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  1. Feline wars- Morgan May- Love it.

  2. On point of principle, I refuse to pay for all mainstream media. I am happy to donate to some non-MSM websites but I refuse to pay for all MSM. Their propaganda in the past year has been worse than I can ever remember.

    The Telegraph is a paper I loathe but whose readers I have much in common with. I would never, ever pay for any of its content. It is a classic Judas Goat publication. It pretends to be in sympathy with its readers only to try to gently lead them on a merry dance once it has their eyes. I worked that out years ago with its nasty attacks on UKIP.

    Today – almost 12 years to the day that Theo Van Gogh was murdered, and after countless terrorist attacks by Muslims on Europe – on the homepage its main headline is:

    ‘Special report: the rise of Islamophobia in Europe – and what we can do about it’

    It’s Westophobia that’s the problem, not ‘Islamophobia’.

    Please recall that the Barclay twins were owners of the Spectator when Melanie Phillips left her permanent role as its most popular blogger.

    The Spectator proudly puts its archive – even pre-dating the internet – online. Melanie Phillips’ Spectator blog? Deleted. Gone.

    Was it something she said?

  3. As the British MSM squeals about fake Islamophobia on their front pages, buried inside as a footnote are headlines like these:

    Christians under siege: Funeral is held for 25 worshippers slaughtered by Islamists as they prayed at Coptic chapel in Cairo

    The Daily Telegraph is a truly disgusting fake newspaper. Like all the rest, it’s a Judas Goat MSM website.

  4. Colonel Mustard, December 11th, 2016 – 15:40

    Many thanks for the tip. I have been enjoying watching Bella Sassin’s videos.

    It is a great shame that real satire is no longer allowed on mainstream TV. Only ‘safe satire’ is permitted these days, as delivered by establishment stooges such as Ian Hisplop, a turd.

  5. huktra – 11:49


    Nicky Morgan told to belt up: MP attacked May for Burberry trousers has £950 Mulberry bag

  6. The Italian people no longer believe the politicians, the business ‘experts’, the bosses of multi-nationals, the TV news and the MSM newspapers. Despite that revolting cabal’s propaganda, they all voted No.

    The Daily Telegraph’s reaction as yet another nation in Europe refuses to believe MSM propaganda any more is to ramp up the propaganda with headline such as the one above.

    In Holland, the judges just did what the UK’s anti-Brexit judges did and convicted Geert Wilders. Another establishment stitch up. Result:

    Anti-Islam MP Geert Wilders’ party has more support than any other in Holland since his conviction for discrimination

    * Geert Wilders was found guilty of discrimination against Moroccans last week
    * He was acquitted for hate-speech over statements made at 2014 election rally
    * Wilders has vowed to confiscate Korans, close mosques and Islamic schools
    * But the trial has boosted his party’s popularity among Dutch voters, says a poll

    They don’t get it, do they? No one believes a single word they say. Step gently over the dead bodies to collect your ‘newspaper’ telling you about ‘Islamophobia’. It’s a lie.


    I used to to be told that CIA stood for CAN’T INVESTIGATE ANYTHING. Now I am told that it is CACA IS ARTICULATE.

    But then I am a Russian agent, so I would say that, wouldn’t I?

  8. Well, well, well. There I was, reminiscing about the deleted Melanie Phillips archive (can we say censored? – why has it gone when they’re so proud of the rest of the archive?) and whaddya know but Mel Phillips favourite John Bolton is back on the scene.

    Barclay Twins, Rothermeres, BBCers, Guardianistas, SKy Newsers, THeresa May, Jean Claude Drunkers, gird your loins. The arrival of John Bolton means the USA is taking a backswing that stretches out right over the Pacific ocean and intends to kick your ass so hard until you get some sense in your head.

    Trump State Nominee John Bolton Suggests Russian Hack Was “False Flag” By Obama Administration

    Go Bolton! Let’s do this, folks! Let’s roll!!

  9. It really does look like check mate for the EU. Yes, there are games ahead, for example, rigging the rules so Five Star never gets power (like the crushing of Brexit, that is being done by the judges), but something has got to give.

    Eurozone Day Of Reckoning Coming Soon: Showdown Between Italy And Germany Looms

  10. EC December 12th, 2016 – 13:30

    You are most welcome. I loved her run down of Britain’s socialist parties on the first clip I linked to.

    You won’t find it on the BBC although it was a genuinely satirical take on the state of politics under Cameron. The BBC’s “edgy” comedians have simply replaced the word ‘Bush’ with ‘Trump’ to get their canned laughs and whooping – zzzzzzzzzzzz.

  11. Or could CIA stand for just:


    “The below quotes are from Russ Tice, one of the most vocal NSA whistle-blowers, speaking on the record in 2013:

    They [the NSA] went after [spied on] — and I know this because I had my hands literally on the paperwork for these sort of things — they went after [spied on] high-ranking military officers; they went after members of Congress, both Senate and the House, especially on the intelligence committees and on the armed services committees and some of the — and judicial.

    But they went after other ones, too. They went after lawyers and law firms. All kinds of–heaps of lawyers and law firms. They went after judges. One of the judges [Alioto] is now sitting on the Supreme Court that I had his wiretap information in my hand. Two are former FISA court judges. They went after State Department officials. They went after people in the executive service that were part of the White House–their own people. They went after antiwar groups. They went after U.S. international–U.S. companies that that do international business, you know, business around the world. They went after U.S. banking firms and financial firms that do international business.

    Now here’s the big one. I haven’t given you any names. This was is summer of 2004. One of the papers that I held in my hand was to wiretap a bunch of numbers associated with, with a 40-something-year-old wannabe senator from Illinois. You wouldn’t happen to know where that guy lives right now, would you? It’s a big white house in Washington, DC. That’s who they went after. And that’s the president of the United States now.

    Source: Jon Rappoport: NSA Spied (Spies) on Barack Obama, Congress, Judges…No Limits, With Total Impunity”

  12. Jeano @ 14:25

    That’s a good slicing of the boil the EU is likely to face, or rather is already facing, Jeano, but on the list of things that need to be done (and cannot be done) one is missing, and it’s a biggy. The Italians will have to start paying taxes, the tax evasion cum avoidance in the country of the spaghetti lovers looms the largest in the EU. The German are sticklers for fiscal prudence, will never accept this loss of revenue for it would have to be covered by them.

  13. She needs to talk, she needs to talk, will everyone please shut up.

    This clip shows quite well one of the tactics of the anointed. They define the incomers as ‘refugees’ (even though it’s bleeding obvious they are economic migrants) then keep banging on about their hardship, pain, need of help.

  14. Colonel Mustard @ 14:27

    It’s too gentle, even gentler that Peter Simple’s column use dot be, it won’t succeed in today’s harsh environment, Colonel, furthermore, it lacks the one adjective (and its derivatives) the ‘edgy’ comedians of today cannot do without – fugging.

  15. Jeano @ 14:13

    Last Friday, Jeano, on PM BBC Radio4 the item of the Russian hacking the US election process was leading the programme, and to be fair to the corporation, they invited two individuals who rubbished the claim. One was a Russian whose English was on par with Baron’s Swahili i.e. awful beyond belief. He kept saying ‘we has’ but what it was ‘they has’ was impossible to decipher.

    The other was a fast talking and articulate former analyst with the CIA who claimed that his sources are telling him they’re fed up with the fake story, and also that the hacking was done by them, apparently they were asked to keep an eye on what the Dems are up to. That essentially echoes Bolton’s take on it, you can get the Friday’s PM recording on the i-player if you wish.

  16. Malfleursky @ 14:04

    It pleases the barbarian that someone else is using the same argument he does, gospodin Malfeursky. When the story of the Russian meddling in the US election got re-dusted again a week or so ago Baron did a posting in the DM that carried the story, in which he said the Americans has been adamant to get an autistic man Gary McKinnon suspected of hacking into US government computers extradited even though he stole nothing, just hacked the servers. (The young man faces up to 99 years inside if found guilty, which seems likely since he doesn’t deny the hacking). Why cannot the Americans ask the Russians to extradite the ‘election hackers’, or ask the Interpol to issue a warrant for their arrest?

    The answer seems obvious. It’s a fake designed to divert attention from the failure of the Clinton woman winning the count.

  17. Frank P @ 03:19

    All of them were revolting, Frank, including the Cambridge schooled traitors, not just Blake, the damage they caused must have been substantial and very painful, not just for the reputation of the Service, but painful in physical sense for many who got betrayed by the traitors.

    One can only speculate what their motives were, it could’t have been their believing the dogma of communism, and certainly not the hybrid of it the Soviets were cultivating, enough evidence of the regime brutality was already in the public domain. Boredom, perhaps, to put one over the toffs running the country, or just for the heck of it, playing a game of who can outsmart whom.

    Still, it would be a mistake to dismiss the attraction the idea the communist doctrine carries. It has alot of allure to poison the minds particularly the idealistic young, the backing for Bernie in the US is a case in point.

    Btw, the commissar’s answer is ‘everyone will love strawberries …’ rather than just the personal ‘you will love ….’, it’s that much stronger, he, he, he. (Baron has seen the documentary when it was screened months (was it years) ago.

  18. Will you have a word with your former colleagues, Frank, ask them to be very careful when they search for pleasure, the world is full of danger.

  19. Baron December 12th, 2016 – 17:52

    I’m convinced that for most of them it is hatred of their own country which motivates them. They are drawn to the nation’s enemies, far less bothered by the timbers in those eyes than the motes in the eyes of their own country which they are so desperate to demonise and lay guilt on. The root of it, unless they are dynastic reds, is probably father issues or resentment of experiences at school.

  20. Baron (17:56)

    Pleasure?? Obviously you and I differ on the definition of that word. And though it would be foolish of me to aver that none of my ‘former colleaugues’ were turd burglars or worse, the very small percentage of those that were in my era would certainly have not have sought my advice on the matter of sexual ‘preference’ as I never hid my aversion to those who displayed even a hint of such proclivities. A much healthier criteria was applied in recruitment in those days. A few may have slipped through the net, but when they did, they had to proceed very gingerly, so to speak.

    it would now appear that they are now the rule, rather the exception.
    O tempora O mores. Dirty bastards!

    As for your version of the ‘communist joke’ I deliberately modified it to highlight what I consider to be the underlying imperative menace of the evil and perverse ideology, because it is, in reality, no fucking joke!!

    “Define your terms!” Thus spake Socrates, that great peripatetic bubble ‘n’ squeak (who may well have been a bit of a shirt-lifter himself by all accounts) . Now look at ’em! Perhaps there’s a lesson to be learned from their fate. 🙂 And be careful before you take the epistomology, it’s lke pissin’ in the wind. 🙂

  21. Colonel Mustard @ 18:48

    That’s one motive, Colonel, the hatred of one’s country, the barbarian finds hard to comprehend (e.g. the omni-all one’s Full Monty hatred of Russia), one can hate an individual in it, a group, but everyone?

