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  1. “The madness of hack Peter Hitchens”

    This is becoming a bit of an obsession with AB. I was somewhat disappointed that he didn’t apply some of his devastating sarcastic wit to address Corbyn’s messiah speech.

    I wonder how many people actually read Mr. Hitchens’ column, and of those I wonder how many people actually agree with him? Not many, in both cases, I guess.
    In the age of the internet the influence of the Dead Tree Media is DEAD! It has Zero, null, nula, нуль, cero, zilch (or even sero if you are Welsh!) ability to control the narrative.

    The influences of the often malign fake news output BBC, CH4, SKY, CNN, NBC, ABC, MSNBC, and, yes, even FOX is another matter altogether.

    CNN is dying, with some of the others feeling very, very poorly. Alternate YouTube channels and websites like Infowars and Rebel Media regularly get more viewers than some broadcast news channels, with Infowars getting more viewers than many of them put together! (excluding BBC & FOX)

    This is why I expect that the internet will either be shut down, or severely regulated to in order to squeeze out the opposition to state broadcasters.

  2. EC @ 09:17

    Timely of you, EC, to link to this piece of yet another repeat of the same stale vomit, the barbarian reckons the relationship between the West and Russia may begin to move even further south in the months ahead.

    Things are never black and white, the more complex an issue the greater the probability of many different shades of it, but to argue that it’s Russia who’s the culprit really does take the biscuit. If anyone is in need of psychiatric MOT is the omni-all one.

    On the internet: it’s one or the other, Baron reckons, those who’ve been in control of the news either get used to sharing the former monopoly, or the authorities will clamp down on the free access to the new medium. If the past is any indication of the future it’s definitely the latter. Let’s enjoy it whilst we can, no?

  3. Marshal Roberts June 27th, 2017 – 07:40

    I have to disagree.

    The ritual involved in state execution is disgusting and demeans all those participating in it, by whatever means and however conducted.

    There have been cases of wrongful conviction and execution.

    Regardless of conditions it is the deprivation of freedom that is the real punishment of imprisonment. And the length of incarceration takes into account the magnitude of the crime – or should!

    Imprisonment prevents dangerous criminals from being a danger to the public. The cost benefit case is hard to quantify but not all dangerous criminals are murderers and murder itself has many elements to it.

    I’m not sure that the deterrent effect of capital punishment has ever been established. There may be an argument for it but it is difficult to quantify. There was an increase in the number of homicides (and all crime) from the 1960s (the death penalty was abolished in 1965) but that trend was broadly in line with the increase in population. There was a downward trend from the 1990s when the population was still increasing and whilst the number of homicides have recently been increasing again the context is 574 homicides in 2015 vs 1,074 in 2003.

  4. This wonderful rant is apparently from a couple of years ago: somehow I missed it. Just in case others here also missed it, it is worth your time.

    A powerful compendium of the toxic components of stupidity, treasonous conspircay and ultimately suicidal/homicidal policies of Western leaders.
    And the prescience of Steyn’s trajectory of events, which has unfolded almost exactly as augured.

  5. EC – 09:17
    ‘CNN is dying …’

    I can’t think why 🙂 :
    Project Veritas Undercover Investigation: CNN Producer Admits Network Hyping ‘Mostly Bullsh*t’ Trump-Russia Scandal for ‘Ratings’

  6. It goes back a long way: even longer than you think:
    Germany and Islam

  7. Colonel Mustard (11:15)

    I concur and you summary in the first paragraph is the main reason.

    Over the years as murder has become more casual and varied and at time perverted and evil I have wobbled at times. But the sense and sentiment of that opening declaration has always cooled me down.

    However, in war, what then? Summary execution without trial, whether hand to hand on the battlefield or from a distance of aircraft and ships, becomes necessary; the humanity and decencies have to abandoned for the sake of personal and national survival and victory.

    The problem now is that we are war with Islam without declaration of our own leaders,, as so aptly delineated by Steyn in the above link. How do you and I justify your first paragraph in these circumstances? There’s my dilemma.

  8. Good piece on the shape our war with Islamists will take.

    Good news for soldiers who will much less likely to get shot by snipers or blown up but not so good for kids going to pop concerts.

  9. Though the photograph that accompanies this piece by Melanie unnerves me somewhat, given her departure from the Speccy and Brillo’s cowardly role in it (some hatchets should never be buried imho) the essay is better than her somewhat truncated appearance on This Week:

  10. Frank P June 27th, 2017 – 11:51

    “How do you and I justify your first paragraph in these circumstances?”

    Probably by killing the enemy in cold blood and without ritual as the SAS did with the IRA cell in Gibraltar and at Loughgall.

    There is a dichotemy in attempting to treat terrorists engaged in “military” action as criminals and prioritising their arrest over killing. There seems to be no compunction in ordering drone attacks against known terrorist targets overseas and I don’t see why homegrown terrorists should be treated any differently.

    Identify them and if they are engaged in action or in planning murder with firearms, explosives or other weapons, ambush them and kill them, regardless of whether they are armed at the time or not. But it needs a military rather than police response. Personally I would put all counter-terrorist intelligence and operations in the hands of the military with police in support rather than in charge and with a clear declaration of intent that as soon as it is embarked upon to any degree whatsoever the terrorist activity is considered an act of war.

    The terrorists and their supporters will bleat because they want an uneven playing field. They want to be protected by the law after they have committed to waging war against its rule. It’s the sort of nonsense that in conventional combat would require enemy soldiers to be “arrested” rather than killed.

  11. Colonel Mustard – 12:21

    POWs are only valid currency if the enemy plays by the same rules.
    Terrorists don’t.

  12. @Frank P, 27th – 12:04

    (some hatchets should never be buried imho)

    Unless between the antagonist’s shoulder blades? 🙂

  13. Colonel Mustard – 12:21

    The response to the Brighton Grand Hotel bombing, Oct 12, 1984 was weak beyond belief!

  14. Colonel (12:21)

    This time I concur without reservation. However your solution is unlikely to be implemented by the West’s govermental idiocy/venally corruptive/treasonous/myopic policies – all enabled by an electorate that has, in the main, been undereducated and brainwashed over many decades: that seems devoid of the instinct of self preservation and the essential underpinning of self respect that is the bedrock of civilisation.
    It is at this stage of introspection that I always resort to the now apocryphal imprecation of Sir Richard Mottram, which should now be entered in the annals of essential truths of our times.

  15. Ostrich (14:00)

    I was hoping you would pick up on that cue. 🙂

    But I wouldn’t want our Mel to get herself hoisted by the current Stasi, even if I’m convinced that she would be acquitted on the grounds of efence of the Realm. But only if the jury was stuffed the

  16. …stuffed with patriots – a vain hope in our current zeitgeist, I fear.

  17. Apols for o & oe. My ipad is playing tricks today. Moreover it’s pissing with rain here, which is good for the Dolly Varden (much need in fact), but injurious to my general mood and mojo.

  18. Frank P – 14:20

    WTF! I just read that as “…stuffed with parrots.”
    I’ve got an appointment booked at Specsavers tomorrow.
    Come to think of it, “parrots” might not be too far wide of the mark!

  19. Frank P 14:24

    Il faut cultiver notre Dolly Varden.

  20. So 95 buildings tested and 95 failed.
    A 100% failure rate.
    That’s pretty impressive for a country claiming to have such high standards.
    And of course there’s the reality at the coal face.
    As expected.
    Hospitals and schools are being tested to make sure they are not encased in combustible cladding, and Mr Javid said 15 buildings “across the wider government estate” require further investigation.

    Mr Javid admitted on Monday that multiple fire safety inspection failures had been discovered in tower blocks which were evacuated last week in Camden, north London, including hundreds of missing fire doors, inaccessible stairways and breaches of internal walls.

  21. Sounds like the third world have brought their third world habits here with them . Surely not.
    Doctors, teachers, and surgeons would never do that would they.

  22. Andy Car Park (15:54)

    And there was me thinking you were no fan of Francois Marie Arouet. Must have been your trip to Gay Paris and your experience on that double-decker, 97 horsepower (retired) London bus cum mobile bordello wot dun it. Your Candide account of that still burns bright in my memory sump.

  23. EC (14:41)

    🙂 🙂

  24. Colonel Mustard @ 11:15

    OK, Colonel, you have to other choice but going for one of the following two, you either swing tomorrow, or you spend the rest of your natural life to suffer ‘the deprivation of freedom that is the real punishment of imprisonment’ (you may even forget the high and getting stronger probability that at some point in the future when the public forgets about the one you’ve murdered you get to walk free). The privileges of contemporary murderers will be on offer to you, however, the ‘uman rites’ package guarantees them to everyone including the most heinous murderers.

    Nobody says every murderer has to hang, just the ones committing the most sickening murder where the guilt is proven beyond any doubt at all, such as a man who raped a six year old girl, videoed it for himself, then killed the child. For someone like that hanging’s too merciless, but if the same were to happen to someone very close to you you would of course forgive. Tipping the hat to you isn’t enough.

    Btw, since we abolished capital punishment in the 60s, over 150 murderers who got released having served their laughable tariff murdered again by 2008. That really furnishes the justification for your ‘disgusting and demeaning state execution, doesn’t it?

  25. Frank P @ 11:35

    A couple of smallish points first, Frank, on this ten minute collage of the great Mark, the birth rate trend can reverse, it isn’t fixed, as it sank, ti can also get a boost, the village pubs in English villages have been gradually shutting thanks to other factors e.g. ban on smoking, and perhaps it won’t be such a bad idea to supplement the warring gene in the Prussian tribe with a dose of Islamic machoism, he, he, he.

    The one big point to everyone from listening to it must be bleeding obvious, it’s in our hands to reverse the trend, (of which feminisation plays a big part, we can de-feminise), we can regain our self confidence, kick the Sontag’s quip and its siblings into the long grass, stop buying oil from the land of the Arabs, deprive them of funds ….

    Events have happened that changed the course of history, events will happen that …..

  26. RobertRetyred @ 11:36

    But it has always been largely bullshite, Robert, it’s the initial ‘breaking news’ hit that carries it with the public though, it’s that they remember from the front pages, the first item of TV news, the bleating of the political clowns. When the truth emerges it gets buried on the last page at best, but mostly ignored.

  27. Colonel Mustard @ 12:21

    Does the poorly educated Slav smell a whiff of double standard, Colonel?

    Baron has always favoured due process, and the treatment of enemy combatants when taken prisoner to conform to the Geneva Convention.

    Killing any human being in cold blood is morally totally non-justifiable (and that leaves aside the legal side of things). If everyone were to subscribe to it, carry it out, we would move quickly from law abiding societies into barbarism.

    But explain please, Colonel, how come you feel squeamish (or more) for someone executing a murderer found guilty in a court case, but you feel comfortable for someone killing in cold blood an individual who has never ever had a chance to defend himself in the court of law?

  28. If you want to acquaint yourself more closely with the man who many say will be our next PM, spend your next five minutes listening to this:

  29. OK, your turn (and the usual apology for you know what).

  30. Baron @ 19.22 & 20.27

    We fall on the same side of the debate on these issues Baron.
    Deprivation of liberty does not equate to deprivation of life, the protection of the public and the protection of the weak and the good from the evil who prey on them.

  31. Colonel M, Frank P, EC:

    I could go on for ever, but let me just raise 2 considerations.

    Retribution and closure for the relatives.

  32. Baron 2015.


    Dominic Raab.

  33. Baron (20:15)

    If during my constabulary career, I had displayed such ignorance and incompetence in public, I would have been subject to complaint from the public and censure by the Commissioner and as a result would probably have been sacked,

    Why are people like the Secretary of State for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, or come that, the Shadow Home Secretary, simarly exposed, so imperilled?

    Their salaries and perks are provided by the taxpayers. A little summary justice might provide an incentive for them to get their act together. As it is, they sail on regardless while we are forced to stump up. In yer face piss-takers extraordinaire!

  34. ‘Similarly exposed’ , sorry.

  35. Baron June 27th, 2017 – 19:22

    I’m afraid that argument is flawed, Baron.

    Sentencing to imprisonment and release – and whether that serves justice and/or protects the public – is a separate issue to capital punishment. The absence of capital punishment has no bearing on it, unless you are arguing for capital punishment as a universal fail safe, e.g. top the bastard just in case someone releases him too soon and he murders again.

    As for the rest it is arguing on an emotional response to personal involvement. Of course I would be distraught and angry were someone close to me be murdered. But in addition to the fact that I was commenting in abstract the rule of law is supposed to be dispassionate and not subjective. Certainly the epidemic of blubbering mawkishness currently afflicting the nation is having an influence on that. Is revenge justice? That seems to be your argument. And it doesn’t negate my feeling of disgust at the ritual of state execution.

  36. Marshal Roberts

    Now let me ask you a question. Would you approve of a Judge ordering a defendant who had maliciously punched someone in the mouth to be held so that the victim could punch the defendant in the mouth? Or that a rapist be held so that he could be arse-raped by a paid volunteer? Or to apply a law that a perpetrator of gbh, be similarly subjected to gbh by the victim or a paid proxy? (The biblical eye for an eye principal).

    Just askin’ …

    As for closure … there never can be for the families of murdered victims.
    It’s a poncey social justice word, coined for the age of Dianafication.

    Another question – would you volunteer to be the hangman – talking of ‘cold blood’?

  37. Baron June 27th, 2017 – 20:07

    I don’t know what you smell a whiff of Baron, given that I have no means to control your interpretation of my comments.

    Again your argument is flawed. “Taken prisoner” sounds so neat and easy. Have you ever participated in a military ambush? Should the heavily armed enemy combatants on their way to do your comrades or innocent victims harm be called upon to surrender, almost certainly resulting in a firefight more potentially dangerous to your own side, or killed as quickly as their unsuspecting vulnerability allows? That is a very different situation to where an enemy combatant surrenders, throws down his weapon and becomes harmless. The one may lead to the other. But it would be foolish to predicate battle on always attempting to “arrest” for “due process” the armed men trying to kill you.

    You seem to have completely missed my point about the due process of law in regard to criminals and the treatment of terrorists engaged in what can be considered acts of war. There is no double standard because they are totally different issues. Soldiers kill in hot blood and in cold blood but if you are arguing that is “morally unjustifiable” then you are arguing against war. And that flies in the face of your views on the treatment of evil men.

    The armed IRA men on the way to Loughgall with the digger full of explosive would not have hesitated to kill as many police as they could. Would they have taken them prisoner? Unlikely. Yet their various comrades raised a great protest that they had been killed outright and not given the opportunity to surrender for your “due process”. Were the people taken at night by the IRA given “due process” before being shot dead and dumped? Would you expect “due process” from the ISIS clones?

    Squeamish? No, the emotion I expressed was one of disgust for the ritual of execution by the justice apparatus of the state. That is not the same as the prosecution of war where enemy combatants – and terrorists – take their chance.

    But to take your approach, which is no doubt the conflated norm, terrorists as criminals deserving of “due process”, is probably why we are losing the domestic theatre of war.

  38. Colonel Mustard (22:28)

    Very well put.

  39. Marshal Roberts June 27th, 2017 – 21:49

    Sounds a bit like sharia. And I agree with Frank with regard to that impostor word “closure”. There is no such thing except in the imagination of wishful thinking and the deification of victimhood.

  40. Colonel Mustard: 19.22

    :…I would put all counter-terrorist intelligence and operations in the hands of the military with police in support rather than in charge and with a clear declaration of intent that as soon as it is embarked upon to any degree whatsoever the terrorist activity is considered an act of war…”

    The difficulty with the approach you outline is that we will in effect be declaring a state of war within the UK on a potentially far more numerous and widespread foe than the IRA. Our weak and divided legislature and executive would be concerned that having handed responsibility for the prosecution to islamic terrorism to the military and subordinating the civil power accordingly, Parliamentary sovereignty and government as we currently recognise it will cease and we will move inexorably to the semi-permanent state of conflict which we see in Israel, Lebanon and across the Middle East.
    Our traditional liberties and freedom will be at best subordinated to the military authority or lost, perhaps permanently, as the necessary measures are implemented.
    In may be that such military authority and action may soon become necessary. However until all options concomitant with our existing institutions and processes have been explored the military solution would not be appropriate.

  41. One looks forward to the response of the New World Order propagandist, Russian-born Max Boot, to the exposure by Project Veritas of CNN’s scapegoating of Russia.

    I note by the way that Caligula the witch hunter is promoting a new book with the poetic name ‘The Road Not Taken’ on Edward Lansdale and that subject about which the truth will never be known, one of a number of major unnecessary wars, Vietnam; very timely when on his “Official Site” he is promoting a new such war in Syria, and with the upcoming book puffedf by General Petraeus the Bilderberger the control of Lt. General McMaster at the National Security Council.

    Would anyone buy a used Syrian chemical attack from this guy?

  42. Noa @ 02:14

    Yes, but it is unfortunately likely that the ‘options concomitant with our existing institutions and processes’ will be more aggressively explored by the muslims whose long march through them will end in their control of the levers of power.

  43. Frank P 2250

    I go back to my original post on Adebolajo that triggered my thoughts on capital punishment.

    “He has a big personality and is very charismatic and some of the more vulnerable prisoners will fall under his spell. He is a very dangerous individual.”

    If you forget retribution, justice, closure etc you are still left with individuals like this who remain a threat to society. Just what do you do with them. If you put them in permanent solitary confinement without access to any modern communication, you are breaching their human rights. Letting them exist is incompatible with the duty of the state to protect its citizens.

    As to the hangman question, I would make 2 points. First there would be many volunteers. Second to minimise later “regrets” we could go back to the firing squad model with only a proportion of the rifles with live bullets.

    Whatever our humanitarian or other thoughts on capital punishment there are human beings who have forfeited their right to remain alive.

  44. Colonel Mustard – 22:54

    I find it reprehensible and just plain wrong that the British armed forces top brass seem to be prepared to stand aside whilst some of their personnel are court-martialled/prosecuted for in what many cases is just doing their job!

    The recent attempts in Northern Ireland to prosecute former soldiers, security service personnel, and police officers seems particularly bizarre when Tony Blair let so many IRA murderers walk free.

    The terrorists in Gibraltar were not murdered in cold blood. They had the opportunity to stop and surrender. They made their choice. Subsequently, what chance of due process were the two army corporals given? Like all IRA murder victims, NONE!

  45. Noa June 28th, 2017 – 02:14

    It’s not the military taking over but a different delineation of responsibility for “acts of war”. Police would not be absolved but in a subordinate supporting position. It would differentiate “extremism” from “acts of war” which the authorities currently appear to be confused over and conflating.

    Preaching, incitement, hate speech, etc., would still be a matter for the rule of law and police. As soon as an act of terrorism was planned those involved would be declared as enemy combatants and treated accordingly with neutralisation the responsibility of the military. Of course there would need to be close liaison between police and military as in Northern Ireland.

    Specialist police units are becoming increasingly para-military. I’d rather see the military deployed than that which goes against the heritage and purpose of the English constabulary. It is an alienating development. But subordination of that civil power – as it stands now – to military authority does not fill me with much dread. It would have done once before Major, Blair and Cameron and with the prospect of a Corbynista government. Now a General Pinochet dealing with our sizeable fifth column would be quite welcome (tongue in cheek).

  46. EC June 28th, 2017 – 07:46


    The Gibraltar incident is still subject to controversy but frankly I don’t care whether they were killed in cold blood, hot blood, were called upon to surrender or not. They fall into that category of “act of war” I have tried to explain above (probably not very well). They planned to give their targets no chance to surrender and were engaged in a military action as enemy combatants, even referring to themselves as an “Army”. To accord them “due process” is, in my opinion, ridiculous but typical of the complexities that the British authorities like to inflict upon themselves in their determination to please everyone, including their enemies.

    A measure of that is that the alleged British “shoot to kill” policy attracts more hand wringing huff and puff than the IRA “murder innocent victims” policy. Largely due to that sizeable fifth column. Commendable that we do not lower our standards of justice and decency but the exploitation of that by our enemies will eventually defeat us and then those wonderful standards will be irrelevant and useless.

  47. Colonel Mustard June 28th, 2017 – 07:49

    Given that we would be moving into scarcely charted legal and constitutional waters it would quickly become very difficult indeed to differentiate between those operating within the rule of law and those outside it. The centre of support would move very quickly from the government’s ‘aim action’ to the ‘victims of oppression’, as it did with the arrival of British troops in NI.
    There is also a massive difference in scale. In NI the numbers affected were relatively small. In the UK the number of Islamic supporters, both passive and active, numbers several millions, excluding their numerous socialist sympathisers. The situation would move rapidly to widespread conflict and the collapse of democratic government, leading in turn to the Pinochet situation to which you allude.
    Could the armed forces, combined with the police, even manage, let alone control and win such a situation? Given their current size, structure and equipment I’m doubtful.

  48. Noa 10:02 Apologies, ‘aim action should be ‘firm action.’

    As EC also alludes, the military (and the police) must be reluctant to use necessary force if there was the probability indeed likelihood that, ludicrously, they would be tried and imprisoned aside the very ‘enemy combatants’ they had fought.

  49. Noa June 28th, 2017 – 10:02

    It will probably end up like that anyway. But the proportion of the Islamic population prepared to engage in terrorist acts is still not as great as the IRA. In 1971 the IRA’s Belfast Brigade alone had 1,200 active personnel. They were a more potent threat than the “several thousand” Islamic extremists now being “monitored”. There is also a lot of fudge about that which speaks to the issue of “extremists” vs “terrorists” alluded to above. The government policy is far from clear – or honest.

    I’m not suggesting military patrols on the streets as in the NI situation but just that when a terrorist cell is identified as engaging in an “act of war” (my definition), responsibility for eliminating it passes to the Army and those involved are treated as enemy combatants rather than subject to Baron’s “due process”. Whether they attempt to take prisoners for intelligence purposes would be an operational decision but there would be no prioritising of “arrest” in the police sense.

    Much time, resources and money is wasted treating those cells as criminal, pursuant to prosecution, with a degree of risk involved in monitoring them to the point where they might be arrested and prosecuted. As we have already seen with the police operations involved there are cock ups. The current police remit is just too broad.

  50. Breaking news :

    Charges have been brought over `Hillsborough` against people at the sharp end;although these are amongst the less culpable : like the paratroopers who should never have been on the streets on so-called `Bloody Sunday`; or Corporal Clegg (fitted up in N.Ire. : or marine Sargent Blackman in Afganistan.

    It was clear on the afternoon of `Hillsborough`it was the drunken Liverpool hooligans up to their usual tricks that had caused the disaster.

    I hope to address this further.

  51. Radford NG – 12:26

    If everyone had been well mannered, including arriving on time, would have there been an incident?

    Punctuality is the politeness of princes

  52. Radford – What about the bad decisions at the gate? What about the lies?

  53. The Colonel continues to write rational argument; the segueing of capital punishment for civil crime, with the necessities of war, is a conflation too far. Particularly when the definition of war has become deliberately obfuscated in political newspeak and therefore meaningless.
    I would not volunteer to be either a cop or a member of the armed services under the present rules of engagement – and those that would should be disqualified on the grounds of mental incompetence, or naivety at best.
    Both services are dumping grounds for culpability when the parasites of politics and the grand order of avaricious shysters (GOAS) wish to implement the CYA principal.

    Honour and integrity are now redundant words.

    To address the riposte of Marshal Roberts about the killers of Lee Rigby, they should have both been shot dead on the scene. For both civil and military reasons, justified in both regards. The were a clear and present danger to the public and enemy combatants to boot. Rigby should have been armed, anyway. That he wasn’t was the fault of political and top-ranking military incompetence and failure to recognise the enemy within and real overarching enemy – Islam.

  54. David Lindsay – the officer in charge of the gates had been put in a position beyond his competence by his superiors ; the F.A. should not have allocated this inferior ground to
    the match ; and ultimately we may trace the problem back to the top of the pyramid : the Prime Minister.

  55. 13:09

    Well, at least you turned up this time without your sheeps’ clothing. But don’t wipe gour feet on the welcome mat, because you aren’t. So just piss off!

  56. Frank P – don’t agree with you at all over the death of Lee Rigby ; we don’t have soldiers going around the streets with guns ; and the police skillfully took down his killers who had been hanging around waiting to commit `suicide by officer ` as the Americans call it.

  57. Marshal Roberts

    … to continue: having agreed that Rigby’s killers should have been disposed of on the spot, we are left with the decision about what to do with them now. My solution would be to build a special annexe to Broadmoor, which is where they belong. And as their particular form of insanity seems to be both contagious and extremely dangerous, the conditions would be spartan. The source of their insanity, the homicidal/suicidal cult of jihad should be verboten – no prison mosques, no visits from friends or relatives; no contact with the Koran or the hadiths (their miltary orders). Careful vetting of warders and shrinks to make sure that they are not susceptible to the contagion.

    Then, from hereon in, any confrontation with jihadists in flagrante delicto on British soil to be dealt with by handpicked squaddies from the SAS with clear rules of engagement about how to deal with enemy combatants.

    The law of diminishing returns would soon kick in.

    And your point about the queue of potential hangman for crimes of murder (under civil law): I fear you are right. Which makes Colonel Mustard’s ‘first paragraph’ all the more valid. 🙂

    My last point, given the proclivities of some of the judges who reach the ‘highest’ levels of their ‘profession’ – do you really want to give them power over life and death? Buggered if I do!

  58. Radford NG

    Nothing ‘skilful’ about shooting two mad bloody murders on scene and failing to kill them. Police are not trained to wing people in confrontations.
    If the target is armed and dangerous then it should be clinically executed. That is the only reason a police firearm should be discharged during such an incident. They should only shoot to kill. It’s implicit in their instructions and demanded by the law. Obviously a taser was unsuitable for this incident.

    And I don’t buy the validity of ‘we shouldn’t satisfy the ‘suicide by officer’ ploy’. That’s one wish that should happily be granted under these circs. Every time.

    If 72 virgins result, for their delictation, so be it. Personally I believe that to be a load of bollocks, don’t you? If not, then I shall henceforth secede from this debate. 🙂

  59. Frank P
    June 28th, 2017 – 14:31

    As far as I can see your Broadmoor solution will be prohibited by article 9 and 11 of the ECHR.

    On capital punishment you clearly have my views on this as far as the Abelolaju’s of this world are concerned. I add the small detail of a trial.

  60. Marshal Roberts – 15:20

    Unless the UK derogates from the ECHR as part of the Brexit process then the whole exercise will have been just a hollow charade as far as our national sovereignty is concerned.

  61. Marshal Roberts

    As for your last point, on the real battlefield there is no judge and jury nor ‘trial’, neither should there be. In recent so called ‘actions’ this quaint notion seems to be creeping in. The ‘Geneva convention’was always honoured more in the breach than the observance: an attempt to make the other side ‘play fair’. War isn’t about playing it’s about winning. Get real FFS. War occurs when law breaks down and international law is the height of bullshit. It’s manoeuvring. Diplomacy in print – once again to quote the bard’s well-work phrase, honoured more in the breach than the observance. How can we deal with supplicants, ingrates, ideologues and tyrants, which is what these furriners mostly are. Sovereignty is paramount, after that trade conducted with aplomb and with the national interest at it’s centre. All of that has been flushed down the shitter in recent years and the current state of the world is the result.

    Unless we start to wage war to win, both abroad and at home, rather than to satisfy the dictates of the NWO or internationalist neo-Marxism; allow for the sensitivities of the ‘religion’ of Islam, then we are doomed to lose the local battles and the universal war ahead that spreads exponentially as the weeks pass.The West’s Leaders lack the balls to see it through because hoi polloi has no stomach for it – no votes in it for them. Other than from an ever diminishing strata of old farts who hang out under this wall, who will never be called upon to fight anyway; not until it’s too late and we have to take to the streets in a last gasp with grandad’s pitchfork. If it wasn’t so tragic it would high comedy.

  62. I fully concur with Frank.

    Adebolajo is proving to be a thorough nuisance in prison at the taxpayer’s expense. Should have been shot dead at the scene.

    It is quite curious to me that those who would want to see him arrested for “due process” also seem to believe that he should then be hung in a ritualised execution by the state which would further advertise his beliefs, make a lot of lawyers richer, divide the country and turn him into a victim (for some) and a martyr.

    Since the lefty fifth column will kick up whatever is done might as well declare from the outset that terrorist acts in planning or execution are now considered “acts of war” against the state and the people, that those participating are considered “unprivileged combatants” and will be subject to a shoot to kill policy. That would never happen of course.

    2.2.3 of The Joint Service Manual for the Law of Armed Conflict (LOAC) cites “Military necessity” as permitting “a belligerent, subject to the laws of war, to apply any amount and kind of force to compel the complete submission of the enemy with the least possible expenditure of time, life and money. In general, it sanctions measures by an occupant necessary to protect the safety of his forces and to facilitate the success of his operation. It permits the destruction of life of armed enemies and other persons whose destruction is incidentally unavoidable by the armed conflicts of the war”.

    That is now being made more complex by lefty and human rights lawyers attempting to impose the concept of “Least Restrictive Means” (LRM) into the LOAC “if enemy combatants can be put out of action by capturing them, they should not be injured; if they can be put out of action by injury, they should not be killed; and if they can be put out of action by light injury, grave injury should be avoided.”

    Of course none of the dipsticks advocating that nonsense have ever been in armed combat and the whole thing is being driven on the basis of insurgency being protected and the state military being under scrutiny and harsh penalty.

    In addition Chapter 15 of the Manual concerning Internal Armed Conflict is a complete dog’s breakfast of competing and confusing principles. It can be read (and wept over) here:-

  63. EC (16:29)

    Sorry we crossed posts there and an interim post I made, almost identical to your (16:29) didn’t make it through the GCHQ filter.

  64. Frank P 1636

    I do not disagree with your point but believing what you do, I think you should espouse capital punishment as retribution.
    Forget bleeding hearts who cry animals and vengeance.
    Criminals must be punished and such punishment should fit the crime. If a miscreant takes another human life then the fit punishment is like, unless there are extenuating circumstances. The public abhorrence of the crime is also a factor.

    If Adebolajo had been rubbed out at the scene, fine. But most Adebolajos are not caught at the scene but later. They must be judicially rubbed out.

  65. Colonel Mustard (16:51)

    Great post. And thanks for the link to the official griff. Very helpful.
    I repeat who’d be a member of the PBI these days? Disgraceful neglect, chicanery and treasonous disregard of esprit de corps on the part of today’s top military brass. Have they no shame? Surely there must be rumblings from the previous generations of military men who are comfortably seated in the Upper House? If so why are their voices not heard? I can hear the gnashing of teeth from the thousands upon thousands of the poor bastards who perished doing their duty with honour, courage and patriotism. As a nation we have failed them by letting their flame subside to a mere flicker.

  66. Frank P – 18:30


    …and to illustrate the point a made earlier about current British army morale, resignations and the disastrous effect on recruitment…

  67. Listen up, you pusillanimous political parasites! Get your act together and you priorities in line. Less partisan propaganda and more urgency in backing Britain and Brexit. We are watching you.

  68. Who else but Steyn can use his dancing pen to describe the idiocy of the West with such satirical ease and withering wit? His targets should shrivel with shame and withdraw from active politics. But they are so thick and blind to their own shortcomings, they just soldier on with a rictus smile on their vacant, ugly boat-races:

    Wonderful – and quite disturbing.

  69. Tucker Carlson and Mark Steyn take CNN apart tonight on Tucker’s slot.
    Don’t miss it.

  70. There appears to be some sympathy for the DUP deal in Conservative circles, but this afternoon the chickens will come home to roost.
    By 4 pm the breakdown in talks between the power sharing parties will necessitate Direct Rule, in other words rule by the DUP/Tory coalition.
    I have no doubt Gerry Adams is locating stocks of armalites this very morning.
    And the Cumryd and Che McDonnell mobilising support on the mainland.
    It was a big big mistake of May getting into bed with the DUP for expediency.

  71. Keep away from post boxes after this afternoon.

  72. The Qatar issue had bypassed me until this week:

    WASHINGTON, D.C. — Demonstrators organized by the National Black Church Initiative (NBCI) gathered outside the embassy of Qatar Wednesday chanting “stop killing Christians” and “stop terror.”

    Breitbart London Editor-in-Chief Raheem Kassam spoke during the protest, condemning Qatar as the “Club Med for terrorists.”

    The Qatari government has provided sanctuary to various members of jihadist organizations, namely the Taliban, al-Qaeda, Hamas, and the Muslim Brotherhood, allowing some of them to establish official offices on its territory.

    Various Muslim countries and the United States have also affiliated Qatar with Shiite state sponsor of terrorism Iran.

    According to the CIA World Factbook, nearly 14 percent of the Qatari population is Christian, about 68 percent Muslim, almost 3 percent Buddhist, and the rest Jewish, other, or unaffiliated.

    The demonstrators blasted Qatar for persecuting the Christian minority in the country.

    Rev. Anthony Evans, the president of NBCI, spoke against religious intolerance in Qatar and demanded that the country stop mistreating Christians.

    “I’m here standing in front of the embassy of Qatar to send a very clear message that what they’re doing to promote religious intolerance is wrong,” he declared. “What they’re doing to persecute Christians is wrong. And that we in the Black church who have a history of being persecuted [ourselves] will not stand for any persecution of any Christians, or any Muslims, or any Jews or anyone else.”

    “We will not tolerate any abuse from any government in the Middle East concerning Christians. We will not even tolerate any abuse of anyone, whether they’re Muslim or Jews, anywhere,” he also said, later adding. “We will stand against it, we will protest against it, that’s why we’re here. We are not afraid… We will not be silent as our brothers and sisters are persecuted in the Middle East.”

    The reverend opened the speech he gave during the demonstration with a prayer highlighting the plight of Middle East Christians.

    “We appeal to the governments of Qatar, of Iraq, of Egypt, of Yemen, and all who would harm the Christian church not to do so. We seek peace, not violence in his holy name, Amen,” prayed Rev. Evans.

  73. In case you do not believe the dangers:

    “The true extent of Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell’s links with the IRA is revealed by a Telegraph investigation.
    It can be disclosed that for seven years running, while the IRA “armed struggle” was at its height, Mr Corbyn attended and spoke at official republican commemorations to honour dead IRA terrorists, IRA “prisoners of war” and the active “soldiers of the IRA.”
    The official programme for the 1988 event, held one week after the IRA murdered three British servicemen in the Netherlands, states that “force of arms is the only method capable of bringing about a free and united Socialist Ireland.” Mr Corbyn used the event to attack the Anglo-Irish Agreement, the precursor of the peace process.

    “They were enemies of the peace process. They had a clear choice between the IRA and peaceful nationalism and they chose the IRA.”
    Nigel Dodds, the Democratic Unionist MP for North Belfast

    He said it had resulted in no improvement in the lives of the people of Northern Ireland, adding: “It strengthens rather than weakens the border between the six and the 26 counties, and those of us who wish to see a united Ireland oppose the agreement for that reason.”
    The editorial board of a hard-Left magazine, of which Mr Corbyn was a member, wrote an article praising the Brighton bombing. In its article on the IRA attack, which almost wiped out Margaret Thatcher’s Cabinet, the editorial board of London Labour Briefing said the atrocity showed that “the British only sit up and take notice [of Ireland] when they are bombed into it.”
    According to an authoritative parliamentary reference work, Mr Corbyn was general secretary of the editorial board. He wrote the front-page story in the same issue of Briefing.
    The same edition of Briefing, for December 1984, carried a reader’s letter praising the “audacity” of the IRA attack and stating: “What do you call four dead Tories? A start.”
    It mocked Norman, now Lord, Tebbit, the trade secretary who was dug out of the rubble of the Grand Hotel, saying: “Try riding your bike now, Norman.”

    It can also be revealed that in 2004 Mr McDonnell, now Labour’s shadow chancellor, was given a special award by Sinn Fein and another IRA-supporting body for the “unfailing political and personal support he has given to the republican community in the Six Counties over many years.”

    The award was presented to him at a Sinn Fein fundraising dinner by Gerry Kelly, the IRA terrorist who bombed the Old Bailey, killing one and injuring almost 200.

  74. EC
    June 28th, 2017 – 19:27

    I noticed Edward Luce, the Washington correspondent of the FT, wrote in an interesting article summarizing globalist thinking that the current British army is smaller than the United States Marine Corps. That certainly gave me pause; but then I reflected, as I did after reading your link, that I do not know what the tasks of the British army are or should be. I therefore do not know if it is too small, too big, or just right. Furthermore, the Breitbart article does not help with that either as it only quotes a view that the Americans consider it too small. In view of the ambitions of globalists hidden within the US administration, and who in my view should be identified and expelled immediately, which ambitions include a new world war promoted by the head of the NSC and the US ambassadress to the UN, I can understand that. On the other hand, the NWO and its European arm, the EU, want to substitute a Brussels administered globalist force for the British military and perhaps therefore take what appears more closely examined to be a contradictory view that our forces are too large.

    Only the restoration of British sovereignty can reassert British interests, permit an effective estimate of what forces are appropriate to the defence of those interests and seek to assemble the necessary forces.

  75. Norman Bettison vs Cressida Dick

    If you’re wondering how they can be in any way related then Godders might just have a point:

  76. Malfleur – 08:12

    “Only the restoration of British sovereignty can reassert British interests, permit an effective estimate of what forces are appropriate to the defence of those interests and seek to assemble the necessary forces.”


    The link I quoted was only a waft in the general direction of pointing out the problem that the British Army has, in particular, with recruitment and retention. Any organisation will have these difficulties whilst “the management” are prepared to hang their personnel out to dry for months/years on end at the first sign of trouble. [i.e. guilt by accusation.] The Police have the same staff policy. I have been informed by serving officers in the latter that constantly having to look over their shoulder has a negative effect on their confidence, and morale in general.

    These days one would have to be thick or certifiable to join either organisation. Mind you, such is the nation’s descent into regulatory PC madness that one could say that about a number of organisations, professions and occupations. Doctoring and teaching to name but two others.

    Merkel’s EU army, imo, is not designed to repel external aggression but to combat internal dissent in rebellious or recalcitrant parts of Vierte Reich. I can’t see the Frogs ever handing over the command and control of their nuclear arsenal to a Kraut though, can you?

  77. Malfleur June 29th, 2017 – 08:12

    That’s relative and doesn’t take into account Global Fire Power (GFP) which rates overall weapons effectiveness in a global context rather than just personnel headcount.

    USA has a population of 326 million. The USMC has 182,000 active personnel representing 0.056%

    The US Army has 1.3 million active personnel representing 0.4%

    The UK has a population of 65.5 million. The British Army has 153,770 active personnel representing 0.23%

    Besides that the USMC has a more significant all-arms role in the US defence posture, military history and culture, its expansion to 485,000 for the Pacific campaigns in WW2 giving it a special prominence which endured. Our own Royal Marines has only 7,760 active personnel but a more limited and specialised role.

    In terms of GFP the UK still ranks 6th in the world behind the USA, Russia, China, India and France in that order, which is not bad given the size of the country both geographically and in terms of population. We undoubtedly punch above our weight.

    However the UK really ought to aspire to rank ahead of France, not least for the delight of getting up their noses. In terms of headcount the comparison is somewhat distorted by organisational differences. For example the French Army total of 112,000 active personnel includes the Paris Fire Brigade.

    The Naval commissioned ships/aircraft comparisons are UK 77/174 and France 90/179 which as a maritime nation producing admirals like Nelson is rather more shameful for the UK than the USMC comparison, especially given the issues over our border protection, territorial waters and fishery rights. The comparison there should be with Japan which has much stronger naval and coastguard assets for those roles. UK coastal protection is not just inadequate but poor.

    In terms of front line fighter/attack aircraft UK has 222 to France’s 227.

    As for Luce, former Guardian writer and Clinton speechwriter. Probably inclined to talk the UK down like so many of those expat “gone native” pundits in USA. FT is pretty dodgy political territory too. Although it backed the Tories in 2017 it has been a Labour and Lib Dem advocate in the past (it backed Kinnochio) as well as pro-EU.

  78. Colonel Mustard (11:33)

    Brilliant comparative analysis. Thank you for taking so much trouble to keep us not only informed, but up to date.

  79. Thought I had posted this link yesterday, but must have forgotten to press the comment button:

    That Dickens cove was a wise old owl; isn’t given enough credit these days, as our education systems and culture is systematically being stripped of it rich literary seams.

  80. … and replaced by the foxic strata of sinistral ideology.

  81. Not sure whether to laugh or cry after reading this, what a mess we’ve created.
    Black Clouds Over the Rainbow – Taki’s Magazine

  82. …arrrgh – toxic, not foxit. And they are not even close on the keyboard, are they? My brain must be conflating Fox News with fuckit! – often concomitant evocations these days. 🙂

  83. John Birch (12:53)

    Laughing and crying have much in common in this increasingly chaotic zetgeist. Did you read the comments btw? The First Amendment sure allows some leeway over pond, doesn’t it? The Stasi would be knocking at Taki’s door if that were to be published on this side. Goad would be already banged up. Problem is, no way can the political masters allow the samizdat of the intertubes continue much longer. It is becoming more effectively subversive every day. They will speed up legislation to shut down free speech and put pressure on the platform controllers of the web by financial sanctions and a few sacrificial lambs to the slaughter. The progressive judiciary will back them up. Noises off stage indicate that the plans are being formulated. At the moment they have difficulties, because they need the IT superhighway for their own propaganda traffic, but the samizdat sharper side of this double edged sword is drawing more blood. Watch your backs, as they try to reverse it.

