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The Coffee House Wall – 27th/4th March

This is the Coffee House Wall for this week. I won't say that it is your chance to communicate with us, as we are all in this together. It is, nevertheless, the Blog post that has no particular theme, and where everything is on topic. Let's just remember that we want to avoid ad hominem attacks on others. We don't want to engage with trolls. We want to moderate our language ourselves as responsible and mature adults, choosing to use fruity language only where it is necessary. This is our opportunity to show what the Spectator Coffee House Wall could have been like.

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  1. Peter from Maidstone

    Nicholas siad that it might be a bit cocky of him to agree that he should do a weekly blog using the Paxman “Empire” series, beginning on TV today in Great Britain, as a hook to hang any thoughts on. Please write a short note to him soonest and persuade him to overcome his creditable humility. We have benefited considerably from Frank P’s contributions and I am sure that the same would be the case were Nicholas to offer a blog.

    Please see also my request for an idiot’s summary of how to select and post an avatar.

    Many thanks – and the site just looks better and better!

  2. “Nicholas said that it might be a bit cocky of him to agree that he should do a weekly blog using the Paxman “Empire” series, beginning on TV today in Great Britain, as a hook to hang any thoughts on.”

    What an excelent idea, not cocky at all.

    Nicholas please have a bash.

  3. Why do we have to make the same mistake they made at The Speccie and have the this thread chopped up into segments by date?

    Why not just one ongoing thread, as that is how life works. Chopping it about by weeks made sense at The Speccie as it is a weeky magazine, but it makes absolutely no sense on a blog. Other blogs don’t have weekly compartments. What is the point? It wrecks the flow. On can’t refer scroll back easily, without going to some trouble, to check what another poster said earlier.

    As this is not a weekly magazine, it makes absolutely no sense to have it all chopped about in weekly segments.

  4. Verity writes: “Why not just one ongoing thread, as that is how life works.”

    Agree. Also, just curious what happened to CH Wall on the Speccie site. I must have missed its demise.

  5. I take your point, Verity. The ultimate CHW, spread over umpty weeks, was one of their best!

  6. Good point Ostrick (occasionally)! The ultimate CHW was indeed one of the best.

    There is no reason why this Coffee House Wall should be divided into weeks. It relates to nothing.

  7. I like a new wall each week, for me an ever growing wall would not be as good.

  8. There’s no way we could have an unlimited page. It would become unwieldy and in the end would drive people away. It would also mean that the page became so large in size that browsers would fall over trying to load it, especially on mobile devices.

    The page does have to be divided up somehow and I think that a weekly wall is as good as anything else.

    We are posting here much more frequently than on the Spectator site, and with much more interesting comments I think. As the conversation does move on I don’t think it a bad thing that generally speaking the conversation moves from weekly wall to weekly wall.

    We will soon reach 1,000 comments which I think is a brilliant achievement.

  9. At last a purpose for Europe!
    Picking up the 20p “i” and turning to the middle page there is an excellent piece on the European Defence League to be born in Denmark, the bastion of free cartoons.
    Europe equates to Christendom and the hope will be that the new grouping will revert Europe to core ideals.

  10. Further to blog on Afghanistan last week, I recommend this post from the “Never Yet Melted” Blog, which includes a very interesting Churchill essay from 1887 and a preamble about Obama’s apology on the burning of the Koran by American troops there, it’s entitled, “Don’t apologise to these barbarians – shoot them!”
    Someone put me right, please, isn’t that what our (the West’s) chaps are there for?:

  11. Peter – any chance of a ‘friendly’ blog roll in the side bar to assist in ease of reference? If so, suggestions for suitable inclusion, pop-pickers?

  12. To whet your appetite further, if you think you’ve had enough of the Afghans for one week, here’s a paragraph from the Churchill quote:

    “Every influence, every motive, that provokes the spirit of murder among men, impels these mountaineers to deeds of treachery and violence. The strong aboriginal propensity to kill, inherited in all human beings, has in these valleys been preserved in unexampled strength and vigour. That religion, which above all others was founded and propagated by the sword—the tenets and principles of which are instinct with incentives to slaughter and which in three continents has produced fighting breeds of men—stimulates a wild and merciless fanaticism. The love of plunder, always a characteristic of hill tribes, is fostered by the spectacle of opulence and luxury which, to their eyes, the cities and plains of the south display. A code of honour not less punctilious than that of old Spain, is supported by vendettas as implacable as those of Corsica.”

    But read it all … please.

  13. Frank P quotes: ““Don’t apologise to these barbarians – shoot them!”

    I can relate to that. Or send them on a cruise on a liner owned by the company that owned The Concordia. I see one of The Corcondia’s sister ships is drifting, aflame, off the coast of Africa.

    Well, it’s your blog P from M, not a democracy, so it’s your way or the highway. Thanks for your response.

  14. Well, Frank P, we have certainly been busy advising P from M how to run his blog.

  15. Peter from Maidstone 27th, – 16:41

    OK, Peter; fair enough; I understand.

  16. Re the blog containing Winston’s essay on Afghanistan.
    Just illustrates how low Britain’s present politicians have sunk.
    If any of the lot we now endure was to utter such truths they would be out by morning.
    Strange how a man 100 years ago could see things so clearly yet ever since the West has failed to understand islam.

  17. Agree about the West not quite getting the hang of islam. India certainly understood them and gave up part of its territory to give them a separate country and get them the hell out. Many didn’t go, of course, but millions did.

  18. “Why do we have to make the same mistake they made…..?
    Why not just one ongoing thread, as that is how life works.”
    February 27th, 2012 – 15:03


    Well that might be how YOUR life works Verity; one continuous thread.

    Well I can tell you MY life isn’t working out like that at all!

    No, instead my life DOES indeed seems to be segmented into tragi-comic cartoon like escapades with one interlude for the Divine, one for the Diabolical and the rest mostly mundane.
    Few heroes and fewer heroines. Though I’m in love at present there’s sadly no need for this episode to be censored for younger viewers.

    Not Yet.

  19. Yeah Verity and look what happened in the territory India gave up.
    A constant feed to the Taliban to kill our brave lads and a safe haven for Bin Laden

  20. Yes, I can certainly add a blog roll. Who would we like on there?

    I don’t mind, indeed I warmly and wholeheartedly invite, any and all suggestions for the development of this site. Although I am hosting the site I don’t feel or believe that it is mine in anything other than the technical and functional responsibility sense. It is truly all of ours, who wish to post here with a genuine and honest expression of our views.

    I hope that Nicholas will choose to post some blogs, and Frank will continue to do so. I do think that the Spectator site is the poorer for not managing the Wall there, and finally killing it off. This does seem to me to be the Spectator Wall as it could easily have been.

  21. Malfleur, let me remind myself how to set the Avatars up and I’ll post an instruction.

  22. On my facebook page someone has posted the following…

    Scotland Yard has launched an internal poetry competition, with a “gender equality” theme. The poems must be about “recruitment, retention or progression” in the Metropolitian Police, “creating a gender sensitive working environment”, or “successfully managing gender diverse teams”.

    Long gone are the days when policemen and policewomen just went out and caught criminals.

  23. “Long gone are the days when policemen and policewomen just went out and caught criminals.”

    Oh! Is catching criminals still part of their remit? Not enforcing gender and “racial” (“racial” in the perception of these illiterate people meaning “muslim”) equality full time? I assume that anyone with any sense will be well away from London during the vile Olympics … Tony Blair’s last shot.

  24. Peter from Maidstone

    On avatars: Thanks!

    So Frustrated

    On Winston Churchill and free speech: See “Muslims and the First Amendment” in Jonathan Tobin’s blog at Commentary including the Comments at

  25. “…..well away from London during the vile Olympics … Tony Blair’s last shot.”

    Is there anything good about the Olympics? Excepting the 100m obviously, is there anything at all that isn’t empty, false and usually dangerous?


    Hitler’s Berlin Olympics.
    Greece’s Athens shindig; now look.
    Didn’t the Chinese hold one to celebrate their entry onto the world stage?
    Yeah, great ;bringing slave-made products to you door. Hooray! Thanks!
    Moscow 1980 just before the wheels came off.
    Now London.
    It’s spooky.
    History shows (giggling a bit) that whenever a political elite feel the need to ‘win’ the Olympics for their country; it really is time to think about running away….running away in a world record time.
    It’s not just all the money that the politicians are able to steal. That’s nothing new. It’s the fact that the ‘host’ or ‘dupe’ has to build towering monuments to the hop-skip and jump (for example) or ‘swimming arenas’ that no-one had ever wanted before and no-one will ever want again. Ever. Ever, ever ever.
    There’re trying to GIVE the London arena to a football club and Tottenham Hotspur and West Ham United are suing each other to MAKE THE OTHER CLUB take the stadium. Well that’s how it seems from the press reports I sneer at on the tube…..

    The athletes?

    Once they come down from the drugs they have nothing to do and they end up on local commercial radio doing pointless and sincerely sad interviews that go like this…

    “Wow! It’s thingy and what’sit who won the Bronze [or silver I think] in the mixed doubles badminton [honest] last Olympics!
    Well how has your life changed since your Olympic Glory!


    [replied a sweet and innocent but sort of boring female voice]

    ..we’ve been invited on to shows and things like …er…’Ready Steady Cook’ and er…things like this….”

    I swear, ‘Things ‘like this’!!!…….’Things like this’ she said!!!

    Now I’VE got to listen to ‘things like this’ on the radio while I’m in the bookies while I’m writing out a bet and it makes me laugh out loud and so hard the people therein look at me like I’M the crazy one.
    And I screw up my bet in all the confusion.
    Those two should stick to televised beans on toast or whatever it was and STOP doing ‘things like this’ they do cos they’re so bleeding famous..whoever the hell they are. Or were.
    Everyone loses and not just my money.

    The sum total of human dignity?

    Just look at the Olympic Committee.
    Also Seb Coe ,Tony Blair and Cameron triumphant. Angels will weep.
    DEMONS will weep.

    In Conclusion.

    Though I’ve managed to avoid doing any work again (Silver Medal to me) for a bit; I feel I should add something in the way of optimism.

    Right, as you will be aware whole sections of London’s roads will be reserved for the political ‘elite’ of both this country and indeed all the freeloaders of the world.
    Well, have you seen London’s traffic recently?
    Now, recall the scene when London’s ‘alternative society’ came out to play last Summer & recall how the Police ran away to a seminal on diversity?

    I’m imagining the jammed tubes.
    I’m wondering at the limos sweeping through Stratford on specially reserved roads and thinking ‘won’t the locals just love that’?
    Just love it.
    It could be carnage.
    Think of the death toll in dignitaries, politicians, rioters and synchronised swimmers.

    I’d pay to watch that. I’d pay good money.

  26. To P from M: Regarding the intended blog roll , may I suggest a great literate, lively, politically oriented conservative blog called

    Most of the bloggers are alumni of Chicago University … there are exceptions … but that is how it started out. It is strongly politically-oriented. I will leave you to discover your favourites yourselves. Johnathan, the owner of the blog, is a photographer of outstanding talent and skill.

  27. Peter from Maidstone
    February 27th, 2012 – 20:30

    Peter of Maidstone writes: On my facebook page someone has posted the following…

    Scotland Yard has launched an internal poetry competition, with a “gender equality” theme. The poems must be about “recruitment, retention or progression” in the Metropolitian Police, “creating a gender sensitive working environment”, or “successfully managing gender diverse teams”.
    Well Peter, isn’t the physically, morally and generally sick Brian Paddick a perfect example for gender diverse teams? His hypocrisy know no bounds, leaping from going softly on drugs in Brixton to far later in the day of accusations against the Met Police for creating a media culture of corruption. A typical Liberal creation for the march of progression bla, bla, bla……

  28. Re “Gender diverse teams”. Forty years ago we had successfully managed (and successful) teams. They were mixed gender and mixed race. We just called them “teams”. The clue is in the word. The clueless apparently need three words in order to create the necessary divisiveness that their silly political correctness and sillier poetry competitions can then seek to eradicate.

    In another word – bollox.

  29. So the police are being asked to write poetry describing ‘gender sensitivity’?

    I think that somebody should compose and submit a poem celebrating the fact that a female constable was so shapely and attractive that whenever she entered a room full of male colleagues, every one of them immediately had an erection.

    For those who may feel like composing something along those lines, I point out that ‘erection’ rhymes with lots of words – e.g. perfection, section, election, inspection, direction, confection, rejection, etc. etc.

    I should have thought that such a poem would describe very great gender sensitivity indeed would it not?

  30. The composition and public circulation of a poem with a gender-equality theme should be the first task of Lord Prescott in establishing his credentials as a Police and Crime Commissioner.

  31. One of the major contributors to Chicagoboyz, mentioned above, is James Bennett, who invented the term the Anglosphere for a political union of Anglophones, and believes fervently that this is where the future lies. A formal politicall alliance of English-speaking nations. Here are two recordings of radio interviews with Jim talking about the Anglosphere.


    He probably started out writing emails to civilised countries saying he was looking for a complicated banking arrangement for his millions.

  33. Verity’s post on James Bennett somehow got me thinking about one thing and another and led to Conrad Black.Does anyone have his email address?

    I think he should be asked to blog occasionally here. I would like to see him return to reclaim ownership of the Spectator from the Barclay brothers and to instal a conservative editor.

    I realize that Lord Black is under some pressure to write for money and no one but a blockhead ever did it for any other reason; but we are all unreformed reprobates here of one kind or another, and may be he would do us that kind favour.

    Does anyone know what the market value is of the Spectator? I have it in mind to start a charitable fund to raise the capital to buy it back for him; the brothers, I am sure, have their price.

    In the meantime, here is Lord Black’s recent piece on the American Republican Party presidential candidates:

    His life in FCI Miami reminds me of accounts of Leigh Hunt in prison who throughout his two years inside welcomed a stream of distinguished visitors to very well-appointed accommodation; though the Miami establishment does not offer the same standards of style and comfort. Leigh Hunt, it will be remembered, was imprisoned for libelling the Prince Regent in The Examiner as “a fat adonis of forty” – very much a no-no as Beau Brummell discovered.

    No email address is given in the article, unfortunately. If anyone can visit him to obtain it, a reminder: don’t wear beige spandex with holes. Please send the address to Peter from Maidstone who will, I hope, extend a formal invitation on our part to offer a blog and explain the provenance of this site – if Lord Black has not been following the story.

  34. Verity’s post on James Bennett somehow got me thinking about one thing and another and led to Conrad Black.Does anyone have his email address?

    I think he should be asked to blog occasionally here. I would like to see him return to reclaim ownership of the Spectator from the Barclay brothers and to instal a conservative editor.

    I realize that Lord Black is under some pressure to write for money and no one but a blockhead ever did it for any other reason; but we are all unreformed reprobates here of one kind or another, and may be he would do us that kind favour.

    Does anyone know what the market value is of the Spectator? I have it in mind to start a charitable fund to raise the capital to buy it back for him; the brothers, I am sure, have their price.

    In the meantime, here is Lord Black’s recent piece on the American Republican Party presidential candidates:

    His life in FCI Miami reminds me of accounts of Leigh Hunt in prison who throughout his two years inside welcomed a stream of distinguished visitors to very well-appointed accommodation; though the Miami establishment does not offer the same standards of style and comfort. Leigh Hunt, it will be remembered, was imprisoned for libelling the Prince Regent in The Examiner as “a fat adonis of forty” – very much a no-no as Beau Brummell discovered.

    No email address is given in the article, unfortunately. If anyone can visit him to obtain it, a reminder: don’t wear beige spandex with holes. Please send the address to Peter from Maidstone who will, I hope, extend a formal invitation on our part to offer a blog and explain the provenance of this site – if Lord Black has not been following the story.

  35. Re.Met.Police comp…The prize is:”to have elevenses with Denise Milani,the Met’s head of diversity”.(The Week ;news review magazine.)

  36. Quote,re a little local scandal:”…ever since the police force was rebranded as a service,it’s been all about force and nothing about service”.

  37. Police officers no longer have to swear loyalty to H.M.The Queen.The only person to publicaly oppose this change was Boris Johnson M.P.So, who are they now loyal to?

