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  1. Sorry for the delay in posting a new wall, not once but several times. Life has got in the way I am afraid, though not in a bad way.

  2. Richard Kemp declares war on the wankers inside the UK military who are betraying our troops and enabling traitor-shysters to cash in on spurious allegations cooked up by the enemy, underming the morale of our troops:

    From a war-horse’s mouth! A seminal piece, nowhere to be seen in the MSM.

  3. A man of his word!

    Boris Johnson’s allies have said he is “resigned” to a Heathrow decision.

    He had called the plans “a fantasy” which should be “consigned to the dustbin”.

  4. Alexander:

    “Be not a baker if you’re a Christian

    christian-cake“… if your head is made of butter” is the original proverb. But what’s progress if not adjusting old wisdom to new needs?

    That’s what Belfast’s Court of Appeal has just done by upholding the original verdict in the case against Ashers Bakery. Only in a mad world could such a case have been brought before the court at all, never mind decided against the defendants, Mr and Mrs McArthur, Ashers’ managers.

    This Christian couple declined an order placed by Gareth Lee, an activist in the homosexual pressure group QueerSpace. QueerSpace aggressively campaigns for homomarriage, which is still illegal in Northern Ireland. In that spirit, Lee ordered a cake decorated with the inscription SUPPORT GAY MARRIAGE.

    I would have recommended a less perishable medium for carrying this noble slogan. What if the cake is sliced so that the middle word is cut out, and only SUPPORT MARRIAGE remains? That would scupper the whole idea, wouldn’t it?

    Anyway, citing their Christian faith the McArthurs refused to put this political message on their product. Lee threw a wobbly and sued the couple for breaching equality legislation.

    In a sane world, Mr Lee would have been told not to be so bitchy. After all, any business has a right to refuse custom in extreme cases.

    Imagine one such extreme case: a pervert orders from a Muslim baker a cake with an image of a dog in flagrante delicto with a pig and an inscription saying SUPPORT BESTIALITY. (I didn’t make it up: years ago a Manhattanite could order such things from an East Side shop called Erotic Baker.)

    Something tells me the Muslim baker would decline such an order in no uncertain, possibly violent, terms. Moreover, should the rebuffed customer appeal to the law, it would be him and not the baker who’d get in trouble.

    How the case in question differs from this imaginary scenario escapes me. Fair enough, bestiality isn’t legal. But then neither is homomarriage in Northern Ireland. Not being an expert in sexual pathology, I can’t weigh the fine points of the two practices against each other, but they don’t seem to be a million moral miles apart.

    What’s sauce for the Muslim goose ought to be sauce for the Christian gander. Isn’t that what equality is all about?

    If you ask such questions, you aren’t fit to live in the modern world. Equality, as in equality legislation, the Equality Commission and some such, actually means inequality in today’s parlance.

    All religions are equal except Christianity, that stubborn creed hanging on to its outdated faith. Such things go against the grain of progress, which insists that the dial is zeroed in every generation.

    Equality, in its present sense, is a device used to inch towards the ultimate goal: the destruction of the last vestiges of our civilisation, with all its religious, cultural and moral underpinnings.

    Hence the judgement of the Irish court upholds the modern ethos, and Daniel McArthur can scream bloody murder till the judges come home. Where does he get off, saying things like “This ruling undermines democratic freedom. It undermines religious freedom. It undermines free speech.”?

    And look at this lame excuse offered by Mr McArthur: “We wouldn’t even decorate a cake with a spiteful message about gay people, because to do so would be to endorse and promote it.”

    His ear clearly isn’t attuned to the mellifluous music of modernity. Decorating a cake with “a spiteful message about gay people” would have landed him in prison, while refusing to do so would have earned him an honorary membership in QueerSpace. As it is, he’s stuck with £300,000 in legal bills (partly shared by The Christian Institute).

    The Irish judges obviously didn’t realise that their ruling set a legal precedent for “spiteful messages about gay people” and other such exotica to appear on cakes as well. After all, while equality before God is no longer relevant, equality before the law still should be.

    But such considerations would matter only in a sane place, not the loony bin going by the name of modernity. And if you doubt this description, here’s another appeal, this time not overturned but upheld.

    An Iraqi 20-year-old child refugee raped a 10-year-old boy in the lavatory of a Vienna swimming pool. In his defence, the big child claimed he raped the small child because of a “sexual emergency” created by four months without hanky-panky.

    The Austrian court must have seen that as a mitigating circumstance, if its lenient sentence of six years’ imprisonment is any indication. Now even that exercise in liberalism has been overturned on appeal.

    Judges found that the big child may have believed the small child consented. Of course, unless Austrian laws are dramatically different from ours, a 10-year-old isn’t regarded as qualified to issue consent.

    Yet even a raped babe in arms could be treated as a consenting adult if refusal to do so would clash with the dominant pieties of modernity. After all, the Iraqi rapist is a) a Muslim, b) a refugee and c) a homosexual.

    Sending him down would thus be construed as a knife in the back of the prevailing ethos, and that won’t do. Taking an axe to our civilisation is much better.

    Call for the men in white coats.

  5. The article actually starts:

    “… if your head is made of butter” is the original proverb. But what’s progress if not adjusting old wisdom to new needs?

  6. In Rome, before stepping onto the Cursus Honorum which led to the Senate, one had to serve eight years as a military tribune. When the Senate declared war, it was the senators who led the troops in battle. If such a system pertained in our society, our politicians would not be so eager to send our troops into foreign conflicts, nor to shoot them in the back when they finally returned home. It would be worth implementing such a system if only to see Diane Abbot arse deep in mud and screaming racist at any enemy combatant impertinent enough to fire at her.

  7. Stephen Maybery – 17:14


    Perhaps the British Army could form a “Monstrous Regiment of Harpies” with Flabbot as Kernel in Chief? With the likes of Bonnie Greer, Nicola Splurgeon, Harridan, Crusty Squawk, Laura Kuensberg, Brillo’s chimp, and that bloody awful woman from CH4 News they’d be invincible. Apologies to anyone I’ve missed out…. there are so many potential recruits.

  8. “Americas Moment of Truth”

    Pat Condell’s latest video:

  9. Steyn on equality before the law, consent, actus rectum and mens sharia.

  10. The Russians are Coming! The Russians are Coming! REBOOT REQUIRED

  11. Yall thinking it has been October meltdown.
    But consider this,

    “Hillary hasn’t changed. At least not in who she is – a corrupt, self-serving liar willing to do or say anything to win and/or sell out to the highest bidder. There isn’t enough Saudi Arabian money in the Clinton Foundation to get me to vote for someone who got rich off “public service” and a “commitment to helping the poor.” “

  12. Two weeks my Limey friends.
    Two short weeks. Join me and pray on blended knee that the Tammany Hall goddam chimera does not make the Oval Office.
    That way is the way of damage to our way of life for keeps.

  13. And yours!

    Love to Andy.

  14. New wall this week
    It’s time for cheer
    New pearls to seek
    The best this year!

  15. Google . Paul Weston . State of the nation. 9m 38s.

  16. Rejoice! Merkel has invented a new kind of Final Solution! –

    Are we are going to see Flute Camps set up? Will they include Flute Chambers and will inmates be put in the Flute Chambers for their last gasps?

