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  1. The end is nigh!

    UK politicians say under the Dublin rules, migrants in Calais should claim asylum in France if they need protection.

    But many migrants say their life in France is “no good”, and they hope for better opportunities in the UK.

    Mr Bertrand does not have the power to change the treaty, but several of the candidates looking to win next year’s French presidential election, including former French President Nicolas Sarkozy, support his idea that it be either reformed or annulled.

  2. Colonel,
    Thanks for your info on the speccie subscription, I had not idea what they were up to, but that is typical of the outfit. My copy is due on Friday, this seldom happens, frequently I do not receive it until Tuesday. This pisses me off as does the increasingly leftie content. Other suppliers mange to get their products to me at the specified time so why can’t the Spectator?

  3. Thanks John Birch for posting the complete Greenfield article (last thread at sparrowfart) and it was clever of you not to accredit the authorship until the end.

    For the first three paragraphs I wondered who the author was, after that I was almost certain that it was Daniel, so was pleased to have identified the style and content at the end.

    It is characteristically the best primer on the evolution of geopolitics since le fin de siecle that it has been my dubious pleasure to read, midst the current babble in the meeja and intertubes – akin to the Tower of Bable before God scattered its inhabitants around the world.

    Sultan Knish should be required reading in all educational establishments and that link should be illuminated on parchment amd buried deep somewhere so that in the event of future generations still existing five hundred years from now (unlikely in my pessimistic view – hardened by this essay) somebody might discover just how TGFU began).

    I would also bury with it Colonel Mustard’s analyses, here and elsewhere, of the effect of Leftist propaganda on Western society in roughly the same period. Obviously in the case of each phenomenon, the roots go back into deep history (probably to the Tower of Babel 🙂 ), but the onset of this century and millennium has concentrated the mind.

    Brilliant pensmanship and unequalled grasp of geopolitics in the case of each.

  4. Colonel Mustard and Stephen Maybury.

    Your loyalty to the Speccie, given its usurpation by the Barclay borgata and its last two editors, amazes me.

    I dumped my subscription many moons ago, dipping in occasionally to see what the buggers are up to now. And that was after many decades of readership and many years of subscribing to what used to be the best political mag. in the world, imho.

    Incidentally, in preparing for the inevitable departure from this mortal coil, I am gradually dumping the accumulation of hoarded various papers and magazines. I came across several years of Spectator magazines during the muck-out, in reasonably good shape, and am loathe to commit them to the local recycling unit. I wondered what an alternative might be. Any suggestions? I suppose I shall have to grit my teeth, as most CH Wallers must be facing similar dilemmas, with wives who don’t want to bequeath to their offspring (who sensibly are more interested in the future than the past), the job of calling in the house clearers to a mountain of mementos,

    Btw – is the Speccie archive committed to the intertubes yet? No doubt if it is, it’s in a pay-per-view situation, knowing the BB. I guess it’s available at the Colindale archive (if that still exists). Christ! I’m so out of touch. So much to do, so little time.

    Sorry – just musing! 🙂

  5. … and btw, while musing, I wondered what had happened to Pete Hoskins since he departed?:

    Not too much info on the tubes. Must drop a line to him at his old email address to see how he’s faring. He was the one bright light at the old CHW.

  6. sri Pete Hoskin – that s slipped in of its own accord.

  7. Watching the news this a.m. from the war-torn deserts, I am reminded once again of the resiliant qualities of Toyota pick-ups.

    I can imagine the politicians of the comparatively peaceful Japan watching the same footage and also musing as they sip their tea:

    “… and history tells us we lost the war?! Heh, heh, heh.”

  8. … resilient – sri. Perhaps I should reactivate the auto-correct.

  9. Frank P August 29th, 2016 – 12:38

    The Speccie no longer has that distinct ‘conservative’ character which once gave it such a pleasantly archaic and rebellious feel. It has certainly declined under its current ‘bubble’ influenced stewardship but I do still enjoy the indulgence of reading a proper paper magazine on Saturday morning and some of the surviving stalwarts who write in it. Salisbury Review and Standpoint are good but not weekly. To give it up would be cutting off my nose to spite my face and leave me with withdrawal symptoms. They wouldn’t care but I’d miss it!

    It is a mystery why these supposed conservative journals give house room to lefties though, as if their viewpoint did not already swamp us from every quarter. Standpoint has Lipman in every issue reminding us that she is still a member of the ghastly Labour party (stupid is as stupid does) and the ghastly bigot Cohen whom the Speccie also unfathomably hosts. It’s really time for the right to adopt a Marcusean zero tolerance to the babbling of the left. Maintaining high minded notions of “balance” is just to hand them the pistol with which to shoot us.

  10. Frank P August 29th, 2016 – 12:02

    Thank you kindly!

  11. Frank P @ 12:58

    If you write to him, Frank, tell him you’re not the only one missing him. The barbarian remembers fondly his help in getting banned postings through, good man, he, hence it must be hard for him to get a job in the progressive MSM club.

  12. Colonel Mustard @ 13:25

    Seconded, Colonel, if one leaves aside the political corner of the rag, the rest of it remains good, keeps the quality of writing well, on few occasions, the barbarian has been tempted to cancel it, too, but apart from Salisbury Review, which is quarterly, there’s not much else one can peruse without getting close to a coronary.

  13. Virtually nothing in the MSM on the Turkey’s invasion of Syria even though the invading troops have so far killed more civilians, Kurds than ISIL fighters.

    The double standard of the West is sickening, it will damage us later on.

  14. Baron 1536.
    Pete was a good egg. He looked after the Wall well until Eddie, Tele and Thucidydes got him down. He still writes on Speccie from time to time. The last major reference to his progress I could find was this:

    Published: April 29, 2016 21
    “A fond farewell to Peter Hoskin

    Paul Goodman
    By Paul Goodman

    HOSKIN Peter
    Peter Franklin and Graeme Archer have gone, and Daniel Hannan and Nick Timothy have come. But in my three years as ConservativeHome Editor no member of the core team – Mark Wallace, Andrew Gimson, Harry Phibbs, Henry Hill, Peter Hoskin and myself – has left to date, which is unusual in the swift-moving world of journalism.
    Until now. Peter has been with us for longer than all but one of those others, and he’s moving on to write less about politics and more about other matters, which is sad for us (though understandable for him). Indeed, there are very few matters about which he is not capable of writing: to get a sense of his breadth of interest, read this Spectator piece about the Kardashians, squint at one of his superbly-assembled graphs for his To The Point series, or return to this ConHome piece on Young Mr Lincoln, one of his favourite films.

    There are also very few things he’s not capable of doing – from sorting the annual ConHome party conference newspaper through getting new rigour into the monthly survey to pushing for civil service reform, Peter’s contribution to this site has been consistently high-quality. He can do both the arty bit (he designed beautiful front-page graphics when we had them) and the stats bit (some of those To the Points, like this one last week on Osborne’s stealth taxes, broke new ground). How he packed so much material into his newslinks when editing remains a mystery to me.

    We will miss him particularly at Budget and Autumn Statement time, when he calmly helped to co-ordinate our coverage. Everyone who leaves is irreplaceable in one sense, and this is of course true of Peter, but we have a new appointment to write about the economy and politics who will be announced next week.”

  15. Emulous (17:39)

    Thank you. That’s very helpful. He does seem to have been usefully employed; hope they paid him well. He was indeed a good ‘un. I’ll let you all know what transpires if I receive a reply. Who knows? Perhaps he drops into here occasionally and lurks. I doubt he would want to be openly associated with some our more coarse and scurrilous content, to which I gladly plead guilty. What would life be, without a daily ration of coarse and scurrilous?

    On that subject – a message to Clear Memories, down under, regarding your last two posts. I spit my coffee all over the keyboard again, this morning. You are AWWWWFULLL – but I laike yew!

  16. A cartoon yesterday in a local paper made me blink. If it had been published in Britain, would the author and paper be safe from the attentions of the police? Or for that matter from a similar fate to the Charlie Hebdo folk? –

  17. Can someone help me out – I have difficulty locating material on CHW. Sometime ago, before May this year I posted something about Lorne Greene, who at that stage was putting leaflets through my door asking me to vote for him as the new PCC for Norfolk. Both myself and 78% of the rest of the population of Norfolk did not even bother to vote. I want to post about recent developments and need to read what I said in my previous post. Heeee-eeellp! Peter? EC? You’re very good at delving the CHW archives.

    Meantime I’ll scroll back, but my minces are already aching. 🙂


    Colonel Mustard, April 18th, 2016 – 15:25

    The local candidates for the PCC are all from the ‘usual suspect’ parties, e.g. politicians. No independents. No ‘ordinary’ citizens. No campaigning. Just woolly statements of intent and very difficult to find out any more about them. They have not actively campaigned as far as I can tell.

    Colonel Mustard, April 18th, 2016 – 15:53

    Taking one example, not my bailiwick, but the Northamptonshire PCC Simmonds (Conservative) generated some controversy when he caused a 60% rise in council tax and employed some of his mates on taking up office. This is just the PCC’s staff costs:-
    PCC on £70k pa
    Asst Commissioner – Public Engagement on £32k pa
    Asst Commisioner – Justice on £24k pa
    Chief Exec on £48k pa
    Asst Commissioner – Governance on £23k pa
    Asst Chief Exec on £47k pa
    Asst Commissioner – Resources on £47k pa
    Asst Chief Exec 2 on £44k
    Director for Resources, Transformation & Governance on £36K
    Total = £371k
    By 31 March 2014, the number of staff employed by Simmonds had risen to 34, at a cost of £1.4 million.
    Within three weeks of his appointment, Simmonds was accused of ‘hiring friends’ including his election campaign manager Kathryn Buckle. In particular, the complaints were that the jobs were supposed to be non-political and no interviews were held. In response Simmonds replied that he wanted people who wanted him to succeed but that he had asked them to forget party allegiances.
    In December 2013, Simmonds challenged critics to meet him for a debate, but just prior to the planned event, backed out by issuing an online video, stating that ‘he had more important things to do’.
    Another wonderful gravy train gets rolling. . . PCCs, “Mayors”, Gauleiters . . .

    Frank P, April 18th, 2016 – 16:30
    Colonel Mustard (15:53)

    A wonderful delineation of the cost of these white elephants of police politicisation. Simmonds is a classic example. He was interviewed on Look East yesterday (Sunday Politics slot). He got a right pasting from Stewart White, but used his arrogance to glide over the exposure of the profligacy of his exponential increase of ‘positions’ awarded to his cronies. Parasites all.
    Our own PCC advertised on the front page of our local freebee ad mag. His name is Lorne Green, who despite not becoming the film star his parents obviously hoped for, nonetheless has achieved another kind of Bonanza by usurping the office of Norfolk’s CC who probably approves of the ‘partnership’ having probably arrived at his own elevation through the auspices of Common Purpose – as his pedigree seems to indicate.

