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  1. Marshal Roberts,
    Yes Marshal, the man is right, it used to be called Dane Gelt and the Danes always came back for more as will Brussels. It is time to put a stop to all this nonsense and as for a divorce bill, we are still a sovereign nation and can not be made to pay anything. If the political class think they can shovel even more of our cash to the Vikings of the EU and we will supinely accept the situation, then they are heading for an almighty shock which will outstrip the one they suffered after the referendum vote.

  2. A family man in Bury St Edmunds has had his parked car attacked overnight by a gang of youths armed with metal poles. Every window was smashed and every panel dented or scratched. Local police spokes”person” says:-

    “The Safer Neighbourhood Team has received some isolated reports of criminal damage on the estate but none of a volume that indicates any significant issues.”

    Carry on Constables! Too busy parading about in red high heels, dancing for You Tube, engaging in other narcissistic “charity” stunts or monitoring Twitter for dastardly “hate speech”.

    Peel’s Second Principle of Policing:-

    To recognise always that the power of the police to fulfil their functions and duties is dependent on public approval of their existence, actions and behaviour, and on their ability to secure and maintain public respect.

    Epic fail.

  3. Marshal Roberts November 21st, 2017 – 19:01

    I see that the ghastly Brown, emerging from his crypt and reeking of formaldehyde, is still peddling “Regionalisation” which far from devolving power from Westminster simply increases the control of the usual suspect politician class via its “city region mayors” aka gauleiters. The final urbanisation of the English shires.

  4. This group is trying to kill off ad revenues of the Daily Mail, Sun, and Express. The left has seen it is unable to counter arguments with facts, now moved onto outright fascistic endeavours.
    Stop Funding Hate (@StopFundingHate)
    21/11/2017, 19:05
    We’ll be tracking the most prolific Daily Mail advertisers over the Christmas shopping period & publishing another list in the next few weeks. Who’ll be the number one biggest spender?…

  5. The non-left in Britain has not yet learned to stand their ground and ignore the bleating and shrieking of left wing fascists.

    It is become binary. You are either part of the left wing hegemony and advocating it or not. It is defining now. To be simply anti-left rather than right wing (although they’ll label that) or anything else. To be against them because of who they are and how they behave, offering no alternative political ideology or creed.

    Unite Against Leftist Fascism

  6. Colonel Mustard,
    The Mayors are paper tigers. I am more concerned about Brown’s blueprints for the Sturgeonisation of the whole of Britain.

  7. A wonderful paper by John Griffing and George Buchan:

  8. John birch – 09:03

    There’s clearly a gang of “ethical” smash and grabbers on the loose!

  9. Where exactly is our international man of mystery?
    [Baron Pippin II, to give him his full title.]

  10. Mark was guest hosting “Tucker Carlson Tonight” last night”

    “Newsweek compares Trump to Charles Manson” and other TDS insanities.

    “Dems at the center of sex scandals”

    More than dominos toppling, it’s an avalanche!

  11. Lt. Colonel Roy Potter suggests there’s a bit of tension between the CIA and President Trump…

  12. This link and the one which follows after – two different styles dealing with Q Anon and the tremendous drama unfolding with the US government at its centre.

  13. Bastards!
    We were lied to! Secret document FCO 30/1048 kept truth about EU from British for 30 years

    All of them!

  14. RobertRetyred.
    They mutter about Ted Heath cottaging, but this is much more serious.
    He should be dug up from Salisbury Cathedral and reinterred in Strasbourg.

  15. Why did we not listen to this man in 1974

    “Mr Powell listed the ways in which, he said, the power to make decisions had moved to Europe and referred particularly to Britain’s commitment to economic and monetary union by 1980. This, he pointed out, meant effectively within the lifetime of one more Parliament. “Do not laugh or shrug your shoulders,” he said. You have been told. It is your own fault, and the fault of the public, if you do not listen.” The supreme right of the Commons to tax, legislate and call the executive to account has already been ceded. In the next Parliament will be completed the absorption of Britain into the new European State as one province along with others. Between there lies one event, one hurdle to be cleared, one barrier across the way – a general election. There is just the little matter of securing for all this, before it is irrecoverable and irreversible, what used to be considered as manifestly indispensable – the full-hearted consent of the British people.”

  16. Marshal Roberts – 17:16

    He screwed the old, the young, everyone, in fact.

  17. All you young people who have been moaning this is your chance.
    Get out there and snap up a half million pound house now.

  18. Marshal Roberts – 17:16

    Especially the fishermen.

  19. ‘A moment of hope’ (for the gentle unwashed of Zimbabwe), these were the words of the Blonde Inseminator after Mugabe gave up, and for once he’s spot on. A moment it is between the resignation of the old thug, the inauguration of the new one on Friday.

    Who in his right mind would argue that Zanu will give up power, let the opposition to have a say, allowing it to probe into the corruptly amassed millions when cumryd Mugabe was in power?

    The best that can happen is for the Chinese to replicate their model of governance, allow businesses to prosper (with their investment expanding even more than till now) for the price of a one party leadership, in case of Zimbabwe the party being Zanu, of course.

  20. Paul Lewis’s Money Programme on BBC Radio4 is one of the few outputs of the MSM monolith the barbarian listens to, more or less regularly. Today, the budget was on, rather a dissection of it, what pi$$ed mightily was a family of four (thankfully a heterosexual family, two parents, he and she, and two grown up daughters), the offspring and the mother wingeying about the inability of the young being unable to get on the property ladder bla, blah ..

    What Paul should have asked the family is to furnish their income and their outgoings, specifically on items not available when the parents (better still their grandparents) were trying to buy a property decades ago. One suspects the girls are spending a noticeable amount of electronic gadgetry, cars, fashion and possibly holidays. Without knowing about it the family should not have been allowed to moan about their daughters difficulty to get a flat or a house.

  21. RobertRetyred @ November 22nd, 2017 – 16:25

    Not much coverage of the document in other MSM, Robert, and for good reasons. One suspects we are going to learn about other ‘secret appendices’ to publicly available texts of treaties in the future.

    Heath may have departed, others who knew about may still be alive, someone of the phylum calling itself journalism should ask them, no?

  22. Malfleur @ November 22nd, 2017 – 13:48

    In one of the two videos, Malfleur, it takes over five minutes for the leather cladded guy to tell us he’s adjusting the gadget, he wishes everyone happy thanksgiving, and he could refer us to someone but wouldn’t.

    The barbarian watched about ten minutes of each, couldn’t figure what’s what, may have come back to it, but other sources furnished a shorter and better briefings. If they’re right, this week may be quite eventful.

  23. John birch. @ November 22nd, 2017 – 09:03

    In the past, John, the barbarian used to scan the postings on the Suffolk Constabulary site, gave up, it was rather scary. You can have a look:

  24. For News and pretty pictures of police cars , put into the search engine

    *norfolk suffolk gay pride police*

  25. Baron 22-25
    I bought a book while in Africa a few years ago about the corruption and problems of tribalism.
    When one lot are removed from power and another lot replace them the saying is Now it’s our turn to eat.
    I think that says it all really.

    Paul Joseph Watson

  27. It’s odd how heterosexuality is now frowned on in the workplace but gay sexuality is brought openly into the workplace so that it becomes part of the police public relations. All because of the supposed “phobia” and “hate” inventions of the Left.

    The police are now policing attitudes of the mind. You might be able to change those by persuasion but you’ll never change them by repression, only shut down any utterances disapproved of whilst inciting resentment and undermining respect. You can’t forbid someone from disliking something or force them to like it. And expressing an opinion of liking or disliking is a fundamentally personal freedom that the police, of all people, should not be interfering with.

    It might be thought those who rule over us would have learned something from the East European communist experience, especially from East Germany. But not a bit of it. They are busy reproducing all its ridiculous controls, including a politically directed police, believing that was is not permitted to be written or said is no longer thought. Idiots.

  28. Colonel Mustard @ November 23rd, 2017 – 10:36

    Good point, Colonel, one’s feelings get driven underground, remain unchanged. More to the point, often those positively disposed towards the many human sexual anomalies, or those who couldn’t have cared less turn around, the dislike of the way it’s being handled forces them to do so.

  29. EC @ November 23rd, 2017 – 10:12

    What a creep, EC, but then he is of the Left progressives, can get away with it.

  30. John birch. @ November 23rd, 2017 – 06:19

    Good point, John, this, the looking after the tribe, the clan, or at least the extended family if one’s rank isn’t powerful enough and the high procreation rates (the equivalent of our pensions) have been the two factors dominating the political discourse after we left. Nothing on on the horizon that would suggest it’s going to change any time soon.

  31. Radford NG @ November 23rd, 2017 – 00:33

    A couple or so or so weeks ago, Radfor dthe barbarian is browsing for books in a charity shop (for some time now his most valuable source of them), about a dozen other customers rummaging through other stuff when the door opens, a man of about forty comes in, unkept long, black hair, the face unshaven, not the designer bristle, just unshaven. He’s dressed in a black short coat with fur collar, probably fake, over the shoulder he carries a large bright red squarish bag made of heavy plastic.

    He looks around, quickly picks up an item that Baron cannot recognise, a scarf perhaps, comes to the cash desk where an old lady takes the money, says to her in laud voice: “I’m transitioning, and I like it, and I don’t care what anyone thinks, I am happy, and that’s all that matters, well, I am really only half through transitioning ….”.

    He keeps repeating it over and over as the old lady takes his money, gives him the change, once he looks furtively right and left if anyone’s listening, the customers pretend they are not, all busy touching things, ears pricked up though, many moving towards the door even though the one in transit is no threat to anyone.

    As Baron leaves the shop he glances back, it’s only now he can see the bottom part of the trans’s attire, it’s a short reddish skirt similar in design to a kilt, rolled down socks of uncertain colour that may have began life white, and high heels, not the pointed high heels, but high nevertheless. What’s most striking, a serious rugby player wouldn’t be embarrassed by the size of the half man-half woman’s calves. Massive.

    It may well be that people like him are fighting inner demons of either or both sexes, if the coming out promoted by the progressives, seconded by the governing elites helps that’s fine, but the handling of it so much in the face of everyone turns the process into a rather tawdry affair, not every man looks sexy, this one was far from what the adjective decribes, one couldn’t but pity him.

    More to the point, the barbarian cannot claim to be knowledgable on this issue, but he thought only four combinations of the two chromosomes were recognised – XY, XX, XXX (the Turner’s syndrome), or XXY (the Kleinefelder’s syndrome, for which the barbarian had to google). Or has the medicine progressed beyond this?

  32. Frank P @ November 23rd, 2017 – 00:32


    Listen up, Frank, this is truly the last time the barbarian bothers, the man repeats the same trash, no point in responding. Again, here comes, the last time:

    There’re two groups of haters of today’s Russia, in the first are those who know next to nothing about the country, cannot be bothered to find out, their brains are more than happy to hold on to old prejudices whilst imbibing the official agitprop pumped out by the MSM poodles.

    The other group is made up of people for whom the hate of races other than their own furnishes their daily bread, many in this group would love to wipe out the Russians just because they exist, freer and more prosperous than ever before, or at least turn the country of the Russian Slavs into what it was before when the communist doctrine of a Prussian scribbler on matters economics was applied to state governance by a group of fanatics (of whom the biggest killer was a thug from Georgia).

    And then there’s the omni-all one, on his own, crowning the hate brigade, he combines the worst traits of the latter group, tops it up by deploying the skills he learnt from observation (when a sheepishly spineless citizen of communist Russia) to spread lies, half-truths and deceptions in the most articulate, refined and admirably persuasive language (that impresses mightily those of the feeble or prejudiced mind, heh, heh, heh).

    In the case of the v video what the omni-all one fails to tell you is that before Anna Kuvychko created the masterpiece in question this female Duma member was known to the Russian public about as much as a Tory MP Royston Smith is known to us here (google him if you must), that the video received a spontaneously negative reception amongst the public immediately after ti got released, it was mocked by virtually everyone (few old cumryds loved it though), and that both the state and the opposition media (and bloggers) found it distasteful, creepy, sickening (it reminds people of the adulation of the butchers of the communist era’ was the most common posting on threads).

    It got thoroughly censured as was her defence of it when she tried to explain why she produced it, the main TV channel, the one allegedly linked to Vlad, Russia 24, attacked her most savagely accusing her to have created it to gain publicity, others on the programme Baron watched defended her arguing ‘one has the right to be stupid or behave stupidly even if one gets elected to be an MP, which is what she is, probably will be after the next count.

    The barbarian didn’t tell you about it (he doesn’t tell you about most of the stuff from the East, it’s hard to explain without you knowing the background).

    To sum up the bleating: Why would this piously hateful man “let factual truth interfere with (his) innermost convictions”?

  33. Sincere apologies for the errors, syntax, bad spacing, not nougat time, sorry, the poorly educated Slav had to leave.

  34. Arghhh, ‘not enough’ time, ‘nougat’ time will arrive with Christmas, it’s the fugging software what did it, sorry again.

  35. Politician in “moderate” Malaysia says freedom of religion does not allow no religion, and that atheism can be punished under both sharia and civil law. Good place for civilised people to stay away from.

  36. Baron (12:15)

    Oh dear! I Seem to have hit a sensitive nerve there. Just passing on news from Russia, old fella, as you often do youself for some peculiar reason (given that you are a native of CZ; that the Russkies banged you up – and that you decided to ‘scape to the relative calm of Blighty). I have oft enquired, out of friendly curiosity, why your concern for motherfuckin’ Russia – and your abhorrence for an exiled Russki who seems to me (a mere Anglophile, admittedly), to have rational reasons for his personal aversion to Uncle Vova and his crew of kleptocrats? So far you have avoided replying to those apparent inconsistences.

    As you say, I haven’t lived in the ‘East’ (East Anglia is far enough east for me – you too now supposedly – though your frequent junkets o’er the channel followed by communiques from MFR keep us informed, as an antidote to ABs “old prejudices”).

    In mild defence of my ‘uninformed ignorance’, I was subjected in my own youth, as a consequence of public duties, to some persistent propaganda from the Eastern bloc, which was alarmingly similar to that depicted in the Uncle Vova clip, and later in another and longer stint of public duties saw at first hand on the streets of our once revered Metropolis, the effects of that propaganda and was forced to confront mano a mano the useful eejits/traitors who swallowed it. I also suffered a Sino-Soviet funded campaign to have me ousted from my duties for political reasons. So you can perhaps understand why I am less inclined to be believe apologists for MFR, or their Chink allies, than someone who has documented his childhood in the USSR (which I read with interest and empathy) and who seems to have good reason to despise the residual dregs of that totalitarian behemoth. Just sayin’. Don’t blame the messenger m’Lud.

    Btw, AB has modified his onslaught of yesterday, by a more optimistic essay today:

    Suppress your scorn and read it: it may help. 🙂 🙂

    As the shysters often request in the process of argument, when playing for time, “I request further and better particulars in writing from my learned friend.”

  37. … or to put it nother way, chronical your own halcyon days experience as a counterpoint to ABs How the Future Worked

  38. … it would be a very interesting read and I hereby reserve a copy in advance. Tell your agent.

  39. Frank P @ November 23rd, 2017 – 15:03

    You’ve never seen the barbarian then when his ‘sensitive nerve’ gets hit, Frank.

    He’ll say more when he has the time, will go as far as to answer what you’ve asked (and will also read the new link, promise)).

  40. Sad music
    Henry and Alice are aid workers who are trying to save the world by living in five star hotels in Africa.
    As Alice say’s, in our hotel we are creating jobs for local people and that’s good. However .
    Henry and Alice have a problem, their TOYOTA land cruiser is now two years old. It’s not as efficient as the latest model and Henry and Alice are worried they may be polluting the wonderful locals.
    Alice cry’s every night thinking about this.
    Other aid workers with brand new land cruisers laugh at Henry and Alice and this makes Henry cry.
    Henry is a modern man and it fills his heart with sadness thinking of Alice being driven around poverty stricken townships in a two year old land cruiser.
    Every night Alice cry’s herself to sleep as Henry listens.
    But, you can help. For just £3 a month you could give Henry and Alice a brand new TOYOTA land cruiser and allow them to drive through poverty stricken townships with a feeling of pride.
    Don’t look away, think of the pleasure you could bring to Henry and Alice for just £3 a month.
    Thank you.

  41. John birch. – 17:13


  42. RobertRetyred – 17:23


  43. John birch. @ November 23rd, 2017 – 17:13

    Good one, John, and so fitting.

  44. We’ve had a spat of this sort few times in the past, Frank, it’s not that the poorly educated Slav wants to convince you or anyone else, you and the others have been around for a while, you know how the world ticks, it’s just that Baron enjoys backing what he says with a rational argument as vacuous of emotions as possible, if often harsh, that’s it.

    Not only the West, the malady seems to have infected the world at large, people have abandoned rational thought for emotions, it’s feelings that form the core of their responses to world events, that is a risky path, it can never lead to solutions that benefit anyone.

    One can never shake off one’s deep rooted emotions-based prejudices, dislikes, hates, they are a part of us, but one has to try.

    Baron has always made a distinction between a creed, an ideology, a faith, and the bearers of it. It’s not those who sit on the top of any such pyramid of faiths, the creators of them who bear the brunt of the ideology, it’s the unwashed, who either by persuasion, or under threat, big or small, have to live under it. They have no choice but to carry out the ‘orders from the top’.

    You see how difficult it is here for even large number of people to get heard, the institutionalised inertia of the Project of the progressives prevents a reversal of it whatever one says or does (within the law), not even a marginal tweeting of the Project seems possible, and that in conditions of relatively free expression, certainly immeasurably freer than what was possible when the communist thugs ruled the East.

    The Russians didn’t choose to live under communism, the tyranny was hoisted on them in the October 1917 putsch, as a tribe, they are no more predisposed to kill other tribes than the Germans were to gas people of other tribes.

    What happens to Vlad matters not to the barbarian, he doesn’t give a hoot, what happens to the Russian unwashed – even though Baron isn’t one of them – does. You would find Baron making the same arguments if it were the Republic who got surrounded by the Russians trying to bring the land of the free to her knees, acting like some juvenile bully boys.

    You’ve seen the response to the budget everyone’s talking about, the BBC suggesting our living standards will worsen in the years ahead, the comparison with the past isn’t much better either, the economy hasn’t been delivering, the masses have and will suffer still.

    (Do you wonder why the barbarian brings up the budget?) It’s to demonstrate to you once more that what matters to people in this country is how the present and the expected future stacks up with the past. The past of this country, not that of the Republic, Russia, Outer Mongolia or wherever.

    That’s what people in every country do, that’s what the Russians do. They look back what they had 10, 30 or 50 years ago, money, jobs, freedoms. In spite of what Vlad, Medvedev or the oligarchs may have robbed from the Russian treasury, the vast majority of the Russians have never had it so good. They have real jobs, not some fake employment for which they get fake wages.

    That’s why Putin and not one of the Pussy Riots girls, is in the the Kremlin. Conversely, the Americans went for the Donald because they see themselves less well off that they were 10, 20 or 30 years ago, and think the future under the old regime would have been unlikely any better.

    Is Russia under Vlad a beacon of free press, tolerance, democracy? Far from it, it has boils and warts and pustules aplenty wherever one looks, but the country’s far better than it was when Boris was in charge with his hundreds of US advisors, and immeasurably better off compared with the country’s communist past.

    Why kicking at Vlad then, when there’re more tyrannical regimes around, and we’re friends with them, we honour them as valuable partners in business? We have Brexit to take care of, we should trade with Russia, not shout about their gay laws.

    What if a deluded Russian mid-ranking military guy near the Baltic states border were to lose it, lob few shells into a US camp nearby, the Americans were to respond, the conflict were to escalate? Do we need that? The barbarian has three grandsons, the last thing he wants for them is a future not that different from the horrors of WW2, possibl y worse given the weaponry each side possesses today.

    Nuffsaid, and apologies not just for the errors, for the simplicity of the argument, too. When Baron gets back to the Wall next week, we can indulge in sparring some more. A deal?

    And this:

    The new link you insisted Baron has to read is essentially what the poorly educated Slav said in the piece that prompted you to jump on the ‘outcast from the East’ (only joking), the response to the deluded Duma woman was pretty unanimous (few old guard commies didn’t join in in the kicking, but that’s what democracy, however imperfect is all about).

    Mr. Boot’s examples go against what he’s been trying to convince everyone that opposition, the freedom of expression, the tolerance of views contradicting the Kremlin doesn’t exist in Russia. It does, not as much as we can indulge in here, but if you knew what it was like when Baron lived in Moscow, you couldn’t fail to agree.

  45. Baron (22:09)

    Your trip round the houses (twice in ever-decreasing circles) was interesting; but smoke and mirrors will not obscure or deflect my curiosity. Only two questions, m’Lud:

    (1) Why TF did you choose to live in Moscau, given your stated nativity?

    (2) How TF did you finish up in a flowery at Lubyanka?

    I can understand why you settled in Engerland, given that you seem fond of “the essential core of Englishness” (difficult enough for a native to define, harder for a settler, I would have thought, but you are entitled to your opinion) and our erstwhile freedoms – now sadly much diminished in the thrall of the Brussels Behemoth; but your so-called “argument vacuous of emotion” gets very emotional indeed when you address the problem of AB; in fact your emotional cup runneth over in the form of palpable hatred. Why? He has one take on his native land, you have a different one. Both of you have your reasons. That’s life. Whence cometh all this venom and turmoil?

    With that final question (two more than I originally intended) I’ll await your response. 🙂 🙂

  46. A Mark of repect and a paean of praise at Thanksgiving and a “Who Do You Think You Are” genealogical dig on the Turkey:

  47. Question Time yesterday had to be curtailed due to illness in the audience. Can’t say I’m surprised given the bias of the panel, the rigged audience and the crap emanating from both. I almost had an apopletic throm myself.

    BBC delenda est!!

  48. At least 184 dead after bomb and gun attack at packed Egyptian mosque
    And we’re told to believe the nonsense that all cultures are equal.
    What a load of fucking bollocks.

  49. Frank 16-59
    Like most towns colchester is not what it was. I left there three years ago and moved to England

  50. DE: France will take lead in creating a world which protects us says Macron

    We, or rather France, is doomed! 🙂

    Doesn’t he know that there is a tiger loose in Paris?

    I am not kidding!

  51. Frank P November 24th, 2017 – 16:59

    Dimblebore was quite disgraceful in the way that he rounded on the Tory to challenge him over Diane Abbot’s ridiculous plan to increase the debt. Quite how that stupid woman thinks that the government will get an “investment return” from council house rents is mind boggling. But for Dimblebore keep bullying the poor man over that tripe was disgraceful. He is supposed to chair the programme not do Labour’s dirty lying work for it.

    Lots of whooping in the audience too. Always a sign that the audience is packed with Labour activists. That ghastly hatchet-faced woman in the audience who wouldn’t shut up was clearly a Labour party stooge.

    And the comic opera commissioner was well out of his depth.

  52. Colonel Mustard

    So Diane Abbot wants to exploit council house tennants? 🙂

  53. Colonel Mustard (19:21)

    Agreed, agreed and ageed!

    A week of constant pro EU agitprop across the MSM, topped off by this deeply treasonous programme and its deplorable and increasingly senile anchor from a nepotistic dynasty.

  54. “Terrorism is what makes the rogue state U.S. exist, … [and] the U.S. is the biggest terrorist sponsor and the biggest state-sponsored terrorist universally recognized by the international community,” it continued, according to a summary in the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), another outlet.”

  55. BBC QT: I don’t know why anybody bothers to watch it expecting it to be anything other than a rigged left wing wankfest baiting a lone hapless low calibre token Tory.

  56. The BBC did manage to put on a half decent program last week:

    “Britain’s Greatest Pilot – The Extraordinary Story of Captain Eric Winkle Brown”

    They made a reasonable attempt at it, but it was not as good as his autobiography. “Wings On My Sleeve Most – The WORLD’S Greatest Test Pilot Tells His Story.” Typical of the BBC to diminish a Brit’s achievements, but interesting sequences with him talking straight to camera, telling his story without a BBC filter.

    Captain Eric Melrose “Winkle” Brown, CBE, DSC, AFC, Hon FRAeS, RN
    (21 January 1919 – 21 February 2016)

  57. The BBC are also currently re-running Ben Macintyre’s “SAS Rogue Warriors”
    also available on iPlayer

  58. Rainbow fuckin’ laces!!

    Who is going to call a halt to this rampant corruption and depraved propaganda aimed at the already damaged youth of this country?

    So called sporting activities are now becoming a paradise for perverted predators.

    The recent scandals involving the abuse of young boys in football clubs, both amateur and professional, have done nothing it seems, fto stem the rot. The nonces are doubling down and demanding their ‘rights’.

    If this is happening under a so-called Tory government, just imagine what it’ll be like when Corbynski and his Marxist mob take over.


  59. WATCH: Polish Government Releases Video Blasting EU’s Record on Migrant Crisis and Terrorism

    It’ll never happen here.

  60. EC (11:36)

    Yes, it was a repeat. Saw it first time round and wept for our Nation. Winkle Brown was one of a now extinct species, I fear.

  61. Frank P – 11:46

    Last weekend I switched a MEN’s international Rugby game on only to discover that there was a Wimmin commentator. I returned home last night, switched on the telly and noted that England vs Bosnia was in progress. I switched channels only to discover that it was Wimmin’s ‘effing football !

    It’s enough to send one straight down to the local mosque to “swear by the prophet!”

  62. EC (12:05)

    Me too, I was looking forward to an advertised international “soccer” match only to find a field full of English and Bosnian vociferous vaginas clod-hopping around the stadium, sporting biceps and gastrocnemus muscles that Steve Reeves would have been proud to display when he was Mr Universe.

    Eventually found a simultaneous Premier Lague match of purported male soccer players, one with a pony tale, prancing around the Olympic Stadium only to find that they were all sporting rainbow coloured bootlaces in support of rampant sodomy. How fitting that this campaign started at the home stadium of a football team purchased in part from the proceeds of industrial scale perversion, pornography and prostitution – the godfathers of which are currently under scrutiny for tax evasion.

    Bobby Smith and Dave Mackay (famous for his sanguine sliding tackles) must be turning in their graves. One can only imagine where post-match, the slide-in tackle of the current proponents of ‘the beautiful game’ finishes up while romping in the communal baths of the premier league stadiums. But I pefer not to.

    .Incidentally, the pony-tailed player was interviewed naked from the waist-up, steaming like a horse that has just completed the Grand National course at Anfield, by yet another gobby girl, who after exchanging the using string of mind-numbing cliches and platitudes, ordered him to, “Better get yerself inside and warmed up.” Yerrrss!

    Never was the theme song of a football team more appropriate. All we need to know is who amongst them is known as ‘Bubbles’?

  63. … or do we? Perhaps not.

  64. ‘Usual string’ not ‘using string’ – friggin’ predictive text function. I keep turning it off, but it insists on rebooting itself. Urratatin’, I tell ya, it’s urratatin’!

