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  1. None of us must give up on democracy.

    As Dave replied to Clive’s magnificent contribution to Peston yesterday:

    ” “the question is over what is right and wrong” – spot on – but can our politicians and media engage with discussions about rights and wrongs? The ‘winner takes all’ adversarial politics and personality dramas and manipulations that go with it has created a system that is self perpetuating. Anyone who tries to focus on what really matters is shot down as weak, indecisive, hypocritical, etc. And of course, the establishment don’t want honest discussion either – we might conclude they’re in the wrong too! Good on Clive for trying though – I won’t give up hope of democracy just yet!”

  2. 🙂

    Press Release That Unmasks Remainers’ Post-Truth Tactics

    In his car crash interview with Andrew Neil yesterday, Continuity Remain campaigner James McGrory said:

    “It’s clear there is no mandate to leave the single market. The idea that the Leave campaign spoke with unanimity and with clarity and purpose… and said we will definitely leave the single market is just not true.”

    But, earlier, in a ‘Britain Stronger in Europe’ press release, James McGrory, their Chief Campaign Spokesman, said:

    Boris’ reckless plan to pull britain out of the Single Market …

    [As Guido Fawkes points out] There it is in black and white: a Stronger In press release written by McGrory himself admitting Vote Leave openly said Brexit meant leaving the single market. All the clarity and purpose you could ever want. Let this be the last time Continuity Remainers get away with telling this demonstrable untruth.

  3. An amusing photo of Mr Obama and Mr Putin…

  4. Some here may be familiar with the name of Congressman Trey Gowdy from watching his exceptional work on the Benghazi Committee of the US Congress. Even if his name is new to you I urge you to watch this most profoundly moving and articulate speech from that rare thing in our political world, a truly good man.

  5. And from Bannon’s stable the take on the French Primaries.

    Or why Marine Le Pen must win:

    “President of the Collective of Muslims in France (CMF) Nabil Ennasri, has called for Muslims to vote for Juppé, an anti-populist, in the centre-right primaries. Other Islamic organisations, and mosques, have been doing the same according to researcher and consultant on Islamic issues Romain Caillet, who writes for French newspaper Libération.

    Caillet yesterday wrote on Twitter: “Apart from the call to vote Juppé [from Nabil Ennasri], several sources suggest there have been more discreet calls from Muslim organisations.”

    Feïza Ben Mohamed, spokesman and secretary general of the Federation of Muslims in the South [of France], agreed, writing: “Of course. There were.” Caillet went on to disclose that Muslim Brotherhood-linked mosques used their Friday sermons to tell attendees they must vote for Juppé in the primaries.

    Mohamed told the historian, who specialises in the global jihadist movement, that this is happening “even in the [non-Muslim Brotherhood mosques].” She added that in Nice, imams “will call for people to vote for [centre-right] Les Republicains” against Le Pen “as they have since time immemorial.”

    Both former prime ministers of France, Juppé along with François Fillon, yesterday qualified through to the next round in the race to decide who will likely face off against Front National leader Marine Le Pen in the country’s presidential elections next year.”

    CMF head Ennasri, an associate of controversial Islamic preachers Tariq Ramadan and Yusuf al-Qaradawi, recently wrote a piece asserting that the centre-right primary is “critical.” In the article, he said Muslims need to “massively participate,” and calls for a “tactical vote” for Juppé as “the lesser of evils” to stand against Le Pen.

  6. Irishboy @ 15:21

    An exceptional guy, articulate, and a brilliant mind, Irishboy, the guy has been on Baron’s favourite list for a while. His aim is apparently a seat on the Supreme Court, but it’s his age that may delay his elevation there. As you well know, these judges are their for life, nobody can unseat them.

    The only smidgen of anxiety the barbarian harbours on people like him is that the guy’s a lawyer, and if there were one profession, apart from the political phylum Baron is weary of, it’s the law practitioners. You may recall the barbarian telling you that when the Republic was being set up, the good burghers of North Carolina had a rule when picking their representatives – no teachers, no preachers, no lawyers. What a guidance, ha?

    It was through one of Baron’s friends in the Republic that the barbarian learnt about Gowdy. He, Baron’s friend, is as deadly opposed to capital punishment as Baron’s in favour (as is Gowdy, who prosecuted a South Carolina man, whose name escapes Baron, asked for the death penalty for him). That was many years ago though, Gowdy may have changed his take on capital punishment since.

  7. “Dear Blacks, Latinos & Gays
    Please don’t buy into the left’s hysteria about Trump.”
    Paul Joseph Watson

  8. Guess who Bedfordshire police have arrested ; and why.

    Tommy Robinson was arrested for harassment after confronting a solicitor who had put the home address of T.R.’s family on line whilst he (T.R.) was visiting Israel.
    ( T.R. is the subject of 6 Osman Orders [official advice from the police that serious threats have been made against his safety]. )

    The solicitor is a certain Ian McLoone ( that is his name ) of Mssrs. Taylor Walton LLP of Luton , who are seeking an injunction against T.R. The company web site has subsequently gone off line…..and reportedly the company and the regulatory body have received many complaints from out-raged citizens.

  9. Romano Verdi @ 15:57

    One cannot be sure of anything when it comes to the future, Romano, in particular today what with the unexpected political awakening of the unwashed everywhere, but Baron reckons le Pen just cannot make it. If it truly looked that she may clinch the post, the Left and the Right will put forward a joint candidate, and that offer to the electorate she cannot improve on.

    More to the point, the friendly coupling of Germany and France has been quite beneficial to both countries, and Europe at large, too. The former funds the French agriculture through the CAP, the latter let’s the Germans run the EU, not a bad deal altogether. Baron reckons that even if the EU were to fall apart, these two countries would forge a close enough union to continue with the same arrangement they have now.

    Another thing is le Pen is further left from the likes of the cumryd, or Bernie in the Republic. The most attractive feature of her policy is her anti-EU stance. On immigration, Sarko was not close but more aggressive on it, and this guy Fillon seems to have also moved to the right on this issue. The question though is will anyone (and that includes le Pen if she were to make it) be able to genuinely cure the boil of immigration? How?

    Does anyone really think that any of the European countries would ever go for a forceful and a wholesale repatriation of immigrants? Hmmm

  10. EC @ 13:39

    According to a Russian source, EC, at the the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit in Peru, Putin invited the Hon Muslim to visit Russia after he leaves the White House.

  11. Baron, I think Gowdy is scrupulous and fastidiously impartial, as far as I can see from hours of material on You Tube. And he believes that the law is there to be obeyed by rich and powerful, poor and meek alike. It is, he says, the great equaliser. This short video shows a man of enormous compassion and understanding, and in contrast to the fake feelings displayed by the left in their vicious egotistical way, Gowdy shows that the sword of justice swung with deadly accuracy is often the best way to deliver kindness at least. He, like most here, believe in absolutes. In right and wrong, and Gowdy is the man to right the wrongs. I didn’t know he might be considered for the Supreme Court, it anyone who puts justice and truth before partisanship could hardly object.

  12. Irishboy @ 18:08

    Totally with you, Irishboy.

    Here’s another example of how smart the guy is (the barbarian uses the adjective in purely positive way):

  13. Baron – 17:02

    When Britain leaves, there will be less money for CAP, and French farmers, so I think the German/French relationship will be strained – and then there is the Italian Referendum, and everything else. More EU provinces are looking for a very hard Brexit and EU law and order isn’t what it was, and that news is getting through to the British public.

    My take was that Parliament agreed to A50 being invoked by passing the EU bill this year and it was up to the people to let it happen, or not.

    There are reports that the EU Army is being ‘researched’ and that the UK will have to cough up some money- for a something that Nick Clegg said was never in any plans. So how is TM going to avoid that?

    I can’t see a happy ending. If we backtrack, I can’t see the Brexiters giving up, nor the Continent believing there is any future – especially with Trump in the WH, even if he doesn’t move in! 🙂

  14. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Skeptical scientists crash UN climate summit, praise Trump for ‘bringing science back again’

  15. And Nick Clegg still wants to stay in the EU:

    Europe is SCREWED: Shock warning from trader who predicted 2008 financial crisis

    Migrant crisis in Milan: 150 soldiers ordered into chaos-hit city after horror knife fight

  16. Astrophysicist and meteorologist Piers Corbyn ( brother of the more famous Jeremy ) says Trumps anti- global warming policy is excellent.

