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  1. A new wall just to allow me to crow that I came up to the Cheltenham Literature Festival yesterday and today had the pleasure of getting a selfie with Douglas Murray when I bought his book on The Strange Death of Europe after the Times Debate.

  2. Meanwhile the talk of the fair is Hillary is blaming Brexit for her defeat on a recording for Andrew Marr tomorrow.

    “Hillary Clinton has said the vote for Brexit, and specifically the false claims made in the EU referendum campaign, were a forerunner of her defeat to Donald Trump in last year’s US presidential election.

    During an interview for BBC One’s Andrew Marr Show, she said: “Looking at the Brexit vote now, it was a precursor to some extent of what happened to us in the United States.”

    Referring to “the amount of fabricated, false information that your voters were given by the leave campaign,” she said: “You know, the big lie is a very potent tool, and we’ve somewhat kept it at bay in western democracies, partly because of the freedom of the press.

    “Obviously there have always been newspapers who leaned right or leaned left and they kind of counterbalanced each other. But given the absolutely explosive spread of online news and sites that have sprung up that are very effective at propagating false stories, we’ve got some thinking to do … there has to be some basic level of fact and evidence in our politics. Well, frankly, in all parts of our society.”


  3. And complained about Nigel Farage.

    “Mrs Clinton added: “You had, you know, Nigel Farage campaigning for Trump and the like. You know, the big lie is a very potent tool…..”

  4. Marshal Roberts (1634 et seq)

    The relentless anti-Trump BBC propaganda knows no bounds and the recruitment of his vanquished opponent in order to bolster their campaign is egregious but not surprising. But perhaps a clapped-out BBC leftist (w) anchor, midwiving the venomous spittle of a corrupt American political has-been (wife and enabler of the most debauched and venal corrupt POTUS ever) in a a blatant attempt to peddle her book over here, should be the subject of a criminal investigation. It should certainly alert anyone with an IQ higher than the number of their fingers to what’s afoot. I thought the BBC was debarred from espousing commercial interests? Why should licence fee payers subsidise the wickedest witch of the West in her attempt to blame everybody including Gaia for Trumo’s welcome victory. She is a sack of rancid shite!

    BBC delenda est!

  5. Frank, to my mind the best candidate in 1992 when Bill Clinton first got in was Ross Perot. Bill Clinton’s biggest crime was that he gave us Blair and then sustained him in office.
    And then Blair gave us Brown.
    But now we have a Chancellor arguably worse than even Brown

  6. And, as if on cue, the Times is calling for Hammond to go:

    And be replaced by Michael Gove, in fact a master stroke.

  7. This is LONDON PAUL who, interviewed by X22 Report Spotlight and starting with a question about North Korea, gives a tremendously well-informed and perceptive view across the economic and geopolitical scene of the demise of the Globalists (here called ” the Cabal” ‘the unholy trinity of death, destruction and grand larceny’) and inter alia the imminent collapse of their vehicle, the European Union, together with the emergence of a new, multipolar and reinvigorated world.

    This will not please Cabal mouthpieces like the Council on Foreign Relations, who would like to see their propagandist Max Boot stamping on a human face – forever, but I find it intelligent, credible, civilized, hugely informed and fundamentally optimistic.

  8. Frank P, October 14th, 2017 – 17:42

    “She is a sack of rancid shite!”

    As was plain for all to hear and see in that recent interview with Andrew Marr!

    Along the same lines…

    “ “What Happened” is that the American people figured out that Bill and Hillary Clinton are the penicillin resistant syphilis of the American body politic”

    Roger Stone, speaking about her book at the “Free-Speech Ménage à trois” Event October 13th, 2017

    The sound and editing is a bit dodgy, but infinitely more preferable than Marr!

  9. “‘To Hell with the Will of the People!’ – Four out of Five Sky News Panellists Oppose Brexit”

    Sky News delenda est!

  10. So the doctor is to ask if you are bent. No surprises there, this transgender bollox has developed a life of its own, irrespective of the fact that only a minuscule percentage of the population is that way inclined. What gets my goat is the assumption of the authorities that they have a absolute right and authority to go barging into the lives of the general population. Personally I do not give a damn whether people thing I am straight, bent or a seventh day Adventist, but it is no bloody business of the government. I do not think my doctor will ask me those questions as it was not too long ago that he asked me an insulting list of questions to ascertain if I was developing Alzheimer’s, and he will not have forgotten my answers. I might be a physical cripple but my gob is still in working order. The trouble here is that most folk are cowed by what they perceive to be authority, but me. I kick it in the nuts every time, it must be generational.

  11. Excellent news for the police.
    British police are investigating three more sexual assault allegations against producer Harvey Weinstein.
    Better than having to do some fucking work.

  12. The problem with self-identification is that it is too easy to invent a category not covered by the official jargon and then claim discrimination and be “offended” by that.

    As Stephen Maybery’s “authorities” attempt to pander to increasingly vociferous self-identifying, agitating and grievance motivated minorities to avoid “offending” them it becomes an ever increasing circle.

    I think that we are well on the way to Minoritarianism and the tyranny of minorities, which is almost a weaponised tool to secure left wing power.

    And this latest edict from Chairman May is trite, silly and irrelevant to the majority of people. It is going to be tedious to put up with four more years of almost daily, minority pandering edicts like that one.

  13. Life sentences for drivers who cause death. Another edict apparently arrived at through “consultation” where 70% approved. Who was consulted though?

    9,000 submissions out of an electorate of 46.5 million, so 0.019% approval at most. And no doubt many of those submissions were from government subsidised campaigning sock puppets and charities or the dangerous Laws Derived From The Victims Gambit pretending to be reform.

    Dominic Raab, lawyer, ex-wonk and Palestinian negotiator, parachuted into a safe Tory seat and now, a mere 7 years later, Minister of State for Courts and Justice FFS. A High Court Judge used to be expected to have 20-30 years experience of the law before being appointed.

  14. EC (14:30)

    Indeed so! As wall-to-wall Weinstein dominates the Sky News studio, the full force of the vicious and venomous vociferous vicelike vaginas of the strident feminist movement pile on to the bandwagon with the message “Weinstein is a loathsome sexual predator – ergo all men should be castrated and immediately removed from all positions of power in politics, show business, commerce, throughout all of which rape is pandemic.” A veritable army of ugly hypoctitical whores on the march, hell bent on substituting the casting couch with the castration bench.

    To paraphrase that old music hall joke “You stand there with your knickers all torn and a shilling in your hand and say you FOUND it??” … with an updated version: “You stand there with an Oscar in your hand and your arm round Harvey and tell us it was down to your acting ability??”

    Sky has only punctuated this bilge with inserts of the wild-eyed and clearly now bonkers Heseltine, specially released from confinement, to put forth his belief that Britain will come to its senses and restore the status quo ante the referendum, as the “sovereignty” of parliament prevails and Phillip Hammond (a man of great ‘integrity’) rescues Britain from the foolishness of the Brexit vote.

    Proving what we already knew, that the illiterate Welsh shitbag knows neither the meaning of ‘sovereignty’ nor ‘integrity’. The UK parliament surrendered its sovereignty decades ago, when it ceded to the burgeoning EUSSR and Hammond (who was party to the treasonous JCPOA) is the slimiest of all the wet and craven slimeballs of the current cabinet – the latter proven by Tarzan’s advocacy.

    It is the fuckin’ effrontery of it all that really gets my goat. These arseholes are on a roll and their momentum is bound to take us over the cliff unless somebody steps in and puts on end to this madness. Cue Richard Kemp! I’ll carry your kitbag into Downing Street, Colonel. You must have a posse already earmarked? I know the Met heirarchy is a goner, but I suspect that the rank and file wouldn’t hinder a bloodless coup, if your lads got their act together. This is a much more serious s.o.a than when Cecil King mooted desperate measures back in the late Sixties and Mountbatten lost his bottle and shafted him. And let’s face it, King’s prescience has been vindicated a thousand times over since they buried him (metaphorically and literally) as Britain’s engulfment by the EU socialist tide is now almost irretrievable. Every day that I witness these arrogant Continental bureaucratic bastards from the conquered and rescued shit-heaps strutting their stuff and demanding money with menaces and subservience; when I note that an effete commie hippie and cabal seriously contemplate usurping power in Westminster, I weep tears of blood on behalf of those killed and mutilated from 1939 – 1945, many thousands lying under stones in foreign soil. Lest we forget?? The question is how many now number in the “we” of that noble phrase? How many of us are there remaining that even GAF?

  15. stephen maybery – 14:44

    If they ask that question then I consider it an open invitation for us to ask the same of them, only my question will come with supplementaries. You first, I’ll say!

  16. Frank P – 16:46

    Sky News and its presenters in Australia are every bit as ghastly and unwatchable as its service over here. The same goes for the rest of the Aussie terrestrial news channels.

  17. EC (1726)

    Back to the music hall era, again.

    “Guess who’s queer?”
    “Dunno – who’s queer?”
    “Give us a kiss an’ I’ll tell ya!”

  18. I agree Frank, life without women would be a pain in the ass.

  19. Frank P @ October 15th, 2017 – 16:46

    What a joy to read, Frank, you, young sir, are unbeatable when it comes to the invective censure of the political clowns, the hypocritical subspecies of the world of film, the rest of the anointed. Is there a bottom to your verbal inventiveness in this field?

    Why, oh why are they digging the tossing Heseltine up again and again? He’s had his alocated number of hours of fame (infamy rather) under the sun, he should be allowed to decay in silence as far from the public eye as possible.

    The Wein stain saga seems to have longer to run than the barbarian thought it would have, the guy must have pissed many, it’s their turn to kick him, quite deservedly, too, except that they, mostly wimmin, should look into the mirror, ponder why keep silent for years?

    You recall Mrs Merton asking Debbie McGee a question? Perhaps someone should ask the females who are now lining up to get their revenge ‘what attracted you to be in the close proximity of this pig?’ for the barbarian is as certain as one can be that most of them knew before they met him what he was all about, virtually everyone knew.

  20. Colonel Mustard @ October 15th, 2017 – 16:39

    If the death is caused by someone driving intentionally into people, fuelled by the religious dogma of hatred, Colonel, then perhaps 25 years is not inappropriate, no?

  21. Colonel Mustard @ October 15th, 2017 – 16:21

    One would be able to decline to sell-identify as gender fluid, Colonel. The whole idea may slowly die out as people begin to object, refuse to say, mock the whole thing.

    You may suspect something (you shouldn’t), but the barbarian is rather tempted to play with it if it can yield a beneficial outcome. What if one were to say ‘well, I’m sometimes uncertain who I’m, a longish trip to a location of firm genders may help to firm up on my own, such as one of the Caribbean Islands’.

    Who knows, it may work. The ST today tells Baron that the NHS pays people to stay in expensive hotels (up to £200) if their appointment is too early in the morning. This came a a surprise to the barbarian who was once (about two years ago) diagnosed having MRSA (wrong diagnoses as it turned out, they mixed Baron’s swamps with someone else’s, amazing that given the barbarian’s surname, but there you go).

    The problem was how to get home from the hospital. One has to tell everyone one has the MRSA bug, Baron did, no taxi would take him home, the hospital refused to provide an ambulance to ferry him, there is no bus service here, the boss doesn’t drive, in the end it was a close friend of his who obliged, very reluctantly.

  22. John birch @ October 15th, 2017 – 16:07

    The more the merrier, John, to paraphrase the Georgian thug’s quip – one casualty is a tragedy, a thousand is a statistic.

  23. stephen maybery @ October 15th, 2017 – 14:44

    Stay calm, stephen, and remember the people who will ask you are merely acting on orders, one has the reserve the kicks for those issuing the orders, avoiding voting for them, no?

  24. EC @ October 15th, 2017 – 14:30

    If the Tories want to get buried, perhaps buried for good, EC, then they should indeed follow what the three pundits said.

  25. Malfleur @ October 15th, 2017 – 09:22

    Longish, Malfleur, but making sense, in parts, the barbarian has been making an identical argument, phrasing it not as eloquently as the guy, of course.

  26. The Clinton woman was (perhaps still is) in town, believes both Brexit and the election of the Donald were due to misinformation, lies and untruths by those opposing democracy, free speech and whatever.

    The woman is of brilliant mind, we should have her stuffed.

  27. Baron October 15th, 2017 – 21:17

    That would be murder, Baron, for which offence we already have perfectly good law if not penalties.

  28. What a coincidence, I thought I had £10 in my wallet last week and when I went to pay for something in the shop it wasn’t there.
    I had no idea where it had gone either.
    Britain’s missing billions: Revised figures reveal UK is £490bn poorer than previously thought

  29. Baron, October 15th, 2017 – 21:45

    If the Tories want to get buried, perhaps buried for good, EC, then they should indeed…”

    …implement Hammond’s punitive tax on wrinklies!

    John birch – 07:06

    You’ll have even less in your wallet if “PH1” Hammond gets way.

  30. I didn’t know until yesterday that Hammond’s other nickname was “spreadsheet Phil.”

    The oleaginous Nick Robinson honed it to perfection the other day when he inadvertently(?) mispronounced it as “spreadshit Phil.”

  31. “Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was greeted by boos and shouts of “fascist” as she arrived at Swansea University, Wales, to receive an honorary doctorate.”


    The “healthy core of Welshness” lives?

  32. The two Telegraph links provided for us by John Birch and EC respectively concerning the national husbandry (or lack thereof) of Spreadshit Phil, are disturbing in the extreme. Particularly as this morning we received a proforma letter from our bank, Natwest, with whom we have had a current account for the past 60 years or so, to inform us that our overdraft limit has been halved.

    Now we haven’t had cause to avail ourselves of overdraft arrangements for the past two decades or so (one learns with age to cut the coat according to the available cloth) and maintain a healthy reserve in our current account for exigences (given the measely interest rates on ISA accounts these days, it’s nor worth expending our diminishing energies on tranferring savings). So the reduction is not an inconvenience, but makes me wonder what quirk of creative accounting caused Natwest to raise a letter to implement this obviously unnecessary reduction. A waste of staff time, paper and postage? Or are Natwest in trouble and trying to unload future notional liabiities, knowing that the shit is about to hit the fan? As a result we are considering switching.
    What’s the best and safest current account these days, you financial wizards?

    As for Hillary’s visit to Wales – ECs latest link – are there such a thing as lesbian sheep?
    Shepherds of Welsh Wales – lock up your daughters!

  33. The sky is Lucozade orange in Cornshire and is full of locusts.

  34. Andy Car Park

    What happened to the Meteor that was forecast to skim past Planet Earth last week? Did they name it Ophelia and pretend it was a hurricane?

  35. It is noted that Google are gratuitously thrusting the multi-culti and black victimhood message down our throats by adorning the logo on their search engine with his mush, to celebrate his 272nd birthday. WGAF?
    Drip, drip, drip ….

  36. Sorry I should have noted the name of our heroic ancestor on his 272nd birthday – Elaudah Equinano. His name sounds a bit like the Islamic battle-cry.

  37. More from the YCMIU department…

    “Alleging U.S. “rape culture” caused the Hollywood sex abuse scandal, UK news site the Independent has claimed that only Islam can provide the answer to preventing violence against women.”

  38. And Taki, weighing in for Harvey, obviously getting edgy and fearing that he could be the next one in the barrel as the Long March of the Amazons gains momentum:

  39. Another arsehole vying for the GBOR:

    Awaits sentencing.

    Probably 25 years (aka 5 years after allowances for guilty plea and ‘good behaviour’.

  40. Andy Car Park

    That Lucozade sky is now infusing the Western Sky in Nofuckshire. Wierd.

    We are not the only ones who noticed either:

    The sky is in tune with the zeitgeist.

  41. EC

    Get your brownie primed and loaded for:

    The Invasion of the Supermoffs:

    This Ophelia broad has lot to answer for!

  42. There must be an appropriate line from the Bard there somwhere. Wish I had the energy to reach for my three volumes of his plays.

  43. Nota bene (from her wiki entry:

    In Ophelia’s next appearance,[2] she tells Polonius that Hamlet rushed into her room with his clothing askew and a “hellish” expression on his face; he only stared at her, nodding three times without speaking to her. ”

    NOW I know where Harvey “Pot Plant Fertiliser” Spunkstain acquired his MO – its was at Holkham while doing Shakespeare in Love and dancing stark bollock naked on the sand-dunes. It could easily have been him who scared two of my grand-daughters when we were picknicking there one summer, around that time.

  44. Frank P – 15:19

    Amber will Ophelia collar for watching The Iconoclast’s “Far Right” videos!

    The exceptionally wrong headed Amber (Hastings & Rye, Maj 346) Rudd is an exceptionally dangerous woman.

  45. EC

    Correction: she is an exceptionally Ugly and dangerous bitch.

  46. … but then, you aways were a polite and chivalrous gent.

  47. Amber.

    Did the famous SJW and arse licker Luis Moreno Ocampo, one-time chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) at The Hague, ever attempt to deploy her sexual charms alongside those of Angelina Jolie in the war against sexism?
    Would Red Amber ever have contemplated getting her ‘tats out for the lads’ in the good old cause of entrapment?
    Given the opportunity would she have had Boris ‘banged up’ for his ‘Uber-isms’? Alas, poor Amber, we shall never know.

  48. Frank P,

    No need to frame Hollowood’s gliterati for frolicking amongst the dunes, there are plenty of famous locals who could have been responsible: Stephen Fry, bottle of baby oil in hand, could have been the anointed one you spotted, or it could even have been the plant whisperer from up the road…

  49. As you know Noa, but others here may not yet have realised, Alex Boot has summed up (and, one hopes) made redundant, any further analysis of Hollywood debauchery and hypocrisy.

    Your own response in his comments section is also worthy of the piece. The comments after the Spiked link you cite are also replete with perceptive satire and info that had previously escaped my attention. So much to read, so little time.

    Btw, AB’s prescription for dealing with the government’s dictat on the NHS interrogation of patients’ sexual preferences, contains response suggestions that should be very useful, perhaps even de rigueur, for CH Wallsters.

    Wonderful copy from both of you. The double shot of whimsical vitriol has prepared me for the day; not only that, but Ophelia excused us here in the ampit of England and the sky is azure above. I have yet to plug into any of the Agitprop channels – perhaps I should delay that until tomorrow and enjoy this day in blissful ignorance, as I hark back to October 17th 1987, when that hurricane removed a section of the roof of our inn in Sunny Sussex and left us and our local patrons inommunicado for a week as we chain-sawed our way through the felled avenue of Tufton Beamish’s erstwhile historically magnificent trees that were blocking the road between us and the rest of civilisation. I note that Michael Fish is still extant, albeit somewhat frail, and appeared on camera for one last time to once again assure us that he was only readng the autocue and was really as ill-informed as the rest of us about that fateful freak of weather.

  50. Noa

    Thanks for that compendium of residential Noffulk. I note they gave Noel Coward a miss. Which reminds me, I wonder how Anne Wotona Kaye is faring? I miss her acerbic contributions. If you are lurking Anne, give us a shout. This platorm needs your input.

  51. Frank P
    To quote Mr Boot:

    “If anyone still thinks the NHS is about treating people, this idiocy proves that’s only its secondary purpose. Like all gigantic socialist Leviathans, whatever their pronounced purpose, the NHS is mainly dedicated to increasing state control all the way to absolute.
    If the state does a lot for you, it’ll do a lot to you – to this law of nature there are no known exceptions.”
    Personally, I intend to quiz my comrade doctors on their own preferences and am preparing my own questionnaire for the purpose, in order to ensure I obtain the information I require for safe medical practice, including, their preference for on the couch or off it, whether trousers are to be worn, will NHS surgical appliances be used once, or sterilised and re-used?
    And most importantly, in what circumstances will the prescription fee be waived….

    Colostomy, now that’s My bag…

  52. Please come back Anne,

    I will donate my bubble wrap to your charity of choice….


    How much more scorn can we heap on the ruins of the career of this corrupt harridan? But we must endeavour to relentlessy continue.

    Thank Vanderleun for the heads up. And visit his last few posts please. He’s on a roll.

  54. Couldn’t resist the temptation to click into Agitprop (Beeb division) where predictably the Canuck guv’nor of the BoE was panting a picture of post-Brexit doom and gloom (hide yer wallets) and that beady-eyed jug-eared little commie Norman Smith was confidently auguring a second referedum to enable an awakened public to save us from the folly of extracting itself from the beneficent EU which has kept the continent from war for over seven decades.

    Switch to Agitprop (Sky Division) only to be regaled with a puff for her new book “The Internationalists” by the hard-faced American author Anne Hathaway, apparently singing the praises of the. UN, the WTO and the IMF and urging us to continue our support for these scams, as they have been entirely responsible for the absence of war for the past seventy odd years.

    Then Spreadsheet Phil introducing the OECD boss to tell us that a second referendum is essential to save us from disaster.

    Fucking relentless!

  55. WTF can we do to counteract this crap?

  56. FMOBB – Sky News has just devoted a ten minute slot to whether pole-dancing should included in Olympic Sports – and whether there should be a male and female division?

    How long before blow-jobbing is included, I wonder? Mustn’t forget muff-diving, either. The latter could open up a second career for the current raft of female politicians and Police Commissioners. No age limit.

  57. The Truth About Robert Mueller and the FBI

  58. Jake Morphonios: Las Vegas Real Facts, Alt Media Crackdown

  59. to update an old joke;

    a reporter said to Harvey W; what did you think of Ophelia?

    He replies: “Never touched the bitch!”

  60. MI5 Director General Andrew Parker has warned of a “dramatic” jump in the scale and pace of the terror threat facing the UK
    Well well.
    My flaber is gasted.
    Who would have expected that.

  61. Thug, 39, jailed for brutally beating to death his girlfriend’s son
    He’s a violent thug with a history.
    He’s been found guilty and had his sentence increased.
    Now comes the controversial bit.
    I blame his mother for going with a guy like this. As far as I’m concerned women who like violent men are responsible for the consequences of their choice.
    But not a word of criticism about her.

  62. See HANNITY on Fox News today for more on Robert MUELLER and more senior traitors in the USA. I see the horse Come-Uppance riding towards these ladies and gentlemen of the Benedict Arnold Party.

  63. You will learn on HANNITY what you could and should have learned on INFOWARS.COM a year and a half ago. Certain Wallsters will accept the former now, when they could not accept the latter then.

    Jones gives chapter and verse on his Tuesday’s show:

  64. The offending article on colonialism

  65. John birch. October 18th, 2017 – 07:00

    Currently the most prolific imperialists colonising everything are the Left. They seek power over all aspects of society and have colonised or are in the process of colonising all its institutions.

    They do so with the same deceit which they accuse the British Empire of – to impose order and enlightenment on a backward society. For it must be considered backward for the Left to claim all their impositions are “progress”. And to divide and rule, which they achieve by their creation of identity groups and the superficially high-minded concept of “liberating” the “oppressed”.

    Their increasing intolerance is pure colonialism because they seek to impose governors, whom they call “leaders”, with suppression of debate and dissent, let alone democracy. In fact there is no room in the mind set of the Left for alternative political beliefs, their aspiration is a de facto single party state. Which is why they call for the ejection of a democratically elected government and provide opposition in the form of obstructionism and anti-social agitation.

    Because they have also colonised the narrative they and the public are seldom confronted with these truths in the media.

  66. Continuing to watch the documentary on the Vietnam War, every time the creepy Sheehan appears with more of his far from bright or shining lies he provokes from me an involuntary four letter word beginning with the letter ‘C’.

    There are a lot of them about these days. And on that note I understand Hammond is plotting to tax “the old” more, flying in the face of his party’s own “equality” bollocks.

  67. There is only one thing which is intellectually honest to say about colonialism. If it was so bad, why are there so many of them over here? and so many of them trying to get admittance to this oppressive colonialist state. A question never asked and never answered. Principally because the truth hurts, and truth has never been a bed fellow of the self righteous left.

  68. Jack Posobiec, the INFOWARS journalist who was formerly an American Naval Intelligence officer, notes in the 4th hour of the AJ Show linked above that the Wall Street Journal on Tuesday reports that GEORGE SOROS transferred US$20,000,000,000 of his personal wealth to the OPEN SOCIETY FOUNDATION (OSF).