  38. Malfleur.On Muslims and the first amendment read Bryan Fischer

    “The First Amendment was written by the Founders to protect the free exercise of Christianity. They were making no effort to give special protections to Islam. Quite the contrary. We actually at the time were dealing with our first encounters with jihad in the form of the Barbary Pirates, which is why Jefferson bought a copy of the Koran. He was told by the Bey of Tripoli that Islam requires Muslims to rob, kill and pillage infidel Christians wherever they find them. Jefferson naturally found that hard to believe, so he bought a copy of the Koran to read it for himself. Sure enough, it’s right in there, in the 109 verses of the Koran that call for violence against the infidels.”

    And on to Joseph Story(US Chief Justice)

    “Probably at the time of the adoption of the constitution, and of the amendment to it, now under consideration, the general, if not the universal, sentiment in America was, that Christianity ought to receive encouragement from the state, so far as was not incompatible with the private rights of conscience, and the freedom of religious worship. An attempt to level all religions, and to make it a matter of state policy to hold all in utter indifference, would have created universal disapprobation, if not universal indignation…

    “The real object of the amendment was, not to countenance, much less to advance Mahometanism, or Judaism, or infidelity, by prostrating Christianity; but to exclude all rivalry among Christian sects, and to prevent any national ecclesiastical establishment, which should give to an hierarchy the exclusive patronage of the national government.”

    The purpose of the First Amendment was not “to advance Mohametanism” but to “exclude all rivalry among Christian sects.”

  39. Quote o’ the day:

    ‘Dogs, devouring your own vomit! Cursed are ye all! Throwbacks, adulterers, sycophants, corpse devourers, pilferers and medicine swallowers! Think ye Heaven is an infirmary?’

    Austin Osman Spare
    Anathema of Zos – Sermon to the Hypocrites (1927)

  40. Bruce-An apt description of the coalition

  41. (Northern Ireland Health Minister) Minister Edwin Poots was launching a new tobacco control strategy:-

    “”Smoking remains the single greatest cause of preventable illness and premature death in Northern Ireland and is the leading cause of health inequalities in our society,” he said.”

    “Health inequalities”? FFS. Do these clowns really believe that by the manipulation of language they can create a homogenous society where all are “equal” – including in health? Why not say “ill health” or “health problems”? Where do these invented terms come from? Common Purpose again?

  42. As a rabid ex-smoker I study the effects of the weed. It is true that smoking is now associated with the sump and these consume too much health resource already before the cigarettes give them cancer, heart attacks and strokes. Still better that than my fate rotting in an Alzheimers Nursing home although I would in truth favour with-holding NHS care from those who continue to smoke

  43. Malfleur, I will write to my friends as Chicago Boyz and see if they have his address. Otherwise, you might try SteynonLine and ask. It’s hardly a one-man organisation and as Mark lived through much of this with Lord Black, I think they will know how to reach him.

  44. Denise Milani is “the most senior Afro Caribbean female in the Met” and her mission is to promote “diversity” (what’s so great about “diversity”? If it’s so great, why is Common Purpose not called Diverity Purpose?) … No one has explained why. As are most female Common Purpose graduates, she’s a real porkeroo. Looks like “elevenses” in her case would include an entire side of roast pig.

  45. “Many organisations still define diversity in a very limited way,” she (Denise Milani) says. “I see it as re-engineering organisations. It’s about changing organisations and bringing people who have been traditionally disempowered or at the margins to the table, helping them to shape policy, and determine the way an organisation is run.”

    Hmm, workers committee like – or perhaps politburo like. Difficult to see how discipline might work in such an organisation but looking at the behaviour of today’s police it probably doesn’t factor. Check out the rest of the Marxist bullshit through the link below, note the similarity of her views on “leadership” to Common Purpose and her CV where her African-Carribean credentials have clearly served as an imperative and there is not much evidence of police experience. Could you imagine a world in which someone might hold a job as a “White British education advisory teacher”? Could a white person hold her job? Or is it necessary to exercise discrimination in order to fight discrimination and promote diversity?

  46. Without wishing to twist anyone’s arm, I devoutly hope that some of you who are much better scribes than me will step up to the plate an submit posts to Peter as ‘proper blog posts’. There was some good stuff on last week’s wall and already on this week’s, which would have made excellent posts in their own right and we could have then given them due commentary and attention as themes in a sequential way rather than having the responses scattered around the Wall. We geed Peter up into doing this blog and I know we’re all grateful; no false modesty now, it’s not being pushy – it’s stepping up to the plate. We’ve already exhorted Nicholas to do the biz – with occasional cartoons appended; but there are others too (who know who they are). It will give the blog more substance, surely? Probably attract more comment, too. It’s a pretty good forum already, let’s beef it up a bit. I feel a bit exposed up there on my tod with my semi-facetious/semi-serious stuff! 🙂 Pretty please??

  47. However, Malfleur, the Barclay brothers bought The Speccie and The Telegraph with a purpose in mind. It wasn’t an impulse buy. I think the project is ongoing and they have the money to keep it on track for whatever.

    Also, I doubt whether, after the nightmare he suffered in his trial and now his imprisonment for fanciful offences, Lord Black would be interested in stressing himself further by returning to this particular battlefield. He may well have something in mind, but I doubt that returning to the Barclays’ turf is it.

  48. So where did this whole “diversity” thing come from? What was its origin and history in permeating the public sector as such an important if not vital, tax funded strategy/policy? Who decided to make it so and on what grounds? Are minorities synonymous with marginalisation? In order not to discriminate against minorities is it necessary to increase their representation disproportionately to their numbers? Diversity, equality and fairness are the buzz words of all three parties, together with the “change agenda”. But when did it all become so strident and so political, so coerced with legislation, censorship and the bullying of political correctness? It gives the impression things are much worse long after they were supposedly much better – so just what is going on?

  49. Nicholas (15.04)

    Your ‘Personnel Today’ link (many thanks) is a shocking revelation: proof positive of what we have suspected and written about for years on the blogs that we have mutually frequented with others still present and many more (who I hope will join us here in this little endeavour to spread the word). The article makes my blood run cold – which is particularly deleterious in my case. In fact it has made me once again dust off the somewhat satirical (and perhaps occasionally silly) memoir that I wrote to myself 25 years ago and have tinkered with ever since (bits of which I quoted for fun on previous blogs). Perhaps I should now update it and offer some perspective on the real evolution of the Met. – rather the bullshit and distorted-prism projections from Leftist-biased hacks, that the denizens of this country have been bombarded with for three or four decades. I just hope I’ll have time to complete the task. If I can’t get a publisher, I do it by ebook.

    An ebook publishing outfit has been recommended to me by others who have used them and found them to provide a fast and efficient service, btw if there are any other budding authors here who fancy getting their own work on the market fairly cheaply, it is recommended:

  50. I see that the molestation and bullying at Heathrow of the creator of Fireman Sam has made it across the Atlantic. Good! I visited ChicagoBoyz this a.m., and there it was at the top of the page.

    Let us hope that many thousands of Americans decide to forego the possibilitiy of ritual religious fascist humiliation at Heathrow and holiday – or conduct their business – elsewhere.

  51. BTW, regarding the lardy XXXsize Denise Milani, who hired her? And who, at the Met, decided the racial cohesion of the Met should be pulverized?

    (As an aside, why do very fat women like Denise Milani, Jacqui Smith and their sisters at the trough, bother to put on make-up? This is a serious question. Why? Do they think eye-liner is going to wipe out six stone of lard? If they do, this raises the question: should someone this delusional be in a decision-making position?)

  52. Coffee Housers might like to comment on this, from a British point of view, on

    The item is currently at the top of the page.

  53. Verity

    How does the Chicago blog work? The article is not at the top of the page, just the headline with your comment. Clicking the headline achieves nothing on my PC.

  54. Clicking on the headline worked on my PC. How odd. Did you click on “Read and Weep” ??? I’ve tested it twice and it works on my computer. I will write to Jonathan. The website address is Could you try that? At the moment, the post is at the top of the page.

  55. Is it a closed shop? I’m not into this ‘tweeting’ shit – that’s for the birds.

  56. Frank. I’ve written to Jonathan. Did you click on ???

  57. I hit Submit before I finished. When I click on that link, I get the story and the comments. I’ve asked Jonathan to check.

  58. Tried chicagoboyz-zany stuff including this

    Open the door to “scientific” determination of matters of life and death, and America’s Orthodox Jews — a minority within a minority — will be vulnerable to a new Inquisition. On this issue, there can be no compromise. Agudath Israel is right: Jews should stand by the right of the Catholic Church to determine what is acceptable by its standards, just as we one day will ask the Catholic Church to stand by our right to determine what is acceptable by our standards. To its credit, Britain’s Catholic Church stood by us in 2009 when the English courts shamefully and wrongly ruled that our most basic religious criteria were “racist.” Shamefully and wrongfully, some Jews have failed to stand by the Church under the Obama administration’s persecution. I appeal to these Jews: Don’t be naive. We’re next.

  59. Leviathan – What do you mean Chicago Boyz-zany stuff? This is a serious and literate political blog that’s maintained its quality for years.

    You don’t say who you are quoting above.

  60. Verity
    David P. Goldman (“Spengler”), “Memo to Jews: After They Come for the Catholic Church, They Will Come For Us“:
    Posted by Jonathan as quote of the day

    And zany replies eg

    Apparently, some Jews are complaining about the Mormon practice of baptizing ancestors. That somewhat unusual belief is what has led to the LDS fantastic collection of genealogy records. Some Mormons seem to have stepped a bit over the line and baptized unrelated dead people. Some were Jews and now some modern Jews are complaining. By no stretch of the imagination does it resemble forced conversion of living Jews in ancient times. It is a bit odd and the church does not encourage it but this is not a good time for inter-religious feuds. As a departed friend used to say, “The ants are fighting with each other and they don’t notice the anteater is coming.”

    Get Mitt onto it

  61. Yes, the Met has ordered a poem about diversity.

    Rod Liddle has written one that he would submit, were he a policeman. Before you click on this link, I warn you not to be eating anything because you will choke with laughter:

  62. Leviathan — Why are you posting your objections on Coffee House Wall in England? Why don’t you go and complain on the blog? It was posted to attract comments, after all.

    Strikes me, you have a horse in this race.

  63. Many, many thanks to Nicholas and Frank for the latest blog posts. I think that with such excellent contributions and so many continuing comments this site could really be useful.

  64. The Telegraph this evening carries a story about a threat to Parliament to pull pages 66 to about 69 from this parliamentary document.

    The allegation it contains is that a head of state of a Middle Eastern ‘ally’ knew 7/7 was afoot.

    We do not know which country it is. However, given the wealth of the ex-wife who is trying to censor this and the power she is aware she wields and the phrase ‘ally’.

    There is only one state on my lips.

    I do believe that state is the bestest friend of the Conservative Party.

    Do I need to spell it out any further?

    I have been furious at that state and the Conservative Party before now for their ongoing betrayal of us to it.

    Tonight I am just red hot with rage.

  65. Nicholas

    Excellent blog, sincere thanks to Frank too: takes a bit of courage to put your writing up for critique.

    Re-diversity: as I have said before, now a very powerful lever in the UK. Human Resources (HR) depts have become big business; employ a huge number of left-leaning zealots who strictly control the running and outcome of both public sector and private job interviews.
    Unless I submit to a 1-day training course on “equality & diversity”, then I will no longer be eligible to interview and select prospective employees. Very clever scam, don’t you think? Ramifications rather terrifying?

  66. Tulip

    Good grief, without being paranoid, we are well & truly goosed if this article were true? Open the door and let our masters stroll on in…

  67. Tulip

    You’ll be even hotter when you learn that the link you quote from is no longer available:

    “The page you are trying to access is not available. The following message appears when it is clicked:

    We have recently updated the Parliament UK website and as a result the location of some content has changed. Please return to the homepage to navigate through to our main content sections.

    If you are still having difficulty finding the page or document you need, please contact the Web Centre on giving full details on what you are looking for, along with the URL if possible.

    You can also contact the team via our Contact Us form by selecting Web Centre from the dropdown menu.

    © Parliamentary Copyright”

  68. The day companies adopted the term “Human Resources” to replace “Personnel” should have been noted with a shiver of apprehension by the right. What a slimy, slyly manipulative term it is. Actually, when they first started using it, I instinctively hated it.

    “Personnel” was pragmatic, practical and described what the department did: manage personnel: Hire, fire, train, transfer people within a company. It was corporate language devoid of “feelings”.

    “Human resources” is primary school, touchy-feely and designed to trigger an emotional response (in my case, loathing). Manipulative.

    Why was this term adopted? Any thoughts?

  69. Humans ,as I’ve said since hearing the term,are not Resources…exept in commo-facist regimes.

  70. Redneck
    February 28th, 2012 – 22:09
    In my organisation I have had to be certificated 3 yearly since the Socialists got in in 97. On the bright side they commission some extremely amusing trainers to give us half day sessions
    I now know that I cannot discriminate against transexuals but transvestites are fair game
    This is extremely important to for me to know

  71. leviathan….Lets see;you can not discriminate if the’ve had it chopped off:but you can if they have’nt?But how do you know?

  72. I leave that to the Gay mob with whom I certainly cant interfere

  73. Verity, February 29th, 2012 – 02:21

    Re: Human Resources. I think that the term was imported from America, and I think it happened in the late 80’s or early 90’s. I share your loathing of the term. As I noted on a previous incarnation of the CH Wall: (an excuse to play one of my favourite film clips)
    August 22nd, 2011 4:30pm

    “Personnel? That’s for assholes!”

    So said the sagacious, possibly prescient, Harry Callahan (The Enforcer, 1976) nailing what went wrong at the Met.

    There is a strong correlation between the the rise of the Personnel Department and the decline and fall of the west. What used to be a relatively humble clerical service department attached to the Payroll Department got transmogrified into the overweeningly self-important and offensively named “Human Resources Department” courtesy of employee rights,equality and diversity legislation. The HR department, with all their works, are useless parasites and should be first up against the wall when the revolution inevitably comes.


    (Oh yes, they are all still there!)

  74. Human Resources? The very words make my skin creep. Does anybody remember the movie “Coma”? Rows of bodies hanging up on butchers hooks, all ready to be ‘harvested’ when replacement parts were required. Ugh!

  75. We are over 1,000 comments now!

    And we are averaging over 1,000 page views a day as well!

  76. It is interesting, not just how left wing dogma and political correctness spread through the public sector after 1997 but how it also spread through the corporate sector. It was as though the election of Blair opened some kind of portal into a politically correct Hell where all these creatures emerged from and began burrowing themselves into positions in society and telling us what we could and could not say and the words that had to be used. It was indeed a Cultural Revolution that fraud unleashed.

    They are still at it with the latest report on the attitude towards the elderly in the health service, as though controlling the language and banning certain terms is a determinant to changing societal attitudes. It may well be but I don’t like it at all.

  77. “And we are averaging over 1,000 page views a day as well!”

    Probably all the lefty jobsworths, tax-funded agitators, propagandists and New Labour’s stasi monitoring us and figuring out how to shut us up.

  78. Radford NG February 29th, 03:54. Where I was brought up humans were family friends an colleagues and resources were what we used to get through the daily grind.

  79. Still on the ‘Human Resources’ theme, how language often reveals truth even as it seeks to soften it, there is another modern expression which I loathe. Women have ovaries which contain ovum. Today, women appear to be reduced to the level of chickens and share, freeze, donate, and goodness knows what else, eggs. I prefer the dignity of the correct usage of the word ova, plural ovum.

  80. Is is just me or is anyone else agitated by the creeping ubiquity in business emails of the ghastly Americanism “reach out”, as in “..we will reach out to our colleagues..”?

    It evokes a spectral arm groping its vaguely disgusting way across the business world.

    What happened to the simple word ‘contact’?

