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  1. Colonel Mustard 12th, 2017 – 10:24

    “…old Marxists are always the most dangerous, especially whenever they hold power. If they haven’t grown out of the nonsense they become its most vindictive enforcers…”
    Vide the Soviet propaganda film “Lenin in 1918” 30.00 minutes in.

  2. Colonel Mustard 12th, 2017 – 10:24

    “…old Marxists are always the most dangerous, especially whenever they hold power. If they haven’t grown out of the nonsense they become its most vindictive enforcers…”
    Vide the Soviet propaganda film “Lenin in 1918” 30.00 minutes in.

  3. Personally I’d be “delighted” if Cressida Dick were to be investigated for corporate manslaughter regarding the death of an innocent Brazilian during a bungled police operation for which she was responsible.

    It is astonishing that she has been allowed to get away with making such a partisan and unpleasant public statement about a man who was once stitched up by her predecessors in cahoots with New Labour. I have little time for Damien Green and his record of immigration failure but even less time for the token appointee “leading” the Met “beyond authority” just because she ticks two lefty credentials boxes.

    Time the useless Amber Rudd worried less about what ordinary people might be saying on social media and more about the fact that her supposedly impartial public servants are using it to play politics.

  4. Not new but true nonetheless: Viktor Orban from 30 March:

    “Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban confirmed his credentials as an anti-migration and Islamophobic leader by warning European People’ s Party delegates meeting in Malta that the EU should defend itself from a looming “invasion of Muslim migration.”
    Stepping up his anti-migration rhetoric, Orban said migration turned out to to be the Trojan horse of terrorism, a short-term solution to labour shortages and a business for NGOs.
    Calling for reception centres for asylum seekers to be set up in Libya, Orban said EU countries should take Hungary’s example and defend borders by putting up walls.
    Orban who is often accused of steering Hungary away from democratic norms said “borders can be fully controlled and don’t believe anyone who says this is impossible. We defend thousands of kilometres of the European border without any contribution from the EU. We are the living proof that defence is possible, this is real solidarity.”
    In recent months, Hungary has faced intense criticism after erecting a razor wire fence on its border with Serbia to prevent refugees entering the country. Defending the move, Orban claimed he was simply upholding EU rules that meant refugees must claim asylum in the first country they set foot in.
    Addressing the EPP delegates in Malta on Thursday, Orban said “tomorrow is casting a shadow on today” and warned that the EU must change to safeguard its competitiveness, family values and Christianity. Orban added “we are the popular party, we should not be afraid of being called populists.”
    Popular parties, Orban said, should not succumb to ideological pressures from the left and accused European socialists of wanting to let in millions of migrants, remove subsidiary and increase taxes.
    Describing Hungary as Europe’s gateway to the East, Orban called for a shift in EU foreign policy and blamed European and US interventionism in North Africa and the Middle East for the instability in the regions.
    “We need to reform the foreign policy of the EU and speak frankly even if this is painful. We are making huge mistakes and our failed policies have led to destabilisation of North Africa and the Middle East”


    You may not be able to find SNAKE OIL here, but these are some of the articles that are available free:

    EU Army: Five Countries Refused to Sign On to France and Germany’s ‘Defense Force’

    German Populist Party AfD Calls For Repatriation of Syrian Refugees

    Two Stabbed As Women In Burqas Take Over Mall Of America

    Every Democrat Presidential Candidate In Last 25 Years Had Pedophile Ties

    Sessions Sets Crosshairs On The Clinton Foundation

    AG Sessions Mulls Possibility of Investigating Uranium One-Clinton Connection

    Sweden Declares Milk to be a Racist Hate Symbol

    Farage: George Soros is responsible for the real election meddling collusion.

    London Cabbies to Receive Terror Attack Training


    Some of your sources are fake; some are not – don’t rely on others – make your own decision:

  6. “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!”

    Isiah 5:20

    Most lefties in Britain, Europe and the USA.

  7. And in the New Testament

    Jesus said unto him, If thou wilt be perfect, go sell that thou hast, and give to the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven.

    Matthew 19:21

  8. Re: Jam tomorrow

    Stefan Molyneaux with an interesting short (only 13mins) on pensions.


  9. Let’s not be lectured about charity by presumptuous, boastful, virtue-signalling lefty hypocrites and sociopaths who delude themselves that they have a monopoly on compassion but who don’t have an honest bone in their bodies, pretend to be all sorts of people who they are not and prefer to spend other peoples money by extracting it from them by legalised menaces.

    “Whoever claims to love God yet hates a (conservative) brother or sister is a liar. For whoever does not love their (conservative) brother and sister, whom they have seen, cannot love God, whom they have not seen.”

    With apologies to John 4:20

    “If anyone thinks they are something when they are not, (even David Lindsay), they deceive themselves.”

    With apologies to Galatians 6:3

    “Be careful not to practice your righteousness in front of others to be seen by them. If you do, you will have no reward from your Father in heaven.”

    Matthew 6:1

    “Woe to you, teachers of Marx and lefties, you hypocrites! You are like whitewashed tombs, which look beautiful on the outside but on the inside are full of the bones of the dead and everything unclean. In the same way, on the outside you appear to people as righteous but on the inside you are full of hypocrisy and wickedness.”

    With apologies to Matthew 23:27-28

    “You, therefore, have no excuse, you who pass judgment on someone else, for at whatever point you judge another, you are condemning yourself, because you who pass judgment do the same things. So when you, a mere human being, pass judgment on them and yet do the same things, do you think you will escape God’s judgment?”

    Romans 2:1-5

  10. A new expression has come out of France . It is `Islamo-Gauchistes`. You will be able to work-out what/who is applies to.

  11. 500 amendments eh? The spectacle in the Commons is disgusting in the way those supposed representatives of the people are busy trying to derail the will of the people any way they can. They respect the result of the referendum . . . but.

    You want “certainty” strident, sanctimonious Labour woman MP? There is no certainty in the future. Nothing is ever certain except death and taxes. As your feminist friends are so keen on saying – deal with it!

    And Clarke? You shambolic, spluttering Europhile. You are a disgrace and should get you gone. 17 million people rejected your Eurotopia last year and you dare stand up in the “Commons” and defiantly pontificate about the past decades of Tory Europhilia? If May had any gumption she would withdraw the whip from you and send you packing in your hush puppies. You were one of the Three Euro Stooges who slithered off to make mischief with Barnier.

    Then Grieve, that Chamberlain look alike, Labour placeman Starmer’s protector, who has as much ability to recognise the enemies of his country and party as he has to tell his arse from his elbow. Standing up like a pompous QC in court rather than as a humble representative of the people – the people who voted to LEAVE the EU. Get you gone too, Grieve, you expensive waste of space, you reminder of the Philby, Burgess and Maclean set.

  12. Colonel Mustard (23:10)

    Just about sums up Today in Parliament. Wallsters – FFS disseminate that one widely make sure it reaches your MP!

    I can just hear someone reading it aloud in the Palace of Varieties bar.

  13. Fuck politics. Have a break! Let’s dance ….

    Let it roll – a You Tube continuum….

  14. Colonel Mustard @ November 14th, 2017 – 23:10

    Top mark plus, Colonel, they are a bunch of clowns, but dangerous ones at that. If they fugg up Brexit, they can expect to get buried when the next count comes, and serves them right.

    (Regretfully, the country will get buried, too, if the cumryd takes over).

  15. EC @ November 14th, 2017 – 20:11

    It has been always a disaster waiting to happen, state pensions are not funded but paid from taxation. As the number of people in the non-productive i.e. non-private sector increases (state employees, those on welfare, immigrants) the need for the private sector to feed the Treasury coffers with more money increases, too. Sooner or later the dichotomy between the demand for money and the inability of the private sector to furnish it must come to an end.