    The outlets of the OSF are commonly identified as “leftist”. George Soros is quite clearly a fascist. If the outlets of the OSF are leftist then they are leftists who are dupes of fascists. The classifcations of left and right have lost all usefulness and should be abandoned.

  69. Malfleur October 18th, 2017 – 09:26

    The Left in power invariably behave like fascists, or to be more accurate like national socialists promoting a “workers party”. The imperative and justification for everything they do is still left wing.

    The fact that in government they connive with convenient corporate exploitation, whilst in opposition they denounce that very thing, does not alter that, but just points to their institutionalised hypocrisy and double standards.

    Look at China today and Xie, boasting about maintaining communist “principles” whilst his country benefits from corporate capitalism. China can be called a fascist state in the way it operates but the whole imperative is far-left socialism with its new, oh so convenient, cosiness with global billionaires and oligarchs, masquerading under a virtue-signalling deceit that it brings justice and fairness.

    Leopards don’t change their spots. The Left has shape-shifted but is still the Left of 1968, one generation removed, but even more radical and extreme. God help us all when the current crop of grievance obsessed, hair-trigger offended, chip shouldered, neuro-linguistically corrupted nutters in the universities gravitate to become the empowered and privileged political elite. Look at the effect of the post 1968 leftwards shift in the Conservative Party and imagine the impact of the current “safe space” gang on mainstream political governance in less than 20 years time. They already make more media and narrative noise than is warranted. Imagine them as civil service “leaders”, MPs and ministers.

  70. 1968 is an interesting year. The Americans elected Nixon who shrank in the face of the cooperative efforts of Ho Chi Minh before his victory in the seventies.
    His reasonable caring regime marches on.

  71. Fuck off Telemucus! Don’t try to ‘shape-shift’ here by borrowing your comrade’s moniker and web identity: the piffle ingrained in your copy gives you away. The only thing that ‘marches on’ is the deluded blood-soaked ideology that you and your useful idiot comrades continue to espouse.
    Move to China you creepy troll. Or Noko, preferably. When the shit eventually hits the fan, as it must, you can shift your shape for the last time: from deluded troll, to a nuclear-drenched cinder.

    Sorry Colonel, I’m ignoring my own advice and feeding the troll. It’s impossible to avoid the slimy arseholes. The MSM lines them up by the minute and the sound bite and the intertubes are getting to be nearly as bad. For that reason I haven’t watched the Vietnam series, because I guessed that it would be as you have so clearly described it.

    As for Hammond muting an increase in tax on pensioners, he’s been softening up the punters for some time. Are this government deliberately suicidal by abandoning their only remnant of support , because they know what’s acoming down the line and want it to land in Corbyn’s lap?

    Or is the Long March so far advanced that it has encompassed the Tory Party from asehole to breakfast time and they are deliberately handing it over to the comrades? I fear the latter, and the cavalry have defected, too.

  72. That craven cunt Cameron has alot to answer for. Where is he hiding?

  73. Frank P October 18th, 2017 – 11:58

    Ignore the creep. He lurks and stalks like the sociopathic troll that he is. His piffle is just an attempt to provoke, about as subtle as a brick through the window but in effect he is just licking it. A window licker.

  74. Frank P
    October 18th, 2017 – 12:04
    “That craven cunt Cameron has a lot to answer for. Where is he hiding?”

    Answer: writing his memoirs, from which he will no doubt amass loads of money, assisted by his ubiquitous appearances on every possible discussion or chat show in order to publicise said memoirs, until we get so tired of trying to escape that smarmy face by changing TV channels, that we turn the TV off and weep. There should be a ban on people appearing on every possible channel only in order to hype their latest c**p to the public. A wonderful method of obtaining free
    publicity, even on the so-called “advert free” BBC. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised in the least to see “Dave” on “Celebrity Bake Off” and “Strictly Come Dancing” in order to collect maximum publicity for launch of memoirs, just like his old nemesis Ed Balls did.
    (Don’t know if Balls actually wrote any memoirs, but he appeared so often on all these various shows in order to keep himself a “marketable product”, that if it wasn’t memoirs it must have been an attempt to make sure he wasn’t forgotten, in case he ever wanted to return to the Commons).

  75. In Canada – as in Britain – PCD (Political Correctness Disease) is so endemic that it is surprising to see any sign of resistance to it.

    The Quebecois however are showing a welcome hint of such resistance.

  76. L.C.

    How I wish Verity was still around to vent her spleen on her number one target. Wonder if he and Sam sold their gaff on Johnny Hunt’s old patch in Notting Dale. In those days the area was populated by honest thieves, scrap metal dealers and rag ‘n’ bone men. They may have gentrified the manor, but the criminal class that took over diminished the quality of the the villainy.

  77. Lisa Riley ‘was propositioned by married Hollywood studio boss’
    This is getting ridiculous.
    I’d rather have a J Arthur than think about her.

  78. Water buckets can save lives in Africa.
    Not aborting baby’s in England could save a lot of lives as well.

  79. John birch.@ October 18th, 2017 – 07:00

    One of the best pieces of writing for some time, John, certainly on the issue of past colonialism, thanks for retrieving it.

    The essay not only debunks the progressives’ take on it. It goes deeper than that. If the West were to pursue what Gilley suggests, the neo-colonial approach would cool emigration pressures on the South (most of those leaving are the young and able the countries need if they are to prosper), and could very likely help solving the wealth gap between the affluent West and the struggling South.

    It would also be very much cheeper than the current pouring of money of one form or another (assistance, loans, charitable donations) into the struggling economies of the South, money that mostly ends in the bank accounts of the ruling classes and their hangers-on.

    Only someone looking at the article through the perverted, delusional prism of the progressives would have an argument with it because it indeed ‘offends the sensibilities of contemporary society.’ It also hits painfully at the core of how the colonial days are sold to the masses, which may be why it will get ignored.

    The progressives have three tools to silence the criticism of their views, they can intimidate the opposition, bribe or ignore it. The BBC fruitcakes have perfected this three pronged bag of tools, use the ignoring tool for the most serious cases. This may be one of such cases, Baron reckons. By keeping quit about it, they’ll bury it.

    This bit from the piece is worth repeating (the barbarian will use it on other blogs when the issue comes up):

    “The ‘preservers’, ‘facilitators’ and ‘collaborators’ of colonialism, as Abernethy (one of the reference sources for the piece) shows, far outnumbered the ‘resisters’ at least until very late: ‘Imperial expansion was frequently the result not just of European push but also of indigenous pull’.

    In Borneo, the Sultan of Brunei installed an English traveller, James Brooke, as the rajah of his chaotic province of Sarawak in 1841, after which order and prosperity expanded to such an extent that even once a British protectorate was established in 1888, the Sultan preferred to leave it under Brooke family control until 1946.

    Sir Alan Burns, the governor of the Gold Coast during World War II, noted that had the people of the Gold Coast wished to push us into the sea there was little to prevent them. But this was the time when the people came forward in their thousands, not with empty protestations of loyalty but with men to serve in the army … and with liberal gifts to war funds and war charities. This was curious conduct for people tired of British rule”.

  80. Herbert Thornton @ October 18th, 2017 – 16:51

    It will take only few veiled threats from the followers of Allah, Herbert, and they get an exemption, you’ll see.

  81. Colonel Mustard @ October 18th, 2017 – 08:15

    Taxing the old more, Colonel, lowering taxes for the young (when the support for the Tories comes mostly from the former), charging people on universal credit 55p per minute while they’re calling to enquire about the outcome of their assessments (then calling the charges off when the cumryd complains) are two of the latest gross mis-judgements of the saintly One.

    The woman is an unmitigated disaster, total catastrophe, it would be laughable if it were not so tragic. How TF could the MPs elevate her to the top job?

  82. Frank P @ October 17th, 2017 – 13:40

    Have patience, Frank, both blow-jobbing, the other ‘sport’ as well as an entry for the gay plus the gender fluid lot may come.

  83. The guy who runs the spooks here says we should expect another unpleasant atrocity soon, they have 300 active cases involving 500 individuals.

    It has probably never crossed his mind that there’s a simple solution to it, just round up the individuals, fingerprint them, confiscate their UK passports (if they have them), ship them where they or the parents came from, tell the receiving authorities about what they were up to.

    The cots should be notably lower than following them 24/7, the country wuold be safer within weeks, others plotting will get a warning.

  84. Here you have it, just six giants corporations control 90% of what the American unwashed watch on their tV screens. Here the list would be even smaller:–_Part_3%3A_90%25_Of_What_You_Watch_On_Television_Is_Controlled_By_Just_6_Giant_Corporations/61313/0/38/38/Y/M.html

  85. Since the MSM has gone quiet about the West’s new friend over to the east i.e. Ukraine, here’s, for the connoisseurs of things Russia related, an update on what’s going on in the country:

  86. ‘Referendums are great . . . if you’re a dictator’: David Aaronovitch makes the case for parliaments over direct democracy’, so says the e-mail from the rag called the Times the barbarian got this morning.

    This man Aaronovitch must be an escapee from a mental institution, there can be no other explanation for this take of his on the referenda.

    The Swiss are removed from dictatorship as much as Aaronovitch is removed from sanity, have been for some time (see below), and yet their preferred, near exclusive and frequently exercised tool of governance is nothing but referenda.

    In case you’re to argue the Swiss model of governance, the country’s set-up, its unique tack on military service (their last war was with the Bonaparte) are to account for the direct expression of people’s wishes you’re wrong, as the link explains (it’s the last chapter if you decide to scan it).

  87. You what, all gone mute?

    A healthy stream of postings, the barbarian chips in with his soupçon of verbal seasoning, a long silence follows.

    It’s a message for him, is it?

  88. Baron, I had posted replies to you (and Frank) on the old wall just before it was updated. They were not responded to so I think that they were probably missed.

    Because you cannot comment on a comment here (as with Disqus) and the threads can move on quite quickly it is easy to miss addressed replies.

  89. Baron

    We old tossers sleeping behind the Wall are just finding it increasingly harder each to shrug of the bubble wrap and cardboard boxes, pick up the fluttering editions wafting around the pavement in the dying gasps of Ophelia, wipe the rain from our scratched specs and assimilate the latest portents of gloom and doom that emerge.

    08:30 is a bit early or me. Did you soil the sheets or summat? Your own attendances have been a little erratic of late. So don’t be whinging when we fail to immediately respond to your pearls of wisdom haked out in flurries as your candle flickers in the winds of change. Patience, old fella. Patience! Not personal. Just battle fatigue in a war that we appear to be losing.

  90. Baron October 18th, 2017 – 21:54

    Thanks Baron. I object to the way politicians and the media have created identity groups for “the young” and “the old” as though those are fixed in identical circumstance and never changing. It is yet more divisive BS from those who rule over us. If Hammond has bought into that then he is even more cretinous than his media performances suggest.

    There are “young” living wealthy and privileged lifestyles with inherited money or by their own endeavour as well as “old” barely making ends meet and too frightened of foreign utility companies to turn the heat on. The divide and rule produces pompous declarations about the “old” selfishly voting to disregard the future of the “young” (and arrogantly pre-supposing that staying in the EU won’t be disastrous for them). When have British governments ever bothered about that as they go about their business of fucking this country up even more.

    There is a horrible ageism and “young” arrogance stalking this land, perpetrated by vain, empty-headed goons who seem to think age is a fixed characteristic.

    “Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player
    That struts and frets his hour upon the stage
    And then is heard no more. It is a tale
    Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
    Signifying nothing.”

    The current idiot doing much of the telling is Hammond, blissfully ignorant, it seems, of mortality and the transient, caretaker responsibilities of government.

    The levels of stupidity being displayed are staggering. I’ve never known this country’s politicians, “leaders” and media to be so crass and stupid as they are now or so ready to demonstrate it when they open their mouths.

  91. corrections: “harder each day” & “hacked” – apol. [See what happens when you arse-kick us from our hard-earned slumbers?]

  92. Colonel Mustard

    Sometimes the only appropriate response to your comprehensive responses is Amen! Forgive me if I haven’t always made that clear. You can always safely assume my assent to and appreciation of your contributions. Never miss a word of them and always look foward to the next.

  93. …or to turn to the Bard as you neatly did in your 10:56 today: “… to paint the lily or gild refined gold is wasteful and ridiculous excess.” 🙂

  94. Now, will one of you dogged subscribers of the Speccie, who loyally continue to support its current fey usurpers, in the hope that it may one day revert to a conservtive magazine, please cut ‘n’ paste, for the blackballed here, Rod Liddle’s latest piece on Don Trumpo, which looks interesting. The Speccie continues to send me emails listing their latest, but debar me when I attempt to click into the occasional piece that might be interesting. I shall never forgive them for shafting Melanie and not a penny will pass from my coffers to theirs as long as it remains under the aegis of Brillo and and the lisping jockie. Pretty please?

    That idiot Trump has got one thing right

    I have been watching Donald Trump closely for more than a year and I have come to the considered opinion that he is a fucking idiot. Yes, this is a somewhat belated Damascene conversion: many of you arrived at this conclusion even long before I was whooping and hollering in paroxysms of pleasure at his election a year ago. Hell, sometimes I get things wrong — apologies. I accept entirely that his constant tweeting is an attempt to counter an almost uniformly hostile press corps both in the USA and abroad. But that does not excuse the sheer illiteracy and pig-ignorance, the boastful, often spiteful, and inane childishness of said communications. I visualise him, as he is banging out these frequently deranged messages on his tablet, doing that weird epicene puckering of the mouth thing, and then feeling pleased with himself.
    But that is not the main reason I’ve become Trump-averse. It’s the other stuff. The ludicrous and embarrassing exchanges with Kim Jong-un, for a start — two stunted mentals yelling insults in a borstal playground, even if Trump’s deeds in that neck of the woods have been -rather more judicious than his words (so far). Act with dignity and a bit of reserve, you flatulent oaf. Then, worst of all, his brutal and stupid military action against the Syrian air force, which scuppered any chance of a swift rapprochement with Russia (one of the main reasons I was pro-Trump) and in direct contravention of his stated — and wise — policy of radical non-intervention. I still don’t know why he did that. To show he was strong? To appease the anti-Assad liberals in the USA and Europe? To convince us all that he was not in hock to Putin? And his general ignorance of the world, of history, of the geo-political. He is simultaneously Swift’s Yahoo and William Golding’s Jack, from Lord of the Flies — a 12-year-old psycho suddenly freed from the usual moral constraints and given his own country to play with.
    I still loathe most of the people who -really loathe Trump, but I am beginning to see that they had a point. An old truism: simply because it’s in the Guardian doesn’t mean that it’s wrong. Only most of the time is it wrong. When they were screaming about his stupidity a year ago, I shrugged my shoulders and replied — yeah, y’all sneered just the same at first about Reagan, second best president of the last 70 years, after Truman. But Trump is palpably no Reagan. The only defence I can offer is that I would have preferred Ted Cruz or Bernie Sanders. Preferably on a joint ticket. But in the end I was still for Trump when it came down to it.
    And yet for all that, Trump has suddenly done at least one thing right. He has withdrawn his country from the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (Unesco), citing — rightly — anti–Israel bias. He is not the first American president to do so: Reagan pulled out in 1984. Oddly enough it was George W. Bush who in 2002 took the USA back in, and Barack Obama who later withdrew funding, again on account of its patently pro-Hamas agenda.
    He has withdrawn the United States from Unesco, and the sooner we follow his example, the better

    The sooner we pull out, the better, even if our contributions to the organisation are, comparatively, chicken feed: £14 million at the latest count out of an overall budget of about £300 million. The public may know of Unesco for its championing of heritage sites across the world, but in truth it is the provisional wing of the United Nations, pursuing an anti-western, anti-capitalist, anti-Israeli agenda which lays the blame for third-world poverty entirely at the feet of the old colonial powers (yes even for the poverty in those third-world countries which were never colonised and are today even worse off than the ones which were). Its primary aim is to foist the countries of our planet with a ‘World Core Curriculum’, designed to inculcate a left-liberal mindset upon -people who do not remotely want it.
    It will come as no surprise to you to learn that this bien-pensant beanfeast is led by a politician who was trained by the KGB and was once a proud member of Todor -Zhivkov’s magnificently unpleasant Bulgarian communist party, later renamed the Bulgarian socialist party, with its exciting history of violent purges, dictatorship, censorship, imprisonment, show trials and slavish devotion to Moscow. Irina Bokova is also notable for being a champion of Azerbaijan, that bastion of democracy, and once hosted a photo exhibition entitled: ‘Azerbaijan — Land of Tolerance!’ just as 90 Azerbaijani journalists were being banged up for writing stuff the government didn’t like.
    The vice president of Azerbaijan (she’s also the first lady of that benighted country) was also handed Unesco’s highest award — the Mozart Medal — by Bokova. When you learn that a chap called Kalin Mitrev has apparently received almost half a million euros from an Azerbaijani equity company, you may begin wondering if there might be something a bit whiffy about these baubles and that exhibition. You don’t know Kalin? Oh come on, keep up. Kalin is Irina’s hubby, who now works for the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development. She denies knowing anything about the payments and he says they’re completely above board, being payment for services rendered by him in a private capacity before he joined

    Even if we should give Irina and Kalin the benefit of any doubt, Unesco is not worth a single penny of UK money. With every year that passes, it seeks to advance its agenda by sticking the boot into Israel and recognising Palestinian sovereignty. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration — coming up next month — than by leaving Unesco entirely and stating our unequivocal support for the Middle East’s only democratic government, which, for all its undoubted faults, is a far more deserving recipient of the UK’s support and largesse than some super-annuated third sector satrapy led by a former commie with a rich husband

  96. John Birch (12:26)

    Must say I agree with much of what Rod writes, except the crux of Rod’s U Turn. Trump is no idiot. He’s coarse, clumsy, brash and unpolitical (meaning unpolitically correct). But Rod let’s his own cat out of the bag (his own dyed-in-the-wool lefty bent – methinks the gentlemen doth protest too much); his assertion that he would have preferred either Ted Cruz or Bernie Sanders to have won the election clearly indicates his schizophrenia. He ‘s a great wordsmith as a polemicist, but he doesn’t get Trump (who I admit pisses me off at times, too); but imho muscular posturing is preferable to the previous 8 years or more of mewlish retreat and submission to Islamic jihad. And the increasing success against against Islamic jihad is getting little coverage by the MSM. Rod’s support for Bernie Sanders probably indicates he will happily applaud Corbynsky should that disater ensue, which seems increasingly likely.

  97. Btw,John, thanks for taking the trouble to c/p Rod’s little rant. Remiss of me not to start my last post with that acknowledgement. You are very kind.

  98. Colonel Mustard @ October 19th, 2017 – 10:41

    October 14th, 2017 – 09:53

    Good points, but as the wisdom of the unwashed has it ‘never say never’. The UKIP outfit may re-emerge, or another one similar in aim could be set up, weirder things have happened, thought the barbarian to never lose hope.

    Your observation about the saintly One, her attacking the cumryd in the House, emulating him on policies is spot on.

    October 14th, 2017 – 09:32

    Some people cannot help to be born skewed, be it in the leg, eye or sex orientation departments. She (the female candidate for the UKIP top job) has never pushed her orientation in the matter of sex, one would hardly guess she’s lesbian. Her views resonated with the barbarian, what wrong is there in stopping importing people of a culture that cannot gel with ours.

  99. Frank P @ October 19th, 2017 – 10:49

    You’re forgiven, Frank, everyone with the gift that serves such delightful helping of the English prose must be forgiven (the barbarian’s still chuckling).

    And apologies, the barbarian has to level with you (and the others), he has annoyed everyone less of late because he’s going through a major re-building programme trying to drag a house put together when Elizabeth I was in charge to (say) the 18th century (only joking on the latter).

    Well, the abode may have been erected in the reign of the first modern female monarch (is that right?), but it was worked on last at the start of the last century. Most of the windows in it got either rotten throughout, or were painted so often that one couldn’t open them. The wallpaper is from 1937 (he, he, he), and the plumbing no longer conforms to any known standards.

    The thing is Baron didn’t think replacing windows would be such a major job, one just kicks out the old, fully rotten frame out, puts a new one adored with glass panes in. That, my blogging friends, was the error of the century. The guy who’s working on it is a perfectionist, it takes him hours to just think what he should do next. The house is of a timber frame construction, the walls have never seen a brick, it’s all sticks, and you try to fit in a modern window in what’s essentially a hut made of sticks, near impossible.

    To cut the rant short, the dwelling is a state that a nuking shell launched by the North Korean nutter would be proud of. For a couple of days, Baron couldn’t find his MacBook, it got carted by mistake to a shed (please ask not why or by whom).

    Tomorrow, thankfully, is the last day of the refurbishing torture, although as the barbarian’s typing this, the man in charge is threatening to come on Saturday, too, ‘to do the late touches’ he says. God forbid.

  100. Excellent piece, worthy of wider publication, Colonel, one can only second it.

    It’s indeed not just the Tories, but also Labour, that are in a mess (as you’ve often pointed out). It’s a dysfunctional system of executive governance, the Full Monty of it.

    In large part, it’s because over the decades the two major parties, or rather the leaders in charge have corrupted the selection of candidates, parachuting their chosen poodles into safe seats, making use of the FPTP system to fill the House with pliable characters rather than individuals who desire to care for the country, not their own pockets.

    In part, it’s because the Tories have embraced wholesale the philosophy of the Left, swallowed the noble, heart warming tenets of the Marxist school of thought which, when applied in real life lead to economic stagnation, spiritual decay, and the electors’ apathy to engage.

  101. Noa @ October 19th, 2017 – 16:59

    The world’s safer without her, Noa, would be safer still if we could eliminate those whose teaching converted her, better still convince the peddler of the Islamic doctrine to let go.

    What worries the barbarian is the way she was disposed of. It sets the wrong precedence. What if at some point in the future, someone penning pieces for a blog such as ours were to get adjudged by those operating the drones to be a danger to a society?

    It would have been more satisfying if the deluded thug of a female were apprehended, tried, then hanged, no?

  102. John birch.@ October 19th, 2017 – 12:26

    An enjoyable piece, John, thanks for copying it.

    The barbarian agrees with Frank though, the Donald may act like someone with few loose screws, but this may be intentional, it may turn out he will outsmart the smart ones. We shall see.

  103. Baron

    Nineteen Ukrainians invaded the Suffolk coast last night. WTF is that all about? Do I have to firm up The Wash inlets? No good relying on the plods. CC Bailey sacked all the Mickey Mouse coppers (PCSO’s) today, all 160 of ’em.

    If they were not capable of reaching the criteria to join the real job, after notionally doing it for a few years and given the examples of some of the representives among the so-called ‘senior’ ‘professional’ officers who bumble through TV interviews – what were PCSO’s doing pretending to be ossifers, anyway? They could have put cardboard cut-outs on every street corner instead.


  104. Baron


    The sun sets and the moon rises,
    the moon sets and the sun rises.

    The wind will catch my hair and drift me away from this world
    and the clouds will sway to the drum of my heart.

    When the tides of the sea have calmed down,
    the sand will grip to each and every centimeter of me.

    The Earth tilts and the seasons change,
    the Earth tilts again and the seasons change again.

    And my mind will wander into the deep abyss while the rest of the Earth’s memories of each day will become a distant chimera.

    The trees grow and their roots go deeper,
    the roots are ripped out and the tree dies.

    The tailwinds cry and the silence is broken,
    and warm winds carry me into the vacuum of space;

    a sea of stars and I’m drowning;
    whatever happens, happens.