  65. The kick-off at Oxford Circus yesterday is, imho, another clear indicator of the lack of discernment and judgement of the people manning the emergency services these days, in particular the transport police and their Met Police counterparts. The arse-covering reflex of pressing the panic-button before implementing even the basic prerequiste responsibiliy of establishing confirmation of a reported incident, before bringing Central London to a standstill, means that the chain of command is diffy from ahole to breakfast time. The whole of Central London, above ground and below, is under 24/7 vid and audio surveillance. Checking the ground is almost instantaneous.

    Under these knee-jerk conditions the terrorists don’t even have to carry bombs or guns. All they have to do is shout “Boo!” to a fellow pasenger, in order to cause mass panic and a life-threatening stampedes.

    But …no suprise, when the Gold Commander who was at the helm on the day of the Jean de Menezes fiasco, is now in charge of the whole shebang and her office is close enough to the Major Ops Control Room to have given the green light to a full scale emergency response, yesterday.

    Or is she still touring the US, doing her Christmas shopping and seeking advice on how best to facilitate the LGBTQWERTY Community?

    Btw – has she yet arranged for the old blue and white striped armband to be reinstituted, but this time in rainbow colours, to be waved prominently by the limp-wristed, fluid-gender cuntstables as they mince their way around the Central London beats?

    Though I jest, it’s really no laughing matter. Get a grip, ossifers!

  66. A great writer on the subject of a fast-dying breed:

    How can those who still survive those deeds ever forgive us for what we have failed to prevent since. What would those who paid the ultimate price then, have to say if they were able to return and observe the abuse of their legacy?

  67. Kathy Gyngell: Why won’t politicians admit the truth about rampant immigration? | The Conservative Woman

  68. John Birch (8:59)

    Great article. It prompted this one – equally seminal:

    Both need dissemination among not only those on message (as grist to their mill) but to ditherers who are becoming increasingly seduced by the SJWs and their siren calls. I fear the balance may have already tipped, though. That we are headed for another spell of socialist insanity, mainly due to the current crop of craven c-c-c-‘conserative’ MPs.

  69. Frank P – 01:33

    Our fate was sealed on July 5th, 1945. Since then we’ve only managed to wriggle a bit within the straightjacket of consequence the 145 seat socialist majority put us in. With hindsight, THEN would have been the time to emigrate, but unfortunately I wasn’t old enough.

  70. It’s always a pleasure to highlight some good news in the relentless trough of despair that is normally CHW.
    So let us rejoice in the remarkable bio-diverse re-cycling possibilities of the Capital’s massive assets and henceforth our war cry be “Yes We Khan!”

  71. Noa – 12:44

    Bejesus, Paddy. London is now officially the capital of the turd world!

  72. Noa – 12:44

    Not for nothing is the Trough of Bowland twinned with the Slough of Despond!

  73. re: 17:22- h/t O’Remus (q.v.)

  74. Frank P 17:35


    Thank you Frank for linking a masterpiece of visceral, vernacular but veracious vituperation for this treasonous USAF clunt.

  75. Mangina Hyten’s reservation unto himself on whether or not he will accept orders he doesn’t agree with raises interesting questions for the very survival of the Western democracies.
    After all, if each and everyone of those serving in the public sector chooses to ignore those instructions and to enable and enforce policies he or she doesn’t like or agree with we will shortly cease to function as a society.
    Of course one of the first things to stop will be the payment of taxes, as we choose to arm ourselves or employ guards directly, in preference to paying police who no longer enforce laws.

  76. Frank P November 26th, 2017 – 17:22

    There is definitely a “look” to those fuckwits. Welby has it too. A sort of weak but nevertheless oh so pleased with itself facial fuckwittery.

    This idiot like so many others doesn’t have a clue what deterrent means just as the idiots in government don’t understand what negotiation means. Here’s a clue for their weak, fuckwit brains:-

    They are not the same as APPEASEMENT.

  77. Colonel Mustard 19:18

    A most perceptive comment Colonel. I knew he reminded me of someone, the same sly, bovine asininity, assiduous troughing capability and contemptuous disdain for others, especially ‘the little people’…

  78. Sadly rugby has now gone the way of professional football and little or nothing of either honour or glory remains. As you allude winning is everything. The richer Northern and Southern Hemisphere nations systematically loot the South Sea islands of their best players who, entirely understandably, seize whatever chances are available to them to leave. The real theft, and hypocrisy, is when the Tuilagis, Vunipolas and and Roconigunis of the world loose even their nationhood and what was something wonderful, like a proud independent Fijian, Samoan or Tongan national side have become nothing more than feeder clubs for greedy transnational nations and teams.
    As for yesterday, the balance sheet reads: England RFU £7m, Samoa. Nothing. England players £22k Samoan players £650, if they’re lucky.
    What pride can there be in nationhood or an England win, from that?

  79. A few snippets of info on the coup in Zim. First off it was organised by the British secret service, the CIA is spitting feathers as they had no advanced warning, they were also planning to insert their own candidate to replace Mugabe, a former Vice president. All those close to Mugabe were removed in advance, there was no resistance. If you were wondering how come the reporters and TV crews were on hand to chronicle the event, they were briefed well in advance, a month before the event all was explained to them. Mugabe’s replacement is no saint but he is approaching exiles and inviting them to return and act as advisers, which suggests there is a chink of reality in line for the economy of the country. All in all a very British coup. Nice to know we can still pull these things off.

  80. An interesting p.o.v from Jordan Peterson that seems to nail the bogus communist ethos: in two words – envy and spite.

    Dressed up the camouflage of ‘social justice’.

    Peterson, a Canadian ‘political philosopher’, goes some way to explaining why communism persists, despite its historical failure in all its geographical and cultural fields of implementation –
    the rivers of blood; the deliberate starvation emanating from it – and the oppression that is necessary to maintain its tyrants. Is youth resistant to those implicit messages and evidence? Or ignorant of the facts underpinning its history, because of deliberate policy? The latter is probably the major factor, because the evil proponents of it now dominate the Western educational functions from Academia to infant school. The same applies to the content of media output across the board. This nation is on the brink of disaster and a majority of the electorate apparently see a cabal of the worst Marxist traitors ever to achieve political prominence in this country (masquerading as champions of the deprived and oppressed), as a viable alternative to the current administration.

  81. I would imagine it would be seen as cruel or tasteless to suggest that the cost saving to the taxpayer over the next 50 years from the car hitting the tree and killing five occupants would be considerable.’
    Gangsters , car thieves, and trouble no more.
    How sad.

  82. And part of the problem is that the current administration seems unwilling, or unable to combat the menace, but rather facilitates it by adopting some of policies, which leads to the possibility that the so-called tories are deeply infiltrated by left-leaning imposters. Certainly an exponential number of identity groups that form the Long March of useful idiot are now part of the Tory parliamentary party. Never in my lifetime (and therefore the ifetime of all Wallsters- perhaps with the exception of Herbert who has a couple of yeas on me, I believe) has this country been in such political peril. Not even 1945 was a portent of today, though the more discerning among us may have suspected it as a watershed (q.v. EC @ November 26th, 2017 – 11:16).

  83. Frank P – 17:51

    There are also the Feminist supporting men who are then able to get closer to women, to abuse.

  84. And the sjw and transgender agenda in schools.

  85. stephen maybery @ November 27th, 2017 – 12:55

    Was the new thug’s visit to China one week before the army took over (or not as they insisted) a part of the MI6 plot, stephen?

  86. Harry’s engagement to the divorcee actress is a good move for ‘the Family, he’s sufficiently distant from the throne in the succession queue to get there, she ticks all the right boxes to woo many of the young, the deluded, the progressives to the royal course, certainly more to compensate for the loss of those who would have preferred he married a woman of a similar class.

    Facially, she looks like a daughter of Mrs. Simpson, her background is similar, too, what is it that keeps the royal males so attracted to older divorced women of America? we should be told.

  87. John birch. @ November 27th, 2017 – 19:14

    You’re not alone feeling sad about the loss, John, the barbarian has gone through many a handkerchief crying uncontrollably since he heard the news.

  88. Baron – 22:59

    Independently minded, yet feminine, likes men and not so bad looking: can be summed up by ‘not a feminist’. 🙂

  89. Frank P @ November 27th, 2017 – 17:51

    He certainly challenges one’s mind, Frank, even when the mind has already lost most of its ability to take things in because of age e.g. the barbarian. On the broad level, he has a point that’s hard to refute.

    Baron knows next to nothing about countries other than Russia and its satellites of the communist era, but the loss of life in post Romanov’s Russia was much greater amongst the members of the party than the classes that did the oppressing before the communist thugs arrived, or non-party burghers. The communists were excellent killing each other, at least in communist Russia.

    Also, the founding fathers of the Republic did well, but not well enough to prevent the civil war, a skirmish big enough to have lost the Republic more lives than have since all other wars put together.

  90. RobertRetyred @ November 27th, 2017 – 23:06

    You may have noticed, Robert, the barbarian has made no prediction as to whether the marriage will last. She’s 36, must have a rich past, and you know what the gutter press is like.

    Also, in an interview on Sky, Harry said he was very much in love with her, hoped she was with him, too. She said nothing in response. This reminded the barbarian of an interview in which Di sitting next the Charlie said ‘we’re very much in love’, to which the heir to the top royal chair said: ‘Whatever love means’ or words to that effect.

  91. Noa @ November 26th, 2017 – 20:57

    This is truly sad, Noa, the barbarian has been a loyal customer if only to keep the company going, the staff has always been helpful, the girls and older females must have come from a class that had its roots in the England of old.

  92. Noa @ November 26th, 2017 – 20:26

    Good point, Noa, when big money gets into the game the game changes.

    When we won the World Cup in 1966, the players were paid what was then the average wage. Today, the likes of Sterling & co wouldn’t turn on the pitch to extrude a fart for that money.

  93. Frank P @ November 26th, 2017 – 17:22

    It would be equally niteresting to know, Frank, if he were to initiate a nuclear attack if he felt he should without the Donald issuing an order for one, no?

  94. Noa @ November 26th, 2017 – 12:44

    What is even more surprising, Noa, is that the often maligned Victorians built a sewage system that would still be functioning well today if we didn’t clog it up with stuff they didn’t even dream would one day exist.

  95. I suppose there is no possibility that the fine examples of professionalism, knowledge, wisdom and leadership shown by prominent women such as Theresa Maybe, N.Sturgeon, H.Clinton and all her female co-leaders, A.Merkel, the NI leader, the Welsh leader, Diane Abbot, Christine Lagarde and Tess Daly’s dress sense 🙂 , couldn’t encourage the feministly mind to reconsider their goals.

  96. And this, how could the poorly edu Slav miss it:

    Frank P
    November 24th, 2017 – 01:16

    Which part of the posting you’re referring to smells of hatred on Baron’s part, Frank, could you point it to him, please?

    It’s the ‘healthy core of Englishness’ rather than ‘essential’.

    The barbarian using ‘smoke & mirrors’? Hmmm He prefers facts, derives his slicing of events from facts, always has, you will not find him hiding things as your guru did in the initial spiel on the Duma woman, had to come with another piece saying in detail what the barbarian had said in response to his first.

    On your two questions:

    The barbarian did a part of his studies In Russia, when he arrived there he was a convinced Marxist, (this he cannot deny, he was as brainwashed as is a dinner set in a Bosch’s dishwasher), it took him a couple of years to do a U-turn that has lasted till now.

    As a Moscow student he made use of the ‘Nikita’s thaw’ (you know what it was, do you?), his revolting led to an imprisonment, a spell at Lubyanka, and three charges (one of which got dropped before the trial). For reasons that aren’t fit to reveal in this medium Baron got off lightly (suspended sentence). In 1968, as the Warsaw troops invaded Czecho he got involved with those opposing the ‘friendly assistance’, had to flee in a hurry, decided to stay here, got naturalised, keeps annoying you.


  97. Newspaper headlines in 2045:

    A white minority of Britain’s indigenous inhabitants is fighting to have English recognised as the third language.

    Children from two-parent, married, heterosexual families bullied in schools for being ‘different’. Tolerance urged.

    Manchester schoolgirl expelled for not wearing a burqa.

    Professor Goldman of LSPC says there is still a long way to go in the fight to stop people saying what they think.

    Prime Minister Mohammed Yousuf claims increased growth through more immigration is the secret to success.

    Baby conceived naturally. Scientists stumped.

    Post Office raises the price of a 1st class stamp to £18, reduces mail delivery to Wednesdays only.

    Average weight of a British male drops to 18 stone.

    Supreme Court rules punishment of criminals violates their civil and human rights.

    Victims to be held partly responsible for crime.

    New law requires that all nail clippers, screwdrivers, fly swatters and rolled-up newspapers must be registered by January 2035 as lethal weapons.

  98. Baron,
    The visit to China was before the putsch. Everything was carefully co-ordinated. Zuma also met with him before his return to Zim.

  99. I knew Priti Patel was a good-un:

    “As for the divorce bill (which is currently thought to be at around £40bn), the Conservative MP told the audience she would have told the EU to ‘sod off’ with their excessive financial demands.”

  100. stephen maybery @ November 28th, 2017 – 02:14

    Thank you, stephen.

    Could one conclude we were in cahoots with the M andarin speakers on this? And why haven’t the plotters pick edon someone less tainted with the regime of the old thug?

    Baron hears the new cumryd has started a campaign of wooing emigrants to come back to Zimbabwe. The degree to which he succeeds could tell us about what people think of him, no?

    Is it right to say that the country’s made up of essentially two ethic tribes, the Shona around Harare and the Matabele tribe around Bulawayo with the former accounting for 80% of the population? A recent letter in the DT the barbarian remembers said so adding that this imbalance was a permanent source of instability.

  101. Noa @ November 28th, 2017 – 00:38

    Not necessarily bad news, Noa, it’s better to unite than to remain fragmented, and the girl has better CV than Paul Weston, will not be that easily ignored by the MSM (for it is being derived on public exposure that kills those standing against the progressives).

    The fragmentation is also the malady the Russian Left opposition suffers from, they would do better, if not decisively so, if they were to stop bicker ing, joined forces.

  102. Marshal Roberts @ November 28th, 2017 – 06:34

    Wouldn’t she do a better job at no10 than the domestically bred daughter of the vicar from Oxfordshire, Robert?

  103. Baron,
    The Chinese are deeply embedded in Zim and are also deeply resented in the country. They were fully aware of Mugabe’s unpopularity and that his continued grip on power was a threat to their stranglehold on the economy, there would certainly have been nods and winks regarding his future.
    As for the wooing back the exiles, a friend of mine has been approached and is holding back until the picture is a little clearer.

    You are bang on the mark regarding the Matabele, no election can be legitimately won without their support. Nobody out there is has any illusions about the Croc but as things stand anyone is better than Captain Bob and his rapacious missus, neither do his children reside in the hearts of the nation.

  104. Almost all the Tory top brass would be better than the Saintly One, Baron.

  105. Right now however we need some realism from Sir Keir Starmer and his entourage.
    Or even Sir Vince.

  106. Right now however we need some realism from Sir Keir Starmer and his entourage.
    Or even Sir Vince.

  107. Mr Boot’s disrespectful and perceptive take on the Harry-Merkel engagement.

  108. Radford NG 15.55

    Phew! 😉

  109. Noa (14:45)

    As a supporter of Contitutional Monarchy, which is imho (on balance), as Spinoza averred after due contemplation just before he died, better than all the available alternative forms of the apex of natonal government, I concur with almost all that AB asserts in his admirable antidote to 24 hours of schmalz.

    But I would go further: my deep suspicion is that the Long March has now extended, via the Soho House mafia (and probably with the collusion MI-funf und secht – traitionally in the thrall of the League of Lefties AND the Camel Corps ), to the Cottage at Kensington Palace, where Harry got well and truly stuffed before, during and after, Meghan’s attempt to stuff and roast a chicken there (yeah – right) during their cosy sabbatical ‘getting to know each other’. It’s Di’s revenge with knobs on. Meg bears all the hallmarks of a hardened LA leftist vociferous vagina, with the added nuances of multi-culti and mixed racial credentials (all honed to perfection later in Toronto – another hotbed of louche liberal politics). What better Trojan Mare to breach the several Halls, Castles and Palaces of HM Realm; to infiltrate the Royal Charities and ensure that anti-Trump propaganda permeates the soires and cosy gatherings of the G & G.

    I agree with Baron about her resemblance to Mrs Simpson, but would suggest Gt. Granddaughter, rather han daughter. With her (straightened) hair coiffured and shortened in thirties style she would be a ringer.

    A double-edged sword, this one. Hollywood, currently under a miasmic stench of depravity, gets a Royal make-over – and Royalty goes full-on Hollywood. Poor Harry – tarred and Prince o’ Wales feathered.

    I know he’s only Fifth-in-line, but it’s the access that is the danger. What with his dad (?) already Defender of Faiths and other assorted wacko causes; his mother who nearly succeeded in downing the HoW – as a spare heir, he’s an obvious chink in the Royal armour for yet another attempt at, not so much a coup d’etat, but a coup de grace against our ancient realm.

    On the other hand, as in most fairy tales, they may just be in love – and live happily evah after.

    Let’s hope that my knee-jerk conspiracy theory (not my usual reflex) is as far off-kilter as most of the other Icke-like crap permeating the intertubes.

  110. Frank P November 28th, 2017 – 16:47

    Agree with ALL that, and the AB piece, with the added comment that the Prince Harry has been spouting to the press makes him appear a blowhard. Too full of himself and too ready to share it.

    I think the combination of his blowhardery and Gina Miller Mk.2 might be fatal, especially if she decides to channel Diana and Mrs Clooney.

  111. . . . the “stuff” Prince Harry has been spouting . . .

  112. Why hasn’t the barbarian invested in the exciting modern art? He would be rolling in it now:

  113. Frank P 16.47

    Mmm. Prince Hal not only as 5th in line but Hollywoods 5th column as well eh?
    Truly a Game of Thrones, where the ineffable meets the inedible.
    Perhaps there’s more to him than meets the eye, and William needs to keep the keys to car and helicopter safe.

    “I know you all, and will awhile uphold
    The unyoked humour of your idleness:
    Yet herein will I imitate the sun,
    Who doth permit the base contagious clouds
    To smother up his beauty from the world,
    That, when he please again to be himself,
    Being wanted, he may be more wonder’d at,
    By breaking through the foul and ugly mists
    Of vapours that did seem to strangle him.
    If all the year were playing holidays,
    To sport would be as tedious as to work;
    But when they seldom come, they wish’d for come,
    And nothing pleaseth but rare accidents.
    So, when this loose behavior I throw off
    And pay the debt I never promised,
    By how much better than my word I am,
    By so much shall I falsify men’s hopes;
    And like bright metal on a sullen ground,
    My reformation, glittering o’er my fault,
    Shall show more goodly and attract more eyes
    Than that which hath no foil to set it off.
    I’ll so offend, to make offence a skill;
    Redeeming time when men think least I will…”

  114. OTOH Mrs Noa vouchsafed the view that this was now a shotgun wedding to spare the blushes of the vergin’ bride. 😉

  115. Colonel Mustard (17:49)

    Yes indeed… Remember this? :

  116. Noa (18:57)

    .. and in the reproof of this, lies the jest?

  117. I read in the DT today that Somerville College’s LGBTQ officer, Eilidh Wilson has proposed changing male and female lavatory signs with “gender-neutral toilet” and “gender-neutral toilet with urinals”
    Ms Wilson added that Somerville should also recognise “non-binary people” by introducing unisex lavatories in the bar and dining hall.

    Now just where do you start with all this?
    For starters who pays for a fairly small college to have a LBGTQ officer?
    Second which loo do I use since I am neither gender neutral or non-binary, whatever that might be.
    The government should cut University funding until all this gay and safe space claptrap stops.

  118. Baron, thanks for that link.
    It led to this, I’ll not be eating a quorn ‘mincing’ Shepherd’s pie again.

  119. Baron – November 27th, 23:27

    The young have had to tread a completely different path to most of us, so it is even more important that any couple form a strong enough bond to survive the continued attack on what precious to them, no matter who they are.

    I hope this couple find a common cause. For heaven’s sake, there is so much that is wrong today and few appear to be aware that their lifestyle is in any danger from the 7th Century or the 19th Century.

    One example is our local airing of Mental Health Services and the expectation that more money for the NHS will help.

    Jordan Peterson, who has been mentioned here before, has said that no one ever came to him saying they were mentally ill, they come and say their life is too complicated. It made me realise that the NHS is set up for victims. It would be, being set up by a Labour Government! Yet there are few supporting the idea that doing a normal job well is to be admired.

    I think a maverick course may be less risky for them, especially if they can remain grounded and build on what they have already experienced.

    I don’t think a fairy tail life will help them live a fulfilled life together.

  120. Frank P 19:24

    In part yes, with an implication of illegitimacy for good measure within the plays.

  121. 23.20 Robert, talking of Jordon Peterson you have probably seen this on political correctness:

  122. “The UK has offered a larger potential “divorce bill” to the EU – which could be worth between 40bn and 55bn euros (£35bn-£49bn), the BBC understands.
    BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg said the offer was communicated to Brussels after last week’s crucial cabinet meeting.
    There has been no final agreement on a number but the larger offer was given a “broad welcome” by Brussels, she said.
    No 10 has played down reports agreement has already been reached.
    The amount of money the UK will pay as part of Brexit has been one of the main sticking points in the first round of negotiations with the EU.
    In September Theresa May suggested the UK was willing to pay about 20bn euros, and the EU has been calling for its offer to be increased.”

    I think someone here mentioned Danegeld – do not be surprised when Juncker comes back for more before he will let us go forward.
    As week follows week I am becoming more convinced that the cliff edge March 2019 scenario makes more economic sense than mortgaging our children’s future.

  123. So Rocketman has just revealed his suicide pill.

  124. Very appropriate headline:

    BREXIT BETRAYAL: Appeaser Theresa Agrees to Hand Over €45-55bn to the EU, Cover-up Planned

    Great picture.

  125. To start as they mean to go on ?

    The first joint public appearance of `Harry` and Ms. Markle is on Friday at the Nottingham Contemporary art gallery ( a corrugated iron shed ) for a Terrance Higgins Trust World Aids Day charity fair . How Diana would have approved.

  126. Noa

    “Britain’s foolish, liberal 20th century continental interventions were ultimately, to no avail and have cost her dearly, and unlike Britain itself, to no discernible change or self-benefit in either the overall geographic structure or hegemonic power of either Russia or Germany between 1914 and today. Indeed the latter is, at the present time, extracting £40 billion from us and upwards to support its Zollverein.
    That money is of course better spent in protecting the UK from those direct threats it faces and which it can actually address. Regrettably that cannot include the ‘defence’ of western Ukraine or the Baltic states from perceived threats.”

    Scroll down to 6.43 27/11/17

  127. Marshal Roberts @ November 29th, 2017 – 06:27

    Why TF do we agree a sum of money before we know what the outcome of the trade negotiations is? What if, after the talks start, the Brussels gnomes insist on totally unacceptable conditions for future trading, curtail the rights for our banking, insurance, travel companies? Do we still pay?

    We should have made a downpayment for the obligations linked to our commitments when we were a part of the undemocratic set-up, deposit the money with a reputable non-EU legal outfit (say) in Switzerland, tell Brussels we adjust the sum according to the results of the trade talks. If Brussels said it wasn;t doable we should have told them to go fugg themselves.

    The Irish, too, seem to taking an advantage of our amateur handling of the break-up, our team seems to be on the back foot here, too. Would we lose alot if we simply cut them off, once and for all? They’ve been nothing but a pain in the neck for decades.

    All this defensive posture stems from the fact that our politicians have become poodles of the Brussels tyranny in the last 30 years, they are not fit to govern, all they are capable of is carrying out orders from Brussels. Tragic this.

  128. Marshal Roberts @ November 28th, 2017 – 19:28

    All this yapping about male and female toilets could be solved at a stroke, Marshall. We could simply agree to relieve ourselves wherever we wish, in shops, in shopping malls, on the streets. After all, animals do, and we’re well on our way to behave as brainless animals.

  129. Marshal Roberts – 03:44


    I have seen much of what he said in earlier clips but it is certainly the most up to date. And, as he says, he has almost nailed it, within a 15 min slot.

    There was a follow on clip:

    You might want to reset the clip back to zero (and edit out the usual suspects, after sampling a few seconds to verify my judgement 🙂 ).

    At least we can give up on this sharade, but it looks like Canada is drowning in a sea of incoherence and unreality. Those academics swimming around in their own imagination must be cot the public a pretty penny!

    I wonder why any parent would send the child to university, even for free!

    And I thought it was bad here.

    I thought that pronouns were used so that we didn’t have to remember everyone’s name, and that ‘he’ was originally used for everyone but, as women are so special 🙂 , ‘she’ could be used where it was definitely a woman. It is still so in French.

  130. Baron – 14:18

    To the sin bin! 🙂

    You forgot the spectrum of transgender toilets and, on another plane altogether, there needs to be a spectrum of transgender lavatories.

  131. Are you aware there are a large number of private hashish clubs in the country, (over 2mn people smoking the weed0, the police are aware of them, have relaxed policing the crime?

    A policeman fro Durham was saying on the BBC Radio You & Yours that they have more important jobs to do (hate crime prosecution?), if someone were to smoke a joint in front of a policeman he would get arrested, but otherwise it’s OK.

    Prosecutions for possession or growing dropped by 40% in the last few years, as did convictions (around 30%), but the programme didn’t give any actual figures. A professor on the same programme opined that the weed could be dangerous if one starts young, for some smoking could be addictive, few might become schizophrenic, but for the majority not much harm.


  132. RobertRetyred – 14:29

    … or is it plain?

    It may be both!

  133. Baron November 29th, 2017 – 14:13

    The Irish whinging over the border approached a threat on DP as the Irish government minister warned that the “peace process” would be undermined if border controls were in any way established. That confirmed in my mind that the Irish government has always slyly supported the IRA campaign, a long held suspicion.

    Our government is weak in the face of that sort of thing, terrified no doubt of the huge left wing support for the IRA and anything which romanticises both Ireland and Irish Republicanism. But if the government were strong it might decide to announce a review of the freedom with which Irish nationals travel and vote in the UK, being incompatible with Ireland continuing to be a member of the EU and Brexit. That too would result in a huge left wing outcry like the totally disproportionate fuss and hand-wringing over “EU nationals” living here. It seems the established doctrine is to let anyone from anywhere do anything in this country, including lecturing us all as to how it should be run, hence that Greek communist Varoufakis now seems to be a permanent BBC fixture for “expert” opinion on Brexit and the British economy. There was little or no media attention to the protectiveness or otherwise of other EU countries towards British nationals living in them. That is so typical of a perverse and leftist-originated homegrown “narrative” which appears not just to roll over in the face of anything foreign (even criminality) but to invite it to kick us in the face as well. From overseas “investment” in property to the sustenance of foreign criminals the UK seems to just love foreigners taking the piss. Any concern over that becomes “xenophobic”, to wit we have no business objecting to the taking of liberties by all and sundry.