  19. EC (00:02)

    Brilliant. Thank you so much. How do you do that? I just trawled back for three hours and was about to reach it when I checked back here and bingo! Let me into your secret – or did you do what I was doing more quickly?

    Anyway – let me tell you the story.

    My buddy from New Jersey, who has spent his life in law enforcement in various roles for over 50 years including academic roles in later life, sent me this link today:

    I think he received it from a mutual friend in Canada, with whom he still collaborates, who knows that I live in Norfolk.

    I replied thus:

    Hey buddy!

    Are you trying to put my blood pressure back into the danger zone, just as I am recuperating from my confrontation with the heirs of Hippocrates?

    He runs a seasonal tea shop in Snettisham (in which you have taken coffee with us), between Hunstanton and where we live. What is not mentioned in the article is what proportion of the voting population voted for this piss-taker (who already had three pensions no doubt); it was about 21% (only 19% in my sector of the county). The PCC scam has been foisted on the public – few want it and only those already on the gravy train have voted for it. It’s yet another level of political control over policing, which in the days of our professional liaison was largely devoid of any political interference here -as you know. Unlike your neck of the woods.

    Take a look at this:

    and this

    Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Norfolk

    Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Norfolk
    The Police and Crime Commissioner is here to make sure Norfolk has an efficient and effective police force.
    View on

    PCC Budget (link)

    PCC Budget
    The total budget for the PCC office for 2015/16 is £975,000. Stephen is also responsible for setting the policing budget and has a commissioning budget.
    View on

    I posted this on a blog in response to a blogger ” Colonel Mustard” who was complaining about the PCC scam:

    [Colonel Mustard’s post copied as above] :

    [my reply – copied as above]

    That little conversation between Colonel Mustard and I encapsulates everything you need to know.

    I see that he has cunningly eschewed to take £75 grand of his salary and handed it back to the Chief Constable to “pay the wages of two extra constables.”

    No doubt what he gets in quid pro quo, plus a car, plus a staff to do all his fucking work (amounting to almost a million quid per annum will do very nicely, together with probably three civil service pensions he already has from his earlier meanderings.

    Incidentally, he vows to stamp out hate crime in the county. Bwaaahahahahaha!

    Fucking parasites!

    Keep ’em coming.

    Btw next time you are over, we’ll have coffee in his teashop again and engage him in some really professional piss-taking. Give us a ring when you’re next at home. We’ll develop this for our mutual friend in Canada.


    [end of email reply]

    Thanks again EC – actually, I quite enjoyed the scroll back; some good stuff has passed under the bridge over the CHW in the last 6 months and it was good to see we got most of it about right.

    I just wish Andy Car Park, Austin Barry, Furriskey and some of the old stalwarts from Melanie’s blog. And it’s time AWK returned from her sabbatical too. Have a word with her Peter. Tell her we love her and miss her. It’s bad enough losing V, we need the feminine input, particularly the sanguine Anne. Get ya gun Annie and come on down!

  20. EC


    My assessment of why his parents called him Lorne was spot on, wasn’t it?

    I just noticed my last post addressed to you has gone into escrow, I suppose it’s because I posted several links in it. So if you get this post first, you’ll know why.

    You really must return to your Norfolk haunts, we could visit The Old Bank for another cup of coffee. It does BYOB evening meals, too, on occasions. You must know it?

  21. EC

    The other irony – and this will amuse you – I decided to find my driving feet (so to speak) after my recent op, by driving to Norwich for a meal in Wagamamas recently, (having read that Noa had recently dined in the same chain – and so it must be okay).

    Who knows? Given his oriental and Bangladesh stint, our new PCC might even have been dining there of a Saturday night too, having, I’m sure, acquired a taste for a red hot Ruby in his varied and interesting life.

    On the way back I used my satnav to guide me home and the bloody thing took me off the A47 on to one of the minor A roads, with which I wasn’t familiar – I would normally take the A47. There is stretch on this unfamiliar road that has been set up as a revenue collector, 40 mph suddenly round a bend, becomes 30 mph with little notice – you know the game. Bingo. Flash! It got me at 38mph apparently. Nobody else on the road, About 10pm. I am a careful driver and have no inclination to hare around at my time of life. Do you think the SatNav operators might be colluding with Old Bill to swell their coffers. Common Purpose anyone?

    I suppose I should be only to pleased to contribute to the funds of my new PCC, who, as you will see from his website, is very keen on traffic safety and is altruistic enough to syphon some of his salary to the CC (who should be doing his fucking job anyway, as a matter of course. As well as forking out my exorbitant council tax, that is.

    I might just volunteer for ‘retraining’ instead. We’ll see. Could be fun, sitting in a class with a Common Purpose lecturer, and having them explain what a naughty boy I’ve been and how dangerous the roads in Norfolk are if you drive around at 38mph on an open country road, where there are no folks and no traffic at that time o’night. I thought the black rats were bad, but these robots are worse. 🙂


  22. EC

    I think that links from my NJ pal doesn’t work on this platform:
    I’ll try it once again:

  23. Who is BOSS of police in Cambridge?
    New assistant Chief Constable of Cambridgeshire is highest ranking muslim in the police.

  24. EC

    The article is buried now among many others, but if you type Lorne Greene PCC Norfolk into the search factor it bring up the article headed Canadian Embraces Move From Diplomacy to Policing.

    Try this:

  25. Frank P – 02:00 et eq.

    Thanks for the SP on Lorne Green. A triple dipper, not quite on a par with Bill B.) These guys are sooo Eveready™ they surely must run on Duracells™

    As Colonel Mustard (April 18th, 2016 – 15:25/15:53) implied, some of these Mayors & PCCs make Dick Turpin look like an amateur. At least Dick had the decency to wear a mask whilst robbing his victims. We all warned against this sort of behaviour, and the further politicisation of the police at the time PCCs were proposed.

    Troughing aside, the trouble with these latter day Gauleiter(Lite) sinecures, is that can so easily be taken over by those with more than self service on their mind…

    eg. Paul Giesler et al.

  26. Frank P,

    When I lived there I’m sure that ‘The Old Bank’ was a real actual bank! We are currently, hopefully, nearing the end of the current phase of our long distance commuting darn sarf for medical appointments. The number of speed cameras twixt here and there number in 100s. It’s not only very wearing trying to ensure that one doesn’t transgress by the odd mph, but it’s arguably a dangerous distraction from concentrating on the actual traffic movement and road conditions. I will drop you a dime next time were are in striking distance of your neck of the woods

    Apropos the real Lorne Greene, he starred, briefly, in Ep.1 of the spoof series “Police Squad!” (not many people know that)

    10 seconds of TV history!

  27. The PCC’s, although elected, concentrate power under a single person, which is too often unhealthy and leads to concomitant empire building with favourites and yes-men given positions that are not always meaningful or necessary.

    There are still police and crime panels (PCP’s) intended to subject the PCC’s to scrutiny and hold them to account. They have to approve the PCC’s policing and crime plans for example, but the panels and their work are fairly inaccessible to the public, whilst the basis for staffing them is not at all transparent and rests, essentially with the local authority – the usual suspects. The LGA guidance states, hopefully, that “By and large, beyond these principles the choice of who sits on the PCP will be down to the authorities involved.” They are supposed co-opt lay persons to the PCP but again it is not clear how or why such persons are selected.

    If the panel have to approve the PCC’s plans how do the public approve the approval? That is supposedly enshrined within the principle of election but with a 4 year term and annual plans there is an immediate shortfall as to what the public can actually have influence over. A PCC and panel could gleefully ram all sorts of political diversity down the throats of the local community for four years before the PCC can be kicked out. The other issues raised exacerbate this reality. The overall ‘smell’ of the arrangement is yet again solid establishment power with a veneer of democratic process.

    There also seems to be an over-arching centralising role or sponsorship by the so-called ‘Association of Police and Crime Commissioners’, redolent of ACPO, which must bring into question whether strategy is really locally driven or also fed centrally from a consensus which is not subject to elections or public approval.

    The decision to allow PCC’s to stand for a political party but to take an oath of impartiality is a fudge and a nonsense. It is inconceivable that a party member would defy his party’s policies in favour of local needs that might conflict with them. PCC party members should be challenged at election whether they want to be a political activist or a PCC because they should not be both. Really, membership of a political party should disqualify a person from standing for election as a PCC, precisely to avoid the perception of a politicised direction of police.

    Any European Union citizen can stand for election to PCC, which is another nonsense. A person wishing to be nominated must deposit £5,000 and must poll more than 5% of the vote to avoid losing it. This immediately raises the criteria for standing and creates a ‘chilling’ risk for anyone proposing to fund themselves. It also encourages a situation where candidates are sponsored to stand by vested interests. In a true democracy it should be possible for anyone to stand without having to pledge such a substantial sum.

    A top down solution to address a bottom up situation.

  28. Geert Wilders’ election programme.
    Don’t hold your breath that the UK will see something similar anytime soon.

  29. Colonel Mustard (11:20)

    Exactly right in all the points you address. My mind is still boggling.
    This article also highlights the lack of democracy involved and from the punters perspective just how much the community charge payers are being taken for a ride:

    So yet another double-dipper gets his snout in the local trough.

    Trouble is, with UKIP disappearing up its own Farage, where do we turn? The Tories are a bunch of wet wankers who let Dracular’s ‘bride usurp the party; the Labour party have allowed the Trots to hi-jack their already ludicrous mob; the LimpDums – need I say more?. WTF do we turn to, to stop the rot? Richard Kemp? FFS get a posse together and do the biz! 🙂

    Well, I can dream in my semi-senility, can’t I? And I do!! Oh how I dream.

    But thanks once sgain Colonel, for defining the problems of this issue.
    You’re not Richard Kemp,by any chance? 🙂 🙂 ..

  30. Frank P August 30th, 2016 – 14:02

    I’ve done many things I’m not ashamed of but being Richard Kemp is not one of them!

    In resignation I’m just glad I won’t live long enough to see the full fruiting of the Left’s poison tree in Britain. My loathing of them and all their works is now visceral and goes way beyond disagreement about politics. I view them now like a patriotic Frenchman might view the occupying Nazis in 1941. Holding power, arrogant, imposing their alien strictures but deeply hated.

