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  1. It’s a sign. We are not alone.
    Praise be!

  2. Meanwhile…

    I didn’t realise that it was a criminal act to refuse to pay to be lied to and brainwashed.

    A shameful state of affairs, but that just about sums up modern Britain.

  3. The Deep State and the Creep State > New English Review

  4. Who is sick to death of the luvvies:
    “Scuffles break out at Trump supporters’ anti-Oscar protest amid calls for a BOYCOTT of the Academy Awards over Hollywood’s ‘limousine liberal bias’
    Two young women clashed with a Trump supporter in Los Angeles on Sunday
    Footage showed a woman breaking a sign of a Trump supporter at an anti-Oscars protest near the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood
    It came as Trump supporters called for people to boycott watching the Oscars
    An angry Facebook post objected to ‘arrogant, pompous, pampered’ celebrities
    The post says that ‘American people’ should fight back by not watching on TV”

    (From end of last Wall)

  5. On Korea and Caleb Maupin.

    Firstly, Malfleur should not presume what might “upset” me.

    Secondly, Maupin. Ah yes. Hardly an objective observer even if one discounts his youth.

    “Caleb Maupin is a journalist and political analyst who appears frequently on Iran’s Press TV and RT. Tasnim News Agency described him as “a native of Ohio who has campaigned against war and the U.S. financial system”. He was a member of Workers World Party, and Fight Imperialism – Stand Together (FIST).”

    His potted history of Korea was tripe from beginning to end but I can’t be arsed to fisk it item by item. Like many of his self-hating left-wing ilk ranting about the Vietnam war he is simply an apologist for the especially nasty communist regime of North Korea who seeks to justify its invasion of the South and to blame everything on the USA for the purpose of his current political agenda. He is the revisionist.

    North Korea did not become communist as a result of “free and fair” elections as slyly suggested by Maupin. It was occupied by the Soviets who established Kim as leader of the Provisional People’s Committee for North Korea on 8 February 1946. Even the left-leaning Wiki provides a more honest account than Maupin.

    “Despite United Nations plans to conduct all-Korean elections, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea was proclaimed on 9 September 1948, with Kim as the Soviet-designated premier. On 12 October, the Soviet Union recognized Kim’s government as sovereign of the entire peninsula, including the south. The Communist Party merged with the New People’s Party to form the Workers Party of North Korea (of which Kim was vice-chairman). In 1949, the Workers Party of North Korea merged with its southern counterpart to become the Workers’ Party of Korea with Kim as party chairman.”

    Communist agitation in South Korea reflected the Viet Cong in South Vietnam but never achieved the same level of armed insurgency.

    “By 1949, Kim and the communists had consolidated totalitarian rule in North Korea. Around this time, the cult of personality was promoted by the communists, the first statues of Kim appeared, and he began calling himself “Great Leader”.”

    The decision to invade the South was Kim’s. The Soviet Union was ambivalent but thought the US would not intervene as a result of their espionage penetration of the intelligence services in the USA and UK. China was against the invasion but Kim bamboozled them into thinking he had Stalin’s backing.

    Maupin characterises the reaction to the invasion as US but it was UN. United Nations Security Council Resolution 83, adopted on June 27, 1950, determined that the attack on the Republic of Korea by forces from North Korea constituted a breach of the peace. The Council called for an immediate cessation of hostilities and for the authorities in North Korea to withdraw their armed forces to the 38th parallel.
    The Council then recommended that “Members of the United Nations furnish such assistance to the Republic of Korea as may be necessary to repel the armed attack and to restore international peace and security in the area.” The resolution was adopted by seven votes to one against from Yugoslavia. Egypt and India were present but did not participate in voting and the Soviet Union was absent.

    Essentially Maupin represents the revisionism of every communist subversive in the West. And we are heading for more agitation from such folk as they seek to exploit the extreme ignorance that has persuaded indoctrinated youth to describe everyone who is not left-wing as a “fascist”. The old communist subversives leading useful idiots in the West by the nose meme is as true now as it ever was but the student population is even more stupid and malleable now.

  6. Like all leftist crazies Maupin does occasionally flash sense:-

    Netanyahu vs. Obama: A Made For TV Drama

    It is not uncommon for celebrities to clash with each other in the public arena. Often, these fights are not spontaneous, but intentionally provoked, or even planned, in order to generate publicity for both parties involved. For example, long before running for President, Donald Trump captured the attention of news headlines by having a spat with TV personality Rosie O’Donnell.

    The perceived tension between Benjamin Netanyahu and Barack Obama has the looks of a “made for TV drama.” It is a prolonged public spat that is mutually beneficial to both parties. Do they actually dislike each other when the cameras are not rolling? Who knows.

    While Obama and Netanyahu have butted heads, the US aid to Israel has not decreased or been cut off. Under Obama, the United States has worked to topple the Baathist Syrian government, one of Israel’s primary regional opponents. Israel has supported the regime change efforts with airstrikes in Syria targeting anti-ISIS fighters in the Hezbollah organization.

    The 2011 NATO intervention in Libya, championed loudly from the White House, toppled the Islamic Socialist government that had a long record of opposing Israel and arming Palestinian resistance.

    Obama boasts that he has ended Iran’s peaceful nuclear energy program, and is making Israel safer from a supposed Iranian threat in the process. While there is occasionally criticism of Israel’s settlement activities, they continue unabated.

    However, Obama’s clash with Netanyahu plays well for him, and the United States, in the Arab world. Throughout the Middle East, Netanyahu and Tel-Aviv are the most hated villains. Obama’s trading of nasty words with Israeli leaders raises the credibility of the United States. It gives the United States a kind of distance from Israel on the international stage, while US support remains key and keeps flowing in without pause. Obama’s Department of Justice has even conducted raids against pro-Palestinian activists.

    Netanyahu benefits from the spat as well. Fear and hatred of Palestinians, Muslims, and Arabs has been key in securing the recent electoral victories of the Likud Party. If Netanyahu looked like he was friendly toward someone who attended an Islamic elementary school, or had the middle name “Hussein” this would discredit him in the eyes of his base.

    Despite the fact that Israel receives billions of dollars from the United States, as well as weapons and other assistance, Netanyahu looks as if he is not afraid to bite the hand that feeds him. Fighting with Obama allows Netanyahu to look like a brave, fearless, true believer in the Zionist cause.

    But thank God for Trump!!

  7. Colonel Mustard

    And why should I not presume what might upset you?

    On the money in this case, it would appear.

  8. Ghost Inside Your Haunted Head – Taki’s Magazine
    Well worth reading.

  9. John birch – 14:23

    If you were a Climate Change Scientist you could have your cake and eat it! 🙂

    Having your cake, UCLA professor Glen MacDonald, a distinguished professor of geography and of ecology and evolutionary biology:
    Pacific Ocean’s response to greenhouse gases could extend California drought for centuries

    … and eating it:
    ‘Scientific American’ Blames Climate Change for Oroville Dam Crisis

    A distinguished professor? More like a distinguished tw*t! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  10. RobertRetyred – 15:27

    The formerly respectable publication known as “Scientific American” in the 20th century, would be better renamed “SciFi American” in order to reflect the decline in its content in the 21st century.

  11. Malfleur February 27th, 2017 – 13:42

    Because presuming something does not mean it is so or make it so.

    And neither does my response. Simple disagreement or a setting of the facts straight does not evidence being “upset”.

    “upset” noun unexpected result or situation.
    2.the state of being unhappy, disappointed, or worried.
    3.a disturbance of a person’s digestive system.

    Not 1, 2 or 3 in this case. No.1? Your anti-US Korean provocation was far from unexpected. No.2? Nope, none of those three. No.3? Not a chance! I was enjoying tiffin as I typed my reply.

    So not “on the money” after all, despite your hoped for outcome, Your Malevolence.

  12. Baron,

    Here’s an interesting interview that was on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” a few days ago…

    “Ex-Bush official: Putin puppet strings on Trump an illusion”

    Bart Marcois’ thesis is that the Russians have been playing the western media, in particular the American MSM, and it is really they who are his puppets, and not Trump.

    A refreshingly different take on the MSM’s stale narrative, není tak?

    His original article is here:

  13. TESTING 18-07

  14. EC @ 17:17

    Interesting stuff, EC, thanks, it opens up another avenue of speculation on the Putin cum the Donald relationship.

    The guy who came up with this is wrong portraying Putin as a typical Leonid’s KGB operative, Navalny, the former darling of the West of the same age as Putin was not only a KGB officer, but one of a higher rank, nobody has ever labelled him with the same stamp, there are others in power in Russia and the former satellites of the USSR today who moved through the KGB (or its equivalents), too.

    Do take it from the barbarian that everyone who was ambitious, desired to have control over people, to have near unlimited power under the communist thugs would either climb the ranks of the party, better still the ranks of the KGB. This outfit was the only one that functioned with reasonable efficacy, it had to, it held the regime together, it was the recipient of everyone grassing on everyone in power, however little that power may have been. Often, it bordered on the bizarre, a wife would report on her husband, and he on her without either one being aware of it.

    It sounds weirdly simple, but the KGB was the strongest glue keeping the evil Soviet regime ticking, nobody could assemble a group that could topple the thugs, nobody could even start putting such a group together, someone would have grassed on the individual(s), the KGB would have nipped it in the bud in no time.

    It applied to the higher echelons of the communist party, people like Leonid and those first secretaries that came after him were scared of the KGB, the spooks held the files on everyone including the leaders of the ghastly set-up. Nikita refers to it obliquely in his memoirs, the fear he had when he took to on himself to get rid of Beria, whom every other member of the politburo feared.

    Back to the issue: It’s not Putin who fools the Western MSM, it’s the MSM strategy of preventing the Donald from making a deal with Putin for the reasons the barbarian articulated before, strategy incubated by the pre-Trump elites that the Donald doesn’t have to follow (he wasn’t a part to it), but the old pre-Trump elites and their MSM poodles have to otherwise they would lose face. The two key drivers are:

    First, the pre-Trump political elites of the West have no clue how to deal with mainstream Islam (the jihadists are a boil, but one that isn’t that hard to ‘cure’), it’s the waves of the refugees who will eventually form a fifth column in every country they settle in because the majority of them are Muslims first, the nationals of any country that gives them refuge second. The Saudis (mostly the Saudis) will start working on them through mosques, schools, help centres that they’ve been funding for years now. If push came to shove the fifth column will do what the mullahs tell them, not what the secular authorities demand.

    Btw, the Germans are saying there are at least six million potential refugees in North Africa (that’s in addition to the three millions in Turkey). The dream of their assimilation if they come is just that a dream, the two cultures are not reconcilable, it’s either theirs or ours, only one can prevail.

    Second, it’s the need for the American Forces to get a serious MOT, the gear they deploy was designed mostly in the 70’s and 80’s, it’s getting obsolete whilst the Russians renew its stock of planes, tanks, missiles and stuff in the last twenty years, they had to, the old Soviet gear was crap.

    Could the military, those who make the stuff the military spend billions on (beefing up their bottom lines, but also providing jobs for the American people – the military hardware manufacture is still largely in the Republic, it has been shifted offshore), could they convince the American people to spend trillions if the enemy is a bunch of camel breeders equipped with home made bombs and AK-47s?

    Of course, the barbarian can be getting it wrong (he’s known to get things wrong), but the evidence of the past decades suggests that unless either the Islamic faith morphs into something that accepts secularity as the norm there must inevitably come the time of the two cultures colliding, or we give in, incorporate the fundamental features of Islam, convert, and instead of drinking beer pray five times a day with our backsides up away from Mecca, he, he, he.

  15. and this, EC;

    ‘Je tak’ as an answer to your ‘neni tak’.

  16. Colonel Mustard @ 11:08

    Seconded, Colonel with the addendum that after the collapse of communism in Russia (its replacement with overtly patriotic nationalism) the West, (led by the Republic), has succumbed to the malady of narcissistic arrogance cum blind smugness insisting that its model of democratic governance fits all. It doesn’t.

  17. Marshal Roberts @ 12:56

    An intriguing slicing of the relationship between Bibi and the now departed hon Muslim, Marshall, the barbarian hasn’t made up his mind fully what’s what, who fakes it and who is for real.

    We must wait for the Donald (or whoever does the thinking on the ME for him) to show his true colours. The barbarian basic view on the region is that the Americans should stay away from the bailiwick, leave the fighting between the Sunni and Shia to the two warring camps, use the proxy of Israel rather than direct intervention. The same goes for Russia and China, there’s little to be gained to side with either of the two families of Islam.

  18. Listening to the ludicrous pronouncements coming from the deluded Corbyn and the dangerous McDonnell, I am reminded of the Thatcher dictum.

    “Left-wing zealots have often been prepared to ride roughshod over due process and basic considerations of fairness when they think they can get away with it. For them the ends always seems to justify the means. That is precisely how their predecessors came to create the gulag.” ― Margaret Thatcher

  19. Baron 1859
    The nub and conclusion were that if the US attacks Israel verbally, then the Arabs and Persians will be tempted to carry out their aim of obliteration of Israel.
    It was therefore good to see the bonhomie the week before last between Trump and Netanyahu.

  20. Many errors in the above of Baron’s origin, one serious, the ‘US military gear manufacture has NOT been moved offshore, sorry.

    (This little nothing of a posting has been refusing to go through, the dreaded 503 ‘no server available to carry the request’ appears over and over again. It may be Baron’s on the list of the undesirables, has to go through a certain server that holds it back or something, since very recently it is the responsibility of the ISPs to ensure they record each and every message).

  21. “Blonde in the Belly of the beast”. Heads up from daughter No.1

    For those of you who might like to receive the anti-marxist message from someone other than the screamy-gravelly-throated-shouty mob occasionally, this could be a welcome respite.

    This gal knows her stuff and proves that our message is reaching parts that other proselytisers have not yet reached. Quite cerebral and soothing on the eyes too. Caveat: tends to deliver her message a little too quickly and because she’s American, my hearing aids have a little difficulty with the enunciation. But that’s quibbling. The message is comprehensive and well researched. Happy watching/listening.

    Her website is replete with good videos. She also does the twitter thingy, but that’s a step too far for me.

  22. RobertRetyred @ 15:27

    That’s a goodie, Robert, these ecochondriacs won’t admit that the AGW is but a theory, nothing more than that, unfortunately it doesn’t fit everything, but what the heck, they can get away with blaming it for draught and rain as well.

    In the forties of the fourteen century, the climate did misbehave, too, for six years there was a bad harvest because of high temperatures and heavy rainfalls, in 1348 (two years after the battle of Crecy), it rained from June till the end of November, no harvest, no nothing, starvation all around.

    Go figure.

  23. baron, I think it might be the length of the post rather than the content.

  24. EC – 16:17
    Baron – 21:07

    Hoping/expecting Trump will hurry things along 🙂

  25. Frank P @ 21:05

    Obviously, this blonde wasn’t the one travelling to Chicago on a plane, Frank, an excellent find, already bookmarked.

    What she says could hardly be argued with except perhaps putting it in a wider context of Baron’s school of societal evolution:

    We humans have two engine centres through which we respond to events around us, or initiate events ourselves: the brain and the heart, rational thought and emotion, sagacity and feelings.

    In our response to what’s happening we either think or feel, then act on it, almost always a mixture of the two, but if we’re in conditions where we have to worry about what we’ll eat tomorrow, or about the roof over our heads, the basic requirements of life, it’s the former than predominates, we’re rational, we suppress our feelings often to the point of (say) eating stuff that in normal circumstances we would find revolting e.g. cannibalism.

    Conversely, if our bellies are full, we have no worry about tomorrow (the society will help, will not let us perish), we begin to react differently, we feel about the event we’re faced with, push rational thought into second gear.

    An example could be a TV clip showing a child in Africa, bloated belly, flies everywhere, the mother skinny, drawn sitting next to him, dejected. Virtually everyone would be touched by the scene, send money to the charity that put it up, not many would notice a bunch of soldiers in the background, each with an AK-47 that costs around a thousand bucks, enough money to sustain the mother and her child for months if not years.

    Marxism could infiltrate not just the schools, academia, other pyramids of power because its message is so powerful, but because since WW2, the West has moved gradually towards the emotional rather than rational response to events depicted by the neglected African mother and her poor child.

    The Marxist theory has been around, didn’t root either in the second half of the 19th century, before WW2 or during it, it had only got going as standard of living got better, continued to improve. (Russian unwashed weren’t asked whether they want it, it was forcibly hoisted on them).

    What must also have helped was the focusing of the political elites of the West on boosting living standards, production, labour relations and the like, neglecting the social domain i.e. education in general.

    The above may tell you the barbarian is a bigheaded moron (he may well be), but this theory of his is applicable not only to our recent past, but to other societal arrangements in the past, too, from the Roman Empire to other societal arrangements in which the welfare of a majority reached a relatively comfortable level.

    Still, the girl’s excellent, articulate, her talking flows freely, and she avoids shouting, a huge plus for the barbarian.

    What a difference from this fast talking loony, a teacher from California. She, the ghastly ‘I-know-who-is-a-fascist’ should be sanctioned, the guy should have asked her what right she has to label someone a fascist?

  26. John birch @ 21:09

    Possibly, John, but Baron gets the 503 message regardless of the size of the posting. The one at 21:58 went through quite fast, no problem.

    (This one got one 503,

  27. RobertRetyred @ 21:56

    Well, it may well be, Robert, he has begun too fast, he may get unstuck as so many are against him and he hasn’t yet filled all the top posts with his own people.

    The barbarian hasn’t got enough ammunition to argue it, but he reckons Pence, his deputy may be getting groomed to take over. He was instrumental in the sacking of Flynn (Pence could have said he didn’t ask for a full report on the telephone calls, he didn’t, on the contrary he went to the press, said Flynn lied to him). Also, he’s liked and pushed by McCain, the fiercest opponent of the Donald, makes remarks ‘on behalf’ the Donald even though these contradict what the Potus says, other misdemeanours of this sort are beginning to hint something may be brewing up.

  28. Baron.
    I get unexpected 503 notices recently ; and the site is often slower then before.
    I think this is probably that Peter’s service provider can not handle the traffic.

    comment at 22-25

  29. Another bastard sounding off. “Sir John Major’s warning to Theresa May.”

  30. Ken Clarke has now become the Father of the House of Commons with the death,on Sunday,of Gerald Kaufman.

  31. Not that many of you may still be interested in things Ukrainian, it has been three years since the ‘fugg-the-EU Victoria Nuland presided over a putsch in Kiev, offered Poroshenko as the man to lead the country to the future of roses aplenty, and the new leadership had a chance to reform Ukraine.

    This piece comes from a staunchly anti-Russian, even more so anti-Putin, internet paper, sums up how things are in the country:

  32. Just as the French have lorries that drive themselves into crowds, we have caravans that drive themselves into schools:
    Parents furious as CARAVANS move in to school and children need police escort to lessons

  33. Mine 22-35

    Black propaganda / mis-information.

    I see the remarks by John Major were made in a speech given at Chatham House : a notorious Major/Blair/Cameron-ite think-tank which is the voice of the British Enarchies ( Benarchies/Brenarchies ? )

  34. Baron (21:58)

    I think the BITBOTB was not addressing the success or otherwise of Marxism per se but rather Gramsci’s and the Frankfort School’s departure from Marxism in favour of institutional infiltration “If you can’t beat ’em infest them and rot their beams.”

    Nobody can deny that it has worked successfully, and traitors have facilitated it, often with funding from the sino-Soviet bloc. It continues apace. Gramsci could borrow Sir Christopher Wren’s memorial stone if replanted in the P o W with a replica in almost every University of the West. As a once proud member of a once esteemed institution, I feel justified in opining that a similar replica could be set in the floor of atrium of NSY. The footprints of The Long March are on every floor of it and it reaped its ultimate objective there this week with the announcement of the appointment of the new commissar who ticks several boxes of the ‘useful idiot’ prerequisite qualifications. Those of us who tried to fumigate that particular institution in the 70s are very sad. Few left now. Lost two more recently.

    Perhaps it’s time for yet another reprise of John Fonte’s essay on The Long March, which I first linked back in 2003, when Melanie initially sucked some of us here into the blogosphere :

  35. On the morning of 25 February 1852 ( 165 years ago ) HM Troop-Ship `Birkenhead`sailed from Simonstown.

    In the early hours of 26 February, 85 miles down the coast , she hit a concealed rock and was torn apart. The horses were put over-board to swim ashore. There were not enough serviceable life boats.The men were drawn up on deck [later known as the Birkenhead drill ]……It was then that the now historic order was given for the first time : “……women and children first “.

    The boats were got away.Most of the men went down with the ship,or were taken by sharks (in notorious waters for them).

    These orders are now known as The Birkenhead Protocol.

    This is where Heath’s satirical cartoon in the latest Spectator arose.

    ” The Wreck of the Birkenhead ” : Thomas Henry.

  36. Fred as good as ever, right, too, that the Russia kicking helps to get rid of the Donald:

  37. Frank P @ 00:51

    Good points, Frank, the essay’s indeed a comprehensive rundown of the phenomenon of the Marxist inspired Gramsci’s mutation of the creed of class warfare (the barbarian will read it in full when he’s fully awake), you conclusion that every seat of learning (and not only those but also other institutions) have been taken over is spot on.

  38. Radford NG @ 01:36

    New to Baron, Radford, thanks for the reminder.

  39. The man’s incredible, he will explain anything that he knows next to nothing about in a totally predictable manner – Putin and the KGB are the culprits. If both Putin and the KGB were to eliminate themselves fully, at a stroke, he would still come up with the same answer – they did it to take over the world. He needs seriously to visit a psychiatrist, and more than once:

  40. 0603
    But Putin is a mini Andropov and would be Beria.

    “The KGB, it should be remembered, was not a traditional security service in the Western sense — that is, an agency charged with protecting the interests of a country and its citizens,” wrote security analyst Andrei Soldatov, founder of the Agentura.Ru website. “Its primary task was protecting the regime. Its activities included hunting down spies and dissidents and supervising media, sports, and even the church. It ran operations both inside and outside the country but, in both spheres, the main task was always to protect the interests of whoever currently resided in the Kremlin.”

    That’s precisely what the Kremlin needs today as inflation remains in double digits and Russian business remains cut off from international financial markets and investment by Western sanctions over Ukraine.

    “I can’t remember a time when so many security service guys ascended to power at once,” Dmitry Gudkov, an independent State Duma deputy, wrote of the summer’s purges on his Facebook page. “We don’t know anything about these people’s management expertise. Preparing the guns for battle, closing ranks — this is what these appointments are all about. [The Kremlin] can’t trust anyone but those in uniform.”

    ‘Terminator 2’

    And there’s a final, more personal reason for Putin’s purge and revival of the Ministry of State Security.

    “In some ways, this is a sign of Putin’s strength, because he feels confident enough to full, personal, authoritarian rule,” said Belkovsky, who advised the Kremlin in the mid-2000s. “It’s also a sign of weakness because the reason behind it is to defuse the possibility of a palace coup.” Putin is a “man of systems and institutions” according to Belkovsky and, as such, knows his allies are also the greatest threats to his rule.

    In creating the super ministry, Putin is completing a full 25-year circle. When Boris Yeltsin came to power in 1991 in the wake of a hardline coup against Mikhail Gorbachev largely sponsored by the KGB and its boss, Vladimir Kryuchkov, Russia’s new leader attempted to create a security agency that would not meddle in politics or society and confine itself strictly to law enforcement.

    Yeltsin failed. According to Soldatov, by the mid-1990s “various component parts and functions of the old KGB had begun to make their way back to the FSK, like the liquid metal of the killer T-1000 android in “Terminator 2” … slowly reconstituting itself after having been blown to bits.”

    Now those bits have finally coalesced into a full-fledged replica of the original — but with one important difference. The new Ministry of State Security has been designed specifically as a guarantor of Putin’s rule.”

  41. Well then the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences spectral luvvies and particularly college dropout Jimmy Kimmel got their comeuppance for their foul mouthing of Donald.

  42. And back from the old country, my aunt in Clovelly (Devonshire EC) drew my attention to this:

    “A Parkham dairy farm owner and manager have been ordered to pay £30,680 in fines and costs for illegally polluting and damming a stream.

    Peter Willes and Richard Marsden, who run P.W. and R.M. Farming partnership and Parkham Farms Limited, pleaded guilty to three offences.

    Marsden asked for another offence of slurry pollution that occurred in March at Beckland Farm to be taken into consideration.

    On January 8, 2014, at Higher Alminstone Farm in Woolsery, P.W. and R.M. Farming spread slurry on a field next to the A39 between Downham Cross and Hobby Lodge.

    The field is owned by the Clovelly Estate but rented to the farm partnership.

    It rained heavily and flushed the slurry into the nearby watercourse, heavily polluting the small stream.

    Then on April 22, 2014, Environment Agency officers found a dam constructed in a stream at Beckland Farm, and water was being pumped to a new reservoir.

    A third offence related to waste from Parkham Farms cheese factor being spread onto land in breach of an environmental permit.

    North Devon Magistrates’ Court fines Wiles £4,280 and Marsden £3,780. Parkham Farms partnership was fined £22,620.

    Liz Iles for the Environment Agency, said: “Slurry and farm washings can kill fish and other aquatic life by adding toxic pollutants and stripping oxygen from the water.

    “It is therefore important farmers make every effort to ensure these farm wastes do not escape into our rivers and streams.

    “Farmers should maximise the use of slurry as fertilizer, ensure that slurry lagoons are empty by the start of winter and also have spare capacity for emergencies.”

    Speaking after the case, Willes said: “We were relieved that the court acknowledged that no environmental harm occurred as a result of these incidents but we take responsibility for having made some unintentional mistakes and we have cooperated fully with the Environment Agency including admitting these technical breeches of the regulations at the earliest opportunity.””

  43. John Jefferson Burns – 07:54

    At some point during one of your cosy afternoon teas with your aunt, toasting crumpets over the fire, she undoubtedly will have informed you that being a farmer in the UK is a thankless, over regulated and unprofitable occupation. In our foul, climate where in many places it is effectively winter for nine months a year, animal husbandry is a particularly onerous economic activity where one is always in the shit, only the depth varying.

    I would urge your aunt to move to Clovelly, N.S.W. where the climate is far more conducive to a happier, healthier lifestyle and longevity.

  44. John Jefferson Burns @ 07:54

    And your point about the story that drew your attention is what, John?

  45. John Jefferson Burns – 07:50

    There is a growing conservative resistance movement in LaLaLand(not the film) and also in the wider liberal lunatic asylum known as Mexifornia.

    Meet “Sabo” who has just trolled the Oscars with his posters:


    and in general, this:

  46. John Jefferson Burns @ 07:50

    The suggestion now is that the mistake was staged to show how close the people with skins of different melanin content in Hollywood are, John, the wrongly announced winners turned losers jumping with joy they didn’t win.

    Hard to say what or who to believe, no?

  47. @12:11

    h/t Tucker Carlson interview with “Sabo”

  48. btw. I’ve been getting lots of 503s this morning

  49. EC @ 12:11

    Just to turn few of the progressives bluer than they would normally be, EC, the barbarian has suggested on a couple of blogs turning the statuette black in colour and transgender, gold is too closely associated with white man’s barbarous past, and the contours of the Oscar as it is resembles a man, just imagine if we had a black equivalent with a masculine member on one side, a socket on the other, skipping the arse altogether (serves the gays right for disliking the other members of the club).

    Come to think of it, not a bad suggestion, but it has failed to draw any response. Did it not go far enough, you reckon?

  50. Marshal Roberts @ 06:39

    The ‘Andropov cum Beria’ comparison with Putin is what, Marshal, your argument, the summary of your argument, or what? It smells very much like the Trump is Hitler shout.

    The argument in the piece you furnished is penned by someone who knows about things Russian as much as the barbarian knows about the engine propelling the Trident submarine.

    Btw, this chap Belkovsky is from the net TV channel ‘The Rain’, he speaks awful Russian, mumbles, the barbarian doesn’t like him because he’s hard to follow.

  51. Travel agents cleared of blame in Tunisian terrorist beach massacre
    This attitude that everywhere in the world operates to our standards and supposedly being shocked when it doesn’t really winds me up.
    Weather the police were cowards or complicit is beside the point, of course they don’t operate in a way we would call normal, they come from a different culture.
    And all cultures are not the same or equal.

  52. Baron
    As it happens last week when I was the only one round a dinner table extolling the virtues of Trumps populist appeal, I was greeted with comparative demagoguery and analogies with a man beginning with H.
    Where I come from that is called Godwin’s Law and we promptly moved on to Putin where the consensus, yes the consensus was that the man was a KGB Colonel doing what KGB Colonels always do and that the Americans were damn fools to cosy up to him. Yes, and to me he is a man who seeks accommodation so that he can get on and chew a bit more.
    Do you not think the redoubtable Mr Boot has a tiny bit of a point?

  53. More BITBOTB:

    Keep it moving. The left are trying to down her: obviously they know she’s gaining traction.

  54. The Times front page today has the footprints of The Long March all over it. The clearest imprint is the report that Gavin Thomas, “President of the Police Superintendents of England and Wales” (yet another politicised capo of a self-appointed vainglorious mafia) has pronounced from his bully pulpit that paedophiles should not be put in prison because there are so many of them that the police can’t possibly cope.

    Perhaps boyo, if you were to spend more time investigating, catching and convicting the depraved bastards who propagate this insidious perversion, rather than whining, wining, dining and socialising with your parasitical counterparts (no doubt at taxpayers expense) there just might be less of it about. But then again if you hail from a country where sheep-shagging, inbreeding and socialism are all de rigeur, the inevitability of useful idiocy follows.

    Yaki da! 🙂

    The Times has a (£) wall, but here’s the Express version:

    Ironically, of course, the Express was bought with the proceeds of commercial porn. Fucking hypocrite!

  55. Travel agents cleared of blame in Tunisian terrorist beach massacre
    I was banned from various sites because I suggested a good name for a holiday company would be,
    But if you look at holiday supplements in Sunday papers that’s exactly the situation but they haven’t got the balls to say so.

  56. … BTW, re my (15:13) the Times seems to be six months adrift with this report: the Express article is dated August 2016.

  57. Seems that Farage has declared war on the mandibly challenged, Trojan Horse – Douglas Carswell:

    Hell hath no fury like a Knighthood obstructed?

  58. John birch @ 15:21

    It’s Britain, John, a country in which many a chap’s middle name is Hypocrite.

  59. Frank P @ 15:13

    Judging by the postings not many takers for Mr. Thomas’s idea, Frank.

    If the police gave up pursuing low level hate crime that does nobody much harm, they would have enough resources to hit the child abusers, who do long lasting damage.

  60. Correction to my (15:13)

    It was Simon Bailey, the Norfolk CC quoted in the Times this morning: obviously taking Gavin Thomas’s cue from last August. Or perhaps just having received a belated Common Purpose directive.

    Apologies – I read the Times report in the Dentist’s waiting room this morning and when I tried to Google it at home later hit the paywall – hence my click into the Express report and the conflation. Which, my error notwithstanding, at least exposed that Bailey is somewhat retarded in regard to the “message”.

  61. Frank P – 16:46

    Carswell, Hamilton, Evans & Nuttall all have to go…
    …or else it’s RIP UKIP

  62. Frank P @ 17:37

    It’s only the name that’s different, Frank, the core message cannot be anything but the same, both come from the stable of the progressives.

  63. Marshal Roberts @ 14:10

    The last thing the barbarian wants is to force his slicing of the man in the Kremlin on you, Marshal, you reckon you know better, it’s fine with Baron.

    Putin’s far from ideal, but he’s the best the Russians can have given the centuries evolved psyche of the Russian tribe, the barbarian lived in the Soviet Union for almost six years when Nikita ruled, (very little of the time in prison), he knows what it was like when the communist thugs were in power, he knows enough about today’s Russia to make a comparison.

    You may have missed it, but under the KGB Colonel the Russians can move freely within and without the country, own property, run businesses, employ people, hold dollar accounts in Russia or offshore, acquire property abroad, vote in elections as free as in the West, be elected to office … They couldn’t do any of it before 1992.

    Since communism imploded, the Russians have done FA to us except for buying some expensive properties in London, and few football clubs, nationals of countries other than Putin’s Russia have done us noticeably more harm.