    This truly goes beyond Baron’s capacity to understand the human soul, but to carry out a deed like passing information to one’s country enemy knowing it may, it fact, it will lead to death of many, perhaps even the defeat of one’s motherland should have remained a capital crime punishable by death, there’s no other sanction that’s appropriate.

  22. Frank P @ 19:21

    It was meant as a light hearted wisecrack, Frank, a mid attempt at buffoonery on the part of the barbarian, what these two got up to would no way be Baron’s definition of pleasure, just the opposite, a mere touch would induce a serious bout of vomit (and not only if the one doing the touching were the ‘sexy’ looking cop, arghhh).

  23. As it is !!!
    I realised a while ago that I am a black lesbian transgendered Labrador with distinctive traits of disability that while not necessarily apparent unfortunately stop me . from being able to enjoy the world of work.
    This means as you can well understand that I need support. Which as you may expect requires my needs to be met with non judgemental care and a considerable injection of cash into my bank account on a very regular basis, as unfortunately my condition is unlikely to improve.

  24. On this issue, Baron’s fully behind the saintly One, he likes leather, too, owns two pairs of leather jeans himself (one for biking), sadly he wears any of the pair no longer what with his age and general decrepitude.

    What does it say about the state of our society when the media and the politicians are obsessing about someone’s trousers when everything around us undergoes a change bigger than anything that may have occured since the war – in the Republic, the ME, Europe.

  25. Here’s a piece about an activist, not perhaps as talented as Joseph, but absolutely clear about what should be done to counter the Russian’s cyber attacks on the Republic’ integrity of elections:

  26. En-gendering biblical polemics:

    Wit and whimsy in spades. We really are fucked.


    “On December 19, 2016 the electoral college will vote. Based on the vote, Trump should receive 306 votes and Clinton will have 232.

    However, it is possible for many electors to change their vote. They aren’t bound by it. There’s currently a very well funded attempt to influence electors to flip their votes on December 19th to change the outcome of the election. Despite expectations that it is far fetched, it has a high chance of success.”

    (h/t Public Intelligence Blog)

    The comments are interesting. The idea that it is about time that some of those responsible for this parlous state of affairs be arrested and charged with sedition, treason and other high crimes and misdemeanours is an idea whose time has come. Electoral College voters have received death threats.


    I have fallen behind a bit with the Alex Jones Show and have only just started to watch the Sunday show. He is beginning to analyse the developing attempt at a coup d’état against Donald Trump and the patriots.

  29. Have you ever looked up into the sky, scanned the mess of flickering stars, and thought ‘how quickly are we moving around this vast space’.

    Have you ever pondered how fast is the earth moving around the space?

  30. Malfleur @ 03:33

    Well spotted, Malfleur, the uproar about Russia’s hacking almost electing the Donald may have been just a start of the campaign that will move into higher gears, end up with the delegates switching sides.

    What do you reckon will happen if the delegates switch in numbers sufficient to elect the Clinton woman? Will the Republic convulse?

  31. Amusing column by Taki, tells you nothing new, you already know it all, but tells it charmingly:

  32. Hannity last night did a good summation of the Christmas Conspiracy to derail Trump’s presidency before it is ratified. He lined up all the usual suspects to expose the villainy behind it.

    What emerges from this is by hook and by crook, external interests are well capable now of sewing the seeds of confusion that will bring The House down. Not just Trump, but what’s left of our erstwhile Judeo-Christian civilisation.

    Baron asks, “Will the Republic convulse?”

    Sadly, it seems now that only the forces of the Left are prepared to take to the streets. So I fear the slide into the abyss will be with a whimper and not with a bang. Trump is the last hope, but he has a steep hill to climb and he does serm to be voluntarily picking up unnecessary baggage on the way and feeding the Red Herring of Russian involvement in his election – a preposterous splurge of propaganda that survives no logical analysis. But Agitprop are adept at dispensing the Kool aid.

  33. Rex Tillerson proposed by Trump as Secretary of State . Is he a man to take on the revanchists at the State Dept. ?
    These have been in control for 25-odd years and not satisfied with the collapse of the USSR and victory in the Cold War they sought American hegemony ; so continued their aggression against Russia , ignoring China and also the rise of an existentialist evil.

    They gained traction when this evil hit the Twin Towers. Their most prominent promoters since then have been Vice-President Cheney and Ms. Hillary Clinton. These had the advantage of having a hapless dolt as President during their terms of office.

    I forgot to name this group : they are the neo-cons. It is to be hoped the alt-right can over-come the neo cons.

  34. A call to arms, so to speak, by Alex Jones on his Monday show.

  35. ENOUGH!

    “Fake News as Treason — Russians Did Not Hack Election, This is a Coup in Progress…”

    “…President-Elect Donald Trump should consider appointing a Director of National Intelligence capable of burning the existing dysfuctional, treasonous, largely worthless secret intelligence community to the ground. An Open Source Agency will suffice for the first four years, and will effectively give the President — and his entire Cabinet as well as all Congressional jurisdictions overseeing the executive — vastly more useful decision-support in one year than the secret world has produced in the past quarter century. The secret world is a spending cesspool and now — this is so clear — a nest of traitors who need to be put down. We still need secret sources and methods — perhaps 20% of what we have now — but with ethics and professionalism and no contractors. ENOUGH!…”

  36. Radford NG @ 12:23

    This is how the NY Times see the appointment, Radford, note that the animosity towards the Donald has somewhat reduced, the column is more balanced, if anything, it furnishes more backing for the appointment that against, it fails to mention the Russian hacking scandal, doesn’t dwell on anything injurious to it.

    Was it a smart move though? The poorly educated Slav has his doubts, not because he he has any inside knowledge either of the man or the infighting that must be going on within the governing elite, it’s the most prestigious job after Potus.

    The coupling of the appointee with Putin may set in motion too abrupt a move from the policies pursued by the former US Administrations for decades (from Clinton onwards), even if those backing the former thrust of US anti-Russian foreign policy were to endorse the change, they (the MSM lackeys, others in the elite) will need time to perform the u-turn without losing face completely.

    Strategically, the move should benefit the Republic noticeably. Only five out of every hundred of us walking the planet are American, yet the country consumes one fifth of the world’s primary energy. The Russians have the forth or fifth largest reserves of hydrocarbons plus an abundance of other natural resources (including gold and rare earth), the Americans the know-how to extract it. They, the Americans, don’t need to own the resources, but want access to them. This guy Rex may help to deliver on it.

    (Btw, Baron may have mentioned it before, almost a fifth of Rosneft (the majority state owned integrated company for oil and gas exploration, distribution) has been sold very recently to Qatar cum Glenco for some $11bn).

  37. Malfleur @ 13:44

    Three hours plus, Malfelur, that’s lifetime for the barbarian.

    If you listen to it in full, be kind, tell us when he says something that’s new, please.

  38. Frank P @ 11:25

    Do you really think, Frank, the Russians (or the Chinese or whoever) could have a decisive influence over the future of the Republic? Hmmm

  39. Baron – 15:26

    Get a grip. Not all Ivans are “Red Herrings” and vice-versa.

  40. Robert Spencer: “Britain’s PM Has Compared Me, A Patriotic American, to Abu Hamza”

    Underlining wot Jeano says. [i.e.She cannot be trusted]

  41. ‘Total meltdown of humanity’, screams a headline in the Guardian today, the piece goes on describing the plight of the civilians trapped in a small enclave in the city still held by the (mainly Turkey supported) rebel forces.

    The tragic plight of Aleppo is as much the breakdown of humanity as was the destruction of Berlin by the Red Army, the bombing of Dresden by the Allied Forces in 1945?.

    The breakdown of humanity occurred when in 2012, the American neocons unleashed their regional proxies, the Saudis and the Turkish tin pot Sultan, on the Assad’s regime, suppled them with weapons and money.

    Before the armed uprising, the Syrian regime wasn’t any more corrupt and inhuman than the Saudi’s kingdom, possibly less so (hence the inability of the US, its proxies, and ISIS to defeat it even before the Russians got involved).

    The outburst of the Blonde Inseminator in the House today proves that our Government still haven’t got the message, learnt nothing, is still worshipping on the altar of the ghastly Blair’s regime change doctrine. The Donald and his new team will hopefully put this right.

  42. The Spectator keeps following the official line, God only knows who’s directing it. (If you cannot get it, the barbarian will copy for you the column, but it’s the postings that are interesting):

  43. EC @ 17:45

    Have you spotted one of the postings in the link you’ve provided, EC? Jeano may like it, but what about Fergus?

    There once lived a legend, Rob Spencer,
    Far smarter than captains of MENSA.
    We were stuck with old May,
    Whom the Arabs did pay.
    She was crap and could not have been denser.

  44. Wonderful rhyme!

    Sums up my year!

  45. The Donald’s gloating rallies will backfire if he persists. The spiel is getting stale and childish. FFS Donald! Enough awready!! Quit while you are ahead.

  46. The corporate-fascist army is hard at work on discrediting REX TILLERSON as Trump’s choice for Secretary of State, but DRUDGE REPORT publishes a video news item by Bloomberg today on the website of the Washington Times in which it is suggested that perhaps Tillerson “is an inspired choice”. The former Dean of the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, Joseh Nye, pays his dues to the New World Order however by joining the chorus of anti-Russian propaganda generated without evidence by a renegade faction of the CIA. Mr. Nye it should be noted, among his other distinguished positions held by him past and present, is currently the chairman of the North American branch of the Trilateral Commission.

    For the interview with Nye, I cite the DRUDGE REPORT by its general URL rather than that for the specific article, because it contains a wealth of other links. Baron should note that I do not expect him to look at all these links; but it may catch the attention of those who pass through this blog without commenting but who are yet unfamiliar with it. Baron may not yet have fully grasped that sites which publish real news are under attack not for their views but for their existence. We should promite them here. We can still say better fifty years of Europe than a cycle of Cathay. I would also argue that better three hours of the Alex Jones Show (four actually) than a week with the Guardian and Spectator and other the discredited media.

  47. Frank P @ 2:09



    Alex Jones Show Tuesday December 13th


    “MSM paints grim picture of Aleppo as residents celebrate their liberation ”

  50. Frank P

    Well after all these years it really is a first for me to disagree with Frank’s judgement on Donald’s tour. He is merely repeating post-election the formula that won him the election, that is he is still for the most part bypassing the media and appearing in public and the effect of all those hundreds of thousands coming to lap up the winning routine is two-fold at the very least. First, all those people become active disciples carrying the message with enthusiasm to their work places and making it, finally, acceptable to espouse a conservative point of view and bringing out the shy conservatives who number many many more. Secondly, by doing these post-election rallies and repeating the same pre-election promises he makes himself unique among politicians, that is, he isn’t rowing back on anything. I watched him yesterday in Wisconsin and one of the people present was Paul Ryan about whom many Trumpers have worries if not hatred, indeed when Donald mentioned his name, the booing was loud, Donald heard it and so did Ryan, but Donald said that he and Ryan were going to do great work together including The Wall.
    Donald ran rings around all the Republican candidates in seeking the nomination and rarely among any leader of government in my lifetime he is taking a brilliant advantage of the American system and filling his cabinet with really big hitters who owe nothing to anyone. He has already exceeded my hopes and expectations and I just love the fact that in the few interviews he has given, he never even tries to justify himself thereby removing the presumption the Left have of their presumptuous self-righteousness. He’s very clever and thank God for him.

