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  1. Firsties

  2. Palinode.

    I used to think what now I never.
    I used to like what drives me up the wall.
    I used to think I was so bloody clever
    And now I never think a-bloody-tall.

    John Whitworth of Kent.
    Full poem and others at:

  3. Ukrainian pro-governmnt Nazis funded by NATO Nail Rebel to Cross and Burn Him

    Comment invited from those who believe the Ukrainian government and its supporters stand between us and the onward advance of Soviet revanchism and re-nascent imperialism under Mr. Putin

    31 minutes in.


  4. I don’t want to ruin your evening BUT.
    I read this in The Telegraph’s iPhone app and thought you’d like to read it:

  5. Do the opinion polls really reflect public opinion, or have they been designed influence it? Do we really only believe the polls that we like, anyway?

    h/t Thanks to whichever CHWer pointed this video out a few weeks ago.

  6. “The Northern Ireland health minister at the centre of controversy over remarks about gay couples has resigned.
    Jim Wells said he wanted to help his wife Grace “during her fight for life”.
    The resignation follows his remarks at a hustings where he linked same-sex relationships to child abuse. He later apologised for those comments.
    Police are also investigating an incident involving a lesbian couple during an election canvas by Mr Wells in County Down.
    It is believed the Police Service of Northern Ireland is trying to establish if an offence has been committed.” (BBC WEB)

    Fascist Dictatorship of the so-called liberal, politically correct establishment

  7. “What has Hillary Clinton ever run that did not turn into a debacle?

    …. Is this the beginning … of RICO?

  8. EC (20:51)

    There is a clear RICO case running through this scandal; but when the current POTUS is one of the beneficiaries of the extended ‘enterprise’, and the most likely candidate vying for the next presidency is a major mover in the ‘enterprise’, then what what chance it will ever even be investigated, never mind brought to fruition. The sheer blatancy of Clinton machine is the most disturbing element of this, given the geopolitical implications, particularly with regard to the uranium wheeling and dealing. This is far, far worse than the Watergate affair; yet who would augur an ultimate Pulitzer Prize for Peter Schweitzer, the author of the book that has opened up the can of worms?

  9. “We also gave those who wished to destroy space to do that as well.”

    Mayoress of Baltimore

  10. “We also gave those who wished to destroy space to do that as well.”

    Mayoress of Baltimore

  11. The Clintons are giving the American electorate the biggest ‘numerous uno’ ever; the very same electorate that may well choose them as the next tenants of the White House. This is really serious shit, for our country also. The hand on the umbrella that we all shelter under is looking very shaky. Yet there is virtually nil coverage by the UK msm.

  12. Frank P @ 00:04

    “The hand on the umbrella that we all shelter under is looking very shaky. Yet there is virtually nil coverage by the UK msm.”

    Echo that

  13. Malfleur

    … and Baltimore is just another symptom of the general malaise: appeasement, rather than firm and fair enforcement. The authorities have lost control there tonight; anarchy ensues.

  14. Mark Steyn, as ever, applies Occam’s Razor, this time to the Clinton conspiracies and gets to the bare bones:

  15. Meanwhile, back in the asylum, it would appear that Ed Miliband is concerned with more parochial matters:

    Guido Fawkes, ‏@GuidoFawkes – 25m ago

    “After visiting Russell Brand at his £2m mansion to discuss fighting poverty @Ed_Miliband returned to his £3m mansion”

  16. And firsties came so easy
    Until Lutfur began to smile
    Putting votes where they should go
    Until they went out of style
    And though opposing votes would be cast aswell
    And not just go with the flow
    In the end Lutfur and his cronies
    Would romp in and steal the show

  17. Malfleur – 00:04 ‘Baltimore’

    There is a clarification that points to a ‘less revolutionary attitude’:

    ““I’ve made it very clear that I work with the police and instructed them to do everything that they could to make sure that the protesters were able to exercise their right to free speech. It’s a very delicate balancing act, because, while we tried to make sure that they were protected from the cars and the other things that were going on, we also [as a result] gave those who wished to destroy space to do that as well. And we worked very hard to keep that balance and to put ourselves in the best position to deescalate, and that’s what you saw.””

  18. To Malfleur and Frank P

    Wasn’t a famous Umbrella Man the Nazi-appeaser Neville Chamberlain? And also, The “umbrella man”, identified by the United States House Select Committee on Assassinations in 1978 as Louie Steven Witt

  19. EC – 09:13

    I must bring your attention to a good post under the article:

    vircantium • circa 10:16
    I can’t believe anyone is giving this tw*t the time of day, let alone sitting down for a cosy chat with the idiot.

    Mind you, I’m not too keen on Brand either.

  20. RobertC – 12:18


  21. I was using some sort of how well do you know your constituency quiz on the BBC news site.

    I was shocked to learn that 30% of all employed people are employed by the public sector. Including those who are service providers for the public sector that could easily mean that 40% or more are supported by the public sector.

    And 10% of people in my town were not born here! And I know that many of those are recent migrants with young children, so perhaps 15% of the population are recent migrants and their children!

    And we are a small county town in England.

  22. Peter

    Baltimore today; London or any occupied provincial city ere long. It’s inevitable. We’ve already had tasters, not long before the full banquet of multi-culti civil unrest becomes a weekly event here and throughout western ex-civilisation. The imminent election is just a quaint distraction before the SHTF – big time!

  23. and DELIBERATELY cultivated to destabilize and wreck the nation.

  24. After posting at 22:22, I turned to Drudge Report where I found;

    ‘Only eight short years from now, immigrants will make up a record-high 14.8 percent of the total U.S. population, and longtime conservative leader Phyllis Schlafly views the rising tide of newcomers as a purposeful attack on the country.

    By the nation’s own president.

    “It’s deliberate,” Schlafly told WND in an interview. “It’s not any accident. It’s because Obama and his friends are letting all these people in who don’t want to be Americans, who don’t want to speak English.” ‘

  25. Meanwhile, moving on to Breitnart, this pretty cnut at the CIA staion, CNN, is reading from the script laid down by the corporate fascists and which can be read, for instance, in US Army manuals, for precipitating a second civil war in America:

  26. O Maryland,my Maryland.
    Maryland sweet Maryland.
    The despot’s heel is on thy shore.
    His torch is at the temple door.
    O Maryland,my Maryland.

    We’ll avenge the bloody gory,
    That stained the streets of Baltimore,
    And make yee battle queen of yor.
    Maryland,my Maryland.
    Maryland,sweet Maryland.

  27. Boost for David Cameron as Juncker says he is open to treaty change
    Jean Claude Juncker says Britain is “blind” to his willingness to secure a “fair deal”

    CMD has forgotten! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Jean-Claude Juncker: ‘When it becomes serious, you have to lie’.

  28. Frank P and PfM – You might wonder why Australia has the immigration system it has and why Farage is so keen on it.

    I suspect you’re f***ed unless (1) UKIP wins some form of leverage control on Parliament and (2) Common Purpose graduates are weeded out of the public sector. Their presence will prevent any serious divergence from the leftie progressive plan to destroy the English and all they stand for.

    I sent my vote – and the fact I can, as a non-UK resident and (from October) an Australian, vote for 15 years after the date I left the UK tells you just how fucked you are!!

  29. Cameron and Miliband must be crying into their tea. First the Nepal earthquake/Everest avalanche completely took over all the news pages. Nobody knew or cared what these two gems had to bleat about, quite rightly they were more interested in other happenings, and now Kate’s delayed baby threatens to take over the news pages during the last few days before 7th May. Oh what a shame, poor Dave and Ed, my heart bleeds. The only way to get our attention is for them to dance down the street naked.

  30. That weasel Juniper should be toast
    But being a weasel is not all
    What really irks me most
    Is that he cannot understand he is so small

  31. Lesley . – 16:22

    But still room for some Labour news:
    Labour chief given £1.5m shares from tax haven
    “Labour’s fiercest critic of tax avoidance and “secretive” offshore funds has received more than £1.5 million in shares from the tax haven of Liechtenstein. The money came through a controversial scheme that lets wealthy Britons move undeclared assets back to the UK without facing criminal action.
    Margaret Hodge, who made her name taking on tax avoiders as head of the public accounts committee, was among the beneficiaries in 2011 of the winding-up of a Liechtenstein trust that held shares in the private steel-trading business set up by her father.”