    There is so much so cumulatively wrong now and sustained by such a persistent insanity that I can see no chance of any alternative ever arising. Just the tightening of the same demented screw.

  134. I Had three good friends who were into drugs in the 1970s,
    Two were very heavily into cannabis because unlike dangerous cigarettes cannabis was a herbal substance and perfectly safe .allegedly ..
    One was in to heroin but only as a recreational user , All three were strong willed guys not the wasters you see drugged up to the eyeballs on street corners.
    The Guy into heroin used it and seemed to have no problems.
    Back at work on Monday morning perfectly ok and able to do his job.
    However, the two on cannabis slowly deteriorated over the years into the very people who you imagine when you hear the words hey man wanna smoke a spliff .
    Both the cannabis users died in their 50s both of Lung cancer.
    By then they were wasted most of the time.
    The guy using herion seemed to have no ill effects at all.
    Just my observations.

  135. Baron November 29th, 2017 – 14:29

    That is just another example of selective enforcement which simply undermines the rule of law. Either it is illegal or it is not, so that idiot in the Home Office and that stupid woman’s government should get a grip. But selective enforcement has been further sanctioned by that weasel word “priorities” now at the whim of PCC’s from all the usual suspect parties.

    Once again Peel’s Principles of Policing are turned on their head:-

    “9. To recognise always that the test of police efficiency is the absence of crime and disorder, and not the visible evidence of police action in dealing with them.”

    So the crime becomes visible and any police action in dealing with it is absent.

    Stupidity beyond belief.

  136. Trump throws a stoat into the hen-coope . He re-tweets three tweets from Jayda Fransen the Deputy Leader of Britain First of muslim violence .

    Provoking fury from Mrs May , Piers Morgan ( that up-holder of journalistic standards ),
    Jeremy Corbyn , the widower Brendan Cox ( a promoter of the Syrian White Helmets , a wing of the al nasra front ) , The BBC ( Radio 4 PM ) . The Spectator : all in hysterics about the far right .

  137. Radford NG @ November 29th, 2017 – 17:34

    Just minutes ago, Radford, Baron tried to post the following comment on Freddy’s Spectator blog on this subject, the guard dogs refused to let it through. What was wrong with it? Can anyone help?

    “The point of them (the re-tweeted videos) is to say ‘Look, Muslims really are vile”

    No, Freddy, you wrong, very wrong, that’s the reading of it by someone who’s deficient in the brain department. It’s the religion, the creed, the ideology, call it what you will that leads its followers to do these vile acts. The hadiths approve of it, google them.

    Some 75 years ago, the Germans were gassing people not because they’re predisposed to do it, but because of Nazism, another vile creed. Today, the Nazi ideology’s gone, the members of the same tribe behave much differently (if stupidly).

    If only we had the guts to do the same as we did removing the poison from the German society, or at least keep it under control (as we did until the middle of the last century), the world would be a place with fewer vile acts.

  138. Colonel Mustard @ November 29th, 2017 – 15:01

    Excellent expose, Colonel, except that perhaps the over tightening of the screw may break the insanity. It has to, or soon we’ll see people marrying their dogs, walking around naked, getting heroin injected by policemen.

  139. Colonel Mustard @ November 29th, 2017 – 15:10

    Amazing, Colonel, that the Peel’s principle you quote has been turned upside down.

    The crime’s rising continually, last year was particularly bad, the police cannot do enough telling us how they’re here ‘to protect and to serve’. Few weeks ago, in our local town they had a large stand enlightening the burghers of the good job they do.

  140. EC @ November 29th, 2017 – 14:57

    Something about the truth not out, he responding accordingly in the presence of the court. But the barbarian cannot swear it’s correct, EC.

    About two years after the Balkan convulsion a film crew from the Czech Republic did a documentary, it was hard to tell who was the bigger villain, all of the factions behaved despicably, but the Serbs were the least to blame. That they are getting hit more than the others may have something to do with their shooting an American plane that was supposed to be non detectable, and that they have always been close to Russia (that’s historical).

    The filmmakers wanted to show the documentary to that ghastly woman Albright at some gathering somewhere, but she had them literally kicked out of the premises (Baron has forgotten most of the details, his short term memory stinks, it all happened around fifteen years ago).

  141. John birch. @ November 29th, 2017 – 15:02

    Except for nicotine (and alcohol), the barbarian has never touched any other mind altering substance, John.

    Not that it may change anything, but the barbarian maintains the current status quo does nobody any good. We either make drug use legal, control it, educate against it, tax it, or hit those engaged in supplying the stuff very hard (hanging a few as an example), those using it hard.

  142. RobertRetyred @ November 28th, 2017 – 23:20

    Has there ever been a more pampered generation of the young than ours, Robert?

    So why is the suicide rate amongst the 16-25 year old the highest ever? Could anyone explain it? How come that a young, bright boy doing well at school takes his own life?

  143. What’s the bet the take on immigration but the great unwashed of the East (but also of Austria and Germany) will be ignored?

  144. Apologies for errors past and future.

  145. Robert 1425:

    “thought that pronouns were used so that we didn’t have to remember everyone’s name, and that ‘he’ was originally used for everyone but, as women are so special , ‘she’ could be used where it was definitely a woman. It is still so in French.”

    We should all be Royal and use “one”

  146. And of course:

    “If you are uncertain as to the gender of the person in question, then simply introduce yourself and add the pronouns with which you wish to be addressed or referred to. If that person doesn’t take the hint or is uncomfortable with that topic, move on and don’t dwell on it. Do you address people as “Excuse me, she,” or “Say, him, how ya doin’?” Of course not. You address them by name, not pronouns, so if you wish to converse with a transgender person, introduce yourself and greet them by name, not pronoun.

    However, having said that, if you refer to that person with pronouns of your choosing, in their presence, without them telling you which pronouns they prefer, then you risk a faux-pas of rather unpleasant proportions. If that person is present during the conversation and you need to refer to them (rather than address them directly), then, again, use their name. If that person is not present and you need to refer to them, use their name.

    Do you see a pattern here? The person is more important than their gender. Gender is only one of the many things we are and is not a pre-requisite for polite, civilized discourse.”

  147. It seems our cynicism is micro-aggression:

    “Sirens go off all the time, as you can imagine — but now they’re all screaming at once, thanks to an article by the journalist Jonathan Chait that appeared in New York magazine the other week. In it, Chait argued that ‘large segments of American culture have convulsed into censoriousness’ — and what he says of America is increasingly true over here, too: ‘At a growing number of campuses, professors now attach “trigger warnings” to texts that may upset students, and there is a campaign to eradicate “microaggressions”, small social slights that might cause searing trauma. These newly fashionable terms merely repackage a central tenet of the first PC movement: that people should be expected to treat even faintly unpleasant ideas or behaviours as full-scale ”

  148. The constant focus of the media on trite sexual scandal on both sides of The Pond for the past few weeks is becoming worse than tiresome.

    It seems that those who believe sincerely that ‘the Old Adam’ kicked off the human race with its original sin, must surely soon begin to believe that it will also, ere long, end it.

    Every group, political or commercial, with sub rosa agendas are clamouring to board the bandwagon. So folks like to fuck; some inappropriately. Is that ‘news’?

    TGAT John 8, 3-7.

  149. Frank 0136

    “Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.”

    Except in this day and age of hounding men the stones are being thrown at we poor souls.
    To devastating effect.

    “Wife found Welsh AM Carl Sargeant hanged at home after reading note left on door, inquest told”

  150. I have just heard a reasonable Trans story on Today.
    An aristocrat who has 4 daughters and whose title would go to his brother at his death says that when he reaches the pearly gates his eldest daughter will announce that she has always considered herself a man and demand the title.

  151. Colonel Mustard 1501
    I will risk the wrath of Ostrich by saying I am tired of the Irish Question and when I continually read that the Dublin minority junta are threatening our progress in following the will of the British people on our exit from Brussels rule I despair.
    We should say what the Irish want to hear and then follow our best interests whether that pleases them or not. Words are cheap.

  152. Frank P – 01:36

    Have you taken up the Bible again, Frank? 😉

    I am reminded about a story of when W.C. Fields was in hospital and visitor who caught him perusing the said book asked him the same question. Quick as a flash Bill replied, “I’m looking for a loophole…”

  153. EC

    To many people, it just doesn’t seem right that God would punish someone in hell for all eternity, and so they look for loopholes in the Bible’s clear teaching about eternal damnation (Rev. 14:11, etc.)……

    Add it all up, and a more accurate picture of hell appears. Hell is not filled with cries of repentance to which God turns an unfeeling deaf ear. Like the description of the Tribulation we just read, the air is rather filled with the sound of blasphemy, voiced by men who are eternally convinced that God is wrong and they do not belong there.

    So the twittersphere is hell.

  154. What a bloody stupid woman!

    She thinks she can out-wit Trump by virtue signalling!

  155. “The UK negotiators are in desperate need of help. They have already conceded the bathwater and the baby to the EU, with every likelihood of more goodies to follow. The upper limit for offerings seems so colossally high that it is not yet in view. The EU will continue to press because they have not yet been rebuffed.

    The EU do not negotiate as such. They set up stout barriers. Then they march you into a corner and wear you down with complex and gnawing side issues. You run out of time and stamina, then you collapse and yield. The EU do not act in good faith, there is only blunt force and raw power. But a skilled boxer can defeat a puncher.”

  156. “Not too long ago, Boris Johnson said the EU ‘could “go whistle”’ if it wanted a big Brexit bill. Now, the Foreign Secretary has changed his tune in light of a reported offer of some £40bn – a sum Boris hopes will “get the ship off the rocks”. This U-turn is ‘important’, says the Times, which suggests the PM has succeeded in uniting the cabinet around her on this issue. EU leaders must now do their bit and ‘begin discussing the most ambitious trade deal in the EU’s history’. The ‘priority’, if talks do progress next month, says the Times, ‘should be a transitional period after March 2019’. This should take the form of a ‘standstill’, suggests the paper, as this will allow businesses to continue under the same conditions as now. ”

    I see.
    So we are staying in.

  157. Baron,

    One for your Amazon wish list?
    ‘Tis the season of goodwill , possibly, but does it extend to squirrels?

    Full auto 700 pellets/min belt fed air rifle powered by a handy 3000psi tank.

    File under: Squirrogeddon, Squirropocalypse etc.

  158. Robert Sheriffhales – 08:56


  159. EC (08:05)

    Never left it, myfriend. My King James is much thumbed and will continue to be so until my eyes are closed for me after ‘the departure’. It’s a compendium of rich poetry that resounds in the veins of my generation, whether we like it or not, inextricable from our language and thought processes. I have only shed the cant and cunning of the priests and charlatans that have used it over the centuries as a literal ‘truth’ to exercise power over the credulous and gullible by fear and superstition. I benignly envy those who see it as a road map to heaven with the hellish pitfalls clearly delineated; wishing I could similarly delude myself. Long ago I reconciled myself to the Big Sleep and frankly, given the current intense insanity of the vanguard of humanity, not mention the manifest stupidity of hoi polloi, look forward to it with a sense of relief and release.

    Meantime I dip into the musings of the sages of the ages, including the KJ and the CHW for stimulation, comfort and amusement, convinced that what we think, feel and do are often unconnected; that we are all mere spectators in an accidental event, of which we have no control whatsoever and foolishly interpret time, space and matter through our own miniscule perceptions and the incomprehensible bullshit of scientific explanation, prognostication and adaptation through hindsight. In other words there is no foresight devoid of hindsight, and ‘now’ doesn’t exist either, because we don’t recognise it until it becomes then.

    Hope that answers your whimsical enquiry. Now, on with the motley (and prep for a top-end endoscopy this pm). Not only am I unable to swallow the metaphorical bullshit of our elected representatives, I am also having difficulty in swallowing my food. 🙂

  160. Frank P 1153
    I wish you well and pray for benign findings.

  161. Frank P – 11:53

    I think that, mid 1950s, I must have been one of the last school intakes to have the KJV beaten and browbeaten into me by a fanatical spinster. I am told that I had previously been declared PNG at Sunday School but there was no escape from not so tender ministrations of Miss X at Bash Street Infants & Juniors! Thus I got to know the Bible quite well. I still have two, but seldom pick them up as everything is online now.

    Quotes/Bible quotes: As Robert Sheriffhales (above) quite correctly points out, there is always some clever bugger who will massage and twist any words to suit their own purpose. An arrogant posture of having a superior hinterleckchewall interpretation provides an easy way to deflect flak. [Our friend Aleksandr Botinok(?), is quite adept at this and many other blogging devices.]

    My 08:05 was only a vehicle for remembering W.C. Fields. I sincerely wish I’d not bothered now.

    Good luck with the top down “alien probe” this afternoon.

  162. Here’s a couple of good ones…

    Spike Milligan – The Attenborough Auditions

    Spike Milligan – The Bermuda Triangle

  163. JRM at his best- worth listening right through.

  164. Brilliant.
    Did anyone hear Ann Coulter on Today this morning-

    Fast forward to 2 hours 15 minutes from the start.

  165. “The Truth About Trump & Britain First”
    Paul Joseph Watson

  166. Lots of fluttering in the dovecotes of Westminster on Thursday. The Prime Minister, in Jordan, opined that President Trump in re-tweeting the Britain First videos “was in the wrong”.

    The implied corollary would appear to be that inviting into and facilitating the settlement in the United Kingdom, in a caring way, hundreds of thousands of military age men many with battle experience from muslim countries in the Middle East, and no doubt including members of the CIA financed ISIS, “was the right thing to do”.

    May and the political class was accordingly responsible for the dangerous build up in Britain’s foreign muslim population and no significant element of that class appears to have warned against that reckless policy or to have been called to account. There is a suspicion, not lacking evidence, that government and opposition over the last twenty years have been implementing a deliberate policy cooked up by the globalists to destroy the decent core of Englishness which Baron so persuasively identified recently.

    As recorded a couple of years ago on the Internet, “A few days after jihadis killed and maimed scores of EU citizens, EU and UN join in a united attack on European culture to promote (Muslim) immigration…. EU’s chief for security: “Islam is a victim itself … political Islam should be part of the [European] picture”.

    “The EU should “do its best to undermine” the “homogeneity” of its member states, the UN’s special representative for migration [Peter Sutherland] said in 2015, as was noted on the Wall at the time.

    President Trump has identified May as of the globalist party and called her out on her inaction and indifference in the face of Brexit and now of the spread of a pernicious ideology in our land. As his draining of the swamp unfolds in the USA, the spotlight on May as the Fabius Cunctator handling anti-globalist policies in Britain is likely to render her role clearer.

    It is rumoured that sealed indictments of more than 4,000 swamp creatures have already been prepared in the USA and that perhaps one-third of the members of Congress there will be arrested.

    In England…?.

  167. Watching QT from Scarborough you would never believe that 62% voted to leave the EU. The audience is stuffed full of Remainers (and the usual Labour “activists”) and 4 out of 5 on the panel are Remainers.

    Plus an arrogant Greek communist telling us how our country should be run.

    BBC disgraceful yet again.

  168. Malfleur @ November 30th, 2017 – 22:01

    They never learn, do they, Malfleur.

    The more they yap about Britain First, the more people, ordinary people, are attracted to the outfit. If they were smart, they would have ignored the Donald’s tweet, gave it as small an amount of airtime, column inches and tweets as possible.

    On one of the TV channels (Baron forgets which, he was jumping from one to another) it was said Britain First has reached a million supporters. Here you have it, the not that unexpected result of the onslaught on the outfit. Stupidity galore.

  169. Colonel Mustard @ November 30th, 2017 – 23:32

    Sorry, Colonel, the barbarian has weak heart, watching QT may be fatal for him.

  170. EC @ November 30th, 2017 – 21:42

    Good link, EC, the barbarian has seen it earlier.

    Nobody seems interested in whether there’s any substance to the Donald’s tweet, it’s all about the far right outfit calle dBritain First, of which the barbarian was not aware until the story broke.

    Btw, the White House says the Donald did;t know about the outfit either when he let his eleven million followers know of the three cases of the ‘not-that-friendly-behaviour of the ROP followers.

  171. Marshal Roberts @ November 30th, 2017 – 21:03

    One has to register, Marshall, and it’s the BBC.

  172. Frank P @ November 30th, 2017 – 11:53

    Keep your spirits up, young sir, you’ll be fine, it’s all down to age, you’ll see, and the ever helpful, even of crisis ridden, NHS will patch you up, you’ll be good for another decade or so. The country needs you.

  173. Frank P @ November 30th, 2017 – 11:53

    And this:

    Strange that a bi-sexual monarch who never washed, (had to be scraped occasionally), sired more than a handful of offspring, wrote lewd letters to his gay lover the Duke of Buckingham were to produce a translation of the Good Book that’s so admired to this day, (allegedly wrote some of the translation himself). Explain that.

  174. EC @ November 30th, 2017 – 09:26

    Fun it may be, EC, but this avenue of pleasure is closed to burghers of this country, not only is it an automatic weapon, it’s also the 3000psi that makes it illegal, would require a licence.

  175. Noa @ December 1st, 2017 – 00:43

    ‘Page not found (404)’ is what Baron gets clicking on the link, Noa. What’s up?

  176. Baron 0017
    But it is worth it to hear Robinson stymied by Ann Coulter. Registration takes a few seconds and there are no checks on veracity of email addresses.

  177. I have heard the far end – on Today – yes on the BBC.
    A Glasgow cleric has asked us to pray that Prince George is Gay.

  178. I hear that Neil Lewis of the Met did a Gallery View of Damian Green’s computer and concluded that he had extensively and repeatedly accessed porn.
    Many politicians probably do it. Problem for Green is that he has repeatedly lied about it. Therefore his denials of the sexual charges are suspect.
    Bigger problem is that he let Lady Nugent destroy him at PMQ’s on Wednesday.

    Damian Green is toast. For the sake of the Government, the Country and good progress in Brexit, he should fall on his sword today.

  179. Absolute, Obvious, Unacknowledged Disaster: A Racial Snapshot of America | Fred On Everything

  180. Im sure you like me look at the trolley load of stuff that people who look unemployable push around in supermarkets and think how can they afford that.
    Coincidence ??????
    Benefit fraud surges by £200m in a year as record levels swallow up £2.1 billion of department’s budget

  181. Radford NG – 07:15

    Global warming?

    Meanwhile, in other news…

    Cressida Cancelled Christmas

    The sooner we all have chips inserted in our brains the better, so that pornographic thoughts at work can immediately be relayed to the authorities for preparation of notice of summary dismissal.

  183. Marshal Roberts @ December 1st, 2017 – 06:48

    Thank you, Marshall, it’s to the point, short, not that different from other sensible slicings of the current events linked to our ROP friends.

  184. John birch. @ December 1st, 2017 – 07:12

    In this country, John, he would have to hide in a deep deep cave having published the piece.

    A large number of people here will access it over the internet. The by-passing of domestic laws is the key reason those who govern us will have to take control of the platform, edit or otherwise filter what goes on it, or lose power.

  185. EC @ December 1st, 2017 – 09:30

    The insanity, of which this is a part, cannot last, EC. All it needs is a trigger, Baron reckons it has to be an economic trigger, for the whole edifice built on feelings to come crushinging down.

    The video is also one of those that the barbarian tries to avoid, it upsets not just the pulsing chunk of the muscle in his body, but his whole demeanour for the day. How could anyone responsible for letting this vile man out live with it, look into the eyes of the girl’s parents, call himself a human being. These people are as guilty as the man who pulled the trigger.

  186. WE ARE MARK CARNEY’S ARMY. (To the tune: Aurelia)
    What is the difference between the Conservative Party and the Labour Party?

    £225 billion

    “Borrowing more could put the country at risk of suffering from a collapse similar to that experienced by Venezuela, he suggested. Mr Sharp, a member of the Bank [of England]’s Financial Stability Committee, spoke just days after Philip Hammond announced a £25 billion spending spree in the Budget and at a time when the Labour Party is advocating borrowing an extra £250 billion.” (H/T DT)

  187. Everything fits in the story but the reaction of the candidate to the firing, one would have expected her to call a lawyer, argue a wrongful dismissal, get a chunky compensation, no?

    :// cdd07b248e

  188. How is Frank doing?

    As a man of fine mettle, how could he be but fine. Soon we should hear again the voice of his sharp intellect, deep knowledge peppered with few tastefully acerbic gems of wisdom.

  189. She was unhappy with her appearance.

    What have we done to the new generation, because it is us, the society, that has created a fake dream like environment of perfection, brainwashed the young with it.

  190. Prince Harry caught whispering to a female police person : `Are you behaving?`.
    This is clearly a serious sexist offence and Prince Harry should resign from the Royal Family immediately.

  191. John birch. December 1st, 2017 – 07:37

    A £200m surge in benefit fraud is probably a small increase in the overall and incalculable fraud that is committed in the 2017 budget of over £114 billion.
    Where else does the money come from?
    EBay Internet fraud is a popular and growing system of theft with the criminal classes, safer and much more convenient than burglary and virtually un-policed.
    Be careful how you buy out there.

  192. Baron 10.29 Agreed.
    Frank P
    Let’s hear how you are as soon as you’re able.

  193. Baron

    Try this link to all the ad hoc posts on The Salisbury Review.

    (EC beware, this includes the brawling vicar posts ;-).)

  194. Your grandchildren’s’ ever-growing debt. Look at it and weep.

  195. Radford NG 17.47

    As he clearly doesn’t want to be a member he, and those of like mind, should resign forthwith. So clearing the way for one who might have the necessary sense of dignity, gravitas and responsibility.
    Prince Hal, an excellent enough fellow to share a raucous night out on the tiles with, but not someone you would leave alone with your wife or girlfriend, is most likely to be remembered in the future as the self-indulgent man-child who more than any other contributed to the abolition of the monarch’s residual role in Britain’s constitutional monarchy.

  196. We badly need a heads up on Lewis and Quick.
    Frank, can you help us?

  197. Apparently dysphagia is not unusual in clapped out old geysers, especially those that have been subjected to about ten years of oral cytotoxic junk, plus daily aspirin doses and hypertension quellors, for a chronic myeloprolific blood disorder – and had their prostrate burned out, to boot, in attempts to prolong a misspent life, which obstinately continues despite the forecasts of the heirs of Hippocrates.

    But they have snipped some wee bits out of my dodgy gullet for biopsy, in order to make sure it’s ‘benign’; the results will be returned “within two weeks”. Meanwhile soft diet is recommended. 🙂

    Thank you for your concern, guys.. Sorry to alarm you with my response to ECs query about my biblical quote, I was musing flippantly, rather than seekin your concern. I am nonetheless touched by your kind enquiries.

  198. Berlin’s Beacon Policy

    (Own report) – Germany and the three remaining major West European EU member countries should formulate a joint foreign policy and implement it even without an EU-wide consensus, demands Norbert Röttgen, former Chair of the Committee of Foreign Affairs in the German Bundestag. Such an approach would be inevitable, because a foreign policy consensus in the EU is impossible “within the foreseeable future,” although rapid and resolute activity is needed to reach an “equal footing with the USA and Russia.” Experts are proposing, as an alternative, the introduction of foreign policy decisions being taken at majority votes. This would mean that EU countries – against the will of their respective governments – could, for example, be forced into serious conflicts with third countries. Reflecting major shifts in the global political fabric, these proposals have become elements of an intense debate within Berlin’s political establishment. The German Federal Intelligence Service (BND) is warning against the escalation of conflicts, for example, with China, and the military does not rule out the possibility of Berlin’s loss of power, through the potential disintegration of the EU.


  199. Noa (18:54)

    The cold wind of harsh reality creeping through that report. Where does it leave the estwhile clout of the UK, Brexit or no Brexit? Seemingly diminished beyond retrieval, given the current prospct of a lurch leftwards at the next election (from the already current left of centre policies of the twats purporting to be the Tory Party – my arse!) and the depletion of all our armed services.

    Add to that the juvenile attitude and hysterical hatred of Trump by hoi polloi of the UK across the political spectrum – and we are in dire danger of becoming Ruritania with fairy tale Royalty, the palette of the apex of the Realm embellished with a TOTTB and a so-called parliament of puppets in the thrall of the globalist sharks. Cue Motters!

  200. Noa @ December 1st, 2017 – 18:36

    Would you, Noa, be ready to sacrifice willingly and happily your whole life to be a glove puppet, albeit a pampered and glorified glove puppet, of a bunch of here today gone tomorrow politicians?

  201. Noa @ December 1st, 2017 – 18:16

    To be frank, Noa, the last graph which is the one that matters (the interest on the national debt as per cent of the GDP) isn’t as bad as the barbarian believed it to be, but things may change for the worse as the cost of money edges up as it must.

    Currently the nation pays around 2.5% of its income i.e. the GDP in interest to the holders of the Government paper, many of whom are pensioners, you may be one of them without knowing it (if you’re in the category of the retired, have an annuity).

  202. Noa @ December 1st, 2017 – 18:07

    Thank you, Noa, the whole of the issue is interesting.

  203. Radford NG @ December 1st, 2017 – 17:47

    You shouldn’t tempt him, Radford – see Noa @ 18:36.

  204. Noa @ December 1st, 2017 – 18:02

    The benefit fraud puzzles, Noa, considering that one has one surname, a fixed date of birth and one NI number to go with it, right?

    Years ago, the barbarian was a player in the benefit fraud in reverse, he was taxed twice, once under his surname, the second time under his first (Christian) name, which in the no-computer days must have confused a scribbler in the department of the Treasury dealing with taxes. It wasn’t much, but then the barbarian didn’t earn much.

  205. Noa @ December 1st, 2017 – 18:54

    So much for equality of the EU members, and the unity of the whole bunch of them, Noa.

    It may be that with a bit of luck the Brexit may turn OK because the bureaucracy will fall apart before we exit it. Multi seems to have problems putting together a coalition that looks like furnishing the pliable unwashed with the same as before (that they clearly rejected in the election), in France, the pale replica of Bonaparte has quietened down, has little to show for his earlier promises, keeps travelling abroad, and in Italy the mood has turned noticeably against the Brussels gnomes.

    It may be too much to hope for, but weirder things have happened.

  206. Much as I admire the attempts of David Davis to support his friend Damian Green, what credibility does Green have when such strong allegations have been made.
    The allegations cannot be proved or disproved at this stage. The all is beginning to look like a John Major Government.
    Should we believe Lewis and Quick, Frank?

  207. Frank P – 22:54

    All true, I’m afraid. After 100 years , large swathes of the Labour vote plantations still look like the worst third world slums and yet the stupid buggers still vote Labour.

  208. Noa – 18:07

    He’s perfectly safe when in print. 🙂

  209. Re: Flynn – Mueller

    Oh dear, James Comey has resorted to Bible quotes:

    These sort of moralising Tweets don’t tend to age well… If Trump survives then both he and Mueller may end up indicted on other matters!

    That’s a big IF at the moment.

  210. Baron

    This blog estimates benefit fraud at £5billion per year, with half a million ‘at it’, which sounds more likely than the pootling £200m HMG ‘fesses up to.

