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  1. Miguel Blesa, former chairman of Caja Madrid, found dead with a shotgun wound, police say

    Clinton Foundation links?

  2. Louise Mensch, who was forced to leave Parliament after her Edwina Currie moment, says on Twitter:

    My sources say the death penalty, for espionage, being considered for @StevenKBannon. I am pro-life and take no pleasure in reporting this.

    Get back to bed.

  3. “This man at Baker Street station forcibly attempted to pull my hijab
    off and when I instinctively grabbed ahold of my scarf he hit me.”

    The Tweet has now been deleted.

    Yes of course it has because it was a lie. Taqyyia!!!!!

  4. Jacob Rees Mogg on Nigel Farage’s LBC show NOW!

  5. I’m disappointed that the BBC picked a woman for this Doctor Who role. It was as safe and obvious choice, but there were other, more courageous options open to them. London’s magnificent million strong Pride march last weekend showed the sheer variety of sexual options that were open to them. From the nearly nearly there cis-gender to the wanna-be but what transperson there’s certainly no need to be stuck in the old binary rut, there’s plenty of choice!
    Speaking for myselves I would like to have seen a nice neutrois, whatever that might be. But that’s the sheer delight of our brave new prideful world, you can be what, or rather, Whoever you want to be and change to something else tomorrow. Or later on tonight if it suits. Don’t expect to get your visa for any devout islamic country too quickly though, and if you do, do avoid spectacular rooftop views. As to poor old whatshername that got whatsisname’s job, isn’t she just ever so slightly passe? Still that’s typical of the BBC. Let’s just hope they pay the poor girl enough to have the operation necessary to retain her job past series one.

  6. An old favourite from the Rubberbandits.

    “..If your looking for a ride
    I have a horse outside.”

  7. Frank P

    Thanks for the Steyn Saudi link Frank. It brought back memories of the inbreds. Mr Steyn and I shared one or two acquaintances as well.
    Duplicious lazy arseholes all.

  8. Who’d get out of bed for the kind of lousy pay the tightwads at the BBC pay their oiks? Not me for sure.

    But oddly, they didn’t publish the Directors’ salaries. Probably they’re available, I just couldn’t find them…

  9. No wonder profits at the Telegraph are in freefall. There is a revolution going on in Europe against Islam yet you would struggle to find out about it on British MSM. Total blackout.

    And today I read this piece of analysis. All the facts and opinion in this debate are nowhere in the MSM. This is from Conservative Woman:

    ‘In the afterglow of Jeremy Corbyn’s electoral success, ex-Newsnight business editor Paul Mason said something very instructive about the Left and Brexit.

    ‘All those MPs who want a social democratic centre-right Labour committed to staying in the EU should pack their bags and start their own party.

    ‘Mason’s comment didn’t get much coverage on mainstream news, which is fixated on Tory troubles in honouring the plebiscite against a powerful Remain establishment. But the wind has turned, and the fickle young are fleetest of foot. Did you see many EU flags fluttering at Glastonbury this year?

    ‘Everyone knows Corbyn is no EU fanatic. But Labour is on the cusp of power, with a weakened Tory government that could topple at any moment, whether by internal strife or a ‘dear boy’ event that becomes the tipping point.

    ‘Exploiting the discord in May’s cabinet and the tortuous EU negotiations seems an open goal. But that would be a major tactical error for Labour, according to Professor Richard Tuck, a leading political analyst at Harvard.

    ‘Short-term gain from demanding a softer Brexit would come at a heavy price for Corbynite socialism.

    ‘As Don Valley MP, Caroline Flint’s local campaign for Remain was hammered, with immigration the overriding concern.

    ‘You can imagine exasperated shoppers in Frenchgate, asking her: ‘Why must we keep letting these people in, taking our jobs and homes?’ And now Flint not merely accepts Brexit, but is an active proponent for our departure. Having listened and learned from her constituents, she has no time for Labour people who want the most destructive outcome for the EU exit. Try putting that on an election leaflet, she quips.

    ‘Flint lampoons Tony Blair, and while omitting any mention of her party leader, she clearly agrees with Professor Tuck that Corbyn gets it on Europe, and Starmer doesn’t.

    ‘Her startlingly honest appraisal of the recent election suggests that Corbyn is right on Europe but wrong on northern working class sentiment.

    ‘This segment of society turned to the Tories in their droves: the mining town of Mansfield and the steelworkers of Middlesbrough flashed up on the BBC screen as ‘Con Gain’. Remarkably, the Beast of Bolsover was nearly dethroned by the Tory nemesis.

    ‘If Labour devotes itself to the privileged middle class and minority rights, it will fall short at the ballot box (by the way, how does students stealing second votes look to poor tenants of Doncaster’s Hyde Park?).

    ‘In a stark message, Flint urges her party to commit to Brexit, and end free movement. For too long Labour has been dominated by hectoring headmistress types who try to mould the electorate into the correct viewpoint, forgetting that they serve us – not the other way around.

    ‘If Labour fails to tap into the thoughts and fears of ordinary folk, a new party of the Left will emerge.

    ‘As Flint speaks I’m thinking of Anne Marie Waters, director of Sharia Watch, who has put her hat in the ring for Ukip leadership – again, uncovered by the mainstream media, but a soaring internet phenomenon.

    ‘There is nothing extreme in fulfilling voters’ wishes.’

    If UKIP can bag Anne Marie Waters as leader I will keep my vote there again. I have not voted Tory for more than 25 years and unless Michael Gove leads them with a Viktor Orban manifesto, I will not do so again.

    No more blank cheques.

    I note the total MSM blackout.

  10. Esther – 21:17

    I haven’t yet seen whether she will be allowed to stand for the leadership, though it has been reported that most of the UKIP MEPs have said that they will not stay in the party if AMW wins: quite a tempting incentive, wouldn’t you say?

    Over the last few years, they have been almost as bad as the Tory Cabinet, and that is saying something!

    I expect NF has not been the easiest of leaders to follow but, with hindsight, we can say he did the impossible. And I do mean that. I cannot see how we could have arrived at where we are now in a shorter time. So many times he was bang on the money and the abuse that he and his family received was dreadful.

    OK, there is still much business to do, but we are leaving and the Referendum Result will be there in History, just as 1066, 1215, 1914-18 and 1939-45 is in the History books.

    I had hoped that the party could have morphed into the next niche, but the unexpected general election scuppered that, though I don’t know whether they would have done any better, given extra time. The party’s supporters are still around and are looking to see what the next challenge is and how big a bite out of the elephant it should be.

    A few get it, like Caroline Flint, but too many are too ensconced in their comfort zone, and too few can articulate anything worthwhile.

    For heaven’s sake, we are still in windmill building mode!

  11. Frank P @ 17:57

    The totally inappropriate, and quite long, gabbing spoiled the music for the barbarian, Frank, he couldn’t calm down, was asked by the boss to leave the room even though she was angered, too.

    Mr. Boot’s piece doesn’t do enough ‘justice’ to the character, your point about his behaviour towards the genuinely talented du Pré was the final straw for Baron when he learnt about it, as a human being the man’s down there at the bottom of the cesspit, those who keep giving him the chance to perform should be there with him.

  12. Esther @ 19:11

    Bed isn’t the first place that comes to barbarian’s mind when one mentions this narcissistic creature, Esther.

  13. Noa @ 19:22

    The list is not long enough for the barbarian, Noa, he hopes in the near future it will top 100.

    Why stop at having a gender fluid mutant as the new doctor Who? The new tenner was an opportunity missed, too. Let’s show the world how progressive this country has become.

  14. Esther @ 21:17

    The duo of the cumryd and Flint presents a the mortal danger for the Tories (and the country at large), Esther. If Labour gets its act together on Brexit, embraces the idea of full control of our borders even if we lose access to the single market, there’s little to stop them taking control, Baron reckons, those voters that deserted them to the Tories will come back as quickly as they left.

  15. RobertRetyred @ 22:28

    The UKIP’s problem wasn’t that it started as a party of a single issue, Robert, but that it was a vehicle for a single man. Painful as it may be to say it, it was largely Nigel’s fault that the party hasn’t incubated a team, a group of individuals any one of whom could have taken over when he decided to call it a day. His comeback may help though.

  16. Noa @ 19:57

    Many of the BBC staff on the list (particularly at the top of it) should justify their remuneration by saying they earn more than the PM, the politicians, the vast majority of the plebeians because they have more power than anyone else in the country, feed on a stable budget of five billion quid, and are accountable to nobody over anything, which includes their remuneration.

    If they were paid twice as much or three times as much, nobody could do anything about it. It’s a pity Sir Jimmy, the Great peado, has snuffed it, it would have been interesting to see what sort of money did the pervert get.

    The corporation is a monster, in its influence over our lives as harmful (if not more) than the Brussels hydra.

  17. Baron 23.25

    Will this help towards your target, Baron (or is it Baroness)? Choices, choices…

  18. Esther @ 19:08

    You’re looking in the wrong direction for the link, Esther, you should look east, everyone else does.

  19. Baron 23:40

    Remember the infighting re Carswell? I won’t mention anyone else, to protect the guilty. I have seen, on many occasions, a leader with a USP, being hindered by the infighting between many lesser men and women, though it is usually men.

    Until a founder leaves, whether it is a political party or a manufacturing company, or a finance company, there is an incomplete structure. It is impossible to do otherwise, especially when the founder is unable to implement a succession plan, as that would be too dictatorial. You see, it needs collaboration, which wasn’t much in evidence.
    Nigel is working behind the scenes in Brussels and enjoying not leading a political party. He said so! The party needs needs new blood. There have been a few good MEPs, but I don’t know any with enough youthfulness to start anew. 🙂
    For those whom I admire, I wouldn’t wish it upon them! 🙂

    Baron – 23:34
    Anyone would succeed if they realised what Flint realises, even the Tories!

  20. Noa @ 00:10

    We’re getting there, Noa, that’s more like it, 71 is closer to the target of 100 than the pitiful Facebook’s 50, and by far better that the Google+ male, female or other (only one per cent identifies as other, which is seriously disappointing, the company should apologise, appoint an executive charged with boosting that number to ….).

  21. Baron – 00:02
    And the biggest moan is that women comprise less than 50% of each list! 🙂

    Well, how about we reduced the women’s pay by 30%, at least, then reduce the men’s pay to match the women’s, and use the rest of he money to investigate 28gate, where they excluded climate scepticism on TV.

    If they object, don’t employ them.

  22. RobertRetyred @ 00:13

    Points taken, Robert, and over and out.

  23. Baron – 23:25

    The phrase is ‘hideously binary’.

  24. I haven’t been to the pictures for ages.

    Has Christopher Nolan’s “Dunkirk” opened in England yet and been seen by any Wallster? Here? “Coming soon.”

  25. Malfleur (06:36)

    How, from the available bunch of cossetted bunch of ginger beers and wussies, can they possibly have garnered a group of actors worthy of representing the troops and rescuing armada of small boat owners from that period of history?

  26. RobertRetyred @ 00:22

    Quite correct, Robert, hideously binary the mankind has been, will continue to be.

  27. Frank P @ 11:02

    Don’t know – but here’s the full cast list – and other credits:

  28. Heart-warming article by Rev Peter Mullen on Dianafication, 20 years on.

    One of the floral tributes in Kensington Gardens bore a card with the inscription, “God sent us a blonde angel and called her Diana.”

    In a stopped clock sort of way, appalling old bufty, Alan Bennett called it right when he said, “I didn’t know whether to laugh, cry or throw up.”

  29. ACP

    Thanks – I needed that – after accidentally clicking a few moments ago into a video clip of the latest Kensington Council Grenfell meeting, with a female interpreter aping the tears of the woman she was interpreting. Hypocrisy and pseudo-sentimental slush on steroids.

  30. Update on the Bundys, and other controversial matters, by Roger Stone. In the face of egregious abuse of the American constitution in the Bundys case, Stone calls on president Trump to grant them and their supporters a pardon.

    In this and the other political scandals highlighted by Mr. Stone at the link below from about the 5 minute mark on, I say that the British Constitution presently remains superior – just, may be – setting aside the rampant paedophilia and child abuse and murder in the case of the political class of both nations that is.

  31. Don’t forget to avail yourselves of the latest of ol’ Remus’s Woodpile Report, the Smogasborg of goodies with links, rustled up to save you the chore of googling the real skinny yourselves:

  32. Kemi Badenoch “Brexit was the greatest vote ever” (Maiden Speech)

  33. Sir Vince it is then – we can all now sleep easy.

  34. Vanitas vanitatum omnia vanitas indeed.

  35. RobertRetyred @ 16:24

    If the girl sticks to the the guiding principles she articulated, doesn’t get corrupted by the system, is careful not to get seduced by power, she’ll go far, Robert, and should go far, the melanin content of her skin should matter not at all.

    If the Tories get into the House more people like Badenoch and Rees Mogg (see the link at 22:05), there’s a future not only for the party, the country, too.

  36. Malfleur @ 14:45

    The case is made by Roger on behalf of the Budnys, Malfleur, one would have to hear what the other side has to say, but the handling of it i.e. the siege, which can hardly be disputed whoever describes it, it’s factual, seems to suggest that an agency of the State could behave badly and inappropriately even in a democracy.

    As Roger says, the MSM are silent about the case, but would they have been silent if it were the Russian federal agency treating a bunch of Russian muzikhs in a similar manner?

  37. One news item puzzles the barbarian, the re-trial of a woman pretending to be a man to secure sex with her female on-line friend. The verdict was guilty, the sentence six and a half years. The pretender, Ms Newland, has been also trying to lure other women, around five, all of whom, except for one, thought she was a man. The women have never met her.

    The whole thing is bizarre, who on earth would jump to bed with someone without actually seeing that someone. Shouldn’t the authorities offer help to such risk takers?

  38. The crime’s up, substantially, and it’s all because a noticeable cut in the police numbers, so says the BBC.

    It didn’t occur to the BBC Tristrams that perhaps the crime’s up because the perpetrators of it have discovered our restorative criminal justice system is toothless, the punishment laughable, the incarceration a joke?

  39. Anne Marie Waters UKIP Campaign Launch: Full Speech from 16:30

  40. Superb link, the Sultan lament, Frank, the barbarian has already broaden its circulation.

    The Spectator is bound to have a say on the newly released crime figures, you may like to offer it as a posting.

    Why cannot any MSM here do a piece like this, it’s totally factual, easily absorbable even by someone who can read only when moving one’s lips, and cool, no accusations, no threats, no nothing that would smell of ‘hate speech’.

  41. Baron – 22:12

    Any party, Baron, any party!

    Wouldn’t that be amazing!

  42. Frank

    AMW makes a similar comment about our Police ‘Service’ in her leadership launch.

  43. RobertRetyred @ 23:38

    The girl talks sense, gets it right, she has Baron’s vote (you remember the poorly educated Slav is a member of UKIP).

    Her take on the NHS is rather ambivalent, she says a full restructuring, doesn’t mention the key canon the monster is founded on, free at the point of delivery.

    If ew were to only scrap this, replace it with a contribution for each and every procedure the NHS offers (those unable to pay like the unemployed, low income or whatever could claim the money back) it would noticeably improve the service, Baron reckons.

    This afternoon, the barbarian listen to BBC Radio4, it may have been ‘You and Yours’, it followed a young family of two, she used to be employed as a registrar in an NS hospital, worked long hours, would be expected to carry on like that for years before reaching the consulting level, all that for £40,000pa.

    Instead, she decided to leave, works as a locum, can decide whether she works weekends, doesn’t have to beg to have a day or two off, and her annual remuneration is over £80,000.

    That’s insane, no wonder the NHS Trusts are in the red, the service struggles, if Baron were to ask his GP to get an appointment for an X-ray it would be likely at the end of September, early October.

  44. Robert Retyred (23:38 & 00:02)



    The Canadian Jew, Levant, has just come back from Iraq to document the “Christian genocide” where the ancient Christian community is being exterminated by islam. He is interviewed by Alex Jones in the final part of this 2nd Hour section of Thursday’s show.

    Has the Archbishop of Canterbury issued any statement about this? Has he been to the Christian areas of Iraq recently? Has our government? Has the opposition? Has the BBC? Has the rest of the media?

    The deep state wants to bring down the government of Bashar al-Assad. The May administration seems to be on the fence – neutral FOR al-Assad’s destruction one might say. Does she understand that it is the government of Syria which has been protecting the Christian community in Syria and other non-Islamic people and what will happen to that community and those people the Syrian government is dismantled?

    Alex Jones is going to beef up Paul Joseph Watson’s operation in London soon. Great! We need an English infowars and no natural development appears to have provided one yet. May be I am not seeing it? Let’s hope the graft of an infowars stem takes and flourishes….

  46. End of Days: Update

    Despite zero immigration, or maybe because of it, Japan continues plunge into a state of maniacal insanity, as viewed through the prism of its popular culture. There are two competing theories to explain the societal decline:
    1) Nuked too much
    2) Not Nuked enough

    In case any of you were thinking that there is even a glimmer of hope for the rest of us then, from the current flag carrier of The West, we have this:

    The “Screaming Vagina Challenge”
    Mark Dice

    Perhaps Max Boot and his Necon friends might yet goad Vlad or Xi into nuking the West’s hoi polloi in order to save them all from what his father would adjudge as having “a wasted life.”
    Bon Weekend.

    Toodle Pip!

  47. Baron – 00:14

    AMW has been on the Front Line, and it shows: she talks as though she has worn the t-shirt because she has been there, and not been given it by a friend who has been there or ordered it on-line.

    A bit like Trump, there are some fuzzy areas, but what else is there on offer? I had hoped an MEP or two might have shone, and several have, but either through fate 🙂 or a lack of support, none have sustained it long enough to be a clear leader.

    Privatisation of the NHS needs cool heads. It isn’t the ‘Free At The Point Of Use’ issue, and they outsource so much, from beds, medicines, computer hardware and software, vehicles, medical instruments, the list is nearly endless, so it isn’t the manufacturing or development that mustn’t be privatised either.
    My guess is that they, whoever they are, want to keep control of the culture, yet that is what is causing so much pain, waste, ineffective planning and such a large comfort zone for the privileged.

    Just the reluctance of the NHS to do the paper work to claim for treating EU nationals shows how out of touch with reality they are.

  48. This guy has asked Baron to endorse his candidacy for the top UKIP post, having watched the clip below the barbarian has advised him not to stand, he may only get few votes, he seems convinced that for the sake of democracy the more people standing in the leadership election the better i.e. the choices enlarge.

    If any one of you have a UKIP membership card, feel like also endorsing him, please go ahead.

  49. RobertRetyred @ 12:02

    The idea for charging for visits, procedures, even for food in hospitals (after all, if one were healthy one would have to pay for food) is far from privatising the monster, Robert, it’s essentially to weed out those who burden the service unnecessarily.

    (Not enough time to debate, sorry).

  50. Baron – 12:23

    That chap seems nice enough, but instant Mogadon.

  51. Frank P – 02:58
    I have found the section:

    16:30 AMW’s Speech
    21:15-23:30 Law and Order
    23:30-24:01 Offensive tweets have resources, but not rape
    24:01-24:44 Oppose Macpherson’s conclusion ‘Colour-blind policing must be outlawed’

    Anne Marie Waters UKIP Campaign Launch:

  52. RobertRetyred

    I’m sorry, another headline-grabbing dyke, using any (and apparently various) political platforms and popular anti-Islamic aguments (with which I happen agree) to further the interests of the Long Mince of Queerdom, is not a cause that would interest me. UKIP is already on life support, this development should bury it. As for her objections to piss-poor policing, I also concur. Perhaps she should contact HM Commissioner of Police for the Metropolis, I’m sure they have a lot in common. Maybe she can persuade her to return policing to the Peel/Mayne tenets. 🙂

  53. Baron – 12:26

    I don’t really have an opinion on a lot those sort of suggestions, because I don’t know the current system, or how a change would alter it and I think it is the incremental change that people notice.

    I think that long term inpatients (with a benefit/state pension ?) do end up contributing to their food and shelter, and most patients don’t stay very long! Do you charge more for those with big appetites or nothing for a missed meal? Meals can be part of the treatment, so would those be free? I think it would be better to address other areas, such as the poor procurement process, where the price of some basic items can vary by over an order of magnitude.

    For example, many might think charging for GP appointments would work, but it could easily be the poor that need them most and would involve having long term patients needing season tickets and rejecting those who forgot their credit card. How could the Government decide on the amount? It would either be not enough of a deterrent to waste time or too much and would deter the poor who have valid worries. I am not against it, just I wonder if it would work.

    What about charging for missed appointments, where the surgery would make a mint out of the fines! I am sure numbers wouldn’t add up and, again, the poor would plead poverty, and can you see that work?

    What about charging for a missed appointment, where patients could phone in to cancel and avoid the fee, even if it was at the time of the appointment, or after with a reduced fee! That ought to improve the system because more people would warn the surgery, hopefully sometime before the appointment, leaving free time for the doctor, instead of waiting for a patient who might be a couple of minutes late.

    It would free up resources, which is really the aim, and not cost patients as much, which would help the change to be accepted. It would also improve chances of getting an appointment at short notice, which would help all round.

  54. Frank P – 13:20

    “The Long Mince …”

    Excellent wordsmithing!
    🙂 🙂 🙂
    Is that its first outing the CHW?

  55. EC (14:05)

    Thanks. No it popped out during one of my earlier rants; perhaps during the last everlasting thread; please feel free to repeat it. My way of reeking revenge on Gramsci /Dutscheke. Word weapon reversal. 🙂

  56. Sean Spicer reportedly gets awarded the DCM. (i.e. Don’t Come Monday)
    As a traditionalist I’m disappointed, though, that the award appears to have been bestowed before noon, as traditionally it should made just before the afternoon tea interval.

    “Spicer’s departure was confirmed just moments after President Trump met with the man being tapped for White House communications director, Wall Street financier Anthony Scaramucci.’

  57. Coming on 28 July .
    ” Mohammed’s Koran : why Muslims kill for Islam ”

    By : Tommy Robinson and Peter McLoughlin ( author of `Easy Meat : Inside Britain’s Grooming Gang Scandal`) .

    [ Click on image and enlarge to read back cover blurb ]

  58. Scaramucci – a name that should put the fear of Dog into dyslexics everywhere.

  59. Mark Steyn connects the dots from Madrid to Minneapolis, via Brussels, Molenbeek, Reutlingen, Tubingen and Australia, piecing together an imaginative link between Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever in Spain and the shooting of an Australian women in Minneapolis by a cop.

    What singular factor connects that exotic thought process?

    You’ll enjoy finding out, here:

    … though some of you may have already guessed.

  60. EC

    Watching the press kerfuffle on Fox; wall to wall self importance. What would we do without the MSM? 🙂

  61. How else would the BBC solve the problem, or Theresa May:
    BBC pay gap: Emily Maitlis wage to be ‘dealt with’ to stop her quitting over gender row
    Prime Minister Theresa May told radio station LBC: “We have seen the way the BBC is paying women less for doing the same job as the men. I want to see women payed (sic) equally with men. The only reason we know about this, though, is because the Government required the BBC to publish these figures.

    In the BBC, I want to see the men paid equally with women.

    I don’t really, but it would be better than May’s statement.

    Even better would be, in the BBC, I want to see the highly paid men and women payed out. 🙂

  62. I am always careful to take note of critical metion of George Soros in the MSM because it is so rare. He is The One You Do Not Mention.

    I have seen Peter Hitchens mention Soros’ links to the evil campaign to legalise drugs (he wants us all comatose and to profit from drug selling himself legally). But other than that it’s ‘philanthropist’ or ‘fund manager’.

    Taki is an exception to the rule a) because Taki has pockets as deep as Soros’ and can see off any legal action (how Soros love to close people down) b) the Taki column is in one of those corners of the media where you have to look to find it. He tells a lot of truth in that column precisely because you’d have to be pretty literate to know where to find it.

    Anyway, this week I was made aware that Viktor Orban is determined to flush out the puppet master from the shadows.

    Not content with naming Soros in his speeches, Orban has now plasteres billboards all over Hungary with a picture of Soros and a caption saying: ‘Don’t let him have the last laugh’.

    Brilliant, I thought. That gets the message to your own people and surely now qualifies for some exposure in the blackout, fake news MSM.

    Lo and behold, Douglas Murray has finally felt confident enough to mutedly mention the issue of Soros in The Spectator, using the poster as his excuse for mentioning him at all. The piece is far too muted and understated about the influnce of this creep but it needs reading:

    George Soros vs the nation state
    Douglas Murray

    Freedom House is a remarkable and largely admirable organisation. Over the years it has done some great work challenging governments with a tendency towards the authoritarian. Yet its attacks on the government of Hungary are increasingly off-kilter.

    Regular readers will recall that the Hungarian government differs from the German government in believing that it is not desirable to invite the entire developing world to come and live in your country. The Hungarian government – led by Prime Minister Viktor Orban – also differs from the views of Hungary’s wealthiest son, George Soros, who along with the numerous NGOs that he funds has spent recent years undermining the borders of Europe, and specifically the borders of Hungary. When Orban criticised Soros in 2015, the multi-billionaire responded by clarifying the difference between himself and Orban thus:

    ‘[Orban’s] plan treats the protection of national borders as the objective and the refugees as an obstacle. Our plan treats the protection of refugees as the objective and national borders as the obstacle.’

    Anyhow – in recent weeks the Hungarian government has upped its campaign against Soros and his NGOs. This has included a nationwide billboard advertising campaign in the country. About which, as with much of the rest of the behaviour of the Orban government, there is much to say. But here is the response of Freedom House. According to Michael J Abramowitz, the president of Freedom House:

    ‘The government of Hungary has resorted to tactics reminiscent of the darkest days of dictatorship in its vilification of refugees, and civil society organisations that advocate an orderly, humane policy of immigration.’

    To which the first thing to say is, if the migration of recent years is an ‘orderly’ transition of refugees then I would hate to see what Freedom House would define as disorderly. For instance here are photos from one of the migrant camps of Greece I was at last summer and which last week was once again burned down by its inhabitants. Here are some of the recent scenes, filmed by the BBC, of what is happening in the sea off the Italian coastline this summer. And anyone who wants to see what this orderly, humane policy of immigration looks like in practice can then also go to almost any train or bus station in Italy, and numerous street-corners across the continent and there find many thousands of migrants enjoying a far from humane policy.

    Freedom House goes on to say of Soros:

    ‘His organisation has sought to secure fundamental freedoms for all Hungarians, including minorities. The political views of its founder are not legitimate topics of concern of Hungary’s government. The government’s demonization of refugees and of civil society should offend all who value basic human rights and open, democratic societies.’

    Actually the political views of George Soros are not only of legitimate concern to the Hungarian government. They should be of enormous concern to the Hungarian government, as they should be to all other European governments.

    What should be a greater concern to a government than somebody who founds and funds numerous organisations which seek to undermine your borders and teach people how to learn the loopholes in the existing laws of your continent?

    Freedom House, like many other groups, may dislike the Orban government, but pretending that the Hungarian government’s dislike for Soros comes from nowhere sadly mixes up advocacy with fantasy.

  63. That story is everywhere you would expect it to be: Breitbart, Zero Hedge etc but nothing in the Mail, Telegraph.

    Soros’ grip over those papers is massive. I think The Spectator nodded this through just because Orban was clever enough to make it the subject of open debate thorugh the posters. Soros is the master at threatening legal action of libel and slander.

  64. These are all comments from underneath the Douglas Murray article, copied and pasted:


    About time someone in the media began to have a look at what Soros and his like are up to. If any other person / organisation was trying the same, but against the views of the metropolitan classes, then they would be screaming blue murder , calling it subversion, with the BBC and Channel 4 all over it.

    Along with Soros there is Sutherland , as well as that banking couple who live in Hawaii , but fund the likes of Citizens UK. All supporting mass immigration, and all funding ‘NGOs’ who have political aims on mass migration.


    These Hawaiian Bankers are William Huntington Reeve and Debbie Berger, who use the their Unbound Philanthropy vehicle with which to move their funds into organisations like Hope Not Hate.


    “EU should ‘undermine national homogeneity'” says UN migration chief Peter Sutherland.


    This man has been followed closely by Breitbart for many years and yet no main stream media would listen.

    Russia has been trying to bring him to justice for many years too. Again, the EU (including the UK) and America under Obama and Bush have been protecting him. We have now gone so far down the road with this man that he may well have succeeded in destroying the culture of Europe.

    Once again because his money has been buying off lobbyists and governments too greedy to put their people before their lifestyles.


    Nearly all the far Left groups in the UK are funded by Soros and backed by the EU. These black clad violent anarchists are ferried about on buses, to cause trouble and yet are never arrested or held responsible by the state or media.

    Groups such as the “Anti Fascists” and “Hope not Hate” (a sick joke really) are all Soros group supported. Soros funded lawyers thwart the eviction of known terrorists, rapists and those responsible for genocide and allow them to roam freely in our cities.

    In Canada they helped a known Al Qaida family with ties to Bin Laden not only be freed from American prison but then be awarded $8 million dollars for being inconvenienced. They were filmed building bombs in Afghanistan!

    Soros-funded groups shelter and feed undocumented young men across the channel. These extremely violent Islamic men who are waiting to be smuggled into the UK where they can lie about their age, their nationality and be housed for free.

    All the while they are helped here by extremely left councils and social services (Common Purpose, Soros allies). A welfare state which appears to hates its own people, the honest and the married.

    And finally Soros groups provide lawyers specifically to Muslims whilst denying the most persecuted group in the world help, Christians from the Middle East, Pakistan and Bangladesh are all denied entry. The man needs stopping permanently.


    Cudenhove-Kalergi, author of Praktischer Idealismus – which introduces the methodology for a pan-european state e.g. the introduction, blending, ultimately the homogenisation of all races into one of little identity -and president of the Pan European movement, founding fathers of the EU, was one of Soros’ teachers (professor) at university.

    The long tentacles of totalitarianism that are coming to the fore reach way beyond the EU experiment.


    The No Borders criminals have been banking until now on the smoke screen and diversions (e.g. accusations of racism and Islamophobia) provided by their supporters in the liberal media and liberal governments, and on a passive, flabby, onesy-wearing, Britain’s Got Talent-watching populace.

    However, people are slowly waking up and these criminals are now up against a powerful counter narrative being rightly and loudly promulgated by a new, free-thinking media that is exposing the lying, cheating traitors and internationalists putting the boot into our way of life.

  65. Douglas Murray’s The Strange Death of Europe is odd because it doesn’t name Soros, which I put down to the publisher saying no.

    THat is a book that will not really turn a profit and so the budget for legal bills would be very small. I think there were a lot of things that had to be left out.

    Orban has played a blinder here by shoving the ghastly man’s name into the news, thereby making Soros legitimate subject for discussion.

    His lible lawyers usually crush negative mentions of him in the MSM.

  66. So just who is really messing up Brexit talks?

    By Melanie Phillips

  67. You will have seen a lot of Remainer moaning this week about the fact that David Davis does not turn up Brussels with any paperwork on his person, neither do his team.

    Far from being a shambles (which is what Hammond is briefing it is), it is because Davis is – like Gordon Brown used to love doing – refusing to put anything in writing and be held hostage. His tactic is simple: After you, mate.

    After you. Remember that when you hear all this Remainer whinging. No, not me tell you what I’m offering, you tell me.

    “The tactical astuteness of the UK’s decision not to publish a position paper on the Brexit bill but instead to simply turn up and critique the EU’s proposal was underlined by the degree of consternation it appears to have caused on the EU side, with Barnier repeatedly going out of his way to insist on how important it was for the UK to formally set out its position on it.

    “The UK has rightly recognised that this is the area of the negotiations in which it holds the most cards – strategic deployment of financial concessions will be a better way of extracting concessions in other areas from the EU than the UK laying all its cards on the table at once.”

  68. Quentin Letts makes the same point. Let the EU stew. It’s their loss if we walk away and there’s no deal. Put your cards on the table and then we’ll tell you what we think.

    It’s not for us to turn up with paperwork full of ideas. You best tell us what you’re offering or the UK walks and you can go whistle.

    Has crumpled DD’s infuriating banter started to get to male model Michel?
    QUENTIN LETTS sees our man stall the power gobblers

    Monsieur Brussels tried to come over all superieur with us yesterday. It was the second update on the Brexit independence negotiations (our version, if you like, of India’s independence talks in the mid 1940s).

    Michel Barnier, head of the European Commission team, kept saying he wanted the British to be more clear about what we want.

    ‘We shall make better progress when our respective positions are clear,’ he said loftily. ‘Clarification of the UK position is indispensable. What we want is an orderly withdrawal.’

    Ooh, I dunno. From the British perspective, ‘orderly’ could well mean a strait-jacket. You don’t want to get too orderly with Euro-imperialist control freaks. Orderly is their word for ‘do it by our rules’. Disorderly looks a much better position for London just at present. Keep the voracious power gobblers in the dark.

    It was almost lunchtime in Brussels and M Barnier was standing alongside our Brexit Secretary, David Davis. Both have grey hair. But where DD is often wry and untidy, a self-teasing ambler, M Barnier is a gorgeous snoot, deliciously alive to his own magnificence. Tall and slender, he speaks at a stately pace, rubbing his hands and moving his long, tanned fingers with the poise of an actor.

    In another life he could have been a male model for Dormeuil suits or one of those adverts for late middle-age laxatives.

    He opened proceedings by saying he wanted clarification on how much money we were going to pay to leave the EU, on citizens’ rights and on Ireland.

    The EC people are very keen to extract an agreement to the principle that we will actually cough up billions of euros as we leave – even though they arguably owe us billions. DD is not yet caving in.

    He talked about our ‘rights and responsibilities’ and said he ‘did not recognise’ the phrase ‘net flow’ of money. The loot is what the Europeans are really anxious about.

    By way of leverage, they put up a lot of stuff about how we will have to submit to European Court of Justice rulings even after we have left the EU.

    Mr Davis, perhaps knowing it was a floater, seemed happy to let M Barnier bang on about that at length. ‘It is not a political point, it is a legal one,’ claimed Barnier – as if law is not political!

    The stress on Ireland felt odd. For a century, Anglo-Irish relations have been handled pretty well by London and Dublin. Now we have Continentals wading into this most delicate of areas.

    Were I Irish (which I am, a bit – ancestors in hairy Co Cavan) I would feel indignant that my sovereignty was being appropriated by Europeans. How can Europeans, however well-meaning, possibly have as good an understanding of the way we residents of Britain and Ireland amiably co-exist?

    M Barnier had opened his remarks by telling reporters ‘thank you for your patience, which is a critical virtue for any negotiation’. At this, DD piped up: ‘Particularly for us!’ Cue a faint pause (wince?) from Michel the mannequin.

    Yet as M Barnier started to complain about the lack of ‘soobstans’ in the British position, one gained the impression that his own patience, for all the boutique mannerisms, was starting to fray a little.

    He was eager for the British to give him ‘a global picture’. He wanted ‘legal certainty’. Agreement could ‘not be achieved through incremental steps’.

    Was that perhaps the start of a slight twitch in one eye? Has crumpled DD with his infuriating banter, his airy ‘it’ll be all right on the night’ optimism, started to get to smoothie Michel?

    They are dead keen on pinning us down. DD – whose job is not made any easier by our appeasing Chancellor – is right to be evasive. For as M Barnier conceded near the end, ‘negotiations are only just starting’. He added: ‘I know we have to compromise in negotiations. We are not there yet.’

    Carry on stalling, Mr Davis.

  69. We demand the truth about Grenfell: how many were illegal? How many were British?

    Police tell Grenfell Residents: We Are ‘Not Interested’ in Illegal Immigrants


    ‘Alex Jones (1st HOUR Commercial Free) Friday 7/21/17: Roger Stone: Trump Spicer Shake-up’

    16:43 / 48:09

    Alex Jones (1st HOUR Commercial Free) Friday 7/21/17: Roger Stone: Trump Spicer Shake-up

    16:43 / 48:09

    Alex Jones (1st HOUR Commercial Free) Friday 7/21/17: Roger Stone: Trump Spicer Shake-up

    16:43 / 48:09

    Alex Jones (1st HOUR Commercial Free) Friday 7/21/17: Roger Stone: Trump Spicer Shake-up

  71. Trey Gowdy for US Attorney General!

    Esther for Editor of the Spectator!


    Mr. President, what took you so long to bounce Spicer…You can talk to EVERY American!” (Lionel)

  73. Auf Wiedersehen, Deutschland – The Salisbury Review

  74. That’s a very good publication. Obviously not much budget but trying to be what British MSM should be.

    I note the crime figures have gone up this week, which is astonishing because they do everything they can to manipulate the figures down. THey are creeping up because lawlessness spreads once it has taken root.

    I think it was Baron who posted here that footage of about 10 people running riot in Harrow and Wealdstone in broad daylight.

    They need to massage those figures back down again while real crime carries on rising (which it always was).

  75. Shall we deal with another Brexit scare story?

    The brilliant Dr Max Pemberton has written a wonderful column today (I recommend all of it) and he deals with the scare story about losing EHIC.


