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  1. Hungary is currently a lone voice of reason and sense in the EU’s on-going destruction of European civilisation.

  2. Colonel Mustard
    An excerpt from the preface of the manual for governments and their progressive nomenklatura on ‘hate crime’.
    “1. A Comprehensive Approach to Hate Crimes
    Hate crime laws are only one of many tools that states can use in the fight against hate crimes.
    There are many other aspects to a comprehensive national programme to com- bat bias-motivated violence, including education, outreach and training.
    Specific steps would include:
    • training criminal justice personnel on how to investigate hate crimes,
    work with victims, and prosecute cases;
    • collecting accurate data on crimes with a bias motive, regardless of wheth-
    er such crimes are prosecuted as hate crimes;
    • providing for redress in civil anti-discrimination law;
    • establishing anti-discrimination bodies with mandates to support victims
    of hate crime and discrimination;
    • reaching out to communities and fostering relationships between law
    enforcement and community groups so that victims feel confident to
    report crimes; and
    • educating the public (especially young people) on tolerance and non-
    ODIHR provides tools that can support states in each of these activities, and is able to assist in many ways to help make hate crime laws effective. Details of current assistance programmes are included in Part III, under “ODIHR’s Hate Crime Toolbox for participating States” and “ODIHR’s Hate Crime Toolbox for Civil Society”.

  3. Malfleur @ 00:30

    The blonde clown is but another ell trained parrot of his American teachers, one’s sad to say, Malfleur. So much so for a breath of fresh air in the Foreign Office.

    We should be doing the opposite, scrapping the sections on Russia, talking to them, boosting our trade with them. They would jump at the opportunity, sell us oil and gas on the cheap, we need that to be more competitive, buy from us stuff that we have to find markets for after Brexit. That’s in our interest, not doing the bidding of the American neocons whose days are numbered if Donald gets in, as he must.

    Boris’s comments show how low has Britain sunk, we sell military gear to the Saudis who invaded its neighbour, the Yemen, but the fat womaniser is OK with it because the Americans are OK with it. And to think that not that long ago, still in the living memory of many, the word of a British Foreign Secretary was enough to stop wars.

    Btw, a report on al-Jazeera about the alleged attack on the relief convoy. If it got hit from the air, the vehicles’ frames would have been completely destroyed, yet there are clearly visible, not a scrap of the stuff that was supposedly bombed was found anywhere even though some of it was instruments, glass. And to top it all, nobody knows where the bodies of the dead drivers are.

    That may be the reason the US trained hyenas have switched from blaming the Russians for bombing the convoy to blaming them for killing innocent civilians in Aleppo. Hypocrisy galore.

  4. Noa
    September 26th, 2016 – 10:49
    They have a further specific subset of guidance in relation tothe followers of Islam:

    Working with OSCE participating States to develop educational policies and programmes to fight hatred, hostility and prejudice, with a view to addressing the root causes of intolerance;
    Monitoring hate crimes and hate-motivated incidents against Muslims through the collection of data for ODIHR’s annual Hate Crime Report
    Providing training on hate crimes for non-governmental organizations dealing with intolerance against Muslims in the OSCE region, to help them better record and report instances of hate crimes;
    Creating international and regional forums where the challenges in combating intolerance against Muslims are highlighted and recommendations for further action are identified.

  5. Pity, the barbarian cannot post a short video by a Russian philosopher, political commentator, observer of things international, one Alexander Dugan (the barbarian may have told you about him before). He regularly broadcasts on one of the Russian TV channels, his latest is a 6-minute spiel about the inevitability of a war between the US and Russia before November 8. The war may begin in the ME, will spread, engulf virtually the whole world, escalate to the point of the use of strategic nuclear weapons.

    In his argument, a conflict is inevitable because if Donald gets in, finds what the current governing elite had done, many of them will find themselves facing the judge, long spells in prison. This, he says, and nothing else is what drives the move to a war, the fear of the corrupted to be found out.

    The new wave of barking at the Russians e.g. the blonde inseminator’s attack, is but a start, he claims other operations are in the pipeline (may include planned false flag deeds in the Baltic States?) that would force Putin to act, or lose face. One only hopes the KGB Colonel has better nerves, stays cool, avoids provocations of any sort.

    Btw, the bombing by the Americans in which at least 60 Syrian soldiers died was a war crime, the Americans have no rights to be in Syria, it’s more blatant invasion of other sovereign state than the Russian annexation of crimea in which no human life was harmed.

    That’s international justice 21st century under the auspices of the freedom loving, democracy spreading, soft-power paddling American neocons. The sooner Donald takes over the better, he cannot but be a Godsend.

  6. Not sure this will be allowed by the moderator-the site might be shut down!

  7. Baron, Malfleur, this from the International News Digest:

    “Bashar al-Assad and Vladimir Putin are regularly condemned by US, British and other political leaders and humanitarian organisations. The latest critic is Boris Johnson, the UK’s foreign secretary. He refers to Assad’s “killing machine” and Russia’s “seemingly indefensible” protection of the Syrian leader. But Russia’s approach is more sophisticated than blunt, indefensible realpolitik.

    Consider Assad, his government and the remnants of Syria as we once knew it are fighting for survival. People will do extreme things in order to survive. The use of chemical weapons against civilians is just one of them. And it is not new.

    When Britain was fighting a war of survival against Germany two generations ago, it deliberately bombed civilians. Even as the Allies started to dominate, Winston Churchill was prepared to use gas if necessary – he’d used it before as secretary of state for war in 1919 against Bolshevik troops in Russia.

    In Japan, America was not remotely threatened with defeat when it opted to use the atom bomb against civilians. It was politically, and morally, preferable to sacrificing the lives of countless American soldiers. Those past events are still relevant because out of the Allied victory came the United Nations and its Charter – international law that stands to this day.

    Which brings us back to Russian actions in Syria.

    In 2015, Putin declared that Russia was acting within “the norms of international law.” He means international law based primarily on state sovereignty and the rights to political independence and non-interference. This must be seen as distinct from international humanitarian law, which seeks to protect individuals in war.
    The state – its independence, geographical integrity and interests – is prioritised above the individual in Russia’s moral framework. Preserving Syria is an extension of that moral principle and many individuals can be sacrificed for it. A few hundred Syrians with chlorine burns and a few bombed-out hospitals – while terrible in themselves – are therefore seen as a price worth paying.

    Such actions are regularly criticised by NGOs and Western governments. They are also routinely ignored or rejected. Such criticism is unimportant in the Russian morality at work in the service of the state.”

  8. Morality aside the real question is what will lead to the least loss of life?

    It is now plain to,all that if we pulled out of assistance and provision of arms to the rebels the war would be over in weeks.

    Putin would install a puppet to replace the unpopular Assad and not only deaths cease but the predominant reason for the migrant crisis would be removed.

  9. Given the despair and trauma of Brexit it’s nice to see that at least one industry, in this instance ‘hate crime’, is thriving.

  10. Romano Verdi @ 11:22

    The site shouldn’t be shut down, Romano, there’s no reason for cutting it off, but whoever set it up should be detained without delay. It’s likely to backfire not only because it’s based on an emotion, also because people love the one who gets kicked.

    When the cumryd got elected, everyone or almost everyone though he won’t last, he was seen as a fleeting aberration, the Blairite disease has rooted too deeply into the ranks of Labour, will see him off, many said. The barbarian though otherwise, still does. The theoretical attractiveness of the ideas of the Left warms the soul, it’s noble, fits the generally accepted notions of equality, love-your-neighbour, uman rites, the other crap.

    The guy who’s shadow Chancellor just said Labour would legislate for ten quid per hour as the minimum wage, subsidise small businesses for any losses. Only the communists of the now defunct East had a scale of pay for everyone, now it may be coming to Britain, too. Many will fall for it, the young have no idea what it entails, but it smells nice, the older generation may join them what with their jobs being taken up by cheaper human imports.

    It more than saddens the barbarian, it frightens him no end that the economic lunacy of the communist rule that he fled some half a century ago he may have to escape again. Unbelievable this.

  11. Noa @ 15:59

    An urgent need for British Donald, the barbarian reckons.

    Btw, would hating the ticket price for attending the jamboree qualify as hate crime?

  12. This is penned by a man who only few weeks ago thought Donald was a joke, and who passes for a journalist today:

  13. `Boris` is ,after-all,is a Turkish-American.

  14. Not much seems to be happening here before the debate so here goes:

    Minutes ago, the barbarian has finished reading the column f the progressives’ favourite historian, Niall Ferguson, in last week’s ST. It could not have begun any better.

    ‘They should have cancelled UN week in NY as soon as the news broke that Angelina was divorcing Bred’, says he, then goes on extolling the virtues of the two beautiful and rich people, their stellar charitable work, impact they have on the world, she, the UN Commissioner for Refugees, he, heading an outfit ‘Not On Our watch’, their adopted family members, all very global (or is it globalised?), a Cambodian boy, an Ethiopian girl, a Vietnamese boy, a Siamese cat, a Mongolian goose, an Eskimo jellyfish (sorry, Baron made the non-human organisms up). For Ferguson, ‘the end of Brangelina is the stuff of history, not gossip’. (Pass the bucket someone, please).

    This of course is just a prelude to the heavier stuff, the forthcoming presidential debate, for which he advises the Clinton woman to avoid talking about globalisation, says ‘she will lose if she does’ because every dick and harry blames it for everything.

    Donald, on the other hand, may win the sparring match sticking to his ideas of limiting immigration, slapping tariffs on dumped Chinese merchandise, punishing US firms moving offshore, all solid populist stuff, but a move back in time, something that has happened many times before.

    Ferguson says many compare the current backlash to globalisation with events before WW2, he disagrees, his preferred analogy is with what happened in the 19th century, the crisis of 1882, deflation everywhere, not much damage to output but cronyism, widening gap between the rich and poor, immigration ….

    Then as now, it was populism that got hold of the societies with bans on immigration as the key ingredient of the policies enacted to cure the boils, Jews were blamed then, as are Muslims now.

    He quotes antisemitism in Germany and France as the noticeably underpinning forces of populism, and he’s wrong.

    In Germany, anti-semitism flared when the 1882 recession hit, but only for a short while, then from about 1885 till the WW1 anti-semitism wasn’t visible much, mostly because many German Jews converted, others didn’t, but celebrated both Christian and Jewish festivals (known as Christmas Jews), some inter-married far more often then ever before.

    The last fifteen years of the 19th century, the first decade of the new century were the golden years for the Jewish diaspora in Germany (remember that German 36 states and principalities united only in 1871 under Bismarck following the Franco-Prussian war).

    In France, Jews were a tiny proportion of the population in the 19th century, anti-semitism couldn’t have been what exercised everyone, there were not enough Jews to excite the unwashed against them, most of the few were well off, the Dreyfus affair that everyone knows about wasn’t typical or widespread.

    The esteemed historian gets it also wrong on Brexit claiming it too was engendered by globalisation, which is nonsense. The reason most of those voting to get out of the Brussels’ yoke was self-governance.

    Globalisation couldn’t avoid to be factor in Brexit, (or rather the absence of a robust and satisfying response to the consequences of globalisation) albeit not a primary one, since globalisation has evolved not because of any political decision, but thanks to technological breakthroughs i.e. containerisation in particular, shipping stuff became so cheap that it paid companies to make goods in far away place where labour costs were a fraction of ours.

    Will populism save us, Ferguson asks, answers in the negative, hopes new solutions will be found by the progressives who will return as they have done in the past, the burst of populist governments that we may witness emerging in the years ahead will be a short term phenomenon.

    The one point he gets spot on is when he says WW1 began when progressive administrations were in control of things.

    (Having laboured up to here, Baron has completely forgotten what was the point he (Baron) was trying to make when he started this rant. It may have been that Ferguson writes well, has vivid imagination, knows a thing or two about history but gets things screwed up because of his delusional trust in the progressive school of thought?).

  15. EC @ 19:28

    Whoever the thugs were, EC, the murder says something about the country we now live in. If the police get them, as one hopes they will, the culprits are taken to court, found guilty, what sentences could they expect? Few years incarceration? Well, what the heck, the average life span for men has gone to almost 80 what does six years of it represent?

    Murder has become a rational option in problem solving if eight men go for it so willingly, it seems.

  16. Radford NG @ 17:42

    Good point, Radford, the barbarian forgot the dose of the American DNA in his cells.

    What so angers the barbarian isn’t so much his anti-Russian take on the Syrian war, it’s that he repeats, like the bean counter before him, what the Americans have said. Why cannot he at minimum change the sequence of the argument, or better still come up with his own words describing the same? He’s a bloody wordsmith, worked in journalism, can be engaging with words.

    On his travels the barbarian is the staunchest supporter of Britain (believe it or not he turns into a super jingoistic patriot yapping about the heathy core of Englishness and stuff) and gets hurt when people laugh at our politicians’ posturing on the world scene.

    We seem to have lost respect everywhere, live in a cuckoo land thinking we still matter, and since it mostly the perception rather than reality, what the Ministers of the Crown say does make a difference, finding them repeating their American counterparts so slavishly looks silly, demeaning, it suggests we are so deeply under the American control we may as well be ignored.

    You recall the picture of the politicians invited tto Paris after the Charlie Hebdo atrocity? The boy was standing at the extreme right of the front row, amongst totally unknown apparatchiks of the EU. That truly pained whatever one may have thought of the boy or his policies, we seem to no longer matter certainly in Europe where Britain once decided things, was the arbiter, the decisive power. One can only despair.

  17. Fred couldn’t be right any more even if he tried twice as hard, wrote twice as well.

    There has to be a re-think for a country that wants to be reckoned with: training as many young men as possible in short term courses in the use of AK-47 or equivalent, keeping a stock of a large number of fast missiles equipped with powerful nuclear warheads. That’s about it. Cheaper than Trident, and by far more effective.

  18. I am trying to decide whether to watch the debate in bed or downstairs. Can I take Hillary lying down?

  19. Baron

    I used to know a Croatian-Canadian who used to talk about “every Tom, Dick and Jerry…”.

  20. Bye, bye Donald!


  21. Frank P 3.27 Will you get an eyeful of that defeatism?
    What the pundits saw over here was a communist woman in a Chairman Mao red suit who had no ideas.
    As Donald said time and again:
    “You have no plan”
    Newt got to the quick-
    Gingrich: “This was a very big win for him… The entire Clinton case that he is incapable of being president died somewhere”

  22. Awful, almost incoherent in parts, unbelievably diabolical in every detail (and that’s just the gaps between his bleating), but that’s what the vast majority of the American unwashed are like, that’s what they want to hear after decades of polished lies, half truths and deceptions, and that’s what they’re going vote for.

    You’ll see.

  23. Whatever Julian Assange is keeping up his sleeve for his “October Surprise”, it had better be good!

  24. Baron, September 26th, 2016 – 23:28

    Fred much better this time. The Chinese Communist Party’s model of Capitalism and its economic imperialism is sweeping all before it. It has radically improved the economic circumstances of large parts of the country and their population. Those people would be very confused if they were allowed to hear western politicians lecturing their leaders on the violation of their ‘uman rights. The downside is that they cannot challenge or change their government. Regime change is handled internally.

    By comparison, Vlad’s oligarchy has been conspicuously less successful, benefitting fewer. A rockier, a more problematical paradigm altogether, no?

  25. Baron – 21:37

    Justice is slippery customer. In former times when our society, although stratified, was far more homogenous(*) that it is today, outcomes could sometimes be skewed, or influenced, by one’s social class and position within it. (and maybe masonic membership) Nowadays outcomes are all too often skewed by whatever minority, race, religion, gender, or perceived victim status that one can claim. (and maybe membership of Common Purpose)

    (*) Cohesive is the modern buzzword? (One for the “L.C.” list!)

  26. EC

    “It has radically improved the economic circumstances of large parts of the country and their population.”

    After the treason of the globalists and two hundred years of stagnation, I should ruddy well hope so!

    The new cities with no inhabitants are also very impressive.

  27. “Majority of snap polls show Trump won debate by a landslide despite CNN’s overwhelming victory for Hillary
    CNN’s snap poll gave Clinton the win with 62 per cent to Trump’s 27”

  28. “The new cities with no inhabitants are also very impressive”

    Indeed they are! Who are they for? Not Syrians, obviously.

  29. Hillary Debate Shimmy – a cat burglar in the crime family?

  30. Weee-eeell.

    The Donald’s surrogates are doing a great mopping up exercise, but I was depressed that he missed so many openings when she led with her chin.
    No Benghazi; no Clinton Foundation; no lies to Congress. Mrs Frank P thinks the fact that he didn’t deluver the knock out blow, may work in his favour. We’ll see!

    Maybe he will factor in some lessons learned in the next debate.

    Let’s see what the bookies say tomorrow. Their current odds bode ill for the builder.

  31. Michael Savage on Monday pre-debate and, first hour, his comments on Hillary’s possible Parkinson’s Disease which resulted in his being taken off various stations by the fascist (state corporatist) media in the USA.

  32. I have linked Ol’ Remus and his Woodpile Report before; he’s worth bookmarking for regular visiting:

  33. Frank P

    Interesting to see that the quote in the right margin of the screen at your link reads in part:

    “… When the stream of other people’s money runs out, the system collapses.
    Kevin Brekke”

    I don’t know this chap Brekke; but was he paraphrasing Thatcher, she him, or both of them someone else?

  34. “U.S. owes black people reparations for a history of ‘racial terrorism,’ says U.N. panel”

    ““Fuck you UN, you can’t even solve the Middle East carnage… couldn’t even lift a finger in Africa… shut up all of you.” (President Duterte of the Republic of the Philippines)

  35. There were so many people yesterday who were attacking the character, purpose of resolve of Trump again after the attempted “assassination” by NBC and Lester Holt.

    “This video will get Donald Trump elected”

  36. Frank P September 27th, 2016 – 23:19

    Good link, thanks.

    This there, a perfect summary of the so obvious and yet so ignored:-

    “The permanent ruling establishment is staffed almost exclusively by leftists, and those few thought criminals that remain who disagree with Cultural Marxism know to keep their views to themselves. Please tell me, dear conservative friends: What have you conserved? This failure of conservatism to prevent the left’s takeover of the West is what has driven the emergence of the alt-right. This new movement from the right has emerged from the fringes of society. All effective counter-cultural movements do. This is where the deplorables all hang out. It is also where the ideas which are forbidden by the leftist establishment emerge, develop and organise. Right-thinking men and women of the West now have nothing to lose. They see an establishment which is corrupt, degenerate and morally bankrupt. They are not at all interested in conserving it.”

    Even within the fringe political parties there is a struggle between those who want to submit to or appease the left, who want in on the Bubble, and those who want to break free and destroy it, e.g. within UKIP, and no party stands up and says this, points at the real enemy, calls it out, makes its destruction the cause. The prospect in main stream politics in the UK is now New Labour Lite vs New Communists engaged in shadow boxing whilst the real establishment, the unelected Cultural Marxist one, continues to turn the screw from an incestuously empowered network of agitation and mission creep. No thanks.

  37. Colonel Mustard – 07:37

    Party politics have been so corrupted that the connotations associated with their names – which might still inspire some tribal voters – mean absolutely nothing. In recent times what we have had is a cross party elite that is always in power no matter what party wins the election charade. This elite is only interested in power and money. The civil service, local government, quangos, the media, academe etc. are now chock full of lefties.

    This process has been happening everywhere in the Western “democracies”. Globalism is the game, World Government is the aim!

    I suspect that the main problem Labour’s Blairite faction have with Comrade Corbyn is not ideological, it’s about their personal financial prospects when they are purged from the public teat.

  38. Frank P, September 27th, 2016 – 23:19

    Thanks for the reminder. Some lovely material in there.

  39. Whoever he is who advises Donald should tell him to keep repeating ‘I’m not one of them’. This is what resonates with the unwashed, differentiates him from the political elites of any colour or shade, will get him elected.

    Each speech should start with ‘you’re going to listen to someone who is not one of them’. It should be repeated in the middle of the speech, he should end up with it. No opportunity should be missed to say it, walking the crowds should inspire Donald say ‘you’re watching, touching the hand of, standing next to someone who isn’t one of them …’, his supporters should be saying it, too, everywhere, any time, to anyone listening.

    This is the puller, the winning argument, the killer-of-opponents tool.

  40. Whitney bi-election : `Lord Biro, Bus Pass Elvis Party` aka Dave Bishop will be standing ,seeking the votes of Jeremy Clarkson and Victoria Wade/Brookes.

  41. Yesterday mohamidan White-Slave-Traders (as they would have been called by General Booth and W.T.Stead [ Pall Mall Gazette, 1885 ] ) were on trial in six Courts : Rotherham-Sheffield / Dewsbury / Newcastle / Oxford / Bristol / Yeovill .

    ( Source ; EDL )

  42. EC (11:22)

    “Police were called to one of the City’s main shopping streets at 5:50am today”

    Typo – amend: for “shopping” read “chopping.”

  43. Frank P – 13:40

    The police have reportedly nicked the Mall efactor!

  44. The last shreds of the reputation of the FBI were wafted away this morning by the hot air Comey spouted at the latest Senate hearing. The man is not only a shyster he’s an idiot.

    It means that there is no longer a reputable law enforcement agency in the US capable of investigating the heinous crimes of official corruption. Uncle Sam has the status of a banana republic in myriad ways.

  45. Judge Andrew Napolitano ain’t impressed with Comey’s latest weasel words either!!!

    “Comey claims he is ‘proud’ of FBI’s Clinton probe”

  46. Donald is having an impact even before he got elected, no overriding has ever happened before, my, my.

  47. John birch @ 21:03

    Amazing man, this chap Wilders, John, a large chunk of the ‘Dutch’ is against him, as is the whole of the old Dutch establishment backed by the progressives everywhere, and he keeps fighting, a hero, he.

  48. Frank P @ 15:17

    More than a hard choice to make, Frank, does he turn against the powerful, or does he back the interests of the Republic and her unwashed?

    He must be thinking Donald will not make it, his judgement is at fault here as much as on the case against the Clinton woman. He will retire not a happy man.

  49. EC @ 14:40

    Nothing to do with football per se, EC, where there’s big money corruption blossoms.

    Pity, as a manager, the guy knew what he was doing, has a good record in football management, will probably land a contract in one of the ‘cleaner’ countries of Arabia, China ro Russia, make a fortune without getting a heart attack.

    Gut feeling tells Baron this affair isn’t over yet, there must be enough corruption in the administration of the game to warrant a proper cleansing, alas we may not get it, too much is at stake, how would it look so soon after the whole world and some kicked Russia for its (unquestionable) corruption, claimed we were clean, ha?

  50. What a sad figure the FBI guy is.

    There’s one aspect of the affair that hasn’t been picked up by anyone. It’s all lawyers trying to outsmart one another, twisting, turning, always careful, sidestepping the substance of the issues, employing legal trickery, avoiding anything that would weaken the purity of their legal take on cases.

    That’s a sad reflection on the contemporary American society, the most unscrupulous, Machiavellian, cunning (rather than the truth) win. You recall Bill’s (in)famous ‘it all depends what the definition of ‘is’ is? How many of ordinary people would question the definition of ‘is’?

    How well does it bode for the future of the Republic (and the world run by it)?

  51. Was this reported in any of the MSM outlets? If it was, the barbarian missed it.

    It’s worth bookmarking for reference because the same game plan is unravelling on Syria: deliberate lies about ‘Assad atrocities’ in Aleppo, the MSM repeats them, an imposition of a no-fly zone follows, the Islamists gain the upper hand, Assad is killed, civil war begins in earnest, new and bigger tsunamis of refugees flood Europe, the American elites rejoice.

    It doesn’t need Putin, he cannot be fully trusted, it needs a statesman of Europe standing up to the lying bullies, war criminals, wreckers of stability and peace on the Old Continent, but is there one?

  52. ‘Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) was the sole vote to sustain Obama’s veto.’

    Two days for them to block Obama’s give-away of residual American control of the Internet! Co they have the moxy? Is the cipher in No. 10 going along with this by the way?

  53. So far, for Baron’s money anyway, the best slicing of the presidential race:

  54. Baron @ 00:51

    The Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Dunford, testified before Congress last week that the imposition of a no-fly zone in Syria would mean war with Russia.

    That’s a significant variation on the game plan for Libya…

  55. By the way…” “Right now… for us to control all of the airspace in Syria would require us to go to war against Syria and Russia,” Dunford replied, drawing a rebuke from committee chairman John McCain (R-Arizona), who argued a no-fly zone was possible without war.”

    Oh dear, trouble at t’ mill…

  56. Baron @ 00:59

    “How Did We End Up With Such Unpopular Candidates?”

    When considering Donald Trump, first ask the question: unpopular with whom?”.

  57. The overriding vote on the Saudis involvement in 9/11 by both chambers may not be as hot as it seems, after the election the lawmakers want to ‘tighten it up’, and nothing much will happen in US courts before that tightening up.

  58. Malfleur @ 01:26

    As the guy says, Malfleur, in the first five minutes of the jamboree ‘America will re-arm, become the strongest again, there will be plenty of jobs, prosperity will come back …’

    That’s why they need Putin, his ‘imperialistic’ adventures in Crimea (if the neocons didn’t engineer a putsch in Kiev, Crimea would be still a part of Ukraine), in Syria (if the neocons didn’t arm proxies, lied about Assad shooting his own people, began an uprising against Assad, there would not have been tsunamis of Syrians flooding Europe).

    Putin is a scapegoat, one can hardly make a case for US re-armement if your enemy rides camels, shoots AK-47s, lives in caves, can one?

  59. Malfleur @ 01:12

    You ever read anything others are posting, Malfleur?

    Few days back, Baron posted a summary of a short lecture by a Russian political commentator cum philosopher named Alexander Dugin. He says there will be war with Russia before Nov 8, if the US political elite feel Donald will make it because they fear he (Donald) will look through the files, instruct the lawyers, go after them.

    They want a war in Syria between US and Russia, probably hope the fighting stays in Syria, doesn’t spill over to other parts of the world, to prevent any serious investigation of their years in power, the war will take the centre stage, their sins and more will be swept under the carpet. (Btw, why do you think the result of the investigation of the downing of the MH-17 flight was timed so close to the US election day?).

    We don’t have long to wait to see if the man has a point.

  60. Baron @ 02:01

    I was making two points, neither of which should suggest that I am not aware that the globalists for their own purposes have an interest in a war between the USA and Russia.

    The first was that the “game plan” to destabilise Libya would not succeed so easily in Syria (indeed has transparently failed so far) were it to involve the imposition of a no-fly zone on Russian and Syrian forces.

    Secondly, the comment by General Dunford that he would not be the one to order the no-fly zone over Syria could be read to mean that the President would have to give a direct order. More interestingly, though perhaps wrongly, it could be a reference to the thwarting of Obama’s earlier plans to violate Syrian sovereignty by Dunford’s predecessor, General Dempsey.

    In that connection,you will remember that in late 2015 or early this year, we discussed this article by Seymour Hersh in the London Review of Books.

    But no, I am afraid that I do not remember reading the article by this chap Dugin, but I am a little too pressed by other matters at the moment to be able to cover everything that I should like.

  61. Attacks on Liberty Proliferate and Accelerate

    Alex Jones, 1st Hour, Wednesday September 28th

  62. “Indian Military Crosses into Pakistan to Attack Terrorist Bases – 2 Pakistani Soldiers Killed”

    {h/t Zero Hedge)

  63. Ostrich (occasionally) September 29th, 2016 – 09:51

    The Great Khan:-

    “I will work closely with the Home Secretary to ensure we find the best possible candidate to appoint as the new Commissioner, so that we can continue to keep Londoners safe.”

    Watch this space. Will the new Commissioner be the best police officer for the job or will it be a purely political appointment mandated on “equality”, “diversity”, “inclusiveness”, “reaching out” and all the other PC bollocks?