  105. Frank


    and the skies with sudden encore come
    filled with words not worked
    orchastrating a full complement
    of treacherous ambition
    and will an exploration
    of competeing claim of unsundry wills
    and such as is gives men a will to transform themselves
    to give a cause to anciet or recent voice
    a permissible presentation of possibilities
    in battle and brawl with a blunt rhetorical and physical disorder
    which does emphasize such dramas
    with stark, violent and repressive potential
    all tantilized with the prospect of wealth in the ground
    make a contention with vicious energies
    of hate and ambition that propels
    an intence and exhausting experience
    upon a once civil-world to spiral
    vertiginously toward an ancient choas
    enacting old stories with the oppresiveweight of the past
    now monstrous individualism
    whose hideously fragile bonds to peace
    no longer exeert their hold
    and thus divorse themselves
    with an individual rapaciousness
    annihilating lives with a curiousley
    derivative quality for a store of gas and oil
    and disinherite themselves from moral constriant
    evoking the soliloquy of historical hypocrisy
    with a mutilation of truth
    in a tragedy of lament for all human kind
    then sudden uncalled for encore fills the skies

  106. The Colonel (Oct 19@10:56) has evoked Wordsworth –

  107. MdAsadullah Dec 2014

    Widow, not white

    A widow in her fifties she was.
    Lived in petty hut made out of straws.
    Had no relatives dwelt all alone.
    Only neighbours were her own.

    Loved much her neighbour’s child.
    Cute little girl, dulcet and mild.
    Twas little girl’s birthday that day.
    Widow was very glad and gay.

    Birthday party was held that night.
    She waited if someone would invite.
    One by one invitees were coming.
    With guests house was humming.

    Lonely Widow waited in togs bright.
    Gazed at house adorned with lights.
    Poor woman! her wait had no end.
    looking at house hours she spend.

    When guests started coming out;
    Wait was over and there was no doubt.
    She stood and took a breath deep;
    And walked towards her bed to sleep

  108. Above for Noa.

  109. Better, Fergus, (if only because you’ve gone metric in Que, although ‘inch’ would have pleased Baron’s ear better), but not yet on par with Wordsworth (click on Herbert’s @ 19.32). It does need a rhyme here and there e.g.

    The sun sets and the moon rises,
    the moon sets and the sun rises.

    The wind will catch my hair and drift me away from this world
    and the clouds will sway to the drum of my heart.
    Am I still of this world a part?

    When the tides of the sea have calmed down,
    the sand will grip to each and every inch of me.

    The Earth tilts and the seasons change,
    the Earth tilts again and the seasons change again.
    And again, and again with little gain.

    And my mind will wander into the deep abyss while the rest of the Earth’s memories of each day will become a distant chimera.

    The trees grow and their roots go deeper,
    the roots are ripped out and the tree dies.
    Am I my brother’s keeper?

    The tailwinds cry and the silence is broken,
    and warm winds carry me into the vacuum of space;

    a sea of stars and I’m drowning;
    whatever happens, happens.

    What you reckon? Shall we combine, he, he, he? (only joking).

  110. Frank P @ October 19th, 2017 – 19:03

    The latest invasion by the East Europeans has been missed by the barbarian, Frank, he knows nothing about it, but you should stay vigilant.

    Baron reckons we’re being taken over by the Turks. Another fish & chips shop opened nearby, is run by another bunch of them, they’re very friendly, the offering of good quality, only one of them spoke passable English, (there were four of them), the barbarian thanked them in Turkish ‘teshekur iderim’ he said, leaving the joint. They seemed shocked, pleasantly, one hopes.

    The cutback in policing is hard to comprehend, the crime, any crime’s going up, and we sack them. Around here, it should make little difference, Baron hasn’t seen a man in police uniform either on foot or in a car for months. What surprised was that the PCSO was paid only £1800 less than a real copper. What was the difference anyway?

  111. The men of the Royal family seem to have a penchant for American female divorcees. What TF does he see in her?

  112. Malfleur @ October 17th, 2017 – 13:59 and 14:26

    Apologies, Malfleur.

    The barbarian was listening to and watching both the links in full on his mobile days ago, forgot to tell you, thanks for posting them, the one on the spook was revealing, people like him must be doing something right, have powerful backers to survive in an environment that devours so many others.

  113. Is that Greek communist count now a permanent fixture in the UK?

  114. Colonel Mustard (23:58)

    It would seem so. Just one among many: Muslims, commies, pisstakers of any political stripe or inimical culture that are welcomed and nurtured by our political class and their media facilitators, which across the board are contemptuous of traditional English conservative voters who are now regarded as a busted flush.

    The airwaves and TV studios are infested with alien gobs spouting agitprop bullshit, which the young indigenes have swallowed, hook line and sinker, apparently. As they are the ones who are destined to live with the consequences we can only hope that they will adapt to the enforced ignorance and oppressive slavery that is inevitable unless a viable leader emerges from the stagnant morass that is the UK political class – and turns what currently seems to be an inexorable tide of stupidity. If that leader exists, he had better declare himself – pronto. Note the male pronoun!

    As the father of four, the grandfather of 12 and great grandfather of two; not to mention more nephews and nieces than you could shake a stick at, my sadness is at times unbearable when I try to contemplate the future beyond my own, notwithstanding our Slavic comrade’s touching faith in the “healthy core of Englishness” that he augurs will prevail.

  115. btw … Varoufakis has dual nationaliy – Greek/Austraian, but he has flitted around the Universities of many countries and would no doubt regard himself as a citizen of the world, not to mention a Long Marcher with long legs that disregard borders.

  116. Thanks Frank. Austrian or Australian? The UK seems a popular destination for Australian lefties and commies.

    Mother Theresa is now reported as pleading with the EU junta to let her have a deal which she can “defend” to the UK public – “UK public” = leftist agitprop bloc = Labour, BBC, Quangoland, Fake Charity Land, Academia and Luvvie Land. She also has to pacify her own Europhile Fifth Column and the globalist Corporate mass immigration, low wages and growth lobby which Hammond sees as his main customer.

    It is revealing of the appalling Tory mindset that they see everything in terms of “defending” themselves against that lot. They have no vision and even if they did no effective means to communicate it. They either can’t see the real enemy or are in cahoots with it, willingly or unwillingly. Do any of the fools understand that the Blair/Brown regimes engineered a left wing Gleichschaltung in the UK with the uber-idiot Cameron sustaining it rather than destroying it?

  117. Frank P October 19th, 2017 – 19:03

    Tip of the iceberg. The coastal waters that are our borders are virtually unprotected. Our “coastguarding” is a joke, under funded, under resourced and more Baywatch on a Budget than proper maritime vigilance.

    Bailey is one of many CCs who has no faith in “the beat” and sees policing in digital terms with rapes, online abuse and domestic abuse as the “real” crimes of concern. His officers can choose for themselves whether to wear headgear or not so they can be seen dressed SWAT from the neck down and EastEnders Mitchell Brothers from the neck up. Mind you I remember seeing a PCSO in Norwich waddling along who was wider than she was tall, She was in company with another PCSO and they were gossiping away, oblivious to what was going on around them. Their situational awareness was non existent.

    Simon Cole is another one who believes Dixon of Dock Green is redundant and that the greatest threats to law and order are those things which third wave feminists agitate about:-

    Read it and weep. A clever deconstruction of traditional policing. He is of the current mould. Sleek and spectacled like a corporate accountant, a master of Newspeak, suffused with academic theory. A Rising (Red) Star. Has he ever walked a beat? Not for long it seems:-

    The PCC there is Labour’s Lord Bach, with a Blairite lawyer’s background, whose politicised priorities are predictable – alcohol and drug-related crime, Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE), domestic violence and abuse, hate crime, human trafficking, mental health, missing from home individuals and sexual violence. All of which problems can be attributed to the rise of the left and its impact on society since 1968.

    The police are now the political enforcement arm of Labour, clearing up their own mess.

  118. RIP Professor Christie Davies.

    In memorial here is his last post for the Salisbury Review.

  119. Mark’s Mailbox: I Was Colonial When Colonial Wasn’t Cool

  120. Colonel Mustard – 08:15

    “Thanks Frank. Austrian or Australian?”

    Australian. He gets on the TV a lot.

  121. Baron

    You share Mr Corbyn’s view on the now happily re-virginated Sally Jones; that she should have been taken prisoner, tried, sentenced, given probation, welfare benefits and a place on an anti-jihad programme.
    That would have meant capturing her and seeking her repatriation to the UK from the Iraqi authorities, or letting her return with the thousands of others now returning ‘home’.
    Why? All the parties involved, allah, UKG and the re-vitalised Ms Jones are presumably happy with the pragmatic solution reached.

  122. The “swamp” is deeper than Donald could ever have imagined! We all need to Mueller this over, and then Disseminate, disseminate…

    “Any chance justice will finally come a-callin’ for the Clintons? I suppose anything’s possible. To get away with the “Foundation” scam for as long as Bill and Hill did would be a challenge for most of us. To do it under a six-year Mueller/Comey FBI investigation testifies yet again to the uniquely charmed lives these two lead…”

    The latter two also belong in jail!

  123. Frank P – 01:56

    btw … “Varoufakis” sounds like an unpleasant thing that people get on the bottom of their feet.

  124. The BBC is currently showing a series of programmes on the Reformation; 500 years old and still alive and kicking.
    David Starkey’s Reformation is a good objective overview, covering the key events both in Europe and England and their inter-reaction, though his parallels with Brexit become slightly tedious.
    Ramirez’ consideration of the Tyndale translation, the Book of Common Prayer and Foxes’ Book of Martyrs demonstrates the progressive and brutal imposition of a new process of political and religious control on a largely hostile and traditional Catholic population by a radical, ‘common purpose’ leadership.
    The German drama ‘Reformation’ is a largely factual history, nevertheless portraying an increasingly revolutionary Martin Luther, more recognisable as a precursor to Lenin and Trotsky, than a monk seeking to right any injustice arising from the sale of indulgences. For him, as for Tyndale, 300 years of religious persecution and war were a price worth paying for the ‘right of the ploughboy’ to read the bible in his own language.
    But was it? If the ploughboy couldn’t read it in latin why should it be assumed that he would learn to read it in German or English? And the concern of both the Roman Catholic and Protestant churches that he could not understand it and would mis-interprate it proved all too correct.

  125. EC (15:52)

    Another tour de force by The Man. I hope he has a food taster and that his security detail is adequate. OTOH this open conspiracy (and protection thereof) is now so blatant and firmly steeped in impunity that they must have soirees to read such exposés to each other and ROTFLTAO.

    When venal (not to mention the concomitant sexual) corruption has permeated the primary power of Western Civilisation; how can we continue to defend it against alien attack? How can we recruit support for a system that like any other stinking fish has rotted from the head down? I have always averred that corruption is gravity fed. But then reiteration of obvious truths is ‘boring’. Particularly when it means that ingrained lifestyles have to be changed in order to stop the rot.

    AB has also produced a double whammy today:


    Wonderful stuff with the usual garnish of bawdy wit.

    All can do is disseminate and hope.

  126. EC (15:58)

    Veroufakis – very good! Well spotted, so to speak. 🙂

    And there was me banging on about ‘rotting from the head down’. Nothing like CHW for restoring balance.

  127. Noa (16:06)

    Good review; I watched it and similar thoughts ensued. I also thought the Brexit analogy was somewhat contrived – stretched to breaking point, in fact. Not one of Starkey’s best trips through British history, but no doubt it had to fit the topical theme. It was preceded by Janina Ramirez’s documentary on the three books that caused the radical religious reformation in England:
    Tyndale’s New Testament; Cranmer’s book of Common Prayer and Foxe’s Book of Martyrs. I found this very interesting insofar as it explained some of the prejudices of my early youth when I was inculcated into the Methodist tradition by a fiery religious evangelistic Wesleyan pastor who subjected me, via the Methodist Association of Youth Clubs, to a thorough brainwashing, which I didn’t shake off until my late teens – the doubts consolidated by first a stint in the army, then a ‘lifetime” in the Cuntstabulary of HM Finest in the Metrollups. What with that and my Huguenot ancestry, the documentary turned out to a kinda personal “Who Do You Think You Are?”

    It was also a little unnerving as Ms Ramirez did not have the appearance or garb of a University professor at all: in fact she is a ringer for Denise C., a Messina tom who worked the Cork Street beat in Mayfair circa 1955, a charming lady of impeccable manners whom I fear knew nothing of the history of the bible on which she placed her hand every fourteen days at Bow Street to take the oath after she had been arrested by rota: for ‘soliciting to the annoyance of passengers or inhabitants’.

    Come to think of it, she probably never took the oath. She always pleaded “Guilty”. But I digress.
    It was a very interesting documntary and less of a case of reformation for me but more an enlightenment.

    Recommended for those who missed it. Still on iplayer.

    [Mrs Frank P. thinks my somewhat impertinent comparison of Janina to Denise is a bit unfair. But she agrees that her fashion sense and coiffure did rather detract from the subject matter. On the contrary, I thought it enhanced it and evoked nostalgia of bygone days almost forgotten].

    Thanks Janina, for both the content and the coincidental memories. Keep it up gal! One day you may earn almost as much as Denise did. However, once Attilio Messina had taken his cut, poor Denise had difficulty making ends meet. Then there was the forty shillings fine every fortnight – the State’s taxation on street earnings. Adjudged to be equivant to one ‘trick’ (as the Yanks call it’). ‘Twas a hard life.

  128. Frank P 19.55

    Thank you for a brilliant and witty reminiscence, much more insightful than my rather superficial and hurried impressions – Prof Ramirez as a Messina tom indeed!
    It certainly seems apt and perhaps a few more academics could show us their louche historical perspective. A coiffeured Mary Beard pole dancing through Roman London perhaps…
    All that religious propaganda certainly had its long-term and personal effects on us all, as those old struggles slowly fade with the death of Christianity we may yet find renewed common cause in the revived muslim onslaught on what remains of Christian Western civilisation. We’ll need to be quick though, otherwise the updated Foxes Book of Martyrs (consolidated all faiths edition) will be abruptly remaindered.

  129. Noa @ October 20th, 2017 – 15:42

    The barbarian wasn’t aware that the cumryd backed the idea of hanging the treacherous harridan of a convert to the ROP (if convicted), Noa, it’s a revelation to him.

    You may have failed to notice what else Baron said. Today, it may be her that got drone killed. What if at some future date the same drone will target someone holding views similar to yours, or someone opposing an oppressive regime installed by stealth against the wishes of the unwashed? You in favour?

  130. My dear Baron.
    Comrade Corbyn’s support for the judicial process to be applied to the murderers and traitors fighting for ISIS in Iraq and elsewhere is documented in the Spiked article I quoted.
    Do unto others as you would have them do unto you is sound Christian doctrine. So perhaps UAV attacks are not the optimal approach. But, IMHO it will have to do until so better comes along.
    And when HMG directs the Reaper fleet at RAF Waddington to launch Hellfire and Brimstone missiles at my garden gnomes and your new windows because we are still, just about, exercising our remaining limited rights of free speech, we will know that the Labour/Conservative coalition has declared de facto war on its people and revolution will have commenced.

  131. Noa 23:03

    Thanks for posting Tony Abbot’s speech. How refreshing to see and hear a leading politician delivering rational and reasonable common sense. A ray of sunshine from down under. Take note, you wankers in the P o W!

  132. Laughable? No! It’s cosmic grade piss-taking:

    Surely there is a drone primed somewhere with this evil old fucker’s moniker already stencilled on it? Activate … Activate!

    Then derail all these international gravy trains by withdrawing funding. That should be the first project after we disentangle ourselves from the EU racket.

    Well … We can dream can’t we? On both counts, that is.

  133. Here is a classic example of the post-1989 problem which has seen so-called “former” communists slither into positions of respectable power in the West.

    Irina Bokova, Director General of UNESCO, who gets an honourable mention in this week’s Speccie.

    One of many. She was a KGB-trained member of the Bulgarian Communist Party until 1990 (when she was 38) then realised that political power was shifting and she needed to shift with it. After 1989 people like her should have been treated like ex-Nazis, not rehabilitated and permitted to infest and corrupt Western democracy, as we have seen.

    In January 2014, days before it was scheduled to open, Bokova “indefinitely postponed” and effectively cancelled an exhibit created by the Simon Wiesenthal Center entitled, “The People, The Book, The Land: The 3,500-year relationship between the Jewish people and the Land of Israel.” The event was scheduled to run from 21 January through 30 January in Paris. Bokova cancelled the event after representatives of Arab states at UNESCO argued that its display would “harm the peace process”. The author of the exhibition, Professor Robert Wistrich of the Hebrew University’s Vidal Sassoon International Center for the Study of Anti-Semitism, called the cancellation an “appalling act,” and characterized Bokova’s decision as “an arbitrary act of total cynicism and, really, contempt for the Jewish people and its history.” UNESCO amended the decision to cancel the exhibit within the year, and it quickly achieved popularity and was viewed as a great success.

    In 2013, UNESCO announced that the collection “The Life and Works of Ernesto Che Guevara” became part of the Memory of the World Register.

    The UK had withdrawn from UNESCO in 1985, aligning to the view that it was “a platform for communists and Third World dictators to attack the West” but the subversive and hated, cloaked-communist Blair regime re-joined it in 1997.

  134. And that last link led to this one:

    A very pleasant diversion from the current zeitgeist; at least for the contempories of these two old guinea rogues, who put the current raft of exponents of popular music to shame and waft me back to the days when we bought a second hand Rover 3.5 coupe in very good nick; white real leather seats, fitted ith a new fangled eight-track blaupunkt stereo tape player. When petrol was 1/9d a gallon (before OPEC decided to start the jihad by hiking the price of juice) and the roads were comparatively traffic free. On days off it was possible to hammer down to the Dorset coast and keep the kids quiet en route by playing the music of the Swing Era, spend a day on the beach at West Wittering or Sandbanks and then send the kid to sleep with similar sounds on the way home.
    Where and when did it all go wrong?

  135. Theresa May take note.

    As Hurricane whatever strikes the original Noah argues the toss over price and value.

  136. Frank P @ October 21st, 2017 – 09:52

    The news hit Baron’s ear in a car, Frank, he thought he must have misheard it, but no it’s true. It seems the progressive fuckwits did it deliberately as if to say ‘take it, we can get away with it’. And they can, the question is for how long?

    Pity the Austrian Corporal finished himself, got his body burnt. If he hid, persevered, was still breathing today, he would have been a shoe-in for the top goodwill Ambassador post.

  137. Colonel Mustard @ October 21st, 2017 – 10:30

    Good job digging it all up, Colonel, but the woman isn’t alone ‘infesting and corrupting’ Western democracy, there are plenty of other former party members from the now defunct communist regimes of Eastern Europe supplementing the home grown corrupters, many EU institutions house them..

    They cannot get away with it for ever, the day of reckoning will arrive (even though the barbarian may not be here to witness it).

  138. Noa @ October 21st, 2017 – 13:21

    You’re obviously ignoring other wallsters’ links, Noa, he, he, he. This was posted by Frank few days back.

    It’s one of Mr. Boot’s best, a superb, hard hitting and charmingly acerbic critique of policing today, but how come the police can get away with it?

  139. The Mutti steps in (exactly as the barbarian told you she would), things begin to move:

  140. Baron 15.54

    Thanks Baron. I had posted the wrong link. Here’s the one I meant to post.

  141. Baron,
    You will to see it. The day of a Continental reckoning is fast approaching. I have said for some considerable time that we are due a re-run of 1848, everything is in place. Interesting to hear of your new gaff, any ghosts? after all there is no point in having an Elizabethan house without a spectral presence, preferably that of Anne Boleyn with her head tucked under her arm.

  142. Does anyone else here use Norton Internet Security and, if they do, has anyone noticed any difficulty with their Norton account? Acting on helpful yiinstructions from our comrade-at-arms, EC, I have been trying to rescue my main frame from gremlins today, after receiving the following message via email from Symantec:

    >>A serious new vulnerability called KRACK (Key Reinstallation Attacks) was announced recently, likely impacting anyone who uses Wi-Fi. All Wi-Fi connection points and devices could be vulnerable—your local coffee shop, home, or workplace connection.

    KRACK can allow attackers access to important information like credit card numbers, passwords, and emails transmitted over Wi-Fi networks. This vulnerability can also allow attackers to potentially infect your devices with malware or ransomware.
    How to help protect your devices against KRACK
    • Wi-Fi users should immediately update their Wi-Fi-enabled devices as soon as a software update is made available. Wi-Fi enabled devices are anything that connects to the Internet — from laptops, tablets, and smartphones to other smart devices such as wearables and home ooappliances.
    • Stay informed – Learn More about the KRACK vulnerability.
    • Only browse secure websites whose URL begins with HTTPS. HTTPS-enabled websites provides an extra layer of security by using encryption.
    • HIGHLY RECOMMENDED – Consider using a secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) such as Norton WiFi Privacy*, to help protect your data against this new threat.
    Note: Changing your Wi-Fi password will not prevent attacks.
    –Your Norton Team<< [end of message].

    Having not used my computer for some time (my smart phone and tablet have sufficed recently), I decided to log into Norton Security on my computer and explore their alert/offer of wi-fi protection. The boot-up was slow and erratic. Eventually, after I had re-started it twice, it finally presented my desk top home page with all the icons intact, including Norton's icon.

    When I clicked on it – no response! I had renewed my subscription and cover (via a PC World password card – cheaper than from Norton direct) in May this year. After much frigging around on google I finally found my way to the Norton website and activated a scan, which strangely terminated without completion with an error message and an immediate dreaded blue blank page.

    By then I was prepared to suspect that Symantec was contriving to induce me into buying their new £39 "Norton Wi-fi Privacy package" in addition to the 'cover' for which I had already paid.

    Then while ruminating about the mysteries of technology, I idly clicked into the CHW site and read Baron's post @ 16:26 and the link to Katy Ball's Speccie twaddle about Merkel 'throwing Therea May a lifeline". This fired me up into a little rant about Balls' appropriate moniker and Angela's pedigree of Hitler Youth and East German Stasi, clipping Baron's ear as an aside, for his effrontery at suggesting that a British Prime Minister needs a 'life-line' when she's already standing on terra firma – what should indeed be regarded as the firmest terra on the globe; but because of its treacherous politicians, probably is no longer so regarded by the scum of the earth, but rather as 'ripe for invasion' territory, inhabited by an increasing demographic wodge of adolescent useful idiots with spotty faces and wispy face hair, led by an old demented hippy, his black ex-squeeze and his beady eyed commie "Shadow Chancellor" – God help us all.

    Anyway, once again … I digress. As I was amusing myself and venting my spleen simultaneously, suddenly the two paragraphs I had typed began to be redacted, as though by an invisible hand using a black marker pen until the whole post was obliterated. The blackness then slowly spread like a dense shadow until the whole screen blacked out and the computer closed down automatically.

    Now regular habitutues of this platform know that covert conspiracies are not my bag. Given the state of HM Constabulary and the "Security Services" it strikes me that most villainy and treachery is perpetrated with impunity in plain sight quite blatantly these days without much hindrance from the authorities. And though I joke about GCHQ keeping tabs on us here, and Agitprop agents trolling the Wall, I think the ptb and the Long March would not regard our little Samizdat crew as much of a danger to their 'progressive' inevitabilities. Particularly when our PM, according to our Slavic counsellor, needs a 'lifeline' from a fucking commie Hun-ess.
    But today, even I began to wonder whether the invisible hand of redaction that thwarted my little rant had a real censor behind it. Was it a gentle warning? Or is dementia and parnoia now taking its toll?

    My knowledge of the technology behind these gizmos is scant. The speed of development left me behind years ago. Can any of you more knowledgeable techies provide me with a rational eplanation of my somewhat spooky experience earlier today. I'd better press the "comment" button, before the unseen hand strikes again. Btw I havent registered this tablet with Norton.

  143. Baron 1626
    This is appalling. Mutti is doing to Europe what the Kaiser and Nazis failed to do. She has Petain-Macron in her top pocket, David Steel like, and crushes all opposition, whether in Greece or elsewhere.
    It is humiliating for us to see time and again our leaders prostrating themselves before this Woman in Chairman Mao suits.
    The time is approaching when David Davis must stop his ridiculous game with Barnier and say this is our offer. Take it or in March 2019 we will put a 200% US style import tax on all French and German cars.

  144. Saturday, October 21, 2017
    Europe’s Next World War Begins in France
    Posted by Daniel Greenfield 0 Comments
    Interior Minister Gerard Collomb made it official. France is “in a state of war”.