  17. Herbert Thornton,
    So Ange is going to open some flute camps. This don’t sound too magical to me, it would be more comfey if she were to set up a few cosi camps.

  18. Stephen,

    Your Final Solution version sounds even more appropriate because Cosi Camps would operate ovens – wouldn’t they? Would that not make the Cosi flatbread especially Halal?

    Seriously though, has Merkel gone completely nuts?

  19. Strange noises from the hard left:


    Read the comments on both links.

    “Trumps election will be the biggest Fuck You ever recorded in human history!”

    Get off my straw! I’m grasping on that one. 🙂 🙂

  20. “Britain will send hundreds more troops close to Russia’s border, the Government has said, as the Prime Minister also called for “pressure” on Moscow over the Syria crisis.

    Around 800 soldiers along with tanks, armoured vehicles and drones will now head to Estonia in the spring in a Nato effort to reassure the Baltic states over Russian aggression.”

    It looks as though the Boot family and others may get what they have been calling for and the “usefu idiots” fail to stop the great illusion. In that regard, I am sure Max, installed as the Jeane J. Kirkpatrick [of Malvinas notoriety*] Senior Fellow in National Security Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations, understands that the criminal organization with its centre at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is the current union of soviets.
    We willl give Daddy the benefit of the doubt, against the evidence, that he is still dozing somwhere in the 1960s.

    * “Comparing Kirkpatrick with Enders [State Department official], it is difficult to improve on the apophthegm going the rounds of the State Department that whereas the latter is more fascist then fool, Kirkpatick is more fool than fascist,” he wrote.

    “She appears to be one of America’s most reliable own-goal scorers: tactless, wrong-headed, ineffective and a dubious tribute to the academic profession to which she expresses her allegiance.”
    Sir Nicholas Henderson, former British Ambassador to Washington

  21. First things first, Prime Minister!!

    ” ‘250 children were kneaded to death in bread machines and men were baked in an oven’: Grieving mother reveals how evil ISIS thugs swept into Syria and murdered Christians – including her son” Daily Mail

  22. ‘Rigged ? What does that MEAN?

    Alex Jones Show – Tuesday:

  23. A few years ago today Charles II sold Dunkirk to Louis XIV of France.

    Destruction of the Jungle is by way of thanks.

    They can now pay us as we withdraw from Strasbourg.

  24. Herbert Thornton October 26th, 2016 – 18:23

    When it comes to Merkel my mind slips seamlessly to and fro between the descriptions “Stasi agent of influence” and “silly old woman”. A dangerous combination, Merkel would appear to be Germany’s answer to Shirley Williams but empowered in a form of quasi-dictatorship.

    And a bit late in the day for her to be remembering what the C in CDU stands for, if it ever meant much to her anyway. Christianity is now tolerant to the existence of other religions in its traditional realms. Islam in its traditional realms is not. In a political narrative where Christianity as a pillar of the state is being busily de-constructed and the fools who rule over us fret instead about Islamophobia and ways to criminalise its attributed expressions, the long term outcome does not require a genius to contemplate.

  25. Whatever will the British snowflake charities do, alone in the emptiness of Calais, now that their menopausal obsession has moved elsewhere? This morning they were still bleating about “unaccompanied children” left behind. Will they go looking elsewhere for young fighting age foreigners to gather in protest camps and crusade for?

    Or will they instead now stir themselves on behalf of Britain’s own homeless, those in the Catch 22 situation of being unable to get loans, homes or jobs because they have no fixed abode? And who do not have the privileged cachet of being foreign “refugees” to be given accommodation and new lives at the taxpayers expense.

  26. And fifteen million ‘Brits’ want to remain part of this impending disaster??

    Leftist ideology is an implanted virus. Has it now reached the tipping point? The next few months will tell: the first major explication will occur on November 8th.

  27. Brexit: The BBC just cannot let it go, can they?

    One cannot help but notice that they are relentlessly plugging yet another another UKIP/Nigel Farage “mockumentary” “comedy” entitled, “Nigel Farage Gets His Life Back.”

    I suspect that the content of this will be puerile beyond the combined efforts of the rest of the lefty BBC “comedy” output combined, but it will no doubt appeal to the retards (48% !!!) who voted “Remain.”

    We are forced to pay for this shit?

    “BBC Delenda Est!”
    [© Verity]

  28. “The Most Offensive Halloween EVER!”
    by Paul Joseph Watson

  29. The airways, the TV screens, and the printed MSM of the West have cleared of stories on Syria and Iraq. Fully, not abit of news for a third day running, no Aleppo atrocities by the Russians, miraculous victories at Mosul by the Iraqis cum Americans, no nothing. Why? Have the two countries finally found peace, have the guns got silenced by the talking of diplomats, has the imbecility of the ‘Assad-must-go’ pack of hounds died its natural death?

    Not very likely. The barbarian reckons the neocons are on to something, will unleash it either before or after the November count. For the hon Muslim the prospect of a military conflict with Russia in the few days he has left is of some importance. If he starts something big, it doesn’t end before he leaves office, how will it look on his record, how will posterity judge the Nobel Peace Prize winner?

    The neocons may not bother with him, of course, he’s past, done with, written off, they must secure their future, but the Donald interferes. If he makes it in November (as Baron reckons he will) they’re in real shite, he sounds like a man who can get serious, repay them handsomely for the hurt they’ve caused him, are still dishing out.

    Some of you (perhaps all of you) may not have bought Baron’s idea of a faltering Empire, cannot force yourselves to see things through its prism. But consider it to be true, only for the sake of an argument.

    Not unlike an injured but still breathing and powerful wild beast all Empires have been at their most dangerous just before the final exhaustion engendered either by an outside force (very unlikely here), or through the failure of a vital internal organ (the neocons’ doctrine may indeed be laid to rest, we may return to the time tested duopoly or even triopoly in the running of the world if the Donald makes it – is there such a word as triopoly, if not ‘troika’ will do).

    It feels the closing days of the year will be truly epoch making one way or another, but no silent nights are likely (or days for that matter).

    You reckon the barbarian’s wrong then? (Let’s hope so). 

  30. EC @ 20:35

    Short, but superb, EC.

    Without knowing what’s coming from the PC brigade Baron has purchased the screaming mask at Lidl, the idea was to get the mask worn by one of the groups that have been opposing capitalism (you know the one?), but these aren’t available.

    On the said day, the barbarian may go shopping wearing the mask. When he suggested it to the boss, you know what the response was? ‘Do, if anything it will beautify you, make you look more human’. Arghhh

  31. EC @ 17:17

    The channel’s good only for football, and that’s about it, EC. And even the MOTD could be bettered, less yapping by the ‘experts’, more of the ball kicking action would boost the audience figures further, be more enjoyable, reflect what the programme should be really about.

  32. Colonel Mustard @ 09:11

    Have you seen the video of her talking about the ‘c’ words, Colonel? Tears, or near tears were running down her cheeks when she’s urging the listeners to sing carols, dance, celebrate Christianity.

    We should, we won’t have much chance to do so in the near future.