    The EU has decided to play hardball and is now threatening that after Brexit, Britons abroad could lose the ‘free’ healthcare we get via the European Health Insurance Card scheme (EHIC).

    This is a reciprocal agreement whereby hospitals within the European Economic Area (plus Switzerland) accept that the cost of treatment following any accident will be paid by the NHS.

    Similarly, visitors from Europe can use our health service for free and the money will be recouped from their home healthcare system.

    But petulant EU officials want us out of this arrangement. Well, good. It was a rubbish scheme anyway. It cost us dearly and continues to do so every day.

    When you compare how much we pay out to European countries and how much we get back, the threat to kick us out of the EHIC is far from the disaster some are making it out to be.

    In fact, I say to Europe, bring it on. Europeans have far more to lose than we do.

    At present, the amount we claw back is falling: hospitals recouped £49.7m last year, compared with £50.7m the year before. But in the same year, the UK government handed over £674 m to European governments to treat UK citizens.

    We’re owed far more than we receive: around £600million a year.

    The problem is that UK hospitals aren’t set up to recover costs in the way those in the rest of the EU are, because we operate an entirely nationalised health service, free at the point of access. Hospitals in, say, France, are used to costing procedures and billing patients, but this is anathema to the UK system.

    If we’re kicked out of the EHIC, then EU visitors will be treated in the same way as visitors from other countries.

    This system is also far from perfect. So let’s use Brexit finally to get things in order.

    Spread, disseminate etc.

    We have a PR war to win, folks.

  76. The Minneapolis Police Chief has been shit-canned. Perhaps the next one will try to ensure that he doesn’t hire quick-on-the-trigger Somalian muzzies cops who shoot householders in need of assistance, rather than their assailants.

  77. This is what happens when you become a cashless society: total thought tyranny because it becomes impossible to fund alternative political parties. They simply become closed down under ‘hate speech’ laws.

    Cash only, folks.

    Sweden: A Failed State?

    The Swedish state, in true Orwellian style, fights those Swedish citizens who point out the obvious problems that migrants are causing.

    When police officer Peter Springare said in February that migrants were committing a disproportionate amount of crime in the suburbs, he was investigated for inciting “racial hatred”.

    Currently, a 70-year-old Swedish pensioner is being prosecuted for “hate speech”, for writing on Facebook that migrants “set fire to cars, and urinate and defecate on the streets”.

  78. There is massive opposition, of course, to the hellhole that Sweden has become, but nothing they can do about it.

    Say what you think and you’ll be prosecuted.

    There is no alternative at the ballot box because activist judges, lawyers, policemen and politicians stamp out any upstart alternatives.

    Swedish Big Brother sees everything. Every thought they type, every cent they spend.

    This is George Soros’ fantasy writ large: be raped, be burgled, be attacked, be ripped off.

    FFS stop using cards and contactless, get back to cash asap.

  79. It’s all done behind the scenes in court cases we rarely hear about:

    Ukip MEP ordered to pay £162,000 in libel damages to Labour MPs

    Jane Collins claimed in conference speech that three MPs knew about Rotherham child abuse scandal, but chose not to act

  80. Grenfell Tower was about one thing and one thing alone: immigration. THe same as the housng crisis, the schools crisis, NHS crisis and packed roads. The NHS is only under collapse because of all the immigrants it has to serve.

    The subletting in Grenfell was 25%. Now multiply that to all social housing in the UK. Feeling angry yet?:


    Grenfell Tower was a form of social housing built in 1974 to house council tenants, but over time the wellbeing of the tenants was passed to a management company. On the night of the disaster, 350 people were there, of which 255 survived and 14 were out or away.

    The agreements signed by tenants expressly forbid subletting, but it has now emerged that over 25% of all the flats there were in fact sublet. In an extraordinary announcement two weeks ago, the Government made it clear that nobody involved in those practices would be held to account for their actions.

    This is a bizarre decision – very clearly ‘media tactical’ in nature – given that the sublettings took place with the connivance of old tenants, new tenants and several prominent estate agents – and had gone unnoticed by the management company. Before any formal enquiry has even been started, four groups involved in bad behaviour are thus to be exonerated.

    This is more germain than some commentators are prepared to admit. The fire started inside a flat (not in the communal areas) and so the nature of its residents becomes an issue.

    The flat fire was caused by a faulty fridge-freezer. The government has ordered immediate testing of the Hotpoint model involved, but we already know it was at least nine years old. All electrical durables in private lettings must be tested annually: was this model tested? Did the management company know who the tenants were? Were they sub-lettees?

    The Left made much play in the early days of Council/Management company deafness in relation to residents’ concerns about fire safety, but those concerns were about communal areas and overall design/escape exits, not electrical durables. None of those concerns (even though the chances are they were well-founded) was relevant to the actual fire when it happened.

    I have still yet to see a single British tenant.

  81. I’m guessing your daily paper forgot to report this:

    Orban: ‘Europe Must Regain Sovereignty From The Soros Empire’, Build Border Wall to Stop ‘Muslimized Europe’

    Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has made an impassioned defence of European values and identity at the Bálványos Summer University camp in Romania Saturday, calling on European nations to end their association with billionaire open-borders financier George Soros.

    Speaking at the 28th Bálványos Open University camp Saturday, which was this week was hailed as “one of the most important discussion forums of the Hungarian community” by Hungary’s deputy Prime Minister, Orban contributed to an apparently new tradition of the Hungarian PM using the event as a launch pad for pro-European rhetoric and policy.

    Hitting out at the Hungarian-born billionaire George Soros, who stands accused by the Hungarian government of using his vast wealth to fund pro-mass migration organisations to create a “new, mixed, Muslimized Europe”, Orban said Brussels was in an “alliance against the people’s will” with the financier.

  82. Finally some good news!!

    Poland’s Senate Passes Reforms in Defiance of EU, Left Wing Protests

    Poland’s Senate on Saturday approved long-promised reforms to the country’s judicial system which have been fiercely opposed by Brussels and left wing protesters.

    To become law, the populist ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party’s draft bill for reforms — which would give parliament greater power to dismiss activist judges, and add a responsibility to consider the nation’s Christian values when passing judgements — now only has to be signed by the president, Andrzej Duda.

    The government contends that the measures are necessary to reform a Communist-era model which still harbours many judges from that time, and polls show that a majority of Poles believe the country needs judicial reform.

    On Thursday, as Poland’s lower legislative house voted through the reforms, tens of thousands of anti-government protesters gathered in cities across Poland —many wielding European Union (EU) flags — chanting, blocking roads, and in one case even attacked a member of parliament.

    In 2015, PiS won the first parliamentary majority in modern Polish political history, and Polish parliamentary Commission on Justice and Human Rights chief Stanisław Piotrowicz told Polish television that the left wing groups marching against the government “cannot accept the fact that PiS was given a democratic mandate from the electorate.”

    In addition to the protests — which have been covered widely and sympathetically by the West’s liberal media — Poland’s government has had to contend with warnings from Brussels over the reforms.

    Breitbart London has previously reported on how the EU threatened has threatened to suspend the nation’s voting rights in the bloc if it continued with the reforms, and senior officials in Brussels have even suggested cutting off funding to Poland.

    The Polish government received messages of solidarity on Saturday from Hungary, which has also been threatened by the EU for resisting a compulsory migrant quotas scheme, and for launching a domestic reforms programme aimed at improving the financial transparency of NGOs backed by overseas actors such as billionaire open borders campaigner George Soros.

    “The inquisition offensive against Poland can never succeed because Hungary will use all legal options in the European Union to show solidarity with the Poles, said Hungarian premier Viktor Orbán, speaking in Romania.

    Calling for “patriotic governance” against the EU, he said Poland was a victim of harassment from Brussels, and asserted that prominent politicians in the bloc were out of touch with the public on issues such as migration — which Orbán stated is the most important issue facing Europe.

    “Will Europe be inhabited by Europeans? Will Hungary be inhabited by Hungarians, Germany by Germans, France by the French, Italy by Italians? Who will live in Europe?” he asked the gathering of conservative leaders at Baile Tusnad.

    It’s all about the Long March, the judges, the schools – all the off the radar activists.

  83. Esther @ 21:26

    Another reason we should be cutting the umbilical cord with the EU autocracy fully, Esther.

    The newspapers here carry the same story, do not say what the reform is all about. If they did, it would become clear (sorry about this cliched ‘clear’) that what the new legislation offers is a step forward enabling also the elected representatives to have a say in the appointment of judges. Until now, it has been the judges themselves who decided, many of them were in posts when the communists were in power, you can well imagine what ‘cadres’ they went for.

    If Duda, the President, signs the new statute it will be both the judges (15 of them), the MPs and the executive (10 members) who will form the two part councils charged with that responsibility.

    The ironic thing is that in the neighbouring Czech Republic it’s solely the executive (the Minister of Justice after a debate in the Government) that nominates judges (after recommendations from the judiciary), the President either nods them through or vetoes them. Nobody seems critical of the Czech system even though the nomination of judges has no input from those elected by the plebeians, the parliamentarians. Not that democratic, is it?

  84. Esther @ 21:20

    The Hungarian PM doesn’t mess about, Esther, he has initiated a poster campaign, a picture of Soros and a message: ‘Don’t let Soros have the last laugh’. Bibi backed the campaign publicly, but the Jewish community opposed to ‘zionism’, he, he, he objected, the posters are coming down.


  85. Esther @ 20:56

    You may be somewhat too harsh, Esther, the disaster was of such magnitude that any hint of a prosecution for sub-letting may have inflamed even more of the capital burghers, who are largely non-indigenous folk now, easily aroused. Politically, it would be unwise to go that route.

    What the Government should have said, however, is that they will instruct all councils to check carefully and with some urgency any breach of the sub-letting clause. Failure to do so will lead to the Government withholding part of the grant the councils get from it.

  86. Frank P @ 20:38

    Where TF are the police, Frank?

  87. Esther @ 13:23

    If what she said was untrue than the judge is right, Esther, the lie (if it was a lie) caused damage, the damage was measurable, she should be punished.

    Why did she say it if she didn’t have evidence that it was true, the MPs did know? (It somewhat puzzles Baron that the MPs didn’t know about it, it has been going on for years, surely someone should have told them about it, they are MPs for that constituency, no?. How about getting that someone to testify for her?)

    Or is there more to the story the barbarian hasn’t been aware of?

  88. Rapper Professor Green makes a virtue-signalling documentary to ingratiate himself with London’s media class by trying to denigrate Britain First.

    Professor Green runs away when the crowd mention all the thousands of rapes they are marching against and they name Charlene Downes, raped and murdered. The two suspects never brought to justice.

    The snowflakes just don’t want to know, do they?

    The problem I have with groups like Britain First is they are just protest groups. Unless people vote for alternatives to the legacy parties, it is futile. Hit them in the ballots. It’s the only place that matters.

  89. Everyone in those areas knew of the Muslim paedophile rape gangs. The dogs in the street knew. That was the whole point of the BBC docudrama Three Girls, everyone in officialdom knew – and covered it up.

  90. ‘Filming begins this week on Three Girls, a new three-part BBC One drama based on the true stories of victims of grooming and sexual abuse in Rochdale.

    ‘The drama will look at the way in which these girls were groomed, how they were ignored by the authorities directly responsible for protecting them, and how they eventually made themselves heard.’

    Strange how the whole community seemed to know but the local MPs had never heard anything.

    High Court judges are hardly known for their impartiality. Most of them seem to be activist Lefties of the kind the Polish government is fed up to the back teeth with.

  91. Esther @ 10:04

    Virtually nothing in the MSM about the newly released crime figures, Esther, it was mentioned, true, often tied to the cut in the police numbers to please the cumryd, then came an embargo it seems, no debating, nothing, the Spectator failed to even mention the figures.

  92. Edward Lucas, the giant of an expert on things Russian had a piece in the Times the other day pondering why some conservatives, the young, a large chunk of the plebs are keen on Putin’s Russia, he puzzled by it, suggested it was misguided, offered a number of reasons to label Russia under Putin an evil empire attacking countries at will, undermining elections everywhere, poisoning the minds of the Western burghers through RT.

    Who in his right mind would back Russia which bans homosexual marriages, was one of the points against Vlad the barbarian remembers from the piece.

    Leaving aside that in other countries homosexuals get hanged (and we’re on friendly terms with such countries), or the question of desirability of homosexual marriages, consider this.

    Until 2013 when the boy told everyone that homosexual marriages have always been a conservative belief, forced a vote in the House, got the legislation through, Britain had also banned homosexual marriages.

    Was Britain till then (under the boy’s leadership, too) an evil country because of it?

  93. Quite so, Baron.

    This piece of legislation seemed to come from the EU, which is why Camoron backed it and Theresa May made it the centrepiece of her Home Office rule to have it enacted.

    Unless I am mistaken Edward Lucas write for that bible of bien pensant tripe The Economist and regularly clashes with Peter Hitchens over Russia.

  94. Hitchens explains to Lucas directly why he sees no threat from Russia. Parents in Manchester, Rochdale, Oxford and so on and so on and so jihadi may agree with him:

    I see one threat. And one threat alone and I want its enablers stopped.

  95. Let’s wipe out the deficit in a week:

    Burka ban comes into force in Switzerland as Muslims ordered to obey or pay huge £8k fine

    A BURKA BAN has been come into force Switzerland with Muslims who break the new law forced to pay a fine of almost £8,000.

  96. “The Mucch” is a 24 carat huckster.

    “The fact many people still believe Climate Change is a hoax is disheartening” That’s his tweet from 10th March 2016.

    Could that be because you’re heavily invested in “sustainable ensrgy” as part of your gigantic portfolio, Antonio?

    Would you buy a used car from this silk-suited guinea?

  97. His resemblance to Christopher Moltisanti is just too close for comfort. 🙂

  98. Wonderful news:

    Hungary’s Orban: EU And “Soros Mafia Network” Are Seeking To “Muslimize Europe”

    The war of words between Hungary’s outspoken prime minister Viktor Orban and liberal billionaire George Soros escalated to previously unseen levels on Saturday, when the Hungarian PM said that European Union leaders and Soros are seeking a “new, mixed, Muslimized Europe,” however during a visit to Romania, Orban said that Hungary’s border fences, supported by other Central European countries, will block the EU-Soros effort to increase Muslim migration into Europe.

    Slamming the Hungarian-born billionaire who has been accused by the Hungarian government of using his vast wealth to fund pro-mass migration organizations to create a “new, mixed, Muslimized Europe”, Orban said Brussels was in an “alliance against the people’s will” with the financier.

    In further defiance to Brussles, Orban said that while Hungary opposed taking in migrants “who could change the country’s cultural identity,” Hungary would remain a place where “Western European Christians will always be able to find security”, AP quoted the prime minister.

    Laying out his vision for a future Europe without the influence of Soros, Orban said: “In order for Europe to be able to live, it has to win back its sovereignty from the Soros Empire… Once this is done, migrants must be taken back outside the EU. It sounds strict, but those who came illegally, must be transported back,” Prime Minister Orbán said. “We have to admit that the European continent cannot remain unprotected.”

    Discussing immigration to Hungary in a speech that came just days after his government announced the total requests submitted for Hungarian citizenships had hit one million, Orban also said he would continue to oppose migrants “who could change the country’s cultural identity”.

    Orban also discussed the upcoming political campaign: the Hungarian, who will seek a fourth term in April 2018, said his nation’s opposition parties were no match for his government. “In the upcoming campaign, first of all we have to confront external powers,” Orban said at a cultural festival in Baile Tusnad, Romania. “We have to stand our ground against the Soros mafia network and the Brussels bureaucrats. And, during the next nine months, we will have to fight against the media they operate.”

  99. Let’s repeat that:

    “In order for Europe to be able to live, it has to win back its sovereignty from the Soros Empire… Once this is done, migrants must be taken back outside the EU. It sounds strict, but those who came illegally, must be transported back,” Prime Minister Orbán said.

  100. Peter Hitchens

    A truly epic story, drowned in a vat of noise

    The evacuation of Dunkirk is a superb subject for an epic film, almost biblical in its power.

    The burning oil tanks which threw up a pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night, the noble self-sacrifice of the French, the patience, the courage, the opportunity for civilians to take a full part in war, the transformation by deft propaganda of a defeat into a victory.

    Above all, now that it is so long ago, a film could explore exactly why the entire British Army came to be standing up to its armpits in salt water being strafed by German planes, while billions of pounds’ worth of weapons and equipment (by today’s values) lay abandoned and destroyed on the shore nearby.

    Why, in fact, we came within inches of shameful capitulation. It’s an interesting story which most don’t know, and from which we could learn a lot. I’m afraid the new film does not do this. I was told it was ‘immersive’.

    It is, but not in a good way. It is like being lowered into a giant vat of noise, plus an unceasing parade of repeated miserable drownings.

    There’s hardly any plot, almost no dialogue, no real characters. As usual, the supposed attention to detail is concentrated on costumes and a few old planes and ships.

    The surviving soldiers end up being loaded on to a 1970s British Railways Southern Region railway carriage, which the youthful makers presumably thought was old enough.

    I do hope that someone now revives the far better 1958 John Mills and Richard Attenborough version, thoughtful, thrilling and flavoured with real experience of war, then common among adults. It’s only noisy when it needs to be.

  101. I was given a new plastic Scotch £5 note in my change yesterday.
    HMQ nowhere to be found on it, just some bogwoman that I, and I’d wager 99.99% of Scotch men & women, had never heard of.

    United Kingdom? Ha!

  102. The difference between Finsbury Park and Manchester is that one was a lone mentally ill person and the other was following an instruction manual of terror that legalises: ‘Make war on the unbelievers and the hypocrites and deal rigorously with them. Hell shall be their home: an evil fate.’

    There is a whopping difference.

  103. Noa – 08:08

    The last paragraph really says it all.

    As for the supposed fear and grievance mongering, I think that this comment summed it up nicely…

    “roger in florida 13TH JULY 2017 AT 10:06 PM

    I think Mark Steyn put it best: “Muslims fear backlash after tomorrows bombing”.

  104. At last a way forward:

    “Britain’s most notorious hate preacher has been moved to a prison unit created for inmates who pose a national security threat from behind bars, The Sunday Times can reveal.

    Anjem Choudary, who was jailed for 5½ years in September last year for urging Muslims to support the terrorist group Isis, has become the first known Islamist to be moved to a “separation centre” at HMP Frankland, a high-security prison in County Durham.

  105. Noa – 08:08

    PS. When he was alive, or at least still undead, Sir Christopher Lee protected the copyright of his image(s) fiercely. Now he is completely dead, we hope, I note that people are making fast and loose with it.

  106. EC

    Patent and copyright law, now there’s a subject you can really get your teeth into!

  107. EC 7.12
    I hope Queen Nicola was on it.

  108. Frank P, July 23rd, 2017 – 00:35

    ” “The Mucch” is a 24 carat huckster.”

    I was playing around with the gentleman’s surname as any dyslexic or one given to Spoonerisms might, and Google Translate™️ came up with this…

  109. Vintage Rod

    “We are not remunerated purely on the basis of the good we do in society, otherwise I would get 20 times what Polly Toynbee earns”

    Or 120 times.

  110. I was going to cook my wife a surprise Korean meal for her birthday today.

    But someone let the cat out of the bag.

  111. EC at 07 : 12

    What you have got is a Scottish BANK NOTE issued by a retail bank ( probably the notorious Royal Bank of Scotland ) . This is not the same as a CURRENCY NOTE issued by a government central bank. But don’t worry : for every £5 bank note they issue they have to deposit a £5 currency note from the Bank of England .

  112. EC 07.12

    A scotch £5 note? Have you have been reiving across the border? No Englishman in his senses would accept one of these in settlement of a debt south of the Sturgeon-Salmond line.

  113. Whether the replacement of Spicer with Caramucci is a masterstroke or just a result of an anarchic White House remains to be seen, the barbarian has no idea which, leans towards the latter.

    Spicer is being criticised for being out of his depth, he never was except when the Donald changed his mind without telling him or anyone else, for being confrontational, well, what else could he have been? Accommodating? And for losing his temper once or twice, again, we shall see whether the one replacing him could keep cool 24/7, his name sounds Italian (EC quip fits, too), the Italians are not known for being controlled, restrained, or particularly adroit.

    The changeover is a hint that the Donald thinks he can win the war with the Deep State with a better PR. He’s badly mistaken here, Baron reckons, many Americans voted for him not because of his (non existent) eloquence, unpolished language, the essence of the clarity of expression – all that the PR requires – but because they hoped he would do everything to create jobs for them, whatever anyone may think, deep down this is what the majority of the electorate always want (not just in the Republic, elsewhere).

    This has come up in every survey of what the American unwashed see as their top priority, the cable networks could yap about Russia as much as they want, the plebs say their first priority is jobs. The Donald may fail on everything else, must win this one. Getting an eloquent PR man will do FA to achieve it, drilling and drilling and drilling once more is the key (there are other options, but drilling is totally within his control).

    There’s another aspect of the Caramucci’s appointment that worries Baron, the guy’s a financier, a Goldman Sachs one at that, he ran a hedge fund, must know the movers in the sector, have useful contacts outside it in the military/industrial domain, the know-how to utilise them.

    How will he use the insider knowledge of banking & finance? Will he try to turn the financial behemoths towards the Donald, or will he do the opposite, become a conduit for turning the Donald into a victim of the Deep State (of which the big money is a large part), leaking stuff to the opponents of the Donald, but more cunningly, surreptitiously, deadly than the leaks channeled through the MSM?

    Steve Bannon is quoted saying ‘only over my dead body’ will Scaramucci get the job, the barbarian has a similar feel for the new guy.

  114. Why I will never vote Tory again (pt 84):

    It’s dangerous and wrong to tell all children they’re ‘gender fluid’

    Melanie Phillips

    Once upon a time, ‘binary’ was a mathematical term. Now it is an insult on a par with ‘racist’, ‘sexist’ or ‘homophobic’, to be deployed as a weapon in our culture wars. The enemy on this particular battleground is anyone who maintains that there are men and there are women, and that the difference between them is fundamental.

    This ‘binary’ distinction is accepted as a given by the vast majority of the human race. No matter. It is now being categorised as a form of bigotry. Utterly bizarre? Scoff at your peril. It’s fast becoming an enforceable orthodoxy, with children and young people particularly in the frame for attitude reassignment.

    Many didn’t know whether to be amused or bemused when the feminist ideologue Germaine Greer was attacked by other progressives for claiming that transgender men who became women after medical treatment were still men. What started as a baffling skirmish on the wilder shores of victim culture has now turned into something more menacing.

    The Commons Women and Equalities Select Committee recently produced a report saying transgender people are being failed. The issue is not just whether they really do change their sex. The crime being committed by society is to insist on any objective evidence for this at all. According to the committee, people should be able to change their gender at will merely by filling in a form. Instead of requiring evidence of sex-change treatment, Britain should adopt the ‘self-declaration’ model now used in Ireland, Malta, Argentina and Denmark. To paraphrase Descartes, ‘I think I am a man/woman/of no sex, therefore I am.’

    The committee’s chairwoman, the Tory MP Maria Miller, said there’s no need for gender categories on passports, drivers’ licences or other official forms because gender is irrelevant. ‘We should be looking at ways of trying to strip back talking about gender,’ she says. The Tories are now promising reforms along these lines, and the momentum has been building for some time.

    In 2004, Parliament passed the Gender Recognition Act; in 2010, the Equality Act made gender reassignment a protected characteristic; in 2011, the government published its ‘Advancing transgender equality’ action plan.

    The NHS has a National Clinical Reference Group for Gender Identity Services. The National Police Chiefs’ Council has a National Policing Lead on Transgender. Last November, the Department for Education flew the transgender flag to mark the Transgender Day of Remembrance.

    In short, the political class is obsessed by gender issues. I trust you are, too. Surely you can reel off the differences between trans, intersex, polygender, asexual, gender–neutral and genderqueer? Do keep up. We’re all gender fluid now, no?

    No. Gender is not fluid. What is fluid, however, is the language.

    The notion that gender can be deconstructed in accordance with ideology started in the 1970s when (ironically, in view of the Greer row) it was promoted by feminists for whom gender was not a biological fact but a social construct. But it’s not. Gender derives from a complex relationship between biological sex and behaviour. And nature and nurture are not easily separable. Some unfortunates feel they are trapped in the wrong gender. Surgery may or may not resolve this confusion. Many who change sex still don’t feel comfortable; tragically, some even commit suicide.

    Crucially, however, such people are desperate to make that change. That’s because for trans people gender is certainly not irrelevant but is of all–consuming importance. Yet Miller and her committee would deprive them of the ability to announce their new sexual identity on passports or other official documents.

    Is this not, by Miller’s own logic, cruelty to trans people? But of course logic doesn’t come into this. Gender politics is all about subjective feelings. It has nothing to do with fairness or equality. It embodies instead an extreme egalitarianism which holds that any evidence of difference is a form of prejudice.

    If people want to identify with either gender or none, no one is allowed to gainsay it. Objective reality crumbles under the supremacy of subjective desire. Those who demur are damned as heartless.

    In fact, gender fluidity itself creates victims. Professor Paul McHugh is the former chief psychiatrist at Johns Hopkins hospital in the US. In the 1960s this pioneered sex-reassignment surgery — but subsequently abandoned it because of the problems it left in its wake. Most young boys and girls who seek sex reassignment, McHugh has written, have psychosocial issues and presume that such treatment will resolve them. ‘The grim fact is that most of these youngsters do not find therapists willing to assess and guide them in ways that permit them to work out their conflicts and correct their assumptions. Rather, they and their families find only “gender counsellors” who encourage them in their sexual misassumptions.’

    In two states, any doctor who looked into the psychological history of a ‘transgender-ed’ boy or girl in search of a resolvable problem could lose his or her licence to practise medicine.

    In line with such suppression of medical freedom, Miller’s committee also wants to dump McHugh’s ‘medicalised approach’. The MPs claim it ‘pathologises trans identities’ and runs ‘contrary to the dignity and personal autonomy’ of trans people. They note that a UK survey found about half of young and a third of adult transgender people said they had attempted suicide. The committee does not suggest this is most likely because of the unbearable mental conflict over their sexual identity. Instead, it blames ‘transphobia’ for driving them to this despair.

    Thus Miller and her colleagues do two things: display callous denial of the tragic condition of such unfortunates, and set up the basis for state-mandated coercion.

    Their prime target, of course, will be children, whose young minds can be so easily manipulated. Trans and gender issues, says the committee, should be taught in schools as part of personal, social and health education.

    We can all predict what will happen. Gender fluidity will be actively promoted as just another lifestyle choice. Under the commendable guise of stopping the minute number of transgender children being bullied, the rest of the class will be bullied into accepting the prescribed orthodoxy — that gender is mutable, and any differentiation in value between behaviour or attitudes is bigoted and prohibited.

    The intention is to break down children’s sense of what sex they are and also wipe from their minds any notion of gender norms. In American schools, last November’s Transgender Awareness Month was a festival of such indoctrination. Children were handed out ‘pronoun buttons’, badges which identified their own preferred personal pronouns as specific to any gender they chose or none.

    Brighton College, one of Britain’s leading private schools, has abolished distinctions between boys’ and girls’ uniforms. All can now choose between wearing a blazer, trousers and tie or skirt and bolero jacket. The school’s head, Richard Cairns, says he only wants to make his transgender pupils happy. But inviting boys to wear skirts is a dangerous frivolity. Promoting gender fluidity is likely to make children confused or distressed. If a girl prefers to climb trees rather than play with dolls or a boy likes ballet, will they now wonder if they’re really not a girl or a boy at all?

    Worse still, something most children grow out of may cause them to become — to use the Miller committee’s own boo-word — pathologised. According to Professor McHugh, prepubescent children who begin imitating the opposite sex are being treated by misguided doctors with puberty-delaying hormones to render later sex-change surgery less onerous — even though such drugs stunt children’s growth and risk causing sterility. These are the very drugs that the Miller committee wants the specialist Tavistock gender clinic to prescribe to children with less delay.

    These MPs are turning gender confusion from a health issue into a political statement to be enforced. So of course they also want to turn denying or questioning gender fluidity into a hate crime. Certainly, anyone who attacks or threatens people on account of their gender should be prosecuted. But the committee wants ‘stirring up hatred’ against trans people to become a crime — which would include insulting them by saying they belong to the sex they deny.

    The Law Commission didn’t support that, observing that ‘criminalisation might also inhibit discussion of disability and transgender issues and of social attitudes relating to them’.

    You bet. The Miller committee wants ‘mandatory national transphobic hate-crime training for police officers and the promotion of third-party reporting’.

    Heaven help us — Caroline Dinenage, a junior minister at the Ministry of Justice, meekly agreed to this sinister proposal and confessed the government was ‘very much on a journey’.

    Indeed, you could say the West is very much on a journey. From divorce and lone parenthood to gay marriage, what was once regarded as a source of disadvantage or category error has been transformed into a human right. In the process, compassion has turned into oppression.

    The Miller committee writes about one of its witnesses who talked about the government’s Advancing Transgender Equality plan: ‘Christie Elan-Cane told us that the plan was, from per [sic] point of view as a non-gendered person, “all plan and no action, because nothing resulted from it”.’

    Yes, I also stumbled over what I thought was a typing error; but no, a footnote tells us: ‘Christie Elan-Cane asked us to use the non-gendered pronoun “per”.’ Such supine surrender to this hijack of language, the signature motif of totalitarian political systems, tells you more than anything else what’s in store for us.

    Gender cannot be at real risk because it is anchored in an immutable reality. What is on the cards is oppression, socially engineered dysfunction and the loss of individual freedom. And it is so-called Conservative politicians who are helping wave the red flag of revolution.

    This article first appeared in The Spectator in January last year. Today Justine Greening has said the Tories’ next step is to ‘streamline and demedicalise’ gender with details to come next week.

  115. Likewise, nobody in the real world believes in global warming, apart from school teachers and their brainwashed pupils.

  116. Germaine Greer has also flagged up the fact that gender transitions are sometimes regretted:

  117. Richard Dawkins is dragged into America’s tedious free-speech war

    Douglas Murray

    Anyone who has followed the free-speech wars in America over recent years will know that by now, basically, nobody can speak anywhere. Especially at centres like that one-time home of free speech, Berkeley, California, you now cannot speak in public if you’re a man or a woman, if you’re gay or straight and if your skin is white or not. Now to the great list of categories of people who should not be allowed to speak in America we can add scientists.

    Richard Dawkins is, by any standards, one of the most famous scientists on the planet. His books have brought writing about science to a world-wide audience. One recognition of this achievement is that just this week his book ‘The Selfish Gene’ was voted the most inspiring science book of all time in a public poll commissioned by the Royal Society.

    However it is important that the gentle denizens of a city like Berkeley be prevented from hearing from such a person. There were to have an opportunity next month, when KPFA in Berkeley were due to host an evening centred around Professor Dawkins’s new book ‘Science in the Soul: Selected Writings of a Passionate Rationalist. But people who had booked tickets for this event have just received the following email:

    Dear Richard Dawkins event ticket buyers,

    We regret to inform you that KPFA has canceled our event with Richard Dawkins. We had booked this event based entirely on his excellent new book on science, when we didn’t know he had offended and hurt – in his tweets and other comments on Islam, so many people.

    KPFA does not endorse hurtful speech. While KPFA emphatically supports serious free speech, we do not support abusive speech. We apologize for not having had broader knowledge of Dawkins views much earlier. We also apologize to all those inconvenienced by this cancellation. Your ticket purchases will automatically be refunded by Brown Paper Tickets.

    KPFA Radio 94.1 FM

    If I were one of the recipients of such an email I would not just spit on my Brown Paper refund, I would (hoping that Professor Dawkins might forgive the allusion) turn my back on KPFA and Berkeley and shake the dust from my feet.

    What is this nonsense? We didn’t know that a distinguished scientist who we are lucky enough to have been hosting has expressed his views on earlier occasions? We are sorry that one of the world’s most famous atheists turned out to have expressed views on religion? We are sorry that one of the world’s most famous atheists who we were about to host has ‘blasphemed’ Islam when we had assumed he was just a good old blasphemer of Christianity and every religion except Islam? I do sometimes wonder why the Ayatollah’s advance guard in places like Berkeley don’t just move to Qom and be done with it.

    Anyhow – for his part Professor Dawkins is well rid of these people. Who would have wanted to have slipped through the modern censor’s net only to find yourself speaking to an audience of bed-wetting morons who have a problem sitting through any event where they have to listen rather than jabber? People who think they know the difference between ‘serious free speech’ (any speech they themselves might venture to utter) and ‘non-serious free speech’ or ‘abusive speech’ (speech uttered by the rest of the world – because they say so).

    As I say, Professor Dawkins is well rid of his ignorant hosts. But does anyone else sense that the territory on which people are allowed to actually speak freely is narrowing these days?

  118. Marshal Roberts @ 11:58

    In the same piece in today’s ST, Marshal, Rod’s sentence you’ve furnished is followed immediately by another: ‘We are paid according to the market – a warped market in many ways, sure, but one that puts value on unique skills’.


    The words ‘BBC’ and ‘the market’ in the same narrative? Rod’s nuts on this. The chipmunk Lineker could be paid three times as much, or ten times more, it could still be explained by his uniqueness. The answer to the question ‘how much does one reward uniqueness’ is akin one to ‘how long is a piece of string’.

    What’s unique about this particular case is getting the TV Premiership franchise in the first place. If the ITV were to bid, get it, people would switch to ITV, it would matter not which breed of monkeys presents it.

    In fact, what Baron objects to (he’s one of those who would abandon the BBC if the rights went to a commercial channel) is the wasted time the ‘experts’ and the crisps munching chipmunk Lineker are commenting the games, telling one what happened, often spewing either trivia, or saying what a player should have done, after the game, arghhh. Most people who like football would welcome to see more of the games, less of the banter, Baron doesn’t reckon, he knows.

  119. This video is far too long at 35 minutes, but put the timer to


    and watch to the end.

    Ten minutes of vintage Melanie on Brexit and Trump:

  120. Esther @ 13:10

    If gender matters not, Esther, why the acrimony, furor, rage even by the women at the BBC about their lower remuneration?

    Imagine that each of the people listed in the list, men and women, were to given a unique number, no indication of sex, the list were to be published showing only what number got what money. Would there be any unhappiness about it? This would be one of the outcomes of the Tory MP Maria Miller’s suggestion. Lunacy.

    Whatever the gender fluid fuggwits may say, nature will continue as it has always done, this phase of officially endorsed imbecility will come to an end, the cost will be the messed-up lives of the many who fall for this crap, the society at large will carry on, people rolling their eyes, saying to themselves ‘what drives the mind of these loonies?’.

  121. Esther @ 13:18

    Excellent clip, Esther, thanks.

    The barbarian doesn’t think as highly of Dawkins as Douglas does, but preventing him to speak? That’s more like Germany under the Austrian corporal, or the East when the Red Menace were in charge, Esther.

    It may be untimely of Baron to say it, but the Republic is edging to a mighty implosion, one of biblical proportions, one that will dwarf the damage done in the Civil War, unless someone somewhere and soon reclaims for the country tolerance, rational thinking, and just a drop of common sense.

  122. Noa @ 12:00

    Get another cat, Noa, millions of them around, he, he, he.

    BTW, where’s the Colonel?

  123. EC @ 07:12

    The Scots have new plastic fivers, EC? Baron didn’t know, thanks for telling him.

    The barbarian started collecting notes of every country he has ever visited (only the smallest denomination in paper, only in uncirculated conditions), has some old Scottish paper notes, will try to obtain the plastic one (or ones), too.

    Would you know if all three Scottish banks have issued a plastic replacement?

  124. Baron 14.30

    A cat is not just for the main course. They also get their just desserts.

  125. Noa
    what were you going to make, catatouille?

  126. Baron 1402
    Not sure I entirely agree about the pundits, although hate Lineker. Gareth Crooks and Gabby Logan are not a bad duo for this.

  127. A little light relief from the relentless sledgehammer of politics.

    A woman goes to her priest with a problem.
    “Father,” she told him, “I have two female parrots rescued from a house of ill-repute. But the only thing they ever say is: ‘Wanna have some fun?'”
    “That’s terrible!” exclaims the priest. “But I think I can help. Bring your parrots over to my house, and I will put them in with two male parrots whom I have taught to pray every day. My parrots will teach your parrots to stop saying that terrible phrase.”
    The next day the woman brought her female parrots to the priest’s house.
    His two male parrots were holding rosary beads and quietly praying in their cage.
    The two female parrots were put in the cage with them.
    The females immediately began their routine: “Hi, wanna have some some fun?”
    One male parrot looked at the other male parrot and said: “Put those beads away, our prayers have been answered.”

  128. Bach in a second.
    Andreas Scholl singing the aria from cantata BWV 170

  129. Noa (July 23rd, 2017 – 14:56)

    Custard’s Last Stand, I fear. After that clip I cleared the fridge of Ambrosia Devon.