  51. It’s the way they do things in America.

    I’m more concerned that he keeps appointing ex-Goldman Sachs staff to high office. We want the swamp drained and it doesn’t get worse than Goldman Sachs. Oh, well. One step at a time.

    I see that Kanye West – who I am not a fan of – has been to visit Donald. I acquired some respect for Kanye West when he berated his own bien pensant audience and reminded them that that their ghastly Facebook and even more ghastly Google had lied to them. Why aren’t they angry at them? What’s the point in hurling things about in protest at Donald?

    It’s the same in the UK. Why aren’t people mad at the rigged BBC at the rigged opinion polls at the manipulated bookies’ odds on Brexit. At the lies that pensions would not be paid, there would be an emergency Budget, a recession, it was irreversible, this is your decision, the government will implement what you vote for.

    None of these things turned out to be true. Why aren’t the bien pensant angry about those untruths?

    I am glad a mainstream US celebrity finally had the balls to turn on Generation Snowflake and rub their noses in it. There are few things more spiteful or dishonest than Facebook and Google.

    Type a news event into Google and on the first page of results almost always the Guardian will appear with its coverage of that story? Why? The Guardian pays Google to get page 1 rankings.

    It’s a stinking lie, you Snowflakes.

    So please, Kanye, do perform at the Donald’s inauguration, I’ve met so many Snowflakes who I know like Kanye West and who hate Donald Trump. I want their noses rubbed in it. Swallow that.

    And to use an old Americanism, Snowflakes, you can shove your iPhones, your Google and your Facebook up your axx.

    And if you don’t like your nickname of Generation Snowflake, here’s the more appropriate one: Generation Semi-Literate Cxxx. Aren’t you bored of being digitally conned?

  52. Going round the land is the smartest thing he can be doing, the MSM lapdogs are not just unwilling to get his message across, they would do everything to distort it, confuse the plebeians, engender a fight amongst his supporters some arguing he’s betraying them, others staying loyal …

    Who can finish the revolution he began are only the people, they must be emboldened to remould the society from the bottom up, selecting and voting for different men and women, have the guts to get rid of the old.

    But Frank has a very valid point, the risk of a loony having a go goes up sky-high, one can only keep one’s fingers crossed they don’t get him before January 20.

  53. Baron 11-47
    It’s not a loony that concerns me , unless he’s a patsy, doing the work for a great many people and organisations who would love to see him removed permanently.

  54. In terms of achievements, hes already done fine. A proxy war with Russia has been avoided (to the MSM’s fury – look at the sanctimony about Aleppo – that arch fool Peter Tatchell was out screaming at Corbyn over it).

    And TPP is in the bin. The MSM will not talk about these things because they were complicit in trying to curry favour for a war with Russia among readers and they were also trying to cover up TPP for their globalist friends.

    The Donald was not stupid in his campaign. He looked at where Bernie Sanders drew the crowds and stole his policies of dropping TPP and unwinding NAFTA.

    News outfit like The Guardian won’t give Donald credit for anything even if they agree with him and the other news outfits were all trying to cultivate a path for TPP and more globalism.

    These things did not go unnoticed by Donald’s voters. What a dreadful mistake the MSM made in talking about pussy!

    The impoverished millions in America want jobs and wages. All the aspirational classes can do is talk about NAFTA, globalism, selling jobs to China, fraudulent banks, trade tariffs. When you’re poor you tend to work out why.

    And the MSM’s answer to that? Pussy.

    Stuff the MSM. They were absolute filth in that election. Absolute filth.

  55. I see the Daily Telegraph is allowing some comments again after it banned them in the run-up to Brexit.

    Sounds like Breitbart is hoovering up all their readers!

    And as for the paywall! Who in their right mind is going to pay a pair of off-shore tax evaders to insult their intelligence with articles about ‘Islamophobia’. There is no such thing.

    Pay for it yourself, you doofus twins.

  56. 2016’s greatest hits:

    LONDON (Alliance News) – A vote for Britain to exit the European Unoin would lead to the “implosion” of the bloc and force the US to intervene, the chief executive of London Stock Exchange Group PLC told The Daily Telegraph.

    Xavier Rolet said the “UK leaving the European Union is the end of the European Union”, adding the prospect of a Brexit would be “devastating”.

    “I think this would be a geopolitical event that would reverberate way beyond the European Union. I think it would be devastating to the economy of the United Kingdom, and would not be good for anyone with their headquarters in the European Union,” Rolet told the paper.

  57. We see Davis getting real.

    “The minister also said if no agreement was reached with the EU a transitional Brexit deal could be struck “if it is necessary and only if it is necessary”.

    No deal will ever be struck.

    I see a new referendum looming.

    Buoyancy returns.

    Just saying.

  58. Patriccia Shaw @ 17:45

    You keep asking for it, Patriccia, and if you aran’t careful you’ll get it, a Full Monty of it.

  59. Britain’s participating in collecting evidence of crimes against humanity in and around Aleppo, drones, copters, people on the ground are gathering evidence against Russia because the country’s forces are fighting the war not on ‘human and democratic’ rights. (Would it not be more appropriate to use the resources to either hit the jihadists, or help the civilians?).

    Still, could anyone explain to the barbarian how does one fight a ‘human and democratic’ war (PM BBC4)? War is a war, people get killed, even innocent people, it’s unfortunate, but that’s it, omelette, eggs, breaking comes to mind. If we aren’t prepared to face up to the consequences of war we shouldn’t start any.

    The standards these progressive loonies are talking about are on par with those that are being meted out against our brave men and women who were battling it in Afghanistan and Iraq. Over a thousand of them are threatened with court martial because they, too, fought (and many died) not on principles of ‘humanity and democracy’. Treasonous lunacy this.

  60. patriccia shaw.17.45

  61. With some, it doesn’t take long to get closer to the truth after the Donald’s victory, with others it may take some time, but turn most of them will:

  62. The PM on BBC Radio4 this afternoon, one of the invited guests to pontificate on Syria was the narcissistic James Rubin, former Assistant Secretary of something or other under Clinton. He was asked whether the MPs were right blaming themselves for not intervening in Syria in 2013. ‘No’, he said,’they are not to blame, Assad and mostly Putin are to blame for the destruction of the country, the suffering of the people, the millions displaced, the refugees flooding into Europe ….. ‘

    It was enough for the barbarian, even though he wanted to listen, he couldn’t, his stomach wouldn’t take it.

  63. Apologies, it wasn’t the PM, but the World at One, if you’ve listened to it, too.

  64. According to a Swiss political expert Dr. Daniele Ganser, the current budget of NATO stands at $900bn a year, ten times the Russian defence budget of $90bn a year. According to him, Germany and other NATO members are following the wrong course by trying to extract from their budgets as much money as possible for military purposes rather than addressing the many social problems their societies face.

  65. Irishboy (09:25).

    I agree with all of the positives you adduce; however, having watched live each of his “thank you” junkets, it is impossible not to note that the spiel is becoming less spontaneous and the acclaim becoming increasingly strained. Fox have been giving him the full monty each time – and the problem with telly coverage, as any of the old time music hall acts will tell you, overexposure of the jokes eventually makes them jaded and unfunny.
    The first two of the post election rallies were fine – he injected some new material to spruce up the essentially repetitive promises. But last night’s gig fell flat in too many places. Even Mrs. Frank P, one of his most avid fans was provoked into saying, “Zap the channel, he’s beginning to get on my tits.” Just sayin’.

    His easy gliding between the ad-libbing and Bannon’s auto-cue script was excellent during the first two junkets, but was stilted last night. The Donald was even looking bored and jaded himself; one can’t blame him for that, at his age he must be feeling the strain. It’s time for him to accept that he has won. Likewise, it’s time for the Libtards to accept that they lost.

    The braggadocio is puerile. He’s the fuckin’ boss, now! Nothing left to prove.

    And Baron is right. These junkets are a security nightmare. There’s still over a month to go and there are some bad bastards out there. Moreover some of his most dangerous enemies are from the GOP. I’m sure he has overruled his Security detail. Which is daft. Hubris-Nemesis, Irishboy. And many a slip twixt cup and lip.

    As for you Malfluffy (02:24) – as you are the main propagator of rubbish on this platform, the expert in fact, I suppose I should defer to your superior knowledge of detritus. I usually ignore your little ripostes: I’ll make an exception on this occasion in order to demur from your ‘judgement’. But thank you for your opinion which is duly filed under your own suggested tag.

  66. Steyn on time? Nein, nein, nein!

    Mark having teething troubles with his new show. Hope it’s not sabotage.

  67. This guy’s amazing, unbelievably good, the hardest hitting from our side of the barricade, if he were to set up a subscription channel on the net, he would be rolling in it.

    (And, Malfeur, note, he doesn’t go on for days, just makes a point, leaves it at that).

  68. Frank P @ 21:39

    The boils of starting his extravaganza, Frank, are reminiscent of how things were under the communist thugs, bureaucracy galore, paperworking and the nodding of apparatchiks were everything, (and plumbing non existent). How business maladies change not, merely move from East to West, he, he, he.

  69. A guy calls his friend: “Is it true your wife crashed the Porsche? Is she OK?’ ‘Yes, so far, she’s locked herself in the bathroom’.

  70. This is a fuller version of the Eva interview, she essentially confirms that the narrative we’ve been fed on Syria was still is totally false. This should be a compulsory viewing for the clowns in the House:

  71. Frank P

    Ah Frank, well I’m not really that much in disagreement with you. Indeed, it’s clear he must protect himself as much as possible, though he’s erring on the good side by feeling he should go back and show himself to his people. He really has picked some tough hard men, his reception at the Army and Navy football match was amazing, soldiers and marines literally jumping up and down when he appeared so I’m absolutely sure the transition boys have a long long list of those to be purged from federal agencies and depts. And it would seem to me almost impossible for Obama or his puppet masters to actually derail the inauguration process without Donald finding out. 20 million vets (and we’re not talking about James Herriot wannabes here) all with gun “collections” must make even the liberal madmen think twice.
    Interesting times. And please give my best to Mrs P. We should hear more from I think!




  73. Don’t worry, Baron, it’s only the first hour.

  74. And it was also broadcast in November – but perhaps you missed it.

  75. Barack Obama wanted the Middle East to solve its own problems. Aleppo shows it can’t
    Anyone who thinks Arabs can solve their own problems lives in a fantasy world.
    Their entire reason for existing is to cause problems. Hate ( of each other as well ) is what gets them up in the morning.