    What’s £1.5 million between friends?

  32. 1702
    Of course

  33. Is it a prerequisite that any young guy in TV adverts has to have a beard, I’m sick of seeing bloody beards.

  34. BBC Radio 4 Extra,tomorrow,dares to present “Greenmantle” by John Buchan.This is the story of how Richard Hanney is commissioned to upset the plot of Kaiser-rian Germany in the Great War to raise a Jihad amongst the muslims against the British;a plot which existed.I have never quite grasped what to think about the way it ends.

    It can be accessed in the UK on Radio 4Extra on Thur 30 April at 10am and 3pm;also at 3pm:[Part 2 on Friday].On the inet (in the UK) at:-

  35. The Gutenberg reference to “Greenmantle” is at

  36. Here’s a little gem from the inimitable Ann Barnhardt – a look into the future, based on the history of previous conflict. Get a cup of strong coffee, or something even stronger and hold tight for a rough ride. It will take some time if you include the side-show link to the Matt Bracken essay (not for the faint hearted – or even those with just a modicum of optimism left in their naive hearts):

    And thanks to Gerard for the heads up, of course.

  37. BTW, the above makes my own frequent augurs of aggro seem tame BT comparison!

  38. Moreover, the above projected scenarios should be considered in the context of the FNN news reports from Baltimore.

  39. Peter from Maidstone, April 28th, 2015 – 19:46

    “I was shocked to learn that 30% of all employed people are employed by the public sector. Including those who are service providers for the public sector that could easily mean that 40% or more are supported by the public sector.”

    Add to that the % that are directly on benefits, add the fact that turkeys never vote for an early Christmas, factor in the gerrymandered electoral boundaries that give an inbuilt system bias to Labour….

    and then you can see why it is so difficult to elect a Conservative government!

  40. Frank P – 22:56,

    Bracing! 🙂

    … and in the (fire)light of Ferguson, Baltimore etc. Matt Bracken ain’t that far wrong either!

    23-00 When it kicks off I shall be with you on the barricades.
    However, until the crates of old milsurp Mosin-Nagant Model 91/30 Rifles arrives courtesy of JJB’s Baptist Church’s Christmas Drive, then all I have to offer in the way of armanents is my garden fork, and Mrs EC’s now underemployed ice axes!

  41. “The story of Jade Helm — the name for the upcoming military exercises in Texas, California, Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, Colorado, and Nevada — has taken a decisive turn for the absurd as Texas Governor Greg Abbott has now called on the Texas Guard to (literally) monitor military drills conducted by US special forces after local residents suggested the exercises could be the precursor to a federal invasion of Texas. ”

    Zero Hedge

  42. Military information supplier is predicting a more than 50% decline in the UK population in the next 10 years.

  43. “A democracy which makes or even effectively prepares for modern, scientific war must necessarily cease to be democratic. No country can be really well prepared for modern war unless it is governed by a tyrant, at the head of a highly trained and perfectly obedient bureaucracy.”

    Aldous Huxley

  44. Rod liddle latest

    couple of weeks back I wrote an article headed: ‘Call me insane, but I’m voting Labour.’ Among the many hundreds of people who reacted with the rather predictable ‘Yes, you’re insane’ was my wife, Mrs Liddle. She pointed out that Ed Miliband had vowed that upon being elected, Labour would make Islamophobia a crime. ‘So,’ she concluded, with a certain acidity, ‘not only will we be substantially worse off under a Labour government, but at nine o’clock on the morning of 8 May the police will arrive to take you away. You are voting for a party which will both impoverish and arrest you. You are a moron.’
    Yes. She has a point. I hadn’t realised that Ed was going to make Islamophobia a crime. Part of me rather agrees with criminalising these sorts of psychological conditions — I have always thought that agoraphobia, for example, should be against the law, as I cannot abide people who whine about how they can’t go out to places. Get a grip. And I have never had much time for linonophobes, either: string is incredibly useful and to be scared of it is just stupid. Bang these people up, I say. Similarly, pentheraphobia, which is an irrational hatred of one’s mother-in-law. Not pleasant. A short term in prison would sort all of these people out.
    But Islamophobia? That seems to me an entirely rational response to an illiberal, vindictive and frankly fascistic creed. I am not a Muslimophobe — I am well aware that enormous numbers of Muslims do not subscribe to all of the particularly unpleasant tenets of Islam as it is practised and preached today. Not all of them wish to chop your head off or stone you to death or simply imprison you for not being one of them, or for being homosexual, or Jewish, or for renouncing your faith because you’ve suddenly realised that it is illiberal, vindictive and fascistic. Not all of them believe that democracy is — much as Hitler saw it — evil, decadent and weak (and not a match for the will of Allah), or that women should be dressed in sackcloth and ashes and not allowed to be educated or to go to work. Or that non-Muslims are a lower species of human being, scarcely human beings at all — ‘cattle’, as the, uh, liberal Muslim columnist Mehdi Hassan once put it. Not all of them persecute or murder Christians, or simply ban them from worshipping their God. Not all of them believe the Holocaust didn’t happen, or that it did happen and it was a bloody good thing, all things considered. Or that freedom of speech and freedom of thought are both ludicrous concepts.
    It’s the ideology I have a problem with, then, not so much the people. Although having said that, I’m not keen on those beards they all have. But that’s another issue. Lifelong pogonophobic, me.
    The temptation is to be as Islamophobic as humanly possible, before the new laws come in
    The temptation now, then, is to be as Islamophobic as humanly possible, in one short burst, and get it all out of the way before the new laws come in. Or alternatively, to gain a sort of strange kudos by being the first person to be arrested under the Miliband regime. I have competition here, mind. I note that my friend and colleague Douglas Murray has said that he would be proud to be the first arrested under the new laws.
    Well, it’s not going to happen. I am much, much, more Islamophobic than you, Douglas, and frankly your presumption grates a little. Douglas has form here — he has previously written of his aspiration to win the Islamophobe of the Year trophy, an award handed out by the delightfully oxymoronic Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC). That won’t happen, either, Douglas. You are not even in a Europa League spot regarding this particular prize.
    This year’s Islamophobe of the Year was the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo — obviously, murdering the people who ran the magazine was not quite enough for the IHRC. It thought Charlie Hebdo needed another bash over the head. Incidentally, the IHRC is considered to be one of the more liberal and humanitarian Islamic organisations in this country.
    The last Labour government tried to make it a crime to ‘disrespect’ Islam, at the behest of clamorous Muslim pressure groups. As you will see next week, Labour relies upon the Allah block vote in very many constituencies (and especially the postal votes of Muslim constituents who do not speak English and probably do not even know that a general election is taking place). Ed Miliband’s latest wheeze is a similar genuflection to Mecca for political gain, although the man is so staggeringly deluded he probably believes in it ideologically.

    Anyway, just as New Labour pondered bringing in this new law, the then head of the Muslim Council of Britain, Sir Iqbal Sacranie, was interviewed by police about comments he had made on the Radio 4 PM programme about homosexuals — interviewed at his home under laws Labour had brought in to criminalise that other psychological condition, homophobia. Sir Iqbal had divested himself of the opinion that homosexuality wasn’t terribly good for society. I think that’s a very moderate interpretation of Islam’s hadiths on the subject, and certainly more moderate than the views held by every single Islamic government operating in the world today. I suppose if Ed Miliband’s latest proposed law had been in force back then, Sir Iqbal (knighthood for services to community relations, by the way) would have been able to press charges against the police on the count of Islamophobia.
    There is no such thing as Islamophobia, of course. There are people who dislike Islam and will continue to dislike it no matter what fatuous legislation is enacted by the forthcoming Labour/SNP coalition from hell. And they dislike it for perfectly good, rational, reasons.