  33. Frank P @ 14:50

    In the last ten years, 1.5mn indigenous Germans left the country (the top destination is Hungary), Frank, and the estimate by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) is that some 300,000 will leave next year.

    Just as well the immigrants are flooding in, who else would screw together the BMWs, Audis and VWs, no?

  34. Not to scare you any more, but it seems Fred’s talking on the same frequency as Baron, but in immeasurably more refined, witty, and convincing way.

  35. A little joke making the round s in the East: the optimist is still learning English, the pessimist Arabic, and the realist how to shoot AK-47.

  36. Is anyone likely to wake up before Christmas?

  37. Malfleur @ 00:18

    The presence of the British troops is likely to double Estonia’s population, Malfleur (only joking).

    The country has just over 1mn inhabitants, around 40% are Russians (mostly Russian passport holders, but also Estonian documents, and ‘grey’ passports enabling the holder to visit Russia and the EU only). Most of the Russians live in Tallinn (the Capital city) and Narva (on the border with Russia, this republic is the most eastern one). The countryside is populated by ethic Estonians mostly.

    Most of the economic activity has centred on tourism from Russia with EU subsidies accounting for most of the rest (they’re coming to an end), the tourist destinations were mainly in the coastal areas towards Narva, some beautiful dachas there (now, that business has largely dried out, but as far as Baron knows locals are very much hoping it will restart again).

    The presence of our troops furnished a first class opportunity for a false flag action if one were needed (that may be the reason the troops are there because if the Russians wanted to invade our presence, or that by the Americans, would make about as much difference as if we were to send a group of OAPs). Stationing the troops there will help the locals, the soldiers should spend some cash there, it’s badly needed.

  38. And most importantly: Sorry for the errors.

  39. Baron,
    Bugger the errors old son you are still worth every word, while I’m at it you are spot on with your assessment of America. All empires fade away, but most leave a legacy behind them, all America will leave is a sigh of relief.

  40. Stephen Maybery @ 00:36

    You, sir, are too generous, but let’s hope nothing cataclysmic hits us before the Donald takes over.

    (The boss, who sporadically listens to the barbarian’s rants, quipped the other day: ‘We’re born during a war, we may die during a war’. Baron more than hopes she’s wrong).

  41. Alex Jones yesterday (2nd Hour) interviews Dylan Howard, Editor-in-Chief of the National Enquirer, who with this week”s and next week’s editions is going to blow down what remains of the defences of the Clinton crime family before the presidential election.

    Make the West free again!

  42. Those who enjoyed the 2nd Hour might also like the part starting at about 30 minutes into the 1st Hour linked below, where Alex Jones finds Roger Stone together with James O’Keefe of Project Veritas who discloses that the criminal candidate, Hillary Clinton, “was PERSONALLY involved in dressing people up at these protests to elicit a violent reaction”.

  43. Baron @ 00:06

    I don’t see how the British government, in hock as it may be in so many ways to Washington DC, can continue to go along with the anti-Russian policies which lack any semblance of a British interest when they are now revealed for all the world to see as formulated by a criminal administration, and a criminal presidential candidate, acting as becomes increasingly more obvious at the behest of criminal special interests.

  44. John birch, October 27th, 2016 – 16:26, Baron @ 23:48

    Fred’s autopsy was correct. What Fred doesn’t mention is that the prospects of any tactical nuclear exchanges being limited to remote “foreign” lands are remote indeed. It could go global within hours, if not 45 minutes – to borrow a phrase.

    The Neocons are mad. You cannot hide from radiation or, indeed, the consequences of a nuclear winter. One used to have faith that the military men on both sides would draw back from pressing the button, that sanity would prevail. Unfortunately there is now an imbalance as America appear to have been replacing theirs with idiots/political puppets.

    I met a traveller from an antique land
    Who said: `Two vast and trunkless legs of stone
    Stand in the desert. Near them, on the sand,
    Half sunk, a shattered visage lies, whose frown,
    And wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold command,
    Tell that its sculptor well those passions read
    Which yet survive, stamped on these lifeless things,
    The hand that mocked them and the heart that fed.
    And on the pedestal these words appear —
    “My name is Ozymandias, king of kings:
    Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!”
    Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
    Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare
    The lone and level sands stretch far away.’
    Percy Bysshe Shelley

  45. There is a view that the US Army created by George Washington is still sound at its centre and has a lively awareness of the implications of its oath of office. There is also a view that the ranks of the FBI, the CIA and the NSA have had enough.

  46. Baron @ 23:09

    “Some of you (perhaps all of you) may not have bought Baron’s idea of a faltering Empire, cannot force yourselves to see things through its prism. ”

    The “West” ? It’s over!

    Overpopulation – even before the migrant invasion!
    Over dependance on high tech, cars, and electricity in particular.
    Over reliance on the “supply chain” for food and fuel – too many people too far removed from the land.

    Cue Katica Illényi

  47. EC @ 08:42

    Seductively attractive that tune, EC, (her artistry amazes, too), but not as some others (for the barbarian anyway). Some melodic arrangements hit so strongly he almost chokes, it had not been always so, it’s either the old age or the creeping realisation the wrapping he was born into and raised in is under threat (probably a mix of both).. What these tunes have in common is their roots in the Christian culture however distant, popular or distorted that may be.

    Just look at the audience, most of the them (if not virtually all) may not have been to the church all their lives, would probably say they’re post Christians, would fail to quote fro mthe Good Book, but are visibly moved by a song that was inspired by the Christian faith.

  48. John birch @ 16:26

    How it happened the barbarian didn’t click on the link you furnished, John, he cannot explain, apologises for it, and promises not to ignore you ever again. EC is too kind to reprimand the barbarian, but he shouldn’t be, we should all try to at least have a peep what the others dug up, offered.

  49. Many a good tune played on an old fiddle!

    Katica sans violin (& theremin)

    Her voice is not quite as memorable as Edith from Café René, but for all the right reasons! 🙂

  50. Ironic that Obama has done more for firearms/ammo sales than any other politician, anti 2A or not.

    If he wins then The Donald needs to revitalise domestic industry.

    The Henry, an American legend:

    Whoever wins on November 8th, the Henry 1000 Man Shoot will take place on November 14th!

  51. EC 0806. Treading on couplet toes?

    Who would you back?
    Fred or Allen?