    Rudd, with a background in fund management, financial journalism (of course) and human resources, campaigned against FGM so the “close working” with The Great Khan to appoint a successor to the Generalissimo should prove interesting. She will no doubt be pressured from within the Tory cabinet to appoint a woman. Both will probably be looking for a BME. Nadiya Hussain, the Great British Bake-Off winner, has been a reporter for The One Show, a guest presenter for Loose Women, a columnist for The Times, a judge for GBBO junior, a guest on Desert Island Discs, has baked a cake for the Queen’s 90th birthday and is the author of a cookery book – with others in the pipeline. Eminently suitable to fill the Generalissimo’s court pumps I should think.

  64. I guess the that the current metaphorical vagina will be replaced by a literal one. Such is the Zeitgeist.

  65. 1152

    Cressida Dick!

    And she is.

  66. Congratulations to the sharp end emergency services at Hoboken who initiated the Major Incident Plan. So far only one fatality, the remaining casualties apparently dealt with speedily amd efficiently – good work.

    Seems automatic breaking devices have not yet been installed in that segment of the network.

    It would be premature at this to infer deliberate human motivation or other human error or physical debility, or to rule it out. Mechanical failure would normally have to involve more than one ‘fail-safe’ system.

    Whichever way it comes down – shit happens! And it could have been worse.

    Terrorism can’t be ruled out. The ethnicity of the ‘engineers’ (the diver snd guard) has not yet been released.

  67. Frank P – 13:31

    POTUS, Labour Leader, England football manager or maybe all three?

  68. Ostrich (occasionally) – 09:51

    Loved the photo of him on horseback in his cinema commissionaire’s uniform and the helmet adorned with Ostrich(?) plumes!
    More bling than Idi Amin and a Pearly King put together!

  69. EC (17:29)

    Hear tell that he’s a shoo-in for relief doorman at Ritz as a post career sinecure.

  70. I noticed the following link among the comments to the Breitbart link on Oban which Noa posted at 10:22

    Gentlemen should be pushing for more guns and fewer muslims.

    I notice however in despatches today that some clown of a rapper named Bealer (alias Zebadiah) has called in a video packed with references to islam for the decapitation of Nigel Farage. This kind of outrageous violation of the principle of free speech acts in turn to inhibit good men from insisting on these remedial policies by pressing their MPs to adopt them. It is a variation of the psychology of self-censorship. This psychology is reinforced and promoted by our alien government which has shown its leasehold status by instructing the machinery of the state to repress English liberties and further the freedom of action of the enemy within.

  71. Englishmen are less free than Czechs or Swiss.

    By way of illustration and emphasis, I quote from the link cited in my previous post:

    “Czech President Milos Zeman wants to make it easier for citizens to obtain guns in order to protect themselves from terrorists.

    Repeated terror attacks in Belgium, France and Germany has put European countries on high alert. The best way to ensure safety for the people, according to Zeman, is to make it easier for people to obtain gun permits.

    “Earlier I spoke against possession of large amounts of weapons [in the hands of the people],” Zeman said in a recent interview with newspaper Blesk. “After those attacks, I do not think so any more.”

    Zeman further urged people who already own guns to start carrying them outside their homes.”

  72. Malfleur @ 23:26

    The 21st Century Wire published full translation of the Dugin piece you’ve missed (Baron did only a summary). It links to the latest development on Syria you’re referring to at 23.26: Plenty of sparkles for Christmas then.

  73. Malfleur @ 10:21

    As if we didn’t have enough slaughter in the ME, Malfleur.

    It’s rather unfortunate for the hon Muslim, he has only days to go, gets humiliated by the lawmakers over the Saudi involvement in 9/11, may have to order US boots for Syria, start war with Russia, and now a conflict between two powerful nations, both possessing the nukes, one not that stable politically. Rather frightening this, don’t you think?

  74. Colonel Mustard @ 11:52

    Front page news in the Evening Standard, Colonel, the resignation of the Met chief, the paper puzzled why, he apparently gave no reason except saying ‘it was the right time to go’, the Muslim in charge of London made no attempt to persuade him to stay, the paper said, which may be a hint they didn’t get on, Khan won the tussle because as everyone keeps pointing out, he got elected on more votes than any other politician in recent times (is it right?).

    Inside the paper, pictures of the three female contenders, Baron doesn’t know the two, have already forgotten their names, heard only of Ms Dick, the name’s rather unfortunate. She can hardly be blamed for it, of course, except that she should have changed it, keeping it must furnish those objecting to her with a vast scope for jokes.

  75. Malfleur @ 23:03

    It’s not that difficult to obtain a small arm certificate in Czecho, Malfleur, the only bit of armoury that’s banned is silencers. It’s illegal even for the state gun carriers, i.e. police, spooks, one can get a lengthy sentence for possessing one even if one doesn’t own a gun.

    This is rather ironic that nations that experienced dictatorships have by far more lenient take on gun ownership that those not (yet) inflicted with it, even at a cost of higher rate of gun related incidents.

  76. I may have posted a link to this Hitchens piece on Russia previously. Even so, some may consider it worth re-reading.

  77. And whilst on the subject of Russia, an essay by Pat Buchanan.

  78. Baron September 30th, 2016 – 00:40

    It was reported in December 2014 that Dick was going to leave the Met in 2015 and join the Foreign Office.

    She apparently didn’t – but not obviously as there seems to have been no further speculation about it.

  79. If you listen to the son of Hamas, they guy has courage, alot of it, at around 2.40 of the five minute slot, he says exactly what the barbarian has been saying, too, ‘it’s not Muslims, it’s the belief system of Islam’ (the same applies in other instances of the past: it wasn’t the Germans doing the gassing, it was the Nazi’s promoted, enforced, institutionalised belief system, creed, ideology; the same goes for the communists of Russia, its satellites, Mao’s Cultural Revolution in China, or Khmer Rouge in Cambodia.

    To think one can snuff out any creed by going after the creed’s foot soldiers with a rifle or even a missile is a deadly fallacy, a delusion, a blunder of policy we may very much regret. One one needs to go after the creators of the ideology, the architects of it, its active disseminators who inject the unwashed with the evil, in case of Islam the evil of jihad, sharia and stuff. Destroying the few key proponents of the creed will do more to stop the malady than all the law encased restrictions on our freedoms can ever deliver.

  80. Aficionados of the Today programme will have heard that sanctimonious victim driven weasel Doctor David Billings trying to justify another police sacking.

    Fortunately he has met his match in David Crompton who supported by Sir Tom Winsor Chief Inspector of Police will drag the sad wretch through the high Court.

    (In parentheses I say that the Sun and Boris were correct about scousers)

  81. Baron (10:06)

    The ‘key proponents’ of this particularly bellicose religion/cult/ideology have bought their way into the corridors of power throughout the West, having been supplied with Western money to do it.

    The ‘few’ foot soldiers you cite, now have an army of some fifty to sixty thousand
    who are on a murderous rampage of rape pillage and destruction, using the weapons supplied to Iraq during the recent war which has now been lost and in fact turned against us.

    Iran, Syria and Russia are exploiting this weakness. China is killing us in a trade war in which western consumers have been deeply complicit.

    We still have the behemoth of the deeply corrupt EU project around our necks, despite the recent ‘democratic’ charade.

    Meanwhile the Gramsci-ist creed has been thoroughly inculcated throughout the West via its academic arm and thereby permeating the whole education function of the west; the result has been to close down free speech and label anyone who objects as not only bigoted but now criminally so.

    Too late to start talking about destroying a few ‘few key components’. The metastasis from those cancers has now spread globally; our own society is no longer recognisable as the one into which most of us on this platform were born.

    Another world war to clear the decks is no longer possible as this time, with nutters in charge of nuclear arsenals, the whole planet would become scorched earth.

    To think that The Donald is the answer to it is another delusion, I’m afraid. The nexus of evil financiers behind the scenes would either co-opt him, or kill him (always supposing that he can win – which at the moment still looks problematical. Anyway he’s 70 already and heading for gag-ga land like the rest of us. Eight years of an America under overt neo-communism has taken its toll. It’s covert role for many previous decades facilitated that.

    So it’s up to the ‘Millennials’ – and listening to their babbling, it is clear they have already been nobbled – part of the metastasis.

    My prognosis for what is left our erstwhile civilisation is therefore that the patient is terminal. How long? Like most quacks, I won’t pin it down to a month or a year. But pretty damn quick, I fear!

    The best we old farts can do is to live each day as though it is the last and make the best of what is within reach. The best revenge is to live well, as an elderly friend of mine once counselled.

  82. o & oe – apologies.

  83. Noa
    September 25th, 2016 – 10:51

    “Excuse me, poem, are you gay?
    Have you grown up contrarily to what I wanted you to say?
    I most certainly didn’t write you that way
    Was it something I said, something I did that turned you?
    Maybe I should have peppered your verses
    With sport, girls and beer
    Maybe as your author I deserted you…
    Or did another writer turn you queer?”

  84. A history lesson: A faggot is a bundle of sticks
    Originally used as kindling for fires that engulfed gays
    When they were burned at the stake, people were firewood
    But Moses came across wood on fire and saw God in it,
    What is a burning bush but bundles of branches
    On fire, isn’t it funny how faggots and God can look the same sometimes.

  85. So, hyphen Howe is on the way out, but do not be too quick to rejoice as I rather think he will be replaced by another Common Purpose clone. One of the names bandied about as a successor is that of dear Cressida, I know the upper echelons at the Yard have lost their balls but do they really need another big Dick heading the Met?

  86. “Senior Policewoman and Common Purpose graduate Cressida Dick is promoted again.

    The policewoman in charge of the operation that led to the death of Jean Charles de Menezes, mistaken for a suicide bomber at (London’s) Stockwell tube station, has become Scotland Yard’s highest ever female officer. Cressida Dick, 48, who was cleared of reponsibility for his death, has been made assistant commissioner with a salary of £180.000. Her new job covers murder and rape commands and political investigations. Cressida Dick is Oxford educated and Common Purpose ‘re-framed’. She now looks haggard – probably as a result of the powerful mental control exerted over her, and damage by mental re-framing which causes cognitive dissonance…mental stress.”


  87. The money is on Sarah Thornton; she’s been through several Brainwashers; buf don’t be surprised if Ali Khan insinuates a mooslim. The Cambs ACC is being groomed:

    It may be a little too soon; but only a matter of time, MMW!

  88. Sara

  89. And Ms Thornton presided over the Thames valley grooming debacle when she was in charge in Oxford.
    To my mind she has never truly apologised.

  90. And what further scandal do we see out of Venezuela?

    “El candidate republicano y su equipo de campaña nuevamente están generando ataques, insultos e intentando revivir difamaciones y falsas acusaciones sobre mi vida. Todo eso con la finalidad de intimidarme, humillarme y desequilibrarme una vez más. Los ataques que han surgido son calumnias y mentiras baratas generadas con malas intenciones, que no tienen fundamento que han sido difundidas por medios amarillistas. Ésta, por supuesto, no es la primera vez que enfrento una situación así. Por medio de su campaña de odio, el candidato republicano insiste en desacreditar y desmoralizar a una mujer, lo que definitivamente es una de sus características más aterradoras. Con esto, busca distraer la atención de sus reales problemas y de su incapacidad para pretender ser el líder de este gran país. Cuando era apenas una jovencita, el ahora candidato, me humilló, me insultó, me irrespetó públicamente, como lo hacía usualmente de forma privada de la forma más cruel. Así como esto me pasó a mí, es claro a través de los años, que sus acciones y conductas se han repetido con otras mujeres durante décadas. Por lo tanto, seguiré de pie, compartiendo mi historia, mi apoyo absoluto a la señora Clinton en nombre de las mujeres, de mis hermanas, tías, abuelas, primas, amigas y la comunidad femenina. A mis latinas y en general, quiero agradecerles todo el apoyo, el amor y el respeto, a mi carrera, a mi persona como ser humano y a mi familia. Yo me hice ciudadana de este gran país porque aquí nació mi hija y porque quería ejercer todos mis derechos, entre ellos votar. Continuaré de pie, firme en mi experiencia vivida como Miss Universo y ustedes conmigo apoyándome. He estado tan complacida por tantas palabras amables, por tanto amor. Yo estoy centrándome en mi ocupada carrera, en mi labor de madre y voy a seguir dando pasos positivos para la comunidad latina, seguiré como activista en pro de los derechos de la mujer y el respeto que nos merecemos. Aprecio todo su amor y todo su apoyo nuevamente, gracias”. Miles de bendiciones.”

  91. That’s it, the Italians (is in the Italians, Romano?) have convinced the barbarian Putin is the arch villain of our times, the pain he’s caused, the disregard for others, the scale of the destruction is just too much to bear.

  92. Romano Verdi @ 19:10

    Would you summarise in English, Romano, or do you want the barbarian to enrol a crash in Spanish?

  93. Stephen Maybery @ 16:08

    Language, Timothy, oops, Stephen, the one you mention is an open lesbian, which fits our enlightened times well, and perhaps even justifies her name, no?

  94. Frank P @ 17:50

    It would make sense, Frank, operationally anyway what with both of them having been schooled in the postulates of the ROP. Let’s go for it, no?

  95. Fergus Pickering @ 12:13

    You too clever for the poorly educated Slav, Fergus.

  96. As if we haven’t caused enough damage in the ME, are still suffering because of it as the refugee tsunamis keep coming, ‘the Spectator’ has penned a piece urging the saintly One to be more pro-active in Syria. Amongst other pearls of advice one innocuous and rather insipid sentence caught Baron’s eye. It says: ‘Putin, who claims to be acting as peace-broker but who has demonstrated over and over again that he is really on the side of Assad’.

    Putin has not only demonstrated he’s been on the Assad’s side, he said so, often and again, it’s been in the public domain for years, doesn’t the writer of the piece know it?

  97. Frank P @ 11:10

    Top grade stuff, Frank, except for the undertones of darkness to it. Never say never, my blogging friend, often something that seems utterly impossible happens. Who would have predicted Brexit? It may get bungled, who knows, but come another day, the ‘healthy core of Englishness’ may serve us another helping of a spiritual and moral awakening one would not expect given the engineered future the progressives are telling us we should desire, expect, aim for.

    As for Donald, you’re right, but as Baron said before the man is a demolisher not a builder, even if he doesn’t make it the forces that have propelled him where he is (again, who would have predicted he will be the Republican candidate?) those forces will not vanish, merely smoulder some more, hidden from view, gaining in strength for the grievances that engendered them are not being addressed, then one day, an eruption, which may not be enjoyable, to the progressives anyway, but that’s life, it never runs smoothly, it convulses, too, turns around in ways that even the most imaginative minds fail to predict.

    Let us have hope in the few days left to us to breathe.

  98. Baron September 30th, 2016 – 00:10

    Thanks, Baron. I am having WiFi problems at home and am now in a coffee shop. I will view the Dugin piece asap.

    Take a look at the first 10 minutes or so of Alex Jones Thursday show which I have just got to see. He has decided that the “US ” government has decided on war with Russia and will arrest anyone opposing it as agents of Putin.

    Can we get out of this?

  99. Baron 2208.

    The point is that Hillary has been using this Venezuelan harlot to attack Donald Trump.

    Turns out she is a porn star.

    This was the tract that Trump called “disgusting”
    From Google Translate.

    “The Republican candidate and his campaign team are again generating attacks, insults and trying to revive slurs and false accusations about my life. All this in order to intimidate and humiliate desequilibrarme again. The attacks that have emerged are cheap lies and slanders generated with bad intentions, which have no foundation that have been spread by sensationalist media. This, of course, is not the first time that I face such a situation. Through his hate campaign, the Republican candidate insists discredit and demoralize a woman, which is definitely one of the most terrifying features. With this, seeking to distract attention from their real problems and its inability to pretend to be the leader of this great country. When was a young girl, the now candidate, humiliated me, he insulted me publicly disrespected me, as he usually did privately in the cruelest way. As this happened to me, it is clear through the years, that their actions and behavior have been repeated with other women for decades. Therefore, I will keep standing, sharing my story, my absolute support Mrs. Clinton on behalf of women, my sisters, aunts, grandmothers, cousins, friends and female community. My Latin and in general, I want to thank all the support, love and respect, my career, my person as a human being and my family. I became a citizen of this great country because my daughter was born here and because I wanted to exercise my rights, including voting. I will continue standing firm in my lived experience as Miss Universe and you with me supporting me. I’ve been so pleased with many kind words, for so much love. I’m focusing on my busy career, in my work as mother and I will continue taking positive steps for the Latino community, I will continue as activist for women’s rights and respect we deserve. I appreciate all your love and all your support again, thank you. ” Thousands of blessings. “

  100. I trust you are not impugning my antecedents in Busseto. I think Putin is ill used. He is the only man whose actions will stop the Syrian slaughter. Donald Trump understands that and correctly praises the man. Another reason he must win.

  101. John birch
    October 1st, 2016 – 07:56
    A good leftie rant to amuse you.

    Brilliant. And a small taster to excite the “skimmers”

    “There’s not enough tea in the entire nation to help us Keep Calm and Carry On today. Not on a day when prejudice, propaganda, naked xenophobia and callous fear-mongering have won out over the common sense we British like to pride ourselves on. Not on a day when we’re being congratulated by Donald Trump, Marine Le Pen, and nobody else. Well done, turkeys. Santa’s on his way.

    Nigel Farage, the rich, racist cartoon demagogue, boasts that this victory was won “without a single shot being fired”. Tell that to the grieving family of Jo Cox, the campaigning Labour MP gunned down last week. Farage promised that unless something was done to halt immigration, “violence will be the next step”. It looks like we’ve got a two-for-one deal on that one.”

    And the first “violence” will be the occupation of the Staggers office.

  102. From Peter Hitchens blog:
    “…As Peter Hyman wrote (and I couldn’t have put it better):
    ‘New Labour was not intended merely as a short-term electoral fix after 18 years out of power and four crushing election defeats (though that would not have been a terrible thing), but as a radical new force in British politics. The “project” was infinitely more revolutionary than anything proposed by Jeremy Corbyn or his supporters. The idea of New Labour was not to be a good opposition party, to protest loudly or have an “influence” over events, but, rather, to take and hold on to the levers of power. New Labour sought political hegemony: winning power and locking out the Tories to ensure that the 21st century was a Labour century with Labour values in contrast to a Tory-dominated 20th century.

    The scale of that ambition, in a country dominated by a stridently rightwing press and the quiet conservatism of large swaths of the British people, was breathtaking. If Labour could be in power for a serious amount of time, then the country would, we believed, change for good; not a burst of socialism for one time (if that), but changed institutions and values that could shape the country for all time….’

    Looking at today’s Tory party, Civil service and the departments of government it looks like mission accomplished, job done, fait accompli.

    Sadly it’s difficult to dispute Frank P’s assertion that we’re all doomed with any degree of conviction.

  103. Baron – 22:56

    “healthy core of Englishness’ may serve us another helping of a spiritual and moral awakening”

    Ah, you sentimental old romantic, you. Absolutely nothing wrong with that, but be careful that your faith in your fellow englishmen doesn’t get you killed. “Englishness” is concept that is wholly dependent upon the existence of moral beings.( I suppose that a few stragglers might also exist in Wales too) Any increase in their numbers is not likely to be driven by the establishment, which is rotten to the core.
    A revival can and will only happen after whatever it is that’s shortly going to happen happens, ‘appen(for DO) and presses the game reset button. In a SHTF / WROL situation you are far more likely to be murdered by your fellow “englishmen” intent on robbing you (of any supplies fuel/food etc. that you might have) than anyone else.
    Interrupt the supply chain and “Civilisation” starts breaking down after the third week.

    By all means hope for the best, but prepare for the worst, and if it comes down to it then don’t make it easy for them, and take as many of the bastards with you as possible. ( And don’t forget to curse Tony Blair for leaving us all unarmed!)

  104. Noa
    Before writing the future off, look at far sighted politicians, albeit in abeyance at present:

    Mark Reckless joins UKIP – UKIP
    And you can read Mark Reckless’ speech below: “Today, I am leaving the Conservative Party and joining UKIP. “These decisions are never easy. Mine certainly hasn’t been.

    “But my decision is born of optimism, conviction Britain can be better, knowledge of how the Westminster parties hold us back, and belief in the fresh start UKIP offers.

    “We all know the problem with British politics. People feel disconnected from Westminster.

    “In fact, “disconnected” is too mild a word. People feel ignored, taken-for-granted, over-taxed, over-regulated, ripped off and lied-to.

    “And they have reason to.

    “MPs, with some honourable exceptions act, not as local representatives, but as agents of the political class. Too many focus, not on championing their constituents’ interests at Westminster, but on championing their parties’ interests in their constituencies.

    “I don’t doubt the patriotism of Conservative volunteers and supporters. But I’m afraid that my party leadership is now part of Britain’s problem.

  105. What the politicians chose to ignore.

  106. There are many of his caliber around,

    They just need to be organised.

  107. I know it is old hat but this is his brilliant take on Camern and the EU.

    “Since then, David Cameron has promised a referendum. But I’m afraid I’ve reluctantly reached the view that he is doing so purely as a device. He has already preordained his intended outcome, namely continued membership of the EU on something very close to the current terms. Everything else is for show.

    “But the EU remains a child of its time, wedded to its five-year plans, its unelected commissioners, its common workplace entitlements, its fixed prices, its corporatism, its lobbying cartels.

    “That is why Europe is the world’s only declining continent.

  108. Romano Verdi
    October 1st, 2016 – 10:34

    Your post, wondering through reckless abandon to Paradise Lost in 2015, concludes, like Hitchens, that the Tory party is now the problem, not the solution.

    Unfortunately a naive UKIP, (why offer residence rights to currentt EU residents without any quid pro quo?) currently policyless if not leaderless, does not appear to provide either a true conservative alternative to the Tory party or a patriotic option for Labour’s abandoned white voter base.

  109. Caliber?

    I know the intertubes are sclerotic with exotic sediment, but someone wirh a cod Eyetie moniker, using transatlantic spelling, allegedly living in Italy, professing to be a patriot of England and espousing Mark-fucking-Feckless as the antithesis of my gloomy rant yesterday , does nothing to lift my spirits.

    Noa – I’m with you! 🙂

  110. Frank P – 11:39

    Cue Hamlet cigar ad.
    Hair on a g-string?

  111. Romano Verdi @ 06:29

    Thanks for the translation, Romano, you should have told the barbarian to do it himself. Why is it he never thinks one can translate stuff using Google Translate? Never, even though he knows it’s there. Advanced senility must be to blame.

  112. John birch @ 07:56

    The funny thing is, John, one could have penned exactly the same rant if the other side won, changing only some of the words to suit the new take on the result.

  113. Noa @ 10:09

    One mustn’t get fooled by the fog of mostly secondary policies, ever, what kept Blair in power for so long had little to do with the ‘revolutionary’ ideas he (Blair), or the Welsh windbag or other Labour grandees of any hue were or still are yapping about, it was easy money. That alone was allowing Blair to do whatever he wanted, from the Dome fiasco for a billion quid to the invasion of Iraq costing tens of billions, many deaths. If he wanted to invade France whilst the money was still flowing, he would have got away with it, too.

    The cumryd may indeed find it hard ever to form a Government if he sticks to the Left orthodoxy except that the country may go for a PR system, or the voters have no choice but to go for him if the saintly One doesn’t deliver on Brexit, the UKIP outfit doesn’t recover its appeal.

    The risk of him making it gets higher the longer the start of Brexit is delayed, and the economy staggers along. The barbarian is hearing noises from the City that aren’t encouraging. The financial sector can deal with everything, it hates uncertainty.

    (In case you say, fugg the City, let Baron remind you it’s still the biggest contributor of taxes to the Exchequer, the top source of funds for the NHS).

  114. Frank P @ 11:39

    Let’s fight for it, Frank.

  115. Romano Verdi @ 10:42

    Good summing up of the EU bureaucracy by the reckless guy except for one thing, Romano, he should have added ‘EU cannot last, will not last’.

    The contradictions between what reality demands the Brussels apparatchiks dream of, the diversity of interests of the EU member states (e.g. Visegrad versus Germany on immigration), the interference from the American political elites following their own interests, but using the EU along Nuland’s brilliant quip of ‘fugg the EU’, the anaemic economic growth of the EU zone, the weakness of the synthetic currency ….. – all that stuff will at some point lead to an implosion of the artificial construct.

  116. The first day of October, the BBC Radio4 ‘From Our Correspondent’, John Sweeney reporting on the siege of Aleppo from the safety of his home in Britain.

    He gives an exceedingly vivid description of the killings in the city of 2mn, amongst them the death of a family of many, listening to him one can almost smell the blood trickling from the young girl’s nostrils, feel the fading warmth of her brother severed limb, still wrapped around his dead farther neck. Sweeney’s imagination must be applauded, he has only pictures sent via the internet to work with.

    The BBC would never go into such morbid details if it were the Americans (or their allies like the Saudis) causing the death, not even if the ISIL thugs were responsible, but this is different, this is the Russian cluster bombs, Cyrillic writing clearly visible, the bastard Putin on a rampage to kill innocent children of Aleppo, the BBC bleeds for them.

    Most of the piece is like that but towards the end the BBC journalist says the atrocities committed by the Russians and the Syrian Army get very much underreported because ‘no journalist is with any of the anti-Assad groups’, not one’.

    Is the man not only blatantly biased (which one would expect from a BBC hack), but also brainless?

    One can understand why no Western scribbler would get attached to ISIL, even biased journalists are looking to collect their pensions. But what about the other opponents of Assad, the good, democratic, tolerant groups fighting the Syrian President, the groups the Americans and other Western countries have been backing, funding, furnishing with guns and stuff? Aren’t we on the same side of the conflict, isn’t their aim identical with ours, a democratic, tolerant, prosperous Syria?

    Why cannot John Sweeney pack his bags, go join them, cut back on the underreporting of Russian atrocities?

    Or is it that each and every group fighting Assad is a bunch of religiously inspired thugs, the only thing differentiating them from ISIL being the name? Isn’t that the real reason Sweeney and other scribbles are not prepared to risk joining them?

  117. EC @ 11:55

    It wasn’t the cigar called Hamlet that delivered the state of fleeting happiness to the barbarian, EC, but a tin of Balkan Sobranie smoking mixture. It furnished a high when packed into a pipe, lit and gently kept going that no other chemical substance could ever get close to (not that the barbarian has ever tried any chemical concoction, mind).

    These days will never return, they are gone, done with, lived down.

  118. This may be few days passed its sale date, Frank, but it may cheer you up, it’s the Omni-all One furnishing unquestionable evidence of yet another atrocity that seems to have been almost forgotten, brilliantly suggesting the bombs of Aleppo are destined for us, the bespredel thug has really us in his sight, it’s only a question of few hours, days, well whatever, before the bombs get dropped on London, even East Anglia, God forbid Norfolk ….. (and you worry about the home grown progressives). Enjoy.

  119. Baron (13:46)

    Yerrrss. I read that one hot off the press. Didn’t link it out of respect for your bp. Relentless, our Alex, ennee? Must be the Russian blood in him. 🙂

  120. Baron October 1st, 2016 – 13:22

    Google “Barrel Bomb” to see the many contradictions and much hyperbole about those weapons. Astonishingly variable assertions about their weight, their form, the number of people killed by them and the delivery methods.

    The civil war is complex and multi-faceted. The Western media reporting of it so binary as to be almost childish. Unsurprising given the levels of immaturity and emotive subjectivity demonstrated by the denizens of the Westminster political and media bubble.

  121. Somewhat alarming to read in this week’s Speccie diary that Max Hastings, the historical journalist and bore, is researching for a “now hear this” tome on the Vietnam War. His comments don’t bode well as bien pensant prejudice, heavily larded with received wisdom from the preceding shambolic Western journalism is already apparent.

    Before starting to write it he should get his patrician head around the simple fact that all the misery in that war was ultimately caused by the violent aggression of a communist regime which put the imposition of its ideology before anything else and the insurgents who wanted to impose that regime on the South. The failure to defeat that aggression was aided immeasurably by Hastings’ colleagues in the Western media and the subversive agitation of communists and their useful idiots in Western society.

  122. “The civil war is complex and multi-faceted. The Western media reporting of it so binary as to be almost childish.”

    We are fools. We have no strategy. So who has?


