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  1. Baron 1012
    You are misguided about courts and Putin.
    He absolutely needed the macho victory.

  2. Baron December 17th, 2016 – 14:10

    Baron. I agree with you that the “great unwashed” will not put up with the “pseudo-liberal” crap forever. The fall of the Soviet bloc demonstrated that.

    But my point was that the “great unwashed” neither control the public narrative nor the institutions of state, especially academia, which are firmly in the hands of a minority of leftist subversives and activists who fanatically believe in two things:-

    1. Their divine right to hold power

    2. The advancement of their ideals by any means

    Both are justified by Marcuseanist intolerance and dogma, which has existed for a long time but only recently become more apparent as the driving force behind the left’s agenda.

    The response to Brexit and Trump reveals these movements at work and the most pernicious aspect is the demonstration of empowerment to influence the follow-on narrative by unelected individuals and bodies.

    I can see nothing in May’s Tory agenda to tackle this fifth column, which sadly exists even within her own party. As with East Germany I believe it will require many years turning of the screw before the British public declare that enough is enough and by that time the left will have become even more entrenched and empowered with more generations of indoctrinated snowflakes to support their lunacy and the establishment even more bloated with self-serving, self-sustaining elitists. The damage already done will probably create a different sectarian situation which will overtake any festering discontent.

    At present, apart from alt.right which is little more than a virtual insurgency cri de cœur against specific aspects – symptoms – of decades of leftist hegemony, there is no cohesive, cogent conservative narrative being articulated or promoted by any mainstream right wing politicians. And any who are prepared to put their heads over the parapet are rapidly denounced, undermined, demonised and/or marginalised. Look at the disgraceful treatment of Nigel Farage or Philip Davies MP.

  3. As for Ukraine, you are too forgiving.
    “Those Ukrainians who collaborated with the German occupiers did so in various ways including: participating in the local administration, in German-supervised auxiliary police, Schutzmannschaft, in the German military, and serving as concentration camp guards. Nationalists in the west of Ukraine were among the most enthusiastic, hoping that their efforts would enable them to reestablish an independent state later on”

    For that alone they deserve to be crushed. It is no wonder to me that the successor German regime was behind the recent flexing of muscles by Kiev. Putin should annex the lot.

  4. I never saw the Soviet Block as a leftist creation but rather a power play by Historic Grand Russia.
    Putin sees himself as the reincarnation of Peter the Great and will not stop until he has re- established what the drunken Yeltsin lost.

  5. Is that the real stuff, a comedy piece that has everything except wit? The progressives will have to do better than this to win the minds and hearts of their opponents.

    It’s posted because it runs on the Moscow based internet TV station The Rain (over 150,000 subscribers, Baron’s one of them, more than half a million Russian viewers).

    Whatever you may think of it, such a parody shown on a public network would have been unthinkable when the communist thugs were in charge. The institutional murderers could face a direct challenge, not humour, they didn’t know how to deal with it.

    If you ask ‘so what? the barbarian will tell what, that’s progress for a country that for 400 years knew not or allowed any criticism of those in power – the Tzars or the Bolshevik thugs. To expect more in a move to democracy and the freedom of thought in just 25 years after a changeover is a delusion of the highest order.

    Btw, the same programme that runs the sketch also features an interview with Navalny (he intends to run for the presidency in 2018), in which he says Putin’s afraid less of the opposition that of those surrounding him. He’s right for the wrong reasons. The opposition, the left opposition, is still divided, more importantly, there’re no takers for it amongst the Russian plebs, if anything they want Putin to turn more to the Right.

  6. Colonel Mustard @ 12:33

    Powerful stuff, Colonel, what else, and a self served confirmation (you being the server) why your absence from the public discourse anywhere, and certainly on our own patch of the wall, is so much needed, would be missed if you’d call it a day.

    We can all have views on what to do, it never is easy to point the correct route out of anything, the saying ‘Rome, roads many, lead to’ comes to mind.

    The barbarian sticks to his seemingly simplistic idea that one of the keys, the most important key, to the West’s getting back to sanity is the White House. It is, or rather has always been since the Republic took on the burden of policing the world the single, most powerful determinant which way the free world turns.

    Its occupant, his (so far anyway) signals, not written orders or instructions, just mere signals act as a beacon for other world leaders, telling them which way to turn. (A similar case could be made of other empires e.g. the Kremlin’s control of its communist satellites, or even Adolf’s influence on his underlings as well as the society at large).

    We have it, now, or rather will have it when the Donald finally sits down in the Oval Office (the barbarian is genuinely worried something may prevent that from happening, for the progressives his presidency spells the end to their control, or at min the beginning of it).

    We shall see if that’s right when Donald finally makes it, cleanses the swamp at the governmental control level in the Republic, begins to implement the ideas that got him there. This should encourage the plebeians on the ground to carry on with the same ‘revolution’ from below because only that could dislodge the people in academia, other societal pyramids of power you’re talking about.

    It would be impossible for the same ‘revolution’ not to spread to other parts of the free world, it would also be a apathetically foolish leader to stand up to the one in the White House, the Republic may be losing it, but the polity’s still by far the most powerful force.

  7. Romano Verdi @ 12:31

    Who can tell what the man thinks (or thought at the time of the crisis), Romano.

    You’re right, he needed Crimea. Baron’s posting you’re referring to was shortened (the barbarian though the discarded bit sounded like lecturing, he said it many times before anyway, here it is:

    The whole Ukrainian tragedy, the US’s spend of $5bn, the weekly visits by Biden, Nuland, Kerry to Kiev meeting the Midan protesters, feeding them biscuits, all this was set up with just one and one single aim – the takeover of Sevastopol.

    The Port was and is the crown jewel either side was after, neither side would admit to it. It has FA to do with democracy or any of the other crap. The Americans (as well the Russians) are fully aware who controls the port controls not just the Black Sea, but the European slice of Mother Russia, too. And who controls Europen Russia, controls the whole country. Every Russian leader worth the title would have done everything to secure the facility).

    Still, the point is however much Russia needed to secure the permanent use cum ownership of the Crimean port facilities the question must have been at what price. To take it by force to show a macho behaviour could not but have led to a pretty high price. If it could be done at a lower price, should Putin not have gone for it? Baron reckons he would. If the high cost to the Russian economy the country still grappling with could have been avoided the barbarian reckons Putin would have taken it.

    ((As for the Ukrainian issue, Romano, we may get back to it when the barbarian has more time, he has to go now, sadly he has other tasks he must preform).

  8. And what price freedom in Estonia?
    Or Latvia?

    “Latvia sees independence under threat
    Fearing closer ties between Trump and Putin, Latvia prepares for the worst. The US president-elect has said the US might not come to the aid of NATO countries that were not pulling their weight. And Russian propaganda is compounding Latvia’s concern.

  9. Schizophrenic Polish warehouse worker is detained indefinitely
    And just how much will that cost taxpayers over the years.
    The cost alone warrants the death penalty.
    Still, he has added a bit more vibrancy to the country hasn’t he tele.

  10. I really did think Merkel was going to be ‘Woman Of The Year’, but Christine LaGarde appears to have overtaken her ‘On the Inside’ 🙂
    IMF chief Christine Lagarde flees France for US as she is found GUILTY of payout to tycoon

  11. Arabs, fucking the world up yet again .

  12. Let’s hope Russia takes out a couple of their most sacred sites in revenge.

  13. Where’s tele when we need him. Or pat to be sure.

  14. John birch @ 17:17

    Be that more than a hint to the Donald, John, he must make it to the White House in one piece, failing that the whole world is fugged.

    The Russian diplomat isn’t the first, won’t be the last to end his life violently. The KGB Colonel will hopefully keep his calm, it would be a grave mistake to go off all guns blazing, it may fugg it up for the Donald, too.

  15. RobertRetyred @ 16:18

    One law for us, one for the anointed, Robert. This cheers one up no end.

  16. Truck ploughs into crowd at Christmas market in Berlin
    TERROR ATTACK: several dead

    Sadiq Khan has said he believes the threat of terror attacks are “part and parcel of living in a big city”


    Every time we pass a vehicle coming the other way on a two way road we are trusting a stranger.

  17. Vibrancy and gratefulness from our new friends in Germany .

  18. The reporting of the Berlin atrocity caught Baron’s attention as he was switching through the channels:

    The BBC calls it ‘ ‘Berlin incident’, the commentator urges caution, speculates ‘who would want to disrupt a Christmas market’, the Germans are apparently ‘abit on an edge’, and the authorities have ‘disrupted many groups’ successfully, also it will be important to establish if this is a loner or loners, or a bigger group operating in Germany.

    (Baron’s own halfpenny worth from his own source: the market was attended mostly by foreigners, the Germans what with being ‘bit on an edge’ are staying in.)

    One of other reporters speculated whether it was a terror attack, or the driver (at this point it wasn’t know whether there was one or more people in the cabin) can provide a different explanation of ‘what was on his mid’, he said. He acknowledged that people on social media were saying the truck deliberately swayed into the crowds on the pavement, but kept saying ‘it was’t yet established it was deliberate’.

    One can have some sympathy with the reporters’ cautious description of the events as the tragedy unfolds, but it’s the bias in the reporting that makes one think they’d rather cover the whole thing up, it doesn’t fit their multy culty sensitivities.

  19. How long will it take for someone suggesting Putin may have had a hand in the ‘Berlin incident’?

    This isn’t a joke, you’ll see someone somewhere will come up with it. There already are suggestions that the UN Security Council resolution may have been the trigger for the Ankara assassination of the Russian Ambassador. It’s likely someone will claim a similar connection for the man or men who drove the truck into the festive crowds in Berlin.

    Why wasn’t there any protection for the Russian at the gallery anyway? The assassin kept ranting, waving a handgun for several minutes, no armed guards around, no police, no nobody.

    This smells, it may have been pre-arranged, another bait for Putin to do something that would give the American neocon fruitcakes a pretext to unleash a new military conflict no matter where, mess it us for the Donald.

    What a start for the Christmas break, could it have an impact on the retailing trade not just in Germany but elsewhere?

  20. In an interview in the New Statesman, the singer Charlotte Church says that she no longer thinks Corbyn is the right person to be Labour leader:

    ‘I think he can’t win. The best thing for him to do is to train somebody up under him, who can be a new fresh face but who has the same politics that have always been Labour’s.’

    Here’s a small selection of postings on a Spectator blog covering this world earth shattering development, enjoy:

    Charlotte Church is the sort of person that makes me become more stupid simply by thinking of her.

    The sort of person who walks into the room & suddenly everyone else there is a genius.

    I’ll reserve judgement until we hear from Jedward and the Chuckle Brothers.

    Voice of an angel; brain of an Angel Delight.

    I think Mrs Church would be more useful rendered down for lard.

  21. The social media, as one would expect, are full of the ‘Berlin incident’, and you may like to know many are offering a solution: The Christmas markets should be banned, what they do is they only inflame the displeasure of our new friends.

    It is a solution of a sort except that there would be no guarantee that those who have no respect for our culture would calm down, avoid finding other traditions they dislike, harm us pursuing them.

  22. Not everyone is saddened by the news from Ankara and Berlin, you will be pleased to hear:

    Is anyone still up, or is the barbarian talking to himself?

  23. Baron – 22:27

    Sharia Law in action, eh?

  24. Electoral College rubber stamps Trump victory!

  25. Here is Paul Joseph Watson on the assassination of the Russian ambassador to Turkey:

    More time spent by Wallsters on Infowars, now under heavy cyber-attack by the Chinese communist government by the way, and less on the Spectator, the Guardian, the BBC, SKY, and others in the basket of discredited, would be time better spent methinks.

  26. Mention of the work of historians such as the late Antony C. Sutton also seems to go in one and out the other of many on the Wall, particularly those grinding the axe of socialist, or now ‘Grand Russian’, responsibility for the rise of the Soviet Union and the decline of the West.

    I think in American that is called being ‘behind the curve’.

    ‘Bankers Love Socialism’:

  27. Comment on the Chinese Communist cyber attack on Infowars and Infowars’ response – at the start of Monday’s AJ Show here:

  28. “Russia Blames West’ (Drudge Report)

    ‘Wallster Blames Globalists’ (Malfleur)

  29. Malfleur December 20th, 2016 – 00:48

    “Mention of the work of historians such as the late Antony C. Sutton also seems to go in one and out the other of many on the Wall,”

    No it doesn’t. Don’t conflate an absence of obsession about Infowars with an ignorance of the proposition. The curtain was drawn back when the global corporates rushed into China after the death of Mao and the emerging “Chinese model” of cultural communism + corporate capitalism was not just demonstrated but actively courted by Western corporate-governments.

  30. Now y’all see why Donald is the right man:

    He pulled no punches in the aftermath of the Berlin slaughter:

    “Our hearts and prayers are with the loved ones of the victims of
    today’s horrifying terror attack in Berlin. Innocent civilians were
    murdered in the streets as they prepared to celebrate the Christmas

    “Isis and other Islamist terrorists continually slaughter Christians
    in their communities and places of worship as part of their global
    jihad. These terrorists and their regional and worldwide networks must
    be eradicated from the face of the Earth, a mission we will carry out
    with all freedom-loving partners”

  31. Telegraph today.
    Starting on January 20 2017, the United States will be a very different place to the one it has been for decades. President Donald Trump, who is an unconventional Republican, will control the Senate (52 Republicans to 48 Democrats); the House of Representatives (241 Republicans to 194 Democrats); 34 Republican Governors (out of 50) and the largest Republican control of the state legislatures ever. He could well appoint three new Supreme Court Justices and reform monetary policy from A to Z as well. 
    In 2009 when President Obama took office, the political world in Washington was the opposite. Times have changed.
    The defining issue in the US (and everywhere else) is the economy. America has had the single worst recovery in the past 70 years and there’s little improvement in sight. Government over the past eight years has doubled down on stimulus spending, taxes on the rich, regulations, dirigiste low interest rate monetary policies and failed trade initiatives. 
    Unfortunately, these policies do work – but in the opposite directions to the ones their proponents hoped. Somehow most western governments have conflated helping the poor with hurting the rich. We’ve found out once again the hard lesson – that if governments tax those who work and pays those who don’t work, there will be lots of people not working

    Stimulus spending, meanwhile, is analogous to asking a poor man to spend himself into wealth. It just doesn’t happen.  And then again, whoever heard of an economy that’s been taxed into prosperity? Not I. 
    Government-mandated low interest rates guarantee that no one will lend either to risky borrowers or to working-class homebuyers, and low interest rates will also destroy the lives of retirees and pensioners. And then there are trading blocs like the European Union, where the likes of Ireland are joined at the hip with countries they don’t trade with and held at a distance from countries they do trade with (such as the US and the United Kingdom).
    Recognising that the future is more difficult to forecast than the past, I believe the new administration in the United States will reduce the corporate tax rate from 35 per cent (the highest in the OECD) to 15 per cent (the 3rd lowest); replace depreciation schedules with 100 per cent expensing of capital purchases in the year of purchase for tax purposes; eliminate the estate tax and repeal ObamaCare and replace it with common-sense health care savings accounts

    Tax legislation will also proceed to reduce personal income tax rates, undo many executive orders that over-regulate our economy, increase needed infrastructure projects, negotiate fairer trade agreements and increase economic efficiencies in government purchases.
    The nicest part of America’s checks and balances on government is that the House and the Senate will provide wonderful guidance to the administration and vice versa. The resultant policies will be first class, and I believe these policies will be supported on a bipartisan basis, just as they were when Reagan was president.
    In other words, the US economy will be treated for what it is – a company that for 16 years has been run into the ground by out-of-touch demagogues and, as a result, is now in need of capital spending, incentive plans for workers and price cuts for consumers (taxpayers). Then the imprimatur needs to be polished and we’ll make America great again.
    As for Britain, I couldn’t be more pleased with Brexit. The EU as it is currently constituted is nothing but a massive government monopoly on all powers of the state. The old phrase has never been truer: when politicians of all stripes collaborate and governments cooperate, they do so to exploit the citizenry. Nowhere is competition more needed than it is among governments

    In the United States we have 50 states whose governments are competing every day in every way for businesses, jobs, good schools and the proper provision of public services. It’s wonderful. When a good idea is well implemented and is put in place by one state government, elections force other states to follow suit. And these 50 states still have a common currency and totally free trade. 
    Competition among governments works; the EU doesn’t. Who is Jean-Claude Juncker after all? I’ve never met anyone who has ever voted for him. He, Christine Lagarde, et al are beholden to no one. This isn’t my notion of democracy.
    There’s a lot of similarity between Brexit, Matteo Renzi’s resignation in Italy, the vote in Austria, the politics in France, Greece, and the election of Donald Trump in the US. The best description for what is happening in America – one that went viral during the election, but is certainly true – is that the mainstream press and politicians take Trump literally but not seriously, while the electorate takes Trump seriously but not literally. It’s going to be a fun ride. 
    Arthur Laffer was an advisor to President Ronald Reagan

  32. TEL AVIV – Islamic State sympathizers and militants are celebrating an incident on Monday in which a lorry ploughed through a crowd of shoppers in a busy Christmas market in Berlin, reportedly killing nine people and injuring more than fifty.