  16. Migration report builds pressure for new housing

    Migration Watch chief Lord Green said: ‘We have a major crisis over housing affecting huge numbers of people, especially the young. 
    ‘Yet the focus of debate is still on supply; nobody dares talk about demand and its principle driver, immigration.
    ‘Our paper breaks new ground in pointing to this central, if uncomfortable, truth.’
    Well, I’m shocked, who could have predicted that all these immigrants would need somewhere to live.

  17. John birch. November 15th, 2017 – 06:20

    “Mr Javid’s Department for Communities and Local Government says that in the 25 years between 2014 and 2039 there will need to be homes for 210,000 new households a year. Of these, it says 77,000, will be a result of immigration.”

    210,000 “households” is far more than the population of Nottingham at an average of 2.58 people per household = 541,800. But we know that immigrant household occupation is usually higher than that. Over half a million people every year? So they are going to continue to allow immigration at its current unsustainable rate, ignoring the wishes of the people that immigration be reduced.

    The dangerous idiots in government are destroying this country with over population and their attention is drawn once more to the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and the disgraceful fact that the British government refused to accept the identity of an indigenous English people, a people who are not collectively represented in the UK Parliament and who have no Parliament or Assembly of their own.

    Article 8

    1. Indigenous peoples and individuals have the right not to be subjected to forced assimilation or destruction of their culture.

    2. States shall provide effective mechanisms for prevention of, and redress for:

    (a) Any action which has the aim or effect of depriving them of their integrity as distinct peoples, or of their cultural values or ethnic identities;
    (b) Any action which has the aim or effect of dispossessing them of their lands, territories or resources;
    (c) Any form of forced population transfer which has the aim or effect of violating or undermining any of their rights;
    (d) Any form of forced assimilation or integration;
    (e) Any form of propaganda designed to promote or incite racial or ethnic discrimination directed against them.

    The British government’s policy of imposed and enforced multi-culturalism, declared a failure by Cameron in 2010, and the insane policy of allowing relentless mass immigration are in contravention of the UN declaration.

  18. @Colonel Mustard 14th, 20:53

    Bravo, Colonel!


    Did he say anything to you about King Charles the First, child?’ ‘Yes, aunt.’ ‘Ah!’ said my aunt, rubbing her nose as if she were a little vexed. ‘That’s his allegorical way of expressing it. He connects his illness with great disturbance and agitation, naturally, and that’s the figure, or the simile, or whatever it’s called, which he chooses to use.’ ”

    Max Boot’s King Donald’s Head – or, to paraphrase a Chinese saying, one headline saves the bother of reading a thousand words:

    Trump’s Worst Trip Ever. Until His Next One.
    A look back at the American president’s rollercoaster ride through Asia.
    Foreign Policy | Posted on November 14, 2017

    Read more…
    Roy Moore response shows GOP deserves to die
    This is the sorry culmination of two trends that have disfigured the conservative movement: contempt for the facts and desire to win at all costs.
    USA Today | Posted on November 10, 2017

    Read more…
    Trump adds the Saudi crown prince to his list of favorite autocrats

    Los Angeles Times | Posted on November 8, 2017

    Read more…
    America Will Survive Trump, but It Won’t Ever Be the Same
    One year after his election, the president has done more, and less, damage than feared.
    Foreign Policy | Posted on November 8, 2017

    Read more…
    Donald Trump’s Biggest Disinformation Campaign Yet
    The Russia collusion scandal is closing in on America’s commander-in-chief of fake news.
    Foreign Policy | Posted on October 31, 2017

    Read more…
    You bet there’s collusion: And other reasons Donald Trump should be nervous after Robert Mueller’s indictments

    New York Daily News | Posted on October 30, 2017

    Read more…
    On Trump, GOP hasn’t learned Churchill’s lesson: War is preferable to appeasement
    Republican genuflection to Trump is infuriating. It’s not like they’re risking a trip to a concentration camp or the outbreak of a world war.
    USA Today | Posted on October 26, 2017

    Read more…
    Trump Is Tarnishing the Military Brass
    The president’s “generals” are serving the country at the expense of the reputation of its armed forces.
    Foreign Policy | Posted on October 23, 2017

    Read more…
    Republicans Have Stockholm Syndrome and It’s Getting Worse
    The GOP has stopped resisting President Trump and started accelerating his race to the bottom.
    Foreign Policy | Posted on October 19, 2017

    Read more…
    Trump’s ‘I alone’ approach jeopardizes U.S. security and prosperity

    | Posted on October 18, 2017

    etcetera, etcetera, etcetera ad nauseam

  20. Baron – 01:27

    Yes, I know that, but it’s not just the state “old age” pension is it?

    What about all the generous local government, government agency/quango and other publicly funded sinecures? These are gold standard pensions far often far more generous than is afforded by the private sector. The problem is particularly acute in Germany, where they have been ignoring the problem for the last 40 years.

    Any further slide in the wealth creating private sector employment is only going the make matters worse, hasten the end! The parasitic weasels in Westminster and Brussels are not creators of wealth, they are wealth destroyers.
    try writing to your local council and demand to know what percentage of the annual council tax rise is going to fund pensions, and also what percentage of the total bill is funding pensions. I bet you won’t get a straight answer, if any at all.

    Given that most people “employed” in the public services are unemployable elsewhere then their pensions should reflect this. i.e. they shouldn’t be getting more than someone on unemployment benefit – which is too much anyway.
    VOTE FOR ME! eh, what 🙂

    Having gone native, and being one of the awkward squad, you should write to your local council and demand to know what percentage of the annual council tax rise is going to fund pensions, and also what percentage of the total bill is funding pensions. I bet you won’t get a straight answer, if any at all.

    NB. ###The following is ONLY IN JEST, Baron.###

    Questions arising are…
    How many state pensions are you claiming to fund your lavish lifestyle, Baron?
    i.e. Does the ownership of your shed with the leaky roof back in old Czecho qualify you for one there? More critically, how much is topped up by Vlad? 🙂

  21. Veterans of the Speccie CoffeeHouse in the halcyon days of Pete Hoskin, before the left wing censors got to work, will no doubt remember the hapless foreign affairs blogger Daniel Krapski. He was the inspiration for not only Vulture’s Law, but some of Andy Carpark’s, and others, most withering critiques. His attempts to get critical comments removed fell on deaf ears. Those were the days!

    Also fans of Desperate Dan will remember that before being adviser to Cameron, he was adviser to Baroness(my arse!) Ashton the former High Priestess of EU mountebank relations.

  22. The barbarian wakes up this morning, switches on the radio, the first piece of news that cuddles his eardrums is the result of the Australian referendum on gay marriage.

    O what a joy, finally, gays can also marry down under, another nail in the coffin of the barbaric past, a step forward to an even more enlightened future. Which country’s next? Russia? Hmmmm

  23. John birch. @ November 15th, 2017 – 11:31

    Well articulated, John, not at all different from our argument.

  24. EC @ November 15th, 2017 – 11:22

    Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy, EC, he may finally depart to his mother country.

  25. EC @ November 15th, 2017 – 10:39

    The State pension’s nothing, EC, pocket money compared to the largess e bestowed upon the poorly educated Slav by the Kremlin boss, and not just in cash, in kind, too.

    Take today’s breakfast – a large chunk of Polish butter OSELKA that won top prize amongst European butter makers, a couple of large flutes of Moet & Chandon Dom Perignon Charles & Diana 1961 (quite pricey this), and 7 times 7 times 7 grains of Iranian Almas (surprising isn’t it that the barbarian indulges in Iranian caviar, but it’s better than the royal Beluga from Russia).

    Envious, are you?

  26. Whilst the Australians are rejoicing, dancing in the streets, some perhaps imbibing the fruits of gay sex, here, a backward teacher abuses a mildly confused child, but is put in his place by the vigilant defenders of diversity cum equality:

  27. Baron – 12:37

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  28. Malfleur @ November 15th, 2017 – 09:52

    Are we missing something, Malfleur, or more preciously, is Baron missing something?