  45. So Sir Screwbal was knighted for services to community relations. Translating back out of Newspeak to Oldspeak that would read outstanding contributions towards the division of the community and the wreck of English culture.

    I notice that the Daily Mail reports that 40% of the electorate are undecided. This probably means that 40% of the electorate told the pollsters to sod off. let’e hope that 100% of them are secretly sheltering an intention to vote UKIP. That would “resonate”.

    Reading further in the Mail though, I see a claim that muslim votes could decide the outcome in 25% of constituencies. How was this disaster allowed to arise? Mr. Fraser Nelson?

    In the USA hacking into electronic voting machines and changing the results is a simple matter for those with the technical ability.

    “Deep concern” I suppose would be the cliché to describe my state of mind as I watch the approach of the general election next week.

    I see an Ed Balls on every street corner for the forseeable future. Let’s hope the English can still surprise.

  46. Radford NG at 21:07
    I have always thought that Greenmantle is the best of the five “Richard Hannay” books. The ending is perhaps not all that odd as Buchan was (as we read) quite amenable to the more mystical (Sufi) form of Islam.

  47. Colonel Mustard was last seen here eight days ago.
    Anyone spotted him at the New Spectatesman?

  48. John birch – 05:45

    Vintage Liddle, although he’s not usually too keen to bring up the subject of his missuss or, for that matter, “monkeymfc.” I have heard that Frasier bars or issues intimidatory warnings to anybody reprising those particular topics from the vault.

  49. Frank P, April 29th, 2015 – 23:00

    I forgot to mention that I fully intend to buy another “shooter”, but for legal reasons it’s going to have to be a Pentax, or maybe even a Canon.

  50. Where’s Baron?
    He’s not been seen here since April 19th.
    I do hope he’s OK.
    Alternatively he may just have gone off on his travels again – maybe to the Western/Eastern front – depending upon how one views these things.

  51. Malfleur 30th – 00:11

    “the exercises could be the precursor to a federal invasion of Texas. ”

    Yes, well, as many Houston taxi drivers will tell you, Texas is one of only two states that have the unilateral right to secede from the USA written into their constitution, and they’ll defend that right à l’outrance…..’cept it ain’t true. 🙂

  52. Ostrich (occasionally) April 30th, 2015 – 09:57

    it ain’t true. 🙂

    Is it true?

  53. “If war is not dangerous, warns Napolitano, it will become commonplace.”

    Andrew Napolitano on Obama’s ‘Flying Robots of Death’

    I would have inserted “even” between the penultimate and last words of his proposition.

    Full article:

    “The Tyranny of Obama’s Wars by Drones
    The president has rejected the theory and practice of due process.”


  54. Arrgh! – “even more”


  55. Farage right again:

    Farage right on ‘HIV immigrants’ says HIV positive Brit with just 14 days meds left

    A MIXED-race, gay, HIV sufferer, who says he has only 14 days worth of life-saving medicine left has penned an emotional letter to Nigel Farage claiming HIV positive health tourists arriving from abroad are crippling the NHS.

  56. Washington Post reports that another prisoner in the police van has signed an affidavit stating that Freddie Gray was banging his head on the police van apparently trying to injure himself, following the arrest.

    One hopes that this witness didn’t have too much difficulty in signing the affidavit – minus his fingernails. 🙂

    I jest, of course! In very bad taste, too.

  57. Whoops, I accidentally pressed the ‘submit’ button after relenting.

  58. So another Muslim country executes eight christians for smuggling.
    But at least it was by firing squad, not beheading.

  59. The Inland Revenue are crap, not fit for purpose a disgrace but they were not always useless.

    When I worked a duly filled a tax return each year and if I had a query could telephone the tax office and speak to a human being.

    Not now.

    In January I received notice of the tax code that would be sent to my private pension provider so that they could deduct the appropriate tax from the private pensions and in addition the tax due on the state pensions that are paid to me gross.

    The code was wrong, it is wrong every year because the Revenue assume incorrectly that my private pensions increase each year and each year I tell them that the private pensions are fixed and do not increase.

    I telephoned them three times but after stupid questions from a machine was put on hold to listen to music designed to drive the public mad after each 2minuts of music the voice would tell me that I would be put through shortly, after waiting fifteen minutes each time I hung up.

    I then wrote a letter (not an e-mail) a proper letter after a month with no reply I sent another letter but to no avail.

    And so today I did all of the calculations necessary to do an online tax return, in the knowledge that the tax return has space to write and inform them of the wrong code, I did all of this in less than 30 minutes and downloaded and printed off my return plus confirmation of its acceptance.

    On reading the return I was astounded to read that I was £4,617 overpaid and will have this sum refunded into my bank account but I only paid a total of just over £3000, and so I telephoned to tell them of their error, guess what I got the same bloody machine asking me questions.

    Whoever is responsible for this should have his/her fingernails ripped out?

  60. Jennifer Oldham April 30th, 2015 – 14:40

    So another Muslim country executes eight christians for smuggling.
    But at least it was by firing squad, not beheading.

    Jennifer they were smuggling drugs, in that country the penalty is death for drug-smugglers, who are we to say they are wrong.

  61. A pal of mine from New Jersey, from LE OC Intel. just sent this link from the NYT, which indicates that bad news about our election is traversing The Pond:

    I thanked him for passing it on and responded thus:

    Thanks Fred.

    Back in the days when we still had looney bins, before they let out all the inmates and tried to control them with the ‘chemical cosh’ in a scheme called ‘Care in the Community’, these two fucking nutcases would have been incarcerated due to their delusions – one of them is a junky who believes he is the new Jesus Christ (moreover he has a cult following which has made him a multi-millionaire) and the other thinks he’s entitled to be the Prime Minister because his Marxist ‘professor’ father and Marxist mother told him he should be. Both are suffering from megalomania. Unfortunately at least half of the electorate are also certifiably insane, so who knows?

    Incidentally, as most of the nutters released from the old asylums decline or forget to take their ‘medication’ (but would rather enjoy the ‘benefits’ of other illegal substances), they finish up being incarcerated anyway – in ‘ordinary’ prisons, which have now become the new nut-houses. The erstwhile Victorian asylums and their ample grounds have been sold off as real estate, where the rich now live in gated communities – which in itself is, of course, just another form of madness.

    Meanwhile, in Baltimore …

    Bwaaahahahaha! The whole fucking world is becoming just one big free-range looney-bin.

    Keep takin’ the tablets!


  62. 70 years ago today that Herr Hitler suicided his dog, his bride and himself … allegedly.

    Alexander Boot reminds us of this happy release and resists the attempts of revisionists to render the Nazis themselves victims of Naziism:’s-germans

  63. Frank P – 14:16

    “Whoops, I accidentally pressed the ‘submit’ button after relenting.”

    There’s a lesson for us all there…
    Never relent, and never submit!

    PS. Can’t we change that button to “Post” or “Geronimo!” or something?

  64. Gerard Vanderleun follows through on Ann Barnhardt’s and Matt Bracken’s alarming prognostications, adding his own suggestions:

    Interesting comments thereafter, also.

  65. EC (17:31)

    I tried to nudge Peter into such a modification some time ago; it is a very Islamic imperative. Peter?

  66. How’s about ‘Send’?

  67. My apologies, the link to the full monty of the Vanderleun piece is:

    The previous link was just the comments.

  68. And yet more comment from ‘over there’ about the UK election:

    Bad news travels fast and great distance. Let’s hope it penetrates the sentience of the electorate. The sapient half are presumably already aware.

  69. People of America, let’s keep the heat on Hillary…

    “Hillary Clinton Does Not Like Transparency
    The Clintons have repeatedly sought to avoid or undermine disclosure requests and requirements.”

  70. Frank P April 30th, 2015 – 17:12

    40 years ago today Saigon fell to communist forces after a 25 year war of aggression by the communist North against the South.

    Their “victory” was assured by a gang of filthy traitors in the UK and the USA who had relentlessly lied about and misrepresented the war and served North Vietnamese and Soviet propaganda.

