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  1. Theresa May talks about ‘incomprehensible’ terrorist attacks, but what’s happening couldn’t be clearer. Who bombs your children? The enemy. We are at war. Why have we deployed soldiers to our own streets? It’s a civil war. Terrorism is merely the method our enemy wages war on us.

    This truth is hard to accept, but when you consider that 2 out of 3 Muslims said in a recent poll that they would not report a terror plot to the police it is clear that it’s true.

    Here’s ten points that would win the war for us without too many deaths on either side.

    If we leave it too long Britain will be the Bosnian war times ten, and the Bosnian war cost more than 200,000 people their lives.

  2. Colonel Mustard, May 28th, 2017 – 21:09
    John birch, May 28th, 2017 – 20:01
    Radford NG, May 28th, 2017 – 21:14

    All of which underlines the awful truth that anyone who thinks that Mrs May is going to be our national saviour, the new Maggie or WSC, is sadly deluded. The new Vidkun Quisling maybe. That was an accolade that Dave Cameron was eagerly pursuing until his untimely political demise delivered at the hands of the electorate. Whilst not wishing to disagree with your recent essay Mr. Boot, it was Democracy 1 Totalitarianism 0 on that occasion.

  3. Alex Feltham, May 28th, 2017 – 21:50

    One or more items in Mr Moloney’s ten point agenda are not achievable if the UK remains within and subject to the ECHR. The UK will thus remain subject to the judgements of a foreign court Mrs may has declared in writing that she will not remove the UK from the ECHR.

    Brexit? Getting a good deal for Britain? Do me a favour!

  4. Muslims can not be integrated into our society, we are the antithesis of all they believe in, and having spent half my life in the Middle east I know what I am talking about. There is only one way to deal with these people, and that is with an iron fist and to hell with the velvet glove.

    Much of the trouble has been stoked up by Saudi, it would not be to difficult to deal with that lot as they might have oil but they rely totally on us to take care of the wealth it brings to them.

  5. Congratulations!

    Commentators here have told us since She acceded that She was not up to the job.

    Now she has blown it.

    The threat of a Salmond/Miliband coalition looks increasingly likely to materialise in the personages of Sturgeon and Corbyn.

  6. Well.

    Am I bovvered?

    Her only selling point has been leadership of Brexit.

    We know now that it does not matter a stuff whether Davis or Starmer negotiates.

    Merkel has made it clear that she will call the shots.

    Merkel will complete the process started by Bismarck and interrupted in 1945.

  7. So then.

    We are left with the Union and Domestic policy.

    On the Union, the only way to stop the drain on our economy caused by the Barnett formula is to give them the referendum.

    And this time campaign to let them go.

    They should reap the reward of Bannockburn.

  8. As I sit here this gloomy Bank Holiday Monday, I contemplate just what is best for my parents, now grandparents and my children.

    Do I want my children to be saddled by thousands in tuition fees?

    Do I want my children to suffer from the withdrawal of teachers under the redistribution formula?

    Do I want to lose my inheritance as it frittered as my mother’s dementia gets worse?

    Do I want to contemplate subsidising my parents as their pension lock, bus passes and winter fuel payments are removed?

  9. I guess if ordinary voters like me are thinking this we will see Saint Nicola as Deputy Prime Minister.

    Before turfing her out after the referendum!

  10. Once upon a time in the East…
    [NB. No ISIL/ISLIL “perversion” required!]

    An agreed withdrawal resulting in 16,499 deaths, including 12,000 civilians, men women and children!

    “Incomprehensible” That, Mrs May!

  11. Emulous – 11:11

    Do I want my children to be saddled by thousands in tuition fees?

    No really intelligent child would contemplate £45K debt by going to university today. Non vocation based tertiary education is now nothing but a giant scam, and the degrees are worthless. It’s been this way for some years. Sixth formers could change the system by organising a boycott of university entrance for a couple of years. The whole rotten system, corrupt to the core, would come crashing down and something more worthwhile might take it’s place.

    Do I want my children to suffer from the withdrawal of teachers under the redistribution formula?

    Your children would actually benefit from fewer hours spent in contact with second rate teachers spouting and dumbed down national curriculum and lefty agitprop. There is no substitute for independent study.

    Do I want to lose my inheritance as it frittered as my mother’s dementia gets worse?

    Whatever else, it’s not actually YOUR money. Go and make your own!

    Do I want to contemplate subsidising my parents as their pension lock, bus passes and winter fuel payments are removed?

    How many years did they subsidise you? Also, if they read the parasitical, grave robbing ambitions that you expressed above I find it difficult to believe that they would want to maintain any contact with you.

  12. e&oe above

  13. If you want to lose most of what you earn in taxes, leave it to the cumryd and his cronies to decide whom to give your money to, what to spend it on, Emulous, Labour certainly is the party you should vote for.

  14. EC @ 12:06

    Seconded, EC.

  15. John birch @ 07:52

    Only a minor point on the write-up, John, (the piece doesn’t say much one didn’t know, but is helpful to refresh one’s memory).

    It seems the Persians (their interpretation of the Koran) present less danger to us, yet we seem to be glued to the ghastly Saudis (almost entirely for commercial reasons, they flog us oil, we flog them killing gear). It had worked fine in the past, the destruction of the two NY towers (most of the hijackers were Saudis) should have given us a hint, it didn’t, we may regret our staying in bed with them.

  16. stephen maybery @ 10:47

    Excellent point about the Saudis, stephen.

    It’s really in the hands of the Americans, and it’s unlikely to change even with the Donald in the White House, it seems the damage engendered by the Saudi backed wahabism world over is more acceptable than the loss of profits (and of employment) from the Americans’ and our flogging them military gear by the billions. Mad world it is.

  17. EC @ 11:19

    The pice should have been read by the ghastly Blair, the American backers of the Afghan invasion, we should have kicked Al-Queda out of the country, then go home leave the Taleban to sort things out amongst themselves. What the piece you,e linked to says, EC, should have been the guiding light of our foreign policy towards the land of the Afghans:

    “Dost Mohammad remained a British prisoner till the end of 1841 when he was set free by the British authorities who, after they took their revenge on Kabul, had resolved to abandon any attempts to intervene in the internal affairs of Afghanistan”.

  18. Alex Feltham @ 21:50

    It’s both unwillingness to name, go after, extinguish the real culprits of the tragedy in Manchester and elsewhere (engendered ultimately by the insane rainbow policy), Alex, unwillingness as well inability to alter the nature of our response to it.

    The former would position any politician or a political party against the progressive forces of the MSM, academia, parts of the population that got either brainwashed or benefit from the progressive policies (the gender fluid, the minorities of whatever composition, the undeserving).

    Any politician trying to raise any of the ten points would also encounter the wrath of the international progressives i.e. the Brussels bureaucrats, the Soroses of this world, the Hollywood celebs and the like, look at the reaction of the globalist worshippers at the Donald.

    In part, it’s also an inability to change anything because of the constraints imposed by the existing statutes, notably the straightjacket of the ‘uman rites’. Any move by anyone to even get close to any of the ten proscriptions of John Moloney would get a visit from the cops, told to cool it or else – à la Tommy Robinson.

    We’ve passed the laws that are hard to object to emotionally in the naive hope that everyone subscribes to the same belief system as we do, that every man, woman and child of every ethic tribe is reasonable, open to rational argument, can and always does behave in a civil manner.

    This, the passing of the ‘uman rites’ legislation, was at best a folly, based on a childishly atavistic slicing of the human race, at worst a deliberate attempt to destroy what has been built in centuries by those being destroyed now,.

    (In a sense, the noble and heart warming legislation was aiding to accomplish what Susan Sontag so charmingly expressed way back in the 60s – Baron cannot give up boring you with – that ‘it’s the white race that is the cancer of human history’).