    Still, it keeps 3000 benefits fraud investigators and a raft of lawyers in work, so it’s contributing to the economy, though more to the Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Indian and Eastern European economies. Lets hope Putin reclaims them soon for the new workers paradise Mr Boot identifies him to be creating.

  211. Baron

    I don’t know about your Baron, but £50b a year is serious brass where I come from. When rising interest rates force it up to @20% of the total tax revenue HMG will initiate rapid inflation to wipe out the debt; leading to a European wide Weimar-type crisis.
    So buy yourself a bigger wheelbarrow whilst you can still afford one. Go on, you need it for the DIY anyway! 😉
    No-one will get a pension then. Except the index linked political elite and their Establishment.

  212. @Frank P 1st, 18:49

    “a misspent life”?

    Ah but we need the experience and knowledge that misspent life has amassed to inform and guide our opinions on those dark corners of the nation with which we are, thankfully, unfamiliar.

  213. Did anyone see the UKIP Rupert’s performance on QT?

    Does it presage the party revival hinted at in the following spiel I was emailed?

    “Congratulations to Henry Bolton on a great QT Debut
    Last night saw Henry Bolton make his debut on Question Time. As ever the audience was strangely unreflective of the venue. Scarborough voted 62-38 to Leave, I got the feeling the same couldn’t be said of the people sat in the room.

    Dimbleby even managed to sound surprised when each one of the other guests announced they were Remain supporters. Just like every other week David, just like every other week.

    With questions ranging from the Brexit Bill, Trump’s tweets, the Royal wedding, the situation in the Yemen and social mobility in coastal towns, Henry took the opportunity to set out his stall.

    He did so strongly, being the only one who accepted that though hamfisted, Trump does have a point about the rising tide of Islamism in the UK.

    On The Brexit Bill, Henry was clear that we owe Brussels nothing and on coastal regions, he was the only panellist that got full support from the audience, pointing out how the legacy parties have let down coastal regions for decades.

    On top of all of that, we learnt that Henry supports the idea of a bank holiday for the upcoming Royal wedding. We’re going to do everything we can to make sure that with local elections in May, we have more to celebrate on a special day off than just a wedding!

    It was a great debut performance, which can be seen here if you missed it.”

  214. Noa – 10:16

    I’m sure that the forthcoming economic privations will be “water off a duck’s back”, so to speak, for the majority of your fellow countymen.

    I gather the ToB twinning association has been working to expand upon its twinning ties. In addition to the virtual arrangement it has with Bunyan’s SoD I am informed it has established contact with the mudmen of the Wagi Valley, Papua New Guinea.

    An initial visit has been arranged for May 2018 to coincide for when the winter rains have abated, the local mud has subsided to a safe levels, and coagulated to a workable consistency.

    If you are able to accommodate any of the visitors at Noa Hall please reply ASAP to:
    ToB Twinning Association,
    Village Hall
    Dunlop Bridge

  215. Noa @ December 2nd, 2017 – 10:16

    The sangre azul barbarian from the East is a proud owner of four wheelbarrows, Noa, three of which have rusted through bottoms, holes of the size of a culinary bap in the tray pan.

    He has to hope the inflationary banknotes will be large enough (say) the size of a tabloid, not to fall through the holes whilst he goes on his weekly shopping trips to Tesco, otherwise he goes hungry, expires eventually, reducing the net number of foreigners here. Surely an outcome to be in favour of, no?, heh, heh, heh.

    You have a point though, the £50bn and rising is not pocket money, but please do consider the point of the debt being a major cum stable cum dependable and above all as safe as possible funding source of private pensions in the uncertain world of hours (unless of course the country goes belly up).

  216. EC 11.44

    They’d be an vast improvement on the current residents since Noa Towers was long since requisitioned for social housing by the Conservative LCC.
    At least the sustained volleys of Kalashnikov fire being practiced by the Council sponsored Welcome Home Jihadist Group would be replaced by some decibel friendly stone spear throwers. :-0

  217. Four wheelbarrows Baron? Four??!
    You certainly took bloated plutocracy to heart when you flitted from behind t’iron curtain!
    Even the remaining peasant at Noa Towers only has one, since the son-in-law pinched his spare.
    They are best looked upon, perhaps, as assets to be sold in the event of that hyper-inflation. Or, if the baronial Rolls Royce has to be sold, they may, with a cushion or two fitted, provide adequate transport for the Baroness. 😉

  218. EC @ December 2nd, 2017 – 11:44

    Intimidating it may be, EC, but is it fit for the purpose of running through a thick forest and catching pigs and women? Hmmm

    Not only that the masks must be heavy, it’s like carrying a large flower pot on one’s head, the risk of being hit over the head with a stick, or even have the mask turned around would be such that if the barbarian were a member of this club he would take the chance of catching the pigs and women without the clay pots.

    The bamboo finger extensions are equally silly, for scratching the pigs (or women) fine, for catching and holding them, near impossible, and what’s more, one would not be able to pick one’s nose.

    A sharp spear for the pigs, and an impressive member, hanging freely and fully exposed, for the female catches would probably be the winning combination, no?

  219. Noa @ December 2nd, 2017 – 13:41

    It’s hard to comprehend how filthily rich a man can be, Noa, but such is life, bloody unfair to some whilst rewarding others with four wheelbarrows.

    Your suggestion of selling off the RR is good except for one thing. Will there be anyone rich enough to buy it when Armageddon hits? The cumryds, perhaps?

  220. This will do it, the impeachment of the Donald is a cert now, Flynn will bury the 45th head honcho of the Republic for good. Or will he?

    Is talking to an Ambassador of a country a crime in the Republic? Is failing to tell it to the FBI a crime? It seems in the land of the free the answer’s yeas in both cases.

    Whatever you say about Britain, about the pervasive rot of the progressives here, about the rule of a bunch of third rate political clowns, we still retain some common sense.

  221. Liddle’s latest Speccie polemic
    The deaf are beginning to annoy me. They seem, paradoxically, more voluble than the blind. Perhaps this is because, understandably, deaf people suspect that their voices are not being heard. Which of course they are not, literally, by other deaf people — and in some cases this must lead to a state of suffocating paranoia.

    Anyway, the severely deaf American singer Mandy Harvey has received death threats from some of her country’s deaf community because she, er, sings — i.e., she is promoting a ‘hearing’ activity and is thus guilty of perpetuating something called ‘oralism’. It is always a pleasure to bring you a new ‘ism’ coined by a new tranche of enraged victims. Oralism is the favouring of lip-reading techniques over sign language in the education of deaf people, and a hefty bunch of militant deaf people believe it to be a form of cultural imperialism because, they would assert, signing is every bit as rich as the spoken language.

    So they have their victim bunker and they are hunkering down behind it, rather like the militant deaf people who object to people getting cochlear implants because it somehow betrays the cause and removes someone from their pristinely deaf community. Any connivance with the hearing world is a betrayal, be it singing, or indeed being afforded the ability to hear. Anything which helps the deaf better integrate with the rest of us.

    This is a militancy which defies rationality, I would suggest. A controversial argument, I know, but I would advance the proposition that it is better to be able to hear than not to be able to hear and that any technique applied to that cause is to be commended, rather than construed (with fury, death threats and bile) as a kind of Uncle Tom-ism, a sop to the oppressive hearing scum who rule the planet. And yet this view of mine is routinely condemned by even averagely militant deaf people, many of whom would deny that being deaf is a disability at all.

    Incidentally, I have heard Mandy Harvey sing and her pitch is perfect, exquisite. Even with clever electronic guidance, I don’t know how she manages that: her ability is astonishing. It is horrible to think that even while she is on stage some jihadi of deafness sitting in a dank basement flat and swathed by righteousness is furiously plotting her end, ready to ‘sign’ the equivalent of ‘Allahu Akbar’ as he makes his move.
    And yet, in fairness, the militant deaf are only following the template laid down by countless other bastions of real or acquired victimhood. What begins as an admirable and necessary attempt to raise our awareness of iniquity in society almost always ends, somewhere down the line, in a form of lunacy. This is true of feminism, anti-racism, transgenderism, gay rights and especially, perhaps, the disability lobby. It always begins with advocacy groups insisting, almost certainly rightly, that their particular tranche of victims are wrongly discriminated against. But it is in the nature of advocacy groups — and human beings in general — that they cannot simply clap their hands, cheer and close down their organisations when legislative battles establishing equal rights have been nobly won. They carry on and on and on. Whereas once they insisted that iniquities occurred because the victim groups they supported were a small minority, they now expand their remit and argue almost the opposite, almost always to the disservice of the people they were representing in the first place.

    So it is, for example, with the disability lobby, who will tell you that one in three British people is ‘disabled’ in some way or another. No they’re not. Not remotely. We may have a touch of sciatica or eyesight which diminishes year on year, but we are not quadriplegic or blind or deaf.

    Of course, if you are an advocacy group it is more profitable to be advocating on behalf of 20 million people than two million, and you will catch the ear of the government rather more easily. Gay lobby groups regularly inform us that one in three, or one in five, or (at the lower end) one in ten of us is homosexual. An attempt to show that homosexuality is not a deviation from the norm, but actually part of the norm. Nope: the official figures suggest that 2 per cent, at most, of the population is gay: all TV weathermen, 40 per cent of actors and some rugby union players. That’s about it.

    And then comes the next stage of the advocacy paradigm. It is no longer enough to insist that your previously beleaguered client group is equal to the rest of the population — now it is imperative to assert they are superior, and that the majority population should recognise this fact. So it is with those who argue that it is better not to hear, that sign language is superior to that awful thing, oralism.

    In pursuing an anti-racist agenda, campaigners end up arguing (as they have done with Black Lives Matter) that white people should give up their houses so that black people can move into them. That being white confers what they refer to as ‘privilege’ — but what they mean is a definitively lower state of being, a kind of parasite, someone to be discriminated against. And too often our rulers are so terrified of causing offence — through the micro-aggression of not clamping down harder on the oppressor — that they give in.

    So perhaps it is a little harsh to single out those militants within the deaf community for special opprobrium: they are only following the trail left by every other advocacy group. And an apology — I suggested earlier that it was better to be able to hear than not be able to hear. I still think this is true in almost all cases. But not when Tina Brown’s incalculably boring, self-regarding diaries are being serialised by BBC Radio 4. Then, I grant you, it’s better to be deaf.

  222. Noa December 2nd, 2017 – 10:44

    I did and found him a bit underwhelming with no charisma. He was outnumbered though and a couple of the panel were trying to do that moral indignation thing of casting him as a deplorable. He retreated from “quislings” somewhat weakly instead of confronting the alleged extremity of that term with the extremity (and extent) of anti-Brexit conspiracy.

    The programme appeared rigged, as your email suggested, to present a consensus completely at odds with Scarborough’s referendum result, an observation I made here on November 30th, 2017 – at 23:32 – above. I found the whole thing disgracefully and very obviously bogus and biased. It seemed as though Bolton was being set up. The applause for Brexit was weak in comparison to the Remain/Momentum applause and regulation whooping, and not a single audience member endorsed it or had a go at the ghastly Umunna or even more ghastly Varoufakis. This was the smug BBC putting the new UKIP leader down with a bit of panel demagoguery from the odious Varoufakis.

  223. Marshal Roberts @ December 2nd, 2017 – 08:01

    A massive piece on the subject in today’s DT, Marshall. If you’re interested get yourself a copy, good read that.

    It’s all about police’s revenge (or rather one senior now retired policeman’s revenge) for something that happened over a decade ago, all the result of politicising the police force. Madness.

    You may be right, having the result of the computer search out in the public domain Greene cannot go on, but looking at porn, even searching for it isn’t an offence, or is it?

  224. Perusing my Daily Mail TV guide, after finally tearing myself away from the 20 page Megan colour supplement, I see that “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” is on the box later.
    It is billed as a feel-good movie about British retirees living in a rundown Indian hotel.
    Other than the present cast of Bill Nighy and other prominent thespian charity chuggers, do Wallsters have their own specific nomination of Brits who should be exiled to this Blackpool on the Punjab B&B? And Why?

  225. Colonel Mustard !4.01

    Thank you for that analysis Colonel and indeed I had noted your earlier review, though I wasn’t aware then that Belton was on the panel. Given that UKIP remains almost the last hope for a conservative reconquista in the UK it was specifically his performance as the new leader I was interested in.
    The hanging jury remains out.

  226. The first twenty minutes of yesterday’s Tucker throw more than just a flicker of light on two issues: The Flynn’s charge, and the Steinle case (the girl murdered by an illegal immigrant, seven-time felon, five times deported Jose Garcia Zarate).

    One’s more than puzzled by the latter case that is essentially a spat between the Federal statutes and the State laws. Not the barbarian knows much about it, but it was his understanding that the former applies over and above the latter, that a State cannot enact a statute contradicting a Federal law. If, as it seems, this isn’t the case the whole idea of the Republic falls apart, no?

    What’s the Federal Justice Department for? What are the other federal agencies doing to enforce the laws, why cannot the SF city councillors be apprehended, taken into custody, charged with breaking the law?

    What if a State were to stop collecting taxes on behalf of the Federal Government? Would that be OK? Would the Treasury, the FBI take it as nonchalantly as the Federal Department of Justice seems to taking the breaking of federal laws on immigration?

    The historian Toynbee was right, empires get seldom murdered, they commit suicide. The issue of immigration in the Republic is a part of such suicide.

    In the past, the Republic has not been as open to newcomers as those in favour of open borders think. In the mid-20s, the US shipped out of the country more people than it allowed in. In 1882, the Federal authorities passed a law prohibiting the Chinese labourers to settle in the country for ten years (even though the number of the Chinese in the country was minuscule the fear was that their willingness to accept low wages will impact the locals).

    Isn’t the increased risk of atrocities committed by jihadists a good enough reason to suspend taking in immigrants from regions that unquestionably breed them?

  227. Colonel Mustard @ December 2nd, 2017 – 14:01

    You would be well advised, Colonel, to give up watching the QT and other agitprop pumped out by the BBC, it only hits your heart, you, the rest of us, are impotent to do anything about the panelists, the audience, the subjects the deluded Auntie selects.

  228. Noa @ December 2nd, 2017 – 14:00

    Given the mass of verbal shite expunged by the progressives, Noa, the barbarian sides with the oralists, the less one hears the better, no?

  229. Baron December 2nd, 2017 – 16:27

    Old habits die hard. Watching what the enemy gets up to is one of them! Besides, then you can write scathingly about it and their lurkers know there are those who are not deceived.

  230. Lewis and Quick: Don’t know either. But given his m.o. when he was i/c of Terrorist Branch, adjudged Quick to be an over-promoted prick when he got himself into trouble towards the end of his ‘career’; I’m sure Wallsters will recall these events:


  231. Noa December 2nd, 2017 – 14:24

    I don’t think Belton will cut through. He seems inclined to “modernise” UKIP in the way Cameron “modernised” the Tories. His performance was too much like Tory ministers on the panel, articulating reasonable but timid stuff in a polite way which will be too easily ignored or drowned in the shrieking wind and crashing waves of leftist propaganda. Shrinking in the face of self righteous bombast from the usual suspects.

    He proved unable to counter Varoufakis’ smug rabble rousing and snide asides. He was far too polite to ask the Greek communist what it was to do with him anyway and why he didn’t think that Greece and his own compatriots needed his obvious economic talents more than the British. Why, if Varoufakis was such an expert economist he was not still Greece’s Finance Minister? Why, if Varoufakis thinks that the EU is best reformed from within he had scuttled from Greece the moment he faced EU opposition there to a country that has voted to leave the EU anyway? Belton should have exposed Varoufakis for the opportunist chancer and blowhard self publicist that he is, coming to Britain at the invitation of his communist friends here to exploit the way he thinks the Corbynista/Guardianista wind is blowing.

  232. I remember Quick with his face like a slab of raw beef. Reeked of New Labour. The truth of Home Secretary Smith and Quick’s connivance over the arrest of Damien Green will never be known but the five-month police investigation which cost the taxpayer five million pounds collapsed after the CPS decided there was insufficient evidence to prosecute Green or his Home Office informant Galley because the information leaked on the government’s immigration policy was not secret and did not affect national security or put lives at risk. The whole thing stank and let’s not forget that a current Labour shadow minister was then the supposedly “impartial” DPP.

    The whole thing served to demonstrate the extent of New Labour’s immigration conspiracy and their unsavoury politicisation of the police. Starmer probably realised that if he had decided on prosecution it might come back to haunt his future Labour party ambitions. In hindsight of Starmer’s swift parachute descent into the Labour party from DPP how intriguing his statement at the end of his decision:-

    “However, I have not been asked to consult, nor have I consulted, any Minister before coming to my conclusion.”

    The most interesting aspects of the whole charade were the contents of the leaked documents and New Labour’s twitchiness over them.

  233. Baron 14:04

    “or is it?”

    In the private sector, any guy caught using his employer’s computer during working hours for that sort of thing would most probably get fired.

    One has to marvel at the incompetence of the civil service for not having blocking filters installed to prevent dubious content being accessed. It’s not rocket science.

    But the question remains, was it really him? I take it that the cops haven’t got a trail of DNA evidence to examine?

  234. 1758
    Let us not forget the crime here. David Davis told Damian Green to get “as much dirt on the Labour Party as you can”
    So Green became a close contact of Galley.
    The fact that they could not get a chain from the Home Office Computer to Green led Starmer to make a correct DPP decision.
    To make Starmer seem the sleaze ball here is quite quite wrong.

  235. Colonel Mustard @ December 2nd, 2017 – 17:15

    Good point, Colonel, the barbarian does often the same, but one has to watch one’s blood pressure, that’s priority numero one.

  236. Frank P @ December 2nd, 2017 – 17:3

    Why do police officers have funny name? Dick, Quick, Mick.

    And this (source: Wikipedia):

    Crimes reported within the Met selected by quarter centuries.

    • 1829/30: 20,000
    • 1848: 15,000
    • 1873: 20,000
    • 1898: 18,838
    • 1923: 15,383
    • 1948: 126,597
    • 1973: 355,258
    • 1998/9: 934,254

  237. EC @ December 2nd, 2017 – 18:15

    On the scale of political shenanigans, sexual or other, this ranks pretty low, EC, it titillates, fills the pages of papers, but should have a shelf life of days, unless someone wants to milk it for purposes other than the caught politician’s suspect morality.

  238. Baron (23:02)

    It would be interesting to see a statistical breakdown of indigenous English v non-English ratio of perpetrators over the nineteen or so decades of crime recorded by the Met. police. And in the case of English perps, what proportion were second generation of non-English parents.

    But you never will. 🙂

  239. Co!onel Mustard (17:35)

    You and I exchanged posts when the new leader of UKIP emerged from obscurity and usurped the top job out of the blue and when the general reaction was ‘Enery Who? Our assessments have not been proved wrong with the passage of time. UKIP is over. It was a one trick pony and the circus has moved on without it. We will have to suffer a spell of Albert Steptoe and his commie cabal for a stint, during which time one hopes that resultant disaster will engender a root and branch muck out and shake up of the Conservative Party. I see no potential dynamic leader on the horizon, but the actual materialsation of the current Shadow Cabinet filling the three main offices of state: the Exchequer: the Home Office and the Foreign Office, should provoke either a sanguine Tory to emerge to save the nation, or failing that, the Boy’s Brigade should organise a coup d’etat.

  240. A suggestion for everybody.

    Pick up a copy of George Orwell’s 1984 and read it again.

    Then consider – are we now close to living in the Oceania of Orwell’s nightmare?

    With the BBC and most of the newspapers for example being branches of the Ministry of Truth?

  241. I remember when Alan Milburn, Blair lapdog, by his grandstanding nearly destroyed the Health Service before he left for the funny farm.
    Cameron in his wisdom gave him a new toy called The Social Mobility Commission which amongst other things has tried to destroy Education.
    Today he is back to grandstanding resigning from his august body, no doubt for another spell in the funny farm, saying
    “(the Government) is understandably focused on Brexit and does not seem to have the necessary bandwidth to ensure that the rhetoric of healing social division is matched with the reality”

  242. Bonehead Milburn goes on to analyse Brexit:

    ““If you’re a West Coast liberal in America railing against Trump or a member of the metropolitan elite in the UK railing against Brexit, the tendency is to say that it’s completely irrational but there are reasons why people voted to leave. It’s wise to be tough on Brexit but it’s also wise to be tough on the causes of Brexit.

    “If you’re in Minehead or Blackpool or Mansfield or Stoke there’s a seething political alienation and resentment. We’ve got to understand it to be able to deal with it.

    “It has a consequence for people, but a political consequence as well. It means more anger, more resentment, and creates a breeding ground for populism. The politics of it genuinely worries me”

  243. Back to Quick and Lewis, I read this on the Times site.

    “This is outrageous. It reads like a low-grade mafia story: collecting and keeping dirt on somebody in case it should come in useful one day. Jim Waterson, the politics editor for Buzzfeed News, tweeted his response to the BBC report this week: “The headline on this Damian Green story should be ‘The police don’t delete your data when ordered to do so and are liable to leak details of the legal porn they found in order to embarrass you’.” I could hardly put it better, except in this regard: what’s happening is not an attempt to embarrass Green. It’s a naked attempt to destroy him.”

  244. And following those tweets:

    “Kassam believes that sabotaging the prospects of the “very big, very powerful” trade agreement which the U.S. president has been seeking with Brexit Britain will be used by the prime minister to push for Britain to remain more closely entangled with the European Union after departure than it would otherwise need to be.

    “She’s going insult Trump to the point where the U.S. won’t want to do a deal with Britain, then she’ll blame Trump for being mercurial and say we need to water down, or abandon Brexit because Britain needs economic security,” he stated.”

  245. Baron, December 2nd, 2017 – 23:11

    My point was about double standards, Baron, which you appear to embrace with all the cognitive dissonance of a Corbynista and committed Guardian/Morning Star reader. [Take THAT, you swine!]

    Of course if “they” were unwilling nail Jacqui Smith on expenses fiddling where they actually had hard evidence they ain’t gonna be able to make a case against Green for his alleged keyboard fiddling – nothing that would stand up in court anyways 🙂

    In Green’s case, another departure from the government wold probably bring it down so it ain’t going happen.

    “Either we all matter, or nobody matters”
    Harry Bosch

  246. Frank P – 01:01

    There is a monumental discrepancy between the number of baseball bats sold in the UK and the number of actual baseballs sold. A similar breakdown of purchasers might prove interesting.

  247. And Rod Liddle nails Brexit:

    “Yes, let the EU speak English. For £50bn
    The former Italian prime minister Mario Monti wants the EU to adopt the English language once we’ve left. Monti says English would help the EU be more competitive in trade deals with the rest of the world. Well, indeed. Nobody’s going to buy anything from you if you jabber at them, excitedly, in French or Italian. They will think you are marginal and devious. Even worse if you bark at them in German. Monti is right, if presumptuous.

    We should privatise our language and lease the intellectual property rights to the EU for 15% of every trade profit it makes. Or a one-off, upfront payment of £50bn and a few crates of prosecco. As an American politician once said: “If English was good enough for Jesus Christ, it’s good enough for me.”

  248. Liddle on Lewis:

    “Guilty until proven innocent
    A former rozzer, Neil Lewis, says he was “shocked” by the amount of pornography on first secretary Damian Green’s computer. Lewis was part of a 2008 operation to seize computers from the House of Commons and have a good poke around. There’s no suggestion that the material was illegal. So isn’t that a breach of privacy? Green is already “under investigation” by the Cabinet Office for once having been pleasant and helpful to a young woman. The party’s former whip, Charlie Elphicke, also remains suspended on account of some allegations. Nobody will tell him what they are. There have been no charges. Madness, surely?”

  249. EC 0823
    Methinks that David Davis has ensured Damian Green’s survival.

  250. And more:

    “A very irreverent vicar
    It’s a one-horse race in the prestigious Most Fatuous Vicar of the Year Awards. So step forward the Very Rev Kelvin Holdsworth, who has said we should pray Prince George turns out to be gay, as that will help make the Church of England be “more inclusive”. I can’t imagine any Anglican reverend, no matter how “Very” he is, will out-cretin this pronouncement.

    The one remaining sensible cleric in the church, Gavin Ashenden, says Holdsworth’s view was un-Christian and doesn’t “have the prince’s best interests at heart, but uses him as a gender-political football to please 1.7% of the population”. Quite. Bad news, then, for the Rev Richard Coles, formerly of the godawful Communards, who threatened to reunite his group “for charity”. He was my tip for the prize until Kelv came long”

  251. Meanwhile as we await with excitement tonight’s super moon there are ongoing concerns about fake news:

  252. What happened to Esther?

  253. Baron December 2nd, 2017 – 22:49

    My tip for avoiding any increase in blood pressure is to feel less anger or frustration but instead to articulate more light-hearted contempt, ridicule and scorn at the performers for their self-righteous smuggery, be they panelists or audience members. Umunna had me in stitches with his almost descending to mockney “Look, I’m a person of the people” schtick and the Greek communist gave me a wonderful opportunity to exercise my lexicon of pejoratives, although I’m ashamed to admit one single syllable noun in particular kept asserting itself. Must try harder!

    Again and again the left wing panelists on the programme, including Dimblebore, do the same thing to any right wing panelists and the right wing panelists invariably plod along politely, trying to make their sensible but weak points, instead of fighting back and attacking. The left are masters of diversion and projection so that it is always their enemies under scrutiny, on the back foot and attempting to defend themselves. That needs to change.

  254. Colonel Mustard @ December 3rd, 2017 – 13:06

    Quite, Colonel, the barbarian is keen telling others what to do or not, is himself guilty of the same.

    The World This Weekend today, Mark Mardell in the chair, the ghastly Blair the first guest.

    One may ask why is this treacherous man, who’s done near unrepairable damage to our way of life, still sought after for his views, amongst which was once more his argument, indeed an insistence that the referendum result can be reversed, people know more now than before, the NHS isn’t getting the money allegedly promised if we left, (Mardell should have told him we haven’t left yet, didn’t), conditions have changed since we voted.

    So fugging what? Conditions are changing continuously, would keep on changing even if we had a new referendum.

    If we did have a second referendum, people voted to stay in, economic and social conditions failed to improve, perhaps got worse, would the ghastly man lobby for yet another, third referendum? Where is the end of referending then? For him, and those like h im, when they get what they want obviously.

    The ghastly man then went on, Mardell let him, reciting the advantages of our being in the single market, the size of it, the standardisation of goods, the cooperative nature of our relationship blah, blah, blah, but not a sentence, a single sentence about the federalisation of Europe, the process kept secret from the unwashed since 1973 that has been eroding our sovereignty, the main reason for many to vote out. Mardell, of course, kept it off the table, it didn’t suit either one of the two fuggwits to even mention.

    Tossers, both of them.

    Btw, the interviewed guy was so full of himself then pricking him would cover the whole of the country in shite a foot to two deep.

  255. Marshal Roberts @ December 3rd, 2017 – 11:39

    Not a smart move to have him come, Marshall, the two women’s judgment stinks, they should work to eradicate what the message identified, not be critical of the messenger completely ignoring the core of his tweet.