  76. Just thought we should understand the link between 1808 and 0642

  77. Baron
    December 14th, 2016 – 21:58

    Yes, and you recognise of course that Prison Planet is part of Alex Jones’s operation and that Watson is an Infowars journalist coaxed out of the backroom and encouraged by Jones to broadcast his own reports?

    Rather than wanting him to make a pot of money by starting his own subscription service, I want to see him set up by Alex Jones in his own InfowarsUK office with a budget to enable him to hire his own staff.

    Of course this might well have to be partly financed by separate UK marketing services, so that before long Watson would find himself characterised as a “snake oil salesman” as Frank P once fatuously called Alex Jones.

    For Watson though, being called a snake oil salesman would hold few terrors after his daily receipt of death threats from his targets and the intimidation intimidation from those enemies of freedom, the ChiComs.

    He does however fall short of Alex Jones in the breadth of his persona. He does not have the unpredictability, the zaniness, the unloosed fury, and the humour and religious spirit of Alex. At present, Watson is one weapon in Jones’s armoury, sharp and devastating as it may be.

    Did anyone sing this at school?

    He who would valiant be
    ‘gainst all disaster,
    let him in constancy
    follow the Master.
    There’s no discouragement
    shall make him once relent
    his first avowed intent
    to be a pilgrim.

    Who so beset him round
    with dismal stories
    do but themselves confound
    his strength the more is.
    No foes shall stay his might;
    though he with giants fight,
    he will make good his right
    to be a pilgrim.

    Since, Lord, thou dost defend
    us with thy Spirit,
    We know we at the end,
    shall life inherit.
    Then fancies flee away!
    I’ll fear not what men say,
    I’ll labour night and day
    to be a pilgrim.

    To that verray, parfit, gentil knyght, ALEX EMERICK JONES, whose ancestors sailed from England to the New World, this is dedicated with my respect:

  78. Baron 21:58 yesterday

    Absolutely agree about Paul Watson, he’s excellent. Has some good twofers with
    Steve (Louder with) Crowder as well. Thank god for the internet and Fake (not) News.

  79. Malfleur

    I concur with your regard for Alex Jones. Just look what we’re up against and his 25 years of attrition and non-stop bombardment has paid off. He gets more hits per day than CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS and the BBC put together, and delivered millions of votes for Donald. He’s a big guy, takes the arguments to the streets, and would take a bullet for the cause of freedom and right. And over here what do we have? Effing Charles Moore in the Speculum recounting his efforts in a woodshed, whilst taking a pause in his day’s shooting’, to explain to some posh bitch that not all poor people are Nazis but conceding that he wished the Right could be a little more quietly spoken.
    We need an armour-clad Donald over here. Every Permanent Secretary should be fired. Not a single charity should get a penny from government – they are all proselytisers for the Left, likewise those hundreds of NGOs which are a way of rewarding the faithful and embedding the Left in polite opinion-forming society. Isn’t it time the effing socialists bloody well paid for their own socialism? In a free society, those of a collectivist bent (sic) are free to form mutual and friendly societies but when was the last time a socialist paid for a round? We need an Alex Jones with a daily tsunami espousing Brexit, not some twats in Parliament displaying their grasp of the nuanced position. We’re a bloody island. Let’s just stop paying the money to Brussels, and tell them we will continue for the time being trading under current rules until either they change the terms, which we will reciprocate, or we complete bi-lateral agreements. Farage for all his achievements is not the man and my hopes are on Le Pen and Wilders and to a slightly lesser degree on Petry of the AFD in Germany. Farage still hasn’t or simply won’t do what’s really necessary, and loudly express the fears of millions, and shout from the rooftops the existential threat that white people now face. The cause of freedom has only ever been associated with whites, and actually with Anglo-Saxon whites. That’s why they’re out to get us.
    Please God may it be a case, as has happened across the pond, of comets the hour, comets the man.

  80. And f!!k predictive writing! That should read, cometh the hour, comets the man!
    (Though if. John Podesta, suddenly disappeared from view, needs a title for his biography, I think “Comets the man, Comets the hour” would capture much!

  81. I give up!!!!! You get the just I’m sure!

    And here’s something seasonal, appropriate to our present darkness, and most important of all, something beautiful with an old melody and even more ancient wise words.

  82. I have just watched the YouTube video posted by Baron called

    Syria/Aleppo – Western Governments/Media LIES EXPOSED

    Exactly. Why isn’t all this in the Western media? Why isn’t Peter Tatchell shouting about this?

    Because the Powers That Be want a war with Russia.

    On a broader note, it may be true that the Arabs cannot organise peace throughout the Middle East, but that does not mean the West should be involved. Very often these inter-Arab conflicts are being precipitated by other countries that want them to fight one another to to draw in the West.

    I say we leave it.

    The Western MSM outrage over Syria has, since day one and for all these years been one thing: fake.

  83. Talking of fakes:

    Muslim teen who claimed Trump supporters called her a ‘terrorist’ and tried to rip off her hijab on the New York subway is arrested for making the story up

  84. Jeano – 09:59

    The contrived and spurious nature of the MSM news cycle has been a farce for decades. It used to be the case that ‘today’s news is tomorrow’s fish & chips wrappers,” however we live in an age of fries/frites not chips, and where now they are sometimes delivered in specially printed waxed cones bearing fake news.

    Allepo? Sounds like the fifth Marx Brother.

  85. A comment on Fox news last night from someone who corrected one of the anchors who opined that Trump “will be the most powerful man in the world”, by retorting, “He IS the most powerful man in the world!” – set me thinking.

    Is there such an animal as “the most powerful man in the world”. And if there is, who is it?

    And looking back over history of homo sapiens, has there ever been consensus from historians as to who was the most powerful man … ever?

  86. Charles’s talks with man who says Britain’s overcrowded: Prince in private meeting at Clarence House with friend Robin Page

    * Robin Page is former presenter of One Man And His Dog and Charles’ friend
    * Prince of Wales invited him to Clarence House for private talks on Tuesday
    * Page does not say what they spoke about but on the same day he posted online about the damaging effect of ‘overpopulation’ on Britain

    I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the only subject people talk about in private in Britain.


  87. In the comments section of that story someone from Oz has written:

    purple lemon, Melbourne, Australia

    Someone should start selling: “It’s the over-population stupid!” T-shirts.

  88. Frank P – 10:25

    Some say, “Thank God, it’s the Trump, at last!”
    While scaremongering Dems etc. “OMG. it’s going to be The Last Trump.”

    Other contenders: Jesus? Mohammed? Zarquon?

    I met a traveller from an antique land
    Who said: Two vast and trunkless legs of stone
    Stand in the desert. Near them, on the sand,
    Half sunk, a shattered visage lies, whose frown,
    And wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold command,
    Tell that its sculptor well those passions read
    Which yet survive, stamped on these lifeless things,
    The hand that mocked them and the heart that fed:

    And on the pedestal these words appear:
    ‘My name is Ozymandias, king of kings:
    Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!’
    Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
    Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare
    The lone and level sands stretch far away


  89. Ok my friends, serious stuff: Alex Jones Show Wednesday Hour One, scroll towards the end – LARRY NICHOLS and the approaching coup in the ELECTORAL COLLEGE on DECEMBER 19 to flip at least 38 Electoral Voters and thus install HILLARY CLINTON – continued into Hour Three. If this coup succeeds next Monday, don’t think it won’t affect England…

    Illegitimi non carborundum!

  90. EC (10:30)

    I guessed you would dust off Shelley’s iconoclastic sonnet.
    Exactly! As Irish boy reminds us, “Cometh the hour cometh the man” .
    And how quickly the hours and the men pass. So many have been legends in their own lunchtime.

    In similar vein Rupe finally closed the deal on Sky today [subject to shareholders’ vote]. He who larfs larst?

    I doubt we will get Fox News UK though. Pity. We could do do with a good swamp-draining here.

  91. EC

    btw you lost me with the Zarquon guy. A techie thing, I guess?

  92. Fox has agreed terms now to buy Sky.
    Why is no one screaming from the rooftops about graft and corruption.
    Aside of the fact that Sky are probably selling out cheap because their management overlaps with Fox and that a major shareholder (Aberdeen Asset management) has a CEO that is also vice chair of sky, we need to look at the interests of the public.
    Murdoch is an avaricious bastard. I lost patience with him when he summoned Blair to Australia and then foisted him on us with the disastrous consequences we all remember.
    What is Karen Bradley doing?

  93. That video on Breitbart is just jaw-dropping. We are – surely – at an anthropological turning point with the MSM.

    Not just in the USA and UK, but everywhere else too. Every single TV station, newspaper, business leader and so on howled at the Italian electorate to vote Yes. They voted No by 60 to 40.

    There is nothing in the scheme – and it is a scheme – of entertainment, in which I include drama and comedy, or MSM current affairs that bears any resemblance to the truth any more or people’s lives.

    Nobody in TV drama, TV comedy, TV newsland or adland speaks or thinks the way real people do. It is all social engineering dressed up as those things.

    Once you see through it. That’s it. You won’t be believing it again. These dreadful Hollywood people and their dreadful Hollywood films, ’12 Years A Slave’, ‘United Kingdom’ – aren’t we all living in a multi-culti rainbow world – are not close to the reality.

    It’s you, Martin Sheen and Co. You’re the problem.

    I’ll never forget the inane Beckham creature and Daniel Craig with their Remain tweets.

    And gormless James Corden stunned by Brexit and Trump.

  94. I might have known. Even the Labour MPs sat next to Ben Bradshaw looked stunned the other day when he stood up and said the Russians had rigged the US election result. Mr Bradshaw’s financial sponsor – as with many Lib Dems and Jo Cox – George Soros!

    Soros has also been funding the anti-Trump riots in the USA, that video Frank P posted of Hollywood whingers and the vote recounts.

    Oh dear! Someone’s investment went sour.

    Shut up, Bradshaw.

  95. One great writer describes the passing of another:

    Btw …. has The Colonel been in?

  96. Malfleuroskovsky @ 03:02

    The barbarian got back rather late, tired, exhausted, fed up (for what maters not), and because of all this he elected to call it a day, no ranting on any blogs like here, just scanning what’s been happening, then a night cup of gin and tonic. He glanced at the headings on the Spectator blog, savored the postings here, then reached yours, and for no reason at all, took the bait, clicked on your offer.

    So, what did he learn watching for full seven minutes the giant of screams you so much admire? (Sorry, that’s all he could stomach, the seven minutes).

    He isn’t sure, one very rich Chinese eager to get impoverished quicker than one can say chopsticks is buying loss making Hollywood, China herself has plans to take over all US manufacture, deep ports, and a Chinese noodle shop in SF bay (Baron made the last takeover target up), and also that Hilary, a paid up member of the Communist Party, is putting together a cobalt bomb that will pollute the whole world forever. (Could she be that stupid, where is she going to enjoy the spoils of her cozying up to the Mandarin speakers then? On Mars?)