  31. Some cheering news: England score 444 for 3 in the ODI. Pakistan, currently at 88 for 3 off 11 overs, have a long chase…

    Frank P, your Captain Gatso instincts aside, (with which I’m in full sympathy,) did you manage to enjoy your supper at Wagamamas?

    Despite the steel and disfigurements adopted most of the staff, with more tattoes than a Chief Constable and PCC combined, I generally find the grub’s good and cheerfully served.

  32. Noa (19:26)

    ‘Twas okay. Noa. Thanks for the tip. New experience for us. Forget the aftermath – that’s life and just adds to my contempt for my heirs and so called successors.

  33. Colonel Mustard (16:44)

    Heh, heh, heh! I cannot be agree, as ever.

  34. Tommy Robinson On TALK2MERADIO About 27/8/16 Cambridge Police Harassment, EDL, UKIP, Britain First.

  35. The use and impact of
    dispersal orders – Joseph Rowntree Foundation – 2007

  36. Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Bill
    Fact sheet: Dispersal powers (Part 3)
    1. The dispersal power is a new flexible power which could be used in a range of
    situations to disperse anti-social individuals and provide immediate respite to a local
    community. For example, if someone was riding a mini-moto on an estate and
    causing distress to others as a result of the noise, they could be asked to leave the
    area and their mini-moto could be confiscated. At the moment, agencies would have
    to go through a cumbersome process for designating the area a dispersal zone
    before they could deal with the problem, potentially leaving victims at the mercy of
    the ASB for months.
    2. The new dispersal power will give the police the power to disperse individuals or
    groups causing or likely to cause ASB in public places. Police officers and police
    community support officers (if designated the power by their chief constable) will be
    able to require a person to leave an area and not return for up to 48 hours. The
    power can be used in any public place and in common areas of private land with the
    landowner or occupier’s consent (such as shopping centres).
    3. The new power combines the most effective elements of the current legislation into
    a single tool. The current power under section 30 of the Anti-social Behaviour Act
    2003 requires consultation with the local council to a designate a dispersal zone to
    in advance. This process can be very slow, and as a result victims and communities
    can suffer for a number of months before the police can act. It also means that in a
    fast-moving situation, where groups can quickly convene to cause ASB or disorder
    and then move to different areas, the current powers are not effective. The new
    power will be authorised by an officer of at least the rank of inspector and will not
    require consultation with the local authority.
    4. The new power is preventative as it allows an officer to deal instantly with
    someone’s behaviour and nip the problem in the bud before it escalates. The police
    will be able to deal quickly with emerging trouble spots, providing immediate respite
    to victims.
    5. Two conditions will need to be met for a dispersal order to be given. Firstly, the
    officer has to have reasonable grounds to suspect that the behaviour of the person
    has contributed or is likely to contribute to, members of the public in the locality
    being harassed, alarmed or distressed, or the occurrence of crime or disorder.
    Secondly, the officer has to consider that giving a dispersal order to the person is
    necessary for the purpose of removing or reducing the likelihood of ASB, crime or
    6. To ensure the power is used proportionately there must be approval from an officer
    of at least the rank of inspector to use the power. This will make sure that the wider
    impacts on, for example, community relations, can be considered properly before
    use. The inspector can authorise the use of the power in a specific area for a period
    of up to 48 hours. For instance, on a particular housing estate where there is likely
    to be anti-social behaviour at the weekend, an inspector could pre-approve use of
    the new power by his or her officers. Alternatively, if an incident occurred at a
    different time of the week, when it had not been anticipated, a police officer could
    contact an inspector for authorisation to use the dispersal in that specific instance.
    7. The direction must be given in writing, unless that is not reasonably practicable. The
    written notice will specify the locality to which it relates and can impose
    requirements as to the time by which the person must leave the locality and the
    route they must take. The officer must also tell the person that failure to comply is
    an offence.
    8. Recognised good practice in relation to the use of current dispersal powers will
    continue. In many forces, officers carry a pre-printed notepad to provide details of
    the dispersal, the consequences of a failure to comply, where to collect any
    confiscated items, and a map to clarify the area a person is excluded from.
    9. The direction can be given to anyone over the age of 10. The officer will be able to
    return children under 16 home or to another place of safety if they are behaving
    anti-socially and are not accompanied by an adult. Police forces already have
    safeguarding arrangements in place to ensure that children are not returned to
    unsafe homes or placed in potentially harmful situations.
    10.The police officer or PCSO will be able to require the individual to hand over items
    causing or likely to cause ASB (for example, alcohol, fireworks, or spray paint).
    Confiscated items will be held at the police station and can be collected after the
    period of the dispersal. If the individual is under the age of 16 they can be required
    to be accompanied by a parent or other responsible adult to collect the item; this will
    help encourage greater parental responsibility.
    11.Failure to comply with the dispersal will be a criminal offence and will carry a
    maximum penalty of a £2,500 fine and/or three months imprisonment. Failure to
    hand over confiscated items would also be a criminal offence and would have a
    penalty of up to a £500 fine. These sanctions are in line with current equivalent
    powers and will ensure there are serious consequences for those failing to comply.
    12.As a safeguard to protect civil liberties, data on the use of the dispersal power
    would have to be published locally. Police and Crime Commissioners will have a
    key role in holding forces to account on this to ensure that officers are using the
    power proportionately. Publication of data locally will help highlight any “hotspot”
    areas that may need a longer-term solution, such as diversionary activities for
    young people or introduction of CCTV cameras to help “design out” crime and ASB.

    Case study – Drunk person in town centre
    It is a Saturday morning, and a person is behaving anti-socially in a town centre – they are drinking alcohol and being verbally abusive to members of the public. A PCSO observes the behaviour and considers that it is causing distress to members of the public. There is regularly a problem with antisocial behaviour in the town centre at the weekend, and the inspector has authorised that the dispersal can be used in the market square and surrounding parks between Friday evening and Sunday evening.
    The PCSO issues the person with a direction to leave the town centre. The PCSO feels it is appropriate for the direction to last 48 hours to cover the whole weekend. The PCSO issues the person with a written direction, stating the area of the dispersal (the market square and surrounding parks) and the
    time and date the direction will apply until. The PCSO takes the name of the person and explains what the dispersal is for, where and when it applies, and what the penalty is for not complying.
    The PCSO confiscates two un-opened cans of lager and one open can. The unopened cans are taken to the police station and the person can collect them after the 48 hours is over. The open can is not practical to store and the PCSO pours the contents away

    Home Office
    May 2013

  37. ITMA!

    How much longer does the Anglosphere have to tolerate these unelected legislators? In the 19th century, it was the poets, and we were OK with them; in the 20th we had a different word for them. and saw them off – with some difficulty. Now? They are unpoetic and creep in the back door. Seems we don’t care.

    1. Leaked Memo Reveals Soros Plan for Federally Controlled Police

    2. Soros Seeks To “Reshape American Justice System” By Pouring Funds Into “Powerful” District Attorney Races


    Is anybody keeping an eye on what his plans are for England?

  38. Frank P @ 00:20

    TRUMP should call Obama out on that in his next major speech.

  39. Malfleur

    That prolix piece of garbage, masquerading as legislative guidance speaks volumes about what is wrong with the ‘criminal justice’ system in the UK. It does not bear scrutiny without ROTFLMFAO. If senior officers accept this crap without resigning en bloc, then there is nothing more to be said.
    Wankers incorporated! It’s no wonder that a weasely, elderly Canadian diplomatic apparatchik can usurp the responsibilities of Chief of Police and surround himself with even more wankers sucking on the public teat. Ye Gods!

  40. Sorry, I should have timed the post to which I was referring: it was of course your (22:58). This was a spoof, was it not? Written by some wag in on night duty at a quiet police station and posted as a piss-take? Did you run it past Snopes?

  41. The Clinton Solution:

    The sex has finally done his brains in. He’s certifiable by any measure.

  42. WTF are Fox News going to do when the election is over? There has been no others news for well over a year now.

  43. Frank P – 01:06

    Re: The Clinton Solution

    The Syrians would feel quite at home in Detroit. Like so many other cities that have ‘enjoyed’ the governance of the ‘Democratic’ party for the last 80 to 100 years it is now in many areas a ghost town, a lawless crime ridden industrial wasteland looking in many respects similar to the bombed out shithole from whence they came. However, the new arrivals might not like the welcome they get from the remaining denizens on this, and then other LBJ plantations.

  44. Alex Jones , Tuesday August 30th

    !. Lord Chriistopher Monckton: World Government Entering Death Spiral

    2. Nigel Farage Rallies Planet Against Tyrannical World Government

  45. Malfleur – 10:31

    Great links, thanks.

  46. @Frank P 31st, 01:06

    That was his brain that Monica had her laughing tackle shackled to…..just think, if she’d bitten instead of blowing….. 🙂

  47. The wonderful BBC has been discussed many times in these marble halls.
    Now the time has come to do something. My concern is not political, although heaven knows the antipathy to anything not emanating from the Corbynistas is deserving of cutting the licence fee.
    My ire has been stoked today by the publication on the website of yet another unjustified story against Cliff Richard.
    The BBC have been stoking up hate against this most benign of entertainers since the collusion with the South Yorkshire police in 2014.
    He is suing the b*stards and I hope he can do them enough damage to precipitate a full crisis.

    Donald Trump “Against All Odds” Rally in Everett, Washington 8/30/16

    A real barnstormer!

  49. Emulous – 14:58

    “I hope he can do them enough damage to precipitate a full crisis.”


  50. PS. Emulous, the BBC isn’t wonderful, it’s rancid! Rotten to the core. Even the supposed non political content is suffused with its agitprop, as well as being largely hopeless, tired and deeply unimaginative. [eg. Top Gear, and other recent reboots.]
    To quote Verity, “BBC Delenda Est!”

  51. “The London We’ve Lost
    …What’s wrong with London is what’s wrong with every major European city now. It’s Islam.”

  52. What should an American voter ask himself?

    (the e-mail is from the Republic)
    Is Donald the Perfect Candidate whose thoughts mirrors mine on all fronts?  NOPE
    Does he say everything the way I wish he would say it?  NOPE
    Am I absolutely sure that his motives are absolutely pure?  NOPE 
    Can I point to any other Dem Politician that I like better?  NOPE
    Is there any of the other RINO Politicians I like better?  NOPE 
    Am I going to sit home, refuse to Vote, and let Hillary win; because he is NOT Perfect?  NOPE 
    Do I like what I have seen for the last 7-1/2 years with the Jerk that sleeps in the White House?  NOPE 
    Do I like the “fundamental changes” that same Jerk has brought about in MY America?  NOPE 

    OK, your turn to decide what you are going to do in about 4 months! 

