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  1. Baron 0809
    It’s the little words wot get em going!

  2. Romano Verdi @ 10:40

    Nobody really reads the stuff, the posting was mended at least six times, still it didn’t click it would be the ‘cum’ that offends, also the word ‘smart’ should be in inverted comas, Baron just discovered, he really must check and re-check.

    Still, thanks for the help, Romano.

  3. An American pal sent me this today:

    The Northern Towerhouse?

    What next? Costa del Cleethorpes?

  4. Reg Dixon will be looking down benignly on Brexit – should it ever happen.
    Buy shares in Wurlitzer.

  5. Frank P @ 14:06

    The money to revive Blackpool began pouring in twelve years ago, Frank, the scribbler links it to Brexit? No wonder the rag could be so opposed to Donald.

  6. However thorough you may search the link, you’re unlikely find any reference to what happens if a transitioning marine gets captured by the enemy. Shouldn’t there exist a guidance for the captors telling them who they are dealing with, what are their responsibilities towards the transgender combatants, the special needs of those captured?

    This isn’t meant to be ironic, it’s for real, in any armed conflict the possibility of a transgender marine getting caught by the enemy cannot be ruled out, there’s nothing in the Geneva Convention about this category of combatants, the likely enemies (we all know who they may be) have’t yet advanced to recruiting individuals other than those of natural, well defined sex, prejudices may be rife. bullying should be expected.

    Back to the drawing board for the Defence Ministry, Baron reckons.

  7. Baron (17:29)

    Transgender my arse!

  8. Frank P at 21-55

    No:that of the POW;also Col.Gadaffi;the US Ambassador in Bengazi (under Ms Clinton);a man in Hampshire (?) raped by 4 Libyan soldiers on `our side`brought there for training; young boys (catamites)in Afganistan,as reported by returned British and American soldiers -on the net-who had been told to ignore it (often to be found with the Afgan police commander who insist on their `right` to this).

  9. Frank P @ 21:55

    If, God forbid, it were to come to a military conflict one doesn’t want our boys, girls, the ones in between as yet unfinished i.e. work in progress, to be mistreated by the enemy if they found themselves in captivity, no? He, he, he.

    Still, according to source in the East, the Americans are working towards a segmentation of Ukraine, come the Autumn it’s a done deal, they say, they (the Americans) are no longer prepared to finance the corruption there, want the Big Brother to the east to share in the cost. Whether one can believe the news is another matter.

  10. Good news:
    The ANC has lost control of Pretoria,Johannesburg and Port Elizabeth (Nelson Mandela Bay).


    “Jean-Claude Juncker called for all borders across Europe to be opened”


    Here’s what the Jerusalem Post thinks.


    “We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis…and the nations will accept the New World Order..”

  14. “Ancient monarchs understood the transformational power of mass migration. When the mighty Assyrians conquered Israel back in 722 BC, they resettled the land with people who had never heard the truths of God. Soon the blend of new settlers and local residents shifted the people’s collective loyalties to new gods and rulers.”

    Ibid. 2006

  15. Wakey! Wakey!
    Top Definition. wakey wakey. A cute/nice way of saying “wake the f*** up”!!!

  16. Corbynsky in de seat again:

    Makes a change from having Flabbott sit on his face after a steamy motor bike ride through East Germany. Imagine that – then vote Labour if you dare!!

    She must have thought that she had sat on a badger by mistake.

  17. Wonder who untangled them?

  18. “The latest views of Mr Juncker, who also said the EU needs to “block popular nationalism” in response to Brexit, were immediately disagreed with by Theresa May.”

    (h/t Drudge Report)

    So far, so good, Prime Minister. Why not give formal notice of Brexit?

    And where is the eloquent, transient cosa mama?

    P.S. UNEXIT!

  19. I see where you are going, you bastards – and how you are getting there!

    “…Czech Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka has reignited calls for a European army to protect external borders from mass migration and terrorist threats….”


    Right on, man!

  21. This comment by ‘True Bearing’ in the link at 00:03 encapsulates the essence of the Treason Inc.

    “truebearing • 2 days ago
    This is a superb indictment of the most dangerous criminals in America. They are the board of directors of Treason Inc. They are conspiring to convert money into power, and then unlimited power into yet more money. They are rapaciously greedy for both — more greedy than any capitalist Robber Baron ever thought of being…and they won’t give it all back some day. They are playing for keeps. They will use any cause, ideology, or religion, regardless of how evil, to undermine this great nation and turn it into a nation of slaves. This is criminal conspiracy in the “too big to fail” category.

    Soros has always hated this country. We defeated his beloved Nazis. We wore down the Soviet Union — the place he wanted to go after the Nazis were defeated. In return, he is funding every enemy, domestic or foreign, that we have, and has for a long time. He has corrupted the media at every opportunity. He is as hostile to America as any enemy we’ve ever faced.

    Soros should have been thrown in prison in 2004 when he threatened to destroy America’s economy if Bush was reelected. He should have been investigated for his role in the sub-prime crash — it was Bill Clinton, after all, who signed the revised CRA as he was walking out of the White House with armfuls of stolen silverware. Hillary and Soros started the Center For American Progress (into slavery). And it was Chuck Shumer — a Soros flunky — who triggered the run on Indy Mac by illegally outing their financial problems in public. Curiously, Soros ended up owning most of Indy Mac after it set off the dominoes in 2008. There are countless other investigations that have merit.

    Soros and the transnationalist mafia have gotten control of massive amounts of money and power, and as a result, people are already dying in numbers we can’t even quantify. It will get much worse. They have to be exposed and stopped.

    Hillary is too old and sick to participate like she used to, but she will do whatever she can to keep the White House as a base of operations for America’s biggest criminals and worst enemies.

    Since we can’t expect the Department of Justice to prosecute these crooks, the Republican controlled states will have to file charges for crimes committed by BLM, etc. and then go after those aiding and abetting them.”

    It is what should be done; will it be done? Whoa Nellie!

    A wonderful sentiment, but pie in the Sky. Soros’s money (and many others of his ilk that are less keen on publicity, has been spread far too widely for any action against him to succeed. We’ll have to wait for The Reaper. I’m amazed that said Reaper has not had some help, already.

    Has Trump taken money from Soros, I wonder? If he has he’d better declare it pronto, with a plausible explanation.

  22. Hmmn. This guy has already nailed him apparently:

    No doubt a Hillary agent but the fact checkers should be able to validate it or otherwise?

  23. The tangled web?:

    When money talks, bullshit walks.
    Oh dearie me! Perhaps Hobson’s Choice wasn’t so far off the mark, after all?
    I wondered why the Trumpence campaign was keeping the Clinton/Soros connection quiet. Glasshouses and stones.

  24. Tonight’s football result.

    Beer Sheba 2 / 0 Celtic
    Celtic win on aggregate ( 5 / 4 ).

  25. Breaking news.

    Young British woman stabbed to death and man seriously injured at tourist hostel in northern Queensland by French national calling : “A****(demons name) al akbar”.

  26. Malfleur @ 23:39

    Mutti’s in Prague tomorrow, it’s to please her, according to some the EU Army is a backdoor way for Germany to reduce the power of NATO. Apparently, the German military have had enough of getting bossed by the Americans who, even if they cut on their European presence, insist on calling the shots.

  27. Frank P @ 02:58

    Which Chicago is he singing about, Frank? Today’s?

    The song about sums up the America that was, and the one which is.

  28. Frank P @ 02:46

    Nothing wrong in Donald’s using money borrowed fro hedge funds controlled by Soros to finance partly one of his buildings, it’s a business transaction, given the size and spread of the wealth either controls it would a miracle if their interests didn’t touch somewhere.

    But blaming Donald for it (as they will) is ridiculous. Would one kick a hedge fund manager if he invested money in a company whose CEO raped his secretary? The same goes for the opposite.

    Baron would find it within the rules of business if Donald were to use money furnished by any of the hedge funds controlled by Soros to run his election campaign if the rate on its loans were better than what any other source of finance offered. It would be stupid not to.

  29. The wanking Welshman who aspires to the leadership of Labour says he’ll block Brexit unless there’s another referendum.

    That surely must be the end of his pitiful purchase to get the job, no?

  30. Radford NG @ 04:26

    Good for the haggis eaters, Radford, have they ever been in the Champions League or is the first time for them?

  31. Frank P @ 02:26

    Excellent ranting lament, guru, but you sure Soros wanted to go to the workers paradise after the war? Baron knows little about the man, but he doubts the USSR would have been the country he wanted to live in.

  32. Baron (09:31)

    The interesting point emerging from that link and other inner links if you follow them through, was thr Soros wrote off the ‘mezzanine loan’.

    My query was: why hasn’t the Trump campaign made more of the Clintonostra – Soros connection in the dodgy emails? The train of thought after that led to a possible quid pro quo. Hence my little trawl through the press cuttings.

    I agree that Trump has always been over-leveraged in business dealings (hence is also an accomplished bust-out artist) and Soros, as a hedge fund manager would be keen to invest in the major projects Trump has undertaken. But the question of due diligence applies in both Clinton and Trump’s cases. So both are treading on egg-shells vis-a-vis the mysterious one. It’s worth reading up on Soros – I’m surprised you haven’t, given your Slavic interests. He really is an evil corrupter and the puppeteer of many politicians around the globe.

  33. I seem unable to click into any BBC or even Sky newschannels without having the face/voice of Corbynsky injected into my home. How does this ineffectual little commie runt get away with such blatant media bias? A rhetorical question – of course. We all know why, don’t we?

  34. I must spare a thought for the suffering in Italy.

    “The piazza looked like Dante’s Inferno, everyone was crying’: Horrific details emerge as rescuers hunt for 150 buried under rubble after 6.2 magnitude earthquake”

    Ricordiamo con affetto la cara, e vi siamo vicini nel vostro dolore.

  35. I was riding on a train,
    A poem for all entrepreneurs:

    “The road to success is paved with tests,
    So you’ve got to believe in yourself above the rest.

    Dream big, and let your passion shine,
    If you don’t, you won’t end up with a dime.

    Challenge the status quo, disrupt the market and say YES!
    And remember that innovation is an endless quest.