  71. Colonel Mustard (21:07)

    Ah well: May 1st always follows April 30th, regardless of the historical infamy that seems to spring forth on the last day of the ‘cruel month’ from time to time.

    Mayday; Mayday; Mayday!

    An appropriate shout after watching the Three Wankers of Westminster performing tonight!

  72. EC
    April 30th, 2015 – 12:10

    First rate, we need a Constitution Party – and several Napolitanos.

  73. Colonel Mustard
    April 30th, 2015 – 21:07

    At the risk of stirring up a hornet’s nest, I feel impelled to abide by the Wall’s motto.

    The pretext for the expansion of the “advisory” of the USA role into the expanded Vietnam War was “the Gulf of Tonkin Incident” in 1964. Declassified records show that this “incident” was a deliberate concoction. The gang of filthy traitors in the USA who relentlessly lied and misrepresented this war included the president of the United States, Lynon Baines Johnson.

    Behind the ideological facade lay the dirty secret, opium and heroin traffic. As Afghanistan today, so Vietnam from 1954-1975. Can I Ask?

    A further short silence by Colonel Mustard while he reviews the facts available since 2010 would be welcome.

  74. And while speaking of traitorous US presidents, I see that the police in Baltimore were ordered to ‘stand down’:

    The Mayoress of Baltimore, Mrs. Stephanie Rawlings-Blake (there’s a good Tory name for you) , was apparently one of, I believe, only three mayors on an Obama “task force” to nationalize the police…

    Her aim would no doubt be to give the National Police space to destroy the country.


    This seems reasonable to me. It could have been contentious; it could have been ‘with’.

  76. The Alex Jones Show April 30 2015

    Freddy Gray beating himself to death in a Baltimore police van, the Fruitcakes and Loonies Gun, last brought to bear on Nigel Farage, fired in mass salvos by the media against Jones and Governor Abbott of Texas for sounding the alarm at Jade Helm, and an interview with Ron Paul, this and more at:

  77. • Shocking new study on youth arrests lays bare facts about crime and race in America

    By Victor Thorn

    The implications are shocking: Nearly 50% of all black males and 38% of white men will be arrested by the age of 23. These statistics, compiled by four college professors between the years 1997-2008, were published in the January 6 edition of the journal Crime & Delinquency.

    The biggest question one takes away from this study is what types of crimes are these young adults committing? Not surprisingly, there exists a great deal of variance depending on the perpetrator’s race.

    A 2012 study by the Department of Justice’s Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention revealed that in 2010 black youths committed six times more murders, three times more rapes, 10 times more robberies and three times more assaults than did their white counterparts.

    Similar statistics were released by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in the “Uniform Crime Reports.” They determined, “In the year 2008, black youths, who make up 16% of the youth population, accounted for 52% of juvenile violent crime arrests, including 58% for homicide and 67% for robbery.” By contrast, the only categories where white youths surpassed blacks were in liquor law violations and driving under the influence.

    Even black civil rights advocates such as Van Jones, President Barack Obama’s former green jobs czar, confirmed these findings. In his October 5, 2005 article, “Are Blacks a Criminal Race?” Jones wrote, “African American youth represent 32% of all weapons arrests [and] were arrested for aggravated assault at a rate nearly three times that of whites.”

    To better comprehend this trend, on January 10 AMERICAN FREE PRESS spoke with veteran journalist and author Alan Caruba. When questioned about the proliferation of black crime, Caruba explained, “The black community is afflicted with all kinds of problems based on a long history of failing to integrate fully into the overall community.”

    Pointing to current events, Caruba explained: “The knockout game is a good example of what’s wrong today. It goes straight to the heart of how [blacks] are raised. It’s a disturbing trend that all of us need to pay more attention to.”

    The so-called “knockout game” was made popular largely by gangs of teenage blacks who select a random person and try to knock them unconscious with one punch to the head or face.

    Although few publications other than AFP have the courage to buck political correctness and address the actualities of this social cancer in a forthright manner, in a 2011 speech Philadelphia’s black Mayor Michael Nutter offered the following admonishment to black youths:

    “You have damaged your own race,” he said. “Take those damned hoodies down. Pull your pants up and buy a belt because no one wants to see your underwear or the crack of your butt.”

    Summarizing this entire matter was former federal prosecutor Andrew C. McCarthy who, on September 30, 2005 declared:

    “Some identifiable groups . . . commit crime at a rate that is higher than the national rate. Blacks are such a group. That is simply a fact.”

  78. In the aftermath of the acquittal of George Zimmerman, Eric Holder, Al Sharpton and Ben Jealous of the NAACP are calling on the black community to rise up in national protest.

    Yet they know — and Barack Obama, whose silence speaks volumes, knows — nothing is going to happen.

    “Stand-Your-Ground” laws in Florida and other states are not going to be repealed. George Zimmerman is not going to be prosecuted for a federal “hate crime” in the death of Trayvon Martin.

    The result of all this ginned-up rage that has produced vandalism and violence is simply going to be an ever-deepening racial divide.

    Consider the matter of crime and fear of crime.

    From listening to cable channels and hearing Holder, Sharpton, Jealous and others, one would think the great threat to black children today emanates from white vigilantes and white cops.

    Hence, every black father must have a “conversation” with his son, warning him not to resist or run if pulled over or hassled by a cop.

    Make the wrong move, son, and you may be dead is the implication.

    But is this the reality in Black America?

    When Holder delivered his 2009 “nation-of-cowards” speech blaming racism for racial separation, Manhattan Institute’s Heather Mac Donald suggested that our attorney general study his crime statistics.

    In New York from January to June 2008, 83 percent of all gun assailants were black, according to witnesses and victims, though blacks were only 24 percent of the population. Blacks and Hispanics together accounted for 98 percent of all gun assailants. Forty-nine of every 50 muggings and murders in the Big Apple were the work of black or Hispanic criminals.

    New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly confirms Mac Donald’s facts. Blacks and Hispanics commit 96 percent of all crimes in the city, he says, but only 85 percent of the stop-and-frisks are of blacks and Hispanics.

    And these may involve the kind of pat-downs all of us have had at the airport.

    Is stop-and-frisk the work of racist cops in New York, where the crime rate has been driven down to levels unseen in decades?

    According to Kelly, a majority of his police force, which he has been able to cut from 41,000 officers to 35,000, is now made up of minorities.

    But blacks are also, per capita, the principal victims of crime. Would black fathers prefer their sons to grow up in Chicago, rather than low-crime New York City, with its stop-and-frisk policy?

    Fernando Mateo, head of the New York taxicab union, urges his drivers to profile blacks and Hispanics for their own safety: “The God’s honest truth is that 99 percent of the people that are robbing, stealing, killing these drivers are blacks and Hispanics.”

    Mateo is what The New York Times would describe as “a black Hispanic” Yet he may be closer to the ‘hood than Holder, who says he was stopped by police when running to a movie — in Georgetown.

    Which raises a relevant question. Georgetown is an elitist enclave of a national capital that has been ruled by black mayors for half a century. It’s never had a white mayor.

    Is Holder saying we’ve got racist cops in the district where Obama carried 86 percent of the white vote and 97 percent of the black vote? And his son should fear the white cops in Washington, D.C.?

    What about interracial crime, white-on-black attacks and the reverse?

    After researching the FBI numbers for “Suicide of a Superpower,” this writer concluded: “An analysis of ‘single offender victimization figures’ from the FBI for 2007 finds blacks committed 433,934 crimes against whites, eight times the 55,685 whites committed against blacks. Interracial rape is almost exclusively black on white — with 14,000 assaults on white women by African Americans in 2007. Not one case of a white sexual assault on a black female was found in the FBI study.”

    Though blacks are outnumbered 5-to-1 in the population by whites, they commit eight times as many crimes against whites as the reverse. By those 2007 numbers, a black male was 40 times as likely to assault a white person as the reverse.