    It was our embracing this simplistic, deeply divisive and essentially untrue notion with its later derivatives e.g. PC, rainbow societies, the notion of moral equivalence (all cultures are equal) blah, blah that lies at the roots of our troubles, this, and our appetite for oil that has been furnishing the Arab Muslims who sit on a alot of it with the dollars of salivating magnitude they’ve used to finance, amongst there things, the spreading of their interpretation of the ROP that includes flying planes onto tall buildings, cutting people throats, raping girls ..…

    It’s hard to see the peaceful way out of this madness.

  19. Baron – 12:17
    “… yet we seem to be glued to the ghastly Saudis (almost entirely for commercial reasons, they flog us oil, we flog them killing gear).”

    The main problem is that the West needs oil, even the liberal left! And KSA oil has been relatively cheap, in financial terms, at least, even when the price was high. 🙂

    The KSA has been such a large oil exporter that it has been difficult to invest in exploiting oil deposits that require higher investment because the KSA could just turn on the taps and force the oil price down: they have done it in the past to great effect. More recently, though, we have the US fraccing industry which should be used reduce the ME’s market share, which is happening a bit now, but it has caused the smaller oil companies exploiting in the more demanding areas to suffer.

    Commercial’ is short changing the relationship. In the dim and distant past, a agreement was made, the USA supporting KSA and the KSA selling its oil in USD which underpins the USD. I suppose that could be annulled, but it would affect many more countries in addition to the two mentioned.

    The question is why isn’t fraccing pursued more vigorously in Britain and elsewhere. It would shift political power back, towards the West.

    But I think we know the answer! The powers that be don’t want anything to change.

  20. RobertRetyred @ 14:29

    Stop being so pessimistic, Robert, it seem the ‘drill, drill, drill’ message is getting through, in the Republic, and in the most Left leaning state, too.

  21. How silly of the British Airways not to blame the failure of the computerised system on Putin, or a group of hackers close to him, at lest initially, the MSM would have amplified it, the front pages of the rags would have been full of it, the BBC would start with the story for many a day, only later the airline could have said it was a wholesale power supply failure, quietly, in a kind of ‘by the way’ fashion that would have been ignored by he MSM poodles.

    One may blame the Spanish IAG management (or the largest shareholder, the Qataris) for this lost opportunity, slow learners they.

  22. Putin’s travelling to Paris to visit the Micron man, the gay community displeasure is in full swing, the gays are being mistreated in Chechnya:

  23. Baron – 15:13

    The US, or rather DJT, is creating optimism, but TM is not. Just look at the comments in ConHome. Success is still possible, but after nearly a year of TM, the clouds above her have not dispersed … yet! 🙂

    We appear to still have Climate Change aspirations and they will cost: it’s money down the drain. And there are rumours that we not be leaving the European Courts straight away.

    It could still turn out OK, and it may be a case of managing expectatons, but whatever, we are being given Hobson’s choice.

  24. We haven’t yet have this young man visiting, stay with him, he gets better and faster, too:

  25. This one goes beyond the crazy, Tucker says it, too, one has to truly worry about our future, as if dealing with the jihadis, the spreading of the ROP wasn’t enough:–xA

  26. RobertRetyred @ 15:28

    Indeed, Robert, not all’s rosy yet, the ecochondriacs still hold many positions of power, the Donald’s under pressure to yield to them, the saintly One has done enough U-turns to be weary of another one, but there is hope: We are closing many coal fired power stations, the nuclear future seems shakier by the day (Toshiba’s in financial trouble), the weather may help turning cold this winter, which could be the life’s administered turning point, few outages, few reported deaths of old people, or at least their inability to pay the inflated electricity prices and the whole idiocy goes up (in he opposite of flames).

  27. Baron – 15:43
    ‘… the weather may help turning cold this winter …’

    I like your optimism! 🙂

  28. ConHome is not optimistic:

    And it isn’t the first article with comments like it.

  29. First, apologies for the errors, also, what does anyone make of the ‘deeply progressive’ college professor who’s under pressure to be sacked (or violence ensues)?

    This may be an isolated place of learning that’s got nuts because of few dozen morons, but the people educated there will be one day in position of authority, will impose their will on others, some may get into state or federal legislature, influence statutes.

    It seems the barbarian no longer understands the world, or rather the new generation in it.

  30. Mr. Boot’s unhappiness of the Donald’s criticism of Germany because of her car exports to the Republic sounds fine except that it ignores completely the aim of the Donald’s remark – it isn’t that he intends to slam a tariff on the Audis reaching the American shores, he wants more Audis to be put together in America providing jobs for the Americans rather than the Germans, or rather the Turks residing in Germany. It’s his way of putting pressure on the importers to set up in the States.

    What’s likely to happen is that the leading German car makers (who’re already assembling cars in the States) will boost the output there by setting up additional assembly lines for other car classes currently brought in from Germany, the parts or modules may still come from Germany (possibly via Canada to keep exports of car parts to the US unchanged, the export numbers of assembled vehicles reduced), this will create some jobs for the jobless of America, everyone will be happy even though the German car makers will have to find ways of compensating for the much higher hourly wages in the Republic (compared to what they pay the immigrants in Germany).

    The days of Adam Smith (or before) are over when a comparative advantage (based mostly on individual skills of the workers) in all branches of manufacture ruled, transport costs were high in international trade, too. It’s the use of technology (as opposed to naked labour) that has brought in the changes.

    In the times of Elizabeth I, a high tariff was slammed on imports of French hats, domestic cap makers benefitted, those trying to start hat manufacture here mostly failed, they lacked the Parisian touch, there was little of any import substitution then, prices of imported hats went up.

    Today, those branches of industry that matter (because of the size of the final demand), of which car assembly is one, one can assemble a ‘box’ such as car (TV set, a mobile, a motorbike) everywhere, it’s robots that carry out most of the tasks, workers of mostly low skill just move things around, bring in a part or two, clean the windscreens. What matters most is the number and pay of those still needed by the process.

    The Japanese did the same in the hi-tech sector in the 70’s when British colour TV makers accused them of flooding the market with imported sets, they set up here, in the end crowded out British (and EU) manufacturers from British based plants, there’s no British TV manufacture left.

  31. A jury at Canterbury Crown Court has delivered guilty verdicts for all four Afghani-origin men on trial for gang-raping a lost 16-year-old girl who had gone into a takeaway in Ramsgate to ask for help.

    Tamin Rahmani, 37, of Ramsgate (above right), Shershah Muslimyar, 20, of Canterbury, Rafiullah Hamidy, 24, of no fixed abode (above left), and Hamid Mohamadi, 18, from Wye were found guilty of three counts of rape, reports KentLive.

    The jury returned their verdicts on Friday the 26th of May on all three charges against all four men. Verdicts were unanimous on all charges apart from two against the owner of the 555 Pizza takeaway, Rahmani, who received a guilty verdict on the two charges with a majority of 11:1.

    The court had heard that in the early hours of Sunday the 18th of September 2016, the girl, who had just turned 16, went into the takeaway to ask for help.

    Owner Rahmani, and the other rapists who worked at 555 Pizza, instead led her to Hamidy’s “filthy” room above where she was pushed onto a “grubby mattress” whilst the men physically restrained her and stood by the door “so she knew there was no escape”.

    The teen was then “passed around like an entertainment device” by the “laughing” men.

    “Every single orifice had been penetrated by the group of men, while others watched, laughed and joined in themselves,” prosecutor Simon Taylor told the court.

  32. No need to read it all, just scanning the report (16 pages) will do, it shows the people involved in writing the Climate Bible are far from experts, the modellers don;t believe in what the models throw up (outside the IPCC village, not when modelling for it), it’s a costly scam, a sinecure for life for many lucky to join it, and we pay for it.

  33. You need to see Ms May power dressed in Red delivering a Socialist message.

  34. Marshal Roberts @ 19:21

    The video clip of Tommy Robinson turns one’s stomach, Marshal, what has happened to the country beggars belief.

  35. The great Joseph latest on immigration, hard hitting and frightening:

  36. Baron – 21:36

    And Sweden is even more so:
    Sweden: Feminists More Upset With 200-Year-Old Statues Than Migrant Rapists

  37. Ode to Jeremy:

    Whining Loser

    They whine and cry-
    “This country is going to the dogs.”
    They complaint and protest-
    “Down with this corrupt government.”
    They crib and blame-
    “Pull down those lazy thieving bastards.”