    America I’ve given you all and now I’m nothing.
    America two dollars and twentyseven cents January 17, 1956.
    I can’t stand my own mind.
    America when will we end the human war?
    Go suck yourself with your atom bomb.
    I don’t feel good don’t bother me.
    I won’t write my poem till I’m in my right mind.
    America when will you be angelic?
    When will you take off your clothes?
    When will you look at yourself through the grave?
    When will you be worthy of your million Trotskyites?
    America why are your libraries full of tears?
    America when will you send your eggs to India?
    I’m sick of your insane demands.
    When can I go into the supermarket and buy what I need with my good looks?
    America after all it is you and I who are perfect not the next world.
    Your machinery is too much for me.
    You made me want to be a saint.
    There must be some other way to settle this argument.
    Burroughs is in Tangiers I don’t think he’ll come back it’s sinister.
    Are you being sinister or is this some form of practical joke?
    I’m trying to come to the point.
    I refuse to give up my obsession.
    America stop pushing I know what I’m doing.
    America the plum blossoms are falling.
    I haven’t read the newspapers for months, everyday somebody goes on trial for murder.
    America I feel sentimental about the Wobblies.
    America I used to be a communist when I was a kid I’m not sorry.
    I smoke marijuana every chance I get.
    I sit in my house for days on end and stare at the roses in the closet.
    When I go to Chinatown I get drunk and never get laid.
    My mind is made up there’s going to be trouble.
    You should have seen me reading Mark.
    My psychoanalyst thinks I’m perfectly right.
    I won’t say the Lord’s Prayer.
    I have mystical visions and cosmic vibrations.
    America I still haven’t told you what you did to Uncle Max after he came over from Russia.
    I’m addressing you.
    Are you going to let your emotional life be run by Time Magazine?
    I’m obsessed by Time Magazine.
    I read it every week.
    Its cover stares at me every time I slink past the corner candystore.
    I read it in the basement of the Berkeley Public Library.
    It’s always telling me about responsibility. Businessmen are serious. Movie producers are serious. Everybody’s serious but me.
    It occurs to me that I am America.
    I am talking to myself again.”

    Oh woe is me.
    Hillary again.
    Will nothing change?
    Can I stand the strain?

    It will be Trumped!

  52. Or have we all gone soft.

    And forgotten the Donald.

    Well I hold aloft.

    Hillary will be pommelled

  53. The four liner, Fergus, the poorly educated Slav can comprehend (and it rhymes which is always a plus for him), but what on earth is the stuff at 10.21? If it’s your poetic output then the stuff you’re taking is no good, not even for talking to yourself.

  54. Baron – 11:07

    A cautionary to us all, I think, about the dangers of marajuana use, and other shit.


    Time is a cruel mistress, the handsome young, if somewhat fucked up, poet gradually morphing into Crusty the Clown.

  55. Fergus @10:21

    More of a Zappa man, mah-self.

  56. Pommeled??
    A most unfortunate image.

    Pummelled, hopefully.

  57. Baron @ 27/10 23.51

    Can you arrange ‘mates rates’ on AK47s for Wallsters with your Russian business colleagues?

  58. Noa

    He may have meant pommelled.

    In Collins Definitions:

    1. the raised part on the front of a saddle
    2. a knob at the top of a sword or similar weapon

  59. RV (13:59)

    I suspect Noa knew that, hence his sardonic remark.

  60. Malfleur, don’t you laud Alex Jones? Any thoughts on this piece of anti-semitic verbal nonsense?

  61. Melanie Phillips on UNESCO’s progressive erasure of Jewish history….

  62. There seem to be very few analysts who write anything comprehensive or even comprehensible about the cauldrons in the Middle East and the toxic witches’ broths bubbling in them and boiling over into Europe.

    However, the piece revealed by this link seems (to me) to be more balanced and understandable than most. –

  63. Here’s a literary and political challenge for the autumn nights. And the £50k prize should buy a lot of coal for the fire…

    Sadly I suspect that high spending solutions of the Keynsian variety will be preferred. Anything else is likely to offend the bien pensant instincts and careers of the Common Purpose heavy jury. Still, no Paine, no gain…

  64. Herbert Thornton @17.07

    Many thanks for the link.
    Patrick Cockburn is one of the few journalists of integrity working in the middle east and his posts are invarably informative and objective. I wonder why he still works for the Independent. Still, like the rest of us he doubtless has bills to pay…

  65. I still have this sneaking feeling that Cameron was a very under cover Brexiter. 🙂

    It has been reported that he always had Brexit leanings and wasn’t happy with the EU’s dysfunctionality.

    After the private ‘negotiation’ he brought back less than nothing, and by so doing, set the precedent to ‘negotiate’ without any accountability.

    While UKIP might have won a few Westminster seats, without the Tory referendum promise, I can’t see how it could have won enough, and soon enough, to win a majority in the House with so many supposedly credible, august organisations dug in to oppose.

    While many Remainders have acknowledged the result, with many surprised that the sky hasn’t fallen in, the Remoaners are still fighting to the death, and appearing on the BBC, so were they just living in their EU bubble?

    Cameron can’t have been THAT stupid, can he? 🙂

  66. Comey has been forced to address the Clinton corruption by the rank and file agents. New emails my arse! They have had them from the get-go! Now we’ll see just how well oiled is the Clintonostra machine.

    Perhaps this is the the time for Hitlery to throw a wobbly and pull a sickie. Then what? Biden; Kaine or A.N. other?

    Trump just struck the right note – not too triumphant. Got his shots in first.

    Hilliary chooses to speak about recent floods in Iowa. She hasn’t mentioned the flood of diahorreah from her pouting orifice after the nees of the “new emails”.

    More garbage from the bitch. Shrill, frit and bottling!

  67. The bitch: “It’s a women thing – we make lists!”

    You sure do, babe (or butch as the case may be); lists of potential foreign donors to whom you can sell the country out!

    We are now past satire, pantomime and travesty into puerile hysteria.

    The World is watching you, America. It’s your last chance. Lemmings or liberators? Clean out the swamp!!

  68. Apparently the source of the new emails is Anthony Weiner’s sexting machine, aka his hard-on drive. 🙂


    The NSA have ALL emails and other communications exchanged by government officials, garnered in the normal course of knobbing communications. I used to do it myself sixty-odds years ago through the medium of morse. These days its done automatically via computers.

    Looks like they’re gonna throw Huma Abedin under a bus. The road-kill of this administration could keep Smithfield Market supplied for a year. 🙂 🙂

  69. Where’s the modern day Deep Throat* when needed?

    Latest rumour: they found Hitlery sexting her pussy to Weiner on his home server. 🙂

    How unlike the home life of our Dear Lady Queen. 🙂

    * as in Linda Lovelace – or Watergate; take your pick!

  70. Frank P @ 19:54

    A crafty chap, this allegedly non-corrupt FBI boss James Comey, Frank, he says they are looking into other e-mails held not on her private server, but on an individual device, but – and that’s the crafty bit – he cannot say how long it will take, or whether what’s on the phone is significant or not.

    Here’s the bet: it will take until after the election, the significance will be determined by the winner on November 8. If it’s the Clinton woman, there’ll be nothing in it, the phone’s content will be classified as innocuous, totally bland, just some banal chit-chat, let’s move on. If the Donald gets in, the ‘whatever’ will hit the fan for the cute one.

    Clever guy, the Americans should have him stuffed.

  71. Herbert Thornton @ 17:07

    One doesn’t have to necessarily travel to this hellhole on earth, Herbert, to figure that what he says rings truer that what the MSM poodles are feeding us.

    To be fair to the BBC monstrosity, in one of the hourly news bulletins this afternoon they said it was the rebels in Eastern Aleppo who were pummelling the western part of the city, killed 28. What they didn’t say was that Putin had not approved another wave of strikes by the Russian fleet even though the military on the ground had requested them.

  72. RobertRetyred @ 17:34

    Give up on the boy, Robert, or one may become suspicious, think you may have been his secret lover.

    The story of how the referendum came about the barbarian buys is simple, and usually it’s the simplicity of the policies’ origin that turns to be true.