    L’ecriture sur le mur! (So to speak). 🙂

  84. Global warming? Bring it on FFS! The external temp gauge is reading 10° at this moment in my neck of the woods, some 15° lower than the peak last week. My dodgy claret and integral thermostat can’t cope: they don’t seem to know whether to shit or bust. Brrrrr…. Just turned the ch back on. More grist to the mill of the energy sharks. Bastards!

  85. Apologies – it is actually 25° lower than last week.

  86. Further to ( 01:47 ):

    It should be preserved in aspic. Hilarious. Tucker is an excellent foil – a reversal of roles which he seems to enjoy as far as Mark is concerned.
    I’m amazed that Fox hasn’t bought Steyn’s show – lock, stock and barrel.
    Much better option than the fey Steve Hilton, who was recently allotted a Sunday night slot ‘The Revolution’. Stilted and awkward. Lacking bite and humour and frankly gratuitous.

    They should make Steyn an offer he can’t refuse.

  87. Colonel Mustard
    June 29th, 2017 – 11:33

    I don’t hold any particular brief for Luce who I see as a globalist operative and whose article is appropriately, if not very originally, entitled The New World Disorder. His comparison of the size of the British army with the USMC was in my view aimed to suggest that its puny size made it irrelevant and therefore dispensable – the dismantling of national structures being the building blocks of the New World Order.

    Your comparative facts and figures are interesting and thought-provoking.

    What remains unanswered to my mind however is the question whether the present size of the British military is apt for the challenges, which it might expect to face, with or without allies taken into account, and what are those interests to which it might expect those challenges to be addressed. One might add the question whether the political class presently represents Britain’s interests or those of some other political grouping. If the latter, then the exercise would need to be conducted again on the hypothesis that the interests of the British people had been restored by the reassertion of British sovereignty together with a concomitant reformation of the political class.

    May be though this is just the schematic waffle of a non-military man and some pointers from you would be welcome.

  88. China Tech: Interesting Bits and Pieces | Fred On Everything

  89. Malfleur June 29th, 2017 – 15:28

    Difficult to say as this government’s defence posture is not yet clear and tends to get expressed (by the politicians and like everything else) in platitudes. The 2016 report on the 2015 Defence review is full of disappointing corporate jargon and bullshit:-

    It is also highly political and ideological, emphasising the “soft power” aspects with not much substance as to how cost benefit is quantified. Here is one example:-

    “In line with our global leadership on the UN’s Landmark Resolution (UNSCR 1325) on Women, Peace and Security (WPS), all UK troops deploying on overseas missions receive training on WPS and Preventing Sexual Violence in Conflict. We have now developed a specific pre-deployment training module for troops from other countries, and will look to further enhance our work on the WPS agenda as we update the three-year National Action Plan on WPS next year.”

    The managerial and corporate system now being pursued means that the MoD both leads and pleases the politicians so any hard nosed reality is difficult to decipher and subordinate to the cultural marxism. There is still a tendency to think in terms of “big projects” rather than an actual strategy of necessity or formulating any kind of proper defence doctrine. It is kind of cobbled up and piecemeal. What is Britain’s hard power role in the world? Not sure. Trying to help where it can regardless of resources it seems.

    There is also a lack of honesty, so that bean counter driven parsimony is dressed up as “improving efficiency”. In Afghanistan there was just not enough manpower or kit for the task, which was not clear anyway.

    From a personal perspective I can’t see much difference to Cameron’s approach which was to react rather than plan, throwing blood and treasure away, or trying to, in an emotional response to every crisis. If our military capability had matched his aspiration to intervene it would have been huge. But Parliament as a whole seems to be gripped by a “humanitarian intervention” mindset where the desire to “stop all the bad things happening (latest media storm only)” is not matched by an investment in capability to do so.

    Essentially things haven’t changed for years. Leaders, both political and military, who are third rate and muddle along, bailed out by good men and women on the ground who succeed (not always) despite them rather than because of them and suffer for their incompetence.

    Every time those clowns praise the professionalism and service of our armed forces there ought to be a mighty chorus of “No thanks to you!”.

  90. Marshal Roberts
    June 28th, 2017 – 18:15

    No, they should be caged as POWs until the war is over, securely, frugally and without visits or adherence to their cult, ‘pour encourager les autres’. As, for them, the war will never be over – tough shit! Porridge and field rations for life. And I don’t agree that most of them are caught off the field of battle, to me the whole fucking country is a war zone at present, whether you like it or not.. And when it comes to confronting them, do it in a way that they put up a fight. If the SAS are interdicting, problem solved! Off with the kids gloves and on with the iron gauntlets. This shit has continued for far too long. Let the squeamish stand back if they haven’t got the cojones for it. We’re rules by pussies who are in the main voted in by pussies. That way we die as a nation, as a civilisation and one by one, individually, including the pussies. I just saw a black cop relating his experience on London Bridge, when he fought the bastards hand to hand. A true hero. What do Sky follow up with as a counterpoint? Wingeing fucking scousers getting their pound of flesh for the umpteenth time.

  91. Marshal Roberts

    Delayed action there. The above was the message I thought had disappeared into the cybermuda triangle. In fact it was sitting om my sleeping mainframe, waiting for me to push the “comment button”. I had changed rooms and was operating on my tablet since then. Another senior moment.

  92. John Birch (15;44)

    Thanks for Fred’s latest. Richly polemic as usual and not for the faint-hearted.
    I had also missed his penultimate one, as I tend to take big breaths before dipping into Fredworld. He is good for the mind, but necessarily for the soul. Anyway this may illustrate what I mean:

  93. sri – o &oe “NOT necessarily for the soul.”

  94. Frank P – 16:58

    Ah, you decamped from the office to the warmth of the lounge.
    It’s “Flaming June” and I’ve had the fecking CH on all day, today!

    Here’s something I wish that some people would bear in mind before they come here to claim all the “free stuff” and/or try to subjugate the kuffars on behalf of Mo.

  95. “The purpose of satire, it has been rightly said, is to strip off the veneer of comforting illusion and cosy half-truth. ”

    Michael Flanders

    Something which Ian Hislop et al seem to have forgotten!

  96. Frank P 1652
    While they live some bleeding heart can let them out of their cave.

  97. “Kant absolutely insists on capital punishment of murderers. According to Kant “whoever has committed murder, must die” (Kant, 1996), because no matter how difficult life might be, it is still better than death: “However many they may be who have committed a murder, or have even commanded it, or acted as art and part in it, they ought all to suffer death” (Kant, 1996). A court decision is mandatory for punishing a murderer. A society that does not sentence a murderer to death turns into an”

    A society that does not sentence a murderer to death turns into an accomplice of this crime.

  98. Marshal Roberts June 29th, 2017 – 20:30

    1797 – the 1996 date is a translation of the original work.

    They did things differently then.

  99. Whatever the date, I cannot see much wrong with the arguments.

  100. Marshall Roberts : 20-30

    “……or acted as art or parcel of it …..”

    Used to be English Law till 1964+ : being an accessory before or after the fact ( for unlawful death caused during a felony).

  101. Colonel Mustard @ June 29 16:13

    Many thanks


    “Face the Enemy!” Alex Jones

    10,000 paedophiles arrested in the USA since president Trump was inaugurated – little about it in the news. Arrest of Australian Cardinal Pell who is an aide to pope Francis brings the matter above the radar again. This is a scandal in secular and religious society across the west and in islam . Non-Islamic Asian cultures? Who knows.

    Alex Jones, who has “been personally financing private investigators and others”, in his show’s 1st HOUR June 29 shines a light on the major paedophiliac network in the first twenty minutes of this link:

    First, drain our own swamp.

  103. Malfleur

    “(Pope) Francis formed a commission in 2014 to address clerical sex abuse, but it has been riddled with controversy, according to the Journal. “One of the two sex-abuse survivors on the panel was forced to take a leave of absence last year after criticizing Pope Francis’ record on sex abuse, and the other survivor resigned this year in protest over Vatican inaction on the problem.”

    “major investigation by the Australian government released in February found that 7 percent of Catholic priests in the country between 1950 and 2010 sexually abused children.”

  104. Radford NG 2231
    And should remain so to this day.

  105. ROBERT DAVID STEELE – former CIA officer in the field.

    This interview in HOUR 2 of Jones’s Thursday Show focuses on the threat to Trump, the threat of the Deep State to Judaeo-Christian civilization, and how paedophila is how they keep their network of power together and the drive to war with Russia but the opportunity in the coming G20 meeting for Trump to meet with Putin.. But “Trump is being chumped”.


  106. Well you Limeys, what y’all been doing to Donald. Word is he’s off to France for Bastille day and will not be playing footsie with Theresa anytime soon.

  107. Malfleur (07:01)

    It does seem that power and perversion are concomitant. And those practising it stick together like shit to a blanket. But which comes first – the chicken or the egg? Are perverts recruited into the C.O.P or do they become nonces after they arrive – because they can. A mixture of both, I suppose, nature and nurture each playing a role.

    That was from general observation, though: I no longer watch the troubled and tortured outpourings of Mr.Jones. Some of his wilder theories are other planetry and render yer average conspiracy nutter normal. Isn’t current reality alarming enough, without making up shit.
    And I do wish Trump would stop shooting himself in the foot with the gunfire from his double-barreled twitter, the pellets from which are collected by the enemy and returned with interest agin him and those trying to implement his serious policies. Even his most ardent supporters are beginning to cringe.

  108. A few days ago Lugman Aslam wasjailed for driving his van at a group of men on a pavement with the obvious intent to murder. Somewhat surprisingly though he wasn’t charged with murder.

    He pleaded guilty to dangerous driving and attempting to inflict intentional grievous bodily harm and got 2 and a half years.

    Okay, the sentence actually passed by the judge was 5 years but thanks to one of Tony Blair’s justice reforms that means a maximum of two and a half years in jail.


    Also a few days ago Darren Osborne drove a van into a group of people on a pavement outside a mosque. Once again his intent was clearly to murder.

    But unlike the first case this one merited:

    • a press conference on the doorstep of No. 10

    • a national minute’s silence

    • wall to wall media coverage

    • national soul searching

    • and renewed calls for strict censorship of right-wing hate mongers (i.e., anyone who thinks there’s a problem with Islam)

    • and unlike the first case this man has been charged with terrorism related murder and attempted murder and will no doubt be jailed for life.

    Justice in modern Britain:

  109. Bill
    And should be hanged.

  110. Rod Liddle’s Freedom Dinner speech: Emily Thornberry, Diane Abbott and the metro-liberal left | Coffee House

  111. John Birch


    “Double think, as Orwell put it, is kind of unique to our metro-liberal left. It’s kind of how they live their lives. Take Diane Abbott, for years Diane railed and railed against the institution of private schools, but then she sent her brat to one, and admitted that it is unforgivable.
    But more than that, there’s Emily Thornberry, Lady Nugee, (let’s give her her proper name, she is Lady Nugee) MP for Islington South I believe, has also railed, not only against private schools but against selective schools, against grammar schools. She doesn’t want you to have your kids to have the chance to go to a selective school because they are bright but she’s sent her kids to one. Remarkable.”

    Abbott is OK because she is obviously repulsive, but Nugee plays at being a decent human being.
    Like McDonnell she is dangerous.

  112. John birch. June 30th, 2017 – 19:10

    Thanks for that link.

    The comments of YuNoHu perfectly demonstrate the point Rod was making. He couldn’t see it if it was turned into a custard pie and rubbed repeatedly into his stupid lefty face.

  113. Please, if you are in debate about Brexit with any Corbyn supporters, try the chant they used at Glastonbury in this version. It hits them right where it hurts:

    Ooh Brexity Corbyn
    Ooh Brexity Corbyn

    * Jeremy Corbyn suffered a rebellion by a fifth of his MPs over Brexit last night
    * Labour leader sacked three frontbenchers and another resigned over EU policy
    * Corbyn taking tougher line after his position strengthened by election advance
    * Expected to snub centrist ‘big beasts’ when he fills gaps in team next week
    * Allies plotting to consolidate control over the party with changes to key rules

  114. Corbyn’s success has caused chaos for the Labour Remainers. Chuku Remainer had been planning a coup for months, with rebels rounded up and Tony Blair in the background helping out.

    Umma has no chance of a separtist movement now.

    And Mrs May so wanted a straw man debate to make her look like a real Brexiteer, with her arguing against a new leader of the opposition who spent the next two years arguing for a second referendum.

    Jeremy, you stay right where you are.

    And what’s the problem everyone else? Mrs May, you’re pushing at an open door for a real Brexit. What’s the matter, dear? And to all the Remainers, why is Brexit such a bad idea if your darling Corbyn is so in favour of it?

    Keep rubbing it in, folks. Do it while it lasts.

  115. Cheers Donald! Cheers Taki!

    Donald Trump’s Qatari masterstroke

    The so-called blundering fool has played a blinder, but nobody except a few insiders knows about it

    By Taki

    A major Greek ship owner, whose political knowledge matches his wealth and business acumen, explained to me what the Qatar brouhaha is all about.

    My friend Peter had the foresight to invest in liquefied natural gas (LNG) carriers, among the most expensive of ships to build but big-time money-makers. Why is it that it takes a major ship owner to tell us what’s really going on?

    Forget the bull put out by American hacks, whose minds no longer seem to function — at least since Trump’s triumph last November.

    Here goes: we sat on my terrace in Gstaad under the stars, watched the mountains turn from grey to dark blue, drank some good red wine, and I got the scoop.

    The first to ring the Donald after the election was the ruler of Saudi Arabia. (This column will dispense with obsequious titles, because the camel-drivers created them and awarded them to themselves 85 years ago.) Trump was blunt with the Saudi ruler. ‘I’ll help you with Iran only if you help me sell American LNG and oil to China, and there’s only one way to do that.’

    ‘Which is?’ asked the ruler. ‘Stop Qatar from selling their LNG to the Chinese — and while you’re at it, both of you stop funding terrorists, or else.’

    Not bad for a so-called blundering fool of a president. This is exactly what happened. The Saudis, who had had it up to here with the crummy Qataris playing everyone, gave them the ultimatum and now you know about as much as the powers involved do.

    The Qataris will obviously give in — they’re not exactly known as fighters, except when beating up defenceless women or foreign workers — and the Saudis, who tremble at the sight of an Iranian, will declare a Marathon-like victory.

    But it’s Trump, whom the left regards as a chump, who actually made chumps out of all of them and will be selling the Chinese American liquefied natural gas so that they will stop burning down the planet with their foul belching factories.

    These are political victories that only a few insiders know about, mostly because the news has become not only fake, but also so trite and hackneyed that it’s a miracle anyone still wants to be a journalist. Trump seems to have won big down in Saudi because he was always anti-Iran, a position I’m totally opposed to. He killed two birds with one shitty shot.

    He sold billions worth of planes and rockets to Saudi, and got it to force Qatar to stop selling LNG to China. The Saudis can do nothing with the advanced killer weapons. Even with pinpoint technology that can take out a target to within inches, they cannot hit the side of a barn.

    In Yemen, tens of thousands have died because the Saudis are too scared to get close to the action, firing instead on schools and hospitals in order to create panic, then calling them military targets.

    The Saudis lie even more than the New York Times, and that’s really saying something. So don’t take this Mohammed bin Salman seriously. He speaks not a word of English and is brash and full of himself. For two years he has failed to win a single battle against sandal-wearing peasants in Yemen, but has killed a lot of innocents. If this guy is a saviour, I am Alexander the Great.

    And while I’m at it, if you have trouble sleeping, don’t, I repeat don’t, buy any sleeping pills. Get the New York Times (international) instead. I have never in my long life seen a worse paper.

    Five full pages about a male American soldier who turned traitor, got 30 years, then became a woman and was pardoned. If this is interesting journalism, I am Mark Twain and Papa Hemingway rolled into one.

    The rag also got one in against the Brits, with a front-page story ‘Did Politics of Race Fuel Tower Fire?’ Yeah, right, it was ‘a clear class element’ that burnt all those people alive.

    What I don’t understand is who would buy such a rag in a country like Britain where there are so many lively newspapers that don’t invent news to suit their politics.

    Let’s make sure it sells not a single copy; perhaps then it will return to the place it came from. Otherwise things are really hunky-dory. This week will be a big one in London, and a grand ball in the country beckons at the weekend. The week after next is The Spectator’s party, where I hope to become engaged to Olga, a Stakhanovite star of Russia Today.

    If she says yes, a little bird has told me that Vladimir Putin himself will be our best man. I know, I am putting the cart before the horse, as they say back on the farm I don’t come from, but what the hell; a man can dream, can’t he?

    Finally, Professor Stephen Hawking says we must start evacuating the Earth within 100 years. The professor must be taking the kind of stuff that sent me away to the big house 35 years ago.

  116. This is my take on Hitchens and the cannabis Islamic terror argument. I think he is right in so far as the footsoldiers – the idiots asked to do the danger work – are always on cannabis and sometimes more.

    But that cannot cover up the fact that the people who incite them are not often on cannabis. This hatred comes from books (one in particular) and imams. They know what their role is and it is th weak minded whom they ask to do the dirty work for them.

    There is no one so weak minded as a cannabis user.

    Its legalisation must be stopped at all costs.

    Ask a psychiatric nurse what they think about cannabis.

    Theodore Dalrymple really nailed this debate a few years back.

  117. Hitchens is not a massive fan of Russia or Putin and frequently criticises both.

    What he says is that the globalists hate Russia because it is the last nation state within the West. And they want rid of it as a nation state so that George Soros and the global corporatists can rule in perpetuity with sock puppet politicians at their whim.

    They can easily censor or criminalise populist politicians on hate crimes.

    I am rather keen on George Soros and Co being told where to go. And if the West is so concerned about Russia, why is it not equally concerned with the Islamic world? Or China?

    When the idea of the nation state is at risk, I say let it be defended.

  118. Richard Littlejohn’s column was missing again today and it has been very intermittent over the past two years. I wonder if the old buy is dealing with a long-term illness.

    I’m not a massive fan but he has his moments. Paul Dacre used the last line of Littlejohn’s Brexit victory column to go on the front page that day: ‘Take a bow, Britain!’

    Which still makes me laugh!

  119. Steyn draws attention to the fact that bureacracy will always be stuffed with lefties, because conservatives don’t like working for government. Later he addresses the role of music in the fall of civilisation.

  120. Esther
    June 30th, 2017 – 22:44

    Taki’s article

    ” ‘The Saudis can do nothing with the advanced killer weapons’ ”

    Donald Trump seems to have found a possible solution to the continued wrecking of civilization – ours and other people’s – by the military industrial political complex. The solution is for the MIPC to sell their materiel only to governments who are too inept to use it but who are sitting on resources valuable enough to subsidise it.

  121. John Podesta “John Podesta Gets Grilled By Maria Bartiromo [of Fox News] Over His Ties To Russia ”

  122. Would you buy a used pizza from this guy?

    “Damning Podesta PizzaGate Evidence Unsealed ”

  123. “The Democrats are Evil, but They’re not Stupid.” Anne Coulter

    RED ALERT: Why President Trump needs to listen to Ann Coulter in the most UNREPORTED story out there – by Stranahan

  124. “The Democrats are Evil, but They’re not Stupid.” Anne Coulter

    RED ALERT: Why President Trump needs to listen to Ann Coulter in the most UNREPORTED story out there – by Stranahan

  125. It’s an interesting one, Malfleur.

    If true, it’s great.

    Ronald Reagan did something not the same but quite clever with Star Wars. The US pretended it was building some bells and whistles space weaponry but it was all a trick to get the USSR to spend itself into insolvency and collapse, which it duly did.

    As with Iraq, the US should have had a plan for what happened after because the whole place turned into anarchy and scum like Roman Abramovich carpet bagged the place.

    The Russians have never forgotten or forgiven, which is why they cling on to Vlad. If you want the throne in Russia, you defend your people.

    Now, where else do I hear that wish expressed?

  126. The ‘singer’ Adele is receiving a lot of vitriol on MailOnline today. It is brought about because of her special pleading over the Grenfell incident.

    People’s anger is this: where was Adele, Simon Cowell, all the other people and Philip Pullman when young girls were raped in Rochdale, Rotherham, Oxford and so on and so on and so on.

    Second, so many people I have spoken to have said: ‘They have social housing in Kensington and Chelsea?’

    Far from being sympathetic, they are agog that they have not received such largesse themselves in their lives.

    Anyone who is a Leo McInstry reader will know this. He was once a Lefty who was Harriet Harperson’s bag carrier. One of the things that made him change sides was that when he knocked on doors in election time on all the London social housing estates, the names on the list in front of him taken from the electoral register rarely matched the name of the person who answered the door. Who? Doesn’t live here. Sorry.

    It was this that enlightened McInstry as to the level of lies and social engineering by the Left.

    Social housing for the vulnerable was being sub-let on an industrial scale. A tenant receieves a flat from the council, moves their family out into a private rented property and moves in a sub-letting tenant, say 10 Poles all paying in total twice to three times what the cheap social rent was and bingo! What a money spinner.

    That’s one of the reasons why it is so hard to work out who was in Grenfell. They may not all have been genuine tenants. They may have been sub-let tenants.

    The fury on the Mail (from the readers) is tangible. What was really news to the public was not the fire but that so many people were given so much for free, while they break their backs working.

    If you want to know who is any any social home, the first thing to do is check out whether it is being sub-let.

  127. Sub-letting by the way is illegal. Guess how often it’s prosecuted by the Common Purpose Prosecution Service?


  128. How British charity boss who fell for a bogus Calais refugee is in fear of her life: Married mother-of-two travelled to the Jungle to help migrants… but ended up having a fling with a ‘Syrian’ who later tried to burn down her HQ

  129. As ever from the Tories, too little, too late:

    Voter fraud now a non-PC topic, says MACER HALL

    WHEN every vote counts some MPs are questioning whether every vote can be trusted.

    As Commons sittings resumed this week, returning parliamentarians exchanged some disturbing anecdotes about skulduggery on the campaign trail.

    Some Tory MPs suspect electoral fraud may have been more widespread at this year’s general election than at any poll in modern times.

    In several parts of the country their canvassing teams have raised concerns about possible abuse of postal votes and fake identity scams at polling stations. “Votes are being systematically stolen,” one Tory told me.

    “The Government needs to address this urgently.”

    No MP is suggesting that the shock election outcome that wiped out Theresa May’s Commons majority was the result of fraud. Yet following a contest where the margin of victory came down to a few hundred votes or less in a string of constituencies, MPs believe the issue must be taken seriously to prevent a future contest being skewed.

    The stakes are higher than ever now that the poll gap between the Tories and Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party has become so narrow and the Government’s lack of a Commons majority means another national poll could come sooner rather than later.

    A number of Tories believe the issue of electoral fraud in some ethnic minority communities is not being addressed because of politically correct sensitivities.

    MPs and candidates with large Pakistani and Bangladeshi communities in their constituencies question the high postal votes in such areas.

    “There is widespread coercion of women voters in some of these communities,” the Tory insider said.

    “If the Government does not tackle this, it could cost us between 10 and 15 seats at the next election.”

    A group of MPs raised their worries about postal voting with Home Secretary Amber Rudd before the election.

    She is understood to have rejected a return to the past system that restricted postal ballots to voters with specific needs rather than anyone who wanted one. The current system was designed to encourage a higher turnout, she is said to have argued.

    Ministers are attempting to address concerns that it is far too easy for election cheats to pose as somebody else at polling stations with moves to oblige voters to show identity documents.

    Yet Labour MPs are hinting at blocking anti fraud measures. In one of the first interventions during this week’s Commons debate on the Queen’s Speech, Labour backbencher Christian Matheson asked Theresa May, “Why is she introducing voter suppression methods such as obliging people to show identification before they can vote?”

    It was telling that Labour appears to regard combatting electoral fraud as “voter suppression”.

    Mrs May’s failure to win a majority at the snap poll has also cast doubt once again on the long overdue shake-up of electoral boundaries.

    The Tory plan to cut the constituencies from 650 to 600 with broadly equal numbers of voters in each has already been dumped through expected lack of Commons support.

    Any overhaul by the Boundary Commission could take years and again will need parliamentary consent.

    Tories are becoming increasingly nervous that the suspected bias against their party in the current system can only get worse as a result.

    Just a few dozen votes in Kensington, Perth and North Perthshire, Dudley North, Newcastle-underLyme and Crewe and Nantwich separated winning candidates from their nearest rivals at the last election.

    One analysis suggested that just 75 more votes for the Tories in certain areas could have been enough to give the Prime Minister a majority.

    With the timing of the next general election now anyone’s guess and margin between victory and defeat potentially so narrow, some Tories worry there is a danger that a skewed electoral system could propel the Marxist Mr Corbyn into Downing Street.

    A fear is spreading that Mrs May’s minority Government is too weak to take the action needed now to guarantee a fair contest.

  130. Frank P, 30th June @ 13:24

    Alex Jones responds to you in his show yesterday which can be found by all seekers after truth at:

    and he includes in that response your original libel of some years ago that he is a snake oil salesman.

    Mr. Jones’s response takes up most of the first 50 minutes., which I would urge all passing by the CoffeeHouse Wall to visit, is notable not only for Mr. Jones and his sources, which of course include the president of the USA, but for the wide variety of top notch guests and house journalists. At 50 minutes in Friday for instance, Larry Klayman is interviewed for his latest information and views on James Comey, the former Director of the FBI. Mr. Klayman is a constitutional lawyer and the founder of Judicial Watch. He is suing James Comey and the National Security Agency again, no doubt drawing in part on his sources in the FBI. You may of course be tapped into Judicial Watch, but I would have thought that interviews with this kind of guest alone would have you stick around at

    Now I agree that Alex Jones, as a general criticism, intrudes overmuch into interviews with and reports by these guests and employees. He can be irritating when he allows his excitement or the pressure of time to have him talk over answers from his guests and his reporters that one would like to hear completed. The richness of his guests and reporters though is such that, as I have tried to advise Baron, the option of scrolling past the irritating episodes is always available. The site ( is unique and I am glad to say will be expanding its operation this month with certain of its crew such as Mike Cernovich its White House correspondent, Jon Rappoport, the inventor of the phrase “Fake News”, and Jerome Corsi, the Infowars Washington Bureau chief and long-time friend of Donald Trump, being given their separate shows. Paul Joseph Watson, of the same ilk and who has I am thankful to say so far resisted the blandishments of those at who would like him to move to Texas, will I believe be similarly served with his separate show and from England will be able to expand coverage of United Kingdom and European matters.

    Stay tuned!

  131. Paul Joseph Watson is a stunning reporter and analyst. Very cool headed and articulate.

    Superb social media output.

  132. The Daily Mail has been busy all week covering up the CNN trio’s resignation by printing stories about Trump alegedly ‘flirting’ – in full view of about 200 lenses – with an Irish TV reporter while on the phone to the Irish president.

    The Mail is in on the plot to oust him because Trump sued the Mail for calling his wife a hooker.

    What happened to all the Russian stuff?

    As Steyn says, there was xxxx all.

  133. The holiday romance nightmare to end them all: British ‘Shirley Valentine’, who was stripped of her savings and stranded in Sri Lanka after the death of her toyboy husband, admits he may not have loved her ‘as much as he said’

    You don’t need the link. You’ve read it 1,000 times over.


  134. Incidentally Frank, at about 57 minutes into the interview with Klayman, Mr. Jones says that his sources had told him that members of the Supreme Court were being surveilled and blackmailed and that Justice Scalia was “going to shoot his mouth off” to which Atty. Klayman responds “Well, that may explain why he is no longer on this earth”….

  135. French far-right leader Marine Le Pen is charged over claims £4million of European Union funds were used to pay her National Front assistants

    They are not going to let Brexit and Trump happen again.

    Free speech banned in Europe by hate crime. And opposition parties denied their funding (that’s why they want a cashless society).

    Remember: cash first, cheque second, digital last.

    Hate crime. Court order. Cash seizure. No opposition.

    Trump is our only hope because he has the Constitution behind him (free speech).

    Europe’s a goner.

  136. Rudyard Kipling ‘would have been a Brexiteer’: Biographer claims author’s love for the British constitution would ‘almost certainly’ have put him in the Leave camp

    * Kipling was a political poet who was adamantly against the League of Nations
    * This likely meant he would have disliked a political union of European states
    * Kipling was the youngest-ever recipient of the Nobel Prize for Literature aged 41
    * But the poet’s conservative views have tarnished his image over time

    No xxxx, Sherlock.

    What would they all say if they saw the UK today? Shakespeare, Dickens, Orwell.

    1984 is here, it’s just in the guise of the internet. They see and hear everything. They suppress free speech. Rig elections. Throw you in prison (Tommy Robinson).

    Not in their worst nightmares could they imagine it would get this bad.

    In the words of Enoch Powell, the River Thames foams with blood.

    And no one gives a xxxx.

  137. €50MILLION fine for hate speech: Social media such as Facebook and Twitter face huge payouts if they do not remove hateful posts under new German laws

    Hate speech? They mean people who tell the truth about Islam.

    I am told by friends in the UK that Sky internet now blocks site they used to visit on the grounds that they are full of ‘hate’. Mr Murdoch has decided he is the arbiter of free speech and what goes into his xxxxy papers is what is acceptable.

  138. In a 2001 Joint Statement, the UN, OSCE (Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe) and OAS (Irganisation of American States) Special Mandates on the right to freedom of expression set out a number of conditions which hate speech laws should respect:

    1. No one should be penalised for statements which are true

    2. No one should be penalised for the dissemination of hate speech unless it has been shown that they did so with the intention of inciting discrimination, hostility or violence

    3. The right of journalists to decide how best to communicate information and ideas to the public should be respected, particularly when they are reporting on racism and intolerance

    4. No one should be subject to prior censorship

    5. Any imposition of sanctions by courts should be in strict conformity with the principle of proportionality.

    No.2 is the most significant with regard to the UK because here there has been enforcement creep towards ignoring “intention” and instead taking a subjective view (contrary to the long standing requirement to prove the alleged offender’s mens rea or criminal intent) where the offence is simply what the “victim” says it is. That approach contravenes the 2001 Joint Statement.

    It becomes even more sinister in the UK with the push, for example of Leveson, towards the acceptance of third party reporting (complaints). That removes the need for any individual to feel “victimised” and opens the door to campaign groups to complain “on behalf of victims” and assert that anything they don’t like or disagree with is “hate speech” to shut it down. With the proliferation of politically campaigning “charities” and various monitoring “watch” organisations this becomes a special threat to freedom of expression in England. Imagine YuNoHu with the power to complain about anything he doesn’t like and initiate official redress. He was already trying to pull that stunt at the Speccie, trying to get them to remove comments which countered his insane, low grade, leftist tripe. Lunatics like that should not be empowered by the state to censor the opinions of other people on behalf of imaginary “victims”.

  139. Correct, Colonel Mustard.

    The noose is tighter in the UK than almost anywhere else in the West. People just can’t see it.

    Thought crime laws. The Lawrence Inquiry’s Report’s ‘if I say it’s offensive, it is’ rule (pure Gramscioid, Marxoid thought control). If the hate crime laws haven’t shut you down, just use the libel courts, where just the threat of a legal bill shuts most people down.

    Big business hunts through the internet to sue for poor reviews knowing their opponent will grovel and throw in the towel purely because they couldn’t afford the legal bill. Argue the point? Not when the meter’s running.

    Guido Fawkes put his servers in Bermuda to avoid legal action.

    The US constitution is a lifeline to America and Europe, which is why activist Democrat judges are trying so hard not to uphold it.

  140. Esther – 09:21

    SKY: This change happened recently. To view sites now deemed “sensitive” you must log into your account and change the parental control settings to 18+

    Since a recent change in UK law, ISPs must record and store FULL details of your internet browsing history. These details must be provided upon demand to ANY entity that is authorised by the recent changes in RIPA legislation.

  141. As for Germany and Merkel, in 2009 about 70,000 ex-members of the East German Stasi were employed by the German government.

    The Justice Minister works with an organisation run by a former Stasi agent Anetta Kahane (The Amadeu Antonio Foundation, established in 1998, engages against right-wing parties). Between 1974 and 1982 Kahane served as an unofficial employee of the Stasi in East Germany under the code name “Victoria”. Stasi files connected to her work include more than 800 pages of reports. Among others, Kahane spied on artists, students from West Berlin universities and West German television reporters. Now she advises the German government on censoring expression alleged to be xenophobic, racist or far-right on social media. That is not even poacher turned gamekeeper. It is poacher sponsored to continue poaching by state intervention. Google her name to get a look at the unpleasant appearance of this creature.

    Kahane reflects the journey of Julia Middleton and the foundation of Common Purpose in the UK. A “former” Marxist who after the fall of the Berlin Wall is mysteriously funded to establish that “charity”, with links to the “community organising” of people like Obama in Chicago. Middleton and CP work more covertly than Kahane but their unique selling point for public servants to become “leaders” and to “lead beyond authority” within what is in effect a networking secret society without public accountability is extremely sinister.

    The rapid rise and networking of those interventionist left wing organisations following the end of the Cold War has never come under proper investigative scrutiny in the West. Everything points to an orchestrated and linked left wing agenda to secure unaccountable power against which the right has been naively ineffective.

  142. “Why Modern Architecture SUCKS”
    Paul Joseph Watson

    Not exactly Jonathan Meades or Ian Nairn but an excellent pithy summation by Paul.

  143. Colonel Mustard (10:36)

    Rules 1 – 5 should be enshrined in UK law. They are essential stipulations for any free society. What real authority emanates from the UN, the OSCE a and the OAS? Until you just mentioned the OSCE and the OAS they had flown under my radar. Thanks for the heads up. Are the police of the UK, the CPS and our courts bound or even influenced by the dictates of these talking shops?

    The prolix library of baleful legislation based on Gramscian social engineering which has been exponentially enacted into UK law as a result of our deference to the undemocratic EU bureacracy should be stripped from the vaults of our legislature and publicly incinerated. It is a curse on our erstwhile national history. Politicians of all stripes have colluded in this legislative pollution for the past fifty years or so.

    My Metropolitan Police instruction book issued in the early 1950s contained all the tools we needed to successfully police what was then the biggest and most law abiding metropolis in the world. And its first pages were devoted to the tenets laid down by Peel and Mayne who were themselves influenced by the practical philosophy of Henry Fielding – inspiring, effective and just. The destruction of what was the spine of real social justice, not only in the UK, but also in other countries around the world that followed our paradigm, should be recorded in the annals of infamy as one of the most baneful crimes of human history. And henceforth it can only consequentially get worse.

  144. Don’t forget Paul Joseph Watson’s gender fluid alter ego, Mangina!


    Mike Cernovich boils it down to that in the 4th HOUR of Jones’s Friday show (see the link above). It makes sense to me. That’s how the NWO globalists can destroy european national civilisations – in the name of Christian compassion for the poor, threatened muslims fleeing from the countries that globalists have made into war zones for that very purpose.

    Time to hold the British government and opposition responsible; time to insist on only non-muslim immigrants and if a case can first be made that our economy needs workers from outside the existing work force; time for Christians to organize in the UK without regard to sect and to invite all other faiths to join them to insist on a reversal of muslim immigration.

    When Mao Zedong declared the establishment of the PRC to the crowds in Tien An Men Square on October 1st 1949 he said in his almost incomprehensible Hunanese dialect that the Chinese people had stood up. Do we have to wait until October before someone using our disappearing language can tell us that WE have stood up?

  146. The Spectator’s Isabel Hardman’s boyfriend, Labour MP John Woodcock, is one of only 101 who voted to stay in the single market this week.

    Shouldn’t she put a note about her relationship on every article she writes?

    We all know how pillow talk works. Does her partner tell her everything? Does yours?

    We need to know what’s going on in this relationship between media and MPs.

    Lay off Brexity Corbyn, Isabel. His axx is mine. And until this Brexit is out of the way, I want him sat as Leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition for two years.


  147. You have to admire the good cop / bad cop chutzpah of Corbyn.

    Last year, all the Glastonbury Snowflakes were mourning Brexit.

    This year, the man who virtually wrote the book on why the EU is evil and sabotaged their snookums Remain campaign turned up in front of them and cheered them to the rafters.

    Now consider this. Corbyn and McDonnell come down like a ton of bricks on out of the single market and out of the customs union because it is part of what helped them win their vote back from the UKIP.

    But what about yuman rights and the ECJ? Bad cop can deliver the bad news so it doesn’t come from Jeremy’s mouth:

    Shami Chakrabarti suggests Labour could KEEP free movement of people after Brexit despite the party’s manifesto promising it would end

    Suggests free movement could continue after Brexit but under another name

    Scrapping free movement was in the Labour manifesto. But that manifesto – like all the best manifestos – was written so that it was full of promises they didn’t have to keep.

    As the edge closer to office, the stealth immigration policy is slowly taking shape.

    And who better than unelected Lady Chakrabrti to devise such nastiness and spite?

  148. What is “hate speech”?

    When I was last resident in England (and in Hong Kong) I don’t remember the law having the concept. Could someone please help me out?

    Is it tucked away in Bracton somewhere and I missed it?

  149. It is whatever a person wants it to be.

    “The perception of the victim, or any other person (see 1.2.4 Other person), is the defining factor in determining whether an incident is a hate incident, or in recognising the hostility element of a hate crime.”

    It is lifted straight from Franz Kafka’s The Trial. You – the defendant – cannot possibly win.

    It is the end of free speech through the back door.

    The Common Purpose lawyers who drew it up knew exactly what they were doing.

    Melanie Phillips’ – Hate Crime Through The Looking Glass:

  150. From Rod Liddle’s recent after dinner speech:

    Double-standards – more double-standards: do you remember Stephen Fry and a whole bunch of others railing about the winter Olympics being held in Sochi, in Russia, because of Vladimir Putin’s supposed homophobia?

    I’ve never taken much of an interest in the Winter Olympics, nor has most of Britain actually, it’s not a hugely popular event. And at the very moment he was ranting about Russia, the cricket world cup, a game we do play a lot of, was getting under way in Bangladesh, where the penalty for same-sex relationships is life imprisonment. In Russia, it’s legal.

    The Bangladesh escape censure because it’s an Islamic country, and the lefties never wish to be nasty about Islamic countries. More recently, you will have heard them all screeching about the horrible Democratic Unionist Party and their homophobia and how utterly ghastly they are. But again they make no comment whatsoever about the approach to homosexuality in the Islamic world and within the Muslim communities. That is never mentioned.

    And there is a difference, you lefties, there is a difference.

    If you are gay and you want to get married it may well be that the DUP would be a little bit churlish about decorating your wedding cake. But they’re not going to push you off a f—ing building are they? They’re not going to stone you to death. They’re not going to put you in prison.

    I made this, what seems to me, very, very obvious point, to one of those gibbering snowflakes recently, and he thought about it for a bit, and then he said: ‘The difference between Islam and the DUP, is really only one of degrees.’ Right.. okay.. quite a large number of degrees isn’t it? I would say somewhere in the region of 180.

    But people who think that there is an equivalence can’t be argued with, it’s impossible to debate because the delusion has gripped them so tightly that there’s kind of no way through. There is the real world, and then there is the place they inhabit.

  151. The DUP get used as a punchbag because if you know the truth about them, they shame the Tory party. So the Tory party don’t like to talk about the fact that there is a socially conservative party that shows, uh, how to do social conservatism.

    Cast your eyes over the muck and filth and shit, drug-infested, alcoholic, gambling xxxxholes of Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle, Sheffield (a student died this weekend from street drugs).

    OK, cast your eyes directly left on the map to a place called Belfast.

    Ever been there? If you have you’ll notice there’s a lot less ink. The teenagers are civil. There are less bar brawls. Less litter in the streets. And the school results for Northern Ireland are always better than the mainland’s.

    How so? Here’s the little secret you’re not to know lest it should make you hate the Tory party any more than you do.

    Ian Paisley’s party is a party set up for working class Protestants. The white working class. And the Reverend designed it as an engine of social mobility and community cohesion (the real kind, not the fake Left kind). So what’s the formula?

    You know damn well what the xxxxing bloody formula is. Everything the Tory party hates:

    No to gambling.
    No to alcohol.
    No to street drugs.
    Make that a big xxxxing no to street drugs.

    And a big Yes to grammar schools.

    That’s why non-religious people flock to the DUP.

    That why Ian Paisley never gave an inch: No, no, no.

    Never, never, never.

    But the won’t tell you that. Because the mainland’s shxxxy towns and cities have to have a bookie every five metres. There is no war on drugs.

    Did you see what Mr Paisley did? What the politicians wouldn’t do, wouldn’t stand up for, he did using his church. That’s why he created it. He let his flock stray (they always will), but never concede from the top.

    The firsh rots from the head down and it succeeds from the head down.

    His role as leader was always fight, fight, fight. No, no, no. Never, never, never. You may not like it but you know where you stand with it. And he got results.

    Never, never, never. Amen.

  152. That’s why they vote DUP. You have to read people like Melanie Phillips, Peter Hitchens or Taki to find out what the real attraction of the DUP is.

    Sobbing Tory ‘posh boys’, as Nadine Dorries calls them, were whining in the propaganda pages of the Spectator this week. One xxxxbag called the DUP a one man band fan club.

    Paisley was a Farage. One man on his own who made a difference. And the Tories hate him for that. Hate him for his legacy. Hate him because he embarrasses their own hollowness.

    I was thoroughly pleased to see the Tories taken aback by the DUP’s demands and intransigence.

    So long as there is £13 billion in foreign aif, there is money for British people.

    Fight, fight, fight, Mr Paisley. Fight for every xxxxing before these terrorist-loving cxxxts throw us all under the bus.