    But when it’s time, on Election day
    They take the day off, they holiday
    The Whining Losers, they say –
    “Ah, let a few Morons go and vote
    I am above politics,
    What matter’s it to me.”

    Dare you not raise another finger,
    Dare you not whine and complaint.
    You’re not a part of democracy.
    You’re what this country bears in vain.

  38. EC 1206

    Do not think for a moment that I have any time for May or Corbyn.
    But as I saw it last night, May was shown to be a flounderer negating all her hype about safe negotiation with Merkels lackeys.
    If she has not that what has she?
    She presided over the monstrous increase in Muslim immigration these last 6 years.
    She presided over a catastrophic fall in police numbers.
    She halved the numbers of armed police.
    I cannot see the other lot doing worse.
    But I can see a better way forward for our kids and our care.

  39. I am not sure if any of you have been taken to hospital recently.
    Well my brother was and was kept “stacked” outside casualty in an Ambulance for 3 1/2 hours and was not seen for 8 hours. When he was seen he was told it was too late for clot busting drugs.
    This cannot go on.

  40. Emulous – 11:15

    Too late in the day or too late for your brother?

  41. “When he was seen he was told it was too late clot busting drugs…”

    1) The NHS has a vaccine that can immunise against socialism?
    2) Probably only effect if administered before full time state education commences.

  42. Oxford University is now fucked, reportedly…

    Once upon a time in England people went up to university for three years, and at the end of it they came out a little smarter than they went in. Nowadays they come out a whole lot dumber and with £50K+ worth of debt!

  43. Emulous – 11:14

    May’s deficiencies in the Home Office would have been ‘helped’ by being in CMD’s Cabinet. It doesn’t excuse her completely, but I would guess there was a ‘take it or leave it’ option and, while you might jest at the politician’s dilemma, I don’t know how the ‘leave it’ option would have improved the outcome, apart from the unlikely event of bringing down the Government, which had no guarantee of improving our future.

    On the other hand, May is not a natural leader: she doesn’t lead the Cabinet for a start. She was handed the leadership, and Brexit on a plate, without even winning the party’s last round of voting, and after hiding behind the sofa, so does not have any friendly network to support her, offer new ideas or reevaluate old ones.

    She should have focused on Brexit and promised to set up groups during the next parliament to solve, or even just to untangle a bit, the many of the problems that we face, many that have little to do with Brexit, Immigration or the Climate Change folly.

    Education is a mess: schools should ensure children know the basics (mainly 3Rs) and allow children to choose a path for Year 9, around 13 years old, guided by exam results, but keeping a dialogue for the first year. Encouraging the academic middlers to choose apprenticeships and other vocational courses would divide the problem in half and would force children to start deciding what their career might be. In reality, their courses wouldn’t be much different for the first year as they would still be learning school subjects, but tailored to their objectives, so they could swap without much difficulty, but they will have made a choice. Skill sets would be more appreciated. Currently, the academically minded from nuclear families have a chance, most of the rest do not. They might be civil, but many are directionless, with little enthusiasm for anything specific, apart from becoming Prime Minister or joining a QUANGO and ‘helping people’! HND to MSc needs to be an established career path as there would be more, and better, HND qualified candidates.

    It should even help school leavers have a better appreciation of what universities are for, so we don’t get so many graduates ending up in dead-end jobs or unemployed, with large debts, still not knowing what they want to do.
    Nursing, teaching (and a good many other career paths) need to drop requiring a degree, with better entry from school. Nursing collages need to recruit more British students – it’s not racist to do that! Medical schools need to do the same for doctors.

    Employers demand graduates because so few intelligent school leavers do anything other than go to university.

    It’s not that all these ideas are certain to be successful, but they do not have any instant solutions, and any solution will require to be accepted by those affected. And Mrs May doesn’t have what it takes to attempt any of this in a four week window.

  44. Emulous:

    I so want you to watch this:

  45. Corbyn, you nasty old marxist, you can’t invest in children unless you have the money to do so. It’s not the same as investing in them with free left wing agitprop peddled by your teacher-activists for decades and brainwashing them to believe that misfits like you are some kind of answer to the country’s ills.

    And why is is that all you Labour plonkers seem to always be surrounded and followed by throngs of young female minders, zealots and worshippers? Is that a cult thing?

  46. Wouldn’t you know:
    Sex Education Funding Cuts Drive Decline In Teenage Pregnancies

    Pay walled, but the headline says it all really! 🙂

  47. 1434

    May’s problem is that she does not lead and does not have policies.
    Instead she relies on Fiona Hill and Nick Timothy, a couple of robotic functionaries with no vision.

  48. Emulous – 16:15

    But she is all we have!

    I don’t know that Fiona Hill and Nick Timothy are that bad, but it needs a lot more than two people to contribute to get a good solution to complex problems in the political sphere, especially when the two probably have similar backgrounds and experience.

    If you cannot get the right people into power, just make the wrong people in power do the right thing. And I don’t think TM is that wrong, just a bit fuzzy, so success cannot be ruled out 🙂

    Yes, she is all we have, so the struggle continues.

    Why can’t the Tory Party elect a Tory as leader?

  49. No one seems suspicious that the B A computer crash was not Caused by a leaving or farewell present from a made redundant i t worker when it was outsourced to India.

  50. Ariana Grande to perform benefit concert in Manchester on Sunday. This is at a cricket ground called for sponsorship reasons *Emirates*Old Trafford.

    *Emirates Airline of Dubai.

  51. John birch. – 17:39

    The DoE had it right.
    No malfeasance required.

  52. Noa – 17:42

    BGT: Yet another good reason to chuck your TV in nearest skip!

  53. Noa @ 17:42

    Is his girlfriend for real, Noa, or one of the vinyl dolls Fred and Mr. Boot were ranting about a while ago?

  54. Marshal Roberts @ 17:05

    Not that the barbarian would back the cumryd even if the Marx infused man were to promise to turn him 18 again, Marshal, but to have a go at someone who forgets a figure seems rather a blow below the waist. She should have told him what the figure was, then asked him what the Colonel said @ 15.33 ‘where’s the money for this grand gesture coming from?’

    That’s the question he needed to answer, he and his cronies would promise nirvana to everyone, that’s the easy part, how to pay for it is what matters, the man may have changed his views on the monarchy, the IRA or whatever, deep down he’s the same commy he was when he frolicked with the young Diane.

    Anyone but him and the Scottish fishmonger’s woman.

  55. Emulous @ 16:15

    Your dislike of the saintly One does you credit, Emulous, the barbarian has his doubts, too, but in our circumstances one cannot follow the advice of a guy who when asked how to get somewhere says ‘if I were you, I wouldn’t start from here’.

    Whom would you rather entrust to do the bargaining with the Brussels apparatchiks? The cumryd? The Scottish fishmonger woman, the one Greens female, Zebadiah Abu-Obadiah from the Al-Zebabist Nation of Ooog (he stood at Thanet in 2015, in case you’re wondering who he)?

  56. RobertRetyred @ 16:27

    You’re right, Robert, sad as it may be, but right you are.

  57. EC @ 13:21

    What an excellent slicing of what has happened to our education, EC.

  58. Had to turn off Look East’s Election Special in disgust. It sounded like the whole audience was part of the Labour party. Constant clapping for the tedious soundbites of Labour and the Lib Dems – the usual old rubbish being spouted. Silence for the Tories and UKIP.

    Corbyn and his Milne-inspired communist misfit gang are busy bribing the nation. They don’t care if they can’t balance the budget or even fail to deliver what they promise because all they want is POWER and they want to get it by any means in typical communist fashion. If they get in they will wreak such constitutional and demographic change on this country that New Labour might look benign by comparison. They represent the most dangerous potential government that the UK has ever faced.