    It should worry anyone that Putin was schooled within the KGB ranks about as much as it may bother anyone that the second in command in NATO is a guy who was a communist party member, joined the Security Services two years before communism fell apart in what’s now the Czech Republic. Btw, neither the former or the latter bothers the barbarian, he is also quite relaxed about Mutti who when young was climbing the political ladder in the communist East, in part in Russia (Donbas).

    The yapping of the Western elites and their MSM poodles that Russia is an aggressor in Ukraine, Crimea, Syria rings hollow compared to the West’s aggression in the ME, elsewhere, or earlier in Serbia in 1999, where the Americans bombed the Serbs killing tens of thousand to carve up a chunk of the country for the Kosovo Muslims, then promptly built the biggest military base there. To cover their wrongdoing they apprehended Milosevic, the Serbs leader then, had him tried in the Hague where he died in prison. Very recently, the Court said Milosevic had not been at all guilty.

    The same Americans interfered in Ukraine spending $5bn to snatch Sevastopol from Russia, no Russian leader would have allowed that to happen, given up the control of these port facilities, the only ones this side of the Urals that don’t freeze would amount to treason.

    Whatever you or anyone else may think about the Russian tribe it has as much right to live and prosper as any other, the support for Putin is genuine, baiting him is not because the Russian military are poised to attack the West, it is because of the reasons the barbarian articulated before: to divert attention from the Western elites’ inability (or unwillingness) to address the spreading of Islam, to MOT the military, to extinguish a leader that argues for the opposite of the progressives on the traditional family, sovereignty, the Judaeo-Christian past and the need to defend it, and stuff like that.

    (China doesn’t fit the bill because of amongst other things her trading importance for the Republic ($0.5tr each year), the Chinese buying of US Treasury paper, housing many US companies, and are already (will be even more so) more powerful compared to Russia to face up to militarily).

    The Americans know, they must know that their hegemonic control of the world is coming to an end, they have massive domestic problems – amongst them huge indebtedness, the need to service it will take a large chunk of their Federal budget when the cost of money goes up as it must, the hunger of the unwashed to produce wealth is less pronounced than that of the Chinese, the Indians, others, they are also by far more ‘medicated’ than unwashed in other countries, the country ranks top in use and mis-use of prescription medicine as well as illegal drugs).

    Does a superpower in decline need other countries, regions to prosper? Of course, it doesn’t. What it needs is the world in turmoil, in distress, rioting because all this anarchy enables it to keep its controlling power for longer.

    (nuffsaid, no?).

    Btw, the omni-all Mr. Boot doesn’t have a point, he’s motivated by pure hatred, that’s an emotion, nothing good has ever come from an emotional slicing of anything whether it concerns statutes, personal relationships, or views of a tribe.

    pologies for any errors in advance, the barbarian has to flee.

  64. Baron – 18:29
    “… he is also quite relaxed about Mutti …”

    But you don’t live in Germany! 🙂

    Will you be even more relaxed when we have Brexited? 🙂

  65. Frank P – 15:13

    Did the free range paedo initiative feature in Lorne Green’s manifesto for the PCC elections last year? He has the look a serial killer about him, dontcha think?

    Your CC seems to be constantly pleading that he cannot cope on his ‘limited’ budget whilst demanding more ratepayers’ cash.

    He looks to be a scruffy bugger judging by the photo in that EDP article. (Pls. take all the usual beard observations and quips as read 🙂 )

    btw. Up this way all the old street lampposts & lights are being replaced with new fangled LED one’s. Plenty of money for Sir Dickie’s mob, and for an outbreak of unspent budget year end roadworks… but none for maternity services between Lancaster and Carlisle.

  66. RobertRetyred – 19:04

    We should all feel slightly less relaxed about Martin Schulz, the next Bundeskanzler.

  67. EC (18:08)

    I agree. but even that muck-out would leave what? Is Farage (warts ‘n’ all) planning another Sinatraian comeback? I doubt it. He “wants his life back”. Presumably with a K or a seat in the ever-exponential ‘Upper House’ of the P o W – as a shit-stirring sinecure hobby, plus ‘attendance’ fees and exes. (as with his MEP gig) . But if his own ‘party’ won’t nominate him for either, then who will?

    From recent utterances Arron Banks seems to given up on him (though he was in the studio audience of his Piers Morgan ” This is your Life” shtick), so at the moment Nige is a popular troubadour jumping on exotic band-waggons. A leader without a party. Trump was using him for his own ends, not Nigel’s – as he would: that’s politics!

    Pity Farage didn’t play the long game in the Tory Party. With the current dearth of talent in that mob he could have eventually have taken No.10. Too late now, I fear. And I still can’t envisage Brexit coming to real fruition. The forces working against it are insidious and corrosive. Some of them wearing Brexit hats. As a roving maverick he’s useful for propagation of the pro-Brexit, anti-left anti-immigration message: but his shrinks, as they all do, from nailing the real threat – Islam itself, with its soft-Sharia implications (already well underway). I’ve always thought that Alky Ida in all her guises is a distraction from the real jihad. The one that has already ensconced itself throughout the Western corridors of power, teaming up (pro-tem) with the Long Marchers. The real war of attrition will be between those two bunches of bastards. The rest of us will redundant – or dead! 🙂

  68. Typo alert: “He shrinks”, not “his shrinks”. If he has shrinks they will have been driven mad themselves by now. 🙂

  69. Baron 1829 – I have to bow to your experience. However it may be that what we are decrying is the re-emergence of the Russian Bear and the possibility, no probability that the Russians will interfere with our interests, strategic or other.
    It is terrifying to me that the Russians have so much control of the energy of Western Europe. It is more terrifying the the Russians are using their considerable IT abilities to interfere with Western democracy.
    Perhaps those who decry Putin and his KGB history are simply articulating the personification of the threat of a country in a strong leader.
    Mutti is decried when we wish to attack attempts of Germany to dominate Europe.
    So forgive the vehemence.

  70. Marshal Roberts @ 20:26

    Possible, Marshal, everything possible because as the wise Chinese had it (and the barbarian keeps boring everyone with it) ‘man can predict everything but the future’.

  71. Frank P @ 19:43

    As the other cliched saying goes ‘in the long run, we’ll all be dead, Frank, your posting though contains a nugget that, if unearthed, could propel the one who’s done already alot for the country to no10.

    What if the Brexit terms negotiated by the saintly One are to be judged disastrous by the country, or the two sides fall out, or some other disaster strikes, a disaster that will anger the country, Nigel decides to revitalise UKIP, succeeds as a nationwide count is called, the country elects him and enough of his followers, the Tories ditch the saintly One, find as yet unknown leader sympathetic to UKIP’s aims, the two parties form a coalition, beat the crap out of the cumryd’s lot, the country calms down, gets going to a different setting of the compass, the one abandoned when the progressives began to interfere ….

    Stranger things have happened, you know.

  72. Marshal Roberts (20:26)

    Heh, heh, heh. You, as a neophyte to this saloon bar, will soon learn that any mention of Boot Sr. (Baron’s bête noir) will be met with reactive fury from the ‘poorly educated Slav’. Usually accompanied by quotes from the modern day RadioTass agitprop arm, RT (they might at least have changed the initials). Stick to your guns: Boot’s ultimatum from Vlad’s ilk, “Leave Motherfuckin’ Russia, or we’ll relocate you to Siberia” seems to be reasonable cause for his hatred of Vlad and his kleptocracy. Baron has still to provide a reason for his passionate defence of the renaissant signs of the USSR, given his own spell in the Lubyanka. He still has not replied to my cod-psychiatric diagnosis – Stockholm syndrome. Just as I decline to rebut his suggestion that I am mesmerised by Master Boot. Perhaps we are both wrong! We have therefore agreed to differ.

    So I hereby volunteer to hold your coats while you slug it out over Vlad, Hitch Jr. and Alex. I really hoped that Hitch would pick up the gauntlet thrown down by Alex. I would pay good money to watch that debate. So far Hitch has haughtily declined to grab the glove. 🙂

    My apologies for interceding in my old mukka’s absence. But just sayin’ …

    As for your assertion that Russia is using its considerable IT expertise to interfere with Western democracy. All nations are engaged in The Great Game in search of a hegemony that accords with their own self interest. Never been any different. Great Britain used to be the best at it. Wish it were still so. 80 years of creeping treason in the Security Services and the other legions of the Long March have put paid to that.

  73. EC @ 19:20

    One would think, EC, that someone who has lived in at least East Anglia most if not all his (or her) life would be more suitable for the post rather than someone who spent most of his life abroad in India or wherever.

    How do these people get these sinecures?

    Also, in the piece there is a question that reads ‘would you pay 2% more in tax to be safe’? This is a loaded question, if one says no does it imply one doesn’t care about safety? It’s like stopping someone on the street saying ‘would you give me your wallet if I didn’t break your scull?’ No brainer this one, is it?

  74. Frank P @ 23:20

    Good one, Frank, somewhat delayed, but full of passion, a sign of a solid fighting spirit coming back, you must have been great loss to the Force when you’ve called it a day.

    Sadly, only someone who has second rate knowledge of the USSR, third rate of today’s Russia could argue Putin’s Russia is ‘the renaissant signs of the USSR’. That’s BBC talking, plain and simple.

    Btw, the poorly educated Slav has given up on RT last year, he got pissed with their love for the Palestinian course rather than anything else, hasn’t watched the channel for months, more to the point, Baron’s argument has never been anywhere close to that of the RT whatever theirs may be, Baron’s unique in his reasons for West’s baiting Russia.

    Here are two guys whose take on the Russia-West sparring match the barbarian endorses (with minor reservations). Will you, Frank, have to courage to argue with either one of them, anyway you like, please.

  75. Baron (23:20)

    Apologies, I was talking about you behind your back whilst you were formulating your latest optimistic scenario. 🙂 Should your prognostication turn out to be so, I shall sing your praises for prescience as I did when you backed a win for Donald (agin he general flow of the Wall). I hope we’re both around, should it happen. But to be honest, I don’t believe that Nigel’s up for it. He’s making a few bob in showbiz and The Donald will make sure he doesn’t starve come-what-may..How could he galvanise the unruly gaggle of geysers and gals who currently comprise the Yookiparty? Impossible! Remember four million votes – one MP – and a snake-in-the-grass, to boot.
    (Apologies for mentioning the last word in the last sentence). This isn’t America. Sadly, Trump could never happen here.

  76. RobertRetyred @ 19:04

    The relaxing bit referred to Mutti’s schooling in the East when the communist doctrine was worshipped there, Robert, not what she’s done in the recent past in charge of immigration.

    Everyone is yapping about Putin and the KGB, nobody ever mentions her, rather silly this, it’s almost as if the West is OK with former KGB operatives if they adopt the value system of the progressives, not with those who stick to the old fashioned values that Frank (and the rest of us) feel sad losing. This is a paradox the barbarian doesn’t suffer from.

    Everyone on this blog is rather scathing about policies of the Western pre-Trump political elites other than those concerning Russia. This is illogical, makes little sense, it suggests either deep prejudice (i.e. lack of objectivity), or worse, no?

  77. Frank P @ 23:46

    All of us here should be alive when it happens, if it happens, Frank, and that includes the great lover of conspiracies Malfleur (he probably will be around whatever happens, he sounds quite young what with the bottomless stamina to watch the thousands hours of Infowars that would drive sane people bonkers.

    Also, you are mature enough, must have seen alot, accumulated massive knowledge of the human condition to avoid saying ‘Trump can never happen here’. The hidden and so far mostly dormant ‘healthy core of Englishness’ may surprise everyone, even the barbarian.

  78. Baron (23:44)

    We’re leap-froggin’ again: at our t.o.l. that could lead to a nasty accident. 🙂 – though they can’t nick you for it any more. As you well know, Fred and Pat are two of my phavrit philosophers, so I shall take up your suggestion and report back tomorrow (sorry, later today, don’t time fly when you’re enjoying yourself). BTW – as a Parthenon shot: about RT – “The eye of the beholder … and ” There’s none so blind …” conflated into one arrowhead, maxim; or triple mixed metaphor). 🙂

  79. A disclaimer before you all jump on the poorly educated Slav, he doesn’t have a dog in the fight, he isn’t Russian, the fate of Putin is totally indifferent to him, he has no love for the KGB or its mutations of any form either (the old guard of the phylum had a go trying to hang him, failed, hence you suffer his yapping, he, he, he), but he also doesn’t want a repeat of the horrors of WW2 or worse.

    You look at some of the pictures from the ME, it’s sickening the conditions these poor people have to endure, the al-Jazeera was showing tonight some of the refugees from Mosul, the barbarian had to switch channels, he couldn’t stomach it.

    If the baiting of the Russian bear de-rails, some nutter somewhere pushes a button, the fireworks start, we may find ourselves in not dissimilar conditions. As Fred in the above piece says ‘and for what?’

  80. Sorry ‘ Parthian shot’ [new tablet – must turn off the predictive text, as usual it produces bollocks – like its user, I suppose].

  81. Frank P @ 00:19

    No need to rush to respond, Frank, you health is the top priority, good sleep is essential, but if you do come back please keep in mind you’re talking to a poorly educated Slav, if you can avoid the language that start with ‘about RT …. Baron has no idea what it’s all about, honest.

  82. Now back to the Congress Speech by POTUS foreplay on Fox (recorded!).

  83. Sorry – one more thing: I forgot to respond to the EC ( 19:20) re Lorne Greene. Having posted hereupon about him during his campaign in uncomplimentary and satirical mode and again after he won the election (qv – you know how to trawl for archival copy). I have since been nailed twice for speeding. Forgive me if I decline to push my luck with further satire, I need my car to get me and the memsahib to our hospital clinics, the cab fares would bankrupt us. As for Bailey – that’s a bridge too far, under the circs.

    Nonetheless, I cannot argue with your take on Bonanzas physiognomy. 🙂

  84. Frank 23.20
    Glad someone else sees the threat.Glad also that someone is educating Donald to the threat. Those of us brought up on Alfred Lord Tennyson and the Valley of the 600 know the designs of the Russian Bear.

  85. Marshal Roberts @ 08:10

    Is that your argument, Marshal, a calamitous blunder by two totally brainless men of aristocratic pedigree (Lucan and Cardigan) that led to a totally unnecessary slaughter, and you blame it on the Russians, today’s Russians at that? Hmmm

  86. Frank P @ 01:07

    Is Melanie right about the Donald’s ‘Swedish blunder’, Frank? Trump was referring to a Fox programme on Sweden, or so his people say, which may be true because Fox did air a programme on Sweden the night before.

  87. Have you listened to the Donald’s address?

    Still some of the old ideas that furnished alot of excitement before the count, but somewhat watered down, which is understandable, he has to govern with a Congress that largely hates what he stands for.

    He should be careful though, abandoning the promises, cutting back on them, failing to deliver on them will cut his grassroots support, and it is the grassroots supports that gives him the power, he loses it, the swamp will swallow him fast.

  88. Frank P @ 01:07

    The poorly educated Slav seems to be slow on the up-take today, Frank, but could he be right interpreting your ‘I have since been nailed twice for speeding’ as signalling something more than a mere bad luck of driving at speed higher than allowed, getting spotted?

    You are aware what it would entail to organise it – getting hold of your address to actually asking someone who by law should be impartial to trap you?

  89. Baron – 11:22

    Frank should’ve bought one of those commie 80’s Ladas or Yugos, Baron. No chance of him speeding in one of those. If it came to court the Beak would have no option but to dismiss the case!

  90. Baron, February 28th, 2017 – 23:44

    Two very good pieces from Fred & Paddy you linked up there, Baron. Despite your reservations they are not incompatible with Bart Marcois’ analysis that I linked above:

  91. Baron (10:58)

    Oh FFS, Baron; Haven’t you yet adjusted by now to my sardonic s.o.h. ?? Get a grip! My tongue never leaves my cheek while amusing myself in this forum. 😉

    OTOH your general premise on partiality and your assumptions about what can or cannot be achieved quite simply through the grape vine within the corridors of power with a nod and a wink, displays a naivity that is surprising for an ex-Lubyanka internee. Bwaaahahaha!

    No Baron. Paranoia has not yet set in; just riffing around the Bailey Bridge pun for the amusement of the old war horses here.

    Yes, I stayed awake for the Congressional Speech. Pure theatre. Well delivered – and the sour grapes of libtards were a joy to behold. They expected him to stumble and were really pissed when he didn’t. But I concur with your assessment that it contained a shitload of hostages to fortune. Go Donald! Good luck with the roll-out, you’ll need it!

  92. Saudi king visits Indonesia with huge entourage and tons of cargo
    And all because the useless bastards sit on top of oil.
    God plays cruel tricks.

  93. Baron at 10-53.

    Melanie Phillips is right about Sweden. It has been turned into a hell of rape and violence; and hand-grenade attacks and no-go-zones.

    She is wrong in her conclusions . An American might well say : `He speaks to us,and for us,in the language we use.We know what he means`.

    It has been pointed-out,else-where,that the out-rage about what he said has broken the silence and lead to reports about the truth in Sweden getting into the common prints.

  94. More to say re Sweden when the internet connection gets faster.

  95. Radford NG – 16:16
    “She is wrong in her conclusions”

    It is another case of needing to take Trump seriously but not literally, rather than literally but not seriously.

  96. Baron 1049:

    I smell mischief.

    The Light Brigade reference was a metaphor for the need to check Russian expansion, in this instance to the south.

    It is very clear to all who do not simply base their understanding of the Russian Bear on Martin Sixsmith that the struggles of the Muscovites with the Mongols awakened the Russian expansionist mind in the Fifteenth century.
    Ever thereafter the Russians have pressed East driving thru the Mongols, West seeking hegemony over Teutons, Swedes Slavic/Germanic peoples in general and South to provide a bulwark against Islam.
    Different leaders have had different priorities. Ivan III prioritised the Mongols to the East. Ivan IV prioritised the Tartar’s to the South and realised the economic benefits of Southern conquests.
    He was not so good in the West and it took Peter the Great to begin hegemony there. And of course Catharine II consolidated Western overlordship by strategic alliances with Prussia and Austria.

    Ever since, the drive to domination of Central Europe has dominated the grabbing paws of the Russian bear. Except for forays South illustrated by events leading to the Crimean War down to the disastrous Christmas Day push into Afghanistan in the subterminal days of Czar Brezhnev.

    Czar Putin, you are correct is only doing what his Muscovite antecedents have been doing for 600 years. His push into Ukraine and further South in Syria are both linked to this. His sabre rattling against NATO, manipulation of American democracy and cuddly approach to Donald need to be bracketed with the threats to poor Estonia and other countries with a substantial Russian speaking population.

    The man is dangerous.
    As dangerous to Central Europe as Napoleon and his German Successor of 1939.

  97. It is customary on these occasions to quote Churchill, not just on Munich but long before that:

    16 November 1934. Broadcast, London

    “At present we lie within a few minutes’ striking distance of the French, Dutch and Belgian coasts, and within a few hours of the great aerodromes of Central Europe. We are even within canon-shot of the Continent.

    So close as that! Is it prudent, is it possible, however much we might desire it, to turn our backs upon Europe and ignore whatever may happen there? I have come to the conclusion – reluctantly I admit – that we cannot get away. Here we are and we must make the best of it. But do not underrate the risks – the grevious risks – we have to run.”

    Thus Churchill questioned appeasement of the Germans. My one and only quibble with Trump is his susceptibility to beguiling by Czar Putin.

  98. `Rule 1,on page 1 of the book of war is : ” Do not march on Moscow”. Various people have tried it.Napoleon and Hitler and it is no good. `

    Field Marshall,Viscount Montgomery of Alamein : House of Lords ; 30 May 1962.

  99. Radford NG
    Do not march on Moscow.
    But watch that Moscow does not march on us (or our friends).

  100. I was just watching a bunch of political has beens getting our of taxis to vote down May on one of her strong negotiating points.
    I though why on earth have these out of touch beings any say on our lives.

  101. We have all seen that our media in general have lately been so anti-Trump that they have been using their best efforts to completely demonise him. Some, like the Huffington Post, are still at it.

    I also notice that there seems to be a substantial component of opinion of the Wall that, less obviously, believes that the Russian web site RT. ought to be demonised and, of course that Putin needs to be demonised too.

    I read RT now and again – and I suggest that Walllers might be interested to read this item from RT. Is it fair to say that RT is no more than typically Russian propaganda? –

  102. Baron.
    SWEDEN : Katie Hopkins reports from Sweden after appeals from Swedish women to her to come and see.

  103. ” In what situations does a paramedic need body armour and helmets ? ”
    President of Swedish Ambulance Drivers Union explains.

  104. Radford NG – 22:02

    What about when looking after a 12 year old Afghan?

    Mother-of-two reveals she opened her home to Afghan ’12-year-old refugee’ and was shocked when he turned out to be a grown man who threatened to KILL her family

    The Government are putting British (generous, well meaning) subjects in danger because of inadequate or even no checking.

    Trump looks more sane every day! 🙂

  105. Radford NG @ 21:43

    Katie, in her own hard-hitting style is only confirming what everyone who cares to look for it knows. The number of postings – well over 1500 – and the top one saying the Donald was right, attracting over 8,000 upticks – will do FA to anything. The progressives are not interested in facts, they hate the Donald and that’s it, nothing short of his annihilation will do for them. Sad that.

  106. Herbert Thornton @ 21:41

    Very informative link, Herbert, and an illustration of one the reasons the barbarian has been suggesting lies behind the Western political elites, the MSM lapdogs lambasting of Putin, his backing for what used to be also generally accepted here before the progressives took over – a hetero family as the basic block of a society at ease with itself, Jude-Christian traditions, immigrants assimilating into the host culture, stuff like that.

    One would expect our religious leaders to defend similar belief system, it has served us well for centuries, the new multy culty, PC, gender fluid novelty has no proven record, and is deep down rejected by probably the majority, certainly nobody the barbarian knows subscribes to it, old and young and all.

  107. Marshal Roberts @ 18:23

    Well before you’ve joined us, Marshal, another contributor who doesn’t post often now, Noa, said (soon after the Ukrainian east flared up): ‘Wake me up when the Russians move to Poland, I’ll be there defending the country of Poles’.

    Baron would do the same, somehow worries not he’ll have to fulfil the promise. You know why?

  108. Radford NG @ 18:09

    Not a bad advice, Radford, but people don’t seem to learn from history, do they.

  109. EC @ 12:18

    An interesting piece, rather haphazardly put together, EC, the barbarian has seen it when you posted it before.

    The backbone of it, which says ‘Putin actually doesn’t need to control Trump – he just needs us to believe he does’ misses the real motivation behind the MSM’s unceasing ranting about it 24/7. It is to provoke the Donald to act even more aggressively against Russia than the hon Muslim did, or at the min to keep things as there were under him, i.e. the now retired Potus.

    They tried to mock Obama, too, remember? accusing him of being a weakling, giving up on key issues e.g. red line on Syria (the gas attack), failing to set up a no-fly zone in the country and such like. With the Donald, it’s the repeat of it only in a higher gear.

    What’s at stake here is alot of money, careers, the fate of the US strategic positioning up to the Trump era in places from the Baltic down to the ME and beyond.

    If you were to accept the barbarian’s argument that one of the key reasons for barking at Russia is the need for a thorough MOT of the American war machine than the suggestion that Putin pulls the string on the Donald becomes clear. Sooner or later even the Donald will come to believe it, will lose his cool, do something that will show everyone he and not the man in the Kremlin is the undisputed boss.

    Even if the Donald keeps his cool he can hardly make a deal with Russia, (in which each side gives something up), because the same MSM poodles (prompted by the special interests i.e. the military, the suppliers to the military) will suggest he, the Donald, was outsmarted by Putin.

    To cut it short, for Putin it’s totally counterproductive to either try to genuinely control the Donald (it’s obscene to even think he can, does he possess some magical powers?) or just to convince everyone he does.

  110. Marshal Roberts @ 17:39

    It pains Baron to say it, Marshal, but you must ask your Russian history teachers to give you your money back. This longish shot of yours on the country’s history cannot be argued with, it makes little sense, sorry.

    A visit to a GP could also help, your sense of smell is out of kilter

    Lastly, when you have the time tell us about the history of the United Kingdom, focus only on her non-expansionist policies, start (say) after the Seven Years War ended in 1763, take us through until our pulling back after WW2, please.

  111. Frank P @ 13:23

    Point taken, Frank, the nod & wink one, stored safely in the few remaining (and still functioning cells), but could that really be ever happening here? The poorly educated Slav was under the impression that stuff like that was the prominence of Putin’s Russia only, he, he, he.

    And keep on riffling, it suits you, and you’re excellent at it.

    On the speech: more sensible take on it also in the Spectator, unbelievably even Freddy Grey found some good in it, Matt Purple finished it off with as near a fanfare as one can hope for (at this stage of the changeover).

    Things are changing, let’s hope it’s not only a good start, but more of the good is still to come.

  112. Ashort edition to Baron’s posting at 00:05

    The arm waving at Russia also furnishes the right conditions for convincing the American unwashed that the re-arming is a must, the Republic cannot afford to be legging behind aggressive Russia, her Armed Services must have new and better tanks, planes, nuclear warheads than Russia, the US military must again be the ones to fear.

    If all the warmongering succeeds implanting in the minds of the American voters the idea that the country whose nominal GDP is on par with that of the Benelux countries is a serious threat (as Marshal already believes) then voila, the bottom line of Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, General Dynamics, Raytheon & cos will get another massive boost, also the jobs for the American workers in those companies will be more secure, there will be more of them.

    None of it means that a war must break out, it’s enough that the military gear gets made, but if a conflict arose, so much the better for the demand for the equipment, ammo, the rest of what the military need will be even bigger.

    Keeping up portraying Russia as an arch villain is essential for many, the Donald may have to see it that way, too. We shall see what sort of stuff he’s made of.

  113. Here’s a promise, from tomorrow the barbarian will cut off the number of postings, also, sorry for the errors, and

    доброй ночи, boys and girls.


    Lionel on President Trump’s address to the Joint Houses of Congress –

    I would comment that:
    1. He liked it
    2. Lionel does not rant (this for Baron – personally, I think rant has its place)
    3. He is idiosyncratic, sharp, and witty.


    Wallsters might find interesting the interview by Alex Jones, starting about 7 minutes into Hour 2 of his show on Wednesday linked below, with TED MALLOCH.
    Malloch is being considered by President Trump as his nominee as United States Ambassador to the European Union. Indications are that the EU would resist Malloch’s nomination and the reasons for that resistance are discussed in this interview.

  116. Malfleur @ 01:25

    The guy’s one of ours, Malfleur, quite OK, pleasingly, even more bigheaded than the poorly educated Slav what with ‘I know you want to hear what I have to say …’, the slicing of the speech follows those of others.

    But is he as good as this one (on a different but related subject)? Shall we fight for it?

    (Keep calm, that’s it for today, that’s the whole of Baron’s self-imposed output of verbal pollution for 24 hours).

  117. Sweden reintroduces conscription amid conflict fears
    Excellent, now all the new Swedish men who are unemployed will be able to have a useful job, protecting our western way of life.

  118. Baron, March 2nd, 2017 – 00:47

    Ideological/Cultural subversion:
    Demoralisation, destabilisation, crisis, normalisation.
    It’s a winning formula, why would the KGB/FSB ever stop?

    From the vaults:

    KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov’s warning to America

    G. Edward Griffin’s full interview with Yuri Bezmenov:

    “Deception Was My Job”

    Yeah, I know it’s 1hr22min but it’s absolutely fascinating. You won’t notice the time passing, I promise. So much of what he said THEN rings true, today!

  119. … also what was this all about?

    “Published on Mar 27, 2012
    On Monday while President Obama was taking part in a global nuclear security summit in South Korea, he was caught on tape asking for Russian President Dmitry Medvedev for “space.” “This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility,” Obama implored. Obama assured the departing Russian President he will have the “flexibility” required to deal with missile defense issues after the 2012 presidential election.”

    (apologies for the provenance of this recording, Frank.)

  120. I noticed this on the BBC’s website yesterday, as did James Delingpole “as it ‘appens.”

    More junk science brought to you by the class of people, “experts,” that Sir (my arse!) Paul Nurse, professional geneticist turned amateur climate primate, maintains should rule our lives without question.

  121. MEMRI – RTW, for those seeking an alternative to RT/Russia Today?

    Russia This Week – February 20-March 2, 2017

    Russia This Week is a weekly review by the MEMRI Russian Media Studies Project, covering the latest Russia-related news and analysis from media in Russia, the Caucasus, Central Asia, and Eastern Europe.

  122. As we were saying.
    Now Putin has sabotaged the American Attorney General.
    Not just dangerous but sinister.

  123. John birch
    March 2nd, 2017 – 13:59

    So Sweden is introducing military conscription which presumably will include training large numbers of patriotic, loyal, young men from their No-go Muslim areas.

    Will their basic training also including the modern Swedish version of the NAAFI break? –

  124. The cover of the latest `The New Yorker` magazine.

  125. Sorry – paragraph 2 should say “include” not “including”.

  126. Spectator : `The Left’s great Russian conspiracy theory` : Brendan O’Neill.

    “The chattering classes have officially lost it…….
    Exhibit A : the week’s New Yorker ”

    Frank P,and whom it may concern : this link should work unless your computer address is black-listed by the Spectator.

  127. John birch @ 13:59

    The 4,000 conscripts each year are going to scare Putin no end, John, even more so if they include the newcomers that are keen on burning cars, demonstrating for sharia, and raping women.

  128. EC @ 16:16

    Remember, EC, that Russians defectors who talked in public had been either low grade, or were implants. KGB operatives with access to valuable stuff, if they ever managed to flee the USSR, were never allowed to breathe for long.

    The hon Muslim indiscretion leaving the mic live is known to the barbarian, thanks for bringing it up, it shows that whatever shite they and their agitprop dogs heap on each other in public, in private they deal as if they were the best of friends.

    Now, the link below is more than abit of a bombshell, Frank and Marshal will love it (some in Russia, where the MSM are full of it, are suggesting Putin has a hand in it, unlikely because in the last part which has no subtitles unfortunately, Navalny says ‘Putin is doing the same but on a much bigger scale):

  129. Before we get serious about the Medvedev’ video (if you decide to watch it, it’s quite long), the barbarian must say if the guy should be sacked for anything it should be his fashion sense, the shirts he wears were in vogue last century, around the times the Beatles were around.

  130. EC @ 17:10

    MEMRI is new to the barbarian, EC, thanks, he may give it a chance, but it be tter be good, there’re so many other sources.

    Btw, the blonde from the Foreign Ministry told a group of American journalists who asked her whether Russia would be prepared to return Crimea to Ukraine: ‘You return Texas to Mexico then we’ll see’.

  131. Herbert Thornton @ 21:31

    Apologies, Herbert, the poorly educated Slav didn’t notice you had made an identical comment on the annual total of the 4,000 new brave recruits ready to stop the nasty Putin taking over the Swedish multy-culty nirvana.

  132. Baron
    March 3rd, 2017 – 00:08

    Now you’ve got me confused. I’ve searched for an identical comment but can’t find one. My ancient computer has been acting really perversely for the last 3 days to the point where I’ve wiped the hard drive and re-installed the operating system several times (and still not cured it) so maybe that has something to do with it.

  133. Baron (23:40)

    Now that was fifty minutes of fun; when money talks, bearshit walks!

    Actually, the line you quote at the end DOES have subtitles. Did you add them? 🙂

    What’s with vineyard schtik? Is he trying to wean the proles of Vodka? The absence of British holdings is interesting? No Don Trumpo link either. Mmm.

    Wonder if Tony Blair ever availed himself of a dirty weekend at the Tuscany gaff?

    Just about to watch Sessions on Tucker Carlson. That should be fun, too. What a tangled web…

  134. …wean the proles off vodka … Sri

  135. Sessions: evasive and flaky, notwithstanding that Tucker gave him a rub-down with the Sporting life, (even after a gee-up from his producer through his earpiece). I fear that the gentleman doth protest too much. Another own goal. Shame. Suggestions for a replacement?

  136. Both Rudy G and Chris C have too much baggage. Ted Cruz? That would be a full circle jobbie, wouldn’t it? Oohhhh fuck … what a mess!!

  137. Baron – 23:58

    If you want to discover what’s really going on in an Oxford college you’re often better off interviewing the Porter rather than the Master!

