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  1. A right on politically correct judge has ordered the removal of a security tag from a Somali terrorist. Only in this country, words do not fail me, but the ones I would chose might shock even Frank, naturally, as is usually the case, his bint and seven brats are living on state benefits. Is it too much to ask that officialdom turf the lot of them out, back to where they came from? and for good measure send that stupid fucking judge with them, they will need someone to carry the bags.

  2. The longest day has come and gone and still the cold clammy spectre of winter lingers hereabouts.

    El Niño?

  3. The Times: Teachers are struggling to control classrooms because of a lack of authoritarian leaders in schools, education experts have told The Times.

    I think they mean ‘authoritative leaders’, but who is to say, nowadays?

  4. Frank 11.26: Daniel Greenfield is always good value. I notice that those who believe in Jewish leftist conspiracies always ignore him & others like him.

    But I do wish the term ‘radicalisation’ were challenged. It makes the wannabe jihadi passive in the process, without agency. It’s part of the general soft focus on the problem, which starts from the premise that all our Muslim fellow-citizens have similar values to us until they are ‘groomed’ (again passive) by outsiders.

    it’s not that simple. There’s an uncomfortable interlock between the conservative Islam that many of our fellow citizens profess, and its ultimate conclusion in jihad.

    This is a war of ideas & if you start out in life three quarters of the way along the spectrum from western liberalism to Muslim supremicism, the jump to the far end is quite short. (Converts are another matter entirely.)

  5. Demaris.
    The error is thinking any Muslims are sympathetic to the west, Its in their religious hate book to kill jews, christians, apostates and atheists. Or at the very least to treat them like second class citizend.
    And dont get me started on their attitude to women and girls.

  6. Stephen
    Happy for the tag to be removed if the shrinks say he thinks it is a bomb. What is wrong is that he was hot then locked up.

  7. Y’all still there?
    Where is my old mucker Andy Car Park
    He done gone to Boot Hill?
    Things are hotting up.
    Hillary is now spreading her communist message- or is it that blow jobs will be compulsory.
    Jeb thinks he will have the GOP sewn up but smart money is on Rand Paul.
    There are some dangerous people trying to rubbish his Tea Party Goes to Washington. I know Rand will do good retreats for your delightful Samantha and Dave at Camp David.
    I am back down to Clovelly before I head back over the pond.
    Have a good one.

  8. stephen maybery June 22nd, 2015 – 11:01

    Stephen the damage done to race relations by this case and many more like it is immeasurable.

    It is high time that we are able to rid our country of these parasites, who loath us and all that we stand for and yet live off of our stupidly high welfare budget.

  9. stephen maybery @ 11:01

    Short, but honestly felt, stephen, and seconded. It truly beggars belief what has become of the judicial system, other institutions of the state, the kingdom in all.

  10. Frank P @ 11:02

    The last sentence of the ‘it-could-be-this-it-could-be-that’ rant says: ‘Each El Niño event is unique however, so it’s not possible to say exactly what the consequences will be for any given year’.

    But it hasn’t stopped the deluded ecochondriacs from telling us what consequences we are likely to face in 100, 200 300 …. years from today. Bastards.

  11. Does anybody understand what the hoo-hah is all about regarding deportation of immigrants earning less than 35 grand after five years? What’s the thinking behind it? If trained nurses are likely to be deported under the rules, isn’t that counter productive? Is this think-tank nuttiness, or what? I can understand why it would be a good idea to deport immigrants who have shown no desire to acquire gainful employment after 6 months, never mind five years, but if someone is employed, earning a modest living and doing a job that’s productive and useful; paying their taxes and not accruing criminal convictions – what’s the problem?

  12. stephen maybery – 11:01

    Stephen, do lie own before you read this!

    Imam ‘traumatised by tag’ is terror fundraiser
    “The extremist imam whose electronic tag was removed because of his delusional belief that it contained a bomb has raised tens of thousands of pounds for the militant group al-Shabaab, it emerged today.
    The 39-year-old Somali preacher, referred to at the High Court only as DD, has already breached the terms of his Tpim control order at least 11 times since it was imposed in October 2012, and has been jailed at least three times as a result.”

  13. Frank, the issues for me are why are UK young women not being trained to be nurses, and why are valuable nursing staff from much more under-developed nations being drawn away from the service they should be performing.

    Return most nursing to vocational and not degree level management. Train young women on the job from age 17. Seek to cover the requirement for foreign staff within 5 years.

  14. This England:

    “St. Catherine’s College at Cambridge University has decreed that men can wear skirts at formal dinners, following a campaign by a transgender-rights activist student. ”

  15. Another cyclist killed on the road, involved of course with a lorry. The lorry drivers are by and large maniacs who speed along as though they own the public highways. The cyclists are mainly arrogant idiots who are pests who think the highway rules do not apply to them. So there we have two groups of maniacs, but there is a huge difference. One group is composed of powerful gigantic lorries, whilst the other is made up of flimsy light weight cycles. Consider this, size counts – how often has a lorry driver actually been found guilty? This lunacy on the roads is thanks to Boris Johnson’s ridiculous patronage of cyclists.

  16. Keeping Track of the Warmongers:

    Roosevelt’s slogan in 1937, at a time when it was politically difficult for him to call a spade a spade in support of liberty, was “Quarantine the Aggressor”.

    Today’s headline in the Independent is:

    ‘Unite against Moscow aggression’: US nuclear missile commander says that Vladimir Putin’s actions echo those of Nazi Germany in the 1930s”.

    The corporate fascists who are running America have decided to let a pit bull off its leash to bark in our faces, Lieutenant General Stephen Wilson, commander of US Global Air Strike Command.

    CHWs will already have studied reports of Obama’s alleged purge of the US military over the last seven or so years and in particular the dismissal of officers responsible for the firing )or not-firing) of nuclear missiles in 2013, 2014, and 2015.

    I would not want to say that Lieutenant General Stephen Wilson is a political lickspittle of the Wolf’s Lair filling the boots of an honourable man now moved sideways to Nebraska. CHWs may do their own research and draw their own conclusions.*

    Those who recently called the West to arms will be heartened.

    Personally, I say “Quarantine the Aggressor!”.


  17. Comment by Pinto Currency

    “Now they’ve got him.

    He’ll keep borrowing to pay interest until Greece is foreclosed-on by the European elites.

    Germany sorely needs vacation property.”

  18. Here is the real reason for the close ties between the Republic’s political elites and those of the Saudi Kingdom – the almost full likeness of the legal framework in both jurisdictions.

  19. Peter (22:07)

    All of that is ‘valid and sensible’ in a perfect world, but it still doesn’t answer my question. Deporting people who have settled here and are lawfully and gainfully employed (particularly in understaffed essential services) will be met with fierce opposition by a vast majority of people across the political spectrum. And why the arbitrary £35k p.a.?

    And, sadly, though your suggestions are both ‘valid and sensible’, turning the clock back to the 50’s/60s when young indigenous girls were persuaded that working the wards for three years for next to nothing, under the whips of lesbian ‘sergeant major’ type matrons, as ‘angels of mercy’ is a non starter these days. And to be realistic, even in the 50s/60s the NHS relied heavily on Irish and West Indian nurses to man up the service – Saint Enoch was responsible for that, if you remember?

    Most Nursing Homes for care of the elderly are now staffed almost entirely by foreigners who are prepared to do the menial tasks involved for equally menial wages. That’s the society that has evolved here, where three generations of our own kids have been brainwashed into thinking that three or four years of shagging and taking drugs in lefty controlled ‘unis’ is their entitlement, regardless of whether or not they have the intellectual capacity of pond newts – or less, as if often the case.

    I’m all for controlling the inflow of parasitical immigrants and setting our own standards for who should be admitted; but to expel those who are doing a good job is plain daft. It’s the product of some think tank, comprising – yes … you goddit! The brain damaged output of above mentioned ‘unis’ – the onanistic segment, to boot, with degrees of the PPE variety. Those with more than three synapses capable of joining up in a single productive thought, or are capable of heterosexual coitus are probably gainfully employed making lots of dosh running the productive sectors of society.

  20. It’s purely speculative, Frank, one is hard put to figure what’s behind many of the decisions our recent governments have taken.

    The rule may have been brought in because of the NHS, where around a third of staff are foreign, coming from more than 200 countries, and apply only for the ‘skilled’ category of ‘non-EI immigrants’, nurses, doctors from Poland, Hungary, other EU countries will not be affected. The idea is to raise quality, many of those who work in the NHS in jobs that require high degree of skills (nurses predominantly) can hardly speak English, get the jobs only because of shortages of nursing staff. The rule may have been designed to force the NHS Trusts to stop hiring on the cheap, although one can hardly blame the HNS managers for doing so when they are short of money.

    Theresa May, the woman who likes wearing Blank shoes, is aiming to secure as a minimum £35,000 for nurses, hence the same cut-off line for the deportation.

  21. Frank P – 09:18

    ‘And why the arbitrary £35k p.a.?”

    On that basis “they” are going to have to deport over 50% of the lawfully settled UK population! (How far back do they want to go?)

    ONS figures:

    NB. A rather good photo of Andy Carpark on the right, dontcha think?

  22. EC (10:58)

    🙂 🙂

  23. EC @ 10:58

    ‘You & Yours’ on BBC Radio4 today, the subject the in-work credit. The callers, the e-mailers broadly split between those who said ‘it’s the last straw, the £12n cutbacks from the welfare budget, people will get hurt, many will die’ and those who kept pointing out the the credits create a tax trap, as people earn more, lose the credit at some point, their tax rate goes to whooping 70%. A bloke from Scotland wrote in saying he ‘looks after nature, has the right to be paid more than the minimum wage’, many others expressed a similar view, the employers must pay a wage one can live on without any Government handouts like the in-work credit. The expert in the studio said that a family with two kids, one parent working on £32,000pa still got some in-work credit. Around 16% of the claimants of in-work credit are foreign i.e. immigrants costing the Exchequer £2.2bn pa, according to the same studio expert ‘not too disproportionate’ compared to the indigenous crowd.

    The point of the programme was what the boy from no 10 was talking about recently. The two systems, that of tax and that of Welfare are run independently, the Exchequer taxes low paid people, Welfare pays them back tax credit. The system seems to have evolved into a powerful disincentive to career progression, overtime, productivity. Shocking, but only to someone who has just arrived here.

    And: Hasn’t Andy lost a lot of weight, lucky he.

  24. Malfleur @ 12:51

    The news about Poro(shenko)’s request to the Constitutional Court of Ukraine was published elsewhere, Malfleur, (see below), but Baron presumed it was a translation error, unless Poro feels under threat, believes he may also get kicked out, it just makes no sense.