  33. What cheers one somewhat is that she still has her finger on the pulse of the nation, she tweeted: ‘We mourn the dead and hope that the many people injured can be helped.’

    The sooner she resigns the better, the AfD party gets it right, the twelve people are her dead.

  34. I watched a programme on the history of Balmoral on BBC 4 last night. What struck me was the sneering tone of the narration and many of the contributors throughout. Some of the radical Scots academics articulated a more objective, reasoned and equivocal view of the Monarchy in Scotland than the posh-voiced London aristos in pearls who were fairly ghastly in their snobbery posing as observation.

  35. Malfleur – 00:26

    I don’t have the time to be a regular viewer of InfoWars, but I always make time for watching Paul Joseph Watson.

    Cause: A legacy media pumping out a dominant left wing narrative, lies and fake news.
    Effect: The rise Breitbart, InfoWars, Rebel Media etc.

    The name AJ picked for his channel was quite inspired.

    InfoWars has changed over the last couple of years and, believe it or not, now has much more content than just Alex Jones on camera. Alex has to be taken in controlled doses. Having done a remarkable job in getting InfoWars the readership/viewership figures to where they are, AJ should consider reducing his on camera presence a little more in order to let it InfoWars grow. It’s more important than him, if he doesn’t step back a little then he’ll smother his baby.

  36. “The viciousness, the lack of rules, is so absolute within the leftist framework that the ends justify the means, that my media is very much organized to try and go toe-to-toe with those people to say we know what your motivations are, we know how vicious you are, but we are not afraid of you.”

    Andrew Breitbart

  37. Colonel Mustard – 09:17

    Sneering and patronising is what the BBC do best. It pervades its whole output.

  38. EC
    Andrew was a sage man. Would that he still be with us. The viciousness is however without purpose or teeth. The left are gone. The right are in the ascendancy, whether in Washington, London, Berlin or Moscow. Oh yeah there will be death throes but just watch France this next year. The dear Marine will hold sway.
    Love to Andy.

  39. Nigel Farage accuses Jo Cox’s widower of supporting extremism

    “The Jo Cox foundation, launched in the wake of her murder in June by a rightwing terrorist, supports the Royal Voluntary Service and Syrian volunteer group the White Helmets, as well as Hope Not Hate.”

    Thomas Mair was a terrorist?

    And a coward?

    Jo Cox killed in ‘brutal, cowardly’ and politically motivated murder, trial hears

    According to the DT, “Jo Cox murder: Thomas Mair asked for mental health treatment day before MP died”, how can his actions be considered to be logical, without any doubt?

    Even RT puts the word in quotes:
    Far-right ‘terrorist’ Thomas Mair jailed for life for murder of Labour MP Jo Cox

  40. Merkel Government Still in Denial

    This month, the police union in the German state of Thuringia issued an open letter to the state’s Interior Minister, describing the crumbling law-and-order situation amid the rising migrant crime: “[You] are abandoning us completely helpless to a superior force… But what changes? Nothing. One instead gets a sense of uninterest.”

    Meanwhile, representatives of Arab community were reported telling the police in Ruhr, “The police will not win a war with us because we are too many.”

    That’s about right.

  41. A brilliant piece, with a contribution from Hinduism:
    Idolatry in Science

  42. One ‘respected’ news agency in Berlin reporting that the authorities have arrested the wrong man. Suggesting ‘the armed perpetrator is still on the loose’. The fog of war.

  43. RobertRetyred @ 13:06

    The most troubling aspect of the German tribal behaviour is the loyalty of the unwashed to the Führer, they will stick with him or her to any end, doing his/her bidding diligently even though everyone else has figured he or she must be insane.

    Multi still commands large following, her standing in the polls is well over 60%, the blind and deaf burghers will reward her with another terms next year. We’re lucky to have left the German controlled EU Empire, it cannot but implode.

  44. It took the German police some time to figure they have the wrong man. It suggests the whole thing may have been meticulously planned and executed, a group of people are still at large, well trained, aware of what they’re doing, planning a follow-up?

  45. DNA will fairly rapidly establish whether If the suspect was in the cab of the truck. According to eye witness reports, the alleged perp was seen to leave the vehicle during the incident and followed by a bystander, then pointed out to a police officer. First reports suggest that the perp killed the Polish truck driver – not yet divulged whether the Pole was killed by shot or stabbing. The politics surrounding this will lead to some obfuscation. I smell a rat, already.

  46. Baron – 13:50 & 13:56

    The mentally idle worship idols. See my earlier post 🙂

    With the Politically Correct Agenda in ascendancy, how can anyone complete a proper analysis.

    At least we don’t have David I.N.T.D.W.I. Cameron issuing proclamations.

  47. superfluous “if” in first line of above post.

  48. “The Truth About the Berlin Christmas Market Attack”
    Paul Joseph Watson

  49. Frank P – 14:16

    Re: DNA & “I smell rat, already”

    eg. O.J. Simpson

  50. EC @ 14:46

    Another winner for the Joseph boy, EC.

    What he says, that the way to stop it is what the Donald said, too, close the borders, sort out those already in, then we can debate what to do next. It’s so bleeding obvious to everyoe, the politicians sans the Donald, our Farage, few minor ones seem deaf to it.

    The progressives will argue that this is what the forward looking not the populist politicians should do, but there must be a limit to it. Doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results is indeed insane, a fat lot of good does it to anyone, where’s the forwardlooking bit of it? A civil war?

    It’s a vicious circle that needs cutting into. An atrocity cannot but raise the anger of those it’s directed against, true to form the blogs everywhere are full indignation for the ROP, some of it the barbarian finds more than distasteful, this in turn pushes those of the Allah followers who are at the margin of joining the ‘kill the infidels’ brigade over the edge, they commit another atrocity, the cycle restarts.

    What amazes the barbarian is even out saintly One still sings from the hymn sheet of the Hon Muslim. Is that smart? Can she truly believe she and the EU clowns have any chance of convincing the Donald he gets it wrong? She must be stupider than Baron thought.

    The Republic has been losing its grip on things global, but it should still command respect because when its political elites, from Jan 20 the new Donald’s elite, put their mind to it they can crush anyone and anything. She should beware of this power, or she’ll be out of office before she can figure what hit her.

  51. So many erroooors, apologies, but you get the heart of the argument, do you not?

  52. RobertRetyred @ 14:19

    Quite, Robert.

    Mind you, the Russians aren’t doing any better, they blame the fake news concocted by the Western MSM for the Ankara assassination, on the Berlin terror act many believe that the influx of the ROP members has been deliberate, will continue because some Western leaders have no the guts to address the infiltration of the progressives into every and each walk of life, need Islam to do the job for them.

    It seems to the barbarian the whole has been turned into an asylum, he’s thinking of applying to voluntarily go into the real one, saner there.

  53. The whole ‘world’ has been …. (in the last para).

    Shite, it must be the barbarian’s fingers cannot catch up with his feeble’s brain output, does anyone know of any finger replacement outfit?

  54. Baron – 15:49

    See you there! 🙂

    It is the only solution, just like putting Granny in the playpen instead of the toddler.

    I have quoted this before, not only because it is the only quote by a Russian I know, but because it is so universally the case:

    Tolstoy, 1898:
    I know that most men – not only those considered clever, but even those who are clever and capable of understanding the most difficult scientific, mathematical or philosophical problems – can seldom discern even the simplest and most obvious truth if it be such as obliges them to admit the falsity of conclusions they have formed, perhaps with much difficulty – conclusions of which they are proud, which they have taught to others, and on which they have built their lives.

    It is similar to the idol post, but also adds a little more detail.

  55. You may recall the barbarian saying one of the permanent strategic aims of US foreign policy since the war has been to prevent Germany ever getting coupled with Russia.

    The Donald must pursue the same policy, but may well do it differently from what the Hon Muslim was attempting with sanctions, he may genuinely try to boost economic ties with Russia. The Russian lands are endowed with the largest deposits of natural resources of any other world country, not just oil, but other stuff like gold, diamonds, rare earth.

    The American side will bring in the know how to extract, mould, package, market the end products, and simultaneously flog Russia the trinkets her unwashed are so hungry for even if these are to be made partly in Chinese plans (funded with largely American money).

    That would piss the Germans who have been by far the major player in Russia both in direct imports and direct investment (it’s been a secret that about six months or so ago, in spite of the sanctions, BMW opened near Moscow the biggest car assembly plant not just in Russia, in the whole of Europe, no mention in the MSM, amazing, ha). One can only speculate about how the Germans will respond to the American push into Russia (if it happens of course), but Baron reckons they’ll put up a fight.

    Where does it leaves us? Out in the cold, the barbarian reckons. The stupidity of our foreign policy will be there for everyone to see because the Americans won’t give a dry shite about us, the crap about the ‘special relationship’ will be revealed for what it is a genuine fake invented by the deluded political class, it will be us, the plebeians who’ll suffer.

    Britain missed a chance to rule Europe after the war (we had the high moral grounds what with being the only country to stand up to Adolf, we had a well trained group of civil servants coming back from the former Empire countries that gained independence, we could have offered them to stuff the new European institutions, and we had English, the world language, the language of choice even of today’s German EU. If our political class then were to grasp the opportunity, the EU would be under our not the German control now).

    The same opportunity opened with Brexit. An ideal time to go wildly opportunistic, getting to bed with Russia, kicking the Germans out, preventing the Americans to forge a closer ties with Putin. Political shortsightedness that.

    If Frank were to object, let him ponder out ties with the Saudis, one doesn’t have to love one’s trading partners, it’s enough to talk to them. Who knows, Prince Charles may enjoy hobnobbing not just with the Saudi princes, but also with the new KGB Tzar of Russia reminiscing about the good old days of pre-Lenin’s Russia.

  56. RobertRetyred @ 16:02

    Top quote, Robert, and one that will never age, it’s as relevant today as it was when he said it, (and will be forever).

    (It’s already in the Baron’s bank of things to keep).

    In the mess of his filing (paper and virtual) the barbarian cannot find another similar quote of a scientist who said (quote from memory) that ‘science progresses with the death of leading scientific protagonists’.

    The old ones, decorated, famous, aired, never give up on what they’ve been teaching even if it’s obvious to everyone they got it wrong, it’s only after they snuff it, new men can step in (and behave the same?).

  57. Sorry for the errors again, e.g. not ‘aired’ but ‘admired’ scientists, pointless to say it after each posting, but then the Slav may be poorly educated, but not impolite.

  58. 🙂

    Snow in the SAHARA: Desert sees snow for the FIRST time in 37 years

  59. Top Italian Bishop: Islamist Attacks Have Nothing to Do With Religion

    Galantino was personally appointed to his leadership role in the Italian Bishops Conference by Pope Francis, in a rare move where the pontiff circumvented the usual elective process to name his own man.

    I expect the current pseudo-Pope still cannot see his mistake.

  60. I am hearing some bad things said about Muslims because of the atrocity in Berlin.
    The attack was truly reprehensible but we do not know who did it.
    The only person actually found dead in the cab was a Catholic.

  61. The DW Editor wrote these wise words however

    “The attack, this murderous act of terror, targets all of us who want to live our lives in freedom. It’s a crude attack on this desire for liberty – which is why the attack on Berlin will change Germany. We are no longer, as has been vaguely suggested for a long time, in the cross-hairs of international terrorism – we have become its victims, like the British, French, Spaniards, Israelis, Americans and others.
    It doesn’t matter whether the perpetrator was a mentally disturbed gunman, a lone wolf with murderous intent or a group with a fundamentalist background: the attack hits free society at its core. It hits an open society. In targeting a Christmas market, it also hits a Christian symbol, an expression of German and European traditions and identity.

    The chancellor is right: this is a difficult day for Germans. It’s noticeable that – despite the fact that there have been a series of smaller and medium-sized attacks in Germany over the years and many that were thwarted – this attack is by far the worst we have suffered.
    The mentality of German society will change. Light-hearted and, at times, carefree attitudes will subside. The freedom in our lives we were adamant we would never allow terrorists to take from us is going to give way to deep-seated feelings of unease. Germany will feel less safe. And it will be less safe than before.”

  62. Baron – 16:37

    “Top quote, Robert, and one that will never age”

    Yes, but that is the PROBLEM! 🙂

  63. Surprise enrichment, for free, apart from the terror 🙂 :

  64. I Predicted Europe’s Future — and Now I’m Depressed · zomblog

  65. How come I missed this Ad on the run up to Liberation Day (Nov8th)

    Very funny. The Colonel, as he has mentioned it before, might enjoy this demonstration of the rising pitch on the last syllable of a statement.

  66. Baron, December 20th, 2016 – 16:29

    “An ideal time to go wildly opportunistic, getting to bed with Russians…”

    Are soap/toiletries etc. widely available in Russia now? All very well, but the mini-skirted hottie on the card shoved under your hotel bedroom door might bear no relation to the foul smelling babooshka (granny) that knocks on your door later.

    Forgive me for asking but were you on any painkillers with a higher than average opiate content yesterday? I was reminded of this old cartoon, for which I thank you btw. 😉

  67. You have to admit Isis is very cost effective.
    One (possibly) person kills a driver, steals his lorry, creates chaos .
    Cost to us ,emergency services, hospitals to deal with the victims . Fear across the west , all associated costs for additional security at airports churches cathedrals Christmas events , and on and on.
    Cost to them. Nothing really.

  68. Who was the idiot on the BBC News talking about the need for more security in response to the Berlin atrocity? He was being filmed near the scene and spoke very good English but with a slight, probably German, accent. He was allowed to speak at length without being questioned, putting the onus of responsibility for the incident on the lack of security but he was not identified by the BBC.

    I would like to know who he was and what his angle was. The BBC failed to identify him or his relevance to the incident.

    As usual, lots of candles, vigils and mooning about looking sad. That won’t cut it. There was no such schmaltz when V2s were tearing great chunks out of the London residential landscape without warning. We are in a fight and “remembrance” ain’t going to win it.

  69. EC December 21st, 2016 – 09:42

    Noted, thanks! 🙂

  70. Frank P, December 20th, 2016 – 20:39

    “Rudi Dutschke” That name’s a blast from the past! The guy that wrote that article certainly knows his stuff.

  71. Germany has been too slow to admit the truth about the threat from radical Islam
    I don’t need to be lectured about the different types of Islam.
    As anyone who has spent a lot of time in the Middle East knows, they are all mad, most have a very low intelligence. (Which is why they need us there )
    They are obsessed with nonsense. Their book.
    They hate Jews from birth.
    They hate unbelievers next,
    They have no empathy or sympathy to unbelievers.
    They hate each other ( sorry, their brothers. LOL )
    They have no use on this planet that I can see at all.
    They have to be artificial intelligences joke. Put on top of oil to see how the rest of the world deals with them.
    They are a stain on humanity.
    Some may disagree. You are welcome to have your opinion.
    But not under Islam.
    One opinion only.
    The perfect lunatics opinion.

