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  1. I do not have pneumonia. I just feel faint in the September heat.

  2. EC

    The Colonel’s recent exhumation here of Harold Evan’s provides a perfect opportunity for the the use of the recently discovered obscenity:

    Emended headline:

    Queasy Queefs from a Qunt in Quogue

    The ancient bien pensants of the New York literati are pouting from every orifice as Trump gains on the faltering Clinton mare in the last two furlongs.

  3. “The strategy to attack Hillary’s health and present her as too old and sickly to be president began back in 2014 with political axe man Karl Rove. The same man who had peddled suggestions that John McCain was mentally unbalanced from his time as a prisoner of war and that Howard Dean “looked like a madman,” warned of Clinton’s 2012 three-day hospitalization for a blood clot: “Thirty days in the hospital? And when she reappears, she’s wearing glasses that are only for people who have traumatic brain injury? We need to know what’s up with that.”
    As Trump’s campaign has fallen further and further behind, the conspiracy theory started to show up again on right-wing websites. Matt Drudge and Glenn Beck’s The Blaze circulated a months-old photo of Hillary Clinton being helped up stairs. Widely-debunked blogger Jim Hoft wrote on Instapundit that “exhausted Hillary is taking weekends off.” Pro-masculinity activist Michael Cernovich wrote that “Sick Hillary can’t stand up on her own, had hidden stool behind to keep her held up,” and that Clinton appears to travel with a “handler” who helps with her frequent “seizures.” 9/11 Truther site InfoWars posted an interview with “Pharma Bro” Martin Shkreli in which he diagnosed Clinton as having Parkinson’s. Days before its chairman became Trump campaign CEO, published a story about a Tea Party-linked doctor who had not treated Clinton but claimed she appeared to have some signs that could indicate “traumatic brain injury.” Even Dick Morris got into the act, asserting that there are “all kinds of indications of health problems” and that Clinton “looks horrible.”

  4. “This week, Trump — who is actually older than Clinton — and his campaign apparatus entered the fray, elevating the conspiracy theory to the national conversation.
    Last Friday, the Republican nominee observed that Clinton’s speeches are “always very short,” and then claimed “she gives a short speech then she goes home, goes to sleep, she shows up two days later” — a reference to Clinton’s explanation about why she had not clearly answered a question from Chris Wallace in a recent TV interview. The New York Times noted that Trump had made similar claims about Clinton sleeping a lot in a 2015 Iowa speech.
    Trump continued to subtly smear Clinton on Monday as someone who “lacks the mental and physical stamina to take on ISIS, and all the many adversaries we face.” Trump surrogate Mike Huckabee demanded that Clinton make her medical records public. Former surgeon Ben Carson made the same demand. Rudy Giuliani praised the septuagenarian Trump’s virility as better than that of Clinton, “who’s got to take three days off and one day on and seems to be sitting in a chair most of the time.”

  5. All from Think Progress.
    Well last night was progress.
    Trump was correct.
    Hillary is totally unfit……for anything (Ask Bill)

  6. Frank P September 12th, 2016 – 13:06

    I didn’t think I was exhuming the bastard so much as excoriating his vapid demonstration of self-entitlement and privilege. He was a complete unknown to me until I read his diary piece so my contempt was entirely without prejudice.

    Those who rule over us don’t care for the polemic and are trying to make it a “hate crime”. Is it really a crime to hate that which threatens your birthright, country, society, history, traditions, culture, rights and freedom? As well as threatening the truth? Was it a crime to hate the Nazis?

  7. “Misogyny could become a hate crime across England and Wales after police launched a series of investigations into verbal harassment and unwanted advances.

    Nottingham police launched more than 20 investigations into sexist abuse in two months as part of a trial crackdown on sexism.

    The experiment, which saw a case investigated every three days, involved specially trained officers targeting “sexist” crimes.

    Several other police forces have now said they want to speak to Nottingham police to discuss the introduction of misogyny as a hate crime alongside anti-Semitism and Islamophobia.

    Dave Alton, the hate crime manager for Nottingham police, said: “The number of reports we are receiving is comparable with other, more established, categories of hate crime.

    “We have received numerous reports and have been able to provide a service to women in Nottinghamshire who perhaps wouldn’t have approached us six months ago.

    “The reality is that all of the reports so far have required some form of police action.”

    So far, two men have been arrested for public order offences classed as misogynistic.”

  8. Two women behind the campaign for police to record misogyny as a hate crime have been subjected to “horrendous” abuse themselves, including a threat to stab one of them in the head with a dagger.

    Melanie Jeffs and Lydia Rye led research into hate crime in Nottingham which resulted in the city’s police becoming the first in the country to recognise street harassment as a hate crime earlier this month.

    Both have since been subjected to personal threats, claims they were “not attractive enough” to talk about street harassment and posts telling them to “get cancer” at the rate of up to 100 messages a day.

  9. And not just here:

    On Thursday, a 32-year-old woman, Emirjeta Xhelili, attacked two Muslim women, ages 23 and 24 years old, both wearing hijabs as they walked their babies in strollers through Bath Beach, Brooklyn. Prosecutors told the New York Daily News on Friday that Xhelili punched the women in their faces and tried to pull off their hijabs.

    Prosecutors also said that Xhelili tried to tip over one of the strollers containing a 15-month-old baby, and that she yelled at the women to, “Get the fuck out of America, bitches.”

    Authorities arrested Xhelili on Thursday and charged her with misdemeanor assault as a hate crime.

    Xhelili’s social media presence indicates that she is an Islamophobic Trump supporter.

    The New York Post reported that the day before the assault, Xhelili wrote on her Facebook account (display name “Mary Magadalene”), “From this moment on, every woman that waers (sic) the jihab/hijab will go to hell!! I cant stand you f—ing hypocrites. You have been warned.”

    A recent tweet of hers reads: “America is the ark of Noah. Trump’s gonna win.”

    According the NYDN, Xhelili works at a kosher Italian restaurant on Manhattan’s Upper West Side and has no prior record.

  10. Well to be fair, Colonel, I was assuming that he was the same Harold Evans, the ex-pat scribbler who emigrated to the States after a long career as a self-regarding hack and TV personality (once the editor of the Times) and who became really famous when he married Tina Brown, the editor of Vanity Fair. I thought he must have died as he has not graced our TV screens of late. But he may be some other New York windbag who happens to have the same name and who has also assumed his irritating characteristics. 🙂

  11. And of course readers of Jeremy Clarkson will know all about this:-

    “The leader of the Black Lives Matter UK movement, which last week shut down London City Airport and caused disruption across the country over the summer, is funded by British taxpayers through the UK foreign aid budget.
    The Department for International Development (DfID) admitted on Saturday that at least £50,000 of public money has been paid to Matters of the Earth, whose director and founder Natalie Jeffers has been described by Black Lives Matter UK as “co-founder” and “organiser” of the group, reports The Times.

    Ms. Jeffers, from Brighton, East Sussex, is reportedly paid to devise and run courses in “race awareness” and “gender-sensitive governance” through the DfID’s “gender hub programme” which focuses on Nigeria.

    International Development Secretary Priti Patel said she was angry and would be “demanding to know why the courses were ever commissioned in the first place”.

    The source, who called the spending “rubbish”, added that it was “tough to see how this delivers for taxpayers.

    “Practically helping vulnerable women in Nigeria is the kind of thing people expect and want our aid to do, yet it’s telling that some in the aid industry think the way you do this is [by] buying some online activists’ course off a professional campaigner in Brighton.”

    The DfID confirmed: “In 2015 one of our subcontractors commissioned Matters of the Earth to produce small-scale and specific pieces of work. The money was not for the support of any wider agendas.”

    Ms. Jeffers reportedly said she did not use DfID funds for Black Lives Matter.

    On Tuesday, BLM UK shut down the airport because, according to the group, “environmental inequality is a racist crisis” and “impact[s] on the lives of black people locally and globally”.

    However, Ms. Jeffers could not attend the protest herself, which was staged by entirely white activists, because she was flying to an international feminist conference at a luxury beach resort in Brazil.

    The 10,000-mile trip generated approximately 3.2 tons of CO2 — about a third of the average Briton’s carbon emissions for a year.

    Last month Black Lives Matter UK blocked roads heading to Birmingham and Heathrow airports as well as tram rails in Nottingham city centre.

    The group also forced London to a standstill for three days in July, protested outside of the American embassy demanding anti-Israeli BDS-style (Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions) boycotting of American goods, and blocked U.S.-owned shops such as Nike and Apple – whilst many of the protestors took selfies on their iPhones.”

  12. And why must we get rid of sick Hillary?
    “44 percent of Republicans believe that “an armed revolution in order to protect liberties might be necessary” and 54 percent of all Americans think the federal government has too much power, when an entire class of congressmen is throwing any monkey wrench it can find into the democratic process”
    Only Trump can rescue America.
    Trump will do what Barry Goldwater failed to do.

  13. Frank P September 12th, 2016 – 15:08

    There seems to be too much similarity just to be a coincidence of names!

  14. And of course-

    John Bachtell, the national chair of the Communist Party USA, has put his support behind Hillary.

    The gist of Bachtell’s endorsement is that there may be some Communists and others on the left who might be tempted to vote for Green Party candidate Dr. Jill Stein in order to “send a message” to Hillary and the Democrats that they are not far left enough. But Bachtell believes Hillary is the only way to save the country from the “clear and present danger” of a President Trump.

    Newsbusters quoted a section of Bachtell’s statement:

    “This election will be a national referendum on racism, misogyny, homophobia, xenophobia and Islamophobia. The aim should be a landslide defeat of Trump and a decisive rejection of hate.

    The election of Clinton as the first woman president would make history. A landslide would not end sexism, but it would represent a mighty blow just as the election of President Obama was a blow against racism. It would advance democracy.

    A landslide makes it more likely that GOP Congressional and state legislative majorities can be ousted and an end put to the politics of obstruction. Most people tend to vote straight ticket.

    A landslide will give added weight to the progressive platform adopted at the Democratic Convention and give encouragement to appoint progressive Supreme Court justices. It would be added pressure against backsliding on opposition to TPP and other trade deals. It will put public opinion and the movements in a better position to pressure against Clinton’s tendency toward military adventurism and policies of regime change.

    With a Democratic president and Congress the post-election political terrain will shift and give immediate momentum to the new Clinton administration.”

  15. It gets worse, in 1972, Hillary Clinton went to Berkeley to work as an intern at her hand-picked law firm: Treuhaft, Walker, and Bernstein. Founded by current or former members of the Communist Party USA, this firm had long acted as a legal asset not only for the CPUSA but also for the Black Panthers and other Bay-area radicals. Founding partner Bob Treuhaft, head of the California Communist Party, had been labeled one of the nation’s most dangerously subversive lawyers. According to historian Stephen Schwartz, “Treuhaft is a man who dedicated his entire legal career to advancing the agenda of the Soviet Communist Party and the KGB.” Hillary did yeoman’s work while learning at the feet of Treuhaft and his fellow masters. Associates say that Hillary, during her tenure with the firm, helped draftees get themselves declared conscientious objectors so they could avoid serving in Vietnam; they also contend that Hillary served VA interns seeking to avoid taking a loyalty oath to the United States.

  16. It does appear that the police are conflating perfectly good existing offences and “re-branding” and prioritising them to meet the needs of various aggrieved political groups, which is absolutely contrary to Peel’s Principles.

    Threats are threats whoever they are directed at, and always have been a crime, but to re-brand them as “misogyny” to pander to feminists is a ludicrous over-egging of the current unwholesome police/CPS stew that the country finds itself in. It is taking a common law crime and paring it down to classify it according to the identity of its victims and its motives. It would be like separating the crime of murder into classifications of its various victims and motives and according them different weights of importance. Surely someone sentient in the Home Office (anyone there?) ought to be getting a grip on this faddish police recklessness. It is undermining the rule of law and diminishing respect for the police.

    As for wolf whistling being misogyny, don’t the blockheads of the Stasi realise that the motivation for that is one of admiration? The aggrieved feminists wail and the police idiots scurry to do their bidding. They’ll be arresting men for holding doors open for ladies next as an “unwanted advance”. It really is getting beyond bonkers.

    It is an odd double standard that those who rule over us talk about radicalisation and cast the radicalised as quasi-victims but do not appear to countenance that rabid feminist misandry can and has resulted in radicalised men too. Hatred begets hatred and they really ought to extract their heads from their backsides and take a more rounded, rational view before knee-jerking their way to spewing out yet more bad micro-categorised law and worse platitudes. Are the idiots in the police who peddle this nonsense actually, plausibly infantile?

  17. Rules for Ratbags:

    Stephan Molyneux explains Alinsky’s manifesto:

    …and also explains Obama’s and Hillary’s devotion to it.

  18. Worth a view of cultural

    “Feminists are sexist. They have a horrible, and very well deserved, reputation as being close-minded, manhating sheep, indoctrinated by their women’s studies class to see “oppression” everywhere. They like to claim they are “equality” fighters, advocating for both men and women. Hard to believe considering…
    And there follows a long list of feminist hate crimes

  19. Sorry
    With link.

    Feminists are sexist. They have a horrible, and very well deserved, reputation as being close-minded, manhating sheep, indoctrinated by their women’s studies class to see “oppression” everywhere. They like to claim they are “equality” fighters, advocating for both men and women. Hard to believe considering…

    There follows a list of feminist hate crimes:

  20. Frank P,

    I’ve not read Dame Harold’s piece. A queef too far? He obviously assumes that the voters will inhale the MSM’s noxious emissions and that Trump will lose.

    Hillary has got a clear case of what vetinarians call “the staggers” aka BSE.
    ( cankle-itis doesn’t explain all her symptoms)
    These days BJC is looking even worse than Jimmy Carter, if that’s possible.
    Time’s up for all of them, they have the Devil to pay, and their faces betray that they enormity of the bill.
    Is it too late to repent after the bill has been presented?