    Many of the Tory (and also some Labour) backbenchers were so incensed with his gay marriage legislation they threatened to rebel on everything to the point of bringing his tenure in office to an early end. To quell any of it, he promised to hold the referendum in the absolute belief he couldn’t lose, everyone he had approached i.e. the unions, the CBI, the lot said they would do their utmost to stay in. Obviously, he didn’t consult the unwashed, (and why should he, he cares about the plebs)?

    This sounds almost silly, one expects alot of thinking went into both the gay marriage move, certainly the vote on the EU, but in reality it is not that dissimilar to the birth of the Dome idea (Blair’s brainchild on a back on an envelope whilst travelling in a taxi, anyone still remembers the white elephant?). Both of the bo’ys decision s, too, have their roots in only singular place, the feeble brain of a 3rd rate politician.

  73. Frank P @ 22:04

    What, what, what, Frank?

    The poorly educated Slav is easily confused, but this posting of yours that sounds massively interesting goes beyond confusing.

    ‘Sexting her pussy’? How does one go about sexting not just a vital part of one’s inborn enjoyment package, but something simpler like a cut toenail? Or was a 3-D printer involved? The things they get up to today, unbelievable.

  74. Apologies, Frank, the barbarian has just scanned few Net pages covering this juicy, but rather trivial story, he’s marginally more in the picture, he thought it was the same story that broke few years ago(?), he didn’t realise it was an addition to it.

  75. Frank P @ 17:55

    The man’s unbeatable when he gets going, Frank. How does he manufacture stuff like “It is still somewhat jaw-dropping (and not in the Monica sense)”?

    The Spectator here should commission him to do a piece rather than publish again and again the bleating of one Freddy Gray.

  76. Noa October 28 @ 16:11


    The two short paragraph article to which you link ends with the phrase “,Media Matters reported”.

    Enough said.

  77. Frank P October 28 @ 22:04

    Did it have a ‘C’ at the top?

  78. Joe Biden has just announced that he will not be serving in Hitlery’s cabinet as Secretary of State as she had suggested yesterday, but that he will do all he can to help her.

    Like visiting her in the the slammer with a cake containing a file, perhaps? (The files from her server, of course, have all been deleted – and not with a cloth, but with bleach and a hammer).

    The rats are beginning to swim for the shore. Even the bookies are laying-off. From 5-1 to 3-1. Best news I’ve heard for a month. That in racing parlance, is beginning to look like a ‘springer’ as I’m sure the aficionados here will know.

    In my vice squad days, while surveilling rascals from the netherworld, many of whom spent much of their their leisure time in spielers or betting shops (legal and otherwise), I made a few quid for the Commissioner by having a keen eye for a ‘springer’. Though one rather iffy guv’nor did once reprimand a colleague of mine for being ‘dangerously honest’ when he declared £5 winnings on a longshot (in the days when £7 was a week’s wages) instead of “bet on losing horse 5/- while keeoing observation on suspect”; which was the usual necessary (and reported) expense.

    Anyway Wallsters, watch the Clintonostra twist themselves into pretzels trying to turn this to advantage and pray that Trump stays cool and doesn’t score another og.

  79. Malfleur (01:30)

    🙂 🙂

    Only if you invert the picture, allegedly.

  80. Baron (22:36)

    “Here’s the bet: it will take until after the election, the significance will be determined by the winner on November 8. If it’s the Clinton woman, there’ll be nothing in it, the phone’s content will be classified as innocuous, totally bland, just some banal chit-chat, let’s move on. If the Donald gets in, the ‘whatever’ will hit the fan for the cute one.”

    On the button, M’Lord. A good each way bet, that one. But take 3-1 on the springer in the meantime. I’s worth a £50 flutter and will enhance your joy on November 9th if he pulls it off (do to speak).

    In the eveent of losing the bet, the pain of £50 down the drain will be as nothing in the mortification of a two third terms of the Clinton-Obama conspiracy. Suicidal stuff, that!

    War or Peace?
    Death or Liberty?
    Hobson’s Choice?

    Drain the swamp of the Globalists!

    Or to express the historical moment in terms which Englishmen can understand:

    “The Badger drew himself up, took a firm grip of his stick with both paws, glanced round at his comrades, and cried—. “The hour is come!”

    Trump 2016!

  82. Vis-a-vis the immortal Donald Trump line to Hillary Clinton: “Because you’d be in jail.”

    The next time you read a piece of anti-Brexit twaddle by someone like Max Hitler Hastings, the next time you read a piece of war-mongering-against-Russia twaddle by, er, Max Hastings and the next time you read a piece demonising Julian Assange and Edward Snowden and telling us all that the little people should avert their eyes from what the secret services do, by, er, Max Hastings, remember the following.

    We have a lifeline in this American election all thanks to Julian Assange and Wikileaks. He promised an ‘October surprise’ and he has delivered it.

    Wikileaks exposed the fact that the man heading up the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton (Andrew McCabe) received a $675,000 bribe after the investigation into Hillary was opened. He was bribed to close the investigation. This bribe was funnelled to Andrew McCabe via the route of his wife’s longshot political campaign. It was sent there by the Clintons’ old Lincoln bedroom broker Terry McAuliffe.

    Just in case you cannot connect the dots, Hillary has been caught raising money for Terry McAuliffe’s Superpac.

    So Hillary is raising money for a SuperPac, which was started three days after the FBI investigation into her was opened. And that money all neatly wings its way back to the head of that FBI investigation.

    48 hours after the Wikileaks dump, then, the FBI has announced it is reopening the investigation into Hillary. Why? Because if the FBI does not prosecute Hillary Clinton, FBI man Andrew McCabe, who led the investigation that initially cleared Hillary of wrongdoing, faces bribery charges.

    McCabe has realised he has been caught by Wikileaks receiving a bribe from Hillary (it’s the way the Clintons do things). I repeat, they have caught Hillary raising money for a SuperPac that Clinton henchman Terry McAulliffe then used to funnel the money to Andrew McCabe’s wife. That is a direct bribe.

    An FBI man has been caught red-handed receiving a bribe. Either Andrew McCabe or Hillary Clinton is in serious trouble at this point. With Julian Assange forcing the FBI’s hand by exposing their corruption, the FBI has quickly thrown Hillary under the bus because they need to save their own butt.

    The FBI have to show to the world they are not corrupt but for that (wrongful) impression to be made, the investigation into Hillary must be re-opened.

    XXXX Max Hastings and xxxx the Daily Mail.

    And you wonder why the great an the good of Britain demonise Julian Assange. It’s because he exposes the establishment for what they are. It looks very much as if Julian Assange – who had his internet cut off by the staff in the Ecuadorian embassy in the build-up to this election – has found a way to check mate Hillary, to win the election for Donald and, perhaps, win a pardon.

    Please don’t underestimate the importance of this story and the angles the MSM – as ever! – are not telling you. Julian Assange and Edward Snowden have not just won this election, they have saved the free world.

    It’s pure checkmate genius on the part of Assange. He had his hands tied by having the internet taken off him (after political pressure on the Ecuadorians no doubt from America), but others loyal to him have delivered the goods.

    It’s breathtaking genius.