    If interracial crime is the ugliest manifestation of racism, what does this tell us about where racism really resides — in America?

    And if the FBI stats for 2007 represent an average year since the Tawana Brawley rape-hoax of 1987, over one-third of a million white women have been sexually assaulted by black males since 1987 — with no visible protest from the civil rights leadership.

    Today, 73 percent of all black kids are born out of wedlock. Growing up, these kids drop out, use drugs, are unemployed, commit crimes and are incarcerated at many times the rate of Asians and whites — or Hispanics, who are taking the jobs that used to go to young black Americans.

    Are white vigilantes or white cops really Black America’s problem?

    Obama seems not to think so. The Rev. Sharpton notwithstanding, he is touting Ray Kelly as a possible chief of homeland security.

    Patrick J. Buchanan is the author of “Suicide of a Superpower: Will America Survive to 2025?”

  79. What do we do after the election? How do we organise? What should be our ambition?

  80. Malfleur May 1st, 2015 – 00:19

    Be under no illusion that the concoctions of the US in Vietnam somehow excuse the basic proposition of the communist North to wage aggressive war against the South.

    It is you who appears to need to review the facts prior to 1964 and to not confuse my hostility to communist North Vietnam with any particular support for the US style of involvement in and prosecution of the war. I suggest that you start with Peter M Dunn’s ‘The First Vietnam War’, and for some historical background Henry McAleavy’s ‘Black Flags in Vietnam’, then Edgar O’Ballance’s pair ‘The Indo-China War 1945-54’ and ‘The Wars in Vietnam 1954-1980’. Somewhat more objective than the conspiracy websites you seem to favour, although all prior to 2010.

    Mind you, it is interesting that you find yourself in company with Tariq Ali, telemachus and all the other Soviet agents of influence, North Vietnamese useful idiots and assorted communists/socialists who frothed more about the US involvement than the underlying aggression, attempted de-stabilisation and the reasons for it. Perhaps you even believe that Vietnam was one country before the colonialists appeared.

    Whatever the rights and wrongs of US involvement the ‘domestic’ victories of that anti-war gang in the UK and USA led us indirectly to where we are now, from Grosvenor Square to Common Purpose.

    And why not just simply disagree, instead of adding a characteristically malicious and snide little aside:-

    “A further short silence by Colonel Mustard while he reviews the facts available since 2010 would be welcome.”

    On that note there are 18 posts from you in this thread so far and only two of mine!

  81. PS The period from the Ceasefire in 1973 to the final invasion of the South in 1975 might also hold your attention. The US had withdrawn and the two countries were supposed to negotiate a peaceful political settlement.

    Instead the communists devised a new strategy for defeating the South. With U.S. bombings suspended, work on the Ho Chi Minh trail and other logistical structures would proceed unimpeded. Logistics would be upgraded until the North was in a position to launch a massive invasion of the South, projected for the 1975–76 dry season. The North calculated that this would be their last opportunity to strike before the South gained military parity.

    Three posts.

  82. Nice to hear John Humphrys making a successful job of interviewing himself this morning, despite repeated interruptions from Nigel Farage. 🙂

  83. Malfleur May 1st, 2015 – 00:19

    “At the risk of stirring up a hornet’s nest, I feel impelled to abide by the Wall’s motto.”

    Taking your lead…

    “For any neutral statement of objective fact, someone will interpret it as taking sides in an argument of which you were probably not aware.”

    “No matter how neutral, objective, disinterested, or just plain true your statement, someone will be deeply (& offensively) offended.”

    Richard Dawkins @RichardDawkins) – earlier this morning.

    I know Mr. Dawkins is not popular with some of the CHW stalwarts, but these are great quotes!

    In mitigation for some of his other perceived sins, Mr Dawkins has been using Ed Miliband for regular bayonet practice (on the issue of “islamophobia”) in the last 48 hours too.

  84. “Always remember that it is impossible to speak in such a way that you cannot be misunderstood: there will always be some who misunderstand you.”

    Karl R. Popper

    Do you know, all those years and I never knew that he was reading my mail.

  85. Colonel Mustard (09:20) & (09:30)

    A welcome cold shower: an erudite and factual reprise of history and its consequences. Thank you for taking the time and expending the effort. Don’t be a stranger now that your bête noire has been incarcerated. There are others here, including myself, who benefit from your worthy essays.

    “And why not just simply disagree, instead of adding a characteristically malicious and snide little aside…”

    ‘Tis the nature of the beast. 🙂

  86. EC
    🙂 🙂

  87. “RobertS. McNamara: I don’t want to go any further with this discussion. It just opens up more controversy. I don’t want to add anything to Vietnam. It is so complex that anything I say will require additions and qualifications.

    Errol Morris: Is it the feeling that you’re damned if you do, and if you don’t, no matter what?

    McNamara: Yeah, that’s right. And I’d rather be damned if I don’t.”

  88. Yet another feckin’ anniversary today that apparently requires self congratulation from Obullshitter: the whacking of Usama!

    Meanwhile, in Baltimore, Manhattan, Philly ….

  89. A topical tease from the Naughty Niece:

    Nicola Sturgeon is touring Perthshire in the First Minister’s chauffeur driven car.
    Suddenly a cow jumps out into the road. They hit it full on and the car comes to a stop.

    Nicola in her usual jaunty manner, says to the chauffeur : ” You get out and check – you were driving.”

    The chauffeur gets out, checks and reports that the animal is dead.
    ” You were driving, go and tell the farmer,” says Nicola, ”I can’t afford to be blamed for anything.”

    The chauffeur walks up the drive to the farmhouse and returns five hours later totally plastered, his hair ruffled and with a big grin on his face.

    ” My God, what happened to you ?” asks Nicola.

    The chauffeur replies : ” When I got there, the farmer opened his best bottle of malt whisky, the wife gave me a slap – up meal and the daughter made love to me.”

    ” What on earth did you say?” asks Nicola.

    ” I knocked on the door and when it was answered, I said to them, I’m Nicola Sturgeon’s chauffeur and I’ve just killed the cow.”

  90. EC

    Obviously the chauffeur was not familiar with the works of Karl Popper.

  91. Samuel Westrop on the nuances of Counter Extremism arising from the 2015 General Election:

  92. You all still there?
    Been reading about the African Americans burning Baltimore?
    Truth be known it is that arch communist Obama stoking them up.
    You Limeys should know that next year we will ditch Obama and his communist sidekick Hillary for a real man.
    Jeb Bush.

  93. Malfleur
    April 30th, 2015 – 06:53

    In 2005, Muslim Council Leader ‘Sir’ Iqbal Sacranie came within an ace of getting Tony Blair to champion a very similar Act.

    His version – astonishing in its breathtaking nerve – was to ban all criticism of Islam whether it could be proved true or not.

    A week before the London Islamic terror tube attack, Sacranie told a Daily Telegraph columnist that Jihadism was “an invention…a myth created by atheist western media”. It took the deaths of 55 Londoners at the hands of a myth to convince Labour to back-pedal away from the Act. Now it’s back again.

    And the knighthood? Why, for services to the ‘community’. Whatever else!

  94. The first thing to say about this election is the non-LibLabConners are winning.

    They won’t win 10 Downing St itself, but look at the damage they have caused.

    Where you will notice it most is the posters in people’s windows. For decades, up to a fifth of all houses in a suburban street might have been proclaiming Conservative of Labour loyalty. These placards and posters have virtually vanished. In the countryside, you have to go past farmer’s fields, where what look like paid-for Tory advertising banners are erected.

    The old die-hard loyalty to those zombie parties has gone. That, in and of itself, is a huge achievement.

    As to prime minister. If Dave wins that, he is a lame duck, as is his party. If Miliband wins? Who cares. He will do for Labour what Cameron has just done for the Tories. Give them enough rope: Cameron, Miliband, Johnson, May, Gove, Balls.

    We saw the other night that when the BBC doesn’t have James Landale on fagging duty, cutting up lettuces in the kitchen of an old Etonian and letting Lyton Crosby dictate just what can and cannot be asked just how fed up the public are.