    ‘Roger McDermott, senior fellow in Eurasian studies at the Jamestown Foundation – and a long-time watcher of the Russian military – says: “[Western] observers have been generally impressed by Russia’s deployment in Syria, mainly reflecting a sense of disbelief that they proved to be capable of planning, executing and sustaining such a complex operation and dealing with the logistical issues involved in supplying forces at great distance from Russia.”

    However, in truth, whatever their motives, the Ruskies do have a strategy endgame which happens to be the only chance of ending the slaughter.

    Donald Trump sees that and I suspect that on November 8 after he trounces Hillary we will have the end of the war in sight.

  123. Baron 1314
    Is Deutsche Bank the beginning of the end?

  124. Noa 1046.
    UKIP are readjusting. Events in Liverpool last week will have helped enormously.

  125. Baron @13.01

    I’m in agreement with most of what you write there Baron.
    New Labour got away with so much for so long because of easy money (see the continuing consequence thereof in my post of 10.35) and a failure to recognise them for the evil bastards that they were and remain.
    As to the City, I spent four years working with there. To an amoral man or woman they would sell their wives, mothers, partners and pet cats for a return. Tax contributers or not, I’d trust them with neither my own money or my liberty.

  126. Noa, all these acronyms.
    See Jack Ellison.

    Now here’s a definition of MACHO
    I’ve never ever heard before
    “Male Acting Childish, Hormonal, and Obnoxious”
    When I read it, I started thinking of more

    There’s the ever popular ROTFLMAO
    Everybody certainly knows this one
    “Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off”
    Used in emails to express some fun

    ANFSCD is really a new one on me
    “And Now For Something Completely Different”
    Originally from a Monte Python skit
    At times they were a wee bit irreverent

    WYSIWYG is an acronym for
    “What You See Is What You Get”
    Makes a lot of sense, should be no confusion
    But it can still make some people fret

    Here’s a good one, TNSTAAFL
    “There’s No Such Thing As A Free Lunch”
    Once you realize that, you’ll be better prepared
    It’ll help you a whole great big bunch

    This here’s a real cute one, SHIAPMP
    “So Happy I Almost Peed My Pants”
    Was thinking because I used the word ‘pee’
    Should have warned you guys in advance!

    But FOF, I know not what.

  127. DAMASCUS/BERLIN (Own report) – Berlin’s demands for a renewed ceasefire
    are being accompanied by reports of the possible initiation of a
    program to supply insurgents in Aleppo with man portable anti-aircraft
    missiles. The Syrian government and Moscow must immediately return to
    a ceasefire, admonished German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The combat in
    Aleppo is intolerable. Even though the combat is becoming increasingly
    gruesome, the ceasefire had been doomed to fail from the beginning,
    because important insurgent militias – partisans of the West –
    rejected it and continued their combat. They even refused to accept a
    key element of the ceasefire, rejecting the demand that they halt
    their collusion with al Qaeda and its Syrian affiliate, the Jabhat al
    Nusra / Jabhat Fatah al Sham. That demand was considered particularly
    important because, as experts have been warning for months, al Qaeda
    is establishing a jihadi emirate in northern Syria. Confronted with
    the eventuality that the Syrian army may recapture Aleppo, Washington
    is now considering supplying man portable air defense systems, or
    “MANPADS,” to insurgents allied with al Nusra – similar to the ones
    the US had previously provided the mujahidin fighting the Soviet
    military in Afghanistan. The German government remains silent because
    its own preferences will benefit – even though the missiles could wind
    up in the hands of al Qaeda.

  128. Fergus- try BOLLOX

  129. Romano Verdi – 15:18

    The Italians are helping out I see 🙂

    MORE WOE FOR DEUTSCHE BANK: German firm to stand trial in Italy for ‘manipulating markets’

  130. Romano Verdi – 15:20
    “UKIP are readjusting.”

    Why not, everyone else is! 🙂

    With the referendum causing more visible changes of attitude on the Continent than here, it is wise to consolidate, make leadership changes, etc, while there is a lull in proceedings. The tectonic plates are moving within British Politics, slowly, but surely, so interesting times ahead.

    Over here, I think the situation is that:

    the Brexiters are waiting for May to do something;
    May is waiting for the whining (Scottish whine is renounced for its excellence) to die down here, the outrage on the Continent to run out of credibility and the situation to deterioate 🙂 ;
    The ‘Reluctant Remainers (who are not the PM)’ are wondering why WWIII hasn’t started, or realising they have entered a strange new world of opportunity
    And the Full On Remainers are making an example of themselves: they do not appear to read the European news!

    I think Nick Clegg’s ‘imaginary’ EU Army that is being assembled, (Sir) Bob G and his vast vocabulary and the rest of the various luvvies are being eclipsed by Angela’s Deutsche Bank UXB and the general dysfunctionality about every aspect of the EU.

    Wasn’t Fallon a Remainer? Perhaps he was another Reluctant Remainer 🙂

    Britain heads for ‘FULL BREAK’ from EU: Fallon declares ALL Brussels ties will be cut

  131. John Birch

    Your first comment on this week’s wall: absolutely correct. NWO: the more I read, the truer their views become.

    Thank you.

  132. Turns out that things are now crystal clear.

    May will introduce a bill to replace the 1972 European Act.

    May will trigger Article 50 next year.

    So stop whinging, all plain sailing.

    Forget Deutsche Bank.

    Forget the tsunami of immigrants over the 2 years after Article 50 triggered.

    Such mentions only indicate that you are a trouble maker.

    Read on-

  133. Peter Mullins considers the incompatibilities and tensions between Christianity and Democracy.

    “…The democracy which we inhabit is actually a tyranny – certainly to the practising Christian. Our democracy will allow the Christian to practise his faith only until this faith comes into intellectual conflict with the nostrums of secular society…”

  134. John birch @ 08:28

    So, the great seer got it wrong on AGW, John, changed his mind, now goes for robots taking over by the end of the century, a much safer prediction, by then his corpse will surely be just a small heap of bones (unless he elects to be burnt), his legacy of predictive powers all but forgotten.

    The barbarian (who has said it often) toes the wisdom of the old Chinese: ‘Man can predict everything but the future’.

    The idea that silicon based integrated circuits (IC’s) that form the basis of all computing devices we’re surrounded with (that includes the robotic gear) could ever reproduce themselves is bonkers. The one possibility he doesn’t mention (nor does anyone else) is artificial intelligence based on organic matter, computing devices that function not on gates cum cells made of silica, but on flesh like substances, pieces of organic matter replicating the human brain.

    That may seem crazy to you, but it must be doable. Our brain is but an example of it, one needs not a large chunk of such matter for the organic ‘computing device’ to have by far greater intelligence than any of our today’s supercomputers or an array of them.

    If you object thinking ‘how on earth could that chunk be kept alive’, well, today’s computers are run by electric current not unakin to the signalling of our brains even though the brain currents are minuscule compared to silicon based IC’s.

    The one thing one will have to add though is the amino acids that are the building blocks of all proteins including that of the brain. We crack this, and voila, we can indeed assemble robots that will beat us on intelligence, will not go on strike, mind the heat from climate change, and also reproduce themselves.

    Still, nobody can say what the future holds (if the Chinese got it right, and history seems to be backing them fully), we (the younger ones amongst us) will have to wait for the future Einstein to come along, shock us with a new discovery that may be totally unrelated to anything that has happened till now.

  135. John birch @ 06:23

    That he’s changed his mind matters not, John. The gate to the insanity has opened, the politicians got on the act, love it, will keep on milking it, nothing but a major disaster will turn the tide, however loudly James may shout.

    Mr. Lovelock wasn’t and still isn’t really a member of the diaspora of scientists defined by Thomas Huxley as men who display “common sense at its best, are rigidly accurate in observation, merciless to fallacy in logic.” If he were he would have never argued for the AGW.

  136. I have had the most enormous fun all morning on various chatboards winding up Jeremy Cobblers supporters. I simply preface myself with this remark:

    Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated, you Jeremy Cobblers fans?

    And then I quote this.


    “I get a call from an irritable Peter Mandelson. ‘Who agreed that there should be no campaigning this week?’ [Campaigning was been suspended in the wake of Jo Cox’s murder]. I tell him there was an agreement between Tom Watson and Downing Street.

    “Mandelson says: ‘You have been taken for an enormous ride. The Labour leadership never wanted to campaign. Now they have the perfect excuse not to do anything. I am furious! Corbyn and Watson want us to lose this referendum. Everyone needs to wake up.’”

    Somebody line me a new set of ribs. I’m going to die laughing at these politically illiterate Remainiacs. I intend to rub their nose in it every chance I get.

  137. Thick as mince, the lot of them!

  138. Noa – 14:03

    Is that the same “Peter Mullen” known occasionally to act as Mr Boot’s minder at public meetings? Reads like he’s been casting the occasional glance over Mr B’s jotter.
    Anybody know why he dropped the “Rev”? The muscular Mr Mullen hails from the Ian Paisley school of public speaking,if I remember correctly.

  139. Buster Bollocks was his name
    and poetry was his game
    he would swagger into town like he was it
    the mudder feeking sun of a bitch

    He could dance a good jig
    for he did not play a lot you see
    when the bullets came in flying
    he would love to dance with them

    Buster could be really kind
    he loved life and it’s wonders
    he was one of a no teller
    was Buster Bollocks, that feller

    Apologies Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris

  140. Testing – anybody at home?

  141. I am ,I felt quite lonely here .

  142. I’m here. Just putting the kettle on.

  143. The others must all be on a Saga bus trip to Cleethorpes. 🙂 Or at the Tory Conference, perhaps. 🙂 🙂

    Btw – looks like Nigel is on Trump’s payroll. Hope he has better luck with that than he did with UKIP.

    I suppose Melania and Ivanka are somewhat better company than Diana James, too.

  144. John Birch

    Thanks for the Lovelock links. Lovelock and Dellers in the same camp – now that’s an incongruous marriage of convenience – and a welcome one, to boot. Pity Steyn is otherwise engaged at the moment. Perhaps he’ll call the Gaia guru as a witness?
    Would love to read Steyn’s take on this development.

    Lovelock looks good for 97, doesn’t he? Hope for us all.

  145. Rally chaps.
    For the harbingers of doom.
    Hammond sounded just like strictly cum Ed Balls today as he knifed George Osborne.

  146. The National Review lines up its Big Bertha on the The Good Ship Donald Trump:

    A devastating broadside!

    His ‘Hillary would be horrible, but the Donald would be devastating’ rant is depressing. These political hacks are determined to bolster ‘the system’ (of which they are all a part) at any cost, including another four years of the Clinton/Obama regime.

    Sadly, his analysis of the Trump phenomenon is difficult to fault. Heads they win, tails we lose.

    Brace yourselves for either eventuality.

  147. This’ll cheer you up – a dose of Matthew in full flood:

    Always good to get back to basics. 🙂

  148. Rosh Hashanah : 5777 . Happy New Year.

    Shana Tova to AWK ; if she is still with us.

  149. Have they started arresting us. ???

  150. This from Breitbarts Nick Hallett

    The world’s biggest beer festival has recorded its lowest turnout for 15 years amid heightened security fears, while at the same time experiencing an increase in reported sex crimes.
    The Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany had around 5.6 million visitors this year, down 300,000 since last year and the lowest number since just after the September 11th 2001 terror attacks, according to FAZ.

    The drop in the number of attendees follows a series of attacks in the German state of Bavaria.

    In July, German-Iranian student David Ali Sonboly went on a shooting spree in Munich, killing nine people at a shopping centre before turning the gun on himself.

    In the same week, an Afghan migrant attacked a train in Würzburg with an axe, injuring at least four people, and a failed asylum seeker blew himself up at a bar in the town of Ansbach, injuring 12 people and killing himself.

    However, despite an overall fall in crime at the festival, the number of reported sex crimes increased this year from 21 to 31.
    The group “Safer Wiesn for Girls and Woman” also said 215 women came to security checkpoints for help this year compared to 197 last year, of whom 18 reported suffering violence.

    A number of large-scale public events have reported an increase in sexual assaults since the massive influx of migrants began entering Europe last year.

    The most notorious example was the New Year’s Eve attacks in the German city of Cologne, in which gangs of mainly North African migrants committed mass sexual assaults against women revellers.

    Police received over 1,500 complaints of sexual assault, mugging, pickpocketing and even rape, although it took the local government six months to admit the majority of perpetrators were recently arrived migrants.

    Figures showed that 70 per cent of the suspects had been in Germany for less than a year, despite repeated denial by authorities

  151. And this from the redoubtable Alexander:

    Get a PhD in sexual consent

    RapeOxford and Cambridge now put on compulsory consent classes designed to combat ‘the rape culture’. It’s good to see that traditional Western culture isn’t the only one these venerable universities now teach how to combat.

    Both institutions explain the urgent need for such education with the elegance and verve one has grown to expect from our elite universities.

    Thus Oxford: the classes promote “a decision-making framework which equips men to deal with complex gender situations and become agents of positive change within their universities, sports teams, social circles and broader communities.”

    Cambridge won’t be outdone: “The purpose is to bust myths about sexual violence, encouraging students to openly discuss sexual consent, signpost them to relevant organisations and individuals and to reinforce the importance of bodily autonomy.” As discrete from anatomy, take note.

    All that remains is for sexual consent to gain a full academic status, complete with advanced degrees awarded upon completion.

    Being shamefully ignorant of the current curriculum, I can only guess what it might be. However, on the basis of my vast experience in both consent and especially the lack thereof, I may be able to offer a few pointers on the possible areas to explore. For example:

    “You’re nicked, sunshine” isn’t what you want to hear after a night of love.

    No means no; it certainly doesn’t mean yes please.

    No may sometimes not mean no, but Help!!! always does.

    Yes doesn’t mean yes either, unless accompanied by a signed and duly certified release form.

    “Okay, I’ll do it but please don’t kill me” may sound like consent, but actually isn’t.

    The double Nelson isn’t an acceptable sexual variant.

    Neither is cold-cock.

    Strangulation holds belong in martial, not amorous, arts.

    So do strikes with elbows, open palms and fists.

    “Please, not on the face” refers to punches only, and what did you think?

    Assume that a girl who threatens to call the cops isn’t just playing hard to get.

    “I’ll cut you up, bitch,” isn’t a recommended chat-up line.

    Sometimes it’s hard to tell passionate gasps from cries for help, but you must learn how to do so.

    If it’s necessary to gag a girl, assume that no consent has been given.

    A girl who continues to weep throughout the act may or may not have consented – learn how to tell the difference.

    If you need a classmate to hold the girl down, assume she probably hasn’t consented.

    If it takes more than one classmate, she definitely hasn’t.

    If a girl is above the drink-driving limit (80 milligrammes of alcohol per 100 millilitres of blood, 35 microgrammes per 100 millilitres of breath or 107 milligrammes per 100 millilitres of urine), nothing she says or does must be construed as consent.

    Always have a breathalyser and a urinalysis kit within reach when planning to indulge in sexual activity.

    Since all men are potential rapists and all women are potential victims, make sure you don’t turn potentiality into reality.

    Rape is anything the woman says it is.

    Since sex even in a loving relationship is crypto-rape, the burden of proof that it isn’t is on you.

    Questioning the validity of this academic discipline ipso facto brands you as a rapist, making you liable to criminal prosecution.

    Please note that these rubrics are only brief outlines of the possible areas of scholarly inquiry, not their exhaustive summation. Each rubric opens up new horizons for which any inquisitive mind must reach to equip itself for survival in the intellectual and sensual rough-and-tumble of life – and also to avoid doing hard time in the company of other rapists.

    The academic discipline of consent closely interacts with adjacent subjects, such as political science. The overlap is almost complete, since in politics ‘consent of the governed’ increasingly gets to mean ‘consent of the screwed’.

    I presumptuously took it upon myself to offer suggestions on possible areas to explore. However, in writing this I’ve realised how far I myself still have to go to fulfil the Oxbridge academic requirements.

    One wonders if they’ll let me enrol in consent classes as a mature student. It’s never too late to learn.

  152. Frank P, October 3rd, 2016 – 19:15

    Re: Jonah Goldberg

    “Rectal ventriloquism” Phew, that really was a broadside!
    One would need the combined talents of Ray Alan and Joseph Pujol to pull that one off.
    I suppose being accused of being a rectal ventriloquist is a kind of a promotion when the most widely used pejorative for Donald is “Hitler II.”

    Mark Steyn has referred to the author, in the recent past, as “one of the few genuine stars at National Review”, although I’m not sure if their relationship has cooled since Goldberg went all wobbly at the knees over Climate Change last year.
    [ see: ]

    Goldberg’s opinion of Trump’s character and his conjectures about what a President Trump might or might not do may well be 100% right, but his piece his heavy on accusations and light on facts.

    Is it possible to honestly claim neutrality when one produces such a damming, arguably scurrilous, article on one candidate and totally ignore the criminal activities and the declared intentions of the other?

    “America can survive four years of Hillary Clinton, though those four years will be bad. Very bad. But America cannot survive if both parties reject the principles of limited government and constitutionalism, which would be the result of a “successful” Trump presidency or even most scenarios in which he’s a failed president.”

    I have questions here:

    1) Hasn’t the Republican party of recent times already thrown in the towel on “the principles of limited government and constitutionalism”?

    2) Can America really survive another four years of Clinton/Obama without a civil war?

    3) Has Jonah just signalled that he’s thrown in another towel?

    I dunno, just askin’

  153. News sources report that Diane James has resigned as Leader of UKIP.

  154. They can always tell us, on those rare occasions, when the terrorists are not muslim:
    FREE SPEECH CRACKDOWN: EU orders British press NOT to reveal when terrorists are Muslims

  155. It is no surprise at all. Posters on this site have known it for years!

    Intelligence expert warns thousands of ‘Muslim soldiers’ are ready to ‘ATTACK’ Europe

  156. “As a business man I have a responsibility to pay as little tax as possible”
    What dude can argue with that?
    So last night there were a few home truths:
    “To be honest with you,’ Pence said, turning to Kaine, ‘if Donald Trump had said all the things that you said he said – in the way you said he said them – he still wouldn’t have a fraction of the insults that Hillary Clinton leveled when she said that half of our supporters were a “basket of deplorables”.’

    I tell you Limeys that the thinkers over here are all deplorable.

  157. Oh and love to Andy.
    Or should it be condolences to his loved ones?

  158. Conservative radio host says that Mike Pence’s tactical victory in Tuesday’s debate could be transformed into a strategic victory for the Trump-Pence ticket, if Donald Trump adopts Pence’s ‘avalanche of insults’ dismissive defense against attacks from Clinton-Kaine.

    HUGH HEWITT: I listened to all of our previous experts, guest and friends, and everyone of them has either implicitly or explicitly declared Mike Pence the winner, and hands down.

    I would add to that simple litany of comparisons between the over-caffeinated Tim Kaine and very calm and patient Mike Pence, two strategic objections. Not only did he ratatat Hillary Clinton again and again on Russia, on Syria, Libya and on the server, but he confirmed Donald Trump’s exercise of judgment with selecting Mike Pence. And I would expect Donald Trump to say something like: ‘Did I not show you what the rest of my administration would be like? I brought along this very wonderful conservative calm fellow, and my 3,000 other appointees will be that way.’

    And more importantly, still, strategically… The ‘avalanche of insults’ commentary. That reframes the pattern of attack that has developed. And I expect you will hear, I hope you will hear Sunday, Donald Trump adopt that language about the ‘avalanche of insults’ language. ‘It just continues Secretary Clinton. It just continues, Hillary.’ That would turn a tactical victory –acknowledged by everyone on here– tonight by Mike Pence, a very solid one as Chris Matthews says for his career going forward, no matter what happens in November– into a strategic opening that Donald Trump could use.

    I would add when Hurricane Matthew hits us, if it hits us, the only thing we will remember is Mike Pence won. Tim Kaine lost.

  159. 10:15: Kaine having trouble defending Clinton’s Russian reset as the debate now turns to North Korea and Iran. Candidates are asked what they would do to prevent North Korea from developing a nuclear weapon capable of reaching the United States. Pence says we need to put more pressure on North Korea to de-nuclearize. He says when Trump is president, Russia will not invade Ukraine and China will not build island on the South China Sea and we will go back to “peace through strength”

  160. Peace through strength

    Get it

    Those in the US diaspora in England know what he means.

  161. I note the absence of Baron.

    May we all differ
    from redoubtable barons
    who thought themselves examples
    Of ‘survival of the fittest’
    as they made Our life less barren

    Apologies Saime Shriver

  162. Shana tova to all Jewish posters and readers.

  163. Time for a racist, zenophobic conspiracy rant on about immigration again.

    Mr Ahlund can take that and shove it up his unelected trumpet.

  164. Why Homer Simpson and his fellow middle class Americans will vote for Trump.

  165. Wonderful Damaris Tighe
    Stopped in to say hi!
    Or happy new year,
    Without a tear.

  166. RobertRetyred – 22:39
    “EU orders British press NOT to reveal when terrorists are Muslims”

    Having thought about this … thank (our) God we are leaving the EU!

    Not only is Freedom of Speech being denied, so is the Truth. It is unbelievable, but true! BBC policies won’t need to change though, will they?

  167. Ethnic Indian , muslim atheist , British born , blue-Tory , Raheem Kassam (Editor of Breitbart London) to stand as Leader Of UKIP.

    See Breitbart:

    And Mail (2014):

  168. Radford NG (19:40)

    Innnn-teresting! WTF is going on in this all round shake up in British politics? Would any of us, two years ago, have offered up today’s state of play? Bizarre. The smell of change is in the autumn air, but no cordite – so far!! It would be a brave soul who would prophesy the state of the nation Autumn 2018.

  169. Frank P – 19:56

    And what about the politics and finances across on the Continent? Tusk, Gibraltar, INTDWI so don’t report it in the papers, and Sharia Home Loans in Northern Britain, what is the World coming to?

    GERMAN FINANCIAL CHAOS: Deutsche downgrades Commerzbank as bosses cut nearly 10,000 jobs

    So, when Deutsche Bank lays off a few, or releases any sliver of bad news, what are Commerzbank going to do?

    And we have earthquake warnings for California and Tenerife, just to make the metaphor a reality!

    Maybe, like those Far Eastern ancient towers that just shake – and absorb all the energy – when there is an earthquake, our political infrastructure is ‘loosening up’ for the upheavals! 🙂

  170. I think the DM have taken the EU’s INTDWI command to heart already 🙂 :
    Police shoot ‘Arabic ex-soldier’ in the leg after he stabs two officers in Belgium’s ‘hotbed of jihad’ in suspected terror attack before Brussels train station is evacuated

  171. Does anyone know what reasonable is?

    ISIS calls on Islamists to carry out knife attacks in areas such as alleys, forests and quiet neighbourhoods and told to aim for ‘a reasonable kill count’ in latest magazine

  172. RobertRetyred – 23:27

    “The terror group made the call in the second edition of magazine Rumiyah, meaning Rome, which was issued by the organisation’s Al-Hayat Media Centre. ”

    We could ask the Pope.

  173. HGW exhumed and eviscerated, worms ‘n’ all:

    Our noble friend to note and opine, bitte. Monsieur

  174. Frank P @ 00:27

    Is the ‘noble friend’ the barbarian, Frank? Surely not. Still, here’s baron’s take on the piece.

    The omni-all one often puts forward any argument at such an abstract level that it becomes a nonsense.

    He says: “much as these regimes (fascist and communist, both totalitarian) may detest one another, they can always find a common ground. For example, the Second World War was started by Nazi-Soviet-fascist allies who at the time found it easy to reconcile their differences”.

    What about Winston’s Britain (later the Allies) reconciling their genuine differences, forming a united front against the Nazis?

    As for the rest, Baron can say nothing, he knows next to nothing about the man he kicks.

  175. Noa @ 15:30

    One cannot fail liking his shirt, Noa, what a snappy dresser he was.

  176. Radford NG @ 19:40

    The man to go for then, Radford, the barbarian will, he’s a member of the outfit.

  177. Noa @ 14:58

    The clip makes a point, Noa, and makes it rather well, that underpins the current rebellion, the support for Donald. Since the 80s, the wages in the Republic (and not only of the middle class) have stagnated, there’s been little improvement in the living standard of the unwashed, the younger generation got hit the hardest (hence the backing for Bernie).

  178. John Jefferson Burns @ 08:04

    Putin will not invade Ukraine whoever gets the job, John, he has enough on his plate to solve at home.

  179. Fergus Pickering @ 08:24

    No time for frivolities like blogging, Fergus, a big headache to get rid of for the barbarian.

  180. We’ll all be Hungary soon if the ‘let ‘em all in’ brigade don’t shut up
    Ninety-eight and a third just won’t do for the left-liberals appalled by Viktor Orban’s referendum victory
    Rod Liddle
    8 October 2016 9:00 AM

    The good people of Hungary went to the polls on Sunday and voted by more than 98 per cent against accepting even a few hundred migrants, as per the European Union’s insistence. That poll result must have been gravid with nostalgia for Magyars over the age of about 35. They will remember that sort of election result being de rigueur, rather than astonishing. Indeed, in 1985 the Hungarian Socialist Workers Party succeeded in capturing 98.8 per cent of the popular vote — and even this was a bit of a disappointment, because in 1980 it had pulled in 99.3 per cent. On both occasions the ruling party was aided, of course, by the lack of an alternative on the ballot paper. And indeed by the sort of state thuggery and oppression for which left wing politicians and journos in this country were frequent apologists.

    Speaking of which, the Guardian newspaper took a long hard look at the Hungarian referendum result, pursed its lips, nodded its head and wrote the following introductory sentence to its in depth analysis: ‘The Hungarian prime minister has failed to convince a majority of his population to vote in a referendum on closing the door to refugees, rendering the result invalid and undermining his campaign for a cultural counter revolution within the European Union.’

    I have to tell you that this does not quite do it for me, as an up sum (as we say in the trade) of that vote. It seems to miss out the fairly interesting 98 per cent figure. But then, the same newspaper was not terribly convinced by our own referendum result and worried about the closeness of the margin and the almost incredible fact that some Leave politicians may have lied during the campaign. What margin of victory would keep them happy, I wondered at the time? Not even 98 per cent would seem to be the answer.

    Left liberals take a very selective view of democracy, don’t they? If I had won a referendum with more than 98 per cent of the vote and almost half the electorate voting, I’d feel pretty pukka — as did Hungary’s prime minister, the newish bête noir of pro Euro liberals now Farage is off the scene, Viktor Orban. As he pointed out, the lack of a 50 per cent turnout scarcely diminishes the mandate, either morally, or — given Orban’s parliamentary majority — in practice.

    If the same question had been put to the citizens of EU member states beyond Hungary, my guess is the results would not be quite so overwhelming. Probably ranging from something like 60 per cent against in the most refugee friendly countries, such as Sweden and France, to the late seventies in the likes of Greece, Slovakia and Poland. I’ve based those guesstimates on recent opinion polls from the countries concerned. So, not quite the hostility to the policy you would find in Györ or Debrecen, but still a massive majority opposed to more migrants.

    More interesting than the figures themselves are the changes which have occurred in the west of Europe in the space of one year. In 2015 a majority of Swedes were still convinced that migrants had made their country a better place in which to live, a sort of vibrant and exciting smorgasbord of quite the most wonderful little people, lightening their drab Nordic lives with their exuberant customs and their noble poverty.

    They have latterly changed their minds, having suddenly realised that some elements of the smorgasbord have turned out to be ever so slightly rapey, and other bits blow themselves up just as you’re putting them in your mouth. The trend, across Europe, is all in one direction. There is now widespread aversion to the notion of unlimited migration and also simply to more migration.

    As is ever the case with liberals, it is the sudden onset of reality which has fundamentally altered their mindset. It can be a bit of a bugger, reality. And remarkably, this change has occurred despite the continual hectoring from both national and EU politicians and the vilification and indeed persecution of politicians or political parties who dare to voice opposition to the ‘let ’em all in’ policy, as we have seen with Poland and Hungary. You would guess that the feeling against migration, and migrant quotas, will continue to build until all countries are not terribly distant in their views from those of the Hungarians. Last year it was ‘Je Suis Charlie!’ Next year it might well be ‘Magyar Vagyok!’

