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  1. Ethiopian Orthodox martyrs this weekend. And the message from their Muslim murderers…

    “To the nation of the cross, we’re back again,” the masked militant in the video declares before the execution. “We swear to Allah, the one who disgraced you by our hands, you will not have safety even in your dreams until you embrace Islam… Our battle is a battle between faith and blasphemy, between truth and falsehood, until there is no more polytheism.” The martyrs then bravely witness to the Risen Lord, offering their blood and lives before the gruesome terrorists in sword and shots. A truly graphical scene.

    “And in the end, we tell all the Nazarites (Christians) in all places that the Islamic State will extend by Allah’s blessings and will reach to you, even if you are in protected areas. If you convert to Islam you will be safe. If you accept dhimmitude (accepting to pay the jizya and live life under Islamic rule) you will be safe. Otherwise, we have no other choice but the edge of the sword. The men will be slaughtered, women raped by force, children enslaved and possessions confiscated by the judgement of Allah and his apostle.”

  2. With apologies, I would like to kick off the week with the posts that I ended the last one:

    April 19th, 2015 – 23:09
    “Last Saturday Gavin Boby of the Law and Freedom Foundation spoke at a demo sponsored by MARIAS (Mothers Against Radical Islam and Sharia) at Downing Street in London. He discussed the Islamization of Britain and the rest of Europe, paying particular attention to rape gangs, Jew-hatred, and seditious mosques.
    As he says, “The problems with Islam are not a by-product of the policy: they are the policy.” ”
    The transcript and a video of Mr. Boby’s speech can be found here:
    April 19th, 2015 – 23:13
    “I’m not Jewish so I can say this:
    Jewish people are a light among the nations.”
    April 19th, 2015 – 23:48
    I know that the West funds ISIS. I know ISIS is a transmogrification of Al Qaeda. I know that Boko Haram is linked to ISIS.I know that under cover of “progressive” policies of free trade and the promotion of racial and cultural diversity large numbers of muslims continue their legal and illegal entry into western countries whether across the Mexican border into the United States or the Mediterranean border into the European Union where they work to set up a state within a state.
    When I say that “the West funds ISIS”, I mean the mega banks and interconnected conglomerates managing governments and their propaganda, which includes the mainstream media, and where taxpayers funds fall short, superficially independent “non-government-entities” through which capital is channeled.
    This unified intra-national policy is given consistency by its drive for control and its target of resistance: graeco-roman and judaeo-christian. With that as a target, nothing is left to the corporate state but a spiritual and intellectual vacuum.
    To fuel its rampage through our civilization, communism being the bogeyman who failed after a very productive period of division and destruction, the intranational corporate state faced with its own intellectual and spiritual nullity has selected islam as its opportunist replacement.
    The barbarism of islam is in the West the mask behind which the corporate state advances.

  3. I have to try to concentrate on affairs in the United Kingdom as the general election approaches. The United States collapses into a roboticized version of the bad days of the Roman Empire and the knock-on implications of this disaster for England put other concerns in the shade.

    Look at this analysis in Zero Hedge of the horse pile that is the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation:

    How are things holding up in the United Kingdom by comparison?

  4. EC/CM

    Agreed; the troll should be locked in the Lubywanker basement devised by EC; so that those that wish to provide the left with oxygen and give him the kiss of life can visit him if they wish – and those of us who have heard enough of his crap can periodically visit to piss on his head, in lieu of waterboarding (which is, I understand, no longer allowed). Get to it Peter! At least until after May 7th (2020, that is).

  5. Do you have a vote?
    Can you influence anybody who has a vote?
    Three weeks to go, most people who intend to vote have already made up their minds.
    For many their greatest decision is whether to bother voting at all.
    How many minds will be changed, votes switched, on the the basis of what is written on the CHW?

    Three weeks to go and I would imagine that most people are bored to death by this election. I know I am. It’s all a charade, for the most part.

    Did you know that Nigel Farage once voted for The Greens?
    Here’s an interview with him on Absolute Radio, which is not at all boring!!!

  6. A talking haggis dressed in a Victorian GPO red pillar box has just been appearing on TV news channels. Whatever next!

  7. In the same way he struck home when he told the EU that it had blood on its hands for the violence in UKkraine, Nigel Farage calls Cameron to account here:

    I posted the following yesterday:

    “Gaddafi said [in Rome in August 2010]: ‘Italy needs to convince her European allies to accept this Libyan proposal – €5 billion [then about £4 billion] to Libya to stop illegal immigration. ‘Europe runs the risk of turning black from illegal immigration, it could turn into Africa. We need support from the European Union to stop this army trying to get across from Libya, which is their entry point.”

    As Mr. Farage is quoted in the Independent article;

    “The Ukip leader blamed the increasing number of migrants fleeing from Libya on the instability in the country, following western-led airstrikes, championed by the Prime Minister and other European leaders, which led to the toppling of leader Muammar Gaddafi in 2011.”

    And it’s not just Libya and it’s not just Cameron! Call these gentlemen out!

  8. Malfleur – 13:14 ‘And it’s not just Libya and it’s not just Cameron!’

    How right you are!

    RobertC – April 19th, 15:50
    Free Muslim Immigration to Europe 1 English Version
    Secretive European Union-agreements with 10 European and North African Countries

  9. If the police and other authorities were doing their job, then the situation wouldn’t arise:
    Police hunt for gang of ‘vigilante paedophile hunters’ who pretend to be young girls online and attack men who agree to meet them
    “Det Insp Charlotte Cadden from Bolton police said: ‘These men were targeted because they had illegally arranged to meet up with underage girls online.
    ‘I want to make it clear that grooming and arranging to meet up with children you have met over the internet is a criminal offence and if you are caught doing this you will be arrested and prosecuted.
    ‘It is unacceptable that this group are posing as underage girls and meeting up with men with the view to either blackmailing them or attacking them in the street.”

    Unacceptable, because they might be caught?

  10. ‘Genocide’ in the Mediterranean: ANOTHER migrant ship tragedy on Europe’s shores as packed boat washes up on Greek island – just hours after 900 died ‘like rats in cages’ off coast of Libya

    Genocide – the deliberate and systematic extermination of a national, racial, political, or cultural group

    Looks more like suicide to me, and many want us dead! They want what we have worked for, and for our children, and want us dead.

    The only genocide is against Christians and other non-muslims, in Africa, and everywhere else.

    If only Blair, Brown and Cameron hadn’t thought islam was just a bit of anti-social behaviour.

  11. TELEMACHUS…… There is a special thread for you on the wall until the General Election. Please post only there. If you post in the general Wall threads then I’ll have to moderate all your posts and will delete those posted to the Wall. You are being given the freedom to continue to post in the Coal Cellar. Please use this.

  12. Ooook-k-k-k-k-k-k-k-k-k-oo!!!

  13. I see The Librarian approves of putting telemachus into the oubliette.

  14. Where is my old mucker, Andy Car Park?
    My visit with you and my Aunt is almost up.
    She returns from our touring to Clovelly tomorrow.
    Picked up the Herald Tribune from the Railway Station this morning
    “Iranian authorities are charging The Washington Post’s Tehran bureau chief, Jason Rezaian, with espionage and three other serious crimes, including “collaborating with hostile governments” and “propaganda against the establishment,” according to his lawyer in Tehran.”
    There has been a campaign back in my home town to release Jason.
    Our useless Secretary of State said nothing in Switzerland last month when he was selling Israel down the pan to the brutes in Tehran.
    As I told you last week we need Jeb Bush.

  15. The Librarian April 20th, 2015 – 15:55


    Surely there is an ‘ook’ missing after the fourth ‘k’?

  16. I think the weird one will not post in his new home.

  17. JJB 20th, – 16:30

    “As I told you last week we need Jeb Bush.”

    You do indeed. 🙂

  18. “From the halls of Montezuma,
    To the shores of Tripoli…..”

    The solution to the refuge problem in the Mediterranean is for the American Emperial Forces (known as NATO) to land on the shores of Tripoli and carve out there an enclave as a refugee camp.They would not meet much heavy opposition compared with the Africa Corps.

  19. @Radford NG 20th, – 15:56

    ” see The Librarian approves of putting telemachus into the oubliette.”

    Nice thing about oubliettes, depending on the election result we can conveniently forget he’s there, come 8th of May!

  20. I watched the film ‘Carnage’ last night and there was an amusing line from the Christopher Waltz character, who might be characterised as, er, a ‘masculinist’.

    “I watched Jane Fonda on TV the other night” he said, railing against a certain kind of strident left wing woman, “and it made me want to go out and buy a Ku Klux Klan poster”.

    I remember her as ‘Hanoi Jane’, posing on a North Vietnamese anti-aircraft gun while her fellow countrymen were being killed in North Vietnam’s war of aggression against the South or enduring appalling conditions a few hundred yards away in the ‘Hanoi Hilton’.

  21. god milliband is evasive.

  22. ““We need new words for female power and funniness and smartness.” (Independent)

    Any suggestions from CHWs?

  23. Of course, if I were a Bilderberger tactician,intent on destroying the European nation states one by one, I would collapse Greece and direct the Libyan migrants there.

  24. “Ed is a sincere man, but in terms of being in touch with reality, he’s away with the fairies. Intellectually he is very Left-wing.”

    He added: “What worries me more is his adherence to the new corporatism.

    “It is as if Ed is the greatest spokesman for multi-national business.”

    What Mr. Farage is saying is that the Labour Party leadership is in the pocket of the Bilderbergers.