  138. Frank P – 02:52

    Trey Gowdy!

  139. Frank P 0159 3/3/17
    Before you get excited it is simply the sabre rattling of Navalny again.

  140. @07:50

    Any viewer of Inspector Morse/Lewis will tell you that… 🙂

    …but the same principle applies to other organisations in the real world.

  141. Baron – 00:04
    There is a long list: Hillary(who has gone! But is she returning as NY mayor?), Gina Miller (as mentioned), that Scottish Woman, Merkel, Christine Legarde, Hattie Harperson(quieter than usual) ….

    It’s fewer than I thought! 🙂

  142. Romano Verdi – 08:01

    Indeed, “Skullion” was a case in point! 🙂

    I really enjoyed Tom Sharpe’s books. He fled to the UK (who doesn’t) after the humourless regime in South Africa didn’t like his biting satires of life there. (Riotous Asssembly, Indecent Exposure) THEN he turned his outsider’s eye on us. The Wilt books on Further Education colleges were both funny and devastatingly accurate. Then there was Blott on the Landscape, and there was more but I rather lost track of him after that.

  143. The Sessions “scandale” is merely a brouhaha and has no merit. What it really signals is that the swamp creatures are becoming desperate as the Department of Justice is being restored to order and a strategy is prepared pursuant to which indictments or criminal charges may be brought against the great ones of the country. Large numbers of alleged paedophiles, more than 1500, have been arrested across the USA in recent weeks, and allegations that leading politicians of both main parties in America, and operatives working with them, have been paid agents of foreign powers these last twenty years, may well now provide a cage of songbirds to implicate those who were beyond the reach of the law when the Department of Justice was peopled by seditionists and perverters of the course of justice.

  144. EC(07:54)

    Good pick – but would he take it? I think I remember him indicating otherwise. But I agree.i

  145. If Trump lets Sessions go, then that really will be a nail in his own coffin. I hope, and surely this must be the case, that the DoJ is preparing cases against household names, and I’m hoping that the reason for the wait is that they are making the cases absolutely watertight. If you’re going to haul a US Senator up on charges of child sex abuse, then you have to win, and if Trump doesn’t go after the big names, he doesn’t stand a chance. A lot of Democrat voters are public sector sheep who go with the flow because jobs and promotion depend on it, but when it becomes clear that the flow is going the other way, their allegiance may change in short order. And to increase the women’s vote, if he shows that their hopey-changey-compassionate candidate has been doing vile things with children, and the scale of missing kids in the USA of a jaw-dropping scale, then present delusion may be replaced by disillusion and anger at being had.
    Gowdy is a very bright and rare star and looks like prime AG material, but if that’s what is planned for him, then save him for a second term, or even better, maybe he’s going to the Supreme Court. He’d be there for decades.

  146. I forgot that Gowdy has been a prosecutor, and isn’t a judge, so something in the DoJ must surely be in the cards for him. If you haven’t seen him at work, go to YouTube. Possibly the most impressive man since Enoch.


    About time too the posters were removed, should be replaced with notices promoting gender fluidity, urging combatants to examine their sexual tools carefully, think of their replacement with those of the other kind, experience life in full from either side.

  148. Irishboy @ 15:36

    Allegedly, Irishboy, his aim is the top, the Supreme Court, he should make it, he truly impresses with clarity, depth of thinking, knowledge of statutes. If he gets to be promoted by the Donald it shouldn’t be anything that may derail his career.

  149. Irishboy @ 14:31

    The Donald should get on with it, Irishboy, any delay furnishes his enemies with more opportunities to thwart his cleansing of the swamp.

    You’re right, he cannot afford to let Sessions go, they are beginning to home on Kushner now (see an example below, other papers carry the same story). What puzzles id why doesn’t he, the Donald, carry out a Full Monty sacking of the White House, ask his people at other Departments to do the same as much as possible? It’s nothing but leaks by people who want to remain anonymous. Let them be anonymous out of the White House.

  150. EC @ 09:33

    What makes this story rather serious, EC, is that these guys aren’t people who can be brainwashed easily, certainly not as easily as some yob who’s looking for bit of excitement, thinks the ISIL will provide it.

    How could anyone join a bunch of thugs who like cutting people’s throats, burning them alive, throwing gays from roof tops?

    Part of it may a tribal allegiance, they cannot stomach our invading the countries of Allah, but a part my be their religious upbringing, their total commitment to the teaching of the Islam. How do you then convert such people to a secular way of thinking, something we have to do if the Islamic mainstream amongst us is not to cause troubles forever.

  151. Frank & Romano on Navalny:

    The spokesman for Medvedev says ‘nothing to see, illegal there, neither on the sneakers, fashionable shirts nor the properties’.

    He’s right, almost nothing in the dossier’s new, the stuff has been around for months if not years, what Navalny did was he put it together with painful clarity, found missing links, documented the whole affair thoroughly.

    It may be that on the surface nothing smells of illegality, it’s all kosher, hard to prove otherwise unless one asks what are the generous oligarchs getting for the millions, or if one establishes a close connection between the PM buying a vineyard, pushing for policies advantageous to people who own vineyards.

    Nothing that doesn’t have to be in his name isn’t (what a sentence in English, ha? It’s a direct translation from a Russian lawyer, do you get it?) or rather only that which must be unavoidably in his name is (better?).

    Amazingly, most of the assets are of the sort that eats up cash (unless one assumes Medvedev does B&B, rents the yacht and such like), nothing in the dossier of assets that bring in money i.e. shares, bonds.

    Amazingly, the reaction on the blogs isn’t all that negative for Medvedev, on the contrary, some are pointing out it ought to have been the country that should have furnished the PM with the houses, why should he do it through some charitable funds?

    Putin must have known about it, everyone’s waiting for the word from the Kremlin, so far nothing. The nothing it will very likely remain, tomorrow its the 5th anniversary of Putin’s election as President, he’s unlikely to get sidetracked by something that has been, piecemeal, known for a long time.

    Many Russians (not all by any means) are of the view of the old babushka in the clip ‘he helped us’, she says, ‘(what, building a church?), or a man on one the blogs who says ‘the communists stole our souls, he only steals bricks’. This tells you how deeply corruption of this kind has got ingrained in the psyche of the people, they are content to accept that anyone who makes it helps himself, his family and friends. It’s the mentality that has been natured for generations, it will take generation to be rid of.

  152. Irishboy (14:31)

    I agree that it is, as Don Trumpo avers, a witch hunt. But he must know that after justifiably slagging- off the libtards for 18 months AND wiping the floor with 16 Republican adversaries from the GOP (many of them well fed alligators from the swamp) then winning the White House – on a loudly declared, swamp-draining mission, he was going to be up to his arse in witch-finders general, snapping their teeth. So riding into the fray on a broomstick, wearing a pointy hat was not a good idea, which is metaphorically what the AG did when he knowingly lied to the egregious Franken during the senate confirmation hearings. As a potential AG he should have known where that alligator was coming from and had a suitable riposte at the ready. If innocent, then the truth was harmless. Two great speeches by Trump have been overshadowed by crafted libtard innuendo, which should have been thrown straight back into Franken’s face at the time. Bunkum is easily debunked with the true facts snapped back at lies.

    In days of yore, I used to rate barristers by the yardstick of whether I would choose them as a brief, if ever I was unfortunate enough to get nicked myself. Similarly potentional side-kicks were assessed by whether I would trust them to follow me into the witness box during a complex prosecution. Sessions would have fallen short of either ad hoc measure. Neither quick thinking, nor articulate. The Donald could have done better with that pick. Loyalty is great, but competence and cunning are equal prerequisites in the law enforcement game. The enemy is possessed of all of those – with a blend of malice, greed and lust for power as a catalyst. One hopes that the goodwill and optimism emanating from the last two POTUS speeches will compensate for the cock-ups and that they will sail through this second spell of turbulence.

    At the moment it looks like Trump will be more forgiving the Pence was regarding Flynn; so Sessions will hold on to his arse and COR. Let’s hope there are no more wild cards up the enemy’s sleeve. Losing one Cabinet pick is unfortunate, losing two looks like carelessness (apologies to the noted sodomite and Lady Bracknell).

  153. This may help on Sessions and the Russian meddling:

  154. There are those who think Navalny has a death wish

    “The strangest thing about Alexey Navalny is that he is walking around Moscow, still. Here is what has happened to the other men who headlined the Russian protests in 2011 and 2012: Boris Nemtsov, the liberal, is dead, shot in view of the Kremlin in February of last year; Sergei Udaltsov, the radical leftist, is in jail, serving a four-and-a-half-year sentence for allegedly plotting to overthrow the Russian government; Garry Kasparov, the chess champion who became a politician, is in exile, as are many others. Meanwhile, Navalny is living in Moscow and openly running several political projects, the largest of which, the Anti-Corruption Foundation, has just released its biggest and most revealing investigation yet.”

  155. Baron, Frank, Romano:
    It is all down to Putin.
    If Putin wanted he could rub him out tomorrow.
    Ask Litvinenko.


    “The murder of ex-Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko in 2006 in the UK was “probably” approved by President Vladimir Putin, an inquiry has found.

    The long-awaited report into Mr Litvinenko’s death found that two Russian men – Andrei Lugovoi and Dmitry Kovtun – deliberately poisoned the 43-year-old in London in 2006 by putting the radioactive substance polonium-210 into his drink at a hotel.
    Sir Robert Owen, the public inquiry chairman, said he was “sure” Mr Litvinenko’s murder had been carried out by the two men and that they were probably acting under the direction of Moscow’s FSB intelligence service, and approved by the organisation’s chief, Nikolai Patrushev, as well as the Russian president.
    He said Mr Litvinenko’s work for British intelligence agencies, his criticism of the FSB and Mr Putin, and his association with other Russian dissidents were possible motives for his killing.

    ‘Send a message’

    There was also “undoubtedly a personal dimension to the antagonism” between Mr Putin and Mr Litvinenko, he said.
    The use of polonium-210 was “at the very least a strong indicator of state involvement” as it had to be made in a nuclear reactor, the report said.
    The inquiry heard evidence that Mr Litvinenko may have been consigned to a slow death from radiation to “send a message”.

  157. “Six Gazeta journalists have been assassinated since Putin took office, and the circumstances around the murders have brought much scrutiny for the Kremlin.

    Gazette’s investigative reporter Yuri Shchekochikhin was poisoned and died just days before he was scheduled to fly to the U.S. and meet with the FBI officials to discuss a money laundering case in 2003.

    Anna Politkovskaja, an outspoken critic of Putin for years, was shot and killed in the elevator of her apartment building three years later.

    None of the murders have been tied to the Kremlin. The only real instance where Putin’s distaste for the Gazeta was on public display was after Aleksandr I. Bastrykin, Russia’s chief federal investigator, threatened to kill the newspaper’s deputy editor in 2012 with a letter written in blood type.

    The reason why the Kremlin keeps Novaya Gezeta around is that it’s the only news outlet that reports on domestic and international news accurately and without censorship, making it a useful source for Putin and the oligarchs.”

  158. “A general rule for news outlets in Russia is that you don’t criticize Putin under any circumstances. The only significant newspaper that still does is Novaya Gazeta. The newspaper was founded in 1993 by the last president of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev, who used the money he got from being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1990 to set up the Gazette”

    Read more:

  159. Frank P 16.37

    I must say I am at a loss to know why even one or two lowly bureaucrats haven’t been pulled in for questioning, even if later released. As the Left has shown us time and again over decades of activism, make the process part of the punishment, for as long as nobody is touched for blabbering and leaking, then they all feel invulnerable.

    And if Donald J is ever wise enough to recruit you, I’ll gladly carry your bag, and follow you into the witness box!

  160. Marshal Roberts @ 17:26

    Saying ‘probably’, Marshal, is the same as saying ‘we have no idea’.

    Btw, do you have any link to this field of espionage, or perhaps police work? Could you tell us what’s your job, not exactly, just a hint, please.

  161. Marshal Roberts @ 17:35

    If you speak Russian, Marshal, read the first link, then tell us if you find anything other than criticism of Putin, or watch the other link (you have to subscribe), and again find anything positive these young people have to say about him.

  162. Marshal Roberts @ 17:34

    The Daily Caller’s list is about as valid, Marshal, as is the stuff in the link below.

    The barbarian believes neither, it’s all journalistic crap, it’s worth about as much as any other conspiratorial bleating on any other subject.

  163. Sadly
    Or perhaps gladly I do not speak Russian.
    I say gladly because if you call out Putin -and – speak Russian you wind up dead.
    The difference between Hillary and Putin is that Clinton may have caused deaths by bad judgement.
    While Putin causes deaths by malign intent.
    Which is fine by me if he sticks to Russians in Moscow.
    But when he stars littering London bars with Polonium action must be taken.
    Why on earth Donald cannot yet see through him, I do not know.
    If Sessions means anything it should mean Trump now drops Putin.
    Estonia depends on it.

  164. Marshal Roberts @ 18:39

    Not just Estonia, Marshal, the whole free world depends on it.

    You haven’t given us a hint what you do, a teacher, a professor of history, perhaps?

  165. Baron – In my life I have done a few things. Frank says you have been in Lubyanka. I cannot match that but in 1981 when General Jaruzelski took over in Warsaw my collaborator and friend in Katowice was shot. I was not allowed back over until the 90’s.
    The Poles hate the Russians much more than the Germans and with a passion which I find strange when I know what the Germans did in The War. But then it is deep seated hatred that goes back centuries. You see they have been hugged by the Russian bear for centuries. They would not make the mistake of the current American Administration. But I sense the flirting with Putin is cooling.

  166. What do you make of this?

    Unless the Donald wakes up to what smells like a real conspiracy to get rid of him he’s finished.

  167. Well, the great Joseph makes this of ‘this’:

  168. The branding of Putin as a cold-blooded murderer is, it seems to me, done with the intent to persuade people, by appealing to their emotions, that he is, Hitler-style, bent on war and Russian conquest of at least some parts of Europe.

    That assessment of Putin seems to me to be illogical and hard to swallow.

    The governmental environment in Russia is different from that of the west but so are the governmental environments of a good many other countries where political rivalries are often settled by assassinations. Some readers may remember the assassination of Tom Mboya in Kenya. Then there were the instances, some decades ago, of people in Argentina who simple “disappeared”. Even in Britain a good many people in Britain are still convinced that Dr. David Kelly was murdered and there seems to be substantial medical evidence that it was so.

    Whether the politics of events of that sort justifies the use of political assassination is not a topic that I am aiming to discuss here. All I’m saying is – such things happen in many other countries, whether we like it or not, and it is arguable that it is none of our business.

    The topic reminds me of Henry VIII. Once, a man in his circle asked him whether he was perhaps being too harsh on somebody. Henry’s answer was simple –

    “A King needs to have Royal Stomach.”


    In support of my characterisation of the Department of Justice as peopled by seditionists (see my post on March 3rd at !!:55), my attention has just been drawn by Alex Jones in his Friday show which I am now watching, to this Fox News video clip and article:

    “Someone ought to go to prison for this”, Mike Huckabee.

    How about Obama and Lynch for starters?

  170. Jones’s full Friday show can be found at

  171. Herbert Thornton @ 00:51

    Well said – a dose of realism of the kind for which President Trump was of course duly chastised by politicians and media when, in response to O’Reilly’s suggestion that as a killer Putin was not an individual with whom a president of the United States should seek an accommodation, he commented in the interview on Fox last month:

    “There are a lot of killers. We have a lot of killers. Well, you think our country is so innocent?”

    or as B.H. Obama said “Turns out I’m really good at killing people. Didn’t know that was gonna be a strong suit of mine”.

  172. Mark Steyn’s show shit-canned from CRTV; he’s not saying why at present, just publishing the howls of protests from disgruntled subscribers. Anyone got the skinny on the severance? I guess he can’t fill in the details until his lawyers let him. Strange. Must pop over to Michelle Malkin’s platform to discover whether there are clues there …

    Further major points being made in the Friday Alex Jones Show (see link above):

    February 28 John McCain had further secret meeting with ISIS.

    It is alleged that McCain leaked the Navy Seal Yemen raid to the enemy to embarrass the Trump administration.The leak led to the death of William “Ryan” Owen whose widow attended Trump’s speech to Congress..

    Hillary Clinton is a Chinese Communist agent.

  174. Neo-McCarthian paranoia.
    Kushner and Bannan next.
    (Kevin and Infowars)
    Good stuff but just what about this Soviet Ambassador chappie.

  175. Yes.
    One Sergey Kislyak is a long term mole who has been recruiting Republicans for years and now have a PR offensive that has gone into overdrive.

    “It is normal diplomatic work that we have been doing: It is our job to understand, to know people, both on the side of the Republicans and Democrats,” he said. “I personally have been working in the United States for so long that I know almost everybody.”

    Even some critics of Russian policy said it was hardly surprising that Mr. Kislyak would meet people around Mr. Trump. “That was part of his job,” said Steven Pifer, a former ambassador to Ukraine who is now at the Brookings Institution. “I don’t see anything nefarious in that per se, and I don’t think it was out of the box for Senator Sessions to talk with Kislyak.”

    An expert on arms control negotiations with a degree from the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute, Mr. Kislyak first served in the Washington embassy from 1985 to 1989 during the late Soviet period. He became the first Russian representative to NATO and was ambassador to Belgium from 1998 to 2003. He returned to Moscow, where he spent five years as a deputy foreign minister.”

  176. 0556. I meant of course Levin and infowars.

  177. “Sergey Kislyak, the Russian ambassador, is considered by US intelligence to be one of Russia’s top spies and spy-recruiters in Washington, according to current and former senior US government officials.”

  178. Malfleur @ 01:04

    It’s one of the instances of wrongdoing by the clique of the hon Muslim, Malfleur, that drives the fanatical and in part clandestine operation to get rid of the Donald. As his people’re getting, they’re likely to be unearthing more of where this came from, those responsible will be asked to account, may see their careers ruined or indeed end up i n prison.

  179. Herbert Thornton @ 00:51

    Good point, Herbert.

    The thing is, the fugged up educational system (not just here but everywhere in West) together the politicising of the judiciary, turning the judges into activists rather than interpreters of the law (also everywhere0, are perhaps the two most societally injurious developments of the march of the progressives since the war.

    The learned judges seem to have lost the trust of the people, the verdicts on issues that overlap politics in particular are no longer 100% kosher, at least it doesn’t feel that way, as if the legal profession has been recruited, subverted, cowed or whatever by the progressives.

    Instead of a proper and objective dissection of the murky cases of allegedly ‘political murders’ e.g. the rumours of the wrongdoings that surround the Clinton woman, we either get get nothing, or are served results that stink e.g. the favourite of Malfleur, the judge Scalia case.

  180. Frank P @ 02:00

    That’s anew one, Frank, but don’t you think he’s lost the direction somewhat with the TV extravaganza, it was a push too far for him given that he must have by far smaller budget that the big boys in the business.

    The barbarian says it because he lately seldom clicks on his blog, there’s seems nothing in it except for some cabaret singing, just few scrapes that relate to what’s going on in the world of politics. Arguably, we’re at one of those junctions of the affairs of the world when history gets formed, yet he keeps wasting his talent on rabbiting about some chanson d’amour so to speak.*

  181. Frank P @ 02:08

    Good take on the ‘Never Trump’ crowd, Frank, but not much on Mark’s misjudgement in it, or reasons for it. The cancel move will be costly.

  182. Malfleur @ 02:33

    No attachment, Malfleur, the barbarian did a reasonable search on it (McCain, ISIS, Yemeni raid plus other possible flags) but nothing doing. You sure you’re getting this right, because if true McCain could be finished.

    Btw, Alex on Infowars should have a break, give the younger boys a chance to have a say, don’t you think?

  183. Malfleur 0110
    We can forgive Obama.
    And he will, perhaps understandably champion the blacks.
    But what about the Clintons?
    Trump seems to have pardoned her. He was no doubt concerned about the Russian connection in respect of her emails, but what about Bill.
    Bill has pursued a shamelessly corrupt agenda to fill the coffers of his foundation.

  184. In case you think my concerns about Putin relate to Trump, cop this Putin bold deal.
    And of course Sergey Kislyak who even then was meddling.

  185. “The headline on the website Pravda trumpeted President Vladimir V. Putin’s latest coup, its nationalistic fervor recalling an era when its precursor served as the official mouthpiece of the Kremlin: “Russian Nuclear Energy Conquers the World.”

    The article, in January 2013, detailed how the Russian atomic energy agency, Rosatom, had taken over a Canadian company with uranium-mining stakes stretching from Central Asia to the American West. The deal made Rosatom one of the world’s largest uranium producers and brought Mr. Putin closer to his goal of controlling much of the global uranium supply chain.

    But the untold story behind that story is one that involves not just the Russian president, but also a former American president and a woman who would like to be the next one.

    At the heart of the tale are several men, leaders of the Canadian mining industry, who have been major donors to the charitable endeavors of former President Bill Clinton and his family. Members of that group built, financed and eventually sold off to the Russians a company that would become known as Uranium One.”

  186. There is a serious strain of criminality in the whole family

    “EXCLUSIVE: How greedy Bill and Hillary Clinton befriended a Chinese fry cook in Little Rock who funneled hundreds of thousands in illegal donations from China and sold sleepovers at the White House for $400,000 a pop
    A new book reveals how Hillary’s long list of scandals doomed her presidential bid from the start
    She blamed her election loss on FBI Director Comey’s decision to re-investigate her emails, Wikileaks and an ineffective campaign strategy, to name just a few
    But Hillary and Bill Clinton are no strangers to corruption and controversy – in fact, their long list of scandals dates back to their time in Little Rock, Arkansas
    In his new book, historian Doug Wead, details the ‘scale of their corruption’, including how they ‘sold sleepovers’ in the Lincoln Bedroom for up to $400,000
    Game of Thorns: The Inside Story of Hillary Clinton’s Failed Campaign and Donald Trump’s Winning Strategy, also details the couple’s ties to China
    The Clintons befriended a Chinese fry cook in Little Rock who would go on to help them receive hundreds of thousands of illegal ‘donations’ from China
    Wead also writes that while Hillary accused Trump of being ‘cozy’ with Putin, she had an interesting relationship with the Russians herself.
    Clinton encouraged American tech companies to help fund Skolkovo, the Russian Silicon Valley, and Skolkovo raised millions for the Clinton Foundation”

  187. “Doug Band, the former top aid to Bill Clinton who helped found the Clinton Global Initiative, accused Chelsea Clinton of illegal activities by using foundation money to pay for her wedding and getting paid to campaign, all while avoiding paying taxes”

  188. Herbert Thornton 0051

    It is not what he does at home that worries, but what he does abroad, particularly the near abroad.
    I have particular concerns about Estonia but just look at the map below to see the Kaliningrad enclave:

    And wonder why Merkel is right and America wrong.

  189. And for a round ten, on your theme Herbert, I love this summary lifted from Forbes:

    “Today’s drift toward war with Russia seems like a replay of the past. Putin is a Russian nationalist, who believes in a strong Stalinist state. His goal is to reverse the events of 1989–the end of the Soviet state and dissolution of its enormous empire. He seeks to do this by using what remains of Russia’s Stalinist heritage: the military, a huge stockpile of nuclear weapons and immense resources of natural gas and other forms of energy. These are powerful tools to wield against the various weak states that were part of the U.S.S.R. None has nuclear weapons, and most are dependent on the (relatively) cheap energy Russia supplies. All have ethnic Russian minorities, who speak the language, boast of their superior Russian culture and claim to have been relegated to second-class citizenship. Putin can rely on these minorities to agitate for Russian intervention whenever he wants–most importantly in the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. His successful annexation of Crimea is greatly encouraging to his long-term plans, and it’s clear he’ll use everything in his power, including military force, to reconstruct his empire.”

  190. Frank P March 3rd @ 16:37

    “…he [Senator, now Attorney General Sessions] knowingly lied to the egregious Franken during the senate confirmation hearings.”

    This is just not true, but falls into the trap laid for the gullible.

  191. Overture?

    “Donald Trump has accused Barack Obama of “wire tapping” his offices in New York City before the presidential election in November last year, claiming the former president had overseen a “Nixon/Watergate”-style intervention.”

  192. And now Boris is going to cosy up to Putin!
    Can you believe it?

  193. Frank P – 16:37

    That was welcome and interesting diversion from the obsession with all things Russian, bordering on the MSM’s monomania, that CHW has developed of late.

    You could do lot worse than hiring a “Cleaver Green” (*) – who when defending his acquittal rate of only 52% said that it wasn’t actually too bad considering 90+% of his clients were guilty!

    (*) Based on the real life barrister Charles Waterstreet.

    Say what you like about CW’s hairdo :-), put him in a uniform and he’d look a lot tidier than Norfolk’s current CC – greying ginger? minge with teeth isn’t a great look!

    If you get any more speeding NIPs you need to hire this gue:

    “Mr. Loophole.”

    BTW. are all the smartest lawyers jewish?

  194. Baron (08:37)

    Did you subscribe to CRTV? I didn’t, couldn’t afford it, so I’m not qualified to judge whether his output was the issue, or whether personal animus downed him. He doesnt suffer fools gladly. As for your more general point about his ‘lapses’ into song and dance… we-ell his media genesis was showbiz, as a disc jockey – and his encyclopaedic knowledge of tin pan alley and the Hollywood scene is second to none. Variety can be the spice of life and his wordsmithery on any topic is also unequalled imnsho. His ‘ave atque vale’ pieces have been brilliant. Likewise his satirical stand up gigs, whether scripted or extemporaneous.

    An unadulterated diet of politics, particularly the increasingly strident variety becoming the norm on both sides of the spectrum, can rot the brain.

  195. Malfleur, March 4th, 2017 – 12:47

    That story is currently Breaking BIG in the US of A!

    Whoever said “A week is a long time in politics” got it wrong.
    In the USA it is 24 hours!

  196. Baron, March 2nd, 2017 – 23:40

    Re: Frau Merkel & “KGB implants”

    Mm, I wonder what Vlad is trying to suggest here…

    No doubt he was tipped off by Silvio Berlusconi.

  197. EC (13:05 et seq)

    🙂 🙂

  198. EC

    I wonder where Rudy Guliano is? Haven’t seen hide nor hair of him since he was appointed ‘Hacking Csar’. Maybe he’s debugging Trump Tower and Mar-a-Lago. A full time gig that, perpetual brief too, I would guess – like painting The Forth Rail Bridge. Nice work if you can get it. Alternate shifts – Big Apple one week, Palm Beach next week; ad infinitum!

  199. Frank P 15.30
    I think you will find that he was getting nowhere and has been supplanted by Grace Koh.

  200. Marshal Roberts
    March 4th, 2017 – 10:08

    Paul Johnson’s article in Forbes that you provided the link to illustrates the kind of thinking that was more widespread in 2014 than it is now..

    In the three years that have since passed it has become evident that Putin’s territorial plan was confined to the recovery of Crimea – an essentially Russian area occupied by people ethnically and linguistically Russian since long before the Soviet Union was formed. It only became “part” of Ukraine when Khruschev (himself a Ukrainian) mistakenly incorporated it into Ukraine.

    Now Putin has not only recovered Crimea, but is well into the process of building, at stupendous cost, a huge road and rail bridge across the Kerch strait to link Crimea with the rest of Russia.

    Johnson asserted that it was clear Putin would “use everything in his power, including military force, to reconstruct his empire.” but I suggest we should ask – why build the bridge if he intends to conquer the whole of Ukraine – or even any part of it?

    Johnson is a highly respected journalist but these facts make his assertions sound more like unfounded speculation.

    There are no doubt problems caused by the situations in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Kaliningrad, not to mention Ukraine, but they are of an entirely different character from the return of Crimea to Russia.

    Perhaps they are intractable problems, but instead of speculating about how to solve them, I draw attention to a more recent Forbes article. It seems, to me, to point less towards war, and more towards rapprochement –

  201. Marshal Roberts (16:54)

    Thanks. The current febrile ambience of White House politics is a dangerous phenomenon for us all. Sweaty hands on the levers of power can lead to mega mistakes. What with that and the menopausal melange ‘leading’ our own ‘government’ and Mutti striding the EUSSR ….

  202. Thanks Herbert.
    Yes rapprochment in respect of the US and Russia, but if I lived in Estonia I would still be worried.
    And I ask myself this:
    If Russia were invited in by the Russian minority, would NATO risk a nuclear war?

  203. Frank 1838.
    Which is why the impending demise of Fillon is so sad:

    “Le sénateur LR et ancien ministre Gérard Longuet, proche de François Fillon, a affirmé dimanche sur Radio J qu’il n’était “pas islamophile”, car l’islam est “une religion qui (lui) pose de vrais problèmes”.
    “Ce qui est surtout consternant pour notre pays, c’est le renforcement chaque année plus vrai, plus profond, plus construit, d’un communautarisme”, a-t-il déploré même si, à ses yeux, certaines communautés “ne posent aucun problème”. “Les Chinois du XIIIe arrondissement (de Paris) ne posent à ma connaissance pas de problème particulier”. “

  204. Marshal Roberts
    March 4th, 2017 – 18:21

    You ask a question that’s difficult to answer because the future of NATO itself has become murky. I prefer to say that Putin is a very cautious man so nuclear confrontation is unlikely.

    As for how I would feel if I lived in Estonia, I would try to assuage my worries by telling myself that being absorbed by Russia would be better than the prospect of my family eventually living as part of an Islamic Europe.

  205. EC March 4 @ 14:23

    It’s huge…

    By the way

    “President Barack Obama’s Department of State sponsored the July event in Ohio where Sen. Jeff Sessions met the Russian ambassador for the second time in 2016, according to the organizers of the event.”


  206. “Obama Advisor Rhodes Is Wrong: The President Can Order A Wiretap, And Why Trump May Have The Last Laugh”

  207. John Jefferson Burns

    I fear that you look our quaint li’l ol’ c*ntry through rose-tinted spectacles, but I hope you enjoyed your quaint li’l ol’ cream tea with your aunt, down in darkest Cornshire.

    Your old mukka


  208. Herbert Thornton @ 18:07

    Good take on the Ukrainian tragedy, Herbert.

    There’s only one thing that matters in the neck of the wood, it’s the port facilities at Sevastopol, it’s why the pre-Trump American Administration spent $5bn to get them, Biden, Nuland, Kerry visited weekly, encouraged violence against Yanukovych, fed the demonstrators biscuits, backed the coup in Feb 2014 (even though didn’t probably organise it, only created conditions for it), installed their stooge Poroshenko, the one who’s perceived in all recent surveys (carried out by Western pollsters) as more corrupt than all his predecessors.

    The Sevastopol facilities, for which Russia had a lease until 2042, is the only Russian port this side of the Urals that doesn’t freeze, is deep enough to take military boats, who controls it not only rules the Black Sea, but the whole of European Russia, which is actually Russia, the east is just a big space with plenty of natural resources, but immeasurably more mosquitos than people.

    No Russian leader worth the title would have allowed the place to fall into the hands of an alien power, it would be worse than treason for the Russian unwashed (Navalny, the former darling of the West backed the takeover, is now saying there ought to be another referendum).

    (Btw, have you noticed there’s been no mention of the Navally’s dossier on Medvedev, every TV network in Russia carried the story, the Western MSM poodles cannot really talk about it it would suggest even to the brainless (well, some of them) that opposition does exist in Russia, those criticising Putin walk the streets of Moscow freely).

    On Estonia: Two fifth of people in Estonia are either Russian passport holders (30%), or stateless (the rest of the 40%), most of them live in Tallinn, the coast east of the capital has beautiful beaches, dachas built by the Russians after 1992, the country has little of anything, in the Soviet era it housed the high-tech (sic) manufacture of radios, gramophones, white goods (Baron bought a gramophone, couldn’t buy any records, it was either one of the other, unbelievable, but true).

    Before the worsening of Russia’s relationship with the the West, the major source of revenue apart from the EU assistance was tourism, mostly from Russia (friends, nostalgia or whatever), that dried up, the presence of NATO forces should help the locals, not much but considering that the country hasn’t got much anyway the pocket money of the boys (and girls), the need for servicing the military contingent and stuff like that should be appreciated by the locals.