  130. Noa (17:41)

    The flute player is a fit parrot, but the castrato in the bow tie is a bit shrill for my hearing aids. Nice try though. And after all it is Sunday. Not sure it was sufficient penance for your previous post, though.

  131. It has taken a week, it’s only a tiny winy story buried away on page 37 designed to hide it from readers but still pretend ‘we covered it’, but finally, finally some xxxxbag in the MSM decided to report on this.

    Read the story

    Read the comments

    Hungary’s leader accuses EU and billionaire George Soros of trying to ‘Muslimise Europe’

    Prime Minister Viktor Orban will block efforts to increase Muslim migration
    Hungary opposed to taking migrants who will ‘change country’s cultural identity’
    But Orban pledged ‘Western European Christians’ would be welcomed
    The politician is seeking a re-election for a fourth term in April 2018

  132. Question asked and answered by Alexander Boot?

    Perhaps Baron can address the question mark.

  133. From selling the Morning Star to sitting in the Upper House – come on, admit it, that’s a life success story if ever there was one.

  134. For you, Frank, waste of time really, but what would the poorly educated Slav not do to please you?:

    The man’s bonkers, nothing more to add to it, together with the Economist’s Lucas, the two should form a duet, put the yarn they’ve been spinning over and over again to music, perform it to the people, preferably the deaf folk, they’ll stay, listen.

    Here is what they both miss.

    When the American wakes up in the morning, he doesn’t think ‘great, I’m going to spend the day dancing, singing, being jolly because I earn 100times as much as a coffee bean picker in Kenya, 50times more than a Mongolian herder, 10 times the wage of a Russian welder ….

    Nope, that doesn’t happen, the American compares with what he had 20 or 10 of even 5 years back, with what he thinks the next 5 or 10 or 20 years will bring for him or his kids. (The rest of the stuff the omni-all one cover i.e. democracy, freedom of expression, unexplained deaths of people connected to any of the political elites etc etc enters into play only when it’s relevant to the welfare of the American).

    That’s why the American voted for the Donald.

    That’s the same the world over, international economic comparisons (for an individual in a given country the earning power that effects him is the only relevant statistic) can and do excite, make a point, but also confuse, are by and large useless unless one intends to move to the more rewarding economic territory.

    The Russian wakes up thinking ‘does Russia have stronger institutions now than it did under the Red Menace’, institutions like the bank in Moscow where I’ve opened a dollar account yesterday? Is the rule of law observed more now than in the past, religious minorities prosecuted not by being shipped to a Gulag, but merely having their bank accounts closed? Is the fear today worse than it was when one had to have a small suitcase packed just in case there was knock on the door after midnight?

    But above all, the Russian thinks: ‘Do I earn more today, so much more in fact that as a welder I can buy an apartment in Prague (albeit with the help of the whole family)?

    That’s why Putin’s in charge in Russia, and has a steady approval rating for months on end that any Western leader can only dream about (btw, the approval rating of the French Micron has slipped in just one month by 10 points, google it, if the drop carries on, by the end of the year it’ll be in the negative territory, he, he.he).

    No bleating from either the omni-all one or the expert of the Economist can argue about any of the above, that’s how people behave, think, evaluate things, and that’s where Russia is today compared with where she was when the Red Menace was in governance.

    The charges of killing opponents are unanswerable as much as are those of people connected with the Clinton woman. Only a court of law can do that.

    The rest of the piece amounts to verbal sophistry, the omni-all one is good at it, all educated village idiots excel in it it except that they lack common sense. In the case of the omni-one, the vomit is also induced by his visceral hatred of everything smelling of Russia.

    The real conservatives are people like Christopher Caldwell, a man that has shown no hatred for anyone, has consistently argued the same case, has been respecte by more people and more powerful people than the Russian educated minnow with a chip on his shoulder bigger than Mother Russia.

    Baron may have already posted the piece, for comparison read both, make up your mind who’s slicing of the Russian conundrum makes more sense, ensures stability in the world, is preventive of a conflict even the omni-all one would be hard put to survive.

  135. Government plans to allow transgender people to pick their own gender
    Absolute fucking leftie nonsense.
    That’s my vote gone if this comes about.

  136. Someone should tell the saintly One that when one’s in a hole, one stops digging, John. The woman seems determined to help the cumryd to get to no10.

    One of the postings in the DM piece says:

    “Can I change race as well?? I want to be white for work applications, black for suing the police, Chinese to get into universities and Asian when kidnapped by ISIS!!! If I move to the USA I may choose to become a Native American for tax purposes. So many choices, so little time”

  137. Noa @ 17:38

    Good one, Noa, clean, full of exotic birds, and politically correct, what more could one ask for.

  138. Women comes to see the doctor, says ‘doctor, doctor, please help, I open my eyes in the morning, look in the mirror, and what do I see? Bags under both eyes, wrinkles everywhere, red spot and double chin, receding hair …. doctor, doctor, what’s wrong with me, help, please.

    The doctor examines her, says: Madam, nothing’s wrong with your eyes.

  139. Noa @ 14:56

    Too clever for the poorly educated Slav, Noa, it needed the wit of the site’s guru to respond to it, and he did.

  140. John birch. @ 08:41

    This one was well spotted, John, thanks, the barbarian has forgotten to tell you it got a wide circulation, also into the country it talks about.

  141. Viktor Orban : ” I could say in a single sentence as closure to my lecture : here in Central Europe 27 years ago we believed Europe would be our future, now we feel we are Europe’s future .”

    Video (48 mins. ) and transcript :

  142. Frank P

    Enjoy the flautist whist you still can Frank, for soon the castrato will be all our cup of tea.

  143. Baron 19.23

    Wor Mandy, man. He started at the bottom. And worked his way down.

  144. Noa (23:57)

    The bottom seems to have been his main driving force. But perhaps the double entendre was already implicit in your post and I’m painting the lily? 😉

  145. Frank P – 02:00

    Mandy was never far from the smell of a dead rat, as this photo might indicate…

  146. Noa – 23:42

    A cuppa so liberally laced with fluorides and bromides you probably won’t care.

  147. Nick Griffin, not liking Anne Marie Waters at all:
    Who is Anne Marie Waters? Why is a former Labour Party activist, atheist, LGBT spokesperson running for the UKIP leadership?

    It’s another angle, to confuse the issue!

    The problem is the vacuum left at the top of UKIP, with Carswell and co leaving, as well as Nigel, and the indecision and lack of direction of those who are left.

    With three gay prospective candidates, talk about traditional voters does seem to jar.

    Also, I saw an article that listed the large number of Western leaders without children. (Was it URLed here?) Individually, it is not a problem, and some wanted some but were unable, but it pointed out just how many did not have a horse in the race when it came to the future, next generation.

    I suppose it is due to the relenting pressure to ignore common sense about ‘bathrooms’ and family oriented people choosing a less hostile career, like I did!

  148. As ever, all the off the ball activity is where things happen! And Mischon De Reya – they think it’s they’re god-given right to be de facto rulers of the UK.

    Shadow Brexit secretary Sir Keir Starmer is offered a job advising the law firm which ran Gina Miller’s Article 50 court challenge

    Sir Keir is considering advising Mishcon de Reya’s in-house training academy
    The former lawyer has done work for the firm before, including last summer
    He quit the firm before joining the shadow cabinet but has been invited back

  149. Last Friday was the anniversary of the death in 1796 of Robert ‘Rabbie’ Burns, widely regarded as the national poet of Scotland. He is the best known of the poets who have written in the Scots language – unintelligible to many English speakers, but is a cultural icon in Scotland and among Scots around the world. In a 2009 Scottish public vote, he was chosen as the greatest ever Scot, surpassing even Alex Salmond and the Great William Topaz McGonagall, and his world famous poem “Auld Lang Syne”, is sung around the world at New Year’s Eve.
    The following tale explains his relevance to modern Scots:-
    A visiting English Doctor is being shown around a Scottish hospital by a Scottish Doctor. At the end of his visit, he is shown into a ward with a number of patients who show no obvious signs of injury. He goes to examine the first man he sees, and the man proclaims:
    “Fair fa’ yer honest, sonsie face,
    Great chieftain e’ the puddin’ race!
    Aboon them a’ ye tak your place, painch tripe or thairm:
    Weel are ye wordy o’ a grace as lang’s my arm!”

    The Englishman, somewhat taken aback, goes to the next patient, and immediately the patient launches into:

    “Some hae meat, and canna eat,
    And some wad eat that want it,
    But we hae meat and we can eat,
    And sae the Lord be thankit!”

    The Englishman, perplexed, goes to the last patient:
    “Wee sleekit cow’rin tim’rous beastie,
    O what a panic’s in thy breastie!
    Thou need na start awa sae hasty, wi’ bickering brattle.
    I wad be laith to run and chase thee, wi’ murdering prattle!”

    As they leave the ward the Englishman turns to his Scottish host and says “Well, I see you saved the Psychiatric Ward for the last.”
    “Nay, nay,” the Scottish doctor corrected him, “this is not the Psychiatric Ward laddie, it’s…the Serious Burns Unit!”

  150. EC 10:40

    The fluorides will make a nice change from the usual Twinings with two sugars, poppers and ketamine that used to be available from the Coop Bank. 😉

  151. A brilliant article, Noa.

    But still no one does anything. They just elect May and Macron.

    The Macron election reflects a view I think that is secretly held in the UK. That, just one more vote for the same old, same old and the country will be back in the 1980s with an economic miracle and all the mass immigration vanished.

    ‘OK, one last time. I’ll vote for you.’ It’s always jam tomorrow. You’re the grown-up party, aren’t you?

    Today, I read Brexit is happening in 2022. I guess that’s just after the next election, eh?

    So after the election, the deadline will be, uh, 2027.

    And so on. Jam tomorrow. Jam tomorrow. For a tomorrow that never comes.

    Tomorrow is Tower Hamlets. Just like LibLabCon want it to be.

  152. Noa – 15:11

    Ecky thump!

    BTW, did you spot Rolfie at the rear on the RH side?

  153. Esther 20.58

    Jam tomorrow indeed.

    If anyone still believes that the government, that is the combination of civil service mandarins and their lickspittle politicians, intends, or is even capable of curbing continuing mass immigration then a consideration of the following report should return them to reality forthwith.

  154. This one has jusr surfaced on You Tube (in three parts).

    Stay with it!

  155. An extract from the summary in Civitas pamphlet, “The Politics of Fantasy” (P63)

    “… The present pretence by ministers that immigration can be signi cantly diminished by following variations on the policies that have been adopted in recent years generates expectations which cannot possibly be satis ed (quite apart from the incessant departures from the truth that the pretence requires). When, post Brexit, voters realise that they have been deceived, and immigration continues to proceed in more or less the same manner that it has done for the past decade, the popular reaction is likely to be extremely unpleasant.”

    But how unpleasant is the remaining indigenous population likely to be?
    Not very, I suspect. Other than a stiff letter to the Daily Mail and a concern over the rising number of acid attacks on the former parishoners of those former churches, now converted with government grants to mosques.

  156. An exceptional piece by Melanie on the Greening of Britain.

  157. Newsletter 2017/07/24 – Assisting Famine (II)

    BERLIN/RIYADH/SANAA (Own report) – Contrary to its announcements,
    Germany is continuing to furnish arms to Saudi Arabia – and is
    delivering patrol boats to the Saudi Coast Guard. Last week two patrol
    boats debarked from the Peene Shipyard in Wolgast headed for Saudi
    Arabia. They are part of a €1.5 billion deal, which includes the
    delivery of over 100 vessels to the country’s coast guard and navy.
    The Lürssen Shipyard in Bremen is the main contractor. These ships
    are being delivered in spite of the worldwide criticism Riyadh is
    facing for its war against Yemen and its maritime blockade of Yemeni
    ports – provoking a devastating famine and aggravating a rampant
    epidemic of cholera. For its maritime blockade Saudi Arabia can rely
    on German patrol boats. According to a recent report published by the
    German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP), al
    Qaeda is benefiting from the war Saudi Arabia is waging in Yemen –
    also with German arms. The US ban to carry laptops on board certain
    passenger flights is allegedly connected to terrorist attacks planned
    by a reinvigorated al Qaeda in Yemen.


  158. You can Nip through this one in eight minutes:

  159. Indian Muslim teenager ‘kidnapped, raped and murdered’
    The pleasure, diversity, and vibrancy our much loved invaders bring to our country.

  160. Peggy Noonan
    Columns, pieces and posts
    Trump and the Rise of the Unprotected
    Why political professionals are struggling to make sense of the world they created.
    We’re in a funny moment. Those who do politics for a living, some of them quite brilliant, are struggling to comprehend the central fact of the Republican primary race, while regular people have already absorbed what has happened and is happening. Journalists and politicos have been sharing schemes for how Marco parlays a victory out of winning nowhere, or Ted roars back, or Kasich has to finish second in Ohio. But in my experience any nonpolitical person on the street, when asked who will win, not only knows but gets a look as if you’re teasing him. Trump, they say.

    I had such a conversation again Tuesday with a friend who repairs shoes in a shop on Lexington Avenue. Jimmy asked me, conversationally, what was going to happen. I deflected and asked who he thinks is going to win. “Troomp!” He’s a very nice man, an elderly, old-school Italian-American, but I saw impatience flick across his face: Aren’t you supposed to know these things?

    The UnprotectedIn America now only normal people are capable of seeing the obvious.

    But actually that’s been true for a while, and is how we got in the position we’re in.

    Last October I wrote of the five stages of Trump, based on the Kübler-Ross stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. Most of the professionals I know are stuck somewhere between four and five.

    But I keep thinking of how Donald Trump got to be the very likely Republican nominee. There are many answers and reasons, but my thoughts keep revolving around the idea of protection. It is a theme that has been something of a preoccupation in this space over the years, but I think I am seeing it now grow into an overall political dynamic throughout the West.

    There are the protected and the unprotected. The protected make public policy. The unprotected live in it. The unprotected are starting to push back, powerfully.

    The protected are the accomplished, the secure, the successful—those who have power or access to it. They are protected from much of the roughness of the world. More to the point, they are protected from the world they have created. Again, they make public policy and have for some time.

    I want to call them the elite to load the rhetorical dice, but let’s stick with the protected.

    They are figures in government, politics and media. They live in nice neighborhoods, safe ones. Their families function, their kids go to good schools, they’ve got some money. All of these things tend to isolate them, or provide buffers. Some of them—in Washington it is important officials in the executive branch or on the Hill; in Brussels, significant figures in the European Union—literally have their own security details.

    Because they are protected they feel they can do pretty much anything, impose any reality. They’re insulated from many of the effects of their own decisions.

    One issue obviously roiling the U.S. and Western Europe is immigration. It is the issue of the moment, a real and concrete one but also a symbolic one: It stands for all the distance between governments and their citizens.

    It is of course the issue that made Donald Trump.

    Britain will probably leave the European Union over it. In truth immigration is one front in that battle, but it is the most salient because of the European refugee crisis and the failure of the protected class to address it realistically and in a way that offers safety to the unprotected.

    If you are an unprotected American—one with limited resources and negligible access to power—you have absorbed some lessons from the past 20 years’ experience of illegal immigration. You know the Democrats won’t protect you and the Republicans won’t help you. Both parties refused to control the border. The Republicans were afraid of being called illiberal, racist, of losing a demographic for a generation. The Democrats wanted to keep the issue alive to use it as a wedge against the Republicans and to establish themselves as owners of the Hispanic vote.

    Many Americans suffered from illegal immigration—its impact on labor markets, financial costs, crime, the sense that the rule of law was collapsing. But the protected did fine—more workers at lower wages. No effect of illegal immigration was likely to hurt them personally.

    It was good for the protected. But the unprotected watched and saw. They realized the protected were not looking out for them, and they inferred that they were not looking out for the country, either.

    The unprotected came to think they owed the establishment—another word for the protected—nothing, no particular loyalty, no old allegiance.

    Mr. Trump came from that.

    Similarly in Europe, citizens on the ground in member nations came to see the EU apparatus as a racket—an elite that operated in splendid isolation, looking after its own while looking down on the people.

    In Germany the incident that tipped public opinion against Chancellor Angela Merkel’s liberal refugee policy happened on New Year’s Eve in the public square of Cologne. Packs of men said to be recent migrants groped and molested groups of young women. It was called a clash of cultures, and it was that, but it was also wholly predictable if any policy maker had cared to think about it. And it was not the protected who were the victims—not a daughter of EU officials or members of the Bundestag. It was middle- and working-class girls—the unprotected, who didn’t even immediately protest what had happened to them. They must have understood that in the general scheme of things they’re nobodies.

    What marks this political moment, in Europe and the U.S., is the rise of the unprotected. It is the rise of people who don’t have all that much against those who’ve been given many blessings and seem to believe they have them not because they’re fortunate but because they’re better.

    You see the dynamic in many spheres. In Hollywood, as we still call it, where they make our rough culture, they are careful to protect their own children from its ill effects. In places with failing schools, they choose not to help them through the school liberation movement—charter schools, choice, etc.—because they fear to go up against the most reactionary professional group in America, the teachers unions. They let the public schools flounder. But their children go to the best private schools.

    This is a terrible feature of our age—that we are governed by protected people who don’t seem to care that much about their unprotected fellow citizens.

    And a country really can’t continue this way.

    In wise governments the top is attentive to the realities of the lives of normal people, and careful about their anxieties. That’s more or less how America used to be. There didn’t seem to be so much distance between the top and the bottom.

    Now is seems the attitude of the top half is: You’re on your own. Get with the program, little racist.

    Social philosophers are always saying the underclass must re-moralize. Maybe it is the overclass that must re-moralize.

    I don’t know if the protected see how serious this moment is, or their role in it.

  161. “The Republic of Emotion”
    Bill Whittle

    Trans Athletes & Feminist Fizzicks? YCMIU!

    File Under: USA=Not Nuked Enough

  162. John Birch (07:41)

    What was the date of that piece?

  163. Frank.
    The Wall Street Journal: February 25, 2016

  164. What Noonan failed to point out was that the State of Affairs that she describes was planned and implemented quite cynically by socialists implementing the game plan formulated by Gramsci, the Frankort School and exponentially by Alinsky and his balmy disciples. Aided and abetted by a compliant media – Noonan’s’ ilk – drawn from Universities replete with practioners of those ideas. And sadly though the ‘unprotected’ know that something is seriously wrong, they are largely unaware of those root causes and conspiracies.

    Moreover it is very unlikely that the phenomena that led to Trump and Brexit will reverse the ‘progress’ of this metamorphosis of corrosive ‘socialism’. This is clearly evidenced by EC’s post at 08:50 and, to be brutally realistic, almost the entire collective efforts of Wallsters who through this platform and previous habitats have proved conclusively that
    “We’re fucked! I’m fucked, you’re fucked, we are all fucking fucked!” …
    Dickie’s unwitting epitaph to Western Civilisation.

  165. Sorry barmy disciples, balmy they were not! Barmy, baleful and baneful better describes them.

  166. Frank P 10.26

    “We’re fucked! I’m fucked, you’re fucked, we are all fucking fucked!” …

    Trenchant and true, Frank. We are indeed, well and truly. Absolutely no need nowadays for a todger of one’s own and when government will arrange for its removal foc.

  167. With the EU and what’s going on here and in America you get the distinct feeling that democracy as we understood it is slipping away.
    We live in interesting times indeed.

  168. “Moreover it is very unlikely that the phenomena that led to Trump and Brexit will reverse the ‘progress’ of this metamorphosis of corrosive ‘socialism’. ”
    Interesting is it not that Trump has been totally devalued and now is seen by all as the idiot he always was.

  169. Open the window, the ubiquitous fart has appeared again. Check the drains Peter, I think the site drain is backing up again.

  170. Digby seems optimistic – but then, he’s talking to Bloomberg from Oz:

  171. Mark’s Mailbox – Mark on muslim demography in Turkey, at home(UK) & elsewhere, and the robot Manga nurses of Japan (*) …

    “Mark’s Mailbox: Old Turks, Young French and a Singular Ray”

    Quite simply, masterful!

    BTW “Baron” gets his question answered at 20mins40sec. Now look at the wording at 20:51 and tell me that it’s not actually our very own Baron! The killer for me was the “, no?” at the end of the comment! If it is “Wor” Baron [q.v. Noa Tetley, culturally appropriating the last…] then does the Barbarian’s Boss know that she’s paying for the subscription to the Mark Steyn Club out of the ” ‘ouskeeping” ? 😉

    * NB. I quote the “Manga Nurse” reference as a heads up/down, so to speak, for Mr. Boot Snr who has exhibited an interest in life-like dolls/mannequins in his scribblings on Boot blogs passim….

  172. No Go Zones: Breitbart’s Raheem Kassam Unveils New Book on Islamic Ghettos In Western World

    What is a bit odd, considering what he said recently about the party leadership contest, is who wrote the forward to the book:
    From GuidoFawkes – “If UKIP goes down the route of being a party that is anti the religion of Islam, then frankly it’s finished… The party would be finished.”

    I suppose it is different, but when it is an elephant in the room, is it that different?

  173. RobertRetyred @ 21:20

    A book that has to be read, the barbarian will read it, thanks for the posting, Robert.

  174. EC @ 20:24

    Could a nickname get one into the Upper Chamber, hmmm

    Still, the great Mark is if course right, one needs a heterosexual couple to procreate, but he really didn’t offer a valid argument, except for saying ‘it takes longer for a nation’s birth rate to recover’ and ‘it’s easier to give up on having kids than to have more of them’.

    It’s too late in the day for Baron to try dig it up, but after Nazis came to power, they mounted a massive campaign aimed at boosting fertility rates (for a good reason, if one wants to start warring one needs plenty of young bodies). It was very successful, in a short space of time the birth rate boomed in Germany whilst in other European countries it either dropped, or remained low.

    If the Germans could have done what may have seem hard or impossible, why cannot other societies do the same today?

  175. EC @ 08:50

    Bill’s right, EC, the mountain will win again.

  176. On a lighter note one serving from Littlejohn, even if you skip the Di’a bit, do not miss the wurst.

  177. Ol’ Remus with his latest serving: another delicious portrait, a sagacious essay and and the usual selection of the best of the week’s yarns from the media and the intertubes:

    One of his best round-ups.

  178. All petrol and diesel cars to be banned from 2040
    Be interesting to see how your going to charge it in congested areas where you can’t even park near your house or flat.

  179. John birch – 05:58

    Good point. Also, where is the electricity going to come from to charge all these electric cars?

    It takes about 6 – 8 years to build a nuclear power plant and, as I’ve been saying since at least the mid 90s, they’d better get started on building several new ones soon. But they won’t…

    Prepare to have your wallet raided by your local council!

  180. Q. What did socialists use before candles?

  181. A. Electricity.

  182. Baron – 00:32

    So it was you then 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Mm, “but he really didn’t offer a valid argument” is, to quote Stefan Molyneux, “Not An Argument” either. Deserving of a Johnsonian response…

    “Sir, I have found you an argument; but I am not obliged to find you an understanding.”
    Samuel Johnson

  183. EC 0917/8
    A Tory found a magic genie’s lamp and rubbed it. The genie said : “I will grant you one wish.” He said : “I wish I were smarter”. So the genie made him smarter. The next day he became a Socialist.

  184. @13:34

    That was worse than more than a bit Laboured. Predictable though, as socialists don’t do humour.

  185. “Claim: Mueller Actually Going After Clintons?
    Trump called it a witch hunt: Is Hillary the witch?

    There’s interesting speculation that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is actually gearing up to investigate the Clintons, and his “Russian collusion” probe is a ruse….”

  186. Steyn doing the MSM reporters’ job for them:

    The unfathomable depth of his reservoir of talents, exposes the unfathomable depth of the corruption of the Washington cesspit and its MSM minders.

  187. David Lindsay.13-34
    Jesus Christ, reading shit like that sucks out the will to live.
    When you grow up you will understand.
    By the way, how’s tele.

  188. Littlejohn has always done some of his finest writing on the cult of Diana. When he and Mel were stablemates, Mel used to turn it into an insult. It was she who coined the phrase ‘Princess Obama’ for all the weeping imbeciles that grovelled before him.

    I love the piece on knife crime too.

    This is my favourite Littlejohnism, which he says at least twice a year:

    ‘How many times have I told you that if you give anyone any modicum of authority, they will always, always abuse it?’

    Yup. Turns out most of the people operating CCTV are pervs. Who knew? We a;; did.

    You cannot have an anti-free speech, surveillance society. It ends miserably.

    Don’t tell me ‘if you’ve got nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear’. Why do you own a pair of curtains?

  189. It’s such a golden rule it needs repeating:

    ‘How many times have I told you that if you give anyone any modicum of authority, they will always, always abuse it?’

    Which brings us neatly to this anti-free speech bunch of xxxxbags:

    The problem with the government’s proposed ‘extremism commission’

    Who has the right to decide what is an extreme view? Nick Clegg or Yusuf al-Qaradawi?

    Rod Liddle

    The Egyptian-born Muslim cleric Yusuf al-Qaradawi was once invited to speak in this country — and the row which developed as a consequence was both entertaining and instructive. Many people said he shouldn’t be given a visa because of his ‘extremism’.

    Others, such as the mainstream UK Muslim organisations, insisted that this was a libellous description and that Qaradawi was a moderate who had always favoured dialogue with people of other faiths; Ken Livingstone went further and described him as being a ‘leading progressive voice’ within Islam.

    So who was right? On the one hand it is true that the Qatar-based Qaradawi has been opposed to jihadi terrorist attacks — unless they take place against Jews and then it’s not, according to him, terrorism. He does not have much time for Jews, once refusing to attend a meeting with them because: ‘Their hands are soiled with blood. They have murderous, violent and oppressive hands. I cannot soil my hands by shaking theirs.’

    He believes apostates in some circumstances should be put to death, and homosexuals subjected to the lash, that women who have been raped must ‘prove their virtue’ in order to escape punishment, and that uppity women can be beaten by their husbands, but only as a last resort.

    The answer, then, would seem to be that both sides were right. Within the world of Islam, Qaradawi is indeed a moderate and relatively pacific voice. And yet his views, seen from over here, would appear to be those of a bigoted, foaming maniac.

    There are two points to draw from this. First, that many people in this country delude themselves about the Islamic world and its fervent hatred for Jewish people, its subjugation of women and gays, its viciousness in dealing with those who renounce the faith etc. And second, that the term ‘extremist’ is not only stupid and virtually meaningless, but endlessly contingent. Who has the right to decide what is an extreme view and what isn’t? Nick Clegg or Yusuf al-Qaradawi?

    I have mentioned Qaradawi’s visit before because it was a beautiful example of liberal delusion being smacked in the face by the real world. I mention it again now because the government is setting up something called an ‘extremism commission’, which it intends will root out ‘extremism’ and, in the hideous vernacular of our time, ‘build partnerships with those opposed to extremism’.

    My suspicion is that this is every bit as Orwellian as it sounds. Do not for a nanosecond swallow the notion that this commission of well-brought-up liberal grandees will confine themselves to rooting out people (imported into this country or born here from people imported into this country) who wish to kill us all.

    A slightly warped sense of ‘fair play’ and the mental shriekings of the left will ensure they broaden their scope. No, they will tell us, with great pride, we are not merely picking on Muslims. We are on the warpath against all extremism and, since you asked, we will decide what extremism is.

    Already a little worried by the whole business, the Evangelical Alliance commissioned an opinion poll from ComRes about this strange and ephemeral thing, extremism. The first thing they found was that a very clear majority of the British people thought pretty much as I suggested above — that labelling something or someone extremist was stupid and, when it comes to framing debates, ‘not helpful’.

    But the pollsters also asked people a whole bunch of political questions and asked them to adjudicate on whether they were ‘extremist’ or not. So, for example, 36 per cent said that wishing to leave the European Union was ‘extremist’. On what we might call the other side of the coin, some 40 per cent reckoned it was ‘extremist’ to believe in the idea of man-made climate change.

    In other words, both halves of the country believe that the other half is ‘extremist’. And yet of course the word is simply an insult to be flung at someone whose views we hate or despise. We live in a narcissistic society, and for the narcissist, any form of criticism of their political position is ‘hate speak’ [Telemachus] and ‘extremism’. But they are neither of those things; they are simply opposing views.

    I will bet that quite a few things in which I believe — and probably what the Evangelical Alliance believes too — would be deemed ‘extremist’ by this extremism commission. For example, I think it is best that children are brought up by a mother and a father, both of whom subscribe to the undoubtedly fascistic genetic derogation they were assigned at birth.

    I also believe that men who transition into being women are — in almost all cases — not authentic women. That, I suspect, would be considered ‘extremist’, despite the fact that I have science on my side. Just as do those who believe in man-made climate change, I would contend. I have no problem with civil partnerships but I do not think that my church should sanction gay marriage — again, extremist. And so on.

    The reason for this poll is the Evangelical Alliance is worried Christians will start getting hammered again. They believe the liberals will use this ominous commission to outlaw a fairly large proportion of what they believe in (and indeed, what the Bible tells them to believe in).

    That the strangle-hold which the middle-class liberal elite have over our culture and society — without having anything close to hegemony — will be tightened still further, and their views marginalised or even criminalised. And the excuse given will be they are trying to stop us being blown up, or stabbed to death on London Bridge.

    That’s my worry too — that in order to placate the sensitivities of the adherents of a recently imported culture, the beliefs of indigenous people will be proscribed. When there is not the remotest comparison between them.

  190. Who has the right to decide what is an extreme view? Nick Clegg or Yusuf al-Qaradawi?

    Rod Liddle

    The Egyptian-born Muslim cleric Yusuf al-Qaradawi was once invited to speak in this country — and the row which developed as a consequence was both entertaining and instructive. Many people said he shouldn’t be given a visa because of his ‘extremism’.

    Others, such as the mainstream UK Muslim organisations, insisted that this was a libellous description and that Qaradawi was a moderate who had always favoured dialogue with people of other faiths; Ken Livingstone went further and described him as being a ‘leading progressive voice’ within Islam.

    So who was right? On the one hand it is true that the Qatar-based Qaradawi has been opposed to jihadi terrorist attacks — unless they take place against Jews and then it’s not, according to him, terrorism. He does not have much time for Jews, once refusing to attend a meeting with them because: ‘Their hands are soiled with blood. They have murderous, violent and oppressive hands. I cannot soil my hands by shaking theirs.’

    He believes apostates in some circumstances should be put to death, and homosexuals subjected to the lash, that women who have been raped must ‘prove their virtue’ in order to escape punishment, and that uppity women can be beaten by their husbands, but only as a last resort.

    The answer, then, would seem to be that both sides were right. Within the world of Islam, Qaradawi is indeed a moderate and relatively pacific voice. And yet his views, seen from over here, would appear to be those of a bigoted, foaming maniac.

    There are two points to draw from this. First, that many people in this country delude themselves about the Islamic world and its fervent hatred for Jewish people, its subjugation of women and gays, its viciousness in dealing with those who renounce the faith etc. And second, that the term ‘extremist’ is not only stupid and virtually meaningless, but endlessly contingent. Who has the right to decide what is an extreme view and what isn’t? Nick Clegg or Yusuf al-Qaradawi?

    I have mentioned Qaradawi’s visit before because it was a beautiful example of liberal delusion being smacked in the face by the real world. I mention it again now because the government is setting up something called an ‘extremism commission’, which it intends will root out ‘extremism’ and, in the hideous vernacular of our time, ‘build partnerships with those opposed to extremism’.

    My suspicion is that this is every bit as Orwellian as it sounds. Do not for a nanosecond swallow the notion that this commission of well-brought-up liberal grandees will confine themselves to rooting out people (imported into this country or born here from people imported into this country) who wish to kill us all.

    A slightly warped sense of ‘fair play’ and the mental shriekings of the left will ensure they broaden their scope. No, they will tell us, with great pride, we are not merely picking on Muslims. We are on the warpath against all extremism and, since you asked, we will decide what extremism is.

    Already a little worried by the whole business, the Evangelical Alliance commissioned an opinion poll from ComRes about this strange and ephemeral thing, extremism. The first thing they found was that a very clear majority of the British people thought pretty much as I suggested above — that labelling something or someone extremist was stupid and, when it comes to framing debates, ‘not helpful’.

    But the pollsters also asked people a whole bunch of political questions and asked them to adjudicate on whether they were ‘extremist’ or not. So, for example, 36 per cent said that wishing to leave the European Union was ‘extremist’. On what we might call the other side of the coin, some 40 per cent reckoned it was ‘extremist’ to believe in the idea of man-made climate change.

    In other words, both halves of the country believe that the other half is ‘extremist’. And yet of course the word is simply an insult to be flung at someone whose views we hate or despise. We live in a narcissistic society, and for the narcissist, any form of criticism of their political position is ‘hate speak’ and ‘extremism’. But they are neither of those things; they are simply opposing views.

    I will bet that quite a few things in which I believe — and probably what the Evangelical Alliance believes too — would be deemed ‘extremist’ by this extremism commission. For example, I think it is best that children are brought up by a mother and a father, both of whom subscribe to the undoubtedly fascistic genetic derogation they were assigned at birth.

    I also believe that men who transition into being women are — in almost all cases — not authentic women. That, I suspect, would be considered ‘extremist’, despite the fact that I have science on my side. Just as do those who believe in man-made climate change, I would contend. I have no problem with civil partnerships but I do not think that my church should sanction gay marriage — again, extremist. And so on.

    The reason for this poll is the Evangelical Alliance is worried Christians will start getting hammered again. They believe the liberals will use this ominous commission to outlaw a fairly large proportion of what they believe in (and indeed, what the Bible tells them to believe in).

    That the strangle-hold which the middle-class liberal elite have over our culture and society — without having anything close to hegemony — will be tightened still further, and their views marginalised or even criminalised. And the excuse given will be they are trying to stop us being blown up, or stabbed to death on London Bridge.

    That’s my worry too — that in order to placate the sensitivities of the adherents of a recently imported culture, the beliefs of indigenous people will be proscribed. When there is not the remotest comparison between them.

  191. This has already happened in one way. The Common Purposers in industry and advertising deemed Paul Jospeph Watson’s videos ‘extreme’ to deny him the royalties he was receiving from YouTube hits.

  192. There is something so sinister and Orwellian about the the banning of petrol cars.

    Soros is behind the ‘green’ drive due to fake climate change and this sits with that. It just clips the heels of the populace.

    It stinks.

  193. I didn’t think Mel would miss a chance!

    Emotional incontinence and the cult of Diana

    Last night a tribute to Princess Diana was transmitted on ITV. The film showed that, 20 years after her death, Princes William and Harry are still grieving.

    It’s not just that, even now, they miss the mother so brutally snatched from them at such a young age. They are still forlornly trying to manage lives ripped apart by the breakdown of their parents’ marriage.

    This was all most deeply touching. We felt their pain. Yet wasn’t that exactly where the whole Diana thing spun out of control?

    To read my entire Times column (£) please click here.

    To me, this is epitomised by Grenfell, 25% illegally sublet. No one British inside there.

    And yet it supersedes Manchester Arena as if it were a petrol tanker and Manchester Arena a canoe.

    And both events are the fault of immigration.

    We don’t need crocodile tears.

    We need walls.

    Build that wall! Build that wall!

    It’s going to be yuge.

  194. It has to be said, that – at the end – Diana had hit the lowest of the low in Dodi Fayed.

    There had been James Hewitt, Hasnat Khan, Will Carling, Bryan Adams and so on.

    But all this ‘caring for the poor’ act was just that. An act. She wanted to be a hedonistic patrician. And my God in that Fayed family did she find filth.

    The Al in Al Fayed is fraudulent. It was put there to make the old spiv sound more regal than he was. He was plain old Mo Fayed. Nothing of the Al about him. Except Al Capone.

    I’ll never forget the day she died. Someone having lunch with us in New York said: ‘An English Princess, dying in the arms of and Egyptian in a German car. In Paris. Not exactly Camelot, is it?’

    Almost as phoney as the Grenfell whingers.

  195. Surely the point about Trump and the transgender military is this: does it have to be codified?

    Why not just be trans and not talk about it at work?

    Isn’t that the point? The army is a killing machine. It cannot be a playground for civil debates. You need these people thinking as one and ready to kill as one.

    Be trans, by all means, but does it have to go to work? I’m sure it used to work in the old days. Codifying things that don’t need codifying is very unhelpful. Be who you need to be in the right place and right time.

    Delta Force Operator Dale Comstock:

    “This whole political-social experiment is not helping. The reality is, it’s in the Army, it’s in the Navy, it’s in the military. And unless Mattis and Trump rescind all these policies and stop this madness, it’s here to stay.

    It affects morale and combat readiness on many levels. At the end of the day, war fighting is about one thing: Killing people. It’s about bringing home our guys alive. It’s not about being sensitive to a transgender. This isn’t corporate America, this is the military.

    You can’t just put some policy in place because you want people to feel equal. Most guys who join the military, especially special operations forces, were the boys who had dirt clod fights on the playground, wrestled and fist fought, stole each other’s girlfriends, and pledged allegiance to the flag. And that same spirit and apex predator mindset goes with us into the military.”