  21. “That they”?
    Sod the fuggin WordPress software!

    Where’s Baron?

  22. EC

    Yes; HRC does a lot of coughing, but sadly, not to her and her sidekick’s many crimes and conspiracies.

    I suppose we should ask: has Blair and his bitch yet reached the proportions of the Clinton’s rake-offs? They are obviously using the Clinton yardstick. But as with the Clintonostra, it is unlikely that there is a law enforcement agency anywhere in the world capable of prosecuting them (or perhaps allowed to do so might be a more accurate assertion). Come to think of it – both – probably.

  23. Trouble is, both mobs are crying (collapsing and coughing) all the way to the bank. 🙂

  24. Has it ever been any different. It’s probably just that there is now a 24 hour news cycle to feed and the internet gives us our say. They carry on unfettered, though. So Carry on Regardless – pissing agin the wind (or the Wall – whichever suits).

  25. David Cameron RESIGNS as MP with immediate effect – triggering by-election

    He has decided it is the right thing to do. Lord 🙂 William Hague agrees, so it must be ‘the right thing to do’! 🙂

  26. Tourism to be rocked in Bali as Islamic law BANNING alcohol to be introduced

    Obviously, it’s another ‘right thing to do’ moment. 🙂

  27. Another day another hate crime, conjured up by the usual suspects. This is all balls and unfortunately the police no longer have any.

  28. In the same way that the the Remainiacs completely misused (in fact they abused) the killing of Jo Cox, so Hillary has completely overplayed her hand.

    The final seven days of the referendum were 24 hours of this: ‘raaaycissst’ – screamed in the face of anyone not a Remainiac. They still do it every day on The Guardian. The level of smearing and spite shows them up for what they are.

    And now we have Hillary’s Jo Cox-aftermath moment. She gets in front a microphone and calls Trump supporters, racist, homophobic, phobic this, phobic that phobic the other.

    Pure and total spite. This is the mistake the Remainiacs made. Remember when Simon Heffer said Mr Trump will goad her about things she hasn’t even thought of in the televised debates? Well, there’s a new one for his list. Goad, goad, goad her, Trump. Goad her to hell and back.

    Read that nasty, spiteful list out in front of her. Remind the people what she said.

    Do a reverse Andrew Neather and rub her nose in it. Tens of millions will love it.

    And as for the lies over her illness, this woman can’t give a straight answer about anything. She’s a liar through and through.

    I have to say, although I would be thrilled to see Trump beat Hillary in the election, my greatest satisfaction would be in seeing the British establishment’s response. If Trump were to win so soon after Leave, the result would break the left side of their jaw in the way the Leave vote broke the right.

    They really , really, really hate Trump. Where they kowtow to You Know What, Trump stands up to it. That’s why Cameron took the unusual step of slandering Trump.

    By God, then they’d be on the ropes. These are the anti-Trump spiters I want humiliated: Paul Dacre and his entire team of writers (especially Max Remainiac Hastings), Katherine Viner and her vile army, the entire BBC, Andrew Neil and the Dimblebores especially. In fact, just the whole stinking British establishment, which grovels on its knees before You Know What.

    Well, they have freedom of speech in America, which was abolished in the UK years ago. The nails were freshly hammered on the coffin by one Home Secretary T May.

    And in Donald Trump, America has a man who knows how to use free speech. And never was it more needed. It’s time for some home truths. And what would get you arrested in Britain under T May’s thought crimes, will be said through the loudest of loud speakers by the leader of the free world.

    I would need a new set of ribs such will be my laughter at the British establishment’s response to a Trump presidency.

    If it happens, I will simply shriek in delight. I never thought I would live to see another 5am Keith Vaz ‘this is a crushing blow’ moment on TV as Leave were pulling clear.

    To see something like that twice one year – that would be amazing. If Leave was the Champions League, Trump winning would be the World Cup.

    Donald, do it.

  29. It’s like watching a prize fight on TV. I have visions in my head of Trump, smash, smash, smashing the skull of that arch establishment bully, Paul Dacre. That’s the vision I will have in my head ever time Trump gets one over on Hillary in the debates.

    Dacre has spent 12 months smearing Trump to hell and back.

  30. On Hilary (miss not the postings, sublime):

  31. Jeano @ 20:44

    She may not make it to the debates, Jeano, she’s falling apart.

  32. EC @ 16:55

    Taking cue from the boy, EC, resigning, the blog’s doing fine without his rants.

  33. Why did Cameron resign? He didn’t, he did a runner, the prick knows that trump is going to win and is now removing himself from the firing line.

  34. EC @ 16:50

    The Uzbek’s leader Karimov was dead for five days before the news got out, EC, you reckon the Dems can stretch it beyond November 8?

  35. Stephen Maybery @ 21:12

    You reckon, Stephen his judgment got better? Hmmm

  36. Alex Boot weighs in on Hitch minor’s latest Russian love-in.
    A more comprehensive and erudite critique than my own last week, but the conclusion is similar:

    As you asked earlier, EC – WTF is Baron?

  37. Ahhh – there he is! 🙂

  38. Frank P @ 16:26

    Would you know, Frank, if he also did a summary?

  39. Frank P @ 21:17

    The omni-all one was born, lived in the place, Frank, didn’t suss out the character of the tribe of the Russians either, or did, but cannot comprehend it blinded by hatred.

    On his travel, the barbarian has met a group of Russian young men who regard the Kremlin despot as a traitor, hope he’ll lose in the Duma election, will not vote for him, want someone more aggressive takes over, confronts the Americans.

    If Putin loses (the polls are suggesting the support for his outfit dipped to around 40%), the falling-apart Clinton women gets in, more than the merde will hit the fan.

    Btw, two years ago Mr. Boot was predicting the boots of Russian soldiers on the streets of the former East European Empire, Poland comes to mind, strange it hasn’t happened yet, even stranger he never bothers to explain why.

  40. Colonel Mustard @ 16:06

    Good stuff, Colonel, except for your implying that misandry should sit on par with misogyny. How could you? So non-PC that, he, he, he.

  41. Romano Verdi @ 15:54

    Excellent points, Romano, but you should tell the likes of the New York Times, other rags of the Old Australian, they seem to have missed them.

  42. The whole of the blog this weeks seems to be a monologue of Romano, and not bad for it. Well done, young sir.

    Apologies for the mistakes and omissions, before the blue veined barbarian retires again to his den.

  43. Baron
    September 12th, 2016 – 21:50

    Monologue or not I am jubilant.

    Cameron out – and now the boundary commission will put Osborne out – and the best Corbyn and probably Owen Smith out.

    “The plans give the Tories an “unfair advantage” according to a spokesperson for Labour’s chief whip regarding analysis from Conservative Peer Lord Hayward showing Labour would lose up to 13 per cent of their total MPs as a result.”

    Crying shame.

  44. Romano Verdi @ 07:02

    The one victory we need, Romano, is the one on November 8, the White House is the place where decisions are made impacting each and every one of the seven billion burghers who walk this insignificant planet of ours.

    Donald gets in, keeps his common sense take on events and things, the world should be OK. That will be the time to open a bottle of Moët & Chandon Dom Perignon or Perrier-Jouët Belle Epoque or even a can of beer, the biggest one can find, no?

  45. The world has gone nuts, the progressives may have a point saying the freedom of expression should be rationed, some should be left starving of it, the barbarian was just sent the clip below, mind boggling and beyond.

  46. On a more serious note, in Grozny Chechnya, Sunni Muslims (83% of all followers of Allah) sans Saudi Arabia, held a massive gathering, agreed only four schools of Sunni Islam are legit – Hanafi, Shafi, Hanbali and Maliki (you want to educate yourselves what are the differences between them, google it).

    Saudi’s interpretation of wahhabism isn’t included, which enraged the despots who behead women like chicken, a serious rift between them and the rest of the Sunni world has opened, it may lead to the isolation of the Saudis, the chief financiers of jihad, and to an opening of another front of military confrontation in addition of that between the Shia and the Sunni. Unfortunately, the Saudis still have the backing of the American Hon Muslim, but fingers crossed, November 8 may change all that.

  47. Anyone around?

  48. hi Baron.

    Just enjoying reading the headline in the Mail; “THE CRUSHING OF DAVID CAMERON”.
    I’ve waited a long time to read this (11 years to be exact, ever since the b*****d oiled his way into power. Revenge is sweet, especially when cold. Now it is safe to vote Tory again, which it wasn’t before, as Cameron was just watered-down Labour.

  49. Dr. Steve Pieczenik on the crisis in the American Republic; the postponement of the presidential election?
    (First 21 minutes of the 4th hour of Alex Jones Show, Monday)

  50. 3rd Hour, not 4th Hour, sorry – Old Deplorable

  51. Baron 0827
    “Sunni Muslims (83% of all followers of Allah) sans Saudi Arabia, held a massive gathering, agreed only four schools of Sunni Islam are legit – Hanafi, Shafi, Hanbali and Maliki.”

    I am not sure that they actually excluded Wahhabi. In what I have seen they include “The Wahhabi-Salafi-Hanbali interpretation” of Islam as simply a variation of Sunni.
    Hanbali school was always the strict traditionalist school of jurisprudence and Wahhabism is simply the Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab interpretation removing idolatry.
    As you surmise ISIS is a perversion of this.

  52. And you can bet MI5 has monitored our posts

  53. Not everyone is being taken in by victim hood:

    ‘Muslims want to eradicate Christianity’ and conquer Europe claims potential next Pope
    MUSLIMS want to eradicate Christianity and conquer Europe – the Catholic cardinal tipped to be the next POPE has incredibly claimed.

    Given Austria’s experience of migrants, it is to be expected, but I expect this will generate wailing and gnashing of teeth by the ‘liberals’.

  54. It is even dawning on those within the Brussels’ bubble:
    EU IN TURMOIL: Bloc is on BRINK OF COLLAPSE over migrant crisis, admits Brussels chief
    THE EU is too “politically correct” and must take a tough stance on immigration if it hopes to survive, Donald Tusk has said.

  55. It shows just how credible the whole Obama gang are:
    Hillary Clinton Aide Who Set Up Her Private Email Server Had ‘No Security Clearance’

  56. There is a real sense of panic from the Remainiacs this week. In Europe, Mario Draghi is suddenly making noises about helping all the poor people in Italy, Spain, Greece Cyprus (goodness me, isn’t it a long list!).

    In the UK, saked pensions minister Ros Altmann suddenly starts saying low interest rates have to stop because they impoverish pensioners and encouraged them to vote for Brexit. Why didn’t she say so in office? This is just her trying to claw back credibility.

    Well, it’s all too late. It’s just more hollow words to try to cover up gaping wounds.

    These poor people, in the UK, and across the Continent have been shafted good and proper. It’s too late, Ros. These British pensioners will die in poverty all thanks to people like you. And how dare she strike an ameliorating tone when, before the poll, she Tweeted to say Parliament should vote to over-rule a Leave vote. That’s what she really is: all talons and claws, trying to come across softly, softly after the Leave vote.

    Sorry Mario, sorry Ros, you’re both as credible as Hillary. The answer is out for the UK and out for everyone else. Greece, better off out. Italy ditto, Spain ditto, Cyprus ditto. In fact, everyone is better off out apart from the Franco-German axis, for whose domination the EU was designed.

    If a 13-year-old girl in Rotherham walked into a social services and said, I’ve been raped and beaten and drugged by people we’re not allowed to talk about, Mario Draghi et al are the sort of people who would say: ‘Do you want a leaflet?’

    That’s the character of their response. Derisory. Mario, Ros, you are the problem.

    It’s time every nation in the EU copied the wonderful Viktor Orban blueprint. Which the mainstream media assiduously ignores. Is there something they don’t want us to know?

  57. Constiitutional Larceny
    “…If you understand the main purpose of central banks, then notwithstanding obfuscatory “Fedspeak,” endless media drivel, and academics’ Greek-letter-laden equations, you know all you need to know about these larcenous institutions. They exist to make it easier for governments to steal, and everything else is window dressing….”

  58. Notwithstanding Paul Dacre’s Judas Goat use of his newspaper, one of his writers hits the nail on the head. Littlejohn on Theresa May:

    May I remind you that at a meeting of her own constituency party shortly before the referendum, Mother Theresa was the only person in a room full of 200 people who wanted to stay in the EU.

    So did Philip Hammond, now Chancellor of the Exchequer. So did new Home Secretary Amber Rudd. How many people who saw Look Back In Amber spewing schoolgirl bile at Boris Johnson during the televised referendum debate could have imagined that one consequence of voting Leave would be to make her Home Secretary? Precisely.

    Be honest, do you trust any of the triumvirate at the top of government to deliver the clean break the majority of the British people voted for? Me, neither. Mother Theresa seems to think she can get away with mouthing ‘Brexit means Brexit’ while doing absolutely nothing to make it happen.

    This is like Groundhog Day. We’ve just had six years of Cameron and she’s worse. Look at her form in the Home Office. Six years of Common Purposing. Go away, May.

    Time for UKIP.

  59. Jean – 02:47

    I think you are being impatient, and firing off accusations that cannot be backed up are wasting valuable resources.

    True, we don’t appear to have progressed very far, but the is the nature of the situation. Cameron ensured a vacuum existed when he left No10. There wasn’t even building, let alone anyone to prepare until TM created the new departments!

    We need to be prepared, saving our anger for a time when it might be effectively used in a constructive way.

    At the moment, the landmarks are moving, both in Brussels and Scotland, but everything is sliding towards acceptance of Brexit, even if some individuals are still hanging on, from politicians to the guy who thought that the Last Night of the Proms could be flooded by EU flags!

    The final result will depend on many things, including how the opposition, the EU, play it. So, to attack our PM because we have no evidence of failure is poor strategy.

    She has managed to drive Cameron out of Parliament by trashing much of what he admired, and she appears to be set on Brexit, which is more than many in her Cabinet are doing.