    Trump’s presidential qualifications…

    Obama is against Trump… Check
    The Media are against Trump… Check
    The establishment Democrats are against Trump… Check
    The establishment Republicans are against Trump… Check
    The Pope is against Trump… Check
    The UN is against Trump… Check
    The EU is against Trump… Check
    China is against Trump… Check
    Mexico is against Trump… Check
    Soros is against Trump… Check
    Black Lives Matter is against Trump… Check
    Move On is against Trump… Check
    Koch Brothers are against Trump… Check
    Bushes are against Trump … Check
    Planned Parenthood is against Trump….Check
    Hillary & Bernie are both against Trump … Check
    Illegal aliens are against Trump … Check
    Islam is against Trump … Check
    Kasich is against Trump … Check
    Hateful, racist, violent Liberals are against Trump.. Check


    It seems to me, Trump MUST BE the Best Qualified Candidate we could ever have.
    If you have so many political insiders and left wing NUT CASES— all SCARED TO DEATH, that they all speak out against him at the same time!
    Most of all, it will be the People’s Choice…


    He’s not a Lifetime Politician…Check
    He’s not a Lawyer…..Check
    He’s not doing it for the money…Check
    He’s a Natural Born American Citizen born in the USA from American parents. . .Bonus points !
    Whoopi says she will leave the country…
    Rosie says she will leave the country…
    Sharpton says he will leave the country…
    Cher says she will leave the country…
    Cyrus says she will leave the country…
    The Constitution and the Bill of Rights will prevail….
    Hillary will go to jail…..
    The budget will be balanced in 8 years….
    Americans will have first choice at jobs…..
    You will not be able to marry your pet….
    You will be able to keep your gun(s) if you qualify…
    (Not a criminal or crazy, etc.)
    Only living, registered U.S. citizens can vote….

    You can have and keep your own doctor…..
    You can say whatever you want without being called a racist, Islam phobic, xenophobic, etc….

    He will make AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

  53. Malfleur @ 10:31

    It would be helpful if Alex didn’t interrupt so often, no?

  54. Dextrous digits manipulated by musical minds:

    Way to go …

  55. EC @ 10:20

    What happened to parts of Detroit is unbelievable, EC, in a sense it reflects what has happened to the Republic, too.

    Few days back, Baron watched a programme about the buoyant sixties on the PBS Channel, the most striking thing (apart from the revolutionary fever) was the physical state of the people, the vast majority of both the whites and blacks were slim, looked healthy, were well dressed (excluding the drug infested phylum). One looks at the burghers of the Republic today, it’s just the opposite, gross obesity galore.

  56. Frank P @ 00:12

    A cute little piece, Frank, but Bach it isn’t.

  57. Today I partook of a proper Cornshire cream tea in Clovelly, the capital of Cornshire.

  58. Baron (00:20)

    No indeed, but then Bach never played Ronnie Scott’s AND the Albert Hall.

    And had he still been around, he may have knocked out a couple of scores for Oscar, Ray Brown and Charlie Smith. Even Bach had to earn a crust. 🙂

    Eclecticism in all things, m’Lord!

  59. Frank P – 01:06
    Re: The Clinton Solution- Rebuilding Detroit Using Syrian Refugees


    David Knight of InfoWars looks at the principles, as they apply to TWIN FALLS, IDAHO, about 7-8 minutes into this piece from yesterday’s Alex Jones Show.

    Oh, by the way, it’s all about power, money, and selling out your fellow countrymen. Or other people’s fellow countrymen in the case of Twin Falls where the ‘global initiative’ was by a Turkish national who had a seat on the Board of the New York Federal Reserve Bank, and was thus well placed to further his yoghourt interests in Idaho…

    Who would have thunk it!

    I think this story is completed in the full Wednesday show, but you can get the gist of it here.

  60. NEW ENGLISH JOURNAL, September


  61. Correction: New English Review !!


    “Of course the elections will not be rigged! What does that MEAN?![laughter] The Federal government doesn’t run the election process.” (Barack Hussein Obama)


    Homeland Security [sic] will invite the United Nations and the security services of The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), namely the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), advised by George Soros, to run the US presidential election.

    Alex Jones on Wednesday, August 31st 2016 explores, analyses and documents the record at the opening of the following link:

  63. I see that the Electoral Commission have come out with a strong critique of referenda with a less than subliminal attack on the EU referendum result, pushing the line that people were “deceived” yo undermine the result.

    The manipulative agenda of the unelected left wing “shadow” government continues. There is absolutely no way that the woman running that organisation can be considered impartial or independent – she has been a political activist throughout her third sector “career”:-

    She is a former chair of the Fawcett Society which campaigns on “women’s representation in politics and public life”. She has been a political campaigner for Charter88 which expressed “dissent: at the election of Thatcher and a Conservative government in 1987.

    Watson epitomises those partisan left wing activists who have been empowered to control or influence public policy without ever having been elected by anyone. With her background and record of political activism it is ridiculous for her or anyone else to suggest that she can be independent or impartial. It is even more ridiculous that a supposedly Conservative government has allowed her to remain in post, as they have done with Starmer and Saunders of the CPS, two more less than impartial activists for the so-caled “progressive” agenda.

  64. Who are these damn junior doctors trying to kid. Jeremy Hunt is a bad man but as his team said yesterday:
    ‘What’s more, the BMA must be the first union in history to call for strike action against a deal they themselves negotiated and said was a good one. Co-operation not confrontation is the way forward to make sure patients get the best treatment.’
    These poor downtrodden workers trouser a pittance of around £60,000 a year. How can we expect them to work the odd weekend for that paltry sum?

  65. “It was nearly 70 years ago and the doctors’ union was threatening a national strike in protest at the creation of the NHS, which it said would compromise its members’ independence, cut their income and reduce their status to that of ‘mere civil servants’.
    They eventually relented, but only after extracting huge bribes from the Labour government. Bevan – then health minister – said ruefully that he had had to ‘stuff their mouths with gold’ to get the service off the ground.
    Fast forward to the current doctors’ dispute and there are distinct echoes of that acrimonious time.

    Of course, the BMA’s politics have lurched to the Left and its leaders now regard themselves as guardians rather than enemies of the NHS.
    But the union is still trying to hold the government to ransom and is again prepared to put patients at risk by calling a strike which is essentially over money.
    The BMA describes itself as ‘apolitical’ but there’s little doubt where its affiliations lie.
    Its deputy chairman – a Labour Party member – likens Tory policy statements to Nazi propaganda and a member of its junior doctors committee has called on other unions to picket hospitals on the three planned strike days to help make ‘the first real crack in the entire edifice of austerity within the UK’.
    Does that sound ‘apolitical’?
    What a deeply depressing state of affairs that anyone needing to go to hospital today will probably have to cross a picket line of doctors backed by rabble-rousers from Labour’s hard-Left. Thousands of patients will suffer as a result of this action. We can only pray nobody dies.
    Is this really what junior doctors want?
    True, many will work more weekends under Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt’s proposals for a seven-day NHS and some out-of-hours shift rates will be reduced. But no one will work longer and an 11 per cent pay rise should soften the blow.

    No one is suggesting that Mr Hunt’s proposals are perfect but he is trying to rectify the appalling situation where patients are 15 per cent more likely to die if admitted to hospital on Saturday or Sunday than during the week.
    Isn’t it in everyone’s interests that both sides should thrash out a mutually acceptable way of delivering a full seven-day service?
    What could be more important to any healer than the safety and comfort of the sick – not just Monday to Friday but every hour of every day of every week?
    As for the remaining strike days, we urge doctors to defy their politically-driven union leaders and go to work.”

  66. Andy Car Park – 01:14

    Is that what kept you up late, then?

  67. Andy Car Park – 01:14

    Re: Clovelly Colleywobbles
    Beware of Souther Baptists Bearing Grits!
    Although, if you’ve been up all night then maybe a bit of roughage might help.

  68. Andy Car Park – 01:14

    You’re not on the set of the BBC’s “Poldark” reboot are you? As with a lot of these “remakes” one is left wondering why did they bother… ‘Delmelza’ will only ever be the lovely Angharad Rees RIP.

    [Although Jeremy Brett RIP was as good if not better than Basil Rathbone RIP (that was ITV) but ‘Willy Wonka’ will only ever be Gene Wilder RIP]
    [Memo to self: “They’re all dead, Dave”]

    PS. Never eat clotted cream on an empty stomach. One should only ever be “partooking” of those if one has already prepared the way with a XXL pasty.

    pointless ramble: /end

  69. Mrs Andrew Puddephatt [would I lie to you?],nee Watson,Chair of the Electoral Commission,
    has reported Charles Moore to the Met Police for electoral fraud.
    Mr Moore who is (lawfully registered at his Country and his Town addresses) did,with the
    support of the estimable James Frazer,vote in the Country in the EU referendum:and then
    obtained a ballot form in Town on which he wrote a protest at the slackness of the system.
    He then wrote about this in the Spectator.
    The response of the Electoral Commission has been to report him to the Met.

    This is from an article by Paul Weston of Liberty GB ;which party has been censored by

  70. The above should have reffered to Fraser Nelson at the Spectator.

  71. Radford NG September 1st, 2016 – 11:59

    Her husband is another one who thinks he has the right to influence government policy without being elected, who sets himself up to represent human rights without any kind of democratic mandate to do so.

    Global Partners is another “shadow government” organisation that seeks influence over government policy for “social purpose” (which sounds suspiciously like Common Purpose) in return for taxpayer funded payment:-

    “GPG holds a five year contract (2015-2020) with the UK Parliament to provide training and support for select committee members and staff to help them perform their roles and functions more effectively. The work focuses specifically on Committees working as a team, including training and facilitation of Committee discussions. The team for this project is led by our Director and Deputy Director, and draws from GPG’s extensive network of associates which includes former Committee chairs and Members of Parliament with extensive committee experience, former Ministers, senior staff in parliaments, governments and political parties as well as leading academics in the field.”

    This is how our supposed representatives are transformed into a corporate management hierarchy. The old English tradition of amateurism which caused many a cock-up but safeguarded independence and integrity has now gone, replaced by this corporate management consultancy twaddle which seeks to homogenise Parliament into a producer of dogma driven policy rather than a place of debate.