  59. Emulous @ 11:15

    But it will go on, Emulous, until the system either implodes, or we come to our senses scrap the communism inspired axiom of ‘free at the point of delivery’, give market forces a role in the whole package of the health provision.

    The proposed dementia contribution to one’s old age care is a direct result of the insanity of the NHS as it currently operates because it penalises those who save, rewards those who spend.

    Unless one sits on a property worth a million quid or more (hence can go private, expect to still have something left for one’s children), but what’s the point for anyone young today to acquire a property, invest in mutuals or whatever, deny himself a good life of expensive holidays, luxury cars, new Apple mobile phone every year? No incentive at all, one can go spend it all knowing the State will cough up when the Alzheimer hits.

  60. Colonel Mustard @ 23:38

    Agreed Colonel, the Labour under the cumryd represent the greatest danger we’ve faced since the war, the man is an unrepentant peddler of the undiluted communist doctrine that has a strong emotional appeal, but has been found to be disastrous for every country that adopted it, and not for only the Slavonic countries of the East, the east Germans, the Chinese have suffered, too, the Cubans and the North Koreans still do.

    Anyone but him and the Scottish fishmonger’s woman.

  61. EC @ 13:21 Something very odd is happening. The anti-white racist campaigns in universities reflect a new and recent kindling of race relations tensions and it is transatlantic. America’s re-heated race relations issues are being imported into the UK. The Rhodes Must Fall campaign reflects similarities to the campaigns in USA to remove Confederate statues which has already happened in New Orleans. There is a controlling and co-ordinating hand behind all this, linked to the manic insistence on unrestricted, large scale Third World immigration, not visible in conventional politics and which is manipulating societal change without the bother of having to get elected to do so.

    A strain of especially aggressive left wing revisionism seems to have taken root in academia where living white people are being stereotyped, demonised and abused for historical interpretations of the behaviours of the long dead, much of it subject to modern left wing dogma out of context with historical realities. Any dissent to the agenda to impose that as consensus is met with violence and intimidation. Retribution and revenge for colonial guilt doesn’t hold up with aspirations for equality and fairness but like so much left wing rhetoric there is a contradiction of heads they win tails we lose magnitude. How is it that we let a divisive and clearly racist South African student, here on a Rhodes scholarship, stir up racial tension and cause trouble in a place of learning rather than politics? Because his agitation had tacit establishment support. There is no official pushback to the line he was peddling. No ban from entry on the grounds of not being conducive to the public good, although that has been invoked without hesitation against right wing speakers who just want to speak, not pull down statues or incite race wars. There is no investigation or exposure of the coordinated and orchestrated subversion taking place. Here we go again. Been there, seen it, in the 1960s and 1970s. Exactly the same types have risen like zombies to start it all again.

    Lefty useful idiots self-believe that they mean well and are good people, and that that is enough, but they are wholly ignorant of the consequences and realities of those naive beliefs. Their manipulative radicals exploit that, driven by an ideological dogma that breaks eggs to make an omelette which never appears on the table, let alone gets eaten.

    I have watched the left take liberties, literally, and fuck up peoples lives my whole life. They have got away with it decade after decade across the globe without being properly held to account, even when the truth of their devastations is revealed.

  62. Colonel Mustard – 00:23

    Let’s hope Trump can ditch the Paris Green crap, and survive!

    It would be a start.

  63. Colonel Mustard (00:23)

    Your observations are spot on! Moreover the current agitators no longer have to operate sub rosa, their blatancy is breathtaking and indicates that they realise that half a century of leftist brainwnashing, achieved first by communist professors in academia, then via onward propagation throughout the education system, in conjunction with cultural manipulators in the arts and the media, means that they have a tacit majority in sympathy with their movement. Add to this the deliberate use of gender politics and the loosening of laws against sexual depravity has added another string to their bow.The drive towards multiculturism has facilitated a fillip for Islamic jihad. Activism has increased exponentially and voices raised against cultural and official corruption (in all its forms) are deemed hate crime.

    The Police as we once knew it has now been politicised and destroyed to the point where a ‘gender fluid’ officer has been encouraged and provided with the props to play out perverted sexual fantasies, rather than sacked and sectioned. Its behaviour has of course reportedly been approved by the dyke spook who has usurped the office of HM Commissioner of Police for the Metropolis, an office which is now merely a cypher anyway, because as a commie of Muslim origin voted into a Mickie Mouse Mayorality, he has power over it.

    My question is, given that we have a faux Tory administration, which has called an election thinking that it could consolidate its power, but is now fading in the polls, WTF can we do to prevent this country moving into an inexorable slide to even worse sinistral politics? My own answer to that is: nottalot! There is nothing on the ballot paper that can stem the decline. I have never seen a worse bunch of incompetents in the political milieu. And given the general political and cultural climate a rightist coup seems impossible. I’m not even sure that an ineffable stint under the premiership of the loathsome Corbyn would bring the future electorate to its senses.
    Can you suggest a solution to this sorry state of affairs? Buggered if I can!

    Now to our political editor Faisal Islam ….


    [No mirth in that maniacal outburst. Just hysterical despair].

  64. Postscript: even Fox news is now sliding to the left.

  65. Baron @23:56, & others

    “It’s Déjà Vu All Over Again” in that, despite a variety of well founded reservations about Mrs May, we will have to hold our noses in the polling booth yet again.
    Hobson’s choice!

  66. Frank – 02:21

    “Media Matters” and various other Soros funded “progressive” lefty pressure groups in the USA have been targeting Fox’s advertisers. They have been successful in getting rid of Bill O’Reilly and now Sean Hannity is top of their hit list… with Tucker Carlson and Howard Kurtz not far behind.

    Noting the Colonel’s point earlier, the same tactic of targeting of advertisers is starting to happen in the UK.

  67. Frank P May 31st, 2017 – 02:12

    All agreed and it gets worse with the announcement today that police detectives are going to be recruited directly rather than having to walk the beat in uniform first. This is intended to address a shortage so it is quantity not quality, like that fatuous political boast “more police on the streets” which is an outright lie.

    Very few police constables now walk the beat in uniform anyway, certainly not away from town or city centres, but this change will have consequences for the culture of the police and there will no longer be a shared experience or common background between constables and detectives which will further encourage the elitism of the latter. It will also facilitate further politicisation as no doubt detectives will be recruited straight from lefty indoctrinated criminology and sociology courses at universities.

    In one sense this might honour Peel’s “civilians with police powers” but it is more likely to mean “political activists with police powers” given that academia seems to be churning out a majority of dumbed down, virtue signalling and egotistical communists.

    Well on the way to a Stasi now, which is consistent with the general drift to recreate East Germany here.

  68. EC May 31st, 2017 – 12:33

    Many corporates are now peddling social engineering and SJW crap as policy too, probably as a result of feminist infiltration. The bank advertising on TV is getting ridiculous with its syrupy suggestions of philanthropy and benevolence when we all know that they are shameless rip-off merchants who would charge you for queuing up at their under-manned counters if they could.

    This is the British corporate disease. Pretending that they put the customer first and boasting about their hollow “values” when compared to the customer service of fifty years ago they treat customers like shit.

  69. Colonel Mustard (14:38)

    “Fast tracking” with knobs on. Utterly ridiculous and exactly what I would expect from the erstwhile Home Secretary now masquerading as PM (pro tem given the increasingly likely outcome of the imminent catastrophe she has triggered) and her successor as Home Sec.: the ugly vociferous vagina who spouts shite like a sewage farm inlet pipe. Together they have hammered the final nails in the coffin of British policing; the office of constable has now been reduced the standing of a refuse collector. The primary object of an efficient police – the prevention of crime – has been completely abandoned.

    This is starkly exemplified by the Manchester mass homicide/suicide bombing. The ‘police’ heaping praise on themselves for closing the stable door after the horse had bolted and piecing together the fragments of horseflesh mixed with human victims and nuts and bolts with forensic precision; rather than hanging their heads in shame at failing to prevent a known Islamic nutter from perpetrating the mayhem he was suspected to be planning.Then all holding hands for a kumbaya and mouthing platitudes about the Mancuntian bravery and spirit. This was an egregious failure of policing at the basic level. Detection of offences post-facto is an admission of failure of the primary object. This latest move underlines the policy of failure.