    Don’t forget to change business for good,
    If you want to change the world then you should.

    If you think with your head and listen to your heart,
    I promise you’ll get off to a flying start.

    Make bold moves, but always play fair,
    Always say please and thank you – it’s cool to care.

    Do what you love and love what you do,
    This advice is nothing new.

    Now, stop worrying about whether your business will be a hit,
    Rise to the challenge and say ‘screw it, let’s do it”

  36. M. Williams

    The Empty Seat:


    January 1st 1976
    I noticed a strange thing today. I was travelling on a crowded Virgin train, standing in fact. After one station where a lot of people got off, there was a seat left empty. People who were still standing just ignored it. Very strange.

    February 2nd 1976
    I saw it again. A seat left untaken for several stations. This time I watched closely and as a matter of fact after more seats became vacant, all of them were quickly filled. I wonder why.

    March 3rd 1976
    Three times over the last fortnight I have seen the empty seat phenomenon. Each time I’ve not been close enough to take it myself. In fact it has always been at least half a carriage away.
    I had a strange nightmare about it. Nothing very strange seemed to happen; it was just an ordinary journey on the East Coast Train. Yet in the dream I was terrified.
    I’m going to Tell the World from now on. Perhaps if I study the thing carefully enough, the reason will become obvious.

  37. Frank P @ 14:07

    Another helping of juicy vomit then, Frank?

    The man must be truly deranged, his hate of Putin, Russia, the things Russian totally obliterates his capacity for rational thinking.

    How could he claim Britain should claim India (as Russia makes a claim for Crimea) because the Asian country was British for ‘almost the same 220 years’? Every schoolboy will tell him it’s not on because the number of British in India has never been anywhere near the number of Russians, authentic Russians, in east Ukraine, even more so in Crimea.

    The only point that makes some sense is when he rants about the ‘banning of the communist parties’ – no former communist country has banned them. Morally, it’s indeed repugnant, but in practice it would have been a disaster even greater than what happened in Iraq after the toppling of Saddam. The American chap Bremner (?) dissolved every old institution, the country hasn’t recovered from this imbecilic decision yet. The same, with even more catastrophic results would have happened if all carrying communist party members were banned after the totalitarian creed collapsed in the East. No time to back this argument, Baron has made it before.

    The wetaher’s too good to spend time replying to any of this trash, far worse than anything he served before, Baron’s imbibing excellent Merlot, listening to the birds in the garden, the omni-one should seek help, the hate will devour him sooner or later.

    Btw, Baron has to google the other Atkinson, the man sounds normal.

  38. “the man sounds normal”

    Does that mean that he agrees with you? 🙂

    “The hate will devour him”

    You mean before the unholy alliance devours the rest of us?

    I’d watch that Chilean Merlot, it has been know to devour many an imbiber.

    Just sayin’! 🙂 🙂

  39. The poison of Political Correctness again – this time in Australia -not to mention Canada’s CBC news.

  40. WTF has happened to Boris Johnson, David Davis and the the man with the haughty hooter who usurped Georgie-boy? Have they all joined Sharitza May in Tuscany to work out a plan to foil the Brexit vote? This eerie silence is maddening. Have we been conned; or have we been hoodwinked? BREXIT my arse! Let’s be ‘aving ya, you bunch of tossers. We want VAT decreased drastically forthwith. We want fuel prices to come down drastically in line with the price of the black gold. Fucking scheming chiselling bastards! All I see on UK TV (apart from the self-preening ‘Olympian’ Lesbians, Fudge packers and various other muscular morons, returning from their jollies in Rio) is that obnoxious little garden gnome Corbynsky and his adversary, someone called Smith – who I’m told is Welsh, but who looks like Francoise ‘olland’s younger brother and is probably an even more committed commie. What is about these short-arsed weasels who want to rule the world and bring about a Utopian delusion. I guess they are trying to get their back for being bullied in the school play-ground. By the way, I don’t hate any of these obnoxious bastards, I’m sure their mother’s love ’em. Perhaps their father do, also – always supposing they know their fathers.

  41. Another day,another £22millon due to the EU as membership fee : £8billion per year transferred to the EU from the Treasury : (that is the true figure as of 2014).

    Which is £2-70p+ poll-tax per week for every man,woman and child.

  42. On BBC Website

    Outgoing UKIP leader Nigel Farage is to address supporters of Donald Trump at a campaign rally in Mississippi later.
    He will appear before 15,000 activists in Jackson, although it is unclear whether he will share the stage with the Republican presidential nominee.
    Mr Farage told local radio in the state that the similarities between Brexit and the US election were “uncanny”.
    Mr Trump, who is trailing his rival Hillary Clinton in the opinion polls, backed the UK’s exit from the EU.
    In a tweet last week, Mr Trump said: “They will soon be calling me Mr Brexit.”

  43. Herbert Thornton (17:48)

    ‘Nothing to link him with ISIS?’ says the Ozzie ‘police chief’. Nothing except that fucking great elephant in the room; it’s called ISLAM. It’s the one piece of data that connects all the dots. And for those who don’t want to see, close you eyes, poke your head out of the window and just listen for the muezzin’s call. If you can’t hear it today, then listen on … it won’t be long. And for those infidels who still have your heads, get them from out of your arses, before its too late and some scimitar wielding savage severs it and buries you with it still in situ.

  44. Frank –

    How can anybody imagine that it had something to do with Islam? Any more than this has? –

  45. A mistake that, the real thing would be more satisfying, no?

  46. Trump is inviting Farage on to the stage!

  47. Trump and Farage – United attack on globalism!

  48. This is a tough, tough speech.

    HOBSON’S CHOICE? Gimme a break!

  49. Perhaps his best speech yet?

  50. Clear Memories

    Yes; and perhaps his best speech within HIS best speech yet?

  51. In a small town called Benesov, down south from the capital Prague, at two in the morning on Sunday last, three immigrants attacked two young girls and a young man who accompanied them, the fracas didn’t last more than six minutes, involved eventually around ten people, the police arrived in three minutes (they viewed the incident on the town cameras), arrested two of the thugs, the third one was arrested by the State Police few hours later, both the girls and the young man received treatment, but were not seriously injured. The thugs were Muslim Tartars from Crimea, traveled on Ukrainian passports.

    Nothing that unusual except for the ending of it. The next day, the three assailants faced the court, were found guilty, sentenced to be deported, barred from entering the country for five years. The deportation took place immediately.

    It’s worth remembering that it’s possible to deport undesirables quickly, the Czechs are the signatory to the same ‘uman rites’ laws as Britain, if they can kick out those found guilty by the courts without delay why cannot we? Why the delays, the unending appeals, the high legal costs?

  52. Fergus Pickering @ 15:30

    The same thing William observed on his journeys, Baron has done, too. Often there are empty seats, not easily accessed, either a fatty person occupies the seat next door, or someone carrying large number of parcels. These seats stay empty until more sitting passengers disembark, only then the standing travellers sit down.

    This puzzles Baron, too, has anyone any answer, or are we that pre-occupied with our burkina wearing friends we have no time for anything else?

    Btw, an inspiring ending to the poem above, but why limit it to business, in life, too, timidity seldom conquers anything, no?

    Or is it a hint to re-nationalise the enterprise? Would that help to avoid overcrowding at peak hours?

  53. Be gentle to the barbarian after you read this, but Nigel five minutes under the limelight were not of the top grade delivery. He ran the whole performance at the same level of suspense, same voice power, same message throughout.

    Here’s what he should have done: Break the speech into three compartmentalised messages, start each of the parts at a lower voice, build it up, finish with a catchphrase (the one about getting paid for voting for the Clinton woman was an excellent example).

    One wants people to remember a bit or two from such performance, some memorable words, almost a catchphrase if you like, something one can enjoy, memorise easily, re-use. His package was hard hitting all right, but offered little to take home to tell the wife, friends, anyone willing to listen.

  54. Sorry about the errors like the five minutes he spoke should read ‘Nigel’s five minutes, a possessive form of the noun, a form that refers to people, groups of them, cats, too, or anything really one can count or not, a form conveying a coupling, a state of belonging between one thing and another. One forms the possessive by adding a simple apostrophe together with the letter ‘s’ to the noun. If the noun is plural, or already ending in s, one just tacks on the apostrophe, and that’s it.

    All this can often be so easily overlooked, but it’s such an irritant for the eye, however, one should feel generous, not all of us possess the same ability for communicating properly …. (nuff of this bleating, no?).

    Btw, what happened to the Colonel, he hasn’t been for a while, one hopes he’s fine, resting, because as the other guru here said ‘where TF are the Brexit facilitators?’

    We’ve got the get a move on before the Brussels hyenas wake up, begins scheming against the will of the people, arrange for some ‘out but really in’ straightjacket for us.

  55. Except Andy, yall still there?
    Well that Farage is some dude!
    You Limeys need to make him Premier.
    “We did it – we made June 23 our independence day when we smashed the establishment. We reached those people who have never voted in their lives but believed they could take back control of their country, take back control of their borders, and get back their pride and self-respect.”

    Now Donald will do the same for us.

  56. This may wake you up from the lethargy of the tropical hotness of the day. Does anyone know what instrument the girl’s playing?

  57. Here’s a piece of news the barbarian wouldn’t normally unload on you, it’s not something that interests many, but it’s factual, comes from the pen of a foreign journalist (not at all sympathetic to Russia), who visited the country recently.

    The Crimean burghers are getting restless, complaining their wages improved a little since the peninsula changed management, the prices in shops however rose to the level of prices in Russia proper. On average, the Russians earn four times as much as the Ukrainians do, pensions in Russia are four fold those in Ukraine.

    (Baron can only speculate, but many of the Crimean outfits are owned by Ukrainians who have no wish to boost wages, it’s only Russian companies that have been adjusting pay upwards because the output gets sold in Russia, not Ukraine).

    Prices of foodstuff in Crimea are as low as before, no problem here, it’s clothing prices that are surging allegedly because of distribution costs. Russia is building a bridge between the mainland and the peninsula, the railway link via Ukraine has been shut, but it will take time for the project to deliver.

    None of it has engendered an anti-Moscow feelings amongst the Crimeans, even those who voted not to join with Russia in 2014. Baron cannot furnish the link, the piece is not in English.