    One man band fan club. Well, he’s dead and buried now, Tory boy, and he came back this week to haunt you like the ghost of Banquo. So suck on that.

  153. A lovely touch from Andrea Leadsom, a genuine Leaver, on Mrs May’s grovelling to a party of social conservatives. Message received, Andrea.

    By Quentin Letts

    Though a few Left-wing grievance jockeys wailed about the Tory-DUP pact, I have seen the Commons crosser. In a hung parliament in a parliamentary democracy, parliamentary deals are, well, inevitable.

    The Government had agreed to more state spending in Northern Ireland to secure support from the Unionists. Lefties, basically: ‘More spending? You can’t do that. That’s our riff!’

    Labour’s Emily Thornberry put on her dominatrix face and called the arrangement ‘shabby and reckless’. ‘Quite simply a pathetic little deal!’ cried the SNP’s Peter Wishart. ‘Scraping the bottom of the barrel,’ reckoned the Lib Dems’ Alistair Carmichael (a Whip in the Cameron/Clegg Coalition).

    Miss Thornberry, before and after her speech, kept laughing and pulling jokey expressions and rotating one of her deliciously chubby little ankles, as plump and no doubt juicy as supermarket chicken thighs. She almost kicked off one shoe, she was spinning that ankle so much. Most exercise she’s taken for weeks.

    And yet, to the TV cameras, her ladyship was claiming to be appalled and angry and… well, I could go on but like so much in her politics, it was a facade. Nigel Dodds (DUP, N Belfast) said he was tempted, in the name of transparency, to publish letters from the recent past in which both Labour and the SNP sought deals with the DUP. Laughter.

    Miss Thornberry claimed yesterday’s agreement would imperil the Good Friday Agreement. It took a hushed intervention from Ian Paisley Jr (DUP, N Antrim) to express his ‘utter despair’ that Labour was claiming Northern Ireland would ‘go back to war’ because more money was going to be spent on its public services.

    Mr Paisley’s seriousness should be watched on replay, time and again, by the immature Miss Thornberry.

    From the Commons yesterday, it seemed more likely that the people who would be going to war would be Scots Nationalists. David Linden (SNP, Glasgow E) became indignant as he claimed that ‘the pavements of Northern Ireland are being paved in gold’. ‘What extra money is there for Scotland?’ grunted Joanna Cherry (SNP, Edinburgh SW), really more a hairy gooseberry than something as sweet and perky as a cherry.

    The Government’s announcement was made by Damian Green, the one-time Europhile who has been made First Secretary by his old friend Theresa May. The Prime Minister was on the front bench as Mr Green made his late-afternoon statement. He put on his very deepest voice to underline what a grave announcement this was.

    I must confess I had never thought of Green as top Cabinet material but yesterday he found composure and decency.

    Some Opposition MPs, unhappy that the DUP were ‘social conservatives’, lined up to make round-eyed laments about the plight of Northern Irish women who have to travel to England for abortions. Mr Green dealt with these sensitive points with skilful sympathy. For the Scots Nats, it was all about money.

    ‘Scotland will get nothing out of this deal,’ thundered a two-dimensional Mr Wishart. It’s a wonder he doesn’t use that line of argument when the Commons is debating international development policy.

    Sir Jeffrey Donaldson (DUP, Lagan Valley) said it was ‘a really remarkable day… really bonkers’ when Lefties were attacking more money for schools, roads and housing. When someone else argued that it was odd for Labour to complain about extra cash for disadvantaged communities, a Labour woman said from her seat: ‘It’s to give you an advantage!’ There speaks the politician.

    They see everything through the prism of self-advancement. For Chris Bryant (Lab, Rhondda), the hot issue was whether or not the DUP should continue to receive ‘Short’ money which is given to Opposition parties.

    Julian Lewis (Con, New Forest E) hoped the deal would ensure that military personnel who served in Ulster will not be hounded in the courts. James Duddridge (Con, Rochford & Southend E) suggested the Government seek a similar deal with the many Labour MPs who cannot abide Jeremy Corbyn.

    Fashion note: Andrea Leadsom, newly promoted to Commons Leader, wore orange.

  154. I can’t see what the fuss is about. Don’t they all fight, fight, fight for every penny. And all fight, fight, fight not to concede ideological ground?

    What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

    No one throws Ian Paisley under the bus without a fight.

  155. Esther

    Do me a favour, please, and cut ‘n’ paste Rod Liddle’s freedom dinner speech. It has been cited three times above and as I’m blackballed by the Old Queens mob, I can’t penetrate their pay wall. It sounds as though it deserves full exposure here. 🙂

  156. Rod Liddle’s Freedom Dinner speech: Emily Thornberry, Diane Abbott and the metro-liberal left

    It’s that time of year again. After Rod Liddle used the key address at the fifth annual Freedom Dinner to turn his attention to Labour’s Jew-bashing, the anti-Brexit mob and Tim Farron, he was invited back by popular demand to speak at the event this week.

    At the annual libertarian bash, hosted by Forest, Liddle spoke frankly on a range of topics – calling out the ‘double think’ among the ‘metro-liberal left’, namely Diane Abbott and Emily Thornberry:

    ‘Double think, as Orwell put it, is kind of unique to our metro-liberal left. It’s kind of how they live their lives. Take Diane Abbott, for years Diane railed and railed against the institution of private schools, but then she sent her brat to one, and admitted that it is unforgivable.

    But more than that, there’s Emily Thornberry, Lady Nugee, (let’s give her her proper name, she is Lady Nugee) MP for Islington South I believe, has also railed, not only against private schools but against selective schools, against grammar schools. She doesn’t want you to have your kids to have the chance to go to a selective school because they are bright but she’s sent her kids to one. Remarkable.

    Not only that, but she also railed for years about the policy to sell off old housing association properties. She thought it was immoral and wrong, voted against it, thought people shouldn’t be allowed to buy them: bought one herself! I mean, you can’t make this stuff up! She bought one herself. And, you know, I used to think this was hypocrisy, but it’s more than that. It’s a kind of weird separation from reality, a sort of schizophrenia if you like. For Diane and Emily, and so many of the left, there’s this stuff in their heads, a pink marshmallow-y stuff, and that’s what they believe in. And then some miles distant, there’s the real world, where other stuff happens, where reality happens.

    There’s an awful lot of people like that. I’ve got a friend here tonight, Rob, who is unfortunate enough to live in London. And he can tell you of many, many people, lefties, who voted for Corbyn at the last election and prayed to the Lord Jesus Christ that he wouldn’t get in. Now that really is a kind of madness isn’t it? It’s where a sort of fantasy world and the real world suddenly collide.

    Double-standards – more double-standards: do you remember Stephen Fry and a whole bunch of others railing about the winter Olympics being held in Sochi, in Russia, because of Vladimir Putin’s supposed homophobia? I’ve never taken much of an interest in the Winter Olympics, nor has most of Britain actually, it’s not a hugely popular event. And at the very moment he was ranting about Russia, the cricket world cup, a game we do play a lot of, was getting under way in Bangladesh, where the penalty for same-sex relationships is life imprisonment. In Russia, it’s legal.

    The Bangladesh escape censure because it’s an Islamic country, and the lefties never wish to be nasty about Islamic countries. More recently, you will have heard them all screeching about the horrible Democratic Unionist Party and their homophobia and how utterly ghastly they are. But again they make no comment whatsoever about the approach to homosexuality in the Islamic world and within the Muslim communities. That is never mentioned.

    And there is a difference, you lefties, there is a difference.

    If you are gay and you want to get married it may well be that the DUP would be a little bit churlish about decorating your wedding cake. But they’re not going to push you off a f—ing building are they? They’re not going to stone you to death. They’re not going to put you in prison.

    I made this, what seems to me, very, very obvious point, to one of those gibbering snowflakes recently, and he thought about it for a bit, and then he said: ‘The difference between Islam and the DUP, is really only one of degrees.’ Right.. okay.. quite a large number of degrees isn’t it? I would say somewhere in the region of 180.

    But people who think that there is an equivalence can’t be argued with, it’s impossible to debate because the delusion has gripped them so tightly that there’s kind of no way through. There is the real world, and then there is the place they inhabit. Don’t forget, these are the people who decided that something that wasn’t a circle could be a circle if it really wanted to be.

    Let me tell you more about this. This was a study, and it was done in America and it was an American experiment designed to seemingly prove the very point I have been making. People were shown this shape and asked if it was a circle.

    Liberals, overwhelmingly, said yes. Because they are inclusive. But it’s not a circle is it? It’s not! They got it wrong! And there’s nothing you can do about this. There’s no arguing. ‘If you want it to be a circle, it can be a circle’.

    Added to this separation from reality of course is this, is a tendency to consider their opponents not really wrong, but bad people. Scum. Evil. ‘You won’t let that shape be a circle, you murdering bastard!’

    We’ve seen an awful lot of this sort of stuff at the moment, the protestors shouting ‘Tory scum’, the people insisting that Theresa May is responsible for the murder of those poor people in Grenfell Tower, the shrieked asides at every single turn.

    One of my favourites, actually, of this sort of approach came just after the 2015 general election, when unexpectedly for the liberals the Conservative party won, and it was a response from the university lecturer called Rebecca Roache that really cheered me up, she was fab.

    What she did, was she put out a poster on social media and she said ‘I am de-friending anyone who sends me anything about the Tories.’ Right okay.. and then she went on: ‘I’ve had it up to here, I don’t want any conservative friends, the time for reasoned debate is over.’ Go on.. what subject do you think she taught? Yes – she’s a philosophy lecturer!

    Or here’s one from more recently, and it is typical of the way these people behave. The liberal journalist, Sophie Heawood, who tweeted recently, that she looked forward to the day when all Daily Mail readers were dead. Yep, all 4 million of them. Incredible. I was so shocked I rang Impress, which is the new regulating body funded by Max Mosley, who, if you remember, got upset when people interfered in his orgies, and so set up this regulatory body, (with his friends from ‘Hacked off’), which has won approval from the government, and will soon be telling us what we can and can’t write.

    So I rang up about Sophie Heawood and tried to get a response to this, seemed to be something worthy of a response. Three times I rang. And I just didn’t get an answer from her. The person I really wanted to talk to was a chap called Jonathan Heawood, the boss of Impress – yes he’s Sophie’s brother.

    And I’m afraid we’re back at last year’s speech where I talked about my favourite board game, 6 degrees of Shami Chakrabarti, because all these f—ers are related to each other. There is a small, finite number of these people in an endless multitude of quangos and jobs. And so you have Jonathan Heawood, a former Labour candidate of course, as you would expect, someone who’s a fan of Max Mosley, and boss of Impress, his sister works for the Guardian and wants all Daily Mail readers dead. His wife is the daughter of Polly Toynbee. I mean, they’re all there, they’re all lined up.

    And it’s very, very common and again it’s a separation of reality. I would assume Sophie Heawood really doesn’t think that all Daily Mail readers should die; it’s just a sort of insanity.

    Another example, a few years back, I argued that as we as a country and we as a continent opened our doors to more refugees or supposed refugees from North Africa many more would die in the seas attempting to come here. This is exactly what has happened: more people have died, something like four-fold have died because Europe has said we must let more people in so more have tried to make the crossing meaning more people have been killed. But the shrieking when I made this point was remarkable and someone said ‘racist.’

    ‘These people are human beings,’ it was shouted at me. Simon Schama, screeched at me, the gravest insult he could find which was that I was ‘suburban’. And had a real go at me.

    It’s a separation of what is actually happening with what goes on in their minds. It may be the sign of the rest of lefties wanting to feel good about themselves by saying we should allow more refugees in. What has that done is kill more refugees. The double think and the demonisation of opponents is on the surface quite funny, even profitable, but it does serve to close down the debate so that real issues are very difficult to discuss. Suddenly perfectly sensible things become unsaleable. Such as this is not a circle.’

  157. You’ll gather there is an accompanying picture of a blob outline!

    It’s not worth paying money to the Barclay Twins for anything!

  158. 6 degress of Shami Chakrabarti.


  159. This point:

    It’s impossible to debate because the delusion has gripped them so tightly that there’s kind of no way through. There is the real world, and then there is the place they inhabit…

    Added to this separation from reality of course is this, is a tendency to consider their opponents not really wrong, but bad people. Scum. Evil. ‘You won’t let that shape be a circle, you murdering bastard!’

    No matter how many time you put their own hypocrisy to them, they shamelessly ignore it.

    Why has Yvette Cooper never taken in her refugee?

    My theme for the past 12 months with Lefties – and for the next two years – is how can you support the EU when Corbyn hates it? When he sabotaged your campaign (the one where you smeared all your opponents)? When he stands now demanding exit from the single market and from the customs union? When he divides Labour over one issue and one issue alone, the EU?

    Answer comes there none. Nothing.

    Jeremy Corbyn is good. Leavers are bad.

    Er, Jeremy Corbyn is a Leaver.

    Jeremy Corbyn is good. Leavers are bad.

    Guilty silence after guilty silence from the Left. I suppose it doesn’t take much when you ignore the thousands of screams of girls being raped by Muslim paedophile rapists. Or the screams of young girls having their limbs ripped off in Manchester.

    It’s all they do. All day, every day. They are liars.

  160. Esther July 1st, 2017 – 12:30

    One of YuNoHu’s chums and when she turned up the Speccie began drifting left and attracted left wing trolls.

  161. Yvette Cooper, where is your ‘refugee’ [sic] you promised?

    You haven’t got one?

    You’re a liar.

  162. Esther

    Many thanks. As for the BB, you are right. And I don’t.

    I knew them when they were Shepherds Bush spivs, in the days of Candy Corner – then poor little Zoe Newton.. They don’t seem to have improved much – just become richer, as was inevitable, there were many fly fuckers to emulate in those days.

  163. Yes, Colonel. Sometimes knowing just the smallest detail tells you everything you need to know.

    Why do so many journalists never tell us what we really need to know?

    That puts everything in a different light. So we need to know in every article: did your partner influence this article?

  164. Frank P July 1st, 2017 – 11:57

    I’m not sure about the weight of such statements but the British government seems to get away with ignoring them and even though the media reports it there never seems to be any outcry.

    It was the same with the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples where the British government simply denied that there was any such category in Britain, let alone in England, allowing them to contravene almost every one of its Articles, but especially Article 8.

    Article 8

    1. Indigenous peoples and individuals have the right not to be subjected to forced assimilation or destruction of their culture.

    2. States shall provide effective mechanisms for prevention of, and redress for:
    (a) Any action which has the aim or effect of depriving them of their integrity as distinct peoples, or of their cultural values or ethnic identities;
    (b) Any action which has the aim or effect of dispossessing them of their lands, territories or resources;
    (c) Any form of forced population transfer which has the aim or effect of violating or undermining any of their rights;
    (d) Any form of forced assimilation or integration;
    (e) Any form of propaganda designed to promote or incite racial or ethnic discrimination directed against them.

    It can be argued that the multicultural and immigration policies of successive British governments, imposed without the consent of the English people have contravened all that. The government (and UN) would assert that the English are not an indigenous people but that is a deceit and the reason that so many Anglophobes of foreign origin declare that England is a “mongrel nation” and/or a “nation of immigrants”. They would never have got away with such race hate even 50 years ago. The idea then that there were no indigenous English would have been considered preposterous. Now it is highly offensive.

  165. This is why you should never pay for mainstream media. Typical pejorative headline from the Mail. Dacre loves to throw the plebs under the bus of ‘hate crime’. If they say it’s a hate crime, it is. You have no defence:

    ‘Racist mob knocks a woman unconscious’ while people are flung to the ground in a fight at a park in Oxford that a local charity has claimed was racially motivated

    Welcome to the future.

  166. “Oxford Stand Up To Racism campaign is organising a ‘reclaim the park’ event in response.”

  167. Is there no Tory mogul with enough dosh to buy back the Speccy for conservatism and sack all the current hacks (except Rod – though he doggedly holds on to his Labour card, both sides his journo sword are sharp)?

    Brillo would have to go;, even though he has a fairly tough carapace of objectivity, there’s a dyed-in-the-wool leftie hiding beneath.
    Scotia Nostra, too.

  168. What really sticks in the craw about Theresa May’s attacks on free speech and 24/7 digital surveillance is this.

    We have known since Lee Rigby, four years ago, that the terrorists have gone offline.

    It’s the one place they know they are not safe.

    Lee Rigby’s murder was designed offline. All these car attacks are designed offline. Manchester was fascinating because the training appears to have been done offline by doing it all abroad and in person.

    Modern printers leave a trace on the paper that tells police what printer was used to print the paper. You’d need an ancient printer to avoid that.

    And every digital syllable, no matter what the format or programme, is kept.

    Even if someone types a note to themselves in a word processor and presses delete, it’s recorded.

    Most people know this. The terrorists clearly do.

    So who is Theresa May surveilling?

    Her opposition. Us.

  169. I cling to Breitbart now. It’s free and doesn’t seem to censor.

  170. “The English are a nation and an ethnic group native to England, who speak the English language.” (Wiki, surprisingly)

    ” . . . the bulk of the British population today can trace their ancestry back to late Upper Palaeolithic/ Mesolithic peoples who gradually migrated north from their home in northern Spain/ southern France after the glaciers melted at the end of the Ice Age.”

    “In his book ‘Origins of the British’, Stephen Oppenheimer says that 75% to 95% of the British population has an ancient Iberian (Spanish) ancestry. While the figures are higher for Wales than England (Llangefni, north Wales is 96% and Fakenham in Norfolk is 59%), he states that only 30% of gene types in England derive from north-west Europe. This means that the original, indigenous British population is still the dominant (gene) in the modern British of today.”

    By the way, I’m not relaying these thoughts to be agin anything or anyone but simply to stand up for the English against the Anglophobia which tries to deny them their rightful identity in the causes of multiculturalism and excessive immigration.

  171. Esther you rush.
    Be patient.

    ““For the right moment you must wait, as Fabius did most patiently, when warring against Hannibal, though many censured his delays; but when the time comes you must strike hard, as Fabius did, or your waiting will be in vain, and fruitless.”

  172. I see Channel 4’s Jon Snow has been whining this week.

    Sir Thomas D’Oyly Snow was the grandfather of BBC 2’s Peter Snow and Channel 4’s Jon Snow. He kept well back from the front line in World War I and sent many British infantrymen to their death in the trenches while he sat in a chateau in France tending to trivial matters.

    Both grandsons are safely ensconced in nice secure homes while the little people run around beneath them trying not to be killed by Islamic terrorists.

    What’s changed?

  173. 1603

    Piss off you Shavian twat.


    Please DFTFT,

  174. WTF is coming down in North Ken (aka Notting Dale)?

    If my gaff burns down I have to phone the insurance company, not the local authority or central government. If the insurance co. tells me I’m partly to blame because I clad it in flammable shit, then I would have to sue via civil proceedings or swallow it.

    Now we are told that a new strata of handpicked ‘leftie bureaucrats’ (tautological phrase)’, headed by yet another ‘Commissioner’ will convene to contrive how to rip-off local and national taxpayers to rehouse mainly newcomers to the borough and pay great oodles of ‘compensation’ (most of the indigenous rascals from my time Up Hill and Down Dale moved to the East Acton Estate or to Berkshire or the Channel Islands, depending on how successful they had been as scrap merchants, property developers, robbers or ponces or a combination of all four – not uncommon). Are we all being taken for yet another ride, or what?

  175. Malfleur July 1st, 2017 – 03:01

    ‘The Saudis can do nothing with the advanced killer weapons’ ”
    Donald Trump seems to have found a possible solution to the continued wrecking of civilization – ours and other people’s – by the military industrial political complex. The solution is for the MIPC to sell their materiel only to governments who are too inept to use it but who are sitting on resources valuable enough to subsidise it.

    UKG (and the rest of the West) have been doing this for 50 years, a succession of Lightnings, Hawks, Tornadoes and Typhoons and other equipment, including minesweepers, has been shipped to the KSA in exchange for the black stuff. All of it maintained and supported by British and Commonwealth ex military personnel because the Saudis, a devout, illiterate and idle people, couldn’t fix a broken rock.

  176. RobertRetyred @ 15:58

    Come on, Robert, she hasn’t really said anything that would suggest she intended to be violent herself, or that could be interpreted as an incitement for others to be violent. Banning her would only furnish more useful ammunition to the authorities to go after us, ban us, too.

    She should be ‘free to think what she likes, say what she thinks’, those listening to her should be equally free not to elect her to the post. What worries the barbarian more than her deranged and painfully stupid yapping is that others seem to go along with it, she got elected to lead the union. Hopefully, as the link suggests, she will, like the Malia Bouattia, fail to get re-eected

    (If it were a Caucasian who said the same about any other race, he or she may have been jumped on, which would be equally wrong).

    Whether a speech is a ‘harm speech’ should be adjudged only in a law court, not by the police, a newspaper or a media platform, the victim offering proofs of harm, a measurable harm. If that evidence is lacking, the victim feels merely offended, there’s no case to be answered.

  177. Noa @ 18:22

    That’s a good point, Noa, echoed by a Turkish journalist who was asked last week in Russia whether the presence of few hundred Turkish soldiers in Qatar is enough to prevent an invasion of the country (it may be more than hundred now though). ‘More than enough’, said the man, ‘look how badly they’re doing in Yemen fighting only women and children’.

  178. Esther, do you ever sleep? (only joking).

  179. Your replying on the issue of capital punishment last week, Colonel, was much appreciated, the barbarian didn’t have time to carry on debating, doesn’t want to re-dust it now, only to thank you for the points you’ve raised.

  180. How dumb can you get?
    The Italians are whining for help. Nobody is gonna take their damned immigrants. If they don’t want them, don’t let them in. That’s why you’ve got a navy!
    Meanwhile in Britain, two stories today:
    In one a mother can’t get the police to act when the paternal grandparents have mutilated her baby’s penis.
    In the other an idiot who slapped a Muslim with bacon is jailed for 6 months.
    Forget about future worries. We are already living as dhimmis:

  181. How dumb can you get?
    The Italians are whining for help. Nobody is gonna take their damned immigrants. If they don’t want them, don’t let them in. That’s why you’ve got a navy!
    Meanwhile in Britain, two stories today:
    In one a mother can’t get the police to act when the paternal grandparents have mutilated her baby’s penis.
    In the other an idiot who slapped a Muslim with bacon is jailed for 6 months.
    Forget about future worries. We are already living as dhimmis:

  182. Baron – 20:16

    I was only following current law, as is interpreted today, but evenhandedly, in the absence of wisdom. 🙂

  183. Baron July 1st, 2017 – 20:26

    Ok thanks.

  184. I hope you are all watching (BBC 2) – the self-serving hagiography of 60 years of television, drummed up and presented by, who else, but Mervyn Barg, laced with obscene helpings of Attenborough, Bakewell, Loach, Trevor Phillips, Ed Balls, et al. We could have written the script before it was broadcast. Predictable, smug and completely unaware of its own hypocrisy. Agitprop on steroids. Dire! I hope Colonel M is watching it; looking forward to his critique. I hope Liddle shapens his pen, too.

  185. Frank P July 1st, 2017 – 22:22

    Unfortunately not but I’ll see if I can catch it on iPlayer.

    I’ve been following events in Hong Kong today and can feel a rant coming on! The disgracefully dismissive comments by the Chinese foreign minister about the validity of the 1984 Joint Declaration are only matched by the abject cowardice of HM Government in responding to that – or should I say failing to respond.

  186. Now we know where Baron went?

    “Czech Lawmakers have passed legislation in the lower parliament that would see the right to bear firearms enshrined in the country’s constitution in a move directed against tighter regulations from the European Union.”

  187. If they can pass the bill completely, it’s brilliant news, Malfleur.

    Notice how – if you want to – you can tell the EU to xxxx off. Poland refuses to take all these fake refugees and the EU is mad about it but it won’t do much about it.

    Britain is so full of Common Purposers, they enforce EU law in full. Because it’s what they want to do to the public, but dare not say so. In Whitehall they love to say: ‘It’s not us who makes the rules, it’s the EU.’

    It’s a bare-faced lie. Anyone -even inside the EU – can tell it to xxxx off. Poland says: ‘Thanks for the cash, keep the immigrants to yourself.’

    That Britain does not do so tells you British rulers like what the EU does to Britain.

    All that rubbish about a 50bn ‘divorce’ bill.

    Anyone who wanted to would tell them to xxxx off. And take Heseltine with them for free.

  188. Colonel Mustard (22:59)

    It’s two hours long and with hindsight perhaps not worthy of your time and literary skills, so don’t feel obliged on my account. Your priority was right, but when I noted the HK ‘celebrations’ in the news cycle today, the tripartite of Fat Pang; Tony Blair and our Heir Apparent loomed like apparitions in my minds eye – and a red mist decended so I zapped the remote.

    Perhaps I shouldn’t blame Charlie Boy; he at least in his diary described Jiang Zemin and his bunch of commie thugs as ‘a group of appalling old waxworks’. But they sailed away from that day of infamy in the Royal Yacht Brittania which was decommissioned later that year. Traitors all! Pang and Blair were duly awarded with ill gotten gains and power; both eventually fell from grace, but still wallow in riches notwithstanding.

  189. Frank P July 2nd, 2017 – 01:06

    It was an astonishing betrayal of the Hong Kong people but in many ways they have some of their own to blame. There was always a strong and subversive communist presence there (Beijing was hoping it would initiate disorder after 1984 to give them an excuse to invade) but even many of the refugees from mainland China boasted the peculiar paradox of admitting to escaping to Hong Kong for freedom and justice from communist rule but at the same time expressing their patriotism for communist China and their dislike of British rule. Tolerating that sort of cynical exploitation must be a uniquely British weakness because it is happening here too now. Foreigners who are happy to enjoy life and remuneration here but quick to denounce the country, insult it and offer their unwanted opinions about how it should be run. Try that in China!

    There were expat British and local Chinese socialist agitators too, who never hesitated to spank the colonial government. One of them, Martin Lee, a civil rights lawyer, is now still frothing against the British government, not on behalf of communist China but because of their interference. The Wiki entry about him is rather benign:-

    Another one was Elsie Tu, née Elliot, a ghastly old expat socialist agitator who cosied up to the communists after 1997 and got a seat on the “puppet” Provisional Legislative Council run by them.

    It’s an awful regime and it is painful to see the British government (Cameron/Osborne) sucking up to it or (May/Johnson) being weak in the face of its arrogance. The PRC are duplicitous, devious, conniving and cruel, with many horrors not apparent or reported in the Western media. Now they have become increasingly arrogant and hubristic. Fortunately Japan and Taiwan buffer them, with no love lost. There was a huge Chinese Nationalist community in Hong Kong and I wonder if they are still permitted to fly their flags on the “Double Tenth”. They absolutely detest the communists.

  190. Irrelevance of Leadership Misdeeds
    Normal standards of behavior and morality do not apply to the leader(s). Crimes and suspicions of crime(s) are forgiven and ignored so that the leader can continue to lead the cult. Rules of behavior in force outside the group do not apply to the leader and, in the main, to members themselves.
    The upside-down logic of the supporters of Mrs. Clinton is this:
    1. We lost the election because the opposition (with the aid/collusion/cooperation of “the Russians”) exposed the ethically, morally, and legally questionable conduct of our party candidate and leadership.

    2. Had these things not been exposed we would have won the election.

    3. Therefore, the election was stolen from us.

    That ethical and perhaps criminal/national security crimes had occurred is not relevant to them. The only relevant thing is the continued existence and expansion of the cult itself. The cult’s ongoing existence is crucial for the saving of humanity and the planet itself. Such are the self-importance delusions so central to the Utopian cult’s identity.
    For cult members, the future of the planet (most importantly the correction and reversal “global warming” or “climate change”) depends on their victory. The self-referential view of the cult is that, without them in power, the problems of humanity cannot and will not be solved and the earth consequently destroyed. For the cultist, the stakes could not be higher.
    It should be no surprise that the bitter reaction of the Left cult to political defeat is almost unfathomable to non-cult members. Only when seen through the prism of the Utopian-Left-as-cult paradigm do the reactions of members of the Utopian Left cult make real sense.
    Punishment of Those Not Towing the Ideological Line
    There are certain sectors of society and industry that are overwhelmingly populated by cult members and their fellow travelers. These include Education and Entertainment and many sectors of the government at the state and federal levels.
    Opposition to the Left within these sectors often results in career destruction or exclusion from advancement. There has long been an unstated assumption of their colleagues by cult members that if one is employed in one of these overwhelmingly leftist fields that therefore—by statistical default—one is likely to be also a member of the cult.
    This generally unspoken assumption has embedded within it certain unstated expectations around beliefs, statements, behaviors, and associations. In these unfortunate fields pressure on non-cult members and opponents to remain silent is sometimes overwhelming—opposition to expectations of the groupthink or non-compliance with the cult program is generally discouraged, or worse.
    Much more at.
    The Cultification of the American Left: An Inquiry > DL Adams

  191. John birch. July 2nd, 2017 – 08:37

    The cultification of the Left has now been imported here. The way that the American Presidential election was covered and viewed in the UK was extraordinary, with the British left apparently becoming as hysterical and unhinged about the outcome as the American left.

    Momentum and the Corbynistas are undoubtably an extremist cult but left wing proto-cultification began with the Fabian Society, the original leftist wolves in sheeps clothing who first blurred the distinction between absolutist morality and cynical, exploitative politics.

    Like the Christian left they delude themselves with their pathological sanctimony that anything is justified which will secure them the political power to enforce “do gooding”. Thus they operate in evil ways without qualms and their rigid ideals and shibboleths disregard actual outcomes and consequences. It is all cant, mantra and dogma of an increasingly strident and intolerant kind. Their incessant trolling of conservative or right wing websites demonstrates the control freakery. They absolutely hate the fact that people are free to dissent and obsessively intervene to try to disrupt any such discourse, whether it is posting sneering and provocative comments online, assaulting, intimidating and preventing Farage (or anyone else) from speaking in public or inciting violent counter demonstrations to any legitimate demonstration or march.

    The most worrying thing is that the British authorities and especially police, whilst huffing and puffing about extremism, appear to condone or tolerate that behaviour. Perhaps because their “leaders” are hooked on the same leftwards path.

  192. Malfleur @ 00:25

    Quite right, Malfleur, that’s the current base, all expeditions to neighbouring countries originate from here.

    It’s up to the Upper House to give it the final nod, many of those sitting there are poodles of the Brussels apparatchiks, who’d do anything to prevent the burghers of Europe to bear arms, we shall see what happens. If Brussels begins fining the recalcitrant members (on many an issue), some my give up, money still talks, certainly it talks for the corrupt politicians.

  193. John birch. @ 08:37

    Not only that the cult members succeeded to occupy all the opinion forming pyramids of power, John, the masses behave as they’ve always behaved, follow those perceived to be the stronger contender to hold power, or as the now deceased Osama had it ‘people (those of the unwashed who have little or no interest in politics) always bet on the winning horse’.

    Still, with the help of the internet, and His keeping an eye on things, who knows how long will the progressive mafia keep the monopoly of power.

  194. To explain:

    The poorly educated Slav cannot post as he would like, the internet connection in the place he stays breaks down very often, stays down, the owner of the property, although immensely rich, refuses to install a better modem. You should be glad of it.

    Soon though things will change, Baron will return to the deep wilderness of Suffolk.

  195. Frank P – 01:06

    Any mention of the existence, influence and large membership of the HK Triads?
    As with the previous landlords they seem to have reached an accommodation with those nominally in charge.

  196. Trump pointed out some home truths about Sweden – MSM hysteria. Then move on – because he was proved right.

    Trump travel ban – MSM hysteria – then they move on because he ws proved right.

    Six months of pretending Russia hacked the elections (the machines are not hackable) – Dems fail to win their special election last week, no evidence ever emerges of Trump/Russia love-in – the MSM moves on.

    This week was a scratch your head week for the MSM editors. Let’s run a story about him ‘flirting’ with someone in a news conference. Let’s run a story about him saying something to someone about their facelift.

    Last week he was traitor standing with Russia. This week he’s weird. OK? Got it?

    These MSM owners and editors are nothing but scum. Pure scum. This is what bullies do at school. None of this amounts to a hill of beans.

    The Daily Mail, which called his wife a hooker (another lie) is at the vanguard of all this, waiting for revenge because he sued them.

    He’s corrupt. He said something weird to me.

    XXXXing Jesus you MSM liars. Make your xxxxing minds up. Or is it that you haven’t got a point and just want to hurl any mud to hand?

    They keep trying to find a story with legs to run for weeks and months to bring him down.

    They daren’t mention the policies any more. Immigration clampdown and slag off Sweden. The voters were in heaven.

    Unable to criticise policy it’s MSM lies about Russia or ‘he said a weird thing’.

  197. Oh, and the ‘Paris accord’. The voters loved that too.


  199. Boot up for a diissertation on historical philosophy, democracy, mobocracy and sorry state of the politics of our time. Sadly, all too true, imho. Some quotable quotes, too:

  200. Colonel Mustard (09:14)

    Thank you very much for more insight into our abandoned outpost. You didn’t happen to meet Nicholas in your HK travels, did you? I remember similar analysis expressed by him a few years ago. 🙂

  201. The barbarian has next to no intention to bombard you stories from the wild East, but this little tale has a bearing on our getting de-coupled from the Brussels yoke.

    One day, with temperatures of global warming intensity Baron feels like an ice-cream, he passes a Russian shop, goes in, asks for it. The woman dishes out something similar in shape to the cornetto, names the price (about fifty pence), says ‘it’s Russian ice-cream made in Germany, it’s good’.

    ‘Why Germany’?

    ‘Well’, says the woman, ‘it’s cheaper that way, but if you want one made in Russia we have it, too, it’s dearer. (The Russian marozhenoye looks like a small brick – 2”x5”x1” – the ice cream sandwiched in between two plates of wafer, it was sold in Russia, still is, all year round regardless of temperature). Baron prefers the genuine thing, pays the difference (about ten pence).

    ‘How could it be cheaper to make it in Germany?

    The woman starts answering, but a man who runs the operation emerges from the back of the store, here’s his story.

    He gets the milk in Germany next to nothing because of double subsidies (to the farmer and exporter), in the past milk was cheaper still because of overproduction, alot of milk was sent for destruction, found its way into the food distribution, all top quality. The wafer bit comes from Greece.

    Only people from the Ukraine work for him, he pays them little, no minimum wage nonsense, they get no holiday pay, no social insurance either, he has scouts in Ukraine now recruiting more refugees, from about a month ago or so, the Ukrainians have free visas to the EU, this helps, but it wasn’t hard to smuggle people to the EU via Poland before either.

    ‘They would work for a piece of bread, and a kick in the arse’, he says, ‘the last thing they want to happen is going back to Ukraine’.

    His plans are to quadruple output (not only ice-cream), alot gets exported back to Russia (he was rather evasive how, it’s no longer Belorussia, it’s tough to get stuff through there now), the goods destined for Russia get labelled made in Russia during the transit, goods for sale in the EU get the proper label of ‘made in Germany’.

    The man may have been boasting, he sounded genuine though, proud of a successful business (based partly on the stupidity of the Brussels nomenclature and Putin).

    What puzzles are two things. The Russian ban on imports from the EU that sanctions Russia seems a failure because he cannot be the only one who benefits on the back of it. The Germans are sticklers for bureaucracy and oversight, how come they haven’t nailed him yet?

    Btw, the man’s German, his parents come from the same district the barbarian was born in. If the story’s true, it shows you how ingenuity cum cunning of the ordinary people beats any apparatchik around.

    Madness though, don’t you think?

  202. EC (10:32)

    I hear little mention, from inside the loop I was once plugged into, of international criminal networks based on old fashioned territorial organised crime.

    Before I hung up my whisle and twelve inches of lignam vitae, Cosa Nostra; The Russian Mob; The Triads;The Yakuza; The Black Mafia and many other lesser known crime cabals – were all subject to some attention from law enforcement and resources allotted to interdiction of those activities.
    Now, as ‘terrorism’ demands more and more police time and resources, less so, it seems. Moreover, the loosening of legislation regarding the staple industries of IOC – gambling, prostitution, pornography, junk, loansharking, long firm fraud (aka bust-outs), money laundering etc., means that rather than being perpetrators of crime, the practioners of these once verboten illicit rackets are lauded as successful businessmen and elevated to the upper house.

    And of course, as ever, the politicians keep the best of the rackets for themselves and make sure that legislation never threatens their own scams involving ripping off taxpayers, insider trading and allotment of sinecures. Then there are the really top notch rackets, like ‘Climate Change’ and resultant ‘green energy’ schemes; redistribution of wealth – and the biggest one of all – the European Union, which dwarfs all others. Except for ….well, choose your own fav’rit!

    I deliberately omitted Vlad’s Russian kleptocracy out of respect for Baron’s sensitivities. 😉

    The Sopranos has now become as anachronistic as Dick Turpin. 🙂

    When being bent, whether venally or sexually, becomes the norm and being ‘straight’ is regarded as quaint, you realise that we are irreversibly on the road to perdition. When Sodomy is now blessed by the rites of holy matrimony and Lesbianism is apparently de rigeur for some of the highest offices of state, the church and the media, some of would aver that we’ve already docked in the Styx. But perhaps I’m just old fashioned, as my old granny oft declaimed.

  203. … and, of course, the rip offs that can now be perpetrated through the cybersphere means that clever faceless fuckers with devious techie ability are well ahead of policing capabilty, so who knows what’s coming down every minute of the day intra- and inter-nationally.

  204. Btw, all you transatlantic visitors to this site, particularly my old fink friends from ‘Cosa Nostra’, Happy Independence Day! We’re very busy trying to acquire ours at this time.

  205. P.S. can we please become the 51st State to bolster our chances?

  206. Britain, whilst singularly reluctant to re-settle Chinese police officers from Hong Kong seems to have had no problem importing its Triad society members.

    Their reputation far exceeds their power though and they were never just one centralised crime syndicate but several different and distinct fractured societies often engaged in low-level territorial warfare around their various “turfs”. More akin to the American gang culture really.

  207. Here they all come, the Daily Mail leading the charge, as the Russia hackgate turns out to be fake news, let’s all cover it up by saying, he’s just a bit weird. This is the third ‘he’s just a bit weird story in the past three days. What happened to impeachment over Russian hacking? What happend to CNN lies? To three CCN reporters resigning over their lies?

    Forget it, say the MSM. We just want him out for being weird!

    “Donald Trump is accused of encouraging violence against reporters after tweeting a bizarre wrestling video of himself ‘beating up CNN'”

    I think it’s called having the last laugh!

  208. Today is the day we get real and talk about what the MSM never want to talk about. Or LibLabCon. Headlines today:

    Grenfell Tower tenants won’t be prosecuted for illegal subletting

    Grenfell Tower fire: No prosecutions for subletting of flats

    Grenfell Tower illegal subletting amnesty announced by Sajid Javid

    This is from the UK government’s own website, posted four hours ago:

    ‘Anecdotal evidence from the community suggests that some of the tenants in the tower block may have been unlawfully sub-letting their properties.

    ‘This may mean people are reluctant to come forward with valuable information that would help to identify anyone still missing.

    ‘‎The Director of Public Prosecutions [a Common Purpose alumni], in consultation with the Attorney General, has now issued guidance to prosecutors not to bring charges for this offence, given the public interest must be in being able to identify the victims of the fire.

    ‘The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea has also confirmed it will respect this guidance.’

    ‘Guidance issued by the Director of Public Prosecutions makes clear that tenants of Grenfell Tower and Grenfell Walk who were sub-letting their properties on the night of the fire and who have, or do, come forward to the authorities so they can be confirmed as safe and or to indicate that others were resident in their flat when the fire took place, should not face prosecution for offences under section 1 of the Prevention of Social Housing Fraud Act 2013.’

  209. Sub-letting is the elephant in the room with all social housing – not just Grenfell.

    The British taxpayer was – and is – paying for people who are in the UK illegally in Kensington and Chelsea and everywhere else, while fraudsters (the people officially assigned the properties) make a huge profit, tax free on the back of taxpayers.

    It is legally subsidised fraud.

    The Tories are happy about this because it lowers the cost of wages for the multi-national stocks owned by hedge fund bosses who fund the Tory party. Only the middle classes pay tax so the multi-national backers of the Tory party don’t want sub-letting stopped. It’s a backdoor subsidy to them.

    Labour are happy about this because it sits right in line with their social engineering agenda. Illegal immigrants can enter the UK even more easily thanks to it.

  210. The entire raison d’etre of Alison Saunders’ Common Purpose Prosecution Service us socially engineered prosecutions.

    Someone is doing six months for throwing bacon at a Muslim while Muslim paedophiles up and down the UK go unpunished.

    Oh, and did you notice Alison Saunders’ modus operandi in Thanet, where the Tories are charged with election fraud. Ho, ho, ho.

    What she did was this. She waited for the postal votes in the 2017 election to arrive on people’s doormats. UKIP was languishing in the polls and might have done very well in Thanet if it had been known all along in the campaign that the local Tory MP was going to be facing criminal charges.

    With only about a week to go until polling day, with lots of postal votes already arriving back at council offices, Common Purpose Saunders announced that the MP for Thanet and his Tory team would face prosecution.

    Fancy that. That decision was publicly revealed at the precise moment it was too late for UKIP to get seriously into printing more leaflets featuring this fact on them and make hay out of this issue properly in their campaign. Some people in Thanet had even voted at that point by postal vote.

    The whole timing of that was a UKIP stitch up by Common Purpose Saunders.

  211. Leo McInstry

    24 JULY 2004

    ‘The switch to postal voting has also encouraged the widespread creation of false identities on the electoral register, because so few checks are carried out.