  70. The absurdity continues: there’s no rest for the dead as narcissism indulges itself in necrophilia, whilst a socialist loon presides over the insanitary insanity:

    Truly, virtue signalling the end of the civilised world.

  71. Noa @ 18:12

    Quite, Noa, we’ve gone irrevocably nuts.

    If the absence of one party to a marriage is OK, the absence of both should be fine, too, no?

    One must leave out the jihadists, they’re beyond contempt, but imagine a mainstream worshipper of the ROP watching this charade, what must he or she think of our culture that goes for it? Should one expect he or she to embrace a society allowing a ceremony of marriage that used to a union of procreation (still must be, or we perish as a species) morphed into this?

    Instead of ensuring atrocities of the sort that led to the death of this policeman don’t happen, we indulge in a celebration that feels macabre, unreal, divisive.

  72. Frank P @ 17:27

    Had Manchester taken place when politicians and public servants felt accountable for what happened on their watch someone would have resigned. Today, not a hint of anyone responsible for it, the politicians praise those charged with our protection, the opposition parties dare not raise the issue of responsibility for those in the Government either, the MSM keeps schtum.

  73. Frank P @ 14:09

    A superb if short essay on sowing, the great Mark is truly great, Frank.

  74. Frank P @ 02:29

    Good link, Frank.

    The key message of her piece rings so true, they want to do us harm not because of what we do, but we are.

  75. Frank P 1727,
    Not sure you should vent your bile on the Manchester police alone, the Met have had their share of failures:

    “The Ripper case is more than a century old. Suffice to say, the person who created havoc, not just in Whitechapel but all over the world is no longer amongst us. However, the Ripper’s identity remains elusive to us to this day. Countless theories have surfaced over the decades; some with value; others completely unimaginable and foul, yet none of those have offered anything conclusive enough to solve the case. With each passing year, it becomes more and more apparent that the identity of Jack the Ripper may never be revealed to us. Ever.

    Law enforcement authorities who worked the Ripper case during that time must take some responsibility for this. There were quite a few oversights on their behalf that should have been avoided or rectified quickly, but that never happened. Some experts and Ripperologists conclude that as one of the reasons why the Ripper escaped justice. In today’s post, will look at some of these mistakes in detail.”

  76. Tucker Carlson: Nigel Farage & Mark Steyn’s Comments To The Weak Submissive UK Reply To The Latest Carnage from Wednesday, 24th May
    (starts after 15 sec)

  77. Marshal Roberts May 31st, 2017 – 20:10

    What has helped fuel the Ripper mystery is the pervasive idea that he had to be a “someone” rather than just an “anyone”. If the Yorkshire Ripper had got away with it there would probably be all sorts of colourful theories about who he was rather than the figure he turned out to be.

    I think the article is a bit harsh, applying modern policing expectations to the late Victorian Met – somewhat out of context. An aspect which I think deserves praise is the proximity of constables on their beats and the speed with which they were able to raise the alarm and summon response in an age before radios and vehicles. In all areas of London throughout the night there was a reassurance to see police constables on a regular beat, something fundamental which has been utterly lost. The idea that streets should be patrolled which speaks to Frank’s point about prevention, whereas now it is the post-event response of looking at CCTV footage.

    The Eddowes graffiti was presumed to be the Ripper but not proven to be so and I’m not sure how preserving a chalked message on a brick wall would have aided the investigation at a time when forensics was still in its infancy.

  78. Good take on the Donald’s refurbished US Foreign Policy (if he can get away with it) except for the last sentence.

    The policy may in fact prolong the US hegemony for instead of interfering everywhere, the Republic would form temporary alliances, abandon them for others if no longer needed, essentially play smart on the global scene with other lesser global players, avoid clinging to fixed ‘friendships’ when common interests of such ‘friends’ are non existent, or massively diverge from those of the US e.g. NATO and the new proposed EU Armed Forces. (That’s what helped the Ottoman Empire to survive for some seven centuries).

  79. Marshall Roberts (20:10)

    I was not ‘venting my bile on the Manchester Police alone’ I was addressing Colonel Mustard’s item about direct entry into the CID and making a point about prevention of crime and disorder and proactive policing. I merely used the latest incident in Manchester to exemplify my point. The concentration on solving post facto crime rather than putting maximum resources into preventing it is a ludicrous political mistake. As for the CID being manned by people with no prior policing experience, it is just the sort of muddled headed thinking I would expect from the current incumbents of No. 10 and

  80. No 2 Marsham Street.

  81. The sclerotic grip of “progressive” policing tightens its stranglehold over the pond…

    “Minneapolis transit officer fired after asking for passenger’s immigration status”

  82. This has arrived in Baron’s ‘inbox’ from one of his Republic’s friends, Baron knows nothing about either of the two appearing in the clip, but reckons you may like to have a look, it doesn’t last long, the guy gets the anchor to admit something she didn’t want to admit, and wraps it up nicely, the whole Russian saga is politically motivated to destroy the Donald.

  83. “Leaders” [cough, choke] Debate audience:
    Reportedly, it surpassed all past BBC QT bias records!

    The comments are apposite and amusing…
    I liked this one:

    Anglian Reed • 11 hours ago
    Woman calling in to LBC just now…

    “It was like watching a version of Britain’s Got No Talent”.

  84. Paul Joseph Watson: The best thing to come out of Yorkshire since they made the road to Lancashire…
    …as I’m certain that Noa might partially agree 🙂

    On Robert De Niro’s latest mental incontinence?
    A brutally honest assessment and he’s spot on, as usual…

  85. EC 09:49. 😉

  86. EC (09:49)

    “Conservatism is the new counter culture” says Paul.

    Seems so – and also the new minority, it seems; very sadly. Non-mother Teresa seems to have crapped and fallen back into it. Oh Dear, Oh Dear, Oh Dear!

  87. Fortunately because the local MP for NW Norfolk, Henry Bellingham, is a good constituency parliamentarian, I can vote for him on the basis of ‘just deserts’; but the Tory party at large does not deserve my vote. Why they have allowed this bland clueless woman to become their leader defies logic.

    The fact that she married a ringer for Robertson Hare doesn’t help. Ohhhh – calamity!!

  88. Mother Theresa? more like Old Mother Riley. Because of the bloody woman’s blind stupidity the Islington comrade is inching towards the levers of power. We have all heard that turkeys do not vote for Christmas, after the events of the last week I am not so sure. Gawd ‘elp us.

  89. If you’ve ever wondered what possessed Theresa May to allow hundreds of blood-soaked jihadis back into the UK, this guy has got it taped:

  90. Stephen 1847
    It makes one so angry. Why did that stupid woman call the election.
    The only positive aspect is that she is finished.
    I fear we are going to go through a Hague/IDS/Howard period while Corbyn and McDonnell destroy all that we know.

  91. Bill 2050
    I have always loved John Moloney.
    “The difference between liberals such as Theresa May and lefties like Jeremy Corbyn is similar to that between ‘moderate’ Muslims and Islamists.
    In short Leftists want to destroy everything we are and stand for and liberals are happy to watch them do it while holding their coat.”

  92. Well I am sick of that woman. Should she win I think we should have a new leader anyway. David Davis is about the only one who has done well.

  93. Frank P, June 1st, 2017 – 16:19

    Henry Bellingham? Isn’t he related to that chap who shot Spencer Perceval, the only British prime minister, to date, to have been assassinated?

    I wonder how many free pints of Adnams Henry gets bought around the NWN constituency on the strength of that anecdote?

  94. SteynPost #16: The Rituals of Post-Terror Management

  95. Following Mark’s cerebral analysis of the terror cycle above, here’s DrRandomercam with his somewhat shorter madcap, arguably musical, take on societal suicide… er, I think… A workmanlike homage, imo, to Tom Lehrer’s “Masochism Tango”

    “The Suicide Samba” [3mins53sec]

    “Let’s take a ride… with some carbon monoxide…”
    Wonderful! Oh Dr Shipman, wherefore art thou?