    It’s not just rhetoric. Bombs turn up in a posh Parisian suburb. Two young women are butchered at a train station. And it’s just another week of an Islamic World War III being fought in France.

    From the November attacks in 2015 that killed 130 people and wounded another 400+, to the Bastille Day truck ramming attack last year that killed 86 and wounded 458, the war is real.

    French casualties in France are worse than in Afghanistan. The French lost 70 people to Islamic terrorist attacks in Afghanistan. And 239 to Islamic terrorist attacks in France.

    The French losses in Afghanistan were suffered in over a decade of deployment in one of the most dangerous Islamic areas in the world. The French losses in France were suffered in less than two years.

    There’s something very wrong when Afghanistan is safer than Paris.

    10,000 French soldiers were deployed in the streets of their own country in Operation Sentinelle after the Charlie Hebdo – Kosher supermarket attacks in 2015. Thousands of French soldiers are still patrolling, guarding and shooting in French cities which have become more dangerous than Afghanistan.

    Operation Sentinelle has deployed twice as many French soldiers to France as to Afghanistan. And French casualties in the Islamic war at home have been far higher that they were in Afghanistan.

    When the French intervened to stop the Islamist takeover of Mali, they suffered a handful of losses. The 4,000 French soldiers came away from Operation Serval with 9 casualties and Operation Barkhane amounted to 5 dead. The Gulf War? Another 9 dead. It’s a lot safer to be a French soldier fighting Al Qaeda in a Muslim country than a Parisian civilian going to a concert in his or her own city.

    French casualties in the struggle with Islamic terror in just the last two years are approaching the 300 casualties of the Korean War.

    France is at war. That’s why there are soldiers in the streets.

    Its new anti-terrorism bill creates a permanent state of emergency. Suspected extremists can be placed under “administrative detention” in their own homes and neighborhoods under police surveillance and remote monitoring.

    Pop-up checkpoints can appear in public spaces that are designated as “security zones” where anyone can be stopped and searched. Mosques can be shut down for six months. Public gatherings can be banned. Warrantless searches can be conducted within miles of potential targets.

    The Interior Ministry will have police state powers. And it will be able to wield quite a few of them without having to go through the formality of asking judges nicely for permission.

    Some of these measures should be familiar. France is the new Israel.

    France’s Interior Minister called the anti-terrorism bill, a “lasting response to a lasting threat”. The choice of words recognizes that Islamic terrorism is here to stay.

    The “State of War” is permanent. And France has no plans for winning the war. Instead it’s trying to get better at playing defense. And that’s what most Western domestic counterterrorism efforts amount to.

    France is just taking the lead because it has the biggest problem.

    The British put soldiers on the streets after the Manchester Arena bombing. The Italians and the Belgians began deploying soldiers in cities around the same time that the French did.

    When an illegal alien Muslim terrorist due to be deported murdered two young women in Marseille while shouting, “Allahu Akbar”, French soldiers opened fire. The 24-year-old who shot the terrorist was a reserve member of a regiment of combat engineers in the French Foreign Legion.

    The French Foreign Legion isn’t off fighting in a foreign desert somewhere. It’s fighting in France.

    French soldiers are told to loudly announce, “Stop or I Shoot”. And then open fire. And that’s what he did. And French soldiers are being forced to learn the phrase and expect to come under attack.

    In February, French soldiers were attacked by a Muslim terrorist outside the Louvre. The Egyptian Jihadist shouted, “Allahu Akbar” and came after them with a machete. One soldier from the 1st Régiment de Chasseurs Parachutistes was wounded. The attacker was shot down.

    The 1st Régiment de Chasseurs Parachutistes had been deployed to Afghanistan and Mali. Now they were at the Louvre. You don’t need to be Napoleon to know that counts as a major retreat.

    A month later, a Muslim terrorist shouted “I am here to die in the name of Allah” while holding a female air force soldier hostage at Orly Airport.

    He got his wish courtesy of her fellow soldiers.

    In August, six soldiers from the 35th Infantry Regiment were hit by a BMW driven by a Muslim terrorist. Members of a regiment which had been deployed in Afghanistan were sent to a military hospital after an attack in the wealthy Levallois-Perret suburb of Paris. A year earlier, soldiers from the 5th Infantry Regiment had been hit by a Tunisian shouting, “Allahu Akbar” while they were guarding a mosque.

    France has entered its longest state of emergency since the Algerian War. The 2015 attacks saw its first state of emergency since 1961. But where is France supposed to withdraw from this time? Paris?

    It was one thing to abandon the beleaguered Algerian Christians and Jews to Muslim terror. And to abandon them a second time when they fled to France only to face persecution by their old Islamic neighbors who had tagged along and settled down in Marseille. But can France abandon the French?

    The issue once again is colonialism. But the new colonists are Algerians, Tunisians and other Islamic imperialists who have settled in France and wave the black flag of the Jihad over their no-go zone settlements in French cities. And they have made it abundantly clear that they will not stop there.

    Last year, former Prime Minister Manuel Valls said that, “Every day attacks are foiled… as we speak.”

    And it’s no wonder. Thousands of Muslim settlers left France to fight in Syria and Iraq. Valls was looking at 15,000 potential threats domestically. France has one of the largest Muslim populations in Europe. We don’t know exactly how many millions of Muslim settlers live in France. But we can measure their growth by the expansion of the terror threat. Islamic terrorism is, despite the spin, reducible to Islam.

    There is no Islamic terrorism without Islam. As Islam expands, so does Islamic terrorism.

    France is in the middle of a civil war. The civil war is based on religious differences. As the religious divide between the Islamic colonists and the militantly secular French government increases, the violence will worsen. The outcome of the war will determine whether France will be a secular republic or an Islamic state. The Jihadists have a plan for winning the war. The French authorities don’t.

    And what goes for France also goes for Western Europe. And for the West.

    The French combination of social appeasement and police state enforcement isn’t working. The same model ultimately fails wherever it’s applied. Breaking up terror cells and stopping attacks is far better than the alternative, but the scale of the problem will always continue increasing because of demographic growth and a globalized terror infrastructure.

    Demographics dictate that France’s terror problem will only keep growing. And the French authorities understand this. That’s why its governments increasingly talk about Islamic terrorism as a lasting threat.

    Our War on Terror has squandered endless blood and treasure while avoiding the root cause. Western nations deploy massive armies to root out small terror networks while allying with their Gulf backers. Soldiers patrol major cities waiting for a terrorist or several terrorists to attack. Meanwhile the mosques that indoctrinate them to hate and kill non-Muslims are also protected by those same soldiers.

    That’s not how you win a war. It’s how you lose everything.

  145. Stephen Maybury 22:22

    Just for you (and Baron of course).

  146. Frank P,

    “…suddenly the two paragraphs I had typed began to be redacted, as though by an invisible hand using a black marker pen until the whole post was obliterated. The blackness then slowly spread like a dense shadow until the whole screen blacked out and the computer closed down automatically.”

    That’s a very good metaphor for the “progressive” shutdown of Judaeo-Christian western civilisation. Cue “Lights Out”, Mark Steyn, 2009 !

  147. Frank P – 00:48

    It’s sounds like you are going to have to spend some time in the blower to the Norton/Symantec helpline.

    Re: “Norton Wi-fi Privacy package VPN” for an extra £39. Don’t throw good money after bad! The introduction of a VPN into your setup is more complexity than you want handle, surely?

  148. Baron, October 19th, 2017 – 16:55

    Is your building listed, or just listing?
    Aren’t all Elizabethan buildings Grade I listed?

    Plastic windows? The jobsworths from the local council planning department will be ’round demanding their their removal, or a reasonable “bung”! Failure to comply will see them demand the re-introduction the Elizabethan “of bog standard” open sewers in your street. Still, at least atmosphere will remind you of your childhood back in starý Česká!

  149. EC (10:56 et seq)

    Thanks my friend. I will take your advice and ring them tomorrow. It will probably mean surrendering control of my machine to a remote facility located on the sub-continent and watching the screen in trepidation whilst they whizz through my files in search of glitches. But in the past, I have found the Norton techies to be quite good at problem solving.

    I was on the point of switching to McAfee earlier this year, but then watched some of the videos that you linked, made by the Company’s founder, after he had sold the firm and retreated to some tropical isle with a shitload of cash. I relented! Genius obviously has its downside. 🙂 Very amusing though.

    Did you ever see this:

    And yes, the metaphor was intentional.

  150. … and of course the influence of the Steyn genius pervades this platform. Don’t misshis latest post:

  151. EC @ October 22nd, 2017 – 11:25

    Both, EC, listing and listed, and not I but II, enough to make one despair, too. The barbarian as careful with money as the Scot stripping wallpaper when a friend visits. The friend says ‘you what, decorating?’ ‘No’, says the Scot ‘moving house’.

    It was cheap (because it was as close to a ruin as a house can be without actually falling down), but with a notably large garden, and it was this feature that attracted the boss (and the progressive fruitcakes have the audacity to yep about misogyny, arghhh).

    Plastic? No way, hard wood, all around, and doubly glazed with krypton doing the job, approved by the ecochondriacs, unbelievably.

    But enough of talking about things of pleasure galore (only joking).

    Btw, a courageous attempt by you to inject into the conversation a couple of words of the weird language of the small Slavonic tribe which Adolf defined as ‘peoples similar to cyclists, bent from the waist up, peddling furiously down below’. The word ‘česká’ is in charge for the ending of the adjective preceding it, it’s feminine (ask not why, it is) hence ‘stará česká’. Sorry, young sir, but if you want to master this utterly useless tongue you have to be told, he, he, he.

  152. Noa @ October 22nd, 2017 – 08:54

    The voice alone is enough to scare one, Noa.

  153. Frank P @ October 22nd, 2017 – 12:45

    What PS are you running, Frank? (Unless you want to keep it a secret). Is it Microsoft?

  154. Frank P @ October 22nd, 2017 – 12:45

    A free man, also rich, he can do as he pleases, Frank, no?

  155. Frank P @ October 22nd, 2017 – 00:48

    It was only now that Baron read this posting of yours, Frank, he will have to digest it later, he has to go out again, be back in 3-4 hours, will read it again, think whether he can be of any help since it was he who seems to have caused your gear to cease.

  156. Baron (13.29)

    Indeed so. But having never been free or rich I can only speculate about the apparent benefits, or otherwise of either state of being.

    In answer to your question, I converted to Windows 10. Nothing but trouble ever since. My saucepan lids keep urging me to ‘go Mac’ (what ever that may be). Not sure I could stand another changeover. Lost many precious files as a result of the last one. I’m becoming more inclined to Luddism by the minute, fearing that unless we destroy all computers on earth (and the extraterrestrial ones we have fired into space) humanity will be completely enslaved to those that now control and understand them; eventually the computers will be so advanced that they will subordinate their inventors and developers. It may already have happened. That would account for the endemic insanity pervading this planet, would it not? Trouble is without these infernal contraptions, this wee backwater of sanity wouldn’t exist and as it provides both oxygen and catharsis for my tortured soul, selfishly and reluctantly I will belay computer armageddon pro tem! 😉

  157. I keep getting emails from Apple urging me to download IOS 11.03 on my iPad. Has anyone else done this, and is it worth doing? Apple promise wondrous improvements with the iPad when using the camera & photographs etc, but I have never yet managed to work out how to use the camera and have not the slightest interest in photography anyway. Also I have read that IOS 11 runs down the battery at a much faster rate, which is a nuisance, so I am reluctant to install it. On the other hand, I do want to keep the iPad as up to date as possible, so am not sure what to do. Have only had this iPad since August, but it runs on IOS 10. Any advice welcome.

    Regarding Frank’s reservations about technology, although I have many, many ebooks stored on the iPad, I also have most of them in print as well, “just in case”. I have this (probably irrational) fear of every book disappearing into cyberspace without warning. In any case, print books are easier to read in bright sunshine (not that we get much of that here in the north west). So I will keep my print copies, even though the shelves are groaning with the weight.

  158. LC (16:30)

    One tentative tip I will offer is to treat yourself to an Anker portable spare battery/charger, which is worth its weight in gold, particularly if you are using Bluetooth to Live Stream You Tube stuff on your iPad.

  159. LC 1603
    Downloaded 11.0.3 yesterday on both iPad and iPhone prompted by my son in law who said it included patches whatever they are that made it more secure. Just looked at both devices and they still have almost full battery but have not used them much.

  160. “Subject to the receipt of further information,” he wrote in a Saturday morning tweet, “I will be allowing, as President, the long blocked and classified JFK FILES to be opened.”

    I have always been attracted to stories of a shot from the grassy knoll.

    The Warren Commission said Lee Harvey Oswald killed him with 3 shots but in 1979 the United States House Select Committee on Assassinations concluded that at least four shots were fired with a “high probability” that two gunmen fired at the President, and that a conspiracy was probable.

  161. Ogoing


    Armed man holds hostages in retail. park in Warwickshire. The manager of Mcdonalds adjacent to the incident, when asked by phone by a reporter what as happening, said, “Nuneaton for the last four hours, but the karsey is very busy.”


  162. L.C. – 16:30

    Apple is getting nearly as bad as Microsoft for OS updates and “patches.” It was the interminable updates that drove me away from PCs. And if you didn’t apply the updates eventually the damned thing stopped working!

    The most irritating thing with Apple is the seemingly weekly updates that arrive from their 3rd party “App” providers. It’s a real pita.

    The battery life on my iPhone 6S Plus nosedived after after 11.0.1. Then 11.0.3 arrived a few days later, closely followed by 11.0.3 Phew! After the last update the battery life seems to be better again.

    One thing that does drain the battery is keeping Apps open when you’re not actually using them. Also, Apps that track your GPS location use up juice too. I’ve set my Apps to “Only whilst using App” for this feature. Apps like Uber and Transit use a far bit of juice but they are really handy. I find “Transit” very useful when in foreign parts when trying to get from A to B around cities using their trains, buses, and trams. It’s brilliant. (I’m told it works in Londonistan too, but I never go there!)

    As Frank says, a chunky battery charger comes in really handy for when one is out and about away from the house or car, particularly if you spend a lot of time outdoors

  163. Frank P – 12:45

    John McAfee has survived at least two assassination attempts, including one from one of ‘live-in’ girlfriends in Belize. The other attempt, in Jul/Aug 2017, was allegedly made on behalf of Belize drug cartel.

    He is now enthusiastically promoting BitCoin and other crypto currencies. I can’t imagine that the PTB are very happy about that.

    Genius or madman? In 2016 he ran to be the Libertarian Party’s candidate in the GE. Imo he was more sane than the guy who beat him Gary Johnson, or Hillary and Tim of the Dems for that matter. Trustworthy? Mm, you be the judge of that, and I suspect that we have reached a similar verdict.

    Anti-virus software vendors: Being an old cynic I always suspected that they were working in cahoots with the guys actually creating the damn viruses!

    First invent a problem, uncertainty or worry and then market a miraculous cure. Most of the health/personal care products advertised on the TV use this MO. Exploiting human vanity, anxiety and fear is a very profitable business.
    Niche work if you can get it!

  164. EC

    I have often wondered whether the protection they profess really exists at all and is indeed all smoke and mirrors. But then it would involve a gigantic conspiracy that would rapidly be blown by whistle blowers, or blackmailers. But OTOH is this division of IT regulated other than by the market? Are they put to the test other than by attacking scamsters? As you say, the predators may be in cahoots. Despite using a variety of Internet virus protection firms, I have been breached at least ten times, but as I don’t bank online nothing too disastrous has occurred. Just the occasional chain Nigerian based being letters to email contacts.

  165. Begging letters… predictive text! Sorry.

  166. What we are up against:

    The enemy don’t frighten me one little bit, it’s the ‘intelligentsia’ and the media of the Western World that scare the shit out me.irretrievably stupid and stubborn with it. Melluzzi, who is Billy Connelly without the jokes, in angry mode, tries to tell ’em but he’s pissin’ agin the wind.

    Trump has already shown that the external militarised enemy are defeatable. The enemy within is comprehensively winning and even more suicidal than the real enemy – unholy alliance between The Left and taqiyya Islam and its unwitting (?) facilitators, the bein pensant sector of the media! Madness!

  167. Boris just ruined an otherwise good speech at Chatham House by supporting the JCPOA. Churchillhe ain’t!

  168. On cue, Boris made the point in my 10:08 for me. The stupidity of our government knows no bounds!

  169. EC

    “Niche work if you can get it!” Bwaaahahaha … Steynian!

  170. Man plans He messes his plans up, what was supposed to last three hours didn’t end until almost the midnight, (the barbarian was that close to missing both his most favourite cello player cum his most favourite cello concerto, luckily made it just in time).

    (That’s to explain the delay).

    Three things, Frank.

    Your ‘saucepan lids’ whatever or whoever they are are right, you should have switched years ago, not that Apple’s that much better than the Gates’s offering, but if you recall Baron’s theory of how the world ticks (at any stage of the evolution of mankind, there never is anything that cannot be improved upon, anything ideal, perfect but some things are closer to the ideal …).

    Well that goes for computing, too. Apple is a piece crap, expunged by nerds whose desire to complicate things knows no boundaries, but somewhat better quality crap than Microsoft’s.

    What Baron does is sticks with just the OS supplied with the gear he bought, ignores all updates, patches, stuff (unless it’s genuinely critical, whack hasn’t happened yet). It hasn’t hurt him at all. What he could do before the Apple suggested improvements, he can still do now, what he couldn’t do before … (He runs by now the near archaic 10.10.5 without any problema at all).

    The security software the barbarian has ever used was Kaspersky, both for all his PCs and mobiles (Baron wasn’t aware it’s coupled with Russia until very recently), it was suggested to him by an Indian expert years ago, the gear has never been infected with any bugs – see below.

    Unless you’ve murdered your blotting cum redaction gremlins already the best for you is to follow what EC suggested earlier, take the box to a good software expert, have it fixed by a professional. (One hopes you have a back-up for the stuff).

  171. Frank, Marshall & E.C, many thanks for all your replies & useful advice. Will probably download 11.0.3 soon, if only to stop Apple driving me mad!

  172. Baron

    Saucepan lids = kids
    Trouble ‘n ‘strife = wife
    Trouble ‘n’ saucepans (abb.) = wife ‘n’ kids.

    How long how you inhabited our quirky sceptered island, you bloody furriner. Get wit’ the CRS.
    Dear … oh dear … oh dear! 🙂

    No wonder you think that our PM should go cap-in-hand to that Kraut commie Kuh.

  173. In another day or two half a century, Frank, yet he still cannot fathom crossword puzzles, Cockney rhyming slang, and the weather, very likely never will.

    it’s not so much that the saintly One will have to beg the Frau, it’s that the Frau will have the final say on the terms of the divorce (if we’re to go through a divorce, which the poorly educated Slav reckons is what will happen, rather then pack up, leave).

    Btw, what has happened to Esther and Robert? Baron misses both.


  174. The great Rod in love with a man called Coren (of the Times).

    You should enjoy the debated topic (another peculiar mini feature of life here the barbarian fails to appreciate).

  175. Baron (17:06)

    Cut ‘n paste it, m’lud. You know the Scotia Nostra has blackballed yt from their patch.

    Btw, while you’re down there cop this barnstorming analysis from your old Ruski sparring partner (by proxy, of course). Wish I’d been there to see it delivered:

    Heh, heh, heh.

  176. Baron.

    I increasingly find Cockney slang irritating.It is claimed they invented it to fool police narks who might be listening;if so it didn’t work.

    Here is the real East-end slang.

    eggs & beans = sawn-off shotgun.
    spoon & fork = sawn-off shotgun.
    pie and mash = ditto.

  177. And so say all of us.
    California, Adios! – Taki’s Magazine

  178. Has anyone seen the name w the Uber driver who drove into the crowd while screaming yet.
    I haven’t.

  179. John Birch (23:08)

    None of the rags have published his name, The Bill haven’t divulged it, nor has Uber. Either there is some piss poor reportage, or they know its an RTA at ATS where amber gamblers proliferate – and it’s a non-story; even if his name is Mohammed Abubul Ameer.

  180. An overly candid column by David Cole to which only Taki would give the green light.

    The entire article was probably written to justify the last sentence: the punchline. Nasty stuff, but Weinstein is to blame, of course and the whole prototypical Hollywood shtick, for providing the opportunity for this type of toxic eruption.

  181. Frank P – 00:58

    Yep, Cole’s punchline was rather ham fisted too. I’m only surprised that Cole didn’t run the old gag about the homeless Maltese girl who fell asleep on the steps of a synagogue and woke up with a heavy dew on her.

    As for all these “victims,” you’ll no doubt recall the sage words of Confucius, paraphrased, “Budding actress with skirt up can run faster than fat old impresario with trousers down.”

    I know your favour the “cock-up” theory of history over conspiracy theories but the Weinstein affair has a subtle blend of both with some added misdirection and “news management” thrown in.”

    Now Weinstein has been outed is that really it? Will the American public really believe that? Was Weinstein merely the scapegoat thrown to the wolves in order to protect the rest of them?

  182. Speaking of Malta…

    It seems that after WW2 they didn’t send us their best. In common with most other countries they kept the best crooks for themselves, at home in government!

  183. EC (9:56)

    A touch of Cain & Abel in the story too, nothing more vicious than internecine strife in business dealings.

  184. Mutti is cross.

    She will stamp her feet and if that does not help, she still has a piece of real estate near Munich:

    “Angela Merkel is “furious” over leaks from private Brexit talks amid fears that further hostility from Brussels may topple Theresa May, The Times has been told.

    The German chancellor expressed anger at reported leaks from a dinner last week between Mrs May and Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the European Commission, it is understood. A German newspaper suggested on Sunday that the prime minister “begged” for help on Brexit, seeming “anxious, despondent and discouraged”. The article said that the meeting last Monday was like hearing “cries for help”.

    Mrs Merkel is thought to be frustrated by the Tories’ perceived refusal to offer more detail on Brexit. But she is concerned above all that talks will collapse. This could hurt European economies and may bring about the fall of Mrs May’s government. The latter could mean she is replaced by Boris Johnson, the foreign secretary, who Germans believe would be more hostile and have a less realistic approach to the talks.”

  185. Posted
    24th October 2017
    Laura Perrins By Laura Perrins
    Who is the biggest threat to conservatism and to this country? This is the question that has been bouncing around in the old lady brain for some time. The answer: the Conservative party, not Labour. Not even a Corbyn Labour party, either.

    When you vote for Labour, you know what you are getting. You are getting a Leftist, socialist party that wants to control you. It wants to nationalise utilities and drive up the national debt to help people. We know from other countries that this will not help people – it will destroy the economy, wreck employment and ultimately cause a lot of pain to a lot of people. When Labour say ‘for the many not the few’ what they mean is ‘the many ruled by the few’.

    A Labour government would be grim, don’t get me wrong. But I wager that they won’t last long, they will split, and they will not get to do half the things they say they will do. They have already ditched the tuition fee promise and they are not even in power. In sum, they are not the long-term threat to this country.

    This threat comes from the Conservative party. That’s right, I said it. I don’t like saying it and I didn’t like waking up in a cold sweat and realising that Peter Hitchens was right all along. I like hope as much as the next Christian conservative, but there is no point in being wilfully blind either.

    Let’s face it, the Conservative party are neo-Statists and have done more damage to conservatism in this country than Labour ever could. The current leader of the party believes actual conservatism – small government, strong families and the free market – is nasty. She actually said this, yet we are all to go merrily along backing this wretched party no matter what, as we did in the last election – much to my regret.

    This is the party that believes an energy gap is a good idea, and that continued government guarantee of tuition fees is sensible. The Tories are as ideologically wedded to the socialised health system that is the NHS as the Labour party is, all because they think they will look mean if they point out that in fact the Emperor has no clothes.

    The Tories have interfered with the childcare market, causing the costs to rise year in, year out. They want more mothers in work, whether they want to be there or not. They lecture us on what to eat and drink; no detail of our life is beyond government note-taking. Now they have instructed GPs to ask what your sexuality is. This is Nanny turned Nurse Ratched.