  83. A short and sweet summary on why you can never trust the mainstream media and why Brexit and Trump are magnificent:

  84. Jeano @ 07:48

    Quite, let’s hope ‘the genius’ works because if it doesn’t few cans of baked beans cum a gallon or two of fresh water won’t do it (if the Clinton woman gets in).

    Re Hastings: Is the man blind and brainless, mischievous, or just plain loopy? The disconnect between the vomit in the piece, and reality is such even he must smell it.

    Baron read his DM piece up to “he (Putin) has massed 330,000 troops on his country’s western frontiers …”, thought ‘what are the names of the countries that have stationed troops on the other side of the borders”, gave up on reading any further, scanning just a few of the postings below (after clicking the ‘best’ button). Does anyone at the DM look at at the readers’ reaction?

    For the record, here’s the piece:

  85. Jeano @ 08:15

    An excellent point by Morrissey, Jeano.

    The politicians keep yapping about the power of the Internet, how it has changed this or the other, is empowering even an idiot, serving everyone the world as an open oyster almost for free. They have failed completely to comprehend that their role in furnishing the slicing of the affairs of the ‘oyster open world’ has been reduced at best to one of a zillion others, at worst to zero.

    What an imbecilic phylum, the politicians, ha?

  86. Baron – 08:36, Frank P, et al

    Re: FBI & Clinton etc.

    Not wanting to piss on your chips, so to speak….

    I, if not “we”, must be prepared to think the unthinkable here! Could this latest development somehow be part of the Clinton campaign choreography?

    What do we actually know?
    Clinton-Kaine supporters are less than enthusiastic.
    The C-K campaign know that certain polls have been rigged in their favour(by oversampling) and Donald Trump is killing them in the rest.
    Trump has also been making some great inroads into the Democrat’s traditional vote plantations. According to Jeannine Pirro he’s doing well with women in Florida?

    Has Comey really cracked? Is there a way back for Lynch, who surely must be swirling round the lower levels of Dante’s inferno.

    What better than to turn the email scandal on its head and make HER the VICTIM of dastardly Donald and the male hegemony, eh? That would surely energise her supporters and get the vote out?

    Hu knows what has happened since last night. (NB.the Chinese are really good at hacking too)


  87. Baron6 – 08:26

    “… a few cans of baked beans cum a gallon or two of fresh water won’t do it (if the Clinton woman gets in).”

    Agreed, for most people it won’t make a difference. Don’t say that you haven’t been warned though! I suspect that Noa, ever prudent, might be down at Booths this weekend restocking for the shelves of the bunker at the “Vulture’s Nest” in the ToB?

    I really must follow my own advice and get myself down to Aldi for some basics, though a couple of months back I/we did buy a year’s supply of spices and other goodies from the East End Spice Company! 🙂

  88. @11:09

    The Clintons are capable of anything!

  89. Ukraine has completely dropped off the radar, as it should have, the neocons are still running the shows everywhere, both in the basket case country, in their homeland, other parts of the world, too, the Donald isn’t in yet.

    Just for the record, however, below is a pdf of the latest opinion survey conducted by a Canadian Research outfit before July this year (the next one is due in November, but may not be out for reasons you will guess easily if you see the results of the July data gathering effort).

    It’s not compulsory, but the barbarian thought some of you might want to have a look how things are going there. There’s no need to look at every chart, just scan the findings, look at some of the most telling ones e.g. the current President being considered as one of the most corrupt, or the voting intentions of the unwashed.

    Remember that conditions aren’t ideal, people are afraid to speak out, but even the newspapers sympathetic to the current administration are beginning to run pieces under headings such as ‘Why is Europe delaying free visa travel for Ukraine?, Why 35% of Ukrainians miss Russia, and why their numbers keep growing?’ or “Every third Ukrainian asked wants to emigrate’ (Can you guess to which country?).

    Why haven’t we seen some of the results in our MSM so proud of informing us ‘without fear or favour’?

  90. EC @ 11:09

    Who knows what the Machiavellis of the American mutation may get up to, EC, they are indeed capable of everything, but if what you suggest were true than it’s backfiring spectacularly, the support for the Donald has gone up after the revelations, and the Clinton woman doesn’t really sound convincing attacking the FBI move.

    The way it’s reporting here is also interesting, not one MSM source has elaborated on the link with the Weiner’s sausage, even hinted on what the past scandal was about.

    Imagine if it were someone from the Donald’s team who misbehaved, the TV screens, the newspaper pages, the airways would be full of the juicy bits, the viewers would be treated to pictures of penises of different shapes and sizes, experts telling us how vulnerable 25-year old girls are, and hence how despicable the sexting was of someone so close to the Donald ….

  91. Indeed, ‘where is her sense of Huma?’

  92. This couldn’t have helped either, but more importantly, some of the US rags that until now have backed the Clinton woman fully are beginning to change the tune:

  93. This, on the other hand, must have helped the Donald, would anyone of any political leaning endorse an old, weak and defenceless woman getting abused?

  94. EC
    “…I suspect that Noa, ever prudent, might be down at Booths this weekend restocking for the shelves of the bunker at the “Vulture’s Nest” in the ToB?”

    LOVL! Verily the crates of Barlotti beans line the back of the lair! (Along with the Chorley cakes and Butter pie mountains.)

  95. Baron 0054

    How Putin pulls the strings
    ‘The Nazis should be held to account for what they have done here,” says Alexander Kofman, the bearded, balding “foreign minister” of the “Donetsk People’s Republic”. He is speaking on a video made…

  96. Baron 00.54

    Thank you for that interesting link on Ukraine;the source of eternal strategic envy, and so emnity, between Mother Russia and Mutti’s Germany in the guise of its EU puppet. It’s more than a Les Dawson type squabble between two hausfraus’ over the backyard wall. I note that the views of the Russophile eastern provinces of Donetsk and Luhansk and the reclaimed Crimea are excluded. One suspects the results would have been even more interesting had they been canvassed and included.
    Should Britain involve herself in Germany’s expansion? Oppose Putin’s oligarchy in Latvia and Lithunania? Why? What dog does Britain have in this hunt? As we leave the EU (we hope) a new British foreign policy and self interest should be emerging. A realpolitick; based on our interests and seeking a balance of power. Cue mien Herren Johnson and Von Fallen. altogether now:
    “Deutchland, Deutchland,
    Uber allies
    Uber alles
    in der Welt…”

  97. Meanwhile Paul Nuttall, the UKIP favourite, in a canny piece of self preservation, argues Cameroon-like, for an “English Parliament for English people”.
    Does this populist piece of casuistry signify a growing concern about his future employment prospects after Brexit?

  98. Romano Verdi @ 09:42

    Notice the author of the piece, Romano, that’s the guy who mightily angered everyone in the establishment, brought nearly the BBC down (unforgivable that) in the dr. Kelly affair, he has been trying hard since to repent, will pen any vomit that fits the agenda of the masters of the Universe or their European political lapdogs.

    In a typically journalistic style he would ‘generalise’ on anything that suits him e.g. he supports anti-gays laws in Russia’. There are no anti-gay laws in Russia, but laws that ban the promotion of homosexuality to those under 18, that’s it, but dear Andrew has to give it more weight hence ‘the anti-gay laws of Russia’. Why doesn’t the scribbler address the inhuman anti-gay acts by the state in Saudi Arabia?