    What the saintly One should have said was ‘I appreciate it the Potus raised the issue, we’re fully aware there are certain individuals who want to do us harm, are doing everything we can to find a solution blah, blah, blah. She should have avoided mentioning the Britain First crowd altogether.

    (Not that the barbarian would endorse such a reply, but it would be by far more pragmatically beneficial for her, the Tories, an dthe country for if the Donald gets angry, he can do what the Dems in the Congress still propose, put us at the back of the queue for a trade deal.

    The woman should have been sacked months ago, those MPs voting for her as well).

  256. EC (08:48)

    An interesting statistic. 🙂 I’d like to think that the vast majority of the bat-buyers are Engishmen, preparing for the inevitable and necessary uprisng against the foreign incursion. Sadly, it’s more likely that the metaphorical lack of balls in the equation is the case, judging by the predominance of soy boys and gingers among the upcoming generation.

  257. Marshall Roberts

    Why has that jug-eared agitprop arsehole Marr not been sick-pensioned and removed from our screens? He is a fuckin’ embarrassment. Divert him to radio, woman’s hour or something, if they feel they must exercise sympathy for his debility. As for Mohammed’s bride – the tartan muzzy seated next to Farage – how did he manage to resist the temptation to either tell her to shut her fukin’ gob and allow him to answer the question, or better still, stuff a handy haggis into it. There must be a stock of them in the BBC canteen with hogmany loomin’ in the glomin’ and Burns day not far behind.

    The other vociferous vagina – an American ‘liberal’ (aka communist gob-shite)- made up the usual ‘balanced BBC ‘debate’: three rampant Marxists v. one retired, failed UKIPper- who failed to assert himself in the argument and employ the weapon of ridicule that, as the Colonel so rightly points out, is the most effective weapon in the resistance to the looney left. Far too many furriners shouting the odds in this country and a majority of them split-arse mechanics, to boot!

  258. Frank P
    You cannot criticise Marr.
    He has a d i s a b i l i t y and cannot be gainsaid.
    Mind you I like the idea of twinning him with that odious woman’s hour presenter Jenni Murray.
    Sorry – Dame Jennifer Susan “Jenni” Murray, DBE.

  259. Viva Charlie and the entrance to Manchester’s Christmas Market .

  260. Nice …

    The Eye by Robinson Jeffers

    The Atlantic is a stormy moat; and the Mediterranean,
    The blue pool in the old garden,
    More than five thousand years has drunk sacrifice
    Of ships and blood, and shines in the sun; but here the Pacific–
    Our ships, planes, wars are perfectly irrelevant.
    Neither our present blood-feud with the brave dwarfs
    Nor any future world-quarrel of westering
    And eastering man, the bloody migrations, greed of power, clash of faiths–
    Is a speck of dust on the great scale-pan.
    Here from this mountain shore, headland beyond stormy headland
    plunging like dolphins through the blue sea-smoke
    Into pale sea–look west at the hill of water: it is half the planet:
    this dome, this half-globe, this bulging
    Eyeball of water, arched over to Asia,
    Australia and white Antartica: those are the eyelids that never close;
    this is the staring unsleeping
    Eye of the earth; and what it watches is not our wars.

    H/T Gerard VdL.

    Gazing at it from various vantage points on the West Coast, I was variously unimpressed (e.g. from Huntingdon Beach, Ca.) and enrapt (e.g. from Pebble Beach and 17 Mile Drive,Carmel Bay), but I never flew over it. Mr Jeffers makes me wish I had.

  261. Christ Almighty the whole House of Cards is coming down, not because of venal corruption, but becaue of pussy!

    There is somhing quite comical about this. They have no need to rewrite the script, just put it on at the Whitehall Theatre. It will run and run. Pity Brian Rix is not still around. He would have had a choice of a dozen parts.


    President Trump delivers a blow to Peter Sutherland’s global dream of a world of international basket cases, as envisioned in “…during the Arab revolutions [sic], the EU missed a historic opportunity to begin weaving together the two sides of the Mediterranean.” (Sutherland quoted in Wikipedia)

    “The Trump Administration announced plans to pull the U.S. out of a United Nations pact on the handling of migrant and refugee situations. The announcement came from the U.S. mission to the United Nations. U.S. officials said the program is “inconsistent” with American policies.”

  263. Colonel Mustard

    On taking the fight to the enemy. Unfortunately such attacks seem to happen only once with the perpetrator subsequently suffering social and media exclusion of Milburnian proportions.

  264. Mine 3rd Dec at 18-14 .

    Further comment on the Manchester Peace Wall .

  265. Christmas market in Lyon cancelled because the can’t afford the €20,000 security costs.

  266. Radford NG @ December 4th, 2017 – 09:47

    The authorities missed a chance here, Radford, why not decorate the concrete slabs? It would brighten things up. How about ‘Have an unforgettable Christmas with the ROP’, or ‘Together with the ROP for our brighter future’, or ‘Give a kiss to a member of the ROP today’.

  267. Noa December 4th, 2017 – 09:24

    The fight won’t be carried to the enemy via the BBC. That is a hegemony of the left to begin with and a bien pensant echo chamber of left wing mythology where dissenting voices are only invited to be heard in order to bully, ridicule and discredit them. The hegemony of the left on British TV was reinforced rather than challenged by Channel 4 which aims to out-left the BBC. The whole thing is a disgrace, a custard pie in the face of political diversity and rubbed in as well, a democratic deficit. Injury is added to the insult by an uber-smug dismissal by the establishment and BBC of any cries of “foul”. Marr can jauntily admit the bigotry and still get away with it.

    For real balance Britain needs a new TV channel with a conservative hegemony. Right wing billionaires take note. Marr and the rest of the cosy cabal need not apply. When documentary after drama is stuffed with puerile leftist propaganda and shibboleths a lone voice of conservative reason won’t cut through. If the BBC can’t or won’t deliver balance then balance must be provided by an equally empowered counterpoint. Every true conservative MP should be demanding it.

  268. Radford NG @ December 4th, 2017 – 09:55

    This the barbarian fully endorses, Rradford, the festivity has become too commercial, it’s nothing but spending money on useless trinkets, gorging on food to excess, boozing. The boisterous ROP boys and girls should be thanked, no?

  269. Colonel Mustard @ December 4th, 2017 – 09:56

    A brilliant idea, Colonel, but would that Right leaning TV channel last? Hmmm

    Significant numbers of Germans are beginning to demand that their government pay muslim enterers to relocate to Islamic states.

    Here’s a thought then, let May attach a condition to the payment presently under negotiation and to be made to the Brussels oligarchs of billions of Dane geld to allow us the mercy of an exit from a fascist grouping that no one paid us to enter.

    The condition would be, and would be linked to a suitable ‘Trust but Verify’ mechanism, for the purpose of funding the relocation of these types all over Britain and the Remainers to areas outside Europe in which they would be culturally comfortable and could slice off their daughters clitorises (clitorides?) in a relaxed and supportive environment. This could be named The Immigration Stabilisation Fund. Why, if the Commissioners hands could be kept out of this deep pocket, we might happily agree to MORE than 40 or 50 B sterling, which amount is itself now unacceptable to a significant percentage of the British electorate. All member states presently ensnared in the EU and bedevilled by the ideology of islam.

    The narco funds from Afghanistan could be used to supplement the Immigration Stablisation Fund, were it to prove insufficient, and I am sure that the European government negotiators have the necessary connections required to draw down the agreed additional amounts.

  271. Malfleur @ December 4th, 2017 – 09:21

    The barbarian has also noticed the US pulling out of the immigration racket, Malfleur, strangely there was only a muted response from th e progressives, either they must have gone completely bonkers (are hospitalised, and about time, too) or have given up screaming.

  272. Malfleur @ December 4th, 2017 – 10:04

    On the same subjec, Malfleurt:

    The refugee families from the ME placed within the Czech Republic will receive the equivalent in the local currency of the money paid in Germany in Euro, it’s to stop them running back to German,y who in his right mind would want to learn a language of an obscure and tiny tribe.

    You can imagine how well has it gone down in Czecho, the indigenous burghers are dancing in the streets, embracing the immigrants … or not.

  273. Frank P @ December 3rd, 2017 – 20:46

    But is it free, Frank?

  274. Has anybody written to Santa to ask for a new CHW, before he gets too busy with the hostilities er… celebrations?

  275. Now that erstwhile ‘Gold Commander’ has said her bit this morning, does that make Green unfireable? And, if so, did she realise that was a possible consequence and was she happy to run with it?

  276. Noa (09:24) Colonel Mustard (09:56)

    The history of the past 100 years or so seems to illustrate that in the polemical struggle between “Left” v “Right” the Left has prevailed by both brutality and stealth. Moreover it now has its tail up and displays an arrogance that hoi polloi seems to admire, as its promulgators use the “social justice” meme to seduce a deeply brainwashed, dependant and idle electorate here in the UK, hooked on the cradle to grave welfarism.

    In Europe, comintern has already established a stranglehold through the Brussels behemoth and the UK’s govenment’s risible, half-hearted attempt to extricate us from a forty-year scam has exposed our weakness and the bully boys are rubbing it in. Had we acted quickly after the referendum we could have destroyed the EU, but it is clear that Cameron and Osborn were on the gravy train and were convinced that the referendum would go the other way. The current administration, also with season tikets on the gravy train, has no intention of allowing us to leave and the fudge will continue until the next election, when the Left will press home its ever increasing advantage and take control here. They will then arrange a whole new ball-game which will be a consolidation of our current submission to the EUs stranglehold and an irretrievable slide into the EUSSR – the dream of Corbinski and his hatchet-face traitorous Shadow Chancellor. Maybe, just maybe, this stark reality my resuscitate the “healthy core of Englishness” which our resident optimist continues to espouse. I fear not.

    As for the equivalent of Fox News Network here. No chance. The PTB would contrive to block it every which way, with legalistic and monopoly hurdles that would be insurmountable.

    Nah, the only thing that can divert the slide into the Leftist swamp, is a catastrophic geopolitical event, provoked by one of the loonies with their twitchy fingers hovering over the nuclear buttons. Then it will be all bets off. I suppose its time for a culling, given the 7b and rising. There just ain’t room for that exponential equation to materialise. We have already poisoned our sustaining resources beyond retrieval. There simply has to be a planetry readjustment in favour of the cockroaches and plankton. We as a species are self-destructive idiots. It is written in the stars and our demise has probably already happened in cosmic terms. The current nonsense is delayed-action poist mortem twitching. 🙂

  277. Frank P 11.43

    Well that’s cheered me up no end Frank!
    At least its a refreshing change from reading the the ex-Russian and communist Mr Boot, who considers everyone who doesn’t share his particular viewpoint to be a Putinist, a fascist or similar.
    Definitely a man whose roots are showing.
    And Corbyn will never press the red button, Diane will insist on doing it to advance Wimmins’ rights.

  278. On Hannity yesterday, Mr. Trump promoted “clean coal” . He reminded people that Hillary Clinton supported closure of the coal mines. Prime Minister May also promotes that policy in the United Kingdom.

    Perhaps the president should send a further tweet to Mrs. May to explain briefly that clean coal is a possibility, can develop a country’s resources, and bring dead coal towns back to life for many families.

  279. Here’s the link to the Hannity interview with Trump:

  280. Marshall Roberts (11:55)

    Yes, saw that on Sky News this morning. I was hoping that it wood have provoked a post from Clear Memories, our antipodean correspondent. So far no show. Pity.

  281. would – not wood. Sorry my feckin’ fingers are now beginning to type phonetically, a bit like those sub-title bods on the TV.

  282. Noa (12:07)

    Yerrrs! I saw your exchange with Alex over on the Boot blog. His premises within that article once again whizzed past – way above my head. I have neither the tools nor the inclination to grapple with the notion that the entire panoply of goodness of humanity which emerged from about two millennia of ‘civilisation’ emanated from the Christian ethic – and all that was evil was man made and therefore explains our current chaos. As a determinist, I see that as all part of the arrogant delusion of Man and his search for the unfindable: rose-tinted solopsistic hindsight. If the Cosmos ain’t perfect, then the Godists have got to come up with a better explanation for the fuck-up than the granting of free-will to the naked ape by a benign Creator. If the Cosmos is perfect, then we just haven’t understood the complexity of the GSOT and our self-perceived evil is just part of the plan. If that is so, all of us may as well do what I l already do, order the popcorn, sit back, watch the narrative develop and google and giggle from time to time to relieve the boredom of The Wait.

    And take comfort from the fact that we can only die once, so WTF does it matter how that is culminated and when. So far I have spent 84 years dying and the protraction is fast becoming tedious, particularly as it now requires the interference of quacks to prolong the process often accompanied by petty discomfiture or downright pain. The only thing that keeps me going at the moment is my curiosity about what wheeze Baron will next come up with to extol the virtues of the long suffering Slavic race and to excuse their propensity for stoicism.

    Remember that old joke about Jewish stoicism? Buried up to their necks in the sand in the face of the oncoming tide, they manage to get their hands free and -vwaving their hands and heads from side to side in unison, sing “Oh we do like to be beside he seaside!”

    Way to go!

  283. Arlene bloody back end of bus.
    I know Ostrich hates me carping on the Irish.
    But if those buggers scupper Brexit……

  284. Frank P December 4th, 2017 – 11:43

    You are quite right that there will never be a TV channel leaning as much to the right as the BBC leans to the left. Not just a Fox news but dramas and documentaries that focus on presenting a conservative narrative.

    But real conservative politicians (even those few!) should still be demanding it and complaining of the current bigotry at every opportunity. They should not co-operate with the likes of Marr but view every interview as an opportunity to challenge and expose his and the BBC’s bias. They should turn the scrutiny around, be belligerent, difficult, challenging.

    “Mr Marr, having admitted the leftist bias of the BBC and yourself, how on earth I am expected to treat your hectoring questioning seriously as any kind of objective analysis?”

    It goes against the grain just to give up. I’d rather die in a ditch with my face towards the enemy and cursing them. And by God they deserve it.

  285. Noa – 12:07

    Oh no, you’ve not gone been dun it again have you Noa? 🙂

    I penned an encouraging but unposted CHW message for you after your last spat with Comrade Botinok on 28th November on his “Mobilisation Means War” blog post.

    It’s a brave, or uninformed, man that calls you a “flippant egotist!” Does he not know that you are a holder of the “Stiletto d’oro” awarded by “la gilda degli Assassini” of Firenze. They don’t do “flippant” do they? 🙂

    Mind you, one lives and learns. eg. I’d never considered that Ukraine was “a major European country” until he put me right. I thought the clue was in the meaning of its name.

    I don’t comment on his blog but I do occasionally read it. I had a YCMIU moment this afternoon when he broached the subject of “anal intercourse” on his “Blind Alleys” blog post. I was tempted reply and mention the inadvisability and medical hazards of such a practice but I held back as I didn’t know if there two “f”s in sffincter.

  286. I meant to add that conservatives are the insurgents now, the dissenters. They need to start behaving as such, instead of pretending that modern British politics is some kind of balanced and urbane give and take.

  287. The equivalence between the “far right” and jihadism that the establishment is so desperately trying to assert is tripe.

    Several thuggish, violent left-wing movements have crafted a justification for their disgusting behaviours out of that tripe and sufficiently intimidated our cowardly politicians to make them go along with it.

    Push back is just that. It is never caused by any inherent imperative. There was no French Resistance in France before the Nazis invaded. When people are pushed to breaking point their reaction is not a “rise” but an effect of the cause. If you deliberately kick sand in someone’s face don’t complain when they get angry about it. Don’t pretend their anger is something to be denied and deplored.

  288. Frank P – 11:43

    “The current nonsense is delayed-action poist mortem twitching. ”

    “Trunk music” also comes to mind.

  289. Many comments here and in the street about the commercialization of Christmas, the spending of money one does not have, the boozing and gluttony. Has nobody heard of Saturnalia? It took place at this time of year.

  290. Well Colonel, this gal agrees with you:

    Cheered me up no end. Must drop her a line of encouragement. Imagine her and Richard Kemp arriving at No. 10 with a contingent of the SAS..The result would be bloodless, but they would
    have to wade knee deep through the shit from the loosened bowels of the incumbents.

  291. Frank P, EC

    I confess, it’s a pleasure to wind him up.
    If he’d been Jesuit-flogged and religiously educated he might have absorbed a little more humility and honest to goodness atheism to counter all certainty. After all you’re not a true Christian if you’re not wracked with self-doubt.
    As to preparing for war with 3.5m Russians on behalf of Germany and France… words fail me.

  292. Frank P
    December 4th – 21:28

    Yes, agreed, a great speech and a great girl endowed with true English wit and grit. Thanks for the link.

    But what a pity that, trammeled by your role as the Wall’s Guru of the cynics, you have not bee able since 2012 to register one post in support of her brother, Tommy Robinson!

    And when she drew attention to the division of our country into two parts, Londonistan and the Rest, wasn’t she referring to that core of English decency that the Guru of cynics mocked when Baron invoked it recently in this space?

  293. RUSSIA

    For those still unsure what Baron means by “uninformed” views of Russia, try this:

    “Lionel Interviews the Inimitable and Ineffable Peter Lavelle, Host of RT’s ‘Cross Talk’ ”

  294. So Ms May has been recalled for consultations with Arlene Foster.
    She will go back and sit down with Juncker with her new instructions.
    At 2.30 on Monday afternoon Gerry Adams will appear at a news conference with men in balaclavas sporting armalites in the background.
    It is at times like this that we decry Henry II for getting us tied up with these barbarians.

  295. “Irish broadcaster RTE said Britain was ready to keep the EU customs and single market rules for Northern Ireland in order to meet Dublin’s insistence that Brexit should not bring back a “hard border” and threaten a peace process that ended decades of sectarian tensions.”
    This appears to be the trigger for yesterday. Fake news for “regulatory alignment.”

  296. Farage predicted this debacle.

    “Brexit campaign leader Nigel Farage has described the concession as a “bitter betrayal” of the 17.4 million Leave voters who carried the EU referendum last year, as well as “a concession too far, for it will lead to endless problems in Scotland and damages the integrity of the United Kingdom”

  297. It takes a special kind of stupidity for those who rule over us to think that a border between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK is a “solution” or that a precedent to leave part of the UK under EU hegemony would not stir up Sturgeon and her divisive national socialists to demand the same.

    It should be up to a sovereign nation how it manages its borders. And if the Republic of Ireland’s thinly veiled threats to re-export terrorism into the UK as a consequence come to pass then the UK should deal with them with far more Israeli-style resolve this time.

    It is astonishing that the same clowns who decry Putin for his activities in the Ukraine turn a cowardly and indulgent eye to the similar behaviour of the terrorist-born Irish Republic to Northern Ireland. Brexit should not be all about the Republic of Ireland or how much more murder and mayhem they are prepared to sponsor in order to seize Northern Ireland from the Crown.

    What has transpired should demonstrate to Remainers just how much sovereignty has been ceded to the EU and the tinpot nations it covers for.

  298. Colonel Mustard.
    I could not agree more. The Gay Irish PM has become more dangerous than Gerry Adams and Arlene Foster is a worthy successor to Gusty Fence.
    You cannot deal with these people.
    I do not blame the EU. I blame May only in as much she put herself in the position of ransom to the Irish Question by her stupid election.
    The only comical thing is seeing how mystified Tusk looks when dealing with the Irish.

  299. “Hannity: The American justice system is hanging by a thread”

    A neat summation. Sean is Muellering over the recent Strzok-ing revelations!

  300. Although much of this EU confusion could have been averted with better leadership, in fact, one could say ANY leadership, from Cameron and the ‘Conservative’ ‘Party’, which elected a Remainer when the country had decided to change course, it has highlighted just how unneighbourly our neighbours are, and have been, going back to 1914 and even earlier, and just how underhand the policy makers and implementers have been.

    The political intrigue over last couple of years appears worse than before, only because it is much more out in the open. How Anna Soubry can still make out a glorious future inside the EU for herself, let alone for the UK, is beyond me. I can’t even see it for anyone on the Continent: quite the contrary.

    For example, the problems caused by Energiewende in Germany are much, much bigger than is being reported.

  301. RobertRetyred – 09:42

    A lotta bottle?


    “Anders Vistisen said the union risks being “overshadowed and left behind” if it continues to hit out at the UK for voting to leave.

    The Vice Chair of the European Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee, took a swipe at the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator Guy “Mr Brexit” Verhofstadt who called Theresa May’s pledge to deliver a new EU trade deal by 2019 “impossible”.

    He warned if the EU does not “appreciate and work constructively with the UK’s objectives” it risks being overcome by popular discontent and “Denmark could well be the next country to leave the bloc”.

  303. Malfleur – 03:55

    Great speech on that occasion but, sadly, Katie is not always that eloquent.

    Katie Hopkins was the only “Apprentice” finalist to ever put the willies up Claude Littner in the final interviews. Lord (my arse!) Sugar’s feared hatchet man, Claude, was visibly rattled.

    Courtesy of the 1A, here’s the real deal…

    How come I never heard of this fake charity scandal via the MSM?

    Oh wait a minute…
    “Former United States Congresswoman Corrine Brown from the great state of Flarda” is/was a Democrat.

  304. EC @ 10:12

    Lost me a bit there, EC; but then I have never really followed American ice hockey in the modern ear. I can see though that if muslim immigration into the USA continues its trend, we could soon have another ALI-GATA in Flarda.

  305. Colonel Mustard – 08:18

    I despair, almost constantly these days.

    All three main parties seem to be comprised of spineless self serving individuals. They are very low calibre people with barely a shred of TECOE between them.

    Frank P is right. Without someone emerging from the pack MPs who is willing to show some resistance to the takedown of the UK then I fear that Col. Kemp and his lads from the Royal Anglian, together with the chaps from Hereford, may be the only answer. [Col Kemp would hate me to suggest that though]

  306. Marshal Roberts @ 09:56

    Verhofstadt is the anti-Farage troll who looks as though he took advantage of the borderless EU to have his teeth fixed under the NHS.

  307. Malfleur – 10:30

    I had previously thought that Maxine Waters was the finest that the Democratic party could muster.

    God Help America!

  308. Sorry, that was ad hominem.

  309. hǔ fù wú quǎn zǐ

    May is no daughter to Thatcher.

  310. EC @ 10:41

    Here’s a dark horse in the competition

    (and that was before she more recently “crossed the aisle” (so to speak).

    The Make America Gaga Again party….

  311. A better analysis of the EU gossip than most

  312. Away from the serious stuff for moment this is a true story which happened to me yesterday .
    In Tesco. 25% off for 6 bottles of wine.
    Just heard this old couple conversation.
    Some of the bottles were 2015 or 2016, seems the sale was to sell off old stocks.
    They weren’t fooled, they hunted out some which were 2017.

  313. Marshal Roberts December 5th, 2017 – 10:59

    Or, in May’s case:-

    虎头蛇尾 – hŭ tóu shé wĕi – “tiger head (but) snake tail”. Plenty of apparent strength through bluster at the start but slithers away weakly and never achieves anything at the end.

  314. She has had one triumph- the disastrous General Election put an end to the onward march of Sturgeon. For that we must be grateful.

  315. John Birch (13:26)

    The should have stocked up on Beaujolais Nouveau Day 🙂

  316. Moraymint, former poster on the DT, provides one of his occasional lozenges to suck on.

  317. An enjoyable hour or so that will consolidate your prejudices:

    They speak for me. Let’s continue to follow their advice and speak up. It’s probably too late to stop the rot, but ‘do not go gentle into that good night … rage, rage against the dying of the light’.

  318. This comment by “Ministry of Hope” to yet another self-hating Eurotrash/SJW/Remainer troll at Spiked is worth sharing as it encapsulates the horrible anglophobia that lurks behind the tedious virtue signalling of those types:-

    “You are captive to an ideology of hate that completely withdraws all human worth and meaning from the English, and renders our natural claim on life as a thing of hate itself. This, of course, is something you would never entertain in the case of any other native people. So the racism is yours, isn’t it?”

    Indeed it is. Nasty anglophobia, masquerading as Euro-BS virtue signalling.

  319. And of course one of the issues is that those types continuously deny that the English ARE a native people, with their diminution of us as a “mongrel nation”.

    When I was growing up there was no doubt, whatsoever, of who the English were. And in this age of supposed respect for “self-identification” I’m getting mighty tired of the kind of constant, offensive insults against the notion of an English people peddled by the likes of Bonnie Greer.

  320. Now – 11:24

    EURef – probably because it wasn’t pushing any agenda! 🙂

  321. Frank P at 16-06.

    Del Boy will be on the look-out for bargain offers on Beaujolais Nouveau…..the ’79.

  322. Oh boy!

    h/t Gérard.

    Read it all, it will (or should) blow your mind.

  323. Picked up from the Moraymint blog post cited by Colonel Mustard in the comments (all excellent) :

  324. If you didn’t watch Tucker Carlson tonight,
    make sure you watch it on Live Stream on YT.
    Seminal content throughout.

  325. INTDWI

    More details:
    The two men arrested for the plot – Naa’imur Zakariyah Rahman, 20, from north London and Mohammed Aqib Imran, 21, from Birmingham – will attend a preliminary court hearing at Westminster Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday morning.

  326. I am relieved. The Germans are telling us there is a clear solution:

    “‘Keep the UK in the single market’
    Meanwhile, political parties across the UK have called for May’s government to offer a different approach to Brexit, one that would ensure equal status across the kingdom.
    “This could be the moment for opposition and Brexit/remain Tories to force a different, less damaging approach – keep the UK in the single market and customs union,” said Nicola Sturgeon, who leads Scotland’s devolved government, in a tweet.
    Read more: Brexit poll: Half of Britons support second referendum
    “But it needs Labour to get its act together. How about it Jeremy Corbyn?” she added, referring to the leader of Britain’s main opposition party.

    Keir Starmer, the Labour party’s Brexit spokesman, told parliament on Tuesday that the collapse of a deal was an “embarrassment” and showed that May’s government was in a “coalition of chaos.”
    “Yesterday, the rubber hit the road: Fantasy met brutal reality. Will the prime minister now rethink her reckless red lines and put options such as a customs union and single market back on the table for negotiation?” asked Starmer.”

  327. Keir Starmer is of course Labours Great Hope for the future.

    “The Daily Mail agrees: ‘heaven help Labour’ if Starmer is the party’s choice as Corbyn’s replacement. As he detailed Labour’s Brexit plan yesterday, Starmer looked ‘wholly out of his intellectual depth’ and ‘achingly dull’. His strategy was also inconsistent: saying that he would end free movement but still considered the possibility of remaining in the single market. The Mail says this means only one thing: ‘Labour is in favour of both leaving the EU and remaining in it’. The paper is also less than impressed with Labour’s idea of guaranteeing the rights of EU citizens living in Britain on day one of a Corbyn government – something Theresa May has so far refused to do – pointing out that this gesture would mean asking for ’nothing in return to protect the million-plus British expats in Europe’. ‘If this is the best Sir Keir can offer’, concludes the Mail, ‘mightn’t Labour just as well stick with Mr Corbyn?’ ”

  328. Newsletter – “Good for Europe”

    (Own report) – Following yesterday’s euro zone finance ministers’ approval of a new austerity dictate for Athens, the Greek population will be confronted with more measures exacerbating impoverishment. The measures agreed upon late last week by the Greek government, relevant EU institutions and the IMF include the expansion of evictions. Critics are warning of an increase in homelessness. At the same time, the sale of state-owned property continues with plans to sell off four power plants. Unions have announced plans to strike in protest, but they cannot be sure that they will be allowed to carry through, because their right to strike has been severely restricted due to pressure from Brussels. Alleged initial successes, such as a slight decrease in unemployment, turns out to be a sham, because it is based on a dramatic increase in particularly low-paid part-time jobs, which do nothing to reduce poverty, but, on the contrary, consolidate it, in the long run.