    ‘The consequences of such abuse are even more serious because our electoral map is so heavily weighted against the Tories, since urban constituencies tend to have fewer electors and therefore each individual vote is worth more. Personally, I have little faith in an electoral system run by local council officials and postal workers whose allegiance is to a progressive British state and who have been indoctrinated in the belief that conservatism is a dirty word.’

  212. Jeremy Paxman lays into ‘biased, politically correct BBC’ as he calls for licence fee to be scrapped because ‘if Amazon and Netflix can do it, so can they’

    * The former Newsnight presenter, 67, said the licence fee should be abolished

    * He slammed the public service broadcaster for focusing on ‘the disabled Syrian refugee’ rather than examining how managing their needs could affect taxpayers

  213. Colonel Mustard – 17:01

    They are more successful, better connected, and thus have more staying than our homegrown villains, discounting our wonderful banksters, that is.

  214. I found that HK had a different vibe to Singapore. The wokforce in the latter seeming rather listless and miserable by comparison.

  215. The story is buried away on the Mail’s website but the comments! Whoah! Oh, yes! Now you knoe the real scandal of Grenfell – every single social housing estate in the country is rife with it. And Sajid Javid. He knows all about one law for some of us and one law for the rest. The man is a viper.

    Grenfell Tower tenants who were illegally subletting WON’T be prosecuted, pledges Sajid Javid as authorities struggle to establish true death toll

    * Communities Secretary Sajid Javid announced the new legal guidlines today

    * It comes as questions linger over death toll, which at the moment stands at 80

    * Anyone renting out their property unlawfully will not have to face any charges

    * It’s thought people had not disclosed information over fears of being prosecuted

  216. Mail readers are complaining the story is hidden down the page. We know why, they are not to know it de facto Tory policy to allow sub-letting in taxpayer-funded housing.

    Check these comments out:

    Andrea, buckingahm, United Kingdom

    Is anyone surprised that they were being illegally sub-let or that these illegal immigrants who were sub-letting and the people who were illegally living there wouldn’t be let off?

    Childe, London

    So, we have an affordable housing shortage. Waiting lists for a council property are very long. We KNOW illegal subletting is a problem. We know that tenants who are subletting are earning a hefty, tax free income. We know it’s illegal and unfair. We know that some flats are housing way more people than they should be. We know all that. So what do we do? Turn a blind eye.

    Paul_Skinbach, London, Algeria

    well down the page this story DM

  217. Another comment on that Mail thread:

    ‘Perhaps if they had not been so many people illegally living there the loss of life may not have been as great overcrowding can be a serious issue during a fire.’

    Exactly. Where’s Adele and Rita Ora and Lily Allen to complain?

    Too busy virtue signalling.

  218. Al, Croydon

    ‘Totally sending out the wrong message.’

    If everyone else is doing it, why can’t I? This encourages illegal sub-letting in huge numbers.

    If they are going to prosecute the cladders why not prosecute the overcrowding sub-letters?

  219. I’m sorry for the number of post but the moment it went up in flames, I said and most of it was sub-letting and all the danger that implies.

    Every day I feel like I’m in invasion of the body snatchers. There’s a terrorist incident. MSM: Islam is a religion of peace. This fire. No MSM mentions the key issue of sub-letting until two weeks later and then only sotto voce because they know the public will be furious if they don’t know what sub-letting is.

    It’s all fake news. It’s all lies. Tell the xxxxing truth.


    Former Home Secretary Jacqui Smith claimed many expenses, imo, rather dishonestly, including…

    That the house she owned in her Redditch constituency, where her husband lived and her children went to school, was her ‘second home’.

    That her sister’s spare room that she rented for big bucks was her ‘main residence’.

    “So just how did you get away with fleecing the taxpayer, Jackboots?”

  221. Furious backlash as £20,000-a-year private school says boys can wear skirts in ‘gender neutral’ uniform policy

    I have noticed that every summer in the UK there is a story about boys having to protest that they are not allowed to wear shorts and so wear skirts in protest.

    The subtext to those stories is that in Islam shorts are banned. You do not show bare male legs. That poses a problem for headteachers where there are Muslim and non-Muslim pupils.

  222. Julie Burchill has – even before 9/11 – tirelessly exposed Islam and she wrote this piece the other day on how Islam is altering women’s fashion:

    JULIE BURCHILL slams ‘great cover-up’ of the new ‘modesty dressing’ fashion trend (modelled by everyone from Pippa Middleton to Nicole Kidman)

    * Commentator Julie Burchill lashes out at the new ‘modesty dressing’ trend
    * Julie hates the style as modesty was historically used as a tool of oppression
    * Celebrities including Nicole Kidman and Gwyneth Paltrow have worn the style
    * But the writer says women choosing to cover up is a step towards oppression

    I’m no fan of modesty, especially for women, for whom this mild-sounding trait has been historically used as a tool of oppression.

    When applied to clothing, the word implies, by default, that any other form of dressing is immodest, that is, tarty, exhibitionist and ‘wrong’.

    And that’s something I do have a problem with. I found it ironic that Miss Storr spoke in her article about her decision to eschew the figure-hugging clothes she’d hoiked herself into in her youth as a rediscovery of her Pakistani father’s roots.

    Considering what an oppressive, bigoted, sexist country Pakistan remains today for women, it seems extraordinary for a woman who has benefited from the manifold freedoms the West has to offer to come over all dewy-eyed about the place.

    Sitting incongruously alongside this muddle-headed tribute to one of the world’s worst places to be female was a slurry of breathless gushing over celebrities who have allegedly adopted modesty dressing; Adele, Angelina Jolie, Emma Watson and Victoria Beckham have all been seen sporting floor-skimming numbers covering every inch of their bodies.

    But it’s not in any way ‘brave’ to cover up. These Western modesty dressers are unwittingly placing themselves on the side of the female oppressors; the imams telling women that not to cover themselves makes them a dirty sweet on the floor rather than an unwrapped delicacy for men to devour, obviously.

    ‘Modesty dressing’ is having its moment because of a combination of cowardly cultural cringing on the part of the weak-willed West and the ceaseless desire of the fashion industry to find new ways of making women look ludicrous while paying handsomely or it.

    Make no mistake; when a woman dresses in a way which she boasts of as ‘modest’, she is telling the world that women who choose not to dress as she does are immodest.

    This places the responsibility for sexual harassment, abuse and ultimately rape squarely on women. If covering up is a sign of modesty, not covering up is a signal that a woman is ‘asking for it’.

    Ironically, only last year Cosmopolitan’s Farrah Storr gave an interview to her own magazine in which she was asked ‘What is your definition of feminism?’ to which she answered ‘Equality — pure and simple. We want to do everything on a level playing field, be a person first and a gender second’.

    The reverse of this starts with modesty-dressing and it ends up with a woman walking down the street covered up from head to toe in the name of ‘propriety’.

  223. Feminism is always fearless, isn’t it? Except in the face of Islam.

  224. The Western MSM has a strict code of omerta on George Soros.

    He is only ever referred to in flattering terms such as ‘fund manager’ or, my favourite con label, ‘philanthropist’.

    Through many backdoor, indirect mechanisms he funds Labour and Lib Dem MPs who need his cash. He can then drive his pro-EU agenda that way.

    In Hungary, president Viktor Orban refuses to respect this Establishment omerta over Soros and his aims. In this new, 90-second clip, he names Soros (again) and calls him a puppet master.

    Why does none of this come out in the Western MSM? It’s not loony fringe blogsite stuff. This is the president of a country denouncing the influence of this xxxxbag.

    HUNGARY Fights Back Again! PM Viktor Orban told, billionaire mobster, George Soros, you will NOT Harm Hungry & We will STOP the Invasion!

  225. Geoffrey Wheatcroft is a good writer, author and a successful historian. I have always enjoyed his output and particularly remember his work with the Speccie when it was still the best political magazine in the World.

    Ollie Kamm can best be described by paraphrasing an old saw: “If he looks like a prick, talks like a prick and writes like a prick, he’s a prick.”

    So I particularly enjoyed Alex Boot’s critique of Kamm in this delicious piss-take:

    Please Alex, never turn your attention to my grammatical construction.

  226. Wonder if we will see more than fireworks o’er t’pond, termorrer? The first real test for The Donald. Let us hope the nutters are impressed by the high profile security measures. The Caliphate is taking a pasting out in the sandy ruins. No doubt we’ll be paying for the reconstruction.

  227. Don’t forget to keep up with Ol’ Remus over at the Woodpile report:

    Apart from his quirky narrative and links, both left and right blue sidebars are replete with useful gen.

  228. Arising from the last Woodpile Report: as Wallsters know, I’m a fan of Gerard Vanderleun’s blog American Digest, having tracked it since the get-go. Norm’s interview with him has increased my appreciation of his work:

  229. Frank P
    July 3rd, 2017 – 00

    George Soros’s budget funding a ‘Summer of Resistance’ was said to have kicked in on July 2nd. Fox News is reporting that demonstrations calling for the impeachment of president Trump have started across the USA.

  230. Correction: 00:33

  231. Esther
    July 2nd – 21:23

    “in Islam shorts are banned. You do not show bare male legs….”

    Presumably because this would tend to excite the amorous propensities of the ruling elites.

  232. Malfleur (01:13).

    Indeed, I’m on Fox watch at the moment. But thanks for the heads up. My erstwhile ability to receive two inputs and tap out messages simultaneously is beginning to diminish, but the candle still keeps burning, albeit spluttering from time to time. 🙂

    Trump’s energy and stamina is amazing. Noli illegitimi carborundum, Donald!

  233. Does anyone have an understanding of the ‘Ice-9 Plan’?


    Lionel’s rhodomontade on behalf of the president for his tweet wrestling with the fake news network, CNN.

  235. David Lammy MP (Lab) complains Grenfell judge not woman or ethnic minority

  236. Baron, July 2nd, 2017 – 10:28

    “Soon though things will change, Baron will return to the deep wilderness of Suffolk.”

    “The barbarian has next to no intention to bombard you stories from the wild East…”
    That’s a shame, first hand accounts are always more interesting. On the CHW we’ve been experiencing what I can only describe as a “Soft DoS” here of late. I suspect it’s all been a new ploy by YuNoHu, either him or somebody enjoying the fruits of Lazăr Edeleanu pioneering work. As per Verity’s advice (CHWs passim) the scroll facility on my trackpad has been working overtime!

    BTW, whilst you were back in old Czecho did you exercise your constitutional rights?

  237. Frank P,

    You’ve obviously been very busy during the inclement Norfolk summer weather, Frank.
    As our Americans friends would say, “Good Job!”

  238. The last area of British military competence is now under sustained attack from both political and military antagonists within the establishment.
    Expect the show trials in this lucrative area for the PC legal establishment to begin as soon as the necessary evidence is concocted and leaked.

    “Some of the victims were handcuffed and hooded before being shot dead, Royal Military Police (RMP) sources told the Sunday Times.”
    Nothing like prejudicing minds before the trial, is there.

  239. @Malfleur July 3rd – 02:22

    “the ‘Ice-9 Plan’?”

    Beyond it being a science-fiction short story ‘way back in the ’60s … no. 🙂

  240. Ostrich (occasionally)

    Apparently it may be a further nasty that the globalists have in store for us, possibly later this year, but I don’t have a grip on it yet. Perhaps the science-fiction story carries a clue…? 🙁

  241. Why people should NOT go to

  242. John birch


  243. Liddle, behind the Times paywall.
    I met a hereditary peer last week. Seemed a nice enough chap, although I’m not absolutely sure he knew where he was, who he was or what he was supposed to be doing. He was about 157 years old, ruddy of complexion and dressed in tweed on what was a very hot day. At first I thought it was Harry Enfield taking the mick. But no.

    We made conversation. His vowels were so softened and elongated that I had to ask him to repeat everything he said several times. “The gumt’s orifice is below par,” was one mystifying ejaculation. I looked around in the hope of seeing this gumt to which he referred, the one with the substandard orifice. None to be seen. Turns out he was telling me that “the government is in office but not in power”. The word “power”, as he articulated it, lasted for several dynasties and did not possess its usual “ow” sound.

    “Paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.” He’ll be back in the chamber tomorrow, part of our great democratic process. Maybe giving serious consideration as to whether we should repeal the corn laws or give votes to black people.

    His lordship’s leathered visage popped into my head a few days later as I joined in the general amusement over the Ecclestone divorce case. Which do you prefer, I asked myself while watching the jowly, smug, sweating, hair-gelled wheeler-dealer James Stunt stick one fat finger up to the press and climb into a huge black car seemingly designed by Albert Speer: the new privileged elite or the old privileged elite?

    Liddle’s Got Issues: the liberal labelled a ‘hate preacher’
    You’ve got to admit it’s a close call. Spectacular vulgarity versus a hideous noblesse oblige. Naked, unashamed greed versus Alzheimer’s. Both with an epic sense of entitlement based upon their inheritance (recent or antique), their vast and unexplained accumulation of wealth . . . You see, I get a bit McDonnellish over this sort of stuff. Tax them all now and tax them lots! Poke around in their finances and discover their dirty little secrets, if there are any. Where did Stunt’s billions come from? And his lordship — upon whom did his ancestors trample in order to leave him with the power to make decisions over the rest of us?

    But back to James Stunt — a name from a Martin Amis novel. Gesticulating and gurning in court, to the distress of the fastidious judge, and now evicted from the £75m mansion he shared with Formula One mogul Bernie Ecclestone’s Barbie doll of a daughter, Petra, named after the Blue Peter dog. (Oh, if only her sister were called Shep. But she’s not, she’s called Tamara.)

    Stunt did not distinguish himself. He turned around at one point and jabbed at his father-in-law while calling him a “c***”. Hell, it’s an overused demonym these days, but for once I would not absolutely demur.

    Too much money, too much power, in too few hands
    And then he was off, flanked by a KFC Party Bucket of dim heavies and an emollience of expensive lawyers, to tell the waiting press to f*** off and then to clamber with difficulty into his million-quid car. The couple’s Los Angeles mansion (worth £158m, apparently) is also up for grabs.

    Stunt’s own wealth is a mystery — something to do with gold bullion and art dealing, funded originally by his mum and dad back in Virginia Water. Ecclestone’s wealth we know about; I would direct you to the excellent biographer Tom Bower for an assessment. But Bernie at least — unlike the cunning Stunt — is a self-made man.

    But it’s here, isn’t it, that the Corbynistas have a point? At this confluence of old lordships and new lordships. The obscene amounts of wealth, and with it privilege (no matter how joyless and fraught their marriages might be). Too much money, too much power, in too few hands. The means by which the wealth was accumulated unscrutinised, the terrible disproportion between ability, or graft, and immense reward. Even for those of you who are not with Jezza, it’s not quite right, is it?

    Who will succeed Theresa May?
    Who will succeed Theresa May?
    Evolution blues
    There is much fun to be had as Islamic Turkey hurtles backwards to the Middle Ages. The latest thing to be banned by Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s exciting government is the theory of evolution. Children will no longer be taught it. One Turkish newspaper says primary school pupils have been given books depicting Charles Darwin as “a big-nosed Jew who enjoyed the company of monkeys”. A pro-Erdogan columnist gives evolution a twist: Darwin was partly right, Seyfi Sahin explains, but had things the wrong way around. Evolution is true, he says, but monkeys descended from Jews who were being punished for their sins. All in the Koran, apparently.

    Corbyn finds his inner Farage
    It has suddenly become apparent to an awful lot of middle-class people who voted for him that Jeremy Corbyn really doesn’t like the EU one bit; and when faced with remainer recusants in the Labour Party suddenly morphs from everyone’s favourite uncle into Lavrentiy Beria.

    Campaign for “remain” he did, of course (Jezza, not the somewhat rigorous Georgian), but with all the enthusiasm with which I clean the lavatory bowl in my office. Corbyn loathes the EU every bit as much as Nigel Farage, although for different (and no less laudable) reasons. The metro lefties who voted “remain” and then Labour must feel terribly let down. What next, that guardian of the EU, German chancellor Angela Merkel, to come out against gay marriage? Um, well, now you mention it . . .

    A pot of hate at the end of the rainbow
    Meanwhile, the gay movement itself is not always loving and inclusive. At a Dyke March (not a pleasant ramble in the fens, you understand) in Chicago, the Jewish participants were told to clear off. This is because one of them had that gay rainbow flag thing with a Star of David on it, to symbolise their gender alignment and cultural background. Clear off, not wanted, they were told — we do not feel safe with that symbol. And this is an anti-Zionist march, too, came the complaints.

    Listen, you cretinous, anti-semitic dyke-type persons: go live in Palestine; show a bit of real solidarity. And see how that works out for you.

    Have faith and you too can be a bigot
    Great news: we can all be nasty about gay people, provided we are expressing our deeply held religious beliefs. Two evangelical preachers have just won an appeal against convictions for being beastly to homosexuals in Bristol. They had been wandering around with microphones reading strident passages from the Old Testament. The judge said their faith entitled them to do so.

    Several secular friends have been upset by the judgment. “What about us? We’d quite like to be unpleasant to homosexuals, too. Why should we have to justify our antipathy by recourse to the drivel of some sky pixie?”

    One of the preachers, Michael Stockwell, said: “My heart is still for the Bristol people, and that they will be able to hear the gospel being preached on the streets unhindered.” Ye-es, Mikey. Last time you were surrounded by 100 people telling you to go home, though not in those precise words.

  244. Noa (10:20)

    Heh, heh, heh. Ahhh, Rodders! The dye in the wool keeps seeping out, dunnit?

    The most dangerous lefties are the ones who spread the word by lacing it with the sauce of acerbic humour and punctuating it with screaming truisms. Dangerous bugger, Mr. Liddle. He could yet have us all voting for the axis if we’re not careful. Thanks for the heads up … I think!

  245. EC (09:33)

    Not guilty m’Lud. I’ve given up trying to save people from themselves. Each must construct his own handcart to hell. Mine is being made by the NHS, but they seem to doing it in several disparate (and increasingly desperate) departments; none has yet quite put the finishing touches to their component. 🙂

  246. Noa (09:48)

    The name of that fucking rag is the middle finger of derision at all sane patriots. As for the RMP? Grrrr.

    How the armed services can still manage to garner any recruits amazes me. Likewise the poliss.

  247. The Grevell Tower fire is proving a God send for David Lammy, the posturing prick is never off our screens, one could almost believe he is auditioning for the post of understudy for Diane Abbott. I have only met the egregious prat once, not for long as I threw him out of my office, an act still talked about in non PC circles here in Tower Hamlets.

  248. Hoooly Ker-reisstt!

    Perhaps I should pay more attention to Baron’s paeans of praise for Mother Russia. 🙂

  249. … and talking of mothers, Gerard’s annual tribute to his indestructible 102 year old Ma.

  250. Noa July 3rd, 2017 – 09:48

    Anyone spot the slight problem with these two allegations:-

    1. Civilians were shot dead and then had guns planted on them to make them look like Taliban

    2. Some of them were hooded and handcuffed before being shot.

    Should “a military police source” be speaking to the press about his or her suspicions? Whatever happened to the non-prejudicial “An allegation is being investigated and the result of the investigation will be made known when it has been completed”? Are the RMP now taking their operational line from those cultural marxists in the CPS who seem confused between disseminating political propaganda and doing their job?

    “Credible and extremely serious” evidence is a new phrase being used in softening up leaks and pre-briefing to the press even before any charges have been brought. The test whether evidence is credible or not should be in a court of law. And all evidence ought to be serious, although it has to be said that when it comes to policing Twitter a lot of trivial and comical evidence appears to occupy a great deal of police resources and time.

    It used to be that the police concerned themselves with whether evidence was sufficient for a charge to be laid and that fact was only advertised at the time that it was.

    We live in strange times. Incredible and extremely serious.

  251. Just had paramedics turn up with next door neighbours who thought I was dead on the lawn.
    All I was doing was having a cuddle with my dog and fell asleep after a hectic day yesterday. . Wine may a contributed.
    Still every ones happy . Not dead yet.

  252. Colonel Mustard 15.45

    The public are being softened up for the sort of Shakhty show trial that graced Soviet Russia. No doubt it will be conducted by secret court martial, without a jury and result in guilty verdicts of murder in the Sergeant Blackman manner.
    The nature of the report, and a odd but similar one by Max Hastings in the Daily Mail earlier in the week suggest that anti-SAS forces within the senior ranks of the military establishment are in the ascendant and are determined to make political capital at a time of weak government and regardless of the lasting damage it may do both to the armed forces themselves and the security of the country.

  253. I keep reading that economic considerations should trump concerns on freedom of movement.
    Anyone beguiled by such Hammondisms should read Douglas:

    “The first comes from Italy where the government is now threatening to close its ports. The ongoing influx of migrants from Africa is once again threatening to overwhelm the country, with almost 13,000 people arriving last weekend alone. ”

  254. Frank P

    Yes, Liddle is too much the ‘lovable’ comrade sometimes, and reading him in the Times is oddly out of place, like finding a satirical column by Peter Simple in Izvestia.
    He’s had his own show trial of course, and can now plead and parade for ideological purity outside the confines of the Party. He might need to be careful in future years, people like Liddle are prime candidates for the sort of treatment that saw off Trotsky.
    Beware the Hampstead or Spectator party where they ask if you want ice with your cinzano Rod!
    Still, a chuckle doesn’t mean that I’d ever vote for Labour. For me its a philosophical impossibility, with several generations of blue having dyed my soul. In addition the red bastards have too much blood on their hands, as the Colonel pointed out last week in his reference to Giles Udy’s new book “Labour and the Gulag: Russia and the Seduction of the British Left”

  255. John Birch 17.14

    Britain being a dog friendly nation I’m surprised the RSPCA haven’t since turned up to arrest you for canine neglect.
    Still, there’s time for the neighbours or Old Bill to shop you yet. 😉

  256. ‘In a period of social and economic disintegration, it suffices for a tiny handful of men – less than 0.1 per cent of the population – to launch eloquent appeals to arouse popular indignation against brutal and corrupt authorities, to mobilise the generosity and idealism of youth, to rally the support of thousands of students, and finally to present a miniscule communist movement as the incarnation of the will of the entire nation.
    With what result is now only too well-known.’

    A thoughtful little piece on Jezza and Mao from the Salisbury review


    Leo Zagami reports from Rome on the police raid in the Vatican on a homosexual orgy of cocaine users attended by “strong supporters of Pope Francis” and on other hopeful signs that healthy forces inside the Roman Catholic Church are beginning to set their house in order at last with the arrest of Cardinal Pell in Australia for paedophilia and the focus shifting to the Black Pope, Francis the Argie bouncer.

    Zagami sees these developments as part of a world-wide movement against paedophilia and his story touches on the role of Chris Patten who defended the British paedophilia ring at the time he was Governor of the BBC Trust and how the stream of refugees into Europe is perfect for supplying children to these satanic rings.

    This starts about 8:00 minutes in to the 2nd Hour of the Monday AJ Show at this link:

  258. How yall doing?

    This is the day we finally got rid of the yoke of you limeys. Truckers around Colorado are hooting horns.

    Now you are making a real dogs dinner of it all. But do not worry Donald is headed over for a spot of golf and will sort it out with Theresa your Premier at the 19th.

    Love to Andy.

  259. Frank P, July 3rd, 2017 – 00:33

    “Wonder if we will see more than fireworks o’er t’pond, termorrer?”

    The July 4th riots have been organised for months, financed by Soros.

  260. Noa July 3rd, 2017 – 17:54

    Yes, I read the Max Hastings article. I’m not really convinced that “winning the moral high ground” will affect battle outcome against a ruthless enemy who has thrown the rule book away. The IRA gambit was always to demand the fair treatment that they eschewed for their enemy in their own “operations” and there was quite an industry of outrage from their aiders and abetters (q.v. Corbyn and Loughgall). The bien pensant politicians think that atrocities by insurgents are to be expected, but woe betide any failure to “win the moral high ground” by the men they expect to fight the nasty wars against them. A cosy position to take from the rarified safety of Whitehall enjoyed by politicians, generals and barristers. Moral indignation feeds the self doubt of weenies who have no stomach for the fight like nothing else. The North Vietnamese were very grateful for that.

    As for the allegations the enemy have a vested interested in attempting to neutralise one of the most effective units in the fight against them. The Taliban will be under no illusions about how wet the Western authorities are and how easy it is to manipulate them towards guilt, as events closer to home have shown.

    The strange thing is that the earlier report acknowledged that only one incident was still under investigation. The plot thickens.

  261. John Jefferson Burns July 4th, 2017 – 09:03

    Yes, it was a close run thing. Without the intervention of the French, whose depredations we had protected you from, we might have been stuck with you and faced a worse whinge-fest than even Scotland is capable of.

  262. John Jefferson Burns – 09:03

    These days, a round of golf can be a long time in politics.

    Why not take a road trip up the A30/M5/M6 from Cornshire to Lancashire, they have treatment centres there to help suffering from your condition. Alternatively you could even take the train, alighting in Carnforth, but it’s liable to be anything but a brief encounter…

    Love to Andy and Hilda.

  263. From Italy to Sweden, Europe is dying
    Douglas Murray

    A Libyan coast guardsman stands on a boat during the rescue of 147 illegal immigrants attempting to reach Europe in June 2017 (Photo: Getty)
    3 July 2017 4:23 PM
    In what I promise won’t become a regular feature, I thought it worth issuing an update under the heading ‘I told you so’. It relates to two recent, connected pieces of news.

    The first comes from Italy where the government is now threatening to close its ports. The ongoing influx of migrants from Africa is once again threatening to overwhelm the country, with almost 13,000 people arriving last weekend alone. Once again the Italians are being made to bear the burden of decisions made at EU-level and exacerbated by activist NGOs. The result is a country once again approaching breaking-point.

    At the other end of this process comes news from Denmark, where the nation’s intelligence agency (PET) have revealed their concerns about the security threat to their country now emanating from Sweden. The security threat to Denmark comes from thousands of, ahem, ‘religious extremists’ in their neighbouring Scandinavian paradise.

    I sometimes wonder whether anyone in the political class across Europe recognises any connection between what is happening at the Italian ports and the eruption of ‘religious extremism’ in Scandinavia. If they do, then they are keeping it to themselves. In the meantime I simply put these two events out there by way of an update from another week in the death of a continent.

  264. Colonel Mustard – 09:16

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  265. “Six out of 10 Scots Have ‘No Religion’, National Church in Steep Decline”

    Really? Only six?
    You can have some of our muslims if that helps boost the stats, Nicola.

  266. John Birch 9.24
    The real threat from Sweden is moral decadence.
    Although I must say they have a few things to teach us about social systems.

  267. Who farted? Open the window someone, please.

  268. He has a point, you know…

    “Iain Duncan Smith: My message to these panic-stricken, self-indulgent Cabinet members. Pull yourselves together.”

  269. Also, this excellent piece from IDS in March.

    “It was this refusal to admit what the project was all about which led to Vote Leave winning the referendum. In a recent Centre for Social Justice/Legatum review of the vote, it found that those who voted to leave cited regaining sovereignty as their number one reason for voting, more than migration and money.”

    He’s bang on the money there!

  270. Despite JJB’s rather graceless greeting on this 4th July, for all my very good friends from over there whose love; friendship; hospitality – and tireless advice, assistance and support, they have showered on me over the years, I would like to link today’s Mark Steyn post in their honour:

    And although this is a subjective sentiment, if push came to shove and it transpired that England of the future became so strapped economically
    and militarily, that it needed to suborn itself to another bloc for survival, I would rather it became the 51st State of the USA, than continue under the yoke of the bastard Brussels Bureacracy.

    But I still cling to the hope that an independent England will prevail under its own sovereignty, despite the dire deficiences of the current crop of c-c-c-characters who infest the PoW. One hopes that the descendants of our exemplary monarch shape up when the time comes. The jury is still out in that regard.

  271. A lycanthropic transformation – from BogBeast to Krankie…

    Which one of you deplorables was responsible for this?

  272. ” Good old British traditions ; strawberies and cream (etc) : blast proof concrete baracades .” Paul Weston (Liberty GB).

  273. Remember the innocent old days . The annual mid-summer police gathering from around the country at Stonehenge to beat-up the hippies.
    Now the carabiniere armed with sub-machine guns go to Stonehenge to protect the hippies,pagans,druids,and `Uther Pendragon` from …….what ?…….or whom?

  274. “Now the carabiniere armed with sub-machine guns go to Stonehenge to protect the hippies,pagans,druids,and `Uther Pendragon` from …….what ?…….or whom?”

    Soap and water? [ sorry, couldn’t resist that one;-) ]

  275. For UKIP members :

    Anne Marie Waters standing to be party leader; against all the UKIP establishment.Very sound on islam although more of an old style liberal.

    Former leader ,Paul Nuttal,went into the Stoke by-election pandering to the muslims to show how nice he was.

  276. Mine 12-15.
    That should of cause have been a reference to Wimbledon,Strawberries and cream……….blast proof concrete barriers .

  277. “Escoffier promoted french methods of preparing desserts such as strawberries ;which he said you should sprinkle with icing-sugar,and pile cream on top. I’ve tried this and pile-cream doesn’t taste nice …..not even with strawberries .” ( Jack Dee )

  278. EC (11:27)

    🙂 🙂 🙂

    You do find ’em in your trawls, don’tcha?

  279. Iwonder if some wag from Gillette’s advertisers spotted the likeness and launched that ‘unofficially’. Disseminate, disseminate!

  280. @stephen maybery 3rd – 13:46

    “a Godsend for David Lammy, the posturing prick”

    His value to the great scheme of things was properly exposed by his performance in ‘Celebrity Mastermind’ (whatever that is).

  281. Boot at his best:

    It won’t brighten your day but it may harden your resolve.

  282. Radford NG
    July 4th, 2017 – 13:19
    But strawberries straight from the fridge are very soothing in the right place.

  283. Here’s a classic example of the Long March and the sinister draw between the Left and Islam.

    Federica Mogherini, 44, is the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and the EU Commission Vice-President under Juncker.

    She studied Political Science with a specialist graduation in Political Philosophy and a final dissertation on the “relationship between religion and politics in Islam”.

    From 1988 she was a member of the Italian Communist Youth Federation and in 1996 at the age of 23 she joined Youth Left after the dissolution of the Italian Communist Party and its “transformation” into a social democratic party. This “transformation” was widespread after the fall of the Berlin Wall and the origin of what might be termed the “Transatlantic Chicago Community Organising Common Purpose Conspiracy”. Devout communists no longer had their “mother” country to look to for sponsoring and funding their agitprop for socialist revolution so had to re-invent themselves to progress their agenda within mainstream politics, greatly facilitated by politicians of all persuasions.

    In Youth Left Mogherini was responsible for maintaining relations with the Party of European Socialists, the Socialist International and other left-wing parties, including the US Democratic Party. Once armed with social democrat rather than communist credentials she began to move through various senior offices of the Italian government before slithering into the EU. After the European Council showed interest in her the Italian Prime Minister formally nominated her to become an EU Commissioner despite the opposition of East European countries. In August 2014 Europe’s socialist Prime Ministers met prior to the convening of the European Council, at which she received the approval of the Party of European Socialists and on the same day the President Herman Van Rompuy announced that the European Council had decided to appoint her as its new High Representative, effective from 1 November 2014.

    In June 2015, after her appointment to the European Commission she stated publicly that Islam is part of Europe’s history and future:-

    “Islam holds a place in our Western societies. Islam belongs in Europe. It holds a place in Europe’s history, in our culture, in our food and—what matters most—in Europe’s present and future. Like it or not, this is the reality. I am not afraid to say that political Islam should be part of the picture. Religion plays a role in politics – not always for good, not always for bad. Religion can be part of the process. What makes the difference is whether the process is democratic or not.”

    Note that her final sentence can be interpreted in two ways. Either way the statement is illustrative of the prevalent political mind within the EU Commission.

    Mogherini has also been criticised for being a pivotal supporter of Iran in the negotiations over their nuclear programme.

  284. Colonel Mustard,
    Thanks for that Col. Unbelievable and bare faced lies as the woman can not be so ignorant of history. Europe has been under continuous attack from Islam for centuries, until the Turks were annihilated at the gates of Vienna. Jan Sobieski must be spinning in his grave and unless the likes of Mogherini are stamped out then we will be in our graves before the World is much older.

  285. Colonel Mustard (15:47)

    An excellent piece of research, extremely well written and informative.
    The unholy alliance at its most toxic nexus. Mrs May and Donald Trump to note. Dissemiate, disseminate.

  286. Colonel Mustard – 15:47

    So was the “Cold War” the greatest piece of misdirection and ‘sleight of hand’ in human history? The ‘Long March’ through the institutions in the western democracies took place in plain sight. The halls of academe were the first to go and their products seem to have have had the leavers of power in government, civil service and the ‘management’ of many other government funded organisations for some time now.

    Julia Middleton has never revealed where she obtained the original funding (a substantial wedge) to set up Common Purpose.

    Merkel, a commie with a Damascene conversion to democracy after the wall came down, was always a sleeper, Die Manchurian Kanzler!. Boy, and didn’t she do the business when she was activated!

  287. In 1999 there were 307 large charities each with income in excess of £10 million registered in the UK with total income of £10 billion.

    In 2016 there were 1,191 with total income of £45 billion.

    It’s a growth industry and it attracts lefties like shit attracts flies.

  288. Colonel Mustard (22:57)

    “It’s a growth industry and it attracts lefties like shit attracts flies.”

    Indeed so. And sadly the patronage of HM Queen is cynically and hypocritically used as cover for a whole raft of perpetual rip-offs of the altruistic gullibility of vulnerable folk, in particular the elderly. In return her heirs and spares are allotted patronage of ‘respectable’ causes to camouflage their otherwise useless existences. The whole rotten ‘industry’ is also used by celebrities and showbiz ‘stars’ to expand their popularity. The Charity Commissioners were always toothless, without real resources and also provide sinecures for the Great and the Good.

    Here’s a good place to start:

    A tootless tiger? Nah .. A toothless pusycat. Bullshit Inc.

  289. And parties of all stripes collude in the whole network of scams. None of ’em will countenance real investigation, because they would all get their fingers burned.

  290. For connoisseurs of the absurd…

    At long last… “Soap for feminists”

    But wait, oh no, it’s racist!

    YCMIU !

  291. @08:44

    Lidl have a selection of these hideously white racist Dove products on offer. At least it’s solved what to get Mrs EC as one of her upcoming birthday presents 😉

    Yup, and it’s going to be the Abbott/Beachball shaped one!

    RIP Benny Hill, Bob Todd, Jackie Wright et al.

  292. “Paris has boosted police numbers in one of its poorest districts, where migrants crowd the streets and which has turned into what some say is a “no-go zone” for women.

    The debate over supposed no-go areas for women has sharpened as France prepares to hold round one of parliamentary elections next weekend.

    Elisabeth Badinter, France’s best-known contemporary feminist, the writer and historian, said last week there had been an “unquestionable” regression in the status of women in France, particularly in poor suburbs with high numbers of immigrants. “Try going out in a dress in certain areas,” she said in an interview with Le Point magazine.

    The area around La Chapelle metro station, where harassment and crime have soared, is at the centre of the bitter dispute that began with a petition, which quickly gathered 20,000 signatures, entitled Women: A Threatened Species in the Heart of Paris.”

  293. EC

    Did you get to the Dove advertisement from this Douglas Murray post on primary causes and their political treatment by dealing with the secondary symptoms?

    “..The Buddhist should get it.”

  294. Today is the anniversary of the foundation of the National Health Service in 1948.
    Intended to be a key pillar of the new post war Jerusalem William Beveridge’s NHS has the great sacred cow of our age. Unaffordable even at its inception it has become a crude and inefficient bludgeon that destroyed our post war economic recovery and competitiveness, enshrining and institutionalising socialism and the welfare culture within British society, to its catastrophic and irretrievable damage. With 8 million abortions to its credit it has over achieved the SS in mass murder. An insatiable devourer of money, it now soaks up one in every three Pounds of taxpayers money and would consume the remaining two given the chance. Despite its ‘inefficiencies’ it attracts literally unccountable fecund and feckless patients from the third world to its ‘free at point of treatment’ service like flies to er, jam. The irony of Millionaire socialist Danny Boyle’s bed pan waving actresses at the £12 billion Blair Olympics is that it highlighted the state of amoral decrepitude and blindness to common sense into which we have sunk and yet fail to recognise. Just saying.

  295. The eloquent critic of islam Douglas Murray, unlike Tommy Robinson, has not been beaten up by muslims or anyone else yet.

    Why is this? Any ideas?

  296. Malfleur,
    Given his increasing public profile that becomes ever more likely. I suspect he identifies more with Pym Fortuyn than TR.

    As YuNoWu might say

    ‘If you can’t do the time
    Don’t do the hate crime.’


    “The path to Italeave is a difficult one, requiring a referendum and a constitutional change, but trouble is brewing on a huge number of fronts simultaneously:
    1.The Italian banking system is insolvent
    2. Another refugee crisis is brewing (this time via boats from Libya)
    3. Italy’s youth unemployment is a whopping 37%
    4. The ECB is the buyer of only resort for Italian bonds
    5. Italy’s debt to GDP ratio is over 130% to the consternation of Eurozone officials
    6. The global recovery is extremely long in the tooth
    7. Italy made no progress during the recovery
    8. The topic of Italeave is no longer taboo
    Any number of things could start a chain reaction making Italeave look good to a majority of Italian voters.”

  298. Noa

    Well let’s hope he forms a party and/or runs for parliament. At the moment, I am not clear what he thinks needs to be done. He doesn’t agree with this direction; he doesn’t agree with that initiative… One has to get past being grist for invitations to appear on TV talk shows; but if you can’t, perhaps that’s why the muslims think they don’t have to beat you up, yet…or throw you off a tall building.

  299. Mr Boot tackles capital punishment, reprising last week’s in this August organ (well, June actually.)
    Just like Mrs Boot and our government, though it professes otherwise, I have no problem with the principle of executing convicted murderers.
    The government already practices state execution through the grotesquely named NHS, having aborted 8 million foetuses to date, all innocent of any crime. How then can it raise a morally indignant finger at those concerned by its abject failure to perform the same duty on those who have committed the worst crime of all, in wilfully ending the life of their fellow subjects?

  300. Mark Steyn reads another straw in the wind on the unsigned road to perdition and analyises it with his usual wit and clarity:

  301. Noa – 12:11

    Yes but, there again, no.

    This one’s via Mark Steyn, or was it Conrad Black?

  302. EC 21.04

    Julia is passionate about helping people to develop as leaders, and campaigns to encourage leaders from all backgrounds to make an active and tangible contribution to their communities and to wider society.

    Common Purpose was set up as a partnership between Central Government and a variety of business training organisations to improve business education particularly in an international context. There is no mystery.

  303. 15.16

    ‘Julia’ indeed!
    So learn this from leading by example.
    Methinks you presume too far on Party fraternity, comrade.
    It’s Ms Middleton to the likes of proletarian scum like you, in addressing your ideological betters. And unless you’ve paid your business fees a Siberian labour camp will be your ultimate abode.

  304. An interesting piece in the Spectator.

    Apparently Antony Gormley (or gormless,) as we Lankies affectionately refer him, has complained about the public interacting with his beach sculptures at Sefton and wants the council to do summat about it. Most famously he is the creator of the unbalanced rust bucket known as the ‘Angel of the North’, the unwittingly humourous representation of northern industrial decline that signposts your arrival, via the A1 in the regional scrap yard that is now North Eastern England.

    “Antony Gormley is not amused. The artist who has installed hundreds of life-sized, cast-iron sculptures of his naked body in cities all over the world is affronted with the way a mysterious member of the British public has responded to one of the artworks.
    The piece in question, which could be known as ‘Narcissism’ but is in fact called ‘Another Place’, consists of 100 figures, spread over 2 miles of coastline, on Crosby Beach, north of central Liverpool, looking out to sea. Someone has given it a make over: at least nine of the statues were recently adorned. One, standing upright at just over 6 feet tall, appears to be wearing a fetching pink polka-dot bikini, with a male appendage; another a pair of bright orange shorts. A little further down the shore, one chest is marked with the name ‘Mokie’ and another has ‘I am art’ waggishly scrawled on the back of a painted blue shirt. One sculpture appears to be wearing a green top with an NHS logo painted on the left of his chest.
    Although some members of the public responding to the figure’s new look on social media believe they are improved by the painted attire, it appears the artist thinks differently. Antony Gormley doesn’t like the new look: he has asked the council to remove the daubing, to restore the figures back to the original nude state. A spokesman for Sefton Council said: ‘We want everyone to enjoy and interact with the impressive Antony Gormley statues on Crosby beach, which are synonymous with Sefton. However, following this incident, we have been contacted directly by Mr Gormley with a view of removing these permanent decorations which we will now look into.’
    ‘Another Place’ is an evocative work that has divided opinion since it arrived on the shore ten years ago; you cannot spread one hundred iron men across a sandy beach, and not expect some kind of reaction. But as long as the work isn’t permanently damaged, then why shouldn’t locals get a say in the appearance of the figures that intrude, uninvited on their space? Why shouldn’t they decorate them? This is, after all ‘public art’ and paid for with millions of pounds of public money. If the artist and the Council wants to keep them pristine, they should put them in a gallery.
    So much art is commissioned in our name — that of ‘the public’: metal giraffes, stone birds, simpering poetry carved on buildings, all this now litters our streets and public spaces. Gormley’s work is often the best of it, and is occasionally brilliant, as with his ‘Angel of the North’. But do we really need quite so much of it and quite so many copies of his naked body?
    Antony Gormley’s own website announces that he ‘continually tries to identify the space of art as a place of becoming in which new behaviours, thoughts and feelings can arise’. He got what he wished for, unless he had a fixed idea of what those behaviours, thoughts and feelings should be – adoring and docile, perhaps. Gormley and the council should lighten up. If artists chose to leave their work unbidden in public then they cannot blame the public for not walking on by without taking up their paintbrushes.”

