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  1. Interestingly the top home box still takes us to last week’s wall.

  2. “Donald Trump’s controversial aide Steve Bannon was ‘pushed out’ by his daughter Ivanka and her husband because his far-Right views clashed with their Jewish faith, according to Washington sources.
    Chief strategist Bannon, 63, helped orchestrate the US President’s stunning election victory but was vilified for his extreme opinions.
    Many blamed him for Trump’s failure last week to condemn neo-Nazis after a violent rally in Virginia at which a woman was killed and dozens were injured.
    First daughter Ivanka converted to Orthodox Judaism when she wed millionaire businessman Jared Kushner in 2009.
    The couple have three children. A source said: ‘Jared and Ivanka helped push him out. They were concerned about how they were being viewed by the Jewish community.’”

  3. Marshal Roberts (14:32)

    Don’t be gulled by the agitprop’s attempt to label Bannon and, by association, the POTUS as antisemite. It’s bollocks. The Time Mag article and front page portait of Bannon suggesting that he won the election for Trump was the final straw. There’s only room for one big dawg in the Oval Office. As far as Trump is concerned, only one strategist won the election – and that strategist was Donald Trump.

    Vanitas vanitatum omnia vanitas.

    And never forget that the two benefactors of The Donald are Jewish Casino moguls with shitloads of shekels. Sheldon Adelson and Steve Wynne, the latter acting as chief fund-raiser for Trump’s 2020 bid.

  4. I recall the eclipse of Friday 20th March, 2015. It was 85% – 95% total in the UK. BBC science hack Pallab Ghosh was at Jodrell Bank to cover the event. He described the experience well, except for one thing. He said – I kid you not – that as the light faded, it was like evening, the temperature dropped, and “the shadows lengthened”.

    … Oh, dear.

    Professional onanist reports from Jodrell Bank. Only on the BBC.

  5. “Professional onanist reports from Jodrell Bank. Only on the BBC.”

    You forgot the two other professional Beeboid “Jodrell Bankers” on the airwaves that day:

  6. Frank P,

    Down Sarf: I had to gnaw my knuckles to the elbow today as Great Aunt Agatha and her chum, aged 90, were both telling me what an inspired choice Cressida Dick was as Met Police Chief. Come back Dr. Shipman, all is forgiven!

  7. Ostrich (occasionally) (15:07)

    Obviously a very defective generation of seamen. The Iranian fiasco – humiliating! The Fitgerald fuck-up, mind-blowing! This latest travesty -frightening! Our lives in their hands? Dim Wrong ‘un must be ROTFLHLDO!

  8. EC (20:59)

    Was Great Aunt Agatha ever married? 🙂

  9. In view of the proposal contained in this link:

    … may I suggest another statute arising from any such legislation:

    ‘Inciting hate crime by appointing a D of PP who is obviously a founder member of the Ugly Club’. (See image in link). She has a face that looks as though somebody set fire to it and then put it out with a shovel. Is she Polly Toynbee’s twin sister, by any chance? The poison of socialism does terrible things to the physignomy of people who are afflicted with it, doesn’t it?

  10. One from the naughty niece’s husband (the NN is under the weather):


    Let’s offend everyone!

    I came out of the chip shop with a meat/potato pie, large chips, mushy peas & a jumbo sausage.
    A poor homeless man sitting there said, “I’ve not eaten for two days.”
    I told him, “I wish I had your will power!”

    I took my biology exam last Friday.
    I was asked to name two things commonly found in cells.
    Apparently “young blacks” and “Romanian gypsies” were not the correct answers.

    A fat girl took a while to serve me in McDonald’s at lunch time today.
    She said, “Sorry about the wait.”
    I said, “Don’t worry, dear. You might lose it eventually.”

    I walked past a black kid sitting at a bus stop, as I went into the bank.
    When I came out, he looked at me and said, “Any change?”
    I said, “No, you’re still black.”

    An Irish boy stands crying at the side of the road.
    A man asks him,“What’s wrong?”
    The boy says,“Me ma is dead.”
    “Oh bejaysus,” the man says.
    “Do you want me to call Father O’Riley for you?”
    The boy replies,“No tanks mister. Sex is the last ting on me mind at the moment.”

    Years ago it was suggested that an apple a day kept the doctor away.
    But since all the doctors are now muslims, I’ve found that a bacon sandwich works better !

    Japanese scientists have created a camera with such an immensely fast shutter-speed
    that it is now possible to take a photograph of a woman with her mouth shut.

    I hate all this terrorist business.
    I used to love the days when you could look at an unattended bag on a train or a bus
    and think to yourself, “I’m gonna take that!”

    Man in a hot air balloon is lost over Ireland .
    He looks down and sees a farmer in the fields and shouts down to him, “Where am I ?”
    The Irish farmer looks back up and shouts back, “You can’t fool me. You’re in that basket up there.”

    I had a Trivia Competition in the bag until the very last question – which I got wrong.
    The question was:
    “Where do women have the curliest hair ?”
    Apparently the correct answer is Fiji .

    A woman has a medical at the doctors…
    “You are grossly overweight,” he says.
    “I want a 2nd opinion,” she exclaims.
    “OK. You’re bloody ugly as well.”

    That should more or less offend everyone!

  11. … and yer another from the same source:


    Who said Nursing Homes are boring?
    Two elderly residents, a man and a woman, were alone in the lounge of their nursing home one evening. The old man looked over and said to the old lady,
    “I know just what you’re wanting. For $5.00 I’ll have sex with you right over there in that rocking chair.”
    The old lady looked surprised but didn’t say a word.
    The old man continued,”For $10.00 I’ll do it with you on that nice soft sofa over there, but for $20.00, I’ll take you back to my room, light some candles, and give you the most romantic evening you’ve ever had in your life.”
    The old lady still says nothing but after a couple of minutes, starts digging down in her purse. She pulls out a wrinkled $20.00 bill and holds it up.
    “So you want the nice romantic evening in my room,” says the old man.

    “Get serious,” she replies. “Four times in the fuckin’ rockin’ chair!”

  12. Now back to work, surfin’ ‘n’ linkin’:

    A powerful essay.

    HT Gerard, AD.

  13. Yall still there. Andy my old son, not only did you miss a good lunch but you do not understand cream teas in Devonshire.
    On my Aunt’s farm near Clovelly, definitely in Devonshire we put a thick wedge of farm butter on the scone, followed by strawberry jam and then a big spoon of clotted cream.
    And Andy, I head back over the pond Saturday but mosey along to Paddington Thursday to stay a couple of nights in the Charlotte Street Hotel. I could think of no greater honour than to stand you lunch Friday, say noontime.

  14. Laura Perrins: After university brainwashing, they will hate you and be broke for ever – The Conservative Woman

  15. John Birch (10:23)

    ‘Tis true!

  16. Did anyone ever seriously believe Germany would consider compensating Poland?

    Newsletter 2017/08/21 – Blocking German Reparations

    BERLIN/WARSAW (Own report) – Polish government politicians’ demands
    for comprehensive reparations for the devastation caused by the German
    occupation during World War II, have been unanimously turned down in
    Berlin. A German government spokesperson explained that Poland has
    long since renounced reparations; German media point to payments
    Germany – under massive international pressure – was unable to avoid
    in the 1990s. Warsaw, on the other hand, has reiterated that payments,
    they have received so far are in no relation to the immense damage the
    German Reich had inflicted on Poland since September 1, 1939. During
    World War II, six million Poles were killed, and material damage was
    estimated a few years ago in the mid-range triple-digit billions. The
    most recent reparations dispute between Berlin and Warsaw is occurring
    at a time, when geostrategic tensions between the two countries are


  17. Noa at 15:18

    Malcolm the Tenth,Marcus Garvey etc. linked to the KKK and American Natzis : this article makes sense of the claim that members of the KKK and Black Lives Matter arrived in Charlottesville on the same bus.

  18. And White ones too.
    Please sign the petition to remove the statue of Engels from Manchester.

    This piece of Soviet era garbage was imported by Phil Collins. Here’s one man’s reasoning on why it should go.

  19. Court official: Attack suspect reveals terror cell wanted to strike Barcelona monuments, imam planned to self-immolate.
    Well that’s what he told the daft twats before he fucked off sharpish.

  20. Frank P
    Thank you for the link to the Saunders beast, ironically the sour faced cow is the very epitome of what she’s purporting to make illegal.
    Who gave this CP graduate the authority to make ‘guidelines’ which have the force of law?
    Isn’t that what spine twats like, the Home Secretary, are supposed to seek Parliament’s approval for?
    Regrettably, it will be the total lack of effective policing of ordinary crime, theft, assault, fraud and the enforcement of public law and order which will continue to suffer whilst this Common Purpose legal buffoon pursues her own fantastical political agenda at the unprotected taxpayers’ expense.
    Is there a petition demanding her resignation or dismissal yet?

  21. Reading the piece below on the existential threat of radical Islam caused me to consider the following excerpt in the light of the POTUS’ latest Volte face in Afghanistan. Is he right to increase US and allied involvement there? What quid qo pro will the West obtain? A province-wide re-opening of churches perhaps? The opportunity to deploy Methodiist missionaries perhaps? Or at least their modern equivalents Equality and Diversity officers. Business opportunities for Western corporations in the fast growing pharma agribusiness which is currently muslim dominated? The opportunity for our arms manufacturers to compete and sell on equal terms with the Russian assault rifle and mortar sales teams?

    “…sending troops to Middle Eastern countries to fight terrorists on the battlefield is useless when the radical Islamist ideology of those terrorists is being spread “legitimately” in mosques and madrassas in the region and on our soil, often with the support of our governments and multiculturalist lobbies. In other words, tackling the “foot soldiers” while allowing the doctrine to flourish is an exercise in futility.

  22. Noa on volte face in Afghanistan.

    The most interesting analysis of President Trump’s speech on Afghanistan is Alex Jones’s (well Malfleur would say that wouldn’t he) which you can listen to in the last quarter of the FIRST HOUR of Alex’s Tuesday Show at:

    It’s not a build up – it’s a strategy for a pull out.

  23. Robert Retyred – Main photograph in the ‘Spiked’ article 22 August above

    What a well-dressed crowd! Bring back the hat! – for starters. In fact, reverse the whole Globalist psych-op campaign to uglify everything…

  24. Frank P, August 21st, 2017 – 22:19

    Yes, they both were. It’s intensely depressing just how much post WW2 agitprop has taken hold of the middle classes. The mind rot is incurable.

    @23:10 Agreed, beauty may only be skin deep but ugliness goes right to the core.

    Alison Saunders
    Cressida Dick
    Amber Rudd (Hastings and Rye, Maj. 346)

    CP seems to have succeeded in doing a clean sweep of the Laura Norder biz?

  25. My chum Doctorrandomercam (aka Mike) has temporarily forgone the Jack Daniels and hit the Vodka. This has inspired him to put new words to an old tune and sing it with gusto!

    Now I’ll be monitoring your webcams to see if any of you exhibit a Pavlonian response upon hearing the opening chord, Baron 🙂

    The Alt Left / Antifa Anthem

    Yes, I know Mike was probably pissed when he did this but he did supply us with subtitles, and he’s still more tuneful that Billy Bragg!

  26. Noa & Malfleur:

    Everyone has been applauding the Donald’s U-turn on Afghanistan, the ghastly McCain tweeted he likes it, it’s a promising start, the CNN poodles are congratulating him for it, everyone seems to be pleased by the decision except for the people who voted for him because he promised to call it quit after more than 14 years of fighting having next to FA to show for it but thousands of deaths and the wasted trillion bucks in treasure.

    The former Afghan Foreign Secretary said on the BBC Radio4 ‘over 100,000 American troops had failed to subdue the Taleban, what makes Trump think that the additional 4,000 to the 8,000 already here will do it?’

    Quite, but the larger deployment isn’t there to pummel the Taleban.

    Why is the Donald doing it is indeed the question, he must know that come 2022 those who’ve backed him will not repeat the mistake twice if he keeps breaking his promises.

    There’s one reason though worth breaking a major election promise for. It’s the massive reserves of rare earth metals that trump any election promise.

    If only the Donald w ere honest about it. The story told – if he were honest – should run along following lines: Afghanistan has been blessed with huge natural resources, amongst them large deposits of lithium, we all love mobile phones, other gadgets of this kind, the batteries are made of this metal, further advances are coming in car batteries, too, also based on lithium, just about time, we do not want to kill future generations with carcinogenic pollutants from diesels.

    The Taleban have no money to mine the stuff even if they wanted to, neither do the people in Kabul, we, the Americans, do have the investment capital together with the mining technology that’s needed, we’re going to do a great job, use the profits from the operation to build a new, prosperous, happy Afghanistan in which women …..

    If the Donald were to say something like this the Guardinistas would still hate him, but the masses would understand for they, the great unwashed, know about money, about an opportunity to make some, about its importance in life.

  27. Noa @ 17:28

    Sorry to disappoint you, Noa, the barbarian will not sign the petition, not because it’s of Engels (he dislikes him as much if not more than you), but because he, Baron, is against the removal of any statue erected by those who came before us.

    The statues are not just a reminder of the illustrious events that conform to our take on things today, but on everything we’ve ever done, of our sins, mistakes, wrongdoings, too, they are our past with all the boils and warts and all, they should remain in place to remind us what we once were, hopefully to inform us of our misdeeds, to warn us to be watchful, to guide us along a path that will lead to doing the good, avoiding the bad.

    Baron has said it before: we cannot correct the past by removing the evidence of the past.

  28. RobertRetyred @ 17:45

    Good stuff, Robert, another book the barbarian will acquire.

    This passage says it all, neatly, correctly, in short:

    “National sovereignty is important for two reasons. First because it provides the largest terrain that humankind has discovered so far where democratic accountability can be exercised and have real meaning. Popular sovereignty can occur within a local community, a city or a nation – but it cannot be exercised in a territory larger than the nation. And the second reason national sovereignty is important is that it provides a context for the cultivation of a real, felt identity. There are other possible ways for people to develop their identities, but for most people the nation constitutes the largest area within which their identity can be forged and gain real purchase”.

    Four sentences, and the y encapsulate the substance of sovereignty so well.

  29. Noa @ 14:50

    The re-dusting of the claims for war reparations by the Poles, Noa, is something the barbarian cannot approve of, however much he hates the behaviour of the Nazis in the East.

    The issue is soaked in emotions, the Poles are re-opening the wounds because of the contemporary animosity between Mutti and the nationalistic Polish Government of Maria Szydło (‘guided’ by Kaczynski), it’s a diversionary tactic, it won’t work, but its consequences may be very negative in Germany, more people are getting uptight about the never ending accusations of war crimes, the new generations in particular is upset the world seems unable to shake off the events of the war.

    The time is long overdue to (not perhaps) forget, but (definitely) to forgive was how one young German put it to the barbarian.

  30. EC @ 10:40

    The idea’s good, EC, but the lyrics could be touched on here and there.

    His mentioning Adolf reminded Baron of the jokes in the final of the Scottish fringe at Edinburgh, the voting is by the ‘public’ says the Guardian without explaining what public means, the one that won it wasn’t either funny or witty, but Frankie Boyle (whom the barbarian dislikes to the point of hating) had the best in Baron’s view – ‘Trump’s nothing like Hitler. There’s no way he could write a book.’

    Not that Baron has any intention of promoting him or the joke, but this is something we lack on the Right, someone capable of saying something that when said hurts because is close to the truth, one can remember it easily.

  31. Baron

    The Engels statue in Manchester was bought from the Ukraine, where it has been removed in 1990 and re-erected earlier here this year. Many consider its re-erection an act of political aggression.
    Regarding Poland, surely it is Germany, via its puppet EU, which in seeking to transfer its Merkel initiated mass migration population crisis to all other members, has awakened bitter memories of the General Government, the mass exodus and murder of 5million Poles?
    When Germany stops behaving like the bully of Europe, in the pursuit of its own socialist behaviour, the Poles, and others, might be more prepared to forgive them.

  32. EC – 10.40 🙂

  33. Sberbank, the largest Russian bank owned by the State has declared a huge increase in profits in the 2nd quarter 2017 (up 27.9% y-o-y) comfortably beating analysts expectations even though the bank’s on the sanction list. If you’re wondering how that’s possible here’s a hint.

    In Europe, the bank trades as Sberbak Europe, has subsidiaries in all European countries, and is not included on the list of Russian entities subject to sanctions.

    It seems when it comes to money there’s always a way to get round of everything even sanctions.

  34. The US 7th Fleet has a new boss.

    The one possible reason for the crashes could be an interference with the electronic circuitry of the ships’s controls by an unknown source (Russia, China). This is why the Americans have to have a thorough MOT of the gear designed decades ago.

  35. Noa @ 12:49

    will talk when aBron gets back.

  36. Oh dear Baron!

    Fancy believing ginger socialist minger Frankie Boyle’s lies and propagating them on the Wall.

    Trump is the author of 15 books and has made at least $5m from them.

    Regrettably a PC msm has censored conservation erudition and wit to near-extinction.

  37. Alexander Boot opines that Trump is re-enforcing US troops in Afghanistan in order to obtain NeoCon support to stay in power.

  38. Noa @ 12:49

    You are quite right castigating Mutti for the tsunamis of immigrants, her taking over the EU, bossing everyone and stuff, but could this excuse the digging up of war atrocities, opening of old wounds, calling for new and bigger reparations? Hmmm

    On the statues:

    The barbarian can only repeat what he’s said before, he’s against the destruction of statues or any remnants of the past, good or bad. If a statue offends it may be moved, museums are good places, who knows, in another generation or two what offends today may be in vogue then.

    Your Engels should perhaps be tucked away in a depository, used in an exhibition of communist follies of the past.

  39. Noa @ 18:44

    The reason the other half of German gold reserves is stored in the Republic is what, Noa? Have you seen this?

