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  1. The Good news on the day of accession of Macbeth to the throne(on the death of Duncan).
    See DT

    “MPs are being taught self-defence techniques used by Israel’s intelligence agency Mossad to help protect them against an attack following the murder of Jo Cox.

    The training, known as ‘Krav Maga’, combines elements of jiu jistu, judo, boxing and street fighting and is specifically designed to fend off gun or knive attacks.

    The free lessons, which are being provided by Parli-Training, is aimed at protecting MPs against stalkers, terrorists and poltical extremists.

    MPs will be taught how to defend themselves against swinging punches to the head and attempted knife attacks.

    Two MPs as well as 18 assistants attended the first Krav Maga training session a in Whitehall on Thursday, according to the company’s founder Mendora Ogbogbo.

    The latest attempt to protect MPs comes just months after the brutal murder of Jo Cox, the Labour MP for Batley and Spen who was shot and stabbed in her constituency.

    Ms Ogbogbo said: ‘We are teaching them techniques where if someone comes at them with a knife or a gun, they can disarm the weapons and then run. They are not being taught how to fight.

    “Another technique we are teaching them is called the “rhino”, where they know how to cover the vulnerable parts of their heads when someone is punching them. This will give them a vital three or four minutes before someone intervenes.

    “We also teach a method where if someone is lying on top of them in a fight, they can wriggle from under them and run”

    The more we ally with Mossad the better

  2. Some people deploy or sneer at social media but it’s not all about Steven Fry and such like.
    `Twitter`and Facebook can be useful tools.You can register anonymously and don’t have to `tweet`etc. You can fix it up to get messages from your local Council/police officer/newspaper ; other newspapers/magazines ; political sites (UKIP/Farage)/David Cameron ; etc.
    You can also use it as a personal file for items you want to keep; click on the `bluebird`/retweet/facebook logos.
    Anybody on `Twitter`; I invite them to look-up *J.P.Gruntfutuk*.

  3. Yall still there?

    Hillary thinks she has it but not yet:-


    “Multiple FBI investigations are underway involving potential corruption charges against the Clinton Foundation, according to a former senior law enforcement official.

    The investigation centers on New York City where the Clinton Foundation has its main offices, according to the former official who has direct knowledge of the activities.

    Prosecutorial support will come from various U.S. Attorneys Offices — a major departure from other centralized FBI investigations.

    The New York-based probe is being led by Preet Bharara, the U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York. Bharara’s prosecutorial aggressiveness has resulted in a large number of convictions of banks, hedge funds and Wall Street insiders.

    The official said involvement of the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Southern District of New York “would be seen by agents as a positive development as prosecutors there are generally thought to be more aggressive than the career lawyers within the DOJ.”

    Bharara’s official biography notes that he, “has applied renewed focus on large-scale, sophisticated financial frauds by creating two new units – the Complex Frauds Unit and the complementary Civil Frauds Unit.

    “The Civil Frauds Unit has collected close to $500 million in settlements since its inception, including multi-million dollar settlements with Deutsche Bank and CitiMortgage for faulty lending practices and other fraudulent conduct.”

    Nicholas Biase, a spokesman for Bharara, said he would “decline comment.” Similarly, FBI spokeswoman Samantha Shero said, “we do not have a comment on investigative activity.”

    Read more:

  4. JJB (13:06)

    Come back when the indictments come down. How many ‘investigations’ on the Clintonostra have come to fruition in their four decade long criminal career? They have kept a detailed dossier on where all the other political and DOJ crooks have buried their ‘bodies’ and indiscretions over the years. The quid pro quo equals silencio. When she becomes President, she will consolidate her – and that sleaseball of a ‘husband’s’ – power, then encase it in nuclear grade concrete. Can you explain to me while you’re there, btw, why at least half of your electorate, probably more, cannot see what is limpid clear to anyone with more than two synapses connected? Unfortuately we here have no say in this idiotic process, yet we will suffer equal or indeed more profound consequences of the November Election. It will be crucial for what is left of Western Civilisation. Our part of which has already been fatally degraded by our own political/criminal idiots. We have spent the last four or five years spending millions on celebrations to mark various anniversaries of a monarchy that is now as hollow and cracked as your Liberty Bell. Its power has been pissed away to the EUSSR by successive conspiracies aka ‘governments’.

    Ye Gods!!

  5. Frank P @ 14:06

    Spot on, Frank, both on the yet another futile attempt to catch the two fraudsters, and on your short lament about the November count.

  6. Radford NG @ 10:38

    Thank you, Radford, but no, the barbarian would rather sneer than join any of the platforms so beloved by the mostly progressives.

  7. The Old Australian’s Times (of London) has a leader today entitled ‘Intrigue in the Kremlin’, it starts with ‘is President Putin planning further military action in Ukraine?’ then goes on to say that Moscow ‘has trumpeted accusations that Ukrainian saboteurs were infiltrating Crimea and had killed a Russian soldier and a policeman in the Russian occupied peninsula’.

    What fugging accusations, the ‘saboteurs’ got caught, paraded on the TV, the Ukrainian side didn’t deny it, it’s a fact not an accusation. One of them told the investigators where and by whom he was trained. One may say ‘he would, wouldn’t he if the Russian FSB put a gun to his head’. That is of course possible, but the Russians could have hardly threatened the Ukrainian officer living in Ukraine, who trained him, who spoke about the caught saboteurs, had no praise for them, on the contrary, said he was ‘pissed off they got caught, the training came to nothing, they’re useless’.

    The leader follows this half truth yap with the ‘bemusement and alarm of the West’ because of the Putin Erdogan meeting. The paper calls it ‘opportunistic’, bemoans the action saying ‘that Turkey ‘plays a crucial role in the western fight against Islamic State’. What? The tinpot Sultan has been instrumental in backing the throat cutters, facilitates their funding, patches them up in Turkish hospitals, buys oil from them.

    ‘Moscow has also been caught redhanded hacking into Democratic Party files’, says the Times lapdog. Who says so? The Clinton woman? Well, that’s a dead cert then it was the Russians who hacked the files, the woman has never lied.

    The poodles of the Times then say ‘Putin does it because he faces parliamentary election next month’, but follow this immediately with ‘there is though little chance of any opposition to the ruling party’. That’s incredible, they put up a straw man, then shoot him down. Who pens these vomits, has he got any brains?

    Further, the paper’s leader expresses criticism because four regional governors ‘who were plausibly made out to be corrupt’, are replaced with former FSB security loyalists’. The four were corrupt, the TV Rain has applauded the change, as did Navalny, the wankers of the Times make it look as if it was the wrong move. And as for the ‘former FSB security loyalist’, what does that mean? Were they FSB? Or were they ‘loyal to FSB’? It’s non-sensical. Everyone could be said to be an ‘FSB loyalist’, the FSB is a Government agency, would Obama appoint someone who’s disloyal to the CIA?

    The vomit ends with the mention of the replacement of Ivanov, (Baron has mentioned it before), the possibility of other changes like the sacking of Medvedev, bringing back the once Finance Minister Kudrin (you may not have heard of him, he did a good job in finance).

    Baron doesn’t mind the wankers hating Putin, Russia, everything that happens or comes from the country, they’re entitled to their view. What he does mind is that the rag, once the paper of record, obfuscates, tells lies, half truth. What they seem to forget is that people can get a fuller picture surfing the net, can find the evidence, compare, lose respect for the lapdogs of the MSM. Stupid, transparently imbecilic.

  8. From what the media say, it sounds as if plenty of female US voters will be stupid enough to support Clinton, just because she is a woman and would be the first female POTUS, and for no other reason.

    I’m hoping that plenty of men won’t vote for her, for exactly the same reason.

  9. Romano Verdi @ 09:34

    The better way would be to let some of them have a small, compact, lightweight .22 revolver (aluminium alloy cum steel) with expandable ammo, let the public know some of them have it (without saying who exactly). Much better than fighting, protecting vulnerable body parts, running.

  10. Baron,
    Interesting piece about Putin, I stopped reading the Times years ago, it was once a paper of record but by that time had turned into an offshoot of Blair’s press office. The situation vis a vis Russia is truly perturbing, I see so many parallels with Europe in the run up to the first world war when a handful od individuals were determined to provoke conflict. Despite what the smart set aver, history does repeat itself.

  11. Frank,Romano,Baron

    I don’t like Hillary
    I’ll not vote for her
    my feeling’s personal
    But her acts are not

    the other guy speaks of
    bleep bleep, dot dot
    no interpretation thereof
    melting words, in a pot

    His hair is a mess

    But his message is not

    The wall, the exclusion

    Just hits the spot

    (with apologies to Esfoni)

  12. If you were to google ‘Aleppo, open letter, Obama’ you would get plenty on it, including the names of those who signed it, the hospitals they work in. It seems to be a fake in support of the Clinton woman who wants a ‘no fly zone’ over the city because some of the thugs in it are backed by the Americans.

  13. Fergus Pickering @ 16:09

    Good one, Fergus, Esfoni may approve, too.

  14. Stephen Maybery @ 16:06

    Quite, Stephen.

    The stumbling block is the inability of Poroshenko to deliver on the Kiev agreement. He was supposed to push through a legislation granting the east a federal status, he cannot do it, there’s plenty of right wing Rada members (Rada, as you know, is the Ukrainian equivalent of our House) who are opposed to it. He can have a new election, something no party, except for the opposition, wants because the new Rada would be massively pro-Russian.

    The Germans are the ones pushing for an early solution, it prevents them from scrapping the sanctions against Russia, something their industrialist desperately want. Few months ago BMW opened a new massive plant near Moscow (no mention of it in the MSM here), it cannot be officially switched on because of the sanctions. Whilst trade between EU (mostly Germany and Holland) sank following the sanctions, the US Russia trade got boosted. Hypocrisy everywhere.

  15. 16.01

    Boris with a .22?

    At the top I paid heed to the significance of Macbeth.

    And in 2016 is it to be asked whether Macbeth was Machiavellian.

    “Hence it should be noted that in taking hold of a state, he who seizes it should examine all the offenses necessary for him to commit, and do them all at a stroke….For injuries must be done all together, so that, being tasted less, they offend less…” (Machiavelli 38).

    Perhaps Boris should examine Machiavelli and Liam Fox!

  16. Romano Verdi @ 16:33

    Boris may not be the best recipient of a lethal weapon, Romano, he seems rather clumsy, may do himself harm. But the mere knowledge that some MPs may be armed is likely to put potential assailants off, no?