  72. ‘A lorry can always be driven into a crowd in an open society’

    So opens the top leader in today’s Times under the heading ‘Soft Targets.

    It is undeniably true that a truck can indeed be driven into anything – a ditch, a wall or a crowd of people shopping, what also is undeniably true is that until our society got enriched with tsunamis from other cultures one didn’t hear about a truck driven into a crowd on purpose, not once, not ever. Someone should tell it to the w anker who penned the piece.

  73. The German police has released the picture of the Tunisian they want to talk to, but in some pictures his eyes were blanked to protect his privacy.

    What did the barbarian tell you? The world has turned into an asylum, one would safer in one, the real thing with genuine loonies.

  74. EC @ 10:19

    What, what, what, EC?

    You’ve obviously not visited the land of the Russian Slavs recently, if you did you would have found not your ‘babooshka’ anywhere, but a hottie on (or even under) your bed.

    And for the record, the barbarian has never tried a drug other than nicotine, although recently he met a friend of old who stopped smoking when the barbarian bumped into him at the end of last century, but promise himself to restart if and after he reached 80. He did reach the almost enviable age last year, or so he said, started indulging in the weed again. That was a tempting hint for Baron too, but he cannot decide, it will have to be the boss who points the way, and the way would be ‘don’t even think about it’.

  75. Colonel Mustard @ 13:33

    You would be well and even better advised, Colonel, to abandon the ghastly BBC if you want to keep the blood pressure down.

    Douglas says it again, and says it well. The BBC as always got it ‘PC right’ identifying the truck as the killer, hurrah, lets ban trucks.

  76. John birch @ 15:46

    The paywall prevents Baron to read the piece in full, John, but it matters not, the barbarian has read enough what with the writer saying he was ‘profoundly shocked’ by the Berlin atrocity.


    The police and security agencies have warned the Germans there are some 500 individuals posing a serious risk, desiring to do them harm. Does Mr. Lenarz think they’ll wait until they can kick down a sand castle built on a beach by kids next summer or what?

    Few minutes ago, the first item of the news summary on Classic FM was a reward of 100,000 Euro for the the information leading to finding the Tunisian. Do they really think those who know where the man is will betray him? Hmmm

    The operation must have well planned, as was his escape. It wouldn’t shock to discover the man is safely out of Germany, probably planning another action that will ‘profoundly shock’ the likes of Mr. Lenarz.

  77. The marine isn’t smart, had he converted to Islam he would have been out, his co-religionists would have made sure of it or else. (Only joking on the conversion, not on the other bit).

    Why couldn’t he, the marine, wait for the re-trial as a free man? Spirit of Christmas in an enlightened Britain, no doubt.

  78. Apologies to all, and Frank in particular, this clip’s in Russian, you may like to turn the sound down if you were to run it even in parts. It is from a popular programme called ’60 minutes’, this one’s devoted fully to the assassination of the Russian Ambassador to Turkey.

    The reason for posting it is to show you the guy the barbarian mentions often, Zhirynovsky, the leader of the Liberals (yup, the Liberal Party of Russia, the second largest in their equivalent of our House). He’s the first guest to speak after the hosts. One would be hard put to find someone with more thuggish way of talking, even though some of the stuff he says makes sense.

    In the outburst that lasts minutes he complains about “the lack of security’, says’ the guy’s young, has trained for years, had ambitions, but after the failed coup he gets the sack, finds himself on the street, no future, no nothing. What does he do? He has a gun, he takes revenge, that’s what the young do, take revenge, the Turkish youth are no different, if anything they’re even more revengeful, it’s in their culture.

    Then he says ‘notice he doesn’t run, he stays there, shouts, of course he shouts Alahu Akbar, he’s Muslim, and he shouts about Aleppo, he wants to get shot, he aspires for martyrdom, a hero status, but he doesn’t give a shite about Aleppo, Moscow or anything, he’s angry because his life has ended”.

    (Other invited gusts disagree with the Liberal thug later in the programme).

    The other bits of interest from the programme (Baron watched only a third of it):

    The Russians are sending 18 FSB agents to Turkey, it took ten minutes for the Turkish police to arrive, shoot don the assassin, two other Ambassadors were present (Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan), they fled as the assassin was re-loading.

  79. You’ll have to bring back the cursor to the beginning, the barbarian noticed the cursor sits at the point he stopped watching it, sorry.

  80. This is in English, and as good as anything the great Mark has ever served his pool of admiring followers:

    (Lights out everywhere?)

  81. Baron – 19:10

    It should be on tomorrow’s front page of every paper in every Western country.

  82. §18.29

    What an evil, malign turd you truly demonstrate yourself to be.

  83. Noa @ 20:05

    There’s more where that came from, Noa, it often feels all MSM have turned brownish in colour:

  84. Baron
    There is at least an accounting for JOB, he is paid to provoke.
    The teleturd is a Marcusian for free.

  85. The great Joseph on skins with a different weave of melanin:

  86. Noa @ 21:24

    Good point, Noa.

  87. The swamp needs draining.
    No existing politicians should be re elected.

  88. A reminder of why Trump won:
    Donald Trump’s speech, on 15th August, 2016, on fighting terrorism

  89. Boot up for a debate on the whys and wherefores of the assassination of Karlov:

    Interesting and melodramatic.

  90. Germany is facing a ticking time bomb of rage
    Ed West

    21 December 2016 12:
    I’ve learned that it’s best not to say anything about a terrorist atrocity on social media, especially not if it confirms one’s political prejudices. It just looks crass, or it has when I’ve done it. Try not to say anything profound either, as it will probably look insipid; also ideally do not make any point about similar atrocities occurring in less well known parts of the world, as people will quite reasonably think you’re just scoring points. And best not to bother with the tweets of solidarity, which are superfluous these days surely; France and Belgium and Germany are our close allies, friends and neighbours, and it goes without saying that when one of us is attacked we feel for them.
    German social media is apparently filled with anger, not with Islamic extremists or Angela Merkel but with Alternative für Deutschland and its supporters. I’m not sure what the psychological condition is called; I suppose it’s a form of Stockholm Syndrome.
    I can understand the human urge to protect the vulnerable, refugees and Muslims generally, from hostility as these awful events repeat themselves. It’s easy to sneer at politicians who come out with vapid theological comments, as I have in the past, but their job is to protect all the country’s citizens. I can also see why this urge might convince an intelligent person that Merkel’s migration policy has actually helped the fight against terrorism. But it’s extremely unlikely; all things being equal, hosting refugees does lead to an increase in terrorism, although the risk is smaller in richer countries, largely because they have better security services. It’s at times like this when I thank God for ours, who have saved countless lives in our country by preventing a good dozen attempts at mass murder. I’d suggest we all send them Christmas presents but I imagine they’d be destroyed. But if you’re reading – thank you all.
    In fact, Merkel’s policies have some pretty serious implications for Germany in the future. I’ve read many people arguing that it was actually a clever, shrewd policy to admit one million migrants because Germany has a low birth rate and needs more people. Yet the education levels and skill sets of most of the people who have entered in the past 18 months are, by German standards, extremely low; Germany has a fairly high-wage economy, especially compared to Britain, and there are not a whole lot of positions available for low-skilled men. The number of recent migrants who have found employment is exceptionally low. Employment rates among second generations migrants from the Middle East, mostly Turkish, are also considerably worse than ethnic Germans.
    On top of this, we need to look at what technology is coming our way: in the next ten years, for example, automated cars are going to be putting hundreds of thousands of men out of work just in Britain. All the Uber drivers I’ve spoken to have come from the Muslim world; all have been hardworking, courteous and obviously doing their best by their family; unlike me, they’ve made the effort to move country and have to put up with boring drunks like myself talking to them. But the low-skilled jobs they are currently doing are not going to exist for that long, and many of their sons will grow up with workless fathers, feeling confused about their identity in a rootless world, at far higher risk of mental illness, struggling to find work themselves, and feeling neither fully part of this country nor that of their father’s. In these circumstances an internationalist ideology rooted in a sense of brotherhood and rage at the rich, decadent, western world is going to appear hugely attractive.
    Because posterity is a concept that does not feature strongly in democratic politics an overwhelming aspect of the migration issue is ignored, that the real problems do not arise with the hard-working immigrants doing the nightshifts but with their sons who, contrary to what the likes of the LBC host James O’Brien hopes, will not thank Germany for their situation.
    But people react badly to these sorts of arguments, which is perhaps understandable. Ah, they’ll tell you, we’re far more likely to be killed in car crashes or by baths or in freak accidents. Of course we are, but none of these everyday tragic causes of death – all of which are in continual decline – have the same corrosive social effect as does having a section of the population out to kill the rest of us.
    I was in France this summer, which almost reminded me of visiting Northern Ireland as a kid; even in a village wine festival I counted three armed policemen and four soldiers with machine guns. Increasingly in England, too, there are heavily-armed police not just at railway stations but at religious sites; there is likely now to be more and more security at every event where large numbers of people gather. In Sadiq Khan’s words, such things are just ‘part and parcel’ of everyday city life, but they’re a very costly part of it and one that has a far larger impact than the relatively small death toll involved.

  91. ¥ 20.05

    Should we not worry, even a tiny bit that the outpouring of hatred against Muslims is actually damaging ourselves?

    We have rehearsed many times that we have 2.6 million of them in our midst.
    It is in nobody’s interests to alienate this number in our midst.
    The vast majority wish to live with us in peace and forge a successful life among us.
    They hate the events in Paris and now Berlin.
    Just how do we make them all.
    All of them.
    Respected participants in our society.
    If we cannot answer this, the future is grim.

    I have children and grandchildren and I do not want a grim future.
    No grim future.

    Violence from whatever quarter is a council of defeat.

  92. Frank P @ 02:29

    Would it not be saner to be with the mopping lot inside a warm house with regular meals, young nurses, 24-hour medical presence …?

    This morning the barbarian got results of his blood test, the platelet count is a quarter of the minimum it should be, he wanted to book an appointment, what was the earliest time the NHS everyone’s so proud of could offer one? January 17th next year. Arghhh

    Mind you, Frank, it could have been Jan 17th 2020. one should always look at the bright side even if there isn’t one.

  93. That is a potentially serious problem-
    You can demand a two week rule appointment.

  94. Frank P @ 01:37

    The poorly educated Slav started to read the piece you find ‘interesting and melodramatic (hmmm), got to “…. will Russia incinerate Istanbul the same way it flattened Aleppo”, and had enough.

    The man doesn’t know everything even if he pretends he does, the security of diplomatic personnel is solely the responsibility of the host country even if the foreign country is allowed to beef the protection up.

    More to the point, by far more fitting analogy would be with the assassination of German Ambassador Mirbach in Moscow in the summer of 1918 (the SRs did it – unless the omni-all convinces you it was Putin – the boil was the Brest-Litevsk deal, few months later the people hater Lenin got to take power in what became known as the glorious victory of the proletarian the October Revolution bla bla bla).

    Why was there no protection for the Ankara guy? Why it took ten minutes for the police to arrive? Why was it necessary to shoot the assassin dead?

  95. Baron’s lips are sealed.

  96. Muslims not unlike Germans, tall people, vegetarians or any other bunch of people grouped together by ethnicity or any other criteria have never been a problem for the barbarian, as he keeps pointing out people are but bearers of a take on the world – a creed, ideology, a school of thought, one can call it what one will – that has been pumped into them, they accept voluntarily or under duress. It’s that one should try to understand, evaluate, deal with.

    In our case, it’s the religion of Muslims, or its interpretation by many of them, that causes non-Muslims to be weary, critical, even aggressive towards it.

    (A call to report ..(

  97. Baron,
    I too read Boot’s preposterous fantasy, one can only assume the tooth fairy has run off with his marbles. There is no resemblance whatsoever between the events in Sarajevo circa 1914. What happend in Turkey was the work of a lone wolf, the assassination of Franz-Ferdinand was planed and executed by Serbia behind Russia’s back.

  98. Baron.

    Sorry to hear that the claret is curdling again. I know it’s Christmas and the haematology staff are already drifting into the festive mode; but that sounds like just cause for a bit of foot-stamping; if necessary a few words with the Chief Execs p.a.

    Don’t take no for an answer. The fault often lies with the appointments apparatchiks.
    Juggling the runners and riders is an imperfect art, apparently. Heard from the wife of one of my oldest and most esteemed comrades at arms yesterday. He succumbed after clinical cock-ups and a long spell in intensive care.

    No more bad news during this festive season … Please!! Take it easy, buddy, but demand attention forthwith. Sounds like junk adjustment is called for. And stop fretting about Mother Russia – She’ll be fine. Relax and take care of yourself.

  99. Frank P,
    Seconded on all fronts Frank.

  100. TransTurd 8.02
    You marxist-socialist appeasers will be the first to find your throats slit by those ‘allies’ you seek to bribe and placate.

  101. Calling Media, Academia, Hollywood:

    “It’s very tough to be liberal these days after several years of major failures and disappointments. Stefan Molyneux extends an olive branch of peace to the liberals, democrats, socialists and cultural marxists among us – and provides some useful feedback for their strategy moving forward”

    “Dear Liberals, Democrats and Cultural Marxists”
    Stefan Molyneaux

    Dec21 – The Winter Solstice, what better day for indulging in a bit of piss taking!

  102. Tele / pat
    No they don’t.
    I don’t believe they do
    Is that how we should have dealt with the problems of Germany in 1939

  103. Germany struggling to monitor 7,000 terror suspects, ex MI6 chief says

  104. E C .12-03

    Why is the 100th largest website in the world? Is it because the unwitting have been hypnotised into an obsession? Could this be the work of those damned Rooskies again? Or possibly, worser and worser, of those who do not believe that the Vietnam War was brought about by anti-communist knights in shining armour? Shall we ever know the truth?

    There is more to the Alex Jones Show than Alex Jones. He has interesting guests. Here is one, Jordan Maxwell, but you may have to curb your enthusiasm for the BBC and SKY TV to find time for him:

    Don’t let it become an obsession though; that way madness lies.

  106. The identity papers under the seat is exactly the same as the stroke of luck that the passport of one of the plane hijackers luckily fluttered to the ground after the plane went into the twin towers.
    Which helped to identify the hijackers.
    Tough stuff these papers are made of.

  107. Frank P @ 17:34

    The great Joseph targets the same bunch, and hits them right on the nose, Frank, in the clip at 21.54 yesterday.

    And Classic FM, which last year played only few Christmas carols, this year is pumping Full Monty of the genre, different orchestras, arrangements, groups of singers, too much of a good thing even for the barbarian.

  108. Frank & Stephen:

    You’re too kind to the poorly educated Slav, the advice is appreciated though, will be heeded in the need arise.

    You should worry not, however, the condition isn’t life threatening, the hospitals are more than busy this time of the year, there must be cases that need urgent attention, the barbarian will wait his turn.

    And, Stephen, when will you send the address? Soon, Baron hopes.

  109. John birch @ 17:05

    They have an explanation, John, they, the police cum the security services, are cautious to the extreme before they say anything publicly. Human rights and all that.

    The discovery of the id papers in the truck’s cabin puzzles the barbarian, too.

    Why would someone about to commit an act of terror keep any id on himself? Why not leave it in the abode? If stopped by the police before the highjacking of the truck, he could have said ‘entschuldigen Sie mir bitte, but I forgot it at home’. How likely is it he would get punished for this? They might have accompanied him to his place of stay, found the papers there, all im ordung.

    If he did have the id on his person, couldn’t discard it before he highjacked the truck, why leave in the cabin?

    If he were apprehended immediately after the atrocity, leaving the truck, the papers were neither here nor there, having them or not would have been the least of his worries.