  25. If this is what they will do to each other, one wonders what they will do to ‘us’ if (or rather, when) they manage to get the upper hand here:

  26. Btw I’d like to think that some pre-emptive measures are in place. Perhaps someone from law enforcement or the armed services can tell us what those measures are? Perhaps … maybe? No? Nothing? Surely not ….?!

    Ahhh. But I forgot. The meek are going to to inherit the earth. So that’s okay then. Let’s hope someone has the translation right.

  27. One wonders what sort of file this dick-head has on the commissioning csars at the top of the Media dung heap:

  28. Baron 1425
    I hesitate to speak but was so incensed by the programme after You and Yours (WATO) that my pen itched
    No doubt some of you heard the first broadcast interview from the Justice Secretary
    Equally no doubt some admire Govian Educational Social Darwinism
    telemachus has always been an admirer of the dissembling of that man whether in Education or as Chief Whip
    But today takes the biscuit
    The Gove rationale for today’s attack on the Courts was to give the disadvantaged more equal access to Justice
    And yet when challenged rightly with the dirty word “Legal Aid” he said, yes of course there must be further savings in that
    In the North we call a spade a spade

  29. “In the North we call a spade a spade”

    That’s nowt! Yesterday the POTUS called them niggers.

  30. Its nothing to do with the 59/60s Frank. You are out of touch on this. My wife trained in exactly the way I described in the mid 80s. And that was how nursing was staffed successfully until it became a degrees required profession in the late 90s.

    I’m quite happy with people who are not British citizens being asked to go home. Not all but those who are not contributing. This may well include many foreign nurses. With the withdrawal of benefits for the young, and the offer of paid training places for jobs filled presently by foreigners, it will be quite easy to get our youth to work.

  31. Peter from Maidstone
    June 23rd, 2015 – 16:01
    With the withdrawal of benefits for the young, and the offer of paid training places for jobs filled presently by foreigners, it will be quite easy to get our youth to work.
    Peter, I trained as a nurse in the mid-50s. I agree that it is a vocation, and from what I see of university trained nurses, they are mostly only good enough to sit around the nurses; station and gobble junk food and gossip. It will be almost impossible to get good quality youth ready to take up nursing. Years of poor moral standards from government down to the lack of family life, single mothers, casual partners, and same-sex marriage have all contributed to the creation of a lazy, ignorant generation not worthy of being called English. The best nurses when I was recently a patient, came from India and Africa. The wonderful West Indian nurses I trained with are now retired, and their children haven’t followed in their mothers’ footsteps. Dreadful to say, but the English ‘university trained’ nurses lack compassion, skill and all the attributes British nursing was once famed for.

  32. Frank,
    In the north we call a spade a spade etc.
    Brilliant Frank, bloody brilliant.

  33. Anne,
    Spot on Anne. Florence Nightingale must be spinning in her grave.

  34. Anne, I’ve not advocated for university trained nurses in anything I have said. My wife has now been required to get a degree, but she trained on the wards in the 80’s under Sisters who managed the wards as professional nurses and not as professional managers. I don’t see any reason why nursing should not return to such a condition.

  35. Peter from Maidstone
    June 23rd, 2015 – 17:53
    I agree with you 100%. University degrees for nursing are an idiot idea created by bureaucrats who know bugger all (excuse my language). It is an insult to even suggest that a trained nurse like your wife should have to waste time being instructed by so-called experts.

    stephen maybery
    June 23rd, 2015 – 17:32
    She must be whirling !

  36. Presumably would be nurses are required to pay nearly £30,000 for their training.
    Likewise para-medics/`first responders` are required to pay for their own HGV (what-ever) driver training.

  37. telemachus @ 15:28

    After the ‘You & Yours the barbarian switched off, telemachus, he had to do abit (a lot) of gardening, cannot say anything about the Gove entry into things judicial.

  38. No. Nurses don’t pay for their training.

  39. Looking up the Thesaurus I find:

    Here is David Cameron’s (_________*) message for the “holy month of ramadan” .

    *Insert you own adjective.

  40. Radford NG @ 20:52

    Someone should send him the video clip from the DM Frank furnished earlier, Radford, ask him what he makes of it.

  41. Peter at 20.51

    So:the NHS has to pay the fees for nurse training (according to the Daily Mail:Dec 2014).It costs £70,000 to train a nurse on a three year course;for which sum the NHS can hire three foreigners.”in the past training was far cheaper……as they learned as apprentices.”

  42. Radford. The training that nurses received until recently was a form of apprenticeship, and so pretty much covered its own costs I would imagine. But the figure of £70,000 for training now would need to be spread over a career and not simply compared with the costs of employing foreign staff. Indeed the costs of employing migrants are always much more than simply their salaries in any case.

    But I have said several times that it is the training process in place as late as the 80s which should be restored.

  43. I agree with this…

    “Dr Sarah Wollaston, the chairman of the Health Select Committee, said it was ‘time to deliver’ the workforce the NHS needs and to give thousands of young Britons a chance. The RCN estimates there are 100,000 applicants a year for the 20,000 training places in Britain.”

  44. It should also be much easier for older staff to return to work after having families, with sympathetic flexible working hours and much less (or no) stress on academic degree level requirements for actual hands on nursing.

  45. Frank P @ 15:44

    “Yesterday the POTUS called them niggers.”

    He was anticipating the special dispensation in matters of political correctness which is now almost certain to be accorded him alone in the absence of a coup by the remaining constitutionalists in the US military to restore the republic, as a consequence of passage of the Trade Promotion Authority by the Senate on Tuesday which effectively establishes the United States as a dictatorship. The deciding vote was cast by Republican Sen. Marco Rubio who, it can be inferred from a refusal to give an affirmative answer when questioned on the point, had not read the draft legislation before voting.

    All Americans can now parade with signs stating: “Je suis un nigger”.


    Radford NG @ 20:52 – Fill in the blank

    Mr. Cameron, as an Old Etonian with a first class degree in PPE, and as a descendant of one of the many by-blows of Prinny, should be found the most dignified diction available. I choose ‘oleaginous’.

  46. There was some discussion here on the Wall recently about the opposition which may be expected to the United Kingdom leaving the EU if the arguments focus on liberty, sovereignty, and other seeming abstractions remote from many voters everyday concerns.

    The OUT campaign should take note of the ‘welfare entitlement’ vote in the electorate and take pains to win it over.

    The ‘IN’ campaign, targeting the entitlement vote, will argue that economic disruption caused by Britain leaving the EU would jeopardize government’s ability to continue those entitlements.

    The effective counter to this is that the EU’s open borders policy, which the British government cannot or, under EU tutelage, will not control, will bring the government’s financial ability to continue to meet those entitlements to breaking point. This argument will become increasingly persuasive as the pains of the recession are more sharply felt.

  47. Lest We Forget

    On 24th June, 1812 Napoleon led an invading army massed along the Russian border across the River Niemen into Russia for a short two month punitive expedition. Against his own better judgment and his original intentions, he was then drawn deep into enemy territory and by November the broken and humiliated remnants of his army were lucky to escape across the River Berezina and leave Russia across the Niemen again in December.

    What are we doing? Here is the enemy’s view.

  48. “The Shepherd’s Crown” will be the final Discworld book published on 27 August.
    Terry Pratchett’s daughter Rhianna recently declared that there will be no more Discworld novels.

  49. Ooooooooooooook!!

  50. The Librarian at 03.18

    You can say that again.

  51. Ooooooooooooooook!!

  52. Ooooooooooooooook!!

  53. An `aggressive` six foot bird on the loose that poses a very real threat to the public escaped on Tuesday evening;say police.
    A rhea was reported missing from Carton-in-Lindrick, near Worksop.
    “If anyone sees this bird,please call 999”.

  54. The man who thinks he is a woman is all over the BBC this morning promoting his new book. It’s all part of the BBC programme of social confusion.

  55. Radford 03.17: Chris Morriss introduced me to Terry Pratchett. I wonder if he over-produced as some of his books are mediocre. But the more ideas-based novels such as Small Gods are pure genius.

  56. I read every one of the first 15 or 20 books but felt he was over-producing too.

  57. Peter 10.19: Any recommendations? Anything meaty?

  58. I liked all the early ones. I’d read them in order until it gets boring and repetitive and formulaic.

  59. 1.

    2. France seems to be irritated after the Wikileaks disclosures about the U.S. eavesdropping on French Presidents.

    I think its very entertaining. So, I expect does young Vlad. I wish I could post a picture of him showing his quiet half-smile.

  60. But the best has to be the description of the “epic Struggle” of Cohen the Barbarian (Baron please note)

  61. telemachus 11.11: I thought at first you were making a comment about Nick Cohen.

  62. But talking of Nick Cohen his latest book is relevant to recent debates
    “You Can’t Read This Book: Censorship in an Age of Freedom”

  63. At least 1,400 children sexually abused and exploited in Rotherham (BBC REPORT)

    “Several staff described their nervousness about identifying the ethnic origins of perpetrators for fear of being thought as racist
    Professor Alexis Jay”

  64. I am very nervous about historical sex abuse trials because attitudes change as years go by.
    We have enough problems to deal with today, I tried to point out some of these issues in a comment to mail on line regarding the headmistress found guilty yesterday.
    Needless to say, they won’t post it so I might as well risk it here.
    Reading the comments I find my opinion won’t go down well but never mind.
    I feel people have very selective memories of what was going on at this period of time, the left were promoting the anything goes attitude towards sex and society agreed.
    Look at the stick Mary whitehouse got for her stand against the breakdown of morality, she was laughed at and called a prude, old fashioned.
    She and people like her were outraged against the promiscuous society that said sex was fun, to be enjoyed not just for procreation. Just do it, it’s fun.
    I find it’s very difficult to judge the past by today’s standards.
    As an example, child porn ( now called abuse) was freely available in Denmark Holland and Sweden .
    The firm that produced these films is still in business and has never been prosecuted for doing so.
    As the old saying goes, the past is another country, they do things differently there.

  65. John birch
    June 24th, 2015 – 13:41
    Interesting theory, John, but must we live by the ‘mores’ of today as proclaimed by a government and bureaucrats? Because they say same-sex marriage is fine, must we accept this and find it normal? Because some countries made child abuse available, must we follow suit? No, John, the morality Christianity and Judaism subscribe to was endorsed thousands of years ago, and Britain once followed its ethos of decency. Because there are bishops, archbishops, priests, rabbis and other characters who deny this ancient, but eternal morality, must we do so to? If we do so we will sink into the filth which is spreading, indeed has already spread, in places like Rotherham, Sheffield, and the child abuse centres i Rocks Lane, Barnes a few decades ago, where in a upper middle class area, judges and politicians went to rape and even, some say, murder, children.

  66. John 13.41: I remember it very well. I remember when PIE was considered an extension of libertarianism.

  67. Damaris Tighe
    June 24th, 2015 – 14:18
    Wasn’t the ‘fragrant’ Harriet Harman one of their supporters?

  68. anne 15.22: Yes, indeed, but I was thinking of the classical liberal libertarians (close to the Adam Smith Institute & the IEA), some of whom also flirted with PIE.