    Meanwhile, over here the shrieking continues. At the Labour party conference, Diane Abbott claimed that the Brexit vote had led to the widespread beating up of foreigners, which of course it has not. She also said that people opposed to the free untrammelled movement of people across the EU simply didn’t like looking at foreigners. This is an epic misjudgment of both the truth and the reasons for which voters wish migration to be, at the least, rigorously controlled.

    The reality is that — as Fraser Nelson has pointed out here before — there has been vanishingly little in the way of hostility towards incomers, no matter where they may have arrived from. And the opinion polls support this thesis. Lord Ashcroft’s poll, not long after our own referendum, revealed that there was no animus whatsoever against the migrants per se from Leave voters, simply a genuine worry about the sheer weight of numbers coming in and the probable inability of our infrastructure to cope.

    People are not so stupid as Diane Abbott thinks them to be: in fact, they are rather less stupid than Diane Abbott. She is one of those Remainers who seems to yearn not only for calamitous financial news, of which there has been absolutely none, but also for inter ethnic strife — simply so that she can be proved right. But it is very hard to remember a single occasion on which she has ever been right, about anything. And she certainly isn’t right now.

  181. John birch October 6th, 2016 – 05:25

    Liddle describes what I have long thought of as the “anti-gene” that seems to exist within the brains of all leftists. 98% win the vote and they will be drawn to the 2% who lost. 48% turnout and they will be drawn to the 52% who didn’t vote – and make up all sorts of imaginative desires for them. After the EU referendum Lammy insisted that those who didn’t vote wanted to remain in the EU.

    It’s the gene that draws Corbyn and McDonnell to the IRA, and the Argie cause for the Falklands, and to any other enemy of Britain.

    A young man on QT coined another, better term for it. Socialist Delusion Disorder. He suggested that it needed to become a recognised mental disorder and I agree. Perusal of the Guardian articles reveals the extent of the sheer barminess that has come to be accepted as a mainstream political position. The ghastly Zoe Williams of that Journal of Socialist Delusion thinks spitting at political opponents is ok:-

    “The fact that some people spit and throw eggs… actually I think there is a kind of persistent exclusion from some voices in the debate and you cannot blame people for ultimately becoming quite angry. I really don’t have a problem with it.”

    Socialist voices are not excluded at all, let alone persistently. They seem to be permanently on the platform at the BBC and very loud in their declamations of protest. And she wouldn’t be so relaxed about it if the targets were her socialist comrades. UKIP’s Diane James is assaulted and spat at in public just months after the murder of Jo Cox but you could hear a pin drop. Suddenly the targeting of politicians, the violence against women is disregarded. A lefty troll asked primly “Did she report it to police?”. Did Jo Cox report her own murder to police? Should we only be concerned by violent attacks when they are reported to police?

    Socialists have brought madness to Britain. The supposed iniquities of the things they rail and wail against pale into insignificance compared to the deep damage that Socialist Delusion Disorder has wreaked on British society. The problem is that having effectively become the establishment there is no one left to express to them the public disgust that they deserve.

  182. Colonel Mustard – 09:47

    “Socialist Delusion Disorder” is a brilliant way of describing it!

    It renders them impervious to attack by fact based arguments, history, and the hypocrisy of their own actions. “Their” underbelly can sometimes be vulnerable depending upon their degree of indulgence in sleaze and financial impropriety. However, the more accomplished ones like the Clintons appear to be impervious to that too.

    I recently tried the tactic of quizzing, quite innocently I thought, an acquaintance of mine, a watermelon turned Labour councillor, about their expenses. They instantly coloured up whilst appearing to levitate from their chair.
    RESULT! 🙂

  183. Baron 03.42

    Indeed Baron,
    I have several similar shirts which I wear now that I no longer have to conform to the requirements of the business world.
    I also like to wear loudly coloured trousers and jackets, scarlet being my favourite colour. I see absolutely no reason why dressing gayly should be the sole province of the SDD, LGBT, Wierdlst and Insane ‘communities’.

  184. Colonel Mustard 09.47

    It’s interesting that a counter culture and language are developing as an alternative to the socialist dog whistles and soundbites created by the Gramscis and Campbells of the left.
    As yet there is no one widely recognised counter for the accused by the Pavliks to the thought crime of ‘racist’, though traitor is generally my first countering instinct.

  185. An excellent follow up to Liddle’s piece, Colonel.

    SDD, eh? Suggest immediate ratification for inclusion in The Wall’s acronymic lexicon. Thanks to John Birch for pasting the whole Liddle essay.

    As I’m being regularly emailed by The Spectator to renew my subscription, with samples to tittilate me, I was able to read this lively piece from Daniel McCarthy:

    Hopeful renaissance, or clutching at straws?

    Are things improving at the Speccie? Seems a few of their columnists may be growing up – at last!

  186. Frank.
    Speccie columnists growing up? I’ll believe that when I read it, and after they have fired Mathew Paris and Tanya Gold.

  187. Baron 0356
    It is because he has a lot on his plate at home that he needs to interfere in Ukraine.
    Love to Andy.

  188. Noa 1049
    Nothing at all wrong with loud clothes, as long as they come with crocodile boots and a Stetson.

  189. The Spectator carries a piece saying the battle of Aleppo is the worst atrocity ever, the Russians are the culprits, the Americans want nothing but a peaceful solution, a deal, an accommodation (without Assad though), Baron keeps needling the one who penned it, those who believe only Putin’s to blame, the guard dogs keep censoring him.

    It’s beyond a joke as one of the postings says: ‘Hi, defenders of the freedom of expression’, but is also awaiting moderation, the irony being that in the same issue of the rag Fraser answers John Cleese, who favours regulation, staunchly defending the freedom of expression.

    One couldn’t make it up, could one?

  190. Colonel Mustard @ 09:47

    SDD should definitely enter into every day vocabulary, Colonel, it has a tint of sexual malady attached to it, the letter ‘s’ does it, which perfectly couples the obsession of the age (you look at front covers of the glossies, Baron guarantees you the word sex will be on all of them, in every issue) with the depressingly debilitating dreariness of the behaviour of the progressive phylum.

  191. Noa @ 10:49

    How heroic of you, Noa, the barbarian preferred colour is that favoured by the old Ford of the Ford car dynasty – he can wear any colour as long as it’s black (or shades of it), that’s the edict of the boss (not of the car company unfortunately), arghhh

  192. The EU gets a new Border Force, a first step to the creation of an EU Armed Forces.

    It’s only a guess, but Baron reckons the force is Germany’s attempt to counterbalance the US military. More and more people in Germany are beginning to resist the presence of the American troops on German soil (in Japan, or rather in Okinawa, the resentment is by far more vocal and determined), the Americans may go for it, it saves them money, frees them to move into the Far Eastern zone, to confront China more powerfully, the Germans will control it as they control the EU. We were the only large member of the EU to oppose it, there’s nothing to stop it now.

  193. Some reports in the East European MSM suggest Assad and his allies (Russia amongst them) are making noticeable progress in taking over eastern Aleppo, the Americans are conspicuously quiet about it. It suggests to Baron they may be planning a false flag operation, something so big ‘the international community’ will get sick of the Russian behaviour, will plead with the neocons to teach them a lesson, go for a non-fly zone, possibly use tactical nukes in Syria ….

    What’s the bet there will be something akin to MH17 before the counting day in the Republic?

  194. Noa, Baron,

    You could alway buy one on these….
    …as worn by my favourite rocket scientist.

    The #shirtstorm pattern of course.
    A bit pricey though…

  195. It says something about the state of political corruption in Britain that Baroness Sham can be appointed as the Shadow Attorney General without the slightest hint of shame or embarrassment.

    She will follow in the footsteps of that other bastion of impartiality, the former DPP Starmer, now a Labour MP, who was sustained in his role of politicising the CPS and undermining the rule of law by none other than Dominic Grieve, a supposed Conservative Attorney General. Grieve had even complained about Starmer’s lack of impartiality and unwarranted outspokenness in the left wing political cause before coming into government and then done absolutely nothing about it when in government. All lawyers together, dontcha know. The Brotherhood of the Bar must come before anything as vulgar as politics. Starmer saw you coming Grieve and no doubt charmed the not so inner wet out of you.

    One wonders how many more potential Labour party ministerial recruits are lurking in the corridors of unelected power and taxpayer funded privilege. And they join a party which has removed the mask and revealed its beating communist heart. The tradition of Burgess and Maclean lives on.

  196. Colonel Mustard – 19:30

    What about the new Shadow Home Secretary: the ex? 🙂

  197. … girl friend, that is!

  198. EC @ 17:46

    To be seen in any these creations would be unthinkable for the barbarian, EC, the naked flesh would be the alternative, even though that’s pretty unseemly, too, let Baron tell you.

  199. Where the hell is our resident poet, does he not know the poetry day is with us today, a national one at that? We should be all reciting our favourite rhymes, getting sentimental (or not), exploring the hidden meaning of verses that have none, generally fooling around.

    Here’s Baron’s entry (not his though, but one he remembers).

    A usage that seldom gets right/is when to say $hit and when $hite/and many a chap/fall back on crap/which is vulgar, evasive and trite.

  200. There was a young man
    from Bombay
    Who took a ship to china
    one day.
    He was tied to the tiller
    With a sex starved gorrilla:
    And China’s a bloody long way.


    Andy Car Park, May 17th, 2012 – 10:26

    There was an old pervert called Fergus
    Whose kink was to dress up in burqas
    And his nubile habibi
    Was a schoolgirl called Phoebe
    Who wrote poems calculated to irk us

  202. There was a young maid from Aberystwith,
    Who took grain to the mill to make grist with,
    The millers son jack, Laid her flat on her back,
    And united the organs they pissed with.

  203. Not that this fits the poetry day exactly, but the lyrics do make sense, trace the barbarian’s journey through the ups and downs of what’s called life, seem amazingly appropriate for the shack he currently inhabits (and it will definitely wake you up, if you’re dozing off):

  204. OK, Stephen’s ahead, but only because to say it requires alot of skill, no?

  205. Hartlepool Council Bi-election
    UKIP 42.2% (+42.2)
    Lab 25.3 (-17.7)
    Con 4.1 (-14)

    Labour holds up elsewhere.

  206. Our prerogatives as men
    Will be cancelled who knows when;
    Still I drink you health before
    The gun-butt raps on the door.

    Louis MacNeice ; `Postscript to Iceland`: to W H Auden.

    Unfortunately I can not find any more of this on line.

  207. May not be very sexy
    Yet I need you to keep me warm
    Thin yet lightweight
    Hides my hairy chest
    Every winter I cuddle up to you
    Really snug
    Makes me all cosy
    Available in many styles and colours
    Lovely next to my skin
    Vital in this chilly weather
    Extra layer of clothing
    Silk ones are the ultimate in comfort and warmth
    Thermal vest I love you

    Jan Allison

  208. EC

    Thanks for the tip.

    Are the tattoes compulsory?

  209. Once Fergus, while dining at Crewe
    Found an elephant’s whang in his stew.
    Said the waiter, “Don’t shout,
    And don’t wave it about,
    Or the others will all want one too.

  210. Noa et al, you have been sussed

    ” I am willing to venture a hypothesis about poets and politics, or at least to adapt a hypothesis from a passage in Marx’s Contribution to the Critique of Political Economy. In the preface to that ponderous work, Marx claims, “it is not the consciousness of men that determines their existence, but, on the contrary, their social existence that determines their consciousness.” Poets are no more an exception to this rule than stockbrokers. This is true with regard to their widespread sense (not generally shared by politicians) that poetry and politics are intertwined, and of their general leftishness, too: both can be explained by the position poets tend to inhabit in society.”

    Archambeau The Potry Society

  211. Leavers want it hard

    “…Almost every sane, normal person in the country at large has enormous respect for our serving men and women. It’s a brave and selfless thing to trade in your Playstation and Mum’s home cooking for a uniform, military discipline and the real prospect of having your legs blown off in a flyblown land where diarrhoea is a way of life.
    What kind of deranged, sadistic, unpatriotic tosser would you have to be to send such people to fight for their country not only with their arms tied behind their backs (in terms of rules of engagement) but, worse, to allow ambulance-chasing lawyers (often representing either lying gold-diggers or murderous terrorists) to pursue them through the courts once they got home?”

  212. Romano Verdi October 7th, 2016 – 08:16

    Absolute tripe.

    Rudyard Kipling.

  213. Sir Rudyard Kipling
    Poet Laureate and Nobel Prize winner.
    An exception to the usual run of poets who are Lilly liverered liberals and often alcoholic.
    Mind you Sir Rudyard was beaten into it by his brutal foster mother Mrs Holloway.

  214. Just what is wrong with Steven Woolfe. They said he had a normal scan but they are keeping him in hospital.
    Does all this give Suzanne Evans a free run?

  215. I see that “evil and sick” Hillary booked a large block of ad time on the Weather Channel during Hurricane Matthew.

  216. Meanwhile Bill jets into Haiti to spend Clinton foundation money on Hurricane relief.

  217. Frank P,

    Here’s Paul Joseph Watson with a video which might give some comfort to dedicated determinists and credulous creationists alike 😉

    Dawkins won’t like it, though. 🙂

  218. EC (14:55)

    Well, I guess it’s no more or less credible than all the other leaps in the dark. Perhaps if we can crack the codes we will be able to switch roles and choose our futures? Look foward to that. Who would you like to be at this moment in time?

    And why hasn’t the progammer conjured up an exploding dildo for the Clinton bitch?


  219. Romano Verdi ((11:48)

    Looks like he shat amd fell back into it. Daft buggers!

  220. President Putin’s 64th birthday (b.1952).

    A Russian movie cartoon on Syria. I’m not sure of its provenance but it seems to say KGB. There is a link to KremlinRussia (Russian President).

  221. 🙂 🙂 🙂 et 🙂
    ‘It’s time to STOP this propaganda’ Marine Le Pen SLAPS DOWN BBC journalist over Brexit

  222. There was a young vicar of Kent
    Whose tool was exceedingly bent.
    To save himself trouble
    He shoved it in double
    And instead of coming he went,

  223. Well, don’t you know:

    Experts said Arctic sea ice would melt entirely by September 2016 – they were wrong
    “Dire predictions that the Arctic would be free of sea ice by September of this year have proven to be unfounded after latest satellite images showed there is far more ice now than in 2012.”

  224. So The Donald boasts to a Hollywood insider that pretty women fall over you if you’re rich snd famous and that he has taken advantage of that situation. No doubt he’ll be the first womanizer ever ever to be POTUS – except for all the others. And the Clinton bitch thinks he’s unfit to occupy the Oral Office?? Bwaaahahahaha.

    Meanwhile a shitload of transcripts of her private speeches to Wall Street wheeler-dealers were released today.

    The campaign script-writers can rip up their briefs and start again – 48 hours to clean up the shit. Oh dearie me!

  225. Vis-a-vis Hungary’s referendum, what all Western news outlets, including The Spectator (which ran some very nasty anti-Orban articles after the vote) seem to not tell you is this: Why was the vote below quorum?

    Simple. The poll was rigged. How so? The opposition parties all knew they would lose the vote to Orban so their campaign was to ask their supporters not to vote, thereby invalidating the result.

    Turnout in such elections is usually somewhere around 60%. Even Brexit, which had a massive turnout, was only circa 70%. So by campaigning not to vote in Hungary they reduced the voting numbers to a point that invalidated the poll.

    I have seen no mainstream British media outlet explain that – yet again – an EU poll was rigged.

  226. Have you ever seen so many deluded people as Theresa May’s supporters? I thought Jeremy Cobblers had the monopoly on brain-dead evangelical support, but the level of delusion about Chairman May exceeds even that.

    The Daily Mail has been like Pravda all week and their idiot readers have lapped it up.

    At the end of the week, after all the hot air spouted by May (and which the Daily Mail sheep believe) came the small print: THERE WILL BE NO BREXIT.


    We might have to compromise on migration, says Hammond because access to the single market is as important as controlling movement

    – The Chancellor said ministers could compromise on free movement
    – He emphasised the importance of retaining access to single market

    This has been explained a thousand imes and more.It was most recently explained by Jacob Rees Mogg on Question Time a week or two ago (it’s on YouTube).

    As Rees Mogg explained, saying ‘Britain will stay in the single market’ is code for saying ‘Britain will not leave the EU’.

    It is that simple.

    You are either in or out of that single market (and everything that goes with it, including border controls). Chairman May has made it clear this week. Britain is not leaving the EU. Not while she is prime minister.

  227. Everything Chairman May has done this week is a copybook exercise of Gordon Brown and David Cameron’s first six months.

    Brown and Cameron: The days if Blairite spin are over.

    May: The days of Cameron spin are over.

    Both Brown and Cameron had the usual makeover about a caring sharing society. Remember Dave’s Big Society? Pass the sickbag, Alice.

    Chairman May’s version of that is: it’s about doing something, not being someone – or whatever the bloody soundbite was.

    She is Britain’s Mrs Merkel. She is the most spun politician since Blair, who – like Merkel – poses as being unspun and real.

    Six years of conniving in the Home Office – all glossed over. We used to call this a track record. You only needed to see her in that job for six months to know she was a spiv.

    How many ruddy times have we got to live through this? It’s like Groundhog Day. I repeat the Peter Hitchens headlie: You voted for a revolution. What you got was a Blairite robot.

  228. Trump has the prerfect riposte to this coarse ‘locker-room’ badinage shtick:

    “What kinda person records a private coarse exchange about compliant bimbos, between an alpha male strutting his stuff on a crew bus and a journo who is part of a production crew – then stores it in a sordid little cache for a decade, in the hope that one day it could be sold as currency or used as a weapon for blackmail?”

    Answer – a sneaky ahole from the Democratic party, of course.

    I’d bet a pound to a pinch of shit that the same douchebag has a tape of Trump’s loud flatulation in the bus ‘bathroom’ followed by a ribald remark about the Good Ship Venus and the first mate’s name being Carter.

    The mind boggles when one thinks of the possibilities that could have been captured from the ladies’ powder-room when Hitlery and her delegation of dykes were discussing the attributes or shortcomings of the sexual performance of the opposite gender.

    When the feministas have used up all their smelling salts, perhaps someone may point out the hypocrisy of this garbage – and the content of the transcripts of her cosy chats with the Wall Street bwankers. 🙂 🙂

    Whichever way this election comes down, the rest of us are well and truly cattled.

  229. It’s impossible to say who will win in the US. Political correctness has made Trump supporters social pariahs so there are many Shy Trumpers who will not admit to voting for him in public. That makes all polls unreliable.

    The advantage US citizens have is that the worst they face is being socially ostracised. The US simply does not have thought police in the way the UK does, because of the constitutional right to free speech. In the UK free speakers face the risk of criminal prosecution.

    Free speech will never happen in the UK. And if anyone from the US is savvy enough to try to visit the UK to spread the word, like Pamela Geller or Michael Savage, they will find Chairman May blocks their entrance, while she herds in jihadists by the thousands.

    Am I wrong in thinking this, but even the Continent seems to have free speech in away that is outlawed in the UK?

    I am so sick of Theresa May and her nauseating Mrs Merkel tribute act.

  230. The most frightening appointment of the week was Baroness Chakrabarti to the post of shadow attorney general.

    An unelected politician (naturally!), she holds an extremely important post, where even if she is not in office, she can push an agenda. Chakrabarti intends to finish the job she started in Liberty and later in the Leveson inquiry: the total abolition of free speech on the internet.

    The political class are collectively cock-a-hoop at her appointment. If anyone knows how to railroad the abolition of free speech and the imprisonment of anyone who criticises You Know What, it’s Shameless Chakrabarti. A Common Purpose alumni for a Common Purpose political class. Chakrabarti and May are peas in a pod – they want to criminalise the views of people like Pamela Geller and Michael Savage.

  231. Jeano – 09:31
    It does sound like a poorly thought out criterion. I wouldn’t call it rigged, unless the 50% threshold was a new requirement. Was it?

    Jeano – 09:43
    It sounds more like Philip Hammond is being ‘very cautious’, not May, and he is the CoE, she the PM. Brexit supporters are pleased that the referendum went their way, and that Theresa May is making encouraging signs, though I think ‘supportive, but very wary’ would be a better description of their mood. She is taking things slowly, which is the path to take, even if it is only because so much is unravelling on the Continent. Cameron left a vacuum, so time was required to fill it. July/August is no time to initiate a big policy that has nothing to do with a lack of rain. Keep your powder dry: we may need it! 🙂

    “Chairman May has made it clear this week. Britain is not leaving the EU.”
    Tell us all, where does she say that?

    Jeano 8th, 2016 – 09:50
    Many, including those on ConHome, are not that happy with some of the PM’s initiatives. Some are not happy with the initiatives themselves, and others think that they will require effort that should be used to ensure Brexit is completed. But hey, we have come closer to Brexit. While the Government are busy doing the unseen stuff, we need to recooperative and prepare, ready to fight the next battle in which we can engage.

    I saw a quote that said something like, “give up trying to get the (perfectly) right people into power (which we can’t until the next set of elections), instead, ensure that whoever is in power does the right thing. That means being supportive when things go our way, and make vocal intelligent criticism when they they don’t.

  232. Jeano – 11:35
    “The most frightening appointment of the week was Baroness Chakrabarti to the post of shadow attorney general.”

    … though the new Home Secretary does run it a close second!

    Hopefully, it will mean that Labour will be even less likely to win at a GE, but it does put the pressure on the other parties to perform.

  233. I meant:

    … though the new Shadow Home Secretary does run it a close second!

    But then again ….

  234. Darling Diane Abbott and Shameless Chakrabarti – both of them educating their sons at private schools. Chakrabarti was caught trying to gt her son into Eton. He went to sit the entrance exam there!

    What a pair! They are pure box office poison. As popular as rabies on their own and as for together!

    Theresa May makes clear her intent by what she omits to say. The UK is either in or out of the single market and all that it means (ie, control of borders). She has talked and talked and talked for months, but when it finally comes to putting flesh on the bone (she lets underlings be the bearers of bad news – in this case, Philip Hammond) leaving the single market is off the menu.

  235. Peter Hitchens has speculated as to how we will all be cheated out of Brexit. He thinks there will be an engineered financial crisis to frighten voters into accepting a fake Brexit ie, no control of borders.

    Others are thinking along the same lines. This popped into my in-tray this morning:


  236. Jeano – As you say, it’s speculation, so we need to wait until something happens, and then we can comment.

  237. Some old Peter Hitchens musings, but worth re-reading after the week we’ve just had. What follows below is a quote from Peter Hitchens’ blog. He starts off by quoting from The Guardian and then offers his analysis:

    “John Kerry (who, like the rest of the US establishment was appalled by our vote – the USA was the party most determined to keep us in the EU) made no pretence of neutrality:

    ’The US secretary of state has raised doubts about whether Brexit will ever happen, suggesting most leave campaigners do not truly believe in Britain’s divorce from the EU and do not know how to achieve it.

    ‘Claiming there were a number of ways in which Thursday’s vote could be “walked back”, John Kerry, who visited Downing Street on Monday, said David Cameron was loath to invoke article 50, the EU exit procedure.

    ‘He said the British prime minister felt powerless to “start negotiating a thing that he doesn’t believe in” and “has no idea how he would do it”.

    “Well, how powerful does Mrs May feel in negotiating a thing she also doesn’t believe in, which her Cabinet doesn’t believe in, which her civil and diplomatic service and judiciary don’t believe in, and which the bulk of the media don’t believe in either.

    “‘Brexit is Brexit’ really isn’t much use here. It’s an Alice in Wonderland sort of statement, or even a ‘Through the Looking Glass’ one – Chairman May does increasingly remind me of the Red Queen, much bustle and speed, no visible achievement. For ist corollary is that the statement works just as well the other way round.

    “By this I mean (readers of ‘Alice’, that great politico-philosophical tract will know) that the second of the two ‘Brexits’, that is, whatever Chairman May comes up with at the end of whatever now happens, will replace the first ‘Brexit’ – the vague, ill-formulated yearning for national independence and border control which won the referendum for the ‘Leave’ campaign back in June.

    “As for David Davis, the only real shark in Chairman May’s lagoon, he is mainly occupied fending off his rivals, Liam Fox and Boris Johnson. Both Mr Davis and Mr Fox know that they are dead men on leave, appointed because they agree with the voters and disagree with the government.

    “They have no real support from No 10 or the Treasury, let alone from the civil service or the diplomatic service.

    “The Parliamentary lobby, the journalists licensed to write about politics and to receive and process targeted unattributable leaks aimed at damaging Downing Street’s foes and boosting its friends, are power-worshippers. They will inevitably take their cue from Chairman May’s Downing Street media operation.

    “The Johnson-Fox-Davis trio are expected and intended to fail, and will get all the help they need to fail, from Chairman May and her allies.”

  238. A more recent Hitchens cutting:

    “Before long it will be clear that either we exit the EU single market and take our chances, or do a deal under which we stay, more or less, under Brussels rule. [THAT IS THE LITMUS TEST OF BREXIT]

    “France wouldn’t be able to bully a British government committed to departure, backed by a parliamentary majority.

    “Such a government could be genuinely tough in talks, because it had a real, much desired aim.

    “But this lot? As Winston Churchill said of a similarly soggy Cabinet in 1936, they are ‘decided only to be undecided, resolved to be irresolute, adamant for drift, solid for fluidity’.”

  239. I see echoes of the pre-Brexit media onslaught in the latest attacks on Trump. Who remembers the opinion polls about a month before the vote that put Remain vastly ahead. After the event, the real polling data was made available. Remain had never been in the lead since February.

    Those polls were being rigged as if to say: ‘This Leave thing, it really is beyond the pale. You’re not a weirdo Leaver, are you?’ Knock the wind out of the Leavers before they get up a head of steam. It happens all the time.

    We have seen similar polls suggest Trump is miles behind. Only for the polls to later adjust and become closer. I don’t believe in these whipsaw opinion polls. I think they were rigging some of them to put Trump miles behind and again say: ‘These Trumpers are weird losers. You’re not a weird loser, are you?’

    Well, Hillary seems to have some brown knickers on because she is asking for an extended voter registration in Florida. It’s a bit like Dave’s extended voter registration in the pre-Brexit. Someone’s private polling is looking worrying, eh, Hillary?

    And then this tape. The tape is nowhere near as important as the faked reaction to it. It is a co-ordinated MSM attempt to say: ‘Look, he’s got to go. He cannot go on the ballot.’

    Hang on. If this tape is so damning that Trump is on course to lose, why ask for him to step down?

    It very much looks like the Democrats’ private polling is showing a Trump win and that before it gets to that stage, they’re going to get their friends in Big Media to take Trump down with a an ‘oh, he’s just beyond the pale’ co-orindated smear fest.

    Something similar was used against Andrea Leadsom in the Tory leadership campaign. And when you’re not used to it, the pressure can make people stand down.

    He said what? What did he say? She said what? What did she say? I smell fear. We all know now how popular Brexit really was in the private polls pre-vote. We know Leadsom was polling above May before she faced a media onslaught and lost her nerve. Don’t lose your nerve, Trump. Survive this and I think it’s in the bag.

    Someone is wearing squidgy brown knickers.

  240. Good grief. I had seen stories in the week about Tony Blair making a return to British politics, but I read now that people think he will set up an alternative to Corbyn. He has money and he has access to backers with money.

    This is extremely worrying. Blair’s return would be for one reason alone: the EU.

    I am worried by this because now that we have proof positive that Corbyn sabotaged the Remain campaign, I have been using these clippings on chatboards to ask Corbyn supporters if they will read these snippets and listen to their idol. What I am saying to them is this. If you will not listen to anyone else about how wicked the EU is and if you want smear everyone who dislikes it as a racist, will you listen to your hero, Jeremy Corbyn?

    At this point, faced with this contradiction in their position – and to my astonishment – they turn on Corbyn, not the EU.

    At this point, they start wailing and wanting David Miliband (whom they formerly hated for supporting the Iraq war and being a Blairite). This is not what I expected. I expected – at some stage – that the Remainiacs would calm down. It’s over. Their own leader has asked for Article 50 to be invoked. Drop it.

    But, oh no. Egged on, every day of the week by The Guardian and the BBC, all they think of every day is their wretched, failing EU. I did not think that the EU would trump Corbyn in their hierarchy of importance, but they are like hornets.