    The Russians who live there have no desire for Putin to come to their rescue, don’t like the presence of NATO either, but that’s what they have to take. (Baron happens to have friends there, also speaks to a number of immigrants from all three baltic Republics, who work in food stores selling stuff from those countries, or bring it in. Even if they were born after the collapse of the Soviet Union, they speak excellent Russian, except for the staunch nationalists there’s no animosity against the Russians, but that’s another story).


  209. Malfleur @ 00:06

    The suggestion is it was GCHQ that did the tapping, passed the evidence to the Americans, Malfleur. If true, that’s what special friends are for, no?

    The Donald should stop tweeting, the presidency isn’t a teenage pastime, he should get serious, appoint his own people to the agencies, cleanse the nest of vipers before they cleanse him from the White House.

  210. EC @ 14:48

    Hard to say what the to lovebirds were talking about, EC, and in what language, the both speak Russian and German.

    Perhaps, she was asking him ‘did you really do it? dog papers

  211. Frank P @ 13:18

    Nope, the poorly educated Slav didn’t subscribe either, thought about it, but decided against it for the reasons you’ve articulated. Baron may listen to Patsy Gallant, but whether he wants to know she had a bowl of spaghetti on December 5th 1987, nearly choked eating it, only recovered five minutes before a show is more than doubtful (he made it all up, but that’s the sort of stuff the great Mark comes up with what with his deep knowledge of the most minutiae of the field of music, films and theatre).

    Politics, particularly politics today when the Donald fights on so many fronts, and so far mostly defensively, is more fun, n’est-ce pas?

  212. What’s happened to the Colonel? Shouldn’t we be told?

  213. And lastly this, to help you to avoid being pilloried by anyone for non-PC use of the language, please memorise the correct expressions, use them from now on, a deal?“Politically_Incorrect”_Words%3A_Amusing_List_of_Banned_Words/57142/0/38/38/Y/M.html

  214. Baron @ 00:58

    “The Donald should stop tweeting, the presidency isn’t a teenage pastime”

    Was that Thomas Jefferson or Samuel Adams…or possibly Andrew Jackson who wrote that?

    Btw, on the subject of whether B.H. Obama ordered a tap on Trump or whether it was GHQ or Putin or whatever, my guess is that this is a modern example of the “Who will rid me of this turbulent priest?gambit.

    You know what I mean?

    Nod, nod, wink, wink?

    Is Obama a winker?

    I should say so.

  215. Malfleur @ 07:15

    The reference to the two giants (or is it three) of the American past is meant as a joke, or has the barbarian misspelt something again, Mafleur?

    You’re spot on on the wink cum nod of doing things, this has always been so, nothing new here, but in the case of tapping the Donald there must a warrant be Baron’s told, the question is was the reason for the issue of it legally tight, or was the court too eager granting it?

  216. Colonel, where the heck are you when things are happening so fast one hasn’t yet digested one piece of news another piece is already hitting the front pages.

    You’re missed, do come back, please.

  217. The BBC4 news at 16.00 hours yesterday, second item in the bulletin (it may have been repeated at other hourly summaries): ‘Donald Trump tweeted that his phones were tapped during the campaign, but he offered no proof.’ Just that, sixteen words, that was the Full Monty of it.

    When the MSM poodles alleged Putin interfered with the election was there ever any mention in the BBC news summaries that those suggesting it had no evidence of it? Baron doesn’t recall hearing it (he often switches from Classic FM for the short news update to the BBC because the former seems to be running the same news 24/7 (only joking, but close).

    The long BBC news broadcast mentioned the lack of evidence, often towards the end, never elaborated on it, explained it by saying ‘for security reasons, for fear of disclosing their sources or whatever’ the evidence cannot be made public

    (You recall the two British hackers extradited to the Republic Gary McKinnon and Lauri Love? (Baron has signed petitions against the order). If the CIA or whoever it is that tracks the hackers could come up with the names of the individuals, surely they could have come up with the same evidence here, said ‘it was Oleg Petrov or whoever, they don’t have to say how they found out).

    The sister rag of the BBC agitprop, the Guardian, carries today a leading article hte heading of which shouts “Officials dismiss Trump outburst claiming wiretap by Obama.” (Firmly on the side of ‘officials’ then).

    It starts with ‘Without citing evidence, Donald Trump on Saturday accused Barack Obama … (when the rag ran pieces about the Russian hacking the mention of no evidence would be buried towards the end of the piece).

    To end this verbal effluent the paper says: ‘An hour after his blast at Obama, Trump returned to more trivial matters on Twitter. The former host of the reality TV show The Apprentice commented on his successor’s decision to quit’.

    Have you ever seen a piece on the darling of the paper the hon Muslim ending with ‘Soon after whatever President Obama returned to more trivial matter on the golf course…’

    Fugging bastardise, both.

  218. Errors, errors again, sorry, but that’s it for now, enjoy your Sunday.

  219. Debate rages in Sweden over Muslim Brotherhood report > New English Review

  220. An interesting 70-minute lecture on Enoch Powell by Professor Vernon Bogdanor FBA CBE at Gresham College, which cuts through a lot of the emotional baggage and current anachronistic emoting about Empire, immigration and Powell himself. It might be unnecessary to mention to this gathering that Bogdanor is considered a constitutional expert, but my endorsement of the lecture as “interesting” should not be taken as endorsement of Bogdanor’s views on this or any other matter.

    Especially interesting is the Imperial and Commonwealth catalysts for successive immigration policies, now almost forgotten if not disregarded. In recent years “multi-cultural” has prevailed over “multi-racial” and insidiously undermined the identity of the “mother country” but the two have become conflated and the former exploited as a weapon of socialist subversion, aided and abetted, of course, by a Tory government.

    A once Christian, multi-racial and tolerant country has become a Multi-cultural country of competing cultural and religious identities of increasing intolerance. Despite Cameron’s 2009 denouncement of multi-culturalism as a failure it continues to be promoted by central and local government as well as in the agendas of the left. And much of the revisionism about the origins of the sectarian tensions and grievances that multi-culturalism has encouraged is discredited in Bogdanor’s lecture.

  221. Stefan Molyneux opines on the Obamagate Wire-tapping Scandal


    As Cameron said to the Munich Security Conference in 2011:

    “Under the doctrine of state multiculturalism, we have encouraged different cultures to live separate lives, apart from each other and apart from the mainstream. We have failed to provide a vision of society to which they feel they want to belong. We have even tolerated these segregated communities behaving in ways that run completely counter to our values.”
    “So, when a white person holds objectionable views, racist views for instance, we rightly condemn them. But when equally unacceptable views or practices come from someone who is not white, we have been too cautious, frankly -– frankly, even fearful –- to stand up to them…. This hands-off tolerance has only served to reinforce the sense that not enough is shared. And this all leaves some young Muslims feeling rootless. And the search for something to belong to and something to believe in can lead them to this extremist ideology…. What we see — and what we see in so many European countries — is a process of radicalization.”
    “I believe it is time to turn the page on the failed policies of the past. So first, instead of ignoring this extremist ideology, we — as governments and as societies — have got to confront it, in all its forms. And second, instead of encouraging people to live apart, we need a clear sense of shared national identity that is open to everyone.”

    Problem is that Cameron never did confront it.
    And more than that he opened the floodgates and allowed more and more immigrants in, many of whom had no interest in anything other than using our liberal policies to attack our society.
    And who was the action arm of the tsunami of immigrants?
    None other than St Theresa.
    There is no politician we can trust.


    “CONFIRMED President Trump’s Obama Wire Tapping Claims Backed By Top Intelligence Officer ”


    “I emancipate man from the humiliating chimera called conscience.” J.V. Stalin

    Michael Savage reflects on the stalinism and fascism of the democratic socialist party of the USA in his show of Friday March 3 and identifies the outwardly benign operative groups which further its goals and the attempt to destroy Attorney General Sessions.

    ‘The hour has come!’ said the Badger at last with great solemnity. .. (The Wind in the Willows)

  225. Marshal Roberts (12:20)

    “There is no politician we can trust:

    Willie put that to music:

  226. Colonel Mustard

    Thank you for the link leading to the lecture about Enoch Powell’s position on the sovereignty of Parliament. The importance of that principle cannot be exaggerated.

    I found this exerpt from it persuasive in general but especially significant because of the words in it that I have reprinted in capitals –

    “Powell said, because of our own long and uninterrupted history, Parliament plays a crucial role in Britain which it does not in any of the other Continental countries, and that we define ourselves not as Europeans but as partly in Europe but partly out. He said our folk memories of 1940, and going even further back, to the Napoleonic Wars, are when we stood alone against the Continent, not as being part of Europe. He said the main reason for that is that, unlike the Continental countries, we could not be defeated in a land war because of the English Channel, and he said OUR SIMILARITY IS NOT WITH THE CONTINTAL COUNTRIES BUT WITH ANOTHER HALF-IN/HALF OUT COUNTRY WHICH IS RUSSIA, WHO COULD NOT BE DEFEATED BECAUSE OF HER IMMENSE SIZE, AND THEREFORE THAT IT IS NATURAL THAT BRITAIN AND RUSSIA SHOULD HAVE A COMMON INTEREST WHICH WE DO NOT HAVE WITH THE CONTINENT, and therefore we can never totally commit ourselves to the Continent the way that, for example, the French, the Germans, and other people could do, and that because of our long history of institutional continuity, we are more aware of what the sacrifice of sovereignty means than Continental countries are.“

  227. Wire tapping for the purposes alleged in the Obamagate scandal must be supported by a FISA warrant if it is to be conducted legally.

    Fortunately, in the United States illegal wire-tapping never occurs, and is thus an alternative which need never be considered.

  228. Nod, nod, wink,wink

  229. “Sean Hannity


    After a FISA request is first denied, then a second one is filed and no evidence is found, why did the Government of BHO keep surveillance?
    2:59 AM – 5 Mar 2017 ”

    See more pertinent questions from Hannity at:

  230. “Newsmax CEO: “I spoke with the President twice yesterday about the wiretap story. I haven’t seen him this pissed off in a long time. When I mentioned Obama “denials” about the wiretaps, he shot back: “This will be investigated, it will all come out. I will be proven right.” ”

  231. To the many bloggers just passing by the Wall, when is the United Kingdom going to have an independent news and commentary medium like


  232. Colonel Mustard @ 11:03

    Excellent link, more than thought provoking, Colonel.

    Whether one agrees with him or not, he was undoubtedly a man of principle, his resignations, refusals to serve when he felt he couldn’t back it up, his love of the army with its ranks, discipline, a well defined purpose reflects well how his brain worked. What surprises most of all is that he got so may things right, including the opposition to devolution, a disastrous development that has yet not played itself out fully.

  233. John birch @ 09:22

    One would be hard put not to accept the report’s findings, John, the problem is the European West (that includes Britain) has no effective tools to counter the Brotherhood. The inertia of the progressive schools of thought cemented in a range of statutes prevents meaningful countermeasures. Our only hope is that the Donald’s phenomenon will rub off eventually on the political classes.

  234. Malfleur @ 13:11

    The investigation into the tapping will not be conducted by Sessions, however, because of his recusal, which shows the opposition must to have a plan, the plan’s working, may eventually lead to the Donald’s losing it.

    Someone should tell him one doesn’t run the country tweeting, he must with some urgency replace the top-mid ranks with his own people, find out who leaks.

    How come the FBI and the other 16 security agencies (or is it 17) can figure Russian hackers, spies, other undesirables, yet seem unable to discover who the mole is that’s passing information on the Donald to the MSM poodles?

  235. Herbert Thornton @ 19:21

    Seconded, Herbert, except perhaps that Britain should keep on friendly terms with every country that does us no harm, act (as Baron keeps saying) as the world’s elder statesman, adjudicate rather than actively join a country or a bloc (i.e. no Chicago doctrine worked out by the ghastly Blair), be the moral arbiter of the international community (the barbarian hates to use the phrase international community so discredited by the Hon Muslim, but here it fits).

  236. Malfleur @ 23:25

    The White House cannot order the actual surveillance, but it can request the Dept of Justice to carry out one, that’s Baron’s understanding of it after watching some dozen takes on it by different pundits. Is this wrong, Malfleur?

  237. The Russian canard is such an obvious idiocy it beggars belief it’s used by everyone as if it had any meaningful validity.

    Just tell Baron what could the Russians have done? Tell him exactly the tangible acts they committed to swing the election results one way or the other, how specifically they interfered?

    In 2012, Bibi came to the US, made speeches, paid for posters, TV ads, billboards, addressed gatherings, in all that telling the American people not to vote for the Hon Muslim. This, in Baron’s humble view, is direct, unadulterated, and effective interference by another country in the US election process. It should matter not that Israel is a friendly country, Russia isn’t, that’s interference, the law doesn’t distinguish between the former and the latter, and Bibi was doing for a purpose, the purpose being Israel benefitting if Romney were to win.

    The danger of the Donald’s team accepting the premise that Russia did interfere have serious repercussions for the new Potus, it’s what the great Mark calls the punishment by the process. Even if the investigation, when over, is to show there was no interference, the process before the investigation starts i.e. right now, and during the the time the investigative team will be looking into it will be sufficient to inflict huge injury on the new as yet not fully formed Administration of the Donald. Stupid of the Donald’s team to fight the battle on the Dem’s terms.

  238. Apologies, can you guess what for?

    And a glimpse of the blonde again.

  239. Coming soon :
    “Mohammed’s Koran ; why Muslims Kill for Islam ”
    By: Peter McLoughlin ( author of `Easy Meat`) and Tommy Robinson.

  240. 0112

    “We’re fighting war against cultural Marxism”
    “Your war is our war”

  241. I mean Dubya (George W)

  242. France’s Death Spiral
    The hate speech laws seem to have come into existence in western countries before the need for them existed.
    I haven’t researched this but it would appear the governments knew what they were doing would lead to trouble so put legislation in place in advance.
    Surely not.

  243. Baron March 6th, 2017 – 00:29

    I found his views on devolution especially interesting, not least because I was previously unaware of them. Their prescience shows by stark contrast the idiocy of the fools who brought it about. The imbalance and trouble ahead should have been obvious but as always British governments are far more interested in celebrating intentions than in considering consequences. Actually that is true of British corporates too, where the champions of grand new ideas do not welcome naysayers and enthusiasm so often drowns out caution.

    No, that lets Blair and his gang off the hook. There was more malevolence and arrogance there, a willingness to vandalise this country recklessly to “make it better” in the eyes of people blinded by political dogma (ever Labour’s way). I’m no fan of Major but there is much nodding in hindsight on reading this from 1994:-

    Labour was especially arrogant in thinking it “owned” Scotland as it thinks it “owns” the NHS. They thought devolutionary concessions would strengthen Labour in Scotland and weaken the SNP. Instead they fatally weakened themselves and empowered the SNP. At the same time they wanted to regionalise England, a country they hate, to disempower it. What a mess they created.

  244. Jay Fayza of

    “Two big reasons my generation hates free speech”

  245. Colonel Mustard @ 08:33

    “British governments are far more interested in celebrating intentions than in considering consequences”.

    How right, how well summed up, Colonel.

    When the devolution was first muted, then pushed hard by the ghastly Blair and the other traitors (Baron reckons he did it for the same reason he milked the Dunblane school massacre – to get the votes, the man would have sold his mother if there was a market for mothers of ghastly and treasonous politicians), the barbarian, in his simplistic way of looking at things, thought: ‘What the hell for, why would the Scots need another layer of bureaucrats, people in the non-wealth creating sector of the economy bossing them about? Furthermore, would it not end up with the breakdown of the James I construct? It’s in the nature to those in power to always have a go, broaden the reach and depth of it’.

    The SNP will never give up using the mechanism of devolution to push if not for a separate political entity than for more money from Westminster, never mind the Lothian question.

    In 1598, a German man, one Paul Hentzner counted over 30 heads on iron spikes at the south end of the London bridge of people who had committed treason, got their just reward for it. Why oh why have we given up on this good old tradition?

  246. Colonel Mustard

    “Why oh why have we given up on this good old tradition?”

    I realize that your question is rhetorical, or largely so, but an answer would be that the tradition was legislated off the books by those who were concerned that otherwise they might in the future fall foul of it.

  247. EC @ 09:39

    Rather encouraging, the clip, EC, there still are people who have the capacity to think for themselves.

    The freedom of expression should be Full Monty, one shouts ‘fire’ in a theatre when there’s none, someone gets killed, the one who shouted gets his due process, if found guilty, loses his life. Simples. That cuts the number of instances of people shouting ‘fire’ in theatres without any fir to nothing (Baron assumes the shouters are sane people).

    The freedom of expression has its limits, but these are not legally embossed on a parchment, they are rooted in civility, a code of behaviour voluntarily subscribed to, unwritten rules that have been evolving in any the society that wants to live in peace with itself, and ultimately survive.

    One can shout if a bald man with a massive nose is around e.g. Baron ‘look, look, a man with a nose that could easily win in the elephants trunk competition’ but one doesn’t, it’s not done, it’s uncivil, (it can be done and often happens in a heated argument when rules of civil behaviour get suspended, the irrational, the hateful, the embarrassing takes over).

    Also, he says Marxism promotes ‘individual identity’ which is true, but there existed individual identity before Marx, the difference is in the latter people identified with the family, village, profession, all institutions that people knew well, often were bound together by blood ties or shared experiences which people were part of. Under Mrax, people are told, directed even to identify with abstract groups like the proletariat, the feminist, the gender fluid.

    Everyone can define quite well ‘a family’, but try define ‘the proletariat’.

    more later, the posting is playing up gain.

  248. Correction – Baron

  249. Baron @ 00:52


    ‘Silent Coup: Obama, FISA, NSA, Deep State vs. President Donald Trump’

    I had prepared a brilliant response to your question “Is this wrong, Malfleur?” but then it disappeared up the backside of a 503″

    So, too lazy to attempt a reconstruction, on Obamagate and wiretapping I cite merely Lionel at:

  250. It hasn’t registered yet even with the thinking crowd of who Laura Ingraham is one that it isn’t, it won’t be about the outcome of the probe on the Russia’s interference whatever that turns out to be, it’s the process that’s so injurious tot he Donald, it gives those who want to erase the new Potus from the surface of the earth, bury his take on things, keep on brainwashing his supporters weeks if not months to pursue their evil aim.


    GCHQ’s role

    This is followed by the clip of Mark Levin’s devastating intervention on FOX NEWS.

  252. I know he’s a bit busy, but I wonder if Donald might step in, spare a couple of mins, and build us a new CHW…

  253. This sin’t bad either, Malfleur, and it’s shorter, even though this chap Greenwald isn’t a friend of the barbarian. He should have gone the whole hog, said: The FBI is what the FBI alleges the KGB is, i.e. no difference between the two, both sufficiently evil to avoid, preferably get rid of.

    Fo the Donald to de-classify everything on Russia may help to win the current battle for him, but may lose him, those who’ll follow him in the Oval Office, the moral high ground, it would essentially enable everyone privy to classified information to leak it freely.

  254. EC @ 14:31

    Lightly cheeky, EC, but seconded.

    Posting stuff is hard again today.

  255. EC
    That will need Sir Nigel!
    Come on Peter.

  256. Not visited in a while but I was stung into it today as a TalkTalk customer when I read this:

    Inside the TalkTalk ‘Indian scam call centre’ – BBC News
    Three whistleblowers reveal details of an industrial-scale fraud operation based in India.

    “TalkTalk customers are being targeted by an industrial-scale fraud network in India, according to whistleblowers who say they were among hundreds of staff hired to scam customers of the British telecoms giant.
    The scale of the criminal operation has been detailed by the three sources, who say they were employed by two front-companies set up by a gang of professional fraudsters.
    The sources describe working in “call centres” in two Indian cities.
    They say as many as 60 “employees” work in shifts in each office, phoning TalkTalk customers and duping them into giving access to their bank accounts.
    The whistleblowers say they were given a script in which they were told to claim they were calling from TalkTalk.
    They say they then convinced victims to install a computer virus.
    A separate team would use that virus to gain access to victims’ online banking, they add.
    While it has not been possible to independently verify their claims, the sources have given highly detailed accounts of the scammers’ tactics, which correlate very closely with previous reports of fraud targeting TalkTalk customers.
    The software they named also matches that identified by TalkTalk in its own website guidance on what to watch out for in a scam call.
    In addition, a victim of the fraud shown the call centre script has confirmed it matched the one read out to her when she was conned out of £5,000.
    TalkTalk was hit by a cyber-attack in October 2015, but that hack appears to be unrelated to the Indian fraud.
    Instead, it is alleged the scam is linked to problems in a company hired by the British broadband provider.
    In 2011, TalkTalk outsourced some of its call-centre work to the Kolkata (Calcutta) office of Wipro, one of India’s largest IT service companies.
    Last year, three Wipro employees were arrested on suspicion of selling TalkTalk customer data.
    A source in Kolkata, who did not want to be named, alleges the same data was obtained by a criminal gang, with USB sticks full of data trading hands at parties.
    The criminals then used the data to operate at least three call centres, according to the whistleblowers, where staff work in shifts earning about £120 per month to perpetrate an intricate but highly successful scam.
    They say they phone TalkTalk customers, using the stolen data to convince victims they are genuine employees of the company.
    They then convince the victims their computers are infected, and offer to fix the problems.
    Through this, the whistleblowers say, the victim is tricked into installing a virus that gives the scammer complete control over their machine.
    The victims are then offered a compensation payment, for which they must log in to online banking, they add.
    Thanks to the virus, the fraudsters are able to gain access to the victims’ bank accounts when they log in.
    They say they use various methods to spirit away the money: in some cases pretending to make erroneous overpayments, then convincing victims to repay the extra amount.
    In other cases, victims have said the scammers were able to set up a new payee without their knowledge and transfer the money out of the account directly.
    Why the whistleblowers appear credible:

    Although the BBC cannot be sure of the whistleblowers claims, the following suggested they were telling the truth:
    the three whistleblowers approached us seemingly independently of each other; the information they shared – including the scripts they were told to read out – correlated to a high degree
    during extensive online conversations, they revealed in-depth knowledge of the scammers’ techniques, much of which is not in the public domain and matches the experience of TalkTalk fraud victims
    one of the whistleblowers shared a copy of his driver’s licence, confirming his identity
    the whistleblowers said they were ignorant of the full scale of the fraud, because the eventual bank account theft was handled by a separate, smaller team in a different office
    at one stage, two of the whistleblowers attempted to share the information of UK victims they had called, and asked us to warn the victims before they fell for the scam
    Dozens of customers are said to have been affected, and many have lost thousands of pounds as a result of the fraud.
    Leigh Day solicitors is representing about 20 people who have between them lost almost £100,000.
    Image caption The scripts suggest TalkTalk customers were told that inaction would cause their computers to stop working
    Questions remain about the speed with which TalkTalk responded to the data breach at Wipro, which is believed to have been in late 2014.
    It was only in October 2015, after the apparently unrelated cyber-attack, that TalkTalk began a “forensic review” leading to the arrests at Wipro.
    “We are aware that there are criminals targeting a number of UK and international companies, and we take our responsibility to protect our customers very seriously,” said a spokeswoman for TalkTalk.
    “This is why we launched our Beat The Scammers campaign, helping all our customers to keep themselves from safe from scammers no matter who they claim to be, while our network also proactively blocks over 90 million scam and nuisance calls a month.”
    Wipro did not respond to requests for comment.
    When contacted, the two companies named by the whistleblowers strongly denied any knowledge of criminal behaviour, and insisted their businesses were legitimate.”

  257. Words of encouragement for you old geezers:

    The banker saw his old friend Tom, an eighty-year old rancher, in town.

    Tom had lost his wife a year or so before and rumor had it that he was marrying a ‘mail order’ bride.

    Being a good friend, the banker asked Tom if the rumor was true.

    Tom assured him that it was. The banker then asked Tom the age of his new bride to be.

    Tom proudly said, ‘She’ll be twenty-one in November.’

    Now the banker, being the wise man that he was, could see that the sexual appetite of a young woman could not be satisfied by an eighty-year- old man.

    Wanting his old friend’s remaining years to be happy the banker tactfully suggested that Tom should consider getting a hired hand to help him out on the ranch, knowing nature would take its own course.

    Tom thought this was a good idea and said he would look for one that afternoon.

    About four months later, the banker ran into Tom in town again.

    ‘How’s the new wife?’, asked the banker.

    Tom proudly said, ‘Good – she’s pregnant.’

    The banker, happy that his sage advice had worked out, continued, ‘And how’s the hired hand?’

    Without hesitating, Tom said, ‘She’s pregnant too.’

    Don’t ever underestimate old guys and there is hope for us yet.

  258. Emulous @ 16:32

    Thanks for posting this, Emulous, the barbarian was going to do it, you beat him to it.

    Baron holds a grudge against this outfit as along as you arm, few years back, he was trying to get out a contract with Talk Talk because his internet connection was more often off than on (he relies on it for banking, investment), the Talk Talk people refused to let him go unless he furnished them with the data on everything from his date of birth, adress to how long he’d been with them, how often in a day the service was down, all that in writing, each time Baron supplied the asked for evidence he got a letter signed always by another employee than the one he replied to, asking either for the same info or a slightly altered version of the same.

    This cat-and-mouse game last for almost a year, in the end Baron was made an offer to pay a year subscription for the release, reluctantly he did, got his required release code, switched to BT. Not that the BT is brilliant, but immeasurable better than the ghastly Talk Talk bunch.

    Stay away from the outfit, there were, seem to be still no good.

  259. Frank P @ 16:45

    A sexy beast, you, Frank.

  260. The game with the Talk Talk bunch ‘lasted’ not ‘last’ plus he asks you to take the other errors into consideration, too, says sorry.

  261. Frank P @ 16:57

    Clicking on the link, Frank, one gets an even better mess of digits, is a code?:


  262. Baron 17:41

    Check your download file: if it not in there, forget it. It is a cartoon – always difficult to link on this site without a URL. Not AMOLAD – just mildly amusing: an attempt to digress from the war of propaganda attrition bullshit, over the pond. They all deserve each other, btw: pity we are piggy-in-the-middle. Probably a deflection from Obummercare and its replacement. Once socialised ‘healthcare’ is in the bloodstream of a nation there is no known antidote, as the Donald will discover. The ultimate Trojan Horse of the left. The stethoscope of the evil ideology. Now THAT is AMOLAD – of the nation! Vide the cadaver of what once the ‘UK’, once Great Britain. The question is: who will Make Britain Great Again. No sign of a saviour – not even a Trumpian teaser.

  263. Andy Car Park
    March 5th, 2017 – 00:06
    Well my old mucker, good to touch base. My dear aunt, I have told you two times lives in Devonshire.
    Good old Donald sure as hell would not let you in. You would not pass the English test.
    Don’t you just love his progress these last weeks? Wait on what comes next. When I deplane at Heathrow to meet my aunt in just a couple of weeks, can we meet at Fortnum’s for tea?

  264. Much speculation and BS amid the contrived media hype about tomorrow’s Hammond budget.

    Here’s a reminder of the good natured humour of yesteryear…

    FRANKIE HOWERD responds to Reginald Maudling’s Budget on TW3 in 1963.

    12mins 52secs of nostalgia and, for me, enjoyment.

  265. Was this the show that got Mark Steyn fired from CRTV?

    Herewith another episode of The Mark Steyn Show that CRTV declined to air but which we hope might be of interest to SteynOnline regulars.

    “In this show, Mark muses on the disagreements within climate science that never seem to make the papers – because they don’t fit the media’s lockstep insistence that “the science is settled”. After that, he talks to the bestselling historian Amity Shlaes about Calvin Coolidge’s relevance in the Age of Trump. And to round things out he offers another selection from Mark’s Mailbox.
    Click below to watch:

  266. EC @ 10:01

    How could you, EC, it was supposed to be for the barbarian to post the show, under the heading ‘is this what one missed?’, Baron’s already typed his take on it (or rather on the great Mark not the topic) saying that if one were to be frank, one must admit Mark is much better writing than talking, it’s not that he’s slowish, begins a sentence, immediately changes it, repeats himself, no, it isn’t that, it’s that Baron cannot shake off the feeling he may dry up suddenly, that feeling refuses to abate, stays with the barbarian, makes him rather tensed up even though he knows these shows may be pre-recorded. As for his slicing of the climate change – first class.

  267. UK Budget, 2017.

    If Hammond is the Organ upon which it is to be played, then who is the Grinder, and who is the Monkey?

  268. Could this start a fight?

    The spectacle over in the Republic seems to have taken most of our time, we’ve neglected an issue that has exercised the House, the near dead in the Upper Chamber – what to do with the EU nationals residing here when we quit the unelected Brussels bureaucracy.

    For what it’s worth, the barbarian reckons the saintly One has misjudged it again, instead of bickering with the Lords over their amendment, she should have said all EU nationals who had arrived here before the day of the referendum are welcome, we value their contributions to the commonwealth, they may stay regardless the Brusels decision on our nationals in the continental EU countries provided they have a job, no criminal record, no desire to do us harm. It’s Britain, the country would never use people as pawns, it’s both distasteful and morally wrong.

    If the saintly one were smart, she should have taken this approach, here’s why:

    It’s very likely that that will be what actually happens anyway, we swap the roughly 3mn of EU citizens already here for the roughly 3mn of our burghers residing in the continental EU, it sound sensible, something which people would expect to happen, the only thing that will have to be settled are the details like pensions, dual nationality, stuff like that.

    The beauty of saying it though is in that it would calm down the many EU nationals who are here, when they settled here we were a part of the monstrosity, they had the legal right to come, many of them are married couples, the parents have jobs, the kids go to school here.

    It will also show to those who barked at us calling us Little Englanders that immigration was one of the key reasons for our leaving the EU, but only immigration over which we have no control, the country has always been receptive to newcomers provided we decide who comes, when, in what numbers.

    It would push the Brussels apparatchiks into a corner, as an act of PR bring alot of positive coverage in the MSM, the poodles would lap it, praising her for winning the hearts and minds of people both here and on the European mainland, and who knows, it may even convince those in other EU countries who viewed our leaving with suspicion more favourably – we are in Europe, but on sovereign terms. The favourable viewing of our departure may even boost the chances of Le Pen, Geert Wilders (and as yet not known anti-EU leaders in other EU countries).

    Some of you may object, say, but what happens if Brussels doesn’t take the same humane, sensible and pragmatic view? That’s unlikely, as Baron said before, they may be evil, stupid they’re not, their taking a tough approach would suggest to everyone they’re but slave masters, a bunch of soft talking totalitarian thugs.

    But still, if they did try kick our people out, began treating them as second class citizens, we would mount a loud campaign saying Brussels use of our people living in Europe in the Brexit negotiations is not that dissimilar to the ISIS thugs using people as human shields, it would bring hardship, pain and suffering, too, (if not death), something we would never stoop to. As a truly last resort, we can change our mind.

    A short post scriptum:

    You may think the barbarian is saying it because he’s one of the human imports, if you do you’re wrong. Not only has he been a holder of a British passport for almost half a century, he’s also mulling the possibility of spending the few last days that remain for him to breathe oxygen outside Britain, he isn’t rich enough to pay the the thousand quid per week for an old people’s home where he may be treated as a piece cloth at best (and few other reasons, too).

    If the decision were to be that everyone who arrived here (say) after WW2 were to be shipped out, the barbarian would feel sad, but not angry or upset, he’s lived enough in four countries, knows he’s more than capable to adapt to a fifth one if it came to it.

  269. The more one watches this man the more impressed one gets.

  270. It took Baron over ten minutes to post the @ 10:48, ‘unavailability of the server’ was the excuse.

    It may not be the length of the weekly blog, the barbarian has also difficulty posting on the Spectator blog, every other blog and/or site though works like a clockwork (the software insisted on ‘cockwork’), hence it could be that his (possibly your) postings get re-directed for the approval of MI5 or 6,7,8…, no?

  271. Baron – 10:48
    At least her current path is flushing out the enemy, and those who don’t know what negotiation means 🙂

    I don’t know that your suggestion can be guaranteed: we might get a new PM, a new government, or a new World Order! It is like buying a house (in England) where nothing is agreed, until the agreement. I would expect the HoL amendment can go through unchanged, then changed/repealed later. The only difference is that it will be a later change, as long as it gets through all its stages. Parliament canot tie the hands of a future parliament. It is only signaling.

