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The Coal Cellar – Beware the Troll

A trollThis is a special Post on the Wall where telemachus the troll is being restricted in his posts until after the General Election. This is to satisfy the democratic will of those who have expressed an opinion about troll postings on the CHW, and to allow some freedom of speech even to those who do not deserve it, while preserving the main posts from verbal diarrhea.

Telemachus, you are free to post here. Gentle readers, be careful if you enter this thread!

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  1. Grrrr indeed

    “Agreed; the troll should be locked in the Lubywanker basement devised by EC; so that those that wish to provide the left with oxygen and give him the kiss of life can visit him if they wish – and those of us who have heard enough of his crap can periodically visit to piss on his head, in lieu of waterboarding (which is, I understand, no longer allowed). Get to it Peter! At least until after May 7th”

    I trust Peter will re-establish priveleges on May 8

  2. Ah, telemachus, Peter said, “…until after the General Election” but he didn’t say which one.

    Meanwhile you can ponder the fate of loyal comrade Yezhov. He was the guy that devised sloping concrete floors and drainage channels in the basement rooms of The Lubyanka Hotel. In the end he also got to “Go with the flow of Uncle Joe”… like nearly all of them did.

  3. Best place for you comrade

  4. The big selling factor with the Conservatives is their economic management. How the hell is that possible?

    Since 2008 the service sector is up 8%, sure. But manufacturing is still down 5% and production overall is down by 10%! Why aren’t we being told this?

    The coalition had one choice in 2010. Debt fuelled consumption had bankrupted us and the economy had to be rebalanced toward production of wealth. They had just one choice but they didn’t take it. The coalition have borrowed half a trillion simply to kick the can down the road. Now there are no choices.

    There’s a great piece that argues that a crash is inevitable so vote Ukip or Miliband/ Sturgeon to get it over quickly.

    Very sad but very true at:

  5. JA at 10:40.
    I hadn’t seem that blog before, but he presents a valid argument. Why is it that none of our politicians are able to distinguish between activities that genuinely increase the wealth of the nation (i.e. the productive non-service industries) and those that simply move money about, giving the appearance of industry, but in reality are as Cobbett said “Tax Eaters”, decreasing the wealth of the nation.

    In this election I find myself disenfranchised, having the normal “big” three plus UKIP and the Greens to chose from. I, as a classic Liberal of the mid 19th century with a green tinge have no-one that represents my views. I probably will vote UKIP in the hope that it may result in an explosion of the current conservative party and the appearance of a classic liberal, radical party of the non-dogmatic right.

  6. EC
    April 30th, 2015 – 09:03

    Colonel Mustard was last seen here eight days ago.
    Anyone spotted him at the New Spectatesman?

    April 30th, 2015 – 09:56

    Where’s Baron?
    He’s not been seen here since April 19th.


    I guess Colonel Mustard and Baron need a provocative simulus

  7. Stop obsessing about me, slimer. I have been in Vietnam. Your provocation is not missed.

  8. Peter from Maidstone
    May 1st, 2015 – 08:56

    What do we do after the election? How do we organise? What should be our ambition?


    “This is a special Post on the Wall where telemachus the troll is being restricted in his posts until after the General Election”

    I respectfully ask that you consider that alternate opinions are not trolling

  9. You don’t offer “alternative opinions”. You are just a stalinist with a nasty line in provocation, lies and smears.

    If I’m a “menace” you must be the very embodiment of evil.

  10. 1343
    If I were permitted I would draw attention to today’s main blog
    “pack it in you “malicious little sh*t” (© Damaris Tighe) and stop being so puerile and boring.”
    telemachus would respectfully point out that there are big issues in the world including the attempt of Medieval IS to grab glory for the 2 terrorists shot in the US yesterday.

  11. I’m beginning to think that everyone else has escaped, even the guards!

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