    Many MPs have bodyguards who are armed, the suggestion to extend the arming to MPs is not that unusual. In the Republic, most if not all of the atrocities committed happen to have occurred in gun free zones. Doesn’t it suggest that the presence of armed individuals does deter villains?

  17. Baron – 16:57

    What’s the latest squirrel count, Baron?
    … or have they gone into hiding during the hot weather?

  18. EC @ 17:14

    Funny you should ask, EC, the tenth down this morning around 10.00 hours.

  19. It’s Brendan, of course, and doesn’t he write well, and isn’t he right?

    The barbarian would go, hit the streets if the delay extends beyond September. We have to trigger the art 50 before the Turks get their visa free access in October, the tinpot Sultan cannot miss an opportunity to infiltrate our ranks with more of his henchmen.

  20. It’s just hit the poorly educated Slav, was the squirrel question a hint to shut up? It was, wasn’t it, EC? Sorry, the barbarian’s brain ain’t what it used to be, if ever it was anything, but from now on, it’s Baron’s free time. Enjoy.

  21. Baron 1650

    Hillary Clinton’s Probable Diagnosis


    Hillary Clinton (HRC) has suffered a variety of health issues. Unfortunately, she has declined to make her medical records public. In July of 2015 her personal physician released a letter asserting her “excellent physical condition.” Unfortunately, multiple later episodes recorded on video strongly suggest that the content of the letter is incorrect. This discussion is designed to sort through the known facts and propose a possible medical explanation for these events. In keeping with Occam’s Razor, a single explanation that covers everything is preferred.

    History of Hillary’s Health:

    In 2009, HRC fell and broke her elbow. Little else was made public.[i]

    On December 17, 2012, while Secretary of State, HRC fell and suffered a concussion.

    Later, a transverse sinus thrombosis was diagnosed, resulting in chronic anticoagulation therapy. [iii] Her post-concussion syndrome was declared “recovered” in about six months.The original fall was publicly attributed to dehydration following gastroenteritis.

    An email from Huma Abedin (HRC’s closest advisor) on January 26, 2013, says that HRC “is often confused.

    Photos show being assisted up what appears to be the steps of a residential porch. This apparently happened in February of 2016. On August 4, 2016, Reuters and Getty published the photos.

    At a rally on May 2, 2016, HRC demonstrates classic PD hand posturing.[vii] She has no lectern in front, so she starts with her right hand pressed against her chest. At the 18:02 mark, she starts gesturing with her right hand, which is in a very unnatural position that is common in PD.

    On July 21, 2016 HRC was filmed talking to reporters at close range when several spoke at once. Without warning, she started a bizarre head-bobbing episode that must be seen rather than described. After several cycles, she regained control and declared that the reporters “must try the iced chai.”

    On July 28, 2016, during the balloon drop, HRC suddenly looks up with a frozen wide-mouth and wide-eyed stare. After a couple of seconds she regains control and a more normal expression.

    On August 5, HRC declared that she had “short circuited”[x] a response to Chris Wallace in an interview that aired July 31 on Fox News Sunday.

    August 6, 2016, at a campaign rally, HRC freezes with wide eyes in response to protestors. A large black male who commonly accompanies her leans in and tells her “It’s OK. We’re not going anywhere. Keep talking…” Shortly after, she laughs strangely and then says “OK. Here we are. We’ll keep talking.”

  22. DE: Hamza Piccardo, founder of the Union of Islamic Communities and Organizations (UCOII), said: “There’s no reason for Italy not to accept polygamous marriages of consenting persons.

    “When it comes to civil rights here, then polygamy is a civil right. Muslims don’t agree with homosexual partnership and still they have to accept a system that allows it.”

    The Pope must be overjoyed at this new development ! 🙂

    And to nine year olds, at that!

    Girls, of course, bit I am sure the Gays will want equality, don’t you think? 🙂

  23. Baron – 19:20

    Baron, you credit EC, the master of the single entendre, with too much subtlety!
    I asked the squirrel question purely because I was interested. It sounds like they are breeding like um, er… rabbits!
    It’s good to know that you are keeping your ‘eye in!’

  24. Here’s one for anyone who’s still interested:

    A Hot Month for Clinton’s Body Count
    by Gavin McInnes

  25. Radford NG,

    Check this one out, she sounds delightful!

    Julie Bindel [ @bindelj ]
    Journalist, author, broadcaster. Feminist activist. Full-on lezzer. Research Fellow, Lincoln University.

    Dear misogynist trolls I’m going to make things easier for you – save u some time. All men are rapists and should be put in prison then shot

  26. Whatever the media would have you believe is going on, it’s all misdirection.

    TPP and TTIP aren’t trade agreements they are treaties that will be signed by government elites and enacted without the consent of the governed. [Like Lisbon, but on a global scale] Only 25 % of these “treaties” are to do with trade, and the 75% is to do with global government.

    If TPP & TTIP are ever enacted then it’s all over!
    Send for Sir Dickie Mottram CMG immediately

  27. EC @ 21:07

    I wonder how someone who often proceeds from aesthetics might adjust his view of Trump and Clinton after reading that article.

    Hobson’s Choice? Gimme a break!

  28. Malfleur – 00:24

    An impressive body count, reporterdly. Theodora and Justinian, as told by Procopius, come to mind. The aesthetics in both cases is the crotch of the matter. Geese vs Humidor, I suppose.

  29. It would be to our advantage that self-supporting EU nationals are able to stay (at least for a while and not necessarily having residency rights for them or their children) after Brexit, but how can we guarantee that to those nationals whose own governments are threatening us at every opportunity?

    It’s another case of being ignorant of what negotiation means: just say, we would very much like to do this, but it does depend on their governments ‘ stance on all matters.

    It might encourage a few foreigners to persuade their governments to do the right thing.

  30. As the song goes… “…it’s getting very near the end.”

    “The Police’s New Anti-Trolling ‘Twitter Squad’ is a Toxic Misuse of Taxpayers’ Money”

  31. EC at 11-32
    Also see : Emire of London “to set up police on line hate crime hub” . (Breitbart)

  32. Above:
    Prof. from Uni. of Kent has caustic remarks about this. (Above link)

  33. EC @ 11:13

    It’s a new world ordering, EC. Its song will be “A twitter squad sprang in Berkeley Square” to replace this kind of rubbish, this kind of world, this kind of war

    Where is AWK by the way? She should be back soon surely?

  34. ABOVE ; 11-32

    This `thought police` unit costs £1,730,726 of which £452,756 comes from the Home Office. The official page for this is as below.

  35. Krutilla on Trump

    vetting you
    secretly vetting you in my mind, a far
    curiously, thoughts abound, twisted emotions
    gazing at your shadow walks, strides long and true
    a confident aura prevails

    do you notice my peering eyes, feel the sense emitting from me
    not wanting to be outed, yet can’t halt myself, or turn away

    beauty captures the soul, the mind, feelings enfold me, like spring
    flowers in the meadow born anew,scents unwavering, colors of life
    vetting me in you mind, i hope

  36. Radford NG – 11:37

    All part of the Globalist agenda to collapse nation states, install global government and repress dissent. Draconian measures that will be selectively applied. The intent is purely to intimate and cow “old whitey” into being silent whilst the rest (feminazis, SJW, islamist & eco nut jobs etc.) will continue to threaten and say exactly what they like with impunity.

    Nothing is ever done about the constant threats that conservatives receive, on Twitter and FaceBook, on a daily basis.
    see: Paul Joseph Watson:

    The emir of London is being played by the Globalists for the vain, conceited, useful idiot that he gives every appearance of being.

  37. EC (21:07)

    Great round-up by the irrepressible Gavin. But when half the electorate wants to be ruled by a vagina per se, and most of the other half are pussy-whipped anyway – what difference does it make? 🙂

    As for the segment that form the rest, well they are just polari-ised, so WTF?.

    Move to Nuffuck – it’s still England here, ‘cept for King’s Lynn and Fuckenham and at least the newcomers there are mainly white and Christian, albeit garlic-reeking. So we’ve probably got five years or so longer that the rest of Western Civilisation, and by then the shit will have hit the fan anyway – if not before. But I fear it will be with a whimper … not with a bang.

  38. Hatred is a natural human emotion, like laughing or crying. Contriving it to be a crime when it is not inciting violence or encouraging other crimes is ridiculous. The Met and Khan won’t prevent people from hating but will just suppress its expression. In East European communist states people hated the regimes but were prevented from saying so. The draconian laws that stopped them speaking out didn’t stop them hating – in fact it made them more likely to hate as their resentment grew at the over mighty state interfering in and controlling their lives.

    Is that what the Met and Khan and all the other political nincompoops who think that there is nothing wrong, or sinister, or thin edge of the ruddy wedge, in this vile project, want for England in 2016? The country that went to war against fascism, that sacrificed much blood and treasure to remain free and to free others. Those behind this scheme should hang their heads in shame, walk barefoot in sackcloth and ashes to the Cenotaph and beg the forgiveness of every fallen soul for trampling on their legacy and dishonouring their sacrifice.

    This had to come from a left wing politician, no doubt supported by all the closet Long Marchers in the Home Office and police hierarchy who believe that we should all be forced to love each other, put flowers in our hair and dance round singing happy songs. Who believe that universal love can be coerced, “to make everything better” or to send one of their notorious “messages”. Who have that left wing instinct to want to control what people can say out loud, an instinct demonstrated by all their busy blockwart trolls. Pity that the nincompoops that dream this crap up are not as good at receiving messages as they are at sending them.

    And just to make this clear, Khan, you need to step back and show some humility. This country’s politicians and policemen once persecuted homosexuals with the rule of law behind them. They thought that they were right too and threw their moral weight around just like you. Times change so don’t you for one minute delude yourself that you are some kind of ultimate moral arbiter whose dogma is at the pinnacle of righteousness and always will be. Your party is responsible for the sectarian tensions that now threaten the peace and stability of the country, with your reckless and irresponsible immigration “policy”, contrived for cynical ideological and party political purposes without a by your leave to the English people. YOU and YOUR party are to blame for the hatred that has been stoked so you better lock yourself up too.

    It is far more important to preserve freedom than to embark on a ridiculous and vainglorious pursuit to criminalise and suppress the expression of an emotion. Because you don’t appear to understand that Khan, in this country of all countries, you have no business holding any kind of political power. Britain didn’t resist and defeat fascism so that you and your Long Marching chums could impose it again.