    And then, what will happen if the EU want to screw the British living in the EU? It’s not just can they stay there, it’s how much red tape, annual fees, restrictions on benefits, can they have a normal bank account, the status of offspring, conscription, location of savings and pensions, jusidiction of wills: it all needs clarifying. Currently, there is the illusion that all the nations’ legal systems are in harmony. When we leave, that will be history.

    And even when we do leave, there will be little that we can if the Continentals change the rules, just as we will be able to change ours. Remember they are being very spiteful, and we haven’t even invoked Article50 yet.

  272. Recently “we” have been reading “The Outsider”, Frederick Forsyth’s autobiography.(*)
    It is as fascinating a story as any one of his fictional tales. Well worth a few bob!

    He has some pretty damning things to say about the BBC, the FO, the CRO , and also the Wilson government, based on his experiences as a journalist.

    Of the BBC:

    “I learned quite quickly that the BBC is not primarily a creator of entertainment , nor a reporter and disseminator of hard news like Reuters. (once!) Those came second. Primarily the BBC is a vast bureaucracy with the three disadvantages of a bureaucracy. These are a sloth-like inertia, and obsession with rank over merit and a matching obsession with conformism. […] Then it got worse. The upper echelons of the bureaucracy preferred a devoted servility to the polity of the ruling government, provided it was Labour, and it was.”

    During the Nigerian civil war he was a newly appointed BBC foreign correspondent based in Enugu. His career was effectively cut short when he failed to file “a matcher” confirming the BBC fake news and flawed analysis coming out of Lagos. He felt compelled to report the facts. Of this he said,

    “It was not out of mischievousness but naiveté. I was trained by Reuters. I had never covered a controversial story in my two years with the BBC. I did not realise that when broadcasting for the state, a foreign correspondent must never report what London does not wish to hear.”

    Of the FO etc.

    “In the Foreign Office the anti semitism was unmissable. I found this odd. On most issues the senior mandarins reflected a lofty disdain for foreigners, yet made one exception, a preference for Arabs and Islam.”

  273. Baron – your question: is this wrong?

    “Obama’s Wiretaps?
    Details of a Watergate-style conspiracy against Trump emerge. ”

    “….Now the outlines of a Watergate-like conspiracy are emerging in which a sitting Democrat president apparently used the apparatus of the state to spy on a Republican presidential candidate…. ”

  274. (*) I’m certain that the biographies of Frank P, Baron, Stephen Maybery, Colonel M. etc. would make for some equally interesting reading…

    PUBLISH, dammit!

  275. And while at Frontpage Magazine, see also DANIEL GREENFIELD’s article:

    “#ObamaGate: Exposing the Obama Deep State
    Obama’s third term has begun. Our Republic is in danger.

    “….A few weeks after the election, I warned that Obama was planning to run the country from outside the White House. And that the “Obama Anonymous” network of staffers embedded in the government was the real threat. Since then Obama’s Kalorama mansion has become a shadow White House. And the Obama Anonymous network is doing everything it can to bring down an elected government….”

  276. ‘Then we say oh sh*t!’ Brexit negotiator Verhofstadt DESTROYS Brussels in epic rant on EU
    The fired up Belgian politician swore at one point as he tore into the Brussels status quo, blasting key policies like the Schengen zone and the euro currency as unfinished.

    Unfinished! 🙂 🙂 🙂


    “Worse Than Watergate: Obama Ordered Wiretaps of Trump’s Campaign”

    Obama? Arrest his arse!! (Malfleur dixit)

  278. EC at 12-02pm
    Freddy Forsyth on the F.O. : their preference for Arabs and Islam.

    That’s why they are known as The Camel Corps.

  279. Robert Retyred, Verhofstadt would do well to listen to Rees-Mogg.

    “It is very rare that specific days are commemorated as I think the 23rd of June 2016 will be commemorated. It is on a par with St Crispin’s Day 1415 and with the 18th of June 1815.”

  280. Agincourt and Waterloo.

  281. EC (12.02)

    …BBC,FO, CRO…

    to which CRO is he referring?

  282. EC
    March 7th, 2017 – 12:02

    Your mention of the BBC’s willingness to broadcast fake news takes me back to the period from early 1965 to mid-1966 when my wife and I were living in Lusaka, Zambia.

    One short holiday we drove down to Rhodesia to what was then Salisbury. We spent a very pleasant and undisturbed weekend staying at Meikles Hotel in the city centre.

    When we got back to Lusaka we happened to turn on the BBC Overseas News. We were astonished to hear that while we were in Salisbury, its downtown streets had been crowded with many thousands of Africans demonstrating against the government of Ian Smith.

    This so amazed us that we made some enquiries – and learned that there had been a demonstration – by a small group of people, in the suburbs, outside Ian Smith’s house.

  283. EC,
    You want my biog? Are you barmy lad? Still, if you are determined, google stephen maybery. A life on the lam, then take a few tranquilizers as it is all true, so help me God.

    This England,
    This sceptered isle,
    Set in a silver sea,
    And wrapped in a friggin’ burkah.

  284. Baron March 7th, 2017 – 11:00

    Most conservative or right wing public forums are now under concerted attack in order to disrupt them. All sorts of dodgy scripts, bots and re-directions as well as attempted denial of service attacks. Check your cache and clear it, clear out all the cookies, there are hundreds being loaded at those sites.

    The subversive left in Britain now simply want to eradicate any public dissent.

  285. It reminds me of the group, accused of being violent, that became particularly violent:
    Tory Students Targeted In Campus Free Speech Clampdown
    Lincoln University students’ union has taken away control of its Conservative Society’s social media pages in the latest challenge to campus free speech. Tory students were accused of bringing their university into disrepute for tweeting about its woeful record on free expression. The heavy-handed student union responded and now the Tory group’s Facebook page has disappeared ….

  286. Marshal Roberts – 17:08
    They are their own worst enemy, they really are.


    “Today, Tuesday 7 March 2017, WikiLeaks begins its new series of leaks on the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency. Code-named “Vault 7″ by WikiLeaks, it is the largest ever publication of confidential documents on the agency….”

  288. The latest Woodpile report. Don’t neglect the inner links:

  289. Frank P @ 22:54

    The best summing up of the false flag operation by the Obama clique, Frank, the whole saga about Flynn and Sessions has been designed, activated to get rid of the Donald, Melanie’s spot on, the insinuation that either of the Trump’s nominees had broken the law, or at least misled the Congress, or were not totally honest is so far fetched it would be laughed out of any court of law, it defies common sense, one’s lost to argue against it.

    Baron has said it before, the Donald should fill in the important top posts with some urgency, or he’s toast.

  290. Colonel Mustard @ 21:57

    Thanks, Colonel, very helpful, the barbarian will come back to it, he checked, has over 10,000 cookies and caches, but hasn’t removed man yet because of a warning that it may inhibit his visiting the sites again. He will look into it when he’s less tired.

  291. Malfleur @ 23:01

    Not that the barbarian understands it well, Malfleur, but it reads and sounds ominous, it should a warning to the makers of the gadgets millions of us use daily to ensure that these cannot be easily contaminated. It shouldn’t be beyond the the skills of the many programmers employed by the companies to beat the CIA, which cannot posses the same know-how for the simple reason it doesn’t have the same IT manpower that the sum of the private sector companies have. The IT brainpower of these companies should club together, find an answer because if they don’t people may be put off if they discover their privacy can be easily invaded, used against them.

  292. Alex Jones Tuesday March 7 1st Hour – WikiLeaks – Vault 7

  293. Baron

    I just clicked on the link you post and got this message “This video is no longer available because the YouTube account associated with this video has been closed.”

    It must have been good!

  294. ‘The New World Order Does Not Exists Anymore’

    In the last section of the link I posted at 2:12 above, Jones interviews Steve Pieczenik. Pieczenik names John D. Rockefeller and Marc Rubio as among those involved in criminal action. Marc Rubio was mentored by New World Order propagandist Max Boot in his campaign to be nominated as the Republican presidential candidate.

    Dr. Steve Pieczenik carries over into the 2nd Hour at:

  295. Stephen Maybery, March 7th, 2017 – 19:11

    Thank you! A most enjoyable read. Some real eye-openers in there, but thankfully no tranquilizers required!

    Now then Baron, it’s time to put it all down on paper!

  296. Frank P, March 7th, 2017 – 22:54

    A good digest of recent events.

    I guess Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign comment that Obama had been “the worst president, maybe in the history of our country” kinda stung a bit!

    The question is, who is financing Obama now? Yeah, I know he’s been given a $60M book deal but who is really bankrolling that, I wonder?

  297. Lionel explains the significance of VAULT 7 – the Smoking Gun

  298. Junk Science Watch:

    Most scientists ‘can’t replicate studies by their peers’
    Tom Feilden

    “The reproducibility difficulties are not about fraud, according to Dame Ottoline Leyser, director of the Sainsbury Laboratory at the University of Cambridge.”


  299. Sultan Knish with a detailed report, including very interesting statistics, on ‘friendly and productive’ so-called refugees from Iraq. Includes a selection of case histories which illustrate the myth:

  300. Mark Dice:

    “CNN Cuts Feed of Congressman After He Reveals Facts About Refugees”

    In addition, M’Lud, several other instances of CNN pulling the plug on guests saying things they don’t want to hear!

  301. TBITBOT declaimng on the latest Wikileak hooha:

  302. Don’t be put off by this jocks appearance, or his URL – he’s on message, droll and also less shouty than many with the spiel:

  303. Frank P – 15:09

    The guy has 98,262 YouTube subscribers. That’s a “readership” bigger than the Spectatesman – by about 15,000. TITSBOT is doing quite well too, with 53, 071 subscribers. Together they are as big as the Grauniad!

    How long, I wonder, before YouTube is closed to those mocking or dissenting from the authorised message of “progressive” left? [already happening on Twitter and FaceBook]

  304. Frank P – 15:16

    “Dave” is, without doubt, a legend in his own lunchtime!

  305. EC (17:35)

    The heartening thing is that the 666 guy was passed to me by daughter No. 1, who hat-tipped grandson No. 2, indicating that least some of the younger generation are wising up. 🙂

  306. Declan @ 05:25

    Pity they took it off, Declan, it’s not only what he said – release the documentation on which the FISA court issued the wiretapping warrant, the names of those who asked and/or signed the former, issued the latter – it was also how he said it, which is often as important if not more, that what one says. He’ll be around, hopefully, we get to hear from him again.

  307. We have often suggested in our ruminations here that the propensity to dress to the left is embedded in the genetic structure. The Blonde expands on that proposition with some cod science.
    Amusing and thought provoking:

  308. Malfleur @ 08:01

    It’s an hour again, Malfleur, the barbarian was listening only intermittently, caught amongst other things like Alex constantly butting if, the guy Snyder saying exactly what we’re saying here, the Donald has to remove the Deep State supporters or, as he put it, ‘they’ll lob in enough grenades, one will stick’.

  309. EC @ 10:12

    Given that there’s so much crap put on paper theses days, EC, would another helping of the same be to anyone’s benefit?

  310. Malfleur @ 11:39

    Not another serving of Lionel, Malfleur, spinning a double yarn. Why cannot they do a summary, then add to it for those who have the time to spend?

  311. EC @ 14:18

    In a war, even an info war, the enemy must be expected to use any tool that may help them to win it, we have to get used to it, find an effective countermeasure, no?

  312. Frank P @ 14:48

    Nothing on what she says on the MSM, Frank, more importantly, what do the makers of the gadgets do? Surely, it must worry them that the vulnerabilities may eventually hit the sales of their gear.

    In the decades prior to the October Revolution in Russia the then Russian Security Service ran a very sophisticated undercover operation where they would set up revolutionary groups themselves often based outside Russia, these groups fully funded by them would publish pamphlets, train recruits in subversion, set up assassinations in Russia. Another departments of the same Security set-up would chase these ‘fakes’, arrest them, send them down without knowing that it was all funded and run by another arm of the same outfit.

    Here, the CIA is running a similar albeit more sophisticated campaign, but there is no guarantee that they can avoid getting fooled by the released hacking software.

  313. Frank P @ 15:16

    Who is this vodka drinking young man, Frank, could he be trusted? At the start of the clip when we see a dish with cut onions, gherkins, then another plate allegedly of shashlik. Well, Baron had more of the latter than anyone here on the Wall, but this isn’t how the dish looks.

    Few weeks ago, one of the Russian channels ran a debate in which a number of American and British farmers had a say, (married to much younger Russian girls), they were critical of Putin’s policies, mostly of taxation, but showed no intention moving back to where they came from. Interesting this.

    (The barbarian couldn’t post it, it was in Russian).

  314. Frank P
    March 8th, 2017 – 15:09

    I enjoyed every word. After listening to him, I feel even more inclined to give up on believing anything or thinking about anything or any supposed “news” – and instead to concentrate on tending to my garden and especially my favourites – three young Chitalpa trees. Perhaps Baron will approve of them?

  315. Baron @ 18:37

    I don’t think that you have grasped the nature of the Coffee House Wall. It is a Commonplace Book.

  316. Frank P @ 15:09

    I would like to see more of his chest tattoo. Is it permanent, do you think? Perhaps the summer months will tell. An interesting ‘dude’; but his ‘fuck’ this and ‘suck’ that style is the blog equivalent of being spoken to close up by someone who spits in your face as he speaks. Rather monotone, his delivery, for me, as well.

    But he’s right – this technology shit has us all really fucked up.

    Pardon my French.

  317. Wikileaks Vault 7

    A cartoon is worth a 1000 words!

    h/t Ben Garrison NB. just just his website and it has suddenly become “unavailable!”

  318. Frank P @ 15:09

    An articulate guy, Frank, what he says rings true,differs not much from what we or others have been talking about except for two things he’s failed to address:

    The CIA doesn’t give a dry shite who got hold of the thousands lines of the malware they let lose on agencies of states friendly with the Republic, private contractors or whoever, why should they, if any party that acquired it be it the Russians, the Chinese, or a group of pranksters in a flat above the fish&chip shop in Neasden were to close down a part of the US electricity grid they can blame it on anyone they choose because they are the agency charged with finding the culprits. Who is to check hence know whether what they say is right or wrong?

    The Congressional investigation into the election hacking and all the goes with it is unlikely to find a suspect any other than Russia, the barbarian can safely predict. It’s a foregone certainty, you’ll see.

    The other issue is that what the CIA so carelessly and seemingly haphazardly allowed others to lay their hands on may be the old stuff anyway, something that’s already obsolete, not an up-to-date malware. The field of cyber traffic, its code writing, origination, distribution and whatever is evolving, evolving fast. Who is to know whether they have up their sleeves something more sinister, of which only few are aware, the rest of the participants are still yapping about the things this leather clad young man’s talking.

  319. Malfleur – 22:39

    He has a tattoo under his t-shirt?

  320. Herbert Thornton @ 19:28

    It cannot be anything but serendipity, Herbert, the barbarian was thinking today of throwing the towel in as well, it’s getting beyond any rational comprehension, one truly doesn’t know whom to believe, often even a source that seemed kosher disappoints, it’s a game played with rules unknowable to anyone but the few, one cannot figure who the few are, and even if one could, one wouldn’t be able to join in for the money stakes are just too big.

  321. EC @ 22:48

    If only the cartoon were true, EC.

    Walking briskly this afternoon to boost the efficacy of the lungs department, mulling over the event of the days past, the barbarian came to the view that the Donald’s project doesn’t have a chance of success if the one who runs it continues to tweet rather than seriously govern.

    The demise of Flynn, the castration of Sessions are but a taste of things to come, the Donald has already given up on serious restructuring on NATO, the Americans will continue to pay, the others, notably Germany will not (the EU Armed Forces are very much in the running), the Donald seems to have given up on his re-approachment with Russia (both Bush, the hon Muslim were allowed to make overtures for while before the military cum industrial lobby turned the screw on, the Donald is being denied to even an initial attempt to calm things down re Russia), the immigration policy seems going nowhere, the new order covers just 90 days, what then? return to what it was before?

    The wall building, the most controversial, but equally most useless policy may be going on but will it stem the flow of the immigrants from Mexico, will it indeed. If Hamas could construct a kilometre of a tunnel in a couple of weeks, how long will it take the gringos to do the same?

    If the Donald keeps on giving up on his promises, watering them down, having them put into action but with little or no results, those who have backed him will get disenchanted, come the day the Deep State decides to go for it (say) by the means of impeachment, they will not be there to help him.

  322. Has anyone come across the Veterans Today site?

    This link, or rather the content of it, seems to border on the unbelievable:

  323. EC @ 22:54

    The chap I was watching had no T-shirt. I could see part of a witch on a broomstick which seemed to be a chest tattoo – you mean that was a T-shirt! I guess the eyes are going along with everything else… 🙁

  324. In light of all the gloom and doom forecasts that malicious computer operators may bring down our electricity grids or put some of our manufacturing industries or even our defence systems out of action I’d like to ask –

    1. Are computers really necessary to operate them? and

    2. Why cannot the most vital parts of these operations be separated entirely from the Internet?

    The foregoing may sound like a silly question these days, but for many decades before computers existed huge numbers of organisations operated quite effectively without computers. So why cannot really essential services be completely isolated from the Internet?

    People with degrees in Business Management (and the academics who teach them) will doubtless assert that no organisation can run well without computers connected to the Internet but I’m not persuaded.

    Henry Ford for example managed very successfully without using computers – and so far as I know he didn’t need any help from anybody with a degree in business management either. He ran the whole show – or so I’ve read – more or less personally from a small corner office.

    Lord Beaverbrook is another example. When Britain’s aircraft industry was failing to produce enough planes in WW2, Churchill put him in charge of it. The result – as one writer described it – “Tape tore, fur flew – and the planes came.”

  325. Frank P @ 18:22

    Where was the altruistic gene in (say) Warsaw when the Germans occupied the country? People were walking on streets on which other people including children were dying from hunger, too weak to even ask for food, nobody paid any attention to them (google for pictures, video clips). More to the point, were was the same gene when the Nazis, their fellow travellers were systematically exterminating whole groups of people, hanging, shooting gassing them?

    The girl (even more so the likes of Dawkins) is forgetting to inject into the theory of the selfish gene, or its altruistic mutation, the societal forces both from within and without.

    If the girls were living in a non-societal environment, running around as individuals without any system of hierarchical set-up like rabbits then the theory may fit. This, however, has never been the case, all of the evidence we have suggests that even within large family groups, the first stage of a hierarchal arrangement, there was more than just the gene power that was at play – the forces furnished by nurture.

    The girls would have been taught to share, and with whom, that’s the force from within. If they objected, the force without would interfere, compel them to do as they’re told. Only this could explain the behaviour of (say) the ‘German gene’ eighty years ago and now, no?

  326. Baron
    March 8th, 2017 – 23:30

    Congratulations – by writing “seems to border on the unbelievable” you’ve made the understatement of the year!

  327. Malfleur (22:39)

    You should have gone to Specsavers: that’s a T-shirt, not a tat!

  328. Herbert Thornton @ 23:55

    Good points, Herbert, the barbarian has no answer except perhaps that one cannot stop progress, it’s seldom if ever that progress brings only benefits to the society, but it’s also true that the ingenuity of man has always found ways how to prevent or weed out the negative mis-use of it.

    Once you accept that computers greatly enhance the efficacy of many complex operations such as running electricity grids, there’s a scope for infecting the process even if the machine is a stand-alone. The operating system of the computer may contain a line or two of malware coding that sits there inert, but activates after the passage of (say) a year. Provided those who run the system have the know how to find the malware lines everything’s OK.

    How one deals with malware on gadgets that link with a system of servers the barbarian doesn’t know. The likes of Kaspersky should have the answer.

  329. EC (22:54)

    Apologies – I had not seen your 22:54 when I posted my 00:18. :-)@

  330. Malfleur, March 8th, 2017 – 23:48

    To be honest, the light beige t-shirt had me optically challenged, until the sun went in.

  331. Baron – 09:44

    Ah, “tradecraft” techniques of yesteryear are a thing of joy and beauty! Also, while we are in full retro mode, for good measure, let’s bring back the good ole four rotor enigma machines. They would more secure than email by the sound of it, and would still be bastard to crack without significant cribs, or a copy of the daily settings “code” book.

    I would like to believe that the scenario outlined by Thomas Wictor was true but…
    … would The Donald not have played his Trump card by now?

    TW is quite a complex chap, by the sound of it.

  332. EC @ 12:19

    The one thing that puzzled, EC, mystifies still is how could a man supposedly immersed in intelligence for decades forget his call will be intercepted, an international call made from a beach somewhere in South America at that, even the barbarian knows that all international calls get monitored. One may argue he’s incompetent (an allegation he has levelled against the CIA), or had a momentary lapse of judgement, but that’s stretching it abit.

    Some bloggers over in the East are saying his coming up to RT and Russia was a cover, he’s and he was a top spy.

  333. Lionel – Vault 7 – Umbrage “We are on the brink of catastrophe”

  334. EC

    For me the illusion was I think partly brought on by my parti pris that Frank P had a thing for leather jackets worn over tattooed chests – his wish being father to the thought or some such.

  335. It should have read ‘cozying up’ and not ‘coming up’, sorry (and also massive apologies for the mistakes before the 13:26 posting.

  336. Frank P @ 16:38

    The 21st century British replica of the Dostoyevsky’s 19th century female loving Russian peasant:

    Before you pick up your whip again, Frank, the poorly educated Slav readily admits that the level of violence towards women in Russia today still exceeds that in the West, in this country certainly, but to describe the contemporary society of the biggest Slavonic tribe as one where women get beaten daily, can relax only on March 8 is such an imbecilic thing to imply that only an overeducated (in Russia) village idiot could say.

  337. Herbert Thornton @ 17:06

    The more of them here, the greater the unhappiness of the local phylum that doesn’t worship Allah, Herbert.

    Those in charge aren’t that stupid not to see it, behind closed doors there already are moves to reverse the trend, it’s just that in public we don’t hear about it, the governors fear a backlash of the brainwashed. Germany is a case in point, making deals everywhere either to ship many back, or to slow the inflow.

    Question is ‘is it too late’?

  338. There titbits from outside the soon to be free Britain, one domestic:

    In the country nobody has ever mentioned as a contender for a high ranking on corruption, the Czech Republic, another scandal involving a Deputy Head of an outfit called TSK (something to do with keeping Prague’s sidewalks in order) that’s being privatised. The man has been asking companies interested in acquiring the outfits’s equity for 6mn in local currency (around £200,000).

    The incumbent President of the same country says he will stand for re-election, his resolve boosted by the elevation of the Donald into the oval Office.

    Donald Tusk, a Pole, gets re-elected as the EU Council President, the only country vehemently opposing it was Poland, not much (in fact nothing) on it on the early evening news. Aren’t you glad we’re getting off?

    An 87-year old girl was screened on the ITV early evening news, she has just learnt to read, not that well, but enough to read the headlines (is it worth it?), when young she couldn’t go to school, was looking after her parents. She appeared cheerful, full of beans, smiling throughput the interview, glad to learn so late in life, not blaming the society, not angry with anyone, she traveled through life content, carrying the burden as if it was what she had to do.

    Can you imagine anyone of today’s generation having to do what she did not blaming someone, the society preferably, or something?

  339. No bloody ‘throughput’ but ‘throughout’, and not bloody ‘outfits’s’ but ‘outfit’s’, sorry.

    Are you awake?

  340. Germany’s right-wing populist AfD party demands ‘closure of borders’Germany’s right-wing populist AfD party demands ‘closure of borders’

  341. Hope you settle down and watch the above episode of the defunct MS show, because I suspect that it is the reason they pulled his show. It must have had the entire showbiz elite – and queerdom in general – knocking on Cary Katz’s door. You will probably not approve of his sino-Russo quips in the demographics segment of his monologue either . But stick with it until the Q & A session at the end.

    Then there’s this:

    … which explains the Cary Katz connnection.

    I know you have modified your opinion of Mark recently, Baron, but that speech to the Universiity was a barnstormer. The alphabet soup mob need to be stopped before we are all castrated. It dovetails nicely with Boot’s piece regarding International womens’ day. Cheeky fucking cows! After 50 years of strident wimmins’ whinging, it’s time for the male species to strut its stuff again.

  342. Germany is getting upset with Islam as we all are. There needs to be a solution, maybe Germany can come up with one.

  343. Baron

    Clive James concurs with your critique on Mark Steyn’s delivery, but is somewhat more forgiving.

  344. John birch – 21:57

  345. John & Robert:

    A man (or two, the reports vary) has (have) been arrested at the Dusseldorf train station, several people injured, one seriously.

    No suggestion it was a terrorist attack, no suggestion it was a local either.

    If another reminder that things aren’t what they should be was needed, this comes handy even though one must regret that it came to it.

  346. Frank P @ 22:43

    Baron misses Clive’s takes of things to do with television, Frank, he was more than good, he was two heads and shoulders above the rest of the reviewing crowd, only AA Gill was a serious rival (even though the barbarian often disagreed with either).

    The group not unlike the great Mark is better doing what they were set up to do i.e. singing rather than talking. The Hotel California is a gem.

  347. Frank P @ 21:51

    So, it isn’t just the Russian, Ukrainian, Czech …. oligarchs who’re plaing at politics, Frank, the same phylum but of the progressive orientation is at it in the Republic, too? Who would have thought it, ha?

    After he cleaned his teeth and all that the barbarian will, as you order, settle down, watch for an hour what the great Mark has to say.

    ‘Scrotums of the world unite’, would that do?

  348. The are playing at politics (@23:38), of course, and at 20:30 the posting should start with ‘three titbits’ (Baro n has spotted it only now as he was scrolling up and down. How about a Wall petition demanding the poorly educated Slav fuggs off before he succeeds in fully corrupting the tongue of the bard?)

  349. Baron.

    To para-phrase Tommy Robinson :

    It’s a blog ; not a GCE English exam.

  350. John birch
    March 9th, 2017 – 21:57

    I would not hold your breath.
    This seems to be the party line:

    “There are warmongers who embrace religion. But that does not mean that religion promotes war. Religion has the great power to bring peace. People are upset by the numerous attacks and wonder, “Should we equate these images of violence with Islam?” One gets the impression that Islam is part of the problem. But that’s not true. It must become clear that it is part of the solution.”

  351. BERLIN/ERBIL (Own report) – The German government’s Kurdish protégés
    in Northern Iraq are using German weapons to attack the Yazidi
    minority. This has been confirmed by new photo and video documents
    circulating around the internet for the past few days. These documents
    depict the Erbil-based Kurdistan Regional Government’s (KRG) Peshmerga
    and its allied militias attacking Yazidis with Dingo infantry mobility
    vehicles (IMV), G36 assault rifles and other German weapons. The
    Peshmerga is seeking to round off the KRG territory and annex the
    region surrounding Shingal (“Sinjar” in Arabic) before the planned
    secession from Iraq of the regions under Erbil’s control. Shingal had
    been the focus of international attention in the summer of 2014, when
    the IS/Daesh killed thousands of Yazidis and abducted, enslaved and
    raped thousands of Yezidis. Yazidis, who have always been harassed and
    discriminated against by the KRG are now fearing expulsion. For years,
    Erbil – which Berlin is supporting politically, as well as with
    training and arms for its Peshmerga – has been systematically
    expelling Arab speaking inhabitants from the territories under its
    control. Already in 2015, US observers were accusing the KRG of
    “ethnic cleansing.”


    The biggest killer you’ve never heard of.

    They say there are many causes of “sepsis” but the biggest is GP’s failing to prescribe, even when asked specifically, antibiotics to those who need them.

  353. Marshal Roberts – 08:20

    “How I almost died from sepsis, by Lord Ashcroft: Tory grandee releases photo of himself in intensive care in attempt to raise awareness”

  354. Frank P @ 21:26

    As for the content, the hour plus of Mark, better than second to none, Frank, on delivering the pearls of wisdom and wit? Hmmm, too much nose rubbing for Baron’s taste, not that it mattered much, the audience would have lapped him if did the evening toilet Full Monty.

    His example of a Papua New Guinea head shrinker wasn’t the best, it may have appealed to the listeners who warmly remember the days of colonisation of the countries whose inhabitants’ skins had a high melanin content, but a Saudi prince would have fitted better, indulging in the same consumerism as the Americans, but guided by a belief system closer, if not identical, to that of the Papua cannibal for it is that – the conflicting belief systems, the differences in codes of morality, the willing observance or not of man-made laws and rules which have been causing the friction between the newcomers into the Republic and the descendants of the early settlers.

    The views of the professor of Georgetown University on Muslim slavery didn’t surprise that much, what’s shocking is that no major MSM outlet has ever mentioned it, (particularly as the schooling institution seems to falling backward to make amends for its past – the first link), and the response to it by the students at the University (the second link).

    The two links lend support to Mark’s observation that there are now ‘more people that need offending than there are people willing to offend them’ (a typical Mark’s turn of phrase, something the barbarian’s missing alot). He could have been more accurate still if he said that there are now ‘more people that need offending than there are people courageous enough to offend them.’

    Btw, have you noticed that with the exception of the young girl holding the mike for the last questioner, the rest of the people in the hall were of an age not dissimilar to Baron’s? Tells you anything?

  355. WikiLeaks Julian Assange Press Conference On CIA Hacking (3/9/2017)

    AND it came to pass….
    The CIA “lost” control of the information & tools a long time ago. As usual the public were the last to know!

  356. Haley’s Comet
    A star is born is our reaction to the first press briefing by President Trump’s new ambassador at the United Nations.

  357. The barbarian has nearly forgotten.

    To enlighten himself, he had to google ‘two spirit’ immediately as Mark mentioned it, (before he did he mistakenly thought it was a part of a foreplay involving those of any sex orientation intending to hump each other drinking two different spirits to get a boost to whatever sexual organs were involved).

    It turns out it’s by far more sophisticated. If you’d like to know, too, read the below, pay particular attention to the “shifting of the sovereignty to define Indigenous truth to Two Spirit people and the nations to which they belong and to decolonize conceptions of gender and sexuality”.

    “Two Spirit (or Two-Spirit) is a specific term used at multiple levels: “to reference historical foundations of gender and sexual diversity in North American Indigenous societies, a contemporary interlinking of gender, sexuality, spirituality, and social roles, or a critique of heteropatriarchy in Native and non-Native communities.”

    [1] Although often closely linked to “queer Native” or “queer Indigenous,” Two Spirit is specifically a culturally situated identity and politics that contests colonial anthropological understandings of Indigenous gender and sexual diversity (and particularly the concept of berdache, a term used by anthropologists to describe Native queer people) and attempts by settler LGBTQ people to co-opt that diversity.

    As such, Two Spirit is not merely a fusion of “queer” and “Native,” but an identity that is intended to shift the sovereignty to define Indigenous truth to Two Spirit people and the nations to which they belong and to decolonize conceptions of gender and sexuality that have been shaped in North American by settler colonial rule.

    This guide is intended to provide a guide centered on indigeneity to introduce Two Spirit critique, politics, and literature”.

    If you want more of the same crap click here:

  358. Baron,

    “As I begin this last paragraph, outside my window a misty afternoon drizzle gently but inexorably soaks the City of London. Down there in the street I can see umbrellas commiserating with each other. In Sydney Harbour, twelve thousand miles away and ten hours from now, the yachts will be racing on the crushed diamond water under a sky the texture of powdered sapphires. It would be churlish not to concede that the same abundance of natural blessings which gave us the energy to leave has every right to call us back. All in, the whippy’s taken. Pulsing like a beacon through the days and nights, the birthplace of the fortunate sends out its invisible waves of recollection. It always has and it always will, until even the last of us come home.”

    Clive James

    The italicised portion of that quote is on his plaque on Writers’ Wall, Circular Quays, Sydney. Beautiful, není tak?

  359. “Writer’s Walk” !

  360. How was the rest of Frasier’s performance, btw?

  361. The fury about the rise in the National Insurance rate for the self-employed is getting out of hand, the Spectator blog is full of it. It may be an unsuspected policy change, a move contrary to what the Tories promised (it would’t be the first time that a political party did that), it may also be a PR disaster, but from the point of fairness, it’s the right move.

    Why should someone doing a job identical to someone else be lumbered with a much higher NI bill? Makes no sense at all if the accruing benefits from NI are the same for both.

  362. EC @ 11:22

    Quite so, EC, he knew, still does, how to apply the pen.

    How on earth are you getting the accents of this rather obscure tongue right?