    If he were caught later, running away from the site of the atrocity (as must have been tens of other people), getting stopped in a side street trying to get through the police blockade, the police could not have connected him with the atrocity immediately, he could have said he was doing abit of shopping, the papers would have helped to let him pass (only later having checked for fingerprints the police would have put two and two together, but by that time he would have been already in hiding, as he seems to be now).

    The cynicism of the barbarian hints he will be found, sadly not breathing either at the time of the discovery or after it. It would be the best for everyone. The fingerprints are but a circumstantial evidence, as are the papers if they were indeed in the truck, a good lawyer would get him off claiming there was someone else doing the driving, his client was trying to prevent the atrocity, failed.

  110. Baron,
    I sent you my address a couple of days ago, there is no indication that it did not go through, although I might have mucked things up as I broke my reading glasses and could not see a thing, so, here we go.
    Flat 42,
    177 Whitechapel Road,
    London E1 1DW,
    Put your foot down with that hospital and do not take any nonsense. By the way I sent my address via your e-mail.

  111. EC @ 12:03

    Not exactly pi$$ taking, EC, close to it.

    Ornella Muti, the actress of the land of ‘prego, spaghetti, prego’ has applied for Russian citizenship, says the West isn’t a safe place, will get less safe still, Russia is the answer, would like Vlad to hand her the passport personally (the source: The TV station ‘The Rain’).

    The clip shows her when she was young, desirable and (since she got to star in a number of Hollywood films, one directed by Woody Allen) probably talented, too. She was born in 1955, is pushing it abit, compared to the barbarian though she has still the looks of a teenager.

  112. Only sorry, not an apology for the errors, you must be used to them by now.

  113. Guidelines state that Platelet counts of less than 50 x ten to the ninth per litre should be referred urgently ( normal is between 150 and 450 x ten to the ninth per litre )
    Urgently implies seen within 2 weeks.
    In any event a further blood test should be arranged in one weeks time to ensure it has not gone down and you should have been given advice on symptoms to watch for which would need emergency care.

  114. The Donald hasn’t yet warmed the seat of the Oval Office, and courage’s beginning to seep through even into the PC Spectator’s editor. Would this have appeared (say) six months ago?

  115. It’s not just the count, it’s the efficacy of the few available that comes into play, too. Baron’s platelets seem to good at keep him going, the blood coagulates, slowly and reluctantly, but it should do for the time of the appointment.

    Please, let us drop this subject, aBron’s beginning to regret he raised it, and raised it only to highlight the strains the NHS’s under.

  116. The reliable source on things Syrian (for the barbarian anyway), the independent journalist Teresa Spencer says the Syrian Army has captured 14 foreign advisors to the ‘Coalition against ISIS’ in Eastern Aleppo i.e. the ‘good’ rebels that the West was funding, training and supplying with weapons, some very sophisticated. One each from the US, Turkey and Israel, the rest are from the Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan and Morocco.

    The West apparently doesn’t want to know, is sticking to its earlier denial of having any military personnel with the rebel groups, but the UN is in possession of the names of the captured men.

  117. Stephen Maybery @ 19:57

    Thank you, Stephen, (the posting was missed by the barbarian until now, God only knows how).

    Also now, the barbarian has discovered your e-mail from yesterday, sorry to tell you, the idiotic software pushed it into ‘trash’.

    It truly pi$$es the barbarian, he used googlemail before, was forced to switch to Apple Mail when he bought this new gadget, and it’s a total crap, it automatically decides where to file incoming e-mails whatever settings the barbarian decides on. He has already investigated the possibility of going back to googlemmil except that it would require buying the Full Monty of apps from Google, quite a pricey affair, hence he sticks with this awful Apple over-designed package.

  118. Whilst Peter was harassing Trump’s daughter who was flying 2nd class with her family on a commercial flight, his husband was tweeting about it proudly after Peter was ‘deplaned’. (Baron only made up the names of the married couple, the rest is true).

  119. This is for any gentlemen still remaining in England, possibly now abed, and who are sick and tired of their governments refusing them the means to defend themselves from the religion of submission:

  120. Baron 23-50.
    Baron, you can teach your apple that trash or junk is wanted by sending them directly to your inbox from trash or junk.
    It learns they desired.

  121. Islamofascism and appeasement are the biggest dangers facing the West

    The appeasers, apologists and ‘useful idiots’ have been out in force over the festive season, busily lighting candles, declaring ‘Ich Bin Ein Berliner’ and proclaiming that the murderous attack on the Christmas market had nothing to do either with Islam or mass immigration. Thinking of them prompted me to pluck from my shelf one of my favourite books, a slim tome entitled ‘Ourselves and Germany’, written in the
    winter of 1937 by the Marquess of Londonderry. Otherwise known as Charles Stewart Henry Vane-Tempest-Stewart, or ‘Charley’ to his pals, the Marquess could neither write well nor read men well, but his book is nonetheless riveting. It’s a timeless reminder of where an educated man’s moral cowardice and intellectual stupidity can lead.
    The Marquess resigned as Secretary of State for Air in 1935, and spent the next two years scuttling back and forth to Germany as an unofficial emissary of Appeasement. Hitler, who extended his distinguished visitor ‘every consideration and courtesy’ was simply misunderstood by the British people, wrote Charley. So were Hermann Goering and Joachim von Ribbentrop, and that was the fault of Britain’s ‘cheap and popular press’, which twisted their words and turned the minds of the public against the Third Reich.
    Charley wasn’t a bad man; he was just an arrogant and gullible one, who like many educated men of the era, was taken in by Hitler. The Fuhrer, for all his faults, was adept at hoodwinking his enemies by telling them with a polite smile what they wanted to hear. The Marquess’s cousin was Winston Churchill, who never misread Hitler, and he crops up in another book I’ve recently read, ‘Conquering Islamic Totalitarianism’, by François Fillon, the centre-right candidate in France’s presidential election.
    Fillon asks his readers to imagine for a moment if, in these sombre times, they could think of ‘Winston Churchill or Charles de Gaulle, sitting at their desk, head in their hands, moaning ‘Where are we heading? Who are we? What is our identity?’.’ He scoffs at the idea, and in the next paragraphs declares that the West must look to the two wartime leaders for inspiration ‘faced with Islamic Totalitarianism’.
    It’s a fight on two fronts, explains Fillon, against the Islamists themselves, and against the left, whom he damns for their ‘imbecilic sophism’, adding that they are ‘ideologically blind’ and suffering from a ‘paranoia of Islamophobics’. He makes no apology for drawing parallels between Nazism and Islamic extremism and vows to extinguish the ‘Spirit of Munich’ that he says permeates much of left-wing ideology. ‘Because let there be no mistake’, he writes, ‘these are the same people who bleated for pacifism and collective security in the 1930s when Hitler began re-arming a Germany still weak. These are the same people who cowardly celebrated the sinister Munich Agreement and claimed that peace had been saved’.
    Fillon writes also that the time for accepting the unacceptable is over. After each new outrage, ‘we go through the same sadly familiar and repetitive scenario with the president and the politicians lighting candles to commemorate the massacre and observing the rituals of compassion’. In Angela Merkel’s case, it was laying a white rose at the scene of slaughter, an act she described as ‘incomprehensible’. Only it wasn’t, it was all too comprehensible to those who predicted that her decision to open Germany’s borders was a monumental misjudgement. Incomprehensible are the blunders made by the German security services who had been tracking Anis Amri since March; incomprehensible are the German privacy laws that meant the media wasn’t able to show a photograph of Amri; incomprehensible were the words of a German journalist who tweeted that the best response to the massacre was ‘patience, empathy and humanity’.
    Patience for what? Until it’s our turn to be shot, knifed, blown up or run over by the Islamists? Speaking days after the attack in Nice last July that left 86 people dead, the then Prime Minister of France, Manuel Valls, said:
    ‘I need to tell the truth to the French: Terrorism will be part of everyday life for a long time.’
    That statement confirmed to the French that their government prioritised political correctness above their protection. Terrorism need not be a part of everyday life if Europe controls its borders, outlaws Salafism, expels hate preachers, deports illegal immigrants and failed asylum seekers, imprisons all returning IS fighters and, above all, stops tolerating the intolerance of Islamic extremism, whose objective regarding Europe is conquest not cohabitation.
    Writing in the Guardian, the historian Timothy Garton Ash warned that the ‘Berlin Christmas market attack could unleash forces of intolerance to threaten liberal ideals across the continent’. He was alluding to the forces of far-right fascism, which indeed are a concern, but they are on the rise only because a generation of European leaders have failed to confront Islam’s ‘forces of intolerance’. 
    Meanwhile, Islamic terror attacks in the Middle East have killed thousands of Christians, Jews, Yazidis and other minority faiths, and in his pre-recorded message for Radio Four’s ‘Thought for the Day’, Prince Charles warned that ‘all of this has deeply disturbing echoes of the dark days of the 1930s’. Islamofascism is the clear and present danger. In the past two years its foot soldiers have killed 250 people in Paris, Nice, Brussels, Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray, and Copenhagen. While its ideological warriors have made big advances, under a creeping barrage of ‘Islamophobia’, against democratic free speech so that now only the bravest dare stick their head above the parapet of political correctness.
    Witness Theresa May’s appeasement in front of Parliament when she was given the chance to support the gymnast Louis Smith, who had been ostracised because of light-hearted mockery of Islam. ‘We value freedom of expression and freedom of speech in this country’, May told the Commons. ‘That is absolutely essential in underpinning our democracy, but we also value tolerance of others and tolerance in relation to religions.’
    This age of appeasement must come to an end, and François Fillon in 2017 has the opportunity to redefine Europe’s attitude towards Islamism. ‘Fatalism is no way to fight fanaticism’, he writes in his book, adding that a more forceful approach is urgently required to prevent a third world war. If he’s elected president of France in the spring he must follow through on his pledge because Europe desperately needs a strong leader, a man like Churchill, who from the outset understood that evil must never be appeased.
    Gavin Mortimer is a writer and historian who lives in Paris

  122. That article is from spectator website.

  123. : . .. those who do not believe that the Vietnam War was brought about by anti-communist knights in shining armour”

    What tripe. I suggest that you read some decent books about Ho Chi Minh, the Vietnamese communist party and the history of Vietnam instead of indulging in childish provocation stimulated by a single website.

  124. BBC R3’s essay the night before last was by a Muslim woman (I did not catch her name) about the birth of Christ and the Christmas tradition in Islam. And very good it was too. She appeared to be a Sufi whose practitioners have a profound reverence for Jesus and the Christian tradition.

    Unfortunately only about 30% of mosques in the UK are associated with Barelwism which incorporates Sufism. The majority are Deobandi, rooted in a more rigid Islamic tradition which grew from anti-British agitation on the NW Frontier of India during the Raj. The Deobandi tradition inspired the Taliban and the Wahhabi doctrine of the Saudis.

    It is ironic that the more extreme elements of this sect of Islam should set up in the UK after a long history of agitating against British rule in India but it speaks volumes about the foolishness of successive British governments whose ignorance of Islam is also profound. Just as foolish to stereotype the Muslim faith as it is to stereotype the Christian faith.

    With best wishes for the Christmas season and New Year to all good people on the Wall and to all good people in this United Kingdom, whatever their religious beliefs.

    “Christian, Jew, Muslim, Hindu, Zoroastrian, stone, ground, mountain, river, each has a secret way of being with the Mystery, unique and not to be judged.”

    Rumi – from Fihi-Ma-Fihi or Discourses of Rumi

  125. 1453
    The US like most colonialists and their fellow travellers could not understand the difference between national aspiration and socialist concern.
    But also the connection between them.
    Ho Chi Minh had been educated in Paris and in the Soviet Union. He was an avowed communist, but also a believer in the American virtues of free speech. At heart he was a nationalist land reformer, primarily concerned with restoring Vietnam to the Vietnamese. Under colonial rule, land typically belongs to foreigners–to the colonizers. The profits from farming go disproportionally into the hands of foreign rulers, and native people are generally reduced to working as laborers for the colonial government. To nationalists–that is, people with a strong sense of their “nation” or culture–colonialism is inherently unfair and exploitative. Communist revolutionaries like Ho Chi Mihn typically focused on land reform–on getting control of land away from foreign corporations and investors and back into the hands of the local people.
    Ho Chi Mihn was a communist, but he was also a practical politician, interested in what was best for Vietnam. He was friendly to the US, admired much of American politics, and preferred the US to the Soviets as an ally.
    Remember, the doctrine of “containment,” which came together in the late 1940s, did not recognize this position–you could not be a communist and an ally of the US. A communist could only be a satellite of the Soviet Union.

  126. Malfleur – 05:02

    The bowler hatted, sharp suited, dapper John Steed would have approved of those self-defense techniques. He was very rarely without his brolly, even in summer.

    However, in real life Patrick Macnee was, according to Wiki, an “enthusiastic” nudist, and living in California he very rarely required a brolly for any purpose. Though a brolly might have come in handy for fry ups, barbecues, and shielding one’s sensitive areas from the sun when lounging by the pool, I imagine.

  127. Bravo to the Milan Police.

  128. Malfleur – 05:02

    Here’s a handy tip if ever your good manners and personal charm fail to impress the locals, and you need to go ‘hand to hand’ with a bad dude in your particular armpit of the world…

  129. The continuing political relevance of the era makes Frank Dikötter’s new book, The Cultural Revolution: A People’s History, 1962-1976, a timely and impressive piece of work. It offers a narrative history that begins in the early 1960s, showing Mao’s increasing frustration that his party was losing its revolutionary fervour. By launching a movement dedicated to smashing “Old Customs, Old Culture, Old Habits and Old Ideas,” Mao felt that China’s society—and particularly its youth—would renew the revolution.

    Yet the insurgency quickly turned into score-settling among factions who used the Chairman’s own incitement to violence (“a revolution is not a dinner party; it cannot be so refined”) to persecute their enemies and to create a cult of Mao as a god.

    One worker remembered that every morning he waved his copy of Quotations from Chairman Mao Zedong, more commonly known as the Little Red Book, as he and his fellow workers chanted “Helmsman Chairman Mao, may you live 10,000 years.” He recalled: “It struck me as absurd, like a religion… At the time, however, no one in their right mind would dare to say so openly.”
    And now we have racist, multicultural,equality, transgender, homosexual marriage, global warming, climate change, racial equality, cultural appropriation, black lives matter , safe spaces, the problem with girls, they cry or fall in love with you. On and on and on.
    All of which are madness, and all of them can wreck careers.
    Nothing changes.

  130. I note that Prince Charles has been TROLLing the British public…

    “Prince Charles Urges Brits To Think Of Muhammad This Christmas, Speaks Out Against ‘Aggressive Populism’ ”

    An unhinged looney, imo, he is a threat to the continued existence of the monarchy.
    Long Live HMQ!

  131. If there are any volunteers for getting sick, emptying one’s stomach before the onslaught of the Christmas offerings whilst simultaneously sampling another first hand account of the sycophantic BBC here’s your chance:

    World at One this afternoon on BBC Radio4 chaired by the fat blob of PC Mardell, assisted ably by three stooges of the ‘regime change’ phylum. The chair spends a minute or so on the Tunisian getting shot in Milan (the sooner the public forgets the better), devotes the rest of the programme to Syria and Aleppo, you will have to listen to it yourselves if you have the courage, Baron hasn’t recovered yet.

    Not one of the w ankers mentions the undeniable fact the uprising against Assad was started by the regional proxies of the American neocon cabal, all of them talk about ‘people’ of Aleppo, not islamic thugs, all of the keep saying how concerned there are about the Syrian children. Unbelievably vomit inducing.

    If you skip it (who could blame you), here’s another example, this one from the progressive Channel4 crew about the validity of the reports by Eva Bartletts, the independent journalist who actually risked it, went to Aleppo when the rest of the ‘objective’ MSM journalists covered the conflict from the safety of cities outside Syria.

