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  1. Frank P @ 08:31

    What can the poorly educated Slav do, Frank, but say sorry profusely, pour ashes over his glabrous head, and – if you were here you’d witness it yourself – knee on pebbles in the corner for hours …. (nuffofthisnonsense).

    And this: in spite of Nietzsche with abysses galore, two helpings of the killing fields, the discovery of nukes, humanity hasn’t done that badly recently, has it. You’re here for a start, as are over seven billion of us.

  2. Chris McGovern: Corbyn’s surge has its roots in the classroom -The Conservative Woman

  3. Baron June 12th, 2017 – 00:47

    Thank you for those links Baron.

  4. An old clip, with a simple analysis:
    A Bill Warner speech on ISLAM

  5. John birch @ 11:53

    Someone should table this short piece for the Government to ponder about when the current fracas blows over, John, it indeed shows why the Marx inspired ideas have taken hold of our young.

    The Jesuits knew it, too, when they said ‘give us a boy, we will deliver the man’ (or words to that effect), it’s indeed the schooling and the BBC, the two pillars of support for the malevolent, nefarious and dangerously corrosive Marx inspired view of the world.

    Baron has said it before, if we were to dismantle the power of these two institutions, the PC would ease, we would be freer to debate everything from immigration to Islam, the self-belief of each individual would get a boost, the role of the state in our lives would diminish.

    Serves the blind Tories right though, they’ve had more than one chance to deal with either one, failed to do so, are paying for it now.

  6. Colonel Mustard @ 13:26

    Furnishing the two links, Colonel, was nothing, what has nearly floored the barbarian was your knowing about Vereshchagin, you were only the second individual mentioning the painter to Baron (the other was a man from the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge, he was a curator there, politically on the other side of the spectrum though, but bloody clever and knowledgeable on things Russian).

  7. Vereshchagin was the name of a student thrown to the mob by the Mayor of Moscow in War and Peace. He then escapes in the ensuring chaos but is chased down the street by lunatics recently decanted from the asylum. It is a dark scene. A dark scene.

  8. Andy Car Park @ 17:15

    Once again the poorly educated Slav has to tip his hat, you’re right, Andy, a young man by the name Vereshchagin gets mutilated by the mob, having been accused of treason.

    It’s not a very common surname in Russia, it may be related to ‘faith’, or it may not, Mr. Boot may know.

  9. They keep shouting ‘it’s for Allah’, everyone can hear it except for the politicians, who seem to be deaf to it.

  10. Two polemics from the Salisbury Review.

    Teaching tory politician how to whore the electorate.

    And the electorate, thicker than a thick thing.

  11. Noa ( 20:31)

    Good analysis of the causes of our predicament. Piss poor suggested solution – Nigel simply can’t cut the mustard, I fear.

    I liked this comment on the piece by “illogical”:

    “Every country rises to a peak and declines. They all rise for the same reason – maximising a marginal advantage – and they all decline for the same reason – complacency. No country has ever bucked this pattern.
    Britain is no different. Whilst it could theoretically reverse, it has never been done before and would require change on a scale that would never be supported by the electorate. No elected party leader could possibly do it, you would need a dictator and he would have to be there for at least a generation. It is not going to happen.

    It would be necessary to completely abandon the current system of education and replace it with a wholly selective system. It would be necessary for the state to take a huge share of the economy to force the change that private enterprise will not enact either because it does not have the money or because it thinks on too short a timescale. It would be necessary to deny the people control over the budget, to largely dismantle the welfare system and force people to work if necessary for low wages, it would require stupendous investment in technologies of the future – spaceflight, synthetic biology, genetic modification, advanced nuclear power – none of which is likely with a dense and indolent populace.

    None of this is going to happen. Farage as PM even for four successive terms wouldn’t do it.

    We are a small, centrist, not terribly wealthy country addicted to welfare and an easy life. We do not want to take the hard decisions and we will not sacrifice today for a better tomorrow. It just won’t happen.

    We became Greece and America our Rome by 1940. Now America is Greece to China’s Rome and we are somewhere around Dacia. There’s no (plausible) going back.

    Sic transit gloria mundi.”

    He (or she) is reet tha knows…


    “Conservative pundit Ann Coulter said Attorney General Jeff Sessions’  “never should’ve recused himself” from the Russia investigation.
    “Now that we know TRUMP IS NOT UNDER INVESTIGATION, Sessions should take it back & fire Mueller,” she added.”

    Drain the swamp, Mr. President, before it drains you.

  13. illogical @ 23:26

    China rose to a peak (some might argue several times) and then declined. Now it is rising – again.

  14. Frank P 23.26

    Well spotted Frank and a very perceptive analysis.
    I fear that our own Decline and Fall is even worse than the writer surmises, after all it is being accelerated by a mass African and Islamic invasion the scale of which we cannot yet conceive.
    As you say, we won’t be here to see it, but our grand children will. Morally and intellectually disarmed, as they have been by the triumph of communism the destruction of civilisation is assured.

  15. Tsar of the Internet, Mr David Lindsay, is up in court today on an indictment of threats to kill.

  16. Frank P June 12th 23:26

    Mr Illogical makes some good points, but comes slightly unstuck at the end. He starts by saying that civilizations are stuck in the same pattern of decline and fall. The evidence certainly suggests so. By the end, however, he eyes are starting to swivel as he talks about an emerging creed known (tho’ he does not call it so) as transhumanism:

    “stupendous investment in technologies of the future – spaceflight, synthetic biology, genetic modification, advanced nuclear power”

    But as humanity’s powers expand, so does the potential gravity of their bad exercise. We would be entrusting to fallen, if hypereducated, human beings the risky decisions needed to retrieve us from the Fall. And there ain’t no retrieval from the Fall. That isn’t my Calvinist heritage surfacing, or a rallying call to the DUP. It is a matter of brute anthropological fact.

    Anyone who isn’t anti-politics at this stage of the game needs their head examined.

  17. @Frank P 12th – 23:26

    “we are somewhere around Dacia.”

    As in the ‘Duster’ presumably? 🙂

  18. Baron June 12th, 2017 – 17:10

    It’s a long story probably best left untold. But I am not such a stranger to your neck of the woods as you might suppose.

    I suppose Mr Boot was aware when he chose the painting for his article although he didn’t identify it.

    By the way, take a close look at the 1872 painting “Triumph” and particularly those little black blobs on poles. We are up against an ancient enemy who apart from the weapons hasn’t changed much. Alas we have. “Weak and wobbly” now covers far more ground in those who rule over us than Theresa Bloody May and I can’t see the teddy bears and tea lights UK producing a Sobieski or Vlad any time soon.

  19. We know shit happens, but …

    University warns over ‘inappropriate’ lavatory habits – blaming foreign students for defecating in the showers and dustbins

    Foreign students? It’s not the English is it? 🙂

    “An insider told the Daily Record that they ‘couldn’t imagine’ the bizarre problem as a place as high-tech as the TIC [Technology and Innovation Centre].
    They added: ‘The building houses some of the most intelligent brains int he world – yet they don’t appear to know how to use the toilet.”

  20. Ostrich (occasionally) 09:30

    Heh, heh, heh.

    Well … even Skoda was rescued by the Gerries, eventually (speaking of decline, fall – and rise again). Moreover, I thought that the Romanian President showed the right mettle when he met Trump the other day, so maybe they’ve learned a thing or two since their Dacian forebears fucked it up like our own idiots are doing. If indeed the Dacians did – my grammar school history teacher, back in the forties didn’t mention that segment of the past. Or if he did it was on one of those days when I played truant. 🙂
    And as far as I now, even the Colonel or Baron have not raised the subject of Dacia on CHW. I’m a Nissan man myself. Cheap, cheerful and reliable. And nippy – so to speak.

  21. Great piece on how to deal with our new Nazis the Islamofascists at Ruthless Truth:

  22. Andy Car Park (08:57)

    Perspicacious, as ever. As for your Parthian shot. Ain’t THAT right!?
    Problem is, short of a popular rising, they have us by the nuts. And I’m less than certain that the great band of erstwhile football ‘ooligans, even with the tooled up Chelsea contingent, could maintain the necessary discipline involved – not even with me hobbling up behind with grandad’s pitchfork and you with your WBGTDWI banner.

  23. See mine June 12 at 18.28

    Ruth Davidson : not an MP; not a member of a devolved administration:elected to Scottish parliament by 10% of potential voters:supports Single Market and immigration.

  24. Bill Bobbs (13:00)

    I’ve forwarded Moloney’s link to Henry Bellingham and advised him to hand it directly to our so-called PM and suggest that Moloney’s sentiments are widespread, particularly in NW Norfolk where Henry got a fifteen grand or so majority.

  25. Frank P – Thank your for your kind words. Good to find you and the forum still in robust form, right down to the Peter Mullen and John Moloney links. Good men and both criminally underpublicised.

  26. “Andy Car Park
    June 13th, 2017 – 08:40
    Tsar of the Internet, Mr David Lindsay”

    Intriguing – Is that our David Lindsay?


    Soon, soon?

    Just what is this Arlene Foster playing at?

  28. Islamization of Europe: Erdogan’s New Muslim Political Network
    by Yves Mamou
    June 11, 2017 at 1:00 am

    “What is notable is that France’s new Muslim party, the Equality and Justice Party (PEJ), is an element of a network of political parties built by Turkey’s President Erdogan and AKP to influence each country of Europe, and to influence Europe through its Muslim population.

    What is their program? The classic one for an Islamic party: abolishing the founding secularist law of 1905, which established the separation of church and state; mandatory veils for schoolgirls; and community solidarity (as opposed to individual rights) as a priority. All that is wrapped in the not-so-innocent flag of the necessity to “fight against Islamophobia”, a concept invented to shut down the push-back of all people who might criticize Islam before they can even start.

    “[The Islamist party’s] purpose is to conquer the world, not just have a mandate. Its mechanics were already established…. Islamists took power in the name of democracy, then suspended democracy by using their power…. Convert the clothes, the body, the social links, the arts, nursing homes, schools, songs and culture, then, they just wait for the fruit to fall in the turban… An Islamist party is an open trap: you cannot let it in. If you refuse it, your country switches to a dictatorship, but if you accept it, you are at risk of submission….” — Kamel Daoud, Algerian writer, in Le Point, 2015.”

  29. Marshal Roberts (16:19)

    John Major should retreat to his Norfolk pad and STFU. Most of our current problems can be traced back to the post Thatcher period when he was handed the levers of power for a disastrous twofer. I’ve only one word to say to that bespectacled, wannabe (failed) bus conductor with grey face and phantom moustache: Maastricht!

    If that doesn’t chase him indoors, then how about Curry? External underpants?? Fuck off you jumped-up little philandering bank clerk!!

  30. Frank P June 13th, 2017 – 16:40


    Major’s lasting legacy to this country was to serve as the proto-nanny doorman who ushered in Blair and the New Labour Terror, the consequences of which we are still mired in and struggling with. He was bequeathed a jewel but passed on a turd.

  31. May gathers Cabinet ahead of make-or-break talks with DUP
    Apparently austerity is over.
    Thank goodness for that.
    Not sure who I have to send the bills to yet but I’m off down to the Land Rover garage .
    Not too sure about the shape of the new discovery but I assume the wife Will like it.
    We’ll have one of them, and I quite like the Shogan so will have one of them as well , we can do the new kitchen as well now we are flush with cash not quite sure where it comes from but no point in worrying about that .
    The good times are here , let’s get out and spend .

  32. `BILD shows the documentary which ARTE does not want to show` : on anti-Semitism in Europe .

    In German,with some text that can be translated.

    Available today 13 June till midnight Berlin time.

  33. A brake-down of voting patterns in General Election from `youguv`.

  34. The Times: Inmates watching ‘porn’ at inadequate youth prison

    I suppose inadequate youth have to do something to pass the time. 🙂

  35. Steam image : North Yorks. Moors Railway.

  36. And again on the schematic and fallacious nature of the notion that every nation peaks and then declines, Israel comes to mind. Here is a nation that was scattered to the four winds in AD70 but manage to hold itself together without a state until 1948.

  37. This link was one of the gems within the latest Woodpile report ( qv – never disappoints):

    It is a devastating exposé and rebuttal of the climate change scam – the worst scandal ever to disgrace the global political slime in general and the scientific community in particular.

    I hope Mark Steyn cites the film in defence of the bogus litigation against him by the egregious Michael Mann and that it is circulated as widely as Al Gore’s bullshit propaganda film in support of the crooked IPCC.

    I’m not sure where and when it was broadcast, it is over an hour in duration, but every minute is worthy of your rapt attention. If it has been linked here previously, forgive me because, if so, I missed it.

  38. Btw: my sub title for the film is, “It Wuz the Sun Wot Did It – (and Maggie Thatcher who inadvertantly kicked off the swindle).

  39. My apologies, I just watched to credits again – it was a Channel 4 production written by Martin Durkin.

  40. So our gorgeous Shadow Home Secretary has sent in her sick note.

    Interesting that her excuse matches the PM’s excuse for her Snowden moment of madness.

  41. Incidentally I use the adjective Galloway advisedly.

  42. Gold Again

    “Some readers might express disbelief at the prospect of a gold price of $20,000 on any relevant time-frame. I would advise these readers rather to express their disbelief at how the Federal Reserve has grown the money supply by such a colossal amount since president Nixon closed the gold window in 1971. All that we have done here is to run the numbers as they are.
    The alternative to revaluing gold to the levels discussed here is to force an outright contraction of the US broad or possibly even narrow money supply, which would wreak havoc with the banking system and economy, exactly the opposite of what is needed to restore a degree of monetary stability not only to the US but also to the global economy.”

    John Butler – The Golden Revolution – Revisited

  43. “Quintili Vare, legiones redde! ”

    And here is an update on Venezuela for those who have been starved of news by the MSN:

    To avoid Venezuelisation of the United Kingdom, I think we must try to persuade Nigel Farage to rebuild UKIP into a new party with a comprehensive political agenda,but including BREXIT.

    A main plank in this platform would be the reduction of the proportion of muslims n to no more than about 3% of the general population – and if this means encouraging the European element of our people to make love not war, together with acceptance of a vigorous policy of subsidized repatriation to Islam, so be it.

    Serendipity caused me to watch an online documentary on the Clades Variana. No simple parallel threatened here with our own national predicament, but similar theme which give pause. The Romans were engaged in the early stages of bringing Germany into the Empire as a Roman Province, which involved building and inhabiting new towns with a mix of roman citizens and local barbarians: cultural assimilation if you will. The German tribes allied with Rome, and candidates for this assimilation, turned on the Romans once they were strong enough and in so doing turned their backs on cultural enrichment and destroyed the three legions under the command of the lawyer and politician, Varus. The frontier of the Roman Empire was moved back to the Rhine until the First and Second World Wars carved it into our sensibility.

  44. Further to my 01:57 et seq., regarding the global warming film; before I turned in I discovered that the film was in fact shot in 2007 and that it suffered some heavy duty criticism at the time for its bias and indeed one of the scientists interviewed denounced it as containing deliberate inaccuracies. Martin Durking seems to have a somewhat checkered political history and after all, it was Channel 4 – hardly a fount of conservative wisdom. See:

    Nonetheless, whatever Durkin’s motivation, the general thrust of the documentary seems to have been justified in the interim as people like Anthony Watts, Mark Steyn, Delingpole and many others have continued to substantiate the case against the scam.

    Btw: this appeared on 13th June and is a cri de coeur:

    In the cause of objectivity I feel I should put the record straight. And now that I have stirred the sludge in the bottom of my memory sump I do remember that there was something of a hoo hah a decade ago about the film when we were engaged on our previous platform/s. Just sayin’.

    Doesn’t time fly!!? I can understand why Anthony Watts is in need of a sabbatical. One of the heroes of our time. Kudos to The Donald for pulling out of the Paris Accord rip off.

  45. @Frank P 13th – 12:44

    “Well … even Skoda was rescued by the Gerries,”

    Funny how what goes around comes around. When Adolph invaded Czecho in 1938 his tanks were crap, although a few of the respectable Pz Kw III were starting to come off the production line. Anyway, his military bods were most impressed with the Czech tanks and immediately adopted them into the Wehrmcht as th Pz Kw 38 … made by Skoda! And they were still using that chassis, with differing armaments cobbled onto the top of it, right until the end of the war!

  46. Andy Car Park
    June 12th, 2017 – 17:15

    Andy my old mucker, what have you Limeys done?
    You had it all and you blew it. Shame on you. You should all have fought like Geoffrey Cox, my aunt’s MP.
    And now you gone and scared off Donald.
    Your whole country has become a boondoggle. We all thought down here in the Bible Belt that Theresa was another Maggie and that she and Donald would take on the world. But she is a busted flush my son. And without major effort you will all be chips.

  47. Britain is in a mess and it needs a national leader. Theresa May is simply not that person
    And unfortunately nor is anybody else . We seem to have the most incompetent group of politicians I’ve ever seen in my lifetime , and that’s saying something .

  48. So cladding a building makes it a fire hazard, that should help sales. !!!

  49. Wallsters seem gobsmacked after last night’s disaster: the comeuppance as a result of 1970s building policies of the culture warriors hell-bent on accommdating the multi-culti immigration vote garnering. As one who augured such tragedies resulting from these death traps, the only thing that surprises me is that it has taken so long. The policy of recently cladding these human anthills with combustible materials to ‘upgrade’ them, should go down in the annals of infamy. Will we ever be informed about the truth of the start of this conflagration? I doubt it! The partisan political mob are already out in full force, point scoring. Christ – that Corbynski runt is a detestable little barsteweird.

  50. As for the ‘Mayor of London’, Ayatollah Karl Marx Khan …..!!!

  51. John Jefferson Burns

    Today is not a good time to smugly fire salvos from your side of the Pond buddy.

    Fuck off and deal with your own cultural deficiences! There is endemic s.o.h. failure around this Royal Throne of Kings.

  52. John Birch (14:39)

    No doubt it was approved by a Common Purpose committee meeting of local partners ‘leading beyond authority’, that decided the anthills need a face-lift to herald the new socialist awakening. We wouldn’t want Notting Dale to become England’s equivalent to the Paris banlieues, would we?

  53. No sprinklers, no smoke alarms, no fire extinguishers?

  54. Baron 1635

    “Management company ‘aware of previous concerns’

    In a statement, Kensington and Chelsea Tenant Management Organisation, which runs the council’s homes and has been a target for criticism by some residents, acknowledged concerns had previously been raised. It said:

    It is too early to speculate what caused the fire and contributed to its spread. We will cooperate fully with all the relevant authorities in order to ascertain the cause of this tragedy.

    We are aware that concerns have been raised historically by residents. We always take all concerns seriously and these will form part of our forthcoming investigations. While these investigations continue with our cooperation, our core priority at the moment is our residents”

  55. An architect neighbour says that there must have been negligence in maintenance.
    All flats now are fire sealed but maintenance companies break the seals to lay pipes etc and then cut costs by not renewing the fire seals.

  56. “It said: “The Grenfell Action Group believe that the KCTMO narrowly averted a major fire disaster at Grenfell Tower in 2013 when residents experienced a period of terrifying power surges that were subsequently found to have been caused by faulty wiring.

    “We believe that our attempts to highlight the seriousness of this event were covered up by the KCTMO with the help of the RBKC Scrutiny Committee who refused to investigate the legitimate concerns of tenants and leaseholders.

    “We have blogged many times on the subject of fire safety at Grenfell Tower and we believe that these investigations will become part of damning evidence of the poor safety record of the KCTMO should a fire affect any other of their properties and cause the loss of life that we are predicting.”

  57. Kensington and Chelsea Tenant Management Organisation (KCTMO) – the company which manages the tower block.

  58. Theresa May’s new chief of staff is facing serious questions in the aftermath of the devastating Grenfell Tower fire in west London after it emerged he delayed a review into fire safety in high-rise apartments.

    Gavin Barwell, who was the housing minister before last week’s election, took up the role of chief of staff to the prime minister after losing his Croydon constituency seat to Labour.

    The review had been ordered by the All-Party Parliamentary Fire Safety & Rescue Group following the deaths of six people in a blaze at a high-rise building in Camberwell, southeast London

  59. And what were disabled people doing living on the upper floors.
    This is showing all the bad things of flooding the country with immigrants.
    But Christ alive, surely someone could have foreseen the possibility of fire leaping up the outside of buildings if the cladding is combustible.

  60. Marshal Roberts – 17:11

    Regulations or not, if this is a valid joining together of the facts [and I don’t know any of the details in this case], it is misconduct of some sort as the refurbishment was only recently done:

    London fire: Grenfell Tower ‘renovated with deadly cladding’
    Online records indicate contractor Harley Facades Limited installed “over-cladding with ACM cassette rainscreen” at Grenfell Tower.
    ACM stands for aluminium composite material, which is the same combustible product blamed for fuelling nearly a dozen major high-rise fires globally in the past decade, including in Melbourne in 2014.

    One person was killed and another six people injured in Roubaix, France, in 2012 after Mermoz Tower was refurbished with flammable cladding.

    I have searched for ACM and found this, which sounds definitive, but below there is an Australian reference to an A1 standard, with a pdf, which I will put in the next post:

    There are 2 kinds of fireproof aluminum composite panel, B1 class and [the more fire retardant] A2 class.

    “For A2 class fireproof aluminum composite panel, it Contains 88% – 90% of the flame retardant,the main ingredients are aluminium hydroxide (Al(OH)3) and magnesium hydroxide (Mg(OH)2); it can be catched on fire after [not 5 minutes, but] 20 minutes, and the fire will extinguish at once when the fire leave the panels.”

    Maybe the regulations need tightening, but anyone working in that line of work ought to be up to date with current information.

    If the recladding of the building’s exterior was to improve insulation, in the fight against Climate Change which, as we all know, is more of a threat than terrorism, will we ever find out why it happened?

  61. On a different subject : Shetland ponies.

  62. John birch.
    June 14th, 2017 – 17:31

    We are going to see much shutting of the stable door now that the horse has bolted.

  63. “One person was killed and another six people injured in Roubaix, France, in 2012 after Mermoz Tower was refurbished with flammable cladding.

  64. So was not the Kensington cladding done after that.

  65. In the body of the page, on this AUSTRALIAN site:

    Extensive test data has been produced in laboratories with testing finally completed in Australia by the CSIRO which confirms ALCADEX A1 as a non-combustible material.

    And near the foot of the page:
    ‘Alcadex A1 – 4mm Fireproof Aluminium Composite Panel with PVDF coating may be used where non-combustible materials are required, as specified by part C1.12 of the Building Code of Australia.’

    We don’t yet know to what standard, if any, the cladding was in the Grenfell Tpwer fire, and I haven’t found what the Australian standard mentioned is, or definitively whether it was defined and manufactured early enough to be used at Grenfell Tower but, in any case, the dangers should have been known.

  66. Marshal Roberts – 18:27

    I think so: I think the Grenfell Tower refurbishment was done within that last couple of years or so. And one would have thought that this sort of information would be circulated in the professional journals pretty rapidly, worldwide.

    The Australians must have been working on it after 2014, mustn’t they, after their fire and with money spent on developing a higher spec (A1 should be 🙂 ), they should have been advertising their new product in world markets so, even if the product might not have been available, the dangers should have been known.

    Non-compliant cladding fuelled Melbourne apartment tower fire, MFB finds
    The fire began on a balcony of the eighth floor of the Lacrosse Apartments on November 25, 2014, and spread quickly to the top of the building.

  67. Aluminium is very reactive, but a very thin layer of Aluminum Oxide quickly forms on solid surfaces, and this is very inert. This why Aluminium is as safe as it is.

    However, finely powdered Aluminum or Aluminium dust is combustible in air and present a serious combustion explosion hazard.

    Most Aluminum alloys melt at around 600C to 660C, for Aluminium it’s 660C. When molten, there would be an ever changing surface area, so this might be of some interest when considering what might happen to a very tall wall clad with a thin layer of aluminium that has caught fire near its base. The taller the wall, the higher the possible temperature, I would expect.

  68. Faint echos from the WTC one suspects. The road to hell is paved with good intentions … and corrupt non-implementation of building and fire regs.

    Let’s hope the bravery of the LFB first responders has kept the carnage to a minimum.

    A rerun of ‘Towering Inferno’ might wake up some of the bent bureaucrats from local and central government.

    And perhaps future depopulation by controlled immigration might be implemented rather than culling by fire, post factum.

  69. I don’t mean this to be a run of the mill rant but for a long time now I have been concerned about the quality of our alleged leaders, in government or business they really don’t seem to be up to the job.
    The pay seems to have gone up while the quality of the people seems to have come down.
    If this fire had happened in India or China we would have Shook our heads and said oh well that’s the third world .
    But this was in London, where endless numbers of people sit on endless numbers of
    meetings talking endlessly about anything to justify their job.
    We as a country really are in a mess.

  70. What on earth is still burning in that tower block

  71. John birch.
    June 14th, 2017 – 19:44

    Yes, John.
    I am beginning to feel very unsure of the worth and direction of my leaders and my country.
    The performance of the Government since last June has been woeful. The nonsensical election capped this. The recent terrorist attacks have questioned the security of the nation. And now this.
    Do you think Australia will have us?

  72. John Birch/Marshal Roberts

    If it continues thus, The Donald will add us to his list of countries banned from entering the US because of our non-existent security protocols.