    Look, the man, or rather the public figure one watches, has some attractions, one cannot but admire his tenacity in voice projection to start with (the barbarian vocal chords would give up in minutes, he can go on for hours if not days, weeks), his message seems the right one even if he sees conspiracy easily in a handful of dust, but does everyone have to love him? Isn’t it enough you’ve formed an intimate relationship with him, could Baron ride the crest of the awe you’ve cultivated? Please.

    Nuffofthis, good night.

  97. You must have seen the picture (there exists both stills and a video): At the last EU Summit, the saintly One is standing alone, looking rather lost, shuffling some papers on the table, behind her the replacement for the kissing Baroness Ashton is snogging one of the better looking clowns from an EU member country.

    How convenient the camera was positioned just in the right spot to catch the sex obsessed Italin Federica Mogherini and our PM in one shot. It wa staged, Baron would put his money it was all pre-arranged.

    Why are letting the apparatchiks taking mickey out of us?

    The three important areas of our leaving are immigrants in Britain cum our people in the EU, passportting and the EU access to our market, and the application of EU laws by our judiciary. We make them an offer in all three areas, an offer that seems obvious if neither our or the EU economies are to get hit. If they don’t like it, we talk for a while, then go ahead anyway. What can they do?

  98. Both the Times and the Guardian lead with the same story: Obama is promising to retaliate for Putin’s interference in the US election, one of the rags suggest the hacking was a personal vendetta against the Clinton woman.

    Amazingly, nobody seems to remember what was happening in the 2012 election campaign. Netanyahu openly backed Mitt, he invited the Republican candidate to Israel, treated him Presidentially. Afterwards, Bibi travelled to to the US, appeared on TV ads, many billboards, gave interviews all openly promoting Mitt, attacking the Hon Muslim. In and important speech in Florida to a Jewish organisation, he urged not just the Jewish voters, but all Americans to vote for Romney. The interference couldn’t have been more blunt (google it if you must).

    Why this didn’t bother anyone?

  99. The world is full of conspiracy theorists even about old friends:

    (Putin on the other hand is a low down scheming bastard who frankly rigged the American electoral system to install a puppet in both White House and State Department).

    But in 1976, the lives of Mitt Romney and Benjamin Netanyahu intersected, briefly but indelibly, in the 16th-floor offices of the Boston Consulting Group, where both had been recruited as corporate advisers. At the most formative time of their careers, they sized each other up during the firm’s weekly brainstorming sessions, absorbing the same profoundly analytical view of the world.

    That shared experience decades ago led to a warm friendship, little known to outsiders, that is now rich with political intrigue. Mr. Netanyahu, the prime minister of Israel, is making the case for military action against Iran as Mr. Romney, the likely Republican presidential nominee, is attacking the Obama administration for not supporting Mr. Netanyahu more robustly.

    The relationship between Mr. Netanyahu and Mr. Romney — nurtured over meals in Boston, New York and Jerusalem, strengthened by a network of mutual friends and heightened by their conservative ideologies — has resulted in an unusually frank exchange of advice and insights on topics like politics, economics and the Middle East.

    When Mr. Romney was the governor of Massachusetts, Mr. Netanyahu offered him firsthand pointers on how to shrink the size of government. When Mr. Netanyahu wanted to encourage pension funds to divest from businesses tied to Iran, Mr. Romney counseled him on which American officials to meet with. And when Mr. Romney first ran for president, Mr. Netanyahu presciently asked him whether he thought Newt Gingrich would ever jump into the race.

  100. Patriccia Shaw @ 13:19

    Thanks, Patriccia, it helps to understand better the active campaigning by Bibi for Mitt, but whichever way one slices it, it cannot but fall under the definition of interference, the Netanyahu’s fund for it topped $20mn.

    Still, if Putin’s found to be behind the hacking, the Americans can prove harm, whoever did it should be taken to task, the courts should decide the proper punishment. As things stand, it smells of another wave of fake news.

    When the Americans know for sure, they go after the culprit with all guns blazing e.g. Gary McKinnon (see Baron’s posting Dec 12, 17:34). All this yapping about ‘unnamed sources’, and ‘officials close to’ would suggest it’s made up, phoney, bogus.

    Is anyone else at home?

  101. Baron 12-35.

    To the Hon. Obama : —

    ” It was Hillary ; Stupid. ”

    Andrew Sullivan gives a radio essay laying in to the charmless Ms. Clinton. (15 mins)

  102. Baron 15:06

    “Is anyone else at home?”

    Well, the lights may be on but…

  103. Baron 15:06

    Here’s an old fish & chip wrapper from Oct 2013 for you…

    All the current hoo-hah from Obama about hacking is a tad hypocritical methinks.

  104. Radford NG @ 15:31

    Good to hear him not blaming the KGB Colonel for the Dems’ loss, Radford, but Sullivan, a prominent member of the phylum of the anointed, still doesn’t get it.

    The narrative of the progressives with the baggage of PC, multy-culty, moral equivalence, the accompanying social liberalism of gender fluidity and stuff – all this is not something the plebians could any longer swallow. The doses of it served to them (with the help of the MSM lapdogs) are inimical to what the unwashed feel, have natural affinity with, wish to aspire to in their lives.

    If this historically unprecedented mutilation of the culture was occurring in positive economic environment it’s probable people would buy it. Unfortunately for the progressives this is not the case.

    The dire economic plight engendered by massive job transfer offshore for the millions of blue collar workers, the stagnation in middle class incomes, the immigration nightmare, have hindered the the execution of the Grand Idea, the Donald couldn’t lose. In fact, Baron reckons that if Donald the Duck were to stand on the same platform as the Donald he would have got in, too.

    The voting is nothing other than a big cry for change, not the fake change the Hon Muslim promised, but a change that turns the country’s compass in the same direction that used to deliver for the many, not for the few.

    The billion dollar question is will this new course lead the Republic to a reawakening of American exceptionalism? Hmmm

    (Sorry to keep you waiting, Radford, the barbarian was visiting the Spectator blog, the Ed’s piece, the postings are good, thought provoking, if you haven’t peeped yet, do).

  105. EC (15:58)

    Heh, heh, heh….

    Come Jan 20th the kerfuffle will dissipate and the Libtards will have to devise another wheeze.

    The childishly hypocritical nonsense of pretending that hacking; interception of communications and mail; infiltration through embassies; the perpetual tsunami of propaganda through msm, literature, education insitutions from top to bottom and the global espionage on an industrial scale, isn’t not only common, but de rigeur for goverrnments of all countries, is risible.

    The CIA of course is the world leader in global interference in other countries affairs. For Obama, the Clintonostra, the Democratic Party at large and its Hollywood propagandists to suggest that Russian, Chinese, or indeed any other outside agencies need to interfere in the American electoral process to make it appear more deranged and disfunctional than it is perfectly capable of doing itself, makes me ROTFLMAO.

    Obama was elected TWICE, FFS! What further proof does any cretin need to know to convince him or her that the US of A is presently a free-range nut house.

    Our only hope is that Trump and his generals’ coup d’etat will at least bring some order back into the Republic and that a similar fair!y bloodless coup can eventually happen here in the UK. But sadly, I see no maverick on the horizon here who is both capable and willing to lead the charge. Farage had potential, but he’s now abandoned ship and is tagging on to the Trump train. However he has probably outlived his usefulness there and will be thrown under the bus which is following the train to pick up excess baggage, such as Romney and Christie et al. 🙂

    How do you fancy the shaven headed scouser, his successor, as the saviour of Old England? Nah. Me neither!

  106. EC @ 15:58

    That’s a good one, EC, thanks.

    With your permission the barbarian will insert it in the Ed’s piece, unless you want to do it, you should.

    Btw, the systemic hacking has been the prerogatives of each and every Government since the net started ticking (not that long ago, the Russian power transmission system in a region (Baron forgets which one) got hacked, the power was off, the guy in charge kicked off for not securing the management of it).

    Hacking’s a modern version of spying, and Baron reckons it shouldn’t be discouraged, the more each side knows about the other the better, it’s surprises, the unknowns, that may lead to someone reaching for the red button).

  107. Frank P @ 16:43

    Quite, Frank, but who the hell is the glabrous scouser? We should be told, no?

  108. Vaz must have an enormous amount of dirt on very important people for what he gets away with

  109. Baron (16:52)

    And there was me thinking you are the go-to guy when it come to current affairs. To be honest he’s so unimpressive I’ve forgotten his moniker. No – wait a mo! It’s Paul Nutter, ot some such. You know – the new tip of the spear of UKIP. Bwaaahahahaha! Gawd help us all!

  110. John Birch (17:11)

    …. not to mention quite a bit under his foreskin, too. Hold on! No he can’t have one of those, can he? 🙂

  111. ‘Im be God’s own c*ntry down in Clovelly.

  112. Frank P @ 17:15

    Thanks, guru, it’s rather embarrassing, the barbarian happens to me a member of UKIP, my, my, my.

  113. Andy Car Park @ 18:46

    Eight hopping females, and you the only male, Andy? It’s out of balance, what happened to equality?

  114. The ITV evening news, the first item the prosecution of two soldiers who allegedly murdered an IRA thug back in 1972, more than forty years ago. The barbarian couldn’t stand watching it to the end, switched the box off.

    There’s something profoundly wrong with justice, the way it gets administered today, cases such as this could turn one into a revolutionary in no time for it may come to it – building barricades, taking up arms, resorting to violence – to get rid of those who created this nightmare, this legal enslavement of common sense.

    We forgive the real murderers of the IRA phylum, elevate them into governance, pay for their being elected to the House even though they bother not to work for the money, and prosecute those who once protected us from their atrocities.

    One can despair at the lies and deceptions about Syria, this is closer to home, it touches on the fabric of the culture here, it pits the governed against those in governance mor ethan anything else.

    These two guys, they must be in their 60s now, should be given the top military honours, not get dragged through the courts of law.

  115. A quick item of news from the land of the Russian Slav courtesy of the Moscow based internet TV station The Rain just gleaned from their broadcast (not a controversial item this):

    Putin’s in Japan, meeting Abe, the Japanese honcho, discussing amongst other things the future of the Kuril islands occupied since the war by Russia (hence to peace treaty has yet been signed between the two countries). The two bosses agreed for a joint economic exploitation of the islands (fishing, farming and medical (?)), but the most intriguing bit was how they addressed each other.

    The Japanese not unlike the Germans (and languages in other cultures) have pronouns to acknowledge the hierarchy in societal intercourse, the “Sie” and the “du” in German (in the Japanese society this is even more complicated, the barbarian cannot explain, only the Colonel can). Apparently, the two politicians in question address each other as “du”. Could it be because Putin happens to like (and owns) an Akita dog?

  116. Another small item you may or may not be interested in from the same source:

    The Chinese seized an underwater drone somewhere in the South China Sea, the Pentagon wants it back. Pronto.

    Rather careless of the Americans to let anyone fish out their drones, underwater drones at that.