  25. I wonder to which religion he followed?

    ‘Cake, do you mean bomb?’ – Dismal attempt at plot code in terror case exposed
    Kazi Islam tried to disguise his alleged terror plot with words like “cake” but vulnerable man he tried to groom broke the code

  26. NYT, (America’s Guardian) bigging up the Milibrat via Mehdi Hassan:

  27. Clare M Lopez is back from her travels and weighs in on the Iran nuclear negotiations:

    The article (Part 2 to follow) delineates not only the deviousness of the charade that was played out in Switzerland over recent months, but also the infiltration of Obama administration by Iran’s agents. We can safely infer that similar inroads have been forged into the UK and other European corridors of power.

  28. Boot barbecues Neuberger and neatly conflates Hitchens jr. into the same fry-up:

  29. And another breath of fresh air from Dellers to counteract the Global Warming bollocks:

  30. And here’s a reprise from someone who ‘got it’ some time ago and who explains it even more bluntly than even even Mr Delingpole:

  31. Frank P – 01:09

    Mr Boot is right about Britain, but still hasn’t left Russia.

  32. “We need new words for female power and funniness and smartness” How about bugger off and grow up? The majority of people are too busy earning a living and generally getting through life to waste time on such nonsense.

  33. RobertC (10:00)

    ‘Mr Boot is right about Britain, but still hasn’t left Russia.’

    I doubt any patriot ever ‘leaves his country’ no matter where he settles. Why should that disqualify his opinion about the obviously ruthless residual elements of the scourge that destroyed his? I must say that I find the hostility on this forum to Boot’s take on Putin’s current brutal chicanery a little surprising. The fact that Western ‘Civilisation’ is currently plagued with the most pusillanimous crop of political and military leaders in its history surely exacerbates Putin’s menace?

    We certainly need stronger leaders, but let’s hope that should any emerge here (a doubtful proposition, given the stock of the coming generation), they won’t be modeling themselves on Vlad.

  34. Can anyone throw light on what ‘crepuscular logic’ might be?

  35. Frank P – 11:21

    I thought he was writing to an audience: us!

    If he was writing to amuse himself, or for therapy, I can understand his views, and empathise! What is unfortunate is that he writes so incisively about Britain, especially when so few do or even can, and then his Russian roots cloud those crystal clear glimpses of our predicament.

    “I doubt any patriot ever ‘leaves his country’ no matter where he settles.”

    True, but if he teased us, which is well within his bounds, I would be more magnanimous, though I expect you might say that living through Russian History and being magnanimous about it is a step too far. It could well be the case, but it would be our loss if it wasn’t possible, which is why we are so cross!

    It might help if he understood how we pined for trains to run on time, RobertC – April 19th, 11:01:

  36. Bliss.

    I am buoyant at the breath of fresh air here now that the poison has been expelled.

  37. The burning question is whether Mr Cameron tomorrow will agree to rescue more boat people who will end up in Dover. Still the builders will enjoy building more mosques.

  38. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~H.M The Queen;~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    ———————————–89th Birthday!——————————————-

  39. My 12:00 comment was a flippant riposte to Malfleur’s 11:24.

    RobertC (11:54)

    Yes I read your ‘trains on time’ comment and took your points.

    Having read some of Boot’s books, I cannot relate to some of his propositions, particularly his lofty religious assertions; but rather than resenting that somewhat abstruse ethos (from my lowly perspective, anyway), I find the juxtaposition between it and the earthy take on daily life of his childhood in the USSR interesting, rather than irritating.
    And because my somewhat feral childhood, which straddled ‘the gathering storm’ , WWII and the period of REAL austerity thereafter (as opposed to the ludicrous claims of the left of current ‘austerity’) I find a rapport and empathy with his writing; moreover I had direct experience of Hitchens and his ilk in their looney lefty days and sometimes wonder whether Peter’s apparent epiphany doesn’t in fact have a little residual leftist ‘crepuscular’ logic in its umbra. And like Alex, cannot understand why our own dearth of gutsy leaders makes Vlad a hero for some by comparison? The description ‘kleptocracy’ seems apt for what he presides over. Murderous kleptocracy even more apposite.

    The fact that he’s outwitting Obama and our own Westminster Wankocracy increases my disdain for them, rather than engendering an admiration for him. Fuck that for a game of soldiers!

  40. Mr. Farage stays consistent:

    “Asked why he would specifically accept Christian refugees, the Ukip leader said: “They’ve got nowhere to go, they’ve literally got no where to go as a direct result of what we’ve done in Iraq, Libya and right across that region they have found themselves homeless.” ”

    Christians,not muslims or communists; smarter, not dumber; grateful, not hostile; replacing expelled illegal immigrants, not supplementing those not rightfully here.

  41. Frank P

    Nobody begrudges Mr. Boot his opinions. Even under the withering scorn of Frank’s pen however that does not require us to abandon our own view that on this topic Mt. Boot has things arsy-versy. On the question of Ukraine there is a perfectly respectable argument that NATO has pushed closer and closer to the Russian border in unprovoked violation of understandings that underpinned the peaceful withdrawal of Russia from its eastern empire. There is a sound position to be taken, and indeed which has been taken by a correspondent in the Council of Foreign Affairs organ, Foreign Affairs magazine, that the crisis in the Ukraine was precipitated not by a Drang Nach Westen of V. Putin but by a coup against the Ukraine’s democratically elected government by Victoria Nuland and assorted enemies of stability in Europe. Criticism of Mr. Boot on this issue stems not from pusillanimity in the face of military ambitions of a resurgent Soviet Union or a failure to perceive a threat of a Russian invasion of west Europe, but alarm at the War Party based in western capitals which cannot tolerate independent sovereign nations and which sees the call to arms which their useful idiots generate as a pretext for restocking their arsenals at the cost as usual of the taxpayer and as the opportunity to destroy at whatever cost yet another independent nation.

    Why alarm by people on this blog at the unrestrained vandalism of Mr. Kerry and his masters and their shills should be surprising is amazing.

  42. Malfleur April 21st, 2015 – 11:24

    “Can anyone throw light on what ‘crepuscular logic’ might be?”

    ‘Crepuscular’= like twilight, dim.

  43. Malfleur (16:17)

    Your last paragraph is a strawman (as you no doubt intended); you know I’m not shocked by anyone’s alarm, particularly not that caused by anything Kerry has done, is doing or might do in the future.

    I was merely expressing mild surprise that anyone of the normally savvy commentariat of this blog should feel any need to support the cause of a ruthless ex-KGB colonel who daily mourns the loss of power of the USSR.

    I am less surprised at your interjection (and you will doubtless infer the implication).

    But I was really trying to provoke my old china, Baron, whose antipathy towards A Boot Esq. always produces sanguine and interesting copy when prodded. As for ‘withering’ – not many shrinking violets on this forum I would have thought. Do your flies up, it could be Spring breeze that’s causing the shrinkage – but then again, it may be quite muggy in your part of the world, so perhaps it’s just old age.

  44. Malfleur – 14:12 ‘NATO has pushed closer and closer to the Russian border’

    Very true, but NATO members used to be independent states.

    No, the real threat is the EU. Not only does it consist of ‘provinces’, it has unelected elites who expect the remnants of the independent states that are left to fight their battles and clear up their messes.

    It expects the poor, especially Greece, to pay for their financial mistakes, the population for their lack of border controls and their stupid energy policies and still the ratchet clicks, and clicks again!

    I recently posted the EU agreement with the North African states – and we get drownings and beheadings, more immigration and are accused of genocide – it’s not our fault that ‘these people’ can’t stop killing each other and start working together.

    I also posted a segment of the ‘ever closer union’ agreement that the EU installed government of the Ukraine had with the EU, and we get the Ukrainian situation: the air crash, the battles, the trade war, the annoyed Mt Boot, the warmongering Cameron! The last one is a joke, isn’t it?

  45. And yet another amusing round-up of the Great Game from our Russian guru; it should bring on the pains hereabouts:


  46. An excellent piece from the GoV about the stealth jihad:

    Not one of most prominent issues in the election campaigns on either side of the pond.

  47. JJ Burns

    “…As I told you last week we need Jeb Bush.”

    Jeb Stuart would be more use. That old slaver Nathan Bedford Forrest even more so.

  48. Frank P, Col Mustard.

    I am buoyant at the breath of fresh air here now that the poison has been expelled.”

    Well, contained and cordoned, if not cauterised, or sterilised, at the very least.

    Well done gentlemen, well done indeed. And take a pat on the back Peter. Better late than never

  49. David Ossitt

    I understand the word ‘crepuscular’ and I know what ‘logic’ means. What they are doing yoked together, I don’t know – except perhaps that there is something about Mr. Hitchens’ logic of which Mr. Boot doesn’t approve. In the words of an earlier post by a CHW (can’t remember who it was now) there is something almost homo-erotic about Mr. Boot’s obsession with the journalist. I know, I know, I thought the original comment was pretty silly too.

    A debate between the two would be interesting however – and throw in Douglas Murray?

    Would we need a woman for balance…?


    I did read much of that piece you posted on the EU agreement with North African states (are there any left?) and what I read, I read with horror. It probably informed my comment at 22:54 yesterday that “…. if I were a Bilderberger tactician,intent on destroying the European nation states one by one, I would collapse Greece and direct the Libyan migrants there”.

    And then today along comes:

    Read together with the piece in GoV to which FrankP draws our attention above, it is urgent that we recognize that this is not a muslim thing, it is islam willingly used by by supra-state authority as a weapon to destroy one nation state after another, islamic states not excepted, and used in particular to destabilise western civilization.