  196. Peter Hitchens has written a long piece on Dunkirk, the glossy movie. THis is the nub of his criticism:

    Dunkirk was not just a defeat. It was, though we are not supposed to say so, a relief.

    We had got involved in something too big for us, with allies we did not much like and on whom we could not rely, and now we would pluck our young men from danger and bring them safely back home. Safety, home and beauty. The tears come to the eyes at the thought of it.

    Over there, men in coloured shirts, shouting, concentration camps, loudspeakers, the goose step, mass rallies, dive-bombers. And 20 miles away, cricket pitches, quiet pubs with gardens, vicars, flower-shows, the Jarrow March, the Home Guard, the TUC and the Beaverbrook Press.

    The great fun of crossing the Channel used to be that it was like going from one planet to another in a couple of hours of mild seasickness. Never was it more so than then.

    But I digress. The subject is, in short, rich in possibilities. And they can be explored in dialogue, in the interactions between the British Tommy anxious to get home and the French Poilu who is already at home and can retreat no further; between the disciplined professional soldier, stoically accepting danger and is comfort and the new conscript, damp with terror at the howl of the Jericho Trumpets, those wailing sirens on the wings of Hitler’s Stuka dive-bombers; between the civilian enjoying prosperity in the Phoney war, who is eventually moved to take his pleasure boat into mortal danger and the other men he meets for the first time those who have seen the glaring, pitiless face of the war-god Mars, and have shrivelled at its awful gaze.

    Perhaps at home one might hear the recriminations between those who have warned of war, and those who have ignored them (who are not necessarily who you think they are, as you may find if you read the late Lord Hailsham’s interesting book ‘The Left were Never Right’, written under his former name of Quintin Hogg).

    And someone might even put in a proper word for the Navy, which, like the French, tends to get a bit left out of these narratives, but which made terrible sacrifices to get the Army home.

    For this, we surely need identifiable characters, whose lives before the crisis we either know or can guess at. We need conversations. We need a continuous narrative, even two or three. Some, though not all, of these ideas were used in the 1958 ‘Dunkirk’ which I much prefer.

    I simply don’t think this new film provides for these needs. It just seeks to take us on a noisy, spectacular ride. It makes tiny concessions to them, the biggest being Mark Rylance’s boat journey, made in my view needlessly horrible and complicated by the highly unlikely presence of a man rescued from a sunken ship, who has been driven mad by his experiences on Dunkirk beach. As a result he does a terrible, futile thing to a wholly innocent character. This was the one event in the film which, paradoxically, moved me. I am still distressed by it, several days later. In the way that small individual miseries do, this futile ‘blue-on-blue’ tragedy is harder to bear than any of the mass deaths we see at a distance. Yet it has nothing to do with Dunkirk, as far as I can see.

    And there are so many of these. The repeated scenes of sinking ships and drowning men created a sort of black cloud of misery in my head, of a kind which also forms when I become really badly seasick. Of course these things happened. But they did not predominate, as they do in the film. Had they done, there would have been no evacuation. I was already all but trembling from the wall of noise to which I was being subjected by the supposedly wonderful soundtrack.

    What the new film was giving me was an ‘experience’, perhaps like some interactive game (how would I know? I don’t want to play interactive games), where I was having my senses directly buffeted.

    But in my world, a literate, thoughtful one, films are supposed to combine their audiovisual power – colour, action, music, spectacle – with the subtler powers of speech and thought, while respecting the knowledge and understanding of the audience.

    I felt my mind was being bypassed, and my senses directly assaulted. My mind, being full of ideas about this subject which were already there, resisted this assault, pretty fiercely.

    Perhaps that is why I felt ill as I clattered as fast as I could go down the steps afterwards, glad to be out once more in the hot, oily, traffic-stained evening air of modern London, a place I normally don’t much like. If you like this film, then I feel sorry for you. I hope that in time you learn enough about the world and about literature, music and art, to dislike it.

  197. Dunkirk sounds like a Diana-ish movie.

    Since the capital city if the UK has fallen, the pertinent question about all World War II reflections is: who really won?


  198. Nigel Farage accuses the Government of ‘betraying’ Brexit by ‘selling out’ those most concerned by immigration

    Ex Ukip leader said Labour were being tougher than the Government on Brexit
    He condemned a long transition deal that could allow free movement for years
    Farage accused Theresa May of presiding over a ‘great Brexit betrayal’

    ‘Boris Johnson and Michael Gove advocated an Australian-style points system. That message undoubtedly helped to secure Brexit.

    ‘Things have now changed.’

    He added: ‘The old alliance of big business and a Tory government is booming again.

    ‘Meanwhile Tory supporters, who have voted loyally in successive elections for manifestos that promise to drastically cut numbers, have been sold out.’

    Mr Farage added: ‘My hopes that this government had learnt the lessons of the referendum, and understood that open-door immigration and its effects matter more to voters than any other issue, have for now evaporated.

    ‘The ‘new consensus’ must be broken.’

    Yep. That’s why I don’t vote Tory. No blank cheques. Show me the money. Show me. All of it. Cash in hand. No bits of paper promises. No digital sweet talk. Show me you mean business. Or no vote.

    Brexit? It’s happening in 3017. When it will be kicked into the long grass again.

  199. ‘In order to placate the sensitivities of the adherents of a recently imported culture, the beliefs of indigenous people will be proscribed. When there is not the remotest comparison between them.’

    Exactly, there is no equality about it. Equality is a lie. They think they’re better than us. But don’t want to live in their own countires.

    Makes you want to puke, doesn’t it?

  200. Esther @ 21:16

    In was deep last century, Esther, in the 60s, Baron remembers it well, the cumryds who ruled the East were saying ‘we will command the rains and winds …’.

    Strange, isn’t it, that the cumryds are gone, the winds and the rains are still with us.

    This dream of Britain full of electric cars by 2040 may follow the same trajectory to oblivion. Where are the power stations needed to run the 30mn plus four wheel contraptions (going up annually by more than half a million)? Where are the batteries that could do more than 200 miles per charge? And the charging stations?

    This is not to say Baron wouldn’t welcome the switchover, who would if the air one breathes were purer, one’s lungs healthier, the nature prettier. The problem for him is he is unlikely to be around if this miracle happens.

  201. Esther @ 22:22

    The one aspect of Dunkirk nobody has yet touched on (if someone did the barbarian hasn’t come across it) was how would events have panned out if Britain failed to get the men back? How would the coming war have differed if the Nazis were to take the 400,000 men (or about) prisoners? Would the Austrian corporal have decided to invade Britain there and then if Dunkirk didn’t work?

  202. Esther @ 22:16

    Quite, Esther.

    They should have kept to ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’, it was the most sensible way dealing with the 2,500 trans in the Services (and the gays and lesbians, too).

  203. Frank P @ 18:52

    Who’s this Wassermann woman, Frank, and how can she get away with threatening an officer of the law investigating a crime?

    Strange country, the Republic.

  204. Malfleur @ 16:09

    The House has just passed overwhelmingly a new package of sanction on Russia, Malfleur, on the understanding that Kremlin had interfered in the US Presidential election. Mueller cannot but deliver to back it up, no?

  205. EC @ 09:49

    An apt quote, EC, (and a good joke).

  206. Henry Ford:

    “Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the government take care of him had better take a much closer look at the American Indian.”

  207. Esther 22.29.

    “…the pertinent question about all World War II reflections is: who really won?… Merkel”.

    The destruction of the Empire inevitable, Britain itself bankrupt and its finances exhausted, unsustainable commitments to build the New Jerusalem, a socialist paradise on earth, uncompetitive industries with stunningly incompetent management, a unionised workforce controlled from Moscow.

    Corelli Barnett details the situation in his Decline and Fall series, in particular “The Audit of War” and The Verdict of Peace”.

    The winners?
    Immediately, the USA and Soviet Russia. By 1955 they were joined by West Germany and Japan.

  208. Back in the days when I took the oath of office to become a warrant holder of HM Constabulary, it was a prerequisite that that recruits had 20/20 vision (without the aid of spectacles) and other physical criteria required men to be a least 5’10” in height; they was obiliged to cough when the medical officer checked out their bollocks by a quick squeeze and count. Any deficiences that were detected during this process, automatically disqualified them from holding the office. If their physical or mental health deteriorated at any stage of their service, to the extent that the Central Medical Officer (CMO) deemed them as unfit for service, they would have been ‘cast’ – which entailed being pensioned off, the pension commensurate with the years of service already performed. Had they expressed a desire to have their ‘three piece suite’ removed and substituted by a vinyl vagina, the Duly Authorised Office (DAO) would have been called and they would have been confined in a mental health institution, until such time as the delusions had dispersed, when they may, or may not,have been released, depending on the discretion of those under whose care they had been placed. That was not in least surprising back then; the criteria seemed eminently reasonable: similar requirements for military service had already been imposed for my prior stint in the army.

    It seems therefore emininently sensible that President Trump has ordered the common sense requirement that eligibility for military service is confined to those born either as men or women – and that those who do not know their arse from their elbow should be disqualified. Good on ‘im!

  209. Baron July 26th, 2017 – 23:39

    A perceptive question m’lud.

    I surmise that Britain, with her army captured and held hostage on the continent, the Churchill government would have fallen. Not least because the Royal Navy blockade was rendered pointless by the Soviet Union’s continuing supply of strategic war and food material to Germany.
    It would have been replaced by a Lord Halifax government which would have sued for peace.
    The terms would have been onerous; a ‘Vichy’ type occupation, with an eventual round up of communists and Jews, substantial war reparations, (but not as great as the actual cost of fighting until 1945), the return of German colonies lost at Versailles, alliance with Germany in the forthcoming war with Russia.
    A hastened breakup of Empire brokered by a revengeful Germany and overseen by a predatory Roosevelt.

  210. Frank P 26.7 02.00

    Dos vidanya! 😉

  211. Comrade Justine (or Justin),having buggered off on her annual hols, has temporarily ceased the Greening of Britain by introducing brainwashing commissars and routing around in the Nation’s underwear.
    Her absolute silence on the deficiencies of the nation’s education system spoke volumes for those who were listening though.

  212. 13.34

    Not being equipped for a dual of wits, you should retire whilst still relatively unharmed.

  213. Now where did the particular petrol ban turd, flung out of the holiday carriage departing Westminster, originate?

    Not the EU by any chance?

  214. Noa (01:41)

    Cherche!z le Hun!

    No true Tory can support this gender idiocy

    I’ve had it with the Conservatives. For me, and I know I’m not the only one, the final straw was the announcement at the weekend that the Equalities Minister Justine Greening wants to change the law so that people are free to specify their gender on their birth certificate regardless of medical opinion. What were they thinking, Greening and the various senior party bods who supported this decision, including, apparently, the Prime Minister? Actually, I think we can guess. They were thinking: ‘Oh, Jeremy Corbyn. His young followers seem to like this LBGBLT — how do the initials go again? — malarkey so perhaps we’d better get with it too.’ And: ‘Nasty party detox. Just like gay marriage did, this will help rid us of all those ghastly reactionary grassroots supporters who are ruining our image.’ And: ‘Compassion. We need to show compassion to oppressed minorities because that’s the kind thing to do.’
    If you want to see the ‘kindness’ fallacy kicked into touch, I recommend you google Jordan Peterson, the Canadian psychology professor at the University of Toronto who has become the voice of the resistance to the extreme political end of the trans-gender movement. Have a look, for example, at the debate he had with a fellow Toronto professor, A.W. Peet, over his uncompromising stance on ‘non-binary’ pronouns.
    Peet — who would probably prefer to be known by the pronoun ‘zie’, because although he/she/it goes by the name of Amanda, ‘zie’ identifies as ‘non-binary’ — was trying to make the case that of course we should address people by whatever weird pronouns make them feel comfortable. To do otherwise, Peet claimed, wasn’t just laziness on Peterson’s part (why didn’t he keep a list of his friends’ and colleagues’ preferred pronouns in his iPhone, like any decent person would?) but also an act of unkindness.
    I felt for Peterson as this charge was laid against him because I’ve experienced it so many times myself — usually on BBC political programmes where the only reason you’ve been invited on is so that the viewers can be shown again just how vilely heartless conservatives are. It’s one of those ‘when did you stop beating your wife?’ questions that’s impossible to refute because the more you deny it the guiltier you look. But Peterson was more than up to the challenge. ‘Kindness is the excuse social justice warriors use when they want to exercise control over what other people think and say,’ he said, before going on to challenge the implied argument that ‘kindness’ is always a good and necessary thing. Sometimes, he pointed out, it’s necessary to be unkind in the shorter term in order to achieve greater, longer-term benefits — as when, for instance, you punish a beloved child in order to encourage better behaviour. He said: ‘The highest possible value is truth. Higher than kindness.’
    The Conservatives are now so ideologically enfeebled they are beyond the point of redemption
    He’s right, of course, but it’s not something you often hear said in these times of near-universal relativism. It’s precisely this rejection of truth which I find so shocking and unforgivable in the Conservatives’ new stated position on gender identity. Sure, the party has promoted many dubious — and probably unconservative — ideas in recent years, from wind farms to HS2. But with each one, as with the similarly divisive gay marriage issue, it would have been quite possible to make a half-credible case for its being the right and conservative thing to do.
    This new position on transgender issues is different: it’s manifestly the wrong thing to do and it’s manifestly unconservative. The fact that senior echelons of the party can even countenance such stupidity suggests to me that the Conservatives are now so ideologically enfeebled, so burdened with over-promoted no-talents, so out of touch with where ordinary, real people are, that they are quite beyond the point of redemption.
    Let me explain briefly why. One of the main pillars of conservatism is empiricism. It’s what separates us from the woolly idealism of the left and it is often used as a stick to beat us with. We are told that, like Mr Gradgrind, all we want is facts and that we don’t care about feelings. But of course we care: we just happen to be guided by our observation of what works, and what historically has worked, rather than defying tradition and custom and human nature in order to try to build some New Jerusalem. Margaret Thatcher was quite right to say ‘the facts of life are conservative’.
    And Peterson was quite right to posit that truth is our highest calling — without truth how we can discern the good from the bad, the valuable from the worthless? How can we apply any meaningful cost–benefit analysis to government policy if we have no handle on reality?
    There are, needless to say, lots of other practical reasons why allowing people legally to decide their own gender is a terrible idea: the destructive effect on women’s sport; the constraints it will inevitably place on the freedom of speech of the many of us who, quite rightly, think this is an SJW bridge too far; the mind-warping effects it’s going to have on the impressionable children who no doubt are going to be exposed to this post-modern guff as part of their ‘education’.
    But the worst thing of all, as far as I can see, is that it capriciously, irresponsibly and unnecessarily rejects one of the most basic truths of nature: that there are men and there are women; that we are identifiably different. For me this is one of those pivotal moments in the decline of western civilisation. The barbarians are at the gate and here’s Justine Greening pushing the doors wide open: ‘C’mon in guys, gals —or however you want to define yourselves! The city is all yours. Or is that zirs?’

  216. Well ain’t you Limeys the lucky ones.
    Tony Scarramucci tells us that he is 100% certain that there will be a UK/US trade deal after Brexit.
    I’m over to inspect you dudes soon.
    Love to Andy.

  217. Alex Brummer tears the electric car lie to shreds.

    Isn’t it funny how all the green lies get forgotten. Global warming? Not happening. Call it climate change.

    Peak oil? It’s fracking everywhere and the arabs want to ramp the price up in the next 12 months to dump an overpriced Aramco IPO on Western stock markets, after which it will fall again because it is fracking everywhere. The arabs pocketing mug punters’ stock market money.

    Sorosite lie after Sorosite lie after Sorosite lie.

    So how on earth are we going to power nine million electric cars, asks ALEX BRUMMER

  218. Immigration was the number one issue at the 2017 election.

    Which is why LibLabCon all refused to mention it. It was deliberately left off the ticket.

    Here’s why:

    Amber Rudd vows Britain’s doors will stay OPEN after Brexit so the ‘brightest and best’ can work here as ministers refuse to say net migration will be cut to the tens of thousands by 2022

    Rudd said the UK must remain a ‘hub for international talent’ after Brexit
    She said immigration reforms would give control but would not stop arrivals
    Immigration Minister Brandon Lewis unable to promise targets hit by 2022

    I don’t vote Tory because they will never, ever reduce the numbers. Ever. It is now decades of promises. Promises that are lies. This Rudd creature held on to her seat by only 200 odd votes.

    Please stop voting Tory. Immigration must be stopped.

  219. Of all the scare stories pushed by Remoaners, the chlorine chicken saga is the daftest, writes STEPHEN GLOVER

  220. UK Terrorism: ‘Enough’ is Not ‘Enough’

    by Douglas Murray

    Were terror attacks like this simply something that the British public would have to get used to, as the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, had suggested? What if the public did not want to get used to them?

    That the UK authorities allowed the “Al-Quds Day” march to proceed through the streets of London and for Palestine Expo to assemble such an array of speakers just down the road from one of this year’s terror attacks, suggests that all that has happened this year in Britain is extremely very far from “enough”.

    So, rather than expecting resilience, the British people will have to be prepared to accept still more terror — and doubtless more pointless platitudes to follow each attack — as surely as they have followed all the attacks before.

  221. Confessions of a gay Tory

    My life as an activist

    David Starkey

    It’s exactly 50 years since the Sexual Offences Act, which partially decriminalised male homosexuality, received the Royal Assent on 27 July 1967 after an impassioned late-night debate in the Commons. I wish I could say — death of Kennedy-like — that I remember where I was. But I don’t.

    I had only one concern that summer. It was to get the First which would enable me to return to Cambridge to study for my PhD in Tudor history under Geoffrey Elton. The goal achieved, I relaxed like a spent fish.

    But I did do one thing that mattered. I lost weight and changed from a fat and frumpy teenager into a svelte and rather fetching young man.

    Which stood me in good stead for the next milestone in gay history.

    Homosexuals were expected to be grateful for the ’67 act — and to show their gratitude by staying discreetly in their semi-legalised closet. Or as Lord Arran, the sponsor of the bill in the Lords, put it: ‘I ask those [homosexuals] to show their thanks by comporting themselves quietly and with dignity… any form of ostentatious behaviour now or in the future or any form of public flaunting would be utterly distasteful.’

    ‘Public flaunting’ was, however, the whole point of the Gay Liberation Front. Founded in America in the wake of the Stonewall riots of 1969, its message quickly spread to this side of the Atlantic, where it spawned a whole series of organisations and influenced many more. Its best slogan — for gay politics had not yet lost a sense of humour—was ‘better blatant than latent’. I loved it and have tried to live it.

    And this time I remember, for I was there. I’d moved from Cambridge to the London School of Economics in the academic year 1972-3 and found myself in the thick of it.

    There was the British GLF, which held its first meeting in the basement at LSE in 1970 (basements, as Matthew Parris has observed, were very important in gay life). There was also the Campaign for Homosexual Equality, founded in Manchester in 1971. Sometimes the two organisations were bitter rivals and sometimes the best of friends and they effectively fused at the CHE Conference at Great Malvern in 1974.

    I was there, too. We trained up from London in a posse and our strident conversation scandalised the other passengers who, led by a stout and formidable woman, asked us to pipe down. I fear — blatantly as ever — we continued, and at an even higher volume.

    I squirm a little at the memory. But my shame is reserved for inflicting ‘coming out’ on my poor, uncomprehending mother. It poisoned both our relationship and her few remaining years. Yet, even at this distance of time and despite all the pain it caused, I still think it was the right thing to do. It was the final statement that I would be the person I wanted to be, and not the one she wanted me to be. But it was tragic in the proper, Hegelian sense of the word, as a clash of two views of right and wrong.

    At the end of the 1970s, I came out as a Tory as suddenly and completely as I’d come out as gay. And a decade later, I combined the two when Peter Campbell, who had founded the Conservative Group for Homosexual Equality in 1975, asked me to take over the organisation. We stepped out of the closet (and the basement) and relaunched at the party conference in 1991 in a modest glare of publicity. We cheekily renamed ourselves TORCHE (Tory Campaign for Homosexual Equality) and gave the Party’s then emblem of a flaming torch a camp fillip. We were stuffed with thrusting PR boys and lobbyists and played a significant part in the Major government’s attempt to equalise the age of consent for straight and gay sex at 16.

    But we were defeated by an unholy alliance of left- and right-wing parliamentarians. Prominent among the latter was that well-known moralist Jeffrey Archer. We faced each other on Question Time. He spoke passionately in favour of the compromise higher age of consent for gay sex of 18 to protect vulnerable young men like his sons. I replied that it was clear that Englishmen sat on the fence so much because they enjoyed the sensation.

    He went puce. Blatant rather than latent had won again.

    So where does this leave Justine Greening’s recent announcement — deliberately timed to coincide with the anniversary of the ’67 act — that the government hopes to make gender reassignment a simple matter of statutory self-declaration with none of the ‘demeaning’ bother of medical assessment? Is it, as she claims, part of a properly conservative long march? Hardly. We fought, as conservatives should, for the recognition of facts. On the other hand, Greening and her sidekick Nick Gibb believe in defying them, since they appear to deny that gender is based in biology.

    Many others have pointed out the formidable practical difficulties in the way of such an approach. I would like to highlight the philosophical ones. For to believe that wanting makes it so — in this instance that a man can become a woman or vice versa simply by willing it — is a characteristically left-wing position. It is the origin of the magic money tree, of the triumph of opinion over fact in education.

    For supposedly conservative ministers explicitly to espouse the doctrine is the last straw. The subtext of so-called Tory modernisation has always been that the left is really right. This admits it.

    But what else do you expect from a government led by a woman who called her own party ‘nasty’?

  222. It’s funny.

    Until you realise it’s just never-ending. Green lies about global warming. Ant-free speech law lies. Gender law lies. Immigration lies.

    I know where the fault lies. And I will not vote for it. This has got to stop. And the only way is some sort of alternative. We can’t live like this.

  223. Writing in the i pappaer Tim Farron went off message and complained that it was only fine to have religious beliefs ‘if you wear funky garb or have nice colourful festivals’.

    You made the world this way, Mr Farron. You anti-liberal anti-democrat.

  224. Esther – 09:19

    I hope that ‘Britain’s doors will stay OPEN after Brexit so the ‘brightest and best’ can work here’

    BUT, BUT I do want there to be an intelligent choice over who is allowed in.

    It isn’t that difficult, so ‘but would not stop arrivals’ does show Rudd’s Elitism.

  225. Everyone agrees on the ‘brightest and best’ but it ALWAYS turns out to be ruse to let in ‘children’ old enough to shave and own smartphones.

    It’s a ruse and a lie.

  226. “Dulles Does For Debbie”
    Mark Steyn on Tucker Carlson Tonight, July 26, 2017

    A most mischievous wordplay by Mark in creating the neural link to…

    The tail (sic) of two Debbies, eh 😉

  227. @14:07

    The right era to be part of your old neglected VHS collection, Baron?

  228. Frank P – 14:58

    Two questions in one!
    Somebody changes the CHW dates at seemingly random intervals but is it really him?

  229. E C 16-18
    Are you suggesting it’s a honey trap and we’re all on the list.

  230. John birch – 16:47

    No, and very probably Yes.

    Since most Wallsters, with a couple of exceptions, are of a reasonably conservative mindset having values and holding views that are antithetical to the establishment then, for our thought crimes, it is quite likely that we are all on a list.

    After a couple of minutes research I note that Peter lists Manchester as his current home town. So his mission to the Swindonites must have concluded?
    A busy bloke.

  231. We are all almost certainly on a list.

    This is the renegade Coffee House Wall banned from you know where.

    A place where posters comments go missing, where its own Melanie Phillips entire archive was wiped etc, etc.

    All those Disqus et al systems are designed to censor and track. Keywords mean posts cannot appear and a poster can be tracked across multiple sites in multiple years to know how they vote etc.

    I’ve spoken to Google employees and they know everything about people who use their site and its anciallarys (YouTube etc).

    You can probably tell they know all about you from the ads you look at. Who told them you were interested in that. If you fxrt near a comupter they know about it.

    Nothing is private online. The golden are for that was when Melanis Phillips had a Spectator blog.

    And we all know how that small phase of freedom of speech went dowm with the establishment. They have been trying to censor, track, criminalise and marginalise ever since.

    Anyone remember the Daly Telegraph’s homepage when they first tried comments? Every day on the home page was a debate and my God the public came in their droves. I never knew so many people thought like me!

    Well, they got rid of that soon enough!

    Comments are closed. Comments are deleted. Yes, the golden days of digital free speech are long gone.

  232. EC 14.16

    I remember being invited to watch “Animal Farm” on VHS, a remarkable remake with a post Orwellian emphasis on the theme of four legs good, six legs better”.

  233. Daily Telegraph home page debates where anyone could say anything – whoa! More home truths than you could shake a stick at. Never to be repeated.

    It was just a golden era.

    I could just sit back and watch the great British public kick seven shades of ordure out of the establishment. Sublime. And who gave a xxxx about the propaganda in the smelly rag after that? No one.

  234. Found on the Spectator website. Explains why the French keep voting for their legacy politicians (it sounds like the UK, to be honest, they all cling to the tit of nurse, for fear of something wurst):


    Until one has lived in France it is hard to imagine how parochial a country it is. It’s not what they promote abroad (cool people smoking Gitanes, an unmatched penchant for intellectualism and a country that accepts nothing but the best in everything, so long as it’s produced in France, obviously).

    But live in the country for any length of time and one finds a people who are uncompromisingly insular – even the young. The few that don’t think like that leave and head to the UK and elsewhere. But the numbers who do so are relatively small in a population approaching 70 million. And then inevitably the French abroad set up enclaves, as they have done so in London, opening up their own French speaking kindergartens and patisseries etc.And whilst the English are accused of doing the same, I know of no English person who has opened an English nursery in France. Can you imagine such a thing?

    If one strikes up a conversation with a French person you can rely on the following phrase “if you want to be French you must …”. I wish I had 10 euros for every French person that has said that to me within five minutes of acquainting themselves. They must be brainwashed from an early age because they all (without fail) say the same.

    They are also sniffily lacking in curiosity about anyone else except the French. Open your mouth as a Brit in NY and you’re instantly given a grilling about where you’re from and a general display of interest in your background. And I’ve found the same in many other countries. But the French? Non. I read a while ago about an American charity cyclist who rode the length of the UK who had been overwhelmed by the interest of the Brits in what he was doing. But when he crossed the Channel he was starkly met with indifference.

    So Macron’s performance since coming to office has been of no surprise. The French – contrary to their reputation – are amazingly unsophisticated outside their own comfort zone.

  235. Thank God Amber Rudd has let in the brightest and the best! And all the anti-racism training at school and in the MSM kicked in and saved this girl in her hour of need. Let’s meet the brightest and the best:

    Girl, 15, is raped TWICE after flagging down a car following her first attack only to be set upon by the driver

    Police say teen first attacked at Witton railway station in Birmingham on Tuesday
    Girl then flagged down vehicle outside the station and was raped a second time
    First attacker described as Asian with light skin, brown eyes, skinny and 6ft tall
    Second also Asian, in early 20s, 5ft 7ins tall, of large build with a cropped beard

  236. All things brightest and bestest
    All criminals from foreign shores
    All things without any Western values
    Amber Rudd invited them all.

    The Muslim paedophile rape gangs
    The jihadists with their swords
    The illegal subletting tenants
    Amber Rudd created them all.

  237. Esther – 19:21

    I see you have informed the CHW readers already of this dreadful incident.

    A girl thinking that a stranger, a man, would help her?

    It’s so Twentieth Century!

  238. It’s going viral that one, isn’t it?

    Nobody is allowed to talk about the Number One issue.

    LibLabCon does nothing about the Number One issue.

    People in the UK are like ants. They just run about hoping the boot doesn’t land on them and squish them.

    There is no alternative. LibLabCon must laugh themselves to sleep.

    I just don’t know how people put up with it. To use a Melanie Phillips’ word: lemmings.

    I just don’t get it. It’s just a litany of rape and murder right across the map.

    The UK is simply hell on earth.

  239. I watched the Mark Steyn interview of Douglas Murray on his new book recently and Murray just says the same: no one does anything about the big issue.

    You know, the one that underpins everything?

    Yeah, that little elephant in the room that everyone can see.

    What on earth is going on that people put up with this?

  240. To requote Douglas Murray’s piece today: when is enough enough? Clearly not yet for the ghastly Tory party.

    Eastern Europe has had enough. Orban has put the wall up and is no longer talking about limits but about sending people back.

    And in the UK? Nothing. I posted this on the previous wall from Tony Parsons. It cannot be repeated enough. FFS:

    The nations of Eastern Europe — Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia — are totally, implacably and forever opposed to seeing their overwhelmingly Christian countries turned into multicultural paradises like France, Germany and the UK.

    The Eastern Europeans are routinely derided as racists by the west. And yet who can blame them for not rushing to replicate societies where home-grown terrorism is now a part of everyday life?

    Eastern Europe has been given a choice that was never extended to the people of Western Europe — do you really want to see your nation’s identity radically changed by newcomers with their own set of beliefs?

    Eastern Europe has replied with one voice — no thanks.

    The solution of the Mediterranean countries has been to wave the migrants onwards and let someone further north worry about the problem. But that no longer works because this week the Austrian army mobilised tanks along its border with Italy to control the tidal wave of humanity looking for a home.

    No nation in Europe wants — or is able — to give a life to thousands of young, male refugees from deeply religious, profoundly patriarchal societies whose beliefs are frequently at odds with western freedoms. Yet still they come.

    And we are told that they will be coming for generations.

    Europe is fighting for its life now and there is finally real debate about how we prevent our beautiful countries from committing national suicide. Apart from in Britain.

    Only in virtue-signalling Blighty is it still considered racist to admit that Europe cannot continue to give housing, education, medical care and benefits to anyone who fancies it in the Third World.

    The UK cannot keep voting LibLabCon. What part of Mr Parsons’ words don’t people get?

    Again and again and again and again I will say it.

  241. Rod Liddle (free):

    STILL the fury rages over the money paid to BBC presenters. Fairly large amounts of money, in many cases.

    The women are going mental because they reckon they’re being paid less than the blokes. In some cases the women are probably right.

    Given that we pay their wages, through the licence fee, I think we should make the process a bit more democratic.

    We should vote on how much to give their top presenters. I suggest, for Huw Edwards, £50 plus a family pack of Quavers and some Wine Gums.

    All he has to do is read out something slagging off Israel or Brexit and try not to snigger or fart.

  242. For the masses to take charge of events on the streets they, the people, have to be both angry and indigent, Baron reckons. So far, only the former seems to be at play, but that isn’t enough to rouse them.

    What one waits for is a hike in the cost of money, Esther, it has to come, interest rates will have to go up, no economic entity can carry on with interest rates near negative, people will wise up to it, stop saving, which means erasing the future because the country’s income i.e. the country’s GDP, can be either consumed or saved i.e. invested. No savings no investments no future.

    When interest rates begin to get hiked, a part of the financial system may not withstand the strain e.g. people who lease new cars for three years (one in five cars is bought using the leasing route) may decide they don’t want to buy the contraption after the term expires. There may be other parts of the economy storing trouble, of which we know little, or pay little attention to.

    It’s only when the money stops people will revolt, the anger will only add to the societal convulsion.

  243. Funnily enough, Baron, I noticed recently that the Tory government ‘sold’ (meaning give away for a pittance) its shares in Lloyds direct to hedge funds (Tory backers).

    This was despite a queue of mom and pop investors asking to buy them.

    That looks to me like the surest sign that Carney will raise rates.

    Bank shares will rise and those Lloyds shares will soar off the back of higher interest rates.

    It’s the Royal Mail sell-off all over again, when the mom and pop investors were as good as locked out.

    Lloyds has inbuilt protections (from the government) inaccessible to other banks. Its size means it gets protections it would otherwise not get and things are overlooked that should not be overlooked.

    Not today, not tomorrow or even next week. But five years from now those Lloyds Bank shares will be a whole lot higher than now.

    They were given away for a song on the pretext that they were too risky for ordinary investors and that only institutional investors could handle the risk.


    Those Lloyds shares were a little thank you present for all the City’s funding of the Tory party.

    Yes, rates will rise in the next five years. And chaos will ensue (unless you’re a banker).

  244. The two most shared stories on the Mail website they refuse to put as lead story (you know why).

    Drunken gang of Muslim men are jailed for rampaging through Liverpool city centre attacking strangers because they were white non-believers

    Witness feared Amin Mohmed, Mohammed Patel and Faruq Patel were terrorists

    Yobs targeted three men before attacking another who said he was Christian

    Laughing Faruq Patel then filmed Mohmed punching councillor to the ground

    Mohmed and M. Patel were both jailed for 42 weeks while F. Patel got 18 weeks

    Is that what the BBC and Guardian mean by post-Brexit hate crime?

  245. I see Twitter’s shares are falling due to a lack of new users.

    Its whole raison d’etre was its quick access to freedom of speech.

    By giving in to the Maybot’s anti-free speech drive it just drives trade elsewhere, as with the Telegraph and Spectator.

    If you don’t want freedom of speech and the digital traffic that goes with it, someone else will scoop it up.

    I still don’t get why Facebook prospers. If it doesn’t have freedom of speech attached, why bother?

  246. Steven Wasserman was the Federal Prosecutor in the Seth Rich case and is the Assistant US Attorney overseeing the Awan brothers investigation.

    He is the brother of Deborah Wasserman Schultz.

  247. “Napolitano: Trump, Sessions and the Justice Department — a clash that should not be happening”

    J/Nap: “Look for a break in the dark clouds soon.”
    Good luck with that one, Judge!

  248. “Anthony Scaramucci uses vulgar language to lash out at Priebus, make fun of Bannon in interview”

    Finally, a guy that tells it like it is…
    Much as I like Sarah Huckabee Sanders, I think that Gordon Ramsay would be more entertaining in the role of WH Press Secretary.

  249. Frank P,

    No need to take down her particulars, then 😉

    “US marshals: ‘Fugitive of week’ found tanning in backyard”

  250. King of the Remoaners, Trump hater in chief, high priest of globalist hatred of poor white people Max Hitler Hastings is today squaling like a butt hurt millemial.

    Enjoy the highlights here (it really isn’t worth reading in full):

    Trump could be in the White House for eight years: MAX HASTINGS says President still remains a standard-bearer for tens of millions of Americans

    I will hazard a speculation, that wherever the special prosecutor’s investigation of Trump’s Russian links winds up, he will escape impeachment unless he is seen to overstep the boundary into clinical insanity. The latter outcome is possible, but at present the Republican majority in both houses of Congress has no appetite for crucifying their own man in the White House.

    The Democrats remain in chaos, and failure to win key elections since January confirm their inability to cash in on Trump’s erratic conduct.

    I believe Trump will survive — possibly even win a second term in 2020.

    Russia is a nothing burger. I wonder why they cling on to it when it is a hollow lie. Are they not better off finding another angle of attack? xxxx em. Let them carry on with that blind alley. It wastes time.

    Yes, I too think he’ll bag a second term. The mainstream media, the political swamp – I can tell you, the atmosphere here in the US is totally against these people. xxxx them.

    Four more years! Four more years!

    As to Max Hastings, I can set my clock by him. If he’s for it, I’m against it. Another patrician bag of spite like that ghastly Heseltine creature.

  251. And the comments are wonderful. xxxx the Daily Mail, a Judas Goat newspaper:

    thescotsman, glasgow, United Kingdom,

    People see him as a rebel, someone who is against the mainstream. Every day, they watch CNN and other organisations attacking him on a daily basis. Every witch hunt which targets Trump only tightens the voters’ grip on the President. Consider it a proxy battle between the people VS the establishment, using Trump as a message. As long as the establishment keep doing what they’re doing, then Trump will be in power for many years to come. This social justice warrior, politically correct culture which uses violence, threats, to silence a big majority of the U.S electorate, is another key reason people use Trump to fight back because they know how much they hate him. A lot of people have been left in the dark since globalism took off, and don’t like college kids with balaclavas tell them what to think and say. Especially when most of them come from privileged backgrounds, and have nothing in common with the usual every day American which makes the country what it is.

  252. EC @ 08:29

    Scaramucci is a sleazy, untrustworthy, dangerous-to-boot thug, EC, he would be a useful member to the Godfather’s gang, the Donald may regret getting him on board, he, Scaramucci, will turn against him as easily as he turned for him (from being critical of the Donald before, as you well know).

    Does it not puzzle you the country’s doing as well as it does with people of this caliber running it?

  253. Hastings truly is a vile cxxx.

  254. Esther @ 23:56

    An interesting link, Esther, but the story is hardly unusual.

    One of the posters, Pete, who leads the pack of those commenting with the highest number of upticks says “jail is not enough. They should be removed from the UK”.

    To which someone calling himself Valpreda6 (with the highest number of downticks) says “where? There are British”.

    Obviously, he isn’t, or is but skipped the lessons when they were ‘learning him English’ in school.

    You may think ‘how could the poorly educated Slav have the guts to criticise someone for bad English when he’s more than capable piling up mistakes no end’.