    For complex analysis and polemic see his company site :

  17. We’re going to be getting through popcorn by the truckload folks! Marvellous!

  18. Only time will tell with the Donald but he is absolutely draining the swamp. TPP is binned – hurrah!! Why is the BBC and Guardian so sotto voce about that? Because they hate Trump’s stance on immigration. But no ordinary person could not benefit from the dumping of TPP.

    And on a par with that a BAN o lobbyists for 5 years after they leave Washington. And TOTAL BAN on foreign lobbyists. Who wouldn’t want a leader like that?

    And he talks the language of jobs and building the middle class. Building the country. All TPP was about was assisting the Soroses to become de facto world government with all the rule in corporations’ favour.

    And still the MSM whinges about some ghastly hip hop musical Hamilton.

    Never mind the bloody luvvies’ political posturing from the stage. We want substance. And the Donald has delivered. Lobbyist? Out, out, out. Can you imagine that in Theresa Remainiac’s Britain? Of course not.

    THe UK is having a ‘transitional’ Brexit. In other words a transition that will last a lifetime. Kick it into the long grass forever. The UK’s Whitehall swamp is great at that!

  19. Yall still there.
    You limeys better listen up.

    “Many people would like to see @Nigel_Farage represent Great Britain as their Ambassador to the United States. He would do a great job!”

    Love to Andy.

  20. The establishment detests Nigel, I wish Donald would say no Nigel, then no ambassador.

  21. John Birch
    The world has changed.
    Your country needs us and nothing is for nothing.

  22. John Jefferson Burns – 08:50

    I’m not certain that the arabists and bum fetishists in our Foreign Office would be sitting very comfortably on that choice! 🙂

    Here’s Wee Willy Hague of Arabia talking about Libya and Syria…

    Frightening just how naive and stupid our politicians were, still are, although Obama and Clinton have a lot to answer for!

  23. The wee twerp Cur Christopher Meyer just appeared on Sky News once again displaying all the condescension and pomposity to which one has grown accustomed over the years from our FCO parasites. On this occasion he was pontiificating on the suitability, or otherwise, of Nigel Farage as a prospective British Ambassador to Washington. Of course his own undoubted suitability to represent the UK in this year’s World Wankng Championships was not mentioned, even though he could probably give all other contestants a 50 stroke start and still win by a flick o’er t’wrist!

  24. … and of course the current Ambassador is of a similar mould (in both senses of that word). Balmy Boris has weighed in, predictably, in favour of the the status quo ante the emegence of Don Trumpo.

  25. On Sky Press Preview last night, Andrew Pierce referred in passing to Hilary Clinton as “an old re-tread”. Nearly choked myself laughing.
    I see Teresa is getting fed up with Boris’s cackhandedness, eg turning up in Cabinet with the wrong notes, etc. No surprise there, it was just a matter of time before he b*********d things up. No doubt at the first re-shuffle, he will be shunted off to be Leader of the Commons, last seat before the exit.

  26. In the past there seems to have been a time when we all had money and more than needed .
    Now we have ,just managing and people in danger of being left behind.
    Exactly when were we all well off. Anyone know.

  27. John birch – 18:18

    The young had opportunity and hope, and throughout life there was a general improvement for most who to managed their finances well. Very few, of any, were showered with ‘benefits’ for no reason, apart from their ‘luck’ of being from an alien culture and hating our culture and values.

  28. Robert.
    My comment was obviously tounge in cheek.
    There was never a time , we left school we bought a motorcycle or scooter. We earned sod all. We met a girl got married , rented a flat had sod all money , worked hard at all the hours available, had kids , sod all money again . Started to understand what needed to be done to be a sensible adult. Put in place bit by bit what was nesassary to move forward as a sensible adult (even if you felt you were pretending)
    Probably child benifit was the closest you got to state help.
    And bit by bit you pulled it all together.
    Does that sound about right.

  29. IN LIKE FLYNN !!!

    ( J.J.Burns : do they have that expression in the USA ? )

    General Flynn (Rtr.) ,appointed to some-thing by Trump , declares Islam is not a religion : it is a political movement ( there is a vidio ) . Another appointee says Trump agrees with Flynn.

    In Britain THERE is a defence against the CPS ; add in the small print : `as Gen Flynn says`.

    Unfortunately Flynn doesn’t seem to realize that Erdogen of Turky is part of that political movement.

  30. I never went to university, I had no privileged background, that was how it was for everyone I knew.
    Depending on choices some did well , others didn’t.
    That was life.
    No one I knew was traumatised by the 11 plus, you passed it or you didn’t. Some people were better at things than you, well yes they were and is that a problem.
    We need a lot of very strong sunlight to melt the snowflakes

  31. Maybe we need trumplight instead of sunlight

  32. John birch – 20:44

    Yes. I think mine was as well, but still true. Most people managed to do what you state, with little or no money left over! But at least ‘we’ did it. We didn’t have gap years, going around the world or, if you went to university, a car before you got a job, but then not finding a suitable job, or a credit card. But no one did! This 50% going to university and leaving with large debt, and no idea what a job is, really does confuse them, especially when everyone is forced to follow the academic route until 18.

    Life wasn’t easy, but it was possible and there were fewer evil distractions. I think that is the main difference. And Opportunity Knocks was only for adults, not kids, or rarely so.

  33. Radford NG – 20:55

    “IN LIKE FLYNN !!!”
    ( J.J.Burns : do they have that expression in the USA ? )

    I always thought that as a reference to the Hollywood fillum star Errol Flynn who had the reputation of shagging anything with a pulse, including underage girls.

  34. BBC annual budget £3.7 billion in licence fees = Infowars annual budget US$40 million

  35. BBC Weekly Global audience 308 million = Infowars 55 million a week

  36. Radford NG
    In like Flynn was one of ours but was benched when Flynn was highlighted as a dork paedo.
    We now prefer ‘you got it made, dude’

  37. John Birch 21.11
    We all get our rays that way now.
    Even in Clovelly.

  38. I am become an ambassador
    I will represent my lord
    That is in most things
    Or is that not what you heard

    I will wait for that day
    When I see God face to face
    I will hope to hear “well done”
    And live in God Donald’s grace

    But my boss he spurned advice
    To let Nigel take my place
    So Boris and Theresa
    Will sink without a trace

    So back to the arms of Mutti
    We go
    We die

    Robert Allen Zimmerman
    Poet Laureate?

  39. @Frank P – 13:34

    50’s all it takes, surely? 😉

  40. Ostrich (occasionally) (11:16)

    Well … forgive me, it’s been a long, long time, so I’ll take your word for it.

  41. John Birch

    Thanks for posting that link to Geert Wilders’ inspirational, articulate speech.

    When a lad and I became aware of so-called dissidents in Soviet Russia, East Germany etc. how I admired them and my innate boyhood sense of fair play and right was touched by their bravery and I thought how awful it would be to have to live in such countries. Well, now I know firsthand, and it is awful.


    Some of you will remember Guy Verhofstadt, former prime minister of a town called Belgium, as the sneerer with the rotten teeth among Sir Nigel’s audience at his speeches in the European Parliament.

    The little rodent has been appointed Chief Negotiator on Brexit for the derailed gravy train which is the EU. Here he can be heard characterising freedom fighters like Steve Bannon as “croonies” of autocracy:

    ““Trump wants even to take over the task of her Majesty the Queen by appointing the ambassadors in the future for Britain” Verhoftadt is quoted as saying in his Fifth Form English, presumably as an example of laboured Flemish humour. We have just received a lengthy lesson from Madame President-unelect Clinton and her croonies in how sociopaths project their own reality on to their opponents. We can readily gloss that this task is one which the little Hofstadters of Brussels have set themselves, and in Europe have partially accomplished.

    As with wars that have not gone well, shouldn’t we advise our government to declare victory in Brexit and come home? We should certainly press the Prime Minister to declare that this distinguished little stinker Verhofstadt is not acceptable as the EU’s chief negotiator.