  40. Noa @ 16:43

    It’s obvious the boosting of the troop numbers by 4,000 is not for any military purpose, Noa, could it be for political considerations? Hmmm The Donald must be smarter than that, he must know he will never ever be accepted by the neocons, whatever he does. His only ally is the voter, nobody else. He pushes the voter away he’s lost it, those opposing him, which is everyone but the voter, will impeach him at their will.

    The barbarian sticks to his explanation of the move, exploiting Afghanistan’s natural resources is the key reason for the additional troops.

    Mr. Boot’s definition of the neocon diaspora shows that when it comes to language, he’s hard to beat, when it comes to clarity, it’s a different matter.

    The neocon doctrine is much simpler than what he says it is, it’s to ensure that American big business always wins, that any project, the bigger the better, that goes benefits American companies foremost, that as much of the world as possible works for American big business. The making of money, the pursuit of money, the love of money is the altar at which the neocons worship.

  41. Noa @ 13:05

    Thanks, Noa, the barbarian wasn’t aware the Donald had penned 15 books, just one on how to do a deal or something, whether ‘the public’ knew about the books it’s hard to tell.

    Baron was told the joke initially by a friend of his from the village before he googled the Edinburgh fest, his initial reaction was it was a pro-Trump quip, he read it as ‘Trump’s nothing like Hitler. There’s no way he could write a book’ (similar or identical to Adolf’s).’ That may be Baron still likes it, for its ambiguity.

  42. Baron – 21:06
    ‘ … but could this excuse the digging up of war atrocities …’

    I think you need to look at it from the other end: given the position that Poland is in, what should she do?

    I would say, ‘Anything, but not nothing’. I think Europe has been running on the same track, the same (hidden) agenda, for much too long, so any change is progress. It might not be the best choice, but something might come along, and there are SO MANY issues that are not being dealt with by the national governments, because the EU is in the way, and the EU is directionless when it come to external threats.

    We certainly do live in interesting times.

  43. This you may find genuinely amazing or truly frightening. It’s a site that gets you more than a private detective could, in little time, at low cost ($27).

    You may like to bookmark it, it may come useful, the barbarian has tried it, he cannot tell you who it was he got the stuff on, but it was more than the individual would care to tell, it’s already erased.

    Is there no way for us to stay fully private?

  44. RobertRetyred @ 22:59

    You and Noa slice the issue one way, the barbarian the other, Robert, who can tell who’s is right, where the truth lies, who could claim the prize.

    It’s totally unrelated to what we’re talking about, but the ‘one way or the other’ has reminded Baron of an inscription on an Irish gravestone: If he jumped one way/the tree fell another/the poor John McGrath/would still be with his mother.

  45. Noa and Baron – Volte face on Afghanistan

    With reference to my post on August 23 at 06:52, I have just picked up where I had left off and completed listening to Alex Jones’s Tuesday Show. His guest, Dr. Steve Pieczenik – an honourably retired Rear-Admiral and military officer by the way – launches a devastating attack on Trump’s Afghanistan speech and even more so on Mattis and McMaster as he criticises the policy as a complete disaster. This of course rejects Jones’s analysis.

    Jones invites him back on the Wednesday Show to expound his views at greater length, and without Jones’s interruptions, to Infowars’ host, David Knight, and I am about to watch that.

    Listening to Pieczenik so far, however, I fear that Noa may have been right.

  46. Alex Jones (FULL SHOW Commercial Free) Wednesday 8/23/17: Steve Pieczenik, Sheriff Joe Arpaio

    We’re losing the cat-and-mouse terror game

    I wonder how Mohammad Khan is getting on in his legal action against Virgin Atlantic. Mo — a Muslim, the clue’s in the name — was waiting to board a flight when he started ‘harmlessly’ talking about 9/11. There is no reason to believe he has any connections with extremists, but he was kicked off the flight because of security concerns and had to fly out of the UK with another airline. Although he was later offered a refund, he is now suing, claiming he was ‘racially and religiously profiled’ by the Virgin staff. ‘I know this wouldn’t have happened if I’d been a white man in his sixties,’ Mo complained. No, probably not. But if the world were comprised entirely of white men in their sixties, then 9/11 might not have happened. The world might also be a nicer place to live, although there might be too many bridge tournaments for my own taste.
    It is axiomatic that white men in their sixties are privileged oppressive bastards, but it is also true that they have been remarkably quiet of late. No white men in their sixties were suspects in the recent carnage in Barcelona in which 15 people were killed and scores more injured. The police instead were looking for people who look a bit like Mo — Muslim men in their twenties. Nor were older white folk implicated in the knife attack in Turku, Finland, in which two women were murdered and eight people injured. Nor yet in the attack in Hamburg in which one person was killed and six injured.
    In all of those cases the police were after people who might well be called ‘Mohammed’. They don’t give out the names of suspects anymore because everybody knows it’s probably someone called Mohammed.
    You may have missed the attacks in Turku and Hamburg — they didn’t get much coverage in the press. And by the time you read this there will most likely have been another couple of outrages not carried out by white men in their sixties in one or another European city. And you may catch a BBC news report, buried well down the running order unless scores of people have been murdered, in which the murderers are described as ‘terrorists’. That derogation will not be expanded upon. They are just terrorists and it all has nothing to do with Islam. Murdering people because of their religion, or lack of it, or persecuting them because of their gender or sexual preference or because they are Jewish or because they have decided they are no longer happy to be called Muslim — none of that has anything to do with Islam. Even if, to a greater or lesser extent, these things happen in every Muslim country in the world.
    There have been no violent demonstrations by lefties against the murders in Spain, Finland or Germany, nor will there be. A poisonous ideology was responsible for the horrible attack which left one person dead in Charlottesville and that ideology was quickly and correctly identified by the liberals who then went on the rampage, denouncing it. A poisonous ideology was also responsible for the far worse attacks on the continent, but there is only a deafening silence from the left and, indeed, from our leaders. We are being groomed to accept these outrages and to believe that nobody is really to blame. Just people who have been ‘radicalised’ through some mysterious process, as if they were every bit as much victims as the people they killed. An ectoplasmic and existential threat to us all, not really emanating from any creed or place. Just a random hazard. As the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan put it, hell, this is just the kind of thing you have to live with if you reside in a big city. It comes from nowhere, it is simply climatic, a nasty little quirk which we must all learn to abide, being murdered at a bus stop for being whitey infidel. And each time it happens — by which I mean three or four times every week — the reports drop further and further down the news agenda. The Hamburg stuff didn’t even register over here: oh, it’s them again, and someone else is dead. Move on. And if it ever is mentioned there will always be some lefty halfwit spouting off in the press, to remind us that Muslim murderers murder more Muslims than they do white folk. Ah, OK. So that’s all right, then — get things in perspective. We can all spot the non-sequitur in that assertion, but we say nothing and do nothing. Just let in more and more people of whom a sizeable minority wish us all dead: a policy akin to institutionalised suicide. Literally.
    Groomed. Has your child read Moggy’s Coming yet? That’s a book being distributed to infant school children in order to prepare them for the next Muslim attack. It features a school of mice being menaced by a large cat and includes some words — to be sung to the tune of ‘Campfire’s Burning’ — about what to do: ‘Moggy’s coming, Moggy’s coming, we’re in danger, we’re in danger, run hide and tell! Treat the hurt mice, treat the hurt mice!’
    There is also a poem which advises the toddlers on how to deal with wounds inflicted by this ‘cat’. ‘You can pack a wound and press/to stop the bleeding for success!’ The cat just looks like a cartoon cat; it isn’t screaming ‘Allahu Akbar’ or anything. The cat is simply a random hazard, nobody and nothing to blame for its murderous existence just beyond the school gates. It’s just what cats do. They kill mice. Part and parcel of living in a big city, isn’t it, Sadiq?
    And still more and more ‘cats’ pour into Europe and into the UK. The grooming has been occasioned because we made this mess for ourselves and have neither the political inclination nor the will to call a halt. And because our politicians are terrified they might be called ‘racist’ if they grasp the nettle. And so we live in a bizarre state of denial. Here’s my bet — Mohammed Khan wins his case.

  48. John birch. @ 07:14

    An excellent piece, John, truly hard hitting, correctly pointing to the malodorous hypocrisy of the progressive fuggwits, castigating the political class. In spite of all this, nothing will change, those in governance will carry on as before, more atrocities will be committed by individuals other than white men over 60.

    Somewhere in the middle of the piece, Rod says: “We are being groomed to accept these outrages and to believe that nobody is really to blame”.

    Not strictly true, the blame is often put on white vans, knives or that which happens to be the tool of the murder – see some of the MSM headlines.

    It would surprise to discover that nobody in authority has yet suggested we paint all vans green, license knives, ban cleaning products. It would surprise even less if the public were to endorse such measures, thinking they will cure the boil, cut down on the atrocities, so successful the brainwashing has been over the decades.

  49. Heard of Afua Hirsch? Neither had I until I read this mornings paper, apparently she is campaigning for the statue of Nelson to be torn down, Nelson is one of the reasons we are not speaking French today, but that means nothing to Miss Hirsch, her principal objection id that the artifact represents a white male. Well I have news for Miss Hirsch, this is a white country and our heroes are white and they are the traditions which forged this nation, a nation which has done more for the World since the demise of Rome.

    Many things ignite my ire in this day and age but nothing more than people who come here and proceed to bitch and moan about our traditions, and feel they have a right to demand that things are arranged to suit them, Geena Miller is a shining example of the genre. I wish someone in public life would stand up ant tell these individuals that if you do not like England, leave it. Bugger off back to where you came from and stay there, where you can live under the principles you so admire and are so alien to us. This is our country, our traditions will prevail.

  50. @Baron 23rd, 13:02

    “The US 7th Fleet has a new boss.”

    Seems to me like shooting the messenger. I’m sure the protocols and procedures
    for managing the communications between the bridge and the ops room were set
    out somewhere where the poor, fired admiral had no control; he’s just the muggins who takes what he’s given and has to make the best of it.
    From what I’ve seen, (the AIS plot on the warship had no business being where she was, she was in the wrong lane, and it seems her AIS transponder was turned off, which could have confused the OoW on the merchant ship into making the hard left turn he did.
    Any ship has a right to turn off her AIS transponder if the Captain deems it necessary for vessel security but, if you try it in the approaches to the Singapore Strait, it’s a bit like turning your lights off while driving on the M1 in rush hour.

  51. Ostrich (occasionally) – 11:41

    That Yankee boat driver must’ve attended the maritime equivalent of ‘The Ted Kennedy School of Motoring.’

    I was an avid listener to “The Navy Lark” when I was a kid. I found it most amusing but I always assumed that it was fiction…

  52. Baron

    “Sorry to disappoint you, Noa, the barbarian will not sign the petition, not because it’s of Engels (he dislikes him as much if not more than you), but because he, Baron, is against the removal of any statue erected by those who came before us.”

    It’s entirely your choice m’lud.
    If after perusing the facts of the case and deciding that its acceptable for some filed Turner prize piss artist to foist this piece of Soviet-ukraino on the people of Manchester you decide that petitioning Manchester City Council (100% Labour and socialist, with a few camouflaged islamo-terrorists throw in) to move it to some obscure park rather than sitting in the middle of town, where it serves as the focus for every left wing demo, that is indeed your call.

    Your viewpoint of protecting the past, however reflective of conservative principles and laudable in itself, remains open to challenge on the simple basis that it was only re-erected in Manchester in July this year, and who asked Phil Collins to resurrect this piece of bloody stalinist propaganda in England anyway?

  53. EC

    Ah yes Sub Lt Phillips left in charge of CPO Pertwee again.

    “Lef hand down a bit, No 1!”

  54. The Navy Lark :
    BBC Radio 4 Extra : Wednesdays at 8am,Noon, 7pm. ( DAB and Freeview )

    Episode 9 of 16 :

  55. Mayor of Venice says : anybody shouting `A****u akbar`in St. Marks Square will be shot dead by snipers within 4 paces.If they are so keen on A****u we will send them to meet him.

  56. To the Barricades! : We Will At Least Be Less Bored | Fred On Everything

  57. “Another Sexual Grooming Gang in Court: Britain Wake Up!”
    Sikh Awareness Society

  58. John birch – 07:14

    Cat: “I know this game, it’s called cat and mouse. And there’s only one way to win, don’t be the mouse.”

    Lister: “What are you saying?”

    Cat: “I’m saying the mouse never wins. Not unless you believe those lying cartoons.”

    Wise words!

  59. ‘An evening with Judge Andrew P. Napolitano [ 1:02:39 ]

    Published on Jul 24, 2017
    Recorded at Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama, on 24 July 2017. Hosted by the Mises Institute. Includes an introduction by Lew Rockwell, as well as a Question and Answer Period.

  60. A thoughtful essay on Trump’s decision to remain in Afghanistan.

  61. Ostrich (occasionally) @ 11:41

    Thank you very much, O(o), no cyber attack then.

    If the story is correct, it sounds it is, it still leaves questions that need answering e.g. why wasn’t the Liberian boat, slow but huge, spotted by the naked eye of a human being on the American boat. The destroyer must have at least (say) 200 crew on board, the incident happened in early morning, the visibility must have been good, someone should have spotted the floating monster getting nearer.

    Moreoverover, the destroyer is very fast, certainly faster than the commercial vessel, can almost turn around itself (that’s what Baron remember from the other collision). It could have avoided the disaster unless the whole lot were fast asleep, most people are at that time in the morning, they were, too, probably..

  62. John birch. @ 21:22

    More than enjoyable to read, John, but he’s wrong.

    You want barricades? Cut the distribution of foodstuff, the things we eat and drink, close down the Tescos and Waitroses (the American equivalent), deprive the plebeians of their daily fat building sustenance. That’ll do it, the anger engendered by anything else including immigration, here from the lands of Allah worshippers, over there from Mexico, can just about get to the level it has got to.

    He also says if the fighting starts it will be one or the other, either the progressives who love control, or the unhinged KKK lot. Wrong again. If the law breaks down it will be an array of groups, each more despicable than the other for evil can manifest itself with thousands faces claiming, masquerading, hiding behind the rhetoric of good, even Adolf and his admirers claimed what they were up to was for the good of everyone, and the world, too.

    It will then come to wise to put an end to it just as Isaiah Berlin had it ‘it’s the job of the wise to undo the damage of the good’.

  63. I am astonished that they didn’t see it coming:

    When the vindictiveness blows from across the Channel like it has, it has to impact customer orientated businesses.

  64. EC @ 22:18

    In our society, EC, the mouse must also win, it’s called equality, have you forgotten?

  65. RobertRetyred @ 10:43

    You reckon it would have makd a difference to their take on immigration, Robert, had they known tourism linked businesses would suffer? Hmmm

    If the taxpayer could subsidise businesses (mostly agriculture based) that lost because of Russian counter sanctions, the taxpayer can do likewise for the loss of business thanks to our new friends from the lands of Allah arriving in numbers, unexpectedly, and also generously aid the new friends upon arrival.

    In the latter case, it’s all the more appropriate because one could hardly expect an infidel hating immigrant to have enough strength to make a bomb, travel around the world to get bomb making training, acquire stuff to make a bomb unless generously funded by the tax paying plebeians of a host country (or via the EU Brussels bureaucracy).

  66. EC @ 16:21

    This cannot be true, EC, it’s a fake, a well executed prank.

  67. Baron – 11:00

    No, but it shows how intelligent and forward thinking they are. 🙂

  68. – Give us a kiss then, Vicar.
    – No.
    – Aw, go on, give us a kiss!
    – Certainly not. In fact I shouldn’t really be here in bed with you.

    Rev Peter Mullen, in “Unreal City”

  69. Just saw a person named Paul Maynard on TV, discussing driverless trucks due to be let loose on the roads of the UK next year. HTF did he manage to garner enough votes to become an MP, never mind “Transport Minister?

  70. Frank,
    To enter the ranks of the political class one has to prove beyond any doubt that you are self absorbed, self regarding and above all, thick as pig shit. Why do we vote for them? Habit I suppose, either that or a perverse sense of humour.

  71. Stephen it’s not just him as transport minister they are all incapable I’ve never seen a more useless class of politicians in my life to what we have at the moment.
    They basically remind me of children who are totally out of their depth .

  72. The driver-less trucks story was on the front page of the Daily Mail and the Telegraph (both dreadful newspapers).

    The majority of reader comments said: it won’t work. All technology goes wrong at some point and that means you need a driver there at all times. He/she will not be able to do anything well in an emergency because they will be out of practice at the wheel.

    The length of the vehicles proposed adds insult to injury. Three trucks in one. How will that work on British roads? We call this a train.

    This money to the driverless company looks more like a million pound bung from friends in the Tory government to friends in business.

    The same was also true of the story this week of the Welsh government giving a £4m ‘loan’ to a TV company that will go bust. The two female exBBC heads of the firm wrote themselves a million-pound salary to make sure the firm goes bust but that they will keep the salary:

    Two ex-BBC executives who worked on Doctor Who were given a £4m loan in taxpayers’ cash to set up a new TV company before paying themselves £1.3m despite making a loss

    That company will go bust. The taxpayer money will never be recouped. And two BBC female Common Purposers will have got away scot free with all the cash. They’re as bad as bankers.

  73. I don’t like to post long videos but this Melanie Phillips video on Charlottesville and North Korea was just another masterclass in unravelling spin.

    She thinks that Donald Trump is playing a game of call my bluff with North Korea, which is exactly the same analysis I saw in a Wall Street Journal op ed. Most British commentators are again writing up North Korea as Trump is mad. And she thinks it’s working.

    She so forensic in her analysis. And of what we need to do. In the US, it’s easy (and we do know):

  74. Frank P, this has been happening all week. Websites taken down. PayPal links removed. Pamela Geller’s site under attack.

    Not a mention in the MSM. They want rid of this free speech thing. Pronto.

  75. Esther (22:07)

    In the argot of the Mob, it’s called a bust out. But then again what’s new? International commerce and banking is One Big Bust Out. We’re all living on borrowed time.

  76. Trump held a rally in Arizona this week. I had to watch because I wanted to see the reality before I saw the write-ups. Phwoo!