    Blair’s name may be mud, but these Remainiacs are so pathological in their support of a failing, corrupt and evil empire that they will forgive even him if he is promising to put the EU back on the agenda.

    Wretched Remainac zombies. Go away!

  241. Midst the hype and hypocritical bullshit that has permeated the airwaves and intertubes for the past 24 hours or so, let’s restore a little sanity and perspective:

    Thank you Gerard.

    Stick to the transcripts Donald; don’t try to retrieve the irretrievable. You were set up and fell for it. Swallow it and move on. No more “Bill was worse!” Just hammer HER for what SHE is – the most corrupt bitch ever to enter and prevail in the field of politics. Warn the punters – four more years of unadulterated Alinsky inspired socialism, Obama squared. Globalism facilitated. Promise to appoint Rudy G and Chris Christie as an avenging team to indict the Clinton Mob and all on their payroll.
    Its long overdue. Do what Comey should have done but was intimidated into not doing. Wonder what they had on him – or was it promises as to the future? As for you NEVER TRUMP GOP wankers: get a grip FFS! Pseudo-sanctimonious shit-bags, to a man (and woman). Don’t miss this chance to bring down the House of Cards.
    Just imagine the entertainment value of Trump in the Oval Office.

  242. PETER HITCHENS: This isn’t a revolution – it’s New Labour in a blue frock

    “Now there’s a new collective delusion, that Theresa May is the new Margaret Thatcher. Actually she’s the new Harriet Harman. I’ve charted her embrace of political correctness here over many years.”

    The Harriet Harman comparison is not a joke. Every syllable on this website (and every other UK website is monitored, not to search for jihadis – who went offline years ago (vis-a-vis non-digital killings such as Lee Rigby’s) – but to see whether one of us can be hauled off to jail on a thought crime. Which free speech hater put the Snooper’s Charter through Parliament? Mummy May.

    It’s never the enemy you should fear. It’s the traitor.

    These things are made real by Theresa May’s vilification and censorship of people like Pamela Geller and Michael Savage, these are people I read. It is a hatred of free speech. Her sly manoeuvring to raise immigration while pretending she was against it. And her nasty, secret deal with Saudi Arabia. I will not get on board her bus, but I will shout from the rooftops to warn others she is taking them for a ride. A leopard does not change its spots, even when it is on a PM’s ‘fxxx-me’ shoes, as Jeremy Paxman once described May’s footwear.

  243. Beautiful Autumn weather!
    Out all day yesterday, going to be out all day today and, if it stays the same, out again again tomorrow! Thinking about adopting either another dog or another motorbike. Any advice?

  244. Jeano

    It was Germaine Greer, not Jeremy Paxman who originated that apt moniker for her. Other than that, couldn’t agree more.

  245. EC

    Gather ye winter rosebuds while ue may … the reperussions of Matthew are imminent; that is to say both the Hurricane and the prognostications of the Saint.

    Can’t have you getting too complacent, now.

  246. @RobertRetyred 8th, 13:41


  247. EC
    My son has a Ducati Supersport S which is hairy. As for a dog I hanker after another Springer.

  248. .Jeano (11:53)

    Heh, heh, heh.

    And arising from that link – another, which probably sums up the feelings of most ant–leftists:

    “Make America Grope Again!” – Excellent!

  249. Surprise Poll Finds Vast Majority Of Republican Voters Support Trump After “Lewd Comments”

    Dream the dream, folks. If we get this, it’s bigger than Brexit.

    It really dos smack of Panama Dave’s speech on the steps of Downing Street about two days before 23 June when he looked down the lens and said: ‘think of your children and grandchildren’ in the most dishonest, sanctimonious speech of that entire campaign. ‘Think of your children and grandchildren’ – translation, the private polling is terrible and I want to throw your kids under the bus while I protect Nancy, Euan and Florence. Panama Dave was lower than a snake’s navel to talk about other people’s kids purely because he was touching cloth after reading a private poll.

    I would imagine most Americans are sat at home thinking: ‘It ain’t the pussy I’m worried about, its the Arkasas cxxx.’

  250. The BBC is having a dream fantasy about Trump. Some of their headlines;

    Lewd Trump video surfaces
    Why this Trump row is different
    Storm over Trump remarks
    Could Republicans dump Trump? k (oh how the Beeb longs for this)
    Trump lewd video: Transcript
    Trump apologises for video

    The fact that the Trump comments were part of a private conversation, made TEN years ago, before Trump was ever in politics, is never mentioned.

    Agree with Jeano about the similarity with Andrea Leadsom’s demise; the Daily Mail did a hatchet job on the poor woman. Now they are all at it with Trump.

    Speaking as a woman who has 2 daughters and 7 grand daughters, if I were American I would still vote for Trump, because with all his faults he still comes across as a patriot who genuinely wants the best for America.

  251. The BBC is having a dream fantasy about Trump. Some of their headlines;

    Lewd Trump video surfaces
    Why this Trump row is different
    Storm over Trump remarks
    Could Republicans dump Trump? k (oh how the Beeb longs for this)
    Trump lewd video: Transcript
    Trump apologises for video

    The fact that the Trump comments were part of a private conversation, made TEN years ago, before Trump was ever in politics, is never mentioned.

    Agree with Jeano about the similarity with Andrea Leadsom’s demise; the Daily Mail did a hatchet job on the poor woman. Now they are all at it with Trump.

    Speaking as a woman who has 2 daughters and 7 grand daughters, if I were American I would still vote for Trump, because with all his faults he still comes across as a patriot who genuinely wants the best for America.

  252. The BBC is having a dream fantasy about Trump. Some of their headlines;

    Lewd Trump video surfaces
    Why this Trump row is different
    Storm over Trump remarks
    Could Republicans dump Trump? k (oh how the Beeb longs for this)
    Trump lewd video: Transcript
    Trump apologises for video

    The fact that the Trump comments were part of a private conversation, made TEN years ago, before Trump was ever in politics, is never mentioned.

    Agree with Jeano about the similarity with Andrea Leadsom’s demise; the Daily Mail did a hatchet job on the poor woman. Now they are all at it with Trump.

    Speaking as a woman who has 2 daughters and 7 grand daughters, if I were American I would still vote for Trump, because with all his faults he still comes across as a patriot who genuinely wants the best for America. Good luck, Donald.

  253. The BBC is having a dream fantasy about Trump. Some of their headlines;

    Lewd Trump video surfaces
    Why this Trump row is different
    Storm over Trump remarks
    Could Republicans dump Trump? k (oh how the Beeb longs for this)
    Trump lewd video: Transcript
    Trump apologises for video

    The fact that the Trump comments were part of a private conversation, made TEN years ago, before Trump was ever in politics, is never mentioned.

    Agree with Jeano about the similarity with Andrea Leadsom’s demise; the Daily Mail did a hatchet job on the poor woman. Now they are all at it with Trump.

    Speaking as a woman who has 2 daughters and 7 grand daughters, if I were American I would still vote for Trump, because with all his faults he still comes across as a patriot who genuinely wants the best for America. Good luck, Donald.

  254. The BBC is having a dream fantasy about Trump. Some of their headlines;

    Lewd Trump video surfaces
    Why this Trump row is different
    Storm over Trump remarks
    Could Republicans dump Trump? (oh how the Beeb longs for this)
    Trump lewd video: Transcript
    Trump apologises for video

    The fact that the Trump comments were part of a private conversation, made TEN years ago, before Trump was ever in politics, is never mentioned.

    Agree with Jeano about the similarity with Andrea Leadsom’s demise; the Daily Mail did a hatchet job on the poor woman. Now they are all at it with Trump.

    Speaking as a woman who has 2 daughters and 7 grand daughters, if I were American I would still vote for Trump, because with all his faults he still comes across as a patriot who genuinely wants the best for America.

  255. The BBC is having a dream fantasy about Trump. Some of their headlines;

    Lewd Trump video surfaces
    Why this Trump row is different
    Storm over Trump remarks
    Could Republicans dump Trump? (oh how the Beeb longs for this)
    Trump lewd video: Transcript
    Trump apologises for video

    The fact that the Trump comments were part of a private conversation, made TEN years ago, before Trump was ever in politics, is never mentioned.

    Agree with Jeano about the similarity with Andrea Leadsom’s demise; the Daily Mail did a hatchet job on the poor woman. Now they are all at it with Trump.

    Speaking as a woman who has 2 daughters and 7 grand daughters, if I were American I would still vote for Trump, because with all his faults he still comes across as a patriot who genuinely wants the best for America.

  256. The BBC is having a dream fantasy about Trump. Some of their headlines;

    Lewd Trump video surfaces
    Why this Trump row is different
    Storm over Trump remarks
    Could Republicans dump Trump? (oh how the Beeb longs for this)
    Trump lewd video: Transcript
    Trump apologises for video

    The fact that the Trump comments were part of a private conversation, made TEN years ago, before Trump was ever in politics, is never mentioned.

    Agree with Jeano about the similarity with Andrea Leadsom’s demise; the Daily Mail did a hatchet job on the poor woman. Now they are all at it with Trump.

    Speaking as a woman who has 2 daughters and 7 grand daughters, if I were American I would still vote for Trump, because with all his faults he still comes across as a patriot who genuinely wants the best for America.

  257. Oops!

    Really sorry about the SEVEN posts above. The first one never appeared, then I tried repeatedly without success. Went for a cup of tea, came back and saw 7 posts all the same. Apologies.

  258. This is a copybook character assassination of the type done on Andrea Leadsom. Create a false reaction of public opinion ‘world is stunned at’ – no we’re not. We don’t give a xxxx. You do. You’re Big Media and have wanted him to lose since Day One.

    It works twofold. See if you can whip up public antipathy and test the candidate’s nerve. If they are unused to this (Trump is not a politician), they may drop out. Leadsom did.

    If I were Trump, I would mic Hillary in the last debate and say in the debate: ‘I made a mistake. But at least I didn’t compromise national security or leave diplomatic officials for dead in Benghazi. I understand that’s what this job is really about.’

  259. I made a mistake. But I never offered anyone a cigar.

  260. Re: Trump and his boasting about small cats

    The Right, and the right of course, need to take their effing gloves off. Anyone of a conservative, individual freedom frame of mind whether in the full glare of the daily political world, or we small people in our private world, will only conquer the self-righteous, and wholly evil PC world of totalitarian lefties by using the tool that only the Right possess. The Truth. Facts pure and simple.

    If anyone makes a comment to me about the Trump Tape, I shut them up by asking where they and their fellow feminists (sic! – or should that be sick?) were in venting outrage that teenage white girls were repeatedly gang-raped by moozie immigrants and had their tongues nailed to the kitchen table, or were doused in petrol and had a lighted match waved in front of them to discourage them from going to the police. In the ensuing silence, I suggest that perhaps they just didn’t have time, what with going on marches to protest against manspreading on public transport or protesting against the billboards showing some gorgeous babe in a bikini. And as the lefty silence generally continues, so can I in the same vein.

  261. “Don’t worry, Hillary, I’m not into dumpy dykes!”

  262. “And certainly not interested in Bill’s cast-offs.”

  263. After the manufactured outrage, I really get the sense that this witch hunt is backfiring on the MSM in a very bad way. They’ve played it so many times. They played it over the rise of UKIP. They played it over the run-up to Brexit.

    I have visions of a very big fist taking a backswing right across the Pacific and landing in the face of the Washington DC, New York and California elites on November 8. And the media is part of what people want to hit.

    Big Media really thinks it’s going cover her motherxxxxing ass. Well, they’ve got another thing coming. It’s Big Media the public want to hit on November 8 too. Telling people what they can and can’t say. Can and can’t think. Who the xxxx do think you are, MSM? Shami Chakrabarti.

    Brexit clearly didn’t get into the skulls of Paul Dacre, Andrew Neil et al. Well, let’s see how you like a Donald-style punch in the ballots. Don’t you dare speak to me that way. Don’t you dare turn off the comments. The reader ain’t listening. Talk the Donald from now on.

  264. I don’t give a damn what Donald Trump is. If Big Media tells me he’s big and he’s bad, I’m glad. I want him to be big and bad enough to knock seven shades of ordure out of the likes of Paul Dacre and Andrew Neil, two spiteful bullies. That’s what Big Media is frightened of. They’re going to meet somebody their own size.

  265. Frank P @ 01:59

    Whatever Donald does tonight, Frank – he can pick his nose, pee into the corner, have a nap – he will win in November.

    It’s not about him and her, it’s about the old guard and a new broom, the American unwashed have had too much of the former for too long, it got them into a shite, they will give the latter a chance.

    It’s arguable whether Donald can change much though, the malady is systemic, it’s akin to the last lap of a human life, an ageing man who’s been through all the stages (as we all do), reached the point at which his body can no longer run, his mind feels the onset of Alzheimer. He isn’t finished yet, but the end is near, he knows it.

    Having nothing to do, the barbarian watched a re-run of a 2013 programme on the JFK assassination (it was on a hospital TV that had the American PBS channel, Baron wasn’t the patient, just waiting). The most shocking thing about the old footage, alot of it, (the year was 1963-64) was the physical appearance of the individuals and crowds alike – they were standing on the pavement greeting the President, running around, gathering to hear the news or whatever.

    All of them – the whites, the blacks, men and women, old and young – were slim, dressed well (if cheaply), they looked healthy, no tattoos, no metallic bits, yellow hair, torn jeans …. and not a gender fluid individual in sight.

    If only Donald were to have that stock to work with.

  266. Jeano @ 11:53

    The guy who penned the piece is right about the tape, he’s also right when he says he prefers Donald, would prefer neither even more. That’s where Baron stands, too.

  267. Ostrich (occasionally) @ 23:28

    Good one, O(o).

  268. Frank P @ 15:19

    Entertaining, Frank, the piece, bit laboured in the middle, but spot on when he says he’s 98% certain Donald will get in.

  269. On May:

    Would Baron prefer her if he had a choice, amongst the options a convinced Brexiter? Nope, but she’s where she is, and it’s worth remembering that if one’s surrounded by wolves (most of the MPs are of the remain ilk) one would be foolish to act openly as a sheep.

    On immigration:

    You should by now know the barbarian take on it, it’s an economic phenomenon, it benefits the middle classes who run the country, will they deprive themselves of this cheap labour source? Hmmm. Immigration repeats Britain colonising past except that the travelling arrangements are reversed, hence it will be fudged, students will get excluded, as will individuals on secondment by non-UK based companies, or such like.

  270. Jeano @ 20:03

    Quite right, Jeano, that’s what Donald should say ‘nobody died when I said it’, and keep repeating it.

  271. Frank P @ 20:34

    This, and the one two minutes later, made the barbarian laugh, Frank, but the latter one is abit harsh on Monica, no?

  272. L.C. @ 17:03

    Worry not, L.C., they are going to vote for him (provide he’s still breathing).

  273. Irishboy @ 20:32

    That’s a tactic that shuts them up momentarily, Irishboy, nothing seems to silence them permanently, some say it’s because it’s an inborn defect, some blame it on the unceasing brainwashing, or whatever. The barbarian reckons the progressives’ imbecility has its roots – as almost everything else that stinks – in that those who suffer from it are removed from the actual wealth creation, the money they live on comes from the taxes paid by the labouring phylum of the private sector, it’s a transfer money.

    You listen to them interviewed at demonstrations, yapping on the box, or writing in the MSM – it’s the young who haven’t yet preformed many days of any work, the unemployed who prefer to be without a job as benefits often pay more than jobs if one has no or little qualifications, and also those on the various types of outreach jobs, often not only unnecessary, but quite injurious to actual wealth creation. Unless the Right wakes up to it, reduces this army of state dependant endomorphs, it cannot win.

  274. Baron: ‘It’s not about him and her, it’s about the old guard and a new broom, the American unwashed have had too much of the former for too long, it got them into a shite, they will give the latter a chance.’

    I agree Baron. He’s won it. This election boils down to what was Bill Clinton’s old campaign room slogan: ‘It’s the economy, stupid.’

    Well, they have connived to destroy the middle classes who are now rent slaves who will never own homes (not unless they are poisonous shared ownership debt trap homes), student debt slaves (student debt cannot be written off as bankruptcy in America), low wage slaves, slaves to political correctness. And so on. They are just serfs. Well, November 8 is their day to give some payback.

    They keep trying to say, ‘oh, yah, well, we might make Apple pay a few million more dollars in tax to level things up a bit.’ It’s an insult. A tokenistic insult.

    This is entirely socio-economic. I will never, ever vote for a mainstream party again. Ever. I really am Leaving. I have Left. I have Left the EU and everyone who ever propped it up. From now on, it’s hardball. It’s happening across the globe.

    You’re right. This is bout a new broom. Who cares what Donald Trump really thinks. All I know is everyone who hates him is everyone who I hate. That is all the momentum he needed to get him through the primaries, which he was supposed to lose at some point.

    The old rules of debate no longer apply. He made a gaffe? Who cares? Does it upset your politically correct antennae? I’m happy. His policies are unproven. So what? Yours are too. You’ve had your chance in office.

    They really do think that some high-class spin doctoring will turn things around.

    No. This is the hand of history. And it’s not on the elite’s shoulder. It’s heading smash, right into their face. I hope Donald breaks every bone in this wicked, evil body politic.

  275. A reminder of what the Benghazi cover-up was really about:

    The criminalization of opposition to Islam throughout Western legislation.
    And the policy continues apace.

  276. Shall sit up and watch the debate with my hand over my face, peering tentatively through my fingers.

    Will provide some pithy commentary, as it unfolds. 🙂

  277. The way the US pundits are demanding self-humiliatiom from Trump is pathological.

  278. The RNC should abjectly apoligise for failing to effectively oppose for the past 8 years, what must be the most corrupt administration in our lifetime.

  279. Jesus H Christ! I give up! Debate??

    I’ve attended better debates at a 2am domestic on a council estate.
    Potential leaders of the Western world? Cue Dickie Mottram – it’s bedtime!

  280. Frank P @ 03:06

    Why would anyone self-torture, voluntarily, at unsocial hours at that, Frank?

    Whilst you were watching, the barbarian was soundly asleep, dreaming about a world without either of them, one not miles away from the world depicted in the old British movie ‘the Lady Killers’ – cheeky traders, friendly bobbies, deviously clever but gentle criminals, and old ladies who smell of cakes and tea leaves.

    The Guardian has a four minute summary, could be biased, the paper’s amongst the staunchest backers of the Clinton woman, but it gives a favour of what it was like, backs you up fully – two bickering old women.

    At some point of the night, Baron woke to have a pee, switched on the gadget, listen to some woman wrapped in a red dress who insisted Donald was a dictator, (Stalin was amongst the ones she quoted as an example of the powerful thugs). What seemed to have never crossed her mind is that in democracy everyone who breaks the law, gets his or her due process, is found guilty, is likely to be sent down. That goes for a prole as much as for a top politician. Not very bright, the American elite, is it?

  281. The Chinese are getting bolder in their support for Putin in Syria, one of their boats was visiting Tartus very recently, Syrian port, a part of which is leased to Russia.

    (Not much time left for the hawks in the Republic to go for broke, start something big to prevent Donald taking over).

  282. Nothing to do with anything we’ve been talking about, but telling about the society we live in.

    It was posted on u-tube only a week ago, has already had over a third of a million visits. The scariest bit is the ‘low scale’ manufacture, the filth people swallow to get a high, and no ‘ealth & safety’ in sight.

    We are supposed to be winning the war on drugs, were we not?

  283. I didn’t watch any of the debate but I knew what he had to do beforehand. Point out that he may be unappealing, he is not a criminal, whereas she is. She is a criminal who is above the law. I have just seen the 30 second clip that goes:

    Hillary: It’s a good job that someone like Donald Trump isn’t in charge of the law –

    Donald: Because you’d be in jail.

    And the crowd went wild. Trump may be rough and coarse, but both Bill and Hillary would be in jail if they were in any other walk of life. The way that the MSM aids and abets the Clintons over this is just disgusting.

    Max ‘Hitler’ Hastings ran his usual anti-Trump bile in the Nazi-supporting Daily Mail today. It was obviously penned before the debate. The Mail has already lost one legal battle with Trump in this campaign. Rothermere and Dacre know now that if Trump wins he will take his revenge on them in spades.

    Good luck, Donald!!

  284. They’re running the clip on Zero Hedge. It’s exquisite. It’s like a goalkeeper dropping the ball. She makes it so easy for him. It’s funny because it’s true and in this contest, it sums up the choice. Which one is the felon?

  285. New wall?
    Jeano 1731 – Think what Trump will do to Boris!

  286. Here’s why we need Donald to get in, take a different approach to the tsunamis of Islamic immigrants hitting Europe:

  287. John birch @ 21:16

    Douglas is right, John, in this country we should not only be free to mock any ideology, creed or religion we like, we should also be protected by the agencies of the State when we do so. This still is a secular society, not one governed or even informed by some man made school of thought.

    In fact, a question should be included in any test for those who want to become British, the question must be answered in the affirmative for the individual to qualify:

    As a British subject, you will be free to express your views on any religion, creed or ideology (which includes Christianity, Islam and Judaism), but you must also tolerate others expressing theirs even if it offends you. Do you agree? (This is rather laboured, but you get the gist of the idea).

  288. Are there any military experts around?

    The painting of jets in the colours of the enemy is apparently something that’s done by either side during military exercises. Here, the guy alleges it’s done by the Americans in Syria. It may be a fake though.

  289. Baron at 23-44

    One hundred years ago (Sept. 1916) Lord Alfred Douglas ( and that is `Bosie`) sought a writ for blasphemy at the Old Bailey against an author who published a novel in which Jesus was a hapless dolt who did not die and who was subsumed by Saul who invented Christianity. The Judges refused his application.

    This novel is not now startling ; but at the time it caused great offence as expressed by the (paid) commentators in the press.

    I need to look-up more details on this.

  290. Another snippet of information about the Syrian tragedy mined from an East European source: The Germans have five fighter jets at the Turkish Incirlik airbase, they were supposed to join in bombing targets in Syria identified by the Americans, but surprisingly all five contraptions developed mechanical faults, cannot take part in any missions.

  291. Beyond November 8, if Hillary wins she has made it clear that she intends to go to war with Russia and will use Syria as a proxy for doing so.

    Russia, as Peter Hitchens point out, is the thorn in the side of the globalists who want all the power in the hands of corporations and who want to abolish the nation state. The one country that does nation state like no else does is Russia.

    And Putin gives ideas to people like Victor Orban, who is pressing ahead with curbs on migrants (unreported in the MSM). This is an example of a nation state behaving like a nation state. If one does it, they will all do it. End of EU.

    Wall Street, which is Hillary’s benefactor, wants it made clear that from now on, it’s banks and financiers that rule the world.

    To which all I can say is I hope to God Donald wins and puts an end to this madness. We’ve seen how her wars work out.

  292. Baron (23:21)

    What we need and what we are going to get are contra-indicated, me old mucker.

    Only four weeks to go and the bookies are still pronouncing the Donald a long-shot. They know a thing or two, these bastards.

    The hope that the American electorate is clamouring for change and ergo, they will back Trump, ignores the fact that the majority of said electorate are state fattened turkeys and Trump would be the equivalent of Christmas – Hillary the prospect of a new delivery of corn and cancellation of Christmas. The same goes for a fair chunk of the RNC elite.

    He managed to stem the arterial bleeding last night, which had been caused by the pussy video, but the venal wounds from a thousand other cuts will sap his strength and the enthusiasm of his base is no match for the numbers of brainwashed moronic Clinton camp followers and the rigged delegate process..

    I admire your optimism and duty demands it. But reality is looming large now – and reality has no regard for oprimism or duty. It is what it is. Your friend from the Magyar intel lays out the scenario very well to the east.

    He and Mark Steyn should compare notes. I suspect they have, either directly or indirectly. Each are great pronosticators, but rarely offer solutions, because they recognise the inevitable when they see it.

    You and I can muddle through the hours we have left: it’s the coming generations who will really have to face up to the grim reality that is, imho, written in the stars – and always has been my determinist muse informs me: the force that tells my grey matter to twitch the digits that hold this stylus that pokes the virtual keyboard on this infernal piece of communicative equipment. We’re all pawns in the GSOT. I’m afraid we are now restricted to the roles of voyeurs as the whole bloody melodrama unfolds. Farting agin thunder is the best we can do. 🙂

    Sleep well.

  293. Frank P.

    On Sunday Mr. Corbyn and Shadow Home Sec. Diana Abbot joined a Socialist Workers Party event to celebrate the 80th anniversary of a violent riot lead by the Communist Party (Stalinist)against the Met police.They call it the Battle of Cable Street.

    This is seen as a great victory over Facism although Mosley,obedient to orders from the Chief Commissioner, had already marched of else-where.

    There is much wrong with the received account about `the people`seeing-of the BUF. Mosley had considerable support in the East-End.

    Something else that needs looking into.

  294. Yall still there?
    And here is why we are all going to vote in The Donald.

    Clinton: “It’s just awfully good that someone with the temperament of Donald Trump is not in charge of the law in our country.”
    Trump: “Because you’d be in jail.”

    Just 4 weeks to go. Lying, Criminal Hilary really has not answered for her criminal email activity designed to cover up the misdeeds of her foundation. She has not explained why she let the Libyan Ambassador be sodomised and butchered. Why she colluded with Obama in the withdrawal of troops from Iraq thus setting up ISIS.

    How on earth can anyone even contemplate voting for that hollering woman.

    Long , but well worth reading if you haven’t already .

  296. Baron. It’s total coincidence that I posted the above before I watched the u tube of the great Mark which you posted.
    Point well made in both.

  297. Frank P,October 9th, 2016 – 10:20

    Re: the last rose of summer/autumn and the prospect of a nuclear winter etc.


    Listen Roger Stone talking to Alex Jones….

    [No, wait… RS’s predictions have a better track record that Nostradamus, Nigel Farage, Russell Grant & Mystic Meg combined.]

    Listen in at 18:mins where he talks about “mad dog” Boot (the younger)

    Seems like Mr Boot’s visceral hatred of all things Ruskie is lodged in the bosom of the Neocon, Boot the minor!

  298. Five Finger Death Punch – Wrong Side Of Heaven (The Righteous Side of Hell)

    Something else that needs looking into…

  299. @Baron 11th, 00:01

    Are there any military experts around?

    Nope, but AIUI all identification of assets of either side is, these days, done entirely electronically and beyond visual range so it doesn’t really matter what shade of sky-blue-pink aircraft are decorated with. But, if we’re referring to bods on the ground looking up as something above them flies past and bombs them and them reporting it on their smartphone, then it would be the physical shape of the aircraft that mattered, not the paint job. And even I, although out of the business for over 40 years, can still tell the difference between an Su24 and an F/A18.

  300. ‘The Donald’ vs ‘The Billary’ Coup de deux veuves?

  301. EC (09:00)

    I think both Boots are pleased that the legs are sufficiently apart to straddle the Atlantic Ocean. Fathers and sons in the same business generally do not enjoy close proximity and Boot Sr persistently inveighs against neocons generally and against his own issue occasionally.

    The Trumps seem to be the exception to the rule – at least on the face of it, though if the fly on Hillary’s face had previously been on the wall of the Trump family’s private quarters when the pussy tape broke, it would probably beg to differ.

    Having now watched the whole of the second debate and a wide variety of conflicting reactions to it from the various spin machines, my own reaction @ October 10th, 2016 – 03:06 remains more or less valid, I fear.

    And FNC are playing their usual duplicitous game to hype the action and boost the ratings for the next show. The ludicrous structure of the electoral system is ripe for the Clinton machine; I’d like to think that the various polls which persist in favour of Clinton are wrong and that the perceived wisdom – that lots of ‘shy’ Trump supporters are not letting on – is right.

    But don’t we we persistently point out here that 70 years of overt (and FOK how many years of covert) brainwashing by the Gramsci/Frankfort School/Alinsky heritage, has been demonically successful? Yet live in the hope that there is about to be a counter-counter-cultural revolution on November 8th? That Brexit was a straw in the wind?

