in 400AD.

    Fortunately he will only last one term after which we will see a reasonable Democrat back in the White House.

  429. Conspiracy theorist said Lee Rigby’s murder was ‘staged’
    You couldn’t make up his name.

  430. Frank P January 21st, 2017 – 15:48

    Excellent. Iron Mike managed to piss off the resident troll too.

  431. Who doesn’t seem to realise that the lectures he keeps trying to give us here are the reason for Brexit and Trump being in the White House.

    “It happened because you banned super-size sodas. And smoking in parks. And offensive ideas on campus. Because you branded people who oppose gay marriage ‘homophobic’, and people unsure about immigration ‘racist’.

    “Because you treated owning a gun and never having eaten quinoa as signifiers of fascism. Because you thought correcting people’s attitudes was more important than finding them jobs. Because you turned ‘white man’ from a description into an insult. Because you used slurs like ‘denier’ and ‘dangerous’ against anyone who doesn’t share your eco-pieties.

    “Because you treated dissent as hate speech and criticism of Obama as extremism. Because you talked more about gender-neutral toilets than about home repossessions. Because you beatified Caitlyn Jenner. Because you policed people’s language, rubbished their parenting skills, took the piss out of their beliefs.

    “Because you cried when someone mocked the Koran but laughed when they mocked the Bible. Because you said criticising Islam is Islamophobia. Because you kept telling people, ‘You can’t think that, you can’t say that, you can’t do that.’

    “Because you turned politics from something done by and for people to something done to them, for their own good. Because you treated people like trash. And people don’t like being treated like trash. Trump happened because of you.”

  432. The European Union is all about sharing 🙂 :
    ‘Merkel’s Migrants’: Germany’s Rejected Asylum Seekers Flood Paris

  433. Col. Mustard,
    I agree completely with your assessment of Tanya Gold, she is billed as the Speccies food writer, God knows why, her column is nothing to do with food but stuffed with her personal prejudices which are what one would expect to find in the Guardian. Again, you are spot on in your take on the Speccie as a whole, it now contains little which I find palatable. As for the book reviews,deplorable tripe.

  434. It may be time to ask not what Britain can do for you, but what you can do for Britain.

  435. ” Godfather of `Brexit`Takes Aim at the British Establishment “.
    Interview with Arron Banks in the New York Times.

  436. Colonel Mustard – January 21st @ 15:32

    Mrs. Trump was actually holding two Bibles: that on which Abraham Lincoln was sworn in and the Trump family’s.

    I am not sure exactly how many elective monarchies there have been down the centuries; pretty damn few though and I would not number the United States among them. Our own system was well described by the late Lord Hailsham as an elective dictatorship.

    We have not had a coronation since 1953, which I watched that on a black and white TV. I fear that our next, in full technicolour, will have its ghastly aspects.

    What was interesting about the ceremony in Washington DC was to see the Ancien Régime lined up and shot on the terrace of the Capitol; not part of the customary order of business. I hope that they will not be avenged with real bullets, though expressions on certain faces among them suggested contrary wishes.

    Donald Trump’s aim is to re-establish the American Republic, so he might agree with you in a certain sense that it is not one presently; an oligarchy rather. Anyhow, he is embarked on a dangerous enterprise, and men of goodwill who love liberty wish him well.

    Footnote: The national anthem was sung, beautifully and simply in my view, by a 16 year old girl, Jackie Evancho. She is pretty and has a lovely voice, though perhaps not as brassy as the Colonel would wish it and as is often the case with others who sing the anthem,. I am glad to say that there was no lip-synching – and no twerking.

  437. Radford NG
    January 21st,- 22:57

    Bitchy article from the New York Times, edited by Dean Baquet enabled largely with the money of Carlos Slim.

  438. Since November 8th the Donald really is the gift that keeps on giving and yesterday he got up and exposed the evils of the left. Their many evils, normally veiled (I use that word deliberately of course) behind delusion, wishful-thinking and wreaking of self-congratulatory onanistic altruism were exposed by a list of realities. Realities obvious to all except the mindfucked whose personality disorders mean they will never, can never face the truth, hence the need to live in a maelstrom of hyper, hysterical and never-ending agitation in order to avoid the crumbling of their very beings which reality causes them. My God, does Trump need to get busy with the education department. His comment about the time and money spent on children but leaving them with no actual knowledge. As for the speech being Hitlerian (MSNBC I think came out with that beauty), it sounded more like something Vic Feather (remember that fat oaf?) would have come out with forty years ago! And a particular bête noir of mine – all those vile in human creatures who scream about a woman’s right to choose, well they actually have many choices, there being so to speak many a slip twixt cup and lip, but do they really have to wait for the full nine months before exercising their right to choose which then involves the hideous murder of a child at the moment of birth? And worse than that, they with all the euphemistic sophistry of which only they are capable (even mud-slime terrorists are more honest) are pushing for “post-term abortion. Let’s call that the “Herod’s Choice” shall we. See what I mean about evil. Where is respect for life and that unique privilege that only women’s have?