    True, but a difference there is, Baron realises he’s made a mistake, this mesomorph doesn’t seem to, he has failed to correct it.

    On the story itself: The punishment does seem unduly lenient. Not that long ago, a white Caucasian got six months for hate speech. One would have thought that suffering from an abusive language is preferable to a broken jaw. It seems in the enlightened Britain it isn’t.

  255. This is why Corbyn’s team is so good at campaigning. It’s because it comes from an offshoot of Labour, it’s not centrally controlled. May – a person who loves central control – wants to close down free speech on the internet. She doesn’t have this kind of grassroots operation anyway but even people who might be predisposed to wanting to support her will have less chance to say things that might help her if she carries on with her hate crime agenda.

    The Tories don’t have an answer to this type of campaigning. The Tory grass roots are thinner than ever and don’t like her, or the Tory party. Why would anyone make a video for May or the Tory party? She and they hate ordinary people.

    What May wants to close down is parties like UKIP, which people made very successful videos for in a grass roots movement.

    I wouldn’t volunteer anything for the Tory party unless it was to make them all walk the plank.

  256. Are smart meters to blame for house fires? Fears families are being put at risk after evidence suggests some engineers installing the devices don’t know what they are doing

    These devices are wrong on so many levels. They will Uberise energy prices.

  257. Esther @ 10:17

    If one compares this bleating of his with the ones he did before on the same or related subject, Esther, there appears a less of a venom for the Donald, in fact, the ending doesn’t really fit the narrative before, the man will turn if the Donald keeps the job, he, Hastings, is not stupid, far from it, merely calculating, duplicitous and hypocritical.

  258. Baron @ 10:26

    But Baron, he’s Harvard Law.

  259. Esther @ 10:38

    Not that certain, Esther, this sort of video is a smart way for getting support, over 70% of people own their homes, many of the house bought when prices were very much below today’s but so were the wages. When Baron bought his first house, the mortgage took almost 60% of his monthly earnings, not enough money left for any holidays, gadgets or eating out for well over three years.

    The son of a friend of Baron has just bought himself a new Apple 7 with some bits (well over £800), he saved for it, which is true, he has a job (sales assistant), but he’s also done alot of gardening, ferrying people around, stuff like that. The contract for the phone though is over £50 a month, he wound’t say exactly, but it’s a £600 a year.

    He’s got other gadgets, too, if one were to add it all, it would be enough to start him saving for a deposit.

    It’s up to anyone to decide how to spend one’s money, but why moaning about a house ownership if one goes for ownership of other things?

  260. By the by Baron, since the acceptable face of the Neuordnung in the USA is presently the likes of Clapper and Brennan, engaged and poorly dressed recently on CNN to promote the sudden, unconstitutional end to the current American Administration, why would you not want someone of the caliber of Scaramucci for gang work, even if he does sound like a villain from a Verdi opera.

    You should keep in mind the possible paraphrase which may have passed through President Trump’s mind when he appointed Scaramucci: “I don’t know what effect this man will have upon the enemy, but, by God, he frightens me”.

  261. Malfleur @10:56 & 11:35


  262. Anthony Scaramucci vs the lowly paid Emily Mate-less BBC Newsnight 26/07/2017

  263. Baron – 10:26

    A glowing character & job reference there, Baron. 🙂

    As Mr Boot might have put it…

    “Putin Scaramucci is a sleazy, untrustworthy, dangerous-to-boot thug, Baron, he would be a useful member to the Godfather’s gang”

    What’s not to like? Sounds like a lot of people I’ve worked with/for over the years.

    “Dinsdale? Nah, nah, lovely fella, won’t ‘ave a word said against ‘im.”

  264. Malfleur @ 10:56

    You’ve heard the one, Malfleur, about what one calls a couple of lawyers (Harvard or not) chained together at the bottom of the sea?

    This guy Scaramucci feels like a plant, someone who will lead his boss to a cliff, then push him over, to expect him to defend the Donald if he gets the wind the hyenas of the progressive pack are closing on the kill is naivety supreme. Just wait, the barbarian will remind you.

  265. Malfleur @ 11:35

    If the thought you say might have passed the Donald’s mind is right, Malfeur, he should be more than frightened, the man is going to do him in.

  266. EC @ 12:53

    Good point, you clever one, but then Baron doesn’t pretend he is a religious moralist, but a barbarian from the East, he, he, he.

  267. EC @ 12:33

    Granted, EC, the man’s an impressive talker, he could defend anyone or anything, it must be the remnants of the genes of the European south, the front stabbing is indeed what the Continental Europeans practise, rather unlike the hypocrisy the Anglo-Saxons have a preference for. He’s good to watch, how sincere he is in his defence of the Donald’s sibling and the other family member (or the man himself) will have to be seen.

    The Newsnight girl chicken story tells you exactly what those opposed to both Brexit and the Donald are all about, who TF cares about chickens, chlorinated or not?

    Comments are disabled for the chat, why?

  268. EC : 27th July at 17-15.

  269. Charlie Gard.
    Rest in Peace.

  270. This isn’t for everyone, only for the connoisseurs of things Ukrainian.

    The two protagonists of the farce – Poroshenko, the President of the country, and his buddy from the Kiev’s Institute of International Relations, Saakachvili, (was Georgia’s President until 2013, but fled the country of Stalin’s birth, a warrant was issued on him by Georgia) – have fallen out. It’s hard to say who’s worse, they are both roughly the same, but both are backed strongly by the Americans. It’s not unakin to the Saudis accusing Qatar of supporting terrorism, here, the two individuals are accusing each other of corruption.

    A staunchly anti-Putin Ukrainian on-line channel had an item yesterday saying Poroshenko is perceived by the Ukrainian unwashed as being the most corrupt President in the short history of free Ukraine, the item’s no longer on, it was taken down. One can only speculate who wanted it to be removed.

    Poroshenko’s power derives solely from the support of the Americans, he feels embolden by it, can do whatever he wants. If there ever has been a meddling in other countries’ affairs, not only before an election, this is it, but the MSM here keeps schtum about it.

  271. Radford NG @ 17:56


  272. EC (12:33)

    🙂 🙂 🙂

    Oh. Dear! An eleven minute rout of the BBC – personified by the whippet.
    Pit-bull v whippet? Mismatch. She had no idea what she was up against, did she? Obviously the cameraman enjoyed it, too. Wonderful! Send ‘er ‘ome! Come to think of it, no. Leave her there. She can do some much needed damage to the BBC ‘image’, while she’s there.

  273. You know what’s most disturbing on this clip?

    Not one of the passers-by comes to the woman’s aid, everyone walks by as if it didn’t concern them, they all pretend it isn’t happening. Tragic.

  274. Indeed, RIP, Charlie.

    We should remember, there are thousands of families who suffer a similar loss, out of the glare of publicity, in private.

  275. Baron (19:22)

    Busy boy, our Pete. 🙂

    There’ll be no pardon for you, m’lud.

  276. Frank & Radford:

    You are losing the poorly educated Slav. What’s this all about? Is Peter Farrington our Peter? Is he the leader of the St George’s Ministry or what?

    Enlighten, please.

  277. Perhaps, saving one’s body before one attend to redeeming one’s soul could be a better strategy (unless of course one can persuade all mankind to behave, the viruses to cool down, the nature to settle quietly, no?

    Are you a prepper? If not you should think again.

    The DT Magazine last week ran a big feature on people who are not just stocking up few cans of tuna, half a dozen bottles of water, some chewing gums for the kids. It’s more serious that that, some preppers buy farms (mostly hedge fund managers), even bunkers and old lighthouses, or at least installing safe rooms in their council abodes stuffing them with everything you may think of in case a catastrophe hits.

    What catastrophe, you may ask.

    The Cambridge University Centre for the Study of Existential Risk has a chart showing from what we may die, the highest (and most imminent) threat is a pandemic decease wiping out swathes of humanity – could happen today, risk -very high.

    The lowest risk, but still on the chart is a CERN experiment causing a black hole that sucks up the Universe at the speed of light (that’s a comforting feature of this risk, before one blinks, one’s gone to say ‘hi’ to the maker) – could happen technically now, risk – low.

    Not one of the people interviewed for the piece, and many there are – bankers, factory workers, sellers of the gear … mention they have any weapons, most likely because they fear the cops would be after them.

    Can one really survive if there was a breakdown in law and order, a collapsed the food distribution system, contaminated water, polluted air ….

    Good for business though, playing on people’s emotions can never fail, and telling people they could die if they are not prepared when the SHTF (that’s shits-hits-the-fan for you) is the ultimate of the fear emotion.

    The barbarian’s ready, since you’ve asked, he has a stockpile of sleeping pills.

  278. Apologies for the errors, it was typed at some speed.

  279. So he is the son of Don Corleone:

    Read also the postings, one says of him: “Scaramucci managed to simultaneously alienate Trump’s base, which greatly respects Bannon, and the entire Bible Belt, which loathes vulgar globalists”

    Is that what one calls a ‘good start’?

  280. Baron

    Did Gorky really say that? 🙂

  281. Baron
    July 28th @17:10

    That’s why General Kelly has been brought in as Chief of Staff. Now that’s position in the White House with real power.

    The pieces are being moved on the board and we are seeing the transitional give way to the transformational.

    I hope he stays ahead of the NWO.

  282. If this has been posted here before forgive me, but it needs max exposure:

    Sadly, it seems that the alphabet soup mob are now so ingrained that he won’t be allowed to implement it. But Dellers is right.

    Perhaps Kelly’s appointment will help the POTUS to pull it off.


    Alex Jones Show Friday – 1st Hour – Headlines include:



    Interviewed by Paul Joseph Watson on the Alex Jones Show, 2nd HOUR, Friday July 28

    (Tommy’s new book: Mohammed’s Koran: Why Muslims Kill for Islam by Peter McLoughlin and Tommy Robinson.)

  285. Whom is he going to fire next? Ivanka?

  286. Malfleur @ 05:37

    Nothing that revealing or new in the chat, Malfleur, and if you mind not, Baron respectfully disagrees with his slicing of the tragic case of Charlie.

  287. Frank P @ 02:22

    Would the barbarian lie, Frank?

    It’s nice to hear of someone moaning about one’s pension, someone forced to live frugally, never spending a penny unwisely, yet splashing on a club’s membership.

    and on your 03:24 (what the heck are you up to at that time of night?)

    Is there enough generals in the Armed Forces for the Donald?

  288. Excellent Delingpole link Frank P – the most important point and the one not talked about was the money!

    Christ – that nails it. Follow the money. This was an opportunity to fill the pockets of private health businesses with taxpayer cash.

    It’s another version of the climate change con. Establish something in law that sucks up taxpayer cash to be given to private sector spivs.

    It’s a version of some of the rip-offs in the NHS, where private contractors charge huge mark-ups, but the climate change con is the closer analogy in this case.

    Always follow the money.

    I’m furious I hadn’t worked this one out before now.

  289. Amber Rudd and the Conservative Party proudly bring to you the bestest and the brightest:

    Police release CCTV of two men after a girl, 14, was raped at a rail station then AGAIN by a second man when she stopped his car for help as they say her ordeal may have lasted SIX hours

    Police say teen first attacked at Witton railway station in Birmingham on Tuesday
    Girl then flagged down vehicle outside the station and was raped a second time
    Police have now released CCTV stills of two men they want to speak to

  290. Fake refugees.

    Two key points.

    First, they are leaving Italy for the UK anyway by avoiding being fingerprinted:

    ‘Migrants, many of whom refuse to stay in the Italian camps more than 24 hours, walk out after a meal and a shower. They are anxious to avoid being fingerprinted and escape being tangled up in the Italian asylum system.’

    Second, Italy is going to give them all special visas to shove them into Austria.

    One of these fake ‘refugees’ is doing a Michael Jackson dance in this report (edited highlights below). Which is less farcical than the ones pretending to be children.

    Anyway, another Amber Rudd, Conservative Party production of the brightest and the bestest – this time with an all singing, all dancing sob story:

    Overwhelmed by migrants and abandoned by the EU, SUE REID on how Italy’s government is at tipping point amid ‘special visa’ row dividing the Union

    Italy, which because of its geographical position is bearing the brunt of a huge influx of migrants from Africa, threatened to disperse them by providing EU temporary visas to up to 200,000.

    Last weekend alone, several thousand were rescued and brought into port by naval vessels and charity boats.

    Italian PM Paolo Gentiloni’s contentious plan would allow visa holders to travel freely into Austria — and beyond.

    Austria has retaliated by threatening to close its key Alpine border with Italy, at the Brenner Pass, and enforce it with tanks and troops.

    Its foreign minister, Sebastian Kurz, has said that ‘being saved in the Mediterranean cannot be connected with a ticket to Central Europe’. To say emotions are running high between the two countries is an understatement, but the stand-off reflects hardening public opinion across the EU about levels of migration and the pathetic response from politicians to what is, arguably, the greatest issue of our times.

    Under the EU’s migrant quota scheme, all member countries are meant to accept a mandatory share of migrants whose landing point is Italy.

    But the growing realisation, as confirmed by the UN, that most of the current influx of migrants are no longer Syrian refugees fleeing civil war or Islamic State horror, but economic desperados from countries including Bangladesh, Guinea as well as Nigeria, is having an impact.

    Even the European Commission vice-president, Frans Timmermans, recently admitted that most migrants are not escaping persecution but simply searching for a better life.

    Poland and Hungary are jibbing at taking in migrants (citing cultural difficulties in view of the fact that many are Muslim and both countries have strong Christian traditions), while the Czech Republic is dragging its feet, too.

    So in this febrile atmosphere, Italy’s border with Austria has become a potential flashpoint.

    And, as I witnessed this week, few migrants seem to be in need of special visas as they cross with apparent ease from one country desperate to be rid of them to another which is no more welcoming.

    Italy is the major recipient of migrants and refugees on the Central Mediterranean Route from Libya. It now takes in far more than Greece, where the numbers arriving have fallen thanks to a deal negotiated with Turkey last year — at a cost of several billion euros to the EU.

    Certainly, the Italian public is losing patience. In an appalling but telling scenario in January, a migrant drowned in the Grand Canal in Venice as passers-by watched but did little to help.

    There were even ugly shouts of ‘Go home’ and ‘Let him die’. Patel Sabelly, a Gambian in his 20s, had jumped to his death from a bridge after reaching Italy by boat from Libya and being refused asylum.

    Meanwhile, Austria is still reeling from the impact of the 2015 migrant influx when Angela Merkel controversially opened Germany’s borders to hundreds of thousands of migrants.

    Of the million or so heading for Germany, 90,000 decided to stay in Austria as they passed through. In this fiercely nationalistic nation, politicians and the people were soon saying ‘enough is enough’.

    The burka has been banned by Austria, compulsory German lessons introduced for migrants, and after a spate of attacks across the EU on women in public places, signs have gone up in Arabic at a market town near Vienna, telling male migrants not to touch female bathers or follow them into swimming pool changing rooms.

    This week, I observed migrants on their way from those camps in Bagnoli di Sopri and Conetta, near Venice, up to the town of Brenner marking the border with Austria. I followed them to Innsbruck, a major city and popular ski resort which hosted the 1976 Winter Olympics. It was clear this is a well-used route for migrants, many of whom refuse to stay in the Italian camps more than 24 hours, walking out after a meal and a shower. They are anxious to avoid being fingerprinted and escape being tangled up in the Italian asylum system, preferring to take their chances in northern Europe.

  291. On a farm track outside the huge migrants’ camp hidden away among cornfields near Venice, a young Nigerian is telling me of his hopes for a new life.

    With pink varnish on his nails and a paisley bandana on his head, he does a Michael Jackson-style shimmy under the searing July sun.

    Osarume Ehiz, 16, has lived in the camp with 1,000 other male migrants, many of them fellow Nigerians, for 11 months.

    ‘I’m a dancer,’ he says, eyes sparkling and his feet moving fast in his white plastic sandals. ‘But I can’t make a career in Italy. I’m waiting for a special visa, so I can go anywhere in Europe. I hope the paperwork will come soon.’

    Why don’t they book him for the Conservative Party conference?

  292. Baron @ 08:47

    The point is not necessarily that the chat be new or revealing but that Robinson, like our flag, is still there.

  293. Low energy LED lightbulbs could be giving us all HEADACHES because they flicker too much, expert warns

    Professor Arnold Wilkins a professor of psychology at the University of Essex
    He said the flickering of the unpopular lights is stronger than traditional bulbs
    Fluorescent lights, such as those in offices, dim by around 35% with every flicker

    Not only that but they don’t reduce electricity bills either.

    Someone’s on the make and on the take.

  294. Esther @ 11:51

    “Italy is the major recipient of migrants and refugees on the Central Mediterranean Route from Libya.”

    This is not a migration of swallows. We can be a little more specific:

    “This simple yet mindblowing gif shows George Soros’ funded NGO ferries picking up “refugees” from Libya and dropping them to Italy over a period of 2 months. is a witness to a huge scam and human trafficking operation.”

  295. Meanwhile, that jolly old Irish buffer, Peter Sutherland, provides the ideological underpinning of such scams and human trafficking operations, all on behalf of the larger aims of the New World Order, from his vulture’s vantage in the paedophile-riven aerie of the United Nations racket.

  296. Cambridge student says ‘ALL white people are racist’
    Not that many years ago I would have described myself an non religious, liberal, and accepting other cultures.
    Now I class myself as Christian.(I know which side I’m on) to the right of the conservatives. After that nonsense of choosing your sex further than I thought. And when it comes to other cultures I can see quite clearly that only some of them are useful to this country ( my country by the way)
    My opinion on what to do with the problem cultures hardens by the day.
    And I can only see these issues getting worse.

  297. Quite so Malfleur.

    The level of influx would not be possible unless it was backed up by money.

    In this case, it’s Soros’ money. If he wasn’t paying for the boats they wouln’t bother coming. He knows exactly what he’s doing.

  298. All hopes now lie in a little village, where Asterix the Orban resides.

    UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, France – all finished by Soros.

  299. ANd as Tony Parson points out – the UK is the worst of the lot.

  300. The problem is, this isn’t funny:

    London Mayor’s threat to derail Brexit: Sadiq Khan vows to make staying in Europe a Labour policy so it would ‘trump the referendum result’ if they win power

    Sadiq Khan has said Labour should make staying in the EU a new party policy
    The Mayor of London believes winning power with it in the manifesto would then ‘trump’ the referendum result and allow Brexit negotiations to cease
    London voted overwhelmingly to stay in the European Union in last June’s vote
    But it may prompt scepticism the Mayor is posturing to become Labour leader

  301. The plain fact is that man won an election. The UK is dead. It’s over. It is Monty Python’s parrot.

  302. Khan knows that the only thing holding Brexit together now is Corbyn (as Peter O’bore said in his column less than two weeks ago).

    With Labour MPs scared of Corbyn since all earlier attempts to hatchet him have failed, Khan has decided to try to knife Brexit from the sidelines knowing Corbyn can’t sack him.

  303. Princess Diana was pure unfettered filth, just like Princess Obama who imitated her.

    The love affair that shocked the world… told by the people who watched it unfold: Why Diana dumped the Muslim doctor she hoped to marry for a billionaire’s son

  304. Dina was basically a high class hooker.

  305. Not good enough, a gender fluid transitioning choice would have been much better, the wife doesn’t have enough tattoos on, no metallic fittings to be seen anywhere, one is tempted to start a petition to rectify it.

  306. Esther at 13:37 & 13:38:

    Quite, Esther, Britain was singularly unlucky to have a double evil hoisted on her in the same year, 1997 – Di and the ghastly Blair. We still haven’t recovered form either, the big question is ‘will we ever come to our senses again’?

  307. A fat lot of good did the Khan’s tiger’s eye stone do for her?

  308. John birch. @ 12:56

    Nothing ever lasts, John, this phase of insanity will come to an end, too, one can only speculate whether the ending will include broken sculls and limbs, or whether the ballot box will do it.

    How did this young man get to Cambridge in the first place, he seems to be brainless, not a state of one’s being any university should be after, if his cranium could do even elementary thinking he would have never thought of saying it, knowing the reaction it engenders is the opposite to that anyone interested in living in a society at peace with itself would have wanted.

    He will get away with it because what he said differs not at all from the sentiment of the famous quote by Susan Sontag from the formative 60s last century (sorry to bring her to the fight again), Baron has been banging about to your annoyance (and no reaction, not even a negative one).

  309. Re: the Cambridge student.

    This is what always happens in these arguments, you say, ‘this is wrong, no one else has to put up with this, Japan won’t accept mass immigration, Israel won’t accept mass immigration.’ And they nod their head.

    And they say ‘you deserve it for imperialism! And that the Anglo-sphere in particular deserves it for imperialism and slavery.’

    Hold on. How many people’s families had slaves? Or gave imperialist orders? Not mine. And not yours, I’ll bet. But we’re all to be revenged on, forever, for that, accorind to them.

    But they can get away with anything. They get soft sentences for rape and murder. It’s their culture, innit?

    Remember, we are all collectively responsible for what a handful of toffs did hundreds of years ago, but they are never collectively responsible carrying out the instruction ‘Make war on the unbelievers and the hypocrites’.

    Oh no. In fact, it’s ‘Islamophobia’ to even suggest such a thing. It’s your fault. Again.

    There is manual that states ‘Make war on the unbelievers’ that demonstrates collective responsibility. But they deny this. They lie and say it’s not true.

    Someone drives a van in Finsbury park and everyone else is collectively responsible. So where’s his manual? He hasn’t got one. They deny the truth he hasn’t got one. They lie that there was a collective action.

    And the biggest liars of all? The judges. The politicians. The media. The TV presenters and TV historians who turn out, actually, to be the ones with the blue blood ancestors who were senior officers in World War I and sent the common man to his death in the trenches, while they were miles behind enemy lines in cossetted cottages.

    Guess who gets celebrated as the war hero?

    And history repeats itself now.

    Channel 4’s Jon Snow et al, hide behind electric gates while everyone else tries to avoid the epidemic of Muslim rape and Muslim murder. And if you die, they make apologie for your killers. And if you get raped, they defend your rapists. And if you live and dare to tell the truth? They call you a liar. An Islamophobe.

    They can’t pin anything on you, so they pin history on you. Their history. Jon Snow’s family history. It’s your historical fault.

    It’s their version of letting you die in the trenches while they re-write the history of your death to make themselves look good.

    That’s what Jon Snow is. It’s what he does every night on Channel 4 News. Uses the media narrative to cover up who is truly responsible for all this rape and murder.

    It is people like that who gave this student his hymn sheet. This is what he says: ‘You all deserve it.’

    No we don’t. No we’re not collectively responsible.

    And can we all ask why some cossetted spitebag whose grandfather sent innocent Tommies to their needless deaths gets to do the same thing today by using the media to whip up and justify hatred against poor people who are raped or killed?

    It’s murder by mainstream media.

  310. Breitbart London has put the Khan story as top story.

    The comments are a joy and a relief.

  311. “In 1969, under the “Ghana Aliens Compliance Order” enacted by the Prime Minister Kofi Abrefa, Ghana deported over 3 million illegal immigrants in 3 months” Wikipedia

    Viktor Orban wants the same.

    Why can’t it be done?

    If it’s good enough for progressive Africa, why can’t everyone else do it?

    Oh, I forgot. ‘The Anglo-sphere deserves it.’

    That’s their lie.

  312. There just isn’t enough time to watch half an hour clips, this is one of them, it’s pretty good, but push the cursor to the 19 minute mark, Tucker interviews a guy who’s deadly against the Donald, works with the immigrant community, here objects to the President drive against the MS-13, the gang that is decimating San Salvador, does alot of damage in the Republic, in other countries, too.

    The reason you may like to watch it is to witness how excellent the guy is pursuing his agenda, well educated (he has a PhD in political science), articulate, convinced of his take on the issue. It’s people like him, the output of the Alinnski infiltrated academias world over, who are a greater ‘enemy’ than the immigrants, many of whom join these middle-class do-gooders because of their convincing demagoguery.

  313. The MSM are in wild revenge mode post-Brexit, post Trump.

    Kelvin Mackenzie sacked. For nothing.

    Katie Hopkins sacked from LBC. For nothing.

    And now the MSM are screaming for Farage to be sacked from LBC. Purely because he’s the most popular presenter.

  314. Brilliant jokes on the Katie Hopkins Twitter feed:

    Dear @TowerHamletsNow – if I ran for London mayor, would you commit two of your three votes per head to me?

  315. Katie Hopkins‏ @KTHopkins Jul 25

    Open question. Was there a PRIDE event in Tower Hamlets? Was one requested? Was permission denied? Cc @TheGayUK

  316. This is fascinating. You have to click on the word View to see Katie Hopkins ask a perfectly reasonable question.

    Twitter tries to smear and block the content with the preface: ‘This media may contain sensitive material. Learn more’

    Click on View to see the 60 second question:

  317. Katie Hopkins‏ @KTHopkins

    What is Obama’s legacy? ‘A senate & congress full of Republicans’. Legend.

  318. Paul Joseph Watson takes down JK Rowling over Trump (only 3 mins)

  319. The pick your own gender law is pure Common Purpose.

    As is this:

    It’s PC madness! Chief Constable of VERY white Cheshire force says he wants to break the law to raise the number of black officers

    Constable Simon Byrne wants to see positive discrimination in his force
    Cheshire Police were singled out in 2015 for having zero black officers
    The force now has three but Byrne says he needs to speed up the process
    He said he’s ‘even taken legal advice about breaking the law’ to help the changes

    In both cases, they are having to break the law by changing the law. And then telling you they abide by the rule of law.

    Stop voting LibLabCon. This is madness.

    This is absolute madness.

  320. Frank P @ 20:55

    All Baron gets, Frank, is ‘safari cannot open the page ….’ Was it something they didn’t like took down?

  321. Esther @ 20:27

    The woman made herself rather unpopular in the Czech Republic, Esther, claiming that disabled children get caged. This is partly true, but it has been the way for decades, it’s for their own protection, the caging is a just a barrier i.e. it is NOT a cage, to prevent them falling down, getting injured, or attacking other occupants in the room. The method was approved by the number of institutions, not one could be accused of being inhuman.

    Ghastly woman.

  322. Esther @ 21:05

    The Chief Constable of Cheshire should be a black man, Esther, at once, no?

  323. A fairly weak Rod Liddle column (I think he has to be polite about Parris because they both write in the same mag):

    If Brexit is dying, what about democracy?

    If we get a soft Brexit it’s not because we changed our minds – it’s because the stupid Tories threw away their mandate

    Rod Liddle

    Never meet your enemies — you might like them, and that ruins stuff. I had dinner with the former Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, about a year ago. During his time in office, Rowan came out with what I considered to be some of the most cringing, effete, left-liberal, self-abnegating rot I have ever heard. But then, at this dinner, I met the most kindly, charming, humble and witty human being. If a man could be said to actually radiate goodness, that was Rowan. I left the dinner utterly dismayed. Never meet your enemies.

    So it is with Matthew Parris. I bump into Matthew every so often and am always reminded what a delightful chap he is: drily humorous, ineffably good-natured and a pleasure to talk to. Luckily, most of his fellow travellers are not similarly equipped — his friend David Aaaaaaronovitch, for example, is in person a smug dirigible inflated by gusts of self-delusion and self-righteousness. But there’s something even worse with Parris — he writes beautifully, too. It is an awful thing to see your opponent’s case put forward with elegance and erudition. Luckily again, most of his fellow travellers are not similarly equipped. Read a sentence by Polly Toynbee and fairly quickly a thin wisp of smoke will exit your temples, wraith-like — that is the will to live escaping your cranium. And yet it is still the case that I disagree with almost everything Matthew writes, on almost every issue. Sometimes, when I finish reading one of his articles, I am so irked at its sumptuous, chiming wrongness that, irrationally, I take a visceral dislike to his bloody llamas as well as his viewpoint. I don’t think ‘I hope your llamas all die’ or anything like that. I just think if one hove into view, spitting like a transgressed Remainer, I might kick it, spitefully, on the fetlocks.

    Last week Parris regurgitated, entertainingly, a familiar bellyful of bile in the direction of those of us, the more than 17 million of us, who voted in favour of leaving the European Union. And won the referendum by more than a million votes, remember, Matthew. It was predicated on a comment made by the aforementioned friend Aaaaaaronovitch, who told him, with some glee, that Brexit was ‘dying’. A thinnish source, Matthew. This is a man who insisted that the Iraq War was a noble enterprise, that Saddam definitely had weapons of mass destruction and that the Tories would win the last general election with a landslide. I have tried to remember anything David’s ever been right about, but I’ll have to get back to you on that. But if Brexit really is ‘dying’, then isn’t that a worry for anyone who believes in democracy?

    No, not at all. Not if you subscribe to the view that the Brexiteers are all thick as mince, pig-ignorant or deranged, and not deserving of the vote, as Matthew still does. These morons cleave to a spiritual vision of what it would mean for the UK to be liberated from the European Union, he asserts, and are unbothered by the promise — made exclusively by Remainers and so far decisively unproven, if something can be decisively unproven — that we will be much worse off as a consequence. I don’t know any Leave voters who fit this convenient stereotype; maybe I should get out more. Almost all of the Leave voters I know voted thus on the issue of sovereignty and the suspicion that we might do OK in a world beyond Jean-Claude Juncker. Nobody I know voted Leave because of that promise to repatriate an enormous sum to the NHS. It was a dismal campaign on both sides, hyperbolic figures bandied about, grave threats sprayed over the populace. I, as a fairly reluctant Leaver, was almost — almost — swayed by Project Fear. No investment, high unemployment, British industry wrecked, house prices collapsing. None of that has happened; quite the reverse. Investment is up, employment is higher than it has ever been, inflation has just come down. Oh, there are still plenty of people, like Matthew, saying this economic shit will ‘soon’ hit the fan. Always ‘soon’. Much as George Osborne said it would hit by October last year. I prefer to put my trust in what is happening, rather than what some embittered people tell me will happen, one day, not far down the road, mark my words.

    And now, according to Parris, we Leavers are corralled into supporting a ‘soft Brexit’ because it may be the only one left available to us. Ah, yes — here he has a point. But not because the will for Brexit is weakening, but because his own reliably stupid party made a decision, based upon hubris and arrogance, to hold an election that nobody wanted. And an election in which the Brexit dog simply did not bark, despite the electorate being told that it was a Brexit election. Far from it. In the end it was a return to two-party politics: both the Conservatives and Labour, of course, supported the will of the people and were pledged to honour Brexit. The pro-Remain parties — the SNP and the Liberal Democrats — performed abysmally.

    If we are being shepherded towards an ineffectual and unsatisfactory soft Brexit, it is not because the realities of the Brexit debate have changed; they palpably have not. It is because Matthew’s party is riven with loathing and dispute and clinging on to power by its fingertips, desperate to clutch at any straw that wafts its way.

    There is not the slightest evidence that the mood of the country has changed regarding our leaving the EU. Only that internecine squabbling and the lack of a majority in parliament has meant that the clear mandate of last summer might be assuaged, watered down, ameliorated by a political opportunism that has nothing whatsoever to do with the issue itself. I think even llamas would be able to grasp that point.

  324. And pure spite:

    The Labour left and Tory right agree on Brexit. Why don’t they merge?

    Nick Cohen

    Britain has not had a functioning opposition on the most vital question of the day ever since the Labour left and Tory right found they were in agreement on our future relations with the EU [I KNOW! I KNOW! IT’S WONDERFUL.. DON’T BLAME THE OPPOSITION, THERESA – IT’S YOU WHO’S WRECKING BREXIT]. Although both sides are too embarrassed to admit it, we are ruled by a Corbyn-Johnson pact. It will deliver a hard Brexit, whatever the costs to the country.

    When Nigel Farage hailed Jeremy Corbyn as ‘almost a proper chap’ you learned that whatever trouble this hopelessly ill-equipped government faces it will never face trouble from the Labour leadership. The left has ceased to exist as an organised force in British politics, at least as far as the European question is concerned. In an article in the Guardian, which shocked even those of us who have never respected the Corbyn ‘movement,’ Barry Gardiner, Labour’s trade spokesman, explained the left was at one with the right in wanting to break all links with the EU.

    We must leave the Customs Union and Single Market, he said. Free movement must go. Thousands of legal arrangements and international agreements must be torn up too, because there can be no role for the European Court of Justice in our post-Brexit future, and because we cannot now ‘pay money into the European budget’. It was as if Europe were an infection that Britain needed to confine like lepers in a colony.

    During the Brexit campaign, Farage talked of Britain being at ‘breaking point’ as Turks and Arabs prepared to sweep into this county. (They never came) [A BARE-FACED DISTORTION – THE IMMIGRANT CRISIS IS RIPPING EUROPE APART]. Corbyn now warns that the ‘wholesale importation’ of people from eastern and central Europe had been used to undermine pay and conditions for British workers [CORBYN IS RIGHT, FOR ONCE]. If he were a Tory, leftists would be screaming their angry heads off. But as Corbyn is a leftist, there are only embarrassed mutters. (A double-standard, which if you think about it, suits actual right-wingers very well.)

    Vince Cable is comparing Corbyn to Ramsay MacDonald – fighting talk on the left, as Cable well knows. Corbyn has ‘collaborated’ with the right, Cable charges. He has ignored all the attempts by Labour pro-Europeans to soften Brexit and placed himself alongside Theresa May and Liam Fox on ‘the hard right of British politics’.

    As long as they are not forced to explain themselves to anyone except the already ideologically committed, Corbyn’s ‘left’ Euroscepticism has a superficial coherence. A spurious coherence, I would say, but enough to convince the far left that he and his friends are not quite the sell-outs they appear to be.

    Corbyn and McDonnell barely bothered to campaign to keep Britain in the EU because they subscribe to the old Bennite notion that the EU is a capitalist club. They justify this view by pointing out that its state aid rules prevent widespread nationalisation or part-nationalisation of the UK economy. There are vast problems with this analysis: the EU is the only organisation on earth prepared to regulate the tech giants, for instance, and France has a huge public sector. Nevertheless, since the 1945 Labour government refused to join the European Coal and Steel Community, the forerunner of the EU, many on the left have argued that EU and socialism are incompatible.

    But therein lies the difficulty in 2017. What does the anti-EU left mean by socialism today? It has had no economic argument for years. The post-1989 far left failed to find an economic policy beyond social democracy to replace the Marxism it had lost. It cannot say why it is better for the working class to live in some Bennite version of the 1970s rather than in a European social democracy on Scandinavian, German or French lines. The modern far left has engaged in extreme versions of identity politics, and in a largely disgraceful in my view accommodation with dictatorial forces in the poor world in the name of ‘anti-imperialism.’ But it has not developed a successor to socialism.

    Although they have become the object of mockery and the butt of countless jokes, I, therefore, have sympathy for the pro-European crowds who cheered Corbyn at Glastonbury. You needed to have buried yourself in the minutiae of the far left to understand Corbyn and McDonnell’s ideology. They haven’t argued their case in public. There has been no real debate on the left. They just refused to offer more than token support for the ‘remain’ campaign then gratefully seized on Brexit for reasons I doubt one in 100 of their supporters understood.

    You can hardly say that Caroline Flint, Rachel Reeves and the other northern Labour MPs, who now agree with their leaders and say they’re all for Brexit too are a part of the Corbyn left. They have reached the same position as their leaders for entirely different motives. They say they have to respect the Brexit result, which is fine. But then add that the only acceptable Brexit is a hard Brexit because cutting immigration was the leave voters’ overwhelming priority. For different reasons, therefore, large sections of the Labour party are collaborating. Whether they will maintain the collaboration is another matter entirely.

    Although a muscle memory of 1980s Bennism jerks the Labour leadership around, anti-Europeanism is not a defining issue for the far left. The best way to understand what motivates the Labour leadership is to read the Morning Star or Socialist Worker. The EU barely features in their pages. These may be papers that want to establish a global dictatorship based on the bloody ideologies of Russian fantasists, madmen and murderers, but when set against the Mail and the Telegraph their editors aren’t complete cranks.

    The bulk of Labour MPs, meanwhile, are just pandering to anti-immigrant sentiment. (I exclude, obviously, the minority who dare to challenge Corbyn.) They don’t believe a word they are saying. They have simply given up on any idea of leadership. They won’t argue with their constituents or explain why leaving the single market will threaten jobs, in particular, jobs in manufacturing [IT WILL NOT]. ‘We cannot contradict our voters’ they say in effect. ‘Even if we know our voters are wrong and could lose their jobs and livelihoods. Brexit has just got to go ahead and we can pick up the pieces afterwards.’

    The lack of a serious economic theory on the far left and the cynicism and opportunism among the bulk of Labour MPs explain the rather pathetic stories emerging from Westminster about Labour changing its position if the public mood changes. Maybe that will happen. But change will come despite not because of Labour. As things stand, the party which purports to have renounced the timidity of Blairism is now so frightened of speaking out it might as well merge with the Tories.

    NICK, SHOVE IT UP YOUR xxx. Nice to know it gets to you!

  325. A poster has filleted this nasty essay, clause by clause. Nasty piece of work, Nick Cohen.


    It’s like teaching a wilful child to spell reading Mr Cohen’s diatribes. No matter.