  39. Unearthing the past:

    Wonderfully descriptive music. too. So much from so little.

  40. ITMA!

    Soros Hack Reveals Plot Behind Europe’s Refugee Crisis; Media Manipulation; Cash For “Social Justice”

    Hacked Soros Memo: $650,000 to Black Lives Matter

    (h/t Drudge Report)

  41. It’s Those Men Again!

    “Afghan asylum seeker, 22, ‘rapes four-year-old boy in toilet cubicle at German migrant centre'”


  42. Frank P @ 17:33

    The two links you’ve furnished, Frank, the one at 17.33 and that at 17.08 are essentially addressing the same wart.

    What both links have in common is an implied end of a culture, the Western culture because it’s the culture of the West that’s perceived to be the one that’s the most ‘advanced’. This in itself is questionable however much many of us may think it to be true.

    What’s missing in both links is a whisper, a hint, a possibility that humanity has an inherent capacity for its own regeneration, it must have, if that capacity were absent, we wouldn’t be here. It may well be that any genuine re-start may or will come only after a disaster of biblical proportions, that only few of us will be at its re-birth, but it cannot be ruled out. The end of the world has been prophesied as often as past civilisations, empires, cultures have hit a dead end, it hasn’t happened yet, and Baron reckons it isn’t coming this time round either.

  43. Malfleur @ 23:14

    What genuinely pisses off is not what the guy Soros does, (well, not only), but the fact that he has never sought the endorsement of his ideas by the plebs, has never tested his take on things in a public duel with other power hungry men, has always acted through proxies.

    It’s just having billions that gives him the power to have a go at engineering society’s rules, norms, habits. This is as undemocratic as the staging of a military coup, the KGB Colonel, whom the Hungarian billionaire despises, has greater legitimacy than he, as does any man or woman who stood up in an election, got the majority of the votes.

    The world would be a better place if Soros were to spend his billions on stamps, yachts or women.

  44. Colonel Mustard @ 14:27

    Excellent lament, Colonel.

    The thing is they know very well hate cannot be expunged, it seems it’s enough for them to suppress it, keep it hidden, out of sight so that it cannot manifest itself. This, as history has shown, is not a wise approach to dealing with this powerful emotion. The authorities cannot judge its magnitude, its source or intensity, neither can they come up with effective measures to control, assuage it, or mitigate against it in any meaningful way. When the suppressed hate eventually breaks out, it always does, the damage is often greater than if they let the hate to disperse gradually, allow people to get angry, shout bit, throw abuse about. That’s life, too.

  45. Fergus Pickering @ 12:28

    The words are definitely of the English language, Fergus, but that’s about all Baron can say about this little gem of yours.

  46. Radford NG @ 11:37

    We’ll have to watch carefully what we say, Radford, no?

  47. This is still the Milwaukee rioting, it seems to go on and on.

    Baron couldn’t live in the Republic anyway, he ran the clip of the sister of the guy gunned by the police, the unedited version, understood not a word of what she was saying. Was she talking in English?

  48. The Plan – Alex Jones Reviews the Globalists’ Blueprints and their Implementation

    We have to consider ways for arresting these people and constitutionally removing them from power, and from the country where appropriate, quam celerrime – start thinking, Wallsters. Charges of criminal conspiracy can probably be framed under existing law, but we also need to look at dusting off our concepts of treason and sedition and putting emergency legislation through Parliament as a matter of urgency. Care must be taken though not to frame laws that can then be used against the people and the exercise of their traditional rights – just as the globalists will have to take care that as they impose restrictions on the people’s liberties, they are not hoist with their own petard.

    What is to be done?

    What is to be done?

  49. People of the CHW, there’s been a development…

    “Donald Trump has hired pugnacious Breitbart chief Steve Bannon as his new campaign CEO. Bannon was instrumental in founding Breitbart London, he’s a former officer in the US navy who loved British writers like James Delingpole and had dreams of a Tea Party-style anti-establishment movement in the UK. He is an admirer of UKIP though he wishes they didn’t keep selling out and were a bit more right-wing. He signed up both Farage as a columnist and Raheem Kassam (later Nigel’s chief aide) as his London editor. Bannon is a no-nonsense, tough operator who says “we call ourselves the Fight Club. You don’t come to us for warm and fuzzy”.

    h/t Guido

  50. Radford NG,

    “We’ll have to watch carefully what we say, Radford, no?”

    Yes indeed, Radford NG. FFS don’t mention the squirrels! #triggerwarning

  51. Malfleur August 17th, 2016 – 07:21

    We have experienced a ‘quiet’ cultural revolution and the only way I think it will be reversed is by another revolution of a less quiet variety. But I don’t see that happening any time soon. I suspect there will be a lot more oppression to come before the people are finally pushed to “enough is enough”. By then it may be too late and the outcome more civil war than revolution.

    The problem for dissenters, as in China, is that there is no leader or figurehead prepared to really put his or her head above the parapet. And even if they do the political elite (which includes the media) are quick to discredit and undermine the contender, as they have done with Farage, Robinson, Wilders, etc. There is simmering resentment, disillusionment and dissatisfaction with the political elite but no real focus on challenging them with a viable and focussed counter agenda. And it is just too easy for the “establishment” to demonise any dissent as “far right”, “populist”. “nativist”, “hate”, etc.

    Two factors exacerbate that “disempowered” situation. Firstly the apathy and/or indoctrination, call it what you will, of all the useful idiots and secondly the very well entrenched unelected establishment, an echo chamber which now pursues a presumptive political agenda regardless of the government in power – parts of which are the thoroughly tainted and politicised civil service and police. In many cases this unelected establishment actually leads the government, the tail wagging the dog, as Ministers are lobbied and influenced by vested interest and/or campaign groups rather than looking to the majority of people whose interests they are supposed to represent and protect.

    Parliament is useless. I’m not convinced a single one of our MPs has any concept of, let alone any passion to oppose, the way that rights and freedoms are being incrementally eroded and the homogeneity of English society threatened. Even Phillip Davies MP, who spoke masterfully about the myths behind the post-modern radical feminist agenda (now adopted mainstream thanks to its high profile bullies), was quickly isolated and demonised by classic Alinsky tactics:-

    “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions.”

    The majority of people simply have no idea that they have experienced a cultural revolution, so they meekly accept its radical agenda as the current status quo, largely apathetic to each incremental advance. There is no general recognition of the Long March of the left through our institutions or the very real danger that represents for pluralist politics or open debate. By establishing the oxymoronic concept of Political Correctness and inventing or re-inventing words the subversive and radical left have managed to take control of the narrative.

    A movement is need to counter this. But at the moment it does not exist and is contained only within disparate groups engaged over single issue topics. The left needs to be exposed, called out and attacked for its strategic agenda by a consolidated and effective counter movement. The embryonic elements are out there but need to be drawn together under a single banner of recognisable purpose. And it needs to meet the inevitable attacks on it with devastating counter attacks. Alinksy’s “rules” need to be turned against his followers.

  52. Frank P – 13:15

    A reverse ferret from the current is under active consideration. In retrospect, life was less complicated, and dare I say happier, during my “Norfy”spell, but then that was BC, so NSS! The real Norfies were friendly too. In those days we used to frequent the Rose & Crown a mile or so up the road, and my pint was usually well on its way by the time I made to the bar. Nice, that. It was Smiths (both) back then. It was good but if they had sold Adnams it would have been perfect – but they’d have had to carry me out! The nearest Adnams was at The Gin Trap then, and that required going off piste, so to speak. Too many bends to negotiate on the way home, though 😉

  53. “current abode”

  54. EC (09:12)

    Looks like our kinda guy.

    Sadly no equivalent here.

  55. Choudary, this one man sums up just about everything that’s gone wrong in this country over the last 30 years.

  56. EC – 10.36

    My first pint of Adnams (1977!) cost 23p a pint and that was a premium price in The Maid’s Head Norwich, everywhere else was 22p. Four pints for less than a quid! Adnams, as well as being among the greatest of all brewers, also produce amazingly gorgeous pork. You can see in fields all around Southwold fields full of great fat pigs, all a bit drunk because they are fed the mash from the brewery! I do recommend if anyone is anywhere near Southwold this summer to eat at either of the Adnam’s hotels there. Pork obviously! And a pint of the most delicious beer. It’ll set you back more than 22p I’m afraid!

  57. Shepherd Neame anyone? and drink the drink that Shakebag drank!

  58. Colonel Mustard @ 10:00

    Good stuff, as always.

    The sensible, largely apolitical people are unlikely to be found marching, shouting, breaking stuff, Colonel, but when push comes to shove they know what to do (as they did on the EU).

    The worrying thing, the most troublesome development is what the Pickles report uncovered, the real possibility the one tool that still remains in the hands of the healthy core of Englishness may be corruptible, may have been debauched already. If that were to happen to an even greater extend we would indeed be fugged.

  59. Irishboy @ 21:27

    Baron did, eat that is, at the place you mention, Irishboy, and to be honest wasn’t that impressed, in fact, got close to asking the waitress what the meat was when it was alive. She was an east European girl, rather pleasant, had a chat with the barbarian, got a nice tip, too. Baron spilt his coffee, she offered to furnish another cup, no charge (btw it was only after the replacement cup arrived Baron asked what country she came from …).

  60. John birch @ 14:36

    A thought has occurred to the barbarian, John. It would have been more satisfactory if the sending down was that of the BBC komentariat, it was they who had given the clever lawyer the oxygen of publicity for years, it was always Choudary who yapped, always the same take on things.

    One wonders what the sentence will be, perhaps a couple of years, certainly not more than four, you’ll see.

  61. EC @ 09:48

    Lucky for you, EC, the barbarian ain’t on twitter. If he were it would be the start of a long series of tweets.

  62. Does the name Milosevic ring a bell? He was found not guilty by the Hague tribunal recently, for some reasons the MSM poodles missed it. Why?

  63. Colonel Mustard
    August 17th, 2016 – 10:00

    That would be the long march of the left coordinated by and for the 0.1% and now with the co-optation of islam which will run our police and town halls and magistrates’ courts. Now for the long march of the original nation, the English.

    I think an awareness of a state within a state needs to be encouraged in order to initiate a movement to root it out. This is a theme which can appeal to all Englishmen of goodwill. We have already been divided, so this might serve to bring us together but at a more purposeful level.