    The inauguration ceremony itself contains no sacred mystery, though when Charleyboy is anointed the only mystery will be why we even go to the bother of crowning him at all, though at the moment of swearing-in as Malfleur has noted too, there was a special dignity. Donald sincere, and Melania serious in holding the bibles of Lincoln and Trump’s mother, and her suppression of a smile at this very moment gave me at least my first glimpse that they have a serious relationship and the whole family have taken in this incredible responsibility with a unified seriousness. I’m proud of this man and all his ways. He knows what he’s doing and despite the protests of all of those who perhaps should have been subject to their mothers making a different choice, he is already and will increasingly be greatly loved. At least in this small corner of Kent!

  439. The succession of that lefty buffoon and wannabe Lawrence of Arabia as king will be ghastly. I used to try to think of him in terms of the symbolism alone rather than the man but now I just think of him as the man with his eco-mania and proclivity for dressing up as a fucking arab every chance he gets.

  440. Col. Mustard

    Sorry I made you think of it! Especially this weekend.

  441. Irishboy 0123

    You have opened a can of worms. However do not be sorry – Like you I do believe the Wall’s own Polly Toynbee should be allowed his views.

    “Would ‘King Charles’ be bad for the monarchy?
    The problem with Charles as monarch, says the Daily Mail’s Allison Pearson, is that “we know far too much about his foibles and past errors to revere him as we revere his mother”. Who on earth can follow such an act, she asks.

    In addition, the Prince’s well-documented interventions in politics, including the black spider memos sent to government ministers, cast doubts about his ability to remain neutral.

    Constitutional monarchy “can’t possibly work if the monarch holds and expresses strong views of his own”, self-declared royalist Geoffrey Wheatcroft writes in The Spectator.

    The Prince of Wales “possesses a strong sense of duty”, he says, asking: “Might not it be best expressed by renouncing the throne in advance?”

    The Guardian’s Polly Toynbee advocates a more extreme solution – abolishing the monarchy altogether. “Let [Queen Elizabeth II] reign as long as she lives,” she writes. “But let her be Elizabeth the Last.”

    Graham Smith, a spokesman for Republic, which campaigns for an elected head of state, believes an “activist” King Charles would be “intolerable” for democracy.

    “Charles is a very good advert for why the monarchy is a bad idea. The monarch has power, access and influence, and is completely beyond the reach of democratic accountability,” he says.”

  442. “Let [Queen Elizabeth II] reign as long as she lives,” she writes. “But let her be Elizabeth the Last.”


    But not until she has orchestrated a grand state visit, Reagan style for the Tangerine Misogynist.

  443. Stephen Maybery January 21st, 2017 – 21:59

    Glad that it’s not just me and that someone else shares my disdain for that ghastly woman!

  444. Declan January 21st, 2017 – 06:38

    Thank you!

  445. Irishboy January 22nd, 2017 – 01:23

    No worries! I sometimes think he is a closet republican himself, who would be quite happy to abdicate for a golden handshake and pension, so he can wander about some grace and favour eco-estate in arab dress, dreaming of being a tampon and meddling in the politics of the day as Mr Windsor, Lib-Dem.

    Mind you, I share his disdain for modern architecture, but he has focussed too much on the ghastly corporate carbuncles of London and not enough on the computer crammed boxes of the future slum estates, which will no doubt in time become the sectarian riven banlieues of Britain unless someone gets a grip on immigration and the law.

  446. It will be a great pity, because we would end up with a Head of State from one of the usual suspect parties, a Blair with ghastly wife feted as “first lady”, or a lefty Baroness Ashton type, complete with cavalcade of 4x4s. It would be about as democratic and republican as the placemen and women stuffed into the House of Lords and as depressingly mediocre.

    There would be the calls for Head of State by skin colour to assuage guilt and prove that we had arrived at the pinnacle of virtue signalling cretinism. Could you imagine Sadiq Khan channelling a jumped up French President like Sarkozy? A little, suited goblin strutting between the ranks of guardsmen – and guardswomen no doubt – can’t be long now before we get short, fat waddlers with buns sticking out from under their bearskins.

    The pomp, lacking any real legacy of majesty, would be ramped up in the way that the EU have created and ramped up their own monarchist pretensions in ceremony, behaving like kings, queens and royalty whilst declaring their egalitarian intentions. A charade. Like Je Suis Charlie and Davos.

    And it would just be part of the growth industry for professional politicians and the lawyers within. A taxpayer subsidised “industry” with an unwanted product of meddling in our lives and more bad law.