  50. Of special interest in the Gates of Vienna piece (Frank P 18:33 above), is the reference to Representative Trey Gowdy’s initiative in writing “to the Department of State demanding that it halt the resettlement of refugees in the city of Spartanburg in his district”. Rep. Gowdy it will be remembered also presides over the Committee looking into the Benghazi scandal.

    These questions addressed, together with the security concerns, are long overdue matters which amended mutatis mutandis our own politicians at local and central government level should be called to account for in respect of past and ongoing facilitation of refugee settlement in the United Kingdom:

    .Why and when was his district approved [as a refugee resettlement site]?
    .What steps were taken to notify local government officials and whether they approved the plan, and where funds for the office and the refugees will come from?
    .When are the first refugees expected to arrive?
    .What benefits are they entitled to?
    .How many will be resettled?
    .What is their country of origin?
    .Who is responsible for housing, employment and education services for them?

    Not only, so far as I am aware, were we never asked about the quantity and quality of immigrants since the late 1990s, but as Andrew Neather disclosed immigration policy was used not as an economic tool to enrich the country but as a cynical measure to build Labour constituencies and further that, in Neather’s words,”Mass immigration was the way that the government was going to make the UK truly multicultural” and “rub the Right’s nose in diversity”.

    This was not something that the editor of Spectator magazine, Mr. Fraser Nelson, thought worth keeping his word on when he promised how many years ago now? three? four? to publish his views on this scandal in his journal.

    May be Mr. Nelson approves having the Right’s nose rubbed in it,may be he doesn’t.

    The open frontiers of the European Union, the borders of Mexico with the United States recklessly abandoned by the US Federal government to criminals, terrorists, unmonitored disease-ridden families, their distribution throughout the country sponsored by the US government and paid for by the US taxpayer tells its own tale of the corrupt and evil-purposed attack on the western polity.

    I think an open letter to Mr. Nelson would be an appropriate drop in the vast tank of complaint waiting to be filled.

  51. Imagine this video with our own Military Chief in the starring role? If you can you have a pretty wild imagination:

  52. Perhaps we should all follow the example of Willie and Merle – make music and take the piss:

    Another brain worm for you, Baron.

  53. ““Our govt needs to halt all immigration of Muslims from countries that have active terrorist cells & take military action to defeat ISIS.” (Billy Graham’s son)

    Can’t fault that, except in one regard:

  54. Meet the Cry-Bully: a hideous hybrid of victim and victor
    Julie Burchill 21 April 2015 16:57
    In the 1970s, there was a big difference between bullies and cry-babies. Your mum would have preferred you to hang around with the latter, but sometimes the former had a twisted charisma so strong that you found yourself joining in the taunts of ‘Onion Head! ’ at some poor unfortunate creature sporting a cranium of a somewhat allium caste. After a bit, of course, if you had anything about you, you realized what a knob you were being and went off to sample the more solitary, civilized pleasures of shoplifting and reading Oscar Wilde with the bedroom curtains closed. But you could be certain, as you festered in your pilfered Chelsea Girl vest, that bullies were bullies and cry-babies were cry-babies and never the twain would meet.

    Fast forward some four decades and things are not so simple. This is the age of the Cry-Bully, a hideous hybrid of victim and victor, weeper and walloper. They are everywhere, these duplicit Pushmi-Pullyus of the personal and the political, from Celebrity Big Brother to the frontline of Islamism. Jeremy Clarkson is a prime cry bully, punching a producer and then whining in The Sunday Times about ‘losing my baby’ (The baby being Top Gear). Perez Hilton, recently of the CBB house, is a good example too, screaming abuse at his wretched room-mates until they snapped and hit back, at which point he would dissolve in floods of tears and flee to the Diary Room to claim that he felt ‘unsafe’. Stephen Fry is one, forever banging on about his own mental fragility yet mocking Stephen Hawking’s voice at a recent awards ceremony.

    Esther Rantzen — an anti-bullying campaigner — strikes me as another. An otherwise anodyne interviewer recently felt moved to ask her if she was a bully, due to her reputation as an over-bossy boss during her That ’s Life heyday and the rather vile reports of her yelling out ‘My husband’s ex-wife ’ during a trivia quiz at a TV bash – the question being ‘What burnt in Richmond?’, the locality in which the woman whose husband she took had recently been cremated. Rantzen has re-created herself as a pathetic widow, complaining about having no one to go on holiday with, so desperately lonely for human companionship that she once rang her daughter to say that the Almighty would want them to live together. (Not as much as He’d want people not to gloat over the deaths of people whose lives they had ruined, surely.)

    Even social media – the source of so much fun and friendship for most of us – becomes a double-edged sword in the hands of the Cry-Bully. They will threaten women with rape on Twitter then boo-hoo about the invasion of their privacy when called to account. It’ s a sort of Munchausen’s syndrome – causing one’s own misery then complaining about it – seen most sadly in the case of Hannah Smith, the 14-year-old girl who took her own life in 2013 after allegedly being cyber-bullied on the teen website It turned out that some 98 per cent of the abusive messages came from poor Hannah herself, with only four posts being contributed by actual trolls.Cry-Bullies do end up isolated, as their determination to be victim and victor eventually wears out the patience of the most forebearing friend. But they can also be found hanging around in gangs; then, Cry-Bullies really come into their own and are not just irritating but dangerous. Islamism is the ultimate Cry-Bully cause; on one hand stamping around murdering anyone who doesn’ t agree with you, on the other hand yelling ‘ISLAMOPHOBIA’ in lieu of having a real adult debate about the merits of your case. Their ‘helpline’ is even called Tell Mama – bless. The British-born Islamist recently sentenced to twelve years had no problem posing with severed heads (‘Heads, kaffirs, disgusting’) and asking friends back home to send him condoms which he planned to use raping women captured as ‘war booty’ but then claimed to be having nightmares and suffering from depression in order to escape jail.
    The transexual and pimp-lobbies bring classic Cry-Bully tactics into play whenever they come across someone who doesn’t – shock, horror! – think the same as them, as unashamed feminists from the activist Julie Bindel to the comedian Kate Smurthwaite have discovered. In these cases, the claim that ‘safe spaces’ might be violated by the presence of someone who thinks differently to them; but born women, mysteriously, are expected to surrender the ultimate Safe Space – the female toilets – to pre-op chicks with dicks if they are not to be accused of violent bigotry.

    I don’t like much about monarchy, but the old saw they are said to live by – ‘Never complain, never explain’ (if only Prince Charles could do this!) – is a good one. The Cry-Bully always explains to the point of demanding that one agrees with them and always complains to the point of insisting that one is persecuting them. They really are the very worst sort of modern moaners.

  55. Who’s offering the most free childcare in the supermarket – er, I mean election bidding war? I’m getting confused.

    It has come to this. Political parties as sleazy PR-run marketing scams intent on bribing some voters with free offers to be paid for by other voters. Has British politics ever been so shallow and facile.

  56. It must be some devil in me.

    But reading through this tribute in the Daily Telly today to an old favourite turned 90 today, I couldn’t stop thinking of Frank P.

    Must be having a a fit of crepuscular logic…

  57. Frank P, April 21st, 2015 – 12:47

    A very interesting comment with, imho, a laser logic finale!
    I attended Mr. Boot’s book launch at The Counting House in 2013, where he read selected passages from his book “How the Future Worked: Russia Through the Eyes of a Young Non-person.” Most certainly the key to everything he writes.

  58. Noa April 21st, 2015 – 23:00

    NBF – Undoubtedly a fearsome adversary, leader of men, but seemingly unable to master his errant locks – which with time became less of a problem – not that anybody dared to point that out.
    “Loreal – Because You’re Worth It”

  59. Today:last day to read free of charge an article from History Today on the French involvement in supporting Rhodesia after UDI.

  60. Malfleur 829

    I had a drink with Arthur Daley
    Vitriol tripped off his tongue gaily
    He said mine’s a pint
    But a drunk I aint
    Not until Farage helps me to the baileys

    More later

  61. Pat Condell’s latest:

    He sounds heartily sick of this election too.

  62. By chance,Peter Hitchens has recently addressed the `Boot Delusion`.

    ————————————-“Usefully Idiotic”—————————–

    Hitchens writes in the on-line Mail-on-Sunday about an article in the Times in which the author is angry at those who thought Russia a wronged party……and who used the expression `useful idiots`.

    Hitchens comments:”Those in this arguement [who] are the`useful idiots`are not the cynical real-politic-loving critics of the Euromaidan”.

    He goes on to criticize Victoria Nuland,US Assistant Secretary of State,and her husband Robert Kagan.

    He ends:”Those who still think in pre-1989 categories have no idea what is happening……..the utopean idealists are all on the other side now.The conservative cynics are around here somewhere”.

  63. In the above item by Hitchens do not forget the `comments`link.

    One commentator writes:”Virtually all the people now supporting the Ukranians have at some point ……been supporters of the Soviet Union,or….communists”.
    “Virtually all of those who can see through the neo-cons (or marxists who got rich…..)were never communists nor supporters of the Soviet Union.”

  64. It seems that I am the only one here who admires the articles that Mr A Boot writes. They are a great deal more cogent than the crud that the Putin fanboys come up with here.

  65. Chris Morriss – 18:58

    Reread my last few posts and you will find I admire much of what he writes.

    Mr Boot just doesn’t appear to understand that, from where we are situated, Putin is just one of a number of threats, we are more appalled that Brussels has poked the Russian bear than the consequences, because the consequences are not a surprise, and we think the EU has pushed Russia too far in a way that has happened to us: ‘ever closer union’ is what we HATE about the EU.