    The problem of a state within a state has been faced by the nation before. I am going to take a look at the trial of Clive of India and the events leading to it. At first glance it might seem wholly inappropriate. In our current predicament, the New World Order and its web of proto-states, the EU, NAFTA, the TPP, which are straining to link up, are threats to the nation states and their peoples much as the East India Company was perceived by the British state in the 18th century. Could devotees and operatives of the proto-state, such as Soros, Sutherland, Carney, Osborne and others who have conspired to destroy our own country, be arraigned in Westminster Hall? Many great adventures begin with a dream….


    P.S. I learned the other day that Hillary Clinton wrote her thesis for Wellesley College in 1969 on Saul Alinsky.

    Hobson’s Choice? Gimme a break!

  64. Baron – Toward the Unfugging of England

    If you had the deep pockets of a Soros but Baron’s love of England, how would you brief and deploy teams of shock troops throughout the country to reinvigorate England’s tradition of poetry, music, dance, sculpture, in a word – art?

  65. We know about the Scottish Government and about Police Scotland .Together they come down strong on `racism`and sectarianism ;but not tonight.
    At an EUAFA Championship match in Glasgow between Celtic and Beersheba (the top Israeli team) there was a big demonstration of people waving Palestine Authority flags ;against Scottish law an EUAFA rules.(Apparently there was a similar situation in 2009)
    Celtic 5/2 Beersheba.


    ‘ I have believed for some time that the powers that be, also known as the ‘Deep State,’ are desperate to have Hillary Clinton win the election — thus enabling them to maintain control of the system…’

  67. Celtic fans wave Palestinian flags.

  68. @ 00:32

    Correction: Warren Hastings; apologies. A bit rusty.

  69. When you sup with the Devil you need a long spoon. The realpolitik of the EU and the UK’s involvement with Islam and Turkey exemplified…
    and see

  70. Baron, how disappointing to hear of your disappointment at Adnams! Your experience was clearly very far from my melt-in-yer-mouth dinner. I hope the charms of your waitress were some sort of compensation!

    Malfleur – Shepherd Neame, well as it happens I live in the gorgeous little town where they brew this stuff and I do enjoy it, especially the seasonal beers that change every few months, though I wouldn’t put it on the same level as Adnams, but my taste is for the fresh, slightly flowery aroma of Adnams and Flowers IPA. Chacun a son gout and all that. By the way, having only intermittently followed your links over the years to Alex Jones, I’m now hooked, and in among the links in You Tube I’ve also come to know Congressman Trey Gowdy. Might he really become Attorney General for President Trump? If any here are unaware of this extraordinary man, type his name into You Tube, sit back and mourn for the Right in this country.

  71. Don’t we all love it when Hillary gets rattled:
    Breitbart reports that Robby Mook who serves her when Bill’s member is bent said:

    “Donald Trump has decided to double down on his most small, nasty, and divisive instincts by turning his campaign over to someone who is best known for running a so-called news site that peddles divisive, at times, racist, anti-Muslim, anti-Semitic, conspiracy theories,”

    So Donald has scored!

  72. Adnams and Flowers?
    OK I suppose, but IMO they fail to match Thwaites.
    And Noa’s own Old Dirigible is, when on song, matchless, (especially as it’s 20p a pint) …

  73. Frank P, August 17th, 2016 – 13:41

    Agreed. Apart from his impressive CV, I like a bloke who looks like he weighs more than me.

    The grim (reaper) diet continues. I can’t believe I went thru all this shit in my late thirties, and now I’m having to repeat the exercise in my sixties! The first stone is the hardest, and the rest is easy. At least I think that’s what the imam said.

  74. Irishboy, Malfleur, Noa, real ale fans.

    England has a wonderful traditions and it’s magnificent brewing heritage is one of them. That’s real ale diversity that we can all celebrate! [scrumpy too!]

    I used to enjoy a pint, at lunchtime doubly so. However none shall pass my lips until either I reach my target weight, the Co-Op has a box to fit, or I’m handed the Black Spot. 😉

  75. Noa – 08:36

    Balls of steel, indeed!

    Good to know that we can still make our own ammo because a lot of ammo, and a lot of NATO ammo is made in Turkey at the MKE/ZQI factory which has an ISO 9001 accreditation – if that means anything.

  76. Radford NG – 02:05

    Shameful, but it makes a change from the twats waving the tricolour and chanting IRA songs.

  77. Rod in feline fettle. A cats paw for all of us on the intertubes? God help that miserable little Muzzie Mayor of Londonistan if he nicks the Liddle hater. And if any indigenous English copper, who can trace his pedigree back at least three generations, volunteers for this satanic squad, I shall personally wait for him in hell with especial punishment:

  78. EC

    I’ve a diet target as well, but beer is healthy and good for you and better than neat water…

  79. Thank goodness I’m not alone in my intense dislike, bordering on hatred, of this smarmy git.

    “Prof Brian Cox: Gorgeous Lips; Lovely Smile; Crap Scientist”
    James Delingpole

  80. Baron,
    Re the Pickles Report. Bollocks, I have not read it but the corruption and fraud in Tower Hamlets has been going on for a couple of decades at least everyone here knows what was going on and continues to this very day, so why the sudden upsurge of outrage? Pickles was a minister in charge of local government, and there was not a peep from him. May was home secretary, nothing, but then there are non so blind as they who refuse to see despite the facts being stuffed up their noses.

    As for Anjem Choudary, you are absolutely right, he will be given a light sentence, indulged with TVs and anything else which takes his fancy while his toxic spouse continues to live on state handouts provide by the very people they both despise.

  81. Mr. Boot will love it, it echoes his take on Russia well except that the timing of the move north and west by the KGB Colonel seems to be getting over the horizon more and more.

  82. Stephen Maybery @ 12:20

    Good points, Stephen, nothing to disagree with, what’s the bollocks about?

  83. EC @ 10:53

    No denial he looks handsome, can talk engagingly and wants to have a successful career, EC, science has nothing to do with it, no?

  84. h/t Drudge Report, btw

  85. Donald Trump says on the Savage Nation on Wednesday that he will work with Putin to knock out ISIS. Not so good for Mr. Boot… :- (

  86. EC and Noa

    With Irishboy now listening to Alex Jones, I feel emboldened to recommend OXYPOWDER from Infowars Life to accelerate painlessly your weight reduction – though whether that allows you to maintain your desired beer intake, I don’t know.

    Here’s Dr. Edward Group explaining:

  87. “A movement is need to counter this. But at the moment it does not exist and is contained only within disparate groups engaged over single issue topics. The left needs to be exposed, called out and attacked for its strategic agenda by a consolidated and effective counter movement. The embryonic elements are out there but need to be drawn together under a single banner of recognisable purpose. And it needs to meet the inevitable attacks on it with devasting counter attacks”

    Oh dear

    In different times disaffected souls called for the Sturmabteilung, organising and formalizing the groups of ex-soldiers and beer hall associates to protect gatherings of right minded members of society from disruptions from Social Democrats and Communists.

    I have not visited this site since my partner was rounded on by EC, Frank P and Colonel Mustard, but I implore the moderator, whose Christian values are evident to all to counter this incitement to insurrection.

    You could of course make a further strike for free speech by banning those who seek to expose the heinous post.

  88. Noa @ 08:36

    “It all boils down to achieving better penetration and pleasing the customer’, the piece says at the very start, Noa. It always does, it always does.

    It’s that and also that one can be shot and killed by an environmentally friendly bullet, one that won’t poison a stream, pollute the soil. The thing missing (so far) is modifying the ammo so that the bullets kill human beings ‘greenly’ as well. One hopes we’re working on it.

  89. Baron

    People used to wish for a ‘good death’, whatever that might be. That tradition seems to have been supplanted by a ‘Green death’ or a least an eco friendly one.
    Shoot a jihadist, save the planet.

  90. Very revealing that the master of disguise (e-hem) slithers back in under another of his silly names and describes a suggested counter attack against the ghastly left as an “insurrection”.

    Insurrection – an act or instance of rising in revolt, rebellion, or resistance against authority or an established government.

    Quite. The state within a state. As I was saying . . .

  91. Ignore the cunt!

  92. Perhaps in future – in order to make ourselves clear and avoid the attention of Londonistan’s muzzie toytown mayor and his Stasi, we should adopt the mantra, as a preface to all our objections to the attacks on our country, our culture, our predominant religion , our heritage and our freedom of expression – we should say, “I have no hate in my heart for anything, or any person, but I strongly object to being told by arseholes in uniform acting under the orders of a leftist/jihadist ….” [fill in the objection here].

    As no man can possibly know what we have in our hearts other than us, that seems to negate the allegation of hate in any words written or uttered.
    Non? (as Baron whimsically tends to ask in the language of the frogs).

  93. The (political) Sturmabteilung were a creation of the left. Hitler was a national socialist not a national conservative.

    I can think of no conservative movement that adopts their tactics but they are reflected in much of the behaviour of Corbyn’s Momentum and the UAF street thugs.

    As for rounding on you, your alter ego “GirlPower’ used that line in “her” bogus withdrawal from Guido. When you make it your self-appointed mission in life to obsessively stalk and harass commentators and websites under a million different names simply because they do not share your extremist politics don’t expect a rousing welcome.

  94. Frank P August 18th, 2016 – 19:08

    The snag there is that it no longer matters what is in one’s heart in order to be criminalised by Khan’s Stasi goons. The leftist definition of hate speech is entirely subjective and predicated on the “feelings” of the denouncer rather than the intention of the denounced.

    How England ever came to accept such Kafka-esque, East German nonsense is a matter that ought to seriously tax our Parliamentarians but unfortunately they are more part of the problem than the solution. Instead of protecting our rights as they did in the past they now conspire with leftists to remove them from us.

  95. Frank P August 18th, 2016 – 18:54

    No worries – they were just Parthian shots.

    I’m out of here.

  96. The Speccie keeps sending me begging letters advertising their wares. Thus I was able to gain access to yet another thread: this one by Hitch Minor, Trotting out his leftist youth and trying to justify it.

    I commented thus:

    “I prefer reformed lefties who, at the age of 21 or so, grew up, realised what pricks they had been, vowed never to admit or discuss their youthful aberrations again and hoped that everyone else would forget them, also.

    Much better than those who continue to make a living by writing essays, for money boasting about it – and having them published in a Barclay Bugle, to boot. Though there is some merit, undoubtedly, in relieving the Scotia Nostra of some its ill gotten gains.”

    It was put in escrow with the warning, “Hang on your comment is awaiting approval”.


    Or rather, as Dan Collins would have said back in yesteryear, Bwaaahahahaha!