    The Conservatives love big government. There has been no reduction in quangos – they have quangos lobbying their own government, for goodness’ sake. They use the school system to try to solve every social problem: FGM, toothbrushing, sex education, pornography, drugs, healthy eating, on and on it goes. The national debt could hit £2trillion in the next ten years.

    And that’s before we get to social conservatism. They have dumped that completely because it was much more important to be ‘modern’, whatever that means. Their proudest moment was to redefine marriage, and now they seek to redefine what it is to be a man or a woman. Nothing, it seems, is beyond their power. With the stroke of a pen, the Tories believe they can magically turn men into women and vice versa. They have even instructed the UN to ditch the term ‘pregnant woman’ and use ‘pregnant people’ instead. This is misogyny. This is the Tory party.

    The last straw for me was the proposed ‘presumed consent’ organ donation scheme, more accurately described as the State organ appropriation scheme. This is small fry in the scheme of things but it sums up the whole rotten party. The concept that your body is yours, and remains yours and then under the control of your family after death, is so fundamental, so obvious, so visceral and so conservative that it should not need explaining.

    Now Theresa May tells us that in fact your body belongs to the State, unless you have taken the time and trouble to tell the State otherwise. This is wrong in principle and in practice. I was on a radio show with a chap who was waiting for a kidney and he said that his surgeons told him there were not even the beds or doctors to take advantage of this scheme. So, the Conservatives are grabbing organs just, as usual, to look nice. See, neo-Statists.

    What do you think of when you think of conservative values? I think of constitutional democracy, tough on crime, strong defence, low-tax, personal responsibility and strong families, reform not revolution.

    Instead we have a huge fight over whether or not to make Parliament supreme again; there has been a significant increase in violent crime; defence and the Navy in particular have been run right down. The tax burden is the highest it has been since the 70s. Personal responsibility – everything is the government’s fault, and I won’t say anything more about the family – we document its destruction every day here. They fundamentally changed marriage and now they seek to destroy what is male and female. They are as socially radical as any Labour party.

    Instead of free speech we are constantly lectured on hate crime and still live under the tyranny of political correctness. The Tories cannot even get this right.

    We support conservatism by supporting conservative principles, not this neo-Statist socialist-light party. The Conservatives are destroying the fundamental values of conservatism so quickly that we will not have anything to conserve in a generation. They are the real threat. And the sooner we all realise this the better.

  186. EC (10:00)

    Dunno if any of Bert Wickstead’s old team are still extant. If so they will be copping a Maltese holiday on the strength of this outbreak, to help piece together the genealogy of Maltese villainy. A raft of the Soho syndicate returned to Malta with their ill-gotten gains after Wickstead’s rout of the Seventies. I guess most of them will have popped their Italian hand-made clogs by now, but their heirs and successors will no doubt have inherited some offshore accounts. I would be very surprised if the milk of Soho milch cow doesn’t still find its way into Maltese fridges; the cream into the Virgin or Cayman Isles. Let’s hope some of it curdled when the hurricane season this year caused protracted power cuts; but no doubt the banks there have hurricane-proof generators primed for all eventualities.. One name jumped at me from the post article by-line: Mark Hosenball! Now that brings back a blast from the past. I’m surprised he’s still digging on this mortal coil – and in Washington, too. Haven’t heard of him for yonks. Thought his earlier archaeological excavation of ‘deep state’ sewers must have got him quietly disposed of years ago – a convenient car ‘accident or a ‘heart attack’ pour encourager les autres?

    His work with Duncan Campbell (not Julie Christie’s spouse – the other, light-on-his loafers one) who exposed Echelon etc., in the days long before Wikileaks turned spookery muck-raking into an industrial scale business, got him gated from the UK, if my memory serves me (gradually less so, sadly). Some of the surnames citied in the article are familiar, but in an island as inbred as Malta that’s hardly surprising.

  187. John Birch (11:34)

    Great piece from the feisty coleen; almost as well expressed as Colonel Mustard’s broadsides. If she carries on like this she could even give the legal profession a good name. Well, perhaps like the curate’s egg – good in parts. Let’s hope it will find its way on to Tessa’s desk. But will the arrogant cow and her Amazonic cabal heed it? I doubt it, the strain of stubbon stupidy is deep and indelible. It looks as if we will indeed have to suffer another stint of Marxist government before there can be a renaissance of real conservatism. There must be some dormant seeds somewhere buried beneath the current layer of poisonous detritus that will eventually break though and produce a leader?

  188. “Prime minister of Hungary Viktor Orbán blasted the European Parliament for adopting changes to the bloc’s asylum system which the Hungarian government sees as the implementation of the ‘Soros Plan’ to flood the continent with an unlimited number of third-world migrants.
    On Friday, the European Parliament’s Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice, and Home Affairs (LIBE) adopted a report on the amendment of the Dublin Agreement, which regulates the EU’s Common Asylum System, which would see all member states forced to accept asylum seekers against the will of their people and for funds to be withheld from nations that refuse to comply.

    “The musket is not only primed but loaded: in Europe in the future a permanent and mandatory migrant relocation quota mechanism will be established, with no upper limit on numbers: the mandatory relocation quota,” Mr. Orbán told press.

    “It is true that we are waist-deep in the struggle to protect this slice of our national sovereignty, but so far we have succeeded, because until now we have been the ones who decide who can live on Hungarian territory,” Mr. Orbán said, “but the attack on our sovereignty that the European Parliament has now launched is fiercer than any previous one.”

  189. A no cock and bull story:

    Steyn on full throttle., past and present – as is his wont.

  190. The Colonel is very quiet; hope he is okay. B

  191. Frank P October 24th, 2017 – 15:53

    I’m ok, thanks! I did post a comment on Mr Boot’s “Modernity” piece which you linked to. The usual stuff that the “powers” simply disregard! I don’t know what, if anything, can bring change.

  192. Colonel Mustard (16:04)

    Change itself probably, it always has. Whether any of us has a hand in it is the question. 🙂
    I shall continue to believe that we must try even if it all turns out in the Final Reckoning to have been a delusion. In which case Oblivion will compensate. Keep well, my friend. We mustn’t let the enemy believe they have routed the field.

  193. My apologies Colonel. I had missed your comment on the Boot blog. If others here also missed it I heartily recommend that you hop over there and give yourseves a treat. Tried to cut ‘n’ paste it for your convenience, but for some reason it resists. Great addendum to ABs lecture.


    “A masterful appraisal of everything rotten in this kingdom.

    Our “democracy” has been further corrupted by the rise of taxpayer subsidised “charities”, quangos and other “agencies”, supposedly independent from government (ha!) and with “leaders” who are unelected. This vast sockpuppet army lobbies government on its own behalf and is “consulted” whenever the government decides it must intrude further on our reducing freedoms. The civil service, also unelected, and which was once expected to remain silent and impartial, now has “leaders” who feel they have the right to behave like politicians, going public and calling for laws to address their particular hobby horses.

    This expectation of influence extends to various celebrity pundits, collectively described as broadcasters, journalists and activists, for example June Sarpong, who recently observed on TV that the extent of diversification in the House of Commons was not sufficient for her liking, as though her opinion on the matter should count for more than others. Ms Sarpong is not elected but like many such pundits finds it unnecessary to submit herself to the process of campaigning for election when instead she can empower herself through the BBC’s incestuous network of mutual promotion. And the government bends to this influence. Even if she did decide to stand for election the Labour party which she endorses on the “impartial” BBC at every opportunity would no doubt hand her a parachute and a safe seat, as they did for Starmer when he left the “impartial” office of Director of Public Prosecution.

    The situation is now dire. The police recently warned people that subjecting them to ridicule on social media for their ridiculous stunts would be considered a “hate crime”. The Police and Crime Commissioners, freed from committees of peers to behave like gauleiters for all the usual suspect parties, now determine the policing “priorities” based on the preferences of their local “communities”. Thus is the rule of law selectively politicised and the independence of the constabulary fatally compromised, probably forever, since few of the idiots ruling over us seem to appreciate the origin and intent of the British police. Doctrine has become centralised within the National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC), so much for localism. The police constable’s discretion has already been overruled by the Crown Prosecution Service who now take it upon themselves not just to decide on prosecution but on police enforcement as well. And whilst these powers bear down on the police our “representatives” in Parliament bleat about its independence and do nothing.

    And as for that localism, the busy regionalisation of England, soundly rejected when Prescott of New Labour attempted to foist in on the north, promises yet more tiers of the same old political parties to exert power over us, to devise more ways to tax us (for our own good of course) and to urbanise our gentle shires into “city regions”. City region “mayors”, like PCCs, will be our gauleiters, rolling out the politically correct glieichschaltung of the left, the “settled science” of oppression, which now infests every public office. The pretence that these figures are somehow elected to common ground flies in the face of the diversities and identity groups now at war across our land.”

  195. And we think we have problems:

    ‘Suppose their problems are ours too; ultimately it’s their umbrella we are sitting under, God help us.

    Perhaps at last the Clinton conspiracies will get an airing, but the fact that Sessions hasn’t already pounced leads me to suspect that mutual blackmail is in progress and the rattling of skeletons in Washington lockers must be deafening. The problem that exists is: ” Just who is clean enough to lead the charge?” Answers on the head of a pin, please.

  196. Frank P @ October 23rd, 2017 – 18:29

    Apologies, Frank, the cut&paste is not on, it wasn’t so much Rod’s piece as the postings below, more importantly, a single posting on the Times blog, and the threat it started that he, Rod, referred to. Sorry.

    On Mr. Boot:

    Overall, he’s right, democracy in the free West has lost its appeal, has come close to a dead end, a crossroads perhaps.

    His slicing of the ‘glorious Christian’ past is rather selective e.g.:

    Managing a society (of which companies are but a part) ain’t the same as running a company. His example of comparing the two must be invalid.

    The Americans have a democracy, as do we, the French, the Russians (the omni-all one would of course violently object to the muzhiks having a democratic arrangements) …

    The difference is not the house (of democracy), but the content, the form of it. There, one has to take into account key features of the historical evolution of the country’s governance, e.g. in the US the absorption of powers from down up and the abundance of guns, in Russia the leakage of powers from up down and the preference for strong leaders.

    It’s arguable whether fewer people would have died outside wars if governance was other than democracy. To suggest that famine, extra-judicial executions and stuff like that would have been less prevalent in a non-democratic world is Pete Tong (i.e. wrong, the only Cockney slang the barbarian knows of, Frank, he, he, he) if only because most of such atrocities occurred in non-democratic countries e.g. the communist Russia, Nazi Germany.

    When he says that “today’s democratic governments have more power over the individual than the most absolute of past monarchs”, he’s only partly right, but it’s hardly the fault of democracy as it evolved since WW2.

    He also seems to forget that (say) in the times of the first Elizabeth people were proscribed the cloth they could wear (colour, fabric), when in a week to eat meat, how many courses, what creed to worship.

    The politicians of today who “extract half or more of his subjects’ income’ do so not for their own use as did the princes of the past including their indulgence in wars, but as means of the redistribution of the nation’s income.

    Baron could carry on, he won’t.

    The biggest disappointment with the piece is that it goes on at some length whipping democracy without offering anything better to replace it with. What is then we should turn to? Absolute monarchy? Enlightened dictatorships? Anarchy?

    He would probably argue that his preferred governmental construct would be localised Christendom in theory (he seems to worship both terms), but in practice what does that entail? Do you know, does Colonel know, does anyone know what the real bricks of such a theoretical concept are?

    Parish councils, no standing army, taxes only for a clearly stated purpose? In a world of twitter, air travel, globalisation? Hmmm

    Whatever he and anyone else can say about the contemporary stages of the centuries old enlightenment process in the West the truth is we, the people have never had it so good. Materially, we are as near a human nirvana as we’ve never been before. Is there anything you lack? Are you hungry today, do you fear you may go hungry tomorrow?

    The wealth creation machine has never been so finely tuned as it’s today, we’re healthier, live longer (even if often in a vegetative state) than ever before, we’re even safer today than the people were at the time of the Great Exhibition in 1851 when crossing Hyde Park was so dangerous those attempting it hired guides, waited for more crossers to gather before marching through it.

    The boils of democracy as they exist are not incurable, the Brexit vote, the election of the Donald are but two examples of what the maligned unwashed can do if they feel enough’s enough.

    This, the self-contained ability of democracy to mend itself, is one of the most attractive features of it.

  197. Frank P @ October 24th, 2017 – 18:44

    You couldn’t be righter, Frank, they may have a go, set up a committee or two, three, just to appease the public, but in the end it will all end under the thick carpets the Washington DC has plenty of.

  198. Marshal Roberts @ October 24th, 2017 – 18:43

    This is the Colonel speaking, Marshall, right? The same narrative appears under the Boot’s essay.

    Actually, the Colonel’s piece hits more at the core of our boils than the longish one by Mr. Boot, it hints at what has to be tackled more concretely, could be doable, too.

  199. Frank P @ October 24th, 2017 – 17:10

    Is this a veiled call to the barricades, Frank, he, he, he.

  200. Frank P @ October 24th, 2017 – 15:52

    Baron has read it earlier, Frank, re-read it again, it’s sublime, the great Mark cannot be beaten except perhaps when he says at the very ned “Mr Mugabe has no penis, the free members of the UN have no balls”.

    There are more no balls ‘leaders’ in the world wherever one looks.

  201. John birch. @ October 24th, 2017 – 11:34

    Top marks for Laura Perrins, John.

    Who she, and where does she reside on the Net?

  202. Baron 2109:
    I was simply doing Frank’s 1732 bidding.
    As to Mr Boot, while I empathise, I find him one dimensional.

  203. EC @ October 24th, 2017 – 10:00

    You sure, EC, it’s Malta? Isn’t it a given such unhappy incidents happen only in Russia?

  204. Baron. Conservative woman website.
    It’s a very good site.

  205. Marshal Roberts @ October 24th, 2017 – 21:24

    Quite, Marshall.

    He’s a brilliant wordsmith, erudite, scholarly and deeply learned to the extreme (if that’s possible), versed very well in classics and things religious, but he lacks common sense, and often gets pumped up by raw hatred. If only he could shake off the hatred, acquire some common sense.

  206. John birch.@ October 24th, 2017 – 21:28

    Thanks, John, the blog will join the list of ‘must scan”.

  207. Marshall Roberts.

    “As to Mr Boot, while I empathise, I find him one dimensional.”

    The eye of the beholder, perhaps?

  208. Fwd: The latest from The Conservative Woman for 10/24/2017

  209. Ignore the above

  210. Lincolnshire police produce 12 minute promo for islam….and are surprized and upset when it is criticized on their own facebookpage…..and threaten posters with reprisals.
    The local newspaper report (below) doesn’t allow comments. (These can be found elsewhere).

  211. Mine above.
    Here is the Lincs. Police video on youtube ; with viewers comments.

  212. And from Pamela Geller ; giving more details of the police officers concerned and the muslim group that appears in the video.

  213. Baron (20:56)

    An interesting appraisal, nit-picking in essence; but you still have never really explained to us why you, a Slav, whose country was occupied by the Soviets, who found himself in a flowery at Lubyanka at one stage, for an unexplained (by you) reason, could possibly take visceral exception to a Ruski exile who slags off the KGB for their continued skullduggery under the aegis of Vlad the muscular dwarf – and who mourns the destruction of Western Civilisation and the religious precepts that underpinned it. Now, as an agnostic, I can’t rise to his spiritual heights, I wish I could share his certainty. But I do see where he is coming from with regard to the Evil Empire and Vlad in particular.

    There is one paragraph in your review with which I can empathise:

    “The biggest disappointment with the piece is that it goes on at some length whipping democracy without offering anything better to replace it with. What is then we should turn to? Absolute monarchy? Enlightened dictatorships? Anarchy?”

    That thought occurred to me, too. But it presupposes that ‘democracy’ is something other than a word used to gull the unwashed into thinking their vote is worth a J Arthur. It isn’t. You know it, I know it, so who is bullshitting who? The EU has stripped away even the pretence of democracy
    and we are ruled by an oligarchy of non-elected bureaucratic bullies with a Marxist m.o.- hell bent on feathering their own nests by ripping off a wider base of taxpayers and by conniving with globalist spivs to milk the planet’s resourses ad lib. What is your remedy, btw? Waiting for the ‘essenial Englishness’ to re-emerge. With a cod Carib accent and rap to replace Vera Lynn’s White Cliffs of Dover? With the Muezzin’s call on a Friday, replacing the village church bells and the Sally Ann band on a Sunday morning? Your senimental faith is touching, but sadly, Boot’s more pragmatic aalysis strikes a cord with my experience.

    I suspect that the reason AB has not reduced his philosophy to a one paragraph remedy to replace faux democracy, is because that is not possible. Civilisations have to evolve. Ours took about 2000 years to ripen and about 30 years to destroy. That is what his books delineate and his blog posts reiterate. I have lived through the best of times and will probably not see the worst of times. But I fear my issue might. Our drift to the left will almost certainly ensure that ensues!

  214. Radford NG October 24th, 2017 – 22:40

    Chief Constable Shaun West tweeted “Saddened by comments. Standing up for what’s right, confronting injustice and promoting cohesion is part of our role too”

    Really? That sounds more like the SJW agitprop of the Labour party. Perhaps appropriate that West joined Lincolnshire Police in 1997. It seems he needs to re-visit Peel’s Principles of Policing (if he ever knew them in the first place). Here are just two that make a mockery of his silly tweet.

    “To seek and preserve public favour, not by pandering to public opinion, but by constantly demonstrating absolutely impartial service to law, in complete independence of policy, and without regard to the justice or injustice of the substance of individual laws”

    “To ALWAYS direct their actions toward their functions, and never appear to usurp the powers of the judiciary by avenging individuals or the State, or authoritatively judging guilt and punishing the guilty.”

    And the main function of the police is to prevent (all) crime and disorder. Not to act as the uniformed and armed wing of Social Services, the enforcement arm of the British left wing or to disseminate religious propaganda. And certainly not to decide and publicly announce that certain crimes will not be investigated, let alone prevented.

    Get a grip West. And Rudd, you get a grip too.

  215. Well the Vietnam War documentary has concluded and it was quite a masterpiece of relativism throughout.

    Astonishingly the most simple point about the war was never made, not once. That the war was caused only by the determination of the North Vietnamese communist regime to exert absolute power over the South. War was waged on two fronts, by communist subversives and insurgents in the South, backed by Hanoi, and by military invasions of the South by the North. It was simply a war of aggression perpetrated by the Communist North and their agents with the backing of the Soviet Union and Communist China. If they had desisted there would have been no war, no American involvement, no deaths or destruction.

    To describe it as a “civil war” is preposterous. To characterise the South and US as “equal” belligerents is ridiculous.

    And as for the resident communist idiot’s assertion that the communist regime imposed on the South by bloody violence was “reasonable and caring”. What utter stupid nonsense even for that burbling halfwit. It brought 700% inflation. It executed thousands of people for political “crimes”. It locked up people in re-education camps for 18 years for doing nothing more than defending their country. It caused hundreds of thousands of men, women and children to die at sea attempting to flee from it. The whole war, all its death and destruction, was caused by his bloody communist ideology and the monstrous fact that those who advocate it must force it on everyone regardless of the human misery caused.

  216. Colonel Mustard (23:39)

    Are the Home Office culturing, in petri dishes, this latest crop of ‘Chief Cunt-stables’, from a particularly pernicious strain of bacteria? He must surely get shit-canned for immersing himself in politics at this level? Religious politics to boot. Aided and abetted by Ms Middleton no doubt. Leading so far beyond authority he should hit a disciplinary landmine. Never in a hundred and eighty odd years of British policing has it suffered such betrayal of its principles by a senior officer.

    I thought we would lose this war eventually by demographics. Seems we are losing it by direct treachery and collaboration of the police. It needs the whole of the Lincolnshire ‘Force’ to resign en bloc. Will they? Where are the Police Federation? Or have they now been completely debollocked, first by May and now by Rudd. Un-fucking-believable! Pure unadulterated agitcopprop. Has it been covered by the MSM? I haven’t seen it anywhere before Radford’s post. The grinning taqiyya of the participants is worthy of a joint Oscar.

    Baron, you’re a Steyn Club initiate; alert The Man. This needs to be addressed by his dancing pen dipped in vitriol.

    Melanie – get cracking, gal. This is right up your strasse.

  217. 23.39 – It is rare to read such biased reviews of a splendid television series. This was par excellence a war to throw off the yoke of a colonial regime propped up by a capitalist culture bent on protecting the interests of its corporations in Asia. The Right cannot stomach that a progressive regime triumphed over the fickle will of Wall Street. Those of us who did our bit marching to break the will of the corporations remain proud.
    As Tariq said
    “Clashes occurred and the US senator Eugene McCarthy watching the images demanded an end to a war that had led, among other things, to “our embassy in Europe’s friendliest capital” being constantly besieged”

    The war was indeed won by reasonable caring individuals throughout the world.

  218. Ah, the provoker provoked. The very telling outcome was that after communism had ruined the whole country and that extremist communist war monger Lê Duẩn had died, communist Vietnam adopted a pragmatic form of capitalism, like communist China, to re-build its economy. A supreme irony that reduces the communist ideology simply to a form of colonial imperialism, suppressing all other forms of legitimate expression whilst exploiting the free market.

    Those left wing idiots in the West who supported North Vietnamese communist aggression under the pretence of campaigning for “Peace” and the useful idiots they managed to attract to their bandwagon, have blood on their hands. Tariq Ali, the supreme leader of that supreme stupidity, even wanted to raise volunteers to fight for the Viet Cong – so much for “Peace”. Surprise, surprise, a wealthy, privileged, raving communist agitator and troublemaker enjoying the freedoms of the UK after being chased out of Pakistan by the Generals wanted to support raving communist agitators and troublemakers who had brought war and destruction to a peaceful, sovereign country.

    The Guardian on the Vietnam War – ha ha ha! Tripe!

    No mention of “Hanoi Jane” in that risible “documentary” either. Her lawyers must have been busy to prevent the footage being shown of her sitting on a North Vietnamese anti-aircraft gun wearing a North Vietnamese helmet. The type of gun that had killed her fellow countrymen or deposited them in North Vietnamese prisons to be abused and tortured.

    By the way the Wiki entry on Lê Duẩn is another masterpiece of revision, omission and dissembling by the communist romantics of the West. Even so, it states that:-

    “During the 1950s Lê Duẩn became increasingly aggressive towards South Vietnam and called for reunification through war.” and after the war of aggression had been won: “The Second Five-Year Plan (1976–1980) was a failure and left the Vietnamese economy in crisis.”

    So the communists caused the war and waged the war, then ruined the whole country. And yet there are still so many blithering idiot communist wannabes blighting this country and the West who think that was some wonderful enterprise.

  219. Frank P October 25th, 2017 – 00:30

    The contravention of Peelian policing principles and the deformation of the English constabulary imperative is now so blatant and disregarded by the Home Office and Parliament that it must be suspected of being orchestrated via “neuro-linguistic programming” of the common purpose kind.

    It could be a form of mass ignorance and collective memory loss but more likely an alignment of the British police to continental practices, previously long despised here, via the creeping agency of the blasted EU. That combined with a closer alignment of the police to local government and agencies through the post-Soviet Common Purpose conspiracy. That makes a mockery of the independence of the police as they tailor enforcement to identity group ideology, the cult of Victimhood nurtured by the state and selectively the bad law introduced by the Blair regime. Within that vile brew Rotherham comes as no surprise.

    Therefore a constabulary of the people and for the people has been transformed into a coercive arm of the state, enforcing its shabby, divisive and partisan policies in direct contravention of the Principles, and straying far beyond the bounds of its actual authority and function.

    That is what happens when a state take its policy directions from noisy, lobbying minority interest groups and imposes on their behalf on the vast, largely silent, largely powerless and largely unrepresented majority.

  220. Baron, October 24th, 2017 – 20:56

    “The politicians of today who “extract half or more of his subjects’ income’ do so not for their own use as did the princes of the past including their indulgence in wars, but as means of the redistribution of the nation’s income.”

    Taxation is THEFT!