  96. It is puzzling, the convenience of it, the ability of the authorities to know quickly who was behind it, but is it true?

  97. EC @ 10:45

    No longer a joke, the “let’s take a ride… with some carbon monoxide…” what with the Donald pulling out of the Paris stupidity, EC, just look at the reaction of the knowledgable people, the ones of mostly artistic fame who eat up more travelling miles than the rest of the mankind put together.

  98. EC @ 09:19

    And this, if one’s interested in the whole family, EC:

  99. EC (16:19)

    I’m in for a case of whisky if he will contrive to oust the current PM and the harridans in her cabinet in a bloodless coup and replace them with a few old fashioned red blooded Tory men with their cojones still attached.

    However, that species is now extinct. Perhaps we should divert the energy of the scientists currently engaged in genetically recreating The Great Mammoth and ask them to disinter some of the Tories of the past and use their dna to conjure up a new Leader. Suggestions for candidates on a postcard, please. Who would be your top three?

    Come to think of it, other than WSC and Enoch (both mavericks) who would fill the criteria to get a grip of the current chaos? I’m struggling …

    Meanwhile the prospect of the red flag flying over Downing Street looms ever larger. 🙂

  100. Apologies EC, was addressing your (09:15) post, not the time cited. Another senior moment!

  101. Baron (10:59)

    Thanks for the heads up on Mark’s latest masterpiece of detailed reportage. It is a horrifying indictment against local police and politicians and reduces all claims by Central government and our so-called security services to risible nonsense. He deserves yet another Pulitzer Prize for yet another wake up alarm.

    Disseminate, disseminate!

  102. RobertRetyred – 12:31

    Commercially speaking, she needs implants.

  103. More cultural enrichment:
    Terror suspect is accused of discussing plans to procure automatic weapons and kill Jews in Stamford Hill

  104. Where is North Korea?

    That was the question asked of alot of Americans, and not many could answer it.

    This fits into Mr. Boot’s lament about the ignorance of the unwashed who make up the democratic process, but since democracy is the one tool in the box we have to use, should it not be the responsibility of the educators to ensure more people know where North Korea is, or at least bother to find out when the need arises?

  105. Frank P
    June 2nd, 2017 – 11:16

    Which red flag had you in mind?

    Turkey’s, the old Soviet Union’s or China’s?

    Incurable Barbarism, several generations of incompetence, or the one with a reasonable claim to being fundamentally civilised?

  106. John Bolton injects clarity and perspicacity into the Paris “accord” hoo-ha.

  107. In a 1947 interview Gandhi said: “Hitler killed five million Jews. It is the greatest crime of our time. But the Jews should have offered themselves to the butcher’s knife. They should have thrown themselves in the sea from cliffs… It would have aroused the world and the people of Germany… As it is they succumbed anyway in their millions.”

    Rest here:

    Gandhi would approve of us!

  108. Another ‘part and parcel of living in a big city’: this time on London Bridge.

  109. Impossible to post, the 503 message has taken over.

    Bill Bobbs @ 19:04

    John’s right, as a thinker on this issue, Bill, the man grades on par with Dorothy Bonkers from Upper Neasden.

    Anyway, in orthodox Judaism suicide’s a sin, in Christianity it’s also forbidden (the fifth commandment, only He who gives life can take it), but could anyone seriously advocate mass suicide aka Masada in the 2nd uprising in the Holly Lands (if that’s true)? If anything, the Hitler’s hordes would have probably trucked the Jews to the cliffs.

    What shocked the Jews, and not only the Jews, was the depth and scale of the monstrosity of the mass killings, until this wholesale slaughter of totally innocent people the modern world had never experienced anything like it. Many leading Jews and many political figures everywhere believed they could reason with the house painter. As it turned out, nobody could the prior expulsions, pogroms, executions of the few Jews only because they were Jews paled in comparison to what the Nazis perpetrated on the Jewish tribe.

    Whether the analogy applies to us is also somewhat questionable, we are a law abiding country, believe in democracy, in following what those we elected are telling us (for how long?), the leaders who are urging us to keep calm, carry on. If it were to the unwashed themselves, we would by now be anything but calm.

  110. ‘ere we go again!

  111. Bridges seem to attract careless drivers, Frank, one wonders why, should we not close them down (and not only in London) to prevent further accidents, the good and tolerant people of this country will gladly swim across, if their leaders asked them to.

  112. Seriously though, how long can this last?

    If the unconfirmed reports on the social media are right, people did have their throats slit on the bridge, it’s getting out of hands for the security services, they cannot cope, how could they cope if those supposedly on the watch lists are free, walking amongst us, can strike anywhere.

  113. Time to take the gloves off. Enough is enough, no more flowers and candle light vigils and the rest of the emotional incontinence which is now mandatory, concrete action is required. Anyone remotely suspected of terrorism should be rounded up, along with their sisters, their cousins and their aunts who are probably living on benefits, and once corralled, kicked out of the country and bugger their human rights, the rights of Britons to walk the streets in safety transcends any other consideration. One more thing, bring back the rope.

  114. They should start arming the citizenry, starting with guys like you Frank P, so you can fight back. But that would make too much sense ..

  115. The most depressing thing is the fact that people like us turned out to be absolutely correct in everything that we predicted throughout the west .

  116. Politicians: “We’re all in this together, blah, blah, blah, blah etc…”

    Apart from the bleeding obvious, here’s another awful truth that nobody in Westminster cabal will speak today:

    “WE never go anywhere without being surrounded by armed guards, and the rest of you, well you can fuck off.”

    Colonel Kemp’s comments in The Sun, this morning:

    Former intelligence chief Richard Kemp reveals what’s in store for UK after London Bridge carnage

    FROM looking at what’s going on it looks likely the government wouldn’t have had intelligence.The reality is that even an attack which involves knives is hard for the government to get information about, because it doesn’t require much preparation.There is obviously a direct link to previous ISIS attacks that have been carried out, either at the direction of ISIS or being inspired by ISIS but also, the timing of these attacks is related to two things – one is Ramadan.During Ramadan we always expect to see a higher level of violence from ISIS and we’ve seen that around the world, and now in London.The other thing is the election; carrying out an attack during an election period gives ISIS fighters credit.It’s very likely the people involved will have been known and the way to deal with it therefore is to get rid of similar people before they carry attacks like these out in future.We can do that by deporting people who are not British citizens and who are known to be terrorists, by detaining those who are and by excluding those who are ISIS fighters returning from Iraq and Syria.I’m not confident the government will do this.

    I don’t know if any politician in the UK will do that – they will in due course, because if they don’t these attacks will continue and they’ll have to.But for right now, the most likely thing is we’ll see the threat level increase, more armed troops and police as an immediate measure.I doubt it would have made any difference if the national threat level had remained at critical.That being said, the elements of it being critical which included military forces and additional police should be reverted because it allows for quicker reactions.We need to consider that this level of threat is going to continue for some time.We should be convicting people involved in radicalisation. It’s time to take the gloves off and hit very, very hard now.We need to detain, export and exclude terrorists.We also need to have every cop in this country armed, which gives us a greater chance of having an immediate response. There was very quick response here, but that’s due to proximity to the scene, which unfortunately doesn’t apply everywhere.

  117. Those on social media who have called for the postponement of the general election have not realised that these incidents could continue every week, indefinitely, and even more often than that.

    All it takes is a vehicle with dodgy steering, some kitchen utensils and an offended follower of fashion or two, or three, and we have another INTDWI incedent that the police, hospitals and courts have to deal with, to say nothing of the victims and their families and friends.

    While we in Britain have had incident free days over the last three weeks, they have been occuring elsewhere in the World.

    TM does seem like the best of a very bad choice, and that is being very generous. It will be acaseof getting not very good leaders to do the right thing (as opposed to getting the best leaders elected.