    Imagine if it were the Donald who flogged a fifth of the US uranium deposits to the Russians, got the alleged $155mn for one of his wife charities. The man would have swung by now.

    Why TF is nobody interested in the uranium story? It shouts so loudly ‘look at me’ one can get deaf, it’s linking to Russia is beyond any doubt, the sum of money isn;t questioned by anyone. Yet nobody, not even the garden gnome Sessions seems to be noticing any of it.

  29. Colonel Mustard @ November 15th, 2017 – 09:23

    Excellent point, Colonel, but you have assumed, rather naively, the article 8 covers all indigenous peoples and individuals, a grave error that on your part. White indigenous peoples and individuals are included in theory, excluded in practice.

    That’s the danger of relying on written parchments. The Stalin’s Constitution of 1937 made many an intellectual of the West salivate, one couldn’t fail to admire the rights it granted the burghers of the Soviet Union, the country of the Georgian thug was a dreamland if one took the document at its face value. On paper yes, in real life just the opposite.

    The article 8 falls under the same heading. It’s another signal of virtue, everyone’s happy because it’s ‘enshrined’ on a piece of paper, the execution of it is a different matter, the politicians are cunningly articulate enough to explain it to the tolerant, pliable, easily brainwashed electorate.

  30. Wouldn’t think any of this lot or their mates were responsible for the long melford co-op atm attack would you Baron.

  31. I’ve posted this before but in view of the Aussie vote I’ll ask the question again.who decides what perversions are good or bad perversions.
    God made me a homosexual = your very lucky .enjoy your life.
    God made me a paedophile.= bit of bad luck there. Things are not going your way.
    God needs to explain himself for his actions.

  32. God, Faith and Reason by Michael Savage

    A good show by Alex on Tuesday, but you’ll have to look through it to find the interview with Savage. He is warning about the risk of new concentration camps – for us! God is not dead he says, man is dead for God. Theresa May is still banning this man from our country as her predecessor from the other wing of her party (Labour) did before her.

  33. Baron November 15th, 2017 – 13:08

    I know that, hence my comment about the UK government. That was my point. That the UK government do not consider the English to be an indigenous people which they think justifies them in contravening the Declaration and imposing policies which will do exactly those things supposedly outlawed by it.

    But I’ll throw it in their smug, arrogant faces whenever I can.

  34. Colonel Mustard @ November 15th, 2017 – 14:21

    The barbarian knows it, too, Colonel, it was just a hook for him to say the rest, sorry.

  35. John birch. @ November 15th, 2017 – 13:18

    Who can tell, John, it’s possible that if Rocky Buckley is out (he should be), reformed (as well as recuperated) he may be the one who masterminded the heist, quite a daring one, but then with half a dozen policemen in East Anglia anyone with a big hammer and some muscle could have had a go.

  36. The World at One on BBC Radio4, one of the items debated at length is the coup in Zimbabwe, a pundit is speculating on the possible changes, talks seriously about new economic approach, possible planning changes, the role of the Chinese and stuff.

    Not once does anyone mentions that it’s essentially one thug replacing another, the platitudes about the economy, the plight of the people, the lawlessness of the elites is just a noise, something to camouflage the yoke of the new leadership of the country.

    If you think it’s a cynical slicing of things there, just wait a year or two, you’ll see.

  37. John birch. @ November 15th, 2017 – 13:29

    That’s one way to look at it, John, the barbarian cuts it marginally differently.

    Not many, but some of us are born attracted to the same sex, that cannot be helped, it’s Nature. What can be helped is whether or not to invite such individuals, around 3 out of each hundred, to some of the institutions of the heterosexuals, endow them with the same privileges, even rights as the other 97 heterosexuals have.

    Marriage, in Baron’s humble view, was an institution that has aided reproduction since it was thought of, it’s not an institution cementing love. Marriage has FA to do with love. One can be married without love, have children even though it helps to have deep feelings for the one one marries (for one obvious reason, it cements the relationship better, good for the kids).

    Gays cannot contribute to reproduction in any meaningful way, to allow hem to adopt is an even greater distortion of the laws of Nature than gay marriages, most of us are heterosexuals, it’s very likely that kids brought up by gays will be of heterosexual orientation, too. What if the grown-up kids dislike the fact their parents are John and Jim? Even if they don’t, wouldn’t they be torn between the love and affection for the parents on one side, and the pressure from the society on the other? The pressure’s still there, the near 40% of the Aussies voting ‘no’.

    What puzzles on the Australian result is the massive majority in favour. Why?

  38. Agree with everything you say Baron,
    My point is that gays always made the point that god made them that way. And now we have gay pride marchers to celebrate it.
    It seems to be the only deviancy to latch on to gods involvement.
    Perhaps instead of a moment of madness on Hampstead Heath it could have been a prayer meeting.

  39. Baron November 15th, 2017 – 14:58

    “What puzzles on the Australian result is the massive majority in favour. Why?”

    It was postal voting, which always seems to favour the “progressive” causes. They always feel justified in securing their preferred outcome by any means. They orchestrate campaigns whilst non-lefties just get on with life.

    The reason they prevail in England where they are a minority is because they are activists and agitators where the conservatives are not. It;s been a kind of left wing coup.

  40. Regarding Clarke & his manic obsession with the EU, his treachery and toadery have only ever been surpassed by Heselswine and “Dead sheep” Howe.

  41. Worth a reprise, and plenty of them…

    Andrew Klavan with The Revolting Truth.

    “The Magic Box of Leftism”

    Income Reditribution

  42. “Make the world better! Make the world better!” (squealed with childish leftist voice).

    But they have made it far worse.

  43. What’s the skinny with Mugabe? I’ve been busy and away from the box and gizmos. Is it a coup or not? The meeja seem reluctant to tell us.

  44. And to think we fretted over Burgess’s Clockwork Orange: old hat now:

    Wonder what he would craft from today’s dystopia. Droogs with drones?!

  45. All this talk of Russian ‘bots’ on social media. WTF? Every Guardian article, op ed, every piece of shit that is defecated from that ‘bot’ is unadulterated agitprop; likewise with the BBC and almost every other element of the MSM and they are oncerned about trolls on twitter and facebook (whatever they may be). Who is kidding who here?

    Comintern has been at it since when? Gimme a date someone. Was it before or after Adam & Eve?

    Incidentally, back to my (20:27) … which of the Great Powers is likely to win the AI race given the current educational prospects?

  46. Frank P – 20:44

    “The French TV regulator, the CSA, said it had received several hundred complaints over the weekend about Lagerfeld’s comment, and was looking at the programme.’

    The frogs are a more than a bit touchy about their past as les collaborateurs dontcha know 🙂

    Mark’s perspicaciously prescient piece from 1999 outstrips all his latter day rivals in the “I told you so” department. Beware of imitations!

  47. It seems a donation of three quid will solve any problem, so why don’t we have a campaign for a decent conservative government.
    Just three pounds will deliver you a good honest conservative government.

  48. @21:53 actually references Frank P @19:53

    PS. Good riddance to “Uncle Bob” the Marxist. Much as the BBC would like it to be a gentlemanly, bloodless coup d’état , it won’t be!

  49. Actually, the barbarian is warming up to this new obsession of everyone being free to determine his or her (or anything in between) gender, race, even species. He hasn’t yet decided what he feels he is, but give him time he’ll come up with something.

  50. Frank P @ November 15th, 2017 – 20:44

    The MSM lapdogs are but the second tier of the dis-information brigade operated by the Deep State, Frank, the top layer itself, run by the 17 secret services, is so massive (and probably productive, what else would the thousands operatives be doing?) that it wouldn’t surprise they hack each other.