    Bad analogy I’m afraid. Not least because Brexit is by no means a reality yet – and as Farage ( the only real driving force behind it) has now moved on to his next wheeze in the Trump camp – probably never will be.

    Nah – the ‘machine over there is relentless and even if by some quirk of fate on November 8th the sheeples decide to wake up and go Trumpian big-time, he’d be a lame-duck from day one as the establishment closes ranks to thwart his aims (always supposing he has aims other than winning this reality TV show).

    I fervently hope that my gloomy prognostications are symptoms of my recent surgery and the cocktail of junk coursing through my claret; we’ll see soon enough.
    Only a month to wait. And keep your eye on the bookie’s board. 🙂

  302. Alex Jones spends his show on Monday 10th October summarizing his views on the 2nd debate – including an aria on the satanic implications of the flies that land on Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama when no one else near has flies on them. Rather more meat and potatoes here than in Frank P’s jejune comments.

    EC -yes, I heard Roger Stone say on the pre-debate interview with Alex Jones that on the panel he shared with him “Max Boot was salivating for war with Russia”. Say no more about those characters!

  303. Frank P – 12:02

    Love it! 🙂

  304. Frank P – 11:57

    Earlier, before mundane domestic issues got in the way, I was thinking of extending Ostrich’s “Coup de deux veuves” analogy to Waitrose’s French wine selection:

    Chateau Clinton – “Pisse de Chat”
    (a pungent little number with a rancid aftertaste. Grown on the slopes of terroir Soros. 100% guarranteed to get the eyes rolling!)

    and also…

    Chateau Trump “Le canard boiteux”
    Alcohol free, non-vintage, trod with sour grapes from Ryan, Romney, Bush, Cruz, & McCain et al.

    Brexit ? A candle in the wind, or trunk music? As you say, time will tell.

  305. “I’m telling you, they are so dishonest. Without the media, Hillary Clinton couldn’t be elected dog catcher,” Trump stated. “CNN is a disgrace.”

    And now, this week’s entry for the DUSTBIN OF HISTORY Prize:

    “10,000 Supporters at Pennsylvania Trump Rally Chant ‘CNN Sucks’

    What brio!

  306. Unsurprisingly, the poll that showed Hillary 11 points in the lead was massively manipulated and devised by people with close links to the Democrat party.

    It’s been the same tactic for weeks. Polls are not thee s accurate measures. They are doctored to send out a message: This Trump man is beyond the pale, you know that. Oh, yeah, everyone thinks that.

    Meanwhile “Donald Trump: Because you would be in jail” has gone down as a YouTube hit and the soundbite of the whole election.

    That’s why she doesn’t want him to win.

  307. Archive footage:

    Just to keep things in perspective.

  308. Zero Hedge has a cracker tonight. I quote a small taster:

    “Liars For Hire” – Confessions Of A Former Journalist From The Media Establishment

    There was a flowchart hanging in the newsroom explaining what to do when reporting crimes and incidents. It went something like this:

    “Was the perpetrator native (white)?

    Yes = report in detail, amplify,

    No = gloss the details over, downplay.”

    Sven wrote an article about a national holiday once, but his content manager refused to approve it for publishing due to it being “too patriotic,” advising him instead to “write more inclusively about minorities’ participation in the festival.”

    Anything praising the country and its indigenous inhabitants was undesirable and omitted whenever possible, while any piece that brimmed with self-hate, praised inhabitants of other (read: African and Muslim) countries or attacked the natives and their way of life was a big hit and flew through approval like a bird.

    Who would have guessed?

  309. So what does the Secret Service agent Gary Byrne who ran her security for a considerable while say about soon to be in Jail Hillary?

    “Voting for Hillary Clinton is, to me, a complete mistake, and here’s why: I started out in the U.S. Air Force. I had to pass a battery of tests to get to the point where, in the U.S. Air Force, I was allowed to protect our nuclear arsenal. I then went on to become a Secret Service uniformed division officer for 12 years, where I had to take a polygraph test. In eight out of those twelve years, I protected the Clintons, and the Hillary Clinton I know is a complete pathological liar,” he said.

    “Really, if you’re honest with yourself and you pay attention to some of the politics that goes on, you’ve seen this yourself,” said Byrne. “She never displays any kind of leadership. I cite many examples in my book where she gets so angry, she has the people that work for her, they’re terrified of her.”

    He recounted a story from Crisis of Character about “these three women who came up from Arkansas with her. They knew the Clintons. The one lady worked with her at the Rose Law Firm, and she knew that Mrs. Clinton’s anger became so ferocious that she immediately started demanding people would get fired.”

    “In the incident that I’m talking about, these women made a mistake ordering some stationery, and I saw them talking about it,” he continued. “They really looked like they were afraid of something. I thought something was wrong, somebody was sick. And they explained to me what happened, that they had inadvertently allowed an intern to order some stationery, and the girl had made a mistake, so they had tens of thousands of copies of these invitations to the White House that were worth a lot of money, that were useless. And they weren’t worried about the wasted taxpayer dollars. They were worried about who was gonna tell Hillary Clinton because they knew somebody was getting fired and sent back to Arkansas.”

    “That’s just one example of her incredible anger toward people,” said Byrne. “She got so angry one time, she hit a Secret Service agent in the back of the head with a bible, sitting in a limousine. You just can’t explain that away. And when you put that together with what we’ve seen today, she is completely inept when it comes to leadership.”

    “One day, I was standing at my post outside the Oval Office. It was during Christmastime, and they were decorating,” he recalled. “There was a group of women that had come up from Arkansas, volunteers to help decorate the White House. This is common, people come from all over the world. Mrs. Clinton was going to have a meeting with them over in the mansion, and they were going to come over to the Oval Office, and she was going to give them a tour and let them take pictures in the Oval Office. The President wasn’t there at the time. So her staff member comes over, and tells me what they’re gonna do, and she says, ‘When we’re done, we’ll be leaving them here, and Mrs. Clinton and I will be leaving and going to do something else.’”

    “I said, ‘Someone else is going to have to escort them out of here; they can’t stay here.’ She said, ‘Oh, no, they’ll be staying here until we come back and get them.’ And I said, ‘You can’t do that.’ Now, these aren’t Gary’s rules. These aren’t the Secret Service’s rules. These are rules based on national security law. This is very important for your listeners to understand,” Byrne stressed. “She had started shirking these rules about national security way before the email server. She didn’t want to hear anything about what the rules and the laws were, to protect the President’s Oval Office and the information in it.”

    “So I got in a discussion, the assistant called me an a-hole, and a little while later, the first lady came up, and she walked right up to me – and you know, she’s about five-foot-five; I’m about six-two – and she walked right up to me and she starts berating me. She calls me an a-hole, she refers to the uniformed division as an a-hole, and then she says – and she said this a couple of times, I talk about it in the book – ‘We should have fired you all when we got here.’ She wanted to fire a thousand federal police officers that protect her, twenty-four hours a day,” he said incredulously.

    “She got so wrapped around the axle. And if she had just taken a breath – and, you know, I had already figured out a compromise because that’s my job there … to try to make things work. If they had just taken the people over across the hallway to the Roosevelt Room, and leave them there, and have somebody come down from her staff and sit with them, it would be fine. But then she threatened to call the director, and she did. A little while later, I got a phone call from an inspector, who said, ‘Be prepared: you’re going to get a phone call from the director’s office.’ I said, ‘Okay.’ The assistant director called my post and said, ‘Tell me what’s going on.’ I explained it to him, and he said, ‘You’re doing the right thing. Thanks for making it work,’” said Byrne.

    He said he wanted listeners to understand that “when the American people voted Bill Clinton into office in the early nineties, they got Bill and Hillary, and if she gets elected, you’re going to get Hillary and Bill.”

    “Here’s the truth about that,” Byrne continued. “The things that made the economy decent were put into place before Bill Clinton got there, and he wasn’t responsible for the things that they did. I mean, those ideals came from Mr. [Erskine] Bowles and Bob Rubin, who eventually became the secretary of the treasury. Those were their financial ideals, not Bill Clinton’s. Listen, all Bill Clinton, in my experience, used those eight years as president to keep his perverted lifestyle and dating up. That’s the only reason I see – and this is my take, after protecting him for eight years. That’s the only reason he got into politics, is because he didn’t have to get his hands dirty, and he used it to manipulate women and keep up his bizarre sex life. And that’s no exaggeration, believe me. If your listeners get a chance to read my book, or do some research on the Internet, you’ll see that that rings true.”

    “When it comes to Mrs. Clinton, she is involved in everything,” he said. “When a woman would surface and accuse him of doing something wrong, she was in charge of, they call it ‘slut shaming.’ They would berate these women. How is it that when a woman accuses Bill Clinton – they used this term one time; it drove me crazy: ‘That’s what you get when you drag a hundred-dollar bill through a trailer park.’ Well, what’s at the other end of that string? The other end of that string is Bill Clinton. Why does he get a pass and all these women get slut-shamed, and he gets away with it every time. It’s incredible.”

    “And she’s in charge of it. She’s the one that hammers these women, and they talk about it,” Byrne said of Hillary Clinton. “When you see these women like Juanita Broaddrick and Kathleen Willey tell their stories, if you can’t understand what they’re saying, and you can’t believe them, then how is it that anybody else that’s ever been assaulted, how come their stories are true, but these women are not?”

    Byrne referenced Eleanor Holmes Norton, congressional delegate from the District of Columbia, and her callous dismissal of Bill Clinton’s accusers as “middle-aged-looking women” who were “not looking their best, perhaps looking much better, you know, 40 years ago.”

    “They have Eleanor Holmes Norton come out and say that. They talk about their appearances. But let you and I say something about somebody’s appearance, especially a woman, and they would try to hang us out to dry,” he observed. “What they do is, they say whatever they have to to distract you at the time. It may be negative. And because it’s Eleanor Holmes Norton – you and I, most people, you don’t expect any better out of her. So she can say whatever she wants, and then the Clinton machine mentality is, and this comes back from when Bill Clinton first started running from Arkansas, ‘So what?’ No matter what it is, they say, ‘So what?’ and they push forward.”

    “For instance, when you hear Hillary Clinton talking about Donald Trump’s behavior, and the way he acts? What she’s talking about, she’s talking about herself. It’s like she read my book, I swear. It’s like she’s channeling what I wrote about her in my book, and she’s flipping it on him,” Byrne declared. “That’s what they do. And the reason it’s working is because the mainstream media buys into it. They don’t call them on anything. They’re really helping them get elected. They’re doing more to get her elected than the people that are running her campaign.”

  310. And further pearls from The Donald on security:

    During his October 11 speech in Panama City, Florida, Donald Trump said Hillary Clinton “wants to dismantle our Second Amendment” and asked why she can’t start by dismantling her armed security detail.
    Trump segued into his Second Amendment comments by talking about Clinton’s relationship with law enforcement personnel:

    We’ve all read the reports and heard the stories about how disrespectfully she treats law enforcement, how disrespectful she is to the Secret Service and many others in uniform–even [those] there to protect her. And by the way, these are weapon-carrying people. They carry weapons. Hillary Clinton wants to dismantle our Second Amendment, so maybe she should start with her security people not carrying weapons.

    On August 7, Breitbart News reported that Clinton “snubbed” the National Fraternal Order of Police (NFOP). The president of the NFOP — Chuck Canterbury — said he was “disappointed and shocked” that Clinton “declined” to even return a candidate questionnaire which had been sent to her campaign. Canterbury said the only other candidate to ever refuse to answer the questionnaire was John Kerry in 2004.

    Additionally, the October 7 Wikileaks release contained an email from Clinton’s press secretary explaining that she is planning to use an “executive order” to implement gun control that Congress has rejected for decades. And during the October 9 presidential debate, part of Clinton’s response to a question about the future of the Supreme Court was her emphasis on all the gun controls she wants to put in place.

    On the other hand, Trump was endorsed by the National Fraternal Order of Police and he pledged to nominate Supreme Court justices “in the mold of Justice Scalia.” He described such justices as an integral part of guarding the Second Amendment, “which is totally under siege by people like Hillary Clinton.”

    Above from AWR Hawkins is the Second Amendment columnist for Breitbart News and political analyst for Armed American Radio.

  311. And The Donald is catching up despite that Bush sex tape:

    A poll conducted by High Point University Survey Research Center found that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are virtually tied in the crucial battleground state in a three-way race.
    The poll by High Point University found that 42 percent of likely voters in North Carolina supported Clinton, 40 percent support Trump, and eight percent support Gary Johnson.

    Seventy-three percent said the country is on “the wrong track,” while only 22 percent said the U.S. is moving in the “right direction.”

    Forty-nine percent approved of the job President Barack Obama is doing in the Oval Office, while 46 percent disapprove.

    Forty-nine percent said they owned a gun. Only 18 percent said they never attend worship services, while 82 percent attend worship services combined, ranging from a few times a year to more than once a week. Fifty percent described themselves as born-again Christians.

    Eighty-six percent believed men and women make equally good political leaders. Forty-seven percent of respondents were men, and 53 percent were women.

    Pollsters surveyed 479 likely voters in North Carolina from Oct. 1 to Oct. 6 with a margin of error of plus or minus 4.5 percent. Twenty-two percent were black and 72 percent white.

  312. And hark to this on the Juanita Broaddrick rape:

    “Mr. Trump may have said some bad words, but Bill Clinton raped me and Hillary Clinton threatened me,” Broaddrick said. “I don’t think there’s any comparison.”

  313. And what about Epstein:

    “Epstein is a registered sex offender who would regularly host Clinton and many others at his private Caribbean island before being put in prison for sexually abusing underage girls around the globe,” according to the Washington Free Beacon. “He spent just 13 months in jail for the charges, though evidence is reported to have existed that could have led to more serious federal charges such as using his private jet for sex trafficking.”
    On one trip, Clinton and Epstein visited the Sultan of Brunei and his brother, the Prince, who are “infamous for their sex parties and their harems composed mainly of underage girls,” the New York Post reported.”

  314. Or this from

    “In 1969, Bill Clinton was expelled from Oxford for raping nineteen-year-old Eileen Wellstone. Read about this, and every one of his crimes against women”

    “As the 2016 presidential campaign closed in on the finish line, the Washington Post published an eleven-year-old tape of Republican nominee Donald Trump’s making controversial remarks about women. The inevitable partisan rancor that ensued largely targeted the behavior Bill Clinton, husband of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, including the repetition of rumors that he had been expelled from Oxford University in 1969 for raping classmate Eileen Wellstone.”

  315. Wow- a Jeffersonian tour de force

    No, I don’t believe in hate!

    Did I say assassinate?

    What I said was all in fun!

    But don’t let Hill’ry take your gun!

  316. JJB

    The Clintons are impervious to all facts, evidence etc. related to their past, present and likely future activities. The MSM won’t report them, and the FBI aren’t interested. The traitorous element witihin the GOP are backing them too.
    One hopes that the American people will wake up but… Mark Dice produces depressing evidence on an almost daily basis to suggest otherwise.
    Even if Trump wins, how’s he going to get anything done with the Senate and Congress stacked against him?
    Trump is the peace candidate in this election. Nothing else matters!

  317. Fregas @08:37

    No human intervention is required. Given her serious medical condition and the amount of heavy duty junk she’s on, then the Grim Reaper will come calling for Hillary soon enough. I just hope that he calls before she triggers a nuclear war with Russia.

  318. It’s over folks! Even Fox News have abandoned him (with the exception of Hannity whose slot becomes increasingly frenetic). O’Reilly patronises him, mostly taking the piss. The latest Wikileaks disclosures are having no impact on the majority of the sheeple, despite revealing the deeply criminal skullduggery within the Clinton cabal.

    Even Al Gore on the stump for Hillary today – and reflloating “The Inconvenient Truth” film to boot – has not dented the Democratic lead in the polls.The American electorate deserve what they are going to get. The political punditry are salivating over the fall of Donald ‘Icarus’ Trump.

    It was a brave attempt to take the fuckers on Donald. Shame about the baggage. The meeja searchlight was never going to focus on hers – and the numbers were always against you anyway; but to be blunt, your ‘own-goals’ haven’t helped!

    This Obamasty/Clintonasty will now only be stopped if there is a coup d’etat.Not likely. Despite the intertube rumblings on right leaning blogs and radio shock-jocks, there is simply an absence of anyone with the cojones to organise it.

    Globalism, Socialism and Islamism are in concert and gaining ground. We can only hope that the inevitable internecine war within that unholy, tripartite alliance, will cause it to implode, as do most incongruous conspiracies eventually. Its self destruction is our only hope.

    Trouble is – that sort of implosion would be create a scorched earth disaster – who knows what would emerge from that scenario; if the current fuck up out east is any indicator – the most ruthless will prevail and at the moment Iran qualify for that privilege – with Vlad a close second.

    Come on Baron, lets have one of your Panglossian antidotes. There is a cold and clammy depression over Norfolk this morning.

  319. As was entirely predicted by Peter Hitchens, Theresa May has just spent seven days protesting her Brexit credentials in a Judas Goat act to lure back Tory voters.

    The phrase used by Hitchens above was that David Davis was the only ‘shark in Theresa May’s lagoon’, meaning he was the only person genuinely interested in real Brexit.

    Yesterday he told Parliament not to over-rule the democratic vote of the British people.

    Today we find out that – away from the microphone – Theresa May is going to let the Remainiacs abuse Parliament to do just that. She used the conference to launder her dirty image as Remainiac into pretending to be a Leaver.

    And then she does the dirty on Davis. The Guardian is cock-a-hoop.

  320. I think this, from Guido Fawkes, wins the prize for the week, if not the year, or even ever:
    We all knew what we were voting for, sure Cameron & Osborne told us

    (It appears to start in silent mode, so you might need to up the sound level, and rewind.)

  321. Frank P @10:37

    “There is a cold and clammy depression over Norfolk this morning.”

    Not to mention that biting, withering, north east wind funnelling down the wash.
    Stay indoors!

  322. Frank P @ 10:37

    Ignore the depression, ignore EC’s advice, be brave, Frank, wrap yourself warmly, go get a one of those cups saying ‘keep calm & carry on’. Look at the message, keep faith, trust in the history of the healthy core of Englishness.

    What the MSM says does matters not, only those who feed on the government tit (or run it, the tit) funded by the labouring phylum believe it, they are indeed the 47% of the until now voting segment of the American unwashed.

    What Donald has done is he has mobilised the 40% who, till this November, have never bothered to vote, come the 8th, enough of them will take their lazy ar$es to the polling booths because its existential for them, they can feel it in their guts, and bar any shenanigans, will propel the clown to the White House. An American replica of the Brexit onslaught here.

    Trust Baron, he knows, he’s looked it up.

  323. Fergus Pickering @ 08:37

    A good one, Fergus, it reminded the barbarian of Voltaire’s take on the kind of governance to aspire for (an old one, you know it by now): the best is ‘democracy tampered with assassination’.

  324. You reckon Peter will run this ‘weekly’ thread until it reaches four digits in aggregate?

    It slows down postings in low internet speed areas, such as Baron’s.

  325. EC (12:55)

    Sadly I have to venture out to the opticians, my bins are no longer coping with with all this screen-gazing. No doubt I shall return about about 300 quid poorer. Another racket that should be investigated; obviously another cartel, given the similarity in outrageous prices.

    I know … I know … “I should have gone to Spec-Savers”.

  326. EC @ 10:18

    You’re right, the current political elite and their poodles are scared stiff, they would do everything to stop Donald getting in, the lesser players will switch easily, it’s the ‘policy generating layer’ that’s more than afraid, they will get hit if he makes it.

    The Aleppo tragedy presents an opportunity for them, it will be interesting to see if the hon Muslim gives the go ahead for a military confrontation with the Russians, if he does, it fails, the Russians not only respond, but gain the upper hand as the American unwashed take to the streets, he’ll be buried afterwards.

    What’s your bet?

  327. Baron (14:11)

    That’s my boy – Pangloss in person!

    Sadly the rats are in the water, swimming for the shore, buddy. And Ryan, the leader of the rat pack has already made his first move for 2020. The status quo is sacred o’er t’Pond, Baron. Deeply entrenched in its history. Fill hoi polloi with bs and carry on regardless is the mantra. While I agree there are lots of angry folk about; they are angry about the wrong things – evidenced by the fact that Hillary and Trump are the last two standing.

    Much as I would have enjoyed seeing The Donald sitting at the Oval Office desk and slapping it in triumph like Kevin Spacey in House of Cards, I fear it will be the Clinton fanny, beavers-tail-clitoris ‘n’ all which will park itself on the hot seat. And as a celebration she may even give Dirty Willy yet another head job under the desk when the doors are closed, if only to thank him for nobbling Loretta Lynch.

    What a dog and pony show, is American politics.

  328. It’s not as if Germany make good ‘petrol and diesel vehicles’ 🙂 :

    Germany pushes to force the EU to BAN petrol and diesel vehicles by 2030
    * Germany’s federal council – the Bundesrat – is calling for the European ban
    * It has vowed to rid the country of emission-emitting cars in just 14 years
    * Plans part of Germany’s bid to lower CO2 emissions by 95 percent by 2050
    * Bundesrat also wants the the European Commission to revisit vehicle tax

    It comes as Germany attempts to lower its carbon dioxide emission by up to 95 percent by 2050.

    But the move has not gone down well with everyone in the country’s government with some senior officials labelling the plans ‘utter nonsense’, according to Yahoo.

    Germany is not alone in looking to move over to alternative energy cars.
    The Netherlands and Norway are planning the same ban by as early as 2025 and Paris has prohibited cars built prior to 1997 from travelling in the city on weekdays.

  329. Frank P @ 14:39

    You’re too generous, guru, the barbarian has just read what he typed this afternoon, got a shock, more mistakes than words, he had about half an hour to gather bits and pieces needed by the boss, have something to eat, also shave, (he forgot to remove the stubble in the morning, was warned never to turn up again unshaven, would you believe it?). In the middle of it, the barbarian (rather foolishly) attempted few postings (here and on another blog), and the result was, well, awful.

    Still, you and the other bloggers are quite forgiving.

    The election presents a conundrum, who knows what the outcome will be, you and EC may be right, but the signals the barbarian’s getting from the Republic suggest a major re-adjustment is on its way, all Donald has to do is keep breathing, the unwashed will do the rest.

    Btw, have you noticed tele has taken a holiday, no a sign of him, it feels rather strange.

  330. RobertRetyred @ 16:51

    The Germans are getting it wrong, Robert, we should move not to electric cars, but back to horse driven carts, the riders of such contraptions should be obligated to collect the horses’ discharge, use it as fertiliser, boost the output of organic crops. A neat cycle that. The only people allowed to use vehicles powered by combustion engines or electric motors are those who govern us.

  331. Jeano @ 12:24

    You may have a point, Jeano, the saintly One may be forced to have a vote on the proposed conditions of our leaving the monstrosity before we begin negotiating with Brussels after all. As things stand, the House will be able to vote on the the deal after it has been agreed with the EU, which could make her life rather uncomfortable if they vote it down. What then? (Total catastrophe, in the words of Zorba the Greek, and he, being a Greek, should know).

    Apparently, (Baron was listening the the PM slot this afternoon) those of the MPs who were for remain are saying they will not go against the will of the people, but they will never allow our not being a member of the single market. That’s non-sensical if the price for the single market membership is a free movement of people, that’s defying the will of the people through the back door. What a bunch of bastards, ha?

    The way out for the saintly One could be to negotiate the deal, have it sealed with the EU, then call an election (no vote for the current House), tell the local associations to weed out the candidates who oppose the deal i.e. to clean the House of the Remainers.

  332. Totally agree Baron I was thinking exactly the same thing when I read your post I think an election is coming and that election is going to be a clearing the air election .
    or a clearing out of the remainders election.

  333. Baron – 18:42

    So true, but how many Germans will there be left in 2050?

    They might be living in the seventh century anyway.

  334. Who is trying to destroy the American way of life? Isn’t it the other way round? Isn’t it the Americans who have already destroyed the way of life of many countries, the latest one being Syria.

    This, not the inability of the American unwashed, may prevent Donald getting to the White House. The American neocons can stage a false flag operation anywhere, blame the Russians, push the button, turn the world into an inferno. Frightening, truly frightening.

  335. RobertRetyred @ 20:03

    Come on, Robert, there are over 80mn of them, they may be committing political suicide, but surely many will survive physically, not all are of Baron’s age today.

    The CDU party’s approval rating (that’s the Mutti’s outfit) has dropped below 30% for the first time since the war, and the federal election is scheduled for next year, the Greens dropped as well (9% now), the AfG anti-immigrant party’s approval stays firm around 15%.

    No bad news, ha?

  336. John birch @ 19:45

    Good point, John.

    The saintly One will have to try hard to get a deal that must leave the control of immigration fully in our hands. If she doesn’t, when the election time comes the conservatives may lose votes to UKIP (provided the party gets out of the mess it’s in), or even Labour which is likely to moderate its open immigration policy, it must if it wants to be a serious contender for governance, Baron reckons, it’s the traditional Labour supporters who suffer most from immigration.

    Whether the full control of our borders will actually lead to any meaningful (and un-fudged) reduction in immigration Baron doubts for the reason he explained before. The saintly One may be helped however by a natural drop in the numbers coming in in future years, most of those who wanted to come from the EU member states, have very likely already arrived.

  337. Baron – 20:36

    It depends whether they do anything about it, doesn’t it?

    At the moment, they are in Theresa May mode, it looks like they are on their way to some sensible actions, but they haven’t quite started doing anything yet.

    It starts in the cities …. and 1,000,000 reinforcements have recently arrived, invited in, presented with teddy bears: how many next year, with or without the teddy bears?

    ve haf vays of surviving … but we will have to wait and see if they do.

  338. Here is a bit more to add, and from an unlikely source:

    Hillary Clinton has confirmed what green activists have long indignantly denied: the big money behind many anti-fracking campaigns comes from Putin’s Russia.

    “Hillary’s comments – based, no doubt, on US intelligence data – simply confirm what environmentalists would prefer not believe: that far from being cosy, grass-roots, mom-and-pop outfits, anti-fracking groups – and campaigners such as Yoko Ono, Alec Baldwin, Vivienne Westwood and Emma Thompson – are essentially the puppets of Vladimir Putin.”

    If Bob Geldof had been mentioned, it would have been perfect! 🙂

  339. John Jefferson Burns @ 07:09

    You’ve done alot of work on those postings, John, they tell a discomforting story, but will any of it change someone’s mind? Baron doubts it.

    The avalanches of news on either candidate must have reached the saturation point weeks ago, what will make people vote one way or the other is the broadest take on their life – is it better now, more secure, prosperous, comfortable than before, and what can I expect of the future under her or him. The barbarian reckons the majority sums up today worse than yesterday, will plump for Donald fearing her presidency would deliver predictably the same (she is a part of the past), or worse.

  340. RobertRetyred @ 21:08

    Read the piece below, Robert, the Breitbart people may be too keen to link the Clinton woman, the fracking movement and the Kremlin. Even in the clip you furnished Bretbart talk about ‘directors of the Klein Ltd outfit being close to the Russians’.

    This is not to suggest that Russian money may be fully absent, but would it make sense for Putin to get involved? Gas is some 15% of Russia’s revenues from hydrocarbons, oil is the big earner. Why get involved in gas?

  341. Dear me, Lilly Allen an alledged pop
    Singer seems to have upset a lot of people after her crap apology to a 13 (going on 30) year old refugee at the French jungle camp she visited (as you do )
    Oh , it’s all our fault. Apparently .as usual . But vast numbers of people don’t seem to agree with her opinions.

  342. Baron – 21:25

    I wouldn’t have thought that the Russian Government would want to have direct links with the funding, but Putin would prefer that we (and the Germans 🙂 ) consume Russian gas, not that terrible fracced stuff, that would make the sky fall in! 🙂

    And what is all this about Putin recalling the families of diplomats back to Russia? It’s strange that it is happening at the same time that the British public are worried over who gets eliminated in Strictly or Tesco taking some Unilever products off the shelves.

  343. Baron – “MPs who were for Remain are saying they will not go against the will of the people, but they will never allow our not being a member of the single market. That’s non-sensical. If the price for the single market membership is a free movement of people, that’s defying the will of the people through the back door.”