  69. anne wotana kaye@June 24th, 2015 – 15:22

    Harperson, dromey and patricia hewitt were at the NCCL when PIE were affiliated. Hewitt has admitted to knowledge of PIE’s affiliation but the dromeys have not
    so its fair to assume the dromeys are paedophile apologists. Harriets legal responsibities must have meant she was aware of PIE, their affiliation and what they stood for.

  70. Anne I obviously was not condoning the situation of those times it’s just that to me historical trials are impossible to deal with fairly as attitudes change.
    Just imagine (and it’s not impossible) that all of a sudden it’s fashionable to be outraged by homophobia and historical trials start up.
    Where would that leave people.
    Or historical racist allegations, here come the trials who said what and when.
    This has the feel to me of witch trials about it, the comments which it seems perfectly ok to post about the headteacher such as kill her the dirty pervert, but to question the attitudes of the time is unacceptable.
    I find that bizarre.
    Feelings trump logic.

  71. John birch
    June 24th, 2015 – 17:19
    Logical and reasonable reply, but I am not in agreement. Your concern for fairness is just the sort of emotion which criminals use to get kindness and tolerance. Your decency is exploited by those who have no humanity, but cry for humane responses.

  72. And of course the fact that yesterday we are told that vast numbers of men in this country are pedophiles , luckily just a day before it seems we have identified hundreds of Rotherham men who abused young white girls.
    So there’s nothing to worry about with Muslims, their the same as us , we’re all dirty pedophiles no matter what skin colour we have.
    This historical aspect has been a blessing to the left, and you would be a cynical sort of person to think it had been held in reserve for when the Muslim situation came out.

  73. John birch
    June 24th, 2015 – 18:50
    Sounds just like the lesbo-feminist creed! Watched BBC TV and most of the females are out and out lesbians – not giving normal gals a damn chance!

  74. If there are 300 sex offenders from the Muslim community in Rotherham, and the Muslim population is about 8,000, then there is one sex offender per 25 people. There are over 2.6 million Muslims in England. That suggests there might be over 100,000 Muslim sex offenders in the UK.

  75. That suggests there might be over 100,000 Muslim sex offenders in the UK.

    that will be a very conservative figure, I suspect much more.

  76. anne wotana kaye June 24th, 2015 – 19:03

    not giving normal gals a damn chance!

    Telling it, as it is Anne.

  77. David, yes, I was trying to be conservative rather than sensationalist. The thing is, in Rotherham, with 8,000 Muslims, with an estimate of most of these being adults with 4 children, that would suggest that there are 1,300 adult males. Let’s increase that to 1,800 adult males. That still means that 1 in 6 adult Muslim males in Rotherham are involved in the organised sexual abuse of white children. It seems impossible to think that in fact most of those males not directly involved in such abuse were ignorant of it taking place over a decade. A whole Muslim community complicit in the sexual abuse of white children for a decade or more. And Rotherham is only one example.

  78. Damaris T @ 15:29.

    I base the libertarianism I still have on “Natural Law”, wherever possible, as did the great classic liberals of the 19th C. Therefore I say that there should be different ages of consent for heterosexual and homosexual acts, as one is clearly natural (if the participants are over the age of puberty), whereas the other is unnatural at all ages. Of course society should allow unnatural acts between consenting partners if they are deemed mature enough to know their minds on this.
    Therefore perhaps the heterosexual age of consent should be (say) 15, whereas the homosexual age of consent should be at least 18, and possibly 21.

    Now this of course will make people scream at me that I am, (at the same time!) a paedophile and a dangerous puritan!

  79. Chris Morriss
    June 24th, 2015 – 20:13
    Sensible and rational answer to fixing the age of consent.

  80. Zagruzochnyy puts its toe into murky waters:’t-you-dare-forget-it

    One for our baronial buddy to kick around.

  81. Frank P @ 21:53

    Senior Bilderberger, I’m afraid.

  82. I think it best not to rely on MSM headlines but to read her speech which I don’t read as pro-EU at all.

  83. Peter from Maidstone

    You are right on the speech. Especially interesting, though I think it walks a narrow line between two views on another crisis in Europe, was the sentence “In the nineteenth century in the Russian Empire a Welsh engineer called John Hughes founded a mining town which is now Donetsk in Ukraine”.

  84. COSTELLO: So there are two ways to bring unemployment down, and the easier of the two is to have people stop looking for work. ABBOTT: Now you’re thinking like an Economist.

    COSTELLO: I don’t even know what the hell I just said! ABBOTT: Now you’re thinking like a Politician.

    Read the preceding dialogue at:

  85. Chris 20.13: I don’t think the civil law should make distinctions between citizens (or identity groups). Therefore, whatever the age of consent it should be the same for heterosexuals & homosexuals. There is much disagreement over what constitutes natural law in human affairs. The only universal areas of agreement are the prohibition of violence, murder, theft & ‘false witness’.

  86. Damaris, since homosexual behaviour and heterosexual behaviours are not the same on many levels, and since homosexual partnerings are unnatural, I see no reason why they should not be treated differently as they are in fact. There are lots of reasons why groups should be treated differently. Disabled people are an obvious category, as are pensioners, and children. Indeed we have a great variety of necessary instances of treating people differently.

    There are no universal areas of agreement. We have to decide what it means to be English and stick with our ancient foundations and freedoms.

  87. Baron

    You asked me a week or so ago to give you an explanation of the controversy behind the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership).

    I think this is best summarised by Senator Jeff (Jefferson) Sessions on the floor of the Senate on June 17 last:

  88. PoM et al

    Statistics are pointless. Surely the true point is that, given the contents of their vile lifestyle manual, surely every single Muslim, male or female, is a potential threat to the safety and well-being, sexual or otherwise, of every non-Muslim.

    Those of the contrary view might be interested in this story and muse on how long it will be before the UK has an Officer senior enough to create this situation.

    I remain convinced that no Muslim can be permitted to hold any public office nor be employed in any position where their actions or inactions might negatively impact on non-Muslims.

  89. Surely too many surelys, Shirley!!

    The questions you don’t ask at the BBC

    There was a remarkable scene in one BBC Today programme morning meeting in about 1995, as all the producers gathered together to discuss what stories would be on the following day’s show.
    The big story was the European Union; the splits occasioned by the EU within the Tory party and the battle, on the part of racist neanderthal xenophobes, to keep us out of the Exchange Rate Mechanism, from which we had ignominiously exited three years before. The meeting cackled and hooted at the likes of Bill Cash and his assorted fascists on the Eurosceptic right. ‘They think the Germans are determined to dominate Europe!’ and ‘They’re just racists!’ and ‘They’re all old Monday Club little Englanders!’ How everyone laughed. And then a voice suddenly cut through this jubilant unanimity.
    ‘What if they’re right?’
    Cue an immediate silence and deep mystification and astonishment. People looked at one another with incredulity, as if the Hindu smallpox deity Sitala had suddenly manifested herself in the greenroom. Right? Right not to join the single European currency? Right to fear that the EU was perhaps prone to stretching its remit a little here and there? Are you mad? The thought that Cash and co. might be right had simply not even occurred. It was absolutely clear — as a very senior BBC executive said to me a few years later, about the Eurosceptics: ‘You do realise, Rod, that these people are mad?’
    It is difficult, if you are from Bradford, to see immigration as an untrammelled benefit
    Problem was, in this particular morning meeting, the voice of questioning dissent came from the programme’s then editor, Roger Mosey. So the producers suddenly had to entertain the possibility, for the first time, that there might be a shred, an iota, of substance in the Eurosceptic arguments.
    You may have heard of Mosey as a consequence of a book he has written, which is now being serialised, about the BBC. The former head of sport and boss of Radio 5 Live confirmed in this memoir that the BBC had, over the years, shown a certain liberal bias. Not least on the subject of immigration. He recounted a story of the Ten O’Clock News broadcasting a package from an ‘ethnically diverse’ (i.e. monoculturally Muslim) part of Britain in which all the comments but one from the indigenous white folk were edited out because they were deemed ‘racist’: the one comment that remained expressed great satisfaction that these colourful and interesting people had so enriched all of our lives. It was not hugely representative of the real feelings in the community. It was, instead, a travesty.
    The BBC has been biased on the issue of immigration for at least 20 years. When I was editor of Today (1997–2003) I commissioned an excellent reporter called Barnie Choudhury to examine the impact of Muslim immigration in parts of north-west England. Barnie, a brave and honest bloke from an ethnic minority (I don’t know which: I never asked), reported that there were ‘no-go zones’ for white people in some areas. Places the whites dare not venture, in case they were attacked. How he was vilified within the corporation for reporting truthfully! Shunned by some, excoriated by others. He no longer works for the BBC.
    Since then the corporation has broadly stuck to the line that a) immigration is good, especially if it involves people who have a different skin tone and culture to our own and b) any whining whitey who objects is probably racist or needs re-educating, or both.

    This is perhaps even more true of the BBC today than it was 20 years ago. The corporation’s coverage of the asylum seekers floating around in the Med has been un-ashamedly biased in favour of the policy of diverting as much manpower and money as possible to rescuing them, regardless of the wider consequences. It was biased and almost hilariously gullible about the Arab Spring uprisings which have brought so much more democracy and freedom to the world, inshallah. It is biased in its news reports of eastern European people coming here for work, regardless again of the consequences for indigenous people. It treats with hostility and contempt any individual or organisation who might dare to suggest that diversity is anything other than a bloody good thing. Its attacks on Ukip during the election campaign — no other party warranted such treatment, remember — were an utter disgrace and, I would suggest, in breach of its charter. There was not even a genuflection towards even-handedness. The line was simple: these bastards are racists, and we’re going to nail them.
    Roger Mosey and John Humphrys were easily the best journalists I ever worked with at the BBC. Sharp, clever and questioning of everything, not inclined to swallow whole the dominant in-house paradigm. I do wonder if social class and geographical background have something to do with this. Both are from blue-collar backgrounds, much like Kevin Marsh, who was for a time an excellent editor of The World at One — which under his control forensically dissected New Labour policy, to the fury of Alastair Campbell. It is difficult, if you are Mosey and from Bradford, to see immigration as an untrammelled benefit to British society. I would suggest that if you are from Bradford you might be rather more inclined to see both sides of the equation. To see that there are, you know, downsides. And to grasp that the picture is not quite so simple as when it is viewed from an affluent London redoubt, from where most of his colleagues viewed it.
    But perhaps that is to do Mosey a disservice; after all, I suspect that when it came to the European Union and that Today programme morning meeting, Roger was — however mildly — on the side of the federalists. It is just that the smug consensus grated a little, both intellectually and viscerally, which is how it should be for a journalist. If only the BBC had more people like that.