  97. Frank P – 22:16

    It doesn’t take much for the Disqus cyber nanny to get triggered, even on Breitbart!
    Keep reposting with any possibly contentious words s p a c e d out. Usually does the trick, as Baron pointed out the other week.

  98. Rod’s piece of the Australian cat’s funnily frightening, but some of the postings are truly delicious.

    ‘I love hate’, or ‘can I hate myself?’ to which someone replied ‘only whilst p!aying with yourself?’ or ‘ridiculous to outlaw hatred. What am I supposed to feel about Stephen Fry? Annoyed simply won’t cut it. He is detestable’, or the one Baron gives the top prize by Farther Todd: ‘Speeding could be a hate crime if hurrying to leave Bradford’.

  99. This afternoon, two of barbarian’s postings would not get through whatever was done to them, EC, it may be the software keeps the original posting, no additional fiddling with it can get it past the censorship. In the end, Baron reversed the letters of the words he deemed offensive (e.g. Nazi to Izan, and in brackets typed ‘in reverse’), in one instance he got the posting through, the other two postings failed to make it, he gave up.

    Some other posters could easily use words Baron cannot, which may suggest one’s put on a watch list after the first ‘misdeed’, and every subsequent posting is censored.

    Silly really.

  100. Colonel Mustard @ 20:05

    You’re absolutely right, Colonel, to point out the Honourable Members are part of the problem. They seem to have forgotten that their prime duty, the most important aspect of their being in the House is to prevent the Government from encroaching on the freedoms of the people, from arrogating powers over us unnecessarily e.g. ban on smoking, or interfering in our daily lives as they please. As things stand, many of the MPs are in Government, or are hoping to be in Government hence do nothing to stand up to the Ministers.

    How has this change happened without anyone reminding them of it, or even noticing it?

  101. I must google McInnes to see whether he is related to Colin, the only Lefty I ever knew with a sense of humour. He once told mr that the only reason he espoused leftist politics and miscegenation was because it secured easy access to young black bum, mainly from that well-known centre of Social Justice (and various other exotic services) The Mangrove shebeen.

  102. Frank P @ 23:24

    Good piece.

    A friend of Baron who likes Trump as much he would like a kick in the groin (except that the former cannot but be more painful for him) said that he (Trump) talks like an illiterate labourer on a construction site, and he may have a point. What he misses though, and Baron argued it, is that many plebeians may actually like it, associate with it, prefer it to the polish, rather unnatural, often arrogant language of the ranked politicians.

  103. What a strange company you keep, or should it be kept, Frank.

  104. Malfleur and OXYPOWDER!!

    Gave me a much needed laugh, thank you! I mean who knew that intestinal walls and colons were full of shit?! Perhaps it might work in reverse? Could we try putting some OXYPOWDER up Patriccia’s (that second redundant ‘C’ is a sure sign of narcissism) backside to see if it stops the shit coming out the other end?

  105. Why are people so accepting of being stripped of rights which for centuries have formed the fabric of our society? The answer to this is simple, they do not know what it is that has been stolen from them. The education system in this country has been debased to a point beyond parody, especially history. The overwhelming majority of people have a complete lack of knowledge regarding our past. This is no accident, the educational establishment has obliterated the past from popular conscience, never having experienced genuine freedom people have can not realize what has been taken from them. They whom the Gods want to destroy they first make pig ignorant of their past.

  106. scrolling through recent posts I noticed one by a certain Patriccia Shaw, I did not read it, but I did clock it up as a fart from the past.

  107. Stephen Maybery August 19th, 2016 – 07:11


  108. Stephen Maybery August 19th, 2016 – 07:14


  109. An old time Constable patrols the streets of Notting Dale (London) about 110 years ago;according to Edgar Wallace.

  110. Stephen Maybery – 07:11

    You are right, and history, was the key to the subversion.
    The rot had set in well before the advent of the national curriculum. Together with Ofsted and the exam boards they were all used as vehicles to actually drive down standards whilst giving the appearance of the opposite. What a charade!

    When “I’m a pretty straight guy” Bliar uttered the words, “Education, education education” in reply to what his top priority was, it was probably the only time he wasn’t lying. It was his primary target! Fifty percent of school leavers going to university? A degree is now almost worthless, no matter which “university” awarded it. Who employ a graduate today? Anybody stupid enough to put themselves in up to £50K of debt for a worthless piece of paper automatically disqualifies themselves from consideration. Then there are “Trustafarians,” they are another matter.

    The people who did this to education were not “Gods,” they were traitors.

  111. @09:39 Errant commas!
    I’m certain that they were all in the right place when I clicked the “Comment” button.

  112. Thwaites! – and Guinness…

    I was introduced to Thwaites in London by a friend from Blackburn. We had a lot of fun with the northern dipthong. For the last ten years or so he has been en poste in Qatar…

    I was introduced to Guinness in London when I was about 18-19 by an Irishman called Malachi Keegan who sang while he worked and encouraged me, a former choirboy, to join him. We were just around the corner from the Magpie and Stump, but the introduction to draught Guinness was at an Irish pub in the Strand where I was taught to sing Kevin Barry which seemed to amuse the assembly. In 1961 this was acceptable, but ten years on it would have been like being handed a lighted stick of dynamite – as I subsequently realized. ‘A’ level history had been Europe 800-1370 and the Tudors and Stuarts…

  113. Malfleur, August 18th, 2016 – 14:12

    With their appalling diet, devoid of fibre, I can see why OXYPOWDER would be beneficial to a great many Americans, and not just the anal retentive, gLiberal, “progressive” Hillary voting types. In Scotland, too, it would prove particularly efficacious for SNSP supporters – although they’d have to rename it OXYPOODR for Jockification purposes.

    Reminds me of the old joke about a guy who went to the doctor suffering from terrible constipation and abdominal cramps…

    “OK, drop your pants, bend over the desk and we’ll take a look” said the doctor, cheerily. “Oh dear, oh dear” mumbled the doctor. “What can you see?” enquired the anxious patient. “I can see a piece of lettuce hanging out of your arse” said the doctor. “Is that the problem then?” enquired the patient. “Well, No and Yes” said the doctor. “What do you mean?” asked the now terrified patient. “It’s just the tip of the iceberg, I’m afraid” replied the doctor.

  114. An grieved father is suing a private school for failing to ensure his little darling walked away with a respectable clutch of O Levels. I hope the fatuous clown (the father) gets a financial caning for his efforts, and that some kind soul, as an act of Christian charity, points out to the bullying thug, that while one can purchase an education, one can not buy the brains to make use of it.

  115. Baron (23:50)

    Past tense in the case of each. Colin McInnes, a noted author and columnist. Flakey as dandruff in all departments. Solopsist amd bullshitter, but when in the company of someone who he knew saw through the facade was both witty and wily. RIP. As for famous shebeen – also long gone. It’s owner more recently. May he writhe in Hades.

  116. Hobson’s Choice? Gimme a Break!

    Michael Savage initiates his Thursday show with a report that a woman was jailed for six months in Belfast for posting criticism of islam on Facebook. He then recites a catalogue of rules enforcing the language pf political correctness at Princeton University, and moves on to the action taken by CAIR in response to an undertaking by Donald Trump to establish a Commission to look into radical islam…and characterises the constituency of Hillary Clinton, comparing and contrasting the two candidates.

    Hobson’s Choice? Gimme a Break!

  117. Its – those pesky unwanted apostrophes. Apol.

  118. Banana Republic Britain
    Posted on October 7, 2010 by Baron Bodissey
    In the latest of an occasional series of essays, the British author and former parliamentary candidate Paul Weston takes a look at the widespread occurrence of voting fraud in Modern Multicultural Britain.

    Paul WestonBanana Republic Britain
    by Paul Weston
    As the haunting wail of the Muezzin — recently described by Barack Obama as the sweetest sound in the world — roused the slumbering Pakistani inhabitants of Mirpur, Kashmir, to Morning Prayer, young Sammy Mohammed was awakened somewhat more brutally by the boot of local Mirpurian MP, Sultan Mehmood Chaudhry.

    “By ’eck Sammy lad, tha lazy young beggar, tha’ll not be thwarting democracy in Britain by festering in t’pit all day, by gum. Hand over them proxy votes sharpish, me lad, lest tha want thy backside tanning!”

    The beginning of a satirical article? I am afraid not. It is routine practice for dual-nationality Pakistanis residing in Kashmir to sign thousands of proxy vote forms for the British General Election, in order that their Pakistani brothers in Britain may use them to subvert our democracy.

    One “British” Mirpuri resident described the blind signing of the electoral proxy votes thus:

    “They said I didn’t have to fill in any details, just to sign my name at the bottom of the form,” he says, smiling. “So I signed two…I personally know 25 other people who did the same thing, lots of people just on this street, but everybody does it.”

    Having collected thousands of forms, Pakistani politicians such as Sultan Chaudry hop on the Kashmiri red-eye to Britain, where they distribute said forms amongst the many Muslims in our vibrantly diverse, exotic and eclectic multicultural cities, whilst advising them where their fraudulent vote should be cast to best represent their decidedly un-diverse and un-vibrant 7th Century mono-culture. In a BBC interview conducted in Manchester, Chaudry said:

    “I’m here for the 6 May election. I always come during elections…it’s basically so I can tell people how to vote and who to vote for…most of the Pakistanis here are from Mirpur, and I am the MP from Mirpur, and I know the issues here and who will be the best candidates to help solve the issues in Kashmir.”

    Even more astonishing than Pakistani politicians visiting Britain to tell the “British” electorate who to fraudulently vote for in order to solve the Kashmir Question, is the positively surreal concept of British politicians travelling to Pakistan to woo the local vote for precisely the same reason. That this actually happens is a damning indictment on how reliant Labour/Socialist politicos have become on the Third World vote if they are ever to regain power.

    Many people will be flabbergasted that such Third World practices can occur in Great Britain. These flabbergastees however, do tend to be foreign. The British, immersed in a cauldron of rapidly warming multicultural soup and floating alongside a clearly overheating yet curiously blasé frog, have been subjected to such a relentless barrage of propaganda over such a lengthy period of time that most fail to realise what is being done to both themselves and their country.

    And it gets much worse.

    A few thousand peripatetic Kashmiri proxy votes pale into insignificance when compared to the postal voting fraud that is now endemic in what was once the seat of European democracy. When the Labour Party introduced postal voting on demand, they did so in the full knowledge it would create massive fraud, yet were more than happy knowing that the fraud would benefit Labour above all other parties.