    Exactly, Baron. It will not be a hard Brexit or a soft Brexit but a hollow Brexit. That piece of small print, the single market, is where it all hinges.

    Staying in the single market means immigration carries on as before.

    Brexit will become just another phony word. Like when they say we’re selling ‘affordable housing’ – that isn’t affordable. Well, we will have Brexit, that isn’t really a Brexit.

    That’s why ‘Brexit means Brexit’ was twaddle. That is just Theresa May saying words mean what I say they mean. She really is a fraudulent cxxx.

    David Davis is determined not to be the fall guy for all this and keeps placing his views on the record so that the public don’t blame him, but behind the scenes Madam May is knifing him in the back like a demented Glenn Close.

    I always knew it would be this way, which is why I will never return to the Tories. My big hope is thunder on the mainland and that a rumble over there will bring the whole stinking thing down like a tower of Babel. I’m looking to Italy this autumn. That would be a start. For me, the war is over.

    I am now a PoW in Chairman May’s prison camp, but liberation may finally come with an Itexit, or maybe Frexit? Or Spexit? Someone, please, Finishit. Put it out of its misery. I’m Sickofit.

  344. The opening report on Wednesday’s Alex Jones Show includes a recording of a bewildered Donald Rumsfeld asking “What is Building Seven?” in the tones of Gary Johnson asking “What’s Aleppo?” So Baron is not alone.

    Max Boot, following that video report, is highlighted by Jones for a recent article in which the Globalist shill attacks “the alt media”.

    Oh, and there’s more on the flies – much more.

    In summary, a great rant this Wednesday by Jones on the rotten criminal organisation that thinks it is fit to rule the world!

    Followed by a live interview with Bill Clinton’s illegitimate son…


  345. Jeano

    “I am now a PoW in Chairman May’s prison camp, but liberation may finally come with an Itexit, or maybe Frexit? Or Spexit? Someone, please, Finishit. Put it out of its misery. I’m Sickofit.”

    Fergas outdone, yet again!

  346. RobertRetyred, October 12th, 2016 – 23:16

    Mrs Merkel’s Boys are still commissioning dirty coal fired power stations to replace the energy gap caused by the prematurely closed nuclear power power stations after Fuckushima. This you will remember was a gesture toward the “Greens” in run up to the Federal elections. A futile, stupid gesture in that the “Greens” voted elsewhere. Hey, but nobody does stupid like Merkel, as her rapefugee problem confirms.
    [Like the UK, Germany has to import French nuclear – see Gridwatch]

    Winter cometh. Germany and much of central europe would frreeze without Russian gas. They are hooked! (or is it fooked)

  347. RobertRetyred @ 23:16

    The ‘recall’ of schoolchildren, Robert, even if it disrupts their education, sound sinister, or rather the timing of it if one looks at it against the background of other recent events e.g. the shouting high ranked US military, the breakdown of talks or the rumour the US is considering additional sanctions against Russia because of her ‘indiscriminate’ bombing in Aleppo. The news that the Russians killed four kids ‘playing near a school’ was the top item on Classic FM news at 9.00 hours.

    Russian state officials are banned by law to have assets abroad (ordinary people are notpart of the ban). It may be Putin decided they cannot have their kids educated in the contemporary largely hostile environment either. It may also be a bluff, or rather a hint to the Americans he will not shy away starting a military conflict if the West imposes additional sanctions because of Aleppo. In the visit to Turkey he talked alot about sanctions stressing it hurts both Russia and the West.

    Btw, on one of the TV channels the barbarian scanned few days ago Putin was surrounded by two Turks (the same visit to Turkey, the tin pot Sultan, broad smile covering his face, being one of them), and he did look rather unhealthy, blotched face, a grimace of pain on it, kind of unnatural twists of his body.

    To cut the ranting short, Robert, Baron knows as much as you whether it’s apart of some preparation for something painful, or just a move motivated by other considerations.

  348. Jeano @ 23:38

    You may or may not be right, Jeano.

    Have you noticed there’s a spark in her eyes when she talks about the ‘historical’ vote of the British people, firmness in her voice, a hint of inner conviction? Given her background, it wouldn’t surprise the barbarian if deep down she harboured more than sympathy for the England of the past, more than a contemporary politician who wants to make it can afford to display publicly. It may of course be a pure theatre, but the feeling in the gut tells the barbarian it’s genuine.

    eW shall see (as the one eyed said to the one totally deficient in the sight department).

  349. The tsunami of “Trump touched my tush (sl.)” allegations was inevitable after the second debate. Roger Stone predicted that, and also the”Jane Doe” rape case(s) that the Clinton machine have planned to be aired the week before the election.

  350. Malfleur @ 02:04

    Thanks for the timely reminder of ‘building 7’, Malfleur, the barbarian was close to filing this bit of info again in the ‘once knew it, but have forgotten it’ file.

    Hard to decide – does the barbarian watch Alex or does he bore you. As you can see boring it is (but later on, time permitting …)

  351. Is the Colonel still with us?

  352. Douglas Murray in the latest Speccy review of the long running farce known as American Politics:

    There’s no bizness like show bizness.

    Already planned for the West End.

  353. EC @ 08:26

    Some are predicting one of the harshest winters ever, EC, (should one believe them though?). If that happens there will be countries other than Germany with freezing people shouting at the AGW bug infected politicians (unless the nukes of the world superpowers warm us up, terminally, no?)

  354. Baron,

    After Assad, then who?
    This is the question that none of my BBC lobotomised acquaintances can answer.
    When one asks them to explain what happened after Saddam, Mubarak and Gadaffi they become highly irritated, especially when asked where “Regime change” on the pretext of “Nation Building” has ever worked. The Neocons are a piece of work, aren’t they.

    After Putin, then who?

  355. Baron

    “Is the Colonel still with us?”

    He is probably tired: farting against thunder is an exhausting exercise.

    More to the point, our host seems to have seceded from the band?

    An even more depressing thought: has the joint effort of the CH Wallsters in the counter-counter culture war made a scintilla of difference in stemming the progress of The Long March, which is now multi-stranded and gaining momemtum and mass like an avalanche in the Spring thaw?

    Dr Pangloss, please be candid[e] and enlighten us. 🙂

  356. Frank P @ 10:23

    “Farting against thunder is an exhausting exercise”. A refined saying, Frank, so uplifting and positive on one’s health, too, (when you think of it) you should have it patented, soon you’re be putting the bard to shame what with new offerings such as this.

    No time to rant, Frank, the poorly educate dSlav has to go (and still EC to answer).

  357. EC @ 10:02

    Who after Assad, Putin, the Chinese bloke ….

    Nobody, EC, a vacuum, chaos, anarchy.

    If you were to subscribe to Baron’s theory that a weakening empire has no need for others to flourish, the world be in peace, trade amongst nation booming, you would know the answer.

    It sounds trivial, the idea of the Americans’ messing things up, leaving the world in agony, having no plans ‘B’, but it’s true. Just look everywhere they’ve been this century from Afghanistan through Ukraine to Syria. Nothing but fugged up countries.

    The question is who’s next? Putin?

    The barbarian reckons the bullies will bring in more sanctions against Russia, the country has to be punished for helping to destroy ISIL, the talks between Kerry and Lavrov scheduled for the coming Saturday are a joke. The Americans can never go for peace in Syria, their aim was and remains the removal of Assad, how can peace help to achieve it? They need a lull in the fighting to re-group their fighters, arm them better, give them instructions.

  358. I’m sick to death of this pandering to Muslim shit by the BBC , if this athlete had done this to any other religion not a word would be said.
    sanctimonious left-wing bastards
    Islam. A protected species.

  359. Baron – 09:59

    I was on my way into town the other day, when I saw my first gritter lorry/snow plough of the autumn/winter. (honest!) Do you think that I should write in to The Times?

  360. That Delingpole article is very interesting vis-a-vis the way the internet has been closed down in the pat 10 years.

    Initially lots of great independent blogs sprouted up with comments allowed. Big Media saw this and then said ‘we must have a slice of that pie’. The Telegraph and Spectator duly signed up the mot popular to help drive internet traffic.

    Their views were never what the owners wanted or agreed with. They were cickbait to pull people in to look at other MSM trash.

    First to go were the Comments themselves. THen the Telegraph blogs were disbanded and now there is nothing. No comments and all the columnists just spew out MSM hymn sheet trash.

    If you want a taste of what old-school Telegraph was like, pick up a copy of the clippings of Auberon Waugh ‘Kiss Me Chudleigh’ – he would never ever be allowed to write like that now. Everybody who was anybody in the establishment got kicked from pillar to post. And Islam? Ho, ho, ho. You should read Waugh on Islam. He would be locked up nowadays.

    The MSM has closed out host writers with popular opinions and of course closed out the readers. The Guardian is cock-a-hoop this week with new guidelines on internet thought crimes. Leveson, Chakrabarti, the Labour Party, they all want free speech closed down on the internet.

    As far as the MSM is concerned the future of the internet is like Orwell’s 1984: a boot stamping on your face merely for thought crime.

  361. Jeano – 13:43

    We don’t even get the Telegraph when it is essentially free from Waitrose. I get the Times, but only because it is pay walled. And it is surprising how it is often left unread, and then eventually the puzzles are torn out and the rest thrown away! 🙂

    Recycled of course! 🙂

  362. Baron October 13th, 2016 – 09:53

    Yes, still breathing. I’ve just been very busy and travelling, pulled kicking and screaming from retirement to give advice in an area where I have a specialisation and the soundbite kidults, having cleared out age and experience, now don’t have a ‘king clue.

    Our situation, generically, is that of Gandalf on the bridge at Khazad-dûm with the Balrog, roaring and mighty, over him. Trouble is it is the Balrog and not Gandalf being cheered on and facilitated. This country has utterly lost the ability to distinguish between good and evil. It has been ruined in a lifetime, is now corrupt, foul and depraved, sold out from under its people without a by your leave. Those vestiges of establishment tradition still performed are hollow charades. Their deeper meaning and continuum hollowed out.

    A “Danish” student can publicly insult our national anthem without finding himself on the first plane out with his feet not touching the ground. THAT freedom of speech is just fine. But the freedom to tell him to fuck off out of it is not. In the so-called rough and tumble of public discourse we have a situation where the left and their motley crew of imports can keep kicking us but we must not dare retaliate and if we do then we are put in the wrong. We are soft. We have gone soft. All the priorities are wrong. There are double standards and hypocrisy everywhere in politics and no one calling it out, let alone to account.

  363. So Unilever’s Brexit blackmail was nothing more than a publicity stunt.

    Let’s be clear, this is a multi-national that hates paying tax so it loves globalism (another word for corporatism) and it hates the nation state.

    What is more, before the EU referendum, Unilever’s senior staff told the general public at large – and their own employees, the bloody cheek – to vote Remain.

    The Remainers are now trying to keep up the pressure any which way they can to block Brexit.

    Told to xxxx off by Tesco and will Joe Public more than happy to boycott Unilever goods, the whole thing is over in less than 24 hours.

    If there are any other multi-nationals that want to gob off about Brexit, make my day so I can blacklist you.

    This was pure spin doctoring at the highest level. It’s the sort of Remainiac spin-doctoring sxxx ‘Sir’ Martin Sorrelll comes out with every time he gets put near microphone. It’s just harmless white noise designed to scare Dick and Doreen in West Wittering.

  364. EC 0949:
    It is difficult for decent women to understand how folks can defend Donald Savile Trump.
    He should be locked up like Stuart Hall and Rolf Harris.
    In the deepest darkest oubliette in Alabama.
    Or staked out in the desert as in The Valley of the Dolls and honey smeared in his groin.

  365. Patriccia Shaw

    Very droll…

  366. Ah, while Peter’s away the trolls come out to ply.
    Perhaps Baron would oblige, or the Colonel could organise a firing squad?

  367. Thursday, Alex Jones Show

    The English journalist, Paul Joseph Watson, conducts an ongoing autopsy of the mainstream media as Wikileaks lays the corpse out on the slab. Assisted by Stefan Molyneux.

    The alternative? The Boots stamping on the human face forever…

  368. Cheer up ! Donald Trump is a few points ahead in what appears to be a reputable poll .

    [ The link below goes to Pamela Geller’s web site so lookout for unwanted pop ups ]

  369. Colonel Mustard @ 14:36

    Nice to hear your voice again, Colonel.

    The country may indeed be all those things you say it is, but un-PC it ain’t. Have a look at this, sickening, truly vomit inducing, but the postings give one hope (you may have to register, but it costs nothing, is done quickly)

  370. Patriccia Shaw @ 07:20

    News for you, Patricia: Prepare to hear from, live with, admire the new President of the Republic Donald Trump soon. He, he, he.

  371. No fan of “the poet” Dylan, is Alex.:

    One wonders how the real poet, whose name Mr Zimmerman rather pretentiously hi-jacked in his quest for stardust, would have felt about this devalued accolade.

    I’m sure someone can unearth an appropriate prescient quote from the old Welsh pisshead. Pushing my luck with that invitation with Fergarse lurking.

  372. Note that the appropriately vulpine-featured Fox News anchor, Chrees Waaarliss, still riding on his father’reputation, has been appointed as the moderator in the next Trump/Clinton ‘debate’. This whining phoney is being pumped up as the ‘best journalist’ ever to conduct interviews on camera. It underlines just how much this presidential campaign is about media celebrity, rather than political qualification.

    So the perpetual TV reality show continues for another four weeks.

  373. This cabbie really has a bee in his bonnet and the resultant copy is well worth fifteen minutes of your time. You’ll need two cups of coffee or perhaps a couple of beers with your chuckle glands tuned up to max. Persevere, its worth it:

    Thanks for the heads-up, Gerard (American Digest).

  374. Malfleur @ 09:53

    Good stuff, the David Knight’s section is particularly enjoyable.

    The clip from the Russian TV broadcast (at roughly 90 minutes into the broadcast) is a spot on summary of the ramping up of animosity against Russia, e.g. that it’s the Russians who are poisoning the Clinton woman. As the anchor says the Democrats have moved from denying there was anything wrong with her to this silly accusation within days. It’s amazing Russia hasn’t yet been blamed for the race riots, the mess in the ME, climate change (give the Democrats time, they’ll turn to it, too, no?)

    The one thing nobody has yet pointed out in the Donald’s camp (if it has been screened, Baron must have missed it) is that Donald project manager for the first Trump Tower in the Manhattan (80s?) was a woman, the first woman entrusted with such a massive building project ever, and another woman was in charge of sales both of the living quarters and the commercial offices at the Tower.

    Would someone who’s alleged to have been a misogynist, women hater, abuser of the gentler sex have done that?

  375. She may not have talked to everyone in Syria (who can), but shouldn’t her take on Syria been more widely broadcast?

  376. Baron’s off until Peter switches to a new week, it takes ages for the tread to appear.

  377. Baron (21:57)

    “Would someone who’s alleged to have been a misogynist, women hater, abuser of the gentler sex have done that?”

    We-ell! She wouldn’t be the first member of the fair sex if she had dropped her drawers to secure a top position in a big company, would she? That’s a counterpoint to your hypothesis, btw, rather than an allegation. 🙂

    Sadly his idle boasts on the bus have been exploited rather cunningly by the Clintonostras. They have built their strategem on the foundations he inadvertantly laid. Now he’s on the back foot and seems overkeen to stay on defence, rather than ignoring the allegations and concentrating on the Wikileaks stuff, which is replete with substantial evidence of criminal collusion involving the Clintons, the State Department, the White house and so e elements of the msm..

    His remark about one of his accusers “She wouldn’t be my first choice” was another howler. He may just as well have said, “I wouldn’t fuck the ugly cow with yours.” Probably justified, but politically reckless – given that he’s at the final stages of his bid and he needs women to vote for him..

    Brace yourself Baron. It’s over! Four more years of the Long March in quick time. I shall sell my telly before inauguration day. Watching that corrupt bitch get sworn in would be cruel and unusual punishment.

    There is simply no shit that they can throw at her that can possibly stick to her Teflon coating. It’s apparently impervious. The sheeples are stoopid. They are going vote for her in droves.

  378. After Fred Hoyle penned, “October 1st Is Too Late”, he should have ignored the critical reviews and bashed out “October 2nd Is Not Late Enough.”

    Toodle Pip!

  379. EC (08:52)

    I was about to award you three smileys for that, but given the announcement by Joe Biden (JOE fuckin’ BIIII-DEN!) just now, that the Pentagon is about to kick off a cyber war with Russia, it isn’t funny.

    The fact that the West has recently developed the habit of losing wars and creating utter chaos in the process, I think we can safely assume that the lights will be out by Christmas – if not before.

    I was about to stock up on bully-beef and bottled water, anyway; I guess Aldi will cleared out already.

    Am I dreaming this shit??

  380. A brief essay on Musca domestica Linnaeus by Sultan Knish :

    The maggots beneath her physiognomy are visibly writhing. Uggghh.

  381. Mark Steyn, still in reprise mode, but as entertaining as ever:

  382. Frank P @ 01:23

    Read the link, Frank, ponder it, than insert the Donald phenomenon into it, it cannot but calm you down.

    Whatever they throw at the man cannot do him lasting damage, if anything it’s likely to rebound on those throwing the mud. He, Donald, is not one of those who got America where she is, that’s it, that counts, is decisive, enough for those who want America what she was to go for him.

    Donald is the black swan (in fact, you may like to venture a trip to the local library, get the book called ‘The Black Swan’ by Taleb, read it). There will be more swans of that colour emerging, some already have appeared in France, Holland, Hungary ….

  383. The new cover of the Private Eye has two pictures, the one of the left is that of Obama, on the right Donald’s. The caption above says: How American politics have changed 2008 (above Obama) 2016 (above Donald)’. Under Obama’s picture it says: Hope, under Donald’s: Grope.

    In all honesty, hard to argue with the sentiment except that the rag may have thought it through some more, ask what has the ‘Hope’ bring to the Americans, the world at large under the guidance of the Americans?

    For the Republic: The country of the free divided more than ever before, race riots, many dead, stagnant economy, no real increase in living standards for decades. For the world: More wars than under any American President since WW2, tensions with Russia higher than when the communist thugs ruled there, devastated ME, tsunami of Muslim refugees flooding Europe …

    Perhaps Grope is what we need to calm, improve, lighten things bit, no?

  384. Whistling past the graveyard, Baron.

    Black swan? Hmmn… I’m thinking white swansong, the way things are shaping up.

  385. “Long-rumored dissent in the FBI ranks over Director James Comey’s refusal to refer indictments against Hillary Clinton to Attorney General Loretta Lynch is finally boiling over, according to a Fox News report.”

  386. “Didn’t think wet works meant pool parties at the Vineyard”

    When a republic goes banana, it is OK for the military to step in.

  387. Information.

    Here is a new business directory that contains free information on companies,addresses,directors,types of business,performance,etc.
    It has separate information for large towns and cities ; and is easy to use.

  388. Frank P – 13:03

    Given your location, and the strong possibility that the water in your cup of tea has probably been through seven humanoid life forms before you take your sip, then I’d strongly advise fitting a filter or getting some bottled water in.

    I sure that Aldi etc. are currently untroubled by panic buyers at the moment as the great mass of people aren’t paying attention to what is going on. They are only interested in the foota results or what frock the ladies are (barely) wearing on Strictly Come Dancing. i.e. Their event horizon doesn’t extend beyond a week.

    I’ve commented previously (CHWs passim) on the fragility of the supply chain that western consumer societies are dependent upon. If a SHTF/WROL situation occurs then a sentient person would already have a good supply of the basics when the panic buying/looting starts.

    Also, winter approacheth, so it’s a good time to check the batteries in your torches (buy spares batteries!) A powerful torch is the cheapest security device that one can buy. Check your camping stoves are working properly. Buy cheap barbecue fuel now. Christmas dinner was cooked on a barbecue a few years ago when we had a 3 day power cut. That was SURREY, quelle horreur!

    Even now, with more than squirrels on his mind, Baron might be lubing his barrel with a spot of diesel to achieve a higher velocity. Shotgun owners will no doubt be preparing some ‘cut shells’ (not to be rushed!)

  389. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    You win! Ya just gotta larft, ennit!?

  390. Who is surprised? Not us:
    ‘Soon this town will explode’ German mayor says refugees putting future at risk
    THE mayor of the picturesque German ski town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen has penned a letter to the government of Bavaria saying refugees in her town are out of hand and she fears for the future.
    The letter by centre-left SPD mayor Dr. Sigrid Meierhofer to Maria Els, vice president of the government of Upper Bavaria, talks of an “explosive situation”.

    Around 150 of the residents are Africans, 80 percent of them unaccompanied young men. In the previous year it was mostly occupied by Syrian families. Mayor Meierhofer makes it plain that the current occupiers of the building have become “problematic” with frequent clashes. The mayor added that she is increasingly concerned about “public order and security.”

    Police officers have responded to more incidents in the past six weeks in and around the centre than in the past 12 months put together. Deputy police chief Thomas Holzer said: “The blacks are in charge.”

    A local official was outraged that the letter, and the deputy police chief, identified black Africans for causing the trouble in town, saying such “stereotyping” was unacceptable.

    But the mayor’s office insisted she was telling it like it is, not as bureaucrats elsewhere would like it to be.

  391. I’ve aired this before, and I’m airing it again!

    The Mike Wallace 1958 “Brave New World” TV interview with Aldous Huxley. (28min)

    Fascinating, and remarkably prescient.
    “We” were warned what would happen, and in some detail!

  392. Well! Well! Well!

    MICHAEL SAVAGE – Betrayed by Us – Betrayed by Them – A Shameful Story of International Vassalage:

    “Then-U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton determined not to lift a finger to persuade the United Kingdom to lift its ban on travel by talk-show kingpin and bestselling author Michael Savage in an email to her chief legal counsel Cheryl Mills posted by WikiLeaks.”
    (h/t Drudge)

  393. I don’t know if this has been mentioned here before, but this site has some good articles about … well you should be able to guess from its name:

  394. Just clicked in to “Wild West – America’s Greatest Frontier” on BBC 2.
    A nature series, comp!etely spolied by the narrator, an obviously gauche youth with “connections”. Voice timbre thin, enunctiation fluffy.
    Attenborough he ain’t! Sounds like a 6th former in his first poetry class reciting Byron. Simply incongrous to the wild beauty of the West.

    Where’s Rich Hall when he is needed?

  395. EC # !^.20

    I note that Huxley warned that people not be taken by surprise at the unexpected consequences of technology. I am glad that the globalists did not appear to have been paying attention when the internet arrived. Now we have to organise them into a basket of deportables.


    Alex Jones Show – Sunday – The Latest Wikileaks

  397. Jones – Sunday – 2nd Hour

    ‘THEY think you’re dumb – TRUMP doesn’t think you’re dumb’

  398. If the Calais “children” were running riot in London or terrorising a council estate they would be called youths. The three that I watched being interviewed were more like young men. The BBC is now using the word “children” yo describe them with a sort of “don’t you dare dispute it” emphasis.

    A few months ago the BBC and their ghastly left wing cohorts in cahoots were demanding that such “children” be given the vote, describing them as young adults or the youth vote. But when they go off to volunteer for ISIS they revert to being “vulnerable children” again.

  399. Frank P, October 16th, 2016 – 23:58

    Re: “Wild West – America’s Greatest Frontier”

    Snap! We gave it a go but we were turned off, and turned off.
    Attenborough? He’s banned too, mainly on the grounds that Mrs EC says that he spouts too much anthropomorphic bollocks. She becomes agitated starts shouting at him and throwing things at the telly. The lefties worship him, though. When the arch beeboid goes it’ll be like Princess Di, The Queen Mum & Mother Theresa all going at once. Switching on the TV at all will be unbearable for at least a week.

    Here’s Spike’s tribute to him:

    If only the real DA had had such an assistant, then he might have been watchable… 🙂 but it would still have probably been banned by Mrs EC 🙁

  400. “CNN declares unlawful for public to search WIKILEAKS…”
    Headline in Drudge today.

    How can we get an entirely new set of media?

    Might one be available on the National Health?

  401. Malfleur – 10:53

    Ah yes, guilt is in the eye of the beholder!

    I’m beginning to think that Peter is handcuffed to the aircon in a windowless upstairs room of a backstreet hovel at the back end of one of Beirut’s less fashionable souks.

  402. The BBC and its left wing host-collective seem to fret more about the rights and plights of foreigners, even those living abroad, than they do about the indigenous poor, put upon and deprived in this country.

    There are loads of homeless British people, predominantly male, in a Catch-22 situation, priced out of mortgaged housing, often through no fault of their own, who because they have no fixed abode cannot secure any kind of normal services from the corporates running the surveillance data systems like credit ratings. The corporates whine that the hoops they make people jump through for any kind of credit – even for home rental approvals – are to prevent financial risk, fraud, money laundering and other criminality, etc., but the criminals seem to continue unimpeded anyway and the banking collective still announce huge losses as a result of those activities.

    It seems that the hoops just inconvenience those perfectly law abiding citizens prepared to jump through them and prevent the real needy from getting a leg up. Where Lindbergh was once able to praise British officialdom before the war as unique in not treating everyone as suspect by default the reverse is now true. Everyone is treated as suspect until they have jumped through the various corporate or government imposed hoops. The customer is no longer king – the corporates are.

    And there appear to be no hoops for refugees or asylum seekers who are allocated housing and incomes on more or less their say so.

    We are surveilled by CCTV, our personal financial details are shared by the corporates, the government wants to read our emails and monitor us more closely for our gender, ethnicity and class at the same time as it is busy printing money, bailing out rotten banks and apparently willingly importing terrorists.

  403. Colonel Mustard – 11:23

    Homeless ex servicemen, especially those with PTSD and other issues, should be given priority.

    “This phone call may be recorded for training & monitoring purposes…”

    If you want to complain about their call centre staff, it’s a racing certainty that the recording will magically disappear! Fight fire with fire! In addition to dashcams, we should record any potentially tricky phone calls. Perfectly legal as long as you warn them a “may be recorded” back!

  404. Napolitano: “Bribe allegation in email case is unprecedented”

  405. I’ll omit posting the customary link to the Jonathan King (with added Savile) “Everyone’s Gone To The Moon” TOTP video

    That’s it, then.
    Ta ta


    Alex Jones inter alia gives a preview of his team’s visit to HAITI in anticipation of the story they have filed on their return being broken fully on Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s programme.

  407. Soeren Kern’s monthly report on the Muslim metastasis in the UK:

  408. … and that’s HM ‘Foreign Secretary’.

  409. Yall seem to be dying slowly?
    First my old mucker Andy Car Park.
    Now the rest of you.
    Are yall so scared of The Donald.
    Just 3 weeks now.

  410. Jeez its slow.
    Has someone turned the power down?

  411. Oh yes my Limey friends- be sure to tune into The Donald in Vegas tonight.

  412. “Yesterday Donald Trump rolled out a 5-point plan to drain the swamp in Washington, D.C.,” Pence said last night:

    Trump’s 5-step plan is as follows:
    First: I am going to institute a 5-year ban on all executive branch officials lobbying the government after they leave government service.

    Second: I am going to ask Congress to institute its own 5-year ban on lobbying by former members of Congress and their staffs.

    Third: I am going to expand the definition of lobbyist so we close all the loopholes that former government officials use by labeling themselves consultants and advisors when we all know they are lobbyists.

    Fourth: I am going to issue a lifetime ban against senior executive branch officials lobbying on behalf of a foreign government.

    Fifth: I am going to ask Congress to pass a campaign finance reform that prevents registered foreign lobbyists from raising money in American elections.

  413. Trump is like an enema for US politics. Unpleasant to contemplate but a necessary evil to flush away far worse influences.

    I’d like to see a 5-point plan for de-fanging “charities” used as political lobbying vehicles by left wing ideologues in the UK.

    One of the major downsides of the internet is that it has facilitated the left wing hive mind and led to the proliferation of fake “charities” and campaign/lobby groups engaged in all sorts of clamouring barminess.

    That swamp needs draining here too.