  363. Baron – 12:23
    I don’t think the self employed get sick pay and a few other things, so benefits are not identical, but you are right otherwise.
    I think the low earning self employed will be better off, but the highly paid, that will include ‘self employed TV reporters’ will pay more, but still less than if they were employed.

    Again, the media are distorting the situation.

  364. A vignette from Post-Gramscian Britain.

    As their Lordshits argue, it’s vitally important that we protect the UK residency rights of EU citizens like the slave trading Roumanian Stans’!

  365. EC
    March 10th, 2017 – 11:08

    I enjoyed watching the video.

    Remember the V2 rockets designed by Werner von Braun that the Nazis launched against Britain near the end of WW?

    Von Braun’s association with the Nazis certainly didn’t prevent the U.S. eagerly recruiting him and using his expertise did it?

    Perhaps President Trump should recruit Julian Assange as head of a new U.S. Department of National Internet Security?

  366. A damning and justified critique of our ‘Tory’ government, particularly our ‘Prime Minister – she who modelled her method of manifest ministerial mirth on Ted Heath’s, who at least kept his gob shut whilst exercising his clavicles and scapulas – and Hooter Hammond, he who was complicit with Heinz Gigolo Kerry in selling The West out to the murderous muzzie mullahs:

    Not even Baron dare demur with a word of it, albeit emanating from his bête noire? 🙂

  367. EC (12:21)

    “I saw this, and thought of you!”


    Anyway, as soon as I saw the lisping lily-livered usurper of the bridge at the erstwhile flagship of British journalism on the panel, surrounded by four vocal vaginas, I zapped back to FNN.

    Frasier to one side – how could anyone prefer to watch PT instead of KG, even with the handicap of having to keep the index finger on the mute button to silence the arse-faced Juan Williams every time he opens his moustachioed, sneering gob?

  368. “…as soon as I saw the lisping lily-livered usurper of the bridge at the erstwhile flagship of British journalism on the panel, surrounded by four vocal vaginas. I zapped back to FNN.”

    Thank you for that ecapsulating summary of the BBC’s masturbation fest Frank. You and it made my day. 😉

  369. Baron

    “…but from the point of fairness, it’s the right move.”

    I hadn’t realised you were a progressive statist, or is it the other way round.
    Should we then all work for the government and be dependant on the teat of the welfare state?

  370. Herbert Thornton – 16:23
    “Perhaps President Trump should recruit Julian Assange as head of a new U.S. Department of National Internet Security?”

    Perhaps he has 🙂

  371. EC (10:31)

    Madness. HTF did they think they would be able to keep that under wraps? Sean Spicer tried to waffle through it at the WH press conference tonight but he was akin to a rabbit in the headlights. It was a train crash waiting to happen. As you infer … what a tangled web they weave ..

  372. Country Music weekend at BBC 2 Country ( DAB ) : Fri/Sat/Sun ; Noon to Midnight.
    DAB radio needs `scan`button operated ; then tuning manually.

  373. Dusseldorf railway station axe attack : suspect `mentally disturbed `muslim refuge coming from Kosova in 2009.

    This evening : tear-gas attack on train in Hamburg.

    Various other offences in Germany this week.

    Many offences in Sweden : guns,knives,explosions,riots,no-go zones.

    What is a no-go zone ? A place where the President of the Ambulance-drivers Union says his members need body-armour and steel helmets to enter , with police protection.


    The last entry:
    In 1995 I developed a crippling illness. I couldn’t work, lost my life savings, and traveled through three states, from surgery to surgery.

    In any case, at the time I was diagnosed, Bush wasn’t president; Clinton was. And, as I pointed out to Pete, his unceasing and vehement expressions of hatred against Republicans did nothing for me.

    I had a friend, a nun, Mary Montgomery, one of the Sisters of Providence, who took me out to lunch every six months or so, and gave me twenty-dollar Target gift cards on Christmas. Her gestures to support someone, rather than expressions of hate against someone — even though these gestures were miniscule and did nothing to restore me to health — meant a great deal to me.

    Recently, I was trying to explain this aspect of why I stopped being a leftist to a left-wing friend, Julie. She replied, “No, I’m not an unpleasant person. I try to be nice to everybody.”

    “Julie,” I said, “You are an active member of the Occupy Movement. You could spend your days teaching children to read, or visiting the elderly in nursing homes, or organizing cleanup crews in a garbage-strewn slum. You don’t. You spend your time protestingand trying to destroy something — capitalism.”

    “Yes, but I’m very nice about it,” she insisted. “I always protest with a smile.”

  375. I was watching on TV some people supposedly knowledgeable about the CIA being interviewed about the latest Wikileaks (Vault 7) leak.

    The question was asked – was technically possible for the CIA to intercept calls made by & to President Trump while he was in the Trump Tower?

    The answer was “Yes”.

    Then the question was asked – “DID the CIA intercept Trump’s calls?”

    The answer to that one was that it was – “Impossible”.

    Why? Because the interception would first have to have been approved by a Judge!


    Have Wikileaks just pulled out a huge plug and is the swamp draining fast? It’s enough to make me listen hard for the gurgling sounds of the contents going down the drain.

  376. All quiet in Gothenburg tonight . Only one bomb (grenade) exploded outside someones front door. No politicians harmed. All quiet in Gothenburg tonight.

  377. Essen : Police order closure of shopping centre because of imminent danger of terrorist attack.

  378. Radford NG

    Not sure if you saw this table.

  379. Baron – I wonder who said this in Grozny?

    “This is a very nice work. It is also very relevant to organize such a conference at the opening of the mosque. Islam is the religion of peace. This is a very nice message that is delivered all around the world by this conference.”

    ‘Akhmad Kadyrov’

  380. Radford NG, March 7th, 2017 – 16:34

    “That’s why they [the FO] are known as The Camel Corps.”

    Yes, I’d forgotten that one. Hopefully Boris will have put a stop to this sort of thing:

    Thankfully I don’t know how much vaseline is contained in a £7 tub, but it sounds like a lot. Perhaps a daily ‘nob of grease’ is the equivalent of the RN’s tot of rum?

  381. Frank P, March 10th, 2017 – 17:13

    Noa, March 10th, 2017 – 17:34

    Re: ” four vocal vaginas”
    Do they have a collective noun, I wonder?

  382. Cue Richard Littlejohn, YCMIU ! etc.

    Swedish Minister: “Reducing Car Numbers a ‘Gender Equality Issue’ as They’re ‘Driven Mostly by Men”

    Photographic evidence that tends to suggest that all the smart Swedes emigrated 50 to 150 years ago:

  383. Baron

    Whaddya reckon, will he win?

    Re: ” …accents of this rather obscure tongue…”

    Surely Miloš Zeman’s spokesman, “Jiří Ovčáček” must get the prize for the most heavily accented name ever?

  384. Re: ” …accents of this rather obscure tongue…”

    Are they result of centuries of bad dentistry?

    How does one even begin to attempt to prounounce “Jiří Ovčáček” without emulating the late(?) Roy Hattersley, whose spittle, reputedly, spread out in a cone for up to six feet?

  385. EC

    “Are they result of centuries of bad dentistry?”

    Isn’t Prague the ‘Go-to’ place for quality dental work these days?
    Perhaps erstwhile Tory Ministers could be sent there, at our expense of course, to have some of the Conservative value they have lost implanted.

  386. Noa – 11:02

    Reportedly good, but I suspect not universally. i.e. caveat emptor.

    As far as our wonderful MPs are concerned it should be compulsory for them to:

    1. To live in their constituency. (using IBIS, Travelodge etc for B&B when in
    2. No chauffeur driven cars, and no security guards, particularly after leaving office(*)
    3. To use only their constituency NHS dentists, doctors and hospitals.

    … and see how they sodding well like it.

    * Tony Blair still gets a team of 24hr armed guards at our expense! Sod him, I say, and let the bastard pay for his own security.

  387. Much comment on the budget and as usual, the core issue is ignored.It should be impressed on the political class that the wealth of the Nation belongs to they who earn it, not to governments who feel they have a divine right to the contents of peoples wallets in order that they may piss said contents up the wall in order to buy the next election. We are living in stirring times, the demos is flexing its muscles and they who rule should take a glance at history, particularly at the reign of Charles the first. They did not have NI in those days, but they did have ship money, the imposition of which led to the civil war. (Just thought I’d cheer you up folks).

  388. EC
    March 11th, 2017 – 09:41

    The collective noun that you suggest we need already exists, though it has gone out of use. It was once used by hunters for wild pigs.

    A sounder of Vocal Vaginas.

  389. EC March 11th, 2017 – 11:38

    Yes, why should the likes of Blair be protected by the firearms for self defence that he and his ghastly gang denied to law abiding citizens?

    He might be a target but the basic principle is the right of ordinary people to self defence and defence of hearth and home holding “arms for their defence suitable to their conditions and as allowed by law”.

    The “as allowed by law” bit has been twisted by weasel-worded politicians to justify the subsequent legal restrictions connived at by the Home Office and police but the original context was the existing common law permitting the holding of firearms that James II had abrogated by causing Protestants to be disarmed. In other words it was a reaffirmation of what existed before not a caveat.

  390. @Stephen Maybery 11th – 12:10

    “they did have ship money, the imposition of which led to the civil war.”

    Well, yes, it was one of several causes. Would any of them have lit the spark on its own?

  391. @Herbert Thornton 11th – 13:10

    My, this is an erudite wall…..good job my dictionary is within arm’s reach of my keyboard! 🙂

  392. I like today’s version of Dilbert –

  393. Noa @ 17:39

    You would be hard put to find a more ardent and resolute supporter of wealth creators than Baron, Noa, but under the existing regime where those who add value are taxed the max why bring in an additional unfairness for some?

    A friend of Baron (impossible to tell give you a closer description, he’s on the net) boosted his income noticeably through a switch from regular employment to one based on a contract, he’s now self employed, both he and the outfit benefit, those employed by the latter don’t. That’s a case of secondary unfairness, no?

  394. Frank P @ 16:42

    Sorry to disappoint you (and Noa), and of course the one who knows it all, but the poorly educated Slav respectfully disagrees – see link below – he sides with the Institute for Fiscal Studies.

    The members of the House are frightened because the number of people who benefit is quite large, (it doesn’t include however anyone below £16,000 pa or whatever the ceiling may be), is made up of well paid people who simply switched from being employed by a company to contracting to the company. Would you or Noa be kind, tell Baron how does that switch improve wealth creation, please.

    Btw, the barbarian’s fully aware the country as a whole labours roughly six months for the Exchequer, the other six months for itself (rough figures, but not that inaccurate), that’s criminal, it should change, but whilst it’s unchanged there ought to be an equal (albeit relative to income) burden on all who have to suffer this mistreatment.

    Btw2, the outfit in the link is independent, but as right leaning as it gets – google if you must.

  395. Noa @ 11:02

    The place you’ve mentioned, Noa, or rather a dentist in it, did a good job on the molars of the poorly educated Slav – a large bridge (spanning over three teeth) £400, a crown – £100, cleaning – £30.

    It’s probably the same with other countries in the mid-Europe, the private dentistry had to adjust to earning levels, but regretfully it has begun to change probably because many have been emulating what the barbarian has done. Easyjet can get you there for below £100 return, non-hotel accommodation is roughly £30 per day (if one knows where to stay), and the beer’s deadly cheap.

  396. Baron, the way to bring fairness into the tax system is to remove excessive penalty – not to widen the penalty net. This looks spiteful and will bring in a paltry amount in the scale of things anyway.

    The way to deal with the contract scam is to penalise the corporates who contrive it, including the public sector scam of retirement followed by lucrative contract employment for Common Purpose alumni and “leaders”.

    Tax and spend is not what a conservative government ought to be doing but when Hammond is being advised by one of New Labour’s creatures it is not surprising.

    A proper conservative would have taken a proper axe to government waste, unnecessary, virtue signalling largesse and the big state. May & Co seem to be following the Labour creed of thinking that throwing ever larger amounts of other peoples money at every problem will resolve it and result in improvement.

  397. Baron -17:11

    A very good post: switching to self-employed and doing the same job, and getting a windfall, just because of weird tax rules is what is unfair.

    Yes, we want to be taxed less, but more money is needed short term, so reducing tax on others isn’t an option, currently.

  398. Colonel Mustard @ 17:27

    Excellent points, Colonel, but why tell it to the barbarian, he agrees with you.

    Unfortunately, the politicians of all parties have hoisted this tax-and-spend doctrine on the unwashed, bribed every segment of the electorate here and there with money taken from them in the first instance, the electorate seem to have meekly accepted it, keep voting for the political gnomes. Right?

    The difference in NI contributions we’re talking about injected into the gross unfairness of the T&S doctrine another sub-level of the same poison. If you look at it from the side of those who cannot take advantage of it, you cannot but agree it’s an anomaly that doesn’t really advance wealth creation, merely burdens more the employed by companies vis-vis the fortunate ones who can contract out.

    If one looks at the boost to the number of those who have become ‘entrepreneurs’ since the sharp difference in NI contributions was brought in, would one not conclude that the awakening of the dormant entrepreneurial spirit may, by and large, be a smart move to take a personal financial advantage created by the gap by those who are in a position to make such a move?

    How would one penalise the corporates who run such schemes? It’s not doable because in some instances the contacting out may be the way to go.

    Isn’t the proposed increase expected to bring in some £2.0bn into the Treasure coffers?

    To sum it up, the best solution would be to get rid of the ‘tax and tax’ regime, but whilst it’s on it, seems unfair some are in the shite more than others, no?

  399. RobertRetyred @ 18:16

    Quite, Robert, that’s indeed the point, but you would agree, would you not, that the tax burden has become excessive, the old precept ‘no taxation without a purpose’ has been completely written off, but it was (together with the ‘no taxation without representation’) what guided the tax policy in the distant past.

    Today, ‘the purpose’ is out, the tax policy is guided by what those governing over us think we can stomach, they would be more than capable spending the whole of the country’s income (and would probably still borrow some more).

  400. EC @ 09:58

    Who knows, EC, who’ll carry the day, the same forces that are pushing the progressive doctrine here are present in that small country, too, they have wide reach through MSM and the TV channels, almost all pump the globalist take on things.

    It’s the popular culture that runs the opposition, one of the groups is shown in the clip below, you can run the sound low, the barbarian translated the images that accompany it for 1mi 30sec to give you a flavour, apologises if you find it boring.

    The guy, Zeman, may be saying the right things, he’s a pragmatist, favours friendly relation with Russia, China, opposes AGW, dislikes the EU and all that, he’s also a born narcissist, talks as if each of the word he utters were a gold nugget, cannot forget that the social democrats (of whom he was one when PM of the country) kicked him out into retirement, does everything to hurt them, and drinks alot.

    ‘Zaco pane bože za co’ that translates roughly as ‘what for, oh God, what for’ (in the song it carries on: are you punishing the plain folks …)

    Under the pig:
    This song is not intended to harm anyone, all the clips can be found on the internet.

    The group of politicians:
    These have already pilfered enough. Do you envy them?

    The man with the machete (Minister of Finance)
    Bubble: Just wait, I’ll show you.
    (at the bottom: The butchers).

    The man at the flip-chart (former PM, socialist)
    Hovno = merde

    The cartoon:
    The billboard: He who doesn’t borrow to burden his kids impoverishes his family.

    The engry child:
    Listen, you fuckers, stop spending my pension.

    The picture of the former President Klaus
    Bubble: You up there, stop looking, you cannot pin anything on me ..

    Handy bag for every family.

    The three men – all Ministers
    Left bubble: we must fight corruption, I’ve already turned down three bribes out of eight today.
    Middle bubble: How much shall we put up taxes? 3,000 each month (the average wage is about 15,000).
    Right bubble: No Summer this year, too expensive, in the Winter we’re to tax snow, I’ve ordered 3 metres this year.

    The former President Klaus pinching a ball pen.
    (You must know this one).

  401. Baron – 18:47

    Yes, but reducing the tax income before working out where the cuts will be applied will only increase the deficit – but who cares about that?


    I can see that the Government want to keep some spare cash as there are tough times ahead, and allowing tax dogers to get away with it would make it the nasty party 🙂

  402. This sounds like the Donald, could it be him?

  403. RobertRetyred @ 19:21

    Let’s drop this issue, Robert, the barbarian must admit he doesn’t know enough to make a judgement he can be comfortable defending, those who took advantage of the NI gap did nothing illegal, it was well within the law, it’s akin to the guy who had a family of 17, never a job in his life, then asked for a bigger house, everyone jumped on him. Why?

    It’s the law that should have been jumped at, the Government enacts statutes that encourage such behaviour then puts moral pressure on the people not to act as the law allows. Silly that.

  404. This write-up backs Noa and the Colonel, but it would as it takes a much broader swing at the field of taxation (it includes the company taxation schedules).

    It seems that one can argue it either way except that if someone who (say) is currently employed as a company lawyer, contracts out, the boost to his income is very much noticeable (even if he’s prevented to act as a legal advisor to entities other than the company he’s contracted to).

    (That’s the last word on the issue from the poorly educated Slav, to even say he isn’t an expert on taxation is an exaggeration, he cannot do his own tax returns, the form is unintelligible to him).

  405. It seems that Arsenal is still capable to beat the team of amateurs from Neasden.

  406. Baron – 20:00
    It wasn’t illegal, because the law allowed it, but it needs to change because wasn’t fair on those in employment. The IT industry went through a similar process some time ago. I have seen permanent (employed) staff being made redundant and ‘consultants’, aka contractors, being kept on, because the group was mismanaged and the technical knowledge wasn’t shared.
    The change must be hitting those six figure local authority figures, NHS elites and QUANGO/BBC/political party individuals that play musical chairs! That is why there eas such a commotion! 🙂

  407. Fred says whites should stop breeding, let the Asians take over, but it doesn’t fit with what the Donald plans to accomplish unless the Republic naturalises the smart Asians, turns itself into a ‘China of the West’.

    What has happened to Malfleur? It must be he cannot take his eyes off the box with Alex ranting on and on and on.

  408. RobertRetyred @ 23:53

    Point taken, Robert.

  409. Baron (00:23)

    Fred is, as I realised long ago, a wicked … wicked man! 🙂

  410. … A wicked “Wake up white wankers!” man.

    Too late, Fred! We honkies are sliding towards the cliff on the slime of our own sloth and stupidity. And it’s irreversible.

  411. Typo: resistance. Sri.

  412. Stephen Maybery 1210
    While in no way disagreeing with the principle, who pays for our health, for our defence, for our pensions?
    The issue here is Hammond stupidity and lack of nose.
    The Cabinet should make good on his Lamont joke.
    He has 9 weeks left.

  413. Frank P
    March 12th, 2017 – 02:33
    On “resistence”:

    No need to apologise.
    That is the correct spelling in both Anglo-Norman English and post Classical Latin (resistencia).

  414. It is a charmingly polite blog, it’s for the first time the barbarian visited a blog with so many ‘thankyous’, we should learn from it, alas to the point:

    If self-immolation, fleeing from north Korea qualify for resistance so must car burning rowdiness, outbursts of verbal anger, huge peaceful demonstrations. Why should these not qualify? It all depends where one stands on whatever it is that compels one to put a match to the body doused in patrol, join one of the not-in-my-name anti-Donald crowds. One can resist both police states as well as democratic set-ups.

    Expropriating a word on the basis of political orientation, moral positioning or whatever seems rather totalitarian in nature.

    The barbarian fully backs what they guy’s aiming at, but to deny the progressives the use of the word ‘resistance’ is foolish, probably counter-productive, and quite frankly unnecessary.

    It’s not really whether the hashtag they hide under says ‘resistance’ that matters, it’s the course they’re pursuing that does, and needs trashing, attacking, wiping out.

  415. RobertRetyred, March 11th, 2017 – 23:53

    Not to mention the legal profession!

  416. Wicked he may be, but he writes well, Frank, never fails to leave one’s brain cells fully asleep, often hits it spot on.

    The issue of demographics puzzles, the one of intelligence (or whatever one calls it) mystifies even more.

    As you’re well aware, the barbarian’s very much in favour of our reproducing, the more the better, preferably with mixing distant genes – black&white, Chinese-white, Black-Japanese – that sort of stuff, not always, but more often than not the outcome is a mesomorph of excellent physical health, mental abilities, in addition also looking like a movie star (not always, of course, but often enough for the result to get noticed).

    On the intelligence front, the picture gets murkier, why should the Jewish gene lose the top spot in intelligence ranking, the Asians gain it? All that in space of a couple of generations, certainly not more than four? Is it what that moulds our capacity to think?

    Anyone has any bright ideas (before the Chinese step in, explain it all)?

  417. Missing those TNOTW headlines?

    Here’s a tale of Screws getting screwed, but not in the way they expected!
    [ I wonder how they are going to explain this to their wives 🙂 ]

    “Women’s prison mass jail break after inmates in dominatrix gear handcuff male guards expecting ‘mass orgy’ ”

  418. Could this either help to regain the brain supremacy of the whites, or cement even more the top ranking of the Asians?

    (if anyone cannot reach this stuff, the barbarian will copy).

  419. EC @ 11:16

    That’s the power of a sexual urge for you, EC, it seems to beat everything, marriage wows, responsibility for one’s health, duty to the society.

    if craving for sex could be harvested, processed, fed to us there would not be any need for any other sustenance to keep us going, he, he, he.

  420. Baron,

    They’re cutting up a bit rough in Batumi, Georgia Baron!

    “Police unleash tear gas & rubber bullets on parking ticket protesters in Georgia”

    Amateurs by comparison with the “community organisers” in Paris, and now Rotterdam it appears.

  421. Remarkable scenes of muslims rioting coming out of Rotterdam in the last 24 hours.
    On the upside this comes at just the right time for Geert Wilders and the PVV as the Dutch GE is next Wednesday 15th 🙂

    People of the Netherlands, this is your last chance to save yourselves! VOTE PVV or else this time it really will be…

    “Rotterdammerung – Twilight of the Clogs!”

  422. EC @ 11:29

    True, the Paris lot took it a step further, stones and firecrackers were found insufficient, one guesses, but there’s a lesson to be learnt from the Batumi night of joy and noise, too.

    When Baron got a parking ticket towards the end of last year, he paid within hours, was apologetic for the tail of his car protruding over a double yellow (quite alot actually, the back wheels not just touched, but sat on the double line of awful yellow colour). Having seen the response of our Georgian friends, perhaps paying it was the wrong response to the fine, destroying few cars, setting some others on fire, pummelling the police with firecrackers may have been better, no?

    Btw, it must be Putin who’s ultimately responsible for the rioting, it must be.

  423. You know what the rioting in Rotterdam is about, EC, don’t you?

    Frankly, and many of you may not like it, the barbarian has some sympathy not with the violence of the rioters, but the demand of those who came to demonstrate peacefully, they have every right to listen to what the emissaries of the tin pot dictator have to say.

    If Holland let the Turks in in the first instance, why stopping a government Minister coming over to talk to them? This isn’t how the freedoms of speech and association work, is it? It may be the Dutch authorities are expecting trouble if the two Ministers address the crowds, but that’s tough titty, the Turkish expats are in Holland legally, they should be free to listen to anyone they choose.

    To avoid trouble, keep them out, deport them, but avoid denying them basic democratic rights.

  424. EC (11:29)

    V. Good! 🙂 🙂

    Btw. As you are up to speed on all things Dutch: why “dutch cap”; “my old dutch” and “dutch uncle”? And should ” dutch be capitalised in those expressions?

    Perhaps ‘my old dutch’ is a shortened version of ‘my old dutch plate’ [mate] – but that’s a guess. 🙂

  425. Btw, it must be Putin who’s ultimately responsible for the rioting, it must be.


  426. Frank P, March 12th, 2017 – 13:23

    The short answer is – I don’t know.
    There are some words and phrases, with their meanings, that one absorbs as a child or in one’s formative years. We somehow instinctively how to use them in the correct context but cannot pin down where they came from.

    Probably something to do with genealogy, I am intrigued by the word “spud”, commonly used for a potato, but I’m danged if I can find where it came from.

    I found this earlier, but I’m danged (again!) if I know…

    Add to your list “dutch oven.” 🙂
    Now this does actually have a proper historical derivation, but the original definition has obviously been relaxed – a bit.


    Something very dark within me finds the mob slang “trunk music” highly amusing…
    however I’d hate to be confronted with the reality.

  427. Frank P
    March 12th, 2017 – 13:23

    My Shorter Oxford says “Dutch” is slang for Duchess, but it doesn’t link it with “my old Dutch”. Nonetheless, maybe there is a link?

  428. EC, March 12th, 2017 – 16:17 and

    Frank P, March 12th, 2017 – 13:23

    I see that EC got there first with a better response.

  429. Baron – 11:51

    It’s not just a question of “last night in Rotterdam” it’s almost EVERY night in Paris and Sweden!

    It’s now codenamed “cultural enrichment” in order to avoid mentioning the “J” word.

  430. I love holland as it was, why do you want scumbag third worlders to ruin it.
    Fit in or fuck off .
    With no tolerance.

  431. Baron – 12:02

    A constitutional referendum will be held in Turkey on Sunday, 16 April 2017,_2017

    Why do Turkish government ministers need to campaign for this in European countries? Imagine the hoo-hah, for example, if British Labour politicians felt the need to campaign in Pakistan for postal votes in the GE/Brexit/London Mayoral elections!

    Oh, um, er….. (sarc!)

  432. My Old Dutch : definitely not `the trouble and strife`.

    My Old Dutch ; sung by Peter Sellers. ( Other versions are available )

  433. Radford NG – 18:12

    Was that Sophia Loren at the end of that? I know that they were in films, on EPs and LPs together. Did they have a thing going in real life?

  434. Baron.
    The Dutch P.M. probably did not want The Horde on the streets crying A***** Akbar
    4 days before a knife-edge election. As it is he got worse.
    The Turkish referendum might be regarded as a vote between Kamel Pasha secularists and Erdogon islamists. How ever it ends it will show the percentage division between the Turks.

  435. Geert Wilders with an uncompromising message for the people of Turkey!

    “Europe does not want more Islam – it wants less.”

  436. Can one of you techie experts explain the absence of a forward delete facility on the virtual keyboards of tablets various?

  437. Radford NG @ 18:46

    One can read the ban Mr. Ruddy imposed on the tinpot Sultan’s emissaries differently, Radford, he needed to show to the soon voting plebs he can be tough, can stand up to the followers of Allah, isn’t a pushover.

    The more effective way to show one’s determined to defend the value system the country has been naturing for centuries is to stop any further immigration, get on with integrating those already in Holland.

    The result of the Turkish referendum is a foregone conclusion, Erdogan wouldn’t have called it had he not been certain he gets what he wants, or what a sympathetic but ‘objective’ newsreader on the ITV channel called ‘greater presidential powers’.

  438. EC @ 18:54

    Would you like to know the result of the referendum if only the five Turks the barbarian has made an acquaintance with were to vote, EC? Four against, one in favour, but snag there’s, only the latter one will very likely vote.

  439. EC @ 17:00

    The Turk will become after the referendum what Adolf became when the Reichstag passed the Enabling Law in March 1933 – a dictator (by a democratic vote albeit a feeble variety of it).

    His luring the Turkish expats fits his advice cum order to those leaving the country to remain Turks first, citizens of the host country second. Smart man, he knows he may one day call for the expats active support.

  440. John birch @ 16:34

    It’s one thing what one wants, another what’s doable, John. Baron’s with you all the way, but it’s a dead end, akin to the guy who, when asked how to get somewhere, says ‘if I were you I wouldn’t start from here’.

    Banning the two mascots of Turkish variety of Islam can only enhance the vote for Erdogan, some of the expat Turks in Holland who were undecided or intended to vote against, may now vote for the change. More to the point, since the Turks were invited, are in Holland legally they should enjoy the same set of freedoms the locals have, one shouldn’t treat them as second class, it doesn’t help their assimilation.

    Before the 30’s in Germany, the Nazi party was prosecuted, their gatherings often banned, their candidates seldom allowed to speak to large crowds, the newspapers not allowed to mention their names …

    A fat lot of good did this do, the Hitler’s mob used this as an effective PR tool to convince the prols that the prosecution was unfair, it was all a Jewish conspiracy, they had the right programme for the country.

    You know the outcome, do you not?

  441. Baron2037
    The Turks, Arabs, Persians and indeed most Muslim nations are temperamentally unsuited to democracy.
    As shown when we tried to foist democracy on Iraq.

  442. EC 1700
    It was probably a put up Job by Mark Rutte.
    Exclude the Turk to show he is tough and stick it to Wilders.
    It backfired.

  443. Any feminists amongst us, please, switch off now:

  444. How medicated are today’s burghers of the Republic – a lesson in just 90 seconds:

  445. Turkey is a bizarre country once you get away from the tourist areas, I spent enormous amounts of time there over the last few years, in instanbull, Ankara, gaziantep, and right on the Syrian border at karkamis, and up on the border of Georgia at Borka. Also the border of Armenia.
    Every Turk told me what a crook erdogon was , his official wage is declared which is not a lot, but out of that he has managed to build about a dozen ultimately luxurious palaces .its the old third world corruption.
    I was staying in a hotel in borka, which was the hub of all dubious activities in the area and full of prostitutes, the Turkish guy I had gone to meet (who I had known for a long time ) was obviously involved with one of the girls.
    He was not religious, didn’t go to the mosque, the whole Islam thing pissed him off.
    BUT, when we had a few beers and I asked him if all these prostitutes were Turkish he took great offence. Of course they are not good Turkish girls he said , they are Georgian whores. Turkish girls wouldn’t do that.

  446. The evening wouldn’t be complete without pointing out to another interference from the man who’s responsible for all the world’s boils and warts, and some more. Here is he trying to stop the Republic from fracking:

    Btw, whatever Scott, that’s the renewable fanatic in the clip, or Putin, the arch villain think about the energy policy anywhere, the barbarian sticks to what he’s said before, will keep on saying: Drill, drill, drill.

  447. John birch @ 21:37

    Amusing tale, John, what it has to do directly with the issue we’re talking about escapes Baron, but you should write down such stories, offer them to wider public, it’s the meat that is seldom furnished by the MSM scribblers, but it tells one more about the country than any officially peddled crap.

  448. Just background Baron, you can’t understand countries unless you have involvement.
    I was in a bar somewhere in some hellhole (I genuinely cannot remember where, might have been Vietnam) where an American guy was telling us about his last visit home. He was telling us about an incident at an oil refinery which was quite awful which I won’t go into here.
    His dad had got a barbecue party for him when he was back home and he was telling people about this incident when his dad took him to one side and said to him son you have got to stop talking to people about these things because they have no idea of what you are talking about.
    He was quite despondent, but it’s the truth, to so many people a disaster is the car not starting, not people being massacred .

    Much productive rambling here – including a little light shed on our beloved and honourable secret security operatives and their black role in the White Helmets in Syria – a far away country, etc.


    “Wilders understands that culture and demographics are our destiny,” King tweeted Sunday. “We can’t restore our civilization with somebody else’s babies.”

  451. The damn woman and all her compatriots can go this time.
    Good riddance to them and Barnett.

  452. So, the Scots want another referendum on independence, well bring it on, but not for the Scots themselves, for the English. I for one am sick of the whinging by the North Britons, let England vote on whether they want to allow Scotland to be part of our country, they do not particularly like us, although they love our money, lets tell ’em to bugger off and enjoy the blessings of Brussels. And, while we are at it tell the Northern Irish to do the same. England on it’s own would be unconquerable, a proud nation, who’s contribution to civilisation is unmatched by any other.

  453. Stephen
    You are right on Ireland.
    Without Barnett and them we could take a few billion off taxes.

  454. Marshal Roberts
    March 13th, 2017 – 08:03
    We murder our own babies because it’s our body and we must have choice, and import the scum of the world who hate us anyway to replace them.
    What could go wrong. ????

  455. John birch – 22:34

    Give it time, and I am sure we will have our own local stories to tell. After all, it will become part and parcel of living in Britain.

  456. Stephen Maybery
    March 13th, 2017 -12:56

    Agreed, up to a point. But sadly, since the death of Enoch Powell, hasn’t the England described in your last sentence – “….. unconquerable, a proud nation, who’s contribution to civilisation is unmatched by any other” – been steadily dying, consumed by several cancers – and in particular by the cancer of massively excessive immigration?

  457. Stephen Maybery @ 12:56

    Well said, young sir, it echoes Baron’s sentiment 100%.