    Now as modern art goes I quite like these statues on Sefton beach. At least the fit the general publics and my conception of what such art should be; they are representationally and recognisably human, with a stirring and eerily evocative setting. They reminded me when I first saw them of the statues on Easter Island, their purpose unknown but worthy of consideration as one walks along the beach at low tide.
    Should Gormless concern himself overmuch about the application of a bikini or so on his transgender work? Does it represent a political statement about transgenderism and the NHS? Or is it just vandalism?

  305. “Common Purpose was established in 1989, funded jointly by the government and the private sector.”

    Why? Who in government agreed to this? Who in the private sector? And answer there came none:-

    “It’s a not for profit organisation that brings together people from a wide range of backgrounds to help them become better leaders in society.”

    What are “leaders in society” and why are they needed. Many of those attending the courses are simply managers and administrators. Who decided they should be “leaders”? Who elected them to be “leaders”.

    “It runs a range of leadership development programmes courses that offer participants the inspiration, knowledge and connections to help them become more active and engaged in society.”

    Why do they need to “become more active and engaged in society”? Who gave them a mandate for that. Most of them are just managers and as various scandals have shown not very good managers.

    Why does Middleton’s Wiki bio not mention that she was once an editor of Marxism Today?

    The whole thing stinks. And the fact that YuNoHu slithers in, in one of his many DISHONEST pretend disguises, to plead for them is the best indictment of the racket one could imagine.

  306. “Julia Middleton of Common Purpose gives me the creeps”:-


  307. Save the Preston dinner lady, suspended from school for attending the march against hate in Manchester.

    A splendid example of ‘leading by example’ by Labours’ common purpose
    apparatchiks and now subjected to fear, intimidation and threat for exercising her right to peaceful protest.

  308. “This so called charity (Common Purpose) should be closed down. How can a charity get away with charging thousands for the courses they run, with the tab being picked up by the taxpayer. The reason the taxpayer foots the bill is because the people who take these courses are mainly public sector workers such as Police Officers, Social Workers, Councillors, Government Officials, MPs and Educational Bodies. They follow the Cultural Marxist ideology. When you have people with power being trained in that ideology it is a threat to our way of life and democracy. Common Purpose “graduates” are like another form of Masons. One “CP graduate” is Cressida Dick, new Metropolitan Police Commissioner. If you google Common Purpose together with Rotherham Abuses, you will not believe how many people involved in hiding the facts of the abuses were CP graduates.

  309. On Common Purpose.

    I’ve read “Beyond Authority” by Middleton and it is poorly written, name-dropping gobbledygook. Reviews:-

    “Amazingly arrogant. Who ever are these people.The book itself was vague not much more than a long list of name drops. If you really want to know how to manipulate people it’s better to read Saul Alinsky.”

    “Orwellian. The title of this book is disturbingly Orwellian, because it actually promotes authoritarian leadership. As a free thinker, I found this book depressingly fascistic.”

    The disturbing changes to some of our public services since 1989 can be laid at the door of Common Purpose and its network of “leaders” “leading beyond (their) authority”.

  310. Please support the Preston dinner lady suspended for attending Manchester’s March against Hate.

  311. Noa 1539

    Julia is committed to improvements in leadership development. Her influence for the good cannot be overestimated. In addition to Common Purpose, Julia has also helped in the founding of: Demos (an independent think tank), Impetus Trust (developing venture philanthropy in the UK) and was also involved in the founding of the Media Standards Trust (fostering high standards in the news media) and Alfanar (developing venture philanthropy in the Arab world).
    Not many women have been so important in fashioning our society. I salute her

  312. 17.21 Fuck off, You Stalinist creep.

  313. Noa.
    Seconded Noa, in spades. Why the arsehole continues to peddle his tawdry wares here is beyond comprehension, as you so rightly said, fuck off.

  314. Demos independent? Ha!

    The classic Fabian wolf in sheep’s clothing.

    Current CEO Claudia Wood, who previously worked for Blair’s strategy unit.

    Founded in 1993 by former Marxism Today editor Martin Jacques one of the youngest members of the Communist Party of Great Britain’s executive committee who writes for the Guardian and New Statesman, and Geoff Mulgan, embedded in New Labour from 1997 and former adviser to Gordon Brown. It was central to New Labour’s connivance and conspiracy against the English people and “cross party” only in the sense that it attracted long marching Conservative cuckoos like Cameron.

    The fact that Middleton was also involved just intensifies the level of left wing stink that permeates it.

  315. The Media Standards Trust? Ha!

    Turn that stone over and all kinds of left wing creepy-crawlies emerge. The Media Standards Trust and Hacked Off are thick as thieves.

    “The Media Standards Trust has also shared core funders and directors with Full Fact, a purportedly independent fact-checking website into the press and frequent complainant to the PCC, several of whose factchecks contain subtle Left-wing bias and whose complaints to the PCC are almost entirely against Right-wing newspapers.”

    “Full Fact’s chief executive, Will Moy, is also a director of Hacked Off.

    “In 2010 Full Fact was refused charitable status by the Charity Commission on the grounds, according to Moy, that it did not meet “rigorous standards of objectivity and independence”. Full Fact’s directors at the time of the Leveson Inquiry were two Labour peers, a Liberal Democrat peer and a former journalist tightly allied to Mr Blair, John Lloyd.”

  316. Noa @ 17:16

    Done, Noa.

    Recently, hundreds of thousands ordinary Russians attended demonstrations organised by Navalny, the guy who fights corruption in the country, as far as Baron knows not one of them lost a job because of it.

    What has happened to this country?

  317. Colonel Mustard @ 21:03 & 21:16

    Spot on, Colonel.

    And in similar vein:

    In his ST column last week (the poorly educate Slav’s catching up on things), Rod Liddle writes about a female writer for the Guardian, Sophie Heawood. In one her pieces she said she was looking forward to the day when all Daily Mail readers were dead (3mn people). He called Impress, the outfit ‘set up by Max Mosley and the Hacked Off moppets’ three times, got no answer, they wouldn’t comment.

    ‘The boss of Imress is one Jonathan Heawood, Sophie’s brother, also a former Labour candidate, and the husband of Amy Jenkins, who’s the stepdaughter of Polly Toynbee’.

    ‘We are back to my favourite board game’, says Rod, ‘Six Degrees of Shami Chakrabarti’. Choose an institution – quango, regulatory BBC board, whatever – and you will find it’s run by a coterie of middle -class left-liberal people’.

    They have Deep State over in the Republic, we have few Deep Families to run things it seems.

  318. Colonel Mustard @ 16:46

    Sadly, the barbarian could only give the female, who looks like a kitchen maid who hasn’t comb her hair yet, just over three minutes, Colonel. He stopped because her father was as wrong as she is suggesting the world is getting smaller, corporations who have developed goods that cross boundaries, but not people who can do the same need help from someone like her.

    The world is just as it has ever been, it just that the travelling platforms have got better, quicker, safer, but companies and individuals used to cross boundaries just as our new corporate leaders do today for as long as we can look back, global boundaries for at least the last three centuries as shipping developed sufficiently to allow it to happen, those who crossed the boundaries then had problems not dissimilar to today’s, solved them, enhanced trading and wealth creation without the help of someone like her.

    They wouldn’t have called themselves leaders, they were business people, preachers, soldiers, they did their job, some well, some badly, but more often than not it was their natural abilities that propelled them to carry out the assignments. They may have been educated, often they were not, but it’s more than certain they wouldn’t have been instructed by anyone resembling this Middleton creature.

    It’s not that different today, most of the truly successful people are never incubated attending courses run by the Middletons, it’s their natural talent, their perseverance, accumulated knowledge and self-belief that get them there.

    Courses of the sort she represents are good only for sucking on the taxpayers tit, and moulding those attending them into robotic followers of orders.

  319. Noa @ 14:41

    Seconded, Noa.

    In was much easier to accept capital punishment when people believed in God, Noa, it was He who gave one his or her life, and only He could take it away. If a human being did it it was a cardinal sin, for which the punishment could’t be anything but death of the murderer. Simples.

  320. Baron

    And only He could steal a sheep presumably.

  321. Daily Mail article confirms report of Alex Jones’s guest, Leo Zagami

    “Vatican police have broken up a gay orgy at the home of the secretary to one of Pope Francis’s key advisers, it has been reported.
    The flat belonged to the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, which is in charge of tackling clerical sexual abuse.
    When police showed up, they found drugs and a group of men engaged in sexual activity, local reports state.
    Reports in Italy claim the occupant of the apartment is allegedly the secretary to Cardinal Francesco Coccopalmerio – a key aide to the 80-year-old Pope….”

    Thank God it couldn’t happen here.

  322. Drain the swamps!

  323. Tomorrow Belongs To Jerem-Me
    Tuesday 4th July 2017

    I am a newshound who has lost my sense of smell. I am a lifelong socialist who would vote Monster Raving Loony Party sooner than Labour. I am a fatalist who predicts a fate worse than Darth Vadar. I can no longer read my beloved newspaper, watch News at Ten or doze contentedly to the World Service radio.

    The unthinkable is happening. A cocktail of social media and disgruntled populism has thrust the thrice-married, sexist, racist, overwrought, over-combed Donald Trump into the Presidency of the Land of the Free and the thrice-married, terrorist-sympathising, absolver of anti-Semites, 500-time voter against his own party, refusenik of anthem and servicemen tributes, newly tailored, utterly unproven, useless Parliamentarian — but oh-so-useful hustler on the hustings — Jeremy Corbyn will become our next Prime Minister.

    Without a viable policy in his head or even a full cabinet, he has promised free tuition, free lunches and pots of gold for the NHS and the arts along with home-baked bread and circuses. You thought Fiona and Tim were manipulators? Glance behind Jeremy and register the truly sinister duo of Seumas (Sheum mishtake sheurly) Milne and John MarxDonald and watch Jezza’s lips move. Glastonbury was his Tamworth Manifesto. Grenfell his photo opportunity. Manchester and London Bridge his chance to remind us that terrorists have a cause.

    R.I.P. Lord Sutch — you finally got your deposit back. Students and activists, xenophobic Brexiteers, beleaguered union bosses and benefit cheats, you will finally have what you so deeply desire . . . a Monstrous Raving Loony party.

    And step forward in the dock please the Fourth Estate. Because three months ago, Theresa was heroine chic. She was, in the pages of the periodicals, smart, solemn and a safe pair of hands . . . with legs! A groovily dressed vicar’s daughter, in Fab Fashionista shoes who was a charming cross between Margaret Thatcher, Mary Berry and Joanna Lumley. A National Pleasure. She would smooth us through Brexit with tea and empathy and was so far ahead in the polls that Corbyn’s socialists would surely be singing the red flag for decades behind their carefully tended allotments in Penge. Winning a landslide election was a fait accompli.

    The only trouble was that there was nothing in this scenario to sell papers. It was a pushover. Mrs. May was fourteen points ahead in the polls. After five years in the Home Office she was respected by her own party as he was despised by most members of his. She had nobly stepped into the gap left by Cameron’s shameful desertion. He was hanging on to his job by a tooth.

    There was no X Factor Final. Dash it all — it was impossible to write leaders about these leaders.

    The turnabout was sudden. Mrs May went from credible to Cruella in the click of a digital processor. She was wrong to avoid a TV debate, wrong to use the words safe and stable, to campaign in the wrong areas, to have circles, beneath her eyes, she was cold and unfeeling, she didn’t kiss enough babies, she wore sad fashionista shoes and she didn’t have a Brexit plan or a personality . . .

    Jeremy, on the other hand, the left one, the sinistra — was a shoo-in for a front page. Whatever his shortcomings, in the council chamber he was a natural campaigner. It was what he did best. Campaign buses energised him. He toured the country, taut, tie-less, tireless and televisual. It was, after all, what he’d been doing for thirty years. Suddenly the beard and Jesus sandals were hip. And the youngsters and the hipsters loved it.

    So, perhaps the storyline for the most popular — sorry, populist — soap opera ever is being drafted by Mark Thomas, Jeremy Hardy and, for all I know, Dave Spart in an Islington bar even as we speak:

    Boris, at the empty crease for a pre-lunch innings, is caught Silly mid on.

    Tories batted out by teatime.

    In the White House pavilion sits the reclusive Melania Trump.

    Laura Alvarez (who?) Corbyn, sneaks out of terraced Finsbury Park haven to provide the cream teas and Jeremy’s Jam scones.

    May retires from game declaring “It’s not cricket.”

    The country goes to the country.

    Corbyn is narrowly elected; seeks a deal with Sinn Fein to support him at Westminster.

    Demise of all newspapers save the Mirror and the Morning Star goes unreported.

    Diane Abbott appointed Treasurer.

    Seumas Milne and John MarxDonald handle Brexit and the British Economy.

    Trident and HS2 scrapped to pay tuition fees.

    Britain achieves Third World status.

    Newly Independent Scotland joins the EU.

    Russia annexes the Isle of Wight and the Channel Islands.

    China purchases the BBC.

    Social media says both stories are fake news.

    Jeremy, John, Seumas and the New Apparatchiks announce, on Snapchat, a street party the length of the land.

    The Queen and the royal family downsize and move to Balmoral.

    So no more Andrew Marr of a Sunday for me or Andrew Neil of a Thursday or Question Time or Eddie Mair of a weekend. I will read Moby Dick and learn Italian. I will get a hobby, volunteer, do an art foundation course, book some tango lessons — anything to distract myself. I will buy some tasty lycra leggings and get out there in celebrity sneakers and do pilates in the park. I will plant perennials and smell the jasmine.

    To bury my head in the quicksand is of course, to ignore every lesson of history but to speak out will make me the target of trolls and text threats. I am quite scared to even submit this article.

    Abbot turn and tighten your Corbyn, we’re in for a bumpy ride.

    “No worse there is none”, wrote Gerard Manley Hopkins, “pitched past pitch of grief,/ more pangs will, schooled at fore-pangs, wilder wring./Comforter, where, where, is your comforting?”

  324. John birch.
    July 6th, 2017 – 07:25

    “Demise of all newspapers save the Mirror and the Morning Star goes unreported.”

    Guardian? Or is that renamed Pravda?


    Call me Tony:

    ‘I think he gave an – what was – I hesitate to say this, rather but I think it was from his perspective and standpoint, emotionally truthful and I think that came out also in his press conference after the launch statement.

    “I think he was under very great emotional pressure during those sessions… he was suffering. He was deeply engaged. Now in that state of mind and mood you fall back on your instinctive skill and reaction, I think.”

    So, for goodness sake we must understand the poor fellow and not keep getting at him.
    He might have to spend some of his hard earned wages on therapy.

  326. Director of Public Prosecutions, Alison Saunders–
    “We need to be acutely aware that if people can’t go to Syria – and we have certainly seen this in some of the cases we have prosecuted – they may plan a sort of an attack here instead or they may do more to radicalise other people here to attack so we need to be very aware of that.”

    So as I have said before, let them go.

  327. Robert Sheriffhales July 6th, 2017 – 09:13

    She seems to be confused about her role again.

    “The Crown Prosecution Service is responsible for prosecuting criminal cases investigated by the police in England and Wales.”

    Nothing in there about speculating publicly on the travel imperatives of wannabe jihadis or responsibility for issuing terrorist alerts and warnings.

    When she says “we” who, exactly, is she referring to? I’m already aware of it, thanks Alison, due to the continuously irresponsible and ridiculous immigration “policies” of successive governments which have rubbed my nose in diversity and what that brings.

    But more important than “awareness” is what, if anything, the government and people like you, unelected but “leading” beyond your authority, are going to do about it. Very little, so far, it seems.

  328. Robert Sherrifhales (09:13)

    No – hang the fuckers here! For High Treason – at Speaker’s Corner! Saunders first! Noa and Alex Boot have finally convinced me by combining their considerable forces majeur, qv.

    And Marshall Roberts’ queue of hangmen can be accommodated at the Cumberland Hotel. I repent!. I’ve finally seen the light. Mind you, by the time they have passed the legislation to accommodate my Damascene conversion, Kim Rong ‘un will have nuked Hyde Park. So it’s all a little academic. 🙂

  329. Frank(10.19) Cumberland Hotel? I hope you do not mean for the punters.
    For Tyburn, you may be familiar with the underpasses opposite, where the ne’er do wells doss in cardboard. They are the entrance to extensive cavernous public conveniences. These are a fitting setting for the punters to await their just deserts and have their last meal (at their own expense).

  330. Marshal Roberts

    What happened to the word ‘Lavatory’? Is nothing sacred?

  331. “Going Dutch” or a “Dutch Treat’, with each person participating in a group activity paying for themselves is shortly destined for a makeover of Carol Smilliean proportions.
    In particular, Wallsters should beware, don’t fall asleep if you’re going to ‘spliff up’ in Leidseplein during your weekend break, you may not get to use your return ticket.

  332. Noa – 16:36

    The Mengele family business was, and still is, the manufacture of farm equipment & trailers. So the vehicles will be readily available for Mr. Boot’s einsatz gruppen mobile units.

    Spare a thought for the firemen of Graz…

    Kinda ironic that the Krauts are now having problems with their ovens. Mind you, it could be the Russian gas that they use. Maybe the Ruskies have hacked the gas!

  333. EC 17.59

    It’s sad how quickly the old skills are lost isn’t it?

    Perhaps if they cleaned the chimneys more often das Neue Grosse Madschen wouldn’t be such a problem.
    If it’s not the cooker its the fridge…
    And other methods of disposal create their own problems.

  334. Baron 00:29

    Agreed Baron.
    Whether we in the West live in a Christian or a Post-Christian society the same philosophical arguments apply.

  335. Baron 00:29

    Agreed Baron.
    Whether we in the West live in a Christian or a Post-Christian society the same philosophical arguments apply.

  336. Tune in at 1045 to see Richard Burgon, one of the sounder MP’s in the Commons destroy fossil Rees Mogg.

  337. Interesting prescient prognostications fom 1997:

    h/t Vanderleun.

  338. Vintage Bill Whittle

    “Jon Stewart, War Criminals & The True Story of the Atomic Bombs”


  339. Man in QT audience destroys Labour blowhard, dissembler and question dodger Richard Burgon.

  340. And Jacob Rees-Mogg was, as usual the only member of the panel whose opinion was worth listening to. Cameron’s arse-wiper was dire, Boniface is a bit nutty, the green woman from Zog needs to return to her own planet.

    As Mustard Colonel pointed out, a couple of member of the audience were the stars.

  341. After posting my comment at 23:09 the ridiculous Feminist/Fabian Solutions troll serial trolling the Guido Fawkes website under a succession of newly created accounts was provoked into posting under yet another pseudonym “Feminist Reckoning”:-

    “Richard Burgen MP is a sensible voice in a wildness (sic) of Tory austerity.”

    “Why does everyone like Jacob Rees Mogg so much?”

    Oh, look at 20:23 above . . .

  342. With bated breath I tuned it at 1045 to watch that fat blowhard Burgon “destroy” Rees-Mogg as telemachus had predicted.

    Imagine my surprise and disappointment to see the audience boo, heckle and catcall Burgon and one audience member even rip him a new one.

    Once again a telemachean prediction, larded with premature hubris, had proven not just wrong but laughable.

    And so to bed, pondering why lefties are so deeply unpleasant and in our faces. It’s almost as if they want us to detest them.

  343. With bated breath I tuned it at 1045 to watch that fat blowhard Burgon “destroy” Rees-Mogg as YuNoHu had predicted.

    Imagine my surprise and disappointment to see the audience boo, heckle and catcall Burgon and one audience member even rip him a new one.

    Once again a YuNoHu prediction, larded with premature hubris, had proven not just wrong but laughable.

    And so to bed, pondering why lefties are so deeply unpleasant and in our faces. It’s almost as if they want us to detest them.

  344. Comment at Guido with 54 upticks and counting:-

    “On the same programme JRM was measured, assured,a master of detail and by the end of the programme had comprehensively wiped the floor with Burgon and indeed the rest of the panel.”

    YuNoHu again the only man on parade marching in step.

    Attempts to provoke a rise with Hardman references (using the name “Jonathan Akbar”) and Vice puff pieces for communism (using the name “Feminist Reckoning”) epic fails.

  345. Apologies to Baron:

    a pentagon study
    determined that putin
    is an anti-social control freak
    kind of vermin

    (really? this required a genius
    kind of keenness? really?)

    darpa should stick to cool things
    like the internet and invisibility cloaks
    and drones armed with pork parts

    a rodina rodent in the grain
    needs spankin’
    with more than just sanctions

    cuz knocking out their incisors
    doesn’t make them any nicer

    – a rat with no teeth
    is still a rat.

    As Trump will find out later today.

  346. Apologies to Valo Solo:

    Poor Putin is a dangerous psychopath
    No one likes to mention that one fact
    He is more like an ape than a human
    Sick little poor wasted Humanoid Vlad

    The Pope must be an openly psychopath
    Just the way he dress himself so foolish up
    Wonder if he is just enormously beautiful
    Naked with deadly eyes like Humanoid Vlad.

    Hitler was a sick nasty Nazi psychopath
    A whole nation following his death path
    Now there is a fucking evil psycho Caliphate
    Nothing to compare with Humanoid Vlad.

    I guess we all could be like psychopaths
    Take one deep look into our monstrous souls
    It contains mostly of neurons and pure fat
    We got no free will just like Humanoid Vlad.

    Humanoid Vlad
    In ice cold motion
    Humanoid Vlad
    No love and no notion
    Humanoid Vlad
    Done it all calculated
    Humanoid Vlad
    His time hopefully faded

  347. Apologies Sunprincess:

    Congratulations Donald J. Trump, Hats off to You
    You played your cards and played them Right,
    You should be proud, you won the Fight

    You bit the bullet, just like superman Would
    SO Funny Lots of folks never thought you Could

    They placed your name in print, trying to throw you Down
    When all was said and done, They were looking like a Clown

    Now for the main attraction, Let’s cut the Cake,
    SO you can show the world you have what it Takes

  348. “The Fly” or “Ponderings on Insect Flight” by Colonel Mustard

    I wonder why
    You never see flies flying high?
    You just don’t get
    A fly hitching his furry trousers
    On the wing of your Jumbo jet
    No, not yet

    The fly flies low, around and often inside
    Skimming across anything wide
    But he sometimes stops to scratch his legs
    Look around or slurp up dregs

    He don’t need oxygen for his slalom journey
    Through the air currents in the room
    And he don’t fly fast enough for a sonic boom
    Just a buzz as he patrols your space
    Or a buzz-buzz if joined by another in friendly race

  349. Just remember Colonel
    The subject of your muse,
    Flies, are merely grown up maggots.
    Born to devour our rotting flesh:
    To complete the cycle of corruption;
    The rearguard of death;
    Here to irritate, rather than pollinate.
    Fly fuckers those diptera!

  350. And in similar vein, day before yesterday in my neck of the woods, the ants grew wings and flew. In the azure sky above, like a scene from a Hitchcock film, about a million terns, circling in unison, on cue. You can set your calendar by it. And we think we control the climate? Wonder what the ants think? “It’s my tern!” – probably? I know what the terns think – “one good tern, deserves another!” Ant that the truth!

  351. The wordsmith at the anvil and the furnace is white hot:

    Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

  352. @Frank P 7th – 14:34

    “one good tern, deserves another!” Ant that the truth!

    You’re on good form today, Frank! Up here the tern chicks are still deciding whether it’s worth fledging yet and the ants, rather than sprouting their wings, have discovered my compost bin and are huddling down in there for warmth!

  353. Who’s running the G20 circus? Why does it have to be in Hamburg, a lovely city, the barbarian spent time there, enjoyed it immensely (inclusive of a mixed sex sauna, he had no idea it was a mixed affair, but it turned out to be just that).

    If one looks at the vandals burning cars, breaking shop windows, threatening the city burghers one cannot think the gathering was placed there deliberately. Why cannot they hold it on an remote island, better still somewhere in the dunes of the Republic’s dear friend, the Saudis?

  354. Frank P @ 16:55

    How right the great Mark is, Frank, the speech left one speechless, it was exactly opposite from what the progressives have been pushing for decades, the leader of the world’s most powerful nation defending the culture of the West, warning the deluded leaders of the Old Continent to wake up to the threat.

    It was delivered in a sort of Trumpesque way, but who cares, it’s the substance that warms, exited, gives hope.

    The BBC commentariat of course didn’t like it abit, sees a coming of a new holy war, thinks the Mutti has to take the burden of leadership of the West. What a bunch of to$$ers.

    The Western leaders are perfectly aware of the dangers, they just cannot admit to it. If they did, they would look stupid, lacking judgment, useless, the progressives forces would destroy them, nothing would be done anyway because they seem to have no plan B. It will require a change at the top in Europe, and come it will, give it five to ten years, that’s about the time span it will take for the French Micron to fail, then things will move.

  355. Colonel Mustard @ 12:47

    Et tu, Colonel?

  356. Fergus Pickering @ 11:24

    Why the apology, Fergus?

    It seems everyone here reckons the poorly educated Slav is an admirer of the Tzar of Kremlin, he isn’t, he just thinks Putin’s the best for Russia at this phase of the country evolution to what’s described loosely as democracy. However, corrupt, kleptocratic, misguided, it’s what transitions are all about, the mixing of the past boils with the seeds of cleaner future. If you think it’s any different in the former satellites of the Red Kremlin, you should think again.

    More to the point, (as the barbarian doesn’t tire to point out), Putin will be gone, Russia will remain, it’s the tribe of the Russians that concerns the barbarian, they had known close to four centuries nothing but tyranny, the last three generations of this time span, an unspeakable tyranny. What they have to endure under Tzar Vlad is playfulness of Butlins compared to the recent past.

    (Frank can skip this posting of Baron, it may excite him more than the flying ants, he, he, he).

  357. Colonel Mustard @ 07:53

    Is there, perhaps, a clip of what you’re referring to, Colonel?

  358. It was buried away on the website, but finally someone wrote something about the fact that Grenfell tower tells people who didn’t know beforehand that there is an epidemic of illegal subletting.

    Awkward questions no one will answer about Grenfell Tower, writes RICHARD LITTLEJOHN

    We may never know precisely how many people perished in the gruesome Grenfell Tower fire tragedy. The latest official figure is ‘at least’ 80, but officials admit that the death toll could be higher.

    The main reason that we will almost certainly fail to reach a definitive total is because nobody seems to have the faintest idea how many people were actually living there.

    Originally, we were told the building contained 120 one and two-bedroomed flats, occupied by as many as 600 tenants. That was later revised to 129 flats, but without any exact number of residents.

    Police now say they have established who was in 106 of the flats on the night of the fire, either living there full-time or visiting. But that still leaves 23 premises unaccounted for.

    On a rough estimate of five occupants per apartment, that could be as many as another 100 people missing.

    This column is not in the habit of giving any credence to politically-motivated Left-wing conspiracy theorists, but there does appear to be some firm evidence to support those who claim that the death toll is considerably higher than the authorities are prepared to admit.

    Either those who are unaccounted for are presumed dead, but not yet included in the total number of deceased, or they have vanished ‘into the community’ because they are worried about their immigration status.

    That’s why the Government has announced a temporary amnesty for all survivors living in Britain illegally. It is the only humane course of action. Those who were fortunate to escape this awful catastrophe have been through enough trauma already without having to worry about being arrested and deported if they come forward.

    Difficult questions will have to be addressed in time, however. And not just about attributing blame for the fire. What happened at Grenfell Tower isn’t simply about safety, it goes to the very heart of successive governments’ policies on immigration and social housing.

    Ten per cent of those who died are said to be of Moroccan heritage. A further eight per cent were Ethiopian. To describe the residents of this block as a ‘community’ is a stretch. Grenfell Tower was a veritable Disunited Nations.

    The days when most Londoners knew their neighbours are long gone. Today, the population is drawn from all over the globe, a significant proportion of them probably here illegally.

    Forgive me for repeating the story of how a former Met Police commissioner told me 15 years ago that there were at least 250,000 people in London that the authorities knew nothing about.

    Goodness knows what that figure is today, but those responsible for finding out seem not to have the slightest interest.

    The difficulty in establishing the identities of all those who lived in Grenfell Tower throws this neglect into stark relief.

    The usual suspects will no doubt try to shut down this discussion by howling ‘RAY-CIST!’ and accusing anyone who even raises such awkward questions of ‘victim blaming’.

    But that would be deliberately to miss the point. This isn’t about any individual, or racial minority. As I’ve written often enough, I don’t criticise anybody who wants to come to Britain to make a better life for themselves and their families — although I can’t imagine that ending up in an overcrowded flat on the 99th floor of a tower block overlooking a fume-spewing urban motorway is anyone’s idea of heaven on earth.

    We are, however, entitled to expect that those we entrust with running our nation’s affairs can be bothered to ensure that everyone who settles in Britain does so legally. And that they are not content to shove those who do slip through the net into substandard accommodation and forget about them.

    Grenfell Tower represents all that is wrong with our social housing stock in microcosm, not just in London but throughout Britain.

    Council estates were built to provide homes for local people. That original purpose has been abandoned, as politics has come into play from both sides of the ideological divide.

    The Tories sold off the more desirable council houses, part of a hugely popular programme to create a nation of homeowners. But much of what was left became a dumping ground for problem families and recent immigrants.

    Complex points systems evolved, which gave new arrivals priority. In some London boroughs, the waiting list for a council flat is now anything up to 50 years, yet people from overseas seem to have no difficulty getting one.

    For instance, after Grenfell Tower, other councils began evacuating blocks with similar flammable cladding. In Camden, North London, TV pictures showed tenants from every conceivable ethnic background being ushered towards a nearby community centre, with the usual complement of women in Islamic headgear.

    What struck me, though, were two white interviewees: an American woman and an Australian man. They were no older than 30 and neither appeared to be destitute or unemployed.

    I’m assuming they are both here legally. And, no, they weren’t living together in the same flat.

    I couldn’t help wondering: how on earth did they manage to get the keys to a Camden council tower block? Especially when those who grew up in the immediate vicinity are told they haven’t got a cat-in-hell’s chance of qualifying for a council house before they reach retirement age.

    To whom are they paying rent? To the council, to a housing association, or to a private landlord? This is where it all starts getting a bit murky. Many former council flats were sold under the Tories’ right-to-buy scheme and the owners are free to do with them as they wish. Others have now been passed on to housing associations.

    In the case of Grenfell Tower, the authorities now freely concede that some of the flats were being sub-let, against the terms of the legal tenant’s lease agreement.

    Shouldn’t they have known that already? Isn’t that their job?

    Why did it take a disaster and the loss of ‘at least’ 80 lives for them to find out?

    Still, the only surprise is that anyone’s surprised. The administration of what was once exclusively council accommodation is increasingly confused.

    No one seems to know what the hell’s going on when it comes to ‘social housing’.

    Go to pretty much any estate in London and you will find plenty of occupants whose names aren’t on the rent book. Rogue landlords prey on those desperate for a roof over their heads, especially recent arrivals with little if any command of English. Is it any wonder that those living here without proper immigration status keep themselves to themselves? Many of them are working in the black economy and wisely avoid all contact with officialdom.

    My assumption is that the picture is the same in most, if not all, of our large cities. It’s what happens when you keep importing hundreds of thousands of people every year without considering where they’re going to live.

    Isn’t that the point? Who the hell are these people? This is going on everywhere in the UK and the taxpayer pays for it.

  359. I would love to have chapter and verse presented to the public on the circumtances behind each and every resident of Grenfell tower. The donations would dry up immidiately.

  360. I couldn’t understand why Paul Dacre was letting Phil Hammond shoot his gob off. Theresa was Dacre’s pick and her manifesto contained Dacre’s reward (not implementing Leveson – quite right) so why the xxxx is the xxxx in Number 11 being allowed to knife Brexit? Well, it seems Dacre has instructed his own hitman to do a hatchet job on Hammond. And it’s a good one too. I want that Hammond creature sacked:


    To regain her authority, Theresa May should follow the example of mob boss Tony Soprano. Whenever he was under the cosh, he solved the problem by disposing of one of his disloyal lieutenants.

    In May’s case, she must shoot Spreadsheet Phil as a basis for negotiation.

    The duplicitous Chancellor is deliberately undermining the Brexit talks and, ludicrously, even appears to fancy himself as May’s successor.

    She should have sacked him after his appalling, arrogant Budget debacle in March, when he targeted natural Tory supporters in a smug, self-satisfied display of hubris and shattered the Government’s reputation for competence. That was when the rot set in.

    No one would miss Hammond.

    A half-decent book-keeper could do his job.

    Whacking him would also serve pour encourager les autres, as they don’t say in the Bada Bing.

    Theresa should invite him out to the nearest marina to Maidenhead, then dispose of his body in the Thames — just like Tony Soprano did when he dumped the fat rat Pussy Bonpensiero in the Atlantic.

    It’s high time Spreadsheet Phil slept with the fishes.

    Exactly. It encourages the other Tory traitors. I know there’s a lot of them but they know the public hate them. Any lip. Any gob. And you’re out. Get that Hammond creature out. Now.

  361. Farmer’s teenage son, 17, ‘plotted a London Bridge-style attack at a Justin Bieber concert in Cardiff after being radicalised in less than a WEEK online’

    Police arrested the 17-year-old boy who is accused of planning a terror attack
    The young suspect is from a middle-class, white British and Christian family
    The boy was studying for his A-levels and social media shows him as rugby mad

    Words fail me. Richard Littlejohn says the converts are usually ginger. Once you’ve had your attention to that, it’s the first thing you look for. No pictures yet.

  362. Theresa May does a few things that give me (a little) confidence that she might have the Right idea, and then this:

    It’s then a WTF moment, all over again!

  363. EC @ 22:34

    It’s excellent as you say, EC, and spot on from any angle, but it doesn’t touch on what Truman was hoping to do next, the full destruction of the communist USSR.

    To achieve this objective, General Lauris Worsted of the US Air Command (he headed the Task Force) asked for 466 atomic bombs of the Fat Man kind (it was thought this number would be sufficient to destroy 66 strategic cities, towns and industrial complexes in Russia, get the country to her knees).

    Of the 24 towns destined to be hit, Moscow was assigned six bombs, Leningrad three, Kharkov and Stalingrad two (the other cities and towns one each), over 80% of the oil pumping regions (e.g. Baku) would have been flattened if the mission went ahead. It didn’t because the Los Alamos outfit couldn’t furnish the number of bombs needed (they said they could only supply 10-12 bombs annually), the Air Force didn’t have enough airports close enough to Russia to accomplish the mission.

    How would the world look like today if the plan succeeded?

  364. The point about convicted converts is this: they follow a manual. The Koran. It has at least 110 passages inciting violence against ‘kuffir’ (a term of contempt for non-Muslims).

    No matter what the century or location. Any time, any place. They follow killing manual pretending to be a holy book. But no one talks about getting rid of that.

    What is there to get rid of online? Nothing. It’s the instructions to violence that do the trick. Any time, any place. But then, being in denial of that is why the West is dying. They hate us.

  365. She’s a Blairite robot, RobertRetyred. There’ll be no Brexit, nor anything else. She makes me puke.

  366. This is what ‘Brexit’ will look like:

    Remainers Using Permanent Transition to Reverse Brexit

    The CBI – the Europhile business body which is funded by Brussels – has demanded the UK stays inside the single market and customs union until a free trade deal is agreed. This proposal for a limitless transition is being picked up by other Remainers. No one should be fooled by the write-ups in the broadsheets – this is an attempt to frustrate Brexit.

    Since January continuity Remainers have focused their attention on securing a permanent transition period which ultimately keeps us inside the EU.

    One of the most senior Remain figures from the referendum told Guido himself they wanted a lengthy transition lasting years, by which point they hoped the public mood had changed and Brexit could be prevented.

    Yesterday’s CBI proposal fits that plan. As Gisela Stuart says: “Committing to stay in the EU’s single market and customs union during a transition period would only serve to tie our hands in the negotiations, and make it more likely that the EU gives us a bad deal”. A transitional period is fine so long as it is strictly time-limited and we leave the institutions of the European Union by clearly set dates. The CBI’s desire to keep it open-ended risks becoming a permanent transition, and they know it…

  367. Esther – 23:04
    The bottom line is that either ‘we will never know’ who perished or there will be a thorough investigation and we will know a lot more.
    They can’t have it both ways.

  368. Esther – 23:37

    Until we have totally left we will not get any benefits.

    The CBI has many British subsidiaries of European companies, so their agenda is not a surprise.

  369. Esther @ 23:04

    Rather courageous of Littlejohn to raise the issue, Esther, whether it will be addressed is another matter.

    The other day, the barbarian listened to the BBC news, one of the items was re-housing of the families, the reporter interviewed two former inhabitants who escaped who haven’t been found an accommodation yet, both refused a number of offers (one 2, the other 3), apparently the new premises were ‘unsuitable’, but why unsuitable wasn’t explained in any detail.


    The received wisdom is that British Ulster is constantly lusted for from Dublin in the south. It is all balderdash. I know, I lived outside Dublin for five years.

    The truth is the government of Dublin, representing the 26 counties of the Republic, would be utterly horrified by the idea they had to absorb the six counties of the north into a unified Ireland.

    They know perfectly well that the fiscal transfers (subsidies) poured into Belfast by London, year on year, would bankrupt the entire economy of the south.

    The Republicans (Catholics) of the north know it too and, given a clear choice, would opt for the subsidies and the continuation of the lifestyle to which they have all become accustomed. But the charade has to be gone through, year in and year out.

    As with the SNP and Plaid Cymru in Wales. Complaining like hell, but still benefiting greatly from being part of the Union.


    Fair point, Freddie but it’s only £1bn and foreign aid is £13bn a year. Why can’t we subsidise our own for a change?

    xxxx foreign aid.

  371. Esther @ 23:16

    Agreed, Esther, the bean counter should be sacked, the barbarian cannot forgive him for decimating our Armed Forces.

    But why does the saintly One go around looking like a woman in mourning, she may have fugged up the election, but she is still in charge, she’ll have enough time to cry, ponder, regret when she’s pushed, for the time being she should behave as a PM, not a walking wounded or half dead.

    How on earth did the Parliamentary Tory Party select her beggars belief, didn’t they know about her weaknesses, bad judgement, indecisiveness?

  372. Macron’s popularity stuns me. He is a gay man in a lavender marriage yet no one notices his inauthenticity in front of their eyes. He is a Rothschild puppet (he used to work for them).

    This from a blogger who lives in France:

    Today, the 38 year old French President Emmanuel Macron enjoys national power on a scale greater than anyone since Charles de Gaulle in 1958….and if anything, his achievement is greater in that he founded a Party from scratch that gained an overall majority in the Assembly in slightly over a year. I blogged a month ago that he ‘would struggle to do this’, which just goes to show how much I know.

    Macron’s power, say the French media, is “sans partage” – unshared or, put another way, absolute: he is in exactly the same position in 2017 as Hitler was by 1934….and whereas the Fuhrer had fear of Communists to trigger an Emergency Powers Act, the new French President has inherited one designed to turn away the rising tide of Islamic Jihadism.

    Across the entire range of my French friends, however, the vast majority (especially the young) see him as a Messiah. This range includes young students, old business leaders, middle aged shopkeepers – in fact, everyone who has grumbled for years that “France is drifting”. And although earlier this week Le Monde referred to him as ‘un Pharaoh’, the desire beyond the hard Left is to give power to hope. History tells us that such a sentiment nearly always ends in blood, toil, tears and sweat.

    Aside from the huge and bitter disappointment that will emerge should Emmanuel Macron turn out to be less than Messianic (as he probably will in the end) there is another element to contemporary Messianism that disturbs me deeply.

    It is this: while I find all Messiahs equally incredible, some do genuinely want change for the many. These types are, in short order, vilified and demonised by the Establishment media. By contrast, the cleverly ‘manufactured’ versions are revered by that same media pack.

    I don’t think this is merely Left v Right. If Corbyn gains power, for example, I think within months the Guardian, Independent and BBC – with help from Government publicity funded by taxpayers – will build on the personality cult started by Momentum. He will be the same as Macron – just the product of a different Establishment.

    In the eurozone propagandised by Brussels and Frankfurt, however, there is growing evidence that Europhile/EUnatic “Messiahs” are being handed as many weapons as they need to stabilise the Union via the use of dictatorial power. Nowhere is this more obvious than in the open-secret process of flooding Europe with dangerous migrants.

    I realise many will disagree with the following assertion, but it has to be made, because the evidence behind it is overwhelming: unpleasant forces are working (from a variety of motives) to feed social instability in the European Union.

    Merkel’s seemingly daft denialism about the ‘Second Wave’ of “Syrian” refugees also held within it a scheming economic strategy – to replace one-time Turkish Auslander workers with Arab and African equivalents to retain a cheap labour advantage in the future.

    Denialism about the migrant camp occupants at Calais was part naivety (Gary Lineker) and part political (pc among Leftlibs).

    But among the Corbynistas, there is the desire for unimited immigration: first, to make life harder and harder for any government of the Right; and second, to grow a new Labour-voting majority

    In France itself, after Calais the police did an extraordinary thing: they let all the trouble-makers go. In fact, they effectively gave them a safe passage to Paris. Why?