    With Hillary’s anti-alt right speech and the leftist suborned Electoral Commission’s attack on Liberty GB and the EU referendum result we can see how the Common Purpose conspiracy is seeking to delegitimise political dissent against their dogma on both sides of the Atlantic. By re-casting right wing dissent as “hate” and “phobia” they hope to shut it down. And they want to do that because the challenge from right wing dissent is now becoming more dangerous to their “progress” scam than ever before. The right is just beginning to concentrate and re-organise as a movement beyond borders too and the Common Purpose conspiracy knows it and is running scared.

  72. Yall know well that Clovelly is in Devonshire.
    Still nice to know my old mucker is not dead.

  73. Sorry folks, my email has been hacked again (as some of you already indicated this a.m.). To those of you that were kind enough to do so, a big thank you. I have tried to reply, but that results in an error message when I press the send button; look like I’ll have get my ‘techie man’ back in again.

    My Windows 10 is also giving me palpitations. I spent most of yesterday trying to follow MS on-line instructions to fix it (with the aid of Mrs Frank P whose patience ran out on the fourth attempt), but on the sixth occasion, even I gave up.

    As it was a free download (or should that be upload) in the first place, when they were offering it for experimental purposes, I guess that they want me to buy the latest update which costs about £90 apparently. Wish I had stuck with Windows 8, which was fine.

    This all made a little paranoiac and Colonel Mustard’s two posts this morning haven’t dispelled that feeling. Now that we’re all hooked on this medium, they have us by the short and curlies. Gradually our use of it for dissent will be snuffed out, either by the Stasi or just technical censorship.

    Freemen of England – rise up and rid yourselves of the gathering menace. The next election won’t fix it – the choice is zero as they are all on the same page and the substrata that serves them is entrenched. The hydra has so many heads now how do we slay it? Fucked if I know – as largely the next two generations have already been nobbled.

    I think you are right about the Right, or Alt-Right as they have now been dubbed. Bannon seems to be the spearhead and has some smarts. If he manages to get Don Trumpo into the White House we may see some changes that will reverberate across the Pond. We’d better be ready to join in the fray. Sadly I can’t see Trump’s equivalent emerging here.

    The other thing – Andrew Breitbart popped his clogs (with or without help, which is still a moot point with some) just as he became a political force. I hope Bannon can trust his quack and that Trumpo’s bodyguards encompass his existence too.

    Yesterday was a good day for Trump; I stayed up to watch his immigration speech, but have yet to take on the fallout today, as my technical glitches have distracted me. Must go and do some surfing the airwaves. See ya later!

  74. JJB

    You really will have to buy the primer on English irony and professional piss-taking. I gather you typed you last post with a straight face??

  75. Now I’m really paranoiac – my fucking hearing aids just packed up! HTF did ‘they’ do that? 🙂

    Just as well I haven’t got a pace-maker! Yet ….

  76. Frank P – 14:36

    Ask for a S&W Peacemaker instead! 🙂 More durable, and will prove far more useful after ‘the event’ They will even work perfectly after the EMP!

    If you haven’t got “smart meters” yet then be grateful. I am led to believe that “they” can switch one’s Gas or Leccy off remotely, without even the bother and expense of having to send a man person/thing around to perform the task!

  77. EC (16:24)

    We’d better not discuss ‘pieces’ and their durability given my apparently leaky rig (no double entendre intended, though Dick Emery’s writers would have borrowed that, I’m sure followed by a punch on the shoulder 🙂 ) and the sentiments of the Canadian Diplomat usurper of the Chief Rozzer’s duties, but thanks for the advice and I’ll bear it in mind. I think I’d better have my exotic roof aerials modified to avoid the ramifications of your other caveat.

    And there’s still my grandfather’s pitchfork, as a last resort if, having warned the Captain of Searles Wash Monster about he likelihood of incoming dinghies loaded with duskies; and how to deal with them in the deeper channels, they fall asleep on the job.

    Not only that but the local bloke who services my lawn mower is also part of the Lifeboat Crew and no doubt he is aware of the potential, so we’re pretty well covered here.

    Despite all these precautions, my next door neighbour in Geriatric Gulch, an elderly widow drew my attention to a Pakistani guy skulking behind the bushes opposite our bungalows. I was able to reassure her after a quick and probably illegal stop ‘n’ search and a rubdown with the Sporting Life, that he was delivering leaflets for a local Curry/Kebab/ House (food fusion is the order of the day up here) and had merely been taken short and was taking a leak before continuing his round. Just goes to show how Neighbourhood watch alleviates the strain on the Canuck’s cops.
    I eschewed the temptation to nick him for Outraging Public Decency, as I doubt even the real cops have that power any more, let alone a retiree for 35 years in a state of semi-dementia. And as my neighbour hadn’t mention the Jimmy Riddle bit, I really had no direct evidence and I don’t think forensics are available for such eventualities.

  78. o & oe – but I’m sure you get the gist 🙂

  79. @16:24 #erratum#

    Before Baron, The Colonel, or anybody else that really knows what they are talking about corrects me, it was Colt that made the Peacemaker, and S&W made the American & the Schofield! Sorry about that.

  80. Frank P – 17:31

    You should’ve nicked him for fly tipping!

    Searles “The Wash Monster” website bold as brass states:

    “All with guided tours and the safe care of Captain Willie and his crew.”

    Mm, O(o)’s tale of the ‘Golden Rivet’ comes to mind!

  81. On the fallout after Trump’s performances yesterday. Wonderful! After months of saying that Trump is a one trick pony, he proved to the knockers that he’s more than capable of adapting to whatever task that is required for the business in hand.

    While schmoozing in Mexico he played the efficient diplomat – firm but fair.

    While on the stump in Arizona, he was the firebrand rallying the supporters to the flag. Good speech! The pundits don’t know how to play it. Hannity is firmly on side along with Laura Ingraham. Krauthammer begrudgingly gave him a pass. Geraldo is pissed because Trump ignores his advice about Hispanics (him being of Hispanic hertitage himself)7. Eric Bolling is a self-effacing supporter of Trump, but his speech impediment leaves him vulnerable in the exchanges on The Five and when he’s standing in for O’Reilly. The arse-faced Juan Williams is the token black and the token Leftie and he, as I’ve opined before, is a hackwhore who’s there to dig his heels in and give the impression of balance (gimme a break!). Kim Guilfoyle – shrewd cookie – gives the impression that she would like the job of Press Secretary if he makes to the White House and he would be foolish not to give her the job, except that his trouble and strife might not countenance that – and I don’t blame her. 🙂

    All in all, the force of his two speeches yesterday has made an impact. They’ll probably have to whack him to stop him now. But I guess he knows that- and has organised a ring of steel accordingly. One hopes his airplane and chopper mechanics have been positively vetted.

  82. The thing about the unelected leftist establishment is that now that they ARE the establishment, effectively, they just can’t handle dissent. That might seem odd because their doctrine developed from anti-establishment sentiment and protest to begin with. The people who are the vanguard of the unelected left now were the dissenters of their youth. As the new establishment they ought to understand and accept dissent. But they don’t. Like every communist regime in history their instinct is to oppress and criminalise dissent – and that is exactly what they are trying to do now in the West from a presumption of absolute moral supremacy.

    It is why their reaction against Trump and Farage and all the other alt right proto movements is so extreme and almost hysterical. They desperately want to be the sole controllers of not just the public narrative but peoples thoughts and words too. As the push back against the various manipulative tools they have used to achieve that begins to gain momentum (ha!) they are turning very nasty and turning to more extreme measures to stop their control being pulled away.

    Hillary’s anti-alt right speech was not the triumph of expected victory – it was the desperation of Comical Ali as the Allied tanks rolled towards Baghdad.

    But if by some chance she does win expect a raft of measures directed against the right on the internet, in various guises and hidden in all sorts of veiled “initiatives” dressed up as altruistic “progress”.

  83. Farage understands that the only way to defeat the power of the left now is to confront it head on. Those people in his party (e.g. Carswell) who are pushing the same wet, left-appeasing line as the Tories won’t defeat it but merely act as facilitators for more of it.

  84. Frank P – 19:01

    It only took a small change to have an effect. Trump’s more controlled and scripted performances are paying dividends in the polling. His work rate is phenomenal. He is now giving about ten speeches a week to audiences of 15,000 to 25,000 per event. He is giving policy commitments too. Meanwhile Hillary leaks, evades, hides and snides.

  85. Colonel Mustard – 20:16

    The egregiously divisive Carswell was a Tory Trojan horse.
    WTF was Farage thinking about when he invited the serpentine Neil Hamilton into the bosom of the party? Suzanne Evans has to go too. All three of them have to go. Permanently!

    Farage HAS to get a grip on his party or Mrs May will fritter Brexit away unopposed!

  86. EC September 1st, 2016 – 20:40

    Agreed. One of the dangers for the right is that they lose their nerve and capitulate to the leftist narrative as the Tories have done. That seemed to be creeping into UKIP as they got cold feet over those refugee posters. Carswell was almost grovelling (like a “modernised Tory”) rather than asking the leftist MSM how many is too many and at what point failing public services for EVERYONE can still be siloed away from immigration.

    When the left start their mob-shaming routine the right need to go on the attack and relentlessly expose the lies and language manipulation.

  87. EC/Colonel.

    Farage has tried my patience to breaking point. Is he still part of UKIP or not? If his role now is swanning around the West, basking in the success of Brexit, when it is by no means a done deal, then wtf??

    Is he a lame duck MEP? Or is he just a chancer sucking off whatever teat is available? His ‘hail-fellow-well-met, fags and pint props’ gets on my tits. He was even upstaged by the wanker Davis and the clown Boris during the Brexit campaign. In fact the German labour party Brexiteer Giselle Stewart may well have edged the vote by recruiting labour supporters. Farage did well in some of the debates, particularly against the Welsh first minister, but why opt out just when every shoulder should be behind the wheel. It’s still very much in the balance. In other words to paraphrase Mark Twain, “Reports of your success are greatly exaggerated, Mr Farage.” And certainly premature.

    He’s never really addressed the jihad phenomenon, always laying off with the ‘moderate muslims’ shtick . He obviously is no political ‘leader’, or he would not have list control of his own political vehicle. I agree about Carswell – he’s flakier than dandruff on a stray mutt. The scouser whose name always escapes me can’t possibly cut the mustard, Diane wossername is also no Thatcher. It all needs a new start somewhere, but where is the English Trump? Btw, I’m still not convinced that the Donald can beat the global establisment, but at least he’s full throttle going for it.
    Kudos to him for that – win or lose.

    I know I’m being harsh; armchair critique is easy. But never having before invested real hopes in any politician, never mind joining a political party, its doubly disappointing.

    Convince me otherwise, folks. I’m open to being proved wrong.