  66. EC

    I thought for a moment you were referring to the contemporary NF, just seen tweaking, twisting and pulling the alleged stud piercing on Dame Evan Davis’ genitalia. And in NBF’s words Nigel took the fight to him:-

    “Never stand and take a charge. Charge them too!”

    That arrogant, uncomprehending doyenne of the London meritocracy received the right royal political rogering he so thoroughly deserved.

  67. I see Comrade has slimed back in under the Fergus Pickering psuedonym- to the cells will him.

    And oil the Tokarov.

  68. Will jailing Katie Hopkins save the lives of migrants? I have my doubts
    Rod Liddle 22 April 2015 12:37
    Hairspray Premiere – Arrivals
    More than a thousand migrants have died attempting to get into Europe over the past week, including 900 who perished horribly, trapped in the hold of a Tunisian ship near the Libyan coast. Many thousands have died before and many thousands will die in the near future attempting the same venture unless we in Europe change our policies. Everybody is agreed that something has to be done.

    For the liberal left, the answer is to sack Katie Hopkins, a fellow columnist of mine at the Sun. Not just sack her but also prosecute her and prosecute the editor of the Sun. More than 200,000 people have signed a petition got up by someone called Izzy Saunders demanding her removal from the paper because she wrote something with which they disagreed. Hopkins had written an article saying that we shouldn’t let the migrants in, that she felt no pity for them and that they were ‘cockroaches’. Seeing the news reports about the 900 dead, then, the liberal left did not send money or aid, or get up a petition to demand action to save the lives of future migrants: its response was to salve its own conscience by trying to destroy the career of someone it disagreed with.

    I do not agree with Hopkins that the migrants are ‘cockroaches’ — although she meant it in the sense that they were indestructible, and had clearly written the piece before the latest tragedy — and I do feel pity for them. A lot of pity. But calling Hopkins a ‘Nazi’ and putting her in jail is just the liberal left once again trying to feel good about itself, and stamping its little feet and — as usual — trying to restrict freedom of speech.

    6 weeks for £6 + free cartoon

    Would jailing Katie Hopkins save the lives of Europe-bound migrants? I have my doubts. Others on the liberal left ignored Hopkins and simply demanded action, while castigating the British government and offering no solution. The reliably idiotic Dan Hodges, for example, asserted that government policy was directly responsible for the horrible deaths of those 900 people. Did he suggest what we should do about it? Nope. And the Labour leader Ed Miliband made a hugely useful contribution with a tweet saying that the people who died were among the poorest in the world and something should be done. I suppose if they had been moderately affluent it would have been less of a tragedy, Ed, you halfwit. Again, with Hodges and Miliband and the ludicrous Izzy Saunders, the response was all about infantile attitudinalising, nothing more than a wish to tell everybody else that they care more than every-body else and that therefore they are right.

    Here’s the deal. There are two ways in which we can act to prevent future boatloads of migrants from drowning in the Mediterranean, and only two ways. Let them all in, or stop them trying to come. Letting them all in would certainly save more lives in the short term. It would require us to send comfortable and seaworthy boats to Libya, Syria, Tunisia and so on and allow on board anyone who wished to come, perhaps for a small nominal fee. The boats would be equipped with medical facilities and also security officers, to prevent the Muslim passengers trying to murder everyone else. That would be humane and it would undoubtedly prevent deaths at sea — and if the liberal left advanced this argument one could at least respect the logic. I think it would cause a few problems: million upon million upon million of people would come and by teatime on day one the countries of Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and most of the Sahel would be virtually deserted, just the occasional black flag left waving in the desert breeze. I don’t think we want that. But if Dan and Izzy and Ed do want that, they should say so. And think about how we might deal with the consequences.

    Because there is no middle way. Sending a few more boats to float around the Med looking for people to rescue is an absurd answer and would surely lead to many more deaths. It would be like a vast aquatic version of It’s A Knockout: will the patrol boat near Sicily reach the dinghy near Capri before it capsizes and everyone dies? Oh dear no, just a few days too late — and the Somalians played their joker! Jeux sans frontières indeed. Again, the only people who advance this answer are those who do not wish to save more lives, they simply want to feel better about themselves. They are not remotely interested in outcomes, only about trying to show other people that they care.

    Stopping people trying to come here is, for me, the better solution (and is basically the one advanced by the Evil Nazi Hellhound, Katie Hopkins). Make it clear there will be no rescues at all and that anyone who succeeds in reaching Europe will be sent straight back to where they came from. These traffickers set out expecting that there is a good chance they will be rescued, so remove that possibility from the equation. Use armed boats to drive back the traffickers. Make it even more clear that refugees who apply for asylum legally will always take precedent over those who come here in a cast-iron bath tub captained by some predatory Tunisian scumbag. Those who come illegally by boat will never get asylum. This stuff all works, and we have the Australian example for evidence. Their prime minister, Tony Abbott, introduced this tough approach in 2014. In the previous two years 35,000 people arrived in Australia from Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines. And there were countless deaths at sea. Six months of the get-tough policy and there was not a single ‘people-smuggling venture’, as the Australians put it.

    Will we feel better about ourselves? Probably not. But lives will undoubtedly be saved.

    This is a preview from this week’s issue of The Spectator

  69. John birch – 20:40
    ” I suppose if they had been moderately affluent it would have been less of a tragedy, Ed, you halfwit. ”

    They must have been ‘moderately affluent’ prior to paying for the trip, though probably ‘moderately poor’ after the financial transaction.

  70. So, John Birch, I guess “liberal left” should be designated “oxymoron of the day”?

  71. John birch – 20:40

    It must be difficult for parents of young children to explain why muslims on TV go around killing infidels, like us, (and enjoy it), while muslims in their class, and in their neighbourhood don’t.

    I can’t explain it to myself, convincingly, so what do they do?

    Nothing probably, but then, what do the children make of it?

  72. John birch – 20:31

    “This invasion of refugees is a far bigger threat than Russia. Leaving the UN Convention, which was agreed in an utterly different world, would do more good than renewing Trident.”

    Mr Boot’s admirers take note.

    “I suspect that most refugees would prefer to stay in Libya.”

    I expect, only the Libyans would want to stay in Libya! We could create an enclave, in Libya, but it would be impossible to stop muslims infiltrating and going on a killing spree, with the bad PR to follow!

    “If we don’t do something like this, the time will come when people will be moving countries to seek asylum from asylum seekers.”
    There won’t be many places left: Australia (if they will let us in), the Falklands ???

    Entropy rules, and where would the Worlds wealth be created?

  73. I’ve contacted the Equality Advisory Service to ask if this event at Godlsmith’s is both racial and sexual discrimination.

  74. The EU living in cloud-cuckoo-land:

    Brussels charges Gazprom with market abuse
    “Gazprom has been accused of illegally overcharging its customers and abusing its position of dominance in central and eastern Europe.”

    Yes Putin, you and whose Army? 🙂 🙂 🙂

    From where I am, it is funny, even if a little dangerous.

  75. RobertC

    More news on cloud-cuckoo land:

    “A statistic that stunned me is the fact that Greece already imports more from Russia and China than they do from their two largest European trade partners. So if Greece pivots to the East, that’s another big blow to the West. This is just another sign that economic power is flowing faster and faster from West to East.”

  76. Yes, I have not seen any “Putin fanboys” here only some people who take issue on Mr. Boot’s view of Russia being the more dangerous warmonger than NATO at present.. Chris Morriss makes his point though. He likes what Mr. Boot has to say about Mr. Putin. He doesn’t like those who don’t. Into the question of how the one is cogent and the other not he does not venture.

    Mr. Morriss might like to pause over the article from which the following is taken:

    “These days, when you call someone ‘pro-Russian’, that’s about on on the same level as ‘murderer’, rapist, things like that. And that must be why the western press once again resorts to ‘pro-Russian’ as a swear word, or even curse, in reporting on the murders of at least 10 people in Ukraine over the past 3 months…

    ….While the killing spree is ongoing, US troops arrived last week to ‘train’ the Ukraine government (and oligarchs) army. The British have had ‘instructors’ there for a long time. We know Blackwater aka XE aka Academi has boots on the ground. We also know that Right Sector leader Dmitro Yarosh (known for various photographs with his ‘troops’ which feature swastikas), was appointed to a high post in that same Ukraine army. Yarosh is also an MP. Nice assembly.

    And ‘we’ support this? By we, I mean not only the US, Europe is just as hungry for a fight, and just as blind when it comes to facts vs fiction. But what on earth are we doing paying for all this? Have we all completely lost our heads, hearts and minds? We’re supposed to support democracies, not death squads!”

    Saving western civilisation, Mr. Morriss?

  77. Malfleur – 23:02 ‘More news on cloud-cuckoo land’

    It’s not even the end of April.

    And I don’t think it has much to do with the East at all, just the West’s inability to understand what made it successful in the past.

  78. Malfleur – 23:29
    “Have we all completely lost our heads, hearts and minds?”

    “It’s not even the end of April.”

    Germany’s Energy Policy is in tatters, with windmills ruling the roost and generating electricity in the wrong place, while the nuclear industry is closing down because of the Japanese tsunami conjuring up images of a giant tsunami sweeping across Germany and causing a similar accident.

    But don’t worry, Germany can trust a reliable gas supply from Russia! 🙂

    If we had some leaders, like Farage, at least we would be heading in the right direction. When he said that we should accept some of the Christian refugees, I don’t think that the ‘Elites’, the Left and the rest of the BBC understood why he suggested it: because they have no where else to go, we are a Christian based country and they are not likely to blow us up or behead passers by.