    How does one apply for a postal vote, or even multiple postal votes? Simply download a form from the Electoral Commission, make up a name(s) and address, and one or more postal votes will miraculously appear on your doormat. It does not need to be your own name, of course, and if you are one of the 100 bogus-named people living in a solitary two-bedroomed flat in Tower Hamlets, it is unlikely you will even be investigated, particularly if you register at the last possible moment before the election.

    In other words, you do not need to exist in order to gain multiple postal votes. Taking it even further, some houses do not even exist! A row of terraced properties may end at number 64, but whilst the wraith like apparitions of numbers 66-70 may not actually exist in reality, the local postman, Mr Abdul Aziz, knows very well where he should deliver the extra 200 postal votes designated for the non-people within the non-houses.

    The Electoral Commission simply cannot keep up. Multicultural Britain is experiencing such a massive racial and demographic shift that to track and record individuals has become an utterly impossible task. Particularly so when each official form is printed and distributed in over 20 different languages before being processed by staff who among them speak only three.

    This has led to dangerous levels of fraud. In 2004, Judge Richard Mawley QC presiding over an electoral vote-rigging case in Birmingham had this to say: “The (postal vote) system is wide open to massive, systematic and organised fraud that would disgrace a banana republic.”

    Shortly before the 2010 election, the police were investigating upward of 50 cases of electoral fraud, principally in Labour-controlled areas. Since the election this number has climbed to 81 cases, but little has happened since, because the alleged fraudsters were invariably Muslim and the police are loath to prosecute for fear of appearing “racist.”

    In a scarcely believable precedent, Commonwealth electoral monitors were despatched to Britain to scrutinise the election result for the first time in our history, with one native from Zimbabwe suggesting that Britain lagged far behind Mr Mugabe’s regime when it came to democracy. He cited as an example the fact that Zimbabweans could only vote once, because indelible ink was applied to their finger après-vote, whilst non-existent “ghosts” in Britain could make multiple postal votes with no checks whatsoever.

    And it is hard to argue with him on this point. Dear God, who would have thought a few years ago that by 2010 Britain could be accused of being a banana republic by Zimbabwe! And still we refuse to wake up.

    But we need to. Before the Labour Party came to power it was impossible to register to vote once the election had been called. Labour changed this to allow registration up to 11 days after the election was called. This time-frame allows people to register and vote before any checks to prove their existence can feasibly be carried out — which is exactly what was intended.

    The result of this has been an upsurge in postal voting applications, sometimes up to 200% higher than in the previous election. In ex-Home Secretary Jack Straw’s constituency of Blackburn, postal voting was running at 30% of all votes cast compared to only 15% as a national average. In the month before the election, some half a million new “voters” registered with the Electoral Commission, representing an increase of almost one fifth since the election of 2005.

    One voter of Pakistani origin, who requested anonymity for fear of reprisals, told The Independent newspaper that postal vote fraud in Blackburn was widespread. “It’s worse than Birmingham, the mosque committee is 100 per cent Labour. They control the mosque. They frighten the people.” Teams of Muslims were seen distributing and collecting sheaves of postal ballot papers which were picked up on street corners en-route to the “sealed” ballot box.

    This assertion is backed up by Craig Murray, Britain’s former ambassador to the central Asian republic of Uzbekistan, who was campaigning in Blackburn to unseat Jack Straw. The challenge was rather unsuccessful as it transpired because Mr Straw allegedly achieved 90% of the vote, a margin unheard of outside North Korea. Mr Murray told the Independent:

    “I’ve come from Uzbekistan to Blackburnistan…this is very much a Labour rotten borough…there is a nexus of the police, the authorities and business — if we were in the Soviet Union, you would say mafia.”

    The Independent is a liberal leaning newspaper experiencing a number of “teachable moments” as Mr Obama might say. Alerted to a possible massive postal voting fraud in Bangladeshi controlled Tower Hamlets, East London, the newspaper sent intrepidly bearded Jerome Tayler to investigate as to why “there have been as many as 20 Bengali names supposedly living in two or three-bedroom flats. When journalists have previously called, all too often there are far fewer living there, in some instances, no Bengalis at all.

    Poor Mr Tayler discovered that the locals take exception to being investigated by impertinent young infidel reporters, even if they are liberal and bearded, and having declined to answer his questions gave him a good pasting instead. Given a few more unsuccessful missions into bandit country looking for the source of fraudulent postal ballot papers, it is possible that Mr Tayler may even refer to his assailants as politically driven Muslims rather than “poverty stricken Asians.”

    Just in case these fraudulent postal ballots could be detected after the election, the Labour Party allowed them to be mixed in with the ballot papers from local polling stations, where, although identification is not required (why not?) at least faces are recognised and names crossed off a list. As such, any individual attempting to cast multiple ballots in a polling station would be quickly recognised and rumbled, so the vast majority of these ballots are therefore legitimate.

    This is not the case of course for the postal voters, which is precisely why postal voting has experienced such a massive upsurge and precisely why Labour Party officials were so keen to lose the fraudulent postal ballots amongst the legitimate polling station ballots.

    This destruction of British democracy, although appalling in itself, is not of the highest importance unless the fraud actually affected the election results, but now we learn that it has. In the May 2010 British General Election, the Conservative Party failed to gain a majority by the slimmest of margins, with only a handful of constituency seats swaying the result. This recently led Conservative Party Chairman, Baroness Warsi, to make the extraordinarily explosive claim that The Conservative Party failed to win a majority because of “Asian” electoral fraud.

    Just before the election, ex- MP Martin Bell suggested that the result could be decided by electoral fraud. And so it has been proven. It is not a surprise that by importing the Third World you become the Third World, but what is surprising is our reaction to the very real subversion of our ancient and bloodily defended democracy — which is that of total appeasement and dhimmitude.

    The idea that British democracy has been subverted by Socialist enabled Muslim fraud is an enormous front page story. Or it should be, yet having broken the potentially biggest story in Britain so far this century, Baroness Warsi and the press have become strangely reticent. Her appearance on BBC “Question Time” has been cancelled and the MSM, although not exactly in deep denial, are hardly giving this astonishing claim the attention it deserves.

    Even liberals must be starting to realise why Islam, when translated, means Submission. If Muslims can illegally alter the course of a British General Election with barely a word of criticism or investigation — based on our fear of them — then we are in terrible, terrible trouble and that trouble can only become worse.

    The multicultural cauldron we Brits share with the overly-optimistic frog is still only warm, but within a generation and the doubling of our Muslim population it will be boiling. The Authorities could turn the heat down if they so wished, but they appear dedicated instead to turning it into a pressure cooker with the lid tightly screwed down, seemingly unaware that the rapidly building steam must eventually find a release somewhere.

    And nothing can build the steam quicker than favouring the enemy above your own soldiers and airmen. Whilst I may have given the impression that is remarkably easy to obtain voting rights in Britain, this is not always the case. Members of our Armed Forces for example find it very difficult indeed.

    In one of the more perverse outcomes of Socialist rule, we find that whilst British Pakistanis fighting against the British Army in Afghanistan may use their proxy/postal vote to influence British democracy, British soldiers, fighting for their country at the behest of their government, find themselves disenfranchised. It is estimated that in 2005 eighty per-cent of our armed forces were disqualified from voting.

    British Forces used to register for elections just once in their career, but this was changed in 2001 by the Labour Government, who decreed the register must be signed annually, unlike the British Muslims shooting at them, who, having registered for a postal vote, are then entitled to it for life.

    The Ministry of Defence claimed our soldiers were notified. Not very well though it would seem. The vast majority had no idea of the 2001 rule change, leading Lord Garden, a Lib Dem defence spokesman to remark: “It’s rather sad that we send our military personnel off to establish democracy and set up elections in countries like Iraq and Afghanistan, but don’t make enough arrangements for them to vote here.”

    Quite so, but Lord Garden labours under the misapprehension that we are a fully functioning democracy rather than a discredited banana republic. And just because our curiously silent Conservative rulers and mainstream media appear disinterested in the death of our democracy, this does not mean all the people are similarly apathetic.

    Banana republics are inherently unstable and violent. We are already witnessing the early stages of civil war in England, as the native EDL square up to foreign Islam and their Communist allies. The next few years will witness interesting developments in the art of “steam management.”

  119. A Gangsters ‘Excise’ Paradise – Lifestyle Regulation Madness #2
    Topher Field

    The ‘Censorship’ Game – Lifestyle Regulation Madness #3
    Topher Field

  120. One ‘Fine’ Day – Lifestyle Regulation Madness #1
    Topher Field

    Insomniacs of the CHW – don’t forget to check out Topher’s other videos, especially his 50 to 1 Climate Change interviews.

  121. Flood Victims Cheer Trump in Louisiana: “We Knew You’d Be Here!”

  122. Baron
    August 19th- 23:38

    Romania…? Why not Odessa?

    (Headline in Drudge Report)

  124. Malfleur @ 00:47

    You want the KGB Colonel to get hold of the gear, Malfelur?

    Odessa populated mostly by either ethnic Russians, or Russian speakers (no knowledge of Ukrainian), not many pro-Ukrainian burghers there, it’s a part of the same diaspora as Donetsk cum Luhansk, but more independent, the city always was a pain in the neck.

    There’s a famous book, (or rather two books) written by two guys, both died in the Gulag – ILff and Petrov (The Golden Calf and the Twelve Chairs), Odessa features prominently in both, the likeable ‘villain’s called Ostap Bender. Worth reading if one wants to get a feel for Soviet Russia in the 20s. Frank would enjoy it.

  125. This should not surprise you.

    The barbarian made a number of postings under Nick Cohen piece on ‘Will Russia invade Latvia’ in the Spectator, no indication any of the postings were to be shipped for moderation, they appeared OK, only to be taken down (how quickly Baron doesn’t know, he made the postings yesterday, checked this evening, not one was left).

    Pathetic this.

  126. A modest proposal for the assimilation of muslims in England: Lodovico therapy accompanied by non-stop Elgar. One way tickets out of the country to be on hand for those who are averse to it..

  127. Baron @ 01:13

    Some work on your sense of irony needed over the weekend I think, dear Baron. The Americans don’t do it; but it’s quite the thing in England.


    “Last week we reported on the DC Leaks hack of what was over 2,500 documents detailing how George Soros and his NGOs influence world leaders, drive foreign policy, and help to create unrest in sovereign nations, that many times leads to chaos and civil war.