  88. Apologies, we were all thinking and typing at the same time; coindientally we all seem roughly on the same page. 🙂

  89. coincidentally, too.

  90. I came across this from a commenter to the Zero Hedge article today on the freezing of HANJIN’s cargo ships worlwide:

    H.R. 1205, the American Sovereignty Restoration Act


  91. Radford NG @ 12:18

    Quite a powerful rebut by by Paul Weston, Radford, good man, he.

    It was enough for the barbarian to read the first two sentences of Miss Watson’s entry in the wikipedia, where else would this creature reside for the 20+ years than in the domain of the suckers on the teat of the taxpayers’ money.

    “Jenny Watson is the chairperson of the United Kingdom Electoral Commission. A long term campaigner for women’s rights, she had a 20+ year career in the not for profit sector”.

  92. Malfleur @ 22:47

    Some time ago, the barbarian checked on the share price performance of US companies manufacturing weaponry. If one were to invest in a mix of them after the near meltdown in 2008, one would have more than trebled one’s money. The US market has shown a rather anaemic performance in the same time span. Trusting in Smith & Wesson would have been even more rewarding.

  93. EC @ 17:54

    The barbarian cannot help, EC, he knows next to nothing about it, many years ago, he was only reasonably familiar with the AK-47 whilst serving in the armed forces of a country Frank and his pals were watching over. The familiarity involved dismantling and re-assembling the firearm in a minute, blindfolded, not as difficult as it may sound, the rifle has only eight moving parts.

  94. Frank P @ 14:36

    It could be a relief not to hear, Frank, given the barrage of trash that reaches one’s ears from every conceivable source.

    Deafness’s mostly hereditary, the barbarian suffers from it, his left receptor’s nearly gone, often he covers his right ear, too, the silence that results is godly.

  95. Colonel Mustard @ 12:33

    Why should an MP need Global Partners is a mystery, Colonel. The barbarian wasn’t aware of the outfit, the most benign reason for its existence he could think of would be a vehicle for the syphoning of public money, which is bad enough, we have enough quangos elsewhere. But as you say, it can be and very likely is used as a tool of indoctrination, control, brainwashing.

    It does seem the Left has taken over the old established institutions as well as it has set up new ones of which the public is totally unaware.

    Have you looked at the staff, the line of academics, partners? Strangely, the site gives no indication of the funding, its size, source, how it’s spent.

  96. Retired Admiral James “Ace” Lyons speaks without mincing words (except perhaps in the phrase ‘borders on’) – but hear him on Benghazi…

  97. Baron,

    had you been there on 31st August, I am sure that you would have persuaded this woman to calm down…

  98. Hour 1 – Alex Jones is gripped by sorrow and fear, but…

    Hour 2 – Scott Adams – Creator of Dilbert – very interesting

    Hour 3 – Julian Assange – Clinton whipping up Neo-McCarthyist hysteria about . Russia
    R.W. Bray – Black Engagement Director of Republican Party of Texas – . Interviewed by Alex Jones

    Hour 4 – The New World Order – We’re in it NOW! Alex Jones and David Knight
    Various including the Turkish yoghourt . . manufacturer settling Detroit with Syrians, etc!
    Very interesting bit on Trump’s meeting with . Mexican president. Federal drive to centralised . . control of elections, cf. Venezuela, Brazil.
    . SpaceX , where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

  99. Germany were crazy to let a “former” East German communist ideologue become Chancellor.

    Note former Stasi agent Kahane is yet another unelected “regulator” with partisan, if not extreme political views, that ought to disqualify her from “policing” anything.

    The left only agitate for open borders in Europe. You won’t find the likes of Kahane clamouring for churches to be built in Saudi Arabia.

  100. Malfleur @ 01:53

    Sad, is it not the proles believe they can change things shouting, waving arms around, whistling?

    If a German communist leader were to visit the city when the Marx inspired thugs ran that part of the world, he would have faced a similar crowd only it (the crowd) would have been shouting, waving arms and whistling in agreement with him.

    That’s Malfleur, is just about the only thing that has changed since the fall of the creed of communism in Eastern Europe.

    The man who ran the communist empire of the past sat in the Kremlin, the man who runs the Western empire sits in the White House, it’s that simple. Each leader governs by sending signals, interferes with hard power only sparingly, operates the levers of power in secret.

    The way to change it is not by attending boisterous rallies, but exercising one’s right when it comes to elections. This right those living under the communist thugs didn’t have, today they have it, still vote for essentially the same people who swapped their red bound party card for one bound in rainbow colours.

    And as for Mutti, (as the barbarian said above), she isn’t any different, wouldn’t do anything, say anything that displeased to hon Muslim in the White House than Honecker would have said or done to anger the Kremlin in the Soviet past.

    The unwashed do indeed have leaders they deserve.

  101. Malfleur – September 1st, 2016 – 22:47

    LOL, Gun salesman of the century! S&W sales revenue up 200% since golfing enthusiast Obama became part time POUTus.

    Similarly in Yurrop, it’s now much the same story. Mutti’s Kulturrevolution / population replacement scheme has been working wonders for the sales of Walther, H&K, FN & CZ.

  102. Baron @ 12:03

    Obama’s face is a study.

  103. Obummer doesn’t believe any of that stuff about people shifting for themselves. He has made a career out of creating chippy “victims” and then expecting others to defer to them, pander to them and pay for them.

    The comment about special interest groups as a fourth part of government was priceless and that applies in this country too.

  104. The PCC for Cambridgeshire has issued a statement on the harassment of Tommy Robinson.

  105. Alison Gurden,Barrister at Law,replies to the above on behalf of Tommy Robinson.

  106. Why have they named the latest Floridian ‘hurricane’ Hermine. Shouldn’t it be Hermoine or Herman? Or are the LGBT mob now demanding transgender hurricanes?

    Hands up those who ever met anyone called Hermine! And if you did, hands up Hermine to discover which gender it was.

    Anyway it just turned out to be a windy day and pissed with rain. What are they trying to distract us from this time?

    The sight of Steve Harrigan in his oil skins trying to make it all look authentic was hilarious. Why do they do that?

    Looks like Hunstanton on a normal October day.

  107. This one, particularly the comments thereafter, is comical.

    As the comments develop Obama is first dubbed King Put Put then King Put the Fagnificent.

    Meanwhile, back in in the Panhandle, its still raining for Labour Day.

  108. Malfleur 2 13:31

    You may have noticed, Malfleur, that when Carson tells the joke about the consumed birds the audience applauds noisily, but the hon Muslim finds something wrong with his left eye, keeps touching it.

  109. Radford NG @ 15:42 and 15:48

    Thank you for tracking this incident. As an ongoing investigation is underway and legal action is being contemplated by one of the parties involved in the incident through his legal adviser, until all the facts are known and any complaint has been fully aired by the parties concerned and settled by the proper authorities, with due allowance given for response from others who were or might have been or might become involved in this incident at, before or after the incident itself, I do not think that it would be proper for me, as an uninvolved observer, to comment further in the media – alternative or otherwise – at this time.

  110. Frank P @ 23:45


    Two things you shouldn’t have missed, Frank.

    First, the inhuman regime wasn’t voted for by the Russian unwashed, it was hoisted on them, it says so at the start of the piece. Most, but not all what the guy who penned the book says is true, it was barbarous beyond imagining, many times worse than the atrocities of the Nazis committed on the Jews, the whole country was a Gulag in which nobody was certain if there would be a tomorrow for him.

    (Some of the claims are patently absurd e.g. the Georgian thug signing each death warrant. If he did he would still be signing the papers).

    Second, you reckon it’s the same today under Putin, do you?

    Solzhenitsyn’s right, it was ideology and nothing else that underpinned the violence, it was rooted in Marxism, or perhaps an interpretation of it, but ideology it was that drove the insanity from the start. Not that different from the ideology of Islam for the suicide bombers of today.

  111. Malfleur @ 01:01

    What Carson says, Malfleur, makes sense, it is something one would do, a natural approach to a risk, that’s why it will not be considered. Simples.

  112. Still on the link furnished byF rank.

    Of necessity, Baron read it quickly, but the piece quotes some statistics of the people killed by communism in Russia, China, other victims in Cambodia and wherever. These figures are in millions, but if one were to quote the deaths as percentages of the total populations in the countries, Baron guess is that the Georgian thug killed more of his ‘own’ people than Mao or anyone else. The barbarian put ‘own people’ in inverted commas because most of the top killers, those who gave the orders, not the ones actually torturing or killing, were not genuine Russians, but were of other nationalities.

  113. Frank P @ 23:45


    All very wel as far as it goes, Frank – but don’t forget Professor Anthony C. Sutton:

    TRUMP 2016!

    The same game – and all is to play for in November. Let’s try to rout the bastards this time.

  114. Gawd! That Clinton harpy is a real piece of pustulating knotted shit. Haggard, hard-faced Hillary Rottten Clinton, the Wicked Witch of the West.

    And how that long streak of piss James Comey can ever hold his head up again after letting her walk away with the mild admonishment – “extremely careless” – after considering not only the circumstantial evidence, but the substance of the cases against her relating to both her deliberate misuse of government documents and communications – and her dealings relating to Clinton Foundation, is beyond belief.
    The papers on the ‘interview’ with Clinton, repeat ‘interview’, not interrogation, released today, were shameful. I’ve seen sloppier questioning by a Sweeney DCI grilling a pornographer from whom he’s already received a brown envelope with his share of the week’s ‘business’.

    Whatever pressure was applied and whence, if Comey was a man of principle, as some have averred, he was left with only two honourable choices:

    (a) recommend indictment under both the secrecy laws and RICO statutes, or

    (b) resign and blow the loudest whistle ever heard in Western politics, if countermanded.

    It makes a mockery of the entire US Criminal Justice System AND the process of electing the POTUS. Nixon’s transgressions were mere peccadilloes by comparison.

    Shame on you Comey and shame on America for blindly following this egregious woman in droves, towards disastrous Third Clinton/Third Obama terms.


    My fear now is that a system which is so inextricably rigged, is beyond redemption. If Trump wins in the face of such odds it will be the 8th Wonder of the World.

    I really do fear that they will kill him as a last resort.

    And of course all that was discussed in the private plane on the tarmac between Lynch and Big Willie were the niceties of family life. Family life indeed. Family as in Gambino, I suspect.

  115. Malfleur

    There is an ambiguity in ‘UNEXIT’ that could be misleading.