  91. Peter @23:20
    Thank you for this comment. I cannot understand Damaris’s view on this at all! On what grounds should natural and unnatural actions be accorded the same legal status?
    There is (or used to be in this country) a broad agreement on what constitutes ‘natural law’. The prohibitions that she states have little to do with natural law, but are taken straight from the stone tablets allegedly given to Moses by a decidedly amoral deity.
    Murder for example is an evil, but understandably killing someone who is violently attacking you used to be deemed unfortunate, but acceptable. Modern law deems it otherwise. I would rather base everything on natural law (where possible of course), and prevent laws being made up by the decisions of prejudiced judges, many of whom seem to have their own agenda.

  92. The British Penny: European Union Directive No. 456179

    In order to bring about further integration with the single European currency, the Euro, all citizens of the United Kingdom of Great Britain
    and Northern Ireland must be made aware that the phrase “Spending a
    Penny” is not to be used after 31 July 2015.

    From this date onwards, the correct term will be: “Euronating”.
    It is hoped that this will be a great relief to everyone. If you have
    any questions, just give me a tinkle.

  93. Chris & Peter: The problem is that it’s likely that all three of us have differing opinions on what constitutes natural law in human affairs – although each of us will think that our view is written in stone. I, for example, believe that natural law is the right of each individual to his own life & has the right to go to hell his own way, as long as he doesn’t trample the rights of others. This doesn’t mean that civil law may not incorporate laws for the good of society (interpreted in a traditionalist, not a socialist way) as I do believe society exists. I subscribe to the natural law embodied in the American constitution, the rights to life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness.

    Killing in self defence is not, of course, murder.

    Putting natural law to one side, I don’t think it is a social good to have either sexuality in the public space or to allow the disintegration of the traditional family. Privacy, discretion & the nuclear family are part of our ancient English foundations & freedoms

  94. Lawyers earn vast sums of unjustified money in arguing about badly worded or inconsistent laws. Some ground base for laws is essential, and I would rather have laws based on natural principles than the interpretation of priests, as is sharia law as an example.

    A quote from the mostly wise Terry Pratchett. (From ‘Carpe Jugulum’)

    Granny Weatherwax (who happens to be a witch) and a priest are sitting by the road having a conversation.

    (The conversation starts on the classic subject of “how many angels can dance on the head of a pin?”)

    “You’ve counted sixteen?” said Oats eventually.
    “No, but it is as good an answer as any you’ll get. And that’s what you holy men discuss is it?”
    “Not usually. There is a very interesting debate raging at the moment on the nature of sin, for example.”
    “And what do they think? Against it, are they?”
    “It is not as simple as that. It’s not a black and white issue. There are so many shades of gray.”
    There’s no grays, only white that’s got grubby. I’m surprised you don’t know that. And sin, young man, is when you treat people as things. Including yourself. That’s what sin is.”
    “It’s a lot more complicated than that–”
    “No it ain’t. When people say things are a lot more complicated than that, they means they’re getting worried that they won’t like the truth. People as things, that’s where it starts.”
    “Oh, I’m sure there are worse crimes-”
    “But they Starts with thinking about people as things…”

  95. Chris: If you open up the civil law to a concept of natural law which is anything beyond the right to life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness, then you will open the door to priests & imams. The argument is not so much about whether it exists, but more about whether we’re clever enough to know it beyond the self-evident basics. The fumbling, evolving English common law based on traditional liberties & duties is a better route, even if it does enrich lawyers. If you have a clear idea what constitutes natural law, then it’s still possible to live it in your own life – as many Catholics still do, without the backing of statute.

  96. * typo: ‘about’ left out between ‘idea’ & ‘what’.

  97. Damaris. Our English culture is built on a Judeo-Christian foundation. The American ideals which you describe are not consistent with that foundation. There are no self evident basics apart from an agreed basis on something like Christian culture. We don’t need to be practicing Christians to believe that foundation is useful and necessary and the basis of our English culture.

  98. Peter: Agreed, but our Christian culture is rooted in what the CoE once was – tolerance within boundaries. Before the boundaries were smashed by legislation (the ‘long march through the institutions’), they were continually tested by common law. The rights to life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness were implicit – within boundaries.

    The English were often accused of being hypocrites because they would turn a blind eye towards transgression, rather than legislating against it. But this was a subtle way of avoiding the unintended consequences of legislation.

    For example, many doctors have always helped dying people on their way. It was a known, hidden & illegal act of compassion. The law rightly upheld the inviolability of life, which was everyone’s protection. Then the rationalists & the emotivists came along & lobbied for legalising assisted dying, & the clarification of the law for those who help. By making what was hidden, private & informal into a legal right, a fundamental of our Judeo-Christian tradition – the inviolability of life – is removed & all people considered by themselves or others as surplus to society’s requirements put at risk. We are moved one step closer to a collectivist beehive with nasty resonances with National Socialism. Everything does not have to be legislated. Some principles can be upheld by custom rather than law.

  99. Damaris Tighe:
    How right you are. Chris Woodhead undid all the good he did in life by his championing of legalised euthanasia. I have little doubt that he could have had help at the end with what you call hidden compassion. As it is he contributed to the terror all the old and frail feel as they approach their late eighties.

  100. “Some principles can be upheld by custom rather than law.”

    Mm, TP referred to that as “the lore” rather than “the law.” Here we stray into the minefield of unintended consequences don’t we?

    imo there should be only one law for all – secular law. But too much it, regulating the minutiae of our every waking hour is a bad thing. The Coalition, and now the Tories have carried on where (one law per day?) “New” Labour left off.

    The idea that CMD will ever let Gove et al replace the EU Constitution with a UK BoR is laughable. The whole damned cabal were complicit in New Labour’s dismantling what was left of of Magna Carta, and they continue to demonstrate utter contempt for the public.

    I’m all in favour of adopting the US Constitution in its entirety, warts and all. The Yanks don’t appear to be using it now, but when it was upheld (more or less) by their politicians it was responsible for producing one of the most free, successful, prosperous & powerful nations ever known.


  101. Damaris Tighe:-
    How right you are. Chris Woodhead undid all the good he did in life by his championing of legalised euthanasia. I have little doubt that he could have had help at the end with what you call hidden compassion. As it is he contributed to the terror all the old and frail feel as they approach their late eighties.

  102. Damaris Tighe (10:28)

    A reasoned and pragmatic essay. Excellent!

  103. Is nobody concerned that QEII is being used; either wittingly or coerced, into the politics of the EU referendum, while the whole MSM output is a propaganda exercise for the ‘Stay In’ movement. We are drifting inexorably towards increased federalism and a 27 to 1 vote in favour of myriad elements of further loss of sovereignty – aided and abetted by our own Sovereign. Un-fucking-believable! ! My loyalty to the Crown is under severe strain at the moment.

  104. Jennifer Oldham (11:45)

    Tut, tut. You shouldn’t judge a man whose ‘in extremis’ agonies led to some pleas and arguments against protracted and pointless suffering. They were understandable and deserve understanding and pity rather than castigation. Imho it did not undo his otherwise excellent record in public service. And I speak as one who is implacably against ‘assisted suicide’ (other than as described eloquently delineated by Damaris).

  105. I wrote my (12:22) post before logging into Alex Boot’s latest post:

    Had I read his post, I would have not bothered to stumble over my own thoughts. He expresses what I was attempting with his usual panache.

  106. David Cameron on TV banging on about ‘quacking down on quiminal gangs’.

    If Verity were still here I would ask permission to change the simile ‘mouth like a hen’s arse’ to ‘ mouth like a duck’s arse’.

  107. What are we to make of it:Tesco special offer for ramadan;Pringles……smoky bacon flavour.

  108. Frank P – 12:54

    I love Mr. Boot’s inventiveness with the English language:

    “Federasts” – a one word pejorative that says it all. He’s coined a real beauty with that one! 🙂

  109. EC(14:29)

    A consummate wordsmith indeed!

    Aww Kerr-iced! Just watched the little rodent Kay Burley have an orgasm over Obama ‘dealing with a heckler’ during speech.

    “Oooohhh! He’s so cooool, isn’t he?” she simpered.

    Fuff uxate!! Get a grip, girl.

    The man is a 24 karat CUNT. Grow up!

  110. Frank P @ 14:21
    While the rest of us (including the government) know that the UK population including undocumented illegals is over 65 million now. Tesco have been using a figure higher than this in their sales modelling for some time. I have no information on the figures for the others of the big 3 supermarkets.

  111. Frank
    I apologise for being insensitive. I am very afraid of the thin end of the wedge.

  112. Radford NG
    June 25th, 2015 – 14:15
    What are we to make of it:Tesco special offer for ramadan;Pringles……smoky bacon flavour.
    No doubt they will bring them up again for Pessach (Passover). No wonder Testco is going down the tube!

  113. How about Hot Cross Matzos for Passover, Mr Tesco?

  114. Frank @ 21:16

    So what word other than ‘cleansing’ would one have to pick to describe a government killing, bombing, executing citizens of its own country, albeit those holding the Russian passport, it’s supposed to protect?

    When Yankovich was in power, the police and the armed forces he controlled, never once fired on the demonstrators, who threw Molotov cocktails, burnt vehicles, attacked them when off duty – plenty of evidence of the mob brutality on the Net. He was told if he did he would find himself indicted, before a court in Hague. It seems that for the US protectors of the current Kiev puppet the life of a Russian is worth less than that of an Ukrainian thug paid for in US dollars, as it should, after all it was American money, $5bn in total (to undermine the democratically elected presidents of Ukraine, who didn’t jump as the American political elite wanted viz. Nuland testifying in Congress).

    Only someone whose IQ equals that of common grass would doubt the top religious man of the church of orthodoxy was an agent of the KGB, but so was everyone else in any authority, position of power, privilege (however little), it was what kept the regime going, snitching was the superglue of the communist power, the one element of the bolsheviks’ dictatorship that held the key to its destruction, if someone were to figure how to destroy it. It often reached the universe of the bizarre – a wife snitching on the husband, he on her without either one knowing about it, ever.

    It wouldn’t surprise the barbarian if one of the closest friends of Mr. Boot reported even on him (he on others) when he was so courageously undermining the regime through drinking, treating women badly, but all in all meekly doing what he was told to do.

    The current second most powerful man in NATO after the Secretary General who’s a civilian appointment, (the top man of the military set-up) is no other than a Czech general who was a member of the party, joined the security services (Baron knows not whether it was military intelligence or the Czech replica of the KGB, but it matters little because both were under the direct control of the KGB). He said so himself explaining that if one wanted ‘to make it there was no alternative’.

    Does this bother the barbarian? Not abit, both did a good job for one master, are doing, one presumes, a good job for a different one, now. If the West were to carry out ‘lustration’ in the former satellites of the USSR (or in Russia herself), there would be few people left in those countries within the political elites, the civil service, security services, the police, judiciary …..