  58. Here’s a take on ISIL or similar schools of thought (even thought the author seems to think the ISIL throat slicers have no ideas worth fighting against) that may wet your appetite:

  59. John Jefferson Burns @ 12:58

    It doesn’t worry you, John, that Donald is easing off from what put him (arguably) in the winning spot?

  60. Have the Colonel and EC logged off the blog?

  61. A noticeable u-turn by the man, but will the hawks in Washington listen, will the Clinton woman listen if she gets in, only Donald may pay attention, Baron reckons.

  62. Baron
    August 25th, 2016 – 14:37

    This seems to answer your question –

  63. Theremin:another great Russian invention.

  64. Herbert Thornton @ 19:04

    Ten out of ten, Herbert.

    Where the hell is everyone? The barbarian keeps checking the obituary column in the papers, nothing, and at the same time no postings here, curious that, we should be told what’s going on, no?

  65. BERLIN/MOSCOW (Own report) – In view of the Duma elections in Russia,
    the German foreign policy establishment is discussing Russia’s future
    foreign policy and appropriate western reactions. This discussion is
    deemed necessary, given the fact that the institutions analyzing
    foreign policy had failed to foresee Russian initiatives both in the
    Ukrainian conflict and the Syrian war, according to a study by the
    German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP). The SWP
    analysis indicates that politicians and experts were taken in by their
    own propaganda and their “stereotyping” interpretations “blinded” them
    to actual developments. In his contribution to the discussion, a
    well-known Russian expert wrote that, for the time being, Moscow as
    well as the western powers will most likely continue a confrontational
    foreign policy, because it is in their respective interests. With this
    policy, both sides would seek to consolidate their alliances and
    overcome the growing divisions within their own societies. In the
    West, this can be seen in the mantra-like “mention of Putin in the
    establishment parties’ elections and other campaigns.”


  66. Oh dear, HILLARY CLINTON has attacked ALEX JONES by name at a political rally in Reno. Does this mean that she and FRANK P are coming into alignment so that she will soon be accusing Jones of being a snake oil salesman and will be insisting that there is no credible evidence for Supreme Court Justice Scalia’s death being an unlawful act?


    Shut your mouth! Lay down your pen! Detach your keyboard!

    And of course, bend over!

  68. Doug Schoen, Fox News inside plant for Hillary Clinton, columnist for the WSJ (also owned by News Corp), is the weirdest looking pundit on the American broadcast networks. He has the head of myopic tortoise with beer-bottled specs and a voice like a gravel washer. His defence of the indefensible in order to make Fox News appear ‘fair and balanced’ is one of the most transpatently stupid ploys in the American media/political game. Thw other is the arse-faced black pundit, the token negro on The Five.

    They are the two main contenders for the meeja Whore-hacks of The Year award.

  69. In retrospect I should have bracketed (sic) after “transpatently”. But that would be smart-ass, as it was a typo. Good inadvertent neologism though? 🙂

  70. Noa (22:52)

    These “strategic planners” will ‘risk manage’ each other (and us) off the face of the earth ere long. Risky business, risk management!

  71. More evidence of Rupert “Janus” Murdoch backing both the favourite and second favourite in the same race. Heads he wins tails everyone else loses.

    Bizness is bizzness…

  72. On Aptil 22and 1870, in the town of Simbirsk a boy was born, the hereditary Russian Nobleman Vladimir Illych Ulyanov. The boy enjoyed all the privileges of his social and economic status, but was not satisfied with the fate providence had handed him. Eventually he left Russia, but was amply sustained by the income from the family estates, these he enjoyed until the revolution, after which he enjoyed the income from everyone elses property. Anyone here see a resemblance to Jeremy Corbin?

  73. Christ – don’t you start, Stephen. As I have repeated ad nauseam it’s not possible to tune into any major meeja station in the UK and listen/watch for more than five minutes with seeing the garden gnome’s face, hearing his voice, or listening to some fatuous pundit bigging him up. Can we have a Corbynsky free week on the CHW, at least? Please??

  74. Why is it that the left find it impossible to call spade a bloody shovel? their passion for euphemism knows no bounds, two of their favorites are as follows, along with my interpretation. Progressive = blinkered lefty with no tolerance for any other opinion. Activist = Rabble rousing shit stirrer. Do these comments constitute a hate crime? I bloody-well hope so.

  75. Frank,
    OK, I’ll lay off Corbyn for a week. of course I will need a substitute, how about Shami Chakrabarti, the newly ennobled Baroness Bollocks?

  76. Turkey’s invasion of Syria seems to bother nobody, the Kurds, the longest and the only effective force against ISIL are getting pummelled, the British Government, the EU, the world keeps quit. Sickening.

  77. Still on the boil in the ME:

    The DT’s leader today says: ‘… the belligerents (in the ME) have come to accept that the man principally responsible for all this horror (Assad) – kept stubbornly in place by Russian planes bombing soldiers and civilians – will probably be around for along time to come’.

    The one primarily responsible for the slaughter in Syria is sitting in the White House admiring his Nobel trinket for peace. It was he who unleashed the proxy dogs of Saudi Arabia and Turkey on the regime that allowed religious freedom, the wearing of bikini, bearable relations (for the region anyway) with neighbours.

    the Turkey’s invasion of its neighbour proves again that if the American neocons will it, everything goes. They bombed Serbia, later arrested Milosevic, put him on trial in the Hague, where he died in prison, few days ago found totally not guilty. The bombing of Syria carved up territory for the Kosovo Muslims, also enabled the Americans to build the biggest military base in Europe.

    The Saudis have been bombing Yemen for almost two years now, nothing to see there, the American neocons like it. Now, another invasion of the democratic West’s close friend Turkey, soon to be a part of the EU invades a sovereign country, the MSM lapdogs keep quit.

    It pains Baron alot to say it, but the West is economically impotent, financially bankrupt, and morally vacuous.

  78. It cost £4.0mn for each of our participants in the Rio circus. Doesn’t it make you glad?

  79. Baron (18:46)

    If muff-divers and fudge-packers want to practice their dark arts in Brazil they should pay their own fares. And they should certainly be kept away from testerone charged adolescents who fancy their chances as athletes.

    A Lesbian madame once boasted to me that given any 17 year old girl for 48 hours and she could ‘ turn’ her.

    Similarly, a bent Sgt. Major in an army training establishment once boasted to me that he could corrupt any boy soldier under the age of 18 if he was under his command.

    Both made these boasts before the law was changed. Throughout a long life confronting the bent, the bad and the ugly, my experience has led me to believe that these were not idle boasts.

    People who clamour for ‘gay rights’ should bear that in mind.

    Right to what? Considering that the age of consent has been lowered in gradations, independently of the 1967 law that allowed a concession for consenting homosexual adults in private (no more than TWO), when at that time the age of consent was 21 for homosexual acts (and I repeat – in private, no more than two), it is clear that rampant corruptive influences have been at work in society since the 1967 Act.

    And part of the subversive plan by Long March communists to challenge all sexual mores – including high ranking members of the Labour Party becoming affiliated to The Paedophile Information Exchange adds to the mix.

    The recent widespread sexual scandals and abuse of children on an industrial scale becomes more understandable when these developments are factored in. And it is little wonder that it is difficult to find a resilient Chairman for the Inquiry into Child Abuse in England and Wales.

    Some might think that muff diving and fudge packing will eventually become Gold Medal Olympic sports. An awful lot of contenders on Hampstead Heath after dark already, I’m told, not to mention Clapham Common.

    At one time the Duke of Bedford was castigated as homphobic for closing Russell Square gardens to rutting ginger beers after complaints by local residents and dog walkers. And that was before ‘dogging’ became another after-dark sport.

    Back in the 50’s and early 60s al fresco sexual athletics were confined to Hyde Park and St James’s Park after Gate closing time, or in the back allies of Soho – and money usually changed hands and often resulted in a post-coital visit to Cannon Row nick for overnight accommodation with a performance at Bow Street next morning.

    A for public urinals, it was quite difficult to take an urgent leak in those days without getting unwelcome help wirh your zip. Most of them were progressively closed as a result of ‘public nuisance’ and that was before George Michael made cottaging famous. O tempora O mores!

    But I digress. Four fucking million per ‘athlete’? You gotta be kiddin’ me, my noble mucker? No more National Lotto for me. Breeding badgers in Bolivia was concerning. Backing Buggers in Brazil is the last straw.

    Jolly, friggin’ hockey sticks!

  80. Stephen Maybery (16:27)

    That’s a deal! 🙂

  81. A World at the Edge of the Great Abyss – Paul Craig Roberts

    “….Western reporting and think tank and university reports on Russia are propaganda and are useless to understanding the situation…..”

  82. “Theresa May will trigger Brexit negotiations without Commons vote” (DT)

  83. I think there’s a slot for this man on the CHW:

    “Mugabe Orders Arrest Of “Rats We Call Athletes” After Zimbabwe Wins No Olympic Medals” (h/t Zero Hedge)

  84. Looking at this article, had me link to the one following from 2014. Who, apart from Valdimir Ilych, lkes to speak of “useful idiots”, and when?

    “This weekend [April 28,2014] we once again got confirmation that any time the generic narrative spectacularly falls apart, and the “establishment” is caught with its pants down (or, in the case of the DNC, engaging in borderline election fraud leading to what the FT just described as “Democrats in turmoil”) what does it do? Why blame Putin of course, and more specifically his “useful idiots”, and hope the whole thing blows over quickly.”

  85. Who are these ‘alt-right’ folks that the wicked witch keeps banging on about. Is it anything to do with the ‘Alt’ key on my keyboard? I’ve yet to find out what it is for. Give me a clue, someone, please.

  86. testing á

    Ahhhh – now I get it. Wish I’d enquired before. It’s about codes. 🙂

  87. Google cracked it for me:

    Just in case anyone else was wondering:

    Very clever these Chinese.

  88. 0315


    But not necessarily today.

  89. Frank P at 03-01

    The alt right are supporters of Trump and (allegedly) fans of the Austrian bi-sexual,vegetarian,teetotaller.

    There is an hate article at the Spectator:

    And a largely negative programme on Radio 4.