  81. Hello Austin,

    How about this to really spoil your day? “We will reach out to our colleagues on the ground” 🙁 (Almost obscene)

  82. Austin Barry
    We are plagued by these 24/7. The sheer physicality of having to deal with this turns me off lunch in my splendid eaterie and I wish I had had a take-out before shopping. Oftentimes I am put off complaining at the hike in the price of my shopping cart down the supermart but its good to touch base there with the Scot-Irish crowd that hang. Anyways it is what it is and I’m off to give my folks a heads up on the ridiculosity of my day

  83. Did anyone catch the 2012 Dimbleby Lecture last night. If not, it’s on the BBC i-player. Sir Paul Nurse giving forth on the wonders of science:

    Am I the only one who felt, after watching it , that we were witnessing the next phase of the ‘climate change’ scam from this Norwich-born UEA lecturer and nobbled prize winner – he certainly reintroduced ‘Global Warming’ as a settled science ‘consensus’? The lecture not only left me feeling not just generally uneasy, but at times, quite queasy.

    The Dimbleby brats were there to bask in the glory of Daddy’s legacy and the cameraman punctuated the lecture by picking out the rapt expressions of the individual representatives of ‘Great & the Good’ – hand-picked for the occasion, all of whom looked quite prepared to drink the Kool Aid that must surely have been handed out in the Green Room after his bravura performance. A rest-stop with entertainment and a gee-up for the Long Marchers if ever I saw one. A sort of Oscar night for Agitprop.

    I do like my scientists to look a little less trendy and with at least a patina of gravitas. The cut of the gib of this trendy little boffin, had his credentials not been glowingly punted in the introduction, would have left me, at first glance, sussing that he was a top sales executive from Sir Philip Green’s British Home Stores. And his sales pitch for science, which really came down in the end to ‘give us the money and we can save the planet’ was slightly less convincing than a spiel from one of Sir Phil’s floor walkers. Perhaps I’m being a tad cynical, which as you know, fellow Wallers, is very unusual for me. Can I have a second opinion, please?

  84. Perhaps this from Melanie will also help us to assess the tenor of the lecture mentioned in my last comment (13:01)

  85. Oh how dull, dull, dull the Spectator Coffee House website is now without its Wall. Dull and lefty. All the life has gone out of it and the posts from its own bloggers are mind-numbing. They disembowelled themselves when they took down the Wall.

  86. Regular renegade veterans would, I’m sure, like to be aware that the super-troll Hayward Maberley aka Howard – our derivative – has reappeared over on Alex Massie’s patch. Red alert, Peter. He may leach through if he’s catching up with the craic.

  87. Radford NG raises a very pertinent, not to say pert, academic point. How does Human Resources know?

    Frank P – Another piece of 1984Speak to chill the blood: “You can also contact the team via our Contact Us ….”. I would run a mile in stiletto heels before I would ever contact some corporate nuspeak “team”.

    And well-spotted to Frank P for “a settled science ‘consensus’”!!! I would say “first laugh of the day” but I had already read Neil Kinnock’s name above.

  88. Frank P … “Can I have a second opinion, please?” Well, I didn’t see it, of course, but I will zap you over a vote of confidence anyway.

  89. Nicholas 9:35 … endorse every perspecacious word.

    Wily Trout … yes, I’m afraid The Speccie Wall has crumbled to dust that is blowing in the wind. I cannot read the articles in the mag because it is unreadable streams of intense, drab socialist propaganda.

    Yet The Telegraph remains a haven of right thinking.

    I wonder what the deal is. Did the Barclays buy the Speccie to destroy it? If so, why?

  90. Frank P 13:01 on climate change. I was mightily amused yesterday to hear the BBC tell me that climate change meant I could expect chilly winters. I cast my mind back to those halcyon days of my youth when in mid-February we would lounge on the beach at Hastings, bathing in the tropical sun and drinking endless Margaritas in the heat, with the occasional dip in that warm, placid, azure sea to cool ourselves off. And those winter evenings in the Winter Gardens, when without air-conditioning or fans, we dripped with sweat in the tropical heat as we shivered in our overcoats, scarves, fingerless gloves and balaclavas, warming ourselves in communal laughter at the non-politically correct repartee of some third rate performer.

    Truly we are in Wonderland and the Red Queen prevails.

  91. Wily Trout
    February 29th, 2012 – 13:17
    Hi Willy,

    I agree wiith you, it’s very dull, boring and worse, not very intellectual or witty on the old Speccie these days. Believe it or not, I wrote a podting on ‘What the Syrians Want’ and Rod Liddle of all people censored me! Things must be bad back at the old farmstead.

  92. I’m surprised this hasn’t already been posted. I guess it goes to show the intellectual elevation of the posters hereabouts. Test answers by school children. But I am not proud, and I had my head down on the keyboard laughing.

  93. Funny, Nicholas. Who is the Red Queen? Nominations?

  94. AWK – How humiliating to have been censored by Rod Liddle! Andhow brave of you to reveal it in public!

  95. Frank P 13:01 – By way of a second opinion, I accept Lord Lawson’s arguments that climate ‘science’ so-called is more akin to religion or, in postmodern jargon, myth, narration or social construct. On the other hand, James Delingpole’s anti-green position in ‘Watermelons’ appears ultimately to rely on a naïve faith in scientific progress – the condensed version of which is that some bright spark will, at the crucial moment, produce some energetic panacea such as shale gas or methane nodules that will tide us over for a few centuries until the next boffin has his wizard wheeze. This smells distinctly of whig historical BS.

  96. Verity, I use the “Red Queen” as a sort of supra pseudo-nym for all the collective leftist nonsense being forced down our throats. It encompasses their strident barminess, malevolence and relentless drivel on so many levels which I won’t go into in detail.

    I agree about the Coffee House. The comments on the ECHR thread are illuminating in their disdain for Cameron but it appears the magazine itself and a few stalwarts cleave to his “new” Toryism, the left-leaning, utterly useless, too polite to fight and wet, wet, wet imitation of Blair’s New Labour with added Clegg for even more hydration. The most telling observation there that he is worse even than Heath. God, this country needs a real conservative leader like never before.

    As a conservative I would vote UKIP in a heartbeat but I can’t help worrying that it would be, in effect, a vote for Labour and that they have limited their appeal by the constraints of their identity. Without some concentration of conservative effort and some sort of rallying cry I think the right is doomed. Farage should think very hard how he is going to play this but re-naming his party New Conservative might be a good start.

  97. Nicholas – thanks for an intense post.

    I follow your reasoning, but I think Nigel might regard renaming the party New Conservative might be a bit cowardly, and God knows, he is not that! Also years of inellectual investment have gone into promoting a stronger voter recognition for UKIP.

    I think also, reading the blogs, that there is a gigantic wave swelling regarding people intending to dump Cameron’s “Conservatives” and vote UKIP. After all, what choice is there now? Many who held their nose and voted Conservative last time are regretting it mightily.

    You are a clever and beguiling writer. Why not offer UKIP your services free? Also, if you met Nigel, I think you would be much more confident in his ability to win enough votes next time to at least overtake the Limp Dumbs and become the deal broker. It would be a start. Of course, better would be victory for UKIP, and with clever people working to that end who is to say they won’t prevail?

    Why not write to Boudicca, herself a very strong writer who posts on The Telegraph but apparently nowhere else, or at least not under that name? I am certain she’s a UKIP member and I will bet she would welcome help from another strong, articulate writer with the right political instincts.

  98. Anne Wotana Kaye1

    Hello! I think you should wear Mr Liddle’s censorship as a badge of honour, given some of the stuff that gets through. I have tried my best to offend him without success.

  99. FrankP, I’ve just seen your comment above about Chicago Boyz and not being able to post. You can email:

    It would be wonderful to see you posting there! I am certain your thoughts would be welcomed by the commentariat.

  100. Verity
    February 29th, 2012 – 15:08

    AWK – How humiliating to have been censored by Rod Liddle! Andhow brave of you to reveal it in public!
    Verily, Verity, I bow my head with shame.

  101. Wily Trout
    February 29th, 2012 – 15:52
    Hi Wily Trout,
    It’s like being back in school. Remember when one was reprimanded by an especially stupid teacher, or abraided by a nasty and unpopular fellow pupil?

  102. That’s a good suggestion Verity and I shall certainly check out UKIP. I shouldn’t be worried about another General Election but I am. We are still enduring this relentless socialist social engineering crap and tax and spend top heavy government under Cameron, despite the supposed austerity, but God help us if Labour gets back in with Milliband, Cooper, Balls, Harmon et al. And you can bet your bottom dollar that if it does Brown will re-appear in some shape or form.

  103. Bruce F (ACP) 15:26

    Thanks for the SO; I hope you can find the time to watch the Lecture through. I’m sure your perspicacious eye and ear would respond to the proselytising semi-religio politics of the so-called science and Nurse’s claims on behalf of his cohorts which I’m sure would evoke one of your notable satirical skits.

    I preferred the TV eccentrics, such as Magnus Pyke, Johnny Ball or even David Bellamy; at least they didn’t give the impression of sticking you with a socialist bill of goods. I’m afraid that since Obama was awarded the Nobel Prize, the ‘Nobel Laureate’ tag has lost all it’s currency for me. It was petty debased already with some other awardees before him.

    In my simple mind I classify scientists in two segments which correlate roughly to my two science teachers at Grammar School. One – Mr ‘Rocky’ (he was bald) Thompson was a self-effacing excellent and inspiring teacher who made his lessons practical and easily assimilated; he encouraged questions and if he discerned aptitude or even interest on the part of a pupil, did his best to foster it with extra (gratis) private tuition if necessary. The other Mr ‘Fatty’ McCleod had a birth mark on his forehead and taught by didactic and brutal methodology: if a pupil raised questions during class the birth mark grew, turned incandescent and the enquiring pupil was in danger of being pelted with the laboratory sink stopper (he was a good shot, too) and told to “shut up and listen”! There were a number of incidents in my time at the school, which in these days would probably have led to his getting his collar felt for GBH. But in those days parents added to the punishment if their child complained about a teacher, automatically assuming that it was deserved, asserting that the ‘victim’ should have paying attention.

    In retrospect Rocky probably knew his subject and enjoyed teaching it, whereas
    Fatty didn’t and was teaching by rote – as, I fear, many teachers do these days.

    The didactic nature of today’s ‘climate science’ makes me duck to avoid the stopper! Lying conniving bastards! In the tank of the ‘green energy’ scamsters, they’ll bankrupt the lot of us.

  104. Nicholas – You’re a lucid writer with nice forensic knife and a good turn of phrase that keeps people reading. Please write to Nigel or Boudicca … no idea how to get in touch with her or what her name is. One of Nigel’s gifts is, he has a very quick grasp of what someone is saying and he has the ability to address that point precisely and immediately … I think a writer like you could help to accelerate the process for UKIP. Anyone with the right attitude, and skilled in the use of the English language would be welcomed at UKP, I believe.

    Let us know the results! Good luck!

  105. Verity

    Boudicca posted regularly on the Old CH Wall. Invite her across next time you see her moniker.

    I will persevere with Chicagoboyz, as you ask, though since I investigated the Combination for Thames TV and interviewed Antoinette Giancana (Sam the Boss’s daughter). I have tried to steer clear of all things Chicago. She tried to hire me to trace her father’s money, which had disappeared into the labyrinth of mafia intrigue after he was whacked. I declined, not least because I don’t volunteer for hopeless ventures.

    This aversion was of course exacerbated when the latest product of the Onion Patch, one Barack Obama and his Marxist spouse, emerged from the bowels of Organised Crime, venal politics (which have always been symbiotic as I’m sure you know) and Marxist agitation. ‘Community Organising’ in that wicked city has multifaceted connotations.

  106. “you can bet your bottom dollar that if it does Brown will re-appear in some shape or form”

    Just the thought of Brown slithering back into power makes my flesh crawl. If the worst happens in 2015 and E.Miliband becomes PM, the only consolation would be that at least, he’s not Brown. Anybody, even Harman, would be preferable to Brown. At least the rest of the bunch are presumably sane.

    I too am a former Tory voter who is considering voting UKIP, but if the Tories are prepared to ditch Cameron before the election (unlikely), I would return to the Tory fold. Otherwise, it’s goodbye Tories, been nice knowing you. Voted for them since I was old enough to vote, back in 1959, but no longer. At least in those days the Conservative Party stood for something different from Labour. Not now.

  107. Frank P — agree about Chicago (except, it really is a toddlin’ town and I like the city …), but if you look at the alumni list of the University of Chicago, you will see many world famous names in many fields.

    I think if you go to the site a few times, you’ll see that the official bloggers are all conservative, literate and entertaining – present company excepted, of course.

  108. Lescam, Cameron is an over-ambitious phony. He doesn’t have the intellectual wattage or fake sincerity to pull a scam as Blair did. (I am not saying I was taken in by Blair … I had him spotted for an ambitious, greedy, self-regarding phony the first time I heard him lisp a quote … but he did fool a lot of people. Cameron has fooled no one.)

    Nigel is a genuinely very clever man and he has had the fortitude to stick with this project for years, seeing it advance year on year, but this next election is UKIP’s chance for a giant leap forward … because Cameron is so beatable. Let it be UKIP who bests him!

  109. This link is an indication of just how fragile the global economy is at present:

  110. Not for the faint hearted but fun if you’re young and a bit bonkers – correction, round the twist. Make sure you have the sound on:

  111. God, Frank F, the man himself was unbelievable but the “music” was straight from hell.

  112. A cerebral review of William Shawcross’s new book “Justice and the Enemy: Nuremberg, 9/11 and the Trial of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s”:

  113. Verity (18:26)

    “God, Frank, the man himself was unbelievable but the “music” was straight from hell.”

    Who said it was music? 🙁


    The Speccie asks the above question. I won’t bother posting the possible answer on their site, but is the reason that he is so slow to throw his heart into a Mayoral campagin due to his intention to challenge Camoron?

  115. Frank 6.33-I was interested in this blurb for the book

    “But what about the man who conceived and executed the 9/11 attacks on the US, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed? What kind of justice does he deserve? The U.S. has tried to find the high ground by offering KSM a trial – albeit in the form of military tribunal. But is this hypocritical? Indecisive? Half-hearted? ”

    We should answer-spineless
    Why is this man not mangled into little pieces?

  116. Now Camoron’s going to sell off Lord Nelson’s ship HMS Victory as a party ship because we can’t afford £16m for repairs.

    How is it costing to keep al-Q’tab or whatever his desert name is? I believe I read £1m a year. So that’s sixteen years we could save right there if we sent him back to Jordan today.

  117. Frank P, I am not surprised that page has been removed because its contents, when one understands them, are devastating.

    Thankfully, the genie is out of the bottle on the blogosphere. This little wonder has joined the dots:

    And what else is going on we don’t know about from heads of state with a history of donating to the Conservative Party?

  118. Tulip – thank you! This is so unbelievable that I believe it.

  119. Can anyone tell me what “Common Purpose” actually means please?

  120. Verity
    February 29th, 2012 – 19:17
    I felt sick with horror when I read that the “Victory” could be sold off since there isn’t enough money in the kitty. What I think about Cameron would literally cause this fine Wall to be closed down, so out of respect for Peter of M, and his devotion and hard work, I shall remain silent. Thank G-d we only had Chamberlain before Churchill stepped in to take over a failing government. Cameron would have quietly done one of his U-turns and handed Britain over to Hitler.

  121. AWK – I couldn’t agree more.


    “The neo-Nazis of Brooklyn: Rare glimpse inside the world of the right-wingers peddling hate in one of New York’s trendiest boroughs”. How about a rare glimpse into the muddled world of a half-educated sub-editor?

    This is a pyschological block many on the left have. They cannot believe that such evil could flow from the mind of someone just like them … hard left. I think the psychological term is “displacement”.

  122. Jennifer

    I know not but I’m weighing in on the side of fundamental values and the need for us to get back to moral basics. Stephen Meyer is advancing the fundamental truths of our origin and where we go in a belated response to the Shrewsbury Leftist Atheist Radicals of the 19th century. I commend the works of Stephen and the Wedge Document of the Centre for renewal of science and culture.
    These fundamental truths will give a bedrock to fight the diversity Mafia and those corralled by Common Purpose

  123. Jennifer could watch the video links above that Frank P put up, and can google other links. She doesn’t have to make a sudden appearance here and ask us to explain the meaning of one of the most notorious organisations in Britain. They are long and very detailed.

    I smell a troll. Worse, a Common Purpose troll who would start trying to engage with us.