    And this, Frank, for the barbarian would be, in the words of the immortal Forrest Gump, ‘all he has to say about it’ because whether the religious man wears an expensive watch or not amounts to, in the grand scheme of things we’re talking about, to FA.

  115. Frank P @ 12:54

    And just this on Mr. Boots latest, greatly admired, if short, essay on division versus unity in Europe.

    The Queen’s speech was delivered ‘on advice’ it wasn’t entirely hers, but neither was it what the boy told her to say. She, with the help of her advisors, drafted it, the government would have scanned the content, suggested amendments, but in all, it was het thoughts that formed the gist of it.

    Baron totally backs her, we’ve managed sixty years of peace, the one ingredient that secured it wasn’t NATO, but MAD, neither one nor the other side could have launched a strike that would have won it for them, both would have perished.

    MAD hasn’t retired, it’s still very much in control, and the recent division the barbarian abhors wasn’t sown by Putin fighting in eastern Ukraine, but by the Americans dislodging a democratically elected President of a country to further their own geo-political interest.

    Btw, the rationale behind the NATO’s placing tanks, aircraft, other weaponry in the Baltics republics, Poland, elsewhere (not in the Czech Republic, the government refused to follow the others, but in time the Americans will find ways of persuading them, too) was Russia’s boost in military spending up to around 4% of her GDP. As you know, the NATO members have been cutting theirs to below 2% of GDP.

    Google the ranking of countries by GDP, add those of NATO, then calculate 2% of the total, convert into dollars. What do you think you’ll find if you compare just 2% of the NATO countries GDP with 2% of Russia’s GDP in dollars? This is the figure that matters because one pays for tanks in dollars not percentages.

  116. Baron at 18.11

    The word is `pogrom`.

  117. “Radford NG
    June 25th, 2015 – 14:15
    What are we to make of it:Tesco special offer for ramadan;Pringles……smoky bacon flavour.”

    Bacon and beer-listen through

  118. Radford NG @ 18:59

    Not a bad alternatine, Radford, the substance of it differs little from the word cleansing.

    And an apology, as always: the comparison of GDPs at 18.33 should be: 2% of the combined NATO members’ GDP with 4% of Russia’s. The barbarian should do better next time.

  119. Radford NG @ 19:20

    Is this for real, or just a joke, Radford?

  120. Frank P @ June 25th- 12:22

    Peter Hitchens explains that he and HM are both citizens of the European Union.

  121. Baron at 20.04
    Pringles story in the Express and elsewhere.

  122. Radford NG @ 02:11

    Thanks, Radford, it was also on the news, but not on any UK channel, France 24, Euronews or RT perhaps.

    Btw, the flavour of bacon doesn’t come from bacon, it’s synthetic, Baron believes, hence it’s the best way of tasting bacon without actually consuming it, Tesco should be thanked for enlarging the Allah followers’ culinary experience, smoothing the way of fusing the two cultures ….no?

  123. The Daily Mail app won’t let me link its headlines on my Nexus widget, but if you feel like a cynical cackle, Google ‘Sir Peter Hendry’ and read their latest potted bio on this piss-taking monster. Note the similarities between him and that other Marxist mover and shaker/parasite, Sir David Nicholson. Even down to physical appearance. Are they cloning these fuckers at the Gramsci Cultural Laboratory, hidden somewhere in the sewage system beneath the Metropolis?

  124. Malfleur @ 02:01

    and the link is, Malfleur? Thanks.

  125. Quote of the week from David Burge (Iowa Hawk) – the sage of Twitter:

    David Burge ‏[@iowahawkblog 9 hours ago]

    “No matter how low your opinion of Washington DC, it’s nothing compared to Washington DC’s low opinion of you.”

  126. Frank P – 08:20

    £140 per hour? 😯
    Must’ve been a Ten Bob trick back in your day patrolling the Soho beat as a tender young police constable????

    The scourge of inflation, I suppose.

    Was this that link?

  127. EC (09:28)

    Yeah, that’ll do for starters. Thanks. Btw
    pop-pickers: while you’re down there cop this reprise from Rich Littlejohn. Plus ca change … ‘n’ all that frog speak: particularly apposite this morning:

  128. Rather long, not that funny, but a friend of Baron likes it.

    A stroke of bad luck hits the boy (or insert any politicians at will), he has a car accident, bad one, pegs it. As befalls on a man who lived the life of a saint, spreading happiness everywhere and to everyone like letting gays marry, he walks towards heaven, at the gate is met by Peter, who asks him what he wants.

    ‘I want to go to heaven,’ says the boy and tells him why what with all his saving the Kingdom from slpitting, fighting the bureaucrats of EU, reducing deficits … ‘Wait a minute’, says Peter, ‘we have a system here, before you decide whether heaven or hell is for you, you must visit both’.

    The boy reluctantly agrees, they walk to a lift, it that takes them up to heaven. As the life door opens the boy sees a near nirvana, plenty of smiling people, but he cannot recognise any, they seem rather ordinary to him as they sip Dom Perignon, smoke the most expensive Cuban cigars, take any drugs they like, their food is beating anything the boy has ever been served at his numerous dinners with other servants of the people…

    ‘Right,’ says Peter ‘that’s enough of heaven, let’s go to hell’. They take the lift again, this time down, the door opens, and what do you know, the place looks identical to what the boy saw in heaven, the same happiness, the same food, it feels even better, the bubbly flows but in glasses of pure Swarovski crystal, the cigar cutters are made of pure gold… and the people are different, too, his heart rejoices as he sees many he knows personally, and many he heard of often, he even spots Adolf painting a picture, a large beer jug next to him, content and calm, and a man with a moustache who looks surprisingly like a Georgian thug merrily dancing with a smiling young teenage girl …

    ‘That’s enough of hell,’ says Peter, ‘let’s go up, you can think, decide, boy’. The lift takes them out of hell, Cameron doesn’t thing much, says: ‘I’ve never though I’d say it, but I reckon hell’s better for me, I feel kind of more at ease, some of the people I passionately dislike, but I can have a conversation with them, convince them of the error …’

    ‘Listen, says Peter, ‘cut the crap, and let’s go to hell’

    They walk to the lift again, it descends, the door opens, but the picture is quite different, sickening even. Lucifer and his helpers are everywhere, no food, no champagne, cigars or anything, boiling oil in large vats is spilling over, the inhabitants are screaming from pain…

    ‘What TF, shouts the boy ‘what’s happened?’

    ‘Well’, says Peter ‘what you saw before was the pre-election campaign, this my dear boy, is what you get after you’ve voted’.

  129. Apologies, apologies, apologies, for the mistakes, of course.


    Anybody taking bets on how long it will take the MSM to run the first “Muslims living in fear of backlash story ? (backlash – no sharia pun intended)

  131. Baron 10.55
    I liked it, very good.

  132. Baron – 10:55

    Sadly, it’s not funny at all.

  133. RobertC – 11:42

    If only, if only, it were funny, I would be in Heaven, or another country.

  134. Frank P – 10:40

    £140 per hour = £2.33 per min.
    That means, on average, soup to nuts, a tenner should cover it! (excl. VAT)

    (except in Scotland where, by law, they have to charge an additional 5p per bag required)

  135. Just bought Pringles from Tesco Metro.

  136. I was just about to lapse into verse.
    But the news told me something worse.
    It’s to Soussse I will go.
    And if you join me you know.
    We’ll kill the bastards who did it and curse.

  137. The way things are going Cornwall will be able to seriously raise hotel prices.

  138. Daily Mail Online [‏@MailOnline 6 minutes ago]

    Gunmen shoot tourists on sunbeds along beach packed with holidaymakers #Sousse

    27+ DEAD
    Move along there, no Islam to see here, folks!

    Pat Condell [‏@patcondell 3 hours ago]

    “Allow me to anticipate the response of politicians and media to the latest Islamic atrocity in France.”

    AND the same response for Tunisia, no doubt!

  139. John birch
    June 26th, 2015 – 13:43
    The way things are going Cornwall will be able to seriously raise hotel prices.
    What makes you so sure that there aren’t a couple of terrorists getting here in a carton and heading for Cornwall?

  140. We are in St Ives and all looks OK, apart from report CMDstill thinks we have a ROP!

    What a plonker!!!

  141. Anne, if my times up I’d rather die in Cornwall than some Arab shithole dressed up to look nice for tourists.

  142. RobertC 15.39

    The actual words of CMD: “The people who do these things, they sometimes claim to do it in the name of Islam,” Mr Cameron said. “They don’t. Islam is a religion of peace.”

    It’s time shits like Cameron took a bullet from the peace-lovers. He is responsible for this.

  143. John birch
    June 26th, 2015 – 15:50
    Agree, but I’m damned if I will allow a lot of towel heads to decide my stage exit! I agree too with Irishboy above, Cameron, Obama and the whole bloody lot disgust me.

  144. what is ROP!?

  145. It is obviously all about freedom. The Arab spring started in Tunisia. Repress the bastards again.

  146. “US Supreme Court backs gay marriage” (BBC REPORT)

    Sodom and Gomorrah!

  147. David Ossitt – 16:33

    ROP = Religion of Peace

    I am now back at my pc, instead of on my phone. On my phone, I cannot see what I am writing as the keyboard covers the bottom half of the screen.

  148. Irishboy – 15:55

    From a real PM: Benjamin Netanyahu – Verified account @netanyahu

    מעשי הרצח האכזריים בצרפת, בטוניסיה ובכווית ממחישים שוב שהעולם הנאור נמצא במאבק מול כוחות אפלים
    המאבק בטרור הרצחני של האיסלאם הקיצוני מחייב איחוד כוחות, ותחילתו בהוקעה חד משמעית של

    Brutal murders in France, Tunisia and Kuwait demonstrate again the civilized world is the struggle against the dark forces
    The fight against terrorism Radical Islam’s murderers requires joining forces and unequivocal condemnation beginning of the murderers and their supporters

  149. EC – 17.08

    Bibi is a hero.

    Now, have a look at this vomit-inducing page. As with Dave’s “Islam is peace” shite, all the kowtowing here make me wonder who the hell is writing the script.

  150. Some of my cronies were already beginning to think that liberal left tolerance cannot be applied to the new threat of Islamic State
    So what can we do within the limits imposed by a Westernised Muslim Population of almost 3 million in our midst
    1. We must turn off altogether the North African flow. If this needs the Navy and troops on the Libyan coast so be it
    2. We must smash IS in Syria and Iraq. This means concerted US/European boots on the ground
    3. We must get a draconian Data Communications bill and send round hit squads to detain terrorist suspects
    4. We must do all this with a charm offensive on the moderate indigenous muslims to include moral sanctions on radical islamophobes
    We can beat this
    We must not just wring hands

  151. Shocking attack took place at the headquarters of American-owned Air Products close to Lyon in southern France
    A severed head covered in Arabic writing was then placed on the factory’s fence along with two Islamist flags
    Suspect then drove through factory gates, crashing into gas cannisters and causing blasts that injured onlookers
    Alleged killer has been named as father of three Yassine Salhi, 30, with the victim believed to be his employer
    The company both men worked for are understood to have regularly delivered to the Air Products factory
    Delivery driver’s wife later claimed that Salhi was a ‘normal Muslim’ who left for work as usual at 7am today

    Unfortunately I think she’s telling the truth.