    The pot is half full, so don’t knock it!

    Even if circumstances change in the UK, then I cannot see how we can return to the status quo as Europe has changed beyond recognition. We even have a cardinal stating the obvious and the MSM becoming very tired with that Scottish Woman continually harping on about her pet grievance.

    While our enemies are destroying themselves, why distract them?

  60. So, Cameron resigns with immediate effect the day before he is publicly criticised in a foreign affairs committee report as the architect of the Libyan fiasco. The dragon head scuttles away with a snake’s tail, too cowardly even to face the music. The “heir to Blair” delivered nothing more than an unwelcome extension of vile New Labourism which he had promised to “sweep away”.

    “Through his decision making in the National Security Council, David Cameron was ultimately responsible for the failure to develop a coherent Libya strategy.”

    “The possibility that militant extremist groups would attempt to benefit from the rebellion should not have been the preserve of hindsight.”

    “It saw no evidence that the UK Government (under Cameron and the NSC) carried out a proper analysis of the nature of the rebellion in Libya. UK strategy was founded on erroneous assumptions and an incomplete understanding of the evidence.”

    “The limited intervention to protect civilians had drifted into an opportunist policy of regime change. That policy was not underpinned by a strategy to support and shape post-Gaddafi Libya.”

    “Political engagement might have delivered civilian protection, regime change and reform at lesser cost to the UK and to Libya.”

    “British troops should not be deployed to Libya in a training role until the Government of National Accord has established political control, stabilised internal security and made a formal request to the UK Government for such assistance, which should then be considered by the UK Parliament.”

    ” . . . the foreign affairs committee said the government (under Cameron and the NSC) “failed to identify that the threat to civilians was overstated”, adding that it “selectively took elements of Gaddafi’s rhetoric at face value”.

    Government by spin and virtue signalling. Enough is enough.

  61. Robert 841
    “At the moment, the landmarks are moving, both in Brussels and Scotland, but everything is sliding towards acceptance of Brexit, even if some individuals are still hanging on, from politicians to the guy who thought that the Last Night of the Proms could be flooded by EU flags!”

    You are correct to identify mood music and the current colour of that.
    But Ms May is playing a long game. Her instincts are corporate. She was definitely a “Brexit minus fudge” in the campaign.
    And she is a winner.
    So that is what we will get.
    Strike one – Let the three musketeers play a game and squabble with each other and segments of the Party.
    Strike two – Go to international meetings and let other leaders talk of difficulties and delays in Trade deals.
    Strike three – Keep Mark Carney on side, talking down growth and moving the economic governors to show the difficulties.

    As month follows month the public will find their feet getting cooler and the mood music will change.
    By the time that a deal is taking shape the economy will progressively take a down turn.
    Then the public will begin to clamour for the nostalgic past of holidays on the Costa Brava without visas.
    And a pound that will buy you more than the basics on holiday.
    And of course the prospect of jobs for our kids.

  62. After ‘Islam means Peace’ we now have Juncker’s version:

    Insisting “Europe means peace”, Mr Juncker said it was “no coincidence” European nations had not been at war since the first formation of a political union.

    Mr Juncker told MEPs: “Europeans can never accept Polish workers being harassed, beaten up or even murdered on the streets of Essex.

    But young girls being raped in Rotherham and in many other British towns, tourists being mown down in Nice, cartoonists and pop concert goers being executed in Paris, raped in Sweden, and train travellers being raped in Cologne, well, I can’t remember those at all! 🙂

  63. And it is that kind of talk from Juncker that will skew the mood music to the Musketeers.
    And away from compromiser May.
    More speeches like that are very good for the cause.

  64. Britain infuriates Juncker, as it has most jumped up European dictators. His inflammatory speech was perfectly contrived to incite hatred, which the hypocritical goons in Brussels and Westminster are always denouncing. Juncker and the rest of his crew are third rate, mediocre, over promoted town clerks infused with the usual European officialdom tendency for hyperbole, gesticulation and squealing.

    When it was apparent that the defeated, complicit nation France was preparing to re-heat Hitler’s vision of ‘Europa’ with the defeated, shameless Germany (which should have been consigned to pariah status for at least 100 years for its crimes against humanity), Britain should have stood aloof and had nothing to do with them.

    Now, having become cravenly subordinate to their wretched “Union”, we must extract ourselves with much acrimony and squealing from the same gang. And the ghastly left have been allowed to conflate that gang of anti-democratic squealers in Brussels with Europe as a concept., scaring the snowflake generation that they might lose their gap year privileges of swanning around with their European “friends” at Mummy and Faddy’s expense.

    Brexit can’t come soon enough for me. I want to see us rise as a global power again, sovereign, independent and proud, viewing European governments as we always used to, as mere squabbling children. Juncker is splendidly demonstrating that pattern. I hope Mrs May has the balls, figuratively speaking, to cut the shit down to size.

  65. “And the ghastly left have been allowed to conflate that gang of anti-democratic squealers in Brussels with Europe as a concept.”

    There are those that are afraid that the Left are so ingrained that whatever we do we will not escape:-

    “Will the United Kingdom come out of this departure, in the long run, politically and economically stronger or weaker? That depends upon what the citizens of the United Kingdom do with their reestablished democratic self-determination.

    We need to remember that “democracy” is a political means and not an end. It is a way of removing those who hold political office and power without resort to revolutionary violence or destructive civil war. It is a way of changing those in government with the use of the peaceful ballot box rather than through applying the force of bullets.

    But what democracy does not do, in and of itself, is determine what it is that those in high elected political office are expected to do, as a reflection of the “will” of the voters. That depends upon the general political and economic philosophy, and attitudes and ideas that govern and guide the thinking of a majority of the voting citizenry.

    The real choice facing the people of the United Kingdom, once those tentacles of political, economic and cultural control emanating from Brussels are fully removed, is to decide what they want their own government to do. Will it be an underlying and implicit conception of human freedom, which sees government as the protector of citizens’ rights to life, liberty, and honestly acquired property, with human relationships based on freedom of association and voluntary exchange?

    Or will it be a view of government as bestower of favors, privileges, subsidies, and anti-competitive protections from domestic and foreign market rivals, and which is also expected to redistribute wealth and establish societal constraints in the form of homegrown political correctness? In other words, will the UK’s democratically elected political leaders and domestic bureaucrats be expected to merely continue with most of the same type of policies that the political elite and bureaucrats in Brussels currently impose through the European Union structures of control and regulation, and which their own Labor and Conservative Party governments have been doing all along since the end of the Second World War, anyway?

    There are friends of liberty in Great Britain who have participated in and even led the movement to leave the European Union. They want to return control of these political, economic and culture matters to direct British jurisdiction because they hope that will result in a more open and freer market society than the one currently lived under through the EU. If they are able to influence British politics in a more classical liberal, free market direction, with less regulation, lower taxes and reduced monetary and fiscal manipulation, the future can offer greater liberty and more prosperity for the British people.

    But the fact is that the collectivist and interventionist mindset that dominates the European Union elites and power structures in Brussels have their long-established counterparts in the United Kingdom. The UK has plenty of its own domestic social engineers, crony capitalist special interest groups, and ideologically driven collectivists.

    Which of these two intellectual and institutional alternatives – a more competitive capitalist system or more interventionist control and command – will determine the future of the British people. Exiting the European Union, therefore, is the beginning, and not the end.

    If they chose the road leading to greater personal freedom, more free market competition, and less intrusive and taxing government, the British people will not only have redeemed themselves, but set an example for the rest of Europe and the world. History waits to see what happens.”

  66. US Presidential Election Crisis

    1. “Prominent Russian TV host and journalist Dmitry Kisiliov warned that the elite “may kill” Donald Trump because of his desire to build better relations with Moscow.”

    2. “ROGER STONE: DNC Will Choose Michelle Obama If “Gravely Ill” Hillary Can’t Continue (VIDEO)”

  67. Romano Verdi – 09:26

    You paint a possible future, but attacking TM for something that no one has witnessed her doing is not smart. We know she disliked parts of the EU, but we don’t know how much pressure Cameron put her under. If she had resigned, she would probably not be in No 10 now.

    We need to keep a positive front.

    She has ‘put the ball in our court’, so the Brexit team do need to ‘get on a do something’. They are hampered by the EU’s disarray – it is difficult to make progress with the confused – and not invoking Article 50, but the delay should give them time to sort something out. That is their job!

    It is no different to the run up to the Olympic Games, or the World Cup: the competitors and their managers are asked questions, just to fill in time. We know TM was a Remainer, so we need to keep up the pressure, do the work behind the scenes.

    What if the EU becomes dysfunctional? If Merkel goes it might be more confused than we were after the referendum. If she stays, it might be even worse!

    We need a plan and we need progress behind the scenes.

  68. Romano Verdi – 09:26

    You paint a possible future, but attacking TM for something that no one has witnessed her doing is not smart. We know she disliked parts of the EU, but we don’t know how much pressure Cameron put her under. If she had resigned, she would probably not be in No 10 now.

    We need to keep a positive front.

    She has ‘put the ball in our court’, so the Brexit team do need to ‘get on a do something’. They are hampered by the EU’s disarray – it is difficult to make progress with the confused – and not invoking Article 50, but the delay should give them time to sort something out. That is their job!

    It is no different to the run up to the Olympic Games, or the World Cup: the competitors and their managers are asked questions, just to fill in time. We know TM was a Remainer, so we need to keep up the pressure, do the work behind the scenes.

    What if the EU becomes dysfunctional? If Merkel goes it might be more confused than we were after the referendum. If she stays, it might be even worse!

    We need a plan and we need progress behind the scenes.

  69. Robert 1252
    But should TM be trusted.
    I watched her cocksure PMQ performance just now and noted the hectoring school mistress treatment of Jeremy was not working.
    I fear that as things begin to look gloomy in the months ahead she will pay no heed to the Musketeers or the Tory right and force through her own instincts to fudge.
    Farage said he will watch over proceedings and prevent backsliding.
    His threat to come back may just concentrate the mind.

  70. Romano Verdi – 13:43

    Isn’t it a case of trust (because we don’t know what goes on behind the scenes in Westminster) and then Verify, which may take some time. However, the new Brexit grouping, with G. Stuart? and Boris, is the way to go, creating a visible pressure group. TM appears to be a delegator, not a one man band. It is better management, but makes assessment more complicated.

    She has stated that she doesn’t need a Westminster vote to invoke Article 50,. so it is looking ‘not too bad ‘. Timing is becoming more important.

  71. Jeano @ 21:16

    Far be it from the barbarian to defend the saintly May, Jeano, but you are kicking her before she can reveal her true colours.

    Before Brexit, she (some of the others) was (were) part of the government, collective responsibility and all that, she had no choice, similar to her views on gays, started against, changed in favour of gay marriage when the boy tabled the idea.

    As for immigration, it won’t change much, it will get fudged e.g. students will be excluded (they’re the largest individual chunk) because it’s an economic phenomenon, as Baron keeps saying, nobody listens, it’s colonisation with the travelling arrangements reversed. The country has always been run by the middle classes, it’s the middle classes that benefits from migrants, just look around your neighbourhood, nannies from Poland, gardeners from Rumania, carrot pickers from Portugal, Costa baristars serving the city gents from whatever.

    Sad, but rather unavoidable. At some point though the average wage migrants will demand more money, it will be that that will kill the inflows from Europe. What will even moderate the waves of the Allah followers Baron has no idea, perhaps a wall similar to what Donald’s going to erect over there?

  72. RobertRetyred @ 09:30

    The man’s a waste of space, Robert, Mutti will replace him unless the voters of Germany replace her first, Baron reckons.

  73. Malfleur @ 12:10

    Most of the warmongering against Russia is engendered by first, the election (Putin’s a convenient scapegoat for everything that has gone wrong), and second, the need to re-equip the Armed Services. The American unwashed will have to accept more years of tightening after pretty meagre past in terms of average wages – no change for decades, now.

    One cannot make the same commitment for big money for the military without Russia (also China), not even the dumbed down American public will swallow an argument the Republic must have new bombers, tanks, nukes because of the camel breeders.

  74. Colonel Mustard @ 10:27

    Strong words, Colonel, and spot on particularly on what you hope for, Baron has the same dream, the world would be a noticeably better place if the time tested Anglo-Saxon gene were in charge.

  75. Romano Verdi @ 18:50

    Your point’s valid, it’s the barbarian shortening of a large piece that caused the confusion, the anger of the Saudis’s real though.

  76. Robert & Romano:

    Only one thought – there may be a gain to be had if May waits for the election results both in Germany and France, it feels Mutti’s grip on keeping the set-up going may be noticeable weaker, the Right in France may swing the country’s stance vis-a-vis our leaving, too.

  77. Checking in on the New World Order Prototype. How are we doing?

    “Venezuela’s “Death Spiral” – A Dozen Eggs Cost $150 As Hyperinflation Horrors Hit Socialist Utopia”

  78. It may be the case that I am pre-judging Theresa May but I am too long in the tooth not to know a politician!

    Richard Littlejohn held off for two months. He said upon her coronation that once he’d worked her out it would be Mother Theresa or Maggie May. That tirade of his yesterday against May made clear his choice: Mother Theresa. He does not think she’s Margaret Thatcher Mark II, Maggie May. He thinks she’s a sanctimonious fake, Mother Theresa!

    And, yes, she was terrible at PMQs. Now, who was the former education secretary who was really good at the dispatch box in everything he did and a quicksilver thinker on his feet?

    The Tory party will rue the day they didn’t pick him. That was probably the only chance they’ll ever get to make him leader.

  79. This is a letter written before the referendum in response to a Project Fear story. As with so much of the EU, the bureaucracy around financial passporting simply helps multi-nationals create barriers to competition, which, er, destroys competition.