    But they’re all at it, the Russians, the Israelis, the Americans you name it, and good on them, the more each side knows about the others the better. One wants to avoid discovering something the other side may be up to when that ‘up to’ is ready to be deployed, that’s where the risk of pushing the nuking button lies.

  51. EC @ November 15th, 2017 – 22:03

    Apparently, EC, Bob has to go often for treatments to Singapore. If the new ‘leader’ calls a halt to these visits Bob won’t last long.

  52. Radio 3’s month long obsession with the Russian Revolution is getting very tedious. It is a thinly veiled “celebration” of communism contrived to say the words “Marx”, “Lenin” and “revolution” as many times and with as much misplaced BBC reverence as possible, headlined as a century of Russian culture under the ridiculous soundbite “Breaking Free”.

    “Free” as in their ghastly leftist mouthpiece “Free Thinking” programme which pulled out all the stops the night before last. And ironic. The Russian people have never broken free. They had the Tsar. Then they had the communists. And now they have Putin.

  53. A brilliant summing up.
    One tiny change.
    “They had the Tsar. After an all too brief period of freedom, now they have Putin.”

  54. Baron
    November 15th- 12:50


    My efforts to understand the situation lead me to believe that on the one hand stay-behind globalist placemen in the administration and Congress working with a majority of the MSM have the ability largely to stifle any airing of the treason involved.

    On the other hand, President Trump and Robert Mueller, and others, together with U.S. military intelligence have been aware of the Uranium One treason from its inception and are working a sting on Hillary & Co which involved a feint during the presidential election campaign to lead the globalist camp to think that they could use the perceived enthusiasm of Mr. Trump for Vladimir Putin to saddle the American president with charges of working with the Russians. Mueller instead will have been working to produce the sealed indictments of numerous leaders of the treason faction which will see them jailed and the globalist deep state smashed and dismantled.

    The quiet before the storm….

  55. Baron
    November 16th – 01:16

    The Zimbabwean people should not stand in the way of Bob travelling to Singapore for medical treatment and, for fear of them finding something worse, should have him always keep a-hold of nurse.

  56. EC (21:53)

    I’m slowing down – help me out me old china – Steyn’s 1999 piece? Where was that referenced?

  57. It was mentioned just underneath the bit about Bob in Mark’s article…

    He predicted the recent Detroit “Keystone Cops” incident 17 years before it happened!

    While I’m cut’n’pasting, here’s something I mentioned en passant during Al Gore’s campaign to “streamline” government two decades ago. From The American Spectator in 1999:

    When Vice President Gore suggested amalgamating these warring, inefficient, acronymic agencies into one slimmed-down ultra-efficient DEATFBI, the president ruled against it on the grounds that it would send ( all together now ) the “wrong signal”: having lots of agencies, no matter how useless, sends the right signal. So, across the country, undercover DEA agents are staking out undercover FBI agents who are selling drugs to undercover DEA agents who are staking out undercover ATF agents.

    I thought of that line when I read this story:

    The encounter started when two special operations officers from the department’s 12th Precinct were working on a drug bust on Andover, a notoriously drug-heavy area of the city.

    The officers were pretending to be dealing narcotics in hopes that eager customers would approach before being arrested and having their vehicles seized.

    But problems started when another group of undercover special operations officers from the 11th Precinct approached, posing as buyers.

    So a group of undercover officers pretending to be drug dealers confronts another group of undercover officers pretending to be drug buyers, at which point they all start brawling with each other: “No, I’m staking you out!” “Screw you. I was staking you out first,” etc.

  58. @Colonel Mustard 16th, 08:30

    “They had the Tsar. Then they had the communists. And now they have Putin.”

    Solzhenitsyn’s view was close to that, but he included a short interregnum between the Tsar and Communism, when ‘the people’ were so uncomfortable with lack of guidance offered by freedom’ that they eagerly embraced the latter, unaware that what it would become was beyond their worst nightmares.

  59. Baron (01:12)

    I think that’s what I was trying to say, m’Lud. The Russkis, along with every other country on the planet worth the label ‘country’, have been, are – and always will be, using all means necessary to intercept the comms of every other country and spread disinformation in an effort to advantage their own countries and get the edge, in politics, commerce and ideology. So why the fuss about ‘bots’ on twitter and face book (or even the CHW!). We’re all at it – as you well know. 😉

    What ‘we’ must do is get better at it than ‘them’. And the main prerequisite in that task is to discover who is ‘we’ and who is ‘them’.

    I’m reminded of Robert Owen: “All the world’s queer save thee and me and even tou art a little queer.”

  60. EC (11:13)

    Thanks, … yes, of course. Apologies – my retention faculties diminish by the day.
    Come to think of it, reduced to quoting Welsh socialists, in order to pull m’Lud’s leg, perhaps the time has come to ‘secede from the band’ (ack. Spike Jones). Urratatin’!

  61. Note the way that the lurking “Lindsay” always feels the need to intervene with a silly provocation whenever his precious Soviet Revolution is commented upon. And more ridiculous than ever this time – the Soviet regime a period of freedom – ha ha ha dee ha!

    If he loved it that much he should have fucked off there before the Wall fell and spared us his sinister inanities.

  62. You would really have to be a completely brainwashed fuckwit to truly believe that the Soviet regime was a “period of freedom” for the Russians.

    But it demonstrates what dangerous clowns have gravitated to that old commie tosser and oxygen thief Corbyn, Britain’s Castro In Waiting.

    The communist ideologues have tried to reinforce inherent failure so many times since 1917, with so much concomitant destruction, misery, murder and persecution perpetrated across the globe by their stubborn arrogance and fatuous ideological insistence that any reasonable, right-thinking person might think Western governments would have learned not to elevate them to positions of influence or empower them.

  63. Tesco shows us Muslims joining in the season of good will. Okay.

    Tesco wants us to believe that the sort of Muslims who dress a small girll in a veil would celebrate Christmas. That’s lying and that’s what upset people about the Tesco Christmas ad:

  64. Baron

    This Hannity programme makes a footnote to my post on Uranium One above:

  65. Frank P – 11:57

    I was going to say that the recent Keystone Cops incident in Detroit bore all the hallmarks of a Cressida Dick operation, but then nobody got shot six times in the back of the head.

    @11:35 Re: “Us and Them” – this is TV gold 🙂

  66. Malfleur @ November 16th, 2017 – 10:20

    That’s roughly how the barbarian cuts the Uranium deal, Malfleur, too many powerful people soaked in it deep, they stick together tightly, they have to, there’s nobody powerful enough to break their unity, certainly not Mueller who was a key part of it. He doesn’t look like someone who would willingly commit suicide.

    The summary by Hannity is first class, it wraps up the case beautifully. (A thought just occurred to the barbarian. Could the Clinton woman have something on Sessions? What else could explain his dragging his feet on the new special prosecutor).

    On Bob the thug you’re right, the quickest end to his rule would be a one way ticket to Singapore, but if that were to happen the country would continue on its downward spiral.

    The man should be facing a judge, but how can he if the deputy, Emmerson Mnangagwa, has been even worse that Bob, he was the guy who devised, executed then tried to hide the Matabeleland genocide, (he was the Minister of State Security when the massacre happened).

    It would be interesting to see what the Blonde Inseminator will say and do, so far he’s said nothing.

  67. Baron,
    I doubt the situation in Zim will change any time soon. For some time they have been waiting for Mugabe to shuffle of as he has been virtually incapacitated for some time and spends only half an hour a day in his office. I will know more in a few days and will let you know SP.

  68. Baby-faced Sam Bowman from the Adam Smith Institute pontificating for ten minutes on Sky News, like a Petticoat Lane barker, to the rat-faced Burley woman about housing policy. Preparing us for the assault on the green belt. Not one mention of the two “I’s” at the root of the problem – and that is not an allusion to Cliff Richard and Tommy Steele circa 1958 in Old Compton Street.