  329. Noa – 16:16, 08:55

    Ah Moraymint, the too good to hurry mint.

    Re: Athens:

    In a spectacular own goal, Der Spiegel let the cat out of the bag in March, 2015.
    It’s an occupation, definitely not a holiday!

  330. Frank P – 01:54

    I’m afraid I have to watch him on his somewhat delayed Fox YouTube channel.

    DoctorRandomercam is in Canada at the moment (for a freedom of speech trial?) and has just posted some Tucker related content.

    “Tucker Carlson vs Prof. Dicknozzle & lggbdtttiqqaapp – FIXED”

  331. EC 09.42

    German financial advisers and tourists arriving in Greece.

  332. Noa – 10:12

    The comments are both highly unedifying and amusing.

  333. Trumped again!
    It’ll be too late now to get in on the ground floor in the Jerusalem property market.
    A better bet for a safe retirement home than SW1A 2AA.

  334. Once again, on behalf of the town that inspired Hard Times I must apologise to the world for housing this vacuous, self-satisfied, brain-choked buthopefully lesbian, failed dementia dodger in the post industrial slums that once made Britain proud and wealthy, but now support some of its most vicious jihadists.

  335. Noa – 16:23

    When and where in the UK, I wonder, will the Christmas “lone wolf” mass murder event that’s NTDWI take place?

    Sadly, there’s no IF about it.

  336. EC

    In answer to your question see my 15.06. 😉

  337. The 6th of December 1917 ( 9-04 am ) : Halifax , Nova Scotia , devastated by the largest non-nuclear explosion in history when an ammunition ship blew-up in the harbour ( 2,000 dead; 9,000 injured ).

  338. Noa @ December 6th, 2017 – 16:23

    Actually, Noa, she isn’t that bad judged by the past winners of the trinket worth £25,000. But could she beat the Turnip Prize, that’s the question.

    Btw, do note the caption below the masterpiece saying what ‘one’ it, (and we wonder why the young are so dumb, arghhh).

  339. Btw, you should thank BT for the absence of the poorly educated Slav, all systems have been down in the last few days. It could be the barbarian has been re-routed to MI5, or whatever it is that watched over the fascists, the Putinistas, the other undesirables.

  340. The saintly One is once again lecturing the Donald, she and the Blonde Inseminator, are unhappy with his decision to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem.

    The idea is bonkers, but why does she have to publicly contradict him? Has she been asked? Who cares anyway what she thinks? Her view (not to mention that of the BI0) is on par with that of the Outer Mongolia. Only the usual suspects have complained, the Saudis, Jordan, Turkey and also France, a country that’s as close to a Muslim one as it gets.

    Her job is to negotiate Brexit, not to worry about where the Americans want to house their diplomats in Israel. The woman must be truly nuts.

  341. Himid’s mother was white and from Lancashire in England.

    The slave trade in what became Tanzania was operated from 1840 by Said bin Sultan Al-Said who was not a British imperialist or colonialist but the ruler of Muscat and Oman. More slaves were held on the African coast and in the Sultan’s other African conquests than were ever exported from there to the USA, let alone Britain. As usual the Arab involvement in the slave trade is disregarded as not fitting a leftist narrative demanding that we should feel guilty for something that none of us was responsible for.

    For Himid to speak of London’s streets filled with the descendants of slaves demonstrates a poor grasp of history as well as the reality of post-war levels of immigration and their origins. In 1764, The Gentleman’s Magazine reported that there was supposed to be “near” 20,000 black servants in Britain and it was reported in the Morning Gazette that there was 30,000 in the country as a whole, though that number was thought to be an exaggeration. Not all of those people were slaves as there also were black sailors and soldiers as well as free men in their own trades. Even taking the higher figure the black population was less than 0.5% of the whole. In 1950 the non-white population of Britain was estimated as 20,000 or 0.04% of the whole population.

    We live in bogus times with much exaggeration being used to serve a purely modern political agenda contrived to divide us and ignite racial tensions from historical circumstances that no longer exist.

  342. A visit to a GP surgery recently, a large blackboard plastered with notices, one of the most prominent ones is warning about an epidemic of hepatitis A, the most effected section of the population are the gays.

    It says: “It’s caught from tiny amounts of faeces (poo) getting into your mouth during or after sex”, then urges those at risk to get vaccinated, visit a for more information.

    This is brought to you by the barbarian in case you haven’t been to see the doctor recently, have a need to protect yourselves (whilst continuing a robust, enjoyable and varied sex life). Baron expects you to be grateful.

  343. Baron 1729.
    Wrath of God, Baron.
    Wrath of God.

  344. Noa @ December 6th, 2017 – 10:12

    That’s a fascinating footage, Noa, Baron cannot get enough of the stuff documenting the oldish world of ours (not just military), the Japanese NHK channel was running old documentaries from around the world recorded before and after WW1. Fascinating, Baron didn’t miss a single one. The difference a hundred years make is unbelievable.

  345. I looked on the NHS website and found this:

    How hepatitis A is spread
    You can get hepatitis A from:
    eating food prepared by someone with the infection who hasn’t washed their hands properly, or washed them in water contaminated with sewage
    drinking contaminated water (including ice cubes)
    eating raw or undercooked shellfish from contaminated water
    close contact with someone who has hepatitis A
    having sex with someone who has the infection – particularly if you touch their rectum (back passage) with your fingers, mouth or tongue
    injecting drugs using equipment contaminated with the hepatitis A virus
    Someone with hepatitis A is most infectious from around two weeks before they start to develop symptoms until about a week afterwards.

  346. I guess that in addition to watching where we put our fingers and tongue we should avoid oysters beforehand.

  347. The DUP do not just attack Dublin and May.

    “A unionist MP is viewed as “being on the side of the Dublin government” over Brexit issues, the DUP’s deputy leader has claimed.
    Nigel Dodds aimed his remarks at Independent Lady Hermon as debate in the Commons turned to the Irish border’s future.

    Lady Hermon (North Down) rejected the assessment, telling the Commons she was “not in the pocket” of the Irish government and had not spoken to them.

    The pair clashed during day five of the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill’s committee stage.

    Conservative former cabinet minister Ken Clarke challenged the DUP to confirm further details about why they objected to a proposal for post-Brexit border arrangements.

    Mr Clarke, while intervening on Lady Hermon, said: “The DUP could always actually rescue their reputation if they confirm that their only objection was not having regulatory and customs convergence across the whole United Kingdom, and they were quite prepared to agree – as she and I would – that regulatory and customs convergence across the whole of the island of Ireland is certainly in the interests of inhabitants of both sides of the border.”Lady Hermon described it as a “very interesting” intervention, but said the DUP would have to speak for themselves.

    She also said she hoped progress had been made between the UK Government and DUP over the issue, adding: “If I’m not right I’m sure one of the members for the DUP will quickly be on their feet and contradict me, and they haven’t.”

    Mr Dodds, also the DUP’s Westminster leader, intervened at this point to ask: “Could she answer the question posed by (Mr Clarke) when he said do you accept, as he does, that it’s a good idea to have regulatory convergence and common rules between Northern Ireland and the Republic.

    “Could she give a straight answer to that because many in Northern Ireland now view her as being on the side of the Dublin government on these issues.”

    A shout of “shameful” could be heard from one MP, with others groaning at Mr Dodds’ final remark.

    Lady Hermon replied: “The Prime Minister and indeed the Brexit Secretary yesterday made it absolutely clear that – at least I understood it – it was always the intention of the Prime Minister and the Government that there would be the same regulatory alignment right across all of the United Kingdom.

    “Just for the record, if (Mr Dodds) wants me to say it again – I am a unionist and I am not in the pocket and I’m not propping up and have not spoken to the Dublin government and I strongly resent the implication in his question that I was.”

    The DUP do not know the time of day.

  348. Having watched Mrs May at PMQs and being no fan I have to say she did rather well under the circumstances.

    The DUP expressed their support and deplored the home-grown jihadi plot to murder her. The churlish Corbyn said nothing about that but his sympathies when it comes to terrorism are well known, as is the relish which so many leftists seem to have for violence when it is directed at their political opponents.

    The SNP, representing only 2.44% of 74% of Scots and less than 1.5% of the whole UK population, but with rather a lot of questions allowed to them by the Speaker, carped and whinged about money as usual. Given their own Parliament in Scotland it was an astonishing over representation. Not one MP spoke for England.

    The Speaker behaved throughout like a peevish master recalled from school days, a patronising, pompous little bully whose demeanour demonstrated that he is a Conservative in name only. He allowed the odious Corbyn long rambling polemic speeches going nowhere rather than questions. And told a Tory MP not to hide as he could see him misbehaving, telling him to see him in his study afterwards (I made that last bit up). What an odious little creature who brings Parliament into disrepute every time he bleats and snarls, wigless, from the Speaker’s chair, which is too big for him in so many ways.

  349. Baron December 6th, 2017 – 17:19

    “Her job is to negotiate Brexit, not to worry about where the Americans want to house their diplomats in Israel. The woman must be truly nuts.”

    That is a fundamental misunderstanding of Mrs May’s role. Her sole task, eschewing any and all principles and personal beliefs that she might hold, is to do whatever is necessary to keep the Conservative party in power.
    In this matter both she and Johnson, are faithfully adhering to the loyal and consistent party FCO support of the anti-Jewish and Israel Saudi/muslim agenda.

  350. Baron December 6th, 2017 – 17:36

    With the record of German atrocities in Crete as well as Greece I thought the triumphalist teutonic music and obvious propaganda footage distasteful. Crete was no easy win for the Germans either, with the loss of over 5,000 dead, wounded or missing and 284 aircraft. They landed only with pistols and had to recover the rest of their small arms from separately dropped containers. No small number were shot dead as they hung helpless in the olive trees.

    Then they perpetrated numerous murders of civilians who had taken exception to German jackboots trampling over their island:-

    (scroll down for WW2)

  351. Colonel Mustard.
    Bercow has never been a conservative.

    “John Bercow’s socialist schooldays
    Written by: Josh May Posted On: 9th February 2016

    John Bercow

    John Bercow used to read the Socialist Worker magazine, it emerged this afternoon, and it played a role in him becoming a Conservative.

    The Speaker made the revelation in response to a point of order about a document leaked to the publication about potential government concessions on the Trade Union Bill.

    Bercow said: “I must admit I wasn’t conscious that ministers had a hotline to the Socialist Worker newspaper.”

    Tim Farron, sitting next to the Speaker’s chair, piped up at this point to shout “not yet” before Bercow’s bombshell.

    “I read the journal myself very occasionally when I was a school student but it hasn’t passed my desk since.”

    Veteran Labour MP David Winnick raised his own point of order afterwards:

    “You said that in your youth you read the Socialist Worker. Would it be right to come to the conclusion that, having read that revolutionary journal, it decided you to become a Tory?”

    Bercow revealed not one but two of his school friends were proponents of the left-wing literature.”

  352. Totalitarian Watch:

    “Problematic Positionality”

    A grim tale with maybe just a small glimmer of hope at the end.

  353. Raconteur Report: “F***k you, you ignorant sanctimonious retarded bitch … › 2017/12

  354. Full link to Frank’s 22:39 above

    I likey this guy/gal’s way with words. 🙂

    “You’ve single-handedly probably sold more blood pressure medication there to Tories under NHS than HopeyDopey sold guns here in eight years of concentrated fucktardation.”

    Ain’t that the truth! Not only did Obama double gun sales during his 8 years, he doubled the USA’s national debt too.

  355. Frank P – 22:35

    Sorry, you beat me to the full link.
    Blog is now bookmarked.

  356. Baron – 17:19
    She is nuts!

    I suppose not moving the embassy hasn’t created peace, so Trump is doing something different! 🙂

    I read that there is a bigger picture, including the round up of royalty in KSA, and Trump knows how to build magnificent buildings, like embassies. 🙂

    What with WWIII in NK, Jerusalem and on the Irish border, it does seem pointless planning a summer holiday next year.


    Lieutenant Colonel Potter

  358. Malfleur – 04:21

    Here’s the Matt Bracken interview with Owen Shroyer that was referred to in the video above. [ starts @4mins:48sec in ]

  359. @09:19

    I think that Bracken’s “Operation Valkrie” analogy to describe the coup against Trump is a bit of an own goal though.

  360. EC December 7th, 2017 – 09:19
    Malfleur – 04:21

    Interesting Matt Bracken’s comment about the unhealthy appointment of “buddy” deputies.

    That is precisely what happened with Saunders replacing Starmer as DPP here. Starmer was appointed from “outside” during the Blair regime but sustained in post by Cameron despite his socialist credentials and Labour links. Cameron’s AG Grieve in opposition had criticised Starmer for using his public office to promote a partisan political agenda but nevertheless sustained him in post after Cameron became PM. Saunders was Deputy Legal Advisor to Blair’s AG (Goldsmith, a former High Court judge and a current Labour peer), central to the Lawrence re-trial and the first DPP to be appointed from within the CPS – under a supposedly Conservative government. At the time of her appointment she was Chief Crown Prosecutor for London.

    The Labour party “capture” of the CPS, sustained by the Tories, explains what has been happening with the police and the rule of law since 1997. There has been 20 years of relentless left wing politicisation of those institutions and the Tories have stood by and allowed it.

  361. Colonel Mustard – 09:54


  362. Christmas markets without armed police are now a thing of the past | Coffee House

    Chinese charity

    Why is China sending aid money to mend bikes in Surrey?

    MELISSA kite
    When I first hear that my well-heeled Surrey neighbourhood is receiving aid from China, I assume it must be a hoax. I don’t believe it until I see a press release from the borough council confirming that the Dongying municipal government has made a £5,660 donation to help the unskilled and socially excluded of Guildford through projects including bicycle-mending.
    Ever get the feeling you are living in a parallel universe and that the world you once understood a little bit has left you behind, in terms of the dwindling sense that it makes? Who’s funding who in the overseas aid fandango is one of the great mysteries of globalisation that can make you feel like you are going stark, staring mad.
    The stockbrokers of Surrey ended up on the receiving end of Chinese charity after Guildford borough council ‘partnered’ itself with Dongying, a city of two million people in Shandong province in eastern China, where the average professional salary is a few hundred pounds a month. Why they did that is all part of the mystery. Dongying is home to the Shengli oil field, the China University of Petroleum and a range of heavy industries whose links with Guildford are not immediately obvious. Nevertheless, council leaders said it was essential to forge links and set off there for some ‘fact-finding’.
    Their trip cost taxpayers £7,134 in flights and accommodation: on the face of it more than swallowing up the Chinese donation — and causing a stir in the genteel streets of Guildford and its surrounding chocolate box villages. Some complained it was a most dreadful humiliation.

    But council leader Paul Spooner insists that the donation assists the council’s do-gooding arm, ‘Guildford Philanthropy’, which improves the lives of some of Surrey’s ‘most vulnerable and less-advantaged residents’. Guildford Philanthropy lists only two projects, the first being Glade, a work experience scheme needed because ‘although Guildford has been judged one of the luxury towns of the UK there are around 4,000 people with no qualifications. Some parts of the borough are the most deprived in Surrey.’
    That is not going to get any pulses racing in Jeremy Corbyn’s office, but never mind. The other project the Chinese will be helping to fund is called the Guildford Bike Project. This takes donations of unwanted bikes from the general public, fixes them up and sells them back to the community at an affordable price. But hang on just a minute — with the aid of money from China?
    The film shows a young chap in nicely pressed overalls working on an upside-down bike, explaining how this project has changed his life: ‘Well, it goes on my CV.’
    ‘You get your own bike at the end of it, you know,’ says another fellow.

    ‘It’s not the same pressure as having a real job or anything,’ says a sloaney-looking girl.
    ‘We’ve created a market for second-hand bikes in Guildford that didn’t exist before,’ says a project organiser.
    Yes, well. I think we’ve got the picture.
    ‘There are nine million bicycles in Beijing,’ as Katie Melua sang. ‘That’s a fact, it’s a thing we can’t deny.’ And there are now hundreds of second-hand bicycles in Guildford reassembled with money from China. And that’s just stir-fry crazy. Not least because Britain is still sending millions of pounds of aid every year to China. The government doesn’t admit this, of course. Officially, we said aid would stop in 2011 after the Chinese stepped up their space programme. But, behind the scenes, billions of pounds of taxpayers’ money still finds its way to China under other guises. The Department for International Development has been spending £8-10 million a year to support China ‘becoming a more effective leader’, with further money pumped in through the Prosperity Fund. And now they’re sending us money back. There are, according to Mr Spooner, 50 other partnerships between UK local authorities and China, although I wasn’t able to verify that.
    Of course, if you believe local councils just twin themselves with remote Chinese petro-chemical towns in return for some help with local bike-mending schemes, or to go on a jolly, you are perhaps a little naive, especially when you consider the presentational difficulties. Guildford is inundated with twinning offers. Versailles is currently making overtures. But no, Dongying it is, where there are rumours of human rights violations, and worst of all, as one councillor opposed to the scheme tells me, there might even be a dog-eating festival.
    I put this to the council and they will neither confirm or deny it. Mr Spooner says: ‘It’s important to remember that there are differences in cultures across the world, and what seems strange, controversial or unacceptable to some is part of other peoples’ heritage.’
    I wouldn’t count on the people of Surrey embracing dog-skinning as cultural heritage. Surely, if you are going to accept that, you might be better bringing back fox hunting?
    No, it doesn’t make sense. With all the bother, there must be a better reason for accepting five grand from China. Opponents of the arrangement, including local Tories, allege it must be to do with land deals and Chinese eagerness to find safe investments. But when I put this to the council they explicitly deny it and state very clearly that no land will be sold to the Chinese.
    Another theory that occurred to me centres on China being the fastest-growing destination for British recyclables. Currently, Guildford sends almost all its recycling waste to one leading British firm. However, the three neighbouring councils send their paper waste to China, where although the environmental impact is less certain, the price they pay is much higher.
    Dongying’s major industries include paper manufacturing, rubber production, textiles, and it has a number of firms importing waste materials. But when I ask Guildford council if it has discussed recycling possibilities as part of its links with Dong-ying, I am given a firm no.
    So I’m back to square one. I don’t pretend to understand any of it, or to have got anywhere near a valid reason for accepting charity from China. All I know is what I am being told: the Chinese have sent the people of Surrey five grand (of their own money back) to mend bicycles. I suppose that makes no less sense than anything else about the overseas aid programme.

  364. Colonel Mustard – 09:54

    More from the Revolving Door Sinecures department…

    Howard Woolfenden: Birmingham City Council hires child protection boss from scandal-hit Rotherham Howard Woolfenden recruited for £85,000 per year role, despite being part of team that ‘closed group rescuing young girls’

    File under: YCMIU, Littlejohn etc.

  365. E C 12-57.
    Fucking unbelievable.
    Fucking disgusting.
    Fucking outrageous.
    A perfect example of how it works.
    Was common purpose involved.

  366. “The Absolute State of Britain”
    The White Rose

    ## Warning ##
    Contains 100% factual content.
    Shows disturbing footage of the modern Met’s finest.

  367. John birch. December 7th, 2017 – 12:40

    All part of the Common Purpose “shadow” government and the “Third Way” (authoritarian communist/communitarian government wedded to exploitative corporate capitalism).

    As for Mr Spooner’s respect for cultural relativism you will note that never seems to apply to “strange, controversial or unacceptable” aspects of English cultural heritage, which the likes of Mr Spooner and his Common Purpose alumni are always eager to condemn, criminalise or abolish, the long standing English tradition of fox hunting being just one. They are going after the Morris Dancers who black their faces now. It won’t be long before the burning of the Guy will be challenged.

    Cameron The Slippery One initiated the unsavoury smooching with the communist regime in China, busily importing their ideas and systems for internet firewalls and censorship as well as eagerly encouraging Chinese “investment” in the housing market which has contributed to house price inflation. The lack of democracy in China was apparently not the same burning issue as it was in the Middle East.

    The Dongying-Guldford collaborations are vanity projects pursued by our new class of local government “leaders”, by which they swan about on taxpayer funded junkets to spin virtue signalling PR. They used to be called “civil servants” and “town clerks”, but that was too demeaning for the puffed up bureaucrats and apparatchiks endowed with a new right to “lead beyond (their) authority” and to conspire together to invert the ages old relationship between the English people and their local governments.

  368. EC @ December 7th – 09:19

    Thanks. Yes, just watched it. Good stuff!

  369. John birch – 12:40

    I used to live in Guildford. When something doesn’t add up there’s usually a reason.

    I’m afraid that Surrey CC, Surrey Police, Guildford BC and many other councils were infiltrated some years ago now… By 2012 most of CP’s targets had been acquired.

    “SURREY Police has been revealed as the latest public body to pay thousands of pounds of taxpayers’ money to a third-party training provider.

    Documents and e-mails showed Chief Constable Mark Rowley selected Detective Superintendent John Boshier, Supt Chris Moon and project manager Michelle Grondona to attend the Surrey InsideOUT programme.

    Surrey County Council ceased sending representatives on the courses last year.

    An internal audit found the council could not justify how it ignored its own procurement process when agreeing a £48,000 deal with the company in November 2008.

    Common Purpose is a not-for-profit organisation that organises training and networking events for selected “leaders”. Critics of the organisation claim it has a hidden political agenda.

    Mr Rowley is one of 12 members of Common Purpose’s Surrey advisory group, which plays a role in selecting future candidates.”


  370. Anyone reading EC’s post of 1334 would be forgiven for concluding that Surrey Police paid a disproportionate amount for leadership training while the actual amount was £2333.33 for each of 3 officers.
    As a graduate I know the absolute benefit to the organisation and hence the people of Surrey from these modest sums.

  371. David Lindsay 13-56.
    Or whoever you really are.
    I’ll leave it to Colonel Mustard to tear you to pieces, he’s better at it than I am.

  372. We might have expected that the creepy lurker’s pointed ears would twitch at the mention of Common Purpose. The fool is totally un-self aware that his interjections and boast of being a “graduate” simply confirm what a vile, subversive and incestuous left wing organisation it really is. The troll defending CP is like Nero defending arson.

    And there has been much amiss in Surrey when it comes to Common Purpose. July 2013:-

    “Council bosses ordered a review of Surrey’s relationship with Common Purpose after it emerged that tender processes were ignored when the agreement was struck. Last month it was revealed the council paid £41,000 plus VAT to send four senior officers and 10 external delegates on a training course. The deal was agreed in August last year by the then chief executive, Richard Shaw, who had previously served on an advisory panel for the (Common Purpose) Oxfordshire operation.”

    Note “operation”.

    Council policy dictates that at least three quotes should be obtained for all expenditure of more than £3,000.

    “A waiver request was submitted by the council’s HR department to its procurement review group, asking for the deal to be approved without tender. The group refused and asked for more information. However, the deal was given the green light after acting head of policy and public affairs, Neelam Devesher, who worked with Common Purpose during her time at Bradford City Council, challenged the procurement manager.”

    Pure corruption facilitated by the Common Purpose network of “leading beyond authority”. How and why is this creepy organisation permitted to by-pass proper procurement procedures? The government need to answer that too but the media is far too dozy to pursue the massive anti-democratic, unaccountable, secretive conniving involved.

    As for the CP Surrey “InOUT” training programme that is shrouded in the usual secrecy as well. Ordinary taxpayers will not get to know what they are paying for or what implications these “training programmes” have for their freedom of conscience, speech and action.


  373. An example of “leading beyond authority”:-

    Common Purpose “graduate” (see above) Superintendent Chris Moon, Head of Surrey and Sussex Roads Policing Unit, said: “There is no safe limit for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.”

    Actually, Superintendent Moon, for alcohol there is. And it is published on the government’s own website.

    Less than 35 micrograms of alcohol per 100 millilitres of breath, less than 80 milligrammes of alcohol per 100 millilitres of blood, less than 107 milligrammes of alcohol per 100 millilitres of urine.

    You might expect a Police Superintendant responsible for a road policing unit to have known that and not to make a false assertion for which there is no legal basis. But that seems to have become something of a routine for Police Twit(terer)s these days. Pretending that the law is more than it is in order to intimidate and bully the public.

  374. Another example of “leading beyond authority” by Supt Moon:-

    We used to call it “exceeding one’s authority” or an “unlawful exercise of authority”. But these terms have been airbrushed from the establishment’s lexicon once it caught the “leading beyond authority” bug.

  375. Nicely put Colonel,
    BREAKING NEWS: Terror suspect is convicted of being ISIS member
    I most certainly am.

  376. Leveson, Middleton and the rest of the UK Swamp

    “The Media Standards Trust established Hacked Off, the virulently anti-popular-press campaign group which has boasted of its role in significantly increasing the Inquiry’s terms of reference. The Media Standards Trust shared the same headquarters address as Common Purpose. It then shared an address with Hacked Off, whose funding it controlled.

    Common Purpose has claimed more than 35,000 people have ‘graduated’ from its courses in the UK and across the world. As well as firms in the private sector, government departments, local authorities, quangos, charities and police forces have all sent staff on Common Purpose’s leadership programmes. A week long ’20:20′ course in advanced leadership costs almost £5,000.

    Common Purpose ‘alumni’ are encouraged to network and assist each other, though a full list of their identities is not publicly available.

    “‘It’s a new old boys’ network,’ he explains ‘but the Left’s version of it — and I don’t like secretive deal-making and “group think” of any kind.

    ‘What is interesting is that the same people appear in the same jobs, in different places, as if through a revolving door. They work for local authorities, leave, then come back as freelance “consultants” with huge, inflated fees. They are often mediocre and there is no evidence of how or why they were chosen.

    ‘They can leave a council with a terrible reputation yet pop up next minute as head of a regulatory body and as a trustee of numerous bodies. It is a real money-spinner.”

  377. Frank P,

    It’s that man Quick again!

    There seems to be a revolving door between the Surrey C*nstabulary and the Met.
    A veritable Who’s Who.

    The incumbent is also from the Met. A former Staff Officer to the Commissioner Lord Ian Blair (former Surrey CC) no less!