    Sources within the Italian civil service are leaking like sieves about the Brussels-directed nature of a continuing mass influx of undifferentiated Arab and African migrants into the EU via Italy. Several people have mentioned to me – since late May 2016 – their conviction that the Mafia is involved and cooperating with EC NGOs. Last December, the US site Zero Hedge ran a lengthy piece restating the allegation with some very compelling evidence.

    Messiahs who point out the neoliberal contradictions in the EU (like Tsipras and Varoufakis) are quickly silenced. Messiahs who point out the importance of national culture and the dangers of NATO (like Orban in Hungary and Trump in the US) are demonised and targeted for destruction.

    And behind it all, there is always – always – the figure of George Soros, the man who tried to kill the Pound. For Soros and his ilk back the puppet Messiahs, and do whatever’s necessary to neutralise the radical versions. They want dictatorial global corporatism: nothing less will do.

  373. He. he, he, Baron. But that’s the point. May was handed a coronation. All her opponents were hatchet-jobbed by the Press (very convenient) and she was handed the job because she was a Blairite Remainer.

    Which was a great plan. It just meant that no-one had ever seen her try to win an election. Not even an election to the Tory party. She certainly can’t do another general election. Those TV debates are fierce.

    Who was brilliant in TV debates and won the biggest plebiscite in British electoral history? Michael Gove. But they don’t want him. He’s a real social conservative – the thing they hate. I would vote Tory again if he were leader.

    I didn’t do too badly from the election. May is hobbled and relying on the votes of a bunch of real social conservatives and giving them £1bn. I want Arlene to go back in two years and get £1bn more before Mrs May spends it all on ‘foreign aid’.

  374. RobertRetyred @ 23:28

    The judgement of the saintly One, Robert, doesn’t cease to amaze. She seems to be asking for it. The Tories should quietly choose someone (Baron’s preference is DD), make him a leader by mutually endorsed proclamation of all Tory MPs.

  375. The Guardian at Prayer

    Church of England baptises hundreds of asylum seekers… letting them claim fear of persecution at home means they should stay here

    The Church of England has christened hundreds of asylum seekers who hope to use their new-found faith to win the right to stay in England, a senior bishop has revealed.

  376. I wish I could laugh, but it works. It’s pure Ken Livingstone campaigning. Align yourself with youth culture:

    Corbyn urges supporters ‘Vote for Marcel to win Love Island’: Labour leader tells a student magazine he wants ex-Blazin’ Squad star to win ‘because he needs some TLC’

    It works.

  377. Esther @ 23:53

    The greater the expectations of an Messiah, Esther, the bigger the disappointment, the deeper his fall, the messier the end for his followers.

    The guy’s quite right, in tears it will end for the contradictions of the French society between the dreams of the elite and the reality of life both in the economic as well as the social domain cannot be solved by enthusiasm alone, there has to be pain, too. Hard to see which segment of the society will be willing to accept the discomfort, misery and hurt.

  378. London is a ‘modern day slavery hotspot’: Building sites, restaurants and hotels are using ‘forced labour’, police chief warns

  379. Esther @ 00:23

    Today, the BBC4 World at One had an item about the new Love Island series, a female university professor opined the programme that attracts millions each day was educational, one can learn from it, she said. She quoted two instances of the ‘learning’: a couple whispering to each other on a sofa, and a participant walking downstairs to get to the common room combing his hair to beatify himself (it may have been she, Baron didn’t catch it).

    The barbarian is still puzzled what is it exactly one can learn from the two examples?

    Perhaps the jihadists have a point, no?

  380. Baron

    I have been looking for ways to beatify myself especially if they do not involve a radical improvement in my ethical behavior. This is I believe the Augustinian path. I was therefore very excited that this might be achieved by combing my hair while walking downstairs.

    I don’t use a comb – will a hairbrush serve?

  381. Apologies for the misspelling of behaviour but my computer’s software seems to auto-correct sometimes to favour American convention.

  382. Esther July 8th, 2017 – 00:43

    Ha! Then he should do something about it! Don’t just “warn” you idiot. You are the police officer responsible for that crime – instead of stating the bleedin’ obvious to get your name in the media get out there and enforce. If it’s a “hotspot” then clearly you and your team are not being very effective:-

    “To recognise always that the test of police efficiency is the absence of crime and disorder, and not the visible evidence of police action in dealing with them”

    (Peel’s 9th Principle of Policing)

    It is like the chief surgeon in a hospital “warning” that the casualty department is a “modern day injury hotspot”.

    And we all know why London is like that.

    Thick as mince.

  383. Baron July 7th, 2017 – 22:38

    An aberration, singularly drawn on a collective obsession arising from an incident in the annals of Colonel Mustard’s past. A long running joke amongst former comrades shared here obtusely only in a moment of piquant Pickering tease.

    And most definitely not a regular infliction.

  384. Baron July 7th, 2017 – 22:58

    For the whole thing:-

  385. I don’t know about others here but South Africa looks like it will be the world’s first tipping point. The received unwisdom for years has been that there would never be an uprising because the rich whites had co-opted the rich blacks into an upper class who could then keep everybody else beneath their feet (including the poverty-stricken whites who live in shanty towns).

    But that is to think the world is rational. Zuma hates the whites and is stirring up violence and land seizures against them. The more he feels under threat from losing office, the more he wants to finish off his project (it’s a bit like Soros in Europe, who wants to destroy us all before he’s too old).

    Is South Africa heading for civil war? The country is lurching ever closer to conflict as its volatile Zulu president vows to seize land from whites – while Afrikaner fighters train in the bush

  386. Isabel as usual has excelled herself.

    “Until there is a Prime Minister who commands authority over the Conservative party, there won’t be much proper politics taking place in Parliament.”

  387. Colonel Mustard @ 07:26

    Not a bad abberation, Colonel. Is there no limit to what you can do?

    And thanks for the link at 07:57, it’s appreciated.

  388. Malfleur @ 02:11

    Good posting, Malfleur, the poorly edu cated Slav enjoyed it.

  389. Could anyone be fooled so easily? The answer must be in the affirmative if it’s the MSM one’s talking about. The press scribblers, mostly in Russia, some also over here, have got obsessed with the return of the two dachas the Americans confiscated as part of the sanctions on Russia, it was allegedly at the top of the list of things Putin wanted from the Donald.

    Nothing but red herring this one, it has been released to the media, refreshed often by the Kremlin to help the Donald with his domestic audience, allowing him to say to his American critics ‘look, he wanted the two houses back, I flatly refuse’, (it also allowed Putin to claim he did’t really get everything). To imagine Putin worried about his diplomats having a place where to drink and bonk would really be something to remember the man for.

    The one issue not mentioned as being debated in the meeting scheduled to last thirty minutes, going on for over two hours, was North Korea. Strange, don’t you think. One’s bound to think a major move on the country may be imminent.

    Also, spare a thought or two for the Mutti, for months she’s been planning this latest G20 jamboree only to see it hijacked by a gang of boisterous young burning cars, smashing property, putting dozens of police officers in hospital beds, and by a couple of narcissists she has no respect for and admires only marginally more than a pair of courting rats. There isn’t fairness in the world, is there.

  390. President Trump in Warsaw with portrait of Jan Sobieski .

  391. Donald and Vlad have done brilliantly at this summit. Lots of straw man arguments thrown up to fill the news pages – they’re playing the Sorosite media at their own game.

    Peter Hitchens has said it enough times. Vlad is not some sort of hero but the reason why the global corporatist axis of Sorosite evil wants rid of him is because Russia is the last major nation state still standing. It has not been captured by the globalists.

    In Russia, Russia comes first. No, George Soros can’t buy it for 5p and then enslave everyone else in perpetuity. Soros’ chums tried that after Perestroika, which is why anyone caught inside Russia doing that was banged up and why Roman Abramovich can never go back there.

    These Sorosite gangsters were buying state utilities for 5p and becoming billionaires overnight.

    xxxxing Jesus, they’re not having that lark. That’s why the people by and large support Putin.

    Shove your grasping Sorosite mitts up your xxxx.

  392. I have been tying to post a comment on the speccie in reply to Rod’s latest with no success, as is usual with all this computer technology. Life is too short to wast on on all this techno crap so I will post my comment here on the wall. FUCK THE FAG FASCISTS.

  393. After Brexit and Trump, the MSM has learnt its lesson: omerta on radical opposition. Every time they smeared UKIP and Trump, their popularity rose. The tactic in 2017’s general election was to just not mention UKIP as much as possible. And it worked.

    I feel OK about the outcome because it hobbled May, who deserves hobbling. But we need an alternative to LibLabCon.

    There is – for the most part – a code of omerta about this party in the MSM, but it is buried away sometimes on page 37 of newspapers, where they hope you won’t see it.

    And this party might get some traction with the voters, if only because they have a network of connections already (you’ll see what I mean in a minute).

    Anything but LibLabCon is a good vote. Brexit showed that. And 2017’s GE showed that. When May was cut off at the heels, now she’s xxxxing dancing a different dance. Thank God she didn’t win a majority.

    Veterans unite to form 8,000-strong political party and aim to fight for EVERY seat in the next general election

    Former Aircraft technician Danny Mitchell founded the Veterans Party in March
    He said his party was ‘at war with politicians’ over their treatment of veterans
    Mr Mitchell said politicians are not aware of what is necessary to ‘fix’ Britain

    If they can get traction, I’ll vote for them. I’ll vote for anyone who is not LibLabCon. I don’t do blank cheques to failed parties.

  394. I can’t get over the way people stopped voting UKIP in the UK and voted Macron in France. FFS.

  395. I have been making enquiries about Corbyn’s social media strategy success. We know he uses the Red Ken playbook, but the social media strategy is fascinating. It relies on two things: censorship and peer pressure.

    Facebook was where most of it was done. That gives access to a lot people. It also gives you an owner predisposed to censorship. So up you put your PC claptrap and – the genius part – is the peer pressure on the young, the infamous Facebook bullying turns political. You have herds of young people screaming at the weak minded: ‘Whhhaaat? You’re not voting Corbyn? You fascist.’

    What is more, none of this was centrally controlled. So long as the message was in big picture terms, Leftist digital guerrilla groups were encouraged to thrive, disperse and smear.

    Theresa May has no answer to this because she is helping to close down free speech on the internet with hate crime and Big Brother surveillance and so cuts off her nose to spite her own face.

    Censoring free speech won’t help May. But the Tories are as thick as xxxx.

    But that’s how Corbyn did it. And will do it in 2022 or sooner. They are a lean, mean campaigning machine. The internet was their enemy when it had freedom of speech. With Zuckerberg et al closing free speech down, social media is Corbyn’s weapon par excellence.

  396. This guy has been doing some fantastic cartoons over the past five years and do check this one out, just scroll down a bit to see The Hornets’ Nest cartoon (should give you a chuckle and a bit of hope!):

  397. Esther 11.04

    Well, Nigel left and became a talk show host.
    The rest of us nipped over to France for une baguette au jambon et pressé’..

  398. The words are important too!

    Hitting the Hornets’ Nest

    CNN has been exposed. We know they are liars and purveyors of fake news. They continue to lose viewers and credibility and now they’ve gone over the top with their attempt to suppress free speech.

    They targeted a young man and forced him to promise not to produce any more animated videos such as the wrestling comedy that showed them getting body slammed by President Trump.

    They made him apologize—or else they would expose his identity, a tactic known as ‘doxxing.’ By threatening one individual, CNN hoped to send a warning to the conservative, Trump-supporting ‘deplorables’ on the Internet, whom they consider to be trolls.

    To those of us who have been targeted by trolls, we know CNN’s efforts are a fool’s errand, but apparently CNN has yet to learn that lesson. They will get that lesson now—good and hard.

    By attempting to blackmail a private citizen who is not a public figure, CNN has revealed that they’re willing to pour some of their vast resources toward tracking down Internet voices they deem offensive. They should be spending that money tracking down corrupt government officials and pedophiles.

    But no, they’d rather spend time generating fear by paring back free speech on the Internet. Maybe they think that will hasten the return of their TV sheep back to the fold. After all, independent journalists speaking the truth freely on the Web are a thorn in CNN’s side. The mainstream media have long been the penultimate source for news, but now they are losing viewers, readers and credibility.

    They enjoyed the power that comes with controlling the dials of reality and the narrative. They were the filter used by the global elite Illuminati to sort and sift the news in their favor. Their news monopoly days are now gone, but apparently CNN failed to get the message. That message will be delivered to them now—good and hard.

    CNN’s vile action was equivalent to hitting a hornets’ nest with a baseball bat. Their bashing and blackmailing activated a great many who loudly support our right to free speech, which includes anonymous free speech.

    The desperate attempt to shut down free speech on the Internet is another signal of CNN’s decline. The corporate-owned legacy media are dying. O death, where is thy sting? Well, they’re now getting stung—good and hard.

    –Ben Garrison

    Hornets, do your stuff! Good and hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  399. Sting, sting, sting! Julian Assange will sting you, you CNN xxxxbags!

  400. Get rid of “David Lindsay”. It is not David Lindsay but YuNoHu taking the proverbial with his usual pathetic attempts at provocation.

    He is trolling other sites under a multitude of names and his compulsive obsessive lunacy is not required here. Make him take his shite elsewhere.

  401. Standpoint has a very good system of including a brief bio and image of each contributor to each issue so that some measure of “where they are coming from” can be assessed. Apart from the words a person’s face often says much about them.

    The Spectator, once a fine conservative journal, should follow suit to provide suitable health warnings about the cuckoos who seem to have been invited into that nest by the peculiar Editor.

    To include La Hardman, chum of the creepy lurker YuNoHu and currently shacked up with a Labour MP.

  402. stephen maybery @ 10:43

    Language, stephen, language, it must have been the language that got you barred from the rag.

  403. Esther @ 11:04

    Hard to comprehend why the u-turn both here and France for the barbarian, too, Esther, (even though here it may have been mainly because of the FPTP voting system, a vote for UKIP was a wasted one).

    In their wisdom though the masses must have figured the bottom for the project of the progressives hasn’t been reached yet, it still has some more to go, and go further south it will, and only then will it implode.

  404. Esther @ 11:00

    What surprises, Esther, is that we haven’t yet seen the creation of a movement here similar to the Micron’s En Marche (obviously not of the same orientation or programme), or to the Czech republic ANO 2011 (Yes 2011) led by a man called Babis. Surely there must be enough rich people who could spare few millions to set it up, if just for the hell of it.

    It’s what we need really, a government that will do nothing more than create the conditions for true democracy to flourish, one that would allow an unrestricted national debate about the major issues that concern people rather than the what we have now, a bunch of the anointed imposing their take on issues, preventing a difference of opinion, silencing those who disagree.

  405. Baron, I don’t think a change in PM would be worth it, as long as TM could take advice. 🙂 All that is expected is Brexit and DD is doing that! So , if he was PM, you would need to find another Brexit leader, and they would have to have time to adjust/reaffirm everything, just because it would be demanded.

  406. Baron,
    You are probably right, never could keep my gob shut. Something here that might interest you. A friend of mine has received an e-mail from his sister in Warsaw. Admittedly she is spitting feathers over the disruption caused by Trumps visitation, but that apart, what she had to say about the event is certainly interesting. The audience for his address to the Polish people was carefully orchestrated, they were all bussed in from the countryside and told where to applaud and cheer. Is Question time broadcast in Poland?, is that where they got the idea from? or was it a case of the old ways are the best ways.

  407. stephen maybery @ 15:44

    The man who has sister in Warsaw is right, stephen, people did get bussed from all over, all furnished with small flags (immeasurably more Polish than US), told what to shout. Ask him to ask her to tell you about why has this allegedly happened.

    Te people in the country had complained that they are never a part of anything, it’s all the burghers of the capital, countryside bumpkins had been out of things.

    Whether that’s true one doesn’t know, but the barbarian goes to Poland on his visits, t’the religious south, the churches are full of old and young, the peasantry still smoking bacon the old way, in small wooden huts, the butter still tastes as butter used to, absolutely no chemicals, preservatives ….

    Btw, the Poles haven’t received one single Muslim refugee yet, say they ‘ll stay that way, the Czech welcomed exactly a dozen, have to guard them for fear they will run to next door Germany, the Hungarians have some, but only on a temporary basis (when conditions in their home countries improve they’ll be shipped back), only the Slovaks have embraced hundreds (5mn indigenous people, mostly mountains, plenty of cows, sheep, one or two heavy industry smoke belching steel plants).

    Brussels will have another word with the recalcitrant little tribes of middle Europe, cut out the flow of money they’ve been getting from the richer nations via the EU, the tribes’ leadership will succumb, Baron reckons, it always does whether the finger waging comes from the east (as it did when Kremlin was in charge) or, as it happens, now from the West.

  408. RobertRetyred @ 15:12

    Good point, Robert, if she were pushed the pressure from the anti-Tory camp (that’s virtually everyone, each pyramid of power’s against them from the church to the BBC) that pressure would be such that an election would become inevitable, and then who knows what may happen.

    You may recall when the cumryd got elected to lead the hard core Labour with his hard core Labour slicing of the issues, almost everyone was saying the man would last few months or even weeks, the poorly educated Slav thought otherwise arguing that if the Tories manage to fugg up he’ll have a chance to get to no10. The Tories nearly did fugg up, but are hopefully learning from it, but he isn’t there yet.

    Baron’s view now is (whatever little it’s worth) he won’t make it, come to the day of national counting again the support he allegedly has will disappear, there’s too much disunity in the ‘broad church of the Left’, that will be enough to keep him away from the seat of power growing his beard, thinking up more promises with which to bribe the voters, have more time to reminiscence with the lovely Diana about the sexy past and communist Germany.

    (Th e barbarian is known to get things wrong though).

  409. Sorry about the errors, the seem to be an essential part of anything Baron has ever posted.

    Gorgeous weather, the birds are singing, the Merlot hits the palate smoothly, could life be any better?

  410. Baron 16:37

    So, we agree the Conservative Party need to act conservatively! 🙂

    A strong and stable PARTY! 🙂

    I saw some comments pointing out that when the Young vote for freebies now, purchased with IOUs, they are only burdening their futures – and some are cottoning on to that.

    In response to an earlier post of yours, in the GE, many constituencies didn’t have a UKIP candidate in order to not spilt the Brexit vote. Brexit is so important.

  411. “George Clooney is a Complete Hypocrite”
    Paul Joseph Watson

    One of PJW’s best ‘celebrity’ takedowns to date!

  412. Whenever anyone looks at Theresa May, one of the first thoughts that comes to mind is: She was the one that called an election and didn’t need to and lost her majority (she has it back thanks to some real social conservatives). That is now her one claim to fame.

    But the drama that is whispered is that Corbyn was the man who could have won a referendum and failed. He wanted to Leave the EU, he thought Remain would win anyway and was blackmailed by Hillary Benn into campaigning for Remain.

    Imagine the political folk hero status that would have followed him had a leader of one of the two big parties campaigned for Leave. The adulation he would have received would propelled him into Downing Street by now.

    What a terrible miscalculation. As bad as May’s.

    It has caused chaos ever since because the Blairites thought they would get their throne back and use the platform to campaign for a second referendum. Wrong. Instead we get a coalition of xxxxholes sniping from the sides: Chukka Remainer, Heseltine, the CBI, George Osborne in the Evening Standard (the website is a pile of ant-Brexit propaganda). Every xxxxhole you can think of. And what’s Mrs May to do when the leader of the opposition refuses to block Brexit?

    How can she water it down without drawing attention to the fact that it’s her doing the watering down? You’re pushing at an open door, Theresa. No opposition.

    Well, Corbyn’s folly is haunting him as May’s haunts her. And he has learnt his lesson. No one is pinning any more pro-EU stuff on him. He has always wanted out and he wants the brownie points from the voters for being on their side.

    But he has to be careful. Corbyn can never say out loud what he thinks for alienating his supporters. But it’s all there to see in the political posture his policies take. He is supporting Brexit. That is obvious from the outside.

    Now comes word from Peter Oborne of what is happening behind the scenes:

    “In a fascinating development, I understand that, two weeks ago, a group of senior businessmen met a close union ally of Corbyn in the hope of convincing him of the case for a watered-down Brexit and were sent away with a flea in their ear.”

    “I believe that Corbyn’s support is absolutely crucial to the success of Brexit negotiations. This is particularly the case at a time the Tory Party is convulsed by a brutal battle between MPs who want a ‘soft’ Brexit — with continued membership of the Single Market trading arrangements — and hard Brexiteers who believe the UK can flourish without any vestigial EU ties.”

    Melanie Phillips’ first lesson of politics is don’t look at your enemy. It’s the traitors, the ones who betrayed you who made all this possible.

    And it always is. Someone let them in through the door? Who was it? LibLabCon. You want to cure the disease, look there.

    Similarly, with Brexit. Someone is blocking it. And it isn’t Corbyn. I wand Hammond out on his ear for weakening our hand at the negotiating table. These traitors need to be taught a lesson. You shut your xxxxing mouth and support Brexit.

    Why TF hasn’t she sacked him? I can only assume it’s because she is still for Remaining.

  413. It’s all there in the posturing:

    “He has ruthlessly treated Labour’s high-profile Remainers.”

    “Last week he sacked three pro-European shadow ministers for defying the party whip and backing a Commons amendment by Blairite MP Chuka Umunna calling for Britain to stay in the Single Market, in direct contravention of official Labour policy.”

    So why doesn’t she do the same?

    We’re waiting Mrs May. That xxxxing Hammond needs kicking out. And not with any niceties. What’s your posture, Mrs May? Or are you hoping it will all blow over and you can kick Brexit into a never-ending ‘transition’ period that mysteriously never ends?

    That’s what your posture looks like to me.

  414. These Tory traitors keep briefing journalists that ‘it will be like trench warfare’ winning Commons votes in the build-up to Brexit. What an insulting comparison from a bunch of cossetted brats.

    What fighting? What trenches? Corbyn has scothed his rebellion. Labour Remainers now only have 50 votes. So it’s them plus a pub darts team of Limp Dims. So where are these Brexit blockers?

    Ah, I see them. Now we all know. They’re xxxxing Tories (as usual).

    Give us the wretched Brexit.

  415. I don’t know if there’s a hidden agenda here (it is from the Remainer On Sunday so sup with a long spoon):

    A ‘kamikaze’ group of Right-wing Tory MPs said they are ready to risk handing power to Jeremy Corbyn. They believe ousting Mrs May will kill off moves to ‘reverse’ Brexit – and say the danger of a ‘brief dose of a Corbyn Government’ would ‘end in disaster’, and boost the Tories in the long term;

  416. It could just be the Remainer On Sunday trying to drive a wedge between May and Davis. If she axes Davis, that’s bad news for Brexit (which is what the Remainer on Sunday wants).

  417. No, it’s genuine.

  418. Do read all of that story. The Brexiteers know that if they don’t act now May will suffocate Brexit.

    In essence, what they seem to be saying to the ‘bloody difficult woman’ is back Brexit or otherwise we’ll plot to kick you out. You’re not going to put the blame for Brexit failure on us. We will have made clear to the public at each and every stage that we supported Brexit.

    ‘Reversers’ must not be allowed to destroy my party with their treason


    Parliament exists to reflect and enact the will of the people – not to subvert it. But amid the heat of high summer, it looks very much as if a plot is under way at Westminster.

    A plot to stymie the clear, unequivocal wish of the British people to leave the EU, as expressed in last year’s referendum.

    And it is, I very much regret to say, a plot that may yet succeed if MPs who truly respect that referendum result allow this conspiracy to proceed.

    It is also a plot that would cause immeasurable damage to the Conservative Party for a generation, if not for ever.

    Now, this may come as a shock to some of my fellow Brexiteers.

    They may, naively, think that as Theresa May has already invoked Article 50 – the legal trigger beginning the Brexit process – the leaving process is irreversible.

    We either reach an acceptable deal by March 30, 2019, as I hope and expect, or we don’t.

    Either way, we’re out – based on legally prescribed EU procedure – on a fixed date in just under two years’ time.

    Game, set and match, as Wimbledon umpires say.

    But fanatically pro-EU MPs, both Labour and misguided Tory ones, too, have hatched a cunning plot.

    Yes, we will leave the EU at that appointed time but on such ludicrously pro-Brussels terms, that we might as well have stayed exactly where we were. Still in the single market, with all the free movement of people that entails? Tick.

    Still locked inside the customs union and unable to take advantage of a host of new free-trade deals with the rest of the world? Tick.

    Still subject partly or wholly to the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice? Tick.

    And perhaps, most damagingly, of all, still having to send billions of British taxpayers’ pounds to Brussels each year? Tick again.

    In other words, we will have left, but not left.

    Just like the Hotel California, as rock group Eagles put it: We can check out, but we can never leave.

    Of course, this deceit on the British people won’t be done in an instant.

    It will be done over the next 18 months, slowly and gradually.

    We will be told that this vital interest means we must stay in the single market, or that this essential cause means the customs union must still apply.

    But eventually, the Remainers in both the Commons and the House of Lords – or Referendum Reversers as they are now known – will have successfully pulled the wool over voters and defied the expressed wish of the nation.

    Such a subversion of last year’s clear referendum result would shatter the credibility of my party for decades to come.

    How could we ever promise to honour any Election pledge ever again? Who would believe us?

    The consequence would be political chaos and, who knows, the sight of Jeremy Corbyn marching into Downing Street at the head of a hard-Left Labour government, with all its dire consequences for the country.

    BUT even worse, by overturning the referendum result, we will have rendered the solemn expression of the nation’s wishes null and void. Meaningless.

    At a stroke, we will have plunged a dagger into democracy’s heart.

    Of course, such is the zeal of the Reversers for clinging to Brussels’ apron strings, that such a treason against the British people will be worth it. A price worth paying, in their terms.

    As I said, some of my Brexiteer colleagues will find this scenario absurd. Utterly implausible.

    But its very implausibility is what may bring it to pass unless right-minded MPs are alerted to the danger now.

    It is a prospect too nightmarish to contemplate.

    We must wake up now if we are to prevent it.

  419. May wants to Remain but doesn’t want the blood on her hands of sabotaging Brexit.

    Davis seems to be saying: You have little authority and if I go, you’ll have none. If I stay, this is easy. If we have a full and proper Brexit, you get to stay as PM. If I leave, even if I don’t get to become PM, you will almost certainly lose the throne.

    So it’s very mcuh kamikaze. And who will blink first? I don’t think Davis is bluffing.

    She could have sent a signal by sacking Hammond and conspicuously didn’t. She just keeps thinking she can slide away from Brexit and no one will notice and she won’t take the blame.

    It’s decision time, May. In or out?

  420. Mystery solved. That’s why the Italian mafia have been helping George Soros’ immigrant programme:

    ‘The Mafia rigged the awarding of contracts for the management of migrant centres.’

  421. When you get the mafia and George Soros funded NGOs aligning interests, you really are screwed.

  422. ‘Don’t forget they came out of it alive!’: Top Tory councillor apologises after slamming Grenfell Tower survivors for ‘complaining despite getting money, food and housing’

    Straight to the comments. Yes, they agree with her.

    Foreigners who were leeching off the British taxpayer to start with seem to be walking away from this incidient with a lot of money.

  423. Sums it up:

    I am sick and tired of hearing some of these Grenfell residents whinging. They have accommodation, food money, and clothes. They have been well looked after. Just a short distance away, homeless people are sleeping in parks, doorways, and skips. they have been doing it for years, in all weather, eat at soup kitchens,and really struggle to survive.

    Stop moaning, Grenfell. Thousands of our own people are worse of than you lot, and they are not forever whinging !

  424. She is absolutely right. This is a typical over wash of skewed sentiment and all because those involved are immigrants.

    Where is the constant fundraising and screaming about Westminster Bridge, Manchester and London Bridge? They were all victims of a crime, this as far as we are lead to believe was an accident.

    As this was an accident, where are all the demonstrations and chants for rehoming of all those villagers that were flooded out of their home, some I believe have only just got back after 3 years.

    This is a typical biased set of reporting by MSM as usual pulling hard on the poor immigrant cord.

    They should be grateful they are alive and offered alternative accommodation over those ex service men who are living on the streets. As a lot of these people were there illegally either by renting as a sublet or as an illegal immigrant, I must say that I would put our ex servicemen first in any housing queue.

  425. She’s 100% right. Lose your own house by fire and see what help you get.

  426. Apologies for the multiple postings be people commenting. I am so angry at the complete whitewash over Westminster Bridge, Manchester and London Bridge and the kiss xxxx MSM over a bunch of illegal subletters.

    The former supporters dare not take to the streets for fear of being locked up for ‘hate crime’. While the latter’s supporters scream and scream and scream for things that were never rightfully theirs in the first place.

    It is very clear a lot of people in that block should not have been living off the taxpayer in the first place.

    What the hell is going on?

  427. I feel she is right, especially when you realise how much sub letting was going on and that people are not coming forward, perhaps because they should not be in the UK.

    he is only speaking what most people are thinking. Do you really think anyone outside of the M25 cares.

  428. Time to stop calling it the Grenfell fire and call it the Illegal Sub-letter fire.

  429. That’s just a few of the best comments underneath that article. I’m sure a lot more will be added.

  430. EC (22:24)

    … and that link led to this one:

    Can’t argue with much it. Though that level of intensity, without the mitigating emolliant of satirical humour will probably drive him into the psychiatric clinic eventually.

  431. PJW is a genius!

  432. You’re right, Frank. He could do with a Steyn style of delivery. Steyn always makes me smile.

    That PJW critique of culture is quite right but I think it works on a subtle level too. Anthony Gormless and his Angel of the North is no different from Tracey Emin’s bed.

    Public works of art used to be of war heroes or people of great achievement, social reformers.

    The trashy public art is all Gramscian influenced: It says don’t have an aspiration or a national identity (as formerly expressed in public art). Look at your bellybutton, look up your xxxxhole, in fact, don’t think at all. Think any old xxxx. Imagine there’s something profound in the xxxxbucket Angel of the North.

    Take your mind off national identity and aspiration. Let Gramsci infect you with nothingness. Because the Angel of the North is meaningful, right?

    Where is the statue of something meaningful and urgent and key to national identity?

    I want the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square to have a permanent statue of Lee Rigby.

    But they won’t allow that. Instead, they want tourists like me to look up the Gramscian xxxxhole of Anthony Gormless. Well, I haven’t gone to sleep and i want to know what happened to the UK they murdered.

  433. And consider the ghastly Chapman brothers who pretend to be fearless. I’ll tell you waht would be fearless.

    A blood red waterfall in the Turbine Hall of Tate Modern, with the water pouring down a statue of Enoch Powell. In one corner a statue of the crying wife of Lee Rigby with her sobbing child.

    In the other corner, a staute of Theresa May using a belt to sharpen the bladed instrument used to kill Lee Rigby, with his two killers looking gleefully at her.

    And on the floor, the names of all the dead killed by Islamic terror.

    I’d call that fearless and truthful.

    Could we call it ‘The Tragedy of The Tiber Redux’?

    These do artists work hand over fist to avoid reality.

  434. And consider the ghastly Chapman brothers who pretend to be fearless. I’ll tell you waht would be fearless.

    A blood red waterfall in the Turbine Hall of Tate Modern, with the water pouring down a statue of Enoch Powell. In one corner a statue of the crying wife of Lee Rigby with her sobbing child.

    In the other corner, a staute of Theresa May using a belt to sharpen the bladed instrument used to kill Lee Rigby, with his two killers looking gleefully at her.

    And on the floor, the names of all the dead killed by Islamic terror.

    I’d call that fearless and truthful.

    Could we call it ‘The Tragedy of The Tiber Redux’?

  435. Donald Sensing reacts to the other Donald’s Warsaw Speech:

    Sadly he’s right: you’re 50 years too late Mr. President, as are your speech writers.

    Btw – get Diana West aboard. She has some research data for you to factor in to your deliberations.

  436. I am told by someone in the UK that just as The Donald gives a massive PR boost to Brexit (he supports it) by saying the UK will get a quick trade deal (the EU doesn’t have one with the US) that Remain propaganda Sky News has gone berserk and has decided to report the story by saying ‘it won’t work’!

    The MSM are si full of xxxx.

  437. Not sure who Frau Merkel thinks she is trying to stick it to the Americans in the final Hamburg speech.
    It tells us all that we are well out of it.

  438. A proposed speech for Theresa May(substitute British/Britain appropriately):-

    “One of my first acts was ordering all federal agencies to enforce two simple rules: Buy American, and Hire American. We want to build with American Workers, and with American Iron, Aluminum and Steel.

    We are also tearing down every possible barrier to domestic energy production to unleash the full power of our economy. The American people will finally be allowed to tap into the vast energy wealth sitting right beneath our feet or right below our shores.

    We have also sent a clear message to the world that we will not allow other nations to take advantage of us any longer.

    That’s why I withdrew from the one-sided Paris Climate Accord – and believe me, it was one-sided. Not a good deal for our country. And the job-killing Trans Pacific Partnership, and that’s why we are pursuing a total renegotiation of NAFTA and if we don’t get it, we will terminate – that is end NAFTA forever.

    Every other nation on earth protects its own interests. America is finally going to do the same.

    And as we continue to fight for American workers and industry, it won’t be long before we see the Made in America label proudly displayed on thousands of new products all across this great land and exported all around the world.”

  439. Oh, and Baron, your friend has met his match at last:

    “Vladimir Putin shoots glare at Juncker as EU leader airs his ‘problems’ with Russia at G20”

    Young Vladimir had better get out of Ukraine quickly or Junck may put it to that his vodka is suspect.

  440. Frank P – 00:01

    Well then, at least I’ll have some company.

  441. Frank P – 00:01

    PJW did another good in similar vein one on ‘Conceptual’ or ‘Modern Art’
    [ aka “Phoney Art” or “Phart” for short © Fyfe Robertson ]

    Don’t deny yourself the pleasure on watching this one. It’s hilarious!

  442. EC (09:58)

    Amend that to “… at least WE’LL have some company.”

    And here’s another candidate for Hotel Despair:

    I had missed that piece – found it while googling last night to check on her progress; wondering what was her take on the Trump era. Must do some more surfing to discover what is her current state of mind. Perhaps there is another book in the offing?

  443. Peter Hitchens has caught the Foreign Office out lying in its propaganda:

    Yes, yes, Blair fooled us into a war. What about those trying to do the same thing now?

    I see Sir John Chilcot has noticed that A. Blair was perhaps not wholly straight with the country about Iraq.

    Oh, get over it. Most of those who were fooled by the ludicrous smirking Blair puppet were taken in because they wanted to be. That’s why they’re so angry with him now. They can’t arrest themselves for war crimes, so they want to do it to somebody else.

    Here’s a suggestion. The time to spot you’re being fooled is when you are being fooled. That way, you can stop it happening.

    And currently Mr Alexander ‘Boris’ Johnson is fooling you like anything, this time over Syria. He recently supported Donald Trump’s wholly illegal missile attack on that country, claiming to be speaking on your behalf.

    It’s WMD all over again, you wait and see. The Make War Not Love Faction in the West are currently working very hard to entangle us in a Syrian conflict.

    France’s grand new President, whom I think of as Napoleon the Fourth, wants to join in the next attack. Britain probably doesn’t have the kit to take part, but promises to cheer as the bombs fall.

    Mr Johnson remarked last week: ‘As I have said previously, the UK’s assessment is that the Assad regime almost certainly carried out this abominable attack’ – by which he means an alleged poison gas attack on the Syrian town of Khan Sheikhoun. The Foreign Office have no proof for this claim.

    A new report by the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) is incredibly cautious about what happened (its scientists couldn’t go to the site, which is controlled by jihadis). It does not allocate blame.

    It just suits people like Mr Johnson to believe it was Syria, because they want a war.

    Sir Geoffrey Adams, our man at the OPCW, said last week that ‘there is no evidence to suggest that any party to the conflict in Syria, other than the Syrian government, has access to a complex nerve agent such as sarin’.

    On the contrary. There is such evidence. Mokhtar Lamani, the distinguished diplomat and academic, helped investigate a sarin gas attack in Khan al-Assal, Syria, in March 2013. He reported to the UN serious evidence that the Islamist fanatics of the Nusra Front might have possessed poison gas products. I put this as cautiously as I can.

    In May of that year, several Nusra operatives were arrested in Turkey. Turkey’s government is sympathetic to Nusra and, like the USA and Britain, hostile to the Syrian government. To begin with, the Nusra men were accused of possessing sarin, but the charge was later dropped. Two Turkish opposition MPs have since claimed their government is soft-pedalling the probe.

    Reminded of this, the Foreign Office changed their position, saying instead there is ‘no serious evidence’.

    Why are they so anxious to believe their Nusra friends don’t have poison gas, yet so frantic to believe that Syria is using poison gas? We can’t know. That’s exactly the point.

    As in Iraq, our leaders have begun to believe what they want to believe. And when the inquiry into the disastrous, yet-to-happen Syria war is held, I hope someone notices this.

  444. Here’s someone else who rarely gets it wrong…

    Bill Whittle on NRATV: Hot Mic – Thin-Skinned Leftists (Jul6, 17)

    You can skip the first 8mins, amusing though it is, which is all about the recent kerfuffle over DT retweeting something that offended CNN , and then CNN further digging its own grave by proceeding to bully and blackmail the original perp.

    The bulk of it is an interesting, imo, discussion with comedian Evan Sayet about the Culture War, the leftist mindset and techniques they employ.

    An analysis that concurs with comments on CHWs passim, but in particular with many of the comments made by Frank P and the Colonel.

    I always said that humour is the best weapon. Historically proven to get right under the skin of totalitarians.

  445. Who’d have thought it? The Camel Corps Foreign Office working in cahoots with Turkey. Fuxake.

  446. ”Mocking them is something they can’t handle.”

    Damn right. I do it all the time with Corbyn supporters over his hatred of the EU. I just get angry-faced silence.

    These people are like nutty evangelists.

  447. God give me strength:

    Sir Vince Cable offered the prospect of a new home for disgruntled Labour MPs who face being forced out over their continued opposition to Jeremy Corbyn.

    He said: ‘We have a generous policy on refugees – we will give them food and accommodation.

    ‘Jeremy Corbyn had a good election. But there is an element of a bubble about it.

    ‘He is very pro Brexit, a hard Brexit. When that becomes apparent, divisions in the Labour Party will become more clear.’

  448. What is so disgusting about that Vince Cable creature is that the only reason the party is funded by Soros is because it is so pro-EU and so pro-legalisation of drugs. Soros wants to be a legalised drug dealer. It’s another monopoly he wants his hands on and he wants polticians to help him.

    xxxx Soros. xxxx drugs. xxxx the EU.

  449. EC

    Further to the Diana West story. She has apparently soldiered on via Some interesting current copy there. She’s still refighting WWII, of course, since the pasting she took from the ‘old left’ over her book “American Betrayal”.

    I found this piece interesting; it provides a different perspective on the Bosnian War, which given more recent developments regarding the jihad, perhaps requires a little historical revision 🙂 :

  450. That article is breathtaking. Justice is supposed to be seen to be done. Not just done. But the ‘war crimes’ judge would not let the public see the picture that led to – wholly justifiable – retaliation.

    I love the way the defendant lets history know how the judges censored the trial.

    Those activist judges are pure evil.

    I didn’t know that it was Clinton who encouraged the jihadists into Europe. I guess I should have given how often he spends Christmas with Henry Kissinger.

    Clinton, Kissinger, Soros and their Bilderberg chums.

    Such a small number of evil xxxxs behind this programme.


    The old enemy needs a bloody nose.
    Where are the thanks for Dunkirk and Normandy.
    Macron seems to be the new Petain.

  452. ALL newborns will be given a hepatitis B jab after health watchdog says 96% of cases are among immigrants

  453. As usual, that story is buried away on the website (the Mail has gone quiet on immigration because it embarrasses May). Oh, and the comments are choice:

    apensioner, Norwich, United Kingdom

    ‘”In some sub-Saharan African countries, one in seven is a carrier” of hepatitis B, is this the advantage of immigration that those in favour talk about? It defies logic.’

  454. Breitbart headline:

    WHITES NEED NOT APPLY – ‘Racist’ Hiring Policy at ITV’s Peston on Sunday Show

  455. Robert Peston is of course a Common Purpose alumni.

  456. There is a news blackout outside of Italy at the moment because of the scale of the immigrant crisis. Even the Mail, Spectator an Telesmurf won’t mention it.

    And inside Italy, Renzi is removing his own remarks from his own Democratic Party websitee as he tries to avoid the blame:

    Italy’s former PM Matteo Renzi: “We need to free ourselves from a sense of guilt. We do not have the moral duty to welcome into Italy people who are worse off than ourselves,” the Democratic Party (PD) leader wrote in new book, excerpts of which were released ahead of publication on the PD website.

    “There has to be a fixed number of arrivals,” he said, adding that Italy should help migrants in their home countries, and sounding suspiciously close like Italy’s anti-immigrant parties.

    Sure enough, underscoring the sensitivity of the issue – and just how hypocritical Europe’s liberal crown is – Renzi’s comments were swiftly removed from the website, but not before they had generated a backlash among some PD supporters, and glee in the right-wing camp.

    As Reuters reports, the biggest winner from Renzi’s unexpected moments of honesty, was Matteo Salvini, leader of the anti-immigrant Northern League party, who posted the deleted text on his own Twitter account. “Thanks for all the work. We will take it,” Salvini wrote. “They (the PD) chatter and get embarrassed about it, while we can’t wait to actually do it.”