    We should bear in mind the commonalty of interest between the anti-Trump and anti-Brexit camps which Verhofstadt reflects. For those still hesitating to accept the narrative of an ongoing globalist power grab, further investigation of Verhofstadt’s rhetoric and his political croonies as he tries to skewer London and Washington mght persuade them.

  43. John Birch – Gerry Wilders

    Is there a Member of Parliament who might be able to read Gerry Wilders’ closing statement into Hansard? Is it allowed in the right circumstances?

  44. It is of course Geert Wilders (not Gerry)
    What I find so offensive is that he has to even say these things in defence of allegedly committing a crime which is so obviously invented to shut him down.
    Another Tommy Robinson situation.

    The devil they know
    Why do left-wingers demonise Donald Trump when they agree on almost everything?


    You will, by now, be familiar with the argument: that Donald Trump’s triumph in the American presidential election represents a kind of social and political apocalypse. That his victory came at the hands of fundamentally irrational, bigoted, disgusting extreme right-wingers beyond the pale of civilised values. It is axiomatic that there can’t be any good reason behind voting for him, so it is assumed that 60 million Americans were duped by ‘fake news’ which must now be suppressed altogether.
    In fact, the real ‘fake news’ was pumped out relentlessly by publications such as the New York Times, CNN, the Guardian and many other similar left-wing outlets which descended into hysterical denunciation of the voters’ choice. They serially distorted and misrepresented what Trump and his head of strategy, Stephen Bannon, had said, accusing them falsely of anti-Semitism and smearing them by association with the white supremacists who had leeched on to their campaign.
    This Pavlovian reaction of demon-isation, character assassination and censor-ship, which also characterised the left’s reaction to the Brexit vote, is always caused by overwhelming fear. Of what are the left so afraid? Might their hysteria arise from their deepest nightmare: that they actually have much in common with those they consider the acme of right-wing evil?
    Consider. Trump is a protectionist and against free trade. So is the far-left Democrat Bernie Sanders. So is Jeremy Corbyn. Trump is against globalisation and outsourcing jobs to cheaper markets. So is the British left. Labour, the trade unions and the Greens want to stop the dumping of Chinese steel; Unite has said major infrastructure projects should be tendered only to British firms.
    Trump is against globalisation and outsourcing jobs to cheaper markets. So is the British left
    Want another figure to hate? Take a bow, French National Front leader Marine Le Pen. She has attacked the ‘draconian policy of austerity’ that favours ‘globalised elites at the expense of the people’ and wants to nationalise foreign companies and banks.
    Sound familiar? Thousands of left-wing activists marched against austerity outside last month’s Tory party conference, and Labour’s shadow chancellor John McDonnell wants to nationalise all the banks, railways and utility companies. At the same time, McDonnell is struggling to differentiate the party from the government’s economic policies, backing the Conservative proposal to increase the threshold for the 40 per cent tax rate and trying to paper over Labour’s support for Philip Hammond’s debt-fuelled infrastructure plans by cavilling at ‘giveaways and gimmicks’.
    On foreign policy, Trump is said to be isolationist. So is the left. Ever since the Iraq debacle, the left and the Poujadist right have made common cause in their determination never again to intervene in ‘foreign wars’. Thus Labour refused to back air strikes in Syria, prompting Hillary Benn to warn his party in vain against its isolationist Iraq War complex.
    Trump thinks Nato is too costly and outdated. Jeremy Corbyn has said of Nato: ‘I’d rather we weren’t in it’ and his communications director, Seumas Milne, has written that ‘far from keeping the peace, Nato is a threat to it’.
    Trump is accused of cosying up to Vladimir Putin. Last year, Corbyn was accused of ‘making excuses’ for Putin’s incursions into Ukraine after the Labour leader suggested Nato’s ‘excessive and obsessive expansion’ was to blame for the crisis.
    Think that championing uncontrolled immigration is the left’s defining issue of conscience? Well, the libertarian right believes in relaxing immigration controls and encouraging open borders. A recent article in the left-wing Independent lavished praise on a report calling on Brexit Britain to retain free movement of people. The authors? The right-wing ‘free market fundamentalists’ of the Institute for Economic Affairs.
    Think only lefties are against the ‘war on drugs’? Think again. The front page of the free-market Adam Smith Institute website currently promotes a ripe piece of drug legalisation propaganda.
    Like the populist right, the hard left is reacting against a world which the centrist establishment has created. This is the world of globalisation, liberal universalism, corporatism, managerialism, the deliberate erasing of historical and traditional cultural bonds.
    In repudiating this world, Corbyn/Sanders/Trump connect with more people than Clinton/Blair/Osborne. For all their horror at Corbyn and Sanders, Labour ‘moderates’ are paralysed by the fact that the populist insurgency is against the world they themselves have helped make. And they have no other song to sing. All they can do is demonise others to tell themselves they are different.
    Ludicrously, Trump is said to have ‘dog-whistled’ anti-Semitism by criticising the corporate financial world for riding roughshod over people’s interests. Yet Bernie Sanders also claimed Hillary Clinton was controlled by Wall Street. No one accused him of an anti-Semitic dog-whistle.
    The supposed clincher that reveals Trump’s inner fascist is that David Duke, former grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, has voiced support for him, along with a rabble of neo-Nazi and white supremacist types. Trump is therefore guilty by association.
    Yet the Occupy protesters against corporate finance, endorsed by a galaxy of left-wing luminaries, were also supported by David Duke. He called them the ‘Occupy Zionist Wall Street’ protesters and claimed: ‘The Zionist media has their paid whores condemning the demonstrations across America against these criminal banks.’ So does that also make Noam Chomsky, Kanye West, Billy Bragg and other Occupy supporters white supremacists and anti-Semites by association?
    The truth is that the people who have now galvanised David Duke and his neo-Nazi ilk in the US and Britain are not Trump or the Brexiteers but the left themselves. Far-right fringe groups wither and disappear if ignored. Instead, the left have provided them with publicity beyond their wildest dreams. Worse still, by falsely claiming that racist and fascist views are now represented at the highest political level the left have effectively legitimised true bigotry and brought it into the mainstream of public discourse.
    And all because the left has become unhinged over its own reflection in the mirror.
    Melanie Phillips is a Times columnist.

  46. Jo Cox murder: Police launch manhunt for accomplice who supplied stolen gun two weeks before killing as Thomas Mair given whole-life sentence
    Probably his new best friend who had convinced him to do something to help British people to understand, he seemed to work for some sort of government agency but he didn’t like to talk about it much.
    He could be quite difficult to trace.

  47. John Birch @ 05:42

    Another swamp to be drained – and of the same pestilence, though with regard to abuses of the right to freedom of speech, the Netherlands seems to be in more dire straits…

    In that connection, I note in Zero Hedge today that Reddit has recognized that self censorship in a country with a Bill of Rights is the best way around such awkwardnesses as the first amendment:

    As CHWallsters have been voicing in recent years, we have our own concerns about protected pizza lovers in our immaculate establishment.

    What Reddit is banning of course is a hunt for real witches.

  48. They said the Eds
    Were really thick
    But Hammond’s budget
    Is just as sick

  49. Oh Nigel

    Porcelain tendencies,
    to react,
    to uncommon seismic waves.
    move to feel it,
    lost inside again.
    An obligatory day,
    inclined to give you,
    a gray,
    flowered life,
    No air with no mind.

  50. Ever closer:

    Speed up Brexit or we’ll soon be part of the inundation of Islamic hordes.

  51. “Elingulta Ajgoo Maarton, hosszu uutra, rengetgre”, which for those of you who speak no Hungarian translates very loosely as ‘and so it has befallen Ajgoo Maarton to embark on a long and arduous journey’.

    This is how begins one of famous Hungarian ballads. The barbarian dusted it up for you not because he speaks the language of the “ten” Ogurs, but because he, too, like Martin of old Hungary, is travelling in the lands of the eastern tribes. Not the best time to venture east, you should avoid it, the weather’s awful, overcast and drizzling, but unusually warm, the temperatures have yet to sink to the freezing point.