    Never in the field of human conflict has so much been owed TO so many BY so few.
    It could be corrected, but not without an adult taking charge. Colonel Kemp? Or maybe Colonel Mustard?

    At the moment Colonel Bogey is being played in the background. And the same to you!

    Meanwhile OTP the peasants are revolting and Nancy Pelosi has once again proved that she should be sectioned. Vlad must be sitting in his enclave shoulders heaving Ted Heath style:

  73. John birch. – 19:44
    Marshal Roberts – 20:11

    Here’s something to brighten your day:
    Tory MPs will ‘pull the pin’ on hand grenade if they feel Theresa May betrays Brexit

    I think we, those of us who just on with the task in hand that has been agreed, are still being overwhelmed by misdirected experts ‘influencing beyond their responsibilities and capabilities’.

    Take away the northern fish wife, Nick Clegg, Tim Farron (he has just resigned the Lib Dem leadership) and focus on what needs to be done. The problem with this is that it never makes the MSM and we are left in the dark. However, the secret is never to give up.

    Winston Churchill:
    If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without bloodshed;
    if you will not fight when your victory is sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival.
    There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.

    We are still only just in the second stage 🙂

  74. John birch. – 19:44
    Marshal Roberts – 20:11
    Frank P – 21:31

    Trump has been going through some stormy seas. I don’t know how he manages it.

    Anyway, here are some more positive signs that should not only encourage us but discourage our enemies:
    Britain would be ‘£156 billion a year better off WITHOUT a deal with EU’

    We knew about it all along, but we like to be reminded! 🙂

  75. And another! It’s the right sort of noise from North of the border (even though I don’t know the details 🙂 ):

    TheTimes: Fishing must be a red line in Brexit, Davidson warns
    Ruth Davidson has told Theresa May that the government must not trade away any fishing rights in the Brexit negotiations. The Scottish Conservative leader made the protection of fishing one of her red-line issues as far as Brexit is concerned.

  76. America’s 2nd Civil War

    A caller in the second hour of Wednesday’s Alex Jones Show points out that the gun attack on Republican politicians at a baseball field in Washington DC occurred on Donald Trump’s birthday.

    If you want real news, go to:

  77. ‘Frank P
    June 14th – 19:33

    Faint echos from the WTC one suspects.’

    I am inclined to agree – and was my first reaction, when seeing that the whole Goddamn building was on fire! In these affairs nowadays my principle is ‘guilty until proved innocent’.

  78. Frank P, Wasn’t the West Way stretch somewhere where you used to enforce lawn-order? Just some dwindling memory from your memoirs back at the old place. Grenfell Tower can’t have been far from 10 Rillington Place (or the rest of Rillington Place, come to that).

  79. Andy Car Park (09:13)

    Indeed, but don’t get me going. I’m only hanging on to my sanity by a thread; my teeth worn down to the gums from gnashing and ranting and the memory sump bubbling like a witch’s cauldron, emitting curses on heads and bollocks* of successive self-serving administrations who have sold our country up the river. Infamy, infamy; they all had it infamy.

    The blight caused by the Westway extension is one of the causes of much social and cultural vandalism in this country. But as I pleaded … don’t get me going. You’ve heard it all before, ad nauseam.

    I can’t even cut and paste some of the earlier reminiscences I bored you all with during the past 15 years or so; having foolishly converted to Windows 10, my files have all become buried in its opaque mish-mash of ‘intuitive’ retrieval systems.

    * I’m still searching for any sign of those to curse. Not a pair in sight since the winter of 1990.

  80. Could any of you statistical experts inform us about the incidence of ‘exploding’ refrigerators in the UK (or, indeed, anywhere else). Never came across one of those in my long stint of public service, nor seen one reported since.

  81. Frank P at 16.58

    London Fire Brigade reports modern fridges are high fire risk.

  82. What is Britain coming to:
    ‘We want a MILLION on the streets’ Labour’s John McDonnell urges UPRISING to take down May

    Most unparliamentary!

  83. The esoteric shenanigans going on in Washington D.C. seem to go back to the Logan Act of 1799.
    Only two people have been charged under this , in 1803 and 1852, and nobody convicted.
    In 1852 Jonas P. Levy became the 2nd.-and,so far,last- American to be charged with this.
    The Logan Act has lived on,but only as a political threat used by partisans.
    Michael Flynn was accused of violating the Act of 1799 for his communications with the Russian ambassador.

    SEE :

  84. Radford NG (17:44)

    Thanks very much. Interesting info and some good tips. Needs wider circulation than in a trade journal selling trip-switches – perhaps the MSM should pick it up, but no doubt they wouldn’t want to upset the white goods advertisers.

  85. Freds getting close, he’s nearly got it.

  86. A comment following Mark Steyn’s article The Seduction of Violence:

    “John Saunders (UK) • Jun 15, 2017 at 13:36
    If Lenin could miraculously return to our time (probably from Hades), I think he would be extremely impressed that Marxist/Bolshevik ideology is still being pursued in the 21st Century, assuming he would still have a conscious memory of his life. Never mind that the USSR folded up or appeared to collapse; other instruments like the EU, climate change, mass migration with violence, feminism, hate speech, hate crime and Islam, have
    all risen like a new collective ‘ Phoenix ‘ to menace mankind and free, rational societies. Mark Steyn talks about the left’s love of violence. It is not new. Lenin described the philosophy of violence thus: “Violence itself is NOT an evil. In the hands of socialists it is a progressive force!” The early 20th century Russian Communists were not interested in promoting their creed by just the spoken word. NO. Their belief was to encourage every kind of upset and uncertainty; encourage immorality, apathy,self-loathing, moral relativism appeasement and malignant narcissism, within the minds of their enemies. I am afraid to say that it has worked and continues to work, gradually boring in and eating into the very fabric of western
    consciousness and culture. As regards to Islam, this is simply regarded by the left as a ‘proxy’ organisation to attack western democracies. “My enemy’s enemy is my friend”. (a term unfortunately coined by by
    Prime Minister Winston Churchill). We often hear from enlightened pundits on facebook or the alternative media, that people (silent majority) are waking up to what is going on. Really??. How many are waking up?
    Obviously not enough! Much of the electorate in Western countries are still voting for politicians and their ideas,which hinder radical change and prevent the real truth being spoken. Jeremy Corbin, Teresa May,
    Nicola Sturgeon come to mind. In the twilight of human civilization, are we all destined to go through and experience more dystopias, like those seen in the 20th Century. Sadly Yes. Why is there no revolution?

    Many are looking the other way, watching television. People who see what is really happening prefer to believe it is not really happening. Many people are too tired and exhausted by life’s problems to stand up and take notice. Moreover they are too frightened because they know that anyone who speaks the truth will be arrested. Being violent does not necessarily get you arrested; Being a victim of violence does get you arrested especially if you stand up to it. Rationality and logic are concepts that are rapidly disappearing.

    Cognitive Disonance is the name of the game.”

  87. I have just found out that Cameron was once asked the meaning of ‘Magna Carta’ on American television – and he didn’t know. What a chump. He probably thought it meant Big Society.

    Mogadon May is a waste of space and a bat-winged she-devil to boot, but Cameron really plumbed unsurpassed depths of uselessness.

  88. @Andy Car Park 16th – 08:55

    So who would you rather have in government … meddling, incompetent tw*ts like Blair and Brown, malign, malicious tw*ts like Corbyn and McDonnell or simple, bumbling incompetents who try to progress in generally the right direction?

  89. Ostrich (occasionally) (09:54)

    How ’bout: “None of the above!”

    But of then comes the next question – where among the “democratic” nations of this spinning heap of gas, water and shite is there an administration that doesn’t fall roughly into one of the three categories you citied?

    And all of them are there at the behest of a majority of hoi polloi – the electorate that took the trouble to vote. And it is likely that everybody that voted subliminally did so to have someone to blame for their own frailties, shortcomings and failures.

    So who would volunteer to become a politician, other than one of the myriad grades of idiots who think they can change and improve the lot of of homo sapiens sapiens, or the myriad grades of villains who have devious plans to exploit its vulnerabilities?

    Finally, as “every political career ends in failure” – WTF?

    ‘Twas ever thus and ever will be. 🙂

  90. Andy Car Park – 08:55

    It is quite likely that Cameron could have translated it, directly, from Latin, even if he wasn’t aware of the well known historical document. He should have done a year or two of Latin at school. Ita vero!

    He probably feigned ignorance to avoid highlighting his expensive education, which doesn’t improve intelligence at all, as one can see.

    May did screw up the election for the Tory Party, but she shows every sign of keeping the promise that Cameron made to the People of Britain, and, if that is true, knocking her won’t help Brexit.

    If the rest of the Tory Party, and members of both Houses, had any honour, they would not have driven her to call an election:

    Cameron Flashback : “I Will Give This Cast-Iron Guarantee”

    Clegg’s Single Market Delusion


  91. Leave means “Leaving Single Market”

    Jenkin: Morgan And Soubry Pack It In Or Corbyn Will Be PM

  92. And my favourite 🙂 :
    When Clegg told people to accept the referendum result and “move on”

  93. Last Friday, the Russian Defense Ministry said that the Russian airstrike with SU-34s and 35s carried out on May 28 allegedly killed about 30 mid-level field commanders, up to 300 militants of their personal security, also the ISIL’s leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi when the lot were attending a military council south of Raqqa. The news and location of the meeting was obtained by a mole in May.

    No mention of the news in the MSM here.

  94. RobertRetyred @ 15:09, 15:09

    Someone in the Government should take the brexit issue by the horns, Robert, tell everyone there isn’t, there won’t be a soft, or a hard boiled or any other Brexit, there’s just ‘Brexit’, a complete de-coupling from the Brussels claws, fullstop.

  95. Frank P @ 14:55

    The great Mark is making a similar point on Tucker, Frank, see below, what neither one has touched on are two things.

    The Left resorts to violence because they have no argument to make, they avoid debating because they have no rational base from which to debate, if they did get into seriously examining, dissecting, concluding on any of the issues they feel so ‘violently’ about they would lose, it’s much easier to take the high moral ground, label people with living epitaphs designed to shut them up.

    The other point has always puzzled Baron, he cannot rationalise it. Why is it people are quite easy about dictatorships of the Left, can live easily with individuals amongst them displaying images of Left wing oppression e.g. the hammer and sickle, the face of Che, the Red Flag, but recoil at any time (say) the swastika gets into their face?

    Not only have the Left tyrannies killed more innocent people of the opposition, they killed more of their own innocent people, yet for some unexplained reason the masses seem to be either ignorant of it, or think that killing in the name of a Left i.e. a people’s labeled creed is acceptable.

  96. Frank P @ 12:03

    One single measure that could help to address the current stalemate of politics (not fully solve it though) is proportional representation, Frank, the change you and many others oppose.

    For anyone to go into politics under the current FPTP system is to be almost totally subservient to the centre, or rather the current leader of one of the two stagnant, vacuous of new ideas and fetid parties that have the money, the organisational structures, but above all, the benefit of the past when the system worked OK because the unwashed fell into two opposing ideological camps – labour and capital.

    It made alot of sense to have the FPTP system even though it often (particularly after WW2) led to an abrupt change in major policies, thus a massive waste of resources.

    Today, the country no longer splits into the two major ideological segments, the ownership of assets is largely dispersed amongst the unwashed in the form of pensions, savings, unit trusts, mutual trusts ownerships, the unions have no longer the power they used to have, sub-contracting, self-employment, part-time have become widespread.

    The country segments by different criteria, hence the difficulty for both Labour and the Tories on (say) on Europe, each has a pro and anti Europe division (and the same goes for other issues). There isn’t one single denominator that would unite either of the two parties except perhaps the dislike for each other.

    Anyone with new ideas, the ability to convince, the ambition to go into politics knows that as things are he or she can only succeed if he or she backs whoever the current leader is. This, however, may compromise the individual in the future, he may no longer be able to carry out what he or she intended to do in the first instance.

    Why would anyone ever want to enter politics today seeing that 4mn votes may deliver nothing unless one joins one of the two parties with safe seats aplenty, the two parties that have grown monochromatic, stale, unresponsive to the people’s real needs, the two parties that have benefitted those who are willing to say ‘yes. sir, yes, sir’ to whoever is in charge?

    Only a weak of mind with no self-respect, or someone immoral who intends to fill his pockets would do it, and does.

  97. Andy Car Park @ 08:55

    In a sense, Andy, it does mean ‘the Big Society’ except one made up of free, self-standing, confident individuals, not the one we have today – a mass of watched over unwashed that either labour close to six months each year for the Treasury, or depend on the handouts from it.

  98. On Sunday thousands of hate-filled Muslim demonstrators waving terrorist banners and calling for a final solution to the Jewish question will march through London.

    So much for our unity in the face of terror!

  99. John birch. @ 19:28

    Very hard hitting, John, but whether one likes it or not, there’s no turning back, we’re stuck with it, our only option is to keep working at it because things are going to get considerably worse when the overpopulation of sub-Saharan Africa spills over. And spill it will.

  100. Bill Bobbs @ 18:12

    Banners inciting to violence should be banned, people displaying them arrested, charged, violent behaviour stopped, dealt with likewise, but if we are to have freedom of speech & assembly, Bill, the demonstrators should march as much as they want to, no?

  101. You may like to read the postings, the piece is ridiculous, Fraser cannot help it, he thinks the Left will forgive him for penning stuff for the old Australian.

  102. Baron (18:20)

    No, Baron. The right to bring Central London to a standstill at the drop of a hat, is not what ‘the right to free speech and assembly’ entails. Particularly to facilitate the Corbynistas’ crocodile tears and faux outrage to further the commie advance in what will surely be another election with a few weeks.

    The rabble rousing efforts of the BBC (aka Agitprop) are egregious. Fucking scum! And all this while fireman, policeman and other investigators are putting life and limb in danger to get to the charred remains on the site of this tragic accident to make forensic sense of it: they are being harassed and haranged by organised rent-a-mob agitators who want to make political capital out of a major fire incident. And the weak wankers currently in charge of the police are faciltating the agitators.

    The bravery of the sharp end of the emergency services is what the media should focus upon. And the generosity of people donating supplies and offering succour and accommodation.

    The reasons and rationale of why this disaster occurred and who was responsible for the deficiences of building, fire and other safety regulations is for the promised public inquiry. The media can oversee that process – and so can the cybersphere. But shit-stirrers who want to bring the Metropolis to a standstill for partisan purposes should be sorted, forthwith. I doubt that any grieving relative is not aware of the fate of their loved ones at this time. Those that are not in hospital and among those who managed to exit the building alive, perished in the fire. Haranging the Prime Minister will not bring them back. That is the message that a responsible media would transmit.

    Culpability, appropriate sanctions and punishments can be attributed and meted out when all the facts are known. In the meantime take advantage of the largesse of generous Londoners and STFU.

  103. The Special Counsel Bob Mueller has hired twelve more lawyers to assist him in fhe ‘Russian Collusion’ probe, aka “The Chief Crocodile and the Dirty Dozen Shysters Boondoggle”. Clean the swamp my arse! More like increase the croc. population. 🙂

    Donald is not just pissin’ agin the wind. He’s facing an ever rising tsunami of bullshit. There will be (more) blood!

    UDI for Norfolk!

  104. Steyn’s brilliant pensmanship once again produces a Pulitzer Prize contender:

    The research, the insight, the wordcraft – all superlative. He is without doubt the literary guv’nor of our benighted era.

  105. I’d like to hear mays opinion of Emily as she leaves that interview, spitting fire and kill the bitch I would imagine. Or much worse.

  106. Dick Morris on the Chief Crocodile:

  107. Further to my (16:58) & (20:59) and Mark Steyn at (21:44); Alex Boot at his best weighs in:

    Another antidote to the ‘Dianafication’. Brilliant.

  108. Frank P @ 22:58

    Dick Morris makes sense, Frank, it has been obvious to anyone but the dimwitted that the Special Prosecutor Mueller is after Trump, throwing Russia into the process was convenient, but unless the FBI could fake a case of collusion (it seems they’ve unable to) it was a dead end. Obstruction of justice could be much easier to prove, and it could be enough for the Democratic fuckwits to get the impeachment ball rolling.

    The new criminal investigation suggested by the judge Napolitano should have been on since the story of the meeting broke, but it wasn’t. If it gets under way, it will be a job for another Special Prosecutor. Just as well the Americans have more lawyers than common sense.

  109. Archbishop Cranmer with a measured take on the Towering Inferno and its political aftermath:

    Yet another seminal piece to weigh against the mob hysteria.

  110. Frank P @ 23:37

    Pretty good, Frank, but to blame the Left, and the cumryd specifically for the building’s fire disaster may be over the top.

    The idea of the high rise buildings after the WW2 wasn’t just the policy of the Left, both parties bought it, many who moved in didn’t object to it either, finding it better than some of the slumps they inhabited before. It turned out it wasn’t the most brilliant solution, but to see it as a tool of control? Hmmm, one can control people living in council accommodation of the old, cannot one?

  111. Baron (23:43)


  112. John birch @ 22:53

    The worse would be probably the best, John.

  113. Putin saying the Russians never interfere in another country is about as believable as when the Americans say their objective in the world is to install democracy, ensure peace, spread love.

    One can see a solid rationale (Baron does) behind the Deep State strategy of demonising Putin, you must be bored with it now, but the explanation fits events well.

    Putin’s take on things the progressives (of which the DEEp State is but an executive branch) is the antitheses of theirs on the family, the sovereignty of a state, the countries’ borders, immigration, gender fluidity, the rainbow society and all the other stuff so dear to the anointed. If Trump were to get to bed with Putin it would seriously dent the progressives’ project, perhaps even totally derail it.

    They have neither a cohesive plan to deal with the spread of mainstream Islam. They must know it cannot seamlessly merge with the secularity of the West, but if not what else can be done? Why not to divert the attention from this inability to act by finding a proxy enemy?

    Thirdly, they know the US military need an overhaul, most of the gear they deploy was designed in the 70s and 80s, it’s top quality, but it doesn’t incorporate the latest, even if some of it got modernised it’s still the old design essentially.

    The rearmament will cost money, the American unwashed will have to pay for it, and they haven’t had a rise in the real wage in the last couple of decades (hence the election of Trump with his promises of jobs).

    One can hardly make an argument for spending trillion of bucks if the enemy were to be the jihadists, they are equipped with AK-47s, make bombs at home from fertiliser. Step forward the Russians who scrapped the hard military crap of the past, used some of their oil money to re-equip the Armed Services.

    All in all, what the Deep State is trying to accomplish makes sense provided one buys the project of re-engineering the West. Trump is just a potential demolisher of the project, it’s either he goes or the project does because people in countries other than the Republic may begin to revolt, too.

  114. Apologies, the rant @ 00.33 (that you’ve heard many times before) was an answer to this clip:

    And sorry for the unintentional e errors, everywhere.

  115. Frank P – 23:03
    ‘Is there any truth in this rumour?’

    What’s true?
    That there is a rumour.

  116. We have witnessed endless child rape by You Know Who and child murder by You Know Who but public protest is either blacked out by the media or demonised as a hate crime.

    Thank God for Mark Steyn’s piece above.

    Why is this incident being Dianified.

    I think we all know the answer. Did the child rape victims get the sort of money Theresa May is throwing about today? Of course not.

  117. I am actually glad that Mrs May didn’t win because look at how things turned out.

    The dementia tax has been thrown in the bin and the Tories are xxxxing themselves. They now have to, er, think about their own natural voters. If only they had done that in the first place.

    Peter Hitchens warns that we will in all likelihood now see a Corbyn premiership. Frightening times.

  118. Baron (23:57)

    Heh, heh, heh! I didn’t really expect you to cut Alex any slack, but he’s right about the predominately left bias for state-owned housing and he’s also right about the Corbusier thread. I watched the architectural vandalism of London in general and Notting Dale in particular from very close quarters and its effect on the social fabric of London – in conjunction with the untrammelled immigration which triggered it.
    His cruel analysis is entirely justified. The first multi-storey monstrosity was Camden Tower at Notting Hill Gate and the next in Paddington, both comparatively low-rise by today’s towering monstrosities now engulfing one the most historic cityscapes in the world . From then on it was was all uphill, so to speak. Concrete ant-hills of both communism and commerce. His portrayal of Comrade Corbynsky’s exploitation of this latest disaster is spot-on.

    And if you knit John Birch’s June 15th, 2017 – 19:28 post (Fred’s latest broadside) into the matrix of cause and effect it adds to the apparently unpalatable substance.
    Your own comment on that one was spot-on!

    We should not give an inch to the sinistral evil that currently pervades the geopolitical game; it’s manifestations are immensely complex. We have a new generation of the little brainwashed bastards bearing down on us. I fear the next election will hand the levers of power to their puppeteers.

    The 1958 ‘race-riots’ started within pissing distance (literally) of this inferno. It was about criminal territory then, not race. I was there. Now it’s about territory, religion – and race and treasonous policies. It’s also about invasion and submission. Cue Dickie Mottram.

    Princedale Road, also adjacent to this tragedy, was inhabited by local yokels with a family history of petty crime and a couple of brothels. Now it has been gentrified and contains terraced houses that fetch between £2m to £5m and are mainly owned by the Russki kleptocracy. It was also the location of Colin Jordan and John Tyndall’s attempts at neo-naziism attempts, following in Oswald Mosely’s footsteps; he frequented the same patch and attempted to rabble rouse there. Colin MacInnes used that patch as the location for his novel Absolute Beginners and stirred the shit there for years – was a player in the Profumo scandal.

    Plus ca change …

  119. The level of poopy pants in the higher echelons of the Tory party is such that one senior donor is telling May she must match Corbyn’s tuition fee bribe with something similar.

    If the Tories are to have any chance of beating off Corbyn and atone for the serial abuse of their own core voters, they are going to have to write one hell of a bribe to get them back.

    I have a feeling many refused to vote for May knowing she was useless, execting she would win and think, why should I help write a blank cheque for May to cash.

    Oh dear, Theresa, so many burnt bridges to mend. Will you do it? I doubt it.

  120. This is as good a summary of how America’s Deep State intends to take down Trump as I have read. It’s very short so do give it a squizz:

  121. The companion piece to that, which I won’t link to because you know where it find it, is a 45 minute by Melanie Phillips on her website in which she details much the same thing.

    This is how I see things.

    Brexit has unleashed a panic among the globalists. In Europe, hate crime law is being used to close down the rise of this rebellion and – Melanie Phillips talks about this in that video – in America what the establishment is doing is even more sneaky.

    To circumvent the Constitution’s right to free speech, Democrat judges are simply refusing to uphold the law.

    The other major pincer is the war on cash. This has been very successful in India, where Narendra Modi has stalled any opposition to him by banning cash in large part. No funding = no opposition.

    Why is Sweden so sunk? They turned it into a cashless society. Nobody can politically organise and fund a totally new opposition party without Big Brother seeing and stopping them.

    In Italy, the referndum-losing globalist Renzi is back!

    And look – he is trying to coincide Italy’s election with the German election at around the same time this autumn.

    After Mutti Merkel is safely back in her throne, that is when I suspect the globalists will crash the markets and try to make Trump unpopular while also trying to accuse him of criminality.

  122. I don’t think anyone could ever accuse Ian Paisley of lacking clarity in his leadership. You have to play the audio on Youtube to get the full effect of these two clips (timings on audio listed below). Stand back now if you’re easily offended.

    5.30 – 6.50

    ‘I like that word “against.” There are things that you and I are against. Yes, we are against them.

    ‘I am against the Pope. You remember that. I am against the World Council of Churches. I am against the National Council of Churches. I am against the great apostate denominations. Whether they be Episcopalian, Presbyterian, Baptist or called by any other name.

    ‘I am absolutely and totally against them. From the top of my head to my big toe. I am against them. Every bit of me. Against them.

    ‘And I want to tell you, brethren, when you go to a little country town to start a church, you let people know you are against something. You let them know you haven’t come as a soft-voiced sissy, to be another pulpit ornament two times on Sunday.

    ‘That you are not a soft-pedalling, fence-straddling, cream-puff pie preacher. That you are a man of God with fire in your belly and you are going to preach the Word with power.’

    11.05 – 11.36

    ‘You know, some people say: “We don’t like churches that there’s wars in, like these fighting people. Why can’t we have peace and everything be nice?”

    ‘I had a woman came to me some time ago. She said to me, “I don’t like your church. You are always battling. There is always a scrap, a fight on. You are always fighting.” She says: “In our church, we have perfect peace.”

    ‘I said: “Madam, I have been in many a graveyard. There’s plenty of peace there. The peace of the dead. You can have that.

    ‘We don’t want the peace of the dead.’

  123. That’s why they liked him. Love him or hate him, you knew where you stood.

    What would his ‘never, never, never’ speech sound like now?

    Here’s the original 90 second soundbite:

    If Ian Paisley delivered that speech today, this is what he would say:

    ‘I want to ask a question today. And the question is simple. Where do the terrorists get their funding from? From Saudi Arabia. That’s where they get their funding from.

    ‘Where do the terrorists return to for sanctuary? To Saudi Arabia.

    ‘And yet Mrs May says Saudi Arabia must have some say in the UK.

    ‘We say never, never, never.’

    You think I’m joking? Well, watch the clip below and you’ll see why Amber Rudd clung on to her seat by about 300 votes. It’s only 90 seconds long. The man on his feat is explaining the Tory party’s links to Saudia Arabia (which funds global terror including on UK soil – Saudi Arabia almost certainly funded the Manchester attack). The man says: ‘I’m talking about Manchester.’