    OTOH, it wouldn’t be impossible to fill in a dotted line to that, if anyone had the stomach to dig through sixty years of the archeology of poisonous layers of cultural crap that represent the decline of TECOE (and indeed Western Civilisation) resulting in monstrous children advising a government comprising feministas, pooftas, wets and clapped out old farts who have forgotten what England was like when it still had balls and no !onger know the meaning of the word ‘conservatism’. Ye Gods!

  69. EC

    Zimbabwe: where’s your old mate van Hoogy at this moment?

  70. Frank,
    England still has balls, in abundance. It is only they who rule who feel possession of such objects are an embarrassment, especially if they worked at the Old Vic.

  71. Frank P – 17:59

    I reckon he’ll be looking over his shoulder and staying indoors, as he famously advised a high court Judge to do from the dock. In addition I would be making sure that the security detail has been paid, checking the security cameras, door locks, mustering the household weaponry and loading all the spare magazines available!

    IF he has prudently “invested” in the new man THEN he’ll be OK Anybody not invested with the new man would be well advised to shift their arssets(sic) ASAP in the general direction of the nearest border crossing or private airstrip.

  72. Baron – Uranium One

    If Mueller and Trump are indeed heading an MI sting operation, you can be sure that America’s Bob will have negotiated himself a water-tight immunity package.

  73. stephen maybery @ November 16th, 2017 – 16:51

    It will be interesting what you can dig up, stephen.

  74. You recall Baron telling you one of the reason for Putin’s Russia having the privilege of being an enemy of the West is the need of the US military to do an MOT? Here’s the first move.

  75. Frank P @ November 16th, 2017 – 11:35

    On occasions, Frank, the eagerness of the obliging social media platforms leads to mistakes. The guy chose a pleasing moniker, don’t you think?

  76. Malfleur @ November 16th, 2017 – 22:06

    What do you make of Smith’s take on the Uranium story? He’s Fox’s man, too.

  77. It’s reported that shortly before the recent Zimbabwe events, the head of the Zim army returned home from – Beijing.

    Also, not many days ago, a member of the Beijing government went to Pyongyang, after a long absence of such a visit by anyone of importance.

    And coincidentally, Trump happens to somewhere in the vicinity.

    Is there perhaps some significant connection between these three interesting bits of news?

  78. The Conservative Party has embraced the current frenzy of political correctness with enthusiasm, but the Tories remain hugely unpopular in the educational world. Through toeing the Blob’s philosophical line the party clings to a vain hope that its position is recoverable. In the short term, at least, it is not. The battle for hearts and minds in schools has been lost to Jeremy Corbyn, to Momentum and to Labour.
    At some future moment, perhaps 20 or 30 years down the line, there is likely to be a reaction against much of the social and educational revolution of this age. A detoxification process will be needed. How will our times be explained away? As a child in Germany in the 1930s Alfons Heck, too, suffered from a process of indoctrination and brainwashing, becoming a Hitler Youth officer. His defence of how it happened offers a clue to what our current younger generation might be saying in the 2040s.
    ‘My defence . . . is that even at sixteen, few of my comrades had any inkling that they were pawns of an evil empire. Bombarded by incessant indoctrination from kindergarten on, and surrounded by adults who were either captivated themselves or lacked the suicidal courage to tell the truth, they never had the luxury of any choice. To expect a child to be that discerning was ridiculous!’ (The Burden of Hitler’s Legacy, 1988)

    Full article.
    Chris McGovern: Echoes of Hitler in our schools’ transgender diktats | The Conservative Woman

  79. Frank P. November 16th, 2017 – 11:57

    It must be a generational thing but I’d never heard of Spike Jones before. So thanks for that.

    I fear for our grandchildren’s future. Particularly as to whether they will have the free will to even consider a choice about ‘seceding’ from anything.

    The establishment has been using the MSM since the early ’60s to brainwash the public. i.e. “Using subliminal projection to persuade below the level of choice and reason” as Aldous Huxley put it in his prescient 1958 interview. (Neural Linguistic Programming they call it these days?)

    The water supply and food chain is also fucked. On top of that here’s PJW with details of additional self-inflicted injuries. The statistics revealed therein are quite disturbing. Explains why vegetarians are almost always lefties and the vociferous vaginas are in the ascendant!

  80. “They understand the need to fight….Poland is full of men,” Tommy Robinson, home from a visit to East Europe, on HOUR 3 of Thursday’s ALEX JONES SHOW:

  81. John Birch (09:21)

    Still trying to decide whether I should thank you or curse you for linking McGovern’s article. It is the most chilling flag that has been signalled so far in the exponential drive by the Lefist Evil to transmogrify our species. The attiude of both the panel and the audience to ‘gender choice’ on QT last evening should have prepared me for the article. The combination of both forces me to conclude that we are already irrevocably done for. We survived the geopolitical effects of WW1; the Russian Revolution, WW2, the Cold War and other comparatively minor upheavals, including (so far) the latest thrust of Islamic jiad; we have even survived diabolical scientific experientation and cock-ups, some of them nuclear (again – so far). We have even survived the failure of the Judeo-Christian civilisation to fight for its existence; but how in the name of holy fuck can we survive in the face of a challenge to masculinity-femininity that is the ‘the essential core of existence’ (note the tweak there, m’Lud).

    I have to take issue with Stephen @ 18:05 yesterday. This nation has not only lost it balls metaphorically, but is inimminent danger of losing them literally! And that is no conspiracy v cock-up theory, but rather a cock-off development.

    Given the current incumbents of the Palace of Varieties we have no chance of reversing this attack on the human race. It is no comfort that I won’t be around to see the degenerate upshot of this wickedness, because I had high hope for our issue and theirs – ad infinitum. At this rate of accelerating depravity there is no ad infinitum for humanity.


  83. The direction of travel in the establishment imposition of gender revision is astonishing given that according to the most recent official estimates the transgender population of the UK is 300,000-500,000 – which even taking the highest projection amounts to only 0.7%.

    The establishment treatment of minority “identities” in this country now far exceeds tolerance or even equality and has moved to imposing on the majority, attempting to re-invent what the majority society represents and disproportionately promoting minority “identities”. The idea that 70 million people must re-think their understanding and articulation of gender for the benefit of 0.7% of the population to the extent that it is shoe-horned into primary education is mind boggling.

    And of course the sociological “experts” now effectively dictating government policy “by fad” and transforming sociological issues into a supremacist political agenda are unelected.

  84. EC (12:12)

    We were each penning our latest laments simultaneously and seem to be of similar mind, as usual.

    Btw, Spike Jones and his City Slickers were banging out satirical versions of the pop of the day, and the swing era, when I was tucked away in Austria knobbing the Soviets and their Satellites, at the start of the Fifties. With split earphones attached to two AR 88s, I could break the monotony of Boris or Vladimir banging out agitprop in morse through one ear, by listening to the likes of Spike through the other ear. Suprising what a young brain is capable of assimilating if put to the test. It is also deeply depressing that with age those capabilities diminish on a sliding scale.

    And while you are down there, so to speak, what is the technical reason for the absence of a back space function on virtual keyboards of tablets and smart phones? As Spike would have said, “It’s urratatin’, I tell ya! Urratin’! 🙂

  85. Colonel Mustard (13:09)

    Yea and verily! But given what we all know about the Long March, is it really ‘astonishing’?
    I am pleased to learn that you are still capable of astonishment. Therein lies a glimmer of hope, for you that is. Fucked if I am!

  86. Frank P November 17th, 2017 – 13:31

    I meant “astonishing” in an archaic sense not much heard these days. An understatement of something much more critical and more akin to FFS.

  87. Colonel Mustard (13:56)

    Elegant riposte! As ever. 🙂

  88. Black Rod has been replaced by a woman. A Leakey Rod substituted by a vociferous vagina – with no rod. All part of gender fluidity one assumes? Next move a black, black Rod? Preferably a black lesbian, in keeping with the Zeitgeist?