    You may just scan the ‘fact checking’, it’s the usual stuff, but look at the postings below. Virtually every blogger doubts the result of the truth checking exercise.

    All in all, it isn’t about a girl or girls, it’s about a sustained campaign of lies and deceptions. Baron shudders to think what would have happened if the ghastly Clinton woman got in. There must be some celestial power unknown to us that keeps an eye on the world.

  132. EC @ 14:14

    Royal inbreeding in full view, EC?

    Last night, the barbarian has come across a video showing the dimwit Charlie making the address, in which he also said that recently he visited a Syrian church, was happy to see refugee worshipers who ‘were prosecuted in Syria’ getting on with their prayers in the church, in safety and …

    Whoever pens these speeches for him should be more careful.

    Who prosecuted the Syrians in their own country, prevented them (in the last five years or so after the ‘uprising of the democratic forces’) to pray in peace, forced them leave?

    The camels, the weather, or by and large the foreign thugs of al-Nusra, al-this and al-that backed by the American neocons?

  133. EC @ 12:55

    The guy’s amazing, EC, but could someone with feeble muscles like Baron do the same?

  134. Colonel Mustard @ 08:43

    Short, but very educational, Colonel, the bit about Islam, thanks. How does the Ahmadiyya sect fit into it, is it a derivative of Sufism?

    The boss is very much into Rumi (down to some donkey love), has plenty of books, urges the barbarian to read some, shall he?

  135. John birch @ 13:29

    Nothing changes, John?

    Under Mao, one could have worshipped but one cult, today, one has a choice, you name the options – “racist, multicultural, equality, transgender, homosexual marriage, global warming, climate change, racial equality, cultural appropriation, black lives matter, safe spaces, the problem with girls…..

    (only joking, it all roots under one progressive, PC rainbow umbrella, but will it continue with the Donald in charge?)

  136. John birch @ 07:33

    Thanks for copying it, but it should be accessible to everyone, it’s their blog, it’s public (so far anyway).

    The postings are as good as the piece, and the guy who penned it may not be the last.

  137. One of the Vietcong generals, the most famous, well known was General Giap. The following is the quote from his memoirs currently in the Vietnam war memorial in Hanoi:

“What we still don’t understand is why you Americans had stopped the bombing of Hanoi. You had us on the ropes. If you had pressed us a little harder, just for another day or two, we were ready to surrender! It was the same at the battle of TET. You’ve defeated us! We knew it, and we thought you knew it, too.”

    The power of the MSM may have also succeeded brainwashing the unwashed on the ME, Syria in particular, had it not been for the internet.

    The 64K dollar question is will the progressives aided by the MSM fruitcakes shut the freedom of the net (or at least castrate it), or will the power of the unwashed shut the MSM, dislodge the progressives. Baron cannot decide where to put his money, but leans towards the latter what with the Donald taking over the signal box in the White House.

  138. The most important bit of the General’s quote at 17.54 didn’t copy, sorry, here it is:

    “But we were elated to notice your media was helping us. They were causing more disruption in America than we could in the battlefields. We were ready to surrender. You had won!”

  139. Here’s the baboon Charlie lecturing the faithful, you have to wait for the video to appear, just under the heading of the clip:

    Isn’t the official version of Mo’s fleeing Mecca different, wasn’t he kicked out or fled because the Mecca boys didn’t like what he preached?

  140. Something completely out of our usual debating stuff.

    How it happened the barbarian came across this video isn’t important, but could anyone tell him what’s the reason one would use a hardening putty to make a plastic key when the original metallic key is at hand, the guy uses it to copy the plastic one?

    Baron could open the lock with the original key easier than the guy does with the plastic replacement, and quicker, too, he wouldn’t waste time laboriously cutting out the plastic one.

    Almost fifteen million anxious viewers (and one totally confused one i.e. Baron) fell in the trap, or is Baron missing something?

  141. If you’ve all decided it to call it a year, then Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all.

  142. Baron December 23rd, 2016 – 17:35

    That’s a bit beyond my pay grade. There are derivative connections between some Sufi orders and Ahmadiyya but the origins are different. Ahmadiyya also originated on the NW Frontier of India at the end of the 19th Century and most mainstream Muslims seem to consider it heretic. The Ahmadiyya central belief appears to be that Christ did not die on the cross but travelled to India but I don’t know much more about their beliefs and practices which are now centred in Pakistan and Egypt or whether there are places if worship in the UK. If so I would guess less than for Sufi mosques which are about 25% of the total.

  143. Colonel Mustard @ 21:05

    Thank you, Colonel.

  144. Channel 4 , a public service broadcaster , ( non-profit;advert financed ) , broadcasts contentious `alternative xmas messages` (against The Queen).
    This year the message is from Brian Cox ( widower of Jo Cox ) . Say no more.
    It can be seen on C4 Xmas Day at 2-05 pm ; not that you will want to know this.

  145. Baron 20-28
    The guy is showing how easily you can recreate a key if you can get hold of the original.
    But all those padlocks shown are cheap crap Chinese ones. You can take them apart in seconds, you don’t need to make keys unless you want to unlock with no visable damage.
    Even quality padlocks have a very weak point.
    I won’t tell you what it is.
    But padlocks are not very secure.

  146. Baron.

    The Ahmadi sect was created in the north west of the Indian Empire at the end of the 19th Century. Their founder removed the most violent/bigoted/etc elements from islam and created a religion of peace : (but can this in anyway be said to be islam?) .

    There are 10 million Ahmadi amongst one thousand million muslims.

    The Ahmadi are regarded by all the rest as heretics ; for which the punishment is death.

    Under threat of persecution the leading Ahmadi in recent decades fled from Pakistan to the land of freedom. Their headquarters are now in London ; where they have the biggest mosque in England.

    They are not a tactical danger to us, believing in peace ; but they are a strategic danger as they are used by the enemies-within to represent islam as the religion of peace.

    When-ever you hear of muslims doing good ( such as taking bottled water to flooded areas ) they are Ahmadi.

  147. I see that the Alinsky radical in the White House is trying to do as much “progressive” damage as possible before he has to leave. Shades of Gordon Brown’s scorched earth.

  148. Gordon Brown regarded Barack Obama as a lightweight who failed to appreciate the scale of the challenges facing the global economy.

    “Obama – bit light. I don’t think he really gets what’s happening with the economy; talking about how we need to reform for the future and all this stuff, he doesn’t get how serious things are”

    As history shows us, it took the expertise of Gordon to show him how to rescue the world’s banks.

  149. It was a characteristic of Gordon Brown that he considered everyone a lightweight in comparison with himself.

  150. From deep inside Christmas Eve, I wish all the unreformed reprobates on the Wall a happy Christmas.

  151. A very merry Christmas to all Wallsters, and look forward to a spectacular new year, and it will be, a re-run of 1848. We,re going to nail the bastards folks.

  152. Here’s a Christmas message for Patriccia Shaw/telemachus:-

    Stop stalking my comments you creep. They are not for you. You are a nīðing

  153. Regarding the monarchy, I have prayed for a long time, that the Queen outlives her very stupid son. Unfortunately his older son also appears to be a thicko. In fact all the Windsors are thick, with the exception of some of those who married into them, e.g. Phillip and the late Queen Mary.

    I remember reading that George VI when a naval cadet, came 68th in a class of 68.

    More recently, Andrew sprayed paint over a crowd of reporters, ruining their cameras. And Edward’s It’s A Royal Knockout will live in my memory for ever.

    How a man like Phillip (who I have always admired) could have fathered 3 such dreadful sons, has always been a mystery to me.

  154. It might be coming up to Christmas, BUT one does wonder how the Germans can be EVEN worse than the Swedes:
    German Politician Prevented Police Sharing Image of Christmas Market Attacker ‘to Prevent Racism’

    Sean Lock’s New Year’s Resolution: when making a wish by a Wishing Well, wishing something nice will happen 🙂

  155. Stephen Maybery – 10:57

    “A very merry Christmas to all Wallsters…”

    And the same to you, Stephen, and best wishes for 2017 to all the other right minded people in our little cyber pub.

  156. I hope everybody gets a good rest as you will ALL be needed in 2017 for active duty:

    BREXIT Watch: No backsliding! May and Davis must be kept on task.

    MSM Watch: Countering their fake news narratives, and pleas for censorship of all else.

    ELECTION/FAKE POLLS Watch: You’ll be needed on the front line on battlegrounds of the Dutch, French, and German elections.

    CLIMATE Watch: The wankerati of the meeja bubble, the eco loons, the fraudsters, and their puppet masters NEVER sleep!

    JIHAD/DHIMMI Watch:Elitist politicians and wankerati in the meeja bubble do not have our best interests at heart, and are not to be trusted!

    WIMMIN Watch: They and… (see above)

  157. North American radar system tracks Santa . Getting into dangerous territory : Mogadishu/Yemen & the Arabian Gulf.

  158. Merry Xmas and peace on earth to all men of goodwill, that’s pretty much everyone here . . . . . . . .

    And if like me your ears can’t take anymore snatches of Aled Jones’ Xmas hits, here’s some real music for Xmas.

    Bach (and Baron please give this a try – it’s played by a brilliant organist on a gorgeous instrument)

    Tallis, Videte Miraculum – simultaneously hushed and ecstatic

    Last Xmas, I was hoping, now I’m hopeful, at least for the USA. Trump keeps giving almost every day and he’ll provide a helpful backdrop for Geert, Marine and Frauke, but as with all the fake news, endured and recognised by me since the reporting of 1970’s N. Ireland, I can’t help running in my mind how the BBC and all the other Marxist organs in Europe will run the story when one day some whitey drives a truck into leaving-time at a mosque. One thing I wish for Europe next year is that decent people work out that to be supine is not virtuous, but suicidal.

  159. Naughty,naughty.
    “Chipmunks Roasting On An Open Fire.”

  160. Radford NG @ 13:34

    A clear explanation, Radford, thank you.

    The great Douglas of the Spectator has the same view on the heretic sect, says, in his latest blog there, still fresh, the MSM lapdogs are always ready to present them as if they were the Full Monty Allah followers.

    It would be of interest to discover which of the sects of the creed is growing the fastest.

  161. John birch @ 23:27

    Is there anything not made in China today, John?

    What still puzzles Baron is why would anyone want to make a replacement key oneself if one had the original. What’s the point of it? If Baron needed a spare key, he would visit the local branch of shoe-repairers, have it made on a machine for a couple of quid.

    A club member says (what club Baron cannot say, but not because you won’t reveal the secret of lock hacking) that it’s no longer door locks that are the weakest point in door braking, but the other side of the door, the hinges. Is he right?

  162. The dour Scot lecturing anyone about the economy? Arghhh

    He and his fame seeking sidekick have almost brought our financial sector to full implosion, the man should have been tried, convicted, then quartered, burnt to ashes.

  163. Colonel Mustard @ 07:33

    By the look of things, he isn’t finished yet, he still has few weeks to mess it up for the Donald, he should be careful though, the new occupant of the Oval Office’s appointments suggest someone from the crew may go after him as much as after the Clinton woman.

  164. Radford NG @ 18:39

    It was Stockholm when the barbarian clicked on it, Radford, then the caption said ‘Berlin in over 2 minutes’, but Santa kept heading north-north-east. Shome mistake, no? Hasn’t he got a GPS?

  165. EC @ 17:38

    Perhaps an additional category of health watch, EC, we should all ensure we continue breathing for as long as possible, action watching and kicking the loonies.

  166. Baron December 24th, 2016 – 21:58

    Hope so!

  167. Irishboy @ 19:52

    For the barbarian with a peasant taste in music, the organ piece stays mercifully in high pitch, avoids the ‘bass sounding’ frightening chords, he listened the whole ten minutes, wasn’t taken in, it won’t become one of his favorites, sorry to say, Irishboy.

    The Tallis’s piece has a calming touch, is pleasing to one’s ear, fits more the barbarian’s taste.

  168. Romano Verdi @ 20:43

    Anything stopping you posting the puffin’s stuff three times (or more), Romano.

    What’s it all about anyway, can you explain, the barbarian’s lost after the full twelve minutes of it. Or is the joke on him?

  169. Radford NG @ 21:18

    Where are the Heath & Safety boys, Radford, open fire today? Surely a great hazard that must be got rid of.

  170. Sorry, mistakes again, like do braking rather than door breaking, it may be the software, it may the one who type dit, and the other errors, he’ll never learn.

  171. Baron, thank you for listening and I’m glad you found that the Tallis spoke to you. The English Chapel Royal for almost two hundred years was the most concentrated and prodigious assembly of compositional talent ever. I imagine the organ playing and singing were pretty good too. I was at Evensong today at Canterbury Cathedral where a too young Orlando Gibbons is buried, having caught flu or something whilst accompanying his fellow Gentlemen of the Chapel Royal to Dover with Elizabeth I to greet some foreign dignitary or other, and was too sick on the return journey to travel beyond Canterbury. Whoever the foreigner was, he wasn’t worth losing Gibbons for. Tails also sang at Canterbury, having begun his long career at Dover Priory, for two years before his famous talent received a royal command. I don’t know whether it was the music these men wrote, or their rather protected lives, but many renaissance composers lived into their eighties. Byrd, Tallis, Victoria, Palestrina, Josquin (who as a boy was so famous for his treble voice that he was kidnapped I think four times and hawked all over Europe before revealing himself to be the greatest composer in Europe, his reputation only dented by Beethoven).

    And Baron I do thank you for being so constantly indefatigable!

  172. That should read Tallis not Tails – I should check

  173. EC @ 17:38 Christmas Eve

    Please, please add the wretched, wretched United Nations to your list. They have plans for us which must be resisted.The President of the Philippines has suggested that he will burn its building down if he goes to America.

  174. May Jesus always be our joy, our hope, our song. And may this Christmas and each day of the new year be directed by His guiding hand of love.

  175. Malfleur – 00:54

    Our ‘vicar’ would be heart broken: every sentence in her Midnight Mass sermon contained either migrant, peace, the UN, loneliness or the Good News, a combination of them. I worked out that she is going to tell all the migrants about the Good News.

    I think we will need to do some praying, just to save a life. 🙂

  176. The Queen’s Christmas message to the Commonwealth : as viewed in Queensland.

  177. A traditional English `Christmas Story` for the dark nights (turn out the lights) by Freddie Forsyth.

    “The Shepherd”. A jet-fighter pilot on his way home to Norfolk from Germany on Christmas Eve is lost over the North Sea.

  178. With a Merry Xmas and a joyful Hanukkah…….along with a brave New Year.

  179. Patriccia Shaw
    December 25th, 2016 – 05:28

    …and by His punishing hand of judgment.

  180. Malfleur 0101

    Only for those who do not heed his words.

    1 John 3:17

    “But if anyone has the world’s goods and sees his brother in need, yet closes his heart against him, how does God’s love abide in him?”

  181. A brother does not look on you as inferior, does not seek to steal your birthright, your country, nor does he avowedly wish to destroy the laws that protect your freedom, does not seek to gather in gangs of hundreds to rape and assault your wife, your daughter, your son, neither in public displays of aggressive territorial claiming of your women and your space especially beside our holy sites, and does not pursue a life of abject idleness and live off the welfare of those he despises and wishes to destroy. A brother is not your parasitic and poisonous enemy.

  182. British Muslims utterly condemn ISIS who are abusing the name of Islam with their acts of terrorism.
    They utterly condemn criminal acts on the streets and in the home.
    They call on fellow British Muslims to unite and denounce this evil group and all other criminals and state that their acts – are done #NotInMyName

  183. They’re making as much impression as Marcel Marceau upon a blind audience! They are toxic wherever they take themselves, like yourself.

  184. But raping infidels isn’t abusing the name of Islam; it is a task to be blessed, and not condoned by Social Services either.

  185. Robert Retyred – 12:37

    Sorry, NOT ‘not condoned’, just ”condoned’.