    Listen to the man. But don’t look at him. For all 90 seconds, look to the far left at Amber Rudd. She writes a note on a piece of paper and shoves it under the nose of the chairman, who then – surprise, surprise – snatches the microphone off the man trying to expose the Tory party’s links to Islamic terror:

  124. Can anyone watch that clip of Amber Rudd and not think the Tory party is deeply enmeshed in the funding of Islamic terror in the UK?

    Why does she write a note? Why can’t she say out loud what her objection to the truth is?

  125. Now May is showing her true character.
    We must rid ourselves of the wretched woman.

  126. Melanie Phillips, Rod Liddle and Charles Moore have written over the past fortnight more or less the same thing: if May invokes a real Brexit, she and the Tory party are saved.

    Fail and she and the Tory party are doomed.

    But this was true before the election. If she was going to do it, she would have done it. All she did with the election was try to parachute Remainers into parliament to dilute Tory Leavers.

    Key Tory Leavers have now left her government.

    All she is doing is rushing through laws to crack down on internet free speech. She knows how to rush when it suits her.

    She is not going to change her spots.

    This was her seven years in the Home Office: I will reduce immigration. Well, she actively assisted immigration, as George Osborne happily taunts her now from his perch on the Evening Standard. She had no intention of reducing, in complete contrast to her rhetoric on the subject. If lowering immigration does not mean lowering immigration, how can Brexit mean Brexit? It’s a lie.

    It was a seven-year lie. The plain fact is, as Hitchens points out, the Tory party despises its own natural voters and even given the gift of 17.4 million votes and the biggest win in British electoral history, the Tory party’s masters are offshore bankers and hedge fund globalists.

    She’s not going to do it.

    Oh, not only has she got a mandate for Brexit, she has no opposition to Brexit. John McDonnell has said Britain should Leave the single market.

    What’s the problem, Theresa?

    This is what would have happened if Theresa May had won with a majority.

    Remember, this was May’s post-election plan of how things would look.

    Corbyn would have faced a leadership challenge. If usurped by a Blairite, we would have had a leader of the opposition demanding a second referendum and weaker terms on Brexit. That would have suited May and her globalist masters to a tee.

    May would have had the straw man debate she wanted to cover up her own hollow Brexit. Look at me, she would have cried to the Tory faithful. I’m not asking for a second referendum – Labour is. I’m the real thing. I’m Brexit means Brexit. And many voters would believe such drivel.

    Labour would be screaming anti-Brexit from the rooftops under a new leader and May’s duplicity would go unchallenged.

    But that isn’t what happened.

    Whenever there is so much as a pipsqueak from the Labour Remainers against Brexit. Remind them, please remind them, that they voted for Brexit in their Dear Leader’s manifesto.

    What could they possibly object to Brexit for if they voted Corbyn?

    It is a gaping hypocrisy of Corbynistas that the BBC and Guardian never bring up. Why is that?

    Is it because the BBC and Guardian spend so much time trying to delegitimise Brexit as extreme and if you point out Corbyn is a Brexiteer that proves the lie that Brexit is extreme? I thought so.

    Corbynistas signed up to his programme, well jolly well hold their feet to the fire and explain they must be pro-Brexit or Olympic hypocrites.

    We can start with the Guardian newspaper, which has hated Corbyn from the off only because of one thing: his euroscepticism.

    What’s all the newfound love among the Guardian writers for Corbyn since Thursday’s vote? I thought they hated eurosceptics?

    This election result means the Guardian and the BBC aren’t going to be getting a Blairite EU lover running the Labour Party any time soon. Please waste no opportunity in ramming Corbyn’s euroscepticism in their hypocritical faces.

    They cannot be pro-Corbyn and pro-EU.

    But the point is this: there is no leader of the opposition standing at the despatch box blocking Theresa May if she genuinely wanted a Brexit.

    She doesn’t want a Brext. We won’t get a Brexit. She is doomed. And the Tory party is doomed. And rightly so.

    We will, sadly, see a Corbyn premiership.

    The public will not write the Tory party any more blank cheques.

  127. Here’s a typical question you’ll see over and over again.

    Jeremy Paxman: ‘Prime minister, when did you realise that you had got the biggest issue of our times wrong?

    Here’s the answer you will never, ever see (ask yourself why).

    Theresa May: ‘I respect the will of the British people and will enact their will accordingly. I am not alone in this. Jeremy. Mr Corbyn also campaigned for Remain but he too respects the will of the British people and the Labour party’s position is to leave the single market.

    ‘There is support for Brexit right across the political spectrum. The British people have spoken.’

    But no matter how many times the question is put, she never answers it like that. She never uses the Labour Party as a human shield to legitimise her Brexit.

    The reason is: she doesn’t have a real Brexit up her sleeve.

    It was – and still is – so easy: Out. Leave. Get us out lock, stock and barrel.

    There was no need for an election. You had – and still have – the mandate.

    You’re not going to do it. Are you?

  128. Up and down the left wing blogs and on the radio shows, I hear this. Endlessly.

    ‘Jeremy Corbyn is such a good campaigner. Why didn’t he do all this in the EU referendum?’

    The thick as mince sheep can’t see what’s staring them in the face, can they?

  129. Here’s a political theory: in grim times, he who takes the populist plunge first wins.

    Corbyn will win because he has got there first. Everything the Tory party now is playing catch-up.

    Beforehand, the game was to delegitimise Corbyn as an extremist. But if you’re the ones playing catch-up, how can you be catching up with an extremist? That doesn’t work.

    Corbyn is like the rugby player with the ball who has gone straight through. No more blocks, the Tory party has to run after the political momentum now and I don’t think they have the stomach to do it.

    They would have to enact all of Peter Hitchens’ ideas to stand a chance of catching Corbyn and they ain’t gonna do nothing to upset their globalist masters.

    For the same reason, if Trump survives, he will win a second term. The have to remove him because the electorate is loving him.

    Just something like binning the Paris agreement means they will always love him. Even a tokenistic act like that is more than they have ever got out of any other mainstream politician.

    The Corbyn is an extremist strategy is now dead in the water. Look at him out and about this week – the old phoney! – you can’t call him extremist if you’re running after him and trying to emulate his agenda.

    Oh dear Tory party, Mr Hitchens did warn you, but, then, uh, you think people like Mt Hitchens are extremist!

    What an absolute farce.

  130. Are you Esther of Tatton, big George’s successor?

  131. I pointed out that the attempted assassination of Republican politicians on June 14th occurred on Donald Trump’s birthday. The globalists like to leave little messages . One thinks of the pillow over the face of dead Justice Scalia or the choice of the date of 9/11. Congressman Scalise was nearly killed and it remains to be seen if his life has been shortened. It appears that Scalise was a member of the House of Representatives group promoting legislation against “human trafficking”. The globalists are notorious for their indulgence in paedophilia and Donald Trump himself declared paedophilia among the swamp creatures as a target in his presidential campaign and his efforts to drain the swamp. The Department of Justice has begun to make widespread arrests among the lower levels of those implicated in these crimes.
    Here is a very brief clip of Representative Scalise on the subject:
    It remains to be seen if the other Republicans on the list found after the attack in the gunman’s car were also active in the campaign to promote the government’s anti-human-trafficking legislation.

  132. Anna Soubry boasts on her Wikipedia page that she held her seat in 2017 on a record voter turnout. True.

    But wait for it. She only held on by 863. They turned out all right, in what is supposed to be a safe Tory seat, for Labour.

    Tory Anna Soubry Votes 25,983

    Labour Greg Marshall Votes 25,120

    We were nearly rid of her. Now she spends every Sunday shooting her mouth off in the Remainer on Sunday.

    I wonder how many natural Tory voters voted Labour just to try to get rid of her and get a real conservative?

    Wild horses wouldn’t make me vote for Soubry.

  133. Would that I were, Marshal! I might be able to do something about all this.

    We are all going to hell in a handcart.

  134. Scroll down to play the 30-second video.

    The Spectator’s Isabel Hardman sobs uncontrollably as her boyfriend, Labour MP John Woodcock, retains his seat by 209 votes.

    Yes, they were both married to other people. His ex-wife has two children by him. Ms Hardman left a husband but no children were involved.

  135. Mueller, Rosenstein and Comey appear to have been involved in obstruction of justice; Comey by his own admission. They are all three linked together politically. Let’s establish a prima facie case against them and appoint a Special Prosecutor to see an investigation of the Democrat Party and see them all brought down. “enough is enough” – and watch out globalists and paedophiles presently intent on wrecking the United Kingdom. The law is coming for you.

  136. Just a thought. This was a digital propaganda election and The Spectator and Telegraph link traffic would have been siginificantly lower than in the last election because they are behind paywalls.

    There is no way many people would give the Barcaly Twins their cash so why not bring the paywall down.

    Both publications are just tatty Tory propaganda anyway.

    You can read that sort of guff anywhere.

  137. Who remembers Tell MAMA? The organisation exposed by Andrew Gilligan in the Telegraph for falsifying hate crime figures had funding removed after the expose.

    Theresa May has quietly reinstated Tell MAMA’s funding despite its track record of fraud.

    A Tell MAMA chief tried to get a man called Tim Burton convicted of hate crime in 2014:

    Well, this year, they did the same. They went after Tim Burton again on a hate crime. Tim Burton is in prison and the prosecution tried to impose a release clause that even upon release Mr Burton could never criticise Tell MAMA ever again.

    All brought to you courtesy of the Tory Party and Theresa May.

  138. The spin attached to this fire is extraordinary. The globalist-controlled MSM have got behind it in a way that contrasts with Manchester.

    The fire is an accident. The terror attack was deliberate and goes on and on an on.

    Where was Simon Cowell’s chrity record for Manchester?

    When Morrissey wrote this Facebook post after Manchester, the result was that The Guardian dispatched its character assassins such as Suzanne Moore to write: ‘His incendiary comments suggest the Mancunian hero’s journey from icon to embarrassment is complete.’

    This is what Morrissey wrote:

    Celebrating my birthday in Manchester as news of the Manchester Arena bomb broke. The anger is monumental. For what reason will this ever stop?

    Theresa May says such attacks ‘will not break us’, but her own life is lived in a bullet-proof bubble, and she evidently does not need to identify any young people today in Manchester morgues.

    Also, ‘will not break us’ means that the tragedy will not break her, or her policies on immigration.

    The young people of Manchester are already broken – thanks all the same, Theresa.

    Sadiq Khan says ‘London is united with Manchester’, but he does not condemn Islamic State – who have claimed responsibility for the bomb.

    The Queen receives absurd praise for her ‘strong words’ against the attack, yet she does not cancel today’s garden party at Buckingham Palace – for which no criticism is allowed in the Britain of free press.

    Manchester mayor Andy Burnham says the attack is the work of an ‘extremist’. An extreme what? An extreme rabbit?

    In modern Britain everyone seems petrified to officially say what we all say in private. Politicians tell us they are unafraid, but they are never the victims.

    How easy to be unafraid when one is protected from the line of fire. The people have no such protections.

  139. The establishment have silenced some really big scalps in the UK in the past 12 months: Kelvin Mackenzie. Gone from The Sun. Katie Hopkins. Gone from LBC. Morrissey knifed by The Guardian.

    And it’s 10 years since Melanie Phillips wrote Londonistan. Result? Removed from the Daily Mail and The Spectator. Even her archive has been airbrushed from the Spectator.

    Nobody stands a chance if they think differently.

    Welcome to Theresa May’s thought tyranny.


    Jeremy Corbyn buys his meal ticket from the New World Order:

  141. From the Party of Lincoln to – the party of LBJ, the Clinton/Bush Crime Syndicate and the Steve Scalise hitman: Max Boot the Moscow-born globalist propagandist: “Read all abaht’it!”

  142. Why didn’t the Grenfell Tower collapse? This guy knows:

  143. Matthew Parris says May should go. And then what? Who can take over?

    Pick a Remainer and the Tories are toast. But they don’t want a Leaver as leader.

    Boris? Ha, ha. No way. He is so bad they had to keep him hidden away in the general election campaign.

    The only two fit to take over are David Davis or Michael Gove. The problem is the Tory MPs hate both of them. Stalemate.

    Either of those two would electrify and galvanise the Tory grass roots. Which is the last thing Ken Clarke and Michael Heseltine want. They and Soubry and so on hate their own core voters’ views.

    There is nobody to take over who is going to do what the voters want. They will just give the job to another Blairite robot.

    The biggest fool in all this is Paul Dacre who used the EU referendum to kill off UKIP and create the Tory party in his vision.

    It was he who put on his front page a leader column saying that the leader should be Theresa May. It was, in effect, an open letter to the Tory grandees: Make her the leader and I won’t kick up a fuss.

    Dacre did not like Gove because of his links to Murdoch and he did not like Boris because he’s too much of a loose cannon.

    The problem is May was given a coronation and never road-tested in TV debates. And look what happened when she had to face them. She got found out.

    May duly did what Dacre wanted and put in her manifesto a commitment (which I support) not to implemenet Leveson but she was very silly to ask for a blank cheque with the rest of the manifesto to do as she pleased. She thought that Sugar Daddy Paul Dacre would play bad cop and smear Corbyn while she played vicar’s daughter good cop and got a landslide by virtue of not being Corbyn. It didn’t work.

    She failed to put in enough promises that would appeal to social conservatives.

    Globalist Parris only wants her sacked to halt Brexit.

    If they aren’t prepared to sack and replace her with Gove or Davis (they are not, by the way) then it will be a Remainer who takes over. And Brexit will be toast.

    As long as they get to keep Britain in the EU, Clarke, Heseltine, Soubry et al will not mind one jot if May is deposed and the Tory party plunged into civil war. They won’t mind that. They also won’t mind Corbyn winning the next election. They will have kept Britain in the EU.

    To be clear on Corbyn’s Brexit: it is out of the single market but in the Human Rights Act and still in the jurisdiction of the ECJ to keep the flood of immigrant clientele voters coming to the UK. ie, it is not a Brexit.

    Parris knows if he and his globalist mates can get rid of May, they can get a Remainer in the throne who will ditch Brexit.

    Brexit is now on life support soon to be as dust.

  144. P.M. ought to declare a State of Emergence within the M25 : sack the Emir Khan; sack Cressida Dick : appoint Col. Richard Kemp as Temporary Acting Commissioner of the (re-named) Metropolitan Police Force.

  145. The Vicar’s Daughter’s Prayer

    Our Junker, who art in Bedlam
    Unhallowed be thy name.
    Thy plan be kicked to kingdom come
    Thy will be undone,
    In Europe as it is on the mainland.

    Give us this day our daily Brexit
    And forgive not those who smear us.
    Lead us not into federalism
    And deliver us from this evil.

    For let Nige’s job be done.
    Exit in one.
    Farage forever. Amen.

  146. The following are words that are banned by posters on the Daily Mail website. Tells you all you need to know about its real agenda:

    Coudenhove Kalergi

  147. Esther June 17th, 2017 – 13:37

    Can’t stand her. A cuckoo in the nest and one of the sponsors of a certain extreme left troll who used to blight this and other places.

    Oh how smug he/she was to name drop “Isabel” in that infuriatingly chummy way lefties signify their friends, real or imagined (enemies are identified only by surname).

    Corbyn at Glastonbury. Pass me the sick bag. Will he feed the multitude of faithful there with five loaves of bread and two fish?

  148. Esther 1337:
    Isabel is one plucky lady. She narrowly escaped death last year in the Bastille day attack in Nice.
    And not only that, the attack triggered a bout of depression, almost leading to Fraser axing her from Speccie.
    But she recovered and now excites us regularly over at Coffee House.
    Good on her.

  149. Lindsay (Telemucus)

    Shed your sheep’s clothing and fuck off back to Trolltopia.

  150. Alex Boot leads the call to arms:

    Spot on! I agree entirely with his urgency. This country has not faced greater peril since 1940. Sadly there is no WSC to take over. In many ways the danger is greater than in 1940. The reslience and patriotism of the people was strong and almost entirely united then. The count of traitors in this country now clearly exceeds patriots.The situation is dire. What do we do? Are we just going to sit back and mutter; pen our little aphorisms and ad hom epithets? Or are we going to get off our ancient arses and match any gathering that the traitors Corbyn and O’Donnell can organise? The Donald pulled if off over the pond. Why can’t we do it here? The way the Notting Dale conflagration is being used to spearhead a commie revolution
    Is just the tip of the spear. The red menace is gathering momentum. It has to be stopped by all means necessary.

  151. And bear in mind that Trump’s success at taking the White House from under the nose of the Clintonostra is still only a provisional coup. The push back over there is gaining momentum and the crocodiles smell blood. If the shysters contrive to sabotage his shakey administration, there will be civil wars on both sides of the Pond an the jihad will advance apace.

    HTF did the USS Fitzgerald crash into the Nip tanker? If this is an example of ‘our most powerful ally’s’ state of readiness, we may as well mug up on Sharia law, learn the Koran by heart and take a course in Arabic. Jesus H Christ! My waking hours are worse than my serial nightmares these days – and that is saying something!

  152. Human error, apparently was the reason the USS Fitzgerald got hit, lost seven sailors. This puzzles because the tanker moves at a snail pace, the naval boat can manoeuvre up to ten times faster, is more nimble to change course. More likely drugs will feature in the report that explains it, but the explanation will not be released to the public.

    Baron was going to mention the crash (you beat him to it, Frank) in support of his saying the Americans have to carry out some serious MOT on the gear they have, the latest collision avoiding systems should have prevented the rather embarrassing incident.

  153. Whatever happened to the Tories, they’ve all gone on strike, emigrated, or gone nuts?

    The brainless clown in charge of defence has gone missing, Hammond makes a talk aimed at protecting his arse if the Brexit talks go badly, and the saintly One has a look on her face of a vicar’s teenage daughter who just lost her virginity behind a shed, knows not what to do with the soiled nickers.

    Only Boris was courageous enough to attack the cumryd, that’s not enough, they should all be at it, the unrepentant Marxist must be opposed at all costs, the mob that he incites silenced. Mr. Boot gets it right, the time has come to fight.

    Two things would be helpful:

    First, get Nigel in on the Brexit talks, make him an advisor or a consultant.

    Second, get a High Court judge to conduct a quick enquiry (3 months max) aimed at answering just one question. Would have sprinklers, smoke alarms and fire extinguishers helped to prevent the disaster? If the answer were to be in the affirmative (Baron reckons it would be) then also say the Government will fund the installation in every high rise building in public ownership, pass a law rewiring private landlords to do the same.

    The former will send a strong signal to the Brexiters, the largest number of people who have ever voted for anything in this country, that we are going to fully de-couple from the Brussels hydra. The latter will take the wind out of the cumryd’s sails, shut up the mob that loves him.

  154. Esther @ 17:11

    Good grief, Esther, is it a hostile or a friendly takeover of this blog (only joking).

    Where the hell have you been hiding till now?

    Btw, are you sure ‘Muslim’ is a banned word on the DM site? It’s just that not that long ago Baron posted a piece there, is pretty sure he used the word ‘Muslim’, the posting appeared.

  155. David Lindsay @ 20:32

    Are you the David Lindsay who has faced a judge somewhere up north? If you are the one, good luck.

  156. Frank P June 17th, 2017 – 21:34

    The real David Lindsay is also having a spot of bother:-

  157. Colonel Mustard @ 17:51

    Was our dear friend telemachus a favourite of hers, or the other way round, Colonel?

    Compared to the mob traversing the streets near the burnt tower block, tele wasn’t that bad, or was he? Just annoying for Baron.

    Corbyn at Glastonbury only if he were to sing the Red Flag, he, he, he.

  158. Esther @ 15:59

    Spot on, Esther, from the first to the last word.

    Parris is nuts, and not only on the saintly One, he would be wise to take up knitting, but then wise he isn’t.

  159. Baron’s posting at 23.44 is awaiting moderation, why?

  160. Baron June 17th, 2017 – 23:38

    You do realise that the real David Lindsay is all for the “unrepentant marxist”?

  161. Malfleur @ 15:16

    He may have a point, Malfelur, the Donald IQ may indeed be around that of room temperature, but then so are those of most of the Americans, and the country hasn’t done that badly, has she?

    It may also be that he employs the twitter, other social platforms to befuddle the Deep State, they must have expected he would use the mechanism of the institutional set-up to try and cleanse the swamp, he went for what appears a novel approach, who knows it may work (although deep down the barbarian reckons it won’t).

  162. Colonel Mustard @ 23:56

    Is he, Colonel? the memory must be failing the barbarian then.

  163. Esther @ 13:59

    The postings under the DM piece all agree with the singer, but of course this means nothing to the DM. It seems one can get more sanity in a lunatic asylum than out of it.

  164. Baron 23.38:

    We will keep you updated on line:

    My last post on the matter, which does not trouble me was at 3.31 last Monday.

  165. Malfleur 15-18
    I don’t disagree with lots of the content of those videos but I am reasonably sure that
    Grenfell tower is not a Steel frame building.
    Building of this type and period in England are usually reinforced concrete interlocking panels.
    Many years ago in London a gas explosion blew a corner section out and all the upper corner sections collapsed as they had lost support.

  166. Esther,

    the posting by the barbarian at 23:34 refers to the Full Monty of your contribution to the blog, Baron was scanning the past postings, discovered yours accounted for 99.9% of the lot (Frank was rounding the figure to 100%), (hence the attempt at the takeover joke).

    You still around for more?

  167. John Birch @ 8:34

    Interesting. Though I took the author of the video as taking a shot at the preposterous explanations for the three buildings in Manhattan collapsing so speedily and neatly into their own footprints on “9/11”.

    When I stayed with friends in Manhattan in the late 70s on the south side of East 96th Street between 3rd and 2nd Avenues, which then formed a political boundary on the east side of the island, the brownhouses on the north side were lived in by Puerto Ricans most of them there on an ad hoc basis. The block was largely burnt out in the early hours one night while I was asleep across the road. The people fled and most immediately made other living arrangements. On East 96 St at the corner of 3rd Avenue on the north east corner was a hoarding announcing that the block was to be the site of a mosque to be constructed by the Libyan government.

    A lot of people in London appear to be jumping to conclusions about the responsibility for the Grenfell Tower calamity. Rent-a-mob seems to have already been engaged. I hope London still has the independence and integrity to conduct a proper investigation. One way or another someone has blundered – I hope we can still reason why.

  168. So Phillip Hammond does a full kamikaze on Andrew Marr and says we must have a soft Brexit. He knows what his reward will be for loyalty to the globalists. It will be just like his predecessor George Osborne’s. Six ‘jobs’ fitted in to five days a week, all paid up with three figure sums.

    He is saying to May: You won’t dare sack me because it would create such a kerfuffle you might well go in such a fist fight. And he is saying to Brussels: Do what you want with her. I’m accepting soft Brexit so she has no backing for the real thing.

    The moment that Melanie refers to is passing. It’s either the silver bullet of Brexit, which would save May, save the Tory party, save us all and make her the most popular prime minister since Thatcher (it is a populist mandate).

    Just from the point of view of professional pride why is May content to be a footnote in history? Why is she letting Phillip Hammond walk all over her?

    The problem is that being a Brexiteer is not who Mrs May is. She’s a robot. Not a leader and certainly not a Brexit leader.

    Mel’s lament:

    ‘So this is the moment – and it may be the only moment – when Mrs May has one last weapon in her locker. The fact that her own party doesn’t want to bring her down right now gives her more than a breathing space. People assume that her weakness means “soft” Brexit is now likely. But if Mrs May sticks to her declared Brexit position of no single market and “no deal is better than a bad deal” in order to restore British sovereignty, she can in effect dare her foes to bring her down and put Corbyn into Downing Street.

    ‘Jeremy Corbyn, in other words, is Mrs May’s human shield over Brexit. Alas, she almost certainly won’t see it that way.

    ‘And yes, as is being suggested in some quarters, she should give Nigel Farage a peerge and bring him into the negotiating team. That would tell the EU negotiators, her own party assassins and the anti-democrats in Labour and elsewhere that, far from being weakened, Britain is now even more strongly for Brexit. And that would be in the national interest of the United Kingdom.

    ‘But that’s not going to happen either.’

    What a waste, Mrs May.

  169. Peter Hitchens opened up a file on Ruth Davidson a long time ago:

    Tory ‘star’ Ruth could rip her party to pieces

    Left-wing zealots are acting as if the Tory deal with the DUP will lead to Orange marches down Whitehall and the imposition of Ulster-style conservatism on the rest of the UK.

    How very silly. Arlene Foster’s party is mostly concerned (like other political parties) with power and money, and it is all it can do to maintain old-fashioned Unionism in Northern Ireland, let alone imposing it on, say, Islington or Notting Hill (though that would be fun to watch).

    What is much more interesting is the strange contingent of Scottish alleged ‘Tories’ led by the much-flattered, little-examined Ruth Davidson, who bears a striking resemblance to North Korean despot Kim Jong Un. I have sent out search parties to the remotest highlands and islands for any evidence that Ms Davidson, a fan of comprehensive schools whose formative years were spent in the BBC, has any conservative opinions at all. They have returned empty-handed. Her 13 Scottish Tory MPs are, in effect, a Liberal Democrat bloc on all major issues, especially the EU.