  124. Thanks, Leviathan – at last something to chew over a bit

  125. If only, rather than wait around, cruising blogs, including a brand new blog, and publications in a lonely search for information about little-known Common Purpose, Jennifer had thought to resort to Google, eh?

    I just Googled it and got 152,000,000 results in .41 seconds.

  126. telemachus’ is still sniping over at the Speccie but reduced now to making “funny little remarks” intended to let us know he lurks here. Probably sees it as some kind of duty to the comrades. God, how those people love to try to control everything.

  127. This from Pat Condell seems to have been up for 3 months, but I’ve just seen it for the first time.

    Either Google on YouTube for The Gathering Storm, or try this –

  128. This idiot continues to demean the office of Prime Minister with his pandering to popular culture and lack of dignity:-

    “David Cameron has urged television bosses to make another series of Welsh comedy hit Gavin and Stacey as he revealed he was a “huge fan”. At a No 10 reception held to mark St David’s Day, the Prime Minister joked that it was “tidy” to have series star Joanna Page among the guests but pleaded “we need more episodes”. Mr Cameron, who later “bowed down” before the actress, said: “I’m a huge fan. Like all sitcoms in the United Kingdom it was much too short, we need more episodes. “It’s an absolutely fantastic piece of work and gave pleasure to absolutely millions.” The PM also heaped praise on the Welsh rugby team but added that like captain Sam Warburton, who was sent off in the world cup semi-finals against France, he had “had a bit of a run-in with the French recently”. He told guests Downing Street had become a “Welsh outpost” for the evening after a faulty flag pole meant the Union Jack was taken down in favour of the Red Dragon.”

    The last sentence just about sums the idiot up. The Union Jack is constantly being “taken down” by this muppet to pander to every Tom, Dick and Harry.

  129. Verity, Just becos I dont rite to well i’m not an idoit. get up to speed. perhaps you should come in live in europe agiin and then rite about us and r polise and po9litits.

  130. Uh oh. And so it begins.

  131. No, way I’ve stopped now – this minute!

  132. Anne Wotana Kaye 1 @ 20.45

    I too; but then, reading through the online newspapers, I realized that there is an easy solution at hand which can save HMS Victory and make a forceful political point. If Nancy Soderberg, writing in the Daily Telegraph on 28th February, is to be believed we are voting billions of pounds of aid to Argentina, mainly through the World Bank and the EU. It is not clear what portion of the billions is actually paid by Great Britain, but it would not take so large a saving to finance the preservation of the Victory as the property, pride and delight of the nation by cancelling or vetoing our contribution. Could this really be so difficult a political task for the Coalition when even the Obama administration has already voted against the World Bank’s contribution? I believe that in Argentina among the fine beef products eaten there are cojones. May I recommend that the prime minister get some – unaided of course?

  133. Verity
    Verity @ February 28th- 14:17

    Good idea to write to Chicago Boyz (which I have added to my vaut le detour list). If they provide it, it would probably be on terms that you not broadcast it all over cyberspace i.e. here, so perhaps you could write to Lord Black yourself accordingly.

    If you draw a blank, I will try Mark Steyn’s website as you suggest.

  134. Jennifer, I don’t engage with trolls – as stated above – because they are too drab in their ambition and predictabilitiy, as in, your trying to get some trollage out of Common Purpose, in which you are clearly a foot soldier. BTW, given Julia Middleton’s size and shape, I think her organisation might be realistically renamed with a Brooklyn accent … Common Porpoise.

    Anyway, we came here to escape the drab-wits, so you won’t be getting any oxygen in these parts.

    Malfleur, actually, I don’t think trying to get an address for Lord Black is such a great idea … with respect … I think he has been hounded enough, by the left, and by well-wishers who can wish well but have no power to change the course of events.

    I think this is one to watch from afar.

  135. Excellent spoof on this years Oscar winning film:

    Obama in a starring roll.

  136. Yes, Frank P. V good!

  137. Verity
    I will see what I can find out from Mark Steyn. Lord Black can assume a nom de plume or nom de guerre here, if he has not already done so… He does not strike me as a man who fears being hounded.

    Absent patriccia
    Well, well; here’s a turn up for the book: an American liberal wakes up and smells the coffee at the Arab League Conference on Jerusalem.

  138. Malfleur – I am baffled by your intense interest in Lord Black! And why would Mark Steyn, who is his friend and ally talk about him to a stranger?

    Third, although I know nothing about Lord Black as a person, I would not think making new acquaintances over the internet is very high up on his agenda.

  139. Verity

    Bafflement seems to be a chronic condition of yours. “Intense interest”? Hardly; this is one of a number of topics I have raised and this particular one was aired out of concern for the return of the Spectator to the hands of a conservative editor, through a publisher which I think to have been a particularly fine and literate one who was unfairly deprived of ownership of the magazine. You yourself were caught up to the extent of undertaking to follow up on Chicago Boyz (why your intense interest in that blog? Silly question, no?); furthermore, it was YOUR suggestion to try Mark Steyn’s blog if your efforts at Chicago Boyz failed. Why would you suggest that if you thought it was a wacky idea – unless you were feeling baffled when you typed it… am not interested in making a new acquaintance of LB, nor in offering him an opportunity to make one of me; why would you suggest something so silly? The idea was – go back and read again – to see if he might be interested in blogging here, or possibly under a pseudonym (that could also be a nom de guerre or a nom de plume, if he has them).

    Don’t start false trails,that way trolldom lies and try to contribute posts with more matter and less art.

  140. They (the former Coffee House Wall trolls, we all know who they are) try to shut us up, they intimidate us, they lie about us, they abuse us, they mock us, they threaten us and yet they still want to post here – and are apparently able to?

    I’m out of here. I’m not “scrolling past” that nonsense on a blog I thought was started in large part to get away from it or putting up with sarcastic diminutives, pejoratives and leftist soundbites every time I post something. They have a big enough voice in Britain and dominate enough of the media already without having to give them oxygen here too.

  141. Nicholas
    March 1st, 2012 – 08:
    Dear Nicholas,
    Please calm down and don’t fall into their tricks and repond in any way.
    What can one expect of marxists? It is part of their agenda to take over wherever they land. They send in the trolls, the slag heaps and all the barely human debris.

  142. It’s not just that Anne. Every comment I have made at the Speccie recently has been followed by one from telemachus’ referring to “Titan” and “mud”. That is not commentary it is stalking and harassment. Having closed the Wall for (supposedly) ad hominem abuse the Speccie continues to facilitate telemachus posting nothing but, with the more sinister aspect that it is now based on his lurking here.

    There is nothing to stop people like telemachus starting their own blogs to express their views, but when they focus on individuals whom they create an imaginary persona for based on their own prejudices and then “stalk” them that way we are in totally different territory. My name is not “Titan”. I do not have a pseudonym. That is an invention of Telemachus who does hide behind a pseudonym. I wrote a review of a TV programme which Telemachus now refers to obliquely on another site every time I choose to post there, in threads that have nothing to do with it. What is that if not a form of sick harassment?

  143. Nicholas: Again, I repeat, ignore the scum! We (and I dare speak for many here) truly appreciate your brilliant articles and postings. For your information, I no longer bother to read much of the Speccie. Did not renew our subscription, and sadly find the level of both prose and substance not worthy of such an august magazine. I trust Peter of M is reading this posting, and will take note of how if trolls can eat away at the fibre of an old established journal, how quickly they can destroy a new one. Nicholas, please may I take the liberty of requesting that you continue to contribute and that you remember the old maxim, “He that lies down with dogs get up with fleas”. Actually, that is an insult to dogs, who are seldom as base as the degeneratively flawed trolls.

  144. Anne Wotana Kaye 1
    March 1st, 2012 – 10:52

    Nicholas: Again, I repeat, ignore the scum!

    I concur 100%, Nicholas I am convinced that P from M will not allow the trolls to take control.

    On a lighter note, AWK1’s mention of dogs brought to mind yesterday lunch time, we had arranged to lunch with our youngest daughter at the M&S in Harrogate.

    At the very next table were three of those worthy individuals who pre-train those dogs who will eventually be trained to aid the blind, each had their dogs with them, all were Labradors, one black one golden and one a blond, my wife was besotted as was I.

  145. Well, well, well! The Spectator announces on its Coffee House its forthcoming Immigration Debate with the proposal ‘Enough is enough’!

  146. I have removed the last post by Patricia Shaw. I do not want her posting here. It would seem that (s)he has commented under 4 names on the site, and thus gained access by not saying anything provocative. Now (s)he has revealed (her)(him)self.

    I can block the IP address and that will stop all of the aliases being used without moderation.

    I think that the very act of taking a while to use aliases is itself a sign of great ill-will.

  147. An old villain once once responded to a remark I made about a well-known gangster, on the lines of “You would think he would retire, he must have made enough now – why does he keep chancing his arm.” :

    He nodded sagely. “Maybe, but what do you define as ‘enough’? Seems he thinks that ‘enough’ is perpetually a bit more than he’s already got!”

    Perhaps that’s the way our Gramsci schooled leaders think too in relation to the Neather revelation.

    Btw. That advert for the Speccie debate has been up for weeks on their CH Blog. Who would pay folding money to attend such a wank-fest? Not ‘enough’ yet, it would seem – they’ll still hawking tickets.

    I just commented on the post about it over there, where Austin Barry had already sorted out our Tele-troll by means of a well worded mordant antiphon.

  148. I need people to alert me when trolls make it onto the site. Most posts are blocked automatically, but they will keep trying.

    Don’t let them get to you, just report the post to me and I’ll remove it and do something about blocking however they managed to get onto the site.

  149. Further to my post at 23.50 yesterday, the Daily Mail online today states that the amount of Great Britain’s aid to Argentina is £27million. That seems to be an annual amount. How much is required to rescue HMS Victory for the country? And how much would be the cost of a new aircraft carrier and its annual maintenance – I am sure there are similar savings to be made elsewhere. If aircraft carriers are now considered so vulnerable to rocketry that they are not worth the candle, so be it; but i’d like to hear the case put for and against first. Any naval warfare experts out there?.

    On aid to Argentina:

  150. Thanks Peter.

    Has that reassured you Nicholas? This is a great platform for your seminal essays and it would be a great shame to cede to this NH guy (I can’t name him for Peter’s sake) who I’m told is the ‘brains’ (ha!) behind the cabal of Palestinistas.

  151. Who would pay folding money to attend such a wank-fest?

    That, Frank P 14:18, if I may say so, is the mot juste. The rot set in with the previous incumbent: £175 to ponce about in Holland Park in white tie and tails take a glass of Amontillado (Blue Nun?) with Matthew d’A f*****g Cona and a bunch young tossers who nothing about anything. I am already starting to feel a tightness round the chest just thinking about it. The cheek of it. The sheer brass-faced, self-regarding bloody cheek of it. G’nuurrrrgh!

  152. Malfleur

    I share your concern: the several million given to India also seems a little rash, but hey, it’s not their money so easy to be “flash with the cash”!

    Your point about value of continuing to have a viable naval force is well-made. I personally have not yet heard an argument that convinces me that we could handle a far-flung, rapid deployment defence of one of our dependencies without a reasonable naval contingent.
    My innate “right wing paranoia” makes me suspect the proponents of letting our navy disappear harbour such self-loathing about our former Empire that they’d love us to be “humiliated” somewhere such as the Falklands.

    PS Given the choice who would you like to see as the Figurehead on the front of a new, British-built, fit-for-purpose destroyer, let’s call it the HMS Anglosphere?

  153. Bruce F

    Easy tiger!

    Just stoke up that anger and save it for the final denouement, we’re going to need it…

  154. David Ossitt
    March 1st, 2012 – 11:2
    Hi David,

    It’s nice meeting here. Read your posting, and forgive me sounding daft, but those glorious dogs bring tears to my eyes, and I feel sure a loving G-d guides them and is watching over us. The eyes of those dogs are not just ‘seeing’ eyes for the blind, they have expressed within them the very spirit of loving kindness.

  155. P from M – I assume that the toxic Jennifer was one of the Patricca/Patricia Shaw (Shah) syndicate? You ask to be alerted to trolls, but you don’t, perhaps wisely, post an email address.

    Frank P 14:18 … The Speccie seems to be mordant. Same old subjects, approved by the Nomenklatura, day after day. In a thrilling departure, they are discussing immigration today. I wonder how many posts will get through. I may give it a bash myself.

  156. Malfleur

    The following, recurring question on the Spectator Blogs page never fails to amaze: another little nugget of our liberal, “we must be seen to do something” approach. Geez, makes you want to do something “radical”, doesn’t it?

    From the “Spectator Asks”

    Britain’s overseas aid budget is rising by 36% to £12.6 billion over this parliament. Is this a good use of taxpayers’ money?
    Don’t Know

  157. Verity

    I tried to follow the Spectator article but strangely found myself wanting to wear a burka and claim benefits after reading Telemachus’s (where the heck to you put the apostrophe when using the possessive form of that gentleman’s name?) opening three posts.

  158. Redneck … I like your HMS Anglosphere idea, although I would like to see the Anglosphere contribute to the costs in that case. But it’s a fine name. I also think it may be a fitting time to define the Anglosphere. It does not, and should not, mean the Commonwealth, some of which have morphed into enemies of Britain. Pakislam for one.

    Incidentally, I would like to propose the name Pakislam as a substitute for the cowardly British media who style Pakistani illegal immmigrants, rapists, kidnappers and groomers of little British girls, street demonstrators and terrorists as “Asian” … an insult to over 2bn non-islamic Asians from Japan, Manchuria, China, Korea in the north of this vast continent, to Viet Nam, Thailand and Cambodia in the south … all of them with, by and large, law-abiding citizenry.

    Pakislam and Pakislamis are the problem. Not the Manchurians, Thais or Indonesians.

  159. Verity(15:15)

    I wouldn’t award the accolade ‘mordant’ to anything the staffers write on the New Specstateman; moronic or mind-blowingly mundane maybe (special dispensation for Pete H – of course). Must be careful about those sort of invidious comparisons, I suppose, might get him the sack as a suspected mole for the ‘right’. Hahahaha.

    Did you mean ‘moribund’ btw? I hope so!

  160. AWK … Seeing eye, and all working dogs, are wonderful and deserving of love, cuddles and extra bickies, but before we read too much self-sacrifice into the plot, we should remember that dogs are pack animals and are hard-wired to understand a task and perform it. They want to be on the team, and are comfortable knowing their place on the team. This is in no way to denigrate their incredible contribution in their working roles, whether it be in the police and armed forces, guiding the blind, guarding premises and children or pulling sleds across the snow in a team. Or just sitting with you, looking up into your eyes and saying, “I’m on your team.” They are wonderful creatures.

    I am a cat person myself, and cats are very loving, but in a different way.

  161. Redneck 15:22 … Ha ha ha! Did you also feel an urge to import some new “wives” from Pakislam and get them straight onto British taxpayer “benefits”.

    BTW, the word “benefits” in this context is another Gramsci-seeded construct. The correct term is “mandatory money taken from working people under threat of imprisonment and given to people who don’t contribute to the economy in any way”. In the US, they use the term “entitlements”, another Gramsci construct. You, as a non-contributor, are entitled to the fruits of the labour of others.

    I can see styling social security pensions “benefits” or “entitlements”, but not money taken at gunpoint from working people and handed over to passengers.

  162. From today’s Mail, reporting on the little girl of 11 who was assaulted in a series of rapes in a McDonalds … get this preachy, non-judgemental statement: “Prosecutor Elizabeth Smaller said: ‘The girl appears to have been raped in furtherance of an unattractive mixture of bullying and possibly gang bravado.’

    Read more:

    The little girl was attacked by a gang of boys raped, terrified out of her life, doubless internally injured, and the prosecuting attorney says the motivation was “an unattractive mixture of bullying and possible (stet) gang bravado”. UNATTRACTIVE??????

    Who is this Gramsciette? Has she come to our attention before?

  163. Very bad, sad news:

    An anti-left counter-counter-culture warrior leaves the fray.

  164. Yes what happened to the old speccie coffee houser’s wall? I was away for a few weeks and it had gone. No explanation no nuttin.