    The world seems to be in a kind of a limbo, suspended as the transfer of power in the White House takes place. This was supposed to be the time for the Putin’s tanks to begin rolling into the countries that many of the best minds of the West thought would form a part of the new Russian Empire he’s been working on. No military hardware has so far been spotted by the barbarian, (or anyone else for that matter), and he’s pretty close to the border. What the heck is he waiting for?

    The invasion of the Baltic states was a subject of a short debate the barbarian had the other day with a member of the eastern MSM. He claimed amongst other things that Latvia is living in fear of an imminent invasion (why only Latvia?), hence welcomes the presence of NATO troops. ‘The Italians are either already there, or will soon be arriving’, he said, ‘they’re sending over 100 men’, (now, that’s going to stop the Russians for certain if they are to invade).

    ‘Isn’t it stupid for Putin to wait for two years or more, invade now when NATO has arrived’, Baron asked, ‘had he marched into the country immediately after the Kiev putsch, no NATO troops there, he would have control of the country already?’

    The guy wasn’t certain what to say, he wasn’t sure if the barbarian was doubting Putin’s abilities to run anything, or questioning the premise that Putin intends to invade. After few long agonising seconds he got it, barked back: ‘Are you a fugging PR man for the Kremlin?’ End of the debate.

  52. John birch @ 22:12

    Pity, Moloney doesn’t mention the key thing: Who the hell voted for Juncker? The guy’s nobody, you, John, the barbarian, or for that matter anyone of the 450mn burghers of the EU has as much right to pontificate on the Donald on behalf of the EU.

    The apparatchik should put himself up for the post in an election, if people vote for him he can talk. Until he does that he should avoid yapping about ‘European values’ and stuff.

  53. Fergus Pickering @ 14:56

    One wouldn’t mind if the rhyme was witty, Fergus, it isn’t, somehow forced, Baron finds it.

    If this chap Bowler is as good at buggering as he’s at poem manufacturing, he must be rather lonely.

  54. John birch @ 07:56

    The murder of Mrs Cox was an act of abominable wickedness, John, and the punishment is right (in the absence of the death penalty).

    The DT piece doesn’t mention what is it that has kept the police so long to begin the search for the person who must have supplied the gun. It may indeed be they will never find him, some villains are very good at escaping the law. Could it be luck?

  55. Wickedness yes Baron, but who was really behind it..the whole thing stank from the moment it happened

  56. Baron
    “…The invasion of the Baltic states was a subject of a short debate the barbarian had the other day with a member of the eastern MSM. He claimed amongst other things that Latvia is living in fear of an imminent invasion (why only Latvia?), hence welcomes the presence of NATO troops. ‘The Italians are either already there, or will soon be arriving’, he said, ‘they’re sending over 100 men’, (now, that’s going to stop the Russians for certain if they are to invade)…”

    I was in Riga in September, lots of Russians there were peacefully voting in the Russian embassy in the Elections. Neither Latvians or Russians that I spoke to had concerns about a Russian invasion.

  57. Frank P @ 15.42

    Followers of the ROP have obviously been upset by the lies told about them in Gatestone and have stage a peaceful protest in consequence.

  58. If you thought we had had enough theories about the Climate, here is another:
    The Bray (Hallstatt) Cycle

    And if as if that wasn’t enough, here is yet another:

  59. And another, but I am not sure how much it has been tested 🙂 :
    Landscheidt Cycles Research

    And here is an easier read, but still about Climate:
    Why I Stopped Believing in Man-made Global Warming and Became a Climate Skeptic

  60. By virtue of QT and This Week tonight, the BBC is hereby dubbed the Bugger Brexit Conspiracy. Relentless bastards, aided and abetted by the useful eejits of Tooting.

    And Hammond didn’t help by blaming the hike in the deficit on ‘Brexit’ (which has not yet occured, nor is ever likely to occur). The financial conjurers with acronyms various have us by the short and curlies. Suck it up! Why in fuck’s name have we allowed the prick who recently helped to ‘negotiate’the duff deal with the Mullahs of Tehran to take charge of our Treasury?

    Funding our mortal enemy must surely be a treasonable offence? Off with his head! And use his massive hooter as a pickaxe to dig his grave.

  61. Noa (23:56)

    “Nothing to indicate that it was a terrorist attack.”


  62. Frank P
    November 24th, 2016 – 15:42

    I doubt that France is right now “on the verge” of collapse but it certainly looks probable not many decades hence.

    That is worrying enough, but what’s going to happen to France’s nuclear weapons – the force de frappe? I don’t see the ROP being eager to dismantle it.

  63. Trump Takes Michigan.

    ‘This brings Donald Trump’s electoral vote total to 306. Hillary Clinton’s is 232.’

    Do we have a swamp? Where’s Britain’s Trump?

  64. British benefits payments used to fund Paris and Brussels attack suspects’ campaign of terror, court hears

  65. Par condell sitting on the fence as usual.

  66. Meanwhile…

    “… and slowly, and surely, they drew their plans against us!”

    RIPA 2016 slithered under the radar this week.

    Make no mistake these draconian powers are aimed at the general population, and not crooks and terrorists(*) as the government claims.

    * One would have assumed that MI5/6/9 are already monitoring these, so why the need to smother the UK with blanket surveillance powers that would have made Erich Mielke’s eyes water, and his chest swell with pride.

    RIP UK!

    [I suppose that anybody caught looking at Breitbart, Drudge, or Infowars will now officially be listed as an enemy of the state. Well fuck you, May!]

  67. Malfleur – 02:08

    1. Yes, several, the biggest of which is Westminster.
    2. Perhaps we could get Eric on loan?

  68. Are we seeing the breakdown of civilisation in Europe: not the migrants, not the bankers, but the politicians (and judges) who are supposed to abide by the Rule of Law?

    There’s SirJohn Major, SirTony Blair, Tim Farron, the Wicked Witch of Northern Britain, the Brussels Crowd including Nick Clegg and now this:

    Malta PM’s staggering THREAT: European Parliament could BLOCK Brexit even after Article 50

    I can’t see how anyone can have any hope in coming to a magnanimous conclusion,especially when Hannan has said that the worst thing about the EU is that it breaks and changes its own rules, to the advantage of the ‘inner clique’, which isn’t the UK.

    There was a report that a Scandinavian lawyer said that we don’t even need to invoke Article 50, so confusion reigns, apart from the Brexiters knowing what they voted for! 🙂

  69. Murray on mockery:

    I was thinking nukery myself. The most effective form of mockery available presently.

  70. RobertRetyred (13:50)

    Brexit is already a dead duck. We have been sold out by the unelected post-Cameronian govt. and the sheeples are the shape of the last Question Time that sat on ’em. UKIP has self-destructed and Nigel has succumbed to the sirens of Americana. It is not possible to untie the Gordian Knot that secures us to the Brussels Behemoth. There is nobody in the current administration with the strength to wield the Alexandrian Sword and certainly no Aristobulus with the will or the wisdom to disconnect the pin from the yoke.

    Cue Sir Dickie!

  71. The risible faux outrage of the msm pundits about the latest sodomistic sexual scandals in youth football is nauseating. For decades they have been propagating, promulgating, promoting and participating in deviant sexual practices; legislating to make it not only legal but de rigeur and unlawful to either resist, ostracise or even object to the ‘progressive’ agenda. Let it be known that any ginger prepared to shove shit uphill with his todger is prone to any other deviance that takes his perverted fancy. Reap as ye sow, you hypocritical cunts! Just stop your posturing. The Society of Sodomists has infiltrated every nook and cranny of governmental, judicial, media, sport and cultural institutions. They recruit promote and protect their own ilk and are the deathwatch beatles in the beams and stanchions of the rotting edifices of civilisation.

  72. beetles – apologies. A freudian slip?

  73. Frank P
    November 25th, 2016 – 14:28
    “Brexit is already a dead duck”

    Frank, I can’t help thinking that had T.May invoked Article 50 almost immediately on becoming PM, say in August or September, it would have been too late for Gina Miller and her cronies to invoke the High Court in an attempt to block it. By her constant repetitions of saying it won’t take place until next year, as May keeps repeating over and over again, in case we didn’t get it the first time, she has played right into the hands of those Remainers who will go to any lengths to prevent it.