    Mrs May is going to have to listen to them as much as she listens to the DUP, if not more. If she doesn’t, I predict a bid for independence from the UK Tories, with no referendum needed.

  170. The Remainer on Sunday has a Leader column penned by Geordie Grieg – or at least signed off by him – which is knifing the lungs out of Brexit.

    FFS, May. Just do it. Brexit. The whole lot of it. Turn up in Brussels and say: ‘It’s Brexit way or the highway. And goodbye to your export market.’

    The EU is a wounded animal. It has to give in.

    Any trouble back at home from the Tory Remainers and Paul Dacre will have her back. Dacre tied his colours to her mast. He won’t want her sunk.

    Hammond has let fly on the Marr show, the Remainer on Sunday is knifing Brexit between the shoulder blades.

    FFS! May just do it. And Paul Dacre – you like a good fight. Well, you can start tomorrow by knocking seven metaphorical bells out of Phillip Hammond and Geordie Greig. I want Hammond hammered in the Daily Mail.

    May’s predicament is so unbelievably easy. She has 17.4 million behind her and if she does what they want, they will cover her axxx. They will support her at the polls and beyond.

    They want a Brexit.

  171. “Special Prosecutor Mueller Is a Political Hack
    by George Washington – Jun 16
    Mueller Framed An Innocent Man, Obstructed Justice Regarding 9/11, Promoted the Iraq War, And Said Maybe Americans Living On U.S. Soil Could Be Assassinated By the Government.”

    Mueller may well be a shark, as someone on this Wall has said, but the Japanese have caught millions of sharks – and eaten their fins.

  172. At last, some encouraging news:

    ‘Labour’s post-Election unity crumbles as prominent MP mocks idea that Jeremy Corbyn ‘won’ the election and warn the party’s position could be a ‘false dawn’

    ‘Labour MP Neil Coyle accused Jeremy Corbyn of ‘triumphalism’ after election’

    Encouraging because Blairite gloablist Coyle knows there is no opposition to Brexit from the Labour front bench.

    Thank God you’re there, Jeremy. Come on May. There isn’t even a goalkeeper to beat.

    Just Brexit.

  173. I’ll tell you what. If we ever do Brexit, I’ll buy a Jeremy Corbyn T-shirt and tell all his disciples we couldn’t have done it without him. They hate that!

  174. The last two paragraphs in the Peter’s lament (see Esther at 13:30) sum it up well, the words should be carved in stone, put on the spare pedestal at Trafalgar Square, they are a fitting epitaph to what this country, once the greatest in the world, has become.

    “Your late train (yet again), your moody broadband, your absent, invisible police force, your potholed road, your dodgy bank and your unreachable phone company, are all part of the same thing – a country living beyond its means that thinks it is richer and more important and more civilised than it is, and so neglects the basics of life while concentrating on how it looks.

    It continues to amaze me that we spent a large chunk of the Election campaign discussing the renewal of our grandiose and unusable Trident missile system, which allegedly protects us from enemies we don’t have in a war which ended 26 years ago. And that we think we are so great and wonderful and important that we can launch wars in Iraq, Libya and Syria.

    But we could not even protect the victims of Grenfell Tower from horrible, needless deaths that a child could have foreseen”

    Not a single redundant word in it.

  175. Esther @ 13:46

    It’s the time for those institutions that pleaded to remain to have another go, Esther, the British business (whatever that may mean) does so in the ST, the big boys seem OK, it’s the middle, small companies that are anxious.

    What one cannot comprehend is why would flogging stuff to over 6.5bn people with fewer restrictions that we can change or remove be less attractive than selling to just half a billion people restricted by regulations imposed by people we cannot remove? It’s either laziness, or the fear that what we have to offer isn’t good enough. Either is within our control, can be overcome.

    You recall our getting out rather humbly from the European Exchange Rate Mechanism, the fear of an imminent collapse of our economy, the disaster for sterling exposed to the viciousness of international markets on its own, the predicted queues of the unemployed?

    Nothing of this happened, on the contrary, we hit the longest, the most rewarding wealth creating phase in our post-WW2 history, could still be milking it if the ghastly Blair didn’t overdo it turning money into confetti.

    Let’s Brexit, Brexit fully, do a repeat of the same.

    If the saintly One gets this one right, her reputation cannot but recover. She cannot really wish to leave the top job regarded worse than the dour Scottish nutter Brown.

  176. I thought Trident was interesting in the election because I thought it was the first election where it didn’t matter as an issue. The Tories were wrong-footed to think it had mileage in it. Michael Fallon tried to show up Corbyn’s shallowness by banging on about Trident but just exposed his own shallowness.

    The point is this: who do you think might kill you? Or your loved ones?

    You Know Who.

    But the all of the politicians assiduosuly ignored that in th election because none of them has one intention of stopping it.

    Trident! We may as well worry about the Loch Ness monster.

    The enemies are through the gates, bombing, knifing and driving at people.

    What was it Enoch said? Like the Roman, I see the river Thames before me, foaming with blood. It came all too true, didn’t it?

  177. Malfleur @ 13:48

    Unfortunately, Malfleur, the man’s there, it’s hard to see how he can be removed. Sacking him would be counterproductive.

    This again reveals the grave error of judgment on the Donald’s part. He should have changed the top personnel, in the security agencies in particular, put his own people in, weeded out the Deep State appointees before embarking of the cleansing exercise. The risk he’s running is that the Deep State will cleanse him.

  178. Esther @ 14:52

    Seconded, Esther, thirded even.

    The cost of Trident is an insurance premium that’s too high, there’s enough of nukes in the hands of others to wipe out civilisation many times over, we will never leave the American sphere of influence, hence can rely on their protection. Even if we were to join the other emerging world superpower, China, they have nukes, too, we would be OK.

  179. Baron


  180. The Remainer on Sunday is giving space to this slug again (he is right at the top of the pyramid of globalist power):

    ‘Brexit is a lose-lose proposition, harmful both to Britain and the European Union’ says leading fund manager George Soros

    Soros’ past is all over the internet. Of late, though, I noticed two things. When Zac Goldsmith fought and lost a by-election to the Lib Dems, the Green Party were offered a bribe to not stand in that by-election of £250,000. Their rules on funding meant they could not accept the bribe.

    There is only one person I can think of who has that sort of loose change, who opposes Brexit – because it gets in the way of his plans for global control – and who, er, also has a long track record in funding the Lib Dems.

    Any guesses?

    The Lib Dems use this man as a Sugar Daddy and it is him who landed them with their usesless manifesto: anti-Brexit and pro-cannabis.

    Both of those are Soros policies and he gets what he pays for. He who pays the Lib Dem piper calls the policy tune. They wouldn’t exist without Soros.

    Jo Cox was also – through indirect routes – a large recipient of his largesse.

    Men like that don’t give away money for nothing. They want to subvert democracy.

  181. Superb material on Comey:

    I know the Comey stuff is complex and hard to follow, but we need Trump. I never expected Brexit to be implemented but I doubt Trump would ever be defeated at the ballot box and so they have to unseat him by foul means.

    We need him.

    We have been abandoned by May and the Tory party a long time ago.

    Trump is our last stand too. He’s our only hope of fighting back.

  182. Really encouraging read that.

    She thinks Trump has outfoxed them – for now at least.

  183. Reminder: Mayor of London Sadiq Khan was a lawyer for a 9/11 terrorist Zacarias Moussaoui and has ties with Islamist movement worldwide.

  184. I don’t think Hammond gave that interview purely because talks start this week. I think it was also given because May is at her weakest point and cannot brief against him today.

    Why has she made herself such a doormat? It can only be because she doesn’t want a Brexit. Call his bluff, Theresa.

    Walk out into Downing Street tomorrow and say: ‘This week, we start. And Brexit means Brexit: out of the single market, out of the customs union, out of the Human Wrongs Act and out of the jurisdiction of the ECJ. Any problems and you lose your export market.

    ‘And if there are some people in British politics – perchance even in th Tory party – they can explain to the 17.4 million why they can’t have what they voted for.’

    Instead of which she if going down as a pathetic footnote. With Phillip Hammond wiping his feet all over her.

    Show some pride and self-respect, May. For crying out loud.

    She needs to Brexit tomorrow. In full. And leave handbag bruises all over Hammond. Sack him.

  185. Just a gentle reminder that the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan called moderate Muslims “Uncle Toms”.

  186. Wonderful headline:

    Every Late Night Talk Show Is A Sleazy Plutocratic Rim Job

  187. All these protests in the USA against Trump are funded by George Soros. They are all the same people being bussed around the country by Soros. People are now spotting the same faces appear all over the country:

  188. Look at that video. They are not using their own gear to protest. They are assigned a number to pick up the gear someone else devised for them when they arrive.

    It’s all funded by Soros.

  189. Here’s a piece of hubris. The Tories and Paul Dacre spent so long fretting over UKIP and how to destroy them. Imagine if the Tories had stood aside in Stoke and let Paul Nuttall win. Would the Labour vote have spilt in the north and given May her majority?

    It turned out that the bulk of UKIP’s vote were Labour voters, not Tory. They went back to Labour.

    Wee William Hague was boasting in the Telegraph during the campaign about how the Tory party had a ruthless track record of destroying smaller parties. And that this election would finish off UKIP.

    Well, you got your dream, Wee Willie. You were so busy trying to spite the minnow, you missed the shark. UKIP are too small now to halt Corbyn’s march.

    Now what do you suggest, William?

  190. Sickening.
    That is the posturing of Emma Dent Coad and Saddiq Khan.
    Both prance in front of the cameras saying the response to the fire was ill organised.
    Well Mrs M.P. And Mr Mayor of London what did we elect you for.
    Boris and even Ken would have been in there kicking ass and moving mountains.
    And not just whining to the cameras.

  191. Every day of the week there are fires that destroy homes and the families get nothing from the state. Certainly not £5,500.

    The victims of Westminster Bridge, London Bridge and Manchester. Are they all getting £5,500 from the state?

    Now I read this:

    Lancashire Lass, preston, United Kingdom

    ‘Just been reading an article about a Grenfell survivor who rang LBC saying how the protesters are causing additional problems for these poor people, and there have been occasions when they have made it difficult for the survivors to get help, and that they don’t really want the protestors there!’

    The story also says:

    ‘People of all faiths joined arms with a special prayer read in English and Arabic’

    Is this a double standard? Or am I missing something here?

    And those protesters whom the residents of Grenfell tower don’t want there, what is their real agenda?

    Because they certainly have one.

  192. Reports are that Madam Marine Le Penn has won seat in National Assembly for Pas de Calais.

  193. A very good article about the flaming tower, but the comment, from the article’s author, Tim Newman, is a gem:

  194. A van attack on those leaving a London mosque and the shitheads are complaining it hasn’t been labelled as a terrorist attack yet.

    That’s because it isn’t.

    If it turns out this wasn’t actually shithead v. raghead but the independent actions of some deluded indigenous lone wolf, then it is simply revenge, a cause-and-effect reaction to the actions of some of the Muslim scum not being condemned by others of that persuasion. And if they ‘kick-off’ then it should be game-on if there are any further atrocities in the name of Islam, the long-awaited uprising of the patient British against this third-world, medieval cult.

    In any event, it is not terrorism but a justified action in the absence of a robust rebuttal of Muslim activity by the powers-that-be.

  195. Tommy Robinson : ” ……attack is just part and parcel of living in a big city. Isn’t that right Sadiq Khan……..”

  196. 3.44
    Shame on you.
    Amber Rudd has just called it for what it is, a shameless terror attack.

  197. Really can’t believe it hasn’t happened sooner.

    The Muslim Council of Britain condemned the attack as ‘the most violent manifestation’ yet of Islamophobia and called for extra security around mosques which, of course, the useless Met have fallen over themselves to do. Yet the Police do nothing to protect non-Muslims from the supremacist attitudes and intolerance of Islam. Political Correctness allows them to promote their disgusting beliefs and attitudes into every aspect of western life.

    The correct response from May should be a blunt “what do you expect if you can’t behave like humans”. I won’t hold my breath.

  198. Clear Memories – 03:44

    My eldest has just sworn the oath and been handed their mining rights (i.e. digger certificate) and a blue passport will appear in the letterbox any day now. Than God one of them listened, eh! Australia has its problems with immigration from incompatible cultures but they are a long way behind the UK in terms of critical mass required to achieve the frequency of the problems that we are experiencing here. Our politicians are doing a good impression of the emperor Nero, whilst yours, down under, still have the luxury of time in which to indulge in virtue signalling to attract funding from Soros and garner the votes of the mentally enslaved and also the underinformed educationally impoverished.

    I know that you stayed your hand awaiting the outcome of the Brexit referendum last June 23rd, but with all the shenanigans and posturing of the UK’s political cabal since then, is the hand that holds your UK passport hovering over the barbie once again?

  199. Mm, as I was saying…

    May 9th, 2017 – 16:03
    Colonel Mustard,
    Is the “David Lindsay” commenting on Guido’s blog really YuNoHu up to his old tricks? The reception of his comments is about the same!

  200. EC – I’ve just returned from visiting the old folks in the sceptred isle and the UK passport is now only any good for cooking prawns.

    It took literally hours to get in and longer to get out! The place is over-full, looks run-down, untidy and unloved. Plus, you simply don’t hear English spoken in the big cities. Indeed, reminiscent of many of the third-world shitholes I’ve visited in the course of my career

    It is clear the ruling class have no intention of allowing Brexit to proceed and, as things progress, will most probably use civil unrest to put everything on hold.

    The mosque attack was not terrorism – there is no organised resistance (yet). But perhaps this is the start. When the Muslim invaders are made to feel unsafe, when their daughters are attacked, their homes burnt and their every activity disrupted, they might get the message. For over twenty years now, I’ve forecast the British will rise (and not just the white English) and when they do, the authorities will be powerless to stop them. These men looked distinctly celtic, the van from a Welsh source so perhaps Taffy is leading the way. Or could they be Irish Catholics?

    Whatever your opinion, it cannot have gone unnoticed that the tragedy in London has garnered more political support than Manchester and that all the sad faces and heart-rending stories seem to involve immigrants. Nor has it been missed how much the media have played up the ‘good’ acts of Muslims (who, in truth, were only doing what any decent human would do for another – why such a surprise?) to the exclusion of all others.

    Clearly, bad times are coming. Lines will be drawn and sides taken. It will not end well. Brexit may turn out to be the least of Mays worries.

  201. EC June 19th, 2017 – 09:17

    Different. The one at Guido is the real Lindsay – verbose, predictive dogma, never uses “we” or “us”. The one here is YuNoHu and his multiple personality disorder, up to his old and laughably transparent tricks.

    Easy to get him to reveal himself, as I did with my comment about Isabel Hardman.

  202. It seems the chickens are coming home to roost, which was inevitable, the uncontrolled immigration of people who have no sympathy with our customs and way of life. This comes under the heading of the bleeding obvious. Then there is the Grenvill Tower, crammed with immigrants and a council over crammed with incompetents. SNAFU does not even begin to describe the current situation, and as for Brexit, we will see the second coming first.

  203. Full story in the Halal compliant Daily Mail. ( Look it up yourself. )

  204. Watch how “terrorist attack” slyly becomes “terror” attack to address the inconvenient anti-relativism that the van driver was probably not a member of a terrorist group.

  205. EC 0917

    As I said Saturday – here:

    David Lindsay
    June 17th, 2017 – 09:57
    Now May is showing her true character.
    We must rid ourselves of the wretched woman.

    And there:

    I do not believe that Theresa May is heartless or what have you. But she is no good at being Prime Minister.

    Posted by David Lindsay at 10:13 am No comments

    Let us all please pull together to get rid of the woman.

  206. Headline, May 16th, 2017
    Tory MPs dub Diane Abbott unfit to be Home Secretary after she tried to scrap MI5 and Special Branch

    Then very little concern, even with the recent Westminster Bridge, Manchester and London Bridge incidents, until:
    Finsbury Park mosque terror attack: Police deployed as Diane Abbott demands more security

    It ain’t only Maths that’s the problem! 🙂

  207. There we are then. YuNoHu up to his usual old tricks. Tries to be sly but is invariably ham fisted.

    Now, let me think, who else is agitating to get rid of May and why?

  208. The Conservatives are up to their eyeballs in the crap and have been since they stopped appointing Tories as their leaders and will continue in this state until they resume service as usual, but as I can see little prospect of this , they will remain in the mire and so will we as a consequence.

  209. stephen maybery – 11:58

    They also need to support their leaders. May was the best thing since sliced bread, according to the ‘bulk of the Tory Party’, aka the Remainers, and then, when she revealed that she thought it correct to honour Cameron’s referendum promise to the Nation, not just his party, she was sent to Coventry, and picked off by the opposition within her own party!

  210. David Lindsay @ 11:11

    Get real, David, even she were to get blind, deaf, mute, mentally disturbed, Alzheimer soaked and more she would be by far more preferably to the ghastly cumryd and his crew.

  211. stephen maybery @ 11:58

    Quite, stephen.

    Btw, the way she’s been treated after the count underpins neatly her own slicing of the Tories as the nasty party.

  212. RobertRetyred @ 11:42

    What is surprising, Robert, is that something like that hasn’t happened before, there are disturbed loonies amongst out ranks, too, but as everyone with any sense keeps pointing out these fuckwits act on their own, their motives are those of deranged individuals, their behaviour isn’t rooted in a creed, ideology, religion, their place is in an asylum, they should not be walking free.

  213. Colonel Mustard @ 09:39

    Noted, Colonel, thanks.

  214. Is this war?

    “In the areas of combat missions of Russian air fleet in Syrian skies, any airborne objects, including aircraft and unmanned vehicles of the [US-led] international coalition, located to the west of the Euphrates River, will be tracked by Russian ground and air defense forces as air targets,” the Russian Ministry of Defense stated.

    Downing the military jet within Syrian airspace “cynically” violates the sovereignty of the Syrian Arab Republic, Russian military said.

    The actions of the US Air Force are in fact “military aggression” against Syria, the statement adds.

    The ministry emphasized that Russian warplanes were on a mission in Syrian airspace during the US-led coalition’s attack on the Syrian Su-22, while the coalition failed to use the communication line to prevent an incident.

    “The command of the coalition forces did not use the existing communication channel between the air commands of Al Udeid Airbase (in Qatar) and the Khmeimim Airbase to prevent incidents in Syrian airspace.”

  215. Baron – 13:22

    So true, especially when it is becoming ‘part and parcel’ etc ….

  216. Marshal Roberts – 14:43

    Has Bob Geldof taken in his quota?

  217. Alex Boot sums up the situation in a timely, accurate report and justified antidote to the political platitudes and garbage resounding arounnd the airwaves at the moment:

  218. As talks start in Brussels, turns out that we are not leaving:

    “The situations of the two sides on the eve of negotiations about Britain leaving the European Union could hardly have been more different. Whereas British Prime Minister Theresa May is barely clinging to power and her representatives are hastily insisting that London will indeed push forward with Brexit, German and EU leaders seem relaxed and confident.
    In an interview with Die Welt newspaper, German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel offered what was essentially an invitation for the UK to change its mind.”

  219. Frank 1534

    Boot has sold out:

    “Our future prime minister hasn’t limited himself to stock condolences. He also said: “I’ve been in touch with the mosques, police and Islington council regarding the incident.””

  220. Frank P @ 15:34

    Quite a witty one by Mr. Boot, Frank, let’s hope his vision of what’s to be our tomorrows doesn’t come (the last but one paragraph of his lament), but we are falling into a trap.

    The followers of Allah are here legally, they were invited, let in anyway, they have the same rights as those locals whose predecessors have lived here for centuries. Our driving vans at them is the wrong thing to do.

    The culprits are the politicians who have let them in, in huge numbers, without ensuring they harbour no harm, have an intention to assimilate, agree to live under our laws.

    Tragic incidents of this sort are only playing into he hands of the ghastly politicians, they take the high moral ground, adjudicate, stand above the fray, whilst we hold a grudge against them, harm them (not very often though), they hold the grudge against us, harm us (often).

    The only way out is for the electorate to wise up, stop voting for candidates of any party who back immigration from the lands of Islam, cast their votes for those who want to put an en to it, deport those who do us harm, or those who back or sympathise with those who harm us.

  221. It took the police one minute to arrive, eight minutes to say it was an act of terrorism.

  222. Marshal Roberts @ 16:27

    We could do worse, Marshall, DD will do, he may not have the charisma of the H2B, the Micron chap, the Donald, but he’s a seasoned professional, comes from the right background to escape the mob’s yapping over his credentials, has the ability to figure how to steady the ship to prevent the ghastly cumryd getting into no10.

  223. Marshal Roberts @ 14:43

    That may cheer up the mob, Marshall, but it will turn the law abiding, 70& plus property owning voters against him.

    The man’s digging deeper into the hole, he’ll get buried in it.

  224. Marshal Roberts @ 14:39

    Putin should keep his cool, Marshal, he’s in no position to take on the Americans, not even in Syria. If he doesn’t, the summer may turn even hotter than it is.

    The Americans shouldn’t get away with it, however, they are in Syria illegally, nobody has invited them, if they escape international condemnation, other countries won’t be safe either.

  225. Never forget it’s only a small minority .all the rest love us.

  226. John Birch (19:26)

    You talking about Welshmen? 🙂

  227. Frank P – 15:34

    Action & Reaction. I concur with both Mr Booth and Clear Memories. I fear the latter’s prognosis for UK will come to pass… Unless somebody can quote me several historical examples where the opposite has occurred.

    Judging by the reaction of the political classes, and the MSM wankerati and their acolytes today then the UK is totally fucked. Not only the UK: the cognitive disorder appears to be a pandemic, and it is terminal.

    Meanwhile over the pond, the MSM goes for broke!

  228. Baron 1824
    I blow hot and cold about Putin and Syria but no one can deny that since Putin got the Ruskies involved there have been less deaths and less refugees.
    Trump should butt out of this one.

  229. Baron – 18:06

    Either the virtue signalling has improved to smooth the political road, and the next steps are being planned, or we are doomed.

    I do hope those services that Diane Abbot wanted to abolish can be relied upon.

  230. Popular vote, Ha!

    “Recalculations of illegal votes by noncitizens puts number closer to Trump’s”

  231. Daily Telegraph : Reportedly comments in the Telegraph between 05.15 and 07.00 were blistering and nasty…..then 200 were removed and no more allowed.

    In The Spectator an item by Douglas Murray was treated the same……..BUT to see the comments try link below ( beware of obscene advert) .

  232. Found on the interweb today…

    This is one for Maxine Waters 🙂

    (I honestly didn’t photoshop that…)

  233. The Spectator. Once a conservative journal. Dodgy editor, Even dodgier assistant editor. Every online article now attracts the usual knot(weed) of tedious, sneering, smug, sanctimonious leftist “monitor” trolls, thoroughly unpleasant ambassadors from one of the too many leftist hate organisations busily destroying the fabric of our society for the gaining of power.

    And history shows us what they do with that power whenever they gain it – EVERY TIME. Results perfectly consistent with the nastiness of their troll ambassadors whose pathetic attempts to clothe themselves in sanctimony and righteousness are belied by the violent, control freak fascism that is all too apparent in their motivation and attitude. Evil people who delude themselves into a cultish faith that they are right thinking and righteous and should prevail over all dissent. The most dangerous people in society.

  234. Last night I was browsing the online arm Radio Tass and I was astonished to discover that India has had a reconnaissance vehicle in orbit around Mars – for the last 1000 days!

    Perhaps the profligate DFID’s greatest achievement? That, and Pakistan’s postal voting system.

  235. Colonel Mustard – 07:43

    Absolutely! The madness that I referred to yesterday continues unabated.

    Now, whatever one might think of Mrs May’s record at the Home Office, the mishandled GE campaign, or any misgivings one might have about her management of the Brexit process… there is absolutely no justification for the organised character assassination and vilification that has happened in recent days. Corbyn’s hypocrisy on “terror” get a free pass in the MSM – unfuckingbeliveable!

    One piece shaft of light in the darkness yesterday. The SCOTUS unanimously and unequivocally re-affirmed the 1st Amendment.

    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

    The left’s PC agenda of abridging free speech via the entirely subjective concept “hate speech” is dead in the water. Good news for the Yanks!

  236. @09:13

    Sorry, old news!

  237. 1322 Baron:

    Fuckwits yes.
    But not rooted in a creed?
    We are seeing a continuum from Oklahoma to Finsbury rooted in white supremacist creeds fostered in themselves by websites not unknown to posters in both the UK and the US.
    We must continue to call these out as terrorist atrocities and bring the might of COBRA to prevent further such.

  238. 09:21

    Fuck off agitprop! Whatever your camouflage, your shape and smell is unmistakeable. Pheewwff!!

    Baron please stop engaging with the cunt/s. We’ve had a comparatively telefuckwit-free spell, I suspect with Peter’s help. Let’s stem the resurgence again.

  239. The Z man with another dose of the real; de trut’ arv de mattah!!

  240. After countless outrages by RoP, a sole whitey breaks ranks and squashes a couple of ragheads. Cue outrage right across the enemedia! The Met declare it a hate crime and St Teresa genuflects stating the nation is in mourning, all are saddened and as one with the Muslims.

    How wrong can she be? Outside the bubble, across the globe, there is joyous exultation. ISIS are delighted as this might kick off the end-of-days their version of Islam needs before the final prophet returns; the right love it – now they might really get to kick arse – and the sad little muslims in the UK can’t understand what the fuck happened. Some sheepshagger ran an old fart over? Where did he get the idea?