    One country of particular focus for George Soros and his NGOs is Ukraine….

    …What is even more troubling, as revealed by the DC Leaks hack, is how Soros and his network of “non-profit organisations” worked to lobby EU member states into not only buying his Ukraine “Maidan” narrative, but to also disavow any ties and support for Russia….”

    Time perhaps for the useful idiots in the war party to analyse Mr. Soros from their perspective and to offer an explanation why he and his like should not be locked up forthwith and their myriad NGOs and NPOs unwound and their personnel and assets disbursed among the needy.

    No more states within the state – the state is already handful enough. Let’s try to have one per nation, each of them to implement a civilised agenda.

  129. Malfleur
    August 19th, 2016 – 10:30

    Would the bar in the Strand be Ward’s by any chance? I downed a fair few jars of the black stuff there back in the seventies. One night I was sinking a few with a friend of mine when a fellow on the next table managed to set fire to his copy of the Evening Standard while trying to light a cigarette. Nobody moved to help and he just sat there still trying to read the paper as it turned to ash. I still laugh at the memory.

  130. Declan August 20th, 2016 – 08:44

    Hilarious. Nowadays he would probably be arrested for smoking in a public place, endangering life and attempted arson.

    I fondly remember a time in England when accidents just happened, wolf whistling was not considered a threat to civilisation and the world was not turned upside down to find someone or something to blame. You’d never see the likes of Peter Cook drinking whisky and smoking during a TV interview now. The country was run by placid grown-ups then and not the precious kidult cherubs that fret and fume over us now.

  131. Declan

    No, not Wards, which I have not heard of and which I doubt was established when the 60s opened. It was something like ‘Hennekys’ I think, but did not show when I googled pubs in the Strand. Of course it was an awfully long time ago….

    While googling, I did come across the following link though which is interesting, but far from exhaustive.

  132. Colonel Mustard

    I know what you mean. You are probably familiar with this:

  133. Malfleur August 20th, 2016 – 12:46

    There were several Henekey’s. The original circa 1695 Wine and Spirits Vault is the other side of Holborn but some distance from the Strand. Its cellars stretched under the Gray’s Inn chambers and featured in Barnaby Rudge as a place of refuge during the Gordon Riots.

    But I think you might mean the Lyceum Tavern which in 1961 was aka “Henekey’s In The Strand”?

  134. Colonel Mustard

    The lower wooden facade looks right and it was certainly on the north side of the Strand.


    Arnaud Seassari speaks the Corsican mind on Islamic aggression

  136. so we have the soros leaked data

    all linked to Coudenhove-Kalergi
    common purpose
    the EU
    the UN

    the links between these people needs exposing. it seems like it is unravelling. but lets get this out to the widest audience, please

  137. ITMA!

    A Memorandum from the Unelected, Unaccountable Kingmaker

    “Breakfast with US Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt”, George Soros, discusses Ukraine’s future

    ” We noted in a previous post how important Ukraine was to George Soros, with documents from DC Leaks that show Soros, and his Open Society NGO, scouring the Greek media and political landscape to push the benefits of his Ukraine coup upon a Russian leaning Greek society.

    Now more documents, in the massive 2,500 leaked tranche, show the immense power and control Soros had over Ukraine immediately following the illegal Maidan government overthrow.

    Soros and his NGO executives held detailed and extensive meetings with just about every actor involved in the Maidan coup: from US Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt, to Ukraine’s Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Justice, Health, and Education.

    The only person missing was Victoria Nuland, though we are sure those meeting minutes are waiting to see the light of day….”

  138. As the Shadow Chancellor describes talk of his leaders supporters being Trotskyites, Alexander Boot draws attention to Corbyn’s own position:

    “In 1988 Corbyn was one of the backbench MPs who petitioned Parliament to demand that the Soviets restore his role model’s sterling reputation, writing

    “That this House, in the light of the special conference of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union in one week’s time, and of the judicial rehabilitation of Bukharin, Zinoviev, Kamenev, Radek and Pyatakov, demands that the Russian Government goes further and gives complete rehabilitation to Leon Trotsky…” “

  139. Malfleur
    August 20th, 2016 – 12:46

    I know the Hennekys place you are talking about. My memory tells me that the Wards’ bar I was thinking of was actually in a side street off the Strand. There was also an underground branch at Piccadilly Circus. Honest Guv I’m only here for the stout! It was the sort of place where you would find a bunch of Irishmen hanging around outside with the tongues hanging out waiting for five o’clock. When the place opened there would be a run for the counter and the barman used to say “stout?” “yes” and he would start pouring seven or more stouts and then leaving them to settle before he added the rest of the stuff. While they were settling he would serve the lager drinkers. There was another great bar underneath the arches at Waterloo station where they had a fierce pint of Murphys. There are so many, or were, great bars in London, but another favourite was a place at Teddington Lock which Frank might know. I was in there one night when a gun fell out of someone’s pocket. We all carried on with our jars while trying to work out if the gun belonged to a flying squad fellow or one of the south London gangsters who’d migrated to West London/Middlesex when it got too hot down there. The place was always full of very hefty men in tweed jackets and you couldn’t tell which ones were the Squad and which ones were the gangsters.

  140. Romano Verdi @ 09:36

    For the barbarian, Romano, all those of the Red Phylum were the same differing only on the small print of the enslaving dogma. If it were Leon who prevailed, the course of the land of the Russians (and later of the others) would not have evolved any differently than it had done with the Georgian thug in control.

    The entertainingly unique Peter Hitches has a go, too:

  141. As you well know, a tribunal has recently ruled Peter Sutcliffe could be sent to mainstream prison again, the BBC Radio4 had an hour programme today on the case, many of those chasing him spoke, the three (or is it four) enquiries after his capture were also mentioned. They, the enquiries, concluded the police did many errors, blundered, got sidetracked, basically fugged up the whole thing.

    For what it’s worth, Baron reckons after the event everyone knows what should have been done, which leads followed, what features to focus on. The diversion engendered by the letters, tapes were unfortunate (the guy who faked them was caught, sentenced to eight years in 2005. When asked why he did it, he replied: ‘I was without a job, bored, nothing to do ….’).

    Apart from the unfortunate diversion, the police didn’t do that badly given the enormity of the hunt (thirteen women murdered over 5.5 years), the thousands of leads, tens of thousands of hints from the public, the pressure from the politicians (even Margaret offered to help).

    One listening to the programme felt sorry for the cop who interviewed Sutcliffe, submitted a report recommending he (Sutcliffe) should be grilled properly, was asked to see one of the leaders of the hunt who asked ‘did Sutcliffe have north eastern accent’? When he answered in the negative the top cop said: ‘You mention the name Sutcliffe again you’ll spend the rest of your policing life on the beat’. The poor cop said he still couldn’t sleep well because if he didn’t put his job first three women would be alive today.

    Perhaps Frank could tell us what’s his slicing of the case is?

  142. Many papers today carry the picture the distressed, blood covered five year old boy Omran from Aleppo, all blaming the Russian bombing raids for his plight.

    Had there been a similar picture of Helmut, a German boy pulled from the burning city of Dresden bombed by us, the Americans, the Russians in 1945, would it have been right to blame us, the Americans, the Russians for it?

    Baron humbly suggests the blame would have been put squarely on the Nazis, they started the war, they were the prime villains in the Helmut’s predicament, his suffering, pain. Our bombing of Dresden then as the one in Aleppo today was to finish off the evil that took over the society, whether Syrian or German.

    If the Americans didn’t interfere in Syria since 2011, both directly and through the regional proxies, how likely is it the Russians, or the Assad’s Syrians Air Force would have bombed Aleppo?

  143. Only for the connoisseurs of things Ukrainian:

    The article below comes from an on-line paper that Baron occasionally scans that’s staunchly pro-Ukrainian, deadly against Putin & Russia (see the other headings). It talks about the third Prosecutor General for Ukraine since the February coup in February 2014. It finds that nothing has changed, blames widespread corruption on the coupling of the prosecutor’s office with the Government. The barbarian reckons it goes deeper than that.

    Ukraine has been caught in Catch 22. The Poroshenko’s Block will not allow for the federalisation of Ukraine (a key part of the Minsk Agreement), neither will they agree to new election. They fear they would lose their seats, the wealth they’ve stolen, many may end up in prison. Yet corruption is now so bad now that one has to bribe ambulances to turn up, take one a hospital. Where is Nuland when the country needs her?

  144. Declan – 14:39

    But which side of the skar-vare vas zat?

    RIP Mary Ure (d. 03/04/75)

    Also, RIP Baron Brian Rix who died yesterday. The Whitehall Theatre should fly a pair of trousers at half mast in tribute!

  145. Baron at 15-13 (and Malfleur ;as there is a lot of alleged `Conspiracy`going on here).

    Note the how bright,clean and new this ambulance is.How did it get to be in Aleppo,a city torn by war for five years?

    In the video we can see how the child was plonked on the seat with no attempt to help or comfort him.

    The blood over one eye and the dirt over the other is neatly arranged.

    Where is this place?Is it in an area controlled by the al-Nasra Front?

    Are the Russians right in claiming irregular forces are rocketing the area?

    What of the `White Helmets` Are they an agit-prop unit of al-Nasra?

    Large amounts of funds are being raised for the `White Helmets`by a fund set up by the widower of Jo Cox MP,who claims it was one of her favourite charities (along with Tell-MAMA).

    I do not know the answers.There are web-sites addressing these issues which I have to look-up.

  146. Baron@August 21st, 2016 – 15:13

    its a fake. taken by the same bloke who has published beheading photos. ISIS stunt.

  147. Radford NG@August 21st, 2016 – 17:04 has some discussion and links to tweets. look at stuff friday and yesterday.

  148. There is a site that seems reasonably sane.It is a Canadian English/French language group from Montreal. They say this on the above item.

  149. Two more items from Global Research (the Canadian Group referred to above) on the `boy `in Aleppo.

  150. From a year ago Global Research reported on ;
    `White Helmets`: New Breed of Mercenaries and Propagandists,Disguised as `Humanitarians` in Syria.

  151. Radford NG above

    £5 says Soros dirty fingers are in there somewhere.

  152. Mine at 18-30

    Probably at

  153. Anyone has any idea what’s stopping the rant below from avoiding the guard dogs at the Spectator, please?

    When cumryd Jeremy got hoisted to the Labour leadership virtually every pundit gave him few weeks at best, not Baron. The immediate future may be shaping up even more in his favour.