    The crowd just adored him. And he spent about 20 minutes of his hour going through line by line his response to Charlottesville and how it was reported, exposing all the Press distortions.

    He kept pointing at the Press (they hate that, they really hate that), the crowd chanted ‘shame on you’ at the Press (it was fun!) and the live cameras at the back turned off, which Trump pointed out. He said Look, they don’t like that.

    This was the Daily Telegraph’s headline:

    Donald Trump threatens to ‘close government’ to build Mexico wall in ‘downright scary and disturbing’ rally

    Can you believe it? There is an opinion in the headline! Who TF said that? Obama supporter James Clapper!

    Underneath the Telegraph story, the comments are a joy! And these are just the ones that get through. People like me gave up with the Smellygraph years ago. It’s shameless, disgusting lies and propaganda.

    As a result, profits are tumbling and the owners want to sell.

    Why have they spend the past 10 years spitting in their readers’ faces?

    Guido Fawkes reports this week that the Telegraph’s business reporters are all bailing out of the sinking ship. This used to be one of the most respected business desks in Fleet Street.

    They just have no idea. They are openly hostile to their own readers and want to dumb down everything.

    The readers just head over to Breitbart.

  77. This is behind the Telegraph paywall:

    ‘Deep pessimism’ over Brexit outcome as Nobel laureates gather in Germany

    And they wonder why people won’t subscribe!

    xxxxing Jesus! The xxxxing bloody cheek of these people. The xxxxing bloody cheek.

  78. Police chief suggests non-English speaking victims of crime will be given priority with white middle class men at the bottom of the list

    Craig Mackey said police will prioritise elderly people and non English speakers
    Over the past four years, the Met Police has had to make £600m of savings
    Mayor Sadiq Khan said half of London’s ‘poorly used’ police station front counters earlier this year

  79. This essay written by Jon C Wright, the science fiction author decribes the age we are currently living through and why we are so fucked up:

    I obeyed Gerard Vanderleun’s imperative to RTWDAMNT and was glad that I did. It contains many useful weapons for the civilisational war in which we are all frontline combatants.

  80. A thousand hear, hears to that essay! A personal highlight:

    ‘The main sign of when madness has possessed a crowd, or a civilization, is when the people are fearful of imaginary or trivial dangers but nonchalant about real and deep dangers.’

  81. When they can’t hire a car or van they steal it, or buy it.

    When they can’t access complex weapons, they use knives.

    And Boris Johnson is out slamming Trump (like everyone else). The Mail readers are furious at Johnson.

    The level of disconnect between the Tory party and its voters is bigger than I have ever seen.

    I know there is a media blackout on all upstart parties, but, please, vote for an alternative.

    THese xxxxing Tories have done nothing apart from water down Brexit and slag off Trump. THey are xxxx on stilts.

  82. Frank P – 22:07

    I was perusing Ann’e blog the other looking for any link-worthy items. I didn’t think that there was anything too inflammatory to complain about but… there again, I’m not a mentally enslaved libtard! I suppose it might be her Christian content that might trigger those types though.

  83. Esther – 22:07

    Bad Wolf: There’s a term for that, and it’s “theft!”

    Frank P – 22:19

    “busted out” is a kinda ironic term where those two wimmin are concerned!

  84. Marshal Roberts above links to a Daily Mail smear of why Bannon left the WhiteHouse. It is a total Daily Mail lie.

    Remember: the Daily Mail hates anyone who crosses it. It really hates anyone who sues it. And – even without those two things – it really hates Trump.

    Trump represents real populism, not the Judas Goat populism of the Daily Mail.

    Trump sued the Daily Mail for calling his wife a hooker.

    All the stuff about Bannon on the Mail in the past week was covered on Breitbart (Bannon’s website), where he announced he would be supporting and fighting for the President – the total opposite to the Daily Mail saying Bannon was turning on Trump.

    Always go to the original source! Please. Watch the Trump press conferences. Watch the Trump interviews, speeches and rallies. They bear no relation to how they are written up.

    If you want to know what Bannon thinks of Trump, look at Breitbart.

    The Daily Mail is the slimiest piece of Judas Goat filth out there. It is such a behemoth, it must be looked at from time to time to see the Judas Goat zeitgeist misleading the masses, but never, ever forget it is pure propaganda to give people Judas Goat conservatism.

    Nasty, nasty paper. As nasty as The Guardian.

  85. If anyone sues the Mail and wins, they wil hunt that person down forever. That, combined with the Mail’s hatred of Trump’s real populism, means it will forever hate him.

    It’s a smear fest.

  86. The Arizona speech by Trump this week was sublime. THe crowd cheered, the press were booed.

    Among the items shushed up by the Press was a pardon Trump was going to give to a sheriff who ignored a judge’s order not to lock up illegal immigrants a pardon.

    He kept his promise. He has been pardoned. You have to go to page 37 of the MSM to find out.

    The crowd at that speech just loved this by the way. Why doesn’t the MSM turn up the volume on the good news?

  87. In the whole Arizona speech it was I am doing what you asked me to do. Or I am at least trying and being blocked.

    You want immigration stopped and an end to activist judges and Common Purposers? Trump is doing it:

  88. Frank – 23:45

    Thanks for that excellent link to the Jon C Wright article.

    [All was going quite well until he told me to “get my mind out of the gutter” 🙂 ]

    There was a striking congruity in what he was saying about the Republicans in the US to the “position assumed” by UK’s Conservative party.



  89. Gorka is out!

    Apart from Trump, is there anybody left?

  90. EC

    “Read the whole damn thing!”

    [Unlike you not to crack the acronmyic code reflexively). You were obviously up late on Hurricane alert]. 🙂

  91. Acronymic – sri! Always upposing there is such a word. Apols.
    I saw it through to Hannity, then I stowed my oilskins and turned in. That Steve Harrigan is a card, isn’t he? Silly sod! Fox must finance his Life Insurance policy.

  92. Superb link above to that Fred On Everything piece:

    ‘Half the country, led by New York, wants to control, and does control, everything of importance to the other half. Everything is decided remotely: what your children learn in school, what you can’t say to them because they might tell their teachers; who you have to hire, with whom you have to associate, what religious practices are permitted, whether you can have a Christmas tree in the town square or sing carols on the public streets, whether you can defend yourself and your family. New York versus the Deplorables. The city holds the high cards.’

    And they are in overdrive, closing down websites, banning their funding etc.

    This is all being co-ordinated by bankers.

  93. Esther – 12:50
    ‘This is all being co-ordinated by bankers.’

    This is all being co-ordinated through the banking system – which it would be, because money ‘influences’ everything.

    Even in my fairly affluent neighbourhood I see many sheep wanting to be led, and it must be even easier elsewhere!

    Children are coached to believe authority, in their Child Centered Learning lessons, which centre on agendas, not people. The MSM have lost their soul and integrity. Experts need to toe the line to keep their positions.

    But people are waking up to their unawareness.

  94. Statue-tory lesson in history, aided and abetted by Noa (via the comments):

    Don’t ‘do a Nelson’ and put you telescope to your blind eye for this one: a good exchange.

  95. Frank, Esther, EC & Co:

    It’s not because the barbarian enjoys controversy, it may be because his education’s truly poor, but the essay is a puzzle to him (his attention was switched on only to the two examples of what author calls ‘an institutional false-to-facts association’.

    The first one, the defence attorney arguing the trial should be scrapped because the villain had been denied justice for five years strikes Baron as a reasonable argument that may have been used by attorneys 50, 100 or 200 years ago. That’s what defending councils do, find something that helps their clients. The other example was impossible to verify, the link displayed a 404 error.

    Still, the chart more than confuses, the headings across make little sense ‘dates, stories characters, technical, data ….’ why not add ‘forms, conflicts & interruptions, key tech drivers or whatever?

    Under the ‘future history’ (characters, technical) he has helicopters going throughout, most of the other descriptive wording listed under ‘characters and technical’ are baffling (what is ‘persephone or “the doctor’?), ‘mechanised roads’ ending around now. Hmmm

    As a writer of science fiction he may be the top, but fiction it is that describes his approach even though his conclusion may fit what many others think, too.

  96. Frank P @ 13:53

    This lament by the omni-all one cannot but be fully approved except for the first few paragraphs where he promotes free speech only for the right people, the ones who have something to say, the brainy mesomorphs, not the near or fully stupid ….

    Free speech should be what it says on the tin, free for everyone, for the imbecilic as well as the ones at the opposite site of the spectrum of knowledge, wisdom or whatever.

    Why is Noa so obsessed to have Frederick removed? Did the man owe some money to Noa’s predecessors?

    For the barbarian, it’s the second cycle of monuments ‘removal’ he’s observing, putting his twopence worth into the debate.

    He can live with every and each statue our predecessors thought worthwhile to erect if only because he reckons we should be permanently and continuously reminded of the past as it was, even if it was full of boils and warts and things we find today rather unpleasant and embarrassing (even criminal), and better to be avoided.

    If each and every generations were to use as calibrating point its own set of beliefs, morals, shibboleths the country would be devoid of anything reminding it of its past.

    When communism fell in the East, those who had meekly accepted it only days or even hours before were calling for the destruction of every statue erected by the Red Menace.

    On his first visit to the liberated lands, the barbarian penned a letter to a paper saying the statues should not be destroyed, but moved to less prominent places (parks, places of rest and contemplation), erected there to remind everyone of what the past was – from the stupid and sycophantic to the criminal and inhuman. Before he left the country, the barbarian was visited by a couple of ‘new democrats’ telling him to shut up (it puzzles Baron still how these two guys got to know his address).

    Nobody has yet visited Baron here, but who knows what the future brings.

  97. A timely reprise from Mark Steyn, given Gorka’s ‘resignation’:

  98. Baron (14:30)

    “When communism fell in the east..”

    O dear O dear O dear!
    You are a one!

  99. … Who was it who said, “If you tell a lie big enough often enough …”

    They should put up a statue of him in one of …your suggested parks m’lud.
    You could sit by it on a summer’s day and contemplate. 🙂

  100. Sublime Mark Steyn. The opening monologue had me in fits of laughter.

    Anyone remember the ghatly radio phone-in host James Whale? He does what they all do and never lets on anyone informed who would expose him, and should the conversation turn remotely intelligent by accident, he cuts them off anyway.

    There’s a nasty creep on LBC call James O’Brien who does the same.

    Anyway, Whale invited on Peter Hitchens the othe day and did what he always does and cut him off. This lasted two minutes before Whale cut him off.

    James Whale is a metaphor for the Theresa May Tory Party: not listening to you. Brash and xxxx everybody else.

    I was relieved to see how many commenters hate Whale. A Judas Goat presenter on a Judas Goat radio channel, whatever it is.

  101. Frank P @ 14:42

    Gloves off then, guru? As Harry Hill says ‘fight for it’? No more co-existence?

    OK, you choose the weapon – swords, pistols or, as it’s in vogue today in our rainbow society, the machetes?

    Not tonight though, the barbarian’ s off to a concert, a touch of high culture. Wasted on him, the boss says.

  102. Baron

    As I’ve said already it’s a free country, just about.

    No need for you to sign an entirely pointless petition asking a socialist council to remove a piece of Stalinist Brutalism they approved of erecting in the first place.

    The principle of objecting to the evil that is communism and the horror that Engels helped wreak upon the world is secondary in your view, to the preservation of the right to install it in the first place.

  103. Man from Luton , who is not Tommy Robinson , arrested : ( re incident in The Mall ).

  104. Radford NG (19:15)

    Obviously he was seeking ‘suicide by police officer’. Equally obviously there were no real police officers around or his wish would have been granted.
    One would thought that at least one sanguine armed officer would be assigned to Buckhouse 24/7? If not, why not?

  105. Trump is likely to rescind Obama’s ‘Dreamer’ program as early as NEXT WEEK – putting 600,000 children at risk of being deported

  106. Noa @ 18:57

    For you, Noa, everything, if you feel that strongly about it. Where does the barbarian sign?

  107. Esther @ 21:32

    The move may be in line with what he said he would do, Esther, but smart it isn’t, the timing doesn’t feel right, he should have waited until one of the ‘children’ were to do something criminal (e.g. the rape case in a toilet of few months ago), only then action the order to scrap the policy saying each case should be treated on its merits, the bad apples to be sent packing.

  108. Radford NG @ 19:15

    Top marks for the BBC Radio4 today, Radford, they didn’t try to suggest it was a car that drove against the officers, a machete that jumped out injuring both, or that no shouts of Allahu Akbar were heard. Amazing, probably a new set of instructions was issued to the journalistic poodles.

  109. Esther @ 17:45

    Bit of a fuggwit, this guy Whale, Esther, the world’s full of them, one should ignore them.

    PH could have deployed a different tactic though asking him repeatedly just one question from any angle he could think of – ‘what would you do if your sister took the weed, became suicidal, committed suicide’.

  110. Baron.

    Dzerzhinsky hauled-off from outside the Lubyanka.

  111. This is extremely bad news. It means Theresa May is going to don the ‘bad cop’ hat, deliver a hollow Brexit, which will infuriate voters.

    She exits. The sheep all laud the new Moggsiah, or whoever wins the leadership contest, who wears the ‘good cop’ hat until they are elected at a General Election, after which they put back on bad cop hat (you’ve seen the movie already, I know!). Rinse and repeat. I have seen this move, oh, I dunno, a dozen times. And it’s why I gave up voting Tory years ago and will never vote again.

    This is just a quicker version of the bog standard Tory trick. I believe Peter Hitchens has catalogued much the same in his blogs and books.

    Out means out. And the Tories won’t do it.

    Theresa May sets the date she will quit as Prime Minister – but gives herself two years to see Brexit through first

    Theresa May will reportedly step down as Prime Minister in August 2019
    The date would give her two years to see the Brexit negotiations through

  112. Noa

    Kudos for passing on local information to Alex Boot concerning Engels’ statue. It provoked a wonderfully informative essay about the pedigree and philosophy of Marx’s cohort:

    I undersand Phil Collins owns a house in the village I inhabit. Perhaps I should copy the piece and post it through his door. 🙂

  113. Katie Hopkins is cataloging the Twitter, Google (owner of YouTube) crackdown on free speech:

  114. Paul Joseph Watson seems to have had a break from YouTube since the purge on free speech started. He’s still Tweeting and cataloging the purge:

  115. Italy: Polish Man Beaten Unconscious and Wife Gang Raped on Rimini Beach, African Migrants Suspected

  116. A surprizing song .

    Johnny Cash sings ” God Bless Robert E.Lee ” : for all the needless deaths he averted.

  117. The censorship madness is going wild. This is what happens when you digitalise everything. To use the Littlejohn maxim: every time you give those above more power they will always, always abuse it:

    Stay away from Zuckerberg. Stay away.

  118. They have boarded up the shops in Notting Hill and try to pretend it’s friendly by spray painting some colours on the boards. This is an Orwellian lie (straight to comments):

  119. Radford NG @ 02:46

    Lets ban not just this song, Radford, but the singer, too, erase his name from the public records, from our consciousness, punish severely those mentioning him, that cannot but strengthen the cohesiveness of the society, we will truly begin to love each other then ….

  120. Esther @ 12:00

    One from the phylum of the deluded was saying on the BBC Radio4 ‘it’s even more important this year that after Charlottesville the Notting Hill jamboree goes ahead’ (or words to that effect).

    And indeed it should, the graffiti covered boards should remain in place permanently, they represent if not Britain than certainly the contemporary London very well.

  121. Esther @ 11:51

    The blue veined barbarian is rather confused by this (and many other tweets).

    What is what and who follows or is followed by whom? Could you explain, please?

  122. Esther @ 00:30

    One has to see this rather unpleasant incident through the prism of the progressives, Esther, it’s no doubt the fault of the Polish couple.

    Had they not been born, they wouldn’t have travelled to Italy, gone for walk on the beach, the suspected newcomers wouldn’t have had a chance to carry out the beating and raping.

    The couple have only themselves to blame, no?

  123. Esther @ 23:14

    The leak may be just a tester to find out the reaction of the political class, of those who aspire to replace her, and above all of the voters, Esther.

  124. Radford NG @ 23:12

    Thanks for the picture, Radford, once upon a time, the barbarian was a guest in the building behind the statue of this Polish thug (born into an impoverished minor aristocratic family then converting to the enlightening creed of the bolsheviks).

    He got his reward, dropped dead slowly from a fatal coronery either during or after a speech at one of the gatherings of the faithful, it served the bastard right.

  125. Wouldn’t expect anything else from either of these two bastards…

    “Paul Ryan, John McCain break with Trump on Arpaio pardon”

  126. Baron,

    I’m sorry, M’Lud, but such a violent change of view must come from the heart, not merely on my say-so.
    Your Damascene conversion, to be True, must surely be the result of self conviction, a blinding revelation of the error of your ways, not due merely to a teasing post on the Wall.
    In short, a Call Me Dave used to say it should be because You Know

    “Its The Right Thing to Do”. 😉

  127. Frank P 23.44

    Many thanks for drawing our attention to Mr Boot’s excellent, fiery post on Fred the Red.” In his own words”.
    And you have Phil ‘the Idolator’ Collins actually living in your midst?! Oh dear. Popping in a ‘kopy’ of Der Boot’s fin de siecle piece through his letter box would certainly be more pleasant than some of the other things some might consider, including but by no means limited to boulder size lumps of statutory.