  457. That is exactly my tactic with Remainers: I rub their noses in the Leave views of their darling Jeremy Corbyn.

    Relentlessly. Suck it up, snowflakes.

  458. Italy is at breaking point. It has been made bankrupt by the EU. The youth are unemployed. And every day George Soros-funded boats keep dropping loads more new arrivals.

    Further north, Poland, Austria and Hungary won’t take any fake refugees and so are building walls to keep them out.

    Renzi is only changing his tune because he fears the idiot voters might finally stop voting for him.

    What took them so long. Stop, stop, stop voting for the legacy parties. It works.

    When you vote for someone else, it works. Don’t go back to them.

    No, no, no.

  459. From the same article:

    ‘Last month, Renzi’s PD party fared badly in local elections, losing control of 30 municipalities, including the traditional leftist stronghold of Genoa in northern Italy, with the migrant crisis increasingly weighing on the government.’

    It’s only the loss of office and power that made him concede the argument. Kick him out. FFS don’t do what the UK did and vote a legacy party back again.

    The establishment intend to keep this up, flooding Europe with people in the hope of sparking a crisis that leads to a post-democratic era. That is what MUtti Merkel and the rest of the Soros mob have always wanted: To finish ‘the project’ by force.

  460. The wordsmith gives us break from current politics and uses his skills to discuss a song, his other abiding interest:

    … which evoked a string of memories that thread through my life, in particular those of the halcyon days, when the juices were flowing and sweet.

    But then … re-reading the piece, which is really a biog of Lena Horne, it became clear that there is no respite from politics really, just different ways of discussing it. Plus ca change …

  461. Watching tv. Is anyone in London English.

  462. Three people including a woman and child are killed in horror crash in Cornwall involving five cars

    So the third death was a man, probably white British, heterosexual, in a job and voted Tory?

    Well, he was a ‘male pedestrian’, so he might have been a Environmentalist, saving the planet – but he was only a man, so not worth being included in the headline.

  463. RobertRetyred @ 22:46

    You’re not fully with it, Robert, the third person killed may have been transgender or any other of the 57 ‘genders’ one can elect to be if one feels like it, he, he, he.

  464. John birch. @ 22:18

    In the world of the globalists where borders don’t exist, John, does it really matter who’s in London or any other of the rainbow cities anywhere?

  465. Frank P @ 19:24

    How does the great Mark remember such details beggars belief, Frank, the man’s more than a living and walking encyclopaedia.

    Nice song, too, even though it’s not rapped, which would enhance its appeal immeasurably (only joking).

  466. Esther @ 19:01

    One of the graphs in the piece shows the number of arrivals sharply down this year from the million plus in 2015, Esther, it’s only July, too early to read much int it, but unless there’s a massive surge in the next five months the cutback looks promising, the pressure on the politicians may be working, no?

  467. Esther @ 13:07

    You should look at the bright side of the re-entry of the hepatitis B virus here, Esther, there are far too many people in the world, over 7bn or so, there’s a need for some weeding out to be done, each country has to share in the cutback, the spread of the hepatitis B here, if it happens, should be our contribution to it (again only joking).

  468. Esther @ 11:59

    More to the story, Esther.

    The man Milosevic was nicknamed ‘the butcher of the Balkans’, maligned for months in all Western MSM (google if you want to) as the US bombed Serbia for over 70 days in 1999, killed tens of thousands, carved up a chunk of the country (today’s Kosovo) for the local Muslims, and already whilst the bombing was going on they started building the biggest military base in Europe on the annexed territory of Kosovo.

    Having defeated the Serbs, they dragged Milosevic in chains to the Hague to face the trial you’re referring to, the man fell ill, was refused treatment (in Moscow), died in prison, only to be totally cleared by the Court only recently (no mention of it in the MSM here).

    As the great Mark says ‘it’s the process that harms (in the case of Milosevic it has killed), the verdict is of little importance.

  469. Marshal Roberts (21:21)

    Fuck my old brown boots! And it’s possible that Archie Cuntsbury will, ere long, if this lunacy continues to spread. Now there’s a new acronym to add to the sexual alphabet soup, FFOBB (Fucks Frank’s Old Brown Boots). 🙂

    Wonder what form the ceremony will take in the newly exclusive church?
    Severed prick, scrotum and balls, offered for blessing at the altar in a velvet covered box with a rainbow motif, to be interred behind a removed brick in the wall and marked with a suitable plaque inscribed, “Here lie the erstwhile gonads of Joanna Bloggs, nee Joe Bloggs, who finally discovered the difference between its arse and its elbow, with the help of The Reverend Ben Dover of this parish.”

    Ace, King Queen Jack: spectacles, testicles, vollet and votch. I play dominoes – do you too-oo?

    I loved this passage (so to speak) in the Breitbart article:

    “Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby also said the Anglican church would spend three years outlining a new stance on sexuality”…

    Two fucking years?? I could do it in one sentence for you, Vicar.
    Spread your legs wide apart, then touch your toes! Job done. As for mutual muff-diving, easy. Assume the regulation soixante-neuf position.

    Dirty bastards!

  470. btw … What’s Archie going to do with all these vestal virgins with vinyl vaginas? Form a castrato choir, I suppose. Plus ca change …

  471. Sorry that of course should be casrati choir, there’s a lot of ’em about apparently.

  472. Frank P 0051

    “It’s an abomination when the church condones immorality and changes God’s Word to fit man’s sinful behavior. My answer to the Church of England: “Thus says the Lord”; “It is written”; “Have you not read?” – Read Matthew 19:4-7: “From the beginning of creation, God made them male and female.” Ken Ham”

    The worst is the glorification of all this. My default station on awaking is Radio 4 but I have reprogrammed to Radio 3 on Sundays because we now hear Edward Stourton droning on about LGBT issues on whatever nonsense he presents instead of the Today Programme.
    No wonder he was sacked from Today.

  473. BTW
    My wife has pointed out to me that it is now not sufficient to say LGBT.
    Apparently LGBTQIA is the correct inclusive term for people with “non-mainstream sexual orientation.”

  474. She should have issued an ‘unprecedented invitation’ to Nigel after she got the the job a year ago, that would have acknowledged his contribution to both the country regaining its sovereignty and her getting elected as leader of the Tories. It would have helped to cement our leaving the Brussels monstrosity, the country would have lover it..

    To invite Labour to join in today borders on the insane.

    The cumryd should accept, claim credit for everything that turns out well, blame the Tories when things go wrong.

    She must go, Robert, she must go soon, or we get the taste of communism in no time at all.

  475. Marshal Roberts July 10th, 2017 – 07:59

    I avoid that problem by not using the term at all as it is a contrivance not “inclusive” to anything in life which interests me or holds my attention.

    It is on a par with Esperanto, Methodism and street-dancing police people. A passionate pursuit for some no doubt, but let them get on with it and good luck to them.

  476. Baron July 10th, 2017 – 08:00

    Bonkers. But an appropriate capitulation to wind down the last vestiges of any conservatism in Parliament by the woman who also gifted the left wing conspiracy the term “nasty party”.

    Will she go down in political history as the Woman Who Destroyed The Tories?

  477. The book reviews in this week’s Speccie are full of sly cultural marxist references, mainly of the feminist kind.

    This seems to be part of an ongoing obsession with the biographies of obscure pre-war radicals, the Bloomsbury set and the lives of various homosexualists.

  478. Another long term “achievement” of the West’s anti-Vietnam war protestors and the Western socialist aiders and abettors of North Vietnam’s war of communist aggression against the South:-

    And it seems that they would rather like to impose that level of state interference and censorship here.

  479. Baron – 23:28
    They have run out of letters 🙂 and I expect there will be degree courses on the subject. What a mess.

    Baron – 08:00
    It is looking more and more like a car crash. Will it degenerate until words have no meaning? The Referendum result will stand as a reminder of Parliament’s lack of respect for Democracy.

    And it is not as though the EU is anything like the Promised Land. Even the Elites must see that its attractive qualities are crumbling.

  480. Colonel Mustard (10:26)

    Thanks for the heads up on qz. Reading through beyond the piece you cited opened up a world largely unreported here. Good pictures, too. Seems there’s a great deal going on in the far east that should concern us, notwithstanding the chaos in Europe, America and the Near East (as we once described it). Worthy of a bookmark.

  481. RobertRetyred @ 10:38

    Sorry to say it, Robert, but there already are courses on gender studies, plenty of them, Cambridge is amongst the universities offering them.

    And this:

    A bloke was pontificating the other day on the BBC4 World at One on gender and stuff linked to it. Alot is still to be done for the homosexuals, the largest group, it’s not enough ‘to tolerate them, we must embrace them’, he said.

    Immediately after this hint of the future of sex Baron switched off the channel, shouted at the radio for some time, in fact for so long the boss said he needed a psychiatric treatment there and then, then thought hard (but quietly) whether it meant embracing them literally or not. Can anyone tell?

    It may well be that homosexuality will not just stay legal, but become compulsory, as Bob Hope once quipped about California. Before the barbarian departs this world he may be forced (for only considerable forcing will do it) to experience something he has always thought to be as enjoyable as a mighty kick in the groins.

  482. Colonel Mustard @ 09:26

    It very much feels she might go down as the Tory equivalent of the ghastly Blair, Colonel, in her case it will be the incompetence, poor judgment, the inability to consult rather than the narcissism, the lust for power, the poor evil that drove the Labour man to destroy a movement that served its purpose when politics sliced society alongside capital versus labour.

  483. Frank P @ 00:51

    But they will very likely not wear a mitre when the new ceremony gets going, Frank.

    The keenness of the progressives to destroy any coupling with the past seems to have reached to the comical, why should it bother anyone what someone else puts on his head?

  484. Neill Ferguson, the young historian (who performed a timely u-turn on the Donald, is backing him now) has a piece in the ST on the North Korean riddle. He’s linking it with ‘’Destined for War’ by Graham Allison, a Harvard professor (good read, you should get it from the library). Out of the sixteen cases of switchover of power between superpowers of the day Allison examines, four occurred without wars.

    In the ST piece, Ferguson lists four options the Donald could explore. First is the continuation of the jaw-jaw favoured by South Korea based on the premise ‘the North Koreans could be relied upon not to be relied upon’, essentially following the line which prevailed before the Americans got anxious about the North Korean regime.

    The second options goes for sanctions, the route favoured by the hon Muslim. It has been a flop, as virtually any other sanctions have been, ‘that which doesn’t destroy you makes you stronger’ rules, it rules more efficiently the bigger the sanctioned country, Korea may not be huge, powerful, or whatever, but it has a relatively friendly neighbour who is.

    Option three passes the buck to the Chinese, it has been the one pursued by the Donald, not much success so far, in the 1st quarter this year trade between North Korea and China got boosted by 40%.

    The last option, according to Ferguson, is the military one. He reckons the US military have enough firepower to inflict such a horrific damage on the North Korean nutter, his forces won’t be able to harm Seoul (10mn people, few miles down the border with North Korea).

    What the clever historian of Scottish heritage mentions not is two things that are as important after any possible collapse of the communist tyranny – who pays for the re-unification of the peninsula, and what do the Mandarin speakers prefer on their eastern borders? A regime, however unstable, but unquestionably anti-American, or one toeing the line of the American bully boys without fail.

    The cost of rebuilding united Korea is put at over one trillion bucks (modelled on the German re-unification), the South Koreans have made it clear they won’t cover it if only because they haven’t got that sort of money, mortgaging their future with the sum (their annual GDP is roughly just a third higher than one trillion dollars) would be suicidal for them. That leaves the Americans (GDP some $18tr) and the international community (WP over $90tr) to foot that bill. Will the Americans find the same amount of money they’ve already wasted in Afghanistan? Will the UN do a collection? Baron reckons neither is likely to happen, not when every developed country’s in a shite with high indebtedness, immigrants streaming from domestic poverty to the more affluent countries of the north, economic growth everywhere is rather anaemic.

    Another options over and above the four should be considered by those running the world – bribing the North Koreans with trinkets, corrupting them with consumerism, embracing the nutter, showing him love and affection by inviting him to jamborees of the sort we’ve just had in Hamburg.

    The objection may be that he’s a Marxist, a murderer, a narcissistic thug who’s killed millions, is still at it. This is true, but resurrection is not available yet, and the number of the killed, if the Americans are to have a go militarily, is likely to double, possibly treble those he and his farther have killed already, many may be our own people.

    Moreover, if he were to, as the last resort, set off the nuclear stock he possesses, not fire it, just detonate in situ, who knows which way the leukaemia causing particles are to move, they may as well reach countries outside the region not unakin to what happened when the Chernobyl nuclear installation blew up.

  485. When passing Fulwood Barracks on Friday I was surprised to notice that, alongside the Union Jack the deviate multi-stripy ragflag was also flying.
    Since when has it been appropriate or even compulsory to fly the Queans’ colours alongside, hem, the flag of the nation?

  486. The dancing pen of our fav’rit literary genius is today accompanied by a symphony of sarcasm in four movements;

    From what well of wisdom does he replenish his daily satirical offerings?
    His output is unparalled in both volume and bravura content. A peerless latter day Encyclopédiste. The Donald should award him the Medal of Freedom. 🙂

    The best put-down of a lefty hack I have read in years.

  487. … and to think The Speccie let him go.

  488. Noa July 10th, 2017 – 18:44

    There was a senior rupert on TV explaining why it was so important. A bit too much explaining and I remained unconvinced.

  489. “Jacob Rees-Mogg Blasts ‘Remoanerism’, Attacks EU’s ‘Colonialist Approach’ to Brexit Talks”

    This, penned by “Dexy”

    “To face down them robbers baronial,
    Them çünts condescending, colonial,
    We need Jacob Rees-Mogg,
    To steer out of their fog.
    Please forgive this too-brief testimonial.”

  490. EC @ 22:26

    The man’s great, EC, in a sense that a Ferrari is great, but when one’s sinking deeply in mud one needs a tractor like David Davies.

  491. Frank P @ 19:05

    Quite, Frank, in a word it’s superb, one his recent best.

    And not only is it “the best put-down of a lefty hack you’ve read in years’. His reading of the Donald’s speech and the speech itself are as well the smartest and the long awaited repudiation of the Susan Sontag’s destructive quip that ‘the white race is the cancer of human history’.

    Smart because the Donald cum Mark don’t mention the white race, but the West (largely white, but not fully), and long awaited because not one politician since the war has delivered such a powerful argument in favour of the West (defined in the broadest sense i.e. including the Japanese, Russian, Hispanic tribes), and not one hack has ever endorsed such a slicing of the key existential issue so clearly and powerfully.

    The great Mark should be syndicated, published everywhere by law, his gold plated statue erected in front of every Parliament of all Western countries and beyond.

  492. Frank P @ 18:23

    The truth is out, finally, Frank, but a question still remains. Is the poorly educated Slav the descendant of the Neanderthals or the Sapiens line of the two? Given his looks, behavioural traits and the (lack of) success in life it must be the former, he reckons.

  493. The man who calls himself a historian goes by the name Max Hastings has a review of the book the barbarian has already mentioned, the ‘Destined for War’.

    Nothing much in it that would add to the world’s knowledge of anything, but one sentence caught Baron’s attention.

    Whist the whole review is about America and China, their cultures, the decline of the former and the spectacular rise of the latter etc, etc, the said Hasting also inserted the following line: ‘Allison (the author of the book) sketches a scenario for escalation, in which America may start by tearing down the cyber-wall that China, like Russia, uses to deny its citizens free access to internet’.

    There’s no mentioning of Russia by Allison, it was added by Ferguson, he couldn’t resist it, his hate for the country of the Russian Slavs is such he would add the Russians to anything that’s negative.

    If he were to google he would find Russia has never featured amongst the top countries that ban internet for its citizens (see first link). In fact, Russia cannot efficiently ban the internet for reasons explained in the second link.

    The barbarian doesn’t want to get into a lengthy argument about how bad things are in Russia, he is fully aware of the shortcomings. What makes him rather sad is that those opposing the tribe of the Russians resort to obvious lies to make the country look much worse than it is. Why?

  494. Have you taken your meds Baron? If not then you shouldn’t click on this link:

  495. For students of the arcane in the financial world, let it be known that my sources report that Operation Eternal Sunrise was launched yesterday worldwide at 0600 Beijing time.

  496. I hope that the invitation to president Trump from the Mekon to attend Bastille Day celebrations in Paris on Friday will not prove a sequel to Justice Antonin Scalia’s decision to go quail hunting in Texas last year.

  497. Meanwhile, back in the USA, tomorrow’s dinner is ready, just a tin-opener away

  498. Frank P, July 10th, 2017 – 19:05

    Jonathan Capeheart can’t whistle four bars of Islamic music, not even the call to prayer (which, if this kind of civilizational self-loathing keeps up, he’ll know soon enough). I vaguely suspect he couldn’t whistle four bars of a symphony either, save perhaps the first four notes of Beethoven’s biggest hit. In that sense, cultural relativism leads only to a cultural void – not multiculturalism but a-culturalism.

    Marvellous! As you said…

    “The dancing pen of our fav’rit literary genius is today accompanied by a symphony of sarcasm in four movements;”

    RIP WaPo & Waleed, Bwahahahahaha!

  499. Frank P @ 02:13

    The man’s gone bonkers, Frank, fully and irrevocably, someone should gently take his arm, take him to the nearest clinic for people who’ve gone nuts, book him in to never leave the place.

    It’s not even a parody, it’s just verbal vomit as the barbarian keeps saying.

    Btw, Baron wasn’t aware of the Micron’s interview he’s referring to (is Manny Micron anyway?), has anyone come across it?

  500. Malfleur @ 03:25

    Just out of curiosity (more than that), Malfleur, how do you search for stuff like this or the can? Or you remember where it sits, do you?

    On occasions, one would like to get hold of a picture, doesn’t know how to search the net for it.

  501. Baron – 08:49

    Actually Mr. Boot getting better at doing humour, Baron. That was one of his better ones, almost, but not quite, Steyn-esque.

  502. Immigration: The Long March…. from California to Texas!

    “Is Texas turning Purple?”

  503. Merkel centre stage, wearing RED, but where’s Manny?

    His Nan won’t have been at all pleased by this!

  504. “Manny’s Nanny won’t have been at all pleased by this!”

  505. Amber Rudderless & Sharia May, indeed!
    Geert Wilders is PNG, but this chap is OK?

    “South African hate preacher Ebrahim Bham was allowed to enter the United Kingdom to speak in a government building despite calling Jews “agents of Satan” and quoting Nazi Joseph Goebbels who compared Jews to fleas.

    The Muslim hate preacher spoke at the weekend-long Palestine Expo at the Queen Elizabeth II Centre, described as Europe’s largest “Jew hate event”, despite being known to have made several anti-Semitic and anti-Christian speeches in the past.”

  506. ” I was raised in honour,patriotism,love and respect for my country…”

    ” I did not fight against l`Algerie francaise to accept une France algerienne. ”

    Brigitte Bardot.

    Article in French:(may be,with difficulty,translated).

  507. AGAIN: brigitte-bardot-pour-valeurs-actuelles-73302

  508. ” The Hidden Face of Macron ”

    ” False Rebel,True Socialist,Spiritual Son of Holland ”

    Cover of Valeurs Actuelles .

  509. …as I repeat, ad nausem, “Plus ca change”.

    And that’s the Huguenot genes surfacing.

  510. I ordered some German food on the internet. The sauerkraut arrived yesterday but the wurst is yet to come.

  511. A while since we had a blast of this.

  512. Andy Car Park – 15:01

    “Felix Mendelssohn? Wasn’t he ein Hamburger? Yeah, sure, but he culturally appropriated it all from Waleed the lute-player.”
    © Mark Steyn

  513. Andy Car Park – 15:01

    Speaking of blasts…

    Encapsulates the neocons agenda perfectly, with Max Boot and Hillary leading the charge.

  514. For those faint hearts who do not wish to see terrorists and evil men pay for the murders they commit.

    The mad dog argument:

    “What is the single strongest argument in favor of the death penalty?

    ” A “mad dog” is a dog that is infected with rabies. It will never recover, it will never be a nice dog again, and it wants desperately to bite everyone in sight, thus giving them rabies as well.

    Applied to humans, we have individuals such as Charles Manson who have unquestionably killed innocent people at every opportunity, and encouraged others to join him in killing. He organized a killing spree that left 7 people dead, including the actress Sharon Tate. There is absolutely no doubt about his guilt, nor has he denied it.

    Manson was convicted of conspiracy to commit murders and given 9 concurrent life terms. But under California’s laws, Manson is imprisoned for life and can’t be executed. Is his incarceration equivalent to the death penalty? The answer is an unequivocal NO. If he had been executed upon conviction in 1971, he would be gone, dead, maybe even at least partially forgotten. But the USA has paid a huge price for letting him live, including almost losing a President of the United States as a result. Despite being in prison, Manson convinced his follower Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme to take a gun and shoot and assassinate the President of the United States, Gerald Ford. She did as he instructed, and the president would have died then and there, except that the gun misfired.

    The government of California knew Manson was a “mad dog.” They knew that he would continue to present a clear and present danger to the citizens and leadership of the United States as long as he could still draw a breath. But they have elected to keep him alive, allowing him to commit more mayhem, more crimes, and infect more minds as long as he continues to live. And the citizens of California have been forced to pay for many parole hearings since then, and appear as witnesses, forced to relive the horrors, in order to ensure he is not released.”

  515. Andy Car Park (14:29)

    Wurst than that:


  516. Trump has ended the ‘climate change’ scam by calling their bluff. Just say No!”

  517. ” For Britain ” :
    ….a campaign group to support Anne Marie Waters in her bid to be elected as leader of UKIP….which is opposed by the UKIP establishment.
    She wants to know if her supporters who join the party before 6 August qualify to vote in the leadership election.
    She wants UKIP to be strongly oppositional to islam.

  518. Radford NG (21:31)

    Is there a political party in the UK that doesn’t make Fred Karno’s army look like 4 PARA by comparison?

    Risible rabble, the lot of ’em.

  519. They’ve been at it again!
    i.e. “The unspeakable In Pursuit of the Unheatable”:

    How They airbrushed out the Inconvenient Pause
    By Christopher Monckton of Brenchley

  520. Radford NG – 21:31

    How intolerant must the intolerant become before they are not tolerated anymore?

    Recent reports show that, with a few notable exceptions, most of the current UKIP MEPs don’t have much understanding of the threats that Britain faces or how to find out what they are and how to deal with them in a civil manner.

    And I thought the Tory MP Remainers were bad!

    At least all the British MEPs, from all parties, will be out of job in less than two years.

  521. They’ve been at it again! (2)

    “This keeps happening. Either the Beeb is getting taken in by these hard-left agitators – which is incompetence – or they are complicit, which is worse…”

    My money is on the latter…

  522. “The Left’s Push For Pedophile Acceptance”
    The White Rose

    YCMIU !

  523. EC (11:06)

    Duhrr-ty Baarrsturds!!

  524. A clear indication of where non-Mother Theresa is coming from, is her close association with Matthew Taylor, arrogant socialist Think-Wank extroadinaire, son of Laurie, both Gramsci disciples. Neither has done a day’s real work in his life, but our PM has paid Jr to pontificate to taxpayers about paying their window cleaners and gardners through the Jack Dash system of avoiding legitimised government extortion in order to raise revenue to fill the Swiss bank accounts of foreign potentates (aka Foreign Aid). I understand that Taylor is researching the possibility of an ‘anus app’, which will be compulsorily inserted up the jacksie of every citizen of the UK to measure the emission of methane per annum so that it can be automatically metered for the purposes of environmental taxation; defacation and urination is, of course, already taxed via exorbitant sewage and water charges.

    I would like to believe that one day in the not-too-distant future, before I depart this mortal coil, that red-blooded men will march through the Whitehall bubble, lay hands on all the parasitical inhabitants of that cosseted community and toss them in the Thames having first encased them in concrete. However, I accept that this is a deluded notion, as no such red-blooded males any longer exist.

  525. Frank P – 13:08

    It’s sickening, Frank. Did you note that this cause is being promoted by the BBC and the Guardian, amongst others. To give Alex Jones his due, he’s been reporting on this problem for some time.

    The world is rapidly descending into somewhere that is far worse than Sodom and Gomorrah on steroids! There is no cure for insanity, and the only effective remedy I can see being the “Marshall Roberts Solution.” i.e. The rope or the firing squad.

  526. EC 1423
    Happy to include the needle.

  527. There are some who favour other means depending on the malefactor group:

    Falling from a height: The method is brutal and grotesque — but the victims’ suffering would probably not last as long as that of some reports on firing squads.

  528. Frank P – 13:40

    A thousand thousand slimy things lived on and so did I.

  529. Marshal Roberts – 18:05

    Chucking “undesirables” out of aircraft flying over the shark infested estuarial waters of the River Plate was, reportedly, a favourite method of Juan Peron’s security services. What could be “Greener?” Surely no eco-mentalist could argue with that…

    Firing squads: A head shot with the right calibre round would be pretty explosively instantaneous. Messy, though. Colonel Mustard will correct me if Im wrong.

  530. I said a few weeks or months ago that I can’t see any leaders in politics anymore they are all wankers all to be put more politely Committee people who sit around talking endlessly and achieving nothing.
    No one actually looks capable of doing the job they are already in. They are place people . They fill the place but achieve absolutely nothing but because everybody else are the same level of uselessness they get away with it .

  531. Frank P – 13:40

    “I would like to believe that one day in the not-too-distant future, before I depart this mortal coil, that red-blooded men will march through the Whitehall bubble, lay hands on all the parasitical inhabitants of that cosseted community and toss them in the Thames having first encased them in concrete.”

    That time is fast approaching, Frank. Betcha thought you’d be “safely dead” by then, but, despite the NHS, you won’t! Gun running is a lucrative business, and I predict that the populace will arm themselves regardless of the law. [ eg. Germany / Austria / Switzerland ] See you on the barricades… armed only with Mrs EC’s Ice Axes, of course!

  532. My foreign wife says that’s what you get with democracy, effectively useless people .
    I’m beginning to think she’s right the shower we have at the moment couldn’t be any worse.
    Singapore became what they are today with no democracy whatsoever just a strong leader Who did the right things for the nation .
    It’s hard to say that democracy works better than that.

  533. Barricades, gun running, throwing people out of the flying aircrafts… what the heck is wrong with you? You do it to them, they’ll start doing it to us. That’s the last thing we need, everything but everything is preferable to the rule of the mob, trust Baron, he knows, he’s been through it.

    Democracy has always been messy, in fact the messier it is the better the end result, it often appears indecisive, pathetically inefficient, seemingly ending in a societal cul-de-suc, but as the great Winston observed it the least bad arrangement of the lot.

    Take the political nightmare of the present. Would it be the end of Britain, of the way of life as we wish it to be, of common sense, tolerance and liberty if the cumryd succeeded in arousing the deluded youngsters to a point where the Government were to be forced to go to the country again?

    Temporarily perhaps, but not for ever, the country would get to feel the pain of the Marxist take on life, would turn against it at the earliest opportunity.

    It is what may be needed, a dose of true socialism for everyone to realise that it is not, it has never been the panacea the cumryd and his motley crew of imbeciles are telling us that it is. Often it’s only when one reaches the bottom that can one regain one’s senses and start again behaving as life dictates.

  534. This nicely wraps up the Warsaw speech, note the two guys objecting to it after Tucker’s introduction, they find the Donald’s words, in particular on symphonies, racist, possibly because their tribe hasn’t really composed any, which this should in no way demolish the fact that members of the the Western tribe did.

  535. Murray’s out, Djokovic’s out (to add to the earlier disappointments of the seeded players), it seems it’s not the year for the leaders, but one for the underdogs.

    Is anyone watching it?

  536. This is beyond sickening, EC, how on earth do they get way with it?

    The great Joseph covered the same subject some weeks ago, Baron wanted to post it, but for some reason didn’t, it’s worth watching.

  537. Tucker Carlson tonight; does a hilarious double act with Steyn and is then taken to task by Boot Jr for “Yucking it up.” Wonder what Boot Sr will make of it, given his latest assault on both Trump Sr. & Jr.:

    Haven’t got the Carlson link yet, but I’m sure Mark will post it soonest.


    Anyone wishing to understand better the distinguished Russian born scholar from the Council on Foreign Relations should tune in to his interview by Carlson on Tuesday.

    As a sweetener, the Caligula interview is preceded by a very amusing performance by Mark Steyn on the gust of flatulence in the Donald Trump Jr. teacup.

  539. Donald Trump’s message on democracy is that what you have been getting is not it. The USA, some have argued, is a one party state contrary to appearances. Trump aims to be “transformational” and to return the republic to the people. This explains the seditious obstructionism that he has had to face since January 20th.

    We should perhaps be aiming to return the constitutional monarchy to the people.

  540. Frank P @ 2:00

    “Tucker Carlson tonight…is … taken to task by Boot Jr for “Yucking it up.” ”

    My view is that Boot self-destructed and was simultaneously taken apart by Carlson.

  541. Chris Gaubatz infiltrated CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations)

    His conclusion: CAIR is HAMAS.

    (h/t Alex Jones show)

  542. Wednesday’s Alex Jones Show by the way is first rate: guests – Roger Stone, Chris Gaubatz, Jerome Corsi.

  543. Baron 23.50
    Today I will be glued to our own Hungarian Australian Jo Konta this afternoon.
    She had a brilliant game against Simone Halep Tuesday. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  544. Back to reality.
    And I almost regurgitated my Weetabix at the sanctimonious Nick Robinson trying to trip up Steve Baker, the Brexit Junior Minister in the 8.10 slot.
    Gladly Steve Baker was made of stronger stuff.

  545. Nigel is watching:

    “He said: “I see Project Fear back, absolutely on full track and it’s being aided by its friends in the liberal media.

    “Yes I sounded like Donald Trump for a moment there but yes the BBC’s Today programme, it’s a great programme, it’s been around for decades, it’s got a big audience.

    “D’you know, since Brexit there have been three times the number of pro-Remain contributors to the business slot than there have been Leave supporting experts.

    “And you get this diet and that’s from independent research, you get this diet every single day – ‘Brexit is going to be a disaster’.”

    He branded “bias” in the BBC’s coverage of the EU divorce “blatant” in a tweet shortly after the programme.”

  546. As is JRM:

    “Bear in mind the BBC is essentially a London broadcaster, it has all the views and prejudices of people living in London with a left-wing bias towards it.

    “That’s their own personal views which they’re entitled to.

    “In the Brexit campaign the BBC really did well to overcome that but they were so shocked at the loss, they were so confident that their own virtuous views would prevail and that people like us, the Daily Express contingent as you might like to call us, were so antediluvian that we couldn’t possibly win.

    “So when they lost, they were horrified and they were desperately upset by this and they haven’t recovered from that and so every negative aspect they can put on Brexit they put with glee when in fact things have gone really well.”

  547. “Mark Steyn: Putin Wouldn’t ‘Collude’ with Trump Through a ‘Ludicrous’ Showbiz Guy”


  548. Tucker Carlson tonight Jul-12-2017

    Here’s the whole show: The MB segment starts, holistically enough, at 19min45sec.

    Tucker’s takes Max’s trousers down, bends him over, and then proceeds to roger him with a cactus. [For some reason Max reminds of that other think wanker er, um… political sage Daniel Krapski ]

  549. Baron, July 12th, 2017 – 23:50

    “it seems it’s not the year for the leaders, but one for the underdogs. Is anyone watching it?”

    This one ain’t! Please take all the usual jokes about unseeded women competitors as read.

  550. Robert Sheriffhales @ 08:41

    Wasn’t he biased, full of himself, dreadful, Robert, he kept saying ‘you’re not listening to the opposition, you’re not listening to the LibDems, you’re not listening to your own members …. you’re not listening to the public’, to which the Baker kept answering quite rightly ‘we are, but cannot follow what they’re saying because they’re wrong’.

    He, Baker, missed a trick, he should have asked him what he, Robinson, were to do if he were listening to someone giving him advice telling him he’s brainless, grossly deluded, should go jump from a ten storey building (he may have added there would be plenty of such people, Baron amongst them). Would he listen to that advice, jump?

    Throughout the torturous interview Baker showed an unbelievable composure, was deadly cool, took it on the chin, was quite impressive, a bright future for the guy, Baron reckons.

  551. EC @ 09:47

    It took some time for the poorly educated Slav to get your ‘unseeded women competitors’ jibe, EC, it must be the old age, more than a touch of creeping senility, you know.

  552. EC @ 08:56

    Not possible to watch Tucker, EC, the barbarian is in a public place, plenty of people around him, it may not go down well, who knows who may be listening, a friend of the hon Muslim even, come the evening Baron will respond, but the great Mark’s right ‘what’s the illegal part of the meeting?’

  553. Marshal Roberts @ 06:33

    She must win, she must, Marshal, if only to assuage Baron’s boil of pain engendered by his dislike of the American woman, something utterly non-feminine in her.

  554. Malfleur @ 02:43

    You’re quite right, Malfleur, the Donald is the chief demolisher, one must demolish before one can start building, that’s what every builder knows, the man’s a builder.

  555. Speaking of trees and apples, the performance of Max Boot last night on Carlson’s show ironically seems to indicate that sometimes apples that fall from trees set on high ground, roll down the hill and far away from the shade and nurture of the tree. Then rot.

    Which is why the metaphor is oft suspect and sometimes specious.

  556. Will it shut the bl***y woman up?
    Nicola Sturgeon leaves EU after less than an hour as Barnier WON’T negotiate with Scotland

    I doubt it.


    “A Massive, Massive Reset of the Whole Situation is Going to Happen – All these Trends have Nowhere to go but Down’

    “The auto loan bubble and the student loan bubble are now bigger than the sub prime mortgage bubble in 2007.”

    That’s just the USA….

  558. EC – 09:32


    About Diversity Officers pay at US colleges!


  559. A full hour of Steyn today at 5pm bst on Outnumbered – Fox News Channel, (Channel 509 Sky).

    He also followed his TC spot last night with an appearance this morning on Fox & Friends. His cell phone must be red hot. They should give him his own slot. If the fey little prat Steve Hilton can nail a deal with Fox, surely Mark can?

  560. RobertRetyred – 12:53

    I wonder what Max Boot’s CFR sinecure pays?

    Diversity Officers: I bet it’s much the same in the UK, where only Common Purpose ‘graduates’ need apply for all the non job sinecures in the public sector. Not forgetting the “third sector” which includes government funded Quangos and fake charities.

  561. RobertRetyred – 12:53

    See also: “HR” Directors, HR Managers and HR Officers. They are closely related to Diversity Officers. Goons the lot of ’em, who tend to get paid far more than those who are actually doing the real work of the organisation that employs them.

  562. X22 Report – Interesting Site

  563. Re 14:04 – sorry that Outnumbered appearance by Mark Steyn .is tomorrow Friday same time same place.

  564. EC – 15:11

    What’s the difference between a Personel Manager and an HR Manager?

    At least £50k/pa.

  565. Viscount St Davids banged up for offending Geena Millar, banged up? the man should have been given a medal. The bloody woman is a guest in this country, and if you are a guest in someones home you do not tell your hosts that they should change the wall paper. We are what we are and if Mrs Millar does not like the way we conduct our affairs then she should go back to where she originated from, or, at the very least keep her trap shut.

  566. The lunacy has no end, London Transport are considering banning the terms ladies and gentlemen from their announcements in order to make them gender neutral. As the Colonel would undoubtedly say “Christ on a bike”.

  567. 600

  568. EC @ 09:32

    Tucker missed a chance to ask the son of the omni-all one three questions, EC.

    What has been the aim of the US foreign policy in Syria (very likely still is, will continue to be, the glabrous one backs it, too)? The removal of Assad.

    What has been the aim of ISIS in Syria? Again, the removal of Assad.

    Then Tucker could have asked the killer third question. Why would the Americans or their proxies in Syria fight ISIS?

    The Americans have been disingenuous since the fighting in that poor country began in 2011, they set up ISIS (google the Clinton woman’s interview in which she admits to it), they have encouraged ISIS throughout either directly or by encouraging their proxies, the largest territorial gains of ISIS took place in the months prior to Russia getting on the act in the autumn 2015 (UN figures), it was also the time span in which the hon Muslim made a number of speeches telling the world ‘the West is winning the fight against ISIS’.


  569. The American political elites cum the Donald should be careful. They have antagonised the EU, which is to say Germany, which effectively runs it. Their UN representative Nikki Haley has now also threatened China saying the US will look at trade with the country if the Chinese leadership makes no progress on North Korea. They keep banging on Russia as the enemy worse than Hitler’s Nazi Germany.

    The outcome cannot be anything but the eventual closing of ranks by these countries. This at a time when the premise that the US military still commands the power and control it did decades ago no longer holds, or is at least questionable.

    Three decades ago, Russia was run by the Red Menace, her military were a joke, China was a backward country capable of nothing more than issuing hundreds of warnings when the Americans planes flew over its territory, and Germany didn’t have the money and confidence she has today. Baron also suspects that many other countries bullied by the American political elites in the past would be only too happy to join in the anti-American drive.

    If that were to happen, how will the American Deep State react?

  570. The end of the first set, the 10th game, four unforced errors is what lost it for her. Still, she looks as if she can get better, and will. Come next year, Johanna should prevail, Baron reckons.

  571. That’s his usual behaviour, Marshal, that’s what he does, he heaps praise on everyone he meets except it seems on Mutti whom he dislikes what with her being a Prussian, the Frederick wing of the German nation, he of a Bavarian ancestry of Ludwig’s romanticism.

    His kiss-and-get-friendly may have been an attempt to win Micron over, have an ally in the EU. It won’t do, Baron reckons, Micron’s preference leans towards older mature females not old close to senility males with weird hairdos.

  572. Are we going to get to the first one thousand postings in the longest week so far before Peter turns the switch?

  573. Could the posters arguing that the young posh sounding man could be the needed antidote for the cumryd? Baron keeps clinging to the view that the Tories need a steady hand first i.e. DD, experimenting with Mogg feels risky, he could be the winning ticket, but then he may not, he’s friends with Bercow.

  574. This may be of interest, the Russian female lawyer seems to be linked to the same outfit that manufactured the pi$$sing dossier.

    Even more revealing is the short interjection by McFaul (the younger man, he was the Moscow Ambassador for the hon Muslim, the Russians are refusing to grant him a visa). He says two things that are lies, video evidence exists to prove him wrong.

    Nuland, McCain, Biden and even Kerry did encourage the crowds in Kiev to be violent, and Yanukovych didn’t flee after a deal was struck between him and the protesters, he fled because the Rada (the equivalent of our House) was invaded by 24 heavily armed masked men who threatened to shoot the Deputies if they refused to vote to impeach him there and then.

  575. Baron July 14th, 2017 – 10:00

    Mutti is not Prussian, Baron. She was born in Hamburg, her father was a native Berliner and her mother from Danzig, but her paternal antecedents are Polish.

    Her unmarried surname was Kasner, which had been Germanified from the Polish Kaźmierczak by her grandfather, a Berlin policeman who after marriage had moved from Poland to his German wife’s home city.

    Trump’s dislike might be rooted in a similar presumption to yours, that because she was brought up in East Germany she is a native Prussian.

    I should say her German characteristics are rooted in a combination of stolid, inflexible Lutherism and post-war East German communist authoritarianism. The genes of her police grandfather and Lutheran pastor father no doubt added some more sturheit to the content of those capacious and frumpy trouser suits.

    As we have seen from the interventions of YuNoHu here that combination of unorthodox Christian piety and devout socialism/communism is not a happy one for those on the receiving end of its constant, certitudinous and self-satisfied drone, leading not to original sin but rather to stumpfsinn.

  576. How yall doing?
    Baron 1000. You style yourself as a poorly educated barbarian but you understand enough to know that Donald, like all Americans like a winner. Macron is a winner, hence his transfer of affection from a loser in London to a winner in Paris. As to Merkel, he has not forgiven the Germans for their treatment of the 117th division in the Ardennes.
    Love to Andy.

  577. Best article I’ve read on the problem.
    There are five pages.
    I’ve Worked with Refugees for Decades. Europe’s Afghan Crime Wave Is Mind-Boggling. | The National Interest

  578. @Baron 14th – 10:00

    I’ve not been paying attention to this page for a while so, naturally, the conversation has moved on. But I do like the nickname manny micron. abbreviated to mm 🙂 .
    And the description of his equipage: – 0.001mm ? 😉

  579. Another tour de force from Isabel:

    “……….supportive of the Prime Minister delivering a gentle smackdown to one of the contenders, reminding them that she is still in charge and that this rowing in the Sunday papers and on the airwaves is unseemly and unhelpful…”

    I cannot wait for Sunday.

    I predict knife one from Wees-Mogg smarting from his Nicky Morgan thumping and faint praise from David Davis, a wonderful rapier.

  580. Open the window again!

  581. Cuckoo, cuckoo.

  582. Ostrich (occasionally) @ 13:02

    It depends on who’s doing the measuring, O(o), to some it may be non-existent, he, he, he.

  583. John birch. @ 12:26

    Agreed, John, bloody good, unfortunately the progressives will not slice it the same way. If it carries on, the unwashed will react, and react in a way that will frighten not the perpetrators of these crimes (if she’s right there’s little that can be done except shipping them out at once), but the progressives.

  584. John Jefferson Burns @ 11:47

    If the Donald thinks Micron’s a winner, John, his judgment is poorer than the barbarian thought, you wait few months when the changes Micron wants to make begin to bite, then we talk again.

  585. Colonel Mustard @ 11:18

    Thanks, Colonel, a short but very educational posting, the barbarian should have checked before opening his mouth.