    No, we need a fresh start. To preserve the best of what we inherited and what has survived whilst expunging the modern left completely, cutting out the cancer and cauterising the wound so that a proper democracy might flourish, untainted by the marxist virus.

  447. Colonel Mustard (10:29).

    I’ll print out that last post and deliver it by hand to Sandringham. It’s time HM received a sensible prognostication and appraisal of what might be in store for her realm when she hands over the reigns. I’ll copy it to Anmer too, I need a brisk walk this afternoon – perhaps William needs to know too. Charlie is a lost cause I’m afraid.

  448. Colonel Mustard – 10:02

    Frank P – 15:44
    But not lost enough, though.

    We used to use the ‘marrying a divorcee’ as an excuse to alter the line of succession.

  449. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;”

    What do Wallsters think that part of the U.S, Constitution really means? What was the word “religion” originally intended to include?

    Consider, for example, the Aztec religion, which is described here –

    Can the word “religion”, used in the Constitution, have ever been meant to include the Aztec religion? Does it consequently guarantee to its followers of the right to practise human sacrifice? It may seem absurd to even ask the question, but is not the answer a resounding “NO”?

    We all know that the Koran contains several exhortations to Muslims to kill “infidels” and Jews in particular.

    So, is it possible that the Constitution uses the word “religion” intending to guarantee to Muslims the right – and duty – to kill non-Muslims? Again I suggest that the true answer must also be a resounding “NO”.

    I argue –

    (1).That the real purpose of the words “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;” was to prevent any one sect of Christianity from suppressing any other Christian sect; and

    (2).That Congress has the power, to completely ban the practise and preaching of Islam – just as it has the power to ban any Mesoamerican religion similar to that of the Azteks.

    If President Trump is minded to set in motion the prohibition of Islam in the U.S., I believe there is a sound basis for his doing so.

  450. Colonel Mustard @ 18:27

    Is the ‘it happened …’ yours, or does it come from another source?

  451. Colonel Mustard @ 10:29

    Not only the barbarian backs you on this (as if that mattered), but the great bridge builder (between the past-present-the future) Burke would have been pleased, too, Colonel.

  452. On balance, it’s preferable to have a bad King than to have no monarchy at all, it’s the institution that matters, not the individual that heads it. It of course helps to have a monarch wise enough to ensure that whilst we may differ about how to get there, we do get there as one united tribe.

  453. Colonel Mustard @ 01:00

    If he likes the culture so much, Colonel, he can move there, dress like them, eat like them, worship like them. Many would be glad if he did, Baron included.

  454. Irishboy @ 00:42

    Not that the barbarian knows much about the Donald, Irishboy, but his, Donald’s, passionate devotion to the traditional family was something new, something Baron didn’t expect. It’s what the progressives regard as old fashioned, but the unwashed everywhere as essential. One cannot maintain a stable society without the building blocks of traditional families, it’s the best tool of propagation, an insurance of societal order, truly an institution without which the humans would turn into a herd close to lower order species.

  455. Germany rejecting “almost all” applications for asylum from Christian refugees

    “… clearly the Merkel government is more interested in social engineering than in humanitarian relief.”

    The Germans (and the French) need to go to SpecSavers!

  456. Wilders abroad:

    One disturbing omission from his speech – no mention of Brexit, or even the UK. Has he, like me, abandoned hope that it will materialise? That a serpentine fudge will replace it? I hope not. Maybe it is just the context and the location that obviated it.

  457. Baron January 22nd, 2017 – 19:31

    Not I but Brendan O’Neill (of Spiked). Like Liddle the rarity of a lefty speaking truth to lefty power.

  458. Frank P @ 21:22I

    Prime Minister May will be meeting President Trump at the White House on Friday, so there will be plenty of opportunity for him to express American support for Brexit at that time. Indeed the invitation itself has already done that.

    Not exactly the back of the queue, Mr. Obama.

  459. Stephen Maybery – January 8th @ 18:13

    Not just ‘here’, if by that you meant the Wall. Mail Online seems to have adopted American spelling and idiom. So we have today the Pope warning against seeking a ‘savior’ in times of crisis (some irony there perhaps?) and ‘drapes’ (ghastly word) having been switched in the Oval Office.

  460. Michael Roberts @ 21:30

    It’s indeed a delicious clip, Michael, (it could have shown what the fruitcakes who said he would never be President are saying today), but the former Obama’s poodles of the MSM are still at it, they are again lying, making things up, fuelling the futile resentment of the deluded.

    The ITV 10 o’clock news was unwatchable tonight, a couple of its journalistic gnomes in Washington were relaying the first news briefing at the White House, one of them (it may have been Moore) saying ‘it was credibility and trust that governed briefings by the Obama’s spokesman’. He said that earnestly, he must have believed it. What planet does this wanker inhabit?