  90. As it’s the Bank Holiday weekend I shall be indulging in one of my ‘remaining’ pleasures;being the consumption of beer.
    Despite the unfortunate consequence of this hobby generating even more liquid than one consumes its disposal is a relatively innocuous process, invariably unleavened by the zip fiddling and fudging Frank identifies as commonplace, if not yet compulsory, elsewhere.
    If there’s a significant correlation between beer and buggery I’ve yet to encounter it.
    For those Wallsters contemplating similar pleasures (beer in my case,) here is a useful link.

  91. Had a lovely night listening to the proms. They are a bunch of wankers at the Beeb, but occasionally they are worth the licence fee. A bottle of red ned, a packet of fags and Mozart, what m,ore could one ask for?

  92. Frank P @ :01

    “Who are these ‘alt-right’ folks that the wicked witch keeps banging on about”?

    The best answer so far, at least by an English journalist – I don’t know what the Russians or the Israelis are offering – is by Paul Joseph Watson here:

    I hope that instead of importing him to the USA and thus rescuing Mr. Watson from his multiple daily death threats in England which is the current price to be paid for publicly outing globalism, muslimism, or leftistism, Infowars will decide to build up in London an equal but separate Atlantic Wall against these species of modern barbarism by developing a full scale InfoWarsUk here with Mr. Watson’s professionnal skills and local knowledge at its heart.

  93. Of Frogs and Men: PEPE!

    The cartoon frog featured subliminally in Paul Joseph Watson’s link above is Pepe. His name was shouted aloud once at Hillary’s rally – and the shouter escorted out.

    See also:

    Hillary’s campaign is developing into one by a ‘can’t stand up comedienne’.

    Time to hoist PEPE to the CHW flagstaff for the duration of the campaign I think!


  94. Breitbart Headline:

    End ‘Political Slavery’: ‘Black Men for Bernie’ Founder Backs Trump

  95. “…Demographic suicide is not only experienced; it appears to be wanted. The xenophile European bourgeoisie, which today controls politics and the media, seem imbued with a snobbish and masochistic racism. They have turned against the values of their own Judeo-Christian culture and combined it with a hallucinatory, romanticized view of the values of other cultures. The sad paradox is that Europeans are now importing young people in large numbers from the Middle East to compensate for their lifestyle choices.
    An agnostic and sterile continent — deprived of its gods and children because it banished them — will have no strength to fight or to assimilate a civilization of the zealous ad the young. The failure to counter the coming transformation seems to come down on the side of Islam. Is what we are seeing the last days of summer?”

  96. Noa,
    Islam can not be assimilated, it is beyond redemption. The cult, originally the fantasy of a disgruntled Bedouin. Islam refuses to either respect or tolerate any other belief, it can only be countered by force, and unless that happens soon we can kiss goodbye to our civilisation. Jan Sobieski must be spinning in his grave.

  97. Baron, August 25th, 2016 – 14:37

    Thank you, Baron, I enjoyed that. OUATITW is one of my favourite westerns. I have a lot of favourites in that genre. I must dig it out for another viewing.

    The talented Katica Illényi has a YouTube playlist.

  98. Baron,
    Your 26/9 18-44, one of the best you have ever posted, and that is saying something. All true. How the World has suffered since the demise of the Pax Britannica, I will not mention what replaced it you covered that admirably in your post.

  99. Stephen Maybery – 11:59

    Ain’t that the awful truth!

    Excepting Viktor Orban, the rest of “the west’s” leaders seem hellbent on the genocide.

    Speaking of imams, the Pope said, “I know how they think, they are looking for peace.” Of course they are, Your Holiness. The kind of peace Tacitus was referring to when he wrote: “Auferre, trucidare, rapere, falsis nominibus imperium; atque, ubi solitudinem faciunt, pacem appellant.”

    The Pope wouldn’t need a translation but, for those who do, this means “To ravage, to slaughter, to usurp under false titles, they call empire; and where they make a desert, they call it peace.”

  100. I think it’s fair to say that on the Wall, whatever our views, we try to speak the truth about current events and to be able to substantiate what we say.

    If any CHWster has to confront a fellow who denies that ISIS was made in the USA:

    “How We Know ISIS was ‘MADE IN THE USA’ ”
    By Roger Stone
    August 20, 2016

    Judicial Watch proved it. Under a Freedom of Information Act request, Judicial Watch was able to obtain a (heavily redacted) copy of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) directive that initiated the creation of ISIS in 2012. the DIA report states,


    Not even Judicial Watch seems to have appreciated the significance of this document, where its press release focused on the Benghazi attack. Recent releases of Hillary’s emails, moreover, confirm that taking out Assad has nothing to do with his alleged abuse of the Syrian people but because it will help Israel.

    Just in case it has slipped anyone’s mind, Hillary was Secretary of State from 2009 to 2013. Barack was inaugurated in 2008 and steps down in 2016. It happened on their watch. It could not have happened without their approval. They really did create ISIS!

    The chemical attacks on Syrian citizens on 21 August 2013 was meant to justify lobbing cruise missiles into Syria. Obama was ready, but Americans were not. And when the ploy was debunked by a 50-page dossier the Russians provided to the UN, they resorted to “Plan B”, which was the creation of ISIS by the DIA.

    The chemical weapons are widely believed to have been provided to the “rebels” by Prince Bandar of Saudi Arabia, to whom the Bush family refers as “Bandar Bush”. But recent releases of Hillary’s emails suggest that she was directing the transfer of weapons from Libya to Syria and chemical weapons may have been among them.

    The Benghazi attack appears to have been initiated because Ambassador Christ Stevens was concerned that some of the weapons being sent to Syria could be used against the civilian population. The Obama administration has stonewalled inquiries as to whether Benghazi had anything to do with transferring weapons to the rebels. That means “Yes!”

    The signs have been there right along the way, but the media has not been reporting them. Here are some of the facts reported in a recent study about ISIS:

    Instant Access to Current Spot Prices & Interactive Charts

    * On 23 February 2015, *FARS* reported that the (much maligned) Iraqi Army had downed 2 UK cargo planes carrying weapons for ISIS, which was among the first signs that things were not as the world was being told by Western—and especially US—news sources.

    * On 1 March 2015, *FARS* reported that Iraqi popular forces are known as “Al-Hashad Al-Shabi” shot down a US helicopter carrying weapons for ISIL in Al-Anbar province of which they had photographs.

    * On 10 April 2015, *Press TV* reported that, in response to a request by Syrian that ISIL be named a terrorist organization, the US, Britain, France, and Jordan refused, which was rather baffling on its face.

    * Photographs were appearing contemporaneously showing ISIS members sporting “US Army” tattoos, which the American media has yet to acknowledge. Confirm this for yourself by searching for “ISIS members sporting US Army tattoos” online.

    * On 19 May 2015, Brad Hoof of, “2012 Defense intelligence Agency document: West will facilitate rise of Islamic State ‘in order to isolate the Syrian regime”, based upon the release of a selection of formerly classified documents obtained by Judicial Watch from the US Department of Defense and Department of State.

    * On 22 June 2015, ex-CIA contractor, Steven Kelley, explained the US “created ISIL for sake of Israel” and to have a “never-ending war” in the Middle East, which would make the countries there “unable to stand up to Israel” and to provide “the constant flow of orders for weapons from the military-industrial complex at home, which is feeding a lot of money to the senators pushing for these wars”.

    There’s more–a lot more, including photographs of Sen. John McCain with Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. You can find dozens of them on the internet. In Washington, ISIS is widely known as “John McCain’s army”. So what’s wrong with a candidate for president making the point that his opponent and her most prominent support actually created ISIS? Trump is right.”

    Reference: ent/Documents/How-We-Know-ISIS -Was-MADE-IN-THE-USA-.htm

  101. From one of Baron’s friends over in the Republic:

    How the world changes:

    Not that long ago, GM was building cars in Flint, Michigan, and you couldn’t drink the water in Mexico.

    After seven years of Obama and his cronies, GM are now building cars in Mexico, and you can’t drink the water in Flint, Michigan.

    To borrow from Marie Antoinette ‘cannot they drink wine?’ (only joking).

  102. If anyone should be involved it’s the CoE, they’re are the (un)official guardian of our morals, the police should stick to crime prevention, detection, the apprehending of criminals, no?

  103. Daniel Greenfield:

    Forget the Syrian Civil War for a moment. Even without the Sunnis and Shiites competing to give each other machete haircuts every sunny morning, there would still be a permanent Muslim refugee crisis.

    The vast majority of civil wars over the last ten years have taken place in Muslim countries. Muslim countries are also some of the poorest in the world. And Muslim countries also have high birth rates.

    Combine violence and poverty with a population boom and you get a permanent migration crisis.

    No matter what happens in Syria or Libya next year, that permanent migration crisis isn’t going away.

    The Muslim world is expanding unsustainably. In the Middle East and Asia, Muslims tend to underperform their non-Muslim neighbors both educationally and economically. Oil is the only asset that gave Muslims any advantage and in the age of fracking, its value is a lot shakier than it used to be.

    The Muslim world had lost its old role as the intermediary between Asia and the West. And it has no economic function in the new world except to blackmail it by spreading violence and instability.

    Muslim countries with lower literacy rates, especially for women, are never going to be economic winners at any trade that doesn’t come gushing out of the ground. Nor will unstable dictatorships ever be able to provide social mobility or access to the good life. At best they’ll hand out subsidies for bread.

    The Muslim world has no prospects for getting any better. The Arab Spring was a Western delusion.

    Growing populations divided along tribal and religious lines are competing for a limited amount of land, power and wealth. Countries without a future are set to double in size.

    There are only two solutions; war or migration.

    Either you fight and take what you want at home. Or you go abroad and take what you want there.

    Let’s assume that the Iraq War had never happened. How would a religiously and ethnically divided Iraq have managed its growth from 13 million in the eighties to 30 million around the Iraq War to 76 million in 2050?

    The answer is a bloody civil war followed by genocide, ethnic cleansing and migration.

    What’s happening now would have happened anyway. It was already happening under Saddam Hussein.

    Baghdad has one of the highest population densities in the world. And it has no future. The same is true across the region. The only real economic plan anyone here has is to get money from the West.