    We have to start planning to leave the EU without any deal on anything in place.

    This is because the EU is not competent to negotiate – on anything really, as TTIP and CETA (which is unravelling… ) attest. They have no flexibility on major issues so they are not really ‘negotiators’ at all. Just readers of text.

    Anyway, to Mr Cohen’s latest utterance:

    …Thousands of legal arrangements and international agreements must be torn up too, because there can be no role for the European Court of Justice in our post-Brexit future…
    Michel Barnier was asked at his press conference if he could name any other nation which accepted the jurisdiction over its inhabitants proposed by the EU for the CJEU over people living in the UK. He could not. There is no reason at all why the UK should accept a biased court’s jurisdiction over anything to do with the EU. A WTO or similar court is more suitable.

    …Turks and Arabs prepared to sweep into this county [sic]….
    Nigel Farage did not say that at all. He stood in front of a billboard of a picture taken at the Slovenian border in 2015 of a queue of potential immigrants to the EU… . So they were preparing to ‘sweep into this country’.

    …Corbyn is a leftist…
    I think, Mr Cohen, you are going to have to accept that Jeremy Corbyn is now the centre of the Labour Party and you, Mr Cohen, are as much a Lib Dem as Vic Cable.

    …France has a huge public sector. …
    …And the French Left complain bitterly about the EU interfering with them. Here is Arnaud Montebourg, the younger Tony Benn of France (Aug 2016):
    …Mr Montebourg stops short of ‘Frexit’ but calls for the unilateral suspension of EU labour laws. “As far as I am concerned, the current treaties have elapsed.

    I will be inspired by the General de Gaulle’s policy of the ’empty chair’, a strike against the EU. I am not in favour of a French Brexit, but we can longer accept a Europe like that,” he said.

    In other words, he wishes to leave from within – as Poland, and Hungary are doing – without actually triggering any legal or technical clause….

    Back to Mr Cohen’s pronouncements:
    …the 1945 Labour government refused to join the European Coal and Steel Community…
    Here, I can help you, Mr Cohen. That Labour government was not intrinsically against joining the Coal and Steel Community (ECSC). The French did not want them to. I heard or saw a documentary a long time ago in which an old Labour person (might have been Mickey Stewart) who was in the foreign office at the time was interviewed. He said the French approached the government to ask them to join the ECSC. They wanted a decision in a few days part of which was a weekend and they knew very well that the government would have all sorts of problems with the all powerful Coal and Steel unions. His view was that the French simply did not want us to join the ECSC.

    …The post-1989 far left failed to find an economic policy…
    The Jeremy Corbyn vision is Statist and Syndicalist. He cannot think beyond that. The Stalinists around him want something more Marxist and a little more authoritarian, silly though that sounds in the UK. It is as incoherent as it is horrible.

    …cutting immigration was the leave voters’ overwhelming priority…
    No it was not. Hardline Remainers keep slipping that in hoping it will go by unnoticed. The overwhelming Leaver priority was UK sovereignty… .

    …the Morning Star or Socialist Worker. The EU barely features in their pages…
    In 1975, the Morning Star was the only publication in the whole UK press galaxy to be against the EEC and in favour of getting the UK out.

    …the cynicism and opportunism among the bulk of Labour MPs…
    That cynicism and opportunism by the Labour Party got them a 40% vote at the last election. The Labour Remainer MPs learned how to lie from supporting Remain and practised it in the election campaign. It worked.

    Face it Mr Cohen, you are now a Liberal Democrat.

    The Labour Party left you.

  326. Tommy Robinson’s new book is number one in the Amazon charts OF ALL BOOKS – hooray!

  327. There are loads of comments underneath that Twitter post – worth reading.

    This one stood out:

  328. Wrong link! Just scroll down and you’ll get the idea! They’re all on there.

  329. Tommy Robinson vs MSM. Spot the difference

    Tommy Robinson’s Twitter feed:

    15 year old girl RAPED by muslims at train station flagged down a car to help but he JOINS IN instead

  330. Complete MSM blackout on the success of that book.

    And Enemy of the State.

  331. It seems the whole UKIP saga now defines the British MSM.

    At first, UKIP was ignored.

    Then the MSM (especially the Mail, Telegraph and Spectator) smeared it. Which only seemed to make it more popular (the same happened with Trump here in the US).

    After that, it was back to the original policy. And ignore and blackout. And apply that to anyone else remotely outside LibLabCon.

    And thus it is that the UK’s MSM doesn’t want to talk about the nation’s favourite book.

    Oh, there was one attempt by Piers Moron to smear Tommy RObinson, which exposed Piers so badly, the ITV producers wanted the video removed off the web.

    They’re like that, the MSM. Total xxxxs.

  332. Frank P @ 00:00

    Kind of you to re-post the link, Frank, thanks, it doesn’t work either, neither does it work if bAron googles the title plus forbes. It must be the Forbes people put the barbarian on an embargo list. He’ll live.

  333. Baron (00:49)

    It’s a delineation of the Google Maps operation; mind-blowing in several ways. A frightening exposition of just how pervasive The Intertubes has become and how much of the insulation of personal privacy has been stripped away to facilitate these code producing monsters and their nefarious schemes and scams. They may be able to provide information and access to an increasingly complex world, but in so doing transmogrify that world into a place that I no longer wish to inhabit. I preferred the human dimension, notwithstanding its limitations and faultlines.

  334. “…Theresa May ordered the Committee on Standards in Public Life to investigate whether new laws are needed. This week the Independent reported that, as the Committee starts its consultation, ‘online trolling laws’ are already ‘under consideration following abuse of MPs’.
    What should be ‘under consideration’ here is the serious threat of state censorship, not some nonsense on social media.”

  335. Noa 0137

    Much as I like your link, it has shrunk the wall on my iPad!

  336. Am I alone in vomiting at the sight of Diane Abbott at the race riots over the dead drugs dealer yesterday?

  337. Another Sunday
    Another superb post from Rod:

    “Human wrongs
    Some irritation has been expressed that members of the paedophile gang in the Rochdale grooming case have been awarded legal aid to fight deportation when their sentences have been served. The men are using Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights as the chief weapon in their fight. Article 8 protects the right to a family life — curious, given the crimes they committed, against girls as young as 13.

    But I am not sure why they wish to avoid being deported. There are certain courts in their native Pakistan that would be mystified as to what the men had done that was supposedly wrong. It is not impossible that they would be given a heroes’ welcome. Wouldn’t they be happier there?

  338. bAron 0049:

    Works for me on Safari.

  339. And Frank

    “Simply documenting the roads and highways, isn’t enough, which is why Google makes use of round-the-clock vehicles to patrol each and every street, neighborhood and residential complex, providing minutely detailed digital images of the same. ”

    It is frankly dangerous and a burglar’s paradise chart. Just look at the properties it captures and who keeps their windows open.

  340. Frank P @ 01:24

    Kinder still, Frank, thank you very much, which raised the barbarian curiosity more than a notch, he downloaded Opera, tried the search using the alternative browser, it worked.

    You’re right, in the future, no privacy for the man on the street, soon no privacy for the man ‘not-on-street’ but at home, too, if the indoor mapping comes along, we’ll be asked to or the government will pay to install cameras in our houses to check on us 24/7, it will be reasoned that it’s to prevent someone mixing fertiliser with whatever it’s mixed with to make a bomb, the plebs will nod to it.

    There’s more to it still if microchipping comes along, its use extended beyond buying a Mars bar in a company canteen see link below. If that were not enough, cash should disappear, all the money those in control will allow us to have will be stored either on a card, or possibly on the implanted chip.

    People don’t seem to mind, in the cashless society link, the Anglo-Saxon tribes lead in their ‘not-mindedness’ of the changeover. What has happened to us, we seem to be asking for the chains in exchange for what? The freedom to cover our bodies in tattoos and metallic bits, to bonk each other senseless – in the near future also in driverless cars – and should that be sex between man and woman, increasingly rare today, and a pregnancy results, to abort as easily as to have a cup of tea, to watch ‘virtual reality’ crap whilst losing the ability to converse with each other on those special occasions we venture out of our little rabbit huts …

    Is that the ultimate in the pursuit of happiness?

  341. Noa @ 01:37

    For those who govern us the choice has always been binary – they either shut down the freedom of the Net, or lose control. Naturally, they’ve gone for the former, they have the power to do it, but Baron reckons there will be a mighty fight, it may even be the millions of the nameless will beat the few with levers to enslave the nameless.

  342. Marshal Roberts @ 08:34

    Good point, Marshal, Bannon is indeed a target, the free media should help him by running similar stories, the more the better, it would be harder (but not at all impossible) for the Donald to get rid of him.

    Call Baron an obnoxious cynic cynic, but the only thing that can protect one against the Donald’s often capricious behaviour towards people he works with is being privy to an information that may genuinely hurt him.

    Bannon, who’s been advising his campaign from the start, has always been in close physical proximity (not that close though, if that’s what you think) may be safer than the others, he must have learnt stuff about the Donald nobody else is aware of (although not as safe as the members of the Donald’s family).

  343. Katie Hopkins’ Twitter feed is monitored constantly by the thought police, and she spends a great deal of time pointing this out and winding them up.

    The UK is the worst for this.

    In the end, I think what people will have to do is use servers abroad as Guido does.

    The UK’s clampdown on internet free speech has heated up because of UKIP and the referendum. The Powers That Be feel that neither of those things would ever have got momentum withouth the net and so they want it closed off.

    There is a new Establishment strategy to dealing with alternative parties: don’t mention them in the MSM and choke them off with big legal bills.

    In fact, UKIP faced this several times in its history. Activist groups tried to bankrupt the party through the courts many times.

    You can see the multi-pronged attack on this in the way that advertisers (run by Common Purposers) have withdrawn ads from the likes of PJW.

    Who watches the Leftist videos on YouTube? No one. They crumble under the weight of free speech.

    The Guardian bans perfectly reasonable comments. Comments are closed. The Mail is just as bad.

    Free speech in the UK is dead. It’s the US Constitution that gives us in the US a place to fight back but of course the activists are trying not to uphold the rule of law on that, thus we have all this campus censorship.

  344. Trey Gowdy Agrees To Appoint A Second Special Counsel To Investigate James Comey and Loretta Lynch

    Ce n’est qu’un début!

  345. Is the sight of a shadow Homie Secretary getting on down with the rioters unique in British history?

    The spirit of John Wilkes has morphed seamlessly into the fatted carcase that is Diane Abbott.

  346. Communism, that Uriah Heep, that Wormtongue, the snivelling servant of mohammedism, has made a return to Manchester, crumbling ‘gift’ from the outer recesses of the now defunct USSR.

  347. The Brexit bill discussed, from zero to £26 billion.
    Logical enough as a discussion, but what about the UK’s sunk costs and return on investment already made?
    Unfortunately the people who influence and lead the negotiations have little or no experience of money in the real world.

  348. The Brexit bill discussed, from zero to £26 billion.
    Logical enough as a discussion, but what about the UK’s sunk costs and return on investment already made?
    Unfortunately the people who influence and lead the negotiations have little or no experience of money in the real world.

  349. A driver was stuck in a traffic jam on the M25. Nothing had moved for an hour. Suddenly, a man knocks on the window. The driver rolls down the window and asks, “whats going on?” “terrorist have kidnapped all of our MP’s during a sitting of parliament, and they’re asking for a £100 million ransom, otherwise they are going to douse them all in petrol and set them on fire, we are going from car to car collecting donations. “how much is everyone giving, on average ??” the driver asks. The man replies, “roughly a gallon”

  350. On the subject of free speech, do take a note of this platform. Much as I expected, the clampdown on Facebook and Twitter has simply drawn people’s attention to the UK clampdown on free speech and this platform has now dedicated itself to non-censorship (there is a lot of stuff on there not getting mainstream coverage), do have a scroll through a few sections of it to see what people are talking about:

    And please flag up anything similar.

  351. Peter Hitchens almost gets it right with this today:

    Let’s change the Tories name – to Doris

    I suspect the whole ‘Trans’ issue has been cooked up so that nobody can ever say anything about it (including here) without being somehow in the wrong, and open to attack by the Thought Police.

    Now that there’s no more mileage in homosexuality, it’s the best way of making conservatives look like bigots.

    But those of you who have clung to the Tory Party through thick and thin must have wondered a bit last week when it endorsed the idea that anyone can be whatever sex, sorry ‘gender’, that they want to be.

    Here’s the simple explanation. The Tory Party itself has changed sex, from Right to Left. It is a ‘Trans’ party. I’m puzzled that it has yet to change its name. How about ‘Doris’? And it now feels free to come out. Yet still you vote for it. [I KEEP TELLING PEOPLE THIS TOO]

    But actually PJW nails why they are really doing this.

    As they shrink our political rights (free speech, basically), they ramp up sexual rights to pretend to be on our side, to pretend to be righteous and make out that it’s you who is the bigot. It’s a classic ‘Hey, we’re the good cop promoting rights,’ when they’re really the bad cop, destroying rights to real freedoms.

    Textbook political distraction method.

  352. The money will run before the edifice collapses so keep some cash at home and use as much cash as possible.

    It’s Your Money But You Can’t Have It: EU Proposes Account Freezes To Halt Bank Runs

  353. Noa – 01:37 & 13:10

    Quite So! There should be term limits on elected representatives.

    I saw Ken Dodd the other night and he did a political joke, the first time I ever heard him do one, notwithstanding ones about the HMRC:

    “Politicians are like babies’ nappies. They should be changed regularly, and for exactly the same reasons.”

  354. Dunno how I missed this re-up last week; another example of Steyn’s sage prescience and yet another reason to mourn his disappeance from the pages and screens of the UK msm:

    It amazes me that the is no right-leaning mogul sufficiently engaged to finance the flotation of a daily rag, or TV Channel that accomodates the likes of Steyn, Melanie Phillips, Dan Greenfield, et al (choose your own fav’rits), whose right-lit stars shine in the cybersphere, but are buried in the mire that was once Grub Street and the nascent ITV medium.

    The decline is exemplified by the current output of the New Specstatesman and the documentary output of non-BBC tv. Murdoch has buried Melanie behind his paywall, but she breaks free courtesy the JC and her Twitter account, but hoi polloi who still dip into the msm for their daily news see nothing but statist propaganda and the poisoned culture of the arty-farty literati.

    The BBC, aka agitprop, was of course always the enclave of traitors, queers and Gramsci disciples ( and a combination of all three) as illustrated by their latest lie-laden celebration of obnoxious freakery “Gay Brittania” on BBC 4.

    C’mon! One of you real conservatives with deep pockets, get something moving! There’s a hungry/thirsty queue of punters awaiting at the door, just give us a chance to fill your coffers. Hire the stars we follow free on this medium; make it worth their while. Break the stranglehold of neo-Marxism on the MSM. Fox are utilising Steyn every day almost, now . Why no UK equivalent? Or am I missing the point, which is that you’re already invested in the intertubes and the msm is truly moribund?

  355. Baron – 08:45

    Why not Firefox?

    Just because you are using the Opera browser doesn’t automatically mean you’re not using the Google Search engine. Check the Opera default settings. Anyway, are Bing, or Yahoo really any better.

    To cover all bases why not check out Dogpile:

  356. Esther (14:15)

    Hitchens needs to get with the Polari; it’s Dorothy, not Doris.
    Mind you it’s comforting that he’s not ‘a friend of Dorothy’ himself. I have wondered on occasions. 🙂

  357. Well, the Mail finally covered Tommy Robinson’s week – in the most pejorative and smeary way. Of course they assiduously neglect to mention the fact that his book is number one of all best sellers:

    Amazon’s bestseller chart (the homepage has been revamped to avoid putting the book cover on there, aw, diddums Amazon):

    You are literally living in a parellel media universe. The MSM strains every sinew to tell you lies and avoid telling the truth.

    That this book is number one is wonderful.

  358. I feel sorry for Paedophiles. They are as god made them and everyone hates them.
    Homosexuals are as god made them and we have to celebrate the fact.
    Gods quiet cruel at times isn’t he, she, or whatever.

  359. God is obviously not as perfect as Allah

  360. As to the Celtic fans. They are only a small number but the fact that they support jihad when they wouldn’t be able to walk through Gaza alive tells you how thick these people are.

    I noticed the story about two Scotsmen recently arguing over whether Andy Murray was British or Scottish and one bit the other’s ear off.

    The trouble with Trainspotting is, it’s not fiction. That Begby character, extreme violence over extreme pettiness characterises too many people in Scotland.

    Waving Palestinian flags. They’re in the wrong bloody war. Go and do it in the Middle East and see where you get.

    No wonder the West is xxxxed.

  361. New Zealand boasts jaw-dropping scenery, wonderful wine and rugby
    A very good article extolling the benifits of the country without once mentioning there are no bloody Muslims.

  362. Here we go again.

    Another story that has been all over the internet in the past 48 hours on Katie Hopkins (Twitter), PJW (Twitter and YouTube – link above) and Tommy Robinson finally makes it into the MSM, purely because they look stupid for ignoring it.

    J.K. Rowling falsely accuses Donald Trump of avoiding shaking the hand of a wheelchair-bound three-year-old boy as Piers Morgan labels the author as a ‘disgraceful liar’

    The president held a press conference July 24 where he had met with the ‘victims of Obamacare before hand’
    Trump shook the hand of a little boy, aged 3, in a wheelchair before taking stage
    Edited video clip that was shared to Twitter shows him skipping the child, when that was not true
    But author J.K. Rowling went on Twitter rant blasting Trump for avoiding the boy
    Piers Morgan and others are now calling her out over the tweets and requesting she delete them and apologize

  363. The Daily Mail is ghastly. We let you see it when we say you can. And we’ll tell you how to see it and how to interpret it.

    It’s as full of pxxx and wind as any other MSM channel but people think because it makes a few concessions it’s not Judas Goat media.

    Wrong. It’s the ultimate Judas Goat media.

  364. I don’t pay to be insulted by anyone and certainly not the Barcaly Brothers so I can’t read all of it but I saw the top of Simon Heffer’s column

    From gender to diesel to migration, this Conservative Government is dumping conservatism

    The Conservatives keep outlining policies that make one wonder what ministers think conservatism actually is.

    The blithe announcement that someone can re-write his or her birth certificate if he (or she) now considers himself (or herself) of a different gender defied conservatism’s explicit regard for authority. The bandwagon-jumping announcement that sales of new petrol and diesel cars would be banned from 2040 came ill from a party for which the car economy has been a pillar of growth, liberty and empowerment. There have been hints of leeway on migration after Brexit, with a report on the economic effects of immigrant EU labour due only six months before we leave. Such leeway would defy the outcome of the referendum, and any idea of Tory democracy.

    I don’t really need to see the rest of it. I know it. You know. Hitchens has turned himself hoarse saying it.

    Why do people let them get away with it?

  365. Katie Hopkins keeps tweeting British police forces and asking why the only thing they care about is thought crimes:

  366. As witty and informative as Steyn, trust me, as someone living in the US, this is exactly what’s going on. Encore, encore:

    Donald Trump, White House leaking, infantile media coverage and transgender drivel

  367. One of the commenters underneath that tirade cited the gender reassignation of a dead person called David Reimer. Reimer was bitter and depressed about his re-assignation but the academcs wrote essays hailing it a success.

    Germaine Greer has warned about this too (another one being eaten by the monster she created).

    FFS – this is what happens when you wipe out free speech. No one can say: ‘Are you sure? We could delay all this.’

    The reality of people being nudged into this by activists and academics is beyond the evils of science fiction.

  368. Esther – 18:53

    ALL ministerial cars should be replaced by 100% electric cars (no hybrids) forthwith. Let the bastards lead by example, starting with Gove and Grayling!

    The Daily Mail tries to be all things to all people but it always tows the establishment line. Like you say, it’s the ultimate Judas Goat publication.

    Peter Hitchens? Pah! I wonder where he keeps his Chaika garaged?

  369. Gove! Another chocolate soldier. I suppose they say that phrase is racist now, even though it’s nothing to do with skin color.

  370. The Tommy Robinson book seems a tome for the uninitiated masses. I might read it.

    Robert Spencer’s Guide to Free Speech for the Infidel strikes me as a little more relevant for all of us versed in Islam. The point being: how are we going to stop our governments?

    The answer is: people have to locate servers in jurisdictions where free speech is law. Second: political parties must be created that enshrine free speech as a core value.

    There must not be a way of closing down free speech through libel laws and hate crimes, as per the Shami Chakrabarti woman, who is virtually orgasming in public like Meg Ryan in when Harry Met Sally such is her closeness to high office (unelected for her, natch, she’s in the Lords), from whence as the highest law officer in the land, she can slit the throat of free speech like a halal butcher and watch the corpse of the British quiver in terrified silence, unable to utter a syllable of dissent with its throat cut and blood pouring everywhere.

    She is absolutely salivating. The UK is between a rock and a hard place now.

    Treacherous Tories and Stalinist Labour. They both loved that report by Blairite Matthew Taylor that suggested banning cash. The things both parties have planned for Britain, they want no opposition.

    They want to hang you out to dry, your throat cut by the latest jihadi they let in.

    It’s appalling.

  371. Esther July 30 @ 1918

    I see that the link you posted included this –

    “The American adoptive lesbian parents of an 12-year-old boy who began sex-change surgery at the age of eight claim it is “better for a child to have a sex change when young”. They also claim they “always knew” the boy wanted to be a girl. Um, just like them. So: it’s good to take a life changing decision at age eight prior to puberty and ten years before you can vote in an election. And being ESP sensitive, the parents “knew” the kid was a girl in a boy’s body. They being, er, girls an’ all.

    Predictably, all the school staff and psychologists agreed, and encouraged it. There’s just one problem – apart, that is, from the absence of common sense: their action is pure 1970s bad behaviourism science from the same school as kids like have sex at three, paedophile preference is not abnormal, and the Paedophile Information Exchange is “a valid part of the rainbow of sexual experience”.

    Regardless of the boy’s alleged gender preference, how do they know his sexuality? Ah, say the couple, that’s not the point. It is dears, if you’re going to chop his dick off….which, by the way, they already have.”

    Surely, in any civilised society, this must amount not just to extreme child abuse but also to the infliction of Grievous Bodily Harm? Why have all the perpetrators not been prosecuted?

  372. My understanding is that the organ is now chemically damaged beyond recognition:

    Update on Lesbian Couple in California Chemically Altering Their 11-year-old Boy to Prep For Sex-change Surgery

  373. Put it this way, there’s not much choice about it. It’s a goner.

  374. Big Mo’s Koran edited by McLoughlin and Robinson at No. 1 on Amazon UK list .
    Review by ‘Brian of London’ .

  375. E C 18-32
    fuck me, is there no escape from them.

  376. I wish that book every success and am very pleased at the exposure it’s getting (despite the MSM blackout).

    Do you know, it’s 10 years since Melanie Phillips published Londonistan. Ten years. And it all got worse. Whatever the Cassandras, Enoch Powell and so on, said would happen, it turned out a thousand times worse.

    It’s old hat to all of us. But I’m glad if a wider audience picks it up.

    There’s a wonderful poetic justice in who the author is: you want us to live under Islam. OK, let’s talk about Islam.

    And, yes, there is a campaign to have it banned.

    Total parallel universe. Number one on Amazon and blackout in MSM. Unbelievable.

  377. Ha, ha, ha.

    Google’s irritating predictive text stops working on the word Koran when I type in Tommy Robinson Mohammed’s Koran.

    You don’t want to guess, Google? No guesses at all. We get to K and Google turns mute. Dumb insolence they call it. Total media control through algorithm so we can all have our throats slit and our bodies maimed and not know the reason why.

    xxxx Google.

    It is the most evil corporation in the world.

  378. A former editor of The Spectator writes:

    The Tories are on the right side of the transgender debate

    Matthew d’Ancona

    Justine Greening’s review of the Gender Recognition Act is a vital step forward.

    He used to write about being at war with Islam, found himself demoted and unwanted and so changed his tune to that of his globalist paymasters and he’s never out of work.

    You write what they want you to write. Or it’s out. Look at Mel, Kelvin Mackenzie et al. Out.

  379. PJW interviews Tommy Robinson, posted today.

  380. In that video, Tommy Robinson says of the Birmingham Muslim paedophile rape: ‘Look at the picture of the suspect. The media are calling him “Asian”. It’s not Bruce Lee, is it?’

  381. John birch – 21:15

    It’s OK, they are still outnumbered. However, best steer clear of the “K” road in Auckland, especially after dark. The Chinese and Japanese tourists outnumber everybody by a gazillion to one, but they are friendly enough.

    btw. It’s still legal to own firearms in NZ 🙂

  382. Some bus drivers don’t make the the best leaders:
    Venezuela braces for a day of fresh violence in wake of Maduro ‘power grab’ victory

  383. Tommy Robinson has a photo of one of the suspects

  384. Imagine my surprise!

    It’s not “radicalisation” it’s emboldenment. As their numbers grow there will be more. At first they sleep while they are insecure in number. Both Churchill and Gladstone understood this very well.”

  385. Frank P,

    “…another example of Steyn’s sage prescience…”

    Prescient indeed!

  386. RobertRetyred @ 09:29

    It may be, Robert, it is not the driving that’s the issue, it’s more the guy’s critical of the Americans, he better watch out, the non-interfering-in-elections-of-other-countries country may engineer his fall from power in no time, a move that the barbarian would welcome provided it was followed by a sovereign, independent, free Venezuela.

  387. Frank P 30th July, 16.24

    “…Hitchens needs to get with the Polari; it’s Dorothy, not Doris…” Hmmm.

    The Salisbury Review for Spring 2017 contains a book review by EC’s fav CofE cleric Peter Mullen. The book, with the long winded title “That was the Church that Was: How the Church of England lost the English People”. Despite that it seems a good read, if you have any interest, affectionate, scabrous or otherwise for the English upper class habit of buggery, I quote:
    “At Marlborough, ‘The headmaster told a gathering of senior boys that masterbation was not a sin: He did it himself when his wife was away; just as he ate fish and chip suppers when she was not there to cook for him.’ We’re not told whether he put salt and pepper on it-the supper I mean. Also at Marlborough “Really unpopular boys would be gang-raped anally with a broomstick.’ Theological colleges like St Stephen’s house Oxford had cultures in which men called each other by girls’ names like Doris and Betty and got exited by frilly cottas”.

    Given PH’s well known devotion to the CofE perhaps this is the etymological origin of his use of Doris.

    Not that the English taste for sodomy is confined to the upper classes of course. Whilst living a Batchelor existence in Riyadh in a hotel leased by the Company for its male employees the occupants on either side of my room, admin clerks by day, were well known Queans of the Nejd at night, who would often simper, sashay and flounce down the corridors in the powder caked glories of Danny la Rue. Indeed the buggers had the cheek to complain that the parties, replete with young ladies from the local hospitals in my room, broke Sharia law, (which of course they did), and tried to have them and me banned.

  388. EC @ 16:15

    When the decision to get to read the link was taken, you were not around with the doggrel advice, EC, the barbarian had to rely on the 2nd best option, googled for it, got the link below, thought it had sounded OK, went for Opera.

    Opera’s not that different from the other search engines, (it does utilise Safari’s algorithms, you’re right), they all do roughly the same, the layout of the functions’ different, it’s just like the car makers, one gets used to the location of the buttons from one, sticks with the same car brand, too, well, Baron does.

  389. What’s happened to the Colonel, he’s been absent for days now, does anyone have any connection to him.

    He isn’t one of the youngest here, the absence worries abit, and one’s missing his slicing of events anyway, Baron does.

    The same goes for Stephen, but one gets used to his long absences from the CHW, not that unusual.

    Should we not agree that whatever happens each of us posts at least once a month a simple acknowledgment of one’s breathing?

  390. Noa @ 10:48

    Like it, Noa, ‘taste for sodomy’ sounds good and apt and timely.

    But why so prevalent here? is it the weather, the segregated schooling, the impact of a religious dogma or what?

  391. Baron – 10:44

    I was thinking of the ex-bus driver in London 🙂

    I wonder if a third will appear 🙂

    You would have thought that it would be train drivers that had no sense of direction 🙂

  392. Noa – 10:48

    Ah, Mr. Boot’s minder! Scary bloke, and definitely not the sort of chap with whom one would want to default on the repayment of loan.

    I was reminded of this…

    My favourite line being…
    Bishop of Bath and Wells: “You fiend. Never have I encountered such corruption, foul minded perversity! Have you ever considered a career in the Church?”

  393. Noa – 10:48

    Perhaps PH is channeling “Prof.” Godfrey Bloom who refers to Treezer as “Doris” on a daily basis. Anne Widdecombe’s parliamentary nickname used to be “Doris Karloff which, with the passage of time and her rehabilitation by the BBC, she unfortunately appears to have been allowed to cast off. Right about drugs, but… ghastly woman.

  394. Baron 11.05

    I presume your question is to the world at large, rather than to a mystified observer like myself m’lud. In truth I don’t know if it’s any more prevalent in the CofE than other denominations, witness the recent events in the Vatican.
    As EC points out there does seem to be a link between religion and sodomy, and banking too, as the ‘Ketamine King’ and ‘nitrate nonce’ our dear, dear friend Paul Flowers demonstrated.

  395. The French deradicalisation scheme, the Prevent strategy, Tell MAMA (funding reinstated by the Tory party despite a track record of taqqya and lies) are all one and the same thing: officialdom’s way of taking even more taxpayer cash and shoving it into the hands of Muslims.

    It’s as simple as that.

    There is only one programme that works: the Orban Programme.

  396. Are the European Union banks preparing for bank runs? Why has the EU been examining mechanisms since the beginning of the year to freeze bank accounts in the event of a bank run?

    Be prepared!

  397. Exactly, Malfleur.

    Keep as much cash at home as you can without fear and use cash where possible.

    When she goes and they cry timber, there will be no time to withdraw digital.

    That’s why they love digital. For bank bail-ins and so on.

    Keep you cash. Hoard it.

  398. This is not a mistake. It is part of a repeated pattern by one Remainer to constantly destroy Brexit.

    Hammond is saying to the EU, call their bluff, I can tell you they will cave in:

    Philip Hammond creates a one-man Cabinet split over Brexit

    Fraser Nelson

    With the Prime Minister walking in the Alps, Hammond is in charge and has goofed again – this time in an interview with Le Monde.

    “I often hear it said that the UK is considering participating in unfair competition in regulation and tax. That is neither our plan nor our vision for the future. The amount of tax we raise as a percentage of our GDP puts us right in the middle of the pack. We don’t want that to change, even after we’ve left the EU. I would expect us to remain a country with a social, economic and cultural model that is recognisably European.”

    The UK is engaged in negotiations with the European Union, and message discipline is vital. As acting Prime Minister, it’s Hammond’s job to maintain that discipline and make sure none of his colleagues speculate in any way that might serve to undermine the Prime Minister and David Davis when they enter those talks.

    Contradicting the government line is unhelpful at the best of times; to do it at a time of Brexit talks is staggeringly irresponsible.

    As he should know, the UK government’s line is that, if the Brexit talks go wrong, it reserves the option to engage in tax competition. A senior Cabinet member spelled it out in a widely-reported interview with Welt am Sonntag.

    “I personally hope we will be able to remain in the mainstream of European economic and social thinking. But if we are forced to be something different, then we will have to become something different. If we have no access to the European market, if we are closed off, if Britain were to leave the European Union without an agreement on market access, then we could suffer from economic damage at least in the short-term. In this case, we could be forced to change our economic model and we will have to change our model to regain competitiveness. And you can be sure we will do whatever we have to do. The British people are not going to lie down and say, too bad, we’ve been wounded. We will change our model, and we will come back, and we will be competitively engaged.”

    This was none other than, erm, Philip Hammond, speaking in January. So when he told the French that he “hears it said” that the UK was considering cutting taxes and regulation to be more competitive he was presumably referring to himself. It’s one thing for Cabinet members to contradict each other, but Hammond is taking the art of the Tory rift up a level.


  399. Conservative Woman

    May’s looming Brexit betrayal can spark a Ukip revival

  400. ‘No deal is better than a bad deal’ translates as do it our way or we become a tax haven.

    Hammond had just said, call her bluff. I and the rest of the Remain Establishment have your back.

    Brexit is dead.

  401. TREVOR KAVANAGH Remainiac Philip Hammond is leading the country into a disaster by calling for three year Brexit transition deal

    The Chancellor would hand the EU the power to hobble negotiations, block trade deals and punish Britain for daring to leave in the first place

  402. This is why you need to hold cash. This is why they will freeze bank accounts. From that Trevor Kavanagh piece:

    Dismiss any ideas of a friendly divorce. This is a fight for the EU’s very survival.

    Brussels cannot afford to give a centimetre, let alone an inch. Any gain for Britain is a loss for the creaking EU.

    Indeed, Europe’s declared aim is to make Britain WORSE off.

    The nightmare of an ex-member state flourishing outside its borders is intolerable. Others will want what we’re having.

    So is the loss of our £12bn a year membership fee, crippling EU finances.

    GOT IT? I repeat: This is a fight for the EU’s very survival. If the UK goes, the whole thing collapses and that’s why they are readying themselves to freeze bank accounts, have bank bail-ins. That’s why they want the cashless society.

    Wake up.

  403. Baron ; July 28th. at 21-08 :
    Yes,as part of a team;but he may not want it highlighted here.

  404. Baron 1100
    A few posts from myself or my very good friend, son of Penelope often do the trick.

  405. Published on Jul 27, 2017

  406. Baron

    DFTFT – FFS. And open the window, please.

  407. As an escape from politics (well -almost) I heartily recommend Steyn’s “Song of the Week” re-up (to mark the half centenary since the ‘summer of love’), adapted from his own book, “A Song for The Season”,

    As he was only nine at the time, one hopes he wasn’t too involved in the psychedelic experimentation of that explosive milestone in the history of Western Civilisation, but his assiduous research is right on the button and as his later career encapsulated so much of it, he must have a ‘photographic memory’ for data. His ability to recreate history while taking the piss so deliciously is second to none: while implanting an earworm of a tune in the mind while so doing. Light my Fire indeed.

    As one who was already impervious to the machinations of the culture warriors and shitheads of the era, half a generation ahead of them, very un-hip – square as a chessboard, in fact – and dealing with the shitty upshot of the cults – pretty girls on acid, thinking they could fly from fourth floor windows and instead impaling themselves cunt first on the iron railings below and such escapades, I thought I would never be able to raise a smile at the memories of those upheavals in civil disturbance. But I found myself laughing to the point of tears, while reading the wordplay and satire in this latest reprise. RTWT.

    Seems time heals everything.

  408. … Except the terminal disease of life itself.

  409. … But as JMK famously remarked, “In the long run, we’re all dead!”

  410. Back to serious politics (well, almost 🙂 ) Gerard VdL in fine fettle today with Trump’s half-year score:


  411. Everything about Brexit is wrong I don’t believe any of the Conservative party wants Brexit.
    They were all put in position for one reason only, to keep Nigel Farage out.
    None of them to me seem capable of dealing with the negotiations and I don’t believe they’ve got their heart in it anyway.
    From the Conservative party to the Labour Party we really have got some second rate politicians around today and to say second rate is probably giving them the benefit of the doubt.

  412. 24 caratTraitors all!

  413. Malfleur @ 13:03

    One cannot do much about it, Malfleur, if one goes to a bank, says ‘I want to withdraw alot of cash’, (say) £20,000, the bank asks why, if the answer is not to their ‘liking’ the bank won’t do it (the not liking answer may be ‘I want to keep my cash if you go belly up).

    Even if the explanation is considered reasonable, it takes time for the bank to action it, Baron should know, he’s done it.

    In a sense, the EU trial run is OK, insolvency isn’t the same as bankruptcy, the former simply means the bank is out of cash, the latter its assets aren’t sufficient to cover its deposits.

    Lehmans are a good example, the company was insolvent, but had enough assets to repay everyone who’s asked to get money bank, the problem was nobody (and that includes the bank of last resort) refused to lend Lehmans money, it had to go bust.

  414. Esther @ 13:35

    Good point, Esther, the man should be told to shut up, whatever the bean counter touches turns to dust, it was he who fugged up the Armed Forces, the one thing Baron will never forgive him for.

  415. Alex Boot laces the Lycra louts:

    Wonderful! Except for one paragraph, see my response on his blog.

    London’s burning? Oh Dear… what a shame. See:
    Noa: July 30th, 2017 – 13:10.

    I have a couple of gallons to spare in my garage, the lawn mower can wait.

  416. Is the Donald fire himself next?

  417. Frank P @ 15:07

    It has taken years for the barbarian to master English, Frank, he is able to get by, just, what is DFTFT in English then?

    (Google says FTFT stands for ‘for the first time’, it has nothing on DFTFT).

  418. David Lindsay @ 14:05

    You should behave then, David, refrain from posting, or post only stuff that backs the general consensus of the sane.

  419. Radford NG @ 14:04

    Got it, thanks, Radford.