    The result of the election 2015 is in the bag: ‘We’re fed up to the back teeth with LibLabCon, now just crawl away and die, zombies, die.’

    That’s all I wanted to see – and it’s a start. We’ve got to start somewhere, so a stake through the heart, please. Thanks. And don’t come out the grave.

  95. JJB at 17:18
    But you won’t. Hilary Clinton will walk it. Your only hope is to get Rand Paul in power so that the US reverts to being “The land of the free”.

  96. John Jefferson Burns, May 1st, 2015 – 17:18

    Looks like there won’t be much for the 45th President to inherit. The 44th and his gang of race baiters seem hell bent on pursuing a scorched earthed policy to the bitter and bloody end. Some legacy!

  97. “Lutfur Rahman: Police poised to re-open inquiry after election scandal”

    Eh? Why wasn’t this re-opened the instant the guilty verdict came down? Time to hold Sir Hyphen-Howe’s feet to the fire! 🙁

  98. David Ossitt 1719 30 April:
    I cannot understand that attitude.
    For such smuggling in England or any part of Christian European Civilisation the penalty would be 7 years max.
    Those people are hung how with peoples lives.
    I condemn them out of hand.
    And all right minded Christians do the same.

  99. Royal Princess born.

    Clegg:I was invited into constituents house……
    Farage:Lets all drink to that…..


  100. Radford NGMay 2nd, 2015 – 15:35

    Hurrah! Very happy about it all.
    Now back to the snooker!

  101. The Royal Princess:
    As I remarked to Alexsandr elsewhere,(in a posting involving telemachus [don’t ask] ), we could have President Mandelson:but are the British people ready for that nice young Brazilian youth as First Lady?

  102. Peter from Maidstone

    “What do we do after the election? How do we organise? What should be our ambition?”

    I didn’t overlook your post. I am just not sure how to answer the question.

    My favourite conspiracy theorist, Alex Jones, has given me a clue though to what our focus should be in his show a couple of days ago. Those not suffering from calcification of the pineal gland by the way will know from CIA Document 1035-960, declassified by the action of less impaired sections of the American public, that “conspiracy theory” is really code for “investigative journalism”. Not that I am advocating that the Wall engage in that, but rather that the clue offered in the course of Alex Jones’ work the other day may provide a focus for an answer to your question.

    This week the weather here has been too hot to type a note on this. Next week by contrast promises some cooling rain, so I will defer the comment until then

  103. “In 1967, the CIA Created the Label “Conspiracy Theorists” … to Attack Anyone Who Challenges the “Official” Narrative

    Democracy and free market capitalism were founded on conspiracy theories.

    The Magna Carta, the Constitution and Declaration of Independence and other founding Western documents were based on conspiracy theories. Greek democracy and free market capitalism were also based on conspiracy theories.

    But those were the bad old days …Things have now changed. [Read On]”

    Zero Hedge is of course itself a conspiracy theory site and constantly confuses people with the facts.

    By the way,Alex Jones’ other site, Infowars Life, sells a product which can reverse calcification of the pineal gland.

    Think with clarity,think with the facts, think with Alex!

    It’s what alternative media is all about.

    That’s why “they” are out to ban it.

  104. anne wotana kaye
    April 28th, 2015 – 11:01

    Conspiracy theorist!

  105. So many immigration and Muslimy stories being screened out by the MSM until the election is over.

    Sex abuse gangs in Black Country: ‘Significant similarities’ to Rotherham scandal, say police

    Organised gangs, typically of Asian origin, are targeting victims at children’s homes and schools

  106. Delboy announces birth of…………?

  107. What are they naming the baby?…..Don’t ask Trigger.

  108. Frank P May 1st, 2015 – 11:16

    “‘Tis the nature of the beast.”

    I see what you mean!

    Document 1035-960 was specific to the Kennedy assassination. Only a conspiracy theorist would take it as evidence of a CIA conspiracy to undermine conspiracy theories by calling them conspiracy theories.

    Incidentally the CIA came into existence in 1947, some time after the US had empowered Ho Chi Minh as part of Roosevelt’s anti-colonial mischief making and general hostility to France, which one might describe as a malevolent sub-set of his conspiracy to dismantle the British Empire.

    If Malevolence re-reads what I actually wrote about his conspiracy theory websites he might see that his indirect return fire about conspiracy theories is off target by a county mile. Maybe he should take advantage of that Infowars offer himself.

  109. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the first use of the phrase “conspiracy theory” occurred in a 1909 article in The American Historical Review.

    Professor Rebecca Moore observes: “The word ‘conspiracy’ works much the same way the word ‘cult’ does to discredit advocates of a certain view or persuasion. Historians do not use the word ‘conspiracy’ to describe accurate historical reports. On the contrary, they use it to indicate a lack of veracity and objectivity.”

    Which brings us full circle.

  110. So, six months of quiet from Shami Chakrabatty and chums.

    Just gently shoo everyone past the election and – whampf! – the sharia knife will be put up against everone’s throat again straight after. Sacranie will be chomping at the bit. And the rape fests can start again.

    I hope everyone has learned their lesson from Lord Rothermere and the Barclay Twins before now. What evil, evil men they are.

    Inshallah be willing, readers will see the light over LibLabCon. Innit?

  111. I’ve seen too many conspiracy stories come true. Britain still seems unable to deal with the fact that its LibLabCon politicians and MI5, MI6 henchmen rule by XXXXing young kids in Dolphin Square, Elm Guest House and Kincora boys’ home and all the other places.

    These people are scum. That they can run for office with a straight face beggars belief.

  112. Alice, Elizabeth, Catherin.

  113. I think it is clear, unless we are engaged in tendentious polemic, that in the context first established by Colonel Mustard’s reference here to “conspiracy sites” on May 1st, 2015 at 09:20, “conspiracy theory” is being used in the pejorative sense. That was the sense in which he chose to use it against me.

    The Colonel’s attempt then to change the terms of debate by reference to the use of the term in 1909 at which time it had no pejorative connotations is disingenuous.

    It is true that CIA Memorandum 1035-960 was issued in direct response to the Agency’s concern that investigative journalism,or information flowing from other initiatives, might lead to disclosure of the truth about the Kennedy assassination and the shortcomings of the Warren Commission Report.

    The Memorandum is however a directive to CIA assets which clearly has general application. It is not limited to the concern of the citizenry provoked by the Kennedy assassination and the official line. The fact that last week alone there were hundreds upon hundreds of media attacks on Alex Jones,quite likely coordinated by the White House propaganda unit ‘Media Matters’, using the same talking points peppered with the same pejorative expression show that “the propaganda assets” of “the security services” in the US media are energetically complying with Memorandum 1035-960, or its content, spirit and purpose, 50 years after it had been dreamed up by the CIA and then classified by them in order to prevent the people from knowing about it until it was pried from its hiding place by an application under the Freedom of Information Act.

    The expressions “conspiracies” or “conspiracy theories” in this pejorative sense have an ubiquitous presence in the media and upon the lips of those who uncritically internalise its propaganda.

    Colonel Mustard’s broad brush characterisation of sites to which I have referred here from time to time as “conspiracy sites” suggests to me that he may have uncritically internalised the propaganda of the traditional media which in turn is acting knowingly or thoughtlessly in accordance with the gist and spirit of CIA Document 1035-960.

    We must treat a little less cavalierly Infowars, Zero Hedge, Drudge Report, Breitbart, WND, Michael Savage’s radio show and other sterling examples of America’s alternative media, certainly until we have developed something in the United Kingdom which can hold a candle to their work in reporting the truth.

  114. Hey Malevolent, the lurking slimer has picked up your lines and run off to the Speccie to misrepresent them, as he does. Apparently you have the measure of me but after a quick critical externalisation it appears that you are the one attempting to change the terms of debate in your fury at being the biter bit.

    Still I suppose providing the slimer with scripts for smearing is consistent with marching alongside him and Tariq Ali over the war in Vietnam. Well done! Cameron couldn’t do a better job of picking the wrong friends and enemies.