  116. FM 3-39.40 Internment and Resettlement Operations


  117. Mark Thompson, who ran the BBC whilst it sheltered the Great Peado (whatever happened to the enquiry into his crimes?), is now the CEO of the New York Times at a salary of $8.5mn, is being interviewed by every dick and harry because he has a new book out called ‘Enough Said’.

    Baron may tell you more about it tomorrow, but for today this is what he, Mr. Thompson, says about the Clinton woman who’s backed in the presidency race by the NYT: ‘How could this sober, experienced, cautious woman …..”

    Now read this:

    Could there be a better contender for the prize of ‘the wanker of the world’?

  118. Frank P @ 02:02

    As the leader in one of the large circulation papers – unbeatable, Frank.

    This isn’t meant to be just a compliment, the barbarian truly thinks that if any of the papers with falling circulation were to publish it as the leader, their readership would a get boost that would shock everyone.

  119. Btw, the large review of a book about communist Russia barbarity (Frank’s link), Nick Cohen piece about Putin the thug in the Spectator, a massive NATO exercise in the Czech Republic in the days ahead, the German (also the Polish) public asked to stock up on water, food.

    Does it smell to you of something? Should one stock up on cans of Heinz beans, too, build a shelter, write the last will and testament?

  120. “Do you smirk when you hear someone question the official stories of Orlando, San Bernardino, Paris or Nice? Do you feel superior to 2,500 architects and engineers, to firefighters, commercial and military pilots, physicists and chemists, and former high government officials who have raised doubts about 9/11? If so, you reflect the profile of a mind-controlled CIA stooge.”

    Zero Hedge

  121. Not only does he run Donald’s campaign, hacks Democrats’ servers and boosts Mr. Boot’s blood pressure. The unstoppable one also brainwashes the minds of Britain’s future leaders of the country.

  122. Malfleur @ 02:40

    Merci beaucoup, Malfleur.

    It cheered up alot being reminded there still are people with some common sense left.

  123. Baron – 02:31

    The trouble with a staple diet is that they keep sticking in your teeth.

    Getting the Clintons (they only care about money) installed as puppets in the WH is the Lynchpin of the Globalist agenda. Trump is causing them major problems. They know now, despite all the smears and rigged polls, that cannot beat him. Their only options are: Plan A. Whack him before the election. Plan B. Precipitate a foreign war eg. with Russia, (q.v. Machiavelli) declare a Federal emergency, ‘postpone’ the GE, and open up the FEMA camps.

    Good luck with the beans!

  124. Malfleur – 02:35 et seq.


  125. Baron – 02:31

    PS. May the farce (or farts) be with you!

    “May, the farce” – that’s a separate discussion – or is it?

  126. For any Russophiles:

    You gotta give to him, he talks the talk!

  127. The wheels within the wheels:

    How do we get this information to an illterate generation (many with university degrees) who never take off the earphones which are emitting via their iplayers the cacophony of the propaganda laden garbage of the latest adaption of popular ‘music’?

    We can’t! So we’ll just have to continue to delude ourseleves by muttering (and occasionally cussing) into our keyboard as a safety valve – and taking the prescribed medication, wirh an occasional sip at the Chilean Merlot to live dangerously.

    Fuggit, who’s playing who in the EPL today? Or better still – La Liga?
    Must kick-start the sports channel and find out. Hope the weather is better where you guys are lurking than it is on the sandy shores of the sunset coast of NW Norfolk.

  128. Baron (09:18)

    But before I get involved in today’s fitba, I must let you know that Fox just reported that Vlad has just teasingly stated “I’m not admitting to hacking Hillary’s servers/gizmos, but if I have done so, would that be such a bad thing.”

    You are a tease, you naughty little KGB kleptocrat you! But I laaike you!

    🙂 🙂

  129. EC @ 09:48

    A list of options, EC, by far less appetising than a plate of beans with well grilled bacon (alot of it) accompanied with a couple of bottles of lager. Unbeatable, the latter.

  130. Frank P @ 14:57

    Not that he would do here, Frank, the past of this country could accommodate his style of governance even less successfully that that offered by the ghastly EU, but he’s right, he bats for Russia, in the interest of her unwashed. Anything wrong with it?

  131. Frank P @ 15:43

    He probably knows about the decisions Obama takes before the underlings for whom it’s intended, and the same applies, even more so, for Obama. Both the CIA and the FSB have ‘partners’ imbedded in the opposite camp, have little need for hacking, no?

  132. This is for real, any help will be appreciated.

    Several weeks ago, the barbarian joined UKIP, has to vote for the next top man or woman, must choose one out of five contenders to replace Nigel:

    Bill Etheridge, Elizabeth Jones, Lisa Duffy, Diane Jones and Philip Broughton.

    Diane talks about changes that need to happen, Lisa intends to shed the ‘one man band’ image, Phillip sees the outfit as that of freedom, fairness and opportunity, Bill (an MEP) wants to change the NEC to give members greater say as well as to make the party structure more professional (he has a box graph showing what he wants to do), and Elizabeth lists her views on key issues such as Brexit, immigration, justice, affordable housing, all the right noises.

    Whom should Baron go for?

  133. Our armed forces are down to 80,000, the lowest level ever, (Turkey’s, as an example, number 600,000), it truly worries because whatever the neocon pundits say the old adage is right, it’s the boots on the ground that win it, not drone attacks, shelling or (conventional) missile firing.

    Instead of spending billions on nuclear hardware, we should train as many young men (some women) to fire the AR-15s well, it’s more likely our enemy will be one equipped similarly rather than one deploying nuclear weaponry. The possession of military nukes should be left to the big players, who, in their pursuit of delusional grandeur, are willing to impoverish their unwashed.

  134. Baron (16:27)

    indeed – as you well know, guv’nor! 🙂

    Which of course makes all this bullshit about hacking so much persiflage.
    In the world we live in MI5 MI6 etc. etc. are all smoke screens. It’s the buggers (sometimes literally) on both sides, who are holding high positions, who purport to have their respective countries’ interests at heart, but are part of The Great Game that decides the fate of all of us, that are the problem.. As you also know, I don’t subscribe to wild conspiracy theories, because the hard facts of reality are worse that the sum total of those.

    Moreover, though I would rejoice if Trump whupped the Wicked Witch in the next smokescreen in November, I have no illusions about things being much better under Trump for very long, because when money talks bullshit walks. But it would be wonderful to see the panic in the eyes of the established political crooks if they were to come unstuck for a stint.

    I experienced that joy for a spell in my previous main ‘calling’ when the shit hit the fan, big time, back in the 70s. But it wasn’t long before disillusion followed elation, when the ‘system’ rebalanced itself quite quickly, as the venal side of human nature that is present in all groups, whether official, commercial or religious, resumed its inevitable shenanigans. ‘Twas ever thus and ever will be. You can’t make a perfect machine out of obsolescent, rusty, components. That, I’m afraid, is the story of homo Sapiens.

    If there is a Creator, he or she must have known that, which makes the said omniescent, omnipotent One, a mischievous entity. Non? It must be standing aside giggling like a maniacal pervert, getting off on the antics of Its creation.

    Of course our mutual friend Mr Boot would aver that the gift of free will and the striving towards perfection is the point of it all.

    FTFAGOS. I abhor being part of any experiment where I’m part of the chemistry and Frankenstein is doing it for kicks. Much pefer the Great Accidental Fuck Up theory – at least I don’t have to be good to enjoy some of it whilst it all unfolds.

    But i digress … again!

    Sorry about that, but there’s no watchable soccer today because it’s ‘international break’; I had forgotten!

  135. Baron (16:49)

    Heh, heh, heh. It would be hypocritical of me to suggest a choice, given my last post. As the Wicked Witch famously exclaimed “What difference does it make?!”

    I’ve quietly let my membership lapse. I feel conned. The reason I joined has disappeared up his own wheel nuts in a puff of cigarette smoke and a pool of real ale; their only MP is a Trojan Horse; the rest are squabbling about the spoils like shite-hawks after a rotting pile of bullshit. I give in. Sad, it really had potential.

  136. Baron – 16:49

    “Bill Etheridge, Elizabeth Jones, Lisa Duffy, Diane Jones and Philip Broughton”

    Never heard of any of them!

  137. Fred reaching the parts that others dare not reach:

    If you press the inner link you will find a vid on Hillary that is very intetesting – and funny.

  138. Full Speech: Donald Trump Speaks to African American Church in Detroit 9/3/16

    The last five minutes of the video, following the speech, should not be missed.

  139. Baron @ September 3rd – 16:49

    Write in Sir Nigel Farage.

  140. The Old Europe Versus The New Europe

    “Europe’s history is not quite so rosy as this video would lead us to believe. Everyone here knows that… However, somewhere along the line we confused enlightenment with passivity, self loathing and ignorance. I’d like to thank team Soros, the EU, the IMF et al and the myriad of cultural marxists that infest our schools for that…

    …Then we will need to lay down the law to foreign cultures, kick those who will not respect the principles of human liberty and the rule of law out of our countries and be prepared to punish with impunity anyone in political office who is caught acting in a corrupt or treasonous manner. The harshest treatment needs to be reserved for those of our own who have sold out to the marxists and their islamic henchmen. After that our path will become clearer and easier to follow.”

  141. Vivaldi – Gloria in excelsis Deo – Trevor Pinnock – The English Concert

  142. Where’s Baron? I do hope that he’s not gone into a decline after realising that UKIP have “buggered off to Bulgaria with his membership subs.

  143. Keirh Vaz: O dear, O dear, O dear!

    Why are we bothering to spend millions on repairing the P.O.W? Ths crumbling edifice is beyond repair, along wirh its occupants.

    Why not just bulldoze it into the Thames, making sure that it is done during a full session when everyone is present.

    Richard Kemp, surely it must be time?

  144. o &oe. Sorry my stylus is missing the targets this morning, probably caused by Flabbot’s reaction.

    Now he’s threatening to sue the mirror for paying the Bulgarians to set him up. “Deeply disturbing” says he. YCMIU!!

    I can’t wait for Littlejohn’s take on this. Rod Liddle, get your pencil sharpened – so to speak.

  145. @Frank P 4th, 10:55

    He was such an obvious target, I’m amazed that they didn’t get to him sooner!

  146. A year or two ago a Muslim bloke at work was talking about the moral superiority of Sharia Law.
    He said that it would take over from common law because they were playing a long game and immigration and the birth rate would swamp us.
    I did not believe him then…but:

    “Muhammad was the most popular name given to newborn boys in London in 2015, marking the fourth year in a row that the name has topped the chart in the city. It also reclaimed the top spot in the West Midlands, second place in Yorkshire and the Humber, and joint third in the North West.
    The name did not feature in the top ten at all in the North East, the East Midlands, the East of England, the South East, the South West or Wales, according to the Office of National Statistics (ONS).