  79. UK Islamists Lay Down the Law

    It’s obvious, now I have read it. 🙂

  80. Radford NG
    April 22nd, 2015 – 16:42

    It does look as though my suggestion of a Boot/Hitchens debate (with Murray thrown in, if he has an opinion on this?) would be timely and stimulating if, given the theme, a bit crepuscular.

    Mr. Boot might have to sharpen up his act on this particular question though if he wanted to maintain his end.

    I am sure that there is an argument that can be run that Mr. Putin would like to see the West defeated militarily by Russia. Capabilities and intentions, though, capabilities and intentions.Either side mind you could destroy civilization if it wished. Fortunately, no one is that crazy – we all want to be able to continue to have a Kir Royale at Fouquet’s before dinner, surely?

  81. I think petitions to do something should be obliged to have and report a yes I support this and no I don’t boxes.
    I would be very interested in the results.
    I suspect many petitions would be shown to quite unpopular with a no box.

  82. News Flash: North Korea Wins Earth Day for Record 45th Year in a Row!

  83. “The FBI Used to Have Integrity. Now Agents Lie, Cheat, and Break the Law.
    The agency cuts constitutional corners in order to incriminate, then tries to change the subject.”
    Andrew Napolitano

  84. I wish I wish I wish in vain
    That Verity could share our thoughts again
    A million brickbats at the drop of a hat
    I’d give it all gladly if our blog could be like that

  85. If circumstances come to allow it, then I could certainly try to arrange a discussion between Alex Boot and Peter Hitchens.

  86. Lutfur Rahman found guilty of corrupt and illegal practices.
    Mayoral election in Tower Hamlets will have to be re-run.

  87. RobertC (23:42)

    Unfortunately Farage missed a good opportunity last night on Newsnight to snatch Davis’s pink feather duster, with which the increasingly frenetic pooftah was attempting to beat him, and ram it up his pleasure passage, by pointing out the obvious, as you did in the last paragraph of your comment. Sadly he bottled out. Why?

  88. Still don’t get it, do they?

    “This is not the consequence of the racial and religious mix of the population, nor is it linked to any ascertainable pattern of social or other deprivation. It is the result of the ruthless ambition of one man.”


  89. Even the NYT are outing the HillBillies and their rampant corruption now. Will it make any difference to the outcome? Doubtful! So nearly two more years of Obama on a roll, followed by eight years of Clinton chicanery. And we’re fretting about our own Ruritanian shambles and who is going to play the lead in the next travesty here? DMAFF!

  90. Thanks EC

    I missed the earlier part of the interview and having read the Delingpole fisk, am slightly less pissed at Nigel for not addressing the obvious point of welcoming Christian asylum seekers as they are unlikely to plot against us – as Muslims not only do, but quite expressly do. He seems to have batted well before that. I suppose his riposte that the Australian vetting method would be his policy implied it, but unless someone has the balls to say quite clearly that we have imported a surfeit of trouble already with Islamic infiltration and enough is enough. No more Muslims! Even the ones fleeing from their own sectarian Islamic internecine wars. Why import another sectarian war?

  91. Another take on the game of charades currently in progress.

    This time from Brendan O’Neill.

  92. Contrary to what ‘Chris Morriss’ states in an earlier posting, he is by no means the only one ‘here’ who ‘admires the writings of Alex Boot’. The host himself; ACP (who introduced us to Mr Boot long ago) – and several other Wallsters, have all both linked and praised Alex’s posts and some even attended one of his lectures at the Counting House last year. I often link his posts hereto when they are apposite to the craic of the moment and have purchased and read some of his books. Obviously Mr Morriss (why two esses one wonders) only reads his own posts when he creeps into the crypt, craps and creeps out again.

    Anyway for those who do ‘admire’ the musings of our Russian guru, here is another which addresses and indeed expands a subject mentioned above:

    So before you start to pass judgment and claim superior taste to the gnarled commentariat of this forum, Mr Morrrisssss: get some in, you tyro! Or you could find yourself delegated to the Lubywanker oubliette with the other cur. Just because we don’t all slavishly agree with every thesis posited by our collaborators of the right persuasion, don’t be fooled into thinking we aren’t generally on the same page. Just saying’!

  93. The list of the corporate banksters’ puppets in the US government who should be arrested in timely action by remnant constitutional oathkeepers in the United States military grows apace.

    Here is the approach by Zero Hedge to the latest scandal involving the Clinton family for its involvement in selling a large percentage of America’s URANIUM SUPPLY TO THE RUSSIANS !!! which was touched on by Breitbart in the article which I posted here yesterday:

    Some will be reminded by this story of the happy chance by which Vice President Biden’s son, the aptly named Hunter, joined the Ukrainian oil and gas company, Burisma, not long after Victoria Nuland and her buddies procured the overthrow of the democratically elected government in Kiev last year: a nice little earner there for everyone concerned no doubt….

    And it’s one, two, three,
    What are we fighting for ?
    Don’t ask me, I don’t give a damn

  94. British military may only take an oath to the Queen rather than to our constitution, in which case, faced with the following kind of story with regard to Mr. Anthony Blair, no action is required and they can bat on:

    “….Amid this influx of Uranium One-connected money, Mr. Clinton was invited to speak in Moscow in June 2010, the same month Rosatom struck its deal for a majority stake in Uranium One.

    The $500,000 fee — among Mr. Clinton’s highest — was paid by Renaissance Capital, a Russian investment bank with ties to the Kremlin that has invited world leaders, including Tony Blair, the former British prime minister, to speak at its annual investor conference.
    Ah, Tony Blair. One of the most unabashed war criminal profiteers alive today. Recall:

    Letter Reveals Tony Blair Advised Kazakhstan’s President on How to Spin Massacre of Innocent, Unarmed Protesters

    Tony Blair Gets Paid (Again) – Secret $61,000 per Month Contract with Saudis Revealed….”


    Well, come on mothers throughout the land,
    Pack your boys off to [please enter the country du jour]
    Come on fathers, don’t hesitate,
    Send ’em off before it’s too late.

  95. If you want a picture of the future, imagine a clone of Ed Balls standing on guard at every street corner of the United Kingdom forever.

  96. Malfleur at 07:48.
    I fear that the reality might be a clone of Lutfur Rahman at each street corner!

  97. Frank P at 21:52.
    The double-s in my surname is authentic. A small percentage of those with the Morris(s) surname are like that. Probably as a result of the literacy level at some point in the last few hundred years. Though the first recorded spelling of the surname was “Morrisse”.

    I do however post under my real name, unlike too many of the craven people here.

  98. Chris Morriss

    “I do however post under my real name, unlike too many of the craven people here.”

    I bet you leave your doors unlocked at night as well.

  99. Malfleur at 09:31.
    No, though in the area I live, I probably could.
    I just have the view that posting under ones real name is simply common decency. A long discarded virtue in the UK these days.

  100. Malfleur – 09:31


  101. @09:39

    You have every right to post under the name “Chris Morriss.” This may or may not be your real name. You may or may not live in Little Twittering, Berkshire, where the residents leave their doors unlocked at night. You have have the right to claim that too, regardless. Nobody cares.

    You do not have the right to the lofty perch of unearned moral superiority upon which you appear to sit, and from which you make unwarranted character judgements of fellow commenters. This is and example of the lack of “common decency” that you claim to decry! If you cannot grasp that point, if our pen names offend you so much then you also have the right to go elsewhere.

    There, Peter, I didn’t use the “F” or “C” words once. 🙂

  102. ‘Vitter said in his news release Thursday that “a second whistleblower has come forward connecting the HSBC settlement to British Prime Minister David Cameron, alleging that PM Cameron asked President Obama against criminally prosecuting HSBC.” ‘

    We need to clean house. Farage is our best shot. Let’s give it our best shot on May 7th!

  103. Now look where the banksters and their cronies are headed:

    ” Why have your money on deposit at a negative rate that reduces your wealth when you can have it in cash and suffer no reduction? Cash therefore gives people an easy and effective way of avoiding negative nominal rates. Buiter’s note suggests three ways to address this problem:
    Abolish currency.
    Tax currency.
    Remove the fixed exchange rate between currency and central bank reserves/deposits.
    Yes, Buiter’s solution to cash’s ability to allow people to avoid negative deposit rates is to abolish cash altogether.”

  104. More Lynching than lynched:

    Republicans Orrin Hatch (UT), Jeff Flake (AZ), Lindsey Graham (SC), Mark Kirk (IL), and Susan Collins (ME), Kelly Ayotte (NH), Rob Portman (OH), and tea partier Ron Johnson (R-WI), Thad Cochran (MS) and Majority Leader Mitch McConnell

  105. Malfleur – 13:18

    Animal Farm?

  106. Rear Admiral Chris Parry CBE (Retired) warns of islamist raids on European islands like Malta and the rise of the Barbary pirates.
    As a serving officer responsible for foreseeing future threats he warned of this in 2006 but was told to drop it as it was racist.
    “I said [in 2006]the world was heading for a migratory pattern that is on the par with the end of the fifth century.”
    He said in 2006 migratory patterns would emerge resembling “the 5th century Roman empire facing the Goths and Vandals”.
    He spoke of large populations of migrants with no allegiance to their new homes destabilising nations such as the UK. [Source;Breitbart]

  107. Another admirable piece of prose from Mr Boot, who follows up the pasting of Vernon Coaker by Brillo this morning on DP, then hammered Hague

  108. …the vague, in a twoferone, inadvertantly doing Nigel a favour. Brillo then followed through with the best bit of stand-up satire I’ve seen for many-a-day (albeit sitting down) when he took the piss for five minutes or so out of the ‘leader’ of the so-called socialist labour party. There are times like this when I warm to Brillo.