    The female Scottish fishmonger timed it well, didn’t she, just as we’re to start de-coupling from the cangue of Brussels, she shocks everyone with another jingoistic demand for yet more testing of Scottish arrogance. Who’s side is she on?

    How can we stay in the single market, that’s what she was asking for, when remaining a member of it would mean remaining an EU member in things economic cum trade without any voting rights, the woman’s deluded. It’s being in charge of the economy and being free to trade with anyone we choose that trump everything else, unless we flee from from the decaying continental Europe strangled by the Brussels bureaucracy, we’ll go down with them, slowly, painfully, very likely irrevocably.

    There only are some five million of them, London with a population twice as large would have much stronger claim to leave the union, stay in the EU, the capital voted to Reman, too, why should the dog of the Kingdom be wagged by it’s northern tail?

    The tax per head is roughy the same here as in Scotland, the public spending per head runs over thousand quid above that in the rest of the UK, they trade four times as much with us than with the EU, over half of the capital invested in Scotland comes from the rest of the UK, most of their financial industry, quite a sizeable chunk of today’s Scottish GDP, is likely to relocate down south, as expats in the cutdown Britain the Scots will be unable to to have a say in the running of it, something that they’ve done till now in large numbers, just think of the Scots in the past governments.

    If they think they’ll be better off being governed from Brussels, they’re deadly mistaken, the Germans will cut them to size, treat them as an appendix just like the three Baltic Republics with whom they, the Scots, are on par re population.

    So far, the barbarian has been a staunch supporter of the union, but that’s it. If the Scots want to munch haggis, drink whisky somewhere near a loch getting bitten by midges, wanking occasionally, let it be, they can pi$$ off.

  458. John birch @ 22:34

    Agreed, John, there’s no better way of understanding a country, a tribe, a community unless one has some first hand experience of them. Sadly, today, anyone who reads an MSM rag or watches the BBC counts himself an expert.

    Go figure.

  459. John 1403
    I fear that Sturgeon will make all our Brexit efforts in vain.
    We get out to stop the Muslim flood.
    Then that woman rejoins the EU and becomes a Sweden with hundreds of thousands of them.
    Then when the Scots turn on them where do they go?
    Where indeed?

  460. Who knows what about Alexander Perepilichnyy?

    “Russian whistleblower could have been poisoned with soup but vital evidence about his last meal was “flushed away”, an inquest has been told.
    Alexander Perepilichnyy collapsed outside his Weybridge home in 2012. Traces of a chemical linked to plant poison were found in his stomach.
    Claims have been made he was killed for helping to uncover a major fraud.
    The pre-inquest hearing at the Old Bailey heard an ingredient in his sorrel soup may have been switched.
    The latest pre-inquest review heard Mr Perepilichnyy had eaten a popular Russian dish based on the sorrel herb but tests had not indentified the herb in his stomach contents.
    Bob Moxone-Browne for Legal and General, which had issued a substantial life insurance policy to Mr Perepilichnyy shortly before his death, asked why no-one had asked his widow what he had had for lunch on the day he died.
    He said: “The contents of Mr Perepilichnyy’s stomach were flushed away very shortly after his death. There is a quantity of material that was subsequently retrieved from the stomach cavity.”
    The Russian was originally thought to have died of natural causes, but traces of a chemical that can be found in the poisonous plant Gelsemium elegans were later found in his stomach.
    Mr Moxone-Brown told the hearing there was a “possibility somebody had substituted another vegetable matter for sorrel”.
    ‘Bank advice’
    Hermitage Capital Management has claimed Mr Perepilichnyy may have been killed for helping it uncover a $230 million (£150 million) Russian money-laundering operation.
    Henrietta Hill, for Hermitage, told the hearing: “There is an issue why Mr Perepilichnyy had so much life insurance. It has been suggested at one point he was advised to take out multiple policies by his bank manager.”
    Both Hermitage and Legal and General have argued Mr Perepilichnyy may have been murdered, possibly by agents of the Russian State.
    There have been a number of pre-inquest reviews with one hearing being told Mr Perepilichny’s death had parallels with the murder of former Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko.
    The full inquest into Mr Perepilichnyy’s death is due to start on 5 June.”

  461. Finding patients for Our International Health Service 🙁

    Doctors of the World is an independent humanitarian movement working at home and abroad to empower excluded people to access healthcare.

    Buzzfeed News has published an investigative story on this topic using exclusive evidence and interviews from Doctors of the World.

    The British government has released a memo confirming that it requests patients’ addresses from the NHS to track down undocumented migrants.

  462. The White Prophet with Black Slaves

  463. Give Splurge-on enough rope . . .

    Long overdue for wing clipping that one.

    2014 Scotland votes to remain part of the UK

    2016 UK votes to leave the EU

  464. Stephen Maybery @ 12:56

    The problem with your proposal is that it might bring the nascent European Union Army to our northern border. We don’t want to have to re-fight Stamford Bridge.

  465. Beware the Ides of March!

  466. Malfleur,
    A European Army? Fred Karno’s Army would be more accurate, do not forget that this country has a proud history of beating the crap out of Continental armies. As for Stamford bridge, Cullodden would be a more probable encounter, where we pulverised an army led by a moronic wife beating dipso who only the Scots could have dubbed Bonnie Prince Charlie. Come to that, Charlie is not the most propitious name for an heir to the throne.

  467. Baron,
    I have just finished The Last Of The Tsars by Robert Service. It covers the period from the abdication to the Ipatiev House. Very good and I identified only two inaccuracies which in a modern publication is almost miraculous.

  468. The 14th of March 1917 ( Gregorian Calendar ) the [unauthorised] Petrograd Soviet issued Order No. 1, directing the armed forces to obey the orders of the Soviet.

  469. Farage conducts an interview with Marine Le Penn ; to be broadcast on LBC radio at 7pm Wednesday night.

  470. During the the hoo-hah over who is wire tapping who, within the American and Russian intel services, neither Duncan Campbell nor “Echelon” has been mentioned. Presumably the facility has been superceded by some other super-duper outfit in this evermore complex age of technology and Duncan has now been relegated to the dustbin of defunct investigative journalism, along with Philip Knightley et al.

    Can you lot ‘oop nowarth’ tell me whether the Sigint facility at Menwith Hill is still active; or has it been mothballed? GCHQ have been mentioned in dispatches.

  471. Alex Jones has Michael Savage as his guest on March 14th beginning here at about 56.45 minutes in:

  472. Further to Frank P’s post at 00:59 – an article by Steve Watson, Paul Joseph Watson’s brother:

    Intel Sources: Obama Used British Spies To Tap Trump

  473. Judicial Watch Files Lawsuit against CIA, Department of Justice and Department of the Treasury on Obama’s Illegal Russia Leaks in the Michael Flynn affair

  474. The Enemy Within: NWO propagandist, M. Boot, on March 8th –

    “….On Saturday, recall, Trump was making wild-eyed accusations that Obama had ordered the U.S. intelligence community to wiretap him. “How low has President Obama gone to tapp (sic) my phones during the very sacred election process. This is Nixon/Watergate. Bad (or sick) guy!” The White House could not come up with one iota of evidence to support this irresponsible allegation, which was denied by FBI Director James Comey and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper. But Trump would not be dissuaded from pursuing this charge, which serves as a convenient distraction from the far more serious accusations of possible collusion between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin while Russia was interfering with the presidential campaign….”

  475. The Enemy Within: NWO propagandist, M. Boot, on March 8th –

    “….On Saturday, recall, Trump was making wild-eyed accusations that Obama had ordered the U.S. intelligence community to wiretap him. “How low has President Obama gone to tapp (sic) my phones during the very sacred election process. This is Nixon/Watergate. Bad (or sick) guy!” The White House could not come up with one iota of evidence to support this irresponsible allegation, which was denied by FBI Director James Comey and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper. But Trump would not be dissuaded from pursuing this charge, which serves as a convenient distraction from the far more serious accusations of possible collusion between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin while Russia was interfering with the presidential campaign….”

  476. Baron

    How did Mark do with this one?


  477. The Mercedes AA Class

  478. Frank P @ 14:01

    Very well indeed, Frank, very well indeed, the yarn about the border security malevolent behaviour towards his five musicians, his ‘hour of shouting’ at Mr. William couldn’t have been served better, one could feel he got genuinely pi$$ed off.

    The doubling of immigration from the world of Allah since 9/11 is a piece of evidence worth remembering. When he was saying it, it occurred to the barbarian that perhaps the boost to the inflow wouldn’t have been that pronounced if the American political elite didn’t unleash their proxies against Assad in 2011, even less so if the progressive West didn’t buy the Chicago doctrine of the ghastly Blair calling for regime change for reasons of moral obligation, the superiority of our democratic arrangement of governance.

    His observation that a country needs not have a dictator if it has the dictatorship of a bureaucracy is vintage Mark, in fact, his fluency in delivering the spiel was so good because he must have been reading what he wrote down before, it was’n tad-libbing, just saying aloud what was written down.

    Top notch.

  479. RobertRetyred @ 14:10

    Take it not too personally, Robert, but this one has been around for a while, it’s good though when one sees if for the first time.

    (When the barbarian typed ‘ first time’ the ever clever software switch it to ‘risotto’. Isn’t it time to ask the Mandarin speakers to write the codes?).

    Btw, you’ve been spared Baron’s rants, he couldn’t post, he’s been attacked, the down-up speeds of his connection to the world via the net came to 0, it may happen again, he’s told, he suspects it’s a bunch of men pretending to be from the BT IT depart., they call daily, often more than once, speak with heavy Indian accent, they know alot about the barbarian, even the date he gets his on-line bill from the BT. How come?

  480. Malfleur @ 13:54

    Not that the barbarian is that keen on Assange, but he read up to “this website run by accused rapist Julian Assange’, gave up, not that interested in what someone who can say that of a man not yet convicted of anything, thank you, Malfleur.

  481. How many admirals does the US Navy have?

    It’s a pity the CIA or someone couldn’t find an angle to pin it on Putin, like some of the prostitutes came from Russia, or it was not just champagne, also vodka that was flowing freely when the partying was on, or when the US boats were refuelling near the Russian coast the admirals and crews could clearly see Russian peasants gathering on the shores, looking at them, shouting ….

  482. Frank P @ 12:00

    Frank, please, do take it from the barbarian, the whole affair has FA to do with Russia, as Tucker says the Dems and the Clinton woman have met with the Russians more often than any other party or the Donald, the whole thing is to get rid of the Donald, the accusation of a cyberspace war with Russia fits because those aiming at the Donald’s impeachment can always claim ‘the evidence cannot be revealed’, it’s state secret, we would be tell the Russians of our sources ….’.

    Btw, there must be a massive number of the burghers of Germany travelling to the Republic, what for?

    (Frank must appreciate it, it’s the new guard watching over the Ruskies, keeping us safe at night, defending our liberties).

  483. Malfleur @ 08:33

    It wasn’t any of the US agencies charged with keeping the citizenry of the Republic safe, Malfelur, it was the GCHQ that did the intercept, passed the evidence to someone in the US, the barbarian has posted about it a couple of weeks ago, everyone seems rather quite about it, the Donald doesn’t want to dent the ‘special relationship’, the saintly One hopes to avoid the embarrassment, the lapdogs of the MSM won’t bark unless given a go ahead.

  484. Stephen Maybery @ 09:07

    You recommend the ‘The Last Of The Tsars’, Stephen?

    The barbarian is re-reading ‘The Defence of the Realm’ by Christopher Andrew, the history (an authorised one) of the secret service here, the beginning of it, only some 100 years back, is revealing, apt for comparison with today euphoria over the Russian interference everywhere, the role played by one William Le Queux (pronounced ‘kew’) is of particular interest for it was he who saw a German infiltrator everywhere, in every village, field, corner, was particularly keen on finding them in Epping (?), some of the stories fed to him by people reading his novels bordered on the surreal, but he managed to convince those of the founding fathers of the service who mattered he was right, only the local constables had the common sense, dismissed most to it as nonsense …

    A huge tome, not bad as a reference book, the opinions are a different matter.

  485. Stephen Maybery 0907:
    The most fascinating thing reported by Service was that in addition to reading Chekhov as might be expected, he also read Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
    Indeed read it aloud to his children.

  486. A more interesting question not raised by Service is what the current rulers plan to do with the Tsar’s autocratic successor Lenin.
    They have just given him a new suit and refurbished his facial plastic,
    But how long will Putin tolerate him under his nose in Red Square?

  487. Steve Hilton has landed a slot as anchor on Fox News from LA on Sundays at 9pm EST I assume (starting in about a couple of months). Show will be called The Next Revolution.

  488. Baron,
    William le Queux, regular Titus Oats weren’t ‘ee?

  489. This is a site that must appeal to anyone who believes Russia runs the world, not the real one, of course, but the one created through the rich imaginative powers of those who’ve forgotten what suffering and pain are all about.

    To get the taste of things to come if we get to the point of bombing each other, they could buy a ticket to Iraq, the Yemen, or Syria, enjoy it there, but most of the plebs living in the West would rather live in peace and trade goods rather than flying nukes, no?

  490. Stephen Maybery @ 19:00

    Quite, Stephen.

    Had it not been for the boss’s insistence on buying a heap of expensive books of cockerels and stuff by Ito Yakuchu (it was the 300th anniversary of his birth last year) the barbarian may have succumbed buying a couple of William’s books, they’re quite cheap on Amazon, impossible to find in charity shops however much one looks for them. What puts Baron off is it’s all novels, not genuine history, which doesn’t appeal, breaks his pledge to avoid novels altogether, historic novels in particular.

  491. Frank P @ 18:49

    The Next Revolution by Steve Hilton? Hmmm

    Hopefully, not a repeat of the October Revolution, Frank, haven’t the mankind had enough of reformative upheavals?

    How about the good old English comatose, sluggish and often painfully slow evolutionary change?

  492. The Ides of March.

    The 15th of March 1917 ( Gregorian Calendar ) : Czar Nicholas II abdicates.

  493. Islam welcome in holland then, poor holland.

  494. On 13th 2017 : Peregrine Falcon .

  495. The fanatical obsession about the Donald and Russia that many find extreme, frenzied, bordering on madness is no such thing, it makes perfect sense.

    You may recall Baron saying that there are valid and easily defendable reasons for the Western progressive elites’ hatred of the man in the Kremlin. He stands for a worldview that’s totally at odds with that of theirs.

    Not for him a rainbow society, an equality of cultures, the hatred of the Judeo-Christian creed and its past, et hoc genus omne. All that is spoiling the progressives’ soul engineering efforts, it dents the massive investment by them lasting decades to mould the thinking of the prols under their governance because the Putin’s take on the world appeals to them, the unwashed believe it’s the right approach, a sort of Burkian take on how a society should evolve, the Brexit, as a desire of people of this country to regain sovereignty, is but one manifestation of it.

    If the KGB Colonel stopped pushing for things the unwashed in the West are also so reluctant to give up, joined the progressives, embraced the multy culty rainbow project, he could get away with anything. Just look at the Saudis, or the tin pot Sultan in Turkey, no problema there.

    The fear the progressive have is funded on their suspicion, probably the right suspicion, that the thinking of the Donald isn’t that far from that of Putin on these fundamental issues, ergo they cannot allow these two combining forces, forming an alliance, jointly combating the ‘gender fluid’ promoters for that would spell an even greater disaster for their project than Brexit, they know they must do everything possible to thwart it, even to the point of impeachment of the Donald, or, God forbid, a war.

  496. Mine 20-32.
    Falcon image not coming up.

  497. Baron
    March 15th, 2017 – 16:41

    I think you may miss the point of my posting that link. It is to draw attention to the Soviet style propaganda of an influential publicist operative of the New World Order.

    March 15th, 2017 – 17:07

    The article in Judicial Watch which I posted says that the law suit aims to force disclosure by US government agencies.

  498. John birch @ 20:23

    You are too pessimistic, John, the awakening isn’t linear, one must expect a small relapse here and there, it’s just like one waking up in the morning, seldom that results in one jumping out of bed, running around, often one lounges on in bed, half awake, half asleep.

    The smart Rutte lost 10 seats, it seems, smart because of the engineered spat with eh tin pot Sultan, give both few weeks, they will be embracing each other again, and just as well, because that will do nothing to cure the wart of immigration, will enable the PVV to gain even more than the four or five seats they’ve added to their total this time round.

    As the Good Book says ‘have faith, my son,’ (or words to that effect), he, he, he.

  499. Radford NG @ 20:39

    What’s this falcon business, Radford, is it supposed to be live cam, or what?

    (The barbarian typed into google ‘live cam’ wanted to type ‘falcon’, when the helpful google gremlins beat him to it, offered ‘live cam striptease of …, which the poorly educated Slav declined what with his heart problem).

  500. Lionel, treating of Kellyanne Conway, Vault 7 and micro-wave ovens, illuminates why Alex Jones of is the most reliable of investigative journalists:

  501. Malfleur @ 23:21

    Point taken, Malfleur, the first posting was in jest, the other merely pointed out that the disclosure request was unlikely to yield much, the agencies are in the clear, they did nothing, it was someone else who may have carried the ‘hacking’, they don’t have to say who, no?

  502. What’s wrong with this girl Coulter? Didn’t she read Baron’s postings at 20:35?

  503. Merkel’s Migrant Deception
    According to the latest revelations made by the German newspaper Die Welt, Chancellor Merkel, along with Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, had agreed to accept 150,000 to 200,000 Syrian migrants from Turkey into the EU without consulting other European member states.

  504. Baron @ 23:33

    More Falcon Business

    “Don’t fuck with the falcon unless you can fly.”

    See at about 22 minutes in here:

    This is a new expression to me; but I may make it a staple in my conversational condiments.

  505. Citation correction – Falcon link should be:


  506. The judiciary could effectively stop the Donald from governing, the way the Watson’s reasoning is structured, there can never be a ban from a Muslim country.

    Doesn’t the Donald have a brilliant legal mind on his staff who can come up with an answer to banning judicial activism for good?

    Here, an unelected Hawaiian judge gets his few minutes under the spotlight whilst a key Government policy flounders. This cannot be right, it shows how law, as everything else, cannot escape the evil touch of politics, sectarian politics at that, the event is similar in its nature to the acceptance by our five High Court judges of the petition by the mad woman challenging Brexit, the will of the people.

    If only Lord ‘Tom’ Denning were still around, the old Britain in charge of that recalcitrant and wayward colony.

  507. Malfleur @ 01:46

    What? Извините?

    Could this bespectacled, unshaven, hands full creature ever transmit the same majesty of any flying bird of prey? Come on, Malfleur, get real, he, he, he.

  508. Another blonde who puts on glasses only for a while, face free of stubble, as articulate as Malfeur’s replacement falcon, and considerably friendlier in her demand on your time.

    She’s right criticising the self absorbed MSM poodles occupying the prime seats at the White House press briefing, eager to show off, angry when ignored by Spicer.

    The barbarian has watched some of the Spicer’s clips, would have liked it if the blonde were to ridicule some more of the questions asked, about a third of them is often on exactly the same subject, asked over and over again as if the clique agreed beforehand they will keep asking the same, it doesn’t have to be about Russia, it could be any other issue e.g. the Obamacare repeal that on one occasion was what was driving the questioning, but given how large impact the healthcare has on the public this wasn’t reflected in the questioning at all, it was all about will the Donald back it, or the Donald’s tweet about the hon Muslim tapping the Trump Tower where literally half of the hour the press briefing lasts the MSM poodles wouldn’t give in, kept probing the same singular aspect of it ‘will the White House furnish evidence to back up the claim’ as the definition of insanity demands.

    The MSM poodles have probably gone insane having discovered that there still remain people in the Republic who don’t share their take on the world that they, together with the progressive layer of the society, nurtured, promoted, got in love with. Fugging wankers they.

  509. Baron at 23-33.
    Mine was a large portrait image.

    Live camera of peregrine falcon nest is now at :-

  510. Apologies for boring you once more with the case of the nutter of Hawaii, the barbarian fears the progressives may get to like going to court, challenging the Donald on everything he does, use it as yet another tool to screw him with if someone doesn’t put a stop to it.

    This piece is penned by a lawyer, it finishes with ‘Meet the new left’s America: foreigners first, Muslims preferred, law last, elections irrelevant’. It’s worth your read.

  511. Radford NG @ 07:45

    Thanks, Radford, the falcon family may have got fed up what with their privacy being trampled on by every dick and harry, the ‘player is loading’ was on even when the barbarian clicked the ‘live stream’ button, no pictures though. It may be the slow download speed here, Baron will have another go later.

  512. Baron : try clicking directly on `camera one`.

  513. Radford NG

    I went to your Falcon site, but the bird although fine-feathered was a mite inactive dithering on the ledge, so I clicked on Nottingham University’s Carbon Elephant link. What I have read so far elsewhere about attempts to limit “our carbon footprint” suggests that this angle of vision is boss-eyed and nutty (“fake science”). Am I wrong?

  514. Baron

    I do share your frustrations when Alex Jones interrupts his guests before they finish their thought. His formula of using “By the way…” as a formula to justify and disarm criticism of butting in is particularly irritating.

    I therefore thought you might enjoy this interview of Dr. Steve Pieczenik which Pieczenik has edited down – and also the comments below it which echo your impatience with the magnificent but often maddening Jones.

  515. Oh Mr Wilders you disappoint,
    You let the Mark Rut in.
    You cannot stop next months anoint-
    The coronation of Le Pen.

  516. Europe headed for ‘religion wars’, Turkish minister says

    Europe headed for ‘religion wars’, Turkish minister says

  517. 18th hour of the Alex Jones Show, Trump to elope with Monica Lewinsky. Daft? no more than most of the tripe on the internet.

  518. Stephen Maybery (14:51)

    🙂 🙂

  519. It is perhaps no coincidence that Donald Trump’s birth occurred just 6 months before Damon Runyan’s death. The Donald was obviously handed the linguistic baton. 🙂

  520. Baron
    March 16th, 2017 – 07:04

    I don’t know whether even Lord Denning could have been able to prevent the U.S. criminal justice system becoming a system of Kangaroo Courts largely composed of unethical, unscrupulous and uncaring apparatchiks.

    The rot began, in my opinion, many years ago when in an effort to defeat Organised Crime, Congress enacted legislation that, in cases where it was very difficult indeed to dig up enough evidence of gangsters’ very serious crimes, all a prosecutor need do instead was to present adequate evidence of a much more trivial offence. Then, for that trivial offence, judges were empowered to sentence an accused as severely as if it had been a far more serious crime.

    It worked. But eventually, less scrupulous prosecutors and judges treated it as an opportunity to avoid the need for long trials by using “Plea Bargaining” to blackmail people who were certainly not gangsters, into confessing to offences – even ones that had not been committed – in return for lighter sentences.

    The result – prosecutors were able advance their own careers by to point their many “successful” cases, and second-rate judges could do the same by their appearance of firmly “upholding” the Law. It was all very speedy and “efficient”.

    Defendants who were anything but gangsters, and who refused to cooperate and instead were able to hire even the best lawyers to defend them ended up being given severe – and very unjust – sentences. Many people believe that was what happened to Martha Stewart and to Lord Black.

    It may seem a bit ironic to cite Pravda, but this seems to me to be very accurate –

  521. Frank,
    I thought that baton went to John Prescot.

  522. Thank God (our God! 🙂 ) that we are leaving the EU! It won’t do much for their tourist industry:
    ‘Holy wars will soon begin in Europe’ Turkey’s foreign minister issues grave warning to EU

  523. cont …
    That’s one version:
    President of the European Parliament Jean-Claude Juncker said: “My home country, Luxembourg, was occupied by the Nazis. Our people were suffering.

    “My father was forced into the German army together with his three brothers.

  524. It’s going to be difficult to find out who is winning this European Holy War when the Press are so economical with the truth:
    Populism and Wilders Surge 33 Per Cent – But Establishment Media Says ‘Crushed

  525. A left-wing politician, a BBC reporter, and an SAS trooper were captured by ISIS, sentenced to death by beheading, but the ISIS leader said they could have one last wish each before sentence was carried out.

    The politician ask to hear a rendering of Keep The Red Flag Flying, the BBC reporter asked the beheading to be televised to ensure that even after he was dead his face would be on TV, the trooper asked to be kicked three times up the arse.

    This was carried out.

    As the last kick landed, the trooper pulled a 9mm pistol out of his smock, shot three terrorists dead, grabbed a fallen AK47, killed the rest of the terrorists.

    The other two were amazed.

    ‘Why the heck have you asked to be kicked three times before drawing the gun?’, they asked.

    ‘Because’, said the trooper, ‘when we get back to the UK, I don’t want you pair of bastards to say it was an unprovoked attack’!

    and this:

    “How come Sergeant Alexander Blackman was charged with murder,’ was what the barbarian asked when the case went to trial for the first time, it is with relief and delight he doesn’t have to ask it again.

    It was a bleeding miscarriage of justice to lock the man up for murder in a theatre of war (for three years now), someone should take the responsibility for it, the courageous man didn’t pre-meditate the killing, he didn’t clean his gun, select the right ammunition, lured the Taliban thug to a place where he intended to carry out the act.

    It was at worst a manslaughter, at best an act of war, thousands if not millions of such acts have happened in wars, nobody has ever dared charge anyone with murder, not even a manslaughter. One hopes the family will be re-united as soon as possible, the man given help.

  526. RobertRetyred @ 18:07

    Good point, Robert, de Wilders gains 33%, Rutte drops over a quarter seats, the latter’s pronounced a winner. But then, everything’s relative particularly in politics when the progressives hold office.

    The good burghers of Holland must have thought Rutte has changed, got the message when he barred the two Turkish visitors from addressing the Turkish expats, and he did thanks to de Wilders, but he will calm down again after the count, make friends with the tinpot Sultan, get more followers of Allah in, slap a charge or two of racism or whatever on the blonde, but the inevitable will happen, the two cultures have no chance of fusing, it’s either one or the other.

    Let’s wait see which is the one taking the first place.

  527. Stephen & Frank:

    Behave, you two.

  528. Stephen Maybery (17:44)

    Never thought of Fatso as Runyanesque,; more onionesque – rotund, smelly and – with my culinary preferences – indigestible. There was a certain poetry about Runyan’s New York Characters; nothing whatsoever poetic about Prestcott’s inane and boorish gobbledegook, or his oikish habits. He should have stayed at sea as a waiter on pleasure boats. Or, as he would no doubt prefer to be addressed – a steward. A thick barsteward, imho. Deputy Prime Minister – my arse!

  529. Baron – 19:00

    Another article with the same message:
    Holland: populism lives, socialism dies
    Those watching the BBC news this morning with titles such as “Dutch election: PM celebrates ‘rejection of populism’” would be forgiven for thinking that there was a clean sweep by the ruling party in the Netherlands during yesterday’s election. I’m afraid that nothing is as far from the truth.

    And in the US, it is the same:
    Hannity Rips NBC For ‘Corporate Jihad Against President Donald Trump’

  530. I read this brilliant polemic just now:

    “The stones of cities talk. They tell stories – of great men who trod their pavements; their prophets, saints and villains; the blood that flowed into their drains; civilisations born, dead or forever alive; the trees of great cultures growing to luxuriant splendour only then to shed their leaves one by one.”

    Was he talking Edinburgh.
    The Castle?
    Arthur’s Seat?

    Oh Nicola, Nicola, Nicola.
    Just what have you done now?

  531. Prison guard fights for his life after being attacked teen inmates

    Prison guard fights for his life after being attacked teen inmates
    A 21 year old prison guard , more confirmation the worlds gone mad.

  532. Talking of a Holy War in Europe:
    NUCLEAR TURKEY? Imam close to Erdogan calls for weapons NOW amid tensions with EU
    TURKEY should ignore rules set by ‘the West’ and build its own NUCLEAR WEAPONS – an Imam close to president Recep Tayyip Erdogan has advised – as the fallout between Brussels and Ankara deepens.

  533. Has anyone publicly asked the Prime Minister if “elements of the British government” were and/or are bugging Donald Trump on behalf of B.H. Obama?


    Alex Jones Show 1st HOUR Thursday March 15

  535. “The GOP Is America’s Party of White Nationalism
    Foreign Policy
    MAR 14, 2017
    The Republican party’s racists were once pushed to the fringes. In the Trump era, they’re in charge.”

    This is an article by a desperado who deserted the Republican Party in mid presidential election to join the Democrats in the party of the Ku Klux Klan. Here he sings the song written for him by the globalists which he has translated into English inspired by the soviet style propaganda guidelines of Saul Alinsky, George Soros, and his comrades on the Council on Foreign Relations.

    Awaited with bated breath is Boot’s contribution to the defence of Comrade McCain’s war-mongering in the Senate noted in my previous post….

  536. The Senator from Kentucky is now working for Putin.

  537. Anyone see the magnificent Rees Mogg on QT?

  538. Malfleurovsky @ 04:04

    To even mention McCain, Malfluerovsky, is a waste of time, the man’s perhaps not deranged, he knows what he’s doing, he’s more than determined to flatten if not Russia than Moscow, the secret archives of the KGB in particular. His unhinged behaviour suggests there may be something in the story circulating on the blogs in the East the barbarian told you before, that the Russians have evidence on film of him behaving ‘badly, unpatriotically, in treasonous way’ when in captivity, he wants it physically destroyed even if the unleashing of a conflict that could easily turn nuclear were to wipe out humanity, or at least a chunk of it, too.

  539. Romano Verdi (08:03)

    Yes. And the breath-of-fresh-air Tim Martin, the Weatherspoon warrior.

    Sadly they were surrounded once again by a motley crew: two vociferously vocal vaginas – one with tartan knickers and a motor mouth and the other a dyke with her love-boat is wrapped in the red flag; an ageing ginger hack past his sell by date and the geriatriac, irritating and ever tattier Dumbledy – his non sequitur interruptions (and his inability to shut the fat haggis up) almost drove me to the zapper. But Rees-Mogg and Martin kept me aboard. They did good, but …

    BBC delenda est.

  540. Malfleur @ 03:42

    As cunning as his farther, Malfleur, first he sets up a scarecrow (borrowing Reagan’s speech to gain credence) that Trump & co are against immigration by portraying America as an amalgam of all nations on earth. He neatly avoids mentioning that the hon Muslim banned immigrants from certain nations, too, also temporarily, that in the mid-20s America shipped back more people than she took in, and above all that the Donald have never been against immigration per se (he married two immigrant girls, to at the same time, FFS), but against uncontrolled, unchecked, illegal inflow of people some of whom may w ant to do injury to the tribal rainbow of America .

    The barbarian stopped reading after that, no point losing time on such verbal vomit, life’s too short, watching God’s world is by far more satisfying – the wild violets, small, delicate, (get on your knees, have a look, the petals are amazing, it must have taken Him hours to put together, he, he, he), the near psychedelic yellow of daffodils in bloom, thousands of them, and this year not yet damaged by the rain, for about a mile, each side of one of our local country road, sunken and twisted, not many divers know about it, has them, they stand like soldiers, upright, beaming, proud. Amazing, and nobody has damaged, cut them.

  541. Female (?) Peregrine Falcon on nest of pebbles .

    [ There are other nest sites available : I will look-up Derby Cathedral. ]

  542. Mine at 13-22.

    We have an egg !!

  543. Radford NG (14:02)

    Boiled, fried or scrambled?



  546. Frank P – 16:08

    In my, and I suspect your, neck of the woods it’d be poached!

  547. Warning !
    Spectator/DISQUS will not now allow the use of the name of the Chief Commissioner of the Met Police Service ( Cressida D*** ).

  548. As the Germans meddle mischievously in British affairs in the promotion of their own interests, aided and abetted by those who do not have either the nation’s or their own countrymens’ best interests at heart, one wonders at what point the behaviour of the SNP and its leader moves from party interest to treason. Certainly earlier generations had no difficulty in such definitions; from Mary Queen of Scots, through Roger Casement, James Connolly and Pearse, to Lord Haw Haw, if it talked and acted like a traitor it was treated as one. In less mannered times the likes of Salmond and Sturgeon would not have been rewarded with salaries from the public purse but eight foot and hemp. One ventures to suggest that both England and Scotland would be better for it.
    One hopes, probably in vain, that any second referendum on the matter of Scottish secession will come with a quid pro quo, that a vote to remain in the Union will result the abolition of the Rats’ nest of socialist parasites that reside on Horse Wynd and the assumption and mature resumption of proper Parliamentary responsibilities by Scotland’s elected representatives. If the vote is for dissolution of the Union, so be it, Scotland will have reverted to being the enemy in the North that it has been for so much of British history, the cats pawn of a host of historical enemies; including Spain, France and now latterly Germany.