    More pragmatically, I suppose a rate (rat) rebate is out of the question? :-)) :-))

  128. Re Mr Boot’s post, I left the not unrelated musing, reproduced below, on his site.

    “I have been spending a very pleasant few days in Harrogate, which despite being in Yorkshire is, as a Lancastrian I am happy to acknowledge, a beautiful little town. It has a war memorial commemorating the folk who were killed in the first and second world wars. It also has a fine statue to the late Queen Victoria, erected in more patriotic times it is set in a small, pleasant flowered square and thoughtfully provided with benches for the ease of both visitors and Harrogatians.
    Odd notices, have been attached to the benches, claiming them to be public property, (when were they not, and whoever claimed otherwise?) Progressive comments have also been attached. I particularly enjoyed the one that claimed “there are more than two genders”. Though it did not state how many genders there now are. One claim from Facebook is that there are 71. Another that there are only 63. But, this excludes a further category of ‘indeterminate genders’, such as micro-penises. Far be it from me to comment on such matters of relativity, it would challenge Einstein nowadays to establish the number and extent of gender communities. As many stars as there are in the galaxies, subject to the actual number of people on earth is my first tentative thought, though I acknowledge this leave no scope for each and every one of us to change our minds and our dress code, at any time we wish. So the possible variations are indeed beyond count, and limited only by the number of available outsize dresses in Oxfam.
    However I am grateful to the anonymous Social Justice Warrior who has taken such trouble to stick their neat, but odd messages on the benches in Harrogate, food for thought indeed. Perhaps they were on day release from the local Mental Hospital there, on day release, or simply the product of the local education system enjoying the freedom provided by the endless summer school holidays.
    And I am grateful that he or she, or whatever, left the Old Queen alone and un-defaced, for the moment at least. Her Majesty is and remains a symbol of simpler and finer Victorian values than those of Fred the Barbarian, and spawned subsequently, so well enumerated above by Mr Boot.”

  129. Esther-Thank you for the ‘Carvinal’ link , black is indeed beautiful and the residents must welcome the friendly streams of urine, untested for recreational pharmaceuticals, which tumble down their front door steps at this time.

    Did you pick up the great caption underneath the relevant photo?

    “Grenfell Tower became a hot spot for tourists to take selfies outside after a fire in Kensington claimed at least 80 lives in June”


    Read more:
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

  130. M1 accident.
    No one is asking why the front lorry jack-knifed on what would have been a reasonably clear motorway at that time of the morning.

  131. John birch. @ 17:15

    One of the lorry drivers was drunk, according to the SE, John, which may have been enough to cause the pile up.

  132. Noa @ 16:28

    When Baron & the boss visited Bettys of Harrogate in the 80s, Noa, the place oozed Englishness in bucketloads, the tables sported flower pots, the courteous waitresses in starched aprons moved around gently but efficiently, the cakes of considerable size tasted as cakes should taste, the tea had the colour of honey.

    On a visit to the same tearoom about three months ago, the place looked as if someone turned it into a skip, filled it up with unruly kids accompanied by mothers who would easily qualify for sumo wrestling, the floor appeared as if it hasn’t been swept since the start of the new century, there was a massive queue to get in, the waitress in charge kept telling people ‘perhaps you come another day?”.

    Bettys at Ilkley was a different story, well worth a visit.

  133. Noa @ 16:09

    It’s not that often the blue veined barbarian does anyone a favour, Noa, your rejection of his noble offer is the reason why, such ungratefulness, arghhh

    How many signatures have you got? Still short of 100? Mr. Boot should ask his thousands of followers to back you, no?

  134. EC @ 15:08

    Baron reckons, the two can smell the Donald’s inability to get what he wants on the big issues, this one, the pardoning of Arpaio, isn’t such big deal, one would expect them to be critical of the decision.

    This may have been posted before, it’s worth reading, it slices the Donald cum his entourage differently.

  135. Right. This story, which I posted at 00.30 from Breitbart above (you know, oooh Breitbart, the lunatic fringe) is finally on mainstream news.

    Judas Goat Daily Mail has held back the story for a few hours to work out precisely how much sanitation should be done. And the Mail has decided not to give a description of the rape squad lest the public should wake up:

    Polish tourist is gang-raped on an Italian beach as her helpless boyfriend is forced to watch as he is savagely beaten and robbed

    Meanwhile, as the crime has started in Notting Hill, the Mail’s Notting Hill stories are no longer carrying comments (why not? the readers’ views were hilarious, true and wonderful).

  136. Italy: Muslim migrants beat Polish tourist, gang-rape his wife on Rimini beach

    And the date on that is August 26th at 6.30

    All the newswires knew it was a Muslim attack, held back the story to think how to cover it and, er, decided to leave out the most important part of the story: who did it. You know who did it.

  137. It just doesn’t matter, does it?

    We have had mass murder by Muslims in Machester of children. Mass Muslim rape squads across the UK.

    And still the people do nothing.

    I am sorry, but – at some stage – this is the fault of the voters themselves.

    You cannot keep voting LibLabCon.

    I say again: you, we are ants. Ants running around under big boots stamping on us. And hoping that here in the US or in Europe, please God, let it be someone else and not me.

    It is death. They are not joking. Keep voting for this and you will die. WTF is the matter with people?

  138. Although the eastern European countries are now literally locking their doors to Merkel’s invasion, France, Germany, Spain and Italy are all doomed. In fact, the whole of the south is doomed.

    They are wedded to the EU project (as per the re-election of Macron) and are this doomed.

  139. Unsurprisingly, vloggers are jacking in YouTube and heading to BitChute:

  140. Baron – 20:33

    Sorry, I’m afraid that article lurks behind a £wall and I cannot access it.

  141. Taki magazine online (free) has some amazing stuff on there at the moment. Please click on the link provided because the writer is paid per page view. It’s quality stuff (small taster for you):

    ‘I watched the day’s most infamous event, and the one that will be milked of every last drop for political purposes, right as it livestreamed—the car-plowing incident that resulted in the death of one woman and injuries to dozens of others. I watched a person get killed as it happened, and even though I wasn’t there, it’s a feeling you can’t quite ever scrub from your mind. Plenty of evidence has emerged—and it will be suppressed—that before plowing into the crowd, murder suspect James Alex Fields, Jr.’s car had been repeatedly attacked by bat-wielding rioters.

    ‘Would this have happened if the event had gone on undisturbed and the police had provided adequate protection—like they’re supposed to do when someone has a legal permit and has yet to break any laws?

    ‘Would it have happened if, after declaring the entire city a no-assembly zone, the police also forcibly dispersed the BLM and Antifa mobs rather than let them block streets throughout downtown?’

    Please share this article by using the link below. When you cut and paste an article, Taki’s Magazine misses out on traffic, and our writers don’t get paid for their work. Email to buy additional rights.

  142. Since the event itself, that is exactly what I thought had happened.

    He clearly did not go there with intent, but if people are banging and smashing your car with you inside it, or you fear they are about to do so, that may lead to a botched getaway and an accident.

    It was pure prejudice from the start to call this murder. Prejudice. To pre-judge.

    Where is the proof of intent? If he went there to kill, why not do it early when he knew people would be around? Everyone could have gone home peacefully.

    If I were the defence lawyer, I would be having a field day with the fact the car was attacked. We’ve seen on video how these people behave: property, people – they don’t care.

  143. Quality stuff all over Taki magazine at the mo.

  144. I wish I could be angry. But who voted for this? The people themselves. I did not and never have voted for de facto state-sponsored murder. There is a very easy answer to all this and it’s in the ballot box. No, no, no. Not LibLabCon:

    Islamist violence has become a normal part of European life

    Douglas Murray

    It’s just over a week since 15 people were killed in an Islamist attack in Barcelona, Spain. It appears that the person who organised the cell involved in that attack was an Imam called Abdelbaki Es Satty. In the days that have followed we have also learned that the country only narrowly avoided a far worse assault, and that the cell who were subsequently involved in a shoot-out with police had been planning to blow up a set of Spanish monuments including Antoni Gaudi’s masterpiece, the church of Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.

    Last night there were only two attacks in Europe. In the centre of Brussels a Somali-born man shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ (‘Allah is Greatest’) attacked soldiers with a machete before being shot dead. And in London, outside Buckingham Palace a man from Luton shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ was restrained by police before he was able to cause more than minor injuries to them with the machete he was carrying.

    There could be any number of explanations for these attacks, as with so many attacks before them. It could be that the perpetrators suffered the famous problem of low blood-sugar levels which have been known to cause attacks of this kind in the past. Or it could be that these are simply further cases of people making their objections to Spanish, Belgian and British foreign policy clear in a more effusive manner than is normally deemed acceptable.

    But the important thing to remember about these attacks is that they are just like the weather. Unlike other types of violence, these solitary events must be seen as indicative of absolutely nothing, with no further investigation into anything that might lie behind them. They are just strange eruptions which occasionally happen and have no connections to anything, anywhere or anyone.


    “A secret test conducted by police showed that terrorists could break into Parliament in under five minutes and stage a massacre of more than 100 MPs, The Sunday Telegraph can reveal.
    In a simulated attack, which took place in the middle of the night, officers posing as extremists used a boat to gain access from the river. They then navigated the corridors and stormed the House of Commons chamber in an exercise that could have caused mass casualties if replicated in real life. ”


    “German Chancellor Angela Merkel said she has no regrets about her 2015 decision to open the country’s borders to hundreds of thousands of refugees and added she will not be deterred from campaigning by angry hecklers. ”

    Reuters (h/t Drudge Report)

  147. Baron 19-59.
    I don’t think it’s that simple Baron, the front lorry jack knifed.
    Why, my guess is the driver was half asleep and should have turned off at that slip road by the accident.
    Hit the brakes as hard as possible and the unit jack-knifed.
    With the trailer blocking the motorway the minibus went into it followed by the second lorry.
    Most accidents this time of the morning are due to drivers nodding off.
    I was behind a foreign artic who was technically in the slow lane but was one moment in the hard shoulder and next minute weaving out into the centre lane, I timed overtaking it until he was back on the hard shoulder and got passed as fast as possible.
    You see many accidents where drivers going to sleep are the only explanation, particularly lorries going up embankments or into fields alongside motorways.

  148. Baron 20.25


    Why the hissy fit, M’lud?

    I merely said you shouldn’t change your mind and sign the petition because I asked you to, but because you thought it was right and just to do so.

  149. Past atrocities, future glories

    As George Formby might have said
    “I’m lenin on a lamp post on the corner of the field
    Till a certain little lady comes by…”

  150. Baron,

    I sympathise with you on your recent visit to Betty’s, it is a victim of its own success.
    There were queues of hundreds of people outside both the Harrogate and York establishments.
    RHS Harlow Carr was no better. In addition to political correctness having seen the abolition of some of the more popular traditional garden displays, with their replacement by low maintenance ‘flower meadows’, their Betty’s was stashed with the Tamsin’s and Tristrams of bien pensant yummy mummies with ne’r a Yorkshire vowel between ’em.

    The cakes and confections remain wonderful, if expensive.F

  151. Noa @ 11:54

    The East was full of the stuff, Noa, each town or city would have had more than one statue of the giants of the communist doctrine, the more the better, most of it got removed, not all physically destroyed, and just as well, you can find many artefacts of the era on e-bay, or advertised in collector papers, it was mostly the Americans who snatched alot of it, are flogging it now at handsome profit.

    The barbarian has to to come clean here (that may make you see redder than red, it will certainly get Frank’s heart rate up), he has a bust of Lenin in solid bronze, not a big one roughly the height of a bottle of milk, it comes from a limited edition, is signed by the sculptor, can be had on e-bay for over $300.

    In addition, the barbarian is a possessor of a number of Soviet military medals, some are now trading for over $100, he was searching in vain for a real KGB badge, hard to get because of fakes, if you know where to lay your hand on one, do tell, please. They were usually numbered, and a little book accompanied the trinket, all together worth thousands today.

    Were you to think the poorly educated Slav was after money buying it, you would be wrong, he wanted to get it for his grandsons, they should have to examine, touch, smell the stuff to remember the awful times, hopefully do everything to avoid the repetition of them.

  152. Noa @ 11:36

    Hissy fit, Noa? You think that posting smells of hissy fit? Arghhh

    You should be glad not to have witnessed any of the barbarian’s hissy fits, it doesn’t happen often (he’s then embarrassed, repentful, subdued for weeks on end), but when it does happen, one doesn’t want to be close to the poorly educated Slav. Trust him, Baron knows, he’s experienced it.

  153. John birch. @ 08:40

    Good point, John.

    Some considerable time ago well before the Dartford tunnel crossing changed the toll to licence plate capture for crossing it, the barbarian was travelling south, reached the bridge, wanted to overtake a container truck that went well below the permitted 40mph near the top of the bridge.

    Just as Baron’s car reached the tail end of the truck, the driver swirled to the right, the monster came almost half way into the barbarian’s lane, stayed there for several seconds. You cannot imagine how startled Baron was, his decision was to brake, and just as well, if he didn’t, he wouldn’t be typing this now.

    (Baron still has nightmares about it).

  154. Malfleur @ 01:30

    Did you say ‘simulated’ attack, Malfleur? Pity that.

    (Only joking, in case a sensitive soul scans the postings).

  155. Last thing to bother you with.

    Does anyone has any experience wit ha file manager app for Android phones?

  156. Baron – 12:46

    You’ve obviously never heard of Captain Hurricane’s “ragin’ furies.”

  157. Baron – 12:58

    “Did you say ‘simulated’ attack, Malfleur? Pity that.”

    I read that story on the RT (Radio Tass) website earlier today.

    In the event that such a heinous crime should be perpetrated then I look forward to one of the surviving fuckers standing out front of No. 10 and saying INTDWI.

    Hopefully HMQ would appoint Col. Richard Kemp to run the country in the aftermath.

  158. Meanwhile…

    The child has allegedly spent the last six months in the care of two Muslim households in London – and is crying and begging not to be returned as “they don’t speak English”

  159. EC – 15:03

    It is possible to have too much cultural enrichment:

  160. A few weeks ago Peter Oborne wrote a piece pointing out that the only thing saving Brexit was Jeremy Corbyn. The only thing. He was not supposed to still be heading the Labour Party.

    There has obviously been a lot of horse trading behind the scenes because this weekend – when nobody reads the newspapers – Corbyn has U turned in spectacular fashion. This is Oborne writing today:

    Under the Corbyn plan, we stay in the EU in all but name, doing what the Brussels commissars and European judges tell us — and continuing to pay vast sums for the privilege. You might very well ask what was the point of leaving in the first place.

    I am certain that the latest Labour proposal is part of a carefully thought-out Establishment plan to delay and — finally — to halt Brexit.

    Is it a coincidence that arch-European Tony Blair is to meet EC President Jean-Claude Juncker this week?

    The Remainers are still too cautious to come out and demand that the referendum result should be reversed. But they want to do everything they can to undermine it — and Corbyn’s Labour Party is their chosen vehicle.

    Soon they will be going further and demanding a second referendum.

    These are uncharted political waters in which the future of British democracy is at stake. We are entering extraordinary times.

  161. This is Peter Oborne writing on July 8 – this is a mere seven weeks ago:

    I understand that, two weeks ago, a group of senior businessmen who met a close union ally of Corbyn in the hope of convincing him of the case for a watered-down Brexit were sent away with a flea in their ear.

    I believe that Corbyn’s support is absolutely crucial to the success of Brexit negotiations. This is particularly the case at a time the Tory Party is convulsed by a brutal battle between MPs who want a ‘soft’ Brexit — with continued membership of the Single Market trading arrangements — and hard Brexiteers who believe the UK can flourish without any vestigial EU ties.

    As Mrs May struggles to regain authority, it is the duty of the leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition to step up and do the right thing by this country.

    How ironic it would be if Brexit — with this country re-established as a truly independent, self-governing nation — was achieved thanks to the influence of Jeremy Corbyn.

  162. It was always the case that without a Leader of the Opposition screaming for a watered down Brexit, that May was in trouble.

    She needs the straw man debate ‘he weak on Brexit, me strong and stable’ to make herself look like the leader who is pro-Brexit.

    She now has that excuse.

    You are being played like a fiddle.

  163. From the comments at Guido on the Brexit stitch-up:

    anna CheshireRed

    Read Yanis Varoufakis’s book ‘Adults in the Room’ about the impossibility of negotiating with the EU. It was published before we began negotiating and he predicted exactly what would happen.

    It is quite chilling to see how accurate he was: the power-playing, negative briefing, bad mouthing, divide and rule tactics, delaying and blaming us. He recommended that we should just give a firm and generous offer to all EU citizens here, then walk away on the moral high ground.

  164. I am absolutely furious. It is a Bank Holiday in the UK and under cover of holidays and sun the centrepiece of Brexit betrayal is rolled out.

    I popped over to Mel’s to see if she was awake and she is. She’s dealing with the foster care story cited above (a must read):

  165. The Yanis Varoufakis book is a great book. Norman Lamont, the man who had to deal with Soros (him again) and the ERM disaster, actually emailed Varoufakis when Greece was trying to escape the EU, saying, if you manage to break free and need any advice, just email me.

    I know Corbyn is a fraud, but xxxx me, I didn’t see this U turn coming. He has just junked his entire position since June 24, 2016. The man is a disgrace. And May is worse because now she can do what she likes: delver a false Brexit.

    Every single time they do this. Every single time. LibLabCon.

  166. I don’t know whether the answer is UKIP, Veterans Party or Monster Raving Looney Party. It sure ain’t the Conservative Party. You have been conned (again).

    Veterans Party website:

  167. Anna Soubry is out laughing as Brexit goes down the toilet:

    Tory Remainers claim Labour’s single market shift is sending a hard Brexit ‘down the pan’

  168. Mandelson in there too, laughing like a hyena.

    Rudd, majority 349, Soubry held on by about 800. Even if you are a Tory, why would you vote for them?

    Brexit is dead. This is what May wanted. Now that Corbyn’s fingerprints are on the weapon, May will slice Brexit’s throat like a halal butcher. You want to scream in agony, but you can’t because your political windpipe has been slit. Halal butcher May can do what she likes.

    It’s just pure madness to vote Tory.

  169. There was not one single manifesto from LibLabCon in 2017 that was not a tissue of lies.

  170. EC @ 21:56

    Apologies, EC, this posting of yours was mised by Baron. Here is the piece in instalments:

    In his fateful interview with Robert Kuttner of The American Prospect, Steve Bannon’s remarks about taking a tougher stand on trade with China, battling his enemies within the administration, and the futility of military action against North Korea generated the most headlines. But it was a widely overlooked comment about identity politics that offers the most important insight into the brilliant and cynical political mind of President Donald Trump’s now-departed counsellor and former campaign CEO.