    As to what I might “uncritically internalise” (which sounds like left wing bollocks), you should know that I have critically internalised your long term hostility and snide, cowardly cracks. Damaris certainly seems to have the measure of you as “a malicious little sh*t”. Can’t disagree with that.

    I’ll be back after a further short (and no doubt welcome on your part) silence to school you further in the objective history of Vietnam.

  115. Today provides an object lesson in MSM propaganda.

    The final weekend before an election is a huge one for commentary and analysis. Newspapers pull out all their star names. It’s the final push and never more so than this weekend when LabCon have failed to get any enthusiasm from the voters over four months of campaigning.

    The sheep who will still vote for them admit they do it because they’re frightened by the Chicken Licken sky will fall on your head propaganda: it’s the least worst option. Boo hoo.

    Open the Mail on Sunday and there is pages of election coverage.

    All of it is propagandist garbage. Every last syllable is trash. When you open the Mail on Sunday, there is only one decent writer left in it. The star writer. That will be the person most of the public want to read: Peter Hitchens.

    So turn to Peter Hitchens’ column today. Hang on. It’s not there.

    Lynton Crosby really does have a little brown churn in the back of his pants doesn’t he? And, no, I don’t mean he’s been raped by an MI5 paedo officer. He’s shxxing his little pants and he’s sent out the word to Lord Rotheremere: ‘We all know what Hitchens writes. Well, not today.’

    So, instead, there is a whole page Leader column promoting Cameron, followed by James Forsyth, a lobby journalist propaganda monger of the type Hitchens is always decrying. And Rachael ‘Kemal’ Johnson, sister of Boris, daughter of a Bilderberger, Stanley, all spewing propagandist trash.

    On a day like today, the last Sunday when people are digesting their papers before an election, – to paraphrase Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca, of all the columnists, in all the paper, of all the days to do it, today you tell Peter Hitchens not to write a word. Column pulled.

    His pen frightens you that much, Lynton? Aw, diddums.

    Yes, Mr Hitchens today is the dog that didn’t bark in the night-time.

    But of course, Mr Hitchens has a blog, doesn’t he? And what did he do on his blog, where he tells readers he has been ill and so cannot post much or is travelling so he cannot post much.

    Well, Mr Hitchens has said, OK Lord Rothermere, I won’t write anything new today. I will instead reproduce a five-year old article and call it a Golden Oldie, because the arguments in it against David Cameron – which is what the rest of that propagandist rag is promoting today -still stand.

    Peter Hitchens is not ‘away’. There is no guest columnist. He is up and about and has updated his blog with this old article. And he is not bedridden, becuase for some of the thicko readers, he has added this line today to the blog post:

    ‘NB: This article is FIVE YEARS OLD. Please bear this in mind when you read it.’

    That note was not on the blogpost earlier.

    So Mr Hitchens clearly wanted to say something today. How odd not to ask him to do his job and supply a newspaper column on such an important Sunday for political journalists.

    Don’t ever tell me the MSM is nothing less than the most spiteful propaganda.

  116. Two Soups at 13:55
    I’ve just read the article you linked, and agree with it 100%.
    I’m not too sure of the integrity of Hitchens though. He still is badly tainted by his earlier extreme left views. His brother seems to have reverted sharply to the left before his demise. It would not surprise me if this one doesn’t also go the same way in the future.

  117. What I’d love to know is: Did Hitchens write his column and then get told, ‘We’re not prinitng that.’ Or was he told: ‘Take the weekend off.’

    An election comes along every five years or so, but we don’t want our most famous columnist to write in the last issue before polling day.

    I’m sure if he was a death’s door, Peter Hitchens would love to sound his trumpet in the final column before polling day. There’s a chapter for an auto-biography in this episode. I can never remember anything like it.

  118. Lots of rape stories in the Press at the moment. Only they’re not really just rape stories.

    In the way that there’s not a housing crisis, there’s an immigration crisis, and in the same way there’s not a mass paedo rape crisis in Rotherham and all the other towns too numerous to mention, there’s a Muslim mass paedo rape crisis. This is not so much a rape crisis as an immigration rape crisis. And it’s all fuelled by the looney bin politicee correctee folk who demonise white British males and love mass immigration.

    Two stories about rapes in Oxford this week. One with a silly girl writing a letter to her attacker, a Western, Christian thing to do, but pointless. Her attacker is an immigrant who should not be in the UK. He is Somalian and therefore almost certainly a Muslim. Writing letters is gesture stuff, as if she were addressing a Western man. She is not. We weren’t told that he was Somalian initially. It’s a key fact.

    Second, a young lady says she was orally raped by two men and thrown in a bin in Oxford. I will eat my hat if those attackers are white British males. Thrown in a bin? What sort of animal does that? I know what sort of animal does that. But, then, we aren’t allowed to say such things. So I won’t. And it’s all brought to you by LibLabCon – and they’re pouring up through Libya and Calais. There’s another little treat in store for you after the election:

  119. Given the Peter Hitchens blackout today by his employers (and their dark owners and even darker connections to the elite), we could look at last week’s column to see why he simply could not be published in the middle of all the propagandist tripe.

    ‘When Tebbit says vote Labour, you know something’s gone very wrong’

    ‘In the midst of the most fraudulent General Election I have ever experienced, a clear and honest voice speaks, and is drowned by a tornado of lies.’

    Key paragraph: ‘Lord Tebbit is not the only Tory who has been appalled by the deliberate boosting of the SNP’s Nicola Sturgeon by such figures as Chief Whip Michael Gove and Chancellor George Osborne.’

    …’So why haven’t we heard more about it? And why hasn’t the Tory Party expelled, or at least suspended him for this blatant defiance of his leader?

    ‘I mainly blame the squeaking multitudes of political journalists who, in my view, have settled on a line about what this Election is about and are reading from a script given to them by the Government spin doctors on whom they depend so much.

    ‘And Lord Tebbit’s amazing intervention doesn’t fit the script. In fact, it utterly destroys the official version, that this is a contest between a fiscally responsible, unionist Tory Party and a mad Trotskyist Labour Party in hock to the SNP and some trade union maniacs.

    ‘In fact, it’s the most amazing development in politics since another former Tory giant, Enoch Powell, urged his supporters to vote Labour in February 1974 and snarled ‘Judas was paid! I am making a sacrifice!’, in response to cries of ‘Judas!’

    ‘Yet it’s barely been mentioned, because it’s easier for commentators to ignore it than to explain it, and admit that their whole version of events is wrong. But it is.’

    And re-reading last week’s column, I think Lynton Crosby would have thrown the furniture across the room at this section too:

    ‘Yes, Cameron IS to blame for this disaster

    ‘It was amusing to watch David Cameron’s aides get all hoity-toity when Ed Miliband suggested the Premier might bear some blame for the squadrons of coffin ships now wallowing in the Mediterranean, full of desperate migrants.

    ‘Of course Mr Cameron is to blame. He knew nothing of Libya or its importance when he sought to be the shining hero of a brief and glorious war against Colonel Gaddafi in 2011.

    ‘The trouble is that Red Ed supported our intervention in Libya too, so can only rather lamely criticise the poor follow-through afterwards.

    ‘There’s nothing ‘disgraceful’ about doing this. The disgrace lay in Mr Cameron’s own vainglorious and ignorant intervention, on the phoney pretext of preventing an imaginary massacre. If this hadn’t happened, the Med would not now be full of foundering boats and floating corpses.’

    It’s not difficult to work out why Hitchens was pulled this week, but the nasty, spiteful rag of a newspaper is such transparent drivel anyway, why do they think pulling the only half-decent writer will make it less so?

  120. Hitchens went to meet the sheeple of Swindon last week. Oh dear, they need some Clacton balls put into them!

    ‘So thank you to those who did answer my questions. But, oh dear, what a struggle it was to restrain my natural impulse to argue with you. People actually repeated to me, over and over again, the propaganda of the parties.