    Your pointing to the sturheit content of her jumper suits made Baron chuckle alot, but he must tell you that however much he disagrees with her stubbornness on many of the key issues (the EU, immigration, the EU Armed forces and such), he cannot but feel certain admiration for her as a politician.

    Amongst the current breed of monochromatic political minnows everywhere she stands out as a heavyweight, one that’s dangerous, hard to subdue, and with more than a drop of Machiavellian instinct for survival.

  586. A short letter from Malcolm Allen in the DT on July 12 says: ‘How nice that Hayden Cross and Scott Parker can have their donor babies and transgender surgery paid for by the NHS. Meanwhile, my 95-year old mother-in-law, like thousands of others, pays to end her days in a nursery home’.

    Shall Baron tell you what’s the most tragic aspect of the issue the letter highlights?

    No, it isn’t that there are and will be many more Crosses and Parkers having the NHS to foot the bill for their not-life-threatening ‘wants and desires’, and many more orderly people paying from their own pocket to die in old people homes.

    It isn’t even that people like Malcolm Allen with their just complaint are being and will continue to be ignored by the Government, even though their mothers-in-law (her husband) or mothers or fathers would have paid the required NI contributions (in return the State promised to look after their medical needs until their deaths).

    The most tragic aspect is that Malcolm Allen together with many others mistreated like him will trot to the voting booth vote for those who have set up the system that is failing them so abysmally.

    Go figure.

  587. Sorry for the errors like orderly instead of elderly ….no excuse really.

  588. Colonel & Frank:

    Remind the barbarian ‘what was the deal’?

  589. Ok. I’m “woke” and I’ll make an exception on capital punishment for those acid attacks. The perpetrators should be blown apart from cannon.

  590. Baron July 15th, 2017 – 00:13

    What “deal”? You’ve lost me there I’m afraid.


    At 26:20 into the first hour of Friday’s Alex Jones Show, David Knight points out that the currency of Hong Kong is issued by individual private banks, not by a central bank “and was “the closest thing to America before the Civil War that you could find in the world”. He highlights “the incredible freedom” of the people of Hong Kong under British rule; and the increasing pressure from the mainland communists on that surviving freedom including a recent decision by the Hong Kong courts that the oaths of certain citizens on being sworn in as elected representatives of the people “were not sincere” and were therefore invalid. With the disqualification of the four legislators concerned, “the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong has lost its veto power over major legislation”.


    The Takedown of the Elite is About to Begin – X22 Report – July 14th – about 23 minutes

    !. The US heath care fraud
    2. The paedophiles
    3. Deep State set-up of US citizens.without Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Acr (FISA) warrants.
    4. Threatened deportation by Russia and other countries of US (deep state) diplomats.
    5. Steady collection of evidence against the elite and the deep state and local crooks of the same ilk.
    6. Stop, cut-off funding and block deep state financed terrorist groups.
    7. Take down the bastards!

  593. Intriguing:

    “A little before sunset the horse artillery guns were drawn out, and presently the three criminals were brought to the ground [of killing]… the three men were then tied with ropes to the guns, their backs against the muzzle. The rope, fastened to one the spokes of the wheel, passed round the arms, over the muzzle of the gun, round the other arm, and then to the spoke of the opposite wheel, which kept the body fixed. The prisoners, with their wrists tied together, crying incessantly, ‘There is no God but God, and Mahomet is the prophet of God!’ Just as everything was ready, the prisoner in the middle was let loose, having been pardoned by the Schah [a day to remember], and the noise made the other two turn their heads. At that instant the priming fired, and an explosion took place. I could only see the body nearest to me for the thick clouds of smoke. One arm and shoulder blade was driven perpendicularly upwards, at least 100 feet; the other arm and part of the body were found right forward, yards off, with the hand torn away. The explosion produced a shower of blood and small particles of flesh. On going to the gun I found the head separate, as if it had been purposely severed from the body, and lying between the wheels; close to it were the lower limbs, trunkless, upturned on the ground, with part of the intestines twisted round one leg.”

  594. “Death penalty should continue in order to eliminate the garbage of our society. Not everybody deserves to die, but some people definitely do. I support death penalty because of several reasons. Firstly, I believe that death penalty serves as a deterrent and helps in reducing crime. Secondly, it is true that death penalty is irreversible, but it is hard to kill a wrongly convicted person due to the several chances given to the convicted to prove his innocence. Thirdly, death penalty assures safety of the society by eliminating these criminals. Finally, I believe in “lex tallionis” – a life for a life.

    Deterrence means to punish somebody as an example and to create fear in other people for the punishment. Death penalty is one of those extreme punishments that would create fear in the mind of any sane person. Ernest van den Haag, in his article “On Deterrence and the Death Penalty” mentions, “One abstains from dangerous acts because of vague, inchoate, habitual and, above all, preconscious fears” (193). Everybody fears death, even animals. Most criminals would think twice if they knew their own lives were at stake.”

  595. “Professor Leman, who describes himself as “tribal Labour” in blogs, added that portraits lining the main entrance are “almost entirely white middle-aged men” and will be replaced with a “wall of diversity”.”

    What on earth is a wall of diversity?

  596. Heffer is going senile:

    “Camilla at 70: the Duchess who deserves to become Queen”

  597. Marshal Roberts @ 07:51

    What the burghers of this country have allowed the progressives to sow they, the burghers, are reaping now, no?

    To fight against the removal of busts is but addressing just one boil of the malady, Marshal, the thing to do is to vote in people who either get rid of statutes allowing this or other-bridge-burning-with-the-past acts to occur, or alternatively enact statutes that prevent the distortion of our glorious past, exclude from our society those who advocate it.

  598. Marshal Roberts – 08:04


    I just read that as “Hefner is going senile:
    Camilla at 70: the Duchess who deserves to become Queen”

    I was already feeling ill this morning, and now the thought of the crumpled 70 year old sprawled across Hugh’s centrefold, sporting only a Lambert & Butler filter tipped and a staple, has made me feel a whole lot worse!

    Obviously my visit to Specsavers did me no good whatsoever. More coffee in the lounge please waiter…

  599. Marshal Roberts @ 07:28

    Good find, Marshal, thanks.

    The sentiment’s quite right, exactly what the poorly educated Slav argues, it’s so obviously silly to say that even a definite life imprisonment has the same impact on the society as the loss of life – just ask anyone what his preference would be, swinging or leisurely coasting to one’s life end at the taxpayers’ expense with walks in nature, occasional shopping trips, conjugal visits of (different) same sex partners ….

    It’s on occasions like this the barbarian thinks the arrival of the Allah worshippers here in numbers may not be badly timed (but could get out of hand, one has to be careful).

  600. Marshal Roberts – 08:04


    Perhaps Simon Heffer is angling for an OBN like Danny The Fink has?
    Christine Margaret Keeler at 75 deserves to be a Baroness.

  601. Marshal Roberts @ 07:10

    Messy, ignoring the advances in technology (tying the criminal up to a rocket would be the equivalent, he, he), and unnecessary, Marshal. One can come up with cleaner, modern, more efficient ways of doing the job.

  602. Colonel Mustard @ 00:37

    Agreed, Colonel, after due process, they should be disposed of (how matters little, but see also another posting of Baron on it), the news of their removal from our midst communicated to each and every burgher living here, repeatedly.


    The deal was not to respond to a certain individual who’s on an embargo list. Or did the barbarian get it wrong?

  603. EC and Marshal:

    Does it really matter who the consort is (provided the one who matters is happy)?

  604. Baron – 09:26

    Did I say, or even imply, that it did matter?

  605. Baron July 15th, 2017 – 09:23

    Re the “deal”. Got it!

  606. Colonel Mustard – 00:37

    “Ok. I’m “woke” and I’ll make an exception on capital punishment for those acid attacks. The perpetrators should be blown apart from cannon.”

    A method of execution not without danger to those supervising the somewhat time consuming procedure! I read somewhere an officer was struck dead stone dead by the limb of a mutinous sepoy. Isaac Newton strikes again! The blowback effect being part of the principle of the conservation of the centre of mass?

    The method was abandoned in favour of hanging twelve at a time, which was more time efficient and less hazardous to those officiating.

  607. Baron 0926
    I would prefer the Edward VIII solution and go straight to Queen Catherine.
    Do we really want a King who talks to flowers?

  608. Imagine my surprise!

    “Haiti Official, Who Exposed The Clinton Foundation, Found Dead In Miami”

  609. And let us not forget the capital punishment meted out to this innocent bystander:

  610. Marshal Roberts – 10:23

    I have only sketchy memories of those events as reported by the BBC at the time. The BBC was deeply involved in the dissemination of fake news even in those days, as Frederick Forsyth has amply demonstrated in his recent memoirs.

    Who to believe? Perhaps Frank P can enlighten us.

  611. Thus guy Oliver Stone has escaped the barbarian’s attention, he seems to make the same argument, Israel has meddled in the US election both in 2012 (Bibi deadly against the hon Muslim), and in 2016. The law makes no distinction between meddling by a friend and meddling by an enemy, even a perceived enemy.

  612. EC 9:11
    “…the thought of the crumpled 70 year old sprawled across Hugh’s centrefold, sporting only a Lambert & Butler filter tipped and a staple..”.

    Would you prefer a Camel?

  613. EC @ 09:32

    No, you didn’t, EC, apologies, the posting by Baron wasn’t a polemic with you, merely an extension of the subject under discussion suggesting that who the other half is is only of concern if it prevents the crown to do the job. If collecting toilet seats and sharing bed with Camilla is what turns Charles on it’s fine with Baron (who anyway shares Marshal’s take on it at 10:15).

  614. Noa @ 13:57

    The camel would have to be quite small even for a king’s size bed, Noa, he, he, he.

  615. The blue veined barbarian is getting obsessed with Tucker, he watches his shows almost every day, wishes we had a similar host here.

    The clip below runs for almost 40 minutes, but if you don’t want to watch the lot, shift the cursor to about 22 minutes, watch the female atheist talking about a survey figuring who’s more open minded, tolerant and inclusive – religious people or those who don’t believe in God (like Frank).

    Watch it not only because of the findings of the survey (you may agree or disagree with them), but also because of the need of your brain to follow the argument for and against, the fast talking professor tested Baron’s feeble brain cells to the limit (it looked Tucker’s brain found it testing, too), he had to re-run the section twice for the brain to take it in.

  616. EC (11:01)

    I hope Marshal Roberts was being sarcastic. I could indeed ‘enlighten’ you both, but anything that might indirectly puff the sales of yet another bullshit account of the Profumo affair, this time by a notorious leftie shyster, would be anathema: aiding the enemy in the culture war The vultures will never stop raiding the graves of the debauchees involved in that era of hedonism, where the likes of Stephen Ward,the quack/pimp/spy, (one of many) facilitated the interaction between the titled aristocracy plus the rag end of Royalty (both domestic and foreign) and the harlots of the West End and Shocking Hill, while the Funnies of MI5/6 availed themselves of the ensuing ripe opportunities.

    So the disinterment of Ward, yet again, comes as no surprise. As for Ward : it was suicide. He knew his racket had run its course and the future was therefore bleak. The police case was half-baked for obvious political reasons and interference: they did not delve deeply enough into the mire. But there was no ‘miscarriage of justice’ as far as Ward was concerned. It was a self-inflicted sentence.

    The real victims in that affair were Profumo and Valerie Hobson. John Profumo was a silly old cunt-struck fool, not a villain and paid for it in penance for the rest of his life, in the days when disgraced politicians accepted sexual scandal as career ending, rather than career enhancing – as in today’s zeigeist.

  617. Zeitgeist – sorry.

  618. Frank P – 16:11

    Thank you. I was but a callow youth at the time, as opposed to the callous bastard that I am today! That DM article was from 2013, btw, so it must have lodged in MR’s vaults?

    Ah Geoffrey Robertson QC, a name easily confused with that of Geoffrey Robinson MP the supplier of £373,000 interest free loans to Peter Mandelson. Shocking Hill indeed!

  619. Frank P 1611
    I was provoked by EC’s post on Christine Keeler. The hypocrisy of those days was laughable.
    I was also amused by a programme on Boothby and Ronnie Kray last night. A young reporter took evidence to John Junor then editor of the Express that Boothby was using Kray to procure young boys, having almost got himself killed obtaining it. The reporter was astounded when Junor spiked it, saying that his paper would not destabilise the elected government.

  620. From a friend in OZ:

    Ray and Bob, two Government maintenance guys, were standing at the base of a flagpole, looking up. A woman walked by and asked what they were doing.
    “We’re supposed to find the height of the flagpole”, said Bob, “But we don’t have a ladder.”
    The woman said, “Hand me that wrench out of your toolbox.”
    She loosened a few bolts, then laid the pole down. She then took a tape measure from their toolbox, took a measurement and announced, “Eighteen feet, six inches” and walked away.
    Ray shook his head and laughed. “Well, ain’t that just like a ‘Miss-know-it-all’ woman?” he said. “We need the height and she gives us the length!”
    Ray and Bob are still working for the Government.

  621. Baron

    There are more and more people being encouraged to enter the country who would prefer a camel. It is a part of the NWO’s attack on the family.

  622. A lot of talk in the Sundays of what to do with acid throwers.
    Well, it must be stamped out and the only way to do that is to make the punishment fit the crime.
    Acid in the face destroys a persons life.
    The only fitting penalty for that is the hangmans rope.

  623. And for those who miss Rod Liddle behind the Murdoch pay wall:

    “I have often thought about earning an extra few quid by renting out a room in our house on Airbnb. But I dislike such a vast proportion of the world’s population that I can’t imagine who I’d allow to stay. No foreigners, for a start. No young people, homosexuals, middle-class couples, children, transitioning people, estate agents, cyclists, vegans, the bloody elderly with their endless cups of tea. And Airbnb would surely have something to say about my bigotry.

    A woman in California is in trouble for having cancelled the booking for a woman called Dyne Suh (is that a giant, extinct lizard, as voiced by trailer trash?). Her explanation was: “I wouldn’t rent it to u if u were the last person on earth”and “One word says it all. Asian.” Well, full marks for honesty, I suppose — if not, perhaps, for inclusiveness.”

  624. Robert Fulgham in sagacious mode as he joins we octogenarians:

    The decalogue of a determinist?

    h/t VdL

  625. From spectator.
    This one is priceless, believe me. Truly priceless. For a long time now I’ve been buying The Guardian for its unintentional hilarity. Not just the columnists, but even more so the letters pages. This is from their fatuous Saturday family section: yes, it is a minor miracle that such a reactionary receptacle still exists at The Guardian. This is an anonymous letter from a reader saying something they’ve always wanted to say – they have one every week. If you have the time read it all – because it tells you what these people are really like underneath. These tolerant, caring, liberals. If you can get to the part about the father in law going to his car boot without either laughing hysterically or looking just plain aghast, then I would be surprised. If you can get to the end without thinking it’s maybe a clever Craig Brown parody – which, for the sake of humankind, I sort of hope it is – then you yourself may be on the slippery slope to what is, I think, a profound and dangerous mental illness.

    Anyway, read and enjoy…

    “I’ve heard in-law relationships can be the most tense and fraught. I can well believe that, and not because of any envy or resentment I feel when you walk into my home and motion me out of the way to spend time with your grandchildren – I love that you love them as dearly as you do. My husband would not be the wonderful man he is were it not for your dedication and commitment to raising him to be kind, thoughtful and generous.

    But I cannot abide your smoking.

    I’ve battled with how to deal with this. I’ve asked you not to smoke in our home, or on the doorstep with the door open, or out of the window, or before you are going to climb into the car next to me. I’ve asked you not to smoke during our daughter’s waking hours, and if you must, to do so away from the house and to have the good grace and manners to wash your hands and change your overcoat to avoid the stench coming into my home. But it constantly falls on deaf ears and it now feels appallingly rude.

    I have asked my husband to speak to you many times, which he has, but still you continue to behave as you wish in a home that is not yours with little to no consideration for its inhabitants. The inevitability is a falling-out between me and your son, my increasing dislike of you and awareness of your lack of respect for our choices in how we wish to live in our home, and what is best for our child. My husband is constantly disappointed by his father turning a blind eye to his polite but repeated requests and then frustrated when it becomes an argument with me. My mother-in-law stands by idly, accustomed to the way things are.

    Your habit and ignorance of our smoke-free household holds the accolade of sparking the first argument in the days after our daughter’s birth. Giddy with love after her arrival and so thrilled you managed to hold off your smoking for the length of your visit, I felt renewed appreciation for your willpower, only for you, moments before your departure, to pretend to need something from the car, have a fag under the cover of the boot out of sight and then have the sheer lack of humility to stroll back into my home, bold as brass, leaving the smoky fug and haze of fags in your wake. You went into our newly decorated nursery and planted a nicotine-laden kiss upon your newborn grandchild. It took every inch and fibre of my body not to push you away. My husband bore the brunt of my anger and disappointment towards you.

    I have tried a number of compromises. Even so far as preparing a “survival kit” with nicotine patches and lozenges, your favourite drinks, sweets, chocolate, hand sanitiser and wipes, and a perfectly good old jacket of my husband’s for you to slip on and off on your way out and in. All remain ignored and untouched.

    My frustration boils to the surface and I resort to matching your thoughtlessness and rudeness. I bitterly regret the resulting awkwardness and my husband’s pleas to apologise to you, which I do, but my husband’s anger with me is tangible and awful. I feel utterly exhausted but concede defeat. Surely there must be a compromise to be reached? A bridge between your addiction to nicotine and my compulsion to protect all I hold dear. But, given the atmosphere, I think that compromise may well be my wishes and principles.


  626. Some 100 years ago, in a barbaric Britain what with capital punishment on the statute books, no centrally run welfare system. and the total absence of gender fluidity one could walk into any bicycle shop, buy a revolver, yet murders were so rare that most became a part of the folklore.

    In today’s enlightened Britain of rainbow composition, restorative justice system, and Welfare available to virtually everyone in the world if one takes the trouble to come here, one will have to ask permission to buy a loo cleaning liquid, and yet murders and cases of other serious bodily harm are so frequent the MSM no longer bother to report them.

    Go figure.

  627. John birch. @ 15:26

    An easy and final solution offers itself, John, the nagging woman should either shoot the persistent smoker or herself, the barbarian’s preference is strongly for the latter.

  628. John birch. – 15:26

    Fortunately, my FIL gave up smoking so he could pay for his daughter’s wedding.

    If it wasn’t for that, I could have written that article, but not for the Guardian. But if not that paper, which one: probably not one at all, because his daughter would have sorted it. 🙂

    On a summer’s day we can detect smokers in the car in front of us. 🙂

    It is like being confronted with dog hair and grease when there is no dog in your life.

    It must be the same for kids, but we did have those, once upon a time.

  629. Frank P @ 13:58

    The first declaration should be also the number one for the barbarian, Frank, sadly, the reverse persists even when he consciously strives to suppress any of the ‘musts’, particularly the ‘must do’.

    Compulsion indeed doesn’t increase the quality of life, but it keeps Baron from staying what the nature made him – bone idle.

  630. Malfleur @ 00:52

    You don’t really think the joke fits only government workers in NZ, do you, Malfleur?

  631. Rod again- but click on the Grauniad letter:

    “This one is priceless, believe me. Truly priceless. For a long time now I’ve been buying The Guardian for its unintentional hilarity. Not just the columnists, but even more so the letters pages. This is from their fatuous Saturday family section: yes, it is a minor miracle that such a reactionary receptacle still exists at The Guardian. This is an anonymous letter from a reader saying something they’ve always wanted to say – they have one every week. If you have the time read it all – because it tells you what these people are really like underneath. These tolerant, caring, liberals. If you can get to the part about the father in law going to his car boot without either laughing hysterically or looking just plain aghast, then I would be surprised. If you can get to the end without thinking it’s maybe a clever Craig Brown parody – which, for the sake of humankind, I sort of hope it is – then you yourself may be on the slippery slope to what is, I think, a profound and dangerous mental illness.”

  632. Martial Roberts (17:20)

    See John Birch (15:26)

  633. Sorry
    I was so entranced.
    But do see MR 0836.

  634. Now try this:

    In every age intellectuals shape and cling to one concept as the organizing principle for an understanding of the present and speculation about the future. From the end of the 1940s, as the colonial era drew to a close, the fashionable concept was “modernization” and its variants such as “development” and “progress”

    But what constituted modernization wasn’t quite clear. Nor after what model should nations aspire in their quest for progress and development.

    In the 1970s, the Iranian capital Tehran was a favorite destination for intellectuals from all over the world who wished to test those ideas in a country which had the rare distinction of having never been either a colony or a colonizer, and yet, its leaders had adopted the gospel of modernization with some enthusiasm. For a journalist, the arrival of so many prominent intellectuals, among them people like Gunnar Myrdal, W.W. Rostow, G.K Galbraith, Raymond Aron, Henri Lefebvre, Carlo Schmidt, Talcot Parsons and David Apter, made Tehran the equivalent of a candy store for a child. I had the rare privilege of spending quality time with almost all the visitors both for formal interviews and informal conversations.

    Their message was: Hurry up! Modernize!

    The theme of modernization was taken up in a series of television debates in Tehran in which the best ways for the Middle East to “enter the modern world” were hotly discussed by intellectuals then fashionable in Iran.

    What we didn’t know at the time was the extent to which our “oriental” societies had already become modern by adopting some of the most controversial aspects of the Western model.

    Traditions that had provided a moral compass for centuries were now dismissed as cumbersome if not a sure sign of backwardness. Old institutions such as tribes, guilds, Sufi orders, clerical hierarchies, and family networks that had counter-balanced the power of the state were dissolved or weakened, leaving power concentrated in a few hands at the center of government.

    The aim was to “Westernize” as fast as possible even if that meant he destruction of the indigenous culture which now appeared atrophied or degenerate. For those who wanted the better of the two worlds, the ideal model was Japan — a nation that was supposed to have “Westernized” while maintaining its traditional values and institutions.

    What those admirers of Japan ignored was the way that the Japanese had “entered the modern world.” They forgot that the modern, Westernized Japan they admired had been born in Hiroshima and Nagasaki and cradled by an American occupation force that was still nursing its baby decades later.

    Thus, they ignored that modernization a la Japonais required a baptism of fire that few would desire after a moment of cool reasoning.

    Another thing they ignored was that in our neck of the woods, that is to say the Middle East, the machinery of state had modernized itself by enhancing its powers and developing new modes of control, manipulation and repression. That, in turn, had led to the Westernization of part of traditional society that now used an essentially Western narrative in its struggle against the established order.

    For example, the late Ayatollah Khomeini’s discourse owed more to Lenin and Stalin than to the great Muslim philosophers and theologians of ages.

    The seizure of power by mullahs in 1979 highlighted Iran’s jump to “Westernization”. The revolt was dubbed a “revolution”, a Western concept for which we have no word in the Persian language. (They had to use the climatological term “enqelab,” which means disturbance. The Arabs use it to mean a coup d’état.)

    The mullahs organized a referendum, wrote a constitution, devised a Western-style flag, raised a Trotsky-style militia, and built a cult of personality around Khomeini modeled on that of Stalin in his time. The only traditional methods they used consisted of seizing hostages, stoning women to death and the mass killing of real or imagined opponents. The system they created owes more to George Orwell’s “1984” than to Farabi’s “Virtuous City” (Al- Madinat al-Fadilah). Four decades later, they run a racket that looks more like the Cosa Nostra than any traditional Islamic government, even the worst like that of the Sarbedaran in the medieval times.

    However, it seems that “modernization” is spreading, winning our region.

    That thought came to me the other night as I watched some two hours of several video footages from Syria and Iraq in a special showing in a London TV studio.

    I saw a “modernized” Middle East with armies marching across scorched plains, soldiers and mercenaries cursing in a dozen different languages, the choir of cannons and the choreography of armored cars and tanks. I saw refugees and displaced-person camps, barbed wires, watch-towers, loudspeakers spreading the latest version of truth. There were minefields and grieving mothers, naked children, and victims of gas attacks and chemical weapons. The skies were dotted with warplanes dropping more bombs on Syria and Iraq than on Germany during the Second World War.

    Yes, and there was a frame which showed the shattered body of a child alongside his teddy-bear toy, a Western-style image of tragedy. Meanwhile, we in exile light candles and observe a minute of silence in the public squares of Paris, London or New York. Even our grief has been Westernized.

    A landscape of ruins, reminding one of Berlin, Warsaw or Leningrad in 1945 — in other words very modern, very Western. This looked like Europe in 1918 or 1945, only magnified many times over thanks to the superior power of destruction we now have.

    The footage from Syria and Iraq reminded me of documentaries made by Billy Wilder and Raoul Walsh in Western Europe in the wake of the Second World War and Pathé newsreels from Japan in the wake of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

    We became modernized and Westernized long ago, often without realizing it. Iran became modernized when Khomeini organized the execution of at least 4,000 people in a weekend, something even the bloodthirsty Agha Muhammad Khan Qajar never imagined doing. Syria became modern when Hafez Al-Assad killed 20,000 people in Hama, something no Umayyad Caliph would imagine doing. And was it not a sign of Iraq’s modernization when Saddam Hussein gassed 5,000 of his own citizen to death, a nightmare that would never cross Haroun al-Rashid’s mind?

    The results of generations of dreams of modernization and Westernization are in front of our eyes and, thanks to modern technology, immediately observable even in the remotest parts of the region. We, all of us, including rulers and ruled, intellectuals and common folk, rich and poor, have modernized our societies by creating Everest-high rubble and swarms of terrorized refugees. All we have kept from our traditions is that of denying our own responsibility, blaming it all on others.”

    Amir Taheri, formerly editor of Iran’s premier newspaper, Kayhan, before the Iranian revolution of 1979, is a prominent author based on Europe. He is the Chairman of Gatestone Europe.

  635. Or this:

    Slaughtered Christians “A Viable Target”?
    Muslim Persecution of Christians, March 2017

    by Raymond Ibrahim
    July 16, 2017 at 4:00 am

    According to a report in the Christian Post, Christians displaced by Islamic attacks at the hands of Boko Haram terrorists are being denied food and vital assistance at camps run by local Muslim organizations. As many as 1.8 million people in Nigeria are currently facing starvation. “They will give food to the refugees, but if you are a Christian they will not give you food. They will openly tell you that the relief is not for Christians.” — Bishop William Naga, who fled his home in the Borno state, Nigeria.

    A Pakistani government want-ad for street sweepers states that applicants must be Hindu, Christian or Shia — anyone but the dominant Sunni Muslim population – illustrates the way in which minorities are prevented from earning a living wage.

    A sophomore at Rollins College in Florida was suspended for challenging a Muslim professor’s assertion that the crucifixion of Jesus never took place, and that his disciples never believed he was God. After the incident, during a Middle East Humanities class, the straight-A student was graded an “F” on a major essay.


  637. Marshal Roberts
    July 16th – 08:24

    An eye for an eye more fitting in this case perhaps?

  638. Noa
    July 17th – 00:53

    One for the beach!

  639. Malfleur – 03:01

    The punishment should fit the crime. Those chaps should be given a H2SO4 enema, and then tossed into a limepit.

  640. Malfleur – 03:24

    V. Good!

  641. Militant smoker Rod Liddle was obviously desperate for copy. He should’ve held his fire, as this article about fathers in law is far more amusing:

    Something for ‘ladies’ contemplating transgendering to consider. It’s not easy being a full time Dude, you’ll have to really work at it! 🙂

    Here are the thoughts of Gavin McInnes on the matter…

  642. … and about as apocalyptic as Neville Shute’s “On the Beach”.

    We (so far) have avoided Shute’s scenario. Or rather some of us have. Seems unlikely that the scenario that Rhodes describes, so compellingly, can be avoided, given the current stupidity of Western ‘leaders’. And given Kim Rong ‘Un, Shute’s prognostications loom ever closer. Happy holidays!

  643. Frank P – 10:07

    Sousse, Tunisia came to mind. No nukes required.

  644. Malfleur @ 02:42

    She was no match for the guy, he hammered her well, towards the end the barbarian felt almost sorry for her, she’s just a pawn, probably agreed with Gorka.

    The one line of attack he should also have followed is the one articulated by the great Mark, it’s ‘the process that does the damage’.

    In this case, it’s patently obvious the anti-Donald mafia has FA on the Donald, they keep fishing, making things up, enlarging on trivia, everything they can think of in order to keep the item in the news.

    They’ll stay at it until the Donald loses his nerve (hopefully not), or at least until people get so bored nobody will pay any attention to the ‘mother of all collusions’ any more, but the impression of the whole affair amongst the voters will be negative. The damage would have been done by the process, any official verdict on it such as ‘nothing untoward happened’ will not matter at all.


  645. Noa @ 00:53

    Excellent reference material, Noa, thanks, the barbarian spent over 30 minutes on it last night, swung (or is it swang?) between dozing off and getting h ot under the collar, gave up in the end after filing it under references.

  646. This is the best laugh I’ve had today, so far…

    Second only to hearing the news that the BBC has just announced that it is killing off another one of its money spinning franchises. [schadenfreude]

  647. Boot on blob: bootiful (to quote our deceased local turkey tycoon):

    Another essay that should not only be transcribed on parchment and illuminated, but also form the basis of an indictment for treason against our entire cabinet – and a declaration of war against the Brussels Behemoth. OUT! NOW!

  648. EC (11:31)

    Que? That link throws uo three cryptic “Court News” headlines none of which respond to a good clicking; and my soh is either not firing this morning or none of the headlines is in the least comical. Further and better pars, pse. Is the Bitcoin advert attached thereto the joke?

  649. The demand for recognition and nonrecognition at the same time is surely one of the reasons for the outbreak of mass self-mutilation in the Western world in an age of celebrity. A person who treats his face and body like an ironmongery store can hardly desire or expect that you fail to notice it, but at the same time demands that you make no comment about it, draw no conclusions from it, express no aversion toward it, and treat him no differently because of it. You must accept him as he is, however he is, because he has an inalienable right to such acceptance. As a professional burglar once asked me, how could I expect him to give up burgling when he was a burglar and burglary was what he did?

    Please share this article by using the link below. When you cut and paste an article, Taki’s Magazine misses out on traffic, and our writers don’t get paid for their work. Email to buy additional rights.

  650. Frank P – 14:29

    It was just a Twitter screenshot. My sympathies are definitely with “Dave the tech guy.” He probably got the sack (is that still possible these days?) for leaving that sarcastic note for the deficient, in so many ways, Barristers at Southwark CC.

    Back in the late 70s a not infrequent topic at lunchtime in the pub was the hope that IBM would market a mainframe VDU terminal that would have a toilet roll dispenser mounted on one side and a mechanical arm on the other. The combo could thus be activated every time the terminal User felt that they needed their arses wiping. A great shame that IBM came up with the F1 Help key instead. Never mind because those that followed in the footsteps of us GVs (gnarled veterans) ensured that the “Help” displayed was actually no bloody help whatsoever! Bwahahahahaha

  651. Suddenly at home.

    My MacBook Pro passed away yesterday, aged only 6.
    It had been in perfect health and was quite OK when I left it mid morning, but when I returned later that afternoon it had gone.

    Apple device programmed death?

    RIP Zen

  652. John Jefferson Burns

    One for you to read on the beach in Cornshire. Mark Steyn on the latecomers (twice):

  653. EC (15:26)

    My Nexus 7 tablet died in similar fashion, after four years and I suspect for similar innate programmed reasons.

  654. John Jefferson Burns – Here is a nice guide in case you get lost while promenading up and down the cobbled streets of Clovelly.

  655. Isabel, perspicacious as ever:

    “What was more surprising – and impressive – was the way Number 10 was initially able to keep a lid on Cabinet ministers being unhelpful in public while the government was trying to ensure that it could actually exist through its negotiations with the DUP. But with the existential crisis following the election now over, and the government unable to do very much other than scratch its head about Brexit, ministers now feel free to let out everything they’ve been bottling up.”

    What Isabel did not publish is that she has some intelligence that the DUP are privately reconsidering.

  656. For the record:

    Micron, the recently minted saviour of the French, has lost his first battle in his war over cuts in public spending with Pierre de Villiers, the Chef d’état-major des Armées.

    Only yesterday, the President was insisting the Army will have to take it, today, it’s was announced the proposed reduction in the military budget of 850 millions Euro is off, the General is quoted as saying ‘he (Micron) is not going to fugg with me’. Indeed not, it seems.

    Let us wait and see what the generals leading the trade unions will say when Micron begins his round of changes to France’s labour laws, working practises, pensions.

  657. The compilers of the report must have listened to Baron, don’t you think? He, he, he.‘collapsing’/59780/0/38/38/Y/M.html

  658. Add to the dissertation of Harold Rhode (see Noa @ 00:53) the latest Mark Steyn Show, wherein Mark updates his Book “America Alone” published 2006 …

    … and then explain to me how “our” civilisation can recover from its suicidal death spiral.

    As ever, Mark delineates the future using words replete with sardonic wit and with a bemused twinkle in his eye. Remind me, did Nostradamus have a sene of humour? I never got around to studying his pronostications.

    The barren bastards and bitches of the European political elite are bellwethers of our demographic decline. I loved the inverted family tree revelation that Mark described. What a stark, shocking statistic!
    As for the Japs … WTF??!!

    I remember THE WW2 slogan, “Dig for Britain” (when there was a food shortage).

    May I suggest a new slogan – “Shag for Britain!”
    Or better still, “Fuck for Western Civilisation for Fuck’s Sake!!”

  659. Not a bad take on the contemporary Tzar of Russia, in particular the last quote from Christopher Caldwell lecture:

    “Putin has become a symbol of national sovereignty in its battle with globalism. That turns out to be the big battle of our times. As our last election shows, that’s true even here (the Republic)”.

    This echoes Baron’s take on the KGB Colonel vis-a-vis the progressives 100%.

    Here is the piece that quotes from Caldwell, if you have the time for it:

    And here is Christopher Caldwell lecture, if you still have time left for it:

  660. Baron (22:47)

    You worry me sometimes, Baron…

  661. Noa (00:53)

    Rhode seems to have largely ignored the current unholy alliance ‘twixt Islam and the left’s Long March. Any speculative thoughts about the reason for this?

  662. In this lament, the great Mark doesn’t seem to have wised up on the reasons the politicians and the MSM don’t talk about this transformative switchover that hasn’t got an earlier equivalent in mankind’s history. They ignore it because they haven’t got an answer to it, they are either unwilling or incapable to deal with it under the constraints of the ‘uman rites’ laws they’ve passed, and above all, under the progressives’ take on life where everyone is equal to everyone, an Einstein is equal to a camel herder, a free democratic society to one based on a book scribbled millennium and a half ago, and the other postulates of the anointed.

    If one looks at it that way, and some deluded people e.g. our former ‘friend’ tele, do, then the demographic transformation doesn’t matter, an ‘equal’ is substituted with another ‘equal’.

    Baron reckons the political elites and the MSM lapdogs are by and large not telemachuses, are fully aware of the risks, they cannot be that stupid. The barking at Russia confirms it.

    The castigating of Russia, a proxy enemy, is the diversionary tactic of this seeming ignorance cum unwillingness to grapple with the real boil, it’s not a new technique of masking a real problem with a fake one, it has been done before, often successfully.

    The plebeians must be convinced that if there’s a threat it’s Putin’s Russia rather than the slow, seemingly unstoppable transformation of the Old Continent into something akin to the lands the refugees are leaving in their millions.

    Madness, but reversible, Baron reckons (even without the NHS).

  663. Seems that American Digest now sports a ‘Page 3’:

    Obviously Gerard has now fully recovered from his heart attack and near death episode. Or perhaps he thinks, “Heaven – at last!”

  664. “Anyone who applauds what he (Tucker) is doing is guilty of, to use the word of the day, collusion in this cynical and sordid enterprise (Tucker going for ratings)”. So said the son of the omni-all one after his grilling by the great Tucker.

    Whilst anyone applauding the sibling of the omni-all one suffers from inherited and/or acquired delusion (typically a symptom of mental disorder), confuses chicanery with critical thinking, and has the brain of a peanut at best.

    On the question of the collusion between the Donald and Russia he merely yaps it’s there without bothering to offer any shred of evidence (either in the interview or the bleating after – see link below).

    And how could anyone with any capacity for rational thinking ever believe that Putin’s Russia could be a threat to us beggars belief.

    Not even in a short term conventional conflict lasting weeks or months, and certainly not if the fighting were to last years could Russia pose any real threat to the West except if Putin resorted to nukes, but then this can be said of any country that possesses such arsenal.

  665. Andy, my old mucker.
    Tell the truth my aunt’s farm is nearer Bideford than Clovelly, but I do get down to the Red Lion near the beach for a Jack Daniels when I am over.
    I will be stopping over in London for a couple of days when I arrive and will stand you a drink. I have lunch in the Charlotte Street Hotel so drop in on August 10 or 11, say 12.30.
    You are one stand up Limey.

  666. Newsletter 2017/07/18 – The Limits of the Dictates

    BERLIN/ATHENS/BELGRADE/BEIJING (Own report) – Berlin’s austerity
    dictate, ruthlessly imposed on Athens, is suffering its first
    blowbacks, weakening German hegemony over the EU. The China Ocean
    Shipping Company’s (COSCO) purchase of stakes in the Piraeus Port
    Authority, Athens had been forced to sell under pressure from Berlin
    and Brussels, is one example. COSCO, which had already acquired a
    small share in 2009, has been upgrading the port with investments in
    the three-digit millions. In the meantime, Piraeus has become Europe’s
    eighth largest port and is among the top 40 worldwide. Greece, which
    economically has been completely ruined by the austerity dictates, is
    hoping for more Chinese investments – and is no longer willing to
    participate in the EU’s routine official condemnation of China at the
    UN Human Rights Council. A similar development can be seen with
    Serbia. As part of its “Silk Road” initiative, China is planning to
    upgrade the rail line between Belgrade and Budapest. For the Serbian
    government, this offers hopes for a long term recovery. Brussels has
    now launched a probe into this project. According to experts, a policy
    based solely on austerity dictates and open pressure, as has been
    pursued by Berlin and the EU, can no longer be successful “in a
    multi-polar world.”


  667. John Jefferson Burns – 07:57

    I do hope that your medical issues have now been resolved. Happy Flightings to you and more importantly to your fellow passengers. Second time lucky, eh what!

    Now updated with added video commentary from TomoNews US

    Toodle Pip!

  668. EC 09:46 – Does the IB in ibtimes stand for what I think it stands for?

    I am minded to go and have a drink with JJB, but will be careful to wear my bullet-proof vest.

  669. The WBGTDWI spot o’ the day.

    Promotion of gay rights over at The Times

    The only comment approved so far being from Albion;

    “Buggery is buggery. Dress it up all you want.”

    Albion, a welcome awaits you here at the CHW.

  670. Noa – 08:50

    Who can blame the Greeks and other states in the region, stuck as they are between Merkel’s EUSSR and Erdogan’s Caliphate. The Chinese are strategic investors and put in modern infrastructure everywhere they go.

  671. Steve Pieczenik has a different angle on Macron and the relationship with the Trump administration. I had viewed Macron as another Manchurian candidate of the NWO and there certainly seems to be evidence for this.

    Dr. Pieczenik sees a new Franco-American alliance with president Trump successfully detaching France from the Franco-Germanic embrace. France is the new revolutionary country and Germany the Old Lady of Europe. Not sure I have absorbed Pieczenik’s perception yet, but –

    vaut le detour…

  672. h/t Dr. Sebastian Gorka

    An excellent piece by Raheem Kassam:

    “REVEALED: How Approval Polls and ‘Junk’ Journalism are Fake Views Pushed by Fake News”

    With added historical perspective by Christopher Hitchens- who was not wrong about this. [and neither, in his interviews, was the remarkably prescient Aldous Huxley, btw]

  673. The muezzin’s call gets louder and louder, as the dire demographics threaten to engulf us:

    Cue George Duffield jr. with a message to Archie Cuntsbury and his wet wankers, the Lambeff Layabouts:

    Stand up, stand up for Jesus! ye soldiers of the cross;
    Lift high His royal banner, it must not suffer loss:
    From vict’ry unto vict’ry, His army shall He lead,
    Till every foe is vanquished, and Christ is Lord indeed.
    Stand up, stand up for Jesus! The trumpet call obey:
    Forth to the mighty conflict, in this His glorious day;
    Ye that are men now serve Him against unnumbered foes;
    Let courage rise with danger, and strength to strength oppose.
    Stand up, stand up for Jesus! Stand in His strength alone,
    The arm of flesh will fail you, ye dare not trust your own;
    Put on the gospel armor, and watching unto prayer,
    Where calls the voice of duty, be never wanting there.
    Stand up, stand up for Jesus! the strife will not be long;
    This day the noise of battle, the next the victor’s song;
    To him that overcometh a crown of life shall be;
    He with the King of glory shall reign eternally.

    Even an agnostic with a deterministic bent can warm to that stirring call to arms, remembered from a pious adolescence.

  674. Frank P @ 14:42

    “Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand. Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth, and having on the breastplate of righteousness; And your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace; Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked. And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God: Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints.” Ephhesians 6:11-18

  675. If you mind not listening to the sound of sucking, here the big corporate one:

  676. I met this bloke down the pub who said that Harold Wilson *was* going down on Marcia Williams. He had a mate who lived in the Isles of Scilly (off the coast of Cornshire) and he saw them “carrying on” in Harold’s holiday cottage.

  677. HANNITY July 17th, 2017
    Another MASSIVE SCANDAL EXPOSED and Hillary Clinton is Involved

  678. 1726

    Lavender lies?