    Plan A for getting money out of the West is creating a crisis that will force it to intervene. That can mean anything from starting a war to aiding terrorists that threaten the West. Muslim countries keep shooting themselves in the foot so that Westerners will rush over to kiss the booboo and make it better.

    Plan B is to move to Europe.

    Plan B is a great plan. It’s the only real economic plan that works for them. At least until the West runs out of native and naïve Westerners who foot the bill for all the migrants, refugees and outright settlers.

    For thousands of dollars, a Middle Eastern Muslim can pay to be smuggled into Europe. It’s a small investment with a big payoff. Even the lowest tier welfare benefits in Sweden are higher than the average salary in a typical Muslim migrant nation. And Muslim migrants are extremely attuned to the payoffs. It’s why they clamor to go to Germany or Sweden, not Greece or Slovakia. And it’s why they insist on big cities with an existing Muslim social welfare infrastructure, not some rural village.

    A Muslim migrant is an investment for an entire extended family. Once the young men get their papers, family reunification begins. That doesn’t just mean every extended family member showing up and demanding their benefits. It also means that the family members will be selling access to Europe to anyone who can afford it. Don’t hike or raft your way to Europe. Mohammed or Ahmed will claim that you’re a family member. Or temporarily marry you so you can bring your whole extended family along.

    Mohammed gets paid. So does Mo’s extended family which brokers these transactions. Human trafficking doesn’t just involve rafts. It’s about having the right family connections.

    And all that is just the tip of a very big business iceberg.

    Where do Muslim migrants come up with a smuggling fee that amounts to several years of salary for an average worker? Some come from wealthy families. Others are sponsored by crime networks and family groups that are out to move everything from drugs to weapons to large numbers of people into Europe.

    Large loans will be repaid as the new migrants begin sending their new welfare benefits back home. Many will be officially unemployed even while unofficially making money through everything from slave labor to organized crime. European authorities will blame their failure to participate in the job market on racism rather than acknowledging that they exist within the confines of an alternate economy.

    It’s not only individuals or families who can pursue Plan B. Turkey wants to join the European Union. It’s one solution for an Islamist populist economy built on piles of debt. The EU has a choice between dealing with the stream of migrants from Turkey moving to Europe. Or all of Turkey moving into Europe.

    The West didn’t create this problem. Its interventions, however misguided, attempted to manage it.

    Islamic violence is not a response to Western colonialism. Not only does it predate it, but as many foreign policy experts are so fond of pointing out, its greatest number of casualties are Muslims. The West did not create Muslim dysfunction. And it is not responsible for it. Instead the dysfunction of the Muslim world keeps dragging the West in. Every Western attempt to ameliorate it, from humanitarian aid to peacekeeping operations, only opens up the West to take the blame for Islamic dysfunction.

    The permanent refugee crisis is a structural problem caused by the conditions of the Muslim world.

    The West can’t solve the crisis at its source. Only Muslims can do that. And there are no easy answers. But the West can and should avoid being dragged down into the black hole of Muslim dysfunction.

    Even Germany’s Merkel learned that the number of refugees is not a finite quantity that can be relieved with a charitable gesture. It’s the same escalating number of people that will show up if you start throwing bags of money out of an open window. And it’s a number that no country can absorb.

    Muslim civil wars will continue even if the West never intervenes in them because their part of the world is fundamentally unstable. These conflicts will lead to the displacement of millions of people. But even without violence, economic opportunism alone will drive millions to the West. And those millions carry with them the dysfunction of their culture that will make them a burden and a threat.

    If Muslims can’t reconcile their conflicts at home, what makes us think that they will reconcile them in Europe? Instead of resolving their problems through migration, they only export them to new shores. The same outbursts of Islamic violence, xenophobia, economic malaise and unsustainable growth follow them across seas and oceans, across continents and countries. Distance is no answer. Travel is no cure.

    Solving Syria will solve nothing. The Muslim world is full of fault lines. It’s growing and it’s running out of room to grow. We can’t save Muslims from themselves. We can only save ourselves from their violence.

    The permanent Muslim refugee crisis will never stop being our crisis unless we close the door.

  104. Baron (8:41)

    Daniel delineates the dilemma depressingly, but with dutiful regard for the data. Brilliant essay which should be handed to Trump’s team forthwith.
    Limpid and lucid. Shut that door!

    And it’s everthing to do with Islam!

    But he, like the rest of us are pissing agin the wnds of change.

  105. Get crackin’ with the frackin’!

  106. Mine 06-41 above.

    The Radio 4 programme starts with a story linking Trump with ant-semitism over a six pointed star with the words `the most corrupt candidate ever` next to an image of Ms Clinton.
    No rational person could ever link this to anti-semitism.It is a solid red star,common all over the place.
    The Star of David is two interlocked tri-angles;one pointing up,one down.

    No normal person could confuse the two images.

    Here is the offending image.

  107. Radford NG @ 22:54

    That’s so stupid, Radford, one doesn’t know what to say.

  108. Frank P @ 20:36

    That thought hit the barbarian, too, Frank, if he’s right, the flood is unstoppable, then social unrest in the broader ‘West’ would indeed be impossible to avoid because what would ‘saving ourselves from their violence’ entail other than armed resistance.

    Btw, the rumour in the East European media is that the EU report on Turkey’s progress on the conditions for the free visa entry into the EU have not been met (it should be out shortly). The Turks have allegedly haven’t received any of the promised billions from the EU either.

    If the tinpot Sultan opens the gates what then? It feels Christmas this year may be a truly eventful period.

  109. Malfleur @ 13:37

    Only a confirmation what must have been obvious to anyone who isn’t blind, Malfleur.

    You recall Baron telling you about the event that turned Assad from a friend of the West into a pariah? read this:

  110. Cambridge Statsi harrasse English patriot (Tommy Robinson) and children in local pub…..3 men with their 7 kids.Pub security speaks for him.
    Apparently from Sat 27 Aug.

    Robinson up in Court in Sept. on charges from Luton police for having displayed St.George flag in France with `F— ISIS` slogan whilst in France.

  111. Bill’s good again, the case is solid, the evidence seems irrefutable, but as he says no institution of the Republic is fit for purpose. One wonders how will the people defend the Constitution?

  112. Radford NG @ 01:01

    This is truly frightening, Radford, for the first time it hit the barbarian he could be treated like this, too, anyone who has strong views not in tune with the orthodoxy of the progressives can, it’s nothing short of a police state.

    Sic transit gloria Britannia.

  113. Baron August 28th, 2016 – 01:26

    More bad law. A catch all for any contentious public figure the authorities dislike. The law was not intended for this but the appalling drafting allows it to be “legally” misused.

    This new bad law has duplicated and compromised the old serviceable common law ‘breach of the peace’ which would not have been appllcable in this case.

    When the police respond to actual breaches of the peace by UAF and similar lefty protest thugs by serving a Section 35 dispersal notice on their peaceful targets something is very seriously wrong with law enforcement and justice.

    If you recall when Farage and his family were assailed and forced to flee from a peaceful pub lunch by a SJW mob – that was an actual breach of the peace where the assailants could have and should have been arrested. But law enforcement is now both selectively guided by political imperatives and ignorantly maintained.

    In the case of Robinson one could argue that the police were in fact causing a breach of the peace themselves. Their aggressive, mob-handed and disproportionate behaviour was so far from Peel’s Principles and the tradition of policing by consent as to be absolutely shocking.

  114. Radford NG, Baron, and Colonel Mustard

    What also makes me angry is that the disgrace for the Coffee House Wall and its members is that FRANK P has never once in the four or so odd years been able to come out here in defence of Tommy Robinson. Quite the contrary. Shame, shame on him.

  115. Colonel Mustard @ 08:17

    Agreed, fully, Colonel, a piece of stinking law if there ever was one, and welcome back, the barbarian likes the sound of your voice (as you well know).

  116. Colonel Mustard – 08:17

    Ominous , too, that such draconian powers are to being invested in ‘designated’ PCSOs. They are little more than goons of the local town hall/Kremlin. In the main they are poorly trained, ignorant, short, fat fuckers with a double portion of thick!

  117. Baron 0126
    Do you think they log all who visit this blog?
    Does Peter have a van parked down the road?

  118. Anyone recalls Baron’s telling you what was it that turn ed the switch on Assad from a friend of the West to the most wretched pariah of the world, you all thought the barbarian was out of order on it? It seems not:

  119. Emulous @ 10:22

    They are logging all internet traffic, Emulous, but in some cases they 9the MI5) must have separate files on individuals who are particularly annoying them e.g. Baron.

    Why would they need a van? To cart Peter or any of us away? More discreet to arrive just before the carting, no?

  120. Politics is nearly back to normal and here is the first of Chairman May’s Anything But Brexit smokescreen policies:

    Theresa May’s race audit: PM launches year-long blitz to root out inequality from public services

    No need to post the hyperlink, it’s a waste of time (the hall mark of her six years at the Home Office)

  121. Malfleur @ 08:51

    Calm down, Malfleur, anger doesn’t get one anywhere.

    Not really for the barbarian to defend Frank, he’s more than capable putting up a defence himself if he thought it was needed, but you yourself should accept that even if we, as a team, are moving in the Right direction, as individuals we may have strong but marginally differing views on some of the scenery and the things and people in it that we encounter on the trip.

    As you well know, Frank hates all things Russian, reckons only ill will ever blows from the East, admires greatly the omni-all one, (who, ironicaly, hails from that neck of the woods), who knows, may have his picture on the bedside table, perhaps gets sexually excited looking at him having read his pieces. Nothing wrong with it, it shouldn’t spoil one’s enjoyment one derives reading Frank’s postings, the only worrying thing may be the threat to the guru’s health, any unnecessary tingling in the loins for someone of his age may be about as welcome as a heavy kick in the same area, but then …..he, he, he.

  122. EC August 28th, 2016 – 10:09

    The problem is that since Blair and to a certain extent Major before him the law is being drafted, badly, to serve the perceived needs – and often prejudices – of the so-called ‘authorities’ rather than the people. The tail is wagging the dog and successive Home Office ministers and Parliament have allowed themselves to be captured by lobbying secret policemen and the political ideologues exploiting their risk averse paranoias.