    The reason why there is nothing to be afraid of is because – as ever – the EU is so desperate to sell to Britain there is no way it would lock the UK out of its markets. It’s the same with Germany and its wanting to sell BMWs and Vws to the UK:

    WEDNESDAY 22 JUNE 2016



    [Re: Losing the financial services “passport” would be a disaster for the UK economy]

    Has the writer actually tried to offer financial services across the EU with the so-called “no barriers” of the MiFID passport regime? Local barriers tend to demand a branch is set up at vast hiring/firing costs, even more bureaucracy and with local regulators that dislike you being there.

    When it comes to retail products such as car insurance, mortgages and pensions, not many UK products are for sale as “homogeneous” across the EU (the objective of passporting).

    So who really benefits from the passport regime? Mainly the EU firms wanting to come to the UK to take advantage of the access to Britain, its skills and as a stepping stone to global markets.

    For us, the real benefit is simply to the large institutions who can afford the significant cost of branch set-up.

    Technology is also destroying the concept of passporting and, in any case, how many retail clients in the EU actually purchase UK financial products? Not many.

    Anthony Thorne

  80. Radio 4 ‘drops the C-bomb’ during morning programme
    There’s only one group of cunts we want out and it’s certainly not poles.

  81. the BBC does love to wilfully misinterpret everything in a Common Purpose fashion.

    ANd a few EXTRA QUID of licence-fee-payers money to a Guardian journalist , Gary Younge. Trebles all round.

  82. Jeano @ 18:49

    The take on the saintly one wasn’t intended to stop you heaping criticism on her, Jeano, merely Baron’s slicing of her conduct in office so far.

    Everything looks different when one’s in charge, (it happened on a much smaller, non-political level to the barbarian, too, as it turned out he wasn’t up to it). One can never please everyone, one shouldn’t even try, the risk she’s running is displeasing enough for the Tories to lose the next election even though the cumryd’s lot fortuitous self-destruction.

  83. John birch @ 19:02

    Seconded, John.

    A friend of Baron, charmingly prejudiced, (the American tribe is the preferred target for his unshakable animus), says when it comes to differentiating between the newcomers: ‘Not that I welcome anyone, but a guest who wants to kill me is well over the line’.

    For the barbarian, the fear of getting killed in an atrocity doesn’t rank high on the list of the possible ends to his breathing days, what does is how the many of them (if not all) will behave when they settle down, suss out the possibilities, get brainwashed by the Saudi financed Wahhabi lecturers. That’s by far greater threat to out way of life than what a couple of deluded fanatics may get up to given some fertiliser, few other bits.

  84. Jeano @ 18:51

    It’s quite entertaining to scan some of the ‘warnings’ of the Remainers, only few weeks after the event, Jeano. The financial loss of the comedian with the penchant for pink berets was quite pleasing, even though the headgear makers may suffer.

    You’re quite right about passporting. How has (say) Nomura, the large Japanese financial house managed, (or the American giants)? Neither Japan nor the Republic are in the single market, they seem to have been doing fine, no complaints either from the them or the EU.

    More to the point, it’s been a common practice to get registered in only one of the EEA (European Economic Area) countries to be able to do business across all member states. There’s nothing to stop us finding one country sympathetic to our plight, (say) Hungary, register there, and voila, we’re in business. If they tried to stop us, they would have to stop all the other companies whose home base is outside the EEA, e.g. the Japanese, Americans, Swiss, or we would take them to court, claim discrimination.

  85. Exactly Baron. The CIty of London will always be a powerhouse. It is Britain history of corporate governamce and legal systems that – although not free from corruption – are compared to any other country, much fairer. Businessmen in commercial law cases always feel the fairest crack of the whip is in the UK.

    Places like Italy and so on with its history of mafioso links to the judiciary simply cannot replace that. I’m not going to say the British courts are pure as the driven snow, they are not. But by comparison, this is where people always want to come to settle global commercial disputes. A lot of international commercial agreements are written up in British law for good reason.

  86. This is an interesting legal blog, hosted by a Remainer lawyer. He is having a debate with a Leaver lawyer. This is an extract from a guest post written by the Leaver lawyer telling the Remainer why he is wrong:

    “Remainers point to the lack of a plan. They repeat it over and over: ‘the Brexiteers had no plan’. They ignore the fact that the Brexiteers weren’t in power, didn’t call the referendum and therefore weren’t primarily responsible for preparing a plan.

    “Of course, it was the Remainers in power who ought to have had a plan. When a government calls a referendum with two options on the ballot paper, they really ought to have a contingency in the event of either result.”

    If you enjoy that, you’ll enjoy the rest of it. It is a rebuke too to the high-profile Remainer lawyer David Allen Green, whom I know some of you have been reading.

  87. Oh, and the David Allen Green piece it rebukes appears, where else, but in the Remainiac FT.

    THe FT has given up all semblance of independence. The FT’s tagline post-Brexit is ‘A star is torn’ and a picture of a star fallen from the European flag. It’s level of open bias is pathetic:

  88. By the way, the point made by that barrister who is a head of chambers in Maidstone, must be made by us again and again. It was the job of the Remain government to have a plan. That they did not underlines their corruption. Especially in the civil service, which wilfully and deliberately did not make a Brexit plan just so that they could make it harder to leave.

    Why are their sins being washed away by blaming Leavers? It’s yet another Remainiac lie.

    We must make this point over and over in debate. I am sick of seeing the lie established that we should have walked in with a complete and comprehensive plan for Leave. What are the ruddy civil service paid for?

    Yes, I know. To wilfully and maliciously conspire against us. Well, I won’t forget this point and I won’t stop making it to too-big-for-their-boots Remainiacs.

  89. Jeano – 22:00

    So very true!

    I was discussing the EU with a couple of Dutch, about ten years ago, and said that I had voted to remain in the 1970s but soon found that we had given away our fishing industry. They said it was out fault, it was nothing to do with the EEC/EU and the likelihood of a gradual correction was just not imaginable, let alone possible.

    They may have a point that it was our fault, because our politicians lied to us, though I would have thought that in most (industrial) partnerships there would be an aim for win-win goals, not ‘let’s screw them into the ground, and again, and again. It only leads to one party wanting to cease the partnership – and we have!

    What is amazing, amusing even, is that they still think they can continue like they have done for the last forty years!

    That is why we don’t trust anyone with one Continental political molecule in their makeup.

  90. There is no such thing as ‘British law’, in case anyone were thinking of having an agreement expressed to be governed by it.

  91. Baron – 16:48

    I think delaying past the German and French elections will be stretching it; don’t forget they will need several months to figure out what their stance will be! And I think we need to get on with it: VERY early January appears to becoming a common date.

    Invoking Article 50 is just pushing a button. The negotiations need to be kept confidential and away from Remoaners and Remainiacs. And while David Davis says we will need parliamentary approval for the agreement, what can the moaners do, at the end of the day? The do not appear to understand that when there are differences of opinion, it becomes a battle.

    Mario Draghi, the ECB President, says as well as any of us. 🙂

    Now or never: European Central Bank chief orders nations to fix EU problems or FALL

    Mr Draghi called European policies such as Schengen “incomplete” and plans for integration “dangerous”.

    The bank chief revealed concerns over how member states are losing powers in areas such as border control.

    But Mr Draghi said the EU is taking away autonomy, but failing to provide anything equal or better as a replacement.

    The ECB chief has spent several years telling governments that they should use the breathing room granted by low interest rates to reform their economies to boost employment, productivity and growth.

    His advice has not been adhered to – and now he is describing economic problems as a threat to the political project’s viability.

    It is why we are leaving, and the Remainiacs can’t face the truth.

  92. It’s neck and neck in the US Presidential race. Or should that be neck and brass neck?

    Let’s hope that Comey will relent and make it nick and nick and nick and nick – until he bangs up the whole Clinton borgata.

    What’s that chorus I hear? “Hell will freeze over first!”

    Sing it again – I’ll join in.

  93. Apologies, I should say English and Welsh law. Or just English law for short.

    WHat I’m driving at is English law and jurisdiction are the most usual in things such as the Eurobond markets, for all borrowers.

    For example, not many international investors would trust Greek Courts to adjudge disputes with the Greek Government fairly, and Greek mercantile law is not very highly developed; so bonds issued under Greek law would have a much higher rate of interest, more expensive to the borrower.

    That’s why it is Britain who holds the upper hand. The rest of the EU is not going to shove Britain aside. It needs British buyers and other British/English things.

  94. My big hope in the US is the voters who normally never vote may just do a Brexit and come out and vote.

    I think the only way the Democrats can win this now is of Biden takes over at the last minute. I don’t think he will because she’s too big headed and too self-entitled to give way. SHe thinks she’s got this but that spiteful speech accusing people of racism and the footage of her collapsing (the worst bit is the security man trying to stand in front of where he sees the camera can see her). It’s like Neil Kinnock’s embarrassing fall on the beach but this was much more sinister and secretive.

    I’m going to stick my neck out and say Trump. She’s been so cossetted for all these years when she finally gets to those debates and someone actually points out her flaws, it’s going to be a shock to the system. Trump is a streetfighter in debate. She is not. She can prep for him, but how do you prep for Donald Trump?

  95. ITMA! Arrest him!

    ‘They’re bringing them here to vote’ as illegal crossings near 2014 record”


    Christians, whites leaving Obama-Hillary party in droves”

    Lawbreakers in; citizens out out…Then, if elections are suspended, arm the lawbreakers?…Who needs elections anyway? …It’s the New World Order way…

  96. The Old Deplorables on the Wall will be interested in this note on modern ‘sitting etiquette’.

  97. Malfleur @ 04:11

    The man on the left, whoever he may be, is close to Boris’s sitting etiquette, nobody seems to have noticed because he sin’t Boris, Malfleur. What do you make of it?

  98. Malfleur @ 01:26

    That’s what worries, Malfleur, because ‘whites, Christians and older voters’ are on the way south, their numbers are reducing, there are likely to be even fewer of them in the decades ahead.

    It may well be the coming November count is the last hurrah for this once predominant group, the group that built the Republic, made America what it is (rather was before the hon Muslim took over).

  99. Jeano @ 01:20

    Just received from an American friend, Jeano.

    As before with the accusation of criminality, this video may be a step too far. The American voting public may well be dumbed down, but the majority of them are still sane enough to tie up their show laces, they could tell whether something feels right or not. Other maladies have symptoms similar to the of the Parkinson’s affliction.

    Baron’s as against the Clinton woman as anyone else here, but he reckons it’s better to understate something than the opposite. When the truth comes out, as it always does, the impact from the former’s that much more beneficial to one’s argument.

  100. Frank P @ 01:07

    What puzzles, Frank, is the hold the Clintons have on the Democratic outfit. Why on earth are the elites of the progressive party so frightened of them?

    When Donald said he could stand on the 5th Ave, shoot people, still not lose one supporter, he may have said the same about the Clintons and different supporters, of course. Something’s truly rotten in American politics.

  101. RobertRetyred @ 22:41

    One would be smart not to trust a politician with any molecule not just a continental one, Robert.

  102. Sorry for the mistakes, will try to do to do better.

  103. FCK, to do, that will be enough.

  104. So Simon Collis has converted to Islam and completed the Haj.
    Should he be recalled?

  105. Baron – 09:10

    Although it might be argued that voting choices in the USA might correlate to race and/or colour, it could also be argued that they are a matter of personal economics that is the major factor. After seventy years on the “Democatric” party vote plantations vast swathes of the USA are in their fourth generation of welfare dependency, and despite the best efforts of state sponsored abortionists, the fuckers are busy working on the fifth! They have made little or no progress, they have regressed and have become brutalised, institutionalised by plantation life. Benefit dependency is evil. Aspirations inversely proportional to feelings of entitlement, many have never worked, and if there were any jobs going they don’t see why they should work. They will vote for whoever promises them the most “free stuff.” Booker T. Washington and Martin Luther King must be turning in their graves!

    Donald Trump’s strategy of reaching out to this traditional “Democratic” constituency, persuading them that change is possible, life could be better, is critical to him getting elected. (That’s why the Dems were pissing in their pants (not just HRC) and the MSM were steadfastly refusing to report on his recent speeches.)

    Add into that mix the number of people (+40% ?) whose jobs/income rely directly on the tax $s extorted by the BIG Government championed by the “Democratic” party (and many “establishment” Republicans) then one can see the size of the mountain that Donald Trump (any Republican candidate) has to climb!

    “He who robs Peter to pay Paul can always rely on the vote of Paul.”
    The trouble is that eventually the number of Pauls exceeds the number of Peters and their ability to pay, and that is when the S will HTF!

    Benefit dependency: Sound familiar? [eg. Post WW2 Britain.]

  106. It’s a good point EC. A lot of black voters will vote for Trump because they think he may improve their job prospects. People cannot live on the hot air of political correctness. It has diminishing returns just like everything else.

    Trump’s protectionism is right. I applaud him for it. It is the lack of protectionism that is destroying the middles class in the US and everywhere else.

    I’ve made a lot of criticism of Theresa May but I genuinely did think she would stop Hinkley Point. But, oh no. She’s rubber stamped it. It is one of the most ridiculously expensive energy projects in the world. The Chinese basically have a gold mine on their hands, it is the British energy customers years from now who will be paying through the nose.

    I believe in some level protectionism because it holds society together. Whenever the middle class vanishes from society, there is a blowback. I will be very sorry if the British keep voting LibLabCon and further impoverishing themselves but elsewhere things look very promising.

    Trump has spoken for years and years about why some level of protectionism is needed and although the MSM keeps it quiet, the American voters are listening. Why wouldn’t they? It is globalism that has impoverished them.

  107. So, the last sod has been turned! Hurrah! Now the first sod can be turned – on the site of the new reactor(s) at Hinkley Point. Watt? Don’t expect one from it until at least 2022/3.

    By dithering and prevarication for the last 25 years, the UK’s politicians have condemned future generations to far higher electricity prices than they might otherwise have paid.