  420. To break from domestic politics and mafia machinations in the Republic, here is a clip of feminism down under:

  421. John birch. @ 16:15

    Too early to say, John, both parties run private polling, however much that technique may have been discredited, the Tories will know that failing to deliver on Brexit would mean they’re out. Hard to see they would willingly commit suicide, not something any party has ever done it consciously.

    Lets see what DD comes up with, what the saintly One should do is silence the likes of Hammond & co, he, not the EU is the enemy, the Germans need us, they seem in a shite on the car front, the last thing they need is another blow on the trade with us.

  422. General Kelly IN, Anthony Scaramucci OUT!

    Well THAT didn’t last long.
    General Kelly not taking any prisoners!
    Baron proved right once again!

    So was the whole Scaramucci affair just an elaborate deception?

  423. DFTFT
    Don’t Feed The Fucking Troll

  424. Hannity: “We now have a Republican Party that is spineless”

  425. In Washington the circus continues in full swing to my considerable amusement. Some bloke called Scaramucci gets the boot after ten days. This is so Russian, which considering the obsession with that country in the land of the free is hilarious.Cast your minds back to St. Petersburg just over a century ago. a period known as the ministerial leapfrog where official appointees scarce had time to find their desks before being fired, see the similarities? The only question here is this, who is the Rasputin of the White House?

  426. John birch.@ 07:54

    Ah, that’s what it is, thanks John, or better still TYVM.

  427. stephen maybery @ 09:43

    Good one, stephen, and nice to hear your voice again.

  428. @08:07

    Sean Hannity, above, just confirming Mark Steyn’s analysis.

    h/t Frank P above

  429. EC @ 23:05

    We are in a generous mood, EC, and kind, it’s not that the barbarian was right, he simply didn’t like the rough talking figlio di puttana even if he were at Harvard.

    (Btw, in that corner of the world of finance he made his money, this talking is not unusual, it’s almost the norm, the excuse often given is that it’s to release the tension from the job).

    It must be the New Yorker interview that did it, the barbarian has read to it just now once more, and it’s extraordinary by any measure, whatever the guy must have taken before he called (he could;t have said it sober or clean of a weed or two) must be worth trying.

  430. USA Sanctuary Cities:

    Nothing will change until a number of the wives/daughters/mothers of Democrat lunatics that run these places find themselves on the wrong end of an illegal immigrant.

  431. “The only question that remains is who in the CIA or Obama-era State Department should be prosecuted first?”

    h/t PJW

  432. Sean Hannity and Dr Sebastian Gorka talking truth about N.Korea, Clintons, Iran and Obama

    [NB. The EMP from a nuclear weapon detonated just before re-entry into the atmosphere would wreak havoc on US infrastructure.]

  433. Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby says chances of getting Brexit done in 18 months “infinitesimally small”

    Prof. Godfrey Bloom‏ [@goddersbloom] observes…

    “The chances of him speaking out against global Christian persecution is even smaller. What an absurd little man he is. Bin him your Majesty.”

  434. … and here’s another thing:

    Thanks Mr Vanderleun. Wouldn’t want to be left out of the loop, would we?

  435. Frank P – 12:52

    Bluddy ‘ell !

  436. Frank P 12.52

    The obvious inference between the summer holiday at Westminster and the growing prevalence of bloated rodents around the country is often overlooked.
    More petrol vicar!

  437. Clive James writing on the last 50 years of Climate Change Alarmism…

    “Mass Death Dies Hard”

    Clive is on top form.

  438. EC

    To your bull buggering Bishop I raise you one Stan, of the Peoples Front of Judea.

  439. BBC programme on Roy Jenkins, the Father of the Permissive Society.

  440. Will Douglas Murray turn you to buggery?

  441. Noa 16-29

    The $13billion USS Gerald Ford’s major problem isn’t with its choppers, it’s getting the planes up…

    The pantomime over the USS Ford is as nothing compared to the ongoing problems with the US Navy’s $4billion “stealth” destroyer, the USS Zumwalt.

    Forget the gender neutral porcelain, the Ruskies must be laughing so hard that they are pissing in their pants!

  442. Noa 16:52

    How we were talked into joining Europe
    Thirty years ago, Britons voted on whether to stay in the Common Market.
    Michael Cockerill recalls the wily tactics that won round a sceptical nation

    When I asked Jenkins at that time what effect he thought that decision would have on the unity of the Cabinet, he replied: “I do hope this whole wefewendum campaign can be conducted with out any wancour on either side.”

  443. EC

    We have the same problems with HMS Junkheap, but with erm, knobs on. No aircraft, US controlled avionics software, pissoires sans hommes, crap engines, no destroyers.

  444. EC 17.36

    Tee hee, unfortunately there were plenty of wankeurs on both sides.

    As there still are.

  445. Noa – 16:54

    No, BUT bugger me, they were ALL at it!
    Must have been the boarding schools?

    [I was only an innocent cuntry lad at the time, but I bet Frank P knew about this..]

    By God, that No.10 Cabinet Table has seen some action in its time!

  446. EC

    Thanks, I’d forgotten that Woy was Crosland’s side of Welsh rarebit.

    As to the Cabinet, Why are its members so often top drawer?

  447. Noa (16:54)


    Even though he’s a crafty bugger who manages to conflate the cause of sodomy with the problems of Muslim immigration. He doesn’t have to remind us that he’s queer, it’s obvious. But if that’s his main reason for rejecting Islam. which I suspect it might be, there are many other reasons more pressing. Even the muzzies are not wrong about everything. 🙂 Mind you their solution to it is somewhat extreme. I would be quite content if the gingers were to STFU up about their depraved proclivity and did it quietly, in private among adults of the same ilk (no more than two at a a time) and not proselytise it through their friends in TV who have now achieved almost total control of the medium. Which is what we agreed to back in 1967. Unfortunately that wasn’t just legislation, it was the thin edge of a very wide wedge that has been not only used ever since to bugger society at large, but to dilate the crevice ever wider, year by year. Evidenced by the current carnival of queerdom sponsored by BBC Four: licence to the point of incontinence (probably caused by the thick end of the wedge).

  448. EC (17:45)

    Sorry you beat me to it I was typing when you posted. 🙂 🙂

  449. Nelson Mandela is sitting at home watching TV and drinking tea when he hears a knock at the door. When he opens it, he is confronted by a little Chinese man, clutching a clip board and yelling,
    “You Sign! You sign!”
    Behind him is an enormous truck full of car exhausts. Nelson is standing there in complete amazement, when the Chinese man starts to yell louder.
    “You Sign! You sign!”
    Nelson says to him, “Look, you´ve obviously got the wrong man”, and shuts the door. The next day he hears a knock at the door again. When he opens it, the little Chinese man is back with a huge truck of brake pads. He thrusts his clipboard under Nelson´s nose, yelling,
    “You sign! You sign!”
    Mr. Mandela smiles and says
    “look young man…you’ve got the wrong man”
    The following day, Nelson is resting, and late in the afternoon, he hears a knock on the door again. On opening the door, there is the same little Chinese man thrusting a clipboard under his nose, shouting,
    “You sign! You sign!”
    Behind him are TWO very large trucks full of car parts. This time Nelson Mandela yells at him,
    “Look, I don´t want these! Do you understand? You must have the wrong name! Who do you want to give these to?”
    The little Chinese man looks very puzzled, consults his clipboard, and says,
    “Aren’t you Nissan Main Dealer?”

  450. Steyn’s fascinating story of the Doors classic “Light my fire.”
    “…Sinatra, it’s safe to say…loathed “Light My Fire”. Driving from Palm Springs to Los Angeles one day, he heard it start on one station, flipped to another, heard it again, flipped to another, heard it a third time, and then pulled the car over, ripped out the radio and crushed it under his foot, leaving it to wallow in the mire while he drove off in a state of great ire.

  451. Frank P 18.15

    In all honesty Frank, I had never suspected that you were one who ‘held his friends close and his enemies closer.”
    There may be more than a grain of truth in your assessment of Murray’s motives, though his analysis of the immigration and islamic conquest of Europe is more likely to appeal to the bien pensant Liberati than e.g. the famous author Tommy Robinson, whose appeal is to the still patriotic working and benefits classes.
    As Steyn points out though we find unlikely allies in unexpected places.

  452. Here is a giant Union Jack marked out in delphiniums at a farm in Worcestershire .

  453. Roy Jenkins and Tony Crosland, John Major and Edwina Currie, David Cameron and Louise Mensch. Why don’t they put a mattress in place of the cabinet table.

    What rutting.

  454. Peter Hitchens has put up a very long post about Roy Jenkins, the most important bit of which is the way he crafted Private Members Bills, LibLabCon cross-party tactics and the EU to bypass the will of the electorate.

    The UK has ended up with a LibLabCon hegemony (they are no different) dictatorship in which a girl in Blackpool can be raped by a Muslim rape squad, chopped up and put in kebabs, but this is glossed over with anti-free speech hate crimes and libel laws.

    Labour MPs accused of knowing what they dogs in the street seemed to know about Muslim rape squads sued a UKIP woman for saying they knew what was going on. The source of the cancer:

    ‘In alliance with liberal Tories such as Norman St John Stevas, Jenkins was able to get this revolutionary law on to the statute book. It was his first significant use of the ‘Private Members’ Bill’ tactic, and of the cross-party alliance tactic [LIBLABCON], with which he would achieve so many of his aims, from cultural revolution to membership of the Common Market, in the years to come.

    ‘They were all based on the clever principle that major changes could be made without them ever needing to be put in party manifestoes at general elections. How can the public punish political parties at elections, for actions they have not taken and for which they have never assumed responsibility? How indeed? The parties will always ally against the people, when the desires of the elite are at stake.’

    The UK is a shxxhole thanks to people like that.

  455. From an interview with Hitchens this week:

    “It seems to me that when you have a country where the political establishment, the legal profession and most of the media, particularly the BBC, is in favour of staying, it’d be very difficult to actually leave. That’s what’s now happening. The Leave vote is being frustrated.

    “We will formally leave the EU but we go from being half-in the EU, which we are now, to half-out the EU.”

    Which is what we have always said. Brexit does not mean Brexit. Any more than selling people a 500,000 pound home on a 25% shared equity stake makes it affordable.

    These are con labels that pretend to give you what they say they are.

    The UK will have a hollow Brexit in word, not deed.

  456. Do you know why they have made an arrest in the Charlene Downes case?

    It’s because of things like Tommy Robinson having a book at number one. It’s because of things like people no long bothering to pay for propaganda xxxx like the Daily Telegraph (the owners want to sell).

    It’s because of the rise of Breitbart, which – thank God – operates in a country with free speech. What you going to do about that May and Corbyn?

    It’s a sop to rising public anger is all it is. And only one arrest?

    That shows it’s a sop to try to put a public lid on the matter.

    You can’t do a thing like that on your own. Oh no. That needs a group of people. Where TF are the rest? And why aren’t they rotting in jail on a proper life sentence.

    It’s a sop. A public relations sop.

    It isn’t the perpetrators that are the worst of it. It’s the politicians that aided and abetted them with the cover of political correctness.

    The dogs in the bloody street know what’s going on but these xxxxbag politicians engineered this cover up.

  457. Raped by a Muslim rape squad and chopped up and put in kebabs.

    And it was all sponsored by the Establishment.

    xxxxing Jesus. Why the xxxx do people vote for these cxxts?

  458. If our chest-puffing Chancellor doesn’t believe in a glorious future after Brexit, he should quit and join the Lib Dems, writes QUENTIN LETTS

  459. The effect of banning free speech in the West is to crush it elsewhere too. It isn’t just about our rights, although that is the priority. The US has long covertly tried to cultivate free speech to cultivate democracy.

    If we all follow the path of liberty-hating Shami Chakrabarti, we’ll lose free speech too. She’s a professional cxxt.

  460. I have long had the impression with Murray that he didn’t speak about his sexuality because he didn’t want it to define him (in the way it does with xxxxholes like Owen Jones and Johann Hari), but does mention it in relation to the fact that he faces a lethal danger as Islam gets stronger.

    I like his writing. My beef is that he is there as a sop, like many of them are. That he is a concession to reader taste. In the way that Melanie Phillips was. In essence, on the Spectator, he and Rod Liddle are used as clickbait only to try to foist the xxxx of Isabel Hardman and Fraser Nelson on us.

    They are there as ballast to keep the ship afloat.

    The truth about the Spectator and the Telegraph (which share owners) is how can they survive as they both insult their readers, smash social conservatism to pieces, while at the same time Paul Jospeph Watson has just garnered 1 million subscribers and there is Breitbart?

    We don’t want concessions.

    The news gets worse every day, glossing over it with sxxxfaced propaganda can’t mask that.

    I’m fed up with sops. I’m fed up with witticisms. I’m fed up with detailed insight.

    I xxxxing know already. I want something done about it and telling me to rim Theresa May won’t wash.

    I want an Orban plan drawn up and implemented. Yesterday.

    The Spectator has a picture of a xxxxing dessert on its homepage.

    What do they want ‘dhimmis’ to do? Cook while they’re being raped?

    xxxx off.

  461. EC – I read that Clive James essay a few days ago and what struck me was, here is a very famous face, always with a queue of people at his door to offer him a slot and it’s not in the Times or the Telegraph but buried away in a book of essays.

    That is how sensitive the Establishment are about the climate change con.

    You don’t xxxx with a Soros scam.

    I am sick of this climate change lie. It is bare-faced lies to make money.

    What the hell is Gove doing ordering everyone to be in an electric car? Idiot.

  462. The sound on this is atrocious but it is 13 minutes of essential Melanie Phillips on Trump:

  463. Esther

    “The time has come,” the Walrus said, “To talk of many things: Of shoes–and ships–and sealing-wax– Of cabbages–and kings– And why the sea is boiling hot– And whether pigs have wings.” “But wait a bit,” the Oysters cried, “Before we have our chat; For some of us are out of breath, And all of us are fat!”

  464. Frank 0236, Melanie and I suspect you are caught up in the wickedness of the parental advisers and the “ridiculous position” of the American Right.

    “The commentary emanating from America, however, was staggeringly ill-informed. The website American Thinker, for example, ran one hysterical piece after another. Thus the case represented “a perfect crystallization of the full heart and soul of socialized or ‘single payer’ health care”, a “tyrannically impersonal “medical system” in which “the individual human being is property of the State”.

    “Little Charlie Gard appears to be under a death sentence courtesy of Great Ormond Street Hospital and the British Courts” in “a totalitarian state where the courts decide whether my child can live or die, where they can withhold medical treatment as and when they decide, where they can prevent treatment in another nation, where the rights of the individuals involved can be thrown on the floor and trashed like so much refuse” ”

    My take on this is that the parents were led to believe that there might be a chance, however tiny, they had raised the money to let Charlie take this chance and our big nanny state denied this.
    Who is to say that, if back in January, Charlie had been allowed to go to the US, the outcome would not have been different?

  465. Yall still there?
    Your fake news media are all getting at The Donald over the Mooch and Donald’s Tweets. But remember the dictum of success and control. “Keep the buggers shuffling”.
    Love to Andy
    (Tell him I am headed over next week and my offer to stand lunch in the Charlotte Street hotel on the 10th before I catch Brunel’s railway to Devonshire still stands).

  466. Nice work if you can get it. And thanks to the insanity of equality’ legislation, vast payments are available to the mendacious and mentally insane from the pockets of all of us.

  467. Noa – 10:27

    The article cannot be read without a subscription, I’m afraid. I do hope that the “single sexist comment” was a good un 😉

  468. Vis a vis Melanie Phillips’ explantion of what is actually going on in Washington with Trump, I posted this first link above so don’t click on it if you have watched already. I repeat it just because if you are interested it ties in to what follows in the rest of my post:

    The other day the Daily Mail (Judas Goat newspaper that accused Trump’s wife of being a hooker and was successfully sued by Trump) let one of its globalist high priests Max Hitler Hastings admit, for the first time, that there will be no impeachment of Trump. Ever. None.

    So what has changed?

    Well, Melanie Phillips tells you in her 13 minute video what Max Hastings and the Mail won’t tell you.

    They always fall silent when they are exposed as frauds.

    What did they fall silent on? The testimony of William Bowder that exonerates Trump and incriminates the Dems. This was under oath. That’s serious.

    In her video, Mel does an impression of a Snowflake saying ‘uh, Breitbart’ – as in we don’t believe anything on Breitbart!

    Here’s the story she mentions in that video that exonerates Trump and puts the Dems in the doo doo.

    That’s why Max Hitler Hastings and the ghastly Daily Mail finally threw in the towel over impeachment. It’s the Dems who were guilty, not Trump. That’s why the Mail has stopped squealing for impeachment.

    Hastings and the Mail will now admit there is no chance of impeachment but won’t tell you why. Melanie does in that video. And that’s the Breitbart story she is referring to. We have a witness, under oath, fingering the Dems.

    I hope that joins up some loose dots for people. Hat tip and thanks, as ever, to Mel for doing all the hard yards.

  469. Well, the fact that Tommy Robinson is number one in the book charts has led to a scramble to destroy the digital platform that gave rise to him. So the globalists have demanded no more YouTube ad revenue to people like Paul Joseph Watson. YouTube keeps lowering his number of subscribers, yet still they climb. I suspect this is akin to vote rigging.

    He probably has more subsribers than we are officially told.

    And to add to the axed ad revenue, YouTube is now employing a bunch of biased anti-free speech organs to avoid being blamed for its own censorship.

    It’s the same tactic governments use: ‘Oh, look we employed an independent expert to tell us what to do. Don’t blame us.’

    As soon as you hear the phrase we employed an indpenedent expert/panel, you’re being lied to. They are not independent. It’s the old con trick: don’t blame us. Blame bad cop, not good cop.

    PJW’s latest video explains:

  470. Mel’s impression of a Snowflake is priceless!

    ‘Uh, Breitbart!’

  471. John Jefferson Burns – 09:41

    I’m sure that your generous offer of lunch will be gratefully accepted by ALL the Andy Carparks that turn up! [eg. “I am Spartacus” etc.] Rest assured that the CHWsters will give you a rollicking good send off before you board the ‘Iron Horse’ that trundles down the GWR to Cornshire. It should be quite a party 😉
    “Be seeing you…”

  472. Malfleur – 07:10

    The Awan Family Democrat IT Scandal

  473. That is:

    Malfleur – July 28th, 07:10

  474. Esther

    Arising from your 11:26 – another battle cry:


    Whaddayoumake of it EC? You’re my techie guide on this level of intensity.
    Is You Tube likely to cave in, as he augurs?

  475. Malfleur – 07:10
    RobertRetyred – 11:50

    A shorter version 🙂
    Steyn: Wasserman Schultz scandal is media’s Russian dream

  476. It all happened a few days ago, but not much mentioned here:
    FBI Conforms Seth Rich DNC Leaker – Links To Debbie Wasserman-Schultz

  477. One for EC.

    The Archbishop of Cant, (or Kant) by Peter Mullen.

  478. EC

    BAE Systems loses case over ‘single sexist comment’

    Defence group ordered to pay £360,000 to former secretary

    UK construction growth at 11-month low

    JULY 31, 2017 by: Jane Croft
    BAE Systems has lost a legal appeal to reduce a £360,000 compensation payout to a former secretary over a “single sexist comment” at work.

    The defence company argued that the award to Marion Konczak, 62, was “excessive”.

    But the Court of Appeal ruled against BAE on Monday and ordered the sum of £360,178 to stand.

    Ms Konczak took BAE to an employment tribunal in 2014 to complain of sex discrimination. From 1998 to 2007 she worked as a secretary at BAE near Preston, Lancashire.

    During her time in the company’s Samlesbury office, she alleged that she was subjected to bullying and harassment, in particular two episodes of sexual harassment. She then moved to the company’s commercial team in Warton in 2005 but was unhappy.

    In 2006, her manager at the time suggested she return to work at Samlesbury but she alleged that this would involve her working with officers who she claimed had mistreated her.

    She believed her objections to the move were not taken seriously.

    In April 2006, her line manager said words to the effect that “women take things more emotionally than men while men tend to forget things and move on”, according to a summary of the case set out in the latest court ruling.

    BAE Systems’ site in Warton, Lancashire © PA
    This comment “pushed her over the edge” into a mental breakdown which she says ruined her working life, the court heard. She has been unable to work since.

    Ms Konczak argued the comment was the “final straw” and she went off sick with stress and was dismissed in July 2007.

    The tribunal upheld a single complaint in 2008 of sexual discrimination relating to her manager’s comment although it rejected or made no finding on 15 other allegations.

    Mrs Konczak was awarded the compensation in October 2014 but BAE appealed against the decision earlier this year.


    How I demanded — and won — equal pay
    The backlash against bias in advertising
    BAE’s lawyers had argued the award was excessive and denied that the manager’s comments alone were responsible for Ms Konczak’s mental breakdown.

    It argued there had been a long history of stress and problems at work for which BAE bore no legal responsibility before the manager’s comment was made.

    But Ms Konczak’s barrister argued that the compensation was fair and proportionate and reflected her loss of income.

    Lord Justice Underhill said on Monday, while giving his ruling, that the “tribunal’s reasoning is perfectly clear; and it is in my view equally clear that it is sustainable”.

    BAE declined to comment.

  479. PANIC: When Debbie Wasserman Schultz Sees What The FBI Just Found, She Will Run In Fright
    (Next News Network)

  480. Frank P
    August 2nd, 2017 – 12:37

    Seconded Frank – will disseminate.

    This is important stuff. It deprives all these people of the advertising they legitimately deserve.

    They have – as we all predicted – been smeared as extremists as if they were jihadists. But, of course, extremism is sometimes in the eye of the beholder. Especially so when it comes to the Establishment.

    This is happening at breakneck speed now.

    Ads before videos. Stopped. Banner ads on videos. Stopped. Sidebard ads next to videos. Stopped.

    ANd now the videos themselves either stopped or made very hard to locate on YouTube. He who controls the search algorithm is like he who controls the money supply – everything else become irrelevant.

    But!! We can hurt these people. They do not want to lose web traffic so we do need alternatives like Voat and so on.

    Boycotts always work. So do plan for a post-YouTube era.

    Who TF do these people think we are? That we’re all going to be raped and murdered and that we will say thank you afterwards?

    xxxx off.

  481. And the other thing to add to that list is that subscriber numbers mysteriously vanish in the night. About as reliable as a YouGov poll.

  482. Noa (13:20)

    Chilling! All here know just how deeply the Long March has penetrated up the judicial ladder, but when reportage of it seems to be confined safely behind the paywall of the FT, we are in real trouble.

    But who cares anyway, except for a handful of old curmudgeons, gathered under the renegade wall and preaching to the choir? We try to link to those with a bigger bully pulpit, but even they tend to miss the actual nitty-gritty of the infamy of this gut wrenching judicial outrage. I suppose because it’s BAE, I suppose the average tabloid punter says “Good on her, they can afford it!”

    First they come for BAE ….

    Having said all that, a short google led me to the Currant Bun’s version:

    [with photo of ‘ victim’]. FMOBB!

    Perhaps I should spend more time scanning the tabloids? 🙂
    It would be good if Steyn addressed this item. As you are already in the loop, Baron, perhaps you would be good enough to ‘alert the authorities!’ (Vanderleun’s current battle cry).

  483. This Breitbart piece makes me less than happy with both the POTUS’s new COS and his acting replacement at the HSA, Elaine Duke. My worry comes from what is tacit – between the lines – rather than explicit. They are bending over backwards to accommodate Islam (and thereby – perhaps inadvertently, perhaps not – paving the way for elements of Sharia). Problem with Generals who have spent several tours in Iraq and the ‘stans, both fighting the enemy and collaborating with the various ‘enemie of my enemy’, they have to ‘go native’ to some degree to cover their own arses. They therby lose sight of the ultimate enemy, Islam itself.

    Once again the thin edge of the wedge principal arises and if they follow this through back in Blighty, particularly when they cross-dress into politics,
    One hopes Bannon keeps an eye on this and alerts Trump to the dangers.

  484. Typo alert – sorry DHS – not DHA.

  485. Arrrgh … HSA ..Calm down and get your other specs out Frank.

    Why can’t we have an edit button, Peter?

  486. Frank P – 12:37

    What Mr Styxhexenhammer666 is saying is true, Frank, and the censorship has already started happening. Only the fake news from the left wing “progress” MSM will get a free pass, and any content that debunks their narrative will be shit-canned.


    Mark Dice:
    Paul Joseph Watson:

    …saying pretty much the same thing

    Legal Beagles: Doesn’t the sheer size of the monopolistic YouTube/Google monster fall foul of the USA’s antitrust laws?

  487. Noa – 13:20

    Thanks for posting the article. We’re straying into Richard Littlejohn YCMIA! territory here!

    Consider the perfectly reasonable proposition based on the “real life” experience of the kindly manager:

    “women take things more emotionally than men while men tend to forget things and move on”

    Then the employee’s response to this seemingly innocuous, empathetic and kindly
    statement was?

    This comment “pushed her over the edge” into a mental breakdown which she says ruined her working life, the court heard.

    She rather proved his point dontcha think? Lordy, in a sane world, Mr Justice Cocklecarrot should have chucked the case out in the first place!

    Ditto wot Frank P said, above.

  488. Frank P – 15:46


    Double ditto!

  489. Yes, is the short answer. But they infiltrate themselves with governments (Cameron was metaphorically up to his nuts in Google people, when he wasn’t literally up to his nuts in Louise Mensch).

    And they have a lot of quid pro quos for government: control of he digital media and all your data.

  490. In reply to EC at 16.09

  491. ” The `Google A.I.` purge of `YouTube` is here “.

  492. Noa – 13:16

    I cannot fault what the muscular, imposing, cleric has to say on C*nbury’s feeble minded meanderings.

  493. Esther – 16:41

    “But they infiltrate themselves with governments…”


    Angela Merkel hired/rehabilitated a whole raft of former DDR Stasi to monitor any anti migrant opinions or sentiments on Facebook/Twitter in Germany.

  494. Frank P,

    Kudos for your comments on Lycra Louts, btw.
    Sharp and to the point, my favourite bit being, “Not a functioning brain among ’em though, obviously.”

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  495. Broken Brexit.

    I always expected this to happen to Brexit, but I expected it with a Blairite leader of the opposition. The saving grace of Corbyn was always his own hatred of the EU.

    Well, guess what, they’re not going to let a thing like that stop them. We get a Roy Jenkins’ style cross party derailing of democracy instead. Both leaders will turn around to their voters and say: ‘It wasn’t me. I was good cop. Blame bad cop, the cross-party alliance.’

    Labour is plunged into fresh Brexit chaos as Keir Starmer reveals he is planning to force a parliamentary vote on staying in the single market despite Corbyn insisting the UK must quit it

    Starmer plans Commons vote to keep UK in single market for transitional period
    Labour and Tory MPs hatching a plot to keep UK in the European Economic Area
    Would make UK accept EU rules and large amount of free movement after Brexit
    Politicians are plotting months of parliamentary warfare when Brexit Bill returns

    As Hitchens said this week:

    “It seems to me that when you have a country where the political establishment, the legal profession and most of the media, particularly the BBC, is in favour of staying, it’d be very difficult to actually leave. That’s what’s now happening. The Leave vote is being frustrated.

    “We will formally leave the EU but we go from being half-in the EU, which we are now, to half-out the EU.”

  496. Frank – there is a thought provoking article over on Speccie on Charlie.

    This concludes:

    :Nothing, though, is inevitable. We need, first of all, different stories; stories of hope. Journalists need to risk reporting about success, the thousands of children whose lives are changed by Great Ormond Street Hospital every year. We need stories of brave defeat; of patients and families who resisted our vitalist culture. And we need to be bold enough to call out obsession with fiendish cases. Whether in the classroom or around the watercooler, in the pub or on the pundit’s garish sofa, we must provoke each other to address the deepest questions and not just the thorniest dilemmas, in order that our practices will make for more flourishing lives.”

  497. EC 16.35

    Indeed so, your analysis is spot on.
    There but for the grace of God go I… and I confess to a personal knowledge of and interest in the story, knowing the participants involved.
    It’s interesting to see the ‘thin skull’ rule has been imported from the criminal law to apply feelings related employment litigation, another ‘blessing” from the New Labour legislation which serves to hamstring the sacking of the mad, bad, idle and useless and to enrich the ambulance chasers.

  498. So many laws were tweaked stealthily under New Labour. The one I want reversed is the one that makes the police the paramilitary wing of bailiffs.

    Pre-New Labour bailiffs could get on with it themselves. It was their staff, their money. If they don’t get what they want. Tough. Free market. Shouldn’t have taken the job on. The police would not help the bailiffs. They were not interested, not obliged and did not have the funds and time to waste on it.

    Post-New Labour setting up a bailiff enterprise is a licence to print money. Any problems after the law was changed and the police are called and are now obliged by law to get involved. There are even fewer police now than there were then. The taxpayer is being used to fund a private business by stealth.

    Ditto the railways, the taxpayer is used to fund private businesses.

    The taxpayer should be paying for none of this. It’s private or it’s not private. Which is it?

    Under LibLabCon it’s whatever their party funders want it to be.

  499. Marshal Roberts (18:25)

    See my original post on Charlie Gard, in response to Melanie’s first article (I can’t be arsed to scroll back).

    As the Persian poet put it:

    ” … Nor all they piety nor wit
    Shall lure it back to cancel half a Line
    Nor all thy Tears wash out a word of it.”

    Now let him RIP, as I suggested then, ffs.

    Melanie nailed it in both her pieces. How many more hacks and quacks are going to squeeze the last drop of blood out of the poor little soul for filthy lucre? That’s a rhetorical question, btw.

  500. EC

    The lycra line was penned with you in mind, in response to many previous. 🙂
    I think Alex reads our copy occasionally.


    h/t Alex Jones Show, Wednesday, August 2nd.

  502. Lycra Louts….

    “I’d rather take my chances with the carbon emissions from cars than with the moral emissions that emanate from these puffed-up, two-wheeled eco-warriors.”

  503. Robert Sheriffhales – 09:27

    Good spot!

    Justice deficit: The fact that a motorist is likely to find themselves in the dock by dint of “guilt by accusation” from a cyclist is the very reason why I invested in a Dashcam. It records every journey I make in HD video on a four hour loop. During the course of a long journey three minute segments can by saved for later, if required, by the single the touch of a button in order to prevent them being overwritten.

  504. Yes, but be careful, dashcams are illegal in France because of privacy laws.

    The kind of stupid privacy laws that mean they never know the truth about their leaders. And the UK is following suit post-Leveson.

    When Cameron tups his cabinet cuties, we need to know. Simple as.


    By Tony Parsons

    BLINK and you would have missed it but a ruling by the Advocate General at the European Court of Justice may be the death blow to the EU.

    French magistrate Yves Bot ruled that Hungary and Slovakia must be forced to take in thousands of the refugees Frau Merkel invited over from the Third World.

    Will Hungary and Slovakia meekly tug their forelocks and obey Bot’s edict?

    It seems unlikely.

    “BLINK and you would have missed it” is a commonly used euphemism among British mainstream newspapers for: ‘This is what the news editor had been told not to make one of the main stories.’

    It’s all about column inches in newspapers: media mostly creates bias not through quality of argument but by quantity of coverage, highlighting some events and burying others.

    That is how you start to decode what is going on in your newspaper.

    THink of all the fake stories about Russia gassing children in Syria. You would have had to go to obscure Peter Hitchens blogs to find out the quality of the evidence (there was none).

    Back to my point. Blink and you will have missed it, my foot, the MSM covered it up. But Breitbart didn’t.

    They all know Orban isn’t going to let them in. So now look what’s happening at the point of arrival:

    Italy Seizes German NGO Boat for ‘Clandestine Immigration’ and Contacting People Smugglers

    You see, saying no works. But Theresa and Amber Rudd just love to fellate George Soros so those girls never say no.

    Viktor Orban: European Union Is Following ‘Soros Migrant Plans’

    Look on Breitbart, folks. Blink and you will have missed it. My foot. My bloody foot.

  506. This is the reason I hardly bother reading UK MSM, let alone pay for it:

    By Tony Parsons:

    BLINK and you would have missed it but a ruling by the Advocate General at the European Court of Justice may be the death blow to the EU.

    French magistrate Yves Bot ruled that Hungary and Slovakia must be forced to take in thousands of the refugees Frau Merkel invited over from the Third World.

    Will Hungary and Slovakia meekly tug their forelocks and obey Bot’s edict?

    It seems unlikely.

    “BLINK and you would have missed it” is a commonly used euphemism among British mainstream newspapers for: ‘This is what the news editor had been told not to make one of the main stories.’

    It’s all about column inches in newspapers: media mostly creates bias not through quality of argument but by quantity of coverage, highlighting some events and burying others.

    That is how you start to decode what is going on in your newspaper.

    THink of all the fake stories about Russia gassing children in Syria. You would have had to go to obscure Peter Hitchens blogs to find out the quality of the evidence (there was none).

    Back to my point. Blink and you will have missed it, my foot, the MSM covered it up. But Breitbart didn’t.

    They all know Orban isn’t going to let them in. So now look what’s happening at the point of arrival:

    Italy Seizes German NGO Boat for ‘Clandestine Immigration’ and Contacting People Smugglers

    You see, saying no works. The rest of the governments never say no because they are deliberately helping Soros.

    Look on Breitbart, folks. Blink and you will have missed it. My foot.

  507. Too little, too late, Fraser (I forgot to write my Andrew Neather piece) Nelson is forced to cover the issue (in a totally limp-writed manner). Whassa matta, Fraser? Losing readers to Breitbart? Good.

    Fraser Useless Nelson:

    What to do about the charities who send boats to bring asylum seekers to the Italian coast? Save the Children and seven others have been doing this for some time now, to the alarm of the Italian government.

    It suspects that some NGOs are colluding with the people-traffickers, and undermining attempts by the government to shut down a business that has already led to 2,200 deaths this year alone.

    The NGOs say they are saving lives – which is of course true. But the question is whether, by helping the people traffickers in the final leg of the journey, they are oiling the wheels of a new and evil industry in a way that means more, not fewer, deaths.

    There’s no suggestion that the NGOs are taking backhanders from the people-traffickers, simply that the two are acting in concert to circumvent Italian border control. In some cases, they pride themselves in defying the government: a German outfit named Jugend Rettet, says it has rescued 6,530 people since it started out last summer and seeks to “put pressure on state actors to enforce the fundamental right to life and security even in the Mediterranean.” In so doing, might they be leading to more deaths in the Mediterranean?

    It’s an awful conundrum, but one the Italians have been dealing with for years now. The frustration, there, is that the charity boats are operating outside democratic control and taking matters into their own hands: the coastguard estimates that a third of asylum seekers who land in Italy are landed by NGOs.

    And when the Italian government asked the NGO rescue boat operators to sign a code of conduct (including taking a policeman on board to ensure no laws are being broken), Save the Children agreed, but three of the eight refused – including Jugend Rettet.

    Since then, things have escalated. The Iuventa, which is run by Jugend Rettet, has been seized by Italian coastguards. The local prosecutor, Ambrogio Cartosio, says he has “evidence of encounters between traffickers, who escorted illegal immigrants to the Iuventa, and members of the boat’s crew.”

    With the Aegean migrant route closed after the EU’s deal with Turkey, crossings to Italy are up by a third so far this year – as you might expect, the body count of those who died trying to make the crossing is up by a similar amount.

    The Italian public have had enough. The former Mayor of Lampedusa, who won a UNESCO prize for her support of migrants, has been booted out and replaced by someone who takes a harder line. But if the NGOs don’t recognise government authority – indeed, pride themselves in opposition to “state actors” – then what to do? The Italian government has started to give its answer.

    Too little, too late. And a complete failure to mention George Soros. This was all connived by Common Purpose types.

    The Spectator’s nauseating act at being Good Cop is pathetic. Utterly pathetic.

  508. Esther

    “…When Cameron tups his cabinet cuties, we need to know. Simple as.”

    Are you holding a 2016 stock clearance?

  509. Esther

    Which is the favourite New Labour law we would like to see repealed?
    You will excuse me for declining to ‘pick’n mix’ from the bottled detritus of humbuggery purveyed by Labour’s sweet shop sellers.
    The simple answer is-All of them, intended as they were to destroy the pre-existing and relatively stable system of government and replace it with something more extraordinary and subject to the doctrines of post Soviet neo communism
    Even their wholesale repeal would still leave a lifetime’s work for a sane legislature to repair, and sadly that is none existent in the Four legs good’ sty that constitutes Westminster.

  510. Esther – 12:40

    There is even less chance of me going to France than there is of me going to Wales, which is the SQRT[Bugger All]

    The laws concerning the use of Dashcams in EU countries are, to put it politely, non uniform. In general, though, it seems like “the state” doesn’t like the public to surveil them but they have no objection to surveilling the public! I’m surprised that the EU hasn’t banned mobile phones with video recording capabilities

    In the nonUSA, despite the 1A, the laws regarding video recording etc. vary from state to state. It’s a similar story there, despite the 2A, with the firearms regulations of different states. Anybody crossing their home state/county line almost has to be a walking encyclopaedia not to fall foul of of some differing regulation or other. When people there bang on about wanting yet more gun control regulations, then short of disarming everybody I don’t see how that is possible. Of course, it’s only the law abiding citizenry that comply with all the registration procedures, paperwork and exorbitant licensing fees (filing fees). Criminals don’t give a stuff about any of that!