    Also, and that’s what matters, he’s trying to explain the unrest amongst the unwashed everywhere from Europe through the Philippines to the Republic by Putin’s agitprop through ‘soft power centres’. This runs the risk of furthering the warmongering theme towards a possible military confrontation with Russia with Russia.

    Blaming Putin for the plebeians’ revolt is if not entirely spurious then at max just of corollary importance. People are unhappy because of what our politicians have done, not because of Vlad. If what the Russians say were so untrue, doesn’t the scribbler think they would be laughed at, mocked, not listened to, rejected?

    The problem those in charge and their MSM poodles have is that what Putin says resonates with the unwashed, people have nothing against gays, but think gay marriage is a step to far, they can see that in Syria the only serious ISIL fighter happens to be Russia, they don’t buy the story of Russian imperialism when they see the Americans invading sovereign countries on the pretext of the ‘threat to their security’.

    The whole anti-Putin story is a smart but transparently stupid and easily debunked diversion from the real problems the West is facing, amongst which the islamisation of Europe is probably the biggest because it’s existential to the survival of our culture.

  99. Noa – 10:02

    What do you propose instead, to fix the problem: the one about the West Lothian Question?

    Or does it not need fixing?

  100. Noa – 08:32

    Don’t forget the Mini Meltons, Noa!
    They have a reasonably long shelf life, are high calorie, and also easily carried when on patrol/foraging sorties.

    In extremis, the stale ones could possibly be used as ammo against any marauding ISIS gangs. No jihadi will be able to gain entrance to paradise if they had been “plugged” with a Mini Melton slug!

  101. Thought for the day: Who’d want to be James Comey?

  102. “Rachel Maddow Cries Over FBI Investigating Hillary Again – Live on MSNBC”
    Mark Dice


    Incidentally, Donald Trump correctly called the Abedin risk way back in AUGUST, 2015 [see his Tweet @1min ]

  103. EC

    Sadly the mini meltons would not make the Ark, the vegetarian militant, Mrs Noa, in her neo-Lubiankan culinary regime, has confined such delicacies to the slop pail of history.
    As a substitute for two by two animal protein the Ark could always act, if required, as a floating Parliament. Doubtless in any assembly based on proportional represention will include displaced UKIP MEPs and a collection of unshaven, homeless refugees. Will the two groups coalesce? We shall see. I will be happier about maintaining law and order if we have no Swedish blondes of any of the several genders now sexually required, and Baron, my possible Kashoggi, is able to provide some trusty ordnance and munitions…

  104. Noa.

    Ahhhh! Adnan Khasshogi … those were the days ….

    Wonder how The Pirate has managed to keep his head down for the past decade or so? I must indulge myself and rescan the Trident Corp and Churchill Club files. And of course Dolphin Square and all who sailed in her.

    The scale and scope of the Clintonostra mob eclipses all of that – and everything else in the firmament of Corruption Inc. including Watergate, Profumo, The Fall of Scotland Yard, et al.

    And the universe of ‘et al.’ is infinite. 🙂

  105. Apologies – error in my 13:55 above Triad Corp – not Trident Corps – a Freudian slip perhaps?

  106. Frank P

    And my apologies for mis-spelling the old ‘sheik-downs’ name. Perhaps I’ve mentioned before that we Lancastrians are known for dropping our ‘h’s’.
    I’ve just been flicking through my copy of Antony Sampson’s ‘The Arms Bazaar’ to re-acquaint myself with his activities. Definitely unscroupulous by today’s puritanical standards, but great fun and larger than life.
    Having been, (indeed still being, on an ‘as required’ basis) in the arms business myself, I’ve always had a soft spot for the high living old rogue. Before the hypocritical and sanctimonious days of New Labour’s ‘ethical foreign policy’ minister Robin ‘Shagger’ Cook, and the formation of SFO to prevent the export sales of UK arms, commissions paved the way for business. And they still do. After all, how else can the Ibn Sauds move their ill gotten gains to the safe pastures of Switzerland and the Carribean?

    Like you I’ve always meant to tidy up my career notes and dossiers and use them as the basis of an autobiography or at least, a damn good story that will shock my prim and proper family.

  107. Noa

    Forgive me again, I misspelt his surname, not you. Type in haste, repent at leisure. Dodgy mince pies and an even dodgier memory require that I should employ a subbie before I press comment; but as only a handful of ‘deplorables and irredeemables’ are reading us (sporadically) “what difference does it make??” as the bitch would put it.

  108. You have to watch this to the very end, could the cunning Biden also be thinking of an escape route?

  109. The Donald’s team should run the part of this clip (the abuse of the poor woman) as a commercial, under no comment heading:

  110. And this, if you want to know about the history of election rigging in the Republic.

  111. Frank P @ 14:38

    ‘A bitch’, Frank? Surely another misprint, you must have wanted to type (before the dodgy pie kicked in again) ‘a democratic candidate of the highest caliber, equipped with more experience of government than any other contender for the job ever, a peace loving, accommodating saint, a feminist, a truth loving Christian ….(noffofthis bullshit).

  112. Noa @ 12:13

    Actually, Noa, it may come handy if the Clinton woman gets in (she won’t, but if she did) to own an AK-47, a simple contraption, only seven (or is it eight?) moving parts, reliable even if dropped in mud, quite accurate, too, considering one can put together one up with a hammer, drill and few chunks of metal, one of wood.

  113. Frank P – 14:00

    Pamela Bordes get a mention in that article on Khashaggi.
    Small world, ennit!

    A trip down mammary lane… or should that be rue de la embonpoint?

    [Ian Hisplop – before he got the Beebotomy!]

  114. The barbarian cannot but join the queue of the apologists for the errors he’s managed to make in the sentence or two he posted since 14.51.

  115. Baron (14:51)

    He already cut and run by turning down her offer to be her SoS.
    Which would, of course, been a demotion. Which proves just how spaced-out she is.

    Occam’s razor applied to the current guff: the New York Feebs have put a hammer-lock and bar on Big Jim. They haven’t signed the ‘non-disclosure’ agreement – so it’s “use this – or we blow the whistle – big time!”

    Comey was left with no option and as the enquiry will not be completed for weeks if not months, he has nothing to lose. They’ve handed him both a stainless steel arse protector and an opportunity to fuck the Clintonostra willy nilly.

    The problem that still remains is the electorate. The shape of the last arse that sat on it is predominate!y H. And altough the bookies have started to lay off, you can still get three to one against The Donald.

    Let’s hope that for once the bookies get cleaned. We’ll see! Forgive me if I keep the shampoo on ice pro tem.

  116. EC (15:24)

    Heh, heh, heh.

    Yerrss! When Ms Bordes was flavour of the month, back in those days of comparatively tame conspiracies, I penned this for my own amusement:



    Pamela Bordes confronted hordes
    Of journalists from far and wide.
    Teasing … taunting … smiling … flaunting;
    Hoping in them to confide
    The names of naughty men who did her,
    And HOW the ones who did her, did her!