  221. Folks of my ilk are pretty tired of the lambasting of Jane Fonda for her pacifist action and views. You have got to remember that when the yanks began to kill civilians in the barbaric Hanoi bombings that former Attorney General Ramsey Clark also went to Hanoi to promote peace. The American Right were finally forced to give in.


  222. While M’lud is on the subject of selfless public servants he describes as “The politicians of today “ (poor as church mice, the lot of ’em)…

    D’ya know, the other day I’m certain that I spotted a gaunt, pathetic, raggedy Tony Blair sat on the top steps of Marble Arch underground station holding out a cup for pennies.

    Tony Bliar’s famous “Third Way” comprising of quangos, fake charities and Common Purpose rout of the institutions, was financed and underpinned by Crony Capitalism. The Communists and Socialists(National & otherwise) are quite adept at it.
    The merger of state and corporate power = fascism.

  223. Jane Fonda was at her best when she got her kit off in Barbarella (1968) After that, as her acting assets headed south she headed north in shameless self-promotional publicity stunt.

    Also she should have born in mind Samuel Johnson’s helpful admonition:
    “A woman’s preaching is like a dog’s walking on his hind legs. It is not done well; but you are surprised to find it done at all.”

    Just a pity that the timeline didn’t permit McCain to crash his plane on her anti-aircraft gun…

  224. The poor handling of the war in Vietnam by the US administration should not be conflated with the essential justice of defending a weaker sovereign country against an unprovoked war of aggression against it by a militant nation – a war also waged against civilians.

    The communists targeted and murdered civilians and their families in the South, a fact rather glossed over in that “documentary”. The civilians in Hanoi were not specifically targeted and could take their chances in air raid shelters. The civilians in the South were visited in their homes at night by communist “insurgents” and North Vietnamese agents, to be murdered or sometimes buried alive. A continuation of the practice which brought Ho’s communist regime to power in the North in the first place.

    The bombing of North Vietnam aroused the indignation of an active and noisy communist minority of agitprop misfits in the West, led by the likes of Tariq Ali, inspired and sponsored to cause trouble by the stealth comintern of the Soviet Union. That “movement” which had long masqueraded as anti-nuclear and “peace” activists and which still does. But their issue has never been with nuclear arms or war per se, but rather only those utilised by the Western nations whose hospitality they hypocritically enjoy. Those righteous, duffel-coated, push chair pushing, placard waving and tent-setting useful idiots in the comintern’s malevolent bandwagon were never to be found protesting in North Vietnam, in the Soviet Union, in China or in North Korea. No, that would be too difficult – and dangerous. Much safer just to selectively protest the weak and appeasing governments of the West.

    In fact bombing was a perfectly legitimate response to the North’s unrelenting aggression in the South. But that was poorly handled too. The North’s military capability should have been bombed into the stone age and Lê Duẩn specifically targeted as a war monger and war criminal. The Soviet Union and China should have been warned to keep out, on pain of their arms-running ships being sunk. But the real opportunity to emasculate those two regimes of vipers was lost in 1948 when both should have been obliterated by nuclear storm. The world would have been a better place without them.

    But the bombing of North Vietnam would never have happened had not the communists decided to wage war for ideological and territorial aspirations. It is a measure of the power of leftist agitprop deceit and bias in the public narrative that the war has been allowed to be so misrepresented and the fundamental reality of it so easily disregarded. The teflon coated communist ideology in the West so excused from true accountability for its horrors that the unprovoked waging of war to extend its power is simply accepted rather than vilified.

    And “Hanoi Jane” was engaged in no “pacifist action” by posing on that AA gun. She was actively aiding the enemies of her own country. She should have been tried for treason and if convicted shot by military firing squad. But like the ISIS jihadis from Britain she was allowed to return and rehabilitate herself by weak and appeasing government.

    Funny how this government can invoke all sorts of draconian knee-jerk laws to impose upon the law abiding majority but cannot legislate to deal with returning ISIS jihadis.

  225. EC October 25th, 2017 – 11:02

    Excellent article. I refrain from describing that “person” in the manner I should like to. Her less privileged and drafted countrymen suffered and died in the mountains, jungles and rice paddies whilst she cavorted about like the celebrity virtue signallers of today, no risk of having to serve. Just one of those lost lives was worth more than ten thousand Tariq Alis or Jane Fondas. They are gone and we are left with those two.

  226. Colonel Mustard @ October 25th, 2017 – 08:24 & 11.55

    Informative, Colonel, but the poorly educate dSlav knows very little of the conflict to comment except to say that in wars atrocities are common to every side, and that the ghastly woman Fonda should have been tried for treason.

    And a question: Would the North have got close to the Soviets and the Chinese (they disliked both) if the French (later the Americans) didn’t mess things up, withdrew, let the country be?

  227. EC @ October 25th, 2017 – 10:13

    But you didn’t give him the penny, EC, did you? A ghastly man, he deserves to rot for eternity, and few more hours on top.

  228. EC @ October 25th, 2017 – 09:42

    Whilst on the subject of tax and theft, EC, the latter is also a vehicle for the re-distribution of wealth in a society, sadly, illegal, but we’ve moved close to legalising it.

    If one pilfers in shops one gets a warning if caught, is let go, no criminal record. Who knows what the future holds, perhaps we’ll be free to help ourselves to whatever we want (say) an hour every Thursday afternoon?

  229. Frank P @ October 25th, 2017 – 00:30

    One understands why the PR job, Frank, but why the police? Isn’t their job catching the wrongdoers amongst us, Muslims as well non-Muslims?

    This may be a remark below waist, but it’s worth making: At any time an atrocity happens, the perpetrators happens to be a member of the ROP, everyone who knew him says how shocked everyone in the Muslim community is, how nice the guy was, how helpful, an example to many, one would be hard put to meet someone nicer, right? Just like the description of those in the video.

  230. Telemucus (10:12)

    “Folks of my ilk are pretty tired of the lambasting of Jane Fonda for her pacifist action and views. ”

    It’s the window-licking that is tiring you, dickhead.

    Your ilk?? That seems to have diminished here to one individual with multi-monikers, smelly socks and clinkers on his hairy-arse. If the discourse here is making you ‘pretty tired’, why don’t you just fuck off for a long nap before you become exhausted. You absence will be welcomed by all contributors here, I’m sure. Open the window someone please, after he has departed. And a quick blast of Febreze should help. Lock the catflap in case it crawls in through it.

    Everytime I see Corbyn on telly I remember the smell emanating from the ‘occupied’ squats, the blighted properties under the Westway Extension project, circa 1968, where the misfits of the world foregathered and planned their Utopian comintern through a haze of ganga fumes and the daze of LSD.

    As I have remarked before and others have noticed, if you darken the physiognomy of Hanoi Jane with a a black marker pen, she becomes a ringer for Michelle Obummer. Something to do with set of the jawbone. Communism must be a genetic malformation.

  231. Radford NG @ October 24th, 2017 – 22:40

    The one thing missing in the video is an answer from everyone participating in it to one simple question:

    If it came to a crunch, which is the authority you will ultimately obey, is it the Imam or the secular elected representative?

    What may have finished the answer is the remark towards the end of the clip. A middle age man, probably an Imam, saying ‘the final Prophet, peace be upon him, said ‘the best of mankind are those who benefit mankind’.

    Scary because it suggests, if indirectly, that it’s the saying of the Prophet that guides him (and other Muslims), not the laws passed by the elected representatives, and also because however much anyone may question (or ignore) it, the jihadists believe that their slaughtering non-Muslims (and Muslims who desire peace, no harm to anyone) believe that they benefit mankind.

    If it were true what the participants in the clip were saying about all the Muslims living here, how does it square with the head of MI5 saying the other day that they have 300 hundred cases under surveillance involving 500 individuals? Or results of surveys showing a large proportion of Muslims in favour of sharia, punishment of homosexuals, have sympathy with jihadists …

  232. Baron

    “One understands the PR job, Frank …”

    This ‘one’ doesn’t understand it at all, Baron, if by ‘understand’ you mean empathise. Anymore than one ‘understood’ William Joyce at his peak. And that lack of ‘understanding’ led to the gallows for him. Something I don’t approve of, as you know. He should have been shot on sight as an enemy combatant. In fact, I am fast coming to the view that our government and their carefully brainwashed Stasi should be regarded in the same way.

    Below the waist, m’Lud.? Not in the least. Those of us here who recognise taqiyya when they see it, denounce it by legitimate blows to the chin, every time it’s exposed. The fact that our police ‘Chiefs’ are acting as PR documentary makers for the invading hordes of Islam should execise every Englishman , indigenous and naturalised, and vilified in the strongest possible terms. And Lincolnshire – of all places. Where are the Fenman, the Fenman of England? Rise up ye clodhoppers. I knew the enemy were closing in, but didn’t realize they are that close. AND enjoying ‘understanding’ from my Suffolk neighbours to the south.

  233. Frank P @ October 24th, 2017 – 23:01

    Nearly missed this one, Frank, how could he?

    Nitpicking, is it? Hmmm

    One mustn’t idealise the past, it wasn’t all vicars cycling down a bucolic village lane in the early morning mist ogling young shapely maidens carrying jugs of milk, or whatever young maidens used to carry. To think it, to suggest life was like that at any time in the past is mischievous, silly, not reflecting what the living conditions for the unwashed were all about.

    We live in a world of aplenty engineered through the deployment of technology, high taxes and centralised re-distribution of them. This has given the progressives a chance to usurp the control of both the taxing and sharing facility. This has to stop, it’s doable, it will stop, the ‘healthy core of Englishness’ will…..

  234. ‘exercise’ – apol. o & oe as always. Fix up an edit facility Peter, FFS. Cut ‘n pasting from Word interrupts the flow and shit happens during repartee, when the minces are out of focus and the stylus doesn’t always hit the target. 🙂

  235. Frank P @ October 25th, 2017 – 14:56

    Good stuff, Frank, as is the one @ 14.24.

    And what an intimate knowledge of the guy’s ‘asinusognomy’, hairy, is it? (he, he, he).

  236. Btw, Frank, you seem to exhibit dictatorial powers yourself, a sort of cult of personality in the making. You’ve kicked the barbarian (others) for engaging with tele, you do it yourself.

  237. Baron

    Yeh. Knowledge of his ‘ ilk’ acquired when when we hosed down them, and the walls of the flowery, after they had slared them with their own shit as an ‘act of defiance agin The Man’.

    Deluded junked-up crazy Kuntz. Dunno why we bothered. Should have left them to eat their own faeces rather than providing them nosh at the public expense.

    Oh btw – I forgot – despite 50 years under the flag of Her Brittanic Majesty, you are still not upsides with the argot of her once-chirpycheerful Cockney subjects:

    Flowery (abbr. of flowery dell) = cell, aka ‘pokey’. Boring I know Radford, but some of us have to keep the lingo live, before it descends into Arabic or whatever polluted tongue prevails. 🙂

  238. This is on a frequency totally different from the recent topics we’ve covered, but you may like to indulge yourself.

    The clip is in Russian (turn the volume down), it’s a raid on a publication in Kiev by the country’s security services (both uniformed and in civilian cloth i.e. the girl sitting at the desk stuffing her bag, the guy in the white shirt), the raid was a mistake, the police got it wrong, apologised.

    It happened around three years (August 2014), the owners of the mag have complained many times, (they and their workers had to empty their pockets, leave every personal possession inside, vacate the premises). Altogether over 2mn Euros (equipment, money, anything of value) was snatched. Nothing has happened since.

    You watch only from 0.80 to 5 minutes, (if you want to of course).

    As Baron was telling you before, corruption, bribery, theft by the members of the agencies of the state are more common in Ukraine now because those in power have the backing of the Americans.

    Btw, the blog of the guy Anatolij Sharij, who’s fronting it, is top of Baron’s list of things to watch on Ukraine (he’s also critical of Putin’s, he hits them all), the u-tube equivalent of Tucker Carlson.

  239. Baron (15:08)

    Just abusement for amusement, m’Lud. And if I was really a dictator … Well, lets not dwell on that.
    I’d hate to disabuse you of your ‘democratic’ delusions. That would amount to cruel and unusual punishment – debarred by the eighth amendment.

  240. Baron – 15:02

    “… in the early morning mist ogling young shapely maidens carrying jugs of milk”

    WTF? Time for another tablet, M’lud! 😉

  241. Baron October 25th, 2017 – 13:40

    The North Vietnamese communist leaders varied in their attitude towards the Soviet Union and Communist China and that in turn varied over time. However the North would still have embarked on their invasion of the South and the incitement of insurgency by communists in the South (many of whom had come from the North). Throughout the communist North’s war of aggression the Soviet Union and Communist China supported them with arms, supplies and busy subversion by their agents in the West. “My enemy’s enemy is my friend” methinks.

    The Northern communists presented a “Vietnamese” nationalist cause first against the Japanese, supported by the Americans, then against the French, supported by the Japanese and later the Americans (to a certain extent). By the time their nationalism had morphed into “re-unification” (a deceit, Vietnam was never a united country, long before even the French arrived, and there was a history of bitter conflict between the North and South that long-predated colonialism) Ho had eliminated any non-communist nationalists in the North and created his single party state.

    Really there should have been no difference from the attitude of Western nations to North Korean aggression in the Korean War, where the UN intervened to defend the South. But French colonialism had complicated the situation in Vietnam, providing the communists with a false narrative eagerly seized upon by Western leftists.

    Ultimately Vietnam was left alone, and South Vietnam was betrayed and abandoned by its US ally – and the rest of the free world. The North continued their war of aggression following the Paris accords, ignored the cease fire, and invaded the South with regular fully mechanised and armoured divisions, as well as heavy artillery units. They defeated South Vietnam and extended their single party communist state by force. Somehow, out of all that, the US have emerged as the guys under scrutiny and the corruption within the South Vietnamese regime is held as a worse evil than the waging of war to impose a single party state on a sovereign nation. That speaks volumes as to the extent of communist subversion of the “mainstream” in the West.

    The resident troll serves a useful purpose in blatantly demonstrating the seamless but unseemly singularity of socialists and communists, which ought to provide a dire warning about what a Corbyn regime might be like. They are all fellow travellers and aspire to a single party state to be achieved and coerced by any means. Even Blair, supposedly more centrist, revealed the extent of that aspiration when he declared that the Labour party was “nothing less than the political wing of the British people as a whole”. There was national socialist gleichschaltung writ large in Britain. Even Blair thought that the British people were not entitled to any other political affinity than to Labour.

  242. Baron October 25th, 2017 – 15:02

    When I was a boy Baron, the local vicar did indeed cycle along the lanes in the early morning mist He doffed his hat to passing girls too. And although there were a few village boys who went barefoot they were recognisably English in thought and deed, free of grievance and respectful of the village bobby who lived in the village police house and knew everyone. He cycled through the lanes too, unarmed except for truncheon in pocket and a whistle. No radio for central control and constabulary discretion unimpeded.

    The local council were servants, not masters. We paid rates for their services not council tax. The dustmen walked up the drive to collect the dustbins and their banter was pure, undeferential English with the warmth that only those who listened to it can know. The English, you see, class to class, generally loved each other but never cared to show it.

    There were malcontents, mainly in the cities and incited by foreign implants, but the country as a whole had a single identity and was at peace with itself, confident of its place in the world. The idea of a confusion of identity is nonsense, stirred up in the revisionism of leftist malcontents who simply hated the old order, hated its undemonstrative calm and the certainty of its traditions. They set out to destroy it and they have.

    I was alive in Old England and knew it well. I absolutely refuse to concede my empirical knowledge of that once gentle country to a bunch of vandalising leftists who were not even born then. You can’t turn the clock back but they presumed to turn the clock “forward” using a sledgehammer and much malevolence.

  243. Colonel Mustard (and listen up, Baron)

    Right on Colonel (16:49). I recognise those blue remembered hills with their spires and farms; the air that kills from yon far country, that is indeed he land of lost content, that truly never can come again. Apologies to AEH. Wonder what he would have to say now?

    Baron’s ‘healthy core of Englishness’ came from the fruits of the soil, the rosy apples of cider orchards. That once ‘healthy core’ is now maggot ridden and has been carried by venomous rats far from the tree that bore it. The orchards are soon to be covered with ‘affordable homes’ for foreign welfare recipients, who will certainly replace what the Colonel so vividly described, with the hateful backward culture of VII Century Mecca, facilitated by the followers of Marx, his disciples and modifiers. Now matter how the taqiyya presents it – that is what it is: bellicose, backward. Ridden with superstition, hate and deep cunning born of 1400 hundred years of conquest, failure, reconquest and stubborn stupidity, inherent in its cult.

    You came too late to appreciate what once was in England m’Lud and you have spent too much time rubbing shoulders with the the purveyors of agitprop. Your heart is probably in the right place, but the memes of the Marxists have rotted your reason. Your ‘one dimensional’ bête noire gets it. I just wish I could envisage his ultimate. That’s way beyond the reach of my feeble skull.

    It seems that circa 1945 the resilience of our English heritage slowly dissipated, because under covert cultural attack, few bothered to defend it. Those that did were trashed by the subversive statists and their handmaidens in the media and the ‘arts’. Our military might is now but a shadow of its former glory; its substitute – the nuclear deterrent – merely a justification for nutty rogue states to acquire it, according to the leftist dogma that now pervades. Pshaw!!

    Keep it up Colonel. You are one of a dying breed.

  244. … nutty rogue states to acquire it … aided and abetted by ‘negotiators’ like ‘Spreadshit Phil’ the English delegate of a treacherous cabal that includes Obama’s ‘facilitator’ Kerry egged on by the loathsome corrupt and crazy ‘female’ half of the Clinton conspiracy.

  245. Meanwhile I see that the double-dipping dyke is on a Christmas shopping trip to the Big Apple and The Swamp (speaking of rotten cores).

    One hopes that Fox News will feature an antidote to that self-promotional treacle and that one of their limey staff will point out to Sandra Smith the difference between the City of London and the surrounding Metropolis, before the City Fathers and the CC of the City Police let her know.

    Only one thing to say to Cressida: Jean Charles Menezes! Extend your trip to Brazil, MNs Dick and while you’re at it and let them know how well you’re doing, with your third pension.

  246. Colonel Mustard @ October 25th, 2017 – 16:29

    Thank you, Colonel, a very useful lecture on a subject the barbarian knows little about.

  247. Colonel & Frank:

    Two against one. How unfair is that, he?

    Still, the poorly educated Slav feels more than a pinch of nostalgia for his first days and months here, it’s the way of life you describe so well, Colonel, he misses the most.

    What one shouldn’t forget is that many of the changes to the old fabric of the country (not all by any means) were endorsed by the electorate, the three terms the ghastly Blair got awarded were all executed through the ballot box, there must have been something that convinced the unwashed his policies were worth going for, that swapping the old ways for the new was beneficial.

    One’s indeed unable to turn the clock back fully, one has to make the best out of what we have, no?

  248. Still, on the ‘healthy core’:

    It does exists, it’s around us, the trash one sees on the box is far from representative of the country, you won;t convince Baron otherwise, he meets the members of this sturdy, often maligned, currently ignored club, they’re of all ages, not just the ‘dying breed’ of the 70 plus. It would take more than few millions of immigrants to mould it, it’s rather the culture of the ‘healthy core’ will turn over the newcomers because the way of life that you were lucky to attain in the past is the way of life ordinary people everywhere aspire to (even though they may differ in their mores, habits, traditions).

  249. You missed your vocation Baron. You have more in common with Alex than you realise. 🙂

  250. Btw.. I’m not ‘ against ‘ you. Just mulling over your assumptions.

  251. Listen to the first item on Tucker, unbelievable:

  252. Baron October 25th, 2017 – 20:56

    Blair’s success is overrated. In 2002 New Labour won 418 seats with 43.2% of the votes – nearly 11 million people. The Tories got only 165 seats with 30.7% of the vote – just under 8.5 million people. See the problem there? Labour had a buillt-in advantage, able to get more seats in Parliament for less votes.

    To put it more starkly they got 38% more seats in Parliament for just 9% more votes than the Tories.

    In 2005 New Labour’s vote share had dropped to 35% but they still got 355 seats. The Tories got just 198 seats for 32%. The voting differential between the two parties had reduced to 3% but Labour still got 24% more seats than the Tories.

    The constituency map of the English shires was blue. The cities full of bien pensant lefties and mass imported foreign voters were red, and New Labour’s rule over the collectively unrepresented shire English was propped up by the Celtic fringe.,_2005#/media/File:2005UKElectionMap.svg

    England is beset by Celtic fringe politicians whereas the Celtic fringe countries are largely free of English politicians. That imbalance is exacerbated by the fact that the English are not collectively represented in the British Parliament. Any sense of English nationalism is suppressed as unacceptable whereas nationalism in the Celtic fringe has been promoted, encouraged and pandered to by those who rule over us.

    And within England the shire English are further marginalised by the disproportionate focus on metropolitan and urban “communities” and “values”. And they are openly despised and insulted by those. In few other countries would such a situation be tolerated. Our rulers are very lucky that the English are so passive and long suffering.

  253. Warming to this theme the disproportionate influence and empowerment of left wing Scottish politicians on English politics is remarkable.

    England 53 million people (at least)
    Scotland 5 million people
    Wales under 2 million people
    N Ireland under 2 million people

    The Celtic tail doesn’t just wag the English dog but the English dog has a British head full of Scots, Welsh and Irish politicians. The Irish get to vote here too. In fact when the English dog trots the circuit at Crufts it is described as a British dog, its English identity completely suppressed.

    And that silly bloody woman in No.10 bleats about equality and fairness.

  254. It was meant in jest, Frank, no need for the btw, the blue veined barbarian seldom gets upset, angry or resentful in a debate, you can attack him as much as you like, the more the better, it’s what a verbal sparring is all about.

    It’s such a pity Baron cannot post anything from the East because of the language barrier.

    In the recent election for the lower House in the Czech Republic one of the surprises was a large vote (over 10%) for a party led by a Japanese guy Tomio Okamura (born in Tokyo to a Czech mother, Japanese father, resides in Czecho, speaks perfect Czech) that opposes any immigration of Muslims (the country has allowed in only 12 Syrians so far, all Christians).

    The party had organised for a large number of posters on billboards and anything that moves (from street cars to taxis) saying ‘no to violence, no to Muslims, no to the EU diktat’, the few Muslims living in the country protested that their children have to see them, the MSM bunched up against him, as did candidates from other parties (not all), the debates about the issue were by far livelier than what we can ever hope for here. The barbarian has just finished watching one.

    It amazes than a country which had experienced a totalitarian governance for a number of generations has the courage to hold such open honest and informative public debates, yet Britain, the cradle of democracy and free speech shirks from such events.

  255. Colonel Mustard @ October 25th, 2017 – 23:05

    Hard to disagree with your reasoning, Colonel. Could proportional representation help?

    And you right about the woman as well as her bleating about equality. It seems equality for everthing and everyone except for the election that are crucial for how the country’s run.

  256. Who, with sense of self-respect and integrity would want to enter the current chaos of the political arena, anyway? As for “conservative” politics, it no longer exists. So we must now wait for the first communist government masqueradng as Labour government to take over at the next election, from a socialist government masquerading as a Tory government. Madness!

  257. Why does that scruffy little prick Stig Abel from the Times Literary Supplement always wear his bins on top of his head when appearing on the Sky Press Review (in addition to talking the most arrant lefty nonsense about the news of the day)?

    Stig, if your don’t need your glasses, leave them at home, or perch them on your dick under the desk where we can’t see ’em. What a childish affectation!

  258. Candid chimera from the home spun philosopher:

    Fred. It’s how we have managed to survive and thrive (7.6 billion and rising) You are right, but so what? If it was all fuckin’ and feedin’ and no killin’ or cullin’ , then what?

  259. Chris McGovern: Admit it, Tories. The howling mob has won hands down | The Conservative Woman

  260. John Birch (09:08)

    He’s right, of course; but what he omitted to mention is that it has been going on for several decades and it is orchestrated with the left in the US whence the ideas and terminology flow.
    Watering our tree of life with the poisons of leftist ideology will ensure that the ‘healthy core of Englishness’ will become a mutated propagation of bitter fruit indeed. The orchards of youth are already replete with them thar apples.