  152. Teletubby 17.59.
    What are you up to tele.
    I smell photo.

  153. Bloody predictive text.
    Let’s put it clearer. I smell shit

  154. John birch
    June 26th, 2015 – 18:16
    driver’s wife later claimed that Salhi was a ‘normal Muslim’ who left for work as usual at 7am today
    Unfortunately I think she’s telling the truth.

    And this is Ramadan! No way is islam a religion, rather it is a devil cult and its followers should be hunted down and destroyed – before they destroy everyone else.

  155. anne wotana kaye June 26th, 2015 – 19:21

    “driver’s wife later claimed that Salhi was a ‘normal Muslim’ who left for work as usual at 7am today”

    Anne she has now been arrested!

  156. John b
    No shit
    We are about to see 3 days of garbage from the politicians telling us not to blame Islam (not that I disagree)
    Garbage from the right wing press blaming Labour for immigration
    Garbage from the left wing press blaming our colonial past
    But no one will do anything
    Al Qaeda tried it on in 2001 and was smashed
    Who hears of Al Qaeda now
    Bush and Blair understood you should destroy them
    Who have we now
    Cameron only interested in keeping his party together on Europe
    And Obama interested only his legacy as the one who disengaged
    I saw a glimmer of what we need in Hollande today
    Maybe we need a new Entente Cordiale
    Or Jeb Bush in the Oval Office
    The true Bush legacy

  157. Irishboy – 17:41

    Like you said, sickening and truly beggars belief!
    Do Warsi and Choudary et al do Christmas cards?

    Following today’s Islamist murders in France, Tunisia and Kuwait I am looking forward to all the nationwide spontaneous “NOT IN MY NAME” demonstrations by the UK’s peace loving “normal” muslims this weekend…

    How many will there be Mr Cameron, I wonder? The nation no longer believes your bullshit!

  158. The 2015 Ramadan Dead Body Count Scorecard:

  159. The “Nothing to do with Islam mantra” is the equivalent of the “We won’t let this derail the Peace Process” bollocks heard after countless and mostly forgotten atrocities in N. Ireland. I listened on LBC earlier to a girl whose boyfriend is in hospital in Tunisia having been shot 4 times in the stomach, his girlfriend telling us that had he not thrown himself on top of her before telling her to run like hell, she too would have been shot, and this shite from Cameron is an insult to those dead and terrified in Tunisia tonight. Like Brian Paddick, the Met Police spokesman on 7/7 telling us that Islam is a peaceful religion (which he did before the living and the dead had even been brought to the surface) Cameron is also insulting us. We can make up our own minds about Islam even if we don’t have the mind-altering PPE degree, though after today and the other countless atrocities we have seen, I rather think that Islam has made our minds up for us.
    A real Prime Minister would already have brought back all Britons who wanted to come from Tunisia tonight (some wanker from COBRA said there’d be another meeting tomorrow when they would decide what advice to give holiday makers) but Cameron was straight into his pro-Islam propaganda and once again I want to know who’s writing his script.

  160. The Times, trying to trash UKIP: Godfrey Bloom tells the author of a new book, Following Farage, that the party leader is determined to ‘get rid of all the Alpha males left in Ukip’

    Yes, but Godfrey, why did he get rid of you? 🙂

  161. On the ITV news at 10 tonight, in the video clip about the US Supreme Court decision on gay marriage, the camera was scanning a group of activists that included, very near the camera, two gays embracing, then loosening the embrace, moving to kiss each other. Before the actual kiss, the camera very abruptly cut off.

    Telling this.

  162. Irishboy @ 21:37

    If you were to read the Sultan’s pamphlet to which EC has furnished the link, you would know why the boy, the EU apparatchiks, the political elites throughout the western word say what you object to.

    The West has no chance of solving the Islamic boil whilst the messiah’s in charge.

  163. You recall the messiah lecturing the ‘world community’, on whose behalf he always speaks, on the evils we have to guard against? ‘The three major threats the world is facing today are ebola, Putin’s Russia, and ISIL’ said he only few months back.

    One can forgive him for getting the medically based threat wrong, not even messiahs can correctly assess if a virus based disease develops into a full pandemic, it seems.

    But isn’t it almost deific how the religious zealots of ISIL & co are subverting his effort to switch from the real threat emanating from the creed he loves to the one that’s largely illusory, fabricated, phoney? He will need something truly big to again promote the idea that it’s the Ruskies we should fear, kick, re-arm to keep in their place. And that’s assuming the ISIL & co calm down, cause fewer atrocities, or get clobbered by the security services of the West.

    But then, there’s always the Yerevan rioting (not yet picked up by the ever willing MSM), the coming first anniversary of the MH17 flight (July 17), and the never ending fighting in eastern Ukraine.

  164. Baron 23.08

    I’m not sure I’ve found EC’s link that you recommend – could you post the link again as it looks like something I really should read.


  165. telemachus @ 19:48

    But, telemachus, Al Qaeda, Al Shabaab, the ISIL … are breeds of the same species. The names may differ, the mode of their operations stays the same, it’s only getting more cunning, inventive, sophisticated as they learn how to hurt us.

    The foot soldiers that do the killing are but the symptoms, the cancerous boil is those who inject the fighters with venom, hatred, disdain for those who don’t share their deluded fanaticism. That’s what Blair & Bush should have considered, too. Instead, one hears we still have in out midst those who brainwash the young, you’ve seen the clip of Anjem Choudary telling off a policeman for wearing the ‘Help for Heroes’ badge? He should be sent packing, the sooner the better.

  166. Irishboy @ 23:48

    Here it is, Irishboy, it’s longish, but well worth the read. You can either bookmark it, or print it. Baron did the former for reference.

  167. Not many of you (if anyone) would have watched the messiah’s sermon (eulogy) at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in downtown Charleston finishing with the rendition of Amazing Grace, but you should have.

    As you are well aware, the messiah, or rather his take on things, isn’t on the barbarian’s list of favourites, but let him tell you, when it comes to oratory, the man stands way above anyone else. What is it that puts him there Baron knows not, but pity it is the Right leaning phylum doesn’t have anyone of his caliber. Here’s the end of the sermon. Theatrical? Yes; Staged? Clearly, yes. Impressive, and soul cuddling for the unwashed? Doubtlessly yes.


    Bring the following British subjects before a televised Select Committee under oath to testify to what was discussed and agreed at the Bilderberg Group conference, which they attended this month in Austria, on all matters affecting British interests including Greek debt, ISIS and related organisations and the use if any of their violence to further the aims of the Group,Ukraine, and the British referendum on leaving the EU:

    Agius, Marcus Non-Executive Chairman, PA Consulting Group
    Balls, Edward M. Former Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer
    Dowling, Ann President, Royal Academy of Engineering
    Fairhead, Rona Chairman, BBC Trust
    Flint, Douglas J. Group Chairman, HSBC Holdings plc
    Hassabis, Demis Vice President of Engineering, Google DeepMind
    Kerr, John Deputy Chairman, Scottish Power
    Maher, Shiraz Senior Research Fellow, ICSR, King’s College London
    Minton Beddoes, Zanny Editor-in-Chief, The Economist
    Osborne, George First Secretary of State and Chancellor of the Exchequer
    Sawers, John Chairman and Partner, Macro Advisory Partners
    Wolf, Martin H. Chief Economics Commentator, The Financial Times


    The agenda of the Bilderberg Group conference included:

    Artificial Intelligence
    Chemical Weapons Threats
    Current Economic Issues
    European Strategy
    Middle East
    United Kingdom
    US Elections

  169. Baron
    June 27th, 2015 – 00:20
    Barpn, I saw the man leading the singing of Amazing Grace, and if i didn’t know better I would have believed him to be sincere. Yes, the Devil indeed has many voices. Next, the two-faced, or seven faced demon was applauding same sex marriage.

  170. Baron, thanks so much for that link. Depressing as hell.

  171. Malfleur,

    Have you happened upon this website/blog before?

    When HMIT was merged with HMCE, the resultant body, HMRC, inherited the God like powers of HMCE. Powers that top-trumped even those possessed by the judiciary.
    HMRC is unaccountable in that it is only accountable to parliament – of which at any one time the ruling elite – are more criminally corrupt than the organisations of which they have oversight.

  172. ISlam is a Religion of Peace
    ISlam is a Religion of Peace
    ISlam is a Religion of Peace
    ISlam is a Religion of Peace
    ISlam is a Religion of Peace
    ISlam is a Religion of Peace
    ISlam is a Religion of Peace
    ISlam is a Religion of Peace
    ISlam is a Religion of Peace
    ISlam is a Religion of Peace
    ISlam is a Religion of Peace
    ISlam is a Religion of Peace
    ISlam is a Religion of Peace
    ISlam is a Religion of Peace

    Got it?

  173. anne wotana kaye @ 05:33

    astute observation, anne,

  174. `Religion of peace`is not a harmless platitude:writes Douglas Murray,talking a degree of sense. (27 June:08.51)

  175. Radford NG – 10:53

    Douglas dodges the obvious question, i.e. Is it a religion at all?

    Forgetting the Jews, Gays and assorted infidels for one moment, with one tradition of Islam seeming hell bent on murdering the rest – it is more of a fascist death cult!

    The “peace” clause will only be operative when everyone else is DEAD!

  176. anne wotana kaye @ 05:33,

    Not only that, he is a priest of the AGW cult which, contrary to what the broad mass of its converts/dupes think, has got nothing to do with climate change or preservation of our precious biosphere

  177. anne wotana kaye @ 05:33

    Barry never mentions this, though…


    Populo Iratus [ ‏@cmahar3 ]

    “Muslim gay weddings are held on roof of tallest building in town. This is what the honeymoon looks like. #LoveWins”

  178. Last one today, honest… maybe…

    Further to my @11:06 [Radford NG – 10:53]

  179. EC @ 09:57

    Thanks for the link – I had not seen it before. Good to know that there are other malicious malcontents abroad. I can imagine which Plod kept the City and Canary Wharf blue balloon free.

  180. “A partir du 1er septembre, il sera interdit pour toute personne résidant en France de payer plus de 1.000 euros en espèces, contre 3.000 actuellement, a annoncé le Journal officiel. Cette disposition a pour but de renforcer la lutte contre la fraude.” France Soir

    Merde de Taureau! (connerie) – pathetic servitude!