    Short term electoral considerations, kow-towing to the “greens”, fostering the lucrative (for some) wind turdbine scam being some of the many reasons why so many of our wonderful dedicated public servants should be strung up from Westminster Bridge!

    Today’s news may result in a chain reaction causing a critical overload of Daniel Maris’ (if he’s still extant) personal biomass production.
    Oh, I do miss him!

  108. Jeano – 11:18

    Hinkley Point: Snap!

  109. Talking of LibLabCon. Gordon Brown’s favourite enforcer of globalism and politicee correctee, Shriti ‘the shriek’ Vadera is back working for? Philip Hammond. All in it together. Shritis is often referred to as ‘feisty’ and ‘strong minded’. We get the message. LibLabCon – they’re still all in it together. Remember, she’s an enforcer. And look what she’ll be enforcing, Remainerism:

    Shriti’s return

    ‘Former adviser, minister and Labour hero of the credit crunch Shriti Vadera, now chairman of Santander UK, will be back in the Treasury today leading a column of financial bigwigs as they bend the ear of the Chancellor Philip Hammond on what the City wants from Brexit.

    ‘There is no mistaking Vadera’s personal views. At a recent social event, the feisty Baroness was urging anyone who would listen to lobby in favour of staying in the single market. Anything else would be a disaster.

    ‘Open-minded then?’

  110. It is simply appalling that Theresa May’s regime is continuing Cameron’s practice of consulting Labour party members for policy advice. I don’t know what Phillip Hammond thinks he is up to but this stupid accommodation of a socialist working for a Spanish bank totally undermines any credibility he might pretend to as a “Conservative”. I’ve always thought he was a bit wet and a bit too ready to use the socialist lexicon but this just makes him look a complete idiot and reinforces the suspicion that the Tories and Labour just offer the same dodgy product in different wrappers.

    He should have firmly rejected any overtures from her (and Santander) on the basis that their lobbying is politically compromised and tainted by employing a former Labour party minister. Perhaps that might discourage the revolving doors between politics and corporate cronyism from spinning quite so fast and regularly.

    Surely a supposed Conservative government can find competent truly independent economic policy advisors rather than giving a platform to one of Gordon Brown’s re-heated socialist has-beens working for a foreign bank?

  111. “the Tories and Labour just offer the same dodgy product in different wrappers” – quite right.

    My favourite summary was Peter Hitchens’ verdict on May as she took the throne: ‘You voted for a revolution. What you got was a Blairite robot’.

    It’s still the same government since 1997. No change.

  112. The Spectator has an interesting post on Hinkley Point and energy bills :

    ‘Consumers will still pay EDF for the electricity generated by Hinkley for the next 35 years: £92.50 for every MWh – around double the current wholesale market price.

    ‘The government has lost an opportunity to bail out of what already promises to be an absurdly expensive form of energy but which could yet prove to cost taxpayers and consumers far more.

    ‘There is no commercial-scale nuclear reactor in the world which is yet operational. But the two prototypes under construction, at Flamanville in Normandy and Olkiluoto in Finland, are both years late and three times over budget. Bogged down by these two projects, there is a serious risk that EDF could yet pull out of the project.

    ‘Worse, it could run into problems halfway through construction and then go to the government and beg to be bailed out, knowing that the government has no alternative plans to generate the 7 per cent of UK electricity which is projected to be generated by the plant.’

    One of the commenters quoth: ‘The Chinese put the hard words on her at the G20 and she folded like a wet lettuce!’

  113. It doesn’t happen often a Spectator’s blog generates over 1,000 postings, this one did, you will find out why if you have a look:

  114. Jeano @ 13:27

    The barbarian reckons the consumers won’t pay a penny, Jeano, the plant will not produce any electricity, it won’t be finished.

  115. EC @ 10:27

    Top grade observation, EC.

    Does anyone know what have California, New Mexico, Mississippi, Alabama, Illinois, Kentucky, Ohio, New York, Maine, and South Carolina in common?

    These ten large states now have more people on Welfare than in employment.

  116. If you think Hinkley Point is a disaster, just remember that the Chinese will now be building their own version somewhere in Essex, as if that county doesn’t have enough to deal with already!

  117. Damian Thompson’s nasty blog is a very worrisome development. Newspaper owners do not own them to make money. They own them to manipulate opinion. Most newspapers lose money or barely break even. They are toythings if the rich and powerful.

    I remember about 10-15 years ago the internet was so exciting. The net gave Britain had – for the first time – a sort of de facto freedom of speech that America has had for years.

    And the establishment hated it. They have spent the past 10 years closing it down.

    I noticed things got really bad in the run-up to the 2015 election. The Telegraph closed comments on most articles around that time and then heavily censored those comments that were allowed on a small number of articles.

    The Telegraph has now banned comments altogether. It seemed very keen that should happen before the referendum. That the Guardian (already very heavily censored) is thinking of doing the same shows that there is a level of co-ordination at work here among the Powers That Be.

    Much of their actions can be attributed to a book called The End of Politics, written by Douglas Carswell. Its contents terrified the Establishment. In it, he explained how the internet would change traditional UK politics forever. Well, this is the Establishment’s power grab back.

    – Mainstream news websites are banning comments altogether.

    – They are very heavily censoring them (look at the Daily Mail)

    – Sadiiq Khan has ordered more thought crime police. Digital thought crime is the only growth area in terms of police resources.

    – As Home Secretary, Theresa May passed the snooper’s charter through parliament with assent from LibLabCon.

    – LibLabCon and media owners all used the Leveson Inquiry not to attack powerful newspapers but to make it very difficult to run little blogs (libel fines can put little blogs out of business and indeed bankrupt the hosts).

    – Shami Chakrabarti’s number one job at the moment is closing down free speech on the internet. There is a religion she does not like being talked about.

    – They are building a firewall around the UK. For security, they tell us. Codswallop. People in the UK will – 10 years from now – have everything censored just as before the arrival of the internet.

    There is a major stealth clampdown on free speech in the UK that is unparalleled anywhere else in the UK. I do not understand why the British are so sheepish.

    This is one of the biggest reasons I want Trump elected. Theresa May took great delight in banning certain Americans from coming to the UK while she was Home Secretary. Remember Pamela Geller trying to come to the UK?

    Theresa May banned her.

    Well, all this clampdown on free speech is going to be very embarrassing for free speech censor queen Theresa May if the leader of the free world delivers home truths in office the way he has on the campaign trail.

    Theresa May’s stealth clampdown on free speech is going to be exposed to sunlight at last. People in the UK may wake up and say, well, if the President of the US can say it, why can’t we?

  118. Correction – unparalleled anywhere else in the world

  119. With the Olympics gone, medals dished out, the Russians punished for doping, rightly so, news are breaking out of other athletes allowed to use banned substances, apparently the Williams sisters are among them. Why the exclusions?

  120. Jeano @ 16:29

    Good summing up, correct, too, Jeano.

    The closing down of the comments threads by the rags will do more harm than good for them, people will shift to blogs such as ours, or net media, Bretbart already has more readers than the Spectator, the MSM papers will go under as the Independent did, the owners will lose advertising as readership sinks, no money, no paper publishing.

    The danger is a clampdown on the net media e.g. Bretibart, blogs such as ours, u-tube clips. Like you, the barbarian also thinks only Donald in charge would save us from the progressives.

  121. RobertRetyred @ 15:16

    What worries, Robert, is the decision must have been made after the Chinese put the pressure on during the saintly May attendance at the Group 20 jamboree. Why did she gave up? Our trade balance with China is in their favour.

  122. Still on the subject of the MSM:

    The level of confidence in our media may be even lower that in the Republic, it’s mostly the older generation who shies away from the gadgets one needs to learn about events on the net, buys the printed filtered version. Sadly for the papers the longevity of their backers suggests their days are numbered (‘their’ stands the papers and their readers).

  123. There is absolutely no doubt that internet control and censorship is on the way as those who rule over us scaremonger about “hate speech” and “trolling” to prep the sheeple to accept the draconian laws and regulation to come, which their suborned but entirely discredited political Stasi will police.

    To think that the besuited nincompoops stood in Paris with all that “Je Suis Charlie” nonsense and are now conspiring with the media controllers to stop the little people from having their say and from disrespecting the ghastly regime they impose on us. It is quite disgusting. Far more disgusting in reality than any of the comments being made against the regime or its media whores. It is the government and their corporate cronies, but especially that unelected “third sector” shadow government, that needs censoring. It is their excesses and infringements of freedom that need curtailing.

    None of those idiots in the HoC protect us and our freedom, but instead conspire together to control us as if we are their employees or their pupils. Not one of them has had the guts to stand up and speak out for our freedom and to resist yet more bad law. They are supposed to be in that place to scrutinise and limit government, not to scrutinise and limit us.

    Britain needs a Wat Tyler to push back against all this intrusive state nonsense.

    “Once an honest man could go from sunrise to its set
    Without encountering agents of his state or government
    But a sorry cloud of tyranny has fallen across the land
    Brought on by hollow men, who did not understand
    That for centuries our forefathers have fought and often died
    To keep themselves unto themselves, to fight the rising tide
    And that if in the smallest battles we surrender to the state
    We enter in a darkness whence we never shall escape

    “When they raise their hands up our lives to possess
    To know our souls, to drag us down, we’ll resist.”

  124. “In a blog last September (2012), a Guardian music writer gathered together quotes from interviews (Frank) Turner had given, from 2009 to 2011. In these, Turner declared: “I consider myself to be pretty rightwing”; “The BNP are a hard left party”; “I think socialism’s retarded”; and “Leftist politics lead to the misery of many, the crushing of the little guy”. Immediately, Turner was swamped with abuse. “I went through a two-week period where I was getting close to 100 death threats and hatemail a day,” he says. “Really vicious, horrible shit, all because of expressing an opinion contrary to the mainstream of thought within the entertainment or creative world.

    Frank Turner from ‘England Keep My Bones’

  125. What we are seeing is a top-down assault on free speech. It’s happening with the big news websites first but it will then be focused on Breitbart, sites like this and so on.

    It is worth pointing out that a firewall around the UK would effectively close down a blog such as, which is hosted in Bermuda or the Bahamas (it’s hosted somewhere way out of reach – it is accessible only for now). Order Order is a blog that infuriates the authorities. Especially the comments section!!

    To me, the glory days if the internet are long over. Remember the comments underneath Melanie Philips’ old Spectator blog? Good times!

    By the way, the comments under that blog, and indeed the entire contents of that blog as penned by M Phillips have all vanished. The Spectator makes great play of having most of its old issues available online in a digital archive.

    SO where is my favourite blog? Gone. All of it. Ah, yes, The Spectator, owned by the Barclay twins and not as independent as it would seem. Another Judas Goat publication.

    Still, it was great while it lasted. Melanie Phillips was the doyen of that era of bloggers. SHe was hated by the establishment and got hassled at Tory party conferences where people would pull her aside accuse her of polarising people.

    Well, they muzzled her. And look what happened. Everything she said about Dave came true. She merely reflected public opinion, she did not lead it. Diabolical Dave got the comeuppance she forewarned about.

  126. Perhaps we should all become devotees of Mick Hume and Spiked-online.

    “(Hume) reproduces a famous sentence from Evelyn Hall’s book The Friends of Voltaire that is often mistakenly attributed to Voltaire – “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it” – and calls his enemies “the reverse-Voltaires, whose slogan is, ‘I know I will detest what you say, and I will defend to the end of free speech my right to stop you saying it’.” I’m not a reverse-Voltaire, but I’m something just as bad, in Hume’s typology: a “but-head”, someone who says, “I believe in freedom of speech, but … ” Anyone who says “but” must deny that the right to free speech is “indivisible”. Hume thinks that’s a fatal mistake: if you allow any exceptions, the dividing line between permitted and forbidden is no longer perfectly sharp, and you’re on a slippery slope, risking more and more restrictions. I disagree: the line is no longer sharp, but it’s not true that we’re on a slippery slope. The first amendment of the US constitution states categorically that “Congress shall make no law … abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press” (Hume calls it “the global gold standard” of free speech). The court’s defence of the first amendment over the years shows how the line can be held even after exceptions are allowed, for it does place limits on free speech – for example, on “fighting words”, deliberately intended and likely to incite “imminent lawless action”; on explicit threats against specific targets; and on false shouts of “Fire!” in a crowded theatre.

  127. More on 0947

    Simon Collins, the British ambassador to Saudi Arabia, has confirmed his conversion to Islam after a lifetime of diplomatic work in Muslim countries, including Iraq and Syria.
    Collins, whose wife Huda Mujarkesh is a Syrian Muslim, is the first British diplomat to perform the revered pilgrimage to Mecca, known as Hajj.

    He was pictured with his wife dressed in the traditional white robes worn by pilgrims in a photo shared by Saudi women’s rights campaigner Fawziah al-Bakr via social media on Monday.

    “The first British Ambassador to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to do the pilgrimage after his conversion to Islam: Simon Collins with his wife Huda in Mecca. Alhamdulillah [Praise be to Allah],” she tweeted.

  128. “China has tested a weapon of mass destruction capable of hitting London and other major European or American cities in just 30 minutes.

    The People’s Republic reportedly fired a nuke called the Dongfeng-41, which has the longest range of any missile in the world.

    It can carry up to 10 warheads over a distance of roughly 7,450 miles in just half an hour before hitting several targets at once.

    This would mean Beijing could destroy the whole of London – which is slightly more than 5,000 miles from the Chinese capital – or wipe out any city in the West.”

  129. And for all those fans of emojis:

    “A Saudi girl living in Germany has written to the The Unicode Consortium, the company which designs Apple’s emojis, demanding that the company introduce an emoji of a woman wearing an Islamic headscarf.
    Rayouf Alhumedhi argued that the headscarf is worn by millions of women and should therefore be introduced to improve the representation of Muslim women.