  261. Tucker Carlson (Last Night)

    Steyn: Everybody was colluding with Russia except Trump

    I love these little Wednesday night get togethers.
    Even at this distance I can hear Max Boot gnawing his knuckles!

  262. Further to the above:

    ‘Clinton Cash’ author Peter Schweizer and Dr. Sebastian Gorka speak out on ‘Hannity’

    Gorka: Uranium One scandal is absolutely massive

  263. Someone else who needs the Tommy Robinson and Tony Martin treatment .
    Sky Sources: Leader of banned far-right group ‘National Action’ Christopher Lythgoe has been charged with encouragement to commit murder

  264. Neither link works John

  265. An excellent lament by Rod Liddle in this week’s Spectator (Baron hopes he’ll forgive him copying it here):

    “Now that the Scots have banned people from smacking kids — both their own and, presumably, those that belong to other people — I suppose we will dutifully follow suit and another one of life’s harmless little pleasures will have bitten the dust. Fair enough, we can still say horrible, frightening things to them in order to exert a bit of discipline. But the immense satisfaction of hearing them howl in pain from a sharp slap to the leg, or a nasty pinch to the upper arm, will be gone for good. 

    Not many parents do hit their kids any more. It is already a vanishing art. Smacking unruly brats has been de trop for ages, especially among the middle classes. These days we are expected merely to smile indulgently as they shriek their little lungs out in a restaurant or on an aeroplane (where they shouldn’t be in the first place, which of course is why they’re shrieking their little lungs out).

    It hasn’t made the kids any happier, though. A recent Unicef report discovered that British brats were the least happy in the western world. Rates of depression and anxiety among children have reportedly increased by 70 per cent in the last 25 years, and the number turning up in A&E wards reporting psychiatric conditions has doubled since 2009. In a 2016 survey for Parent Zone, 91 per cent of teachers reported seeing more mental illness among their charges. A year later it was reported that suicides among teenagers had reached a 14-year high. Whatever way you look at it, we are not bringing up our children terribly well. Something is wrong — perhaps many things are.
    The mental illness issue is evident from our universities. The safe-spaces stuff, the terror of encountering an opinion which differs from their own or which might offend their sensibilities, is surely evidence of a profound derangement. 

    I asked the classics professor Mary Beard where she thought this uber-sensitivity had come from and she replied: ‘Health and safety.’ She has a point, I think, although it is far from the whole of the story. Children are not let loose like they once were: they are corralled permanently inside a suffocating safe space from the moment they are born. The ghost of Jimmy Savile lurks in every shrubbery, ready with a promise of puppies or sherbet bonbons, and so the kids are not allowed outside by themselves until a much older age than used to be the case. 

    From the age of seven I spent every day of the school holidays as far away from my parents as humanly possible, returning at six for my tea. I would play with friends or just wander by myself. This taught me independence and responsibility, way beyond that of my 12-year-old daughter, whose movements are, I believe, ludicrously restricted. I knew how to get on a bus and a train, how to evade bullies, what time of year and day was best to watch goldfinches and linnets feeding on the teasel seeds in the magical urban wasteland near our house. 

    There was no organised entertainment, of course — one found one’s own. For me it was football and bird-watching. These days the kids have endless, intensely safe activities — corporate entertainment — programmed for them. As the sociologist Frank Furedi put it: ‘From the moment they get up in the morning to the evening, when they are passed around from one activity to another, literally they have no free time to be children and to relax.’ And all of these activities in exquisitely safe spaces, copiously chaperoned, just in case a mildly grazed knee provokes litigation from some appalled parent. They have no time to themselves and — in our terror, our histrionic swathing and cosseting — no chance to find things out for themselves. 

    We think we are protecting them, but we are stifling them and harming them. We are preventing them from engaging with the world on their own terms. And coincidentally, we are making them fat. That’s something else we’ve given the kids recently — obesity and diabetes. Why would they not be fat when they are not allowed to venture outside by themselves, not allowed to shin up trees or play football in the street from dawn until dusk?

    And then there’s what happens to the kids in school. Here they are egregiously indulged by teachers who seem to want to be their ‘mates’ rather than their instructors. Competition has no place in the modern state school — the kids are not ranked for their abilities, publicly, in each subject, as was the case 30 years ago. If they come 20th out of 20 in maths, they are not told this. They are simply assured that they’ve done their best and shouldn’t worry about it and that judging children by their respective abilities is an unpleasant thing to do. The imperative for the teachers is to try to raise the D students to a C; that’s about it. 

    Nor are children enjoined to learn, to understand the importance — and the drudgery and boredom — of imbibing facts. There is a joke about the modern approach to teaching. In the old days a child would be given the sum ‘4+3’ and the answer required by the teacher would be ‘7’. Today a child is given the sum ‘4+3’ and the correct answer is to explain how ‘4’ feels about being added to ‘3’. The teachers are terrified of boring the kids with facts. It’s all about how the kids relate to the facts, as if the facts themselves were of scant importance. You can see how that easily morphs into the safe-spaces mindset of university students. 

    But there is always mental illness to offer them a way out. Mental illness and gender stuff. These are the new, exciting activities of our young people. Enjoined endlessly to express how they feel and to revel in that most valued of all qualities, victimhood, it is scarcely a surprise that many more report mental illness and gender dysphoria. Those states, today, do not have a stigma attached to them. They have instead a very potent cachet.

    This isn’t the sum total of why our kids these days are a) unhappy and b) mad; just, in my opinion, the most important contributory factors. You might add to them the rise of divorce — kids from divorced parents or single-parent families are far more likely to end up jobless, involved in criminal activities, addicted to drugs, expelled from school, suffering from mental illness. And the rise of the two-working-parent families where the kids catch only fleeting glimpses of their — what is the word we are meant to use? — guardians. Yet try advancing the theory that divorce and working mums may have resulted in poorer outcomes for the nation’s children and see how far you get. The howl-round will be immediate and cacophonous. 

    The truth, I think, is that we know most of this intuitively. We want kids, but find them inconvenient to our lifestyles. And the cosseting of the children is a kind of over-compensation, because we know that really we are letting them down”.  

  266. Frank P October 26th, 2017 – 12:24

    That transatlantic leftist co-ordination and orchestration really deserves thorough investigation. Common Purpose supposedly originated from Chicago “community organising”, whence also came Obama (2009-2017).

    The UK government embraced community organising from 2010 but it existed before that and was nurtured by New Labour from 1996 onwards. Common Purpose was spreading its tentacles under Major, who was far too stupid to see anything sinister or a risk to Conservatism from Quangoland.

    The “Alinsky” influence of unelected “community leaders” has skewed British politics and undermined not only majority democracy but also sovereignty ever since. The flexing of unelected civil service muscle and the blatant adoption of leftist rhetoric and objectives by unelected senior civil servants (e.g. Starmer) is part of the rot.

    One of the problems for conservatives is that the Conservative party did not recognise it as a threat to democratic accountability or establish a counter plan and counter narrative against it. Instead they have just gone along with it – a gift to the Left.

  267. Frank P @ October 26th, 2017 – 01:02

    Your choice of words, Frank, never fails to make Baron chuckle. Unbeatable.

  268. John birch. @ October 26th, 2017 – 09:28

    Baron spotted it, too, John, wanted to post it, you beat him to it.

    The police have enough time to pursue people for obnoxious perhaps, but harmless hate crimes, they seem to be short of it when a government official is threatened. Go figure.

    Also, ‘cut two A-levels from the requirements to go to university’, said a pundit on the BBC4 Radio today. Why not drop all A-levels, stick with just one O-level result?

  269. EC @ October 26th, 2017 – 13:01

    If time permits, EC, Baron watches Tucker each night, the man’s priceless, will he survive?, is the question, the bastards will do everything to silence him as they did others before.

  270. EC @ October 26th, 2017 – 13:04

    The uranium case may indeed be massive, EC, but both parties are immersed in the scandal, it will be argued out, you’ll see.

  271. Frank P @ October 26th, 2017 – 02:04

    The barbarian trusts in the ‘healthy core’ and in nature, too. You should, too, Frank. Nature per se, and the nature of man. Something will hit us, either a virus that we won;t be able to control, or someone like the North Korean nutter will go berserk, others will join him in the insanity until a large chunk of the 7.6bn (and rising) get wiped out.

    There’s something good to said about an old age, no?

  272. Quite, m’Lud. As JMK retorted, “” In the long run, we’re all dead! ”
    That long run is too close for comfort for yours truly. But until the lights go out I intend to imprecate as persistently as my reedy vocal chords will allow and via this medium for as long as my eyes can see the virtual keyboard.

  273. John birch.@ October 26th, 2017 – 15:35

    As Frank has said already the links don;t work, John, one gets a garbled code or just the heading (on the first link). Baron tried to locate it differently, also failed. Could you help, please.

  274. Colonel Mustard @ October 26th, 2017 – 17:33

    The Conservative party may have recognised it (The Common Purpose movement) as a threat, Colonel, did nothing about it because it suits them, too, Baron reckons.

    Both parties are fully divorced from the unwashed, can get away with that divorce because they have the election process sawn up, for either it’s just a fight between the two for the place under the sun, the country seldom matters.

    It pains Baron to say it, but we need a new blood in the House, we can only get it if we switch from the outdated, easy to control, totally undemocratic (the majority of votes matter not at all) system.

    In the Czech election recently, altogether nine parties got in, almost every pundit screams ‘what a nightmare’, Baron reckons that’s what democracy’s all about, messy, unpredictable, hard on the political class.

    It will be up to the parties now to decide which polices to drop, which to compromise on, which to stick to come what may. If they screw this up, they’ll get kick out at the next count. It’s almost like a check on the ability of all politicians to figure what the electorate wants, can buy, will reward next.

    We should try it, it will take time, but if we continue with the FPTP no investigation of the Common Propose Quislings or any other matter is doable.

  275. I když nemám co bych ti řekla
    A sice rána ještě pobolívají,
    Přesto ti posílám
    Odpověď zpět
    Že teď zrovna
    Dobíjíš můj svět

    A i když není co by mělo
    Jenomže tak to asi u nás bývá,
    Že to málo pro tebe nestačilo
    Skrývá v sobě
    Taky další odpověď
    Prý teď zrovna
    Dobíjím tvůj svět

  276. This is a couple of days old, the barbarian was to post it, forgot. It’s illustrative of the whole uranium saga, it also hits at the probable defence the Dems and the Clinton woman’s clan may go for. You don’t have to watch the lot, just the first 15 minutes should be enough (although you’ll miss alot if you don’t stay the course).

    The defensive posture of the lawyer (the first guest) stinks. Here’s an equivalent of it in a different setting.

    Let’s imagine someone close to the Dems gets murdered, and the Donald is overheard talking about his dinner. The Dem’s lawyer’s take on the two stories:

    Well, there’s nothing to this murder, it’s just unfortunate the guy got in the path of the bullet, things like that happen, unfortunate for him, yes, but why talk about murder?

    What’s by far more appalling, something that warrants a thorough investigation is the Donald saying ‘I’d murder a curry, let’s go’, he talks openly about murder, says ‘let’s go’, that’s totally unacceptable, the investigation of him by the FBI, the Congress, the media must be the first priority ….

  277. Fergus Pickering @ October 26th, 2017 – 19:57

    Nice piece of poetry, Fergus, thank you.

    The barbarian has no idea whom it’s by, you probably do, but then you’re the poet.

    Btw, you speak the language?, if you do the blue veined barbarian takes off his trilby to you, it’s not an easy one to learn and frankly, between you and Baron, quite a useless one.

  278. Sorry about the errors, e.g. it’s ‘hints’ at the defence not ‘hits’ ….

  279. It Is I Who Must Begin

    It is I who must begin.

    Once I begin, once I try —

    here and now,

    right where I am,

    not excusing myself

    by saying things

    would be easier elsewhere,

    without grand speeches and

    ostentatious gestures,

    but all the more persistently

    — to live in harmony

    with the “voice of Being,” as I

    understand it within myself

    — as soon as I begin that,

    I suddenly discover,

    to my surprise, that

    I am neither the only one,

    nor the first,

    nor the most important one

    to have set out

    upon that road.

    Whether all is really lost

    or not depends entirely on

    whether or not I am lost.

    ~ Václav Havel ~

  280. Baron October 26th, 2017 – 19:24

    There is something to be said for that. If Parliament were full of bickering parties unable to achieve an effective coalition or to agree on anything we might get a long overdue rest from the bad law and nanny bollocks that they keep churning out ad nauseum.

    What has transpired since the Referendum result shows that the current crowd certainly don’t represent or respect the majority.

  281. Fergus Pickering @ October 26th, 2017 – 20:16

    A ghastly man, Havel, Fergus, he collaborated with the Red Menace, let many down, refused to punish the communist thugs who ruined the country, killed some, sold the Republic to the progressives. Down with him, down with the memory of him, nasty hypocrite.

  282. While Fergus is always willing to learn, the general understanding is that he played a pivotal role in Charter 77 and later was a prime mover in the Velvet Revolution that disposed of the oppressive Communist regime.
    Hereabouts there are still refugees from the Prague Spring who rate the man. He may not have the poetic prowess of Fergus, but he was an important part of the jigsaw that freed the Czechos.

  283. I watched the film “Alone in Berlin” last night and realised that sadly this is where our country is headed.

    The irony involved in the “anti-fascism” movement is supreme. Stupid politicians (like that dunce Cameron) have ushered this along and continue to do so.

    We don’t like people trafficking but the TV images of police dressed like the SAS and smashing down the doors of urban houses at dawn is shocking. How has it come to this? Is the force used necessary and proportionate? Who scrutinises that? As far as I know this relatively new and shocking but apparently standard operating procedure has never been debated in Parliament. Is that behaviour and the pre-arranged TV coverage contrived to cow and intimidate the population? If the operation was secret how come the TV crews were along?

  284. “Speaking yesterday, barrister Justin Rushbrooke QC, who headed the singer’s legal team, told the court: “I am pleased to announce that South Yorkshire Police has now recognised that its conduct was unlawful and has agreed to pay the claimant a substantial sum by way of general and aggravated damages to compensate for its conduct, as well as appropriate sums in respect of the financial damage and legal costs incurred by the claimant.”

    No mention of whether the BBC is finally off the hook.

    NB. The lawyers always win!

  285. This is a bit of fun…

    “EXPOSED! Roger Stone Attends Secret Meeting Of GOP Elite”

    There is an ad’ for something called “Anthro Plex” tacked on the end of this vid’. Given my current state of repair I reckon that if I lived in the USA I’d be sending for a case. That and a case of “BrainForce,” naturally.

  286. Baron, October 26th, 2017 – 22:28

    If Heaven even gets overcrowded then God should sack St Peter and stick you on the Pearly Gates, Baron. I’m guessing that not many would get in after that!

    There may even be a promotion in it for you! “St. Baron” has a certain ring to it dontcha think? Although, you might consider that there’s just one little drawback with this option…

  287. If the description didn’t say who the dancing pair was would you have guessed? The dancing’s OK, but her body, boy, aren’t the French women sexy, not all of them, of course, but this one?

    Btw, the age difference: 365 multiplied by 24. Doesn’t love conquer everything, even massive age gap of those in love?

  288. EC @ October 27th, 2017 – 10:11

    Apology first, awful syntax (?) in the sentence @ 22:28 hurriedly typed, it should have read:

    ” …. the communist thugs who ruined the country, killed some, he (Havel) also sold the Republic to the progressives”

    As for the man you speak for, EC, and the specifics of the Charter 77: Havel didn’t sign it, left Prague when he was supposed to add his name to it, was coerced later (probably after he explained to the Czech mutation of the KGB that he had to sign it, if he didn’t, his double role would have been exposed, people would have guessed.

    Virtually everyone in Czecho except for people who share your belief in him, will tell you the same (not that this plays any role in Baron’s take on him, anyone who wanted to have a job that didn’t involve the use of a shovel, and a career that paid would have been a party carrying member and often also co-operated with the security services, it was a question of either a comparatively comfortable life or that of mere existence, trust Baron, he knows, he was a part of it, if only partly and shortly)

    You would be surprised who would get through the gates if the blue veined barbarian were in charge, but this man wouldn’t be one of them.

  289. Fergus Pickering @ October 27th, 2017 – 08:06

    This posting of your was spotted by the barbarian after that of EC, please, read the response to the latter.

    For some months, Havel was in prison, the guards who look after him spoke about it on TV, said he lived in unimaginable luxury, French cognac, Cuban cigars, Russian caviar … all that delivered to his cell.

    ‘The man lived the life of a prince,’ said one of the guards (btw the guards were apolitical, some served Adolf, then the communists, or communists and then those who came after 1989 i.e. they ere professional jailers one finds in every country, it was job for them).

    Impossible to tell more, Fergus, no time left except for this: W hat he did when the Red Menace ruled is one thing, one shouldn’t hold that against him that much, most of the country did the same without the French brandy (Baron only mentioned it to complete the picture of him).

    It’s what he did after he go t elevated to the Presidency that matters, essentially switching from licking the arses of the Kremlin thugs to licking even more eagerly the same body parts of those in Washington (and the irBrussels proxies).

  290. Baron – 10:33

    Just for the record, I’ve never mentioned, or commented upon, Václav Havel on this or any other blog, ever.

    I assume that your comments were addressed to Mr. Whitworth [aka Fergus Pickering]

  291. National Action: ‘Leader of neo-Nazi terrorist group’ charged with encouragement to murder Labour MP | The Independent
    Try this.

  292. Talking of the Czechos, they appear to have catalysed a heart searching in Europe worse that any Brexit. The juxtaposition of Hungary, Poland and Babis have got the buggers scared.

    Mark my words, the Junckers and Merkels will not tolerate it and the end result will make the aftermath of Munich 1938 look tame.

  293. The two most intriguing revelations about the released JFK papers are (1) the call to the Cambridge Evening News 25 minutes before the shooting (the caller apparently told the paper to call the US Embassy in London, ask about big news from the Republic), and (2) the papers still withheld for public scrutiny, why?

    You may like to read this, don;t be put off by the waffle at the start of the piece, persevere, you’ll be rewarded.

  294. I hope Sturgeon is watching the news.

  295. The Spanish fracas reeks of irresponsibility on both sides, Barcelona and Madrid are guilty, more so on the latter what with the rigid stance the central Government has taken. What do both sides want? To fight for it? Haven’t they figured yet that even if there were to be a civil war, in the end they’ll have to sit down, negotiate, hammer out a compromise. That’s how any conflict, including a military one, always ends.

    The stance of the Brussels apparatchiks puzzles. Shouldn’t they have offered a helping hand? Tell Madrid that perhaps the Constitution (signed and endorsed by the unwashed in the early 70s should be re-visited as it was put together when the remnants of the Franco regime were still there, and the man hated the Catalans), then allow for the region to have its own referendum (as we had in Scotland), in which they would have the chance to argue the case for Spanish unity?

    As things stand, the bellicose pose by the Madrid Government may likely push more of the undecided, even those oppose to independence who live in Catalonia towards the separatists’ camp.

    It seems what every nation needs desperately is true statesmen, not this bunch of second rate squabbling political clowns.

  296. The SNP has put up a reasonable statement, Marshall, saying to both sides ‘talk’.

    The brainless saintly One entered the fray saying Britain will never recognise an independent Catalonia. One only despair.

  297. Malfleur, where the hell are you hiding? Let’s have ya, we need more on the JFK story (which, you may like to know impacted Baron’s life just as the flapping wings of a butterfly in Peru could cause an earthquake in (what) China? – only in reverse).

  298. Robert’s been missing from our airwaves, too. Could it be he cannot live with our light critique of the saintly One?

    Robert, we should be told, wake up, please.

  299. Thanks Baron. 🙂

    I’ve been taking a breather, what with the World upsidedown. So much so that it has made logic scarce. I expect logic will return, but the situation will not be any better: just more actors on the stage. 🙂

  300. RobertRetyred @ October 27th, 2017 – 22:30

    The barbarian’s guilty, too, Robert, (often misses days to offer his ha’penny worth of what his feeble brain can offer), but he rather likes, has missed, your calm, measured and – to borrow from your posting – logical take on things in this illogical (and mendacious, and often scary) world of ours.

    Still, it’s nice to hear you’re OK.

    (Frank and the Colonel also seem to be taking the bath far too long, no? Spain’s on the boil, the JFK papers offer a massive opportunity to speculate on it, and matters related to it, British subs are full of coke (see below) …. and they are silent).

  301. This is a first class mix – Tucker, Murray and a Blonde (as articulate as Frank’s favourite):

  302. One only despair? What a nonsense. One can only despair.

    Apologies for this, the other language failures.

  303. I have just seen M Rifkind on Newsnight (it was on when our recorded programme ended, first time for years 🙂 ), and they were comparing Catalonia with Scotland – and there was no mention that Scotland cost us, while Spain costs Catalonia!

    I think it will be years before I view another Newsnight!

    The Jelly living in No10 keeps failing to fail, so we wobble along from day to day 🙂

    Germany’s energy inhdustry is faltering and Australia’s politicians have realised their fan has been covered in the preverbial! For a country with so much oil, gas, Uranium, sun (and wind ? ) to have the highest energy prices takes some skill and planning!

    At least the Russian dossier on Trump has proven just how ‘shallow’ the Democrats are, and how pathetic the celebrities are.

    What a Swamp!

  304. Here is an example of a view from Germany:
    Engineering Professor Believes German ‘Energiewende’ Close To Death As Inadequacies Become Glaring

  305. Baron October 27th, 2017 – 23:14

    All pretty boring, Baron, except to highlight that we are at Goebbels levels of establishment propaganda, deceit and dissembling in this country with the BBC front and centre of that.

    There wouldn’t be honest and objective reporting or political commentary here on any of those stories even if you beat them with a stick until the moths emerged.

    The agenda moves on behind the scenes and everything up front is contrived to protect the agenda’s “progress” or keep it hidden from the Great Unwashed.

    The submarine service was once the pride of the Royal Navy and the submariner’s badge something special. That was before the MOD and Admirals (more Admirals than ships!) decided to remake the service as a lefty Mumsnet drop-in centre.

  306. Indeed, Indeed.

    As I surf through the net of alt right websites I am reminded of the dictum:

    “The essence of propaganda consists in winning people over to an idea so sincerely, so vitally, that in the end they succumb to it utterly and can never again escape from it”

    So there are sites that round on and attack as if a pack of wolves those with the temerity to show that they have not succumbed.

  307. On the subject of incessant egotism Radio 3’s Saturday Classics spoiled this week by an over talkative egotist called Rachel Potter whose introductions are far too long, too garrulous and too much about herself. The sniggers that accompany this high-pitched squeakery, as though she has said something very funny and clever in the name dropping and personal anecdotes, are just irritating.

    The music she is playing is mainly mediocre too. And deserves the title “classic” about as much as the multi-headed troll telemachus deserves the title “surfer”. Lurking, spying, stalking and trolling provocative bilge under a multitude of silly and totally transparent disguises ain’t surfing. Just as political forums ain’t real life but simply the valve by which the pent up steam escapes from the deep inner furnaces of anger and frustration which those who rule over us ignite by their endless stupidity. The more the fools lower the boom on what we are allowed to say, the greater the steam pressure will rise. The fools.

    Fauré’s Requiem always reminds me of the internment camp at Lunghwa and the grim reality of Shanghai in the rain with forlorn looking marines in capes standing by wood and barbed wire barriers. The marines were different nationalities but all managed to look the same. No such association existed until Spielberg appropriated J G Ballard’s semi-autobiographical novel. China’s present indignation with the Japanese conveniently blocks another reality, which is the extent of Chinese collaboration that occurred, official and otherwise. “Peanut” was busy wooing the Americans and Mao was busy wooing, er, the Americans, and Ho was busy wooing them too, desperately pretending that Annam, Tonkin and Cochin China were really one country.

  308. Open the window. It’s back again. Better call Dynorod.

  309. “Unregulated capitalism is a looting machine.”

    Paul Craig Roberts (Assistant Secretary of the Treasury under president Reagan).