  117. Frank P @ 17:19

    And you, Frank, knowledgeable not only in current affairs, but the minutiae of things medical as well? Will tipping his hat be enough?

  118. Black Adder’s on, a repeat, but worth every minute of the half an hour, one of the top comedy show,s so good you can put a tail on it and call it a weasel.

  119. Andy Car Park – 18:46

    Aaah Jim lad! Ize wondered what theyze did when theyze wunt dodging the Excise men, or on the cliffs on a moonless noight with lamps a tempting the boats onto the rocks.

  120. Hillary leaks!

    Leaks vs Hacks: The Judge, as often as not, nails it.

  121. Sultan Knish prognosticates on the projected future of the Organiser-in-Chief.

    I hope he’s wrong, indeed think he might be. Obama was a shill – a useful idiot with a facade that was exploited by the deep left’s pupeteers. I think they are done with him. They will need to groom a new front man. Obama is too lazy the keep on truckin’. He’ll probably gather the perquisites of an ex-POTUS and play golf. Organise his library and try to legitimise his ‘legacy’. He was just a bullshitter and a grade two one, at that: useless without his teleprompter. He’s done. Under the bus, imho.

    His (probably last) press conference tonight was pathetic. All over the shop. Good riddance!

  122. puppeteers – sorry.

  123. The South China Sea – getting very dodgy. Trumps first test in foreign policy?

  124. Storms caused by the Climate Change agenda predicted 🙂 :
    The Democrats’ panic over climate questions speaks volumes

  125. Cash is King – Down with the King ! Long Live the Globalist Oligarchy!

    “Central planners are moving to remove cash from the global banking system to give them direct control over people’s lives. The suggestion that cash is for criminals is being floated in stages by the bought and paid for mainstream propaganda machine. The plan to step up capital controls after Clinton was to be elected was already well underway. On the 2nd of October, the ABC News Network in Australia headlined an article titled ‘Cash is for Criminals, why we should scrap big notes.’ This outrageous suggestion follows a slew of similar unchallenged mainstream articles implying those who oppose this are either criminals or terrorists.

    On November the 9, the Indian war on cash began. Note the timing was on the day Trump was elected. India was not acting alone. Removing the largest currency notes from circulation without any notice was a previously centrally planned orchestrated trial balloon inflicted upon the poor Indian public. Much like the Cypress bailout that caught the population and business community offside, insiders were protected because they knew what was being planned and took action to insulate themselves before the November 9th attack on cash. It is implausible that Indian officials acted alone. It would be naive to think that any central bank can act without the approval of the BIS.

    Whistleblower Andrew Maguire Just Exposed The Sinister Reason For The Surgical Attack In The Gold Market As Shocking Amount Of Gold Flows Into China & India
    December 16, 2016
    Whistleblower Andrew Maguire Just Exposed The Sinister Reason For The Surgical Attack In The Gold Market As Shocking Amount Of Gold Flows Into China & India

    In the aftermath of a brutal takedown in the gold and silver markets, today whistleblower and London metals trader Andrew Maguire exposed the sinister reason for the surgical attack in the gold market and says a shocking amount of physical gold is flowing into China and India.

    King World News – China’s New Gold Fix First Step In Moving The Price Of Gold To $10,000 – $20,000Shocking Premiums For Gold In China & India
    Andrew Maguire: “As a result of the war on gold, very large physical premiums and demand have arisen. In China we are witnessing large premiums escalate, and we are also getting reports of $300 smuggling premiums in India. This morning (in China), the Shanghai Gold Exchange premiums were close to $42 per ounce. And those that are saying this is just tight supply and not big demand are wrong. Over the last 2 weeks we have evidenced consistent large Shanghai Gold Exchange premiums over London spot. Last Thursday, I reported a 55-tonne gold delivery into the Shanghai Gold Exchange from our refiner at a $36 premium to Wednesday’s GLD closing price…

    Continue reading the Andrew Maguire interview below…

    To find out which high-grade silver mining company billionaire Eric Sprott just purchased
    a nearly 20% stake in and learn why he believes this is one of the most
    exciting silver stories in the world – CLICK HERE OR BELOW:

    King World News – MAJOR WARNING: Commercial Short Positions In Silver Hit Another All-Time Record!Sponsored

    Andrew Maguire continues: “Again, On Friday, I reported a similar large, direct from refiner sale into the Shanghai Gold Exchange. These transactions are just what I am aware of, and they aggregated to over (a staggering) 105 tonnes.

    kwn-maguire-ii-12162016Central Planners Declare War On Cash And Gold
    I do understand the frustration market participants are feeling. I report what I see from a wholesale market perspective and how that relates to the synthetic market. The current aggressive selling action we saw targeting gold after the US election has left a lot of people scratching their heads. Central planners were caught majorly offside by the Trump victory at a time when gold had every reason to breakout above the year’s highs at 1377.50. This presented a major problem for central planners so the best form of defense became attack through the synthetic markets.

    By connecting the dots since the election what has become clear is that we are witnessing a centrally planned war on both cash and gold. Eric, there are no such things as coincidences. The war on cash is now well telegraphed but it is not wildly recognized that the war on cash relates directly to gold. One only needs to connect the dots. Removing cash from the banking system drives people into gold. Gold is and always will be money and it cannot be withdrawn from circulation or bailed in. Owning Gold is the only way to unshackle from a failing banking system.

    Central planners are moving to remove cash from the global banking system to give them direct control over people’s lives. The suggestion that cash is for criminals is being floated in stages by the bought and paid for mainstream propaganda machine. The plan to step up capital controls after Clinton was to be elected was already well underway. On the 2nd of October, the ABC News Network in Australia headlined an article titled ‘Cash is for Criminals, why we should scrap big notes.’ This outrageous suggestion follows a slew of similar unchallenged mainstream articles implying those who oppose this are either criminals or terrorists.

    kwn-maguire-iii-12162016Secretive BIS Initiated War On Cash That Brought India To Its Knees
    On November the 9, the Indian war on cash began. Note the timing was on the day Trump was elected. India was not acting alone. Removing the largest currency notes from circulation without any notice was a previously centrally planned orchestrated trial balloon inflicted upon the poor Indian public. Much like the Cypress bailout that caught the population and business community offside, insiders were protected because they knew what was being planned and took action to insulate themselves before the November 9th attack on cash. It is implausible that Indian officials acted alone. It would be naive to think that any central bank can act without the approval of the BIS.


    Every two weeks of the year, all central banks meet in Basil Switzerland at the BIS headquarters. All central bank actions are discussed, coordinated, and approved by central bank insiders. Modi sits at the top table, which is secret even within the BIS structure. No public records are kept but this is where all central bank plans are sanctioned. It is implausible that Modi acted without centrally planned approval. Insiders once again front ran the turmoil that ensued. The chaos that followed brought India to its knees. The excuse was that they were targeting so-called ‘black money,’ which is simply money that has for millennia transacted outside the control of the governments tendrils and the related tax authorities. However, this move has ended up backfiring as it is driving millions of people into gold. Hence the staged attack on the official gold industry. All of these events are centrally coordinated.

    It is not a coincidence that India then coordinated a move to shut down the official gold industry just as Indians seasonally move in to buy in large tonnage size for the wedding season. …

    Centrally planned capital controls are becoming more visible every day, everywhere. Beware, this is planned for Main Street USA and Europe and is at a mature stage of development.”

  126. Apologies! My computer decided to malformat and paste the above without permission or instructions before a precis had been finalised. But you will get the idea and if you prefer can go direct to the link at the end for the original, coherent version.

  127. EC @ 21:11

    This, EC, fits charmingly well Baron’s theory that it’s cock-ups not conspiracies that explain events.

    On the other hand, someone may yet discover a Russian connection as (say) the hardware the chap Delavan used to type the word ‘legitimate’ rather than ‘illegitimate’ was suppled by a company that employs a man who was once married to a woman who in her youth was a member of a dancing group, the leader of which claimed it wasn’t Lee Oswald who killed JFK but the Russians, lost his job because of it, has never been seen since, but the CIA believe it’s very probable he may be the link between The Kremlin and the said computer the chap Delavan used to type the word ……. Malfleur should love it.

  128. Malfleur @ 03:26

    That’s an attempt to explain an event (the withdrawal of high denomination notes in India) through conspiracy, Malfleur, rather than by a rational decision by men to eradicate or at least cut back of the black economy of India.

    It also sits comfortably with the idea of cashless society. The EU has been withdrawing 500 Euro notes, too, here it’s hard to get hold of £50 notes, but conspiracy it ain’t either unless you were to argue that moving from cash to digital is itself a conspiracy.

  129. Frank P @ 00:19

    The Russian media ran the conference live, Frank, the barbarian had enough when the Hon Muslim repeated his claim that Assad and his allies had blood on their hands.

    Beggars believe that. He started it in Syria, if anyone’s covered in blood it’s him.

  130. RobertRetyred @ 00:36

    Let’s hope, Robert, it’s just a start, more to follow, much more.

  131. Baron

    ‘An Entire New Vocabulary – We Have In Effect Won’ – as for the rest: ‘An Elephants’ Graveyard’

    I understand your frustrations with Alex Jones; he is not everyone’s cup of tea. I do not agree that he has nothing new to say and in particular I think you fail to appreciate the range and quality of his guests and in-house journalists. They make the news, they break the news, they analyse the news, and Jones sets events in a historical perspective through which which his generous but principled heart allows the possibility of a free, civilized world to come into focus.

    This interview on Friday with Dr. Steve Pieczenik – starting about 1 hour:36 minutes in to 2 hours: 21 minutes – demonstrates, I believe, all these qualities, and I recommend it to you:

  132. Baron December 16th, 2016 – 19:43

    I responded when you mentioned me with regard to seppuku, spent time explaining, but it was apparently ignored or overlooked. I’m not inclined to again spend time on matters of little or no interest.

    And the renewed presence of the troll and your willingness to engage with him has put me off this site anyway. I’d like to be able to enjoy the pleasant discourse in a like-minded club without the troll walking in whenever he likes and pissing on the carpet, with you then willing to discuss the piss stains. Are you really so blind as to what that creature has been up to for years? If so, you are a meme for the whole conservative movement in this country which has been accommodating the socialist pissing on the carpets for decades.

    Xien loi!

  133. It’s serious, the Russians are everywhere, definitely under the beds, the saintly One, instead of beavering on Brexit, will chair meetings and more meetings to flush them out. Get you shotguns ready, as they fly out, get them:

    (If you cannot get in, the paywall’s on, the barbarian copied one of the postings from under the piece, the one that attracted the most upticks, will post it in emergency).

  134. Is that two “F”s in sphincter, M’lud?

    I’m sure that Alison Saunders will agree with me in that it was entirely the man’s fault for becoming drunk and incapable, and that these three fragrant English roses are the real victims, and that should be let off with a caution couched in the mildest, most sensitive, possible terms. Furthermore, the man should pay compensation to these unfortunate women, on behalf of the male hegemony, for the distress that he has caused them.