  511. Noa, August 2nd, 2017 – 19:39

    It looks like you dodged a bullet there!
    Would a man have got £360,000 on a similar basis, I wonder NOT.
    Either women have equality or they don’t. I would suggest this outcome suggests that they have Equality+++

  512. Please read these very insightful comments from Breitbart readers regarding this headline: Italy Seizes German NGO Boat for ‘Clandestine Immigration’ and Contacting People Smugglers


    The Iuventa is still in business as off today today, and has just docked at Lampedusa just 9 minutes ago, after a collection just west of Tripoli, so this is little more than a feel good story. Everyone knows there is collusion top to bottom with the smugglers and NGOs.


    Under a provision created by the EU parliament, titled Search & Rescue, NGOs are specifically given immunity from prosecution for rescue operations in the Mediterranean sea.

    MEPs also inserted the line: “The shipmaster and crew should not face criminal sanctions for the sole reason of having rescued persons in distress at sea and brought them to a place of safety.”

    The wording – like so many EU laws – is constructed so no clear definition is made of what a rescue actually is, thereby allowing the NGOs to conspire with the people smugglers to arrange drop offs because pushback operations on the high seas are also forbidden.

    In other words, even if the boat is just metres from shore, the NGOs can pick them up.

    Italy may warn the NGO vessel not to enter its territorial waters, as can any other member state, but they cannot legally stop the fakefugees from landing.

    Italy can impound the boats and arrest the people smugglers, but the EU will simply overturn anything they do and probably also make them pay millions in compensation to the NGOs.

  513. “The Best of Al Gore’s End of the World Paranoia from CNN’s ‘Climate Crisis’ Special”
    Mark Dice

    A most amusing piece of editing, but interesting how the despicable Gore (unedited) refers Mrs Merkel’s Muslim Migrants as “Climate Refugees” destabilising Europe.

  514. Esther

    You keep mentioning about Cameron uber/unter Mensch ? Did I miss something?

    Mind you, I cannot have been paying attention as I was surprised to learn via the pages of Mr Boot’s blog, that Holy Tony had allegedly porked Mrs Rupert.

  515. The naughty niece has surfaced again:

    There is nothing worse than a Doctor’s Receptionist who insists you tell her what is wrong with you in a room full of other patients.

    I know most of us have experienced this, and I love the way this old guy handled it:

    A 65-year-old man walked into a crowded waiting room and
    approached the desk.

    The Receptionist said, ‘Yes sir, what are you seeing the
    Doctor for today?’

    ‘There’s something wrong with my dick’, he replied.

    The receptionist became irritated and said, ‘You shouldn’t
    come into a crowded waiting room and say things like that. ‘
    ‘Why not, you asked me what was wrong and I told you,’ he

    The Receptionist replied; ‘Now you’ve caused some
    embarrassment in this room full of people. You should have
    said there is something wrong with your ear or something and discussed the problem further with the Doctor in private.’
    The man replied, ‘Youi shouldn’t ask people questions in a
    roomful of strangers, if the answer could embarrass anyone.

    The man walked out, waited several minutes, and then re-entered.
    The Receptionist smiled smugly and asked, ‘Yes??’

    ‘There’s something wrong with my ear,’ he stated.

    The Receptionist nodded approvingly and smiled, knowing he
    had taken her advice.. ‘And what is wrong with your ear,
    ‘I can’t piss out of it,’ he replied.
    The waiting room erupted.

    Ahhh. The old ones are the best ones.

  516. EC (16:07)

    What?? You missed that? And the ensuing divorce? It hit the headlines for weeks. Must have been during one of your sabbaticals. 🙂

  517. Tony Blair did indeed pork Wendy Deng, although the Press aren’t allowed to spell it out explicitly that in UK.

    Similarly, the Fleet Street in-jokes about David Cameron’s tryst with Louise Mensch and her subsequent scarpering from Parliament are peppered about the media. That is what Fleet Street means with lines like: ‘Louise Mensch has never been one to hide her love for her former boss David Cameron.’

    That particular gossip column piece ends with a car sticker made for Ms Mensch that reads: ‘Honk if you’re a Cameron cutie’ with her photo beside it. That’s how they circumvent libel laws in the UK (here in the US we still have freedom of speech):

  518. The rites and wrongs of Russian history, a la Vlad:

    But is it good for inter-national relations? Baron will tell us, perhaps.t

  519. Frank P @ 16:45

    How could a poorly educate Slav add anything worthwhile to the omni-all’s deepest well of knowledge, Frank, except saying he’s dead wrong on the ‘Putin’s appointed billionaires’, (he would be, wouldn’t he), he’s inherited most of them, has been battling with them ever since he came to power, they represent the biggest threat to him (they provide employment for millions).

    In his answer to BertE, he has forgotten the exchange with Germany was mutual, many Russian military personnel were in the country before the Austrian corporal took office, paid for it with their lives (half of the Red Army’s officer cadres got shot after the Heydrich’s forgeries of Tukhachevsky’s letters were taken at face value by the Georgian thug).

    If you’re that keen on the subject read this:

  520. Dong Deng the witch in bed
    Tell us Cherie, what was said
    When she gave your hubby head?

    I can guess what he said.

    “Say Hubble Bubble Toil and Trouble, three times, very quickly!”

  521. Duh-ty barsteward!

  522. FROM THE VAULTS: 1979

    LES DAWSON: Well, I’m glad you noticed that I’m not my usual ebullient self. I never slept a wink last night, Shirley. I kept getting this hideous recurrent nightmare that the mother-in-law was chasing me with a crocodile down the banks of the Nile. I was wearing nothing but a pith helmet and Gannex spats. I could smell the hot rancid breath on the back of my neck. I could hear those great jaws snapping in anger. I could almost see those great yellow eyes full of primeval hate devouring me.

    SHIRLEY BASSEY: That’s terrible.

    LES DAWSON: That’s nothing. Wait till I tell you about the crocodile.

  523. Baron (17:49)

    At 84, residual suspicion of the Great Game is indelible, I’m afraid. And you still haven’t told us about Lubyanka. “What happened?” as Hillary would say. I can understand the exiles chagrin; difficult to understand your lack of it.

    Just sayin’.

  524. EC (18:20)

    Les was a regular at my favourite curry house in Ealing. He was even funnier holding court there, ad-libbing, than he was with a script on stage. A superb raconteur. Just the tonic needed after a hard day at the Bailey, back in the 70s.

    Hated the virtual reconstruction of him, though, when they tired to resurrect him for a TV spectacular. Ghouls. What was wrong with good old repeats?

  525. Frank P – 18:14

    I wonder if he ran that past Alistair Campbell? 🙂

    Two Jags, “Two Shags” Prescott was at it for two years with his secretary before he got caught. She was a very Civil Servant indeed!

    We heard recently from Andy Carpark about his alleged exploits on the the Isles of Scilly but I wonder if Harold Wilson ever got to tap his pipe or “rattle the cutlery” on the No.10 Cabinet Table – so to speak?

    I read somewhere that Harold Wilson only used his pipe in public as a prop to create a “dependable” image and to give him thinking time when answering question. In private he reportedly used to chain smoke cigars. So in the thing that he was best known for he was a complete fraud. You and other CHWallsters will know that the deception went a lot deeper than the pipe.

  526. Fred excels, what else, says it by far better the barbarian ever could, but the sentiment is charmingly Baron’s, try not to miss the ending:

    “If the war remained conventional, the outcome might boil down to which population could best survive privation – the Chinese, only a generation or so removed from living hard, or America’s squealing millennials, looking for safe spaces.

    If the Pentagon destroyed the Three Gorges Dam, and killed several million people, China might go nuclear. Note that if a few well-placed nuclear bombs shut down food distribution in the US for even a month, people in the cities would be fighting for food on the third day, and eating each other on the fifth”.

    That’s probably the only detail Baron disagrees with in the whole narrative, the fighting for food and eating each other would happen simultaneously, he reckons, and from the hour people learn the distribution system has cracked up. .

  527. EC @ 19:12

    Whatever you say against Harold, EC, and many have said alot against him, the man was pressured for us to join the Americans in Vietnam, he was urged often, cunningly coerced, almost compelled, never gave up saying ‘never’.

    One shouldn’t forget it.

  528. Apologies for the ‘you know what’, that’s what one gets marrying poor knowledge of the tongue of the chosen with unseemly haste, (have to go again).

  529. This summarises a Rubin report interview with Katie Hopkins, which is not really worth watching (we know it all):

    And, as always, the reader comments unveil the detailed truth (Ms Hopkins refers to London as Londonistan):


    I am a Londoner born and bred. When my wife and I go to the capital city it is like being an alien. Walk across any bridge and you will find it difficult to hear an English voice. I am not talking about tourists they have always been welcome visitors. It is the mass of foreigners that are residents of what was a beautiful city. Immigrants do not come here to integrate into our society and accept our culture and more importantly, rule of law.

    Most of the immigrants from Europe are not skilled. They are actually providing employers mainly in the service industry with a vast supply of cheap labour. Cheap for them that is not the British taxpayer who subsidises them.
    This was brought home to me recently in my particular line of work. a husband and wife from Poland been here 7 months with two children Combined employed income £27000 plus another £8000 in working, child tax credits and child benefit.. Total income £35000 tax free. How do they benefit the UK and should not their employers pay a salary without being subsidised?

    We wish that we could get rid of our Trump hating London Mayor who has not helped this city one bit – we don’t hear English spoken here now & we need a saviour like Trump.

    Him and four million others.

    Disgusted from…..
    The vast majority of us envy the U.S. with a strong leadership who is actually on the side of the indigenous people! The silent majority over here are fast coming to the conclusion that there is going to have to be an uprising and that will not be pretty!

  530. Tony Blair’s ding dong with Wendy Deng was not his only dalliance in power. His Edwina Currie was Anji Hunter. If you don’t believe me, do you know any woman who touches another woman’s husband like this:

    Of course not.

    Oh, yes, the vipers’ nest is full of it. Married Isabel Hardman was sailing through until, snap, she who had been above the fray was full of power-mad venom after slithery John Woodcock got his fangs and much else besides out.

    Power is an aphrodisiac to these people. That’s why the sex is so important. And why it’s so important we know. Once you know who they’re sleeping with, puts everything in context. Ban Leveson. Ban it. And unban freedom of speech. It’s not what they say, it’s what they do. And who they do.

    Ah! All makes sense when you know the nooky angle.

  531. I’m reading all about the Italian situation and in the end it boils down – as it does everywhere – to will you now realise you have to vote for a different party, ie, the Northern League.

    It is that simple for everyone in Europe. I know the MSM brainwashes people but FFS. Stop voting the same people in. Same in France.

    It can be done. Hungary can do it. Why can’t everyone else?

    Who is going to stop immigration and withdraw from the EU so that that policy can be implemented? That’s the question and the voting decision should follow from that.

  532. Koran edited by McLoughlin and Robinson reached No.1 on Amazon and has sold out,until second edition in October.

    Introduction and some other pages can be read on Facebook currently (or scroll down).Click on the image.
    Then,try going to full page,put the cursor in one of the corners and change the page using the `direction keys`on the key board.

  533. I was struck by this this morning:

    My wonderment is who the hell cares about these puffed up Latinos one way or another.

  534. By the way it is taken as read that Corbyn will back the wrong side in any world event.

  535. Baron,

    Here’s a book that you might enjoy. (only £12.99 so shouldn’t trouble the Boss)

    “All Them Cornfields and Ballet in the Evening…”

    “The title is unashamedly stolen from the film I’m Alright Jack, which appeared in 1957. Fred Kite (played by Peter Sellers) is a communist trade-union leader, who is forever acclaiming the Soviet Union as a workers’ paradise. Asked if he had been to Russia, Kite/Sellers says wistfully that he hadn’t, but he often wanted to because of ‘all them cornfields and ballet in the evening’.

    Thirty-five years ago, John Miller gave a talk to the Great Britain – USSR Association about his experiences in the Soviet Union as a foreign correspondent. His book All Them Cornfields and Ballet in the Evening is the story of some of the people and places he visited over some 50 years of involvement with the USSR – now a vanished world.”

    The John Boulting film “I’m Alright Jack” was a treasure trove of British thespians. and, YES, Sam Kydd was somewhere in this one too 🙂

  536. “20 Questions For Burka Wearers”
    Paul Joseph Watson

    Hard hitting!

  537. Mine at 01:16

    A Scottish soldier comments on the koran and islam .

  538. A short extract:

    In today’s flock of pigeon-brained, anti-Brexit propaganda, RBS is moving to Amsterdam (no it isn’t), Barnier repeats his “clock ticking” nonsense (ticking for who, Barmyer?) and the Irish prime minister Leo Varadkar says Brexit will change everything (let’s hope so). Right at the end of his diatribe, his somewhat triumphalist mood got the better of him as he said: “If we don’t like the progress made, we will block further progress.” Which will, of course, accelerate progress immensely. The pillock.

    Sadly, he’s right.

    Every tinpot country from Belgium via Finland to Ruritania has a yea or nay on both the progress and outcome of Brexit negotiations. I first pointed this out in a widely circulated piece during June 2016. It has been poo-poohed consistently since, and been un-poo-poohed by me on five separate occasions.

    Now, we can see (not that it was ever hidden, except by the ‘we never lie’ Remainers) that this is in fact the Truth, the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth.

    If the British Establishment is serious about Brexit, then the only sensible course of action is to make an unequivocal statement now that says “we are not legally bound to pay you a single euro, and at the first sign of obstructionism, we will walk away and firm up our other arrangements”. Stick that in your clock and swing it, Mickey Barnier.

    But the élite has never been serious about Brexit, and so it won’t do anything of the kind.

    Despite the obvious splits and crises on the other side, we are led by hee-hawing donkeys who couldn’t find Wally if he was dressed in a dayglo tutu on a blank page.

    Despite the banking criminality, the merciless destruction of Greece, the corruption in Brussels, the EU-NATO plans for a standing army, the 19 years of unaudited accounts and lack of any sovereign entity, the young want in, the Left want in, the Banks want in and of course the Sir Humphreys want in.

    If ever there was a coalition of chaos, that’s it.

    But this is what we’re going to do, anarchic chaos or not, because that’s what all those devoid of either compassion or discernment want to do.

  539. A really good link Radford NG.

    It’s ironic it’s on Facebook because that is the number one enemy of free speech.

    Douglas Murray is pointing out as he does interviews and lectures for his book that the attack on free speech is at the core of all this. And the story he tells (it’s in the book) is of Merkel telling Zuckerberg what to do and him doing it. I quote:

    One of the most sinister stories of the past year was hardly even reported. In September, German Chancellor Angela Merkel met Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook at a UN development summit in New York. As they sat down, Chancellor Merkel’s microphone, still on, recorded Merkel asking Zuckerberg what could be done to stop anti-immigration postings being written on Facebook. She asked if it was something he was working on, and he assured her it was.

    At the time, perhaps the most revealing aspect of this exchange was that the German Chancellor – at the very moment that her country was going through one of the most significant events in its post-war history – should have been spending any time worrying about how to stop public dislike of her policies being vented on social media. But now it appears that the discussion yielded consequential results.

    It has to be a manifesto promise of any alternative to LibLabCon that free speech is enshrined in UK law. The UK does not have it and has never had it. The libel laws and thought crime laws must be abolished.

    It is their attacks on free speech that win the day. And Shami Chakrabarti is waiting in the wings like a halal butcher ready to cut the sadistically windpipe off free speech altogether.

  540. Steve Sailor on the fecundity of Africans and the resulting consequences.

  541. They say serial killers start with animals and that’s how I think of halal.

    It’s a school of butchery designed to desensitise and be sadistitic.

    It’s why they chop people’s heads off. It’s their culture, innit?

  542. Judas goat Daily Mail carries the story, but it is hidden away so as to be very hard to find and you’ll unlikely see it, let alone remember it. Red alert. That means it’s mega-important.

    Breitbart carries the story prominently and tells you the key part of the story: What is it the British government is censoring? Your death sentence:

    UK Government Censors Files on Saudi Military Links

  543. Atheist, agnostic or believer, it’s hard to disagree with this thunderous Taki piece. It was America’s bible belt and its founding fathers that innoculated the country against the rot elsewhere and the rot it has let in.

    ‘Porn, celebrities, rap music, sci-fi horrors, and other useless mechanisms’ do not safeguard or engender freedom.

    Democracy is dead

    America’s attempts to export her corrupted democracy will send her the way of 5th-century Athens


    I’ve stayed far away from the new barbarians with their choppers, tank-like cars, home theatres on board, and fridge-shaped super yachts that terrorise sea life. In fact, dolphins escorted us in to Kyparissi, a tiny village on the eastern Peloponnese 60 kms from Sparta, my grandmother’s birthplace.

    German and Spartan; not a bad combination, especially if one thinks democracy is a biological contradiction, which I do. Just look at the Remoaners and you’ll see what I mean.

    Back in the good old days, we Athenians knew how to practise real democracy. All Athenian males over 18, irrespective of wealth or status, had the right to attend the Assembly, which met every nine days and was where they decided how Athens should be run.

    War, peace, taxes, who remained in power and who was deprived of it were decided by vote. The strength of the system depended on the ferocity with which the Assembly punished anyone who let the side down. Hammond wouldn’t have lasted, and Corbyn would have been put to death at the start for high treason.

    The system lasted from 508 BC to 322 BC, when the Macedonians ended it. Its magnificence, wisdom and fairness have never been replicated. But I’m not here to tell you about democracy, a sham if ever there was one.

    All one has to do is look at the EU, the most undemocratic institution since the Russian government under Lenin. People actually believe that by paying their taxes to Brussels they will have a say in what the bureaucrats over in that rainy little place decide.

    It reminds me of the kind of big lie practised by the New York Times, when its own columnists quote a fact invented by its own hacks. (The latest emetic vulgarity is the promotion of freak lifestyles.)

    What ruined the greatest democratic experiment ever was the civil war between Athens and Sparta that lasted 27 years, from 431 BC to 404 BC. When I was a child, I rooted for Sparta, a military oligarchy of which both my teachers and family approved. The war was fought because Sparta feared Athenian imperialism and cultural dominance. Does this sound familiar?

    One could compare Athens to Uncle Sam, except the good uncle exports porn, celebrities, rap music, sci-fi horrors, and other useless mechanisms to keep the masses from thinking.

    Athens showed hubris by lording it over islands and states not strong enough to defend themselves, just as America is inviting nemesis by trying to export her corrupted democracy to faraway places such as Afghanistan and Iraq, not to mention Syria. Victor Davis Hanson, an American military historian of great wisdom, compared 5th-century Athens to America in the 20th. He also compared the Peloponnesian war to the first world war.

    Both were needless conflicts that brought about great disasters and change for the worse. Athens suffered terribly from the war against Sparta. Pericles died of the plague that swept the city, which became overcrowded once the Spartans laid siege to its environs. One in four people perished. The splendour that was Athens disappeared, as did its extraordinary achievements — never since matched — in science, art, philosophy and the art of living.

    When I was a child, I lived ancient history and stood shoulder-to-shoulder with Leonidas in Thermopylae, with fellow hoplites in Marathon, and with Alexander the Great in chasing the Persians. Those were the first westerners. I never imagined myself as an Egyptian fighting the Hyksos invaders or in combat alongside Sumerians against the Amorites.

    No siree, we Greeks were the first to share values of justice, the law and humanity; the rest were barbarians, and most of them have remained so. Heroism always took first place. The archers and javelin-throwers who launched their weapons from afar were not held in high esteem because they could kill with little risk to themselves. Eat your heart out, archers at Agincourt and snipers in Iraq. Only those who clashed with swords and spears, defying death and refusing to retreat, were considered honourable. Think of those great men, then spare a thought for the EU bureaucrooks and puke long and hard.

    And what about women, you may ask. Well, what about them. We Greeks produced the first and greatest heroine of all time, Helen of Troy. Achilles and Odysseus aside, no figure from that age has won a more worshipful following than Helen. The queen of Sparta became a cult figure and continues to be one. She was Homer’s finest achievement, at a time when women were viewed in the same way Saudis see women today. The ancient Trojans, watching their sons being slaughtered by the Greeks from the safety of their towers, came upon Helen in her shimmering garments and whispered in awe: ‘Terrible is the likeness of her face to an immortal goddesses.’ They refused to blame her for the massacre because she was so special. Old Homer sure liked the fairer sex too.

    So here we are, back to the present day. Greece is a tiny country living off loans from corrupt bureaucracies and Germany. Clowns are in power and daily face the Acropolis, where giants once stood. I look around me and see nice, hospitable people here in the Peloponnese.

    Churches are everywhere, which gives me hope. After all, Christianity is the only institution that can save mankind; not Silicon Valley, nor Hollywood. But try telling that to the DC crowd.

  544. Journalists are being briefed a load of cooked up crud about the Irish border (the Remoaners never end). Freddie Forsyth deals with them:

    Irish border is not going to be a problem

    Frederick Forsyth

    THE Prime Minister of Ireland declares that after Brexit there will have to be a “hard” border between the Republic and Northern Ireland and it is all Britain’s fault for leaving the EU.

    He might explain to me this little quandary. There is a thumping border between very-EU Finland and non-EU Norway next door.

    There is an even longer one running down the spine of Scandinavia between EUSweden and non-EU Norway. We never hear of any trouble.

    Switzerland is not in the EU. It has a different currency and very different laws. It does not obey Brussels.

    But it is surrounded by France, Italy, Germany and Austria – all very much in the EU. Do we ever hear of explosions of rage across these borders?

    Denmark is in the EU but not in the eurozone. It has a land border to Germany and a bridge to Sweden. Any problems?

    Nope. And I remember when Ireland switched from the British pound to the Irish punt and then to the euro.

    Any problems? Nope. Perhaps the good Mr Varadkar should get out a map and a history book. There will always be problems if you insist on them.

  545. Best of luck to Mo Farrar, who is running tonight. Mo came here a young lad from Somalia ten years ago, in the interim he has been nothing but a credit to the host country, so different to Geena Millar, the bitch.

  546. I always go back to the Hitchens headline immediately after Brexit about May:

    You voted for a revolution. What you got was a Blairite robot

    The point being this. If May had any intention of Brexiting, she would never have appointed Hammond or Rudd. Or put Remainers in charge of Brexit committees. She wants these people there. She’s just biding her time until she can say: ‘Oh, well this has happened now. So no Brext. Don’t blame me. Not my fault.’

    Why else does the Hammond creature have such chutpah?

  547. Usain Bolt – Magic.

  548. Usain Bolt is a drugs cheat. Jamaica has one of the most lax dope testing systems in the world so while you’re in that jurisdiction you can do whatever you like. The drugs tests won’t pick it up.

    They are deliberately weak tests. That’s why such a small country produced so many track and field successes and that’s why they won’t make their dope testing equivalent to the US’s.

  549. This is the finest cartoonist working in the world right now.

    Click on this and look at everything as you scroll down. All very funny. The one that I cannot stop laughing at is John McCain (who spread a fake dossier about another Republican, Donald Trump). For his crimes, this cartoonist has portrayed McCain as a cancerous tumour all on his own. Hilarious:

  550. They are priceless. There is one on there of the Rothschilds operating Soros, who in turn operates the US military.

    The man is as fearless as he is witty and accurate. Brilliant work.

  551. What an xxxxhole McCain is. Good job.

  552. It’s time for John McCain to retire. The 80 year-old Arizona senator was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Any normal man would spend his remaining time with his family. Not McCain. He remains determined to do maximum damage to President Trump and the USA.

    McCain is a deep state stooge. He’s an angry poodle on the leash of George Soros. He’s a globalist who is pro-massive immigration, pro-war and pro-trannies in the military. He’s not a war hero no matter how many times that lie is repeated by the fakestream media. Getting shot down and suffering wounds does not make him a hero. “Song Bird” McCain told the North Vietnamese secret info which caused more Americans to die in Vietnam. He wet started his jet on the USS Forrestal as a prank. It started a massive fire that led to the death of 134 sailors. Tomorrow marks the 50th anniversary of that tragedy. McCain had to be helicoptered off the ship because many sailors were calling for his scalp. As a senator, the war-mongering traitor John McCain has enriched himself by wetstarting on America.

    McCain is malignant tumor. He has given America a massive headache for way too long.

  553. Esther 2219

    I do not believe that. Bolt has always advocated a lifetime ban for dopers.

    Further Bolt’s success at a very young age points to either his incredible speed even without drugs or to him taking drugs before age 15. However, starting drug usage that young is very rare, as the motivation is lower and risks are higher. Furthermore, Bolt is exceptionally tall, while steroid use is known to stunt growth.

  554. The only thing wrong with this piece is it doesn’t mention Common Purpose. It’s the civil servants that are aiding and abetting:

    ANDREW PIERCE: The Europhile Sir Humphrey who’s pulling Spreadsheet Phil’s strings as he tries to sabotage Brexit

    Treachery, back-biting and accusations have been the background to Brexit
    Central to the anti-democratic skulduggery is Chancellor Philip Hammond
    The reluctant convert to the Brexit cause has been making mischief everywhere

  555. Choice comment:

    RightNotLeft, London, United Kingdom

    Taking a leaf out of the National Trust book, I think all treasury civil servants should be made to wear lanyards with “Working for Brexit”. This might remind them who they are working for.

    Sir Gus O’Donnell when he was at the Treasury thought his job was “maximise global welfare, not national welfare”. Others there are working for the greater good of the EU and not Brexit.

  556. Perfect summary:

    E-K, Exeter

    Hammond and Rudd have to go but I doubt they will. Mrs May talked ‘Brexit means Brexit’ (which actually means nothing), but the Conservatives installed Remainers in nearly all the key positions of government. Naturally, these people default to ‘soft’ Brexit… which means NO Brexit. This is deliberate.

    We needed a committed Brexit party in place before the referendum.

    Instead, we have a fake Tory party trying to sabotage Brexit save for a few back benchers. The fact that the true Brexiters are stuck on the Tory back bench says it all.

  557. williamdavies44

    For “Machiavelli” read,”Gerald Ratner”, and you just might come close to today’s political aspirations and ambitions! Most politicians over the course of their political life will drop a clanger, but the bad ones are those who are consistently up to their neck in ,” Doo doo”, on a permanent basis. Hammond is a classic example!

    He voted to remain, yet his boss, who also voted to remain, laid great faith in him, which has achieved two certainties. One is the fact that Leopards don’t change their spots, and secondly, his boss has s-yte for brains!! Take your pick, and red arrow away!

    The truth has a way of getting out no matter what obfuscation is thrown up to muddy the waters! To put it mildly, this man is crap at his job, and as I’ve said before, he has to go!

  558. brian

    There lies the problem. Hammond is at the front, advocating to remain, in anyway possible.

    Behind him are a lot of unelected europhile civil servants doing all they can to keep the dream of Cameron and Blair before him alive and well, that of GB being swallowed whole by the EU They all should be slapped down or be removed. Preferably the latter if possible.

  559. Here’s a thought. Why doesn’t she xxxing well sack Hammond and Rudd et al, fill the front bench with Leavers and order another snap general election on the basis that she recanteth, she repenteth, she has a had a Damascene conversion.

    The lying cxnt has no intention of Brexiting or all these people wouldn’t be allowed anywhere near the negotiations.

  560. noton yournelly, acadia

    It’s quite obvious that we have a covert globalist party crossing all political parties all hell bent on keeping us in the malevolent EU, no matter what the cost to the people or democracy itself.

    What we have is a malignant, toxic fifth column at work under our very noses undermining the very principles our grandfathers fought, died and sacrificed so much for.

    What we have is treason by fifth column, treasonous philistines.

  561. Bluenotred

    I have totally lost all faith in politicians. When did we vote? June 2016. What has deliberately happened since then not a lot really. And why? To give the Remain plotters as much time as possible to find ways to destroy Brexit and to brainwash us to change our minds. DISGUSTING. Dont take us for fools.

  562. Apologies for reapeating the comments but they are good. I cannot xxxxing believe the UK puts up with this xxxx.

    The Donald is right. Any xxxxing xxxx and you’re out. Out the xxxxing door.

  563. stillhere52

    The Civil Service have had 40 years of being told what to do by Brussels. Makes their job so much easier. Why should they give up a cushy life for a post-Brexit future where they actually have to implement policies that require them to think for themselves, rather than simply clone rules and regulations.

  564. Why do these Remainers remain in office? It’s like putting a Saudi prince in charge of women’s emancipation.

  565. Bobbi., madrid, Spain

    It is now more than obvious that May is working Hand in hand with Hammond.

    No PM would allow herself be publicly ridiculed in this manner if she wasn’t. By allowing Hammond to publically undermine her at every turn there can be no credible denial she can out forward.

    She should have sacked him months ago. Hammond’s position gets stronger every day, while May is made to look a weak and foolish.

  566. HamilcarBarka, Newark

    More please, Mr Pierce. This is a very important start to unmasking the rapid plot to undermine David Davis and Boris Johnson’s efforts to get the best possible UK deal.

    Basically, all government ministries are now pushing out policy statements – with no cabinet authority, let alone the hapless May’s – saying that the UK will defer to Barnier, that it agrees with Barnier, and will not stand up to him nor will implement a new economic and diplomatic model for the UK.

    Michael Gove has just done this with his fishery betrayal. The Ministry of Defence has signed preparatory agreements for the EU army, and has ignored the Macron e mail leaks, astonishingly.

    The Treasury, discredited totally by Lord Kerslake’s savage critical report, is denying a new economic model.

    The Home Office is suffocating the end of UK border controls. This is now a full scale coup, in effect shoving Davis’s team aside and negotiating by Remainer policy announcements.

    More, more, more please of this kind of evidenced analysis of what is happening.

  567. OldSydneyite, Crawley

    Well done, Mr Pierce. This is PUBLIC INTEREST stuff.

    It helps the Public to understand what is going on in Govt circles!

    If this is allegedly the case with this so-called ‘Sir’ Scholar – it is outrageous that, yet again, these Servants of the People look after themselves BEFORE they even ‘serve’ the Public. I am sick and tired of having faceless sharks beating down the democratic will of the people. This man should go – along with Hammond, by the way, who is no election material, that’s for sure.

  568. It’s a classic good cop, bad cop act. Theresa May leaves Hammons in charge to sabotage Brexit and make sure her fingerprints are not on it.

    She comes back and says, oh, all the cabinet agree on a transition (no Brexit). Me good cop. You, electorate, blame bad cop: Hammond.

  569. Standupforit, East Anglia

    A few years ago, there was an interview with an extremely senior civil servant who had recently retired. Reviewing his life and achievements, the interviewer asked “what would you consider your greatest achievement of your career?” He answered “getting as many people into this country as possible”

    When the interviewer pointed out that for many years this would have been against government policy, he replied that ‘he considered it his duty to ensure that as many people as possible got into the country to enjoy a better standard of living.

    Remember, this was an unelected mandarin who clearly thought he was above the government and superior to the people.

  570. billiam shears, Bury

    Scholar received a knighthood for his “public service” record, just like his civil servant father before him. For me, it is just sickening how these unelected civil “servants” nonentities have the power to carve up the cake of the system for themselves while being able to exert influence to push through their own personal positions and agendas (often for their own personal gain) on the unwitting people of the country.

  571. Apologies for all those. It’s just good to know that some people in the UK know and are booting the boot into these xxxts.

  572. Present company excepted ; but…….

    “why would the National Trust want to run a campaign to `celebrate`anything to do with homosexuality? ”

    They’re not.They’re celebrating finding the one man in Norfolk who definitely didn’t sleep with his sister.

    Comment to the Eastern Daily Press.

  573. Esther 0923 yesterday
    As a prolific blogger you will probably know that Common Purpose transforms lives – as attested by Simon Linford:

    “Common Purpose gave me one of the most satisfying experiences I have had in my entire professional career. When I did the programme, I was Chief Executive of a construction business employing around 300 people, and it was fascinating to mix with people in the voluntary and public sectors whose reporting and funding structures didn’t give them the ability just to get things done. I came out thinking how lucky I was to be in a commercial business.

    “On a visit to hostel, we had a heart-wrenching discussion with a man who I shall call David, who explained how his life was effectively ended because of his time in prison. He read out a letter saying how he could see the bottom rung of the ladder but was never going to reach it. He appeared to be a good man. I went home and thought “why couldn’t he be a security guard on a building site? Could I give him that bottom rung?”

    David started working on site two weeks later, on a project that involved the restoration of a historic church. Gradually he started to climb the ladder. Two years later he got married at the church where he had become a member of the congregation, and set up home with his wife. Five years later, David still works for me although I am now a property developer. David looks after all our buildings, will help with anything, and is the most loyal person I have ever had. David’s willingness to help and go the extra mile causes many people ask me “how on earth did you find David”, and beyond saying that it is a long story, I will never tell them.

    David has always said that he is very lucky and that I was sent by god to help him. Whether god was involved or not I don’t know but I think he has it the wrong way round – I think I am the lucky one, to have been in the position where I could help him, and now to have a loyal friend

  574. Nassim Nicholas Taleb

    Aug 4

    Something is Broken in the UK Intellectual Sphere.

    The BBC did some kind of educational cartoon on Roman Britain and represented “diversity” in terms of someone looking African in the show as representative of “diversity” at the time. The BBC was effectively applying quotas retroactively (I mean, really retroactively). Any dissent from the statistical errors made by the politically correct police is treated as apostasy. Effectively, scholarship is dead in the U.K.

    A rollicking read against the curse of political correctness. And BBC favourite Mary Beard gets her comeuppance. Spread. Disseminate. Enjoy!

  575. Go Nassim!

    This position caused me to get 000s of harrassing posts from U.K. journos, with names I recognize such as Simon Singh and others I don’t recognize, but all seem to have the same profile (usually verified). The smearing mob can’t get that

    1) They can’t get me to lose a “job” or affect my income (even if I loved them, they don’t have money to give me, anyway),

    2) They can’t sue me over here (recall, America), though I enjoy lawsuits & confrontation,

    3) They can’t stop people from reading my books (intellectuals like idiots are a tiny minority of book buyers),

    4) Their random pop-psych labels such as “childish”, “rude”, “toxic masculinity” “lacking in self confidence”, or some newly diagnosed psychological disorder by the BBC just to repress dissent fail to convince,

    5) They have increased my twitter following (in spite of ~1000 blocks),

    6) They can’t reach my mother because someone is instructed to pick up the phone and confuse them in Levantine,

    7) What people think of me has never been my concern (truth & integrity come before reputation).

  576. BBC claims first contact Britons had with Africans was when they came here with the armies of Rome ; (murdering,raping and plundering and enslaving our people). Their main `exports` from Britain were tin,hunting dogs,and slaves.

    Our next contact was in the 17th century when muslim raiding parties kidnapped people from the south-west coasts as slaves . The major victims were from Baltimore in Ireland.

  577. Life in Roman Britain : BBC Teach.

  578. Nigel Farage is over in America this week. This is a speech and a Q&A session with a group of students. He is wasted as a thinker in the sense that he should really be in high office, but then again – that’s the point – they move heaven and earth to stop him ever doing that.

    I understand there are criminal proceedings against the Tory Party in South Thanet for what happened in 2016 when Nigel Farage last tried to stand in the UK for parliament.

    As Nassim Taleb will tell you, only the US allows freedom of speech.

    Free market capitalism has surrendered to the evil of global corporatism, shutting out small and medium sized entrepreneurs by creating barriers to entry. The big banks and the big businesses own the political process (including the clampdown on free speech).

    14.33 mins to 16.10 mins

    33.30 mins to 37.34 mins

    Without freedom of speech, the UK is sunk.

  579. Robert Mueller is not a shark: he is a dirty cop

    “Mueller isn’t the one to investigate the swamp—Mueller is the swamp. He is a dirty cop who never should have been appointed Special Counsel, and he should be fired immediately.”

  580. Esther, July 19th, 2017 – 19:08

    Whether a death be described as “suicide” or “robbery” for anything remotely connected with the Clintons, Justinian & Theodora, the correct term is, more often than not, “Arkancide.”

    RIP Seth Rich

    NB. I still have an open mind on Antonin Scalia

  581. Esther, July 19th, 2017 – 19:11

    She’s not at all well, you know.

  582. Esther, August 6th, 2017 – 12:55

    Re: Nassim and the Cambridge bag lady…

    She’s a sensitive soul, you know!

  583. h/t Maxine Waters (D-CA 43rd District)


    Erm… actually, h/t John McAfee (@officialmcafee)

  584. There’s a new CHW.
    Thanks Peter.

  585. Esther, August 6th, 2017 – 16:28

    Re: “Have I Got Establishment Views For You”

    Here’s two items that Mr. Hisplop might once have recognised as Satire – before he sold out…

    “Commies are Cool”

    CNN: Trump “aware” of Putin ties to Kremlin

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