    Starting from 9/11, we have a lot of catching up to do. One old fart is a start.

  241. Go Frank P – Lindsey is just teletubby with two names.

  242. Prescience is no longer for the instinctive and gifted, anybody that can see, hear, read and add 1 + 1 can foretell the future, it is screaming at us and in bloody technicolour. Yet we continue to elect idiots whose first act on obtaining office is to bury their heads in the sand, thus displaying their fundamental orifices for the delectation of divers enemies. The imminent election is our last chance to avoid the destruction of our nation. The Tories have a majority – but effete leaders. They must appoint a new leader who must surround himself with red blooded Englishmen with testicles and families. We’ve tried the barren Vicar’s daughter plus the committee from the knitting society (including the prancing gingers) as cabinet members. It didn’t work. And I’ll bet the only deal the Dulux Dog lookalike cuts in the Brexit negotiations will be to sell the EU paint!

    FFS get your act together, Tories, you’re pissing a thousand years of civilisation down the drain! Can’t you see that we’re in jeopardy of having a diminutive, scruffy, evil Marxist ideologue (whose day job was as a stand-in for Albert Steptoe), usurping the tenancy of No. 10 with his band of Bolshie bastards and Muzzie collaborators and traitors? Man up! The time for piffle and platitudes is over. Even the nutters are now taking the law into their own hands with white vans. And remember – it was your lot that flogged off the mental hospitals to developers and released the inmates into ‘care in the community’ – a community that doesn’t give a fuck, unless its for the welfare of inimical immigrants. Arrgghh!!

  243. Clear Memories June 20th, 2017 – 09:46

    The same vile creature who once demanded that the ISIS “Caliph” should be given a “fair hearing” has found a way back in to continue his silly provocations and unwanted tripe under yet another false name.

  244. Frank P June 20th, 2017 – 09:34

    😉 Nailed it.

  245. EC (09:13)

    Thats and ominous development. Could indicate that Flynn has cut a deal with this shyster:

  246. Clear Memories (09:46)

    A nest of vipers, probably financed as outriders to troll all sites right of centre.
    “David Lindsay” returned here a couple of weeks ago purporting to be a disillusioned Tory and I sussed then it was the Shavian mob trying yet another thin-end-of-the-wedge, before reverting to normal agitprop tactics. The copy is so formulaic I don’t know why they bother. I suppose there are enough useful eejits about to justify their stipend, but not here I would have hoped. DFTFT!

    ITV has pulled the full interview of Tommy Robinson by Piers Morgan and some woman or other on grounds of copyright!

    Fragments of the interview which I have found elsewhere suggest that an apoplectic Morgan is no match for a rational Robinson.

    Has anyone found a surviving link to the entire interview?

  248. Piers Morgan blasts ex-EDL leader Tommy Robinson
    Look at the comments.!!!!

  249. Saw Tommy Robinson on TV this morning. He gave a good account of himself, but why he consented to be insulted by the national gobshite is beyond comprehension.

  250. Muslims claim they don’t feel safe any more, they don’t feel safe at the mosque.

    Shame. Well get used to it guys. It’s what comes with following a vile, hateful, supremacist cult. You are the modern nazis and we all hate nazis so get used to it.

    Of course, you can always leave. There are far too many third world shitholes run by nazis who believe the same rubbish as you. But then, they don’t really want you either.

  251. Clear Memories – 22:07

    ‘part and parcel’ …

    It makes cultural enrichment appear quite normal 🙂

  252. Malfleur ; June 20 at 16.02

    Here is the 18 minute interview by Piers Morgan with Tommy Robinson.

  253. Radford NG @ 06:05

    Thanks for that. Very instructive.

    The woman in red summed up for me Morgan’s position, and the reason why our political class needs to be purged, when she said to Robinson “You need to stop talking”.

  254. On the exchange, if it can be called that, on William Gladstone’s view of the Koran and Morgan’s view of Robinson for citing it, this piece in Jihad Watch from 2009 is instructive:


    William Ewart Gladstone (1809–1898) was Prime Minister of Great Britain four times: 1868–74, 1880–85, 1886 and 1892–94. He called the Qur’an an “accursed book” and once held it up during a session of Parliament, declaring: “So long as there is this book there will be no peace in the world.”
    Times have changed a great deal. Now the votaries of the book he saw as such an impediment to peace have triumphed: an Islamic reading room is being set up at the library Gladstone founded near his home in North Wales. In this BBC audio report (thanks to Andrew), Gladstone’s great grandson Christopher Parish and Professor Richard Aldous, head of history at University College Dublin, tie themselves into knots trying to come up with a reason why Gladstone would have approved of this reading room. Gladstone, you see, was a man of his time, but he actually made favorable comments about Muhammad in the margins of a biography of the founder of Islam, and his remarks weren’t as extreme as those of some of his contemporaries…
    It doesn’t add up. The text of the Qur’an has not changed from the late 19th century to the early 21st. What has changed is the prevailing attitude toward the book. Now it has become a manifestation of bigotry and hatred to see in the Islamic holy book anything but peace and tolerance. But the text of the book remains the same. If it was an impediment to peace in Gladstone’s day, it is now. If it is an uplifting exhortation to peace and tolerance now, then it was in Gladstone’s day as well.
    Yesterday Geert Wilders said: “I view Islam not as a religion, but as a dangerous, totalitarian ideology – equal to communism and fascism. Aren’t I allowed to say so?”
    No, he isn’t allowed to say so. If he had been born two hundred years ago, he might have become Prime Minister of the Netherlands. Instead, he is a hunted man. Likewise Gladstone, were he miraculously transported to the House of Commons in 2009, would be excoriated for “hate speech” if he dared to repeat his view of the Qur’an today.
    But the Qur’an remains the same. Eventually, Europe and America are going to deal with the implications of that fact, one way or another.”

  255. “Piers Morgan is an Enemy of Reason and an Affront to Human Dignity”
    Dr Gad Saad (THE SAAD TRUTH_471)


    A comprehensive demolition job!

  256. EC (11:48)

    The picture used as the backdrop for the monologue was perfect: smug, arrogant stupidity personified.

    Paul’s comment on the Finsbury Park incident is also worth ten minutes of your time and a perfect antivenin to having watched the sorry parade of traitorous wankers who had the effrontery to assemble before HM this morning for the ‘opening of parliament’. Have you ever before seen a more jumped-up-never-come-down, scaly-backed, useless bunch of douchebags assemble for this (allegedly) auspicious ritual? As for the speech itself – whistling in the dark!

  257. John McDonnell is one dangerous man. He seems to be at one with the hard left trying to bring down the elected Government.
    Now just who did win the election?
    Convention used to be the biggest party, not the party with the biggest noise.
    I Suspect we will soon see a movement against McDonnell and Corbyn. My guess is that such forces will be more numerous than theirs.
    The public need to be made aware of the current dangerous moves from McDonnell and friends.

  258. That expenses chiselling little ginger beer David Laws has just been given 15 minutes face time on the Ian King show. These fucking zombies are shameless. Once disgraced they should be finished off with a stake through their rotten entrails. Pontificating abour Brexit of course, obviously manoeuvering to get his little snout back in the trough, and access to the reservoir of Westminster rent boys.

  259. Drunk mother is first woman to wear a SOBRIETY TAG in her town

    ‘We both regret it. We are paying the price now for what we have done.
    ‘I hope things will only get better. We had a bit to drink one day.
    ‘We are young, free and single. We got a bit excited and, in the heat of the moment, we took it the wrong way.
    ‘I have got seven kids that I want to look up to me and not to look up to me like a bad one.’
    So young free and single = 30 years old with 7 kids , who would know.

  260. Watching the Brexit prog on BBC.
    What a shower.
    All of them – well most.
    Only Rees Mogg talks sense. Why is he not gunning for Number Ten.

  261. Frank P
    June 14th, 2017 – 14:49

    Cultural deficiencies?
    Your existential deficiencies should exercise you.
    Our founding fathers respected your constitution and Magna Carta but your Government is behaving like King John.
    Your PM needs a dose of rotten peaches and bad ale.
    You all wait on the discussions in Brussels, but you need not bother. Everyone is abandoning you even The Donald.
    Soonest you will face the choice of economic collapse or back cap in hand for a few crumbs from Merkels table.
    1945 which we helped you to has been reversed.

  262. The press seem to have forgotten the election results (due to the lying posturing of Corbyn) but despite Bercow the PM reminded the Commons yesterday:

    She said: “Let me just point out a few facts to the honourable gentleman.

    “Which party was it that got the highest percentage share of the vote, Labour or Conservative? Conservative.

    “Which party was it that got more votes? 800,000 more votes than the other party. Labour or Conservative? Conservative.

    “Which party was it that got 56 more seats than the Labour Party…”

  263. @Emulous 21st – 15:09

    “I Suspect we will soon see a movement against McDonnell and Corbyn.”

    Well, no. The sort of action usually taken is such that we don’t see it. Watch for when they start to go quiet, when the drones start looking around to see if they are supported, only to find that they’ve done a Macavity. But it might be months, yet.

  264. John birch, June 21st, 2017 – 19:16

    Sounds like they should’ve given that woman two tags, and pinned one to each nipple. It would prevent the public from being exposed to a repetition of the offence.

    “So young free and single = 30 years old with 7 kids , who would know.”

    Grimsby has voted in a Labour MP at every GE since 1945.

  265. JJB

    Piss off, or I’ll set ACP on to you! 🙂

  266. A plaintive, justified plea to non-Mother Theresa:

    Right on Alex. In vain, of course, the fuckers are other-wordly.

  267. This one is for Baron when he returns. Hope his brief absence is not connected to his blood pressure, as this will only exacerbate the affliction:

    …. and don’t shoot the messenger m’Lud. 🙂

  268. Just received my weekly newsletter from the New Specstatesmen listing the delights to be had if I renew my subscription. However a click on any of the article links invokes the paywall, which I would not breach even if I won the Euro Millions lottery which has now reached yet another roll-over jackpot of £80m.

    The main feature, it would appear, is entitled The Dying of the Right, by the editor. Not least one suspects because it has been stabbed in the back by a once revered conservative magazine now taken over by a fey bunch of nincompoops.

  269. Frank P – 19:21

    There are so many there that I could wish a prolonged and very painful bout of the Chalfonts upon: Brillo, Nelson, Cohen, Massie and Hardman to name but a few. Do they still have that chap with the undescended testicles?

  270. Frank P – 19:21


    I saw that ‘main feature’ and wondered …

    Then I just wondered what I was wondering about … and did something else 🙂

    So it isn’t just me.

    And all these building with added fire hazard!

    What have the council planners and fire safety officers been doing?

    Strike a light! And they won’t even lose a penny of their pensions 🙂

  271. Frank P @ 19:02

    As a fairly tale, quite enjoyable, Frank, as a piece pretending to be a serious slicing of the Putin’s regime, it ranks below a blob of earthworms infested vomit.

    The barbarian is travelling, and in serious pain, it’s not the high blood pressure, it’s a troublesome tooth extraction. He may rejoin you, if the pain doesn’t get him first.

  272. Formez Vos Bataillons! – HOUR 1 – THURSDAY’S ALEX JONES SHOW

    Gobalists’ plan for a hot coup in the United States of America – Implementation Imminent – Sean Hannity Openly warns of a Clear and Present Danger from the Deep State


    Sean Hannity on June 20 warned of a 5-point soft coup in progress

  274. Independence Day!

  275. Frank P
    June 22nd, 2017 – 11:05

    Howdy Frank.
    How is my old mucker Andy.
    Tell him I am headed over to see my aunt August.
    I could stand him a drink at the Bideford New Inn.

  276. Happy Independence Day?

  277. Marshall Roberts (05:50)

    In yer dreams! Dulux Dog looks as though he needs a good worming. And they are letting Dawkter Finlay out of his cage next week for QT according to Dumbeldy Major. That should set Brexit back another five years – as planned! Lets get real, Marshal. Always supposing the Govt lasts until next Thursday.

    I’m really pissed off that they regaled Brenda in the EU Flag for her Queen’s Speech.
    And as young Harry blew the whistle yesterday and coughed to the fact that his generation of Royals are not Monarchists, Charles III can do the Full Monty as ‘Defender of Faiths’ for a short spell and then sell the whole shebang, including the horses and stables, to his mates from Saudi and Qatar to help pay off our ever increasing national debt. If indeed she doesn’t outlive him, which She could easily do – he looks older than Her now.

    Well, at least that will please Noa. 🙂

    Unless, unless ….

    Tone emerges from the wings and claims his natural right as POTUK. Just imagine Sal Hatch in her curlers, on the balcony of Buckhouse as FLOTUK …. and over their heads a new gargoyle affixed to the frontage – in the form of a mummified Gordon Brown. In fact they wouldn’t have to mummify him – he’d turn to stone with the shock, of Tone became POTUK. Now that I’m on a riff – why not use use the current ‘Leader of HM Oppo” as a garden gnome in the back garden of Buckhouse. Is any of the foregoing more of a travesty, more risible than the current actual SOA?

    Btw Melanie played a blinder on Brillo’s panto last night. They must’ve buried the hatchet.

    You can tell I didn’t sleep last night, can’t you?

  278. JJB (08:57)

    You must be in her will. Don’t try too hard John, it will all dissipate in nursing home costs. Nobody is allowed to die rich in the benighted shit-heap – even in Devon State, Cornshire.

    Btw way, the Donald played the ‘no tapes’ ploy beautifully, yesterday. He never suggested that he himself had taped anybody, he merely warned Comey that he’s better not leak lies lest there were tapes. He’s right – anybody from the Deepstate could have bugged their chat. Loved the way he played them on a long line after they took the bait. Go Donald! Sooner or later the Dumbocrats will wake up to the fact that he’s not as stupid as he looks. Sadly, in the end, if all else fails, they’ll have him whacked. They have previous. Take care POTUS, that play in Central Park is just a rehearsal. Hope you’ve hand-picked your detail and that you have a food taster.
    Et tu, Paul Ryan? Arrrgh.

  279. EC (08:57)

    Sorry, we were both tapping simultaneously there. I would have included you in the address of my (09:13) had I known you too were also celebrating. 🙂

  280. o & oe tautology alert: superfluous ‘too’ or ‘also’ – take your pick. 🙂

  281. @Frank P 22nd – 19:21

    “invokes the paywall, which I would not breach even if I won the Euro Millions lottery which has now reached yet another roll-over jackpot of £80m.”

    With you there, Frank! 🙂

  282. Marshal Roberts – 05:50

    Or should I call you Amundsen!

    I appreciate the sentiment. 🙂

  283. John Jefferson Burns, June 22nd, 2017 – 07:33

    To quote my articulate and very good friend Penn Jilliette, “BULLSHIT!” invariably accompanied by his favourite coda, “FUCK YOU!”

    John Jefferson Burns – 08:12

    You Yanks have no history that bears repeating, big mouths and zero class. Only in England could a hostelry built in the 17th century be named the “New Inn.”

    Frank P – 09:32

    I’m certain that JJB chose his aunt’s care home with one eye on the quality of care, and the other eye on his shrinking inheritance…

    Mind you, the climate down there is so mild, the air pure, that people that live to a ripe old age! The locals don’t call it Old Biddyford for nothing!

  284. BOOM!

    This is just the start! To all those who said that this would never happen, that immigrants would… blah, blah blah….then I refer you to Penn Jillette above.

  285. This week’s Speccie cover story is too funny.

    “The dying of the right – Why are Conservatives giving up on conservatism”

    Oh, the irony. The fact that YuNoHu is a chum of the assistant editor who is shacked up with a Labour MP tells you everything you need to know.

  286. Conservatives are not giving up on conservatism. It is people who are plainly not conservatives calling themselves conservative and trying to pretend that left wing politics are conservatism.

    Into that unhappy situation come ex-wonk career politicians who don’t much mind which party they are in providing they can get a leg up on the greasy pole.

    Capped by a Tory hierarchy which since long before 2010 has failed miserably to craft a cogent and true conservative narrative to counter the drift leftwards of the so-called centre. And which has made great efforts to alienate its core supporters and its natural allies in favour of trying to seduce a segment of society which continues to hate the Tories regardless. That is a strategy, apparently.

  287. Gerard Vanderleun’s new layout – really nice:

    Any chance of a refurb Peter? If so make sure the cladding is fireproof as conflagration is always a probability here.

  288. Particularly as intruders like the Shavian mob leave their shite in the corridors and lifts and the smell of ganga and propaganda hangs around for days after their incursions. :-)@

  289. Colonel Mustard (13:28 et seq)

    Exactly so!

  290. The mood music is not good.
    Juncker and Tusk say May’s offer is not good enough.
    Well so be it.
    Turns out we are in the driving seat on this one.
    The more unhelpful Junck we get, the more determined we should be stick to a very hard line here.

  291. Both historical and topical; ‘ lessons should be learned’:

  292. Liked the pun, too.

  293. Some good comments after Steyn’s essay btw. I guess similarly with Rod Liddle’s too. But then they are behind the paywall. Hiding his light under a shekel? Grrr.

  294. Listening to the cacophony from Brussels and seeing how they are treating our PM makes me almost a Brexiteer.

  295. Frank P 1946

    Later on Peter Smith has it nailed:

    “It is one thing to spot the trend towards Islamic dominance; it is quite another to arrest it. In particular, tolerant societies in these politically correct times have no feasible way of countering intolerance when it is practised and preached by a minority religion ready to claim victimhood at the drop of a hat. I entertained the thought that it could, but it can’t be done. And it certainly can’t be done when Muslim populations become large enough to have political clout; and that isn’t too large.

    Muslim immigration can’t be stopped. Financial support to Islamic institutions can’t be withdrawn. The superiority of Western cultural and social conventions can’t be actively promoted. A safe, supportive and encouraging environment can’t be offered to Muslims who wish to leave behind their intolerant and violence-provoking creed.”

  296. “ISIS Losing the Battle but Winning the War
    by Giulio Meotti • June 21, 2017 at 5:00 am
    If ISIS is retreating in Mosul, it is rapidly advancing in Manchester. The Caliphate is winning its war in Europe. Six months ago in Britain, the rise of Jeremy Corbyn, the ultra-pacifist Labour party leader who blamed the “war on terror” for the recent attacks in Manchester and London, would have been unthinkable.”

  297. And what of the ageing gnome:

    “The Labour leader used his recent approval rating surge, which has placed him above Mrs May for the first time ever, to push for another general election, just over two weeks after the last vote.

    Speaking at Unison’s annual conference in Brighton, Jeremy Corbyn, told the Daily Mirror: “Mrs May called the election so not to have a coalition of chaos, but that is exactly what we have got, they don’t seem to have come to an agreement with the DUP two weeks after the election.

    “We will challenge this Government at every step and try to force an early general election.”


  298. And there are those who support Putin:

    Alexander Perepelichny, young man blowing the whistle on Russian money laundering, dropped dead while jogging in Surrey. Official ruling: heart attack.

    Boris Berezovsky, oligarch who financed political opponents to Putin, found hanged in his bathroom. Official ruling: suicide.

    Scot Young, facilitator of Berezovsky’s money laundering, defenestrated in London. Official ruling: suicide.

    Young’s partners Paul Castle, Robbie Curtis and Johnny Elichaoff all died violently. Official ruling: suicides.

    Badri Patarkatsishvili, Berezovsky’s business partner, dropped dead. Official ruling: heart attack.

    Yuri Golubev, co-founder of Yukos, the oil company stolen by Putin, ditto.

    Stephen Moss, 46-year-old lawyer working for Putin’s oligarchs, ditto.

    Stephen Curtis (no relation to Robbie), British launderer of Russian money, dead in a suspicious helicopter crash. Official ruling: accident.


    Meanwhile his propaganda arm is sticking it into the Queen:

    “As the Queen was on her way to the State Opening of Parliament on Wednesday, one observer noticed she wasn’t wearing a seatbelt and reported her to the police.
    The Monarch was sitting with her son and heir Prince Charles in the back of her chauffeur-driven Bentley during the short ride from Buckingham Palace to the Palace of Westminster, where she gave the ceremonial Queen’s Speech.

    West Yorkshire Police said they received a 999 call about the Queen’s transgression, tweeting: “999 call received reporting that the Queen isn’t wearing a seatbelt. #not999 #notevenwestyorkshire.”

  300. David Lindsay – 20:40

    Are you too old to be conscripted into the EU army?

    Keeping the peace, internally, you understand; on the Continent, of course. 🙂

    The worst part will be proclaiming allegence to Juncker! 🙂

  301. Marshal Roberts.

    No – not terrifying, just deeply depressing. It is almost a necessary step. I say to the students “Be careful what you wish for … you may get it.” If you do, the euphoria will turn to bewilderment as you watch the country fall apart at the seams. And 383,700 British and Commonwealth military service personal KIA in WW2 lying in far flung corners of the world as well as in Blighty will curse you all to hell. Not to mention those who have died from ill-begotten conflicts since – all in vain. So that a diminutive old hippy moron and his neo-Marxist cabal can seize the levers of power?
    Wise up children and take a look at your buttered bread. Austerity? I doubt you know how to spell it never mind define it. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

  302. The entire Metrollups is homeless tonight. The biggest CYA operation in the history of London. Stable doors clanging all over the patch. Nights start drawing in tonight, too. Politics on steroids. Somebody get a grip FFS.
    Contrived panic, fomented by agitators. If you wanna see a free strip show, just nip up to The Smoke. They are stripping the town from ahole to breakfast time. The vox pops are at times a parody of a parody.

    There will be a run on the banks at this rate. Contrived chaos. Leading beyond authority anyone?

    The wankers ‘reporting’ it are stoking the ‘panic’.Agitprop in top gear.

  303. Frank P – 22:47

    I would have thought, for some buildings, installing smoke alarms in every flat, with a wifi connection to a central control, and some CCTV would have been cheaper, if only a short term fix.

    The guy on local radio said that, while the cladding wasn’t the best, the problem was the poor ‘everything else’, from insufficient escape paths to poor planning, which is a polite way of saying there wasn’t much at all. The way the windows were reinstalled was a large part of the problem, not keeping the fire outside.

    Leading beyond competence, more like!

  304. Simon a resident, age about 35 (who “suffers from generalised anxiety not helped by working in TV news in a pwevious lifetime) “cwied and cwied until my eyes got all pouffy, my poor plants need watering”.

    I thought it was Graham Norton doing a skit in bad taste until it became clear that it was for real and that I was watching Sky News.

    Rod Liddle – step up to the plate, mate. It’s beyond my descriptive powers and you (and Mark) nailed it earlier. Hogarthian!

  305. Bureaucracy has finally blown its gasket.
    Fucking bonkers – all! Four jobsworths per square yard and not a copper in sight. Can’t say I blame ’em.

  306. No cause for police action, guv’nor – that looney labour lot from the Carnsell , fuckin’ ararnd!

  307. What would these douchebags do if we get invaded by a potential enemy?

    Oh. … Hold on a minute …

  308. Simon Bennet (who he?) pontificating on Sky News ‘papers slot. What a dick-head! One of the metaphors they drummed during torrent of platitudes was “This is just the tip of the iceberg!” FMOBB. Is the Titanic sinking as well?

    And of course its all Mrs Mays fault. Natch!@

  309. “Killers in our kitchens”.
    Reds under our beds, more like.

  310. Sorry his name is Owen Bennett – from Huff Post. Nuff said!

  311. Jeremy Corbyn “has done marvellously in all this” according to the fat mouthed twat.
    He could have inflated all 800 air beds with hot aIr emerging from his fat little lips.

  312. Frank P 09.13

    Have you been at the states again, Frank? 😉

  313. Arggg! States???? I meant statins. Friggin’ Steve Jobs crap…

    If you’re not tired of London, you’re tired of life
    You pretend your city is a wonderful multicultural melting pot, rather than a slave state run entirely for your benefit
    Rod Liddle

    London, city of the damned. City of incendiary tower blocks, jihadi mentals trying to slit your throat, yokels from Somerset up for the day to enjoy a spot of ramming Muslims in a white van. City of Thornberry, Abbott and Corbyn. City of Boris. City of anti-Semitic marches to commemorate Al Quds. City of Isis flags and where, in most boroughs, white British people are a largely resentful minority. City of vacuous liberal platitudes — we all stand together, not in my name. Why would you live there? I would rather live in Gaza, just about. If you are not tired of London by now then you are surely tired of life. City of gender-study courses, LGBT action days and poor huddled masses, mainly foreigners, earning fuck all.

    City of eateries run by greedy ponces selling you a bowl of cornflakes for five quid, city of middle-class wood-burning stoves and Chelsea tractors choking the entire population. City of the million quid garage, city of the £600-per-month one-room rathole for impecunious losers. City of people who think they’re entitled to everything. City of bankers. City of fury, of rage, of toddler tantrums and bellowed hatred. I never go there unless I can help it. And when I do, I always take a candle, some flowers and a teddy bear, so I’m ready for the next vigil, which is always just around the corner.


    I also make sure I’ve got a few words of anodyne cant prepared for when Jon Snow — wearing one of his ties, a white poppy and maybe a tampon to show his solidarity with menstruating women — hoves into view asking his usual facile questions for Channel 4 News. ‘Well, Jon, I think it’s important at a time like this that we all stand together. It’s nothing to do with Islam. We need hope, not hate. Love, not war. Cheese, not chives. Anyway, it’s all Theresa May’s fault. Burning tower blocks, jihadi mentals, racist yokels.’