    The reason for this polemic? The latest mail shot from German Foreign Policy, reproduced below.

    Where oh where is Richard Hannay when Britain needs him?

    Newsletter 2017/03/16 – Secession as a Point of Leverage (II)

    LONDON/BERLIN (Own report) – Scotland has established an investment
    center in Berlin, thereby reinforcing its economic ties to the EU and
    causing – with German support – new tension in Great Britain.
    According to critics, in its intended secession from the United
    Kingdom, for which it must establish economic security, the Scottish
    government is relying on German help. In fact, to increase the
    pressure on London to achieve the “softest” Brexit possible, Berlin
    and Germany’s regional governments are going out of their way to
    strengthen relations with Edinburgh. This is considered essential to
    German interests. Government advisors in Berlin are recommending using
    Ireland for obtaining influence in the negotiations concerning the
    borders between the Irish Republic and Northern Ireland. In the event
    of a “hard” Brexit, this border would be a particularly sensitive
    point. Berlin is also using EU foreigners, residing in the United
    Kingdom, as an additional bargaining chip. Chancellor Angela Merkel
    has refused to have their rights of residence clarified beforehand.


  549. Here’s one for Baron,

    “Ukrainian Fascists Teach Children the Proper Way to Hate Russians”

    I wonder what the CHW’s favourite, and seemingly permanently disappointed, émigré/fugitive,(*) Mr. Boot, would make of all this?

    (* never quite sure which)

  550. Radford NG – 16:58

    How about Cressida Dyke?

  551. Radford NG
    March 17th, 2017 – 16:58

    Such censorship is bound to fail spectacularly.
    May I suggest the substitution of the sobriquet Cock as an all purpose, strap-on alternative?
    No doubt others will have their own suggestions for the necessary plugging of this grammatical dyke.

  552. Radford NG – 16:58

    You could change the surname to the past tense, but nobody would believe that.

  553. EC @ 17:05

    The girl has summed it up for the barbarian, EC, the whole lecture of hatred was in Russian (for some reason the last of the sub-titles were in Polish).

    One can never be certain what the future brings, but the barbarian is sticking to what he often said before, when the West loses interest in that neck of the woods, the Ukrainians will re-join their eastern brothers, there are few families in Ukraine who can claim to be pure ‘Ukrainian’, whatever than may mean, a chunk of the east-west was a part of Czechoslovakia before WW2, a chunk of the north-east a part of Poland, a chunk of the south and east a part of Russia, known as Novorussia.

    The country cannot shake of its geographical location, whether the Russophobes like it or not, the roots of the symbiotic relationship between the two Slavonic tribes go deeper than what the geo-political machinations of the deluded Western progressive elites could force on the unwashed of today’s Ukraine.

  554. “GCHQ was the first agency to warn the American government, including the National Security Agency, that Russia was hacking Democratic Party emails during the presidential campaign. That warning stemmed from internet traffic out of Russia containing malware, British officials said.”

    So GCHQ are into the American political scene. Not sure I believe their denials.

  555. Baron 1807
    Which bit provided the Concentration Camp guards?

  556. Noa 1705

    A good reason for the Scots to yearn to stay in the EU and hitch up to Germany-

    Demographics suggest Scotland’s population is ageing and, despite immigration-driven population growth over the past decade, the political consensus is in favour of migrants of working age coming in to take on jobs and set up businesses which can grow the economy.

    As true in 2014 as 2017

  557. There will be billions of them soon:

    “You Are Europe’s Future’: Erdogan Tells Turks in Europe – Have Five Kids, Not Three”

  558. EC @ 17:09

    Close, EC, but no cigar, still rather suggestive, unless she were to add Mc to it – McDyke should be passable, no?

    Why hasn’t she changed it anyway, what’s so attractive on being called Dick?

  559. Noa @ 17:15

    If the barbarian were forced to choose between Cock and Dick, he would prefer to be nameless.

  560. Marshal Roberts @ 18:18

    No idea, Marshal, nobody has done research into it, or if someone did, the barbarian hasn’t come across it.

    The barbarian’s father in law soldiered in the what used to be the Carpathian Russ, but Baron would rather not say what he had to say about it.

    There are bits one can google about the atrocities committed in the region (mostly against the Poles who got cleansed), but again, one would be well advised not to go into it, by all accounts it was more than unpleasant.

  561. Marshal Roberts @ 18:14

    A maxim that seldom fails: Never believe anything unless it’s officially denied.

  562. Noa @ 17:05

    How devious of the Germans, Noa, and even more so of the Scots, whose side are they anyway?

    What pi$$es most of all is that the SNP leaders of the 5mn Scots are deluded enough to think they can impose their will on the 55mn burghers of non-Scottish ancestry. It cannot be on, they should be told to shut up, or fugg off.

  563. Baron 1842
    I never tire of this.

  564. Two engineering students are biking across a university campus when one says: “Where did you get such a great bike?” “Well, I was walking along yesterday, minding my own business”, says the other one, “when a beautiful young woman rode up on this bike, threw it to the ground, took off all her clothes and said ‘take what you want.'”

    The first engineer nods approvingly: “Good choice, who would want to be seen wearing woman’s clothes anyway”.

  565. A priest, a doctor, and an engineer were waiting one morning for a particularly slow group of golfers. The engineer fumed, “What’s with those guys? We must have been waiting for fifteen minutes!”

    The doctor chimed in, “I don’t know, but I’ve never seen such inept golf!”

    The priest said, “Here comes the green-keeper. Let’s have a word with him.”

    He said, “Hello George, what’s wrong with that group ahead of us? They’re rather slow, aren’t they?”

    The green-keeper replied, “Oh, yes. That’s a group of blind firemen. They lost their sight saving our clubhouse from a fire last year, so we always let them play for free anytime.”

    The group fell silent for a moment.

    The priest said, “That’s so sad. I think I will say a special prayer for them tonight.”

    The doctor said, “Good idea. I’m going to contact my ophthalmologist colleague and see if there’s anything he can do for them.”

    The engineer said, “Why can’t they play at night?”

  566. Marshal Roberts 18.25

    As we are all aware today’s sweet brown eyed, Kalashnikov toting bambino is tomorrow’s fecund billionaire Aberdeen oligarchs.

    Fortunately we will be saved by Cressida Duck

  567. Mind, it possible to see why the Scots are failing to reproduce in sufficient numbers to defer the arrival of more fecund, less ginger folk.

  568. Not a good idea, the barbarian reckons, but they should at least tell the Mandarin speakers, who may the first to get polluted with a deadly fallout if things go wrong.

  569. He’s getting more confident, but watch carefully his response to the male journalist’s question. Sublime.

    This links to the BBC Radio4 World at One first item today: ‘an ‘apology’ to Britain (or rather its squeakily clean GCHQ agency)’, said the gently obese Mark Mardell. \\

    Was it ‘an apology’? As it turned out later in the bulletin, the White House has apparently said ‘we will not repeat it again’.

    Good idea, the Donald shouldn’t have said it publicly in the first instance, he should have called in someone he can trust in any of the spook agencies, ask him to look into it, quietly and discreetly, then break the news.

  570. Baron 20.31

    Ask Fox..?

    As the Donald might say.

  571. This is pure speculation on my part, but suppose – just suppose – that Trump reminds China that it is his policy that other countries should pay for their own defence instead of relying on the U.S. to defend them.

    And suppose he tells China that consistent with that policy, the U.S. is unwilling, any longer to defend South Korea against any attack by North Korea – BUT the U.S. intends to sell nuclear and other weapons to South Korea if it wants to buy them.

    In other words if there is a war – even nuclear war – between North and South Korea the U.S. will not intervene.

    How’s that for a start to bargaining that might lead to a rapprochement between the U.S. and China?

  572. Baron – 18:32

    You do know, don’t you, that the American actor formerly known as “Penis Van Lesbian” had to change his name to “Dick Van Dyke” before he got any offers of work in Hollywood?

  573. If anyone doesn’t understand that immediately after The Donald came down the Golden Escalator at Trump Tower and announced that he intended to run for the highly potent office of POTUS, the whole panoply of international, global spookery targeted him for surveillance both physical and technical in all its multifaceted methodololgy – and his organisation for infiltration, then they have failed to appreciate how politics and power vie for supremacy. As for ‘denials’ and so called ‘legal restraints, procedures and checks and balances’, they are the taqiyya of The Great Game. Or in the language of the sharp-end operatives, “A loadabollix, ennit?”

    And now that The Donald has joined TGG – he has the book of the rules. Which comprises unmarked black hardcovers with one page therein inscribed with only one sentence: “Whatever is necessary; but you are on your own if the wheel comes off.”

    This is just one of the tools in the armoury:

    And, of course, then there is Google. 🙂

  574. …and considering that the PBT permIt this to be published:

    … imagine what’s going on covertly.

  575. “Mr Osborne has previously warned Mrs May that he is prepared to “fight” the Government over Brexit issues including access to the Single Market, free trade and immigration.

    However as a back-bencher his ability to shape the political debate around Brexit has been severely diminished. The editorship of the the Evening Standard will give him significant political influence.

    He said yesterday: “We will be fearless as a paper fighting for their interests. We will judge what the government, London’s politicians and the political parties do against this simple test: is it good for our readers and good for London? If it is, we’ll support them. If it isn’t, we’ll be quick to say so.”

  576. And Guido

    “I would not be surprised if @George_Osborne added the Leicester manager’s job to his portfolio.”

  577. “Mr Osborne has limited journalistic experience. After leaving Oxford University he failed to get a place on The Times trainee scheme and worked briefly as a freelancer for The Daily Telegraph’s Peterborough diary column, before becoming a researcher at Conservative central office.”

    George, he ain’t no journalist he’s a globalist placeman! However whoever gifted him the job failed to look at his track record. He has always been an electoral liability, not just in the referendum but in successive GEs too. He used to be “disappeared” in the weeks before polling day because he was prone to awful gaffes.

  578. Frank P, March 18th, 2017 – 00:17

    “panoply” – a wonderful word, that is! :thumbsup:

  579. Not only is the CHW stuck on the 5th March….

    we can’t use half of these buggers either:

  580. One truly knows not whom or what to believe. If this is true, why no mention of it in any MSM rag?

  581. EC @ 11:26

    Not bad, EC, but not as good as the one the barbarian has seen – a (decently) wanking man, it would be ideal for trolls, the problem is it’s impossible to locate. Has anyone come across it?

  582. Frank P March 17th, 2017 – 11:39

    Re QT did you notice how the ghastly Eagle woman, in referring to the constituent parts of the United Kingdom, was content to identify Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland as such but persistently referred to England as “the regions”?

    Very telling of the mindset of our political class, I thought, where a contrivance is deployed both as an instant devaluation and wishful thinking. Ah yes, those pesky English rustics, lets deconstruct their identity into mayoral “regions” where competing multi-culti identity groups can hold sway from urban centres to “modernise” them.

    After all the “regions” don’t have a Parliament or even an Assembly so they must have city mayors instead to address that democratic deficit. The BBC have been plugging St Patrick’s Day with that oily enthusiastic presumption which they would never be seen dead peddling for St George’s Day. No, the best they could manage then was a gleeful exposé that St George was not even English.

  583. Over the last week;on going jihad in Sweden,France,Germany of shootings,explosions and gas attacks…..latest at Orly Airport,Paris,at lunch time : assailant shot dead.

  584. Paris no longer City of Light .
    EuroStar operating profits are in the `negative` for the last year.
    Barricades are being erected around the base of the Eiffel Tower to protect it .
    No longer possible for young lovers to stroll romantically along hand in hand without a concern.

  585. Paris.Yesterday, father and son have throats cut by other son in 11th arondrosement : to the north-east of central Paris ; said to be dynamic,ethnically diverse and trendiest.

    Anybody still going to Paris should look-up web-sites for advise on where it is safe/safer.

  586. Not that the barbarian is too keen to add to the gloomy news Radford has furnished, but here are few items from the Continental press one would be hard put to find in our papers:

    The demonstrators in Istanbul attacked the Dutch Consulate last week on Tuesday, climbed to the roof, tore down the Dutch flag, threw it down, burnt it, replaced if with Turkish flag. The police looked, did nothing.

    In squares of major German towns, gatherings of Turkish expats, small and large, each day last week cut lemons, oranges, squeezed them shouting to passers-by: ‘This is what we are do to the enemies of Erdogan’.

    The chairman of the Turkish Agricultural Chamber banned imports of cows from the Netherlands, wants already imported animals to be sent back.

    Turkish hackers attacked on-line accounts of German institutions, individuals last week bombarding the holders with threatening messages, the football club Borussia Dortmund is one of the worst affected.

    Several days after Mehmet Simsek, a Turkish Economic Minister had asked Wofgang Schäuble, his German counterpart, in his Berlin Ministry for a financial help (refused), the Ministry received a parcel bomb.

    A correspondent of Die Welt was detained in Turkey, arrested, charged amongst other things ‘with supporting terrorism’. The Mutti asked for him to be released, Turkey refused.

    In a televised message yesterday (17-03) to Turks living abroad, Erdogan urged every Turkish family living in Europe to have at least five children.

    The Turkish Interior Minister said the country would ship each month 15,000 refugees from Turkey to Europe.

  587. This is a pure vanilla PR clip, the barbarian posts it only because the short video confirms (somewhere in the middle of the boasting) why Crimea, or rather the port facilities of Sevastopol, are of such vital importance for Russia (the east of Urals Russia, it says, which basically is Russia).

  588. Baron,

    WTF! Why would the Latvian Govt allow this? Beggars belief!

    “Waffen SS veterans march in Riga, Latvia to commemorate fallen Nazis in WW2”

    … and now NATO/Britain has deployed troops to the Baltic, for what?
    To protect these fuckers?

  589. Baron – 11:48

    [ …the problem is it’s impossible to locate. Has anyone come across it? ]

    It must be that East Anglian cold snap! Keep rummaging, it’ll be in there somewhere! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  590. Baron,

    WTF! Why would the Latvian Govt allow this? Beggars belief!

    “Waffen SS veterans march in Riga, Latvia to commemorate fallen Nazis in WW2”

    … and now NATO/Britain has deployed troops to the Baltic, for what? To protect these fuckers?

    For once I agree with a Guardian editorial!

    “There are some events in history about which there can be no ifs or buts. The Latvian volunteer militias in 1941 were so zealous in murdering Jews that by 1943 they had not only killed nearly all of Latvia’s 70,000 Jewish community, they had also slaughtered 20,000 Jews from central Europe who had been deported to Riga, and tens of thousands of Jews in Belarus. The veterans of these volunteer units formed the backbone of the 15th and 19th Latvian Waffen-SS divisions. The annual unofficial parade in Riga honouring these veterans is the national disgrace of an independent Latvia, and an international stain on Nato and the EU to which the Baltic state now belongs. No ifs, no buts.”

    The Guardian, 13/10/2009

  591. Venezuela – cake?

    “Venezuela has a bread shortage. The government has decided bakers are the problem.”

    h/t Drudge Report

  592. Baron @ 11:44

    “If this is true, why no mention of it in any MSM rag?”

    You must be joking.

  593. Police hunt for £7million snatched during daring airport heist
    Seems it’s hardly worth mentioning, way down the list in mail and not even in some others.

  594. Nicola Sturgeon is touring Perthshire in the First Minister’s chauffeur driven car. Suddenly a cow jumps out into the road. They hit it full on and the car comes to a stop. Nicola in her usual jaunty manner, says to the chauffeur : ” You get out and check – you were driving.” The chauffeur gets out, checks and reports that the animal is dead. ” You were driving, go and tell the farmer,” says Nicola, I can’t afford to be blamed for anything. The chauffeur walks up the drive to the farmhouse and returns five hours later totally plastered, his hair ruffled and with a big grin on his face. ” My God, what happened to you ?” asks Nicola. The chauffeur replies : ” When I got there, the farmer opened his best bottle of malt whisky, the wife gave me a slap up meal and the daughter made love to me.” ” What on earth did you say?” asks Nicola. I knocked on the door and when it was answered, I said to them, I’m Nicola Sturgeon’s chauffeur and I’ve just killed the cow.”

  595. OK, for those of you who are struggling with your PCs here is short instructional video:

    “How To Uninstall McAfee Antivirus” – Featuring John McAfee himself!

    Don’t miss this, it’s really funny!

    [especially if one doesn’t own a PC 😉 ]

  596. Not enough to worry about? Try this:

    “….The author said controlling these “smart nanobots” could become an issue since if lost, there could be potentially millions of these deadly nanobots on the loose killing people indiscriminately…..”

    (h/t Drudge Report)

    This stuff on the rampant paedophilia and worse in high places is pretty depressing as well – although we have half known about it for some time.

    Drain the swamp!

  598. The Woodpile report:

    The usual cornucopia of news and comment from the wiser end of the spectrum. Best ingested in a comfortable armchair, with the coffee pecolator wthin easy reach. Catch up with the aphorisms in the sidebar, too; always a reminder that ‘there is no new thing under the sun”.

  599. Malfleur @ 12:35

    As if there wasn’t enough of danger, Malfleur, but how can they program the nasties so that they don’t attack their creators?

  600. EC @ 12:14

    Lucky man in one sense, EC, in another perhaps not that much, at his age he should be careful servicing them all, he make not make it, his heart may give up.

    And how do you propose we get hold of a gun? Legally. This isn’t the barbarian Republic, you know.

  601. Noa @ 11:51

    Good one, Noa, but somewhat disparaging towards the cows, useful animals they, milk, cheese, steaks.

  602. John birch @ 09:26

    Smart guys, John, they’ve got caught, the money’s nowhere to be found, they will plead guilty, show remorse, get a couple of years each, get released even sooner for good behaviour, re-unite with the millions, enjoy life somewhere in the sunshine. No bad, he?

    Unless the cash’s destined for the ISIS fighters.

    (Only joking, of course).

  603. Malfleur @ 00:01

    You got it in one, Mafleur, the barbarian was joking, he often does.

  604. EC @ 16:17

    You know the significance of March 16 for the Latvians, EC?

    In 1944, two of their SS divisions were fighting the Red Army at the Big River (?), the Soviet troops took a hill (or a valley, the barbarian has forgotten), but the Latvian forced them back.

    When the country of the Latvians gained independence in 1992, they began celebrating the date, then were told to drop it ( one of the conditions of EU assistance, Baron doesn’t remember when, you may google it), then recently the celebrations came back, they nationalists feel emboldened what with NATO and the West in general identifying Russia as the villain.

    The same celebrations are common in Ukraine, even more so, the Western MSM doesn’t touch it, it doesn’t fit their narrative).

    The Latvian Waffen SS behaved rather badly in WW2, many Wehrmacht units refused to fight with them because of the atrocities they were keen to commit, there is the well known massacre of 25,000 Jews in Riga slaughtered in graves in layers (known to the planners as the sardine packing) the German military wanted to have nothing to do with, it was Canaris himself (the head of the Abwehr, the military intelligence service), who ordered the military units to stay away.

    There was a separate Latvian unit hunting the Jews (not only in Latvia but in the Baltics, occupied areas of Russia), the barbarian has forgotten its name, they were known to hang children, but because the weight of the young bodies wasn’t sufficient to suffocate, they had to pull their legs down to finish them off, the anti-semitic feelings ran high in this region, the Riga massacre was one of those where the Jewish people got slaughtered in tens of thousands (Babi Yar, Odessa are he other two well known, you can google it, but the barbarian would suggest you avoid doing so, it’s gruesome).

  605. Frank P @ 17:28

    Amazing guy, Frank, beats the hatred filled omni-all one hands down, he becomes the must read for the poorly educated Slav from now on.

    The one thing that has escaped Baron is what Malfleur calls the Pedogate, is it really that massive in the Republic, too? Isn’t it somewhat overblown?

    (And sorry for the massive number of errors, it’s typed in haste).

  606. Chuck Berry RIP : age 90 years.

    ` Memphis Tennessee `


  607. OOPS ! You know what I mean :

  608. Chuck Berry .

    `Route 66 `

  609. Alternatively ……..

    ` Ernie : The Fastest Milkman in the West `

  610. Baron

    ” … the hate-filled omni-all…”

    Dunno about that; did you read this one? It’s a little unkind, but as it’s about the LSE – the wellspring of the Long March here – quite justified!

    Then there’s this one:

    Another justified critique of the current phraseology of politics. Come on now, old fella. Stow the hammer ‘n’ sickle and give the guy a break. 🙂

  611. Nobody responded to my posting of March 17th, 2017 – 22:02, so I thought my tentative attempt at prescience was probably misguided.

    But was it? –

  612. PROJECT DRAGNET – 2004-2010

    (h/t Drudge Report)

    This report by Infowars’ Jerome Corsi poses a dilemma for Comrade Obama (et alii).

    Either he ordered or condoned the surveillance of Trump by the NSA – Gotcha!

    Or he didn’t, in which case the NSA was out of his control – Gotcha!


    Might further disclosures be on the way…?

  613. Alex Jones introduces Project Dragnet at the start of his Sunday’s show here – scroll down a bit to about 48 minutes in:

    Jerome Corsi interviewed to comment on the significance of the long-standing surveillance of Donald Trump by the United States government.

  614. Comment? Dinosaur media?

  615. Yuge!

  616. Malfleur @ 03:03

    The barbarian did as you said, Malfleur, the idiotic, self-lovings, arm waving Alex kept ranting on, and on and on, only then he got the excellent dr. Corsi on, and kept doing the same, interrupting the guy.

    Why don’t the CIA wiretapped him, charge him with gross imbecility, put him in an asylum near a distant sea, ‘preferably in it’? The guy’s a fugging nuisance, the sooner he disappears the better, the outfit has other members who can do better.

    The issue is serious though, if CIA keeps getting the information illegally, then furnishes it to the court of law, they should be hit, taken to court, better still, got rid of, the Republic has 17 security agencies, who needs them?

    Let’s wait and see how much of it gets covered in the MSM, the BBC in particular.

  617. Herbert Thornton @ 00:45

    Don’t take it personally, Herbert, the issue of higher funding the protection offered by the Americans concerns the Europeans more than it does South Korea, they, as far as Baron knows, pay their share well.

    On the Tillerson’s statement: You reckon it was a good idea to say the time for talking’s over? He might have waited until he talked to the Chinese, no? The North Korean nutters can lose it, start something that the Americans won’t be able to respond in a way that prevents unrepeatable damage not just locally.

  618. Frank P @ 22:34

    Leaving aside the times of the Greeks, the Romans, their prosecution of Christians (until Constantine found it useful to befriend their God), skipping through the middle ages here (elsewhere, like to Continent, the poorly educated Slav knows little of, but would bet the populations were small enough to be left by and large at peace, who else would pay the taxes), he isn’t truly spot on, is he, Frank.

    Take the Elizabethan England with its recusancy, hanging of priests who got caught, its prescriptive clothing (how much, what colour), even what they, the peasants and the higher classes, could eat (even though the rules were not often enforced, who could check, and chicken counted as fish).

    He certainly is right when it comes to the more enlightened times of these lands when someone who paid his taxes, did no mischief, worked hard had no reason to meet an agent of the state throughout all his life, no interference, but also not much help (except from the family, close community) if and when a major disaster struck.

    To answer your question then, if one takes what the poorly educated Slav recited above is largely true, how does it fit the second helping you’ve asked him to click on?

    Why hasn’t he mention any of it? Most likely because it doesn’t fit – sorry to say it – his overflowing hatred, no as over the top as that he harbours against Russia, but enough of it to at least noticeably dent the narrative, which is otherwise well argued, even better expressed.


    One could also disagree, or at least argue with when he says “….pressures exerted both vertically (by the state) and horizontally (by society).’ It sounds similar to Burke’s limitations on one’s liberty from within (each of us, our morals, the code of behaviour we follow), and without (the state as a administrative arm of the society, its agencies).

    His “no Western monarch would have dreamed of extorting over half of his subjects’ earnings – something that’s accepted as a fair privilege of any ‘liberal democracy’” is right, but the reason the monarchs didn’t expropriate half of what people earned was they couldn’t because many, if not the majority of the people, would have died from huger, their income was that low then, the societal surplus that drives taxation had not been sufficient to impose a higher tax rate.

    In the reign of Elizabeth I, a labourer (the vast majority of the people) earned a sixpence per day, a loaf of bread that fed a family of five cost a penny. Most of what people earned was spent on food, then lodgings, so much so that market for second hand clothing was booming, people often left in their wills pieces of ordinary clothing to relatives, servants.

    There are few more points the barbarian could make, but the time has come to call it a day (he, he, he), try to fall asleep again, but one final point must be made.

    If democracy is such shite, why doesn’t he offer something better? The barbarian would rather side with Winston: ‘Democracy? Bloody awful, but better than anything else’ (or words to that effect).

    What you say then?

  619. Comey: Today the truth will out.
    A new wall to celebrate?

  620. Romano Verdi – 07:37

    Pray, lettuce.
    … or something like that

  621. Something may have happened to Peter, it’s not like him to disappear, no word, no nothing. Perhaps someone who has his e-mail address (Baron hasn’t) will inquire?

  622. Romano Verdi @ 07:37

    FBI’s Comey telling the truth, Romano? Hmmm

    If he did say the FBI (or some other security outfit which the FBI wiretapped) had wiretapped, or rather had carrie a Full Monty surveillance on the Donald for years, it would be the end of him. He either did know about, didn’t tell the lawmakers, which is bad, he would have to go. Or he didn’t know which is equally bad, it was happening under his watch, he must be incompetent, incapable running the outfit, he would have to go, too. In either case, he may have to face a judge, or at least public opprobrium of some magnitude preventing him from landing a sinecure in the private sector.

    Comey has proven to be a smart man with excellent instinct for survival, he’ll display it again today.

  623. The barbarian was looking back for something EC had said on the blog when he noticed you had furnished two links that challenged him, he read both, replied only to the second, leaving the first one un-answered, not that uncommon carelessness for him, here’s the missing reply, worry not, Frank, long it will be not.

    On the substance of his bollocking the in-love-with-tattoos young woman no dissent at all, he’s absolutely right, if she genuinely wanted to make a difference, she would have spent most of her tens of millions on building shelters, giving training grants, setting-up the impoverished, raped, disadvantaged women rather than lecture on the issue. Saving a few dozen of them would have done more good than talking to thousands about it.

    The way the omni-all wrapped up his judgment of her stinks though, the suggestion she changed to do charity because her ‘two assets’ have gone (other quite healthy young women are similarly deluded (say) Emma Watson), the title of the piece ‘LSE makes a Jolie tit of itself’, the last sentence ‘any boob could see that’, the whole piece is a rather sly coupling of her cancer and the switch to be a do-gooder. Distasteful, unworthy of him.

    Whatever the woman may be doing now, she did go through a phase in her life that must have been testing, the treatment may have turned out differently for her in spite of all her money, Baron should know he did have a similar experience with the colonoscopy surgeon saying ‘what’s you favourite dish, go enjoy it, we’ll do the operation in two months’ but thinking ‘you, old man, won’t be here in two months’. Not a pleasant sensation for the poorly educate dSlav, hers may have been similar.

    If the omni-all one, God forbid, were to be afflicted similarly the barbarian would never even consider to mock him for it, cancer, some other maladies are something one cannot avoid, it’s fate probably, a wrong ticket in the lottery of life.

    As a policeman, a top one at that, cannot you smell even a whiff of hatred in this wrapping, Frank?

  624. From the vaults:

    “I furkan derya to find a better name than Furkan Derya”

    Also this:

    Just when you think the line at Starbucks can’t get any slower, they come up with ingenious new ways to fine-tune their business model:

    Starbucks to encourage baristas to discuss race relations with customers

    In the aforementioned The [Un]documented Mark Steyn, personally autographed copies of which are exclusively available, etc, etc, I mention en passant:

    “You just don’t get coffee culture,” sighed a friend. What “culture”? The coffee houses of 17th-century England were hives of business: They spawned the Stock Exchange and Lloyd’s of London. The coffee houses of 18th-century Paris were hives of ideas: At Café Procope, Voltaire, Rousseau, and the gang met to thrash out the Enlightenment. The coffee houses of 21st-century America have spawned the gingerbread eggnog macchiato and an accompanying CD compilation.

    But now you’ll be able to listen to your barista’s views on slavery reparations as you wait twenty minutes for your Trayvonato with an extra shot. No justice, no peace, no foam.

  625. EC @ 13:18

    Thank you, young sir.

    An e-mail has been sent few minutes ago, you will be told if there’s a reply.

  626. EC @ 13:27

    Which appeals more, EC, Cressida Dick or Furkan Derya? Shall we fight for it?

    (The software finished Baron’s typing ‘shall’ as ‘shake’ three times. Is someone doing it to the error prone poorly educated Slav on purpose? The MI5, for instance?).

    The best for the coffee drinkers is to avoid Starbucks altogether, the barbarian has done so after he learnt the company had not paid a penny in tax for years, will go thirsty rather than buy their brew, they could stick it, greedy bastards.

  627. If you need a solid argument for a transgender toilet facilities, you mustn’t avoid listening to this glabrous expert on the most pressing issue of the century (so far anyway): gender identity excellent

    (You may have to suffer today, the weather has turned nasty here, no gardening possible, the barbarian has nothing much to do, has been mauled by the boss – behind every woman there’s a man who has no idea what he did wrong, here’s sits one such man).

  628. Styrofoam coffee – yuk!

    Much nicer to sit in the snug with the proper stuff in a proper bone china cup and saucer with a proper silver coffee pot beside looking out at the wet parkland and dreary grey sky, cheered up by a fire in the grate and the schadenfreude of Brexit for John Major and his blasted peas.

  629. Muslims for Britain

    “Muslims for Britain was set up by a number of leading figures in the British Muslim community, led by Businessmen Aftab Chughtai and Saqib Bhatti, President of the Asian Business Chamber of Commerce. Muslims for Britain were very active in the BME media and played a crucial role in reaching out to voters away from the main referendum debate, particularly in the West Midlands where they helped to secure an outright victory for Leave in Birmingham.”

    That’s Leave, as in Leave The EU and Brexit.

    It also seems to get overlooked that the majority of people actually fighting ISIS in the Middle East and Islamic extremists in Pakistan are . . . . . . Muslims.

  630. Colonel Mustard – March 20th, 2017 – 14:41

    “It also seems to get overlooked that the majority of people actually fighting ISIS in the Middle East and Islamic extremists in Pakistan are . . . . . . Muslims.”

    That may be because most of the non muslims there have been very effectively ‘religiously cleansed’.

  631. Dame Vera Lynn : 100th birthday today.

  632. Baron
    March 20th, 2017 – 04:37

    My premise wasn’t that South Korea ought to pay its share (indeed I don’t doubt it does so).

    It was that Trump has the option to put nuclear weapons into the hands of South Korea so that it can defend itself itself as it sees fit from North Korea without the U.S. being involved. Ditto for Japan.

    China is already uncomfortable with it’s faithless friend North Korea having nuclear weapons but imagine China’s discomfort if South Korea has them. Or, horror of horrors – if Japan gets them too? Kim Jong Un has voiced threats to both of them.

    I think that it’s pretty clear that Tillerson meant that the time for talking with North Korea is over. I don’t believe for a moment that Tillerson meant the the time for talking with China is over – far from it.

    The Chinese are already worried by what they have dubbed as the prospect of the two trains – North Korea and the U.S. – speeding towards a head-on collision.

    It seems to me that Tillerson’s remark was merely a preliminary to talking with China – hopefully leading to joint measures to de-fang North Korea.

    What those measures might consist of I don’t want to speculate on – but the Chinese have a very strong incentive indeed, do they not, to do everything possible to avoid both the head-on train collision and the possession of nuclear weapons by both South Korea and Japan?

  633. Well the Londonderry Commander is dead.
    That will deflate the Boston Irish Liberals.
    The dreadful outpouring of crocodile tears from the high ups here and over there is a trial to behold.
    The man ordered executions while pushing buckets for money around East Coast Irish bars.
    The world is a better place today.

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