    If only she’d had the courage to jump in right away and stop any blocking attempts right from the start, things might have been very different.

  74. I was going to post a rant about “Black Friday” crap, but this article, by Jan Moir in the Daily Mail, says it so much better; (I have shortened the article, but you get the gist)

    “Help! Isn’t there any escape from the hell of Black Friday?

    “The idiotic UK has gone and adopted the hideous American version of Black Friday, a ghastly whirlwind of naked consumerism and implausible bargains that fires the starting gun on the annual frenzy of Christmas shopping.

    “In the U.S., Black Friday falls on the day after their annual Thanksgiving holiday, so at least it makes some kind of sense in their culture calendar. To Brits, this day has no social significance whatsoever, and yet here it is: an immovable feast at the end of a British November, now stuck fast in the national diary like a blob of half-chewed bubble gum spat out by dear old Uncle Sam.

    “Everyone wants to shop till they drop. And with major retailers such as Amazon, Argos, Debenhams and all the rest trumpeting their fabulous deals every five minutes, there is no escape from the commercial Armageddon. Consumer debt keeps rising, matching the recklessness on both sides of the shop counter.
    It has taken just two years for Black Friday to become a major event on our High Streets and online — God, why are we so dumb? Must we really copy America so slavishly?

    “Yes, one might expect retailers to leap on this cynical import with avaricious glee. Any opportunity to chisel yet more money out of shoppers, eh?”

    Well said, Jan Moir. My thoughts exactly.

  75. Frank 15-06
    Yes frank, but what do you really think.

  76. L C 16-07
    I seem to remember it was borrowing on shopping and house prices that got us into the shit and we weren’t going down that road again.
    Well, till the next time. What else powers our economy.
    Buying things we can’t afford and houses we can’t afford are back in fashion.
    You know it makes sense.

  77. Former prime ministers speak out against Brexit
    Both Tony Blair and Sir John Major have made headlines today by speaking out about the Brexit vote. At a dinner last night, Major warned that Brexit must not be dictated by the ‘tyranny of the majority’, adding that there is a ‘perfectly credible case’ for a second referendum. Blair had already said that Brexit could still be stopped, if ‘the British people decide that, having seen what it means, the pain-gain cost-benefit analysis doesn’t stack up.’
    the ‘tyranny of the majority’ Don’t you just love those words. !!!!!

  78. John Birch (16:38)

    Well I’m really very, very cross, but I thought I’d better tone down my critique lest I offend the more sensitive souls of the CHW. 🙂

  79. L.C. (16:07)

    Don’t underestimate the guile of the current cabinet. There is no escape as long as they are in power and there is no opposition party to vote for.
    We are screwed; just look back in anger and watch the demographics do the rest (and the West).

    As for (16:07) I’m with Muir on this one. Every time I open my email an inundation of meretricious garbage emerges to equip the oncoming consumerfest. Christ – where all this stuff come from? And where does it go when they fail to sell it, as they must? Every garden centre in the country is stuffed to the gunnels with Chinese crap, presumably on a sale or return basis. So whither the aftermath? Most of that which is bought must finish up in the bin by New Year, so God alone knows where the unbought tack is disposed of? And what is this ‘austerity’ that the great unwashed continually blather on about?

    Bah .. Humbug! 🙂

  80. L.C. – 16:07

    No need for American cultural imports, as up “North of Noa” we have Black Eye Friday. This traditionally takes place on the last Payday/Friday before Christmas.


    … and there’s always Saturday

    Best stay in on December 23rd, eh!

  81. Frank P – 17:52
    L.C. (16:07)

    Here’s Mark Dice trolling “Black Friday” zombies queueing up for “bargains.”

  82. Notwithstanding the fact that John Major, the man who performed the role of usher for Tony Bloody Blair, never could tell his arse from his elbow I should say that Britain is currently in the grip of the tyranny of the minority – or more correctly minorities.

    Everything from the 650 idiots in the bad law sausage factory to that palace of whinging in Edinburgh and the various self-appointed litigious spanner wielders between.

    Last night, on QT, that whining, baby-faced child man demagogue and gurning congenital idiot Farron was attempting to impose a tyranny of one with a rabble rousing performance worthy of a man in a brown uniform with a funny moustache and red armband. A Liberal Democrat? thinks I. Should be done under the Trade Descriptions Act.

  83. Only a lunatic, or collection of lunatics, would seriously try to convince the British public that borrowing £12 billion in order to give it away to foreign countries and then expecting British taxpayers to pay it back through higher taxation is a good idea.

    I suppose when you are borrowing that amount it is but a drop in the ocean. The most ludicrous aspect of this virtue signalling obscenity is that foreign “aid” is enshrined by law to be 0.7% of UK government “income”. But even if the lunatics in Westminster argue that it is taken from revenue they have to borrow the equivalent to replace it.

    Just think, 650 idiots with more power than sense thought that was a good idea and should take priority over the umpteen other crises and problems blighting this once fine country.

  84. George Freeman had sage words on overseas aid

    “We should think of our aid budget as an investment in the security, democracy and economic development on which we will depend in the years ahead.

    Take the emerging African nations in sub-Saharan Africa, many of them Commonwealth nations with whom we have strong links, experiencing extraordinarily rapid development. Many of these countries will go through agricultural and industrial revolutions in the next 30 years that we went through in 300. Helping these countries to establish appropriate systems of governance based on free trade and the rule of law, and to embrace the new technologies in areas such as food, medicine and energy in which we lead and they need, we can help seed, feed and fuel the markets of tomorrow. And we can help create huge export markets for our scientists, lawyers, accountants, engineers, biomedical, cleantech and food and farming businesses.

    This is not just aid. This is “aid and trade”. By better integrating our aid and trade missions, as the US did with the Marshall Plan, we can create new markets for our goods and services while helping these emerging nations adapt to the global market place. The Marshall Plan was once described as the most “altruistic plan in history”. In fact, it was hugely favourable to the US economy. Nowhere is our opportunity clearer than in the field of life sciences: the appliance of science to tackle the biggest challenges faced by mankind in the three big markets of food, medicine and energy. By 2050 the world’s population is set to double, and we need to double world food production using half as much land, water and energy. Britain is home to a disproportionate number of the world’s leading research centres in biomedicine, nutrition and cleantech. The global development challenge is our market opportunity.”

  85. And from elsewhere Sean Coughlan concluded

    Giving foreign aid can bring important strategic advantages to the donor country, according to a study by US and Australian academics.
    The study wanted to test claims that giving humanitarian aid was in the self-interest of the donor as well as the recipient.
    It found “compelling evidence” that regional influence could be increased by being a high-profile donor.
    The study examined how the US funded overseas HIV/Aids projects.
    Researchers at Dartmouth College in the US, the University of Sydney and the Australian National University wanted to see if there was evidence to support anecdotal impressions that giving aid brought “soft power” benefits to donor countries.
    ‘Global opinion’
    They concluded that humanitarian aid could successfully change how donor countries were perceived, which would have important consequences for economic and strategic influence.
    The researchers say that major powers can gain more influence “by actually doing good”.
    Using the example of competition between the US and China, the researchers say that “favourable perceptions in global public opinion” will be “a pivotal feature”.
    The ability to shift international opinion, the researchers argue, depends on a perception of long-term commitment and projects that seem to be achieving successful results. They also need to be clearly linked to the donor country.
    In such circumstances, overseas aid “can serve an important strategic goal for those countries that give it”.
    If it appears to be self-serving, propping up an unpopular regime or if there is no clear sign of where the aid is coming from, then there are unlikely to be any positive benefits for the donor country.
    The researchers focused on the impact of US projects tackling HIV/Aids in sub-Saharan Africa and how they shaped public opinion in the region.
    They concluded that such projects have “a strong positive effect on how US leadership has be
    They concluded that such projects have “a strong positive effect on how US leadership has been perceived in recipient countries”.
    ‘Currying favour’
    The study highlights that the US spends a much higher proportion of national income on military spending than on overseas aid.
    But it argues that in the future, constraints on budgets will increasingly highlight the diplomatic value of spending on aid.
    In places receiving aid, the approval ratings for donor countries increased, said researchers.
    Countries wanting global influence “may increasingly seek to pursue their international interests through currying favour among foreign elites and publics”, say the researchers.
    “Foreign aid is an obvious potential tool for this. If targeted, sustained, effective, and visible aid gives the best chance of influence, this may compel great powers to actually do good, and to be seen to be doing so, in order to do well in their global competition for influence.”
    “Our findings suggest that policy debates about foreign aid programmes should consider not only their efficacy in achieving direct goals, but also their value in improving the donor country’s global or regional standing,” says report co-author Yusaku Horiuchi, associate professor in the department of government at Dartmouth.”