    Which reminds me — yes, city of Channel 4 News, city of the BBC.

    The surprising thing is that it did not happen before. What didn’t? Both. The burning tower block and the Cardiff-domiciled Somerset yokel with his wish, comprehensively unrealised, to expunge Muslims from the face of the earth. The population does not swallow the obvious canard that jihadi attacks are nothing to do with Islam — nor yet that it is a perverted form of Islam to which the jihadis adhere. If it is perverted, then it’s perverted across a rather large swath of the Islamic world, no?

    And yet the actions of Darren Osborne were pretty much a singularity. The white population does not take out its misgivings, its resentments, on ‘ordinary’ Muslims. We have been uniquely tolerant and pacific. Our sense of injustice is perhaps ratcheted up a notch or two when the police quickly decide that the wretched Osborne’s attack was ‘terrorism’, when it takes them rather longer to reach this conclusion after the Muslims have been out with their knives and vans again, in attack after attack after attack. And when we’re told that this is clear evidence of horrible escalating right-wing violence and Islamophobia when it is nothing of the kind. When we’re told this by the same people who told us the jihadi attacks were nothing to do with Islam. That stuff, I think, rankles a bit with your average Brit — beyond London. Beyond the city of Lily Allen, the city of veri-similitude and hypocrisy.

    And the tower block. Grenfell Tower. Done on the cheap, clad with an amalgam of kindling and Zip firelighters, sod the poor. The lefties are absolutely justified in both decrying the inequality that exists in our capital city and insisting that the authorities do not give a monkey’s about the poorest citizens. But to state, as Jeremy Corbyn did, that everyone should have a nice, safe space to live in London is so fabulously stupid as to be certifiable. The residents of that block were almost exclusively African and Asian immigrants, or the children of immigrants, brought into this country to do, at best, menial work for affluent whitey. If they had ‘somewhere nice to live’, you well-off Londoners would be paying at least triple the amount in hourly rates for your nannies, Uber drivers, cleaners, builders, road sweepers, lavatory attendants and so on. Maybe quadruple. And you are not prepared to do that, are you?

    Further, if those rates of pay were applicable then white working-class British people would be queuing up for the jobs and the immigrants wouldn’t be here at all —because suddenly the need for them would have evaporated. So you Londoners who delight in the ‘diversity’ of your city and are proud to have Fatimah from Algeria minding your brats and Mohammed from Mogadishu driving you to work and Pawel from Białystok excavating your basement for a new kitchen — where do you think they live, these people? Fatimah lived in Grenfell Tower. Mohammed lives in the tower opposite, just about to go up in smoke. Pawel shares a room with seven other Polish men, living as the lowest navvies did in the 1850s.

    And you are living in Dubai or Doha, the only difference being the colder climate and the fact that you pretend your city is a wonderful multicultural melting pot, rather than a slave state run entirely for your own benefit. Hell, at least the Emiratis and the Qataris are honest in their utter disdain for their Gastarbeiter. You dress it all up in the agreeable and becoming cloak of internationalism, as if we were doing these people a favour. City of magnificent delusions.

    I can see why the right, then, is in favour of mass immigration. But I cannot for a second understand why the left goes along with it. As Marx said, it is the means by which the rich become richer. I used to like London. But what now is there to like?

  315. Georgia Gould – she de wun!

  316. I know Brexit is dead and buried (I never expected the Tories to allow it), but we had a major victory Stateside with Handel beating Ossoff.

    What the Deep State wants before they go after Trump follwing the September elections in Italy and Germany is for the Republicans to have turned on him. Many already have and will never back him.

    Well, Handel never mentioned him on the campaign trail. But on the night she won, she name-checked him. And her supporters? On the night she won, they had one chant: ‘Trump, Trump, Trump.’

    George Soros poured millions into that campaign, because they have to get the Republicans in the mood – quickly – for a forcible removal from office.

    Thank God the public are backing Trump.

    Brexit is was always reversible so we were always going to lose that. But Trump is trying to uphold the Constitution in a way that is causing the globalists real problems. And reversing his victory is a whole lot harder.

    Chew on that, Soros.

  317. Another Glorious Revolution? Or simply self-destructing narcissists? Hastings shows why he’ll never get a knighthood.

  318. The only even-handed interview I have ever seen of Tommy Robinson was by Jeremy Paxman, who let Robinson speak without interruption.

    Reaction? Paxman was howled down by the media bubble for not interrupting Robinson.

    By the way, the name Stephen Yaxley Lennon is not used so that people don’t pick up on the surname of his relatives (for obvious reasons).

    Next up was Andrew Neil. And we were back to type. Neil just interrupted him and talked over him. Robinson won.

    Robinson is like UKIP. The MSM strategy is to smear or ignore. And after Neil, the MSM strategy was very much ignore. The MSM decided to have another bite of the character assassination cherry at a later date, should it become necessary. But ignore for now. Of course, with the internet Mr Robinson has had a very busy life with TV on Rebel Media and a book out.

    But the MSM never lets a crisis go to waste and with Darren Osborne, they sensed the chance to have another crack at Robinson.

    To try to boost ITV ratings and at the same time take down Robinson, he was invited on to Piers Morgan’s sofa.

    Message: this man Tommy Robinson is behind the Darren Osborne vigilante attack.

    Why didn’t the ITV team invite on Robinson after Westminster, Machester or London Bridge?

    They only invited him on after an incident they wanted to try to subtly link him to occurred. Robinson is the aggressor, implied ITV.

    And what happened next? Piers Morgan’s sanctimony is revealed as fake. His forked tongue is revealed as what it is. And, uh, ratings chasing ITV has pulled the interview from the internet because of the level of support for Robinson.

    The MSM have no arguments. Just prejudice abuse. It’s the same with Farage and UKIP. Ignore or smear.

  319. The best column I read about Grenfell Tower was by Tony Parsons.

    He points up that the whole thing is the fault of the Left (that includes the Tory party):

    1) If you have mass immigration, all the people have to go somewhere, so you have to have tower blocks.

    2) The architects of Grenfell Tower say its fire-proofing was the fact that it was a concrete block and fire could not spread. Thanks to the climate con, a whole industry was spawned on insulating everything. The architect of Grenfell Tower says his building would not contain a fire if you put cladding on it.

    Immigration. And the climate con.

    Step forward May and Corbyn. These pair of spitebags is responsible for promoting both.

    Key quotes:

    1) ‘Corbyn’s appearance at Grenfell Tower made a Labour government infinitely more likely, even though his relaxed attitude to immigration is unlikely to do anything but make our housing crisis far worse.’

    2) ‘It is our modern world — and its obsession with greenhouse gases and carbon emissions — that has turned these old tower blocks into funeral pyres just waiting for a spark to set them ablaze.

    ‘“We built a concrete building and concrete simply doesn’t burn like that,” one of Grenfell Tower’s original architects told the BBC.

    ‘But massive slabs of aluminium-coated polyethylene panels were stuck on the side of Grenfell Tower to conserve heat, reduce greenhouse gasses and make the old tower block look “nicer”.

    ‘Grenfell Tower is old. But this fire is the creation of the 21st Century, where politicians have placed climate change above families being burned alive.’

  320. Darren is Osborne is a drunk, a drug user and asked to be sectioned under the mental health act. He is also homeless.

    Why has he been charged with terrorism?

    The man is clearly insane. He has lashed out – in a vigilante attack – the way an insane person would. Flailing, unorganised.

    If you show videos to all the men locked up in One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest of innocent people being murdered and of underage girls being raped en masse by Muslim paedophile rape gangs, would they react? Of course they would.

    Being insane, their reaction will just be that bit more over the top than anyone else’s and they will probably do something violent.

    But they don’t want that narrative. The Common Purposers want the oppressed Muslim as victim narrative so they pretend Darren Osborne is a terrorist.

    Why TF wasn’t he sectioned?

  321. When you go through the figures and see the small margins by which the Tories lost their majority, please blame David Cameron.

    Only one year ago, Cameron tried to rig the referendum by recruiting the youth vote. They even extended the deadline for voting in the referendum so keen was Cameron to rig it for Remain.

    The result was that 12 months ago a lot of students, who would not normally be on the electoral register, went on it.

    12 months later, a youth demographic that is normally absent was registered to vote.

    And look how they voted. Many of them voted once where they live and once where they study, sometimes using postal votes.

    If that anomaly in the electoral register, rigged by Cameron, had not occurred, May would have won, wouldn’t she?

  322. One of the reasons for Corbyn’s success is his behind the scenes team. They are all Ken Livingstone’s former team, who have vast experience of running election campaigns. The tactics are all the same.

    1) Soak up all the blows when not in election mode. You can’t win over the media, so don’t try. Wait until the campaign is under way and have bribes for the voters ready.

    2) Engage the youth vote. Ken Livingstone once sang on a Blur record. Corbyn appeared with music stars, had a song made about him. Corbyn was even on the front cover of Kerrang magazine. The Tories can’t do this.

    3) Have local teams of grassroots activists study, study, study the list of voters. Make notes. Find out who they vote for by knocking on doors and asking them. If they are undecideds, pay a few visits in campaign time. On election day, knock on doors. The Tories don’t have a grassroots any more so can’t do this.

    The Tory party can’t really compete on any of those three things. They are very specific to Labour for one reason and another.

  323. Esther 0144
    I was astonished during the recent election about how effective the beguiling was.
    Previously solid neighbours were seduced by the infectious enthusiasm coupled with the bribes on tuition fees, pensions NHS etc and the lies about social care.
    The Tories looked clunky, patronising and old hat.
    Who have we got to reverse all this?

  324. Exactly, Marshal. The Tories are in deep, deep do do. Although the Republican party hates him, Trump proved that if you get your sails into the populist wind before your opponent, you win.

    Corbyn has done that. The stupid May has clearly never seen Ken Livingstone’s strategy. They really don’t mind taking blows outside of campaign mode.

    And he won’t make the same mistakes next time. Dianne Abbot will be sacked or – more likely – she will be banned from the airwaves for the election, just as Boris Johnson was shoved in a broom cupboard for most of the election campaign.

    Peter Hitchens thinks its terminal and I think he’s right.

    I am in a small minority in that I refused to vote Tory.

    I will not write any more blank cheques.

    Until I see a silver service Brexit, served to me and everyone else, no vote. I knew I was being lied to.

    Well, now they’re pooping their pants. They have no grass roots to match Labour’s because they hate their grass roots. And as Hitchens points out, the Tories have mechanisms in place to stop a Trump candidate (look at how Gove was treated when he went for the leadership).

    The whole election strategy was based on scooping up all the UKIP votes, but it turns out the bulk of those were working class Labour voters who returned to Labour.

    Oh, for a Tory Trump. Who talks tough on Islamic terror and immigration? And who went to interview Trump as soon as he was elected? Who won alll his TV and radio debates in the referendum? Who comes from an ordinary background and knows what it’s like not to be – as Nadine Dorries used to refer to Dave and George, a ‘posh boy’? Where might this person be? Hmmm.

    They had their chance to let him take the reins and they blew it.

  325. Noa – 00:08

    Thanks for the Rod Liddle C&P Good article, but somehow I can’t see Rod returning to Middlesborough anytime soon!

  326. RobertRetyred June 23rd, 2017 – 21:35

    He’s already in the red army.

  327. Frank P – 00:14

    “Georgia Gould – she de wun!”

    Congratulations! Was it the American cyclist, or the Camden Labour woman that jingled your bells?

  328. Esther 9.38
    A new leader with chutzpah and youth would help.
    If not Ruth Davidson, then Dominic Raab.

  329. Frank P, June 23rd, 2017 – 15:17

    “Any chance of a refurb Peter?”

    It appears that Peter has been on a mission to the New Jersey-ites (and any visiting BENNYs) during the last week. In addition to being jet-lagged, I imagine that he is liable to be a bit sluggish, his system having been overloaded with the local diet of pasta, pizzza and 2Ltr sodas.

  330. The Tories themselves are not past having a box of tricks that they lovingly preserve until election campaign mode, but they all went kaput in this election and cannot be fixed.

    1) Immigration. The number one issue. Rod Liddle pointed out that Corbyn would have won were it not for this issue. Corbyn will never give way on this though. This is the whole point of his existence and his party’s existence, although neither admit it in public.

    But the Tories cannot play this card in election campaigns because they love immigration to drive down wages. This has detoxified the issue for Corbyn. Peter Hitchens has gone on about this endlessly.

    2) National security. Trident is now an issue no one cares about. Islamic terror is the number one issue. Corbyn is bang to rights on this, but – again – the issue is neutralised for him because the Tories are just as bad. I would say worse give the Tory links to Saudi Arabia.

    Consider the end of those two silver propaganda bulets and you will realise that Corbyn will be prime minister.

    He hasn’t even arrived at Glastonbury and the crowd are wearing his mask and chanting his name. This is unheard of. It’s unstoppable.

    And I don’t care if he wins. The Tories have had seven years and may get five more. And they’re as bad as him.

    I’m not getting out of bed for the Tories ever again.

    It could all be reversed at a stroke. They can start with Mrs May dressing up like Mrs Overall in Acorn Antiques and serving me a silver service breakfast to atone for their wickedness.

    But they will not do it. That is not who they are.

  331. The Tories are not past having a box of tricks that they lovingly preserve solely for election campaign mode, but they all went wrong in this election and cannot be fixed.

    1) Immigration. The voters’ number one issue. Liddle pointed out that Corbyn would have won were it not for this issue. Corbyn will never give way on this though. This is the whole point of his existence and his party’s existence, although neither admit it in public.

    But the Tories cannot play this card in election campaigns because they love immigration to drive down people’s wages. This has detoxified the issue for Corbyn. Peter Hitchens has gone on about this endlessly.

    2) National security. Trident is now an issue no one cares about. Islamic terror is the number one issue. Corbyn is a de facto sponsor of Islamic terror, but – again – the issue is neutralised for him because the Tories are just as bad. I would say worse give the Tory links to Saudi Arabia.

    Consider the demise of those two silver propaganda bulets and you will realise that Corbyn will be PM.

    He hasn’t even arrived at Glastonbury and the crowd are wearing his mask and chanting his name. This is unheard of. It’s unstoppable.

    And I don’t care if he wins. The Tories have had seven years and may get five more. And they’re as bad as him.

    I’m not getting out of bed for the Tories ever again.

    It could all be reversed at a stroke. They can start with Mrs May dressing up like Mrs Overall in Acorn Antiques and serving me a silver service breakfast to atone for their wickedness.

    But they will not do it. It is not what they are.

  332. Esther – 09:38

    I think the current Tory problems can be explained by their MP’s Brexiter/Remainer bipolar symptoms with each making decisions when in ascendancy.

    Dominated by Remainers, Cameron attempted to finish off the opposition with the Referendum: they were such a nuisance! 🙂
    Cameron, an Oxford PPE, was found to be deficient in ethics and resigned instead of keeping his promise when he lost.
    The Remainers managed, with a bit of luck to get a ‘reluctant Remainer’ installed in No10, but she realised that she needed to keep Cameron’s promise, if only to keep her party from disintegration. Whether she was a secret Brexiter or not, she was smart enough to realise that Remainers liked their comfort zone, while most Brexiters have been angry for a long, long time.

    She was put on a pedestal and given no support by CCHQ or Remainer ministers when she supported the Brexit Result. Our Courts, who should have supplied watertight legal advice, were unsupportive. She was attacked by Soubry et al, the MSM, Brussels, international QUANGOs, the HoL, in fact many who had promised to respect the Referendum result, before it had been held.

    She was being held out to dry!

    She held the GE because she wanted ‘loyalty’ from her own MPs. She still does not have that! A bigger majority would have been a bonus! 🙂

    The Vote Leave Tories thought they won the Referendum on their own, without Leave EU’s contribution, (except that the only ‘misinformation’ quoted by Remainers is that on the Vote Leave bus)! They therefore thought all Brexit voters would vote Tory.

    They didn’t! I think many Brexiters, especially, those at the top were unprepared and shocked as to just how intransigent the Remainers have been, (as bad as HRC and her supporters, in fact).

    Yes, she has made mistakes, like introducing some suggestions to complicated problems in a surprise GE, but without supporters it isn’t easy to be faultless, all the time. The good news is that the EU is dysfunctionality personified and we will now see just how far apart the two sides are. Being subjected to the ECJ is crossing a read line and, while the ECHR is still in the frame, I think, it should eventually be seen as another EU friendly mechanism.

    With NIck Clegg’s non-existent EU Army, we should expect to see conscription. We canot have some countries with it and some without. And we all know how well the Continentals can develop that and how well the Young will receive the news! 🙂

    Yes, she is like Mrs T, she does not have majority support in her own cabinet, and her Tory opposition don’t care about the country or even the party.

  333. EC (09:56)

    The stupid cow who shouted fire when there wasn’t one and spread panic across the country. I’m sure there is a statute that deals with that kind of reckless stupidity. But dismissal is the first step.

    Have you ever seen such a widespread display of organised incompetence on an epic scale? The Welfare State for all to see and the blind leading the blind in ever decreasing circles. The sad thing is they won’t disappear up their own fundaments because the sheeples will continue to vote for ’em.

  334. Frank P – 11:25

    Ah, I see, sorry. I’ve been trying to avoid the TV news.
    I had never heard of this woman before.

    If the BBC QT audience is actually a true representation of the current British mindset then I am afraid that the indigenous British have become too malign or too stupid to survive. Darwinism vindicated. Depressing ain’t it.

    Some supporting evidence…

  335. I agree Robert Retyed that a clean Brexit would clear the decks for the Tories. It would mean they stood for something (finally). And it would end the intercine war. It would give people a reason to vote for them.

    But as to Mrs May’s state of mind, I was taken with this comment by Charles Moore. This is important:

    ‘I suppose opposition parties feel they must say that Mrs May is trying to get a majority for ‘hard’ Brexit by calling an election. The opposite is the truth, however.

    ‘One of the problems she has with her existing small majority is that it gives leverage to out-and-out Brexiteers (or, as some prefer to call them, the head-bangers).

    ‘If she gets the large majority which she seeks and which the polls imply, she will feel free to ditch the full English Brexit.’

    My thoughts exactly. Other commentators noted this too (I think Rod Liddle mentioned it). And many people thought it.

    May hoped to be facing a leader of the opposition calling for a second referendum and that would hide all the Remainers she had parachuted into Tory seats. She could safely ditch the full English Brexit and say to her natural voters: ‘Ah, but look the opposition is even worse. Labour wants a second referendum.’

    This was the landscape she had planned for today.

    As it stands, she fails on everything. Her three silver bulets failed:

    1) Immigration – just as bad as Labour.

    2) National security – just as bad as Labour (worse, in my view, owing to Tory links to Saudi Arabia).

    3) They thought the ‘there is no magic money tree’ argument would work. Middle England said: ‘We know there is no magic money tree but there is Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, etc, etc, etc none of whom pay anything like the tax rates ordinary people pay, so go and collect their taxes before you tell us there is no magic money tree.’

    So there is only Brexit left in the retail offer to voters. And there is no more hiding on what Brexit means. She has to reveal her hand. And what seems to be emerging is this:

    ‘Well, you know, you can’t have everything. We’ll have to have a transitional deal. Kick it into the long grass. Maybe in the next life, eh?’

    If that Brexit is not delivered on a silver platter, immediately, they’re finished. It’s gold-plated, silver service, tungsten tipped Brexit or they’re toast.

    I am not going to be bought off with a transitional, watered down deal. Out means out.

  336. Esther – 12:35

    Being only a little generous, May may not be as much of a Remainer as Moore thinks. He may have inside information, and I do not, but I believe that, before the Referendum, she was surounded by a Remainer cabinet, with Remainer advisors and the Home Office and had little contact with the man in the street. Plus, there are the genuine differences with the EU as well as keeping the Cameron promise. The differences are now going to be highlighted, if the BBC allows.
    As to any soft Brex-mess, I don’t think May will be the problem. She has decided her position. It will be the Tory Remainers and their friends across the Elites.
    Yes, if Brexit is not delivered, it will be the end of the Tory Party as we know it. The Brexit voters who voted Tory, because they could see they were the only party that could deliver Brexit, will have been stretched to far. A dose of Corbyn will be deemed worthwhile, or a UKIP type of party worth the risk. We won’t be in the EU, or out. It will be a mess, with the young in an even worse position, but at least everyone will be equal!

    But every day our nation is being diluted with foreign laws, foreign ideas, like being killed on the street is ‘part and parcel, etc’.

    We have had horrific dysfunctionality in Social Services and the Police, in the NHS, and now in local government, with the Grenville Tower inferno and the other buildings found, quite apart from the unpreparedness for the incident.

    And so little punishment for those obviously commiting misconduct, intentional or not.

  337. Esther – 12:35

    I wish I was wrong:
    BREXIT WARNING: Majority of Tory MPs now back REMAIN after Scottish surge

  338. Mark Steyn interviews Douglas Murray:

    Long, but thought provoking and worth the time. Sadly it underlines the general message that emanates from this platform; the West has been suicidal for some time and it is now in its death throes.

    Welcome to the refutation to Rudyard Kipling’s assertion:

    “East is east and west is west and ne’er the twain shall meet”

    Not only have they met, but the latter is engulfing the former. That line would never have been written, had Kipling lived in these times. It is time we reverted to the values and traditions of those times. Modernism is nihilism and, worse, defeatism. We are surrounded by superficial technology and profound stupidity. Is there a link?

  339. Apologies, I meant of course that the former has engulfed the latter. Arse about face, sorry!

  340. The treatment of Douglas Murray since the Darren Osborne vigilante incident has been despicable. BBC News has had to apologise to him.

    Mental notebooks out, please. This is what I have been told in the past about Guido Fawkes (Paul Staines). That he was only ever interested in building a blog that would make money. He is not some outsider, truth seeker.

    This he duly did. He used it to sell a regular Guido Fawkes column to the Sun on Sunday. The website now is peppered with adverts for political gambling and frequently has blog posts with bookies odds pointing towards political events that don’t come true: Brexit, Trump, Theresa May’s majority.

    I am told he had his driving licence revoked for drink driving. And – most interestingly – I am told he has a very close relationship with Lynton Crosby and no doubt the two thought Guido could lead his eurosceptic readers back to the Tory party.

    Much of this has gone unnoticed by his readers. Until the Darren Osborne incident when Guido’s mask slipped and he attacked Tommy Robinson: ‘There are a lot of similarities between Tommy and his opposite number Anjem Choudary’

    Take note, folks.

  341. I don’t think the Continentals have any idea just how much we want to be a sovereign nation again, nor how long we gave been waiting for it:
    ‘We’ll come ANYWAY’ European fishing chief’s plot to DEFY UK sovereignty and Royal Navy

  342. Those of you domiciled in the UK won’t realise just how hard it is to see that Tommy Robinson – Piers Morgan interview, such is the haste with which ITV has buried it.

    The other thing that you may not have been aware of – because it has been airbrushed entirely in the UK’s mainstream media – is that the outside world has not forgotten the British politician paedophiles.

    In the UK, a few celebrities low on the offending scale were fed to the wolves and all the polticians have been set scot free and the victims smeared by Paul Dacre.

    If you think I am mad, well, here is Australia’s 60 Minutes, a high-profile MSM current affairs show. I know we share a lot of links on this site but please do watch and disseminate this one. All put together by a respectable mainstream Australian news network.

    Spies, Lords & Predators: Murders by Westminster Paedophile Ring

  343. Are all Germans this delusional?

    ‘British law is not good enough’ German MEP warns UK can never sever ties to EU courts

  344. Frank P @ 14:28

    An excellent choice for spending an hour or so, Frank, down to the well articulated pessimism by both of the protagonists that the poorly educated dSlav shares to a degree, not fully though.

    It’s the lack of time that prevents Baron to engage in the fifth gear, he can only point to the two reasons for the West’s predicament that he’s been offering for as long as he can remember (and you cannot but be bored with).

    It’s our buying fully the Sontag’s ‘the white race is the cancer of human history’ and its derived newer siblings i.e. moral equivalence, PC, multiculturalism and stuff coupled with our insatiable appetite for oil, which has given the top layers of the Islamic cult the resources to turn around the Muslim tribes essentially against Western values by pushing the teaching of the Koran as the spiritual equivalent of Western thought of giants from the Greeks to Descartes, Spinoza, Locke, Schopenhauer, Hegel, Popper …..

    (Until about the end of WW2, it had been generally acknowledged that it was the West that has been the prime and unrivalled mover on every aspect of modern life – science, technology, justice. The Muslim countries behaved, caused little of a problem, were by and large not unhappy with the arrangement, if anything benefitted from it).

    It’s within our means to reverse both, we’re doing it slowly on the oil front (if for totally misplaced motives i.e. the global warming crap), but in the end our switching to other energy sources should dent the flow of money into the coffers of the Saudis dreamers of Islam world domination.

    Immigration not only fits into it (with regional specials added to it e.g. the Germans still bearing the guild for their recent past), it also adds the economic dimension to the Sontag’s quote for today’s immigration is nothing but a new version of colonisation with the travelling arrangements of the two parties to it reversed, yet this somehow removes the stigma of our occupying their lands, i.e. the cancerous aspect’s lowered. It was largely the middle classes that benefited then as now, and it’s the middle classes everywhere that rule.