  414. John Jefferson Burns @ 06:35

    In your despair at the slow speed, John, you aren’t alone, that’s the reason Baron has stopped posting, too. We have to wait for Peter to pull the switch, start a new thread, it takes minutes to get displayed the whole of this one.

    The 5-point plan sounds good, but he’ll get in anyway.

    The stuff below isn’t on the election, but the barbarian reckons you should hear it, all of you, the guy, an adviser to Bibi, was attending some gathering in Prague, (hence the subtitles in Czecho). You will not undersigned the questions, it matters not, because the answers will make things clear.

    What you think of it may differ, but Baron reckons one would be more than hard put to refute his argument, it so obvious it pains to see the political clowns of the West missing it. As Frank keeps pointing out, we’re buggered (or perhaps close to being fully buggered if we fail to make use of the Brexit success to de-couple from the deranged Mutti and her acolytes):

  415. Colonel Mustard @ 10:44

    Seconded, Colonel, the the Demolisher isn’t anywhere close even to a tea enema, but the Republic needs him to re-adjust her compass bearing. Failing that, we’d better start stocking up on flour, cans of baked beans, and drinking water.

  416. Twenty minutes to spare, some of it hard to comprehend because of the poor sound, the subtitles are rather foggy, too.

    Two things:

    It tells you something about the ‘wwacism’ of the West, more specifically of the Republic, if a guy could make it from such humble beginnings to the most powerful job in the world in less than quarter of the a century (the video was filmed in 1993).

    Why cannot the land be cultivated more effectively, it wouldn’t take more than a small tractor, few other agricultural implements to produce enough crop to ensure no famine in bad years. Or the abysmal repair shop, why nobody invests few thousands bucks in tools that would raise the productivity immeasurably.

  417. I’ve been waiting for this tour de force. Sadly it may be too late – but it’s a wonderful and seminal analysis, which needs to be disseminated widely; the overarching idiocy of ‘the undecideds’ and the depressingly gauche stupidity of ‘the millennials’ are probably impervious, but surely there must be a few among them who can at least read – and might be receptive to the cold reality of Steynian logic?

    Perhaps JJB will spread the word over there, rather than complacently assuming that the great unwashed will rise up on November 8th. Many will, buf not enough to compensate for six decades or so of Alinsky propaganda pumped through the bloodstream of academia.

    The corrupt bitch and her cohorts must be stopped if the Anglosphere is to survive. It’s seconds to midnight – and Steyn’s essay could be the lightning strike that illuminates the danger.

  418. Car blazes leaves families terrified Norway will ‘go up in flames’ as Malmo attacks spread

    NORWEGIAN families are terrified Oslo will become Scandinavia’s next “no-go zone” after two cars were set ablaze in the dead of night.

    Several neighbours witnessed the blaze and one expressed they were now scared the city would end up like Sweden, which currently has more than 50 areas listed as “no-go zones” due to car fires and unprecedented levels of crimes.

    The local, who asked to remain anonymous, said: “It’s only a matter of time before [the violence] spreads, I have no doubt about it.”

    You mean, it’s not been reported on the BBC?

    Oh, so it can’t be true then, can it?

  419. PMQS: Theresa May makes brilliant Mrs Bone joke – and parliament explodes at innuendo

    INTDWI, honest, it really doesn’t! 🙂

  420. Frank P October 19th, 2016 – 19:45

    Thanks for that link. The politicisation of civil administration and justice both there and here is the great evil of our time and it begets many other evils.

    If you feel like a bit of nausea the Adam Curtis film Hypernormalisation is on the BBC iPlayer, joining Bitter Lake which seems to be a permanent fixture there.

    Curtis claims not to be a lefty (see Wiki entry on him) but I have my suspicions that he plays some kind of weird, lefty false flag mind games.

  421. Frank P @ 19:53

    The omni-all one has probably never watched the channel, Frank, compared to the agitprop pumped out by the BBC it’s just as biased as the London based monopoly.

    Not that Baron switches it on regularly, but he was watching it tonight, it was more balanced on the Aleppo cum Mosul conflict than the ITV. In both places, civilians will suffer if the thugs are to be beaten.

    Crawling over his blog, the barbarian has discovered Mr. Boot’s vomit on the statue of Ivan Grozny – have you seen it, it’s worth reading.

    He, the omni-all one, says it was the Russian Government that erected it, which is on par with saying the Richard III statue was erected by the British Government (not by the city of Leicester). It was a provincial town called Orel that did it (have you ever heard of the place?).

    As it happens, Baron watched the story on two channels – the TV Rain and a major TV broadcaster, there were voices for and against, the people of Orel voted for it, but as a concession to the anti vote the statue was moved to a less prominent place.

    Btw, nobody really knows much of the first Tzar, there are no documents, parchments, letters, nothing, it’s almost all hear say except for not just one letter of marriage proposal to Elizabeth (as he says), but a number of letters, not all friendly, the story broke few years back, Baron recalls. (What the omni-all one also fails to mention, it doesn’t fit his narrative, was that she did offer him a sanctuary if he gave up on his ambitions as a ruler, lived as an ordinary squire).

    The one bit of rumour Baron remembers from his days in Moscow was that Ivan Grozny collected manuscripts (he was supposed to speak several languages, Latin amongst them), had a number of them, some of extreme value that the Bolsheviks didn’t flog in the West after the 1917 Revolution. These were kept in the Kremlin’s dungeons as the equivalent of ‘reserve currency’. (It would be interesting to find out if it’s true).

  422. Frank P @ 19:45

    Mark reigns supreme again, Frank. This is what we’ve been missing when he took his sabbatical.

  423. RobertRetyred @ 20:41

    How true, Robert.

  424. Astonishing.
    I watched the debate and Trump walked it – as in the Brexit debate on immigration.
    Yet the BBC tell us that he lost heavily simply because he said he did not know what he would do after the election.
    Of course he does not know.
    Bush was ready to concede until they told him to contest the vote in Florida.
    When it come to the right here and in the U.S. There is no level playing field.

  425. A BBC guy called Stoper or Stoker who was present at the debate: ‘Astonishing, as if the other two debates didn’t have their talking points, one moment in this one left everyone stunned. When asked whether he would except the result of the election he said ‘it depends’.

    And rightly so, you wanker, given the screwed up pre-election campaign in which everyone kicks Donald, nobody cares about the Clinton woman’s faults, boils and warts, that’s the proper answer.

  426. The ‘consensus’ of the meeja: that Trump blew last night’s debate by not agreeing to accept the result of the general election willy-nilly, is preposterous. They reinforced their stupidity by pointing out that “The Republic” has outlived five French republics by the democratic process of transfer of power without violence. This is a self defeating argument when the widespread venal corruption of the Washington elite if factored in. The American electorate needs to grow nuts and vote for someone who is committed to overturning the high tables in the temple of Mammon – and considering that the corrupt cabal around the Clinton crime family are guilty of treasonous policies, if the Criminal Justice System cannot bring such crimes to book then maybe a lynch mob might be both necessary and justified.

    Maintaining a ‘democratic’ system regardless of inherent corruption of the most venal and oppressive nature and reinforcing it with totalitarian propaganda via academia and onwards through the education institutions is to abhorred rather than admired. It becomes worse the longer it exists and is no cause for jingoistic comparisons with the Frogs.

    I’m not advocating violence; indeed the US electorate have a brief window of opportunity to muck out the Augean Stables by ballot box, rather than a coup d’etat or popular insurrection. They should take it.

    Sadly the bookies are still listing The Donald a 5 to 1 long shot. In a two horse race, only the front runner ‘doing a Devon Loch’ in the last furlong is likely to beat the book.

    As a friend of mine said yesterday – “That would be a miracle that would make me a believer again.”

    Wake up America FFS! Las Vegas is, appropriately, the last chance sa!oon.

  427. From Spectator :

    This Fridays cover story : ” Putin vs the world “.

    Rod Liddle : ” Stop stupid sabre rattling against Russia “.

    These links *may* work if you haven’t normal access to the site.

  428. Radford NG @ 21:46

    Thanks, Radford, the barbarian from the East has been active on both.

  429. Why this anxiety about Donald winning? He will, no doubt about it.

  430. Baron (22:15)

    Yep: Fox have being banging on about it all day amd have been for the past couple of days: but check the bookies odds to see where the punters are.

    It would appear that the US sheeples DGAS about the Wikileaks exposures.
    Apart from Fox, the meeja just aren’t using it and even Fox is talking out of both sides of its mouth about it.

    The problem is that it is necessary to keep at least three plates spinning to appreciate the significance. Most punters seen incapable of managing one – and only then if someone else spins the stem for them.

    Anyway – they just don’t care; they want the stuff promised by the bitch. As for the slums and poverty of the ghettos, what makes anyone thinks that the people who benefit from the ghettos, viz the drug czars AND the Democratic Party want to disturb the status quo? Add to that a big chunk of the Republican elite are doing quite nicely, too – whichever way the cookie crumbles.

    I will whoop with joy if Don Trumpo pulls it off, but the real world will intervene. Sadly .. as I keep lamenting … ad nauseam.

  431. Post-Debate Speech by Donald Trump in Ohio

    (h/t Drudge)

  432. What were the bookies saying about Brexit a couple of weeks before the vote?

  433. Baron , October 19 @ 21:19

    Most helpful piece of fact-checking, Baron.

    It remains to be seen if the globalists’ war-mongering will succeed, but Mr. Putin seems to be encouraging the Royal Navy to do some fact checking of its own:

    “…Defence expert for Russian news agency RIA, Alexander Khrolenko, said: “While the North Atlantic bloc is stalling in the sands of the Middle East, the Russian Navy seizes control over the Atlantic, not to mention the Mediterranean and Black Seas.”…”

    I am surprised that more people in England are not disturbed that,as Mr. Trump suggests, if the enemy is ISIS we appear to be on the wrong side in this developing conflict. The Bootists will welcome it. Colonel Mustard’s views would be welcome however as to what British interests are involved – other than those of doing what we are told by the Seventh Floor. I would certainly think that they do not include massaging Rodham Clinton’s psychopathology.

    Time for a return to civilised government in the West – Trump ’16!

  434. The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming!


    Yes, the Bolsheviks are coming! They are running for president of the United States again.

  435. Malfleur @ 01:52

    The guy, Alex, is truly incredible, Malfleur. How can he go on like this hour after hour? It’ll kill him, and for what? Does he truly think he can convince many?

    For most of those voting after years of hibernation it boils down to simply looking around, seeing things have been getting progressively, unquestionably, and seemingly irrevocably worse and worse under either party for decades The Clinton woman is but a continuation of this trend. So, they decide, enough’s enough, we get the outsider a chance, and voila, Donald is in (and the decaying continues as it does with a human being who’s reached his prime, like Baron, and slowly falls apart, like Baron, until he hits the end, like Baron). Simples, as the fluffy animal says.

  436. Baron
    October 20th, 2016 – 11:49
    A BBC guy called Stoper or Stoker

    I think you mean Jon Sopel, Justin Webb’s successor as BBC North America Democrat Party Paid Hack.

    “I don’t think I have heard a single thing critical of Clinton on the BBC. I’m sure there must be the odd piece here and there that takes a serious look at her and yet that’s not the thrust of the BBC coverage which I suspect, if you were counting, would be found to think Trump was the only candidate for President. Trump has been treated with a massive contempt (not least by Cameron who has done a flip-flop and now loves Trump as well as the Islamist loving Sadiq Khan) and all we have heard is derision, scorn and mocking from the BBC’s finest. Which makes the following BBC analysis of the presidential campaign something of a condemnation of their own prejudiced coverage and approach that has been so stridently based upon attacking Trump so far…..and yet Clinton is as controversial a figure as the BBC believes Trump is……but that is by no means reflected in their reporting on her and the way presenters, and the usual comedians, make comments in passing during their programmes…..

    I spoke to a large number of the bikers before we set out on the ride. And something struck me – yes, there were Trump diehards who think he will prove to be the saviour of a fallen nation that has lost its way.

    But many others were much more nuanced. Many people said to us that he would be the lesser of two evils, the clear implication being that Hillary Clinton was the bigger evil.

    One person, when I asked what he thought of Secretary Clinton, said: “She’s trash, she should be in prison.”

    Another man told me that his views were simply unbroadcastable on television.

    The polls say that both Trump and Clinton suffer big negatives and low approval ratings.

    This election might come down to a question of who voters loathe the least.

    My totally unscientific, random, non-adjusted focus group at Rolling Thunder suggests that might well be the case.

    In a country of 320 million people, how did it come down to such an unappetising menu choice?

    Do you want the dish with the listeria or the salmonella?

    That was written by Jon Sopel who seems to have reverted to type in his latest report in which he seems very affronted that Trump dares to criticise the sainted Media…this seems as much a defence of Sopel than anything else…”

  437. I see the BBC are pushing hard post-Brexit in trying to convince the English that they are multicultural, a nation of immigrants, etc., and don’t deserve their national identity (zzzzzzzzz).

    We are to be treated to a black British season which seems to be more about being black than being British – imagine a “white British” season! If Bonnie Greer doesn’t show her patronising face in that I’ll be surprised. In the Reith lectures under the title “Mistaken Identities” one Kwame Anthony Appiah, a philosopher, descendant of Stafford Cripps and a Labour acolyte living in the USA, is going to tell us that our English national identity is a false construct.

    It is bizarre that a left wing cult so dedicated to the concept of the right to self-identify should seek to coerce conformity in what it means to be British, let alone English. But that’s BBC propaganda for you. Relentless left wing agitprop contrived to undermine everything that once was.

    I strongly object to the BBC hi-jacking my right to identify as English and attempting to re-define that for me. It is not theirs to re-define or anyone else’s. I own my birthright, my ancestry, my culture and my sense of historic identity and I refuse to be condemned for doing so. And by the way, Kwame, I don’t care if any of my inherited beliefs are alleged to be a false construct by you or any other foreign left wing propaganda peddler. They are mine to own, not yours. I would not presume the impertinent discourtesy of telling you how your American-Ghanaian identity is to be defined. You can talk as much as you like about the cultural construct of my identity in a world you did not own and would like to deny but you will never change the fact that the flesh and blood I stand in now is the same flesh and blood my English ancestors stood in. There is no gap from mother to son to father. Rigging ancestry and creating children with test tubes, “donors” and surrogate parents is part of your post-modern world not the one I received life in from those who went before me.

  438. Delenda est The BBC!

    And all who sale under its flag. A truly evil virus.

  439. Appiah shares homes with his partner, Henry Finder (editorial director of the New Yorker magazine) in New York City, and near Pennington New Jersey, where they have ducks, geese and some fish.

    Just saying.

  440. Do you think we may be treated to a new wall when the clocks go back?
    Or perhaps for November?

  441. Romano Verdi October 21st, 2016 – 18:14

    Wiki refers to him as his husband. Can’t get used to that. I probably need re-education.

    Apparently the law was wrong when I was a young man. If it could be wrong then I wonder why the arrogant fuckers churning laws out now don’t think they might be wrong too. Why, of course not, because they ARE arrogant fuckers.

  442. Nothing on the mail website for mobiles about the child adult immigrants all day and still nothing, is no one interested or is a D notice in place .
    Telegraph has an article saying the children are not what we expected but we need to show compassion .
    It stinks.

  443. A useful contribution to:
    The Left’s Jewish Problem

  444. On doit rire 🙂 :

    EU’s top Brexit negotiator sparks tensions by demanding talks are conducted in FRENCH


    Reality beckoning – time for the reckoning.

  446. Well here’s a novelety an Arab who tells the truth.
    From mail on line
    Sarah and Giles, who have fostered dozens of child asylum seekers, said several had turned out to be adults, but social services had ‘no interest’ in being told.
    After reading this week about widespread doubts over the ages of some young men coming from Calais, they said: ‘We could never understand why this has not come out before.’
    Using assumed names because they fear reprisals if they are identified, Sarah and Giles said one boy, supposedly 15, lived with them for two years and attended a local school. But when he eventually left them, he revealed: ‘You English are so stupid – I’m in my twenties.’

  447. Never normally a fan of Julie Burchill, but this is good:

    Just 2 gem paragraphs;

    “It’s also quite hard for me to understand how those who claim, and have their champions claim, to be the most chronic and vulnerable victims of hate crimes are Muslims. If you visited this country from another planet, all the ceaseless clatter about hate crimes of the Islamophobic kind might have you believing that a brace of Muslims a week were being butchered in the street due to the sheer molten hatred of the blood-thirsty Christian community. Whereas, in fact, Islamist terrorism kills eight times more Muslims than non-Muslims. In this country, three Muslims have been killed for being Muslims over the past three years – all by other Muslims.”

    “An exception, interestingly, are trans-women, who can claim to be victims of hate crimes in a way born women cannot, even though, by the look of some of them, they’d have no trouble flattening a gang of thugs without breaking sweat. Oh, and of course it’s not a hate crime when Corbynite trolls threaten Angela Eagle with death threats for daring to stand, albeit briefly, against the Glorious Leader, because the Left are incapable of hate, in thought, word or deed. Meanwhile in Pakistan – recipient of millions of pounds in aid from this country each year – the mother-of-five, Christian Asia Bibi, is due to be hanged for the apparent crime of drinking from the same cup of water as fellow workers who were Muslims, thus ‘defiling’ it. How truly shocking that Britain should be a chief benefactor to a regime which is about to commit one of the vilest hate crimes of all time, while preaching so primly about it back at home.”


    Following a brief report on Oprah Winfrey endorsing Clinton, an impressive interview with COLONEL ANTHONY SHAFFER followed by a devastating Infowars report on rigging American presidential elections – past and present.

    ‘We are the social media barbarians at the gates”
    James O’Keefe (Project Veritas)

  449. Romano Verdi
    October 21st, 2016 – 18:15

    In November, the clocks may be striking thirteen…

  450. The Calais ‘children’ might be in their twenties, or even their thirties, but why are we talking about 17 year olds as children?

    Surely, 16 would be quite a high limit, given our current laws, including the 16 year olds voting in the Scottish Referendum.

  451. Amongst the stars of the voluntary Donald’s team, there’s one superstar – Paul, the guy should be careful, the bastards may get him:

  452. Frank P @ 11:44

    You see, Frank, the barbarian’s told you, the man’s a follower of Allah, he cosies to the Saudis and the Iranians, the two nests of the creed.

  453. RobertRetyred @ 19:18

    The barbarian was listening to the ‘Any Question’ on BBC Radio4 this afternoon, Robert, one of the callers, a very articulate woman, was on alot of the time ranting on and on how much we need immigration, a must, the only tool to get the economy going because of the ageing population, families here no longer have 12 children – she actually said that. It didn’t occur to her, to the woman running the show to tell her, that the immigrants are ageing, too, are we to import millions each year?. And also because people need a safe country after the horrors of war (isn’t France a safe country?) and so it went on and on until the barbarian had enough, couldn’t stomach it, switched off.

  454. It took almost 10 minutes to post at 22.10, have a good nigh sleep everyone.

  455. I’ve noticed that more and more TV adverts are peddling SJW-type propaganda – especially Unilever – “the world as we know it is changing – and that is a good thing”.

    Who says?

  456. Nigel wants Suzanne, therefore so do I.
    She can join Theresa, Nicola, Ruth, Kezia and Leanne.
    Y chromosomes are a hindrance in modern politics – just look at Jeremy and Tim!

  457. So The Footballer:

    Forget politics. We have said all there is to say on Ukip, Brexit, Trump etc.

    It is nauseating how the press are lauding that totally immoral footballer. Papers that were lambasting clubs who wanted to employ him are falling over themselves to praise his tenacity since the latest verdict.

    The far end was reached yesterday with an interview in the Telegraph with his fiancée which painted him as a family man with her painted as a Tammy Wynette standing by her man.

    For Gods sake the lewd “hero” burst into a hotel room where a girl now destroyed was cuddling with one of his mates well oiled and as the Telegraph tells it had oral sex.

    Now just what message is being given to our children.

  458. Emulous – 17:27

    That the CPS shouldn’t go hunting?

  459. Romano Verdi – 15:50

    “Nigel wants Suzanne …” … to get as few votes as possible!

    And you forgot Angela, and Diane – only a deputy, but still a heavy weight politician!

  460. Emulous,
    What message is being given to our children? Simple if you are a teenage girl too drunk to stand up then do not go into a room with a couple of footballers, as it would have been obvious to the meanest intelligence that a cup of tea and a reading of the Bible was not on the menu. Offer sex on a plate to any man and he will help himself, especially if he knows you are the most available ride in North Wales.

  461. “Forget politics. We have said all there is to say on Ukip, Brexit, Trump etc.”

    Have we indeed? Thanks for letting us know that “we” have said all there is to say.

    Deja vu.

  462. Colonel Mustard,
    Said all there is to say? No we bloodywell have not. We Wallsters can think for ourselves and have no hesitation in articulating our thoughts.

  463. Has anyone heard from Peter?

  464. Comment No.500!

    Just sayin’.

  465. Banned from the United Kingdom by the Monstrous Regiment of Women!

    MICHAEL SAVAGE on the war mongering with Russia by the demon in the White House with Nobel Peace Prize:

  466. “We have said all there is to say…….”
    No no!
    “Speaking ahead of her talks with Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, Welsh counterpart Carwyn Jones and Northern Ireland’s Arlene Foster and Martin McGuinness, Mrs May said: “The great union between us has been the cornerstone of our prosperity in the past – and it is absolutely vital to our success in the future.”
    That was in the industrial era when they ran the mines that fuelled our growth and our Empire.
    Not so now.
    The flow of money now is from England to these blighted lands. As an Englishman I resent this.
    Has Theresa May not heard of Manchester Fabian Joel Barnett?
    The evil but clever Nicola Sturgeon will use this initiative to further her own political ends. So will IRA Commander McGuinness.
    They both want out.
    Well they can go.

  467. Yes and Trump again:
    “What can be simpler or more accurately stated? The Mexican government is forcing their most unwanted people into the United States. They are, in many cases, criminals, drug dealers, rapists, etc. …Many fabulous people come in from Mexico and our country is better for it. But these people are here legally, and are severely hurt by those coming in illegally.”
    That is why we had Brexit.

  468. And UKIP :-

    “English nationalism has been highlighted by several observers as a very strong proxy for Euroscepticism and in the context of a revived Scottish independence movement the notion of enhancing (or even simply protecting) England’s place in the United Kingdom will become a more pressing issue. Add to this the scope for Northern Irish discontent over the reconstitution of the peace accords following Brexit and there is even more potential for Englishness to occupy a more central position in political debate. It touches on many of the same nexus of issues as Euroscepticism: representation, proximity of decision-making, group identity and ‘fairness’.

    The immigration issue also still has much life in it, and even as the European dimension moves away from its current central position, there will be substantial pressures to keep the broader question alive. The likely persistence of high levels of immigration, whatever the regime for EU nationals, and the continued lack of central government policy to tackle the resolution of migration-related problems will provide a fertile ground for both more nativist and more moderate expressions of displeasure and concern. UKIP made use of this in their expansion since the mid-2000s, and any new leader of the party might decide that this is their best bet for continued relevance.”

  469. 505!
    But it is Monday.

  470. 9am

  471. If the Scots voted to break away from the Union then Sturgeon would shit herself, she would then have to pay for her socialist paradise with taxes raised in Scotland, the tartan tribe might have a thing or two to say on that subject. But, what about the poor put upon English should they not have a vote on whether they want to go on subsidizing the Picts? and if not then turf the whinging sods out. This should happen as soon as possible as they will carry on moaning until they get their way. The same goes for the Welsh, there is a significant percentage of the population who hanker after independence.

    I write as a Welshman of very old lineage, but I am not worried that I will be slung out of Whitechapel as there is more English blood in my veins than there is in the majority of the inhabitants of this parish.
    P.S. This Yank spelling does my friggin’ ‘ead in.

  472. ‘You can’t have TWO laws!’ Former Bishop [The Right Rev Dr Michael Nazir-Ali] BLASTS Government for even considering Sharia law

    In written evidence to the Commons Home Affairs committee he said the investigation, put forward by Prime Minister Theresa May during her time as Home Secretary, could even jeopardise the entire justice system in the UK.

    It makes you wonder from where the Government’s advisers originate, or from which culture. 🙂

  473. Meanwhile:the Russian Arctic Fleet turns ,not Left into the Baltic, but `Left-hand down a bit’ into the Channel ; lead by the `Kusnetsov`,belching black smoke,with most of it’s `heads`( toilets) out of commission ,and accompanied by it’s own tug-boat in case it breaks-down completely.

    The Daily Mail can not decide whether this is a rust-bucket or a threat to Britain.

    Either way,Putin is showing the flag,rather then sending them through the Denmark Strait ; as he is by sending 60 year-old propeller-driven Tupolev 95’s (based on the B-29 Superfortress ) to probe British air defences.

  474. Anniversary of the Hungarian Uprising in October 1956 –

    Speeches by Polish President Andrzej Duda and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán

  475. Would someone who has Peter’s e-mail address please ask him whether he’s OK, Baron’s beginning to worry, it’s very much unlike him, usually he tells us he cannot pull the switch because there’s a reason for it, this time, he seems worryingly quiet.

  476. Radford NG @ 15:43

    The DM isn’t the only rag that’s unsure how to play it, Radford, other poodles of the MSM universe face the same conundrum, funny that, the Americans have been cruising the world seas for decades, nobody seems to mind even though they, the Americans, often attack countries miles from US shore but whose governments they don’t like.

  477. Baron at 18-32

    Peter posted elsewhere yesterday that he had just got back.
    I sent an email this afternoon re a new CHW to the address he previously made public :

  478. Radford NG – 18:56

    “…just got back.”

    Hotfoot from Stockport????
    With the roadworks on the M6 in Cheshire that’s no mean feet!

  479. Baron – 18:32

    Many have emailed, but have faith Baron!
    He’s abouna to come bouncing back to us, especially if he scoffs that over large pizza in Stoke tonight!

  480. Unfortunately, there’s no one left to arrest them…

    “”Don’t Repeat That To Anybody” – Hillary Clinton And Donna Brazile Personally Implicated In Latest Project Veritas Video”

  481. This is fun:

    Buddy can you spare a tenner?

  482. EC

    “With the roadworks on the M6 in Cheshire that’s no mean feet!”

    You mean he WALKED? 🙂

  483. When he gets to Walsingham I’ll nip over and lend him my knee-pads for ‘the last mile’.

  484. Cakegate:

    I am not anti gay, trans or anything else but Mr McArthur surely has a point:

    “That was pretty well the situation of Ashers Bakery in Northern Ireland. A customer with whom it did business requested a cake bearing the icing: ‘Support Gay Marriage’. The proprietors declined on the basis this was against their beliefs. Ashers was very happy to provide the customer, one Gareth Lee, a cake of almost any description. It just drew the line at icing propaganda in support of something they regarded as against the law of God.

    Mr Lee was outraged, and took the case to court with the support – of course – of the Northern Ireland Equality Commission. The Court ruled that Ashers were within their rights. Now, however, the Northern Ireland Court of Appeal has upheld Mr Lee’s complaint. The baker, Daniel McArthur, says today that:

    ‘If equality law means being punished for not supporting other people’s causes then equality law has to change. This was never about the customer, it was about the message…We wouldn’t decorate a cake with a pornographic picture or a spiteful message.’

  485. The equality law is about the biggest ass of all the bad law passed by those who rule over us in recent years. Blair opened the door to bad law by politicising its purpose.

    Equality law is being used to coerce approval and to punish disagreement, worthy of North Korea, but on a selective basis for those minority interests backed by the most vociferous “equality” campaign agendas.

    Equality does not and should not mean empowering minority campaign groups to lord it over everyone else and to be immune from criticism or disagreement. But that is precisely what is happening. And the justice system is now tainted to the extent that there is doubt whether some judgements are motivated by law or by politics, which undermines both the law and the justice system.

    And it is because those fools in Parliament have no understanding of consequences. They think good intentions are enough to successfully carry bad law without creating injustice. Having created bad law they seem incapable of recognising the fact and repealing the nonsense, instead wasting yet more public money by allowing the courts to become clogged with fatuous triviality like the cake business.

    Those nincompoops complain about Farage being divisive. The agenda-driven bad law they insist on churning out like sausage meat is far more divisive.

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