  165. Andrew Breitbart, warrior, RIP.

  166. One wonders, but not for long, what an attractive mixture of bullying and gang bravado might be like for this woman?

    This country is, plainly, absolutely f***ed.

  167. Andrew Breibart RIP your fighting done your rest deserved.

    And Cameron not fit to lick the boots you leave behind.

  168. Alun Reynolds – too many racist bigots and right-wing scum embarrassing the Spectator’s Editor with their comments so they pretended it was broken and couldn’t fix it. In reality the collective of obsessive left-wing trolls who had targeted the site provoked, lied, abused, threatened and complained their way to the dubious victory of getting another forum for free speech shut down by the timorous owners.

  169. Without making a big song and dance, I am partial to a good animal story, not least because they can often be subversive – subversive of both anthropocentric religion and knuckle-grazing neo-Darwinism, for which cross-species altruism raises a few problems to say the least.

    The following story, of the Cat Faith of St Augustine’s Watling Street, was posted on the old Wall and is partly about animal precognition.

    By way of a sequel, here is the story of the Labrador Judy of HMS Gnat and elsewhere, a story of cross-species altruism. See paragraph beginning, ‘But more danger lay ahead …’ But the abiding image for me, which in my mind’s eye I see in grainy black and white cine film, is of her heedlessly jumping up and attacking the Japanese guards. Remember Nietzsche. The world was conquered through the understanding of dogs.

  170. Verity
    March 1st, 2012 – 15:32
    I’m not so sure
    There is a creeping plot for the Manchurians to take over the world and they are no friends to Britain

  171. Nicholas … Doubtless, though, their “software” is now functioning fine and dandy.

    Who cares! Yesterday’s forum!

  172. Haldane, who appears to have preserved the archive of the Old Wall, or part thereof, posts on 2st March at the Spectator’s Immigration blog:

    “”Fraser Nelson
    November 1st, 2009 4:31pm Report this comment

    okay, I will blog on neather if you really want me to. And explain why I am not that excited about it all.”

  173. Leviathan 17:17 – 1. Why would they want to take over a tiny, tiny island in the North Sea?

    2. They’re better looking, and being of Chinese origin, more intelligent than the Pakislamics. Four top races for brains are Jews, Caucasians, Hindus and Chinese in no particular order.


    I’d value some democratic input. I blocked the IP address being used by the person posting as Patricia Shaw, and three other persons. Now a different IP address is being used by the same collection of posters.

    It would seem to me that this indicates that they are the same person, and that such behaviour is not well meant. Can anyone think of any other reason for this cluster of names to have the same IP address, and switch IP address together when I block it?

  175. Moderator.

    “It would seem to me that this indicates that they are the same person, and that such behaviour is not well meant. Can anyone think of any other reason for this cluster of names to have the same IP address, and switch IP address together when I block it?”

    I can think of no other reason; however you in particular and the rest of us moderate posters should in a strange way feel somewhat flattered that this group/individual seeks us out to monitor our post.

  176. I think we should leave it to Peter to sus out, through IP address and content, the slippery ways of Mr NH and cohorts and keep them at bay. We shall I’m sure, without getting too paranoiac about newcomers, recognise the usual suspects. Then we can reverse the game and troll them ourselves at the ‘other place’. Nicholas and Austin Barry have already parried their petty politicking on a number of threads today. No doubt our hit squad will pick and choose when to strike over there, but proffer our serious stuff here. That gives us the best of both sphere and leaves the Palestinistas, as Nicholas would perhaps describe their frustration, “Licking the window” here. Thus , they are barred from here – we aren’t barred from there. Perfick! Why should the Devil have all the tunes?

  177. More on Breitbart:

    I devoutly hope that the LAPD has worked down from the worst case scenario in concluding that it was ‘natural causes. It ain’t necessarily natural to cash in one’s chips at 43 years of age and 24 hours is a very short time to have sifted through the possibilities.

    I hope his own team will be as suspicious as me. Obama will be mightily relieved at this passing. He was the only journo who was REALLY on the Big O’s case.

    I’m awaiting Fox News’s reaction. Report back later.

  178. I sent another blog to Peter earlier today (before the troll activity). Has it been received?

    On reflection I concur with Frank re the trolls. It’s warm and bright in here and they can do as much window licking as their febrile minds compel.

  179. Harvard professor Cornell West is using the word “disrespected” with a straight face???

  180. Regarding GB not being able to afford her glorious floating history anymore.

    March 1st, 2012 – 14:28
    “Further to my post at 23.50 yesterday, the Daily Mail online today states that the amount of Great Britain’s aid to Argentina is £27million….”

    A MSM article this week explained that GB gives £80m pa to Turkey.
    To improve their sewage system.
    In preparation for their entry into the EU or some such b.s.

    This is not my Government. Not my country anymore. I’m not a stranger here though, I’m just surrounded by ****ing weirdos, perverts and traitors.
    Right. No more almost-swearing. Sorry. But I still reserve the right to rant in an intemperate way. That’s only fair.

    Regarding trolls and laying down with dogs.

    A while ago on the on ‘Spectator Wall’, AWK1 made a comment about Patricia Shaw (I think).
    Anne, you said something about her ‘ lying down with dogs and getting not fleas but herpes’ or something.
    It was utterly revolting but SO funny.
    It was all I could do not to write in and compliment you, gents really shouldn’t say those sorts of things to not even ‘wimin’. Also, we have the feelings of the diseased dogs to consider (boom boom).

    Still makes me laugh, and cringe, now.

  181. Frank P

    Thanks indeed for the links on Breibart. Hey, how come no one mentioned him here or on the Old Wall until he was dead – it turns out he was one of my unknown unkowns! I hope to God he put those tapes into escrow somewhere safe with instructions for them to be released to the media “in the event of my death”.

  182. Frank P 1st, – 20:20

    Peter’s putting a lot of his own effort into setting up this site and moderating it for us; aside from which he’s got to run his own day job and, basically, have a life. When he’s asking us for democratic input I do think we should help, otherwise the end product might be that he starts to feel that nobody cares enough, and the whole thing goes to hell in a handcart.

    So, Peter, thanks for excluding ”™, he does seem to be appropriately miffed. As for Trixie and her other pseudonyms, I feared this might happen, and it’s going to be damn’ difficult to keep track of where she pops up next, but we’ll keep our eyes open and keep you posted, if you haven’t already spotted them yourself. I do feel that trolls such as they do not contribute anything worthwhile to the debate; the respected contributors to this site are mature enough to have formed their opinions in the furnace of real life and are unlikely to have their opinions changed by drivel from ”™ et al, who just get in the way.

  183. I see that the BBC have sunk to a new low by giving George Galloway air time on This Week to lecture us about how the “Malvinas” should be returned to Argentina. I found his argument quite disgusting – even for him.

  184. Dr David Starkey really is a great source of entertainment. Watching QT tonight, I was choking laughing when he accused an audience member of insolence, and described another audience comment as “a stupid question”. Tell it like it is, David! What a wonderful contrast with the normal panellists, who drone on boringly for an hour without once making us smile. I wish he was on QT every week.

  185. Occasional Ostrich (23.30)

    I have done my best, by both comments and emails, to assist Peter with this experiment and responded to his request for ‘proper posts’. I’m not sure what you mean? ‘Democracy’ is just a word and is fine in theory, but it rarely works if things need to be achieved that require consensus. We all had our ‘democratic’ say about trolls, but it’s surely up to Peter to make the final decision when there are conflicting opinions; that is what I was suggesting – and also accepting that it’s his call on who to exclude and who to give space. If somebody starts to sabotage the blog, then we can draw Peters attention to it and I trust him to exercise judgement: that was the tenor of my comment – I was not duck- shoving, which you seem to be implying. If Peter thinks we’re taking the piss – then I’m sure he’s mature enough to speak out.

    Moreover, I suggested at the outset, when Peter volunteered to grab a web address and set us up, that regular users might like to defray his running costs, perhaps through a ‘tip jar’ link, or a magazine cost type of contribution; I wouldn’t be offended if he requested that and I would, for example, be prepared to transfer my subscription from the Exact Editions version of the on-line Spectator account to the tip jar or send him a cheque if he would trust me with his address. In time, if the blog becomes a success, perhaps Peter can derive benefit from it in some other way with some discreet advertising; he probably knows how to exploit it – personally I don’t understand the economic reality of blog commerce.

    Like you, I’m grateful that he has given us the opportunity to thwart the trolls and stick it to the Speccie for stringing us along for so long with crappy software; inconsistent moderation of comment; failing to accede to reasonable requests for right-of-centre bloggers and breaking promises about addressing issues that we felt were important, such as the immigration policy revelations of Mr Neather. In other words, failing to satisfy reasonably expectations of subscribers/contributors to a magazine with a tradition of conservative content.

    I think we’ve all been delighted with the ease and fluency of this set-up, which puts the Speccie to shame, imho.

    Does that clarify my previous comment of 20:20? (not a description of either my actual, or metaphorical, vision these days btw) 🙂

  186. Lesley C

    “I wish he [Starkey] was on QT every week.”

    Indeed, I wish they’d give him Dimbleby’s role. That would make it worth watching, particularly if he regularly stuck it up the hand-picked lefty Kool-Aid drinkers in the audience as he did tonight. Wish he hadn’t slipped in the old sexual proclivity, though – cunningly almost in context of the debate – but slipped in none the less. I’ve always liked him for failing to do that in the past, in fact just the opposite he usually criticises those who do it.

  187. Frank P – 1:32 — Your post says it all, and eloquently too, so no point in adding to it. I endorse it 100%.

  188. John Richardson
    March 1st, 2012 – 22:56
    Hi John,
    For my sins, the wicked things I’ve written remain in memory to come back and haunt me. Yes, I recall that particular time when the lunacy of that nasty troll drove me to big time vulgarity! This past evening, there was a TV programme on Bradford, it showed such disgusting-looking characters, I immediately switched channels. Later, that monster Galloway was on the little screen, so I gave up and went to bed.

  189. A little light relief for us, and if the trolls are still lurking, then the stuff of nightmares for them – a list of things caused by “global warming” according to the BBC, Independent, and others – including World War IV, Cannibalism, Giant Oyster Invasion, Haggis under Threat, Everest Shrinking, Mont Blanc growing…

  190. Thanks for those Breitbart links Frank. Watching him I wished we had someone similar in this country who was not “too polite to fight” the bastards. It is very strange that a man of 43 who had threatened to expose Obama’s radical origins in the run up to an election should suddenly die.

    Watching Redwood on QT last night I was seriously disappointed with his stance on the segregation question, where he seemed to be parroting Cameron’s political correctness and nothing else. You can always tell when the panelists are parroting platitudes to placate the usual suspects – the outrage and hair trigger offence merchants. Britain has apparently changed in the last 30-40 years and the concept of “Britishness” should be adapted to reflect that, he said. Pity he didn’t also say why he and the other politicians let it happen and never asked us whether we wanted the change.

    You can also always tell the prune faced Labour activists in the audience. There was some great emotive blackmail from the lefties on the NHS last night especially the Labour panelist. The ranting fat Labourite in the audience (complaining about political posturing whilst doing it!) was excoriated by Starkey whose performance was excellent. He brings an honesty sadly missing from Britain’s public narrative of sentimental, placating, polite, politically correct drivel. More conservatives need to get angry, like him, and tell it like it is, like him. The “too polite to fight” denizens of Cameron’s wet, appeasing, placating, stuttering, out-fought and utterly useless surrender monkey mob need to get out of the way and a conservative alliance needs to be formed that transcends party politics and creates a real movement for insurgency against the Left in every political sphere. If this doesn’t happen soon we are going to become East Germany. As it stands the Left and the capitulated right are ramping up the rhetoric that is demonising conservative values and view points , marginalising their relevance to politics and even branding them “extreme”.

    Dimblebore brought up a very good point when he pointed out the percentages of people in the medical unions that had actually opposed the NHS Bill. The narrative is indeed in the hands of a leftist minority and their agenda against the coalition is being driven by the pretence that they represent a majority.

  191. Richard of C – wonderful, thanks. A glance at the page reveals not just the ridiculousness of the “movement” but the amount of propaganda churned out on its behalf.

  192. Good to be back.
    I too enjoyed Starkey.
    How I wish the other David moved from bland chairmanship to ascerbic putdowns.
    But then he is probably even more left wing than his brother and of course he works for the BBC

  193. Who should head-up Project Violet, the Met’s anti-witchcraft, er, sorry, ‘faith based’ child abuse, team?

    Step forward, Chris Huhne, Witchfinder General, formerly Bitchfinder General.

  194. Richard of C

    Good grief man, how can you be so flippant?

    Did you not read: “Flying squirrels move up”? Surely even a right-wing fascist like you can see the implications of that?
    Allied to the fact that: “Fog increase in San Francisco” has been noted in conjunction with: “Fog decrease in San Francisco”, surely even a climate-change-denier like you can see the evidence is incontrovertible?

    To ignore the climate science and what’s more, make light of it, could ultimately lead to some climate-change scientists losing their funding. Is that what you want, really is it?

  195. What can be done?

    Your servants are your masters, now.

    How can you regain power over your country when the fascist, jackbooted left has been allowed to wield such power over your lives … ? Don’t go to the police. They are your masters.

  196. UKP.

    No Conservatives … apparently, accordng to what I just read on this hallowed thread … even the doughty and clever John Redwood … have the stomach for a fight against the malicious, evil left.

    Nigel Farage is a brave man and a very clever man. But he needs millions of supporters to fight against the millions of socialists and Third World immigrant leeches, who came not as guests, but as conquerors … and millions in money.

    How long until they begin to “postpone” elections in Britain?

    When UKIP gets a majority … and am beginning to think it could be possible within two elections, with the help of the BNP and the EDL — we can’t be too dainty about who are friends are; this is a fight for the life of Britain — socialism has to be butchered.

    Of urgent importance is wrenchig the vote way from non-citizens. I’ve never heard before of any country that allowed immigrants … and dependent immigrants at that! … a say in who governs the country. Voting is, in every other country I have lived in, a privilege of the citizens only.

    Is it a death wish? The immigrants are voting to be accorded rights over those of the citizenry. It is urgent that the 3m or 4m “immigrants” (benefit seekers) not have any say whatsoever in who governs the country, or how.

    What legally brain dead British socialist said “We must be kind to the immigrants so that one day, when they are in power, they will be kind to us”?

  197. Richard of Christchurch (07:30)

    Thanks for that link; a useful source for satire. I loved this quote from another segment of its web page:

    In serious jest and jesting seriousness,
    I strive to scourge polluting beastliness
    Scourge of Villany, John Marston (1576-1634)

    Perhaps we should change the “I” to ‘we” adopt it as the battle cry for this blog?
    The beastliness in our case referring to the inexorable creep of totalitarian socialism in cahoots with islamic jihad.

  198. Thanks Nicholas

  199. I noted that the oleaginous Portillo used his ‘take of the week’ on Brillo’s cabaret show last night to issue forth a paean to St. Paul. Sir Paul Nurse that is; his old school friend, whose Dimbleby Lecture I commented on earlier this week on this very thread.

    A murmur of approval all round; Brillo nodding sagely; Alan Johnson looking slightly startled as if he had missed something he should have seen and hadn’t (because he hadn’t been invited), but had better go along with, anyway, or appear ill-informed and stooo-pid. No discussion of Sir P’s assertions – his hopey-changey-sciency-whyency-globey-warmey underpinning of the AGW scam.
    So that’s okay then. It’s a given – ‘consensus science has spoken and Richard Dimbleby, post-mortem and with the sanction of heirs-of-Richard’s dynasty, approves. Now get into line, you ill-educated morons, cough up your taxes, cut down your carbon; invest in windmills. Trust him! He’s a scientist! Not to mention a Nobbled Laureate. He will save the Economy, the Country, the Planet, the Universe. Perhaps not before the next General Election, though, sadly for H2B.

    I’m sure the dregs of Kool Aid from the Dumpty Lecture green room bash were passed around afterwards, to beef up the Blue Nun at Annabelle’safterwards.
    Last night’s show was redeemed – and Brillo’s old Adam visibly rampant – when the very fit Ms Abi Titmuss graced the couch to make some very pertinent, commonsensical and self-effacing remarks on the Leveson enquiry.