    Much of the new bad law is superfluous and has been introduced either as a result of a systemic failure to properly enforce perfectly serviceable existing laws or to provide a sort of corporate catch-all small print to make it easy for them and hard for us. One might expect nothing less from a disproportionate presence of lawyers in and around Parliament. Where is the diversity there?

    The use of inappropriate and emotive stereotypes like ‘victim’ has created a prejudicial imbalance, a presumption deliberately contrived to smooth the passage of the bad law. Difficult to prosecute and convict alleged rapists? Presume the complaint is always the truth (“You will be believed”) and put the onus on them to prove their innocence. Avoid multi-cultural and cultural relativism difficulties by selective enforcement. Cliff Richard’s accuser is believed because that suits current disapproval of the louche, misogynist 1970s, the Rotherham girls are not because we also live in the age of cultural relativity and deference to ethnic minorities.

    Parliament, once fiercely sceptical of imposing new law on the English and challenging of those who clamoured for it, is now largely an endorsing body who see themselves as ‘controllers’, ‘directors’; or ‘nudgers’ of the population rather than as protectors of its ancient freedoms. The proliferation of female (and to a lesser extent male) busybodies in Parliament is no good thing but has degraded circumspection, rationality objectivity and gravitas for low grade, reactive and emotive waffle with lots of virtue signalling in place of facing up to inconvenient realities. That creepy statist term ‘lawmakers’ has crept in to replace ‘representatives’. The relationship has changed and those who rule over us now treat us more as pupils in their primary school or as employees in their corporate company, to be governed by rules and regulations and codes of conduct applicable to and mandatory for all – except them of course.

    Who in fact gave consent for the original intent that British police should never appear uniformed like the military to be overturned? Now we have mob-handed, jump booted police wearing aggressive looking Taliban/ISIS style utility pouches in the ubiquitous reflective yellow. Who sanctioned that? Did anyone in Parliament debate or endorse that radical change in policing tradition? The original uniform of the police was debated in Parliament – and for very good reason – now ordinary Bobbies and even the ‘economy’ PCSOs increasingly resemble members of a SWAT team. It can’t be long before such encounters as with the Robinson crew result in them regularly masking themselves in balaclavas. Parliament wrings its collective hands over stop and search but completely ignores the transformation of the constabulary from friendly Bobbies on the beat to a sort of tooled-up cod-SAS.

  123. Baron – 10:33

    The British Police no longer do “discrete.” Ringing of the doorbell is just a quaint thing the police of yesteryear did. Inspired by their continental colleagues it’s the 6am visit in full paramilitary clobber and battering ram to gain entrance. If you are famous enough they’ll even lay on helicopter and a BBC film crew.

  124. Colonel Mustard – 11:07

    A great analysis.
    You put it so much better than I ever could.

  125. Baron August 28th, 2016 – 10:33

    They are risk averse and paranoid, hopelessly incapable of distinguishing between the expression of discontent and real subversion, hence the broadening of the term ‘extremist’ to mean anyone who doesn’t conform to the leftist captured ‘narrative’.

    We already have dissenters in the Chinese sense, which is shameful for our government, and if their present plans to suppress the healthy escape valve of internet anger proceed we shall soon see dissenters locked up. Then the communitarian model of China will be complete here. The journalists will either be suborned creatures of state propaganda that everyone can see through and seethe impotently over or facing arrest for their ‘extremism’. Meanwhile those bent on real murder and mayhem will continue, much appreciative of the authorities distraction.

  126. EC August 28th, 2016 – 11:07

    Funnily enough even the Gestapo were required to request entry before forcing doors!

    I would suggest that the current routine of smashing down doors before demanding entry, even with a warrant, is illegal because it is an unnecessary use of force. You can’t tell whether smashing down a door is necessary until entry has been refused. If you smash down a door that the occupant was perfectly willing to open on request then it seems that the elements of potential criminal damage exist and the use of such force is unnecessary and excessive. Why should the police be immune from prosecution? THat was never the idea. Parliament has never debated this. The police use the excuse of preventing disposal of evidence but the types of arrest often made refute that. The whole process is redolent of a ghastly police state, especially because they seem incapable of making arrests, even for the most trivial of offences, without a huge posse of tooled-up police – noticeably lacking whenever a burglary has occurred.

    As you say the days of a detective inspector wearing a raincoat and hat knocking on the door with at most a police constable accompanying him are long gone. Along with the respect for them.

    “To use physical force only when the exercise of persuasion, advice and warning is found to be insufficient to obtain public co-operation to an extent necessary to secure observance of law or to restore order, and to use only the minimum degree of physical force which is necessary on any particular occasion for achieving a police objective.”

    That does not mean doing something just because you can and Peel’s sixth principle of policing is still there on the Government’s ‘Policing by Consent’ webpage. Pity the Home Office don’t appear to be capable of reading it or understanding what it conveys!

  127. Brexiteers, we have a gift horse coming our way which I think is worth knowing about as Chairman May tries to close down Brexit.

    It goes like this. Jeremy Corbyn has always hated the EU.

    When he first became Labour leader in 2015, Corbyn desperately needed some household names in his shadow cabinet. But there was a problem. Most Blairites thought he would not last long enough as leader to fight the next election.

    Corbyn asked Blairite Hillary Benn to add some familiar-name credentials to his shadow cabinet by becoming shadow foreign secretary. Benn spotted an opportunity to spike Corbyn’s anti-EU guns. Benn said he would take the job on one condition. Corbyn had to fight for Remain in the forthcoming referendum.

    Corbyn – like many people – assumed Leave would lose the referendum anyway. So he did a deal with the devil and gave in to Benn’s demands.

    George Galloway is on record as saying all this. Go to 2.30 on the timer on this YouTube video to hear him say it:

    As ever with Corbyn, it was a massive error. This is a man who would cross the road to step on a banana skin.

    As the campaign went on, Corbyn realised he had made a massive error. Leaving the EU was his dream too.

    During the campaign, he came out with lines such as ‘I give the EU seven out of ten’ and ‘the EU is bad but we could reform it from the inside’. His half-heartedness was not to do with poor debating skills. It was because he was about to get his dream of leaving the EU. He just thought he never had a chance of doing so and was caught by surprise when Leave developed a chance of winning. He was not going to stridently defend the EU just as Leave appeared to have a chance of winning.

    And then the Blairite nightmare happened. Leave won.

    The Blairites were in despair. Under Corbyn, the leader of the opposition was not going to object to this result.

    Indeed – you should have missed all this unless you are a political anorak – immediately upon the result being announced, Corbyn said Article 50 should be invoked immediately. Did the BBC assiduously not draw your attention to that for days and days afterwards? I wonder why not!

    Cue panic stations in the Labour party. Without the EU, their mass immigration project is in big trouble. Corbyn had to go. That is the real reason he faces a leadership election. If you believe the propaganda about the Labour leadership election being about Corbyn’s electoral appeal to the masses, please tell me the massive differences between Jeremy Corbyn and Owen Smith?

    That’s right. There are none. Apart from one. What’s the elephant in the room? The whopping issue? The only substantial point of difference between Owen Smith and Jeremy Corbyn? Unlike Corbyn’s plea to invoke Article 50 immediately, Owen Smith wants a second referendum. That is the sole reason why this leadership contest is happening.

    Under Corbyn, there will be no official opposition to Brexit! Yippee! That’s why it’s a gift horse because as Chairman May scrambles to place obstacles in the way of Brexit, it’s one less obstacle she can find to halt Brexit. When she looks across the despatch box, May the Remainer, has to gulp because she knows what Corbyn is really thinking: Leave the EU. I’m not going to stand up and help you block the Brexit. You’re going to have to make your own excuses, Theresa. And boy is she. She ran up to Scotland to enlist the help of Nicola Sturgeon in blocking Brexit.

    Why does the BBC and the rest of the mainstream media not draw attention to these things? Well, in some ways they do. If you want to know why the Guardian is so rabidly anti-Jeremy Corbyn and so pro-Owen Smith, I’ve just explained why.

    Owen Smith cannot turn around to the Labour heartlands and say: ‘You know, Jeremy Corbyn really hates the EU’ because it is the Labour heartlands that voted Leave.

    Similarly, Corbyn cannot afford the charge of political hypocrisy by saying: ‘Hey everyone, I’m really a Leaver’, having officially campaigned for Remain. He realises now that he would have been much more popular had he stuck to his principles and backed Leave.

    As Owen Smith looks more and more likely to lose, the Blairites have become more desperate. Last Sunday 21 August arch Blairite commentator Dan Hodges wrote this plea to Owen Smith’s team in the Mai On Sunday:

    “To stand any chance, Smith needs to hurl himself at Corbyn with an unbridled political ferocity.”

    In other words, you’re losing, Smith. Let’s just get out into the open what this fight is really about.

    And lo and behold by Friday’s Labour leadership hustings, Owen Smith’s team heeded Hodges’ pleas and unleashed unbridled political ferocity. The Mail ran this headlne:

    “Corbyn voted for Brexit! Owen Smith accuses Labour leader of lying about voting to stay in the EU and says he’s secretly ‘happy’ about the result”

    – “Smith and Corbyn engaged in bitter exchanges in latest leadership debate 
    – “Most of Corbyn’s Shadow Cabinet walked out days after the Brexit vote
    – “There have been claims the Corbyn team sabotaged the Remain campaign”

    It is all too late, Owen! You knew that was the sole reason for calling the leadership election. It is the sole point of substantial difference between you and Corbyn, but you didn’t want to say it out loud for the past two months for fear of alienating the Labour heartlands.

    The video tape of that bitter exchange between Corbyn and Smith is fascinating. Watch this two minutes:

    Corbyn knows full well that Smith is pulling a stunt and tries not to answer the question ‘Did you vote Remain?’ just because it could be a trick question. If he says ‘yes’ immediately, Smith can say well, why are you on record for 30 years slagging the EU off?

    Answering ‘yes, I did vote Remain’ is also difficult for Corbyn, because he is doing everything he can to re-position himself as a Leaver by already calling for Article 50 to be invoked. He really is a Leaver.