    And talking of rods, Liddle’s rod was a bit flaccid on QT yesterday, wasn’t it? He even agreed with that appalling sack of shit, Emily Thornbury, at one stage. His leftist dressing showed plain and clear. He should stick to scribbling where his rational side seems to break through more often.

  89. EC

    Thanks for the link to the PJW skit. Both hilarious and disturbing. Just wish he was using a different platform.

  90. Frank P November 17th, 2017 – 15:09

    Agreed about Liddle. And Thornberry was given too much time to waffle and then rant. The Tory MP was poor at challenging some of the crap she was spouting and the audience member who had her taped was not given the opportunity to respond to her dissembling.

    Lots of Labour activists in the audience as usual. You can always tell by the whooping and booing. Uncouth and un-English.

  91. Still have fond memories of Spike Jones, his City Slickers, and “Cocktails for Two”.

  92. Baron (00:33)

    As someone who has monitored FNN TV Channel since its inception, I can help you with Shep Smith. As an exigency news reporter, he is second to none, great on the scene of disasters various. But as an anchor-cum-pundit he’s way left – and a never-Trumper since the get-go. He’s been sniping throughout Trump’s first year as Potus. Arrogant bastard with it. It’s Rupe’s way of keeping his left leg in the Fox tent. That and token blacks like Fwann Williams (spit!).

    And if you keep reading the Gruniad your brain will rot. Are you on the soya, or summat? 🙂

  93. L.C.

    Can’t understand why they fell from grace so soon. Must research it. Will get back to you.
    A welcome break from the insanity of politics (but as always, will keep my other earphone and AR88 tuned in on the enemy). 🙂

  94. .L.C.

    I suppose th fact that he did in ’65, just as the tsunami of the pop-culture took off had somehing to do with his disappearanceon air. And of course Demond Carrington probably wouldn’t have been on that wavelength of humour. The other Spike (Milligan) enjoyed his work, I’d bet.

  95. “the fact” & “he died” – apologies – my ipad is a little insentitive to the stylus today and my minces are getting dodgier by the day. 🙂

  96. When did the Mandarins of Whitehall become the masters of elected politicians, and thereby our masters, rather than the Civil Servants they were once supposed to be?
    Was there a single turning point or has their change in status evolved since the end of Empire and the rise of Welfare Socialism and the growth of the State?

  97. Serve up a hefty portion of humble pie: I’ll eat it!

    Diving into the sump that was once my memory to discover the source of the ‘secede from the band’ cliche, I got Spike Jones mixed up with Stan Freberg, another exponent of spoofs on contemporanious hits.

    Ahhh … halcyon days of innocent fun, but all mussed up under the sands of time. Apologies.
    Don’t suppose EC will remember Freeberg either, but LC might?

  98. John birch. @ November 17th, 2017 – 09:21

    Hugh_Oxford posted the most sensible take on the Eton initiative, John: “Schools are places of education, not psychiatric hospitals. If a child believes themselves to be a member of the opposite sex, or a tree, or Joan Collins, then they deserve special care in a dedicated institution. They shouldn’t be disrupting the education of normal children”.

    To which the barbarian offered an explanation:

    “Get real, Hugh_Oxford, please, this is the 21st century enlightened Britain, schools are no longer places of education, indoctrination more like, luckily for us, the Grand Project of the progressives is far from finished yet, more is to come of the re-engineering of our souls, brace yourself for it”.

  99. On the same blog of the Conservative Woman, the barbarian has made a suggestion, he hopes you will all endorse fully because it could solve the issue of gender intelligence with which the society is grappling at a stroke:

    “This calls for another party to adjudicate, we should ask the Muslim diaspora to enlightened us, tell us what’s what, there must a Mullah somewhere who knows the Quran by heart, the Prophet, peace be upon him, must have pondered the issue, he may furnish the definitive answer, no?”

  100. Frank P @ November 17th, 2017 – 16:27

    Thank you, guru.

    The one thing those who pummel the Clinton woman should focus on is not the bungs and stuff, but the simple fact of surrendering a fifth of the US deposits of uranium to another world power, whether Russia, China or whoever, that should be the core of the investigation.

    The Americans are keen to keep foreigners from owning airports, naval ports, utility companies and the like, and here the Clinton woman (assisted with the hon Muslim) gives up a notably big chunk of a commodity that’s key to the only weapon that could prevent the demise of the Republic. Treasonous that even without the bribes.

  101. Noa (16:54)

    That’s an interesting question. The stability of the career Civil Service saw us through several ropey governments during the early part of my working life. When did it get stuffed with acolytes of the Left’s puppeteers? Once the output of the LSE’s contingent of Long Marchers, schooled by Adolph Miliband et al., emerged and were placed in the Universities, the teaching stratas of Comp. schools and corridors of power I suppose. Leftism is a deeply destructive contagious disease, Of course the FO and its sisters in MI5/6/8 had their share of commierats long before before that.
    It has been a gradual Long March until suddenly quickening into quick march tempo. Come the next GE it will become a stampede of useful idiots. Gawd ‘elp us then guv’nor!!

  102. Baron (18:20)

    Not sure which is worse, m’Lud. Uranium is already available to the exotic bad guys and there is already more sophisticated weaponry and more to come from the mad techies of the cyberworld that is equally destructive to homo sapiens. The deeply baleful and baneful sexual and venal corruption of the Clinton era has rotted the very soul of Western civilisation: the evidence is clear and irrefutable.

    It should be addressed and prosecuted pour encourager les autres. The problem of course is that no political nor legal entity in The Republic is free from its all pervasive taint. And because it took on an international dimension it is a global pestilence.

    I thought that Trump, a non-politician/non-lawyer might have the chutzpah to address it, but the sexual and comercial skeletons in his closet are rattled daily – and bear in mind he is surrounded by topflight shysters. The World is a putrid oyster just now. How do we fumigate it? Beats me!

    The Mob once polluted the entire political shebang in he US. Back in the late 70s/80s there were still enough good guys in law enforcement to gather together in formations to create something of a purge. I was privileged to work both directly and indirectly with some of them. But all that did was to cause the shysters to realign the law and make the staple industries of OC virtually legal – or tie up law enforcement in red tape and ROE. Very good outfits were disbanded and life goes on: just a little less blatantly.

    I doubt that any Federal Agency in the States now has the kind of clout it had in the late 70s and early 80s; moreover most LE agencies have been infiltrated. Add to that the distraction of terrorism and its ‘priorites’ – corruption is further facilitated. Hence the dithering and politicking. It can only get worse.

    In its own way, the UK is similarly benighted.

  103. Frank P @ November 17th, 2017 – 19:26

    Good one, Frank, seconded.

    This sentence of yours sums it up in just few words: “no political nor legal entity in the Republic is free from the all pervasive taint of the wholesale corruption of the Clinton era”.

    But what if there were (still are) small-in-number remnants of people of the Donald sort, disconnected from the legal cum political domain altogether, people who share in the distaste of the unwashed (and the Donald) for the shenanigans of the Deep State.

    It’s here the Donald went wrong, he foolishly imagined that he could cleanse the swamp with the people of it. This isn’t doable for the reason you furnished. He will be lucky to get out of the fight unharmed, the DeeP State will not forget, they will try to bury him for good, not even a late conversion will help.

  104. This is how the barbarian cuts it, too (see the link).

    Steve Bannon is even more precise in what should be done. He says that if the Republic doesn’t thwart the Mandarin speakers in the following five fields the US hegemony will be lost:

    “1 The rollout of fifth generation mobile technology — known as “5G.”

    2 The expansion of the One Belt One Road Initiative — a transport system to go through central Asia and connect China to the Middle East.

    3 Plan 2025 — 10 industries the Chinese have aimed to dominate by 2025. Bannon described the Chinese as “way ahead.” Bannon said three of those are silicon chips, robotics, and artificial intelligence.