    Anyway pop over to Boot’s patch and take a look at his latest – you’ll see what I mean.

  109. … and if you missed Daily Politics this morning, it’s worth dredging through iPlayer to see the whole hour – one of the best ever, imho.

  110. … no Jo Coburn too – a bonus!

  111. The security situation in the Mediterranean will continue to deteriorate to the point where we can expect Islamist raids on European islands, a recently retired Royal Navy Admiral has told Breitbart London.

    Rear Admiral Chris Parry CBE, the straight-talking former Director General of the Ministry of Defence Development, Concepts, and Doctrine Centre, the government body tasked with foreseeing future strategic threats, made the comments in an interview this week as European nations gathered to discuss the sudden migrant crisis gripping the Mediterranean.

    The Threat of Islam
    Parry, who warned in a government paper in 1990 that Islam would replace Communism as the main threat against the West and accurately predicted the collapse of African and Arab nations during the so-called ‘Arab Spring’, told Breitbart London he regretted the government was only taking action now, and had not heeded his warning earlier. The Falklands veteran said his warnings were ignored in 2006 when he wrote a major paper on future threats, as the Labour government of the day deemed speaking about Immigration as racist.

    Parry remarked:

    “When I said these things in 2006, my political masters told me to drop it, that it was racist, but I told them it was just what came out of the analysis of the raw data.

    “the government interpreted my report as having a go at immigration which was a ‘verboten’ subject in those days, it was all about multiculturalism. Any mention of immigration was considered to be ideologically incorrect. But I didn’t mention immigration, I merely said the world was heading for a migratory pattern that is on a par with the end of the fifth century”.

    A speech given by Parry in 2006 at the Royal United Services Institute was reported by The Times after he said the migratory patterns that would emerge in the coming decade would resemble “the 5th century Roman empire facing the Goths and the Vandals”, as European nations experienced a process of “reverse colonisation”.

    Piracy on Europe’s Doorstep
    Although Parry said he stood by his comments of moving diasporas and large populations of migrants with no allegiance to their new homes destabilising nations such as the UK, he said the increasingly fragile Mediterranean was more of a threat to Europe. Libya, now an increasingly lawless state after the British-backed toppling of former dictator Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, is fuelling this change in the Mediterranean as it becomes a haven for criminals engaging in people smuggling.

    Parry said at first, the switch from people smuggling as a profitable and comparatively risk-free criminal activity to piracy of the sort seen off the lawless Horn of Africa would be driven by a profit motive. He said:

    “It is only a matter of time before we get crime and piracy off the North African coast. People will see it as a business opportunity and they will take it.

    “People used to call them Barbary pirates, and they will come back when you have a collapse of governance if there isn’t a strong system of international control in the Mediterranean. You can compare it to what Jessie James is reputed to have said when asked ‘why do you rob banks?’ – ‘it’s where the money is.

    During the last Caliphate, ‘Barbary’ pirates from North Africa grew incredibly rich by attacking European and American ships in the Mediterranean, taking the cargoes and holding the crews hostage. Many would be sold into slavery, with young white women and girls being particularly prized, while others were ransomed back at enormous profit, creating an income stream also used by the new Caliphate established by the Islamic State today.

    Terror From the Sea
    Parry said that isolated attacks on easily overpowered craft such as yachts could be expected soon. At least two coast guard ships have already been fired upon by Libyan people smugglers, as they used AK-47s to recapture impounded smuggling boats.

    Citing the 2008 Mubai terror attack in which Islamist killers used inflatable speedboats to land commandos to kill over 150, Parry said terrorist groups in Northern Africa, a number of which have already sworn allegiance to the Islamic State, could launch raids against southern Europe. Such attacks were common in the 17th and 19th centuries, when Caliphate ships would raid coastal settlements in Italy, Spain, and even as far afeild as Cornwall in England to capture slaves and hostages for ransom. Parry remarked:

    “90 per cent of the wealth, both personal and corporate in the Mediterranean is on the northern shore and 10 per cent is on the south. You have a demographic explosion all across North Africa, and an ageing demographic in Europe. That is all the historic ingredients for terror and crime.

    “We will soon be experiencing minor hit and run attacks on remote parts of Europe, like Malta and the Greek Islands”.

    Message to Policy Makers: How to Avert Disaster
    It is possible for Europe and Western civilisation to forestall these attacks, Rear Admiral Parry said, even if the best chance for peace in the Mediterranean had already been lost, as the governments capable of maintaining peace in North Africa and the Levant had already collapsed in the Arab Spring. In his message to policy makers, Parry was unapologetic about the role Britain and other maritime nations like the United States, Canada and Australia had to play:

    “Long term, we have to stabilise the whole community around the Mediterranean… we have to be able to hold our maritime borders, because we have very aggressive Islamism which wants to recreate the extent of Islamic lands the Middle Ages.

    “If you look at the maps put out by the Islamic State, it is pretty clear what they want back. Italy, Spain. They want back what they once had. Islam is a very territorial religion.

    “If there isn’t the political will or military ability to face down threats off the North African littoral, be it migration, criminality, or terrorism, then we will get progressive erosion. We will get raids on coasts, we will get yachts intercepted at sea, we will get merchant ships subject to terrorist, pirate, or criminal attack.

    “The Western world needs to have more self belief in its own values, it has to hold its nerve, and we have to rediscover a lot of self-reliance”.

    Praising Tony Abbott’s policy of sinking migrant ships with naval gunfire and returning people to their home countries where possible, Parry remained sceptic that the sudden tough talk about sinking smuggler boats in Europe would actually happen, remarking that sending in special forces teams to Libya would be like “putting your fingers in a mangle”.

    The United Nation’s International Maritime Organisation (IMO) should be taking the lead in the Mediterranean, but he didn’t hold out much hope for their getting involved in a meaningful way either:

    “If this sort of thing was happening on land, the area would be crawling with United Nations blue helmets [peacekeepers], but because it’s at sea, it is ignored. The gutless IMO always go for the low-hanging fruit like climate change and emissions control, collecting their grossly inflated pensions and doing bugger all”.

  112. Now,THIS is a `useful idiot`: Miliband tells`Muslim News`Labour will outlaw Islamaphobia.(24 April)
    An editorial comment says they expect 11 muslim Labour MPs after the election.
    [Source:Tommy Robinson]

  113. John Birch and RadfordNG

    The two posts read in sequence are spine chilling.

    The prospect of a Gramscian disciple in No. 10 and another Alinski disciple in the Oval office less than two years later, is a double whammy that I hope I don’t live to experience.

    We should urge Richard Kemp and Chris Parry to join forces and organize a coup d’etat as soon as the election chaos ensues after May 7th.

    It is not an exaggeration to say that this is the most dangerous period in the history of Western Civilization. And with the equivalent of two Neros – one on each side of the Atlantic, fiddling while ‘Rome’ burns, something really drastic is now an imperative.

  114. Yes, the Muslim agenda has been hidden from the public all through this election but in the jihadists’ Long March there is but one objective: to get Islam put on a par with Judaism.

    Then, by way of law, it can be called a race – even though it’s a religion.

    That puts the boot even harder on the windpip of free speech. The trouble is, the Tories would do the same, look at the grooming of Sajid Sickbag Javid.

  115. `Mr. Miliband may be in danger of losing more votes then he gains.Is it possible he can clarify what he means by “Islamophobia”? ` [Asks Richard Dawkins].

  116. And Cameron wants 20% of all organizations to be from ethnic minorities ;although Prospect magazine for May admits they make up 16% of the UK population.

  117. I would insist that 20% of David Cameron be from ethnic minorities or be removed from office instanter.

  118. Radford NG
    April 25th, 2015 – 11:42
    And Cameron wants 20% of all organizations to be from ethnic minorities ;although Prospect magazine for May admits they make up 16% of the UK population.

    I would like to complain at the fact that so many (more than 16%) of the news readers come from ‘ethnic’ backgrounds, mostly Islamic. Unfortunately, most of the native born white and black speakers sound as though they have never been educated. Elocution has certainly never been a part of their curriculum. By contrast, the ‘ethnics’ are much easier to listen to, especially those who read the weather forecasts, and they do not wave their arms around like frightened birds.

  119. “….In the past, I have likened the liberty movement to a rebellion against not just tyrants but the game itself – a group of people willing to walk away from the chess board and make their own rules. I stand by that assertion. However, simply walking away is not enough; we must also be willing to take actions that will destroy the game entirely.

    In order to accomplish this task, any rebellion against corruption of power must be self-critical – more self-critical of its own weaknesses than opposing propagandists could ever be…..”

  120. Add this cameo to the picture emerging from today’s posts above:

    … more grist to the Muslim mill.

  121. “There’s a one-eyed yellow idol to the north of Katmandu …”

    Is that still true, I wonder?

  122. The Islamic war now being waged to destroy our civilisation is the most monstrous danger we have faced for centuries. Those in charge of us ignore and even facilitate this jihad.

    Yet at the same time they engage in provocative, unjustified and very dangerous interference in the events in Ukraine.

    Add to this that our governments constantly brainwash our people to supinely accept it all.