    But when combined with alternative spellings such as ‘Mohammed’ it topped the charts in Yorkshire and the Humber – and the country as a whole.

    Officially the most popular name given to newborn boys in England and Wales last year was Oliver (bestowed upon 6,941 boys), followed by Jack and then Harry. Muhammad was ranked 12th, with 3,730 boys given the name.

    But when combined with alternate spellings ‘Mohammad’ (ranked 29), ‘Mohammed’ (ranked 68), and ‘Muhammed’ (ranked 121) the name rises to the top of the charts, given to 7,570 boys.

    Controversy has raged during the last few years over whether the names should be combined in this way, with critics pointing out that Oliver and Ollie (ranked 77, given to 873 boys) are also listed separately. However, the variations on Mohammed this year outnumber Oliver and Ollie combined.

    And while Oliver and Ollie are often considered to be different names, akin to Kate and Katherine, scholars have highlighted that the various spellings of Mohammed occur because the name is transliterated from Arabic.

    Ibrahim Othman, an Arabic teacher at the Arab British Centre, said the variations would be comparable to Jon and John, but not Oliver and Ollie as the latter is a shortened version and therefore a separate rendering.

    “They [Mohammed variants] are the same name but it’s up to people how they want to spell it,” he told The Independent.

    “There’s no difference, it’s just because some people would say an ‘o’ or a ‘u’ more accurately represents the Arabic.”

    The name, meaning “praised” or “praiser of God” is one of the most popular names worldwide, leading to some people shortening it or using it as a middle name.

    “It’s religious – it comes down to a praise of Mohammad that can be followed by other names that combine to construct a praise of the Prophet,” Mr Othman said.

    The ONS, which lists all names as they appear on official documents, has said it will stick to the policy of listing all spelling variants separately.

    “To make a fair comparison either all names should be treated separately or all names on the list should be combined with names that have a similar spelling,” a spokesperson said.

    “If the latter approach was taken it would make the lists look very different. But it would also require subjective decision-making about whether certain names are distinctive or not – for example it would raise issues such as whether or not we should combine Sara with Sarah and Anna with Ana – some people pronounce these names the same way, but other people do not.”

  147. Hey diddle diddle, Vaz had a fiddle,
    Two rent boys trousered the cash,
    He rogered them rough,
    ‘Till all had enough,
    Then ended up with a rash.

  148. Ostrich (occasionally) (11:11)

    Surprising the Leftist Daily Mirror did it, too. There must be some other ulterior motive arising from the chaos in the Labour party.

    I note that the TV meeja have been very generous in their coverage, fourth item on the news cycle – and emphasising the sadness felt for his wife and children. Imagine what the clamour had it been a Tory MP.

    They also failed to mentioned the other interesting fact that emerged in the DM piece – that he purchased the flat involved for a third of a million in Jack Dash (no mortgage involved, apparently) and that he also owns anorher gaff worth £2.1m up the road.

    Nor did they remind us of previous concerns over his property dealings and MP expenses. I repeat, it’s time the Westminster whited sepulcres were razed and depurated.

    Once again – hubris/nemesis! I suppose that process is to some degree the only ‘check and balance’ that saves any semblance of law ‘n’ order in society at large..

    But as you say, the oleaginous twat is transprently a walkng sleazeball – q.v. many previous slatings on this blog. And you are right, it’s amazing he’s lasted this long. How many more is the obvious train of thought. And what can be done?

  149. Stephen Mayberry (12:38)

    Very good. Eat your heart out Fergus. 🙂 🙂

  150. “Marcus Tullius Cicero wrote: “The evil was not in bread and circuses, per se, but in the willingness of the people to sell their rights as free men for full bellies and the excitement of games which would serve to distract them from the other human hungers which bread and circuses can never appease.” ”

  151. Malfleur (13:26)

    Apposite. He also wrote:

    If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.

    That was of course before garden centres and the internet. “Need’s must when the devil drives”, as some other wise old bugger quipped. 🙂

  152. Apparently the Chinks failed to provide Obummer’s entrance to Chinese soil with a red carpet. OTOH Shatitza May did get one. Perhaps next time he’ll take his own. (Wait a minute – next time?? – bwaahahahaha!)

    They obviously think kow-towing to a lame duck is ridiculous excess. Whereas Shiritza still has to sign the Nuke power station deal?

    Velly clevver, these Chineeese!

  153. Malfleur,
    You are utterly right, Vivaldi’s Glorias are superb.

  154. Baron September 3rd, 2016 – 16:49
    “Bill Etheridge, Elizabeth Jones, Lisa Duffy, Diane Jones and Philip Broughton”.

    Sorry Baron, it’s Diane JAMES, not Jones.

  155. he Daily Mail headline;

    “Married Labour grandee Keith Vaz quits after ‘meeting male prostitutes in London flat and asking about sex drug’… as he suggests he was drugged during the ‘disturbing set-up’ ”

    The oily little b****r should have quit years ago. Good riddance.

  156. Vazeline Squad register_team iNSANE
    09.11.14 13:05h Vazeline Squad new_member Kuffie
    09.11.14 13:06h Vazeline Squad new_member HavokD
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  157. Malfleur @ 01:28

    Delightful, soul touching, and so much unlike the popular music of today fed to the masses, Malfleur, but there are other pieces, too, that would qualify for the same description, we should be grateful we have them all.

  158. What a question to ask, EC, some of us have community jobs to carry out, cannot afford to indulge in the frivolity of blogging, smirking at people and events, pointing fingers at misfortunes of those who govern us.

    What a sad story, ha, a lugubrious tale that makes one weep, think seriously about castration.

    The ‘wise and widely admired’ and unquestionably PC MP, the upstanding member of the Muslim community, the giant of the world of progressive politics has been lured to succumb to that weakness of the flesh one usually associates with the deprived, debouched, morally repugnant.

    One can hardly blame the man himself, of course, the pressure of work, the burden of responsibilities galore, the lecturing on the wrongs of our society would have taken their toll on everyone, the man’s only human, it must be obvious to everyone, humans err only to learn from their mistakes.

    To blame some unfortunate migrants – they must have been forced into it to support their starving families, what else could have pushed them to commit this act of such despicable nature – would also be morally repugnant.

    The paper that set it up may be taken to task (we shall se what the legal advice says), but then it was only the medium, it couldn’t have created the conditions that led to the momentary lapse of judgement. No, it can be neither the two boys from Bulgaria nor the journalists, it must be either the society, or the one flagitious culprit who has been known to cast his evil spell on men and things in the West everywhere – Putin.

    Keith, be smart, blame the KGB Colonel, you get the Full Monty back up of everyone who matters – from the White House hon Muslim and his boss (how about a hashtag #KeithinnocentblamePutin?) to the boys and girls of the MSM and more.

    And another thing: Who has left for the lands of the Bulgars, EC, has the blue veined barbarian missed something here?

  159. Emulous @ 11:30

    Is it really news that the name Mohhamad (or whatever) tops the list in the cpital?

    They breed more that we do, in London they are the almost majority, they like naming their boys Mohammad (or whatever). Why the surprise?

  160. Stephen Maybery @ 12:38

    Top marks, Stephen.

  161. Frank P @ 14:09

    In the Eastern press, Frank, they’re suggesting the security boys from the Republic had a fight with those from the host country, physical, quite vicious, apparently. They couldn’t agree which side will be the top guard dog. Rather ironic, isn’t it?

  162. L.C. @ 14:48

    Thank you for pointing the error out, L.C.

    The question was though ‘who is the one Baron should go for’. Any suggestion?

  163. Emulous @ 16:02

    Too enigmatic for the poorly educated Slav, Emulous, can you decipher, give a hint, please?

  164. Baron
    September 4th, 2016 – 16:16

    A superb analysis Baron-and the funniest critique I’ve read for some time.
    One is desperately sorry to see the Right Honourable Keith Vaz sliding down the greasy pole.

  165. This as an additional point to Baron’s Sept 3rd 2:31:

    The fighting between the rebels in east Ukraine and the Ukrainian Army has been monitored by members of the OCSE (the Organisation for Co-operation and Security in Europe), hundreds of their members move (almost) freely in the Donetsk, Luhansk and surrounding areas checking on ceasefire violations, movement of weaponry, supplies, people.

    The latest news from the journalists also in the area is that the OCSE personnel is being withdrawn, in secret, clandestinely, without any notification to the local authorities.

    Do they know something we should be told as well?

  166. Who’s to win then?

    Baron reckons our boys will thrash the Slovaks 3 to 0.

  167. Baron – 16:16

    A pure coincidence. Believe or not the “buggered off to Bulgaria” was an attempt at a humorous reference to a Blogger shut down his blog one night and did just that – forgetting to refund the membership subs. Some lost out more than others, I am led to believe 😉

    I’ve been out in the sunshine. I had no knowledge of the Vaz thing until I took a peek at the CHW about 10 mins ago. I very rarely switch on the TV news these days.

    You say you’ve being out doing some community service. How many hours did the Beak give you? 🙂

  168. Frank P – 10:55

    “I can’t wait for Littlejohn’s take on this. Rod Liddle, get your pencil sharpened – so to speak.”

    I bet Austin Barry will be worth reading too!

  169. Baron – 16:49

    PHEW! Good job we weren’t playing Iceland, wunt it. Although it appears that not much has changed since this guy delivered the best, most accuratet critique of the England football team in decades!

  170. Not a classic one would quote in the years to come, but it’s England, one has to make allowances.

    Skertel should have been red carded earlier, Rooney should have been retired earlier still, around the year 2010. Walcott and Ali should have been in from the start, Lallana deserved to score, he and Walker were outstanding.

    Not bad for Sam as the first match, but alot to be done if we’re to make an impression internationally.

  171. EC @ 17:47

    Благодаря, EC, but you have the wrong end of the sticky thing, the barbarian was was ferrying people around, people who are in a noticeably greater state of decrepitude than he, as if this was possible.

  172. Merkel’s CDU comes in third to the AfD in `Lander` election in Mecklenburg-Pommerania. Establishment parties loose votes,although left parties still come out on top.
    SDP 30% / AfD 22% / CDU 19% / Left Party 12% / Greens 5% .

  173. Mine above.

    `Auf die Heimat` !

    Heitmat is not translatable into English /American concepts. It is something like `the old home town`; but with a wider sense: more like the homeland of my heart.The nearest is probably the Irish toast;`To the old Sod`.

    The Tipperary Song from Das Boot :

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