    Her tactics then: to run and hide
    Then spill it to the highest bidder.
    Methinks the well-known men who met her
    Should have know a little better:
    Randy Andy … Dirty Don …
    Crafty Colin … Jumpin’ John
    And so on ..and on …and on
    And on … and on .. and on.

    And though just groping in the dark –
    The tabloids claimed she’d made Her Mark.

    Now she’s courting old Lord Gnome
    Whose wife we’re told is not at home;
    Or is it Gnome who’s not at home?
    And can we swallow Dempster’s hunch
    That Gnome is simply out to lunch?
    Come off it, you mendacious bunch!

    Your readers are a canny lot
    And most of them can smell a plot.

    Perhaps it’s fair to warn The Eye
    That most of us know full well why
    This phoney war is being waged
    And phoney assignations staged.
    Lots of copy every day
    From Nigel D and Jock McKay.

    Could it be falling circulation
    That’s causing all this consternation?


    Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

  117. As an aficianado of the once keen Eye, you’ll be able to fill in the real names. 🙂

  118. Btw, in retrospect, given the proper pronunciation of her surname, perhaps the first line should have been

    Pamela Bordes, she faced a horde …

    Just sayin’.

  119. Fergus Pickering (or whoever you are.)

    I refer you to Frank P @ 16.46 for a lesson on how to pen humourous verse.

  120. RobertRetyred @ 17:01

    A top find, Robert, thanks, it’s already in the bookmark drawer.

    He contradicts himself somewhat though saying that each side knows virtually everything important there’s to know about the other side then criticises the Clinton woman yapping about the 4 minute gap between the presidential decision to push the button and the button getting actually pushed.

    The Russians must be as aware about the procedural steps of an American nuclear strike as they’re of their own, and vice versa. That’s good, Baron reckons, the more they know about each other the less of a surprise each side’s decision can engender.

    The barbarian has mentioned it before, the observation comes from a man who spent his entire working life in the field of nuclear preparation. He says that if it came to a real crunch both the Russians (or the Americans, other nuclear states) don’t have to bother to launch anything against the enemy, they can simply detonate what they have, the atmospheric air movements will eventually cover the whole planet, or at least create a totally unpredictable and indefensible world environment. A truly evil scenario.

  121. The barbarian is warming up to the blonde, it wasn’t smart of the Donald to have a go at her, she’s articulate, confident, on the ball. To have her on one’s side would be a definite plus.

  122. Frank P @ 16:46

    How stupid of the Swedes to leave you out, Frank, give the Prize for Literature to Dylan for his nursery rhymes.

  123. Frank P @ 15:39

    As the quip goes, Frank, a week is a long time in politics, the Donald has two weeks of that time, and he’s more than capable to fugg things up.

    Failing that, it would be a miracle for the Clinton woman to claim the prize.

    In her speech addressing the restart of the investigation she kept saying ‘the FBI must release the emails’, and ‘let everyone see the e-mails, nothing in them, just a small talk (like telling Bill where his clean socks are, advising Chelsea how to apply a make-up, comforting my dear friend Huma whose hubby (like mine) erred) …’ (Baron made the stuff in brackets up, but you get the drift).

    She knows very well the FBI will never release any emails, they cannot, the law prevents them doing so, hence she’s quite save telling her audience there’s nothing secret in them. That’s not particularly smart, but there’s little else she can say to defend herself.

    Btw, when she was urging the FBI to make the emails public the audience cheered, but not that convincingly, it was all rather mute (Baron has seen the clip, cannot put his finger on it now, it’s lost amongst the stuff he finds himself, gets from others).

  124. @Baron 30th – 18:21

    Which blonde are we referring to, please?


  125. EC @ 15:24

    The barbarian was out of the country, knows nothing of it, it’s all a puzzle to him, EC.

  126. Ostrich (occasionally) @ 18:35

    The wrong blonde, O(o), try again.

  127. Baron (18:17)

    Don’t let the brittle bitch seduce you, Baron. She’s stil smarting over the primaries debate, when she lost it and he got impetus as a result. She’s a hard-on feminist who has subtley briefed against Trump ever since. She kept her job by not joining in the shafting of Roger Ailes overtly – but stabbed him in the back stealthily and silently. Overweeningly ambitious.
    Not a nice person.

  128. Frank P @ 21:26

    The warming has reversed, Frank, the barbarian was unaware of any of it, merci for the background information.

    Latest: The US State Department has ordered the departure of family members of diplomats stationed at the Istanbul consulate. Apparently, it’s too dangerous for them to remain in Turkey.

  129. Noa @ 20:00

    Energy, or rather the shortage of it, may be what will kick off the disintegration of the Brussels monstrosity, Noa.

    People may be unhappy about immigration, the lies they are told, the impotence to change things, but it’s their economic wellbeing that engenders their anger, wakes them up, pushes them to act.

  130. Malfleur @ 22:02

    She looks almost human in that orange outfit, Malfleur, it suits her.

  131. What? She doesn’t know how the emails ended up on her husband’s computer? Hasn’t she heard of Putin? It was he who planted them there. Sweet baby Jesus, she isn’t the brightest dumpling under the sun, is she?

  132. Russian submarines on manoeuvres, and what is O’Bummer doing? What are the EU ‘leaders’ doing?

    If Russian missiles landed on Washington DC and Brussels, we would think they were on our side 🙂

  133. Baron (22:23)

    Heh, heh, heh!

    Actually, the word is that Weiner has flipped and is ‘co-operating’.
    Some bigtime plea bargaining, perhaps? He must have a map of where all the bodies are buried. Pillow talk has been the downfall of so many of the g & g.

  134. All this hot air about the latest ‘revelations’ is risible. The plain fact of the matter is that there has been sufficient evidence to convict the whole Clinton cabal under the RICO Statutes for years. If the name was Clintonio, rather than just plain Clinton, they would have all been doing porridge in high security USPs years ago. Where there’s a will there’s a way. conversely, where the is no will, there is no way.

    We can only hope that the sharp end has had enough and issued some warnings. And if they have the spouse of one of the capos of the outfit about to become a fink, even though he’s a paedo, then the dominoes may start to fall. Huma is already road kill, she could flip, too. What a story that would be. Could be fun! Put popcorn on your shopping list, love.

  135. “Syria: Over 1,500 Terrorists Killed, Wounded in Failed Attacks on Gov’t Positions in Aleppo”


    “Boris Johnson: Russia has to stop bombing to end slaughter in Aleppo”

    Now let me get this straight…Syria, a member of the United Nations, and the ally which Syria invited to assist it in defending itself, Russia, which is a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council albeit having just failed to be elected a menber of the United Nations Human Rights Council currently chaired by Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to the UN in Geneva, the human rihts expert Faisal bin Hassan. Now a major Syrian city is under attack and the attackers apparently imclude terrorists.

    Are these perhaps moderate terrorists which the Obama administration therefore feels able to support? If the Foreign Secretary is the sock puppet of whomever is calling the shots in Washington at present, the Seventh Floor or whatever, he should know that he may be feeling a different hand up his sock on November 9th and find himself talking out of the other side of his mouth – an accomplisment in which he has already had some practice.

  136. What are the odds on a lone wolf (as if ) killing trump before the election.

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