  135. Colonel Mustard @ 09:4

    Sweet baby J, Colonel, what else has happened to turn you against the poorly educated Slav except for the two sins he’s committed?

    Baron’s totally unaware of your seppuku posting. He does scan the blog regularly, unless in regions with no wi-fi coverage when travelling, cannot guarantee never missing anything, if he does it’s not deliberate.

    As for Patriccia, her posting did help, the barbarian has acknowledged it, barbarian he may be, but civility still matters to him.

    As for the poorly educated Slav being a meme for what? (Baron has to copy it) “for the whole conservative movement in this country which has been accommodating the socialist pissing on the carpets for decade.” You flatterer, Colonel, you charming flatterer, if only.

    You should not quit here, you’re one of the two gurus here, Colonel.

    No time to say an more, Baron has to fly (not really, but you get the idea), when he get back, shall we chat some more?

    PS it took some time to respond to ou posting, the barbarian was searching for the seppuku staff, didn’t find it.

  136. Notes on Barrow:

    What the rest of Britain would’ve looked like after 70 years of communism.
    The arse end of nowhere.
    Geographically and socially (pen)insular.
    [for our American friends think Okefenokee without the banjos]
    Where our nuclear subs are built.
    Where “laal” Dave Myers( 1/3 of the 2 Hairy Bikers) comes from. (actually now lives on Walney Island)
    It has a good pie shop.

  137. Ah, another one on my Christmas reading list just arrived thru the letterbox…

    “How The West Was Lost” A.Boot. ISBN 978 1 78453 460 8

    [£7.81 +2.80p&p from The Book Depository via Amazon]

    I think it might be a bit above my pay grade, so to speak, but I intend to give it a go.

  138. Baron December 17th, 2016 – 10:15

    Seppuku. In the context of political spotlight it was a long time ago in a galaxy far away:-

    Colonel Mustard
    November 27th, 2016 – 16:06

    I think it coincided with one of your absences.

    The conservative right of centre faces absolute defeat. The “mainstream”, so-called “moderate” centre ground has been deliberately moved to the centre left with the hard left snapping at its heels. Conservatism is now increasingly being caricatured as “far right”. Any remaining shreds of conservatism in the Tory party are terrified of the unelected Gods of the Left and either appease them or speak ineffectual wisdom unto their power from the back benches.

    The civility of which you speak has been depended on and exploited by the left for decades. It is why they now control the narrative.

    The direction of travel is self evident. Brexit and Trump should not be seen as a turning point but merely as successful counter attacks against the inexorable advance of a repressive, centralising socialism which wants to ban, criminalise or de-legitimise anything which does not conform to its tedious cant.

    Those counter attacks have even triggered a renewed determination to prevent the circumstances by which they occurred. This includes massive programmes of subversion, bullying and censorship to codify socialist disapproval into law. Most of that obstructionist programme is in the hands of unelected but empowered socialist “leaders” and/or “activists” whom the Tory government is unwilling or incapable of disempowering and in many cases appears terrified of or in tacit agreement with. The misrepresentation of alt.right, the characterisation of UKIP as a far right racist pariah which even Tory ministers buy into and parrot, the new leftist soundbites around “populism”, “nativism” and “fake news”, Snow’s disingenuous “More United” front for another left wing party, the “coincidental” US equivalent which emerged around the same time, the resurrection of “hard Leveson” by yet another mysteriously funded pop-up campaign group Impress, and the impending censorship and firewalling of the internet are all part of that orchestrated programme. One only has to look at the behaviour of Nicky Morgan to appreciate the extent to which the Tories have been infiltrated and tainted. Even Liz Truss and Amber Rudd, on QT, sound like ministers in a New Labour government.

    And here we have a nasty, stalking marxist who pretends under a variety of identities that he represents some kind of “reasonable” middle ground accommodated, hosted and treated with civility. Here, of all places!

    There are only two prospects facing the right in Britain. Total defeat and marginalisation or the unlikely outcome that a General Pinochet might emerge – because that is what it will probably take to painfully cure the cancer eating away at Britain. Spain discovered this unpalatable fact to their cost in the late 1930s. The real threat from the far right is entirely a creation of the relentless rise of unelected left wing political power. They love excusing barbarism as a creation of circumstances but their logic stops short of understanding their own contribution.

  139. A Conspiracy to Subvert the US Constitutional Order?

    “Phil Geraldi, Ray McGovern Et Al: John Brennan is Full of Crap — a Red Herring, NSA Retirees All Against False Narrative — Russians Did Not Do The “Hacking” ”

    Barack Obama, James Clapper, and John Brennan should all be impeached, immediately, because they are lying to the public on a matter of great importance. John Brennan is a liar. He has no evidence, this narrative is absolute crap. John Brennan does not represent the good people of the CIA — John Brennan is divorced from ethics and reality and is making this crap up as he goes. The media should be held accountable by the public for failing to be professional. As Phil Geraldi says directly, this is a conspiracy to delegitimize Donald Trump, poison the well with Russia, and subvert the Constitutional process — the equivalent of jury tampering.”

    See video.

  140. Tim Congdon on Russia

    In brief, they can’t afford to do us harm, even were they to wish to.

  141. EC (11:44)

    You will enjoy it: good Christmas reading on your long flight. When I tried to obtain a personal copy some years ago, it was a rarity on Amazon and priced at £58. I finally tracked it down via my local library who obtained a borrowed copy from Baltimore (if I remember correctly, at a fee of $4.50.

    I must say that I enjoyed more his autobiog of his childhood in Mother Russia: “How the Future Worked”. It was penned at a level I to which I could relate.

    Though I’m prepared to demur to his greater knowledge of the 2000 or so years Of Christian heritage to which he attributes Western Civilisation (before we ‘lost it’) I fail miserably to reach the level of spirituality necessary to follow his thesis. Sadly. If only I could believe that the basic precept is true, I’m sure life would be easier. But cause and effect always leads me to determinism, if not indeed nihilism. My loss, obviously. Many a sage has attempted to convert/educate me. But with the answer (or oblivion) creeping ever nearer due to advancing years and failing healt, to quote my old mate Voltaire, “Seeking a light amid the deepening gloom, I can but suffer, and will not repine.”

  142. Colonel Mustard @ 11:50

    Excellent explanation of seppuku, Colonel, how the barbarian missed it he cannot explain, but he has already copied it to his data banks of things to keep. If you were to give the barbarian a hint it’s there, he would have read it, you must know that, he tries never to miss what you post.

    What follows in your posting @ 11.50 sums up the turmoil cum the onslaught of the progressives well, one can only second it, but turning the wheel around 180deg, depriving the potential losers of having a say will only replace one extreme with another.

    The unwashed cannot, will not be fooled with the pseudo-liberal crap forever, the Brexit vote furnishes but one solid proof of it, the ‘healthy core of Englishness’ may not be kicking, but it is alive. Subdued, unappreciated, without a voice in the MSM it could be, but defeated it is not.

    It needed a change at the top in the Republic, we got it. The Donald may not perform miracles, but his governance should provide sufficient backing for things to begin to change in Europe, too. If that doesn’t happen we’re, as Frank keeps pointing out, fully and irrevocably fugged.

    But, please, Colonel, stay, and equip yourself with stronger plates of armour to take any shots those fighting you may fire.

  143. EC @ 11:44

    Bollocks, EC, the West hasn’t been lost, it may have wavered, wobble, flipped around, but lost – never.

    This is the strength democracies possess, they can correct mistakes of the past. Provided the last resorts for such corrective moves remain in place – freedom of the press, free elections, freedom to associate – we cannot lose.

    Was Brexit a loss? Was the elevation of the Donald to the top post the world offers a loss? And more of such ‘no-loss’ events will come, have patience, you’ll see.

  144. Baron Pangloss of Saffron Waldron (14:23)

    That’s the stuff, m’Lord. ‘Hope springs eternal …’

    But I think you and I should perhaps just tend our gardens. Then we won’t have to watch the horse-faced Heinz gigolo pontificating about Syria and the red line – and blaming Vlad for his own shortcomings.

    The horse-shit spewing from Big Brother’s Box in the corner of my lounge would fertilise sufficient crops to feed the entire starving of the African continent. No escape … and even the garden at this time of the year is hostile. Foggy, dank and dormant. 🙂 But Happy Christmas, anyway. Just think – this time next month the days will be lengthening nicely.

  145. Rasputin killed 100 years ago today. (History Today)

    Delers is up to episode 9 and his latest is very topical, with Trump’s recent success:

    Dr. Tim Ball, Climate Scientist – Ep 9
    This Canadian professor victim of climate McCarthyism is fighting back hard – and winning.

    The other episodes are worth 5 minutes to see if they are worth pursuing.

  147. Frank P @ 19:02

    An acceptable title that, guru, not the solid advice attached to it though.

    You are right, of course, gardening would be far less stressful, health improving, even relaxing for many, what makes the barbarian hesitate is he hates it, in fact, he tells everyone who croons about it we should have kept the death penalty for anyone promoting it.

    This year, Baron had to rid the thing called the garden of leaf cover three times, in one part of it four bloody times, involuntarily, under the threat of divorce on one occasion. He must tell you he was weighing up seriously the two options on the table, chickened out in the end, took up the rake again.

    On the one leaving you couldn’t have been more right: How could anyone possessing even a smidgen of morality say with a straight face: “I’ve always done what was the best for the Syrian people’. If there’s such a thing as divine justice one wouldn’t want to be in his shoes.

  148. Radford NG @ 19:53

    Thanks for reminding us, Radford.

    The piece you furnished the link to (the first one) doesn’t tell the full story, it cannot really, but amazing as it may sound an Englishman was implicated in his murder.

    Out of the many shots found on the body when they cut it from the river those that penetrated the kidneys and the liver may have been caused by a pocket Browning (one was owned by Grand Duke Dimitri, the other by the chief assassin Prince Felix Yusupov). The fatal shot to Rasputin head could have come only from a bigger caliber revolver believed to be British made 0.455 Wembley. The same as the one owned by Oswald Rayner (he was a close friend of Yusupov in Oxford). Rayner was despatched to Russia as a secret agent for the Secret Intelligence Service (today’s MI6) well before the murder happened, was allegedly present on the premises where the monk (if he was monk) was entertained.

    What do you make of it?

  149. Sorry about the errors in the @ 23.50, the barbarian was composing it listening to the Delingpole’s show, an attempt to kill two birds in one go, obviously the barbarian isn’t up to multitasking.

  150. RobertRetyred @ 21:13

    Amazing man, this professor Ball, Robert, thanks for posting it, one can only sympathise with his wife, the greeny attackers are evil, one can also very much hope he’ll get even (the quip of one of the politicians – you get elected, you get re-elected, you get even – sums up the political scene in the Republic well).