    Notice the way Corbyn gets out of it by saying only the Daily Mail would suggest such a thing. Always a great way to get a Labour audience on-side! The sly old goat is a Leaver through and through.

    The reason why this is important to us Brexiteers is this. Britain has a Remainiac prime minister pretending to be a late convert to the cause of Leave. One of the reasons she has been mute over the summer is she has been seeing what happens to Corbyn. If Corbyn looked likely to lose, she had one more obstacle in the shape of Her Majesty’s Opposition to throw in the way of Brexit. That now looks unlikely.

    If Theresa May has to debate Brexit in Parliament with Corbyn, who has said Article 50 should be invoked immediately, the cat will be out of the bag that she is still a Remainiac.

    May’s spin doctors are aware that – at all costs – she must be presented as a Leaver (even though she is not) and have spun this weakness as her Leaver strength. Thus they gave this story to the favourite newspaper of the Tory shires, the Telegraph, to appease Tory Leavers:

    Headline: “Theresa May will trigger Brexit negotiations without Commons vote”

    But it’s spin doctor twaddle. Now that she knows Corbyn is going to win, sly Theresa knows the Commons is the last place to debate this. At some point, someone like Douglas Carswell would stand up and say: ‘Hang on Theresa, you’re delaying Article 50, whereas the leader of Her Majesty’s opposition called for it to be invoked immediately after the referendum. You’re still a Remainiac.’

    Remember folks, the Telegraph, the Mail, the Spectator and so on are all in the mould of May. They are all closet Remainiacs who only supported Leave try to destroy UKIP. As they try to help Chairman May persuade you that this or that is slowing down Brexit, just remember that Jeremy Corbyn had no hesitation after the referendum in saying Article 50 should be invoked immediately. He said so on June 24, the day of the result:

    You’re a Remainiac, Theresa.

    Or am I missing something here?

  128. Colonel Mustard (11:41)

    Some characteristically powerful posts this Sunday morning, all of which brook no logical counter argument. But as I said yesterday, we’re pissing agin the wind.

    I would add to your (11:41) that it seems in most cases that we see covered by the media these days, of attacks by para-military thugs on private property (which is what they are) there has been little or no prior observation to ensure that the criminals targeted are in possession of the illicit goods for which the warrant was issued, or indeed even that the alleged criminal/s themseves are ‘at home’, as often the busts are fruitless.

    In my day that would have resulted in someone facing discipline proceedings and at best a bollocking – at worst a sacking. But we speak of a different world, never mind a different time. The concept of policing by consent may or may not still exist somewhere in the annals, but the dust has gathered upon it for several decades.

  129. … and bear in mind that despite his dismal record as Commissioner of The Met. they just granted him anorher extension of tenure. Bear in mind also that there is now a Muslim/Leftist Mayor who dictates both recruitmemt and police policy issues in Londonistan.

  130. The other thing to say about Theresa the secret Remainiac further to my post at 12.38 today is that Cameron’s remark to Corbyn, for the sake of the country just go in his last PMQs was for exactly the same reason the Blairite Labour party wants rid of Corbyn. Cameron is the Heir to Blair and was – like Theresa – the leader of a LibLabCon estalishment. Leaver Corbyn has thrown a massive spanner in the works and if Cameron could help Labour get rid of him, he wasn’t going to lose the opportunity. LibLabCon want their EU back and they’ll work in concert to achieve that aim.

  131. Baron (10:38)

    Tut, tut, old fella! Talking about me behind my back? Unlike you, our little mutual teases are usually conducted mano a mano. Incidentally, the expostulation I normally use to end a friendly post is “heh, heh, heh!” [ and imagine a throaty chuckle chuckle emanating from a benign resigned grin] – not ‘he-he-he’ – like the nervous giggle of a schoolboy who has just pissed in teacher’s lunch-box and is afraid that someone will snitch on him.

    As for Mother Russia, no hatred, comrade, but rather justified suspicion based on long objective experience, bolstered by the fact that its citizens keep voting for their kleptocracy, led by the little KGB Colonel.

    Btw is Colonel the top rank in that outfit?I If not I’m surprised he hasn’t promoted himself to four star general? I suppose he’s more comfortable in mufti when he’s playing the ‘man-o’-the people’ role? 🙂

  132. Jeano

    You’re not from the BBC, are you? They too seem obsessed by Corbynsky and all matters related to the little runt.

  133. Jeano August 28th, 2016 – 12:38

    A convoluted and long winded way to post a (false flag?) piece of Corbynista propaganda!

    telemachus used to use that phrase “Tory shires” too (which is actually most of England less the cities stuffed with imported voters and the Irish antecedent urban left). Is “Jeano” a diminutive for the infamous ‘Jennifer Oldham’?

    The Spectator came out for Brexit. They didn’t have to and I can’t really see what advantage they would gain by being “closet Remainiacs”.

  134. This is what Donald is against, a bunch of fast talking wankers like this one:

  135. Alt-right retribution: 🙂

    Thanks Gerard. Needed some Bank Holiday relief from the teeming rain.

  136. Colonel Mustard @ 11:07

    Spot on, Colonel, the key point is indeed the enormous number of laws, so many of them that apparently even lawyers cannot cope, know not what’s on the books, overlook many.

    In addition to the bonfire of quangos we should also have an even bigger bonfire of statutes.

  137. Frank P August 28th, 2016 – 12:47

    Agreed. At least three of Peel’s Principles convey that a mutual respect is necessary for successful policing by consent. Those who rule over us now seem to think that respect for authority should be coerced and shown one way – us to them. Given the expenses scandal and other evidence of their venality and stupidity that is astonishingly arrogant and ultimately counter productive.

    The police on the other hand seem to disregard Peel’s Principles entirely and instead conflate the securing of respect with the pandering to not just public opinion in general but to minority public opinion. They are supposed to be the public not just the gay part of the public. In the Manchester gay pride parade they should have stood by, friendly but aloof, demonstrating their responsibility to the whole of the public who were the audience and not the participants. Instead they became part of the parade, thereby discrediting their impartiality and in doing so losing the respect of a large proportion of the public.

    Male and female constables in uniform and on duty snogging each other in a doorway would be seen as bringing the public service into disrepute, rightly so. But the hierarchy of the Manchester Police apparently saw nothing wrong in two uniformed male constables kissing each other in public as part of the gay pride parade. They also apparently saw nothing wrong in undermining the dignity of Her Majesty’s uniform by trivialising the police helmet to become a humorous part of a fancy dress parade. What is so appalling about that is not those specific things but the fact that the Manchester Police authorities saw nothing wrong with them and presumably thought them a good idea. It demonstrated both their incredible stupidity and their astonishing ignorance of Peel’s Principles, which ought to be their bedrock. They might have gained some transient popularity amongst the gay community but in doing so completely disregarded the likely undermining of long term respect for them from the rest of the public. They were pursuing a narrow political agenda of vocal minority interest and completely losing sight of their broader duty and responsibilities to demonstrate impartiality to the whole of society.

    In old money they thought that they were being very clever but ended up just looking very silly and irrelevant. Many members of the public would have thought to themselves “Are they my police or are they the gay police?”

    If the rest of the establishment were not as tainted by the same superficial silliness, emotional incontinence and lack of judgement the Manchester Chief Constable and staff responsible for that charade would have been sacked by now.

  138. Jeano @ 12:38

    Not quite sure what the point is, Jeano.

    Labour has a problem whoever may eventually lead the pack, the vocally empowered segment backing the cumryd wants to shift the party so much to the Left that even someone like Lenin would have been against, the other segment conjures up policy initiatives e.g. elimination of homelessness in five years that are equally unattractive to voters however noble, heart warming and desirable they may sound.

    Labour will break up, Baron reckons.

  139. Baron (15:21)

    Wonderful name for an apologist of Clinton and the Left in general …
    Mook! Sould be entered in CHW’s lexicon of insults. ‘Mooking.’

    Poor chap can’t help who is parents were, but he really should have avoided political propaganda with that moniker. What a mook!

  140. Frank P @ 14:45

    Apologies and a very sincere correction, Frank:

    Heh, heh, heh …….. heh, heh….(into infinity, and a couple of inches more).

    Still, it was meant in jest, guru, a piece of lightweight banter, the barbarian was hoping it will put a smile on your face, how could you ever think he, the blue veined barbarian from the East, would do anything injurious to you, ha?

    Nope, the outfits has generals, too, and he was just a major when on duty in Dresden, Germany, just round the corner from your watch tower, Baron guesses.

  141. Colonel Mustard @ 15:29

    You should keep this posting, Colonel, and as the Spectator does a piece on the gay charade (as it will), post it there. The barbarian guarantees you’ll top the poll with it, it sums up the imbecility of this gay engineering so well, it cannot fail.

  142. Frank P @ 15:38

    Let’s do that, Frank, even at the price of elevating this mooking wanker into he history books, something he hardly deserves.

    What should the QED definition be? You (or others like EC) are much better to furnish it than the barbarian.

  143. “Hayley” publishes same Corbynista comment as “Jeano” at the Guido site. No other Disqus comments for that account.

  144. Frank P @ 15:27

    The guy’s a superstar, Frank, just four minutes, the attention span of even the most dumbed down prole, and he packs it with wit, truth, and venom the Clinton team can only dream of.

    Why doesn’t a TV network hire him? It would boost their ratings no ned.

  145. Colonel Mustard and Baron.

    There was ample common and statutory law in the early 1950s when I took the oath of office to adequately police London much more efficiently than is the case today. Much of it has now either been tampered with or destroyed completely and the idiocy which has replaced it, plus an avalanch of new statutes and regulations, combined with the fact that the whole criminal justice system has been replaced by one led by politicians serving their own personal and political interests, is the source of most social ills, not only in this country, but through the West. It also cannot be repeated often enough that this was not evolution, it was cynically planned and now being executed by the disciples of those that planned it. The plan was comprehensive and effective. And I fear it’s much too late to reverse it.

    Having spent last weekend at a family get-together to celebrate two family milestones, I was dismayed at just how deeply the rot has reached. My children, their children and their contemporaries live on a different planet where the ideas are very much shaped by their exposute to an education system and a media comprised of Leftist/multicultural/newspeak propaganda.