  86. Finally this from the titanic September speech

    “Because there is no issue that better illustrates the internationalism that is at the core of progressive politics than our commitment to international development. And in an era that has seen the rise of toxic xenophobic politics across Europe it is worth reminding ourselves that an outward looking internationalism …”

  87. (20:19)

    That ‘titanic’ speech will go down, appropriately, like a lead balloon here. Why are you wasting your time? Hoping to convert anybody? Pointless propaganda aimed at impervious patriots. Fuck off!!

  88. Frank, Colonel, Baron et al. You never fail to amuse with your regular kicking of Mucus in the proverbial. Keep em coming… the sad git seems to enjoy it though.

  89. Frank P – Brexit

    I think it’s not worth getting exercised about Brexit because I think that the whole ghastly thing will self-collapse before the next General Election anyway. Donald isn’t even in the White House yet but I see he’s already invited the only sane EU Prime Minister, Orban, over to visit. Trump’s election has meant that we can take the padlocks off our lips and say what we think, and with elections in Austria and a referendum in Italy this year, and the good people of Germany and France given a chance at the ballot box next year, my feeling is that the tyranny of the majority may become an EU wide epidemic. The Krauts have been buying personal firearms and other means of protection at a rate 600% more than last year, which for a country crippled by post-war pacifism says a lot, and of course there’s hardly a profession there where, if you mentioned the pisslams in any derogatory way, you’d lose your job, so the privacy of the ballot booth I think will be well and wisely and widely used. Though my hunch is that the real street fighting will start in France. All those years of violent Trade Union militancy may actually now come in handy and finally used for a righteous cause, what with Paris truly looking like Islamabad, La belle France may be about to gird her loins, and with Donald and General Flynn speaking the bleeding’ obvious, none of us, not even the endemically anti-American French need feel alone any more.

    Scroll down in particular to when Paul Joseph Watson brings in Alex Jones
    The Fat Lady has not yet sung in the Presidential election
    Donald Trump on 9/11 recorded on 9/11

  91. Castro is dead. The BBC news announcement was almost reverent. Good riddance.

    In other news the American Green Party – another ego-inflated woman – is trying to overturn the Presidential election result. They don’t like losing elections, left wing parties.

    Ergo left wing dictators like Castro who as a good socialist, (well he is now), handed power to his brother. No-one got to vote.

  92. Baron, November 24th, 2016 – 19:42

    ” ‘Are you a fugging PR man for the Kremlin?’ End of the debate.”

    🙂 🙂 🙂
    So… any comment on this one?

  93. Frank P – 22:30


    Colonel Mustard – 07:12


    Irishboy – 23:37

    Reassuring, hope you’re right about the dominoes beginning to fall across europe. Merkel, who is seeking 4th term, is desperate, grasping at straws, and already beginning to blame her unpopularity on “the Russians” and the alternate “fake”(ha!) news media that she cannot control.

  94. As the fallout from Castro’s death sinks in JFK’s ghost stalks.

  95. Frank P November 25th, 2016 – 22:30

    Regarding the latest re-infestation of the stalker, I think the best response is to simply ignore it.

    It lurks, stalks and posts only to provoke, shrouded in the deceit of multiple names. Its dishonesty and penchant for subterfuge have been revealed many times.

    It needs to seek a psychiatrist to explore for its own good what motivates its compulsive obsession with serially harassing conservative websites under a multiplicity of names and personae.

  96. Conservatives and like minded folk have a right to discuss and debate the issues of the day without unwanted invigilation by self-appointed Marxist loons. There is already enough of that crap in everyday life.

  97. The Slog blog arues that everything about the Thomas Mair case reeks of a Manchurian Candidate. The Slog blog asks:

    When did Mair stop being mentally ill? When the authorities said so. That’s convenient.

    Why was it tried as a terrist case?

    Where on earth did the muskt come from? The resources thrown at a case like this would have been massive, yet no one knows where it came from. He seems to have acquired it less than a week beforehand. So no experience in using it.

    Why did the Old Bailey keep evidence from public view by holding some of the trial in camera? He is supposed to be a loner. So whose contact with Mair was the judge hiding by holding some of the trial in secret?

    Why was a person once deemed mentally ill deemed fit for trial? Why was he representing himself? No one outside the establishment seems to have got close to this case, not even a defence lawyer. No has heard him speak about these events or – more importantly – the build-up to them, even in private defence lawyer conversations.

    It all looks railroaded as a fait accompli: you were once mentally ill, now you’re not. This is a territ case. We say so. Provenance of the wapon. Not known. Have a read of The Slog and see what you think:

  98. The LibDems must sing – or rather – shriek for their supper. George Soros is fed up to the back teeth with backing campaigns that he keeps losing but he scents victory in his wish to legalise drugs.

    Soros would then make a fortune from selling them and ban cash (which is the jackpot prize he wants). Guess who Soros is funding while they’re in the wilderness? Lid Dems.

    Guess who spent all week shrieking that it’s time to legalise cannabis? Nick Clegg and the Lib Dems. All because Soros & Co want a cashless society.

    Interestingly, Jo Cox received part of her funding too from George Soros. Her constituency voted to Leave the EU and the voting fgures show that Labour retains the seat more because of split opposition than a big desire for Labour.

  99. Irishboy ((23:37)

    Let’s hope.

    Your predictions of Continental chaos fill me with pleasurable anticipation.

    Ecrasez l’infame!

  100. The Occidental Observer ran this piece a while ago: “The selective compassion of Jo Cox”

  101. Colonel Mustard (09:09)

    Good advice, which I have oft proffered myself. But like you, I am tempted from time to time to offer a different obscene imperative to the persistent pest in order to flatulate my frustration.

  102. some disgusting eulogies for castro. gerry adams, corbyn, treaudeau

    one to look at

  103. Frank P November 26th, 2016 – 14:21

    I’ve been drawn many times and am guilty of feeding it. But my pre-New Year’s resolution is not to be and not to!

  104. Frank P – 13.02

    Aux armes, Citoyens!
    (Volume up nice and loud now!)

  105. Irishboy @ 18:00

    Nice piece, an equally nice performance of it, but the barbarian hates to tell you, Irishboy, he couldn’t listen to it in full, volume up or down.

    Organ music disturbs him, no explanation for it, it’s a puzzle. On Classic FM (the station Baron listens to most often) they often play the Saint-Saëns’s organ symphony. When it happens the volume must go down to the great annoyance of the boss. It’s one of her favourites.

  106. alexsandr @ 15:18

    That’s one death the barbarian doesn’t mind, alexandr, although the man must have been brain dead for months if not years.

    It could be a chance for the Donald to smooth things up, let the Cubans breathe freely again. He should end the silly embargo anyway, trade with island again, Cuban cigars would become cheaper, they are still the best.

  107. Jeano @ 12:49

    The guy Soros, Jeano, seems to be funding virtually every NGO that goes. Amazingly, his interference never reaches the MSM, everyone’s rather careful to attack him, he must be very well connected.

  108. Frank P @ 15:15

    Fancy you come up with such a witty introductory sentence to the piece, Frank.

    Not a bad write-up though. In their reliance on ethnicity rather than nationality, they (the Mandarin speakers) are close to our new friends from the lands of the ROP where it is religion that trumps it all.

  109. Jeano @ 12:37

    Your suspicion, and the Slog guy’s three questions are valid, Jeano. There was nothing prior to the case being heard that would suggest a state secrets were at stake, was there?