    The other thing was the professor’s take on Canada, the barbarian didn’t realise that the early settlers were people who rejected the Founding Fathers principles, neither did he appreciate the impact of the French culture.

    The sound quality wasn’t that good (as James himself pointed out), also one would question whether radio is the best conduit for the show, videos seem to be in vogue more than just simple sound, but then he isn’t particularly photogenic, hence the medium he chose is probably best.

  151. Baron – 00:17
    “… the professor’s take on Canada …”

    Yes; very interesting, and interesting that it is a rarely told tale.

    And here is more anguish for the Climate Alarmists:
    Trump appoints even more skeptics

  152. A thought for today (to wake you up into a fetchingly misty Sunday morning):

    If the Russians are so exceptionally good at interfering in elections, how come they let the Hon Muslim win twice?

  153. If this doesn’t convince you, nothing will. It has everything in it – the Russians as the leading villains, the other evil forces opposing the democratic, west-backed fighters and, more importantly, the Syrian civilians, the sectarian insults by you know who, the complaint for the West not interfering when the forces of democracy wanted to depose Assad in 2011, a pregnant woman mistreated by, you know whom ….

    It’s penned by Zouheir al Shimale in Aleppo, published by the ST today (why Baron got access to it he knows not, but you may like to try, too)

    “Shouting and screaming, the gunmen ordered us off the bus.

    Armoured vehicles blocked the road as the ambulance leading our convoy approached a regime-held crossing point south of Aleppo.

    The commanders looked like Russians.

    We knew we were in trouble. Large numbers of armed men in combat fatigues — Syrian army conscripts and their militia allies — moved down the line of buses and cars that were meant to take us out of the city, barking orders.

    It was the second stage of the on-off evacuation of rebel-held eastern Aleppo, which finally fell last week after months of bombardment by government forces.

    On Friday morning, we were told we would be allowed to cross to the government side of the divided city through the checkpoint at Ramouseh, just to the south.

    All hell broke loose once we got there. As some of the men disembarked they were seized and bundled off to a yard. Once behind its walls they were forced to strip, despite the cold.

    I watched as the militias picked out their victims, swearing at them, insulting their mothers and hurling sectarian insults.

    Anyone who took the bait was singled out and beaten. Money, documents and mobile phones were ripped from our pockets, belts or hands.

    As the arguments grew more intense, dozens of the men were forced to the ground. Many were bound and bundled in rows. Four men were shot dead near me. Many more trembled and cried as militias put guns to their heads and threatened to pull the trigger.

    The Syrian government forces were bent on revenge against an enemy who for years had defied their siege and had now been defeated.

    It was a big victory for President Bashar al-Assad — and an indictment of the West’s failure to give adequate backing to those fighting since 2011 to topple him.

    Families desperate to escape slept in the streets or in abandoned buildings in freezing temperatures near the evacuation point in Amiriyah district.

    With the women and children imploring the troops on behalf of their men, the captors eventually had a change of heart and told the women to walk back to eastern Aleppo. One who was heavily pregnant was forced to turn and retrace her route on foot.

    Four hours after the convoy ground to a halt, the men were allowed to go back, too. No one dared to disobey. The regime fighters fired their guns in the air to keep us moving.

    We started to run. Some people were screaming in terror. We feared government forces would follow us, killing those in their path and using us as human shields to occupy our streets and alleyways. But the troops had stayed at the checkpoint, and gradually the sounds of gunfire receded into the background.

    By nightfall I was back where I started on Friday morning. I had hoped to reach safety but am instead among the tens of thousands still caught in Aleppo, just another victim of the conflict that has gripped my homeland for more than five years. I will try again today”.

    This guy is not only a hero, but a born writer of short stories, the narrative flows, the tension builds up, the plight of the victims cannot be more vivid, you try and write something as powerful and as beautiful.

    The guy should be hired by the Old Australian before he snuffs it, with the background of what he’s lived through he should pen a book about it, get himself a Nobel prize for literature, he will be rolling in it.

  154. Typical of the barbarian, in his usual haste he forgets to furnish you with the link, you must forgive him, it’s old age cum the early staged of alzheimer that does it:

  155. Will this wake you up, ora re you going to hibernate until the Spring equinox? (Some of it is good e.g. the Mutti and the birds, the good guys, bad guys, but you have to stop the cursor to enjoy it in full).

  156. Baron, December 17th, 2016 – 23:24

    You might want to consider adding gardening to your list of New Year’s resolutions. Think of it as “turning over a new leaf.” 🙂

    Here’s a recording of some music that the Baroness might play to signal that it is time for you to venture outdoors…

    Toodle pip!

  157. Thank you, EC, he will mention it to her. The piece wasn’t known to the barbarian (not that it suggests anything), it’s rather vacuous of cheer, an unusual feature for an operetta, no?

    If you didn’t post at 11.:01, the barbarian was just about to tempt Frank, his favourite philosopher, the sage of all mankind and Dorris Bonkers, the deeply religious man of hate has just penned another unmissable tract on, what else, Putin and Russia.

    Why has he dug up a story that’s quite old matters not, the depth, the clarity, the rightness of the argument just shite, sorry, shine through:

  158. Baron – 11:24

    The prelude is, however, ideal for the purpose announcing that you should get out there and get those leaved raked! I thought that anything by Igor would resonate with your vestigial east/central yurropean soul.

    Mr Boot? Please forgive me I don’t intrude into your private grief.

  159. A three sentence dialogue between a vicar, and a young man at a funeral, the young man starts and finishes it: You have a password for wi-fi, vicar? Please,
    show some respect. Is it all low case?

  160. EC @ 12:44

    Your posting made the barbarian think, EC. In his just over the three-score-and-ten longevity, he’s lived roughly less than tenth of it in Asia, almost the same in the lands of the Russian Slavs, about double of it in his mother country, the rest in what used to be pure ‘anglo-saxon’ fiefdom (plus a small amount in its variant to the West soon to be ruled by the Donald). If anyone, he should be the staunchest supporter of the globalist idea of the world without borders. Why isn’t he?

    How sweet of you, the others, to let the barbarian suffer in solitude.

  161. This isn’t the DM talking, it’s the man who grilled Saddam. It’s the end paragraph of the narrative that’s instructive. If only he were to brief the Hon Muslim, and the one who said he could walk on water were to listen to him,Syria would still be a country at peace, Russia would be nowhere to be seen in the ME (except for the military base they’ve leased decades ago):

    “I do not wish to imply that Saddam was innocent. He was a ruthless dictator who plunged his region into chaos and bloodshed. But in hindsight, the thought of having an ageing and disengaged Saddam in power seems almost comforting in comparison with the wasted effort of our brave men and women in uniform and the rise of Islamic State, not to mention the £2.5 trillion spent to build a new Iraq”.

  162. This is posted for one simple reason, for what the Hon Muslim’s saying, not for what comes after (which is right, of course). Does he truly believe it? Could he be that brainwashed by his own delusions? Whom does he think he’s trying to fool?

    It’s not just him, our politicians do the same, it’s redolent of what the barbarian recalls the communist thugs engaged in. In the certainty that nobody would challenge them if they said the most outrageous things, they did say the most outrageous things.

    People knew it were outrageous lies, they, the politicians knew that the people knew it were outrageous lies, yet it didn’t bother the pretend politicians at all. How could it have happened in the West? It is partly this that has made people to go for someone who at least calls the spade a spade.

  163. And this, and the barbarian will leave you to digest the Sunday roast in peace.

    In his yesterday’s column in the DT Charles Moore, the pundit of the thinking crumpets and and Bill Bonkers says this:

    “By occupying crimea, Russia was in brach of all post war rules about the alternation of borders by force ….”

    Will please someone remind him that in 1999, the Americans without any UN resolution bombed Syria, killed tens of thousands, displaced tens of thousands Syrians more to carve up a chunk of their country for a new entity Kosovo. (Then quickly proceeded to built the biggest military base in Europe on the stolen land).

  164. Sorry, in another bout of haste the barbarian said ‘Syria’ instead of ‘Serbia’ at 14.20. Unforgivable this, but there you go.

  165. Baron,
    You are right, It was Oswald Rayner who delivered the coup de grace to Rasputin. The English were perfectly aware of the precarious state of the Tsarist government and were desperate to keep Russia in the war. However they like virtually everyone miscalculated his influence on Russian policy, the great threat to the regime was the tsarina, Grigory merely echoed her opinions which served to convince her that her actions were sanctioned by God and Nicholas had not the backbone to resist her.

    After the murder the protagonists swore an oath of silence, but Yusupov, unable to resist the lime light broke ranks and claimed the staring role, Dimitry never spoke to him again. Rasputin was not a monk, only a starets.

    Apologies for any mistakes in the text but the peepers are playing silly buggers again

  166. Baron 1420

    I have said before that Russia was simply reclaiming her rightful property when uniting with Crimea.
    I do not remember reading The Charge of the Light Brigade and thinking of Ukraine.
    Besides what is Ukraine. It even stole its Capital of Kiev, the ancient seat of the Rus.
    Ukraine, the province that provided most of the Concentration Camp guards and spawned the most vicious of the SS, deserves no international recognition or support.

  167. Donald Trump is right to reach out to Putin.
    He needs this powerful ally to counter the yellow peril trying to exclude Western trade from the South China Sea.

  168. And as I said before the weekend Putin, by winning Aleppo has cut short the slaughter and mayhem in the Middle East as a whole.
    If I were sitting in Israel I would be mighty pleased for the passing of Obama and accession of Trump.

  169. And, the important stuff:

    “Today we have qualitatively new armed forces. It is no exaggeration to say that today our army is one of the best in the world. It is recognized by all, including our opponents. It is under Putin, that our armed forces again became respected. Over the past 15 years we’ve been through a restructuring of the military-industrial complex. On the initiative of the President powerful vertically integrated holding companies were created, each of which brings together the entire chain of developers and manufacturers. As a result, Russia ranks second in the world in the export of weapons.”

  170. Stephen Maybery @ 15:24

    Thanks, Stephen, is ‘starets’ one of the rare cases of English adopting a word from Russian?

    The barbarian didn’t know the word ‘starets’, his brain didn’t engage to figure what its origins may be when he read it (that it’s a straight translate from the Russian word ‘стáрец’), he had to google it. That’s what the unavoidably approaching age of senility does to some, arghhh

    Btw, could you re-send (via e-mail) your address, please, the old one got lost (impossible to explain how, it’s the mystery of the new e-mail software created by the Apple idiots who believe that things must change come what may to squeeze even more money from us).

  171. Romano Verdi @ 07:50

    If Putin were certain the international courts were independent he would have sought a legal re-possession of Crimea, according to a Kremlin source (but the validity of the source may be the same as that linked to the Russian hacking in the Republic).

    You’re right though, by any measure the Russians did occupy the penninsula for the longest, the Turks (as descendants of the Ottoman Empire) come second.

    You’re too harsh on the Ukrainians though. It was poverty cum almost total absence of education that were at the root of how some of them behaved before and during the WW2.

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