  378. Merkel Saved!

    “Germany’s Social Democrats (SPD) voted this afternoon to allow preliminary talks on whether to enter a “grand coalition” with Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and its sister Christian Social Union (CSU).
    About 600 members of the center-left party gathered for several hours and voted with a large majority to enter exploratory talks that could eventually end Germany’s government stalemate.
    The SPD motion said the “open-ended” talks will start next week and would lead to three options: a new grand coalition; the acceptance of a Merkel minority government or, if negotiations fail, new elections.”

  379. Common purpose, eat your heart out, here’s the future:

  380. Lt. Colonel Potter again on December 7th and , you have been warned, this is 40 minutes long; so if you have moles to hunt, or similar pressing duties, or if you dislike slow speaking, honest soldiers doing their bit to honour their oath by trying to give an overview of the state of battle in the middle of this great saga of our civilisation, then scroll on by.

    I though like the sound of honest men talking and will forgive such a man for hesitatingly feeling out his thoughts, or another such, for example, for wearing his tie two or even three inches below his belt:

    The Storm to Restore the Constitutional Republic of the United States

  381. What a shambles.
    Juncker said in contradiction to May that the ECJ would continue to rule over their 3 million citizens here.
    That we will continue to contribute as usual until 2020 and then on a slightly diminished scale.
    And that if the Irish say then we would continue in the customs union.

  382. I await JRM with interest.

  383. Meanwhile the Polish Camp Commandant said this:

    “The President of the European Council said that Brexit means the Uk will be stripped of any of its rights while it remains in the single market during a transition period.

    Donald Tusk said: “As you know the UK has asked for a transition of about 2 years while remaining part of the single market and customs union and we’ll be ready to discuss this but naturally we have our conditions I propose that during this period the UK will respect the whole of EU law including new law .

    “It will respect budgetary commitments, it will respect judicial oversight and of course all related obligations.

    “Clearly within he transition period following the UK’s withdrawal EU decision making will continue among the 27 member states, without the UK.

    “All of what I have said seems to be the only reasonable solution and it is in the interest of all our citizens that it is agreed as soon as possible.

    “This is why I will ask the EU leaders to mandate our negotiator to start these talks immediately.””

  384. The one glimmer of pleasure is the displeasure of the fishwife”

    “First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said “the real lesson” of the past week was that Scotland “will always be at the mercy of reckless decisions taken by Tory governments at Westminster” unless it becomes independent.

    “The sooner we are in control over our own future here in Scotland the better, and this week has proved it,” she added.”

  385. Baron – 00:27

    Ho Ho Ho

    “That’s a cracker…”
    RIP Frank Carson

  386. Marshal Roberts, December 7th, 2017 – 18:40

    Re: “Merkel saved”

    To paraphrase a well know Austrian,
    ” Kein Joke, Ein Reich, Ein Führer!”

  387. Hillary Gets Sign from God
    Mark Dice

    A pleasing thought for the Christmas season but, as at least commenter pointed out, it could’ve been a set-up arranged by BJ to make him look good. The interview was scripted, as ever with HRC, and the only genuine thing about it was her reaction.

  388. Marshal Roberts – 08:00

    Unfortunately WE, and Scotland, are stuck with her until at least Thursday 6 May, 2021

  389. Baron December 8th, 2017 – 00:27

    The narrator’s voice is creepy and the concept is pants. This is kindergarten stuff as the Soviet Union and the EU have tested smaller pilot schemes to destruction. It is also incredibly naive about the way the Third World operates. Africa has been going through crisis my whole lifetime with billions of aid being demanded. Very little has changed there. South Africa and Rhodesia have gone backwards.

    Whoever is behind that tripe (alien lizards?) needs to be committed to a secure facility as soon as possible.

  390. “Getting to this point has required give and take on both sides…’
    T. May.

    Yeah yeah, Theresa.
    England coughs up the dosh, whilst everybody else takes.

  391. EC – we live in interesting times. 🙂

  392. Guido: Senior Tory Brexiteers are cautiously backing the deal and think this still means we are heading towards a proper Brexit. But they are under no illusions it’s a fudge and the real battle on the end state is yet to come…


  393. QT from Swansea was a hoot. One leaver, a mildly reasonable Tory, Bernard Jenkin, who was constantly and aggressively interrupted by a partisan Dimblebore and the anti-democratic, motormouthed Remainer gobshite Owen Smith who, in addition to trying to stop Brexit by firehosing scare mongering tripe, was concerned for the rights of returning ISIS jihadis. Absolute twat doesn’t even come close to describing this Labour horror

    Two other Remainers (for “balance” you understand). A dimwitted, juvenile, Mekon-headed bighead called Richard Bacon, broadcaster (last night loudly broadcasting his own stupidity), prone to Blue Peter hysteria and the over-simplification of complexities too complex for him to grasp. Then a posh spoken and cross looking Englishwoman, Liz Saville Roberts, with no neck and an uncanny resemblance to a photoshop squashed Clare Short, who touts and touted crossly for Welsh independence (very odd).

    Finally an American sounding economist Kate Andrews tending towards Leave-Remain neutrality and common sense, but also constantly interrupted by the gobshite. She made a very good point that Brexit has been hi-jacked as a domestic political football rather than faced for the good of the whole country.

    Bernard Jenkin managed to make the rest of the panel, including Dimblebore but excluding Andrews, look deranged, peevish and puerile. The least said about the audience the better.

    Balanced discussion? No. Just another BBC attempted anti-Brexit stitch up. There must be something very compelling about the EU for Dimblebore to make himself look such a chump in its service. What is it? Villa in the Algarve? Relatives in lucrative EU employment? Romantic ideas for swanning round Provence or Tuscany on a BBC taxpayer funded junket wearing an expensive straw hat?

  394. Midst all the craven, treasonous and devious ‘negotiating’ of of own lily livered government, let us give the platform to the sanguine sense of The Raconteur – a rasping, brave breath on the deathbed of Western Civilisation as the red menace, in conjunction with Islamic jihad, calls the shots and we meekly obey, egged on by a compliant media with nary a dissenter among them:

  395. Colonel Mustard (11:14)

    Great summation of yet another episode of agitprop drivel. I would only add one rider, why was the Bacon boy invited, anyway. He was shit-canned from Blue Peter FFS , for doing cocaine and now lives in the States spewing anti-Trump propaganda. Perhaps I answered my own question there by delineating his credentials. Cunt!

  396. This brilliant satire is no doubt lost on its target, but its worth the reprise given the current hypocrisy of the ball-breakers:

  397. Just in time.

    “Leader of Germany’s Social Democrats Martin Schulz has called for a “United States of Europe” by 2025. But what did he mean? And where does that lead the SPD? The former European Parliament president told DW more.

    Returning to the stage for day two on Friday, the former European Parliament president defended his proposal, calling on the 600 present delegates to “once again develop a passion for Europe.”
    “Economic, cultural, social and political integration: The best protection against fascism, war and anti-Democrats,” he added, prompting rapturous applause across the conference hall.”

  398. As Simon Heffer said on the eve of the referendum:

    “Five years ago I wrote a piece referring to the control Angela Merkel exerted over Europe as “the Fourth Reich”. I was accused of a horrible breach of taste. However, when one looks at German power today one realises that, when I wrote, she had hardly even started. The key to German success is this: it participates in a weak currency (whose value would collapse without it) enabling its exports to sell far more cheaply than had it retained the Deutschmark. Therefore, it continues to grow in economic strength relative to its partners – including us – but especially those in the eurozone, notably France and Italy, who would benefit greatly from restoring the Franc and the Lira.”

  399. The `Express` ( and Farage ) speak for Britain.

  400. “The Truth About Jerusalem”
    Paul Joseph Watson


  401. Marshal Roberts @ December 8th, 2017 – 19:48

    Simon’s right, Marshall, but the benefits for the German industrial behemoth furnished by the undervalued Euro account for only a part of the success, one has to see the whole picture, the German unwashed are hard working, prudent, stick to a leader who’s delivering for them, and the Mutti has been doing just that.

    This may be an unpalatable truth, but one should not deny it because of it.

  402. Marshal Roberts @ December 8th, 2017 – 19:44

    The man’s so deluded he cannot see that his dream of a federal Europe may be the reason for the whole project imploding. There’s little support for it not just in the east of Germany, the German masses aren’t keen on it either, it’s just the loonies in the SPD, and you look where it got them in the last election.

  403. Colonel Mustard @ December 8th, 2017 – 11:14

    It was a treat for you to watch it then, Colonel?

    Seriously now: This posting of yours would qualify as a top column in the top MSM of a country that had free press, a column that would be backed by many, and one that would make you a guru not just on a single blog.

  404. Frank P @ December 8th, 2017 – 14:48

    You’re quite right, Frank, the mockery will be lost on those it targets, but think of the lawyers, they must be laughing all their way to not just a bank, but banks, one single institution of finance wouldn’t be able to hold all the money they’re likely to earn from the tsunamis of sex cases.

  405. Frank P @ December 8th, 2017 – 12:33

    A thoughtful essay, Frank, applicable not just to the people of the Republic, and not just for the present time. It seems the human crowd is incapable to learn from history, has to experience pain anew.

    Btw, the first posting under the piece resonates with the barbarian. More to the point, will the Republic even with the Donald at the helm be able to do what the Raconteur says i.e. ‘to surge up a new war machine …..’? Hmmm.

  406. Colonel Mustard @ December 8th, 2017 – 08:53

    Fully agree, Colonel, crap it is, but given the seemingly un-stoppable spread of madness everything’s possible. One would be interested to know who’s behind it. Soros?

  407. EC @ December 8th, 2017 – 21:43

    Joseph’s great, EC, agreed, but leaving aside his punches what you reckon is the Donald trying to achieve by rehousing the US Embassy? What’s his goal? The Holy Grail, the cunning plan, the final objective of this move?

  408. On the Brexit deal so far:

    The money is the last thing that worries the barbarian, even though it may be the most discussed (and criticised) part of the compromise. The amount will be spread over a number of years (if Baron understands it right). We had no legal obligation to agree to it, but it seems right because we signed up for the current EU budget, we also did agree to financial obligations that will run for years, and we want those of our compatriots who were lucky to accumulate pension rights working for the monstrosity to continue to be lucky, have pensions many of us could only dream of.

  409. Policing in the Lands of the Free:

  410. And this for a good night sleep:

    Israeli fighter jets are hitting targets in the Gaza strip in retaliation for rockets launched from Gaza into Israel. One can only hope the skirmish doesn’t escalate.

  411. GLOBALISM – A SINGLE SHADE OF GREY: INTERVIEW WITH TED MALLOCH in studio by Alex Jones 8th December.

    Alex gets justifiably a little excited here, Baron, but Malloch is a cool customer who remains unfazed.

  412. Teresa May will go down in history as the greatest traitor in English history after Tostig ( Godwine’s son ).

  413. Baron 0004:
    Martin Schulz is a transparent communist who wants to erase all nation-states in the EU and complete the consolidation of political, military, and economic power into the hands the elite of Strasbourg and Brussels directed by Germany.
    He pays lip service to the German Bundeslander because he can manipulate their apparent independence and democracy to give him a veneeer of democratic respectability.
    We should fear his coalition with the CDU given his attitude to anyone or anything tarnishing his vision which Brexit clearly does.

  414. He already has the French in his pocket.

    “The head of Germany’s Social Democrats (SPD), Martin Schulz, revealed in an interview on Sunday that he had received numerous phone calls and text messages from France’s Emmanuel Macron, urging him to form a ruling coalition with German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservative bloc.
    Speaking to Germany’s Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung, Schulz also indicated that he would cherish the opportunity to work together with Macron and other European allies, saying that neither France nor Germany would be able to protect social democratic values on its own.”

  415. And why we absolutely need to enforce exit by March 2019:

    “In his speech, Schulz listed center-left priorities such as a relatively liberal approach to immigration, rejecting the idea of a cap on the number of refugees allowed into the country.”

  416. There appear to be strange interpretations of yesterday’s deal in the media today.

    “But he said that “nothing is agreed until everything is agreed” at the end of the process, and the British people would then “be in control” to make the government change direction if they were unhappy.
    “By the time of the next election, EU law and any new treaty with the EU will cease to have primacy or direct effect in UK law,” said Mr Gove.
    “If the British people dislike the arrangement that we have negotiated with the EU, the agreement will allow a future government to diverge.”

    Not sure I read that anywhere. Seems to me that we signed up to appeals to the ECJ until 2027.

  417. IDS on Today was more sage. He said that this weeks events, albeit triggered by that dreadful woman Foster showed that the EU were desperate to rein us back from a no deal hard Brexit. And would do anything to ensure an amicable free trade arrangement in the end.
    I was heartened to see Juncker and Tusk turning from aggressors to supplicants.
    May, stiffened by IDS, Villiers and Gove seems at last to be showing skills unsuspected with these Brussels snakes.

  418. Andrea Leadsome surprised me on Today. She destroyed Nick Robinson and even acquitted herself well over Fallon’s political assassination.
    Perhaps she should be added back to the next leader beauty stakes.
    If a woman is desired then she and Priti Patel are surely preferable to Ms Rudd.

  419. Baron – 00:48

    “The money is the last thing that worries the barbarian…”

    I know, I know, Baron. Your pensions are the stuff of legend!

    Once the USA had so generously set the Germans and the French back on their feet after WW2 they should’ve been made to repay UK ALL the costs (adjusted for inflation) it had incurred for liberating them. The UK having been bled dry by the US both during and after WW2.

  420. I forgot.
    Today is a very happy day – it is Jean-Claude Juncker’s birthday.
    Looking at the photos in the Times today he looks 73, although he is in fact only 63.
    Even with all current grief, Theresa May looks at least 10 years younger.

  421. EC @ December 9th, 2017 – 11:24

    It’s amazing how things get imprinted on the psyche of the young, EC.

    The barbarian was raised in a society where money was close to the paper currency of the game of monopoly, nobody had much respect for it. First, because nobody had much of it, second, because even if one did get to accumulate abit of it through the black market, there was nothing to spend it on unless one were genuinely keen on steel ingots and such.

    Even if one got lucky, put one’s hands on some stuff imported from the West, acquired it, displayed it in public, the risk was that someone were bound to spot it, ask ‘how TF could he buy that, where does the money come from?’, and that was the end of one’s joy of money, a stint in a hole mining uranium.

    Believe it or not, that’s the barbarian’s attitude to money still, it has never bothered him he doesn’t have much of it provided he has enough not to die from hunger or exposure to the elements.

  422. Marshal Roberts @ December 9th, 2017 – 12:13

    Be that a warning to you, Marshall, stay away from the booze.

  423. Marshal Roberts @ December 9th, 2017 – 08:49

    Agreed, Marshall, the barbarian could never comprehend why the animosity towards Andrea on this blog, she always seemed to lean towards our take on the world, confident, of common sense. And she can talk without reading the words.

  424. Marshal Roberts @ December 9th, 2017 – 07:08

    The issue of ‘realignment’ seems to be the chewing bone of contention, Marshall, if one were to listen to the commentariat on the BBC Radio4.

    Not that it would change anything, but the barbarian’s slicing of realignment with the EU on any issue whatever is simple to the extreme. We can realign as much as possible for as long as possible on any issue possible provided we, i.e. the MPs in the House, possess the right to de-align if the country commands it.

    Being a member of the undemocratic construct we had been aligned without the possibility of shaking off the alignment, there were other 27 members who had a say on it, out of the monstrosity we will regain that sovereign power, the power to alter, to reduce or altogether put an end to any realignment, it’s that which matters to Baron.

  425. Marshal Roberts @ December 9th, 2017 – 06:58

    It looks likely the grand coalition will get formed, Mutti saved, a new Government cobbled up, which will end the impasse created by the election’s result, but one cannot help feeling that this contradicts the wishes of the electorate. This cannot but help the AfD in the long run.

  426. Radford NG @ December 9th, 2017 – 04:57

    Any deal that DD negotiated must be a compromise, Radford, that’s what life’s all about, to expect us to get what we would ideally want is a non-starter, the same goes for the other party. It cannot be the Full Monty for either.

    Even if one takes the extension of the interim phase, it’s not mortal. We’ve been a member of the monstrosity for close to half a century, another couple of years is unlikely to kill us, no?

  427. Baron,

    How did we miss this?
    Propaganda, but I hope that you find it amusing nonetheless.

    “Spy Camera Shows What Putin Really Did To Erdogan”

  428. Baron,

    PS. The snooker is on, now!

  429. Here’s Nigel, his take on the first stage of the Brexit deal.

    Some of you may side with him, Baron reckons he’s losing it somewhat, what people voted for is regaining sovereignty, the ability of the House, as the bearer of it, to decide.

    There’s nothing in the deal that would suggest this will not be possible. Or is there?

  430. EC @ December 9th, 2017 – 13:17

    Good one, EC, but Vlad should be careful, the tinpot Sultan could do it to him, too.

    On your @ 13:18

    If the idea is to stop the barbarian posting, it should be applauded, but then, if it were not for Marshall and Baron, this blog would be covered in moss by now.

  431. Baron 1301
    I thought the Friday documentation was a masterpiece of obfuscation and double entendre designed to shut the Irish up.
    Now I think they are crushed and we can get on and negotiate what we want in the certain knowledge that whatever is decided will be compatible with the wording.
    Whatever the hardliners of either end say in the next few days we should go back to the sage words of IDS.

  432. EC 1317
    Brilliant Putin chuckle.
    Whatever we think of Russia’s aggression he is a brilliant politician.

  433. Baron – 13:40

    Mid-session interval: It’s already Ronnie O’ Sullivan 4 : 0 Stephen Maguire

    Ronnie hasn’t been playing that well this week, whereas Stephen has. Blink and you’ll miss the rest of the match.

  434. Baron – 13:40

    Like Cameron, Nigel Farage opted out after the referendum.

    Frame 5/11 !

  435. EC – 15:13

    From what did he opt out?

    He is still an MEP, with many contacts in Brussels, and he has extended his horizons to helping similar minded people in other countries. That is something to which he is eminently suited.

    I don’t think that he could have done much more as leader of UKIP. It was better that he left that on a high. He only stayed on because Cameron called the referendum early and his failure to gain mm kindThanet South has still to play out on the Courts. Had he won, History might have been diffetent.

    He is still in much pain due to his injuries from the plane crash, I believe.

  436. EC – 15:13

    And Cameron broke his promise – after only preparing Britain for a Cameron win, and then loosing! 🙂

  437. Baron – 13:36
    ‘There’s nothing in the deal that would suggest this will not be possible. Or is there?’

    There’s nothing in the deal that would suggest this will be possible.

    It is not a Clean Brexit. I remember giving up some of our rebate in return for a CAP reorganization.

    How did that work out?

  438. Baron December 9th, 2017 – 13:36

    Farage is spot on about this.

    May keeps talking the talk but nothing that has been done so far reinforces the words. Far from it. We face years of pissing about and being pissed about which will simply provide a huge opportunity for the British Eurotrash fifth column, including the BBC, to undermine the whole thing, as they have been doing. Look at that uber-twat Heseltine quoted by Max Hastings in this week’s Speccie: “The fight goes on”. They want to stop it and the longer and more complicated the “negotiations” (aka the protracted EU blackmail and extortion) the more likely that will happen. The British are not as a nation inclined to rebellion and the fifth column and EU know that very well. They will want to ramp up the pain factor to force another referendum to get the result they want – as they did in Ireland. The BBC are peddling that pain in every news bulletin and current affairs programme, setting the seeds of doubt.

    Without a swift trade deal the economy will suffer and that will be blamed on Brexit. Instead of a swift, clean break to make our own way in the world we face years of halfway house and skullduggery where every disaster, caused by the procrastination, will be blamed on the end objective.

    And the problem is that the UK’s fate is in the hands of people who wanted to remain and are just repeating the canard that they “respect the result”. On the supposedly “respected result” the House of Commons is awash with negativity, self doubt, frivolous and time wasting challenge, exploitative party politics, fudge, scare mongering and those weasel words of naysayers that they don’t want people to be poorer. If those clowns had an ounce of collective integrity they would have united to support withdrawal the moment the referendum result became clear, no ifs buts or maybes. Instead they have demonstrated why there damn well ought to be a rebellion, why they deserve a rebellion.

    And Northern Ireland are promised a “say” in the final agreement? Don’t make me laugh. We know what “consultation” means to our politicians. And our politicians are pussy footing around trying to appease a bunch of n’er do well foreign politicians, many of them unelected and including that shit stirring, war mongering Taoiseach weirdo, Ireland’s answer to Macron, another weirdo. Farage is right – it is humiliating and crass beyond belief. But I expect the Oxbridge idiots in the civil service are congratulating themselves on their timid “diplomacy”, what fine, civilised, compromising gentleman they are. They’ll show the world how spineless they are and think it an admirable quality.

  439. As an addendum to that rant the day Cameron scuttled off in pique at the result the Tories should have made damn sure that the person leading the government and Brexit was a Leaver, with a cabinet of Leavers. What actually happened was ridiculous and a recipe for disaster. But oh so typical of the “modernised” Tories who don’t know their arse from their elbow.

  440. The rights of EU citizens living here. What?! If they don’t care for British laws after Brexit no-one is stopping them from leaving. The idea that they need “protection” from the ECJ is ridiculous and should never have been entertained. But of course it was foisted in the first place by the treacherous, treasonous, self-hating Left who always care more for the rights of foreigners than for the homeless Englishmen sleeping rough.

  441. RobertRetyred – 16:31

    It’s all pretty much “water under the bridge” now, as a “General Belgrano” enquiry might have concluded.

  442. Colonel Mustard – 18:43 et seq.

    I agree with every word.

    Cameron was a vanity project PM Don’t get me started on the sewer breathed dwarf, Sarkozy. Remember our posturing hero in Benghazi?

  443. EC – 22:17

    Water above the bridge, in that case.

    I agree, Farage won us a referendum, while it was past events and the Remainers that ensures the Brexit win. Unfortunately, Remainers have always been in charge, so Cameron’s promise was very hollow, but I think the tide has turned. If Trump endures, it will help things along, or at least not hinder.

    I do wonder just how long the EU can hold itself together. The Remainers just can’t see it. 🙂

    It is going to be tough going, with German energy consuming ever more subsidies, Climate Change will hit the buffers and the children will find out that their teachers (and the BBC) have lied.

  444. “The documents obtained by German daily Sueddeutsche Zeitung showed the rocker Bono, whose real name is Paul Hewson, to have been a stakeholder in a company based in low-tax Malta that owned a shopping mall in Lithuania.

    “Anti-poverty campaigner Bono told the newspaper in an interview published Saturday that once the investigation into the matter is complete, “I will be the first to report on all the details.” The paper quoted Bono saying he wants fans to know: “Should anything fishy have happened, I would be at least as angry as they would.””


    It is apparent that tax avoidance and virtue signalling are not mutually exclusive. As if we hadn’t guessed . . .

  445. Colonel Mustard @ December 9th, 2017 – 18:43

    What would happen if there were no Brexit, if we were to sever our ties with Brussels without a deal, walk out, Colonel?

    Nobody can be sure, it has never happened before, but one thing is certain. Our trade, financial, political relations with the EU would not be the same. Both the EU and our side would revert to WTO rules, both sides would probably try and make life harder for each other, a negative impact on the financial markets both here and on the continent is a certainty.

    Would that really be of any help to any party in the divorce proceedings if, all things considered, everyone knows that neither we nor the EU can ignore each other? At some point in the future, we would have to enter into negotiations with the EU anyway in order to obtain more favourable conditions than the WTO rules allow, the EU would also have to negotiate as they have done with other non-EU members before.

    The point is, would anything constructive be gained from a no deal?

    Not everyone on the negotiating team is a remainer, DD certainly isn’t, other committed Brexiteers keep a watch, the Tories must be aware that any deal they negotiate will be adjudged if not in another referendum that in an election. In fact, the next national count is likely to be a judgment on the Tories success of failure to deliver a deal that’s acceptable to the unwashed.

    It would be interesting to know what Jacob and his crew make of the deal so far. It’s only a start, the core of the settlement is yet to be decided, and if we aren’t happy, the first phase will matter not, it will get scuttled.

    Your argument may be more valid after we know what the new trading arrangement will look like, no?

  446. Colonel Mustard @ December 9th, 2017 – 18:54

    There’s a time limit on the ECJ jurisdiction after we cut the chains, Colonel, the barbarian doesn’t know why, but the reasons for it should be explained. If the justification for it stinks, Baron will join you complaining about it.

  447. Colonel Mustard @ December 9th, 2017 – 18:49

    As you well now, Colonel, the Cabinet is made up from elected politicians of the winning party (or MPs from the parties of a coalition), it’s the voters who elect the MPs, and some voting constituencies chose MPs who argued we remain. There’s no mechanism for ensuring only Brexiteer MPs were to get Cabinet seats, the people in Government have to be of both camps, it’s a democracy, no?

  448. RobertRetyred @ December 9th, 2017 – 16:37

    What is it you want to get from the separation, Robert?

    Baron has been open about what will satisfy him: The Government in full control of our borders, the House the only source of our laws, the judiciary having the last word on cases before them. That’s it. What’s wrong with it? isn’t that the bulk of sovereignty? Would not that be sufficient to reclaim our independence e.

  449. EC @ December 9th, 2017 – 15:08

    How could the barbarian break it to you gently, EC?

    He rates watching snooker on par with watching paint dry. Please, ask not why, he does.

  450. Baron – 00:35

    May is a Remainer – and she is in charge, so nothing else counts.

    I would have thought that the German car makers would want to sell cars to us!

    A No-deal would be a clean break, without interference from people who gloat at any of our mis-steps, real or not. You either take responsibility for your own life or you let others, who dislike you and show signs of vindictiveness, interfere.

    We didn’t join the Euro, and it has caused misery, we didn’t join Schengen, and it has caused chaos, and we joined the EAW and it allowed parents of a sick child to be arrested because a British hospital were so arrogant! We are not used to Napoleonic authoritarianism, and don’t want it!

    Neither do the Eastern Europeans!

  451. ‘The Government in full control of our borders, ‘

    Pull the other one!

  452. Gerry still loves us:

    “Germans increasingly see Russia as a more reliable partner than the US, a new study released on Saturday has found.
    The poll of 1,004 people by research institute Infratest dimap showed that 28 percent of respondents felt Moscow was a reliable partner, compared to 25 percent for Washington.
    The result is the first time the public’s trust in the US has fallen below Russia in over a decade. An Infratest survey of public trust in Germany’s global partners in June found both countries tying at 21 percent.
    France and Britain fared far better in the German public’s eyes. More than 90 percent said Paris was a reliable partner, while more than 60 percent said Britain, which has been trying to exit the European Union (EU), was a reliable partner.”

  453. What a shock.
    Who could have known.
    Even worse than we thought
    Outdated attitudes towards women.
    Jaded version of Islam.
    Not integrated into our society.
    But as usual it’s our fault for not integrating them.
    Another load of bollocks.
    Even with the truth in front of them they can’t, or refuse to see it.
    Grooming gangs of Muslim men failed to integrate into British society

  454. Baron December 10th, 2017 – 00:45

    No. That is a conflation of the electoral system with a referendum, mainly peddled by Remainers.