  110. Romano Verdi @ 08:24

    This runs for close to an hour, Romano, should the barbarian watch it? There’re ice-hockey matches on, this must be a temporary priority. Later, if time permits, Baron will suffer another take of ‘truth’ put up by the ‘objective’ BBC agitprop, a deal?

  111. EC @ 08:11

    Your mind seems to be working in curious ways, EC. You read the answer of a journalist on the subject of a possible Russian invasion, and it conjures up an association with the death of a man linked with the investigation into the Litvinenko’s case. Hmmm. More than curiouser, the barbarian reckons.

    Hard to say what to think about the case, not enough facts to decide if the death was suspicious or or not, but you have a point, the coroner should have left an open verdict just in case further investigation comes up with new evidence.

    It isn’t unknown for people committing suicide by a sharp implement e.g. a knife, to have not just one wound, but a number.

    Take seppuku (the Colonel may enlighten us more on it, or google if you like). One of such instances was described by the British Ambassador to Japan Lord Redesdale (Freeman-Mitford). It took place around the Meiji changeover in Japan. In his book ‘Tales of Japan’ his friend, who witnessed it, says:

    “Not content with giving himself the one necessary cut, he (the man carrying out seppuku) slashed himself thrice horizontally and twice vertically. Then he stabbed himself in the throat until the dirk protruded on the other side, with its sharp edge to the front; setting his teeth in one supreme effort, he drove the knife forward with both hands through his throat, and fell dead”.

    If the man were alone, used a sharp dagger rather than the ritual knife, not of Japanese ethnicity, those finding his body may have thought someone had attacked, killed him, no?

  112. Baron 20.31

    Exactly Baron. If this man was a loner, as suggested, what’s to hide by taking the court in camera?

    There are no co-conspirators.

    Why is the article he used modified and had the end cut off? Whoever did that really knew their onions. It would make it very hard to trace.

    Of all the loners in all the world, this one just happens to bump into someone who supplies him with something untraceable.

    What a convenient coincidence.

    If this man dies in prison very soon, no defence lawyer will be able to speak afterwards in public about their conversations with this man. Nobody independent seems to have been in private with him.

    It’s all so odd.

  113. Soros is a name behind so many things in the newspapers but his name is clearly never to be mentioned.

  114. Baron 2038
    Not only is it worth watching – very realistic.
    But good to turn on surreptitiously in the room with family and scare them to death.

  115. No more rabbiting from the poorly educated Slav, the ice-hockey match highlights start soon.

  116. Baron 20.13

    Ah now my friend, you have set me a challenge! Though it’s not a shock to learn that organ music, or just the sound itself, disturbs you. For me, a great instrument, and among an embarrassment of riches, the organs in Westminster Cathedral and St. Sulpice, Paris stand out and without question assault one. Physically, emotionally and psychically. They comfort, excite, purge, cleanse, inspire and thrill, and I would urge you to experience a great instrument in a great building, and without knocking the Baroness’ taste in music (Liszt himself said that Saint Saens was the greatest organist he’d ever heard!) there is a limitless repertoire to enhance ones world. So I might just post some links from time to time pour vous encourager!

    And as it’s now Advent Sunday, here’s one god welcoming the approaching light of the best one we have yet known. Bach elaborating with gentleness and humility the tune associated with words by Luther “Now comes the Saviour of the heathen”. (Oh, what has Germany lost.)

  117. Drudge Report – Hillary Clinton is alive and challenging the election results – while the Electoral College receives death threats. The New World Order seems to have made a determination: provoke civil war in the United States.

  118. Irishboy
    November 26th – 18:00

    What’s that crescent at 00.19? And so slow, it sounds like a death march. Or is that the point?

  119. “Which government agencies have access to the internet history of any British citizen? Here is the answer courtesy of blogger Chris Yuo, who has compiled the list:

    Metropolitan police force
    City of London police force
    Police forces maintained under section 2 of the Police Act 1996
    Police Service of Scotland
    Police Service of Northern Ireland
    British Transport Police
    Ministry of Defence Police
    Royal Navy Police
    Royal Military Police
    Royal Air Force Police
    Security Service
    Secret Intelligence Service
    Ministry of Defence
    Department of Health
    Home Office
    Ministry of Justice
    National Crime Agency
    HM Revenue & Customs
    Department for Transport
    Department for Work and Pensions
    NHS trusts and foundation trusts in England that provide ambulance services
    Common Services Agency for the Scottish Health Service
    Competition and Markets Authority
    Criminal Cases Review Commission
    Department for Communities in Northern Ireland
    Department for the Economy in Northern Ireland
    Department of Justice in Northern Ireland
    Financial Conduct Authority
    Fire and rescue authorities under the Fire and Rescue Services Act 2004
    Food Standards Agency
    Food Standards Scotland
    Gambling Commission
    Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority
    Health and Safety Executive
    Independent Police Complaints Commissioner
    Information Commissioner
    NHS Business Services Authority
    Northern Ireland Ambulance Service Health and Social Care Trust
    Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service Board
    Northern Ireland Health and Social Care Regional Business Services Organisation
    Office of Communications
    Office of the Police Ombudsman for Northern Ireland
    Police Investigations and Review Commissioner
    Scottish Ambulance Service Board
    Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission
    Serious Fraud Office
    Welsh Ambulance Services National Health Service Trust
    In other words, everyone.”

  120. The greatest tragedy of Fidel Castro is just how many of our elite journos particularly at the BBC clearly prefer a blood-soaked Marxist dictator who was an enemy of Britain to the next democratically elected president of our closest ally!

  121. Bill Bobbs – 10:22

    🙂 Great link

  122. I was just about to post the list that Malfleur posted.

    This is getting really serious now. On a day when people are condemning Castro rightly), the jackbooted xxxx me shoe wearing home secretary who oversaw all of this in its infancy and now spends all her days trying to suppress and spy on her citizens while also suppressing Brexit is getting away with pure despotism – there is no opposition. They’re all in it together LibLabCon.

    I suspect that not in time for the next election but the one after, an upstart party will offer the following: freedom of speech and a revoking of the snoopers’ charter.

    Brexit has not tamed the establishment. It has only emboldened them. They intend to crush all debate.

    We need to halt the cashless society and the paperless society. These people want to know when you fart.

  123. Baron, November 26th, 2016 – 20:49

    “Your mind seems to be working in curious ways, EC. […usw…] Hmmm. More than curiouser, the barbarian reckons.”


    Nice piece, an equally nice performance of it, but the barbarian hates to tell you, Irishboy, he couldn’t listen to it in full, volume up or down.
    Organ music disturbs him, no explanation for it, it’s a puzzle.

    Pot, Kettle? Gotta larf aintcha!

    Try this one, Baron, it’s truly Abominable…
    For you, in more ways than one! 🙂

  124. Re: The heirs of Erich Mielke…

    as I was saying just the other day…

    November 25th, 2016 – 11:17
    “… and slowly, and surely, they drew their plans against us!”
    RIPA 2016 slithered under the radar this week.
    Make no mistake these draconian powers are aimed at the general population, and not crooks and terrorists(*) as the government claims.
    * One would have assumed that MI5/6/9 are already monitoring these, so why the need to smother the UK with blanket surveillance powers that would have made Erich Mielke’s eyes water, and his chest swell with pride.
    RIP UK!
    [I suppose that anybody caught looking at Breitbart, Drudge, or Infowars will now officially be listed as an enemy of the state. Well fuck you, May!]

  125. Baron November 26th, 2016 – 20:49

    Seppuku せっぷく or 切腹 is ritual self disembowelment, usually to avoid being captured alive or to atone for sin or shame. The coarser term is hara kiri はらきり. The cut is usually made vertically and downwards from below the chest on one side and then horizontally across the lower abdomen using a tantō or wazikashi, the shorter swords traditionally worn by samurai. The dagger in the throat business is unusual but the dagger was probably a tantō and the man was possibly attempting to end his own suffering rather than dying slowly and painfully. The description makes it sound more a hasty business, perhaps in heated emotion, rather than the slower and more ritualised seppuku where the man contemplates his end and the movements are slow and very deliberate. Traditionally a friend or follower in attendance, the kaishakunin 介錯人, would cut the neck with a sword immediately after the belly cutting, killing to end the suffering but not completely separating the head from the body. That cut, daki kubi, required great skill with a sword. The most well-known modern era seppuku was probably that of the notorious author, playwright, poet and right-wing militarist Yukio Mishima in 1970.