    “People want to be acknowledged and recognised, especially in the tech world. This is massive. Emojis are everywhere,” the girl said.


    “There are so many Muslim women in this world who wear the headscarf. It might seem trivial, but it’s different when you see yourself on the keyboard around the world. Once you experience that, it’s really great,” she continued.

    The idea was supported by the co-founder of Reddit, Alexis Ohanian, who decided to host a live online discussion on the platform in order for the girl to receive feedback on her idea.

    Other emojis available on Apple devices include the Sikh turban, same-sex parents, and a range of different skin colours.

    If the idea receives the approval of Apple, it could be released as early as 2017.

  130. And before we get too heavily into Wat Tyler it behaves to remember what happened next:

    “The next day Richard met Wat Tyler and his hardcore of Kentish rebels again, this time at Smithfield, just outside of the city’s walls. It is thought that this was the idea of the Lord Mayor of London, Sir William Walworth, who wanted the rebels out of his city, perhaps fearing the damage that they could cause within its cramped medieval streets lined with tinder dry wooden houses.
    Death of Wat Tyler
    At this tense and highly charged meeting the Lord Mayor, apparently angered by Wat Tyler’s arrogant attitude to the king and his even more radical demands, drew his dagger and slashed at Tyler. Badly injured with a knife wound in his neck, Tyler was taken to nearby St Bartholomew’s Hospital.
    It is not exactly clear how the king talked his way out this little predicament with the massed crowd of rebels surrounding him, but it must have been good. One account records that the king addressed them with the cry, ‘I am your king, I will be your leader. Follow me into the fields’.
    Whatever the king said or promised, it must have been sounded very convincing, as it resulted in the revolting peasants dispersing and returning home! But what of the fate of Wat Tyler? Well, he certainly didn’t receive the five-star treatment that he could expect today from St Bart’s! Thanks to Walworth’s orders, the knife wound in Tyler’s neck was extended, which had the effect of removing his head just a few inches above the shoulders!”

  131. Is not life hard for rapists?

    “Julian Assange’s confinement to the Ecuadorian embassy in London is taking a serious toll on his physical and mental health, according to medical and psychological reports released by WikiLeaks.
    The documents – released by the whistleblowing site on Thursday – include a 27-page psycho-social and medical assessment, a physician’s report, and a dentist’s report. All of the papers are from 2015.

    No outdoor space, no sunlight
    The 27-page report, written by an unnamed trauma and psychosocial expert, notes that Assange has been residing in a “usable living space” of approximately 30 sq meters since Ecuador granted him asylum at its London embassy in August 2012. The total size of the embassy is approximately 200 sq meters.”

  132. And having said all that who is fed up with the media’s constant crowing about Paralympic medals.
    The Invictus games I can stomach in that they give back to our war heroes a sense of purpose and camaraderie.
    I dio not decry those who are truly disabled but many I see on screen look no more disabled than most people I see in our local park

  133. Sorry.
    May be unfair but there is too much sanctimonious bowing going on.

  134. End of rants.


    Baron yesterday @ 09:03

    Ours not to reason why, Baron.

    In the battle against political correctness however, I know not what course others may take; but as for me:


  136. Romano Verdi – “Is not life hard for rapists?”

    Indeed, just as it can turn out to be for conservative US Supreme Court Justices who fly alone on St. Valentine’s Day to ranches in West Texas owned by major Obama donors for dinner and quail hunting with a secret society associated with Bohemian Grove, followed as has been conjectured by a bit of heart-busting hanky-panky which leaves their bedclothes undisturbed and a pillow over their dead faces.

  137. Colonel Mustard

    Many thanks for the introduction to Frank Turner. England lives!

  138. Malfleur September 16th, 2016 – 06:55

    The English folk music scene does not get much exposure except for the Bragg-type Ken Loach Tolpuddle martyrs, Jarrow march, left wing stuff. But there is a whole genre of “nativist” music and song out there which celebrates English ‘belonging’, mainly rooted in the power of the land that the metropolitan elite now want to urbanise, colonise and over-populate as though it was the American West. At a pub folk evening one is in no doubt as to the sentiments of most attendees, clinging fiercely to their right to a distinct English ethnicity, history and cultural tradition which has not grown from socialist grievance but from deep feelings for an ancestral continuum.

    The suffocating leftist narrative of multi-culti bollocks has almost driven it to being an underground movement. The leftist elite promote and defend every form of ethnic identity and nationalism in Britain except England’s. They even rub England’s face in Scots, Welsh and Irish nationalism – the devolution policies celebrate them and they are far more chauvinistic. And when Englishness is articulated as a right of cultural identity it is scorned as “racist”, “nativist”, “populist”, “Little Englander” etc. I can’t think of any other country where such self-hate would be tolerated let alone incorporated into a sort of unspoken and oppressive government policy. It is like being occupied by a foreign power determined to stamp out nationalist insurgency and that is how I now view the government and all its works.

    So much of the country has been given away and sold out to foreigners and foreign interests that sectarian voices and alien vested interests now hold too much sway and the “British” lay claim to England. The English plea for recognition and survival is far more pertinent than the Scottish Nationalist demand because Westminster’s “Britain” has imposed far more on England without consent than it ever has on Scotland. The distinct Scottish identity is recognised and respected, even promoted. The English identity is either sneered at, patronised with tat or kept down as being not respectable. No-one speaks for England. The English Tory MPs have failed to defend the country in Parliament where the Scots, Welsh and Irish are represented collectively as well as having their own Parliament and Assemblies. There is no English Parliament and there is no collective English voice in the Commons. And now they want to fracture this country further with their Regionalisation and their gauleiter “Mayors”.

    We have had more than a thousand years of history as a distinct people and nation but the left and bad government have largely destroyed our identity in less than fifty.

  139. “The decline of the USA is predicted in the Bible. Can this plunge into destruction be stopped? In short the answer is no. God’s predictions come true. Can they be delayed? The short answer is yes, and only one candidate may hold the key to prevent this nation from an early demise…… It’s not Hillary – the liar!
    From Infowars:

    In large part, the decline can be attributed to crony capitalism. Globalist trade deals are also responsible.

    Clinton and her husband are directly responsible for the decline of America. Bill Clinton signed NAFTA and Hillary was an enthusiastic supporter of the trade bill that created what Ross Perot described as the “giant sucking sound” as jobs were exported to third world nations.

    America’s industrial base was systematically looted and destroyed by the globalists. 5.5 million jobs or over 32 percent of all manufacturing jobs since October 2000 were outsourced. Over 54,000 factories were shipped overseas beginning in 2001, several years after NAFTA went into effect.

    Millions of Americans saw hourly wages fall from $35-45 per hour to $7-8 per hour. More generally, according to the Brookings Institute, the average worker displaced from manufacturing went from earning an annual income of $40,154 to $32,123 when re-employed, a drop of 20% in earnings. A large portion of the new jobs are in retail and service industries.”

  140. Colonel Mustard 16th – 09:51

    Perhaps, instead of ‘Mayor’ we should encourage a more traditional title….’Lord Warden of the Northern Marches’ or something similar, with all the powers and responsibilities that traditionally resided in such positions. 🙂

  141. Contd

    So, my friends, root for the Man.

    Not for the Woman who cannot even stand at the memorial for the greatest attack on Christianity since Saladin.

  142. @Malfleur 16th – 03:39


    Yesss! 🙂

  143. I have joined the Campaign for a English Parliament:

    • To ensure the accountability of MPs

    • To assure equitable taxation

    • To rebalance the Union

    • To ensure all citizens of the UK have equal representation and voting rights

    • To deliver government for England that is appropriate to all areas of the UK

  144. Ostrich
    You may have listened to Osborne this morning bleating from his Northern March Eyrie.
    The problem which he has not identified is that the North is ruled by the Left and candidate Mayors are Labour has Beene with Scouse roots.

  145. “As GOP nominee Donald Trump continues to surge all across the nation, he has narrowed the gap and surpassed Hillary Clinton in the important battleground state of Ohio.
    The RealClearPolitics average of polls has Trump leading Clinton by some two points in a state Clinton has enjoyed a leading position in since Trump became the nominee.”

    RealClearPolitics has Trump leading 42.5 points to Clinton’s 40.8 in a four-way race with the Libertarian and Green Party candidates.

  146. @Romano Verdi 15th – 09:47

    Clearly a very confused diplomat, so confused he’s forgotten who he’s representing. The FO’s crozier should have been round his neck, hoicking him back home, the moment they heard of his intentions to walk the hajj.

    But they’ve been a bunch of arab *rselickers for well over a century.

  147. @Romano Verdi 16th – 10:52

    “The problem which he has not identified is that the North is ruled by the Left”

    Oh, I think he’s identified it ok. But, while there’s a lot that’s not yet clear about how ‘Northern Powerhouses’ are going to operate, any of those jostling for the position of ‘Mayor’ must mouth leftist claptrap to survive. In the same way, there are business leaders who enjoy the luxury of vocally supporting leftist ‘principles ‘ yet who well understand that, if they applied their political principles to running their business, they’d have gone totally bust years ago.
    Once elected, and now responsible for the correct use of a big pot of money, any ‘Mayor’ will very quickly have to demonstrate financial probity or the government’ll have him out on his ear before you can whisper ‘Gordon Brown’.

  148. Diane James ( who she ? ) elected Leader of UKIP; with 47.4% of the vote.

  149. Aye Ostrich.
    Pity the poor buggers in Manchester.
    They have devolved £6 Billion Health budget to the shortly to be elected Mayor and the main candidate is the criminal who did for the health of the good people of Stafford.
    Do you think that May and gang will care how many he kills in Manchester?

  150. A Dodgy poem

    The Mayor of Manchester burned his nose
    Trying to warm his copper toes;
    He lost his money and spoiled his will
    By signing his name with an icicle-quill;
    He went bare-headed, and held his breath,
    And frightened his grandame most to death;
    He loaded a shovel, and tried to shoot,
    And killed the calf in the leg of his boot;
    He melted a snow-bird, and formed the habit
    Of dancing jigs with a sad Welsh rabbit;
    He lived on taffy, and taxed the town;
    And read his newspaper upside down;
    Then he sighed, and hung his hat on a feather,
    And bade the townspeople come together;
    But the worst of it all was, nobody knew
    What the Mayor of Manchester next would do.

  151. Fergus Pickering @ 15:17

    Why dodgy, Fergus? Enigmatic perhaps, but surely not evasive.

  152. So Baron 1628-
    Is it real?

  153. Ostrich (occasionally) @ 10:55

    It’s puzzling, O(o), why the Foreign Office, or rather the desks charged with looking after the world of the Arabs, have been so taken by the culture. The barbarian visited that part of the world several times (on business, not for pleasure, mind), came to the view that it’s only good for someone who doesn’t mind feeling a dollop of mustiness everywhere, from one’s skin to the cold dishes they’re so fond of. One may get used to it after a while, avoid most of it moving near exclusively in the air-conditioned dwellings (quite doable that), but what a life it must be.

  154. Emulous @ 16:39

    You’ve confused the barbarian, Emulous, even more than Fergus’s poem.

    What do you question? The show, the hair roughing itself, the recording of it?

    It did happen to Donald, the Clinton woman appeared on another show, but a sfar as Baron knows nobody asked if any part of her anatomy could be roughed up, like the brain to engage it with reality.

  155. Romano Verdi @ 10:54

    The polls will swing one way or the other, Romano, it’s the count that will do it, and provided the massive non-voting chunk of America wakes up from decades of hibernation (as it must) Donald will claim the crown.

  156. Romano Verdi @ 10:52

    (Baron has said it before, those who are aware of it may stop reading now).

    According to one of Baron’s friends Britain is governed by the Scots, sexual perverts and lawyers, often a mix of all three.

  157. Romano Verdi @ 10:49

    The fear the barbarian harbours on the last of the objectives of the outfit you’ve joined, Romano, is that a Parliament for England would lead to the breaking of the Kingdom. The poorly educated Slav would very much regret it, even though he’s fully aware of the financial cost of caring the recalcitrant Scottish tribe of the few.

  158. Colonel Mustard @ 09:51

    An enjoyable lament, Colonel, what else.

    What propels the progressives to the state of fanatical obsession with change? One looks to countries like Japan, also an island nation, steep in history, a monarchy, they’re as modern as one can get, yet traditions are kept, the past honoured, ancestors’ rituals preformed.

    As for ‘folk music’, here’s Baron’s penny worth offering (he went to few of their performances, hard to beat):

  159. Romano Verdi @ 20:06

    This is very unPC from the barbarian, Romano, but he reckons the money spent on the few shipped to Rio would have been better spent on the many at home. It must be pleasing for the winners or even those who take part, but what about those who are struggling each day, have no hope of taking part, their disabilities prevent them from any sport.

    This is not to deny the lucky participants the joy of participating, good on them. It’s to think of the majority who not only do not take part, but cannot take part (sorry for the corrupt English, you get the gist though). a rather costly virtue signalling perhaps?

  160. Malfleur, O(o) and other sexually charged beats:

    The barbarian’s travelling through countries where manspreading’s common amongst the gentler sex, too, young, long legged, mostly blonde munching their lunched on benches in parks and squares, fortunately for them (unfortunately for the above lot) they wear shorts. Trust Baron, he knows, he’s checked it.

    (which brings us to the end of his rants for today, (or so he thinks)).

  161. Does Nick Clegg, that Scottish Woman, Teresa May, (and Eddie Izzard and Bob G. 🙂 ) and the majority of the Establishment really want this?
    United States of Europe in just 9 MONTHS! The JUNCKER PLAN revealed in 12-month EU roadmap

    We knew that it was waiting in the wings, but to reveal their irrelevant plan when all about them is falling apart is somewhat scary.

    To have ministers still wanting to be connected to such dysfunctionality is beyond parody!