    Two thirds of Americans no longer trust the MSM lapdogs, their lies were partly the reason the Donald won. What’s the level of trust in the mainstream media over here Baron knows not, but it won’t be much different.

    The barbarian has said it before, will keep repeating it, the Donald’s biggest enemy isn’t Iran, Russia, China or ISIS and ebola (anyone remembers the former Potus’s trio of the world’s scariest threats?), it is the flunkies of the MSM. If he doesn’t destroy them, they will destroy him.

  461. Colonel Mustard @ 22:01

    Thanks, Colonel, it sums up what has engendered the revolt well (both here and in the Republic). The guy writes well, but the barbarian agrees with you, pity on some issues he did get bitten by the bug of Marxism.

  462. You’re going to be spared Baron’s ranting tonight, the short posting at 00.24 took five minutes to get through (this is typed at 00.26), it may be the speed locally, or the fact the postings get diverted to the new security servers, or whatever, but life’s too short to be wasted on waiting to post a sentence or two.

  463. Can we have the second wall of the year.
    Before Donald builds his.

  464. When Teresa meets Friday, can she tell him that Merkel needs finally to understand that she does not rule the world.
    Putin did his bit.

  465. Oh and don’t mention the war.

    Or Trade.

    “Eurocrats THREATEN May: You CANNOT begin post-Brexit trade talks at Trump meeting”

  466. And as I eat my cancer causing toast before going out to breathe carcinogenic diesel air before I catch the tube, I reflect further on Brexit:

    ““I think people in this country,” declared Vote Leave’s Michael Gove, “have had enough of experts.” His fellow Brexiteers were quick to back him up. “There is only one expert that matters,” said Labour MP Gisela Stuart, also of Vote Leave, “and that’s you, the voter.” Nigel Farage, the leader of Ukip, suggested that many independent experts were actually in the pay of the Government or the EU. All three reminded voters of occasions when “the so-called experts” had made mistakes.”

    No more from me – posts taking too long.
    A new wall will fix it.

    Where is EC?

  467. Mrs. May Goes to Washington

    “…the biggest statement that will be made about the role of women is the fact that I will be there as a female… ”

    Let’s hope it’s the biggest and ONLY statement about the role, and that otherwise she shuts the f up on the subject.

    P.S. Lift the ban on Michael Savage before you leave town.

  468. Posts up in a blink of an eye here.

  469. Fake News : CNN shoots the MSM’s fox.

    You may have heard that Mr Trump’s inauguration was sparsely attended ; and seen photos of the empty Mall.
    If you manipulate the item below you can see the truth.Turn the image towards the Washington Monument and zoom in towards it.

  470. Malfleur @ 08:24

    Location makes all the difference what with fibre optics, other widgets, Malfleur, Baron lives in a country ranked fifth in GDP terms, proud of a health service free to anyone who cares to buy a ticket, come to visit, country that invades other countries at will, if she feels like it, that costs a bob or t wo ….. he lives not in any of the urban areas though populated mostly by the progressive classes that govern, their imported domestic servants, he lives in the countryside, you see?

  471. Romano Verdi @ 08:12

    EC’s travelling, Romano, he’ll be back.

    And you right, we’re all experts when it comes to politics and increasingly in other areas of our endeavour. The barbarian has completely rejigged his intake of medicine for his condition, instead of four synthetic drugs he now takes two, one derived from a bush, the other from a a fruit, the one one wouldn’t put in a fruit salad. He figured it himself helped by the internet, the schooled professionals endorsed it because the results are unquestionably better that what the four synthetics managed to deliver, and cheaper for the NHS, Baron pays himself.

  472. Radford NG

    CNN’s Fake News

    One of the journalists on the Sunday edition of the Alex Jones Show explained that the photograph of the Mall on the day of Trump’s inauguration was taken at 8:30am….

  473. Romano Verdi – 08:02
    “Eurocrats THREATEN May …”

    It looks more like a warning than a threat as there was no consequence for not complying. 🙂

  474. Romano Verdi – 07:56
    “When Teresa meets Friday”, can she also tell him that there is more to the World than just Europe, and the ME 🙂

    It does give a new angle on the ME generation, doesn’t it.

  475. TIANW 🙂

  476. The Supreme Court (majority) ruling that Parliamentary approval is required to invoke Article 50 seems to me to be an unfortunate judicial usurpation both of the Royal Prerogative and of the Sovereignty of Parliament.

    There is of course fat chance that Parliament will respond by enacting that the judgement is mistaken and that the issue was not within the jurisdiction of the Courts.

    But it is enough to make me uneasy enough to ask a very bizarre question indeed. Does it, for example, open the door to somebody, some day, claiming that Britain’s Declaration of War against Germany in 1939 was unlawful?

    Again of course, there’s fat chance of that, but I think the Supreme Court majority have muddied the legal situation instead of clarifying it.

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