    Difficult to comprehend all this with from the perspective of our Western cultural background and values. Probably best not to try.

  126. So , I still am not sure, was jo coxes a mad loner, or did someone give him the stolen modified gun to do the job with. ????

  127. Not that it matters, nothing to see here. Move along please.

  128. Richard Fernandez on the disintegration of the European Union: brick by brick:

  129. I see the media (in this instance the Daily Mail) are still so lacking in objectivity that they are sickeningly determined to take any opportunity to twist news reports into propaganda against Donald Trump. –

  130. If only the headline were true! 🙂

    EU to fine Spain £150k A DAY as Brussels meddles in Costa del Sol SEWAGE

    It would almost be worth it, especially if the Spanish were paying!

  131. Malfleur 03.01

    That crescent is the inside of Paddy’s Wigwam, the Metropolitan Cathedral in Liverpool. It’s the central circular lantern, the apex of the cathedral, and the photo from that angle shows a crescent. As to the speed, well the building has a 12 second echo and for clarity, especially with the organ blazing on full power, I think pretty much all music there has to proceed at a funereal pace!

    I also John Birch agree that the Jo Cox thing smells very fishy indeed. Right from the first reports we were being fed the Nazi narrative, the climate of hate spawned by the knuckle-dragging Brexiteers. Remember the Cornish fishermen protesting on the Thames not long before, that’s when Geldof was saluting them with the V sign, and Jo and her husband were whizzing around the fishing boats joining in this counter-protest aboard their speed-powered dinghy with their two small children on board!! They didn’t look more than toddlers to me. I’m amazed, especially given Mr Cox has allegations of sexual harassment made against him, that Social Services weren’t around knocking on their door. I mean, that’s what they do if ones parents vote UKIP.

  132. Irishboy – 18:38

    What happened to the corner shopkeeper witness who claimed that Jo Cox’s assailant didn’t utter the phrase that he was alleged to have done?

    What happened to the guy that was shot just before Jo Cox and that was photographed laying on the pavement?

    Where are these people? Disappeared? Why weren’t they interviewed? Where are the MSM in all this?

    Not just fishy, IT STINKS!

  133. Sorry.
    The charismatic one is gone from Strictly.
    I am going into 9 days mourning.

  134. EC 18.59

    Indeed. And the MSM? As deep in the swamp as those they should be investigating. Other fishy things that I hope the next Assange will turn to, is the Westminster paedophile ring and why all the lawyers appointed to its committee keep jumping ship, and the big one, why did Blair slap a one hundred year ban on anyone having a wee peek at the Dunblane investigation. Brown and George Robertson as thick as thieves with Hamilton their gun-toting pal.

  135. You don’t have to make it up 🙂 :
    Fury as school charges parents for Nativity to fund books for non-English speaking pupils

  136. I’m hoping that the empty suit Mitt Romney is being teased by Trump with the SoS carrot on a long string, as punishment for his attempts to derail Trump’s bid for the Presidency and that ultimately he will be rejected.

    However, I fear that the puh-bahs of the GOP are demanding their pound of flesh in advance for future cooperation in the House.

    So the first test of Trump’s presidency will show whether he has the cojones to ignore the GOP stiffs and carry on regardless with his own choice. If he hasn’t it will be business as usual. And the position of SoS will be just that … Same old Shit!

  137. The only thing that shocks me about the football coaches story is that anyone is shocked.
    When the world was a more honest place we were all warned about the type of adults who had wandering hands, they might have been family, sports masters at school were always suspect, the church, scoutmasters, anyone who specifically liked working with children.
    There were uncles who enjoyed bouncing young girls on their laps until a voice said that’s enough of that Bert.
    Uncles keen on photography who particularly liked taking tasteful photos of young girls turning into young women.
    When you started in a factory you had the dodgy ones pointed out to you so you knew who you were dealing with.
    And if you were a lad in a dominantly women factory god help you .women as a group could very easily be worse than men.
    What I am saying is these issues were understood and dealt with locally.
    Shocked, not in the slightest.

  138. Getting away from the problems of the modern world I can remember one incident which did surprise ( not shocked) everyone at my school and probably taught us a good lesson about human behaviour.
    We had a metalwork teacher who was probably in his 50s and about as far away from a sex god as you could possibly get.
    His only interest seemed to be the metal work he taught. Which he was good at and all us boys enjoyed his lessons in his own building with machinery and steel stock.
    However, (you knew this was coming) one day he was caught in the middle of giving a very personal one on one lesson to the most desired girl in the school in his steel stock stores.
    Obviously she was overwhelmed by the need to know the chemical structure of various lengths of tool steel.
    We never saw him or her again.

  139. In praise of Paul Nuttall:

    Not british, not english, scouse (uneducated and proud):

    the englishman must accept his lot
    he’ll take their shite
    he’ll live their strife
    untroubled by what he hasn’t got
    they’ll take his rights
    he’ll think that’s right
    because that’s what they taught

  140. Kellyane Conway has spoken out against Romney and reportedly incurred the wrath of Trump for so doing. It’s make up you mind time, Donald: SOGOTP!

    Goodwill is draining away from your base.

  141. As Fillon grips France like a vice,
    Victor Hugo pens his best:

    Le Front Nationale

    Enfant de Vichi

    la dernière fois que tu était le gouvernement

    tu as donné l’adresse de mon grand-oncle et tante

    aux Nazis.

    Comme ça, les Nazis les ont trouvés et déportés

    à Auschwitz d’où ils ne sont pas rentrés.

    Quels plans as-tu cette fois-ci?

  142. It seems Turkey’s not waiting for Christmas:
    Europe on ‘BRINK OF WAR’ as Turkey gathers boats to ship migrants to Greece over EU anger

  143. RobertRetyred 20-06
    It’ll all be over by Christmas
    Keep the home fires burning.

  144. John birch – 20:18

    And Nick Clegg will STILL want to be in the dysfunctional machine!

  145. Nine injured in Ohio… Ohio State Uni. by Somali refugee.

  146. @John birch – 15:04

    Spot-on, JB!

  147. @Baron 26th – 20:26

    I hate to p*ss on Frank’s chips but…..I first read that aphorism in Nicholas Monsarrat’s “Richer than all His Tribe.” But it’s still a good ‘un! 🙂

  148. Ostrich. (23:26)

    No pretence of authorship there Ostrich; merely taking the opportunity to be mildly offensive and un-PC. It is a cliche after all, which in now banned in polite circles, I’m informed, rather like that fella in the woodpile. 🙂


    Alex Jones Show – Monday, November 28th

  150. John birch, November 28th, 2016 – 15:04

    Am I shocked? No.

    Am I surprised? Yes.
    Surprised and perhaps a little disconcerted. You see, to add to your magnificent list of stereotypes, I had always assumed that footballers were, to a man, a bunch of overpaid, thuggish, coke sniffing, drunken, bestial neanderthals with a liking for fast girls, faster cars, ageing prostitutes and spit roasting drunken teenage girls in hotel bedrooms.

    Do I really care? No.

  151. Malfleur – 02:01

    Having not been paying attention, and having been confused by all the recent babble about Pizza, I decided to investigate. I really wish I hadn’t. It’s bone chilling stuff!

    Not long after she published her damning report into the CPS, and just weeks after shed appeared on the Alex Jones show, they murdered Senator Nancy Schaefer and her husband and staged it a murder-suicide.

    Murder-suicide, my arse! More like Arkancide!

  152. Frank P, November 28th, 2016 – 17:12

    “It’s make up you mind time, Donald: SOGOTP!”

    🙂 🙂 🙂

    Remind me of (*)… “Here I sit broken hearted, paid a penny and only farted!”

    Let’s hope Donald can force something thru as he paid $100M for his seat!

    [* Graffiti from forgotten times when people actually used to use public toilets to take a shit! ]

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