    4 Conversion of all oil transactions into Chinese currency, which he said will end America as a reserve currency and force the U.S. to start paying off the 20 trillion debt.

    5 Financial technology. The true piece of leverage is the ability to decouple countries from the world’s financial system, sanction companies, and shut banks off from capital markets. In 5-10 years that ability of the Republic is gone”.

    More than a tall order this, Baron reckons.

  105. Not a bad post-mortem, but it could have been written decades ago:

  106. Nigel Farage Speaks Against George Soros at the EU and Implicates EU Members

  107. I can’t keep up with all these things going on in the USA ; and the names involved :
    but here is an article on The Clintons, The Russians and Uranium from the New York Times ( a liberal/Democrat paper ) in April 2015.

  108. Baron
    November 17th – 22:56 “This isn’t doable…”

    You, and your “guru”, are wrong. Sit it out.

  109. A different perspective on the same question:

    Ex CIA- Robert David Steele – Trump Counter Coup In Play, Deep State, Pedophiles, Satanist Are Toast

  110. Baron (02:20)

    Thanks. Not only for the seminal essay, but also for the ensuing comments – a cornucopia of wit, whimsy and wisdom. Worth half an hour of anyone’s precious time.

  111. (05:29)

    Prognostications are not wrong until events prove them wrong.
    YOU sit it out, Neither Baron nor I will be around long enough to know one way or t’other – yet another prognostication. 🙂

  112. “Prognostications”, huh!

  113. Baron, November 17th, 2017 – 23:17

    PJB & SB are quite right to be concerned about the Chinese. Their strategic thinking is subtle and always long term. How to summarise? The Americans play dominoes and the Russians play chess but the Chinese play GO! (Wei Chi)

    Xi’s “One Belt One Road” sounds an infinitely more doable and practical proposition than Stalin’s “Road of Bones” (R504 Kolyma Highway) built on permafrost and the corpses of political prisoners. However, “do-ability” of any project was never the top of tyrant’s concerns.

    “It was mostly political prisoners at first but they were joined during the war by people who had been in areas occupied by the Germans. There were peasants who had objected to Stalin’s collectivisation programme for their farms and also people who had committed crimes – you could get ten years in the gulag just for stealing something.

    “The camps were named after the kilometre markers where they were located. Those who worked on the roads had it a little better than those in the mines, who died in greater numbers.
    Back on the Road of Bones, at the village of Teplyi Kluch, a map at the tiny gulag museum charts the expansion of the camps under Stalin, from 6000 prisoners in 1930 to more than 12 million by the time of his death.

    See the R504 Kolyma Highway at its best!
    (NB. the roads where Noa lives not unlike this)

  114. Unlike the USA, which was steered by globalists, who thought they would be running the show, but is now in danger of being isolated, the United Kingdom has already signed up for the Belt and Road Initiative and will be integrated into the new financial system:

    It appears though that Putin, Trump and Xi held talks in Vietnam this month and I would imagine that the participation of the USA in the new trade arrangements was on the agenda. I say that with the caveat that this is only my prognostication.

  115. “Let us put an end to this policy of Islamisation… otherwise we Austrians, we Europeans will come to an abrupt end.”

    Yes, and how about establishing Truth and Reconciliation Committees in our major cities to hold politicians and civil servants and media personnel to account for allowing this reckless islamisation in the first place?

  116. EC November 18th, 2017 – 10:12

    And let’s not forget who praises Stalin around here and who will dutifully advance the curse of Marx whether it is thinly disguised Blairite crap or even less thinly disguised Corbynite faeces.

    The left in the UK needs checkmating “with extreme prejudice” but alas there is no Pinochet on any UK horizon and the MoD is fully bought in to a common purpose so there won’t be any Mugabe treatment for Corbyn if he gets carried into No.10 by several million useful idiots. As with every communist ideologue ever they will stand by until they are destroyed by the very thing they were too frightened and/or too weak to put a stop to.

  117. Sultan Knish on the complex contrivance of censorship. Isn’t this all now getting rather silly?

  118. “Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?”

    Another site is required to fact check the lefty fact checkers!

  119. EC (16:51)

    Have the fact checking checkers checked out this one:

    If it’s even 0.1 accurate we need to check our underpants frequently. 🙂

  120. If Malfleur linked that previously, my apologies. I picked it up from The Woodpile Report (494).
    Particularly rich pickings among the richest of pickings. Always worth a leisurely visit, if only for the customary opening illustration of Old Masters various.

    His other notable link was from Z Man doing an Ambrose Bierce. Hmmnn!

    But the real gem is this piece of pictorial history of “Skid Row’s Skid Row – Minneapolis circa 1958.

    But … RTWT. Ol’ Remus always injects perspective and calms the troubled breast.

    [sub link]

  121. Frank P – 17:42

    Dyler Turden is getting confused between a Fat Man and the fat boy’s cheese whiz dispenser!

    Everything duly checked A-OK, and now off to bedfordshire on some clean linen and some painkillers 😉

  122. FBI Informant Has Video Of Russian Agents With Briefcases Of Bribe Money In Clinton-Uranium Scandal

    This conspiracy to commit treason is made more serious by the fact that the USA has insufficient domestic reserves of uranium for its own needs and currently, almost all the uranium used in US commercial reactors is imported.

  123. Push the cursor to the 33rd minute, listen to the enlightened, red clad woman, and note that the barbarian is thinking of a change of species for himself, he wants to be a Labrador, woof, woof, woof.

  124. Malfleur @ November 18th, 2017 – 23:02

    An intriguing link, Malfleur, but google tells me it cannot find the page.

  125. Frank P @ November 18th, 2017 – 17:42

    It’s just a wild guess, Frank, but Baron reckons it’s easier to disable a plastic copter than to put out of action a whole electricity network.

    It has been known, a defence against it implemented, that one can erase a memory (MOS, Read only) or any other integrated circuitry, hence all military ICs are packaged in a special armour that prevents it.

    The development of a weapon for penetrating that armoured casing may have advanced since the barbarian had to know about it, but he reckons that the charge needed to achieve what the copter boys were demonstrating would have to be truly awesome, so awesome that life would get hurt, too.

  126. Frank P @ November 18th, 2017 – 16:05

    But unless the elites that govern us find a way of censoring what we read, Frank, they won’t be able to exercise the same power hold over us that they could do before.

    The frontal attack, i.e. filtering what we access on a political basis, won’t work, not many would succumb to it, what they will try is to find a different tack, they will argue (for instance) that all internet sites must have an editorial policy similar to that of the MSM printed media, in other words, they will demand that anyone who runs a website takes primary responsibility for it, and the terms of that responsibility will be defined in statutes that will carry penalties for anyone breaking them.

  127. Malfleur @ November 18th, 2017 – 11:25

    A snap election is indeed on cards if a coalition doesn’t emerge, Malfelur, but moves are also afoot to prescribe the AfD as a fascist party. What would the reaction of the German voters be if that were to happen? We may fin d our soon enough.

    It’s bad news for Brexit though, the Germans would be the party to the negotiating process that would bring in pragmatism, Baron reckons (reckoned before as you well know).

  128. President Trump’s address to the National Assembly of South Korea:

  129. Baron, November 19th, 2017 – 00:44
    Frank P @ November 18th, 2017 – 17:42

    Fact Czeched!

  130. Woof, woof, woooooof, wooeeeeoooof …….

  131. The good burghers of Zimbabwe are rejoicing at the replacement of one thug with another, they may be in for a shock, the only noticeable change is likely to be the name of the tormentor, all things considered the old label may have been preferable to the new one, it’s easier to say Mugabe than Mnangagwa, no?