    ‘They were worried about the NHS or Tory cuts. Or they genuinely thought the SNP were about to take over the country. Or they actually believed that George Osborne had saved the economy.

    ‘I don’t buy stuff I don’t want. Why vote for people you don’t like or trust?

    ‘But one man said, without any sense of embarrassment, that he had always voted Tory, and always would, just as he had always shopped at Tesco, and always would. He wasn’t going to be influenced out of either by better quality, lower prices or more attractive policies elsewhere. Tory was what he was, and Tesco’s too. From what he told me of his life, he didn’t seem to me to have any reason to be contented with either of them.’

  121. Two Soups @ 21:22

    A depressing and worrying article by Mr. Hitches mmmakes the country begin to look like How the Future Worked, though the quality and range of comments keeps hope alive. I see Gaitskell was mentioned and there was also a suggestion that people who intended to vote UKIP were keeping their counsel.

    The role of the Bilderbergers also kept occurring to me as I read. There is no question but that they are at work in the country, encouraging and working for division, strife, the wrong path.

    One commenter suggests that fluoride in the water was the cause of the docility of the people. (It was apparently added to the water of Nazi concentration camps for that purpose.) Last week in the United States the government ordered a 50% reduction of this poisonous additive. Why only 50%, not 100%? Anyhow, Swindonians should know that they can order Fluoride Shield from a sub-site of and so protect their children from docility and their ancients from Alzheimers! Whether Britain needs less docile yoof is another question.

  122. P.S. Pray for the country.

  123. Currently live on youtube;

    Muhammad Art Exhibition and Contest;Dallas,Texas.

    With Pamela Geller and *Geert Wilders* live.

  124. Meanwhile, John Jefferson Burns and his countrymen prepare for a similar electoral challenge in 2016 to our own later this week:

  125. Radford NG, it’s the First Amendment that keeps hope alive for America. That’s whay they don’t have Twitter police and anti-free speech police. Just look at the UK where swathes of the wretched police ‘service’ spend millions of pounds and thousands of man hours closing down free speech.

    And it will all get worse after the election when the Leveson agenda is resurrected and Sacranie and friends can get to work again.

    I don’t know any Ukippers who have lost faith over the past four months. Quite the opposite, I think the onslaught has just put fire in their bellies to go out and vote. There’s no point in dealing with the enemy until you can work out who the traitors are in your own camp: The Conservative Party, The Daily Telegraph, The Daily Mail and so on.

    The country just seems so ground down that there is no now nothing left to lose. There is nothing these LibLabConners wouldn’t do to show how much they despise their own voters. It’s such an old act, it was bound to go stale at some point. People are exhausted.

  126. I rather suspect that the big story of Thursday night will be just how many seats UKIP comes a close second in.

    And that would make sense with the MSM vindictiveness of the past four months. UKIP won the European elections and, as a consequence, the MSM have focused a huge part of their strategy against UKIP over the past four months based on that victory in the hope of firghtening people not to be so bold again.

    I think UKIP will get a handful of seats and possibly more. And, yes, I rather like the way the voters don’t want to tell people who they’re voting for. I know I wouldn’t tell people who I’m voting for ; )

  127. I must say, I take heart from Peter Hitchens being banned from writing his Sunday column.

    Someone’s frightened.

  128. Radford NG – that event is under attack:

    BREAKING NEWS: Officer and suspect down in shooting at Texas anti-Muslim exhibition of art depicting prophet Muhammad

    Two people were said to be injured near the Curtis Cuwell Center in Garland
    Building was placed on lockdown by a SWAT team after the shots were fired
    The event was offering a $10,000 for caricatures of the prophet

    As ever, a biased, smeary headline in the Mail

  129. RADFORD NG and Two Soups

    Yes, and the live stream was finally cut just a few minutes ago.

    It will be interesting to find out if the attackers came across the border with Texas which the traitor, Obama, and his administration and the bought and sold Congressmen have left open for about a year now.

    Meanwhile, CHWs should understand that Alex Jones alternative media organisation,, speaks for our interests and that attacks on him, which already include threats from the US run ISIS, will be attacks on us in the United Kingdom in the future. Here he is from Texas for two hours on Sunday May 3rd.

    Among other items, he breaks the news that Senator Ted Cruz has come out in support of Governor Abbott who has said he will have the National Guard monitor Jade Helm. Senator Cruz has said that people have lost trust in the federal government (whose responsibility it is by the way to protect the country’s borders) and that he will put questions to the Pentagon on this military exercise.

    Support the US Constitution and American liberty – and by so doing support the Britiish constitution and British liberty!

    Vote UKIP!

  130. Nothing to do with Islam

    Two gunmen shot dead after opening fire outside ‘draw Muhammad’ event

  131. She is correct.
    Sunday at a Muhammad Art Exhibit In Garland, TX after two gunmen drove up, opened fire, wounded a security guard and were killed, organizer Pamela Geller was defiant saying, we are at “war,” and the enemy is among us.

    Geller said, “The idea we are going to bridge our freedom, our most basic inalienable right, in order to not offend savages is egregious. It is outrageous. This is a war and the war is here.”

    She continued everyone involved in the event understands, “There’s an enemy among us. They need to crush our freedoms, our emotions. basic freedoms. They handled this situation brilliantly.”

    She added, “Roughly 300 attendees, they were taken down to a safe area because a backpack left in the room.” she added, “these people needed to be taken to another area. They were singing the star-spangled banner. They were singing “God Bless America.” They understand the fight. We need to stnad up for freedom of speech. The idea that a cartoon, a funny cartoon — by the way, we had held the contest—the Muhammad contest.It was won by a former Muslim, that that cartoon would compel devout followers to slaughter is — it’s outrageous. It is unspeakable. It is monstrous.”

    Geller concluded, “We hear many voices in the mainstream media say the controversial conference. Listen, a free speech conference is not controversial. Shooting people is controversial. There is a moral inversion. There’s a problem here. The American people need to stand up for the basic founding principle. The principle — it’s offensive speech, it’s the first amendment. it’s not the 8th or 10th, it’s the first amendment. Who will decide who is good or what is forbidden? the Islamic State? Muslim groups?”

  132. Mine 3 May at 23.50

    youtube recording of event in Texas back on line.Speeches from Pamela Geller,Geert Wilder,and Robert Spencer begin at c.20.00mins.

  133. The text of Wilder’s speech is at the New English Review.

  134. Its star wars day

    May the fofth be with you.

  135. Islamic `tweet`labeled (hashtag)TexasAttack sent 20 minutes before Garland shooting.

  136. “Here we go gatherin’ votes in May…….” Yawn, Yawn Yawn. More of the same. Could think of a good use for Miliband’s stone block – a memorial to all the traitors selling us down the river.

  137. AWK
    I hope its Labours gravestone.

  138. Alexsandr
    May 4th, 2015 – 10:21
    Agree! 🙂

  139. They do have their quaint cultural ways, don’t they:

    Radical Islamists death threats to ‘liberal’ British school teachers on increase

    DEAD animals are being left at school gates and teachers are getting death threats because the ‘Trojan Horse’ school scandal refuses to go away, a headteacher has claimed.

    “Sarah Hewitt-Clarkson, head of Anderton Park School in Birmingham, said: “Trojan Horse has not gone away. Those of us who were involved, we knew it was the tip of the iceberg.

    “We still have dead animals hung on the gates of schools, dismembered cats on playgrounds. We have petitions outside schools, objecting to teachers teaching against homophobia.”

    Ms Hewitt-Clarkson said she had been targeted after campaigning to stop homophobic bullying, getting death threats on Facebook saying ‘any headteacher who teachers my children it’s alright to be gay will be at the end of my shotgun.’

    She also said that the bodies of dead animals – including a dismembered cat – had been left at her school.

    Anderton Park was one of a number of schools where governors tried to impose an ‘Islamic agenda’.”

    These people are upholding the politically correct agenda with, apparently, very little support from the politically correct establishment!

    If they don’t get any support, normal life will disappear.

  140. RobertC – 17:59
    Reposting on current thread! 🙂

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