    There are two very good pieces touching on these poisonous – and frightening – phenomena in today’s National Post –

  123. Re. Frank P’s Independent link:

    “The Prime Minister said Britain was a “shining example” of a country where individuals with multiple identities thrive.”

    Yes, and frequently in the same politician.

  124. “…where you can wear a hijab covered in poppies.” (ibid)

    Has Mr. Cameron finally gone round the bend and out into the ocean?

  125. Malfleur – 23:47

    Mr PR man just reads this stuff, he doesn’t write it or believe any of it.

  126. malfleur – 23.47

    Just all at sea!

    Have you seen what he plans in No 10 ? A referendum!

    Has he had a personality change?

  127. The flames were extinguished for Hexhamgeezer
    We remember his posts as such a pleaser
    I know he never suffered slight
    So sad he said an early goodnight

  128. Nigel Farage’s poll ratings shoot up in Thanet?

    Er, no. Not quite. They were alreadt that high. It’s just that as we get towards the polling day the ‘independent’ polling companies must launder the past four months efforts at muddying the waters by finally telling something near to the truth.

    ICM, the company that put together the audience that Farage criticised in the BBC debate, put UKIP down as third in the European elections. UKIP won that election, even with ‘body snatcher’ party ‘An Independence From Europe’ being on the top of the folded ballot paper. Plus the usual shedloads of fraudulent postal votes.

    Whatever happened to Lord Ashcroft’s ‘An Independence From Europe’ Party?

    And what of Britain First? The taxpayer-funded collection of incompetent undercover special branch stooges whose job was to align themselves with UKIP?

  129. ~~~Peregrine Falcons~~~with 3 chicks~~~on the nest~~~

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Live video feed.~~~~~~~~~~~~

  130. Robert C,

    “All at sea”

    Miliband vs Cameron?

    A choice between the Devil and the Shallow Blue All At Sea

  131. Hexhamgeezer? Have I missed something?

  132. i commented this but says awaiting moderation
    bet it never gets published

    well how will this get past the equality act 2010. its clearly racist so cant work
    and how will it work at the ECHR?
    and fear of the mysogenistic, violent, intolerant paedophile islam isnt a phobia (a phobis is a fear of something that cant harm you), its a real fear.
    when Islam stops attacking christians, jews, apostates and athietst then maybe this law might be needed.

  133. A Sunday morning message from Kipling (courtesy Gerard) with an illustration that Rudyard may have envisaged, but never saw:

    A fillip for the faithful, midst the doom, gloom and gobbledegook emanating from the MSM.

  134. BTW – eat your heart out Fergus!

  135. It’s the last Sunday before the final full week of campaigning, so out come Miliband and Johnson for a confected ‘row’ in front of Common Purposer Andrew Marr.

    And they both went to the same primary school and they both went to the same secondary school and their only intention is pull the drawbridge up after them, retreat to their cartel enclave together, and say to their voters: ‘Ha, fooled you again!’

  136. David Cameron – my plan for my first 100 days in power:

    Day 1 – Point out that I am in coalition and rip up all promises in front of your face because coalition makes me unaccountable and then say – didn’t you notice I did that last time?

    No ifs, no buts.

  137. Vote Labour (against the SNP)–Norman Tebbit.
    “….the most amazing development …..since Enoch Powell urged supporters to vote Labour.”Peter Hitchens.
    Lord Tebbit says it is logical for Tory supporters to vote Labour where it is contesting seats with the SNP.

  138. Meanwhile Paul Dacre reaches the bottom of the barrel.
    Headline reads:`I support Ukip`,says Ian Brady.
    (Source:Mail-on-line;following an article in the Mirror.)
    I won’t dignify this by giving it a link.

  139. Paul Dacre has had the most appaling election campaign and has been outflanked by the Express, with Richard Desmond giving money and column inches to UKIP.

    The Mail has cut its immigration stories to zero for days on end sometimes during this campaign, but with most of the campaigning out of the way, it has suddenly found space for race card frauds, who are ten a plenty in the UK.

    Their ‘sky will fall on your head schtick’ is utterly nauseating. Britain was broken. Britain is broken. So who gives a toss about LibLabCon? THey’ve had 50 years to fix it and all they’ve done since the war is try to turn the place into a Third World hell hole.

  140. Although the Mail gave space to the Janner story, it seemed that was only because they felt they had to. THey’ve been protecting the Establighment right throughout the campaign by shutting up about many other parts of the paedo-politician gangs.

    The Mail doesn’t like the Kincora story because it exposes MI5 and MI6 as a den of nonce boys. Dacre prefers to wheel out Max Hastings to tell us all how jolly well grateful we should be that MI5 and MI6 ‘protect’ us:

    We must investigate new sex abuse claims says Leo McKinstry

    By Leo McKinstry
    PUBLISHED: 00:01, Thu, Apr 9, 2015 | UPDATED: 16:42, Fri, Apr 17, 2015

    THE edifice of lies is starting to crumble.

    For years there have been dark rumours that a paedophile ring operated at the heart of the British establishment in the 1970s and early-1980s.

    Such claims used to be frequently dismissed as nothing more than lurid conspiracy theories.

    But after all the revelations about Cyril Smith and Jimmy Savile that kind of arrogance is no longer tenable.

    A significant new development has further exposed the foul malignancy within the political system.

    This week Richard Kerr, a child abuse survivor from Northern Ireland, recounted how he was not only brutally exploited by paedophiles in the notorious care home of Kincora in Belfast but was also trafficked to London, where he was assaulted at the Elm Guest House in south-west London and at a flat in Dolphin Square, the apartment complex near Parliament.

    These locations in the capital have heavily featured in allegations about a paedophile network within the elite.

    Cyril Smith reportedly was a visitor to the Elm Guest House.

    What is so important about Richard Kerr’s testimony this week is that he provides confirmation of the link between the sinister Kincora home and the bases of organised paedophilia in London.

    It is clear that the strings of this influential web of depravity extended right across our country.

    And that is why it is vital that the remit of the official inquiry into historical child abuse must be extended to cover Kincora.

    So far Home Secretary Theresa May has refused to take this step, arguing that allegations of past abuse in Belfast are a devolved matter for the Northern Irish Government.

    This is unconvincing, first because the worst of Kincora’s horrors occurred during the Troubles when London was directly responsible for the governance of Northern Ireland.

    Second because the home was integral to the operations of the political elite’s national paedophile ring.

    Kincora is no minor, peripheral Ulster problem. It is a key element of the abuse saga.

    Founded in 1958 as a home for troubled teenage boys the place was turned into an arena of exploitation by its warden William McGrath, a fanatical Orangeman and pederast who eventually was jailed in 1980, along with two Kincora colleagues, for several counts of abuse after a newspaper exposé.

    Yet the authorities had known about the nature of his sick regime for years before this.

    The reason he had been able to get away with his crimes for so long was because of his connections to the establishment, especially military intelligence, the civil service and Westminster.

    In fact, it is said that within the establishment paedophile ring Kincora came to be regarded as a kind of weekend retreat.

    According to one source, Sir Maurice Oldfield, the former head of MI6, was an occasional visitor, as were several senior MPs.

    Part of McGrath’s immunity lay in his closeness to top Unionist politician Sir Robin Knox Cunningham, who was also a pederast and once served as parliamentary private secretary to Harold Macmillan.

    While at Cambridge, Knox Cunningham had become friends with Anthony Blunt, later the infamous Soviet spy and another alleged abuser of Kincora boys.

    It has been claimed that Blunt used his knowledge of Kincora’s other clients to protect himself from prosecution when he had been uncovered as a spy.

    The establishment paedophiles do not seem to have confined their abuse in Ulster just to Kincora’s premises.

    I was telephoned recently by a respected BBC journalist who told me that he had uncovered serious allegations that boys from care homes in Belfast and Dublin had been trafficked for rape-fuelled sessions in stately homes in the west of the province.

    The violent chaos in Ulster at the time provided the perfect cover to protect abusers and silence witnesses.

    In a world dominated by fear the usual checks on the misuse of power disappeared. Investigations could easily be shut down in the name of security.

    Former army intelligence officer Brian Gemmell said yesterday that in 1975 MI5 told him aggressively to stop looking into claims of abuse at Kincora despite the powerful evidence he had collected.

    Another former officer Colin Wallace said in 1973 that he had received intelligence about abuse but his superiors had refused to act on the information.

    The Troubles had also created a society where death was woven into its fabric, thereby giving further protection to those with something to hide.

    Many of those close to warden William McGrath came to sudden ends in the early-1980s.

    Josh Cardwell, a Belfast Unionist councillor in charge of children’s homes and a suspected paedophile, was found dead in his garage from carbon monoxide poisoning in March 1982.

    Even more chillingly John McKeague, a pederast and extreme loyalist paramilitary leader, was gunned down in 1982 soon after he had reportedly told police that he was prepared to give the names of the other men involved in the Kincora paedophile ring.

    His killers were reported to be dissident republicans, though it has been claimed that they had links to British intelligence.

    This murky world needs a full, public enquiry with the power to demand testimony and documents from the security forces.

    The limited investigation into Kincora, currently under way in mid-Ulster, does not go nearly far enough.

    A national approach is the least that survivors such as Richard Kerr deserve.