  186. Irishboy – 10:27

    Impressive: I thought it was a famous quote!

    And it will be 🙂

  187. Irishboy – 10:27

    Well said, Irishboy.

  188. Oh, er, sorry the link that I posted above doesn’t work. I wonder why…

  189. “Abstract:

    Angela Merkel and those within the EU and German government who are aligned with her are knowingly allowing ISIS operatives to infiltrate the EU, set up networks and stage attacks on European citizens. The goal of allowing this to occur is to create a crisis which will artificially deepen the need for greater European integration into the EU, which is of course mostly controlled by Germany and allows them to control Europe without firing a single shot (so far). Once the crisis has been created, Merkel will use it as an excuse to use the newly formed EU Army to occupy European nations. This army seems to currently be supplied by NATO and NATO officials who are in a position to discover this are showing up dead.”

  190. George Michael who ??

  191. P Shaw 12-01 ( or tele )
    Excellent news to see these Muslims showing the right attitude.
    And if it’s not in their name that means the Koran is wrong and the prophet (piss be upon him ) is not the perfect man.
    1.So are they good Muslims, telling lies to promote Islam.
    2. Bad Muslims who need to have their heads removed.
    3. Confused Muslims who need to have their heads removed.
    4. Not really Muslims at all who need to have their heads removed
    Let’s hear them say clearly the Koran is wrong and the prophet made mistakes.

  192. The on-line Guardian’s four top stories today are about George Michael, from the acknowledgement he’s dead to asking people to share their thoughts about this earth shattering event. One of the mourners said a part of her had died, too.

    What does it tell you about the scrofulous rag, about the country the Guardian’s wankers think we’ve become, more importantly, the country we’ve actually become? (Other papers aren’t that different in their coverage of the singer’s death).

    In the DM, someone calling herself Alison Boshoff writes: How sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll took their toll on troubled genius George Michael. So, it was heaped on the poor talented soul, the drugs, the sex, the overindulgence?

    What took its toll on people who were admired, imitated, honoured when Britain was a country worth looking up to were one’s self-reliance cum self-restraint, genuine charitable work, the defence of the realm and stuff like that.

    In the former paper, the revelation that local authorities used RIPA (Regulations of Investigatory Powers Act) to spy on people including dig walkers came a distant second in the paper headlines.

  193. RobertRetyred @ 20:49

    The official version of events puzzles the barbarian, Robert. The Tunisian was said to have been stopped, asked to produce an id. Instead of showing the two policemen his papers he pulled a handgun, shot one of them in the shoulder before being shot dead by the other, younger officer of the law.

    How come it was the policeman who was successful even though he drew his gun after the thug was already shooting at them from a very close proximity?

  194. Malfleur @ 14:05

    The anti-Assad fighters from Aleppo have been moved to other parts of Syria, Malfleur, the Syrian Army will go after them, more so when the Donald gets in. Where will they go? The land of Mutti must seem to them like a beneficial destination.

  195. ‘Wake up, wake up’ shouts a man entering his wife’s bedroom, ‘time to take your sleeping pill’.

    Good night.

  196. Trump’s First and Most Critical War > Geoffrey Botkin

  197. Baron – 01:05
    RobertRetyred @ 20:49

    “Badges? We ain’t got no badges. We don’t need no badges. I don’t have to show you any stinking badges.”
    Gold Hat (Alfonso Bedoya)

    The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (1948 B&W) John Huston, Humphrey Bogart, Alfonso Bedoya et al.

    This clip: 2min37 of viewing pleasure 🙂

    Much the same down Mexico Way today, I imagine. Though I expect that border security will be considerably enhanced , better managed and funded, after January 20th.

  198. So, ID is to be demanded at polling booths, and about bloody time. Election fraud in Tower Hamlets is egregious and has been known about for years. Come election day I will front up at the polling station, not that I will produce any proof of my identity, perish the thought, I will smile beatifically at the officials before barking out, Llanairpwllgwyngyllgogerwchwyrndrobwillantfisiliogogogoch. Not many Pakis could come out with that one.

  199. EC @ 10:21

    Pleasing it may be, EC, but does it tell the full story?

    After the scene was filmed, the actors were at once furnished with an air-conditioned ‘safe tent’, given extensive counselling, put on a course of drugs under 24-hour medical supervision.

    What happened to the crew that filmed it is not known, but the guy who fired the blank shots is still under investigation by the Health & Safety, and by a special committee set up by the Federal Government, they should hurry, the guy is almost 100, may snuff it before the issue is resolved.

    The person responsible for the film role casting hasn’t been able to leave his house since the filming, (may well have been dead for decades, totally composted with the bed linen), the house has been surrounded by angry feminists claiming the man’s a misogynist – no female is seen in the clip – even though over the years his solicitor has issued numerous statements saying all the donkeys, mules, all other non-human creatures (like snakes) in the scene and out of it are female ….

  200. Stephen Maybery @ 11:07

    Good point, Stephen, but who’s going to ensure the driving licences aren’t fake?

  201. Sorry to bang on about the middle age man who used to sing in public, took drugs, died suddenly, but the DM is full of crap about it, and two of our often cited fellow travellers have pronounced on it, too: Stefan M and the omni-all one.

    It happens seldom (if at all) Baron sides not with Stefan, but this issue is an exception. (you can get Mr. Boot’s take on it by clicking on his address in the blogroll on the right).

    This is the song that was supposed to be one of his best, hard to tell, because it’s hard to catch the lyrics, the voice is as good as that possessed by anyone who can sing Christmas carols, improved by the electronic gadgetry, camouflaged by the noise of the crowd.

    The more telling about the whole affair (and others like t his) are the people gathered to listen to the noise, just look at them.

    It’s on occasions like that the barbarian’s mind turns to the newcomers, thoughts of treacherous nature begin to creep in like ‘could they have a point?’

  202. Baron December 27th, 2016 – 01:05

    “How come it was the policeman who was successful even though he drew his gun after the thug was already shooting at them from a very close proximity?”

    Such is often the nature of close range gun battles. Usually the cooler head and better aim will prevail against the hasty firer. Apparently the Tunisian ran after firing at the first police officer: “Amri ran through the square trying to hide behind cars while firing. Scatà gave chase and shot him dead in the street.”

    The ultimate test for a routinely armed police officer going about his normal duties. As someone else pointed out had this happened in the UK the police officer would probably come under scrutiny for suspected murder and New Labour’s CPS would be “considering a file”.

  203. The bad news:
    Constipation cure: A 13p banana could relieve pain and act as natural laxative

    The good news:
    The banana is supposed to be eaten! 🙂

  204. Baron – 11:28

    That would indeed be the case nowadays! Add to that rap sheet, the wilful destruction of an antique fob watch and, in CA and many states, the illegal use of lead ammo 🙂

  205. Baron – 11:50

    The chap was the same generation as Call Me Dave Cameron. The metropolitan & meeja types are alway bereft when the Grim Reaper makes an early call on one of their icons. They think that they are somehow better, more special, than the rest of us.
    What we are witnessing is the “rush to gush”, and something akin in nature to a Jackdaw’s funeral when the sky goes black with mourners.

  206. Michael Savage on Boxing Day – Good stuff – Obama and the rats, Trump and his appointments, the Bible, God and Savage’s God book…

  207. The death of a drug-taking pop singer is being treated by the media as if Mozart, Beethoven and Verdi had all died on the same day.

    Either they can’t find any other news of interest, or they assume that the entire country has gone into mourning. The first 15 minutes of Sky News last night was devoted to this item of non-news.

    Well I’ve got news for you, Sky, BBC, Guardian, Mail, et al. Personally I couldn’t care less. I’m old enough to remember when “popular” music was REAL music, e.g Rodgers & Hart, Cole Porter, Harold Arlen etc. There hasn’t been any real popular music written since about 1950. Just c**p masquerading as “music”.

  208. L.C. 1500

    “The death of a drug-taking pop singer is being treated by the media as if Mozart, Beethoven and Verdi had all died on the same day.”

    Glad you said that about Michael.

    These from press clippings sum him up:

    “said that he suffered from two afflictions – “grief and self-abuse”.”


  209. After the George Michael grief fest I can only hope that Elton John has a long and fruitful life left to him. I can imagine all too well the crap we will be force fed when finally he passes over. Probably a laying in state and a funeral in the Abbey.

  210. Another one down.
    Bloody ‘ell, don’t they know it’s Christmas.
    Beware the circling Jackdaws.

  211. A woman went shopping, on her own. What was her punishment:
    A) cutting her shopping allowance
    B) cutting up her credit cards
    C) being beheaded?

  212. Donald Trump urges Israel to “stay strong” until he takes office, says cannot allow it to be “treated with disdain”
    Donald knows who our friends are.

  213. Read this morning that the Co-Op is to open 100 stores in the South East to be in competition with waitrose. Nice to know the sanctimonious bastards have e sense of humour.

  214. An antidote to the tsunami of bullshit from “Lurch” Kerry, the Heinz gigolo:

    Btw – that piece is on Melanie’s new website.

  215. Those who understand Patriccia will know that a settlement in the Levant fair to the usurped population is very dear to my heart.


    Israel and the Palestinian Authority (PLO) have been negotiating peace since 1993. The present reports are not optimistic. To build genuine peace, it is essential to have trust, good will and mutual security. We believe that if there is a will, there is a way. Peace is a precious commodity and therefore requires a high price for its achievement, reaching a solution that is agreeable to both. The peace deal should be attractive to both, equally. It cannot be one-sided, enforced or coerced. Of all the possible solutions presently on the table, a two-state solution is the most viable. We believe that good starting points are the Clinton Parameters (2000) and the Geneva Accord (2003). Both documents lay the foundations for resolving all contentious issues.

    The Palestinians aspire to have an independent state in the 1967 borders, with Arab Jerusalem as its capital and a substantial return of refugees to Israel. The Israelis wish to retain the Jewish character of Israel, being the only Jewish state in the world. Both sides wish to enjoy life of tranquillity and in security, free of violence and terror. Both sides need to make painful concessions and reach a compromise. Both parties should explicitly accept UN Security Council Resolutions 242, 338 and 1397 and then begin their full implementation. The endgame will be based on the following parameters:

    Palestinian sovereignty – A state will be declared and respected.

    Mutual recognition – Israel shall recognise the State of Palestine. Palestine shall recognise the Jewish State of Israel.

    Mutual diplomatic relations – Israel and Palestine shall immediately establish full diplomatic relationships with each other, appointing ambassadors in the capital of the respective partner.

    Capital – Each state is free to choose its own capital; West Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, East Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine.

    Borders – The border will be on the 1967 line. Having an undisputed, internationally-recognised border is the best security arrangement for both sides.

    Israel will agree to withdraw in principle to the Green Line, evacuating settlements and resettling settlers in other parts of the country. The major settlement blocs – Maaleh Adumim, Givat Zeev, Gush Etzion, Modiin Illit and Ariel – which account for approximately 70 per cent of the Jewish population in the West Bank and for less than four per cent of its territory, may be annexed to Israel upon reaching an agreement with the PA as part of the land swap equal in size and quality. Border adjustment must be kept to the necessary minimum and must be reciprocal.

    Territorial contiguity – A corridor would connect the West Bank and the Gaza Strip to allow safe and free passage. As long as peace is kept, the road will be permanently open and solely Palestinian. No Israeli checkpoints will be there. Palestinians will not be able to enter Israel from this corridor, nor shall Israelis enter Palestine from the corridor. Palestine will ensure that this safe passage won’t be abused for violent purposes. Such abuse would undermine peace and trust between the two parties.

    The Separation Wall creates a political reality. It should run roughly along the 1967 mutually agreed borders.

    Security – Both Israel and Palestine will take all necessary measures to ascertain that their citizens could live free of fear for their lives. Security is equally important for both Israelis and Palestinians as this is the key for peace. Palestine and Israel shall base their security relations on cooperation, mutual trust, good neighbourly relations, and the protection of their joint interests.

    Terrorism and violence – Zero tolerance in this sphere. Both sides will work together to curb violence. Both sides will see that their citizens on both sides of the border reside in peace and tranquillity. Zealots and terrorists, Palestinian and Jews, will receive tough penalties for any violation of peace and tranquillity.

    End of conflict – Following the signing of a comprehensive agreement covering all issues and concerns, an official statement will be issued declaring the end of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

  216. @Stephen Maybery 27th – 18:22

    “After the George Michael grief fest I can only hope that Elton John has a long…..”

    We-ell, in a manner of speaking, it’ll certainly be fruitful! 🙂

  217. Baron.
    This is Tower Hamlets, in this neck of the woods and assuming one is not brain dead, one would automatically believe any ID is fake and the individual offering it is an illegal

    The banana is to be eaten. Christ Bob, you ain’t half a killjoy.

  218. As the redoubtable Johnny Rotten said after the abomination that was “Goodbye, England’s Rose”,

    “Candle in the wind? Candle without a wick, more like.”

  219. “The issue which has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is the people versus the banks.”

    Lord Acton

  220. Malfleur.
    We did have a false start.
    Only one thing can be seen to be a blemish on the otherwise shining career of Gordon Brown.
    In 2008 he had the opportunity to fully nationalise all the banks and he stood back.
    The poor of Moss Side and Tower Hamlets still have not forgiven this.

  221. Blemish on the otherwise shining career of Gordon brown .
    Where do you begin after that.
    Blair was the most honest politician we ever had.
    Cameron was a master strategist.
    Clegg did everything for England , the country he loved.
    Kinnock and his entire family brought decency and honesty back to politics

  222. Gordon Brown. Covered in shit mate. You didn’t read about a nine year old girl then. You haven’t wondered about Gordo, George Robertson and the Dunblane mass murderer Thomas Hamilton being the Three Musketeers of the Scottish Labour Party?

  223. If banks got nationalised when the monstrous duo of Blair and Brown got into government in 1997, (they didn’t intend to, but if they did), the 2008 near meltdown would have turned into a Full Monty meltdown, the economy would have collapsed, the financial system would have imploded ruining people’s savings, business investment, the country’s future.

    Nationalising the bank in 2008 would have led to the same, only worse. It would have burdened the taxpayer with unlimited indebtedness, would have impacted sterling, led possibly to abandonment of free trade, (and a massive fine by the EU to boot). We would be grazing today fi that happened.

    The dour Scot must rank as the worst ever resident of No11, his judgment was so unbelievably bad, one would be hard to find another Chancellor who did as much damage to the country as he did.

    Whatever he touched – from the botched up changes to banks’ supervision (the division of responsibilities between the BoE, the Treasury, the FSA), through to the sale of the gold reserves, pension fund taxation, the country’s borrowings ….

    There was nothing left for him to fugg up big when the country voted him and his equally mad crew out – you remember his travel in Africa promising an assistance of billions of pounds, money the country didn’t have? The voting out wasn’t convincing because the alternative, the boy who’s gone now, was nothing to shout about either).

    Brown was (and is) a walking human catastrophe, a deluded baboon regretfully mastering human speech, a top-class political w anker.

    It beggars belief how someone who says he’s driven by a desire to help the unwashed left behind by (mostly) globalisation could back this political blockhead.

  224. Stephen Maybery @ 19:12

    London seems to be full of suspect characters, Stephen, a 21st century replica of the Babylon, and we all know how that one ended up.

  225. There can be no peace ever between Israel and the Palestinian people because peace would requite the followers of Allah to give up on their innate hate of the other two tribes of the Book, the Jewish one in particular.

    Until the Arab schools stop teaching their kids that two dead Jews plus two dead Jews equal four dead Jews, talking about a permanent peace in the ME borders at best on lunacy, at worst on criminal intent.

  226. RobertRetyred @ 14:16

    This rather seasonal puzzle of yours, Robert, (sales are on) has one piece missing. Which country are you talking about?

  227. Andy Car Park @ 00:50

    Not that long ago, the barbarian has seen the Rotten guy on the TV, he’s turned into quite a well mannered member of the middle class, he has, Andy.