    ‘The Democrats, the longer they talk about identity politics, I got ‘em,’ Bannon gloated to Kuttner. ‘I want them to talk about racism every day. If the left is focused on race and identity, and we go with economic nationalism, we can crush the Democrats.’
    Rare does a political strategist so explicitly reveal his game plan. Rarer do his opponents utterly fail to recalibrate their tactics in response. From the day Trump announced his candidacy for president with a smear maligning Mexicans as rapists, to the release of a tape in which he joked about groping women, the American left has campaigned against Donald Trump largely on claims pertaining to identity: that Trump is a racist, a misogynist, a xenophobe, an Islamophobic bigot. When Trump hired Bannon to run his presidential campaign, Hillary Clinton and her allies doubled-down on this line of attack, with Clinton going so far as to deliver a speech in which she attacked Bannon by name, a rare feat of notoriety for a campaign CEO.

    Notwithstanding the merits of these charges against Trump – which I happen to agree with – it was clearly an unsuccessful strategy, as Trump not only won the election, but did so with a higher portion of the black and Latino vote than his Republican predecessor, and with a respectable 42 percent of women.

    This result came as a shock to people living in Democratic Party redoubts, like major metropolitan areas and college towns. And it came as a particular shock to the media, which had predicted with utter certainty that Donald Trump could never be elected president. They could not fathom how a man who so easily vilified minorities, who brought the concept of political incorrectness to such startling depths, could attain the presidency of the United States. But long before anyone took Trump seriously as a hypothetical presidential candidate, Bannon saw in the New York real estate magnate a potential standard-bearer for an increasingly polarising America. Trump became the vessel through which Bannon could implement an insight which has proven rather reliable in America (and elsewhere, too): forced to choose between a chauvinist, xenophobic, majoritarian, nationalist right and a smug, post-nationalist, identity politics-obsessed left, most will choose the former.

    Throughout his short, eight-month tenure at the White House, Bannon – who has been described as a ‘Leninist’ – committed himself to effectuating this dialectic. His influence can be seen in three policy battles he helped instigate, all aimed at forcing Trump’s political adversaries and the media (dubbed ‘the opposition party’ by Bannon) onto political terrain where the right traditionally has a home field advantage: the so-called ‘Muslim travel ban’, the hastily-announced prohibition on transgender military service, and the just-erupted fight over statues and historical memory. In each case, Bannon nudged Democrats and liberals into adopting positions that, while fashionable with their activist base and media elite, are either unpopular or considered irrelevant to a wide majority of the American people. And by repeatedly taking his bait, the American left is allowing Bannon to define them.

    Start with the travel ban, which, however immoral or controversial, is constitutional and applies only to seven majority Muslim countries. Liberals’ first mistake was to label the executive order a ‘Muslim travel ban’, not only because this description is factually wrong, but because, frankly, Americans aren’t so enthusiastic about the prospect of more Muslim immigrants. Polls have found overwhelming public support for the ban, 60 percent of Americans in favour to only 28 percent opposed. 56 percent of independents and 41 percent of Democrats support Trump’s position. Bannon himself couldn’t have scripted the liberal reaction better: the minute the ban was announced, protestors rushed to airport terminals across the country denouncing Trump; at JFK, hundreds chanted ‘No borders, no nations, fuck deportations!’ a message certainly bound to go down well among the voters Democrats will need to win back in 2018 and 2020. Trump – following Bannon’s strategic advice – was able to define himself as taking a tough stance against terrorism while his adversaries argued for Muslim immigration.

  171. Part 2

    Next came the ban on transgender military service, which Bannon allegedly convinced Trump to announce over Twitter and that apparently took the Joint Chiefs of Staff by surprise. While a majority of Americans support transgender people having the right to serve in the military, it is hard to imagine that Trump lost any support over this decision. What it did offer was red meat to his base. Moreover, it is the sort of boutique issue that the more Democrats talk about – making absurd claims like 150,000 transgender people have served in the military, enlisting at twice the rate of the general population – the more politically tone-deaf they sound.

    Finally, there is the fraught-issue of Confederate monuments. It was Bannon, alone among the president’s advisors, who told Trump to place equal blame on neo-Nazi and far left protestors for the violence in Charlottesville. And it was Bannon who, as he gloated in an interview with the New York Times, encouraged Trump to make the slippery-slope argument regarding the removal of Confederate statues, rhetorically asking the country if the dismantling of Robert E. Lee would lead to the razing of Washington and Jefferson. ‘Just give me more,’ Bannon gushed to the New York Times about the liberal reaction to Charlottesville. ‘Tear down more statues. Say the revolution is coming. I can’t get enough of it.’

    As with the travel and transgender bans, the response from the ‘resistance’ was Pavlovian. Over the past two weeks, mobs have taken down Confederate statues, graffiti was sprayed on the Lincoln Memorial, a Lincoln bust was defaced in Chicago, a Democratic CNN analyst demanded that monuments to Washington and Jefferson be demolished (which would mean the destruction of two of Washington, D.C.’s most iconic attractions, if not the renaming of the national capital itself), and Democratic congressional leaders wrote bills mandating the removal of Confederate statues from the Capitol building. All this occurs against the backdrop of a poll reporting 62 percent of Americans want Confederate statues to remain in place, a finding that includes 44 percent of Democrats and, most surprisingly, a plurality of African-Americans.

    Of all the shocks of the Trump presidency, it is the public reaction – or lack thereof – to Charlottesville and the ensuing aftermath that have caused the greatest disbelief among the political and media elite. In all of my time following the Trump campaign and presidency, I cannot recall a single occurrence to which there has been a more uniformly negative media outcry than Trump’s reaction to the events in Charlottesville. But what Trump was able to do – by taking Bannon’s advice – was pivot from the controversy over apportioning blame for violence to the politically safer issue of iconoclasm, where public opinion verges drastically from that of the elite media. (And even on the matter of Trump’s claiming ‘both sides’ were to blame for the melee in Charlottesville, remarks that earned him vituperation more intense and widespread than anything I can recall, 40 percent of Americans agree with Trump that far right and far left are equally to blame).

    A large part of this disconnect between the media and the public has to do with the medium of Twitter and an obsession with cable news. The former has become an echo chamber for reporters and political commentators where the currency is moral outrage and the pastime is one-upmanship, with everyone trying to outdo each other in quick takes on the president’s latest atrocious behaviour. As for cable news, it is watched by relatively few people (no more than a couple of million in a country of 320 million), many of whom are political journalists. The 24-hour news cycle and its constant need for controversy, combined with the frenetic incompetence of the Trump administration, exacerbates the problem of hysterical news coverage by compelling journalists to frame every minor development with breathless stupefaction.

  172. The last part:

    The media’s attachment to Twitter and cable news blinds them from recognising what Bannon grasps: that the Democratic Party is increasingly becoming hostage to its activist, progressive, identity politics-driven base, which obsesses over issues not relevant to the vast majority of the American people but that play well on Twitter and MSNBC. Social media has amplified the voices pushing these issues and their influence over day-to-day political decision-making and the newsgathering process. Bannon witnessed this phenomenon firsthand at Breitbart, where a focus on the excesses of the politically correct left proved immensely popular with readers, and later in the Trump campaign, where marshalling resentment against patronising liberal elites proved a winning strategy. Bannon sees his job as edging the radicalisation of the Democratic Party further along, ‘heightening the contradictions’ as a Leninist would put it, and it’s a strategy he’s not particularly shy about broadcasting.

    Bannon’s departure from the administration does not mean this strategy will change. His leaving had nothing to do with policy, on which his instincts mirror Trump’s better than those of anyone remaining in the White House, and everything to do with what it is that ultimately drives every decision in Trump-land: the president’s narcissism. Trump decided to dump Bannon because he didn’t like how his underling was drawing attention to himself, acting as if he were the wizard behind the curtain. When Trump first criticised Bannon publicly, after he appeared on the cover of TIME, it was in response to the perception that ‘President Bannon’ was running the show. ‘A guy who works for me,’ is how Trump dismissively referred to his senior counsellor at the time. Last week, asked about Bannon at his press conference in Manhattan, Trump made sure to note that ‘I went through 17 senators, governors, and I won all the primaries. Mr. Bannon came on very much later than that.’ The president’s message could not have been more clear: it was Trump, and Trump alone, who deserves credit for winning last year’s election.

    And so we should have every expectation that Trump will continue the Bannonite strategy of playing the role of culture warrior-in-chief. This appraisal of Bannon’s political acumen should not be interpreted as a moral judgment on the policy prescriptions he has advised Trump to follow. For what it’s worth, I disagree with Bannon and Trump on the travel ban, the transgender ban, and the removal of Confederate icons. But I’m not the sort of person Democrats need to win future elections. Bannon is a master storyteller and creator of narratives, skills he honed making political documentaries and sharpened in more lurid form at Breitbart. The grand narrative he’s spent the last several years shaping is one in which the Democrats gradually become the caricature villain of a Breitbart comments section: the party of Colin Kaepernick and Melissa Click and the screaming girl at Yale and the people defacing the Lincoln Memorial and the pundits who equivocate over condemning Antifa and the transgender YouTube activist who insists that ‘some women have penises’. Democrats shouldn’t fall into his trap.

    James Kirchick, a visiting fellow with the Brookings Institution, is author of ‘The End of Europe: Dictators, Demagogues and the Coming Dark Age.’

  173. Hundreds of panicking Notting Hill Carnival revellers flee in terror from ‘acid attack’ as corrosive liquid is hurled over dancing crowd

    Incident took place at 7.55pm last night near Ladbroke Grove in West London
    Footage emerged online of people screaming and shouting as they ran away
    People were injured as the crowd ran in fear and three reported skin irritations

  174. The woman is bonkers:
    Angela Merkel tells asylum seekers not to take holidays in their country of origin

  175. Baron – 18:32


    James Kirkup wrote:

    “Notwithstanding the merits of these charges against Trump – which I happen to agree with – it was clearly an unsuccessful strategy, as Trump not only won the election, but did so with a higher portion of the black and Latino vote than his Republican predecessor, and with a respectable 42 percent of women.”

    Sounds like he’s still pining for Hillary! 🙂

  176. The EU was supposed to unite Europe, not break it apart.

    Here is what nobody seems to be stressing, but stressed it should be as often as possible. It was the Mutti who ignored the 2013 EU Dublin Convention on refugees, opened German borders, let tsunamis of immigrants in, told them ‘please, come, you’re welcome’.

    Now, she says, every EU member must take some. Why?

    She didn’t feel it necessary to consult anyone when she let them in, she should deal with it on her own, too. The Hungarians and others are absolutely right to refuse to clear the mess she’s created. Germany should either absorb the lot, or ship back those who are not genuine refugees, one can only hope Orban’s Hungary, the other Visegrad Group countries stand firm, don’t give in to the bullying, prevent the sort of atrocities we’ve been witnessing in the West.

  177. EC @ 21:57

    Quite right, EC, he isn’t keen on the Donald, h as never been amongst his admirers, but the write-up furnishes a different insight into the struggle of the old with the new.

  178. RobertRetyred @ 21:43

    Only a politician in the 21st century, and in a country that behaves as a bully can get away with this illogical slicing of the refugee conundrum, Robert.

    These people are fleeing from prosecution, she was telling us when the refugee tsunami hit. Would not a sensible answer to those refugees wanting to take holidays where they were allegedly prosecuted be: you go, we never let you back again?

  179. Esther @ 21:10

    Only a deeply deluded masochist would go to this orgy of political correctness, Esther. It’s amazing that the acid attack was the only serious incident that happened there (unless we’re not told of others).

  180. Esther @ 18:05

    We shall see what happens, Esther, if we Brexit yet remain in the single market and the ECJ (the European Court of Justice) retains the last word on legislation.

    The Tory Brexiters are a sizeable group, the young Jacob is making progress, and the cumryd hasn’t pronounced on the Labour’s U-turn yet either.

  181. The North Korean have lobbed another of their sparkling missiles in the direction of Japan. What will the Donald say and do?

  182. Esther @ 17:58

    On this site, Esther, Danny is sharing the top page with the right sort of links, he must know what attracts, no?

    Actually, the party may be the answer provided they choose candidates wisely, avoid opportunists, lawyers, sexual perverts, teachers, and preachers i.e. PR misfits. We may also have the Electoral Commission moving on PR (that’s proportional representation), not many in coffehousewall village were in favour of it before, the barbarian reckons it would help (but not solve all the warts of the mess that politics has become).

  183. Colonel, if you are scanning these pages, do let us know you’re all right, please.

  184. Some of you may think this is the answer, the barbarian’s not so sure, there isn’t much between a rubber bullet and a real one, and that’s something we have to avoid because starting it is easy, putting an end to it anything but.

    The thing that puzzles is why don;t the cops round up the masked antifa thugs, cuff them up, take them to court? These people plan the attacks, prepare for them (could be charged with conspiracy, too), hence the masks, black gear, protected with shields saying ‘no hate’ whilst they beat up even by-standers. If the courts were to start handing out sentences, their numbers would think, the’ are bound to.

    Could it be these mobs are let loose to cause havoc because the opponents of the Donald could blame him for them?

  185. The New England Review of Mohammed’s Koran by Peter McLoughlin and Tommy Robinson. As fascinating for the dirty tricks going on on Amazon to stop it, as the review itself.

  186. Baron – 23:12

    A good idea! I expect it has crossed the minds of many – even some of those on holiday!

    I thought it happened because outsourcing the invasion of a neighbouring country was the only option, what with all the indigenous ‘males’ being so un-binary. 🙂

  187. Baron 23-57
    That’s exactly what I think. I’m sure you are correct.
    What other explanation can there be.

  188. John birch – 07:37

    It’s the same in the UK with Labour’s surrogate thugs, the UAF!

    We’ve got to the point where anybody covering their face at a public event should be arrested on suspicion of terroism. That applies to UAF, BLM, antiFa, the KKK, and the “fuck you infidel” Niqab brigades! (Muslim majority countries have banned the Niqab so why cannot the UK?)

    Try walking into your local bank (if you can find one) wearing a full face motorcycle helmet or a balaclava and sunglasses and see how long you last before you’re led away in handcuffs!

  189. Esther, August 28th, 2017 – 18:09

    “It’s just pure madness to vote Tory.”

    Vote for which particular band of venal parasitic weasels, then?

  190. Noa – 01:44

    Interesting. It’s still for sale on Amazon because, as with a lot of other controversial books that will sell well, they know that they can make a tidy profit.

    Amazon, Google-Youtube, Facebook etc. have got so big I’m amazed that they haven’t fallen foul of the USA’s anti-trust laws. Perhaps them all being in bed with the Democrats has got something to do with it?

  191. Next time you complain your posting was removed, you’ve got banned from sites, the great Joseph kicked out from u-tube, Pay-pal doesn’t process some’s payments, just calm down, thank Him you live in the 13% of the world where “population enjoys a Free press—that is, where coverage of political news is robust, the safety of journalists is guaranteed, state intrusion in media affairs is minimal, and the press is not subject to onerous legal or economic pressures”.

  192. RobertRetyred, August 28th, 2017 – 16:30

    “It is possible to have too much cultural enrichment…”

    Here’s some supporting evidence…

    “A man who claimed to be a traditional healer handed himself over to police last week and confessed that he was tired of eating human flesh.”

  193. Some time ago I said that you would see the second coming before you saw brexit, well events are moving in my direction as May moves the goal posts like the good remainer she is. Why the Tory party voted her into the leadership with her record explains so much of what is happening in the ranks of the political class. May is a vicars daughter and probably thinks Jesus wants her for a sunbeam, but then he does not have to live with the consequences of her rule, we do. The nation has not experienced such arrogance since James II was given the bums rush.

  194. The whole world is waiting for the response from the Donald after the North Korean nutter launched a missile yesterday that allegedly flew over Japan (or words to that effect), says the news bulletin of Classic FM.

    If the American have the ability, why don’t they shoot down whatever the nutter launches after it gets over the North Korean territorial waters limit of 12 nautical miles?

    The last salvo may be an act of desperation, the Chinese apparently cut off virtually all oil supplies to the nutter, the analysts estimate the country cannot function for more than three months, the military may be going for broke, they have nothing to lose. The only question is whether the country implodes, or hits out at her neighbours.

  195. EC

    “…Phepsile Maseko, from South Africa’s Traditional Healer’s Organisation, has condemned the alleged cannibalism practices.
    She said “Mkhonyovu” that was a fake healer who wanted to enrich himself and had brought “our sacred practices into disrepute”.”

    High time for HRH to intervene in this witch hunt on behalf of alternative medicines.

    And pass the Waitrose Duchy Organic barbecue sauce please!

  196. Baron

    “If the American have the ability, why don’t they shoot down whatever the nutter launches after it gets over the North Korean territorial waters limit of 12 nautical miles?”

    When US forces used Patriot missiles against Saddam’s Soviet era Scuds they would explode in their vicinity, scattering titanium shards on the enthusiastic gin drinking crowds beneath.
    Fortunately the Scuds did not carry chemical or nuclear warheads, the contents of which would have been dissipated over the surrounding region in clouds of poisonous gas or radio active plumes.

    Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

    Presumably the US forces have since GW1 developed an appropriate Green awareness.

  197. Noa – 11:50

    Indeed, let us hope that Phepsile Maseko gains the ear of HRH before it ends up in one of Mkhonyovu’s casseroles! 🙂

    Pass the pork scratchings!

    File under: Haram, Ears, Crispy, Lauda(Nikki)

  198. Noa – 12.02

    “Fortunately the Scuds did not carry chemical or nuclear warheads, the contents of which would have been dissipated over the surrounding region in clouds of poisonous gas or radio active plumes.”

    My apologies, as I was writing about Riyadh I acknowledge that my use of the word “Fortunately” was incorrect and inappropriate. The sentence should have read:

    “Unfortunately the Scuds did not carry chemical or nuclear warheads, the contents of which would have been dissipated over the surrounding region in clouds of poisonous gas or radio active plumes.”