  141. Mr Rahman was accused of “corrupt and illegal practices” during his controversial re-election last May
    Law and Order • 5 hours ago
    Threats, bullying and cowardice: The inside story of the Tower Hamlets mayor election fraud
    Pressure on witnesses and Met’s pursuit of petitioners were backdrop to trial that ousted ‘lying’ Tower Hamlets mayor, writes Andrew Gilligan
    By Andrew Gilligan 12:40 PM BST 26 April 2015
    Last Thursday, as Lutfur Rahman, the extremist-linked mayor of Tower Hamlets, was thrown out of office by a judge for corruption, vote-rigging and bribery, the Metropolitan Police called in one of the saga’s key figures for an interview under caution.
    But it wasn’t the former mayor or any of his associates. The suspect the Met wants to talk to is Andy Erlam, the lead petitioner in the court case against Mr Rahman.
    “I was sitting in court, listening to the judge read out the ruling, when I got an email from a CID officer asking me to attend an interview this coming Tuesday,” said Mr Erlam. “It is Kafkaesque.”
    As Mr Erlam read this on his phone, the judge, Richard Mawrey QC, was giving his verdict on the “ruthless”, “manipulative” and “lying” Mr Rahman, praising the “exemplary courage” of Mr Erlam and his three fellow petitioners, calling them “vindicated” in their claim that last May’s election was stolen.
    But the road to victory was strewn with potholes. Now the case is over, the Telegraph – involved from the start – can tell the full story of the threats, bullying and official cowardice which protected Mr Rahman and discouraged his opponents. Disturbingly, some of that bullying has come from the Metropolitan Police.
    At 7am on Jan 27, six days before the election trial was due to start, three Met officers arrived on Mr Erlam’s doorstep to arrest him for “perverting the course of justice”.
    “I refused to open the door,” said Mr Erlam. “It was an illegal arrest – they had no grounds. Eventually, they went away. But I decided to leave in case they came back.”
    • Lutfur Rahman: the election scandal made worse by the authorities
    Mr Erlam spent the last week before the case living away from home to avoid the Met. “To my mind, the clear intention of the police was to discredit me just as the case started,” he said.
    His alleged offence, with another petitioner in the case, Azmal Hussain, was to have intimidated a witness, Abdul Latif Khan, into signing a false statement. But the supposed victim had already told police that the “crime” never happened. “I was put under absolutely no pressure by Mr Erlam or Mr Hussain,” he said. “I have made no complaint against either of them.”
    According to emails seen by The Telegraph, the judge was “angry” at police behaviour and wrote to them saying the election trial should take precedence. Now it is over, the Met has swung back into action. “I’m not going to the interview,” said Mr Erlam. “They’ll have to arrest me. I will insist on handcuffs and I want a picture.”
    Mr Khan, meanwhile, has written to the police, demanding they investigate those who were really intimidating him – Mr Rahman’s supporters.

    Lutfur Rahman, the extremist-linked mayor of Tower Hamlets
    But investigating Mr Rahman and his supporters has not, for the most part, been on the Met’s agenda. “Our witnesses have been subjected to massive and genuine intimidation, but the police have pretty clearly chosen a side in this case,” said Mr Erlam. “I think there’s actual corruption here – there’s a pattern of behaviour that doesn’t make sense any other way.”
    Some of the intimidation has been more like Chicago in the 1930s than London in 2015. For many years, it can now be revealed, Mr Rahman has benefited from a group of “enforcers”, individuals attached to youth organisations heavily funded by his council. Any Bangladeshi speaking against the mayor could expect a doorstep visit.
    During the election trial, it stepped up. According to Mr Erlam and Mr Hussain, at least 12 of their 80 witnesses suffered serious pressure. The wife of a witness against Mr Rahman was told by four men that they would burn down her house, killing her and her children, if he testified.
    Another witness was assaulted by two of Mr Rahman’s supporters inside the Royal Courts of Justice itself. His testimony, needless to say, was not very useful to either party. The police took no action in the second case.
    For all their interest in the petitioners’ witness statements, the Met paid no attention to the statement production line on the Rahman side.
    • Lutfur Rahman: 30 things you need to know
    As the judge put it, “witnesses whose command of English turned out in the witness box to be rudimentary nonetheless produced polished English prose in their witness statements containing words that appeared to baffle them in cross-examination.
    “The occasional witness claimed to have typed out his witness statement himself, oblivious to the fact that its appearance was absolutely identical to that of other (allegedly unconnected) witnesses.
    “The nadir came when one witness gave a graphic account of how he had attended a polling station to cast his vote and found it a haven of tranquillity, only to be confronted with absolutely incontrovertible evidence that [he] had, in fact, voted by post.”
    Evidence from the Telegraph – whose reporter testified – was crucial in substantiating a key plank of the case. As the judge explained, it was not necessary for the petitioners to prove enough votes were faked to change the election’s outcome. “One bogus vote, if arranged by the candidate or someone who is in law his agent, will unseat the candidate, however large his majority.”
    We revealed that at least three of Mr Rahman’s council candidates – all of them “agents in law” for Mr Rahman – had themselves cast bogus votes, from fake addresses where they did not live. That alone was enough to prove electoral “corruption” by the Rahman campaign, though evidence from a document examiner that hundreds more votes may have been forged can’t have done the case against Mr Rahman any harm. At least one of the fake addresses has been known to police for years.
    Mr Mawrey’s judgment makes clear his incredulity at the “blatant” and “bare-faced” lies told by Mr Rahman and his “hatchet-man”, Alibor Choudhury, in the witness box. Mr Choudhury, Mr Rahman’s election agent, was described by the judge as “arrogant, indeed cocky”. It is easy to see why. The reason misconduct in Tower Hamlets became so blatant and institutionalised is that over many years no one in authority held its perpetrators to account.
    At election after election, journalists would reveal irregularities. The police and Electoral Commission refused to investigate seriously, doing enough to say they had looked into it but failing to follow leads or interview key witnesses.
    The Met sometimes went further for Mr Rahman, at least twice issuing misleading statements which helped him. During the election Scotland Yard said there was “no credible evidence” of vote-buying in the council’s grants programme, and it would not investigate.
    Not only has this now been disproved by the election court, it was known to be false even then. There was a criminal investigation, there was credible evidence and the Met was forced to correct its statement. But the news cycle had moved on, the untrue words still emblazoned across Mr Rahman’s election leaflets as proof of his innocence.
    The mayor and his team thought they could get away with anything. In Judge Mawrey, they met their match. Mr Rahman’s supporters were last night calling him the victim of a racist “coup”, and may well play the race card with a new candidate in June’s mayoral by-election.
    The police investigation into Mr Erlam rumbles on, but no new investigation has yet been launched into Lutfur Rahman or the other guilty men of Tower Hamlets.

  142. Do Ernest Walter Saunders and “Lord” Greville Janner have anything in common?

    “Forgive my cynicism at the timely onset of Lord Janner’s ‘dementia’
    Labour peer Greville Janner – who has been excused prosecution for alleged sexual assaults on medical grounds – has sufficient marbles left to have claimed more than £100,000 in Parliamentary allowances”
    by Allison Pearson

    As I said to a friend the other day, the establishment is rotten to the core and the whole thing needs tearing down and the maggots therein exposed to sunlight.

  143. Today we are incanting inshallah
    With England in thrall to Allah
    Lutfur he holds sway
    For ever and a day
    And our necks support a bandana

  144. Common Purposer Kier Starmer took over the CPS and look what it priorities ‘hate’ crimes, non sequiturs like ‘Islamophobia’, journalists, celebrity gropers.

    But when it comes to mass rape in Rotherham and elsewhere and political and hardcore establishment paedos?

    Frederick Forsyth:

    With this lot in charge is it any wonder the public has lost faith in public figures?

    If ever there was a government institution that needed a thorough reformation it must be the Crown Prosecution Service.

    The revelations that for years scumbags groomed children for rape and prostitution in Rotherham and Oxfordshire while the CPS faced the other way is bad enough.

    The further disclosure that nothing was done about it, despite mounting evidence regarding a Labour MP and peer called Janner being a boy molester, also stick in the craw.

    Both took place under the present director but far more under her predecessor the ghastly Keir Starmer.

    But he was avid to pounce on journalists whose contacts with the police and civil service enabled them to write exposé after exposé and so the multi-arrest Operation Elveden was launched.

    Now after yet more acquittals Elveden lies in ruins with only a small handful of trials still pending, and even those very likely to fail.

    Many millions have been spent hounding journalists while perverts strut their stuff.

    And what of Elveden-architect, the ultra-Left Starmer?

    First a Queen’s Counsel, now a knight, soon to be MP for Labour?safe Holborn, will he be a shadow minister in Miliband’s cabinet?

    Very little doubt about it. With so much dross at the top, is it any surprise we seem to have a pretty discontented population?

  145. Isn’t it funny how anyone who suggests mass repatriation is regarded as beyond the pale? Guess what, the EU already does it. They just don’t tell you. Fancy!

    Frederick Forsyth:

    Italy cannot continue to bear the strain alone.

    As with the Balkan wars, the EU has failed completely.

    In Morocco, the desperate continue to try to scale the huge fences erected by Spain around their enclaves of Melilla and Ceuta, and thus enter the EU without crossing water.

    Harsh though it sounds, Europe simply cannot take and absorb this tidal wave of desperate humanity.

    They are not a few thousands, but millions on the move.

    The only recourse will have to be repatriation after capture.

    That is what Spain does, out of the media eye, at her two Moroccan enclaves and it is the only way.

  146. john birch – that story makes me sick to the pit of my stomach.

    The police are now corrupted beyond belief by political correctness.

  147. A real barnstormer from Bill Whittle:

    “The Class of 2015: Book Burners Afraid of Matches”

    Don’t miss it, especially telemachus!

  148. Movement on the ‘Global Warming’ front:

    Top scientists start to examine fiddled global warming figures

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