  228. Frank P @ 17:08

    Excellent take on the recent, and not so recent events, Frank.

    She’s right, in the first half of the last century the word ‘Palestinians’ was not in use at all, the deserts spreading from Mauritania in the west through to Iraq, Syria in the east (Morocco only in in the north eastern corner) were inhabited by Beduins, a nomadic peoples of Arab origin. The mostly infertile lands (held by Israel today) were part of the permanently migrating tribes fields of travel.

    The one thing one hardly finds mentioned in the MSM, (Melanie hasn’t pointed it out either), is that Israel pays money to the owner of the land if he can prove its legal ownership.

    Most of the barren spaces in dispute today were never claimed by any one individual even though the newly create states after WW1 had jurisdiction over them. It was, still is mostly an arid desert, nothing much grows there, or can be cultivated unless someone (like the Jewish settlers after WW2) put some effort into turning the untilled waste into something resembling agricultural land, or build settlements on it..

  229. It seems no Cohen can get it right, this one from the Republic who calls himself Richard is no exception.

    The Americans lost in Syria because their involvement to dislodge Assad (however ‘brutal’ his governance may have been) by unleashing on him largely imported jihadists was illegal, unjust, and transparently immoral

  230. The great Mark on the not-so-great George:

  231. Colonel Mustard @ 12:51

    Point taken, Colonel, (even if after a considerable delay).

  232. Ostrich (occasionally) @ 18:06

    Yet another reason the one of the ‘candle in the wind’ fame should live for ever, O(o), is that there can hardly be more physically off putting example of his gender mutation.

  233. It was an omission in his posting on Dec 27, at 11.50, but nobody has spotted it (most likely because nobody reads the barbarian’s rants). Still, the link to George’s best song was missing (or one of his best), and you cannot be spared listening to it.

    (It was more the crowds that attracted the barbarian. Madness, very likely fuelled by weed plus).

  234. Baron – 20:24

    Those paying close attention to the video linked within your last comment might be tempted to observe that George bought his jackets at the same shop as Michael Portillo…

  235. Not a luvvie but a Lovie…

    By George, I think she really got it, by the end…

    Seems like a nice girl. I think you should consider getting one of these to deal with the squirrel problem, Baron. An X95, that is.

  236. If only it was a laugh, but it isn’t:
    Fury as David Cameron linked with top NATO role

    The great negotiator 🙂

  237. “‘They are all spies’: Philippines’ Duterte speaks on US envoy’s ‘destabilization blueprint’
    The outspoken president of the Philippines has lashed out at the former US ambassador to the country, who reportedly left a ‘blueprint to destabilize’ the country’s government when leaving his post in November. ”

    “It’s what we do.”
    (Anonymous spokesman for the globalists contacted for the Wall by M.Fleur)

  238. Baron 20.06
    The Yanks have lost all credibility over Assad. Comes with Obama’s timidity. You pick your side and you wade in – Putin showed that. When Obama decided that Assad must go he could have done what Putin did and sent in the troops. The Yanks could have smashed the opposition in a week.
    Instead he unleashed a tsunami of Muslim fifth columnists on Europe by his vacillation.

  239. And I have just heard from Bill Gates that I am about to get flu so I’m off out to buy a blanket.

  240. But not before I complain about Victoria Beckham getting an OBE.

  241. Romano Verdi @ 08:22

    An enjoyable piece, Romano, not in a sense of what it evokes (or could bring about) – possible carnage, pain, death unless the security services get cracking to apprehend the thugs, but what it teaches us, or rather should teach us.

    If only Mutti read the bard, As You Like It would be the tome, she may have come across ‘too much of a good thing …’ , ponder it, and instead of shouting ‘let them come, let them’ in their millions, she should have done what the Constitution of the country asks the leaders of German y to do – protect the borders, accommodate only the genuinely needed.

    The first posting under the piece, the most rewarded one, is good: ‘Angela, your guests have arrived …’

  242. Romano Verdi @ 08:30

    Not really for the barbarian to offer a helping hand (or abit of it) to the Hon Muslim, Romano, but could it be his hands are somewhat tied up by the statutes, the prevailing fetor of PC cum absolute ‘uman rights’, the general unwillingness of the unwashed to endorse (if not back) America’s escapades to dislodge legitimate governments only because they, the governments, don’t jump when the neocon clique asks them to?

    His Administration could get away with drone killings, individual assassinations, the clandestine arming of surrogate fighters, that sort of stuff because it’s largely hidden from the plebeians, the MSM lapdogs don’t touch it.

    It would be a different cup of Costa if he decided to put boots on the ground, then the unwashed would show their displeasure strongly.

    The one in the Kremlin seems to be not so restricted, when he decides to hit, he goes, hits until the opponent is no longer, deals with the fallouts – diplomatic political, economic fallouts after he’s finished the job.

    Adding this institutional yoke to his timidity (as you suggest), and all one gets is a total mess, all of the countries the Americans have interfered with are in much worse state than before. It’s criminal this.

  243. John birch @ 14:51

    You reckon the Donald will do what’s necessary in the ME, do you, John?

    He cannot sever t he Republic’s close ties with Saudi Arabia, even though it’s their money, their mutation of Islam, their network of schools everywhere throughout the world that fuels the hatred of infidels (gives rise to a multiplicity of jihadi groups), but in particular the hatred of Israel, a country in the middle of Islam, a pain in the neck of the Saudis in their desire to build and expand their religious fiefdom.

    The Republic needs an access to the Arab oil, long term, it’s a must, it’s a question of survival for the Americans, they have, will continue to have an insatiable appetitive for it (unless a substitute can be found).

    The Americans also need oil to be priced in dollars, the Saudis promised to do so way back in the 70s (in exchange for US military protection).

    The dollar pricing is one of the pillars supporting the greenback as a reserve currency. This year, the oil buying countries have to find some three trillion dollars to procure the stuff (and that’s when the price per barrel hoovers around $50, when it stood at $100 ppb, the need was for six trillion dollars annually to but this consumable. For comparison, the $3.0tr exceeds our annual GDP, the fourth largest in the world).

    How likely is it he would scrap this cosy deal still massively beneficial to both sides? At best, he can give renewed support to Israel, boost aid, but more than that? Not likely, Baron reckons.

    (You may have noticed this morning the barbarian is ni an argumentative mood, he hasn’t yet encountered the boss).


    This is all very well; but what the hell is her government doing voting for the United Nations Security Council resolution condemning “settlements” in Israel. Is she weak, deranged, bought and sold by the royal family of Qatar, in a rut, a victim of late 20th century geopolitical thought, a traitor to the country’s best interests, following the script of the New World Order while wearing her sheep’s clothing or simply doing the best in a bad situation?

    I would vote for perfidy, weakness and lack of moral backbone.

  245. Hotel California: Has anybody else of note checked out overnight?

    Only 12/50 predictions have come good so far. Still plenty of strong contenders, and with 36 hours to beat the deadline, so to speak…

    Toodle-oo !

  246. Malfleur @ 10:26

    Very well said, Muffler.

    The saintly One seems stupider than is good for the country (for at least the next four years). To allow our name to appear anywhere near the resolution, even help to craft it, feed it to NZ to table it, vote for it was bad enough (the resolution will ignored by Israel, and rightly so, as are others of this kind). To be subsequently critical of Kerry’s speech more than doubles the odour of incompetence.

    She must live under the illusion she (cum the other European political clowns) could thwart the Donald, not a thought a smart person should harbour, (or indeed will harbour for long).

    Not unlike the Hon Muslim the new Potus will also control a well tested machine of near unlimited reach and massive power, certainly capable destroying the career of someone like the saintly One.

    If this is what building bridges with the Donald’s Administration is going to be like, we’re truly fugged cum (simultaneously) buggered.

  247. Richard Adams ( author of Watership Down ) dies at 96 : 9 May 1920 to 24 Dec 2016.

  248. “Patriccia Shaw”

  249. That was a test to see if it got moderated. It didn’t.

  250. @ Radford NG
    Thanks for posting about Richard Adams. Many years ago, when I was an art student in London, he very kindly took me on a tour of the Wallace Collection.

  251. “Robert Steele: The Department of Homeland Security-FBI Report Against the Russians is Absolute Crap — Our Own Traitors, Not the Russians, Are the Real Enemy”


    (Washington DC) – Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton made the following statement regarding today’s ruling by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit in a case that would require Secretary of State John Kerry to seek the help of the attorney general in recovering additional Hillary Clinton emails:

    The courts seem to be fed up with the Obama administration’s refusal to enforce the rule of law on the Clinton emails. Today’s appeals court ruling rejects the Obama State Department’s excuses justifying its failure to ask the attorney general, as the law requires, to pursue the recovery of the Clinton emails. This ruling means that the Trump Justice Department will have to decide if it wants to finally enforce the rule of law and try to retrieve all the emails Clinton and her aides unlawfully took with them when they left the State Department.

    The appellate ruling reverses a decision in which the District Court declared “moot” a Judicial Watch’s lawsuit challenging the failure of Secretary of State John Kerry to comply with the Federal Records Act (FRA) in seeking to recover the emails of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and other high level State Department officials who used non-“” email accounts to conduct official business (Judicial Watch, Inc. v. John F. Kerry (No. 16-5015)). According to the FRA, if an agency head becomes aware of “any actual, impending, or threatened unlawful removal . . . or destruction of [agency] records,” he or she “shall notify the Archivist . . . and with the assistance of the Archivist shall initiate action through the Attorney General for the recovery of [those] records.”

    An appellate panel found:

    Appellants sought the only relief provided by the Federal Records Act—an enforcement action through the Attorney General. But nothing the Department did (either before or after those complaints were filed) gave appellants what they wanted. Instead of proceeding through the Attorney General, the Department asked the former Secretary to return her emails voluntarily and similarly requested that the FBI share any records it obtained. Even though those efforts bore some fruit, the Department has not explained why shaking the tree harder—e.g., by following the statutory mandate to seek action by the Attorney General—might not bear more still. It is therefore abundantly clear that, in terms of assuring government recovery of emails, appellants have not “been given everything [they] asked for.” Absent a showing that the requested enforcement action could not shake loose a few more emails, the case is not moot.

    In May 2015 Judicial Watch filed the lawsuit after the State Department failed to take action following a letter to Kerry “notifying him of the unlawful removal of the Clinton emails and requesting that he initiate enforcement action pursuant to the FRA,” including working through the Attorney General to recover the emails. Judicial Watch’s lawsuit subsequently was consolidated with a later lawsuit by Cause of Action Institute. This ruling reverses a January 2016 decision by the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia dismissing the case and remands it.

  253. New Years Eve ; and here is a German tradition watched around the heimat approaching Mid- Night .
    ” Same procedure as last year, Miss Sophie ? ”
    ” Same procedure as every year, James ! ”

    Freddie Frinton in ” Dinner For One “.

  254. And some good news to end the year on – arise Sir Doddy! (oh yes, and fuck off Mo, you can’t sing, you’re a crap poet and you can only run because your genes are frightened shitless of lions.))

  255. Three high points of 2016:

    BBC talking heads laughing as the BBC exit poll announces the Tories have won outright, then laughing my socks off as the results came in:

    Dimbledore going grey at 4am and announcing the UK has voted to leave the EU (oh, and that racist (ho-ho) bastard Farage has won despite how hard we tried and lied to stop him):

    The US media dragging it out but finally bursting into tears when Trump won:

    In all these cases, the ‘little people’ won, the electorate voted for the non-PC position they lived by and stuck two fingers up to the establishment elite, the arty-farty types, the shirt-lifters and muff-munchers the media, the left-wing scum that pollute too much of this planet. Fuck ’em all, they lost.

    Let us hope Trump delivers, makes friends with Putin and finally puts the Islamist shit back in its box for another few hundred years.

  256. COFFEE HOUSE HONOURS LIST (Add your Scrawl on the Wall):

    Sir Nigel Farage
    Sir Thomas Robinson

  257. Malfleur


    er.. that’s it …….

  258. Ok then:

    Sir Nigel Farage
    Sir Thomas Robinson
    Sir Paul Joseph Watson

  259. Malfleur
    Andy Murray deserved his knighthood for belittling Fat Salmond when he unfurled the Saltire after Murray’s first win at Wimbledon.

  260. Clear Memories 0513
    When history is written the real earth shattering event was the final cracking of the Catholic Church ridiculous opposition to contraception.
    Pope Francis said:
    “avoiding pregnancy is not an absolute evil. In certain cases, as in this one (Zola) or in the one I mentioned (rape) of Blessed Paul VI, it was clear.”

  261. Baron 0932
    Betcha there will be no such “uman rights” constraints after January 20.

  262. Radford NG 1310
    “Be cunning, and full of tricks, and your people will never be destroyed.”
    ― Richard Adams, Watership Down

  263. And if it wasn’t enough to lose David Bowie and Leonard Cohen, Allan Williams has now gone.

    Roll on 2017.

  264. 0759
    Penultimate line:

  265. Romano, it will only truly be an earth-shattering event when all so-called spiritual beliefs are cracked and have no further impact or sway upon society.

    They have only currently reached the stage of having no true relevance, other than as a malevolent interference.

  266. And with that thought, I am off for my evenings celebrations, for we are only 5 hours from 2017 here.

    May I be the first to wish all Wallsters a Happy New Year, may you get what you wish for, may the Donald have success and Clinton and the Muslim get everything they so richly deserve!

  267. Clear Memories @ 08:56

    And the same to you, young sir, (with delay, the barbarian has woken up only now), the happiest New Year ever (and the 365 days that follow).

    Judging by your posting jolly it must have been, the beginning of it, how many did you have when you’ve penning the @ 04:40? It made Baron chuckle (without the tickle) for quite a while.

    It was more than pleasing that Ken got it, who would have thought the anointed would allow it, but he deserves if more than the rest of them put together. The guy has never given up putting a smile on may a face, cheering up thousands, giving us hope things will get better (before they get considerable worse?).

    Here is Ken talking ver y recently:

    “I don’t feel 88. But what would I do if I retired? Oh god, no. You couldn’t find anything as fascinating as this – maybe, the only thing I could think of that would be as good as this would be gardening; the secret of happiness is to plant a seed and see it grow; the secret of keeping going is to feel that you’re necessary; to feel that you’ve some use in life. To feel completely useless, that’s awful I couldn’t sit on a beach – oh no, that wouldn’t be me. I suppose I could sit on a beach and write but no, I’ve got to take part…”

    He smiles – those famous buck-teeth of his, the product of a bicycling accident when he was a kid, have been replaced by a streamlined set of gnashers, but the effect is similarly endearing and a little unnerving”.

    And one of his quips (how simple, but effective, why cannot Baron think of that?)

    “I don’t do much television these days because I can’t cook”.

  268. Malfleur @ 01:10

    Good on them, Malfleur, they should keep going until the Clinton woman gets what she deserves.

    (One cannot help wondering what the decision would have been if she rather than the Donald got in).

    Here’s another take on the leaks (a different angle of it):

  269. Romano Verdi @ 07:51

    Excellent reasoning, Romano, seconded.

  270. Radford NG 03.24

    Thanks for the link and a reminder of this wonderful film. Mind you, it took me a few attempts before the penny dropped but the laughs were worth the wait. And it is an extraordinary phenomena in Germany, I’m always asked if I know this film whenever I go there.

  271. As we contemplate the New Year we must think how life in England will be better.
    –Greedy footballers with their monstrous salaries will be cut down to size.
    –David Davis will negotiate a free trade deal with Europe.
    –The new immigration rules will include examination of economic contribution and religious faith.
    –Donald Trump will come to stay in Buckingham Palace before we lose our beloved Monarch.
    –Liverpool will finally overhaul Chelsea in the Premiership.
    –Prince Charles will abdicate in favour of William.
    –Marine Le Pen will triumph in the French election.