  181. IF Baron were holidaying in Tunisia, even at the beach resort the atrocity happened, he would stay, enjoy the sea. Now is probably as safe as it ever be in Tunisia.

    More to the point, the probability one gets killed in a car crash on UK roads must exceed that of getting killed in a terrorist attack anywhere in the world, and that includes the Tunisian beaches. The killing isn’t that different to what happened on London few years back. Sadly what seems also the same is the response of the tossing politicians. ‘It was savage’, said the boy, well, of course, it was sickeningly savage, but what one finds sickeningly inadequate is also the response to it.

    What’s the bet that the ‘improved security’ the politicians are talking about will be more an inconvenience at min, curtailing freedoms at max for the law abiding rather than a harsh punishment for the culprits, known or potential.

    One wonders if it ever crosses the ghastly Blair’s & co mind what this unintended consequence of their open border policy is breeding now. The mixing of two diametrically opposed cultures, one run on secular laws, the other on a book penned centuries ago most likely by a man under the influence of drugs was a recipe for disaster to start with, but could have been predicted. As the flows of new immigrants from the ROP countries is likely to get a boost before it subsides (if it ever does) we’re in for some boisterous years ahead.

  182. Malfleur @ 12:57

    And now, say it in English, please.

  183. The seemingly never ending negotiations between the Zorbas and the troika are now also about the possibility of Greece running two currencies simultaneously – the drachma on the domestic market like retail, pensions and stuff, the Euro for anything that involves the abroad. As a consequence, there will be an exchange between the two, the market finding the appropriate rate.

    It also emerged (the German lawyers advising the Frau have dug it out, allegedly) that to get Greece out of the Euro there needs to be Greece’s approval, too. If the country says ‘we want to say in’, there’s nothing anyone can do to kick them out. Furthermore, if Greece were to be forced to leave the Euro it may also leave NATO, or so Tsipras says apparently, the cost of which is said to exceed massively that of getting the bailout money (does anyone know why?).

    Doesn’t it make you wonder what sort of clowns are running us?

  184. And the latest on things Ukrainian, if anyone still follows the events in that destitute and insolvent country.

    The Americans seem to have called for a U-turn (whether just temporary U-turn, nobody knows). A communication line was set up between Nuland and her Russian equivalent in the Kremlin, last week Putin and Obama talked for the first time in three months, officially about Islamic threat. In Germany, the companies with assets in Russia (mostly the car makers, engineering firms) have told the Frau they had enough of sanctions, they are lifted or they break them, and Poroshenko was told to go ahead, grant federal status to the revolting Donbass region.

    In Odessa (an Ukrainian port on the Black Sea next to Crimea that has always had a troublemaking reputation even when the Red Menace ruled the country), a new separatist movement is brewing, the Ukrainian courts have already sent some of its leaders down. These separatists are against both Putin’s Russia and Poroshenko’s Ukraine. Confusion, mayhem, mess galore, and it serves the Yanks right for starting it.

  185. The bits posted by Baron at 15.11 and 15.30 come mostly from scanning the Russian and East European press today (mostly the anti-Putin sources), the rest from the barbarian contacts in the region.

    It was impossible to provide the links, it’s all in languages other than English. Pity because one of the clips had the KGB colonel lecturing the Poles on their behaviour after Munich. Within 24 hours of the Wehrmacht’s crossing the border of Czechoslovakia in the West, their forces annexed two Czech regions in the north east (you may know it anyway). The lecturing was done in the presence of the top layer of the current Polish political class. Priceless.

  186. Just to wake you up, to to get you into a celebratory frame of mind:

  187. Immediate Background to Current Debate in Greek Parliament:

    “…By instating a referendum (to be held next Sunday), Tsipras tried to accomplish two things. First of all, he wanted to arm-wrestle the institutions into giving Greece an extension of a few weeks (which obviously didn’t work), but secondly it also looks like he was trying to cover his (political) ass by putting the responsibility of the decision on the shoulders of the (uninformed) citizens.

    Indeed, uninformed. Not only have the Greek citizens been influenced by demagogic statements (‘the three institutions only want to humiliate the Greeks (and Greece as a nation) and don’t care about an honest solution that works for everyone’), but on top of that, the question which will be asked at the referendum also isn’t really worded very fair. According to our information, the only question on the ballot will be ‘Do citizens of Greece reject the proposal by the three institutions? Yes/No’ and someone should call Tom Cruise because it will definitely be a ‘Mission Impossible’ to educate the Greek citizens about what exactly the proposal was about.

    Even if we ignore the legal aspects of calling a referendum (our sources tell us a referendum can only be called on matters of national security and not for foreign relationships), it wasn’t just the Eurogroup and us who were surprised, the Greek population was also caught by surprise and a new bank run started on Friday night already….”

  188. Baron (22:40)

    It’s what happens when lunacy and debauchery are mixed into the cocktail shaker with a catalyst of political subversion.

    You’ll note that “gay” has been dropped in favour of ‘London’ pride; thus queer becomes the new normal and London is now a goner.

    Add that to the litany of idiocy by Cameron, Sturgeon Harmon, et alii, on the site linked above and Prague must suddenly become very attractive; no?

  189. At the same link, Commenter Al Tinfoil writes, in part,

    “The Troika and Wolfie Shambles [Schaeuble] have consistently refused to accept any deal that is short of complete surrender by Greece, while hinting broadly and strongly that they want the Syriza government to be overthrown (a military coup would seem to suit the Troika).

    Greek default is now inevitable since the Troika refuses to change the payment schedule and refuses to advance money to Greece for it to meet the payments due this month.

    Syriza is now in the best position they could hope for in the circumstances to get a mandate from the Greek people to say “NEIN, NO MORE AUSTERITY” to the Troika, even if it means leaving the Euro and the ECB banking system.

    For their part, the Troika have made it easier for Syriza, by making it seem that the Troika could never be satisfied, and now by Dieselbloom saying that their Final Offer would be withdrawn before the referendum date. Why vote “Yes” to accept an offer that is no longer there?

    The Troika now must face its fears – Greek default and its contagion through the Euro zone markets, derivatives meltdown, banks having to write down Greek bonds to market value, and anti-austerity political movements in Spain, Italy, Portugal, Ireland, and France being inflamed…”.

  190. The live debate, although greek to me, gives insight into the mood of the political class in Athens. This year Athens; next year London?

  191. On reasserting the Englishman’s right to bear arms.

    In Sousse, had one or two of the people on the beach carried arms, it is unlikely that the islamicist gunman would have murdered so many holidaymakers before being shot dead by one of them.

    The West’s created, funded, outfitted and trained muslim terrorist organisation, ISIS, has given fair warning that the United Kingdom is in its sights.The British government should be held responsible for any deaths in this country at the hands of muslim terrorists to the extent that any such could have been avoided by recognizing the citizen’s “right of having and using arms for self preservation and defence.”.

    The terror culture of western governments must come to an end.

  192. Frank P

    Mark Steyn is always good value.

    Tsarnaev, as well as being a muslim, seems to have also been a CIA asset. See for instance:

    Go figure.

  193. Malfleur – 00:04 ‘This year Athens; next year London?’

    Except that we have not yet had any ‘Austerity’.

  194. Baron – 28th June, 14:02

    Bookmark this handy link:

    “From September 1, it will be forbidden for any person residing in France to pay more than 1,000 euros in cash, against 3,000 at present, said the Official Journal. This provision aims to reinforce the fight against fraud. ” France Soir
    Bull shit! (bullshit) – pathetic servitude!

    As Malfleur correctly observes, “Servitude”! This is the thin end of the totalitarian wedge. When money finally becomes electronic “they’ve” not only got Baron (and the rest of us) by the balls, but they’ll have a tentacle up/down every one of Baron’s orifices!

  195. Frank P – 00:14

    No doubt you will have been staking out Andrew Marr this morning, and will have witnessed Theresa May repeating tired old the “Nothing to do with Islam” schtick. This is a gross insult to the dead, their relatives and the nation’s intelligence. We ruled by a zombie political class.

    The year is 2015, the DPP is Alison Saunders, and MI5 is reportedly more concerned about nicking Police files on the pederasts of Gordonstoun than it is about ISIS coming to our shores.

  196. Malfleur – 00:45

    I don’t disagree with your sentiments, but most of the beachgoers and dead were not even carrying a wallet or any ID let alone a nice little S&W 38 special.

    The only time I stayed in N.Africa the hotel had perimeter fences/walls that were 12ft high, and the grounds were patrolled by armed guards. Yes, it was a hotel! If just one of the guards had got ‘paradise fever’ things would have got very nasty. Never again!

  197. Frank P @ 23:53

    Did you know there also is a natural phenomenon of white rainbow? Apparently, it all depends on the size of the droplet, the smaller, the very tiny ones produce rainbows that appear very close to white, and were observed, photographed in Kyushu, Japan. Strange that, because the Japanese believed, probably many still do, that rainbows are the bridges to heaven.

    And on the place of one’s existence: Not much to chose from these days, the teachings of the Alinski school of thought embrace d by the Brussels apparatchiks have already reached the small land patch of the Bohemians, too. Being sensible, they allowed smokers in separate rooms, were told ‘naughty, naughty’, rolled in their tail, banned smoking in pubs altogether. Financially, one would be better one, however, the full UK state pension furnished double the average wage in Czecho officially, and lager’s cheap, less than a quid for a p int.

  198. EC @ 10:33

    Thanks, EC, that helps, the barbarian should have known.

    Not only would one be restricted paying in cash over 1,000 Euros, EC, the banks are now withdrawing 500 Euro notes, too, in Britain one cannot get any already. The reason for it? Criminals love them. Pull the other one.

  199. EC @ 10:47

    Not enough time for the barbarian to enlarge on it, EC, but in a sense, the politicians’ hands are tied somewhat. They govern us all, they cannot just point a finger, accuse, divide the country that’s already pretty stretched by ‘sectarian’ lines. But one would have hoped that behind the public rhetoric of ‘happy Ramadan, we’re all united and all that pap’ there would be things happening. In the past, this country’s political elites were quite good at it, saying one think in public, doing near the opposite on the quiet like pulling people for questioning, issuing no-return home tickets and stuff like that.

  200. EC @ 11:04

    Baron’s with Malfleur on this one, EC. One could always wrap up a small 9mm in a towel, more to the point, the tour operators may have negotiated an armed guard from the UK, an infidel equipped with an AR-15 as a part of the group.

    The barbarian is a great believer in law abiding people carrying. He believes that had the Americans banned arms, their murder rate would have been much higher that it’s now. The knowledge that someone will pull, gun one down, is the most powerful deterrent man can come up with.

  201. Baron – 11:40

    Nobody is disagreeing with anyone on that subject…

    except that you’d favour one of your old Makarovs, and I’d favour a simple, quick, effective S&W 38 Special for the job – even above the neat Glock 43.