  118. EC – 09:21
    Very true. There is the hope that more, sterner stuff, will be done after the GE, but then, even if we get the best possible election outcome, who is to say that minds won’t be changed back to autopilot.

    I do wonder whether the 40 years we have had on autopilot (caused by our lack of sovereign​ty) on the domestic front has created a mindset that requires that everything to be known and controlled before any confrontation can be considered.

    They have forgotten that avoiding all risk is usually the riskiest course of action, especially with enemies on all fronts. That is what Trump understands.

  119. RobertRetyred – 09:26

    If Mrs May postpones the June 8th GE it would be, to paraphrase The Donald, ” Very very bad. Incredibly weak. Giving in to terrorism is very bad, incredibly weak” etc.

    To which I might add that such a “Treezer-nous” act would not only be weak and cowardly but be an unparalleled act of dhimmitude.

  120. Meanwhile…

    Mrs Merkel’s Freudian slip…
    [God forbid she ever shows us a real one!]

  121. EC – 09:41

    If she did, we could have a sweepstake on the number of postponements, assuming that we eventually had an election.

  122. stephen maybery @ 04:58

    That what you’re suggesting, stephen, would have happened when Britain was governed by people who cared more about what happened to her than their wallets, careers, fame.

    It’s a given, we’ll return to ‘Prevent’ only this time it won’t be voluntary to join in, they make it compulsory, which will pi$$ off the ones whose grievances are bottomless even more, they may start slicing the throats of kaffirs even with cutlery.

    One of Baron’s tenets (which you must be by now totally fed up with) says ‘man can get used to and survive everything except his own death’. The once Great Unwashed will get used to the frequent throat slicing or similar, then getting into a mild spasm, building mementos everywhere, the few journalists e.g. Douglas and Melanie, will be gently told ‘cool it, or the only media you’ll get published would be the toilet paper manufacture’, life will go on as now until the followers of the mainstream creed of Allah, the ones who like the tin pot Sultan ride democracy until they no longer need to, get to fly their flag at Westminster.

    Then we all hit the ground with our foreheads five times a day. Inshallah.

  123. Has anyone else seen NBC’s Megyn Kelly making a complete arse of herself in her televised interviews with Mr. Putin?

  124. NBC are paying Megyn Kelly $15M to $20M per anum (sic) ?
    Lordy, must they be having an acute case of buyer’s regret!!!

  125. What more does it take for us to become REALLY angry?

  126. stephen maybery – 04:58

    “One more thing, bring back the rope.”

    The perverts amongst the politicos, judiciary, camel corps, security services, and other establishment types reserve that garment for their own exclusive use these days, I’m afraid. The noose is often complimented by a citrus gobstopper and some plus-plus sized lingerie, reportedly.

  127. This young woman has just said what I intended to say, once I had calmed down after last nights lunacy which has been followed by the predictable avalanche of platitudes and self congratulation by the politicians and their apparatchiks. I thank her for obviating the necessity for me to do it, as I might well have used some obscene epithets in my attempt:

    However, having just watched our PM’s reaction (NTDWI) and the continuing sound of slamming of stable doors, the epithets are welling up again.

    Thanks for linking Richard Kemp’s reaction, EC. How can we persuade him to gather a posse of like thinkers around him and start a new political movement? The old guard are wankers all, dhimmi dipshits!

  128. 1. Nothing to do with Islam
    2. Tiny minority of Muslims
    3. Real victims here are Muslims, additional security will be provided to protect from bacon attacks.
    4. Candles & Teddy Bears (TM)
    5. John Lennon’s “Imagine”
    6. “Thoughts & Prayers” (TM)
    7. “Hope not hate”
    8. Far right extremism is equally as dangerous as Islamists
    9. Islam is a religion of peace
    10. Katie Hopkins and Tommy Robinson are arrested
    11. Straight white men are to blame.
    H/T Winston Smith

  129. Our politicians deny us the means to defend ourselves and to protect hearth and home, which was our birthright guaranteed by unrepealed law, but protect themselves with armed bodyguards, police and army.

  130. I find mrs mays comment enough is enough, patronising and insulting to all the recent victims of Islam.
    The time for enough is enough was a long time ago and suggests a level of killing was acceptable but they have gone beyond that.
    Wrong, totally wrong.
    From the mail on line.
    Theresa May has condemned the brutal attacks at London Bridge and insisted ‘enough is enough’.
    The Prime Minister said the three attacks in the past three months were not directly connected but were linked by the ‘the single evil ideology of Islamist extremism’.
    Speaking from the steps of No 10, Mrs May said Britain faces a ‘new trend in the threat we face’ warned ‘things have to change’.
    The Premier said there was ‘far too much tolerance’ of extreme views and vowed to stand up for ‘pluralistic British values’ that were ‘superior’ to the fanatics’ ideology.


    Targhib wal tarhib : the Sharia way, inculcated into the minds of all Muslims. That is what we are up against. The demented suicidal/homicidal maniacs are just the tip of the iceberg: the tools of Islam, not its driving force. We should reject all the propagated taqiyya of “peaceful Islam”, denounce the lie and wage war against the jihad by all possible means. It may be too late, but we must try, not just for future generations, but also out of respect for all the brave souls who willingly gave their lives to defend our country, our culture and our civilisation against not only 1400 years of sporadic jihad, but againt the evils of socialism and nazism both of which are now in cahoots with Islamic jihad.

    This means restoration of the powers of stop and search, regardless of race and appearance. Those three self deluded goons would not have driven from Barking to London Bridge if the streets of London were
    properly patrolled by Constables freed of politically correct shackles and powers to investigate suspicious behaviour.

    As stated often previously – ad nauseam in fact – there is too much police resource devoted to reactive policing and not nearly enough to proactive policing. These demented bastards must be rousted unmercifully despite the squeals of the ‘ooman rights’ lobby, and their subversive puppeteers must be stripped from the corridors of power.

    Regardless of the outcome of Thursday’s election, we need a new Home Sec. The current one and her predecessor have both been major components of the problem.

  132. As far as policing is concerned we live in the age of Cressida Dick, whose mediocre and uninspiring performance suggests more that to be expected from the nearing retirement head of a local council social welfare department than the Metropolitan Police Commissioner. Former incumbents of that office must be restless beyond the grave.

    Still, she’s a woman and a lesbian so a couple of right-on boxes have been ticked by her appointment which is all that seems to matter in this infantile nation.

  133. Thanks for letting us know:
    Sadiq Khan | Terrorism Is Part And Parcel Of Living In a Big City | Terrorist Sympathiser

  134. TCW Editors: We need zero tolerance of terrorists and their sympathisers – The Conservative Woman

  135. Cressida Dick, surely that’s a made up name.
    That’s straight out of , carry on up the police force (service today , LOL )
    Sid James would have had a field day with the fact she bats for the other side with a name like that.

  136. And now in Australia:
    Explosion in Melbourne, Australia, with reports of hostages in apartment block

  137. Report in the Sydney Morning Herald:
    Brighton siege: Man found dead, woman held hostage, police shot

    No mention of the ROP, but it is still part of the ‘part and parcel of living in a large city’.

  138. Babies born today may never need to learn to drive, says Axa UK chief

    What! Complete anarchy within eighteen years?

    I suppose every cloud has a silver lining.

  139. RobertRetyred – 10:09

    Babies should never be allowed behind the wheel!


    “self-driving vehicles could hit the roads within 15 years”
    Cars impacting on roads doesn’t sound like progress, Ms Burton!

    May the farce be with you…

  140. Malfleur @ 04:58

    Someone should tell him, Malfelur, to stop using foul language, it doesn’t help to get people over, and also to spare his head, it cannot break a brick wall, how could we turn against the ROP fully when the Saudis are our bosom friends for ever, we flog them billions of arms (juicy profits, jobs for the unwashed), send Charles over to keep them happy, stop investigating corruption when their princes feature in it, the Americans value them, too, for pricing oil in greenbacks, and the Americans are out friends, too, we wouldn’t want to make them angry either, and as if that wasn’t enough, it’s moral equivalence time, their creed is on par with any other, it just happens some boisterous young men interpret it wrongly …

    It’s amazing the saintly One referred not only to Islamist terrorism, but also that it’s coupled with the ROP. If the hon Muslim were still in the White House she wouldn’t have dared.