  162. The war on cash continues so that when the Cyprus-style bail-ins arrive, everybody pays. Carny wants to scrap the penny. AN interesting comment from a Canadian reader:

    ottawa, Canada

    He is copying EXACTLY what he did here just before he left for the UK. Our one cent (penny) was discontinued. Since then, prices have always been rounded up (an article for sale at 57 cents becomes 60). Keep your pennies and the pounds will look after themselves. Oh, and please keep this useless excuse of a man as well, I think his pre-Brexit position speaks volumes about what his real objective is, and it sure as hell is not worrying about the average man..

    In many ways, Carney is much worse than Cameron and Osborne. At least they could be got rid of. This man is a Bilderberg technocrat not even elected. Just as he did in Canada, he has stoked a massive housing bubble (which Canadians are furious about as it has started to pop). He is more than happy to smooth the way to TTIP and he wants an end to cash so that banks control everything.

    He has never stopped working for his former employer, the key Bilderberg training academy that calls itself Goldman Sachs.

  163. Drunker has no choice but to speed up now as leaving is on everyone’s agenda. He’s trying to stop that with his euro army.

    Pray that Renzi loses his EU referendum in Italy and I think that might be enough to shake this tower of Babel down. Drunker knows he’s cornered now. Marine Le Pen is growing in strength and wants a Frexit. He knows the threat to the EU is mortal.

    If Italy says no, it’s a democratic obstacle that I think the EU cannot get over. It could be the earthquake moment we’ve all prayed for. It’s a bigger vote than Brexit, because the UK is in essence trying to defecate the tapeworm of the EU. Italians are being told to cut off a limb of the body politic so that they are weaker and more vulnerable to outside forces, such as the EU. Their referendum is metaphorically that.

    Instead of putting its arm under the meat cleaver, I want Italy’s body politic to metaphorically smash a certain drunkard and his cohorts in the face. Make my day.

  164. RobertRetyred – 18:03

    At least the Eastern Europeans haven’t lost it yet, though they are still imprisoned:
    YOU’VE GONE TOO FAR: Eastern Europe makes five demands to block EU superstate
    THE European Union appeared more fractured than ever today after a powerful group of eastern states laid down a series of demands over migration and the economy.

  165. Baron 1715
    Costly virtue signalling.

  166. This has been a great week for Trump. I think Hillary has throw too much mud and now she’s cornered. She’s second guessing how much mud more she can throw. SHe’s tripping up on herself.

    It’s like Project Fear. She’s running Project Smear.

    Who cares, Hillary? Go and sob to the Washington press pack. I’m sure the voters will be delighted to rub the mainstream media’s nose in it along with yours.

  167. ANd as to the British media. Isn’t one comeuppance this year enough with Brexit? I’m sick of their holier than thou act over Trump.

    Maybe Trump will bring Pamela Geller with him on his first trip to the UK as President. Will you block her again, Theresa?

  168. Jeano

    And/Or Dr. Michael Savage.

  169. Clever, hurtful to her, and effective for the campaign:

  170. RobertRetyred @ 18:03

    In (almost) the immortal words of the brunette: ‘He would try it, wouldn’t he’.

    One wonders whether we brexit for real before the monstrosity collapses forever, or the other way round.

    Is Frank on a sabbatical?

  171. Jeano @ 18:24

    Baron reckons, Jeano, the penny has more than utilitarian value, which itself is of some note and significance e.g. bargains for 99p, but it’s also what one associates with the tribe of this country as much as the chalk at Dover, the monarchy, the rainy days.

    In the days of the bard, it was what one paid to watch his plays, standing, if Baron remembers correctly. A seat was a threepence. One could also have a full English for the same penny, if culinary nourishment rather than one for the soul was what one preferred.

    The barbarian has a confession to make, he rather welcomed his appointment when it was announced, a hands-on man from a sector he (Baron) knows a little about, a sector, if utilised carefully, would have been good for the country in the manner of Swiss banking. Instead, he seems to be aiming to manoeuvre our economy into a fully fledged vassal station of the Bilderberg mafia – not just by depriving us of a treasured coin.

  172. RobertRetyred @ 18:52

    They will bark, rail and hail, Robert, but when Mutti puts her foot down they’ll go quiet, unless she changes her tune for reasons other than their displeasure of the superstate. The power of the EU member states is directly proportional to the money they have or generate, the last time Baron looked most of the smaller members didn’t have much of it, the Germans did.

  173. The Czechs will be able to see this monster, sans the cluster bombs, one hopes, NATO is holding an exercise in the small Republic in the middle of Europe.

    What a colossal waste of money, the Russians are equally guilty, one’s hard put to decide which beats which in the stakes of bleedingly obvious imbecility.

  174. We Are Mark Carney’s Army – The Spent Penny

    In the 1950s, it was the price of a bus ride to school from outside town and of course seating in the GENTS. You could use a copper coin with Victoria’s head on it – and also have it squashed flat by a train on the London to Colchester line.

    When I was a boy, we had handsome coinage of over one hundred years in circulation.

    Even the threepeny bit, which was a bit weird, was interesting because of that plant on one side and its dodecagonal shape.

    Mark Carney and his army are not worth a farthing.

    Let’s kick him and the central bank out and return to a time when this would not be considered politically incorrect and disparaging of dragons:

    Oh, and when fiat currency is in the dustbin with the New World Disorder, this will still be acceptable:

  175. Colonel Mustard
    September 16th, 09:51

    Excellent. Please name a few more names.

  176. Baron, you are clearly plugged onto the Czechos. Can you explain the new Visa Centre that opened in London last month.


    Applications are assessed and granted by the Embassy of the Czech Republic in London which only accepts visa applications from UK residents, i.e. applicants who currently hold a UK residence permit. Therefore people staying on a C type visa (short term visa) in the UK are not in general eligible to apply for a visa with the Embassy of the Czech Republic in London; they will need to apply for a visa from their home/residence country.

    Each person traveling (including small/young children) must submit a visa application in person and by appointment only.

    If you are not sure whether you require a visa, please click Do I need a visa? to find out.

    For further information please click on the SHORT TERM VISA link on the homepage

  177. Police 5

    Following the establishment of Facebooks/Twitter squads various cunstabularies, others are not to be outdone. There’s Bedfordshire’s “Arrest Tommy Robinson on sight squad, Nottingham/shire’s Wolf whistle/micro-aggression/misogyny squad, Norfolk’s LGBT outreach squad (with the gayly coloured rainbow cars) and now West Midland’s thin(ha!) blue line have reportedly formed a Cyclist/Lyrca fetishist Lebensraum Gruppe.

    They would save more lives if they actually policed the cyclists’ riding antics and left the motorists alone…

    “Those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad!”
    Dean Martin

    Buy a dashcam folks!

  178. The extent to which our public “servants” now believe they are paid lucrative salaries and pensions in order to control us was further revealed in the news that the Local Government Association is calling for the traffic light food labelling system to be made mandatory.

    Believe it or not the Warwickshire council leader who is leading beyond her authority to champion this national imposition, one Izzi Seccombe, is a Conservative. With a commonly held purpose to make our lives better, whether we want that or not, she is also the chairwoman of the LGA’s community wellbeing board (aka telling us what is good for us).

    The recently appointed Warwickshire Police and Crime Commissioner is one Phillip Seccombe who is Ms Seccombe’s husband, so Warwickshire seems pretty much sewn up by this partnership. There was some brief concern about a possible conflict of interest before the election but Mr Seccombe assured that he-

    “. . . signed up to the Nolan principles of Standards in Public Life many years ago, and have a record of declaring any possible conflict, or, indeed, the perception of one.”

    Well, that’s alright then. But watch out for the setting up of a special Warwickshire police unit to “tackle” obesity, giving warnings to fat cunts on bikes that they need to slim down or risk prosecution for riding without due care and attention to their body mass index. Heard of the National Food Crime Unit? Well you have now:-

    All part of the insidious mission creep of things the zealots disapproved of as “crime” and the setting up of centralised, politicised enforcement with that creepy entreaty for the public to anonymously grass people up.

  179. The LGA seems to do quite a bit of lobbying but I could not find a website or Wiki entry explaining what it is or what its mandate is. It seems to be part of that shadowy centralisation of the civil service into political (and very unhealthy) self-lobbying and governing bodies, like ACPO morphed into the NPCC. Is it a staff association, a lobbying group, a political party that doesn’t need to get elected or a governing body? Apparently it is all four, rather like the Allgemeine Schutzstaffel but without the uniforms and jackboots.

    It appears that whilst we proles still cling to the illusion of democracy those who rule over us unelected have already moved on way beyond it.

    I did find a Local Government News website. Who ever knew that local government needed its own news service? No wonder it takes so long to get any bloody service from local government employees if they are spending their time at work reading that huge, presumably publicly funded website with its staff of usual suspect journalists. One of them is described as working in “local government journalism” since 1997. It just had to be 1997 didn’t it. That infamous year when the quiet Cultural Revolution and the politics and media revolving doors began. And council taxes pay for the salaries of local government journalists?

    Much of it reads as Nanny Statism, reveals just how bloated the bloated state really is and how much time is spent on various initiatives using other peoples money.

    Who funds it all and why in the age of devolution does local government need its own centralised news service let alone journalists? Surely the Guardian does that?

  180. Black Swan author Nassim Nichaolss Taleb dishes out a Mark Steyn-esque assessment:

    What we have been seeing worldwide, from India to the UK to the US, is the rebellion against the inner circle of no-skin-in-the-game policymaking “clerks” and journalists-insiders, that class of paternalistic semi-intellectual experts with some Ivy league, Oxford-Cambridge, or similar label-driven education who are telling the rest of us 1) what to do, 2) what to eat, 3) how to speak, 4) how to think… and 5) who to vote for.

  181. The Arrest Tommy Robinson on Sight Squad are truly terrifying. That costs a lot of money to do. And a lot of co-ordination. It wouldn’t just be the local Common Purpose police commander. That would go right up to Home Secretary and beyond.

    The Press conspire in never reporting it. The tactic is simple. Treat Tommy Robinson like Winston Smith. It is the state telling Tommy Robinson to shut his mouth – or else. And the rest of you, if you’re thinking of free speech, this is what you’ll get.

    The message is: We can put the frighteners on you and no mainstream news outlet or human rights barrister will be interested.

    When Robinson asks human rights barristers for help they all run a mile. If he was a different religion, they would work pro bono for him in their legions.

  182. Today, the Telegraph is running one of it’s ‘did you hear what he just said stories’ about Trump, desperately trying to imply he has threatened to assassinate Hillary.

    Perhaps President Trump will point out the UK’s atrocious record on human rights vis-a-vis Rotherham, Telford, Birmighham, all those other places, and Tommy Robinson.

    It’s about time there was some real news in that rag.

  183. Oval Office diary

    November 9, 2016

    Briefing note for Mr Trump’s phone call to Chairman May, dictatorial leader of former first world country

    Famous for introducing Beijing-style snooper’s charter and spying on all citizens, banning US citizens from entering (Michael Savage and Pamela Geller), used career as home secretary to rough up dissenting voices (Tommy Robinson), drew up secret deal with Saudi Arabia (contents still classified).

    All of the above relates to Islam. This woman presents clear and present danger to US security and has a track record of being venal, spiteful, duplicitous.

    Oval Office secretary


    Welcome to the City of Light – 2016! – Video

  185. Not easy to make the barbarian see red, his systolic blood pressure to spill over 200, he to wish to be near the two wanking ‘journalists’.

    Just listen to the clip, the female bovine comparing Donald to Saddam, telling some totally irrelevant story about her driving past the latter’s palace in a taxi, the driver shouting at her to avert her eyes from the building, the other bearded tosser starting on the right note, then also blaming Donald for undermining the press’s credibility.

    Why is it these miserable toads, these foul spittles, these brainless blockheads cannot figure people have been losing trust in their verbal vomit because they tell lies, hide facts, are utterly biased?

    Why doesn’t the blonde cow attack the Clinton woman for her labelling Donald supporters abominables? Not a whisper on it.

  186. That clip is absolutely shocking. The mainstream pundits have spent 9 months being openly hostile to Trump. The fact tat he won the candidacy in the first place was a public reaction to their bile and distortion. WHy do we all have to kowtow to how they think?

    That’s why Trump is going to win the thing. Their bias has been a disgrace. The press don’t need to be pandered to with scones an tea. Camera is on, it’s being livestreamed. Why do we have to wait until key ‘opinion formers’ turn up and take their seat. They’re not objective so who cares?

  187. Liam Halligan has a tirade against Hinkley Point:

    ‘How many civil servants and advisors involved in pushing it through will end up with lucrative cushy jobs in the nuclear industry?’

    Funny how these civil servants didn’t draw up any plans for Brexit but have time to rip the taxpayer off and in so doing pave the way for themselves to have a lucrative post civil service career in what they’ve been rubber stamping.

    Trebles all round.

  188. Maybe, there won’t be a functional EU to leave, with threats coming from several fragments of this dysfunctional monster and directed towards itself and Britain:

    >b>Brexit deal threatened with veto by four countries unless Theresa May guarantees their citizens right to work in Britain

    It looks like repealing our European Act is becoming more likely!

  189. Baron – 02:10

    If Mutti survives.

    It is becoming a slanging match over on the Continent – Continent cut off by dysfunctionality!

    You have said it already!
    Baron – 01:44
    “One wonders whether we brexit for real before the monstrosity collapses forever, or the other way round.”

    Is that why Philip Hammond is changing his mind:
    Hammond said to be ready to ditch EU single-market on Brexit

  190. On Hinckley Point, why is the government committed to closng all remaining fossil fuel plants by 2020?

  191. FOR – and against – A CASHLESS SOCIETY:

    “tarsubil JRobby Sep 17, 2016 11:16 AM
    If he’s a chess grandmaster, something you cannot fake as far as I’m concerned, this guy is someone to fear. His proposals are essentially the best the devil can do to oppress the people. If someone has a list, this guy should be towards the top.