    The one aspect of the predicament we’re in and its possible bursting not mentioned by the two greats was the economy. It may not be a civil war, it may be an economic meltdown, one so serious that the playing field will completely change. That’s what the poor;y educate dSlav thinks.

    (Now it’s back to football).

  345. Sorry for the errors, Baron re-read what he scribbled only after he pushed the button.

  346. Saudi Arabia’s oil boom is over. It cannot recover. The US will not turn off its fracking taps and Russia has to pump to survive.

    Saudi Arabia will curb production to drive up its London floatation of Aramco but will then turn on the oil taps once British mug investors have bought the shares, which will drop in value.

    Beware buying shares in Aramco though. Its London listing is a con.

    Who would have thought Saudis could be so dishonest!

    This is why the Tories got on their knees to Saudi Arabia, a corrupt British bank – HSBC – will handle the listing and the London brokers and lawyers etc will make a lot of money from the fees. Its the mug punters who will lose out. This London listing is another reason why the Tories have their head up Saudi Arabia’s xxxx.

    For a forensic takedown of the Aramco listing in London, read here:

  347. Baron – 20:10

    Welcome back, Baron, but I do hope that your premature return isn’t prompted by an emergency visit to the fang wrencher on Monday morning? [ ref: Baron June 22nd, 2017 – 22:34]

    In the meantime here’s something to gum over…

    ‘Another world is possible’: Corbyn headlines Glastonbury stage with message of unity (VIDEO) [2nd video down]

    Jezza’s now a rockstar, FFS! Whodathunkit! He ticks all the SJW “progressive” boxes, and they are going wild!

    Mm, who was that said, “I don’t need you, I have your children”?

    If nothing else the pain of watching this will take your mind off your dental problems!
    [Sorry about the provenance of the link, but Radio Tass were the 1st off the mark… I think]

  348. Jezza @Glastonbury:

    [apologies to Esther for the provenance of this link]

  349. Esther – 20:43

    Thanks for the “heads up” on the Aramco shares. I was wondering whether to whether to buy some when I got my pension today, but now I’ll treat the missus to a bag of F&C down the seafront instead. Who says the romance has gone out of our relationship, eh?

  350. EC (21:47)

    Good decision. Look at it pragmatically. Both will be reduced to shit in short order and the F & C will cost less, anyway. 🙂

  351. Esther – 20:43

    I concur. AIMHO

    US fraccing is driving down the price as they have been able to dramatically reduce costs. There have also been some large finds of conventional oil in the US and new techniques are helping to extract oil from old fields:

    USGS: Largest oil deposit ever found in U.S. discovered in Texas

    Massive Oil Discovery in Alaska Is Biggest Onshore Find in U.S. in 30 years

    Why can’t we get on with fraccing here! It would help kick start the economy.

  352. Beck back with blackboards. Bonkers!

    He’s a keen collector, but a crappy analyst and his syntheses and prognoses are as ephemeral as the chalk he uses for his ‘presentations’.

  353. The Remainer on Sunday has re-run its entire Project Fear for the past few weeks. A bunch of crooked business types like Branson, followed by Soubry and Heseltine. And when all that xxxx is out of the way, let’s call an old Etonian, ex-head of an oil company, cossetted globalist to ensure a hollow Brexit (the call it soft Brexit – meaning non-Brexit):

    Archbishop of Canterbury warns Theresa May that she needs to ‘draw the poison of Brexit’ by enlisting cross-party support

    Oh dear. Shall we have some real religion? Let’s hear Taki on his type of Protestantism:

    ‘I was pleased with the general election result mainly because I never trusted Saint Theresa but do trust the DUP.

    ‘My other reason is that when lefties cry that plans to crack down on Islamic extremism raise worries about rights, I know that soft Conservatives will fold quicker than you can say ‘coward’.

    ‘Not the DUP, however, whose enemies call it bigoted, xenophobic, isolationist and other such goodies. Oh yes, it also opposes tranny bathrooms and same-sex marriage. Who wants the British to end up like the Americans, too scared to utter certain opinions about race and gender.

    ‘So sorry, you wet ones, if there is a coalition between the Conservatives and the DUP, we’ll have never had it so good. Yippee!’

    And Taki on his type of Catholicism:

    ‘Poland is doing fine, despite the EU’s meddling and the media’s campaign against its conservative government.

    ‘Poland and Hungary are doing well because of a lack of ethnomasochism (hatred of one’s own skin colour) and the self-loathing so prevalent in western societies today. Keeping Africans out has raised the temperature of the European élite to boiling point, but they can go and reproduce themselves.

    ‘Poland for Christian Poles and Hungary for Christian Hungarians, says Taki. No matter how much money George Soros pours into those two countries in order to subvert them, Catholicism and nationalism come first. Yippee!’

    If Taki were to take over as Archbishop of Canterbury, would the churches be overflowing with people?

  354. What the heck, once you’ve had a glass of Taki, you might as well have the whole bottle! Party time, folks – raise your glassed to Taki and enjoy every syllable!

    Thank God for the DUP

    When the going gets tough, Tory wets fold quicker than you can say ‘coward’; not the Democratic Unionist Party

    By Taki

    I was busy explaining to a 23-year-old American girl by the name of Jennifer why the election result was not a disaster. She is a Spectator reader and wants to work in England, preferably in politics. She called the result the worst news since her father had abandoned her mother. I begged to differ. Actually, it was a far better result than it would have been had the Conservatives won a majority of 100, I told her. She gasped in disbelief, but soon enough she was hooked.

    Do not be alarmed, dear readers. I have not taken LSD. Nor am I suffering from populist-nationalist rage at global elites and starting to hallucinate. No, I just read a piece in the New York Times by an ignoramus who said that Britain’s voyage to inglorious isolation is a consequence of the Brits not listening to people such as Heath and Wilson who took Britain into Europe. What would we do without such fools writing such drivel? Heath and Wilson, God help us.

    I was pleased with the result mainly because I never trusted Saint Theresa but do trust the DUP. My other reason is that when lefties cry that plans to crack down on Islamic extremism raise worries about rights, I know that soft Conservatives will fold quicker than you can say ‘coward’. Not the DUP, however, whose enemies call it bigoted, xenophobic, isolationist and other such goodies. Oh yes, it also opposes tranny bathrooms and same-sex marriage. Who wants the British to end up like the Americans, too scared to utter certain opinions about race and gender.

    So sorry, you wet ones, if there is a coalition between the Conservatives and the DUP, we’ll have never had it so good. Yippee! And now for more good news: the left-wing media in America have flown into a quasi-psychotic rage over Russian interference during the last election. The fact that it never happened, and was invented by the Deep State, is neither here nor there. The ignorant among us believe it to be true. Putin is now considered to be behind the Trump victory. In fact, the adjectives used against him are far worse than any used to describe the Führer before war was declared. They don’t even call him Herr Putin, as British politicians referred to Herr Hitler.

    Never mind. My new buddy Oliver Stone has come to the rescue. It all started one night about ten years ago when my close friend Michael Mailer seated me near Oliver. Not only were the director and I not on speaking terms; I had publicly announced that if he ever crossed my path I’d hit him so hard he’d have to look up to tie his shoelaces. Well, beware of answered prayers. During an event honouring Norman Mailer, I stood up, faced Oliver Stone and told him that I had switched sides — after the Iraq disaster — and agreed with him on everything, including cheating on one’s wife (which he and I had always agreed on).

    It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship, and I distinctly remember a dinner at Michael’s house when John Buffalo Mailer, who has often acted in Oliver’s films, and I first discussed going to Moscow, me playing judo with Vlad, Mailer interviewing him. To call John Buffalo an optimist would be a gross understatement. The deal was signed and sealed as we finished yet one more bottle of red, our last words being, ‘Oh boy, the pussy in Moscow will rock.’

    Well, we never got to Moscow and never got to see Putin, but Oliver Stone did and sold the story to Showtime. It’s 50–50 whether he got the idea from us — he was present, after all, when we hatched our plan – or when he made his movie Snowden, about the guy who spilled the beans. When asked by the newspaper that prints only the news it invents about Putin influencing the American election, Stone snorted and answered that Putin had no influence whatsoever, whereas Sheldon Adelson (a billionaire Las Vegas vulgarian), the Israeli government and the Koch brothers had real power in DC.

    So now I am in the enviable position of defending Oliver Stone, who smelled a rat about Iraq back before millions had become refugees and hundreds of thousands had died. Now he tells the hysterical opposition to Trump that Russia played no role in his election, but few are listening. Why would they? The same people who perpetrated the Iraq disaster are still in power, and they want to keep the war machine going. It’s money in the bank.

    Oh yes, I almost forgot, the latest Saudi obscenity — the sheer barbarism of its football team refusing to observe a minute’s silence for the victims of the London Bridge terrorist attack. (Most likely funded by the Saudis to begin with.) Next time you see any of those scumbags racing up and down Sloane Street, remember that obscenity, if nothing else. If we had a government with some cojones, the relevant Saudis, Qataris and Kuwaitis would be banned from merry old England. Let them eat their dates in Belgium or Luxembourg.

  355. Esther
    June 24th – 15:13

    Paedophilia and the fear of its uncovering is a major cause of the drive against President Trump.

    With pressure from the Senate Judiciary Committee to have former Attorney General Lynch testify on possible interference in the Clinton email server investigation and the refocusing this past week of the Russian narrative from Mr. Trump to Mr. Obama, we are seeing the American patriots pivot into counter-attack mode.

    Funded by entities controlled by George Soros, a campaign of violent attacks is expected to break out across the USA in the first day or so of July.

    Will rent-a-mob create enough smoke to continue to obscure the globalists’ use of and indulgence in paedophilia?

  356. EC @ 21:15

    It’s only a transient return, EC, one has to get ready for when the curtain falls.

    The cumryd’s rise to fame worries, the crowds that love him are vocal, their shouting may be infectious, the Tories are in turmoil, the sharks from Europe continue to circle.

    As the great Taki says the DUP could be the decisive factor in combating the forces of progressive darkness. It also shows you that coalitions, so much feared by many, may have their bright and beneficial side.

  357. RobertRetyred @ 22:30

    That’s the answer, Robert, drill, drill, drill (and keep hitting the ecochondriacs).

  358. Excellent throughout, Esther, keep at it, one needs cheering up in the heat of the day (and not only that generated by the sun).

  359. Malfleur @ 01:19

    Paedophilia is but a symptom of the rottenness of the ruling class, Mafleur, it’s the Full Monty of their globalisation project that’s under threat, that falls apart the sexual deviancy will get hit, too.

    How old is the Hungarian engineer of the human soul?

  360. Esther @ 20:43

    Any inside news on the Saudi-Qatar spat, Esther?

    The Americans must surely act, they cannot allow the two staunchest allies in an important region supplying a large chunk of both oil and gas to fall out with each other, it threatens their world hegemony more than Putin’s meddling in Syria. And Turkey seems to be seriously involved, too. What will the Donald do?

  361. The American unwashed are telling the elites that barking at Russia is counterproductive, it not only takes the attention from the internal boils that need attending to, it also suggests that the seventeen agencies are not fit for purpose. What were they doing when the alleged interference in the US internal affairs was taking place?

  362. There seems to be floating about the curse of Baron. He posts, everyone else shuts up. In the words of a character in Mrs. Bucket’s TV series (the title of which escapes Baron) ‘how nice’.

    Still, here’s a Sunday test for your brain cells: “Two bugs in a jar reproduce, doubling their number every minute. The jar is full in an hour. How long does it take to half fill the jar?”

    You have to think hard, do you?

    If you want more on intelligence, here’s the whole thing by the great Fred:

  363. Baron – 02:39

    Please don’t go all Frank Sinatra on us. Several encores are in order!

    Jeremy Corbyn is the new Messiah, reportedly. The irony of his speech to Glastonbury “dispossessed” is that the entrance price is at least £250 plus all the associated “glamping” and transport costs.

    Plus the hypocrisy of his “bridges not walls” statement was breathtaking. The Glasto’ site has a fucking big fence all around it to prevent the poor from getting in for nothing. And the irony is, that as someone pointed out this morning, now in London they are having to build walls on bridges to prevent nutjobs in vehicles mowing down pedestrians!

  364. These evacuations of tower blocks, some at 3am, are just a knee jerk reaction by people promoted above their pay grade. It would be cheaper to have video cameras and working smoke detectors and fire alarms installed, with monitoring, and only some families evacuated, such as invalids and those on the very top floors.
    It requires judgement. Removing gas supplies, fridges using butane as a refrigerant, and any stupid articles, keeping fire escapes clear and for everyone to have a go-bag, would be a lot less disruptive.

    The only problem I can see is that it would delay an improved solution.

  365. Frank P, June 24th, 2017 – 22:03

    The attempt at F&C humour didn’t quite come off. Serves me right for trying to nick one of Ian Pattison’s Rab C Nesbitt scenes. The serious point being the outrageous cost of F&C these days… if you can find anywhere that can do them properly! F&C used to be the poor man’s repast, but these days you need a 2nd mortgage to buy the pale imitation of yesteryear’s feast. Alf Tupper would starve to death!

    As for the Aramco shares? Perhaps I might have more gently, and sardonically, suggested that I get all my share tips from Piers Morgan! 🙂

  366. RobertRetyred – 10:21

    “Promoted above their pay grade” and be of no doubt that they were “leading beyond authority”, Robert!

  367. EC 10.25

    Aye lad, there’s as much plastic in the battered cod as in its wrapper, tha know’st and that’ll have paid for wi’ a plastic fiver an’all.

  368. #UNRIG Robert David Steele on Donald Trump & More

    ROBERT DAVID STEELE interviewed by a lady named Sarah Westall on June 23rd; an interview which, in my opinion, gets to the heart of the question of what is at stake in the presidency of Donald Trump, and the vice-presidency of Mike Pence, and which focuses on the opportunity for a peaceful second American Revolution in the next 90 days.

    Steele argues that the path to avoiding a violent revolution lies in a truth and reconciliation process to deal with the paedophilia rings and the other crimes of the American political class; a summer of peace or a summer of violence?

  369. Esther 23.22

    “If Taki were to take over as Archbishop of Canterbury, would the churches be overflowing with people?”

    It should not be forgotten than the primary purpose of the Church of England was to provide its founding monarch with a more humane, fast track divorce process and emphatically not the establishment of liberal thought and dissent.
    Christianity, in the form of Roman Catholicism and not Protestantism, the progenitor of communism, has been the bulwark and safeguard of liberty and freedom in Europe and the West.

  370. Steele reminds us in the above interview of the economist, Martin Armstrong, who predicts economic collapse in the USA this September and whose predictions according to Steele have not so far been proved wrong. So I repaired to Armstrong’s blog and found listed the following recent headlines:

    Britain on the Edge of Collapse?
    ECB Declares Two Italian Banks Have Failed
    Germany Secretly Passed Total Surveillance of Everything
    London Fire May Have Been Caused by EU Regulations
    State Department Investigating Hillary to Revoke Security Clearance
    McCain v Putin – Match of the Century for 3 seconds Perhaps
    McCain Defends Hillary & Wants to Start an Energy Trade War
    EU Proves It Has Become an Authoritarian Government
    Grenfell Tower Fires Exposes Government Corruption

    A candidate for the CHW’s blogroll?

  371. Noa @ 11:28

    viz. Pope Francis

  372. Charles Moore laments the dying West and a dead Brexit, knifed in the heart by Phillips Hammond. There is no way a Brexit will happen while that man occupies the seat of Chancellor. No way:

    How much longer can it go on? Deaths caused by terrorism are always followed now by candlelit vigils, a minute’s silence, victims’ families/ government ministers/emergency services/clergy/imams all clustered together, walls of messages and flowers, flags at half-mast. Instinctively, I feel uneasy because the meaning of it all gradually suffers attrition, and also, perhaps, because it asserts a solidarity which isn’t quite there. Yet the fundamental cause of mourning is true and deep enough — it is first for the dead, then for a civilisation which may be dying.

    In these pages, on 4 February, Matthew Parris wrote that Brexiteers seemed very anxious, despite having won. He thought this was because they were ‘secretly, usually unconsciously, terrified that they’ve done the wrong thing’.

    The following week (Notes, 11 February), I suggested that our undoubted anxiety was more likely attributable to fear that ‘having come so far, we might be cheated of what we thought we had achieved’. Exactly a year after the referendum, this fear of being cheated is even stronger.

    Last week, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond, came within an ace of saying in public that Britain must not leave the customs union, thereby undermining the negotiating position of the government in which he serves.

    Even when restrained by cabinet colleagues at the last moment, he still said that leaving without a deal would be ‘a very, very bad outcome for Britain’.

    The people who lost a year ago now tend to say that, while respecting the result, they wish to find some ‘middle’, ‘incremental’ solution, ideally presided over by some cross-party commission thingy. This is an ancient Establishment skill, which is not explicitly to prevent something, but to find a way of quietly making it impossible.

    As Enoch Powell liked imagining himself saying to the people who usually run this country, ‘I admire your gift for humbug. I worship it. But I reserve the right to point it out.’

    Mr Hammond’s customs union bombshell was to have been detonated at his annual speech at the Mansion House. The horror of Grenfell Tower provided a reason for him to withdraw from the dinner at the last minute. The banquet shrivelled to a breakfast. This summer is proving a thin time for stately occasions. Having called her snap election, Mrs May decreed that the Queen’s Speech should take place on the day of the Garter ceremony at Windsor. Then, finding herself struggling to stay in government, she postponed the date of the Queen’s Speech (her people pleading some piffle about ink having to dry on parchment), but by that time the Garter do had been cancelled. Now the new date for the State Opening of Parliament has interfered with one of the Queen’s days at Ascot and the occasion has skimped on ceremony. No complaint has been heard from Buckingham Palace, of course, but if you have reigned for 65 years, it must be quite irritating when the person who runs your government cannot sort out her diary. Now it is announced that there will be no Queen’s Speech at all in 2018. Her Majesty herself could be forgiven if she felt not displeased at avoiding the ordeal, but is it a good thing that the government is excusing itself from the usual debate on its record next year? The stated reason is that more time is needed to get through Brexit. But one of the virtues of Brexit is the return of parliamentary sovereignty. That traditionally involves the chance for Parliament to arraign the government.

    Last week, a few miles from where we live in Sussex, a man was trampled to death by his own cows. He was the distinguished scientist Professor Brian Bellhouse, who made a large fortune by inventing an injection-free method of vaccination. He bought a good deal of land in the area near Winchelsea, where he was brought up, and to which he returned. He was walking near his herd of Sussex cattle with his dogs and a friend. The cows charged, and he seems to have died because he was trying to save the elder dog, a 12-year-old Labrador, by holding it tight on its lead. The friend was concussed, but survived to raise the alarm. The dog later had to be put down. Professor Bellhouse was a warm and generous man, universally liked. One thing that endeared him to local people was that he insisted on 20-foot headlands in all his fields and let anyone walk on them. It seems that his cows had been chased and — in the case of one cow and calf, bitten — by a loose dog earlier that day, and so were angry and frightened. Professor Bellhouse’s hospitable access had been abused: it was literally the death of him.

    I have noticed a rise in attacks by cows in recent years, and have experienced them, in mild form. There seem to be two main factors. The first is that a dog is almost always involved. Cows are more alarmed by them than by people because they see them as predators. More and more people nowadays walk their dogs in fields. The second is the collapse of dairy farming and the corresponding increase in the number of suckler herds for beef. Dairy cows are parted from their calves within 24 hours of birth and so are docile. Beef cattle stay with theirs and protect them with maternal vigilance and, occasionally, aggression. When you walk on footpaths through fields, you should generally keep your dog on a lead. But if you are being charged, the danger is greatly increased if you do this, because the cows will trample you. If you let your dog off the lead, it will almost certainly escape alive; so will you, because the cows will lose interest. Is there a solution to this conundrum? Not really, apart from banning cows from any field containing a footpath, or banning footpaths through fields, both of which would be idiotic. My tactic is to follow Teddy Roosevelt’s advice on foreign policy: ‘Speak softly, and carry a big stick.’ Slowly but firmly spread your arms and your stick, and the cattle (almost) always stop.

  373. Noa

    Viz – not vis a vis.

    Eg. ““It has been said many times and my response has always been that, if anything, it is the communists who think like Christians.”

  374. Vis a vis is my point- not yours.

    Vive la differance. Viva la revolution.

  375. Noa – 11:13

    Have you gone over to the dark side? i.e. Yorkshire?

  376. Noa (13:04)

    🙂 🙂

  377. Noa

    I think you are having one of those liquid English Sunday lunches that I miss so much. But whatever you are talking about – and let’s not even get into fake news and coprophagia – yes, let’s claim the Catholic Church and the Church of England back for the people and our civilization! Vive la revolution!

  378. EC (10:25)

    No, no! I got it. I was just somewhat gratuitously riding on the wave of your riff with a rasping coda.

    But while I’m down there (so to speak) I have to report that our favourite chippy, Fishers of Hunst’n, has been closed for a refurb after an unfortunate (or fortunate – depending on how the insurance company views, no doubt) conflagration – lot of ’em about in these days of ‘austerity’, ennit?

    A seniors deal for £5.99 – Cod, chips, mushy peas, bread ‘n’ butter and filtered coffee or Earl Grey tea, was a bargain that not only aided our nosh budget, but ensured that the company there was mainly of our own generation – always a blessing in these days of hyperactive, feral brats. And so far the NW Norfolk Riviera has not attracted the attention of the Muslim Brotherhood, so the only skin colour therein that is not white, is the bright red of the local eejits who seem to forget every year that exposure to the UV from the clearer skies of Sunny Hunny’s beaches can quickly turn the skin of the Norfolk dumplings (now already oft defaced with ‘tatts’) from puce to scarlet within about 30 minutes.

    One hopes that when the repairs are complete, the status quo ante, i.e. the best fish ‘n’ chips in Norfolk, will seamlessly return, in even nicer surroundings.

    Btw Noa – your remark about plastic batter disturbed me somewhat. Further and better particulars, if you will, sir?

  379. Frank P @ 14:q12

    “A seniors deal for £5.99 – Cod, chips, mushy peas, bread ‘n’ butter and filtered coffee or Earl Grey tea”

    I was just talking to an old friend in the USA, a Vietnam veteran shot down four times and now with a 40% disability and who was told last year that certain new symptoms of an ailment were caused by Agent Orange all those years ago, the poison that the US government was using over there. He told me that he was now reduced to eating dog food and was preparing it for his lady who was not aware what she was eating. Robert David Steele said that there was a pre-revolutionary situation in America, I can believe it.

  380. Frank P @ 14:q12

    “A seniors deal for £5.99 – Cod, chips, mushy peas, bread ‘n’ butter and filtered coffee or Earl Grey tea”

    I was just talking to an old friend in the USA, a Vietnam veteran shot down four times and now with a 40% disability and who was told last year that certain new symptoms of an ailment were caused by Agent Orange all those years ago, the poison that the US government was using over there. He told me that he was now reduced to eating dog food and was preparing it for his lady who was not aware what she was eating. Robert David Steele said that there was a pre-revolutionary situation in America, I can believe it.

  381. Seems to be an echo in here.

    The history of the Vietnam war is now so corrupted and toxic that the truth about that conflict will never be established. The use of mycotoxins by the North Vietnamese, courtesy of the Soviet Union, has been thoroughly “debunked” by the vast communist subversion and propaganda operation in the West, which has had over 40 years to revise the history and suppress the truth.

    Americans were the bad guys. Yeah.

  382. Colonel Mustard

    So if “the truth about that conflict will never be established”, why do you venture any opinion about it?

  383. Frank P

    It’s the fish, not the batter, that have been widely reported as having developed a taste for micro plastics as we had developed a taste for them.
    Fortunately, as we say nowadays, it seems to be fake news, to some extent, and a couple more Swedish AGW flat earthers have been hoist on their own petard.

  384. EC 13.32

    My God, you know how to wound a fellow, don’t you?

  385. Malfleur

    13.36 Alas the days of light liquid lunches are now gone for this abstainer and pescatarian.

    14:28. Can he share his recipes with the OAP here? Are we talking dog biscuits or tins of PAL here? And does he use batter, or Iron Bru, as an Agent Orange substitute?

  386. Baron 02.39

    Quite simply, the electorate simply doesn’t understand why it is that traditional, patriotic conservatives, with a strong belief in God, small government, constitutional monarchy, personal liberty and freedom, the rule of law et al are doing proposing to get into bed with the louche collective of chardonnay socialistas and sodomites that is now the Westminster tory party.

  387. On the subject of dialects I came across the following website. Will it encourage Herbert Thornton to put aside his copy of Chitty to practice long forgotten words in the far north of the Americas?
    One rather hopes so…

  388. Malfleur June 25th, 2017 – 15:02

    Because I can. Knowing the truth and establishing it are two different things as the current political situation in Britain demonstrates.

  389. The Daily Mail reports on a tiny EDL march in London yesterday, but assiduously fails to report on another march in London against extremism that drew 10,000.

    Today, the Mail also tries to smear Tommy Robinson (again) with an edited video.

    The Express mentioned the 10,000 but only in a smearing fashion.

    The Mail and Express are just like CNN – fake news.

  390. From Paul Dacre’s own mouth: “For the record – not that this matters to the fake news the Guardian creates about the Mail – this paper has always been against UKIP, so much so that Nigel Farage blamed as for his lack of electoral success.”