    The referendum was won, regardless of how close percentages were, by a majority of the whole UK who wanted to Leave. The whole country had spoken and it was the duty of ALL MPs to deliver. Constituency results, celtic fringe results and even more so city results were all irrelevant. Otherwise you could argue that cities returning a majority of Conservative MPs in a General Election would not be obliged to accept authority from an elected Labour government, say, and we would get that whole “#notmypresident” crap. What has happened is that chancers like Sadiq Khan, for example, have been allowed to set themselves up as an “opposition outside Parliament”, without any real challenge or counterpoint to their posturing, to defy not just the will of the people but of the elected government. Not good for the successful running of a country – Italy before unification.

    And it would have made good sense, beyond any notion of representing all views, for the government leader and cabinet going into negotiations with the wily EU, to be dedicated Leavers. Everything that happened was indicative of a reluctance on the part of politicians to deliver the will of the people and was a gift for the EU. It also set a precedent that the results of referenda and elections can be selectively rejected by the losers, leading to all the chicanery and squabbling we have since seen.

    Look at it this way. The result of the referendum “elected” a single purpose to the House of Commons and there should have been absolutely no opposition, prevarication or procrastination from that place from that point on. MPs might like to think that they represent their constituencies but in a referendum result they must represent the whole country. The fact that does not seem to be understood demonstrates what a low grade, third rate, constitutionally poor political class we have.

  455. Baron December 10th, 2017 – 00:39

    The “time limit” on ECJ jurisdiction (actually an extension of their power) will cause untold problems, like the booby traps left by a retreating enemy. It is a sop, a fudge, contrived to empower foreigners within this realm at a time when the nation should be re-empowering itself. It panders to the very aspirations of the EU that we as a nation have decided to reject. It says that our rule of law must be compromised by foreign court intervention, that something inferior be given precedent over what is superior.

    There is a very good reason that plasters are pulled from a wound quickly. The notion of transition periods demonstrates the timidity and reluctance of those who rule over us. There was no such caution in imposing the seismic change of single sex marriage. There was no circumspection then.

  456. John birch. – 08:38

    Something else to ponder about…
    Justice may be blind, but with judges it’s complicated!



    The PC who was assaulted would have probably got the sack if he had responded in self defence with proportionate force, even though in saner times he really should have stunned the cunt with his baton. (a poor substitute for the old lignum vitae)

  457. It is clear to me that the government and opposition are engaged in a conscious policy to destroy the country mainly through building up our Islamic population and running down our military. I see no real signs that the monarchy is opposed to this.

    What is to be done?

    …well,yes – but apart from that?

    Britain has long lagged behind the USA in the fertility and inventiveness of its alternative media. Tommy Robinson has cottoned on and is crowd-sourcing the building of a studio:

  458. Baron – 00:56

    You favour watching what its apologists call “the beautiful game”, no? Its beauty is lost on me, I’m afraid.

    I can understand, though, why watching 22 mainly foreign, overrated, overpaid, tattooed, coke sniffing, shirt pulling, diving cheats, kicking a ball around for 90 mins (+8 for ManU) would hold its attractions for some.

    Rugby? Cue: Austin Barry 🙂 🙂 🙂

    I’ll get me coat……

  459. Colonel Mustard @ December 10th, 2017 – 09:54

    Good point, Colonel, the ECJ extension may indeed lead to what you say, but it could also be merely technical stopgap furnishing time for our untangling from it, no?

    The FT says ‘the ECJ is the arbiter in disputes involving the single market and is the backstop to dozens of EU regulatory bodies covering sectors including nuclear, medicines and aviation, and agreements on security and justice co-operation”.

    Only time will show what the real reasons for the additional years are, but the positive aspect of it is that the ECJ powers here will end, or one hopes they will end.

  460. Colonel Mustard @ December 10th, 2017 – 09:45

    Point or rather points taken, Colonel, the barbarian doesn’t know enough about the legal aspects of a referendum, your take on it seems logical, after all, if in an election, party A wins, it’s party A that forms the government.

  461. Good stuff from CATHERINE AUSTIN FITTS in conversation with Greg Hunter (who they?) on how the deep state moves from the USA as a criminal enterprise to a new model: . The missing $21 trillion is there and can be recovered, but how to deal with the liabilities…

  462. John birch. @ December 10th, 2017 – 08:38

    The report seems one sided calling for more and urgent measures by the relevant institutions to integrate the offending members of Muslim ethnic groups into the British society, it should also address the mores, attitudes and values that these members have been inculcated with for ages. Many of them have lived here all their lives, how come they still harbour views (here on women) that the indigenous culture have found unacceptable for decades if not centuries.

  463. Malfleur @ December 10th, 2017 – 23:14

    Good video, Malfleur, the barbarian doesn’t have enough background knowledge to absorb most of it, a pity that because Catherine seems a seasoned fighter.

  464. The Russian, (on the right in the video), Dmitri Hvorostovsky, the Siberian baritone, has died recently, he was the boss’s favourite, not many know of him here, you judge for yourselves:

  465. What dampens Baron’s joy, his untrammelled happiness, the near uncontrollable jubilation from the news that from March next year the unwashed of Saudi Arabia will be able to go to the pictures is the sad fact that his postings are again full of errors, shame on him, and deep apologies to anyone on this, obviously, ‘dead blog’.

  466. Baron,
    The Saudis may be allowed to go to the pictures from next year but they will not be shown anything more risque than cartoons of Mickey Mouse, the censorship out there is nothing less than draconian. so, any of the populace hoping to slip in for a showing of Inside Linda Lovelace is going to be bitterly disappointed and will still have to slip over to Soho for a bit of excitement.

  467. From the letters column in the Salisbury Review blog linked below.

    Correlli Barnett’s definition of the mandarin class in his great book “Audit of War”:
    “Thus in the early 1850s was born the Whitehall mandarin, able to at a touch to transmute life into paper and turn action to stone. Henceforward the British governing elite was to be composed of essay writers rather than problem solvers; minds judicious, balanced and cautious rather than operational and engaged; the temperament of the academic rather than the man of action: And where would such mandarins be recruited other than from Oxford and Cambridge, their original breeding grounds, the cosiest of symbiotic relationships had thus been established”.

    This is the rot.

  468. Noa – 15:55

    If only our MPs, other than Gavin Williamson & Rory Stewart, got the point. They will ‘ere long if their inaction continues!

  469. stephen maybery @ December 11th, 2017 – 11:25

    But it’s a start, stephen, a promising start, who knows, in another century or two the Allah worshippers may be permitted to glimpse Linda’s knickers as one of the many official headcutters chops her head off.

  470. Good for LBC:p
    ‘Politically correct do-gooders’ preventing debate over Muslim grooming gangs
    “The fact is that since 2011 these sort of crimes have occurred in cities up and down the country, they are spreading.

    “They have occurred in Rochdale, Rotherham, Oxford, Telford, Leeds, Birmingham, Norwich, Burnley, High Wycombe, Leicester, Dewsbury, Middlesborough, Peterborough, Bristol, Halifax and newcastle and only in two of those cases were the men not of British South Asian Muslim heritage.

    “All of the victims, in all of those cities and the list was very long, except three were white teenage girls.”

    The research by Quilliam found out of the 264 people convicted for gang grooming over the last 12 years, 222 were Asian.

    This is in stark contrast to the ethnicity of child sex offenders in paedophile rings, 100 per cent of whom were white, according to the most recent figures from the National Crime Agency’s Child Exploitation and Online Protection Command which were released in 2012.

  471. Baron
    December 11th, 2017 – 00:04

    I saw Dmitri Hvorostovsky about 11 years ago the Opera House in Covent Garden. Forget tenors, he has the most magical memorable baritone voice of all opera. He was sadly struck down by a brain tumour the week before last.
    The Russian torch is being taken forward by Anna Netrebko now. She is coming to London for Macbeth in the spring.

    of Eugene Onegin

  472. Sorry, that was meant to say that he sang Eugene Onegin 11 years ago.

  473. Just what is Putin at?

    “early November, several Russian media outlets — including Moscow’s independent Novaya Gazeta newspaper — reported that “Russia has received unexpected orders to prepare for war.” Two news reports in quick succession had stoked this worry: First, Russian President Vladimir Putin had declared during the Zapad 2017 military exercises in September that private and state-run companies should prepare to quickly ramp up production in times of war. A few days later, instructions emerged on social media informing schools in Russia’s Siberian Krasnoyarsk region to ready for wartime operations. The order turned out to be authentic. Russian authorities, however, played it down as merely a “routine” affair.
    Saber-rattling as a campaign ploy
    Talk of war is nothing unusual in today’s Russia. Again and again, Moscow stresses that it feels threatened by the West. Still, many were surprised by these recent orders to prepare for armed conflict. Novaya Gazeta has linked Putin’s behavior to the presidential election in March next year. It was an open secret that he intended to run for a fourth term. Last week, he officially declared his candidacy.
    Some security experts, too, say the presidential election plays a role in all this. British historian Mark Galeotti, for instance, does “not think Russia is preparing for war.” Instead, he believes “this is in fact part of Putin’s larger narrative aimed at building legitimacy” ahead of the vote. “This posturing is meant to suggest that Russia is surrounded by hostile states and that all available resources need to be put into defending the Russian homeland,” Galeotti said.
    Stephen Blank, a military specialist and Russia expert who works for the American Foreign Policy Council think tank, views Putin’s saber-rattling as part of a larger picture. “For years the Russian government has believed it is at war with the West,” he said, adding that Russia’s moves to mobilize for war forms a crucial element its security strategy.”

  474. No worries, the EU will fix him:

    European Union member states on Monday moved ever closer towards establishing a defense union, after the European Council adopted the creation of a new European defense and security cooperation network known as PESCO.
    The Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO), which was first set out in the Lisbon Treaty, will allow members states to jointly develop military capabilities, invest in shared projects and enhance their respective armed forcas”

  475. When I brought up my children I had the ridiculous notion that they were boys and girls.
    I betrayed them.

    “An NHS health survey given out in schools is asking children aged ten whether they are “comfortable in their gender”, as well as whether they are a boy, a girl or “other”.
    While the questionnaire has traditionally been used to monitor pupils height, weight and fitness, forms sent to schools across Lancashire by the county’s NHS foundation trust asks Year 6 pupils: “Do you feel the same inside as the gender you were born with? (feeling male or female)”.

    Children are also offered a choice of “other”, in addition to male and female, in a question asking them to confirm their gender, according to the Daily Telegraph, which reported that it is unclear whether trusts outside Lancashire have adopted the initiative.”

  476. “Last week, the renowned Pew Research Center published updated figures about the growing Muslim population in the broader EU region (i.e. the 28 European Union member states plus Switzerland and Norway). The figures are truly dramatic. Unless there are radical changes to the present policies towards immigration, 30.6% of the population in Sweden will be Islamic by the middle of the century. Sweden is as good as finished.
    But the situation elsewhere is hardly better. 19.7% in Germany, 18% in France, 17.2 % in Britain, and 15.2% in the Netherlands. This is what Pew expects to happen if the migration patterns continue at the 2014-2016 levels.”

  477. “A teacher who faced disciplinary action after he referred to a transgender pupil as a girl is taking his school to an employment tribunal.
    Joshua Sutcliffe, from Oxford, says he was investigated after he said “well done girls” to a group that included a student who identifies as a boy.
    The 27-year-old Christian pastor is now suing the school for constructive dismissal and discrimination.
    The secondary school previously said it would be “inappropriate” to comment.
    Mr Sutcliffe, who teaches children aged between 11 and 18, said the incident took place on 2 November and he apologised after the pupil became angry.
    He said a week-long investigation found he had “misgendered” the pupil and “contravened the school’s equality policy”.
    Christian beliefs
    Mr Sutcliffe claims the school has “systematically and maliciously” breached his rights and he had left his job as it had made it impossible for him to continue working there.
    In a letter to the head teacher he wrote: “As a Christian, I do not share your belief in the ideology of transgenderism.
    “I do not believe that young children should be encouraged to self-select a ‘gender’ which may be different from their biological sex.
    “Or that everyone at school should adjust their behaviour to accommodate such a ‘transition’; or that people should be punished for lack of enthusiasm about it.”
    The maths teacher, who is also a pastor at the Christ Revelation church in Oxford, said he tried to balance his beliefs with the need to treat the pupil sensitively.
    He claimed he did this by avoiding the use of gender-specific pronouns and by referring to the pupil by name.
    The state academy school where he was employed did not respond to requests for a comment. It had previously said the matter was confidential.”

  478. RobertRetyred
    “only in two of those cases were the men not of British South Asian Muslim heritage.”
    So what were they?

  479. Marshal Roberts @ December 11th, 2017 – 19:35

    Two things:

    Would someone whose approval rating hoovers around 80% have the need for a risky move, a move that could backfire?

    The narrative you’ve linked to says that after the takeover of Crimea Russia begun modernising its military. That’s bollocks, the re-eqipping began early in the century when the treasury was awash with taxes from oil and gas.

    The barbarian has said it before. What Boris, later Putin, inherited from the USSR in terms of military gear was crap, all scrap metal, the stuff couldn’t threaten a bunch of Scouts.

    The Americans have missed on it, discovered only in the Syrian theatre of war their hardware got largely obsolete, it was designed mostly in the 70s and 80s, it requires a serious MOT – see the Rand report, listen to the Donald on the subject of the military, look at the boost to the US military budget, the additional money poured into the military complex is bigger than the total Russian defence budget.

  480. Marshal Roberts @ December 11th, 2017 – 16:48

    His premature death was the reason for the Baron’s posting, Marshall, he’s one the boss’s favourite.

  481. RobertRetyred @ December 11th, 2017 – 16:36

    The report, rather the link to it, was posted before by John, Robert, it, or the increased police awareness of grooming seems to have done little to stop it.

  482. The co-op have had enough of the ethical criminals Baron. They
    Ram raided the dedham shop again, and did extensive damage.

  483. Baron 2218
    A very pessimistic report from Rand. But then they are putting out Brexit pessimism this very day. I cannot link to this, but you can catch it on the Business Section of Today at around 6.20.

  484. Frank P – 02:44


    An interesting comment below that:

    fergusmason says:
    December 11, 2017 at 9:19 pm

    Oh, we know. The barbarians are inside the gates. And, like the tired and worn-out Western Roman Empire, we’re too afraid to throw our last legions against them because admitting that the enemy is on us is more frightening than quietly accepting defeat.

    Meanwhile our globalist rulers and their servants are sitting in their cosy bubble protected by their praetorian guards, salting away dosh to escape somewhere safe when the sewers explode setting fire to the city!

  485. Interesting comment in this mornings Telegraph.

    If Putin wins the upcoming election he will be in power until 2024, meaning that he will have been in power almost as long as Joseph Stalin.

  486. Marshal Roberts – 14:41

    To date, Angel Merkel has been the Chancellor of Germany(Bundeskanzlerin) for the same number of years as Adolf Hitler.

  487. John birch. @ December 12th, 2017 – 13:34

    What the police should do, John, is infiltrate the immigrant community, the barbarian reckons the lucky cash dispenser pickers hail from there, it was a highly professional job, executed very fast, professionally, it could’t have been anyone from the local amateur diaspora.

    The problem with the offer is, if the barbarian’s right that it was the newcomers who did it, that not many of them speak English, perhaps the reward should be promoted in the same range of languages the NHS pamphlets are printed.

  488. Marshal Roberts @ December 12th, 2017 – 06:24

    This report, Marshall, just like the one on the military smells of a political put-up job, the Deep State which continues to govern in the Republic, (in her foreign affairs fully), would love to have us in the EU (as would Putin btw) because it makes controlling the combined ‘vassality’ easier, who knows who may get elected to run Britain in the future, it may be the cumryd, it may be his polar opposite, neither may toe the line of the US swamp that the Donald intends to dismantle.

    Not many know it, but in Brussels there sits a US representative who has the final say on any agenda of any EU Committee (Baron forgets its official label, it never reaches the MSM, which has never looked into it, why?).

    The argument that our inward investment got boosted 28% because those companies putting up here have been able to sell freely on the Continent makes no sense, it’s the currency that matters, its swings, that would have been the deciding factor for any major investment decision, and yet in spite of our staying outside the Euro the inward investment money still came in.

    Trading today is less about tariffs, more about barriers other than import duties. These may indeed hurt us, but we can play the game, too. We could insist European imported goods, cars and, all pass custom clearance at the Duirinish railway station on the Kyle of Lochalsh in Scotland. Let them truck the stuff up there and back, that will teach them.

    It’s also nonsense to claim that by 2019 we are to be almost 5% poorer, and the EU would suffer only marginally without revealing what assumptions went into the model predicting it.

    How could anyone say the EU would be only marginally hit when we’re by far bigger customer for the monstrosity than they’re for us?

    The biggest danger for us is the EU would cut us off in the financial sector, but where would they find a ready replacement, a bunch of financial institutions capitalised as well as are our banks, insurance companies, other financial institutions? In Albania?

    Would many big European companies be willing to risk it, entrust and IPO to a bank with a doubtful capital base? You recall the series of EU capital tests not that long ago, in those tests not many European banks were found to have enough cushion to withstand a similar meltdown that hit us in 2008, not even the mighty Dresden Bank.

    Add to it the political climate within the EU – Schulz pushing for federalisation, the rest of the EU for reshaping of the ungovernable construct, the Poles being hit for their judicial reform, Hungary & co resisting quotes of immigrants, the Euro sitting still only a monetary unity, nothing on the fiscal side making the synthetic currency vulnerable.

    If the EU ain’t careful, treat us badly, the monolith will crack before the Brussels gnomes know it.

  489. Breitbart exposes Rand Corporation as in the pay of EU oligarchical groups ( funded with our money ) and with EU oligarchs as its advisers .

  490. Frank P @ December 12th, 2017 – 02:44

    As the barbarian keeps pointing out, nobody seems to listen ‘one can predict everything, but the future’.

    It’s all trending to a sticky end as the guy says, Frank, but ‘trend is your friend only as it lasts’, and no trend has yet lasted forever, that’s an indisputable fact, no argument here. Events, my blogging friend, events interfere.

    The events may indeed be apocalyptic, some of us may end up in wall cities, some in the gutter. Then again, humanity may reassert itself, the gluttonous desire of the West may gradually transfer more of its wealth through wages of those labouring in distant lands on trinkets to ally the desire of the West to consume, the failing Western democracies may find it within themselves to regenerate themselves, give the voice to the currently impotent, let common sense prevail. The pendulum may reverse.

    In the world of stockbroking the one who makes it big is the one who backs the sold out stocks, paper which is out of favour, not many would touch. Evidence supports such course of action, and it is the experience of the markets that may apply here, too.

    Too ‘panglossy’ for you,innately atavistic, hopelessly hopeful?

    But what remains of life if one abandons hope?

  491. Radford NG @ December 12th, 2017 – 17:06

    This Quisling-like stance of the broadcasting monstrosity should be addressed with some urgency, Radford.

    Instead of boosting the nations confidence, uniting us, backing the decision of the unwashed, the deluded progressive fuggwits are determined to do everything they can ensuring we fail.

    We should scrap the fee, turn the monolithic behemoth private, let them be funded not through a tax, which is what the fee is, but earn the money in the market place of ideas.

  492. What do you make of the new man at the Defence, Gavin Williamson?

    Having a public spat with Hammond wasn’t the smartest thing to do, the beancounter runs the Treasury, he has the money that Gavin needs, and needs desperately.

    His take on the jihadists smells of electioneering, it must appeal to the unwashed all right, but it’s just words, nothing more. The official policy remains to treat as many of those who departed to fight for the throat cutters gently, convert as many as possible into law abiding burghers no money spared.

    Is he thinking there will soon be a vacancy at No10?

  493. All the sensible in the piece was dwarfed, squashed indeed negated when he said that “Trump (may have) effectively acted as Putin’s agent in the run-up to the election (which in my (Boot’s) view is a distinct possibility)”

    It must be the Pavlovian dog syndrome, a patch in his brain that reacts in a totally predictable fashion anytime the word ‘Russia or Putin or anything else linked to them’ appears.

    Could someone explain what does ‘acting as Putin agent entail’? Please, the barbarian will be very grateful if you enlighten him on this.

  494. Noa @ December 11th, 2017 – 15:55

    That’s a top quality quote, Noa, the barbarian has forgotten to tell you he’s filed it in his drawer of re-usable quotes, will shamelessly put it in a posting if an opportunity arises.

    The thing is though where would one recruit if not at the two most prestigious farms for breeding young progressive brains? Neasden Poly?

  495. Ireland is an island to the west of Britain but Northern Ireland is just off the mainland – not the Irish mainland, the British mainland.
    The capital of Ireland is Dublin. It has a population of a million people, all of whom will be shopping in Newry this afternoon. They travel to Newry because it is in the North, which is not part of Ireland , but can still pay in Euros.
    Under the Irish constitution, the North used to be in Ireland , but a successful 30-year campaign of violence for Irish unity ensured that it is now definitely in the UK. Had the campaign lasted any longer the North might now be in France.
    Belfast is the capital of Northern Ireland. It has a population of half a million, half of whom own houses in Donegal. Donegal is in the north but not in the North. It is in the South. No, not the south – the South.
    There are two parliaments in Ireland. The Dublin parliament is called the Dáil, (pronounced “Doyle”), an Irish word meaning a place where banks receive taxpayers’ money. The one in Belfast is called Stormont, an Anglo-Saxon word meaning ‘placebo’, or deliberately ineffective drug.
    Their respective jurisdictions are defined by the border, an imaginary line on the map to show fuel launderers where to dump their chemical waste and bi-products.
    Protestants are in favour of the border, which generates millions of pounds in smuggling for Catholics, who are totally opposed to it. Travel between the two states is complicated because Ireland is the only country in the world with two M1 motorways. The one in the North goes west to avoid the south and the one in the South goes north to avoid the price of the drink!
    We have two types of democracy in Ireland. Dublin democracy works by holding a referendum and then allowing the government to judge the result. If the government thinks the result is wrong, the referendum is held again. Twice in recent years the government decided the people’s choice was wrong and ordered a new referendum. Belfast democracy works differently. It has a parliament with no opposition, so the government is always right. This system generates envy in many world capitals, especially Dublin.
    Ireland has three economies – northern, southern and black. Only the black economy is in the green. The other two are in the red.
    All versions of the IRA claim to be the real IRA but only one of them is the Real IRA. The North’s biggest industry is the production of IRAs. Consequently, we now have the Provisional, Continuity and Real IRA.
    The Real IRA is by far the most popular among young graffiti writers simply because it is the easiest to spell.
    Hopefully this clarifies things and has answered many previously unanswered questions for you.

  496. Noa @ December 12th, 2017 – 18:13

    Naughty, but nice, Noa.

    It’s of a distinctly phallus shape, a well worked out one stripped of the baggy parts to reduce friction. The world should be on alert, it may discharge a sperm like fluid, enough of it to impregnate all world’s females who, in turn, would give birth to a new species.

    And there’re still some who think humanity has no future.

  497. Noa @ December 12th, 2017 – 18:27

    If there are amongst us people capable penning stuff like this, surely not all is lost, Noa.

    You, sir, are a star.

  498. Baron 18.17

    It’s not the location of a place of learning that is the problem. Baron. It is the methodology of thought acquired and practiced there- or not.

  499. A warning for you:

    No button on a keyboard got touched, the barbarian was reading a page (he forgets what or where) when a new blueish window overlaid the screen with a message ‘three bugs have entered your computer’, also some text that Baron didn’t manage to read, next door was a red round window that flashed ‘screen for bugs now’. The barbarian quickly closed Safari, after a while re-opened the app, everything seems in order.

    The warning must have been a fake, but how on earth have someone managed to have it displayed without Baron sending out any command? Be aware.

    Can anyone explain?

  500. Noa @ December 12th, 2017 – 18:35

    Point taken, Noa, but it’s Neasden Poly for the barbarian nevertheless, heh, heh, heh.

  501. Avoid staying in American hotels.

    More seriously, how come this cop got acquitted of killing the man? The Land of the Free seems to have become the Land of the Killing cops. Unbelievable this.

  502. Now, you make the point about the Irish much more eloquently than I and I hope without Ostrich’s disapproval.

  503. Above relates to Noa 1827

    (My iPad always tries to turn Noa into Now)

  504. @Noa 12th, 18:27

    Spot on, sir!

    (and h/t to Marshall Roberts for pointing me that way. 🙂 )

  505. Baron @ December 12th – 18:59

    “The Land of the Free seems to have become the Land of the Killing cops.”

    Your assertion is woefully absent statistics.

  506. Malfleur @ December 13th, 2017 – 13:53

    Will this do, Malfleur?

  507. What’s more surprising on the Alabama result is that Jones haven’t won by much bigger margin.

    Moore has been accused by scores of women, some have credible stories to tell with evidence, the current atmosphere on sexual harassment cannot get any hotter, known public figures are being dropped off by the dozen, and the MSM has been piling up dirt on the GOP candidate for months. And yet Moore loses only by a small margin.

    Not something that would suggest a change in the wind direction, more a disenchantment with the speed the swamp is getting cleansed.

  508. Here’s how to understand sexual harassment at work:

  509. The Church of England could learn a thing to two from the Swedish experience, (unless it has already embraced the future:

  510. Facebook found just 73p on pro Brexit adverts

  511. You’ve made the barbarian puzzled, John, until he clicked on the link, learnt it was the money spent by the Russians.

    Surely some mistake Facebook, the executive who released the figure may not have the brightest future at the outfit.

    Seriously though, the whole saga of the Russian meddling in either in the Republic or elsewhere makes little sense to anyone with any functioning brain cells left, but it’s a clever ploy. Until the Deep State and its lapdogs discovered cyberspace it was false flag operation, but that ran the risk of non-MSM journalists and busybodies probing the planted evidence, finding the culprits behind it.

    Cyberspace is a different kettle of sardines, it’s harder to get to the truth, if anyone probes too deeply, the Government can always say ‘we cannot reveal the source, it would compromise our security’, and that’s the end of it.

    The interference by Putin is indirect, it’s his ranting about the heterosexual family, the sovereignty of individual countries, the need to defend our Christian heritage and stuff, a take on the world that both contradicts the progressives, and resonates with a large chunk of the Western world unwashed. This the Deep State & co cannot admit to, hence the need for find a proxy whip with which to beat the Ruskies, i.e. interference via cyberspace.

    The risk such an approach carries is obvious, it presents Putin’s Russia as a far more powerful opponent that she deserves, it also implies the seventeen American agencies (their equivalents elsewhere) charged with insuring the Republic’s or the West’s security are not fit for purpose. If Russian genuinely interfered either before or during the Presidential election why didn’t any of the agencies raise it? Why did they spring to action only after the Donald won the race?

  512. Mediaeval Baebes : In Dulce Jubilo.

  513. The Muslim situation is a little bit like Fawlty Towers and the Germans episode where Basil says we’re all friends now or at least we pretend we are

  514. John birch.

    It’s not far off what is happening with Brexit, what with TM pretending we are negotiating with sane diplomats while they demand, gloat, contradict each other, threaten and are economical with the truth.

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