  199. EC – 12.24

    Cookin’ with gas, Bro!

  200. Whatever you say these women are articulate, seem well educated, feel impotent, unable to have their voices heard (sounds familiar, the latter bit?).

    Could one find a similar group of women of the same age but with less melanin content in their skins debating the same?

    This video has now been removed from the CH4 website, treat it well.

  201. EC @ 12:24

    Good one, EC, as is Noa’s original on this topic so relevant to the modern world vacuous of God.

    But be honest, wouldn’t you be tempted to taste a piece of man’s scrotum? Well marinated, baked slowly, gently spiced, of course.

  202. Noa @ 12:02

    Nice piece of gossip, Noa, but is it true?

    If it is, then Baron’s suggestion for a serious MOT of the military gear the Americans are playing with becomes very urgent.

  203. stephen maybery @ 11:29

    Even if you were right, the Brexit were a cock-up, stephen, there always remains the possibility of a Mk2 Brexit, no?

    Given the depth of our integration in the monstrosity (well over 40 years), the power of the forces agains it (everyone but the unwashed), the slow awakening of the unwashed to the risk of being governed by the Germans (via the Brussels proxy), it may be sufficient to get the door to freedom ajar, push it wide open later when the club we’re trying to leave gets into trouble again, no?

  204. This is apparently the best translation of the Koran, the chronological order is as Mo wanted it to be, you may like to download, file it, study in depth at leisure just in case you’ll need it, which seems a good bet.

  205. If the two opposing armies of robots were to meet, slog it out until one or the other is turned into a heap of scrap metal, you reckon the people behind the losing robotic troops would say ‘OK, fair cop, come on you winners, take over our lives, rape our daughters, sleep in our beds …?

  206. Baron,

    Gossip is based upon realtime and real life experiences, unlike the advertising puffs of armaments manufacturers and generals and politicians preserving military budgets.
    Like your collection of Vlad memorabilia I have the Scud pieces to prove it.

  207. Baron 14:44

    Do you think that a vegetarian option may be available, even vegan?

  208. Fox News in no longer available via the Sky Box in the UK and Ireland. WTF.???

    Channel 509 has been killed. According to te Sky help and support line, it was preemptorily pulled today by Murdoch.

  209. Frank at 16:53

    Fox,Sky,and Murdoch : story below (in the Guardian ; so it must be true).

  210. The only TV news channel that isn’t under the thrall of Agitprop has now been silenced in the UK. The sole reason I have persevered with Sky is because they channed Fox News. The remainder of their output is garbage. Is it really true that the daily audience is only 2000? Is there any way to receive it by subscribing to an internet supplier? Help!

  211. Baron,
    You could very well be right, I think there is a good chance you are and there will be more attempts to leave the monstrosity. Do not forget Britain was part of the Roman Empire for almost 400 years. Within 4 years of the arrival of Claudius there was rebellion, and many more after that before the invaders were finally expelled. The Romans were ejected because the troops had been withdrawn but the British continued to be ruled and taxed by the invaders until the natives decided enough was enough. Like our ancestors we will eventually prevail. BREXIT VINCET OMNIA.

  212. Frank P @ 17:58

    You must be mistaken, Frank, things like that only happen in Putin’s Russia.

    But look at the bright side, you should be free now to enjoy the diversity of views, real news and other riches furnished by the BBC.

  213. stephen maybery @ 18:24

    The healthy core of Englishness is what the blue veined barbarian has been betting on, stephen, still is, it will prevail. Eventually.

  214. Btw, how old is the Old Australian? He cannot have much left.

  215. Frank P – 17:58

    For the time being… you can still pick up a lot FNN content on its YouTube channel.

  216. Baron – 18:50

    Murdochs: Like buses, and indeed Boots, there’s another one behind!

  217. EC @ 19:39

    In the famous words of the even more famous Dick, long deceased Emery: ‘naughty, but nice’, EC.

  218. Will the Donald pick from all the options on the table the one that lets the American generals test their gear in real fight, or will he wait until the nutter loses it completely?

    The Russians are apparently moving people away from the border area. Does Putin know something we aren’t told?

  219. As the supplier of my addiction to Fox News has cut me off without notice, I find myself trawling for substitutes on You Tube. Came up with this, which temporarily eased the withdrawal symptoms:

  220. It’s relevant, the clip, in a sense of the collective memory abject failure to remind everyone what and who were at the beginning of the current Korean crisis. The language may be colourful, but it fits the politician well, which is what matters, and watching it takes fewer than two minutes.

  221. Seriously though: is there a TV News channel now available in the UK that is not replete, hour by hour, with left wing propaganda.

  222. His ranting about the Jewish wall Street is just that, ranting, but he’s the first one who figured why the Donald had changed his mind about the country – natural resources, lithium in particular.

    If we’re to have cars and other moving contraptions run on batteries, the lithium ones seem like the winner. Why leave the deposits of ore containing lithium (often found together with tin, another valuable hard commodity) deep underground in a country that hasn’t yet moved to middle ages?

  223. Noa @ 08:17

    More thoughtful than usual, Noa, and right in that soon we’ll all lie back and think of England, the England that was, no longer is.

  224. Frank P @ 11:31

    His bit about Nancy Pelosi is amongst the best any comedian has ever deliver edon any politician, Frank, better than what Fox News would have said about her.

    Why don’t you switch to Al-Jazeera or the Japanese channel NHK World? The latter is short on news, takes no sides, gives you the facts, shows you the many attractions of the country, some quite intriguing, the former’s better on news than the BBC, too.

  225. Missed this when originally broadcast:

    Given Wallsters predilection for Steyn man – well worth watching, or even rewatching if you caught it first time around.

  226. I watch Fox News on my iPad.

  227. L.C.

    What’s the link? I can get retrospective You Tube links, but no live stream.

  228. Some brief thoughts I penned on Mr Hitchens latest post on the Diana-isation of Britain.

    “Your prediction of the inevitable death of the monarchy may be misplaced. The Windsors have always demonstrated a remarkable aptitude for survival. Witness the way in which they refused sanctuary for Tzar Nicholas III and family on the ground that it might de-stabalise their own position.
    And HRH the Prince of Wales, in his politically correct and ‘inclusive’ role of supporting multiculturalism, has demonstrated his desire to be “Defender of faiths” rather than his present constitutional role as ‘Defender of the (Protestant) Faith’.
    Perhaps he sees himself transforming seamlessly from King to Caliph?
    Certainly this would have a greater appeal to the new peoples and traditions being implanted into Britain than the imperialist Victorian tradition now scorned and derided even within the Royal family.
    And despite the establishment of a constitutional monarchy in 1689 has any monarch since truly accepted a subsidiary role? Surely the desire for autocracy and an instinctive feeling of their ‘Divine Right’ to rule, however residual, resides within all who resent their income, rents and property being managed via the public purse rather than as of right? Is this what lies behind Prince Harry’s comments about their disinterest in and disenchantment with the role of the Royals?
    And you raise the intriguing question of who or what will succeed them if, or when they go. One suspects that it will depend on whether the circumstance of departure are peaceful or enforced. In either case it will presage the final end of the battered and abused remains of our constitution as we presently understand it.”

  229. Noa @ 17:01

    Well said, young sir.

    Not unlike the reaction of Twain, the news (or is the wishes) of the possible death of the monarchy “have been greatly exaggerated”.

  230. Isn’t life complicated for the American troops, one day, they teach comrades-in-arms how to kill, the next day, the comrades turn, want to kill the Americans:

  231. A soldier ran up to a nun out of breath and asked”Please,may i hide under your skirt?” I’ll explain later.”
    The nun agreed…A moment later 2 military police ran up and asked.
    “Sister,have you seen a soldier?
    The nun replied. “He went that way.”.
    After the MPs ran off the soldier crawled out from under her skirt and said
    “I can’t thank you enough sister,you see, I don’t want to go to Afghanistan…”
    The nun said,
    “I understand completely” the soldier added
    “I hope i’m not rude,but you have a great pair of legs!”
    The Nun replied”
    If you had looked a little higher,you would have seen a great pair of bollocks! I don’t want to go to Afghanistan either!”


    A DEA officer stopped at our farm yesterday, he said “I need to inspect your farm for illegally growing drugs.”
    I said “Okay, but don’t go in that field over there.”
    The DEA officer verbally exploded saying, “Mister, I have the authority of the Federal Government with me!” Reaching into his rear pants pocket, the arrogant officer removed his badge and shoved it in my face. “See this badge?! This badge means I am allowed to go wherever I wish…. On any land !! No questions asked or answers given!! Have I made myself clear?…. do you understand?!!”
    I nodded politely, apologized, and went about my chores. A short time later, I heard loud screams, looked up, and saw the DEA officer running for his life, being chased by my big old mean bull…. With every step the bull was gaining ground on the officer, and it seemed likely that he’d sure enough get gored before he reached safety. The officer was clearly terrified.
    I threw down my tools, ran to the fence and yelled at the top of my lungs
    “Your badge, show him your BADGE!!”

  232. The definiive Mark Steyn:

    Six years ago, but still fresh and worth the time: but probably best bookmarked and absored in stages.

  233. Cast your mind back, you may even remember where you were when the news broke, if not, the great Mark will remind you how some (by no means everyone e.g. Baron) reacted to it.

  234. Still banned by the conservative woman site , shame really as it was a good site, however they want free speech but only if they agree with your opinion.
    I think the reason I’m banned is due to a comment I made which I did say was controversial.
    However I can’t be sure because they won’t answer my e mails asking why I am banned. Three no answers so far.
    Not going to bother going around and coming in from another position because quite frankly i just don’t care.
    The problems we face will never be confronted let alone solved if we are too frightened to even discuss them.
    I really think we are watching the end of the west as we know it. There are too many leftie traitorous quislings locked into positions of power.
    God knows where this is leading but I know anyone who can should be looking for escape routes.

  235. Noa – 18:45

    Re: Badges:

    “Gold Hat: Badges? We ain’t got no badges. We don’t need no badges. I don’t have to show you any stinking badges.”

    RIP Alfonso Bedoya (Gold Hat)
    (April 16, 1904 – December 15, 1957)

    The rest, as they say, is cinema history…

  236. Noa – 18:45

    If you ever go stateside, particularly to a sanctuary city, you might find one on these useful…

    Toodle Pip!

  237. EC @ 21:19

    They don’t make films like that anymore, EC.

  238. Are you self-tracking so that you can become quantified self? You know what Baron’s talking about?

    That’s the latest craze, a gadget like Fitbits or similar will keep an eye on the number of steps you take every day, the pulse, tell you when to have a vigorous 2-minute exercise, or when to relax for the same amount of time …

    Once in a while you sync with similarly touched individuals (anonymously, of course), compare how well or poorly you’ve done, the system will also tell you how far you’ve walked e.g. you’ve reached Rome. Very much fun, this nonsense.

    The barbarian got the gadget for his birthday, promptly lost the charging bit, was furnished a new one, have had to wear the bloody thing, to the surprise of every other enthusiast around him, beat all other wearers of it on the distance walked, it was he who reached Rome last week.

    Any takers amongst you, perhaps we can walk to Istanbul together?

  239. John birch. @ 21:13

    Are you sure they’ve dropped you because of something you’ve said, John? Drop them a line, ask them to explain.

    And give us a hint of the escape routes, one will do.

  240. Baron 20.21

    It’s a difficult enough market to break into already, without all that state interference in commerce.
    Heroin supply into the UK and street supply has for several years been controlled by Pakistani criminals It’s very kind of HMG to publish its own guide for the entrepreneur.

  241. For those of you who prefer solid data to opinions:

    (If you click on the name of the country you get the figures that make up the rating).

  242. EC 21:24

    All the signs of a mis-spent youth are apparent here, Saturday mornings at the ABC, Tuesday evenings at the Odeon…
    God only knows what went on on the back row of seats…

    The ABC Minors-now THAT was the badge to have!

  243. Noa @ 22:01

    Too long to digest quickly, Noa, but if one looks at the methodology i.e. interviews with 222 offenders in prison, one cannot but have serious doubts about the results. Would those interviewed tell the truth? Moreover, would the sample be a true representation of the market? Could it not be that the ‘top’ of the distribution chain is excluded for its ability to escape prosecution, hence imprisonment?

  244. Baron 21-53
    Baron what part of three no answers to their contact don’t you understand, and I pasted the last to them.
    I am lucky that my father who I never knew was from New Zealand so I can hold dual nationality .
    But every one in Silicon Valley seems to be buying estates in New Zealand, perhaps they know the impact point of the comet is northern areas.

  245. Baron 22.13

    I largely agree with that summary, M’lud.
    Hence my initial proviso about supply into the UK. It’s useful for the summaries and organisation charts.
    RUSI also has some interesting papers on the subject.

  246. Frank P

    Many thanks for that Fox link. We’ll see how long it’s available….

  247. Article slightly out of touch with people’s opinions.
    Surely not. Read the comments.
    And as my daughter said, this is yahoo not the mail.
    Half of Britons think Islam is a threat to the West, according to ‘worrying’ new study

  248. Can I be the only one fed up to the back teeth with the apotheosis of Diana. What with TV and the print media there is no getting away from the woman. Diana was no saint and in time to come she will be ranked alongside Caroline of Brunswick, that is if history is allowed in the future.

  249. John birch. @ 22:23

    The suggestion was, John, you try and get an explanation from the site for their banning you from it. Why do they prevent you from posting. A letter to them could do it.

    Years ago, the barbarian was dropped on the Spectator Coffeehouse blog, he wrote to them, a guy called Peter Hopkins looked into it, Baron got reinstated.

    Your idea of a move to New Zealand sounds good, but if one’s retired on a UK State pension, moves to New Zealand permanently, the amount of it is fixed, one gets the same money one had at the time of the move, the amount is not inflation adjusted. (It is adjusted annually if one moves to other Commonwealth countries or the EU, google for it).

    The rich of the Silicon Valley have an advantage, they can delay the move (say) to New Zealand because they have private planes. Someone like Baron would have to rely on a public transport. This is OK when the flights are running regularly. Can one be sure one can get on a flight when a world conflict erupts? Can one be sure the flights would be running anyway.

  250. stephen maybery @ 17:54

    No, stephen, you’re not alone, there must be millions who share your take on the woman, including Baron who disliked her from the minute he laid his eyes on her standing, legs apart, in a see-through skirt in a nursery or a similar establishment.

    That was well before she got coupled with Charles, she initially corresponded with his brother, she must have been desperate to marry into the family, not to enhance the monarchy, eradicate every and each mine ever manufactured, save the world. It was to promote herself using the monarch as a conduit for this self-promotion. She was a selfish, brainless woman, caring about nobody and nothing but herself.

    Just imagine what would have happened if she got pregnant by the son of the Egyptian Mohamed Al-Fayed monster, the offspring would have been then, 20 years ago, the third in line to take on the crown. If anything were to happen to the two boys she had with Charles we would have ended up with half Muslim on the throne. What was the woman thinking bedding Dodi?

  251. John birch. @ 12:58

    If only 52% think Islam is a threat, John, the other 48% must be brainless. Anyone with a minimum cells left in the cranium cannot but conclude that Islam is incompatible with a secular governmental construct, people are either governed by their elected representatives who make the law, or they are governed by a set of prescripts written down by an unhinged man 1400 years ago, it’s one or the other, one cannot mix water and oil, get anything useful out of it.

    For us the only question is – democracy (no constitution, the House, the Courts make the law as the society demands) or a republic (a fixed constitution, the House makes the law, the courts interprets the law, both in accordance with the constitution)?

  252. Sorry for the errors, all written in ahurry, a local deluge has hit us, not as bad as in Texas though.

  253. There must be something in the air, people never used to behave like that, in Baron’s county they still don’t, the guy seems to have lost it for no reason at all, the taxi wasn’t involved, it was the garbage truck that made him swirl.

  254. Nicky Morgan just appeared on Hard Talk, dicussing Brexit. God help us all: the ‘woman’ is clearly in the same stage of batshit-craziness as Nancy Pelosi. Will somebody please book her in for an appointment with
    Dennis Miller. He could do a half hour skit with his diagnosis and remedy my own current bout of deep clinical depression, brought about by sustained scrutiny of our current crop of political ‘leaders’ – and the absence of countervailing commentary by Colonel Mustard.

    Should any Wallsters still harbour any vestige of hope for this benighted nation, I urge you to dial up this programme on the BBC iplayer, immediately rid yourselves of such foolish optimism. Abandon hope all ye who enter here!

  255. An even better live link for Fox News:

    Less interruption in the streaming than the link I posted yesterday.
    What causes that? Is it the piss-poor speed of my Sky Broadband here in the armpit of England?

  256. Baron @ 18:53 –

    “If anything were to happen to the two boys she had with Charles we would have ended up with half Muslim on the throne.”

    Can that be correct? Why would it not have been Princess Anne, followed by Peter Phillips?

  257. This tiny minority seems to get bigger all the time.
    Britain is ‘home to 35,000 Islamist fanatics’, more than any other country in Europe, top official warns

  258. Herbert Thornton @ 03:12

    You must be right, Herbert, there would have had to be a wholesale slaughter of the contenders for the job before an offspring of the woman and Dodi got a look in, but even so, the line of the possibles would have included the fruit of their sexual liaison, the thought alone horrifies Baron, how could she even look at the Muslim playboy.

    Stephen was right despairing about the drippy & soppy celebration, he certainly isn’t alone, even the BBC own peeople have had enough, but scan the postings, every single one is critical of the MSM served vomit. Another confirmation of their being totally decoupled from what ordinary people think.

  259. Stephen Mayberry, Herbert, Baron et al.

    Cheer up. Whatever the rights and wrong, the ins and outs, then what happened, happened. What might have happened never happened and will never happen now. Shit happens, and the BBC is full of it. The licence fee must go! Don’t pay it!