    I feel ashamed that in spending much of my life deluding myself that I was engaged in occupations that were purportedly pro bono publico, I failed to protect my own tribe from the elephant in the room. It is small comfort indeed that they themselves seem quite content within their milieu, as their country disappears down the vortex.

    I suppose that is how civilisations perish – and that it is not until you reach the age when you can do little about it that you wake up.

  146. Baron August 28th, 2016 – 16:12


  147. EC @ 11:28

    That’s an exceptionally excellent piece of writing, EC, Mr. Boot surpassed himself, he couldn’t be any more right if he tried. Justice that relies on words in a parchment written down, signed and implemented by politicians, however well meaning they may be, is worth not more than the cost of that piece of parchment.

    We should stick to, or rather go back to what we had before. It has been tested for centuries, and hadn’t failed, why change it?

  148. …. and one of the punishments of old age is when trying to point out some of the anomalies of today’s culture to a chunk of one’s issue, the response, in chorus, is “Graaand -daaad! You can’t say THAT! ”

    Once again … O tempora O mores….

  149. Sorry for the errors, ‘the history’, no end’ and the like, the fingers keep slipping weakened by attempts at gardening (whoever invented gardening ought to have been disembowelled, roasted, pissed on, unceasingly).

  150. Moreover – I bloody can! And will continue to do so until they bang me up!

  151. The Natural Law as a Restraint Against Tyranny | Judge Andrew P. Napolitano

    22mins. A jokey start, followed by the serious stuff, and a grim prognosis!

  152. Re Race Audit:

    And ask yourself just who is running the audit.

    None other than Ben, elder brother of Cordelia Gummer who so enjoyed that beefburger 26 years ago that she turned away in disgust after just 1 bite.

    Now there is no evidence that she developed mad cow disease, but there is a serious strain of madness in the family as evidenced by the crazy publicity stunt pulled by their father John Selwyn all those years ago.

    We can be sure that the audit will come up Trump (oops).

  153. Btw for those who might still have Speccie subscriptions on direct debit. There has been a serious cock up with those as a result of which they have changed their subscription service. Payments have now gone from monthly to quarterly but they failed to advise subscribers as they were supposed to. Thus this month they took £31 from my account rather than the usual £10.95. The new service has no details of subscriber records until after 30 August so can’t resolve payment queries. Apparently they have been getting lots of flak!

  154. Just now Spectator systems are down for “System Maintainance.”
    They will be up and running Tuesday.

  155. Tommy Robinson and Cambridge police : updated version with explanations.(17mins)

  156. At last a step in the right direction for the annual crime fest and celebration of all things nigga. The widespread smearing of black bodies with used engine oil should be positively encouraged – they’re obviously far too stupid to realise the cancerous impact of these materials on the skin and there is a likelihood down the road of a decent Darwin Awards event as they start to drop off the branch early.

  157. The power of the plebiscite is starting to worry the vested interests.

    Here, the government has promised a referendum to decide if the sundry shirt-lifters, muff-munchers and uncertains should be allowed to marry. Said oddities have been telling us for years that the public are on their side, but now it’s down to the public to decide, they don’t like it.

    They’ve realised they can bully a (relatively) small number of politicians to give them what they want, aided and abetted by the ever-compliant media, but trying to threaten the entire population is a different game altogether. Their real fear is not that they will lose but that their number will be revealed to be so tiny as not to be worthy of consideration. The Greens and some independents have warned the Liberal-Nationals they won’t support the necessary legislation. Labor, being firmly in the pocket of the Unions, still a bastion of blue-collar traditional values, don’t know which way to jump. Shorten would love to create more mayhem and difficulties for Turnbull but knows it could so easily blow up in his face.

    What is it about democracy that frightens lefties and liberals? Is it that they actually know just how out of touch with the real world they are and resort to sticking their fingers in their ears and going lah-lah-lah in the hope reality will fade away?

  158. Sunday, August 28, 2016
    Nation Building or Islam Building
    Nation-building has become a very controversial term. And with good reason. Our conviction that we can reconstruct any society into another America is unrealistic. It ignores our own exceptionalism and overlooks the cultural causes of many conflicts. It assumes that a change of government and open elections can transform a tribal Islamic society into America. They can’t and won’t.

    But it’s also important to recognize that what we have been doing isn’t nation-building, but Islam-

    Nation-building in Germany and Japan meant identifying a totalitarian ideology, isolating its proponents from political power and recreating a formerly totalitarian state as an open society. That is the opposite of what we did in Afghanistan and Iraq, never mind Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Yemen and all the rest.

    We did temporarily pursue de-Baathification in Iraq. But the Baathists were just Saddam’s cult of personality. Saddam was a problem in Iraq. But he wasn’t the problem in Iraq. His rule was a symptom of the real problem which was the divide between Sunnis and Shiites. The real problem was Islam.

    Because we failed to recognize that, de-Baathification failed. The Baathists just folded themselves into ISIS. The Sunni-Shiite war went on even without Saddam. Today Sunnis and Shiites are still killing each other in Iraq much as they had for a long time. We have boiled this war down to ISIS, but ISIS, like Saddam is just another symptom of the political violence and divisiveness inherent in Islam.

    Instead of secularizing Iraq, our efforts at democracy only heightened divisions along religious lines. The “Lebanon” model for Iraq with power sharing arrangements between Sunnis and Shiites was doomed.

    Iraq’s first election was dominated by the Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq. If that name rings a bell, it should. It came out of Iran. You know, the original Islamic Revolution. The “free” election had given a boost to an Islamic terror group whose goal was the creation of an Islamic State in Iraq.

    The bloodiest days of the Iraq War actually came when two sets of Islamic terror groups fighting to create an Islamic State began killing each other… and us. We know one of those groups today as ISIS. The other group is the Iraqi government. And a decade later, they’re still killing each other.

    Instead of nation-building in Iraq, we practiced Islam-building. Iraq’s constitution made Islam the official religion and the fundamental source of legislation. Its first real law was that, “No law that contradicts the established provisions of Islam may be established.” The new Iraq we had built was an Islamic State.

    We did no better in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan whose constitution declared much the same thing. Its first parliamentary elections saw victories for the National Islamic Movement of Afghanistan and the Islamic Society. As in Iraq and Syria, the distinctions between the bad Islamists and the good Islamists were often fuzzy at best. We had replaced the bad Islamist warlords who raped and murdered their enemies with the good Islamist warlords who raped and murdered their enemies.

    Our nation-building had created an Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and an Islamic State in Iraq. It was no wonder that the fighting never stopped.

    Matters grew much worse with the Arab Spring when Obama and Hillary’s Islam-building project flipped countries that had been democratic and secular in the loosest sense into the tar pit of political Islam.

    Coptic Christians were massacred and churches were burned in Egypt. The Christian communities in Iraq and Syria were threatened with annihilation. The Jewish community in Yemen may be close to disappearing entirely. The Yazidis were raped and murdered on a genocidal scale by the Islamic State.

    But in many cases they were just collateral damage from fighting between Sunni and Shiite Islamists, and among Sunni Islamists battling each other for dominance.

    The ugliest part of Islam-building was that the resulting conflicts between Islamists and secularists in Egypt and Tunisia highlighted starkly just how wrong our policy was. Instead of backing secular and democratic forces, Obama had thrown in with Islamists. And even after the Muslim Brotherhood was overthrown in Egypt, his administration continued advocating on behalf of its Islamic reign of terror.

    If we had practiced actual nation-building, then we would have identified Islamic tribalism as the central corrosive force in Iraq and Afghanistan, and Islamic political movements as the totalitarian threat in Egypt, Libya and Tunisia. Our efforts would have been directed at isolating them and keeping them out of power while working to democratize and secularize these countries on the old Turkish model. It might not have worked, but at least it would have been nation-building, not Islam-building.

    Nation-building might very well have failed. America doesn’t have infinite resources and the lives of our soldiers are precious. Assuming that we can upend radically different societies is excessively optimistic.

    But we didn’t even try.

    What we have been doing in this century isn’t nation building. Instead we’ve been empowering our enemies. We’ve been sticking our hands into Islamist snake pits and playing, “Find the Muslim moderate” and refusing to learn any better no matter how many times we get bitten.

    We have been perfectly happy to help the Islamic terrorists that our soldiers were shooting at last week so long as their leader signed some sort of accord paying lip service to equality yesterday. We didn’t just get into bed with the Muslim Brotherhood, but with former affiliates of Al Qaeda and current proxies of Iran. We allied with the Sunni and Shiite Islamist murderers of American soldiers in Iraq.

    And all we got for it was more violence, chaos and death.

    Even without Islam, ethnic and tribal divisions would have made nation-building into a difficult challenge. But Islam-building didn’t just leave wrecked societies, but terror threats. Tensions between Arabs, Turkmen and Kurds wouldn’t have led to massacres in Paris and Nice. Only Islam could do that.

    Islam takes local conflicts and makes them global. That’s why disputes over the authority of the House of Saud led to the mass murder of thousands of people in New York or why Arab attacks on Israel became a burning international issue. Or why Sunni and Shiite feuds in Iraq and Syria led to a massacre of attendees at a rock concert in Paris.

    That is also why the combination of Islam and politics in any form is an existential threat to us.

    Not only should we not be subsidizing it in any way, shape or form, but we should be doing our best to stamp it out. If we must have any form of nation-building, it should be the building of secular nations in which Islam is isolated and detached from any political involvement.

    We have two options for preventing the spread of Islamic political violence into our countries. The first is a ban on Muslim immigration. The second is a ban on Muslim politics. The former has been dubbed isolationism and the latter nation-building. Neither term is truly accurate, but they capture the essence of the choice.

    We however have chosen a choice that is far worse than either. We have opened our doors to Muslim migration while opening Muslim countries to further Islamic political involvement. We have Islamized terror states and ourselves. Is it any wonder that we suffer from a severe Islamic terror threat?

    Open borders for Islamic terror and Islam-building have led to our current state of national insecurity. We have made the world more dangerous by backing Islamic politics and we have made our countries more dangerous by welcoming in Muslim migrants to be indoctrinated into terror by Islamist organizations. The more we build up Islam, the more we destroy ourselves.
    Daniel Greenfield at 10:55 PM

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