    That was the only reason the Mail supported Leave. They don’t want the Tories haemorraging votes to UKIP. It turned out most of UKIP’s votes were traditional Labour voters.

    The Mail’s tactic against UKIP is smear or ignore.

    Still, a nice bit of fisticuffs going on here. The Mail targeting the Guardian and the Mail attacking MailOnline. They’re all fake news.

  391. Colonel Mustard

    Not just because you can but also because you should. Thank you for encouraging a little light afternoon research by me in this interesting area:


    “In September 1981, the US Secretary of State accused the Soviet Union of supplying mycotoxins to its Vietnamese and Laotian communist allies for military use against resistance forces in Laos and Cambodia, and of using the same agents in combat operations in Afghanistan [5]. If true, this was the first time that toxins were used in warfare. The USA also implied that the Soviet Union was then violating the 1925 Geneva Protocol and the 1972 Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention. This allegation and the presented evidence led to much discussion. A group of researchers gave an alternative explanation for the so-called ‘yellow rain’. They argued that mycotoxins are common in this region and that the colored rain that refugees had spoken of could well be harmless showers of yellow feces released by swarming honeybees [6]. To date, the USA has not retracted its claim that the Soviet Union and its allies engaged in toxin warfare in South East Asia from 1975 to 1984 [5]. This is also one reason why the USA still insists on including trichothecene mycotoxins on all lists of possible BW agents. The example of the ‘yellow rain’ confirms the importance in this type of situation of employing scientifically trained teams that can respond promptly to allegations, gain access immediately and employ rigorous forensic methods to preserve evidence, at the site of alleged use.”

  392. Socialism and the limitations of its idiots explained. According to Jonathan Haidt’s explanation in his book “The Righteous Mind”, it’s all a matter of taste…

    “…many on the left are endlessly baffled as to why working-class voters seem to go against their own interests by supporting conservative politicians, those hated promoters of big business and tax cuts for the rich. They presume such voters are either stupid or are being tricked.

    But the left’s real problem, according to Haidt, is that it does not understand the motivations of the right. Drawing on everything from advertising to anthropology, he argues that liberals are driven by a morality based on compassion, the desire to fight oppression and, to some degree, fairness. Conservatives have a broader set of six “moral tastes”, sharing such concerns but balanced by the binding foundations of loyalty, authority and sanctity.

    It is, he says, as if the left has three taste buds but the right has six. While the right can “taste” issues such as compassion and fairness, the left struggles to embrace patriotism or religion, seeing traditional institutions and hierarchies as obstacles to their fight for liberty and equality. Haidt calls this “the conservative advantage” he goes further, saying that western progressives seeking a secular, rational society are out of step with the vast majority of people on the planet. He shows how our liberal values are “Weird” – supported only by those who are western, educated, industrialised, rich and democratic. He draws on visual perception studies to show how Weird and non-Weird people think differently and see the world differently, with those in the west putting far greater emphasis on individualism.”

  393. Noa – 15:42

    Good, I’ll take that as a “Noa” then 😉

    14:08 I’m done with accents! The “You’re not local are you?” brigade where I currently reside, north of Noa, can be really tedious. You can see their hackles rising as soon as they detect a southern accent. I’ve lived and worked all over England, never had a problem speaking to the natives, nowhere else have I encountered the “offcomer fever” that they seem to suffer from around here. As Donald would say, “Sad!”

  394. I really don’t get the need for any marches against extremism at all.

    On 23 June last year the British people found out how to hurt the Establishment: at the ballot box. It’s the only way to hurt them.

    So less than a year later on 8 June, they all voted LibLabCon.

    Why do they think that will stop extremism? All three of them sponsor extremism.

  395. Esther – 16:46

    Yes, they’re all fake news. You seem pretty clued up on the Westminster Meeja axis/bubble. Any thoughts on what really lies behind Delingpole’s mask?

  396. There is a rather pertinent review of Giles Udy’s book “Labour and the Gulag: Russia and the Seduction of the British Left” in this week’s Speccie under the title “The disgrace of the British left”.

    I mention it here because no doubt YuNoHu is lurking (unless he/she is whooping and masturbating at Glastonbury) and I like the idea of rubbing his left wing nose in its findings. Udy was simply going to write about the gulags but was appalled to find that Ramsay MacDonald’s Labour government was not just importing timber produced by the slave labour but when it became a national scandal refused to stop the practice or launch an inquiry into the horrendous conditions in the camps. “Blood on their hands”, eh, Corbyn?

    Udy then changed the book to a study of “the way that prominent members of the Labour party and famous left wing activists persistently turned a blind eye to all the terrors, famines and mass murders perpetrated by the Soviet Union”.

    The Fabian Webbs, Sydney and Beatrice, leftist wolves in sheep’s clothing, get de-bagged as apologists for the horror, for their hagiography of the monster Stalin and for whitewashing of his crimes.

    Another Fabian wolf George Bernard Shaw is exposed too, writing “The power to exterminate is too grave to left in any hands but those of a thoroughly Communist government”.

    Various vile left wing academics get their reputational comeuppance including G D N Cole, admired by the current Labour slimeball McDonnell. Cole wrote “Much better to be ruled by Stalin than by a pack of half-hearted and half-witted Social Democrats”.

    When Malcolm Muggeridge attempted to write about the Ukraine famine the Guardian censored his reports.

    “Udy tries to stay dispassionate but the record of the Labour party, the Fabian Society and many senior left wing figures was abhorrent. The lack of acknowledgment of this or any apology makes it worse. “

  397. EC 18:03

    Are we then to assume that you’re deficient in the digit department in Noa Noa Land by only having five on each hand and foot? (And only two hands and feet for them?)
    Indeed I was not aware that the vibrant Bradford diaspora had already infiltrated so far to the north west.

  398. For those interested in considering the ideas in Haidt’s ‘The Righteous Mind’ in more detail there is an interesting study here.

  399. Blazing tower blocks appear to be part and parcel etc

  400. Looks like today the DUP will complete their subjugation of May’s Government:

    “Ye shall know them by their fruits,’ says the King James Bible. It’s more usually written as ‘By your friends shall you be known.’ It will be a familiar verse to members of the Democratic Unionist Party, but it may just be a phrase, too, that’s running through the minds of Conservative MPs as they contemplate who they are now reliant on for their political survival.

    To really understand the Democratic Unionist Party, you need to appreciate its fundamentalist Christian roots. Like Labour and the trade unions, the two are indivisible. Ian Paisley established the Free Presbyterian Church in 1951 and the DUP twenty years later. This is where the moral absolutism – and at times raving bigotry – comes from, as its adherents pray for the “power to stem the onslaughts and hell-inspired assaults of modernism”. This is not a line from some dusty pamphlet from the 1950s, taken out of context; it’s a segment from the ‘What we Believe’ section of the church’s own website today.

    In his heyday, Paisley was more akin to a 17th Century religious fanatic than a political leader, denouncing Pope John Paul II during an address to the European parliament in 1988 as the “anti-Christ”. He got off lightly. Following the death of the reforming ‘Good’ Pope John XXIII, Paisley remarked that “this Romish man of sin is now in Hell”.”

  401. So I looked up the King James quote:

    Matthew 7:16-20King James Version (KJV)

    16 Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?

    17 Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit.

    18 A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.

    19 Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire.

    20 Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.

    King James Version (KJV)
    Public Domain

    Verse 19 will be framed on the wall of the whips office.

  402. Marshal Roberts June 26th, 2017 – 07:18

    In context the writer of that polemic against the DUP is Kevin Meagher.

    “Kevin Meagher was special adviser to former Labour Northern Ireland secretary, Shaun Woodward. He is author of A United Ireland: Why unification is inevitable and how it will come about published by Biteback”

    He is also the associate editor of the political blog Labour Uncut and writes for the Guardian and New Statesman too.

    Although he lives in Sheffield what are his roots? Probably Irish Republican, certainly left wing and Labour. The two – Irish Republicanism and the Labour party – are indivisible.

    He quotes from “What We Believe” section of the Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster website selectively. Here is what it actually says:-

    “Ghost power to stem the onslaughts and hell-inspired assaults of modernism, hereby affirms that each member of the Free Presbyterian Church shall have liberty to decide for himself which course to adopt on these controverted issues, each member giving due honour in love to the views held by differing brethren, but none espousing the error of baptismal regeneration.”

    Raving bigotry?

    And in focussing on the Free Presbyterian Church website he omits reference to the DUP website and what they believe in:-

    To fully understand the Labour party you need to know not just its past but the direction of travel it is taking now and its fundamental demonisation of anything that stands in its way to power, including members of its own party.

  403. Thank you Colonel. I was not aware of the author’s background, but I do fear the DUP and fear getting our future as a nation tied up with the Irish Question. Hammond may get the Queens Speech through with a few billion, but the DUP will be back before the next budget with demands incompatible with Gerry Adams equally ridiculous aspirations and the men of violence will be back on the streets.

  404. Chris Patten may be suspect but yesterday said:
    “Every vote will cost you. Every vote, you will have to find some way of paying for it and then explain to the Scots and the Welsh and people in the North East why they can’t have the same thing too.”

    The Celtic Fishwife will wax lyrical on the ten o’clock tonight.

  405. I mean Ms Sturgeon, not Foster.

  406. And bang on time a polemic an the dangers of other fundamentalism:

    What Sharia Prescribes: Same as the Ten Commandments?
    by Nonie Darwish • June 25, 2017 at 5:00 am

    Islam was created 600 years after Christianity not to affirm the Bible, but to discredit it; not to co-exist with “the people of the book” — Jews and Christians — but to replace them.

    It is hard to read Islamic law books without concluding that Islamic values are essentially “a rebellion against the Ten Commandments”.

    Islam violates the commandment “Thou shalt not murder” when Allah commanded Muslims to kill Allah’s enemies, and in the process, kill and be killed in jihad if they are to be guaranteed heaven.

    Accepting a parallel legal system would effectively nullify actual freedom for many of the people possibly forced to use it, and the ability to receive equal justice under law. Sharia is the reason there is a death warrant out on this author, on Salman Rushdie and others, for apostasy.

  407. If you put out stuff like the above you need to be careful:

  408. Marshal Roberts June 26th, 2017 – 08:16

    I do not fear the DUP as much as the prospect of a cod-communist government run by Corbyn, McDonnell, Milne and no doubt many other unsavoury but unelected militant marxist extremists who would creep out of the woodwork to exert power over us. That would not be divorced from the “Irish Question” either, which I’m afraid is with us for the duration whether we like it or not.

    My instinct is towards those who value the Union flag rather than those who agitate (and have murdered) for Northern Ireland to be subsumed by a country which I have always held responsible for exporting terrorism. In this case, as in so many others, my enemy’s enemy is my friend.

  409. Back to Foster.

    Andy Pollack said this about the DUP:
    “They believed they were inherently superior to their Roman Catholic neighbours because of their religion. They were ‘born again’ Christians, living in the ‘light’ of pure Protestantism, free men who communed with God without the interference of priests or man-made rituals. Catholics, on the other hand, were benighted and ignorant souls who were enslaved by the ‘darkness’ of Roman superstition, the idolatry of the Mass, and the rule of the papal anti-christ.”

  410. Colonel, yes but I still fear the dragging of ourselves back into Irish politics and troubles.

  411. Marshal Roberts June 26th, 2017 – 08:23

    Patten is another cuckoo in the nest. A fat and smug “Tory” grandee with socialist inclinations that transcend any loyalty to party. He should cross the floor like that other bounder Woodward and park his ample backside where it should naturally reside, with the other Blairites along for Corbyn’s ride. About as relevant as John Major, another wet who won’t shut up.

    Probably fitting that he should denounce the patriotic DUP, being the man who presided over the hauling down of the flag in Hong Kong on behalf of a murderous communist regime, as the sky wept a deluge for that craven betrayal.

  412. Marshal Roberts June 26th, 2017 – 08:54

    There is no dragging back. The trouble has never gone away and the fragile peace rests on the appeasement of “former” terrorists. The real problem with Northern Ireland is the cowardice of the UK government and the way that it always seeks to please everyone and ends up pleasing no-one.

    Irish republicanism in Northern Ireland might think again if the Republic itself were to be put in jeopardy, with a declaration that any further republican agitation or threats of disorder would be considered acts of aggression by the Irish Republic and responded to accordingly. The way that Sinn Fein in Northern Ireland has been able to distance its behaviour from its political mainstream base in Eire is astonishing. Eire once drew up plans for a military invasion of the north. The UK should now have advertised plans for an invasion of Eire should any agitation and violence resume in Northern Ireland. By all means talk quietly to Adams and his ilk, as well as that interfering rabble in the Oireachtas, but be sure to carry a big stick, something the UK government, literally frightened of its own shadow, are singularly poor at doing.

  413. Colonel.
    What you say is insightful. But it does not quell my concerns that the poor judgement of the Prime Minister has led us to potentially become embroiled as a participant in the centuries old and essentially insoluble problems of Ireland.
    Gerry Adams is, I suspect reforming his high command for the fray, while priming Boston liberal Irish Catholics on the fact that May is now a tool of the DUP.
    I believe the word is FUBAR.

  414. Refreshing! This guy has the balls to speak the truth and common sense that none of our weasel politicians dare utter! He should be made Home Secretary forthwith.
    [Vids 5mins each.]

    Response to London [& Manchester] Terror Attacks –
    S.A.S. [Sikh Awareness Society]

    A Sikhs Response to Pakistani Muslim Grooming Gangs in Rotherham – Sikh Awareness Society

  415. Colonel Mustard – 09:13

    I’ll never understand why, given the following list of heinous IRA bombings here on the mainland, why the government was hellbent on appeasement and didn’t declare war and go all out to exterminate the bastards.

  416. Grenfell Tower:

    Lionel is in awe of its structural indefatigability!

  417. Sorry not to catch any of you chaps at “Glasto”, but I couldn’t see much through my uncontrollable tears of gratitude. When Jezza appeared on stage, with his arms outstretched like Jesus, I felt as if all my birthdays had come at once.

  418. June 25 2017, the Sunday Times

    Railing against difference and reasoned debate, the left risks becoming a monster
    rod liddle

    My favourite reaction to a general election result came in 2015, from a university lecturer called Rebecca Roache. Viewing with dismay the unexpected Conservative majority, Becky announced she would unfriend anybody who linked to Tory stuff on social media and said all people who had voted Conservative were akin to racists, homophobes and sexists.
    Then, rather wonderfully, she explained her decision by saying she was “tired of reasoned debate”. What did she lecture in? Yup, philosophy. Thank the Lord the likes of Socrates and Wittgenstein weren’t afflicted by such adolescent pique, poppet, or you wouldn’t have a job.
    Yet the Roache Dialectic has now become utterly ubiquitous and it is why we have Days of Rage, rather than Days of Reasoned Debate. In the bizarre, Manichean world of the liberal left, the political is intensely personal.
    Liddle’s Got Issues: the election shock in Canterbury
    If you voted Conservative because, on balance, you believed that the grim and ineffectual Maybot would be slightly less likely to destroy the entire country than that bearded Trot who collects manhole covers, you are not merely wrong — which we could debate — but evil and, anagrammatically, vile. And so there can be no debate. Your views shouldn’t even be heard, in fact, because they are sinful.
    Worry about immigration and you’re a racist. Think we should reduce the public debt and it’s clear to the lefties that you wish, personally, to hack at the remaining limbs of disabled people and deny them food. Venture to suggest that kids might best be brought up with a mum and a dad and you’re a homophobic, sexist fascist.
    On the hilarious Day of Rage march (John McDonnell asked for a million people to take to the streets. He was only short by about 999,900), a woman held up a placard that read: “Why do tragedies only happen under Conservative governments?” If she genuinely thinks that, there is no means of rationally debating with her. Her answer would be: because they either want them to happen or don’t care that they do. Yet this view is pervasive and has its effect. It is perhaps one reason why there were so few Conservative posters in windows during this last election, because Tory voters could anticipate the loathing that would be spewed in their direction. And broken windows. To display a Labour poster is to advertise your virtue.
    We are back with my favourite board game, Six Degrees of Shami Chakrabarti
    More examples. A third-division Guardian writer called Sophie Heawood wrote recently that she looked forward to the day when all Daily Mail readers were dead. That’s more than 3m people. So staggering did I find this that I rang Impress, set up by Max Mosley and the Hacked Off moppets to regulate the press, to see what it thought. I rang three times but it wouldn’t comment.
    I really wanted to speak to the boss of Impress. That’s a man called Jonathan Heawood. Yup, Sophie’s brother. He is also a former Labour candidate and the husband of Amy Jenkins, who is the stepdaughter of Guardian doyenne Polly Toynbee. We are back with my favourite board game, Six Degrees of Shami Chakrabarti. Choose an institution — quango, regulatory body, BBC board, whatever — and you will find it is run by the same tiny coterie of middle-class left-liberal people.
    The leftie hysteria spilt over last week with a truly repulsive Martin Rowson cartoon in The Guardian that blamed The Sun and Daily Mail for the attack upon that mosque in north London. To take such a view is, I would suggest, evidence of mental illness. Like thinking tragedies only happen under the Tories.
    This stuff is corrosive and serves to narrow debate. I can understand why many of my neighbours and friends in northeast England voted Labour. I think there were compelling arguments for doing so. I don’t think, y’know, that they are vile scum who should die.
    A friend recently discovered, to his surprise, that he had been responsible for the horrible van attack on Muslims outside a mosque near Finsbury Park, north London. This was the writer Douglas Murray, a fastidious chap who would not be seen dead in a white van.
    Massoud Shadjareh, interviewed by the BBC, described Murray as a hate preacher, comparable to the jailed Muslim jihadist lunatic Anjem Choudary. Shadjareh is chairman of the pro-Hezbollah Islamic Human Rights Commission — a name that, to my mind, has always had a somewhat oxymoronic ring about it.
    Earlier, Murray had been called much the same thing by the “moderate” (how contingent these adjectives can be) Muslim Council of Britain. All this for the crime of not entirely dissociating Islam from some of the atrocities we witness here every week or so.
    People who like the dismal paean to hypocrisy can always listen to it in the privacy of their own homes, on headphones. (My favourite line is the bit about imagining no possessions, coming from a bloke who had an entire room set aside to chill his wife’s fur coats.)
    This dirge is wheeled out every time we have one of our atrocity vigils. The latest politician to cite it is European Council president Donald Tusk, when asked if Britain might not leave the EU after all. The Pole replied: “You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.” To be honest, Donald, “dreamer” isn’t the first word that comes to mind.
    I suppose it’s what you’d expect from someone named after a Fleetwood Mac album.
    Shocking news emerges that Irn-Bru, the Scottish national drink, is about as Scottish as warm dry weather and financial solvency. A researcher digging around in the history of the fizzy muck has found that it was first made in America — and by an English company. They won’t like that.
    But then haggis isn’t Scottish either: the earliest recipes for the dish originated in England in the 15th century. And while we’re at it, the most famous Scotsman of all, Scotty from Star Trek, was James Doohan from Vancouver. Most emblems of nationalism fall to pieces when investigated thoroughly.

  419. EC June 26th, 2017 – 11:28

    It’s extraordinary, that litany of murder and horror on behalf of the Irish Republic and the UK never even considered sanctions against them. Can you imagine if Israel had been in the UK’s position? There would have been Israeli tanks rolling through Dublin in short order.

    And what exactly did the Irish Republic do to stop the terrorism it was exporting? Here is some insight:-

    Then there was NORAID:-

    But the remarkable thing is the apparent lack of resolution or guts on the part of the UK government to really tackle either issue head on. Probably the ruddy Foreign Office again, turning “diplomacy” into wet appeasement once more. The more that British post-war foreign policy is broadly considered the more extraordinary the 1982 liberation of the Falkland Islands looks. A tiny island of resolute determination in a sea of dripping wet appeasement and cowardice. And I bet there were plenty of establishment grandees and civil service panjandrums wringing their hands, lips quivering with funk, at Mrs Thatcher’s grit.

    And really, the cowardice over Brexit is just a continuum of that shameful post-war retreat and loss of confidence. So determined are the wet idiots who rule over us to “do the right thing” that they open the door for all our opponents and enemies (including the rather large fifth column) to keep on doing the wrong things to us. Fudge, fudge, fudge and procrastination. Wibble wibble, panic, mess. The theme tune accompanying Britain’s post-war posture. The graves of the great and good all over Britain must have been restless for decades at the foolishness of it. Play the “reasonable man” and the villains, fraudsters, con men, cynics and the evil see them coming.

  420. I heard that the most dangerous occupation was teaching Japanese scuba diving, because they would never acknowledge their misunderstanding, but here is another:

  421. Colonel Mustard – 14:31

    Thanks for the links, particularly the Quora one. Difficult to disagree with your analysis even If I wanted to, which I don’t.

    To reinforce the points that you made, consider lily livered response of the British government toward Russia after the Po-210 poisoning of Litvinenko. Nuclear terrorism in the nation’s capital and er… NOTHING!

  422. RobertRetyred – 20:17

    Weird shit happens in Cornwall.
    There’s also a lot of it about on Dartmoor, on Exmoor.

  423. Andy Car Park – 12:31

    Glasto’ is for poseurs and retards of all ages!

    One unexpected delight of Jezza’s appearance on the Pyramid stage was James Delingpole throwing his rattle out of the pram on ‘social’ media. Apart from dicking about on horses social climbing with the fox hunting county set, James, 51, also likes get get down with the Yoof, innit! He had his whole Glasto’ glamping weekend ruined by Jezza! 🙂

  424. Decisions, decisions 🙂 :
    Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government Sajid Javid is reported to be considering personally intervening to stop the event, which is to be held in a building controlled by his department, the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre.
    Minister Considers Cancelling Europe’s Largest ‘Jew Hate Event’ Held in Government Building

  425. Predictably, the fish wife has started:

    “By ignoring the Barnett formula, Scotland will be missing out on an estimated £2.9billion in funding for our public services – that is the price to Scottish taxpayers for the Tories to stay in power.””

  426. ” One year after the UK’s historic vote to leave the European Union (EU) the British public would vote by the same margin to leave the bloc, a poll has revealed.
    The survey, conducted to coincide with the first anniversary of the Brexit vote, predicts that 52 per cent of voters would choose to leave the EU, with 48 per cent voting to remain. ”


    “Michael Adebolajo, 31, brought the world to a halt when he hacked 22-year-old Rigby to death with a meat cleaver and knives back in 2013, along with accomplice Michael Adebowale, 25.

    Prison staff at the HMP Frankland in County Durham, where Adebolajo is being detained, say they lack the resources to tackle Adebolajo, who is seen as “violent, unpredictable and a major danger to other prisoners.”

    According to the Daily Mirror, a prison official said Adebowale “spends most of his waking hours preaching his distorted form of Islam to anyone who will listen. He sees every inmate as a potential Islamic State soldier whether they are Muslims or not.

    “He has a big personality and is very charismatic and some of the more vulnerable prisoners will fall under his spell. He is a very dangerous individual.”

    A curse on Scouser Sydney Silverman.

  428. Hear Simon Heffer:

    “If, over the next few years, the supply of cheap and illegal arms from Eastern Europe and the bandit states of the former Soviet Union continues to grow at the rate it lately has, the practice of random, casual shooting will become a normal part of our lives. Our police will be armed, but that will only feed the appetite.
    On the advice of their spin-doctors, the rhetoric of politicians will become more and more tabloid in its vehemence. Home secretaries, and even perhaps prime ministers, will attend funerals and utter profound words of condemnation.
    Yet, in time, such murder will be so widespread that it almost ceases to be reported. And only then will some radical politician reluctantly admit that capital punishment is the alternative to scrapping the rule of law.”

    Those were the considerations in 2005.
    How much more is the need in the changed environment of the UK Jihad.

  429. “Morally, it is wrong to simply incarcerate someone for murder. A sentence of life in an air-conditioned, cable-equipped prison where a person gets free meals three times a day, personal recreation time, and regular visits with friends and family is a slap in the face of morality. People will say here that not all prisons are like the one cited. This betrays an ignorance, however, of current trends. Eventually, criminal rights activists will see to it that all prisons are nice places to go. But regardless of the conditions of a particular prison, someone who murders another human being can only be made to pay for his actions by forfeiting his own life. This is so, simply because a loss of freedom does not and cannot compare to a loss of life. If the punishment for theft is imprisonment, then the punishment for murder must be exponentially more severe, because human life is infinitely more valuable than any material item.”

  430. IANW

  431. “The madness of hack Peter Hitchens”

    This is becoming a bit of an obsession with AB. I was somewhat disappointed that he didn’t apply some of his devastating sarcastic wit to address Corbyn’s messiah speech. I wonder how many people actually read Mr. Hitchens’ column, and of those I wonder how many people actually agree with him? Not many, in both cases, I guess.

    In the age of the internet the influence of the Dead Tree Media is DEAD! It has Zero, null, nula, нуль, cero, zilch (or even sero if you are Welsh!) ability to control the narrative.

    The malignity of the fake news output BBC, CH4, SKY, CNN, NBC, ABC, MSNBC, and, yes, even FOX are another matter altogether.

    CNN is dying, with some of the others feeling very, very poorly. Alternate YouTube channels and websites like Infowars and Rebel Media regularly get more viewers than some broadcast news channels, with Infowars getting more viewers than many of them put together! (excluding BBC & FOX)

    This is why the internet will be shut down.

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