    The end result of the tragic Charles and Di soap opera, whether by accident or design it matters not, was that they both ended up in black body bags. In the words of the Disney song, and as somebody on Mr. Boot’s blog put in:

    “My Oh My what a wonderful day,
    Zippetty Dodi, Zippity Di”

    All together now…

    RIP All concerned.

  260. One of the best articles I have read on the problem of Islam.

  261. Unlike Max Boot, I really look forward to Mark Steyn’s Wednesday night slot on the Tucker Carlson show where they have 5 mins or so “yucking it up” together about the week’s news.

    This week’s sendung concerned:

    The ongoing saga of one Pakistani family’s strange monopoly on prominent Democrats’ computer access, and then a bit of light knockabout on Hillary Clinton’s forthcoming “surprisingly funny” book tour, including The Return of the Macedonian Content Farmers.

    Mark’s comments about the Saudi’s reaction to Hillary’s book tour charging policies were most amusing.

  262. It always briefly lightens the general gloom when the Salisbury Review drops on the mat. At £6 a go, it’s not cheap but you get a lot more bang for your buck. Below is from Anthony Daniels’s review of Admissions: A Life in Brain Surgery, by Henry Marsh.

    “Marsh recounts a telling little story. He and his colleagues diecided to disobey a central instruction for doctors not to wear suits and ties in hospitals: officially in the name of infection control, but actually to proletarianise doctors, to let them understand that they are no different from anyother workers. This is Maoism by management.

    “Marsh and his colleagues watned to dress smartly out of respect for their patients, but soon found themsleves upbraided by the management for doing so. Low morale is what managers of the NHS really like, for a demoralised profession is all the easier to control. That is why doctors are given ever more numerous and time-consuming meaningless tasks to perform; low productivity requires even more management to solve it.”

  263. EC @ 09:18

    Naughty, too, but even nicer than the one before, EC, the ditty’s priceless, one can never beat the imaginative inventiveness of the ordinary bloke on the street.

  264. Myles Harris writing about asylum in 2003.

    Nothing much appears to have changed.

  265. To add to your reading some more, here’s the great Mark:

  266. Correcting the history books:

    As Henry Ford so succinctly stated ….. 🙂

  267. Don’t miss Tucker Carlson’s chinwag with Matt Stoller about the Google monopoly and unprecedented, apparently uchallengeable power.
    You Tube will have it.


    Trump’s Secret Plan For America & Why The Deep State Is Trying To Stop It

    Not part of the plan, but bind Max Boot, the CIA Dunce of Propaganda at the CFR, to a kitchen chair and then lock earphones to his head to hear this tour d’horizon of Russia, USA, China and Europe by Harley Schlanger

  269. Gerald Celente on the Neo-Feudal Society

    (Audio only)

  270. Buying popularity- it won’t work.

    “President Donald Trump has asked Congress for $7.8bn (£6bn) as an initial payment to help with recovery efforts following flooding in Texas and Louisiana.

  271. Open the window! The Phantom Phart is back.

  272. Don’t forget to wallow in Woodpile Report No. 493 from Ol’ Remus:

    He was apparently hacked and attacked and apologizes for a less than normal output from the oracle. However, he must have picked up steam on the way, because his list of the week’s picks will keep me busy for a month at least. Some sizeable nuggets from this weeks panning. Choose your own fav’rits. Wonderful painting (as ever) to set the tone.

    He truly is a one-man tour de force and antidote to the exponential deluge of destructive detritus from Agitprop.

  273. From the sounds of it, the public will be offered a watered down Tory Brexit or an even more watered down Labour Brexit and it will be engineered as an election battle.

    The Brexit Betrayal by Peter Obore (usual shout out – pls stop voting Tory):

  274. A very erudite essay on Antifa’s murky funding. The whole thing is an agit prop pantomime with big money backing it:

  275. Peter Hitchens was invited back on the James Whale show. Mr Hitchens wiped the floor with the ghastly James Whale:

  276. Every single think tank boasts of their independence, none of them are, they designed to present as independent the way in which big business wants government to operate.

    The Adam Smith Institute has nothing to do with Adam Smith, the name is merely a mask for a corrupt form of crony capitalism that Smith would have derided. Anyway, this ghastly outfit wants to poison your children (what’s new?):

  277. Melanie Phillips is also kicking seven shades of ordure out of the pro lobby:

    Mike Trace was appointed deputy drug czar in Tony Blair’s government. For a time, he occupied a position of great influence in the drugs world. He was Director of Performance at the Government’s National Treatment Agency. He was chairman of the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction, (ENCDDA) the body which effectively draws up EU drug policy. And he was appointed Head of Demand Reduction at the United Nations Office for Drug Control and Crime. In all these posts, he was supposed to be upholding laws to reduce drug use.

    In 2003, however, he was forced to resign from his new role as the UN’s Head of Demand Reduction after I exposed him helping assemble a secret network of lobbyists working to subvert the UN drug control laws — which underpin the use of criminal penalties for the drug trade — and pressurise governments into legalising drugs.

    Trace was — in his own words — a “fifth columnist”: an underground agitator who was supposed to be upholding the laws to reduce drug use but who was a key player in a co-ordinated international effort to disband the world’s anti-drug laws by stealth – and who was being secretly paid to do so by notorious international legalisers.

    The legalisers’ main obstacle was the UN conventions on drugs which require countries to prevent the possession, use, production and distribution of illegal narcotics. I discovered that Trace was at the heart of a network operating covertly to undermine those conventions.

    The British headquarters of his operation was to be financed in part by the Open Society Institute, funded by the billionaire financier George Soros.

    Read it all:

  278. I’m sorry that article is so good:

    Trace himself wrote: “Now I have taken up my post at the UN, I absolutely cannot be associated with a lobbying initiative – the line I am using is that, through the summer, I gave advice to several groups on how the EU and UN policy structures worked, but am now no longer in contact.” He also warned a colleague: “A small but crucial point – can I from now on not be referred to by name in any written material.”

    He also wrote: “Finally, I have been offered the post of Head of Demand Reduction at the UN, and intend to accept it. The Executive Director, Antonio Costa, is, at least for the moment, asking me for guidance on how to handle the April meeting, so I have the opportunity to influence events from the inside, while continuing to work on this initiative.”

    I put a stop to that.

    Mel needs to be in the Mail, but the Judas Goat owner and editor found her too ‘extreme’. Yeah, get that.

  279. EC, you ask me who to vote for. The answer is anything but Tory!

    I would suggest these options to all:

    1) Don’t vote
    2=) UKIP
    2=) The Veterans Party

    Have you noticed, there is no Brexit, at all. The Tory Party is sabotaging it by stealth.

    Oh, but don’t worry, [INSERT NAME HERE] is coming through the ranks and one day the Conservative Party will be conservative.

    It’s like Waiting for Godot. It never comes. Jam tomorrow, jam tomorrow, jam tomorrow!

    Haven’t people had enough of that fake storyline?

  280. Daily Mail removed Melanie Phillips
    LBC removed Katie Hopkins
    The Sun sacked Kelvin Mackenzie
    Sky turns off access to Fox News

    The reasons were all different, but that was just a fake pre-text to remove a strident conservative voice.

    The first was pressure on the editor, the second two were drummed up charges and the fourth is a quid pro quo: they will let Murdoch own more UK media of he turns off the right-wing voices.

    It is the denying of a voice – and it is usually done by stealth – that scuppers the British.

  281. You can add to that all of the activity around figures such as Tommy Robinson, catalogued in his book Enemy of The State and in the book review linked to above on the Salisbury review.

    Paul Jospeh Watson has Paypal links broken, his YouTube and Twitter follower numbers mysteriously vanish in the night. On and on and on it goes.

  282. Andy Car Park
    September 1st, 2017 – 10:47

    Excellent link and excellent magazine.

    THis is how we change things, by subsribing to non-MSM publications.

  283. For Baron, this clip is of interest for more than just one reason.

    He hasn’t heard of Browns, ever, he’s amazed they run on an endowment of over three billion dollars, and mostly because of the Tucker’s guest, a guy with a feather in his hair claiming to be an Indian.

    Weird country, the Republic.

  284. He’s good even when he’s on a rather shaky grounds. The thing he hasn’t really considered is this. There are billions of Eduardos and Marias in the world, could the Republic, or even the West, have enough demand for people to serve coffee, work on the fields, do other jobs of this sort? There must be a way how to deal with the unequal distribution of wealth, we better look for it before the Eduardos and Marias make a Full Monty of a move, swamp the West.

  285. Esther @ 12:01

    If what the DM, the LBC, the Sky … did were to happen in Putin’s Russia, the same DM, the LBC, the Sky … would be yelling there censorship there, it’s dictatorship, people have no freedom of expression.

    Go figure.

  286. Esther @ 11:36

    There is also another way, Esther, joining the Tories, turning them around from within, no?

    There’s enough frustration, unhappiness even anger amongst ordinary people, but also a feeling of impotence to do anything about it. It may seem people have given up, figured nothing can be done, waiting for the construct to implode is the only way out.

    Brexit though suggests that given a chance the healthy core of Englishness can still have a go correcting the compass of the country’s future.

    If the Tories fugg up on Brexit, it will be interesting to see the reaction of the unwashed. Will they give up, or will they get bolshy, punish them, turn to the cumryd.

    If those in charge were smart they would at least try the PR system for elections, it may not be the perfect solution, but it will assuage the millions who feel badly disenfranchised under the current FPTP.

  287. I’m really annoyed to hear Conservative Woman is censoring people. It should really be called DUP Woman because it is run by one and because its views are more DUP than Conservative Party. It is conservative, but that’s not ickypoo Conservative.

    I guess DUP Woman would not bring in many readers. The DUP is the reason the Conservative Party could never get a foothold in Northern Ireland.

    Ian Paisley Junior’s constituency was, I think, the biggest Vote Leave majority in the UK!

  288. In the comments underneath the James Whale interview, Peter Hitchens writes to a commenter:

    ***PH writes. Jacob Rees-Mogg does not actually articulate socially conservative opinions. He is a Tory MP.

    If he opposed drug legalisation, or supported grammar schools, or defended Christianity against atheist attack, his life and career would, I promise him, be different.

    Abuse of the mild kind I used against him is an occasional joy, used only against those who invite it.

    I really do tire of being told how to behave on air by people who haven’t the faintest idea of what it involves, or why I need to adopt the methods I use.***

  289. That’s my problem with Rees-Mogg. He’s just another Boris. Intelligent, funny and articulate. But his views? They are a carbon copy of Boris Johnson’s.

    Jacob Rees-Jam-Tomorrow.

    I’ve had enough of jam tomorrow.

    I’m still waiting for the COnservative Party to turn up. Please don’t tell me it’s tomorrow. Or next week. Or next year. I’ve waited long enough.

    I cannot vote Conservative for something that is not – and never will be – conservative.

  290. Only one minute 23 secs

    If you’re not laughing by the end you’re a Guardian reader!

  291. The same people did one for Gove back when he was good:

  292. The UK needs an anti-jihad Ian Paisley.

    Maybe it’s Tommy Robinson, I don’t know.

    But it needs rid of the Tory Party pronto.

  293. The Paisley video makes me so nostalgic. It was in our lifetimes. Look at the UK now. It’s unrecognisable. It’s a cesspit.

  294. Jesus Christ! I keep watching the wretched thing now. The intro alone is priceless!

    Never, never, never!

    No surrender!

    Boy, could we do with that now when the enemy is a thousand times worse.

  295. The probelm with your suggestion, Baron, of being an alt-right fifth columnist in the Tory Party is that you would never be selected!

    Your views are pored over before you get the chance to be selected and if they are not totally sure you’re a stooge, you won’t get in. Don’t think it hasn’t crossed Farage’s mind, or for that matter the Tory Party’s to swallow him up and neutralise the threat.

    Brexit shows the clear appetite of the people – oh, yes, it’s there all right – but change cannot come from LibLabCon.

    THe Melanie Phillips Charlottesville video is interesting because she says Brexit was the first time in her lifetime that her side (that’s us, folks) won. Ditto, in America, with Trump.

    Brexit can be hollowed out so as to be meaningless and it has not got rid of LibLabCOn, but Trump is different.

    What we are seeing now is a clever blind eye to Antifa violence by the MSM. The strategy is this: ‘You don’t believe us, the MSM? OK, we’ll beat you all up with Antifa baseball bats and ignore your bleeding. We’ll teach you for having conservative views.’

    The strategy is set out here:

  296. Channel 4 Doc Reveals British Teachers Telling Pupils: ‘There’s a Lot of Similarities Between Hitler and Trump’

  297. When she’s not Brexit backsliding, she’s wishing the UK a happy Eid as the rapes go on and the murders multiply. A perfect ad for the Tory party:

  298. Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, is set to send the EU a bill for €400 million, in order to help pay for the fence it built to keep illegal migrants out.

  299. Cheer Up ;it could be worse .

    Gloomy Sunday —- Billie Holiday .

  300. Moor cheer :

    Peter Cook and Dudley Moore : `Tarzan`.

  301. Six point three on the Rectum Scale; who will rid us of this troublesome pest? So much for the overblown international Security Services and the West’s alleged supremacy in the cyberphere.

    Remember, remember the third of September …

  302. And no equivalent to Flanagan & Allen or even Tommy Handley to take the piss out of Dim Rong Un, either! We are doooomed I tell you … dooooooomed!

  303. Not only that but Peter has diabled th emoticon facility. 🙂

  304. Th Donald to the rescue: he’s declared a ‘National Day of Prayer’ – that should sort it. Perhaps His Nibs can redirect Hurricane Irma towards NOKO?

    Or even better, maybe Mad Dog Mattis has something up the sleeve of his cardigan?

    Wonder what Boris is up to this morning? Btw, which of the wankers is Tessa’s cabinet Defence Secretary currently? The invisible man? Or woman, even, as the dykes seem to be predominant in her cabal of vocifeous vaginas?

  305. Esther – 00:57

    I do wish politicians would stop this pandering to every interest group. Even when it is addressed to my group, it doesn’t impress.

  306. Esther, September 2nd, 2017 – 11:36

    “Have you noticed, there is no Brexit, at all. The Tory Party is sabotaging it by stealth.
    Oh, but don’t worry, [INSERT NAME HERE] is coming through the ranks and one day the Conservative Party will be conservative. Haven’t people had enough of that fake storyline?

    Yes, and Yes.

    Much the same story with the Reps in the USA too. People were heartily sick of the Rinos cosying up to the Dinos, Trump gate crashed the party, WON, and then all hell was let loose!

    Brexit? We are being betrayed.

    Have you noticed that in her latest utterances Merkel is trying to cosy up to the Russians? Winter is coming! Ironic that gas turns out to be Germany’s achilles heel.

    The true purpose the EU army isn’t to deter the Russians, it’s designed to be used to suppress internal dissent!

  307. I also notice that Merkel has had to tell Syrian fakefugees that they should not be returning to Syria for holidays!

    Refugees who go home for a holiday.

    THere is not one syllable in mainstream news that is not now a lie. A bare-faced lie.

    It’s Orwell’s 1984 but done subtly. They learnt from that book, do that, suppress free speech, tell lies and spy on everyone. Just don’t make it obvious.

  308. And have you noticed the MSM omerta now over all new parties. UKIP is almost never mentioned and ditto the Veterans Party.

    This is what happens when you smear them: you get Brexit and Trump.

    People read about it and think: Aye, aye. At last.

    It’s all banned now. Twitter accounts closed. Hate crimes prioritised.

  309. If I were leading the Veterans Party, I would say this to people:

    How many rapes and murders does it take to get you to stop – permaently stop – voting Tory, which is a de facto sponsor of all this.

    We know from that Steyn link above that nothing has changed in Rotherham. It is all still going on in broad daylight because the mainstream media are not interested.

    I know people are angry and outraged and feel powerless but I say to them: Put a number on it, please. How many rapes and murders would it take to make you vote for some – any – sort of alternative?

    We can’t go on like this.

  310. Steyn (The Mood Music of Mohammed) – link above:

    I recount my visit to Rotherham to meet some of those “raped and exploited white girls”. Actually, I’m not sure the general term “raped and exploited” quite covers the particular horrors inflicted on them – urinated on by groups of Muslim men, dangled over balconies, doused in petrol as their tormentors danced around them with cigarette lighters, etc.

  311. Tracking down the victims of Rotherham required a bit of elementary detective work on my part, but it’s not that difficult. What struck me, as my time in town proceeded, was how few members of the British media had been sufficiently interested to make the effort: The young ladies were unstoppably garrulous in part because, with a few honorable exceptions, so few of their countrymen have ever sought them out to hear their stories.

  312. That parody Tweet above about the “need to shut their mouths. For the good of diversity” is, in fact, the unspoken belief of almost everyone who matters in Britain. Which is one reason why Ms Shah fell for it. And also why, as I explained in my report, the sexual exploitation of children is still going on in Rotherham. In broad daylight.

  313. Three paragraphs there from Steyn.

    When does this end?

    You know the answer. Never.

  314. The Great Cultural Swindle

    The Spectator Australia

    Unbylined Leader column

    Forget about the ‘culture wars’. What Australia, and indeed the West, is now being subjected to, and in many ways torn asunder by, is The Great Cultural Swindle. This is a mammoth rort whereby normal, hard-working, decent, trusting people and their families are being conned by a group of cultural charlatans and frauds: best known as our progressive media, political, academic and business elites.

    Yet rather than stealing their wealth – although they are doing that too – this new gang of con artists is pickpocketing mainstream Australia’s, and the West’s, cultural values.

    These values are being pilfered from the decent, freedom-loving, overly-complacent majority by a growing leftist, socialist minority for whom the hard-working Aussie is a figure of ridicule and contempt.

    The most insidious subterfuge is occurring underneath our noses, as our children head off to school to frequently be conned into embracing radical gender agendas where they should, of course, instead be gathering useful knowledge and life skills. In recent weeks it has become clear how pervasive the ‘safe schools’ gender indoctrination has become, not only in left-wing strongholds like Victoria and South Australia, but even with attempts to smuggle it through the back door into New South Wales.