    Isn’t it also amazing the time it has taken her to figure what we’ve known and talked about for years, that Islamic jihadism roots in the ROP, those committing the crimes of unspeakable heinousness have been shouting ‘it’s for Allah’ over and over again, she and others like her have chosen to be blind and deaf to it.

  141. Noa @ 00:26

    That’s what the boss says will happen to the poorly educated Slav, Noa, it may go further than paying a fine, she says, and often she’s been right in the past.

    But where would one go hide? Any ideas?

  142. Baron 10.55

    Let’s meet in the recreational area to discuss it. Bring some snout with you and we can bribe the bruvvers to let us use the pool table whilst we do so.

  143. God Help Us!

    No, the Archbishop of Canterbury WILL NOT DO!

    Archbishop of Canterbury says Islam should ‘take responsibility’ for the London Bridge attack just as Christianity should for killing Muslims

    At least the PM restricts herself to mouthing platitudes.

    (I have highlighted the important word:
    A platitude is a trite, meaningless, or prosaic statement, generally directed at quelling social, emotional, or cognitive unease.)

  144. Few days ago, at a Cambridge Zoo, a lion sneaked into an enclosure where a keeper was tidying things up, you may imagine the outcome, our local press was full of the horror story, some readers went as far as advocating taking to task ‘ealth&safety’ on the grounds that they failed to check properly the procedures for cleaning the place up.

    Still, the case reminded Baron of his learning English, one of the tutors (she was actually of the English breed) would table a piece written with plenty of mistakes in it (often deliberately inserted), ask the pupils to put the text right, one of the pieces was a poem ‘The Lion and Albert’.

    You must know it (the barbarian has forgotten the author, but the ever knowledgable internet didn’t need it). It’s a charming rhyme, rather English in its content, witty, and illustrative of the attitudes of old (even if exaggerated) before the nannying fuggwits took over (Fergus, eat your heart out):

    There’s a famous seaside place called Blackpool
    That’s noted for fresh air and fun
    And Mr. and Mrs. Ramsbottom
    Went there with young Albert, their son

    A fine little lad were young Albert
    All dressed in his best, quite a swell
    He’d a stick with an ‘orse’s ‘ead ‘andle;
    The finest that Woolworth’s could sell

    They didn’t think much to the ocean
    The waves they were piddlin’ and small
    There were no wrecks and nobody drownded
    ‘Fact, nothin’ to laugh at at all!

    So, seeking for further amusement
    They paid, and went into the zoo
    Where they’d lions and tigers and camels
    And cold ale and sandwiches, too

    There were one great big lion called Wallace
    Whose nose was all covered with scars;
    He lay in a som-no-lent posture
    With the side of ‘is face on the bars

    Now Albert ‘ad ‘eard about lions-
    ‘Ow they was ferocious and wild;
    To see lion lyin’ so peaceful
    Just didn’t seem right to the child

    So straightway the brave little feller
    Not showin’ a morsel of fear
    Took ‘is stick with the ‘orse’s ‘ead ‘andle
    And stuck it in Wallace’s ear

    You could see that the lion din’t like it
    For givin’ a kind of a roll
    ‘E pulled Albert inside the cage with ‘im
    And swallered the little lad – ‘ole!

    Now Mother ‘ad seen this occurrence
    And not knowin’ what to do next
    She ‘ollered “Yon lion’s et Albert!”
    An’ Father said “Ee, I am vexed.”

    They complained to an animal keeper
    Who said “My, wot a nasty mis’ap;
    Are you sure it’s your boy ‘e’s eaten?”
    Pa said, “Am I sure? There’s ‘is cap!”

    The manager ‘ad to be sent for;
    ‘E came and ‘e said “Wot’s to-do?”
    Ma said “Yon lion’s et Albert
    And ‘im in ‘is Sunday clothes, too!”

    Father said “Right’s right, young feller-
    I think it’s a shame and a sin
    To ‘ave our son et by a lion
    And after we paid to come in.”

    The manager wanted no trouble;
    He took out his purse right away
    Sayin’ “‘Ow much to settle the matter?”
    Pa said “Wot do you usually pay?”

    But Mother ‘ad turned a bit awkward
    When she saw where ‘er Albert ‘ad gone
    She said “No, someone’s got to be summonsed!”
    So that was decided upon

    And off they all went to p’lice station
    In front of a Magistrate chap;
    They told what ‘ad ‘appened to Albert
    And proved it by showing ‘is cap

    The Magistrate gave ‘is opinion
    That no one was really to blame
    And ‘e said that ‘e ‘oped the Ramsbottoms
    Would ‘ave further sons to their name

    At that Mother got proper blazin’:
    “And thank you, sir, kindly, ” said she-
    “Wot, spend all our lives raisin’ children
    To feed ruddy lions? Not me!

    George Marriott Edgar

  145. Talking about the future this beats self-driven cars hands down, no?

  146. Robert Retired 10:09 “Babies born today may never need to learn to drive, says Axa UK chief”

    If they live long enough, most likely the girls won’t be allowed out without bags on their heads whilst the boys will require the obligatory tea-towel.

    Paying a short visit to the s**thole that was once my home, very few English-speakers left in the midland town of my youth. Traffic a joke, scruffy, weed-ridden dilapidated streets and a grey sadness across the land. Visited Coventry yesterday after the appalling events of Sunday evening. Very few people attending a free motoring festival but one the murdering shitheads was allowed a stall with the book of hate and other lieing propaganda available. Two plods handily available to protect his ‘uman rights and freedoms should the populous decide to give him his last rites. But there was just a sad apathy as we walked past and my friends advised I be quiet as I expressed an Aussie opinion on what should be done to the bastard. I was quietly hustled away to the pub to calm down.

  147. And now I hear Corbyn has called for May to resign! (Clearly, he’s planning an appearance on BGT as a comedian)

    Perhaps it might better if he was charged with treason and made to justify his lifetime of support for terrorists and continual undermining of any attempt to fight them in an open court without an audience of sycophants and fellow travelers.

  148. Baron – 11:16


    If I had to learn another poem, it would be that!

  149. Baron @ 10:51

    We already have one schoolma’am too many speaking for the country, Baron; and meanwhile your English syntax is suffolkating me.

    Tommy Robinson strikes just the right note for a country facing a choice between a WI Link Delegate and an ageing Dave Spart both committed to allowing infidel troops to infiltrate our towns and cities. It was for just such occasions as this that our ancestors invented Tommy’s vocabulary, Baron.

    Islamification is not a dinner party.

  150. Baron
    “we flog them billions of arms (juicy profits, jobs for the unwashed…”

    Oi! Highly skilled jobs please. Military technology isn’t cheap.
    As you no doubt know the UK government has happily used Saudi and arab arms sales to subsidise defence spending since the 1970s.

  151. Commander Mak Chistry just corrupted his office in order to get on the stump before a BBC TV camera and become a mouthpiece for the ‘Muslim Community’. Whinging about ‘Islamophobia’!

    One question, you over-promoted, politically motivated, twat: “How many cadavers are there lying in South London and Manchester morgues? How many mutilated bodies lying in ICUs, as a result of the heinous so called crime of Islamophobia?

    Get off your soap box and do something about the islamic jihadists within your manor who are plotting to kill ‘infidels’.

    Police Chief, or poliical patsy?

  152. The Joke, Jeremy Corbin has suggested the PM resigns.
    Fat chance.

  153. Frank P 14.39

    He appears to be damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t , Frank.

    For wry amusement here’s the moderate moslem ‘community’s view of Chistry…

    “…In other words, we have yet another example of institutionalised discrimination against the Muslim minority…”

    More simply, mind games and taqiya, FFS!

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