    She does indeed deserve a lot better than Page 3 of the Currant Bun, doesn’t she? More of her, please, Mr Neil and less of some of the other amateur dramatics rejects you hire to bore us on the Midnight Hour (that was a much better title for the prog., btw).

  200. So now Steve Hilton is leaving Cameron. So much for the Blair-bitch project.

  201. I had intended to post a comment here with regard to the astonishing article in yesterdays Daily Mail, where we were told that some latter day female “Dr.Josef Mengele” had published a paper in a medical journal where she was advocating the killing new born babies for a variety of reasons including that the mother could not really afford to keep it.

    If that were not enough she argued that the newly born are not yet human.

    I said that I was going to comment but then I read the piece bellow by the Rev George Pitcher in the Daily Mail on line, he tells the story far better than I could.

    With apologies to P from M for the length but I do think it should be read.

    “The argument for killing newborn babies is perfectly logical, that’s why it’s so dangerous”

    By Rev George Pitcher.

    Far from being deranged and deserving to ‘burn in hell’, which is the fate some of the usual Christian suspects have wished upon her, the medical ethicist who has argued the case for ‘after-birth abortions’ – the killing of disabled or unwanted newborn babies – has offered us a profoundly helpful philosophical service.

    “Controversial: Francesca Minerva says doctors should have the right to kill newborn babies because they are disabled, too expensive or simply unwanted by their mothers”

    I’ll come to why her argument is so important in a moment. First, the facts (steel yourself – this is grim). Francesca Minerva, from Melbourne University and sometime of our very own Oxford, and her colleague Alberto Giubilini, argue in the British Medical Journal that ‘after-birth abortion’ should be permissable in all cases that abortion is. As ‘potential persons’, newborn babies share the same moral status as foetuses, which are not ‘actual persons’, in that they have no sense of their own existence.

    It follows that infanticide should be legalised for babies with abnormalities not detected during pregnancy, which would otherwise have qualified for abortion, and by the same token for those which would have been aborted because their parents could not materially or psychologically cope with a child.

    I suggest that most people reading the previous paragraphs will resile from that proposition in disgust and disbelief. But why?

    If newborn babies haven’t developed any material consciousness beyond what they had in the womb, why not dispose of them in the same way? In this context, the term-limits for abortion of foetuses seem entirely arbitrary, based on the squeamishness of we who are born rather than the actual or potential humanity of the unborn.

    And those who claim that a woman has an absolute and unchallengeable right to decide what happens to her and her body in relation to reproduction should, logically, agree that she can exercise her rights either side of birth, if the status of the ‘potential person’ is medically adjudged to be the same.

    Since the Daily Telegraph broke its investigative scoop that some doctors in Britain were offering abortions by ‘gender selection’ – in practice, invariably meaning the termination of female foetuses – we have been forced to re-examine what we intend in our abortion law. To my mind, the most discomfiting voices are those – and they are by no means exclusively Roman Catholic – that ask why we should baulk at abortion by gender, when we daily abort foetuses that are merely inconvenient.

    What really makes us uneasy about these stories is the much maligned (by those ‘militant secularists’) precept of the sanctity of life. For we Christians, that’s about human life being made in the image of God. But that’s not to say that our faith owns a special view of the value of human life – the overwhelming majority of people who don’t share our faith will readily acknowledge that there is an inherent integrity to every single human being.

    It’s why most of us become uncomfortable about ‘growing’ a human body simply to harvest its organs, a practice that is well within our technical reach.

    “Right to decide: Dr Minerva argues a young baby is not a real person and so killing it in the first days after birth is little different to aborting it in the womb”

    And our instinctive resistance to after-birth abortion and the manufacture of zombies for organ transplant is directly transferable into the other great issue of medical ethics of our time, assisted suicide and euthanasia. Lethal-dose campaigner Lord Falconer and his naive lobby group Dignity in Dying would respond that the essential difference between after-birth abortion and voluntary euthanasia is precisely the consciousness of those who demand the latter – and they actively ask to be assisted to die, whereas the baby does not and cannot make any such request.

    But there’s the rub. The personal autonomy that drives the euthanasia debate is precisely the same imperative that drives the abortion absolutists. It’s my body, to do absolutely what I please with it, to the exclusion of the interests of anyone else – medical professionals, our families and friends, civilised society, or for that matter new-born babies who cannot express an opinion.

    Someone approaching the end of their life has an irrefutable personal autonomy, apparently, while the newborn baby’s autonomy is forfeited in favour of its parents.

    When the Abortion Act was passed in the Sixties, it had the noble aim of protecting women’s lives and bringing abortion into safe medical practice. Since then, it has become a form of contraception and, today, we have this proposed rationale for after-birth abortion.

    When euthanasia was first introduced in Holland in 2002, it was for the terminally ill only. Since then, it has been accepted for the over-70s who are simply tired of life and, today, the Dutch government is introducing mobile killing vans, to reach those who have difficulty finding a doctor who will dispose of them. The ethics of personal autonomy in both instances run very similar courses.

    That’s why Miss Minerva and her colleague have provided us with such a valuable ethical consideration. I don’t believe that she’s arguing the case for after-birth abortion, but just pointing intellectually to where some practices in medial ethics ineluctably lead us.

    I’m not even sure she’s real – Minerva is, after all, the Roman goddess of medicine and wisdom.

    But her work deserves more than simple condemnation. We need to understand how we could have come to a place where, in a respected medical journal, her argument can be made at all.

    Read more:–thats-problem.html#ixzz1nyfr2qLg

  202. P of M & Verity

    I’m not toxic nor a troll and definitely not P from P. I get an itch in my bonnet about a word or phrase sometimes which I can’t understand – what does it really mean?? I should like to post here occasionally.

    Frank P gave a super summary of our DK Helle “windbag” Kinnock. My husband choked on his supper with mirth as I read it out loud.

  203. Jennifer – I’m not sure why you included me in the address of your post. The site is owned and managed by P from M. I am just another poster grateful for the civilised and stimulating environment he provides us.

  204. David Ossitt
    March 2nd, 2012 – 16:58
    I was profoundly affected by the Rev George Pitcher’s writing. As an anti-abortionist I was moved, and equally as a life-long student of literature, I found much of Jonathan Swift in his use of satire. Who can not be disturbed by that famous piece of work “A Modest Proposal”? It is hardly surprising that with the Marxist/Nazi partnership running much of contemporary society that such horrors are seriously presented to is.

  205. John Richardson
    March 1st, 2012 – 22:56
    Hi John,
    “For my sins, the wicked things I’ve written remain in memory to come back and haunt me. Yes, I recall that particular time when the lunacy of that nasty troll drove me to big time vulgarity!”

    Hi Anne. I trust that you are now fully recovered & running at 110%
    Now, where were we?
    Oh yes…

    “For my sins,……….”
    Not at all ‘for your sins’. Instead it’s a question of intellectual and moral character. Your sins are irrelevant. I thought that you might remember. Sorry to be presumptuous, but you could not help but remember. They bring us down to their level sometimes don’tchaknow? Then all that separates us can be wit, originality and brains. Thus fate has decreed. It’s a tough life………oh but it WAS funny!
    “……..the wicked things I’ve written remain in memory to come back and haunt me.”
    That’ll be the ‘moral character’ part. It’s hard wired into the DNA and seems surprisingly resistant to environmental factors. Sorry can’t help you.

    “Yes, I recall that particular time when the lunacy of that nasty troll drove me to big time vulgarity!
    I’m still unsure whether ‘TRULY FUNNY’ trumps ‘VULGAR’.
    However, it does seem clear that when a mouse/rat bites the toes of a horse, then it probably deserves to be stamped upon. Then stamped upon again.
    And she was nibbling, indeed gnawing so……

    As for the ‘lunacy’ now we are ‘on the same page’.
    Madness is infectious.
    Despite all my faults, I can claim to be able to resist the temptation to engage with trolls. I still maintain it comes down to mental and spiritual hygiene; not will power or whatnot. Just healthy instincts.

    Oh…I wanted to write something about ‘self recognition in regret’ but I started a new job on Wednesday and I’m totally exhausted.
    So, sorry If I’ve trailed off a little Anne…

    K. Regards.

  206. John Richardson
    March 1st, 2012 – 22:56
    Hello John,

    Just hoping it works out and wishing you success in the new job 🙂

  207. Jennifer asked a reasonable question.We dont all know these things.I looked-up the answer and read enough to see:Common Purpose is an educational charity providing(selling) diversity courses to business and government and has been given a contract by the government diversity agency…..AND it isnt the only one around.Beware of ‘Professions for Good’ which launced a web-site yesterday,and those spokesman was interviewed on radio thus:…..Interviewer(half joking)”Are the professions horrendously white middle class”.Spokesman(not joking)”They certainly are”.He gave a lengthy sell from which I picked-up it has a million members world-wide,and includes professional bodies with the word Royal in their title.(The web-site can be found but has not yet been given a green-light by my i-net security provider,so I wont look it up.)

  208. The madness continues:-

    “Two police forces are considering outsourcing neighbourhood patrols and some investigations to private firms, according to the Guardian. It said West Midlands and Surrey police have asked security firms to bid for contracts, worth £1.5bn over seven years, to run some services that are currently carried out by officers. Successful firms would have a wide range of responsibilities, including detaining suspects and responding to incidents, but would not be able to arrest suspects.”

    Have the clowns deciding these things, I wonder, the slightest idea of how policing originated in this country, on what principles, and what the essential and fundamental duty of policing is? As Frank notes elsewhere the bullshit has got so deep and is spread so wide that it is more or less impossible now to identify the “basics” laying somewhere beneath it.

  209. Fergus Pickering at the Speccie:-

    “What’s the” other place” like, you know the little island with 3 people on it, all agreeing with each other ?”

    A hilarious and transparent contrivance. Not too thick to see for himself or to comment in dissent but malevolent enough to pen a little spiteful vitriol where it doesn’t matter for the benefit of the wets and trolls. And on cue telemachus obliges with one of his lofty and pejorative judgements, announcing to his assembled congregation that he will return later to impart more divine wisdom on the state of the nation, despite their unworthiness to receive it.

    Why so much attention to something so despised? Hilarious. Window lickers.

  210. Puzzled to hear that John Redwood on Today said he wanted the rich to pay more tax. When challenged to say that he was not being satirical he reiterated it. I cannot follow his logic. I would be keen to see at least the tax thresholds rise. Forget 50% the 40% kicks in at a ridiculously low level.

  211. Nicholas, March 1st, 2012 @16:58

    “This country is, plainly, absolutely f***ed.”

    One wonders when Cameron will start shipping the Kool Aid.

    Today @08:58

    Over the years Fergus Pickering’s comments have revealed him to be a pompous, preening popinjay. It is difficult to feel any compassion toward him. TrevorsDen, on the other hand is a sad case, and worthy of some compassion. The poor chap just cannot help himself. He is second only to James Forsyth in the knicker waving cheerleader lineup for the adoration of Dave.

  212. The Telegraph and The Spectator (both owned by that weird pair of brothers) are 5 per cent content, as in, it’s actually insightful, and 95 per cent soaking up the anger of the readership.

    ‘Tell us what you think about such and such’

    They all know what their readers think of such and such. It’s the MSM acting as a shock absorber for the government. It’s the MSM as a political tool. There’s no news, there’s no debate. We can see with our own eyes what’s going on. And then the MSM says: ‘We’ve noticed this today. What do you think?’ I think you’re disingenuous jerk, MSM.

    Sadly, one always has to look at most stories and articles in those rags and think: ‘What are they up to with this? What are they trying to achieve today?’

    As strange and warped as the independent blogoshpere is, I think it actually keeps people on their toes because they try to work out where the correspondent is coming from.

    Even now people still don’t do this with the MSM often enough.

    95 per cent of it can all be put down to: ‘What can we spoon feed the voters today?’

    And The Specator’s even got some new, ridiculous banner about minds not thinking alike or something.

    Spare me.

  213. There is a stupid blog at the Speccie on the same subject of my 0845 post:-

    I tried to post this but their ridiculous automated censorship machine refused to allow it (God knows why) so I’m posting it here instead:-

    “I wouldn’t bother too much about what a Professor of Criminal Justice has to say about policing. Policing in this country has suffered precisely because those types have been allowed to replace operational realities and the real policing needs of communities with theoretical eyewash.

    British policing in concept and fundamentals was (and is) very simple. And would still work exactly as was originally intended if it was allowed to. The current proposal is just another example of how far you can travel from the original proposition without doing much good – or any good – but in fact doing much harm instead. The fact that many senior police officers and so-called experts have presided over this long march away from the basics is just plain sad.

    And you can look to the editorial in this week’s Spectator for the resulting dichotomy. Whoever wrote it has no sense for the implications of current policing misdirection by commenting on the fact that “Liverpool, Manchester and Birmingham have acquired ‘no-go’ areas of ‘fractured communities’ ruled by” in one paragraph and “the British approach to tackling d…gs is based only on law enforcement” in another. In countries with effective law enforcement ‘no-go areas’ do not exist.

    But then when you put so much effort and priority into managing diversity and policing people who are being rude to each other it is perhaps not surprising that real criminals are having something of a field day. That when you look down your nose at the honourable and proven function of uniformed police patrolling as something archaic and unworthy, you should seek to have it performed by civilians with a tenuous grasp of English on the minimum wage, managed and supervised by sharp sales people, in order to save money to spend on the diversity and thought crimes.”

    I’ll keep trying by pruning and then you can have a laugh at seeing which bits caused “offence”.

  214. “Over the years Fergus Pickering’s comments have revealed him to be a pompous, preening popinjay.”

    Maybe so, but I am still surprised that he has shown himself so ready to take up the “cause” of the troll telemachus to be allowed to obsess, lurk, stalk and harass. I rather suspect it is just telemachus posting under one of his many identities. If I recall correctly Fergus Pickering recently complained there of a Fergus Pickering imposter. Maybe he should re-register as Fergus Picckering or Fergus Pickering’? The staccato soundbites are more telemachus than the sort of verbose pomposity one might expect from Pickering.

    The way of that sad and creepy left-wing troll is to try to make people think he/she/they/it represents some sort of “reasonable” mainstream, as though obsessing, lurking, stalking and harassing is mainstream rather than sadly deranged. Apparently we are not so sad as to discourage he/she/they/it from obsessively lurking here and commenting on it elsewhere.

    What a laugh.

  215. Nicholas @12:13

    OK, maybe my earlier, rather intemperate remark was a little harsh on the real Fergus. BUT if the “Bogus Pickering” is Mr “NH”(aka telemachus) or one of his comrades, then WHY doesn’t the team at the Speccie actually DO something about it?

  216. I should have added to my 11:28 post that anyone pondering the “fundamental basics” of policing can do no better than refer to Frank P’s post of March 2nd 18:08 in response to my “Erosion” blog. When it comes to the “progress” of policing in Britain in recent years there is re-inventing the wheel and then there is turning it into something that no longer revolves, doesn’t support the cart, is ugly to look at and generally unfit for purpose. The sheer scale of concern about the way the police have changed in Britain, the diminishing of respect for them within a short lifetime and the degree to which our politicians studiously ignore that concern and that diminished respect speaks volumes about the state of our nation.

    This observation of course will be equally easily disregarded and scorned as the raving of a “right-wing loon”. That’s a very clever tactic.

  217. If Sandra Fluke’s testimony on contraception and Obama’s personal telephone call to her to show his support after she was slagged off by a “right-wing radio talk show” weren’t carefully orchestrated I’ll go to the foot of our stairs. She is a law student. How was she chosen to testify and why? Apparently she thinks that the $3,000 cost of contraception for a law student during her studies should be funded by the taxpayer (I guess the cost depends on how much shagging is involved). She also railed against the Catholic affiliated Georgetown University for denying students contraception. Are they being held there against their will then? She says it is not about the church and state but about women’s health so that’s alright. But when did shagging at university become compulsory though? Oh, I see, it’s a “right”. But if there are health implications to indulging in shagging isn’t this akin to personal health-risk indulgences like smoking and drinking and getting fat? Oh, I see, that’s different. Those are “bad” things. I understand.