    In Canberra, one distraught Mum reports how assemblies of up to 900 kids cheer approvingly at any mention of gender fluidity. In Victoria, another Mum was horrified to learn of dildos being shown in class with lessons on masturbation. Always the message is the same – homosexuality is not only to be tolerated but embraced. Both Mums have been forced to conceal their names for fear of repercussions.

    The swindlers have cunningly hijacked the same-sex marriage debate. What was once referred to as LGBT has now become a ludicrous acronym of over a dozen ‘gender types’, including ‘polyamorous’, an obvious forerunner to the next step of legalising polygamy.

    As Cory Bernardi warned many years ago (and was vilified for), the likely result of ‘marriage equality’ will be a legalised sexual/gender smorgasbord with untold consequences, many of which will be detrimental to a healthy, productive and safe society. Already, we are seeing in those countries that have legalised same-sex marriage the threats of closure to schools that refuse to pander to the ‘trans’ agenda.

    Despite the howls of protestation to the contrary, it is self-evident that the ‘gay marriage’ push – allowing homosexual and lesbian couples the right to marry – has been hijacked by the transsexual/genderqueer neo-Marxist lobby, and our children are the victims.

    The Great Cultural Swindle has been not only on everyday families, but also on loving gay and lesbian couples, who should have resisted the hijacking of their movement but instead became silent enablers.

    It is not only the religious bodies who should be concerned that their freedoms are being stolen from them. All parents should now be afraid of what the future holds for their ability to educate their own kids about love and sexuality.

    Then there is the climate change hoax, as underhand and as fraudulent a scam as it is possible to imagine. Put aside for the moment whether you believe that the planet is or isn’t warming up. The first inescapable truth is that there is nothing Australia can do about it, even if we wanted to. The second inescapable truth is that we have been tricked through political cunning and a dishonest, activist media and business world into paying the highest electricity prices in the world despite the fact that we have the cheapest energy sources on the planet. This is a monumental betrayal.

    Next comes the great scam of our history and race relations, with the indigenous grievance industry in full flight over such trivialities as the meaning of the word ‘discover’, whilst the Left turns a blind eye to young Aboriginal kids forced to endure poverty, ill-health, violence and sexual abuse. All so as not to be tainted by another meaningless word: ‘racism’. Indigenous Australia is being ripped off by wealthy activists more interested in attacking colonial history than helping those most in need to get a better life. Meanwhile, thanks to the myth of multiculturalism, non-integrated enclaves spring up in our suburbs, fostering cultural/religious acrimony and division.

    And finally there is the swindle of our economy. Out-of-control debt has already seen over half a trillion dollars ripped from the pockets of our children’s hopes, dreams and future prospects. Money that should have been available to them has been wasted on government debt and the interest on debt, exacerbated by preposterously wasteful schemes such as the NBN, the NDIS, Gonski, over-priced diesel submarines, solar thermal plants, giant batteries, pushing water uphill in the Snowy Mountains and so on. Yet it’s not as if that money has been put to any long-term good, but rather, it has been mainly squandered on the indolence of welfare and the fraudulence of renewable energy and a host of other so-called progressive scams. What a con job.

  315. The lunacy of a society trying to outlaw cash:

    Modi’s Demonetization Called “Colossal Failure That Ruined Economy” As India GDP Growth Slumps To 2-Year Lows

    Attempts at total control always end up in total collapse. No more digital cash. It encourages reckless spending and makes people financially illiterate. I know that’s what the establishment wants but we don’t want it.

    A penny in your pocket teaches you the meaning of value, no matter how derisory it is.

  316. Frank P – 11:44

    “Trust the MOL to get the priorities spot on.”

    Depressingly on target, for the most part, innit.

  317. Cue Tom Lehrer…
    Happy Days!

  318. This is a long spiel by Jim Willie, worth hunkering down for in my view, recorded early in 2016 which brings into focus “everything” (or most at least of what I am trying to understand) on the world economic/geopolitical scene and taking into account its heavy dose of criminality and deliberate mystification.

    Willie’s views on the situation 18nmonths or so later can be found on and elsewhere.

  319. The other more practical link for the citizen which caught my attention over the weekend was the following link to an interview with Peter Schiff. Schiff’s topic is a debit card backed by MasterCard which avoids the banks and the fiat money system and rests on gold held for the cardholder by Brinks in a choice of worldwide locations. The gold can be bought initially in a very small quantity and added to or withdrawn at pretty much the going price. Or the card can be used for ordinary daily purchases or settlements in the local currency with the then equivalent gold value of the transaction debited. I only just heard about it, and am going to study it further. Schiff, whom I respect, certainly makes a cogent case for the card as a means of operating outside the system but in a mode that we are all familiar with.

  320. Where, as in Rotherham, the government fails in its duty to enforce the law against muslims who treat our children as slaves of their perversion and criminal commerce, the citizen must hope to find standing to obtain a writ to enforce it himself either against the authority by requiring them to enforce the law or against the muslims for whatever remedy the law affords.

    This begs the question of what writs if any are available. It also raises the problem of the citizen raising his profile to the point that he becomes a target of government willing to abuse its authority or of criminal acts by our children’s enslavers.

    This would call for the solidarity of a group committed to identify the legal basis for citizens themselves to press for these remedies against government and the criminal muslim gangs. The group would need to be financed and financed by unimpeachable sources.

  321. One hopes that this brilliant footnote to a fortnight of maudln disinterment of the People’s Princess (or should that be Peoples’ Princess) will bring an end to it; after all, Kate has created her own diversion this morning, so obviously she was pissed off with the Dianafest too.

    Snuff out that candle ffs, it’s beginning to smell.

  322. I almost wrote ‘stink’, but decided that would be disrespectful.

  323. As staunch Brexiteer, Johnny Rotten (John Lydon) said not long after the gagfest of Diana mourning,

    “Candle in the wind? Candle without a wick, more like!”

  324. A funereal contrast between August 1917 and September 1997. What would Private Young and his generation have made of the emoting self indulgence separating their eras?

  325. Frank P

    I never thought the day would come when Colleen would appear as a model of familial rectitude and virtue, as her oboe playing potato head seeks to polish Wilmslow’s finest 32E silicone funbags in the back of a VW Golf.

  326. Noa @ 16:02

    This is an England one finds only in museums today, Noa. For how long though, if the progressives keep on erasing the past?

  327. Andy Car Park @ 12:11

    How times and people change, Andy, the man who celebrated the Jubilee in 1977 with ‘God Save the Queen’ with no future (that was a part of the lyrics if memory serves, the barbarian has the 45 record of it, weird that because he has kept only few vinyls or 45s from that time.

    Good man.

  328. Baron 16.25

    Shame on you M’lud.
    She could be doing proper police work if she wasn’t having to deal with time wasters from the press.
    There’s plenty of political correctness to enforce without worrying about balancing the respective consensual rights and wrongs of 3 v 12 year olds.

  329. Baron 17.02

    Remarkably, I delivered a ko punch to Mr Rotten’s jaw that same year for calling me a ‘cnut’, after I refused to contribute to his busking fund.

    Given his support for Brexit I’ll concede that a drugged up, talentless, cretin can get one thing right for once.

  330. Malfleur @ 05:29

    In the clip you’ve furnished, Malfleur, Schiff is talking about college degrees, making a valid point, too.

    On the car radio, in a news item today, a female who runs (or co-runs) one of such colleges was saying today that her remuneration (£350,000pa) was governed by the market forces, was critical in turn of the government’s criticism of overpaid college jobs.

    Baron didn’t listen to the whole item (he was in and out of the car when it was on), but the amount of money she ears is preposterous, Schiff’s point about the insanity of the idea that as many young people as possible should have college education is right. If everyone had it there would be no way to telling who’s better, the educational system would have to come up with a post-college education for the truly gifted ones.

    The topic reminds the barbarian of a character in a very popular TV series ‘The Porridge’ saying ‘but I do know knowledge’ when challenged on the importance of it, after admitting he cannot read.


  331. Noa @ 17:02

    Superb, Noa.

    One wonders – if she were still with us, someone were to re-discover this little gem from 2010, would she be forced to apologise? Everyone else does.

  332. Noa & Frank:

    It’s grossly unfair, the barbarian should be ashamed saying it for as a footballer he wasn’t that bad, there are others who have been or still are kicking the ball more poorly (look at the fugging Arsenal boys, the team w ill be lucky to finish the season in the top half), but the guy is singular unlucky to look as close to a baboon as it gets without actually being one, and his brain’s capacity for thinking could be even worse that that of the great ape.

    It’s a secretly help view by Baron that we’ve done badly as a nation in top footballing competition in he past because the play was structured around him, our fortunes will improve noticeably now that he’s gone.

  333. Not much in the MSM about the proposal of China and Russia for ending the stalemate with North Korea – the Americans to end military exercises with Japan and South Korea (the latter’s still on simulating an attack on the North), the North Korean to end testing its missiles. The nutter agreed to it, the American have refused it twice.

    Of course, the North could not stick to it, but then it would be the crossing of a clear red line, the UN could step in, those opposing the nutter would get the green light to get serious, hit the tyranny, the responsibility would be clearly on the nutter for any consequences of the war, and these could be both serious and long lasting if the conflict turned nuclear, which is very likely.

    Would anyone want to live in the contaminated country, or even claim a sovereignty over it?

  334. Esther @ 18:43

    Come it will, Esther, the cashless society, and the brainless young will jump at it, they love their little gadgets, think not of the risks that they bring.

  335. Noa 16-35.
    I didn’t like to comment on this as my interest in celebrities is nil. But I do feel sorry for Wayne. He’s as thick as shit but good at kicking a football around.
    His income vastly exceeds his ability to know what to do with it.
    And no one seems to protect him from himself.
    Sexist comments coming.
    What a tart.
    Every thing about her is false.
    She’s a crocodile in a shallow pond with stupid footballers paddling around.
    Everything about her is awful.
    Scrubber, tart, prostitute, good time girl, now seems to be party loving.
    If he wants to shag that sort of lowlife surely he could have a fixer.
    I do feel sorry for his wife, I imagine it’s like having a puppy with a hole in the fence.

  336. Frank P 0855 2 Sept
    I am sure you value the exclusiveness of your dwindling band of pilgrims propped up by the prolific Esther.
    Broaden your mind. The Colonel has gone now.

  337. Listen you insidious cunt: I am immune to crypto Marxist taqiyya. Desist from insinuating yourself into this forum. Whatever it lacks in quanity in the ebb and flow of intertube intercourse, it gains from its resistance to agitprop. You have no friends here. You are welcome to lurk (if you pay attention you may even learn the error of your ways); but do not have the timerity to address any of us by moniker. That privilege is reserved for those of the faith, who see the scourge of socialism as what it is – an abomination of the human condition. As for my ‘mind’: it is broader than any terrain you have ever, or are ever likely, to traverse. Do not bother to reply, just fuck off, as I have oft suggested to you and the multi-monikered morons of your commie cabal. As for the Colonel, if he is still extant, it is certain that he would endorse my sentiments. Adieu.

  338. Moreover, I’m willing to bet that ‘Esther’ does not approve of you taking ‘her’ name in vain, or come to that as a vane, either.

  339. Actually, you diverted me from the purpose of my log-in. I wanted to draw attention to Mr Steyn’s latest tour-de-force. Nobody does dystopia better than this wordsmith who is at the top of his gain. I suggest that you read it all and nota bene.

  340. Phonetic alert – game, not gain, though in one way …?

  341. Throughout Europe (probably here as well), the German discount chain Lidl has been running a Greek Week featuring amongst other material the pictures of a Church of the Holy Cross without the cross (redacted), other pamphlets and promotional stuff that had pictures with Greek motives had also all crosses removed.

    This has caused an uproar, will very likely hit the company’s sales everywhere in Continental Europe, in the Czech Republic activists painted windows of one of the Lidl’s shops with huge crosses, a couple who were blessing Lidl’s products with the sign of the cross in a shop were arrested. Those who opposed the PC crap included prominent church leaders, politicians, and surprisingly even most of the MSM journalists.

    Why cannot the Germans behave like us?

    Fewer than three generations ago, the Germanic tribe fugged up Europe big slavishly following the Nazi ideology, they seem poised to fugg Europe up once more worshipping the ideologically opposite creed.

    Someone should call the psychiatrists anonymous, ask them to section all breathing Germans before it’s too late.

  342. Noa 17:11

    (Noticed only now)

    Not a friend of his then?

  343. That’s the deserving female of the world of higher education the barbarian mentioned at 17:22, Professor Richardson, it is she who gets almost £30,000 per month for the new job at Oxford, believes she’s worth it, the politicians should keep their mouths shut, they’re the greedy ones.

    They all are, by the look of things.

  344. Dr. Stephen Leeb:  “We are now at the beginning of a New Monetary World Order that will be centered around gold.  Within a year, all trade in the Eastern hemisphere will most likely be gold-backed.  This is why the Silk Road countries have now accumulated nearly 34,000 tonnes of gold. This exceeds the amount of gold held by the top 50 countries outside the Silk Road, including the U.S., which supposedly has 8,000 tonnes. China’s share of the 34,000 tonnes of gold is estimated to be around 20,000 tonnes…”

  345. Baron September 4th@ 17:22


    A thousand apologies for the wrong link, Baron.

    Here is Peter Schiff talking to Joe Rogan about the gold-backed debit card from Gold Money Inc./MasterCard. It was posted by Gold Money and starts in medias res on bitcoin, soon dismissed by Schiff for the matter at hand:

  346. SCHIFF!

  347. You don’t say,
    Terror chief’s ‘home-grown jihadi’ warning

  348. Re: Yashmin alibi-wotsit

    … and so say all of us, Godders!

  349. “The Colonel has gone now.”

    Don’t you believe it, to paraphrase Mark Twain. I have been involuntarily earning the title of “Coffin Dodger” as a reality rather than simply a manifestation of left wing hate crime.

    As for “broadening the mind”. Come off it with bells a-pealing and whistles shrieking. The latest usurpation by the ghastly Saunders demonstrates just which part of the political divide needs its silly minds broadening. I was going to write “silliest” but then realised that in terms of socialism in England such rating is redundant. They are all now as silly as each other.

    How it is that a supposedly “conservative” Attorney-General stands by while a supposedly “impartial” and unelected civil servant with a less than thinly disguised extreme political agenda uses an increasingly ridiculous and insane left-wing rag to publicly undermine the independence of the police, the rule of law and the centuries old presumption of innocence until proven guilty is beyond comprehension.

    And it says something about the uselessness of Parliament and those who are elected and entrusted to protect our freedoms that the only cogent two fingers stuck up to that ghastly and dangerous apparatchik have to come from Spiked Online.

    You might think that even the dull-witted Conservatives would have learned something bleedin’ obvious from Starmer’s blatant disregard for and breaching of the Civil Service Code of Conduct, followed by his immediate and obscenely rapid parachute descent onto Corbyn’s partisan marxist Front bench (and I use the word “Front” in its triple meaning). But apparently not. That useless excuse for a Tory in No.10 seems to like surrounding herself and offering sponsorship to noisy left wing radicals, and the more radical the better it seems. Ancestral disgust knows no bounds.

    They are pure poison, these unelected Common Purpose “Leaders Beyond Authority”, usurping the right not just to inform the law but to direct it in a prejudiced, partisan and tyrannous political direction that ought to have all true Englishmen marching against the capitol. But really, first, ought to be getting at least some articulations of disquiet and inquiry in the mother of parliaments.

    The police, we are told, are independent in the enforcement of the law and Peel’s Principles (which the sclerotic Home Office still pays lip service to) are clear on the need for absolutely impartial enforcement. So how is it that Saunders can take over and direct their activities like some Uber-Chief Constable, like some Himmler, in order to push us all towards East Germany II?

    Answers on a postcard are not required but should be coming from those who rule over us. Do the fools not understand where this is going or is the conspiracy so advanced that they are accomplices in the crime.

    And the next time some ghastly feminist MP uses the term “pale, male and stale” in Parliament all white men of a certain age should lay a criminal complaint of hate crime against them. After all, it is the perception of the victims that is all that matters now, eh Ms Saunders?

  350. Will driverless trucks travel at exactly the same speed and therefore produce an endless convoy in the slow lane (effectively a train without rails) or will one driverless truck travelling 1 mph faster than another driverless truck be permitted to “overtake” and block the fast lane to all other traffic for 11 miles or more?

    A human truck driver, however boorish, is at least aware of the hold up behind him when one of those “yacht race” stunts is performed but a driverless truck programmed by some halfwit brought up in the era of New Labour Education, Education, Education and Computer Says No?

    What, precisely, is the May regime’s plan for this country, beyond complete disregard for the quality of life, the rights of the indigenous population of England and the apparent need to make it as FUBAR as possible?

  351. Colonel Mustard – 13:26

    Welcome back!

  352. Baron; “as many young people as possible should have college education is right. If everyone had it there would be no way to telling who’s better”

    or as W.H. Gilbert put it long ago; “when everybody’s somebody, then no-one’s anybody”

  353. Colonel Mustard.

    Glad that the heirs of Hippocrates have not removed your spirit or your soh.
    Hope you are over the worst; take care. Welcome back indeed.

  354. This is an excellent analysis & commentary! (h/t Paul Joseph Watson)
    Dave Cullen‏ [@DaveCullenCF]


    BitChute, the successor to YouTube ?

  355. Oh dear!
    We really do need to broaden minds.
    When I joined Julia’s extended Sheffield course in 2006 I learned that in order to succeed one had to lead. And to lead one needed to extend oneself beyond conventional straight jackets of authority.
    I learned to succeed I must broaden into different aspects of leadership and knowledge, to see the wider context and my role in it.
    I learned to adapt fast in new surroundings and to produce change wherever I was.
    I learned never to close my mind to a different point of view.
    As a result of my learning to lead beyond the bounds, my firm prospered allowing me to plough back into life that which I had taken out.
    I became broad minded reasonable and caring. I thank Julia unreservedly.

  356. Open the windows, Jesus Christ that was a stinker.

  357. Unfortunately I was first into the room .

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