  310. The plot thickens:

    Why does anyone bother to theorise about conspiracies? Arrogant political villainy is now so widespread, overt and piss-taking, it leaves nothing for the imagination. They shaft each other and the electorate in plain sight, while living high on the hog at taxpayers’ expense.

    Question. Step forward a prosecutor with no skeletons in his* closet. What – no volunteers?

    Oh dear…oh dear…oh dear!

    Considering that a sizeable majority of politicians should be banged up for several years and are instead living in sumptuous mansions with spare pads in tropical havens, indicted that something is rotten in the State of Denmark … and London…and Washington…and, well, you choose, from a list of lands and capitals around the globe. Democracy? Law ‘n Order? DMAFF!!

    * I refuse to adhere to the current campaign by wimmin to castrate every man on earth and force them to immediately surrender any position in politics, law, commerce or the arts. As for that wanker Michael Gove ‘apologising’ for his Harvey Spunkstain joke on radio today. What a craven c-c-c-conservative!

  311. “indicates that” – sorry. Freudian slip.

  312. Malfleur @ October 28th, 2017 – 14:24

    The guy hasn’t said anything new, Malfleur, no fresh insight, no stimulating thought on anything. Everything he said we know. True, he speaks slowly which is a plus, one can sip a cup of tea, cut one’s nails, yawn.

    Please, shorter clips. Why are you so keen on the longevity front? You want to die of boredom? Is that your deeply held desire?

  313. RobertRetyred @ October 28th, 2017 – 00:06

    Good link, Robert, here’s a small supplementary story to it.

    The VW and Skoda are engaged in a fight, the Germans want a a part of the Skoda production (new models under the Skoda marque) to be transferred to Germany, the VW unions are the prime movers, the VW board is divided. The German contingent of the top management that co-runs Skoda with the Czech managers are obviously opposed, the former are more against it than the Czech managers.

    The reason is simple, even in Germany Skoda sells better than VW, they have a large pool of unsold German VW cars, bicker with the Czechs about pricing, accuse them of unfair competition. It’s all ‘in the best possible taste’.

  314. No, David, you’ve got the wrong end of the stick.

    The unwashed are smarter than you give them credit for. They’ve wised up, no longer believe the bullshit toy and your pals have been serving them for decades, they’ve had enough. If Brexit didn’t teach you a lesson, and it seems it hasn’t, you are toast, burnt toast.

  315. Just starting Patronising Bastards by Quentin Letts. A great read, he does not say anything that we on the wall have not been saying for years, but it is nice that someone with a voice speaks out. The book is now in it’s second printing, so it must be selling and is up there with Mel’s Londonistan.

  316. Baron – 23:32


    And I can vouch for Skoda quality, and value! 🙂

  317. Frank P @ October 28th, 2017 – 22:44

    Can the plot thicken any more, Frank?

    This beggars belief, the shenanigans go beyond what anyone with any decency a human being possesses would have even contemplated. And they will get away with it, you’ll see. What the great Mark says should happen, will not happen. The Session guy seems incapable of mounting an onslaught that would make it happen.

    How sad.

    Btw. The Guardian says Mueller has begun indicting people, the Grand Jury has sat, first arrests are planned for Monday.

  318. “… the former are more against it than the Czech managers.”

    They obviously know more than the Czech managers. 🙂

    Skoda used to make high quality luxury cars – before the Russians arrived.

  319. What? A bullshit toy?

    Sorry about it, it’s the nerds’ gremlins at work, unfortunately Baron forgot what he typed, but it matters not, does it?

    It just came to the poorly educated easterner, it may have been ‘that’. Again, sorry.

  320. RobertRetyred @ October 29th, 2017 – 00:03

    But when the Russians took over, the car was a joke, and many a joke were made about it, Baron remembers only one ‘how do you double the value of Skoda? You fill it up with petrol.’ He, he, he.

  321. Do you want another depressing pill to swallow?

    Here’s a clip the barbarian came by by accident. You don;t have to run it full, but it won’t hurt you if you do. Just look at the number of views, the number subscribing to this shite, the postings, and despair. This is the top entertainment today. Yuk.

  322. stephen maybery @ October 28th, 2017 – 23:54

    A good tip, stephen, will be actioned, thanks.

  323. Baron (00:01)

    I hope you read Steele’s dodgy dossier that Mark obligingly linked. Lot of small print (literally) my eyes are sore, but replete with classic spookery bullshit. A mixture of contrived Le Carre type fiction, some truth, some mixing of truth and fiction, written in psuedo-offical jargon.. Designed to crash Trump’s campaign before the election and being used to crash his administration after the election. She paid $6m for that crap. If the CIA was straight and capable of what they are reputed be capable, Steele would have been found doa after a nasty car accident by now.

    And you’re right, it is rumoured that Mueller is about to feel Manafort’s collar.

    I must get my Fox Live Sream jacked up to catch up with the latest. Tucker should be on blob tonight.

    Don’t forget to put the clocks back. 🙂

  324. Wonder where Mark got his copy.

    Just realised, neither Tucker nor Hannity will be on tonight. It’s Saturday. Can’t see Jessie Watters geting into serious news. He’s pre-recorded and it’s silly night.

  325. Judge Jannine is letting “em have it!

    Catch it on You Tube:

  326. Baron – 00:08

    I thought they were producing good cars by around the 1920’s and were manufacturing weapons for the invaders around 1938, then were behind the iron curtain.

  327. For once Rod Liddle has it wrong.

    It costs a lot of money to lock such vermin up. Better to repeal Sydney Silverman’s ridiculous Act and give them their due deserts.

  328. But this cannot be all. Capital punishment for treason and terrorism can only be a backstop. MI5 and MI6 should be mandated to seek these vermin out and terminate them.
    Failure on this will be catastrophic.

  329. Mind you Liddles Sunday Times efforts are not all bad:

    “The journalist Peter Hitchens was invited to speak at Liverpool University, but pulled out when the college asked him to sign a contract agreeing he wouldn’t say anything interesting. Hitchens found its Policy and Code of Practice Regarding Freedom of Speech “intrusive”.

    Not to mention tedious: 47 pages of claptrap, including a flow chart on what to do if a prospective speaker has ever said anything controversial. This might lead to an interview with the speaker, with representations from people who want him dead or locked up. Hitchens finally did give his speech, on a soapbox outside the college.

    Universities, if you want to book me, get your request in soon. My speech is on Top Blokes in History: from Cecil Rhodes to Ariel Sharon. And no, I’m not dropping the section on ol’ Musso.”

  330. Lord Vinson wrote a letter in this week’s Spectator magazine referring to a cosy agreement between the CPS and Police to widen the definition of a “hate crime” beyond the legal definition to “capture all relevant cases”. And in true Leveson style complainants can now be third party, permitting lobby groups to exert power over speech they don’t like simply by reporting it as “hate crime”.

    Yet again, Peel’s Principles of Policing are trampled upon:-

    “To seek and preserve public favour, not by pandering to public opinion, but by constantly demonstrating absolutely impartial service to law, in complete independence of policy,”

    By setting out to create their own policy, disregarding the letter of the law, the CPS and Police are fostering injustice and a very unhealthy UK. Not so much “leading beyond authority” as perverting beyond authority.

    We are all dissidents now. The UK has dissidents like some tinpot communist shithole.

  331. Saturday: ALEX JONES’S J’ACCUSE!

  332. Baron – whenever

    It’s not just a lie which if you repeat it often enough, becomes the truth. Silly Billy, it’s also a truth.

    At the same time, I don’t object to milquetoast posts. I scroll on by.

  333. Milquetoast the Cockroach posts here? Must have missed that. Pity. Major Bloom was a comrade in arms but Milquetoast always got the better of him.

  334. Malfleur @ October 29th, 2017 – 10:59

    He starts calmly, Malfeur, towards the end goes his usual mad again, then fortunately calms down, overall not bad, too repetitive, one could say it in a fraction of the 25 minutes.

    He’s right Mueller would indict Jesus if he needed to cover up the wrongdoings of the Deep State (DS), but Alex may be too optimistic thinking Mueller & Co will get indicted, the multiple tentacles of the DS hydra have reached all the branches of the American society, got entrenched, are in control of the decision making apparatus.

    It’s hard to see how the Donald, or those opposing the Deep State could even curtail their law making, executive and judicial powers. Next week could furnish some answers.

  335. Marshal Roberts @ October 29th, 2017 – 08:41 & 08:15

    Impossible to read the Tomes links, Marshall, the barbarian exhausted his two free articles per week few days ago.

  336. Marshal Roberts @ October 29th, 2017 – 08:24 & 08:31

    Not that it matters (who gives a shite what Baron thinks), Marshall, but you have a full backing of the barbarian on capital punishment for the convicted jihadi killers, but not on the seek & terminate idea of yours. Due process must be a must for the reason the barbarian has explained before.

  337. Frank P @ October 29th, 2017 – 01:32

    That link was for a life streaming of the programme, Frank, but the judge is on u-tube, excellent slicing of the saga.

    It’s just a guess, but the sudden rush on Mueller’s part could be because of the revelation the dossier was paid for by the Clinton woman’s team, and the re-dusting of the uranium case. He had to go ahead now, the indictment will bury everything else, the MSM poodles will jump at it, ignore the two anti-Clinton revelations.

  338. Frank P @ October 29th, 2017 – 00:35

    A confession is in order, Frank, the barbarian read only the marked-in-yellow bits, but scanned the rest, rather repetitive, often contradictory (one informer says the Donald’s keen on deals in Russia, another that he, the Donald, hasn’t taken the bait on deals, for reasons unknown).

    If this piece of shite can earn one £6mn, Baron volunteers to work for the Dems, his imagination could work wonders, he will furnish similar stuff each week at a reduced rate of (say) £3mn, retire after week one, he, he, he.

    One thing that those behind it have forgotten is this. The saga is being followed by many ordinary people who can think, and also by leaders of other countries.

    What should they make of it? Of the inability of the US security services, seventeen in number (who have to rely on a retired spook from another country), of the established political elite (who has to rely on lies to keep power), of the fake case for destroying a man who was elected President by the rules governing the presidential elections for centuries?

    The shenanigans of this kind one associates with tinpot dictatorships, not with a democratic society that is in charge of the free world. Yuk.

  339. You recall the barbarian telling you the Syrian conflict was started by the American neocons releasing its regional proxies on the country (after Assad’s refusal to allow a gas pipeline from Qatar to Western Europe to run through Syria)?

    Now read this:

  340. Baron 1637
    The full Liddle Monte.

    “should we do with the hundreds of jihadists returning to the UK after a spot of vigorous beheading with Islamic State? Or so-called Islamic State, as the so-called BBC still refers to it. Max Hill, QC, suggests we spare them court, wherever possible, and help them integrate back into society.

    Hill is possessed of a milk of human kindness that is both organic and unpasteurised, ie, the kind likely to give you tuberculosis. Mine, meanwhile, is at best semi-skimmed from Asda. I tend to agree with Conservative MP Rory Stewart that the best recourse would be to shoot them “in almost every case” while they are still out there. The only problem I can see with this is: what if we miss? We’re bound to let a few slip through the net. It is a conundrum.

    A few years ago, the problem was the other way around. What should we do, we agonised, about young British Muslims going off to fight for Isis? It seemed to me a criminal absurdity that we would let them go out there, just to be killed by British high-ordnance explosives and keen-eyed snipers. So why not shoot them at Heathrow as they’re about to board the planes for Ankara? The result would be the same, just a hell of a lot cheaper. But I was told sternly that this had constitutional, moral and legal implications — and would scare other passengers.

    My second suggestion was no better received: let them go, but don’t let them back in when, eventually, they get bored or feel deprived of First World comforts. Indeed, the Islamist preacher Anjem Choudary said he would be delighted to go live with Isis and urged like-minded British Muslims to follow him — if only Theresa May, then home secretary, would give him his passport back.

    I thought this was an excellent idea and wrote to May suggesting she relent. Give him his passport. Let him go, and maybe throw in a few vouchers for him and his acolytes so they can buy some snacks at the airport. And perhaps a CBE for Choudary for helping rid us of murderous jihadists — preferably awarded posthumously. Problem solved.

    Instead, we’re paying thousands of pounds a week to keep Choudary incarcerated for saying stuff rather than blowing him up for doing stuff. Makes no sense. Max Hill, QC, suggests we shouldn’t lock up people like Choudary. Hill, incidentally, is the government’s independent reviewer of terrorism legislation. I don’t know about you, but I think he seems too naive for the job.

    We can’t ban British-born jihadists from returning to Britain because they’re, uh, British. Sure, I get that. Unless we enacted a law that said if they’ve fought against British troops, they are deprived of citizenship and should go live somewhere more amenable to their views.

    And how about kicking out all the foreign-born Islamists known to the security services as being potential threats? But we don’t do that either. I have no idea why not. We just insist we’re watching them, as they return from the cash-and-carry with their multiple packs of hydrogen peroxide and fuse wire.

    We are still a little deluded about this, and as a result impotent to act. Hill, for example, thinks the young thugs and hags who went to Syria were simply nice young people who had been unaccountably “radicalised” by Islamist ideology. As if their murderous intent had been imposed upon them by an outside agency and they are victims.

    So here’s the thing: when they try to come back, deport them. If you can’t deport them, lock them up for as long as our laws allow. If there’s a key, throw it away.”

  341. Sorry it missed the first word and last sentence.


    That will help the people of London and Manchester feel a little safer.”

  342. Can we charge Nicola Sturgeon with rebellion?

  343. Marshal Roberts @ October 29th, 2017 – 17:38

    Thank you, Marshall.

    Witty, but then it’s the great Rod, and yes, no problema with any of what he says, when they’re in Syria or anywhere else in the lands of the ROP fighting our boys and girls, the best way to deal with them is to let them depart from this world, get to know the virgins in the next.

    The one thing Rod doesn’t mention is the we could have, still should, declare war on ISIS. That would enable us to treat anyone who’s left these shores, fights for the thugs, to be both disposed of in the battlefield, or incarcerated after return.

    This man Hill is no good for the job because he has very likely never seen a gun, or God forbid shot one in the direction of any enemy, or more to the point, was shot at by an enemy, whom he could have advised back home how to become the citizen of this country. Lunacy.

    Who should advise on these matter is a soldier who’s done at least two duty tours into the region. That may change things noticeably.

  344. Declaring war on them accords them a legitimacy they cannot warrant. But they remain terrorists and have forfeited their right to life.

  345. Marshal Roberts @ October 29th, 2017 – 18:50

    A debatable point, Marshall.

    We’ve declared war on poverty, drugs and prostitution. Has it in any way legitimised poverty, drugs or prostitution?

    Isn’t the mere fact that an individual (or a group of individuals), a legal entity, or even a phenomenon do harm to one or to a society as a whole enough to make them worthy of destruction, whether one treats them as legitimate or not?

  346. It seems Iraq is heading for another interesting (and probably violent) phase. Whom will the CIA install instead of Barzani?

  347. This is only for those interested in things Russian, the local MSM poodles have been ignoring the forthcoming presidential election in Russia, failed to say for instance anything about a vivacious blonde who decided last week to take on Vlad head on:

  348. Btw, on @ 21:50, In the piece, one would translate “Russia a ‘страна генетического отребья’, as ‘Russia, the country of genetic leftovers’. Mr. Boot will undoubtedly endorse it with a glee. Or has he already?

  349. And here’s he is, the one Baron has mentioned above telling us about a stabbing of a young journalist working for a Moscow TV outfit he reckons is not really in opposition to Putin, which raises an interesting question. Why did Vlad engineer an attack on a journalist working really for him? This he doesn’t explain, unsurprisingly.

    The assailant is mad, he has been treated few times, had threatened the young girl before, and not because she works for the opposition.

    One wouldn’t mind if the omni-all hate-filled man were critical of Putin, there’s alot to be critical about, but one minds if the criticism isn’t based on all the facts relevant to the issue, and those bits of the factual evidence he uses he skews to suit his take on it. In this respect he’s of the same breed as the creator of the dossier on the Donald.

  350. Just spent an hour wallowing in the heaving waters of the Blue Planet II, while paradoxically safe in my arm chair. Kudos to the photographers and the much heralded “new technology”. As for the musical score: far too intrusive, most it unnecesary and I’m sure undeservedly rewarded.
    At least it drowned out some of the reedy voiced commentary, replete with puerile anthropomorpic allusions – awash with didactic metaphors, dellivered by the old wanker himself. Consider yourselves thoroughly admonished viewers and take a lesson from the sea creatures who are cleverer, more moral, and mutually cooperative than the human beasts that are bespoiling the planet. And if you’re into repetitive virtue signalling by a hyperannuated old fart who has obviously become a propagandist or the global warming/MMCC scam, tune in next week. I might – with the mute button on. How many more pensions does Dickie’s brother Dave need at expense of the licence fee payers? At least the director kept the cameras pointing at the sea creatures and away from Saint David. A blessing.

  351. Baron (22:02)

    Let me facilitate the answer to your question:

    Btw – while you’re down there, something a little racier from the same source:

    We can only hope that’s not Penny’s bum, captured surreptitiously in an unguarded moment.

  352. Frank P @ October 29th, 2017 – 22:35

    On the racier theme, Frank, he’s got it right, here’s an additional facet of the same boil he hasn’t covered.

    The ST today carries a small item (on page 5) saying that a Christian food delivery driver of Pakistani origin (he left his home country in 2007 because he was threatened there) was beaten to a pulp by what he says was a group of Pakistani Muslims. He has two poppies stuck on the grill of his car, a cross inside it.

    The police were told about it (he regained consciousness only in a hospital), and about two other incidents albeit less violent, perpetrated allegedly again by some Pakistani Muslims.

    Can you or anyone guess what did the police do?

    They advised him to move his wife and daughter to a different address, didn’t respond to the ST question whether the latest serious assault was treated as hate crime.

    The British police at its best, wouldn’t you say?

  353. Fats Domino died earlier this week. Vlad was a fan:

    One hopes Vlad’s rendition didn’t hasten the death of Fats.

    h/t Mark Steyn.

  354. There’s only one Blueberry Hill for the blue veined barbarian, Frank, it ain’t Fats Domino, the King ….

    And who can tell in this world of ours, Vlad may have been the one who’s to blame, he’s blamed for everything else, why not Fats Domino?

  355. Alex Jones: “Kennedy was shot from the overpass and the grassy knoll…Hitler survived the war and lived in South America.”

    Baron: “Nothing new…Everything he said we know…and where’s the link?” [Exit yawning into the snug of a Suffolk pub pursued by a bear]

  356. And why are you up so early anyway?

  357. This will send you back to sleep

  358. Malfleur, if only the barbarian cared he could search the net, furnish more stories of of the ‘Hitler survived sort, the world’s full of conspiracies, trickery and intrigues, you should know, you’re the expert.

    Not up, merely an interrupted dream, and just as well, it wasn’t a nice one. Why is it Baron’s dreams are always of near escapes, lost ways in strange buildings, never ending falls, chases by an unknown power ….

  359. Two small points on the Manafort story, Malfleur:

    (1) You aware that disclosing a Grand Jury decision is a felony? One who does so can be arrested for it? (2) The Donald could always pardon the man. Why would Manfort turn evidence against him?

  360. That’s it, back to crappy dreams.

  361. Baron
    October 29th, 2017 – 21:33
    Yes Drugs war.
    There is a case for Capital Punishment for those peddling drugs at school gates.

  362. So Kevin Spacey is gay. I will bin my last Christmas present (House of Cards box set).

  363. Mind you I love Boot’s take on all this:

    “A typical pattern involves an old dear who, even though she doesn’t remember much of anything else, suddenly recalls that, back in the 60s (or was it 50s?) her bottom was fondled by a man already famous at the time or who has since gained fame and fortune.

    Such heinous crimes require thorough investigation, made so much harder by the difficulty of obtaining prima facie evidence.

    If the victim’s bottom was clothed at the time it was so egregiously abused, it’s likely that the clothes have since been discarded. And even if not, they’ve probably gone through so many washes that no fingerprints could have possibly survived.

    And if the object of crime was naked, so many baths have intervened during the elapsing 50 (or is it 60?) years, that even the most sophisticated dactyloscopy won’t be able to retrieve the prints of the offending fingers.”

  364. Danish Psychologist: Integration of Muslims in Western Societies is not possible

  365. Frank P, October 29th, 2017 – 22:35

    “We can only hope that’s not Penny’s bum, captured surreptitiously in an unguarded moment.”

    My word! All that work on the foot pedals of the old Joanna has certainly kept the old bird in trim. A rival for Kylie’s surely?

    Beats me why women waste money on gym subscriptions when all they need to do to achieve bodily perfection is to take up the piano (obviously) and get a p/t job in a proper pub pulling pints – taking care to alternate arms, naturally 😉

  366. Amazingly knowledgable for a politician, the guy, and some people still moan they’re governed by the brainless:

  367. Frank P October 29th, 2017 – 22:24

    “the reedy voiced commentary, replete with puerile anthropomorphic allusions”

    The purveyor of anthropomorphic twaddle is banned in the EC household, Frank. Mrs EC, a stickler for scientific terminological exactitude, has be known to pick up the nearest piece of furniture and throw it at the telly!


    EC, July 5th, 2015 – 10:58

    Back in the 80’s Spike Milligan had David Attenborough banged to rights! The globetrotting, boondoggling paradigm that subsequently became SOP at the Beeb. Brian Cox[spit!] being one of the latest exponents!

    “How did the ancient Britons get the bricks to build Stonehenge”

    Also this one never gets old!
    Also it might even help Baron absorb some of the estuarial lingo and the culture!

    “The Tribal High- The Cock A Knees”

  368. EC (10:07)

    You opened up a treasury of Spike’s best there. 🙂 Just the medicine for the last days of October.

    To counteract Mueller’s attempt to derail the increasingly evidential substance to support indictment of the Clinton conspiracy under the RICO statutes, Jeff Sessions should immediately appoint a Special Counsel to investigate her and all who sail in her. In particular the focus should be on the cover up engineered by both Mueller and Comey.

    Cherry picking Manafort’s minor role in the ‘Russia’ probe is a clear indication of what Mueller’s game is. Unless the Clinton family, plus at least six of the Obama administration finish up in a sumptuous apartment block of Federal Prison with Comey and Mueller in an adjacent flowery, there ain’t no Justice and we may as well up stumps and secede fro the band.

    The Swamp needs concreting over, having be first flooded with a billion gallons of Jeyes Fluid.

    Marshall Roberts: you didn’t realise that Spacey is a fanook? Jeez. Don’t go out after dark, ffs!

  369. Baron (22:17)

    I’d like to see the list of UK contributors to the Clinton Foundation. 🙂

    Add this to the mix, m’Lud.

  370. I don’t think that Robert Mueller should resign or be fired from his job as Special Counsel.

    I think he should be laughed out of office.

    Then he should be arrested. tried for treason, and sent to the electric chair.

  371. “The French Gestapo contained the following two fascinating elements: treason and theft. ”

    Jean Genet, The Thief’s Journal

  372. It’s (A) unwanted sexual harassment if she doesn’t fancy you or (B) a bit of light hearted fun if she does.
    It’s a bit difficult to nail a crime down when in (A) it exists and in (B) it doesn’t.

  373. What else did Michael Fallon do?

  374. JHB said: “I calmly and politely explained to him that, if he did it again, I would punch him in the face. He withdrew his hand and that was the end of the matter.”
    But was it?

  375. A close ally of the defence secretary said: “Julia is a good friend of Michael’s.”

  376. And of course he has a history- 27 July 2014

    “New Defence Secretary Michael Fallon is at the centre of an explosive row over claims he called a woman a ‘slut’ in a bar.

    Sources close to Mr Fallon confirmed he had been drinking and had apologised after using a ‘wrong’ term towards the woman in connection with her private life. But they denied he called her a ‘slut’.

    And Mr Fallon faced further questions over a separate incident in which his party ‘minder’ intervened to get him away from an attractive Russian blonde, after he gatecrashed a party.

    According to some reports, Mr Fallon was seen touching the woman. This was strongly denied by friends of the minister. According to another report there were fears she worked for a Russian energy company and was targeting Mr Fallon, who was Energy Minister at the time.”

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