    Calmyourself tarsubil Sep 17, 2016 11:51 AM
    Tarsubil has it right. The road to serfdom and death is charted by evil bastards like Rogoff, Summers, Yellen, Bernanke, etal.. The road then paved by their gun wielding idiot lackeys.. Notice how the Police and Military in Venezuela still look well fed..”

  192. ‘Australian Efforts to Dump the United Nations Gain Momentum’

    “As the United Nations becomes increasingly radical in its assaults on liberty and national sovereignty, the movement for free nations to leave the dictator-dominated UN has now officially arrived in Australia. Speaking on the floor of Parliament in his inaugural address, newly elected Senator Malcolm Roberts (shown) with the One Nation party said Australian values were under threat from “insidious” institutions such as the unelected UN. To deal with it, he called for an “OzExit.” In a passionate defense of freedom, Roberts also blasted privately owned central banks and the incestuous relationship between global mega-banks and Big Government. ”


  193. Malfleur – 00:05
    Not 100% sure, but it’s probably because of the 2008 Climate Change Act, along with various international agreements that help to keep the act going. They could change thresholds, but that would cause FoE, WWF and other CC fanatics to go berserk, and of course, the BBC would open another front on the Government.

  194. … so there is no credible reason why not! 🙂

  195. Bomb explodes in Manhattan’s Chelsea area,another found nearby: intentional but not terrorist says mayor. (New York Post)

  196. Eight stabbed at a Mall in Minnesota.; and so it goes.

  197. The coal industry is under attack by government in the USA and the UK. Is there a connection?

  198. Malfleur September 18th, 2016 – 11:26

    Common Purpose probably.

    Common Purpose in the UK was the “initiative” of an “ex”-editor of Marxism Today and graduate of LSE “inspired” by Chicago “community organising” (q.v. Obama) around the time the Soviet Union’s empire in Eastern Europe was collapsing in the late 1980s. The funding for that “initiative” is obscure but the tenets of “post democracy”, collectivism, communitarianism, neuro-linguistic programming, “change” (code for infiltrating an acceptance of left wing dogma and values) and unelected civil servants “leading beyond authority” were rapidly entrenched within the civil service and government policy. It is due to the work of Common Purpose that open dissent from left wing dogma has been re-branded as “extremist” and vocal opposition as “hate speech”. Two descriptors that are being rapidly extended by their “leaders” in the unelected government and the politicised police.

    Since Blair there seems to have been a “hard” ideological link-up between the left in the USA and the left in the UK, intensified under Obama. Organised American trolls have been targeting sites like the Spectator and Guido from about 2010. American racial tensions and race issues have been steadily imported into the UK culminating in issues like the banning of American right wing speakers, the Trump petition and increasing left wing media obsession with the US presidential elections.

    The American race hustler and race obsessive Bonnie Greer, also with a Chicago background, came to the UK in 1986 to participate in the Edinburgh Festival and has remained ever since, becoming an “activist” (actually an agitator) for women and ethnic minorities. She acquired British citizenship in 1997 (that memorable year) and under Blair’s government became a member of the British Museum Board of Trustees. Apparently no one thought it odd that an American who had been in the UK for only 18 years and a British citizen for only 7 years with a background in theatre rather than history should be appointed a trustee of that institution. It is surprising that she has not been elevated to BME Baroness status yet but that is probably just a matter of time. She muscled in on the Bronté Society and appointed its President in 2011 led a group that were pressuring the Society to “modernise” and embrace more diversity in visitors to the parsonage. A consultancy led by Dr Ronie Shaw and Sue Charteris provided a report about how the Society was run and came up with the usual coded “progressive” speak:-

    “Students of organisational dynamics will know that it is not unusual for any organisation to experience periods of storming which can lead to positive change,” they said.”

    Like the intention of Mao’s Cultural Revolution but “storming” is an odd word to use. Eventually Greer resigned from the Society in 2015, lamenting that it should “appeal to the large Muslim population in nearby Bradford”.


    There is a clear pattern there. “Leaders” and “change”. The very vociferous opposition to Farage and Trump to de-legitimise them as political contenders with a right to express views contrary to the so-called “mainstream” is no coincidence. This network of unelected “leaders” and obscurely funded groups with a common transatlantic leftist agenda and lexicon (the “Borg”) can infiltrate and influence government policy and dominate the public narrative, as seen during the referendum campaign, but they can’t yet control how ordinary people outside their power base choose to vote. The reaction to Brexit reveals their frustration at that. So they set out to demonise the dissenters and non-conformists whilst continuing to agitate for mass immigration into this tiny country of limited resources.

  199. Common Purpose is indeed sinister

    Cameron is a strong advocate.

    It is funded by Deutche Bank who strongly backed Remain.

    Many local councillors are Graduates- search for your own in the hundreds of pages here.

  200. The Common Purpose Graduates listed above may not understand the sinister mission of Common Purpose within UK society. They are flattered by “selection” by their company or organisation after recommendation a previously trained CP person. They are screened and selected (or rejected) by CP Advisory Board members in their area.

    Both candidates and ‘trained graduates’ will have no real understanding of Common Purpose’s wider role to help achieve a political and social paradigm shift in the UK. The main objective, was to replace our traditional UK democracy with the new regime of the EU superstate.

    After Brexit they are required to work flat out to ensure that Brexit is seen to have the power to destroy our economy and individual livelihood such that the population will clamour to rescind the Referendum.

    It is incumbent upon us to seek out the local Graduates and expose them for what they are.

  201. “Clinton: I’ve breen briefed about the bombings in New York and New Jersey, and the attack in Minnesota. Obviously, we need to do everything we can to support our first responders, also to pray for the victims. We have to let this investigation unfold. We’ve been in touch with various officials, including the mayor’s office in New York, to learn what they are discovering as they conduct this investigation. And I’ll have more to say about it when we actually know the facts?

    Reporter: Secretary Clinton, Do you have any reaction to the fact that Donald Trump, immediately upon taking the stage tonight, called the explosion in New York a “bomb” … ?

    Clinton: Well, I think it’s important to know the facts about any incident like this. That’s why it’s critical to support the first responders, the investigators who are looking into it, trying to determine what did happen.”

    Just what is this woman at?
    Has she the maturity to run the Western world?
    Are the toxins from the pneumonia still pickling her brain?

  202. They are trying to win the media war:-

    “Muslim woman from Australia travelled to France to wear her burkini on the beach, only to be confronted and forced off the sand by angry locals within minutes.
    Zeynab Alshelh, a 23-year-old medical student from Sydney, decided to fly to Europe a few weeks ago after becoming upset when 30 French cities banned women from wearing the full-length swimsuits at public beaches after the Nice terror attack in July, according to Channel Seven’s program Sunday Night.
    In an attempt to show solidarity with local Muslims, Ms Alshelh and her mother wore their blue burkinis as they enjoyed a day out on the French Riviera with her father.

  203. And from Alexander Boot a further comment on Toady Blair:-

    “LESSON 2. One of the kings Rupert made was Tony Blair: without the weight of the Murdoch empire thrown behind him, Blair would have remained an obscure backbencher of dubious moral character.

    According to the same whistleblower, Murdoch was also “financially generous” to Blair, not just “politically”. Much as one would like to believe that the reasons for his generosity were selfless, Rupert probably felt that having a British PM in his pocket wouldn’t hurt his business interests. One can sympathise: it’s hard to get around all those press regulations and anti-monopoly laws without help from a well-placed friend.

    Yet again Murdoch misjudged human character. His affection for Blair was utilitarian, but, blinded by his gold’s glitter, he arrogantly felt that Blair’s affection for him was real.

    Predictably, like the Creature concocted by Dr Frankenstein, Blair eventually became too big to control. If the Creature ended up strangling Dr Frankenstein’s bride, Tony found a better use for Rupert’s. However, in both cases the Creature escaped unscathed, leaving his creator ‘devastated’.

    There endeth the second lesson. Trusting modern politicians, especially those with Blair’s well-documented history of backstabbing, is a losing wicket. Even owing his whole career, crowned with all those billions, to Murdoch didn’t imbue Blair with gratitude. The hand that feeds him only means a hand close enough to bite.

  204. It has been reported that this Officer was a Common Purpose Graduate:-

    “A policeman who was filmed attacking a car has been put on ‘restricted duties’ and his use of force will be examined, the Met Police has said.
    Dramatic footage, filmed by the driver and viewed thousands of times online, shows the officer smashing the windscreen after telling the driver to ‘get out of the car’.
    Scotland Yard said officers stopped the car thinking the driver was a man who is of interest to them but realised he was someone else.

  205. It is astonishing that Common Purpose is allowed to continue its “charity” charade given that it sells “leadership” training to organisations like the BBC and government bodies.

    And it is not clear how or why Common Purpose is chosen to be the recipient of taxpayer money in exchange for teaching civil servants how to lead beyond their authority. There are many unanswered questions as to just how this “charity” has become so influential within government and why. And why so many unelected civil servants and third sector revolving-door travellers have suddenly been elevated to the status of societal “leaders”.

    The results can be seen everywhere as the remit of the Common Purpose manipulated state extends further and further into the private lives of citizens. An oligarchy.

  206. You know of my views on the sinister nature of the Paralympics:-

    “Disabled activists are to hold a week of action to coincide with the start of the Rio 2016 Paralympics, in a bid to highlight the impact of austerity-driven cuts on disability rights.

    Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC) hopes to use the publicity generated by the Rio Paralympics to draw attention to the “disproportionate impact of austerity” on disabled people.

    DPAC plans to use the public interest generated by the games in the same way it did four years ago, when five days of protests focused on the hypocrisy of IT giant Atos sponsoring London 2012 at a time when it was causing “harm and suffering” to disabled people through its contract to assess claimants of out-of-work disability benefits.

    Ellen Clifford, a member of DPAC’s steering group, said that next month’s week of action would “draw attention to the cumulative impact of the cuts on disabled people that are taking disabled people’s rights back decades with attacks in every area of our lives from education to independent living to employment to income”.

  207. Question to the Charity Commissioners:-

    “Dear Sir or Madam,

    How does this organisation retain its charity status when it’s clearly designed to benefit only the rich or those who work for a department which is willing to pay their exhorbitant fees for “training”.

    How is this benefitting the public exactly?

    How many benefit claimants or low income family members have been invited to attend Common Purpose Training?

    Yours faithfully,

    Ken Boyce”


    “Dear Mr Boyce

    Thank you for your e-mail of 23 September. I note that you have framed it
    as a FOI request, possibly because it was sent via the
    ***whatdotheyknow*** website, but we consider it to be a complaint about
    Common Purpose, rather than a FOI request. It may be helpful if I outline
    our role and our approach to complaints about charities………”

    “Common Purpose is established for exclusively charitable purposes and for
    the public benefit and is therefore a registered charity. We are aware of
    various negative comments on the internet to which the charity has
    responded. There are no grounds for us to reconsider its charity status.”

    How many of the Commissioners are Graduates?

  208. ‘The investigation will examine the officer’s use of force during the incident.’

    It was not just an unreasonable use of force but possibly criminal damage and certainly conduct calculated to bring the public service into disrepute.

    “A person who without lawful excuse destroys or damages any property belonging to another intending to destroy or damage any such property or being reckless as to whether any such property would be destroyed or damaged shall be guilty of an offence.”

    Mistaken identity by the police might be a defence in court but is it a lawful excuse? There is case law about the degree of belief necessary for lawful excuse (it is held to be subjective) but it is not at all clear how this might relate to a police officer who has lost control and believes he is justified in smashing a car window and attempting to use a penknife (presumably not police issue) to force the driver out of a car because he is a “person of interest”.

    Is it appropriate for a police officer in uniform to carry a penknife?

    There seems to be a presumption in the minds of the current police “leadership” that police officers are somehow exempt from the law, whatever they might do. And the Home Office and Parliament appear to turn a blind eye to their increasing use of unreasonable force, rude, abusive and violent behaviour. If the complaint had been levelled at an ordinary citizen he would probably have been arrested, not just put on “restricted duties”, in the usual post modern EU police routine of arresting first and asking questions afterwards.

  209. ‘Although the investigation is in its early stages, it has been established that the officers stopped the vehicle based on information relating to a man who is of interest to police.

    Yeah-like this:-

  210. Mayor of London,Sadiq Khan,currently on tour in USA to support Ms Clinton,says terrorism `part and parcel of life in a big city`. (Source:Evening Standard)

    Mayor Khan (and why has not this position been abolished by Mrs. May) declared in the USA that immigrants should not assimilate. (Source:Brietbart)

  211. UKIP points-out that they got 25% of the vote in London ; and 40% of Londoners voted Leave (this excluded Continental EU citizens).

  212. Gentlemen, especially those numbered among the Old Deplorables of the CHW, might wish to consider

  213. Radford NG

    Terrorism is part and parcel of the Mayor’s ideology.

  214. “The problem is I cannot kill them all.”

    President Duterte, on the difficulty of ending the drug problem in the Philippines, and the involvement of the Philippine government in the business.

  215. This guy is part of the problem

    “Pope Francis: Hospitality to Refugees Is ‘Our Greatest Security’ Against Terrorism” (Breitbart)

  216. Previous news.Bombs explode in London; PM doesn’t speculate : 24 hours later British bombs fall on Berlin.

  217. Berlin City election.
    AfD get 14% on first try.
    CDU/Mercal at 17% (down from 23%).
    SDP at 21% (down from 28%).

    SDP can govern with Greens and `Corbanisters`.

  218. Russian (Duma) elections.
    Only 40% turn-out.
    United Russia (Putin) 51%.
    Liberals and Communists both at 15%.

    Say what you like,it does not seem Putin has complete control of the system.

  219. Russia.
    Putin has 80% favourable vote; but only 20% of Russians turn-out to vote for his party.
    This isn’t a sign of a totalitarian regime.

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