    Note how the term “right-wing” is being subtly demonised and how you rarely hear media pundits referring to “left-wing” as a qualifier.

    Obama praised her for “exercising her rights as a citizen to speak out on an issue of public policy” even though he and his fellow radicals are not so keen when it is “right-wing” citizens exercising the same rights.

  218. Radford NG 7:22 – Thanks for your illuminating thoughts. We wrote thousands of words abougt Common Purpose last week and, between us, spent many hours watching the Brian Gerrish videos. You might want to give yourself some grounding in this gruesome outfit by watching those videos to get on the same page as the rest of us.

    Leviathan – Something seems to have happened to John Redwood.

    EC – “One wonders when Cameron will start shipping the Kool Aid.”

    No one would drink it. Jim Jones had followers who believed in him.

  219. Saw the following on the Speccie thread on Private Policing. Seems that the resident imbecile is now becoming a full-blown Gestapa, albeit as yet a private one:

    March 3rd, 2012 1:55pmReport this comment

    Fraser Nelson

    In the light of continued sniping, may I suggest thst you firstly remove Conservative Voices from your blog roll and secondly institute a prohibition of posts advertising non-open blogs.

    May I also ask the weekend moderator to view and consider the appropriateness of the March 3rd, 2012 12:48pm post under the “After Hilton” thread

  220. Telemuck has really blown hi fuse over on the Old CH. As I just told him, his tongue has turned florescent purple. He has called on Fraser Nelson to close down Peter’s Conservative Voices link and have the New Wallsters banned from the Speccie site.

  221. Sorry Anne – had not read yours, ‘scuse the hiccup!

  222. I went over to The Speccie this morning, mainly to see what Pete Hoskin has to say about anything, and noticed that Patik Philippe has done a runner.

  223. Nicholas

    Was that Telemachus’ offering his tongue, for other reasons that for licking the window, in his last comment over on the ‘other place’. Beware of the Greek fashion. Cunning little prick; but stoooopid with it – to think that a touch of disingenuous flattery disarms those who have been around the block.

  224. Anne Wotana Kaye 1 March 3rd @14:53

    Thanks for pointing me back toward the Speccie ‘Private Policing’ thread. Hilarious! telemachus subsequently got a right royal roasting from all and sundry! 🙂

  225. I listened to today’s repeat of Any Questions and the Any Answers that followed.

    It was dreadful and that uber-lefty George Monbiot was allowed to get away with talking pure unadulterated garbage as is usual.

    This program is almost as bad as Question Time.

  226. Where are all the Chinese? There are enough of them living in our cities and countries. Is there one Asian MP or FM? My husband says they are far too clever to get involved in politics – they look after their small businesses and get their children into univerity.

  227. Jennifer 3 March 20.06 — I don’t know what an FM is (front manager?) Most “Asian” (code for Pakistani) politicians in Britain were air-lifted over the HoC and dumped directly into the Lords.

  228. Jennifer

    Chinese? Yummy, yes please! There are at least 10 in my small village in Norfolk; industrious little buggers who keep themselves to themselves, earn a good crust selling good food and giving good service – and waiting: in more senses than one. ‘Softee Softee catchee monkey.’

    At least they don’t want to blow us up. Nor kill the crispy duck that lays the golden egg. Mind you, they do seem to want to poison us occasionally, and they always leave us feeling peckish, whatever the fare. One thing – I never did find out if it’s true what they say about Chinese girls. Does your husband know?

  229. Mark the Man is back with a bang. This Orange County Register piece resounds on in harmony with the imperial echoes that Nicholas and myself disparately posted last week:

    A taster – but please read it all:

    “So we have a convenient label for what’s happening; what we don’t have is a strategy to stop it – other than more money, more “hearts and minds” for people who seem notably lacking in both, and more bulk orders of the bestselling book “Three Cups Of Tea,” an Oprahfied heap of drivel extensively exposed as an utter fraud but which a delusional Washington insists on sticking in the kit bag of its Afghan-bound officer class.

    Don’t fancy the tea? A U.S. base in southern Afghanistan was recently stricken by food poisoning due to mysteriously high amounts of chlorine in the coffee. As Navy Capt. John Kirby explained, “We don’t know if it was deliberate or something in the cleaning process.”

    Oh, dear. You could chisel that on the tombstones of any number of expeditionary forces over the centuries: “Afghanistan. It’s something in the cleaning process.” ”

    Where’s General Roberts and his column of doughty devils when you need them.

  230. Further to the police related ramblings I just posted on the ‘Erosion’ blog the following site which charts the incremental change of law and related policies in the UK might be of interest to those who gather here.

    The mission statement of ‘MagnaCartaPlus’ is to promote civil liberties and to provide information in pursuit of that objective. It is a watch on any attempts by governments to reduce or interfere with civil liberties and freedoms.

    The site is a bit “clunky” but well worth the perseverance. It contains many gems, astute observations and significant factual data for anyone interested in how and why Britain has changed since Tony Blair arrived at No.10 in 1997.

  231. EC – I am glad someone shares my deep suspicions of Fergus Pickering. It does, of course, take a popinjay to know one, but I am still immoderately proud of having brought down Squire Pickering hook, line and sinker with the attached spoof. See 04.09.09 10:38 and foregoing.

  232. The Chinese are the best planners in the world. Both the Hong Kong and the Singapore rapid transit systems opened on the MINUTE, having been under costruction for, if memory serves, two years in each case.

    I would also say that Singapore is the best-run country in the world.

  233. Verity:neither I nor my computer are up to downloading vidios even if Ihad time and will to watch them…..You may care to know Nigel Farage is one-up,Roger Helmer MEP having switched to UKIP.He intended to resign his seat,but the legitimate successor(Rupert Matthews) was vetoed by Conservative H.Q.after complaints from Labour that his Company(Bretwalda) had, years-ago,published a book with golliwogs on the cover.This was ‘Britain-a Post Political Correct Study’ by Bill Etheridge,a UKIP candidate….Helmer says he is”not prepared to stand aside for some A-List Cameron protege from St.John’s Wood”…..All relevant names above can be found on i-net sites even I can access.

  234. Nicholas:the web-site for Bill Etheridge(see mine above) has a letter from an officer of ACPO stating why it is proper to bring charges for ‘golliwog crime’under a Law of 1984.

  235. In case anyone needs to refresh their understanding of Great Britain’s right to the Falklands in anticipation of the anniversary of the war and, perhaps, dinner with Argentinian friends who are not so well-informed, it is well summarised by Luke Coffey at

  236. After the heads-up here from Verity, Frank P and others, I have been reading, post mortem unfortunately, about Andrew Breitbart. In the Jerusalem Post article today by Benjamin Weinthal I especially liked Caroline Glick’s comment that ”Andrew understood the truth that eludes so many conservatives in the US and Israel. That truth – that if you want to win in politics you have to be good to your friends and bad to your enemies – is what motivated his every move.”

  237. Radford NG. Shame. Roger was a superb Eurosceptic with some influence in Tory ranks-I am not sure the problem was not however the party wanting to parachute in a woman.

  238. leviathan

    Thanks. I followed up on Bill Etheridge and the golliwogs, which I had forgotten about, and found a Daily Mail article from March last year in which Mr. Etheridge is quoted as saying ‘We need to get back to a point where people can say what they think and not live in fear. That’s real democracy.” and where his wife is reported as saying of the golliwog “the politically correct brigade are the ones who have turned it into a racist symbol”.

    That’s the point: the politically correct are the proto-fascists creating division and fear; stifling free speech.

  239. Malfleur have you seen this
    The Frankfurt school of poiltical correctness recommended (amongst other things):

    1. the creation of racism offences
    2.continual change to create confusion
    3.the teaching of sex and homosexuality to children
    4.the undermining of schools and teachers’ authority
    5.huge immigration to destroy national identity
    6.the promotion of excessive drinking
    7.emptying the churches unreliable legal system with bias against the victim of crime
    9.dependency on the state or state benefits
    10.control and dumbing down of media
    11.encouraging the breakdown of the family

    Sound all too familiar? Yes – Britain today……

  240. Proto-fascist is an interesting description because that is exactly where I believe the politically correct tendency is taking us. Towards fascism. When you open the door to the concept of criminalising “giving offence” through something that is said it is difficult to see where it will stop. And in a created culture of “diversity” the potential groupings or categories of people to be “offended” is potentially limitless. As New Labour envisaged it “incitement to hatred” was supposed to address extreme forms of prejudice or persecution but in reality it has already been applied more broadly to include the articulation of dislike or of crude pejoratives uttered in anger during disputes or altercations. I think criminalising that is very dangerous. A decision not to prosecute or an acquittal is not much consolation for the “accused” in a frivolous case where he or she has already been deprived of liberty and subjected to the physical force of the state. And that goes back to my point about arrests being made on complaint before proper enquiries have been conducted.

    And it doesn’t end there. Proposals from the EU seek to include what is said within definitions of domestic violence. They have come up with the concept of “controlling behaviour” although God knows how you would seek to define and measure that objectively! The definition of domestic violence is to be extended beyond actual acts of violence and potentially, even family rows could be criminalised. This stems from idealism but an idealism that is very difficult to legislate for or enforce objectively. The actual result will be yet more fear and repression, more potential for malicious complaints, more children seized from parents and more physical police involvement in everyday civic and domestic life.

    These developments are conveyed in words like “equality” and “fairness” but in fact they represent significant state encroachment into civil life and the potential for the opposite of those two conditions. All is moving towards a state control of how people should think and interact with each other within state defined and regulated categories and parameters of behaviour. Will it eventually become illegal to be angry and shout at someone? The Left already call that “violence” even though they regularly deploy it themselves within their various protest movements, real and contrived. But this is not really about “fairness” – it is about the Left wanting to call all the shots and to control everyone, not just to control what they can do, but to control what they say and even think. We have seen that before in the great dictatorships and tyrannical regimes of the world and George Orwell wrote about it. Do we really want to go there in Britain?

  241. This is where it leads:-

    And perhaps the most telling comment is from a Romanian lady:-

    “It remembers me about the communism regim I lived under in Romania. The difference is that even if you had problems saying something against the communist party usually the common people, colleagues, friends, neighbours would not tell anyone that you said something wrong. I am amazed anytime I read things like this, the way of how you see and obey the rules and law is very different.”

    The combination of Leftist inspired political correctness with legislation to enforce political correctness on the usually placid, law-abiding and compliant British people is deadly.

  242. Bruce F (ACP) March 3rd, @23:39

    Yes, you got Fergus the prize winning amateur poet hook, line and sinker. Such a shame that you only gave “Hildegard Hinxey” a couple of outings. Mind you, it must’ve took some effort.

    Remember: (@8:46am) where you bagged another two scalps, one quite notable!

    “Dmitri the impostor” goes back to 2009 as well. When registration became almost a de facto requirement in order to get a comment put up it it reduced the number of creative “nom de guerres” and their comments considerably. But, happily, that didn’t stop Krapski getting a regular going over. Some of the funniest comments on the former place were to be found on that blog. (what made it funnier is that for a ‘journalist’, I am reliably informed, he has a very thin skin.)

    I feel that there was something else, but I’m afraid it must’ve have got sent down deep square leg. 🙂

  243. The sad thing is that the “multi-agency” parody in the last link is very much like the reality of Common Purpose.

  244. Nicholas @10:15 am

    A terrible tragedy. As I said on your ‘Policing’ post:

    “Also, under laws introduced under Labour, one is not allowed to be heard joking – about almost anything – lest someone is offended or takes offence on behalf of a 3rd party. Free speech? FORGET IT!”

    Having a sense of humour is part of what makes us traditionally, culturally British. Whoever reported Roy Amor to the PC Stasi is, imo, guilty of murder. Anybody not in possession of a sense of humour doesn’t belong in our country.

    Under New Labour, and now Blue Labour, we more or less live in a prison.
    Where is the Grand Repeal Act. Ironic, isn’t it, that the so called “Liberal Democrats” are now no longer Liberal or Demcrats. Gramsci would be proud.

  245. David M thank you. And I believe that humour is – was – also traditionally directed against authority. Another aspect is that ironic type of British humour where one is overtly – and exaggeratedly – rude to those one is most friendly with and whom one most likes. I believe Mr Amor’s joke probably fell into that category. Unfortunately the laws that have been imposed on us and the people most responsible for them are generally devoid of any allowances for humour, ironic or otherwise. If the Tories are the “nasty party” (and I don’t believe they are) then Labour is most assuredly the po-faced party. Modern day puritans it seems.

  246. The Stasi/Gestapo is alive and well in contemporary Britain. Eavesdropping was common in Cromwell’s time, and indeed ‘eavesdropping’ originates from the habit of listening to people within the house. Today, that horrible expression ‘earwigging’ is part of the modern lexicon, and a most common practice. These Nosy Parkers are so confident that they are doing nothing wrong, that they often try to join in the conversations they are snooping on. Have experienced them on buses and in supermarket queues, and just hope I wasn’t discussing golliwogs or other subversive subjects.

  247. And what the prescient Ms Hinxey foretold (David M 10.42) has come to pass – CMD has, according to today’s Sunday Times, decided to impose a minimum price for alcohol. According to one LibDem, this is a “momentous achievement”.
    When a party in government regards increasing prices as a momentous achievement, they are beyond satire.
    Presumably our gas and electricity bills are a resounding triumph and the current price of petrol a crowning glory!

    By the Way, thanks to Peter of Maidstone for creating and maintaining this Wall – I hope he will keep it going and finds it worthwhile; though I suppose that, like virtue, it is its own reward; and nothing more!

  248. Cardinal Keith O’Brien has brought so called “gay marriage” into the spotlight again with a withering attack in the Sunday Telegraph.
    There are some questions to which I have seen no answer during the few months this subject has been in the news. Perhaps supporters of “same sex marriage” could answer them?
    1 Why is the term “gay marriage” generally used when what is meant is a fundamental redefinition of marriage?
    2 Once the idea of it being the union of a man and a woman, and anything to do with procreation, is removed, what is left, and what is so attractive about it?
    3 What would the resulting “marriage” offer that is not offered by the existing civil partnerships?
    4 Why not settle for a new institution – a revised civil partnership – with a name such as “Same sex Marriage”?
    5 If marriage as we know it is redefined to include same sex couples, what would you suggest for heterosexual couples who want to be joined in the union of a man and a woman for the procreation of children?

  249. Radford NG 6:12, in response to my reply to him on his revelatory post that there is something called Common Purpose and asking us if we know about it, and my response that we have all watched the Brian Gerish videos: “Verity:neither I nor my computer are up to downloading vidios even if Ihad time and will to watch them.”

    Then I guess you’re not going to find out what Common Purpose is then, are you? The people around this blog have no inclination to do the heavy lifting for you. Either get stuck in and watch the videos or remain ignorant of a nightmare future because we are not going to prepare a little précis for you. (They’r looking for self-important people like you, by the way. Your elevated opinion of yourself makes you easy meat.)


  250. Alex Massie has quite an interesting blog at the Speccie about Labour in Scotland with a quote from Labour leader Johann Lamont which is beyond parody:-

    “Ms Lamont says she’s not old (Labour) or new (Labour) but rather “Real Labour”.”

    Hilarious. With Labour whatever it says on the tin you can pretty much guarantee that it is poisonous.

  251. I posted the above, another post and was working on a third, having just got up, and suddenly the screen went void and jumped to the home page. My second post and the one I was working on are gone. Is anyone else experiencing this?

    Nicholas, any explanation?

    The post that disappeared off the screen while I was writing it was addressed to Nigel Farage, with the suggestion that UKIP put in its manifesto the promise of a Grand Repeal Act. This alone would vacuum in hundreds of thousands of votes.

    What happened to my second post, which had actually gone up on the thread? Why was this post yanked while I was writing it? What is going on?

  252. No posts are ever yanked unless they are from a troll. I guess you had a local pc problem

  253. P from M … That could well be. Thank you. The internet went off three times yesterday, although it’s normally completely dependable. So, yes, perhaps a local difficulty.

    It was very quick, though, and when the screen came back up, a split second later, my post was gone (as well as the one I was writing) and Nicholas’s post had appeared on the screen.

    Thank you kindly for the swift response.