  202. There have really been some dreadful incidents in the last few days and I am sure everyone must be feeling that ‘something must be done about it’, so when are we going to see some action to ensure that this doesn’t happen again:

    Muslim outrage as Morrisons sell pigs in blankets and ham sandwiches under Ramadan promotion stickers

  203. EC @10:33

    Merci! (official language of the ever closer union)

  204. Orla Guerin (The Angel of Death) did not look so outraged as she recorded the events in Tunisia as she would have done if it had been Israelis attacking Hamas and other terrorists. Likewise, will the Scottish and other British universities which are boycotting Israeli institutions, business and cultural events, now boycott those places where islamic fascism prevails?

  205. anne wotana kaye @ 13:28

    Boycott the boycotters!

  206. As is so often the case, Richard Fernandez has written a piece that I wish I had written myself – and would have – if I could have 🙂 :

  207. Malfleur
    June 28th, 2015 – 13:32
    I most certainly do!

  208. Report the Home Secretary to the police if you think that by banning Michael Savage from the United Kingdom she has contributed to the muslim terrorist theat in the country.

  209. Troll: Michael Savage, who he?

  210. Malfleur
    June 28th, 2015 – 13:49
    Fine. But to whom do you report the police if you suspect they are involved in terrorism?

  211. anna wotana kaye @ 14:13

    Ah! the quis custodiet conundrum…Very good!…Frank P may have the answer…

  212. Malfleur
    June 28th, 2015 – 14:16

    She is not only a stupid cow, but also an evil bitch and an ugly smelly sow! Those who have appointed her to this position e.g. Cameron, are collaborationists .

  213. anne wotana kaye – 14:24

    The western democracies have been taken over and almost all now appear to be governed by a bunch of zombie politicians. The only exception being Israel – for the time-being…

  214. EC
    June 28th, 2015 – 14:59

    I worry too, because the whole universe seems intent on self destruction. Unfortunately, Israel too has its idiotic ‘humanitarians’ with mercy for everyone except the Israeli victims of islamic terrorism. Self-hatred is a terrible affliction and Israel is not immune from this sickness. As Shakespeare wrote “,,,something wicked this way comes”, and I am just praying that this isn’t the start of an age of Terrible Events, a period of world-wide devastation, with men of basic ‘good will’ turned impotent against the forces of insanity and evil.

    Something wicked this way comes.” -Shakespeare (Macbeth)

  215. Are your pants on fire yet, telemachus?

    Why don’t you smear me and lie about me here too, where your ‘free speech’ is so highly valued?

  216. Something wicked this way comes.” -Shakespeare (Macbeth)

    It has already arrived.

  217. Col.Tim Collins gives his views in the Telegraph.

    “Col.Tim Collins:The Tunisia attack was not an act of war,but a mass murder by a religious cult.”

    “…….reaction must be from our law enforcement… round up and close down the death cult….”

    “……what is the death cult (?)…..the Wahhabi/Salafi tradition of Sunni Islam and its Indian offshoot now based in Pakistan,the Deobandis….”

    “……start with opening up to scrutiny the madrasahs where this hatred is peddled…..look into the funding of these hate factories,and vast sums which come from the UAE,Saudi Arabia and Qatar.”

    “… time on the death cult…..stop the foreign funding of hatred…..”

    (The Telegraph,28 June 2015)

  218. Ref. to above in Sunday Telegraph:

  219. Colonel Mustard
    June 28th, 2015 – 17:57
    Something wicked this way comes.” -Shakespeare (Macbeth)
    It has already arrived.
    “You ain’t seen nothing yet”
    (One hopes this is wrong) !!

  220. Anger will not get us anywhere, and the gun isn’t the full solution.

    If you read the Guardian link furnished by Malfleur, read the postings, (only those that have attracted more than 3 upticks, to save time) they’re all the same ‘the gunman targeted the British, non-Muslims’, fullstop.

    Amongst the postings there’s one by someone whose blogging name hints he may be a Muslim, but one who hasn’t bought the jihadi package of the ROP. In it, he says: ‘This killer, it seems, was not only in a fundamentalist university, but was further coached by an imam in his home mosque’.

    Quite, this is what the blabbering politicians should address, the imams, whether in madrassas or elsewhere, who poison the minds of the vulnerable. It takes time to brainwashed them, it takes but few hours to teach them how to load and fire an AK-47.

    On another blog, one contributor described the contemporary western society thus: ‘The post-modern is dedicated to the obliteration of knowledge. It tries to deconstruct everything, from national identity to gender identity, until all you have left is what you feel, resulting in a victory for solipsism that leaves people unable to act because they don’t know what is real’.

  221. Radford NG @ 19:20

    This chap Collins is spot on, he should be in charge of the ‘international community’, not the messiah.

  222. Radford NG @ 19:30

    That the DT isn’t allowing postings for the Collins’s piece says it all, Radford. The evil of PC has been embedded so strongly in the poodling MSM, they are next to useless in a crisis of the magnitude we’re faced with here.

    In a way, one can hardly blame the DT. In the current legal environment the fear of being prosecuted under some pseudo-liberal statute cementing the PC idiocy trumps their journalistic duty to search for the truth.

  223. Frank P @ 13:33

    Not that Baron would disagree with Fernandez, but he often thinks one of the reasons many of out young people fall for creeds like Islam, get seduced by cults, lose their way in life is because they’ve been ‘deprived’ on any elevating challenge, their lives have been smoothed for them, there’s little our society offers that would inspire, or force them to work hard to achieve it.

    Amazing as it may seem, most of the throat cutters, murderous thugs like the one in Tunisia come not from the poor in the society anywhere, but from the well educated, mollycoddled, pampered, the young boys and girls who had everything served on a silver plate.

    A minimum two-year national service, tough and highly disciplined, for both boys and girls to preserve equality could be a start.

  224. anne wotana kaye @ 19:41

    One wonders if the bard, had he lived today, might not have come up with something stronger than wicked, anne.

  225. The one adjective still not being used against the Tunisian gunman is, yes altogether now, RACIST!

    Of course, it’s only those white British who don’t want to crushed under the boot of a supranational tyranny who can be thus described. Having grown up in N. Ireland where four four decades successive British Governments thought it acceptable to sit back and allow its own people to be murdered and terrorised I don’t hold out much hope for any meaningful response when Islamic peace enriches us even more noticeably than it has done already. I’m so angered by Cameron’s spinelessness that I think I may be coming radicalised. I certainly would crack a bottle of Perignon’s finest were the Islamphile little shit to be hit by car – one of the weapons of choice for the peace lovers these days.

  226. Oh and if anyone is at a loose end this evening and wants to be entertained by our envy of the world, fantastic value for money, state broadcaster the PPC, the paedophile protection corporation, you’ll find there a new comedy series called, My Jihadi.

    I may have to crack open the Dom Perignon straightaway just to get through the rest of the evening.

  227. Baron
    June 28th, 2015 – 20:29
    anne wotana kaye @ 19:41
    I believe that `’wicked’ was a stronger adjective in days of yore. ‘Naughty’ had connotations far stronger than the term when applied today. Maybe a linguist here could correct and advise,

  228. Irishboy
    Agree! `if it wasn’t a waste of good booze, I would say crack the Islamphile little shit over the head, rather than just cracking the bottle!

  229. A voice of reason:
    Today’s Sunday Politics

  230. This is quite long, published some years ago, the English often somewhat convoluted, but it surveys a part of the work of Abul Ala Mawdudi who was both a renown Islamic scholar, (still taught by the Deobandi school today), and one of the leading architects of today’s Pakistan.

    It deals with the Islamic Law of Apostasy, makes it clear that until the 19th century, the punishment for apostasy accepted by all Islam imams and worshippers without exception was death. It suggests that at times, because of varying reasons, the punishment couldn’t be carried out, but that the apostasy rule is one of the fundamental laws of Islam that can never be removed for it was what the prophet declared in the Koran, affirmed in various hadiths.

    No need to read the whole thing, scanning may do if you want.

    How could anyone, like the boy, claim Islam is a religion of peace, if one of its unremovable fundamental postulates all Muslims must accept this law is?

  231. awk – I think your plan has great therapeutic attraction! And I wouldn’t want to add insult to injury by using some cheap plonk on the head of a Bullingdon Toff!

    But Cameron and May must know, even if they don’t read the comments in all the papers themselves, that the wheels have come off the “nothing to do with Islam” wagon. And I would still like to know why all the leaders in the West are prepared to face the ridicule of defending Islam when there is nowhere on the planet where Muslims form a decent society. How are our leaders chosen? How are they compromised and bought? What is the process? Is there nobody with this knowledge who could blow the whistle somehow? If people knew the stories about Heath I doubt we’d have joined the Common Market? If people knew about Charles Lynton’s conviction for cottaging would Blair have become Prime Minister? If people knew of Brown’s connections to the Dunblane murderer would he have become Prime Minister? I wonder what Cameron’s story is? I’ve read that he got up to something repulsive in Russia . . . . . . .

  232. Andrew Klavan – Earlier this year he warned of the Zombies in high office, the media, and academe.

    Many a true word said in jest!

  233. Irishboy
    June 28th, 2015 – 22:50
    It’s horrible and sounds melodramatic to even say, but there is a paedophilic connection with them all. Not one of them is a very nice person. and not one you would trust to be a baby-sitter.

  234. Irishboy @ 22:50

    Cameron is a Bilderberger. That should have been enough, since 2013 at least, had a significant percentage of the population known what that implied.

    May I add another point on the Home Secretary’s statement that “there is no evidence that the gunman who shot dead 38 people on a Tunisian beach specifically targeted British tourists”? I do not know why she thought it necessary to say this, except perhaps to absolve herself of any responsibility for doing anything, though I am sure that it was a considered statement. I do however remember Hyam’s Case in 1974 which extended the definition of mens rea for murder based on the principle of probability and I see that there was a further clarification in Moloney’s Case in 1985.

    On the perhaps tenuous supposition that May still believes there is any role for English common law in her deliberations, she should take these decisions into account. The murderer would have known that most of the tourists were from Europe and that some of them were probably British. Not that it is pertinent, except in exposing May’s casuistry.

  235. The utter drivel that emanates from the press review ‘commentators’ hired by Sky to pad out the late night half hour slots is mind-blowing. I’ m watching Lucy Beresford – a so-called ‘psychotherapist’ who has eyes of a cyclepath – and a fat slob labeled as ‘Broadcaster’ Duncan Barkes, whose loafers are apparently somewhat short of leaden – and who has the startled look of someone with hanging haemorrhoids: Beresford & Barkes: both bleedin’ barking! Who chooses these cretins? And why?

    These are very disturbing times.

  236. Frank P
    Be afraid of a Russian fifth columnist?

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