  272. Draining the swamp 2017 onwards…

    Either scrap the corrupt politicised Honours List completely…


    Go the Full Dave Cameron and discredit the system completely, eg….

    Baron Vaz of K-Y.
    Dame Rose West
    Baronness Beard of Boston & Gdansk
    Rotherham Mini-Cab Drivers Assoc. OBE
    Patriccia Shaw – Heldin Der Arbeit (Fünfte Klasse) 1968 via Ministerium für Staatssicherheit


    How about a New Year’s Dis-Honours List whereby, say, 1000 existing recipients can be nominated, subjected to a public vote with the top 100 being stripped of their titles. In order to balance and fairness (roflmao) a college of separate categories may be required for police, politicians, clergy, sportspeople, academia, and showbiz. The last category NOT necessarily being mutually exclusive to the aforegoing.

  273. A Very Happy New Year to all right thinking people on the CHW, and to all the rest…

    Paul Joseph Watson

  274. A very happy new year to all the Wall’s swamp drainers and a strong flush to the swamp creature.

    2017 here we come.

  275. The Sisterhood and a Profound Weariness: Unbiased Analysis | Fred On Everything

  276. Happy New Year, boys and (if they are listening) girls.

    Avoid starting the celebration too early, Baron did, may get away with it, although it will be touch and go.

  277. Very best wishes to fellow Deplorables for 2017. Let’s hope its a year of further reverses for the omnipresent global leftists but expect them to fight hard and dirty to keep their power.

    I’ll raise a glass on 20 January too, when that Comintern idiot finally leaves the White House. It feels like he has been there for 20 years.

  278. Is Frank ok? He hasn’t posted since 22 December.

  279. Happy New Year to you all, including to living in points ‘way to the east who’ve
    already had theirs… weren’t forgotten, but I’m b*ggered if I’m going to
    send greetings hourly to catch every time zone! 🙂

  280. A Brave and Bold New Year to All ; and a reminder of the traditional German New Year with Freddie Frinton.

  281. Happy New Year

  282. Wallsters who from time to time have posted links to, or read articles at, NEW ENGLISH REVIEW will be interested by this letter to readers and contributors from the editor, Rebecca Bynum:

  283. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear!

    “On December 13th, at Wilton Park, the Prince of Wales explained how the Muslim critique of materialism helped him to rediscover the sacred spirituality of Islam and explain the decline of the West.

    I start from the belief that Islamic civilization at its best… has an important message for the West in the way it has retained an integrated and integral view of the sanctity of the world around us. I feel that we in the West could be helped to rediscover the roots of our own understanding by an appreciation of the Islamic tradition’s deep respect for the timeless traditions of the natural order.”

  284. Malfleur – 14:14

    I just hope the Queen recovers from her cold, ASAP.

  285. Malfleur-14:14
    After reading that all I can say is
    Oh dear, oh dear, oh bloody dear.

  286. Malfleur (14:14)

    Kudos for flagging up Hugh Fitzgerald’s fisking of Charlie Boy’s thesis on comparative religions. A devastating destruction of the muddle-headed musing of the heir-apparent, who has his head consecutively up the arses of an array of Arab potentates. One has to wonder whether it’s all faulty philosophy, renegade religion and wacky wittering – or is there indeed a venal aspect to his proselytising? It needs some sleuth-hack from Grub Street to dig into his investments.

  287. I was going to wish everyone a Happy and Prosperous New Year. As it is, I can only concur with RobertRetyred sentiments at (15:48). Longer still may she reign.

  288. 2017 will be a better year-
    Newt Gingich said of the January 20 gang:
    “I’m worried when they realize how big the problem is that they decide that they’re just going to do the best they can and give in.”
    Newt is correct.
    We can all breathe again.

  289. 21:19

    2017 will be a much better year if you desist from spewing your bilge over this Wall. It is impervious to your propaganda, but stepping over the vomit is a distraction.


    Alex Jones Show Sunday January 1st

  291. New Year, where’s the new wall?

  292. Malfleur

    Here’s a little New Year’s pressie for you.
    (Yeah, I know it was yesterday but I was busy…)

    “The Young Turks Are Falling Apart”
    Sargon of Akkad

    A great review of TYT’s year with Schadenfreude in buckets! For wallsters who have never heard of Sargon, do take a look, he has a great SOH, and I’m certain that you won’t be (too) disappointed.

    The unscheduled appearance of Alex Jones and Roger Stone trolling their live show at the RNC was hilarious. I loved Sargon’s description of Cenk being bossed on his own show by Alex, a “humble water filter merchant.”


    Well then,
    The first act that Trump should take with Putin on January 20 is to flatten Raqqa.

  294. God has regathered the Jewish people from the four corners of the earth, just as He said He would.
    He has re-established their State, just as He said He would.
    He has revived their language from the dead, just as He said He would.
    He has restored the city of Jerusalem as their capital, just as He said He would.
    He has enabled them to reclaim their land from the wilderness it had become, just as He said He would.
    He has provided them with the resurgence of military strength.
    And, He has refocused all of world politics upon them. He says in the end times the whole world will come against Israel.

    Well then,

    “Members of the world community finally reached a limit witnessing Israel’s treatment of Palestinians. The United Nations Security Council presented a peace offering to Palestinians days before the official birthday of Jesus in what is now occupied Bethlehem: resolution 2334, with a “vision of a region where two democratic states, Israel and Palestine, live side by side in peace within secure and recognized borders.” Ironically, the seemingly toothless resolution’s main notoriety comes from Netanyahu’s fury at its passage.”

    Members of the world community finally reached a limit.

    The whole world has finally come against Israel.

    And who said 2017 would not be interesting.

  295. P shaw 09-45
    If the whole world is against Israel then we can only hope Israel destroys the entire Middle East and all traces of Islam in a pre-emptive strike to rid the world of its problems.
    Is that what you are saying.

  296. So, here you have it, the sage of the progressives knows what has been causing the social unrest in the free world – Brexit, the Donald election, the backing for leaders other than those approved by him in Holland, France, Italy – it’s Putin.

    The KGB schooled man single-handedly brainwashed the unwashed of the free world, convince them that living under a ‘thug’ (as he calls it) is preferable to the joy of the (unelected) apparatchiks who mean well, tell us nothing but the truth, have only our (not their own) interest in mind.

    It beggars belief how genuinely deluded these w ankers are, what is it that fuels their brain cells?

  297. A fat lot of good would flattening Raqqa do on its own.

    Hopefully, the Donald cum Vlad will go not just after the symptoms of the nasty and lingering malady, they will hit the core of it, too.

    They must find out (unless they already know) who funds the ISIL thugs, eliminate them, who trades with them furnishing the ammo, the spare parts, the food they live on, wipe them out, to search for those who install the hatred in the hearts of the young (mostly, but not exclusively) Arabs, annihilate them.

    Only a strategy that includes these non combatant measures will succeed. The gun’s fine, but it doesn’t, it cannot deliver the desired outcome if deployed on its own.

  298. EC @ 09:21

    However much the barbarian seldom disagrees with Alex’s slicing of events, here you have a good example of two thuggish guys slagging each other. This sort of behaviour may only appeal to the same breed of characters, people who believe that shouting, abuse and ultimately fists win arguments.

    Thankfully, the vast majority of people aren’t like that, aren’t persuaded by the one who shouts the loudest, but by one who’s calm, witty, rational, possesses arguments rooted in facts.

  299. John birch @ 16:23

    This posting of yours, John, reminded the barbarian of a lecture he attended many many years ago well before ISIL, but close to the US operation in Libya codenamed El Dorado Canyon (Bill was in charge then, google if you want).

    A US three star general who didn’t deliver the lecture, but was present as the advisor to the man who did the talking was asked by a tiny Japanese female in a long question what his solution to the Libyan crisis (then) was. He stood up and in a very low but powerful voice said: ‘Flatten the whole fugging lot, make an airport of it’.

    The audience was stunned for a number of minutes, then the chair said: ‘It’s time for coffee’.

  300. Malfleur @ 14:14

    That would be a very serious setback if the one who’s getting pummelled in the piece ever got to the throne, Malfleur.

    One can only hope that those who will engineer the changeover when it comes (for come it will, however much one regrets it) will have the preservation of the institution of monarchy on their mind, not the individuals who perform the rituals.

    Unquestionably, if the institution were to be preserved it has to be William, he has by far better rapport with the young generation, and it’s the young who will ultimately decide (when the old are buried or cremated).

  301. Frank P @ 17:59

    Almost forgot, which would be unforgivable:

    Happy New Year, guru, and please avoid long absences from the Wall, not only the barbarian and others, but the other reigning guru was anxious, too. You should keep us briefed on your breathing powers, there still are battles to fight.

  302. Radford NG @ 23:59

    What a find, Radford, the perfect clip to end a year that must have surprised many, was not predicted, the events that is, by any. The wise old Chinese were right: predict, man, anything, can, but, the future.

  303. This may bore you, is posted only because of the vacuum of news on a basket case country before Victoria Nuland got involved, (now the country is just a case without the basket).

    Would the Time give the man who penned it a space if the Donald didn’t get the job?

  304. New year, the same errors, things never change, do they.

  305. John Birch 1623.

    I am suggesting that Resolution 2334 may be the final trigger for Armageddon.

    Soon the Palestinians will demand that the International Community make good on its promises. The World Community quite possibly will have promised that east Jerusalem would become the capital of the new Palestinian state if they would agree to the interim agreement.

    The United Nations will demand that Israel hand over east Jerusalem to the Palestinians, but Israel will steadfastly refuse. Finally, the World Community will resort to military force. An international military alliance will launch an invasion of Israel in order to force her to obey the UN’s resolution.

    Israel will stand and fight against the forces of the International Community. Little by little, the armies of Israel will be forced to retreat before the superior firepower of the world government forces. Finally, the UN army will reach the outskirts of Jerusalem. The prophecies say the global army will capture half of Jerusalem—which will undoubtedly be east Jerusalem.

    As the defeat of Israel seems imminent, the world government forces will decide it’s time to solve the Jewish problem once and for all. It’s time to wipe Israel off the map!

    As Israel teeters on the brink of total collapse, suddenly heavenly forces led by the true Messiah will descend from heaven with a shout. He will place His feet on the Mount of Olives from which He left 2,000 years ago. The Jewish people will realize their Messiah has come to save them. They will rush out to meet Him, bowing in adoration at His feet.

    Unexpectedly, the Jews bowing before Him will notice ugly scars in His hands and feet. Zechariah 13:6 says they will ask, “What are these wounds in thine hands?” Then Jesus will simply answer, “Those with which I was wounded in the house of my friends.”

    All of a sudden, 2,000 years of blindness will be lifted from the Jewish eyes. They will say, “So you’re Jesus?” He will say, “Yes, I’m Jesus.”

    Talk about repentance! Those bowing before Him will say, “Messiah, we’ve been so arrogant! We’ve been so proud! Messiah, could you ever forgive us?” Does anyone know what happens when people ask Jesus to forgive them? Of course, He will forgive them. He will then destroy the Antichrist and his religious partner the False Prophet. The now raptured and immortal church, together with the Jewish people, will then crown Jesus Christ KING OF KINGS, AND LORD OF LORDS!

  306. Baron Killjoy of Phil – 16:49

    Well done, Baron, completely missing the point as usual.

    Sargon’s review of TYT was more than just the AJ incident. Obviously the chap’s commentary incorporating your required elements of “calm, witty, rational, possesses arguments rooted in facts” etc. passed you by!
    Happy New Year, btw.

  307. @17:28


    Armageddon outta here! I was going next week, but I think I’ll saddle up and be off now. So long.

    [Looks like Peter has departed, too]

  308. P shaw .17-28
    If I were you I would go and see a doctor as soon as possible

  309. P shaw 17-28
    I’ve just read that again and I am unable to work out if your having a laugh or are serious.
    I hope your having a laugh because if your serious you need assessment, and soon.

  310. “… the World Community will resort to military force …. an invasion of Israel … forcing her to obey the UN’s resolution”.

    This will never happen in at least the next four years, and not because the Donald will never go for it, it would have never happened with the Honorary Muslim in the White House either, or if the Clinton woman got in.

    Those who hate Israel, the Jewish tribe need the Palestinians to be in perpetual homelessness, to have no state, be in never ending limbo. They are needed to hit Israel with, the Palestinians’ (largely self-inflicted) suffering, pain, yearning for a state is the whip to clobber the Jewish settlers with. Arafat sussed it up, made a living, and a profitable living of that.

    To solve the conflict would require finding another convenient birch to lash Israel with, one cannot really see what that may be compared with this ready made, long lasting, and by and large quite effective stateless Palestinian phylum, the poor pawns for the regional and global powers to exploit.

    The rest of the posting sounds like someone’s having a bad dream.

  311. Not bad:

    Penned by a former 3-star general, former senator, ROBERT WINGLASS.

    Dear Friends:

    I have the distinguished honor of being a member of the Committee to raise $50,000,000 for a monument to Hillary R. Clinton.

    We originally wanted to put her on Mt. Rushmore until we discovered there was not enough room for her two faces.

    We then decided to erect a statue of Hillary in the Washington, D.C. Hall of Fame. We were in a quandary as to where the statue should be placed. It was not proper to place it beside the statue of George Washington, who never told a lie, or beside Barack Hussein Obama, who never told the truth, since Hillary could never tell the difference.

    We finally decided to place it beside Christopher Columbus, the greatest Democrat of them all. He left not knowing where he was going, and when he got there he did not know where he was. He returned not knowing where he had been, and did it all on someone else’s money.

    Thank you,

    Hillary R. Clinton Monument Committee

  312. EC @ 17:34

    What, what, what?

    The observational comment by the barbarian was about the two yelling protagonists, EC, the Young Turk and Alex, that was all.

    You have to keep in mind, Baron lacks the depth of your intellect, the sharpness of your observational skills, the richness of language to wrap it up neatly.

  313. EC @ 17:46

    Where are you going, EC?

    Surely the continuation of last week’s blog cannot be the reason for your saddling whatever it may be you want to mount.

  314. 1728 is the final “Shaw” for me too.


  315. I see that it’s being reported that many Turkish Islamic Clerics incited the mass shooting of New Year revelers in the Istanbul nightclub and that they used government issued material that denounced the New Year revels as being un-Turkish and anti-Islamic.

    I think the Clerics were ordered by Erdogan to deliver these inflammatory sermons because he is hell-bent on extinguishing secularism.

    Does anybody agree?

  316. I always start to read from the bottom, so I couldn’t see what had Herbert, the Colonel and EC so upset until I got to the post that had caused it. Please reconsider your decisions as that would mark a victory for the troll. There was a Dave Allen sketch where he met a fellow in a bar. The other chap said that he was a masochist, Dave Allen said that he was a sadist, so they went back to his place. Then when the masochist was all eager to be beaten and asked “Aren’t you going to beat me?”, Dave Allen smiled and said “No”, leaving the fellow to suffer. That’s the best way to deal with Tele’s new alias, ignore the ****** and let it suffer. Please don’t give it the satisfaction of destroying this forum.

  317. Declan – 05:30

    Dave Allen: Thumbs up!

    I think that our host needs to be more proactive. The site shows signs of obvious neglect, is becoming moribund, and maybe even prompted Andy Carpark’s grossly offensive outburst a few weeks ago. I suppose we should spare Peter a thought, though, as living amongst the godless, bestial Swindonites cannot be a great gig.

  318. Baron – 16:49 & 19:34

    Fear not. Although I really enjoyed Alex “triggering” that scumbag Cenk and his squawky bitch, I also enjoyed both your finely crafted piss takes.

    @19:36 Back to the 1950’s for at least a month, maybe three. Stand by for incoming.

    Czech out the new CZ P10C. (I’d still favour the PPQ though)

  319. I wrote (January 3rd, 2017 – 00:41) that Erdogan is so determined to extinguish secularism that he lit the fuse for the Istanbul nightclub atrocity. Is this not evidence of it? –

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