  254. To The Subs at The Mailonline … Please key in 200 times: “Homo” derives from the Greek prefix “homo” meaning “the same”.

    I have never read of a psychological condition labelled “fear of the same” (as in fear of twins, fear of a set of dishes and so on).

    “Homophobia ‘disappearing in schools’, claims expert “. You shouldn’t repeat the ignorant use of language employed by the homosexual lobby.

    Your headline: “Homophobia disappearing in schools” is addled garbage.

  255. telemachus’ 6:20am comment here:-

    Note the sly inference of racism and religious intolerance and the dogma as to what this site “should” be about.

    The Amor tragedy perfectly demonstrates the dangers of a situation where there is no discretion anymore. Having received the complaint the management were too afeared not to initiate the whole investigatory process, regardless of the triviality of the incident. This is probably the same reason the police now arrest on complaint. All fear the consequences of not pursuing the maximum risk averse approach because of the strident “take offence” lobby who seem to seek out opportunities to be offended and to complain about it as loudly as possible. And there are plenty of single-issue agenda groups and fake charities, many of them part funded by the taxpayer, ready to articulate “outrage” and support such complaints. The law now favours the complainers and troublemakers and since the law continues to travel in that direction it is just going to get worse.

    I can’t imagine the agony that drove Mr Amor to shoot himself but he is certainly a victim of political correctness, and of New Labour who advanced this tyranny of what people can and cannot say now, however well intended. Cameron and Clegg should both be ashamed, having done nothing to stop it.

  256. Nicholas
    “Old Labour”, “New Labour”, “Real Labour”. Reminds me of the “Irish Republican Army” which has similar manifestations “Official”, “Provisional”, “Real”… May be its something in the tea they drink.

    This business in a Cheshire village on Saturday night; I was comforted to read in the DT just now that “A spokeswoman for Cheshire Constabulary said it was an “isolated” incident”.

  257. I have been looking through some of the posts I have blocked and it is interesting that there is a link between the IP addresses used on the posts of telemachus, Patriccia Shaw, and three other posters. In one post I note that telemachus insists that he abhors the comments of Eddie and Patriccia, but since he shares an IP address with Patriccia I can only imagine that he is also Eddie.

    Since this information is all easily available to me I do not understand why the Spectator allowed this single troll, or organisation of trolls, to have such a free rein on the site? And still to have such a free rein?

  258. Malfleur @16:16

    “This business in a Cheshire village on Saturday night …”

    Something must have gone very wrong! How very inconvenient witnesses, members of the public, can be.

    I note that the DT was also running a story about the desecration of war graves by “Libyan Rebels.” In the DT version of the video the DT have cringingly stripped off the sound so that you cannot hear these scum er… brave “freedom fighters” chanting “Allah-u-Akbar” as they kick over the headstones.

    Here is the “Arab Spring” video with sound that UKIP uploaded on to YouTube:

  259. “What Is To Be Done?”
    I have been continuing to educate myself about Andrew Breitbart. The following link , in which he is filmed routing a union-organised protest by asking its individual members to explain themselves, is a lesson to be put into practice.

  260. That’s interesting Peter. Bearing in mind the shambolic system used to operate the old Wall (and the rest of the Speccie Coffee House) I imagine it must have allowed people to register multiple identities with no-one willing or able to pick it up. But I notice that the moderation is eccentric anyway and wonder if the moderator(s) involved is/are closet lefties? When the Wall closed the comment was made that the comments of the “regulars” were embarrassing to the Spectator but I think they should have been more embarrassed about their whole comments system – especially comparing it to this site!

  261. A report I read on the Libyan war graves story said that the National Transitional Council (of Libya) had apologised for the desecration on their website and affirmed the perpetrators would be punished. I checked but couldn’t see anything – at least not in English. I would bet money that Cameron, who was so keen to support the Libyan rebels, will not say a word about this even though he is quick to offer his opinion on all manner of other subjects.

  262. Peter From Maidstone,

    Peter, is there a parameter setting in the blog software whereby if one clicks on a link it will open the link on a separate browser Tab? i.e. so that the blog and the link can be open at the same time?

  263. Normally in most browsers if you hold down the CTRL button and click it will open the link in a new tab. Can you try that and let me know if it worls for you?

  264. Peter,

    DOH! Sorry, “it” is obviously getting worse! (I haven’t touched a drop either)
    Thanks for the response. It works fine. Many thanks for your efforts.

  265. David M. (EC)

    I had not realized that someone had filmed the desecration. What was the reference to James Delingpole in the final credits? Is that “our” Delingpole and, if so, has he joined UKIP?

    Peter from Maidstone

    James Delingpole’s blog is one which perhaps could appear on the Wall’s blog roll. He seems to be suitably politically incorrect:

  266. Looks like we are not the only ones with problems! There is that “equality” and “diversity” thing again. Whenever you hear lefties use these words be afraid – be very afraid.

    “To deal with the difficulties of identifying and measuring bias the polls reported here attempted to measure bias as diversions from fairness and diversity of opinion, on a scale presenting bias as a polar opposite to ‘balance’.”

  267. Malfeur … OK, so who have we got for the blog roll so far?

    Mark Steyn
    James Delingpole
    She hasn’t been mentioned, but I assume Melanie Phillips
    Chicago Boyz
    I would suggest Simon Heffer, if he has a blog
    Definitely the bracing Ann Barhardt
    I would once have suggested John Redwood, but he seems to have gone over

    Any other suggestions for P from M?
    What about Guido?

  268. I’ve added a blogroll to the site, and added James Delingpole to it.

    Could I ask folk to recommend other blogs that should appear. I know that some of you have done so, but I have tried to go through all the posts and can’t fimnd the links. So please recommend them again and I’ll add them to the blogroll.

  269. The Freedom Association:-

    MagnaCartaPlus (a useful resource for legislation):-

    Britain Watch:-

  270. Hello, P from M … May I suggest three strong-minded, articulate conservative blogs:

    Ann Barnhardt has a good three parter going just now on the wrecking of global monetary standards and the abandoning in the case of some countries, of gold as a standard … meaning, it’s a free for all.

  271. BTW, P from M … do write to the blogrolls you’ve posted and ask for a cross link. I don’t think Ann Barnhardt has a blog roll, but some of them have.

  272. Why does Magna Carta Plus appear twice on the blogroll. Is that the “plus” part?

  273. Malfleur @17:50

    the “H/T” reference on the closing credits of that “Arab Spring” video stands for “hat tip.” This means that UKIP picked up the story from James Delinpole’s blog or from his Twitter feed: @JamesDelingpole

    Peter: Re blogroll

    Norman Tebbit

    Daniel Hannan:

    Melanie Phillips:

    Anthony Watts:

  274. I see that the Spectator has a piece by Peter Hoskin headed “Putin’s dilemma”. It includes his opinion that while Putin would win the election, Peter also thinks that his long-term prospects are much less bright.

    Maybe so. I incline very much towards supporting Putin. But the amusing thing is that the troll has joined in the discussion also supporting Putin, but using argument clearly designed to annoy Liberals and their ilk.

  275. May I suggest Mary Ellen Synon from the Mail for the blogroll? She is red hot on EU affairs and is scared of no-one.

    If you want some bogroll however, then pretty much any writing from the Spectator will do.

    Just a thought: Isn’t it ironic that the left would probably label the right as being against womens’ opportunities and yet at a very, very rough estimate I’d say that at least 50% of the most outstanding conservative writers and commentators today are women. At some point this obvious fact will not be able to go unnoticed.

    Homosexuals are also represented very well in conservative writing with David Starkey and Ian Dale doing so well, and yet the gay lobby groups would have you think that no gay person could ever be conservative …

  276. P from M – Great blogroll! I’ve written to my recommendation, Chicago Boyz, to let them know they’re up and they have sent back a “thank you”.

  277. All very strange goings on on The Censorgraph today. The sound of a cetain chant mysteriously cut from the video of war graves being desecrated.

    A report on taxpayers’ money being pilfered for more of the same. But. They won’t allow comments.

    Other stories this week, Baroness Warsi has made one Tory MEP switch to UKIP. The Fireman Sam writer is stitched up. Bill Oddie claims he was frozen out of the BBC. Did he say something similar I wonder?

    Talking of the sound The Censorgraph cut from that video, did anyone notice that silly woman off Sky when she ‘liberated’ some city or other in Libya and they were all chanting it like mad around her. She sat there, in the middle of that din, and didn’t make one reference to it. And was treated by the people in the studio like some sort of second coming.

    It was like a pantomime: ‘Behind you!’ The truth was literally screaming at the screen to come out and the reporter in the middle of it just ignored it.

    We are living under a thought tyranny.

  278. Dean Street writes of the blogroll – “Homosexuals are also represented very well in Consrervative writing …”. Lefty speak. No group has to be “represented” unless their writing merits it, and then we read them for the merit of their posts, not as “representatives” of a group. This is the language of the left and is to be avoided.

  279. Herbert Thornton, I hope you saw Peter Hitchens’ piece on Putin last week.

    Absolutely fantastic analysis by him. Putin, for all his flaws, and they are serious and numerous – the man is no saint – has a political bottom line that any national leader should have. But which none of ours would ever do. That, in the end, is enough to see him through.

  280. The “Gay Marriage” argument rolls on beneath the Telegraph piece by Cardinal O’Brien. The arguments by the “pro” brigade consist chiefly in the belief that anyone who has doubts about “gay marriage” must be a bigot.
    To save Wall readers the trouble of wading through umpteen pages of verbiage (and it’s depressing stuff if you value reason and consideration above name-calling) here’s a brief extract….
    Franks: Do you think that someone who has doubts about gay marriage is necessarily a bigot?
    MrFrodesen: I haven’t as yet come across one that isn’t. If you honestly think that you are the one person with a rational argument for opposing same-sex marriage, then by all means feel free to surprise me … but don’t build your hopes up.
    Franks: So you admit that your mind is closed!

    Needless to say, he goes on to admit nothing of the sort, but I still think I’m right.

  281. There is absolutely no reason for gays to “marry”. I think the civil partnership is tolerant, practical and satisfies gay committed partners’ need for legal standing for legal reasons.

  282. “There are still many cases in which the negative aspects of speech become a barrier to the peaceful resolution of conflicts.”


  283. I went to the link, thining of the pleasure of pointing the device at David Cameron & Co and anyone in the Labour Party, but it still leaves them with the ability to say, “Aaaah” over long periods. Once they’ve got that glitch out of the way, they could charge a fortune not to sell it.

    But can you imagine the giddy pleasure of pointing it at David Cameron in the middle of one of his pointless, imagined charming, interviews? And pointing it at Tony Blair mid-hissy lisp? Or Obama would be good. Show-businesswise, I would like to keep it handy in case I was ever present when Vanessa Redgrave, Meryl Streep or Helen Mirren were speaking. I might also want to point it at Sarkozy. And that pointless lump of lard, and that’s just what’s between his ears, John Prescott.

  284. Dean Street at 19.32

    Yes, it might be a unique and worthy feature of the Wall to set up a Bogroll,as a counter-Blogroll, which would list the most egregious and influential proponents of, for example, “political correctness”. This would provide a handy reference to monitor the tactics and strategy of the beast and, were this Wall to develop any small influence, a Wall of Shame which would be damaging to the thinkers listed and to their cause.

    Your mention of Mary Ellen Synon reminds me of a commenter on the old Wall at the Spectator called, and here I don’t remember accurately, “Dennis” something. He was always extremely well-informed about EU treaties, laws, and regulations and spelled out with great clarity their implications. Towards the end of the time that the Wall was still in place, his contributions ceased and I always felt we had lost a useful voice. Perhaps he will find his way here.

    In the meantime, does indeed seem to be offering informative, if less technical, views of our baleful masters’ empire.

  285. Nicholas and Verity

    The speech silencer reminds me of Peter Simple’s Prejudometer. You will remember that it was a device for measuring Prejudons (the international unit of prejudice). Pointed at someone like us, it displayed the rate at which we were emitting Prejudons. Today’s Police would just love it.

    But if the Japanese invention works, the idea of using it to silence the likes of Cameron is tantalising. I think several should be installed in every mosque too.

  286. I have only just had time to read the account of the Amor tragedy.

    Back in the 1980s when I would visit a friend in the old courtyard compound where she lived in in Peking and which was home to a number of families, if the conversation turned to sensitive topics (i.e. almost anything except food and classical literature) she would glance nervously out of the window and lower her voice. Her neighbour was an informer.

    But sooth is seyd, go sithen many yeres, That ‘feeld hath eyen and the wode hath eres’.

    Glance nervously around and lower your voices, Englishmen; keep mum; walls have ears.

  287. Nigel Farage radio interview on 28 February:

    This includes mention of the 160 tax collectors sent into Greece by the EU; Kalashnikov rifles being bought by the well-off in Athens at 100 Euros a pop; and the alleged $15T money- laundering scandal aired by Lord James of Blackheath in the House of Lords recently. For more on this, including a video of Lord Blackheath’s speech in the House, see:

  288. Thanks, Malfleur! Your mention of 160 EU tax collectors (German ones at that!) caused me to give an involuntary twitch and knock my coffee over my wife’s PC keyboard. At least the iMac is OK.

    Great link. An excellent and thorough radio interview with Rick Wiles and Nigel Farage.

  289. I enjoyed the Farage link, thank you Malfleur, but through it I also found the footage of Farage tackling Blair in 2005. It was clear that Farage was talking about practicalities relating to sovereignty and that Blair was talking about an “idea”. Blair tried to justify the neo-fascism, ignoring all the EU’s many faults and Farage’s legitimate challenges, on the grounds that it had replaced the warring nations of pre-1945. The argument seemed fallacious, like that old chestnut that at least Mussolini got the trains to run on time.

    Blair looked positively evil and I thought his oblique accusation of Farage being reactionary was hypocrisy of the first order given that his regime of 1997-2005 was one of the most authoritarian, cynical, propaganda shrouded, corrupt and con-democracy governments Britain has ever experienced.

  290. Let the cat use it for bathroom roll
    March 3rd, 2012 – 11:06
    “The Telegraph and The Spectator (both owned by that weird pair of brothers) are 5 per cent content, as in, it’s actually insightful, and 95 per cent soaking up the anger of the readership.
    ‘Tell us what you think about such and such’
    They all know what their readers think of such and such. It’s the MSM acting as a shock absorber for the government. It’s the MSM as a political tool……..”

    Yes, whoever you are, you definitely ‘get it’ in respect of the MSM.

    I truly loath everything that they stand for. I hold in contempt virtually every single political writer in the MSM with the obvious 2 & 1/2 exceptions.

    Folk should ‘google images’ this:-

    ‘Fox News Christmas cards sheep’

    ‘Fox News’ had on their corporate Christmas cards (internal) last Christmas a herd of sheep pulling the ‘fox’ character along. The sheep are pulling a sleigh through the snow.
    Sheep don’t pull sleighs through the snow as we all know.
    The sheep are the Fox viewers.

    Other MSM are represented with less powerful sheep. Geddit? Fox is winning as it’s sheep are working harder.
    This is ‘Fox’ I remind you! The anti-liberal establishment ‘right wing’ news service. Sheesh.
    Just think what the BBC actually think of those who pay the Fee. The expenses. The Pensions. The relocation costs……

    I would disagree that 5% is ‘insight’. No chance. Much less.

    Anyway, I’ve come to the unfortunate conclusion that the MSM are basically correct about the people who decide to tune in. It’s complex, but in the same way that con artists rely upon the greed of their victims, I now think that the MSM rely on their viewers to accept mental enslavement.
    Nothing else makes sense.

    No-one can any longer pretend that they listen to the BBC to be informed about the world. No you do not. You WANT to be told what to think. You always did.
    Those with minds of their own who listen to the BBC are very hard to explain, so I won’t bother right now.
    However, P. Hitchens, for example is there for a purpose.
    If he could seriously threaten The Agenda, he would be gone in a nano second.
    It makes more sense that he is a pressure valve of sorts (as you suggest above). Steaming uselessly away.
    I would have been fascinated to know if the ‘Fail on Sunday’ would have kept him on if he had said ‘Vote UKIP’ at the last GE.

    That would have made a difference.

    I know what I think.

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