    Economic growth in the three key world demand areas is stagnating, unlikely to accelerate soon, more importantly, the increases in living standards in Europe and the Republic have been rather anaemic, employment may be up, real wages aren’t, haven’t moved for decades (this really underpins the race riots, support for Donald).

    Russia’s no longer communist (whatever the neocons would have one to believe), the young generation cum the middle aged can no longer see the pain, misery, impoverishment the creed can engender at first hand, reading a book or two on the subject isn’t the same. Many are getting seduced by the agitprop of the loony Left re-dusted ideas of the post war past.

    All that needs to happen here is for TM to fudge the de-coupling from Europe for the unwashed to turn to the alternative, it feels it’s unlikely to be UKIP – and the cumryd is half way to number 10.

    Sadiq’s endorsement could well turn out to be a very smart move.

  154. Radford & Alexsandr:

    This is new to the barbarian. How sure are you?

    In the Russian media the subject is more the humanitarian help, apparently the young men who receive it are either the fighters masquerading as civilians, or the recipients could keep the help only if they promise to join the ranks of the ISIL fighters. Not one of those receiving the help escapes, their wives and kids are kept as hostages, threatened with rape, executions.

    Another issue is that of American boots on the ground near Aleppo, in Syria anywhere. Again, according to the eastern press the Americans warned the Russians not to bomb their men, but will not tell them where they are.

    As if there wasn’t enough confusion already, the Americans are allegedly talking to Assad, pressing him to drop the Russians, the Turks are secretly negotiating with the Russians, promising them the use of the Incirlik air base.

    Madness, the lot, one truly doesn’t know what and whom to believe.

  155. Radford NG @ 17:42

    Baron clicked on the link, Radford, only a blank screen appeared. Is it the right url?

  156. Radford NG @ 18:30

    The same here, Radford, ‘not found’.

  157. Two pieces of news that are bound to cheer one up:

    According to Breitbart, the Germans Government will ask people to stockpile food and water for 5-10 days in case there’s an emergency.

    The other piece of news is even more cheerful:

  158. Baron at 20-00.

    Mine at 18-30 (White Helmets) should be:

  159. Thanks, Radford, here’s another clip about White Helmets:

  160. Today, in Prague (it’s the anniversary of the Warsaw Pact invasion in 1968), a group of men, all dressed as jihadists, one on a camel, others in Jeeps, waving black ISIS flags, equipped with toy AK-47 invaded one of the city squares, shooting blanks into the air, shouted Allah Akbar. The square was full of tourists who were fleeing, some hiding in nearby restaurant kitchens, toilets, cellars, women crying.

    It was a stunt, the police were told beforehand, gave permission, but are now under investigation, nobody’d sure whether an offence was committed or not. The guy who organised the fake ‘atrocity’ is pleased, he got detained, then released.

    Madness everywhere.

  161. One point the barbarian omitted to mention on the above: The fake jihadists were just about to ‘behead’ a lookalike of the Czech President when the police, called by many onlookers, arrived, interfered in the fake atrocity, rounded them all up.

  162. “The frenzy to bury Trump is not limited to the Clinton campaign and the Obama White House. They are working hand-in-hand with what was considered the cream of the nation’s news organizations.

    The shameful display of naked partisanship by the elite media is unlike anything seen in modern America….”

  163. Baron @ 22:23

    Good for the police, though a risky permit to issue. But will nothing wake up the West’s political class and the people? Time to arrest the Sorosastrians and to move the politicians out of the way!

    By the way where does a chap get a camel in Prague?

  164. Declan

    A couple of years on in the 60s, you used to be able to get draught Guinness in Bristol from a pub along the cobbled street that runs outside the Old Vic theatre. Up in Clifton, at the Coronation Tap, you could order a ‘Black Velvet’ on special occasions which I think was Guinness and cider – but that doesn’t sound right and I remember it as Guinness and champagne, but that could only be true in the dreams of a young man grown old.

  165. No camels here, alas!

    ” A suicide bomber aged between 12 and 14 carried out the attack on a wedding party in the Turkish city of Gaziantep on Saturday that killed at least 51 people, the president said.

    The attack was the deadliest in a series of bombings in Turkey this year, and President Tayyip Erdogan said Islamic State was likely behind it…

    …He said 69 people were in hospital and 17 were “heavily injured”. ”

    (h/t Drudge Report – as also the New York Post article on the media above)

  166. Hobson’s Choice – Was Alexander Boot on the right track?

    Njegos 2 hours ago
    It’s worse than that.
    I have extremely reliable 7th-hand information that Paul Manafort is none other than the long-standing Russian sleeper agent known as “Psycho”. Manafort’s extensive links to Russian military intelligence were passed to me by the anonymous ex-sister-in-law of a now deceased Aidar Battalion fighter who witnessed Manafort gleefully frogmarch a group of ailing babushkas from an unspecified Donbass hospital ward straight into a make-shift dungeon where he personally lined them up and finished each of them off with a single bullet to the base of the skull as Trump and his cohorts stood around laughing, drinking champagne and taking selfies. It is understood that one of the babushkas had recognized Manafort from an old photo of him in uniform saluting Soviet missiles at a Moscow May Day parade. The ex-sister-in-law also claims she is in possession of recordings of secret conversations between Trump and Putin in which Putin offers Trump a 99-year tax-free concession for a string of golf courses and casinos all along a re-Russified Baltic coastline in return for Trump sabotaging NATO early warning systems all over Europe. ‘

  167. Malfleur @ 22:37

    No idea where they got the camel, Malfleur, from the zoo probably.

    The whole idea stinks, the Czechs can carry small arms for personal protection, what if someone who did, didn’t get the joke, started firing real bullets?

    The same guy is planning another stunt when the Mutti visits in few days, doesn’t want to tell the police what he has in mind. He is a former MP, deadly against Islam.

    The Turkey’s wedding blast is frightening, apparently, it was a child who carried it out.

  168. Germans to be Told to Stockpile Food and Water.

    Below is is a link to a piece on Zero Hedge more interesting than the one above from Yahoo because of the comments, such as:

    SomebodySpecial BetaGap Aug 21, 2016 4:30 PM
    Ten days of food but only five days of water? Hopefully that food isn’t dehydrated!

    Oh…what’s to worry. The gvmnt will have everything back to normal in less than 5…count on it!

    Any views on this from SHARIA MAY, our stop-gap Prime Minister?

  169. Baron @ 23:49

    You have a serious point, Baron. But what do you propose as an alternative to rouse the people from their passivity, a firm letter to The Times perhaps?

  170. My own preferred first step would be to arrest George Soros, Peter Suther, Mark Carney, Angela Merkel et alios and try them for treason and sedition et alia. As we have seen with the Clinton/Comey fiasco and the Department of Justice in the USA however, we have a serious quis-custodiet problem in the West.

  171. Peter Sutherland – sorry

    [“George Soros’ Open Society Foundation admits influence and incredibly close links with UN migration representative and former Goldman Sachs executive Peter Sutherland in leaked document. ”

  172. UNEXIT!

    “Maybe we’ll just have to decide to separate from the United Nations. If you are that insulting, we should just leave. Take us out of your organization. You have done nothing anyway. When were you here last time? Nothing. Never. Except to criticize,” he told the Davao City audience.

    Something else for SHARIA MAY to consider for her Autumn agenda – and none of this 2019 bullshit on Brexit either!

    UNEXIT now! Get your arse back from holiday and BREXIT now!

    P.S. and please review the Swiss right (duty) to bear arms while you are still there.

  173. Baron 1933
    I posted it attributing it to you minus the “porn”

  174. Baron
    August 21st, 2016 – 14:40
    Re Romano Verdi @ 09:36

    I love your link, particularly this:

    “And so the real revolution in the Labour party, which most of Fleet Street has never understood, was inflicted not by Trotskyists, but by the legions of the dull — Eurocommunists who realised Bolshevism was obsolete, quietly captured think tanks and policy committees, and used the apolitical figure of Tony Blair as the front for a Gramscian cultural, constitutional, educational and sexual revolution, whose greatest triumph was to capture the Tory party as well as the Labour party.”

    Interestingly they are all Trots:

    “Even in our own party (though to a much lesser degree) there is a tendency against letting the mind roam free. In this I can’t help feeling the continual assertion of Marxism with Socialism is in part to blame. Like many middle class people I came to Socialism through Marxism (to be more specific through Deutscher’s biography of Trotsky). ”

  175. Malfleur 0035

    The UN was founded by Communists and CFR members whose common goal was a socialist world government.
    Sixteen key U.S. officials who shaped the
    policies leading to the creation of the UN were later exposed in sworn
    testimony as secret Communists. These included Alger Hiss, chief planner of
    the 1945 founding conference, and the Assistant Secretary of the Treasury,
    Harry Dexter White. The Soviet Union under Stalin and the entire Communist
    Party USA apparatus worked tirelessly to launch the UN. Since its beginning
    in 1921, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) has always worked for world
    government. The key CFR founder, Edward Mandell House, in his book, Philip
    Dru: Administrator, called for “Socialism as dreamed of by Karl Marx …”
    The CFR was an early promoter of the UN, and 43 members of the U.S.
    delegation at the UN founding conference were or would become CFR members.

  176. Romano Verdi @ 05:45

    You’re a star, Romano, thanks, it should have hit the poorly educated Slav that ‘cum’ may be it. What a stupid filtering, ha?

  177. Out of curiosity I started to read Tony Blair’s letter to Michael Foot that was mentioned in the 05:49 post.

    When I got to the fifth paragraph I read this –

    “My opponent at Beaconsfield, in his speech of thanks to the Returning Officer quoted some lines of Disraeli. What was remarkable was that the Tory supporters present were completely disinterested in it. Not a cheer or a shout.”


    In the 6th paragraph I saw this –

    “…. I can’t help feeling the continual assertion of Marxism with Socialism is in part to blame.”


    And further down I read this –

    “Democracy isn’t just about the right to express your views, but the right also to have them listened to.”

    That irritated me even more than the two malapropisms I’ve mentioned. A right to express your views is one thing but does not “the right also to have them listened to” amount, in effect, to imposing a duty on others to listen to your opinions whether they want to or not? In other words we all have a duty to submit to having the Establishment’s “correct” opinions forced down our throats?

    Sadly, the media and the BBC have reached the point where for all practical purposes we have no choice in the matter. So far as the BBC is concerned we are also required by law to pay for being brainwashed.

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