  132. Who will it be? Jean? Manny? Donald? Angie?

  133. Reviewed: “The House of Government” Yuri Slezkine,

    Sound like this one’s “For life, and not just for Christmas.”
    It might appeal to teething labradors though…

  134. Noa – 16:33

    An 1891 Mosin–Nagant would be still be quite effective.

    btw. have the pothole ridden watery tracks that you call “local roads” frozen over for the winter yet?

  135. Noa – 16:33 cont’d

    Nov. 22, 1963 – mystery solved

    RIP Tim Wilson.

  136. “Oxford college introduces compulsory classes on ‘cultural appropriation’ for students”

    Those agitating [“Urratatin’!”] wankers shouldn’t be allowed to “culturally appropriate” an Oxford education, imo!

    Cue: the usual people, and a rendition K626 of your choice.

  137. … and we’re mocking the Marxist mess in Zimbabwe, while merrily preparing for our own. These erstwhile ‘ancient seats of learning and culture’, which have now transmuted into toxic agitprop factories producing armies of UIs will eventually have to be razed to the ground to protect future generations.

  138. Rather than resorting in despair to Mozart, EC, perhaps we should just all get Brahms & Lizst.

  139. Al Franken obviously took lessons from Silvio at some stage:

  140. The rumour that a US Marine Corps Expeditionary Unit had moved against Langley Virginia on Saturday appears to be a psyop by the CIA.

  141. I wake up to salute My Queen and Her Consort on their Platinum Wedding.
    I feel honoured to have lived in her time.

  142. Were we only to have national leaders worthy of our Queen.

  143. Unless we read more trenchant pieces like this emanating from the MSM, the extortionists of Brussels will continue to ramp up their demands from our craven ‘negotiators’ who will agree to us getting thorougly screwed.

  144. This old shyster ducked and dived for yonks has but eventually accepted the role of Treasury Counsel for Old Nick’s domain. He obviously saw some lucrative clients in prospect, starting with Bob the Butcher who is currently negotiating to have his stash transferred to the Hades Central Bank Vaults:

  145. DE: FDP leader Christian Lindner said: “The four discussion partners have no common vision for modernisation of the country or a common basis of trust.

    “It is better not to govern than to govern badly.”

    Isn’t this a variation on ‘No deal is better than a bad deal’? 🙂

  146. Marshal Roberts (07:16)

    It isn’t just the ‘leaders’ who are ‘not worthy’ of the Old Gal; a majority of her subjects are so far off kilter, I’m surprised she has bothered to soldier on for so long. Just saw the two minute Sky compilation on the platinum anniversary. It segued from pictures of the honeymoon to a couple of co-celebrants of the same year (a not-so-subtle Derby ‘n’ Joan piss-take); then a much lauded mixed race marriage of somewhat less duration followed by a nauseating, simpering clip of two pooftahs holding hands and celebrating their recent official sodomistic ‘marriage’ .

    A depressing metaphor for the 70 year anniversary of the decline of Empire and the sullying of m’Lud’s much vaunted delusion of the durability of TECOE.

    Then the real news of the day, to put the icing on the anniversary cake: a lengthy piece on the descent into hell (at last) of Charlie Manson, blaming his murderous rampage on a ‘troubled upringing’ and ‘racial politics’. Good timing, Charlie! As for the Sky News editing suite: was this on direct orders from Rupe, chaps? Yet another pay back for forty years of snubbery of the Dirty Digger by Phil the Greek?

    Probably not, just events, dear boys, events! Coincidences come thick ‘n’ fast, and are oft mistaken for conspiraces.

  147. Talking of the Duke, I love this quote:

    When asked if he would like to visit the Soviet Union:

    “The bastards murdered half my family”

  148. And half most citizens families.

  149. Talking about Barnier, he at last is spouting something with which I can agree:

    Yup, let Northern Ireland be cast adrift to join the Republic. They have been nothing but trouble these last years/centuries.

  150. NB. Mark Steyn’s Programming notes:

    Tonight I’ll be making a rare Monday appearance on “Tucker Carlson Tonight”, live across America at 8pm Eastern/5pm Pacific. Tucker’s out on Tuesday, so I’ll be sitting in for a full hour of guest-host-level quizzical brow-furrowing tomorrow night. In between I’ll be on the curvy couch at “Fox & Friends” on Tuesday morning. Hope you can join me for one or other appearance.”

    Mark on Manson, Prof Bernadine Dohrn (Mrs Bill Ayers) & Polanski

    Hollywood & DC: Each more than a swamp, two giant cesspits!

  151. Marshal Roberts (19:07)


  152. @Marshal Roberts 20th, 19:07

    “Yup, let Northern Ireland be cast adrift to join the Republic. They have been nothing but trouble these last years/centuries.”

    You, Sir, have just attached yourself to the list of trolls that I don’t feed. Perfidious Albion is alive and well.

  153. After reading this one, my despair reaches an even lower notch. This EU project must be destroyed before it destroys us all:

  154. Charles Manson – globalist footsoldier from the 1960s; the EU as a cancerous, authoritarian system that is opening the borders to carry out the cultural genocide against Christians and whites; the South African, Simon Roche, on anti-white racism in African countries “indisputably driven by globalist capitalist forces”.
    Little to disagree with in this analysis by Alex Jones in the first half of his show on Monday unless the person taking issue does not actually watch before opining. Is there anyone unconnected with Infowars doing anything similar in Great Britain?

    By the way, Simon Roche’s Suidlanders, a “non-state civil defence organization” – isn’t that what Tommy Robinson and his comrades had in mind when they founded the English Defence League that was then shat on by our political class?

  155. The Immortal Dinner, Lisson Grove, 28th December, 1817

    Are there any plans to celebrate this on the 200th anniversary?

  156. Ostrich (occasionally)
    Forgiveness please. I am tired of the Celtic fringes trying to run our economy. Ms Sturgeon, despite a very generous Barnett formula is forever carping and the money we pour into Belfast is beyond belief. Days were when Dublin and Glasgow were falling over themselves to hitch themselves to the success of London and vie for the title of Second City of Empire. Now they vie to vilify us.

  157. And to cap it all, it looks like they are about to throw my taxes away to Brussels:

  158. And the French crow at the pickings from the entrails of London:

  159. I think this Parish recognises the acronym:


  160. Frank P – 01:10

    Return of the jackboot: Nigel Farage has been saying the same thing as Mr Boot on that subject for a number of years – in between sessions down at the Dog ‘n Duck.

  161. Erdogan is becoming more aggressive: he seems to have abandoned taqiyya in favour of fuckiya!”

    And the Danes seem to be adopting the old adage “When rape is inevitable, lie back and enjoy it.”

    Sadly, from recent conversations, I deduce that the millennials in the UK think similarly.
    Has any organisation ever compiled a count of the increase of mosques in the UK during the past half century?

  162. Ostrich (occasionally) November 20th, 2017 – 22:57

    If you believe that’s the case, then I think you’ll find that you just did.

  163. Erdogan and Europe: Vive Charlie! summed it up nicely in Apr 2016

  164. EC (09:27)

    Yes he has; moreover I hoped at one stage that he was gearing up to bring about a real change in the political evolution of the UK and Europe at large. Still trying to figure out why his dynamic impetus died. Perhaps he knew from experience inside the EU scam that Brexit wasn’t really possible; decided to bask in the delusion of ‘success’ after ‘Camerons Cock Up’, viz. the UK Referendum – and allow others to take the blame for failing to implement it. Not sure how history will judge Nigel. He is worth an analytical study.

  165. Where’s the outrage from the feminists and touched knee victims on this one…

  166. EC November 21st, 2017 – 09:59

    When feminists use the term “Patriarchy” as a pejorative it refers only to white men in Western legacy culture.

    The whole concept is totally bogus but politicians and media are too cowardly to call it out for the hypocritical, bigoted, highly-selective, double standards tripe that it is.

  167. Baron, thanks for that link.

    It led to this, I’ll not be eating a quorn ‘mincing’ Shepherd’s pie again.

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